Magic Sisters: Mind Games by christiawi9

Emily and Casey are two witches who are more like sisters then friends. Being bored, they decide to play a horrible game on a young girl where they shrink her entire social circle one by one until she goes insane. How will she fare in this mind game?

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1. Victim found by christiawi9

2. Learning about The Blonde. by christiawi9

3. In a sticker situation by christiawi9

4. China dolls. by christiawi9

Victim found by christiawi9

The bus slowly came to a stop outside the tall yellow sign allowing the small group of three people to board. Being a rather slow day the bus wasn't overly full and so the new passengers were able to sit where they liked.

Two of these passengers, Emily and Casey, were two gorgeous, young and highly confident women. They strode onto the vehicle without paying and strutted down the isle, sitting on the back seats, surveying the prey. The bus driver either didn't notice that these girls just jump aboard without payment or he didn't care as he went about charging the last man for his ticket.

In fact none of the passengers seemed to notice the two girls with not a single glance or head turn their way which was very peculiar as these women were noticeable in even the biggest crowds. They weren't exactly individuals you saw on a daily basis and yet the other people acted as if they didn't exist, as if only one person had boarded the bus, and there was a good reason for this.

With long flowing black hair, Emily was the very definition of fierce. Although her appearance didn't suggest anything sinister her eyes showed all that was needed being filled with confidence, charm and wickedness, along with their usual green hew. She wore and red bow upon her head which matched her red shirt under and black jacket and jeans. She could be best described as a predator, not showing her teeth until her prey was inches from her.

Casey however was almost the exact opposite with longer brown hair and dark blue eyes. Like Emily she had a wide smile but hers was filled with innocence and kindness, able to make any man instantly fall for her. Her clothes her also a deep contrast with Emily's as instead of being beautifully casual she looked as if she were going to a ball. The strange thing was that instead of a dress, as women would usually wear to such an occasion, she sported what could only be described as an amazing brown suit (Matching her hair) Which opened up in the vest to show her ample cleavage and tap shoes. Yes, that's right, Tap shoes. Everywhere this strange woman walked there was the clear sign of Tip, tap, tip tap.

The bus vibrated and roared back into life as the machine began to move down the road, the smaller cars zipping past the heavier vehicle. Casey looked excitedly out the window looking at the cool cars zooming past her as Emily remained transfixed at her prey below. The entire crew of this pathetic ride had no idea what just boarded their bus and that's the way she liked it. Using simple magic she was able to disguise their presence to everyone aboard by filling their heads with a daze. She could walk right up to them and slap them on the face and they wouldn't react. How perfect.

Casey continued her staring at the traffic with occasional "Ohh"s and "ahh"s as she entertained herself but Emily had more vicious means of fun. Not looking over at her friend Emily spoke To Casey.

"My dear Cat, what do you think about them?" She asked smoothly and calmly, her eyes fixed upon two individuals. Casey tore herself away from the window and looked at her friend, following her gaze down the isle until they came upon a teenage couple dressed in their uniforms heading for school, hands intertwined.

"Hmm, they look bo~oring" She spoke in a strangely quite tone. For someone who was so excited you would have expected her to be more high pitched and energetic and yet her face showed nothing and unenthusiasm.

"Well, they do kind of look dull all happy together" Emily said as she twirled her hand in the air. Almost instantly the boy disappeared from sight and the girl quickly began turning around trying to look for him.

The thing about daze magic is that the quickest way to snap someone out of it is to surprise them with something so sudden it shocks them out of it. However, Emily's magic was so strong that even though her boyfriend just disappeared the girl seemed overly unconcerned and merely started searching for him as if this was normal.

"Awesome!" Casey's face lit up in delight "How small did you make him?"

"Oh, dust size. I didn't really care what happened to him so I didn't really hold back. He's probably being inhaled through her nose by now. But that's unimportant to what we were discussing. How is our candidate now?"

"Hmm, well it would be interesting to see how she responds. It might even drive her insane! That'd be sweet"

"Then it's chosen. Our game shall start with her" Emily announced, pointing her finger directly at the pretty young blonde.

This game, they mentioned, was something that the two girls had developed over years of experimenting with their magic. Being more powerful then any human they were pretty unconcerned with the consequences of their actions and did what they please. However, they found that the best source of entertainment came from observing how people react, and eventually lose their minds, when subjected to unexplainable things.

It was a slow and exciting process as they watched each person try and explain what was happening around them without using magic as an explanation, which of course was the answer. And the best way that the two girls achieved this was by using their born powers, the magic they were born with, as their weapons.

Emily and Casey were actually the perfect team as their powers complemented each other so well. Casey was born with the ability to grow objects to any size but was unable to reduce the effect. Emily, was able to shrink things but unable to change them back. Once they discovered each other they became instant sisters to one another and developed their powers together until they had a mighty arsenal at their disposal.

But what exactly does this game entail? How do they drive their victims insane? Well, they stalk their victim and every so often make someone in their social circle disappear. First it's just random class mates, but then the teachers, then friends, lovers and family. Over the course of months this persons entire life disappears bit by bit and by using the daze spell the two witches can make it so that no one else notices anything. The only person to fully experience what is happening is the victim itself.

Emily would always laugh as she thought about her past victims and was always eager to start a new game. In fact, Casey would often have to stop her from going overboard too early on in the process, shrinking people left, right and centre to course a reaction. That wasn't how the game was played, and now that they have chosen a victim they could finally start again.

The bus stopped as the cute blonde got up, exiting the vehicle and heading for school. As she left she rubbed her nose, sniffing. Something must have irritated it. The two girls followed her off the bus, releasing the daze off the passengers and the blonde girl. Slowly she would realize that her boyfriend was gone and would remember nothing of what happened. 


Marie was beautiful 14 year old girl who attended WetWaker High with her boyfriend Mikeal. She was quite popular, being the class president and head of the cheer leader team, and one of the brightest students in the school. Many people said that she was gifted but in actuality it was due to her hard work and dedication that had allowed her to become so good at everything. She even had an amazing boyfriend who went to school with her and was head of the football team. Everyday they would ride the bus together but for some reason he didn't get on today. Or, well, he did get on but he had to go somewhere ... or something. Whatever, she'll probably see him in class or later today.

Walking up the steep steps to enter the court yard she was greeted by a giant campus which had enough space for a football field. Which was quite funny since their football field was right next to the campus and it was actually twice as big. She made her way towards the biology department as she started to feel this strange presence about her, like she was being watched or something. Of course this was nothing out of the ordinary as people looked at her all the time, being so popular, but this was different. 

Turning around she saw no-one but the usual crowd of boys flocking to the field of gaggles of first years running to get to their classes; nothing out of the ordinary just as she thought. Must just be her mind playing tricks on her.

End Notes:

Tell me what you think of this story. I don't know if it is actually going to become anything but hopefully I'll get some ideas. If you just want me to continue on my other works them feel free to tell me that too.

Learning about The Blonde. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Some transformation and vore but mostly it's the girls investigating their victim.

Emily and Casey continued their stalking of the young blonde, observing her friends and fellow classmates, trying to determine who they should make disappear first. Of course they had already made her boyfriend disappear but she was under the influence of the daze spell at the time and so she might actually forget about him completely, either that or she'll just push him from her mind. No, what they needed was a person she would clearly remember and instantly recognize their sudden disappearance.

As they walked around the campus surveying their prey the two witch girls took in the magnificent sight of the school. The courtyard truly was quite beautiful and Casey's eyes were open with joy as she face lit up with excitement.

"Look at all these people! And the buildings! and the pretty, pretty flowers! They're everywhere!" She truly did look like a child on her first picnic and Emily  shook her at her friends actions.

"Cat, it's just a school. You've seen better-"

"Just because I've seen better doesn't mean I can't enjoy this one. Ohh, I know, let's get a person from here! As a souvenir!"

"You're losing focus, my dear" Emily lovingly patted Casey's hair "We're here to observe our lovely blonde. Not to pick up pets"

"Hmm, I guess you're right. But promise me that when we're finished with her we'll come back and get some people! You know I love students!"

"I promise"

The blonde appeared to be talking with a grown man with short grey hair and glasses. Judging from his professional clothing and straight posture he was most certainly a teacher. Her teacher, maybe? Lifting up her hand Emily cast a simply spell to be able to hear their conversation from this distance.

"-But sir, we still haven't done all the preparation. We need at least another week before know everything. Right now all we know is that it is going to be in the teacher's lounge"

Teacher's lounge? Preparation? Are they holding an event? And even more our blonde appears to be head of the committee organizing it. My, she must be smart, it'll be fun watching her mind change.

"Of course, if you need more time then that's acceptable. They still aren't leaving for another two weeks so you have until then to finish everything-"

Leaving? Someone is leaving? Of course, and this is a going away party that they're holding. It must be a student leaving, why else would another student be planning the party. Interesting.

The teacher walked away and the Blonde continued to talk with her friends. Emily turned back to Casey to tell her what she had learned and she found Casey stuffing her face with a hotdog at least 4 times larger than what it should have been.

"Where'd you get that?" Casey pointed over to a small vendor shop selling the hotdogs, but of course those hotdogs were normal sized.

"You shouldn't interact with the people, you'll remove our shadow spell"

"I didn't buy it from him! The man selling was so cute I could have just eaten him up!" With that the beauty gave a cute wink and went back to eating her enlarged meal.

Emily looked back at the vendor stand and noticed that the shop keeper was in fact missing and it didn't take her too long to guess where he was. Transformation was another gifted spell that Casey had developed which Emily did not possess. She was able to turn people into Objects. Looking back at the hotdog in her friends hand an evil smile curled across her face as she once again patted her on the head and continued her observation of the Blonde.

A group of students had now gathered around the vendor shop trying to find where the shop keeper had gone. Some had taken it upon themselves to quickly steal a few meals while others waited patiently for his return. However, he would never return as he had now found himself being the unsuspecting meal of Casey who was making "Om Nom Nom" sounds with each bite.

The Blonde looked at her watch and immediately stopped the conversation she was having with her friends. She turned and left for the main building in a slight hurry, leaving the small group of girls behind. She wanted to continue watching the Blonde but also wanted to speak with her friends. Get to know them, see what they were like, maybe find out which of them would disappear first. Turning to Casey (Who was putting the last of the hotdog in her mouth) she asked her to speak with the group of girls.

"Disguise yourself and speak with them. I want to know what each of them are like and what their relation to The Blonde is. I'll continue stalking her while you have your chat, o.k?"

Putting her hands up in a salute, Casey said "Sure thing, Milly! Just make sure you don't go shrinking anyone. That's naughty, Hmm?"

And so the two witches separated to investigate their separate cases; Emily with The Blonde, and Casey with the group. Being a kind looking and caring individual Casey was able to befriend most people quite quickly which is why she was the best when getting information out of people. Walking up to the group she cast a quick disguise spell to make herself look different and stood behind a short red head.

"Ahem. Excuse me!" The group turned around at the sound of the soft voice of a girl dressed in what was obviously not a school uniform. However, she looked young enough to be in this school. Maybe she was a new student who didn't know the dress code. "Could you tell me who that girl was?"

The group consisted of five girls. The youngest was the short red head who wore pigtails and had a shy expression on her face. She looked unnerved standing so close to a stranger. There were two oriental twins who looked to be in the same year as The Blonde and stared at Casey with curious eyes. Another Blonde who was the meanest look of the group and was possibly annoyed that a stranger interrupted her. Either that or she just had a naturally negative look. And last was a dark skinned girl who was the tallest of the group by far. Not only did she look like she was a year higher than the rest but looked naturally tall for her age. Casey knew that Emily would love to meet her.

"Why do you want to know?" The blonde said. "If you want to know her go talk to her"

The two twins spoke one after the other.

"Hey, come on Angela-"

"She Just asked a question."

"You really need to learn to speak more nicely"


The twins spoke simultaneously.

"You'll never get a boyfriend" The girl laughed at their little teasing and turned to face Casey once again.

"But is there a reason you want to know? It is strange to just ask about someone randomly" The dark skinned girl asked.

"Oh, I'm just curious-"

"Well we're not a library. Like I said if you want to know who she is go and ask her yourself" Angela said, not even looking at Casey.

"Be quiet" Casey said, her finger pointing at angela's face and pushed up against her nose. The girl went silent. She then bent down and hugged the red head. "Couldn't you just pretty please tell me who she is.

"Um ... She's Marie Nite" The red head squeaked, completely taken aback by her sudden situation "She's just our friend"

"Hmm? Are you her only friends?"

"Well ...Uh, no. I guess everyone would be her friend. She's really popular."

The twins looked at Casey and once again spoke simultaneously

"You're kind of weird, aren't you?"

"Yeah, are you like-" said one.

"From another country, or something?" said the other. 

"Oh, I just think she's super cute" Casey said, squeezing the red head tightly "What's your name cutey?"

"Uh ... Sandra?"

"Can I keep her?" Casey asked the group

"Um, no" Said the dark skinned girl "Anyway, I think we should get to class. bye" The group moved away like a herd of sheep moving away from an annoying animal. 

However, it would appear that Angela was having trouble walking. Apparently her shoes, pants, shirt and even underwear were suddenly a few sizes too big for her and she was having difficulty moving at all. Skipping towards the main building, Casey laughed as the disguise spell faded away and her gut gave a small groan as it digested her past meal.


Emily was stalking the halls of the school, glided past teacher and student alike without anyone even noticing her presence. The only person who would be able to see her would the Blonde and that's only because the rules of the game dictate it. The rules are that when you choose a victim you cannot use magic on them until the game is over, which is why you use magic on everyone else around them in order to drive the victim crazy. Plus it added some excitement to the game as there was the constant threat of being discovered by your prey.

The Blonde had stopped walking and entered a small room at the end of the corridor. Casting a spell, Emily listened in to what was happening.

"-It's so sad that she's leaving. I wish she didn't have to move" That was definitely the Blonde.

"Well her dad got a promotion which automatically means his entire family has to change for him. That's the way it always is" another female voice. This one was lighter but upset.

"Does Sandra like chocolate or strawberry best?"

"Um, I think it's caramel, actually" Who is this Sandra?

There was some more useless chit chat about decorations. Emily was starting to get bored.

"What are you doing after school?"

"I'm going to stay back and work on my project. It's almost due. I haven't had much time to complete it with all my other duties, and plus it's really hard."

"You haven't finished either, huh? I'll stay back with you and finish mine as well. It'll get done faster if i have someone to keep me focused" What's this? The Blonde is going to stay back with another girl. This could be a good opportunity.

Suddenly everything went dark and a cheery voice yelled "Guess who!"

"My lovely Cat, can you not do that?" Emily removed Casey's hands from her eyes and looked at her. "What did you learn?"

"Well, her name's Marie, she's apparently super popular and everyone's her friend! I don't think there's anyone who's her close friend, or at least none that I could see. But I did find this adorable little girl I just want to keep for myself"

"You always want to keep people for yourself"

"But being a cute little red-head automatically makes Sandra desirable. How can you resist her adorable little body." Casey sounded very much like a pervert at the moment, holding her hands up as if she were squeezing and tickling the small girl. However, Emily ears twitched at something she had said.

"Sandra? She has a friend called Sandra?"

"Um, I'm pretty sure that's what her name was. Isn't it such a cute name for a cute little girl, Hmm?"

"Yes, very cute. However, I do believe that they're throwing her a going away party. So, I'm afraid that you cannot keep her"

"Aww, that's sad. But if they're holding her a party that would be perfect for some magical fun, right?"

"That was my thinking, yes. How fun will it be to send her away permanently at her going away party?"

The door to the small room opened and the light voiced girl and the Blonde exited the room. Emily diverted her eyes to the posters on the wall but could tell that the Blonde still noticed her. However she continued walking down the corridor with the girl towards class. 

End Notes:

Tis is shaping up to be kind of fun.

In a sticker situation by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

In the last chapter I made a mistake! Go figure =) The victim Blonde is not called Jasmine. She is called Marie! I forgot I had already given her a name but Have been corrected. Marie Nite is the victim- period! If I make any more inconsistent mistakes please don't be hesitent to yell them at my stupid face =)

Marie walked across the main building and up several flights of stares with her light voiced friend as they made their way to first period. Emily and Casey were in pursuit, trying to remain undetected from their victim as they learned more and more about her- namely the best people to target.

"So are we going to make the red-head disappear? But she was so cute and collectable" Casey whispered "How about we make her vanish but then I keep her?"

"As much as I love it when you get what you want, my lovely Cat, you know that's not how the game is played. The people must vanish by the Blondes own, unaware, hands"

"Hmm, I know, I know. She was just so adorable, with her shy look and squeaky voice"

"There will be others" The girls finally made it to the class room and peaked their heads in.

The entire room was filled with students getting comfortable in chairs as they pulled out books and pencil cases. The teacher had just arrived and was writing stuff on the White board in front of them.

"Whadaya wanna do, Milly-do?" Casey rhymed "She would clearly see us if we simply walked in there"

"That's true. However, I don't think they would notice if a student walked into the classroom and left a small listening device in there. Like, possibly, a thumb-tac or sticker?"

"Whoa, you serious? That's kind of risky" What Emily was suggesting was for Casey to transform her into an inanimate object and place her somewhere in the room. That way she could observe their victim without anyone noticing "Your magic would be really decreased and you can't transform yourself back. What if something goes wrong?"

"My dear, that "if" is what I live for. There is no point playing a game without any risk and there is no point living a life without an "If". Besides, if something were to happen to me , you'd be able to find me. I trust you with my life ... literally"

"Hmm, well, if your sure" Casey placed her hand on Emily's shoulder and closed her eyes.

Transforming something magically powerful like Emily was difficult, even when she was letting it happen, plus she didn't want to hurt her in any way. When she was finished the excited girl opened her eyes to find a small sticker of a cute cat stuck to the end of her finger.

"Aww, Milly. You're so cute. You should let me transform you more often." She looked back into the classroom and tried to find a good spot to place her. "Hmm, well you'd want to be able to face the class so I'm guessing the teacher's desk is the best spot for you."

She twirled her finger with Emily stuck to it and in an instant it disappeared, reappearing instantly on the front of the desk. Being so small it went completly unnoticed by the class, even though they wouldn't be able to see the magic even if they were looking directly at it. She stood up and considered what to do next.

"Hmm, I am kind of hungry. That Hot dog man wasn't the most filling thing in the world even though I did enlarge him. Ooh, I know, I could go an spy on my adorable little red-head."

And with that she went skipping down the corridor singing 'I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm for you red-head" as she left her friend alone in the class room. Of course there wasn't much risk to Emily in this transformed state as she was virtually indesctructible. Well, her soul was, and that's really all Casey needed to return her to normal. But that didn't mean she wasn't at any risk at all. If she were an apple and was eaten then she would become an inanimate part of that person forever with her soul being merged and completely dominated by the host.

Also she still had all her sensory organs intact otherwise she wouldn't be able to hear or see what was going on. This means being stepped on or eaten did come with the added disadvatage of feeling like you're being crushed by a building or dissolved in a pot of acid. However, this thrilled was what Emily thrived to achieve and wouldn't want it any other way. Magic might have made her better than humans but it also made life super boring and these rules she had was her way of making life more interesting.

The class itself was relatively boring as the teacher had the horrible gift of making the most fascinating subjects meaningless and tedious. So Emily took to instead watching the clas intently learning everything there was about them. The Blonde, of course, sat at the front of the class and was one of the few people who actually took notes consistently and aced as if the class wasn't the biggest waste of time. 

Sitting next to her was the soft voiced girl who was an unlikely candidate for being the Blondes best friend. Even though they did sometimes make quick talk back and forth to each other during the very slow parts of the class there was none of that friendship magic that best pals often had. It seemed like the two were just normal friends who hung out sometimes. However, this role did make the girl a perfect first victim and there was already a time scheduled for her disappearance. 

Oh, how will the Blonde react when her casual friend disappears one day and no-one cares about it? Only she will understand the full impact of her friend disappearing and everyone else will simply act as if it were normal. This is going to be so much fun

The class continued to be futilely boring when something unexpected and very much bad happened. The teacher, who was apparently not paying attention to what was on his desk knocked over a small cup of water. People in the class immediantely noticed this but the teacher didn't even regester something had happened and continued with the lesson. No one in the class cared that his desk was getting wet and considered it a kind of pay back for making their one hour period unbearable. However, this was a major problem for our sticker hero.

As the water continued to spread across the table it slowly dribbled down the sides and front, slowly approaching Emily who was unable to do anything more than mentally yell at it. Which she did profusely as the students watched in actual entertainment. Emily watched as the water ran n past her on the left then the righ and knew it was only a matter of time before the water hit her dead on.

Cat? Hello! Are you there? I kind of have a problem here. However the voice of her friend was nowhere to be found as the girl was too far away. Emily was no one her own as the water finally covered her sticker form. Yelling inside her mind as the water slowly drowned her she tried to hold onto the surface as the liquid removed her adhesive stickyness.

Crap. She was picked up in the water and she was dragged down the the table and landed on the floor, now clearly vulnerable to any feet. The teacher turned around and finally noticed his table suffering a minor flood as he went to quickly clean up the mess.

Cat, where are you? Just at that moment the bell went and the students got up to leave. Emily looked up in fright as thousands of tonnes of student trampled her tiny body over and over again until she was finally lifted up and attached to the bottom of a persons shoe. Each step felt like being crushed by a cinderblock and yet not actually dying and this happened over and over agian. She didn't even know who the person who picked her up was.

The owner of the old, training shoe was a young japanese student named Kimidori who trodded along down the corridor in the opposite direction to Emily's intended victim, Marie. Her only hope was that Casey would track her fast and be able to bring her back to her original form. This was a definite outcome as Casey was able to track her friend however if she took too long then they might lose precious observing time and might even miss their opportunity to make the soft voiced girl disappear.

Casey was just wrapping up her spying of Sandra as she watched her every move like she was looking at a kitty. Without Emily she wouldn't be able to shrink this red-head down to a collectable size but she was able to have some fun with her. This mostly included making her grow at random points until she was the adverage height of students one year above her. This made her fellow classmates very confused as they all had to look up to her suddenly when they were initially the ones looking down.

However, when she heard the bell ring she berated herself for not keeping track of the time and knew that she had to get back to her friend. Butwhen she got to the class the entire room was empty and the sticker was gone meaning she would have to try and track her. This was a very simple task when Emily was normal sized but now she was reduced to a mere sticker it was much harder and she was only able to get a basic direction as to where she was.

"Damn it, Damn it! Where could she be?" She knew she was in a short distance but that still meant she could be in any number of classes. This was going to be difficult.

End Notes:

Once again I'm sorry for the last mistake in the previous chapter. If there are any mistakes in this chapter that you have found please don't hesitate to tell me. =) Also, please let me know what you think of the story so far, it's always nice to hear how people think of my work.

China dolls. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

This chapter is all about saving Emily and punishing the wicked. Has some foot stuff and transformation. Along with some absorption.

Emily was patiently waiting for Casey to come and rescue her and just had to hold out for that long. However, it is rather difficult being patient when every second you are being slammed into the ground by a thousand tone statue. Of course she wasn't actually being crushed by a statue but instead a young highschool girl who had gotten Emily absent mindedly stuck to her foot and was completely unaware of it. Such the risks were when you're disguised as a sticker.

Casey was frantically running through the hallways trying to sense her friends powers, hoping she was going to in the right direction. She knew that Emily was being transported but just didn't know where or what location and so she had no choice but to run in random directions and hope the 'signal' got stronger. Which it gradually did.

Kimidori right now was just entering her next class, her little passenger now fully squashed in between the bumps of her shoe. Sitting down at her usual desk she crossed her legs, allowing transformed Emily a little respite from her continuous torture. However, now she faced a different problem; With all these kids in the room it would be difficult for Casey to located which of them had Emily trapped on their shoe. Further more she could sense something wrong with her transformed body.

As explain, the transformed soul is virtually indestructible however the body is not. It the body is destroyed by another object or being then that soul will be absorbed by that hosts body. Emily didn't know exactly what it was but there was something on the girls shoe that was eating away at her cheap plastic sticker being. Maybe the combination of the mud, heat and relentless beating that Emily had to endure was slowly destroying her Sticker form.

This wasn't good at all. If her body was consumed then where would her soul go? It wouldn't be absorbed by this stupid girl. Does that mean she'd be absorbed by her shoe? Or even worse, the mud on her shoe? Was she destined to live out the rest of her days as nothing more than a little girls old sneaker. Her, a powerful sorceress who could do things this child could only dream of was going to be completely dominated by her footwear!?

Emily continued her mental screaming as Casey continued her quest to find her friend. She knew she was getting closer but had no idea that there was suddenly a timer on this search and that if she didn't succeed soon then her best friend was going to vanish forever. Finally she came outside a classroom that had a very strong magical sense about it and she automatically knew that is was from Emily.

Walking into the classroom she looked around every student (Invisible to them of course thanks to the daze spell) and tried to think where Emily could be. She was on the side of the desk so she might have rubbed off onto someone's pants or skirt. This was the best place to start as Casey examined everyone's shorts skirts and pants for any trance of a little kitty cat sticker. However, no luck.

Emily quickly sensed an overwhelming force coming straight towards her destination and knew that it had to be Casey. Who else would possess such power in this school? However, once her friend entered the room the bitch student who was holding her captive decided to uncross and recross her legs so that now, instead of Emily swinging in the open air, her face was planted into the ground. Completely hidden from anyone's eyes trying to find a small and damaged sticker.

Casey was getting annoyed that her such was coming up with zero results. She could feel the presence in the room she just couldn't pinpoint where it was and she was starting to get really angry. If she didn't find her friend soon then she was going to turn everyone into small cakes and eat them one by one ...

Wait a second. That might actually work. If she was to transform everyone in the classroom into objects then the sticker would be so much easier to find. After all it takes special power to cast spells on a fellow witch and she wouldn't be trying to do that. Plus she'd get to have fun with all these lovely student- her favorite.

Casey giggled to her self as she imagined what she was going to do and really wanted to have fun with them. Walking to the back of the class she spun around and stared at all her little victims. What to do, what to do? The teacher was equally as boring as the previous one and would constantly just drone on about the same thing over and over as if it was her duty to bored the class. Maybe she thought the more you were bored the more you learned. Well, she was about to make the class a bit more interesting.

"- And that is how you calculate the Molar Mass of a molecule.-" The teacher was interrupted

"Bo~oring" Casey sang, suddenly appearing in the back of the class for everyone to see. Several students screamed in fright while others were simply startled. "Can't you say anything without being so boring? This is class not a torture session!"

"Where on earth did you come from, young lady" The teacher asked, putting down her book and readjusting her glasses.

"Oh, come one, young lady? Even with this face I still only look about 5 or so years younger than,Hmm? What are you, like 25 or something? Pretty young for a teacher, and a boring one at that"

"I asked you a questi-" The teacher fell silent immediately as if she had suddenly been struck dumb. Everyone looked at the mysterious woman who had her finger pointed at the teacher.

"I think we've heard enough from you! Now, I'm looking for a friend of mine but to do that I'm going to need your help, Hmm? Don't worry, you just have to sit there and..." Casey raised both her hands and slowly lowered them and within a second the entire class was gone, replaced in stead with china dolls. "Ooh, Sooo cute!" She squealed, picking up a young girl and twirling her in the air. "I think I might keep everyone of you. You can be my classroom collection!"

Casey continued to play with the helpless (But still very conscious) students as each of them got their turn being man handled and treated like toys- which, to her, they were. Finally she came to her senses and realized that she had a task to do and immediately started inspecting each and every doll. Having them this small and manageable made the whole ordeal super fast and she quickly noticed a dirty and battered kitty sticker attached to the foot of an asian figurine.

"Emily, I found you" She sang as she peeled of the disgusting plastic and raised it above her head. "Ew, you're really gross! What happened to you, Hmm?" She lowered the red sticker to her lips and blew onto it causing it to dissolve in pink mist before a fully formed and undamaged Emily presented herself once again. Brushing off her clean clothing she looked at her friend.

"Well, that was thoroughly unenjoyable, I must say. Who would have guessed that I'd get myself into this situation?"

"Sorry, Milly. it's my fault you were stuck to her like that. But the calling of the cute girl was just too great. her adorable, mushy face was jsut calling to me and I couldn't help but go see her"

Patting Casey on the head Emily said "Blaming you is far down on my list of things to do. My main concern to tracking down The Blonde before she escapes my grasp again. For someone who has no idea she's being hunted she's incredible when it comes to escaping."

"So are you going after her?"

"We are going after her. But first, my dear, I believe you have some cleaning up to do" Emily gestured to the tiny classroom of dolls before turning back to her friend "Did you really have to convert an entire classroom to your collection? Dazing the school into accepting their disappearance is simple but making sure that The Blonde doesn't find out is going to be near impossible"

"Oooh" Casey sang, tugging at Emily's ear "Someone sounds excited about the game. You love it when the odds are so high, Hmm?" Emily Cracked a smile at this

"Very much so, yes. But now, hurry. We must leave before she slips completely through our fingers" Even though it would have been impossible for The Blonde to actually escape the two witches, Emily Often enjoyed over dramatizing things. 

Casey walked over to a desk and placed her hand on it causing it to morph into a small wooden box with a cushion inside of it. Within the cushion were about twenty holes which were obviously meant to hold something. 

"There, how's this?"

"Splendid" Emily then raised her hands and the entire class (Except for the asian) began to shrink until they were no bigger than an inch tall each. Slowly, they floated through the air and fitted into the cushioned box until all but one space was taken. Casey looked up in curiosity.

"This one is mine" Emily stated, holding up the china doll of the oriental beauty. "Would you care to reverse it?"

Casey blinked her eyes and the doll instantly dissolved into mist in the same way Emily had. Within and second stood the full form of the young girl, Kimidori. being only 14 years old the girl looked much younger than her two captors and had a face of pure fear. She wasn't even able to scream as she simply stood frozen in horror at what had happened.

"You might not be aware of your crime, dear girl, but I can assure you it is quite serious. And for the severity you must be punished ten fold in order to cleanse your soul of your wicked deeds." There she went again with her drama. "I know you are sorry for what you did and I know it's unfair to punish a person who was unaware of their crimes but I'm afraid that life isn't fair. And because I was a prisoner of your shoes" She removed her jogger from her feet "It is only fitting that you be a prisoner to mine" 

This comment seemed to drag the poor girl out of her stature like pose. She looked down into the smelly shoe and back up into Emily's very serious face. Suddenly she ran away from the room screaming but didn't get very far before Casey raised her hand. The young girl screamed in agony as her body conformed to a foreign shape until she was nothing more than a tiny bottle of perfume.

Walking over and picking up the bottle Emily looked at Casey "Perfume? You transformed her into perfume?"

"Have you smelled you soes, Hmm? They wreak of something nasty so I decided to give you something to help. She should at least make one of your shoes smell better"

"Casey, you're always thinking of others, aren't you." Emily raised her shoe and unscrewed the tiny cap of the tiny bottle before sniffing the top.

It smelled of a sweet, rosey flower and actually reminded her of the young girl sweet and flowery beauty. And now she was destined to give that scent to her shoe. She tilted and poured the liquid onto the dark and stained sole of her shoe, watching as the perfume spread out and slowly became absorbed within the fibres. She was now mixing with the dirt and sweat that the shoe had absorbed before her. Once the bottle was empty it turned to mist and disappeared.

Emily put her shoe back on and enjoyed the feeling of another soul trapped between her socked foot and her black sole. This was the penalty for interfering with a witches work.

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