Chemistry Conundrum by A Little Bit of Everything

When my friend and I are accidentally shrunk by a chemical mishap, our only chance of getting back to normal is to scale the giant body of my unaware crush.

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Chemical Spills & Shrinking Thrills by A Little Bit of Everything

"So, what are you gonna do this weekend?" I asked my friend Stacy as the two of us walked into the chemistry room on a Friday morning. We both had chemistry as our first subject and decided to walk in before the bell rang.


"Oh, nothing much," she replied. "Just sitting around my house doing stuff. What about you?"


"I'm going camping this weekend. I just bought some new equipment too: headlamps, goggles, and some other stuff. Do you want to see them? I have them in my pockets right now."


"No thanks. I'm good." 


As we were standing there talking, our teacher, Mrs. Wilson, walked by and said, "I have to make some copies. I'll be back in a moment." We watched her leave out the door.


I turned back around to continue my conversation with Stacy when I noticed two beakers sitting on one of the lab tables in the back. I walked over to them and Stacy followed me. "What is so interesting?" she asked.


"Look. There are two beakers sitting here just begging me to mix them. Let's see what happens."


"Are you crazy! You have no idea what that is gonna do. You could blow up the whole school."


"Relax. You worry too much. Why would they be sitting next to each other if they weren't meant to be mixed." I picked up one beaker and poured it into the other.


"No, wait!" Stacy shouted and grabbed the beaker from my hand. But it was too late. The mixture started to react and turned bright purple.


"See. It's purple. When is purple ever bad?" Suddenly, the beaker started to spew out gas. Stacy and I coughed as the gas surrounded our faces. After a few minutes, the air cleared and we looked at each other. "Like I said. Nothing bad hap-" I was abruptly cut off as the everything around us quickly got much bigger. It didn't take a genius to find out what happened. We shrunk.


Stacy walked up to the side of me and said, "Jacob, are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine."


"Good, because I'm going to kill you!" she shouted. Then she put her hands around my throat and squeezed. I tried to pry her hands off but couldn't.


Suddenly we felt the ground shake. Stacy loosened here grip and took her hands off. "Um, what was that?" Another shake happened, this time a little more harsh.


"That would probably be the result of somebody walking toward us," I said calmly before realizing what that meant. "Uh, oh." We both turned to look at the doorway and found the source of the tremors. Mrs. Wilson had returned and noticed my accident. She continued walking over to the mess.


"Run!" I screamed at Stacy. I grabbed her arm and took off.


"Where are we running to?"


"Under that desk," I said pointing to the nearest desk. We ran as fast as we could toward our destination. Inevitably, we crossed paths with our giant teacher. We stopped dead in our tracks in fear and looked up at the massive shoe that was coming straight toward us.


Stacy and I hugged each other and ducked our heads waiting for the impact. The shoe finally landed, but not on us. It landed next to us and caused us to fall over. Then we picked ourselves up and continued our panicked journey to the desk.


Once we reached the desk, we stood by the leg and bent over gasping for air. We were safe for now, but standing here wasn't going to get us back to normal size. I needed a plan, and fast.

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