Mother's Day by ShrunkenGuy666

A Mother's day tale that's more sour than sweet.

Michael plans a suprise for his Mum, but when something goes wrong before he can deliver it, it turns into a fight for survival at his mother's (allegidly) unaware mercy! 

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1. Mother's Day by ShrunkenGuy666

Mother's Day by ShrunkenGuy666
Author's Notes:

A Mother's day tale that's more sour than sweet.

Michael plans a suprise for his Mum, but when something goes wrong before he can deliver it, it turns into a fight for survival at his mother's (allegidly) unaware mercy! 

Mother?s Day                                                                                                                                    By ShrunkenGuy666

Debbie was your average looking Mum, 35 years young, good looking even after two children, long dark hair and bright blue eyes. She stood about 5 foot 5 inches and has size 6 feet. She worked as a Nurse at the local hospital on 12 hour shifts.

Me and my sister Emma wanted to do something nice for mother?s day, since our Dad divorced her; Mum had been a bit down. However Emma was working abroad and couldn?t make it home for this Sunday, so it was just me and my Mum this mother?s day.

I was going to surprise my Mum by saying I was leaving to go to my friends for the night, sneaking in early in the morning and making her breakfast, I had a few other things in store as well but they weren?t important.


It was 6 a.m.; I opened the old front door slowly to not make much sound and tip toed through the kitchen. It was pitch-black but I knew the house like the back of my hand? obviously after living here for 17 and a half years. We had no pets so they weren?t an issue when it came to noise, and the room was of rather simple layout: two sofas and a TV.

Something strange started to happen as I made my way across the living room, it was almost like I was walking in boggy mud, each foot step creating more resistance against this unseen material than the last, and the suddenly I couldn?t seem to move at all. There was a large, stiff but soft material about knee height blocking my progress. I thought for about a minute trying to figure out what was going on, when all of a sudden I hear large, rumbling, booming sounds coming from the stair door.
The noise stopped and a heard the creaking of the door. I thought to myself ?Thank god, Mum can help me!? with a sigh of relief? but that sigh quickly turned to shock.

The lights powered on with an almighty flash of brightness, I was temporarily dazed and blinded. I could make out something large? Large and pink? Large and pink and HEADING STRAIGHT FOR ME!

I dived out of the way, only narrowly missing being crushed by what appeared to be a huge? foot?
?This can?t be happening? I chanted to myself in the way a madman would. ?This can?t be hap-??
I looked up to see a frightening sight.
My Mum.
She was about 100 meters tall?
I was about?
2cm tall!

?What the hell is goi-? My speech was cut short.

?Oops... I think I stepped on something? Debbie said to herself, ?Probably one of Michael?s stupid toys. Him and that model train set I swear.?

Michael had a model train set which came with small plastic figures around 2cm?s tall which he would often drop around the house, only to be later stepped on by his unaware mother.

Debbie reached down with her hand, whilst placing her other hand on a sofa for balance, and brought her foot into her line of vision.

She peeled off what appeared to be one of these small model figurines with ease between her finger tips and studied it for a second, ?Hmm, that?s strange, this one looks oddly like Michael? and its bleeding?? She puzzled for a second... ?Jeez, how much did I drink last night?, at the thought of last night?s little drink she grimaced, placed the ?figurine? on the arm of the sofa and proceeded towards the kitchen.

Michael?s limp body lay unconscious on the sofa arm; he was heavily hurt, but still alive? just.
He awoke after about 5 minutes, dazed and in a great amount of pain, he started jostling to get up on his leg, only to hear an audible snap come from his left shin, it was broken, in three places to be precise. He wasn?t going anywhere.

Debbie returned with a coffee and sat in the seat next to the arm Michael was left on, she picked up a remote and flicked on the TV, casually looking for something to watch, her eye wondered over to the now still Michael who in reality, was trying to catch his breath from screaming after the bolt of pain that came with his shin snapping.

Debbie gave a disapproving frown towards what she thought was one of Michael?s little figurines.
?Stupid bug.? She exhaled in anger and flicked Michael?s broken body onto the floor next to her left foot, which was still bare but incredibly dirty from walking around on the carpet all day and night after work the previous day.

?Not even here on your own Mother?s special day, well here?s what I think to that Michael!? She said with increasing anger and authority in her tone.

Debbie lifted her foot about 25cm of the ground and hovered it above Michael, who, peering through his blackened eye, saw nothing but a huge wall of mucky flesh with five digit?s protruding from its end. The foot briskly lowered itself onto his already broken figure with a dull thud, trapping him between his mother?s toes. Debbie smirked casually and let out a little laugh as she rubbed her toes deeper and deeper into the carpet, whether she could feel this miniscule body squirming under her foot was unclear, but she loved every second of it, the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of destroying this little soul under her goddess like feet, the feeling of demoting and dehumanizing this being so much that it wasn?t even fit to be disposed of in any other way, it felt great to her. The same? cannot be said for Michael.

Debbie had worked a twelve hour shift on Saturday, when she got home she drank a little and then went to bed, not bothering with the usual shower, So by this time, here feet had built up a bit of? character, in the smell department.
If the fall and the crush didn?t knock Michael unconscious, the smell surely would! It was horrible!
Bits of dirt lay stuck to the in-between caverns of Debbie?s toes. The nails were unpainted and skin was flaking off here and there, but the smell was disastrous. A mix of vinegar and dampness. As her toes kneaded into his poor soul, they rubbed even more of the awful odour into his line of smelling.
He ignored the pain and smell for a while to try and figure out how to get out of this situation alive.
His left arm and leg were pinned under Debbie?s sole and his right arm and leg pinned under her toes.

?So? My mum thinks I?m a tiny toy and has gone crazy with crushing me like an ant under her foot... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING O-? His speech ended abruptly as the giant foot lifted off of him and once again he was blinded by the light after going from a dark, damp, smelly cavern into the open air.

Debbie?s hand was the last thing Michael saw for about 2 minutes, but as far as he can tell, a lot of walking around took place by Debbie.

When the world once again was in his vision, he darted his eyes around trying to make sense of his situation, all he could see was his Mum?s palm on which he stood and her dirty old work flats placed on her knee not too far in front.

?This cannot be good? Michael thought? and he was right.

Debbie smirked once more at the tiny being laying in her palm, which she was still convinced was a tiny inanimate toy and progressed her hand towards her year old, black work flats. She slowly rotated her hand to tip the occupants into the awaiting grave, and with little effort, the tiny being plummeted like a rock into the insole of the right hand shoe, once again knocking Michael unconscious. His limp body rolled down the flat towards the toe section of the shoe.

Michael awoke with a daze, sitting upright and slowly observed his new surroundings. It appeared as a sort of dark, warm, damp and awfully smelly cave. Imprints of toes were defined by the shadow they created as light reflected of the silver insole of the old flat, and the smell in there was worse than under Debbie?s toes. But Michael didn?t have much time to think about that before a worrying sight loomed on the horizon.

One by one, like little pink bringers of doom, Debbie?s toes peered over the lip of the flat and slinking into the inside of the shoe, as more and more of the foot slipped in, the toes reversed their aim and pointed towards the top of the shoe, revealing the underside of Debbie?s toes and a bit of her sole to the shoe?s death row occupant.

?No no no no nooo!!? Michael yelled and from outside the shoe came a muffled and barely audible laugh.

?Bye bye, you little bug!? Debbie said with an evil smile.

The toes advanced on Michael?s position. Debbie?s sole rubbed up and over his legs, pinning them under the sole, and ramming the underside of the toes up his torso. His arms were pinned by the 2nd and 3rd toe and his head was locked in a brace between the two.
Slowly at first, Debbie added pressure to the little being she was playing with, tormenting it, punishing it, and wiggling her toes up and down.

Every square centimetre of Michael?s body was feeling the weight of Debbie?s form, and she wasn?t even putting her full weight on him.

The pressure kept building and building until?

An extremely anticlimactic ?pop? was heard, Michael?s body simply vanished under Debbie?s sole and she wore the blood stain of her son into the shoe, wiggling her toes for a little while to make sure her ?figurine? victim was well and truly punished. She stood up, and proceeded towards the kitchen for some breakfast.

Happy Mother?s Day 2013!

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