Shrinkuccino by Benton

I am asked to sample a new espresso called "Shrinkuccino" at work, which is measured to shrink me down to half my normal height for four hours. How will I manage myself at that height, especially with so many curious girls around, both customers and co-workers?

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, as well as my overactive imagination, a second and third chapter have been written!

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Story Notes:

NOTE: The coffee shop in which this story takes place is purely fictional and any resemblence it might have to any major national chain is completely, utterly coincidental. 

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Shrinkuccino by Benton
Author's Notes:

This was intended to be a one-shot, though I have ideas for how this story could be extended. Tell me what you think!



“Well, looks like it’s your day to shine.” Jackie said, smiling at me with a little twinkle in her eye.

I looked down at the little package of special espresso that arrived in the morning delivery. The package was wildly colored with pink swirls liberally placed on top of a red background, the word “Shrinkuccino” in big, popping yellow letters.

“So, um, it actually came, did it?” I asked lamely. The answer was of course yes, but a large part of me wanted to believe I was imagining things.

“You’re not going to go back on me, are you?” Jackie asked.

“No,” I said, turning red. “I’m, uh, just kind of surprised it finally arrived.” The sample packs of Shrinkuccino had been promised for almost two months, and I had started to doubt they would ever arrive, yet here they were in front of me.

“You know you’re the only one who can do it.” Jackie said. “I can’t do it because I have to run shift, and I need Melissa working the bar. And well, you know I can’t really have a girl do it anyway because it would make her petty vulnerable to, well, untoward actions.”

It would make a male just as vulnerable I thought, but the words failed to come out.

“It’s really safe.” Jackie said. “We’ll press the exact amount we need to make you half your height. You’ll sit by the door, people will look at you and you’ll tell them what you drank, and after four hours you’ll grow back to your normal height.”

“Sounds…simple enough.” I said. Realistically, there was no reason it wouldn’t be safe. I’d be in the store and in an easily visible location at all times.

“Right.” Jackie said, reaching into the box. “Obviously your clothes won’t shrink with you, so they sent some things to wear when you’re small.”

Jackie pulled out a tiny pair of kakis, an itty bitty polo shirt, a tiny pair of shoes, and a by-god mini apron that was about the size of a bib. The clothes looked impossibly small, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the notion that I would soon be small enough to fit in them.

“You can change in the bathroom after you start to drink.” Jackie said. “I have a bag for you to put your normal clothes into for when you regrow. Don’t forget to take off these clothes immediately when you start to feel yourself regrow—we don’t want to rip these.”

“Of course not,” I said with a little laugh holding the tiny clothes in my hand. Somehow seeing the tiny clothes drove the reality further home for me.

“Well, let’s get out and brew the coffee.” Jackie said. I followed her out into the bar area. Melissa was standing in front of the espresso machine making a drink. She looked over and gasped when she saw the tiny clothes in my hand.

“Oh my god!” Melissa said. “You’re going to do it, aren’t you?”

“Looks that way,” I said, feeling almost a little dizzy with nerves. I looked between the two girls—they were downright excited about this. Melissa was tall and thin while Jackie was a bit shorter and a tad stalkier, though not fat. Indeed, it just made Jackie a bit curvy, which was more noticeable when she wasn’t wearing her work apron.

“So let’s open this up and measure it out.” Jackie said, opening the bag. “Ooh, this smells good, come and smell it!”

Melissa stepped forward and smelled it as well, smiling her approval. I smelled it as well—it was an alluring, minty smell.

“This retails for a hundred and twenty bucks,” Jackie said. “It’s a lot, but then again it’s quite a special product.”

I watched as Jackie scooped some beans from the Shrinkuccino bag into the grinder. As she flicked the switch to grind the beans I wondered how the hell they coaxed beans into making chemicals that shrunk a person. Once the beans were ground she brought out the French press and started to make the drink.

“Remember the proper way to sample drinks,” Jackie said. “You’ll have to tell people what it tastes like when they ask.”

It seemed surreal that Jackie was talking about the Shrinkuccino as if it were just any ordinary drink I was sampling. She was teasing me I was sure and really enjoying it.

Before I knew it Jackie was handing me the cup with the brewed Shrinkuccino in it. It was barely as much coffee as a couple espresso shots. The minty smell that came off of it was very alluring, and the brown liquid did not visually betray its secret powers.

“Cup your hand over the cup and smell it.” Jackie said. I did asks she asked. “That’s right. Now slurp it, analyze where it falls on your tongue.”

Knowing I couldn’t back out I slurped it. Nothing seemed to happen except that I was hit with a taste that was both minty and a bit spicy. I didn’t know what to expect—that I would immediately shrink as the liquid hit my taste buds—but I was so nervous I didn’t know what to expect.

“Well, what do you think?” Jackie asked. I tried my best to quell my nerves and talk normally as I described the flavors. Jackie and Melissa were both listening intently showing far more attention than they would at a normal coffee tasting. They kept nodding and motioning me to keep drinking.

“Get it down quick.” Jackie said. “It works best when it’s taken quickly.”

I continued to sip the hot coffee. It wasn’t a hard beverage to drink—if it wasn’t what it was, I’d be sure to order if from time to time—but I couldn’t seem to drink it fast enough to please Jackie. Finally, thinking screw it, I declared bottoms up and drained the rest of the shot.

“That’s a…that’s a smooth finish,” I managed to say as the girls continued to look at me. They glanced at each other briefly before continuing to stare at me in anticipation. The excitement between the two was palpable, almost as much as the nerves that I was sure I emanated.

“Do you feel any different?” Jackie asked.

“I don’t think…wait!” I said. There wasn’t really a sensation, but I could feel things starting to shift. It was very subtle, but I thought I could feel my clothes hang a little looser and…

“He’s shrinking!” Melissa exclaimed. It was true—whereas I had been just a couple of inches taller than Melissa a moment ago, I was now slightly shorter than her. It seemed that in a moment I’d be shorter than Jackie as well.

“Come on!” Jackie said, grabbing my arm and almost running to pull me towards the bathroom. I stumbled a bit as I tried to walk in my few-sizes-too-big shoes. When we got up to the bathroom I found that I was already eye to eye with Jackie and the world was visibly shrinking around me.

“Get in there and change!” Jackie said, almost giggling with excitement. “Oh my god, I can see you shrink, go on!”

She opened the door to the bathroom for me. With one last look at the girl who was now a couple inches taller than me I stepped into the bathroom holding the tiny clothes and closed the door.

My rate of shrinking was accelerating. I felt I had to get out of my clothes before I got lost inside them. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside. I didn’t even need to unbutton or unzip my pants as I could easily pull them away. Likewise I could easily step out of my still-tied shoes and my socks were rapidly becoming cloth bags around my feet. I removed everything as I continue to shrink, feeling a bit chilly and vulnerable as my surroundings expanded.

The sink was over my head now and the toilet bowl was growing to be waste high. My new tiny clothes were rapidly looking less and less tiny as my normal ones started to take on inhumanly large proportions. I felt the shrinking process start to slow and after another moment of waiting I finally felt as though the world around me stabilized and I was now the size I was going to stay.

The strangest thing was how normal I felt. I thought shrinking would feel strange, disorienting, or even a little tingly. However, I felt if anything more awake and aware of my senses, although that could have just been the caffeine of the drink.

I contemplated the clothes next to me and held up the pair of kakis. They looked absolutely normal to me now—I remembered how tiny they appeared to me minutes ago and in turn I felt tiny myself. There was no underwear so I would be going commando, though the kakis seemed to have built in support. I wondered if there were half-sized clothes for females too in that box—I hadn’t looked.

I put on the pants, the polo shirt, and the shoes. They fit almost eerily well and they looked and felt natural and normal. I finally put on the apron and tied it just as I would a normal-sized apron. I was still an employee after all, just a very tiny one.

I began to put my full-sized clothes into the bag Jackie gave me, and it turned out to be quite an unwieldy task. My pants had become thick and heavy, and my shirt was almost the size of a bedsheet. My shoes had become ungodly large and surprisingly weighty. In the end the bag felt like it was stuffed with heavy winter clothing rather than simple, light work clothes.

There was a knock on the door and I heard Jackie’s voice: “Are you all right in there?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m just about to come out.”

“Okay,” Jackie said, and I swore I could hear her giggle. I was really nervous to go out there. I couldn’t imagine how big everyone had become and I was afraid of the attention of so many giants. Still, I couldn’t stay in here forever. I put my hand on the long chilly door handle—which was now above my head, and pulled the door open.

I found myself waste-high to Jackie who let out a gasp. Speeking in an uncharictaristicly high voice, she squealed: “Oh my god, you’re so adorable!”

There was just so much Jackie now and she was so excited that I couldn’t move. I didn’t doubt that either of her legs was now the size of my entire body.

“You are so cute!” Jackie cooned as she knelt down to be face level with me. Her face was so large that I thought I might be lost just looking at it. “How do you feel?”

For a moment any words I could think of saying were stuck in my throat. Finally, I croaked—“Nervous?”

Jackie laughed. “It’s okay, no one’s going to hurt you.” She said. “Here, hold your hand up.” I held my hand up in front of me, feeling very small indeed. Jackie put her hand against mine. It was mind-blowlingly huge and made me feel smaller than a child—the tips of my fingers didn’t even come to the end of Jackie’s palm.

“You have no idea how cute you are right now.” Jackie said. “How tall are you? Normally, I mean.”

“Five foot…five foot ten?” I said.

“That’s seventy inches.” Jackie said. “I have a ruler in back, we’ll measure you. Here, let me grab your stuff.”

Jackie moved past me into the bathroom with a speed surprising for someone so gigantic and picked up my bulky bag of clothes and shoes all in one hand with such an ease that it should be criminal.

“Come on!” Jackie said holding out a massive hand to me. Tentatively I reached forward. She took my entire hand in hers and pulled me effortlessly along.

A few people sitting in the cafe gawked at me as Jackie pulled me by. Even sitting down their heads were still far above mine. They probably couldn’t believe that someone that small really existed, but I obviously wasn’t a child or a midget—my little head, arms, and legs easily proved that.

Melissa shrieked outright when she saw me. She gawked down on me and for a terrifying moment I imagined her pouncing on me. “Oh my god!” She said, her hands up to her mouth. “Oh my god, look at him!”

“Stay with Melissa for a moment.” Jackie commanded, letting me go and bringing my stuff into the back room. Melissa stared down at me, jumpy in her giddiness. I found the idea of someone so large being so jumpy frightening in my state. Her left leg twitched a little, and I was reminded once again of how it was likely larger than my whole body.

Jackie returned from the back room with a yardstick in hand. “Stand against the wall,” Jackie commanded, and I did as she asked. Melissa watched intently as Jackie placed the yardstick next to me. She put her gigantic hand over my head and held it to the yardstick.

“Thirty five inches on the nose.” Jackie said. “Damn, that stuff’s precise!” Jackie took the yardstick away. So I was an inch shy of three feet tall. I didn’t even hit the measure of a whole yard.

“Well, no sense hiding you back here.” Jackie said. “And Melissa, you have drinks to make.”

“Oh, right,” Melissa said, jumping  as if Jackie had shocked her. There were a couple people standing on the other side of the bar, but with a jump I realized they were also looking at me. At least they wouldn’t be likely to be angry with Melissa for taking so long to make the drinks.

“Come on out to the floor,” Jackie said. Once again she took my tiny hand and lead me out from behind the bar and into the café.

“Oh my god, what is that?” A professional 40-ish woman at a table asked, staring right at me, “Is that a person?”

“Yes it is, and he sampled our new Shrinkuccino beverage!” Jackie said, delightedly pulling me over to their table.

“Wow,” Said the woman, reaching her hand out. I was too scared to do anything and Jackie didn’t stop the woman from touching my face with her fingertips. I was a bit embarrassed about the complete lack of respect for personal space, but then again she probably had a hard time believing I was actually a human being.

“Yes, it’s our newest espresso roast,” Jackie said. She looked down at me: “Tell them how it tasted!”

I timidly described the minty, spicy yet smooth taste of the Shrinkuccino as the woman gasped to the sounds of the words coming from my tiny mouth. She was looking at me with an expression someone might look at a puppy or a young child and I was seriously creeped out. I was lucky Jackie was there with me: otherwise, I feared this woman might try to kidnap me.

Finally, with difficulty, Jackie managed to steer me away and bring me to another table. We made rounds of the whole café. Everybody we came up to had a reaction to me in some way. Many more people said how adorable I was and I was touched a few more times. A couple people seemed scared to look at me or talk to me, but they were in the minority. Two people had a discussion as to whether I was even possible or a trick of some kind. It was very odd to stand there and hear that, and it almost made me momentarily doubt whether I was actually real. A family with a couple of eight year old kids was also fascinated by me, the children asking their parents if I was a real person. Thankfully the kids didn’t ask if they could take me home, and I was grateful they didn’t try to touch me.

Soon we had finished making the rounds. Everyone’s eyes followed me as I went around to every table with Jackie telling them about the shrinkuccino. Jackie seemed to be enjoying all the attention I was getting, whereas I was just nervous about it.

“Well, everyone here has seen you,” Jackie said. “Now I’m going to put you by the door so you can introduce yourself to anyone who walks in!”

Jackie walked me to the front of the store. She looked around, considering the various places I could stand or sit and greet people. She took a small table that was not being used and pulled it a few feet over with a loud scraping noise until it was a couple feet from the door.

“That’s perfect, you can talk to people without them blocking the door!” Jackie said. The table was just higher than I was tall, and I was just considering if I would be able to hoist myself up when Jackie said, “Here, I’ll help you up.”

Jackie bent down and seized me under the armpits and with casual strength she lifted me up. “Oh my god, I can’t believe how light you are!” Jackie said as she placed me on the edge of the table. I was high above the ground but my head was still lower than Jackie’s as she let go of me. It was the smallest I had felt yet.

“I’ve got to go help Melissa, but we’ll keep our eyes on you.” Jackie said. “Just talk to people who come through the door. They’re sure to spot you right way. All right?”

I felt nervous about the prospect of Jackie leaving my side but I knew she had a job to do. “Yeah,” I said, trying to sound braver than I felt. “It’s fine.”

Jackie smiled and patted my head as lightly as she could with her gigantic hand. The spot where she touched tingled for a moment as she walked away. Now, for the first time since I had shrunk, I was on my own. I felt extremely vulnerable, but told myself that nothing was going to happen.

More people came into the store. Predictibly, they exclaimed when their eyes fell on me. I had to tell them that yes, I was real, and yes, I was really a full-grown man and I had just been sampling our new drink Shrinkaccino. Some only talked to me for a few moments before walking off (but still looking back at me if they did so), but some stayed for several minutes talking to me. A bit of the nervousness started to wear off as the exposition became something of a routine with each new person.

An interesting moment occurred when a young woman in her early 20s came in with her boyfriend. Like the others she squealed when she saw me and asked me the standard questions that everyone asked. However, she showed quite the keen interest in me. She leaned in very close to me and got closer and closer as we talked. I was leaning well back now and her face couldn’t have been six inches from mine. She was not breaking eye contact with me and I could see her hands coming closer, as if she was fighting an internal battle to keep herself from grabbing me. Her shirt was bowed outwards slightly and I could see the top curves of her cleavage, but I dared not look down there with her eyes so fixed upon mine. Her boyfriend’s interest in me had dropped off almost immediately and he was now looking distinctly uncomfortable. I could smell the girl’s perfume and even the heat of her breath as she talked. I felt that she wanted nothing more than to snatch me up and take me. I felt powerless and nervous, but somehow I also felt a rapid excitement despite myself. Just when I thought the girl couldn’t last another moment without grabbing me her boyfriend finally coaxed her into walking away and ordering their drink.

I breathed in a sigh of relief as they walked away. I looked over to the couple as they ordered their drinks, the boyfriend trying to get the girl’s affection back by putting his arm around her shoulder and rubbing it. Thankfully she wasn’t looking back at me. I looked over to Melissa, who seemed on the verge of breaking down in giggles.

“All right there?” She asked. I nodded, trying to hide my fear. I’m sure it looked absolutely hilarious to her from over at the bar, but I was certain she wouldn’t have thought so had she been in my place. It was quite terrifying to have this girl—who was somewhere between six to eight times my body mass—stare me down with such a greedy—and dare I say lustful—expression, and to know there was absolutely nothing you could do if she decided to act. I didn’t doubt that if her boyfriend wasn’t there to stop her she would have touched me at the very least.

Fortunately none of the next few people were so scary and I was able to relax a bit talking to ordinary customers, and I was able to forget for moments at a time that I was a three-foot, twenty-two pound tiny man in a little toy uniform with a toy apron.

The girl that had been so keen on me left with her boyfriend; he mercifully led her to the door as far away from me as they could go. Still, she looked back at me and said a little “Goodbye” with a small wave of the hand. The expression in her eyes put a pang of terror into me, but she was gone and I was able to relax once again.

Things slowed down a little bit and I relaxed on the tabletop looking around at the giant café. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed and I was a little too nervous to ask for fear that it was far shorter than I felt it was. Four hours of this really did feel like such a long time.

Jackie came by during a check of the café to ask how I was doing. I was relieved enough to see her that I almost wanted to hug her. I felt safe around Jackie even in this size, and I wished I could stick closer to her rather than be stuck out here all on my own.

A few minutes later a group of about six teenage girls from the local high school showed up. Predictably they squealed when they saw me, and within seconds they had formed a circle around me. I felt like their bodies had joined to make a small room as they looked down on me, chatting and asking questions that at least seemed innocently curious. There were a lot of “awe”s coming from the group as they chatted with me, especially when I became visibly nervous and flustered.

I felt my foot hit something lightly under the table. I had been swinging my foot slightly in my nervousness and now it had touched something. Rather, something had touched it. One of the girls had her hand on my foot and I was too terrified to move it for fear that she might grab me. I sat there and continued to talk as if nothing was happening as the girl’s hand remained on my foot. She probably didn’t mean anything by it, I thought, she was probably just curious. At least that’s what I told myself. I surreptitiously looked around to see who it was that was holding my foot. It was a tall, black-haired girl who must have been a senior. She was one of the quietest of the group, only having uttered a couple “awe”s and very few words. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled at me. It wasn’t a scary smile as the girl from before had had, but it was a knowing, almost flirtatious smile.

“Can I get some drinks started for you ladies?” I heard Jackie’s voice from the bar. This broke up the circle a bit as the girls started gravitating towards the bar to make their drink orders. The girl who had my foot finally let it go just as gently as she had held it, and it swung freely for a moment. I watched the girls as they ordered for a moment. I reflected on the fact that something as small and harmless as a thin, dainty teenage girl was now a towering, powerful force that I was helpless against.

Their drinks took a few minutes to make and in that time no one else came in. They eventually gathered their drinks and walked to an area to sit, thankfully not looking at me. When Jackie and Melissa reached a lull in their work Jackie came out to me again, an odd little excitement tinkling within me.

“I couldn’t see you through those girls, it was making me uncomfortable.” Jackie said.

“Thanks for that,” I said. Jackie smiled.

“Hey, I know you’re probably tired of sitting there.” Jackie said. “It’s been over an hour.” (So it had been a while, thank god!) “I thought it might be fun to get you up and walking around a bit.”

“Oh,” I said, feeling a little nervous once again. “Okay.” I wondered what kind of task Jackie would be setting me to do.

“You know we have that new pasty, the toffee nut bar,” Jackie said. “I thought you’d like going around offering samples. You’re definitely going to get lots of attention cute as you are.”

“A-alright.” I said.

“Let me help you down.” Jackie said. This time I lifted my arms out to make it easier. Jackie giggled and said: “You’re so adorable, you know that?”

Once again Jackie lifted me and helped me down with a strength that was astounding. I stood waste level and looked up at Jackie towering over me. I couldn’t quite explain it, but there was something that took my breath away looking up at her from this viewpoint.

“Come on.” Said Jackie and she lead me back behind the bar, Melissa smiling as I passed by. Jackie took a couple of toffee nut bars and cut them up into small pieces and put them on a plate. It was a fairly small plate by normal standards, but to me it was the size of a large platter.

“Try one,” Said Jackie, lowering the plate down to me. I took a piece of the toffee nut bar and took a bite out of it. Jackie giggled.

“You’re even adorable when you eat,” Said Jackie. She turned to Melissa. “Look at this. He’s so small that even these tiny samples take more than one bite.”

Melissa turned to watch me eat still holding half of the treat in my hand. Embarrassed, I wanted to show that I wasn’t to miniscule that I couldn’t finish the rest in one bite and shoved the rest into my mouth. Jackie and Melissa both broke out laughing as I chewed furiously.

“You’re a hoot, you know that?” Jackie asked. “Here, you got some on you.” To my surprise she took a paper towel and came at my face with it. I stood perfectly still as she wiped the piece of cake off my face, a strange tingling feeling once again remaining where she had touched me.

“Okay, get to it!” Jackie said, handing me the plate. The ceramic plate felt very heavy to my tiny little hands and arms, but at least I wouldn’t have to hold it long. I brushed past Melissa as I made my way out to the floor to tempt people with candy.

“Toffee nut bar?” I asked the first table I came to. The people sitting there—who had obviously seen me on the way in—were delighted that the tiny man was talking to them again. Standing just shy of table height I could see people’s hands fidget excitedly in their laps, their me-sized legs kicking gently. It was the kinds of things most people wouldn’t see, but with my size and my vulnerability I noticed everything.

As I made my rounds to the tables I became aware that the group of six teenage girls who had chosen seats in the corner were staring at me as I made my progress around the café. Their conversation—which had carried on loudly before I was in the area—was now conducted in excited whisper. I was aware of a few of them taking pictures of me with their phones. I tried to ignore them the best I could but it grew increasingly difficult.

I noted to my dismay that my route around the café would take me right up to their table. I prolonged my chats with the other guests as long as I could, and they seemed flattered that the little man would want to take so much time to talk to them. However, I knew I couldn’t just avoid the girl’s table and after I had pulled away from the table next to theirs I walked up to them, swallowed my fear, and said “Toffee nut bar?”

The girls all giggled looking down at me. One of them did reach for a sample not taking her eyes off me as she did so.

“So do you like being small?” A brunette asked. It was the kind of question I had been asked all night and indeed even these girls had asked it a couple times, but I felt I had to humor them.

“I guess it’s not so bad,” I said timidly. I was very aware of the forest of legs under the table. They all had long, slender female legs and several of them had open-toed shoes. It was all I could do not to stare.

“Do you want to sit with us for a little bit?” One of the girls asked. The other girls looked at me keenly. It seemed very hard to say no to so many giantesses.

“Well, um…” I stammered, not knowing what to say.

“You could sit up on the table like you were before,” Another of the girls said. Under their eager stared I found myself giving them a small nod. There were “ooh”s and giggles all around.

“Here, let me help you up.” Said one of the girls bending down towards me. As with Jackie, there was a thrill of terror and excitement as the girls hands came for me and, like with Jackie, the girl surprised me with her strength as she lifted me up onto the table.

“I can’t believe how tiny you are!” Said the girl who had lifted me. Similar words wrung out from all sides. Soon I found that several of the girls were trying to talk to me at once. Scarily amplified teenage girl voices surrounded me and I found myself unable to hone in on any one in particular. I also realized, with a pang of dread, that the area that the girls had chosen to sit was out of view of Jackie, Melissa, and the bar.

“Can I hold you?” One of the girls voices rang out above the others. I turned to look at her—she was looking down at me with an excited grin.

“Hey, I want to hold him.” Said a girl on the other side of the table. I turned to see her making a pouty face.

“How about me?” Asked another girl. Soon there was bickering over who was going to hold me. A few well-manicured hands started to appear on the table worryingly close to me. I felt as if I were in a feeding frenzy.

“Hold on,” asked a short blonde at one end of the table. “Has anyone thought to ask the man if he wants to be held?”

I felt a rush of gratitude for the girl. Instantly everyone was quiet and looking at me. However, I found myself unable to say anything. I couldn’t tell them not to hold me, partially because I was too nervous, but also because I wasn’t entirely sure that was the answer I wanted to give.

“Well, do you mind?” Asked the brunette that had picked me up. She had such a tinkle in her eye that my expression softened and could feel any objection die in my throat.

“See, he doesn’t mind.” Said the other brunette in the middle of the table. I felt her fingers on my shoulder coaxing me to slide backwards towards her. I felt I had no choice but to oblige and I found myself half scooting, half being pulled towards the brunette.

“Why do you get to go first?” Asked another girl. I felt the brunette’s hand clamp onto my shoulder tightly, territorially. This assertiveness sent a thrill through me despite my fear. I felt another girl’s hand close around my lower right leg, but the brunette had already pulled me into her lap.

The feeling of the girl’s body behind me was a powerful feeling. It was at the same time soft, yielding, but also incredibly strong, imposing. I felt that I had been claimed and taken by this girl and I could do nothing but look around at the other girls who were all staring at me while they quarreled with one another.

The brunette whose lap I had been sitting on decided to be a little more charitable to her friends. She pushed me forward until I was sitting more on her right leg—thick as a log—so that all the girls could see me better. Many of the girls reached over and began to touch me. I felt a hand around my arm, another around my lower leg again, and another on my shoulder. The girls had stopped bickering and were now giggling and chatting again. Their overwhelming interest in me was pretty scary.

“He’s like our mascot!” Said one of the girls.

“Yeah, can we keep you?” Another asked. There were giggles across the table.

“Don’t be silly,” Said the blonde. “The Shrinkuccino’s temporary; it’s bound to wear off at some point, right?”

The girls all looked at me curiously. “I…I hope so!” I managed to squeak with a nervous grin. The girls laughed, their amplified giggles piercing me.

“Aww, I wanted to keep you.” The other brunette said, a pouty face returning to her face.

“Imagine if we could get boys at the school to drink Shrinkuccino,” Said another girl.

“Ew, most of those boys are creeps!” Said the blonde.

“That’s why it’d be better off if they were small!” Said the girl. At that moment I felt something large touch my leg. It was the tip of a girl’s shoe, I knew it. I looked forward and my eyes met those of the dark-haired girl that had been holding my foot earlier. She was once again smiling, and I was sure I could see mischief behind those eyes.

“But then they’d be able to look up our skirts,” Said the blonde.

“Good point.” The girl responded. The dark haired girl’s foot was now running slowly up and down my leg. The voices of the other girls slid out of focus for me as she stared me down. Her intentions were very clear and I was petrified. She was very young—if she was 18, she was just barely—but I was nothing compared to her. She wouldn’t get a chance to get me here—would she? Would her friends be able to reign her in? Or would she manage to separate herself and pull me away too?

“What’s going on here?” An irritated, slightly older female voice broke across those of the chatting teenage girls. To my great relief but also my great embarrassment, Jackie was now standing over the table looking sternly down.

“We were just talking,” The one brunette insisted.

“Can I have my employee back, please?” Jackie asked. “He has work to do.”

“Aw, just a little longer?” Another girl whined. Jackie reached forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me with astounding strength off the brunette’s lap and onto the ground where I landed on my feet. Jackie had my hand in such a tight grip that I knew I couldn’t break free if I wanted.

“Bye,” The girls called after me sadly as Jackie led me roughly away. The size difference and the strength which with she lead me made me feel like a disobedient child. Jackie steered me behind the bar and then turned to look at me.

“What were you thinking there?” Jackie asked crossly. “They’re teenagers!”

“I—they told me to sit with them.” I answered sheepishly.

“You could have said no.” Jackie said. “You have to be a man, after all.”

I thought about retorting but the look I got from the stern giantess would have sent a much stronger man into submission. I just nodded, guilty look fixed upon my face. Perhaps it was this pathetic gesture from a tiny man that made Jackie’s cross mood melt.

“Aww, it’s okay,” She said. “Here, you can sit on top of the bar. That way you can chat with customers while they wait for their drinks. I just don’t want you wandering the store on your own—there’s naughty girls about.”

Once again I felt Jackie’s strong hands come under my armpits and lift me up. She placed me down on a sitting position on the counter where the drinks were given out. She smiled at me an then—probably because she just couldn’t help it—she rustled my hair a bit.

“Melissa and I will be right here.” Jackie said. “Don’t you worry about anything.”

Jackie smiled as she returned to work. I sat on the edge of the counter looking out at the customers, many who kept glancing over at me. I heard the screeching sound of steaming milk from behind me and turned to see Melissa making a drink for a customer. We made eye contact and she smiled.

“Hey, do you want a cake pop?” Melissa asked.

“A cake pop?” I asked.

“Yeah, you can sit there and eat it, it’ll be so cute. Hold on.” Melissa said. After she was done making her current drink she stepped off for a moment and returned with a cake pop. Usually a shpere the size of a large lollipop the cake pop was now slightly larger than my fist. I took the stick from Melissa and took a bite out of the side.

Melissa giggled. “Just take little bites like that, it adds to the cuteness.” I looked at the cake pop and shrugged. Well, being cute was apparently something I had become very good at since I shrunk.

A few more people came in and marveled at me. Soon Melissa had me start calling out drinks since I was sitting right there anyway. Most people found it very special to have their drinks served to them by a three-foot-tall man, and some people started tipping me. Once again it struck me how perfectly ordinary things like quarters and dollar bills looked when magnified to double size.

The girls from the table left the shop passing not very far away from where I was sitting. They all looked at me and said “Goodbye” as they passed, though they didn’t stop to say anything else because both Jackie and Melissa were there and were looking at the girls with stern expressions. I felt very protected with the both of them looking out for me.

Some time passed as I sat there chatting with customers and nibbling on my cake pop. At one point Melissa brought me some coffee in a tiny little 2-ounce cup usually used for shots of espresso, though to me it was like a full 16-once coffee. The sight of me sipping from my tiny cup and nibbling on my cake pop was so endearing that people started cooing over me more than ever before.

“Awwwe,” Said an attractive young woman bending down to look at me while she waited for her drink. “Do I get him with my drink?”

“Sorry, he’s still ours,” Melissa said. The girl made a sad sound in her throat.

“I wish I could take you home with me,” She said, “You’re so precious.”

She was not the only pretty girl that cooed over me. The level of attention I was getting from attractive young girls was downright flattering. When I thought about it being small—though it was still scary as hell—was actually kind of fun when I got used to it. There was a bit of a thrill in being small and defenseless, and I couldn’t deny I was excited by all the attention I got from the girls.

Night was falling and business was slowing down. It was a week day and it was to be expected in this place, so it wasn’t surprising. It gave me a little chance to talk to Melissa, who was very curious what it felt like to be shrunk.

“It didn’t tickle or anything?” Melissa asked.

“No, it didn’t feel like anything at all.” I said.

“That’s wild!” Melissa said, fascinated. “I imagine everything must look gigantic to you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “The room, the tables, but especially the people. You’re over eleven feet tall in my eyes!”

Melissa giggled. “That’s unbelievable! I can’t imagine being that huge in anyone’s eyes!”

“I couldn’t either before today.” I said.

“You’re really a pioneer trying out this stuff.” Melissa said. “I’d probably be pretty scared.”

“It is scary,” I said. “But I’m kind of getting used to it, I guess.”

“Maybe I’ll sample Growaccino when it comes out.” Melissa said. “That could be fun.”

“You’d get everyone’s attention for sure!” I said. It was not very hard to imagine Melissa, at the size she appeared to me now, among surroundings that weren’t grotesquely expanded.

“And I’d still be able to work, unlike you!” Melissa quipped.

“Hey, I can still work!” I said, jokingly indignant.

“Careful what you say or I might ask Jackie to put you on bar,” Melissa laughed. “Your head probably wouldn’t go over the countertop. And don’t stand on my counter, young man.”

I had barely noticed I was starting to stand up, but I sat back down obediently. If I stood on the counter I would have been eye level with Melissa, though she would have still looked massive to me no doubt. I resigned myself to staying where I was and looking up at people.

More time passed and I finished my cake pop and sipped all my coffee. Maybe it was because the coffee affected my shrunken body differently or maybe I had more than I thought, but I found myself becoming more awake and perky than before. I wanted to get up and walk around the café—it didn’t seem so scary at the moment for some reason.

“Hey,” Jackie said, walking by. “I was going to take a quick break. You want to sit with me?”

I felt my heart jump a little. “Sure!” I said, grinning. Jackie walked over to a table and wheeled a child’s booster seat over to me.

“You aren’t serious, are you?” I asked, looking down at the seat.

“It’s the only way you’re going to be at table height,” Jackie said. “Plus it makes you look like a little kid, and that’s absolutely adorable. Here, let me help you in.”

Thinking I had just about had it with words like cute, adorable and precious, I raised my hands to allow Jackie to lift me up and place me into the booster seat. Smiling, she wheeled me over to an empty table. She stepped away and a minute later returned with a sandwich and some chips.

“It’s nice that it finally slowed down,” Jackie said. “Not that people minded it being busy. Everyone loves talking to you!”

“I guess so.” I said.

“You guess so, you’re the star today!” Jackie said. “You brought in more sales by being small than you would have had you been working!”

I must have blushed because Jackie giggled. “Really, I have to thank you for being a good sport about this,” She said. “It has to be pretty scary being so small. You still nervous?”

“A little, but not as much,” I said truthfully. “I feel safe with you around to watch me.”

Now it was Jackie’s turn to blush a little, or at least I thought I saw her blush. “I’m sorry I was snippy with you before,” Jackie said. “I really wanted to hit those girls. They really shouldn’t have been taking advantage of you like that.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “They weren’t hurting me.”

“They were going to tear you limb from limb if they weren’t careful,” Jackie said. “This drink has put you in such a strange position. You’re so tiny…so defenseless…”

Jackie trailed off in a very odd way as her eyes set on mine. For a moment it seemed like she drifted away. There was a look behind her eyes that seemed to suggest something I couldn’t quite describe, but it reverberated inside me. It shot a nervous thrill right through me.

“Oh well,” Jackie said, seeming to snap back to reality. “It’ll only be for a few minutes more.”

“Is that all?” I blurted out, genuinely surprised. Time had been going faster than I anticipated it seemed.

“Yeah, your four hours are up in just about half an hour!” Jackie said. “In fact it won’t be long after I’m done break here.”

“That’s a relief.” I said. I was really looking forward to being full-sized again. Being this vulnerable was really stressful.

We continued to chat as Jackie had her break. She fed me little bits of her sandwich and chips, giggling at the little bites I had to take. A couple times people came up to us curious about me. One woman even thought I was Jackie’s kid until she got a good look at me and almost screamed in shock. Jackie had a good laugh at that once the woman had left.

 I had to admit that I was really enjoying my time sitting with Jackie, so much so that I almost forgot about the indignity of the booster seat. If I was to be really honest I had a bit of a “thing” for Jackie since shortly after I was hired, but I had been too nervous to make a move. After nothing happened for a bit I moved on, but every once in a while I’d catch a glance that would make my heart seize up, or have a conversation with her that would make me feel light afterwards. It wasn’t even that she was overly attractive—she wasn’t ugly by any means, but she wasn’t a model—she just appealed to me in a strange sort of way. Maybe it was her strong personality, her streak of independence, her fearlessness. Something about that appealed to me. And now that we were sitting here together and she was eight times my body mass I really felt that strength in a magnified way. I really did feel protected by her and was grateful to have her looking out for me during these four hours of vulnerability.

“Well, time to get back to work.” Jackie said after her break time had concluded. She lifted me up and carried me back to my spot on the edge of the counter where drinks were being handed out. Melissa, working diligently, smiled at my return.

“Just ten more minutes until you regrow!” Melissa said. “If the timing is as spot-on as the amount you shrunk, I wouldn’t be surprised if you grew at four hours right on the nose!”

I sat and waited in anticipation. Time, which had gone so fast while I was sitting there before, seemed to be creeping by. I felt almost tingly with anticipation.

“Five minutes!” Jackie said, walking by. “I even blocked off one of the bathrooms for you. Remember, you have to take those clothes off as soon as you start growing. We don’t want them ripped, do we?”

The final minutes before four hours ticked away. I wondered if the re-growing would be as sensationless a shrinking has been. Maybe I’d start growing slowly and I’d only be able to tell because my pants would fit tighter and my shoes would cramp my feet.

“A minute after.” Melissa said. “Not so accurate, I guess. But you should grow any minute now.”

It was two minutes after. Then three, four, and five minutes. Still there was no sign of me growing. No signs of my clothes tightening, no signs of the world shrinking around me. I was starting to get nervous.

“Ten minutes.” Jackie said. By now my heart was starting to beat quickly. “Well, four hours could have been an approximate figure. We’ll give it five more minutes then I’ll look at the packaging.”

At fourteen minutes past four hours another customer came up to exclaim at my tiny size. I was so nervous I couldn’t even say anything to her.

“Aww; isn’t he cute, too nervous to speak.” The thirty-some-odd woman crooned. Melissa, who was standing nearby, scowled at the woman. Off-put, the customer left the store without saying anything else.

“Here, why don’t you come back here?” Jackie asked. She helped me down from the counter and placed me on the ground behind the bar. I was grateful to be out of the eyes of the customers as I stood there between the legs of Jackie and Melissa.

“Hmm,” Jackie said, reading the back of the brightly-colored bag of Shrinkuccino. “The active ingredient in Shrinkuccino is the chemical shrinkugliceride. Shrinkugliceride, apart from giving the expresso its distinctive minty taste, is a bio-resizable compound that will shrink the drinker for a period of four hours. The amount the drinker will shrink depends on the amount drunk. As a general rule, a double shot will shrink the drinker to half his or her normal height. For a full size calculator, see our website at…blah blah blah, let’s skip this…shrinkugliceride is metabolized by the body four hours after it is imbibed and the drinker will re-grow at the same rate that he or she shrunk exactly four hours earier.”

Jackie put the bag down and looked at me, “Well, you should be growing, but you’re not.” Jackie said. I was too scared to do anything but look back up at Jackie’s thoughtful face. “Now, we noted the time correctly, didn’t we Melissa?”

“Yes.” Melissa said. “Wrote it down and everything.”

“And you drank it all within a couple minutes of our brewing it.” Jackie asked me.

“Yeah,” I said. “You said to drink it quickly, so I did.”

“Huh.” Said Jackie. “Well this is certainly strange.”

“What am I going to do?” I asked, a note of panic in my voice as I looked between the two giantesses. “I’m not going to be stuck like this, am I?”

“I’m sure you’re not.” Jackie said. “You’re only shrunk while the chemical’s active in your body. It’s not permanent in any way. Here, come with me to the back, there might be something else in the box it came in.”

I followed Jackie into the back room, my body shaking with worry. I could not help but think about what would happen if this shrinking was permanent. I would have to go about my life as a pipsqueak, completely defenseless against even the smallest and weakest girl that wanted to take advantage of me.

Jackie rummaged around in the box. “Hmm. Promotional materials, sales projections, sinage….no other information that I can find.” I looked myself and I too couldn’t find anything helpful.

“Well, looks like you’re going to be small a little while longer than we expected.” Jackie said, kneeling down to be eye level with me and looking at me with concern. “Do you want to wait back here for a bit to see if you’ll still regrow?”

“Y-yes,” I said, shaking slightly, embarrassed that I was displaying my fear so easily.

“I’ve got to go out and help Melissa,” Jackie said. “But I’ll check on you every few minutes, and if you need anything just come out and get one of us. Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying to put the resolve back into my voice.

“Good man.” Jackie said. She squeezed my shoulder before she stood back up. It tingled a tad where she touched it and I somehow felt a bit stronger, like this was something with which I could possibly deal.

The back room seemed huge and lonely being back there by myself. The three bay sink we used for cleaning dishes towered over my head, and I didn’t doubt that I’d be able to sit comfortably inside any of the bays. Racks of dishes towered over me, easily half of the shelves out of my reach. The office computer sat atop a table that was just about eye level for me, the swivel chair in front of it as tall as I was.

Feeling overwhelmed about everything that was going on I leaned against the wall and tried to relax. I could hear the sounds of Jackie and Melissa working, and of the customers talking and being served. I tried not to think about how much smaller than any of them I was. I thought about re-growing, about resuming my normal size and striding out to Jackie and Melissa, who would once again be shorter than me. It’s strange to think that in how just over four hours that had become a strange thought to me, whereas that had been the way of things up until that time. It was almost as if Jackie, Melissa, those teenage girls, and all the rest had always been giantesses and I had always been the tiny man.

I tried to imagine myself growing as if just by thinking it that it would happen. I was starting to lose hope in any chance that the four hour figure was off by a few minutes and I would be re-growing at any time. However, I tried to tell myself that this was just because of chemicals in my body. I was still a man, and I still had to keep going.

Making up my mind I walked back out into the bar area. Being so tiny Jackie and Melissa didn’t see me right away; they continued working at their stations. But then Jackie happened to look my way and jumped a little when she saw me standing there.

“Hey,” She said, walking towards me. “What’s up?”

“I-I don’t want to wait back there.” I said. “I want to come out and work. To be useful.”

“Are you sure?” Jackie asked. “Because it’s okay with me if you want to stay back there.”

“I don’t want to.” I said. “I don’t want this to hold me back.”

Jackie smiled. She seemed impressed, almost touched by my resolve. “All right.” Jackie said. “I’m sure we can think of something for you to do. Can you think of anything, Melissa?”

“These cabinets need to be cleaned yet.” Melissa said, indicating a row of cabinets below the bar.

“Well there you go.” Jackie said. “Grab a sani-rag and get to it, boy, I want those cabinets spotless!”

Grateful to be moving and doing something, I rang out a rag that was the size of a small towel and got to work on the cabinets. They were almost as high as I was tall and some of them were almost as deep as my entire body. I had to crawl almost entirely into some of them to get spots in the back. It was very hard at this size to get the deeper stains up, but to counter that I had a better eye for detail than I usually did. It was amazing how even the grains of the wood looked different at this height.

The girls watched me as they passed by, no doubt thinking it was cute seeing me climb into these cabinets like a little child. They kept saying encouraging things and I was feeling better by the minute. At one point Jackie stopped to watch me try to fight a particularly nasty stain.

“Aw, poor little guy doesn’t have the strength to rub it hard enough.” Jackie said. My ears flushed read with embarrassment. “Here,” Jackie said. She leaned right over me and put her hand on the rag right over mine. There was a moment of pause while her hand rested firmly over mine and her body hovered just inches over mine. Then Jackie pushed down on my hand and the rag alike firmly and rubbed the stain forcefully.

“There,” Said Jackie, her voice a bit gentler. “Like that.” There was another pause, my heart was racing. Could this be happening?

“Think fast!” Said Jackie and shoved her hand forward. I tumbled into the back of the cabinet and in that moment she shut the door leaving me in complete darkness. I scrambled to get my bearings—I couldn’t fully stand up, but I could see where the door was because of the small amount of light leaking through.

“Hey!” I said, banging on the walls. “Let me out!”

“Not until you say the magic word!” Taunted Jackie from the other side. I tried to shove against the doors but my greatest push was powerless against Jackie’s simple strength holding the door shut.

“No! I refuse!” I yelled playfully.

“Fine.” Jackie said. “I’ll just leave you in there, then.”

“Okay, okay.” I said. “Please.”

Light hit my eyes as Jackie opened the doors. I saw her beaming at me for a moment before she straightened herself out. I climbed out of the cabinet to see Melissa laughing as she watched us.

“I have another task for you if you’re willing to brave being out on the floor again.” Jackie said.

“Yeah, I’m willing,” I said, my courage starting to come back.

“Good man.” Jackie said. “I want you to go out to the display case and pull out the things that are going out of code tonight. It’s got to be done, we’re closing in a couple of hours you know.”

“All right.” I said. Jackie handed me a clipboard the size of a poster and a pen to go out and record the out of code food.

I walked out into the sales floor and walked over to the display case. I could feel a couple eyes on me and heard some gasps and exclamations, but I ignored them for the moment. The display case was set low to the ground, but at my height I could barely reach into it. Still, I had a job to do and I didn’t want to let Jackie down. I reached into the display case and started checking the products for their sell-by date.

“Oh my god, what is that?” A female voice sounded. I turned around and was shocked to see that a forest of female legs had appeared from seemingly nowhere. I looked up to see a group of four women in their early 30s or thereabouts dressed up as if headed to a party. They were all wearing skirts or dresses, and their slender legs were all revealed, ending in fancy dress shoes of unbelievable size.

“Uh…hi,” I said nervously, smiling up at the curious women.

“It’s a little man!” Said one of the women. “What happened to you?” She asked me, slowly, as if I was a young child or some kind of mental case.

“I—I had some of our newest roast. Shrinkuccino, it’s called.” I said. The women laughed.

One of them said: “This is too cute! Janelle, I have to have a picture of this. Here, take my phone.” A moment later the woman was crouched down next to me, her giant arm around me and her head close to mine. I felt quite small indeed as the picture was snapped.

“What a cutie.” Said one of the others as the posing woman pulled away. “I wonder what he did to get the short end of the stick.” More laughing.

“Hey,” Said another one of the women. “We should bring him along with us. You want to come with us to a party, little guy?”

“N-no thanks, I have to work,” I said, my voice traitorously rising to match my diminutive frame. The women laughed again.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like us?” Said one of the women. She took a step closer to me and raised her leg so that her knee came up and pressed against my chest, pushing me into the display case behind me. Her lower leg pressed against my front and her gigantic foot hung between my legs.

“I—I…” I stammered. The woman who held me pinned smirked at me. I wondered if she had already been drinking.

“Can I get you ladies anything?” Jackie called from the side, her voice friendly but carrying a threatening undertone. A rush of gratitude flowed through me as the woman put her knee down and freed me as the four of them fell quiet and moved over to the bar to consider their drinks. Without finishing counting the out-of-code products I darted off behind the women’s legs to get back to the safety of the bar and Jackie and Melissa’s protection.

“Stay back here until they leave,” Melissa said as Jackie took the women’s drink orders. “I can’t believe some people!”

I stayed hidden behind the bar and watched Jackie and Melissa make drinks for the women. It seemed like it took them forever to leave—I could still hear them talking and laughing as they waited for their drinks. Finally I heard the squeak of the door and their voices trailed out the door.

“Good riddace,” Said Jackie. “I don’t want you working out on the floor at your size. What can we have you do back here?” Jackie thought for a moment. “How about we sit you next to the sink and you can wash pitchers as we use them.”

“Okay,” I said. Jackie lifted me up and placed me next to the sink. Melissa already had a few pitchers left over from the women that needed to be washed. The metal pitchers were heavy and the job was very physical but it made me feel good that I could still do it. It was also a job with a lot of downtime, especially because things were quieting down, and I was able to relax and chat with the girls.

Soon it was getting on towards the end of Melissa’s scheduled shift. She showed unease at leaving Jackie and I here and vocalized it.

“We’ll be fine, won’t we?” Jackie asked, glancing at me. Again that same anxious thrill shot through me. Jackie and I together, alone, in a store that was about to be closed, with me this size?

“Yeah,” I agreed. Jackie smiled at me.

“I feel bad that you’ll be closing basically by yourself.” Melissa said.

“I won’t be alone.” Jackie said. “This little guy will still be helpful.”

“Well, you’re the boss.” Melissa said. “I guess I’ll go clock out now.”

Melissa went into the back to clock out and gather her stuff. She emerged a couple minutes later with her jacket on and hat and apron in hand.

“I’ll see you later,” Melissa said to Jackie. She beamed down at me for the final time that evening. Then abruptly she kissed me on the forehead. “Good luck with everything.” She told me, then made for the door. The pressure of the kiss seemed to linger for a few moments after and I must have been turning a funny color because Jackie chuckled at me.

“Come on,” Jackie said. “Just another hour and a half and we can close. Not so bad, right?”

“I suppose not,” I said.

“Hey, how would you like to ring?” Jackie asked, the idea apparently coming to her in a flash of inspiration.

“Ring?” I said. “Would that work?”

“Totally!” Jackie said. She went over to the cash register and started shifting it, trying to come up with the best possible way to set it up for a three-foot man to use it. “You can stand on the counter—that way you’ll be eye level with the customers—and you can reach down to give people their change.”

“I-I suppose I can give it a try.” I said. Jackie came forward to pick me up and carry me over to the cash register. Jackie seemed to take a lot of joy in carrying me and I found that all the fear was draining out of the situation.

The first customers, some middle aged shoppers, were delighted to be rung up by a three foot man. I hit all new levels of cuteness—as Jackie was keen to remind me—as I handled bills the size of legal papers and coins half the size of my palm. It was a bit awkward to bend down and pick up the money from foot level, but just this once no one seemed to care about efficiency. At any rate business had slowed down considerably, and there was never more than one person waiting.

Jackie ran around doing the work of two people, as I could obviously not safely pour coffee or do many other tasks a person running the register would be expected to do. A sixteen once cup of coffee was to me an entire gallon of scalding hot liquid and Jackie wasn’t willing to let me risk burning myself badly especially when my skin was half as thick as usual.

The slow trickle of customers slowed yet further to the point where there was just one customer every once in a while. The customers who still did come in were even more excited to be served by me. One girl who was absolutely gorgeous was fascinated by me, and I stood there on the counter between her and Jackie as they chatted about me. The attention was very flattering.

Jackie made the girl who finally left, giving me a cute little wave as she did so. Jackie glared after the door for a moment. “Thought she’d never leave.” Jackie said.

“She was all right.” I said. Jackie looked at me sternly and I fell silent. Jackie laughed.

“Well, in ten minutes it’ll be time to close the store.” Jackie said. “Then we have to decide what to do with you.”

“Do with me?” I asked.

“You haven’t regrown,” Jackie said. “You obviously won’t be able to drive home, and I wouldn’t want to leave you alone in any case. How about I take you home with me.”

“Take me home?” I asked, the nervous thrill running through me more than ever.

“Yeah,” Jackie said. “Then tomorrow morning we can call the office and find out what to do.”

“Tomorrow morning!” I exclaimed. That would mean spending the night shrunk!

“Well, the office isn’t open this late, silly,” Jackie said. “And besides, you don’t want to go running around tonight. Wouldn’t you rather just relax?”

I was anxious, terrified, and excited in equal measures. Spending the night at Jackie’s would have seemed an unreachable dream before today. However she would be twice my height and nearly eight times my mass, and there would be no one else to watch or counter her. I would be defenseless as a child.

I was completely unable to speak. Jackie smiled at my nervousness, and moved closer to me: “Why so nervous? You don’t trust me?”

Jackie’s face was inches from mine; a wild expression played across her face. Just like when I had first looked into her eyes when I had first shrunk I thought I was going to get lost in her expression. I was terrified as all hell of her in that moment, but there was something even more fundamental inside me telling me that this was what I wanted.

“I trust you.” I said finally, firmly.

“Good man.” Jackie said, smiling as she slowly moved away.

No customers came for the next few minutes and at the top of the hour Jackie locked the front door. It was official—for the rest of the night, whether it it be in the locked store, Jackie’s locked car, or Jackie’s locked house, I would now be behind locked doors, alone, shrunken, with Jackie.

“There’s just a few things left to do and then we can get out of here.” Jackie said. “I don’t think you can help too much but you can follow me around and keep me company!”

I followed Jackie as she filled a mop bucket to mop the floors. When we got out to the sales floor Jackie had the idea that I could ride on the mop as she mopped. Clutching tightly to the pole, I stood on the mop head as Jackie moved it back and forth.

“You’re making the mop heavy!” Jackie laughed. I lost my balance and tumbled off the mop. Jackie laughed, and from then on I stood by the side watching her. Soon enough that task was finished and she went back into the back room to count the money. I was actually able to help her with this task and she laughed at the site of me holding so many big one dollar bills.

“Okay,” Jackie said after that task was complete. “I’ve got to do some of these last minute dishes then we can get out of here. You stay here; it won’t be long.”

I sat there and watched as Jackie did the dishes. Because the day was done Jackie had removed her hat and apron. I thought about how those things could really hide a girl’s curves. I could see Jackie’s plentiful breasts pressing against her shirt. My eyes followed the arc of her body, bent over the sink, to the curve of her ass, and down her strong athletic legs sadly hidden behind kakis into work shoes.

I couldn’t look away from Jackie, and the more I looked, the more she looked back at me. She glanced at me every few seconds not saying anything. I thought I saw her tongue moving between her lips as she did those dishes. It felt like something was building in the air and I was just waiting for it to burst in the open.

Even though it was probably only a few minutes I seemed to be sitting there watching Jackie doing the dishes forever. Clangs and splashes filled the air as Jackie worked. I heard the gurgling sound of water being let out through the drain. Jackie reached up and dried her hands on a towel that was hanging there. My excitement rose—she seemed to be finally done.

Jackie looked over at me, an odd, mischievous smile on her face. I looked up at her, unblinking, transfixed. She walked over to me slowly. I looked up in anticipation. Her hands were outstretched so they would dry faster. Her fingers were open and it looked like she was coming to grab me.

“Well,” Jackie said. Her voice was just above a whisper and it was sultry. I sat, transfixed. “The notes that came in the box said the tiny uniform was not leave the store.”

Jackie reached forward and gently grabbed  my foot, holding it easily in her hand. I felt tingles shoot up through my entire body. She gently removed the shoe from my foot, putting it aside. She then removed the other shoe as well, leaving my tiny bare feet in the open.

Jackie looked at me, her expression almost hungry. She reached forward and grabbed my upper leg. She squeezed it firmly. “Let me ask you something,” Jackie said, still talking in a whisper as if somebody could hear, “If your shift manager took advantage of you, would you report it to corporate?”

I was shaking so hard with anticipation that I could barely speak, but I managed it: “N-no…” I stammered. Jackie smiled.

“I didn’t think so.” Jackie said. “I saw the way you were looking at me.” She reached forward to grab my other leg. She leaned in closer to me. I felt as though she was capturing me, caging me.

“Not just today too.” Jackie said. “Admit it, you’ve eyed me for a while.”

Once more I felt I could get lost in that stare. Finding myself so trapped and compromised by Jackie I knew the only thing to do was to tell the truth. “Yes,” I said, finally.

Jackie leaned forward and kissed me. I felt her hand come up around my back so I couldn’t back out of it. I felt Jackie’s tremendous lips upon mine, admiring the strength yet tenderness with which she kissed me. The kiss seemed to last for ages as the world disappeared around us.

Finally Jackie pulled away, though she continued to stare at me with bedroom eyes. “Now,” She said. “Let’s get the rest of this uniform off you.”

Jackie put her hands around my middle and started lifting off my shirt. She seemed to touch every square inch of my skin sampling me with her fingers.

“You’re so tiny,” Jackie said as she pulled my shirt over my head. “So delicate. I just can’t keep my hands off you.” Jackie’s hands returned, caressing my stomach, back, chest, shoulders, and arms. It was like she was trying to feel just how tiny I really was.

Once again Jackie leaned forward. Those lips, so wide, came down and landed on my stomach. Jackie kissed me gently there, the moved up to my chest to kiss me there, and finally to my mouth for a kiss.

“Now let’s get these pants off you.” Jackie said. With one hand firmly clamped around the base of my neck so I couldn’t get away or even move Jackie reached down to my fly, unzipping it. She then grabbed the bottom of my pant legs and pulled gently down. The pants came off my middle, exposing my man parts to the cool air. Needless to say, I was sprouting a full erection at this point.

Jackie grinned down at my entirely naked body exposed there for her. She brought her finger forward and touched the tip of my penis. To my embarrassment her finger was now larger than it. Jackie must have noticed it too because she giggled softly.

“Don’t worry about it, little guy.” She said. She began running her fingers up and down my body from my feet to my neck.

“I don’t know what it is,” Said Jackie as she continued sampling my body under her fingers. “But from the first moment I saw you shrunk—it must have been some kind of instinct of something—but I just wanted to have you. I wanted to take you. You’ve been so adorable all night, being all nervous and small, and it’s been driving me crazy.”

Jackie slipped one hand behind my back and another one under my butt lifting me off the table. She stood up, holding me in the air in all my exposed smallness. “And here you are.” Jackie said, fire burning in her eyes. “So what do you think? Will you be Jackie’s?”

I could barely speak but I knew just what to say. “Yes,” I said. “I am Jackie’s.”

Jackie brought me down and hugged me to her. I could feel the warmth and softness of her breasts through her work shirt. I could just about explode with the anticipation of what the night could hold.

“Well then, my little man, what do you say we get out of here?” Jackie said.

“Yes ma’am!” I said excitedly. With one more kiss Jackie took off from the back room with me—her new property—easily in hand. She draped her light jacket over me—it was larger than a robe and the sight of me in it made Jackie giggle—and carried me towards the door. At that moment I no longer cared that I was three feet tall and twenty-two pounds—Jackie was taking me home and I was sure whatever she had in store was not going to be worth missing.


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That Night by Benton
Author's Notes:

Orriginally I planned on the first chapter standing on its own and leaving what happened between our protagonist and Jackie after leaving work to the reader's imagination. However, my own imagination got carried away and I ended up writing a second chapter which I then decided to split into two parts: That Night, and The Next Morning.

For obvious reasons that you will see, the inclusion of these chapters has bumped up the rating from "R" to "X". Enjoy!

Excitement and nervousness filled me as we stepped out of the coffee shop and into the cool night air. One inch shy of three feet tall I was carried easily by Jackie, who had one arm around me pressing me against her body. I could feel her softness and warmth through her work shirt as she held me tightly. With her other hand she locked up the store—no more drinks until the morning.

“Let’s get to the car,” Jackie said, carrying me behind the building to the parking lot. The air was cool but not too cold—between Jackie’s robe-like jacket and her body itself I was very warm. She carried me over to her small sedan, which to me was obviously wide enough to fit two lanes. She opened the door and looked inside.

“What to do with you,” Jackie said, musing. “Well, I don’t have a booster seat for you,” Jackie laughed and I felt a little embarrassed. “And you’re too small to sit on your own. Oh well, I guess you’ll just be in my lap. That’s the safest, and plus, it’s only a five minute ride.”

Jackie sat down in the driver’s seat and pulled me onto her lap. I felt a surge of excitement—her legs were spread out around me on either side and my head was level with her large soft breasts. I couldn’t see over the steering wheel and all I could see out of the window were tops of trees and the starry night sky.

Jackie buckled the seat belt over both her and I, the thick lap bar pressing me to her and the shoulder bar passing over my head. I knew I’d probably get killed in a real accident but it didn’t matter. I was with Jackie and she was taking me home.

“Ready, small fry?” She asked me.

“Yeah,” I said, holding onto the huge belt for added security.

Jackie started up the car, backed out of the parking space, and started off down the road. It was a little nerve-wracking being in a vehicle so large I couldn’t see out the window, but it just added to the danger and excitement of what I was doing. Jackie didn’t talk during the ride. Instead she put on the radio, which came on to some kind of energetic 80s pop that pumped through the car as she drove.

“Almost there!” Jackie said, and a moment later I felt the car come to a stop and Jackie turned it off. She opened the door and lifted me up, not letting my bare feet touch the ground. I realized I hadn’t been on my feet since Jackie had lifted me onto the backroom desk back at work and had taken off my clothes. This—pampering, if you wanted to call it that, was something I had never experienced before. It served to make Jackie seem even more powerful in my eyes.

“If anyone’s watching they’ll probably wonder whose child I stole,” Jackie laughed, carrying me up to the front steps of her apartment. With her free hand she removed her key and unlocked the door. She opened up the door and carried me in.

Her apartment was fairly small but cozy. On the left was a small kitchen complete with a table and chairs against one wall. On the right side was a decently-sized living room with comfortable couches, cabinets, and a TV that would have been large normally, but in my eyes was the size of a wall. Beyond that I presumed were the bedrooms and bathroom.

“Here we are, home sweet home,” Jackie said. “My roommate would usually be here, but she’s in Florida visiting family.”

Jackie lowered me to the ground. I still could not get over how small I felt, especially now that we were out of the store and in a domestic setting. With all the counters, chairs, and couches higher than I was I felt like I was a child again. That was until I looked at Jackie, towering over me looking down with a smile I could only describe as hungry.

“I’m going to go get changed.” Jackie said, stepping to move towards the bedrooms. “You stay here and make yourself comfortable.” Then she gave the tiniest squeal and added: “Ohmygod, I have a tiny man in my apartment with me, that’s so precious!”

Jackie bounced off into her bedroom and I found myself alone in the apartment. Everything just seemed too big to be allowed, and it struck me how everything we humans use is designed to be used by people of just the right height. Everything was too big for me, right down to the girl’s jacket draped around my shoulders that trailed on the floor.

I walked into the living room in all of my smallness. The couch was as large as a car, and it was very inviting. The cushions were more than waist height and I hoisted myself up with difficulty inside the jacket and sat on the couch. I leaned against the back of the couch and stretched out my legs. My feet stuck out from under the bottom of the jacket but they did not go over the edge of the couch. There I sat and waited for my eleven foot co-worker—the girl that had quite literally carried me here—to return.

I heard the door open and turned to see Jackie return. My excitement rose when I saw her—she had changed from a form-unflattering work shirt to a tank top that hugged her generous busom, and from plain kakis into thin, skin-hugging sweatpants. Her feet were bare and her hair was down. She was a girl at home, no longer a shift manager at a job, and seeing her this way started to arouse me in ways I was certain I’d be unable to hide.

“You’re so darling sitting there!” Jackie said as she came up to me. She kneeled down in front of me, her soft voluptuous chest so close so me, and started playing with my feet which were still sticking out from her jacket.

“How do you feel, little guy?” She asked. She was looking at me with those bright blue eyes and I once again got the feeling I was going to get lost in her face.

“I feel—I feel good,” I said, though my nervousness came through in my voice.

“Scared?” Jackie asked. I wasn’t sure what to say. “Don’t worry about it.” She said, comforting, “You don’t have to say anything. Jackie will take care of you.”

I felt one of her hands slide up my leg under the jacket until she reached my penis, which was rock hard. I gasped with the sensation as she felt my dick and my balls. She smiled down at me as she did this.

“Let’s take that off you.” Said Jackie. Removing her hand from my junk, she unzipped the jacket gently and lifted it off me, leaving me naked and exposed on the couch. Jackie seemed to be enjoying the sight of me lying there as she surveyed me for several seconds.

“You’re so helpless,” Jackie said, her voice lowering to almost a whisper as she started to lean forward over me. I could feel her breath upon me as her mouth moved mere inches above my skin. Her mouth passed over my penis, then my stomach, chest, until her face was hovering right above mine. Her breasts were right over my middle, begging to come bursting out of the tank top. Jackie leaned down and placed a tender kiss on my lips. Her tongue came out and she started teasing my lips with them. I thought I was going to burst from this alone.

The size difference was the most obvious when you were face to face with someone. Her eyes were so large and intense I thought I would get lost in them. Her mouth was so large, her lips so lush, that there was no way that I was going to be able to kiss them in a normal way. I tried though, planting kisses on her vast lower lip, then upper lip, then I ran my tongue along her lips gently.

Jackie giggled, obviously amused and endeared by my tiny attempts to kiss her. She lustfully placed her mouth over mine and while easily holding my head up to her face gave me the most intense kiss I had ever experienced. I was powerless against her lips and tongue—she took what she wanted to easily and I had no choice but to give it to her. I felt my dick brush against something soft—her breasts which were around my mid-section. I felt like I was going to blow.

Jackie pulled back from me and let me slump back against her couch, panting and estatic. Jackie looked down at my tiny panting body, a satisfied look on her face.

“I don’t want things to go too fast.” Jackie said. “I want this to last. Want to watch a movie?”

For a moment I couldn’t speak as I waited for my body to calm down. Finally I said, “Yeah, sure.”

“You stay there and cool down, and I’ll get some popcorn and pop in the movie.” Jackie said. She walked around the couch to the kitchen leaving me there on the giant couch by myself.

It took a couple minutes for my heart rate to come down to normal, and even longer for my erection to subside. She obviously didn’t want me to be spent so early and I would need all the energy I could get if I ever dreamed of satisfying a woman so many times my size.

I heard the popping of the popcorn and started to smell the warm buttery smell emanating from the microwave. I let myself relax and slid down into a lying position on the couch. With my head almost at the one armrest my feet didn’t come close to reaching the end of the second cushion. The couch was as deep as a bed was wide and I could have easily laid here with somebody my own size and there would have been plenty of room. I laid back and listened for sounds of Jackie.

I heard Jackie remove the popcorn bag from the microwave and pour it into a bowl. I sat up in anticipation of her return. She came around the corner holding a bowl of popcorn almost big enough for me to sit inside. She smiled in amusement seeing me sitting there—it was almost like every time she saw me she was newly amazed at how small I was.

“I found a nice movie for us,” Jackie said, holding up a DVD box of an old action movie with a romance subplot. I nodded my approval and she stepped towards the DVD player to put the disk in, bending down as she did so and giving me a view of her well-formed ass against her sweatpants. Like everything else about her that ass was enormous to me and I was awed by the power of the muscles there.

Jackie plunked herself down on the couch and put her feet up on the table. Just like she was continually amazed by my smallness, I too was continually amazed by her largeness. Her legs, stretched out there before me, were as long as I was tall, and even if I stood on the cushions my head would still be not as high as hers as she sat. I really felt I was the lucky one in this situation.

“Come over here,” Jackie said, reaching out for me. Her hands gripped me around the shoulders and she effortlessly pulled me onto her lap. It was the most warm and comfortable place I had ever been, my little body resting against hers and my tiny legs stretching out between her two great ones, my feet only coming to her knees. My head was right at the level of her supple breasts which formed the perfect cushion for my head. This was pure bliss.

“You comfortable?” Jackie asked as I squiggled myself into place on Jackie’s body.

“Yes, very,” I said, breathily.

Jackie reached down and pulled a blanket that had been sitting next to the couch. I could feel her muscles move as she did so—the sheer alive-ness that I could feel under me was quiet thrilling. She fluffed the blanket and draped it over both of us. My body disappeared under the blanket—the only sign I was there was my head sticking out at the top.

Jackie started up the movie and started munching on the popcorn. I could feel the muscles in her chest movie as she chewed. I tried to reach the bowl but it was too far away. Jackie laughed and picked up a single piece of popcorn to my lips. I opened my mouth and she pushed it inside. It was as large as eight pieces of popcorn and took up a surprising amount of room in my mouth. At least it still tastes the same, I noted as I ate.

After I chewed the first piece Jackie brought a second piece to my mouth and pushed it in. Laughing, she said: “I guess I’m having most of this bowl for myself!” And she put a handful of popcorn into her own mouth.

The movie rolled on and the popcorn disappeared pretty quickly—Jackie was apparently quite hungry. After only a few pieces I already felt like I had my fill, which really wasn’t suprising. I just sat back with my head resting on the amazing cushions of Jackie’s boobs as she continued to eat the last of the popcorn. She was starting to get very relaxed—I could feel her body shift as she leaned back. She placed her hand around my middle as she sat. I felt very warm in the cocoon of heat Jackie’s body was creating under the blanket.

My mind started to wander as we watched the movie. The television, already large, seemed absolutely massive to my eyes. When the movie zoomed in close to the characters they appeared well larger than me. I reminded myself that I only came up to the waste of all of them right now. Even the movie was making me feel tiny, but now that I was on Jackie’s lap that seemed to bother me much less.

Jackie’s fingers were now starting to move idly up and down my body as she watched the movie. The gesture was affectionate and I was both soothed and excited by it. I reached out and squeezed a single finger of her right hand with my tiny one, a move that she would no doubt find adorable. She could even reach clear to my toes without leaning forward and was starting to pull them playfully.

Her fingers slid up my leg and across my waste to my dick, my body tingling in the places where it had touched. My penis, which had been hanging in a semi-erect state, once again shot up to full stiffness. But Jackie took her fingers away—she was just assessing me as well as probably enjoying her ability to stimulate me. She was really getting off on the power she had over me. I thought I could feel her waste slowly undulating under me. The thought filled me with lust and desire.

Jackie wrapped her hands easily around both my legs just above the ankle. She opened and closed my legs moving my feet over her own legs to the outside and back in again. The play was very exciting—I put my own hands into the pockets of Jackie’s sweatpants, holding on and enjoying the ride.

As the big action climax arrived Jackie finished playing with my legs and pulled my hands out of her pocket, playing with them instead. She pulled my arms apart and extended them to my full pitiful wingspan of about three feet. She held them out there leaving me spread out and open while the climax took place, playing with my fingers the entire time.

Once the climax finished Jackie brought my arms down to rest at my side and withdrew her hands. Her manhandling of me had been fun and had aroused me very much and I wanted to do something to return the affection. As the credits rolled I turned over on top of Jackie’s body. I was propped up on my arms on Jackie’s stomach looking up at her face. She looked down at me, grinning, wondering what I was going to do.

I reached forward to grab Jackie’s shoulder and I pulled myself up her body into a standing position leaning against the reclined Jackie. My feet were between her legs just ahead of her crotch and my head was just short of being level with hers. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on those large luscious lips. Jackie returned the kiss, once again overpowering me with her superior tongue and lips.

Jackie sat up which would have unbalanced me if I did feel her large firm hands behind me, one behind my back and one under my butt, similar to how it had been back in the back office of our coffee shop. Jackie leaned forward as she kissed me, my weight falling entirely into those giant, strong hands. Jackie stood up, holding me suspended as she kissed me intensely. I felt the hand around my butt give my cheeks a little squeeze—both of them at once, of course. Hanging here in the air completely held up by Jackie and being kissed within an inch of my life was causing me to get aroused out of my mind. My legs were pressed against Jackie’s stomach and once again I felt the tip of my penis brush against something warm and soft. I was going to blow any second now…

Jackie stopped kissing me and lowered me to the ground. Sitting up on the ground looking up at the standing Jackie I felt smaller than ever. Her giant toes were just inches from my feet as she towered over me looking down. I panted as I sat there, wondering what Jackie had in store for me now.

“How about we play a game?” Jackie said. “You like games, right?”

“Y-yeah?” I said between pants, wondering what she was getting at.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” Jackie said gaily.

“Wha?” I asked, thrown off by her suddenly innocent tone.

“You played hide and seek as a kid, right?” Jackie asked. “I’ll close my eyes and count to fifty, and you’ll find a good hiding place. It should be easy being so small! Ready?”

“Huh?” I asked, still confused, but Jackie put her hands over her eyes.

“One…two…three…” She began. I knew there was nothing for it; I had to play Jackie’s game. I got to my feet and ran off to the kitchen. She was right—being so tiny opened up many more possibilities for places to hide. There was a cabinet that was only slightly smaller than I was tall. Remembering the cabinet at work, I opened the door and crawled inside.

“Ready or not, here I come!” Jackie’s voice came from the living room. I could hear her walking along the floor. She was clearly dragging it out: “Could the little man be in here? No? How about here?”

I knew Jackie was teasing me again with this whole game. She wanted to drag things out as long as possible, waiting until I was absolutely begging for her to take me. I heard her opening cabinets next to me, and finally, she opened the one I was in.

“Found you!” Jackie said gleefully, crouching down and looking in at me. She filled the entire space of the opening and I felt the notion of being trapped by her to be very arousing. “Come on.” She said and reached for me. She lifted me out of the cupboard and placed me on my feet next to her.

“Find another hiding spot,” Jackie commanded. She put her hands over her eyes and started counting again: “One, two, three…”

I looked around for another spot to hide and found a food pantry with folding doors. The space between the door and the shelves would not have been sufficient to fit a normal-sized person, but I could just barely squeeze in.

“Coming to get you!” I heard Jackie’s voice say from outside the pantry. In an odd way I prided myself on my hiding spot for picking such a counter-intuitive place, or maybe Jackie was just humoring me. Either way she took an awful long time finding me. I heard her going from room to room opening doors looking for her elusive little man.

Finally, I heard her approach and open the sliding doors to the pantry. “A-ha!” She said, hands on her hip as she looked down on me. Deciding to be cute I stepped forward and wrapped myself around Jackie’s left leg, hugging the sweatpants-clad tree trunk as tight as I could.

“Aww,” Jackie said, tussling my hair with her hand. Then she shook her leg, dislodging me, and said: “The game’s not over. Now you have to find me! It shouldn’t be too hard for you, there’s a lot fewer places I can hide!”

“Okay,” I said, putting my hands over my eyes.

“Count to fifty!” Jackie said. “And no peaking!”

I heard Jackie walk away as I started to count. Excited thoughts ran through my head and I kept loosing count. After a while, I just decided that it had been about fifty seconds.

“Okay,” I called out, “I’m coming to find you…you big meanie.” I felt silly trying to taunt the giantess, but felt I at least had to try. I walked into the living room, wondering where a fully grown adult could hide. I looked behind the curtain and under the table, but those places were obvious. It couldn’t be too hard to find Jackie.

I opened the door to the bathroom which was lit only by a small nightlight, which was casting huge shadows everywhere. I pushed the door slowly to the wall making sure she was not hiding behind it. I noticed the shower curtains were drawn. That was the only other place Jackie could be hiding so I walked forward to check.

Abruptly the shower curtains were pulled over and Jackie jumped forward shouting: “BOO!” The sight of something so big jumping out of me startled me so much that I screamed and fell backwards. Jackie laughed maniacally as my vision went a little swimmy and I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

Jackie fell to her hands and knees in front of me, her hands on either side of me. I hadn’t noticed it when she had jumped out because I was so startled, but I now saw that she had removed her tank top. She was now completely topless—her liberated breasts were highlighted by the light of the nightlight, round, soft, and impossibly big.

Jackie was still laughing at me. “You should have seen yourself.” Jackie said. “You were so scared. You sounded like a little girl! Well, I guess that makes sense, seeing that you are smaller than one now.”

“You scared the crap out of me!” I exclaimed, my heart still hammering. Though slowly, the sight of those large round breasts was causing my fright to be turned into arousal.

“Aww,” Jackie said. “Would a kiss make it better?” Before I could say anything Jackie leaned forward and planted a kiss on my stomach. She kissed my stomach and chest a few other times. I watched her, my eyes barely able to look away from those breasts, with their nipples erect and hanging down. I lay there with my heart slowly stopping its pounding as Jackie continued kissing my stomach and chest. I felt the coolness of the moisture of her kisses as she left them on me.

Jackie’s hands found mine and she pulled me to my feet as she stood up. My eyes were level with her waste, the bare skin of her stomach just above my head. Her breasts hung over me, gentle, proud, enticing. Jackie continued to hold my hands. She raised my hands up as high as they would go. Then, slowly, she pulled my hands forward until they were resting on the underside of her boobs. The feeling of that soft, naked flesh under my hands sent my excitement into high gear.

My body was pressed up against Jackie’s legs as I tried to feel what I could. Jackie pulled my arms higher bringing me onto my tip-toes, barely giving me the height I needed to stretch with all my might and reach her nipples. I could just barely do it—reaching as far as I could I could barely touch those big hard nipples high above my head.

“You like them, don’t you?” Jackie asked as I continued to feel and play with those nipples. “Here,” She said. Letting go of my hands she reached down and lifted me up, turning me ninety degrees to put me on the closed toilet lid. This gave me about a foot and a half of extra height and put my race right at level with those luscious orbs.

“You know you want to,” Jackie said, smiling, looking down at her boobs. Man, did I ever. I don’t think another pair of breast ever enticed me as much as those two did right now. I moved forward and buried my face in those breasts, each bigger than my own head, reveling in the glory of the soft flesh. Jackie held my hands behind her, stabilizing me but also pushing me further into her boobs. I started licking at the flesh looking for a nipple. I found one and latched on, sucking with all my tiny might on this giver of life. I heard a little moan come from Jackie above which only heightened my arousal.

“Let me cradle you,” Jackie said. She put one hand under my knees and another below my shoulders and effortlessly lifted me up, cradling me in her arms. She bolstered my head so that it was on level with her breasts. My mouth found her nipple again and I began to suck, cradled there against her like a child. “Drink up, my baby,” Jackie said in a low voice as she held me there sucking her tit. This was bliss beyond anything I had known. I felt as though I were in another world, something far beyond this one.

For a moment of tragedy I felt my lips come off Jackie’s breast with a little sucking sound. Jackie lowered me down so that I was standing on the ground ahead of her. She was smiling with a mix of contentment and excitement as she looked down on me.

“That was very sweet.” She said. “But you’re a man, aren’t you? Even if you’re only three feet tall.”

Once again I found it hard to speek: “Y-yeah, I am,” I said at last.

“Then you need to please me like a man,” Jackie said in a low, sultry voice. “Come on.” The air itself seemed thick with anticipation as Jackie put her hands under my armpits and carried me off out of the bathroom.

We entered another room which could only be her bedroom. The bed sat in the center of the room and seemed the size of a garage. I could barely make out the decorations of the room in the dark. One thing was clear, though: the lioness had captured her pray and had brought it back to her lair.

Jackie sat me down on the edge of her bed and stood before me. She was a towering, dominating presence. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, running her hands sensuously up her own body. She ran her hands over her boobs, squeezing and playing with them. I watched with increasing excitement—it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing to excite me.

“I’ve seen a lot of you all day,” Jackie said, her hands going down to the seam of her sweatpants. “It’s only fair you get to see all of me.”

Then slowly, teasingly, Jackie removed her sweatpants and panties. It took a while—she teased me by pulling the seams down and back up giving me a momentary glimpse of the hip bone or the top of the public mound. Then finally she pulled them down fully exposing her pussy to me. It was trimmed but not entirely shaved, and it was already glistening from arousal. Like everything else about Jackie it seemed too big to be allowed. It was hard to believe that this was real life.

Jackie ran her hands down there teasing the outer folds of her vulva. She rubbed her middle finger deep into the folds to get it nice and sticky. She then brought it to my face, rubbing her finger in a slow line right under my nose to moisten my upper lip with her pussy juices. I could smell her arousal as strong as day and the smell excited me.

“You want to fuck me, little man?” She said, her voice low, hungry, even a little dangerous. “I don’t think you know how to fuck me. But you’re going to have to try.”

Jackie leaned forward and seized me be the shoulders and threw me back onto the bed. I was surprised with the force that she tossed me back as I landed on the pillows near the top of her bed. She jumped on after me, the impact of her body on the bed sending me airborne again for a fraction of a second. Jackie was hungry now and there was nothing I could do but go along.

Jackie grabbed me tightly by the upper leg. She stuck out her tongue and licked me across my front in a long motion. She licked right up my face and up to my ear, giving it a little flick with her tongue. She then began to drag me towards her. She lowered herself down so that her chest pressed against my legs and then my waste. I saw and felt my penis disappear in the cleavage between her breasts. The feeling was incredible and I felt I was going to blow my load right there between her tits, but I knew that wouldn’t please her so I held it in, as hard as it was.

Now her face was over mine and she looked down at me hungrily. “How much of my weight do you think your body can take?” Jackie asked. “I want to feel you wiggle under me.”

Jackie began to lower herself onto me. It seemed like she was barely resting any weight on me but it already felt like she was crushing me. She lowered herself more and more. I struggled under her trying to get any kind of air but I was rendered immobile by her vast, warm, soft weight.

Jackie enjoyed my struggles, moaning softly as I wiggled fruitlessly under her. “Nowhere to go,” She taunted as she put a bit more of herself on me. She must have weighed over a thousand pounds to my scale—I couldn’t even think of doing the math as I struggled there. For a moment I thought she really was going to crush me but she relented.

I felt Jackie’s hand grab for my foot which was about at level of her crotch. She started rubbing my foot against her labia, masturbating herself with my foot. I watched this incredible sight unable to do anything at all except go with it. Jackie arched her back and pulled me further towards her, her breasts hanging down just inches above me as she pleasured herself with me.

“Okay,” Jackie said finally, breathlessly, releasing my foot. “You’re going to have to fuck me now. I don’t care if it’s small, just put it inside me.”

Jackie pushed me out of the way as she laid on the center of the bed. She propped herself up against the pillows as she dragged me over her legs to place me between them. Her pussy laid exposed before me, inviting me. Above that Jackie’s body curved upwards to the two prominent lumps of her breasts and her face, looking down at me.

“Do your worst, little man.” Jackie said. I began to straddle her the best I could. I was filled full of desire and lust, but also could not help feel very silly at the same time. How could I hope to please her with my pinky-finger-sized dick? But I was being drawn in, and I had to do it.

As I plunged my dick into Jackie’s cunt I felt a new surge of energy hit me. I heard her gasp slightly as she watched. I started pumping, my cock moving up and down. My excitement was growing—it would not take long at all before I blew my load. Jackie’s eyes were closed and she was breathing in rhythm to my thrusts. I was really doing it!

Or So I thought. Just as I felt I was about to blow I felt Jackie’s hand on my chest. She pushed me back forcefully and I flipped slightly landing on my butt between her knees. She was sitting up now looking fully crazed. Her horniness was almost a physical presence in the bed with us.

“That’s not going to do it,” She said, quickly and breathlessly, strands of hair hanging down over her face. “You’re going to have to fist me.”

“F-fist you?” I asked, somewhat frightened. Fisting was quite an extreme act normally and I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that my fist would be barely wider than the average dick, and my forearm barely longer.

“Yeah, it won’t hurt me. Not at your size.” Jackie said. She leaned forward and grabbed my right arm with nearly bone-crushing strength. “Do it!” She growled.

The thought of disobeying never entering my mind, I closed my hand into a fist. I lowered it down to her vulva, rubbing it and looking for the vaginal opening. I found it and started to push it in, Jackie’s muscles putting up a firm resistance.

This obviously wasn’t fast enough for Jackie. She grabbed my arm right below the elbow and forcefully thrust it into her. She gasped dramatically as over a relative foot of my arm disappeared into her pussy. The pressure on my hand was great and I instinctively unfurled my fist.

“No, keep them together,” Jackie breathed. Fighting against the pressure I remade the fist inside of her. Slowly I started to move it back and forth. Jackie gasped and moaned with my motions. Gaining confidence I started to move my arm in and out faster. It was heavy work with all the resistance but I found myself getting into it, especially when I was rewarded with the sounds of Jackie moaning and gasping, and a female smell so pungent it seemed to fill the atmosphere of the room.

“Yes! Yes!” Jackie gasped as I continued to fist her. I noticed she was also playing with her clit while I fisted her. Not satisfied with merely that she grabbed my left hand and placed it around her clit, holding it there. I started rubbing and squeezing it using much more force than I would ever dream of using on a normal-sized girl. Jackie reacted to this, gasping and moaning harder than ever. I was being drowned in this pool of female pleasure as she grew ever closer to climax.

Finally, in an act that seemed to sieze her entire body and fill the entire room, Jackie game in one great, shuddering moment. Her orgasm seemed to consume me, to swallow me whole. I was in awe of her at that moment—never before had I experienced female pleasure in such magnitude.

Slowly I slid my arm out of her. It was coated in pussy juices almost all the way to my elbow. My other hand was quite sticky as well as I removed it from her clit. Jackie sighed deeply as she lay there basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. I, on the other hand, was still burning with arousal.

Abruptly, Jackie brought her legs together halfway bent, trapping me between them. I was squeezed between those giant legs, unable to breathe or even move.

“You did well, little man,” Jackie said. “It’s only fair that I did something for you.” Jackie turned to the side and released me, dumping me onto the side of the bed. She sat up and reached for me, grabbing me by the wrists. Like a limp towel she brought me around so I was lying in the center of the bed. In a single motion she rolled over and pounced on me, her gigantic legs on mine so that I was completely pinned.

“I love how helpless you are,” Jackie said. “I could do anything I wanted to you.” And it was true. I didn’t have a prayer of moving with Jackie’s hands so tightly grabbing my wrists and her legs weighing down on mine. By moving her legs she was able to spread mine. I was laying splayed out before her, unable to do so much as wiggle.

She lowered her face to my body and once again licked me, starting at my inner thigh and moving up my front. The sensation was so intense that I could not help but fidget, but I was entirely pinned and couldn’t move. Jackie could sense my muscles straining fruitlessly under her and smirked.

“Complete control.” She said, her mouth inches over my chest, her hot breath brushing over me with every syllable. She flicked each of my nipples with her tongue sending insane signals through my body. My dick was so hard that I thought it would spontaneously explode. “I could keep you as long as I wanted.” She said. “I could deny you release.”

She moved her face lower over my body. Her mouth was now right above my cock. She blew on it gently, sending shivers from the tip of my cock all the way up my spine. She brought her tongue out slowly but teased me, moving it around her lips subtly, her eyes blazing into mine.

She lowered her mouth and brought her tongue out again. She traced it from the bottom of my balls to the top of my dick. I gasped—my breathing was becoming very heavy once again. Her lips were less than an inch from the end of my dick. She smiled.

“And now,” She said. “I am going to take you.” She gave the end of my dick the smallest kiss with the very tip of her lips. “You are Jackie’s.”

She began to lower her mouth onto my dick and I felt my sensitive skin slide between her luscious lips into the warm, moist mouth beyond. I gasped out loud at the sensation. Her mouth went down to the very base of my dick—the entire thing was now inside. Strands of her hair were now touching lightly on my chest. Her face filled my entire vision. The feeling of utter submission was complete.

I felt her tongue on my dick as she licked and played with it. It was a huge, moist, powerful tongue that did short work to my dick. Her lips moved up and down my shaft as she sucked and licked. It was the most powerful and explosive combination I could imagine, and I could not hold it in any longer.

My world almost going black from the sheer force of climax, I came. I felt my cock shoot its load between the tightly clamped lips of Jackie into her mouth. My muscles strained compulsively against their binds which did nothing but contribute into a greater thrust upwards, into the mouth of Jackie, giving myself entirely over to her as my climax faded and the last of my cum was ejected.

Slowly, Jackie let my dick fall from her lips as she raised her grinning, satisfied face. She tilted her head back, swallowing my cum. I could only imagine it was not very much from her perspective, and in swallowing it she was in a way swallowing me, imbibing my essence. God, I was getting poetic in my own mind from this experience.

Jackie moved her legs off mine but I was completely unable to move, still breathing heavy and panting as I lied there, looking up at her with what I’m sure was a very wide-eyed expression.

After letting me rest for a minute, Jackie gently lifted me by the arms. She pulled me towards her warm chest and pressed me in for a mighty hug, my head over her shoulder and my little feet down around her crotch. Her warm skin was radiating its own special heat and I melted into her as she held me, moving back and forth. We stayed that way for several minutes.

Finally, she pulled me away from her just enough that she could look at me. She was smiling at me warmly, and I was looking at her with an expression of deepest adoration.

“How was that for you?” She asked gently. More than ever before I found it hard to speak.

“It was w-w-wonderful,” I said, finally. “I—I am Jackie’s.”

Jackie pulled me in for a greater hug; the tightest squeeze yet. She gave me a little (yet gigantic) kiss on the cheek as she held me.

“Let’s go to bed.” Jackie said. I nodded in agreement. Without letting go of me she swung around to be off of the covers; then she pulled them back with her free hand. She slid her legs under the covers and moved into a lying position on her side. She held me tightly to her chest—her left bicep under me was the perfect pillow, and her breasts behind me were cradling me. She pulled the covers clear up to her chest so that only the very top of my head was exposed.

“You know,” Jackie said, almost in a whisper, “You’re so tiny my arm won’t even fall asleep.” I squeezed her arm as I wiggled myself more into place. She giggled softly. “You’re so precious,” She whispered sleepily. “My little teddy bear. My perfect toy.”

Jackie’s body was like a furnace under the covers and I found myself drifting off into a warm, blissful sleep. Jackie’s hand played idly along my chest as she whispered sweet things to me. The border between wakefulness and sleep was a blurry one and I hung somewhere in that grey area for a long time as Jackie, similarly neither fully awake nor asleep, whispered sweet nothings and I responded with meaningless murmurs. Finally I drifted off to sleep and I knew no more.


End Notes:

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the story! I will most likely upload it tomorrow night.

The Next Morning by Benton
Author's Notes:

Here is the final chapter of the story! I hope you enjoy!

My waking was as gentle and gradual as my falling asleep had been. Though I slept deeply and soundly, I never forgot where I was or who was holding me. The feeling of Jackie being there, the big spoon so strong holding onto me so protectively, made me feel the most secure I had ever felt. She continued well above my head and well past my feet and was like a universe to me.

I was aware of time passing and I leisurely drifted into and out of sleep as morning approached. It was a good long while before I slid full-time back into the land of the waking. The transition was so gradual I could have never pin-placed the exact time.

Light was streaming in through the windows though it was blocked by the shades. I was able to see part of Jackie’s room now. It was decorated in a tasteful country style, just feminine enough to show that a girl lived here, but there was also a football poster on the wall which kept the room from becoming actually girly.

I felt Jackie stir behind me. She moaned gently as she slept. I could hear and feel her slow rhythmic breathing as I lay in her arms. Her bicep was relaxed and soft and I felt comfortable upon it. Slowly, I shifted myself to face the other way, to face Jackie. Her eyes were closed and she looked utterly peaceful. I admired her face and still felt the impact of how large it was.

Her lips enticed me the most. They were so large, luscious, and inviting. Leaning forward I put the tiniest little kiss on them. I thought I could feel a reaction out of Jackie, so I placed another, and another. The tiniest of satisfied moans came out of her. I continued kissing her gently. Her breathing changed. She took in a deep breath and started to shift. She began to kiss back in a way that was so unbelievably gentle and subtle. I got more into it, getting my tongue into it just a little. She kissed me back again, then her eyes opened to reveal her large, brilliant eyes, as bright as a sunrise.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Jackie said, the words a calm breeze across my face. I smiled as I looked into her eyes. I felt her arm come around me, stroking my back. I didn’t say anything, just laid there gazing into her eyes.

“Sleep alright?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah,” I said, breathily. She smiled. I felt the entire bed shift as she rolled slowly from her side to her back, still keeping her eyes on me.

“Well, it’s about time to get up,” Jackie said. “I’ll call the office about your little problem, and then we’ll get some breakfast, alright?”

For a split second I didn’t know what she meant about “my problem”. In my state of bliss I momentarily forgot that I wasn’t supposed to be 35 inches tall and that this was an issue.

“Okay,” I said. Slowly, majestically, Jackie rose. Her breasts stood out proudly in the morning sun, and I was able to admire her naked body in much better light than we had had last night. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and she stood up, facing away from me.

I watched as she walked around the bed and picked up a green robe that was hanging on a hook by the door. She took it and wrapped it around herself, her bare skin disappearing behind the soft fabric.

“Stay right there,” Jackie said. “I’ll handle everything with the corporate people. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Giving me a reassuring smile she put her hand on the doorknob, opened the door, and stepped out of the bedroom.

I felt a rush of gratitude for Jackie for starting to sort this out for me. Surely I could have called the office myself, but Jackie’s attentiveness made me feel cared-for. It was a very warm feeling. However, as I laid there, hints of the real world started to crack my feeling of bliss. Being this size was a real problem, no matter how wonderful my night with Jackie had been, and if they couldn’t find a way to get me back to full size, then my life as I had known it would be over.

Jackie re-emerged in the doorway a few minutes later. Her robe was loosely tied around her so that the middle of her torso was visible. Her nipples were concealed but the outer curves of her breasts were there, tantalizing. The look made her seem strong, powerful.

“Well, I talked to the office and they said to bring you in in about two hours,” Jackie said. “The lab’s only half an hour drive away, so we have some time.”

“Did they say they’re going to be able to fix me?” I asked. Jackie smiled reassuringly.

“They didn’t say anything but to bring you in,” Jackie said. “Though by the way they talked it didn’t seem like they thought it was too serious a problem.”

“Oh,” I said, not knowing what to think. “I guess that’s good.”

“I’m sure we’ll have you back to normal in no time.” Jackie said. “Come here.”

Jackie moved forward, arms outstretched. I let myself be lifted by her strong arms as she brought me up to her chest in a hug. She held me tightly for a few moments before looking down at me.

“I was thinking we should take a shower,” Jackie said. “We got pretty sticky last night, after all.”

I looked up at her, a twinge of excitement flowing through me. “Sure!” I said, the excitement apparent in my voice.

Jackie carried me back into the bathroom, the place where I had first seen her topless the night before. She placed me on the ground and then reached into the shower to start the water. The water flowed from the nozzle high up on the wall. Jackie put her hand in, testing the temperature. She then removed her robe, revealing her stunning, curvy naked body. Even though I had just seen her nude the reveal sent new waves of excitement through me and I found myself becoming hard.

Jackie stepped over the edge of the shower and the water started flowing over her. It was a stunning sight. She offered her hand to me and holding her hand I stepped over the lip of the shower. Instantly the water started falling on me as well. Now that I was inside Jackie closed the shower, closing us both in the same little stall.

Seeing the water running down Jackie’s body was a truly breathtaking sight. I watched as little droplets raced across her breasts high above me, and other droplets ran over and around her trimmed vagina. The water was soaking her hair and running down her legs. She looked completely irresistible.

I must have looked irresistible to her as well. She looked down at me with the same greedy expression she had first worn when she came onto me in the back room at work last night. Slowly she squatted down to get closer to my level. She brought her hands out feeling my hair, wet from the water, and ran them behind by back and over my butt. I then found her pulling me to her, plunging her lips into mine and giving me a powerful, engulfing kiss as she had done on the couch last night.

The water on both our bodies created an astounding sensation as we were squeezed together. Her hands ran up and down my wet body as if she couldn’t get enough of touching me. I couldn’t resist reaching my own hands forward and touching her breasts, enjoying the tactile sensation of the large, warm boobs under my hands as the water ran down.

Finally Jackie straightened up, looking down on me. Her head was almost as high as the sprocket and the water cascaded off her body, much of it bouncing onto me. I stepped forward putting my hands around her legs and rubbing myself into them. Her crotch hung just above my face and I knew what I wanted to do.

Putting my face up, I opened my mouth and licked the outer folds of Jackie’s pussy. A gasp from above told me that this took her by surprise. I licked it again, her great womanhood at the level of my face with water coming down all around. Holding her as hard as I could around the legs I opened my mouth wide and started sucking her as hard as I could.

I could feel the muscles in Jackie’s body spasm as she reacted to this. She lowered herself just a tiny bit and I had even greater access to her womanhood. I heard her continue to gasp and moan as I sucked. I felt her hand come behind my head and firmly hold me against her cunt as I continued the cunnilingus, trying to bring the intensity as well as I could.

Jackie moaned louder and louder and breathed heavier and heavier as I sucked her, her body moving in rhythm with her arousal. The water cascaded down over us but my mouth was covered in a different kind of moisture, her hot, feminine fluids. The amount of cum she could create was incredible and it was going all over my face and dripping down my chin.

Jackie gasped as she came closer and closer to climax. My hands explored her vast butt cheeks while my elbows remained firmly locked around her legs, and I sucked and licked so hard that I felt my tongue was going to be sore. Her rhythm got stronger and stronger until finally in one seizing moment she climaxed, my face smashed against her cunt by her hand and her thrust.

Jackie let out a deep sigh as she enjoyed her orgasm. Her hand came loose from the back of my head and I slowly moved away from her womanhood. She stood there, slumped against the side of the shower, a satisfied and grateful look on her face as she peered down at me.

Jackie reached forward and lifted me up by the armpits. She held me right in front of the shower head, admiring me. The water hit me gently here as it had less distance to fall, but there was a ton of it cascading down my back and coming off the ends of my feet like little waterfalls, dripping into Jackie’s legs where they continued their journey to the drain.

This time Jackie didn’t say anything at all. She leaned in and slid my cock right into her mouth. It was my turn to gasp with surprise—I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly like that. I felt her giggle the smallest bit at my reaction. Then, she began sucking gently and teasing me with her tongue. And there I hung, high above the floor of the shower, in Jackie’s grasp as she sucked me off in the air.

Being only eight hours since the last time I came I didn’t cum so readily this time. But in this case it made it all the better. Jackie’s fellatio started out gentle but became more intense as she continued. I heaved in her hand as she continued, my awkward position in the air only contributing to my strongly beating heart as she licked and sucked.

I felt myself building and building towards orgasm. Finally I burst, cumming in her mouth once again. Jackie held me there while she took the semen. I sighed and wilted in her hands, coming down from my orgasm as the water flowed over our bodies.

Jackie lowered me and brought me to her, once again bringing me into a hug. I gratefully accepted the support of her full body and grasped her tightly, at least as tightly as my puny body could.

Finally Jackie lowered me down to the base of the shower. I stood and watched upwards as Jackie washed her hair, little flecks of soapy water falling down onto me as I watched the spectacle. She then washed my short hair, rubbing a tiny amount of soap into my hair and grooming me as if I was a little child incapable of taking care of myself. At the end of it she lifted me up again, rinsing me off below the shower nozzle.

Putting me down, she finished the last of her rinsing and turned off the water. I watched as the water dripped off her, leaving a wet glaze behind. Jackie opened the shower door and grabbed a towel. She crouched down and dried me off first, engulfing me in the gigantic towel and rubbing me vigorously. I then was treated to the view of Jackie toweling herself off, her boobs shifting voluptuously as she dried them.

“Come on,” Jackie said, reaching for my hand. She led me out of the shower and out of the bathroom, back into her bedroom. She lifted me up and placed me on the edge of the bed again as she had done last night, and she turned to face the mirror on her dresser and started to comb her hair. I was treated to a view of her ass—a foot in front of my face—as she did this.

“Looking forward to getting fixed?” Jackie asked, looking at me through the mirror as she combed her drying hair.

“I suppose,” I said, though as Jackie’s ass hung so large, so close to my face, I really wondered if I ever wanted to leave this world.

“If you grow I’m going to miss you like this,” Jackie said, smiling.

“I guess I’d miss it too.” I admitted.

Soon Jackie finished combing her hair. She rummaged through her drawer for a pair of panties, pulling them on and concealing her pussy behind them for what all I knew could have been the last time. She picked out a pair of blue jeans—as tall as I was, of course—and pulled them on. She then put on a bra and light grey long-sleeved shirt. She looked as normal as could be, ready to take on the world, and I was the little three-foot naked man sitting on the bed.

She turned to me and said, “Come on, let’s get some breakfast.” And lifted me up, placing me against the soft fabric of her shirt as she carried me to the kitchen. I was completely capable of walking, of course, but she really seemed to like carrying me by this point.

She sat me down directly on the kitchen table. Obviously my twenty-two pounds were not going to break it. She rummaged in the kitchen cupboard, the same one in which I had hid the night before during our game of hide and seek.

“Toast all right?” Jackie asked. I nodded. As I watched Jackie prepare breakfast I thought how wonderful this was in any context—I slept with the girl last night, and this morning she was making me breakfast. A guy couldn’t ask for better.

She returned with a piece of toast for each of us, which I felt was teasing a bit because there was no way I could eat an entire slice, it being the equivalent of half a loaf for me. She poured orange as well—a large, full glass for herself and half a little squat glass for me. She laughed slightly as she handed it to me.

The toast was thick and crunchy but tasted as good as ever. Jackie’s bites seemed so big to me and gave me one more reminder of the size difference between us. She smiled at me as I made slow progress on the toast. At least I was able to finish my meager share of orange juice.

“Aww, not hungry?” Jackie teased as I stopped after eating a little more than a quarter of my piece of toast. “Well, I guess you’ve already had two pieces by your standards. Here, let me finish.” And Jackie took the piece of toast and chewed down with a bite that almost equaled my entire meal. She really did laugh this time.

“So you feeling nervous at all?” Jackie asked me as she finished.

“A little,” I admitted. I hadn’t been thinking about it because my mind was so fixated on Jackie, but I was a bit nervous what was going to happen to me when we got to the lab. Would they be able to fix me right away or would they have to keep me there a while, running tests on me and such? The warm care of Jackie was one thing, but it was a terrifying thought to think of being held by some faceless scientists being seen as nothing more than an oddity to study.

“Don’t worry,” Jackie said firmly. “I won’t let them do anything to you. Other than fix your size, that is.”

“Thanks,” I said warmly. Jackie’s strength really did reassure me.

The time to leave was rapidly approaching. “You all ready to go?” Jackie asked me. “I’ll throw the bag of normal-sized clothes into the car so you can put them on after you grow.”

“Umm,” I said, looking down at my naked body, “Shouldn’t I be wearing something when we go?”

“Oh yeah,” Jackie said, laughing. “I’ll grab you something.” Jackie disappeared into her bedroom, returning a moment later with another one of this shirts. “Drape this over yourself.” She said. “It should be fine for now.”

I felt silly putting on a girl’s shirt the size of a robe but I guess it was the best we could do in the situation. It’s not like clothes for a three-foot man would be sitting around somewhere.

“I suppose we’d better get going,” Jackie said. “I’ve already thought about the question of how we’re going to transport you because I obviously can’t have you sitting my lap the whole ride. Wait here.”

Curious as to what Jackie was going to concoct I sat waiting on the table as she rummaged around in a closet for something. To my great confusion and embarrassment Jackie pulled out a child’s car seat and carried it out into the kitchen.

“You’re going to make me sit in that?” I asked incredulously. “Why do you even have one?”

“This is my roommate’s,” Jackie explained. “Her sister sometimes visits with her little niece so she keeps this spare car seat here.”

“But I’m not a little kid!” I complained.

“You’re the size of one.” Jackie said, “And regular seatbelts wouldn’t fit you. Besides, do you really want a cop pulling us over and questioning why there’s a little midget in my car without a booster seat?”

“Fine,” I said, realizing there was no way around it. Jackie smiled and ruffled my hair.

“It’s only for the ride there.” Jackie said. “I promise I’ll let you sit in the front on the way back once you’re a big boy again. Come on, up you go.”

Jackie leaned forward and lifted me one-armed off the table. With the car seat in one arm and its soon-to-be passenger in the other Jackie carried me to the door. We were leaving Jackie’s apartment—it was sad to leave the place where so much magic had happened over the last night but I wasn’t going to regrow if we just stayed here.

Deftly balancing me with one arm, she managed to open the door and lock it once we were outside. She walked down the front steps to her car in the cool morning air. I wondered briefly what Jackie’s neighbors would think if they happened to see her carrying me out to the car, but Jackie didn’t seem to care. It was unavoidable anyway.

Jackie opened the back door of her car, first tossing in my bag of full-sized clothes and then placing the child seat on the back seat, securing it in place. “In you go,” Jackie said, and sat me down upon the hunk of plastic. My borrowed shirt was riding up my body as Jackie placed me in the seat and I tried to pull it down, trying to give myself at least the smallest dignity in this arrangement.

“I’m going to buckle you in,” Jackie said pulling the straps across my lap. She made sure it was good and tight and I was securely in place. She stepped back and smiled at the sight of thirty-five-inch me sitting strapped into a child seat.

“Awe, I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing this by now, but you look so cute,” Jackie said. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Well, it was still embarrassing, but this might be bearable for the ride.

Jackie closed the side door momentarily leaving me in the car by myself. She walked around the front and got into the driver’s side. I could feel the car shift slightly as she got in. She turned on the car with a rumble and turned back to look at me. She smiled and squeezed my leg reassuringly.

“Here we go,” Jackie said. With that, she backed out of her spot, pulled away from her apartment, and a minute later we were on the road on the way to this mysterious lab.

Jackie put on the radio and we didn’t talk much on the ride over. As she drove I found myself more and more anxious about what was to come. Certainly if they knew how to shrink a person they knew how to grow him back, right? It only made sense. Shrinkgliceride was a chemical, right? Certainly it could be removed, or broken up somehow? Jackie looked back at me through the rear-view mirror frequently as she drove, but her reassuring smiles did not completely quell my fear and uncertainty.

As we drove I got a look at the drivers and passengers in all the other cars. Everyone was so huge, a fact that I was still not used to. It was different when Jackie and I were alone together—she was more than a person, she was a world to me during those times. But all those people in those cars made me feel like the tiny person I was. I would really hate to spend my whole life like this.

“Ha, everyone else on the road thinks I have a kid!” Jackie laughed. It was true, that’s what someone would think if they didn’t get a close enough look. In one car that we were next to on the highway two kids were peering out the window at me. They must have been only five or six, but already they were probably larger than me. That was a scary thought. Thankfully, Jackie pulled ahead of the car so they were no longer able to stare.

“Just a few more minutes,” Jackie said as she pulled off the highway into a two-lane road. I knew where we were—one of our corporate labs for testing new drinks was here, though I had never been there. My apprehension grew as we approached the driveway for the lab and pulled into the parking lot where Jackie’s car joined that of several others.

“Well, here we are,” Jackie said, looking at me meaningfully after she turned off the car. She got out her side and came around to mine. She undid my straps even though I was perfectly capable of doing it myself—I wasn’t that weak after all—but I felt a bit shaky.

“Here, I’ll carry you in.” Jackie said, reaching for me.

“I could walk,” I said, not wanting to appear completely helpless to the employees of the lab.

“You’ll get your feet dirty,” Jackie said. “I don’t have shoes for you. Come on.” Reluctantly, I let her pick me up. She did have a point—I didn’t have any shoes.

Jackie carried me to the automatic front doors which slid open for us as we approached. There was a small lobby with a few benches but no one present. Ahead was a small reception desk with a young professionally dressed woman sitting. Her face broke into a big smile when she saw us. I felt a shade of the embarrassment I had felt yesterday while working return.

“You’re the little guy who drank Shrinkuccino and never regrew, right?” She asked, looking at me with a deeply amused expression.

“That’s right,” Jackie said, answering for me. “Do we have to wait or can they see us right now?”

“Dr. Rena can see you in a moment.” Said the young woman, who couldn’t keep her eyes off me. “You can follow me.”

The receptionist walked off into the hallway and Jackie followed her. She led us into a room that looked like a small doctor’s office. I found it odd that this was even here, and the receptionist must have seen the look of confusion on our faces because she said: “We added this when we started developing Shrinkuccino. It was a state law of some kind. Go ahead and put the little guy on the table; Dr. Rena will be in shortly.”

Jackie lowered me down onto the padded examination table and took a seat herself by the door. We looked at each other, Jackie giving me a nervous smile. We waited a couple minutes without speaking, and just when I was starting to wonder how long we would have to wait for Dr. Rena the door opened.

A woman of about thirty-five with a white doctor’s coat with a clipboard of notes walked in the door and looked down at me, beaming. I’m sure her smile was just professional courtesy, but I couldn’t help but feel she was as curious about me as all the other women who had stared at me yesterday.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Rena,” She said, extending a giant hand for me to shake. I extended my tiny one and she clasped my hand in hers, shaking it very lightly. She turned to Jackie “Hi,” She said, and they shook hands. The look in Jackie’s eyes was intense, almost like those of that of a momma bear. The fact that she was in the room made me a lot safer.

“So, you drank Shrinkuccino around three in the afternoon yesterday and you’re still small now, is that correct?” She asked me.

“Y-yes, that’s right.” I said. Dr. Rena looked down at her notes. Nervously, I blurted out: “Why didn’t I grow back? It said four hours on the package!”

Dr. Rena looked down through her glasses at me as if slightly amused by my panic. “Yes, it should have been only four hours.” She said. “I think I know why you didn’t grow back, but I’ll need to do a few tests. I’ll need to check your vitals first. If you could just remove your shirt.” A surge of embarrassment and nervousness shot through me. It was scary enough being this small, but I was going to have to be naked in front of this female doctor in my tiny and vulnerable state.

To make matters worse, Dr. Rena turned to Jackie and said: “If you could just wait outside, miss, so he could have his privacy…”

“I want her to stay!” I blurted out, panic-stricken. The thought of being alone, tiny, and naked with this doctor filled me with fear. I was glad I had said something because Jackie was just about ready to speak too and there was fire in her eyes.

“Very well,” Dr. Rena said, turning back to me. The look in Jackie’s eyes probably did more than my words to make the doc reconsider sending Jackie out. “Take it off, please.”

Clumsily, I took the robe-like shirt off my body and put it beside me. I now sat naked in front of Dr. Rena in this slightly chilly air-conditioned doctor’s office. I thought I saw her eyes flash down to my cock for just a second but I could have been imagining things.

“All right.” Dr. Rena. “Just going to do the standard things, take your blood pressure, check your heart.”

Dr. Rena fetched a few instruments from the side counter of the office. Dr. Rena took my blood pressure, my arm comically tiny in the giant black band that Dr. Rena inflated. Dr. Rena then took my pulse, holding my hand and putting two gigantic fingers over my artery. I made sure to keep eye contact with Jackie during this, and she looked back at me with a reassuring expression.

“Time to check your heart,” Dr. Rena said. She brought out her stethoscope and put the ear pieces in. The round metal part was huge and she leaned really far into me to get my heart reading; I could almost feel the doctor’s breath. The metal was cold on my chest. She checked numerous parts of my chest. I kept glancing down at the sleeve of her jacket, which was inches above my dick and at risk of touching it at any moment.

“Sorry,” Dr. Rena said. “You’re just so little that it’s hard to get a good read on your heart.” She leaned in closer, and I felt my heart beating fast enough that I’m sure it would have given a skewed reading. Dr. Rena seemed to hear it because she backed off at last. She returned the stethoscope to the countertop and brought back a thermometer.

“Open up and say ‘ah’,” Dr. Rena said and slid the thermometer into my mouth. I noticed a little picture of a teddy bear on the end and realized with embarrassment that this was a child’s thermometer. After a moment Dr. Rena pulled it out.

“Well, everything checks out fine given the circumstances,” She said. “I’m just going to have to take a little blood to confirm my suspicions.”

“Is it going to hurt him?” Jackie asked, breaking her silence. Dr. Rena looked over at her, an annoyed look crossing over her face.

“I’m going to use the same kind of syringe that we use on young children, and I only need a couple drops,” Dr. Rena said coldly. She walked over to the counter and brought back a needle. Her large hand wrapped easily around my arm as she exposed a vein. The needle sure looked large enough to me, but I didn’t panic as I felt the prick and watch her extract just a little blood. She pulled the needle out and immediately wipe the spot clean and put a kid’s bandage on.

Dr. Rena brought the sample back to the counter and started tampering with something. Unable to hold back my question, I asked: “How long before we know the test results?”

Dr. Rena looked back on me with a pitying grin. “I should know in just a minute.” She said. “It’s a very simple test and I can do it right here. I just have to check for one thing.”

As I watched Dr. Rena dropped my blood sample into a little machine. I felt her pressing a few buttons and then stood by waiting for a few moments. She dripped another chemical into the machine and a few seconds later nodded in satisfaction.

“Just as I thought.” She said. “Your body isn’t metabolizing the shrinkgliceride.”

“Anyone could’ve said that,” Jackie said, coldly. “Why?”

Dr. Rena’s expression darkened, but she continued. “There is a very specific enzyme in the blood that breaks down the shrinkgliceride. This little guy here doesn’t have it. He has what we call a QD Deficiency. About one to two percent of the population has it but it doesn’t have any effect on your health whatsoever except for your ability to break down shrinkgliceride.”

“But I can still grow back, can’t I?” I asked, feeling a little panicked.

“Of course you can.” Dr. Rena said. “All you need is a little synthetic QD. I should have some right here.”

Dr. Rena reached into the cabinet and pulled out a little bottle. Was that the antidote to my smallness, right there in that simple bottle? The label read simply “Synthetic QD” with a bunch of small writing under it.

“These were supposed to be sent out with the Shrinkuccino sample packets.” Dr. Rena said. “But they accidentally sent them out before we could put these in. We figured it wasn’t a big deal because a QD Deficiency is very rare and we’d get the SQD out there before the Shrinkuccino was up for sale. Bad luck for you I guess.” Dr. Rena gave a little laugh. I was getting a little impatient. I had been small for a few hours short of a full twenty-four hours.

“All right.” Dr. Rena said, seeing the looks on both mine and Jackie’s faces. “Open your mouth, I’m going to squirt a little onto your tongue.”

Dr. Rena opened the bottle. On the underside of the cap was a little squeeze bladder. She used it to pick up a very small amount of SQD. I opened my mouth and she squirted the liquid inside. It tasted bitter and medicinal on my tongue.

For a moment nothing happened. I sat on the examination table, nerves mounting. Could something have gone wrong? But then the world started to shift. I felt my butt start to slide on the examination table, but slide outwards in all directions. Jackie gasped putting her hand to her mouth. Everything around me was getting smaller. The room was slowly closing around me and the two women were becoming less and less of giantesses every second.

Everything continued to shrink around me, slowing, and finally stopping. I breathed out—I didn’t even know I was holding my breath. It had happened—I was no longer small. The room was now just a room with normal-sized ceilings and Jackie and Dr. Rena were merely women, not powerful giantesses.

“Oh my god!” Exclaimed Jackie, excited at the spectacle of me growing right before her very eyes.

“Piece of cake.” Dr. Rena said. At that moment I realized that I was sitting there naked in front of two women my own size. That ironically embarrassed me more than when I was naked as a small person. My hand shot over my genitals so fast that Jackie actually laughed.

“Uh, do you have my clothes?” I asked Jackie feeling myself turn a little red in the cheek.

“Here you go,” Said Jackie, handing me my bag of work clothes with a bit of an embarrassed laugh. It was strange that after the night we had had together she couldn’t look at me directly while I was naked.

While I was getting dressed hurredly I noticed Dr. Rena give the bottle of SQD to Jackie. “You’ll want to bring this back to your store in case something like this happens again.” She said. “A couple drops should be enough to dissolve the Shrinkgliceride in anyone’s system.”

“All right.” Said Jackie, not so cold anymore towards Dr. Rena now that I was full-sized and no longer needed looking-after. I finished dressing and turned around to look at the women.

“So, uh, is there anything else we need to do?” I asked.

“Nope, you’re free to go.” Said Dr. Rena. She opened the door for us. I followed Jackie out into the hallway. It was weird—I had gotten so used to seeing her as a towering giantess that it was now strange to see her the same size as me. She was a few inches shorter than me, in fact. It had always been that way over the couple of months we had worked together before this experience. It just seemed weird to be back to that.

Jackie and I walked down the hallway. The receptionist recognized us and waved goodbye. I responded weakly. We walked through the sliding doors and out to the parking lot, where Jackie’s now-small car sat next to other now-human-proportioned cars. Jackie looked at the child seat in the back, looked back at me, and snorted. Looking at the child seat now it was hard to believe I was ever small enough to fit in it.

“Well, I guess it’s time to head back.” Jackie said. “I’ll take you back to work so you can pick up your jacket and your car.”

“Sounds good.” I said. Jackie got into the driver’s side of her car and I got into the passenger’s side. I felt really odd about the whole thing, even a little sad, as though I had lost something magical.

“How does it feel to be back?” Jackie asked as she pulled out onto the main road.

“It’s—it’s good.” I said. It was true that I was relieved to not be stuck shrunk, but I felt that something had changed. Jackie didn’t look at me the same way when I was full-sized. We had had an insane night together, something beautiful, something I’d never want to forget. But now that I was full-sized she was merely a co-worker that I was friendly with, and the whole night we had was like a dream, or something that happened to somebody else that I read about.

We didn’t talk much as Jackie drove back. I wondered if she felt as surreal about the whole situation as I did. I wanted to ask her, but didn’t have the nerve. Instead we merely listened to the radio as Jackie drove us down the road back to our workplace.

Finally Jackie pulled into the parking lot of our work parking directly next to my car which had sat in that lot overnight. For a moment neither of us moved, then Jackie opened the door to step out and I followed her. We stood there in the parking lot, each feeling awkward, or at least I did. Because my car was to the left of Jackie’s I walked around to her side.

“Well,” Jackie said, trying to break the awkward silence. “I guess this is it, isn’t it.”

“Yeah.” I said. “I guess you’re headed home—you weren’t scheduled today either, right?”

“I wasn’t,” Jackie said. We stood there for a few moments more. Suddenly I felt a welling of courage. I knew I had to try, and I knew that I would regret it forever if I didn’t give it a shot.

“Hey,” I said, my voice sounding slightly shaky. “Now that I’m, uh, full-sized together, how about we go out sometime? Get to know each other the normal way, you know?”

Jackie didn’t say anything for a long moment. I could hear the sound of traffic around us and the trees rustling in the wind as I waited for her answer. But as soon as I saw her face change I knew what the answer was going to be and my heart fell.

“Look,” Jackie said. “You’ve a very good guy. I’ve just had a couple bad relationships recently and I’d just like to take a break for a while, you know?”

I nodded. I felt as though a weight had sunk into my heart. Maybe our beautiful night was just a one-off special moment that would stand on its own and we would both have to move on from here. It just hit me hard in that moment that she didn’t want to give dating a go.

However, it seemed that all was not lost.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a smile creep onto Jackie’s face. It was a tiny grin at first, but then it grew into a large, Cheshire-cat style grin that was full of mischief and excitement.

“I don’t want a boyfriend right now,” Jackie said. “But I wouldn’t mind my toy back for a while.”

I felt a welling come up from the depths of my heart, that familiar feeling of manic excitement tinged slightly by the rush of sheer panic, but I knew where I wanted to be.

Smiling just as wide, I motioned to our workplace and said: “I guess then I’ll go inside and brew myself another Shrinkuccino.”


End Notes:

Well, that ends the main story of Jackie and our nameless protagonist. I mean I could probably continue, but I'm satisfied with this ending and I'd like to move on to other things.

Speeking of which; I am thinking of writing a spin-off story set in the same "universe" as Shrinkuccino but at a different store where an employee accidentally fills the expresso machine with Shrinkuccino beans rather than regular beans. To make it more interesting, various drinks Shrinkuccino is put into effects it in different ways. This opens up many possibilities!

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