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I'm not sure how to use the new tagging system so if somebody would let me know that would be awesome. Also seeing as I don't know what kind of stories i'm going to put in here I just left the rating at X.

1. A Day in the Shrunken life by Amateur Wordsmith

2. The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever by Amateur Wordsmith

3. A Well Deserved Fate by Amateur Wordsmith

4. Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For by Amateur Wordsmith

A Day in the Shrunken life by Amateur Wordsmith
Author's Notes:

Description: a shrunken man takes us through a normal day in his life.

Tags: crush, feet, and Adventure.

Size: micro man, and normal sized girl.

Warnings: this story is pure foot smut.



               This day began like any other for me; with the sound of my goddess Lucy’s alarm clock rocking me from my sleep. I love that sound, as it signals the beginning of
another day that I get to spend in her presence.

               “Ohh, Can’t I get one more fucking minute.” she said drowsily before smacking the alarm clock with her long beautiful hand; each finger painted black with white skulls across them.

               I knew what came next and without hesitation I pressed my body into the hardwood floor. Two loud thuds shook the ground as her feet each one the size of a mountain slammed into the ground. I was right under the bed as it happened.

               Dust and dirt particles which may as well have been boulders flew past my face and a hot musky wave of air settled around me as each powerful foot took its rightful place on the ground. Then the floorboards creaked and the fine lines along her
foot and ankle bent as she pushed herself off of the bed and stood in all her glory.

               “Do I have an English test today? Ah shit its Monday I do.” She complained groggily while walking towards the closet on the opposite side of the room in search of
something to wear.

               I ran towards Lucy’s rancid feet eager to perhaps catch a glimpse of my goddesses face, but before I could make it she took off walking leaving only the distinct
pungent odor of her foot and the always pleasing smell of her cheap vanilla perfume.

              It was an amazing site to behold; she covered more ground in a single step than I could in 5 minutes. The titanic columns of peach flesh led up to a pair of dark
purple panties which gracefully folded and wrinkled as she walked. Each step she took sent a shockwave through the floor, and forced me to my knees.

              In the distance laid an empty sprite can from the night before next to a discarded bottle of vodka. As per usual she didn’t even care what was on the floor as it
all ended up the same way, either ground into dust by her or tossed into the garbage. I found comfort in the fact that I had yet to suffer either of these fates.

              The muscles on her foot pulsed in reaction to the meager resistance offered by the can. Her long powerful toes pressed down hard into the center and in no time the sound of bending metal was heard. The bottoms of her toes turned white as she stepped down, and the massive mechanisms of her leg could be seen pushing that beautiful foot to where it rightfully belonged; on her floor.

              “Well shit there goes my chaser.” She said sarcastically before following up with an adorable giggle that is rarely heard from her.

               I took this opportunity to run out into the open, and into the spot where she first stepped down knowing full well that she would return. I remember the heat from
her first steps still radiated up from the floor. That is the power Lucy wielded over me, the power to literally change the world I lived in with the mundane act of taking a simple step.

              “Studded belt? Check. Black skinny jeans? Check. Socks and Shoes? Check.” She said to nobody in particular as she carefully picked out the clothes she would wear
that day.

              Seemingly satisfied with her choices she turned around and began to walk back towards the bed. Her massive big toe which was painted a deep purple smashed through a parking lot sized chip while walking back. Upset by this, she swung her gigantic foot into the small pile of debris sending it flying across the room. A wave of hot air blew past me, throwing me off of my feet.

               I was deeply afraid at this point. I was in the open without protection and she drew closer with every second. Each step she took towards me magnified the vibrations she unleashed; within at least 5 seconds it became impossible to stand. I could not move, and it was at this point that I realized what a terrible mistake I had made coming out here.

              “Now time to go fail that English test.” She said bitterly to herself, her figure
growing closer every second.

              Like some kind of peach colored dingy sunrise her foot appeared over the mountain range that was her discarded t-shirt and slammed hard at least about a mile
away. I panicked; I was in the path of her next step. Almost by instinct I took off running towards the crack in the floorboards desperate to survive. Right as I reached the edge of the crevice the air grew thick and warm, and the world was cast with darkness.

              A powerful boom followed that shook the entire world and disoriented me. I then felt a sudden updraft, as the peach colored sky that was Lucy’s foot retreated back into the heavens. The displacement of air caused by her moving her foot sucked me from the crevice and threw me several hundred feet into the air. I thought I was dead, I could
feel myself slip into temporary unconscious; my body accepting its fate before me.

               Then her foot came down again, and I was blown around for the second time. This time I was hit with a downdraft that forced me down to the ground. I screamed
loudly, I begged her to save me knowing full well she couldn’t hear me. Then a miracle

                “Fuck school, I don’t even learn anything interesting.” she grumbled to herself and in anger slammed her clothes into the ground.

                I now found myself hurtling towards the pant leg of her black jeans; I quickly spread my body out to increase the wind resistance, and prepared for the worst. Fortunately I hit the side at an angle and was deflected at a harmless angle towards the ground. I rolled my body into a ball and skipped across the ground for a bit before I finally settled against a small clump of dirt.

                My body was wreaked; I felt terrible all over, and I swore that I had broken something. None the less I pressed on desperate to get to her.

                By the time I managed to stand up she had already put on her jeans and was working on her socks. I loved those socks. They were hot pink which is funny because she identified herself with the Goth crowd.

               I looked around for someplace I could go, someplace where I could still be around her and yet safe. Then I saw my golden ticket. In the distance laid her purple and black Vans, their badly worn surface offered an enticing opportunity to get close to her. I looked back towards goddess Lucy, she was occupied putting on eyeliner; this was my chance.

               I took off faster than an Olympic runner towards her towering footwear, my plan was to scale the shoelace and settle in the tongue of her shoe, but it seemed goddess Lucy had other plans. Her goliath fingers reached for the opening of the city sized shoes and lifted them from the ground as if they weighed nothing at all.

              The enormous shoes hovered hundreds if not thousands of feet above my head for a few brief moments. House sized bits of dirt fell from the black rubber sky onto the surrounding ground where they exploded into rubble. Looking up I could see that Lucy had worn these shoes down. The patterns were smeared and the rubber was gashed and scratched from repeated use, and on the heel stuck between the grooves was a smeared glob of gum.

               The huge pair of shoes came to a rest in the distance a thundering clap alerting me that they had stopped moving. I held my ears as the noise was too intense for me to handle.

               I looked on in awe as my goddess slipped the foot opposite of me into its shoe. This mundane act was amazing because of the scale that it appeared to happen
on. It was as if one continent was slipping inside another.

                I was so preoccupied with the celestial display that was occurring that I didn’t even notice the sky becoming darker. By the time I noticed it was too late. The air displaced by her foot was forcing me into the ground thus preventing my movement. I could only watch as the massive pink sock descended onto me. Then there was darkness and warmth greater than any I had felt before. The heat was intoxicating, and I realized
where I was.

                I was stuck to Lucy’s foot like a piece of dirt. The air was thick and musky inside the warm chamber, and due to the tightness of the socks fibers I was pressed hard into her tender flesh. The taste of salt and dirt lingered in my mouth as I breathed, and I could feel myself becoming trapped in the moisture.

                I felt movement and I realized where I was headed; the inside of her shoe. Upon making this realization I fought back as desperately as I could, but to no avail. The
thick, damp, and grimy fibers of her filthy sock held me firmly in place, and the hot salty air burned my eyes and lungs. I cried out for help praying that someone would come save me.

               I felt the flesh wriggle above me as it entered the shoe. It was obvious I was stuck somewhere near her toes. I cried out Lucy’s name and thrashed about in a pathetic attempt to save myself, but I was just too small for her to even detect.

               Lucy’s foot settled in the end of the shoe, and as the light cut out my fate was sealed. I looked to my right and could make out the outlines of a piece of dust which like me was also stuck. I realized that I was more like this dust than I could ever imagine.

               Both of us were just specks; virtually undetectable, and both of us were stuck to the sticky unwashed foot of a teenage girl.



               The day dragged on slowly. Every step forced the breath out of my air, and every hour subjugated me to more and more dirt and sweat. In the end I accepted my role in this world as a speck. At the very least I get to be near my goddess Lucy, and on gym days I get about an hours break.

End Notes:

If you enjoy this please take a look at my other works and as always don't forget to rate and review.

Also for those who may not notice this was my first attempt at First-Person Narrative so please go easy.

and If your wondering why I write so much smut its mainly because of my over active libido.

The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever by Amateur Wordsmith
Author's Notes:


Description: A joke story meant to poke fun at some of the many lower quality stories on this site, my own stories included. No offense intended.

Tags: Vore, shrunken man, feet, insertion, breastplay, Instantly shrunk,

Size: Shrunken man, Normal sized girl, and one giant man (for about 2 lines)

Warnings: This is a JOKE so no angry comments I won't listen to them.


Hello my name is Brian Smith, and I have a completely bland and unoriginal name. Let me tell you about how I got eaten by a giant girl. That’s right I’m spoiling the ending!

               It all started at my high school. That’s right I go to high school! Why, because it’s ok to fantasize about teenagers and not be called a pervert so long as they’re in high school. Also because high school has a lot of pseudo-classist drama involving made up groups like ‘Popular Vs. Unpopular’ and ‘Nerd Vs. Jock’ that make excellent excuses to commit cruel acts of rape, domination, and murder and then disguise the madness in the veil of adolescent immaturity. And while I’m here I should probably mention that I’m 17 this way I’m just under the legal age so that people can masturbate without feeling bad.

               Anyways let me tell you about myself by listing my defining characteristics in one sentence with the passion of someone reading a soup label. I’m about 5’11 with brown hair and green eyes, and I like sports, partying, and video games so I’m basically the most bland and unoriginal person who ever lived. I also should mention that I’m not unpopular, but I’m not popular; I’m normal. I mention this because my perceived social standing is of great importance to the plot.

               It all started on Friday. I was in science class, because weird phenomenon always occur in a high school science lab despite most of them being equipped with at the most ammonia and a couple of beakers.

               You see I liked this girl. Her name was Sally. I can’t really explain why I liked her, but maybe if I describe her physically in one sentence you’ll like her too. She’s 17 has a beautiful body, with long blonde hair and soft baby blue eyes, and on this particular day she was wearing sandals with jeans and a pink shirt. See how appealing she is! She’s about as bland and replaceable as I am!

               So we were sitting in class and it was the last class of the day, because it
absolutely has to be the last class otherwise I’d have to explain how she covered up my disappearance and that would make my brain hurt.

               “OMG Brian I, like totally have a crush on you, please come to my house.” She said to me as the final students left the class.

               Any other person would have been suspicious at this point, but for the sake of the plot I temporarily lose my ability to think rationally and agree to go to her house despite knowing nothing about her or her family.

               “Yeah, sure” I said in the most unoriginal way possible.

               “Here is my address and phone number, now come to my house and tell nobody where you’re going” she said seductively and licking her lips.

               This kind of flirtatious behavior would be off-putting for anyone, and for the
average male would be a bit of a turn off, but I’m an idiot and so her slutty confrontational behavior only drives me to pursue her further.

               Let’s skip ahead to her house because it’s all about the action.

               So yeah I get to her house and I ring the doorbell. She opens the door and leads me up to her room. Also her parents aren’t there, but rather than focus on important things like that or if anyone (perhaps a neighbor) saw me enter the house I
focus on the only thing that matters; sex.

               “Brian I like you a lot, you’re so tasty I could just eat you alive.” She said in a way no teenager would ever realistically talk while simultaneously spoiling her plans for the reader (that’s you).

               “Wow I never realized you liked me Sally.” I said pointing out the obvious.

               “Yeah I love you til death, and I know you like me as well. How would you like to become a part of me?” she said casually despite her words being really creepy, and basing her entire plan off of the assumption that I like her.

               Rather than think about what she just said I answered yes for the sake of the plot.

               “That’s, like totally great. I’ll go get everything I need, you go stand on that totally not suspicious plate in the corner of the room.” she said while pointing towards a digital looking device.

               “Umm, what is this thing?” I ask and finally do something intelligent for once in my life.

               “Nothing!” she answers before pressing a big red button on a remote.

               “Ahhhh” I scream before falling into unconsciousness.

               When I wake up I see her gigantic face hovering over me. It looks beautiful, amazing and detailed and all that good stuff. I also felt totally powerless, afraid, and at her mercy and all that good stuff.

               “I AM GOING TO EAT YOU BRIAN, BUT NOT BEFORE I HAVE FUN WITH YOU” she says open-endedly in hopes that anyone still reading this garbage would leave a
review with their suggestions.

               “But Sally Why? I thought you liked me?” I ask stupidly, not realizing that if she truly liked me she would have worked towards establishing a relationship with me rather than saying nothing to me up until today.


               “No Sally please! Don’t hurt me, and for the love of god stop speaking in capital letters” I pleaded desperately.


               “But, sally we already know you’re a giantess. All you’re doing is making seem like your yelling.” I pleaded again to no avail.

               “SHUTUP AND LICK MY FEET” she declared.

               I screamed and fought back as hard as I could. There was no way I was going to lick her feet. Come to think of it the average girl doesn’t even have any desire to have her feet licked, and she just mentioned she was going to eat me, that’s disgusting.

               “LICK THEM NOW. I WANNA FEEL YOUR TOUNGE.” she commanded unromantically in a booming voice.

               “Oh god it tastes like sweat, grime, and shoe leather as I expected.” I cried as I licked her salty moist foot.

               “OMG I AM SO HOT RIGHT NOW, YOUR GOING TO BE MY DILDO” she said without modesty.

               “Oh god no, just kill me now Sally. I don’t wanna hear your stupid voice and its unnecessary capitalization ever again” I begged as she removed her jeans and
white panties.

               Her moist pussy glistened with fresh discharge and I felt disgusted, belittled, and humiliated and all that good stuff. She spread her lips wide with her fingers and
slowly lowered me into her dark damp insides.

               “OH FUCK YEAH” she moaned generically as my body brushed up against her clit.

               The next 30 minutes were pure torture. I was shoved in and out without mercy or concern for my health or hers apparently seeing as I was going to be eaten. The heat was intense and I felt my bones begin to break as she squeezed harder with
every passing moment, and blah blah blah you know how this goes.

               “AHHHHH” she screamed out finally using capitalization correctly for once.

               I was thrown from her red hot pussy into her awaiting hand along with several gallons of ejaculate. I sputtered and coughed up the caustic fluids that had entered my
body before struggling to my feet. I turned around and got a boner when I saw her naked body spread out across the bed like a mountain.

               “RUN UP MY BODY AND LICK MY TITS YOU SEXY LITTLE MAN” she commanded in a soft seductive voice that is impossible to infer from this sentence due to it being entirely capitalized.

               “Yes Sally” I agreed rather than running from her while she is exhausted and
possibly escaping and getting help.

               I ran up and began to lick her hard nipples that were as large as something that by comparison would be big. They twitched as I hit nerves in her body and in no
time she began to secrete milk.

               “Sally I didn’t know you were pregnant seeing as that’s the only way women produces milk” I asked as she placed me on the floor of her room.


               “Hello tiny person who I will now unoriginally call ‘buggy’ despite the fact that you do not look or act like a bug.” said a giant girl of questionable age.

               “Umm… hello” I said nervously unsure of what she was going to do with me.

               Then another giant person walked into the room, this time a boy of questionable age.

               “Oh wow you look like an action figure” he said with excitement and making the world’s most obvious comparison.

               “We’re going to do what I saw my older brother do with a girl, he calls it ‘The
horizontal Happy Dance’” he said as he removed his clothes.

               “That’s… not… a smart I…idea” I stuttered in a pathetic attempt to explain how fucked up this situation is.

               “How do you play it?” said Sally’s sister who was of questionable age

               “I stick my wee wee in your little hole” he said in the most obvious and yet
stereotypically innocent way possible.

               “what happens to me?” I asked. 

               “I don’t know what to do so I’m going to stick you on the end of my wang with this rubber band” he said with logic so terrible that even a dog could refute his
statement assuming dogs could talk.

               “Stop it, no!” I begged as I was pressed into his fat cock and restrained with the rubber band.

               “why should I?” he asked in an amused voice.

               “Because the rubber band is going to burn your skin and hers if you try to stick it in and will probably come loose anyways. Also regardless of whether this is
described in detail or not if this story was a movie or even just a picture it would be considered kiddy porn.” I explained.

               “OH YEAH YOUR RIGHT, THIS IS TO FUCKED UP” said Sally who returned suddenly before kicking her little sister and her friend out of her room.

               “Are you going to eat me now and this this stupid parody” I asked.

               “YES I AM” she declared proudly before licking her lips and spreading warm saliva all over her face.

               “Wait a second! I have been forced to lick and massage your soiled dirty feet, placed inside your vagina, on your unwashed breasts, and tied to somebody’s probably
unwashed cock. Do you REALLY want to put me in your mouth.” I asked cleverly while simultaneously demonstrating the proper use of capitalization.


               “Noooo” I screamed and cursed my fate.

               She lowered me into her awaiting maw, and placed me on her tongue. I was drenched in saliva and was whipped around until I was in a state of submission. Then she pushed me to the back of her mouth and finally swallowed.

               “HAHA I HAVE SWALLOWED YOU BRI… ACK!!!” she said before she began to choke.

               She flailed pitifully around the room in a desperate attempt to survive, but sadly failed to dislodge me from her throat with her spasms.

               In the end I survived to tell you this tale because she forgot how to chew her food, and decided for whatever reason to swallow me whole. Oh yeah and her little
sister kidnapped me and I’m in her doll house so… yeah that happened as well.

               I guess the moral of the story is…

1) Don’t describe your characters physically in one sentence. It’s lazy and takes the reader out of the story, and it makes it sound like one character is reporting the other to the police.

2)Don’t capitalize a person’s speech unless their shouting. We understand perfectly well that they are giant sized and that their voices are loud. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.

3)Don’t use bland and easily refutable reasons to explain why a character does something. Instead, come up with realistic motivations for each characters actions.


4)Sexual accuracy. That is all.

5)For the love of god don’t sexualize children, but if you do PLEASE don’t make them stereotypically innocent. That just makes it even worse.

6)Lastly never make joke stories as you will be heavily criticized for making one.

End Notes:

Let me say once again that this is a joke. Except for the moral at the end that was semi-serious.

Also I'm going to update my actual serious stories soon so look out for that. In the mean time I'll put stories like these out to keep you occupied.

A Well Deserved Fate by Amateur Wordsmith
Author's Notes:

Description: This story occurs just before the events of The Graduation Gift which you can find here.

Tags: Feet, crush, Ass

Size: Shrunken man, and two normal sized girls

Warnings: Not a happy ending.



              Memories flashed before his eyes, and even the most miniscule and seemingly unimportant of his life’s events were carefully played back to him by his brain.

               He laughed. Normally he had terrible memory, but for some reason today of all days even the most forgettable things were as clear as if they were recorded on tape. From his first day of kindergarten to the faint smell of lilacs on his ex-girlfriends shirt; he remembered everything in perfect detail.

               Perhaps it was caused by the fact that he hadn’t had normal human contact in days, or a more likely reason; that this was the day he was going to die.

               Standing up in his dark dry prison, the man made one last desperate search around the exterior of his gigantic wooden container for any kind of exit at all, but just
like before there was none to be found.

               “Well… fuck, at least I tried.” He said frustrated by his now inevitable death.

               Throwing himself onto one of her socks he reasoned that at the very least if he is going to die, than he’s going out in style. He laid down on the enormous girls socks; each one from his perspective was almost the size of a house.

               This got him thinking about how the hell he even got into this mess in the first place.

               He remembered; it was at a party just after Prom. All of his friends and their
friends were there, and thanks to the neighbors being either college kids or out of town there was no chance of a noise complaint.

                At the time he felt like he deserved the party. After all as the head of his school’s soccer team and one of the top athletes in the nation he felt like a good break would be good for him. Not that he could really consider it a break since he pretty much got drunk like this every weekend for four years straight. His only regret at that time was not being able to share a drink with his friend Peter who disappeared a few months ago.

               Stumbling around the poorly lit kitchen completely drunk, half-high, and semi-erect, he remembered that’s when he saw her; the girl who would seal his fate. Angela
Wilson was her name at the time; he later realized that her real name was Angela Covington.

               He thought about his girlfriend for a second, what she would think? Of course sadly for his now ex-girlfriend in his mind sex always came first, and without hesitation he drunkenly texted a simple “I’m breaking up with you :)” before stumbling towards the two hotter younger girls.

               He made his approach, his phone being blasted by his girlfriend and her overly dramatic friends. Not wanting to ruin the inevitable sex with these two lovely looking freshmen girls he pulled out his phone and tossed it casually into the punch bowl. He would have ended up getting a new one anyways since his dad was very wealthy.

               “Me, you, and your friend, upstairs. Bedroom. Now!” he remembered sputtering drunkenly towards the girl who he would eventually come to know as Angela Covington and her friend whose name he didn’t care to remember.

               The two girls looked at him in a combination of shock and suspicion as if he wasn’t what they expected. It was obvious they simply didn’t have enough to drink.

               “Fucking chicks, never know what they want.” He remembered thinking as he swayed across the linoleum floor to the refrigerator of whoevers house this was. Then
reaching for the Vodka bottle, he saw a small mason jar near the back filled with a clear liquid.

               “Yep, that’s some goddamn moonshine alright.” He thought to himself as he grabbed the jar and left the fridge open to go locate some Dixie cups only taking a moment to look back at the two girls to see if they were still there.

               Quickly he poured three cups, and pulled out a pill bottle from his pocket. Using the lid of the container and the pressure of his hand he managed to crack open two pills while using his other to pretend like he was still making the drinks. Then with lighting fast precision he poured the contents of the pills into the girls’ drinks.

               “Heyyy…” he said as he walked over to her and realizing he didn’t know their names

               “Angela Wilson” she said softly.

               “Ok. Angela. Listen up, you and your friend here aren’t drinking. Now I can’t have people at my party who aren’t drinking. So…”

               “So we should drink then?” Said Angela.

               “Exactly.” He remembered saying to her.

               Almost immediately the effects of the pills started taking effect and after about 5 minutes the poor blonde girl could barely stand in her heels. Quickly he ripped
the girl from the company of her confused friend and practically dragged her up the stairs.

               He remembered his heart was racing. Every time he did this he made sure that absolutely nothing could go wrong and so rather than go for the open bedroom he went into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Little Miss Angela was now completely unconscious, and at that point he was fully erect.

               He made quick work stripping the drugged girl of all her clothing and hiding her various articles underneath the sink (he had done this several times before after all). Then he pulled out a small digital camera from his back pocket, and started recording the scene and the naked girl. He did this both for his own personal pleasure and so that he could possibly blackmail this girl once this was all through.

               A loud series of thumps were heard in the background disturbing him from his flashback. It was Angela, she was awake and soon his life would be over. Of course before that happened he wanted to reflect on everything that led him to this.

               He remembered the scene again; he was in the bathroom with who was eventually going to be his captor lying naked in the bathtub. As he looked at Angela Wilson’s drugged young body he came up with many horrifying ideas to have fun with her. Then taking a swig of that moonshine he stole earlier, he mounted the helpless girl and began to undo the zipper and button on his expensive designer shorts.

               He remembered a knock at the door.

               “Yo! I’m in here taken a shit, come back later bro!” he said to whoever was at the door.

               “Kevin Meyers, I know what you’re doing in there with my friend.” Said what sounded like a girl.

               “You…You tryin to join us?” said Kevin who at the time assumed foolishly that she wanted a threesome.

               “Welllll, I don’t want my friend getting all the attentionnn… So yeah.” she whispered in a soft seductive voice while tapping on the door.

               He remembered the excitement he felt as he dismounted the girl and opened the door to the smiling face of her eager Indian friend. The smiling girl pulled out what looked like a perfume bottle from her purse and sprayed him in the eyes. At first he thought it was pepper spray, but soon he realized that it was far worse.

As he stumbled around the room temporarily blinded he felt his muscles become tense and rigid; his head began to spin. Finally he blacked out and hit the floor like a sack of bricks, or as the girls would later say ‘like a sack of shit.’

               When he woke up everything around him was different. He could no longer hear the blasting music from the stereo setup downstairs, or the faint sounds of chatter from the party below. Looking around he remembered realizing that he probably wasn’t at the party at all. If fact it appeared as though he was trapped in some kind of oversized fabric bag.

               All he could hear was two pairs of footsteps that seemed far away and yet still close to him. As well as two booming voices that sounded as if they were being projected over a speaker.

               “HEY! What the fuck is going on…” he shouted to no response.

               “You dickweeds listen up! My dad is the head of a legal firm, and when he finds out about this you shitstains are dead, you hear me? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU KIDNAP ME!” he remembered screaming as loud as he could and thrashed about in what he thought was an oversized burlap sack.

               “Angela? He’s awake.” Said one of the voices to the other.

               “I don’t want to deal with him right now after what I went through to get him.” Said the other voice coldly but with a hint of fear lingering on the tips of her words.

                 An enormous dark figure moved towards him from above. He remembered that was the moment his entire reality was shattered, and as he was lifted into the light he saw for the first time what would end up haunting him every night from that point forward.

               It was the two girls from the party only their bodies were the size of mountains. Even their most delicate of appendages seemed to wield immense power as the impossibly gigantic girls looked down upon the small attempted rapist in their hands. It was at this point that he realized he was naked and instinctively covered himself much to the enjoyment of the two colossus sized girls.

               He was once again ripped from his memories by the deep trembles of her distant footsteps and the sound of his oversized jailer humming a morning tune in the
background; it would seem his time was almost through.  

               Once again escape was impossible; the only thing he could do was reflect on his actions. This of course was ironic considering it would likely be the first and last time he would get to do this.

               The next few weeks for him were hell, and to his credit he fought back with everything he had. He refused to eat; he insulted both girls whenever possible both to their faces and behind their backs, and out of spite often stayed up all night screaming his head off just so Angela couldn’t get any sleep.

               The girls of course made sure he was just as miserable as they were. Daily beatings, humiliating and dehumanizing games, and probably the worse for him having his entire body stuffed into the Indian girls snatch every time she felt in the mood.

               He then realized that he wasn’t in the wrong at all, but they were. Sure he attempted to rape the blonde, but they could have called the cops. And as his father once said “If you do onto your enemy what they do to you… you are no better than
they are.”

               He felt the wooden ground of the drawer vibrate beneath him; it was time.

               “Kevin Meyers… today is your last day on Earth. Do you have anything left to say?” said Angela whose planet sized face loomed ominously over him eclipsing the ceiling light and once again reminding him that to her he was a just a miserable speck living in her sock drawer. Although she tried to hide her emotions it was clear from the way she looked at him that she felt only hatred towards him.

               Looking at her filled him with rage and unpleasant memories of torture, but at the same time a sense of awe. At his scale he could see every beautiful curve on her face as clear as day. From the shine of her golden hair, each strand thick enough to support his entire weight, to the barely noticeable shimmer of saliva and lipstick glitter on her lips and teeth. Every radiant feature reminded him why he practically fell in love with her at the party.

               But, perfect as she was it didn’t change the fact that she was going to kill him.

               “Shut it you filthy slut, how about you shrink your ass down here and kill me properly.” he screamed hopelessly at her knowing it would make no difference.

               Angela like usual seemed almost disappointed in him as if every time she peeked in at him she expected a more pleasant outcome.

               Without another word her enormous hand reached for him. Quickly he sprinted to the back of the sock drawer determined to not get caught. But Angela was simply too large and her hand too fast for him to avoid and in no time he found himself
completely engulfed in a warm prison of warm creamy flesh.

               Her vast muscles surrounded and incased him in a tomb of flesh. He clawed desperately at her soft silky palm knowing full well that it would do nothing for him, but
feeling satisfied that he fought with all he had.

               Rather than place him on the floor and crush him like he expected, she decided for whatever reason to toss him into her pocket. He hit his head hard against what he figured was a lipstick container, but fortunately his fall was broken by a crumpled 20$ bill. Of course considering he was inside a giant teenage girls pocket waiting to die nothing was truly fortunate about his situation.

               As the monster of a girl named Angela began to walk, her powerful thighs pushed and pulled against the tight fabric of her shorts, slamming him repetitively into the rock hard surface of her muscular leg and ass cheek. Even from the other side of the fabric he could feel her immense ass vibrating in perfect harmony with her body.  Were he not as small as he was now he would have had a boner.

Then came the stairs, and as she walked down them gravity forced him off the ground and slammed him with brutal efficiency into the assortment of items lying at the bottom of her pocket. By the time she had fully descended the staircase he swore that he had a concussion.

               Fortunately his beautiful captor had a sense of mercy, and when she reached the bottom of the stairs she began to walk softly as if she was consciously aware of his misery.

               He was amazed at how the simple act of her walking down the stairs had nearly killed him, and for a moment briefly contemplated how much power her leg held as it swung forward like the world’s most devastating and beautiful pendulum.

               “Listen dear we need to talk about the assignment” He heard her mother say.

               Her vast body tensed almost instantaneously upon hearing her mother speak.

               “There’s nothing to talk about mom, I’m not doing it…” he heard Angela say before his ability to listen was cut out by the fabric of her shorts suddenly becoming a lot tighter and pressing him hard into her thigh.

               She had sat down to eat.

               The next few minutes were torture. He had barely any air to breath, and the air he did have was saturated with the heat emanating from Angela’s posterior. Fortunately every time she decided to yell at her parents she stood up allowing him the chance to breathe.

               “That’s Priya mom, I’ll see you later.” Said his captor Angela coldly who then began to walk much harder than before almost as if she either didn’t care or wanted him
to suffer.

               A powerful thunder-like booming noise was heard from behind him which he recognized as the door slamming. Then from the left came the all too familiar voice of Her Indian friend whose name he just remembered was Priya.

               “…Are you ready to finally go through with it?” he heard Priya say in an awkward chipper tone.

               “Yeah there’s no going back, Josh Maybury has to die…” she said pausing momentarily as if to give him a false sense of hope.

“…but first Kevin Myers has to.”  She finished just before her gargantuan hand was shoved into the pocket he was in in an effort to grab him.

               He could almost feel the killing intent from her hand as it searched for the right angle to grab him. This time there was no mercy, no holding back. Her massive fingers gripped him harshly without care, and squeezed him into a ball in her hands; the smell of cheap soap and whatever she had for breakfast accompanied him as he was dragged out of her pocket and thrust high into the air to the awaiting faces of his two captors.

               He knew he was going to die; this was it, the very last moments of his life. He
wondered briefly what it will feel like. Would his vision simply cut to black forever? Or perhaps he will feel like he’s going to sleep only to wake up somewhere else?

               He looked around at the scenery; it all seemed to move in slow-motion, from the gentle sway of the trees to the way the girls colossal bodies moved. He noticed they were talking, of course for some reason he couldn’t hear them, if fact the only thing he could hear was his own breathing.

               But enough was enough; he wasn’t about ready to go out with any regrets. Before he died he had to let this bitch know what was coming to her.

               He was filled with rage, and all he saw was red. “HEY YOU BITCH! NOBODY FUCKS WITH KEVIN MYERS. You just wait you sick little cunt until my friends arrive then were all gonna rape the shit outta you… you BITCH!” he screamed as loud as he possibly could.

               He stared up the two smiling girls who may as well have been gods; His bravery and persistence apparently falling upon deaf ears.

               Angela’s mouth contorted into a smile at least twice the size of his body, her moist glittery lower lip quivering in an attempt to hold back a laugh. Priya on the other hand simply stared at him; a smug half-grin across her face as if to say “Your Fucked.”

               “Right, you keep on thinking that.” She said before turning her palm completely upside down.

               He felt the ground beneath him violently shift, and fall away from him. Next thing he knew he was falling towards the opening of her shoe.

               “Goodbye Kevin.” He heard Angela say as he plummeted towards what he was certain would be his death.

                And he was almost correct.

               His abdomen smacked hard against the tongue of her open shoe with a fierce painful crack causing him to spiral through the air until he landed harshly on the worn out fluff inside of the moccasin which much to his disgust was warm and slightly damp from Angela’s foot.

               He frantically attempted to get to his feet, but much to his shock his legs wouldn’t move. Then trying to force himself up an overwhelming pain shot up from his lower back, causing him to scream and collapse on the ground.        

               His back had broken from the fall, and all he could do was lay there staring up at Angela’s mind-bogglingly huge figure, her enormous smiling face hung above him like the moon, and was arguably a million times more radiant.

                Her body was equally impressive. Tone legs the size of skyscrapers that could move impossible distances in seconds and possessed the power to obliterate anything in their path in a single earth shattering step. An ass of such massive proportion and weight that it stretched the fibers of her shorts to the breaking point, and when she flexed an incalculable mass of Butt and thigh muscle bulged and contracted causing ripples and stretches to occur on her form fitting shorts. He had to admit she was put together well; his only regret was that he never got to screw her before he died.

                 Angela’s massive bare foot rose high above the open part of the shoe blocking out the warm light of the sun and intensifying the already overpowering odor that surrounded him. Due to his back being broken he could only stare up helplessly as the vast surface of peach colored flesh descended on him.

                 Her foot moved with incredible precision, and before he had time to react she had already positioned him beneath her truck sized toes which radiated intense heat from her body. Normally indiscernible Bits of dirt and dust that had been trapped in the moist folds of her foot found their way onto his body where they cut and stained his skin.

All of this was already too much for him, and then she began to walk.

For him it was worse than death, one leg after another slamming over and over into the ground. If it wasn’t for Angela’s soft toes absorbing part of the impact he would have likely died.

“Youuu were kidding about walking right?” he managed to hear Priya say.

“Well…yeah of course. Did you actually think that I wanted to walk 12 miles?” said Angela laughing as she stepped onto what sounded like a schoolbus.

Then next hour was possibly the slowest hour he ever had to endure. Despite there being no objective measurement of time, Angela made sure he knew exactly what an hour felt like. Every few seconds she would either lightly tap her foot which compressed his already broken spine or scrunch her thick meaty toes together nearly suffocating him in the leathery folds of her flesh.

Finally Angela removed her moccasin in what looked like the cafeteria of her school, then without so much as a sarcastic comment she dumped his body on the floor before walking away.

Hours passed, and soon it was lunchtime. A deafening bell sounded throughout the still empty room, and in seconds students flooded the room. He could only stare in awe as giants of all shapes, sizes, and colors walked casually by him; their godlike figures moving towards him completely oblivious of his plight; their massive feet vibrating the ground beneath him.

Thousands of legs and shoes smashed next to him, kicking up dust and dirt as the giant stampede moved together towards what he assumed was the lunch line. He looked up momentarily only to see an enormous black wall moving quickly on top of him, and the face of an innocent looking Asian girl of to whom it belonged to. Instinctively he threw out his right arm in self-defense but to no avail.

The colossal flip flop of this girl came crashing down on him with brutal efficiency. His arm snapped in half, and his face was pressed into the ground by the rubber. Pain shot through him like a bullet only to be replaced moments later by shock.

As fate would have it the lunch line happened to end a few inches in front of him, and so rather than press down with her full weight the girl had stopped before she crushed him fully.

Minutes passed and the girl began to grow impatient, and started to tap her foot unsatisfied at the pace of the line.

The huge black rubber sole retreated into the sky, and for a second he thought she had noticed him. Sadly however her face was focused on her cell phone and her long black hair which she idly twirled in her hand.

“Please… Hel” he sputtered before he was cut off by the rubber of the flip flop slamming into him over and over. By the time her barrage had ended his face was entirely crushed, and his jaw was ripped from his now dented skull. His ribcage collapsed under the force of the impact, causing his shattered ribs to pierce his internal organs. Ironically his amazing athletic prowess only served to prolong his death as his mortally wounded body fought desperately to survive.

Finally the line began to move, and so did she. She pressed down with all her weight to take a step forward and unknowingly smeared what remained of Kevin Meyer’s body into the grooves of her sandal. Throughout the day this girl took many steps each one further grinding his body into an indiscernible paste on the bottom of her shoe.

End Notes:


Just proof that I'm not dead.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For by Amateur Wordsmith
Author's Notes:

Description: Why are you reading this? It’s not as good as the first one so why bother

Tags: giantess, growing women, new world order, Honda civics, shrinking man, crush, vore, feet, scat, who honestly cares it’s a parody.

Size: One normal sized guy, one giant sized girl and one asshole author

Warnings: This is a parody. Any negative reviews that are not legitimate critiques will be deleted. Also before you do anything "i didn't think this was funny, therefore 1 star" is not a legitimate critique.



               Hello my name is Brian smith, I didn’t develop as a person at all in the first story so I have literally nothing to put here. Moving on.

               So for the past couple of years I have been held prisoner by my old high school crushes little sister after she tried to swallow me whole and choked to death. Just like all teenage girls she keeps shrunken men in a shoebox, and feeds me little scraps of food. Also because I know half of you have your hands on your dicks allow me to elaborate.

               [Puberty Alert! Masturbation is permitted beyond this point]

               It smells like her feet in here ok? It smells like sweat, musk, dirt, shoe leather, and on rare occasion lotion. She puts her dirty sneakers inside the box after a long day, and it sucks because the shoes are warm and sweaty and it makes everything cramp. Are you horny yet?

               “Hey tiny person who I still call buggy despite being now mentally mature enough to recognize you as a human.” She hollered from downstairs, “I’m home from high school where I do nothing, but still manage to pass with all A’s and play on a sports team because I’m supposed to be absolutely perfect for the sake of the plot.”

               I fled to the back of the box in fear, despite having known her for years and having developed a complicated sex based master/slave relationship with her. But fuck characterization and human interaction, let’s see some giant tits.

               “Oh god I’m so horny from school,” she said unrealistically and bursting into the room pinching her nipples with the grace of a retarded ballerina, “Nothing gets me more worked up than spending hours upon hours in a dull building.”

               “Isn’t that the opposite of sexy?” I asked from the shoebox

               “First of all shut up, because if I have a conversation with you that might force the writer to develop me as a character and that’s boring,” said the little sister who still doesn’t have a name, “Secondly… I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR FACE YOU LITTLE SHIT!!” Screamed the now older little sister character as she threw off her clothes and started humping the cardboard box like a two legged hairless dog.

               I watched helplessly as her giant twat smacked into the side of my paper prison, covering the walls in sticky ejaculate or whatever. It was the worst, and reminded me of her older sister which is weird because she’s been dead for years. Oh well, they are sisters so we have to compare them in every single way and every chance we get.

               Little sister grabbed my body and stuffed me unceremoniously inside her pussy; she wailed and moaned as I hit nerves unreachable to a male penis because of bullshit plot biology.

               “Oh yes. Fuck me.” she screamed generically in pleasure like her older sister who we must absolutely compare her to in every way.

               I was squirted out of her vagina and hit the floor, magically sustaining no injuries from my fall. I looked up at her giant sweaty body that glistened invitingly and all that good stuff. I got a boner… don’t ask me why because even I don’t know.

               “Today is a special day. Today is the day I make everyone pay.” She said maniacally in clunky unrealistic dialogue and pulled out a gun.

               “That’s cool and all, but… what was your name again.” I said, seeing as it was never brought up before.

               “Really?” she cries, “… fine, my name is [Insert name here]”

               “Now! I’m going to make everyone pay, and you’re going to have the honor of watching me do it!” said Jessica, aiming the gun at me and making me full size again.

               I then became normal sized and somehow fully clothed. Any normal sane person would have decked her in the face, but seeing as I’m an idiot I wait around for her to do something.

               “Now for MEEEE!” squawked Carly grinning like a serial killer in an old folk’s home before zapping herself.

               I watched in shock (which is a surprise since I knew exactly what was going to happen) as Betty started to grow up through the house, bursting through the ceiling. Also she was naked… and yes she has reached puberty so feel free to jerk it.

               I was completely stunned. Not only had the house collapsed around me, but I was also entirely unharmed. Also she was really big, although at this point being shocked that someone is a giantess in this story is like being shocked that the sun rises in the morning (fucking Aztecs).

               “AHHH a giantess!” screamed a nearby person who just so happened to be captain obvious himself.

               “MUHAHAHAHA!” laughed Sarah, whose evil chuckles echoed throughout the neighborhood. “I’m going make everyone pay! Starting with you, now die beneath my foot scum.”

               “NOOOO!” he screamed, and threw up his arms as her foot came down on him.

               “Wait a second!” he detested, causing her to stop. “If your making everyone pay… what did I do to you again? We’ve never met.”

               “Stop pointing out the flaws in the story! Gosh!” yelled Amanda bringing her foot down onto the man.

               I watched helplessly as her big toe smashed into him. His body bursting like a tomato which is strange because the human body isn’t a sack of red fluid.

               “FUCK REALISM AND ACCURACY!” screamed Victoria loudly, while I wondered where the police were at this time.

               For the sake of the plot I started following her as she smashed up the neighborhood with her bare feet which were clearly made of Kevlar and steel.

               “Die bitches!” hollered Naomi smashing her foot into playground and somehow not injuring herself.

               “You called me fat once, time to die slut!” said Zelda, eating some poor girl completely unopposed by any kind of resistance.

               “Your taste in cars is shit! The only cars allowed in giantess stories are Honda Civics!” said Judith, who promptly took a large dump on top of a Ford Focus.

               … Seriously where are the cops?

               “Muahaha, none of you can stop me now!” she continued her rampage, running though a row of houses all the while masturbating.

               “it’s time to get bigger!” she declared, pulling out the shrink ray from thin air apparently because she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

               I watched like the human camera that I was as her height doubled and then doubled again. When it was done she was bigger and more powerful than ever before and twice as horny.

               I continued to run after her for some reason as she took off towards the city, her massive foot sending a truck flying like a soccer ball upon hitting it.

               “Die squishy mortals.” Screamed Katelyn, as she ran down Main Street crushing hundreds of people and their Honda Civics while swinging her arms into the sides of buildings, her body flopping stupidly left and right as she destroyed everything in her path.

               I ran after her, surprised that she left so many people alive, before realizing that like every other giantess city rampage she entirely avoided the sidewalks.

               I would be afraid, but once a giantess destroys a part of a city she never comes back to it, and so I sat there and stared at the manically laughing teenager wrecking half of downtown… completely unopposed.

               “Oh no its [Insert name here] and she’s huge!” screamed a fat women, pointing out the obvious to all the confused readers who have no idea what’s going on.

               “Yes it is I, [insert name here] and I will make all of you pay for being mean to me and stuff.” She declared before ripping a cellular tower out of the ground and sticking it into her anus.

               “Oh yeah! Full bars baby!” said Naskia with absolute seriousness, causing everyone within earshot to immediately commit suicide.

               I watched with grotesque fascination as Maria pounded her own ass with a spiky metal tower before removing it and tossing it towards me where it landed in the distance on top of a row of Honda Civics.

               “Quick main character! Protect us with your plot shield.” Said a police officer who then huddled around my body for protection.

               “Where were you guys a couple of minutes ago!!” I hollered at the inept civil servant clinging to my waist.

               “Ok, enough is enough!” she declared with a surprising level of clarity, “Who the fuck is writing this shit?”

Authors note: well… I am, I suppose.

               “Wow… first you don’t give me a name and now your ripping off Jacksmith, real classy.” She yelled to the heavens.

Authors note: What! It’s a good idea, why can’t I use it too!

               “Because it’s cheap! Also… you stole that Honda Civic joke from UHF!” she continued talking to herself.

               I had no idea what was going on? And as I stood there watching her rant and rave to her, I got another boner for some unknown reason, perhaps to encourage readers to have one as well.

Authors note: forget originality, people like familiar stuff. Now go smash some things, I got a story to write women.

               “Ok… fine! I will” she declared and started marching towards me.

               I looked up only to see a giant stinky foot hovering above my head, in that final moment I couldn’t help but compare her to her older sister who was much hotter and would have never killed me because she isn’t a stupid bitch who strays away from the story.

               “God your obnoxious, just die already.” She said stereotypically while crushing me beneath her foot.

Authors note: HEY! HEY! You can’t do that! That’s the main character.

               The girl checked the underside of her foot and confirmed a big red stain, “You bet your ass I just did!”

Authors note: Great, now whose perspective am I going to tell the story from?

               “Yours. How about you come down her, run around, and I’ll step on you”

Authors note: You little smartass… time to learn your place.

               Suddenly 50 giant cocks appeared next to the confused giantess and sprayed her with cum. She screamed in disgust as the ejaculate soaked into her hair and flooded the surrounding area.

               “First you steal other people’s ideas, and now you get into shouting matches with your characters. Well aren’t you a unique brand of insanity.”

Authors note: I’m tryin to write a dang story. Can you just cooperate for a bit longer?

               “Nah. I don’t feel like smashing things. I just stuck a damn cell tower in my anus, so forgive me for not being in the mood to do things.”

Authors note: Well fine, if I can’t teach you a lesson maybe she can!

               A shadow appeared on the ground and from the sky fell another girl. “What?” she said, “Where am I? And who are you?” said a girl dressed in loincloths.

Authors note: this is one of the best characters I’ve ever written; let’s see you compete against her.

               “Hello, my name is Nephila? Do you have any idea where I am?” she asked to the ugly insubordinate women covered in cum.

               “Yeah. Unfortunately you’ve been sucked into a parody story.”

               “I have no idea what you’re talking about miss; also you appear to be a giant just like me. How did you learn to speak Atlantian?” said the superior character.

               “Wait a second? If I’m a character in your story, that means I’m a product of your imagination, so in a way I’m a part of you. Therefore, I am also the writer.”

Authors note: N-No! You are a character, and that means you have to do what I say.

Second Authors note: I call BS on that one


               “Where did the other female go? Am I alone? Where is Michael?” said Nephila who without the support of her friends was confused and scared.

Second Authors note: Just send her home already! Jeez

Authors note: fine…

               The girl disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace on the surroundings.

Second Authors note: Now time to die Amateur Wordsmith, you stupid parody making…

Authors note: Wait! If you destroy me, you’ll destroy yourself. You’re a part of me… remember!

Second Authors note: Who cares. Besides, I’ve already sent an Application to TinyDann. I’m going to be a new character in Titan: Exile.

Authors note: Please, I created you... NOOOOO

               Suddenly a college aged man appeared out of thin air and fell on the ground. Using the last of his writers power he was able to write away the cum before he landed.

               “Phew! That was a close one. I could have died.” Said Amateur Wordsmith, who stumbled awkwardly to his feet and dusted himself off.

Authors note: Before I go, I’m going to leave you with a little present.

               A beautiful southern girl appeared on the horizon. She was wearing gothic style clothing, and had long black hair with blue highlights.

               “That’s not fair! I wasn’t going to announce that story until next year.” Yelled the now extremely angry writer.

Authors note: Either take it, or I’m giving permission to continue this story to Tinyone234!

               The color faded from the poor writer’s face, “I must shamefully admit that I am slightly interested in this proposition.”

               “So… what’s up small stuff.” Said a voice from behind.

               Amateur Wordsmith’s eyes practically popped out from his head, he knew exactly what this character was capable of. “Hello Victoria.”

               “So a little birdy told me that my story is being delayed? That just won’t do.” She said, an amused smile forming on her face.

               The frightened author looked deep into the girl’s gigantic blue eyes. Maybe he was wrong about delaying her story. She was quite gorgeous after all.

               “We are going to have some fun, you and I.” she said grabbing Amateur Wordsmith and pulling back her skirt and panties.

Authors note: Just what I was hoping for. Now if you excuse me, I have to post this on giantessworld.


End Notes:


I have no idea why I wrote this. Enjoy I suppose.

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