A golden heart by Simpson3k

This is the story of the farmerdaughter Annabelle and her experiences with the tiny people that live hidden inside, below and around the farmhouse in which Annabelle, her father George and her brother Henry live.

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1. Chapter 1 by Simpson3k

2. Chapter 2 by Simpson3k

Chapter 1 by Simpson3k

It´s still early in the morning, as the sun starts to send its first rays over the horizon and the rooster announces a new day with its crowing. The 15 years old Annabelle yawnes and forces herself out of the bed, with her long black hair all messed up by the pillow. She makes her way to the big mirror next to the wardrobe and gazes upon her own body. She stood 5 feet and 4 inches tall, well curved with a B cup, average wide hips and a fitting firm ass. She gazes at her mirror image for a while to check if the mosquito bite she got on her chin a few days ago, still is noticeable, before she moves to the bathroom.

After taking a quick bath, she prepares herself for a new day and leaves the house with a bucket to get some water at the well, as she does every morning. The first rays of the sun shines on her increadible beautifull face and the way she walks to the well in her simple clothings gives the impression that she has no idea of her own bodily assets and beauty. She attatches the bucket to the rope on the well and lowers it into the deep, untill she hears a splash. Her eyes are focusing on the sunrise while the bucket is filling with water and then after hesitating a short moment, she finally pulls the heavy bucket up to the surface. After she watches the sunrise for a while, she picks the bucket from the hook and walks to the barn, to refill the drinking troughs for the pigs and the chicken. There after she refills the bucket at the well and returns to the house to prepare the breakfast for her 36 years old father George and her 12 years old brother Henry before they wake up.

They all live together on a rather small farm without any land to grow grains, so they only live from the chickens, and pigs they hold and from the apples and vegetables that grow in a small garden behind the house. The farm has been a family property through generations, though it once was far bigger. A tragic carriage accident which claimed her mother's life, forced the poor family to sell most of their land to make up for their loss. Back in the days when her mother was still alive, they both prepared the breakfast together so she got used to the routines and now continues alone after her death. Same goes for the laundry and the rest of the chores while her father and her brother are taking care of the animals.

As her father and her brother got ready for the day, bathing and get into their clothings, the breakfast was nearly ready. The usual menu is a boiled egg for everybody, some bread, butter and ham. A mug of applejuices is also on the table and a cup of coffee for the father. As both of them are entering the kitchen and sitting next to the table, she is finishing cleaning the kitchen from the preperations of the breakfast and joins them at the table.

"Its time to slaughter another pig", George says to his children, to which Annabelle frowns with disgust.

The father is expecting this, he and the boy know how much Annabelle hates it when animals are hurt, or rather anyone is hurt at all. Thats why he and his son got used to do this kind of work without the help of his daughter and they dont mind. He accepts this kind of character trait at his daughter, or rather he´s happy about it. The world is after all filled enough with violance and brutality, so he hopes that his daughter someday would be a benefit for the world, in one or another way.

Thats why he adds "Its ok Annabelle, your brother will help me as always, you dont have to help me there" He smiles to her which she appreciates with a nod and smiles back.

Henry simply nods to the whole conversation and eats his breakfast without a word. He quickly finishes his meal and tells them both that he´ll prepare the tools for the slauthering, so that they are ready when George has picked the best pig for it. His father nods and eats his food while Henry leaves the kitchen. He picks up a sliece of bread with ham on and takes a large bite of it. With crums sticking to the corners of his mouth, he takes a sip of coffee and turns to his daughter to speak with her.

"How was your night, Annabelle? Did you sleep good or..", he pauses for a moment watching her for a few seconds. As he gets no response right away he continues "still that Nightmare?"

Annabelle sighs and nods with an antic of sadness "Its still the same dad. Me and mom on the carriage before the horses get mad and.." she stops and takes a sip from her applejuice to clear her throat.

George stands up and moves to the chair next to his daughter to hold her in his embrace after he´s noticing her first tears. She beginns to cry as those memories of her mothers accident come up in her mind once again. "Shhh" he holds her gently "Its all right, let it out dear, its all right." They sit there for a few minutes till Annabelle calmes down again, he kisses her forehead gently and she begins to smile slighty. Then her father gets up and moves to the barn to start his work, but not before he once again turnes to look his daughter in the eyes and asures himself that she´ll be allright. As she´s the last at the table she continues her breakfast while the details of the accident which caused the death of her mother went through her mind.

It was a sunny afternoon, she and her mother where on the way back from the town where they sold the overage of apples, applejuice, eggs and meat on the market to buy everything they needed for the household, like flour, salt, fruits and milk. Their farm was already in reach and they where passing through the gate as a snake crossed the path which scared the horses. Her mother lost the controle over the carriage and got throwen off her seat, between the carriage and the horses, wich caused her to get overrun by one of the wheels. Her neck got crushed by the wheel and she was dead instantly. Her father who worked outside the house, chopping wood for the oven, ran up to the horses as quickly as possible and calmed them down, but for the mother came any help came too late.

This was a shock for the little family, who was now throwen into a time of grief and sorrow. But Now, five years later George and Henry could accept it and continue their life, but Annabelle who was present at the very accident, still didnt fully get over it. She still can hear the crunshing of her mothers neck in the back of her mind, while she ontop of the carriage ran over her and there was nothing Annabelle could do about it.

She wipes away her tears and swallows hard while she gets up and clears the table, starts to wash the dishes and cleans the table there after. Then she prepares a few slices of bread with ham for herself, her brother and her father for dinner before she starts to do the laundry and clean the house. A few hours later, George and Henry already had killed the pig and are working at cutting it appart, while she has done all the work in the house and moves into the vegetable garden.

In the garden she begins to remove weed between the vegetables and cuts off leaves wich begins to be eaten by bugs, dropping both of them in a bucket at her side, gazing up around the garden in between every now and then. She places the leaves very carefully in the bucket to make sure none of the bugs get killed in the process, because in her eyes even they have as much right to live as every other living beings in the world. The garden isn´t big, just big enough to support them with the vegetables they need for their own consumption. It´s Annabelles own little world, because neither her father nor her brother ever set a foot in there, it´s all her responsibilty and she likes it this way. After the daily work in her garden she drops the weeds and leaves on the compost heap and moves on to the apple trees to pick up fallen fruits from the ground and seperates the usefull from the bad ones in two different buckets. This work is done rather quick because the main harvest time for apples will be far later this year.

As the work in the garden and the house is done, the day is nearly over and she returns to the house to prepare the evening meal which then is consumed rather silently because everybody is too exhausted from the work. After the meal she cleans the kitchen and gets ready to sleep, they all wishes each other a good night and goes to bed. She puts out the candle on her nightstand, cuddles into her comforter and closes her eyes, hoping to dream of something nice this night.

Chapter 2 by Simpson3k
Inside a room between the walls, hidden from the attention of the three exhausted farmers, each of them is being watched by a small pair of eyes, gazing through a hole in the wall as they shift to dreamland. After each of those sentinels got assured of the giants sleeping, they turn to a panel of buttons next to a tiny doorcase inside the wall, pressing the top one which set off an alarm bell in a small room below the the house. In this room, on a chair next to a table sleeps a small man who jumps up as the alarm starts to sound. The man yawns and rubs his tired eyes before grapping a megaphone which was placed on the table before him. He leaves the room through the door behind him and shouts through the megaphone into a wide hall full of beds, and a sleeping person in each, some women, some men.

"The giants are sleeping, the giants are sleeping!" he shouts repeatly, causing the sleephall to slowly awaken. One little person after the other opens the eyes and gets out of the bed. All around the farmhouse hidden behind walls, below floorboards and in the ground similar scences are happening. Hundreds of tiny 3 till 5 inches people wakes up caused by three exhausted farmers to fall asleep.

This `world` below the farmhouse is really huge, it contains what could be seen as a whole city with several thousand tiny citizens. Many thousand years ago, these tiny people came on an expedition from another world, were everything is at their size but lost the ability to return. So they were forced to settle in this strange world, hidden from the giants in order to survive. Luckely their stage of technological development back these days was already higher than we are on earth present time. However most knowledge of their heritage and technology got lost in the centuries, so they ended up at the technology level of earth around 1920. Because of the ever present danger with even the smallest insect being a menace for them, not to mention the giant humans themself, they saw no use in an attempt to use their technology advancement in conquering this world. They rather build their whole civilization around hiding from the dangers of this world.

Of course not all of them were sleeping during the day, the majority of them was as busy with their duties as the farmers above were at the same time. Only a small part of them, the so called "collecters" were sleeping to be ready and fit when the house gets safe for them to roam around. They arent dependent on collecting from the giants, the cities surrounding underground and the many deep mines they digged into the ground, gives them many if not all needed ressources to survive. But the point of collecting is to get stuff they dont find in the vicinity of their city. So even if collectors are asked to bring certain things wich are noted on their lists, a collectors first and most important order is the gather up everything foreign so the scientists can improve their knowledge about this world. Often it would be simple things, things that wouldnt even be missed by the giants, a spoon for silver, a coin for gold and the like.

Inside the walls of the kitchen, at the floor level 11 collectors are preparing their equipment. An armor made by thin steelplates covered between two lays of leather, boots with tiny claws to climb up wooden surfaces, a rope with an ironhook for climbing, a low caliber handgun to defend themselves against any kind of hostile encounters and a backpack to carry the various treasures each collector has on his or hers ´list of needed things´. This time they are preparing themself for a ground level mission but climbing tools are standard for every mission in case of unexpected circumstances. A woman with a star painted on the front of her helmet, which marks her as the leader of this group, walks to the exit of the wall to take a first gaze around the the kitchenfloor. She then turns around to the group to give orders to each of her subordinates, which she addresses simply by gazing at them. All of them giving her full attention so they wont miss the commands directed to each of them at the given time. After she has handed out her orders, she forms 5 groups of two collectors each and directs them to various locations around the kitchen with walking through the exit into the huge room, and points with her indexfinger in the specific direction while calling a number for the respective group. She watches the groups spread out through the kitchen to perform their assigned tasks before she checks her own scavengelist and heads in the direction of her first destination.

Her name is Domino, she is 3 and a half inches tall, has shoulderlong red hair, C cup sized breasts, slightly tanned skin and a well curved, athletic body. She worked hard to achive a leader role in a collector group, a job which is normaly reserved for men, so it was even more difficult to assert herself. With her disciplined way of working she earned herself the respect not only of her own collector group but also from her superviors. Beside that, her appearance, mostly her sexy body in her tight leathersuit wich covers her body like a second skin and her cute and exotic face offers her many admirers which she always blows off. Not because she is a diva, but because she lives for her job and she waits for the right one that didnt show up yet. However she is treating her admires very nice and gentle and not coldhearted.

This is meant to be a standard groundpatrol mission and she expects nothing really special. While she runs along her own controlepoints along the wall, always keeping her eyes open for valueable objects to scavange, she stays in radiocontact with her subordinates. Every five minutes they have to give her a report of their progress. As Domino carefully walks around the corner of a cabinet, she notices a movement. The spider she spotted fighting a catched fly about fifty meters around the corner of the cabinet, would barly reach her knee, so she should not be in danger if just she keeps her distance. But in close combat, it could become a real danger. Thats why she gets her gun from her holster, aimes carefully for as long as the spider is busy with its prey, because it doesnt seem to notice her presence yet. But because of the continous movement of the spider around the fly the bullet only hits one of its legs sligthly, which makes it aware of Domino´s presence but also slows it down. Quickly the spider gives the fly its deathblow and runs directly in Domino´s direction with still an amazing speed. Two more times she shots at the beast which aproaches with hissing sounds. The first shot hits one eye, causing it to slightly pauses from the pain which gives Domino the needed time for another aimed shot at now much closer distance, hitting the spider directly in the opened maw, penetrating its back is enough to finally kill it.

"what a disgusting monster" She mutters, as she approaches the unmoving body, firing two more shots from close distance to be sure its dead, and then she returns her gun back to her holster.
The rest of her patrol passes without any further encounters and she returns to exit at the wall at which she entered the kitchen, waiting for the rest of her team. As the last two teammembers returns she signs them to enter the the wall while letting them report to her team by team. She listens to them while the group walks along the steelmade corridor inside the wall. In the time since her people settled in this area, after their arrival, they build themself a full world inside the house and below it, hidden to the eyes of the `giants´. Every wall in the house, below every floor and above the ceilings was made walkable with steelfloors, rooms, elevators, electric light all for their size. So that nearly every spot in the huge house can be reached by them. Now Domino and her team aproaches the elevator which brings them from the groundlevel of the kitchen back to the main living area, between the ceiling and the floor of the groundfloor and the first floor. The trip in the elevator takes a few minutes while the teams starts to unequip their climbing equipment and armors, eager for some spare time. As the elevator stops and they step into the living area, they walk to their change room wich is located right ahead of the elevator, a few minutes of walking.

"Dont forget to drop your written reports on my desk before you leave guys" Domino says to her subordinates with a soft smile. Everybody returns a nod or a brief "Yes mam" before they enter the change room to get out of their work clothings, storing them in their personal lockers to then approach a table to write their reports. Domino walks through the change room and enters her personal room to change into something more casual and then enters her office, waiting for the reports while writing her own. She looks up from the paper everytime a subordinate enters her office to drop a report on her desk and with her own report finished, she leaves her office, locks the door and walks to the next train station to drive home to an appartment deep below the ground outside the farmhouse somewhere below the apple trees.
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