BFG: Limbo by Nostory

Jessica Snape finds herself in a world after mysteriously disappearing from Home whilst on a picnic with her good friend Tucker Martel.

 Where is she? Is she alone? Will she get out? Read on to find out more.

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Series: Big Friendly Giantess
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1. Bios Page by Nostory

2. Falling from the Heavens by Nostory

3. Explanations Part 1 by Nostory

4. Explanations Part 2 by Nostory

5. A New Future? by Nostory

Bios Page by Nostory


Okay, this is the Bios page. There are spoilers in here for the main story so if you don't want to have that spoiled for you, skip to the first chapter. If not, then you might want to read chapters 18 to 26 of the main one, it'll help you understand.

 I probably should have uploaded this while the respective arc was going on but I wanted to take my time to flesh this out before writing it, I can only hope you will enjoy this. I am also writing out all this to meet the minimum requirements for the page, 500 words is what I need and five hundred I shall give.

Five hundred is pretty reasonable when you think about it, means you can't do like a hundred words a chapter or stuff like that.



I probably should have uploaded this while the respective arc was going on but I wanted to take my time to flesh this out before writing it, I can only hope you will enjoy this. I am also writing out all this to meet the minimum requirements for the page, 500 words is what I need and five hundred I shall give.


 The question is will I ever five hundred words to give?


Jessica Snape


Age: 223


Height: 120 feet 0 inches, 150 feet in the future


Measurements: 36DD/24/36


Hair: Brown


Eyes: Brown




 The only thing bigger than Jessica's shoe size is her heart. On more than a few occasions she has risked her life to save others and she would do again without a second thought. Home has never seen a person with both the stature and kindness of Jessica, if the worse were to happen to her no one person would ever truly fill her shoes.

  When she first became a giantess she had the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on those who had made her life a misery. Her golden heart prevailed however when she decided that revenge was beneath her. Originally she even had the ability to change her own size but after a tragic event the ability was lost to her.


Jessica wasn't always the beautiful colossus, once upon a time she was short and relatively unattractive but after receiving a dose of the Jones serum she transformed completely. Not only did she become a towering giantess but the serum also bought her inner beauty to the surface. Now her body would be the envy of any supermodel. Also due to her size Jessica ages at a much slower rate than a normal person so despite being over two centuries old she still looks to be in her early twenties and will likely not die of old age for another few thousand years.




Dawn Snape

Age: 18


Height: 203 feet 0 inches


Measurements: 33B/24/33


Hair: White but used to be black.


Eyes: Brown


Bios: Dawn Snape travelled back in time, inadvertently sending Jessica out of Home as she tries to connect with Tucker, her long lost father who has no idea he fathered a child with Jessica.

  She is kind like her mother and wouldn't hurt a fly if it didn't hurt anyone else but unlike her mom, she hates her size as it has made her an outcast at school. She travelled back in time to connect with her father hoping to find what she's missing.


Dawn only had one person that she considered to be a friend. He is a young genius named Graham who's intelligence is beyond any scientist that Park Incorporated has to offer. It is his intelligence that has made time travel possible but he has no idea just how dangerous the concept is. Dawn's only other good friend is a small dinosaur like reptile named Lucky who she has raised since he hatched out of his egg. Lucky is much smarter than an average creature and is extremely loyal to Dawn and will do anything to make her happy. He considers her to be his mother and she loves him as if he was her own child.


Due to Dawn's mixed genetics it is causing her to grow at an alarming rate. When she hit her teenage years she was already taller than her mother and she has kept going ever since. Despite currently being just over two hundred feet tall her body shows no signs of slowing down. Due to inheriting her mother's slowed aging process Dawn will keep growing and growing over the space of thousands of years. At some point even the mightiest mountain on Home will be no more than a pebble to her. Due to ongoing growth spurts Dawn eats at an almost impossible rate, on more than one occasion she has eaten enough to feed a few thousand people with still plenty of room left for dessert.


But unlike her mother Dawn also has the ability to increase the size of inanimate objects through touch and can go up to almost any size that she wants. The only drawback is that it can only work on inorganic objects and when she releases her grip the item would revert back to its original size. The ability has proven helpful in the past with clothing and various other personal effects. But unfortunately the ability does not work on organic material and thus she can not change her own size.


Her relationship with her mother has been unstable to say the least since she discovered that she had been hiding the death of her father. Since then Dawn has been rebellious against her mother and due to the fact that she now towers above her she sees that she can't be controlled. But by traveling back in time she hopes to meet the father that she never had a chance to meet and she isn't letting anything get in her way.




Age: Unknown


Height: 6 feet 5 inches


Hair: Currently Grey


Eyes: Brown


Bios: No one really knows who he is or where he came from but he has been around ever since the first people arrived on this world. He has a short temper and no tolerance for nonsense but he does have a soft spot for beautiful girls.

  Fortunately, Jessica happens to be a beautiful girl so she ought to encounter no problems with him. He claims to be the master of this realm and he tends to dress that way, seeing everyone else as his subjects. He doesn't terrorise them,preferring to be left to his own devices. 


  He might be able to help her, if that is what he intends to. However, Jessica is a big girl and she can easily defend herself if needed. 



Tucker Martel



Age : 35


Height :  6 feet 0 inches


Hair: Black


Eyes : Brown

Tucker Martel had everything he could want in life. A well paying job, a nice house and a beautiful wife. Sadly over the space of a few short months that was all taken away from him as the recession hit the UK hard and he lost his job, his home and his wife filed for a divorce. Since then Tucker has been living in a block of flats just outside of Walsall located in the Black Country. Unfortunately the job market has also been poor so Tucker has been living off Government handouts but he is barely receiving enough money to get by. Depression sets in over the course of time and he is beginning to see only one way out of the life that he is living.

  All that changes when he sees Jessica walking around the city but when he investigates with his neighbours he discovers that none of them have seen her. He even checks several news channels but none of them report her appearance.

  He begins to think that he is losing his mind on top of everything else, but it isnot until a month later that he sees her again and as luck would have it he was able to sneak into her bag and is transported to Home. Since then Tucker's life has been completely turned around as he spends time with Jessica and they begin to grow close.

Graham Everly


Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Hair : Brown

Eyes: Blue

Bios: Graham is a good person who happens to be in a bad situation. Often bullied for most of his life, he was lucky to meet Dawn; a girl who cared enough and also big enough to take care of his bullies for him. He is a nerdy guy who typically has some of the best grades in school and is also shy due to the bullying he has endured.


  He often helps Dawn with her homework when she has problems and the two often spend most of their time in school together, Dawn happening to be in the same class as him although she has to sit outside since the school can't fit her. Despite this the two are close, sometimes closer than they think. 


Why did I write this? I suggested an idea and The Doctor asked me if I wanted to write this story. Naturally I said yes, as I normally would when one of my favourite authors ever asked me to contribute to the story he started.

I've been a fan since 2004 so this remake is something I will be followong closely and now I get a chance to leave my mark on it, so I think I've come a long way since 2004. 

 I will try to finish this whilst balancing it with Aftermath, hope it works out and such, this five hundred word thing is so tough to follow when you do the bios page with only three characters. So damn tough!



Falling from the Heavens by Nostory
Author's Notes:

Jessica wakes up and finds herself in quite the bind. 



Jessica opened her eyes, she had no idea what had happened to her. Jessica’s last memory was that of bringing Tucker out for a picnic and just as she was about to say something important, she felt an immense pain coursing through her body, as if she had been taken apart by peeling her like an onion.


 Now she was gazing up at what should be the night sky but it certainly wasn’t the same one she looked at when she was on Home. The constellations were different and the distinctive band of stars that was the Milky Way galaxy was conspicuously absent with most of the blue and white stars visible from Home replaced by dimmer red stars which gave the entire area a blood red hue. Also, her sunglasses were gone or her surroundings would have been much dimmer.


 I am definitely not on Home anymore, thought Jessica.


 That was obvious but the question, where was she now? One moment having a nice outing with Tucker and the next moment she had left that world behind. Jessica also thought she could hear murmurs around her but she wasn’t too sure if the voices she heard were real.


  Had she been kidnapped? The Dolorians were probably still sore about her breaking out of their prison, she had made it look so easy as she grew her way out. They were the ones most likely to try and kidnap her for what they perceived to be trespassing on their world.


 “ Okay Dolorians, why did you take me? You better let me go before I break out of this prison you have me in. You saw what I did last time and you won’t like me when I’m angry.”


  “ Last time? You mean this isn’t the first time you fell on someone’s house you monstrous she-beast!” said a voice, Jessica deduced that it was a man replying to her, his voice sounded substaintially deeper than the average woman’s voice.


  She tried to turn but felt something pulling her back and she winced in pain. Then she heard shouting, all sorts of different voices that appeared to be terrified of her as they believed she was here to kill them.


 “ Who are you and what have you done to me?” Jessica asked, no one in particular but she assumed that there was a crowd gathered around her based on the voices she heard but since she couldn’t turn her head she could not confirm her theory.


 “ Monster, my name is Tom and it is not what we did to you, it’s what you did to my house! There I was minding my own business in this forsaken land when you came falling out of the sky like a meteor and landed on my house! What kind of person does that? Luckily I wasn’t inside or you would have flattened me. Now the whole village is here and through some elbow grease, lots of rope and nails we’ve tied you down!”


 So that’s all there is? This shouldn't be too hard, thought Jessica. She could definitely break out of this but she decided to give Tom a chance, this seemed to be one big misunderstanding.


 “ Now don’t attack me, I’m going to turn my head to get a look at you Tom. I promise I won’t hurt you or your friends here.”


 “ Hey Tom, do we trust her? She’s a giant and we all know what giants do,” said a man with a voice that resembled a Cockney accent. Jessica thought the accent sounded familiar, she had heard it before when she went to Earth. Where exactly was she? This was not Earth either or she would have seen the Milky Way.


  “ Phillip I guess this giant lady beast deserves a little courtesy. Alright she-beast, you can turn to look at me. I am on your left by the way.”


  “ Alright, thank you for that,” replied Jessica, she would have to remain calm, if only because everyone around her seemed to be afraid of her and acting like them probably wouldn’t get her out of this.


  She turned her head to the left and felt her hair being pulled back the rope they used to pin it down. As she turned, she could feel her head winning the battle of strength as the ropes that held her hair started to loosen and rise up through the soil. Her body had been pinned down by ropes she had never seen before, instead of the usual brown ones she was familiar with, these were as black as obsidian but they served the same purpose.


 It still hurt and Jessica was close to giving up when she felt the pressure on her hair disappear and she was able to easily turn her head to the left and she let out a sigh of relief. Unfortunately for Tom, Jessica’s sigh felt a like a strong gust of wind and it nearly knocked him off his feet.


 “ Hey! Is this how you repay my kindness? By trying to blow me away with your foul breath! Just because you’re bigger than us doesn’t mean you can push us around!” Tom was animated, jumping up and down in anger as he berated Jessica who found it a little amusing, a small giggle escaping her lips.


 “ I am sorry, you just seem a little cute when you act like that.”


 She was surprised to see how Tom dressed, he was human but he dressed like what humans on Earth wore half a millenium ago. Jessica knew that humans wore these clothes during the Middle Ages, had she travelled back in time? His brown, ragged peasant clothes seemed to suggest that.


 “ Don’t flatter me, do you know how long I took to build this house? A month and it took you a few seconds to just flatten it. You must pay for it!”


 Jessica could understand his anger, she had apparently destroyed his home and she would feel the same way if someone had done the same thing to her.


 “ I am sorry for what happened but I need your help. I am lost, I came from Home and I was with my friend Tucker when I got sent here. Is there anyone here who can help me with this?”


Before Tom could say anything, Jessica yelped in surprise as she felt something crawling on her stomach, the shock of it causing her the ropes to strain as she tried to get a better look. Tom’s eyes widened in horror as one of the ropes close to him began to tear although no one else seemed to notice it.


“ Who is that?” asked Jessica.


 She lifted her head as far off the ground as the ropes that tied her down permitted her but her huge breasts blocked her view of her own stomach, one moment where she disliked having such a large bust.


 “ Okay, I don’t like it when people crawl on me without my permission and if you’re looking up my dress then I am not going to play nice!”


 Jessica felt the tiny thing which she assumed to be a human get off her body, where she then assumed it returned to wherever it came from.


 Tom was nervous, would the ropes hold her? She had torn out the ones that held her hair just by using her neck muscles. Her immense body packed more power than the entire village put together, it would be unwise to anger her by continuing to hold her against her will. However, he ran the risk of releasing the most dangerous person he had ever seen and Jessica could easily kill all of them if they chose to.


  “ I am not quite sure how to explain it to you, Miss Giantess,” Tom replied, he decided to adopt a more pleasant approach.


 “ We all aren’t too sure where we are, just that most of us aren’t alive. Right fellas?”


   Not alive? Was she dead?


 Then she began to hear other respond to Tom’s question, answers that did little to quell the fear in her heart.


 “ Tom you’re right, I last recall getting hit by a bullet back when I was fighting in the Somme for Great Britain. Those damned Huns killed a lot of my buddies but I am the only one here,” said Phillip.


 “ Miss, I only remember giving birth to my son and it was a terrible situation, I was losing blood and the doctors were trying to save me when I passed out. Next thing I knew, I woke up here with Phillip, Tom and the rest of this motley gang we formed a village with.”



  Jessica’s eyes began to water, “ So I’m dead? I can’t be dead, I’m in the pink of health, no reason to die. I-I-I can’t be-” Tears gushed from Jessica’s eyes as she couldn’t cope with the sudden revelation. How could she have died?


 Tom was unsure of how to react, he had thought of her as a monster but seeing her cry changed that view of her, monsters shed no tears over anything. They weren’t supposed to have feel anything, monsters were supposed to be mindless beasts.


 “ Look, I am sorry but you probably are dead. All of us are, I don’t know if this is heaven but it’s certainly not hell, not the hell any of us imagined it would be.”


 Jessica continued to sob, giving no indication of whether she had heard Tom’s words.


Tom walked away from Jessica who remained unaware of him leaving her side;  Tom went over  to the mob of twenty who were on the other side of Jessica, most of them were armed with various makeshift weapons.


 Handmade knives, tree branches that could be used as clubs and even pitchforks. He motioned for everyone to gather around and put his fingers to his lips.


 “ Alright, lets keep this quiet while the giant girl cries her eyes out,” Tom said in a soft voice that could be heard by everyone in the group, now all formed up in a huddled mass.


 “ I suggest we let her go. I think we made a mistake, she did destroy my house but I don’t she think meant it, it was an accident and it’s not like I don’t have the time to rebuild it.”


“ WE? Tom, you said she destroyed your house and you told us she’s a monster and we believed you since you gave some very good points. I think it’s you who made a mistake,” Phillip corrected Tom.


  Tom shot him an annoyed look as he turned to face the rest of the group.


 “ Yep, it was definitely your idea, we should tell her that before we get everything off her,” said Anne.


 “ Okay so it was my fault.Fine, lets get her out of the ropes. You guys untie her while I apolo-say what needs to be said. Agreed?” Tom looked at all of them, this was a very important decision.


  “ Alright,” said the various members, one after the other. Jessica’s cries could be heard, she still hadn’t noticed that Tom was no longer in her field of vision.


   As the rest of the mob began untying the ropes that held the giantess, Tom stood in front of her, her cries still going strong and showing no signs of diminishing. He swallowed hard as he thought of what to say, he no longer believed she was a monster but he had this sliver of doubt that he was wrong. However, now was not the time to hesitate, she would definitely object to being tied down again if he had a change of heart halfway through untying her.



 “ Jessica…”


 Jessica didn’t answer as she cried, it actually saddened him to see her cry. Few men can tolerate a woman crying, especially when the woman is as beautiful as Jessica.


“ Jessica…” Tom raised his voice slightly but still she didn’t respond.


“ JESSICA!” Tom shouted at the top of his voice and this finally got Jessica’s attention, she looked at him, eyes wide with surprise, sniffing as mucus flowed out of her nose.


  “ Yes?” Her voice was soft, her spirit broken as she thought she would never see Home, her friends or Tucker ever again.


  “ Jessica, I-I-am sorry for tying you up like this. We’re letting you out and you can be on your way, We-I shouldn’t have tied you up like this and since monsters don’t cry and you were crying like there’s no tomorrow we came to the conclusion that you’re no monster. We’re sorry.”


 Jessica smiled weakly at him, “ W-well, thanks. It’s a start.”


 It took the group far less time to free Jessica than it did to restrain her, all of the ropes were off her in a matter of minutes; it had taken the group over an hour to do the reverse and a lot of praying that she wouldn’t wake up whilst they were in the middle of it.


 Jessica sat up, her summer dress had been crumpled by the ropes but it was of little concern to her, she had more pressing needs. Her eyes were red and her cheeks puffy from all the crying. She then stood up to her full height and looked at the group that wrongly believed she was a monster.


  “Is there anyone who knows where I am?” she asked them but none of them gave her the answer she wanted, only shrugs and shakes of their head. Tom kept quiet, he didn’t want to say anything more.


 “ I can,” said a male voice from behind Jessica.


 The mob appeared to recoil in surprise, as if that person had materialised out of nowhere. Jessica turned around to get a look at him.


 She saw an impeccably well groomed tall elderly man, she could tell he was tall despite being normal sized like everyone else here. He wore a very conventional looking tuxedo and in he held a cigarette in his left hand, taking the occasional puff from it. This only added to the confusion as everyone here seemed to be from a different time period with Jessica and the old man in contemporary clothes but Tom dressed like a man from the thirteenth century with the rest of the group dressed in various clothes from time periods in between.  


 “ Who are you?” Jessica asked him.


  The man took a puff and exhaled a circular ring of smoke, “ My name is Gabriel and I think I can answer your questions. I felt you come in here, never before have I had someone so large and so...healthy in my realm.”


  His voice sounded like he came England but it lacked Phillip’s Cockney accent, Gabriel seemed to speak the Queen’s English.


 Gabriel looked at the mob, who flinched as he laid his dark brown eyes on all of them, “ You lot are lucky that you let her go. This is not you treat your guests, even if she does land on your house. Look, you made her cry! Never make a woman, especially a beautiful woman like Miss Snape here shed tears. It’s a terrible thing to do.”  He was observant enough to notice that Jessica had been crying although at her size it wasn’t difficult to tell Jessica’s mood, especially when she wore her heart on her sleeve.


 Tom and the rest of the group each muttered apologies to Jessica despite having said so earlier, none of them wanted to anger Gabriel. They had witnessed him losing his temper on earlier occasions and it was not the prettiest or most desirable of situations.


 On the other hand, Jessica was not afraid of him but smiled as she heard his compliments and yet she was wondering, how did he know her name?


 “ H-how did you-”


  She did not finish as Gabriel cut in, “ I am master of this little world. Now, lets go somewhere else. Somewhere more private to talk.”


 “ Okay, should I carry you? I can always walk the two of us there while you give directions.”


 Gabriel chuckled, “ No no, you won’t need to walk. We’ll get there using a little magic I have.”


 Magic? Jessica was puzzled, what world had she been sent to? What was he talking about?


 “ What do you mean?”


Gabriel looked up at her,  “ We’ll teleport there. You don’t have to do anything, I’ll supply the magic. It’s a little like what got you here but a lot less painful. I think it is less painful but I’ve never teleported someone else before.”


 This made Jessica a little uneasy, she didn’t want to be Gabriel’s guinea pig when it came to teleporting but Gabriel could see her reaction to what he had said.


 “ Don’t be so afraid, you won’t die. If you do you’ll wind up back here and I can fix it. Ready?”


 His words didn’t exactly fill Jessica with lots of confidence but she had no choice, Gabriel seemed to be the only one who could offer her an explanation.


 “ Lets do it,” Jessica answered, mostly confident in her tone.


 “ Done,” said Gabriel as he snapped his fingers.


  Immediately, Jessica felt different. As if she were no longer solid, her body felt more fluid, more flexible and she began to feel as though she were being poured out of a cup into something else. Jessica looked down at her body to see if that were the case and true enough, she becoming more and more transparent while a purple vortex appeared beneath her, sucking her in.


 True to Gabriel’s word, it was a lot less painful. In fact, it was painless, making it feel so surreal.


 Her feet spiralled into the vortex, followed by her knees, then her thighs and soon enough, her whole body had been taken by the purple whirlpool which disappeared seconds after Jessica did.


 Gabriel was about to snap his fingers again when he saw that Tom and the mob had been watching the him and Jessica. He smiled at them before changing to a more serious look, “ Tom, do behave. I won’t tolerate rudeness to our guests.”

He then snapped his fingers and in the same way Jessica left, so did he.



End Notes:

Does Gabriel have an ulterior motive? Find out in the next chapter. 

Explanations Part 1 by Nostory
Author's Notes:

Jessica learns about why she is no longer on Home, where she is and what caused the events of the Dawn arc.


Jessica materialised in a clearing covered by a green plant that resembled grass with it’s short green thin leaves, the entire trip seemed to take place in no more than in a blink of an eye. The clearing was surrounded by pine trees or what looked like pine trees as she wasn’t on Earth anymore but they definitely had the appearance of a pine tree with its cluster of green needle like leaves and the tall thin scaly bark.


 Jessica felt disoriented from the trip, it was very different from the way she travelled whenever she was on a mission. Gabriel’s method seemed to tug at the very atoms that made up her body and while painless, it was very disconcerting.


    A few seconds later, the familiar vortex appeared in front of her and out rose Gabriel before it vanished, leaving only the grass like plant beneath his feet.


 Gabriel threw his cigarette on the ground and stubbed it out with his black toe covered formal shoe before turning towards Jessica and giving a gentle smile.


 “How is it you can do all this? I’ve seen people with powers like that but they all work for Park Incorporated and I’ve never seen you there.”  Jessica wondered as she sat down and looked at Gabriel with a look of curiosity, he had answers and she needed them badly.


 “ I’ve never heard of that person or place but there’s no need to know how but rather what I can do. Before we start, could I offer you some food? A drink perhaps? An aperitif before we start? Even a mint, a tiny little mint to freshen your breath.” He waved his hand and instantly, a plate of bangers and mash complete with a glass of red wine and a small aperitif materialized in front of Jessica.


Jessica shook her head and moved a few strands of her hair behind her ear as she responded to Gabriel’s question, “ I’m not hungry so no thanks.  Plus my breath smells fine thank you very much.”


 She crossed her arms across her chest as Gabriel looked on with a smirk across his wrinkled face.


 “ Suit yourself, most people here don’t eat to fill their stomach, you don’t need that while you’re here.If you do get hungry, just ask and you shall receive.  Also, I never said your breath was bad, it helps to keep you awake.” Gabriel snapped his fingers and the mouthwatering food vanished into thin air.


  Jessica leaned in closer to Gabriel, “ I just want to know. Where am I?” A warm column of air came out through her mouth, slightly messing up his smartly combed white hair that began to stick out at various angles. Gabriel noticed but did nothing to correct it.


  “ Think of it as a world between worlds. A universe that surrounds every other universe. It has no name, names are something civilizations invented but some of the others here call it Limbo. They seem to think of it as some waiting room to the afterlife but I don’t have the heart to tell them this isn’t the waiting so much as it as a final destination.


 ‘ As for me,” Gabriel pointed at himself using an erect thumb.


 “ I have been here since I can remember with all the powers you’ve seen and a few you won’t want to see.” Gabriel bowed down,  his body bent at a sixty degree angle before he stood straight again.


 Jessica had more questions than answers now but she decided to focus on the more important ones, namely why was she here?


 “ Why am I here? I am not dead,” Jessica sounded exasperated as she said it, it made no sense to her that she would end up here if this was the underworld.


 Gabriel grinned and drew a circle in the air to the right of Jessica using his pointer finger. Yellow tendrils of smoke shout from his finger and formed a larger circle about thirty feet from Jessica, it had a diameter that was about half of Jessica’s height. The smoke began to fill up the empty interior of the circle before it turned pitch black.


   Once it was done, Gabriel brought his finger close to his face and blew on it, blowing away the residual smoke being emitted from his fingers.


  “ Another of my little tricks, I can see into different universes and before I met you, I actually took the liberty to look into what happened on yours and it’s...interesting. You’re here because of the need to maintain balance in the universe.


‘The universe must always be in a state of equilibrium and if that is disturbed, it will take steps to correct it. In this case, someone travelled back in time and there was a need to balance the scales. You were the weight that needed to be shifted.”


 Jessica’s eyebrow bunched up as she felt even more confused by Gabriel’s explanation of her circumstances, something Gabriel noticed and he thought about it before snapping his finger and pointed at the black circle.


 Jessica turned and saw an image forming and when it was fully formed, she gasped, her mouth hanging open, eyes wide with shock as she saw another giantess there and she was holding Tucker as she walked. She was much taller than Jessica was but slimmer and  lacked Jessica’s curves with a much smaller bust. The most striking detail was her white hair which came down to her elbows. Even more surprising was how the picture was moving, Jessica was seeing events on Earth as they unfolded!


  “ Who is that?”


 Jessica squinted hard at the giantess who  now appeared to be talking to Tucker in some sort of cave. She saw a little of herself in the girl and she began to come to a realisation even if she couldn’t believe despite the fact that it was staring her in the face.


  “ She’s my daughter? How can it be? Who’s the father?” Jessica exclaimed.


 Gabriel rolled his eyes, “ Pfft! Who else?”


  Jessica frowned and looked more closely at the girl before she turned towards Tucker and gasped loudly, placing her hand over her mouth as she did so.


 “ It can’t be, how could it be Tucker ?” Jessica looked at Gabriel, turning her head away from the live feed she had on Home.


  Gabriel shrugged his shoulders, “ I don’t know the exact details, you should! You made her or well, you will make her.”


 Jessica’s lip curled up in annoyance as she looked at Gabriel as if he expected her to know that.


 “ No I mean I am the biggest person on Home. All of my husbands were your size and I…” Her cheeks were flushed with colour as she realised how embarrassing it was to tell a stranger like Gabriel what she did behind closed doors.


  “ tried to have kids with them but doctors said my…” Jessica paused and scratched her head as she thought of a more polite way to tell this to Gabriel who was thoroughly amused by this, pressing his lips against each other as he tried his very best not to laugh at Jessica.


 “...said my body was too big for their sperm to survive and fertilise any egg of mine. Thats it but how did Tucker succeed when all my ex-husbands failed? I don’t get it-wait-I married Tucker?”


 At this Gabriel’s amused look faded and he looked to more serious , “ No, she’s there because you didn’t marry Tucker, she never knew him at all.”


Jessica chuckled to herself as she found that ridiculous, “ Why not? I love Tucker and if we had a child together, I would let him see his little girl. I would never keep them apart.”


Gabriel did not share her sentiments, he found it terrible that she was laughing.


“ Everyone else is dead and normal while you’re alive and large so I’ll make an exception to your inappropriate laugh. Let me show you, it’s best...this way. This is about three years after you met Tucker, it seems you two didn’t see each other for a while,” he said with a hint of sorrow.


 Jessica detected that but she was at a loss as to why Gabriel would feel that way about Tucker and her when he barely knew them.  


 Gabriel  snapped his finger again and the live feed that showed Jessica and Tucker flickered before showing a very different scene. Jessica only saw Tucker and he appeared to be in a hospital by himself and Gabriel was right, Tucker was on Earth as the hospital looked very different from the one on Home.


- - - - - - - - - -


Tucker coughed violently into a handkerchief he had on him, droplets of blood were splashed across the bluish white cloth.


After being returned to Earth and having his memory wiped, Tucker had found himself unable to explain to his drinking buddies at the local pub where he had been after missing quite a few matches the group would usually watch together. Most of their theories were wild, ranging from giant humanoid aliens beaming him up and conducting all sorts of alien experiments  on him to Tucker being a secret agent for the government.


 All of them laughed it off and resumed their normal idyllic lives but Tucker always suspected something was missing, he could not have forgotten an entire month’s worth of experiences, something was going on but he never figured out why he had a chunk of memories absent from his mind.


. His life seemed to be on the up after getting a job working at a construction site but a year ago his health had began to deteriorate as he was down with the cold every month and when he wasn’t, he felt weak and anaemic at times. His employers were left with no choice but to fire him and replace him with someone who could at least turn up for work.  To make it worse the last two weeks had Tucker was coughing up blood as the newest addition to everything that was wrong with his body. Out of concern, Tucker decided to get himself tested at the local hospital  in order to get to the bottom of it. He had wanted to go earlier but he needed to save up on those government welfare checks in order to afford the tests he wanted to do.


Tucker was deep in thought, ignoring the cacophony of sounds made by nurses wheeling patients on gurneys, doctors giving orders to various hospital staff and the sound of patients coughing and wheezing as they waited for their turn to see the doctor.


Tucker was thinking of what could have been. He once had a beautiful, a job that paid well enough for him to enjoy the finer things in life which brought him great satisfaction. Now he had none of that, his wife divorced him the moment  his company went under and left him without a job. Tucker heard that she had found a new man to mooch off and she had even started a family with him. No, he only had his health and even that seemed to slipping from him like most things he once had.


 “ Tucker Martel, the doctor will see you now,” said a calm metallic female voice over the speakers that were placed across the many pale white colourless hallways of the hospital, pulling Tucker’s mind away from the realm of fantasy and back into the harsh reality he found himself in.


Tucker got up and stepped in to the room where he saw a tall young man with a messy head of hair seated in the doctor’s chair. He seemed to be no older than Tucker was and he wore the ubiquitous doctor’s white coat with a stethoscope around his neck like it was a scarf. He had a thin face and a sharp nose.


 “ Good afternoon Mr. Martel, have a seat,” said the doctor.


Tucker took a seat in the chair opposite him, it was a simple wooden chair that had a velvet cushion to make it a little more comfortable. It would have helped if the cushion were not missing most of its stuffing as there was a huge gash in it.


 “ Thank you Dr…. Donald Tennant. What seems to be the problem with me?” Tucker had read his name off his badge which he had pinned to the white coat.


 Donald reached to his side and grabbed a brown file that had Tucker’s name written on the cover. He flipped it open and Tucker watched as Donald’s face sunk as he read the results and he swallowed hard as looked up at Tucker.


 “ Mr. Martel,  I have good news and I have bad news,” Emile said grimly to Tucker.


 Tucker did not like the way he said it, he had a feeling it would be bad. The only question would be how terrible would the result be?


 “ Just give it to me, I can handle the news.” Tucker coughed, covering his mouth with his handkerchief and as he put it away, he saw a red stain on the grey cloth instead of a fine spray of blood.


“ Sorry, please continue,” said Tucker as he leaned against the chair so he could sit up straight.


 Donald sighed as he closed the file and he looked straight into Tucker’s eyes and calmly said to him, “ You have leukaemia. The bad news is that it appears to be terminal and the cancer has left the marrow and progressed into tissue around it so chemo is out along with most forms of treatment we would recommend. The good news is that we got this before the worst part of the disease.


‘You’ll have some time to be with your friends and family before you’ll be bedridden. I urge to do what you have to before it’s too late. It isn’t much of a good news but I thought you needed something to cushion the blow. By my estimation you have about four months before your body is too weak to walk and after’ll boil down to your own body’s constitution.”


 It’s already too late for me, thought Tucker.


Tucker was crushed, he knew it was something worse than the common cold but for it to be cancer and terminal cancer no less was the worst news he could receive.


I am going to die, alone any real friends or family, Tucker thought as he felt everything around him falling apart. He had nothing left but to go back to his apartment, sit back and wait for the reaper to claim his pathetic life.


 Tucker stood up and shook Donald’s hand as the doctor also got to his feet, “ Thank you Donald for...explaining everything that was wrong with my body. I’ll be on my way, to do what I need to do before it’s too late.”


 Tucker let out a very hollow laugh, there was nothing funny as his attempt to lighten the mood had no effect on his own demeanour.


 He then turned around and walked out before closing the door. As he did, he coughed again, this one sounded as if he were retching before the brown wooden door finally closed.

 Tucker stood outside the door, the doctor’s final words ringing in his head. Tucker knew he was right but he had been too late to react.


 “ I guess the end of Tucker Martel’s insignificant and forgettable life” he whispered to himself as a tear ran down his cheek. He looked because he didn’t want anyone to see a grown man like him crying while he looked for a chair to wait for his turn to pay for appointment.


- - - - - - - - - - - -


Jessica was shell shocked and close to tears, she could not believe what she was seeing.


“ Oh my, how terrible! He should have stayed with me. Didn’t I do anything? At least tell me I went back to check on him. Tucker, your life is nothing like that! I remember you!” Jessica had practically shouted at the images before her but Tucker could not hear her, that was not how Gabriel’s powers worked.


Jessica was trembling as she dreaded what she was about to ask.


“ Gabriel did I….did I...did I at least try to find him?”


Gabriel nodded and without saying a word, he snapped his fingers . He didn’t want to say anything, this next one would devastate her and he’d have no words that would be console her.


Jessica turned to the screen and this time, she saw herself on Earth.


- - - - - - -


  Jessica was standing in the town where Tucker had seen her and perhaps going against his better judgement at the time, climbed into her handbag and gone back with her without her even knowing.


 It had taken a long time but she had convinced the people at Parks to allow Tucker to come and stay with her on Home. He would become a full fledged citizen and he would even work in the same company as her. While the members of the boards were against letting a stowaway come over, Jessica had successfully argued for it saying that Dawn needs a father figure to look up to and it would be unhealthy for her daughter if Tucker was not around to raise her with him. The board relented soon after and she had come over as soon as the vortex to Earth was available for use.


 As a surprise, Jessica had decided to pick him up herself and she even wore the exact same outfit she had on when she met Tucker for the first time.


 She wore the exact same blue denim jeans, the same black top, the same blue denim jacket and the exact same pair of blue open toed heels except that these were bigger although they still fit her well thanks to her growth spurt which caused her to gain thirty feet in height and another cup size, making her breasts even more unrealistically huge despite it being completely laughable for a girl as big as Jessica to even need implants in the first place.


 “ Oh Tucker, you just have to meet your baby girl! We’re finally going to be a family! I am so sorry I didn’t tell you how I felt, you deserved better,” she said to herself very softly but barely able to contain her excitement as she walked to the same apartment block where she dropped him, letting him climb into his house as he got off her palm and onto the open balcony before going home again.


  Jessica soon reached the balcony where she had dropped off Tucker, it was lower than she had expected but she had recently undergone a growth spurt that added thirty feet to her height some years back which had caught her by surprise as she had not grown since that night at the funfair. It hadn’t been easy adjusting to her new size but she had to spend a small fortune having the ceilings in her apartment raised so she could walk about without having to constantly being hunched over.


  As she looked inside the apartment which came up to her navel, Jessica saw someone but it was definitely not Tucker. This man was grossly overweight, his paunche was hanging out of a wife beater that was too small for him and he was sitting on a worn out old couch watching television, laughing at some poorly drawn cartoon series.



  “ Strange, where did he go?” Jessica blew air out through her cheeks and accidentally causing a strong gust of wind to go through the apartment which startled the man inside. He looked panicky as he looked for the cause of the sudden breeze but luckily for Jessica, he did not notice her despite looking straight through her.




 “ I couldn’t find him, he’s gone and I searched the entire town looking for him. There must be some way I can find him without searching the entire planet,” Jessica sounded extremely concerned as she paced back and forth in her apartment.


 Agent Rogers was with her, the two were extremely close and she had come to him for advice after her search for Tucker came up empty due to the fact that they were very close friends.


 Rogers sat in her hand as she walked around, rubbing his lime green eyes as he was taking a nap when Jessica had picked him up to ask him for help without waking him. His wake up call had been when she gave him a poke with her finger which jolted him awake.


 “ I’d go with you but I’m booked for the next month. How advanced is Earth anyway?” he asked Jessica.


 Roger’s fleshy seat shifted as Jessica sat in a chair scaled up for her and she placed him on her desk which was situated in Jessica’s own cubicle. She would use it when there was paperwork to be done on the rare occasion that she didn’t have a field mission to complete.


 “ They have something called a television which they use to watch films and stuff like that. Tucker mentioned something called the Internet which you can use to lookup information for-I got it!” Jessica slammed her hand down on the table in excitement as she finally had an idea.


 Rogers teleported out of shock as her huge hand came down next to him , appearing on top of Jessica’s head.


 “ Don’t do that, you could have taken an eye out,” Rogers was still panting from the shock of Jessica nearly crushing him.


 “ Sorry. You can come back down now,” Jessica replied apologetically as she turned a deep shade of red.


 Rogers teleported, turning up in front of Jessica.


“ Now, before you so rudely gave me the scare of my life, what was your idea?” Rogers asked, looking up at Jessica who looked down, a proud look on her face as she came up with a solution to their missing Tucker problem.


  “ We could use the Internet to do it. I could look up Tucker Martell and we could find out where he is from there. You could modify my VSC to do it, I know you’re good with technology so could you please help me? You’d make Dawn a very happy girl when she finally sees her father for the first time!”


 Rogers was fond of Dawn and he liked that thought, the girl needed a father and this would definitely help her with it. Jessica was also using her cutest  girliest voice which she only brought whenever she wanted a friend to do something very important for her.


 “ Well...I’ll do it. Just make sure that you don’t lose him this time. I went to Earth a couple of years ago so I should be able to calibrate the device to pick up the signals you need to access it,” he replied as Jessica picked him and gave him a kiss on the head for that.




 Jessica appeared in the same town again, this time with the modified VSC that could pick up Earth’s Internet.


 She hoped that this would help her find him. If Tucker could not be found using the Internet, she would never see him again and she didn’t want to let Dawn down, the girl deserved to know who her father was.


 With the VSC now on her wrist again, she brought it closer to her face and pressed a button which led to a new interface for the watch, one that had an option to access any wireless network within a ten kilometre radius.


 Jessica did exactly as Rogers had told her when he presented her with the finished product and soon enough, she found herself on a webpage called Google.


 “ can find anything for you if it’s on this Internet? Must be like Home’s Zoom.”


Jessica keyed in Tucker’s name using the VSC’s touchscreen capabilities and waited as it scoured the Web for anything related to him. Fortunately for her, Google was able to find a page in literally one second that was relevant to her search terms. Unfortunately, it bore the worst news she could find.


 “ Tucker….is dead?” Jessica said to herself as she looked at the image on the device, it was from a local newspaper and it had been published about two months.


 Jessica was speechless and she felt faint but she was able to steady herself or she might have fallen on something.


 How could he be dead?


That single thought was running through her mind, Tucker was alive and kicking when she last saw him. What happened to him?



End Notes:

I found this one much easier to write than the first one, the usual first chapter problems.

Also credit to The Doctor for being so helpful in improving the bios page with his own contributions to it, much better than mine was. 

Now it's back to Aftermath.

Explanations Part 2 by Nostory
Author's Notes:

The penultimate chapter arrives! 

 Gabriel zoomed in on the newspaper article the Jessica on Earth was reading on the VSC while her Limbo counterpart looked on in horror.

 “….this can’…” Jessica repeated to herself, trying to deny what she was seeing.

* * * * * * * * *

 Man Found Dead In Flat

Tucker Martel, aged 39 was found dead in a rental flat in West Bromwich after one of his neighbours complained of a bad smell coming from his flat.

 Neighbour Ronald Wesley had noticed a foul stench but he neglected to do anything about it until it became unbearable.

 “ I tried knocking on the door, telling the bloke to clean up the place a few days before I called the landlord. I tried being nice but he never responded. Even got angry and said a few choice words to him but he never said a word. One day I had it and told the landlord to open up as the smell was too much for me and my kids to put up with and lord almighty, we found his body there!”

 Ronald said he was distraught at what he saw, he had not expected to find Tucker dead, the man appeared to be perfectly healthy although he had been gone for a month.

 “ I knew Mr. Martel, we weren’t close friends but I saw him at pub watching the game with his mates and they seemed to be having a good time. Good man, none of the neighbours had a problem with him, even with all the problems he had. Wife left him, lost his job but he never lashed out at anyone for it.”

 Ronald was the only man who seemed to know Tucker with most of the other residents refusing to allow us to interview them.

 “ I just want to say that it’s a shame no one ever came to see him after he died, no family or anything. He deserved better, Tucker really did.”

 Tucker’s death cause of death has yet to be confirmed although police have so far ruled out foul play, pending an autopsy.


“ Stop...just stop!” Jessica wailed as she cried, her tears in full flow; she covered her face with her hands.

 Gabriel looked on, he couldn’t do anything but watch as she sobbed. He sighed and walked over to her.

 He gave her a consoling pat on her knee, covered by her summer dress. Jessica peaked through her fingers at Gabriel.

 “ On Home, cancer isn’t even a problem anymore. Anyone can just go to the hospital and...get some nanobots to kill for you!”

 She cried even more, her hands soaked in her own tears. It would have been easy to cure Tucker if he had just stayed. If she had gotten him to stay. She knew it was her fault; Gabriel had not shown her that final moment she had with Tucker but it was definitely her fault.

 “ Can’t I just go back?” Jessica forced out the words, she was barely capable as she was overcome with grief.

  Gabriel gently shook his head, “ You can’t leave, not yet. I need to show you what Dawn has done on Home, it is pretty...catastrophic.” There wasn’t any other way to describe it but that.

 “ What else is there?” She mewled, each new revelation had been like a punch to the gut for her.

“ The fallout from what you’ve just seen, how it slowly but surely led to you being trapped here. It won’t get better from here but even though I’ve never known you, I feel obligated to give you a little heads up about what will happen..”

Jessica looked up, trembling as she thought about what would follow. Surely it couldn’t be worse than this? Surely this was the lowest she would go?

  The screen changed and this time, it showed Dawn trying to fight off Jessica’s fellow agents.


Jessica gasped as she saw Dawn trying to step on Agent Barnes while he cried out for help; the pair were locked in a stalemate but Jessica could see the beads of sweat on his head, how his entire body was shaking as he tried to stop Dawn from turning him into a human pancake. Slowly but surely the momentum was with the giantess, her strength would eventually triumph over his soon.

 “ Hey Lane, how about a hand here!” He shouted, grunting as Dawn was able to increase the pressure, her massive leg muscles able to move up a gear.

  Jessica saw Chloe, previously out of the screen use her powers to slowly wrap herself around Dawn. Her elastic body was too strong for Dawn to tear through, nor could she just punch through it with her strength.

  Dawn tried to fight back but her arms were pinned to her sides and eventually it became too difficult for her to maintain her balance and she fell.

  Tucker was being hurried away as Barnes and Chloe knew that as the only person without any powers of his own, Tucker was the most vulnerable person. Dawn saw him getting further and believing she had failed, she said the only thing on her mind.

 “ Daddy don’t leave me!”


  “ Damn it, I didn’t get to the important part,” Gabriel said to himself as the picture froze before suddenly speeding forward.

 “ Sorry about that, my memory is not the most precise at times,” Jessica watched as the images moved at least twice the normal speed before stopping at scene he wanted. This time Jessica saw a yellow rift all around.

 “ No, don’t show it to me. I just need to know, what’s that yellow thing?” She saw that everything around Dawn and Tucker was barren, no buildings, no plants. Only the hill Dawn had been sitting on had anything on it.

 “ That,” Gabriel pointed at the rift, “ Is a tear in space and time. Time is like a river with space being the river banks and the river bed. We are but mere passengers in this river, only able to go with the flow. Dawn here managed to find a way to go against it,” He pointed at Jessica’s daughter.

  He briefly smiled, “ Which is commendable but the force she exerts is too great for the river to remain stable and she is causing the current to turn on itself due to it. The universe tried to balance it out by removing you but the damage she has done is too great.

 ‘Going backwards has caused space and time to fall apart, that yellow thing you see is the tear I just mentioned. It is causing everything it touches to age. That emptiness you see is the result of the rift simply wiping it out from existence.”

 Jessica was shocked by the apocalyptic events on Home, how had she caused this?

 “ Is there anything you can do to help me? Send me back?” She asked in a hopeful voice, there had to be something he could do.

 “ I can’t send you back until Dawn returns to her own time. Even that is beyond me, certain things I can’t fight.” He explained grimly.

 Jessica looked at the screen, it looked like a video that had been put on pause but it wasn’t, it was something more and infinitely more cataclysmic. She felt deflated, there was no hope for now but to put her faith in her daughter; hoping that she would do the right thing.


 Gabriel appeared to remember something, pointing his finger up. “ Ah! I can show you something, something that will help you along. It’s of a very important day. The day Dawn left her time to make that world ending journey.”

    “ What?” Jessica asked, a small glimmer of hope begun to form in her.

  “ I won’t say anymore just, watch.”

 The screen changed once more and Jessica saw Dawn but this time, her hair was black and not the snow white she had been familiar with.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

 Dawn quietly stepped into Jessica’s room, her head bent at an uncomfortable angle while Lucky did the same, he was intelligent enough to pick up what Dawn wanted him to do, his little green streamline body made no noise against the floorboards. She hated the house she lived in, the ceiling was far too low for a growing girl like her.

 “ Mom really needs to raise the ceiling, I am a growing girl and this is a little too much,” Dawn complained to Lucky who just happily wagged his tail and looked up at her. Dawn loved Lucky, she had found him in some abandoned quarry on one of her many alone times after getting into trouble over helping Graham with bullies. She knew she was in the right but then the same bullies would complain to their parents about it and Jessica would have to come down and get her out of it.

   Jessica never scolded Dawn for defending someone weaker than her but she did tell Dawn to use less physical methods. Grabbing them and then lifting them two hundred feet was out of the question after her latest scuffle with Graham’s tormentors..

   “ Wow, Mom is really neat but I worry for her you know, I heard her crying last night. When I asked her in the morning she said it was nothing and left for her mission.” She looked around the room, Dawn was sure that Jessica was lying, there had to be something. This time every year, Jessica would get extremely moody, Dawn had observed this and she resolved to find out what exactly was causing all this.

    Dawn got on her knees, making a clicking sound with her tongue as she scanned the room, hoping to find something out of place; a near impossible task as Jessica was neat to the point where it was almost compulsive.

 Then, she saw it. Under Jessica’s bed, barely peaking was an old beaten shoe box.

  “ Bingo.” She reached for the box and pulled it towards her.

  Jessica had apparently taped a piece of paper to the box cover.

 “ Happy Memories?” She said rhetorically.

 Dawn carefully removed the car and she saw pictures, many old pictures of Jessica. In most of them she was people Dawn hardly knew.

 “ Wow...Mom knew a lot of people,” Dawn was speechless, she knew Jessica was over two centuries old but she had to have met and befriended hundreds of people judging by the amount of pictures inside.

 Lucky stayed by the box as she looked through the pictures, most of them were people she didn’t know and had never seen in her life. Judging by the buildings behind, Dawn guessed that they must been from at least a century before she was born.

 Then she spotted it, a picture of Jessica with a man she didn’t recognise but felt something familiar about him. She found his eyes strangely familiar, she brushed her hand over his ears, those were very familiar. It was as if she had seen them all her life.

  Dawn stared hard at the picture until she saw her own eyes reflected in the glossy photograph and let out a huge gasp.

 “ Dad?” She asked herself, was that man her father? They had the same eyes, those ears were something they shared.

 “ Why did Mom not tell me about you? Why did she keep us apart?” Her mind was awash with questions.

  “ Just what are you doing in my room?” Dawn flinched as she heard Jessica, upset that Dawn had entered her room without permission. Dawn gulped and turned to face her mother who despite barely coming up to her chest still scared her. .

 Jessica was standing in the doorway in her yellow and blue jumpsuit, the one she wore on her missions,  covered in mud and looking exhausted but also pissed that Dawn had invaded her privacy.

 “M-mom, I didn’t expect you to be back so soon.” Lucky whimpered and moved behind Dawn as he sensed the tension in the room escalating.

 “ Well your mother happens to be a top notch agent and I got the mission done earlier than everyone else thought? Now answer me young lady, why are you in my room?” Her tone was firm and strict, Dawn knew very well that Jessica was very particular about privacy. She was even more particular when it came to breaking the rules she set.

  Dawn was struggling for words so she held up the picture she had in her hand, hoping it would save her.

 Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise, “ Were you going through my things?”

 “ Mom, who is this? Is it Dad?” Dawn squeaked out the line, she knew how scary Jessica could be when she lost her temper.

  “ Don’t go through my things!” She managed to snatch the photo out of Dawns hand and shoved it back in the box before returning to the situation at hand.

  “ Mom please, is it Dad? Why haven’t I met him? Did he do something to hurt you?” Dawn pleaded with Jessica to answer her questions.

  Jessica was furious at Dawn but she saw the look in Dawn, the need to know about it.

 “ Okay,” she exhaled sharply as she tried to calm herself. She didn’t want to yell at Dawn,  her daughter deserved to know the truth about her father.

 “ That man is your father, his name is Tucker Martel,” she stepped inside and moved next to Dawn, placing a hand on her shoulder.

 “ I met him after he stowed away in my hand while I was on a mission to Earth. We spent a month together and you were conceived on our last night together. He was the love of my life but company policy dictated that I had to send him back. I never argued for keeping him here. Maybe if I had told them why he should stay, how we loved each other then it would have worked. Then I wouldn’t have gone back to find him...dead.”

 “ What! When was that?” Dawn pressed Jessica for answers, she needed to know. Within a few minutes of learning about her father, he was dead?

 “ When you were five, the company reversed that policy. They said with Tucker being a father to a citizen of Home, he could stay. The other way was if the two of us got married then it would also have allowed him to remain on Home. I didn’t know that until recently and it hurt me.”

Jessica paused, looking down at the floor as she felt that she was on the verge of crying but she managed to keep it in.

  She looked up at Dawn again before managing a gentle reassuring smile to her shell shocked daughter.

  “ I went back and found him dead. Alone. He had a family and I kept him away!” She collapsed to the floor.

 If Jessica expected sympathy from Dawn, she didn’t expect what would follow.

 “ No! How could you!” Dawn rose to her full height, forgetting about the low ceiling. This caused her head to break through the layers of plaster and wood. Lucky ran around frantically to dodge the pieces that fell from the ceiling, hiding between Dawn’s legs.

 Dawn rubbed her head as she bent down to look at Jessica, furious with her mother.


 “ You kept our family apart! Do you know how I got teased on Parent Day in grade school when the other kids would ask me about my dad and how freakish that I don’t have one? I couldn’t even get back at them for any of that because they’d just run and cry to the nearest teacher!”

 Jessica didn’t answer, she began to break down, crying while Dawn glared at her.

 “ I-I had to go through life as a freak! I’m already too tall to fit in this house, too big to even be in the school I go to, having my father with me would have helped a lot! Don’t cry, I should be the one in tears! Not you! You ruined my life! Thanks you I am a giant freak who is only going to get bigger and bigger until you’re all too small to notice! Thanks for everything MOM!”

 Dawn ran out, tears in her eyes while Lucky followed her, moving as fast as his legs could carry him.

 Jessica looked up at the hole Dawn had made, “ I-I am so sorry Dawn. I really am.”

 She curled up into a foetus position and began to cry. First Tucker, now she had lost Dawn as well.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

 “ I-I messed up,” Jessica stated, she didn’t cry, there were no tears left to be shed.

 “ Eh...technically you haven’t done it but yes you did mess up that one. However…” Gabriel paused, a big grin on his face as a yellow portal opened up in Limbo.

 Jessica began to back away in fear, having seen what it could do on Home.

 “ No, this is not the same thing you saw on Home. This means Dawn went back. Which you means you get a second chance.”

 Jessica laughed, tears of joy coming out. She would be going back, she finally got to go back.

She quickly got up and began to head towards it when Gabriel called out to her.

 “ No, don’t go. Not yet.”

 Jessica turned around, surprised Gabriel still had something left for her.

 “ What is it?” She asked him.

 Gabriel beckoned her with his hand, “ Don’t so be so hasty to leave, you’ll have all the time in the world to fix it. Trust me. I just want to tell you a few last words before you go.”

 Jessica walked over and got on her knees, “ Sorry, I shouldn’t have got up so quickly but you understand don’t you?”

 Gabriel shook his head, rolling his eyes which got a giggle out of Jessica.

 “ Just remember this, we don’t always get second chances. You’re pretty lucky to get one. You can stop all of the pain and misery you saw from happening by being honest with Tucker. I have a feeling both of you never opened up about how you feel. How you really feel.  Have the courage to tell Tucker about this and perhaps...find a way around that stupid little rule.”

 Gabriel emphasised his point, dragging it out as he spoke the words.

 “ Got it Jessica?”

 Jessica nodded, “ I-I get it. Be brave and I’ll definitely find a way to get Tucker to stay with me. He means a lot to me.”

She stood up, “ Thanks for the advice. You’ve been a great help. I won’t forget this.”

Jessica turned but was stopped by Gabriel again, “ Ah about that. You will actually. Not completely, you’ll have this nagging feeling in your subconscious when you return but you won’t actually remember it in detail.”

 “ Okay, that’s a bummer. How will I remember to do all of this?” She slapped her hands against her thighs in frustration.

 “ Don’t worry, like I said, it won’t be completely forgotten. Now run along, I’m done and you have important things to do.”

 “ Ok...I just hope you’re right. Goodbye Gabriel, it was nice knowing you.” She rose to her full height and stepped through the portal.

 “ Goodbye Jessica, been nice knowing you too,” replied Gabriel as it closed, leaving him alone in Limbo.



End Notes:

Next chapter will wrap up this little tale of ours but not the main story, that one still has some way to go if The Doctor is right. 

A New Future? by Nostory
Author's Notes:

Dawn returns and finds out whether her trip to the past succeeded in changing anything.


Dawn stood outside the door to her apartment, her hand gripping the doorknob. She hadn’t noticed anything different after returning from the past, everything was the way it was when she left, only a mix of memories both old and new. She found it hard to keep track of all of them, too many in her head and she was confused. The only difference so far was her white hair, something she noticed after glancing at a nearby building, the glass exterior reflecting her own image. Fortunately she had shrank back to two hundred feet in height, she didn’t want to live the rest of her life as a six hundred foot giantess.


 “ I’ll just have to live with it,”  was what she said to herself after seeing her reflection.


 Now she was in front of her own house. Just as she was about to turn the doorknob, Dawn felt something squirming in her chest.


 “ Oh Lucky!” Dawn suddenly remembered. She partially unzipped her jumpsuit and pulled Lucky from between her breasts. Dawn was relieved to find him as young and energetic as he was before her trip to the past.


 She set him down and with more confidence opened the door, ducking slightly as her forehead was above the doorframe. Lucky ran inside and when Dawn stepped in, expecting to be in the same bent over posture she had been forced to do.To her surprise the ceiling was high enough for her to stand up although her head was still close to the ceiling. She didn’t mind, she could at least stand up straight.


 Thanks Mom, Dawn thought to herself.


 Dawn had not expected to find anyone inside since Jessica was supposed to be on a mission but her eyes lit up when she saw a normal sized man sitting at the big coffee table on a chair and table scaled down for him, reading the newspaper.


 He looked older, a slight gut bulging out from his plain white shirt, the beginnings of a bald spot on his head and a few wrinkles on his face but he still looked every bit the man Jessica fell in love with. Dawn knew without a doubt she was looking at her father, the very father she had never grown up with. Yet some of her new memories said she had and although she remembered him being there with her all the way, it felt much shorter.


 “ Daddy!” Dawn squealed.


 Tucker barely had time to react when Dawn snatched him up and pressed him against her cheek, giving him a hug.


 “ Dawn! Don’t do that, you’ll give me a heart attack!” Tucker exclaimed as tried to free himself from his daughter’s grip, trying to pull himself out but to no avail, Dawn was too strong for him. After a couple of seconds, Dawn pulled him away and set him back on the table.


  “ I’m sorry Daddy but I really missed you,” Dawn gave Tucker a doe eyed look. Tucker looked into his daughter’s eyes and sighed, he couldn’t stay mad at her forever, especially not for missing him.


 “ It’s only been half an hour since you left,” Tucker was really confused.


 Dawn scratched the back of her head as she tried to explain it but she didn’t want to tell him what she did, he probably knew already.


 “ Oh but its felt like forever. I really love you Daddy.” She realised how stupid it was, Tucker would have only known a life with his daughter. She was the only one who knew otherwise.


 “ Oh wow, I don’t really know what’s going on but...I love you too.” He pressed him against her hand, giving the best hug he could.


 Dawn looked down and felt herself tearing up, she could remember what he had done to keep her out of trouble in school.


 “ Dad, I’m sorry for the all terrible things I did. I made you go down to school so many times.” A giant tear drop fell from her eye, hitting the ground.


 “ More like when you got Graham out of trouble. That boy is lucky to have a friend like you, someone who would stick her neck out for him. Besides, I don’t mind. Everytime the teachers tell me what you did with those bullies I don’t see her being mean; I see her as a proper human being, someone with a proper moral compass. Although I think hanging them from the flagpole is a little too much.”


 Dawn giggled, “They deserve it and I did put them back where I found them after Mrs. Meeks told me to let those boys down.”


 Tucker smiled and shook his head at his daughter’s actions, “ I did have to scold you in front of them but you know I never meant to hurt you. You’ve never given me a lot to worry about.”


 His giant daughter placed him back down on the table and wiped her eyes, “ We did always get ice cream after that.”


Tucker laughed, “ Oh yes we did.” The door opened and in came Jessica, wearing her yellow and blue jumpsuit, looking on curiously at the sight of Tucker and Dawn bonding. What really caught her eye was that Dawn was wearing one of Jessica’s old jumpsuits.


 “ That suit looks good on you sweetheart but maybe you should wait until you’re an agent before you start trying my suits on.” She chuckled as Dawn to see her mother. Despite being so much taller than Jessica even after the latter’s growth spurt sent her to 150 feet, Dawn did not want to anger her in anyway, Jessica was terrifying when she was mad.


  “ Oh I’ll put it away Mom, I am so sorry.” Dawn looked down in shame as Jessica put her hands on her hips, assuming a commanding pose.


 “ You should,” Jessica’s voice softened, “ because you need to get ready for the dance. Graham’s coming to pick you up. Not literally but he’s just following protocol.”


Dawn breathed a sigh of relief seeing as Jessica wasn’t mad at her but she remembered the middle portion of what her mother said.


 “ Oh shoot! I need to bathe, I can’t smell bad for it, you’ve no idea how being this big makes it easy for other people to smell you!”


 She ran into her bedroom door, slamming it shut as she went to get ready for the dance.


 Jessica sat down at the table and looked down at Tucker, “ So...what was Dawn talking to you about?


  “ How much she loves her father,” Tucker grinned up at her, proud of what she told him.


 Jessica chuckled, “ Oh really? Can’t be as much as his wife loving him?” She shot back, leaning over Tucker and planting a huge kiss on him, her breasts pressed up against the table. When she was done, Tucker had red blotch of lipstick all over him.


 “ Hmm? Call it a draw,” replied Tucker, so glad to have such amazing women in his life.


 - - - - - - - - - - - -


   Dawn dried herself off, wiping her platinum coloured hair whilst wrapping her large white towel around her body, having spent the last fifteen minutes in the shower trying to get herself clean. She was trying to remember everything she had experienced, the aftermath of her trip back in time was that she had two sets of memories in her head.


    One was of the timeline she grew up in, the one where Tucker died and she never knew him; the other was the one she created, a timeline where Tucker lived and got to be with Jessica and her.


  “ Funny how Mom and Dad never mentioned this,” she tugged at a strand of her hair


  “ Probably best if I don’t bring it up. I don’t think either of them remember a thing, telling them what I did would just confuse them.” She  told herself as she walked over to her cupboard. Peeling the towel off her, Dawn looked down and sighed as even her pubic hair had turned white.


 “ Guess I’ll have to live with that,” she quietly said to herself.


 Dawn put on a set of panties and a strapless bra, not wishing for the strap to be visible.


 She moved to her bed and picked him up the strapless blue dress which had been made for a normal person. Using her powers, Dawn enlarged it to her scale before putting it on. She hoped Graham would like how she looked, she felt a little like Cinderella going to the bed, sans fairy godmother and evil stepfamily.


- - - - - - - - -


 Graham stood outside the huge door, brushing his short curly hair with his left hand as a result of his nervousness. He held a bouquet of roses in his right. He had put on a grey tuxedo for the event, a white undershirt with a slight bulge revealing his gut.


 “ Shouldn’t have gotten her the flowers, she won’t like it,” he muttered to himself, the bouquet of roses seemed like a bad ida. Graham’s mother had insisted he bring Dawn flowers even though he said those were for couples and he was only friends with Dawn.


 “ You need to read between the lines my son,” was her reply. His mother really liked Dawn, appreciating the fact that she was both his best friend and personal bodyguard. Graham had a history of being bullied before he went to the same school as Dawn.


 Finally gathering enough courage, he rang the doorbell, the thunderous ringing echoed inside, loud enough for Graham to hear despite several feet of concrete separating him from the interior.


 He felt the ground shake and the massive building sized door opened to reveal Jessica, still in her jumpsuit and peering over bosom to look at him, Tucker in her hand.


 “ Hello Graham! You’re a little early but come on in! Are those for Dawn?” She asked him about the flowers he held in his hand.


 “ Y-yes they are Mrs. Martel!” Graham replied nervously.


 “ That’s so sweet of you! She’ll love them, she always like roses. Now come on inside while I get Dawn to come out, you know how girls are when we need to dress up. We can take forever.” With a little smile she placed Tucker on the ground before walking off to get Dawn.


   Tucker placed a hand on Graham’s shoulder, the top of the latter’s head only coming up to Tucker’s nose.


  “ So let me just lay down the ground rules for dating my daughter,” Tucker said sternly.Graham gulped, he had never seen Tucker this serious before except when he had to see Mr. Wickham, the school principal whenever Dawn got into trouble.


 “ One, you bring her home by midnight. Two, you don’t try to take advantage of her. No hanky panky, not even if she wants you to. You be a gentleman and leave her the way you found her. Lastly,” Tucker could see Graham was afraid and starting to regret his decision to go to the dance.


 Before Graham could say anything, Tucker began to crack up, laughing at Graham. “ I am just kidding Graham! You two just enjoy yourselves!”


 Graham breathed a huge sigh of relief, unable to believe how Tucker had tricked him.


 “ You scared me Mr. Martel, I thought you were serious!” Tucker was unable to respond, still laughing but he managed to get a few words out to Graham.


 “ Okay, I’m done with the laughing. Lets take a seat, have a drink, non-alcoholic since you’re too young for a beer and wait for your date and my darling girl to be ready.” He put an arm around Graham and brought him to the table.


 - - - - - - - -


 Dawn had just finished putting on her dress and adjusted the top of it to conceal her bra and also to give her cleavage adequate coverage.


  “ Dawn sweetie, Graham’s here.” Dawn spun around quickly to see Jessica ,walking in; her hand on her hip.


  “ Mom not yet! I’m not ready,” she tried to cover her body with her arms despite being fully dressed.


 Jessica smiled and pulled Dawn’s arms away, “ Yes you are,Dawn. You look fantastic and if Graham will definitely appreciate it. Did you know he brought flowers?”


 Dawn began to blush, “ Oh he shouldn’t have. Such a gentleman! I shouldn’t keep him waiting should I?”


  Jessica shook her head and lifted up a handful of Dawn’s  hair, no easy feat when Jessica only came up to just below Dawn’s chest, her daughter towering over her own mother.


Dawn looked down, “ What is it?”


Jessica put her finger to her lips, “ You’ll see, trust me. I know a few things about beauty. Just sit down, your hair isn’t easy to reach when you’re standing.”


 Dawn sat down, confident Jessica could make her look better.


  - - - -  - - - - - - -


  The building sized slab of wood that made up Dawn’s door opened and out stepped Jessica and Dawn, the latter’s long white hair in a braid, wearing the sky blue dress she enlarged and matching flats.


 Graham was stunned, his hand releasing the bouquet from his grip, causing it to drop to the ground as he stared at Dawn. He never agreed with Dawn when she insisted that she was unattractive but this caught him by surprise, she looked like a fairy tale princess.


 Tucker noticed that Graham was staring with his mouth agape, bouquet on the floor and smiled to himself as he picked up the flowers and gently brushed it against Graham, causing him to lose focus on Dawn and take the flowers from him.


  Tucker leaned in and whispered, “ Remember, do what we said. She’ll love it.” Graham silently nodded and presented the flowers to Dawn who picked them up.


 “ Thanks Gray, its wonderful!” Dawn used her nickname for Graham, she often called him that when she didn’t want to use two syllables.


 Holding the fingernail size bouquet to her noses, Dawn gently sniffed them and allowed the aroma to flow into her lungs. She used just the right amount of force as she didn’t want to accidentally inhale them and then sneeze it out. Dawn had accidentally sneezed on people in the past, the resultant blast of wind sending the victim flying and covered in saliva.


 “ I love them, I’ll be sure to put it in water!”


Graham then got down on his knees and raised his arms to the sky, “ Oh my Khaleesi, you are the moon to my sun and stars! Let us go forth and conquer everything our eyes can see!”


 Dawn scrunched up her face, annoyed by what she had heard, looking straight at Tucker.


 “ Dad! Please don’t use your Game of Throne references, its so old and uncool!” She said to him. She wasn’t furious at him, just mildly annoyed and amused by it.


 Tucker laughed hard, “ Oh come on, you know you look like Daenarys and its amazing. Your mother and I managed to pick up the entire series on one of our trips back to Earth. Worth it too.”


  Jessica beamed down at Tucker, “ It was more than just that. We went to visit your grandparents before you were born and also pick up the first ten seasons of Game of Thrones. So many things happened on that trip but like Tucker said, it was worth it.” She gave Tucker a knowing nod, he did the same. It was a story for another time.


    “ Graham, that was kind of sweet but next time, try something like Star Wars or something, its much better.”


 Tucker rolled his eyes in jest, “ And you call my favourite tv show old. Yours is at least fifty years old.”


 Dawn chuckled, “ Its timeless but I guess your little gesture is sweet,” she then picked up Graham and hugged him against her chest, his body resting on the fine blue fabric of her dress.


 “ You better get going if you don’t want to be late,”  Jessica chimed in.


 Dawn looked at Graham who was sitting in her hand, “ Lets go. Bye Mom! Bye Dad! See you later!” Graham said the same and the left the apartment.


“ Enjoy yourselves!” Tucker hollered at the two.


 “ We will!” Dawn replied but just before she closed the door, she spotted Lucky scampering towards Dawn, expecting to be brought along.


 Dawn bent down and gently nudged the little green dinosaur back in, the latter purring with disapproval.


 “ Now now Lucky, I can’t bring you everywhere. Just stay home and behave yourself.” When Lucky was inside, she closed the door. Lucky looked up at the large door and slowly turned around, a little disappointed his “mother” had left him behind.



On the other side,  Graham looked up at Dawn, practically radiating happiness.


 “ You look so happy and your parents are the coolest.”


 Dawn giggled and looked down at Graham who was being held in her cupped hands. “ They’re definitely the coolest, no matter what. I am just happy we’re all together, not everyone gets that.”


- - - - - - - - - -


 Jessica placed her hand on the table, allowing Tucker to climb on.


 “ Now that our little girl is gone for the evening, lets do something together. Something both of us like.” Jessica winked, slowly unzipping her jumpsuit and letting the slightest hint of cleavage peek out from it.

 Tucker grinned, “ What are we waiting for ? Lets go woman!” His reply got a laugh out of her, she walked towards the bedroom and began to open the door, relishing the little private moment the two finally had to themselves.



End Notes:

So thats the end of BFG: Limbo and I really enjoyed writing this. BFG was one of the first stories I came to like during my early days in the community and the remake has been a huge improvement on the original.

 I may come back and do more short stories in this world The Doctor has made, its too fun to leave after one story but I have prior commitments. Aftermath will receive more regular updates now and I have to start drafting the outline for a new story which will be part of a series vgiv and I are working on. 

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