BFG Angleland by The Doctor

The fantasy spin off to the popular Big Friendly Giantess series. Wannabe knight Tucker Martel undergoes a dangerous quest to find a legendary treasure. His best friend the enormous but gentle giantess Jessica Snape accompanies him. Along the way they discover that their quest is more dangerous and bizarre than they expect.

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Chapter 46: Something Familiar by The Doctor

For the last several minutes Jessica had been walking away from the spot where she and her best friend Sir Tucker had their falling out. She was angry by what had happened and she wasn't particularly looking where she was going. She even almost stepped on a small sheep that had just been able to dart out of the way before her enormous foot had come down. She was still at her maximum size and it seemed like she wasn't going to shrink herself down any time soon.

Jessica had just completed the third trial which had been one of the most difficult things that she ever had to do and now she was having to deal with a trial of a different kind. She only really saw her side of the argument with Sir Tucker, she didn't want to risk him getting seriously hurt and thus her actions had been justified in her view. She thought that even if she lived until she was one hundred and fifty years old she would still believe that she was in the right.

Inside Jessica had a lot of frustration that she wanted to vent but there was nothing that she could see that would do the trick. Unlike the previous time that she needed to vent her anger this was a wilderness full of life and even now her merest movements could be causing untold disaster.

One thing that Jessica couldn't figure out was why Sir Tucker was so angry with her when he had betrayed her in the past. She still remembered how they briefly became more than friends but he had betrayed her trust by losing his virginity to Gwen who could have had any man in the world. He stated that he had no other choice but she still believed that there was a way for him to have avoided it.

Nonetheless Jessica continued to walk and at her normal gigantic size she was making more progress than any man or horse could possibly hope to accomplish. She wasn't saying a word at all and just kept her thoughts to herself as she was constantly thinking. She wanted to get Sir Tucker out of her head but the more that she tried to force him out the more that she thought about him. There was one thing that he was right about, if they had remained together any longer at that moment in time things could have turned very ugly. Splitting up was the best course of action although she did contemplate on making the split up permanent. She contemplated ignoring Sir Tucker's three day request and simply returning to Morgan to be with her parents.

Jessica was regretting coming on the quest with Sir Tucker, she thought that she should have stayed home and helped her parents with their farm. She had been helping them with the farming for as long as she could remember, it was the only way that they could have fed her during her early childhood.

As time went by Jessica grew at an alarming rate and her appetite had also grown with her. Thankfully as she grew older her competence had also increased as she was able to use her size to make short work of jobs that would take numerous men many hours to complete.

She had been able to bring in the crops so quickly that many would have thought that magic was involved. In a way it was since Jessica's size was not natural but she still used her hands much like any farmer. Those had been happier days for her as she remembered working hard and eating what she needed at the end of the day. There was always enough food for her parents and some to sell to bring in some much needed gold to the farm.

However Jessica's happiness had its dark underbelly. The other villagers had never been comfortable around her and many wouldn't even venture near her farm. They would continually view her as a monster and even though she had since been able to reduce to her height she was still thought as dangerous.

There was one thing that was causing Jessica some discomfort and that was the growling sound in her belly. Her body was demanding food but she didn't have anything to satisfy it with. The last of the food was gone and she couldn't see any trees around which had any edible fruits.

One big disadvantage to her size and abilities was that she couldn't last without food for as long as a normal person. If she went a few short days without food she would likely die and it meant that she needed to find something to feed herself with. She did consider eating a nearby sheep but she didn't particularly want to kill one. Even when she had been young when it came to slaughtering farm animals she could never bring herself to do it. Her father would be the one who did any slaughtering and it would always be when she wasn't around. It went against her morals which she vowed to never break.

After a short time of walking Jessica saw something ahead that did give her some hope. It was a small building on what seemed to be farmland. She knew that it would be a long shot but nonetheless she began to shrink in size as she approached it and she hoped that the farmer would be able to help her. She wouldn't simply ask for free food and a place to stay, she had wanted to offer her services in a form of payment. She still knew how to maintain a farm and any jobs that needed doing she could confidently do.

By the time Jessica reached the farmhouse she had shrunk to her smallest size. Carefully she walked towards the front door and she noticed that the doorknob was particularly low. She found it odd but it was still an average sized door. However she still towered above it but this was something that she was used to. She still held the map but she hid it down her back behind her dress. It was unlikely to fall down and at least then she would have her hands free if needed.

Jessica knocked on the door and waited a few moments before it swung open. She did see a man standing there but she was surprised to see how short he was. He couldn't have been any more than four feet tall and his body looked to be squashed down, to some it would look humorous but Jessica saw no comedy in it. He did have short brown hair and a somewhat pointy nose. Many from a distance would have thought that he was a child but Jessica could see that this was no child but a fully grown adult.

The little man looked up at Jessica with some astonishment. He had been looking up at people practically all of his life but never had he had to look up to anyone as much as her. She was easily twice as tall as he was and there was a small streak of fear that ran through his body. However he didn't back down as he had to deal with bigger people all of his life and now seemed to be no different.

"Is there something that you want or do you just like to knock on random doors," said the man. He was getting a stiff neck from having to look up at her but he refused to make her stoop down to his level. People had often done that to him and he found it very condescending to say the least.

"I apologise for disturbing you but I am a weary traveller and was hoping that you could provide me with a roof over my head and some food to fill my belly," replied Jessica. She made sure that her tone was respectful. The last thing she wanted to do was to offend this man.

"A big girl like you will eat me out of house and home before the morrow. I have barely enough to feed myself and the wife without having to worry about the likes of you. Be gone with you and find somewhere else."

"Please my good sir if it is payment that you need then I offer my services. I have spent my entire life on a farm and know almost every job you could possibly want. I promise you if you show me this kindness I will be able to repay you with the work of ten, no twenty men as a sign of my gratitude."

"So you think you know how farm life works eh?" He had a curious look in his eye. He could tell when someone was lying and Jessica didn't seem to show the signs of this. In his eyes this meant that she was either telling the truth or just a really good liar.

"Yes, I've lived on a farm all my life and I know how to work on one. Please sir, I am tired and I would be more that thankful for any assistance."

"Who is it?" asked a female voice that sounded like it came from inside the house. The man quickly turned around.

"It's no one dear," replied the man as he wanted to get rid of Jessica and live through the rest of his life in peace.

It was only a couple of moments later that Jessica saw a woman approach the man. She was a short woman who still stood just over a foot tall than her husband but this only just put her over five feet tall. She was probably one of the most beautiful women that Jessica had ever seen with long raven black hair and blue eyes that were instantly noticeable. She wore a long brown dress but the most striking thing about her was the fact that she was heavily pregnant. From the size of her belly she thought that the woman was close to giving birth. She had a more pleasant expression on her face in comparison to the man who Jessica figured to be her husband.

"My you're a big girl aren't you?" said the woman in astonishment at Jessica's height. When she was at this house she was used to being the tallest person there but seeing someone like Jessica made her blurt these words out. She didn't really think about what she was saying and the words just slipped out.

"And she was just leaving," replied the man who was about to shut the door on her and forget about her.

"Wait what does she want?"

"I am just requesting for a place to sleep and some food for the night and in payment I am willing to work on your farm until you see the debt is paid. I have a lifetime of experience working on farms so I'm sure that I can help."

"You sure can, if I was as tall as you I'm sure there would be many farming chores I could do a lot better." The man turned to his wife for a moment and remained quiet, he wanted to force Jessica way but he didn't want to insult his wife by forcing the conversation to end early. "Please tell me your name."

"My name is Jessica." She considered calling the woman a lady but she thought that the farmers might take it the wrong way. "I know that it might be a burden on you to have me stay and if you don't want me here I will leave."

"Nonsense, you seem like a nice girl and I'm sure that we can find some room for you." There was a smile on her face and the man didn't seem to be too impressed with what was happening.

"But Wanda," he said but before he could say another word he saw his wife stare down at him with an annoyed expression.

"No buts." She snapped at her husband before looking back up at Jessica. "We should have some food but maybe not enough to fill you completely." She could guess that from Jessica's size that she ate much more than the average person.

"Thank you and I will graciously accept anything that you offer me." Jessica made sure that her words were genuine, the last thing she wanted to do was to make the couple think that she was dishonest.

"I'm sure you will, we were just about to have some supper, you're more than welcome to join us."

"I would like nothing more."

The woman took a few steps inside the house and the man with some reluctance stepped aside. Jessica ducked to get under the doorframe and she was careful when she stood up to her full height. Roughly about six inches before she stood up straight her head softly struck the ceiling. For the couple this had never been a problem but for Jessica she definitely wouldn't be able to live in a house with such a low ceiling.

As Jessica walked inside the farmhouse reminded her a lot of her own in Morgan. It seemed cosy and it made her think about her mother and father who were still at home. She wondered if they missed her and if they were worried about her health. She was more than capable of looking after herself but a parent's love knew almost no limits. Even if she became a goddess they would still worry about her.

After walking forward a short distance before she saw a table that had food prepared on it. The food was half eaten and it was obvious to her that she had disturbed the couple while they had been eating their supper. This made her feel guilty but soon enough the couple re-entered the room. Wanda showed Jessica a seat for her to sit on at the table and with a small amount of reluctance she did sit down. There was a creaking noise as Jessica sat down upon it and she was worried that it wouldn't support her weight. On more than one occasion she had sat down on a chair and it had broken under her weight, these occasions hadn't caused any injuries to her but had simply been embarrassing.

A few moments after sitting down the woman brought Jessica some bread and a beaker of water. It wasn't much but right now it was all that they could spare her, not to be ungrateful Jessica began to eat what she had given and she saw the couple continue to eat their own food. She noticed that the man had a chair which was higher than that of his wife thanks to his small stature.

"So what brings you out here by yourself?" asked Wanda as she made sure that all of her food had been swallowed before she spoke. She looked at Jessica who was taking another bite of her bread.

"Oh I was going on a journey with a friend of mine," replied Jessica. She could see that Wanda was interested with what she was saying but her husband was not interested. He was just eating the soup and paid no attention to her.

"And where is your friend?" She seemed curious to know the answer as Jessica had come to them alone.

"We had a little disagreement so we've decided to spend a little time apart. I'm planning to find him later but for now we're just blowing off some steam."

"I hope that you can make things work." She then suddenly realised something that made her feel embarrassed. "My apologises but I never asked your name."

"My name is Jessica. And I must apologise to you as well since I have not learned yours yet."

"I humbly accept your apologise. My name is Wanda the antisocial love of my life there is Brian. He's my favourite little man." Both women heard Brian grunting as he ate his food, if anyone else had called him little he would have likely beaten them within an inch of their lives. Since Wanda was his wife and he loved her more than life itself he would allow it to slide. "And if you don't mind me saying you are by far the tallest person I've ever seen. How tall are you?"

"When I last measured myself I was eight feet in height but it is likely that I have grown since then." She didn't want to mention just yet that she could make herself even bigger than that. She did think that her smallest height had increased since she left Morgan. She thought that she was at least an inch or two taller than when she started out but until she was properly measured she would never know.

"My that is tall, when I was younger I always wanted to be tall but unfortunately the gods decided to make me the height that I am. As you can imagine Brian wished to be taller as well except the gods were not as favourable with him than me." She took a look over to him and he hadn't really listened to what they were talking about. "But I still love him no matter how tall or short he is." She smiled over at him and Jessica could see her real beauty, Brian did look up and smile back at his wife. Wanda did look back over to Jessica who seemed to be admiring the relation that the couple shared.

"I also see that you're expecting an addition to your family." She was obvious referring to Wanda's pregnancy. It was incredibly difficult to not notice her large belly which was carrying a hopefully healthy baby.

"No I just have a weight problem." Her words were quick and there seemed to be some anger behind them which made it seem like she was telling the truth.

"Oh I am so sorry." Jessica knew that she had just made a big mistake and wanted to make sure that Wanda and Brian know that she very sorry about what she had just said. "I just thought that..."

"Don't worry." Wanda began to laugh and she even noticed Brian smiling as well. "I'm only having a laugh." She laughed for a few more moments as Jessica sat there awkwardly. She felt that she had just saved herself from more embarrassment than she could probably cope with. "Yeah Brian and I have a little one on the way, our little bundle of joy should be coming in the next few weeks." She gave her belly a rub and she looked down at it with some joy. She couldn't wait for her first child to be born and especially with the man she loved by her side.

"Congratulations. I hope that it is healthy." She thought a little about herself when she said this. She still remembered her parents telling her about her own birth and how if not for the potion that gave her abilities she would have died. She knew that if she was born healthier there would have been no need for the potion. She would have lived a simple peasant life and would have most likely lived and died without ever seeing Angleland.

"I have no doubt that our baby will be strong enough to live. With genes like ours it'll have an unfair advantage." There was some pride in her voice but she knew that it was very unlikely that the child would be that strong upon adulthood. Its parents were not the largest people in the land by any stretch of the imagination. She did truly hope that their child did live since losing children at a young age was difficult for any parent to endure no matter how high or low they were born. "You could say that you've come at an ideal time, we have crops that need to be harvested and with my condition I won't be any help."

"So you better make good on your promise," replied Brian to Jessica who was finally talking to Jessica for the first time since they had sat down. "You told me that you can do the work of twenty men. I seriously doubt it but I am more than willing to give you a chance but if you fail which most likely you will I will hold you accountable. You will have to stay here until you've fulfilled the work that you have promised."

Jessica could tell that Brian didn't like her very much and she didn't really know why. She thought it was perhaps she was so tall and he was so short. He probably had people pointing and laughing at him whenever he went outside of his farm. She could understand his distrust to people that he didn't know. She wanted to keep her true size a secret for now, she planned to use them to fulfil her promise.

"I will do as much as I can," said Jessica. She made sure that she was still respectful to him for allowing her to be under his roof and eat some of his precious food. "And hopefully you'll be satisfied with the work."

"I doubt it but it will be handy to have an extra pair of hands on the field. It is difficult for a man to harvest the crops all by himself."

"Leave her be," said Wanda to her husband. She could see that he was being harsh on Jessica for no real reason. "I apologise but my husband isn't the most hospitable man in Angeland."

"There is no need to be sorry," replied Jessica. "If anything I should be thankful for allowing me to eat at your table." She took a big gulp out of the water she had been given and Brian look and he couldn't help but be impressed. He imagined how much beer she could drink if she were thirsty.

"There is one thing that I do regret to tell you. There isn't anywhere that comfortable for you so might not have a good night sleep."

"That's fine, as long as I'm warm and dry that's all that really matters."

Jessica couldn't help but think about where Sir Tucker was going to sleep. Even though there was still some anger towards one another she still worried about him. She knew that he was resourceful and that he would find somewhere to sleep. She also thought about what would have happened if both of them had gone to the farmhouse. Most likely they would have been turned away die to lack of room and food.

When she and Sir Tucker were younger he had tried to help her out with some farm work but he had struggled to complete most of the work, back then he was still training to be a blacksmith and farming just wasn't in his blood. She had found it somewhat humorous to watch him try and work the farm but she would step in and give him a small hand. He would always appreciate it and they had simply been friends at that point.

After the supper Wanda felt very tired as she was struggling to move around properly thanks to her pregnancy. Brian showed a lot of concern towards his wife as he tried to help her as best as he could. He might not have been the same height as an average sized man but his love for her made up for what he lacked in feet and inches. It did surprise Jessica as Brian had acted mainly cold towards her but with Wanda it seemed like he couldn't do enough for her. It was just one of those things in her mind.

Jessica was led to a small room inside the farmhouse which seemed like a small prison cell rather than an actual room. There was a small bed and table inside and it was meant for when a family member stayed at the house. Like the other rooms she couldn't stand up straight in it and if she were to lie down she wouldn't be able to sleep straight. There was a small opening in the wall that acted as a form of window but it was cold so that the cool breeze couldn't creep inside.

As Jessica lay down on the bed she heard it creaking loudly under her weight and she feared that it might collapse. Thankfully it was able to carry her weight and she covered herself with the duvet that was on the bed. She knew that she would need to get as much sleep as she could because it was very likely that she would have to wake up very early in the morning to start the farm work. If this farm was anything like her own an early start was the most likely occurrence.

Slowly Jessica began to drift to sleep and she could hear the calls of some of the animals outside and it made her feel at home. If anything the calls were relaxing her more and she began to forget about the quest and what had happened between her and Sir Tucker. She felt like she was home.

One thing that she did take some discomfort in was the fact that she didn't have Sir Tucker in her arms. She had gotten used to sleep with him in her arms and the fact that he wasn't there gave her an uneasy feeling. No matter how relaxed she was she still felt that something was missing. She would never truly feel comfortable until Sir Tucker was back with her but right now she didn't want to admit it.

Jessica did drift into a dream eventually but it wasn't one that she could say was very pleasant. It was not a nightmare but one that didn't make her feel good inside as she dreamt, she could make heads or tails of it either. It was one of those dreams that a person would forget about the instant that they woke up. At the time she didn't realise that she was dreaming and was just going with whatever happened.

Little did Jessica know about what had happened to Sir Tucker. If she had of known it wasn't too clear whether she would go and help him. A part of her would have done anything she could to protect him while the other did want him to try and get himself out of the situation. It had been exactly what he had been asking for but now that it was happening it wasn't very clear on whether things would be the same.

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