Better Wishes by lancealot501
Summary: Stacy uses her wish to have bigger breasts than her friends, but what happens when her friend Rachel made an even better wish? Can Stacy keep the title of the biggest chest or will Rachel out grow the competition?
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1. Chapter 1 by lancealot501

2. Chapter 2 by lancealot501

3. Chapter 3 by lancealot501

4. Chapter 4 by lancealot501

Chapter 1 by lancealot501
Author's Notes:
I'm currently on a three hour car ride with only a phone. So I decided to make a short 2-3 chapter story. Sorry about any grammar mistakes and nogrowth this chapter. I am doing this by phone. Let me know what you think.
"My god Rachel, it really did work!" Exclaimed Stacy.
Stacy was your average freshman standing at 5'8". She was really pretty with gorgeous long blonde hair, but stacy was as flat as a board. Rachel on the other hand was a stunning brunette with short hair. Rachel spotted a nice rack, easily a d cup. Formerly standing at 5'1", Rachel now stretched her 6'2" frame in front of her stunned roomate.
"Best 40 bucks I've ever spent." Said Rachel admiring her new height.
"So how does it work?" Asked Stacy.
"You get only one wish and the statue takes care of all the rest. My wardrobe has changed to fit me, along with everybody's memory, except yours of course. To everyone else I've always been tall." Explained Rachel.
"But do I get a wish?" Asked Stacy.
"Of couse, you paid for half. Just hold the statue in both hands and speak your wish out loud." Said rachel.
"What did you wish for?"
"To change the body to the way that I wanted." Smiled rachel.
Looking down at the statue, Stacy started to examine it. It was a statue of a king of some sort, standing at 8" tall. One of its eyes was glowing a dull blue while the other was completely black. Thinking of what she wanted, Stacy found her self looking at Rachel's chest. She was always fond of the big ones, and now she could have one of her own. Why not go bigger, Stacy was a boob addict after all. Grabbing the statue in both hands, stacy held it out in front of her.
"I wish to have perfect boobs bigger than all my friends And those that I want to show up." Said Stacy.
Bursting out in laughter, Rachel couldn't help but finding that her friend made such a bold wish. Stacy was turning slightly red and was starting to feel uncomfortable until a tingling feeling started up in her chest. Both girls looking down now, they admired as Stacy's chest streched out into a C cup and still growing. Finally resting at an DD, Stacy couldn't help but notice how perfect they seemed. They didn't sag in the least and seemed to defy gravity. Grabbing one of the mounds in her hands, Stacy was satisfied with its firmness and weight. It wasn't till another hand started feeling her other one that she remembered she wasn't alone.
"Nice and firm." Said Rachel with approval.
"Your just a little smaller than Jessi is now." Said Rachel.
"But I wished to be bigger than my friends." Pouted stacy.
"You will be when you meet up with her, but you'll have to wait 8 hours." Said Rachel.
"Why 8 hours and when I see her." Asked Stacy.
"The magic needs time to recharge with each use, and by the type of wish you made the person has to be close to you. Of course they won't notice the change." Said Rachel.
"But I gotta go to bed for my class in the morning. Don't stay up to late playing with your little assets." Said Rachel.
"They'll always be bigger than yours." Laughed Stacy still feeling her chest.
"Only for a moment every 8 hours." Said Rachel closing her door.
Stacy couldn't care less of what she ment by that, but she
End Notes:
now had what she always wanted.

Next chapter will involve growth and some friendly one side competition. I'll also post a link to the picture that inspired this story. Again be nice in the reviews because this was done in a car on my phone.
Chapter 2 by lancealot501
Author's Notes:

Pasting from a phone is a pain but you'll see that at the end. Hope you guys enjoy and remember to not be too harsh on the review because this was done by phone.

Monday morning came around, and Stacy couldn't wait to meet up with her friends. After spending well over an hour trying on all of her new outfits, Stacy decided on a dark blue spaghetti strap top. Easily emphasizing her expanded bust, Stacy gave her chest one last squeeze before she left her room. Walking out into the living room, Stacy wasn't surprised to find a note from Rachel. The note told her that their group was going to meet at lunchtime outside of the local diner. Quickly grabbing a granola bar for breakfast, Stacy ran out the door to get to her class on time.

Stacy had a blast her first class period. It was a chemistry lab in which they had to create a ferrofluid, but with her expanded bust and a little flirting with the lab assistant, Stacy completed the lab in no time. The best part of the lab was seeing Amber seeping with jealousy. Amber was a girl that Stacy hated because she would look down on other, smaller girls. Amber was a natural D, but because of last night she was now the second largest girl in the class. Amber stook at an even 5'4" with short blond hair. At one point, Stacy squeezed by Amber letting her breasts rest on Amber's smaller ones. After saying "excuse me tiny", Stacy would continue flirting throughout the class.

By the time lunch came around, Stacy couldn't wait to meet up with her friends. Especially Jessi who was a blessed E cup. Jessi stood at 5'8" with short black hair and glasses. Jessi was an innocent girl, but she.
wouldn't be the biggest anymore if Stacy had anything to say about it. Walking up to their usual table, Stacy beamed at her friends. Rachel, Jessi, and Ashley had already started when Stacy got there. Ashley was a tiny red head who could barley fill a bra.
"What's wrong Jessi?" Asked Ashley noticing Jessi's discomfort.
"Nothing, my bra's just a little tight is all." Said Jessi adjusting her shirt.
"Will your chest ever stop growing? You only just bought that thing two weeks ago." Said Ashley.
Feeling the tingling sensation start in her chest, Stacy admired them grow into an E cup right before her eyes. Grabbing one in her hand, Stacy felt it grow until it settled into a large F cup. With the most recent growth, Stacy's top now stretched nicely across her bust. The strapes on her top had thickened to support the new weight that it held.
"Look on the bright side, if she continues to grow like this then Jessi might be able to wear one of my bras one day." Said Stacy wrapping one arm around Jessi's shoulder.
Pressing her left breast into Jessi's right, it was easy to tell that Jessi's was in fact smaller than her friend. Enjoying the sensation of Jessi's small, in comparison, breast pushed against her, Stacy was content on her size for now. No one on campus that she knew of was bigger than her, but Stacy thought of visiting a strip club one night just so that she could truly dwarf her busty friend one day. It wasn't until she heard Rachel snicker that she broke out of her daydream.
"What's so funny Rachel?" Asked Stacy.
"Just the fact that your best feature isn't that impressive." Said Rachel leaning forward on the table.
Pressing her own breasts against Rachel's on the table, it was easy to tell that Rachel was by far outclassed.
"Don't know what your talking about Rachel, being an easy F cup is quite impressive." Said Ashley looking that the two.
"I've always thought that mine were big until I met Stacy." Said Jessi.
Feeling a vibration in her pocket, Stacy pulled out her cellphone as Rachel started talking. Reading it real quick, it was from Rachel and said "do you remember my wish ;)". Looking back at Rachel, Stacy pondered what this ment.
"Yeah they are big for someone her size." Said Rachel.
At this instant, Stacy felt Rachel's bust rub against hers. Looking down Stacy was shocked to see that Rachel's bust starting to catch up in size. But it finally dawned on Stacy as Rachel soon surpassed her that Rachel's breasts weren't growing, Rachel was.
"But when compared to someone as big as me, my natural D cup makes hers seem tiny in comparison." Said Rachel.
"As I was saying, being an F cup is impressive, but against a D cup of someone who is fifteen feet tall, they seem tiny in comparison." Said Ashley.
Feelings of arousal and jealousy was flowing through Stacy as she took in how big her roomates chest was. Thinking of nothing, Stacy had to think of something.
"At least I have the biggest cup size in the group." Said Stacy.

Suddenly Stacy wished she hadn't had said that. At that instant, Rachel's chest expanded further dwarfing Stacy. By the time it stopped, Stacy estimated that Rachel supported a perfect G cup. At Rachels size, Stacy couldn't hope to ever compete. The top of Stacy's breast wasn't even close to where Rachel's nipples were. The width of Stacys breasted was insignificant compared to the four feet of breasts laying in front of her.
Grabbing Stacys hands, Rachel pressed them into her chest.
"When you sport something that is close to this size, then you can brag tiny." Laughed Rachel.

Chapter 3 by lancealot501
Author's Notes:
I'll try to post a link to the picture that inspired this phone only made story. Please review and tell me what you think.
The sheer size of Rachel's bust was undeniable, but along with Stacy's small hands helped emphasize how small Stacy was. Having her fingers pressed into Rachel's massive chest slightly turned her on. Being brought out of her daze, Stacy didn't know what to think. Retracting her hands from Rachel's breasts, Stacy felt a hand rubbing her back. Looking to her right, Stacy found that the hand belonged to Ashley. Having moved beside Stacy to comfort her friend, Ashley continues rubbing Stacy's back.
"Well, you're still pretty big compared to most people. Rachel makes even the biggest girls seem tiny." Said Ashley.
"Maybe one day you can afford surgery to have breasts nearly time big, but until then I'll be the big queen on campus." Said Rachel as she sat back up to her full height.
Grabbing one massive breast in each hand, Rachel pressed them together showing off a valley of cleavage. Giving Stacy a wink, Rachel continued to adjust her top to show the largest amount of cleavage possible.
"We get that your big Rachel, but you can stop showing off to the little gals here." Said Jessi joining Ashley.
Looking up at Rachel, Stacy thought she saw an idea pop into her head. It was probably an idea that she didn't like.
"But it's not normal for a girl's breasts to be as tiny as Stacy's though." Pouted Rachel.
Stacy wondered what she meant when she felt a building pressure on both sides of her chest. Stacy's jaw dropped as she examined both Jessi and the formerly small Ashley grew

Right before her eyes. The pressure on her breasts was starting to become uncomfortable as both girls continued to grow. Using her hands, Stacy tried in vain to push the expanding busts away. Feeling her feet leave the ground, she knew that she had to be sitting on something. As the girl's finally stopped growing, Stacy was relieved as the huge girls made room for her much smaller bust. Stacy judged that all three girls at the table now sported a G cup, but at fifteen feet tall they were monstrous.
"It will be alright Stacy, maybe if we massage them they'll grow bigger." Said Rachel reaching out.
Stacy gasped as huge hands started to fondle her chest. Gentle rubbing Stacy's nipples in slow circles with her thumbs, Rachel enjoyed the small moans coming from her friend. Releasing her breasts, Rachel rested her head in her hands.
"It would take days in order to grow them to a good handful though." Signed Rachel.
With this the girls around the table bursted out into laughter. Stacy was steaming with jealousy as the three other girls' chest jiggled despite their monsterous size. After a while, both Ashley and Jessi left to continue on with their classes. After apologizing to Stacy about teasing her, Stacy was finally left alone with Rachel. Gently rubbing one massive breast, Rachel seemed content and Stacy couldn't stand it.
"What the hell Rachel!?" Asked Stacy.
"How the hell did you do all this?"
"It wasn't my fault that you didn't word your wish better." Said Rachel.

"Why would you do this? All I wanted was to be the big one in the group." Said Stacy.
"Don't worry, I'm just messing with you. I thoght it would be funny, and sexy, to have you become tiny compared to everyone else. You should have seen your face when you saw that even Ashley made you look tiny." Laughed Rachel.
"Then can you turn everybody back to normal now?" Asked Stacy hopefully.
"Not until tomorrow unfortunately, I can't shrink anything that I've made grow on the same day." Said Rachel apologetically.
Standing to her full height, Rachel lifted Stacy up and buried her face in her chest with a bear hug.
"I gotta go now, but I'll change it back to where you are the biggest in our group."
Saying goodbye to her friend, Stacy decided to skip class and weight for her roomate at her apartment. Stacy knew that she made the right choice as the world seemed to have also changed. She felt overwhelmed as she past groups of giant college girls all being well endowed. One sight that made Stacy hot was seeing one girl making out with her tiny boyfriend in the alleyway. Stacy could see that his pants were around his ankles, but from his knees to his chest was covered by the girl's breasts. It was even hotter that her breasts were the only thing pinning the boy against the wall. Pressing her breasts together in a slow rhythmic pattern, Stacy knew the boy was in heaven. If the girl's tounge wasn't invading his mouth, she thought that he would be moaning in ecstasy. Stacy
End Notes:
noticed the guy shutter as the girl stopped kissing him, leaving the lucky guy panting. Stacy quickly rushed to her apartment in order to satisfy her urges until Rachel returned.

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Chapter 4 by lancealot501
Author's Notes:
At last the final chapter of my phone only story. I know at least two people enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this latest chapter. This was the picture that inspired this story.
Stacy was drying off in the shower as she heard her roommate open the front door. It was strange having a fifteen foot roommate, with everything being three times the size you're used to. After drying off with an over sized hand towel, Stacy left the bathroom in order to find Rachel. Walking towards Rachel's room, Stacy found her laying on her bed watching tv. Wearing notice but a tiny bathing suit that barely contained her ample rack. Noticing her roommate at the door, Rachel motioned for her to come closer. Walking up to the side of the bed, Stacy wasn't surprised as a set of hands lifted her up and deposited her on Rachel's stomach. Straddling Rachel's stomach helped emphasized how big her bust was.

"Can you massage them for me? They need a delicate touch." Said Rachel.

Pushing her hands up against Rachel's breasts, Stacy enjoyed the feeling of her hands sinking into the warm flesh. Rubbing the expanse of flesh in large circles, Stacy was surprised as a pair of hands started massaging her own.

"Let's have a competition, if you can make me cum by playing with my breasts then I'll grow you to a G cup and return everything to normal. If you can't make me cum, then I'll still grow you to a G cup and return everything back to normal. You'll just have to wait till you wake up. Are you game?" Asked Rachel with a grin.

Thinking over her options, Stacy tripled her efforts trying to get ahead. Pulling the bikini off Rachel's chest, Stacy stuffed her nipple into her mouth as Rachel gave a small moan.

"Someone is trying to get a head start. For not waiting for me I'll make things a little easier for myself. How about tripling the sensitivity in that chest of yours."

Giving Stacy's chest a good squeeze, Rachel was happy to see Stacy arch here back. Pressing her thumbs into Stacy's nipples, Rachel started to play with them as her roommate fought to pry her thumbs away.

"Your hands are suppose to be playing with my breasts, so for not listening I'll triple the sensitivity again."

"MY GOD!!!" Screamed Stacy.

Rachel continued to play with Stacy as the little girl came onto her stomach. It was fun watching Stacy fight against the feeling of pleasure. Looking over at her clock, Rachel grinned as it was time. Like clockwork, the relatively small breasts in her hands started to expand. Lifting Stacy up, Rachel placed her on the bed, and placed the expanding nipple into her mouth. Rachel continued to suck as Stacy finished with her growth. Feeling Stacy shuttered from her last orgasm, Rachel let the girl have a break. Holding herself up on her elbows, she enjoyed the look of the little girl panting.

"See it didn't very long to grow them to a manageable size. They're even bigger than mine and I'm considered to be a heavy hitter." Laughed Rachel.

"You did cum on my stomach so I'll have to punish you. Let's triple the sensitivity yet again. I'm starting to feel jealous of you being so big, but I can fix that." Said Rachel.

Leaning over the girl, Rachel grew herself until she doubled in size. Being thirty feet tall made Stacy seem even taller. Doubling Stacy's sensitivity just for good measure, Rachel lowered her chest until they lightly rested on top of Stacy's. Hearing the tiny girl scream of yet another orgasm, Rachel couldn't help but smile.

"Your boobs may be huge, but for tonight they just can't compete with my girls." Laughed Rachel as each giggle sent Stacy into ecstasy.

The last thing Stacy remembered was Rachel saying that they still had a full night ahead.
End Notes:
Stacy woke up the next morning in her room. Sitting up quickly, she was overjoyed as her hands explored her shrunken bust. Giving her left breast a gentle squeeze, she was satisfied that the sensitivity was back to normal. Now a more manageable G cup, Stacy shuttered from the memories of last night. Deciding to check up on her roommate, Stacy grabbed a dark red tank top and pulled it across her assets. Being the biggest girl on campus today was going to be a blast. Giving her chest one last squeeze, Stacy made her way towards the door.
When Stacy tried to push the door open, the door nob wouldn't turn. Giving the door a few more shoves, Stacy gave up. Looking at the door, Stacy noticed a small yellow note from Rachel. Taking it off the door, Stacy started to read it.
"Hey, there was a problem with the door so try the balcony. ;)"
After reading the note, Stacy heard a giggle coming from out side. Readjusting her top to make her bust looker bigger, Stacy was going to get to the bottom of this. Walking out to her balcony door, Stacy was beyond shocked.
"Happy Birthday Stacy!" Yelled Rachel, Jessi, and Ashley in unison.
Stacy didn't know what to think. Each of her friends around her balcony easily supported an H cup, but this was only part of Stacy's shock. Even with their breasts resting on the ground, the tops of them reached at least thirty feet above Stacy who stood on the second floor. Staring farther up, Stacy was having an extremely hard time comprehending the sheer size of her friends. As the tingling sensation started in her breasts as the magic began to work. Rachel gave Stacy a wink as she stared at Stacy's expanding rack. As her breasts soon surpassed an L cup Stacy did the only thing she could.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short story. Truthfully I was unsure about writing this as it is the farthest I've went into the sexual side of writing. It was also unique trying to write this on phone at 1500 characters at a time. Please leave a review so I should know if you guys want me to try this when I travel again..
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