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A Day in the Shrunken life by Amateur Wordsmith
Author's Notes:

Description: a shrunken man takes us through a normal day in his life.

Tags: crush, feet, and Adventure.

Size: micro man, and normal sized girl.

Warnings: this story is pure foot smut.



               This day began like any other for me; with the sound of my goddess Lucy’s alarm clock rocking me from my sleep. I love that sound, as it signals the beginning of
another day that I get to spend in her presence.

               “Ohh, Can’t I get one more fucking minute.” she said drowsily before smacking the alarm clock with her long beautiful hand; each finger painted black with white skulls across them.

               I knew what came next and without hesitation I pressed my body into the hardwood floor. Two loud thuds shook the ground as her feet each one the size of a mountain slammed into the ground. I was right under the bed as it happened.

               Dust and dirt particles which may as well have been boulders flew past my face and a hot musky wave of air settled around me as each powerful foot took its rightful place on the ground. Then the floorboards creaked and the fine lines along her
foot and ankle bent as she pushed herself off of the bed and stood in all her glory.

               “Do I have an English test today? Ah shit its Monday I do.” She complained groggily while walking towards the closet on the opposite side of the room in search of
something to wear.

               I ran towards Lucy’s rancid feet eager to perhaps catch a glimpse of my goddesses face, but before I could make it she took off walking leaving only the distinct
pungent odor of her foot and the always pleasing smell of her cheap vanilla perfume.

              It was an amazing site to behold; she covered more ground in a single step than I could in 5 minutes. The titanic columns of peach flesh led up to a pair of dark
purple panties which gracefully folded and wrinkled as she walked. Each step she took sent a shockwave through the floor, and forced me to my knees.

              In the distance laid an empty sprite can from the night before next to a discarded bottle of vodka. As per usual she didn’t even care what was on the floor as it
all ended up the same way, either ground into dust by her or tossed into the garbage. I found comfort in the fact that I had yet to suffer either of these fates.

              The muscles on her foot pulsed in reaction to the meager resistance offered by the can. Her long powerful toes pressed down hard into the center and in no time the sound of bending metal was heard. The bottoms of her toes turned white as she stepped down, and the massive mechanisms of her leg could be seen pushing that beautiful foot to where it rightfully belonged; on her floor.

              “Well shit there goes my chaser.” She said sarcastically before following up with an adorable giggle that is rarely heard from her.

               I took this opportunity to run out into the open, and into the spot where she first stepped down knowing full well that she would return. I remember the heat from
her first steps still radiated up from the floor. That is the power Lucy wielded over me, the power to literally change the world I lived in with the mundane act of taking a simple step.

              “Studded belt? Check. Black skinny jeans? Check. Socks and Shoes? Check.” She said to nobody in particular as she carefully picked out the clothes she would wear
that day.

              Seemingly satisfied with her choices she turned around and began to walk back towards the bed. Her massive big toe which was painted a deep purple smashed through a parking lot sized chip while walking back. Upset by this, she swung her gigantic foot into the small pile of debris sending it flying across the room. A wave of hot air blew past me, throwing me off of my feet.

               I was deeply afraid at this point. I was in the open without protection and she drew closer with every second. Each step she took towards me magnified the vibrations she unleashed; within at least 5 seconds it became impossible to stand. I could not move, and it was at this point that I realized what a terrible mistake I had made coming out here.

              “Now time to go fail that English test.” She said bitterly to herself, her figure
growing closer every second.

              Like some kind of peach colored dingy sunrise her foot appeared over the mountain range that was her discarded t-shirt and slammed hard at least about a mile
away. I panicked; I was in the path of her next step. Almost by instinct I took off running towards the crack in the floorboards desperate to survive. Right as I reached the edge of the crevice the air grew thick and warm, and the world was cast with darkness.

              A powerful boom followed that shook the entire world and disoriented me. I then felt a sudden updraft, as the peach colored sky that was Lucy’s foot retreated back into the heavens. The displacement of air caused by her moving her foot sucked me from the crevice and threw me several hundred feet into the air. I thought I was dead, I could
feel myself slip into temporary unconscious; my body accepting its fate before me.

               Then her foot came down again, and I was blown around for the second time. This time I was hit with a downdraft that forced me down to the ground. I screamed
loudly, I begged her to save me knowing full well she couldn’t hear me. Then a miracle

                “Fuck school, I don’t even learn anything interesting.” she grumbled to herself and in anger slammed her clothes into the ground.

                I now found myself hurtling towards the pant leg of her black jeans; I quickly spread my body out to increase the wind resistance, and prepared for the worst. Fortunately I hit the side at an angle and was deflected at a harmless angle towards the ground. I rolled my body into a ball and skipped across the ground for a bit before I finally settled against a small clump of dirt.

                My body was wreaked; I felt terrible all over, and I swore that I had broken something. None the less I pressed on desperate to get to her.

                By the time I managed to stand up she had already put on her jeans and was working on her socks. I loved those socks. They were hot pink which is funny because she identified herself with the Goth crowd.

               I looked around for someplace I could go, someplace where I could still be around her and yet safe. Then I saw my golden ticket. In the distance laid her purple and black Vans, their badly worn surface offered an enticing opportunity to get close to her. I looked back towards goddess Lucy, she was occupied putting on eyeliner; this was my chance.

               I took off faster than an Olympic runner towards her towering footwear, my plan was to scale the shoelace and settle in the tongue of her shoe, but it seemed goddess Lucy had other plans. Her goliath fingers reached for the opening of the city sized shoes and lifted them from the ground as if they weighed nothing at all.

              The enormous shoes hovered hundreds if not thousands of feet above my head for a few brief moments. House sized bits of dirt fell from the black rubber sky onto the surrounding ground where they exploded into rubble. Looking up I could see that Lucy had worn these shoes down. The patterns were smeared and the rubber was gashed and scratched from repeated use, and on the heel stuck between the grooves was a smeared glob of gum.

               The huge pair of shoes came to a rest in the distance a thundering clap alerting me that they had stopped moving. I held my ears as the noise was too intense for me to handle.

               I looked on in awe as my goddess slipped the foot opposite of me into its shoe. This mundane act was amazing because of the scale that it appeared to happen
on. It was as if one continent was slipping inside another.

                I was so preoccupied with the celestial display that was occurring that I didn’t even notice the sky becoming darker. By the time I noticed it was too late. The air displaced by her foot was forcing me into the ground thus preventing my movement. I could only watch as the massive pink sock descended onto me. Then there was darkness and warmth greater than any I had felt before. The heat was intoxicating, and I realized
where I was.

                I was stuck to Lucy’s foot like a piece of dirt. The air was thick and musky inside the warm chamber, and due to the tightness of the socks fibers I was pressed hard into her tender flesh. The taste of salt and dirt lingered in my mouth as I breathed, and I could feel myself becoming trapped in the moisture.

                I felt movement and I realized where I was headed; the inside of her shoe. Upon making this realization I fought back as desperately as I could, but to no avail. The
thick, damp, and grimy fibers of her filthy sock held me firmly in place, and the hot salty air burned my eyes and lungs. I cried out for help praying that someone would come save me.

               I felt the flesh wriggle above me as it entered the shoe. It was obvious I was stuck somewhere near her toes. I cried out Lucy’s name and thrashed about in a pathetic attempt to save myself, but I was just too small for her to even detect.

               Lucy’s foot settled in the end of the shoe, and as the light cut out my fate was sealed. I looked to my right and could make out the outlines of a piece of dust which like me was also stuck. I realized that I was more like this dust than I could ever imagine.

               Both of us were just specks; virtually undetectable, and both of us were stuck to the sticky unwashed foot of a teenage girl.



               The day dragged on slowly. Every step forced the breath out of my air, and every hour subjugated me to more and more dirt and sweat. In the end I accepted my role in this world as a speck. At the very least I get to be near my goddess Lucy, and on gym days I get about an hours break.

End Notes:

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Also for those who may not notice this was my first attempt at First-Person Narrative so please go easy.

and If your wondering why I write so much smut its mainly because of my over active libido.

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