Shrinkuccino by Benton

I am asked to sample a new espresso called "Shrinkuccino" at work, which is measured to shrink me down to half my normal height for four hours. How will I manage myself at that height, especially with so many curious girls around, both customers and co-workers?

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, as well as my overactive imagination, a second and third chapter have been written!

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Shrink: Dwarf (3 ft. to 5 ft.), Munchkin (2.9 ft. to 1 ft.)
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That Night by Benton
Author's Notes:

Orriginally I planned on the first chapter standing on its own and leaving what happened between our protagonist and Jackie after leaving work to the reader's imagination. However, my own imagination got carried away and I ended up writing a second chapter which I then decided to split into two parts: That Night, and The Next Morning.

For obvious reasons that you will see, the inclusion of these chapters has bumped up the rating from "R" to "X". Enjoy!

Excitement and nervousness filled me as we stepped out of the coffee shop and into the cool night air. One inch shy of three feet tall I was carried easily by Jackie, who had one arm around me pressing me against her body. I could feel her softness and warmth through her work shirt as she held me tightly. With her other hand she locked up the store—no more drinks until the morning.

“Let’s get to the car,” Jackie said, carrying me behind the building to the parking lot. The air was cool but not too cold—between Jackie’s robe-like jacket and her body itself I was very warm. She carried me over to her small sedan, which to me was obviously wide enough to fit two lanes. She opened the door and looked inside.

“What to do with you,” Jackie said, musing. “Well, I don’t have a booster seat for you,” Jackie laughed and I felt a little embarrassed. “And you’re too small to sit on your own. Oh well, I guess you’ll just be in my lap. That’s the safest, and plus, it’s only a five minute ride.”

Jackie sat down in the driver’s seat and pulled me onto her lap. I felt a surge of excitement—her legs were spread out around me on either side and my head was level with her large soft breasts. I couldn’t see over the steering wheel and all I could see out of the window were tops of trees and the starry night sky.

Jackie buckled the seat belt over both her and I, the thick lap bar pressing me to her and the shoulder bar passing over my head. I knew I’d probably get killed in a real accident but it didn’t matter. I was with Jackie and she was taking me home.

“Ready, small fry?” She asked me.

“Yeah,” I said, holding onto the huge belt for added security.

Jackie started up the car, backed out of the parking space, and started off down the road. It was a little nerve-wracking being in a vehicle so large I couldn’t see out the window, but it just added to the danger and excitement of what I was doing. Jackie didn’t talk during the ride. Instead she put on the radio, which came on to some kind of energetic 80s pop that pumped through the car as she drove.

“Almost there!” Jackie said, and a moment later I felt the car come to a stop and Jackie turned it off. She opened the door and lifted me up, not letting my bare feet touch the ground. I realized I hadn’t been on my feet since Jackie had lifted me onto the backroom desk back at work and had taken off my clothes. This—pampering, if you wanted to call it that, was something I had never experienced before. It served to make Jackie seem even more powerful in my eyes.

“If anyone’s watching they’ll probably wonder whose child I stole,” Jackie laughed, carrying me up to the front steps of her apartment. With her free hand she removed her key and unlocked the door. She opened up the door and carried me in.

Her apartment was fairly small but cozy. On the left was a small kitchen complete with a table and chairs against one wall. On the right side was a decently-sized living room with comfortable couches, cabinets, and a TV that would have been large normally, but in my eyes was the size of a wall. Beyond that I presumed were the bedrooms and bathroom.

“Here we are, home sweet home,” Jackie said. “My roommate would usually be here, but she’s in Florida visiting family.”

Jackie lowered me to the ground. I still could not get over how small I felt, especially now that we were out of the store and in a domestic setting. With all the counters, chairs, and couches higher than I was I felt like I was a child again. That was until I looked at Jackie, towering over me looking down with a smile I could only describe as hungry.

“I’m going to go get changed.” Jackie said, stepping to move towards the bedrooms. “You stay here and make yourself comfortable.” Then she gave the tiniest squeal and added: “Ohmygod, I have a tiny man in my apartment with me, that’s so precious!”

Jackie bounced off into her bedroom and I found myself alone in the apartment. Everything just seemed too big to be allowed, and it struck me how everything we humans use is designed to be used by people of just the right height. Everything was too big for me, right down to the girl’s jacket draped around my shoulders that trailed on the floor.

I walked into the living room in all of my smallness. The couch was as large as a car, and it was very inviting. The cushions were more than waist height and I hoisted myself up with difficulty inside the jacket and sat on the couch. I leaned against the back of the couch and stretched out my legs. My feet stuck out from under the bottom of the jacket but they did not go over the edge of the couch. There I sat and waited for my eleven foot co-worker—the girl that had quite literally carried me here—to return.

I heard the door open and turned to see Jackie return. My excitement rose when I saw her—she had changed from a form-unflattering work shirt to a tank top that hugged her generous busom, and from plain kakis into thin, skin-hugging sweatpants. Her feet were bare and her hair was down. She was a girl at home, no longer a shift manager at a job, and seeing her this way started to arouse me in ways I was certain I’d be unable to hide.

“You’re so darling sitting there!” Jackie said as she came up to me. She kneeled down in front of me, her soft voluptuous chest so close so me, and started playing with my feet which were still sticking out from her jacket.

“How do you feel, little guy?” She asked. She was looking at me with those bright blue eyes and I once again got the feeling I was going to get lost in her face.

“I feel—I feel good,” I said, though my nervousness came through in my voice.

“Scared?” Jackie asked. I wasn’t sure what to say. “Don’t worry about it.” She said, comforting, “You don’t have to say anything. Jackie will take care of you.”

I felt one of her hands slide up my leg under the jacket until she reached my penis, which was rock hard. I gasped with the sensation as she felt my dick and my balls. She smiled down at me as she did this.

“Let’s take that off you.” Said Jackie. Removing her hand from my junk, she unzipped the jacket gently and lifted it off me, leaving me naked and exposed on the couch. Jackie seemed to be enjoying the sight of me lying there as she surveyed me for several seconds.

“You’re so helpless,” Jackie said, her voice lowering to almost a whisper as she started to lean forward over me. I could feel her breath upon me as her mouth moved mere inches above my skin. Her mouth passed over my penis, then my stomach, chest, until her face was hovering right above mine. Her breasts were right over my middle, begging to come bursting out of the tank top. Jackie leaned down and placed a tender kiss on my lips. Her tongue came out and she started teasing my lips with them. I thought I was going to burst from this alone.

The size difference was the most obvious when you were face to face with someone. Her eyes were so large and intense I thought I would get lost in them. Her mouth was so large, her lips so lush, that there was no way that I was going to be able to kiss them in a normal way. I tried though, planting kisses on her vast lower lip, then upper lip, then I ran my tongue along her lips gently.

Jackie giggled, obviously amused and endeared by my tiny attempts to kiss her. She lustfully placed her mouth over mine and while easily holding my head up to her face gave me the most intense kiss I had ever experienced. I was powerless against her lips and tongue—she took what she wanted to easily and I had no choice but to give it to her. I felt my dick brush against something soft—her breasts which were around my mid-section. I felt like I was going to blow.

Jackie pulled back from me and let me slump back against her couch, panting and estatic. Jackie looked down at my tiny panting body, a satisfied look on her face.

“I don’t want things to go too fast.” Jackie said. “I want this to last. Want to watch a movie?”

For a moment I couldn’t speak as I waited for my body to calm down. Finally I said, “Yeah, sure.”

“You stay there and cool down, and I’ll get some popcorn and pop in the movie.” Jackie said. She walked around the couch to the kitchen leaving me there on the giant couch by myself.

It took a couple minutes for my heart rate to come down to normal, and even longer for my erection to subside. She obviously didn’t want me to be spent so early and I would need all the energy I could get if I ever dreamed of satisfying a woman so many times my size.

I heard the popping of the popcorn and started to smell the warm buttery smell emanating from the microwave. I let myself relax and slid down into a lying position on the couch. With my head almost at the one armrest my feet didn’t come close to reaching the end of the second cushion. The couch was as deep as a bed was wide and I could have easily laid here with somebody my own size and there would have been plenty of room. I laid back and listened for sounds of Jackie.

I heard Jackie remove the popcorn bag from the microwave and pour it into a bowl. I sat up in anticipation of her return. She came around the corner holding a bowl of popcorn almost big enough for me to sit inside. She smiled in amusement seeing me sitting there—it was almost like every time she saw me she was newly amazed at how small I was.

“I found a nice movie for us,” Jackie said, holding up a DVD box of an old action movie with a romance subplot. I nodded my approval and she stepped towards the DVD player to put the disk in, bending down as she did so and giving me a view of her well-formed ass against her sweatpants. Like everything else about her that ass was enormous to me and I was awed by the power of the muscles there.

Jackie plunked herself down on the couch and put her feet up on the table. Just like she was continually amazed by my smallness, I too was continually amazed by her largeness. Her legs, stretched out there before me, were as long as I was tall, and even if I stood on the cushions my head would still be not as high as hers as she sat. I really felt I was the lucky one in this situation.

“Come over here,” Jackie said, reaching out for me. Her hands gripped me around the shoulders and she effortlessly pulled me onto her lap. It was the most warm and comfortable place I had ever been, my little body resting against hers and my tiny legs stretching out between her two great ones, my feet only coming to her knees. My head was right at the level of her supple breasts which formed the perfect cushion for my head. This was pure bliss.

“You comfortable?” Jackie asked as I squiggled myself into place on Jackie’s body.

“Yes, very,” I said, breathily.

Jackie reached down and pulled a blanket that had been sitting next to the couch. I could feel her muscles move as she did so—the sheer alive-ness that I could feel under me was quiet thrilling. She fluffed the blanket and draped it over both of us. My body disappeared under the blanket—the only sign I was there was my head sticking out at the top.

Jackie started up the movie and started munching on the popcorn. I could feel the muscles in her chest movie as she chewed. I tried to reach the bowl but it was too far away. Jackie laughed and picked up a single piece of popcorn to my lips. I opened my mouth and she pushed it inside. It was as large as eight pieces of popcorn and took up a surprising amount of room in my mouth. At least it still tastes the same, I noted as I ate.

After I chewed the first piece Jackie brought a second piece to my mouth and pushed it in. Laughing, she said: “I guess I’m having most of this bowl for myself!” And she put a handful of popcorn into her own mouth.

The movie rolled on and the popcorn disappeared pretty quickly—Jackie was apparently quite hungry. After only a few pieces I already felt like I had my fill, which really wasn’t suprising. I just sat back with my head resting on the amazing cushions of Jackie’s boobs as she continued to eat the last of the popcorn. She was starting to get very relaxed—I could feel her body shift as she leaned back. She placed her hand around my middle as she sat. I felt very warm in the cocoon of heat Jackie’s body was creating under the blanket.

My mind started to wander as we watched the movie. The television, already large, seemed absolutely massive to my eyes. When the movie zoomed in close to the characters they appeared well larger than me. I reminded myself that I only came up to the waste of all of them right now. Even the movie was making me feel tiny, but now that I was on Jackie’s lap that seemed to bother me much less.

Jackie’s fingers were now starting to move idly up and down my body as she watched the movie. The gesture was affectionate and I was both soothed and excited by it. I reached out and squeezed a single finger of her right hand with my tiny one, a move that she would no doubt find adorable. She could even reach clear to my toes without leaning forward and was starting to pull them playfully.

Her fingers slid up my leg and across my waste to my dick, my body tingling in the places where it had touched. My penis, which had been hanging in a semi-erect state, once again shot up to full stiffness. But Jackie took her fingers away—she was just assessing me as well as probably enjoying her ability to stimulate me. She was really getting off on the power she had over me. I thought I could feel her waste slowly undulating under me. The thought filled me with lust and desire.

Jackie wrapped her hands easily around both my legs just above the ankle. She opened and closed my legs moving my feet over her own legs to the outside and back in again. The play was very exciting—I put my own hands into the pockets of Jackie’s sweatpants, holding on and enjoying the ride.

As the big action climax arrived Jackie finished playing with my legs and pulled my hands out of her pocket, playing with them instead. She pulled my arms apart and extended them to my full pitiful wingspan of about three feet. She held them out there leaving me spread out and open while the climax took place, playing with my fingers the entire time.

Once the climax finished Jackie brought my arms down to rest at my side and withdrew her hands. Her manhandling of me had been fun and had aroused me very much and I wanted to do something to return the affection. As the credits rolled I turned over on top of Jackie’s body. I was propped up on my arms on Jackie’s stomach looking up at her face. She looked down at me, grinning, wondering what I was going to do.

I reached forward to grab Jackie’s shoulder and I pulled myself up her body into a standing position leaning against the reclined Jackie. My feet were between her legs just ahead of her crotch and my head was just short of being level with hers. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on those large luscious lips. Jackie returned the kiss, once again overpowering me with her superior tongue and lips.

Jackie sat up which would have unbalanced me if I did feel her large firm hands behind me, one behind my back and one under my butt, similar to how it had been back in the back office of our coffee shop. Jackie leaned forward as she kissed me, my weight falling entirely into those giant, strong hands. Jackie stood up, holding me suspended as she kissed me intensely. I felt the hand around my butt give my cheeks a little squeeze—both of them at once, of course. Hanging here in the air completely held up by Jackie and being kissed within an inch of my life was causing me to get aroused out of my mind. My legs were pressed against Jackie’s stomach and once again I felt the tip of my penis brush against something warm and soft. I was going to blow any second now…

Jackie stopped kissing me and lowered me to the ground. Sitting up on the ground looking up at the standing Jackie I felt smaller than ever. Her giant toes were just inches from my feet as she towered over me looking down. I panted as I sat there, wondering what Jackie had in store for me now.

“How about we play a game?” Jackie said. “You like games, right?”

“Y-yeah?” I said between pants, wondering what she was getting at.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” Jackie said gaily.

“Wha?” I asked, thrown off by her suddenly innocent tone.

“You played hide and seek as a kid, right?” Jackie asked. “I’ll close my eyes and count to fifty, and you’ll find a good hiding place. It should be easy being so small! Ready?”

“Huh?” I asked, still confused, but Jackie put her hands over her eyes.

“One…two…three…” She began. I knew there was nothing for it; I had to play Jackie’s game. I got to my feet and ran off to the kitchen. She was right—being so tiny opened up many more possibilities for places to hide. There was a cabinet that was only slightly smaller than I was tall. Remembering the cabinet at work, I opened the door and crawled inside.

“Ready or not, here I come!” Jackie’s voice came from the living room. I could hear her walking along the floor. She was clearly dragging it out: “Could the little man be in here? No? How about here?”

I knew Jackie was teasing me again with this whole game. She wanted to drag things out as long as possible, waiting until I was absolutely begging for her to take me. I heard her opening cabinets next to me, and finally, she opened the one I was in.

“Found you!” Jackie said gleefully, crouching down and looking in at me. She filled the entire space of the opening and I felt the notion of being trapped by her to be very arousing. “Come on.” She said and reached for me. She lifted me out of the cupboard and placed me on my feet next to her.

“Find another hiding spot,” Jackie commanded. She put her hands over her eyes and started counting again: “One, two, three…”

I looked around for another spot to hide and found a food pantry with folding doors. The space between the door and the shelves would not have been sufficient to fit a normal-sized person, but I could just barely squeeze in.

“Coming to get you!” I heard Jackie’s voice say from outside the pantry. In an odd way I prided myself on my hiding spot for picking such a counter-intuitive place, or maybe Jackie was just humoring me. Either way she took an awful long time finding me. I heard her going from room to room opening doors looking for her elusive little man.

Finally, I heard her approach and open the sliding doors to the pantry. “A-ha!” She said, hands on her hip as she looked down on me. Deciding to be cute I stepped forward and wrapped myself around Jackie’s left leg, hugging the sweatpants-clad tree trunk as tight as I could.

“Aww,” Jackie said, tussling my hair with her hand. Then she shook her leg, dislodging me, and said: “The game’s not over. Now you have to find me! It shouldn’t be too hard for you, there’s a lot fewer places I can hide!”

“Okay,” I said, putting my hands over my eyes.

“Count to fifty!” Jackie said. “And no peaking!”

I heard Jackie walk away as I started to count. Excited thoughts ran through my head and I kept loosing count. After a while, I just decided that it had been about fifty seconds.

“Okay,” I called out, “I’m coming to find you…you big meanie.” I felt silly trying to taunt the giantess, but felt I at least had to try. I walked into the living room, wondering where a fully grown adult could hide. I looked behind the curtain and under the table, but those places were obvious. It couldn’t be too hard to find Jackie.

I opened the door to the bathroom which was lit only by a small nightlight, which was casting huge shadows everywhere. I pushed the door slowly to the wall making sure she was not hiding behind it. I noticed the shower curtains were drawn. That was the only other place Jackie could be hiding so I walked forward to check.

Abruptly the shower curtains were pulled over and Jackie jumped forward shouting: “BOO!” The sight of something so big jumping out of me startled me so much that I screamed and fell backwards. Jackie laughed maniacally as my vision went a little swimmy and I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

Jackie fell to her hands and knees in front of me, her hands on either side of me. I hadn’t noticed it when she had jumped out because I was so startled, but I now saw that she had removed her tank top. She was now completely topless—her liberated breasts were highlighted by the light of the nightlight, round, soft, and impossibly big.

Jackie was still laughing at me. “You should have seen yourself.” Jackie said. “You were so scared. You sounded like a little girl! Well, I guess that makes sense, seeing that you are smaller than one now.”

“You scared the crap out of me!” I exclaimed, my heart still hammering. Though slowly, the sight of those large round breasts was causing my fright to be turned into arousal.

“Aww,” Jackie said. “Would a kiss make it better?” Before I could say anything Jackie leaned forward and planted a kiss on my stomach. She kissed my stomach and chest a few other times. I watched her, my eyes barely able to look away from those breasts, with their nipples erect and hanging down. I lay there with my heart slowly stopping its pounding as Jackie continued kissing my stomach and chest. I felt the coolness of the moisture of her kisses as she left them on me.

Jackie’s hands found mine and she pulled me to my feet as she stood up. My eyes were level with her waste, the bare skin of her stomach just above my head. Her breasts hung over me, gentle, proud, enticing. Jackie continued to hold my hands. She raised my hands up as high as they would go. Then, slowly, she pulled my hands forward until they were resting on the underside of her boobs. The feeling of that soft, naked flesh under my hands sent my excitement into high gear.

My body was pressed up against Jackie’s legs as I tried to feel what I could. Jackie pulled my arms higher bringing me onto my tip-toes, barely giving me the height I needed to stretch with all my might and reach her nipples. I could just barely do it—reaching as far as I could I could barely touch those big hard nipples high above my head.

“You like them, don’t you?” Jackie asked as I continued to feel and play with those nipples. “Here,” She said. Letting go of my hands she reached down and lifted me up, turning me ninety degrees to put me on the closed toilet lid. This gave me about a foot and a half of extra height and put my race right at level with those luscious orbs.

“You know you want to,” Jackie said, smiling, looking down at her boobs. Man, did I ever. I don’t think another pair of breast ever enticed me as much as those two did right now. I moved forward and buried my face in those breasts, each bigger than my own head, reveling in the glory of the soft flesh. Jackie held my hands behind her, stabilizing me but also pushing me further into her boobs. I started licking at the flesh looking for a nipple. I found one and latched on, sucking with all my tiny might on this giver of life. I heard a little moan come from Jackie above which only heightened my arousal.

“Let me cradle you,” Jackie said. She put one hand under my knees and another below my shoulders and effortlessly lifted me up, cradling me in her arms. She bolstered my head so that it was on level with her breasts. My mouth found her nipple again and I began to suck, cradled there against her like a child. “Drink up, my baby,” Jackie said in a low voice as she held me there sucking her tit. This was bliss beyond anything I had known. I felt as though I were in another world, something far beyond this one.

For a moment of tragedy I felt my lips come off Jackie’s breast with a little sucking sound. Jackie lowered me down so that I was standing on the ground ahead of her. She was smiling with a mix of contentment and excitement as she looked down on me.

“That was very sweet.” She said. “But you’re a man, aren’t you? Even if you’re only three feet tall.”

Once again I found it hard to speek: “Y-yeah, I am,” I said at last.

“Then you need to please me like a man,” Jackie said in a low, sultry voice. “Come on.” The air itself seemed thick with anticipation as Jackie put her hands under my armpits and carried me off out of the bathroom.

We entered another room which could only be her bedroom. The bed sat in the center of the room and seemed the size of a garage. I could barely make out the decorations of the room in the dark. One thing was clear, though: the lioness had captured her pray and had brought it back to her lair.

Jackie sat me down on the edge of her bed and stood before me. She was a towering, dominating presence. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, running her hands sensuously up her own body. She ran her hands over her boobs, squeezing and playing with them. I watched with increasing excitement—it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing to excite me.

“I’ve seen a lot of you all day,” Jackie said, her hands going down to the seam of her sweatpants. “It’s only fair you get to see all of me.”

Then slowly, teasingly, Jackie removed her sweatpants and panties. It took a while—she teased me by pulling the seams down and back up giving me a momentary glimpse of the hip bone or the top of the public mound. Then finally she pulled them down fully exposing her pussy to me. It was trimmed but not entirely shaved, and it was already glistening from arousal. Like everything else about Jackie it seemed too big to be allowed. It was hard to believe that this was real life.

Jackie ran her hands down there teasing the outer folds of her vulva. She rubbed her middle finger deep into the folds to get it nice and sticky. She then brought it to my face, rubbing her finger in a slow line right under my nose to moisten my upper lip with her pussy juices. I could smell her arousal as strong as day and the smell excited me.

“You want to fuck me, little man?” She said, her voice low, hungry, even a little dangerous. “I don’t think you know how to fuck me. But you’re going to have to try.”

Jackie leaned forward and seized me be the shoulders and threw me back onto the bed. I was surprised with the force that she tossed me back as I landed on the pillows near the top of her bed. She jumped on after me, the impact of her body on the bed sending me airborne again for a fraction of a second. Jackie was hungry now and there was nothing I could do but go along.

Jackie grabbed me tightly by the upper leg. She stuck out her tongue and licked me across my front in a long motion. She licked right up my face and up to my ear, giving it a little flick with her tongue. She then began to drag me towards her. She lowered herself down so that her chest pressed against my legs and then my waste. I saw and felt my penis disappear in the cleavage between her breasts. The feeling was incredible and I felt I was going to blow my load right there between her tits, but I knew that wouldn’t please her so I held it in, as hard as it was.

Now her face was over mine and she looked down at me hungrily. “How much of my weight do you think your body can take?” Jackie asked. “I want to feel you wiggle under me.”

Jackie began to lower herself onto me. It seemed like she was barely resting any weight on me but it already felt like she was crushing me. She lowered herself more and more. I struggled under her trying to get any kind of air but I was rendered immobile by her vast, warm, soft weight.

Jackie enjoyed my struggles, moaning softly as I wiggled fruitlessly under her. “Nowhere to go,” She taunted as she put a bit more of herself on me. She must have weighed over a thousand pounds to my scale—I couldn’t even think of doing the math as I struggled there. For a moment I thought she really was going to crush me but she relented.

I felt Jackie’s hand grab for my foot which was about at level of her crotch. She started rubbing my foot against her labia, masturbating herself with my foot. I watched this incredible sight unable to do anything at all except go with it. Jackie arched her back and pulled me further towards her, her breasts hanging down just inches above me as she pleasured herself with me.

“Okay,” Jackie said finally, breathlessly, releasing my foot. “You’re going to have to fuck me now. I don’t care if it’s small, just put it inside me.”

Jackie pushed me out of the way as she laid on the center of the bed. She propped herself up against the pillows as she dragged me over her legs to place me between them. Her pussy laid exposed before me, inviting me. Above that Jackie’s body curved upwards to the two prominent lumps of her breasts and her face, looking down at me.

“Do your worst, little man.” Jackie said. I began to straddle her the best I could. I was filled full of desire and lust, but also could not help feel very silly at the same time. How could I hope to please her with my pinky-finger-sized dick? But I was being drawn in, and I had to do it.

As I plunged my dick into Jackie’s cunt I felt a new surge of energy hit me. I heard her gasp slightly as she watched. I started pumping, my cock moving up and down. My excitement was growing—it would not take long at all before I blew my load. Jackie’s eyes were closed and she was breathing in rhythm to my thrusts. I was really doing it!

Or So I thought. Just as I felt I was about to blow I felt Jackie’s hand on my chest. She pushed me back forcefully and I flipped slightly landing on my butt between her knees. She was sitting up now looking fully crazed. Her horniness was almost a physical presence in the bed with us.

“That’s not going to do it,” She said, quickly and breathlessly, strands of hair hanging down over her face. “You’re going to have to fist me.”

“F-fist you?” I asked, somewhat frightened. Fisting was quite an extreme act normally and I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that my fist would be barely wider than the average dick, and my forearm barely longer.

“Yeah, it won’t hurt me. Not at your size.” Jackie said. She leaned forward and grabbed my right arm with nearly bone-crushing strength. “Do it!” She growled.

The thought of disobeying never entering my mind, I closed my hand into a fist. I lowered it down to her vulva, rubbing it and looking for the vaginal opening. I found it and started to push it in, Jackie’s muscles putting up a firm resistance.

This obviously wasn’t fast enough for Jackie. She grabbed my arm right below the elbow and forcefully thrust it into her. She gasped dramatically as over a relative foot of my arm disappeared into her pussy. The pressure on my hand was great and I instinctively unfurled my fist.

“No, keep them together,” Jackie breathed. Fighting against the pressure I remade the fist inside of her. Slowly I started to move it back and forth. Jackie gasped and moaned with my motions. Gaining confidence I started to move my arm in and out faster. It was heavy work with all the resistance but I found myself getting into it, especially when I was rewarded with the sounds of Jackie moaning and gasping, and a female smell so pungent it seemed to fill the atmosphere of the room.

“Yes! Yes!” Jackie gasped as I continued to fist her. I noticed she was also playing with her clit while I fisted her. Not satisfied with merely that she grabbed my left hand and placed it around her clit, holding it there. I started rubbing and squeezing it using much more force than I would ever dream of using on a normal-sized girl. Jackie reacted to this, gasping and moaning harder than ever. I was being drowned in this pool of female pleasure as she grew ever closer to climax.

Finally, in an act that seemed to sieze her entire body and fill the entire room, Jackie game in one great, shuddering moment. Her orgasm seemed to consume me, to swallow me whole. I was in awe of her at that moment—never before had I experienced female pleasure in such magnitude.

Slowly I slid my arm out of her. It was coated in pussy juices almost all the way to my elbow. My other hand was quite sticky as well as I removed it from her clit. Jackie sighed deeply as she lay there basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. I, on the other hand, was still burning with arousal.

Abruptly, Jackie brought her legs together halfway bent, trapping me between them. I was squeezed between those giant legs, unable to breathe or even move.

“You did well, little man,” Jackie said. “It’s only fair that I did something for you.” Jackie turned to the side and released me, dumping me onto the side of the bed. She sat up and reached for me, grabbing me by the wrists. Like a limp towel she brought me around so I was lying in the center of the bed. In a single motion she rolled over and pounced on me, her gigantic legs on mine so that I was completely pinned.

“I love how helpless you are,” Jackie said. “I could do anything I wanted to you.” And it was true. I didn’t have a prayer of moving with Jackie’s hands so tightly grabbing my wrists and her legs weighing down on mine. By moving her legs she was able to spread mine. I was laying splayed out before her, unable to do so much as wiggle.

She lowered her face to my body and once again licked me, starting at my inner thigh and moving up my front. The sensation was so intense that I could not help but fidget, but I was entirely pinned and couldn’t move. Jackie could sense my muscles straining fruitlessly under her and smirked.

“Complete control.” She said, her mouth inches over my chest, her hot breath brushing over me with every syllable. She flicked each of my nipples with her tongue sending insane signals through my body. My dick was so hard that I thought it would spontaneously explode. “I could keep you as long as I wanted.” She said. “I could deny you release.”

She moved her face lower over my body. Her mouth was now right above my cock. She blew on it gently, sending shivers from the tip of my cock all the way up my spine. She brought her tongue out slowly but teased me, moving it around her lips subtly, her eyes blazing into mine.

She lowered her mouth and brought her tongue out again. She traced it from the bottom of my balls to the top of my dick. I gasped—my breathing was becoming very heavy once again. Her lips were less than an inch from the end of my dick. She smiled.

“And now,” She said. “I am going to take you.” She gave the end of my dick the smallest kiss with the very tip of her lips. “You are Jackie’s.”

She began to lower her mouth onto my dick and I felt my sensitive skin slide between her luscious lips into the warm, moist mouth beyond. I gasped out loud at the sensation. Her mouth went down to the very base of my dick—the entire thing was now inside. Strands of her hair were now touching lightly on my chest. Her face filled my entire vision. The feeling of utter submission was complete.

I felt her tongue on my dick as she licked and played with it. It was a huge, moist, powerful tongue that did short work to my dick. Her lips moved up and down my shaft as she sucked and licked. It was the most powerful and explosive combination I could imagine, and I could not hold it in any longer.

My world almost going black from the sheer force of climax, I came. I felt my cock shoot its load between the tightly clamped lips of Jackie into her mouth. My muscles strained compulsively against their binds which did nothing but contribute into a greater thrust upwards, into the mouth of Jackie, giving myself entirely over to her as my climax faded and the last of my cum was ejected.

Slowly, Jackie let my dick fall from her lips as she raised her grinning, satisfied face. She tilted her head back, swallowing my cum. I could only imagine it was not very much from her perspective, and in swallowing it she was in a way swallowing me, imbibing my essence. God, I was getting poetic in my own mind from this experience.

Jackie moved her legs off mine but I was completely unable to move, still breathing heavy and panting as I lied there, looking up at her with what I’m sure was a very wide-eyed expression.

After letting me rest for a minute, Jackie gently lifted me by the arms. She pulled me towards her warm chest and pressed me in for a mighty hug, my head over her shoulder and my little feet down around her crotch. Her warm skin was radiating its own special heat and I melted into her as she held me, moving back and forth. We stayed that way for several minutes.

Finally, she pulled me away from her just enough that she could look at me. She was smiling at me warmly, and I was looking at her with an expression of deepest adoration.

“How was that for you?” She asked gently. More than ever before I found it hard to speak.

“It was w-w-wonderful,” I said, finally. “I—I am Jackie’s.”

Jackie pulled me in for a greater hug; the tightest squeeze yet. She gave me a little (yet gigantic) kiss on the cheek as she held me.

“Let’s go to bed.” Jackie said. I nodded in agreement. Without letting go of me she swung around to be off of the covers; then she pulled them back with her free hand. She slid her legs under the covers and moved into a lying position on her side. She held me tightly to her chest—her left bicep under me was the perfect pillow, and her breasts behind me were cradling me. She pulled the covers clear up to her chest so that only the very top of my head was exposed.

“You know,” Jackie said, almost in a whisper, “You’re so tiny my arm won’t even fall asleep.” I squeezed her arm as I wiggled myself more into place. She giggled softly. “You’re so precious,” She whispered sleepily. “My little teddy bear. My perfect toy.”

Jackie’s body was like a furnace under the covers and I found myself drifting off into a warm, blissful sleep. Jackie’s hand played idly along my chest as she whispered sweet things to me. The border between wakefulness and sleep was a blurry one and I hung somewhere in that grey area for a long time as Jackie, similarly neither fully awake nor asleep, whispered sweet nothings and I responded with meaningless murmurs. Finally I drifted off to sleep and I knew no more.


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