Trouble in the Disco by Xandar357

Follow Nathan Pierce. A young, 19 year old high school dropout who finds himself in quite the predicament as he awakes within a strange new gigantic land. Merely two inches tall, and suffering from Amnesia, the poor soul is soon to find himself back exactly where this all began as he searches for answers, and a way out of this new hell.

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This story has nothing to do with disco's. 

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Prologue. by Xandar357

It was the usual sunny summers day within San Francisco, California. The sun was shining, the clouds are few and far between - and for the most part everybody was having a great time as the clock turned just an hour past noon. The day was Sunday, August 4th, 2013 - School was out, but not for long. The weekend was nearly over, and while others worried about the tests, and exams the next day might bring, one particular, unfortunate character was soon to have much bigger problems in mind...

Nathan Pierce was just waking up from a sleep he didn't recollect on taking... The nineteen years old, slim, semi-athletic short brown haired individual sits up slowly as his blurred eyes begin to slowly open. His head felt hazy, and he had yet to realize he was naked as he reaches down to scrape off some crusty dry debris from his caucasian arms, realizing he's outside as the sounds of birds chirping boomed into his ears from all around. He instinctively reaches to cover them as he feels like he's just awoken with a brutal hangover from a night of blackout drunk shenanigans with his friends. The heat of the summers day radiating upon him as his now clenched shut eyes begin to slowly open again. The blurry scope of the land slowly taking form as a sea of green sprouts all around him like a tall, alien rainforest of some kind. "Guh..?" He blinks, rubbing his eyes as he stares at the huge thin blades of green sitting chaotically meshed together on a bed of near fist sized clumps of dirt.

(Where... Am I?) Nate thinks as he pulls himself wearily to his feet and looks up towards the sky. He slowly looks down as he begins to step forwards through the green around him, seeing what looks like a clearing to be ahead as he pushes the foliage to the side and walks. It isn't long before he's pushing the final blade aside and comes out to the edge of a small knoll overlooking a gigantic field, impossibly huge buildings looming in the distance, along with trees and what looked like parked cars. His jaw drops, his eyes widen, and his heartbeat races all at once as shock courses like a torrent through his veins. He wasn't on an alien planet, god no. 

He gulps as he stares the scene before him over, his brain playing on loop in that moment as he repeats (Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..) To himself over, and over again. He quickly, and instinctively reaches his right arm to his left, pinching his wrist hard and whincing at the sudden, and unexpected jolt of pain. (Oh come on... This has to be a fucking dream! There's no way, NO WAY this is real.) He thinks as he stares at the huge, four story white block building to his far left which looks like a skyscraper from where he stands. He breathes deeply, trying to calm himself as he starts to climb down the knoll, and walk in direction of it. It was at a time like this, that he -really- wished he could remember the previous night. (Goddamn.. Everything is so huge..) He thinks as he climbs through the grass and imagines himself being swept up by a horde of ants, or attacked by a lone beetle. He shudders at the thought. (Just get over there.. There has to be somebody that can help you get back to normal, right?! Right.) He nods reassuringly to himself as he trekks on, hoping salvation isn't far off.

End Notes:

Sorry, would have loved to have posted more, but work calls! Hopefully can upload some more later in the day. :D

Anyhow, first story written for an audience. >.>' Be nice.

Confusion & Intrigue by Xandar357

  Nathan pants as he climbs onto the sidewalk which lines the outside of the buildings impossibly high walls. Looking from left to right down the freshly power washed near-white, and well maintained concrete slabs as he decides on his next move. He could either try and get into this mysterious looking building, or he could try to get to somewhere he knew. But right now he barely remembered, or knew anything. Everything looked so huge and alien from his tiny size and he couldn't remember a thing from before he had passed out. He pushes his back to the wall of the building after sprinting across the slab of pavement and decides he's probably better off trying to get into this building than playing 'Frogger' across the road that spanned the distance behind him as he started to run down the length of the wall.


After what feels like an exhausting eternity, Nathan reaches the corner of the building and peeks cautiously around the corner as his ears are met with the sounds of two talking feminine voices, and his eyes the sight of a wall of large glass windows and doors that made up the entrance - along with two Titanesses. He looks at the two women, chatting casually about what they'll do once they get home, dressed in regular womens business attire. Blouses, black skirts, and pumps. He stares at them, and shudders lightly. The women were so huge compared to him... Even from just the corner of the building from which he peeked around he could tell he couldn't be any taller than two inches. Suddenly he was feeling very, very vulnerable as the realization of just how fragile he might be struck his brain like a heavy headed mallet.


Breathing deeply, Nathan tries to contain himself of the fear to turn on his heels and run like a little girl. As much as he wanted to go screaming to the two women for help - he knew he shouldn't try and talk to the first people he saw. Who knew how they might react to his tiny body, or if they would even recognize him as anything other than a giant bug. It made a growing pit in his stomach begin to clench, and twist as he thought of ending up as nothing but a smeared paste upon the concrete slab beneath one of their high heel encased feet.


(Ugh..) He shudders a bit as the image replays in his minds eye. (There has to be some way to get some help here... I'm not -that- small, am I?) He thinks. He lifts a fist towards his face, inspecting his pointer finger as a comparison of size. (Something like a mouse to them..) He concludes as he then taps his chin, and looks back towards the two towering Titanesses as they spoke.


"Well, Elysse, I'll catch you tomorrow. Don't get into any more trouble with her highness, alright?" The secretary to the left laughs and waves as she turns and begins off, and away.


"I'll try! Later Lyn!" Elysse, a short, quirky blonde girl would chirp in a light hearted tone as she turned herself and began for the glass doors of the tall building. Nathan would nearly jump as he realizes this was his chance to get inside. Before he even knew what was going on his tiny legs were quickly pumping, and carrying him towards the door which by Elysse's great hand above was swinging wide open. 


He fights the urge to yell out 'Wait for me!' as he runs, and dives through the door just before it closes. He breathes heavily, catching his breath as Elysse makes her way towards a large black walled, silver countered crescent shaped desk at the forefront of the welcoming room which was accented by silver painted walls and a grey tiled floor. 


Looking to his left where he then begins for a nearby potted plant in the corner. Sighing as he reaches it, he looks back to the large desk where Elysse has now seated herself, typing away on the computer and clicking as she opens up some management mandated solitaire, and loses herself in the screen. (Hmm..) Nathan's eyes drift upwards above Elysse's head as he spots some large illuminated words upon the wall behind the desk in bold black which read 'Local Research Society' on top, and 'Cosmolex' directly beneath - a small 'Trademark' logo just beside the latter.


(Cosmolex...) He thinks to himself, (Why does that name ring a bell...?) He blinks a few times before shrugging it off.


(It doesn't matter right now, I can't remember a damned thing.) He sighs as all attempts to think of life directly prior to his waking up in the grass fails. He could remember the past month, he could remember his childhood, where he went to school, and who his friends were - but nothing that would give him any hints as to just -how- this had all come about.


(She seems nice enough though..) Nathan's mind quickly reverts then to looking for help as his eyes return to Elysse at the computer. (Maybe she can at least help me get a hold of a friend.) He nods to himself assuredly, and looks to his direct left where a long hallway sat which surely led deeper into the building. To his right of the desk sat another glass door which also housed another hallway leading deeper into the building. Nathan takes a deep breath then as he braces himself upon the base of the pot and closes his eyes.


(Here goes nothing.) He thinks, and then begins to walk out from behind the plant - and towards the huge desk across the room where Elysse still sat on the computer 'working' away.


Within a couple of minutes the two inch tall amnesiac is skittering alongside the tall black walls of the crescent desk and peeking around the edge to look at Elysse's black heel encased feet. Which, to him, seemed to be the length of busses, maybe even larger. He gulps a bit. (She's even bigger up close...) He thinks as he feels his stomach fluttering nervously, his eyes scanning over the lightly scuffed surfaces of her shoes. He couldn't lie... He'd always had a thing for womens feet, and to see the feet of such a pretty girl up close? Even if they -were- big enough to snuff him out? It made him quiver lightly in sexual desire.


(Wow...) Was all Nathan found himself repeating as he stared at the Giantesses shoes, and tentatively began to inch towards them. Feeling nervousness once again begin to overtake any sexual desires he might have towards the objects of desire before him as he slowly, but surely approached. Thoughts of how he could contact the giant Elysse, and just what he would say to the flurry of questions she was sure to have for him slowly etching away in his mind. He stares then as he stops within what to him is a couple of feet away from her. 


(How exactly do you get the attention of somebody so huge?) He thinks as his stomach tingles and bubbles.


He suddenly finds himself hopping as a loud reverberating thud breaks his concentration and thoughts as a half sharpened pencil falls to the ground behind him and softly spoken choice whispered words are echoed above him "Oh my god..." He freezes. His body filling with waves of adrenaline then as he feels giant eyes gazing down upon him. The most primal portions of his brain begging him to run, but the sudden fear which fills him keeping him completely still there where he stood.


Elysse, seemingly within the clouds stares, her soft eyes wide, and her half extended arm still in place in direction of the pencil she'd nearly caught from it's drop. "How did you...." She finds herself trailing off as she stares to the tiny morsel of a Human being at her feet. 


She then gulps herself a bit as Nathan waves his arms up towards her. He didn't want to risk -any- chance of being mistaken for a bug. "I'm not a bug! I'm a person! My name is Nathan!" He shouts up towards the Titaness who nods her head and stares on. Her eyes shift left to right to make sure no one is looking as she quickly bends down and picks up the two inch tall person and holds his squirming body within her gently closed fist.


"How did you get here...?" She asks in a whisper as Nathan blinks for a moment. The feeling of her huge hand wrapped around his entire being was enough to throw him off; But her question was not the one he had been expecting. 


"W-What do you mean?" Nathan asks, having more been expecting a wall of questions which had to do with how he'd gotten so tiny. Not how he'd gotten underneath her desk.


"I mean, how did you get out of..." She trails off again. "Oh my god." She adds as a sudden realization hits her. "You're the one that got out yesterday, aren't you? You're lucky it was me that found you, and not one of the others." The tiny in her hand, however, just gives her a blank stare in return. But she can tell that the stare is now mixed with an ever growing fear.


"You don't remember a thing, do you?" She asks.


Nathan just shakes his head. "N-No." He stammers. 


"Maybe it's better that way." Elysse thinks as she checks around the room again before lowering Nathan down onto the desk. "My name is Elysse, Elysse Avery. It's nice to meet you, Nathan." She smiles a bit, and gives a tiny cute folding-finger wave of her hand. Nathan dusts himself off a bit as he feels dizzying adrenaline still pumping powerfully through him just as quickly as thoughts were flying through his head. Was she the one who did this to him? If not, was she involved? She had to be... This seemed... It seemed so normal to her. 


"Well..." Elysse trails off a bit, looking down and feeling a bit awkward by Nathan's quietness. "I'm not going to hurt you, if that makes you feel any better. But I don't know what to do with you. I could get into a lot of trouble if I don't return you to one of the others." She begins to explain.


"The others? What's going on? How did I get like this?" Nathan finally pipes up towards her in a desperate, and fearfully quivering tone.


"I don't know for sure. They don't tell me much, honestly. I'm just a secretary, but sometimes they offer me time with some of you shrinkies - I don't know what for." She says, looking empathetically down towards him, with eyes that said she wished she could help.


"Probably something perverse.." She nearly sneers at her own words as her eyes dart off to the side, before returning to meet Nathan's gaze after considering the attitudes of some of those around here.


"I'm not the first, then?" Nathan asks, his gut twisting, and turning at the thought of all which Elysse had spoken. He shudders at the thought then of being completely at the mercy of cruel experiments or sexual whims. Sure, guys were more sexually active than women - that was no lie. But not everyone wanted to just get it on with the first person who decided to play with them. He thinks for a moment then, his own eyes shifting a bit as he considers that thought. (Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they were at least nice.) His mind turning back to thoughts of Elysse's feet as she begins to speak again after a quick shake of her head.


"No, And I really couldn't tell you how many others there are, or have been. I don't know where they go, what they're for, or who they even are." She says, and shrugs a bit. Feeling a bit of shame beginning to ride up her spine at all that might be going on beyond those hallways.


Nathan looks back up towards her, confused. It didn't seem like she approved of whatever was happening here, even though she didn't seem to even know what 'it' was that was going on. It made him wonder... "How long have you known?" 


"Two weeks, maybe?" Elysse replies, thinking back on the first day one of her colleagues, an office assistant named Chánel Bootham had brought it to her attention when she'd shown her a scared looking little tiny in her hands and asked her if she wanted one of her own. As if the vulnerable little being within her palms had been some kind of object. A toy you could just own like it was nothing more than a bedside table, or a spoon. She shudders a bit.


"What?" Nathan asks.


"It's nothing. Do you maybe want to come home with me tonight?" She asks then, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with the thought of letting this nice little boy fall into the hands of somebody who might have more sinister desires with him.


Nathan looks to the desk he stands upon, naked, and cold. His stomach grumbling with hunger even through the churning of nervousness. This woman, though they'd just met - a woman who very well could be more than involved in whatever it was that was going on here, seemed to make him feel a bit more secure in his current predicament. A little less scared. He nods his head then and looks back up towards her. "If you wouldn't mind." He says.

End Notes:

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Meant to update this story with the first chapter a while ago, but alas, life likes to give me lot's of things to do.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy the first actual installment of the story. =)


- Xandar.

Filling In. by Xandar357

  (This is so surreal.) Nathan thinks to himself as he sits within what seems like a void of complete darkness. An all-sorrounding, overpowering scent of perfume filling his nose as his world is gently swayed back and forth, and rocked up and down. The sound of footsteps pounding the ground far below from outside of the purse Elysse had contained him within and smuggled him out of the building with.


He'd been sitting in here for a while now, unable to see a thing, with the constant pervasive scent of her beauty products beginning to make his stomach nauseas just as much as the lack of a good days bite to eat was. He didn't know where she was anymore. He'd lost track of time probably a good half hour ago.


But before he knows it, the gentle, careful swaying of the purse slows to a halt and the floor beneath him twists, and morphs into a flatter shape from it's once oval setting as the huge handbag is, presumably, set down. Light suddenly fills his vision as the thundering crackle of the bag being unzippered invades his sense of hearing. He clenches his eyes shut instinctually in that moment, and pushes a hand over his face. "Gah." He groans a bit.


Elysse smiles down to him. "Cute." She says, lowering her palm into the purse. "Hop on." She adds, as Nathan cautiously squeeks his eyes open a titch. Reluctantly climbing upon the Giantesses palm with stiff limbs as he quickly finds himself being hoisted high into the air. 


"Are you hungry?" Elysse asks as she begins across her small, but functional carpeted dark forest green walled bedroom towards the door.


Nathan nods his head, "Very... It feels like I haven't eaten in days." He says.


"You probably haven't. At least not since early yesterday morning." Elysse says as she pulls the door to her bedroom open and proceeds into a long white walled hallway over hardwood flooring. "What kind of food do you like?" She asks as the two enter the kitchen. Small, clean, and well-kept; Just like the rest of her home appeared to be.


"Right now? Anything edible." Nathan jokes as he is lowered onto a dark grey coloured counter and watches Elysse pull some cereal from a cupboard. "How old are you?" He asks then as she also grabs a small plate and drops a few pieces of the puffy rectangular pillows onto it, sliding it towards him.


"Twenty-one, you?" She replies as she turns to the fridge.


"Nineteen." Nathan says, and looks to the cereal on the plate. Each piece was just as big, or larger than his head. He walks over to it, sitting down crosslegged as he pulls one of the remarkably light pieces of cereal towards him and plucks off one of the strands that made up it's structure. Biting into the large crunchy bar-like strand like one might bite into a hotdog or a sausage. "Thank you." Nathan adds after politely swallowing his mouthful before speaking.


"For what?" Elysse asks with some modicum of surprise as she returns to the counter with a fresh plastic containers worth of strawberries and a small knife.


"Not throwing me to the wolves, I guess." He chuckles a bit, finding himself feeling more relaxed in her presence.


Elysse smiles warmly then. "Don't mention it." She says as she starts to cut some of the smaller strawberries into tiny fist sized pieces for Nathan to munch away on. Nathan nods a bit, biting once more into the cereal as he looks to the floor of the counter beneath him. 


Wondering who else he might be able to contact that could help him, or if Elysse could even get him out of this predicament herself. Was anyone capable? Maybe somebody at that mysterious building he'd met her at. There had to be some way, right?


He looks up then as he feels her gaze upon him, his eyes meeting her own inquisitive, and studying orbs to which she quickly looks away, and back to the strawberries as she resumes cutting them into fine bits.


"What is it?" He asks.


"Nothing... You just." She pauses, and looks back. "You look remarkably familiar, that's all." 


"Not in a bad way, right?" Nathan asks as he blinks up towards the Giantess.


"Um..." Elysse trails off a moment as she scoops up some of the strawberry bits and lets them fall onto the plate beside Nathan's cereal. She thinks for a moment, looking him up and down once more. Thinking back to his earlier question of how long she'd known. Her eyes widen a bit then as a realization hits her. "Oh, crap..." She trails off.


"What? What is it?" Nathan asks, sitting up straight and pulling himself to his feet quickly after as his once slowly growing loose muscles quickly tensed up once more at the mere -suggestion- something might be wrong.


"I think you -may- have been the tiny Chánel introduced me to..." She says quietly and looks slowly down to the counter away from Nathan.


"So, what does that mean? Why does it matter? If I'm not with her anymore - isn't that a good thing?" He asks.


"Well, it could be. It could also be a very bad thing. Especially if she finds out I'm the one who found you, and that I didn't 'return' you to her." She says, a tone of growing worry in her voice as she speaks.


"Well, what's the problem...? What will she do?" Nathan gulps a bit.


"It's not what she will do. It's what 'her highness' Britney Young will do if Chánel gets the impression I'm stealing from her, or the Society." Elysse explains.


Nathan feels a sudden shudder run through his skin as it turns to goosebumps at the mention of this supposed 'Britney Young'. Not only did she sound unpleasant, but for some reason, her name sounded more than familiar to him. He just couldn't pin exactly what it was about it. "So..." Nathan trails off worriedly as goosebumps slowly subside.


"So, now I don't know what to do." Elysse says bluntly. "Britney isn't a girl you want to cross. Trust me. She's..." Elysse shivers a bit. "She's not right in the head." She says, her eyes gazing back upon Nathan now, and more intently.


"What will she do...?" Nathan asks.


"I'm not entirely sure. She seems capable of a lot, but I don't think she's capable of murder, or torture." Elysse shrugs a bit.


"That's relieving..." Nathan replies, a hint of sarcasm in his tone.


"Sorry... I wish I'd thought of this sooner." She sighs a bit and pokes at a partially cut strawberry with the knife still loosely held between her fingers.


"What's that supposed to mean?" Nathan asks, thinking it sounded a lot like she would have never tried to help him had she remembered sooner.


"Nothing, listen, you should eat. Do you want some water?" Elysse smiles unconvictedly towards him, and reaches to a nearby rack of freshly washed dishes to grab a small spoon.


"Yes please." Nathan says, thinking it was best to move past thoughts like that, after all, she was the only person he could rely on in this moment. He didn't want to lose faith in her. Especially after she'd been so generous.


"So, am I going to be living with you now?" Nathan asks, "Or is there a way to reverse this?" He adds as Elysse sets a spoon filled to the top with water down onto the counter beside his plate. She shrugs a bit.


"I'm not sure. You're welcome to stay here if you want to though." She smiles warmly, still feeling a bit of her own nervousness as she thought of work.


"Maybe there's a way I can take you back to the LRS and you can snoop around." She suggests then. Nathan just stares blankly up towards her, his mouth covered in a film of water from a brief sip.


"I um.. I'm not so sure about that." He chuckles a bit.


Elysse nods, "I didn't think you would be." She smiles then, and pops a strawberry into her mouth. "But I can't snoop around, they'll be awfully suspicious of why the secretary is scowering the building. You can at least hide, right? You're probably small enough." She says and looks him up and down. Nathan's eyes shift uneasily. 


"Maybe. I guess you might be on to something. But they're going to be looking for me, aren't they?" He asks.


Elysse shrugs again. "I'm not suuure. As far as they're concerned I think they're probably under the impression you were eaten by snakes or something." She laughs lightly as a cartoonish image pops into her head. "Just don't stay in one place for to long." She finishes with an assured nod. 


Nathan nods his head. "You're probably right. Tomorrow?" He asks.


"Tomorrow. Unless you'd like me to drop you off there today. Maybe that would be better, less people wandering about?" Elysse suggests as she pops a second strawberry into her mouth. Nathan considers this as he looks to what remained of his own meal.


(It probably would be safer, wouldn't it? But I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for, and neither does she... A machine, maybe?) He thinks. "Okay, today might be better, like you say." Nathan agrees.


"Do you have any guesses as to what I'm looking for?" He asks then as Elysse shrugs.


"I wish I did, but your guess is as good as mine. A machine maybe? Some kind of gun? A serum?" She suggests. "Who knows, it could be anything. We're funded by Cosmolex, so, we have a lot of connections." She adds.


"Cosmolex? That name rings a bell..." Nathan trails off, and Elysse nods.


"That doesn't surprise me. They only have a billboard every couple of blocks." She chuckles and smiles down to him. "Cosmolex Pharmaceuticals. Britney's aunt is a co-founder, her name is Madison Young." She begins, "I think the full name is Cosmolex International Pharmaceuticals & Research Corporation... Or something." She smiles.


"How could you even remember all that?" Nathan blinks a bit.


"Perk of working with them?" She jokes and pushes the lid back onto the strawberry container before returning it to the fridge it had come from.


"CIPRC..." Nathan trails off. "I can see why you're so worried about Britney if her aunt is a founder. Especially if they're as big as you're making them sound." He blinks.


"Yeah..." Elysse trails off. "They certainly have a lot more than I do." She says as she shuts the fridge and looks back to Nathan. "So, do you want to go down there now?" She asks.


"I think so, what time is it?" Nathan asks as he takes another sip of water.


"Half past three." She replies and walks to a different counter across the kitchen to grab her car keys. "But, I think you're going to have to go back into the purse." She says as the keys jingle within her grasp.


Nathan sighs a bit, and nods his head. "Okay, okay..."  










An Unexpected Visitor I by Xandar357

  "I'll be here to pick you up tomorrow morning." Elysse says as she sets Nathan down beneath the crescent shaped desk she'd originally found him under as she plays as though she's returned to retrieve some papers.


"You're leaving me here all day?" Nathan's jaw nearly drops as Elysse nods, and shuts one of the drawers to the desk.


 "I can't just keep coming back. They'll think it's weird if anybody sees me, or if they check the cameras. Besides, I usually get here early at quarter to seven anyways." She explains with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Nathan. Just remember to be stealthy and I'm sure you'll be fine." 


"I still don't even know what it is that I'm looking for..." He trails off under his breath as Elysse picks up her purse from the top of the table.


 "See you tomorrow?" She asks.


Nathan nods, "Can you at least leave some food or something under the desk for me?" 


"Sure, I think I have a granola bar in my purse." She says, plucking the wrapped up snack from her bag before sprinkling some of the oats, dried raisins, and a healthy sized chunk of the bar onto the floor below. "Good?" She asks.


Nathan nods once more. "I don't think I'll ever be able to finish that." He laughs a bit, before giving a thumbs up to the Giantess, who smiles in return, and gives a quick finger-folding wave to the shrinky.


"Good luck." She encourages, before swiveling upon her massive heels and beginning from the building just like that. Before he knew it, she was gone, and he was all alone.


(Crap.) Nathan thinks. It wasn't at all dark beyond the glass doors, and windows which made up the entrance to the LRS building. In fact, it was still broad daylight. Nathan knew for a fact - since Elysse had told him on their short drive here, that some were still working away within the building too. He needed to be extra careful in his searches, that was for sure. (Where to start. That is the question.) He looks beyond the crescent desk, and up to the large illuminated sign above which reads 'Cosmolex' in bold.


(If I were a giant pharmaceutical conglomerate, what would I use to reverse shrinking?) He taps his chin as he looks to the hallway which from the entrance of the building would have been on the far right. Rather than the one to the direct left where Nathan had hidden behind the potted plant earlier.


(Probably some kind of pill.) He concludes, beginning his first tentative steps forwards after grabbing a piece of what food Elysse had left behind for the road. (What else could it be? They couldn't have a machine, right?) He thinks, trying to run through as many possibilities as he can as he imagines that, this being the 'Local Research Society' it very well may be some kind of machine, or, maybe even a handheld device.


(No sense just working myself up.) He nods to himself then as he keeps close to the wall. Listening intently for the sounds of incoming footsteps, or voices. He takes a small bite from a piece of granola in his hand as he moves slowly. His eyes scanning the whole area. Slowly, cautiously as he moves towards the first of several doors that littered the expansive hallway.


His two inch tall frame stopping nearest to the door on his immediate left as he climbs down onto his knees and pushes his stomach to the cold tiled floor. Peeking his eyes underneath and peering into the room which lay beyond.


(Some kind of lounge?) He thinks to himself as he stares at the black leather couches, and chairs beyond. They looked expensive, and prestigious. Matching the modern arts which hung from the walls, and the bar set at the far side of the room.


(Wait.. Bar?) Nathan raises an eyebrow before blinking confusedly. (What kind of place -is- this?) He thinks. He decides to investigate as he begins to crawl along the dusty floor. Dirtying his stomach and sending cold shivers through his skin as he soon - and relievedly pulls himself up to his feet once more once he's on the other side.


His eyes shifting left to right as he shivers a bit and dusts his chest, and stomach off. "Wow." Is all he says as he looks around. Looking at the expensive designer glassware which lines the bar on the far right side of the room. Along with a wide range of hard bar, mixers, and all kinds of things.


"Some office building..." He trails off as he begins to trekk deeper into the room. Making his way towards a tall leather couch in the center of the room which sat just behind a steel legged, glass-top rectangular coffee table. One of many of the black leather furnishings which filled the room like it was some kind of nightclub lounge. Loveseats, couches, big poofy chairs. He sighs a bit, feeling a tad envious of those who 'worked' here.


He stops then in his tracks as deafening silence is broken by the sudden whirring of something shifting high above. His eyes shift slowly upwards towards the far left corner of the ceiling. His blood runs cold as the lens of a camera focuses in on him; Blinking red as it sits on record. His stomach dropping as he hears the noise of incoming footsteps from deeper down the hallway he'd just been in.


"Shit..." He trails off under his breath, and curses his carelessness. A byproduct of his own amazement at just how large, and spectacularly terrifying everything seemed at his size. "Oh fuck." He gulps again as he looks around. His eyes centering upon the couch he'd just been heading for. He makes a break for it, pumping his tiny legs as fast as they will carry him as he dives and slides painfully upon his stomach underneath the couch just as the door into this club-like room is opened.


He freezes in place, flat upon the ground after pushing himself around to face the front of the room. His eyes widen as he stares towards the familiar woman who was now stepping in with comparatively huge white skate shoes upon her white socked feet. Thin faded bluejeans wrapped around her legs, along with a baggy black hoodie over purple t-shirt.


Her hair was long, well maintained, and blonde with few light brown streaks through it. Her nose was small, and pointed to go with her thin, but tall frame. She was attractive with an unavoidable blue iris gaze. A small, cute smirk drawing over her face then as her eyes began to examine the room in search of her prey.


Nathan's mouth ran dry, a flood of memories pushing back into his mind. Filling his minds eye with the images of being stepped on by gigantic socked feet, being twisted into awkward angles as they had played with him like nothing more than a toy. Worn within socks, sleeping inside of cages... Being tormented. Tormented by her.


(Chánel...) Nathan trails off.


"Come out, come out, wherever you are, little man..." The young, twenty-one years old girl coos as she shuts the door behind her, and braces herself against it with her palms, and back. Her playful, blue eyes slowly moving down towards the glass table, and black leather couch in the center of the room. "I promise I won't step on you -too- hard as long as you come out now." She grins.


(Son of a bitch.) He thinks to himself as he slowly begins to push himself backwards upon his stomach as their eyes lock together. His ex self-proclaimed Master would begin slowly stepping towards the couch then. Each swing of her foot intimidating the tiny more and more the closer her huge feet got. His eyes focusing upon the dusty soles of her skate shoes as he found himself slowly pushing himself to his feet. His mind reeling in growing terror from the images his mind imagined of being underneath those shoes as he slowly began to back away.


Pushing himself deeper into the darkness that filled up the underside of the leather couch before he turns on his heels, and begins to sprint for the opening beyond.


"Going somewhere, Nathey?" The Giantess grins, and giggles a bit. "Don't tell me you're leaving already. I just got here." She says, as she begins to round the couch. Stomping her right foot just in front of Nathan as he came into view.


"Fuck!" He yells, as adrenaline pumps through his body, which falls upon it's ass as the impossibly large foot stomps in front of him. (Go into the LRS building by yourself. You'll be fine, she says. Nobody will see you, she says.) He gulps. Pushing himself backwards upon his ass towards the underside of the couch once more.


Chánel's grin simply widens as she reaches over with one hand, and simply pushes the couch farther away with comparatively titanic might. "Can't have you hiding under there again like some little bug, now can I?" She asks rhetorically, before lifting her foot and using the toe of her shoe to pin Nathan onto his back. Coerxing a small groan of discomfort from between his lips as he feels his back pressed roughly into the cold dark grey tile beneath him.


"It is fun when you try to get away though, you know that, Nathey?" She says. "But you're so helpless." She shakes her head, batting her long eyelashes as she does. "So helpless, and so mine."


Nathan groans again. Trying to push the toe of her lightly scuffed shoe off of him as the equally cold, but scraping rubber presses down into him ever so slightly harder. He coughs a bit as Chánel coos high above. "Awwwe, look at you. Are you stuck?" She removes her foot then. Standing high as she rests her soft hands upon her hoodie covered hips. "Go on, Nathan. Try and get away. If you can get out of this room before I can catch you again, I'll leave you alone for the rest of the day. If not? Well, then you're coming home with me once I get out of here." 


Nathan stares upwards, his wide eyes glimmering slightly with the chance of hope the Giantess had bestowed upon him as he slowly begins to climb to his feet. "R-Really?" He asks nervously. Chánel simply nods, that cute grin still stuck across her face. Her own eyes glimmering with bounds of playful intention.


"Really. But, you might just want to give up." She shrugs a bit with her palms in the air. "If Britney catches you scurrying about..." She trails off.


 Nathan shudders. He still couldn't remember just -who- Britney was to him, but, the mention of her name had consistently proven to send shivers of adrenaline down his spine as his hair stands lightly on end. (Fuck Britney.. Fuck this place.) He thinks as he gets ahold of himself.


"I'm going to count to two." Chánel begins. Raising her closed left fist to her mouth and giving a slight throat clearing cough. "One.."


Nathan's eyes widen as they stare towards the Giantesses shoe. Realization spreading over him. "Oh crap.." He hops in place as he turns tail and runs back beneath the couch Chánel had shifted away. (Door, door, door...) Is all the tiny, two inch tall boy can repeat to himself as he sprints towards the door which lead into the hallway where freedom lay.    



An Unexpected Visitor II by Xandar357

  "Two!" Chánel chirps then as she grabs the backing of the couch with both huge hands. Gripping into it and sliding it backwards away from Nathan with deafening, and terrifying speed.


Nathan's teeth clench instinctively as the couch is ripped away from him like a houses roof during a tornado. The sound, and the velocity of which throw a gust of wind into him which causes him to stumble a bit as he screams. "Holy fuck!" Hastely picking himself up once more as his neck cranes to it's right to look up at Chánel's gazing eyes.


The scraping of couch legs upon the tiled floor stops as Chánel releases her grip from the furniture, and raises her hands in front of her chest. Arching her fingers like some cat baring it's claws as it prepares to pounce. "Here I coOoOome." The Titaness giggles to herself as she stomps a huge foot in front of the tiny boy, causing him to run into the side of her shoe with a light thud.


"Poor Nathey. Did that hurt?" She grins as she nudges the side of her shoe into him. Causing him to roll backwards, and land on his back with a groan and pant of exhaustion. "Don't tell me you're tired already. First you're trying to get away, and now you're tired? We just started!" She rolls her eyes mockingly, before smiling back down.


"Get up!" She says as Nathan coughs a bit, and slowly begins to pull himself up onto his knees. "Try harder! I thought you wanted to get away." She demands in a lightly disappointed tone as Nathan nods, feeling a bit dazed from her push.


The girl taps her foot upon the floor, her hands resting on her hips as she waits for him. Acting out as though she were impatiently waiting for him to continue. But, truth be told, she was enjoying every second of this. She was in complete control, and she knew that no matter how hard he tried, he would never get away from her.


Nathan rubs his face then with his palm as he begins to backstep away from the Giantess as she stood between him, and the door to the hallway. He needed a plan, some kind of idea that would help him get around her so that he could win her little game. But his adrenaline filled mind came up blank, and instinct began to take over once more as his muscles began to tense once more. Urging him to turn and break left in attempts to flank as he darted away from her shoe covered feet.


Chánel grins, watching the tiny morsel run as she feels tingly all over from the sight of his efforts. Glad to see he still had some life in him as she raises her left shoe high into the air; Intentionally stomping it just behind him to scare him. Pressing her toes flat into the insole of her shoe as she feels a shiver run up through her foot and into her womanhood. She imagines how, soon, her toes would be splaying out all over his face, and body once she caught him.


Nathan stumbles again as her foot crashes behind him. Quickly regaining himself as he begins to turn towards the door again. (So close... So close.) He thinks as he stares. Pumping his legs hard as Chánel revels in his display of defiance, and uses her right foot to sweep around and knock him back again with the in-step.


Nathan coughs as he's knocked back across the floor what, to him, is about six or seven feet. "Ugh..." He groans, laying flat on his stomach. His mind reeling back in pain as a headache slowly comes over him.


"Done yet?" Chánel giggles lightly from high above as she raises her left shoe and pushes the sole over Nathan's little body. Twisting it back and forth a bit to push him farther into his place as she laughs lightly. "I win." She says in an elated, and pleased tone.


"Which means..." She trails off, removing her foot, and placing it in front of him once more. "That you're mine." She grins.


With that, the Giantess begins to step around the coffee table, and for the couch she'd so easily pushed aside. Pulling it back in place as she seats herself. Resting back into it's cushions as she snaps her fingers playfully towards the dazed, and defeated Nathan. "Earth to Nathan." She laughs. "Aren't you coming?"


"Nngh.." Nathan groans a bit, before sighing as he pulls himself up and begins to walk towards Chánel's two feet. (Fuck.) Is all he can think as the girl smiles.


"Good boy." She says as she presses her two shoes together, and points to them with her index finger. "Now then! For trying to escape the building the other day, you must kiss my shoes." She smiles, wiggling her warm toes within them as she watches Nathan approach her slowly.


Revelling in the internal battle she knew he was having with himself. "Should I run? Should I try to escape, and get away from her?" Chánel mocks aloud of the thoughts she knew he had. "What if she punishes me, and gives me to Britney? What if Britney sends me to Zaštita all the way in NYC?" She grins down to Nathan as his fear riddled body perks at some interest. His eyes looking up to meet hers.


"Zaštita?" He asks, thinking the 'sh' sound before the 't' made the word sound awfully... European. Russian maybe? Some Slavic country, perhaps. Chánel laughs lightly, and shakes her head.


"Just kiss my shoes, Nathey, before I step on you again." She snaps her fingers again, and points towards them. Nathan sighs. Nodding as he reaches her, and kneels down. Looking over the lightly scuffed surfaces of her white, imposing skate shoes as he leans forwards reluctantly to press his lips into the toe of her left shoe.


(Zaštita... What the hell is that?) He thinks to himself as he closes his eyes. Continuing to kiss as Chánel leans back into the couch. A pleased smile spreading over her face.


"You better be good. Otherwise you'll findout." She says, as if knowing his thoughts - but more replying to his quick question seconds ago. She then nudges Nathan backwards with the toe of her shoe, pressing him onto his back once more as she retracts her foot. Using the toe of her right to pop the heel of her left shoe off of it's snug position. A warmth beginning to emanate from the opening as she pushes the rest of the shoe away, using her now shoeless left foot to push the apparel away as she slips her right shoe off, and wiggles her white sock covered toes high above Nathan's head.


The warmth which emanated from them also carrying a thick, and pervasive odour, which would push a sense of intoxicating euphoria into the tiny being that lay within their shadow. Nathan could feel his skin bubbling up into goosebumps as the scent of Chánel's feet becomes overpowering the closer they come to him. Slowly lowering towards his body as her toes continue to playful wriggle hungrily awaiting to press him into the tile floor.


Nathan bites his cheek as sexual desire washes over him. His eyes wide, and his mouth agape as he stares skywards towards the shapely soles of his captors feet. The slight dusty patches which took the shape of her pad, toes, and heel. His mouth ran dry then as the softness of her socks, and the plushness of her warm, slightly damp soles pressed into his body.


He couldn't help but feel the need to fight back a soft moan as the terror which had gripped him earlier seemed to all but wisp away in the face of lust. His mind ran blank, his minds eye on loop as it replayed the images of her soles lowering towards him as they now pushed into, and rubbed across his body. Pressing their scent into his nose, and forcing his eyes to remain shut.


"Mmm..." Chánel grins high above, pressing her feet into the tiny boy toy beneath them. Playing with him like one might play with a stressball. "I'm so glad I found you, little man." She says happily as she leans her head back deep into the couches cushioning. Smiling widely as the massaging of Nathan's body into her soles fills her tingling body with relaxation, and content.


And for just a moment, Nathan himself nearly feels the same way as his mind drifts off with each breath he takes. Losing himself into the slow rhythmic rubbing of the huge soles which lay heavily ontop of him. Every muscle within his body relaxing and turning to mush as he lay there, allowing to let it all happen. Knowing he couldn't stop it anyways.


Chánel smiles, leaning back up as she removes her right foot from it's position overtop the other as her left continues to smooth into Nathan upon the tiled floor. "Not so ready to run now, are you, Nathey?" She asks mischievously as she lifts her foot, and uses her fabric covered big toe to prod between the tiny space between Nathan's legs. Causing him to moan softly against his will. Something which sends shivers of power, and lust through Chánel's body.


She giggles lightly afterwards as she sets both feet on either side of him. "No, no. You like it here with me, don't you?" She asks.


Nathan can't help but feel the urge to nod his head, just so that she might continue to tease him, and feed his desires. He gives in, nodding his tiny head in response to her question as tingling euphoria of his own courses through him. Rendering him limp, and mallaeble.


"And -that's- why you're better off here, with me. Than outside, little Nathan." She grins as she raises her toe again, and starts to gently rub it's tip into his stomach, and cock once more. "So, how have you been staying out of sight for so long?" She asks, thinking someone must have been helping him along.


"I..." Nathan trails off, moaning softly again as his fingers try to grasp instinctively into the floor as pleasure washes through his body, making his head fizz.


"Go on..." Chánel grins a bit.


"N-No." Nathan moans lightly, as his other head starts to think once more. The scent of Chánel's toes, and the feeling of her rubbing - while entrancing, couldn't overpower the feeling in the back of his mind that he couldn't give up Elysse as his protector, and cohort.


Chánel's expression drops from the pleasant, lusty look she'd had as her glazed eyes curl with the furrowing of her brows. "Nathan, tell me. How come nobody was able to find you until now?" She asks once more time, her voice a bit more serious. But still maintaining that sense of playfulness, and lightheartedness as she prods his cock with her toe again.


"I-I won-Won't..." He moans lightly. Trying to push himself backwards, and out from her as she lifts her toe allowing him to move away on his back.


She raises the rest of her sole into the air, a sly grin spreading over her face once more as she hovers her foot overtop of the tiny. Clenching, and wriggling her toes over him - causing the sole of her sock to wrinkle, and crease along with it. "I thought I told you to be a good boy, Nathey." She coos. "Don't you want me to play nice with you, and let you worship my feet?" She asks, sounding disappointed.


Nathan clenches his eyes shut a bit. (Don't look...) He urges himself away from the sight of her enticing sole. He couldn't deny it, of course he wanted that. God, did he ever. But indulging in his desires meant giving up Elysse.


Chánel grins again, her smirk deepening as she lowers her foot even closer to Nathan. Pushing her scent deeper into his nose. "Come on, Nathan. Just tell me, was somebody helping you? You don't have  to tell me who..." She encourages then, wiggling her toes above his head as he opens his eyes to watch the sight above him.


Breathing in the intoxicating scent as his mind considers her offer.


"R-Really?" He asks quietly, his mouth running dry as his rockhard cock drips pre-cum at the heavenly, yet imposing sight. 


Chánel nods her head, her cute blue eyes glazing over once more as she sees that she's got the tiny boy within her trap again. "Really." She says, licking across her lips ever so lightly.


Pleasure begins to wash over the boy once more as he nods his own head softly in response. "Y-Yes..." He trails off, adding "Somebody was helping me." before slowly leaning his head upwards as Chánel pushes her sole down gently. The sock beneath the arches of her toes pressing into his face as he pushes his nose back into the fabric and breathes deeply, moaning.


"Good boy..." She trails off with a hint of lust in her own voice as she scrunches her toes over his head playfully, pulling him back towards her other foot. "I want you to do something for me, Nathan." She adds softly, as she removes her toes from his head, and rests her foot on it's side. Baring her sole for him to see, right next to his body as her right foot sits flat on his other side.


"Wh-..." He mutters lightly, stammering.


"Stroke yourself while you worship me." She smirks a bit in her command. Pushing her sole softly down upon his face again and covering him in it's warmth.       

Revelations by Xandar357

  He was back within a cage now. His self-proclaimed Master having decided she couldn't have him running off again. Even if she did seem to enjoy his defiance, and rebellious attitude from time to time. He sat with his back against the small wooden bars of his seemingly hand-made cage. The floor beneath him, a small folded purple cloth. It was tiny, the size of a small bird cage. A round base which had tall walls that curved into a point from which it could hang by an O-ring.


The longer he sat here though, the more he was able to consider the LRS, and the company Cosmolex, which seemed to back it. How expansive was the LRS's influence? How big were the people involved? How much money did they have?


He sighs, coming to the conclusion that they certainly had more money than him. Likely more than he would ever see. The more he thought about it, the less it looked like this would end well for him. He hadn't even been re-introduced to Britney yet, though, that was something he wasn't at all looking forwards to.


He thought back to his earlier interactions with Chánel just an hour ago. Her little offer, and the more he thought about that? The more he wondered, why hadn't she asked him for a name?


Did she know something he didn't?


He thought even farther back to earlier that day, when Elysse had told him she'd only just recently been made aware of the shrunken forms which were held here. How many, he didn't know. He wondered if Elysse had said something to Chánel when she'd introduced him to her in a time that he was still having trouble remembering.


But slowly, it was returning to him. The more it returned to him, the more he started to think about it. He sighs, pulling his knees to his chest, and scratching at some of the wood for something to fiddle with. Staring into it like some piece of modern art as his mind trails off back into it's thoughts.


His brows suddenly furrow as something hits him, an image, a memory. A memory of being held within a great structure of individual steel cages. Like some kind of chicken farm that was tacked up vertically upon a wall. He shudders as the memory hits him full force. Remembering as Chánel and another woman, also blonde, and blue eyed - though with a much harder, less merciful gaze had handpicked tinies from it at the tougher girls direction.


Those people, were people he had never seen again. He swallows hard as he thinks back to that time as it becomes clearer, and clearer to him. (Oh god...) He thinks to himself, lowering his head. (They must have gone through dozens of people by now...) 


(But what the hell for? Why?) He frowns. Lifting his head as the door to whatever room he'd been contained within creaks open. He'd never seen where she'd taken him, she'd covered his cage before she'd brought him in. He feels a sudden nervousness twist within his stomach then as several sets of footsteps begin to near him. A switch flicking on as freckles of light begin to try and pierce through the fabric which wraps around the top of the small wooden bird cage.


His heartrate intensifies as the footsteps stop what feels to be just directly in front of him. (Fuck.) He thinks to himself.


 The drape is pulled suddenly from the top then. Light shining into Nathan's prison, temporarily blinding him as he instinctively covers his eyes with his hands. "Guh..." He groans lightly as he slowly peeks through his fingers. His eyes widening at what they see. There she was, standing right beside Chánel.


"Elysse...?" Nathan trails off. His stomach, and tone dropping as his hands slowly lower. Confusion washing over him like lust had earlier.


"Hi Nathan..." Elysse says quietly, her hands clasped together in front of her waist. Her head hanging low, and her cheeks reddened from nervousness as Chánel, standing beside her, grins.


"We called her from home to come in and answer some questions." She says, before looking over towards Elysse. Seemingly revelling in both of their expressions. "So, Elysse... Are you the one who's been helping this shrinky?" She asks, an eyebrow raising lightly.


Elysse's eyes slowly look up as she shakes her head quickly, and looks back down. "No." She practically squeaks.


Chánel grins a bit, seeing a hole in Elysse's claims already as she pounces. "Then how did you know his name?"


"W-..." Elysse blushes darker as she realizes she's already messed up in even greeting Nathan. 


"And how did he know yours?" Chánel continues.


Nathan's eyes widen a bit as he feels his own nervous chills.


"Well." Chánel giggles a bit. "This was easy." She grins, "Boy, you two make horrible spies."


"Spies?" Elysse asks, looking up as she tries to turn the situation away from the direction it was taking. "What do you mean, spies, Chánel?" She adds. Looking confused at the accusation. To which, Ms.Bootham can only snicker again, smirking.


"Why else would Nathey here be snooping around. If you were helping him to do anything else, wouldn't you have taken him home with you?" She rests her hands upon her thin hips.


Elysse goes to say something, but, before she can, Nathan stops her with a shake of his tiny head and a raise of his palm. "Don't bother, Elysse. She's got us." He says, before turning to meet Chánel's gaze. "Yeah... I was spying. It should have been an easy thing to do at this size, but I guess I got complacent." He shrugs his shoulders. "What are you going to do now?" He asks.


Chánel shrugs with a playful glint in her eye. "What happens to Elysse isn't up to me, Nathey." She says. "It's up to the Lynwoods."


"The.. Lynwoods?" Nathan asks, blinking a bit. That didn't sound like Britney...


"Robert, and Lorraine. They're the owners of Lynwood Automotive Corporation." Chánel says, smiling. "Robert is the Society head. He decides what happens to the loose ends that are still big enough to be trouble." She says cooly, turning to look at Elysse who is visibly shivering, and afraid. Regretting every moment of helping Nathan, even if it had been the right thing to do.


Nathan sighs a bit, feeling defeated. "I'm sorry, Elysse." Is all he can think to say, he'd never meant for this to happen. Neither of them had expected it to go this way. At least not so soon.


"It's okay, Nathan." She says in response as she looks back to Chánel. "I thought we were friends, Chánel. What's happened to you? I thought you were such a nice person." She shakes her head a bit solemnly. Chánel simply raises her eyebrow again, and giggles lightly.


"I'm -very- nice. But, I'm not going to jail over you and Nathey." She says. "If you're lucky, Robert won't do any-" She pauses as the door swings open and she looks over.


"You!" A familiar voice hits Nathan's ears then as he finds himself instinctively pushing himself further into the back wall of his cage out of fear. A third, and final blonde was now in the room. Her own eyes were hardened, cruel in appearance even despite her highly attractive features. Her skin was smooth, and soft.


She wore a white tanktop, dark blue designer bluejeans, and blue soled / insoled white skateshoes of her own. It was her... It was Britney Young. "You little fucking bitch." The rich girl would growl as she stomps into the room towards Elysse. "How dare you help that little fucking bug." She says, glaring towards Nathan with an ice cold gaze. "After we gave your little skid self a job." She scoffs, and looks towards Chánel. Then back to Elysse, who's now backing deeper into the room and away from the imposing girl who stood just as tall as Chánel at around five foot eleven. Quite a bit taller than Elysse herself... Who was a short girl herself.


(They're all blonde... Is everyone here blonde?) Nathan thinks to himself as he stares on, gulping a bit as he tries to distract himself from the situation at hand. 


"I already texted Robert." Chánel says, feeling confident with her efforts as Britney growls, and glares to her cohort, before turning back to Elysse once more.


"Who fucking cares what Lyncocks says. This bitch is done. I mean, DONE." She growls as she produces a syringe from her pocket, and thrusts it into Elysse's stomach as the small framed girl let's out a shriek before falling unconscious towards the floor. Her body dwindling in size at frightening speeds.


Before anyone was able to appreciate the scene unfolding before them, the unconscious secretary lay a mere two inches in length within a heap of her own clothing, and high heeled shoes. Britney grins terribly.


"We can take care of this ourselves." She says.

Shock & Awe by Xandar357

  Nathan sits. Wide eyed as his heart races. Adrenaline pumping through him like a powerful torrent capable of ripping through both nature and buildings alike. There she was... Her clothing discarded in a pile across the room, and her tiny, two inch tall frame laying huddled together at Chánel, and Britney's feet. 


He was still within his cage, staring onwards. Wishing he could do something. Praying for some kind of miracle as he feared the worst was only to come. "When the fuck is she going to wake up?" Britney growls.


"Just a couple of minutes." Chánel says, hands upon her hips as Britney stands with arms crossed. Minutes do indeed pass, feeling like hours, and even decades to the tiny contained upon the counter. Until finally, she opens her eyes slowly as a headache, and groggyness are the first things she's able to process.


She groans lightly, lifting a hand from her huddled position to rub her tired eyes as they open. Blurry, and staring straight towards the shoes of her colleagues. She blinks again, her wakening mind coming slowly to life as the blurring dissipates, and as it does, her eyes quickly widen.


"O-O...Oh my -" She breathes quickly then, fear of her own like that which Nathan had been experiencing countless times today filled her veins. She leans upwards, sitting flat upon her ass as she even had yet to realize that she was naked. "W-What... What did you do?!" She asks fearfully as tears begin to race down her cheeks.


"What did I do?!" Britney growls. "I haven't done -anything- yet. You should be asking what I -am- going to do, you little bitch." She stomps one of her feet upon the floor, jarring the tiny girl as all of her systems begin to run full bore. "Go on! Ask me! Ask me what the fuck I'm going to do!" Britney demands.


"W-...W-...What are you going to do?" Elysse stammers, holding back sobs as tears continue to stream. Her body shaking, and her hair standing high on end.


"I'm going to put you in your fucking place." Britney grins, and snaps the fingers of her righthand as she points to her shoes. "Lick my fucking shoes, NOW!" She demands. Her voice powerful, and arrogant. As though she felt as though she was entitled to this sort of... Absolute power.


Nathan's stomach would clench. His eyes narrowing towards the cruel, seeming dominatrix as Elysse slumps down further towards the floor. Now on her knees as her head drops. Tears rolling quicker down her cheeks as she begins to sob, and cry. "What the fuck are you doing. Get over to my shoes, and LICK." Britney yells, stomping her foot again.


Elysse shrieks again, sobbing heavily as she begins to crawl towards Britney's intimidatingly gigantic shoe covered feet. Fearfully pressing her tongue to the toe of her right shoe. Choking, and coughing on the bitter taste of dirt, and debris as her tongue scrapes it away. Britney, high above, simply laughs. Her laughter holding nothing back on the sinister visions she had for most around her, nor the malice that was contained within. 


It was a laugh that was even capable of sending a shiver down Chánel's spine as she stood next to her friend. Watching Elysse lap away at Britney's shoe like some kind of dog. "How does it taste? Good, huh? Like fucking gold, I bet." Britney cackles once more.


Elysse remains quiet. Fear holding back the majority of her tears now as her body remained mostly frozen in place. The only thing capable of moving was her tongue, as she continues to lick, and press it deep into the shoe.


Britney grins widely as Nathan stares on in dismay, and utter shock. How could either of them be capable of such terror? He looks on, in complete disbelief as he watches Elysse lower herself before 'Her Highness' even farther as she begins to force herself to swallow the grime coming from the toe of the girls shoe.


He shudders, looking away. Unable to watch anymore. Chánel smirks a bit as she notices Nathan looking away, turning her head back down towards Elysse. "Are we going to keep her like this?" She asks Britney. Who shrugs her shoulders. 


"Probably." Britney says, scowling. "Are you fucking done yet?" She asks Elysse as she slips her foot from the loose shoe Elysse licks away at. Revealing an ankle length striped blue, and light blue sock. Moist, warm, and smelling heavily as she pushes shapely large toes onto Elysse's body with a cackle.


"How's that smell?" She asks as Elysse screams through her tears. Trying desperately to push the stinky toes off of her tiny, naked form. Britney simply laughs, pressing the girl roughly into the tile floor. Her flesh, and sock alike molding around, and over Elysse's body. Forming a sweat print not only on the girl, but on the tile around her. 


Elysse, unable to breathe, can do nothing but scream, and squirm into the musky sock which pins her down. The sweat burning her lips, and, as it slowly lifts away, burning her nostrils too as she takes a much needed breath. Coughing, and choking on the powerful scent. Unlike Nathan, whom would certainly have been aroused by Britney's display of sheer power had it been exerted over him.


"You don't fucking deserve my foot. You know that?" Britney says, as she removes her foot completely, and pushes it back into her shoe. "You don't even deserve to lick the sweat from it." She says with a shake of her head.


She looks back to Chánel at that moment, shaking her head in disappointment as Elysse lifts herself slowly to her knees. Hanging her head as she cries. "I'm going to take this little bitch for some..." She trails off, lifting her hands and making air quotes as she says "Re-education." She grins, "You can deal with him." She swoops down, her hand gripping at Elysse, who shrieks at the suddenness before silence encompasses the group as she's shoved into Britney's pocket.


Nathan's eyes widen as he wraps his hands around the wooden bars of his cage. "N-No! Please!" He blurts out. "Please, don't hurt her! She doesn't deserve this, I only just met her today! She hasn't done a thing!" He says. Britney, and Chánel both turn to look at him now. Chánel smirking a bit as her eyes glance slowly over to Britney, who seems less than amused by Nathan's response.


"Are you questioning my fucking judgement?" The spoiled, cuss filled girl growls as she steps towards the cage so carefully placed upon the counter.


Nathan's mouth opens, mouthing words that don't come out as the intimidation factor rises tenfold. The atmosphere around him growing thick, and heavy, as breathing just in itself feels impossible. "I..I..." He trails off.


"You, you? You fucking what?!" She hisses.


"N-Nothing..." Nathan stammers.


Britney grins. Her piercing, cold eyes seemingly radiating malice as she nods her head. "You're right. Nothing." She turns, and walks from the room. Slamming the door behind her, and leaving Chánel, and Nathan alone once more.


Chánel smiles once she's gone. Her eyes returning to meet the confined tiny as she approaches the counter. "Poor Nathey." She coos, "Your friend is in good hands." Giggling lightly. Running a finger down one of the bars, before reaching over to the cloth she'd draped over the cage earlier. "It's just after five now, little man. Which means... Time for you and me to head home." She grins a bit, dropping the cloth over the cage, and picking it up.

A New Day by Xandar357

  Nathan yawns. Sunshine pushing through the slits inbetween the fabric which covered his bird cage. His eyes slowly opening groggily to the new day - Monday, August 5th. He didn't know what time it was, and pulls himself to his feet as he looks around. Trying to peek through the slits that lead to the outside world. 


He vaguely remembered movement earlier as he had tried to sleep, and wondered if he was still at Chánel's house. Reaching up to push his hand through his hair which had grown oily, and still stuck in places from the remnants of Chánel's juices that still sat within it. He blinks his eyes. Remembering the night well as he thinks of how she'd raped him. Just as his mind seems to recall her doing so many times before.


He sighs. Imagining that if he wasn't at her house, he was probably stashed somewhere in the LRS building so that somebody could keep an eye on him. He looks towards the door of the cage. (I wonder where she is...) He thinks.


His eyes pan over towards the wooden bars of the cage. Thin enough for him to wrap his hands around. (Hmm...) He ponders, slowly pulling himself to his feet as he wanders over to one of the edges of the cage, and inspects the wood.


A smile slowly growing over his face as an idea pops into his head. The bars that made up his cage were only about toothpick thin. Just enough to contain a small bird. (A bird, sure... But not me.) He grins. Beginning to circle through the cage as he tries to find a weakpoint that he can exploit.


He sighs after a moment or two. Finding nothing. (I guess it can't always go perfectly.) He thinks as he takes a deep breath. Pushing himself against the wall of one side of the cage, and staring directly forwards. "Here goes nothing." He says, cracking his knuckles. 


He pushes forwards with his left foot, running as quickly as he can across the tiny space and throwing his shoulder into one of the bars. He grimmaces as the bar bounces him back a couple of inches. "Dammit." He says, though, unwilling to give up, he returns to his original position. Charging forwards again. And again. And again. Each slam bending the wood more, and more as it weakens over time. 


A dull gnawing pain slowly growing within Nathan's shoulder as he reaches the fifteenth strike. A small crack now visible on the bar. Panting, he slides down to his ass. Catching his breath.


"Son of a bitch. What kind of wood -is- this?" He shakes his head. Pinching the bridge of his nose as he breathes heavily from his place on the cage floor. "At least I've almost got it. Just a few more tries." He nods, swallowing what remained of his saliva as his empty stomach begins to burn within. Pulling himself to his feet once more, he breathes deeply. 


He clenches his teeth, readying himself for a final push. "GRAHHH!" He screams as he pushes away. Throwing himself into the cracked bar of wood as hard as he can. His shoulder crashing through as the wood cracks all of the way through, breaking in half. He groans as his shoulder wedges slightly between the two halves. Pushing the top end away, and off of the cage to whatever floor the cage sat on beyond, and falling backwards once more. 


"Thank god..." He trails off. Sighing in relief, he looks towards the gap he'd made. It was just wide enough now with the top half of the bar missing for him to climb through. He grins a bit, standing up and moving towards the gap. Kicking the bottom half away as he turns himself sideways, and squeezes himself through. Planting a foot on the counter beyond and pushing the cloth out of his face to survey the room he was presumably trapped within.


He scans the room. It looked like she'd placed him back in the lounge on the first floor... He was ontop of the bar counter again. Just as he had been yesterday when they'd shrunken Elysse. (Bastards.) He thinks at the thought. He needed to find her. But finding her wasn't going to do him any good if he was still the size of a childrens toy.


(First step? Getting off of this goddamned counter.) He nods, and picks up a piece of the bar he'd broken in half. Thinking it might come in handy later on. (Sharp enough.) He nods as he inspects the jagged, multi-point tip. He kneels beside the edge of the counter, peering over, and down towards the dark grey tiled floor far below. Gulping as vertigo causes his vision to zoom, and flutters of butterflies to fill his stomach.


"I guess I'm not going that way. A new day, a new problem." He chuckles lightly to himself as his eyes suddenly focus on the set of bar stools which acted as a halfway point between the counter, and floor. They had padded cushions, but that wouldn't help him once he reached them. He needed something after that...


(It's never easy as a tiny person, is it?) He shakes his head. Standing to his feet again as he begins to pace across the counter opposite the direction of the door to the hallway. Reaching the far edge, his eyes widen. "Perfect!" He exclaims as his eyes focus in on a trash filled wire mesh garbage can. Not only could he jump in that, he could also use it's meshing to climb back down to the floor safely.


He grins, hovering his stick holding hand over the tile floor, and letting the pole fall from his hands as he takes a deep breath. Leaping from the counter as he hears the stick collide with the ground. His own body falling straight into the trashcan milliseconds later. "Eugh.." He thinks to himself as he grips the mesh, and pulls himself up onto the rim of the trashcan.


Choking on the fumes of rotting garbage, and waste. (Gross... This is the last time I jump into a garbage can.) He thinks to himself. Sneering as he lifts his leg over to the otherside, and begins his descent. 


Hopping down to the tiles from what to him, was about five feet up. Leaning down as he grabs his stick and quickly makes his way over to the corner of the bar. Scanning the room once more. (I need to get out of this room before somebody comes in here.) He thinks. Wondering why Chánel would leave him in here, rather than at her house, or somewhere else. (Maybe she just didn't want anybody else to bother me?) He didn't know, and shrugs at the thought. Completely bypassing the thought that perhaps she had a specific reason for it.


He had more important things to deal with right now.


Cautiously, the tiny man begins to make his way along the side of the bar towards the door. Stick in hand, and at the ready, he couldn't help but feel awfully vulnerable as he walked along. If anyone were to come in... He would be screwed. Completely, and utterly screwed.


Pressing on, however, Nathan finally reaches  the corner of the bar which sat closest to the door. Pausing, he looks towards his goal, and takes a deep breath. (Go go go!) He thinks, and bolts across the gap between bar, and wall. Rushing across, and then against the wall as he makes his way for the door that would lead him back into the hallway. Stopping at the doors frame, and pressing his ear against it. Listening for anyone that might be coming.


All sounded silent on the other end, rendering Nathan somewhat relieved as he lowers himself to his stomach, and begins to shimmy himself underneath the giant hinged rectangle. Reaching the other side with ease, the boy pulls himself up into a kneeling position. Scanning left, deeper into the hallway. 


And right, towards the entrance of the building. (Hmm...) He thinks as he looks to the door directly across from the lounge. (Might as well work in sequential order rather than guess.) He concludes as he sprints across the hallway, and pushes himself beneath the door. 


(I wonder how many people work here.) He thinks as he pulls himself up upon a white tiled floor. The walls white above a few feet of white tile as well. He didn't even need to explore this room. (Bathroom...) He trails off within his mind as he pulls himself backwards into the hallway. Fairly certain that the next door up on the same side of the hallway he now stood on was to be another bathroom as well.


(Wait...) He thinks, his head lifting high as he looks at the top mid-section of the lounge door. Facepalming suddenly, and sighing deeply in embarassment. "Son of a bitch..." He groans. Pinching the bridge of his nose tightly as he slowly opens his eyes to read a brass plaque screwed onto the door which read 'Lounge' in bold black letters.


(Being tiny sucks.) He concludes as he moves into the center of the hallway, and begins to make his way further down. Eyeing the panels as he goes. (Male bathroom...) He thinks as he looks to the next door on the right, scanning over towards the left. (Lunch room...) He sighs. Pushing onwards. 


(There should just be a big flashing sign on the wall that says 'Growing Thing this way!') He thinks to himself. Grinning lightly at the comedic image which pops into his head.


(Lockers...) Nathan thinks as he looks to the next door on his left. Turning his head over to his right. (Storage 1A?) He raises an eyebrow. Tapping his chin as he looks ahead, the last door on the left was the 'Janitorial' room, and the last one on the right was 'Storage 1B'.


(Might as well check the storage rooms.) He thinks to himself. Thinking the locker room was likely just 'employee' lock-ups for whatever they brought in with them. Handbags, purses. That sort of thing. He makes his way towards the right side of the hallway, peeking his head beneath the door of Storage 1A. Scanning through the room, and sighing.


(Nothing but un-used lab equipment.) He thinks, pushing himself out from under, and back into the hallway. The same check at 1B reveals the same disappointment. He'd made it to the end of the hallway, but there was nothing here to help him. He turns around, staring back down the length of the hallway that would take him back to Reception. 


A couple of moments later, the tiny two inch tall man was on the corners edge of the end of the hallway. Staring towards the back side of the curved desk. The granola Elysse had left him had been cleaned up, and there sitting in her chair was the other secretary he'd seen her saying goodbye to yesterday. He remembered her only as 'Lyn'.


He stares up to her form as she typed away on the computer. Dressed in much the same manner as Elysse. White blouse, skirt, heels. Her hair was a light brown shade. A bit curly, but well maintained just as all of the other women he'd seen thus far. He looks towards the front doors as they suddenly swing open. 


He swallows hard as two new faces enter the building. On the right, a woman standing 5'7" in a waist length spotless white lab jacket, black skirt, dark stockings, and well polished black high heels. Her expression was blank, and her light blue eyes gave off no glimmer of life at all. She looked completely dead inside through her small rectangular lensed glasses.


Her hair, tied into a bun, was blonde with the odd brown streak through it. She looked like a to-the-letter type of person, and was carrying a business suitcase on her left side as her heels clacked across the floor. "Good morning, Ms.Whittemore." The unidentified woman says to Lyn, who sheepishly smiles, and gives a wave. 


Nathan tries to focus his eyes in more, seeing a nametag upon the womans left breast. (O...Ol.. Fuck.) He thinks to himself, much to far away. The girl beside her appeared to be about eighteen, compared to the blondes appearance of late twenties. Her hair was a straightened, shining black. Her eyes, almost just as dead were a dark brown that went well with her rounded, beautiful, blemish-free Asian features. By the looks of things, she appeared to be of South Korean descent.


The girl blinked long, thick black eyelashes. Her own eyes travelling down the length of her own body. Slim, and covered by black skate shoes, black jeans, and a black hooded sweatshirt which in itself held a graphic of two golden, intertwined Chinese dragons. The sweatshirt it self held overtop of a white t-shirt below which had some kind of purple graphic upon it.


Her height seemed to match the scientist beside her, but she looked a lot more bored, and a lot more menacing. Nathan shudders lightly, looking towards the Scientist as she begins to walk towards the hallway nearest to the potted plant. Which from the door, would have been on the direct left.


"Are you coming, Ms.Rhee?" The woman of about twenty-eight asks as she pauses, and turns back to face the Korean girl. Nathan feels a thick array of goosebumps crawling over his skin, a heavy, menacing gaze upon his tiny body. His eyes slowly drifting backwards towards the Korean girl.


A toothy, sadistic grin written over her mouth as their eyes lock together. "H-H-Holy s-shit.." Nathan stammers as a coldness creeps over his entire body. Shivers running down his spine as the girl stares directly at him with a gaze that seemed to reveal a vision of Hell it self. 


"Of course." The Korean grins, her gaze turning away from Nathan, and slowly turning back to the Scientist. "I'll be right there, Olivia." She says as she turns, and begins to walk away just like that. Following off behind the scientist down the hallway as Nathan shudders, and grips his chest.


His heart pounding through his chest nearly as he slumps down a bit. (She saw me... She fucking saw me.) He thinks to himself. A terror still spreading throughout his body even despite the fact that she'd left. (Why didn't she do anything, or say anything?) He thinks. Swallowing hard as Lyn's fingers begin to type away once more at the computer above.


(What if, maybe, she didn't see me...? God dammit, of course she did... That girl was creepy as hell.) He shakes his head a bit. Thinking back to that grin she'd given him mere seconds ago, and shuddering once more.


(But...) He thinks, an idea washing over him as he pulls himself straight up. (Shit.) He starts sliding along the wall behind Lyn then. Making his way towards the hallway the two had gone down. (If anyone is going to know where the antidote, or whatever it is I'm looking for is, it's going to be that Olivia woman.)



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Dead Eyed Duo by Xandar357

  "Is there any way that I can see her?" Olivia asks, as she, and Seung Rhee make their way down the hallway from Reception. Taking a right turn down a longer hallway which takes them past first 'Lab 1A', and then 'Lab 1B' both labelled 'Beauty Products' beneath their signs. Beyond this was a large elevator. Large enough to fit furniture within. The final door past this, a fire door, was the staircase.


Seung grins a bit. "What would you give me for the opportunity?" She asks as they stop before the elevator door. Olivia pressing the button, as behind, and farther down the hallway, Nathan ran as quickly as he could against the right side of the hallway to keep up with them. He didn't want to miss his chance to get what he needed.


Seung looks down the hallway as Olivia thinks upon what she'd just said. Her eyes staring towards the tiny man running towards them, producing a smirk. "Are we going to the third floor again?" She asks Olivia, seemingly innocently. Her gaze returning to the elevator as the doors open. 


Olivia nods her head. "Yes. I have a number of check ups to attend to. You know that. You are one of them." She says, in an equally calm, but fully emotionless tone. Seung's tone was near-emotionless, however not completely. Her tone always held a certain darkness to it, a certain malice. A predator amongst predators.


Nathan gasps as he reaches the edge of the elevators door just as it begins to shut. (Fuck, Fuck!) He thinks to himself. His eyes looking towards the fire door. There was no way to climb beneath that.. No way to hoist himself up each step.


He gasps once more as Seung's huge black shoe covered foot slams down between the closing doors. Dropping his stick.


"What are you doing?" Olivia asks.


"We're missing someone." Seung grins, tapping her shoe a bit. "Climb on." She orders of the tiny she knew was just around the corner beyond the elevators doors.


Olivia cocks an eyebrow. "Subject 112, are you quite alright?"


"I'm fine." Seung says as Nathan sits around the corner, practically on his stomach. His heart racing as he stares towards the toe of Seung's shoe. 


(H-Holy shit.) He thinks. Swallowing hard as fear ripples throughout his body. The name '112' going right overtop of him as he slowly stands to full height.


"I guess he's not coming." Seung says, slowly sliding her shoe backwards across the gap that seperated the elevator shaft from the hallway.


"N-No!" Nathan blurts out as he runs into the open, and dives onto the toe of the girls shoe just as the doors begin to shut again. The shoe is pulled across the gap, and back into the elevator. Returning beside it's counterpart as Seung grins wickedly down towards the tiny man so desperately clinging to her shoelaces.


Olivia looks down as well. Adjusting her slim rectangular lensed glasses as she peers at Seung's shoe. "How did you get out of the containment room?" She wastes no time in asking. Nathan just gulps, as Seung chuckles lightly. Leaning forwards to press the third floor button as the doors fully slide shut.


"I-I..." Nathan trails off, suddenly finding himself flinging into the elevators door as Seung shakes her foot roughly. He lands with a thud, and slides to the ground. Coughing as pain echoes throughout his back, and spine. "Ungh..." He groans as he finally lands on his stomach before their feet.


"He's the one Britney, and her lackie were talking about yesterday." Seung grins. Admiring her handywork as Nathan regains his composure. Slowly pulling himself to his knees, and looking skyward.


"Not very smart, either." She comments, as Olivia sighs.


"Are you trying to get Ms.Young to fire me?" Olivia asks, looking back towards Seung as she speaks of one of the co-founders of Cosmolex Pharmaceuticals, Madison Young. Her direct boss.


"Of course not, Ms.Cooper. Why would I do that? I'm sure she's already forgotten all about that incident with her daughter, and Alexandra." The girl chuckles, and stares at Nathan as the elevator reaches the third floor. The doors beginning to slide open. She begins to step forwards with little recognition of Nathan's form at her feet. Her right shoe slamming mere inches from crushing him into paste as she non-chalantly steps from the elevator and into the hallway beyond. 


"Hmm." Olivia mutters as she steps just before Nathan, and peers downwards. "You shouldn't be here." She says simply. Leaning down, and picking him up gently from the ground so as to not hurt him. Herself pushing from the elevator, and out into the hallway as Seung already makes her way to the first door on their left which was marked 'Apex 1B' . Awaiting Ms.Cooper's arrival as she stands beside the door. Her hands pushed within her hoodies pockets.


"I-I know... I shouldn't even be this tall!" Nathan whines as he's held within Olivia's open palm. "Who -are- you people?" He asks, looking down the hallway towards Seung as they approach her.


Olivia stops by the door. Pushing a key into the slot, and unlocking it. Holding it open for Seung who quickly walks around her, and inside. "My name is Olivia Cooper. I am a Lead Research Scientist employed by Cosmolex Pharmaceuticals." She says as she begins into the room, lights already on.


The room was square in shape, the far wall filled with a series of horizontally laying rectangular steel drawers. The rest of the room had any number of scientific equipment within it, as well as several cabinets on the left that held all kinds of chemicals. On the right, a few desks sat in front of another set of cabinets.


Nathan looks up to the bar lights that lit the room, shuddering a bit. This room rubbed him the wrong way... He looks back towards Seung, who now sits on a medical table on the left side of the room.


"That was fairly straight forwards..." Nathan trails off a bit as he is set upon the medical table next to Seung as Olivia walks across towards some cabinets on the right side of the room to retrieve some things. 


"Mhmm..." Olivia mutters quietly in response. Beginning to hand-pick exactly what she needs from each drawer for her first simple task.


Seung snickers, looking down towards Nathan. "She tells you because she knows it doesn't make a difference." She gins, reaching down, and snatching the tiny boy up into her hand. A disdained yelp coming from between his lips as he finds his arms, and legs being spread apart, and moved around by the girls fingers.


"Because you can't do anything. Not like that. You're practically useless at that size." She says. Her grin widening as she drops the tiny back to the bed beside her from a foot up. He lands with a thud, and groan. Pulling himself to his knees. Gasping as he sees Seung's finger held before him, cocked back, and springing forwards as it slams into his chest and flicks him backwards.


He chokes, coughing, and groaning as the wind is knocked straight from his lungs.


Seung chuckles. "But... Then again, you hate the people that work here. Don't you?" She asks as Nathan lay sprawled out on his back. Flipping himself over onto his stomach as stars run circles through his head. He nods weakly.


"Th-They.." He chokes, "Took my friend away..."


"Friend?" Seung asks, smirking. "Can you really call her a friend? You only knew her for a day. That makes her much more of an acquaintance, really, babo." She says, chuckling lightly as she stares downwards with sinister eyes.


"I guess..." Nathan trails off, then his eyes widening slightly. "How did you know?"


"Is that some kind of a bad joke?" Seung asks, an eyebrow cocking. Though her voice calm, and as collected as ever. "Everyone here larger than a pencil knows. Britney hasn't been able to keep her mouth shut about it." She says.


"What are they doing with her? Is she going to be okay?" Nathan asks, a hint of desperation in his voice. Causing Seung to chuckle lightly once more.


Seung ignores the questions, shaking her head slightly. "Ap'un." She grins. "You don't like the people here. Neither do we. That gives us all something in common." She says, looking the tiny up and down, and motioning momentarily towards Olivia.


"I used to be in your position as well." She begins, "I had much taken from me, much that I will never forgive for." She growls lightly in remniscience. "The fact that you have escaped their incompetent clutches a second time means that you may be of use to me." She says, a growl still lightly resonating within her voice as she pokes at the tiny on the medical bed beside her. Knocking him down from a crosslegged position, and back onto his back.


"Olivia also had something taken from her. She, and I... We desire the same thing. Even as near inherent enemies we will work together against this Society." She says, retracting her finger as Nathan slowly pulls himself up.


"E-Enemies? Why are you two enemies?" Nathan coughs lightly, looking up towards Seung's darkened eyes, as Olivia begins to return.


"She is the creator of the serum that did this to you. She is the creator of this suffering that you, and I have both endured. But she is with us." Seung grins, looking towards Olivia. "She will help us. Not just because she wants to. But because I have something of hers she cannot live without." The girl says, hopping from the bed, and walking towards the steel drawers before Nathan has a chance to ask.


"Do we make him larger?" Olivia asks, setting down a tray of syringes, measuring tape, and various other things.


Seung shakes her head. Pushing her hands into her pockets. "No. Leave him that size." She says, turning back and returning to peer in at Nathan. "I will tell you this now." She grins. "Elysse will end up in my possession... If you fail me, I will be the last one she ever sees." She rolls up her left sleeve then, baring her arm towards Olivia as the blue eyed woman lifts a syringe, and pushes it deep into the girls arm without warning.


Drawing her blood back as Seung simply watches. No pain visible upon her visage. Her tongue licking across the tips of her teeth as her eyes swivel back to face Nathan, who shudders in response as her heavy gaze falls upon him.


"I want you to shrink Britney Young." She says.



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Decisions by Xandar357

  "W-What?!" Nathan blurts out. His eyes widening, and his jaw dropping. "How the hell am I supposed to do that?!"


The girl smirks as Olivia slides the needle from her arm. "That isn't my problem. It's your problem." She says, looking back towards Olivia. "You need not measure me again, yangnom. I haven't grown any more."


"Very well." Olivia responds as she sets the measuring tape she'd picked up down. Her own striking gaze returning to meet Nathan's body. Just as did Seung's.


"I will deposit some of what you need to get the job done in the lunch room here on the third floor." Seung says, grinning wickedly as always. "Just remember that she is one of the primary facilitators of this injustice."


(She wants me to shrink Britney... At two inches tall no less.) Nathan thinks. Staring with his jaw hanging open up at the girl as he sits up again. "Are you serious? You want -me- to do it?" He blinks.


 "Did I stutter?" Seung asks simply. "You are in a perfect position, boy. She won't even be looking for you. Up until the moment she realizes you've escaped again, of course." She grins. Letting out a light chuckle as she shakes her head. 


"All you have to do is get it into her mouth. How hard can that be for a little noye like you?" She asks.


"Harder than you might think, Seung. Britney isn't fond of the little ones around her mouth either." Olivia chimes in with her trademark robotically emotionless voice.


Seung glances over to the woman without moving her head. Her eyes swivelling back towards Nathan. "He'll find a way. After all, I'm going to be getting Elysse tomorrow, or the next day." She grins wickedly.


Nathan stares blankly. "What are you saying...?" He asks. Nervous to hear the answer.


"I'm saying that if you don't find a way to get point A into point B, I'm going to call lights out on that little chang nhyu acquaintance of yours." The girl grins, baring her white pearly teeth menacingly.


Nathan swallows hard.


Seung pokes the tiny man backwards, laying him flat out onto his ass again as he yelps lightly. "But I know you won't fail me. There's too much at stake for you to even think about that." She says as she looks towards Olivia.


"Come, Olivia. Let's continue with your check ups." She says as she begins for the door. Pulling it open, and pushing into the hallway beyond without another word. 


Olivia watches her go. Looking back to Nathan after a moment as she picks him up, and lowers him to the floor. "Your name is Nathan, is it not?" Olivia asks as she peers to the tiny, who nods his head.


Olivia nods herself. "It was interesting meeting you. Try to stay out of harms way." She says before continuing to, and through the door herself.


Nathan sighs as he's left alone in the large room. Slumping down into a cross legged position as he looks around. (Easier said than done.) He thinks to himself. Looking towards the large now shut door.


(They probably won't drop it off until later...) He thinks of whatever 'serum' Seung would be leaving for him in the lunch room. He stares blankly to the door for a moment. (I wish she'd at least told me -where- in the room.) He thinks as he looks back towards the large stainless steel drawers at the back wall of the room. 


(Hmm...) He thinks to himself as he looks at the key locks on each drawer. There was twelve in total. Each one laying horizontally at least six feet in length. Four columns that were each three drawers high. 


He picks himself up. Slowly making his way towards them. Looking the towering wall up and down. A memory flashing in his head of conversations long past that he had heard from the other tinies when he had been stuck within the 'containment' room he'd been hearing so much of lately...


He squints his eyes shut, but they soon open wide as he stares to the huge drawers. These weren't just any drawers... They contained...


(People?) He blinks. (What the fuck?) He asks himself as he begins to remember more, and more. The LRS didn't just quick-shrink people as he remembered seeing them do with others. They also slow-shrank people... Why, he didn't know. 


(Maybe..) He shudders. (Maybe some of them prefer the drawn out fear... Watching them slowly dwindle away.) He thinks, shivering once more as his hair stands on end at the thought of some of the people that must be here.


He turns to face the door of the room. Thinking on Seung in particular. The way she spoke. The way she had treated him even in their most brief of encounters... He had no doubt in his mind, that she was one of those people. One of those here that needed to be feared, just as much as they needed to be respected.


"What the hell am I supposed to do now..." He looks to the floor. Kicking at it, as he begins to walk for the door. Considering Seung's demand. Could he get away with it? Could he actually manage to shrink the woman who seemed to terrorize so readily? He laughs. Shaking his head.


"Get real, Nathan." He says to himself as he pushes himself to his stomach, and crawls out into the hallway. Looking from right, to left. Picking himself up, he turns deeper into the floor by going left. 


Passing by the next door on the left which was labeled 'Apex 1A'. (Hmm..) He thinks as he reaches the edge of the hallway. Another one leading left that would have, on the first floor, gone to the reception area. He stops by the corner, looking to the final door. He blinks his eyes blankly up towards the plaque. His eyes fixated upon the words inscribed therein. 


"Sto..." His jaw drops. The memories of the room of cages flashing back within his mind. He growls a bit. His heartrate quickening as he slowly approaches the door. Bracing his left palm against it's cold surface as he tries to listen to whatever might be going on within the room beyond.


A room which he had known quite well before his initial escape. He swallows hard as he lowers himself to his stomach. Peering beneath the door into the room which emanated the sound of faint voices, and dim, near candle intensity lighting. He can't help but feel a twist in his gut. A pull in his body, urging him to turn tail.


He looks to his left, farther down the hallway from the direction he'd come as he hears the elevators doors click, and begin to slide open. (Shit!) He thinks to himself as adrenaline takes over. Forcing his body to squirm beneath the doorway, and skitter inside of the dark room.


Looking left to right at the dimly lit black painted steel cages that lined the room both left and right from floor to ceiling. There was dozens, upon dozens of tiny compartments holding the tinies. Each one a mere six by six inch square box.


He breathes deeply. Hearing the footsteps approaching from down the hallway closer, and closer. Were they going to passby? Were they going to come in the room?


"Hey!" Somebody calls from one of the cages. A male voice, a shocked voice. "How did you get out?!" He asks, wanting to know for himself as Nathan spins around to look at the dirty, grungy, un-washed naked tiny that sat inside of his cage upon the barred floor on the first level. His hair was growing out, shaggy, and gross. Nathan could only imagine how long this one had been here, living off of what ever scraps the LRS decided to feed him. Judging by his skinny, near emaciated size, he assumed that wasn't often.


"I uh..." Nathan trails off. "I don't know..." He admits honestly. Unable to remember as he hears a key sliding into the door. His hair stands on end. Bolting towards that very corner cage and pressing his back against it. "Shhh!" He whispers, pressing an index finger to his mouth as he swallows hard.


The door pushing open, and Britney Youngs blue soled skate shoe slamming down against the floor as she steps inside of the room. None other than Chánel Bootham following in behind her. By this point, he could only assume that they were both aware he'd escaped again...


"How many do they want this time, Brit?" Chánel asks as she starts to scan cage by cage with her eyes. Grinning playfully at the bounty before her. She felt like a kid in a candystore as she walked down the center, and only aisle of this long, hellish room. Running her fingers against the bars of the tiny cages as she walked along slowly.


"Twenty of the little fucks." Britney replies. Resting her hands on her hips. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looks them over herself. Beginning deeper into the room. Nathan's heart pounding in his chest as he looks at the two giantesses.


One he was certain wanted nothing more than to stomp the life out of him. The other he was sure wanted nothing more than to smother him beneath her feet. He grins lightly at the thought. He couldn't deny it... Chánel always did have nice feet. And he could even appreciate her looks besides that. She wasn't an un-attractive girl. But, he sighs. Shaking his head.


He didn't want to live a life of imprisonment, and slavery. He knew there were certainly others. Dozens even that would gladly trade all they had for such a life. But Nathan? He needed to be free.


His eyes slowly pan right. Towards the open door. The bright lights of the hallway shining in, illuminating his body somewhat as he presses himself closer to the cage behind him. 


(I need to get the hell out of here...) He thinks to himself. Slowly creeping against the cage, and pushing himself against the wall as he sidesteps for the doorframe. His eyes never leaving Britney, and Chánel's legs as they continue to speak. Their voices booming into the room, and into his ears below.


"Twenty? Really?" Chánel can't help but grin. "At 15 grand a shrink, I'll be able to retire for the year!" She exclaims. Smiling dumbly as she stares down the tinies. "You hear that?" She asks, peering into an eye level cage.


"We're going to sell you little tinies off for shopping money!" She chuckles, running her finger vertically down the bars as she looks back over towards Britney.


"Hmph." Britney scowls. This was mere pocket change for her.


Nathan shudders, popping out of the room quickly before he has to hear anymore of the sickening conversation. Selling people, tiny or not, into abject slavery, and torment? It made his skin crawl. Especially the thought that if he didn't keep himself together, that he might end up as one of them. Or worse.


But what could he do?


Did he really have the courage to try and shrink down Britney for Seung Rhee?


If he ran, would she really go through with her threat, and end Elysse's life?


...Would he even survive in the outside world at two inches tall? He swallows hard as he reaches the corner of the hallway, and turns to the left. Staring beyond at what the third floor had made of a common lounging kind of waiting area which down on the first floor would have been the Reception area.


Couches, coffee tables, plants, chairs. No bar though.


He shakes his head. Pinching the bridge of his nose. He was just one man. One tiny, tiny man. Why the hell did Seung seem to think he was capable of so much more?


He scoffs. (She's just trying to fuck with me.) He concludes, exhaling deeply as he kicks at the tile floor, and begins to make his way towards the lunch room.


He had no other choice at this point. It was either help Seung, and Olivia, and hope that they restore his, and Elysse's height. Or have the guilt of her death on his conscience, and very likely end up dead himself.



End Notes:

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Attempting - by Xandar357

  It had been at least an hour since Nathan had left the so-called, Apex Storage room where Chánel, and Britney had begun hand-picking tinies for their journey into the black market. He now lay beneath a counter within the third floor lunch room. Awaiting Seung's arrival with whatever it was he would use to shrink


How was he supposed to do it? Was it some kind of ground up pill he would be able to put into her mouth? Or some kind of serum he could drip inside of her? At his size, let alone the fact that he was naked. It seemed...


Impossible. How could he even hide something like that?


He chuckles to himself. Once again coming to the conclusion that Seung didn't expect him to come through for her. Of course she didn't. She was just playing a game. Otherwise, she was out of her god damned mind.


He presses himself flat to the tiled floor as he hears the doorknob turning across the room, straight ahead. Shivering lightly from the cold that pushes through him. His body only just slowly beginning to aclimatize to being naked all of the time. He stares on as the door swings open.


Seung's eyes scanning the floor of the lunch room as she steps in, with Olivia behind her waiting by the door. Her lips curling into a trademark grin as her eyes lock onto Nathan's tiny body straight across from her.


She steps forwards. Beginning deeper into the room, and straight for him. "I wonder how long you've been in here. Probably since we split ways." She chuckles, pushing her right hand into her pants pocket as she pulls out a tiny vial. Well... Tiny for her.


At an inch long, it was half Nathan's size.


Nathan's eyes widen as the Giantess crouches down before the counter, and sets the vial to the ground. Filled to the top with a clear, watery liquid.


"H-How the..." He stammers. His jaw dropping as he looks the glass vial up and down. Doubting that he could even lift it, let alone try and drip it into Britney's mouth.


"Don't look at me, noye." Seung grins as she stands up high to her feet. "It's up to you. But, I suppose you can get it inside of her by other means. Open wounds work well." She says, looking back towards Olivia who still waits by the door, before looking back down to Nathan.


"Or spiking her drinks, or food." The Giantess's grin never fading as she begins to backstep. "Actually..." She trails off, pushing her hand cautiously into her other pants pocket. Pulling out a shiney steel sewing needle, and letting it drop towards the floor.


"Take this, noye." She says, motioning towards the needle as she smirks. "And remember." Her slender eyes narrowing as she speaks. "Your little friend Elysse's life is riding on your success." She says, before turning on her heels, and beginning for the door.


"Yangnom! Let us return to my house." She beckons of Olivia as the two disappear. The sounds of their echoing footsteps soon dissipating as well.


Nathan's eyes flow back down to the ground. Resting upon the standing glass vial of liquid in front of him, and the needle not much farther behind it.


(Well...) Nathan thinks. (That might work.) He nods his head. Approaching the vial as he gets  to his feet, and stopping before it. It was half his height, and as thick as one of his thighs. He sighs.


(The things people will do for freedom.) He chuckles lightly to himself, though it in no way lightened his situation.


He bends down, hooking his fingers beneath the vial as he tips it lightly. Gripping beneath the cap as he tries to lift it. He grunts, pulling as hard as he can and only managing to get it a couple inches from the floor with great strain as he feels his back muscles pulling hard. He sighs heavily as he let's it to the floor again.


The liquid on it's own was one thing, but the thick glass to boot? He scoffs. It just made this thing all the more ridiculous. (I'll never get -this- anywhere far.) He concludes, as he slowly tips it over completely onto it's side. Beginning to roll it beneath the counter.


He looks at it. The cap being made to be poked with the fine tips of syringes had a foam stopper.  "Hmm..." He mutters to himself, letting it rest halfway to the wall beneath the counter as he sits down cross legged in front of it's cap.


He looks over towards the sewing needle, laying where Seung had dropped it. Theorizing he'd be able to poke through the vials cap with it. Poisoning the tip of his weapon of choice. If he could shrink her by getting it into a wound, it wouldn't need much...


Just enough to get into her bloodstream, he imagined.


(Maybe this won't be so bad after all.) He decides. Standing to his feet once more, as he begins to walk out from under the counter, and for the needle. Stopping before it. To him, the needle was the size of a short spear. About 75% his own two inch length, and fitting comfortably within his hands as he leans down to pluck it from the ground.


He stares at the needle in his hands. Unable to help imagining the image of facing off against a woman that was his own size. Shuddering at the kind of damage he could cause if that were the case. He shakes his head, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose.


(I only wish.) He thinks, and begins back for the vial beneath the counter. Intent upon coating the tip in the serum he'd been supplied with. He pauses at the vial. Looking down to the needle, and back to the foam stop.


Reaching out with his foot to spin the back of the vial to face the wall a ways away as he prepares himself. Pulling the tip of the needle backwards, before thrusting it forwards with all his might. Ramming it into the foam and beginning to run as it slowly slides the glass across the tile floor. Crashing the back into the wall and sending the fine needles tip through the foam, and right into the liquid beyond.


Bracing his foot against the cap, he pulls on the needle. Sliding it out through the foam, and into the open world. A fine shine radiating off of the slick, wet tip despite the blanket of darkness the underside of the lunch room counter provided.


"Okay..." Nathan breathes. Gripping the short stainless steel spear tightly within his hands. "Let's do this." He nods his head. Taking another deep breath, he spins around. Beginning a jog across the room towards the door that would lead him back into the hallway.


He didn't know if Britney, and Chánel would still be within the so-called 'Apex Storage' room, but he sure hoped so. Because he didn't think his courage to go through with this was going to last much longer.


He pants as he reaches the hallway. Checking left to right as if he were about to cross the road. He breathes deeply, nodding his head again. Psyching himself up with mental images, and daydreams of coming out the uncontested victor in this coming confrontation as he begins to jog down the hallway towards what he knew more primarily as the Containment Room.


(Goddammit... This is so fucking stupid, Nathan.) He thinks. Faltering as he reaches the door within a dozen, or so minutes. He could hear them beyond the door. His heart beginning to pump quicker, and quicker. 


(Calm down. Calm the fuck down, Nathan...) He swallows hard. Lowering himself to his stomach. Being careful to keep the needle off the ground as much as possible, lest it dry. (They're probably just...) He pauses as his eyes pass into the dimly lit room beyond.


The first thing his eyes lock on are Britney's discarded socks, and skate shoes. Her jeans rolled up slightly just above the ankles as she stands with feet flat upon the floor. The heel of her left foot slightly bloodied already.


"What the..." He catches himself. Locking his mouth shut as he slowly crawls on his stomach into the room. Chánel standing across from Britney. Her eyes staring down towards a tiny upon the ground who was crawling towards her own barefeet.


"P-Please..." The tiny pleads. "P-Please don't le-let her!" He begs. His scruffy hair falling over his face as Nathan's eyes widen. He knew that tiny...


His heart races as he remembers him from no more than an hour and a half ago. It was the grungy looking man who had asked him how he'd escaped earlier. A man he held no particular attachments to... But a man all the same.


He grips his weapon tighter as he slowly picks himself up. Pressing his back to the door as he stares on at the spectacle unravelling before him.


Britney was grinning downwards. Not a shred of pity in her chemically imbalanced eyes for the shrunken man at her feet.


"She's not going to help you. No one is!" She says as she raises her left foot. A mangled corpse of guts, and blood revealed as her foot lifts high into the air above the man. Her toes wriggling. Blood, and flesh falling free for the floor as Nathan's eyes widen. Nausea gripping his stomach as it clenches. Looking away immediately and clenching his eyes shut as the man's screams echo into his ears shortly before a thundering stomp radiates towards him.


A sickening crunch snapping into his ears as he bites his tongue. Hard. His mind only able to imagine the final sights of the man. Britney's looming, sadistic expression - complete with satisfied grin as her gigantic, bloodstained sole hung above him. Eclipsing his entire world as it began to descend.


He shudders.


He slowly opens his eyes, turning back to look at the two as he grips the needle tight enough to turn his skin bright white. Clenching his teeth as Britney looks to Chánel. "You're sure you don't want to give this shit a try?" She asks. Raising her foot off the ground toes first until it rest upon it's heel. Blood pooling out beneath her foot as she turns it onto it's side. Inspecting the remains.


(You bitch... You fucking... Heartless. Powertripping. Bitch!) Nathan thinks. Clenching his teeth to near shattering point as Britney begins to read towards another cage. His face growing red. His judgement failing as anger sweeps over him. Numbing his body, and most of his other senses as adrenaline urges him to take a new path this time.


He wasn't just going to stand by any longer. He wasn't just going to let this woman get away with this shit anymore.



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- The Impossible by Xandar357

  Before he can even take a moment to stop himself, his legs are pumping. Quicker and quicker. His body propelling it self as fast as it can for Britney's impossibly large feet. His needle held straight out as a roar begins to escape from between his lips. "FUUUUUUUCK YOUUU!" He screams. The images of the dead fresh in his mind, just as they sat right there in front of him. 


Both Chánel and Britney look down at this new sound of anger resonating from the floor. Chánel grins. "There you are, Nathey!" She says mockingly as she bends down. Picking up her discarded shoe as Britney lifts her foot out of Nathan's path.


Stepping backwards. "Little shit!" She growls as she spots the shining metal within his hands. 


Chánel giggles lightly. Lowering her shoe quickly towards Nathan and swiping it into his body with her hand. The impact sends him skidding across the tile floor. The needle flying out of his hands as he rolls upon the ground, rolling to a stop on his back with a groan.


"I'm going to fucking crush your eyes right out of your skull." Britney growls once more as she clenches her own teeth in anger. Chánel is quick to shake her head.


"Wait!" She exclaims as she sets her shoe down. Swiping Nathan up from the floor. "We don't need to do that to poor Nathey." She coos, running a finger down his back as he groans within her grasp.


"Why the fuck not?! Maybe you didn't notice. But he tried to fucking stab me." Britney retorts as Chánel looks down to the tiny in her hand. Nodding.


"I know. But, don't you think it would be worse for him if we punished him instead?" She grins playfully. "Besides, you could hasten your transfer of little Elysse over to Seung because of this. That way he knows it's all his fault." She suggests.


Britney growls a bit. Looking down to her bloodied feet and the mess upon the tile floor. A mess little Nathan had run through and nearly slipped upon just before being batted across the floor by Chánel's huge shoe.


"Fine. We'll try it your way. But if I'm not satisfied by the end, I'm stomping the shit out of him." She says. Narrowing her psychotic eyes towards the tiny, who's head was still spinning with stars.


Chánel grins before smiling widely. "Good!" She says. "Come on. Let's take him to one of the private lounges." She says as she thrusts his tiny body into her pants pocket and begins to pull on her socks and shoes. 


"You should clean your feet though..." She says as she looks at the blood between Britney's toes.


"Fuck that! That little fuck is licking this off." Britney growls.


"Come on, Brit. I don't want that crap on my skin." Chánel laughs.


"Fine." Britney says, pinching her own socks and shoes between her fingers. Beginning out of the room alongside Chánel for one of these supposed private lounges. Which the two soon press into. These so-called 'Private Lounges' were four-fold upon the Third floor. Marked in alphabetical order, 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D'. Each room held the same layout. Something of a small suite in a single, long room.


Couches, love seats, comfortable reclining chairs, footstools. That sort of thing. They had their own TV's and tiny kitchenettes for drinks and other food as well.


It was in room 'A' that Britney and Chánel found themselves within. Each room always spotless and kept in perfect order for any time one of the LRS's more priviledged members decided they wanted to make use of it.


This was one such time.


While Chánel made her way for a couch near the end of the room, Nathan held securely within her pants pocket. Britney made her way into the small cubicle-like bathroom. Shutting the door behind her so that she could easily clean her gore covered bare sole off in private.


Chánel pushes her hand into her pocket. Gripping large fingers around Nathan's tiny body and plucking him free of his warm prison. Holding him up in front of her face as she grins playfully.


"It's so good to see you again, Nathey." She says, looking his disheveled form up and down. Eyeing him like some piece of meat waiting to be snatched up from the super market. Her eyes just as hungry as her salivating mouth as she licks across her lips seductively. Her prey returned to her... It was time to play.


End Notes:

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Regret by Xandar357

It wasn't long before Britney was returning from the bathroom, her foot cleaned of blood and guts while Chánel sat seated upon the couch. Her palm held outstretched before her containing the nervously shivering Nathan while her eyes beamed down upon him in anxious excitement.

She smiles, "Poor Nathey. You look so scared." She says as she reaches her other finger out to stroke at his back. Britney stops before the both of them, her hands resting firmly upon her hips.

"Would you stop trying to fucking console him?!" She growls, "Maybe you forgot, but he just tried to stab me?!" She says, her eyes narrowing towards Chánel.

Chánel looks up, as does Nathan - both with very different expressions. One with a smile, the other with resentment. "We'll show him what he gets for trying to get away, Brit. He should know by now that running away from his Owner is bad." She says,

Britney scoffs, "You act like he's a fucking dog." She says, "What do -you- propose we do with the little fucker?" She asks.

"We show him how defenseless and vulnerable he is!" Chánel grins, "Maybe then he won't try and run away again if we really teach him about what can happen if he does."

Nathan swallows hard, looking up towards Britney who has a bit of a growing grin across her own visage as she leans in,

"You mean like being turned to pulp if he tries to run away again?" She asks, her teeth baring at the tiny boy who shivers in response.

"Nathey? No!" Chánel frowns, "He's mine and -I- like to keep my pets in one piece. You can go ahead and crush the other tinies, but not Nathey. He just needs some training." She says.

"Chánel, he's not a fucking dog." Britney growls.

"I know that!" The girl responds as she lowers Nathan down onto the coffee table before her. "So, Nathey... Running off and trying to stab Britney?" She asks, shaking her head disappointedly like a mother might to their child.

Nathan swallows hard, knowing that had he not been overcome with anger and yelled... Britney would probably be the same size as him right now. "Well, she... She crushed that person, I couldn't deal with it!" He says, shuddering at the image playing over in his minds eye.

"We were just having some fun, Nathey." Chánel smiles,

"Who cares about that guy. He was useless anyways. Nobody would have wanted him." Britney smirks.

(Says you...) Nathan thinks to himself. His resentment for the spoiled Britney was only growing as his eyes begin to scan the lounge around him as he tries to figure out how he's supposed to get out of this one. "What's this about? What are you doing with all of those people?"

"Hah." Britney scoffs, "Wouldn't you like to know?" She asks, grinning.

"Nothing you'd be interested in, Nathey. Not at that size at least." Chánel says as she looks over towards Britney. "What should we do first?" She asks.

"Stomp the life out of his little fucking body." Britney growls intimidatingly back towards the tiny, sending shivers of adrenaline through his body.

"No! Britney, you said we could try it my way first." Chánel frowns, 

"Then you decide. What, you want to play with him or something?" Britney asks, looking back to her cohort.

"Well, of course! That's what he's for, right?" Chánel says.

(Goddamnit.) Nathan thinks, (What did you get me into, Seung?) He asks himself. Shivering once more at the thought of that creepy, dark Asian girl. There was something about her... Something a lot more menacing than either of these two.

(Or better yet... What did I get myself into?) He squints his eyes shut, holding the bridge of his nose. (I could have - No, I -should- have just stayed with Elysse at home.) He sighs while the ever looming Britney and Chánel speak above of what to do with him first.

"Listen, let's just start simple like always. You didn't wash your foot for nothing. Let's play some games." Chánel grins.

"...What... Kind of games?" Nathan asks as he breaks out of his own thoughts and shifts his gaze slowly up towards the two titanesses.

Chánel smiles playfully down to the tiny boy, "You know the kinds of games I mean, Nathey." She says as she reaches out to grab him off of the coffee table.

"H-Hey!" He exclaims at the suddenness of the grab as Chánel begins to swing his body down behind her, lifting her behind ever so slightly off of the couch cushions before tossing him beneath her and smushing her soft ass right down into his tiny squirming body.

She giggles as Britney laughs too. Beginning to grind her ass into his body, "Poor little guy." She grins.

Meanwhile, for Nathan, the sudden assault of Chánel's bottom on his body is a new kind of hell he'd had yet the pleasure to experience. If he was regular sized - like them, perhaps he'd enjoy such an action. But when you're only two inches tall, being grinded into a couch by someones ass is just as terrifying a prospect as being stepped on.

"S-Stop! Stop it!" Nathan groans in a muffle, trying to yelp out as he's smothered mercilessly beneath the soft and plush all encapsulating behind that belonged to his self-proclaimed owner.

"What's that?" Chánel asks, "Do you hear that Britney?"

"Not a thing, Chánel." Britney grins, "Not a fucking thing."

"Are you sure? I... I think I sat on something." The girl says, slowly lifting herself up from the couch and turning around to look down at Nathan, feigning shock and a gasp as she points down.

"Oh my god!" She exclaims, "Britney! A bug!"

"W-Wha?" Nathan mumbles, feeling a bit dazed and breathless from the smothering he'd just received as he struggles to push himself up onto his hands and knees and look upwards.

"Come on, Britney! Let's get it!" Chánel says as she reaches down, swiping her palm into Nathan once more and sending him tumbling off of the side of the couch. Landing roughly on the carpet below.

"Gah!" Nathan groans as he lands on his shoulder and rolls over onto his back. Staring straight upwards just in time to see the sole of Britney's freshly washed bare foot only lightly speckled in debris hovering high above his body.

His eyes widen, "Oh god. Oh god!" He exclaims.

"I'll get it!" Britney grins, thrusting her sole downwards.

"No no no!" Nathan yelps as he rolls to the side, Britney's bare foot slamming into the floor right beside his vulnerable and naked body. Adrenaline kicking in as he pulls himself to his own feet and begins at a run in any direction but towards those two.

"Its running! Get it! Get it!" Chánel says, bubbling with delight at the new game of cat and mouse they were playing.

"No! Leave me alone!" Nathan pleads as he starts trying to zig zag while running in pathetic attempts to avoid being stomped on. But his little legs could only carry him so far as Britney quickly gives chase. Both feet already bare as she starts trying to stomp down on - but mostly near Nathan to shake him with fear every time her huge sole slammed into the ground beside him.

Indeed her stomping shook him to the core. Moments before she'd wanted nothing more than to smear him into her foot and was now trying to actively step on him like a bug. Who was to say she wouldn't accidentally use too much force and snuff him out?

"Leave you alone? It can fucking talk!" Britney chuckles, stepping down right in front of him and blocking his path as he runs right into the side of her arch.

"Gah!" Nathan exclaims, stepping backward and craning his to look up the psychotic blondes towering legs.

"Tired yet, bug?" Britney asks with a wicked grin splaying across her face.

"F-Fuck..." Nathan pants lightly, turning on his heels to flee in the opposite direction and stumbling onto his knees as Britney stomps her other foot right in front of his path once more.

"There's no escape, Nathey." Chánel grins. "You're all ours." She says, "And don't think we'll be taking our eyes off of you again. You won't be escaping this time." She says.

(We'll see about that.) Nathan thinks to himself as he pulls himself upwards, trying to convince himself he even could escape again. He turns to look up at Chánel who was now in the midst of removing the shoes she'd put back on when they'd been leaving the Apex storage room.

She wiggles her warm and white socked toes free of their confines as she nudges her shoes aside, looking down towards Nathan with a pleased grin.

"Ready to play, Nathey?" Chánel asks, beginning to step slowly towards the tiny boy standing trapped between Britney's feet.

"N-Not really," He says, swallowing hard; knowing there wasn't a thing getting him out of this one as he feels a drop of sweat roll down the side of his face as the warmth of Chánel's toes reaches his face. A shadow casting over his tiny body as he meekly looks upwards to see her anxiously wiggling toes above him.

"Awe, that's too bad, Nathey. Maybe you shouldn't have run away!" Chánel grins, pushing her toes down onto the tiny and forcing him onto his back. Smothering him with her warmth, the soft fabric of her sock rubbing against his naked body, sending shivers of adrenaline and panic throughout him.

His nose filling with her musky and ever pervasive scent as he struggles to squirm free from his newest confines.

Britney snickers high above, "Pathetic little fucker." She says.

"How are we going to keep him from getting away this time?" Chánel asks as she kneads her warm toes into the squirming tiny below. Shivering lightly herself from the massage like sensations echoing through her toes.

"Why don't we throw him in with the rest?" Britney suggests, crossing her arms.

"With the others? But what if they hurt him?" Chánel asks,

"Are you fucking kidding me? They'll probably treat him like a hero. We can let him fill them with hope. A hope that we can crush once we start to move them to Zaštita." Britney grins.


End Notes:


Within Terrors Grasp by Xandar357

  A shriek echoes through the hallways of a beige walled, high ceiling'd mansion as a tiny Elysse runs across a cushy and well cleaned colour matching carpet. Her little legs not carrying her far as she trips over the fibers and lands upon her bare chest. Her body sore and a bit bruised as she turns over onto her back with widened eyes.

Thumping coming from farther down the hall as two powerful swinging legs and striped blue socks come straight for her. Britney's grinning face looking wickedly down upon her. She'd been brought to Britney's home and she feared it to be the last place she'd ever see as she quickly flips herself over onto her knees. Picking herself up again and trying to run down the hallway as Britney comes in quick for what seemed like the kill.

"N-No!" The tiny girl shrieks as her breasts bounce with each step of her quickly swinging feet. "Please! I don't want to die!" She screams as she rounds the corner on her right at the end of the hallway, pressing into the living room and rushing beneath a small corner table. Her heart slamming within her chest as adrenaline races through her veins.

But she doesn't stop. She doesn't dare to stop. Pushing herself on further even as pain begins to radiate from within her quickly exhausting leg muscles. She sobs, tears streaming down her cheeks as the thick atmosphere around her swelters with the overwhelming sense of imminent destruction.

All she can hear behind her is the thumping of Britney's continued, but slowing footsteps. A cackle escaping from between the Giantesses lips as she stops in the center of the living room. Watching as Elysse runs along the rightside wall towards a large silver entertainment center where an array of video game consoles sit beneath a gigantic flat screen television.

"You're so fucking pathetic." The Giantess grins, her hands on her hips. 

Elysse trips again, halfway towards the entertainment center as her foot catches on a thread of carpet. She crashes to the floor, desperation filling her entire being as she struggles to pick herself up once more. Britney's foot slamming down directly in front of her face before she can even fully extend her arms. The slam sending a gust of warm air towards her, lightly blowing her hair backwards as she shrieks in response.

"P-Please..." Elysse whines from the floor. 

Britney just grins. "Do you think I'm going to crush you? Is that it? You think I would risk ruining these adorable fucking socks over your putrid little self?" She scoffs. Shifting her foot around on the floor as she looks her own sock over. 

Elysse pulls herself up, pushing herself backward onto her bare ass. Craning her neck to look high up towards the gargantuan above who held her very life within her hands. She swallows hard. Thrashing as Britney's gigantic hand swarms around her body. Gripping her tightly and lifting her skyward.

"No, I have something much better for you." Britney grins, "Seung?!" She calls out, "Get the fuck out here!" She says, looking over her shoulder towards the hallway as Seung steps out. A much more sadistic and darkened grin spread across her otherwise pretty Korean features.

"Yes, Britney?" She asks as though she doesn't already know what's going on.

"I've got a little -traitor- for you." Britney says, growling down ferociously towards the little girl as Seung smirks. She advances, stepping closer to the two and looking Elysse over who cowers up towards the frightening Asian girl in response.

"P-Please..." Elysse whimpers from within Britney's hand.

Seung scoffs herself, "Please what?" She asks, "Do you think I'm going to save you, tiny noye? Is that it?" She asks, her grin widening.

Elysse stares, her eyes glistening with tears that roll down her cheeks as Seung chuckles and shakes her head.

"What a waste of a perfectly good toy that would be." Seung says, looking back up towards Britney and holding her palm out in order to receive the girl. "I'll make sure to take good care of her. Don't worry." She says.

Britney laughs, "You fucking better. This little bitch can't just go on thinking she can mess with us." She says, dropping the tiny girl into Seung's hand before she crosses her arms triumphantly and looks down at the girl with increasing contempt.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Seung says, "I'm sure that soon enough she'll be wishing she'd never been born if she isn't already." She grins.


End Notes:


Within Terrors Grasp II by Xandar357

  Elysse shivers. Her tiny, naked body contained now within an old Hamster cage. A cage she doubts ever contained a Hamster at all. The walls were tall white bars seated upon a blue plastic base. A base that normally would have been more of a dish containing only a bit of bedding. Now, however, they'd been filled up to be level with the bars so that whoever was outside could always easily spot whatever was inside.

In this instance, it was Elysse.

She can't help but wonder as she looks to the towel draped over her prison, how many others before her had been contained here? She knew she couldn't be the first. Not after seeing that crazed and evil look in Seung's darkened eyes.

The girl was insane... Whatever it was that had happened to her before she'd had the displeasure of meeting her, it had thrown her over the edge of sanity.

She clenches her eyes shut; sore and puffy from all of the crying she's done in the past two days. Knowing that even if she were to try, she'd be unable to squeeze out anymore tears. But her fear was still there, pumping strong through her body.

What was Seung going to do with her? Was she going to hurt her or kill her? She shudders as she tries to get down upon her stomach and peer out through beneath the draped towel to look at Seung's bedroom beyond.

Only able to get a limited view as she spies oak hardwood flooring, doors, and siding. The walls were a creamy kind of beige colour. The bedroom was large with a Queen sized bed of earth tone sheets and the door out into the hallway was positioned opposite her side of the room on the right.

Across from the door, box after box of various merchandises lay stacked beside a wide desk covered in all kinds of things including a laptop.

The room was... Well, it was messy. There were a few discarded clothes scattered on the ground and the dresser her cage was seated upon was rather cluttered as well.

She was almost confused. She blinks as she wipes her eyes a bit in attempts to relieve some of the stinging pain as she sits back up upon her rear. She had expected Seung to be so much more organized than this.

Without warning, the bedroom door suddenly swings wide open. The action causing Elysse to let out an instinctual yelp as pounding footsteps are heard heading straight for her. She feels her heart pumping faster and faster as the towel draped over the cage is suddenly lifted away.

Seung staring down upon her from high above. "Noye." She says as she reaches down and pulls the cage door open. Elysse naturally hopping to her feet and backpedaling away.

"Its time we laid out some ground rules." The Giantess grins from high above as she reaches her huge hand inside of the cage and plucks the now screaming girl out.

"Please! Please!" Elysse screams, "Please don't do this!" She says, kicking and struggling with what little strength she held in her tiny form.

Seung simply smirks and takes a seat upon her bed. Holding the girl within her now outstretching palm. "Do what, noye? I'm simply here to talk." She says,

Elysse stares upwards. Her body shaking with fear as she sits upon her knees, "A-About what?" The girl asks, skeptical and untrusting of Seung's claims.

"Well, little noye. You're under my care now. Meaning that every time you want to eat, drink or anything at all - anything that I need to provide?" Seung asks, "You must first do or offer something to me in return." She grins.

Elysse's heart sinks, "L-Like what?" She whimpers.

"Don't play coy with me, chang nhyu. You know exactly the kinds of things I want. You've been around Britney and Chánel long enough." Seung says, "I want you to worship me as the worthless and undeserving slave you've come to be. I want you to live and breathe servitude, noye. For you belong to me now." Seung grins, 

"You are mine. My toy. My property." She says, "And at any moment I become bored or unsatisfied with your service? I'll toss you out like all of the toys that came before you."

Elysse shudders, feeling tears welling up within her eyes once again as she tries her best to choke them back and keep her composure.

"Do you understand, noye?" Seung asks,

"Y-Yes..." Elysse whimpers once more as she drops her head and shudders.

"Good," Seung grins, "Let's test that." She says as she begins to lower the tiny and frightened girl towards the floor. Letting her slide from her palm as the girl shrieks lightly in response, landing upon her side and being quick to pull herself up onto her knees.

She stares straight ahead towards the two gigantic white socked feet before her. Her body trembling as her heart races.

"Feet," Seung begins, "Simple tools of walking for a person like me." She says, smirking down towards Elysse. "But for you? They can be weapons of power and degradation. Objects which can force you to question your very worth as a human being." She says as she wiggles her toes. Watching as the fabric of her own socks stretches and contorts to keep up with her otherwise simple movements.

For her socks, such simple movement was tremendous. She knew it was much the same for Elysse as well as she watches the girl shudder in response of both her words and actions.

"Poor noye." Seung says, almost cooing down towards her, "Are you frightened?" She asks, smirking once again, "You should be. At your size, you're not worth touching much more than my feet. You'll be seeing a lot of them." She chuckles, thrusting her left foot forwards on its sole and lifting her toes,

Elysse screaming as she throws her hands out before her just as the toes make impact with her body, sending her rolling onto her back from her kneeled position. Seung grins as she pushes her toes down, caging the girl in beneath them and squeezing her tiny body painfully.

Though she was unable to hear the girls groans of agony, she knew she was in pain. "Its really too bad that Nathan failed to shrink Britney." Seung says as she begins to knead her gigantic and lightly odorous toes over the girls struggling and tear dripping body.

"Otherwise you and I might be having a more pleasant conversation right now." She says, "But don't worry... There's a possibility that I might begin to feel generous enough to offer him a second chance." She grins, beginning to gently drum her toes over the tinies body.

"But I'm not sure yet... If only there was something here to help me decide." She trails off, sighing lightly.

Below, upon the floor, Elysse was in a complete hell. Struggling, kicking, and crying as she listens to Seung's venemous words high above. Though her mind was hardly coherent at this point, she was more than aware of what Seung was getting at. No matter how much she wanted to deny the truth, she dreads the fact that she knows exactly what Seung expected her to do to aid in her decision making. And she wasn't happy about it.

"Oh well." Seung says as she lifts her foot from Elysse's body. "I suppose Nathan will just have to wait. I'm sure he'll be fine for a couple of days, right?" She grins as she stares down, watching Elysse rush to her knees and dive towards her gigantic feet.

"No! Wait! P-Please!" The tiny girl begs from below as she braces her hands against one of Seung's toes.

"Wait?" Seung asks, cocking an eyebrow almost innocently. "What for, noye?"

"P-Please..." Elysse whimpers, "I-I'll do anything. Just please help him..." She says, fearing the worst if Seung stayed out of things. Knowing if Britney managed to get her way, Nathan would end up as little more than a stain beneath her foot.

Seung smirks, "I'm glad to see you've come to your senses, noye." She says, "Go on then, worship me." She says, "If you do a good enough job... Perhaps I'll free him and help him." She says, watching as the tiny girl before her loses all of her remaining dignity and begins to pepper her big toe with kisses of forced subservience and worship.


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