The Best Birthday Ever by Bianca

A woman plans a birthday party for her stepbrother. Once the party favors arrive and are prepared, all that remains is for the birthday boy to show up and enjoy his gifts. But that's not all she has planned for him. 

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1. Chapter 1 A Happy Little Party by Bianca

2. Chapter 2 Surprise!!! by Bianca

3. Chapter 3 Small Problems by Bianca

4. Chapter 4 Birtday Bath by Bianca

5. Chapter 5 Lori gets a gift by Bianca

6. Chapter 6 Shelly's Present by Bianca

7. Chapter 7 The Growing of Shelly by Bianca

8. Chapter 8 Roger's Downsizing by Bianca

9. Chapter 9 The Inside Man by Bianca

10. Chapter 10 Little Lori pt I by Bianca

Chapter 1 A Happy Little Party by Bianca
Author's Notes:

An introduction to the characters and, well, the beginning. It's not quite an X rating yet, but I am sure it will probably get there. SO I am rating it X to be safe. You will also notice it is F/f, M/f and F/m. Call it foreshadowing, callit what you will, I am caling it laziness so I don't forget to change it later. Special thanks to TinyDann and OpenHighHat for proofing.

Thanks for reading! Mwah!

     It was Friday afternoon and Shelly Harper was happy, nearly giddy. The 22 year old woman was setting out glassware and an ice bucket with a bottle of wine chilling in it. She set four glasses out. Three of them she sprinkled with a fine powder, watching the near invisible dust disappear. She smiled broadly and shivered, hugging herself. Her guests should be arriving soon. And this promised to be a night none of them would forget.

     She took one last look at the table and its settings then went into her bathroom to finish setting herself up. She gave her full, shoulder length brown hair a brush through then made sure her makeup was perfect; not too heavy, not too light. She cupped her breasts through her Colorado Avalanche t-shirt, slightly more than a handful each. She felt odd not wearing a bra, but it was for the best tonight. Her hands travelled down her sides to her wide hips. Her jeans seemed painted on her apple bottom butt. She laughed as she shook it in the mirror. Looking down, she had no socks or shoes on. Her bare feet felt cool against the bathroom tile. Opening the medicine cabinet, she took out an impossibly tiny green pill. It fit easily on the tip of her finger and was small enough for a
doll to swallow. She just hoped it would work. She walked back into her living room and knelt down, hiding the miniscule pill under the couch, out of sight and off the floor. She had worked everything out perfectly. This was going to be the best birthday ever. And it was not even her's.

     As she stood up, there was a knock at her apartment door. She suppressed a grin and walked to it casually. Opening it, she was glad to see her sister Melissa and Melissa’s friend Lori. Melissa shared the same soft facial features as Shelly as well as similar body shapes. But where Shelly had larger breasts, Melissa had long, supermodel legs. Shelly had always been jealous of her sister's legs but she figured her larger chest made up for it. Lori was just a blond haired, blue eyed cutie. She was shorter than both Shelly and Melissa, but had a sweet little body. Her breasts were round, full, and perky. Her backside was curved in all the ways guys liked. And her legs, though short, were strong and firm, muscular yet feminine like a dancer. Shelly smiled when she saw the girls. Lori was an integral part of her plan. With her here, she knew her step brother would show. He had had a thing for her for years. And Lori knew it. She would use it to her advantage when she could, but never to really hurt him.

     "Come on in! Glad you could get here early! The birthday boy isn't here yet, but he will be soon." Shelly greeted the pair and let them into her apartment, closing the door
behind them.

     "He said he had to work a bit late." Melissa said. She saw the wine chilling in the bucket and brightened. "But that's no reason we can't start the party early."

     "Just a little for me, please." Lori said, looking around the apartment. "I have to get home tonight and study."

     "You don't have your test for another week!" Shelly said, pouring wine into the three glasses she had dusted. "You need time to relax and have fun!"  Lori shrugged and mumbled to herself a little.

     "I just don't get the equations." Lori said aloud, sipping the wine she was offered. "They don't make any sense!"

     "Ask Roger. He's a whiz at math! And I bet he would LOVE to help you." Melissa laughed and nudged Lori with her elbow. Lori smiled faintly.

     "I don't want to, you know, impose." The blonde said, hiding a smile behind her wine glass. Melissa just laughed.

     "It wouldn't be an imposition. You could have our brother eating out of your hand." Melissa drank half her glass in one gulp. Shelly smiled. Melissa did not know how true her words would ring soon.

     Shelly guided the girls over to the couch and set some cloth napkins on the coffee table. She sat on the love seat while Lori and Melissa shared the bigger couch. Melissa set her empty wine glass down and sat back. She slid her shoes off and put her bare feet in Lori’s lap. Lori frowned at her, but did not say anything. She shifted so her friend’s
heel was not digging into her lap and was instead resting on her thigh. Melissa smiled at her.

     “I hope you don’t mind Lor, but your lap is always so comfy!” Melissa said. Lori rolled her eyes.

     “I don’t mind when you rest your head there, but your feet are icky! And they smell!” complained Lori. Melissa squelched at her and brought her foot to her face, contorting herself oddly. She sniffed her own foot and laughed.

     “It does NOT smell!” She laughed then gave a yawn. Unseen by Lori and Melissa, Shelly gave a big smile. Lori gave a wide yawn as well.  This was what Shelly was waiting for. The girls looked around the room, looking very drowsy. Shelly set her still full glass of wine down. Melissa looked at her sister and started to say something, but it only came out as weak mumbles. Lori looked at Melissa then at Shelly and gave another yawn. Her eyes fluttered closed, then open, then finally closed. Light snoring could soon be heard from both girls. Shelly smiled and stood up, walking over to the couch. She watched the girls, asleep on the couch. Suddenly, barely perceivable unless you knew what you were looking for, the girls began to move, but not of their own accord. They began contracting on themselves, getting smaller and slowly disappearing into their clothes. Shelly gave a purr as the two girls shrank and shrank, winding up almost a foot tall. She reached down and fished Melissa out of her clothes. She lifted the tiny woman to her face and caressed her naked body. She petted her dark hair and kissed her tiny face. Gently laying her back down on top of her clothes, she turned to the pile of Lori’ clothes and looked for the mini blond. Lifting her out, shelly looked her over, holding her butt, cupped in her palm. She lifted the doll girl’s breasts with a finger and smiled. She leaned forward and kissed her tiny breasts, delighting as the tiny girl moaned and her nipples began to harden. She set Lori back on top of her clothes with a sigh and turned to the coffee table. She lifted the cloth napkins and made sure there were three of them, then laid them back on the coffee table. She took one last look at her tiny sister and friend then sat back on the love seat.

     “Bottoms up, my Barbies!” Shelly said, picking up her wine glass and taking a deep drink. She hugged herself as she waited for the feeling of drowsiness to overtake her. It was going to be the best birthday her stepbrother ever had.

Chapter 2 Surprise!!! by Bianca
Author's Notes:

Thank you for all the nice reviews. And thank you t Dan and Openhighhat for the great editing!

Shelly was the first to wake up. It was not her first time experimenting with the powder. She yawned and gave a stretch, looking over at the couch and her fellow Barbie dolls. They were naked, unconscious and laying on top of their clothes where she had left them. Climbing out of her pile of oversized clothes, she was glad she had not worn a bra. The straps would have slowed her down and gotten in her way. She walked to the edge of the love seat and checked the distance to the coffee table. Taking a few steps back she jumped the short distance and landed with a small thud. The other two girls did not even move and Shelly was glad for the extra time she had been spending in the
gym since discovering the powder.

She picked up one of the cloth napkins and wrapped it around her body, much like a toga. The black cloth went well with her dark hair and brought out her green eyes splendidly. There was another black one and a dark red one. She would let Melissa and Lori argue over who got which one. She looked back over to the sleeping doll girls and decided to wake up Lori first. She hoped the small blond would not only be able to handle being shrunk without flipping out, but would not see through Shelly's act. She worked too hard to have this screwed up. But just in case, she had a backup plan.

With a lunge forward, Shelly jumped from the coffee table to the couch. She landed face first on her tummy. Getting to her hands and knees, she crawled over the mound of Lori's clothes to the small girl's unconscious form. Shelly took a deep breath and gently shook the tiny blond.

"Lori! Wake up!" She tried to have as much worry in her voice as she could without sounding hysterical. Her sister's friend began to stir. She gave a yawn and stretched her nude body. Shelly had to admit she looked really good and toyed with the idea of playing with her later. But those thoughts were for much later. Lori slowly opened her eyes and looked up
at Shelly.

"That was some strong wine! What happened?" Lori asked, slowly sitting up. She soon realized she was naked. Covering herself with her hands, she looked at Shelly, confusion etched on her pretty face. "What are you wearing and why am I not wearing anything?"

"Stay calm. It seems we have a...small problem." Shelly silently laughed at her own joke, but kept her face stoic for Lori.

"Shelly, what is going on?" The blond sounded more nervous and began to look around the room, finally realizing something was seriously wrong. "Why is everything...?"

"So big?" Shelly finished for her. Lori could only nod as she looked around the once familiar landscape. The couch was now as big as a house. She looked down at her clothes and lifted up some silky fabric. Her eyes went wide when she realized the huge soft cloth object she was holding was her thong. The thin straps which had been so delicate and hugged her hips were now like rope to her. It did not take much for her to recognize the rest of her clothes.


"What happened?" Lori restated. Shelly was glad she was remaining somewhat calm. She had half expected the little blond to scream. Shelly held her hand and patted it.

"It seems we shrunk, hon. I would guess we are about a foot tall, give or take." Shelly said, somewhat matter-of-factly. Lori stared at her much the same way someone who says they saw a unicorn is stared at. It took her several moments to blink.

"If I wasn't standing in the cup of my bra, I would say you were insane." Lori looked down at the warm silky fabric below her, the underwire forming a nice bowl about knee level. "What are we going to do? And where's Melissa?"

"I haven't woken her up yet." Shelly pointed over to the other pile of clothes on the couch. The form of Melissa could be seen perched atop it, still unconscious. "I figured you could help me. You know how well she deals with change." Lori smiled and nodded. "But maybe you should get dressed first." Shelly pointed to the two cloth napkins on the coffee table. Lori looked over the edge of the couch and balked at it.

"That's a huge jump!" exclaimed the tiny blond. Shelly put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.

"I did it! So can you. Besides, Roger could be here any minute. Do you really want him to find you tiny AND naked?" Shelly reasoned. Lori thought about that for a moment.

"Well, no. But when he gets here he will be able to help us!" Lori said, hope showing on her face. Shelly nodded. Lori looked at the chasm again then at Shelly. She took a running start and leapt from the couch to the table. The little blond overestimated the distance and landed well onto the table, dropping to her knees and rolling nearly to the middle. Shelly had to appreciate the girl's athleticism. Her legs were not just nice to look
at; Lori was nicely toned and pretty strong for a shorter girl, not taking into account she was only a foot tall.

Lori stood up and dusted herself off. She looked at the two napkins and chose the red one, wrapping it about herself much like Shelly had. She tied it off and tucked in some parts and looked ready to go to the coliseum. She posed, modeling it for Shelly. Shelly was glad she was able to keep her sense of humor about the situation, another bit of information she filed away for later use.

"Alright, I'm coming back over!" Lori called to Shelly.

"Wait!" Shelly said before Lori could make the jump. She looked over at her sister, still unmoving. "Can you bring the other napkin for Melissa?" Lori looked at the remaining napkin then back at Shelly. Nodding her head she wrapped it around her shoulders then took a running leap and jumped back to the couch. Shelly could not help but laugh as the napkin trailed behind Lori, making her look like a little superhero, flying through the air. She landed with a roll then brought the napkin to Shelly.

"What's so funny?" Lori asked, straightening the cloth wrapped tightly around her body. She retucked a few pieces that had come loose from the exertion as well as a breast that had popped free from the makeshift toga. Shelly shook her head, giggling.

"Nothing, Supergirl. Let's wake up Melissa." The pair began climbing the small hill that was Melissa's clothes. As they reached the third girl, she began to stir. She rolled over and pulled the neck of her shirt over her.

"I'll get up in a minute mom." Melissa mumbled, curling up in the soft fabric of the t-shirt. Shelly and Lori giggled at her. Lori knelt and poked Melissa in the back.

"Get up, sleepy head. We have a problem." Lori said, tickling her friend. Melissa curled up tighter and swatted at Lori's arm.

"Lee me alone!" Melissa grumbled. Lori was persistent.

"She never could hold her wine." Shelly said, shaking her head. Lori looked back at Melissa.

"I can drink jus’ fine, fank you." Melissa said, more awake than she let on and trying not to be. "How did I get in bed?"

"You're not in bed." explained Lori. "You're a foot tall and sleeping on the couch.

"You're a riot, Lor. Seriously, why am I in bed?" Melissa asked, still curled up in her shirt.

"I'm not kidding Mel. We are in trouble. Get up and look around." Lori said, her voice plain and controlled. Melissa gave a huff and sat up, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Looking around the room, her eyes went from half open and sleepy to wide awake and nervous. She looked at Shelly and Lori, then down at herself. Instantly she covered herself with her hands, looking at the other two girls for answers.

“What…what…I mean, how…” Melissa began. Lori handed her the other black napkin. Melissa looked at it, wondering what to do with it until she realized Shelly was wearing one just like it. She stood up and wrapped it around herself. She looked dumbfounded at her sister.

“Just remain calm. Roger will be here soon and he can help us out.“ Shelly said, hugging her sister.

“But everything is so big!” Melissa complained. Lori shook her head.

“No Mel, we’re just a lot smaller.” Lori said, hugging her and Shelly. Shelly noted that Lori was taking being shrunk very well.

“But how did this happen?” asked Melissa. Shelly and Lori looked at each other, then as they were about to answer at the same time, there came a knock at the door.


End Notes:

Next chapter, things starts to happen! Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 3 Small Problems by Bianca
Author's Notes:

And now the good stuff starts! Thanks again to everyone who has reviewed or even read my try. Special thanks to my pocket muses and editors Dann and OpenHighHat.

If there is something you want to see or smething you need to point out, plese tell me, good or bad. The only way I know you like it is if you tell me! Thanks again!

Chapter Three


"What do we do? What do we do? What we do?" Melissa asked, fear very evident in her voice. Shelly was sure she would not like the change initially, but she had not counted on her being so panicky. She was about to try to calm her sister down when Lori spoke up.

"We're going to relax first off!" Lori sounded more than a little annoyed with her friend. Shelly was liking Lori more all the time. Melissa looked at Lori.

"There is a man outside that door who will see us as dolls!" Melissa said between gritted teeth. Shelly was almost regretting doing this to her sister. But maybe she needed this to loosen her up. "What if he decides not to help us? We're screwed!"

"It's your stepbrother. He has always helped you when you needed it. I don't think this will be any different." Lori said, her hands on her hips as she stared her friend down. Melissa turned red, but her fear was not subsiding. "Besides, if anyone is in trouble, I am. Have you seen the way he watches me?"

"He wouldn't hurt you." Melissa said, calming a little.

"So what makes you think you're in trouble?" Lori reasoned. Melissa thought about this until there came another series of knocks outside the door.

 "Hello? Shell?" Roger's voice could be heard outside the door. Shelly yelled for him to come in, but doubted her voice carried that far. The three women looked at each other for a few seconds until they heard the doorknob being turned. Melissa gave a start and dove under her clothes, her napkin toga coming off as she burrowed under the pile. Shelly climbed to the arm of the couch and peeked around the back of it.

The couch faced the wall opposite the door so any normal person on the couch would have to stand or at least make an effort to be seen. Lori and the pile of clothes were out of sight. Shelly just hoped she could get her stepbrother's attention. She balanced on the arm of the couch, using the back of it to balance herself. Lori watched her, seeming more nervous than before. Her bravado was quickly fading.

The door opened and Roger poked his head inside the apartment. His brown hair was somewhat unkempt, but his face was well-shaved. His blue eyes scanned the room, looking for anyone. Not seeing his stepsisters he opened the door fully and stepped inside.

"Hello?" He called again, wondering if his sisters might be hiding, ready to jump out and yell 'surprise!' at him. He smiled as he thought about the effort Shelly had gone to for him. They had always gotten along very well and were probably closer than any blood related siblings could be. They had gone through a lot as kids and it brought them all very close. Shelly was older than him and he had always respected her. Truth be told, he
thought she was pretty hot, though he doubted she even remotely thought of him like that. He and Melissa were only months apart and had always had fun together. They graduated at the same time and even double dated, though not very often. He was average height, average build and most girls seemed to overlook him. He was sure Melissa's friend Lori was nice to him for Melissa's sake. Never stopped him from watching Lori though. She had the greatest legs.

"Shelly? Anyone here?" Roger began to feel nervous. The door was unlocked and no one was home. In the movies people always jumped out as soon as the birthday recipient walked in the house. He walked through the kitchen and dining room. No one was there. Giving a cursory glance towards the living room he did not see anything except some clothes piles on the furniture. It was not like Shelly to be so messy. He peeked into the spare bedroom then Shelly's room. The beds were made and the rooms empty. He pulled out his cellphone and walked back to the living room. Picking up a pile of clothes from the love seat he set them on the couch. However, he failed to notice the Barbie doll sized blond as he dropped the clothes on her.

Roger dialed Shelly's number and was surprised to hear her phone ring; both on his phone and on the kitchen counter. He looked at his phone to make sure he had dialed the right number. As he looked at his phone's screen, he saw movement on the couch across from him. He closed his flip phone and looked. He blinked as he saw what he was sure was a doll wearing a toga and waving at him. Closing his eyes, he shook his head and looked again. She was still there and seemed to be trying to get his attention. And what was stranger, was that it looked just like his stepsister Shelly! He pocketed his
phone and got up, walking to the couch and kneeling in front of it. The doll slid off the arm of the couch and walked over to him.

"Finally!" She said, her voice small and a little high pitched. "Didn't you hear me say come in?" Roger stared at her for a moment. She let him stare, let him process what he was seeing. Finally he spoke.

"Shelly?" He said his voice full of questions and wavering. She nodded at him.

"In the flesh, though there is a whole lot less of it!" She smiled at him. She loved the reaction she got when someone first saw her small. It was almost as good as the reaction people had when they woke up small with her looking down at them. Roger would get both before the weekend was over.

"What...what happened to you?" He asked, reaching for her, and then stopping, unsure of what to do. Shelly almost lost herself, wanting to feel the huge, strong hand around her. She caught herself and cleared her throat. Fortunately, Roger did not seem to notice.

"We seem to have shrunk." Shelly said, looking at over where Lori had been standing. She could see the pile of clothes Roger had dumped moving.  "Lori!"

"We? Lori? Lori is here too?" Roger was still amazed this moving, living doll was his stepsister. The thought of Lori small spurred him into action. He lifted the pile of clothes and set them on the floor. Lori was on her hands and knees, trying to crawl out. With the weight removed, she stood up and got her first good look at a giant person. Roger
stared at her, eyes wide. Lori was in a similar status,  but recovered quickly.

"Um, hi Roger. Happy birth day, big, um, guy." She smiled weakly at him, waving. Shelly was at her side in a moment. "I can't believe how big he is!" Lori whispered to Shelly. The dark haired woman only nodded, smiling.

"You're both small! What happened?" Roger asked, concern in his voice, desire in his eyes. They never left Lori.

"Actually there are three of us. Mel is here too. She's under..." Shelly pointed to the pile of clothes she had hidden under. Roger tore his gaze from Lori and looked over at Melissa's clothes. With one hand he picked up the clothes and dropped them onto the others. Melissa was exposed, naked with her butt in the air. With her hiding place removed, she looked up and gaped at Roger. He gaped back down, eyeing her nude body. His mouth fell open. Shelly quickly grabbed the napkin and covered her sister with
it. She encouraged Melissa to wrap herself, but she could only stare at her huge stepbrother.

"He's...he' big!" Melissa looked up at her stepbrother as Shelly wrapped her napkin around her once again. Roger recovered before Melissa did.

"So...what happened?" Roger asked, eyeing the doll sized lovelies. His gaze lingered on Lori the most, though his stepsisters were quite the eyeful as well. He wanted so bad to pick one of them up, any of them and hold her in his hand. But he needed to figure out what happened first and how to help them. Maybe, if he could help them and be the hero, Lori might see him in a different light. Though it was very tempting to just grab all three and do what he wanted. Roger decided to take to course of decency.

The girls were huddled together on the couch cushion, looking up at the seeming giant man. Different emotions ran through the girls and it was plainly evident. Melissa was scared and stayed behind Shelly, like her fellow doll girl could protect her. Shelly seemed strangely at ease with the whole situation, though somewhat anxious. Lori just looked up in wonder, fascinated by the gentle giant and her new surroundings.

"We aren't sure Roger." Shelly answered. "We were drinking wine and talking when the next thing we knew we fell asleep. When we woke up, we were Barbie dolls." Melissa taped Shelly on the shoulder. She had begun fidgeting and whispered into her sister's ear. Shelly gave her an odd look then turned to face her.

"Oh no, you aren't going to pee on my couch!" Shelly said. Melissa had a look of pleading on her face. Shelly considered her a moment then looked at her step brother.

"Do you think you could take Miss Little Bladder to the bathroom before she pees on my new leather couch?" Shelly asked Roger. Lori tried to stifle a giggle and failed. Then she realized she had to go as well.

"Me too, please." Lori said, sheepishly. Roger looked totally at a loss.

"How do I, where do, how..." he said, looking over the girls. Shelly rolled her eyes.

"Just pretend we are dolls when you pick us up, just more breakable. Here, give me your hand." Shelly trembled as Roger lowered his hand. She slid her body into the pocket created by his thumb and finger, bringing his thumb to rest over her breasts. She had to concentrate not to shiver with pleasure as her stepbrother gently wrapped his fingers around her body. She felt the tip of his ring finger rest at the apex of her thighs. It
took all she had not to grind her hips against his finger. There would be time for that later. She closed her eyes and smiled inwardly as Roger lifted her off the couch, standing to his full height. She did not even care if he felt her hardened nipples poking into his thumb. Being handled by a giant person was her second favorite thing behind being a giant person and handling a shrunken one.

Roger lifted his stepsister to his chest level and looked at her. Her breasts were pressed under his thumb and he swore he could feel her tiny nipples drilling into it. Though it could just have been folds of the napkin. Her butt rested on the meaty part of his palm and he lifted his ring finger a bit when he realized where it was resting. Her bare legs hung down lazily, completely at ease. He blushed as he realized he was feeling up his
stepsister but by the look on her face she did not seem to mind. Before he realized it, he found himself petting Shelly's hair. She was so beautiful, so elegant, even at uder a foot tall. Her talking to him brought him out of his reverie.

"Why don't you put me on the dining room table and take the other two to the bathroom?" Shelly said, trying not to rub herself against his thumb. She was disappointed when he moved his finger from her lap. But she could see the look of lust in his eyes. To her, the shrink powder was one of the greatest aphrodisiacs ever.

"Will you be okay there?" Roger asked, carrying her to the large oak table. Shelly was touched by his concern and actually kissed his thumb. He blushed crimson.

"That's sweet of you lil brother. But I will be as safe there as I was on the couch." Shelly looked up at Roger, thinking of all the things she and he would be doing over the weekend. After gently setting her down, he looked at her for a moment. She adjusted her napkin then waved up at him.

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." He said seriously. Shelly rolled her eyes, wondering where he thought she might go. She watched him as he walked back over to the couch and knelt down.

"Ok, who's first?" Roger said, looking down at Lori and Melissa. Melissa was hiding behind Lori, or at least trying to. She was naturally taller than the blonde and it made Roger laugh to see her scrunching down behind her friend. Lori stepped forward and looked up.

"I'll go first." She said, some of her bravado returning. "Just be careful with me, ok big guy?" She gave Roger a big smile and he nearly melted. Like he had done with Shelly, he lowered his hand and slowly moved it toward the tiny blonde. She flinched but stood her ground as his warm palm came in contact with her body. She could feel the warmth coming off of it and when he curled his fingers around her, she actually enjoyed it. It was like an allover hug and she felt safe in the giant's grip. She gave a start when he lifted her. Her breasts were resting on his thumb and as gravity pulled on her, one of her breasts popped out of her make shift toga. She tried to pull the napkin up, but Roger's hand and her body held it where it was. She crossed an arm over her chest as she was brought up to his huge face. He was studying her, holding her securely, but so gently. She hated to admit it, but if she had to be small, Roger was not a bad choice of giants to take care of her.

Roger looked Lori over, examining her pretty face and her strong legs. He brought his other hand up and cupped the back of her legs, slowly sliding it down to her feet. The warm flesh and the sweet curves of her thighs and calves were starting to have an effect on him. He started walking to the bathroom, cradling the doll-sized woman like a precious treasure. He also did not want Melissa to see the effect Lori was having on him. He looked at Shelly standing on the table as he carried Lori to the bathroom.

"You're doing great big guy" Lori smiled up at him, still covering her chest with an arm. But she felt completely at ease in Roger's hand.

"I'm not holding you too tight or anything?" He asked as he carried her down the hall. He brought her closer to his chest, one hand around her middle, the other holding her feet. Lori pushed up with her feet enough to pull her toga over her ample breasts. Roger did not let on that he could see her doing it. He felt an arousing stirring in his loins. Here he was, holding who he considered to be the most beautiful woman he knew in his hands like a doll. She was helpless, completely in his power, yet he was treating her like royalty, like a princess to be beheld and worshipped. He wanted nothing more than to rip her little toga off, to see her tiny naked body and do with it as he pleased. Yet something kept him in check. She trusted him right now and was even being flirty. Maybe after she somehow was returned to normal he would have a chance with her. Or maybe she would go back to just treating him like a friend. He would take his chances and continue to treat her with respect. But if she gave the slightest signal...

"Hello? Are you with me Roger?" Lori called up, ending his pleasant daydream. "Or do you want me to pee in your hand?" He looked down at her then the toilet.

"There is no way you can use the toilet." Roger said. Lori nodded agreeing with him.

"Set me in the sink and hand me some toilet paper please." Lori said. Roger brought her to the sink and reluctantly set her down in the bowl of the sink. He tore off a few pieces of toilet paper then turned around, giving Lori a bit of privacy. This effort was not lost on the small blonde. She lifted the bottom of the napkin and did her business down the
drain. When she was done she had Roger turn the water on a trickle so she could
wash her hands.  After drying her hands on the napkin she was wearing, she motioned for Roger to lower his hand. He did so, feeling more confident about picking up the doll-sized beauty. Curling his fingers about her, he lifted her to his chest.

"Could you lift me to your face please, Roger?" Lori asked. Roger was a bit confused, but did as he was asked. He was pleasantly surprised when Lori placed her hands on his face and kissed the tip of his nose. She smiled at him. "Thank you for coming to our rescue and taking care of us without taking advantage of us. Maybe we could go out sometime once I get back to normal size."

Roger was blushing crimson red. He kissed Lori on the top of her head excitedly.

"I would like that very much!" He said, his heart beating a mile a minute. Cradling Lori to his chest he carried her out to the dining room and to the table. Lori had a smile on her face as did Shelly, though for different reasons. Slowly lowering her to the table, Roger set her down, uncurling his fingers from her body in a leisurely manner. He seemed hesitant to let her go, his fingers brushing her backside. Lori smiled up at him and set her hand on his finger, letting it slide along its length as he pulled it away. He lingered for a moment longer than walked to the couch and the not so eagerly awaiting
Melissa. As he knelt down, Shelly and Lori heard a scream and could not help but laugh.

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Chapter 4 Birtday Bath by Bianca
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Chapter Four

Roger knelt down in front of the couch looked at Melissa. Normally she was the same height as he and liked to point that fact out. But here she was, small as a toy and cowering in a napkin. He smiled down at her and reached for her as he had done with Lori. He really liked the way Lori felt in his hand and reached for Melissa in a similar fashion. Maybe he reached for her a little too gingerly. She gave a scream and stumbled backward from the huge hand. She had never seen anything so big move so fast! As she fell back his fingers closed in on her. Instead of her small body though, he grasped the
napkin by mistake and began to lift. Both of them gasped as Melissa was again exposed to her stepbrother. She sat on her butt, covering herself with her hands and arms, crossing her legs to preserve her modesty!

"Roger! What the hell do you think..." she began, but was cut off when he hastily grabbed her and lifted her up, trying to wrap the napkin about her. Melissa's conversation turned into another scream as she was turned around in the giant's hands. He was not being very successful at redressing her and was apologizing profusely. Through fear, Melissa felt her bladder release, peeing on herself, Roger, and Shelly's new couch. She collapsed in the giant hand from embarrassment, her struggles ceasing. Roger looked at her and wondered if she was okay when he felt the wetness on his
hand. He crinkled his nose and apologized again.

"Sorry Mel. I should have taken it slower. I just..." he began. Melissa cut him off.

"I peed myself. I just freaking peed myself." Roger lifted her and held her to his chest, trying to comfort her. For the moment, the raven haired doll forgot where she was and collapsed against his chest, crying. Roger looked down at her, dumbfounded and slowly made his way to the bathroom. She may not need to pee anymore, but she needed to be cleaned up.

He looked at the bathtub, then down at his doll-sized step sister. That would not work. He looked back at the sink and nodded. Carefully setting her on the counter, he turned on the water. Once it was a good temperature, he stoppered the sink and squirted some of the hand soap into it. He swished his hand around in it to create more suds then gently lifted Melissa again. She offered no resistance as he picked her up and removed her napkin. Roger stared at his naked step sister for a moment then eased her into the water. She had such long legs, like an anime character. And her butt felt almost as nice as Lori's in his hand. He let her get comfortable in the water and turned it off.

"Go ahead and get cleaned up sis. I'm so sorry." Roger said, picking up the napkin. She nodded at him, the water seeming to comfort her a bit.

"I'm sorry too Rog. I shouldn't have freaked out on you like that. It's just that this is all so weird. I mean, people don't shrink! But here I am, wearing a napkin and bathing in a sink. Hell, you carried me in one hand like a doll, a freaking doll Rog!" Melissa looked up at her stepbrother. Fear seemed to be replaced with hopelessness, despair. Roger tried
to smile and reached into the sink. Melissa did not flinch when he began to rub her back. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, seemingly enjoying the rub. It was not a hug, but it was the best thing Roger could come up with.

"If nothing else, I will take care of you all until we can figure out how to get you back to normal." Roger said, massaging his sister's back tenderly. She moaned lowly and began to arch her back, sitting up. Roger could see her small breasts rising out of the water. Shelly and Lori had bigger, but Melissa had such a firm athletic body, Roger could not help but get turned on. He felt his jeans tighten as he got harder. He decided he had
better stop before he went too far. But fate was not going to let him off that easy.

"Roger?" Melissa asked rather meekly. Roger felt fate begin a drum roll.

"Y-yes?" He asked, sounding like he was just hitting puberty. She looked up at him demurely.

"This may sound odd, but..." she looked him in the eye and smiled.  "Would you be so
kind as to wash me?" Apparently it was not only Shelly who found the powder to be an aphrodisiac, though neither Roger nor Melissa realized it. Melissa could scarcely believe she had just asked her giant stepbrother to wash her. Just a few minutes ago she was terrified; even wet herself when he tried to pick her up. Now she was feeling aroused and getting more aroused by the second. Roger's touch on her back sent tiny bolts of pleasure through her. As she looked up at him, she cupped her breasts and began kneading them, squeezing the small mounds and gently teasing her nipples. She pinched them and pulled them, tossing her head back. She looked Roger in the eye and bit her bottom lip, desire replacing all other emotions. She no longer cared she was a foot tall, naked, and in a sink. She only knew she wanted to be satisfied. And Roger needed to do it now.

He squirted a bit of soap on his finger tip and began to rub it on Melissa's back. She oohhed and aahhed, making him even harder. He tried to think of anything but his tiny, naked stepsister. He was completely caught off guard when Melissa rolled over in the water, her chest against his finger. She grabbed it and hugged it, rubbing it between her breasts. Roger could feel one hard nipple then the other, pressing against his finger tip. Melissa slid her body further up his finger, pressing her breasts together on either side of
the large digit. Roger could only watch in astonishment as his doll-sized stepsister mounted his finger. She sat up, the tip held firmly between her thighs. The water only came up to her waist so Roger was treated to a view of the tiny woman fondling her breasts. She was sliding her hips along his submerged finger, her tiny womanhood rubbing against it. Her eyes were closed and her face was etched in pleasure. She began panting and fell forward, hugging his finger as she began to hump his fingertip. She moaned loudly and called out something Roger could not hear. He watched her small breasts jiggle as she pushed herself up to take more of his finger into her. He could feel the soft flesh and soon found himself rubbing his member through his jeans. This was impossible and so unlike Melissa! She was tiny and making love to his finger. He pulled his hand away from his crotch, unsure what to do until Melissa gave a loud cry. Her tiny body stiffened straight up and her thighs clenched his finger in a death grip. Her head was thrown back and she was shaking.

'Did she just orgasm on my finger?' Roger thought to himself, totally bewildered.  She looked up at him, a ferocious look in her eyes, but she did not seem to see him. Her look
was elsewhere, a look of total lust. She gripped his finger and began to grind against it again, rolling her head and moaning loudly. She gnashed her teeth together, licking her lips at her giant stepbrother. Roger felt his pants at the near breaking point; his manhood had gotten so hard. She slid back and forth on his finger, her toned thighs grasping and holding it. He could swear he heard her growling as she dug her fingernails into his finger. It did not hurt, but he could feel it. Leaning forward again, she rubbed her breasts against his finger as she rocked her hips on it. She kissed the digit, licking
it and sucking on it. Roger could not believe how turned on he had become. He always thought Melissa was pretty, but he did not know how sexy she could be. He began to rub his crotch again when Melissa sat back up, squeezing the finger once again with her thighs. She called out something and Roger definitely heard his name in the exclamation. Her slim, firm tiny body was shaking until she stopped and collapsed, falling forward onto his finger. She began to slide back into the water. Roger leaned down and could see she had a huge smile on her face. She had passed out.

He gently lifted her out of the water and laid her on a small hand towel. He rolled it over her and dried her off. She did not stir and slept in what Roger could only describe as a blissful stupor. He tried to wrap the napkin around her again, but eventually gave up and draped it over her. He felt his erection finally beginning to subside, though he was still feeling aroused. Steadying himself, he carried Melissa back out to the dining room and
carefully laid her at the feet of Shelly and Lori. They looked at her then up at Roger. He was blushing crimson.

"Did you break her?" Shelly asked, half joking. She knelt and saw Melissa was merely sleeping. She grinned to herself when she saw the satisfied smile on her sister's face. She had drunk the most wine, so it made sense to Shelly it would affect her first and hardest. Shelly was used to the powder and was able to control herself better. She wondered when Lori would finally succumb.

"What happened to her?" Lori asked, looking up at Roger. Shelly had a very good idea but wanted to hear what Roger said. Roger looked around the room before answering, obviously embarrassed.

 "I, um, sort of scared her when I picked her up. Which reminds me, I have to clean your couch, Shell." Roger tried to change the subject, but the girls were not going to let him off that easily.

"After that." Shelly said, enjoying watching her giant stepbrother fumble for words. "We saw her squirming as you carried her to the bathroom." Roger looked down at the tiny women.

"Well, I sort of, um, ran her a bath in the sink and she got clean." Roger said, giving a nervous laugh.  The girls looked at him dubiously.

"Must have been a heckuva bath to knock her out." Shelly smirked.

"She, um, well, really seemed to, uh, enjoy it." He raised his hand and rubbed the back of his neck. Shelly barely stifled a giggle. Both girls just looked at him a few moments of silence and Roger cracked.

"Okay, she was really scared then, for some reason got really, well, horny. She asked me to wash her and then she..." he paused and thought for a moment. He looked at his finger, feeling his arousal rising again. "She made love to my finger." He blurted. Both girls stared at him then at the sleeping Melissa. Lori looked back up at him.

"She made love to it? Or did you help her?" Lori asked. Her arms were crossed over her
chest. Roger became instantly flustered.

"It wasn't like that! I was rubbing her back and she got a weird look in her eye. Next thing I knew she was humping my finger like a porn star on Friday!" He exclaimed. He was red as a beet.

"So your big bad stepsister raped your finger?" Shelly said, trying to sound like she did not believe him. She remembered the first time she used the powder and how sexually stimulated she became. To this day it was some of the best sex she had ever had.

"No! She was sitting there in the water all sad and I was rubbing her back. I told her I would take care of the three of you until you grew back to normal. She looked at me funny and asked me to wash her. I soaped up her back and Bam!" Roger said, almost in one breath.

"Bam?" Shelly asked. Roger nodded. Shelly could see Lori beginning to squirm, crossing her legs at the ankles and bending a bit at the waist. The powder's secondary effect was kicking in.

"Bam! She was all over my finger like it was someone she hadn't seen for years!" Roger said, getting himself under control. Most of himself anyway. He now felt his pants straining to against his hard on. This was not missed by Shelly. Both were surprised by Lori's next words.

"Show me." Lori said, breathlessly.


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Chapter 5 Lori gets a gift by Bianca
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Chapter 5

Roger stared at Lori like she had just asked him to eat hercar. He stood motionless, trying to process her request. She was fidgeting as the secondary property of the powder took effect. Unbeknownst to all present but Shelly, the powder not only shrunk a person, but also temporarily increased their libido. It would gradually taper off, but for a while, the person would have to fight to keep their sex drive under control. Shelly was impressed Lori had lasted this long. Roger shook his head and looked at Lori.

"What?" He said, struggling to get that out. Lori ran her little hands down her sides and wriggled her hips.


"Show me what you did to her." Insistence filled her voice and Roger did not miss it. He nodded and lowered his hand to the table.

"Just, um, sit down here with your side to me. And you'll have to, um, take off your, um, that is, remove, er move your napkin, er, toga, so I can massage." Roger could not blush harder if he tried. Lori pulled at two places on her makeshift sarong, letting it fall to the table and sauntered, naked to his waiting hand. She brushed her hip against his
fingers then her butt as she turned around, sitting right next to his hand. Roger marveled at her body. She was so curvy. Her hips were wide and her thighs were firm and thick, a dancer's thighs. They were perfection to Roger as they tapered down to sculpted, feminine calves and down to the cutest feet ever. Her butt was round and full, but not excessive. Her waist was small and trim, which led up to full, firm breasts. Even from his height, Roger could see her nipples were hard and erect, much the way his manhood was feeling as it strained the fabric of his jeans. Lori's breasts had the most amazing ability to defy gravity. They were easily larger than Melissa's but smaller than Shelly's. She looked over her shoulder and up at the giant.

"Like this?" Lori purred, striking a sexy pose. Roger gulped hard and nodded. Carefully he rested a finger on her bare back and began to rub, just like he had his stepsister. Both he and Lori shivered at the touch. Lori purred louder and arched her back, pushing her chest forward. Even Shelly took notice of her impressive bosom. Roger softly ran his finger down the middle of her back, feeling her tiny heartbeat racing. His was going as
fast if not faster. He slid his finger down further than he had on Melissa, rubbing the tops of her amazing butt cheeks. This caused Lori to jump a little, making her breasts bounce. But she scooted back towards his finger, cooing as he rubbed her back. It was on one of his upswings that he got a surprise.

"Oh my god!" Lori gasped as she rolled over onto her back. She pulled Roger's finger to her, hugging the tip between her breasts and lifting her feet to wrap her legs around the base of his finger. She clung to it and kissed the fingertip, rubbing her tiny wet womanhood against the inside base of Roger's finger. Both he and Shelly stared for a moment as the blonde vixen lay on her back, humping Roger's finger. He lifted his hand but she clung to it, covering the tip in passionate kisses and hugging it like a long lost
lover. The giant turned his hand over so his palm was up, making it easier for Lori to essentially make love to his finger. She wrapped her legs around the finger tighter and sat up, pushing on the upper part of his finger with her hands while she rode the base, her butt hitting the fleshy part of his hand.

Roger stared at her, watching her ride his finger like a rodeo star. She was moaning and panting, but she had a look of frustration on her face. She fell backwards into his hand and unsaddled his finger. She rolled to the center of his hand, her head on his fingers, her legs open and hanging off his palm. She bit her bottom lip as one hand slipped between her thighs, tracing up her wet, glistening lips. She looked Roger in the eye.

"Lick me Roger. Taste me. I want your tongue right... here." She accentuated the last word by slipping a finger inside her wet pussy. Roger gulped again. He stammered, but nothing intelligible came out. She looked at him and growled. "NOW, big guy!"


Roger snapped into action and lowered his head to his occupied palm. He kissed her breasts, licking them and feeling her hard nipples with his tongue. He could not believe it. He was about to make the woman of his dreams orgasm! He would have preferred it if she was bigger than a Barbie doll, but she wanted it as well. Who was he to say no?

Kissing down her waist to her thighs he got a heady whiff of her scent. He felt his loins stir even more. He wanted nothing more than to grab and pleasure himself, but not in his stepsister's dining room. It did not occur to him to leave. He kissed her warm soft thighs and she lay back, moaning. He could feel her tiny hands on either cheek, petting them. Snaking his tongue out between his lips, he licked her inner thighs. Eliciting an even louder moan, he worked his way closer, tasting her sweet nectar as his tongue
brushed her lips. Her tiny body shivered in his hand, her thighs closing in on his tongue and pulling it closer. Lori raised her hips to accommodate the giant tongue that was giving her so much pleasure. For a moment she forgot she was less than a foot tall and lying sprawled out in a man's hand like a doll. All she knew was the pleasure she was feeling. It was incredible. Her head was swimming as Roger's giant tongue probed her, licking up her lips, and caressing her swollen clit. When he turned his face slightly and pressed the tip against her, she could feel it enter her. A wave of intense pleasure hit her, making her squirm in his hand in an excited way. She moaned louder, her orgasm so close. His tongue was hitting all the right spots, and all at the same time. Her thighs were being massaged by the warm, wet muscle as her tiny womanhood was being worshipped by it. She rocked against his tongue, sliding her back on his palm.  The combination of sweat, saliva, and her juices was coating her back. But she did not care. Her climax rose until it came crashing down on her with the most intense pleasure ever.
She stiffened as she came, squeezing his tongue with her thighs in a death grip. She had no idea how long she was frozen in ecstasy. The last thing she saw before passing out was a look of lust in Roger's eyes. She wanted to satisfy it, but she closed her eyes and passed out, a euphoric bliss overtaking her.

Roger stared at the tiny woman, still squirming in his hand. Her eyes were closed and she had a huge smile on her beautiful face. She gave a stretch and went limp, her arms and legs hanging over the sides of his hand. She was completely exposed to him. Her body was quivering and she was still panting, but Roger could tell she was passed out. He leaned forward and kissed her breasts, her tummy, and then her face. He cradled her in his hand and gently lowered her to the table, laying her next to Melissa. She rolled over and cuddled to the tiny raven-haired lovely. Roger smiled. He looked over at
Shelly and saw she had a smile on her face as well, gazing at her fellow dollies. She looked up at Roger.

“Looks like you wore her out.” She purred. She was starting to feel the effects of the powder. She loved the way it made her feel. her body tingled as the sexual energy within her built. She prolonged it as long as she could, but seeing the bulge in Roger’s pants, it was getting harder to hold out.

“Um, well, I…” Roger stammered. He was blushing but his erection showed no sign of going down. Shelly walked past the sleeping couple and as close to Roger as she could, almost to the edge of the table. Roger watched, fascinated as his tiny, beautiful stepsister reached out and gently stroked the bulge in his pants with a tiny hand. She looked up the landscape of his huge body. He was shaking.

‘Looks like you need some help here.” She pressed her tiny body to him, rubbing her chest against his bulge. She could feel it move through his jeans. She loved this part, for her and him. “Pick me up Roger.” She said calmly. Like a robot, Roger reached down, obeying his stepsister’s command. He cupped his hand under her and she sat her butt in his palm. Smiling, she reclined in his palm, resting her back and head against his
fingers and curling her legs up under her in his palm. Roger lifted her to his face.

“Am I pretty Roger?” she purred again. Roger could only nod. She smiled and reached for his thumb, bringing it over her napkin-covered breasts. She gently laid it across them, rubbing her breasts against the pad of his thumb. It sent shivers through her and when she saw Roger close his eyes then snap them open again she knew had him in the palm of her hand.

“Would you like to see me naked?’ she asked, stretching out a foot and placing it on his lips. She traced it over his bottom lip, then over the top. Roger nodded. He could not believe he was agreeing to this! He could not believe Shelly was doing this! What was happening to him? He kissed her tiny foot as she brushed it against his lips. Her giggle made him shudder, his erection pushing the constructional limits of his jeans.

“Take me into my bedroom, Roger. I have something I want to show you.”  Shelly arched her back, pressing her breasts tighter to his thumb. Roger was her zombie. He carried her down the hall and into his stepsister’s bedroom. Both of them were anxious for what was to come.



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Chapter 6 Shelly's Present by Bianca
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Chapter Six

Shelly writhed in pleasure being carried in her giant stepbrother's hand. His fingers were curled lovingly about her body and his forefinger rested across her breasts. Involuntarily her nipples hardened against the large finger. She rested her arms across the shelf created by his thumb and finger. His other hand cupped her butt. She had lifted one leg to straddle his pinkie as he carried her. Slowly, she was rubbing herself against the finger, thoroughly enjoying the sensation. Her thighs were nearly clamped around it. She sighed and frowned as Roger removed his hand to open her bedroom. However, she smiled when she saw him bring the finger to his face and sniff after closing the door. He tried to disguise it as a mundane gesture, but Shelly heard the unmistakable sound of him inhaling deeply through his nose. She leaned forward, kissing his thumb and taking in the sensual warmth of his hand. Roger entered the room and closed the door. He looked down at his tiny stepsister, as if awaiting her next order.

"Set me on the bed, hon." She said sweetly, stretching her legs then curling them back up again. She was pleased to see Roger's eyes follow her legs' every move then go back up to her face. He kneeled down at the side of the bed and gently set his doll-sized stepsister down. He waited until she was standing fully to remove his hand. Even then he seemed very reluctant. Shelly smoothed her napkin attire then looked back up at
the giant. He seemed transfixed on her.

"Does this napkin look okay on me?" She asked, spinning slowly to give him a good look at her.

"Y-you look beautiful." He managed after a moment. Shelly smiled and walked closer to him.

"I bet you would like to see me naked, wouldn't you?" She said, biting her pinkie finger and gauging Roger's reaction. She normally would not be this forward with Roger, but she thought back to a few summers ago when they were at the pool at their parent's house. She had worn a tight blue bikini and Roger could not stop staring at her. He stayed in the water a long time, refusing to come out until he had to. Shelly caught sight of his embarrassment and filed the information away for later use. Now was that time.

"Yes! I mean, I, that's no, I mean, you're my sister and..." he stuttered out.

"STEPsister." She corrected him. He blushed looking down and away. She smiled and stood next to his chest so he was looking at her. "I want to see YOU naked." She purred, running her hand down the front of his shirt.

"But, but, but..." he said, not moving or pulling away from the tiny woman's touch.

"It will be our secret." She smiled at him. His look softened and he found himself reaching out to pet Shelly's back side. She closed her eyes and arched her back out, like a kitten being petted. "Besides, you wouldn't 'play' with Melissa and not me, would you?"
She turned and hugged his finger to her breasts.

"It, it wasn't my..." he began, but Shelly's breasts against his finger rekindled the urge in his loins. He rubbed her breasts with his finger and smiled when Shelly kissed his finger.

"It IS your birthday after all. Don't you want your present?" Shelly looked up at him over her shoulder. His eyes went wide then watched her as she slipped from his grasp and giggled. "Why don't you get out of those uncomfortable looking clothes and I will get out of this napkin. Then we can talk a bit."

"T-talk?" He said, unsure what to do. She nodded and lifted her hands to her neck, running her hands through her hair. Roger gulped.

"Yep. You can hold me in your hands and we" she smiled at him, slowly undoing her sarong. She stretched out a leg in front of her, pointing her toe at the bed and letting a healthy amount of thigh show. Roger was enraptured by the sight of her smooth, tanned leg. Where Melissa was creamy white, like a porcelain doll, Shelly had a light tan, accentuating the muscles and curves in her arms and legs. Roger licked his
lips, trying hard not to reach for her.

"Ah ah ah! If you want to see if this is an all over tan, you have to undress first." Shelly giggled, wrapping the sarong around herself again. Roger looked at her a moment longer, seriously debating what to do. Shelly could see the gears turning in his head as he thought about it. She was not surprised when he lifted his shirt over his head and dropped it onto the foot of the bed. She watched him as he stood and undid his pants,
slowly lowering them to the floor. After removing his socks, he stood before his doll-sized stepsister in only his boxers. Shelly nodded approvingly. She wiggled a finger at him, indicating his boxers needed to go as well. It was painfully obvious he was aroused and Shelly was surprised at the size of her stepbrother. Blushingly, he removed his boxers and let her take him in. Shelly was definitely impressed. She nodded approvingly at him.

"Wow Roger! You definitely grew up!" She smiled up at him. He smiled back but still blushed. "Why don't you come sit on the bed with me and I'll get rid of this and we can have our, talk?"

He made a feeble attempt to cover himself up, but abandoned it when he sat on the bed near Shelly. Carefully, so as not to bounce the small woman, he slid onto the bed. His eyes never left her as he rested his back against the headboard and stretched his legs out. He tried to casually rest a hand over his erect member, but it just looked like he was playing with himself. So he let it stand on its own accord and rested his hands on either side of him.

"Comfortable?" Shelly asked as she started to undo her napkin. Roger nodded, his hands unconsciously clenching and unclenching the bed cover. Smiling, Shelly slowly stripped off the makeshift sarong and tossed it to the side. She turned to give Roger an unobstructed view of her backside, bending down to scratch her foot. Standing back up, she turned and stood, hands on hips and chest thrust out proudly. Roger could only stare, though his erect manhood gave a throb, causing it to bounce a little. Shelly slowly walked over the bed to her stepbrother's bare thigh and gently caressed it. Goosebumps
appeared and she smiled. His thigh was the same height as her chest. She looked at his hard manhood then up at his face. She could barely contain herself anymore.

She pulled herself up onto his thigh and sat atop it, looking down at the valley between his strong legs. Looking back up at his face she winked, giggled, and slid down between his legs, walking towards his hard on.

"I..I..I, um, thought we, um, were, uh, going to, um, talk." He stuttered. She reached his balls, bigger than her breasts, and rubbed her chest against them. Her nipples dragged against the soft, warm skin. She was rewarded with a loud moan from Roger, ending his protests. She reached up and ran a hand across the base of his shaft, causing him to shudder.

"There's time for talk soon. Happy birthday, big little brother." Shelly purred, leaning forward to kiss the sensitive underside of his shaft. Roger inhaled sharply, squeezing the bed cover in his fists. Wrapping her hands around the base of his shaft, Shelly pulled herself up, rubbing her front side against his balls. She climbed up his shaft, kissing and
licking it as she went up. When she was high enough, she wrapped her legs around the base of his erection, massaging her pussy against the hard vein underneath. Her butt checks sat in the pouch of skin between his balls and cock. Roger had his head back and was moaning loudly. She hugged and kissed the midsection of his hard on a bit more before standing up. She dragged her breasts against his hard shaft, one on either side of it and hugged it tight. When she was fully standing, she was a bit more than a head taller than his erect manhood. The tip of it came to the middle of her chest.

She hugged the swollen member to her, holding the tip between her breasts. His scent was strong and musty and Shelly could already see drips of precum on the head of his cock. She straddled the underside and felt the hard vein press between her thighs, deliciously rubbing her wet womanhood. She rocked her thighs against it, taking the small ridge into her as much as she could. Her breasts rocked and wobbled against the head of his cock, causing more wetness to appear and dribble down the front of his hard on. Roger looked down at the tiny woman working his shaft over. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his hand around her and slide her up and down his cock. But he did
not want to ruin the amazing sensations she was giving him either. He closed his eyes and rested his head back, moaning loudly.

Shelly squeezed the middle of his shaft with her thighs. His erection was already fighting her to stand up. Slowly, she guided it to his waist and tummy, holding it the whole way down. She wrapped her legs around the thicker base, massaging the top with her bare feet. She gyrated her hips against the ridged vein, feeling her climax building quickly. She kissed the delicate skin under the head while her hands slid up and down the front of his cock, as far as she could reach. She lay on his erection, squirming and worshipping it, riding it like a rodeo cowgirl. She moaned loudly several times herself as her orgasm built in intensity. Her world began to quake as Roger squirmed. He was definitely near climax. Shelly was not too far behind him. The giant's squirming only served to make her hold on tighter. She fought the urge to orgasm, making it last as well as making sure Roger got this part of his present. Now that she had seen him naked, she could not wait until the roles were reversed.

Shelly rubbed her body along the length of his hard shaft, sliding up and down it and holding it like a lover. She was kissing just below the head and delirious from her need to orgasm when she felt Roger stop moving. His shaft gave a heave, lifting her, and then he exploded onto his stomach. He moaned loudly and started to bring his thighs together. Shelly looked at the wall of muscled flesh behind her, then her stepbrother's face, twisted into a mask of ecstasy. As his cock throbbed she could no longer hold her own orgasm and she clung to his manhood, screaming loudly and grinding her hips against it. The vein she was riding fit perfectly and she came, hard. As she climaxed,
she looked at Roger’s waist and stomach and saw a massive pool of his seed. She smiled as she knew she had made him orgasm, probably the best in his life. It was damn near the best she had had since finding the powder.

She lay on his still throbbing member, basking in the after effects of her climax when Shelly felt a pressure circle her waist. Her stepbrother was taking the initiative to pick her up! She smiled and stretched as he lifted her to his face. He studied her for a moment, opening his hand and setting her butt in his palm so he could see her. With his free hand, he brushed a finger against one breast, then the other. Shelly shivered happily from the touch, her body still sensitive from her orgasm.  Roger ran his finger down her front and between her thighs, then down her right leg. He seemed completely fascinated by her.

"It’s still me, Rog, just a lot smaller." She laughed as she sat back in his hand. He was breathing hard, but being very gentle with her.

"What was that?" He asked, brushing her hair back out of her face. Shelly tilted her head.

"What do you mean? As far as I know it was part of your birthday present." She smiled, crossing her legs and stretching her arms over her head.

"While I'm not complaining, it’s just weird for you and Melissa to get naked like that in front of me. And I never thought I would see Lori naked! Much less get her off!" He said, still petting his doll sized stepsister. Shelly shrugged.

"Maybe it’s some kind of after effect of shrinking. We are still trying to figure it out. All I know is, I wanted you, so bad. And you didn't disappoint big guy." She smiled up at him, kissing the tip of his finger. He blushed. "Speaking of Melissa and Lori, we better check on them. But you need to get cleaned up first." She motioned to the hardening pool on his waist. He looked at it then set Shelly down. Using her discarded napkin, he wiped himself off, and then looked at the napkin.

"Oh hell, you were wearing this! Now it's..." he began. Shelly cut him off.

"It's ok. It’s not like we haven't seen each other naked now. And the other girls showed everything they have." She laughed. "Just finish cleaning up and we can check on them." Shelly watched as Roger wiped his stomach clean with the napkin she had been wearing and slipped on his boxers. He looked down at her and she reached her hands up, wanting him to pick her up. His hand came down and gently he wrapped his fingers about her body, feeling her curves on his fingers. He lifted her and blushed when he saw
his forefinger resting across her breasts. He could feel her tiny nipples hardening again. Was the increased libido of the girls’ a side effect of their unexplained shrinking? How had they shrunk? And would Roger be able to help them get back to normal? He had no idea, but in the meantime, he could not deny that he was the luckiest man in the world, having three beautiful women who seemed to not be able to get enough of him. He really wondered if he would want to get them back to normal. This was almost to perfect.

End Notes:

Is Roger not the white knight he seemed to be? An how will Shelly plan her little role reversal with Roger? Very soon Roger will see his birthday from a new perspective, as will our little ladies, little for now...

Chapter 7 The Growing of Shelly by Bianca
Author's Notes:

Sorry it has taken so long. Real life got to me as well as ssome interpersonal issues here. Its a bit short, but I have a few things going.....more next time. As well as the shrinking of Roger.

Chapter 7

Roger carried Shelly out of the bedroom to the dining room. The pair could see Melissa and Lori still asleep on the table. Lori was spooning Melissa, hugging her midsection. Melissa had a smile on her face. Shelly looked up at Roger.

“They will probably sleep until morning. Sorry your birthday was spoiled.” She started to put a bit of sadness in her voice, making it sound like she was about to cry. Roger lifted her to his face and kissed her, gently stroking her hair.

“Oh, no! It’s ok Shell, really! I am just glad I could be here for you three! I mean, what we did in the bedroom was a huge surprise, but I liked it! You didn’t spoil it!” He said quickly, kissing her small face again. Shelly gave a sniffle.

“You really liked it?” Shelly asked, giving an amazing performance. Roger nodded his head vigorously, a wide smile still on his face.

“It caught me off guard, but it felt…amazing!” Roger said enthusiastically. Shelly wiped a ‘tear’ from her eye.

“Th-thank you Roger.I don’t know what came over me, but it felt so good to me too!” She pet his finger, then thrust her breasts against his thumb. She could feel the urge returning. But she did not want to satisfy it as she was. Things had to change.

Roger looked at the two tiny women on the table then back down at Shelly. He did not think any other man on earth was as lucky as he was. Three tiny women and they were here for him. The thought of keeping them was sounding more appealing all the time.

“Why don’t we let them sleep it off? We can sleep on the couch. That way if they wake up you will hear them.” Shelly said, slowly rubbing her bare breasts against Roger’s thumb. He did not miss it.

“That, um, sounds like a, um, good idea. Let me get pillows from the bedroom and a blanket.” He carried Shelly to the coffee table and reluctantly set her down. He looked at her for a moment. Her nipples were hard and erect. He could see them easily. It began to have an effect on his member. He took a last long look at her then hurried to the bedroom. He returned in record time with a blanket and a pillow. He quickly dropped them on the couch then turned back to his stepsister.

“Oh, did you, um, want another napkin, or, something to where?” He asked with a weird quiver in his voice. Shelly shook her head.

“I figured I would just sleep on your chest, if that’s ok.” She smiled up at him. He gulped and quickly leapt under the covers. Once he was down, he reached for Shelly. She lifted her arms and walked into his waiting hand. Once his thumb and fingers wrapped around her, she purred, rubbing her butt against his palm and her breasts against his thumb. She shuddered as he lifted her, laying her on his bare chest. She stretched, running her hands up his chest, her feet down his tummy. He looked down at her, a goofy grin on his face. She lay on her tummy, kissing his chest. He put his head back on the pillow, moaning. With a smile on her face, she got to her hands and knees and turned away from the giant’s face. She crawled down his body and under the covers. Roger gave her an odd look, then closed his eyes when he felt her reach his member. He moaned and lay back down. Shelly was climbing on his erection, rubbing her tiny naked body against it. He could barely hear her, but he could make out tiny grunts and moans as she slid herself up and down his member, getting them both off. Once he felt Shelly stop moving he grabbed some Kleenex from the table and wiped himself clean. He was going to clean up Shelly, but she seemed to be passed out, hugging his shaft. He sighed happily and closed his eyes, getting comfortable. Within minutes, he was asleep. It had been the best birthday ever. But little did Roger know it was just starting.

Shelly stayed where she was, hugging the warm shaft, even as it shrunk. Once she heard Roger snoring, she slowly slid down between his thighs, his balls rubbing against her body. She began to feel the arousal return, but she had to control herself. Otherwise her plans were for nothing. Her little feet touched the couch and she stopped, making sure her stepbrother was still asleep. He stirred in his sleep, knocking her against his thigh, but she managed to find the space to crawl out and down the front of the couch. She looked up at the seat, but could not see Roger. She could hear him still snoring though. Smiling, she snuck under the couch and retrieved the small capsule she had hidden there so early before. Shelly peeked out at the table, happy to see Melissa and Lori still fast asleep. She thought back to the first time she had taken the powder. Nearly 12 hours passed before she woke up after her first orgasm. Shelly had made sure she did not give as much to her sister and Lori. She did not want them sleeping through Roger’s birthday. All of them were going to get a present this year.

As stealthily as she could, the Barbie-sized woman made her way across the living room to the bedroom. Once inside, she eyed the capsule then swallowed it down, waiting for the change to happen. It was much faster than the shrinking had been. Within minutes, she was back to her normal size. She hugged herself and grinned. ‘One down, one to go’ she thought to herself. Quickly she slipped on a pair of panties and a long tee shirt. The hem fell just about mid-thigh and the collar was stretched out, showing off a generous amount of cleavage. She tiptoed out to the dining room and looked down at Melissa and Lori. They were so cute, such perfect little dolls. She was tempted to reach out and touch them, even pick them up, but she refrained. There would be time for that later.

She crept into the kitchen and opened a cabinet, pulling out a small vial with an eye dropper. She measured out a small amount in the dropper and set the bottle down. One last look at the small women showed they were still asleep, cuddling each other. Melissa would never cuddle with another woman had she been in her right mind. But being the size of a doll and having a hyper libido will definitely put you out of your right mind. Shelly silently walked across the living room to the sleeping form of her step brother. He was on his back, his mouth wide open as he snored. She must have really tired him out. She smiled as she lowered the eye dropper to his mouth. If he was tired now, he has not seen anything yet. With a quick squeeze, she dropped the clear liquid down his throat. He coughed a little, and then swallowed without waking up. Shelly quickly returned the stopper to the vial and put it away. She did not want to miss any of Roger’s change. She had planned this out too well to let something silly ruin it. She sat on a recliner, near the couch and watched Roger, waiting for him to start shrinking into the nest of blankets. Thankfully he was only wearing boxers so she would not have to fight to find his doll-sized body. She imagined holding him in her hand, as well as other places she could put him. She daydreamed having Roger between her thighs while the two tiny women worshipped her breasts. Oh yes, this was going to be an excellent birthday.

End Notes:

Next chapter, Shelly gets to play with dolls.....

Chapter 8 Roger's Downsizing by Bianca
Author's Notes:

Roger finally gets shrunk!


Again, Sorry it's so short, but things are finally clearing up and I wanted to post something. Let me know what you think!



Chapter 8

Shelly sat on the edge of the recliner, an arm's length from where her stepbrother slept. She had lifted the covers and laid them over the back of the couch so she could see Roger fully. He had reached for the blanket, but not finding it, he rolled onto his side and curled up for warmth, licking his lips from the serum Shelly had given him. He smiled and snored lightly, curling up tight, and then relaxing a bit. This soon became a rocking as the shrinking powder took its effect on him. He murmured Lori's name, then Shelly's as his hips moved ever so slightly back and forth. Shelly smiled as he began to shrink, his boxers pooling around his slightly rocking hips. A small moan escaped Roger as he slowly disappeared into his boxers. Shelly had to stifle a laugh as she saw his tiny feet sticking out the bottom of his boxers; his head just peeking out the top. He looked so cute. Shelly felt a stirring deep within her, slight at first. But she knew it would soon take over. The antidote for shrinking was just as potent as the shrinking powder itself. Its libido alter effects did not last as long, but was no less potent. She found one of her hands between her thighs, sliding up and down. She quickly removed it. There would be time for it soon. And it would not be her hand pleasuring her.

She slipped off the chair and knelt in front of the couch, her eyes glued to Roger. She reached out and pet his head gently with a fingertip. If being his doll had been a turn on for Shelly, having him as her doll was even more so. She wanted nothing more than to pick him up and drop him into her panties. But she had learned restraint. She had to let him get a bit more used to his new size. And let the powder take him over. Soon, the doll man would be begging her to let him pleasure her. She leaned her face closer to him.

"Roger, Rooooger!" She whispered playfully. The small man rolled onto his back and mumbled something she could not hear. Shelly carefully pulled the waistband of the boxers back, exposing much of her stepbrother. His tiny cock was stirring to life. She softly traced a line down his chest to his waist. Roger moaned happily and stretched. Shelly grinned and as softly as she could, ran her finger up his erection, causing the small man to shudder in his sleep. He reached down and pet her fingertip.

"Mmm...Yes, Shelly. You feel so good!" he mumbled in his sleep. She chuckled. He thought she was still wrapped around his hard on. She stroked it again, up the top and down the bottom. She rubbed his tiny balls with a slow circular motion. He rocked his hips, lifting them slightly to greet her finger. He yawned and moaned, slowly waking up. Gently taking his tiny shaft between her thumb and finger, Shelly caressed his erection, soliciting more moans of pleasure from her miniature man. He ran his hand down her finger and smiled, slowly opening his eyes.

"Again? I mean..." He stopped as his sight slowly aligned and he saw a huge face looking down at him, the huge face of his stepsister. When he fell asleep, she had been a doll, hugging his cock. Now she was huge, looming over him. He looked down and saw her fingers, gently holding his member. She had stopped fondling him and was simply holding it, smiling down at him.

"Hello birthday boy. Hope you don't mind that I got a little more comfortable and gave you the next part of your birthday present." She purred, still holding his erection. It did not seem to be going flaccid at all. He shook a little then looked up at her.

"But...but how... you were... and now..." He never got to finish as Shelly again resumed stroking his shaft, her fingers softly sliding up and down his manhood. His eyes closed and he grasped her fingers, slowly bucking his hips as the giantess gently rubbed his cock. He tried to mouth protest, but only whimpers of pleasure escaped his lips. He was close when Shelly stopped, letting go of his shaft and withdrawing her fingers. His eyes slowly opened as he realized she had stopped and he looked up at her. For the moment, he seemed to be oblivious to the fact he had changed places with his stepsister. He went from having a toy to being one.

Shelly could see the pleading in his eyes as she licked her fingers, slowly sliding them into her mouth, then out past her thick lips, one at a time. Roger was transfixed on her, unable to move or speak. Shelly knew this was not a side effect of the powder, but of her actions. She waited a few seconds longer before speaking.

"Would you like me to continue?" she purred, licking her lips slowly, her tongue playing over her upper lip, then the bottom. She puckered and blew him a kiss. She could see Roger gulp. He slowly nodded. Shelly smiled seductively, slowly lifting her body until her chest came into view. Roger watched her rise, his eyes dropped down to her chest, pressing against the fabric of the shirt. He could see her nipples straining against the light cloth of the t-shirt. She seemed as aroused as he was. Quickly, he diverted his eyes back up at her smiling, pretty face. Shelly did not miss it. She set her hand on the couch near the tiny man. He looked at, then back up again.

"If you want me to continue, climb onto my hand." Shelly said with a hint of playfulness in her voice. It held so much promise, yet Roger had a nagging thought in the back of his mind. Shelly noticed his hesitation. She had seen it before.

"I promise I will explain what happened, but you have to trust me, Roger. You trust me, don't you?" She asked, speaking slowly. She almost sounded hurt. Roger lowered his head, then returned her gaze. He swallowed hard, trying to clear his throat.

"Yes." was all he managed to croak. He was only seeing Shelly from the chest up, but she was so big. He imagined this was what he looked like to Melissa when she first shrunk and he had picked her up. The thought of his shrunken stepsister screaming in his hand, then using his fingers as sexual partners rekindled his arousal. He looked at Shelly's hand. Her fingers were as long as his arms, maybe a bit longer. He slowly got to his hands and knees and crawled to her finger, but stopped short of climbing onto the large appendage.

"That's right little man, crawl on and you will get all of your answers." Shelly coaxed her small stepbrother. He reached out a tiny hand and touched her finger. It was real. Just like she had been small to him, he was now small to her. He was not sure how, but he needed to find out. Then he caught a scent on her fingers, a recently familiar scent. Her hand was warm and from the intoxicating scent, had been between her legs recently. It sent shivers through him and he barely noticed himself crawling on her waiting hand. He lay in her palm and Shelly carefully closed her fingers around him. It felt so wonderful to have a tiny person in her hand again. It had been too long. She would definitely have to do this more often.

Being careful not to clench her fist, Shelly stood up and brought her stepbrother slowly up her body to her face. She smiled at him. He seemed a bit nervous, but nothing like Melissa had been. He seemed more curious then afraid. He was probably curious about his size, her size, what she was going to do, and why he was beginning to feel so aroused. Shelly could feel his small hard on poking between two of her fingers. He was trying his best not to hump it, but he was beginning to lose the battle of self-control. He looked at her eyes. Grinning, Shelly carried him down the hall to her room. Hopefully she had time before the doll girls woke up. She wanted to enjoy Roger's birthday present. And this was just the beginning. She had the whole four day weekend with her shrunken pets.

End Notes:

I wonder what Shelly has in mind for her litle doll man?  Like you don't know!!!  LOL

Until next time!

Chapter 9 The Inside Man by Bianca
Author's Notes:

Shelly gets to play now! Happy Birthday, Roger!

As always, please let me know what you think!



Chapter Nine
Shelly closed the door behind her to her bedroom. She looked down at the small man in her hand. He was transfixed on her breasts. Shelly could tell the doll man was resisting the temptation to reach out and grab one. There was no way he could grab both. She smiled as she pretended to trip and brought him closer to her, then dropping him onto her chest. He flailed and scrambled, trying his best to wrap his arms and legs around her breast. He was finally able to get a good hold when his crotch came to rest atop her nipple. She suppressed a shiver as she felt him bounce against it. Looking down her shirt she smiled at Roger, feigning dismay.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry! I should be more careful!” She said with all due concern. She could feel his tiny erection poking into her flesh and his hips trying to hold on to her breast while humping it at the same time. She reached down for him and lifted him off her breast, dangling him between her thumb and forefinger under his arms. He hung there but his hips were still twitching and his erection showed no sign of dying. She reached out with her free hand and stroked it with a fingertip.

“Is that for me?” She purred, stroking it again, slowly, letting her finger glide underneath it and rub the sensitive skin under the head. She slid her finger back down and gently rubbed his balls before sliding it back up to the head. Roger tried to answer but only mumbled and shook his head. The giantess could tell he was so near climaxing. But he would come when she said he could. And when she wanted him to.

She sat on the bed and slowly lowered her stepbrother between her thighs. He was nearly the same height as her thighs, his little head barely poking up between them. She smiled and resisted the temptation to squeeze him between her thighs, shoving him against her panties, but just barely resisted. He looked at the soft silk and could smell her arousal. It was a scent he was familiar with from his time playing with her. He reached out and touched the fabric and her sex behind it. Shelly shivered and closed her legs on Roger. It was instinct and she couldn’t help it. The tiny man’s actions had an effect on her. She moaned as he struggled between her thighs, trying to get out. But she held him firmly.

Reaching for the bottom of her shirt she lifted it over her head and dropped it onto the bed beside her, leaving her breasts bare and hanging free. She cupped them and pinched her hardened nipples, rolling them in her fingers. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back, thoroughly loving the sensation on her nipples and her tiny step brother squirming between her thighs. She imagined Melissa and Lori were on her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples as they hugged her breasts to their shrunken little bodies and Roger rubbed himself against her pussy. Her shiver brought her out of her reverie and she opened her thighs.

Roger fell back against her left thigh and slide down to the bed. He was red from lack of oxygen and exertion but still had his hard on. Carefully she reached down and cupped him in her palm, lifting him to her chest. He looked up at her then down at her bare breasts. He nearly reached for his manhood but stopped himself quickly. Shelly smiled again, reaching out her free hand and stroking it for him. He leaned back in her hand, his legs dropping down either side of her wrist. He rested his hands on her larger hand as she gently pinched his cock and began sliding her fingers back and forth. Little moans of pleasure were heard from him as the red faded from his face and he returned to a more normal color. He rubbed her hand as she stroked his tiny cock.

“Do you like that Roger?” Shelly asked, barely above a whisper. Roger nodded, nearly lost in the orgasmic pleasure of her giant hand job. “Would you like to come?” purred the giantess, loving how her shrunken brother felt in her hand. Again he nodded, a huge goofy smile cross his face. His hips were rocking in time with her fingers. Shelly stopped stroking. “Ask me nicely.” Roger slowly opened his eyes as he realized Shelly had stopped.

“Wha…?” He asked, confusion and pleasure dancing across his face. Shelly ran her large finger along the inside of his thigh, then back up to his cock, rubbing his balls. He was so close!

“Ask me nicely to let you come.” She stated plainly, her finger sliding back and forth along the underside of his erection. He stared at her for a moment, then at her breasts. He looked back up at her and nodded.

“Please?” He said weakly, trying to swallow. Shelly chuckled as she continued petting his little hard cock.

“Please what, my lovely little brother?”

“Please, let me come?” he had actually pleading in his eyes. Shelly was sure he had never been forced to wait to orgasm. She relished the power she had over tiny people. One day she would have to shrink someone and ‘forget’ where she left the antidote. She looked down at Roger, who was trying so hard not to grab his erection and finish the job himself. She lifted him to her lips and kissed his tiny face, then licked his bare chest.

“Only because you are such an adorable little man.” She cooed at him, kissing his chest again. She slipped her tongue out between her lips and licked down his chest to his waist. Opening her mouth slightly, Roger was surprised when she took his balls and hard on completely into her mouth, pushing his chest with her nose. He fell back into her hand as she began sucking gently on his balls, licking up and down his hardened shaft. He moaned loudly and in earnest. He gripped her thumb and pinkie in his opposing hands as he squirmed under her mouth.

He was completely in her power and he didn’t care. He had never been this horny before and he certainly had never had to ask if he could come before. But Shelly was so forceful, so dominate yet in a subtle way. Damn the fact she was a fifty foot woman, he was so ready to climax right now. He looked over the huge hand he was reclining in, down at her massive breasts. They were heaving and jiggling as she licked and sucked his cock. He would never have imagined in a thousand years that he would be shrunk to the size of a doll and in his nearly naked step sister’s hand as she gave him a blow job. It was impossible, it was surreal, it was unreal. Yet it was happening.

He continued to watch her amazing breasts, as she licked his cock. She had opened her mouth and released his balls, concentrating more on his hard on. She ran her tongue up one side and down the other, then curled it around his shaft, sliding it up and down. Her head bobbed back and forth as she slid her tongue along his small cock. This caused her breasts to bobble and shake, making Roger stare at them as he moaned in absolute pleasure. Getting an idea, she slowly lowered him from her mouth, giving his rock hard cock a kiss.

Roger looked up at her, tearing his eyes away from her bouncing breasts. He looked almost tearful as she kissed his hard on and lowered him. She turned him and lowered her hand to her chest, depositing the tiny man between her breasts. He was about to protest when she licked her fingers and gently grasped his cock between her thumb and finger, continuing his hand job. He lay back and began rubbing her breasts, both bigger than him. He even turned his head and kissed one, licking the warm flesh. Shelly shivered feeling his tiny tongue n her breast. She knew he would appreciate being there, but not that much. He was kissing her breast and rubbing his hands over both as he squirmed from her hand job. She purred and slid her other hand between her thighs, getting her pussy ready for a guest.

She ran her fingers up and down her lips as she stroked her tiny brother’s cock, feeling him worshipping her breast. He was her’s now, for as long as she wanted and that thought turned her on. The powder was a strong aphrodisiac, but having her stepbrother squirming between her breasts and about to be plunged into her pussy made it so much sweeter. She closed her eyes, savoring her toy’s movements and the movements of her fingers between her thighs. She had slid her panties down and was tracing her lips with her fingers. She made small circles on her clit with her thumb, bouncing herself a little from pleasure. This caused Roger’s fleshy perch to bounce, but he didn’t seem to care. He was so lost in euphoria he probably did not even know.

As she plunged her fingers into her, she felt Roger stiffen. She heard him whimper as she felt his cock pulse. He lay perfectly still as he orgasmed, any movement stopped by the weight of Shelly’s breasts holding him down. He winced, almost looking like he was in pain, until Shelly realized just how much he was coming. She had never seen a tiny man squirt that much semen before. Apparently making Roger wait was a good idea. He yelled out Shelly’s name, muffled as his face pressed against her breast. Hearing him yell her name was all the signal she needed. She was ready, near the brink herself. She wanted Roger awake for this and not passed out. She wanted him to experience being inside her before passing out. She lifted him from her cleavage and raised him up for a kiss. He hardly seemed to notice and she saw his cock was still hard, still pumping out little dribbles of seed. She kissed his face and lowered him between her thighs. She laid back and opened her legs wide. She was going to enjoy this release, even more than she enjoyed humping his giant cock.

Gently she rubbed his head against her lips, soaking his hair and making herself even wetter. As she pressed his face against her clit, he tried to say something. He instead got a mouthful of her bud. He tried to talk, but this only made him take more of her clit in. She moaned and pressed his head against it. He got the idea and began sucking it, licking it while it was in his mouth. His hands were pinned to his side as Shelly had wrapped her fingers about him. He felt her pinkie finger guide his feet forward. He knew what she was doing as he felt wetness on his feet. He felt tired all of a sudden but at the same time he felt exhilarated, and if possible as horny as he was before.

She lifted his head away from her clit with a moan and he took a deep breath. Her heady scent filled his being. He was intoxicated by her smell and barely noticed her sliding him into her. She had let his arms go and was holding him under his armpits with her thumb and forefinger. She was incredibly turned on as was evidenced by how wet she was. He slid into her without a problem, his body fitting into her tight sex almost perfectly. It felt like a lover’s tight embrace, only all over his body. He could feel her muscles tightening and loosening around her body.

She began to slide him out then back in again, his still hard cock rubbing the top of her pussy. He moaned as she let out a loud moan. Soon the slow ride back and forth became a carnival ride of carnal pleasure. She began pumping him in and out, faster and deeper, almost burying him up to his armpits. But each time she pulled him back out again. He learned quickly to take deep breaths each time he was pulled out, for as he was pulled back in, her muscles would tighten around him, constricting his chest. He felt her walls nearly close in on him as she released a loud moan. Hot, white fluid began seeping around him as he came a second time. The last thing he saw before passing out was Shelly’s face. She was smiling, her hair plastered to her forehead. But she had a very satisfied look on her face. One Roger shared as he slipped into oblivion.

End Notes:

What happens next? I think Shelly has two dolls who are going to wake up soon. And hopefully Roger survived! Thank you for all the past and future reviews, they help keep me going!

Chapter 10 Little Lori pt I by Bianca
Author's Notes:

Sorry if this one is short, but the next part should be fairly longer. And before anyone says anything, there WILL be more foot action later. You didn't think I would just leave it at that, did you?

Thank you for all the sweet reviews and kind words. and thank you to Tiny Dann, Ohh, and JohnnyScribe for being muses for me. Without you three I wouldn't be posting here. Especially you Dann.  *MWAH*

Chapter Ten

Shelly gently slid Roger out of her and lifted him from between her thighs. He was limp and passed out, but his little pecker was still hard. She smiled and ran a finger down his chest and along his cock. His body stirred and he moaned, but he did not wake up. The powder was a strong aphrodisiac, but once someone passed out from an orgasm, they were passed out. The more it was used, the less the sleep affected you. But the aphrodisiac effects did not diminish. And Shelly loved how the powder made her feel. She just hoped her new dolls felt the same way.

Roger was squirming deliciously in her hand as she absentmindedly stroked his cock. She grinned and set him down on the bed, near her feet. Normally she wanted her toys awake for this, but she loved the power too much. She sat back and slowly lowered her foot onto Roger?s lower half. She rubbed his little cock with her big toe, watching him raise his hips as her toe slid down his thighs. She smiled when she gently slipped his hard on between her toes and he rested his hands on the nail of her big toe. His cute little body was on auto pilot as she stroked his cock up and down between her toes. Her tan skin was a contrast to the pale skin of his hip and groin area. The rest of his body was slightly tanned, but he obviously did not have an allover tan, like she did. His loud moan brought back her concentration.

It did not take too long of affection from her foot to bring her doll-sized brother to climax. He stopped moving, pressing his body to her sole as he squirted onto her toes. The sight of him coming was enough to make Shelly slide her hand back between her thighs. She began fingering herself as Roger collapsed into a satisfied stupor. It took everything Shelly had to stop what she was doing. There were two other dolls in her kitchen that were probably going to wake up soon, if they were not already. She sighed and picked up her shirt, wiping off her plump toes. She got out of bed and dropped the shirt into the hamper. She slipped her panties back on as she watched Roger sleeping blissfully on her bed.

The small giantess exited her room and crept into the dining room. She peeked around the wall at the kitchen table where she had left Lori and Melissa. They were both still asleep, though Lori was starting to stir. Shelly grinned and tiptoed across the floor. She wanted to see her sister?s friend wake up and gauge her reaction to the change in size. She knelt as she thought about Roger, between her thighs and pleasing her. Her gaze fell to the two tiny women on her kitchen table. Soon she would feel that rush again.

Shelly brought her face close to the edge of the table. She wanted to see Lori?s reaction to her being big now. No need to tell her Roger was small, at least not yet. The women were so small, so fragile. She wanted to reach out and pick them up, hold them in her hands. But she knew the longer she waited, the better they would feel once she DID have them. She knew Roger would need a bath and would wake up all sticky, but she decided to take Melissa and Lori with her. She could let them soak with her in the tub and they could have some private girl time. Shelly wished the effects of the powder would last forever.

Lori began to wake first. She snuggled to Melissa and made a cute little sound that Shelly could not identify, but she found it adorable. Lori stretched and Shelly was reminded of a kitten. Only this kitten was sexy, and blonde and naked. The giantess could not help but purse her lips; Lori was just too adorable! She could see why Roger was infatuated with her. Lori yawned and sat up, taking in her nearby surroundings.

She looked at herself, seemingly confused as to why she was nude. She looked at Melissa, equally confused by her nudity as well. She grasped Melissa by the shoulder and was going to shake her when she caught sight of Shelly?s huge face, peering down on her ad grinning.

?Good morning, tiny.? Shelly whispered, smiling at Lori. For her part, Lori looked up at her, questions filling her mind and confusion filling her face.

?H-how?What?.?? Lori stuttered, her eyes wide. Shelly put her finger to her lips, motioning for the girl to be quiet. Slowly lifting herself, she let her bare breasts come into view. Lori?s gaze fell from Shelly?s face to the impressive display of breast before her. Lowering her left hand to the table, Shelly jerked her head softly to the side. Lori got the idea and slowly stood up, backing away from the sleeping Melissa. She stepped over to the large waiting hand and looked at it, then back up at Shelly. Shelly nodded.

?Come with me and I will explain everything.? Shelly purred, slowly pushing her chest forward and giving Lori a better view. Lori gulped, staring at the massive breasts, each larger than her, then back up at Shelly?s pretty, smiling face. Shelly was rewarded with the tiny blond climbing onto her hand and holding her thumb. She lifted her to her chest and slowly stood up, nearly pressing Lori to her left breast. The small woman reached a hand out to steady herself, resting it against Shelly?s warm, erect nipple. Both shivered.

Slowly, the giantess carried her tiny passenger to the couch. Once she sat she concentrated on Lori, petting her back with the fingers of her free hand. Lori seemed to like it as she closed her eyes and thrust out her chest. She may have been doll-sized, but Shelly was impressed with the size of her bosom. After a few strokes down her back, Lori opened her eyes and looked up at Shelly. The giant woman could tell the powder was still having a bit of an effect on Lori.

?You were going to explain what happened?? Lori said, trying to hide the fact she was rubbing her back against Shelly?s fingers. Shelly did not miss the small shiver she gave. Nodding her head, she remembered she promised to tell Roger what had happened. She never did get to explain to Roger, but he did not seem to mind. She did not think Lori would either.
End Notes:

Poor Lori....And what will happen when Melissa wakes up? Shelly did say something about a bath....But does a girl really need two bath toys? Of course she does!

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