A Sitter for the Summer by Crocodile

A young man must come to terms with the fact that he no longer enjoys the station in life that was his by birthright and must now adjust to the cruel fate that life has dealt him.

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Chapter 1 by Crocodile

A Sitter for the Summer

Chapter 1

"Damned it mom! I'm 20 years old now! I don't need a babysitter!" Implored Timothy.

Tim's mother just closed her eyes to compose herself. Then she opened them again in order to lay down the law of the land to her son once again.

"Now Timothy, ever since the accident that made you the size that you are now you've been dependent on me for everything. I have to cook, clean. I have to work now that your father died too... I need a break from all of this and a Summer vacation is not asking too much and you even agreed to this."

"But I never agreed to be watched over by a kid!" Tim interjected.

Tim's mother continued. " You and I both know that you can't take care of yourself like you used to be able to do Timothy and the sooner you accept that then the sooner you can become happier with what life you've got left. And as you know, the courts decided that everyone stricken with the miniature desease have been deemed legally unfit to live on their own and must be accompanied by a normal sized guardian at all times. It's the law now Timothy!"

Tim's mother Janet never liked to remind her son of his now diminished legal rights and possibilities for life and only brought the topic up in the most stressful of arguments that left her no other alternative.. She also knew how it depressed and angered him to hear these words too but she figured that enough was enough of his whinning and she did indeed deserve a break from him before she had lost her mind. It would do both of them well for the two of them to have some time out from each other so when her best friend offered to flip the bill for a trip to the Bahamas with her she thought that her prayers had been answered. But this left her in an akward situation as she knew that Tim did not wish to be seen or cared for by anyone other than herself admitting to her the humiliation in being so small had pressed upon him.

Tim now stood no more than 3 inches in height like most others who had contracted that dreadful disease. About 1% of the worlds population had succumbed and were now dependent upon their families or legal guardians to help them. There even was a cloths line and accessories for them on certain websites that specialized to "little people's needs" as it was coined.

So once Janet had enthusiastically accepted her best friend's offer her mind went to work on what to do with Tim. She sure as hell didn't want him coming along as all of her problems at home would simply follow her right to the Bahamas and there were no family who could look after him in the meantime as her mother lived in Maine which was very far from Oregon.. Almost about as far as one could get from there to be quite honest.. And this would involve her flying to Maine and then flying all the way down to Florida and then another flight to the Bahamas.. And Tim had quashed that idea anyhow as he begged his mother not to put him in the hands of her mother as it was again just too humiliating for him.
What Janet came up with was a compromise that allowed Tim to stay at home with the one condition that she find him a live in guardian while she was gone.

This is when Wendy came into the picture. Janet hat put out a Babysitter add on Craig's List for the care of a little person who lived in their home town of Ocean Breeze. There were several replies but the prices that were asked for were cost prohibitive. And that's when Wendy replied to the help wanted add...

Wendy was a 14 year old "all American girl next door" who was very interested in the little people around the world... There were online classes that a person could take for extra credit to school that she had immediately enrolled in back in junior high. With enough credit hours and good enough test courses a person after 4 years of online study could qualify as a bonefide foster parent of a little person. And that's exactly what she wanted to become one day. The thought of taking care of her own little person or persons captivated her young imagination and she would see this dream one day become a reality she had gleefully told herself and her parents.

There were even internships that allowed people like herself to temporarily look after little people for a full 12 extra credit hours! So when she saw the Craig's List wanted add she almost screamed with excitement. She immediatly replied to Janet's request and explained to her about all of the courses she had already taken (4 in all so far) and that the ciriculum did allow for such a internship that would make the entire affair legal. She also explained that she was already a licensed sitter for normal sized kids in the State of Oregon making matters even easier. And to top it off she'd look after Timothy for free.

In no time at all the two were talking on the phones and Wendy filled Janet in on the whole proceedure and the reports that she would have to file back with the educational advisors who were based out of New York. This would involve her doing basic check ups and submitting questionaires to Tim while she was there with him and an few other things too.

She also explained that she only lived two blocks away so her parents were behind her idea as well and could help with taking her grocery shopping or anything else that might crop up.

Janet for her part did arrange to go visit Weny's house and meet her along with her parents and found Wendy to be a sweet intelligent girl with very nice parents who talked with her while serving her tea and cookies. They all got along very well that afternoon in their nice, and tidy home that Janet judged to be very respectably within her standards. Janet also double checked Wendy's story about her internship aspirations and if her parents would indeed allow her to spend the summer in her home due to school being out and to take her out to attend to Tim's eating, entertainment, and clothing needs along the way which they proved willing to do.

So it was settled, that not more than two weeks later Tim would have a chaparone to contend with as she left for her vacation. But now was going to be the most difficult part.. Breaking the news to Tim.

Tim had agreed in theory to a sitter but had not defined what he thought one should be in the regards of age or gender. Tim was still basking over his victory to stay home rather than to dwell on phase two of this predicament. So when the fateful day came when his mother broke the news to him about who was going to be taking care of him in her abscence he was quite litteraly knocked off his feet about it.

Janet had fixed him some of his favorite pumpkin pie and had even filled him a thimble of coffee which he loved to drink while he was eating such delicacies.
Then in a casual tone of voice she began to tell Tim what was in store for him.


"Yeah Mom?"

"I've found a sitter who can look after you for the summer while I'm gone. She's a little bit younger than you but is very enthusiastic to meet and care for you. "
Sitting on the kitchen table, upon a spool of thread he dropped his piece of pie onto the overtuned bowl that served as his table and immediately inquired.

"Younger than me? How much younger?" He said still chewing the mushy substance in his mouth.

"Well, she's 6 years your junior Timothy." Tim's mother feeling the storm brewing calmly answered looking away out of the kitchen window as she did so.

"Then that would make her only 14 years old mom! What the hell are you talking about?"

Tim could feel the blood draining out of his face as he began to anticipate the problems that such an age difference could mean for him.

Janet composed herself for the next salvo.

"She's very mature for her age and has had several classes in how to care for people like yourself as she wants to be a foster parent to little people one day."

Janet winced as she said little people remembering how much Tim had hated to be referred to as such. So she quickly pressed on.

"Her school is out for the summer so she will intern with you while I'm away, there's even questioinaires and tasks that her curriculum will have her do with you, as it seems that this field is still very new and they are trying to gather as much information about you all as possible in order to make your lives better as time goes by.. You'll actually be helping yourself in the long run by helping her."

Janet was proud of her answer that she had given on the fly and had hoped that this would smooth the waters some.
Tim's face had turned beat red though.

"So I'm supposed to be some girl's toy guinie pig for the summer while you're away? That's so fucked up! Next your going to ask me to -"

"Now Timothy Bender! You are not to use that kind of language in this house and you know that!"

Janet said raising her voice and swooping down low close to Tim in order to try and take back the initiative. She had found that doing such would normally scare the daylights out of him and that would be the end of the argument. After all, it was not every day you could parry a verbal assault from a Giant who could stuff you into her apron for a hot and dark time out period while she attended to house cleaning.

Tim nervously looked at his massive mother who was now crouched down with her hands on her hips exposing the very white apron with the front pocket just under the wrap around belt that he had found himself in before and it was not a pleasant place to be.

Timothy now remembering his true place in this household tried to change his tactics being that he was treading thin water at this point judging by the look on his mother's face.

"Mom, I know it has been difficult looking after me these last two years and I know it has kept you from having as much fun as you would like but try and see it from my point of view. Just as I was about to leave home and start my life it was ended as I knew it. And now all the things that you take for granted I can only look on with anguish and envy. I can't even take a bath now without somebody lifting me up to the sink for crying out loud."

Tim wisely avoided any foul language as he tried to plea his case.

"Isn't there anyone else who is closer to my age or older that you could find?"

Janet's eyes were beginning to water as she shook her head in the negative

"None that didn't want a fist full of hundred dollar bills who were just as foreign to me as Wendy was before I first met her and her family."

Tim's eyes got wider, his mother had not told him about any previous meetings with his potential new sitter and had taken extrodinary measures to put all of her pieces into place by not informing him of what she was doing when she had left the house on grocery trips as he assumed that they all were.

Then Janet began to cry placing her head into her hands as she sat upon a kitchen chair next to Tim..

"It's just not fair Timothy, I have to do everything now and I just need a little break.. Do you know how difficult it is to find a job nowadays? Especially when you've been out of the workforce for as long as I have? How demeaning it is to wait tables for snot nosed college kids half your age? I've suffered just as much humiliation as you have lately Tim and all for your sake. I'm just asking you to do this one thing for me for once and the girl that I found is a really sweet one Tim. Her parents are going to stay out of the scene and just take her to the store when she needs something for you guys. It will only be you and her so that you wont feel so bad.. We've really talked this through from the standpoint of not hurting your feelings Timothy."

When Janet pulled her hands away from her face in order to see what Tim was about to say next she was surprised to already see him next to her arm that she had just sat upon the table.. He was even reaching out to it and rubbing her forearm with the type of love she had not seen from him in a long time.

"Oh mom I'm sorry I've been so difficult about this. It's just that It's like I'm dead but still alive and life is just one humiliation after another now. And I know that you've been trying your best and if you will promise me that you will never do something like this to me again then I'll go along with this just this one time. "

Tim for his part learned over and hugged his mother's massive arm. He didn't even see her move her opposite hand over to behind him in order to scoop him up. She normally never did this but she was just too filled with joyful relief in order to stop herself.

So she hoisted the tiny lad up to her cheek and squeezed him into it. Then she showered him with motherly kisses all over his squeaking protests..

"Don't you worry my little Timothy, this is going to work to the best for both of us and you might even make a new friend in the process! And don't you worry, I promise that I'll try to never allow something like this to ever happen again."

Then much to Tim's relief his mother set him back down to his pumpkin pie and informed him that she had several calls to make and that she was going to tell Wendy that the deal was on and that she was going to start getting things prepared with her boss at work for her short leave of abscense and that she had to set up the bills to autopay and so on as she trounced out of the kitchen to get started.

Tim took a big piece of pie and held it before himself regarding it while he wondered what he had gotten himself into... He also wondered if he really had a say in the whole matter to begin with truth be known.. As the depressing thoughts began to enter his mind he could hear his mother in the next room excitedly talking to his new to be babysitter.

Tim sat down upon his spool of thread and took a big bite out of the fist sized wad of pie that he held trying to push the thoughts of impending humiliation to the far corners of his mind.

Chapter 2 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Wendy Arrives

It was a Friday morning when Wendy arrived...

Tim was sitting upon a terry cloth that was folded into a square upon the wooden floor making a nice comfortable mattress of sorts for himself. To his side was the television remote control that was as long as a Cadillac car. Beyond and in front was a TV set as big as a drive in movie theater screen if not larger.

Tim and his mother had discovered that if he got on top of the remote and jumped up and then down upon a button it would indeed trigger the sought after action..

His mother would giggle and remark that he looked like he was playing hop-scotch when he would bounce up and down upon the correct number sequences for sports or a educational program usually featuring the afflicted like himself as he found these features the most interesting and naturally applicable to his current plight.

His mother liked to sow or read magazines on the couch behind him and watch along as well when the commercials were through. She too was interested in Little People specials and documentaries because she would learn things about Tim just as he would during such episodes.

Hollywood was even starting to include tiny actors into their films and sitcoms creating a sense of normalcy to an insane turn of worldly events. Alas, the actors were usually depicted as the butt end of jokes or in demeaningly funny situations to which Tim would quickly lose patience for and turn the channel away from.

Janet wouldn't say anything feeling that interjecting would only exacerbate his hurt feelings even more. She still would note what embarassed him and made him angry never the less.

There was even a sitcom that had just started that was Tim's favorite for obvious reasons.. It was called Me and Little Ray which dealt with a young metroplex couple. The beautiful brunette wife being an interior designer tries to get through life with her now shrunken husband who was formally a Hockey star. Neither of which being over 25 years of age so Tim was really in tune with the movie poster props in their Chicago city apartment and the lingo or bands that they talked about. They went to cafes and even had friends over for parties all of which presenting some new difficulty for the couple to work through.

Some of the events pertaining to the little people downright terrified him like when the news would report that an international Little People slaver ring had been caught operating in countries like the Ukraine, Singapore, or Brazil. Or people being killed by house pets or over playful children and so forth.

His mother always allowed Tim to control the remote as she tried to give him as many feelings of control that life would sparsely afford him now. And Tim was very appreciative that his mother at least left him alone to watch whatever he wanted to watch during their television time.

They were both watching a National Geographic series called Sharon the Hunter that showed a young pretty National Bounty Huntress whose job was to find renegade Little People who had taken to living in city parks or abandoned fields to have them repatriated with legal foster parents or family members. This was another hit series and Tim admired this beautiful lady as well as despised her at the same time.

She would make jokes about rounding up some of them and they'd follow her with a camera to watch how she'd chase them down laughing and giggling in pursuit. She was in her late twenties to early thirties and had such a zest for her job.. She would explain that where else could a person hunt down cute guys and get paid to do it.

These kind of callous statements made Tim furious but he would watch on anyhow learning some of her tricks in finding people and how resourceful renegade Little People could be. When the lady had cornered or trapped a Little Person Tim would get an erection due to his excitement. He was so turned on to see the giantess tromping after the terrified Little People and snatching them up waving the Little Person in front of the camera crew commenting and bragging about bagging another renegade. The tiny person screaming and wailing throughout the ordeal.

This was a new profession that had only just begun one year ago with the majority of these Doll Hunters (the slang term for them) being women freeing up the men agents for the organized human trafficking rings that were becoming a bigger and bigger threat these days.

These ladies had little high tech icecream truck looking paddy wagons complete with nets, human cages, and all sorts of other gadgets.. The ladies were not armed as they didn't need to be in order to apprehend renegades due to their vastly superior size differences.

She even had oversized pockets on her khaki shorts where she would store people in case there was a nest of them that they had to go after.

On one special there were multiple targets for them so she was whispering to the camera person on how to carry out her task. As she explained this with a wiggling person in hand she kept her thumb over his mouth and then removed special cuffs and a gag which she expertly inserted into his mouth once she had removed her thumb. Once she had him hog tied it was down into one of her multiple waist pockets he went only to have the flap snapped shut trapping his wiggling body inside..

Then once this task was completed she crawled on through the tall grass lunging for and capturing a lady next time bringing her up to the camera for a close up stating with humorous glee- "Maybe this is his wife!" Giggling and playfully tapping on the tiny head of the captured lady attempting to shriek through the smothering thumb flesh that kept her effectively silent.

On and on this went until she had rounded up a whole group of eight people.. This was the second episode which Tim had saved and burned to a DVD for future viewing due to the fact that he liked it so much.

Tim had also learned to have a little pillow on hand when this feature came up so that he could hide his erection from his mother during the show's juicy chase and capture scenes. The lady had a very pretty face and some beautiful legs and breasts to match.

Tim was always rooting for the Little Person openly but secretly hoping that the Giant Bounty Huntress would corner and capture her prey. His mother was always openly rooting for Sharon, explaining to Tim who had inquired why on one occasion that it was for the best for those poor Little People and that it was better that she caught them than some sick pervert or some wild animal..

A viewpoint that Tim could not easily debate seeing the logic in her words..

But still he admired the people that she went after as they were all brave enough to try and keep their independence and dignity.. Something he had handed over to his mother over two years ago.

On this episode the lady was presently chasing after a man who was riding a working miniature gas powered motorcycle... Yes, they had even built miniaturized motor vehicles for them recently and they could be bought for the Little People for about a thousand dollars on the average.. Some people drove Camero replicas or Harley Davidson mock ups that actually made loud exhaust blasts when you revved the engines.

This particular guy had talked his wife into buying him a Kawasaki crotch rocket.. He had convinced her to let him take if for a spin in front of their house.. His wife had reluctantly agreed being that they lived on a quiet cul de sac that was rarely used for any other car than theirs...

But what she did not know was that he had been scheming to make an escape from her using this toy sized motorcycle. Doing ever wider circles in front of their house as his wife worriedly looked on..

On one of his widest arcs that took him the furthest away from her he made his break for it. His wife had explained through her tears to Sharon that she had given chase at first but he just kept making more and more distance from her. And now he could be anywhere perhaps not even in the neighborhood anymore.

Sharon calmed her down and asked for the motorcycles serial number which the mother got the paperwork for. The camera person followed Sharon over to her paddy wagon as Sharon dialed in the serial numbers and acquired the GPS unit on the bike... Once a red blip came up on her dash computer she smiled and said "There he is, let's go get the little runt!"

Tim was shocked! And duly noted that anything built to his size was a potential tracking device.. He had not even thought of this just as the person trying to escape on that crotch rocket hadn't.. Heck, his wife didn't even know this until Sharon had explained it to her as she was looking for the documentation on the bike.

Tim thanked himself for bearing through this educational series once more for learning just one more potential thing that could come in handy to know in the future.

Sharon was in hot pursuit and explaining that they were leaving the subdivision for the town streets where he was presently zipping off through when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, that's Wendy!" Tim's mother spouted and immediately dropped her quilt that she had been working on all morning to go answer the door.

Tim could feel the floor boards begin to buckle and spring back up under his mother's massive slippered feet as she bounded towards the front door. As interesting as his show was this was about to take even more precedence.

After all, it was his mother who had found him and outside of a family visit from a specialist doctor and his nurse along with his father, he had not met anyone else up to this date since the disease had so quickly run its course on him.

Tim heard the door open and his mother's happy greeting to Wendy who at once began talking to her.

"Hello Mrs. Bender I'm so excited to be here, are you just about ready for your trip tomorrow?"

His mother gleefully answered in the affirmative as the two made some more small talk at the front door. Tim was feeling adrenaline moving throughout his veins as his body temperature began to rise. There were so many unknowns at this point. Would she be a trollish looking ogre? Would she smell like crap or have bad breath? And he was scared too which made him angry... This was only a young adolescent girl who was about to make an intrusion into his life why should he have to be afraid... But yet he was.

He refocused on their conversation.

"Well Mrs. Bender I just have a few bags out in the car that I thought I'd leave here over night, before I come here for good tomorrow morning is that ok? "

"Of course it is dear, let's go get them, we don't want to keep your dad waiting too long."

They both laughed and exited the house.. Tim heard the storm door shut and waited for it to reopen again... And just moments later he heard a masculine voice say.

"Oh it's no problem at all I'll just sit this big bag here just inside the door."

"Thanks daddy, I'll just be a couple of minutes more as I take these bags upstairs to my room and meet Timmy!"

"Sure thing sweety I'll be right out here in the Blazer"

Tim didn't like the Timmy comment one iota and would make that one of the first hard and fast rules to get across to her once she had settled in.

"Well where do we go Mrs Bender"
"Oh just upstairs to Tim's old room, that's where you'll be sleeping."

Tim's eyes got as wide as saucers... She was going to be taking over his room now too! Now he had an issue to resolve with his mother tonight as well... The list was starting to compound itself now as he balled up his fists with rage. Then he heard Wendy giggle and speak to his mother again.

"Wow, how cute, you built improvised stairs for him out of children's spelling blocks! How adorable... Just a second Mrs. Bender I've got to get a few snap shots of this for the LPGO people!"

Sure hon go right ahead, it was Tim's idea after all, me and him spent an entire afternoon stacking those blocks to make his own personal stairway up the stairwell" She laughed as she recounted the event to Wendy.

Tim felt like a child having his mother refer to one of his crowning ideas and achievements as if it was mere child's play for her to be involved with. She had easily stacked the blocks that he couldn't even budge into place exactly as he had instructed. And once it was all done it did truly work.. He could with effort and some time go up and down the stairs now without having to be carried up them like a baby chipmunk.

The next step was going to be for them to glue them in place as Janet's massive footfalls would tend to jar them loose from each other causing some to tumble to the side making his attempted journeys upstairs that much more perilous until he could report the problem and have his mother simply stack the errant block or two back into place once again as if it was nothing.

And within a couple more moments the two hulking woman bounded up the stairs. Tim could hear the squeaking of their unfathomable tons of weight upon the floorboards above the ceiling as Wendy moved about making his room hers.

With a few thumps of luggage hitting the floors they were taking themselves back down to the first floor again. At which time he heard his mother inquire about what was in the big bag.

"So what's in that big heavy bag that your father had to carry for us?"
"Oh just some scientific equipment that the people at the LPGO sent for me to use while I'm here."
"LPGO people?" Janet inquired.

"Ah, that stands for Little People Guardian Organization who set all of this training and stuff up a few years back and who I report back to."

Wendy casually said as if it was the most normal bureaucratic corporation to be in effect those days.

Tim's mother lowered her voice in response perhaps hoping that Tim wouldn't hear her next words which he of course easily did.

"Oh, I see, well Wendy... Would you like to meet Timothy now?"
"Of course I would Mrs. Bender, I've been waiting to do that for two whole weeks!"

Tim could hear the two giggling as if he was of no true consequence except for his entertainment value much like a brand new puppy was.

But then the floor boards began to ominously creek again as the two Giantesses began to make their way down the hall towards the living room...

As Tim stood waiting he took some deep breaths and tried his best to compose himself.

Chapter 3 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:


Many things that we take for granted on our normal scales do not apply when one is the size of Timothy... Things are too magnified for them to have the same or such a casual impact... Those things are so much more pronounced that they bring new realities on to themselves.

As Tim watched the entrance to the hallway it was full of brilliant light that was entering through the front door windows and the adjacent dinning room ones as well. But then that light dimmed as a massive figure cut most of it off.

Tim tensed his muscles in anticipation but was relieved to only see his mother filling in the darkened gap of light.. She entered slowly with her eyes falling immediately upon him and his favorite TV watching spot. Then she stepped to the side and allowed the second Giantess to come within the living room.

The lighting repeated the same sequence as before but this time a unknown quantity came through it. Tim felt weak at once due to the fact that he was not properly geared towards seeing her, his mother stealing that moment. But it wouldn't have mattered anyhow as what stepped into the room almost took his breath away.

She was just as tall as his mother already but with the body of a statue carved from marble. Her hair was a dark brown that was trestled in curls that came well past the length of her shoulders. That hair spilling upon a one piece cloth tunic bulged at her chest with some full B Cupped sized breasts budding and bursting to soon become C sizes Tim mused, which were just above a tied at the waist single rope sash that served as her belt. The tunic falling down to just above her bare slightly tanned knees. Of which were laced just below that point with leather straps that were a part of a pair of gladiator sandals that adored her thin yet muscular shins down to her feet which were 3 times longer than Tim's entire body adorned with pink painted toe nails the size of human shields compared to himself.

Tim was feeling many emotions all at once and it put him in immediate anguish... He was awed and he was scared and he was humbled by a adolescent girl who made no effort to even do these things to him yet she did.

To make matters worse she couldn't even focus on him at first with her head scanning about the room looking for him. He was too small to even be immediately noticed... The embarrassment factor not escaping Tim's enraptured mind either.

Janet seeing the confusion begin to amount on Wendy's face decided to save the moment.
"Oh, he's right on the floor in front of the coffee table Wendy... Right there!" She encouragingly pointed with her left index finger to the very spot where Tim was standing.

Wendy's eyes stopped scanning the room and immediately fixed on the location that Janet told her to look... And there he was.. A real live doll sized human being. Her sweet brown tootsie roll colored eyes settling upon him at last....

Tim watched her eyes intently for their reaction to his presence... At first they narrowed acquiring their target... Then they widened with disbelief... Then slightly closed just the smallest amount with fascination.. The far corners arching up in the process... And then after this they actually glazed over with an indescribable luster that conveys either a look of possession or a look of lust. Neither of which comforted Tim.

Tim for his part could see that she was a very beautiful girl with a fair complexion that had been tanned with effort. This girl would not want for a man ever when she grew into adulthood he at once knew.

Taking all of her into account he was reminded of some Greek Goddess or Titan in the classical sense of the term her cloths reinforcing this persona. But breaking him out of these mental analogies was Wendy's body movements that began.

Wendy took three massive earth shaking steps towards him and then bent down placing her hands upon her knees. A painfully cute smile forming upon her face. Then she spoke to him at last.

"Oh, hello Timmy, it's so nice to finally meet you.. You're mother has told me all about you."

Tim for his part was just trying not to faint.. First off, it is a very unsettling experience to have a person walk directly towards you when they are the size of a building. Tim had hashed this out with his mother months ago explaining the anxiety along with the intimidation factor of it so Janet seldom made such advances towards him now and even had a round about way of approaching him these days that kept him at ease.. The key was in the direction at which you came at him and the speed of which.

Wendy on the other hand knew of no such strategies and had not even considered what such an approach would do to somebody his size. So it was just a normal thing to do for her in the moment.

Then she did something else that scared him.. She bent down even more as to create the atmosphere of a avalanche of mountain boulders falling upon him. Tim quickly raised his arms over his head out of reflex. Wendy's eyes startled for a second realizing that she had just scared him when all that she wanted to do was what she did next.

Wendy put her hand towards Tim and offered to shake his in a genuine gesture of friendship.
Janet still standing back against the wall could only smile at the magnanimous gesture..

"Hello Timmy, it's so nice to meet you finally." And with this her hand came even closer to his body.

Tim almost frozen stiff by this point reflexively reacted by offering his hand for a regular shake as well but didn't realize his mistake until it was too late.

Wendy quickly seeing the mismatch in greeting improvised by changing her open hand and recalling all of her outstretched fingers except for the index finger and thumb continuing it towards Tim's tiny appendage. Then she simply pinched his entire hand into her finger tips and gently shook it.

Tim for his part flushed red with embarrassment as his arm was involuntarily yanked upwards and then slung downwards. A sequence that repeated itself five times until Wendy was satisfied with the greeting. During the second upwards yank Tim tried to pull his hand away, now realizing how silly he appeared shaking hands to finger tips but it was as if it was caught in a hundred ton hydraulic car smashing vice... Not only did his hand not come back to him but it was pulled down and back up again as if he were a child being greeted by an adult.

Tim at once looked up into her eyes and was not comforted by the fact that she didn't' even seem to notice his break away attempt... In fact she had already turned her head back towards his mother and was asking her for permission to pick him up.

"Is it ok if I pick up Timmy Mrs. Bender, I want to be able to see his handsome face and be able to talk to him better."

Tim was now vigorously trying to pull away noticing that his mother was obscured past the body of Wendy and could not see his plight as he heard her response.

"Sure go right ahead but just be very gentle and careful."

"Oh, it's no problem Mrs. Bender, I've had training in handling Little People so I'm well aware of their limits."

Now Tim was furious.. These two ladies were talking about physical actions to act out upon him and he had literally nothing to do with the conversation... Not being able to bear this for one more second he made a final pull with all of his strength and might against Wendy's thumb and index finger tips but he only managed to pull some muscles in his shoulder instead, at which point Wendy happily turned her attention back towards Tim bringing her opposite hand down around him cupping his backside in a cocoon of palm flesh that pushed him towards her original hand that finally let go of his own only to rush forward pushing him into the palm resting upon his back entrapping him at once in a fleshy prison. Then the hands compressed together securing Tim and began to rise.

To describe the act of being picked up by a Giant/ess needs a bit of explaining in order to understand what Tim's mind and body were processing that very moment and why he so desperately hated being handled in such a way.

First off it is a very humiliating experience when somebody who should be naturally much weaker than yourself has now effectively neutralized your freedom of movement and can now physically lift you up off of your feet and then several feet into the air as if you were lighter than a newborn baby which you are.

Your body is squished from all angles as if you have been the victim of a collapsed mine shaft as tons of earth take all of your leverage away from you when you are swallowed up by the debris.. Tim's face was smothered by the lower parts of her fingers closest to where they join the hand temporarily reminding him of the fact that should she continue such a hold his ability to breath would be terminally ended at that point only raising his anxiety levels even more.

Tim's limbs were bent and squeezed immediately into any direction that her hands chose to mold them. His light from the outside world being cut off for the most part too as he lie immobilized in a hot darkened prison cell made of moist pliant flesh.

No longer a strong young man capable of thinking and doing things for himself, this confidence must temporarily take a back seat to being a cute little doll to be handled in any way that the person picking him up deems fit at the moment.

So now robbed of his common dignity that we all take for granted by a simple act of Wendy's reaching down and snatching him off of the floor, his stomach must now endure a ride of negative Gs up into the sky much like being on an amusement park ride that does similar things to the general public who allow themselves to be put through such motions.

Also when one travels up this quickly the stomach begins to lose control of it's ability to contain its bile which now begins to trek upwards through the esophagus to be vomited out should the action continue for a sustained amount of time.. In addition to this he would feel a strange tickling sensation at that very place much as you do when a roller coaster goes down the first big hill.

When the top hand lifted off of him he was breathing so quickly that hyperventilation was setting in. Wendy watched him spasm for his last breaths and then pass out completely due to his brain's inability to get its much needed oxygen.

Wendy had been somewhat careless when she had first compressed his body squeezing out a vital amount of oxygen from his lungs which he was not to be able to recover until it was too late.

Wendy's eyes widened and she commented. "Oh my Mrs Bender, I think he's passed out!"

Janet hurried over to Wendy's side and looked down upon her cupped hands to see her son just as Wendy had feared. The first thing she looked at was his chest to see if he was breathing which thankfully he was. Janet at once figured that this was all just too much for him for the moment and decided to give her son some time to get his strength back.

"Well Wendy this isn't the first time that this has happened to him, I've had that effect on him too before especially the first week or so after he initially became this size. He's been so nervous lately and scared too. I guess this has all just overwhelmed him.. A good nap would do him some good right now. Here, let's take him upstairs to his room to recuperate."

Janet said to Wendy as she put her hand on Wendy's shoulder reaching for Tim with the other in order to retrieve her son.

"Should I carry him to his bed so that we don't wake him up by handling him too much?"

Janet saw the logic in her words and decided that they were a good idea instead of her just taking him out of her hands like she had originally decided to do.

"Sure honey, that sounds like a great idea, follow me."

Wendy nodded in agreement as Janet began to make off for the staircase again, but just before she followed her Wendy brought his unconscious body up to her face and planted a soft kiss upon his entire head, much in the same way a mother might kiss a sleeping baby.

Then Wendy smiled and began to very slowly and gently follow Mrs Bender.

The two arrived at Wendy's new room which was formally Tom's and were at once presented with a dilemma.

Wendy noted a improvised ladder going from the floor all the way up to the surface of the bed.
"Is that how he get's into bed Mrs Bender?"

"Oh the dental floss rope! Yes Wendy, he makes them himself out of unwaxed dental floss and as you can see, they look just like your typical rope ladder complete with rungs but only on a much smaller scale... But you'll need to be sleeping here so we'll have to figure out some other place for him to sleep now."

Both ladies looking around for potential places..

"I got it!" Exclaimed Wendy
"What if we used the lowest drawer of of his old night stand that way he'd have less higher to have to climb and it'd bee even safer for him?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea Wendy why don't I remove his old cloths from it and put some of yours in there because Tim isn't going to be using any of those cloths that he used to wear any time soon." At this both ladies laughed at the irony of Janet's words.

Thinking quickly Wendy suggested that Janet open her cloths suitcase and pull out her socks and stockings as those would make the softest flooring for him. Of which Janet agreed and proceeded to do. Wendy smiled again and looked on as Janet completed the task.

"I'll pull the rest of his cloths out tonight Wendy to make room for yours but for now let's get my son situated."

Of which Wendy nodded in agreement, swooping down with the unconscious Tim and gently laying him upon a tan pair of nylons. Then thinking more of it she pulled a thin pink sock and laid it over him just like a blanket. Then she stood up and both ladies smiled down at their handy work.

The two then quietly exited the room and went down to the front door. Now Wendy had some revelations to make to his mother.

"I've got the document and letter that you gave me Mrs Bender and you know about the obedience classes that I took over at the community college that are designed to keep him safe. I'll only use them sparingly as I know that me and him are going to get along just great.. In fact, I doubt I'll even have to use them at all as he looks like such a nice guy."

Janet sighed..

"Well like I told you last week, things have to change at this house and I just don't know how much whining and moaning I can take from him and I also know that I'm not strong enough to do it to him as I'm just too soft. But I know that you will use your education to the best of your ability and I trust that he will have a completely new attitude on life once you've shown him that his constant sulking is only going to lead to more depression which is also only going to lead to even more devastating things if somebody doesn't' give him a new perspective soon....

So you just do what they taught you and what you think is best while I'm gone. I wont call often as I don't want to hear his crying and begging while you are busy modifying his behavior... He tends to bend me to his will so I will leave you alone as much as I can as I try to forget this place for a while..

I love him to death but I fear that this is part of the problem too as I've told you before, so I hope and prey that you can straighten him out for me."

Wendy just nodded and responded confidently.

"Like I said Mrs Bender, I doubt he'll need much disciplining at all.. I think he just needs a new big friend who can help him have some fun in new ways for a change.
So don't you worry Mrs Bender, everything is going to be just fine while you are gone and I'll call you with status updates regardless because I feel that as his mother you deserve them. So don't worry one bit.

I'm all ready to come by tomorrow to see you off .. Your friend is still coming over to take you to the airport right?"

"Oh Shirley is looking forward to this trip even more than I am so I think at this point I couldn't back out even if I wanted to. "

To which both ladies had another good laugh... Wendy said goodbye and headed towards her dad's Blazer and Janet went back up to Tim's old room in order to check on him again. Her mind already preoccupied with the sandy beaches of those nice tropical islands.

Chapter 4 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

The Letter

When Tim woke again it was morning or so he surmised. Expecting to be lying upon his pillow stacked on his building sized bed he was at once disorientated. Around him were four wooden walls and only half of the ceiling was open as the other half had another wooden ceiling above it.. The walls were four times higher than he was tall and he was surrounded by colorful socks and nylons....

Nylons? Where was he? He pondered.. Then he noticed a thin pink argyle sock resting upon his lover half... He immediately pulled his legs out from underneath it and began to frantically look for a way out.

Not seeing any type of door things began to dawn on his waking mind.. He was in a cloths drawer but whose? These were girls socks all around him for Christ's sake. .

Tim didn't want to spend one minute more in this square prison cell so looked around for other options of escape and was discouraged by his prospects.. For if he were to stack all of these socks up he'd still be about a body length or two from the top of the lip of this drawer that imprisoned him. Then he noticed a folded piece of paper against the front wall closest to the light coming inside of the drawer.

Tim shook his head in bewilderment.. How could his mother put him or allow him to be placed in such a demeaning place? He figured that the note over there probably held the key to that mystery so he at once walked over to it... He actually had to pull it a few feet away from the wall (by his standards) in order to unfold it..

The letter was folded into three sections that kept wanting to refold back into their original positions so he angrily pulled a sock over and dropped it upon the lowest section of the note and then simply stood on both the mid and high sections in order to keep the top half from doubling back over as well. And this is what the letter said.:

Dear Timothy;

"I didn't want to wake you because as you know, you had spent the entire previous night up watching television with too much anxiety waiting to meet Wendy. "

Tim remembered the excuses that he had given his mother explaining that he was just wanting to see the end to one cool movie after the next.. His mother finally tiring of prodding him to get his rest for Wendy's visit had retired her own self to bed around 1:AM in the morning.. Tim now knew that his mother wasn't fooled by his lies and decided just to read on.

"When Wendy picked you up you must have been so afraid that you fainted so we decided to place you in your night stand drawer so that Wendy could set the bed up for herself."

Tim now knew exactly where he was at and was relieved to know that he was still at home and inside his room at that.. He was angered though because his mother had completely misunderstood why he had passed out.. He remembered that huge klutz squeezing the air right out of him and them keeping him from breathing any further as she so callously picked him up yesterday. He was also disheartened by the fact that he'd already been ejected from his favorite sleeping spot which was his own bed of all places he fumed. And the fact that they'd not been thoughtful enough to place one of his ladders inside so that he could get out and use the restroom if he needed too also made him angry as well.

And speaking of which, Tim now noticed that nature was indeed making itself known as he had a morning urination call that was beginning to hurt his groin region. Tim looked around and smiled, he would at once get some quick revenge on that brat of a girl. So leaping off of the paper he immediately ran over to the furthest corner that was shaded due to the drawer directly above his and found a red sock to relieve himself on. Tim let out a long and steady stream that was the collection of about twelve full hours of sleep, smiling with relief, revenge, and satisfaction to his act..

Then Tim ran back to the letter and repeated his former stance upon it in order to read further.

"Tim what I'm about to say next I realize is going to be very hard for you to take, but please try to understand that it is for the very best and with the the very best intentions in mind.. For two years now I have waited on you hand and foot.. I have taken all of your tirades in stride and have let you hurt my feelings at the slightest perceived infraction. Your father used to do the same exact thing to me and so after his passing I suppose it was only natural that I allowed you to move right into his position. And now I still feel like the abused housewife that I was under him with the added trouble of having to pay all of the bills as well... I quite simply can't do this anymore unless there is some changes around here.

Wendy is a very bright girl and has had extensive training in coping and dealing with people of your present stature and this is why I'm going to give her my fullest confidence in taking care of you in my absence... She will cook for you, clean for you just like I used to to.. But she will also be allowed to discipline you should you misbehave. Me and her have talked this through and I'm confident that you are going to become a much better person once you know your boundaries."

If Tim had not just relieved himself seconds earlier than he would have had a steady stream going down his leg at this point. How could his mother be so stupid, he pondered... How could she be so heartless and cruel? This was going to be much worse than he could have ever imagined.

Still he read on...

"There are also physical tasks and exercises that the people who created her internship will have her perform with you.. I would advice that you cooperate with her so that others may benefit from what you all learn in the future, and at the very least this will keep you out of trouble with her should you be a good boy and participate.. She stressed with me how important this information is and I'd have to say that I agree with her as well so you listen to her and do what she says young man."

Tim was beginning to nervously shake. The implications were devastating for him and he knew it. He had thought that she was going to be much like his mother was who would get things for him when he asked and make his life more comfortable and have even less say so over what he did... This was shaping up at the far end of the spectrum from that.

"I expect you to follow all of her advice and do what she says to do in the three months that I am gone. You have to understand that I love you very much and only wish the best for you and us. It is my hope that she can teach you the things that I could not due to how soft that I am on you and I know this will make both of us so much more happier in the future.

I suspect that you are not very happy with me right now but you have to realize that it is for the very best and with much heart break that I allow this to happen. But I am very sure that in the future you will agree with me and you will be much safer as a result, which is at the core of all of my concerns for you right now.

I love you with all of my heart Timothy but there is going to be a new way that we live when I get back and we will both be better off for it as well..

Love Mom"

Tim with shock went over to where he had slept and plopped down upon the pink sock with his eyes wide open.. This was not good at all.

This girl was going to be like an actual adult guardian for him with complete control over what he did with the right to punish him should he disobey. Would she really take things that far? Could he somehow mentally gain the upper hand with her like he had done with his mother? Could he handle the humiliation of a young teenage girl bossing him around and possibly spanking him when he talked back?

Mentally he was in a state of extreme horror as he pondered these imponderables. And then to his own self loathing disgust his penis began to stir, aroused by the strange sense of humiliation that he knew was in the immediate future for himself.

How could he accept or withstand a fourteen year old girl deciding what he could and could not do? How could he put up with being disciplined?

He also went over the hurt and betrayal that he felt towards his mother at this point. Couldn't she had made her feelings known to him before things got to this point? Sure he could be demanding at times but he was the handicapped person after all was he not?

While Tim was brooding over these hard feelings he heard the front door open and shut. ..

When somebody is as small as Tim they learn new perceptive abilities that people like us wouldn't even suspect that they would.. Tim knew the sounds of his mother moving through the house as these steps were slow and of a low thudding nature giving away her weight and age compared to what he heard coming up the stairs..

These steps were much different... Instead of a low rumble they were more like light lightning cracks as her weight was less evenly distributed as his mother's was with most of it clinging to the center of her mass rather than spreading out more along her arms and thighs. And her steps were much faster than his mother's were with almost an impatient stride or rhythm to them.
Tim knew that this was definitely Wendy and Wendy was coming for him.....

End Notes:

I posted chapter 5 right behind this one as I don't believe in antagonizing the readers too much and so therefore didn't want to overdue the suspenceful part of chapter 4 and overplay the suspense in general.

So, please read on. :)

Chapter 5 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Action was needed

As the immense footsteps got closer Tim stood up and told himself that he'd be much more resolute and steady this time. After all, he had things to iron out with her and boundaries to set. This time he would be ready.

He heard his door open, she was almost there now.. Tim gritted his teeth and remembered his anger over this ordeal that he now found himself in. After all, none of this was fair for him and he would turn the tables back into his favor.. She'd see.

Then all at once in a flash of a moment his ceiling turned from plaster and overhead lighting fixtures to a mass of flesh and cloth that covered all that he could see from wall to wall.

A mass of flesh that wore a cute smile that perhaps some spoiled little girl might show for a new toy that has just been added to her collection.

Wendy's hands were on her hips as she gazed down upon a Tiny Tim who stood in almost the same exact posture as her with the difference of his neck craning up and hers hanging down. Tim on the other hand was not smiling but had more of a look of uncertainty just before a battle ensued.

Tim began to speak; " Hello Wendy, we nee to-"

But Tim's voice was drowned out by a a mass of decibels that his could never hope to come through or above which was simply overwhelmed by the Giantess who decided to talk over his which she easily did.

"Hello sleepyhead, I thought you'd never wake up today." I was just coming up here to wake you up anyhow and am glad that you saved me the effort."

Now she relaxed some seeing that Tim was effectively silenced and began to fall down towards the floor in order to sit right in front of Tim's drawer in a cross legged Indian posture.. She then bent forward causing Tim to take a step back with the avalanche effect scaring him once more, as she put both of her elbows upon the lip of the drawer and rested her chin upon her upturned hands.. The weight of which causing his drawer to droop forward some causing Tim to stumble forward a couple of steps this time.

Once he had righted himself he looked up again to see Wendy with a more thoughtful look on her beautiful face.. A face that now had more make up on than yesterday with her lips being painted a much brighter shade of red as well.

Her eyes left Tim to look at the letter and then she smiled again bringing her eyes back to him.
"Oh, I see you've read your mother's note. Good! Now I suspect you might know what kind of relationship that you and I are about to have."

All Tim could do was grit his teeth and wait for what she said next.

Wendy instead reached in causing Tim to flinch as she lifted the note up and out of the drawer only to set it several feet above him on top of the night stand after which refocusing her attention upon him.

"This is all pretty much going to be up to you Timmy, my stay here can either be a pleasant one for you or it can be a nightmare.. Either way it'll be fun and beneficial to me. But in the end I'm always going to win so it's my hope that you catch on quick Timmy.

Now, we're going to talk about the rules that you'll be living under once we've eaten some breakfast because I'm starved now since it took you so long to wake up. I'm sure you'll need to pee too so let's get that taken care of as well."

Tim had been steadily steaming as this girl smugly laid down his life terms to him... The gull of her speaking down to him as if he was half his own age right now. So Tim decided to make his first move of independence and simultaneously test the young Giantess as well.

Just as Wendy began to reach in Tim halted her by yelling up to her.

"I don't need to pee Wendo Wendy, I've already done it." He motioned behind himself with a shrug of his shoulder and head to the exact spot he had just urinated in a few moments ago."

Wendy's eyes followed his body movements to the far corner of the drawer.
"You mean over there where the socks are?" Wendy asked in a confused sort of grimace.

Tim, proud of the temporary gaining of the upper hand responded.

"Yeah, right over there on top of that red sock.. You know, the next time you decide to leave me some place you might just think about leaving some type of way for me to relieve myself you ditz."

Wendy's head and eyes shot back to Tim as she tried to take in what had just happened noticing Tim's small smirk in the process. But then Wendy's head turned back towards the far corner as she reached into the drawer to pick up the sock and see if Tim was actually being for real or was just putting her on. "Certainly he was not that stupid!" She mused to herself.

But sure enough, once she had extracted the sock and examined it she could see a wet spot that had spread to about the size of a quarter upon it.

So shaking her head she again turned her attention towards Tim. The state for her dominance was already being challenged by Tim and what she did next would cement who was the dominant one in this situation that was going to span a few months of time.. She had many things to learn from him and unless she had his cooperation she would most certainly fail this internship and this just would not do. Everything relied on what she did next and by now she had decided the pertinent course of action to take.

"Well Timmy boy, you think that was cute? Pissing on my cloths like some common rat?"

Tim's smile faded as he became incensed at her comparison of him to a small dirty rodent.

"I had hoped that we wouldn't have to begin your behavior training so soon and that we could get off to a much better start together but you are already pushing my hand here so listen up.

Do you know why mice and rats smell Timmy? "

Tim folded his hands in defiance but remained silent curious to see what her next move would be and in no mood to humor her line of questioning to begin with.

"Well since a cat seems to have your tongue I'll tell you why. You see, mice and rats are dirty because they pee and crap where they live.. And then they play and move around and basically roll in it too.

Now, you've pissed where you live.. You've done that part well.. So the only thing left for you to do you little rat is roll around in your piss too.!"

Wendy's hand shot forward and collided with Tim knocking him senseless. And before he even knew what was happening he felt all of his body except for his head locked within her hot moist hand which was holding him a little too tightly at that, just before he was rocketed out of the drawer and right in front of her face. Once again he found it hard do breath.

When he finally did get his bearings he saw the red sock that he had peed on earlier coming right for his face with the wet spot dead center of it. Tim began to pull his head back and try to squirm away but found that nothing seemed to move except for the sock which was slowly advancing on his exposed head.

Finally the sock took all of his view away and the lights went out as it was wrapped around his face and head... Then Wendy began compressing the sock's wet spot smearing his own urine all over his hair and face.

Tim could only breath in wet cloth with the horrible stench of warm stale urine as it was slathered all over his flailing head. This went on for a couple of minutes until then without warning the sock was mercifully lifted away giving him back the desperately needed oxygen that he needed.

Tim's hair and face glistened with the waste fluid as he coughed and sputtered. By the time he was able to partially recover he could see Wendy reaching into the drawer and removing all of her clothing from it. Then she unceremoniously dropped him into the drawer and addressed him again.

"Now let that piss sink in and give you the proper scent of the rat that you are... Because the next time you try something like that I'll piss on you myself you little pipsqueak.. And I promise you that I've got a hell of a lot more piss to spray you down with than you could do in a month! Maybe even a year!

Now sit in there for a while and think about what a selfish despicable little boy you are. "

Tim was busy trying to wipe the stinging liquid out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. He hardly even paid her much attention as he had his own problems to contend with presently.

And then without warning his world lurched to the side as the drawer was quickly slammed shut. It moved so quickly that Tim was sent bouncing off of the front panel only to land hard again upon the coarse wooden floor.. His world now encompassed with darkness.

Tim's face was contorted as he sat there with a grimace of pain for his now hurting shoulder as he felt the percussions of Wendy's feet leaving the room and him all alone.

"Well that didn't go as well as I thought it would." Tim told himself as he removed his shirt and begin wiping his hair off with it.

All he could do now was wait for her to come back and hopefully let him out.

Chapter 6 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:


Tim sat in the darkness with his back against the side wall of the drawer and brooded. He couldn't help but feel sorry for himself either.. Who wouldn't in such circumstances.? But as he sat there and smelled his urine that she had forcefully smeared all over him he decided that he was going to have to beat her another way rather than through intimidation tactics.. He was going to have to use his mind and manipulate her if he was going to make the best use of what few advantages that he had left.

Tim knew that he was more experienced and probably wiser than her and could use this.. But was he smarter than her? Tim figured that the only way to really find out was to try... Conning her would be his best weapon in the near term he surmised while sitting in the darkness of her doing.

Perhaps if he could convincingly get on her good side he could bide his time until she let her guard down and then make a break for it. Tim in his self pity figured that any place was better than his home now and he'd like to show his mother how little she cared about him by making this situation a disaster for both of them...

Tim began to smile at this plan... The new, nice, and clever Tim... This might just work. Sure she held all of the physical cards for now but he would turn these tables on her when the opportunity presented itself... He would outsmart her... He had to!

He thought and dwelled on this for well over an hour until other thoughts began to float to the surface... Like how pretty and well developed she was for her age... How in control of him she could be should she wish to throw her size around. And although is was humiliating to have her smother him with that sock he had to admit that it was kind of titillating too.

Tim's penis began to stir again... Tim hadn't any contact with ladies other than his mother for over two solid years now... Tim could not help himself and the passions that having contact with another female had impressed upon him... And still his penis grew more erect..

The warm soft skin of her hand that was yet mightier than ten people his size he dwelled on as he began to unzip his shorts and pull them down to his ankles.

What if he could con her into kissing some part of his body that he had claimed that she had inadvertently injured? Like his arm, or his neck, or his face.... Tim was now stroking himself vigorously... He would tame this mammoth beast because he was still the man... He was older and he would outsmart her...

He would make her love him. Just as he used to be to the girls back in high school... He would be the puppet master instead of her puppet. And she would do dirty things for him before he was finished with her.

Tim fantasized about this until he shot his semen all over himself...

After some time to wind down he took his already dirty shirt and wiped his seed off of his belly and chest. Then he tossed his shirt to the side, pulled his shorts back up, and fell asleep....

Sometime in the dark haze he was awoken by the drawer opening again.

Light flooded in and above in the brightness sat Wendy looking down upon him once more. She had a blank unreadable look upon her face until she moved an arm up and presented a regular sized eating bowl that she sat inside of the drawer. Then she addressed him.

"I hope we're feeling a little nicer now. I took the time to clean my soiled cloths while you were in time out and would advise you to do the same with yourself.. Once you're clean you can eat and we can try to start again."

Tim groggily got up and looked into the bowl.. Within it was a soapy warm pool of water that resembled a large sauna. Wendy dropped in a small hand rag that was as big as a blanket for Tim and also dropped some of his cloths inside too.

"Give me all of your cloths Timmy so that I can wash them as well."

Wendy dropped her hand inside of the drawer and held out her palm expectantly. There was no way that Tim was ready for Wendy to see him in the full nude so he went ahead and put his hand into the water in order to test it. It was a bit hot but not scalding so he went ahead and pulled himself up and over the rim of the bowl and settled down into the warm improvised bubble bath.

Wendy for her part had no idea why he had just done what he did until she saw him with his arms under the water fumbling with something... Then he pulled out is shorts and held them up as water poured out of them... Tim didn't even look up but just held them there in silence.. Wendy taking her cue went ahead and pinched them between her fingers and lifted them up. Using both hands she went ahead and squeezed the water out of them and placed the shorts into her right hand.. Then her hand came in again and removed his discarded tee shirt and placed it in the same hand.

Tim couldn't help but grin thinking about his cum drenched shirt probably putting some of his bodily fluids on her finger tips. Taking a warped sense of humor out of what he just inadvertently pulled off. Looking up at her he wondered what she was going to do next.

Soon he had his answer.

"What do you say for the nice warm bath Timmy?" Tim thought about telling her to go blow herself but remembered his plan.. "Thanks Wendy."

Then Tim slunk down into the water until he was completely submerged hoping to cleanse the sticky urine from it which it did. When he came back up and wiped the soap out of his eyes Wendy was already gone... To where? He didn't know but it sure felt good to soak his sore shoulder some.

Soon he could hear the laundry machine down in the basement humming to life and figured that's where his cloths along with some more of hers were at present. Tim continued to scrub himself down and relax. He wasn't going anywhere after all. He took a chance to get up and look over the rim of the bowl to see which of his cloths that she had selected for him and noticed that these weren't his cloths at all but some new ones.

What he saw was a blue tank top and some white shorts.. "Shorts again it looks like." He mused. Then once he heard her bounding up the stairs again so he immediately sat back down in order to obscure his manhood.

Wendy came right back to his drawer and sat down as before. Now, for the first time Wendy talked to him more like the girl than the Giant that she was with a tone of uncertainty in her voice that an inexperience adolescent might have.

"Did you see the cloths that I brought you?" Wendy's voice almost cracking.

Tim played it cool and was going to do this like a older fellow could do.

"Yeah I saw them, so what?" Tim tried to look as uninterested as possible. When he didn't hear any snide comeback from her he stole a glance up to her face whose eyes were looking away with less confidence than he'd thought that they'd have. When she had considered her next words she looked down at him and meekly spoke.

"I bought them for you as kind of a greeting gift and hoped that you would like them." She said with hope in her eyes.

Tim could see the vulnerability in her face and knew exactly how to proceed from there, so he replied.

"I'll try to put them on, that is if I can get my arm into the shirt, my shoulder is pretty banged up now." Tim put his hand upon it and tried to massage the tricep in order to drive home his statement.

"Did I hurt you?" Wendy asked now genuinely concerned.

Tim pressed the advantage.

"Yeah, you could say that I'm not exactly used to having drawer doors slamming into me at about a hundred miles per hour. But being a guy you gotta get used to people trying to hurt you. It goes with the territory so don't worry about it."

Wendy felt sympathy, guilt, and defensive all at once, so tried to defend herself and her actions.

"Well you shouldn't have done what you did Timmy, that was disgusting and mean as I've never done anything to you before" She said her face now frowning.

Tim was ready to bring out his psychological warfare now.

"It was just a sock Wendy, one in which you can clean and I really didn't have any other place to go.. But once you start breaking my bones for measly ordinary socks I'd say you've got some issues to work on."

Wendy pulled away and sat straight up considering his words and seeing the reason in them.

Tim for his part could see that Wendy was probably a good girl who was capable of feeling shame but was not yet mature enough to handle the power that she now suddenly had. This was dangerous he pondered. So Tim decided to go for broke feeling that this was his best opportunity to do so.

"I'll tell you what Wendy, let's call a truce and then get me out of here so that I can hear about what you had in mind and what I'm expected to do for your internship and maybe we can find a middle ground that doesn't involve humiliating me and making you look like a monster in the process.

There's a lot I know that you could learn from and I'm sure you could benefit from as well. But you can't just see me like a dog that you need to train because I have feelings and reasons for doing what I've done in the past while with my mother...

Does this sound reasonable to you?"

Wendy looked back down at the tiny man who she could quite literally wrap around her fingers who was actually setting the terms for their interaction which did not at all sound that unreasonable. She could also see that although extremely diminished in size he still had all of his old feelings and many of his former habits too.. He even still had his male bravado to contend with which she didn't see being any kind of threat but more of an annoyance is all.

And after all, this was the foot that she had originally hoped that they would get off to rather than the one that they were on now. Therefore she was agreeable to his terms and would use this opportunity to set a few of her own as well.

"I agree Timmy, but-"

Please call me Tim Wendy... Timmy is a name used for toddlers and although I might not be as tall as one, it is still very demeaning for me to be called one."

Wendy stopped and once again saw the reason in his words.

"I'm sorry Tim, it's just that I really need your help and you will be needing mine over the next few months.. Your mother has told me several things that were bothering her and I promised to help bring these things to your attention so that you'd stop doing them.

Sometimes a person needs to hear what they're doing wrong so that they finally can see things from other people's perspectives. So, if I drop this bossy attitude I'll need you to really listen to what I say in regards to how you can fix things with your mother and also we can maybe try and get you over your nervousness around other people. And I will also need you to answer some questionnaires and do some physical tests that my internship requires.. I so want to become a Little Person foster parent one day and you're my best chance to be able to do this.

But if we can get along and work together I see no reason why we can't be good friends and have lot's of fun too."

Wendy looked down upon Tim with hopeful eyes of yearning.

And for the first time, Tim could see that perhaps it was Wendy that needed him more than he needed her. Tim could also see her youthful naivety by placing all of her cards out on the table for him to see before he showed her any of his. But this he would use to his advantage later if need be because God knew she already had most of the advantages to begin with.

"Can I ask you a personal question Wendy?"

"Sure Timmy, I mean Tim, anything you want."

Why do you want to look after Little People? I mean, isn't my mother any just cause to reconsider? As you may have guessed by now it isn't easy. Hell, she can't even stand to be around me now come to find out."

Wendy thought for a moment and then beamed down to Tim.

"Because I've always wanted to take care of people and who better to do that with than people who are dependent upon you for most everything.. And I think that Little People are so cute and wonderful.. Like having a little friend who can always go where ever you go and will never leave you."

Once again Tim could see her naivety shining through but decided not to debate her on this pipe dream of hers. She'd have plenty of time to reconsider her foolish notions during the course of this summer.

"Ok Wendy, I see your points and they sound reasonable enough for me... I'm starved so let's go get me some breakfast that I missed this morning and then we can take a look at some of these terms and activities that we'll need to do together."

Now it was Tim who decided to press the advantage by standing up and getting out of the bowl of water without warning to Wendy.

As Tim went over the rim of the bowl he made sure that Wendy was able to see his full naked front side as he made his way over to his hand towel. As he picked it up he looked up at Wendy to gauge her reaction.

Wendy was a deep shade of red and once she saw that he knew that he was looking she quickly turned her head to the side in order to avert her embarrassed eyes.

Tim just smiled and quickly dried off. Then he reached down and looked at the size of the shorts that Wendy had bought for him... And they were just right, a size Little 6 just as he normally wore... His mother must have filled her in on that one.

Tim pulled the shirt on and looked up once again.. Wendy had returned to looking but was now smiling with a fist blocking half of her blushing face while chewing on her knuckle.

"I can work with this." Tim smiled to himself.

Chapter 7 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Round 1


Wendy lowered her hand expectantly for Tim to climb upon. She figured that the next thing to do was to take him downstairs to the kitchen and begin his introduction to some of the things that were to be in store for him now that the two were on more amicable terms.

Tim eyed the massive appendage that rested a mere 5 feet away from him by comparison. Not having any shoes on he'd have to step into her hand barefoot which he wondered how that would feel. He had always pretty much been fully dressed when his mother handled him so this was unfamiliar territory for him.

Sighing and still slightly dripping water, with resignation he walked over to the hand and boldly climbed up and onto it as if it were a fleshy platform. It being too large for him to simply step up upon and requiring his arms to help lift his upper body upon only to drag his legs up to finish the action.

Getting situated he immediatly rolled over to his belly so that his face was facing her palm. Experience had taught him that if he did not look over the sides while being lifted then the action more resembled a elevator ride rather than a rocket blast off. He at once smelled her skin as his face came in close proximity to it.  He could smell soap mixed with perspiration.

And up he slowly began to travel as his toes felt the warm soft flesh below their tips. He noticed that he could even dig into them a little if he tried.

Wendy was proud of how things were now evolving having him voluntarily in the palm of her hand as she slowly stood up and began to make her trek out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Tim was startled to find a warm roof fall upon his back that pushed him flat against her palm. He at once knew that this was her other hand cupping him for added stability. But it still made him feel slightly claustrophobic to be sandwitched between two warm walls of hand flesh.  It also reminded him of her omnipotent size and strength in comparison to himself.  He was at once humbled by this mundane action of her hands.

Away they went until he felt the bobs and thuds of the stairs as she walked down them in seconds. A journey that would usually take him a full 15 minutes to traverse.

Then the roof lifted giving him back cool air and light. The palm in which he layed upon was tilted forcing him to look down to see the kitchen table that the end of it rested upon that continued to tilt giving him no choice but to jump off of to the table surface below in order to keep from falling upon it.

Her slightest wishes were easily forced upon him he mused as the hand lifted away to reveal the rest of the table.

Upon it were documents, boxes, and a strange pile of cloths. Most of them bright lime green or orange in color. And it was hunter's bright or road worker construction colors that were highly visible to the naked eye at that.

Then he was startled out of his observations as the mountainous voice spoke from above. "I've brought you the new experimental safety cloths that the LPGO has recommended that you start wearing for your own safety. Here let me show you."

Wendy's hand like a crane moved over and scooped up the entire pile and brought it just before him and dropped it all at his feet. "Here try this one on." She recommended as she fished out a very bright orange one-piece suit and brought it just before him. "Take off your cloths and get inside of this, I'll turn my back while you undress and then redress."

Tim not wanting to anger her so soon with a rejection reached out and grabbed it as her fingers let go releasing it to him. She at once turned her back on him. Regarding the material Tim could see that he would have to climb into it like a space suit. It even had booties with padded soles attached to it resembling walking slippers to a degree. It was truly a one-piece suit he gathered.

So stepping into the back of it, which he thought was a strange way of entry he put his legs in and then pushed his head through the opening along with his arms. There was a over sized zipper in the back that he was not going to be able to reach without assistance. There was also another strange thing attached to the back... It resembled a cloth rope with like thickness to a rope that was attached like a loop from the mid part of the back down to the high part of his buttocks just like the zipper. Shrugging he pulled the suit snug and wondered how to get to the zipper when Weny solved the problem for him.

"Here I'll help you with that." She announced apparenly having turned around long ago and before he knew it the zipper with the oversized pull ring was pinched between her finger tips and pulled all the way up until it clicked. As this was done the suit was tightened even more around his body making for an even more snug fit. He moved his arms around and they were free enough without any restrictions as were his legs. It was just about skin tight he reckoned.

Looking down at his feet enclosed in the suits footies it reminded him of a toddler's jumper in which the embarassment washed over him with this realization. He at once tried to find the zipper in order to pull it down and get out of it but he couldn't reach it!

Then he noticed something else rather peculiar. The lower section of the behind could be pulled down like a thermal underwear flap. It had velcro lining in order to reattach it once that duty was done. That way he could relieve himself without having to remove the suit. He twice as much wanted out of it now and began to redouble his efforts in order to free himself but was having no such luck. Only to hear the giggles from above.

"Sorry Tim but this is the new perma-traveling suit designed to be used on trips outside of your home and even has a special carrying feature in case you get handled by strangers.. Let me show you."

Tim looked up to see what she was talking about but was immediately snatched from the ground and hanging airborn before he even knew what was happening. Wendy had simply grasped the rope like loop that was attached to its backside.

He was now suspended with wiggling arms and legs as she ever so gently swung him back and forth for emphasis.  He was reminded of her strength once again with this action. 

"You see? This is the carrying loop so that people can just pick you up if you are in danger or they want to take a look at you and are not experienced with picking little people up. They can simply pick you up with this lifting loop. Ain't it neat?"

"No it's not neat" Tim angrily shouted as he was swung back and forth as helpless as a baby. "And I want out of it now!" He bellowed.

Wendy obliged and simply set him upon his padded feet. "I'll make you a deal Tim, if you can get out of that suit by the time I have your meal ready then you can be free of it for the rest of the day. If not then you gotta wear it as long as I deem fit as I have to observe how you interact within it and were it rubs you or is too lose.. Deal?"

Tim was angered by her bargain but thought that he could use his wits and agility to foil this strange turn of events and thereby beat her. Remebering that he was going to have to cooperate with some of her antics he reluctantly agreed feeling that he would prevail in short order here.

"Yeah sure I'll be out of this in no time at all" he announced.

Smiling with a look of wisdom that only a lady can make, Wendy turned and walked over to the fridge in order to begin her breakfast task. Tim for his part immediatly set about trying to remove it once again.

He reached and tried with all of his might to get the zipper pull ring but it was cleverly hanging right in between the small of his back. Trying a different tactic he got down and layed on his side allowing it to fall into his hand that was pressed against the table. "Aha!" he triumphantly gasped. But as his hand which was fully extended tried to pull it down he noticed that it wouldn't budge. Apparently as a safety feature it had to be yanked up in order to unclick and then had to be pulled down. His hand and arm could not do both up and down pulling manueuvers at once as he was to learn. So it was for all intents and purposes locked to him. He twisted and tried more anyway only to hear in the distance some giggles from his audience as she noted his dilema.

Merrily she announced to him. "You can save your strength Tim, you're not going to be able to get out of it. I've watched people try on training videos before. This is a trial travelling suit that might become standard issue to little people on the move. It's good for handling, tough, durable, bright so that you can be easily seen, and with built in carrying features in case you need picking up from the unitiated. It's great don't you think?"

Tim breathing heavily was getting up to his feet with a demand. "No I don't agree, this baby suit is demeaning and I want out of it!"

"Sorry, no can do." Wendy smiled sweetly. "We made a deal and a deal is a deal. Here's your breakfast that I saved from this morning, eat that and we'll do some more fun things. While you eat I'll give my report on this exercise."

At which time Wendy reached over and picked up a video recorder that had been taping the entire event perched on a box that he had overlooked. She at once spoke into its microphone. "The subject was unable to remove the travel cloths as could be seen, next I will update with how it wears to his body over the course of the next few days."

"Few Days?!!" Tim's blood began to drain from his face. He was going to have to wear this for days on end? And to make matters worse, she already knew what the outcome would be before she goaded him into this dilema. She had simply and cleverly outsmarted him he realized much to his horror!

Tim looked down at the huge plate with a massive slice of cold bacon, a slice of toast, and an egg as big as a hot tub. Then he looked back up at Wendy who had already pulled up a chair and had her chin resting upon her hands braced by her forearms that rested upon the table's surface smugly smiling down at him in his new predicament.

Tim looked up to the Giantess flushed red with embarrassment having lost this round soundly.

Wendy continued to smile and regard her little charge.

"He's so cute, I'll need to put that matching head cap on him as well." She silently pondered as she began fishing her fingers through the pile of cloths that she knew contained it.

Tim looked at his arms and legs in a complete state of surprised bewilderment.

Chapter 8 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Hide and Seek

"Here it is!" Wendy triumphantly announced.

Tim saw the head-wear that resembled a swimmers cap as Wendy fingered it.

"It's got an interesting characteristic designed to help owners find their little people. It actually glows, watch."

Tim cringed with her usage of the word "Owners", He didn't like to think that he and others were owned, just handicapped as he liked to think of it.

As Wendy's fingers began to place the cap upon his head he put his arms up and warned her.

"I can do it myself Wendy." To which the Giant girl hesitated and then with her thumb and pointing finger gingerly handed it to him. "Ok, sorry Tim." She appologized.

Tim upon taking it from the massive digits didn't like the look of it as it had a silver object embedded into the back of the skull portion about the size of a quarter on his scale. Tim held it up and pointed to it. "What's this thing in the back for?"

Wendy was already fishing something out of a box that looked like a PDA of some sort. "Put it on and you'll find out. I love these kinds of gadgets that they've made for little people recovery in case you all get lost."

Tim put the annoying orange colored cap on his head which fit over his forehead just above his eyes and all the way around the back of his head almost to his shoulders. He at once felt dopey in it.

But Wendy smiled once it was on and she had activated the PDA. Tim meanwhile looked at a tool shed sized silver toaster that was upon the kitchen table in order to look at his reflection. It was somewhat distorted in the polished silver aluminum but very reflective and he could make out pretty much all of the details of his face and the obnoxious one-piece that was wrapped around his body.

"Ok, almost ready just a few more buttons to push." Tim looked over his shoulder at Wendy who seemed to be reading a little booklet of instructions as she pushed more buttons. Then she seemed to smile as she hit the last button and said; "Ta Da!"

Tim looked back towards the toaster and was horrified by what he saw. The entire cap was now glowing a bright orange color making him totally visible. It was like he had a Christmas light attached to his head. It was that bright.

Tim immediately pulled it off of his head and kicked it back towards the pile of cloths as if it were a soccer ball.

"Be careful Tim! That cap was more expensive than the suit that your wearing. Please don't break it!"

Her loud admonishment vibrated the atoms in his bones as the sound blasted into him. Tim a bit rattled from the accoustical blast that he had just endured, looked back at the glowing cap that was sitting upon the large pile seeming no worse for the wear.

"That thing is humiliating Wendy. I'm not a God Damned tree ornamate for Christ's sake! Do you have anthing else that ain't quite so humiliating to wear?"

"Calm down Tim, it only get's activated if your owner can't find you or something."

Tim growled; "I don't have a owner Wendy, I have a mother and I don't want to hear you refer to me in such a manner again alright?"

But Wendy didn't answer, she was alreading looking at the boxes with a far off inquisitive expression. Then she smiled and looked back at Tim.

"Ok Tim, as a matter of fact I do have something else that you could wear and it would help my internship if you did. I promise that it wont glow either. So I'll agree to put that cap back in the box if you agree to wear it for me."

Tim almost immediately said ok, but then thought better of it after getting conned into wearing his present monkey suit.

"What is it Wendy?"

"Something that you and I can have a lot of fun with. We can play hind and seek with it! You'll love it I swear!. I'll tell you what it does once you have it on and it doesn't glow I promise!"

Tim looked over at the imposing boxes stacked upon each other like freight train containers waiting to be shipped overseas or something.. Anything could be in them. They were all like house sized Pandora's boxes. Each with its own set of mysterious torture potential gadgets waiting within.

But Tim also remembered that he was working on her now... Working to gain her trust and thereby gain a manipulative upper hand upon the naive young lady.

"Ok, let's have it then." He wearily agreed.

Wendy reached over and grabbed one of the smaller boxes and opened it. It looked like a ring in her fingers. Then she lowered the PDA to the table top and beckoned to him.

"Stand very close to the transmitter of my PDA so that I can synchronize this necklace. And here put this on while you're at it."

Two finger tips holding what looked like a rubbery ring with wires running through it was offered to him. Then it made sense, this was a collar of some sort on his scale rather than a ring. Almost like a thick frisby or something of that nature.

"You want me to put this around my neck?" He nervously asked.

"Yes Tim, I've seen training videos on it and I've always wanted to see it in action. It's so futuristic, you're going to love it. Just place it around your neck."

Tim took the collar into his hands and regarded it. It was so wide that it would fall off as soon as he bent over. He smiled, this was going to backfire in her face he reasoned. So seeing the potential for a laugh at Wendy's expense he obliged and placed it over his head where it loosely balanced on his shoulders.

Wendy rather than asking him to go over to the PDA again simple picked up the Limosine sized gadged and placed it a mere two inches from him causing Tim to jump back a step. After all, the thing was big enough to crush him flat should it ever fall upon him and it was just moved in very close proximity to him as if it had fallen from the sky. Or been rocketed to him at light speed by an impossibly strong crane.

Wendy taking no notice of Tim's uncomfortable reaction immediately pressed a few buttons on it and then hit the rubber red enter button.

Tim at once felt a hum around his neck that began to vibrate. This worried him so he decided to sling if off of his neck and back out of the deal. But before he could do this the most peculiar thing happened.

It immediately began to contract and shrink around his neck until it was snug. Not enough to stop breathing but snug enough to make removal difficult. And as Tim began tugging and pulling on it he realized that removal wasn't happening either. It was too tight!

"What is this thing, get it off of me!" He shrieked. Wendy just laughed and clapped her hands though.

"It works!  Oh good Golly it works! This is wonderful!"

Tim giving up on the fruitless attempts to remove it now wondered what he had gotten himself into. So he reiterated.. "I really don't want to wear this anymore Wendy.. It kind of creeps me out." Giving a few more useless tugs which did nothing. At which he simply stopped and looked up to her to see what she was going to say next.

Wendy just smiled and picked up the PDA.

"Ok, we're going to play a game of hide and seek now. I'm going to give you to the count of 100 and you can take off anywere you want to.. All you have to do is wear that cap one more time and then I'm going to try and find you!  If I can't find you then you get to take this thing off along with the cap and never wear it again. Sound cool?"

Tim thought for a second looking up at the excited Giantess. What choice did he really have than to play her game if she indeed wanted to play one. He could say no and then lose the trust that he'd built up to that point or he could play along. Besides, he had a favorite hiding spot that his mother had never found yet. And even if that stupid cap glowed she woudln't find him there anyway, not where he was going to attempt to hide.

And then another devilish thought came to his mind... It was brilliant! Tim smiled and agreed.

"You're on!"

Wendy was so excited that she shrieked with joy. "Ok, let's begin, this is going to be so fun!" she giggled. She also grabbed him without warning and set him on the floor. She did it so fast that he almost threw up too. This pissed him off and he was about to lecture her when his cap began to glow again. And then the massive footfalls of her sandal clad feet made the floor wiggle and bounce underneath him as she quickly moved over to the refrigerator and buried her face into a corner.

Tim regarded those massive feet for the first time and was at once faced with the realization that he'd not ever want to get in the way of them as they loudly tromped over to their destination.

Then without a further second transpiring she bagan to count. " 100, 99, 98..."

Tim's eyes jolted open even wider, the game had begun.

He at once set about his plan. And it was a clever one too.

The first thing he did was ran right out into the center of the living room and pulled off the annoying glowing hat. After all, there was no rule that stated that he had to keep it on he smiled to himself. So in order to throw her off of the scent he placed it down where he stood right in the middle of where the most foot traffic would travel and doubled back.

He ran right back into the kitchen and passed the counting Giantess who was now at "45, 44, 43..."

There was a side table close to the entrance with a chair that backed up to the entrance as well to which he would hide behind the leg and watch her go off in the wrong direction he figured. As who would stay in the kitchen? The living room and the rest of the house would be the first place to look and he guessed right as Wendy bellowed.

"3, 2, 1, ready or not, here I come!" Wendy scooped up the PDA and trounced out of the kitchen into the living room just as he had figured she would.. And then CRUNCH!

"Perfect!" He cried. She had walked out and stepped right onto the cap. Feeling the crunch she stopped dead in her tracks and lifted her foot. But there was nothing there on the floor.

Tim was almost falling over laughing as she next picked up her foot and examined the remains underneath the sole of her shoe resembling a pefectly flattened locator hat. Tim wondered how many dollars the LGPO lost on that now destroyed by it's very own employee's giant foot!

"Shit!" She hissed. Then Tim observed her fiddling around with the PDA. A little antenna pushed out of the device to a 3 inch length. And only seconds later the collar that he was wearing began to silently buzz. Then she began turning the PDA this way and that in wide semi circular arcs until it led her to turn all the way back around towards the kitchen and with a couple of more false swings she stopped while pointing at the kitchen entrance again having homed something in. Tim at once began to get a sinking feeling in his gut. She had simply omitted to tell him that she had more than one way to track him should her first option fail..

Tim began tugging at the collar again but it only began to burn his neck from the friction of being pulled up and down. So now for better or worse he had to sprint to his original tried and true hiding place as the Giantess began to take slow steps in his direction. Each step reverberating through the soles of his feet.

It was his only hope now.

Beads of sweat formed on his face as his entire body warmed triggered by adrenaline being released into his bloodstream.

Running as fast as he could he barely managed to sprint through the kitchen and turn the corner into the utility room that stocked his prized hiding place that he would go to if he didn't wish his angry mother through some transgression he had committed on that particular day to find him.

Stopping just at the corner he watched the Titaness slowly sweep the PDA back and forth as it methodically continued to lead her in his direction. Had she suddenly looked up from it she would have spotted him so he took off again for the drying machine.

Due to its stablizing posts it stood an inch and a half off of the ground giving him a perfect hiding place if he got up underneath of it and climbed up inside of it. He couldn't get all the way inside of the device but he could stand within the inside of the outer shell as it had a lip for his feet to balance upon making him invisible to the outside world and totally up off of the floor... That is unless he had a tracking device around his neck as was the case.

Her omininous footsteps could be felt and heard to be entering the utility room. Then she teased him realizing that there was no way out of this room besides the back door which was shut and locked.

"Come out come out where ever you are little Timmy!" She laughed.. "I'm getting closer to you!"

Butterflies began dancing in his belly as nervous anticipation of being caught built up. And the thing that kind of bothered him was that he was angry at how quickly she had once again turned the tables on him. In his own house at that!

Another thing that bothered him was that his fleshy appendage bagan to swell in infatuated titilation at being hunted and intimidated by someone so much his junior in age.

The sweat continued to pour down his skin in that damned swealtering monkey suit that he was wearing too. He was actually wet and drenched by the time her feet stopped right in front of the washing machine. Still he pressed his back hard against the thin aluminum wall in hopes of staving off capture.

Chapter 9 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

TV Night

Chapter 9

"Ok, do you want me to prove that I know where you are at? Here let me show you Tim."

Tim tensed his legs fearing that any second she was going to reach under the lip and grab his legs or feet, stared down at the kitchen floor awaiting the inevitable.

Just a moment later he heard a scratching or sliding sound as something big began to slide under the dryer. As is continued to slide it came right under his feet. Like some huge TV screen that showed a thermal image that looked exacly like him all flattened against the aluminum shell.

It was the PDA. He could even see the collar pulsating on it. He was caught butt cold and he knew it. So with a sigh he climbed out even using the PDA as a step to get back down and into the open.

"Isn't the technology that LPGO makes incedible!" Said the smiling and victorious Giantess.

Tim could find no words to rebuke her claim. He himself was amazed at how quickly she found him.

"What is the range on that thing Wendy?" Tim was genuinly curious and impressed.

"Five miles Tim.. It can actually find you from five miles away. At first the only thing that comes onto the readout screen is the collar.. But as you get within a mile you start to see a thermal image of your body which it monitors. They've made others for prisoners that have stun features but this isn't one of them.. It's strickly for little civilians. "

Tim breathed a sigh of relief that at least it couldn't be used to zap him into line.

"I figured you'd ditch the cap the first chance you got so asked you to wear it anyway so you'd focus on it and not get the idea that I'd be tracking you through the collar.. If you got that idea you might not have wanted to play my game and lose your latest bet. He, he."

Tim looked up at the juvenile Giantess as she basked in her triumphant glory. She was so massive and as he was finding out the hard way, clever and intelligent too. He might just be outmatched by her on every level he worried.

But he couldn't fully admit this to himself at the moment and besides, he still had the goal of escape which he would do he reaffired to himself as a hand that was bigger than his entire body came down and scooped him up.

"Come on little guy, let's get you a new suit, this one is drenched with your icky sweat. You must have really been scared, ha, ha!"

Tim was too wrapped up in his present mental shock at having been beaten once again to complain too much about being palmed once more. Besides, a nice warm bath might help him with his thoughts now that things were turning out to be much more challenging than he had at first anticipated.

He asked her to take off the collar during his bath but Wendy denied his request. She said he had to wear it all summer now so that all of his movements could be stored and analyzed for future study. And if that didn't make him feel like a lab rat what would eventually happen next sealed it for him. But we'll come back to that in another chapter.

Tim slept in his bottom drawer and was greatfully able to negotiate all of his old ladders and ropes. Wendy agreed to allow him to keep using them as she always knew where he was now so didn't have to worry about his ropes leading to any mischief as in putting him in places hard to find.

It was also peculiar haviing a stranger sleep in his bed.. It was almost as if he'd been demoted even more in life status. Wendy promised that on Friday he'd have better sleeping accomodations as something very special was on it's way from the LPGO and she just knew that he was going to love it. That was four days away so in the meantime life went on pretty much as it had as Tim's mother had informed Wendy of their routines.

So around 7'oclock each night they'd start watching television as Wendy would fill out her reports. Sometimes she'd even ask him questions about some of the exercises or gadgets that she'd present to him. Questions like how did they feel on his body, were they hot or restrictive? Did they feel demeaning in any way. Of the collar and the suit the answer was always an angry yes.

One such gadget was the Little Person's Utility Tool... This was a interesting device that Tim liked a lot. It was shaped like a hatchet that had a flashlight at the end or top of. The hatchet could be used to cut your way out of a tight spot if you became trapped was the theory. At the far end of it or the bottom of the butt end there was a stun module designed to scare off rodents or birds if they got too close.. The inner part was all a special compacted enhanced lithium battery that would give the stun option about 1000 applications or so it was claimed in the manual as Wendy informed him of.

Tim had fun zapping things with it as it carried quite a wallop. He had even thought of zapping Wendy with it as a prank but thought better of it once his reasoning came back to him. "That would be dangerous." he rightly figured. It came with a utility belt so he began wearing that along with whatever brightly colored monkey suit Wendy would dress him up in that day.

On Thursday night around 8:pm his favorite National Geographic's Sharon the Hunter Show came on so both of them sat where he and his mother traditionally did. Wendy on the couch and Tim on the floor upon his hand towel.

Tim wanted to use the remote like he was used to but Wendy over-ruled him explaining that not having his way all of the time was a good way to help his mother cope with the stress of having to do so much for him. But had agreed to flip the stations to the shows that he wanted to watch which coincidentaly or luckily were the same ones that she liked as well.

It was another creature comfort that had to be surrendered now. Surrendered to a girl who had not even started dating yet. Which brought up some issues for him. As if he were now an infant being watched over by a true baby sitter rather than being a young man as he was with his mother. Was this the future he had to look forward to?

Wendy also began behaving differently as the days rolled by. The first thing that he noticed was that she bagan dressing less formal and more informal around him. Rather than wearing a dress with shoes, socks, and everything else that goes with that, she would lounge around in house shorts with a tank top.. She'd walk around bare foot or in flip flops and would only put on her regular shoes if she was going to go out to get some groceries from her parents.

She also became more comfortable around him even though the feeling was not mutual. She would sit closer to him gabbing about her ideas, desires, and regular things that girls liked to talk about. Also, rather than ridgedly sitting up in her chair she would slop down upon it choosing any posture that she so pleased. Whether on the couch or floor or anywhere as well. This too put Tim at unease.. The boundry between them somehow thinner. This opened up dangers for him he imagined but kept to himself for now.

And on the topic of casual behavior, his mother would always keep her bodily appendages away from him if at all possible. Even sitting on a side rocking chair or keeping her legs up upon the couch most TV nights as they watched the specials together.

But not so was the case with this carefree teen Tim was to learn.

On this night she had chosen to drop her legs down on both sides of him kind of corralling him in the middle. Tim at once looked up and behind him to see what her intentions were but she seemed to be very involved with a training manual that she was reading and paying him nor the Bounty Hunter show any mind whatsoever.

Looking back to each side he noticed two feet, each one almost 3 times longer than his entire body resting upon their old flip flops. Those shoes were well worn and soiled from constant use. Wendy had informed him a couple of days ago that it was suggested by the LPGO to wear such articles in a house so that the noise of them would always prewarn a little person that a big person was on the move. Tim could see the reasoning for this so never thought to think another thing of it until now.

Worse, she seemed to be uncomfortable in them too by wiggling her toes and slipping her feet in and out of them. Each time this action was done he would get a strong scent of dirt mixed with foot sweat. It was kind of offensive to him that she didn't even deem putting such parts of her body into close proximity to him without washing them first. Was he that insignificant now?

Shaking his head he turned it back towards the television and began watching the show which had already began for a welcome distraction. The content of which would make him forget all about the offensive posture that Wendy had nonchalantly adopted.

Sharon the Bounty Hunter was excitedly showing her camera crew their latest technique in catching renegade little people. They did a short segment interviewing a man in his early twenties much the same age as Tim was.

He was sitting in a chair with a regular nondescript wall behind him fielding questions from the crew while talking directly into the camera so that the interviewers could remain their usual anonymous selves. He wore a worn old t-shirt, a thick blue striped neclace, some tennis shoes, and some camoflauge patterned shorts. Somebody you'd see at a grocery store anywere on the planet. And although his body was toned he did not have movie star looks... He was just Joe average in appearance Tim noted.

A lady's voice who was interviewing him from behind the camera began.


"Mr. Hancock, we'd like to know how you like being a part of the Little People Bounty Hunting squad?"

Hancock: "It's a job I suppose."

Tim at once felt grossed out. Were they going to allow men to start hunting little people now? Was he going to have to endure Giants chasing people around? "Not cool." he grimaced.

Interv: "And how long have you been on the job?"

Hancock: "Five days now."

Tim noticed that this guy did not exhibit any of the zest or zeal that Sharon had. Almost like he felt guilty or something. He also had a hard time looking straight into the camera as his eyes kept wondering off towards the ground. "Was he looking for little people even during the interview?" Tim angrily scoffed to himself.

Interv: "You don't seem particularly happy, don't they pay you well for this?"

Hancock: "I'm actually a prisoner whose been promised early parole if I cooperate with the operation for 1 year. I really don't get payed anything. This is kind of like a work release program for me. At night I sleep back at the detention center."

Tim hated the man even more now. He was getting others abducted from their choice to live free so that he could gain his own freedom. How disgusting he pondered.

Interv: "Well at least you're working for a good cause and can pay your debt back to society. Can you tell us a little about how you operate or do your job for the Bounty Hunter squad?"

Hancock: "I'm tracked when I work, so I just find pockets of little people and press a ACTION button on my wrist watch that signals to Sharon that I've got a group of them to collect. Sharon arrives and away they go. Then we look for more."

Interv: "Can you explain a little more indepth on how you get pockets of them?"

Hancock: "I just walk up and infiltrate them, it's not that hard. I introduce myself and.. "

Something seemed to stop him in his tracks though.

Tim's mind was reeling now. How does a Giant infiltrate a group of people who are on the look out for Giants to begin with? This interview was turning bizzarre if not phony he reasoned.

But then out of the top of the viewing screen a Giant hand swooped in with painted fingernails that looked very feminine. The hand dropped right down with a pointer finger and thumb extended that clamped onto his shoulders and squeezed. Then Hancock was lifted right up and out of the interviewing room. The camera panned up until the back wall simply ended with no obvious roof, to see the tan khaki uniform of Sharon who had been standing behind the set all a long.

It was actualy a tiny paper set, perhaps the back end of a shoebox that the film team had converted just for this interview with him. Sharon held Hancock up by her pretty face with a accusing finger wagging close to his tiny head while she admonished him. "Now, now Mr. Hancock, we can't go around giving all of our secrets away can we?"

Mr. Hancock had a look of worry on his face as Sharon wiggled him back and forth in mock indignation. The film crew could be heard in the background laughing at the stunt that they had just pulled on the viewing audience.

Tim for his part was shocked and relieved at the same time.

"Cool!" clapped Wendy who had been watching all along. "They had me fooled for sure with that interview. How about you Tim?"

Tim with disturbed eyes only nodded not feeling like shouting his answer back. He was just as shocked as she was. But not quite as happy about it though.

Next the camera showed Sharon bending down and callously dropping Mr. Hancock and inch or two from the grassy ground. To which he fell upon his behind before quickly getting back to his feet to look up at his Giangantic employer who was already pointing to where he was expected to go.

" Go that way due west and we'll rendezvous in one hour as planned." At which point Sharon fished an item that Tim himself had in his possession out of her pocket and handed it to him. It was the same Little Person Utility Tool that he had.. Tim rightly figured that was supposed to protect him while he was out in the wild. Tim also noticed that the necklace that he was wearing was exactly like his but only painted blue and white for the Bounty Hunter Squad that he belonged to.

"Why didn't I catch that!" Tim admonished himself as it was around his neck, it just wasn't clear or see through like his was.

Sharon leaned closer to the tiny man and used the same hand that she had given him the utility tool to flick him in the behind with her previously cocked middle finger launching him down upon his face. 

"Run along now."  She said in a motherly tone of voice with a condescending grin upon her face.  The filming crew getting a large laugh at her seemingly cute incentive ploy.

Mr. Hancock for his part didn't have to be asked twice by the Giantess.. He got up as quickly as he could still holding his smarting behind.  You could see that he feared her and what she was capable of first hand by her actions.. He took off in a sprint into the underbrush and was quickly gone.

Tim wondered what kinds of things happened to him off camera due to her cruel mocking behavior towards him and remembered the stun feature that collars for prisoners had as Wendy had told him about a few days ago but pushed the thought out of his mind as he watched on feeling genuinely sorry for the guy that he had hated not more than 5 minutes ago.

The camera now panned up as Sharon stood again while the interviewer pressed on.

Iterv: "So don't you worry if his device isn't enough to ward off a stray dog or a hawk or something like that?"

Sharon: "Nah, we've already lost a couple that way to be quite honest but it's a job hazard I suppose. Besides, if he can survive 1 year of this community service with us his life prison sentence will be pardoned. So we have no shortage of volunteers." She admitted with a smug look upon her face.

Interv: :What's the longest stretch one of them has lasted so far?"

Sharon: "An entire month!" Sharon proudly admitted. We're getting better and better at keeping them longer with training. Before long I'm sure we'll have a few who make it all the way to the end." She said with a patronizing expression.

Interv: "What do you think of the stories we keep hearing about the Freedom Nation?"

Sharon got a very dismissive look upon her beautiful face.  A look that shows scoff and a warning that such a question shouldn't have even been asked of her.

"I'll say this about the supposed Freedom Nation.  I believe that there are a lot of people who don't want to accept reality.  That's why I have job after all!  And that's all the words that I think that such a foolish notion deserves.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head to the opposite side of the park so that we can cover twice as much territory today. You're welcome as always to tag along if you like!"


The crew began walking briskly behind her as Sharon enthusiastically set off. To which the segment stopped for a round of commercials.

Wendy and Tim at once began discussing what they had just saw and the new twist that little people bounty hunting had taken.

Chapter 10 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Tai Chi

Chapter 10

The two finished the Bounty Huntress show and Tim waited for the "Me and little Ray" reality show that he liked to begin.

A bellowing yawn was heard from behind as he absently viewed the commercials leading up to the show. He paid it no mind as the commercial announcements droned on.

When Wendy was finished she made a statement to her distracted charge below.

"I'm really tired and we should go to bed early tonight as I'm letting a friend come by to see you tomorrow. I'm supposed to supervise and educate her as to the proper handling and etiquette in first time contact with a Little Person. She's really eager to meet you and she's my best friend from school. Her name is Sheila."

Tim cringed in his irritation as he had no intentions of going to bed just yet. He adored this next sitcom coming up and had not missed an episode yet. But through the irritation it immediately dawned on him that soon he'd have another young Giantess pawing and fawning over him. The prospects of which unerved him some. This was not good he reckoned.

But first things first.

Tim, turned around slightly and flatly stated in his practiced elevated voice; "You go on ahead and go to sleep, I'm going to watch this episode and we'll talk about whether or not a another person knowing about me is a good idea tomorrow." At which Tim redirected his annoyed self back to the television as the opening credits to the sitcom had just begun.

"He, he, he,.. You talk as if you have a choice in the matter!" Wendy squeled with delight.

Time flushed with anger as he sensed a conflict coming and tried to just ignore her and focus on the show before him.

Then, out of no-where two fleshy walls closed in on him and he was sandwitched in between them. Tim was at once assaulted with the strong odor that he had smelt before and at once knew that this was not her hands, but none other than the soles of her big massive dangerous feet.

The two appendages parted for a second giving Tim light, air, and a view of the world past the toes one way, and past her smooth rounded heels the other.

Tim could hear more laughing from above. He looked at the wall to his right and he could see the skin print grooves on the pads of her soles. He saw dust lining their entire surface with globs of compacted dirt here and there undoubtedly collected from either her flip flops or walking bare earlier in the day. The heady odor of sweat, leather, and flesh assaulted his nose as he inhaled the rank scent.

Then the walls slapped shut again crushing him between them. They gave just enough to allow his body to impress into them like a mold, but yielded no more than a few of his inches, trapping him within. His face now feeling the sticky sweat as did the rest of his body.  The heat of her soles began warming him at once.

Then he had the sensation of being lifted as they traveled up into the air, like some massive crane they pivoted and moved him in a new direction stopping for the slightest moment before parting again. The sweat almost making him adhere to one of the soles. But only this time there was no floor underneath them. Only a good 10 foot drop to the couch surface which he indeed did do.

Tim hit the cloth surface and even bounced before coming back down again. He had no warning or even a chance to take another breath before a new wall of flesh slammed down upon his back trapping him to the cushioned surface. The wall then contracted as the fingers compressed him into her palm. He was then lifted once again to Wendy's billboard face which had a dismissive expression upon it.

"Now, now, Little People must do what Big People say and this Big Person says that it's time for us to go to bed. Let this serve as another lesson that you do not always get your way anymore!"

Tim was about to shout every obscenity that he had ever known had it not been for the fact that her fingers constricted again taking the air right out of his lungs entrapping him within her hand cave.

Now Tim felt her body leave the couch and begin towards the stairs. She carried him in that demeaning sort of way once again to drive home her point. Tim would swing within the confines of her hand too and fro as she casually walked the distance to his room.

And within a few seconds they were there and he could hear the drawer door of his room being opened by her brute strength. He was lowered and then dropped inside upon his makeshift nylon bed which abborbed the impact of his short fall.

"We'll be getting up early to do your physical exercises before Sheila get's here. Then we'll visit with her for a while." Was all that Tim heard as his room was quickly slid back into place damping out all of the light leaving him in pitch darkness.

Tim had many feelings and emotions to process. He was angered at being denied one of his favorite shows. He was humiliated by being handled in such a nondignified way. To make matters worse, this was a stark contrast to how she had treated him the day before.. Was she a psychotic after all? And he was sad too that he really couldn't do anything about it.... Yet..

But all of the manhandling had left him a bit stimulated truth be known. As Tim heard the Giantess moving back and forth outside of the thick wooden walls, prepping herself for bed he shamelessly pulled another sock over himself for warmth and reached for his penis.


The morning came with his world being moved out from underneath the dresser that used to be his.. Bright light shined in forcing him to squint in order to see.

"Time to get up Tim we've got a lot going on today. We're going to start with an aerobics work out to get loosened up for my friend as I'm sure she'll want to handle you so you'd better be as limber as possible. And besides, it's a program that the LPGO asks that I do with you each morning so we've got to do it so that I can check it off of our list."

And with that her massive hand blotted out the light and crashed into his torso with fingers following to be wrapped around his body only to lift him up and out into a world of Giants.  Her palm pushing his morning wood against his groin un-noticed he hoped.

Tim only had his boxers on as he was set in front of the mound of Little People cloths that were provided to him by the LPGO folks.

"Grab some work out shorts and a t-shirt Tim. I'll put the DVD into the player while you change.  I'll take some of those cloths downstairs too and place them on the counter so that you can change again after our work-out and bath."

Tim looked around bewildered. Not only was he forced out of bed but now he was about to be forced into an exercise routine. Standing half naked he figured he might as well get dressed even though anger burned inside his empty stomach.  "When will I eat?" he wondered.

He found some running red tennis shoes, some blue trunks, and a white wife beater tank top. As he finished pulling the shirt over his head he was to discover that her hand was already parked beside him only to scoop him and a gob of his unused cloths up and wisk him down into the living room.

This time she was a lot more gentle with him and even allowed him to lay on his belly and look down over the ledge of her palm as they descended the stairs. With each step he marveled at how far the ground was below and how fast they were moving.

Wendy for her part had on a black spandex leotard that fit her skin tight. She looked very well defined and he could see her pubescent breasts poking out throught skin tight material.

Tim also noticed that he hadn't urinated yet so called up to Wendy as she was setting him down upon the floor.

"Wendy I've got to piss. I know that your babie dolls don't ever have to but I do first thing every moring." Wendy gasped at her oversight and immediately produced a sewing thimble from his mother's craft desk.

"Here use this I'm going to get started so hurry up!"

Tim for his part hurried below and around the leg of the coffee table that sat in front of the sofa and started doing his business. Looking back at the Television while he released his blatter.

The exercise show was featuring a well built middle aged Asian lady dressed much like Wendy was, in fact it was an identical match of clothing, within a room, with her back to a wall, telling a captive audience to repeat after her. The amazing thing was that there were at least 75-100 Little People before her in various colors of exercise clothing moving to her commands and mimicking everything that she did. There was a LPGO logo across the upper left hand of the screen too as if this was their very own work out program for little people.

Tim finished and left the thimble full of urine next to the leg figuring that she could just stub her toe on it later if he was lucky, and trotted out to where Wendy was enthusiastically following along. Wendy in the tight close fitting suit looked extremely statuesque as she swayed her arms and legs this way and that.

"Right there!" She pointed. Tim's head swiveled to a work-out mat built to his size about 2 human feet away from Wendy on the floor. Shaking his head he walked over and stood upon it and felt the floor boards move as Wendy's tonnage of weight buckled them with each kick and swing. "Watch and do what she does." Came a booming voice from above. Jogging him from the dangerous view of her pink socked feet slamming in rhythm to the instructor.

Tim looked back at the screen and began to mimic her moves which weren't as easy to follow as they first appeared. But after a few minutes he finally began to follow in synch and even managed to break a sweat. Forgetting that there was a Giantess jumping back and forth who could accidently turn him into paste with the slightest misstep.

This went on for another 15 minutes until the Asian lady slowed and changed the momentum to a type of tai chi with everyone else following along like it was the most normal thing to do. Tim found himself trying as well however clumsily.

Every now and then Tim found himself looking over at the monstrous feet that had roughed him up only the night before. They moved with limber grace attached to the body that seemed well adapted to these strange oriental manuevers that they both followed along doing.

Finally the work-out segment ended only to have the smiling instructor bend down and pick a few of the people up as if they were her personal pets and begin petting them of all things.

Tim warmed with anger once again. How demeaning to be plucked off of the floor by a stranger only to be finger stroked as if you were a kitten or puppy. But regardless of his feellings Wendy mercifully turned off the program and informed him that it was time for both of them to wash up as Sheila was due in about an half hour's time.

Tim was carried over to the counter that had a lot of his new cloths where Wendy instructed him to pick out a jump suit for the festivities so that he could weather the storm of being handled by a newbie she thoughtfully indicated. She quickly returned with his bath tub of sorts and placed it near him.

So Tim quickly washed up in a plastic eating bowl of warm sudsy water as Wendy did upstairs like a normal person would. And quickly towling off he ventured over to the clothing mound. As he knew that within them there might be a survival back-pack that Wendy had informed him about a couple of days prior. This was to be taken with Little People if they were to go on trips with their Guardians in case they ever became separated for some drastic reason.   After some quick digging, mercifully it was there!

The back-pack was fully stocked with food rations, and a few canteens of distilled water. It even had some cooking utensils with a single person tent. Just about everything that a camping pack should have.

Tim took the pack and separated it from the clothing mound and placed it near the ledge of the counter that contained most of the LPGO equipment. This was going to be important later on he figured.

Just as he finished putting on his jumpsuit when the the door bell rang which was what he'd been waiting for... The beginnings of his master plan.

Chapter 11 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

A plan is executed


Into the house came the new Giantess making two as if one wasn't bad enough.

"Where is he?! "

An excited high pitched voice squealed. "Shhh, you'll scare him. He's in the living room so calm down. I'm going to pick him up first and then show you how if you can act mature." Wendy retorted.

"Oh I'll be fine, just... Where is he?"

Tim's nerves started to spike as the fear of the unknown began to settle in. This was going to be even harder than he'd anticipated. What if she handled him too roughly? What if she dropped him? What if she accidentally crushed him? These were all within the realm of possibility after all.

Tim decided to back away from the ledge of the counter and position himself stealthily behind the clothing mound so that he could decide on whether to hide from this girl or not. They would have found him eventually anyway but it was all that he had to work with at the moment.

And into the room they both walked with Wendy first followed by a blonde haired girl with much fairer skin and blue eyes with a bit too much make-up on. She had a flowered print blouse and pink capris down to her pink flats. Her head swivelling side to side scanning for the prey.

She seamed nice enough and did not carry herself like a evil girl would. An evil girl has a much different smile than what Sheila was wearing. So deciding that he'd best put on the front of confidence he stepped back around the gob of clothing in order to present himself.

With his bright yellow/green jump suit on he wasn't hard to spot now. Sheila's eyes made him and then went wide with wonder. Wendy strategically positioned herself in between the two of them as they closed the distance to the counter.

"Ok, don't spaz out but here's Timmy." Wendy proudly motioned to him with her hand. "Don't try to pick him up until I train you which wont take long."

Sheila hurried the last couple of paces and immediately got down on her knees in order to put him at face level. Tim was confronted with a beautiful soft wall of young teen face that had the look of a girl getting a puppy for the first time.

Tim not more than a few paces away decided to begin the introductions. "Hello Sheila, I'm Tim. How's it going?" Was his rather mundane intro.

Rather than answer him Sheila looked up to Wendy instead. "Ok, show me how!"

Tim was incensed by her demeanor.. She hadn't even deemed him worthy of an introductory reply. As if he was some fragile toy to be asked if touching it was ok. Nevermind asking for his opinion in the matter.

"Ok, we'll start with the most easy and basic way. I'll take him over to the couch and set him there where you can practice."

"Sure!!!!!!" Sheila gushed washing Tim with a warm blast of her sweetened breath.

Tim didn't have long to process that before the moving crane of a arm attached to Wendy swung forth and pinched the carrying loop attached to his back. Up and away he went.

"Oh, look at his cute little legs churning as you carry him." Sheila sighed following in step with Wendy.

Wendy just smiled and took everyone over to the couch where she kneeled and carefully placed him on his feet upon the middle cushion. Both girls immediately collapsing like falling mountains in front of Tim in order to be in practical close proximity to him.

Wendy pressed on. Alright, did you see how I carried him?"

Sheila: Yes

Wendy: Ok, I'm going to do it again using this loop on his back in order to lift him.

Sheila: Ha, ha, he's like a mouse!

Wendy: But a very fragile one so be careful and watch again.

Sheila: Sure of course.

Wendy expertly went through the motions of lifting Tim once again a few inches from the cushion and then set him down again. Then like a doting mother she informed Sheila to calm down and do the same but try to do it even more gently than she did.

Sheila's face went from happy to extremely excited again as she slowly positioned her arm and hand to snatch him up.

Tim for his part was completely humiliated as the two girls fawned over him like a prized possession. He wasn't even being spoken to. He wasn't asked about whether or not he felt like conducting this exercise either. They were just handling him like he had no say in the matter and no longer counted for such considerations. He found their arrogance and entitlement with him to be the most demeaning of all. He seethed with anger but he just had to endure this a little longer he reckoned and he'd turn the tables, he kept reminding himself.

Meanwhile her finger tips pinched the suit loop and he began to be lifted. But a few feet into the air and her grip faltered letting him plunge back down to the surface flat on his face.

"Oops! Sorry Wendy I guess I was being too careful. I'll get a better hold this time."

At which before he could even get up he was snatched by the loop once again and lifted up into the air once more. Only this time he went much higher and was swung back towards her appreciative face.

"It's like holding a mouse by it's tail!" Sheila gasped.

"Swing him back over the cushion for safety's sake Sheila!" Demanded Wendy. To which Sheila quickly did.

So fast in fact that he rocked back and forth as he was suspended in mid-air causing both girl's to laugh at his ridiculous disposition.

"Ok, set him down and we'll practice picking him up another way." To which he was lowered all the way down to become flat on his face yet again. Sheila let go and then immediately ran a soft finger tip over his behind in order to touch him some. Tim felt humiliated once more.

"Stand up Tim, I want you to walk onto the palm of my hand like I'm going to carry you somewhere." Ordered Wendy.

Tim by now was in full concentration of his goal and he didn't risk an outburst of rage, so did as commanded. Getting up he saw before him Wendy's awaiting tanned hand to which he steadily walked to and then got onto it by laying upon his belly in the travel position as the two had worked out previously.

Wendy at once lifted him and held him before Sheila's face to which Sheila immediately bent towards and kissed Tim right on the back of his head as one would do a newborn kitten. Both girls laughed at her cute act as Wendy lowered him back down to the cushion and asked Sheila to the same.

Tim not wanting to be ordered to repeat a process knew what was expected so walked right over the Sheila's awaiting palm.

He got onto it and at once noticed that it was softer and warmer than Sheila's. Her fingers instinctively curled around him until squishing him in between causing a nervous yet excited giggle from above.

Then once again he was lifted. To which he received a couple more kisses this time on his behind. Only to be followed by more childish laughter between the two.

This would have gone on a while longer had it not been for a ring of the phone over in the kitchen. Sheila brought him back to the cushion and waited for him to disembark which Tim immediately did.

"Ohh I forgot, LPGO is supposed to call me for a status report at this time. I'll be back in a little while. Sheila just talk with him some while I'm gone. Practice picking him up some but don't play with him.. Remember, he's still a man!" Insisted Wendy.

"No problem, we'll be right here!" Assured Sheila. Wendy at once stomped off a bit annoyed with the interruption of the festivities.

Tim watched her leave and then went quickly to work.

Tim: So Sheila how old are you?

Sheila: Thirteen and a half.

Tim: You sure look older, I'd guess 16 if you were a day.

Sheila: Really?

Tim: Yeah, and your a bombshell too.

Sheila: Ohhh you really think so?

Sheila was mesmerized.. Not only was he a tiny living man many years her senior but here he was flirting with her. She gushed with pride and was quickly cast under Tim's fast honey flavored words.

This went back and forth a few more minutes until Tim got to the heart of his plan.

Tim: So Sheila, you learn so fast and you've picked me up even better than Wendy does.

Sheila: Really?

Tim: Oh yeah, and I think I can trust you now.. Do you think you can trust me?

Sheila: I sure do!

Tim: Well while Wendy gives her boring report why don't you and I have some fun together. You see, everyday around this time me and Wendy go out to the garden and do adventure runs where I spot bad vegetables and weeds... We even play hide and seek too. But I always win. I'll bet you're more clever than she is and could find me in seconds flat. ... Do you want to go out and try?

Tim could see the excitement flushing her cheeks a red hue of color just as his compliments to her had done. He could tell that she really wanted to prove to Wendy that she could handle him just fine and could even have fun with him while Wendy was busy with other things.

"Ok, I guess it's pretty boring just talking here at the couch. It seems like a fun thing to do. Climb on my hand and we'll go out back to the garden. "

Tim just needed one more thing to seal the deal now.

"Alright but on the way could you pick up my back-pack on the counter. I always get to wear it when we play adventurer outside."

Wendy was already lifting a more than cooperative Tim when she agreed to get that for him too. So with a quick stop at the counter she palmed the pack with her opposite hand and placed it within her pocket. Sliding the back glass door open the two of them set off for the garden.

Meanwhile Wendy impatiently answered question after question and read off test results that she'd previously done with Tim to them.

Tim felt the warmth within the cave of her soft hand and watched the blades of grass move by like a lush jungle as the Giant girl carried him along. A couple of times along the journey he was lifted to her face so that she could admire him some more. Sheila really enjoyed the novelty of having a human being within her grasp. There was no other feeling like it she reflected as they closed in on the backyard garden that Tim's mom had painstakingly built a couple of months prior. She too would have to join the LPGO like Wendy had she came to the conclusion of. Having a little person for herself would be the coolest thing in the world and the possibilities of an ownership of somebody would be vast! She'd be like a Goddess to that person.. The prospect thrilled her to no end. Now all that she needed was a Little Person of her own she reflected.

Stopping at the corner of the garden Sheila bend down and placed Tim upon the ground and then remained there to see what he would say that they needed to do.

Tim for his part had lied through his teeth to get this far and had never actually been to the garden or outside like this for that matter. His mother would not allow it fearing a bird or a dog or whatever. Which reminded him of something.

"Ok Sheila, let me have the backpack so that we can get started. "

Sheila quickly fished the pack out and gingerly handed it down to him. Tim took it from her and it immediately fell to the ground being heavier than he remembered. Of which earned him a giggle of embarrassment from above.

"Are you sure that you can handle that little guy?" Sheila asked with genuine concern.

"I'll be alright, I'm just not used to having it handed to me over my head, ha, ha," He joked with her. Fumbling through the contents he located his Little Person's Utility Tool and quickly hooked it to the suit loop that would normally help keep a belt fastened along it. Then he put the pack up his shoulders and was ready for phase 2 of his plan.

Looking out amongst the dirty field he beheld tree stalks at intervals which were really rows of tomato, potato, and cucumber plants. This might resemble a new subdivision or nature park for a normal sized human but was no longer normal. This was simply a 20 foot by 30 foot garden.

"Ok Sheila, we'll start off with our Adventurer's Seek game. This is where you close your eyes and count to 100 and I choose a plant within the garden to hide behind. Wendy isn't as smart as you are but I think I can still dodge you for a few minutes. Sound cool?"

Tim could see her eyes light with excitement once again in being able to hunt him down in good fun.

"Yeah ok, I'll just turn around and close my eyes. But I'm warning you, I can count pretty fast!"

Tim smiled at her naivety. He'd be long gone before she even hit 75 he coolly estimated. So he got himself into a running position facing the large long rows of dirt mounts and pretended to be set for her count.

Sheila smiled, turned, closed her eyes and exclaimed; "Ok, little guy here we go! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc.

Tim smiled too. But instead of running straight into the garden he took off into the grass heading due west towards the boundary of the backyard. Tim gave it all he had in order to put as much distance from that stupid bitch girl that he could in order to give her the slip.

The first thing that Tim noticed as he chugged along in his red running shoes was that the ground was much more uneven than he ever remembered it being. There were clogs of dirt as big as stones everywhere. The grass quickly loomed over him and swallowed him up. It was as if he were running through a rain forest. The light from the sky dimmed by blades of grass as he heard her massive voice reaching the number 50. But spring on he did being in good shape with all of the walking and climbing that his disability had entrained upon him. So he kept running with all of his might paying the weight of the backpack very little if any heed.


Sheila for her part had finally reached 100. She then swung around with smiling anticipation. "Ready or not little guy, here I come."

But instead of going left further into the backyard as Tim was doing. She instead went straight into the garden like Tim was supposed to have done.

Getting down on her hands and knees she began crawling looking behind all of the plant stalks. Moving as fast as she could considering that her flats kept coming off of her feet due to that fact that they didn't have laces, she made it all of the way to the far end of the garden but no Tim was to be found.

Sheila's smile had turned into an expression of intense concentration as she scanned back and forth looking for any signs of movement or things that didn't fit. Heading back the opposite direction on her hands and knees she more slowly tried again. Eventually she made it back to her starting point and realized that this was much harder than she had expected.

So standing up as her knees were beginning to hurt from all of the pebbles and wood chips which also kept getting into her shoes she decided to surrender the game to him.

"Ok Tim, you win.. I can't find you. Come on out and we'll go back to the house." She offered. But there was no return reply.

Becoming nervous now she called out again but still... No reply.

Sheila began to sense that all was not well as she walked through the garden asking Tim to please come out with there never being any signs of him in return.

With one final plea she tried once more. "If you don't come out now, I'm going to get Wendy and she's going to be mad!" Yet still... Nothing.

Now Sheila was worried so decided to run back to the house and get Wendy as things had definitely taken a strange turn for the worse she rightly came to the conclusion of.

Wendy for her part was nearing the end of her report when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Sheila who began whispering to her.

"Wendy I've lost Tim."

Wendy at first didnt' think too much of it so inquired.

"He's probably under the couch did you look there?"

Sheila; Uhm.. He's outside somewhere.

Wendy; What? What do you mean outside somewhere?

Wendy had put her hand over the receiver of the kitchen phone not wanting this very sensitive information to land in the wrong ear.

Sheila; He told me that he wanted to play Adventurer Hide and Seek like you all did in the garden all the time.

Wendy; Oh shit! You took him outside?

Sheila; Yeah, but he said that you all do it every day and asked me to do it with him too.

Wendy; Fuck! He's never allowed outside Sheila! What have you done??

Reality was now dawning on both of them as Wendy hurriedly said her goodbyes to the LPGO interviewer and hung up the phone.

If one were above they'd see two girls bickering and running outside to a garden where there was nothing left but vegetables and ants crawling around.

Sheila; He took off from right here but I can't find him.

Wendy; Tim.. Tim where are you are you ok? Come out now. I promise not to be angry.

Wendy was now getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Tim had lied to Sheila about going outside with her and playing some silly game. He was now missing which meant that he probably didn't want to be found or... Well she didn't want to think of the or right about now. Wendy could also see her internship go up in flames with this incident and at once knew that this was going to have to be done with some initial secrecy.

So doing just that she swore Sheila to it and recruited her to help her find him by any means necessary. In fact, she eventually remembered about the collar so figured this really wasn't going to be that hard once she had gotten a lock on him as there was no way he could be that far.

Wendy ordered Sheila to begin scouring the yard while she went and got her locating equipment.


The first insect that Tim saw as he ran with all of his might was an ant. It was the size of his forearm and scared the hell out of him. As did a earth worm that he ran past as well. There were crickets humming that gave him the creeps too. The sound being far louder and more penetrating than anything he had ever experienced before. And the further that he went west the deeper into the grass he got.

He finally went out of breath about 15 minutes into his hard sprint. At which point he began a brisk fast walk still wanting to hurry along. The ground or jungle began to incline upwards as he figured that he was reaching the fence of his back yard. And true to his suspicions it loomed up ahead. Looking back he couldn't see anyone but then again he couldnt' see the sky anymore anyhow due to the dense overgrowth of the grass.

Now that he had slowed down some he noticed the strong smell of earth and the smell of grass that reminded him of being in a hay field. It was also rather humid inside of this grass jungle with drops of moisture adhering to many of those grass stocks.. This would come in handy if he ran out of water he reckoned.

Coming up to a white fence board it was the size of the side of a house. Fortunately there was plenty of room for him to just bend down and walk underneath it which he did.

Now he was in no man's land he figured. Ahead was a big empty swath of forested land that he had played and explored several times in his youth. In the middle was a big dead oak tree. Perhaps there he could sleep for the night and then make his way back out into the neighborhood. He remembered an old girlfriend that might be able to come to his aid he reasoned or hoped. His plan hadn't gotten that far yet.

Tim was again traversing twigs, errant blades of grass, and dirt clods as he pondered these things. The rough ground began to slope sharply down into a shallow creek. Well it was shallow when he was a normal sized kid. Looking down the ravine seemed formidable and considered another route when he heard the booming voice of Sheila not far behind.

"Tim, where are you? Come back it's not safe out here!"

Tim shook his head and began the perilous downward journey to the creek. He held on to roots and slid down when he could. Finally with much effort he made it to the base of the ditch that had been carved by the creek.

By now he was exhausted and sweating profusely. Breathing heavily he backed up and sat on a common rock, removing his canteen from his pack. Tilting his neck back he took a big slurp and enjoyed the coolness of the water. It was when he reared back for the second one that he felt a sharp object make contact with his belly.

In shock he quickly straitened to see three grown men standing in front oh him. Each armed with a spear pointing straight at him.

"Looks like we've gotten ourselves a Domesticated one."

To which all three men heartily laughed.

Chapter 12 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Tunnels And Trolls



As the men continued to laugh Tim's mind went into fast speed as he noted everything he could about them from a survival motivation.

They were all older than him by about 10 years or more. Their skin was tan, as opposed to his sun starved milky white flesh. They all had facial hair with beards of varying lengths. They wore bits of leather sown together crudely. They also had scars upon their hardened skin. Their hair was a bit wild and unkept and they wore no shoes.

Their spears were made out of wood. The points being not metal, but thorn tips instead. In fact everything about them looked wild and made from scratch. If he didn't know any better, he would have sworn that he was currently accosted by cavemen.

"Tim, where are you.. Please come out!" Was heard above even closer now. The men broke off their mirth and acted quickly.

"My name's Ron, kid. What's yours?

Tim hurried his answer sensing that their time was quickly running out. "My name's Tim. Are you guys from the Freedom Nation?"

"We'll talk about that later. Right now we've gotta move fast she's almost here. Follow us and move quickly. If you hesitate we'll leave you for the birds and cats. But first things first."

Ron grabbed Tim and shoved him into the water. Tim fell with a big splash, shocked by his actions. Tim treading within the cool murky creek was offered Ron's hand to which he grabbed in desperation not knowing what else to do. Ron pulled him back up on shore and all three men at once began smearing mud upon his bright green jumper suit. Tim did not resist as it dawned on him what they were in fact doing was camouflaging him. Tim began assisting them.

Then one of the other two pointed out Tim's tracking necklace to which Ron removed a leather pouch from his rope like belt and began digging within it. At once he removed his hand and began smearing the contents within his palms. After this he began smearing what Tim noticed to be pure animal fat all up and down Tim's neck and jaw-line.

"Ok Tim, hold your head back and we're going to pull this device off of you. It's going to hurt some but it will come off."

Tim immediately obliged knowing that Wendy would not be far behind Sheila using that dreadful technology to corner him once again. So Tim done as requested while all 3 men dug their fingers underneath the collar and began to heave upwards. And Ron was right.. It did hurt like hell and it felt like they were going to take the skin right off of his face and head but miraculously the collar did begin to slide. Up, up, and up it slowly went until it cleared his ears at which it came off of his head with a resounding pop.

"He's over this way Sheila follow me!"

Ron's eyes bulged as he gave the orders . "Let's go, double time!"

The 3 men began running along the creek water-line and Tim did his best to keep up. Tim could feel and hear the ground rumble as the girls came down the creek ledge pushing mounds upon mounds of earth out of the way with their bulldozer sized feet as they bounded towards Wendy's signal.

Tim was watching the Giants come down at an amazing speed covering in seconds what took him several minutes to pass and with absolutely no difficulty either with their eyes trained upon the area that they were just standing at.

Tim unfortunately had forgotten that he needed to watch where he was sprinting towards and fell right over a large root, his right arm going right into a bundle of them. Hitting the ground hard his wits temporarily shut down like a trapped animal.

He tried to jerk his hand back but it was stuck within the roots.

"Here's his collar but he's not wearing it." An annoyed Wendy announced. Tim could see both girls looking the collar over. Then their eyes began scanning the ground around them. Tim knew it wouldn't be long now.

But then Tim felt a grip upon his arm as one of the men had returned for him and was currently using what looked like a home-made knife in order to cut the roots away that had trapped Tim's hand.. The blonde man with the short thick beard sawed furiously.

Ron called back to him. "Let the Domesto go, we've gotta save ourselves." But the man kept sawing. Tim looked back to see Sheila's eyes looking in their general vicinity until they locked right on them. The eyes went wide with shock. But then they narrowed with focus as she began to take massive steps towards them.

"I think he's over here Wendy!" She called over her shoulder.

Wendy's head now swung and saw them all as well too. Now both of them were bounding towards them.

The man finally managed to saw clean through one of the two roots that was trapping Tim as he pulled his arm free and got up. Tim took off towards the other two men as fast as he could just as a shadow blotted out the sky. The effect making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Terror began to rush through his veins now.

Once Tim reached the other two men he once again looked over his shoulder to see his savior attempting to hold his ground as Sheila's massive hand came down upon him. It snapped back quickly though as the guy stabbed an index finger with the tip of his knife.

"Oww! The little bastard stung me!" Weeped Sheila, quickly sticking the finger into her mouth to suck the pain out of. Her other hand swept in from behind and scooped the unfortunate man right up to which he gave a blood curdling scream as he was lifted up and away. His knife flying harmlessly away from the impact.  Both girls stopped as they regarded their catch. The man continuing to cry out. Now for help. "Help, me.. somebody please help me!"

Tim felt his shoulder clasped by a hand once again and he was yanked behind a bush trunk. Ron had grabbed him with one hand and had his index finger over his lips showing Tim to be quiet. He pointed a little further along the creek water-line to a pipe that was jutting out of the earth. Then he started towards it and the 3 of them began running once again for all that they were worth. They didn't stop until they had gotten inside the wet rusty steel pipe. The pipe itself was about 9 feet high by 9 feet wide. While all 3 were panting and trying to catch their breath, Tim could hear the girls further discussion reverberating through their metal refuge.

Wendy: It's not him. We gotta keep on looking Sheila.

Sheila: Oh ok, but finders keepers, he's mine now!

Wendy: I don't care, help me look, did you see any others?

Sheila: Yeah there was a few more around this one but they scattered when I caught him.

Wendy: Well did you see which way they went? I'm sure they've got Tim.

Sheila: Nuh, uh.. I lost track of them once I found this cute little guy.

Wendy began looking again but Sheila was now going gaga over her catch and was now only interested in playing with her new found toy. Touching his twitching body and moving him about within her grasp using fingers larger than his legs and squeezing any limb to test it's durability as she chose.

Wendy started up the ditch ledge in order to gain a broader perspective of movement and Sheila followed no longer paying any attention to her surroundings.

Tim couldn't help but peek out of the pipe to look at Sheila who was now holding the man cupped within both hands. He was still crying out for help but only to be heard more faintly now due to his elevated height near her chest. His arms and legs hanging out of her fingers, dangling and swaying to the massive girl's movements.. Like some helpless puppet in her hands who was now being carried away to some unknown fate.

Ron pulled Tim back within the pipe once again. "His name was Mark in case you wanted to know. That's the guy whose freedom you just help take away from. He'd been with us for 3 years and was our best bird look out. You'll grow to hate birds. You'll see. The fact that you made it this far without being snatched up by a hawk is a miracle in itself."

Tim looked back at the two grim looking men who were partially obscured by the darkness of the pipe. Feeling every bit as guilty as he should have.

Ron pulled something out of another pouch upon his rope belt and struck it against the wall. It sparked and then lit. The piece of something was a chunk of white phosphorus gathered from a match head as he would later learn. Ron held it to a piece of cloth to which he wrapped around a twig (branch at their sizes) in order to make a torch. It lit up and burned brightly.

"We can no longer go out that way as they might get wise to how we escaped them. And besides. We know these shit tunnels like the backs of our hands anyhow. You follow us and don't make any noise unless we tell you. You stay down when we tell you or we'll stick you with these spears of ours. So come on let's go."

Tim was bewildered at the turn of events now.. His adrenaline of being chased by Giants was finally starting to subside. He was feeling the onset of exhaustion too from all of the running and stress up until this point. The pipe was humid and wet up to his ankles. but he obediently followed not wanting to anger them and not knowing what else to do right now anyway. His plan of freedom wasn't even thought all the way through and if this was the Freedom Nation then he probably couldn't do any better right now truth be known.

They trudged along and walked through a small stream of water as they did. Tim's shoes were soaked but he didn't complain. These guys were barefoot and it didn't seem to even faze them. They stopped at a four way intersection of the pipe where the two men pulled two leather bags down from the rounded ceilings that actually contained net like hammocks strung across them to one side.

Then they all heard a large whooshing sound. Ron waisted no time. "Ok, Timmy boy.. If you don't want to wind up back in the creek back there I suggest you climb up on these hammocks with us and don't come down until I tell ya.. Got it?" They both threw their packs back up into the hammocks and began to climb up inside of them. The hammocks appeared to be made out of vines of some sort. They were fastented by wooden pegs into the joints of where the straight pipe met the 4 way intersection pipe.

Tim could feel a pressure change in the air. And a familiar rank odor hit his nostrils. The two men were already up. The second one offering Tim a hand to which Tim was pulled up into the hammock. So they sat there and waited.

Tim looked around the dank walls and started noticing things through the flickering torch light that he had not seen before. He saw white chalk drawn arrows pointing in different directions with directions underneath them.

One white arrow pointed east and had directions that read: "Big Oak, FN, 5 miles."

Another arrow pointed west and read: "Next house .5 miles .. Park Village, FN, 20 miles"

Tim felt a nudge by the man sitting next to him who had dark thick bushy hair and brown eyes. He looked like a fireman from the 1800s with his bicycle mostache to complete the persona. "My name is Ned. Don't let Ron scare you too much about Mark. I always thought that he was an asshole anyway. He, he. Oh, and sit tight now, you're going to really like this." He smiled.

Tim was beginning to feel scared and wasn't quite sure what the guy was talking about or what all of this meant until a tidal wave of river water rushed past right underneath their feet only missing their heels by mere inches. Then some huge brown excrement logs went by along with the yellow colored water. Followed by huge white wads of paper smeared in more excrement. The stench almost took his breath away.

Tim now knew where he was at.. He was in the subdivision's sewage pipes and some Giant whether an sweet old lady or a giggling toddler had just taken a dump. The men on each side of him both began to heartily laugh.

Ron proudly announced; "Welcome to freedom kid."

Chapter 13 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

The Borrowers

Tim was deep within his thoughts as they moved eastward through the steel sewage tunnels. He'd been told to be quiet so all that he could do was watch, listen, learn, and think as they moved along.

As Tim quietly reflected on the day's events as the 3 men splashed through the water and slogged along, he remember how he would become sexually thrilled to watch Sharon chase down people of his stature and capture them.. But when it came his turn to be chased it was quite a different experience all together.

He remembered the ground reverberating by Sheila's massive footfalls. The tremors going up his leg bones and vibrating throughout his entire skeletal frame as he ran for his life. The booming sounds that accompanied the tremors only magnifying the terror. He remembered looking over his shoulders and seeing the smile on her face, eager with the prospect of making him or anyone else that she caught her toy which is what Mark's doomed fate had in store for him now.

He also had to come to the realization that he was no longer a man to the Giants.. But nothing more than an intelligent animated plaything in their eyes, who could take the freedom away from him on a whim and deny him things that he wanted as Wendy would easily do.

Tim no longer fit into their world anymore, except to be the object of indulgence or amusement. Reflecting on this as they continued on Tim came to the conclusion that he was right where he was supposed to be now, and that he'd do what was necessary to be a part of the Little People Freedom nation. For that was what he was now whether he liked it or not... A little person.

At the next intersection they halted. Ron's torch was getting near the end of its incindiaries so he decided it was time to make a decision.

"Alright everyone. The torch is about to go out and I don't feel like going outside in order to get another stick so we're going to make something of this trip before we go back to Big Oak."

Ron opened his backpack and began digging around inside of it. Then he pulled out a folder of paper and began thumbing through it. Looking over at the passageway that led to another house he announced; "The Silverstone's... Good.. According to the log here we haven't hit that house in over a month which makes it fair game for another borrowing visit."

"We'll hit them up for some food and then make our way back to home base. It should be dark by the time we're out of the tunnels which is how I like it anyway. We'll have to go down this passageway blind as the torch is almost finished.

And you Mr. Domesto, you can either stay here and suck on your thumb. Go back home. Or come with us but I ain't taking you on as extra baggage so if you fuck up again, I'll personally direct the next one eyed Giant that I see right to where you are." Ron said pointing right at Tim's face with a very stern expression upon it.

With this statement Tim remembered his Little Person Utility Tool and pulled it from his belt flipping the light at the end of it on just as Ron was throwing his smoking spent torch into the water.

The tunnel lit up once again, even brighter than it had before. Both of the men's faces smiled as they regarded his tool. Ron immediately grabbed it from Tim and yanked it away in order to inspect it.. Tim was a bit pissed by the action but waited to see what would come of this situation.

Ron; where'd you get this boy?

Tim; From the babysi... I mean from this girl whose been supplying me with equipment. She kind of works for me. I come from a really rich family so I have all kind's of supplies that I make her get for me. (Tim furiously lied)

Ron; Yeah, I'll bet. That sounds like a crock of shit to me but in any case this is pretty handy and if you prove not to be such a dumb shit as you were outside I might give it back to you when we get to Big Oak, got it?"

Tim, was a little upset by the turn of events but learning whether they could trust each other was of paramount importance and he had no intentions of going home now.

"Sure Ron, just don't lose it. I kind of want it back. So I'll be worth it you'll see."

Ned fingered it too running his finger across the axe blade portion of the tool and liked what he saw.

Ned; You can get this kind of shit no kidding?

Tim; Not all the time as I just ran away from home but we can sneak back in and get stuff from time to time I figure. (Tim said with an eager smile on his face.)

Both men smiled back at him.

"Sounds fair enough to me. Well then let's get started" Ron said and turned towards the sewage pipe that led to the house ahead.


Tim noted as they started off once more that each 4 way stop had a net nest just like the last 4 way intersection had so that people could safely get out of harms way when toilets were flushed.

Ron began to explain things to Tim as they trudged ahead.

"Toilets will get you killed if you ain't paying attention. You saw first hand what happens. But if somebody let's out bath water or is brushing their teeth at the sink then the water comes less violently but you need to double back to a 4 way intersection for safety's sake. If you remember, we all used to shit, shower, and shave so eventually that God damned toilet is going to get flushed if somebody is messing around in their bathroom. And the bigger the family the more dangerous and flush happy their main drain get's."

Ron; Do you got a weapon boy?

Tim; You're holding it.

Ron; This wont stop no damn rat.. Boy. It'll chew right through you if you try to hit it with this toothpick. But I like the fact that it has a axe blade to it.

Tim; It does other things. I'll show you when we get out of this place.

Ron; Really? No shit?

Tim; Yeah, but don't try anything now, you might get shocked walking in this water.

Ron regarded Tim's flashlight/axe thinga-majig once again, then pressed ahead.

They went on for what seemed another half mile until the pipe began to make a hard slope upwards. Ron removed a knotted rope that had a hook on the end of it and began swinging it readying it for launch. The knots were at regular intervals so it was easy to surmise that this would be a ladder of sorts for them to use.

Tim looked over at Ned but the older man just kept quiet and smiled. Ron threw the hook/rope up into the air and it clanked on something.

"Hot damned I'm good! Got it on the first try!. Bragged Ron. Ned smiled even bigger and nodded approvingly.

"Ok, we're heading up into this house to get some food for our colony. When we get up we'll put some trash bags over our bodies. It'll make sense when we get there. You keep quiet and hide if we tell you to or participate if we tell you to do that too. If I say the word HASSLE, that means that you push your body against the floor molding and stand perfectly still. If you don't move, the odds are you wont be seen got it?"

Tim nodded in eager anticipation. He'd never been in someone elses house since he'd shrunk. This would be a brand new experience for him.

Ron began climbing up first. Followed by Ned and finally Tim. When they got near the top of the elbow shaped pipe Tim realized that a hole had been knocked into the very top of it. Just big enough to get a full sized person inside. The guys had definitely done this before. He also noticed that since the hole was at the top of the pipe, it was less likely to leak water when a sink or facet was ran. It seemed that they had definitely thought this through.

When all 3 were up Tim could see that they were now in the floor joists just below the regular floor. They hopped onto a cold water pipe and followed it until it bent up and went into a room. The pipe was wide enough, but was suspended several feet above the crawl space dirt and made Tim uneasy as they slowly traversed it. At the elbow they all shimmied up it and came out into some artificial light. Tim at once saw that they were in a bathroom.

Now Ron spoke in hushed tones. "No more talking at all. We'll give you Mark's camo suit to wear and I suggest you put it all on.. Even the hood. You don't do anything unless I tell ya.. You understand? "

Tim nodded in agreement again, looking around at the building size sink and toilet. Ron handed him a large white piece of plastic with a hole in the middle of it. Tim watched as the two guys put it over their heads and then donned a similar hood with two eye holes cut out of it. Tim smiled because they looked like cheap Halloween costumes designed to look like ghosts. But not wasting any time he did the same as they did. Once they were all suited up Ron spoke once more.

"This is the Silverstone's residence. It's a family of 4. A husband, a wife and two twins. Each about 6 years old. One's a boy and one's a girl. The dad is away a lot on business trips.. Hopefully he's gone now giving us a better ratio. Keep your eyes open at all times. We're heading to the kitchen."

But before they had even taken their first steps, the floor boards began to buckle and squeak. To which Ron quickly hissed out the word "Hassle!"

Tim watched incredulously as Ron and Ned quickly backed up against the white floor molding and pressed themselves flat against it becoming completely still. Ned called to Tim who seemed frozen in place.

"I'd get against this wall if you dont' want to be seen boy." Tim was appreciating how well the men blended against the floor molding with their white plastic suits, and finally snapped out of his daze when Ned brought him out of it with his cautionary warning.

Tim quickly ran to the molding that was very close to the back of the toilet and followed their leads identically. So the three of them waited as the noise got closer and closer.

Then the door knob turned and the massive door opened. And in came the family's young boy... All 70 feet high of him. He was well tanned with light brown wavy hair and was only wearing a pair of bright blue speedos. He had all of the curves a young toddler and resembled a miniaturized adult. Once inside the bathroom he quickly turned and shut the door behind him.

He was thin yet toned with just a little bit of baby fat glazing over his defined muscles, which made him resemble a Greek statue.  Tim noticed his arms.  Each of them capable of knocking all 3 of them into next week should his temper get the best of him.  His legs allowing him to cover distances in minutes that would take them days.   Tim would have to automatically defer to his strength should the boy corner him.   And this made Tim feel inadequate once again.   A mere boy could capture him, and turn  him into a toy which he probably would.

Tim's first brush with a child infuriated him..  It just wasn't fair that this kid physically outmatched him in every respect.

Meanwhile the boy lazily walked up to the toilet and pulled his penis out of his underwear and proceeded to pee but just before he did he stopped and remembered to put the toilet seat up. Grunting at the completion of his chore not to pee on the seat he let his urine loose.

Tim had never encountered anything like this before. For one he'd not seen any kids close up since he'd shrunk. And had definitely not witnessed another male urinate since his illness had struck him down.

A massive golden gushing flow that resembled a fire hose in use jetted out. Then with a splash the usual sound that occurs at this time ensued. But the toilet bowl only seemed to echo and amplify the sound to his tiny ears.

Tim was truly humbled by how many thousands of gallons of urine that this very young boy effortlessly shot forth into the waiting pool of water below. Tim felt very humbled that a boy of such young age could have easily directed that gushing water cannon at him and blown him several feet backwards if he had noticed him and chose to engage in such a cruel sport.

Tim was startled out of his amazement when a loud bellowing voice was heard at the other side of the door. "Hurry up Johnny.. I've got to go too!"

"Ok Jen, I'm almost through. Just a second." The boy named John finished his task, reached over and grabbed some toilet paper from off of the side of the wall. He took a sheet that could have wrapped all the way around Tim, head to toe and squeezed the last drops in his penis into it. Then he lifted it up higher than necessary and dropped it simulating a bomb falling from the sky. It landed in the toilet bowl with a splash..

He reached over and was about to pull the lever to release the soiled water but smiled and drew back. Tim could see the devilish expression as he was in the act of a naughty plan. The boy walked over and turned the facet on, washed his hands and began drying them.

"Johnny if you don't hurry up I'm going to pee my panties!" Urgently called out the loud, young, and feminine voice."

All three men were keeping as still as a hunted deer would.

The smiling boy dried his hands on a towel and opened the door. "It's all yours sis!" He giggled as he left the room.

Then his young sister ran in and was about to sit and do the same when she saw his urine in the bowl. She was wearing her night-time underwear. She had blonde pig tails that swayed as she moved. She too was a similar tanned tone of skin and was definitely the boy's twin Tim reasoned.

But rather than flush she just quickly pulled her panties down, dropped the seat into place that made a loud crashing boom, turned, and jumped on the seat letting a similar powerful jet of pee into the bowl. For some reason, her stream seemed to hit the water even harder than her brother's did. Tim was wide eyed in amazement of how powerful their genital organs were in comparison to the trickle he was able to generate.

Her feet barely touched the ground with her toes and this left her sole exposed with her heel up in the air. It was not lost on Tim that her foot alone was well longer than his entire body and could snuff him or anyone else his size out with one clumbsy unaware mis-step. It was a good 9 feet long in his estimation.

She kind of swayed them back and forth as if she was tapping to the beat of the latest pop song that she had heard on the radio which re-emphasized their potential for moving fast and swiftly yet potentially lethally for anyone of the 3 men standing behind her sitting position against the wall.

As she was doing her business yet another voice, this one much more mature sounding called out to her. "Jen honey, don't flush, mommy's going to pee next."

The girl smiled at the voice of her mother. "Ok mommy. Johnny didn't flush either like you told him to. He should be punished for that!" The girl said, her expression changing to a serious pout upon her face.

Once she was done she hopped off and proceeded to clean her waist and throw the wet tissues into the bowl as the first ones had been done. The girl then walked over and opened the door for her mother.

"Go ahead and go to bed honey, I'll flush the toilet for you when I'm done."

"But are you going to ground Johnny for not flushing?"

Tim was looking up at the lady who was twice the size of the girl and made him feel even smaller than he already had. She had long blonde hair and was tanned just like the kids were. Perhaps they had just gotten back from a vacation to Florida he mused. Her blue eyes complimented her aqua colored night gown that draped down upon her thighs.. White house slippers completing her garb.

She smiled as she watched her daughter leave and explained to her. "I might ground Johnny, I haven't decided yet, and thanks for telling me Jenny. Now off to bed."

The door was closed and now the mother dropped her silk black panties to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned her back to the men who were blending in perfectly with the wall that they remained glued to.

Then her bottom came down and sat upon the seat. Tim could hear the air whoosh out of the bowl as the mother's ass sealed it shut with her posterior flesh. He imagined the plight of someone his size treading water within the pitch black bowl waiting to be blasted by a torrent of the mother's piss. What a cruel fate that would be he reasoned.

Now she too began to release her bowels. The sound even louder than the two children's attempts combined. She seemed to let it go for an eternity. When she finally finished she stood and reached for some tissues.

The combined accumulation of so much urine hit the men like a foul noxious attack once she stood. To the mother, the odor might have seemed a bit noticeable but for the men it was as if their air was suddenly only consisting of methane gas. Fortunately the lady didnt' waste any time wiping her vaginal lips.

She washed up, flushed the toilet that made a very loud booming sound akin to a jet engine for Tim's little ears, and exited just as the others had done but only this time the door was left open.

Tim imagined being caught in the wave that the 3 Giants had created and being washed out to the creek only to be drown in their hundreds of thousands of acidic waste fluid gallons. Never to be seen or heard from again. Not to even know that their own urine had snuffed out a life which he was sure had probably happened to somebody before. Why else would they have so many safety nets at the pipe intersections he reasoned.

Tim was astonished as well, he had been humbled by a family doing nothing out of the ordinary and as mundane as draining their bladders. And once more, he felt very small along with feeling very vulnerable around these Giants.

Chapter 14 by Crocodile
Author's Notes:

Of Mice and Men

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Chapter 14

Of mice and men

The men quickly followed the Giants out of the bathroom in order to conduct their food gathering mission. Or Borrowing as Ned humorously referred to it as.. Tim ran along too of course.

This was all suddenly becoming very exciting and interesting he was coming to realize. Even fun! Sneaking around like a thief in the night and watching others who did not know that he was there.. Tim found himself smiling as the hurried along in a crouch walk posture.

They took a left and went down the dimly illuminated hall. The main house lights being out now.

Ned put up his fist and made a “All Stop” sign with it. But Ron kept going almost sprinting ahead. Turning to Tim he quietly began to explain.

“Ron is going to scout ahead. He’ll give us the sign after he checks each room for what we’re looking for. We split up like this so that if we’re spotted only one get’s caught while the others get away in order to get help rather than all of us getting nabbed at once where nobody finds out, make sense to you?”

Tim nodded quickly keeping his mouth shut.. He suddenly felt much more exposed out here in the open hallway close to the bathroom door than he had before once Ned’s tactical explanation settled in. There was just no cover in the hallway. The element of danger began to ooze within his veins.

Ron kept running until he made a right angle turn to run across the hallway to a door on the opposite side of them.. A few minutes later he came out and made a hand signal that looked like someone cleaning off a low table top, then took off running again back to Tim’s side of the hallway once more.

Ned explained that the signal that Ron just made meant the room was a wash with nothing of value to them.

There was a another bedroom directly across from the one he had just left. Ron went right under the door and disappeared just as he had before.

A few minutes later he motioned for them to come to him. So the two took off in a sprint for Ron.

At the doorway Ron quietly explained in between panting breaths that on the other side of the door was the daughter’s room and she was preoccupied with her older brother at the moment leaving a fresh Twinkie on the floor near her bedside.

Tim was curious and whispered. “ I didn’t see a older brother Ron.. Just a twin brother.”

Ron just grinned at Tim’s naivety.. And ignored his question.

“We can go along the left side wall which will take us to the bottom of her bed.. We’ll snatch some Twinkie there... Tim, you come with me.. I’m going to load up your backpack along with mine for our prize... Ned will continue to keep watch for us by the door. This will be a good chance for us to see if you have any value to us.”

Tim became nervous.. This was it .. A real Borrowing exercise was about to take place. The stakes were food or becoming this girl’s latest pet... The implications began to get his adrenaline going...

The two of them set off and ran along the wall just as Ron had planned...

There was a nightlight on, exposing the girl’s head and shoulders who was on her belly molesting something with her hands near her face....Squeezing it to her face and rubbing her nose across it was the site before them. Tim could see a bird cage by the opposite wall with the door opened. The girl giggling yet keeping her voice down all the while not wanting to raise her mother’s attention...

They quickly ran under the bed.. There were cob webs, dust bunnies, and a used sock to go around but other than that it was clear sailing traversing the polished yet dusty wooden boards.

The Twinkie was parallel with the girls head almost under the bed but out in the open a few feet making this a rather challenging task. So Ron slowed them down as they got near it.

Ron whispered. “ We’re going to crawl right up to the snack using the snack as cover in and of itself.. I’ll break chunks loose and put them in the back of your bag.. Then I’ll take mine off and do the same.... You keep watch and just hit me in the shoulder if her eyes fall on us. Got it?”

Tim furiously nodded once more as they began to crawl to the yellow Twinkie. They kept on their bellies below the profile of the snack until they were right up on it due to the danger of being out in the open like it was.

Ron began digging at the food with Tim’s utility knife. Tim’s head peered over the junk food to keep an eye on the giggling girl. Sweat began to pour out of his body now that the danger was clear and apparent. His episode of running for his dear life away one Giantess not too long ago having not been forgotten yet.

What he saw made his eyes bug out.

The young girl who he’d watch urinate into the toilet bowl a few minutes ago was now amusing herself with her older brother who was.... A Little just like Tim and the rest of them. He was clutched in both of her hands as the pink soft fingers held him upright with his feet still on the wooden floor. Moving him this way and that as if he were a sock puppet.

It had apparently fell on her to keep watch over the teen aged boy who was now furiously begging his younger sister to let him go and put him back in his cage.

But the girl just giggled and shook her head back and forth before saying “No! Make me!”

“I’m the big mean monster that’s going to eat you up!”
“No, not a again Jen.. Leave me alone!”

“Grrrrrrowl!. Big mean monster is going to eat up her big little brother!”

Meanwhile Ron was quickly digging into the yellow junk food with Tim’s utility knife and putting whole handfuls into Tim’s backpack.

Tim kept watching.. Surprised that Ron was paying the poor boy no mind whatsoever... He wanted to nudge him on his shoulder and point but thought better of it, thinking that might be a breach of protocol or something to that rude effect.
Suddenly after another guttural growl the girl opened her mouth wide and then her head slammed down to the floor.

The teen aged boy was nowhere to be seen now...
Then her head lifted with swiftness back up into the air as she pretend growled again..
Only now Tim could see the teenagers soles just sticking out of her lips, wiggling furiously.

Then, like a child with no table manners she loudly sucked the boy right into her mouth and giggled some more. Slurping and grunting sounds like some behemoth monster would make.

Worse yet, Tim could hear the boy screaming from inside of her mouth. He couldn’t take his eyes away from the spectacle either.... It was like a dinosaur had eaten a man whole in one of those cheesy B rated horror movies..

The girl sucked in air through her nostrils and puffed up her cheeks until they resembled a chip monk with acorns in them.. Then. “Plugh!”
He was spat out of her mouth into her awaiting hands...

More giggles and laugher ensued....

The terrified teen began vigorously wiping the clear shiny film glistening from the night light, that was covering his body from head to toe out of his eyes and mouth, while his sister growled again.

His hands went up as the girl’s head bobbed down again and took him up at the waist.. She spiritedly shook her head back and forth like a dog might do when it catches a rodent.. Her blonde pig tails flopping around her neck and head during the whirlpool of action pinging against her skull like improvised bull whips.

Tim felt a tap on his shoulder and was shaken out of his skin.

“Come on kid, let’s go.”

Ron had finished filling both bags as the Giant girl continued to play with her brother moving her head in several odd angles that only a girl her age could do. Growling and giggling the entire time.

Tim gulped as they left the discarded food which would have only appeared to be a nibble hole to the girl if she had ever looked twice at it as they traversed under the bed back in the direction in which they had come.

Tim couldn’t help looking over his shoulder and feeling guilty as the boy was spat out again, with desperate pleas for his younger Giant sister to stop..

For the girl it was just another fun night to play with and torment her older Little brother.. For the teenaged boy trapped in the slobbery maws of the terrible beast it would be on the high side of abusively traumatic..

“What a irresponsible mother?”, Tim contemplated.. Or had her feelings for her eldest son diminished with his size?... To be callously left to the devices of her immature daughter because her son had become somewhat burdensome. To be passed off regardless of the danger and torment the girl could regularly subject him to just because she was feeling playful or bored...

Tim’s mind reeled from the injustice being delivered as they steadily put more distance between them and the teen’s plight. Something had to be done he reckoned.. He’d mention it to the guys at the first opportunity.. This simply could not be allowed to stand!

More growling, giggles, shrieks, and pleadings could be heard behind them as they went under the bedroom door and met Ned on the other side.

Ron was happy and gave the thumbs up from the successful looting.

Tim looked to both men with a look of bewilderment. Didn’t they see what was going on back there? Tim through his confusion tried to whisper..

“Guys, aren’t we going to go back and save him?”

The two men in front of him looked confused now.
So Tim tried again.

“Ron didn’t you see what was going on back there.. That teenager isn’t going to last much longer if he’s left to that Giant brat’s devices.”

Ron then realized that Tim was not privy to their knowledge of things, his face changing from confusion to malice.. He shook his head and got closer to Tim with a sullen look upon his face.

“And you think that we haven’t thought of that already? You think we didn’t offer to get him out of this hell-hole of an existence the first time we saw him up there in his cage. We even climbed all the fucking way up to the door of it just to offer to break him free!”

Ron then got uncomfortably close to Tim’s face... Tim could now smell Ron’s sour breath.

“Do you know what the little pussy said to us?”

Tim didn’t know what to say so he simply shrugged his shoulders.

“He told us to go fuck ourselves... That he was warm, safe, and well fed here... And that if we didn’t leave right then he’d scream his head off.”

Tim couldn’t believe it... That teenager would trade freedom for safety, no matter how abusive that protection was? “Wow!” thought the beleaguered boy standing in front of the angry older men.

“So fuck him.. He get’s what he fucking deserves now.. We wouldn’t want a turncoat like him at Big Oak anyway.. He’d just snitch us out the first time things got tough for him or homesick. And then we’d all have to hide in the woods all night. Those who were left would have to track him down and hang his ass the next day too....

And that goes for you as well boy.. Turncoats working for the Giants get hung. So just think about that once we get there. You can still turn back if you want to. But once we leave this house if you’re still with us we wont let you turn back so think long and hard over the next few minutes as we leave boy.”

Ron then got out of his face turning back in the opposite direction in which they had came and Ned followed... A stunned Timothy soon followed suit too as they went back towards the pipes having gotten their bounty..

On the way to the bathroom and down the pipes they went..
Tim was philosophically conflicted as he pondered the separation or rift between the people of his world... Those who had the courage to run for their freedom..
Those who did not and would suffer any manner of indignity in order to stay within a comfort zone no matter how precarious.

Tim remembered the ex-con who was working for Sharon the National Bounty Hunter and how he was treated by them like a trained rodent with simply no regard to if the job put his life in jeopardy or not. He wondered where the Little man would sleep at night? Perhaps in a gerbil cage? Or worse, a filing cabinet? What was he fed? Bread and water if he was lucky? Or perhaps dog food if he wasn’t?

He had a lot of things to dwell on as the men silently made their way back into the sewer system and through the gloomy dark concrete pipes that lead to an unknown destination that he only now knew as Big Oak.

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Chapter 15 by Crocodile
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Here is chapter 15 of that story.   There were  21 chapters after this one! 


Chapter 15

“Would you put him down for just five minutes so that I can talk to you?” Wendy was at her wit’s end with Sheila.
Her friend had been ogling the struggling tiny man ever since he wound up in her clutches.

“Ok, follow me!” Wendy grabbed Sheila’s free hand and practically pulled her younger friend up the stairs to Tim’s old room...

When they got to the dresser where Tim now slept Wendy grabbed the tiny man out of Sheila’s grasp and quickly lowered him to the bottom dresser compartment where Tim slept now.

Roughly tossing the incensed man down upon her stockings she quickly shut the door sending him flying against the side of the front drawer.

“Why’d you do that? He’s mine now you know?” A now shocked and angered Sheila inquired.

Wendy just pulled Sheila out of the room and back down the stairs to the living room where she sad down indicating with her hand for Sheila to do the same who did yet with a confused look upon her face.

Wendy: He’ll be safe in the drawer and wont be able to escape while I talk to you.

Sheila: But why can’t I hold him while we talk?

Wendy: Look Sheila, you come from a wealthy family and your mother is a Senator of all things...
Let’s just say that you’re not going to have a difficult life ahead of you. As for me? I’m going to have to work at it. My parents are blue collar folks and Tim is my big chance to land myself a profession later on so that I don’t wind up working a fast food job get it?

Sheila’s haze began to clear as Wendy’s reasoning began to dawn on her.. Yes Wendy was older than her and perhaps more intelligent too.. But her family background was far removed from hers. Her college was going to be paid for by her mother... Wendy had a trade school program to look forward to and Tim was her ticket now. So nodding she soberly began to listen to Wendy’s words.

Wendy: Now, we might have to get a little rough but we have to locate Tim.. If he isn’t found I’m dead! And we could use this as a opportunity for both of us to practice some training techniques that I’ve been reading about in order to get him to see things our way. It might also show him that you’re the boss and make your life with this new feral Little more easy and smooth.

You were the one who lost him were you not?

Sheila: Yes

Wendy: Then desperate times call for desperate measures!

Sheila: Ok Wendy. You’re my best friend and I don’t want you getting into any trouble so what did you have in mind?

Mark’s wooden room was dark with the scent of fabric-softener.
His behind and feet rested on the soft nylons of Wendy’s under garments and hose.

It had all happened so fast.. He shoved his knife into her skin with all of his might yet she still plucked him up from the ground like a errant puppy.

After the humiliating ogling and the hot sweaty trip back to the Bender household he was roughly snatched from the soft hand of his abductor by another Giantess.. Only to be discarded into this dresser drawer as they angrily stormed off.

But now the giant footfalls were returning again.. Up the stairs they came.. Down the hall they drew closer.

Mark began to sweat with nervous anticipation as the thunderous footfalls got closer and closer to him. The furs that he wore, (made out of mouse hide) were dampening with his perspiration...

Then his world lurched violently sending him into a pron position as light streamed in.. Before he could even get his bearings he was squashed up in a firm palm once again and then free falling as he was dropped onto a bed quilt.

The one with the darker hair spoke to him from her lofty height.

“Look little man.. You and some of your friends took Tim Bender away from me... I need to know where he is so that his mother wont have a heart attack when she comes home. We don’t have a lot of time so if you refuse we’re going to have to rough you up some.”

Mark looked up incredulously at the two colossal teens who had their hands upon their waists in a posture of no nonsense. Determined looks upon their frowny faces as well.

Mark cupped his hands to his mouth to direct his voice more directly and shouted a simple statement back.

“Fuck you!”

Sheila looked over to Wendy whose facial expression had changed from a frown to an incredulous grin..

Then she calmly talked down to the angered tiny man.

“Oh Mister, you’re only going to make things more difficult for yourself.. We are holding all the cards here.. How long do you think you can hold out before we wear you out?

Then Wendy looked to Sheila and smiled again.

“Sheila do you remember that Youtube video of the girl who was having all of that fun with her two older brothers who are Littles now”

Sheila had a thoughtful look and then smiled. “You want to do that to him?”

Wendy smiled even wider and nodded in agreement.

Both the brunette teen and the blonde tween hurriedly pulled off their shoes and began climbing up on the bed with excited looks upon their faces causing Mark to nervously retreat towards the center.

Tim had been blind folded for most of the trip through the woods after they had come out of the sewage system of the neighborhood which might have only been a grassy lawn for all that he knew. But there was so much noise that it had to be some undeveloped area.. The chirps of crickets, the hoots of owls, rustling of leaves and branches as they passed creatures by.

They walked and Tim stumbled along for hours. Sometimes massive flapping wings could be heard... A startled Tim called out in fear of what they were.

“Wha, what was that?”
“Bats kid, now shut or I’ll spin you around a dozen times and then ditch you out here.”

Tim didn’t need to be told to be quiet again with that threat.

After another thirty minutes of struggling through the forest they came to a stop.. Tim couldn’t see, but he could hear what was going on around him.

He heard a small metal door slide open.

“What’s the word?” Asked a new voice.
“Thunderbird.” Replied Ron to which three men around him began lauging.

Then Tim heard a loud clank followed by the squeak of a large wooden door opening..

A few paces in a man who was walking by spoke.

“Good , a new recruit.. We could use one.. You know we lost three good men this week.”
“Four.” Replied Ned... “We lost Mark today.”
“Oh shit not Mark! How’d he go?”
“Some nit wit girl got him when we were trying to rescue this one.”
“Have any idea where she took him?”

“I know!” Tim spoke up through the bag that was fastened over his head.

“Take him to the interview room. We’ll interrogate him there. Melody will want to have a word with him as usual.”

Tim was pushed forward and they walked on.. He noticed that the floor was no longer earthen but more like hard wood or something...

It was a bunch of turns and up several flights of stairs where he was directed to sit down. Then he waited for about twenty odd minutes in silence

Suddenly his plastic hood was taken off of his head.

As Tim’s eyes adjusted to the candle light he noticed a man on his left and on his right that seemed like sentries or guards. They wore the same furs that everyone else wore.. Grey and burnt browns were the colors of the fur.

Before him was were three adults.. A lady around Tim’s age perhaps a little older sat in the middle with Ned and Ron sitting to each side of her.

All around him was solid wooden walls.. They appeared smooth and there were no slats as if the room was carved out of a single piece of wood... Everything looked smoothed and rounded too. As if it had been painstakingly sanded by hand. Calming...

In the raised ornately cut wooden chair in the middle sat the beautiful younger lady with bleached white hair tied back in a pony tail..

“Hello new potential member of the Freedom Nation..” Smiled the pretty lady.

Tim’s eyes bulged out, was this really the Freedom Nation he’d heard so much about?

Ned and Ron smiled at Tim’s reaction.

The lady indicated to the men that had brought Tim to this place.

“These two are my top commanders... We work on a ranking system here. The people here are ranked on how much they contribute to the whole and are given positions of privilege based on this. If you earn, you excel here. If you are lazy then you do poorly.. Food is very hard to come by for us so whoever gathers the most becomes the President for a year until the next bounty can be tallied. Then the positions are reshuffled on merit alone.

If you were to join us you would live under this system.. You would start as a lowly scout and you’d have to prove yourself day in and day out..”

Then the young limber lady learned forward and smiled again...

“That’s if you survive long enough to be any use to us.”

Then the President nodded to the guard standing on Tim’s right.. The man quickly walked over to a window and opened the wooden shudder...

Tim peered and almost peed his pants with what he saw..

There swinging from a vine rope just outside of the window was a man who was quite dead. He’d been there for perhaps a couple of days.. Tim recognized his cloths as being those from the National Bounty Hunters department.. Then Tim recognized him as the guy he had see on TV the other day who had been interviewed... Mr. Hancock.. A stench of death blew into the room before the President nodded her head again signaling the guard to close the heavy wooden shudder once more.

Tim covered his eyes in clear shock at how quickly things had gotten very real in his new life.

“That’s what we do to traitors by the way. He got caught giving sensitive information to our enemies the other day. You know, the big people who think we should all be content with being adorable little pets to have their ways with. And we lost three good men to those damned bounty hunters as a result.

But his days of getting our people rounded up are over as you can see.. Ned and Ron tell me that you were largely responsible for another one of our own getting captured by the enemy.. I have a good mind to put you out there on that rope next...

You would be working under the eight ball to start as we decide if you can hack it here. And you would be put on the rescue team that tries to get Mark back too... You owe him at least that much for paying for your freedom with his...

So what do you say Timmy? Think you can handle having freedom again?”

Tim gulped and considered his compromised position. But this was what he wanted.. He couldn’t take being a pet to be handled as those around him saw fit.. It was crushing him...

Tim began to nod and then he looked up at the pretty young lady...

“I can handle it and I can prove myself.. You’ll see.”

“Then welcome aboard Tim Bender... You will be shown to your new quarters. Though they will be rather small and humble.. At least it wont be a dresser drawer or a sock inside of a aquarium.”

Everyone stood including Tim.

Ned walked over to him and shook his hand...

“Welcome to freedom.”

Tim smiled and returned the handshake.

“Come with me Tim, I’ll get you settled in.”

Tim was led up several more flights of wooden stairs... At one hallway they made a right through the continuous tunnels of solid wood.

Until at last Ned opened a thick wooden door held together with iron slats.. The first of that design he had encountered.. The room was large enough to lay head to toe each way and that was it. A recessed window with shudders was his only source of light besides a single lit candle on the door side of the room.. Some piles of fabric were laid out onto a slab that was cut right out of the wooden walls themselves.

“Get yourself some rest kid.. We’ll be up bright and early tomorrow in order to hunt. Oh..
And Welcome to Big Oak.” Said the man who smiled as he closed the door.

Tim immediately climbed into the window recess all the way to the shudders and opened them.... He could now get a bearing on where he was at now.. Several stories up he was within the wall of a huge oak tree.. The bark and branches going up and down as far as the eye could see.


Mark’s body was sent up into the air.
~Boom Boom Boom~
Up and down he was hurled.
The two preteen Giantesses continued to laugh and bounce.
They held arms as they alternated between jumping and bouncing off of Tim’s bed mattress.

Mark was helplessly caught in between.. His body had no option but to be flung up into the air each time one fo the Giantesses feet bounced near his tiny body.

Sometimes he would land awkwardly. Others he would hit so hard that the wind would be knocked out of him.. And the girls kept it up .. Relentlessly.

This went on for several more minutes as giant socked feet kept pounding his landscape tumbling him this way and that like a rag doll.

Suddenly the abuse stopped.

“Gonna tell us where Tim is now?”

Mark couldn’t even determine which way was up, much less decide which one of the two was addressing him as he continued to gasp for air.

“Ok, Sheila I have a plan.. Let’s play sit on the weeny!”
Thunderous squeals of laughter was heard from above as the girls got down off of the bed.

When Mark got his bearings he was looking up at a pair of polyester capris that were perfectly molded to Sheila’s behind that filled his sky.

“Last chance to tell us shorty!”
Mark held his sore arm.. But lifted his free arm away in order to flip the girls the bird.

“Oh my God!” screeched Wendy.

“Ok, have it your way tough guy!” Sheila pronounced as she quickly lowered her ass upon the helpless man.

Mark’s light vanished as a warm pliant surface made contact with his body and then stopped.

He could hear more giggles from the sides when that too disappeared as the behind began slowly lowering.

The heat was the first thing that he noticed.. Then the displacement of air due to the extreme pressure exerted all over his whole body as the fleshy buttocks began to mold around him cutting out all sense of light and sound....

Then the massive weight began pushing his arms down that were attempting to fend her behind off. Compressing them until they were useless to his sides just as his face was covered in pink cloth that snuffed his final source of air out.

But that didn’t matter much because the weight itself forced all of the air out of his lungs anyway.. He wouldn’t be able to breath if he tried now. And yet the weight kept increasing.

He likened it to a car being compacted at a salvage yard until he began seeing stars which took away all of his reasoning.

All he knew was heat, pain, and terror as the preteen used her bum as a weapon.

The pressure relieved as he heard thunderous orders being given from above.

“My turn, Sheila, let me at em!”

A vacuum of air was sucked away from him as Sheila lifted off...
Mark began gasping for the much needed oxygen.

And then ~Boom~
He was swallowed up in the bottom crack of Wendy’s caboose. She didn’t even give him a warning.. Just a walloping to his person as she slammed down upon him.

Wendy went down on him much harder than Sheila did too and kept more weight on him at that. He could feel his chest compress to the breaking point.. He saw the stars again and then passed out in the hot darkness around him.
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