A 2012 Christmas Compilation by Emma Gear
Summary: I did something like this 2 years ago (Would have done it last year too, but had a hilarious number of horrible problems so I couldn't) but here's the gist of this story and what I'm doing.

Every day, from now until Christmas Day, I'll be posting a new short story. For the sake of not flooding this site, I'll be posting them as an additional chapter to this story every day. A short summary to each of the individual stories will be in the chapter summary section.

Thanks and I hope someone enjoys!

Story Complete! Contains eleven short stories!
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1. A Good Idea by Emma Gear

2. The Silent Lunch by Emma Gear

3. Simple Life for a Simple Girl by Emma Gear

4. Business As Usual by Emma Gear

5. Getting Rid of Them by Emma Gear

6. An Active Imagination by Emma Gear

7. Screening by Emma Gear

8. A Fae Scorned by Emma Gear

9. Another Disappointment by Emma Gear

10. Outsourcing by Emma Gear

11. A Prologue of Sorts by Emma Gear

A Good Idea by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
In this short story, a girl somehow finds a magical fairy. The fairy offers her three wishes, but when it's time to receive payment for the wishes, there is a small problem.
?No way...?

Jerri had been happily walking home from school one, boring, regular day. The sun was bright out, a change from the normally dreary weather, and the extra light had caused her to notice something sticking out from the ground.

?Could that be...?

The shiny piece of metal was golden in color, and sparkled in the afternoon sun. She had no idea how long it'd been there, but had likely never noticed it due to lack of sunlight in the area. Now though, the golden rod stuck out like a sore thumb, and beckoned her.

Stepping off from the sidewalk, and into the wooded area, Jerri wrapped her fingers around the golden object. She managed to pull it out of the loose dirt with ease, bringing the entire thing up to the sunlight.

?It's.... It's....? She began. ?A... thing?? Jerri asked herself, not quite sure what it was.

Like the end sticking out of the dirt, the entire thing had been bright gold in color, and was quite heavy. The rod was long, and ended in two sharp prongs. It looked like a tuning fork, but why was it made from gold? Or, at least colored like it was?

?Wait! Let go of that!? A squeaky, high-pitched voice called out to Jerri.

?Wha-?? She asked, as a positively tiny, human with sparkling wings and a green, leafy dress flew up to her face. ?What are y-?

?Please! You must let me have that!? The thing asked.

Jerri looked at the tiny girl floating before her, mouth agape. The thing looked like a fairy, with its minuscule size, glittery wings, and human-like shape.

?Are you...?


?O-Okay, geez.? Jerri said, holding the rod out to the fairy, who'd won her over with her desperation.

?Thank you.? The inch tall sprite said, placing a finger on the golden fork, whereupon it immediately vanished. ?You've done me a great service today, human. What is your name??

?J-Jerri.? She said, finding her situation increasingly harder to believe.

?Then thank you human known as Jerri. I'd like to offer you my services now, as payment for your assistance.? The fairy said, flitting about Jerri's face as she explained.

?Services?? Jerri asked, her confusion deepening. ?What kind??

?Oh, I can do many, many things.? The fae said, resting an elbow on Jerri's nose. ?I'm quite magical, you know.? She added, snapping her fingers to summon a wisp of flame above them.

?Wow! Really?? Jerri asked, her eyes widening in disbelief. ?So you can grant me wishes? Like a genie?? She asked, before gasping widely. ?Were you the genie of that stick?? She asked, covering her mouth in surprise.

?Genie? Erm, Of course I was!? The tiny thing announced, disappearing in a puff of smoke, and reappearing a moment later in a sarong. ?I was freed as soon as you touched that fork! So make three wishes human, and they shall be granted!?

Jerri found the entire situation hard to believe. Three wishes. Anything she could ever want. What sort of incredible good things had she done recently to deserve such a thing?

?Um...? Jerri began, her face turning red. She knew exactly what she wanted to wish for, but found it uncomfortable to ask. ?Can you...? She tried again.

The tiny, winged creature hovering in front of her face yawned widely, waiting for a wish.

?C-Can you, um...? Jerri tried once more, frowning.

?Go on.? The lively fairy encouraged.

?I wish that I was a hundred, no, a THOUSAND feet tall!? Jerri blurted out all at once. She'd long been a fan of giant monster movies, and made an effort to root for the monsters in them. Her dream was to one day get into a rubber suit, step out into a model city, and act it out herself.

This would be better than acting though, this would be real.

?Easy!? The sprite shouted, and clapped her hands.

Jerri began to grow rapidly, not stopping until she stood at what she could only assume was the requested thousand feet of height. Glancing down below, she could see that her flip flop clad feet covered the entire street, and she lifted a shoe, smiling at the deep crater it left behind.

?That's one!? A teensy, almost impossible to hear voice called out to Jerri.

?I wish I was in the middle of a big city!? Jerri shouted, excited over the prospect of getting to live her dream.

After a blinding flash, Jerri felt a series of light, metal crunches beneath her flip flops, and smiled widely. While the spots cleared from her eyes slowly, she could see that she stood amidst several comparatively puny buildings, and there were multicolored specks fleeing for their lives from her feet.

?O-Oh my!? Jerri said, her excitement mounting as she rubbed a tiny building out of existence with the rubber sole of her shoe. ?This is amazing!?

?Two!? The almost imperceptible voice announced.

Smiling, Jerri began to reenact several of her favorite scenes. She tried walking completely through a building, her bare legs smashing through dozens of floors with the greatest of ease while rubble trickled down to gather on her toes.

With careful aim, she kicked her flip flops off in the direction of the fleeing mobs of humanity. The footwear acted like giant missiles, crashing through dozens of blocks before skidding to a stop, and, unluckily enough, missing the crowds she'd been aiming for.

Not prepared to let her toys escape her arena, Jerri stomped after them, making sure to wipe the tiny things out completely. So long as she had her way, there wouldn't be any escaping the area, because that would be denying her of extra fun.

Having turned the front of the crowds into a thin layer of organic paste, Jerri decided to test how much damage her new body could inflict, and allowed herself to fall backwards onto the carpet of a city. People, vehicles, and buildings alike all flattened beneath her descending form, and she giggled at the feelings. Nothing could stand up to her. Just like all the movies she was so fond of. The military would intervene at some point, but they couldn't stand up to her might.

Smiling contentedly, she began to laugh, the sound assaulting the ear drums of anyone still alive near her tremendous body.

?Oh I wish this would never end.? She said, brushing a lock of hair from her face.

?Three! Now for payment!? The minute voice demanded.

?Payment?? Jerri asked, her voice thundering through the panicking city.

?Three wishes means three golden forks, if you please!? The fairy said, her tone chipper.

?I only had the one.? Jerri said sadly, afraid her wishes would have to be revoked.

?Oh... well...?

?Yeah?? Jerri asked, hopeful that there would be some kind of loophole to allow her to keep her new stature.

?Well, then I'll just have to obtain payment in another way!? The fairy said.

Another blinding flash of light, and the sights and sounds of the city were replaced with a straw floor. Sitting up, Jerri rubbed her eyes, and looked around. It looked to be a nice little hut, if not for the fact that everything was built to a massive scale.

?Oh you're up!? The fairy asked, her voice loud, and booming.

Heart pounding, Jerri looked directly above, and found the two bare soles of the fairy floating above her. The fairy's wings flit rapidly, keeping her suspended in that position.

?Not being able to pay for wishes means payment with your life. I'm sorry Jerri the human, but you didn't follow the rules.?

Jerri stood to run, but didn't get more than a step before the hovering giantess of a fairy stopped hovering, and slammed her feet down onto the tiny, non-magical girl. Her body didn't last more than a split second, and was obliterated beneath the fae's heel.

?Why do you always go through such ridiculous hoops to squish something?? Another fairy asked, hovering into the room slowly.

?I like to know a bit about them first. That, and sometimes they give me ideas. This one was named Jerri, and she gave me a real good one.? The fairy in the sarong said, licking her lips as she examined the sticky goop on her heel. ?A really, really good one.? She added, remembering Jerri's brief, but nonetheless destructive rampage.

?Yeah, well, clean that up. And quit stealing my hair pin!? The second fairy said, grabbing the now tiny golden fork from the floor, and floating out of the straw hut with it.

Wiping the mess from her heel with two fingers, she watched it stick and separate to the two fingers. It'd once been a human, but now it was nothing more than a mess.

?A really good idea...? The fairy repeated to herself, deep in thought.
The Silent Lunch by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Lucy has a crush on the most popular girl in her school, Sylvia. Unfortunately, given her level of popularity, Sylvia is constantly surrounded by an impenetrable mob. So Lucy decides she needs to thin the herd, and provide herself an opening.
?So, what are you gonna do after school, Sylvia??

?Yeah, are you gonna like, go to Mark's??

?Everyone knows he likes you Sylv.?

It was lunch time and as usual, Sylvia, the most popular girl in school, had her regular teenage posse surrounding her. They wanted to ask the achingly beautiful girl questions about her plans, to grow closer to her. Being around Sylvia meant that you were popular by association, so dozens of girls spent every waking moment with the girl.

Decidedly cut off from this entourage though, was Lucy, a petite girl with short, black hair. While pretty in her own right, she wasn't blessed with the generous curves Sylvia was, and the boys in class always made sure she knew that. While annoying, Lucy didn't allow these opinions to affect her.

Sylvia on the other hand, was a completely different story. While other girls were jealous of Sylvia herself, Lucy could only bring herself to be jealous of the girl's surrounding her. Where others wished they had a body like Sylvia's, Lucy only wished to have Sylvia herself.

The high schooler was in love with Sylvia, and wanted to spend time alone with her, so the two could build up a relationship. There was a problem though, and it came in the form of the constantly yapping and tittering crowd of girls that had attached themselves to Sylvia in every waking moment.

Sitting at a table alone and within earshot, Lucy listened in on the girls conversations. Sylvia herself said nothing, while everyone else spoke incessantly. Lucy's mind told her to just sit up, and join the crowd surrounding the girl she had a crush on, but she already knew how that would end up.

?Sylvia, where'd you get that shirt? It's like, totally hot!

?I was just thinking the same thing! I know I couldn't fill a shirt like that out as well as you can Sylvia, but you gotta throw us a bone sometime!?

Lucy's grip tightened on her fork. It was one thing for the selfish bitches to absorb the attention of the girl she loved, but it was quite another to be throwing themselves at her. She was the only person right for Sylvia! Every other girl there was just hoping to piggy back off of her popularity, and didn't care for Sylvia herself!

Slowly, but surely, the gears in Lucy's mind began to turn. She was devising a plan to get rid of all that stood in her way once and for all. When Sylvia didn't have a school of parasites clinging to her she'd be a lot easier to approach. It all made perfect sense in her mind. Sure it involved murdering a few students, but the comfort of her love was far more important than anyone's life.

Breathing deeply, Lucy began to concentrate, while time around her seemed to slow. This continued for a moment, with not a single soul noticing, until suddenly time had stopped. Opening her eyes slowly, Lucy enjoyed the sight of the frozen lunch room. She'd had supernatural powers for as long as she remembered, but had never truly felt the need to use them arise.

Now though, she had a mission, and standing from her chair, she approached the crowd of girl's slowly. With a light tap on the shoulder, each vanished from sight, leaving Lucy alone with Sylvia. Approaching the girl slowly, Lucy ran her fingers through Sylvia's hair, face growing red as she felt how soft the long, black strands were in her fingers.

Shaking her head, Lucy let go suddenly, embarrassed over her actions. A small cry of panic came from the hard floor, and Lucy smiled, bending over. Much as she wished her powers could simply wipe people from existence, she simply wasn't able to do something on that scale. So, she instead chose to shrink those she wished to dispose of. The process had been instantaneous, and brought sentience back to the tiny, scurrying figures.

Counting seven small girls in her hands, Lucy considered her options. Part of her wanted to just ball her hands into fists, and end it. It seemed far too quick and painless an end for them though, and looking back at Sylvia, Lucy came up with a devious plan.

Sitting on the floor, Lucy slowly untied both of Sylvia's canvas shoes, and slipped them off. A certain scent filled the air, the scent of Sylvia, and Lucy shuddered to herself. Stuffing two of the tiny, screaming girls into the right shoe, she slipped it back onto the foot, tying it tight.

Then, her mind burning with need, Lucy rolled down Sylvia's left sock, revealing a soft, pink foot. It was just as perfect as the rest of Sylvia's body, the toe's shining in the light that was present beneath the table. Running her fingers along the arch, Lucy relished the warmth of the skin, paying the tiny girls no mind as she dropped two more into the sock.

Slipping it back into place, Lucy hugged the socked foot to her cheek, enjoying the frantically moving outlines under Sylvia's foot, before slipping the other shoe back on, and tying it just as tight.

With a quick snap of her fingers, Sylvia's frozen body floated several feet in the air. Running her finger along the hard, colored plastic, Lucy felt a tinge of jealousy over her little victims. Maybe she should have disposed of them herself, instead of allowing them to experience their moments with Sylvia.

Another shrill scream broke Lucy from her pleasant thoughts, and she dropped three more of her minuscule victims onto Sylvia's seat. Running her finger along each of the girls, they were each muted, and found they couldn't move a muscle in their body. The only sign of their sentience was their frantically darting eyes, with moisture gathering on the edges of them.

Moving out of the way, Lucy allowed Sylvia to hover down slowly, until she was sure the victims were smothered under the perfect rear end, and not quite crushed. Not yet at least.

This left two more girls to dispose of. They were pretty little things, begging to be spared, and Lucy tapped each of them again, shrinking them to a fraction of an inch. Where before they were relatively easy to spot, and definitely audible, they were now nothing but a pair of specks, and Lucy dropped them into her love's drink.

Taking the red, plastic straw in the cup, Lucy made sure that both of the girls were trapped inside the cylinder. Then, moving it closer to the edge of the desk, Lucy slowly opened Sylvia's mouth, and wrapped her beautiful, pink lips around the opposite edge of the straw. It would only take a single sip to dispose of the two girls in the straw.

Smiling over her actions, Lucy ran her fingers down Sylvia's arm, and cupped the gorgeous girl's hand in her own. Soon all the obstacles in the way would be gone, and then maybe, just maybe, Lucy could find the inner strength to approach Sylvia herself.

Moving back to her seat, Lucy sat down slowly, and counted down from ten. Time slowly resumed in the lunch room, and, closing her eyes, she concentrated on the tiny victims she'd dealt with.

The ones under Sylvia's shapely rear were lost in an instant, for as soft and shapely as Sylvia's rear end was, it still weighed more than the three girls could possibly hope to resist against. The bodies popped, and Sylvia never noticed they existed.

The pair in the straw were sucked upward slowly, as time resuming had affected the flow of the liquid in Sylvia's cup. Lucy imagined what it was like, to be inside of that beautiful mouth, and knowing they were going to meet their end in the belly of the girl they worshiped. It must have been terrifying, but Lucy couldn't view it as anything but a beautiful sacrifice.

Two girls were in each of her shoes, one pair even inside of Sylvia's socks, and Lucy listened in on their plight. There was a delicious cocktail of panic, fear, and sadness, that gave way to stoic acceptance. This was mildly disappointing to Lucy, as she wanted her victims to suffer until the very end, but knew they wouldn't be enjoying their positions anyway. The hot, humid insides of the shoes were not a pleasant place to be, but Lucy inhaled deeply, remembering the scent of Sylvia.

Their fates were sealed, and now all that she had to do was approach the girl who was now alone. Sylvia didn't seem bothered by the disappearance of her posse, and seemed to actually breathe a sigh of relief now that she could have lunch alone, and in peace.

Swirling her fork around her mashed potatoes, Lucy was beginning to have second thoughts. She wanted to approach the girl once and for all, and confess her love. What if she was rejected though? She wasn't sure her heart could take the disappointment.

Lucy sighed. For all her supernatural powers she still couldn't do it. She could only watch the girl live her life from a distance, longing for her touch, and affection. It should have made her sad, but she almost felt like it was better that way. Sure, she could simply use her impossible powers to force herself upon Sylvia, but that wouldn't be real enough for her. They both had to mean it.

Looking down at her own meal, Lucy found she didn't feel so hungry anymore. The lump of mashed potatoes on her fork didn't look so appetizing anymore, and the lonely slice of pizza wasn't doing anything for her either.

Resting her head on her arms, she simply tapped her fork up and down on the tray, looking at the wall. To her surprise, she heard someone take a seat at her table. Turning her head slowly, it took all of Lucy's willpower to remain calm when she noticed it was Sylvia.

?Mind if I sit here?? She asked, in her soft, lilting voice.

Lucy nodded her head nervously.

?Thank you.? Sylvia said, smiling warmly.

Lucy's heart melted, and she looked down at her lunch again. Things were tastier now that the mashed potatoes dripped down the side of her slice of pizza. She was sure it had to be a metaphor for something, but she really wasn't sure what.

Though she searched her mind desperately for some kind of way to initiate a conversation, she simply couldn't. So, the two sat, eating their lunch together in silence.

For Lucy, it was the happiest moment of her life.
Simple Life for a Simple Girl by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
This one's sort of a slice of life. A look into the every day life of a simple farmer girl in medieval times, who is also a giantess.
February 29, in the one thousandth, eight-hundred, eighty-eighth year of our lord, a baby girl was born in the village. She was named Mary, by her parents. Though a happy, bright-eyed child, strange things were discovered about her quickly after her birth.

She grew far more quickly than a baby should have. In the third grade she was sent to the principals office for bullying a classmate. She stood at just a hair over six feet then, and people quickly began to realize there was something special about the girl from completely ordinary parents.

Despite her extremely heightened rate of growth, she matured normally, and upon finishing her education, opted to stay in the village, and help with anything that may have been needed. Her demands for increasingly larger clothing, water, and nourishment put a tremendous strain on the village, and many went hungry so she could eat.

Nobody was prepared for how big she would grow, and what it would mean for the village as a whole. She continued to stretch higher into the sky, and despite the amazing difference between herself and literally every other human present, she was treated as an equal. She was expected to work for the things she got, and as such became a necessary part of the village's economy.

Mary could cut lumber faster than the strongest men, and even carry it to the location it was needed, sometimes without even taking an extra step. She always helped with the catching of her own meal, as many a wild beast had entered the villages borders, only to slide down her gullet.

Finally, as far as the villagers could tell, Mary stopped growing. None were quite sure how tall she stood, only that the wooden cabins in which they reside could have easily fit under one of her toes. She only owned one set of clothing, and, being the modest girl she was, always insisted on wearing a clean, white, bonnet.

Still, that didn't detract from her chipper, happy demeanor, and the other villager's insistence that she was as normal as any of them had kept her as na?ve as a small child. Word of the giantess spread far and wide, eventually reaching the ears of the king of the great land.

King Thomas was a giant of a man. Standing at over seven feet in height, he towered over all his subjects, and commanded respect. He received word of the giantess, and decided that he and his strongest men must go and meet this impossible woman. Thomas was sure the small village's citizens were greatly exaggerating their so-called, ?Giantess?. He would meet the woman, re-establish his dominance over her, and the rest of the village as a result, before returning back home.

Setting off at once, Thomas rode on the back of an equally mighty horse, the strongest in his kingdom. Behind him were dozens of fiercely loyal knights, ready to aid in anything the king requested.

The journey took just over a day, and a message had been sent to the people of the village beforehand. The elders prepared for a visit from the High King, and when news reached Mary's lofty ears, she simply couldn't wait to meet him. She'd long heard how big the King was, and hoped for someone she could look in the eye, or, maybe even look up to!

Mary blushed deeply at her thoughts, and was ordered to clean up in preparation for the king. Dozens of the villages women accompanied the giantess to a nearby lake, where her body was cleaned, and her hair straightened for the event.

The moment was nearly here. King Thomas and his men were nearing the village's border, and carefully maneuvering around the deep depressions in the land.

?Look at how poorly maintained this land is.? Thomas sneered as he dismounted his horse. ?I'll not have this village reflect poorly on me. Even if it breaks the backs of every man, woman, and child, these depressions will be sorted out, and those responsible, punished.? He said to himself, walking to a small group of people awaiting him.

?King Thomas! It's a pleasure to meet you!? An elderly man with a cane said, approaching the King.

Thomas smiled, and puffed out his chest in response.

?Afternoon peasant. I've heard that your village has a common girl who thinks she is greater than me?? Thomas asked.

?Erm, well, in stature only sir, no one could be greater than you!?

?Hmph. Now that you can see your High King in the flesh, have you ever seen a greater man?? Thomas asked, bumping his chest into the elderly man's face.

?N-No sir. No man, but Mary's still a young woman, and she-?

?Pah!? Thomas interrupted, waving his hand. ?Hurry up and allow me to meet this woman, so you may realize the truth!?

As if on command, the ground began to shake violently, and a deep, dark shadow passed over King Thomas, his knights, and the entire village. Turning to face the source of the sound, Thomas only saw two tremendous feet, wrapped up in equally humongous leather sandals. These led up to a simple, brown, dress. Eyes continuing to trace her body high into the sky, Thomas nearly fell back on when he saw her mighty breasts, trapped within the confines of a great leather blouse.

The giantess was squinting down in their general area, before she suddenly gasped, covering her mouth.

?King Thomas?? She whispered, removing her hands from her mouth only a moment.

Thomas was at a complete loss for words when he realized the cause of all the depressions in the land. A being that big, stomping through the soft grass and dirt, of course she left deep footprints wherever she went.

Still, seeing the woman in all her magnificent size was another experience entirely, and for the first time in his adult life, Thomas experienced fear. A trickle ran down the leg of his royal trousers, and he found his mouth dry, unable to form words.

Then, she moved.

Dropping to her knees, a powerful quake shook the ground, knocking the king down to his own. Between the legs of her brown dress, many of the knights suddenly found themselves buried under the cloth, and their horses began to panic.

Completely unaware, Mary bent over further, her shiny, black wet hair falling down from her shoulders. Water droplets rained down, covering the king and the village elder, while Mary's face grew closer and closer.

?An honor to meet you.? Mary politely said, her rumbling voice assaulting the ears of the king.

King Thomas couldn't believe it. All his life he'd been raised to believe he would be the greatest man in all the land. He was royalty. He was tall. He was strong. He was brave. He was...

He was nothing beneath this simple farm girl. He was tall, but she looked as though she could touch the sun. He was strong, but the earth itself protested her presence. He was brave, but she'd brought him to his knees. He may have been royalty, but he was beginning to question how much that really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

?Ahem.? Thomas said, standing slowly, and dusting himself off. ?You may rise, girl.? He announced, and she did as ordered. She was obedient, maybe he could use that.

?Anyway, my reason for visiting is simple.? Thomas began, formulating a new plan in his mind. ?Mary, I've heard of you, and-?

?Sire, forgive my interruption.? The village elder said. ?But, well, because you told her to rise, she can't hear you. Maybe try shouting?? He laughed.

Grumbling, Thomas didn't want to order the giantess to her knees again, for fear of what her presence that close would do to him, and instead cupped his hands over his mouth.

?MARY! I'D LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME AT MY KINGDOM, AS THE GREATEST KNIGHT IN THE LAND!? Thomas shouted up, knowing the offer would be too grand to resist.

?Oh! Really!?? Mary squealed, her booming voice shaking the ground. ?What would I have to do??


Mary's face grew unsure. While part of her loved the idea of living a rich life of luxury with the king himself, she'd been raised to be a very modest girl. She didn't feel like she was worthy of being tended to at every waking moment. That, and something about the King's demeanor rubbed her the wrong way.

Thinking back, she decided to employ a technique she remembered her parents doing when she was still a child, and could fit into their home. If she misbehaved, her mother would stamp her foot, and point to the door, and Mary knew it meant to go outside.

?I'm sorry King, but I'd rather stay here.? Mary said down to the dots at her feet.


?GET OUT! Mary shouted back, the echo of her voice carrying around for miles. She punctuated it with a fierce stomp, kicking up grass and dirt around a sandal, and sending it flying in the direction of the King and his knights.

Not needing to be told twice, Thomas brushed the dirt from his clothes, and ran after his horse, which had run away in terror.

Before it could get too far, Mary kicked one of her sandals off, and it hit the ground directly in front of the horse, stopping it in it's path. While the horse struggled to stop, and change direct, she set her now bare foot in the path it was going to take, nearly crushing the King as she did so.

Having caught his horse thanks to her help, he still found Mary to be an all-too dangerous presence to be around. Mounting his horse, he immediately urged it to go forward, leaving behind the colossal woman, and the small village she called home.

King Thomas never visited the village again, trying instead to remove the visit from his memory forever. Never knowing of the terror she'd stricken into the most powerful man in the land, Mary continued to live her happy, na?ve life, and the visit with the king was but one of many, many adventures she had.
Business As Usual by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
In this one a giantess of a woman works a regular office job, and finds herself falling for one of the regular sized men who works there. So she concocts a plan to get him to fall for her as well.
"Did you see the new hires yet?"

"New hires?"

"Oh. My. God. I didn't catch his name, but one of them is so cute! You should go for it."

"I-I don't know. Wouldn't it be awkward?"

"Come on Kate, you'll have to get yourself a boyfriend sometime."

"But wouldn't it be weird? I mean."

"It's only weird if you let it be weird! Now my boss is coming, I'll talk later."

Hanging up her desks phone, Kate sat in silence. Sometimes she wondered if anyone else really stopped and thought about what it was like to be her. Sure, she'd never had a boyfriend, but there was good reason for that. Most guys preferred to date a girl within about two feet of height difference between them at the most.

Kate, on the other hand, stood at about two-hundred feet of difference. Two-hundred two if the guy was short. A simple desk job might not seem befitting to one of her stature, and her employers frequently echoed that sentiment. Women's rights groups fought for her right to perform a simple desk job, and won in the end.

Now Kate's desk and amenities stood in its own separate wing of the sprawling business, though she preferred to call it an an office. Minuscule holes in the wall were cut out, from which other workers could come visit, drop off paperwork, or deliver messages. It took time to get used to, but her co-workers managed to take it in stride.

"KATE!" A voice shouted up on a megaphone, interrupting her daydreaming. "We brought the new hires by for you to meet, so they can... get used to you."

"O-Oh, sure!" She said, standing and moving to the source of the voice.

Like a statue coming to life, she stood from her seat, and brought shook the ground with her steps. The small crowd that had gathered near one of the many holes in her walls grew uneasy as she approached.

"Hi! Nice to meet you all!" Kate said, her powerful voice echoing through the vast room.

"Class, this is Kate. As you can see, she's... erm, quite tall." A portly bald man in the group explained. "Two-hundred seven feet, to be precise."

Kate blushed. The company she worked for was rather strict on who it hired, so most new hire classes were full of elderly people, or scummy corporate yes-men. The new class seemed largely the same, with the exception being one man in the group. The only one with a full head of hair actually.

She couldn't see his entire body, but he had to be the one that Sam was talking about!

"I hope to see some of you around." Kate said, crouching happily. "Especially you." She added, poking the cute guy.

He wasn't prepared for such a gesture though, and he tried to back up as the huge finger moved in on him. Thinking he'd done enough, he also wasn't expecting her to physically touch him, and when her huge finger crashed into his comparatively tiny body, he yelped in surprise.

"Kate!" The portly bald man sternly called up, while she covered her face in embarrassment. It was supposed to be a fun, flirty gesture, and she'd knocked the man down!

"I'm sorry!" Kate said, her voice muffled behind her hands.

The tiny crowd gathered around the little man for a bit, before he stood up. Dusting himself off, he looked none the worse for wear, and glanced fearfully up at the giantess. Kate smiled awkwardly back, trying to convey that she was sorry to the man.

"I'm okay." the man said, though he seemed to direct it at Kate, rather than the crowd around him.

Kate's heart fluttered. She could make his face out better now that they had sustained eye contact, and she could now confirm the rumors. He was cute.

"That's good to hear Adam. We'll.. uh. We'll get going now class." The instructor said, never acknowledging the giantess as he gathered his class and exited the huge office.

Her face still burning red, Kate was glad that she at least had some more information to go off of. She had a name. Adam.

Moving back to her desk, she quickly picked up her phone, and called Sam, her best friend, back. Impatiently tapping her foot, Kate waited for Sam to pick up the phone. The instant the ringing stopped, and a small click sounded from the receiver, Kate began to gush.

"Ohmigosh I think he likes me and he's cute and I need your help and all I have is a first name and I know just how to go about it!"

"Slow. Down. Girl." the other woman said. "Besides, I was just looking at the new hires listing myself. Was thinking of bagging me a rich, older man, and finally settling down."

"Sam, you're fifty-five. You're a receptionist. I'm sure the guys are just lining up for you." Kate responded. "But, you're still the only person here who'll talk to me, so I guess I can put a good word in for you, if you help me out." Kate suggested.

"Get help from the giant lady that nearly injured a member of their class? No thanks, I think I can handle this on my own Miss Twenty-five." Sam replied snarkily. "But, I s'pose I can make use of the messaging system to summon this... Mr. Adam Sa-"

"Great!" Kate interrupted. "Just tell him that part of training is bringing drinks to superiors, and make sure to give him a long, convoluted route to my office, so he doesn't recognize that he's coming back here!"

"Really? That's your great idea? Jeez, I s'pose that'll work though. What do you want him to bring you?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"W-What do you think he likes to drink?" Kate asked, the worry evident in her voice.

"....I'll just have him bring you a coffee. And calm down, you don't want him to get anymore nervous around you than he already is."

"R-Right. Coffee. Thanks Sam."

"No problem, you got this girl. Just don't be afraid to slut it up if things go south."

"Thanks. Sam." Kate said, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she hung up on the phone. Unable to focus on her work any longer, she waited impatiently for the tiny man to arrive with a cup of coffee for her. Then she'd just have to lay on the charm, at least far enough to get a date out of him.

Fifteen minutes later, he still hadn't shown up. Kate was tapping her pencil feverishly, wondering if the directions he'd been given had been too vague. Checking the clock impatiently, only ten seconds had passed since the last check, and she stood, pacing back and forth.

Finally, a small chime sounded at her computer. It always did that when someone entered her office, and she rapidly darted her eyes around the many, many mouse-sized holes dotting her walls. Spotting movement out of one, she smiled, and approached it slowly.

Adam didn't feel too comfortable being in Kate's office alone, especially with a comparatively microscopic cup of coffee. The giantess approached calmly, and smiled at him.

"I brought you that... coffee you asked for. Should I have brought more?" He asked, holding up the tiny, steaming mug.

"Oh no, that's fine, I'll just take that off your hands." She said, and pinched her fingers together, trying to pick up the tiny cup. As one would expect, it didn't work, and her oversized digits shattered the cup in an instant, the scalding liquid landing all over Adam's pants.

His screams were tiny, but they carried far in the office, and Kate's face quickly turned to one of panic, while she scooped the tiny man up, and carried him to her desk. She wasn't sure why she carried him there, as nothing she had there could help him, but it made her feel more comfortable to have him there.

Instead, she took to blowing on his body, having to stifle a giggle as his tie flopped wildly in the gale force winds. The cool winds of Kate's breath did ease the burning sensation in his groin, but now that he was on a table at least a hundred feet high, an entirely new sense of worry came over him.

"Can... can I go back to training now?" Adam asked sincerely. He didn't want to offend the giantess, but also wanted to be as far away from her as possible at the moment.

"Oh you don't want to go back there just yet..." Kate said once she stopped blowing, and seductively rubbed her finger along the man's chest. "Here, let's play a game!" She offered.

Immediately cursing herself for saying that, she searched the top of her desk for something that could be used to play a game with. Pencils? No, too sharp. Paper? No, too big. Stapler? No, too unwieldy. Staple remover? Perfect!

Picking up the staple remover she held the vicious jaws over Adam's head while he stood. His head slipped right into the razor sharp edges, and he ducked quickly, while Kate closed them where he once stood.

"Watch out Adam! Gonna getcha!" She playfully teased, opening and closing the staple remover like a vicious beast trying to get its meal. "You'll have to move faster than that!" She laughed, moving the staple remover just a bit too close, and slamming its metal jaws shut.

In an instant, Adam's shirt was ripped free from his body, exposing his glorious physique to the giantess. Eyes sparkling, she covered her mouth in surprise. He wasn't just cute. He was gorgeous.

Wanting no further part in this, Adam scurried to the edge of the desk, and jumped off.

The office was deathly silent for a moment.

Picking up her phone, Kate quickly pressed a few numbers, and waited until she heard the familiar click of an answer.

Kate just sighed heavily into the receiver.

"Another jumper?" Sam asked, laughing.

"It's not funny." Kate pouted. "He was really cute."

"And now he's not. You want me to break the news to corporate again, or do you want to.?"

"Ugh, I'll tell them." Kate said, annoyed at herself.

"Just keep tryin' girl. I'm sure it'll work out some day."

"Yeah, sure. I'll get a boyfriend. You'll get married. Then we'll all need to bundle up because hell has frozen over. Also, we'll be dead for this example." Kate snickered into the receiver.

"I'm not sharin' hell with your big ass if that's what you're thinking." Sam laughed back.

The two continued for awhile, already forgetting about the recently perished new hire.
Getting Rid of Them by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
A bullied girl comes home from school one day, angry and depressed as usual. Things brighten up though when she discovers some oddly humanoid bugs on her shoelaces.
Trudging into her room, Rebecca slammed her door shut, dropped her backpack, then fell back onto her bed. It had been another shitty day at school, and she was sure she had many more to come. At least it was alleviated slightly by the fact that many of her classmates hadn't shown up to school today.

Clenching her fists in anger, she tried reminding herself of how much worse things would be if the people who made her life miserable had shown up today. She would have been teased for her appearance, her upbringing, her family, her social status, her friends, her classes, her everything.

Cursing at herself, Rebecca was angry. She'd only been upset before, because those girls hadn't shown up. Just thinking about them though was enough to get her angry all over again, and she wanted revenge.

Sighing, she sat up. Her face felt hot from anger, but she simply bent over, to untie her shoes. Maybe she should just take a nap? It could make things easier for her.

Kicking a shoe off, she ripped the sock from her foot, and pressed her thumbs into the flesh. It was a nice feeling, like pressing into a pillow, and the air wasn't bad either.

Then, lifting her other foot, she reached down to untie that shoe, before noticing several tiny figures crawling along her laces. Worried that they were bugs, Rebecca dug the toes of her bare foot into the heel of the shoe, and kicked it off. Launched into a wall, the shoe fell down, and the unusually slow moving bugs finally detached from her shoelace.

Thinking something wrong, Rebecca moved in slowly, her bare foot stopping just short of the bugs. They were funny lookin', not at all what she was used to seeing. They didn't scurry, or scuttle. They looked like they were walking.

Crouching, she looked as closely at the bugs as she could, wondering what they were. They didn't look like they were the type to bite, putting her at ease as she extended a finger in their direction. Scooping one of them in a fingernail, she moved the organism to an eye, and squinted.

Then, in a panic, Rebecca fell back, not believing what she'd seen. It looked just like a human! Except... tinier. It moved about like one, and looked as if it were trying to get her attention. Should she try to keep contact with it?

Already forgetting about the bug she'd held a second earlier, she moved to her backpack, and pulled out a large magnifying glass. She kept one on her to mess with while bored at school, and had been mocked because of it. Now though, now it would be an excellent tool for discovering the secret of these bugs.

Turning back around, she quickly remembered that she'd been holding one in her fingernail, up until she panicked and dropped it. Now that one was missing again. So, figuring it was lost, she searched near her shoelaces and this time, using her palm, scooped the rest of the group into her fingers.

Bringing the magnifying glass over her palm, she looked at the tiny bugs. Her heart pounded as a wave of familiarity with their tiny bodies hit her, and her rapid breathing began to fog up the glass.

The tiny things looked like the girls that had made her life even more hellish at school! It did seem odd that the entire group of them had gone missing at once. Maybe something happened to them? What if they were involved in some kind of an accident?

Bringing her palm up to her ears, she found it difficult to make out what the things were saying. They were all speaking at once, and she could make out a couple of key words repeated. An accident in the chem lab, is what it sounded like. Then they apparently hitched a ride on the laces of her shoes.

Looking back at the bugs in her palm, a devious thought flitted through Rebecca's mind. These girls made her life hell. They went out of their way to torture her. What if their shrinking was only temporary, and they'd grow back eventually? They'd probably find new ways to make fun of her now that they'd been inside of her room.

Unless, of course, she got rid of them.

It was a good plan, in her opinion. Too good, if anything. She would be rid of them permanently. They weren't able to fight back either, they were too tiny. That's just how things worked in the world too. The big step all over the little, with no remorse, in order to achieve their goals.

Her mind made up, Rebecca opened her mouth, and extended her huge, slick tongue from between her lips. She danced it along the skin of her palm, purposely teasing the now-running girls. Their tiny screams of fear echoed upward, barely reaching Rebecca's ears, and she made an attempt at an open-mouthed smile.

Then, she switched up her plan. Instead of corralling all her former classmates around her palm, she began to focus on one. Trini was her name, and the small tanned girl fled Rebecca's oversized tongue. Trini had always been the one to throw things at Rebecca during lunch, so eating the girl alive only seemed appropriate.

Finally, the tongue reached it's victim, and pressed it down into the soft skin of her palm. Rebecca had her catch. She couldn't taste it, but she knew it was there. Retracting her tongue slightly, there was a minuscule tingle on the tip, and she knew that her payload was securely attached.

Smiling at the other two girls in her palm, she slid her tongue back into the confines of her mouth, and moaned loudly, and exaggerated. In truth she couldn't taste a thing, but thoughts alone were enough to drive Rebecca.

Then, she swallowed. She wasn't sure her victim had gone down, but was beyond the point of caring as well. She had two tiny girls left, and as she slid the sock down from her foot, she knew where she was putting the next.

Rebecca used to love wearing flip flops. She wore them all the time, until Karen and Amy made it a point to make fun of her at every turn. They said her feet were too big. They told her unpainted nails were gross. While she didn't know where Karen was, Rebecca could clearly make out the short-haired blonde in her hand as Amy.

Lowering a palm to her now slid down sock, Rebecca simply dropped Amy in. Then, sliding her sock back up, she twisted her foot in place on her floor's carpet. She couldn't feel anything, but relished the moment anyway. Somewhere in her sock was a girl who made fun of her feet. It was ironic, and that was what made it great. The girl might have already been gone, but deep down, Rebecca prayed she was still fully alive down there.

Then there was one. Linda. Linda would always talk about Rebecca's body. Rebecca's butt was too small. Rebecca's boobs were too small. Rebecca's nose was too big. Rebecca's legs were too fat. For christ's sake, she was only fifteen, she was sure she still had some puberty left in her!

Smiling deviously, Rebecca repeated the lines in her mind. Every part of her that was too small was now mountainous, and imposing. So, stretching the back of her shorts out, she blushed at the thought of what she was going to do. Could she really resign a person to that fate?

Shaking her head, she came to a decision. Slipping her other hand into her panties, she pressed the tiny Linda into the bare flesh of her rear, rubbing the girl into the soft flesh for a full minute. Rebecca considered moving the girl to other parts of her, and allow the full terror of her building-sized body to attack Linda, but then simply slid her hand out of the back of her shorts.

Letting the cloth snap back, she briefly wondered where Linda wound up the instant her hand had left the area. Only a second later, she realized she really didn't care, and hoped the tiny girl was liking it down there, assuming she was still alive.

In a matter of minutes, Rebecca's day had turned from terrible, to amazing. She briefly wondered if she could find out how the girls got shrunk. Those four were her main tormentors, but being a freshman in high school, and a nerd on top of it, meant she got quite a bit of shit from upper classmen. The thought pleased her, unrealistic as it was.

With a sigh, Rebecca stood, and picked up her discarded shoe. Being a neat girl, she moved it back to the area she'd placed the other, and briefly considered looking for Karen, the girl that got away. She'd never know that the girl had fallen directly in Rebecca's path, and was now just a microscopic blotch on her colossal sole.
An Active Imagination by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
A girl is frustrated over her lack of progress with a new short story, and discovers a new way to vent her anger.
And then everyone lived happily ever after.

?NO!? Pam shouted, crumpling up the tall stack of papers. She'd spent the last four hours writing a rough draft to a children's book, and had grown increasingly angry at the resulting story. First she felt the characters were too unbelievable, then their situations spiraled out of control, and to top it all off, she didn't feel like she could properly end the story. It might have been salvageable with some work, but she would rather scrap the entire thing and start over.

Exhaling slowly, she counted to ten. Picking up a clean sheet from her stack, she sized the page up. Call it neurotic, but Pam felt like a proper story could only begin on a perfect sheet of paper. Anything after was irrelevant, only that first sheet mattered.

?Ok. Maybe I should give up on another story for right now.? Pam said, her voice trailing off as she watched a butterfly float about her desk. ?I'll just... practice some more. At least the time won't be wasted that way...?

The butterfly fluttered about aimlessly, and Pam set to work. She described the thin wings that propelled the butterfly to and fro. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be doing much else.

?Come on... you stupid.? She said, waving her hands around the stationary butterfly, spurring it back into flight. The insect quickly gave up on moving again though, and simply stood on Pam's desk, almost lifeless.

?And THEN!? Pam scratched on her page, anger swelling. ?The butterfly EXPLODED in a puff of smoke! So nobody ever had to deal with it again!? She wrote.

Without a moment's notice, the butterfly did just that. One minute it was standing in place, idle, and the next it was but vapor. Pam knew the proper reaction should have been surprise, and shock. The only thing she felt though, was even more anger.

?LUCKILY! a tiny panther then hopped on Pam's desk, and made sure to keep up the action, so Pam would have things to write about!? She wrote, frustrated at the gall of the butterfly to just up and explode like that.

Then, a tiny panther, only a few inches long, apparated onto Pam's desk. It promptly began to stalk about, not stopping for even a moment.

Pam watched, the coincidence beginning to unnerve her more than the sheer impossibility of the situation. Was she controlling it?

?Then... the panther got a top hat and cane, and started to dance. Also it was singing, 'Hello! Ma Baby' at the time.?

On cue, the panther stood on its hind legs, a top hate poofed on top of its head, while a small cane appeared in its paws. Then, like the cartoon frog that inspired Pam, it began an exaggerated dance, spinning its cane and holding the hat. The song lyrics weren't quite legible, but it was enough to convince Pam that she had some things to take care of.

Spinning in her chair, she turned the TV behind her on, and switched to a local channel.

Moving back to her empty page, she began to write again.

?Elsewhere in the city, a giant version of Pam appeared. Every way identical to the real version, she decided to make her awful, shitty employers pay for all the annoying amounts of work they forced on her!?

Turning, Pam looked at the TV, waiting for the news report to come on. Her doppelganger would be the top story of the night for sure, and she couldn't wait to see herself destroying all that she found offensive.

A minute passed, and nothing happened. Two minutes passed. Still nothing.

Angrily turning around, Pam hastily scribbled onto her paper.


In an instant, the feed on the TV switched to a live news broadcast, where a woman completely identical to Pam stood in the midst of destroying a building. Large crowds of people were fleeing the scene, but the reporters were anxious to get the full details.

Pam lay back in her chair, relaxing as she watched the carnage unfold. She'd long hated her publishers, but had foolishly locked into a contract with them. She wouldn't be free of it until she'd given them three books to publish, and at the time she'd only had one. Still, it was entertaining watching them be destroyed from the ground level.

The doppelganger stomped viciously onto the knee-high buildings, and wiped her feet through the crowds mercilessly. Pam briefly wondered if her creation had a mind of its own, but quickly stopped caring as it detracted from her overall enjoyment.

Then, without warning, the giant version of Pam stepped forward, her foot crushing the reporters for the channel she'd been watching, and replacing the feed with static.

Laughing to herself, she quickly changed the channel, and found that her text had worked a little too well. Every single channel was covering the rampage, not just local channels. Much as she wanted to keep watching her former place of employment be destroyed, she began to have new thoughts about what to do.

Turning back to her half-full page, she added another line to it.

?Then a tiny version of Pam's boss, Mr. Boddicker, was moved to Pam's desk. He was tiny of course, standing not much more than a scant few inches in height, but it was more than enough for the plans she had.?

With a greasy pop, a tiny version of Mr. Boddicker was on Pam's desk, and looking very scared over his newfound predicament. Seconds ago he'd been fleeing the giant version of this woman at his office, and now he was on a vast, mostly empty desk with another giantess of Pam looking right at him.

?So, Mr. Boddicker, I assume you've seen what I've done with your place?? Pam asked, smiling down at the sweating man.

?P-Pam! You have to stop this!? he begged, dropping to his knees.

?Ooh, I'm sorry. It's a little late for that.? Pam said, scooping the man up. ?I'll tell you what though, you'll have a long, long time to explain to my why I have to stop this.? She explained while standing and moving to the corner of her room.

Reaching for a pair of sneakers, she dropped her tiny boss into a shoe, where he tumbled down until he reached the toe. Then, reaching for a pair of discarded socks nearby, made sure to plug up the hole, and trap him inside.

?The giant woman seems to have stopped moving, I repeat, she is no longer moving!?

Pam glanced at her TV, which had switched to an overhead shot of the situation. Her giantess-self was standing still, now that the streets were covered in bloody swaths, and the entirety of her work building was a pile of rubble. She hadn't given herself any instructions beyond destroy that place.

Clicking her pen, she added a new line to her page.

?And then the doppelganger vanished!?

Like that, the giantess disappeared completely, and Pam smiled. She could certainly have a lot of fun with this newfound power, and already her mind was beginning to fill with thoughts, both kind and cruel.
Screening by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
A boy brings his new girlfriend home, and unluckily has to deal with his overbearing sister's screening process for new girlfriends.
Daniel clasped his girlfriend's hand tightly, as the two of them walked up to the front door of his home. The two had been dating for a couple of weeks now, a new personal record for him. Not that he was a bad guy, or scared his girlfriends off, no. It was his family.

Sighing to himself, he turned and smiled to Rachel, his girlfriend. She had no idea what she was in for. It wasn't exactly the type of thing you'd begin a conversation with either, it had to be a secret. It wasn't his family that lost Daniel his past girlfriends, really. It was one person specifically. His older sister.

"Your yard is really big." Rachel laughed, when the two had finally reached the vast home.

"Almost as big as the house." Daniel laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head in anxiety. "By the way, do you have any... siblings?"

"No." Rachel answered, looking up at her boyfriend. "You said you had a sister, right?" She asked with a laugh.

"Yeah... about that." Daniel said as he opened the front door to his home.

"Daniel's home!" A booming voice called from another room.

"W-What was tha-?"

Before Rachel could finish her sentence, a young girl, fifty feet tall, walked over to the front door of the home. The ceilings were built high to accommodate her, though it was clear she could easily reach them if she tried.

"That's... my sister." Daniel mumbled uncomfortably.

Rachel's jaw nearly dropped to the floor as she took in the young woman before her. She was a pretty girl, but her eyes were narrowed, as she took the tiny sight in before her. It was a bit uncomfortable, to say the least, and she averted her eyes, not able to look the giantess in the eye any longer.

"How... How's she so... you know.." Rachel whispered.

"No one knows." Daniel whispered back.

"And who's this?" the giantess asked, arching an eyebrow.

"This... this is Rachel." Daniel shouted up, placing an arm over his girlfriend's shoulder.

"Oh? And she is...?

"My.. girlfriend." Daniel said, nodding his head. "So be nice to her Jesse. Please."

"Really?" She said, crossing her arms over her expansive chest. "Well, that's nice. Nice. Do you mind if uh, we have a word?"

"Sure thing Jessica." Daniel said, motioning for Rachel to move.

"Not you." Jesse said, bending over and plucking the tiny Rachel from the carpet. "I'll be right back." She winked to her tiny brother, who could only look up in shock.

He didn't have a chance to catch up to his sister, and it probably would have been dangerous to do so. The giantess and her tiny prisoner walked off, leaving him alone at the entrance of the house. Sighing loudly, he moved to a tiny seat near the entrance, and waited for their return.

Elsewhere, Jessica had reached her room. It was a typical girls room, magnified about ten times, and looked like it took up most of the gigantic house. The giant girl hopped onto her bed, and it creaked under her tremendous weight while she dropped Rachel onto the bed in front of her.

Rachel stood slowly. The softness of the bed disoriented her, and incredulity over her entire situation was making her queasy. Before she could fully gather herself though, she felt a huge object hit her in the side of the head.

"What kind of awful girlfriend can't even walk?" Jesse said, flicking the tiny girl's skull. "We've only just met and you're making an awful first impression."

Standing and recovering slowly, Rachel managed to dodge another flick, and just took in the sight of the smiling, reclining giantess. This was clearly a game to Daniel's sister, and Rachel wasn't exactly the type to play games.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Rachel shouted at the billboard of a face.

"Oh, so she can speak." Jesse said, smiling toothily. "So, what was your name again?"

"Rachel!" She screamed. "Your brother already told you that!"

"Oh I know, I just wanted to make sure that you were right for him." She taunted, wrapping her fingers around the tiny girl. "You know, Daniel is quite strong. If you're going to be hugging him, I should probably make sure you can take it." She added, tightening her fingers around the small girl.

"Otherwise, you might get hurt..."

The huge fingers continued to tighten in on Rachel's body, and she desperately tried to pry them off. Losing all the air in her lungs in one gasp, her struggles grew more panicked.

"Is it getting a bit rough?" Jesse asked, smiling.

Gasping for air, Rachel felt the grip continue to close in on her. The world around her began to grow dark, and she could feel her ribs creaking from the pressure. She beat her tiny fists on the giantess's fingers, but was doing nothing to free herself. The world continued to grow darker, and she made a mental note to break up with Daniel as soon as the opportunity arose.

Without notice, the pressure was released, and Rachel tumbled to the bed, gasping for air.

"Congratulations Rachel. You've passed the first test." Jesse said, running a finger down Rache's soft hair.

"I think I'll... I think I'll just go home now." Rachel coughed, standing to her feet shakily.

"OH?!" Jesse said, her voice flaring angrily. "IS DANIEL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?!" She nearly screamed at the scared little girl on her bed.

"N-No! I mean, I'm just... I'm ready for.. second test or whatever!" Rachel squeaked out in a panic.

"Ok, good." Jesse said, licking her lips. "I've also been told that he's quite a sloppy kisser." She added, extending her tongue from her mouth. "So I'll give you some practice on how to handle that!"

The writhing, slimy tongue moved closer and closer to Rachel, threatening her with its presence, before she finally raised her hands to scream.

"NO! That's IT! I'm OUT!" Rachel screamed, backing away from the invading tongue.

Slipping her tongue back between her lips, Jesse flashed the tiny girl a smile.

"Ok then." She said calmly, picking up the girl from her bed, and moving to a dresser in the corner of her vast room. Sliding open the top drawer, she pulled out a plastic container, and popped the top off. Inside, a dozen other small girls looked up sadly, while Jesse dropped her newest acquisition inside.

Blowing them all a kiss, she placed the top back on the container, and gave it a shake for good measure. She noticed the label on top was fading, so she reached to her nearby table for a massive black marker, and traced over the fading letters.

"R-E-J-E-C-T-S!" Jesse said cheerfully, tossing the sealed container back into her dresser. She'd play with them more later, but now she had to break the news to her brother!

Moving back to the front of the house, Jesse approached her brother, and simply shook her head.

Sighing, Daniel knew what that meant. At first Jessica had tried to claim that she was letting them out through the door in her room, but when the girls stopped showing up to class, he figured out what was going on.

"Oh, that's too bad." Daniel said, keeping up appearances.

"Yes. I'm pretty sure she was anti-semitic too." Jesse said sadly.

"Oh.. right." John laughed. She may have been a psychopath. She may have been overprotective. She may have been downright infuriating at times. But at the end of the day, she was still his sister.
A Fae Scorned by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
A fairy has had just about enough of the kind she has to live with. So she decides to seek some good old fashioned vengeance.
The city was in a panic. People fled for their lives as the sky turned black with smoke. Panicked cries were silenced in an instant, followed by a deep rumbling in the ground.

A bus, streaked with blood, plowed through the fleeing crowds. The driver had long stopped caring for anyone's safety but their own, and countless bodies found their way beneath the tires treads.

Then, the bus stopped. The panicked driver hit the gas pedal, and could hear the engine roar in response. The horrifying creaking of metal drowned out the sounds, and the bus driver quickly opened the door, hoping to escape.

All at once, the creaking of metal grew louder, and the bus was ripped in two, completely knocking the driver free from his seat, and bringing forth new shrieks of terror from the other bus's passengers.

Looking out the back where the bus suddenly ended, he could see the cause of all the panic and terror through the city. A giant woman, with translucent, sparkling wings. She was holding each side of the bus in one hand, and shook the other over an open mouth. The driver's heart pounded watching passengers in the back be shaken loose from their seats, and fall into the giantess's mouth.

With a satisfied smile, the giantess gulped loudly, and tossed the half of the bus on the ground. Focusing her efforts on the other half, she brought it to her lips, and slid her tongue into the ripped half of the bus. Chaos erupted inside as the slick pink muscle dented the metal outwards.

Removing her tongue from the bus, she slipped it back between her lips, a half dozen tiny people stuck firmly onto the writhing muscle.

Dropping the bus half to the ground, she smiled, and lined up her next step with the seemingly neverending fleeing crowd, and stepped into the group. The sound of their bodies giving away was pleasant to her ears, and she happily thought back to how only a few hours ago, any one of these people could have been equally as devastating to her own land.

Early that morning, Ella had spent hours tidying up her small home. It wasn't much, but it was all the belongings she'd gathered in her life, and she treasured them dearly. Still, there were others in her community that didn't hold such high regards.

Take Diana, for instance. A fairy, like Ella, she got her kicks from being a generally unsavory person to be around. Diana would play pranks on other fairies, conjure ghostly apparitions to scare them, and all sorts of nasty things. Making matters worse, Diana was eye-searingly gorgeous among her kind, so she was viewed as something that those younger than her aspired to be.

?What's our little Ella up to in here??

Ella sighed. She knew that voice. She'd always wondered if Diana searched other fairy's minds, only moving to people who were thinking about her. There wasn't any proof, but Ella still had her inklings.

?I'm cleaning. Do you mind?? Ella answered grumpily.

?Oh, cleaning, are you?? Diana asked, puffing out her cheeks and slouching. ?Anything to work off the custer, eh Ella?? She taunted.

A twinge of anger ran through Ella's veins. She worked hard to keep her figure, but being a little soft around the waistline meant she was frequently the target of many taunts. Diana was asking for it, but Ella couldn't bring herself to attack. Getting in trouble wasn't worth it, she would just take it.

?Get it?? Diana asked quizzically. ?I'm saying you're FAT Ella.?

?Could you just leave?!? Ella shouted back, tiny flames burning in her eyes.

?Oh, sure, I'll leave.? Diana laughed, snapping her fingers.

A sparkling sheen fell over the entire house, followed by a powerful gust of wind. In an instant, all the hours of work Ella had spent tidying up was undone, leaving her house in shambles.

?See you later!? Diana happily said, turning and fluttering away.

Beneath a pile of debris, Ella's anger grew in intensity. She'd just about had it with her own kind. She knew nobody would come and help her either. They were all just as useless and a waste of space to the community as Diana was.

There were times when Ella had fantasies. She'd think about what it would be like to just get rid of her entire community. She could easily pick her belongings up and move on. It wouldn't be difficult. She'd even been working on a new spell for just such an occasion.

She'd always held back though. She always viewed it as going too far. Now though, now was different.

In an instant, Ella exploded out of her minuscule home with growth. Far surpassing her typical height of but a few inches, she grew until she was the size of the humans that would sometimes make their way to her settlement.

The explosion of growth wasn't unnoticed by her kind though, and everyone quickly began to flee the comparatively giant fairy. Ella basked in their terror for a moment, allowing it to fuel her desires, before she grabbed a nearby home, and ripped it from the tree it was attached to.

It was tiny in her hand. A pathetic bundle of sticks. She clenched her fist tightly, and smiled at the feeling of the structure exploding into splinters.

Fairies could fly fast, making it quite easy for them to escape humans if they needed to. However they'd never had to deal with a human that could move just as fast as they could, and one after another, fairies met their end at the vengeful body of Ella.

Some were crushed in her hands, their bodies crumpling inward like a dry leaf. Others met their end at Ella's feet, where they were crushed against whatever surface they thought could protect them. It was a massacre, and it only lasted a few minutes.

Ella was calm and composed in her work though. She ensured that Diana, the one who instigated the entire event, was never among those whose lives were ended. That is until the end, when there was nothing left of the fairies village but bundles of firewood, and smears that were once living fairies.

?I've saved you for last, Diana.? Ella began, sticking her tongue out and running it down the tiny fairy's cheek. ?I think you know what I'm going to do with you. Don't you??

?You would eat me you FAT COW.? Diana screamed. Though her tone and volume was rebellious, the tears streaming down her cheeks betrayed her true emotions over the matter.

Without another word, Ella shoved the struggling girl into her mouth, head first. With the tiny girl trapped in the wet cavern of her mouth, a violent struggle erupted, but not a single bit of magic the tiny girl tried could work. Fairies were immune to other fairy's magic after all, which is why Ella had taken such a physical approach to it.

Enjoying the flavor of her victim, Ella swished her tongue around for a minute, her cheeks vibrating from the terrified shrieks of the girl inside. Then, without any fanfare, she tilted her head back, and swallowed.

Ella giggled at the feeling of her most hated enemy sliding down her throat. It was... pleasant. She'd enjoyed her entire rampage really, and was happy to justify the destruction of her own people as a means of exacting revenge.

?Wish there were more though..? Ella said to herself sadly.

?The crazy lady talked!?

Turning quickly, Ella found herself staring eye to eye with a bunch of young children. Though she was massive to her own kind, she was still bottom of the rung in terms of humans. It was a weird feeling to her, and she wasn't sure how to respond to the children watching her now.

?What's with those stupid wings, lady??

?Why are you dressed so funny? Put some more clothes on!?

?Where did you come from? Is everyone there as crazy as you??

Ella tried to remind herself that these were just children. They were innocent. They may have been rude, but they didn't deserve what she'd inflicted to her village. They were just children. They were just children.

But they reminded her SO much of Diana.

A moment later, a group of children ran from the woods screaming, as a giantess emerged from the treeline, growing to tremendous height. With no regard for anything caught beneath her feet, she moved to the nearby city gleaming in the sunlight.
Another Disappointment by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Fanfic time. Asagi (Long story, check my other Asagi story for explanation) pays a visit to a certain jolly old man who promised her something.
North Pole ? 10:21 PM, December 24th, 2012


"Did you hear that?"

"Of course I heard it, who wouldn't have heard it."

"Are you... are you gonna check who it is?"

"If it's important they'll knock."

"OPEN UP, TUBBY!" a voice boomed, shaking the entire facility. Whatever was outside was probably large, and definitely quite loud.

"Oh fine, answer it."

"Yes sir!"

A short, stubby man, clad in a matching green tunic and hat walked slowly to the front door of the workshop, bells on his pants jingling the entire way. Loud bangs filled the workshop as the short man finally reached the front door.

Opening the iron door slowly, he peeked outside, seeing nothing but a long, cylindrical hallway.

"It's nobody!" The stubby man shouted.

"Then close the door Will, it's cold outside!"

Grumbling, the short man started closing the door, when suddenly the metal hall thrust forward, blowing him back against a wall. With a horrified start, he remembered that there was no hallway between the front door and outside, and this more closely resembled an extremely oversized gun barrel.

"FINALLY!" The giant feminine voice called out, as the metal retreated, and was replaced by a giant, unblinking eye. It looked about the tiny entrance to the hall, before settling on the slowly standing man in green.

"LET ME SPEAK WITH SANTA CLAUS!" The voice shouted, making the foundation of the building rumble.

Fearing for his safety, the short man quickly stood back up, and ran out of the room. He was gone for nearly a minute, before returning empty handed. He tried to shrug his shoulders, laughing nervously, but the giant eye was gone.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief though, an incredibly loud creaking could be heard from above. Looking up, he watched, wide-eyed as the top of the building was completely torn from the walls, finally revealing the full form of their tormentor.

She was a young woman, with medium length black hair. Wearing a white jacket with a black fur trim, and a pair of shorts that led into rather lengthy boots. She wasn't dressed too well given the weather, but didn't seem to mind it at all.

Crouching down, she roughly grabbed the tiny, panicking man, her hand utterly dwarfing him. Lifting him to her eyes, she fully took in the pathetic sight before her. The man was crying, fearing for his life, but the giantess's expression never softened despite that.

"Whoa now, you can put him down now!" A voice from inside the workshop called out, drawing the giantess's eyes downward.

The voice belonged to a rosy cheeked, white bearded fat man. Clad in a red suit with a white fur trim and leather boots, his identity was rather obvious.

"And you are...?" He asked the towering woman.

"YOU KNOW WHO I AM, SANTA!" She screamed at the rotund man, who had to cover his ears. "YOU OWE ME A GAME!"

Stroking his beard for a moment, he looked at the giant girl, still holding his lead elf threateningly. He knew he should have remembered who this girl was, and could vaguely remember making such a promise, but it simply wasn't coming to him.

"I'm sorry, but, I don't remember." He said kindly, flashing a warm smile.

The giantess's angry expression softened finally, and her shoulders slumped. A wave of sadness fell over her entire huge body, and her bottom lip began to quiver.

"I-It's me. Asagi. You don't remember?" She said, sniffling.

The old man shrugged his shoulders, puzzled by the rather extreme mood shift the giantess had displayed. He wasn't sure what it meant, but it didn't exactly put him at ease.

"I've been through SO MUCH to get a game, and and... you forgot?" She asked, tears welling in her eyes. "And after all that you asked me, to make sure it came out just right."

"Oh! Hoho of course I remember!" The old man lied.

Instantly, Asagi's eyes brightened up.

"Oh, I knew you couldn't forget! Christmas miracles do come true, and I'll finally get to be the star of my very own game!" She squealed, jumping up and down.

"Yes, I'll be right back with it, it's down in the basement of the workshop!" Santa laughed, leaving the giantess to herself for a moment.

"Oh my God I can't wait!" She kept telling herself while watching the open workshop at her feet. There was no movement inside, but she could wait. She would wait if it meant finally getting to be in her own game.

She watched the door that Santa had left through intently, waiting for him to return. Seconds turned into minutes, and those kept rising with no sign of the wrinkly old fool.

"HE DITCHED ME!" Asagi screamed, breaking the relative silence, and scaring the minuscule elf she still held in one hand.

"P-Please! He'll be back in a minute! Just be pat-"

"YOU'RE COVERING FOR HIM!" she interrupted, her mood swinging back into violence.

Without wasting anymore time, she opened the vast, huge cave of her mouth, and shoved the elf inside. She swallowed loudly, never even feeling him in her throat he was so tiny. She was pissed, and that man would be the first of her victims if she had anything to say about it.

Lifting a tremendous, boot clad foot over the wide-open building at her feet, she stomped down violently. The floor buckled beneath her weight, bending up where her boot had made contact. Digging her fingers into the broken floor, she tore the entire thing out, exposing a basement full of thousands of tiny, shrieking elves.

Without saying a word, she kicked a foot out into the screaming throngs of elves, almost slipping as they pulped instantly into a greasy smear. Wasting no time, she kicked her second boot into the teeming basement, and felt hundreds more meet their end. It wasn't an altogether unpleasant feeling, but she couldn't let it distract her from her main point.

Eyes scanning the basement, she quickly found who she was looking for. Having taken cover in the basement, Santa was amongst his workers, who were now being massacred by the hundreds for aligning with him.

"Please, don't!" The old man begged, while Asagi pulled a shiny, black pistol from her jacket's pocket. The gun was tremendous, on the same scale as Asagi herself, and she placed the barrel of the gun directly into the fat man's body.

"Well, tubby. Some people like to think guns are bad. I like to think, give piece a-"

In an instant, the world flashed white, and Asagi's eyes popped open. She was lying in a bed. None of that had happened. She hadn't made a deal with Santa, and she wasn't going to get her game.

Worst of all, she didn't even get to deliver her super sexy one liner!
Outsourcing by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Santa's feeling pretty terrible, so he decides to give the job of delivering presents to someone else this year. This other person goes through things a bit differently than he normally does though.
"You hear the news?"

"News? About what?"

"Big Red's not gonna be able to do his rounds tonight."

"Wh-Are you serious? The man only works one night a year!"

"I know, but he had some bad Kim Chi last night, left him with food poisoning"

"Really? What a fat, lazy, piece of-"

"Yeah, I know. Thing is, he's apparently gonna outsource the job this year!"

"Outsource? Who is crazy enough to-"

The conversation was ended abruptly by a pounding on the front door. The workshop never got visitors, nobody was even sure why they had a front door in the first place.

"You gonna get that?"


The pounding resumed, louder this time. Whatever was outside seemed rather impatient, and wasn't in the mood to wait.

"Fine, I'll go answer it."

The short little man walked to the front door of the workshop, and, with the use of a chair nearby, was able to reach the doorknob to open it. No sooner had he nudged the door open, that whatever was outside forced its way inside, knocking him to the floor.

"Took you assholes long enough!" A tall, tanned woman in a bikini shouted, before blowing a bubble in her chewing gum.

"Are you the new transporter?" The short man shouted up, while standing to his feet again and dusting himself off. The first thing he noticed, aside from her exceedingly unusual state of dress, was how abnormally tall the woman was. He wasn't tall, what with being an elf and all, but she looked like she'd put even the big man to shame.

"The what now?" She asked, looking around the workshop. "This a nice place, I didn't know Charlie was so rich he could hire midgets!" she laughed, stepping over the short man.

"We're not midgets! We're..." he began, realizing the truth would be far more unbelievable. "Wait who's Charlie?" he asked, curious.

"Charlie. You know, big guy. Beard. Likes to wear red. Has a funny laugh?" She asked, blowing another bubble.

"She's talkin about the fat man!" Another elf shouted from a nearby room before laughing. "Oh, Charlie, that's a new one!" he continued.

The short elf standing with the scantily clad woman began to piece everything together, and sighed with disappointment. Santa Claus, as he preferred to be called, had grown to be quite lonely in the last hundred or so years, and had taken to spending most of his time that wasn't Christmas day, on traveling the rest of the world, and trying to get dates. His exploits had a small degree of success, with most of the women looking rather sleazy, and some looking like he paid them to spend time with him.

This woman looked to be in the latter category.

"I can't believe this shi-Do you even know he brought you here for?" The elf asked, his face in his palm.

"Said he'd pay me to deliver something for him. Said he was too sick to do it. What's it to you shorty?" She asked, pressing her tremendous foot into the little elf and knocking him over with her toes.

A voice came on over a loudspeaker in the room. The man's voice sounded sick, and was straind in what it was trying to say.

"Monica, I've been told you just arrived! I don't know if you remember, but we got married, all those months ago." The voice said, as if recalling a fond memory, before breaking into another fit of coughs.

"I 'memmer!" She shouted back, though she didn't know where to direct it. She'd met the old man in Vegas one night, and convinced him to marry her in exchange for a thousand bucks. They did so, and she figured it would be a waste to try and annul the marriage, so kept up by never contacting her husband again.

"Right!" The voice came back on abruptly. "So, using the magic of the holidays, I brought you here with me tonight! And-" He explained, before the sound of violent vomiting came over the speakers. "Ahem. I made your body immune, and gave you a few special powers, so you can complete the job! As my wife, I'm sure you can handle the task!

To her credit, Monica seemed to be taking everything he was explaining in stride. Some of the elves suspected Santa to take advantage of mind manipulation to get things done, but there was never any proof of it. The much more likely explanation was that she simply wasn't all there, or wasn't a smart individual to begin with.

"You've got until morning to complete the job! Thank you very much!"

Suddenly, a large, hefty bag appeared out of nowhere, plopping into existence next to Monica's feet. Though every one of the elves expected more questions, she simply dragged the sack with her as she headed back outside, shutting the door behind her.

"What is going on here?" One elf asked.

"The old man's lost his mind. This can only end badly." The elf who'd answered the door replied.

Immediately after receiving the instructions, Monica found her mind filled with a vast amount of knowledge, and she was aware of what she needed to do. Deliver a present to every home in the world, before morning. It would be an easy task though, considering the suite of powers for which she'd just been given access.

The cold snow didn't affect her much, and as soon as she stepped outside, she used what seemed to her like the most useful of abilities, growth. Her body stretched high into the sky, stopping just shy of a thousand feet tall.

Then, with great purpose in her strides, she took her first step south, working on the long trip ahead of her. She knew the sack would refill with gifts as they were depleted, and set herself into a bit of a trance, to make herself as efficient as possible.

She reached her first city quickly, and strode through it, her powerful footfalls bringing down many small homes. Monica's mind didn't care about this though, it only cared that she delivered the gifts to the right locations. Houses were crushed, only to have a handful of tiny presents drift down in the exact spot where their chimneys had once been.

If it wasn't a home, it didn't matter. Huge skyscrapers were simply walked through, her body ignoring them completely as she continued on her path of destruction. Worst of all, she was moving quite fast, as one would be expected to, given that the deliveries had to take place in one night. This meant she was almost impossible to avoid, as her huge toes ripped up giant swaths of land, leaving nothing in their wake.

This continued from city to city, leaving behind nothing but smoldering wreckage, and broken dreams. Small homes out in the country had miles of land around them filled with the giantess's footprints, but were mostly able to escape the damage themselves.

Other than the almost complete destruction of every city she visited, the deliveries were going great. Gifts floated from the heavens slowly, almost serene among the scenes of burning wreckage and lost lives.

One boy was walking home from a store, clutching a pair of women's shoes. His mother was sick, and he was worried that would be the last gift he could give her. He clutched them tightly to his chest, walking to the hospital alone, when he felt the rumbling of the ground.

Turning, he had less than a moment to react when the giant, dirty sole of Monica's bare foot came down on him, and crushed him with it's immense softness. He exploded into her flesh, and was nothing more than a stain on the sidewalk, as she continued to make her deliveries.

Finally, minutes before the sun would rise in the final time zone, she delivered her last present. Making a beeline to to the North Pole, her feet left dirty footprints in the snow, befouling the otherwise clean, white landscape.

She'd forced herself into a sort of hypnotic trance, so she could be as efficient as possible during her deliveries, but now that she was back in the North Pole, Monica had snapped out of it. She felt proud of herself, knowing the work she did was helpful for humanity, and couldn't believe that THE Santa Claus had selected her for such a task. Once she was just a street walker, now she was the deliverer of Christmas. She'd have to ask him if she could do this again some year, or at least help him. Maybe the two of them together could-

Monica stopped, feeling a very different crunch under her sole. She was used to the sound and feel of snow underfoot, but this felt far more solid.

Checking the bottom of her foot, she gasped. Wriggling her toes, she could see the remains of the great workshop, that Santa was always so proud of, crushed into splinters and sticking to her sole.

"I can't believe this shit. I accidentally killed an innocent man, on Christmas!" She shouted, angry at herself.
A Prologue of Sorts by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
FINAL STORY! This one's a tiny bit different. It's still a standalone, but it's very much related to my upcoming story.

So, enjoy. It's about a man who has a very bad blind date. It's got violence and mini gts!
Blind dates were always a bit awkward, but Rick was desperate. He'd been alone for so long, failed at so many other options, and almost given up hope on dating in general before finally buckling and trying a blind setup. Now he was sitting in a rather expensive car, with an extraordinarily tall woman driving him to an event.

Rick had originally suggested dinner and a movie, after getting over the fact that the woman he would be dating looked to be nearly eight feet tall. She'd declined his offer though, and instead told him of a local wrestling match that they could go attend instead. Never one to turn down a free sporting event, Rick had agreed, and gotten into her car.

"So, this is some local promotion or something?" He asked, trying to make small talk.

"Yes." The woman answered simply.

Feeling the discussion was over, Rick decided to keep quiet the rest of the ride over.

The car quickly pulled up to an old, run down building. None of the lights for the building were on, and Rick briefly considered asking his date if they were at the right place. She stepped out of the car with great purpose though, and that was enough to convince him.

Slowly, the pair walked into the building. There were no lights on, making it rather difficult to see given how late it was. Just when Rick was having second thoughts about the date, the woman knocked on a door in a specific manner.

Without warning, Rick felt something get placed over him, and he after being struck in the back of the head, he was knocked out.

Rick came back to, surrounded by bright lights, and sitting on a warm canvas. He was leaning against what felt like a chain link fence, and he clutched his head in pain. A voice came on over a microphone, making his ears ring.

"Looks like our challenger is awake! Let's all hear it for Little Mick!" the voice announced to a murmuring crowd.

"It's Rick..." he said softly, trying to fully comprehend his situation.

"Now let's give a round of applause for our returning champion, that Titaness of Terror, The Colossus of Killing, the one, the only, Invincible Annie Oakley!

Many people in the audience began to hoot and cheer as the scantily clad giantess of a woman approached the ring, opened the door, and stepped inside. A man stepped in behind her, placing a lock on the door.

Though still a little drowsy, Rick was beginning to piece together his situation and didn't like it at all. He was being forced into a wrestling match, which would be bad enough on its own, but his opponent was the woman who brought him here! His blind date!

Standing, Rick could only watch her approach him slowly, his head about even with her breasts. Standing only a few inches over five feet, Rick knew he was short, but the feeling he got next to her was still unreal. The clothes she wore were drastically different from what she'd been wearing driving up there too. Gone was her violet jacket and shorts, and now she wore pair of dazzling shorts with a frilly tanktop. It was goofy, as far as wrestling attire went, but it really showed off her massive body in all its glory.

"Hope you like our date." She whispered to him, before thrusting her knee violently up into his sternum.

Rick fell back, the oxygen knocked from his lungs, and he gasped for air. He wasn't one to hit women, but it didn't look like she felt quite the same way about him. While she continued to pose for the crowd and rile them up, Rick got his first look at everything. The walls of his room were completely black, and, looking down, he could see quite a few bloodstains on the canvas of the ring.

Heart pounding in terror, he suddenly remembered one of the nicknames his date had been called as she approached the ring. He was in a fight for his life.

Shaking his head, he stood and made a beeline for the woman, before attempting to tackle her. He knew he couldn't beat her standing up due to their obvious size and strength disadvantage, but maybe he'd have a better shot on the floor.

The violent impact could be heard throughout the entire room. A loud meaty crack was heard when his shoulder made impact, and he screamed in pain immediately. For all the force and effort he'd put into the attack, it had only pushed her back a step.

"Oh my God! Did I hear what I think I just heard!" The announcer's voice screamed to the crowd.

The crowd roared in appreciation.

Rolling around on the ground, Rick clutched his shoulder. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes, and he wanted to call a timeout, or beg to be spared.

His date didn't quite see it that way.

Bending over, she picked up the injured man by his legs, and threw him like a rag doll at one of the walls of the steel cage surrounding the ring. His body left a large dent in the cage, and she wasted no time in launching a violent kick to his ribs while he fell to the ground.

Another sickening crunch was heard as her bare foot made contact with his ribcage, and the audience roared in applause again. Rick was struggling for air on the ground, tears now flowing freely from his eyes. He wanted to be back home, and just be out of this situation.

The foot came back to his ribs, though this time it was only to flip him onto his back. He could see the woman standing over him, towering above the canvas like a skyscraper while he clutched his chest painfully.

"Oh, what's Annie got planned for our victim today?" The announcer shouted.

She placed her huge, long foot onto his torso, and pressed down firmly, eliciting a scared scream of pain from Rick. She rubbed her foot on his chest, like putting out a cigarette butt, before suddenly, elevating herself.

Her tremendous sole dug into Rick's torso, and she stood on one foot for a moment, caving in much of Rick's body beneath her almighty weight. The feeling was pleasant for her, and an all new level of Hell for the scared, crying man at her feet. She wiggled her toes in his chest cavity, enjoying the feeling of his screams vibrating in her foot.

"P-Please! Let me go!" Rick screamed with what little air he could manage at the woman.

Turning her head from the crowds, she looked down at the pathetic man pleading for his life at her feet. Crouching lightly, and digging her sole into his ruined chest slightly more.

"But you're doing so good. The crowd loves you." She whispered, before stepping of his chest, and moving her foot to his face. Standing at over seven feet tall meant she was quite a tall woman, and that extended to her feet specifically, which looked like they were over a foot in length. The titanic foot smothered his face completely, and since he was already having a hard time breathing, Rick figured this was the end for him.

The foot lifted off after only a minute though, and Annie smiled down at her victim predatorily. The crowd began to chant, "Kill!" and Rick was nearly insane with terror.

Jumping down, she wrapped her legs around Rick's neck, and began to apply pressure to his tiny, frail neck. The vast, powerful thighs that held him tight were immovable, and Rick could feel the consciousness draining from him as the crowd began to cheer louder.

"Looks like she's going for her signature move!"

Rick's comparatively tiny, weak hands couldn't budge the thighs from his face at all, and he suddenly chickened out. He wasn't ready to die. He wanted to live. He wanted to beg for his life, but couldn't manage a single word. The huge, tanned legs crushing the life from him would be the last thing he would ever see, and this was his last thought as life left his body.

Feeling the man go limp for good in her scissor lock, his date then tightened the hold tremendously, eliciting another loud, meaty crunch from his body. This was her signal to the audience that she finished the job, and they erupted in cheers again.

Standing, she wiped the blood he'd coughed onto her legs off, before raising her arms in the air in victory. The announcer was riling up the crowd further, as they continued to chant her name the entire time she walked offstage.

Backstage, a sleazy looking man smiled at the giantess, and handed her a check.

"Another good match." He said, between puffs of a cigar. "You sure you're gonna retire?" he asked.

"Not permanently, I just feel like... trying something new out." She said wistfully.

"Heh, fine by me, I'd just hate to be the sad sack that finds himself inbetween your legs." He laughed hoarsely.

Folding up the check and slipping it into her bustiere, she turned and delivered a powerful kick to the man's mid section, causing him to crumple into a heap on the floor. No bones were broken, she'd made sure of that.

Approaching him slowly, she stuck a long finger under his chin, and tilted his head up to her.

"Don't talk to me like that. I'm a classy lady." She said, with a toothy grin, before giving him a light slap on the cheek.

Picking up a pair of pants, and a long jacket prepared for her, she stepped back out into the veil of night, leaving the dilapidated building behind, as if she'd never been there.
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