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Inspired by message board posts. Various shorts about big girls.

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Story Notes:

After browsing around a certain message board, I noticed many people were wishing for a giant girlfriend; it was annoying, and broke the flow of conversation. So, I whipped this up so that they'd stop complaining. After that, I kept writing based off ideas suggested there. Each short is independent from each other short, so feel free to read in any order, or just skip the ones that look stupid.


1. Origins by TFWNoGiantGF


3. And now one about shrinkies by TFWNoGiantGF

4. If Neckbeards Were Giant Girls (Or, now some wanton murder) by TFWNoGiantGF

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10. Supah Urtora Mega Sonico-Chan Wa Chou-Ooki Desu Ne~ by TFWNoGiantGF

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12. School's Out for Summer by TFWNoGiantGF


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15. Canada by TFWNoGiantGF

16. Masochism by TFWNoGiantGF

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18. Hackers by TFWNoGiantGF

Origins by TFWNoGiantGF

Boom. Boom. Boom.

A distant, familiar rumble tosses you out of bed. Your dest shakes, sending pencils tumbling off. It hits you: you were supposed to meet your girlfriend today.

Boom. Boom. BOOM.

The trembling becomes stronger, the rhythmic pounding approaching slowly. Racing to your cupboard, you search for something decent to put on amongst the rustled coathangers. A shirt falls onto your head after a quake- good enough. You toss it on, and look around for a clean pair of pants.


The entire world is now shaking violently. Panicing, you pick up a pair of pants, and just as you start to slip them on... It stops. The daylight is blocked by the most beautiful, radiant, gigantic face you've ever seen. Occupying the whole window, her bright eyes scan the room, and catch your minuscule, exposed form. With absolutely no hesitation, her titanic head moves back- only to be replaced with five slender fingers connecting to a pudgy palm. The enormous hand enters through the open window, groping clumsily around the room, knocking over pieces of furniture; until the giantess finally catches hold of you.

Your blood rushes as the soft padding of her flesh surrounds you. The giant index finger pulls your comparatively minuscule body into her palm, and closes around you. Her hand easily grasps your entire body, warmly engulfing it; it's a sensation you still aren't used to. Even more exciting is the rush of wind as she slowly tugs you out of your room, your pantless form exposed to the open air.

There she is. Lying down on her stomach, her body dwarves your 2-story house. The titaness's hand stops grasping you, her palm turning into a fleshy platform resting in front of your face. Deep footprints are dug into the soil around her, showing the exact path she took to reach you- but they don't hold your attention to long. Your eyes are drawn to hers, gigantic saucers staring down at your crotch area.

Immediately, you pull your pants up, zipping them. Her left hand moves to her mouth, as a lovely, cute, booming giggle echoes through the sky. It jolts your tiny body, and you feel greater and greater love for her every second. You walk down her palm, to her wrist's edge, and toss yourself into her lips, caressing the wet masses of pink as you plant your head into them.


The rising squee lets you know the giantess felt the tiny kiss. Her index finger and thumb grab you, moving you towards the lips once again as they engulf your entire form. Then, she carefully presses your small, soaked body into her cheek, giving you a soft caress. Everything about her surrounds you. The air smells like... her. You can feel the soft flesh of her face and hands, her heavied breathing, her gentle, happy sighs, her rapid, pounding heartbeat...

Out of everyone else, this beautiful giantess chose you. She makes you feel tiny; but she makes you feel wonderful. She's much more than a giant girlfriend.

She's your entire world.

She gets up briskly, knocking your wind out while rising to her knees. You're trapped and cushioned between her long, slender fingers, carefully stroking your body, tossing it this way and that within her titanic palm. With every little movement she makes, you get a face full of her soft flesh. It's so ticklish, you can't help but laugh-and it's contagious. Her sweet voice echos throughout the air, and every few cuddles, you catch a glimpse of her beautiful, wide smile- so wide, she could probably swallow a man whole.

Yet, though you know she'd never do that, the very thought of it is exciting. She could do anything to you now- crush you, eat you, overpower you. So what does she do with this, with you?

She hugs you.

The power of a titan in her whole body, a tiny boy completely at her mercy, and all she wants to do with it is hug you. You're engulfed in her, her heartbeats louder than ever. Her laughter stops, her breath slows to a steady rhythm- but her heart is close and booming, and her chest is warm. Gazing up, your eyes meet- you can see everything reflected in them. Slowly loosening your arms, you toss them into her- and it starts again. Her breath heavier, her palms sweating, her soft sighs returning.

Slipping from her hand, you swiftly scale up to her enormous shoulder. She tilts her head to you, curiously eyeing your comparatively tiny form- this is your chance. You leap from her raised arm and grab onto the tip of her nose. As you try to climb up, her eyes widen even larger, and she raises an index finger to help you up. Now, on the top of her nose, you can see eye-to-eye.

Sort of.

They're like pools of pure beauty, everything lost in them. You can see your reflection in her large pupils, and the way down to your tiny house- you'd forgotten how high up you'd been. It's dizzying- the heat from her body, the altitude, her omnipresent heartbeat and breaths, the largeness of her eyes, her nose, her whole body...

You tumble backwards, falling off her nose. Her pupils shrink- you just keep looking into them, seemingly drawn in even as the get further and further away... Not daring to look down, you shut your eyes. Her beautiful, giant face flashes in your mind, as your breath leaves you...

You've dropped onto a flat, soft surface. Immediately, you know where you are- her hand, again. Yet, as you open your eyes, she sets you down gently, on the solid ground. It's dizzying- for just a few moments, you were in a paradise, completely separated from the real world. Now, you've been jolted back into reality. Her lovely, kneeling silhouette takes up the sky, and you notice...

She's gently sobbing.

Her entire body moves back to its old position, stomach on ground, head pointed towards you. It's amazing, breathtaking, hypnotising- you can see every detail of her titanic form shifting at her command. A simple action such as lying down to get a closer view of you becomes a transformation, cutting through the air and shifting the light. She wipes the boulder-sized tears from her eyes and forces a smile.

Her cries are everywhere, overpowering. It's painful to watch her cry like this, her entire face seeming to crack into something different. So, your small hand pats her cheek slowly, comforting her. As a tear falls on your head, the world dissapears again, fades into her glory.

Today, you are hers. Forever, you're hers-and you'd do anything she told you to. But not her toy. Not her slave. Not her pet. You accept her for everything she is. She's beautiful- no, the embodiment of perfection. Her size just adds to her overpowering nature. And yet, she needs you. She wants love, affection. She's human. She fears for your safety, yet also your acceptance of her. Every move she makes is precise, careful, so as to not harm you. The ground may be shaken beneath her feet, everything crushed into the ground with a mighty rumble; yet, when you come into play, she becomes soft and gentle.

She knows that she can turn you into paste at a whim; and so do you. But even more than that, she knows you've given yourself to her; if she told you to bow down to her, pray to her, strip naked, lick her toes, you'd do so, willingly. She's your entire world.

And yet, she'd never dare to do anything bad to you, more than any other person. When she looks down, she does not see insects; she sees humans, with as much of a right to live as any other person. Except you.

In you, she sees a soulmate, one who knows her better than anyone else, one who sees her true form, behind her collosal body.

She sees the world in you.

And, as she rises up, you see a tiny, damp stain on the front of her pantsu.

End Notes:

This arose from a post of "tfw no giant gf". It's the first thing I've written like this. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


A titanic girl, dwarfing the surrounding buildings, silhouetted against the white moon, rain dropping on its artificial skin. This was our only hope.

With every step the iron woman took, the ground shook beneath its weight. Bystanders, told to evacuate the area, rushed below it- they could not help but stare up at the colossus above them, built of unbreakable steel alloy. It marched forward, gazing down at the populace below her- but, of course, this was its pilot, not the girl itself. He simply had to be careful not to step on them.

Though a robot, her form was so humanlike that it was unsettling. People simply aren't that big- towering over everything, having to make a conscious effort not to destroy the buildings and people below it. Not everyone trusted the pilot with this insane power- many had chained themselves in protest. And yet, with the oncoming threat, this was the only possibility.

The robot's artificial hair fell low, the rain crashing against it. Anyone gazing up could see only a titanic, emotionless, blank feminine face surveying them, seeming to regard them as if they were bacteria under a microscope- no, an insect infestation. Everything was the same through its eyes- nobody escaped her glance, and her form could not escape anyone's mind. A woman of steel, able to crush houses underfoot- was this our savior?

"Salvation", the robot had been dubbed. A government project to eliminate the monster threat. But why give it the appearance of a giant woman? Was it to reassure the populace, make it seem friendlier? Her stoicness only added to the people's fear. Was it a message to the monster about the triumph of humankind, their power? No, more than that- was it a representation of feminine, caring power over brutality? The triumph of intellect over beast?

No matter what she was meant to represent, why she was built, the people could only marvel in it, gazing up in fear and awe. It was as if a titan from days of old had returned, ready to seek vengeance for being trapped forever. It would take absolutely no effort for this mechanical being to destroy the city around her. And yet she marched forward.

How would it feel to pilot it, such a gigantic, yet human form? Who would be able to handle that responsibility, that power? Many thought the pilot would crack from fear or stress. A few thought the pilot would go maverick, and push around the populace below with his titanic robot. Some feared she would be too human; some thought it'd gain a conscious mind, self-awareness, and a sense of its own power and superiority. It could join the beast. It could claim the Earth as its own, humanity as its servants; the pilot inside its cockpit wouldn't stand a chance against such power.

But none suspected that she actually was conscious, self-aware, and knew perfectly well the chaos she could cause from above, the destruction she could reign onto the Earth. Her metal form concealed a complex system below her. She could feel. She could breathe. She could think.

And right now, she breathed deeper than ever, preparing herself for the combat to come.

From inside her cockpit, you breathed heavily, too. This was it. Everybody on Earth, depending on this victory. If this failed, humanity had nothing left to throw at the aquatic invaders; they'd fall. You focussed your mind, careful not to crush anyone below.

Everything she felt, you felt. The soil below, trembling under her bare feet as you approached the ocean, the forbidden zone. The sounds of the band below, playing a march song to prepare you. Her excitement. Today, her body was an extension of yours- no, you shared her body. You shared a mind. You and the robot girl were interconnected, one and the same.

With a sigh, you turned around, back to the fleeing crowds. Couldn't run away now, so just one glance back at the people you love so, before facing death.

Some watched you, looking up at the robotic giantess savior. Standing at her full height, she blocked out the moonbeams, the rain. Her form was slender, but powerful and mechanical. There was a small crowd gathered behind the safety lines, cheering you on, despite knowing full well the dangers you faced, all of humankind faced. There were grim faces, but also those who forced smiles. Some held up banners with messages of encouragement- there was one with a cute charicature of the giant Salvation.

With no input from you, the giantess raised a hand, and smiled to the crowd.

Enormous, thundering applauses sounded below. The music was louder than ever. She'd brought faith back to the people below- this was the power of human intellect. They could triumph over any threat.

Of course, they cheered for you, not her. They were convinced that you were the only one facing this, going alone to save the world. No, you had your must trusted comrade wih you. She was the one really facing this.

But she didn't mind- even though she knew what the people below thought of her. She had only two things on her mind- keeping them safe, and destroying the creature who tried to threaten them. They had every much as a right to life as she did- and no monster would get away with trying to attack her people, her family, her world. She was ready to kill. And if they saw her as a monster, so be it. If they saw her as an automaton, a weapon, so be it. If they feared her, so be it.

She would protect them, no matter the cost.

While hesitant with her at first, you now trusted this giant girl more than anyone else in the world. She made you feel brave, strong, like you could do anything. In her cockpit, you felt safer than anywhere else, more confident. In her body, you were closer to her than anyone. You knew each other. You were strong together. You knew what made her tick, and that transferred to her.

No more preparation.

As you marched into the rain, the ocean, darkness, certain death, the music faded, and silenced. In her cockpit, you were ready. She was ready.

You would kick that monster's ass.

End Notes:

Anyone watch Pacific Rim? I haven't. Apparently, it's cool, so I wrote a story based off peoples' comments on it, listening to the soundtrack of Godzilla. Her original height was 50 feet, but I decided to remove that, to leave it up to the audience's imagination.

And now one about shrinkies by TFWNoGiantGF

The giantess' titanic eyes look ready to burst, as she watches you, waving. Yet, she forces a tiny smile across her lips, staring silently at your tiny form, then the enormous girl, holding you in her soft, expansive palm.

"Well... See ya."

The words stab you like a dagger. Shit, why does this have to happen? You've left her so many times before, to go do your own stuff, before meeting again... This shouldn't be any different. So how come this feels...?

A tremble from the girl's moist palm jolts you from your thoughts. You wave back dumbly, trying to imitate the giant girl's sweet smile; but you only seem to make her shake more. It looks like she could explode any second. Voices inside your head scream, "No, don't do it! Admit you've always loved her! Leap out of here, and walk away with her! Make her happy! Be a man!"

Yet, in the wake of this beautiful giantess holding you, your girlfriend, you can't do anything. You gaze up, and there she is-her face radiant as always, glowing like the sun. Her ample bosom pokes out below her gentle, sad face, which gives a nod. She gets it. She'll give you time. This clears the confusion- you only wanted love for the sake of love until she came along. The giantess in front of you, trembling slightly... you were never meant to be.

Yet, this titanic lady, holding you... You fear her, yet you love her. You know that any wrong move from her could crush you... Yet you trust her not to do that. You trust your world in her enormous hands. That's definitely love. Intimacy, Passion, Loyalty, right?

So, you turn to the giantess in front of you. "Yeah. Maybe at school tommorow?"

"Yeah, of course! I mean, where else would you be going?" It's obvious she's forcing it out, resting on each syllable. It's unbearable. You look back up to your girlfriend's face, and nod: you're ready to go.

She walks up to the nearly-sobbing girl, trying to smile as gently as possible. From her hand, the towering bodies seem to block out the schoolyard, the sun, replacing it with their own light. You're happy, and she's happy; that's what you keep telling yourself. You've finally found the right person. You hug her hand to assert that to yourself- her skin is soft and warm. The slight smile on her titanic face hints at something else; a bigger smile that she's hiding, just to be polite. She must be pleased with you, too.

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of him." A pat on the back- you feel it from her palm.

"Yeah... Uh, thanks..." The girl's titanic legs seem bang together, and as she quickly spouts, "Laters", she dashes off in a hurry.

With a tiny wipe of your eyes, you scale up your girlfriend's arm, stretching forever. The fabric crunches against your feet, rushing to her shoulders- where you fall into her neck, sobbing into the supple flesh. You sense the sun being blocked behind you, and as you look back, teary eyes, her index finger descends on you, stroking your tiny back ever-so-gently. It still blocks off the sun, silhouetted.

"She's a great friend... Isn't she?"

You can't do anything but nod slowly. You don't dare say anything, for fear of hurting her... yourself... There's something in your throat. You want to scream that she was more than that. She was your closest companion. She protected you from bullies. You explored nooks and crannies with her. One time, playing video games, she rested her foot on you- and you didn't mind, because you wanted to be close to her. You wanted to always be close with her.

But no. You leave your childhood friend, your entire childhood behind, and move your gaze to the collosal beauty who now owns your heart.

"Anyways... We're going to have so much fun together, aren't we, little guy?"

'Little guy'... She'd never call you that. She'd barely even mention how tall you were. While everyone else got overprotective over you whenever anything bad happened, she just helped you deal with it. She'd lift you up so you could yell at people who tried to stomp you. She'd ask you what to do with them- and if you said punch, she'd punch. If someone accidentally triped over you, she'd mend you up- and you did the same to her, whenever she got a bruise from playing. It wasn't about size. She thought you were cool, and you thought she was, too; that was it.

"I have so much I want to do with you~!"

You can only hope that whatever your giant girlfriend has planned will take your mind off things.

End Notes:

The entire plot came from the somewhat-darker corners of the internet, and I take no credit for it. Originally had the flashbacks over a torture sequence; decided not to.

If Neckbeards Were Giant Girls (Or, now some wanton murder) by TFWNoGiantGF
Author's Notes:

Ochiko's name belongs to himself. I have no rights to use it. He is a cool guy. Worship him.

It was a normal day for the city, life continuing as usual. People traded pictures, fantasized about giant girls, wrote stories, made half-assed collages and doodles... To onlookers, it would look like a festival of herping and derping, but the city traditions were ingrained deeply, and the citizens were happy with their backwards ways. 3D and 2D were both celebrated, and the Ochiko-worshippers were few and far between.

And, from the highest building hung a symbol of power, beauty and QUALITY ACTING: a larger-than life poster, looking down on the city with a smile...

...Which was then shook by quakes in the background.

Boom. Boom. BOOM!

The sturdy skyscrapers trembled under the pounds. People were tossed off their feet, and onto their large asses. The rhythm of the enormous pounds was enough for them to instantly realize the truth of their situation:

Finally, a real-life giant girl had happened upon the glorious City.


Instantly, preparations were made. The men and women set to their assigned places for such an event, ready to greet and welcome the collosus, wondering how large she'd be. The children unravelled banners and welcome signs from the streets. The teenagers, encompassing most of the population, immediately removed their pants and prepared their members for the experience of their lives.


All held their breaths as a shadow stretched over the city. The constant pounding suddenly stopped, replaced with a booming, feminine laugh that echoed throughout the buildings. The sun was quickly blocked out by a gigantic, towering form...

In an instant, the tallest building crumbled down. People in it screamed and tried in vain to flee as the entire world was destroyed in a flurry of fear, concrete, and soft, pink flesh... The poster tore, and was quickly buried under rubble, nondescript red dots that were once people, and a single, bare foot...

The city looked up in fear and awe. There she stood, her graceful, titanic form stretching into the clouds, blocking the sun, looking down at the City and its inhabitants with a sweet, mischeivious smile. She was no 3D girl; this was a glorious tower of 2D goodness, complete with locks of green hair that made swooshing noises as they cut through the air. Now, she spoke, her words thundering amongst the heavens:


Roaring applause came from the crowds down below, as tiny men rushed to her titanic toes. They caught her eye, and in a single, swift motion, the giant girl raised her left foot, soles caked with the remains of skyscrapers and citizens. The populace admired it for a split second- before it came down in an instant, cutting through the clouds and briskly crushing their drooling, trembling bodies, the weight making a perfect crater of a footprint on the concrete street. Everyone was silenced.

"...That's what you were expecting me to say, wasn't it?"

She put her hand on her hip, her happy face twisting into a contemptuous scowl, looking down at the minuscule city with pure disgust. Her angered voice rang through the ears of everyone in the city below. Now, she put her free hand to her ample chest, puffing it up before adressing the tiny populace again:

"My name is Anonymous, and I hate every last one of you plebians."

Her gargantuan body started to move again, panic reigning in the city as her feet blocked out all light, destroying skyscrapers by the dozens.

"Your tastes are all shit!"

The anonymous giantess pounded a fist down on the scurrying, pathetic people below, smashing everything below it instantly. The people could only run; if they stopped to look up, they'd just catch one final glimpse of the titanic body, before- SMASH!

"None of you can draw! None of you can write!"

Some begged for mercy below her, pleading to the gigantic girl, promiscing worship, undying loyalty... As she saw them, she nearly seemed to hiss at them, gritting her teeth as their insignificant bodies hit her supple soles, perishing beneath her flesh like everything underneath the titan.

"You pitiful insects have NO sense of characterization! You think a girl is instantly going to start rampaging and dominating tiny men the second she gets big? That's childish, unrealistic, and mildly sexist!"

The giant girl continued her cruel rampage, dominating the tiny men below her. Now, she kneeled down, the skyscrapers crumbling this way and that on contact with her knees. The monolithic woman's bottom was positioned carefully over a city block, her massive panties ever-so-slightly wet; and with one pound, she sat under the city, effortlessly grinding their towering creations underneath her ass.

"You horny idiots wouldn't recognize a good giantess if she stomped all over you!"

Her enraged voice continued to echo throughout the city. Now, she reached her hand down, and, with a sadistic smile, dug her massive fingers into the ground, tearing through office buildings- they meant nothing to her. Reaching her hand in further, the people in the city prayed that she wouldn't harm them- until their entire city block was torn out of the ground, lifted into the air- and right in front of the giantess' beautiful, yet scowling face. From here, her voice was louder than ever, sending people flying back:

"You are the cancer that's killing the community, and in the name of Ochiko, I am going to snuff out each and every one of you pathetic microbes... You leeches... You scum... You FAGGOTS!"

Slowly, she opened her mouth wide- and everyone looking forward at the titanic, salivating tounge cussioned between her white, sharp teeth knew exactly what was going to happen. The anonymous aggressor tilted the chunk towards her, everything falling between her soft lips, people screaming out for mercy and help as they dissapeared down her giant, wet mouth...

And with the subtle taste of microscopic men and women on her tounge, she tossed the whole city block in, slowly moving it around her massive mouth before letting it slide down her throat, ready to be dissolved by her stomach acids...

Exactly like the insects that they are.

The ground trembled as she rose back up to her full height, observing the destruction below her. Her titanic footprints were everywhere, tiny buildings pressed down into the soil. The survivors were curled up in balls, whimpering, sobbing, begging that it'd be over soon... The city was a shadow of its former self.

She smiled.

"Don't think I'm done here. I'm going to return tommorow, and the next day, and again... I'll do anything it takes until you're all dead. If you try to rebuild, I'll just crush you again and again, until you've learnt your lesson. Nobody wants you around. You're all pathetic piles of shit, only fit for me to murder. Oh, and one last thing..."

The anonymous giantess cracked a booming giggle at the crushed city below her, rubble and red spots everywhere, slowly wiping her titanic toes of debris and dead bodies.

"If you think I'm bad, wait 'till the tripfags come. Some of those guys are SERIOUS murderfags!"

End Notes:

Not inspired by actual stories on the internet, but complaints about certain parts of the giantess community. Three guesses which parts.

Ice Cream by TFWNoGiantGF

A pleasant breeze blows throughout the countryside, underneath a warmish sun. It's pleasant weather, good for relaxation; and along with that, there's ice cream to cool you down. The truck just went by, and you're happily slurping at the frosted, chocolate cone with vanilla sprinkles. Sitting back in your chair, you gaze idly at the passing clouds... You could swear one stormcloud in the distance looks like a flower with one eye, or maybe Dark Matter from the Kirby games...

But you don't have much time to think, as a shadow falls over you, footsteps rumbling the ground, and the sky is blocked by a youthful smile and a flat chest. A booming, yet high-pitched voice echoes through your head:

"Hiiii~! Howzit goin'?"

Towering high above you, your gigantic neighboor waves happily, her fingers making loud noises as they swiftly cut through the air. The wide-eyed giant girl gazes down at you, and notices the ice cream cone in your hand. She grins, and moves her enormous head in closer, her warm, sweet breath surrounding you and sneaking into your nostrils.

"Mmm! You have some, too!"

Glancing a bit lower, you notice the young lady covering the sky is holding her own ice cream cone- with a few nibbles taken out of it. The size of her massive teeth dawns on you for the first time- but you think nothing of it. Blue covers the creamy surface itself, with green spots in the shape of Earth's continents; she seems to have munched up South Africa and Australia. You take a moment to imagine their populations, masticated inside her young, giant throat, providing her body with nutrients...

...No, it's just a normal ice cream cone, sadly. She breathes heavily onto your tiny form, warming your entire body, eagerly waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I... uh..."

You suddenly feel a wet drip on your crotch. Turning your head back down, you notice that the chocolatey cone is now empty; the scoops have melted from her breathing, and fallen into your lap. From high above, the titan stares at your browned pants, surprised, then sad.

"Ohh... D-did I do that? Sorry..."

Just the heat from her enormous body was enough to melt the ice cream cone; an example of the square cube law in action. You give a sigh; how could you possibly be angry at the towering bundle of cuteness chomping on a replica of the planet?

"Nah, it's okay. I'll just get a new one."

She pouts a litte, then shouts down, knocking you out of your seat: "No, it's my fault! I'm going to make it better!"

All your wind is knocked out as she grasps you between her pudgy fingers, the warm flesh suddenly engulfing you entire body. You feel dizzy as she lifts you up high in the air, cutting through clouds, and suddenly drops you into the enormous cone.

"There. Sharing is good, isn't it?"

Her titanic smile looms over you. Your head is caught inside Scandinavia; you pull it out, and lick the freezing green ice cream that covers your face. It isn't all that tasty. The cold dessert underneath your feet nearly freezes you, but the titanic girl's body warmth, from her face above and her hand grasping the cone, is enough to keep you warmed.

Now, she continues on her way, your entire body shaking from the pounding of her titanic feet below. Looking down on the cone, she smiles widely... A little TOO widely for your liking...

"Well, we're sharing, so I still get to have some!"

You're frozen- not from the cold, but terror. Her gigantic mouth opens wide, revealing clean, white molars and canines, strands of saliva dripping from the roof of her mouth, and a massive, pink tounge moving out eagerly. Your body starts to sink into the giant girl's ice cream Earth, as her titanic tounge moves closer and closer, warming your entire body with her breath- no, now you're being warmed by the giant girl's saliva...

End Notes:

Someone asked if a paragraph could be reworded, for greater arousal. I think I did it well enough.

The Distilled Essence of a Murderfag by TFWNoGiantGF


Raw strength.

Brutal, careless force.

Some seek to build cities. Set up communities of little people living in little sandcastles. They like to feel in control of people. As if it would help them control their own lives if they controled their own little part of the world.

They want to opress, to lead a psychological battle. Build a complex, swirling empire of hatred, lies and injustice.

She doesn't care about what the people think. If they love her or fear her.

She only lusts to destroy.

Laughs erupt, shaking the earth.

Boom. Another city ends.

Smash. Another stain on her bare foot.

Pow. Another life ended. Another giggle from above.

This is just a game, something so incredibly funny it's painful.

Huge castles, big cities, populations... They mean nothing. It's hilarious.

She needs more destruction. NO amount can ever be enough. She will not stop until everything is underneath her, everything is gone. Even then, she'd somehow try to find more.

Given this power, some would demand worship, obeyal. Some would make threats, play mindgames with the tiny victims, keep an empire under their guiding thumb. Make buildings bigger, the reaches of cities wider, their influence stronger. This girl only wants to see the big, pretty buildings get squished. No amount of worship, love or hate, no history, no grudges, no boundaries could possibly get in her way.

Nothing can stop unadulterated power.

The girl makes a game out of it, amusing herself. Grinding her heel into the ground, wiggling her toes above the houses, before she smashes them to nothingness.

Everything crumbles in her wake, and it's glorious. Everything ends in one big step. Houses, buildings, lives, stories, opportunity... she knows no remorse for the victims of her playtime. They're insignificant. Only stupid bugs creeping around the hillside.

The sole purpose of their existence is to die in this cruel game. They built a legacy, love, life, cultivated the land, brought a civilisation to life... For it to come tumbling down under her foot.

The stomps resound through the land. This city becomes nothing. A perfect crater forms in the ground where it once was. Nothing escapes the destruction. All that remains of the once great land is the bit of debris caking her sole.

Soon, it joins another. The great cheaters, the great lovers, the great thinkers, the great liars, the great dictators... Nothing is left of them but stains of blood.

And to her, this is the best thing in the world.

She doesn't care how long it took to erect those castles, what effort went into those buildings, how carefully crafted the temples were, how wars were fought over this tiny land. The only thing that matters to her is that they're big and beautiful and crunchy.

Now, she wiped her hands over her feet. She wipes over the lost lives, the ruined empires, the lost history, the smashed worlds. It all dissapears.

Everything that was once beautiful, once ugly, once amazing, once horrifying about the world, about life... It's gone. And what for?

For a young girl's enjoyment.

For a quick laugh, maps had to be rewritten.

Sandcastles crushed back into the sand. Little toys being cleaned up. It's a blank slate.

No friendly liar, no twisted businessman, no politician, no king or queen, nobody with any power over the people's minds has power over this body. They can only pray for salvation. They can only watch the anarchy in the streets, and cry out about missed opportunities, what they should've done, how to escape this madness...

Nothing can escape.

This is bigger than one person.

This is pure female power.

Rising above everything possible.

Turning the world upside down.

Letting nothing stand in the way.

Listening to the happy sounds of people screaming. Feeling bodies pop underneath her, buildings come crashing down.

She could destroy the entire world, and still have room for more.

Her toes wiggle with lost cities. Things that could have been.

The world, the people, the culture... It's just things for her to destroy. Not even garden pests to eliminate; that would be a chore. This is play. This is for herself.

This is how the world ends.

End Notes:

This was my first giantess story, written before even finding the inspiration source. I wanted to understand why I felt the way I did about big girls- so, I tried to make it as abstract as possible, cut to the simplest, based terms of what I like in big girls.

How to be Evil by TFWNoGiantGF

The entire city trembled as the gargantuan girl's shadow fell over them, her body warmth floating over the minuscule streets and buildings. Above the clouds, shaped like perfect ovals somehow, the screaming inhabitants on the nondescript mass of grey could see her; legs longer than anything, a field of white underwear, breasts larger than could be considered anatomically correct, and, above it all, a giant, contemptuous smirk that could swallow a hundred inhabitants whole, and still have room for seconds. Brushing her hair back, the whooshing of thin blonde strands could be heard for miles, if not further; below, the sunlight seemed to shift to silhouette her form perfectly, mountains around barely coming up to her toes. Finally, she looked at the pathetic, squealing masses below, with a disgusted sneer, and her voice rang through their ears:

"AHAHAHA!... Does that sound okay? Uh, let me try again... Bwa-ha-ha... No, no, more ara ara. Okay, let's start again."

In a single, Earth-shaking bound, she stepped away, levelling the land below- and, barely having left their field of vision, turned suddenly on her heel and leaped back, her grin wider than before.

"Oh ho ho~! Little people, your- no, no, they AREN'T PEOPLE, gotta remember that!" With a loud wimper, she dropped her colossal backside to the ground, utterly annihilating the landscape around, and revealing the crease of her cavernous vagina to the crowds. Taking out a book, and reading for a few seconds, she raised up again, hands on her hips, the sun moving back in fear of her.

"Oh ho ho~! Stupid insects, your goddess is here!... Too sacrilegious? Okay, let me..."

Grumbling to herself a bit, she broke out another disgusted glance and the city folk squirming below.

"Oh ho ho~! You like that, little- DAMMIT, THAT WASN'T UNTIL LATER!"

In a single, deft movement, she tore a city-spanning shoe from her right foot, and banged her head with it repeatedly, stamping her heel into the soil.

Her huge face burning bright red, she looked below, as the entire nondescript city stared in shock, awe, wonder, and confusion at the presence of a watermark on her underpants. With a glance at her shoe, she violently tossed it into the distance. Glancing for a moment at her impressive feat of strength, the giant girl looked down to the city again, and put a titanic hand to her face, letting out the most elegant, womanly, ara-ara laugh ever:

"OH HO HO HO~! Pathetic insects, wiggle around like the stupid worms you are! Even a million years of science, culture and progress could not prepare you for my arrival! The time of mankind's reign has come to an end, to be replaced with-"

Her words were cut off, as, whizzing from behind, her shoe came back and hit her squarely in the back of her blonde-covered head, setting her off-balance, as she tripped forward and eliminated several city blocks under her giant nipples alone with a loud THUD. For miles, everything was turned to dust under the enormous body.

Rising up, and dusting her chest of debris and crushed bodies, she stared down again- and, instead of a self-assured smirk came an enraged scowl, wishing death to all people below she hadn't killed yet.

"ALL RIGHT! I thought I'd give you a fair introduction, or exposition, but nooo, TOO GOOD FOR THAT, AREN'T WE?"

A leg rose up, the clouds shifting to make way for it, before-


She brought her foot down, making a deep, perfect crater in what was once, like, some city or a puppy sanctuary or some bloke's home, I dunno. Whatever was there was was now inseparable from the ground; nobody would have ever guessed anything could live there.

With a satisfied smile, the giant girl lifted her foot back up, and awkwardly started tugging the dirty kneesock off, struggling to keep her balance. "Now... Argh, hngg... Stupid, tiny... argh... You know what I can do, so let's, ah..."

With a final movement, the sweat-and-dirt stained sock came off, and was lazily plopped down.

Out of the sock, a glimmering, soft foot came, the toes wiggling as it lowered upon the city. She laughed to herself, resting her glorious backside on the mountain, as the foot came lower and lower onto the tiny, screaming mass of grey. Looking below, she put on her cockiest grin, took a deep breath in, choked on an airplane, and cooed:

"Lick my cute foot, bugs!"

Smiling, she waited for a few seconds, feeling nothing from the insect-like people below her wiggling toes.


Nothing. She looked down.

"Ah, are you licking them? I- oh, this is, like REALLY embarrassing, but I can't feel it, your tongues are, like REALLY small... Maybe I didn't really think this through."

For a second, she gazed at her foot, running a hand across it.

"Or... Maybe you just don't like my feet? I thought they were... Sorta..."

Fidgeting a little, squirming on her mountain seat, an idea came over the titanic girl:

"OH! I know! I just haven't brought it close enough to the ground! Sorry 'bout that, little guys, I couldn't really tell!"

As she smiled once more, the huge foot came down slowly onto the city, as the larger buildings toppled under the supple soles. People below screamed, panicked, ran this way and that; but it was no use. Her foot filled the entire sky, sweat dripping onto the streets; and soon, the entire sole engulfed the city, buildings turned to dust as they fell into the tiny nooks and crannies of her feet...

Feeling a bit of a crunch, she raised her foot up- only to see the entire nondescript mass of grey on the ground had somehow become even less descript, and parts of it coated her toes, heel and the ball of her foot. She hit herself in the head, before, in defeat, resting her giant head in her massive palm, and letting out a deafening sigh.

"That's what I get for looking to giantess fiction for ideas."


End Notes:

Inspired by art I saw online. I didn't want to like it. It had very limited shading, low levels of details, the cities looked more like dirty splotches of grey, and I'm not a fan of a girl's boobs being larger than her head. But there was something about it- a book labelled "How To Be Evil" in the girl's hand. It suggested a level of humanity and fallibility that we don't see in giantesses very much, and that attracted me to the fetish from the beginning: the idea of normal person growing past their circumstances, above the omnipresent system, and telling the rest of the world to shove it. It's about people power, for me, a bit of a latent rebellious side hiding behind my typical beta-ish, squirmy, short-statured self. And seeing something that reminds us that the big girl isn't perfect, she's human, and capable of failure or unintelligence or wimpiness, but can still triumph- that is just so inspiring. Not to mention, I like guys super-small.

So, if the artist is reading this: stop tracing, please. You can do okay things on your own. And make your girls' boobs smaller.

The Terror of the Bottle by TFWNoGiantGF

The glass walls clash against your hands, as musky air from the holes around you floats into your nose. On the other side, another glass wall. Absolutely no way out.

As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can see the faint silhouette with messy hair. The rhythmic tapping of fingers on a keyboard passes through your ears, and you make out a blurred computer screen, with a familar white background.

Suddenly, it stops. What little light the room has is blocked out as the dark form rises, walking towards you. You suddenly notice how large it is, as the long, unkempt strands of hair fall around with its movements. As the slender figure approaches, you leap to the back of your small corner, your heart beating as your fingers run across the cold glass. You can barely make out a smug grin from your captor, before the silence is broken by a calm, feminine whisper:

"Hey. It's done."

The sudden words stir you, and you bang against the walls. Nothing. You try to scream, but nothing comes out. Her giant frame has taken the entire room, and you can't make out anything.

Dark pillars cling to the other side of the glass screen, and you feel your entire world shake. No matter where you look, you can only see the colorless flesh of her hand pressed against the glass, tilting you this way and that. Finally, the screen in the distance approaches... And you take in the clear flickering image.

You, in a bottle.

Twelve ninety-nine.

The colourful logo: Ebay.

You fall to your knees, and cup your head in your hands, before looking up to try and observe your surroundings. You can barely make out posters of attractive men lining the unlit walls. Discarded bags of junk food on the ground. And, on those shelves, what must be dozens of more bottles, perfectly aligned, half of them holding squirming forms...

Suddenly, your container shakes, as you're emptied into the soft, slender hand. A feminine chuckle sounds through the air. You can barely make out the silhouette of her glasses, as she gazes down onto you, wordlessly.

Unable to take it anymore, you scream out:

"Selling people on Ebay goes against the regulations! How the heck can you do this?"

A feminine laugh echoes through the still air.

"I marketed you as a hyper-realistic figurine."

Carefully placing your bottle aside, her nimble fingers grip at your tiny pants, tearing them off. You try to cover your groin, only making her laugh more. On her desk, you can make out a series of ridiculous cosplay outfits. She picks one up, and moves it onto the surface of her hand, dropping it onto you.

"Put this on. I really hate this character, but I need to pay for my video games somehow. And somewhere, out there, there's a girl who would love nothing more than her own little bishounen to cuddle with... Or maybe to squish?"

She snorts.

"Heh. Like I care what she does with you. Well, until then, stay rested. Exercise a bit. You need to be in top condition when you get there, or I'll get bad reviews..."

End Notes:

These shorts are getting shorter and shorter, against the will of the reviewers. Need to fix that sometime. May have to write a part about what the giant nerd girl will do to the little guy when he's sold in a package deal with his character's enemy after no takers.

Tried to incorporate an element of horror. And, yes, she'd put pictures of a figurine without clothes up on Ebay before having pictures of him in the appropriate clothes, because SUSPENSE. Also, some girls would probably be more concerned about how he looks nekkid than with clothes.

Ebay belongs to Ebay. And, actually, looking over the rules and regulations, I don't believe there's anything against selling tiny people.

The Living City by TFWNoGiantGF

Darkness hung over the skies of Chikushita, like a sheet blocking out the sun, casting a gloomy air on the people below. The humidity rose every second, a heat wave washing over the streets. Rhythmic tremblings sounded out, knocking citizens this way and that as they ran for cover. Still, as they fell, they could feel their bodies sink gently into the soft ground, unhurt. Some even bounced back up. It was starting to get wet, little puddles forming here and there along the streets. The people continued forward, dashing for shelter, holding onto family members as they tried to remain calm. Some were starting to fear a flood would form in the city, as the puddles grew larger and larger...


Warm and panting, Miki smiled. After all the work she'd been doing, she treasured relaxing moments. She lay back into her seat, her bottom wriggling until it felt properly cushioned. Comfortable at last, she shut her eyes, and felt sweat dripping down her neck. Wiping it off, she noticed more forming around her face and shoulders. Sighing happily, she glanced left and right, to make sure nobody was looking. Coast clear. Her gentle, slender hand descended to her top, and began to undo it, tugging at it...


While a thin trickle of light shone onto the city, buildings collapsed here and there, falling to the soft ground. The foundations- nay, the entirety of Chikushita- had to be periodically rebuilt; there was no other ground that was suitable for construction. This was the safest place for miles, despite everything. Designated escape routes were spread out over the city in case of such an emergency, which happened often. This didn't stop some people from screaming, panicking as the land below them continued to shake violently. Citizens slogged through the warm puddles, as the trembling tossed them back and forth; hordes of them marched towards the centre, where there was passage to the underground city. It served as the greatest protection against the shaking, the entrance also the highest point in the city in case of a flood.


Miki chuckled gently, sliding her top off. Her breasts wobbled slightly with the move, up and down. Looking over the masses of flesh, she breathed a sigh of relief, the cool, refreshing air floating over her. She itched her hair a little, pausing to think- and make sure the coast was still clear. Nobody could see her like this. Placing one hand under her left mammary to keep it still, she carefully moved her hand back, undoing her bra.


The shaking reached its climax, proud structures broken to pieces. They littered the streets, blocking off exits and roads- people who were smart enough knew that cars weren't convenient for these emergencies, and were simply running across the soft ground. Yet, as the rumbling intensified, even they weren't safe; cars and people alike were torn from the ground, and sent flying through the air. Those who had reached the entrance to the underground were arranged to enter two-by-two; those still waiting to get in looked back at their comrades in fear, the city ruined by the shaking. Only the strongest of the buildings still stood, as hundreds lay around them, sore, helpless, splashing in the watery streets, praying it would end.


As if to answer their calls, the shaking slowed, jostling a few odd citizens around, before coming to a halt. The people, panting, in safe zones and scattered around the city, checked to make sure they were safe, still alive, and their loved ones were unharmed. The large puddles began to shrink, water seeping back into the ground. As if to signal their relief, the skies cleared, light shining over the city.


Yet, as they breathed sighs of relief, the skies were filled again. A radiant face, miles away, with a soft smile- that looked like it could easily swallow the entire city whole. An odd few screamed and panicked; still others got onto their knees, smiling, crying, singing praises to this apparition; here and there, others shouted at the face, giving vague threats and insults. It moved in closer, dominating the skies; everywhere, they could see this face, seeming to have a light of its own. Slowly, the lips parted, and addressed them:


"How's Chikushita doing?"


Miki smiled. She looked over her nipple proudly, and observed the grey mass on it. Taking a moment to imagine what the people living there must feel like, she hummed softly. Every little move she make, no matter how subtle, would have some impact on the city- so she had to act carefully. Bringing her face closer, she scanned it over to get a sense of what they were doing. The shouts, complaints, and praises seemed to mingle into a single sensation for the young woman. Noticing a drop of her sweat headed straight for Chikushita, she brushed it off, giggling. Since it was so close already, she brought her finger over her nipple, hovering a few meters above the skyscrapers.


As the finger came down, suddenly, Chikushita gave a collective gasp of terror. A pillar reaching into the heavens, made of soft flesh, clashing against their soft foundations. At the cost of saving the land from being flooded, she shook the land even more. Despite the woman's soft touch, even the gentlest move tossed people around the nipple, buildings clashing down. As they raced around for cover, Miki felt their movements- it was like a small hand giving a gentle, loving stroke. Now, the gigantic finger loomed above them like a monster, sweat droplets raining onto the city below. Even knowing she would never bring it down, the citizens trembled in fear as it blocked everything out. Even a simple touch was enough to turn it to ruins.


"I'm sorry about that... Just thought I'd air you out a bit. Wouldn't want the city drowning in my sweat, huh?"


The people could feel each word coming into Miki's throat, rising up, and leaving her lips as a thunderous roar, echoing across the skies. Every little breath and heartbeat shook their entire world. It was especially audible for the people underground; ships, floating across oceans of milk, had to drop whatever supplies of calcium they'd harvested and return to the harbour. Yet, even with the clashing waves, the underground was free of falling buildings- relatively safe. If dark, cramped, and smelly. Climbing out of their shelter, the people wondered how other residents of Miki's body survived; did they burrow into her pores? Were their cities built of stronger stuff? Did they simply let themselves die?


The finger drew away. Just her face, filling the skies, her gentle laughs jostling the city again.


"Well, even if it's hard, I'll look after you, and all the other colonies. I hope my body's resources can help you!"


Miki lay on her back, causing panic in cities on every part of her lovely, planet-like body. She let every microscopic man and woman air out and enjoy the sunlight with her. Sure, there may have been a few casualties here and there, and buildings didn't stand for long; yet, she made sure to keep them safe. It didn't mater where they were: on her chest, taking out milk; in her bloodstream, braving white blood cells to draw energy from her plasma; among her forests of hair, keeping lookout of whatever approached; in her stomach, gathering scraps of her meals; or carefully nested in her ears. She'd make sure no little guy would ever go cold, and nobody would be hurt in wars or debates; she'd settle every problem for them. An entire little world, under her guiding thumb...


...And another under her pinky, still another on her ring finger, and index...


They all kept her very entertained. Being a planet was fun.

End Notes:

The original version of this was not bad, but terribly, horribly, short. Don't get the wrong idea: I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear. But some shorts just keep getting shorter, until the moment where they're less shorts and more glorified underwear, and you find yourself with people surrounding you, screaming, "DAMMIT, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES, IT'S THE MIDDLE OF WINTER".

So, I edited it in the giantessworld client- with, like, a dozen things open in the background. Because multitasking. I rewrote sentences, changed the flow a bit, refined it into something a bit more legible and interesting. And despite all outside influences, I got something good.

And that's when my connection to Giantessworld times out.

So, I edit it again, try to add paragraphs, re-read, revise, and get something vaguely like the edit. And it takes DAYS to motivate myself, because creativity is a harsh mistress. Creativity is totally that one giantess that keeps you in her boobs for a bit, then puts you in a toilet and shits all over you and drinks from the bowl. I managed to get something SORTA like that edited thing, but not as good, since our memories make stuff seem cooler. So, in conclusion, if you don't already, SAVE YOUR WORK.

Now, question time~! Is this a gigantic girl, or just a normal-sized girl with tiny cities on her? Is she a kind, benevolent woman who's honestly doing her best to protect and provide for the people, or a control freak with a God complex who steals cities so she can make them dependent on her? I'm not actually sure. I don't really know things. I'm just the guy who writes stuff down sometimes.

Supah Urtora Mega Sonico-Chan Wa Chou-Ooki Desu Ne~ by TFWNoGiantGF

"I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be laaate~!"

Sonico trotted forward, her hands clutching onto her headphones, her hips and tail wobbling this way and that with every step. Normally, she'd be paying more attention to her surroundings- but a lot was going through her mind. Grades, the last lecture, the music rankings, lyrics to her latest song... She felt a little something go SQUISH underneath her boot, but didn't have time to look. If the giant girl didn't pick up her pace, she'd be late again!

People scurried this way and that, trying to avoid Sonico's massive footsteps. A few of her friends tried to wave to her, and greet her- but quickly found themselves running away from her incoming feet, dominating the streets. She left a trail of footprints in the cement below, a few small shops kicked aside effortlessly as she continued dashing forward. She was wearing far too little for the season- yet, at her size, the square-cube law provided enough protection from the elements. It was a shock that something that towered over the houses, taking over everyone's field of vision, did not move like a lumbering giant, but rather, with graceful, if hurried, stomps. Sonico's eyes pointed ahead, not even bothering to look down at the chaos she was causing. Soon, a small Toyota fell into her shadow, and her sole loomed over it for a second before whirring down onto it. With a sickening crunch, Sonico unknowingly turned the vehicle into a hunk of scrap, stuck on her heel, still pressing forward.

"AAAH! Sorry, sorry, coming through, I have to hurry, soh-rree~!"

Suddenly, a helicopter in front of her- rushing right towards her chest. The titanic girl shouted as it crashed into her, caught in her cleavage. Still stomping forward, Sonico brought a hand to her jiggling chest, trying to pull the poor little people out. Yet, her foot tapped against a steel building, setting her off balance- her hands slipped this way and that on her mountainous boobs, tossing the tiny helicopter deep into her shirt. It was warm and sweaty inside, yet smelled oddly sweet. Having no time to spare, Sonico desided to bear the embarassment and simply let them out when she got to work.

The girl had to get prettied up for her performance today- new clothes, a hairdo, and a manicure. Yet, having rushed out to get to the workplace on time, she didn't realize that someone working on her hands was still clinging onto a nail when she left. As Sonico kept running, her hands pumped up and down, shaking the tiny girl's world while she hung on, screaming, pounding. She was flung around the nail, the world rushing around her like a blur, praying it would end. A strange sensation came over the titanic idol, and her hand stopped moving for a moment, giving her little manicure artist a break. All too short a break, though; with a blush, Sonico lowered her hand into the back of her pants, scratching her backside. She knew everyone could see her, and it would ruin her image, but didn't care; it was itchy~! The stowaway screamed as the mounds of flesh came closer, looming over her, before swallowing her. The idol pulled her hand out with an embarassed sigh, putting it onto her chest, still rushing forward. The constant back-and-forth movement of her hips tossed the tiny girl deeper and deeper into the crack, until the butthole was nearly swallowing her, becoming her whole world...

"P-please, don't be scared! I'm- I'm sorry, I'll... I'll pay you all for this later, I need to- Ah..."

Sonico hummed a small passage from her latest song, trying to memorize it correctly, and draw her attention away from the little people's stares. Noticing a larger building in front of her, she went into a full sprint, causing tiny earthquakes, shops flying this way and that- before leaping over it. For a moment, she seemed to soar through the air, like a graceful, gigantic angel, wings spread out, a joyous smile across her face...

Then her feet hit the ground.

The tiny crowd below had no way to prepare. One second, she was at a considerable distance- now, they were all in her shadow, looking up at the soles of her boots as they descended from the sky. Some tried to dash away- others went down on their knees, begging; an odd few just stared at the massive, beautiful form dropping onto them from the heavens... They were all flattened into the ground, under the massive Sonico's feet, little more now than mangled bodies and red dots.

As the titanic woman took another step forward, unaware, she slipped on the tiny forms stuck to her feet. Tossed back, her yelp echoed across the city, falling to the ground.


In the row of shops below, people rushed under desks for cover, gazing through the windows. Clad in the strangest mix of a skirt and a pair of shorts, Sonico's backside neared over them, looming over them. The sun was blocked out, all light seeming to shift around this titan's form, her ample backside wobbling slightly as it fell, getting closer and closer. With a collective scream, the shopgoers below were snuffed out under the backside, the store walls crumbling into fine dust and blocking the exits. It was the worst for her manicure artist, who was completely annihilated between the soft, rosy flesh of her cheeks. The whole land around her shook, buildings turned into nothing but hunks of wood and brick with destroyed merchandise and dead bodies. Her breasts wobbled like crazy, the helicopter grinded into pieces between them. Sonico looked down, before turning away, with a blush, and bowing in her seat, her eyes shut tight.


As her embarassment grew, so did her body. Feeling the familiar sensation over her spine, she buried her hands in her face, unable to bear it. She felt her ass pressing deeper indents into the ground, the cement moaning under her weight before giving way entirely. Her shoes pressed through buildings, digging trenches as they extended further and further out, growing to match her feet. Her long, socked legs were soon stained with rubble and crushed bodies.

"Sorry... Sorry... Sorry..."

By the time she dared to open her eyes, the people were just a screaming mass of dots below her. No, even less; each city was simply a mass of colors on the ground, below a layer of clouds. Each of her butt cheeks covered a whole mass, pressing deep into the ground- the Earth was just about ready to crack open under her. Sweating, she quickly got to her feet- each step causing a tremendous earthquake for the people below. Debris coated her backside, dropping off as she lifted it into the air; it would be a glorious spectacle, like a monster rising from the sea, blocking out the sun, if the onlookers weren't so terrified. Dusting it off, embarassed, Sonico stood at her full height. Not only were the people below caught completely in her shadow, and not only did her body dominate their field of view; the sky seemed to be completely filled with boots for miles upon miles. Even over the sea, people could see the titanic idol's body on the horizon, and shook in fear and awe.

Crouching down, the clouds moving to make way for her, she scanned the cities below. Another mass of grey was faced with her backside looming over it, while still others were looked onto like bacteria under a microscope. Finally, her titanic eyes settled on a city, and she shouted:

"Manager, I'm here~! D-did I do well as a giantess?"

Buildings and people flew away as her sweet breath hit them, like a tornado of autotune. Only a suited man with flaming hair in a frankly ridiculous mask still stood. He looked to the titan, nonchalantly, and nodded.

"It was... Sufficient. Next time, I'd suggest more moe, less murder. Your movements were a bit redundent, too, wasting energy and time. Try to get here a little quicker. Understood?"

"Un-der-stood!... W-woah!"

A wind blew over the girl, tilting her off balance. Sonico was now falling forward, her gigantic chest looming over a city. They braced for the worse below as the monoliths of flesh and fabric, stretching for miles, came onto them...


End Notes:

Super Sonico belongs to Nitroplus, and I only knew of her in passing until people started talking about her, and how her super move in one vidya game and ending sequence had her grow super-huge. She's a model, amateur musician, college student, and part-time waitress- a few more occupations, and she could rival Barbie! I had episode 1 of her animated series open in another tab as I wrote, trying to pin down her personality and what I should put next. Due to the discussion around her, the story practically wrote itself; I just had to rob ideas from posters, flesh them out, and I was practically finished. I'd expect her to be a bit more relaxed and calm as a giantess when I was finished with the episode, instead of a living moeblob*, but oh well. Maybe another story. The manager reflects my personal thoughts on this chapter. And, yes, he's like that in the normal series, as far as I can tell.

Also: dammit, why are the only shots of Sonico's feet in the first episode done when she's barefoot? If you've read this far, you know I like bare feet, but I had to go through dozens of fanart pics of her in a bikini to finally discover the kind of shoes she normally wore. And, honestly, I STILL don't know if those are shorts or a skirt. Whatever they are, they aren't appropriate for winter.

*For those of you with semi-normal lives: "Moe is when someone is so cute you want to have sex with them!"

Glorious China by TFWNoGiantGF
Author's Notes:



Little fairies flew this way and that, squirming about the great library. Bookshelves tumbled to the floor. A constant pounding, shaking the ground. Little cracks formed in the tiled floor, showing the exact path she took; a colossus of flesh, bone, and worker's rights. She passed through, sweating, crawling on the floor- the woman knew that if she stood to her full height, the ceiling would crack. Looking at the creaming fairies, she waved a hand to them- accidentally swatting a few against her soft skin. With a sigh, she went back to crawling, addressing them.

"Excuse me... pardon me, coming through..."

Finally, with a mighty rumble, the titan fell to the floor. It trembled under her weight, the entire room looking like it was made of jello. A bookcase fell towards her from either side- thinking quickly, the cap-clad girl put a hand on either side, straightening them out. Patting them, she put some fallen books back in- not really caring where- and lay on her arms. She brushed back her hair, red as the flag of her homeland.

"Urgh, what time is it? Sorry, sorry..."

What the heck was Patouchi thinking, growing her like this? It didn't help her guard duty at all. Marisa could just fly between her legs and steal whatever she wanted. And then she had to deal with Flandre, using her body like a playground. She still felt the girl's clothes in her stomach- someone should've told her not to get in Meiling's mouth. But even after they tugged her out in what would be forever remembered as "The Great Gensokyo Expedition Into China", the little vampire still wanted to play around. Meling sighed, detaching her sweaty skirt, and letting her glorious communist backside air out like it deserved. The mansion, or Flandre- a guard, or a babysitter- she wished they'd choose one job for her and stick with it. At this rate, Meiling was halfway towards uniting the workers of Gensokyo under her flag and overthrowing the bourgeoisie. She'd just take off her slippers, and stomp all over the land, leading an angry crowd at her feet as she tore through capitalist establishments and American influence. And, somehow, she'd swat that pathetic Yukari out like a little bug.

But, first, rest. Workers deserve leisure time, to prepare themselves for their day. Freedom is merely priviledge extended unless enjoyed by all, she thought, resting her chest on the floorboards, and kicking her legs against the ceiling.

"Get up. Who's guarding the gate?"

Opening her eyes, Meiling saw Patchouli on the floor in front of her, looking somewhat irate. She looked like a mouse at this size. The little bookworm, acting as if she had nothing to do with this- she raised an arm, considering squashing her for a moment. The sobbing faces of Sakuya and Flandre held her back, along with her laziness. She opened her gigantic mouth, and groaned:

"I feel sick."

She adjusted her glasses, looking up.

"Don't give me excuses. There were no symptoms of illneses anywhere when we were travelling inside of you. You do need to watch your diet, though. Not enough meat, and a lack of sugar. And please try REMOVING the paper before eathing fortune cookies."

Meiling squinted at her, unwilling to argue any further with the tiny woman. She managed to sarcastically moan out "I am so sorry," resting on each syllable.

"Apology accepted. I'll arrange so you can have twenty minutes to rest."

She tiredly watched the minuscule bookworm wander out, and chirped, "Thank you!" When she was sure the girl was out of the room, the giant lady added, "... Freakin' devil..."

"You called for a demon~?"

On cue, Koakuma flew into the room, her dark wings fluttering through the air. She sped forward, eager to respond- somewhat too fast. Not expecting to see Hong at this size in the library, the litle devil crashed into the exposed underpants, her head smashing cleanly against the cheeks. Meiling nearly leaped in surprise, her elbows knocking over shelves around her.

"Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo!"

With a yelp, she gazed back at the invader in her anus, irritated.

"Aha, that's funny~"

The devil girl curled up in the glorious communist butt, making no attempts to leave. Fluffy, warm, and soft, the mountains were like pillows against her teensy body. Meiling reached over to grab at her, but was soon overtaken by the feeling of the little demon hugging her panties. Shyly, she looked over, and nodded:

"...Are you okay there?"

Koakuma cuddled into the sweaty panties a bit more, feeling the love of worker's rights and a 4000-year history wash over her entire body.

"Yes!... C-can I stay here for a bit?"

"Yes- I don't mind at all..."

Another nineteen minutes. Well, it'd be nineteen minutes in paradise, beside the Monkey King and the Buddah, as Meiling rested into the ground, feeling the little hands against her pillowy bottom. This is exactly the kind of reward all workers deserve. This is exactly what she'd been asking for. She'd be able to get to work again, healthy, happy, and ready to go on, as long as these soft, warm wings and arms would just stay for a little longer...

End Notes:

Someone asked for a story based off fluffy Meiling backsides. My passive racism and lack of knowledge of Touhou or Communist China shined through. The original text had Meiling speaking in phrasebook Chinese- this was removed.

Touhou is the copywright of ZUN, who enjoys beer, hats, and music.

School's Out for Summer by TFWNoGiantGF

The class of 14-A woke up to a shocking scene. Fabrics extended in every direction- north, south, east, west. The entire floor, soft and brownish. As the grogginess lifted from their heads, it was replaced with a slight, damp musk; something familiar, yet one nobody could quite place their finger on. And a little further, a whitish shape, extending high into the air. Blankness in the distance.

To get a better sense of their position, they climbed up the surface. It sunk gently into their fingers, softly- some students on either side of it. Some fell, but landed on the ground without injury.

Those who made it to the top of the huge, white platform could only stare in shock. To this side, some titanic bottles of Guinness lying on the ground. Opposite, a stray bra, stretching out like a deflated pair of hills. Stairs. Photographs.

And, right next to them, their teacher.

They were on her mattress.

The perfectly level-headed, amiable woman they knew was a veritable landscape of lethargic, slovenly horror. Her blonde hair wrapped out in an ocean, stringing this way and that in unfamiliar shapes. Head lying to the side, her faint snores became terrifying groans, as wind circulated through her monstrous respiratory system. A pool of drool coated the area by her mouth, flowing into the marsh-like indent her body had made into the fabrics- greyish and damp. Miles and miles in the distance, her toes wiggled.

But the worst part was the smell. The stench of ruined hopes and dreams, leaking out of every fold and pore of her skin. Her breath had the oddest mix of alcohols mixed with cheap noodles and coffee. And, blowing from the south, the smell of dry fish from her crotch. It may have been annoying at normal size; to the students' tiny respiratory systems, it was deadly.

A little stir.

They shook this way and that, some tumbling off the mattress. Their teacher's stretch had become an earthquake, tearing their world apart. Gripping at each other, they kept their whimpers  as silent as possible. She finally fell in place, with one last rumble. Her mouth opened gently, with a yawn.

"...stupid fucker can't recognize a princess when he - hic! - sticks his cock right up her sparklin' eh-hole..."

She was always strict about swearing in her class; this mumble from her blew the students away in more ways than one. Her voice echoed through the way-too-small apartment room, striking the diminutive students to the centers of their souls.

Slowly, they tried to creep away. Tiptoeing on the white surface, they avoided sudden movements that might arouse the titanic teacher.

Her arms slowly stretched out, with a horrible creak; her distinctive odor became stronger with her revealed armpits. Her dark tank-top shifted behind her, wrinkles like a black river. The acres and acres of flesh fell with a horrible slam in front of her class, blocking her escape route.

They glanced backwards. Her dull blue eyes, barely even slants, stared at them.


A collective shiver. Some let out tiny screams, as she peered over the collective of diminutive pupils. With a hiccup, and a rub of her forehead, she continued, bits of saliva and bad breath falling over them.

"Isn't enough that you harass me 5 days a week, you gotta take the pitter-patter or little feet into my adobe? Fucking Acrobat X. Annual shrink-and-invade-teacher's house day? I know your tricks- I did the same things when I was your age..."

Her head tilted a little with every movement, casting terrifying shadows on either wall. He voice kept trailing off, as if she was about to collapse on top of her class.

Finally, a voice rang out from below. A lanky boy stepped forward, glasses upon his nose, lifting a hand up out of instinct.

"S-sorry, miss-"

She wrapped her fingers around him. Her flesh pressed his entire form in tightly, shaking him clumsily up to her eyes. Her nose jolted back and forth in front of him, as a smirk wrapped across her face. He prayed for mercy as she spoke again:

"Think I don't see you masturbating under the desk, ass-kisser?"

The teacher's tone was so singsong, you could swear there was a tilde at the end.

The ground trembled as she rolled over to her stomach. Pulling down on her pants, the teacher revealed her backside. It hung in the air, a pair of bright, sweaty mounds. She dangled the student over it, leaned over, chuckling to herself. He let out wail after wail, running the full scale from denial, anger, begging, and self-pity, to silent acceptance as he moved closer and closer. She tapped on her bulbous posterior, yawning.

"Well - welcome to paradise!... No, wait, that's corny. This is where you belong!... No, that's- geez, I can't think of good lines when I'm drunk."

She held her second finger over her lip, as the students attempted to run away. Briskly, her body tilted sideways, arms and chest slamming on top of a large portion of them.

"How about, 'you like that little man?' Eh, good 'nuff for me."

She hummed a cacophonous tune unfamiliar to the students' ears as her grip loosened. Slowly, the student dropped through the air, falling closer and closer to the anus...

With expert precision, her waistband snapped back, trapping him inside. He was jammed tightly between both cheeks, gigantic walls of flesh and muscle on either side of him. She moved like a dog wagging her tail, poking at him to make sure he was squeezed in as tightly as possible. Practically drowning in her musky body, he sobbed quietly, trying his best to bear his teacher's overpowering backside.

"And as for the rest of you brats. I'd make some joke 'bout detention or failures, but my brain's off for the night. So screw it."

The people under her generous chest were pushed into the mattress tighter, compressed between the heavy masses. She leaned over, and grabbed a quarter-finished bottle of beer.

When the students were finally freed from her chest, they found her hand stretching in the air, grabbing for their teensy forms. They dashed away desperately, sobbing; yet her fingers cut them off at every turn. Each one she grabbed was tossed into the bottle's opening. Eventually, they were all trapped inside, swimming in the liquids.

Tilting it a little, the teacher reveled in watching them toss and turn in it. They swam to the ends, some making silent begs for mercy.

Moving the bottle upwards, and lying back, she positioned it in the perfect position for her pupils to see her mouth, molars glistening. Her tongue was a soft, pink carpet leading towards a throat like a cave pushing into infinity. Idly, she titled the bottle. Some students held on the opening, clogging it; but the alcohol quickly pushed them back, out from their prison.

And onto their teacher's body.

She sighed, chuckling at the beer drifting over her stomach. It went down her top, and into her pants, bringing students with them. They fell into absolutely perfect positions on all of her sensitive parts- her gigantic nipples, cavernous vagina...

"Ahahaha... That feels so amazing..."

The students trapped in her pants felt a horrible rumbling around them. Slowly, light came in, as her hand reached down to stroke her body. Following, those stuck on her nipples and cleavage felt the same, as the teacher lost herself in forbidden pleasure. They were jammed further and further inside the pink walls, stuck between the wrinkles, holding on to whatever they could for dear life.

"Well? Do things."

They instantly responded by squirming around, trying to find a way to escape her massive body before she snuffed them all out. But all routes led back to her. She was their new landscape- their everything.

The teacher's body lay wet on her mattress, a hopeless mass of self-indulgence and spite, laughing out loud as she felt the rushed movements of her students against her most private of parts...

It was a long night, so the teacher was tired in the morning. With a yawn, she scratched the back of her head, idly looking at herself at the mirror.

Her routine went as normal- breakfast, clothes, news. Something about everyone shrinking- it was hard to pay attention.

As she walked across the streets, an amazing silence hung over the air. By some happy coincidence, she bumped into a man- well, less of a coincidence, considering she was looking specifically for him.

"H-hey! You have to help-"

She didn't really need him anymore. Didn't know how to treat a girl. He'd be better as a stain on her shoe, anyways.

For just a while, booze and a good book would be all she needed.

That and the people under her shirt and in her pants. She'd have to get more of those sometimes.

End Notes:

Happy back-to-school sale, kiddies! They always start way too early.


A really quick request thing in the middle of a larger thing. I'll admit, I don't really like stories where the larger party is too much older than the smaller party; that's overshadowed by my love of depressed, drunken, quarter-life-crisis girls. Yukari, Nanako, Haku Yowane... Yeah.

Author's Notes:

Unrelated to chapter 2: ROBOTS


The cold Earth wind blew against Janna's neck, playing with her hair, making her heart pound even faster. The single moon reflected against the crashing blue waves below. Tiny ships moved around, like worker ants - not even bothering to look up at her. The woman kept looking down to make sure no humans were wandering below her - and she constantly patted the hill to make sure it wasn't about to collapse. Having worked with humans before - and been the cause of some occupational hazards - she knew that she had to keep her wits about her.

How did those people see her? A monster, perhaps? She tried to put herself in the shoes of one of the humans below. If a gigantic visitor visited her own home planet, Janna would probably faint. Seeing something so massive, in a place so dear to her- she had to be sure to be on her best behavior.

Janna took a deep breath, after making sure no helicopters were nearby. She'd stay in the moment, take in the quiet beauty of the land no matter how easy it would be for her mind to be dragged away by the soft noises of the ocean, the flashing city lights in the distance, or...


The warrior beside her, a suit of mechanic armor hiding a heart of gold. The great hero who'd saved her time and time again. "Eileifr, Thor's Glory" - that was his codename. But she knew his real name was Elof- he'd told her once, alone. A champion of justice, defender of the weak- and oh, gosh, the way he posed when he lept into battle! And finally, they had a moment alone...

She struggled to stay calm. More deep breaths.

Back on her homeland, something of a trading post, many cultures met- and all sorts of bandits and beasts came for meals and riches. She was just a simple worker there- and had no idea how to handle them. But whenever danger came, Eileifr would rush out of the shadows. And whenever possible, Janna made sure to watch from afar- or see a recording. Her heart jumped every time his fist flew through the air. When she saw him lift a great monster into the air, her blood rushed faster. Her mind always started wandering as to what kind of man was underneath that suit- it couldn't be a woman, because his booming voice always used the most masculine tone. The image appeared again and again in her head- a handsome, toned warrior, oozing with boyish charm and bravado! She almost licked her lips when it looked like his armor would come off in combat- but to this day, his identity remained hidden.

Yet, the part Janna loved the best was watching him handle civilians- especially small ones. He was so calm and gentle when working with those tiny humans. Right before leaping back into the shadows he came from, he'd make sure they were all okay. Before, Janna never thought much about Earth's people. Annoyances, if anything. Little bugs mooching off other races and demanding equal treatment. But seeing Elof handle them with such precision and dignity- she realized that needed to change. She started to look out for them- make sure none of her coworkers stepped on one by accident, or played around with them if they looked scared. She helped to heal a few that had been injured by accident. All this because of her hero's example- and how she longed to see his gentle, quiet side up close, for herself.

And here he was beside her, calm and unmoving as a stone sculpture. Moving out of her fantasy world, Janna checked her surroundings. Yes, the ocean was still mostly calm, bustling with busy human ships. The city was still there. There weren't any bloodstains on the hill- and the indent that her body made into it was nothing a bit of erosion couldn't fix.

Her head turned to his helmet. He was looking right at her! Janna had to say something- but had no idea where to start. What was going on inside of there? Why had he invited her here? Yes, Earth was beautiful and exotic- but there had to be something more, something Earth meant to him. Sure, they were close - but there was still some sort of unspoken distance between them. Even when they spoke together, even when he saved her, he be constantly dodging questions, as if speaking with her was its own conflict. He always looked as if he was hiding some irresistable mystery inside...


A shiver ran down Elof's spine. Being inside his giant robot, Eileifr, always made him feel ready to take on any challenge. But this- this was something he'd never seen before. His homeland always gave him a nostalgic, safe feeling- like he could retreat to his memories, toned in beautiful sepia.

And Janna- she was so much more than a forbidden fruit. She wasn't just a fangirl. There was some sort of wonderful spirit inside of her- an earnest compassion, a way of looking at things differently. Back when he'd first went into space in Eileifr, he was just trying to find a place in the alien world, and look out for his people. But this woman- speaking with her was something completely extraordinary. She was the first to show him the real beauty of this foreign world, explain what made everything about it so amazing. Seeing her enthusiasm had ignited something new in him. An appreciation of their mighty technology. Insight into their culture. Space wasn't so much of a void, but a sea full of adventure - and she was able to see the smallest details in things, gush excitedly over what others would ignore.

But seeing his homeland and the woman together- it was downright surreal. She towered over absolutely everything. All eyes fell onto her- even moreso than on her homeworld. Her people never cared much about humans, but Elof hoped Janna would be different. He wanted to show her all he loved about his world. And yet, the only way he could express it would be to take off his suit.

To show her that he was a human. Crush all of her dreams of a mighty, muscular warrior from her home. Pull back the curtain, and reveal how weak he really was.

Janna was quieter than he'd ever seen her- more serious. Next to her massive, wonderful frame, everything he'd known looked tiny. He couldn't help but feel like she was analyzing everything- like a goddess looking over the world before passing judgement. At any moment, she could decide to destroy it all. And it would only be fair- after all, if he took his helmet off, he'd ruin what she loved, too.

It was horrifyingly beautiful just looking at her lying down, head pointed to the stars. Now, she was looking right at him. Her eyes sparkling with that same curiosity- did she suspect something? Her beautiful lips in a forced smile that could swallow him whole, and still have room...

He couldn't lie to her forever. There had to be a way to let her down easy. If he didn't do it as soon as possible, she'd just be that much more devastated when he did. No matter how great is was living as a hero, adored by her, she deserved the truth. She deserved more than the love a pathetic human like him could give. He just hoped that, no matter how impossible it was, they could still at least be friends, somehow.

His cockpit felt incredibly warm and comfortable. Elof kept staring at the woman, larger than ever, her very presence overshadowing the world. Just one step out. Just one word, and they'd never be able to see eye-to-eye again. His breath got heavier. It had to be now. Now was the chance. Now! Now-


"I'm- I'm-"

Janna's heart raced faster. This was it. Something great was coming- and she couldn't wait. His massive, steel-coated form looked so wonderful. Now, she'd find what made the armor move...


The small human below ruined the moment- but she couldn't blame them. Up in the sky, a great ball of fire was hurling towards the Earth. Too large to disintegrate in the stratosphere, but too small for anyone to notice until now- if this hit, she couldn't tell how much damage would be done.

As always, Eileifr launched into action, grabbing the rock. Yet, there was something different- where was his usual bravery? His speech about justice? Some form of energy was missing from him- and yet, something glowed even brighter.

Holding the meteor in both hands, he seemed to struggle with it. His feet were planted in the water, slowly sinking down. The heat was melting his armor off. With a quick movement of her hand, Janna plucked some human boats out of the way- and rushed to his aid. Though she couldn't match his strength- though she didn't deserve a hero as strong and gentle as him- maybe she could help him.

From the nearby city, seeing the two titans- one of flesh, one of steel- working together to save them was breathtaking. Against the starlit sky, they struggled as one, looking at each other- strangely engrossed in the moment.

And, at last, the rock was sent back into space.

Janna dipped her hands back into the cold water immediately. When they emerged, they had horrid, painful burns- but it didn't mean anything next to what happened to Eileifr. His entire body was falling apart. Molten armor ran down his body, revealing layers of sparking wires and joints- the giantess rushed him back to the hill, holding him in her long, weakening arms.

"No, no. It's okay. You've- you've had stuff like this before, right? R-right... ? Elof...?"

The body remained still. As bits of torn armor fell off, it felt cold and limp. Lifeless.


Elof's escape mechanism finally set off- after half of his limbs were torn apart. Eileifr had faced this kind of damage before- he could fix it. But with everything that happened there...

Well, maybe another human could climb in and become Eileifr. Maybe he'd be worthy of someone like Janna.

But for now, all that mattered was that she was okay. Painfully, he crawled out of the wrecked capsule, onto a soft terrain. His senses were numbed- and the space around him seemed to keep rotating. A ringing sounded through his ear. The ground felt like it was shaking underneath him.

Elof took a step forward, ignoring the pain in his leg. The ringing grew louder still- no, it was a sobbing. Having never seen Janna outside of his suit, he had no idea how large she'd be- but she had to be somewhere around here. He followed the noise, but it seemed to come from everywhere.

As the pain resided, he rested his hands on the soft surface below. For the first time, he noticed how sweet it smelt. And the shaking- it wasn't his senses playing a trick on him. A sense of relief washed over his body.

He'd finally felt Janna with his own hands.


The woman kept her arms wrapped around Eileifr, shaking it. Between quiet sobs, and hushed screams at the world, the giantess felt something on her breast.

She glimpsed down. A young man, covered in blood. Handsome facial features clenched together in pain. Her tears stopped flowing for just a moment. Her burnt hands let go of the machine, reaching out for him. As his eyes opened to a squint, he climbed onto it. At first, he clenched to her finger for dear life- but soon, he seemed more like he was gently hugging it.

In a soft wimper, she asked: "Elof?"

The man's eyes turned to hers. "No. A- a- just a human. Another civilian casualty. Aargh... D-don't mind me. Don't cry."

The pained smile on his face told everything.

"Elof, we-" She gulped, holding back a tear. Strong. If she showed her sadness any more, it would crush her hero. She had to be brave. "We have to get you to a hospital. You're- you're hurt!"

She gently stroked his hair- it felt soft to the touch. He reached up weakly to try to grab it.

"Y-your hands are what we should w-worry about. They're- burnt." He ran a finger through a fold in her palm.

"I'm... fine." Her tone was hesitant- but it came out like a cool breeze.

Elof's head lifted. Her eyes were right in front of him- more beautiful than ever when viewed this close. So gigantic, so deep- he could just fall into them, and he'd be happy. Yet, the tears staining them- Elof could tell he'd just ruined the world for her.

"J-Janna..." His voice trailed off. "D-do you like Earth?"

Managing a smile, the giantess nodded her head. "It's- wonderful. So many lights. Lots of nice things."

With a long breath, Elof let his body collapse into the woman's hand. "That's- all I needed to hear." He nuzzled his cheek against her, his senses getting further and further away from him- he could swear that this woman was the entire world. "It's- it's so soft. I always wondered what you felt like- I'm- I'm glad I could find out before- before-"

"No. Stop it. You won't die. I won't let you." Janna's head came closer to him, filling his skies with beauty.

"I'm- I'm sorry. I deserve it- I deserve it for lying to you."

Janna's eyes filled with regret for a moment.

"No- I'm sorry. I should never have- I shouldn't have loved you. I must've seemed like a horrible monster, not even seeing past your armor- after all, a human like you would want a meeker, gentler woman. Not someone like me..."

In a burst of energy, Elof stood up. Tilting his head towards Janna, he shook it quietly. "I... No. Stop it. I- I love- I... I..."

Her lips parted, as they met his head. He felt his spirit engulfed by her, and the beating of her heart echoed through his ears. With a smile, he fell back into her hand.




"...weeks since the accident that took Eileifr's life. Our planet's collective period of mourning continues - here we see makeshift memorials honoring the warrior."

The screen flickered dully, voice coming out of the speakers. Janna put a bandaged hand to her chest, biting her lip. She felt her heart moving at lightning pace.

"A few brave locals have taken to emulating the hero, keeping his memory alive through simple acts of kindness."

She curled her blankets around her massive, shaking body, running a hand over it. Strange, alien emotions filled her. The pictures flashing across the monitor seemed as if they came from another world. She had trouble registering them.

"Images show the man was burnt by the meteor. There have still been no signs of the body. Earth authorities report-"

A tear rolled down the woman's cheek. Again, she breathed slowly- in and out. Compared to the vast, small Earth, her room felt closed and comfortable- but with much more room to move around. Something about the air around calmed her- but excited her, too. Janna's brain moved in every direction.

"We can only hope that-"

The throbbing in her heart and her moans drowned out the noise coming from the speakers. She turned it off, before letting the sheets engulf her.

"Ahh- Elof... I love you... I love you so much..."

Her naked body felt ready to explode. Janna never knew humans could make anyone feel like this. To touch her in the most sensitive spots, make her forget about the rest of the world...

"Elof... Hah..."

His hands ran across the rose walls. The rumbles and moans felt familiar and welcoming. His entire world- this woman was like his entire world. Her body was a massive landscape, full of secrets, waiting to be explored - and her embrace was softer and more careful than anything on Earth. Despite bits of lingering pain, he pressed forward, letting him lose himself in the sensation...

"Ahh... Y-you can't stay like this forever... Eileifr will come back in triumph, some day- Aaah~!" Her huge, nimble fingers stroked Elof's body with love, pushing him against the warm, fleshy surface. "In- in-fact, I have friends who j-just LOVE humans...!"

"Sometime... But- but the world's not ready yet. You can keep a little secret for a while longer, right?"

End Notes:

Lookie-lookie! I saw people talking about a Macross picture online, combined the first and second shorts from this story, added some of my own insecurities in, and learned how to use the Random Scandinavian Name Generator in a botched attempt to hearken to Norse myths!


I liked writing this.

Carbon Footprint by TFWNoGiantGF

Lucius slammed on the gas. Sweat dripped from his arms down to the steering wheel. He clenched his teeth as the wheels ran over irregularities in the road. Each stomp nearby was closer than the last, making the entire frame of his car leap into the air as if it weighed nothing.

A strange hissing noise came from behind him, eventually erupting into an overbearing, horrifying laugh. The voice echoed above: "Taking your cars? You'll just make it easier for me when you start a traffic jam!"

He peeked in the rear-view mirror. A few flattened automobile fell from an unyielding, massive foot. A little higher, a pair of jeans stretching high into the sky. Some people just ahead fled from their vehicles, leaving the abandoned things easy targets for the massive woman tearing up the streets.

His shoe slammed quickly onto the breaks. A giant hole lay in the road, shaped exactly like her footprint. Swerving around, he saw masses of fleeing people on the ground. Upwards, five wriggling, teasing toes. With a twist of her ankle, she let it fall to the ground, obliterating all the hunks of metal below. It was right next to him, twisting into the ground. It barely missed him.

Screams and sobs erupted with each step, every minuscule movement - mingling with the girl's satisfied sighs. But Lucius could barely even move. His entire body quivered with fear. Every instinct told him he should get out and run, go on foot - but something kept him in. This car... it had a lot of memories in it, to say the least. Days on the beach. Friday nights. A funeral or two.

"Yes! Just stay still and let me trample all over you..."

Those words set him back in motion. Shaking, he stepped onto the gas - and was sent zooming under the arc of her foot, metal and paint shattering against the sole. Lucius bit his lip to avoid screaming; he tried to find a way out, but couldn't see anything but dark masses in every direction, surrounding him...

Suddenly, she lifted her foot. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Lucius raced out, wheels treading over a small pile of scrap metal. The woman's steps instantly followed, effortlessly chasing him. The streets were littered with discarded vehicles, most of the people having left by now - hiding in buildings or getting as far away as possible. He scraped the side of a toppled truck, making an unpleasant screeching sound. He looked left and right, navigating across the maze of ruined streets, trying to find some form of shelter. His heart pounded louder and louder after every overpowering stomp behind him.

"You must think I'm like a monster, right? Heh. Typical. You don't know how amazing it is to feel stupid cars collapsing beneath your feet."

As the shadow spread across the skies, Lucius cringed and sobbed gently. This was it - his existence ended because he clung onto this stupid hunk of metal.

Suddenly, his senses were overloaded by a small rumbling in the distance and an explosion nearby. Rubble rained on his car as the footsteps stopped. He couldn't make anything out, but couldn't let his foot off the gas. Spotting a dark alley in the distance, he charged towards it.

"The army? Cool! I could use some tank crushing. Maybe you tinies will have some peace when I’ve gotten rid of all your pesky war machines!"

Explosions and massive footsteps continued behind him. Still charging forward, doing everything to get away, a large chunk of Lucius' vehicle went flying off as he barely made it into the narrow alleyway. He stepped on the breaks just before slamming into a pair of garbage cans.

He made it into the alley. Safe. For now.

Glued onto the seat, muscles tensed, he struggled to stay calm. The man tried to come up with an escape plan - but the clarity in his mind was still disturbed by distant screams, laughter, and gunfire.

"Ahaha, run, run!"

The woman's voice slowly disappeared. He couldn't tell if she was moving further out, or if he was just losing consciousness. Either way, everything seemed to drift away, and Lucius found himself unable to do anything but cower...


A little shake. The blonde man was jolted upwards, memories coming back to him. A brief wobble came from under his seat periodically. He recognized the vibrations: giant footsteps. Quickly leaping from his chair, Lucius struggled with the door - it was bust inwards too much for him to leave. Next, he tried to start the engine; it simply protested at him.

The vehicle was completely stuck. And the woman's footsteps simply got closer. With a gulp, the man climbed to the back window, trying to see how far away the madwoman was.

Just over the hill in the distance, looking down. He shuddered, turning away - before turning back. For some reason, the girl had abandoned her jeans for a pair of dirty shorts, and had some boots on. Was he really passed out that long? Her footsteps felt harsher now, but still had the same deliberate nature - slow and steady, making each shake all that more frightening.

Suddenly, something caught her notice below. Lucius couldn't help but feel like a voyeur in this situation - this woman now seemed to be constantly looking around in fear, like a beast could leap out at any second. Leaning below with a strange grin, she picked up one of the cars that remained uncrushed.

This was the first time he saw her face; it had slightly rounded features, large glasses, and shortish brown hair. Or was that simply red made dirty? Her whole body looked just a tone dirtier than before. Must have come naturally with the rampage.

Carefully eyeing the black vehicle, and turning it around a few times, the woman nodded to herself. "A Lotus Esprit? Awesome! And it’s in pretty good condition, too. Whoever had to abandon this must be really bummed out." A bit of a chuckle. She drove the vehicle over her hand, before placing it into her pants pocket. "Suzie, this is you lucky day! Maybe if I dig around a bit, I'll find an Aston Martin!" She placed her hands together in joy, before laughing at herself. “Wishful thinking. I should just be happy with this guy.”

The woman's march continued - she hummed a little to herself, licking her lips. The man still stuck in the car couldn't help but be a little confused. The view was obscured by some buildings, but she almost seemed to be tiptoeing now? Her head stood out over all the buildings, but she didn't take much notice of them - just looking down, scanning the streets.

The humming gradually turned to singing. "Nobody does it quite the way you do... Did you have to be so good~?" Coughing a little, she looked around again to make sure nobody heard. "Geez, that chick really did a number on this place. Wish I could've come a bit earlier - wait, what?" Suddenly, her face turned red as she gritted her teeth together, leaning over. Lucius ducked down, quivering. This girl - Suzie?- might have been a different giantess - but what was she after?

"A Chevrolet Spark? Seriously? What kind of person just *steps* on a Chevrolet Spark? I swear, this thing belongs in a museum!"

He peeked back up to the bizarre sight of the giantess stroking a flattened piece of metal. "Poor little guy." It almost seemed like she was in tears, gently cradling the wreck in her arms, rocking it back and forth like a child. With amazing delicacy, she placed the wreck in her pocket, and looked around. "Some nice tanks here, too. Nothing worth salvaging, but a few nice things here and there."

Lucius returned to his attempts to leave the car, trying to break open the window - with little success. After all that had happened, he didn't have the strength left to do much. Resigning himself to the back seat, he kept watching the titanic woman's strange hunt.

"Some Hyundai cars here... A Genesis, second generation. A bit busted, but nothing un-repairable. Cool" She mumbled loudly, taking step after step. The massive, darkish legs got closer, details of her outfit becoming clearer. There were some strange stains on her jacket and shorts. He also noted a sizable bust, peeking out a little from behind with an agreeable curve.

No, this wasn't the time to be thinking about that. He kept watching, trying to anticipate Suzie’s next move.

"Oh, some Corollas - yeah, Japanese cars were pretty popular around these parts for a while. Wish there were a few more German cars here." She kept moving, periodically taking a scrap or two, identifying it, and putting it down. She swept through the streets in a small zigzag, looking back and forth worriedly each time.

And now, another strange look on her face - disgust. As if she'd just seen a swarm of insects crawling up her boot. "A Mercury Mystique? Lady junked a Chevrolet Spark, but leaves a Mercury Mystique unscratched? That's it. She has to operate on a completely alien code of morality, far removed from humanity. It's the only excuse she could have." Twisting the red automobile in her palm and juggling it carelessly from finger to finger, Suzie eyed it with contempt. "Little girl, your survival was a Mercury Mistake." Another brief chuckle, followed by a pained groan. "I'm so glad nobody heard me say that."

With a devious grin, Suzie shifted the car between her index and thumb, rubbing it for a bit. The hood seemed to point directly towards Lucius' alley. In a slow, careful movement, her fingers grinded the metal together. It moaned for only a few seconds, before erupting in a satisfying crunch.

"If your owner's still alive, then I pretty much saved their life." Her smug nod was suddenly replaced with confusion. "Oh?"

From behind glasses, her eyes followed a wheel rolling off the destroyed vehicle. Carelessly tossing the rest over her shoulder - the comparatively small man noticed it land on a nearby building's roof - her line of sight followed it, leading her towards...

Lucius' little alley.

Holding back a scream, he felt the ground shaking under him, car jostled in the air. Struggling to start his vehicle again, he tried to start it again - to no success. His body shook with each step as Suzie drew closer and closer - now the shapes of her body and clothes were far clearer than comfortable, the imperfections and perfections disturbingly well-defined. With no options left, he leaped into the passenger seat, trying to hid; now only able to register her approach by feeling the periodic movements against the floor. The darkness grew around him.

"Oh, what do we have here? A teensy Fiat 500? In bright yellow, too."

Narrating to herself, the woman reached a slender finger down the alley, wrapping it around so that the tip rested snugly against the back. Next, she placed two fingers in front of it, flat against the ground, forming a little platform. With a breath in, she tilted the front of the car upwards, causing its captive to hurl towards the back. Suddenly, he felt a constant tap against the back, as Suzie nudged the car from its place.

"Don't be scared. Easy, easy... There we are. Hah, wonder how you found your way here, little guy."

Lucius instantly ducked down, making himself as small as possible next to the back seats. Out the window, a gigantic eye overtook everything, carefully scrutinizing the car. It seemed a bit glazed, never focusing on him specifically, but running over each detail on the frame. He realized she was speaking to the car, not him. Did she even know he was in here?

"A little busted, but that'll just means I’ll have some fun fixing you up." The voice was closer than ever, rattling the man's ears. "Oh, Fiat. Cute cars like you have no right to be left in the wild! Just seeing you like this brings back a lot of Cagliostro nights." She started running a finger over the dented metal, a bit of a blush coming over her face.

Holding the vehicle up in the air, she gave it one last look all around. A bit of a distant, nostalgic sparkle was in her eye below. With absolutely perfect care, Suzie placed the car in her chest pocket, and started walking.

Fabrics surrounded the vehicle. Every direction was dominated by a mass of folds and wrinkles, moving rapidly to accommodate this woman's bust. Lucius found himself tossed in a rhythm between the floor and the roof - alternating with each wide-spanning step. Somehow, her breasts seemed to shake incredibly with each step- he couldn't see, but it was obvious from the constant shakes, and how the realm outside seemed to constantly shift and twist like raging waves.

Grasping to the seat, he struggled to stay in place. Finally managing to wrap a seat belt around himself, Lucius collapsed against the leather, struggling to calm his heart. Nothing could be made out around him. It was clear that she was making a valiant attempt to step gently as possible - and to her credit, she wasn't doing any damage to the car. But the constant rumbling against her passenger's backside couldn't even remotely qualify as "gentle"

Still, in this relatively stable position, the man's senses started to return to him. The smell of diesel. The softness of the passenger seat against his clothes. The sweat running down his arms. The sound of her humming some strange music, chest vibrating a little with each note.

With only a few more Earth-shaking footsteps, there was a pause. Lucius, who'd grown used to the shakes, was taken off-guard. The fabric around twisted in unfamiliar ways, punctuated with rumbles. Finally a ray of light; the passenger shielded his eyes as huge, fleshy pillars made their way into the pocket. Gravity made a plaything of his body as the woman lifted the vehicle out.

She'll see me. She sees me. Oh, God.

In a swift movement, he found himself deposited on... Something. With a gulp, Lucius forced his eyes open - and the surrounding area was unreal. A smooth road, and a hilly countryside spread around, perfectly-waxed empty cars scattered proudly among it. He couldn't recognize most of them, but they seemed arranged in some sort of pattern.

An even more shocking sight lay just beyond the hills.

A platform of wooden planks stood high above the ground, with some rods coming off the bottom to support it. Even more vehicles were supported on this, like a shelf displaying them. Further away, more wooden shelves stood out, each with cars that looked like toys on them; some in miniature dioramas, covered in glass. An incredible stretch downwards, there was what could only be described as a giant bed- a very simple one, sheets made of many materials stitched together like a quilt, but very bed-like in shape and apparent texture.

Finally, just to the side, what appeared to be a workbench. It had three cars lying on their roofs: two of them half-disassembled, the other in one piece but with chipped paint. A few massive tools hung below, arranged by size. But... What of their owner?

Suddenly, a familiar shaking - only softer. It was an odd angle, and Lucius couldn't tell for sure; but by the looks of it, Suzie had removed her boots. And most of her clothes, it seemed. He leaned over his seat to get a better view, but when combined with the surrounding area, it was hard to take in all at once. He shook against the movement of her footsteps. His senses of respect, fear, and curiosity entered in combat, forcing his body this way and that.

He peeked over for just three seconds - yet, the image remained in his mind long after. The woman was clad only in socks, glasses, and panties, leaning over the workbench. She held a relatively minuscule paintbrush carefully between her fingers, the other hand supporting one of her cars under a ray of light. A large sigh made her shoulders droop, muscles relaxing slowly underneath her flesh; it went down into her chest, leading to another teasing wobble.

Struggling a little more with the door, Lucius finally managed to force it open. He grinned for a moment, looking around to plan his escape. Or contact this strange giant? With his mind still swirling, he almost didn't notice said girl approaching. She unknowingly shut the door as he was lifted in the air.

Shit, NOW she saw me. I'm a voyeur. A very dead voyeur.

He curled into a small ball for a moment - but, taken by some surge of bravery, he started waving, trying to get Suzie’s attention. His voice was still lost. The only thing visible from the window was her massive lips - licking the frame of her glasses.

"Well, enough of that. Hm... 'Samuel.' It's a good name for you. I really should polish you off or something..."

She tilted it to the side, and between stumbles, the passenger could see flashes of pink.

"...And I feel the slightest bit guilty for corrupting my Cagliostro memories..."

More odd bits of movement he couldn't make out. And what was with this tone she was taking? And those breaths - this was just his imagination, right? His catastrophe-addled brain taking everything the wrong way?

"But it's not like Cagliostro's origins were the purest anyway..."

He had no idea what she was talking about, but it didn't seem to be headed in a good direction. Judging by the sudden loss of gravity and enormous collapse, she'd fallen. And her grip slowly loosened...

"Okay, Sammy. One test drive."

With only that as a warning, the vehicle descended.

It was very strange being on land again - Lucius was still disoriented from his airborne period. He grasped onto the steering wheel, begging that whatever happened next would be over quickly. He still didn't feel exactly "safe" - whatever kind of ground his car had been placed on, it didn't seem solid. He moved a hand to the door, swearing to get out before anything else happened...

Then the car started moving.

It started slow, but quickly accelerated to speeds he was sure were over any speed limits. The environment around him blurred further. The gas wasn't on - he realized his captor was dragging the car by the hood. Suzie’s humming took the air, the ground - he could swear it covered the whole Earth. Every so often, his body was thrown back by a sharp swerve- or movement uphill. Finally, in a spurt of fear and recklessness, he shut his eyes and leaped out, screaming.

Lucius' body rolled down a sharp, steep cliff- the ground didn't feel hard at all, but he was flung into uncomfortable positions with each tumble, limbs getting in each others' way. By the time his descent was complete, he couldn't help but lie flat on the wettish ground, letting his body collapse.

Outside the car at last... He felt a lot more vulnerable, but at the very least, the cramps were gone. Replaced with another form of pain (probably internal bleeding), but they were gone. And with the world no longer moving in those odd patterns, or spreading out below him, Lucius could finally make out where he was.

"H-huh? Oh, oh..."

Skin. Bare flesh stretched out all around him. Suzie’s stomach formed a gentle hill, leading into shapely legs. Right below, her veins branched out like miniature road forks- their blood pumping echoing directly into Lucius' head. The woman's own head lay downwards in shock, glasses back on to observe the miniature man more closely. From this perspective, the whole surface was surprisingly clean; not to mention well-shaped and free of blemishes. It was apparent that the girl cared as meticulously for her enormous body's condition as she did for the cars.

As for how much she cared about the cars...

The Fiat, free from her hand, stood erect on her right nipple, like in a balancing act. The breasts - both spread out like mountains - had the faintest mark of tire tracks all over them. The hand that hadn't been used to pick her glasses up was frozen in place around her vagina.


The two shared an amazing moment of awkwardness. Eyes locked together, clearly able to see the horror and confusion in each other - but knowing anything they said would just dig a deeper hole.

Lucius, groaning, spoke his first words in some time: "I'm invading your privacy, aren’t I? I should leave."

She just groaned a little, fidgeting for a moment. "Uhm. Sorry for, uh, kidnapping you. And committing grand theft auto. And for sexually assaulting you. A-and using your car as a sex toy. And - uh, I - I - I..." The car flopped over her breast, leading to a strange moan-cringe as she quickly drew her arm away. She tried half-halfheartedly to cover her nudity for a moment, but quickly turned her concerns elsewhere. "You're... Are you okay?"

"It's all good..." Lucius' bleeding head nodded.

"I’m Suzie. Might I - ask your -name? That's - uh, that's a normal thing to ask, right? I don't spend much time around..." Unable to finish her own sentence, she pointed to the vehicle. "Want me to wash that off for you?"

"Lucius. If you want - you can keep it. You seem more attached to it than I do." Trying to alleviate some of the awkwardness in the air, he covered his eyes and turned away, barely giving her privacy.

"Oh, oh- no." It was obviously meant to be under her breath, but he could clearly hear Suzie let out a rapid-fire succession of profanities. The young woman stroked him with a moist hand, gently wrapping around his body - but after a second or two, she let out a silent yelp and swapped hands. "Please don't cry. Please - no, what am I saying? I-I can't hold back your emotions! It's okay. You can cry. Don't let me dictate your emotions."

Lucius, still keeping his head turned, mumbled: "I’m not crying." A quick thought flashed through his mind - was he victimizing himself? Subconsciously pretending to cry to gain her sympathy? He had to correct that. "I'm sorry for spying on you."

Suzie’s head loomed in just a little closer - he couldn't tell if her sighing was out of frustration or relief. "I should've taken a closer look. But, uh, glasses, and - and - this is glaringly obvious, but I sorta got carried away." Her head rested on one hand. Stopping her stroking motion, she started tapping nervously on the car's roof. "You were in there the whole time?"

"Yeah, I was - " He looked up, still moving his gaze away from the woman's privates, but trying to make eye contact. He took a step closer to the car, lower body still aching. "I'd been trying to get away from another giantess. I thought you might be her, but - jeez, you're way different."

She blushed at that, tapping her fingers together. With this perspective, she could finally see the details on his body - not very muscular, but not skinny or fat, with broad shoulders and a boyish face. He looked more frazzled than wounded. It vaguely reminded her of someone she'd seen before...

"Ah - that explains the state your car was in."

"You can call it Samuel."

She chuckled to herself again - and he felt it through her skin, tickling his shoes. "Don't think too badly of that girl. She just has... ideas. But yeah - we're different. I can't hope to drive any of them, but - you saw how I treat cars, right?" Her smile came back, if a little sad. "I'm a huge freak..."

He blinked, at loss for words for a moment. Between recent memories of being nearly crushed, the softness in her eyes, and the amazingly-crafted surroundings, he couldn't really agree.

"Eh, we all have our things."

Suzie blinked, a bit confused. Squinting at him to read whether he was being serious or not, she pouted gently. With a quick step back, Lucius continued.

"Some people are into squishing, some like video games, some like cars. I mean - it's a way people can feel free, right? Able to drive where they please, wind in their hair... Doesn't it represent the American Dream or whatever?" His face couldn't help but shape itself into the suggestion of a smile. "Although not many cars here are American..."

Something sparked in her face - Suzie’d had a pleasant shock. He must've said the right thing. She nodded, looking around at the collection coating the walls. "Plus, they're stolen. That’s not very noble."

"Preserved!" He corrected her quickly. "This place is like a miniature car museum! I mean - if it weren't for you, they'd all be crushed. And you - uh, you..." He hesitated. "...probably saved.my life, too. I had no idea if she'd come back, or if I'd stay in that alley..."

"Heh, don't say that! You look like you'd make it with or without me!" Suzie suddenly snatched his arm up- and with a moment to make sure he wasn't in pain, started squeezing his muscle slightly to feel it. Even now, it was clear she was being careful - but with some sort of casualness, hinting at experience handling "small" things.

"Eh, if - if this is too awkward, you could put me somewhere so you can get clothes on..."

"I could." She shrugged, still eyeing him. Suddenly, the woman started snickering, as if ideas were forming in her head. "Say. I've been thinking about getting some of these back to their owners- or their owners could get back to them. I'm horrible with people, but maybe with your help..." Slowly, one of her eyebrows lifted as she ran a finger across her chin. "You know much about cars?"

"A bit." He had some knowledge, but didn't want to brag.

"Very good. I could use a bit of a helping hand here. Some cars have these really sensitive parts that require lots of care and precision - and if you accept, I'm sure you'd have all the qualifications. The human body is capable of plenty care and precision..."

They both starting giggling together.

"And it's no use having these things without a driver, is it?"


The reign of the car-crushing giantess would only continue to grow. One woman could not conquer the world, or bring perfect order - but every day, her dominion grew.

As the cars and armies were torn apart, pollution rates fell to record lows since the Industrial Revolution. Her grip was fairly loose, with lots of freedoms - one of the reasons few people rebelled - with just enough control to prevent wars, and allow some fun time.

Yet, rumors floated around of some group that had escaped her reach. Hidden under her nose somewhere, an old warehouse modified into a sanctuary. A garage, some said. A museum. Some rumors went as far as saying there were entire roads underneath it. But those unhappy with the rule could find some pleasure in fantasizing about it.

And in a couple of the rumors, there were stories of a man and a giant woman running the whole place. Some say they're simply platonic friends. Some say they would often tease each other and blush, but were still building up the courage to go further. Some say they engaged in highly inappropriate acts of debauchery that violated every car owner's handbook rule on safety.

All we know is, something was leaving a carbon footprint on the Earth.

And to some, it was kind of a cute carbon footprint.

End Notes:

Quick notice - this story probably has tons of inaccuracies. I don’t have a driver’s license, and I’m pretty sure a Fiat wouldn’t be able to take that much punishment. But the idea sorta stuck with me, so yeah.

This one is dedicated to the Car Crush Group on deviantart. I don't dislike car-squishing at all. Quite the opposite. I really love stories about ecological-minded girls; observing how they limit themselves to avoid stressing the biosphere is fun. In fact, this story’s antagonist originally had ecological motives - but then I felt that made the story seem too anti-environmentalist.

But even if I don't like cars all *that* much, some of my family members are car enthusiasts. They've given me a great respect for the history of automobiles, and have led me to recognize a beauty in them not unlike the beauty of a giant girl. Like Lucius said- we all have different interests, and maybe we could learn to appreciate the tastes of others. It's the way the vaguely-defined mass of people we call the "giantess community" came together, and it's the only way we can keep existing without massive giantess-vs.-giantess conflicts. We should learn to grow together, not toss buildings at each other.

Again - I'm not saying automobile crushing should stop existing. I just feel good points need counterpoints. For instance, there's a Giantess Revolution thing on deviantart and YouTube. And, I mean, I don't dislike them; but I don't see any Giantess White Army, Giantess Redcoat, Giantess French Monarchist, Giantess Chinese Kuomintang, or Giantess Weimar Republican groups, so I'm just assuming Joe, Jenny, and Loner aren't actively revolting against anything and it's a group dedicated to making a giant girl keep continuously spinning. Someone should fix that.

Seriously, what's with the lack of Giantess Kuomintang? I want to see Kohran Li, wet from the Pacific Ocean, looming over Shanghai with her developed legs, cute glasses, and Osakan accent, going all, "When the communist night ends, the Five Yellow Stars of the People's Republic shall fall, the Blue Sky and White Sun will take their place on a Wholly Red Earth, and all permanent members of the United Nations will have color-coordinated flags! Those who argue can take their March of the Volunteers right into my San-min Doctrine: bust, waist, and hip!" Then the revolutionaries could send Hong Meiling in, and she'd be like, "Halt, spawn of Saturn! The Chinese Nationalists were once allied with Nazis and closely worked with Western Imperialists! Kohran, are you yourself not a card-carrying member of the Imperial Japanese Floral Assault Trope? I will show your single-state government and your pathetic third-party video game company the power of the workers and independent software!" And then they'd have some cool giantess kung-fu battle with the fate of China resting in the balance. One side for Chiang Kai-Shek, Segata Sanshiro and Bernie Stolar, the other for Mao Zedong, ZUN and Phil Fish. I really should make an effort to make my fantasies a touch less racist.

In any case. My visual inspiration for our female protagonist was a bit of a mix of Fio Germi from Metal Gear and Cyril Brooklyn from Galgrease. I remember an old Something Awful thing on video game giantesses read something like, "When you look at a girl in a video game, what do you think? Some people think, 'I want to see her with a car in her vagina'." That was my train of thought here. If it isn't obvious, I have a bit of a glasses thing. It’s painfully unoriginal, so feel free to picture her however you want.

Cars copyright their manufacturers and stuff, the song being sung is "Nobody Does it Better" from the film "The Spy who Loved Me", The Castle of Cagliostro is a light-hearted pre-Ghibli Miyazaki movie based off the Lupin III manga (which involved a certain helping of sex and violence), and the line about the cute carbon footprint is a vague reference to Princess Violet ruling with a cute iron fist over the Samurai Pizza Cats' homeland of Little Tokyo.

Canada by TFWNoGiantGF
Author's Notes:

Happy 4th of July, everyone. A quickie.


"Oh, oh - I'm, I'm really sorry about that."

Veronica-Louise's bare hand wiped the remains of a Tim Hortons' off her trembling heel. Both of her hands rubbed together rapidly, grinding the debris and coffee beans. Melting snowflakes ran down her nose and lips, making them glisten slightly against the sun. The chattering of her teeth echoed from sea to sea, across the north.


The remains of a few trees from the nearby boreal forest still clung to her pants. Since growing to this size, Veronica-Louise had been moving for quite some time now, looking for some trace of civilization. Questions like "why did I become big?", "are they going to dissect me when they find me?", or "shouldn't the square-cube law be in effect?" came into her mind; but slowly, they were chased away like a tourist being attacked by Canadian geese. The further she trekked, and the more her body froze, the more she focused on warmth.

She shivered again, trying to blow warm breath onto her hands - it only came out as a frosty wind, tickling the tips of her fingers. Her toes squeezed in tightly against the balls of her feet, trying to preserve heat as much as possible. It made her steps less even; as they fell into one mound of snow, the woman collapsed. Veronica-Louise's massive frame flew through the air, her stomach, then breasts, then face landing with a THWOOMP. The snow broke her fall, but only made her shiver more. She saw double, strange shapes moving around before her eyes. With a moan, they blinked, and focused.

A man! She'd found civilization! And not just any man - judging by the uniform, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Just seconds ago, he'd started patrolling the area after hearing about disturbances from locals. The man had been looking around for wild bears or shifty-looking beavers. But this - this wasn't like anything he'd seen before. A woman towering over everything in the surrounding area, staring down at his diminutive frame; each little shake she made quaked through the soil, shifting the world underneath his feet.

He flinched, taking a step back as the woman's massive face shifted into a weak grin. It stretched out, wide enough to consume him. Her skin had become incredibly pale from the cold, like a yeti's fur coat - only smother. Most terrifying of all to the little Mountie, her brown eyes twitched every now and again, open as wide as saucers. The same maddened glare of an Toronto Maple Leafs fan who'd spotted someone in a Montreal Canadians jersey.

"Hello!" Her cold breath blew him back into the snow slightly.

He mentally kicked himself for deciding not to move to the US. Shuddering in her overbearing presence and the frosty weather, he could only manage to stutter out: "Eu, salut. Comment... Comment etes-vous- comment avez-vous"

Veronica-Louise blushed slightly at his response, covering her three-quarters-frozen lips: "D-desole, sorry, je-je peux speak-er en francais aussi, French is good..." She moaned slightly, reaching a hand out towards him painfully. "Un nation dans un nation, a country digesting in the stomach of another country, all that stuff... We're the second biggest compared to Russia, and I'd rather eat tourtiere and poutine than be tortured by Putin, e-eh?..."

Slowly crawling forward, the girl let out an odd chuckle as she approached, her words making less sense.

"Non, s'il vous plait, I-I am bilingual, too!" He held both arms up, and turned to run. The Mountie's face slammed into her flesh; Veronica-Louise's arm had wrapped around him, keeping him trapped in place. Two fingers reached down from above, plucking him up by the head. "D-don't run, I'm sorry... I j-j-just need... J'ai besoin de l'aide... help..." Her voice was beginning to slur, as if simply speaking was causing her huge amounts of pain.

He simply struggled between the frosty flesh, trying to reach for his pants to signal other mounties. "Down! Put me down, if that's alright!"

"Don't be s-s-scared. I-I'm just a n-normal person too... I-I watch Red Green and hockey and Jimmy Two Shoes like everyone else... Yvonne du Yukon est bonne..." As she felt the man twisting in her finger, a sensation rushed through her nerves. Louise's head snapped up from the snowy hill, frostbitten ears perking upwards like an animal sensing danger. She instantly dropped the Mountie in her palm - and there it was again. A feeling she thought long lost. With a murmured apology, she pressed a finger against his head and rolled him around in the mass of wrinkles. Yes, it was impossible to mistake. It soaked out, a result of the culmination of his pounding heart rushing blood through his body and the heavy clothes he was wearing.


Veronica-Louise carefully lifted her shaking hand upwards. The tops of the trees passed the Mountie's body as he moved towards the enormous surface of her cheek. Even from a distance, he could feel the frosty temperature against him. And as soon as their flesh met, his hands pushing desperately against her frozen cheek, the quaking stopped. For just one second, above his head, her eyes shone with the same energy and excitement she had when she first tasted maple syrup.


Her finger pressed against him, desperately rubbing the shivering man over her face. Across her cheeks, over the nose, between dry, plush lips... Each second, the heat coming from his body grew less intense; yet she kept manipulating him, pressing him this way and that with powerful fingers and squeezing him in her palm. Between shivers and pleased sighs, she murmured more clearly now: "Sorry! Sorry, but - but you feel so warm. I thought I was going to die there, but - eh?"

His body was all but limp. Sprawled out in her pinkish hand, between two wrinkles, the Mountie's body lay - the only movement being a gentle shiver from time to time. The experience with Veronica-Louise had left him frozen nearly to death.

"Oh, no! Sorry, my bad!" she gasped. Clasping both hands around him, she rubbed them together, rolling him between the frosty flesh in an attempt to return him to life. Opening both hands, she blew on him. It only brought him more pain - surrounded by cold skin, then wintery air... The combination of pressure, shock, and temperature drew him close to fainting.

Having recovered a fraction of her brain from the cold's conquest, the giant woman realized it wasn't going to do much. Carefully prodding his head into an upright position, she whispered: "Where's your home? I-I can take you there..."

The world was blurring for the Mountie. Northern lights in the distance over there, behind this wall of red and white. Trees floating below in strange shapes. Weakly, he pointed south, cringing as titanic footsteps sounded below.

It took a few more minutes surviving Jack Frost's assault before Veronica-Louise came across a little village. Nothing fancy - cabins and small houses (even at normal size) just a step up from igloos, bright lights around them. A lake of ice in the center, nets on either end. Maple trees growing up to her knees. And, of course, people - putting down hokey sticks and cups of coffee for a second to stare up.

The goliath looked just as shocked as the rest of them. Her body had returned to a pale shade; she wiped a little bit of snow off her head to appear presentable, burying one of the cabins. Her toes twitched against the cold ground, constantly moving in a vain attempt to avoid freezing. Slowly, awkwardly, she leaned down to place the man in her hand down - a few people drawing away. Words flew across the tiny people's mouths: "Sasquatch" being one prominent one. A few visiting Americans quietly grumbled something about King Kong and the lack of gun culture. Trying to take a closer look, she squatted down - backside taking out a little bit of the hill behind her. She cringed at the cold sensation.

Still quivering, she squeaked out: "P-please... H-h-help him..."

Nodding, the men and women closest to him apologized to each other and picked the Mountie up by the limbs, carrying him away. Veronica-Louise forced a weird smile that faded within seconds. Falling to her knees, shaking, she struggled to communicate the mixing emotions clashing through her mind. More people backed away quietly, some beginning to scream.

Then, one boy approached. Descended from a half-Indigenous, half-Aboriginal father, and a half-Amerindian, half-First Nations mother, he'd grown with a huge respect for others - and, practicing old rituals, he'd slept a few more nights in a tent than average, and had a higher tolerance for the cold. Without a word, he approached the woman casting a shadow over his village. He held his arms out and placed them on her foot to gauge her heat.

"W-Warm..." She squirmed again, feeling the softness of his touch. Heat transferring from his frame to hers, flowing through her nerves and veins, spreading through her body...

Seeing the reaction, a few more people joined in. The crowd grew from a few aboriginals to an assortment of different people, prodding at her knees and toes. Few knew what they were doing; but since others had joined in, they were taken by the will of the mob. The teensy hands and arms merged into a single sensation for Veronica-Louise, something much stronger than warmth; the knowledge that complete strangers were willing to surrender their body heat to her.

It was confusing, to a degree - she was still numb in some places, and unable to register exactly how many people were there. And at her size and exhaustion, their facial expressions sort of merged with one another; it was hard to tell who was just shivering in fear and who was actually touching her. And the nature of their touch was even hard for her to understand - were they just trying to reassure her? Or keep her warm? Or was this some sort of ritual, with her at the center? Maybe this was why she was big in the first place? No - no, that couldn't be, but...

"Th-thank you! Ah-"

Unable to stand the frost nipping at her body, and taken with delight and confusion, she let her body fall backwards. The earthquake brought some nearby structures crashing down, and knocked many of the small people off their feet. A few climbed up her sides; she helped them, nimble fingers pushing their backs up to her stomach and rubbing them all over the protruding, pale surface. She invited more onto her body - letting desire for heat and rubbing overtake her shame. Soon, the enormous clutches began simply grabbing people wherever they could, dumping them into large chunks onto her feet, knees, breasts, face...

Her eyelashes batted downwards in a huge blink as she saw the boy from before resting on her nose.

"Ah... S-sorry, really sorry about this! Eu, desole, desole- Aaah, mon dieu!"

The villagers coating her body moved against her flesh - either trying to warm her or escape, she couldn't tell which. A few slipped on the surface of her skin, falling back or head first into the flesh harshly. It sent small jolts throughout the giantess.

She shook, knocking a few of the people her body carried into the sky. "I- I apologize for that! Oh, w-wow..." The warm, loving sensations rushed through her veins like syrup spreading across a pancake. Every little inch of her, caressed by little hands - hands doubtlessly feeling her heart beat quicker and breath grow more shallow. Her fingers and toes curled and uncurled - the numbness had left, and she was now taken with delight and passion. The warmth was addicting - like the drugs that Canadian laws were relatively more permissive towards, compared to the US.

Veronica-Louise began gasping, her body screaming at her to warm it more. Quietly looking down at the little people struggling and moving across her, she whimpered "Sorry for what I'm going to do..."

One large hand movement, and the men, women, all people were forcibly pushed by the side of her finger. Another movement - she swiped it across her skin, the rubbing of their bodies against hers only making her heart beat harder. Those near the top were moved towards her nipples, and rubbed across the hard, pink surfaces; and the people around her legs and stomach fell towards her exposed vagina. Gulping, she felt their bodies stick to the damp liquids, robbed of free movement; only able to keep struggling and thrashing across the pink surface.

"Ah! Sorry!... Sorry..."

With another apology, her hand quivered above the soft organ; the five digits cast massive shadows over the people within, as two pointed together. Then, suddenly, they came flying in. She stroked herself, prodded the little people deeper and deeper between the moist walls. Warmth, warmth! She rolled from side to side, trampling bits of the village under her soft breasts and backside.

"Sorry... Hah, I'm so sorry..."

Bits of debris clung to her warming flesh, melting away the snow. Bodies became jammed against the folds and creases. She really hoped they were okay - but the need for warmth overpowered that. As she grew more exhausted from rapid temperature change, her hand grasped a maple tree for support. It tore it from the roots. Slowly, she brought the large chunk of wood and leaves to her legs, the leaves tickling it - and jammed it inside, cringing and drooling at the sensation. People inside were pushed against it; some escaping from the cavernous pink monster, others moving further in, most just jammed against the walls.

She repeated: "Sorry...hah, sorry. Sorry!" One hand held to her chest, Veronica-Louise moved wilder and faster, shaking the soil - her breaths closer and closer together, her voice booming across the night sky. "I'm sorry! OH MY GOD, I'M SORRY! I'M SO FUCKING SORRY!"
And with one last shout, she collapsed. The villagers were all over the place, trying to recover from her frenzy. All but the bravest and drunkest made preparations to leave as soon as possible. Veronica-Louise lay sprawled over their village, like a rosy blanket, moaning quietly. She felt sore all over, exhausted, a little scared, and very sorry... But most of all, warm. She finally felt cozy enough to relax her muscles.

Out of the few villagers that remained was the boy from before. Patting her neck to check that she was still alive, he found himself scooped up by her again, hands carefully wrapping around him and squeezing him softly against her stomach. With a little sigh, he decided that someone would have to make sure her body temperature remained constant. She might need some help apologizing and rebuilding in the morning - or if she decided to go crazy again, it would help to be on her good side. But just for tonight, he'd stay here, sleeping with her.

A low murmur came from her vocal chords, shaking him slightly - barely audible against the wind.

"...Here may it wave, our boast, our pride...
And joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine
The Maple Leaf forever."

End Notes:

I saw an RSAnimate video once on the use of Internet in dictatorships - noting that people are more likely to use the Internet for porn than revolutions. It was pretty good, but made one assumption I don't agree with: the creator thought political propaganda and porn are completely separate. The Marquis de Sade, Axis Powers propaganda creators, and Tatsuya Ishida would be happy to tell him otherwise. They'd probably also be happy to have a few beers together and argue whether the Jews, Catholics, or Patriarchy are behind the world's problems.

In any case, I'm not sure whether or not porn can influence people. But pornoganda is underused, so I decided to do my own and show off my French skills like the snobby Quebeccer I am.

Apologies if I used the wrong terminology for the boy's race. Veronica-Louise's name comes from a fan-translation of a hentai; she was a "hot, sexy caucasian" who engaged in "Western-styled sex". It was the whitest name I could think of on short notice.



Masochism by TFWNoGiantGF

From a slight distance away, planes and cannons fired onto the woman's towering body. They called for civilian evacuation as the bullets and shells disappeared into the expanse of supple flesh, one by one.

"Ooh... Oh, wow!"

The chirp of her voice spread through the skies. It was a completely unique experience for Umeko. Houses and small businesses spread out like a map below her folded legs. She wasn't used to looking down at people; in fact, for the longest time, she'd have to stand on tiptoes to be eye-level with her friends. And even if they teased her about it, she didn't really mind. It was nice being able to let others take control, and not have anyone depend on her too much.

Of course, the first few moments of her growth were accompanied by a sense of horror. Anxiety. Embarassment. Everyone was staring at her, as her clothes started to tear apart under the pressure from expansion... Then, the fear that she may have hurt someone as she fell onto her backside rushed through her mind, some tables collapsing into nothingness underneath its mass. And those sickening crunches rung through her ears as the foundations that held up the walls creaked and yielded against her arms; insulation rushing out before exploding into a mass of rubble. But finally, as her neck broke through the ceiling, some other sensation came into her mind.

Something incredibly taboo.

Still expanding, more and more of her silhouette was revealled to public. She held the feelings back, struggling to cross her arms against her chest. No, why would she even consider that up here in the clouds? THOSE thoughts were for her time alone. She'd spent years perfecting her image, hours hiding it. This wasn't like when she was 14, where she'd start awkwardly smiling or hold her hand over her heart when someone insulted her. No - "stiff upper lip, stoicism..." she silently chanted to herself, watching people she knew running around below.

Her nostrils took in larger amounts of oxygen than usual, translating into large gusts. The smell in the air reminded her of the first time she was scolded by a teacher; it was for losing the class pet. The whole time, she had to pretend to be sad or frustrated, while grinning whenever her back turned. She remembered the joy of anticipation in how far it would go; maybe he'd be forced to hit her? After all, she'd been very insolent, she really deserved it.

And she really deserved this pain, too. After all, what was she thinking, growing like that? Not only had she made a mess of the place, she'd gone against the laws of nature, violating the square-cube law! It was perfectly fine that she received her karmic retribution like this, as her bones, sinews, muscles, and flesh stretched out in new and exciting ways. Each time a piece of flesh inched out, a little growing pain crawled through it, and up her spine, into her brain, triggering responses...

Umeko shook her head, pieces of the ceiling falling to the ground. Nope. No. She was a completely proper woman, a good girl, and she had to know where she fit in. This wasn't the place to be revealing her fantasies. She couldn't possibly take the humiliation of the entire town knowing. All of those little, scrambling people, who looked like action figures, or even ants... No, she couldn't think of them like that! She was a caring woman! With a groan, the girl's vision became blurry as she looked up at the clouds above. Each of those little people had their own families, lives, and feelings, and she could easily offend or hurt them! She probably already had, as a pair of breasts began to pop out of the walls, completely bare. Every single person had emotions, and a pair of eyes, and they would all look up at her and shame her if she did something wrong. She couldn't stand the idea of being publicly humiliated like that.

As a matter of fact, the very idea drove her crazy - it had to happen! Clawing at her yellowish braids, she struggled to move, just causing more damage with all of her movements. Was that a hole she'd carved into the road just by slamming her leg forward? She hit herself in the face. Such a klutzy, inconsiderate girl. Always with her head in the clouds. What a scatterbrain! Why didn't she ever think of anyone else? Did she even consider all of those people who could be calling the police, the military...

She had to view it from THEIR perspective for once! What would they think if, from out of nowhere, a naked girl exploded from out of a building, taking over the sky... They'd be so horrified seeing her expression, her tiniest movements just wrecking everything. And what if they were hurt when her arms or legs or even her backside burst out? Umeko stopped herself there for a second; she couldn't imagine the pain in too much detail or else she could just overflow.

As the rest of the building came apart unceremoniously, she saw a face she recognized in the crowd. He was moving towards her. Susumu! A nice man of strong spirit and muscle definition! Finally, she could rely on someone to control her growing size and growing moisture.

He looked up, having to shout for her to hear: "UMEKO! Hang on! It's going to be okay!"

...What was that? Was he trying to reassure her? No, that wouldn't do. He had to understand what was going on.

She answered back down, a little giggle in her voice betraying the dire words: "It isn't! I'm a monster now! No, I'm - I'm worse than that! Look at how much I've destroyed!"

"Come on, don't say stupid things! You're still Umeko!"

A few more of her friends started gathering around. She was genuinely pleased to see that they'd survived it; but now they saw her without any barriers, at her basest emotional state...

Umeko shook her head. "I always was a monster! So klutzy, just breaking everything apart... Hah... Please, tell me how bad I am! Call someone to punish me for property damage! The whole world can see me, tell them exactly who I am!"

A once-quiet girl from the side, Miki, spoke up: "I... I think you're pretty cool. Beautiful and strong, l-like a goddess..." She kept on staring up at all of her friend's revealed body, nearly drooling.

That was it. Umeko's weak, quivering voice became a thundering roar: "DON'T CALL ME A GODDESS! DON'T YOU DARE WORSHIP ME!" Without even thinking, her massive hand reached out below, slender fingers outstretched. Her friends started running; finally, they got the picture! Everyone but those idiots Susumu and Miki. She could tell by their expressions: Miki wanted to get closer. But Susumu still didn't understand how horrible she was. That HAD to change.

Grasping them, and holding them in the air, Umeko finally stood up, calling out to the world. "L-look! I have hostages! See? I, Umeko, am an absolutely despicable young woman! You should all scorn me and laugh at me!"

A few of the running people paused to glance up. Looks of confusion spread across their faces.

Susumu muttered into Miki's ear: "What's she trying to do?"

Miki was still entranced with her friend's body, hands reaching out to try and grasp at it. "Hwoo, look at how big her boobs are now! Why can't I have a chest like that...?"

The giant woman continued, sticking her head up in pride. "I refuse to let these people go until I hear a thousand voices calling me rotten, and horrible, and... GYUH-!?"

A burning on her back. Across her shoulders. Little cuts, followed by her nerves screaming in distress, and the cooling sensation of gently-oozing blood drops. Could it be? Was it finally time? She twisted her head the the side, a fingertip resting coyly on her lip.

As she expected: planes. Beautifully solid planes, their steel catching the sunlight and reflecting. Ah, the JSDF! Finally. People who know how to administer justice! Their bullets clashed against her back, causing her to gently chuckle.

The massive skin cells, reproduction rates expanded to new levels, quickly healed themselves. In dissapointment, Umeko scratched the area where she was once hurt, nails clawing away at the flesh - no, it wasn't the same! Not the same at all!

The military were drawing back; not directly striking anymore, just circling around. Umeko suddenly shivered in fear. What if they didn't know? What if she just looked like a normal girl to them, and they couldn't tell whether to attack or not? Such morally righteous, upstanding men and women... For a moment, she felt like saluting in respect. If she didn't move too much, maybe they could safely apprehend her, and she wouldn't have to be hurt anymore.

But they were wrong about her. VERY wrong! She had to show them what she was really like; anything else would be dishonest. Slowly, with a tinge of regret, she opened her mouth and dangled her friends over it. Her eyes watered slightly as she saw Susumu's silent state of shock, and Miki's still-glowing smile.

Then, another rush swept in. A shell collided directly with her belly button, tearing through the skin and lodging itself into her flesh. She screamed out in pain for a moment, before it seamlessly transitioned into a pleasant moan. "M-more..."

Her arm flew into the air. The people in her hand began screaming. Susumu, his own arms waving, tried to address the military: "Stop it! Assholes, if you even TOUCH her with ONE MORE BULLET, I swear-"

Interrupting, Miki cheered: "Crush them, Umeko! Squeeze their puny tanks into itsy-bitsy red dots!" She panted slightly in excitement. "And if it's alright, do it with your cute little butt, or those sexy feet!"

Susumu stared at her, sighing. "What kind of weirdo would think feet are 'sexy'?..."

Unfortunately for both the military and Umeko, the wound quickly repaired itself, and the tingling sensation was lost. The massive woman's head kept spinning, dizzied by the tiny voices and pain. For just a second, she looked at herself in shame and disgust. She'd let her weird complex take her over, causing people so much hurt... Why didn't she just stop? Apologize, let the others handle it?

And yet, that didn't feel right. No, she'd sunken too far. She needed some form of punishment, and she was going to get it.

Putting her friends gently on the ground, to ensure nothing would hurt them, Umeko tossed herself directly into a building. The material creaked against her body for a split second before yielding. The giantess left an imprint of her huge, curvy body in the frame, before the whole office explored into rubble. She lay on her stomach, trying to savor every little bit of pain that came from that motion...

And, just as expected, the force of a machine gun against her. This time, right around her backside - that was particularly sore! She giggled, brushing her hands over her bleeding cuts before they closed up. Rubbing the liquid between her fingers, she used it to shakily trace a bulls-eye-esque shape over her left breast, eagerly pointing to it as she rose up to her knees.

"Here! Shoot here! Shoot me here!"

Obligingly, the armed forces below began their own attack, bullets puncturing her skin. Ooh, that felt SO wonderful!

From the side, her two friends looked up in awe. Miki was the first to speak: "Woah, Umeko's getting bigger!"

"What? Wh- you're right! She must be... I don't know how many feet now! H-how did this happen?"

Pensive, Miki tapped her fingers against her mouth. "She started growing when Takeru accidentally poured scorching tea on her... And now that the military is firing at her, she's growing faster..." Slamming her hand into her fist, she nodded. "That's it! She grows when she's in pain!"

Standing back up, somewhat dizzied, Umeko dashed towards the least-populated area she could find, and spotted the largest building in the area. Kicking the foundation, she let it topple onto her body, cement and steel bludgeoning her face and leaving a bruise as it shattered. People in the right position below could see her eyes becoming less focussed from the blow, her teeth bore in a deranged leer. Biting a bit of skin off her finger, she used the blood to trace more circles, over her breasts, vagina, backside...

Eventually, the showed of bullets brought Umeko to the ground. And yet, the skin cells were still hard at work, repairing themselves. Frustrated, she looked over to her friends, military still assaulting her.

She whispered quietly: "N-now you see who I am... A masochistic monster..."

Susumu was about to protest, but suddenly stopped himself. That longing in her eyes, the quivering in her lip, hands slowly twitching as they moved over her body... They all passed through his mind at once, as if designed to win him over. It wouldn't be right to reassure her. The woman he loved was asking something from him, and no matter how much pain it brought, he was the only one who could deliver it.

With a cringe at the woman's attitude, her took off his glasses, gulped, and screamed: "Get away from me, you pathetic freak! Go kill yourself! Brainless animal!"

He gasped for breath, apologizing so quickly and quietly that nobody but Miki could hear. Silence. All motion ended for a nanosecond. Then, a Umeko bit her lip. Her cheeks puffed outwards, then back in, slowly. A few tears welled up in her wide eyes. Her jaw dropped loose in shock, tearing a bit more of the road out - before the ends of it curled up, forming a weak smile.

"Su-su...mu..." Putting her hands to her rosy cheeks in joy, she squealed: "He really hates me!"

And with that, she expanded. The mix of painful emotions brewing in her stomach and heart exploded all at once, fueling her growing body. The slender, delicate fingers stroked her genitals, drooling as more bullets came through, her mind in a divine state of blissful torture. And every limb, muscle, skin cell, bone, sinew, nerve kept on growing and growing, bringing more pain to her, until she was nothing short of a sobbing, smiling monolith. Her eyes still on Susumu, her body blessed by his hateful glare, she kept on spreading out, anticipating the tinge of attacks from the military, the air force, the navy... What if they nuked her body? Maybe, just maybe, she'd not only be mocked and scolded by people on the news; this could be something big. Her name would go down in history as the most disgusting, unclean, thoughtless, pathetic woman to ever breathe air.

And she loved every second of it.

Susumu managed a weak smile, quietly enjoying his position, hanging onto the body of his lover. "If it makes you happy, Umeko..."

Next to him, Miki still kept on cheering: "Keep it up, Umeko, keep it up!"

End Notes:

Inspired by people talking about a masochist growing in Senran Kagura.

Among other things, one thing that's really awesome about the concept of a giantess is that you see how people react when nobody can stop them from doing anything. From this angle, violent stories have a kind of carthaic rebellious style to them, where it's all like "fuck society, I can do what I want"; it emphasizes how fragile social order is, even when it seems big. Gentle stories reassure us that some humans nice and delicate enough to respect social norms and maintain order, even if we don't have to; it emphasizes how important social order is to our survival.

And then there's this shit, where a girl cares about what people think but is violent. I have no clue what that means, but it can't be anything good.

I apologize if this came across with a misogynistic tone. I'm not really used to writing giant girls who like being hurt, so I decided to write her thought process as if there were a little voice in her head constantly criticizing her for every goof-up. Sort of as a way to get my own little self-abusive voice out. I can't be the only one who has a voice like that in their head, can I?

Fightan And Challengin by TFWNoGiantGF

"You want to challenge me?"

The little warrior nodded eagerly, but calmly. His head craned up to the woman before him; she slouched, arm leaning on a building, only a small glimmer of amusement in her eyes.

"Pfft, no. I want to destroy you." He drew the blade from his back, some of his hair flying out with it. "Your reign of terror ends this second."

High above, the woman's eyes blinked. She forced her mighty arms up, a fearsome roar emerging from her lips - an echoing shout that slowly transitioned into a yawn. Even when standing, her back hunched over lazily. One enormous hand reached out and wiped some dust from her eye. "Yeah, that's fine." Her pupils focused on the armored man standing some feet away. Unmoving, sturdy, a piercing glare. Her left leg stretched into the sky, the sole pointing towards him, before she stretched it back, holding on the heel. "Just didn't want any confusion. My ears aren't very good."

"There is no confusion or cloud in my mind! My goals are just, and my aim is straight."

His legs stood apart, arm twitching, ready to strike at any second. Baring his white teeth, the warrior's mouth joined a snarl and a grin. He kept in this posture even as her stoic face drew closer to him, her soft breath ruffling his hair. "Cool." With this single word, he could see her lips parting, nearly touching him. "If you're free in the next two hours, I could probably-"

"Begging and stalling won't serve any purpose!" He charged ahead, swinging directly at her eye. At that moment, she lifted her head, dodging the move with incredible swiftness for such a large, lumbering creature.

"Okay, sure. Guess we can do it now." Blowing a stray bit of hair from her face, her heel pounded into the ground. A great tremor rattled the surrounding landscape - with a bit of effort, the warrior managed to stay standing. With a furious cry, he leaped towards her leg - only to have a sudden kick knock him directly in the chest. It sent him flying many feet back, dust stirring around him as he landed standing.

Undeterred, the fighter ran forward in a zigzag shape, strafing around her tree-trunk-like legs. He kept his head turned to them, looking for any little flex or fidget. After a number of rotations, he looked up at her turned head, bearing long strands of hair; coast clear. With quick, silent bounds, he dashed to her foot, sword held before him.

It happened in only a breath. Her sole slid up, and down. In an instant, the giantess pinned her opponent underneath; she could feel the rapid squirming of his limbs under the pressure. She kept staring down, mouth and eyebrows completely horizontal. She could see some of his movement underneath her, and hear just a few traces of muffled, enraged shouts. When she stepped back, he was lying in an imprint in the ground, angrily dusting himself clean. His armour was starting to look flatter.

With one instant bound, the warrior latched his arms around her large toe - and in only a blink, he’d began scaling her heel. His arms wrapped around the smooth skin, steady hands clawing their way up. He felt great winds blowing around - probably the result of her trying to shake him off - but simply pressed on. The sound of her heartbeat and long breaths echoed around as he made his way up her torso.

A shadow fell over the man. Looking behind him, he saw five digits and a palm falling right towards him, the details of every ridge and crevice clearly visible. Bracing himself, he jumped up, feeling the world become further and further below him; and he grabbed the side of her right breast. He could feel the rumble as her hand made contact with her soft flesh, and shuddered when thinking what it would feel like if that enormous thing fell on him.

Shaking his head to chase the fear away, the warrior finally grasped her collarbone, and was standing on the giantess’ shoulder. A large part of the landscape stretched out below. Gathering all his courage, the man held his sword back, tensed his muscles, and stabbed her directly in the neck.


Without leaving a scratch, the blade sunk into her skin. He stabbed again and again, soon swiping, then rapidly hacking at the surface. There weren’t any dents or even blemishes in her flesh.

A mighty voice boomed next to him: “Don’t feel bad.” She was looking down at him, still expressionless and neutral. On the other hand, he was snarling and shouting more than ever, sounding more like a beast than a man at this point. “You did your best.”

Regaining his voice, the minuscule warrior shot back: “I wasn’t even trying there! Had enough?”

She nodded, nearly knocking him from his perch. “Sure, I guess.”

“Then you’ll stop terrorizing this land, monster!” He continued, still trying to cut even the smallest hole open.

“Works with me.” She shrugged, making him lose his balance once more.

At this, his face turned bright red. “And you’ll stop being so condescending!”

Her eyebrows raised up at that. “Oh? Sorry, I didn’t know I was.”

“You still are!” He grumbled. “This is your deathbed, you should take it seriously!”

“You sure?” The giantess nearly whispered this; her lips moved slower than usual.


He instantly felt a crushing pain in his cranium. The woman had flicked the warrior in his head; and before he could react, she swatted him like an insect. Another jolt of agony swept over his body as he tried to force the hand off. It rose up - and swept him off her shoulder. The man’s fall to the ground was over in a single blurry flash; he lay on the ground, reaching out for help. His cries were answered with the sole of a bare foot.


This step seemed to make everything quake for dozens of yards around. This was far more brutal, stronger than the last step. The surface of smooth skin lifted from his chest, before falling down again. And again. Each step, her heel, the ball of her foot, the front of her toes - a new part came flying down on him, twisting, grinding, squeezing him into the ground with horrific vitriol. The sun, the sky, and the surrounding land seemed lost; all he could see and feel was the darkness of her continual assault.

Just when the pain was beginning to numb, he saw her winding up a kick. Within seconds, the move launched him high into the sky. He grabbed for something, anything, swinging his blade at random with a mighty warrior’s cry.

Her hands clapped together right where he was, effortlessly squeezing him between them both. She ground her palms together before letting him drop.

The warrior lay on the ground. A series of cracks and groans came from his ground-bound body, every movement leading him to another painful, slurred uttering. His armor was now completely ruined, bloodied, barely staying attached to him. The soil darkened his skin, littered with several purple bruises. But most distinctly, his eyes were wide open. Trembling. Bags hanging from the bottom.

She started murmuring: “There’s a good doctor somewhere around here. I could take you to him.”

His head shook with what little strength he had left. She nodded back quietly, face back into its stoic expression.

“If you say so. Still, I’m kinda disappointed. Thought you might actually be something.”

The nerves on his eyes began bulging. He saw a pool of his own fluids gently watering the fields. She looked back, stretching in boredom again as she walked away.

“I tried not to break anything... That can’t be fixed. So if you ever want to challenge me again, then yeah.”

End Notes:

Posted this on deviantart a while back, forgot to jam it here.


A guy requested stories for use in MMD pictures/videos. The requirements were unclear and this got rejected on a technicality. Still a super-quickie, sorry about that.

I dedicate this story to KingKenan. Part of it was inspired by thinking "what if an Internet Tough Guy had to put his money where his mouth was?", and the other part was inspired by the thought that "giantesses with unlimited power probably wouldn't actually care about tormenting humans too much. In fact, they'd probably end up with a personality closer to Saitama." But I'm not gonna go Ghastly's Ghastly Comic and be all, "HAHA YOU'VE BEEN FAPPING TO ONE PUNCH MAN" because for all I know half of the people reading this might be just doing it for the plot or for a quick giggle.

And I still hold a grudge against Wikipedia for keeping their Ghastly's Ghastly Comic page up for quite some time while removing the page of the masterpiece webcomic that inspired it, Sexy Losers. I mean, it talked about GGC's profound impact on internet culture by inventing such obscure terms as "Google Seppuku"; wheras SL progeniated the terms "fap", "shlick", and "I slashed her gash but slutlick glossed shit in reverse, asstyrant"; gave me a huge insight on necrophilia and incest; and has this immortal discussion which I can only paraphrase from memory:

"I posted a new entry to my webcomic. It'll make people laugh, cry, applaud, go out and change the world."

"Wow, you think the comic's that good?"

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Which applies quite nicely to this text.

Hackers by TFWNoGiantGF

The dead buzzing of an air conditioner reigned the air. The room’s walls stretched out for miles and miles, a landscape all of its own. With a few nervous glances, more of the tiny forms climbed from a hole near the closed window - and what a sight they were met with! Dozens of their companions below, spreading among the soft lines of the carpet. A few of them had made it to the cupboard, or bedside table, and, with a pair of arms on either end, were pulling files out. One was lurking in the recycling bin, swimming among discarded papers. All it took for the windowsill intruders to get in was a leap onto the bedsheets below, and they could explore anywhere between the high-rising blue wallpapers.

As the new arrivals entered, two of the little things were making their descent from the cupboard’s immense top shelf, a set of documents in-hand. They knew that some of the files in here had to be important, hold vital information, contain something the household’s members couldn’t work without - this folder was their best guess. Eagerly grinning to each other, they used a few loose sheets as hang-gliders. The minuscule people flew back to the window, ready to make their escape.

The back of a hand knocked them from the sky. Slender, delicate fingers waving was all it took; both of them fell to the floor. Their joints broke, traces of red spread across the floor-bound files. Even more of the invaders were caught underneath the fallen folder.

When it lifted up, a few more of the tiny bodies scurried across the grey carpet, screaming. They were instantly met with the sole of a blue boot, scraping them on the ground in one brisk movement.

Those left could only look up at the woman who’d just entered. A long coat, in deep blue, stretched up her gigantic legs to the bow-clad neck. Right above, a maid’s headdress on a crown of blue hair, with a pair of cat ears behind. On her face lay a pair of glasses and a stern, contemptuous gaze.


2k-tan groaned, grinding her foot more into the carpet. Brushing the hand back through her hair, she looked over all the trembling intruders, piercing each of their hearts. They’d been caught in the act, stealing her system’s files. Soon, a swarm of the tinies on the windowsill rushed away, back through their entrance. In a few great strides, she beat them; her red, yellow, and green-clad breasts smashed into their bodies, leaving only small, insignificant traces. Staring down the entryway, she murmured.

“So this is the security hole you worms entered in. I should patch it.”

She turned back to the creatures below with a loud stomp. A flurry of them were sent flying into the air.

“After some higher-priority maintenance.”

Stretching, she lifted her leg once more, slamming it into a few of the hackers. No matter how much they resisted, their teensy frames didn’t stand a chance against the OS’ strength. After she took another step, three more of their pathetic bodies joined the stains underneath her heel. The once-quiet room was filled with cries of terror and anguish. Looking over the remains of crushed bodies, she swept them up in her hand, disposing them neatly into the recycling bin.

As she looked over, she noticed one of the people still alive in the bin, struggling to leave the mess of crumpled papers and pictures. She smiled dryly at the sight. Picking the struggling man up with her index and thumb, the OS watched his face turn white, jaw dropping. She dangled him slowly over the ground, fingers loosening. Doing all he could to hang on, he shouted up to her: “Don’t drop me! Hold tighter!”

With a nod, she curled her hand up into a fist, squeezing the hacker within it. She heard him release a blood-curdling screech as the expanse of flesh closed in around him, pressing against his ribcage. With a slight flex, she snapped him. The woman didn’t even bother looking over his broken form as she wiped him back into the bin.

2k knelt down to pick up the discarded folder, finding the hang-gliding tinies from before. Their limbs were bloodied and bruised, and neither could move. Both begged, pleading with whimpers to the room’s owner. Adjusting her glasses, the woman’s arms crossed as she rocked her foot back and forth over their heads.

“Why should I have mercy on computer bugs?”

Slowly, the blue surface fell from the skies, giving a perfect view of the stains coating the bottom. It hit the floor quickly unceremoniously; there was no unneeded movement, no wasted energy, just exactly enough force to compress its targets. She knew the hackers’ spines would have shattered fully by now, and lifted the heel from them. Another set of errors corrected.

With the folder back in its proper place, 2k took inventory of the other system documents. Nothing missing. Her eyes narrowed in on a single little shape, this one a female, quivering behind a photo; the little thing thought it had found a place to hide. The OS’ index and middle finger crept around, stepping like a pair of legs; before, in a single, brisk movement, she snatched up the creature. The sheer force and shock winded her; she couldn’t move at all as she felt herself lost in the expanse of the larger woman’s palm, quickly surveyed with monolithic eyes. In a second, she was judged - the hand became a slope, and she slid down, kicking, screaming, and clawing to every bit of skin she could to avoid falling off. Below, 2k’s mouth hung open, silent, a bit of air coming out.


And with another flick of her fingers, the hacker fell past the rows of clean, efficiently-polished teeth. She grabbed one final look out the all-encompassing mouth before sinking in completely, roped in by the enormous pink tongue. Her cries for help went unanswered as she joined the contents of the OS’ stomach, reduced to a morsel.


She wasn’t alone for long, at least. Brushing back the images, documents, and spreadsheets atop the drawer, 2k found more of the hidden hackers. And one by one, she tossed them into her gaping maw, not even bothering to chew; just feeling their tiny bodies swim against the pools of saliva before falling into the fleshy chasm of the woman’s throat.

End Notes:

I was cleaning up my computer, and found this story from June 2016. I think I wrote it for a contest on deviantart, specifically one requesting more violent content; but IIRC, the contest was closed, and it never saw the light of day.

Adding it here just so it can be contextualized with its contemporaries.

This story archived at http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=3777