Toy for the holiday by Yougts

When shrinking is finally possible, you volunteer to be your sisters toy for the holiday

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Morning by Yougts
Author's Notes:

A few years ago, shrinking matter finally became possible. Only one company has a license to produce shrinking packages. Sadly, because of the high development costs it comes at an extremely high price, allowing only the very rich to use this technology. The company will launch a new version of the shrinking packages with new features. For the promotion of this new package they organised a lottery to give away one package for free.

The new package allows the person in control a lot of possibilities. By inserting a chip in the shrinker's body, the person in control gets full control of the shrinkee's body and can control everything by a simple app on the users phone. It allows the controller to adjust the shrinkee's height, but also allows the user to actually see what the shrinkee is seeing and enables to communicate with him. The chip also makes sure the shrinkee is almost invulnerable to everything. Finally, the package also allows the shrinkee to be 'smoothed' in both inanimate as living textures.

Having a giantess fetish as long as he can remember, Stan is really excited to try out this technology. His sister Mia recently discovered his fetish and really likes the idea of having her brother small and under her control. She teases her brother relentlessly about what she would do with him in any kind of situation. At first, Stan was frustrated and humiliated that his sister found out about his giantess fetish. But when the teasing continued he actually started to like the idea. He figured that he at least could trust her and he was very sure that there was no one else who could come up with crazy ideas as is sister. Stan decided that if he ever had the opportunity to shrink he would let his sister be in control.

For the new package, the company organises a lottery to give away one shrinking package. By miracle Stan actually wins the package. This is where the story starts.



The sun causes Stan to finally wake up. Rubbing his eyes he slowly gets his bearings. He looks at his alarm clock and it says Sunday 10.00 am. Only one more week and the summer holiday finally begins. Stan looks around his room noticing that he really should clean it today. Clothes from the whole week are scattered down the room. He is glad with the family rule; your own room is private and when the door is closed, nobody should enter. If his mom sees his room like this, she certainly would not be happy Stan thinks.

He slowly gets out of his bed and walks to his desk and turns on his computer. The screen comes back from sleep and he starts with checking his mail. As always, a lot of spam fills his inbox, but he gets immediately excited when he opens the mail he has been waiting for. Last month, he subscribed in the most important lottery, to win a shrinking package for home-use. The mail is an announcement that the company decided to announce the winner privately today at 11.00 am. Stan cannot contain his excitement and shouts a big yes. He knows his chances are extremely slim, but even the probability to actually live his fantasy is exciting!

Realising that by shouting the rest of the family probably knows he is awake, Stan decides that it's best to get some breakfast, it will make the wait a bit more bearable. He gets up and walks out of his room to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He opens the door and walks to the sink and starts brushing his teeth, when suddenly his sister walks in. 'Goood morning little brother!' she says, emphasizing on 'little'. Stan grunts knowing she probably received the same mail and is just as excited as him. 'Don't be so rude to your sister, you never know where you may end up if you're rude' Mia says and playfully sticks out her tongue. Stan chuckled and rolls his eyes. She always gets him right where she wants him. Ever she found out he has a giantess fetish she teased him relentlessly. 

At first he was really frustrated that she found out. In the beginning he got angry every time she described a situation where he ended up shrunken and under her control. But there was one evening that changed the way he looked at it. It was a family night and Stan’s mother insisted that everyone watched a movie. Stan sat on the couch with his sister, and they agreed that it was a very boring movie. Stan asked his mother if they could leave, but Carol said everybody should stay and watch. Sighing, Mia went to the kitchen and got a bowl of gummy bears. She whispered in Stan’s ear, "Let's see if you find this as boring, you are the yellow one, tiny'. Stan gazed at the bowl and noticed a lot of different coloured gummy bears, but only one yellow. Stan immediately turned to his mother pleading if he can just go upstairs, but Carol wouldn't let him. 

Sighing, he was determined to only watch the movie. But when he saw the first gummy bear taken out the bowl, he just had to watch. He peered through the corner of his eye and saw a green gummy bear hanging from Mia's fingers in front of her full lips. Suddenly, her pink tongue came out from between her lips and slowly licked the gummy bear. Then she proceeded to put the candy between her lips and lightly sucked on it. In the meantime, Stan stared directly at the show before him. when suddenly her gaze met his. Mia winks and sucked the gummy bear with a 'plop' in her mouth and smiling wide. Stan quickly glanced away but experienced a new sensation. He was actually aroused from seeing his sister play with her candy as if it was him. Mia looked at her brother and realised she pushed the right button.

Mia decided to go straight to the money shot and picked up the yellow one. Stan couldn't help but watch again and Mia repeated the same routine. But she did something different in the end. First, she sucked for about two minutes on the bear making satisfying noises. Then she did something unexpected, she turned her head to her brother sticking out her tongue. Stan watched his sister pink tongue and sees the gummy bear all wet and sticky. Mia pointed at the gummy bear and then to her brother, emphasizing the candy is actually her brother. Then she looked forward and tilted her head down, while she opened her jeans and panties with one hand. Then she simply let the gummy bear drop from her tongue into her panties. She let her panties snap back against her and gave her crotch a few pats. Mia let out a satisfying sigh and got more comfortable on the couch turning her attention back at the movie.

Stan just looked in shock at his sister. There was no way that he would ever be sexually involved with his sister, but the way she just casually dropped that bear in her jeans fulfilled him with utter lust. Not so much of his sister, but the pure dominance she demonstrated with the knowledge there wouldn't be a thing in the world to stop her if he was her shrunken toy. 

A million thoughts went through Stan's head, but his mind screamed only one thing. He had to be shrunken down by her. He quickly got up and sprinted to his room to process this new knowledge. His mother yelled after him that he should stay, but didn't care. Just before he left the living room he looked back at his sister. She playfully clicked her teeth together and laughed her ass off. 

Stan looks in the mirror at his gorgeous sister getting ready to brush her teeth. 'Just because I agreed to be your toy if we ever get the chance, doesn't mean you can put me anywhere, sweet sister' and he pushes her away a bit. Standing on one leg trying to keep her balance she replies 'Of course it does, stupid', 'and I would also know where to put you right now, would you like to know where? Stan replies that he doesn't want to know but she doesn't care and explains it anyway. 'Right now, I would just tie you immobile with some floss and then tie you to my toothbrush'. Stan wants to say he doesn't want to hear it but is already to aroused to stop her. 'And then, little brother, I would simply put some toothpaste on you and brush my teeth, 3 minutes off coarse.' 'And then without rinsing you, put you back in the holder for let's say half a day.', "see, I can put you anywhere and there would be nothing you can do'. 

So much teasing and it is still only morning. Stan slowly got a boner during his sisters fantasy. Noticing his brothers excitement she nods at his boner coming through his pants 'I see you like being a toothbrush, I will make sure you got your wish then'. 'I am so excited, only 50 minutes left and we know if we can live out both our fantasies'. She quickly finish her business in the bathroom and walks out to the hallway. Stan looks at the mirror seeing himself with a boner and flushed and laughs to himself, slowly nodding his head. Just then his sister pops her head back in the bathroom. "Quickly now little bagel, let's eat breakfast or should I carry you"

End Notes:

Thought I would stop being a lurker and actually try a story. Let me know what you think and maybe give some pointers because English is not my native language. 



Breakfast by Yougts
Author's Notes:

Thank you all for the positive reviews! I realise by reading them that some have high expectations, so that put me on a bit of pressure. Hope the second chapter isn't a disappointment. Enjoy!



Stan waits a few moments to regain his composure, it will be awkward when he sees his mother in the state he is in now. He hears his sister jumping down the stairs and makes a mental note,  to tell her that she should be a bit more careful if he actually shrinks. But he quickly changes his mind because then she would probably take him to the gym or something.

He walks in the kitchen and sees his mother already ate breakfast and is reading the Sunday newspaper while drinking some coffee. Stan greets his mom and sees his sister rummaging through the cupboards to make breakfast. He notices she put on a pink sweatpants and a simple white top. Mia always looks cute, but there is something about girls wearing sweatpants. It must be an awesome experience to be hidden into those pants, Stan thinks to himself. Not wanting to get excited again he quickly sits down at the kitchen table.

In the meantime Mia gathered her breakfast items and places them on the table, but realised she forgot some milk and walks back to the fridge. “Get some breakfast for me as well sis”, Stan says to his sister trying to tease her. Mia gets the milk from the fridge and closes the door slowly, leaning back against the fridge. She puts on a guilty pouting face and says “damn, I need to remember I have to feed you as well, sorry big brother, let me make it up to you’. She only takes a plate from the cupboard and puts it in front of her brother and quickly rubs his hair. She sits down at the table as well and while pointing at her plate asks what he would like. Stan feels he is losing the momentum but tells his sister that some bread would be nice. Mia takes some bread and pinches with her thumb and index finger at her bread and leans over to her brothers plate. She is rubbing her fingers together causing some crumbs to fall at his plate. “Oops that is a bit much, wait let me help you”. She licks her thumb and casually pushes down most of the crumbs so they stick on her finger. She holds it in front of her brother saying “you want these or the one that is on your plate?” She sees that her brother is looking intensely at her thumb and she knows he is probably imagining he is one of the crumbs. “The one on your plate then” and she slowly brings her thumb to her mouth while sticking out her tongue and slowly licks the crumbs of her finger, never taking her eyes of her brother. When she is done, Mia points at her brothers plate and says  “See, your sister will eventually give you some food, let’s just hope she doesn’t forget it too often. “ She leans back to watch her brother’s reaction with a huge toothy grin and when she is satisfied she concentrates on making herself breakfast.

Alex was already getting aroused from her actions. Her ability to turn every common situation to her fantasy of having him tiny and under her control was truly amazing.

Before he has a chance to say anything, their mother intervenes. Shaking her head disapprovingly at her daughter but with a sly smile she says “when are you two ever going to grow up”. She looks at her son who normally would just playfully stomp her and take her bread instead, but now only stares at his sister. “And why do you let yourself belittle like that?” she asks her son. Mia was just taking her first bite when she burst out in laughter about that last remark causing crumbs to fly everywhere and leaving her son looking angry at his sister, but soon making place with laughter as well.

Carol doesn’t understand the situation, but knows from past experiences that she should let them have their running gag. They always liked to tease each other so this was no different she thinks. Feeling she should change the subject to actually achieve a proper conversation she asks her son if he already made plans for the holiday.

Stan is glad the subject changes to something else, while reminding himself that the chances are very slim to actually shrink and he should act like the bigger brother again. He was just about to reply that he haven’t made plans so far, but his sister suddenly chips in. Mia looks at her brother with mild surprise and stops with eating her breakfast. “Haven’t you told mom your plans yet? she asks. Stan looks confused at his sister but dreading what she has planned. Not wanting to have her in control in every situation he turns to his mother to answer but Mia beats him to it. “There is a slim chance he’s going to travel around the country” she says very excited. “He will be away all holiday, he knows for sure this afternoon!”

Stan kicks his sister under the table mouthing that she should shut it. His reaction tells his mother that he actually is planning such a thing but is too scared to tell her. “And when were you planning on telling me this?” Carol asks her son. Stan is just about to tell his mother that he isn’t planning such a thing when suddenly it hits him. This would be a perfect way to actually stay shrunken during the holiday if he should win the lottery. “Er, well, this afternoon when I know for sure, I was going to tell you” he says to his mother which causes his sister to smile.

Mia is enjoying every second of the next conversation. Her brother really tries hard to convince his mother to let him go on holiday for the summer. For her it’s a win-win situation, when he actually shrinks they have an alibi, when they don’t win the lottery she at least can watch him get out of this situation. When her brother convinced her mother enough she decides to join the conversation.

“So what are you going to see and do when you’re away?” she asks very sweetly. Stan looks at his sister and he can tell she enjoys the situation. He is glad his mother bought his story and he actually thinks she will let him leave for the holiday. Wanting to end this conversation he just says that he haven’t decided yet. “Oh maybe I can help pick your destinations!” Mia says excited and suddenly gets an idea. She grabs her last piece of bread and raises it to her mouth but at the last moment you sister lets it drop between her legs. “Oops, clumsy of me”, and quickly picks up the fallen piece and continues talking “but as I was saying maybe you can visit a forest of something” while lightly brushing her piece of bread against her crotch, making sure her mother didn’t see. Then she lifted her piece to chest level, holding it very close to her boobs commenting that walking in the mountains could be interesting. “And when you’re there”, and she suddenly throws the piece in her mouth chewing a couple of times, “you can do some spelunking” and leans in at her brother and opens her mouth revealing some mashed up food glistering with saliva and yelling “aaah”.

Stan looks into his sister mouth and is glad he is sitting at the table, because he instantly got hard again. She is pushing his buttons again. The thought of being in there is overwhelming, but he regains his composure and pushes his sister away on her forehead. “You’re disgusting little sis”  he says to her. Mia just smiles and sticks out her tongue playfully.

Stan looks at his mother rolling her eyes and sighing. “You two are impossible, I hope you are more mature during your travels Stan”. Your sister looks at her brother and says “Yeah, you should have a supervisor or something the next few weeks” Mia laughs. “Don’t worry mom, this afternoon I will train him how to behave when he is feeling helpless in the future”. Carol rolls her eyes again and begins to clean the table.

There is no way to describe the mixture of feelings Stan is experiencing. The little show she just put on was too much. He quickly looks at his watch and sees it’s only 10 minutes to the announcement. He just have to win the lottery, he have to experience being shrunk by her. There is no way of telling how far her imagination will go to put him in any kind of situation whether he likes it or not.

Mia sees her brother totally in awe again by her little display. She gets up from the table and pulls his arm trying to get him to follow her. “Come big brother, let’s see if you actually go on a little holiday!”. Stan quickly shakes his arm loose, because if he gets up his mom will see his boner. “No, I’m all right, I will come in a few minutes” he says. Suddenly he feels his sister warm body leaning over him, “yes, I can see that” she says sweetly. She pinches him playfully in the neck and says “All right, see you in a few minutes, I’ll be in my room”


End Notes:

My intention is that this will be a long story, so hopefully in the end there will be something for everyone. I appreciate receiving all of your feedback. And if you have any ideas or fantasies of what Mia should do with her brother, let me know! ;)


Lottery winner by Yougts
Author's Notes:

Got a bit of free time on my hands, so here is chapter 3. Thanks for all your thoughts and positive feedback!


It seems that every time his sister leaves the room he has to get his bearings. After being  subjected to so much teasing, Stan decides it’s better for both of them to cool off. He sees his mother doing the dishes but she hasn’t cleaned up the plate of his sister yet. Looking at the leftover crumbs and her spoon, with some yoghurt spread on it by her lips, he immediately decides it’s better if he changes his surroundings.

He says goodbye to his mother and walks upstairs to his room and checks his watch. Only a few minutes to the announcement. He wants to go straight to his room but when he walks past his sisters room she calls for him. Stan takes a couple of steps back and peers inside. He sees his sister lying across her bed with her laptop. The way she is lying on her belly with her knees bent upwards, while playing with her feet reminds him how gorgeous she really is.

“You want to wait for the email with me?” Mia asks. Seeing her brothers doubt she lightly pats her bed a few times. “Don’t worry twerp, it’s not that I can immediately shrink you and stuff you down my panty.” She chuckles. Stan thinks this is the opposite of cooling off  and with remarks like that it will be the third time he will get a boner in front of Mia. Seeing her brother leave she quickly looks at her screen and acts like she just got a mail from the lottery. “Really?” Stan almost yells while walking to his sister. “Haha no dumbass” and sticks out her tongue, “now sit down with me” .

Stan cannot believe he fell for that one. This whole possible shrinking situation seems to make him much more vulnerable to Mia’s teasing. Sighing he sits down next to his sister. Both seem to get a bit nervous, the announcement should be any minute now. They sit quietly next to each other which gives Stan the opportunity to look around in his sisters room. The last time he really checked she was still in puberty.

It is not so girlish as it was back then, but there’s no denying this is a girls room. Her bed sheets are pure white but with girly pink cushions. There are still some posters of men, but they seem to be a bit more artistic. There is a big closet piling with clothes and Stan counts a dozen pairs of shoes in front of it. There is a lower drawer with probably al her underwear and on top of the drawer jewellery boxes and perfume. Her desk is scattered with stuff with no apparent order. Bottles of nail polish, makeup stuff, some candy bars. She has a big drawer under her desk and  a few weeks ago he tried to open the lowest one when he was searching for tape, it was locked and there was no key. First he thought nothing of it, but now he thinks she might keep some private stuff. Stan looks at everything and realises she has so much stuff. She accumulated quite a bit over the last years and Stan suddenly shudders at the thought that if he shrinks he will be just as much an item to do with she pleases as everything else in this room.

While thinking over the possibilities in her room, Mia suddenly gasps. She finally received a mail telling her if she had won. She looks at Stan asking him if he wants to do the honour. Stan laughs and tells his sister that it is her entry. Smiling and nervously biting her lower lip, she turns to her computer and opens the mail. Stan waits impatiently to get some sort of reaction out of Mia. Suddenly, she lets out a long grunt and rolls over two times on her bed while grabbing a cushion and yells in it. Stan, also feeling disappointed, knowing she wasn’t elected but wants to check out the mail anyway. It is just a short statement telling Mia she didn’t get elected with little information.

Lifting her head from her pillow Stan can’t help but laugh at his sister. She looks really disappointed and it actually makes her look even cuter with her head hanging down and pouting lips. He grabs a pillow and throws it at his sister saying “guess you won’t stuff me in your panty after all”. Mia laughs at his remark and lifts her head and says, “why are you so sure, have you checked your announcement yet, let’s find out” she suddenly says, full of energy.

Mia grabs her laptop and quickly logs out of her account. She turns the computer around saying he should log in to check it. “Do you mind if I privately check my email?” Stan asks his sister. Mia wants to ask why but is losing her patience. She pushes her brother from her bed telling him he should hurry then. Stan walks out of his sisters room and into his. “Shout my name if you know” he hears his sister yell after him. He sits in front of his computer and presses the space button. His screen slowly comes alive, he takes a deep breath and logs into his mail account. He received also a mail one minute ago and opens it. Stan almost faints when he reads the first sentence.

“Congratulations! You have been selected to receive our shrinking package” the first sentence says. Blood is rushing from his head when he reads further explaining the details. His mind is to confused to make sense of the information. The only thing he can think of is that he actually is going to shrink this holiday and his sister will be the one in control. She will control his every move, his size and he is pretty sure he will end up in crazy situations just for her amusement.

For a moment, Stan plays with the thought of erasing the email just to keep his sanity. But the opportunity is too great, the fantasy too big. His fingers tremble on his mouse, he has to make a decision, his sister will be storming in any minute now. He hears himself calling for his sister. The first time he almost doesn’t make a sound so he scrapes his throat and calls her again.

He hears his sister taking big steps in her room, in the hallway and halts in his door opening. She wants to say something, but she sees her brothers pale face and utter confusion. Mia opens her eyes really wide and holds her hands before her mouth. “No, really? You got elected?” she asks. Stan can only mutter “I.. I..”. Mia takes a few steps and stands behind her brother. He feels her breathing rapidly from the excitement while she also reads the first couple of sentences. “Oh my god” she whispers, close to Stans ear. “I know” is the only thing Stan says. She suddenly screams from excitement almost deafening her brother, and jumps around the room. After a couple of jumps she halts before her brother and spins him around in his desk chair. She leans in to him and says “do you know what that means?”. “That you are going to shrink me?” is the only thing Stan can come up with.

“Yes I’m going to shrink you, so much is obvious, I’m going to shrink your big strong body into my little plaything” Mia says. Stan knows there is no going back now. Just now he decided that he will indeed let his sister shrink him, but hearing her explain what she is going to do is a bit much for the moment. He asks his sister to leave but she doesn’t care. She sits on his bed talking about all the things she can do.

“For example, I can shrink you to the size of a toddler, making you my teddy bear. Or maybe a bit smaller like a doll, would you like that?” but she doesn’t wait for her brothers answer. “Never mind if you like that, that’s not for you to decide” she says with a smile. Stan gets up from his seat and gently takes his sisters arm to escort her back to her room. Mia laughs, letting her brother leading her back to her room and says “but I think I like you better when you’re way smaller, like that gummy bear, remember?” Stan looks at his sister pleading her to stop, but she thinks this is way too funny. “Yes I bet you like that, being your sisters candy while she goes about her daily business”. Stan pulls a little harder on his sisters arm and is now almost at his sisters door. “Not so eager little brother, there will be plenty of time exploring my room”  Mia says. “In fact, there is a high probability that you will interact with a lot of stuff in my room, so please let it be a surprise” she continues.  

Stan is trying to keep his composure but Mia spots a grin on her brothers face. They soon reached Mia’s door and he lets go of her arm. Mia walks into the door opening and turns around, facing Stan.” And when I really feel like teasing you, I will shrink you down to a grain of salt.” Stan haven’t really thought about shrinking to such a tiny size, but knows it is indeed possible. He puts on a frowning face when Mia holds up one hand letting her brother look at her nails while her other hands point at her index fingernail. “How does dipping you in some nail polish and make you a part of my nail decoration sound?

Stan almost explodes in his pants, so he simply turns and walks back to his room. He is lost for words and wants to be alone for a moment. He needs his strength the next week to cope with his sisters teasing, that much is sure. The last thing he hears before closing his door is his sister saying “I’m SO going to enjoy this, see you in a bit, tiny!” Stan also closes his door and leans back. Slowly a smile forms on his face thinking to himself that this is going to be the best holiday ever.





End Notes:


Hope you liked the addition. One more chapter and then the shrinking begins. Please let me know what you think.

Goodbye by Yougts
Author's Notes:

Thank you all for the reviews! Here's chapter 4:


Stan nervously plays with his food, picking up small pieces of bacon, but nothing seems to taste good this morning. He feels a light morning breeze coming from the open window and looks outside. It's a very nice day to start the holiday, with the sun already starting to heat up the kitchen. His fellow classmates will probably go swimming this afternoon, celebrating the start of the holiday, but he will not join them. At the time they will be at the beach, there will be no telling where he will be, or what he'll be doing. He looks at his sister eating her cereal and smirks, thinking it might be swimming as well.


His sister looks particularly good this morning, he thinks. She took a shower already, and apparently had a good night sleep. Her hair is still wet and tied in a simple tail,  She wears her pink sweatpants again, combined with a white top. She's reading a magazine while enjoying her breakfast, minding her own business. Stan thinks that after her teasing from the past week, she lets her brother enjoy his last hour peacefully as a full grown man, which he appreciates. She's lightly tapping her bare feet against the cool kitchen floor which Stan always founds rather annoying, but now finds relaxing. He doubts that he will find it so pleasing when he is under them, like she promised yesterday. During the last week, he paid extra attention to her daily tasks. He wants to have a good mental image what it looks from a normal perspective, while she is playing with him in her mouth, is trapped beneath her clothes or when he is interacting with his mother. 


Thinking about that last possibility he turns to his mother. She also made an effort to look nice this morning. When she comes home from work she always looks pretty tired. But when she is well rested, she looks seven years younger than her age. It's easy to see where Mia got her looks from. Suddenly, his mother eyes meets his, and she smiles warmly to her son, seeing a hint of sadness because of her son leaving. Stan smiles back but turns his eyes away quickly, because he is somewhat ashamed lying to her and about the fact that she'll be unaware of interacting with her shrunken son. He learned that information last Wednesday.


It was a very hot afternoon and after a long day of school, Stan decided to sit outside in the garden under the protection of an parasol. He made himself a pitcher full of cold lemonade with some ice cubes. He saw his mom working in the garden and asked if she wanted a break, but she refused saying she needed some work done. Stan was hoping for this answer, so he could read the shrinking instruction that came with the package. He read it a couple of times already, but wanted to be sure he didn't miss anything. But after a couple of minutes, Mia comes out in the garden as well. Stan immediately got aroused when he saw that she changed into her new white bikini. 


The day before, she walked into his room very excited, wanting to show her new bikini. She often wanted to show her new clothes and Stan always sends her away, but there was something about her excitement that has gotten him curious. She threw her top piece in her brother's lap saying that this one has extra padding. Frowning, he examined the material and noticed the extra thickness. "I feel it, but why do you need extra padding" he said to his sister. "Turn it around" she simply said. Turning the piece around, he saw that she cut a hole in the center and removed some padding, creating a perfect little hole the size of her nipple. "Isn't it perfect!" she said, "When I will put you in your little hole, and put it on, no one will notice a tiny figure trapped in my bikini" Mia said, obviously very proud of her handiwork. "And the best thing is, when I get excited of having you there, my nipple will slowly join you in your little cave, pushing you into the fabric until you are squashed between my nipple and bikini!" she happily exclaimed. "Just imagine, you sitting there, slowly waiting for the inevitable, to be squashed by your little sisters erect nipple' she happily exclaimed. Stan looked at her with wide eyes and simply told her to get out of his room. He masturbated for the next hour.


Mia walked to her brother holding her phone and an empty glass. She stopped in front of the table and poured herself some lemonade. She saw her brother holding the manual and said "why bother, I will be the one controlling it". Stan snorted "yeah, but even when I'm shrunken I'll have to explain to you a thousand times how it works". Mia laughs and just said "true". Mia settled herself on a other chair and made herself comfortable. She adjusted her bikini top and while making sure her brother watched, lightly pinched her bikini where she cut the hole. She saw her brother's arousal and laughed. 


They sat for a while, actually chatting about normal stuff, like school. When the conversation went quite for a while, Mia saw her mother bend over to pull something out of the ground. By bending over, a slight part her mother’s thong was showing. "Hey, look at mom looking all slutty" Mia said jokingly. Stan looked at his mother and had to laugh. "I think she gets away with that kinky look" she said while swirling her drink with a straw. She brought the straw to her mouth and sucked at it while chewing it lightly, pretending to think. "But she needs a thong that will suit her new style" she continued. "Hmmm, oh I know what it is missing" she smiled and extended her arm and rubbed her wet straw across her brothers cheek, "I think it will go perfectly with a little boy sewn in it.". He wiped off his cheek and looked at his sister with shock, "you wouldn't" he said. "Oh you better believe it little brother', she said while grabbing an ice cube from her drink. "It will be amazing to know she is completely unaware that she is using you for all kind of things", and pops the ice cube in her mouth. While Stan was still in shock processing the fact that his sister is going to use his mom’s body to humiliate him, Mia was already busy making new plans. She spit her ice cube back in her hand and points at the manual. "Quick, look something up for me, see if your body will endure being frozen" she said while holding her hand in front of him. Stan threw the manual in her lap, "check for yourself, I go inside before you make me crazy" knowing full well that was indeed possible. 



Carol asks if he will miss her during his travels, putting Stan back in the present. Trying to amuse his sister and breaking the ice between them this morning he replies "Off coarse mom, and don't worry, sometimes I will be closer than you think" he says, smiling. Mia slowly swirls her milk around in the bowl and slowly brings her spoon to her mouth, eying him with amusement, but doesn't say a word. "Besides, I will text you as much as I can" he promises his mother. "As discussed, I will not call you, I'll need all the money I have, and I don't want to waste it on calls". His mother looks sad but says she understands, as long he will tell all about his travels when he is back. 


Not wanting to be selfish, he asks his mom if she already had plans for the next few weeks. Carol face lights up when Stan asks this question. “Yes, since you’ll be gone, Mia surprised me this morning with an planned out girly weekend next week!’ she says. “She arranged everything, first we’re going shopping, then take a pedicure, go to a spa, you know girly stuff”. “And then she takes me out to this new fun place” Carol says, smiling at Mia. “I’m so excited about that, it’s a new venue where you get blindfolded and then you have to taste all kind of foods and drinks” she says very happily. Mia nods happily and for the first time this breakfast turns to Stan saying “I understand that if  you use only your tongue, it’s very hard to tell what you have in your mouth.”  And returns her attention back to her breakfast. Stan mother confirms and adds “and in the evening we will open a bottle of wine and see what the night holds for us”.


Stan cannot wait with a reaction, because silence would be suspicious. “That sound like a great weekend mom” he quickly says. “And for you too, Mia, you planned this long ago?” Stan adds. “Actually no, this morning in the shower. I was washing my body real good, and thought to myself that mom should have someone to give her body the attention it needs”. His mother melts of what she thinks are sweet words from her daughter, but Stan knows that in reality he will spend that weekend in and around his mom’s body. Stan cannot take this teasing anymore, time for his fantasy to come true. He actually doesn’t feel that nervous anymore.


That changes when he checks his watch and tells his mother it’s time to go. His mother insists of bringing him to the bus station, but Stan refuses saying he wants to go by himself. “So, say goodbye to your sister then, I’ll walk you out” his mother says. Mia gets up from her chair and walks to her brother. “Be careful, big brother” she says and hugs him. He takes in the feeling of her warm body against him. She turns her head and whispers in her brother’s ear ‘And although I’ll wear you in dozens of clothes, use you in the most imaginative ways possible and probably stick you in almost every orifice me and mom have, I love you and will never hurt you”. Mia let’s go of her brother leaving him blushing and without words. Standing on her toes she gives him a quick kiss on his forehead and walks upstairs.


Stan is almost to tears by the words of his sister. Deep  down he knows she won’t hurt him, but it means everything to him, actually hearing her say that. Carol sees the tears in his eyes and thinks it is sadness from leaving. She hugs her son, telling it will be alright. Stan looks his mother in her eyes and Carol smiles back. Giving him a last kiss she wishes her son all the best. “Thanks mom, and please take care of Mia for me will you” he says to his mom. He grabs his fully packed bag, closes the door and walks off.


When he walks past the corner off the street he stands and waits. He looks around the corner checking his house. His mom always goes for a run on Saturday morning, and he hopes she didn’t change her plans. Luckily after waiting 20 long minutes she exits the house. She does some stretching and bending, before running off the opposite direction. Stan hopes he never have to go jogging with his mother but isn’t so sure anymore. When she is out of sight, he sprints to his house. They have a small time-window, his mother usually only runs for 15 minutes. “God, in 15 minutes I’ll be as small as a mouse” he thinks. He opens the door and quickly closes it. He stands there for a moment thinking if he forgot to arrange something. Convincing himself that there are no more loose ends, he walks upstairs. He reaches Mia’s door and waits, trying to get his bearings. He feels his heart beating in his chest, and clears his dry throat. Extremely nervous, he knocks three times on his sisters door.


“Come in” is all Mia says with her sweetest voice possible.

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Time to shrink by Yougts
Author's Notes:

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Not knowing what to expect, Stan slowly turns the doorknob and enters Mia's room. He lightly pushes the door, making his entry a bit more dramatic. Trying to mask his nervousness he puts on his most confident smile, and walks into his sisters room. He sees Mia sitting cross-legged on her bed, with the content of the shrinking package spread out before her. She doesn’t look up at all when Stan enters the room, making his grand entry rather pointless. She's reading the checklist if everything is in order and leaves her brother just standing there in the middle of the room. Finally she turns her attention to her brother with a smile. "Took you long enough, I may need to take that in consideration when you are shrunk" Mia says, shattering her brothers remaining confidence.

Seeing her brother is very uneasy about the situation she sighs and says "don't worry Stan, everything is going to be all right". With one quick movement she jumps besides her bed and walks to her desk grabbing a cup of coffee. She hands it over to her brother, "Here you go, thought I would make you one last coffee to enjoy, while we prepare you" Mia says and grabs Stan's biceps "It's strong, like I hope you will be", she laughs at her silly joke. "Now, sit on my bed and relax, while I hide your bag". Mia grabs her brother's bag, but before she stows it away checks its content. She was expecting just some random clothes, but Stan really made an effort to pack his bag like he actually goes on a holiday. She frowns at her brother amused, showing him his opened bag and Stan laughs. "Just wanted to be thorough" he says. "Ha, very good, I like it, so where did you put my stuff?" she asks while rummaging through the contents of the bag. "Ah, never mind, I found them" Mia says and gets a small plastic bag. She walks to her desk and dumps the content on it. Stan packed exactly what she asked. She sees his phone and charger, so she can text mom that he's doing all right, and his car keys. She picks them up and shows them to Stan. "Awesome, I wasn't sure you'd pack them" she says with a big smile. Stan shrugs his shoulders and snickers "I can tell you, it's not a big thing when you already volunteered to be your sisters toy", but quickly adds "be careful though!".

Stan watches his sister grab his bag and putting it in the back of her closet. She has to bent over to reach the back which accentuate her great ass. Imagining himself tiny and plastered to her butt arouses Stan, which relaxes him a bit. Mia drapes some old clothes over the bag, concealing it from plain sight. She takes a few steps back to check if someone could notice the bag. Convinced that is it is hidden, she closes her closet and walks to her brother. Seeing the last shred of evidence of him being hidden, makes Stan grow nervous again. He decides to take a drink from his coffee. Normally he calms down from a good cup of coffee, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick this time. He sees his sister confidently walk up to him and stops right in front of him, forcing Stan to look up at his sister. He has to look up past her boobs into her face, and Stan thinks she does that on purpose to give him a sense of perspective. Mia lightly rubs her brothers hair and asks “Not much time, you feeling ready?. He gives her a slight smile and says “No, but just as ready as I’ll ever be”. Mia sits down next to her brother and asks again “Sure, no things you forgot, things you need to take care of?”. Sensing this will be one of the last moments he is her big brother he ignores his anxiety and playfully stomps her on the shoulder, saying “Yes Mia, now shrink me already”

Smiling, Mia rubs her shoulder looking at her brother mischievously and says "ooh, you're going to regret that". She quickly reaches behind her and gets a sort of gun. Stan recognises it as the gun containing the chip which will give her control of his body. Panicking, he tries to stop his sister, but his cup of coffee restrains his speed and before he knows it, Mia crawls behind him and pushes his head down, putting the gun to his neck, directly on his spine. She pulls the trigger and Stan hears a popping sound and suddenly feels a sharp, but bearable pain in his neck. It only lasts a second but Stan realises in shock, she just implemented the chip. His sisters hand is still on his head, and he feels that she is curling her fingers, rubbing her nails slowly through her brothers hair, massaging him a bit. "There it is" she says, "no turning back". Mia sits down again next to her brother looking at him with her big, curious eyes. "So, what do you feel?". He doesn't feel anything in his body, but Stan is gasping for words, trying to make sense of the situation. In a matter of seconds she sealed his fate. Trying to reassure her brother she playfully leaned over with her shoulder and pushed him a bit. "Stop worrying so much Stan, soon you'll be small enough to pop you in my mouth, and you won’t be able to stop me either " Mia says. She grabs another item from her bed and grabs her brothers wrist. Stan sees it's the watch he'll be wearing, which enables him to communicate when he’s too small to be heard and showing him basic information like his current height. Mia gently takes his wrist and slides it on his arm. Mia grabs her phone and opens her app she downloaded a few days ago.

Stan really wanted to see the app, but Mia refused. She said it was only meant for big people, and not for toys. Frustrated, he tried to take the phone from her a few times, but failed miserably each attempt. One evening, they sat in the living room and Mia was reading a magazine. Her phone laid in plain sight on the table and Stan made an attempt to get it. He quickly got up and tried to take it, but Mia took her phone and casually threw it at him. He caught it and sat back in the couch. He looked to his sister surprised, but she was already reading her magazine again. Just before he opened the app he heard his sister say “Do know, that if you open the app, you’ll experience my next period wrapped up in gauze with a little string tied to your feet” without even looking up. It was like the phone caught fire, Stan immediately returned her phone and heard his sister laugh, “thought so” was the only thing she said.

Seeing his sister opening the app forces Stan to think about that moment, growing nervous again. His sister laughs and says “Don’t worry little brother, plenty of other places where I can put you during that time”. She stands up and lightly tugs her pants, revealing her tong. She rubs it and says “like here for example”. Seeing his sister butt so up close causes Stan to grow a hard on again. Mia giggles and bends over to get something from under her bed, causing her tong being pressed even further in her butt.

She retrieves a shoebox from under her bed and stands back up. Stan notices that there is a little hole cut out on the lid and curiously looks at Mia. “One more surprise” she says and sits back next to her brother. “When I shrink you, would you stand over this box, and when you’re small enough, crawl into this hole willingly?” she asks while circling the opening with her finger. Stan looks at the hole, and estimates that he’ll need to be roughly one inch tall to crawl into it. “God, she’s going to make me that small right away” he shudders. “What’s in it?” he asks. “That’s for you to find out, but let’s just say, it will give you a hint of what is coming the next weeks” Mia replies. She seems really excited about it, and Stan himself is curious as well so he says “Sure, I’ll do it”. Obviously very happy, she hugs her brother. She brings her mouth close to his ear and holds it there. Stan feels her breathing, which he notices, is pretty rapid, and suddenly feels her lightly bite his earlobe muttering “I’ll make your fantasy come true, little brother” and backs away, leaving her brother extremely flushed and horny.

Mia looks at her watch and sees they have only five minutes before their mother comes home. Deciding that they should start, she looks at her brother and just to be sure, asks again if he’s ready. Taking a deep breath and smiling at his sister he stands up. “Ready” he says and starts to take off his clothes. Mia leans back to give her brother some space. They discussed this situation already, and Stan didn’t want to get lost in his clothes, as he wanted to see his sister grow to immense proportion all the way down. He didn’t think of it as a problem, thinking he’ll be naked throughout the whole holiday anyway. But now he is standing in her room, with only his boxer short on and suddenly feels uncomfortable. He decides there is no way back, taking a few steps forward and slowly turns around. He sees Mia with a grin lying on her elbows. He fears her comment, when she is shaking her head with a frown. But is a bit surprised when she only says “way to big”, leaving him a bit relieved, but causing his heart to beat faster, knowing this is it.

She gets up with the box in both hands and walks to her brother. Seeing her handle the box so easily, while in one minute he’ll not be able to move it an inch, scares him for a bit, but seeing the cut out  excites him even more. Mia hands the box to her brother and Stan puts it between his feet. Standing back up, he looks at his sister for the last time and says “be gentle”. Mia holds her phone in front of her and smiles reassuringly, saying “sometimes” and winks. Stan wants to speak but stops when he feels a tingling sensation. Mia pressed start.

The first seconds nothing happened, he looks at his sister but she is still the same height. Just as he wants to say to his sister that she did something wrong he notices a change. Slow but steady he loses height and his heart begins to race. He looks down at his body, but doesn’t see that much effect until he looks at his sister again and is startled. He already is eyelevel with Mia, and he knows she sees it as well. She is looking at him astounded. Stan smiles nervously at his sister causing Mia to smirk and points a few times down while looking in his eyes saying “too big”. In the next five seconds he’s down to his sisters breasts. While his perspective hasn’t changed much, the knowledge he is shrinking and seeing them in front of him, turns him on. Stan’s member grows and he hears his sister giggle and saying from above “glad you like them”. He looks back up to his sister and to his surprise he already shrunk below her breasts. He sees her sister sticking out her tongue to tease him. Stan decides to keep looking at his sisters face to give him a perspective.

In the beginning her face was full of wonder, but it now changes into something else. Her gaze is full of hunger and Stan knows it is lust. He nervously decides to check how much he has shrunken and looks in front of him. He tilts his head down past her belly, and to his surprise he is already past her waistband and stares directly at his sisters crotch. He is mesmerised by it and can’t take his eyes off it. He keeps looking at it while he shrinks further down and the upper body of Mia comes back in sight. Suddenly, he sees his sisters hand coming down and stopping in front of her crotch. Stan still has to shrink quite a lot, but is already astounded by the size of her hand. She puts her finger between her legs and sensually glides it up. He looks up to his sister and sees her face all flushed, mouthing “amazing”.

Seeing his sister get off like that of seeing him shrink, almost brings Stan over the edge. Suddenly he feels the shoebox on his calves, forcing his legs apart, bringing his attention back to his shrinking. He have to move fast, otherwise he will end up next to the box. He quickly positions both his feet on the box, and stands on the edge near his sister. He looks back up and is completely taken away. Thinking Mia backed away a few steps, he realises that his perspective is really changing now, because Mia did no such thing. He is already below knee level, and in ten seconds will be one inch tall. Stan looks up in fear of experiencing his sister at her new size. Stretching way above his head, she looks as tall as a house to Stan. Throwing off his nervousness, he shouts to his sister to take a step closer. Mia looks at her brother dwindling to his final height, she laughs and knows he wants to experience her body from a closer perspective. She takes a step forward.

Before she complied, Stan shrank to ankle height. Every second  he takes a step forward to the edge of the box because of his increasingly smaller size. He sees his sister taking a step forward. There is no way to describe to see a something of the height of an apartment building moving so graciously. The power it possesses is too much to process. Stan begins to tremble and when she stands still he is finally at an inch tall. He is completely overwhelmed and takes a few steps back, but falls on his butt. When he opens his eyes, he cannot believe it. His sisters seem to stretch for miles, she is so incredibly big. He always knew there would be no way to stop her, but now it really sinks in. There would absolutely nothing he could do, he is her toy, her property and her pleasure for the next weeks.

He slowly gets up and gets his bearings. He looks backwards and is amazed that the shoebox she just held in her hands, was now a basketball court to him. The amount of detail he sees is amazing, feeling like it’s a whole new world. He returns his attention back forward and takes a couple of steps to the edge. He peers over it and is immediately greeted by the last body part he hasn’t seen since he’s been shrunken. Looking below, he sees his sister feet, incredibly big. Mia sees her brother looking at them and wiggles her toes. Stan looks with an open mouth to the display before him. Toes as big as him, able to lift the immense weight above them. He quickly backs away, before Mia decides to use them on him. He looks back up and almost screams when he sees the immense figure of his sister coming down. Mia decided to kneel to get a better look at her brother. Her mouth is almost watering with anticipation, but decides to say nothing. Instead she just taps behind her brother at the hole.

Stan is mesmerised by his sisters crotch before him. She can just drop him in there, and no one would notice. Suddenly he hears a tap behind him and turns around. He sees an incredibly huge finger pointing at the hole. Knowing what she means, he walks to it. Her hand gets even bigger when he approaches, and he notices to his amusement that he can see much more detail on her skin. He reaches the hole and looks back up his sister. Again, he is completely taken back from her.. He looks up while pointing down and shouts “in here?”.

Seeing her little brother the size of a candy, walking across the shoebox, turns her on immensely. His cute little voice almost brings her over the edge. She just wants to pick up his little body and pop him right in her mouth, but they agreed to take things slow. So she simply nods and taps her finger again. Stan almost cannot believe the strength and pace of just one movement off her finger. He looks back up to his sister, seeing that she cannot contain playing with him much longer and decides to go in. He lets his lower body fall in the hole and holds on to the edge. Seeing the cardboard in front of him, stretching for several feet, and his sisters body like a distorted mountain behind it, puts a smile on his face. He ways goodbye with one hand and lets go. He drops for a second before he falls on something soft. It smells like cardboard inside and it’s completely black, except for the hole above him. He stares at it for a moment, letting it sink in. Just as everything else in this box, he just have to wait until Mia decides she is ready to use him.

“Awesome” he says, waiting for the inevitable.



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The box by Yougts
Author's Notes:

I intented this chapter a little differently, but hope you'll like it! I read every review and take suggestions! 



Mia is still kneeling in front of the shoebox, thinking about what just happened. Her brother willingly shrunk to an inch tall, just to be her plaything for the next weeks. She wonders what he will think when he sees the things he is packed with. She smiles, thinking that her brother will be surprised to see how kinky she can be. She gets on all fours and crawls to the box, thinking it will be an amazing sight to see him among all the other stuff she packed.


Stan is still looking upwards, waiting impatiently until Mia comes in action. Suddenly he hears heavy sounds, coming closer from the direction of his sister. He feels the vibrations throughout the box and hears something falling over, followed by a rattling sound. It’s incredibly intimidating to experience her simple movements, causing him to hold on to whatever it is beneath him. The light dims a bit, caused by Mia’s shadow and Stan knows she is leaning over the box. Then suddenly the opening is filled with an incredibly large eye, looking at him. He sees her eyes have to adjust a bit to the sudden darkness, but widens when she sees his shape. Then suddenly he hears her voice, but it’s coming from the far end of the shoebox. Stan realizes her mouth is that far from him, shuddering at the thought how incredibly large she is. “Oh my god” he hears Mia say. “Are you alright?”


Stan puts his thumb in the air and shouts he’s is, causing Mia to giggle. She sees his outline, but she wants to see more. She puts her hand on both sides and taps a few times with her nails. “Ready to play?”, Stan hears her say. “Damn, it’s like a cat toying with her prey” Stan thinks and shouts he is ready. His sisters eye vanishes from sight and a second later he feels the box turning and sliding towards her. Mia puts the box between her legs and her mouth is watering of anticipation. She puts both hands on the lid and slowly starts to open it. The sudden bright light, blinds Stan for a moment. When he looks upwards again, he sees the lid slowly being opened. The first thing he sees is his sister white top, covering her belly. Just when her breasts comes into sight, he suddenly hears the front door being closed, causing his sister to stop. “Shit”, he hears Mia say. She ponders for a moment, the last thing she needs is her mother storming in. It almost never happens because of the family rule, but because her son just left her, Mia thinks she cannot take the risk.


While wondering what she is up to, Stan has a moment to check his surroundings due to the extra light. He already felt he is on some kind of cloth, but what he sees now brings goose bumps all over his body. He sees the white cloth stretched out from all directions underneath him and ending in a round opening above him. He feels next to him and just as he expected, feels the cut out next to him. He feels his blood leaving his head, realizing she let him jumped willingly in her bra, of which he fantasied not so long ago. But it is nothing compared to what he experiences now and starts imagining what it will be like to actually see one of her boobs coming for him. Not able to ignore his arousal he shouts to his sister to open the lid already.


Mia hears his cute little voice and smiles, deciding to ignore him. She closes the lid and grabs the box back in both hands. “Sorry little guy, just making sure we’ll be alone”. She gets up with the box and walks to her desk. All the sudden movements are new to Stan and he feels his stomach lurching from the sudden lift. The ease of which she lifts his whole prison scares him a bit and he tries to keep himself in place by holding her bra. He feels her walking somewhere, and tries to look where she is going, but he only sees the ceiling going by. He hears Mia unlocking something, of what he thinks is a drawer being opened and suddenly experience a dropping sensation. He keeps staring out of the hole above him, and sees the underside of Mia’s desk comes in view. Realizing what she is doing, he shouts up to his sister not to put him in there. He feels the box making contact with her drawer and sees his sisters beautiful face coming into view from high above. Stan shouts at his sister, but Mia only smiles and winks before closing the drawer. He feels himself moving and suddenly darkness engulfs him. He hears his sister locking her drawer and feels the vibrations of her walking away, leaving him completely helpless, stuffed in a drawer.


Mia opens her door and turns her head to see her drawer. It arouses her that she put him there, and he simply has to wait until she decides to use him. She laughs and walks outside her room. She quickly runs down the stairs and meets her in the kitchen. She’s all sweaty from her run and Mia greets her, asking if her run was any good. Saying that is was alright, Mia asks her what her plans are for today. Carol says that she will take a shower and watch some television and asks if Mia wants to join her later. “No thanks mom, I’m going to sort out my stuff today, check my drawers and stuff, to see what’s useful” secretly laughing at her own joke. Carol smiles, “that’s a great idea, I won’t disturb you then”. “Lunch will be ready in two hours” she says. The thought of her first lunch with her brother excites her, reminding her that she needs to go upstairs again. “Ok, see you in a bit” saying goodbye to her mother. She quickly walks upstairs again and enters her room, closing the door. She stands still in the middle of the room, looking at the cabinet with hunger. Thinking he’s probably wondering what’s going on, while trapped in her shoebox excites her. “It’s been one hell of a long wait, five more minutes can’t hurt” Mia thinks.


For Stan the wait is absolutely excruciating and is happy Mia finally returns. Thinking she will open the drawer he waits, but he hears her moving in the opposite direction. Knowing that yelling won’t do any good, he just have to wait for her to retrieve him. Mia grabs her brother clothes from the floor and puts them in her closet as well. She closes the door and realizes that it makes quite a sound and decides to put on some music. She smiles and knows just what to play. Hearing his sister footsteps coming closer, his heart begins to race. He hears her hand on the drawer and expects to hear an unlocking sound, bus to his surprise, sees the drawer above him being opened. Getting really frustrated he shouts to his sister to get him out. Mia only smiles when she hears her brother little voice demanding things. Stan hears her rummaging through her drawer and hears her suddenly exclaim  happily “Ha, found it!” and closing the drawer again. Stan puts his head back on her bra frustrated, but has to admit he is turned on by being ignored by her. He feels the heavy rolling motion of her chair being moved under her desk, and some cracking when she sits on it. Then he hears all kinds of clicking and vibrates through the cabinet. Then suddenly he is startled by the sound of music. He grunts when he realizes what kind of music it is. Mia’s playing a cd of the backstreet boys.


Mia laughs while thinking how much her brother hated this music when she was younger. He always came in yelling that she should stop listening to that crap. “Now there is nothing he can do about it” she thinks. She moves her foot to the side of the cabinet, and lightly taps it to the beat. Thinking she can just as well check her email, she decides to tease him like this during the whole  song. For Stan it’s humiliating, being subjected to the echoing sound of what he thinks is her massive foot, while forced to listen to this garbage. After a minute she starts to sing along, making him grunt even more. After four long minutes the song finally stops. Mia turns down the volume, and decides to get her brother out of his prison.


Finally he hears an unlocking sound and feels the drawer sliding to his freedom. His stomach lurches again when he feels Mia lifting up the box. Light pours in through the hole above him, and by watching the ceiling go by, he wonders where he is going now. He hears his sister still singing along the next song. Mia sits down on her bed, and puts the box in her lap. She peers though the hole while still singing, and Stan is actually relieved he sees his sister again. Then her eye disappears and being replaced by her mouth. Mia sings along above the little hole to tease him a bit more. Stan is enthralled by what he sees and feels. Her mouth moves incredibly fast, her tongue which is four times the size of himself moving so easily, and her lips opening and closing is incredibly arousing. Her voice is very loud and he feels the humid air from her mouth all over his body. Then suddenly his vision is replaced by the ceiling again, leaving him gasping for air. He hears her hands on the lid again, and hears Mia say “I think someone is ready to play”.


Mia opens the box, revealing her tiny brother. Stan doesn't want to be blinded again by the sudden light and puts his hands before his eyes. Mia gasps when she sees her tiny naked brother covering his eyes in the middle of her cup, looking like the most vulnerable thing ever. She leans in closer to have a better look thinking it's the most exciting thing she has ever laid her eyes on. Stan feels his eyes adjust, and hearing his sister gasp tells him he is in plain sight. Mustering all his courage, he's slowly parts his fingers to look what is above him. Stan also gasps when he sees his sisters face hanging just inches above the box. His whole world consists of her looking down on him. He lets his arm fall besides him and can only stare in pure wonder at the amazing sight above him. In the corner of his eye, he sees the top of Mia's fingers grabbing the side of the box. He sees his sister quick eye movements all over his body, and has trouble following them. Finally her eyes lock into his. "Incredible", is all she can muster.


Stan nervously smiles and only says 'hi'. Mia smiles and replies the same. They stay quit for a moment until he sees his sisters eyes looking beside him. She puts on a grin and cutely says "Hey, why aren't you in your little hole?'. Stan sees the fingers suddenly move and her whole hand comes in sight, coming towards him. In a futile attempt, he tries to stop them but just as he expected, can't possibly hold them. Mia lightly nudges him towards the center, and Stan falls into the hole with his butt. Being slightly larger than intended for the cut out, only his middle part is in it, with his head and legs above it. "There, that's better" he hears his sister say. Holding back her desire to pick him up right away, she moves her hand back to the side. "So, what's it like for you?" he hears Mia ask. Feeling warm from the geniality of her question, he ponders for a while and says "everything is just so intimidating". Mia laughs, "well, better get used to it, because you're in for one hell of a ride", making Stan feel very tiny again. "So, you want to know what's kept you company in the box?" she asks sweetly. Stan nervously nods and sees his sisters hand coming for him again. Seeing her brother act all defensive again, Mia stops in midair and smirks "don't be such a pussy" and tickles him with index finger in his belly. Stan feels her strong but subtle finger on him for the first time, rubbing him and makes him aroused in an instant. Feeling her brothers warmth on her skin excites Mia and leaves her finger on him for a while. Then she retracts it and puts it on the side of the cup. She presses it down, causing Stan to roll in the cup, over her finger, and tumbling on the cardboard beneath him. Stan feels disorientated by his rolls and slowly gets up. He wants to shout to be careful before he sees his surroundings.


"Among many other things, this is what I'll intend to use when I just want to tease you." he hears her voice say from above. Stan is looking at the stuff in front of him with astonishment. In front of him there is a great variety off stuff. In the right corner he sees some needle and thread, a bottle of glue and some floss. Suddenly he sees the massive finger of Mia pointing at them. “To tie you immobile, or attaching you to stuff I use” Mia says. “Really looking forward to tie your cute little body up” she adds, making Stan a bit nervous again. He looks to the other stuff and knows for sure what she intends to do with them. He sees a toothbrush, a couple of candy bars, a strawberry with a can of whipped cream and a can of tic-tacs laying on the side. “That’s what caused the rattling sound”, Stan thinks. “This is just a hint off course, this will all be gone by the end of tomorrow” she says, “but you’ll know that, cause you’ll see it all go down my throat from a very close distance” she laughs. He looks in shock at his sister, but instead of comforting him, she playfully snaps her teeth. “Actually, I could use a tic-tac right now” she says. Startled, he sees Mia’s thumb and index finger grabbing the can and holds it in front of him. “Could you open the cap for me please” she asks sweetly. Stan always had to open bottles for her which she couldn’t budge, and this is his chance to show he still has some muscle. He grabs the cap and pushes at it with all his power, and is proud when he actually succeeds. He arrogantly looks up to his sister, causing her to laugh. “Strong boy, now catch one for me.” She says. Mia tips over the bottle and Stan sees the tic-tac’s rattling, until one drops into his hands. It’s lighter than he expected. He looks at the tic-tac in his hand, knowing that he’ll soon be one. Suddenly, Mia fingers are in front of him and pinches the tic-tac. His eyes widens, seeing the enormous size difference between the candy and her hand. He follows the tic-tac upwards until she holds it in front of her plush lips. She looks at her brother and says “I love sucking on little things” and puts it between her lips and sucks it inside her mouth, leaving Stan completely aroused.

Not wanting to end up inside her mouth right away, he turns around, to see the other side of the box. His vision is completely blocked by her bra, so he looks up and shouts “what’s on the other side”. Mia smiles and answers “let’s find out, hold up your arms”. Mia is very curious of Stan’s weight of his new size and brings her hand towards her shrunken brother. She lets her thumb and index finger hover above his head and waits. Stan looks up to her fingers and knows what she means. “Be careful” he shouts nervously at his sister and puts his hands between her fingers. Mia closes them and lifts her little brother up. She is surprised of his weight, it’s almost nothing. Stan is also surprised that he doesn’t feel any discomfort of her pinching him, but is amazed of the ease she picks him up. Mia turns her brother, so that he doesn’t see the content of the other side and lets him drop in her bra again. Stan falls softly in his little hole again and looks at his sister curiously. Mia smirks and Stan knows she wants to let him roll again. Confirming his suspicion, Mia pushes on the other side of the bra, and he starts to roll again over her bra and fingers, and coming to a stop on the cardboard. He gets up but immediately falls back down on his butt when he sees the scary sight in front of him. “And when I teased myself enough with your little body, you’re going to experience these up close” she says happily.

Stan stares in front of him, growing both scared and excited. In front of him is the biggest pink dildo he ever laid eyes on. It stretches for feet in both directions. “It’s so big” is the only thing he says. He sees his sister fingers come back in sight and strokes her dildo. “Well, actually it isn’t that big, I’ve got bigger ones” which causes Stan to grow nervous even more. “And wait until you see it, when you are ten times smaller” she laughs. Imaging himself even tinier and interacting with her sex and the dildo is almost too much to bear for Stan. Mia lifts up the dildo, revealing even more sex toys. She points at each one of them. “These are my favorite toys” she says. Stan sees a big and a small vibrator and next to them, some kind of egg with a remote. Mia sees her brother checking them and points at her sextoys and Stan, saying “These go in my pussy”. She almost cannot contain her laughter and points to two anal beads and Stan again saying “and these go in my ass” and burst out in laughter. Stan grows pale when she casually described which toy go where and realizes that she intends to use him in both holes. He looks to his sister and notices her hungry smile. She’s looking at him like she just got the best present ever, and shudders when he imagines what she’s going to do with him.

Trying to maintain some control over the situation, he walks up to the two anal beads. He’s wondering why there are two, because they look exactly the same, both of them have a string between the beads. When he is closer, he sees that the beads aren’t that much smaller than him. He frowns at his sister, wanting to know why. She smiles and says “I cut it in half to remove one bead” and Stan is already dreading the next part, “and later I’m going to tie you between the two strings, and you’ll have the honor to be a part of my anal beads” she laughs uncontrollably, letting her body drop on the bed leaving her brother alone in the box. Stan is trembling, but also smiles and whispers to himself “awesome”.

Mia controls herself and gets back up to look at her brother again. He’s still staring at her sex toys, and she has to contain herself to get them out and play. She looks at her watch and notices there’s only one hour left before lunch. She wants to experience his shrunken form on her body, so she decides to get him out of the box. Stan notices her shadow again and looks at her beaming face. They both smile at each other. “Don’t worry though, we’ll take things slow as promised” Mia says. Stan only nods and smiles when he hears his sister say ‘Now, are you ready to come out and play?”. 


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Exploring by Yougts
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Stan sees the massive fingers of his sister hanging above his head. He knows what to do, and puts his hands between them. Mia closes them and carefully lifts her brother out of her shoebox. Stan looks down to the contents of the box and knows it must have been an enormous satisfaction for her to see him between her toys. Seeing her brother looking down she grins and says “don’t want to leave?”, “I can put you in there for the holiday if you want, and get you and the other toys out whenever I feel a need for release” she says. Seeing her brothers startled face she smiles and adds “No? Good, cause I like to play with your little body all the time” leaving Stan relieved and also slightly worried at the same time.


It’s the second time he's hanging from his sisters fingers and it takes some getting used to. He's swaying a bit due to her subtle movements and it gives him a feeling of helplessness. It doesn't improve when he feels a sudden lurch to the right, caused by Mia's movements to hide the box. She has the box in one hand and while she leans over to put it on the floor, holds her brother a bit above her in the other hand. With a swift kick off her heel, she hides the box beneath her bed, leaving Stan feel very tiny again, when he sees how little effort it takes her to put his former prison away. He's glad she was more careful with it, when he was still in there. He suddenly gasps when Mia stands up to adjust her pants. It's a huge drop to the floor and hears himself shouting to be careful, causing Mia to laugh. "It doesn't fit a man of your size, to be afraid of heights little brother" she says, and emphasizes her point by quickly letting her hand drop, but makes sure he won't fall by hovering her hand under him. Hearing her brother scream a girly shout, she just smiles and rolls her eyes. "Don't be such a wuss" she laughs and sits back down on her bed.


"Now, let's take a closer look at you" Mia says eagerly, and within a second he sees his sisters face, inches before him. Stan's fear disappears instantly when he sees his sister beaming, happy face. He looks into her beautiful clear eyes and actually blushes a little from the way she looks at him. It's quite a sight when someone that huge is looking at you, like you're the best thing she ever laid her eyes on. She says nothing and only examines him, and Stan stares back long enough to see his reflection in her eyes making him chuckle. Mia frowns, making her even cuter, and asks why he has to laugh. "Well, I can see myself in your eyes and I look quite pathetic" he says, causing Mia to grin. She pushes her brother lightly with one finger, causing him to swing back and forth one time, and says "That's because you are quite pathetic". "For example" she continues and lightly puts her nail under his feet and says "I can tickle you for hours and there is nothing you can do" and lightly rubs his feet with her nail. Mia giggles when Stan immediately kicks his feet up from the tickling sensation. "Fighting back eh?" she says, and puts her free hand around Stan's little body with two fingers and her thumb. She let's go of his arms and puts her nail to his feet again. Stan's pleadingly looks at Mia but she smiles and begins to tickle him. There is nothing he can do, and he has to laugh uncontrollably. Mia enjoys her brother little struggles between her fingers, but decides to stop. Stan's looking bewildered at his sister and he notices her huge grin, and hears her say "I have to remember this, that struggling could come in handy when you're bigger" and winks. Stan is happy that he can't grow a boner due to her hands holding it in place, because he knows exactly what she means.


Stan feels himself being lowered and being placed on her hand. Her fingers let's him go, leaving him in the middle of her palm. He looks up to his sister, expecting her to stare down on him, but she's grabbing something besides her. Suddenly her phone comes into view and while she keeps looking at it says "now, let's make you a little bigger so I can explore you a bit.” Stan feels a tingling sensation again, and steadily begins to grow until he is 3 inches. Mia smiles when she sees her brother growing in her palm, until his head is resting on her soft part below her finger and is almost as big as her palm. Stan's perspective changed a little bit, but she's still incredibly large. Then he sees his sisters fingers coming into view. "Let me fondle you for a bit" she says. The next minute is very erotic for Stan, he feels her finger sliding over his arms, following them to his hands and lightly presses on them. Then she starts at his feet, upwards to his crotch. There is nothing he can do to hide himself and slowly gets hard. She sees her brother arousal and circles it for a little while, but decides not to touch it yet, just to tease him a bit more. He sees his sister's finger move closer onto his belly. She slowly caresses his chest until her finger reaches his face. She rubs it on both sides, before sliding it back to his belly. He stares in pure wonder at the spectacle on his body and looks to his sister, and notices she is mesmerized by him. Locking eyes, she smiles and suddenly he feels her turning him over. He breaths into his sisters flesh, not able to see her anymore and gets goosebumbs when suddenly her finger is on his back. She strokes him a couple of times. Then suddenly retracts her finger and feels them on his calves. She slowly rubs the inside of his legs but skips his butt. Expecting her to eventually stroke it, he is surprised when she playfully taps it a couple of times, hearing her giggle. She turns him over again and stares in his sisters hungry eyes. "Glad you're in shape" she smiles. 


Bathing in his recent experience, he just rested in his sister hand for a minute. He is snapped back into reality when he sees Mia looking more serious. Stan asks what's up and she replies "I think it's time to test your invulnerability". He dreaded this moment since they first talked about it. They decided that it was very important to test it right away, not wanting bad accidents. They talked about it, and agreed that the only way to know for sure, is Mia inflicting something that normally would cause him pain. Taking comfort that she is really careful since he been shrunk, he musters his nerve. He tries to sit in her palm, but has some difficulty to control his movements. When he succeeds he puts his arm besides his body and says to Mia "be careful". Mia is a bit nervous as well, she really doesn't want to hurt her brother. She grabs her brothers little arm with her thumb and index finger and says "I will".


She gently begins to apply some pressure, concentrating on her brothers reaction. "Feeling ok?" she asks. Stan feels a bit of pressure on his arm, but nothing serious, so he just nods and smiles to his sister. Seeing her brother reassurance, she applies a bit more pressure. "He should really feel something now" and her amazement begins to grow. Stan just stares at his arm, but he's not showing any signs of discomfort. "Am I hurting you?" she asks, just to be sure. Stan feels a huge pressure, but no pain signals enter his brain and reassures his sister saying "I think it's working, now pinch your hardest". Mia nervously bites her lower lip, not sure to go through with it. Seeing his sisters doubt he smiles, thinking it's the first time she is actually more nervous than him, because he already knows it'll be alright. He laughs and shouts "pinch, you sissy!". Mia closes her eyes, not wanting an image snapping his arm, and pinches as hard as she can for half a second. She opens her eyes saying "Oh my god, are you all right?". She stares with amazement at her little brother cheering with his free arm. Stan saw her massive fingers turning white from the blood leaving the digits and shouted from amazement. He felt an incredible amount of pressure on his arm, but no actual pain. He shouted when he realized there would be practically nothing her body can do to make him suffer. Mia stares at amazement, but wants to be sure. Stan feels his sister letting him go, moving to his other arm. "I want to see it" she says and he nods. Again, she begins to apply pressure, but this time, she almost immediately begins to press her hardest. Her eyes grow wide when she sees her fingers trembling from the force, but her brother remaining calm. "Incredible" Mia says and let's go. "What do you feel?" she asks her brother. This time Stan grins and says "just a weak girl who can't even hurt her 3 inch brother" causing Mia to burst out in laughter.


"Aren't you a cocky little boy now' Mia says, when she looks at her brother again. "But I'm really excited that it works" she happily proclaims. "I would have grown you back, just so you know" she says seriously. Stan frowns at his sister at that last remark. "There would be no way I would put you into all kinds of situations, knowing you could be hurt" she says. Stan smiles at his sister thinking that she can be one hell of a tease, but luckily remains a sweet girl. And to confirm his thoughts she adds "But now, there is not a whole lot you can do, to stop me putting you in places, is there" growing a huge smile when she says that. "Except for one thing" he reminds Mia. She knows what he means and smiles. He wants to test if the chip takes away his need to breath for a while. She sees her brother lying back into her palm, waiting for her to test it like they planned. She would simply put his thumb on his face, but now there are other ways to test it she thinks. Stan sees his sister fingers coming for him again, but is startled when they stop at his feet and lifts him up. He dangles helplessly upside down in front of her face. "What are you doing?" he shouts. "Whatever I want little brother, it's not that I can hurt you" and he sees her wink from the other way around. Stan realizes she's calling the shots again, and is wondering what she is going to do.


He feels the sudden lurch again from his sister getting up. He is still dangling before her face and she looks like she came up with a plan. He nervously asks what she's going to do, but she only smiles and ignores him. She turns around and kneels before her bed. She grins and dangles her brother inches above where she just sat. Stan is feeling the warmth coming from the bed sheet and sees her imprint all around him. "What are you doing Mia" he shouts up to his sister hanging above him. She leans in closer to her shrunken brother and puts the palm of her hand on her imprint. "Putting my thumb on your mouth is a bit boring don't you think" she says sweetly. "And now that I know that I can't hurt you, I’ve come up with the perfect plan” she giggles. She lets go of her brother and he falls right into the center, where her left butt cheek was just seconds ago. Stan lightly bounces on her bed and turns around, and sees her finger coming for him, pinning him down. “And what better way to test your new strong body by sitting on you” she laughs. Stan looks with big eyes to his sister and starts to reason with her until her finger slipped over his mouth, muffling him. “It’s going to happen Stan, now lie down spread eagle. Stan waits until she retrieves her finger, but it stays on his mouth. Seeing her brother frown, she repeats sweetly ‘spread eagle’. He moves his limbs into the positions she asks, and Mia says ‘good boy’. She stands up again, leaving her brother wonder about what’s going to happen. She notices her brother anxiety, but she decides this is the best way to show him that she will subject him to whatever she wants and that he cannot do anything about it. But since it’s the first time she says “don’t worry, I’ll time thirty seconds and then I’ll get off”.

Stan looks above him, seeing his sister turning around. Mia adjusts her pants and glides her hand on her buttocks to smoothen it. He fears the next moments, but also feels a strange curiosity, and seeing her perfect butt makes him decide to at least stay still, until she makes contact. She turns her head around and waves cutely at him saying “see you in a bit” and start lowering her rear while looking at him. Wondering what it must look like for him, she smiles and looks forward again, leaving her brother to his fate. Stan sees her ass coming closer and feels a mixture of feelings. Within seconds her butt is inches away, and Mia holds it there for a moment. He looks over his body and gasps when he sees her leg stretches out for a crazy distance, until he stares into the distorted view of her room. He turns his head to have a complete look off his sisters bottom. He sees the hint of her right butt cheek hanging to his right, and panicks a little when he realizes how small he still is. Although he fears her immense weight, he lets his head fall back down and simply stares in front of him, to his sister pink pants. He grins and shakes his head thinking “look at me now, a willing toy for my sister and about to become her cushion”. Without warning his sisters butt falls on him.

Mia sits down on her brother with her hands leaning on her knees. She feels his little form trapped completely under her. She nervously bites her lower lip again, both from hoping he’ll be all right and that he doesn’t need air. The possibilities it would offer seemed endless. She is a bit surprised though, she doesn’t feel him squirm so much as she expected.

For Stan it’s an incredible experience. The weight is tremendous, putting an enormous pressure on him, but as expected he doesn’t feel any pain. There is no light, and there’s no way he can open his eyes. The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming, he cannot move a single muscle, no matter how hard as he tries. Although his sister doesn’t have much fat on her, he feels it all around him through her pink pants. It’s like it wants to push Stan away, filling every crevice his body has. Suddenly she moves an inch, making him experience her immense muscle structure. When it stops he is in a slightly different position, as he is unable to control his movements while being under his sister. “It’s like being a part of my sisters ass” Stan thinks. But it’s an amazing experience and he almost wishes she would never get off. But suddenly there is bright light, and he feels the weight lifting and a second later he loses contact with her pants as well. The immense figure moves behind him and suddenly he stares up his sisters upper body and face. He gets his bearings and suddenly realizes it. He don’t know how it works and after this experience doesn’t care at all, but he doesn’t need to breath anymore when he is in those kind of situations. The immense possibilities aroused him, the thought that his sister above him would do it all excites him. He hears his sister ask nervously “So?”. He looks up to her smiling, completely overwhelmed, and only replies “more, tinier, longer”. 

Mia stares with amazement at her tiny brother between her legs. He just spend thirty seconds under her bottom and he wants more. He doesn’t seem to be affected at all, and she tingles from the possibilities. Everything she teased him with, all the things she has come up with, and all the things she dreamed of putting him, it will all happen. “Tinier?” she asks, and gets her phone and shrinks him back to an inch. “More?” she asks while standing up, and puts her pants to her knees. “And longer” she laughs and sits back, but again holding her bottom just inches before him

He was already excited, but seeing her bare butt for the first time completely overwhelms him. He smells the sweet scent of her washed body. Mia feels her brother breathing on her skin. She’s already aroused of having him completely under her control, but his breathing against her skin makes her grow goose bumps. For Stan it’s one of the most sexy things he saw in his life. He stares in front of him, almost begging to let her sit down. Luckily his sister cannot hold it anymore and let her butt fall back onto her brother. She feels his tinier form and gasps. The experience being buried under her bare butt is even more amazing. Her flesh is all around him, trying to find as much room as possible. He tries to move his muscles again, but is even more immobilized due to being an inch tall. He could never imagine that the experience of being her toy could be this overwhelming. After two minutes of sitting on her brother Mia checks her watch. “Time flies when you’re having fun” she thinks. She quickly gets up to see if he’s still alright, wanting to make sure it really works. She sees his tiny form under her, and reassures herself that he is ok. When she knows he is alright, she quickly let’s her butt fall back on him. After sitting on him for a couple of minutes, just savoring the moment, she hears her mom yell from downstairs that lunch will be ready in half an hour. Shouting that she’ll be there, she smiles. “I cannot wait to finally put him in my mouth” she thinks. She shudders with excitement to have lunch with her mom, while her daughter is knowingly sucking, licking and playing with her son’s shrunken body. She wants to make sure she has a nice breath, so she leans forward to get the tic-tac’s out of the box, causing her butt to move backwards.  She feels her brothers little body rolling under her and laughs. Stan felt her weight shift and suddenly feels her incredibly strong muscles come into action. The next moments he feels like a ragdoll. There is nothing he can do, and rolls over a few times until her flesh rests for a bit, and he swears he can hear her laugh.

He feels vibrations through her flesh and knows she’s up to something. There is no telling what, and he just have to wait until she is ready for him. He’s really excited to see what she is up to. Suddenly and without a warning, he feels the same motion again, but backwards. He is squashed and rolled around again, until he stops and feels her increased weight back on his little body. He could swear she laughed even harder and suddenly he rolls again, not in one direction, but what he believes, everywhere. Liking the feeling of her brother rolling under her, Mia decided to tease him a bit by moving her butt in all directions. She pops a tic-tac in her mouth and continues for a while. Stan can’t tell anymore which direction he faces, but is extremely turned on by his experience. Suddenly he sees bright light and although his vision is distorted, can tell Mia decided to sit behind him. He is completely disorientated and tries to make sense of where he is. He hears his sister laugh from above and feels her finger sliding beneath him. She scoops him up and holds him there for a second. Slowly, Stan gets his vision back and at the same time he feels her finger moving. He gasps when he suddenly sees her panties coming closer and is pressed against them. His face is forced sideways and sees that one of her gigantic hand is resting on her naked thigh. Then he feels a bit more pressure and he gets pushed even more into her panties. Then he feels her fingers making circular motions. To his great arousal, he begins to detect the outlines behind her panties, “she’s rubbing me into her sex” he thinks.

Mia is holding her brother still for a moment, regaining her composure. “It was so easy to just press him there” she thinks. She looks down, and thinks how easy it is, just to pull her thong to the side and slip him in. “Later” she thinks and decides it’s best to start a new game. Stan feels less pressure, and is relieved she didn’t continue, thinking it’s going fast enough as it is. Suddenly he feels himself pushed upwards against her panties, causing a small moan from his sister. She adjust her grip and picks him up between her fingers. Mia lifts him up, past her belly and her breast and holds him before her face. They both laugh when they see each other’s faces. Mia looks at her brother, completely bewildered, but also in some kind of trance of what is happening. Stan is looking at his sister all flushed with excitement. He shouts to his sister “having fun?”

Mia smirks and puts her brother back on her fingertip. She gently tilts it, but not so far he slides off. She holds it in front of her eyes. Suddenly Stan feels a tingling sensation again and looks startled into his sister eye. He quickly shrinks and by looking at her eye, he knows she shrunk him even smaller. “You have no idea” Mia says and Stan feels the finger drop, until he sees the largest grin he has ever laid eyes on. His sister enormous mouth opens and reveilles her huge teeth, and her impossible large tongue. It quickly comes to action, coming out of her mouth and resting on her lips. Stan panics when he sees the spectacle in front of him and looks up to his sister, pleading with her to change her mind. He is only greeted by a wink and without warning he feels her finger moving forward, throwing him in, like he is just another candy. 


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Lunch by Yougts
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Mia pops another tic-tac in her mouth, pondering whether it’s her eight of ninth candy she ate. She shrugs her shoulders, deciding it doesn’t matter, cause she’ll never grow tired of this game. She holds her phone back up, so she can watch what her brother is seeing. Mia smiles, when she sees he’s still in the same place where she put him. He’s lying on his back, pressed against her left cheek and to the right rises a huge row of her molars. “It must be so intimidating for him” and grins when she sees the tip of her tongue coming into view above her teeth. She hears him pleading to give him some rest, but decides there’s plenty of time for that in the afternoon. She scoops him up with her tongue and sees the tic-tac coming into view which she just popped in her mouth. She makes a enjoying sound and presses him into her candy and starts sucking again. Like the last time, she cannot follow his movements through her phone, because everything is just a blurry motion of pink. Dropping her phone, she rests her head back against her pillow and just enjoys sucking on him. She looks at her watch, and smiles when she notices it’s almost time for lunch.


It’s an incredibly humbling experience to be thrown around in his sisters mouth. He is rubbed between the roof her mouth and her soft tongue. Sometimes he bumps into the melting candy, making him shudder with fear to share the same fate as it. The candy rolls on him and now his is being rubbed between the candy and her tongue. The power of her tongue is incredible, but at the same time very precise. She directed him in all the corners of her mouth with ease without any trouble. But he'll never get used to the extreme humidity and wetness of it all. Her saliva floods his very senses and the slickness of it all is enormous. He sees the tic-tac coming in view again and notices it's tiny size, due to her constant rubbing and sucking. Knowing she will swallow it soon, he embraces himself to be put into a crevice of her mouth again, and expects to be put between her lower cheek, as she did previous times. And indeed, he feels her sucking stop but is startled when she puts him in her top cheek. She removes her tongue, and her cheek envelops him against her molars. Then his ears pops and hears her swallow, feeling a suction backwards, but luckily remains in place. Her mouth comes to a rest, leaving Stan enormously aroused, realizing he touched the candy not so long ago and now makes its way to her stomach. "Not now" he thinks "not so fast, I’m not ready for it”. Suddenly her tongue is coming for him again. He whimpers not to experience it again, although it's so arousing. He is just too exhausted. He knows she can hear him and shouts to stop, but she ignores him. He is being moved, but instead of putting him on her tongue again, it pushes him over her teeth. He bumps into every outline of her molars and a bigger bump when she moves him over her canine. She stops when he is between her lips and her front teeth, and she scoops him on the tip of her tongue. He glides on her hard teeth and suddenly sees bright light. Mia sticks out her tongue, and Stan is greeted by looking up his sisters face trying to look down on him. "Finally" he sighs.


Mia has trouble to see his tiny naked body on her tongue. She is eager to find out what state he is in and pinches her brother between her fingertips. She laughs when she sees his salivated body between her fingers. He looks completely exhausted, but also notices his raging hard on, confirming her suspicion that he enjoyed himself in her mouth. She playfully licks his little body one more time whispering "I think we'll be doing this a lot". Stan just rests between her fingers, and takes in his sisters face in his new size. There just seems to be no end to it. He stares into her eyes while she lowers him into the palm of her hand, which he notices also increased size substantially. She is holding him in front of her chin, and Stan takes comfort in her gently breathing on him, making him a bit more relaxed. She looks down on her brother and thinks he is just the cutest thing ever, lying exhausted on her hand. Stan just stares above him but is startled when she decides to suck on one more candy. Seeing her brothers reaction of putting one more tic-tac in her mouth, she looks at her watch again and smiles, thinking one more time can't hurt. Stan can only whimper when he sees her tongue coming for him again. He is pressed between her palm and her tongue, and he smells her minty breath washing over him when she giggles. She retracts her tongue, and Stan feels he's sticking to it. He tries to get off, but to no avail. There's nothing he can do, when he sees her mouth getting closer, and the air start to get humid again. Within moments he is in darkness, and his ears pop ones more. Her  humming mouth vibrates from her telling him she enjoys his taste and then it's all wetness and teasing for him again.


After experiencing the same kind of ordeal he really hopes Mia will give him a bit of a rest. He is greeted by bright light again and sees Mia's finger coming for him. He is expecting to be lift up again but is surprised when he feels a downwards movement. He gasps when he sees where he is heading and starts to squirm because he sees the opening of the tic-tac bottle coming near. "Mia, stop" he says, but is met with a chuckle. She holds him above the opening and let's go. He falls between the tactics with a slight rattle. He looks upwards and shouts again when he sees her thumb closing the bottle with a click. His prison is moved upwards and Stan is greeted by Mia's distorted eye looking through the bottle. He can hear a loud laughter from below when she sees him. She grins and shakes the bottle, causing the tactics around him to move, forcing him downwards, until the bottle comes back to rest again. He gets his bearings, and notices he almost cannot move himself, because he is buried under a number of tactics. He just can see above the etiquette of the bottle and is greeted by her eye again. Her laughter is ever harder than before and she kisses the bottle, making him feel very tiny again. She taps it a few times and says "Now, don't go anywhere". His whole prison moves again, until he is placed on her nightstand. He sees the massive figure of his sister getting out of bed, and stops in front of him. She kneels down to her brother, and taps her panty a few times. "Your squirming in my mouth forces me to change little brother" and playfully winks before walking away, leaving her brother on the verge of coming.


He gathers his strength and is able to shift in a more comfortable position. He sighs and let's his head fall back on a hard candy. The minty atmosphere is a familiar smell and rethinks the events of the past twenty minutes for a moment. It was the most humble experience he ever felt when he was casually thrown in his sister mouth. He expected to roll over a few times, but was surprised when he immediately came to a stop. He tried to roll over to his back, but wasn't able to. He breathed and smelled the mixture of different scents, like hints of breakfast but mostly mint. He remembered being overwhelmed by the warmth and humidity of the air inside of her mouth. He felt a breeze coming over him by her breathing and noticed a shadow forming around him. He suddenly got pressed into her tongue below and realized she put her finger on him. Her finger pushed him forward over her tongue. While he moved over it, waves of saliva crept over him, making his back wet as well. He was completely covered in wetness and felt the finger pulled him backwards again. This repeated for several times, until he heard an incredibly loud chuckle. He thought it was due to her amusement of putting her brother over her tongue. But suddenly he felt extra pressure and moved backwards and was greeted by her face, stuck on her finger. He was greeted by a loud laughter in front of him, when she noticed how wet he was already. "You have to see this" Mia said with her huge mouth and he was greeted by her phone. He was surprised when he saw almost the same image what he was actually seeing. He heard her say excitedly "Amazing, the chip let me see what you see". Stan knew this was possible, but had to see it to believe. But he didn't got time to explore it, cause he was suddenly high in the air above her face. He noticed Mia only looked at her phone with amazement, and opened her mouth wide. While his fear crept up him again when he saw the cavern opening under him, Mia was only mesmerised by her phone. Suddenly her mouth closed again, and licked her lips once "This is good for you too" she said "cause even when you're in me somewhere, to tiny to be noticed, I'll always know where you are". This knowledge caused Stan to even grow more aroused. Mia looked in the screen when she said "Enjoy little brother, cause you'll be there for a while". She laughs when she saw her lips move, but opened wide and dropped her brother back in her mouth.


This time he landed on his back and when he looked out of Mia's mouth, he noticed she was still checking her phone. Then slowly he saw her teeth move closer to each other. He shouted to his sister, but he was only greeted by her waving and a chuckle washed over him, because she found it funny to see her waving goodbye from inside of her. Then her lips closed and he was in darkness. He heard her teeth coming in place, which frightened him. There was just wetness and silence and waited for her to come in action. Suddenly he was blinded by a light coming from his watch. When he opened his eyes he almost freaked out. He realized she switched on his light from his watch, causing her mouth to be lit. He looked around and noticed a thick string of saliva between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. He looked to the side and saw a huge row of molars, capable of mashing multiple sizes of what he is now. In front of him stood her incredible teeth, making her look like a predator. He shuddered and it took all his courage to look behind him, and was full of fear when he saw her throat, where he could fit in, even when he was four times his size. Everything around him moved and was very alive. There is moisture everywhere and was greeted by humid air when she probably grinned. Mia looked in her phone with amazement of seeing her insides. Deciding that it would be interesting to see something entering her mouth from there, she took a tic-tac. Stan shouted again when he saw her jaw opening, but her lips remained closed. What he saw next frightened him, because an object was entering through her lips. He felt chills on his back, when he saw a giant tic-tac entering her mouth. "So it begins" he thought and suddenly his ears popped and the candy and his body were mashed together and his whole world became a blurry motion of wetness, humiliation and pink.


Seeing his tiny naked body reacting to the experience again,  he smiles thinking he will never get bored with her. He looks to his sister again and almost explodes when he see her bending over, to step in a fresh pair of panties. It's the first time he sees a glimpse of her crotch, and seeing her huge body makes him wonder when she decides , she will subject him to the rest of her body. She slides her pants back on and turns around saying "I'll go wash my hands before lunch, your job is to be on top of your fellow candy's before I get back" she laughs "or not, but then there's a chance I mistake you for a candy and you may end up here" and pats her belly. With that last comment, she steps out of the room. Not wanting to end up inside her belly so fast, he collect all his strength and begins climbing. It takes him quite some time, but is luckily on top of the tic-tac’s when she is back. She walks straight to her bottled up brother and grabs it without really checking if he’s on top. She flicks the bottle open and tips it over in her palm. Her brother comes out rolling until he stops. She's actually proud he made it to the top but says "Aaw, I was looking forward to gobble you up". She grabs him and adds "Luckily it's lunchtime, so I get to enjoy your flavour with every bite I take" making him very nervous about his next ordeal.


He expected to be put into her mouth again but is surprised when she exits her room holding him. He feels quite some pressure, and knows she's really making sure not to lose him. He is amazed at the speed the interior comes by, and dreads her jumping down the stairs. But to his surprise, she carefully walks downstairs and he is glad she takes caution. She walks into the kitchen and Stan can already feel the aroma of his mother’s famous vegetable soup. His mouth waters of the smell and he hopes it tastes as good as when he is big. It's Mia's favourite soup but is actually quit disappointed when she sees the liquid food, but thinks maybe it's for the best to start with this. She sees only one cup, and notices that her mom has just made herself a sandwich. She greets her mom and sits down in front of her plate. Stan is getting motion sick of all the movements and is relieved when she sits down. She puts one elbow on the table so she can hide her brother below sight. "Your favourite soup" Stan hears his mom say. He is very eager to see his mother in his new perspective, but can't see past the table. He looks upwards, but he can't see his sisters face either, and just have to wait. Her mother asks all kind of questions, which annoys her, because she wants to put her brother in her food. She suddenly gets an idea and quickly scoops up a bit of soup and tastes it. She smiles sweetly at her mother and apologizes, but asks for some salt. Carol gets up and goes to the cabinet and Stan feels himself lifted up. "Not much time" she thinks. She holds her brother above her hot soup and by frowning at him, asks him if he thinks it'll be alright in that kind of heat. Stan is pretty confident of his body and holds up his thumb. He sees her nodding nervously and suddenly she lets him go. He falls with a splash in the hot soup, just in time because her mother walks back with the salt. He feels the enormous heat, but again it doesn't hurt him. Seeing her brother is at ease with the situation makes her confident again, and puts on the same smile. It's a very arousing sight for Stan, looking up from a bowl of soup his sister is about to devour. He feels even more like a piece of nourishment when he sees the salt shaker appearing above his head. He sees his sister is enjoying it too, she licks her lips and start to shake. Grains of salts fall all around him and when she is finished, she swirls the soup for a bit. The flow drags him all across her bowl.


Mia is looking at her soup hungrily and wants to begin, when she notices her brother waving at her. She squints and sees him holding up his hands like a phone. "He wants to say something" she thinks. She looks at her mom saying "Sorry mom, I have a voicemail" and puts her phone to her ear. Stan presses the right button on the watch and says "Mia, can you hear me?". He sees his sisters eyes getting big, telling him she is. "Good, I want to see mom at this size" he simply tells her. She grins and nods mouthing "ok". She puts her phone away and looks to her mom saying "Mom, don't you want a taste?". Stan panics, this is not the way he wanted to see her. She notices her brother squirming in her soup and smiles reassuringly. She puts her spoon in the soup again and scoots him over to a bigger piece of carrot and turns the vegetable so it hides her brother. Just to be sure, she dunks him one time in her soup, so his hair is covered as well. Stan didn't expect that, but luckily got a bit of air, and while he is down in the soup, hears his mother say that she wants a bite indeed. When he gets up, he quickly hides behind the carrot again, because he hears his mother walking towards them. Suddenly his mother huge face comes into view. Even at this size she still looks amazing, Stan thinks. "Open up" he hears Mia say and brings the spoon back down. He sees the incredibly large spoon disappearing in the soup and a moment later rises just an inch besides him. He sees pieces of the same size as him floating in the spoon and she holds it there for a tiny moment, knowing he will identify himself with one of the pieces. She lifts up the spoon and holds it in front of her mother lips saying "you have to breath, it's a bit hot". Stan notices his mother plush lips, which Mia got from her. She puts them outwards and gently blows on the spoon, making Stan wish to experience that for himself. Then she opens her mouth and he sees a notion of the underside of his mother’s tongue. Mia keeps looking at her mesmerized brother and feels her mother lips touching the spoon. Stan can only gasp when he sees the content of the spoon so easily disposed of, and with that she swallows. "Hmm" his mother says and kisses Mia on the cheek. "Thank you mom" Mia says and while smiling at Stan adds "I'll make something nice for you this week as well."


With that last comment, his mother face disappears again, and he shudders of the easiness Mia can feed him to his mother. Mia wants to tell him how great it is to communicate with him while his is tiny, but doesn't see a way of letting him know that right now, so decides to tell him later. "Maybe when he's inside of me or something" she thinks and brings back her spoon to her soup. She thought it was funny to dunk him in her soup, so she does it again. She laughs when she sees his little body coming back up, glaring at her. She sticks out her tongue to tease him, and is startled when she hears Carol ask what she's doing. Stan laughs when he sees Mia blushes from being caught. He sees her looking to her mother and says without lying "Just thinking of something and playing with my food". "For every situation a solution" Stan thinks amused. He sees her smiling face looking again at him and she slowly licks her lips. Mia puts the spoon right in front of her brother and moves it away, leaving him exposed. Stan sees the spoon going down and just as he expected feels the now warm metal under his feet. He can't get a hold on the slippery material and falls with a small splash backwards. His whole body makes contact with the spoon and is greeted by his sisters mouth again. He looks backwards to check if he can see his mom, but her hand holding the spoon blocks his view. He looks back forward and it's the first time since he has been shrunk that he almost wants to yell to put him in there again. Deciding to tease him a bit more, she blows on him. The ripples on the soup caused by her breath engulfs him a couple of times, and when she thinks he had enough she stops. She slowly opens her lips and lets him look inside it again, wiggling her tongue a bit. She really emphasises her taking the bite and when she feels the spoon is completely in her mouth, closes her lips. Stan feels his sisters lips on his back and he is slowly pushed to the edge of the spoon because she is retracting it back out of her mouth. The spoon disappears again, leaving him on his sisters tongue with the rest of the soup. The light from the watch switches on again, and he is again humbled by the sight. Her anticipation of having him there again, caused her mouth to grow even wetter, and there are many strings of saliva. He is covered with the soup and sees it all around him. Slowly she brings her brother to the roof of her mouth. For Stan it's like an impending doom coming for him. He makes contact and is immediately greeted by an approving sound. She holds him there for a second, and switches of his light.


The next moments is one blurry experience. He can't see anything but he is sloshed all over her mouth. He bumps into her teeth a few times and can't tell which way is up or down, because he is rolled and tossed around by her tongue. Her saliva mixed with her soup is everywhere, but suddenly it stops. He expects to be put in her cheek again, but is surprised when he notices he’s on the tip of her tongue. The air pressure changes again and Stan panics when he realizes she intends to swallow it while still being on her tongue. He feels most of the saliva pouring away to the back of her mouth, and is relieved she applies enough pressure to hold in him place. He hears a loud gulping sound and shudders when he thinks that could be easily him. Without warning he sees some light and makes out the underside of the spoon entering her mouth. Then there is darkness again, and suddenly the soup pours down on him from the spoon, covering him. He hears a loud giggle coming from her throat and is immediately thrown around in her mouth again.


Mia teases him like that for a dozen bites, until her soup bowl becomes quite empty. She thinks it's a shame there is only one real good piece of vegetable for her to bite on. But she just shrugs and smiles "he'll get the picture". She puts the carrot on her spoon and drops it on her brother. Stan is surprised that instead of soup pouring on him, a piece of carrot drops on him. The massive muscle comes into action and he feels the carrot rolling away from him. Then suddenly his light switches back on. He looks around him, and sees pieces of her soup still covering some parts of her mouth, but is startled when he looks to his right. He sees the piece of carrot between her molars and actually shakes a bit. Mia pretends that she received a message and turns on the video. She smiles when she notices that he is looking straight at it. She slowly brings her teeth together and sees it smashed between them, while her brother crawls back a little. She sniffs and sees her tip of her tongue coming in view scraping of the squashed carrot between her teeth. Stan sees her tongue removing all the carrot and frowns when she deposit it in her cheek. He quickly knows what's she up to and shouts at her, but her tongue moves him to her cheek as well and is dropped right on the carrot pulp. Her tongue presses him into it and wiggles for a bit. When it retracts Stan notices also some pulp on her molars above him. Her tongue swipes across it, collecting it as well. "No" he says, but is soon covered by carrot from all sides and his light switches off again, leaving him there.


"Aaah" Mia says satisfied, when she finished her whole bowl of soup. Feeling the little lump of food with her brother in it, causes her to smile. "That was great mom" she says. "I think it's the best one I ever ate" she adds. Carol smiles at her daughter for her compliment. "So what are you going to do today Mia?" asks Carol. "Nothing much, hang around in my room for a bit, just starting the holiday relaxed". Carol nods and asks "Movie night, this evening?". It's the first conversation for Stan inside her mouth, and it's very loud, but it's muffled a bit because of the food around him. Suddenly her tongue comes for him and he feels himself moving past her teeth. Then she pushes him upwards and stuffs him in the room between her teeth and lips. He feels her getting up and walking somewhere. There is a sudden dropping motion and feels her lips moving outwards. Suddenly he gets squeezed and feels something firm against her lip. Then he feels chills when he hears a kissing sound, realizing that she just kissed her mother with him in her mouth. "Sure thing mom, see you at dinner" he loudly hears her say.


Mia smiles to herself, she actually felt his little body through her lips when she kissed her mom. Feeling extremely happy with all that has been going on, she treats herself to one more candy. She searches the candy cabinet, until she finds what she is looking for. She checks her phone, and makes him a bit smaller. It's not a big difference, but she wants his size to be a little smaller until they reach the bedroom again. She unwraps her candy and sticks it in her mouth. While walking past her mom, she rubs her hair quickly and says goodbye through her candy. She looks at her phone again and turns on his light. She laughs when she see the vision of what her brother sees come alive. She pops the candy out of her mouth and says to her brother inside her mouth while walking up the stairs, "that's one big lollipop eh, little brother" and pops it back into her mouth.


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Little game by Yougts
Author's Notes:

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Stan shouts his sisters name for what he thinks is the tenth time, but to no avail. The only acknowledgement is a fast movement, before he is dropped under her tongue in the pool of saliva and is quickly scooped up again. His wet prisons vibrates when Mia makes a approving sound and his front body is pressed firmly in her tongue again. Then he feels a familiar motion when his back is rubbed back and forth against the roof of her mouth. When she enjoyed her lollipop there was some light occasionally, but ever since she finished it he has been in darkness. He was glad she grew him back to an inch, although it was extremely arousing to be that small, he can handle her mouth just a bit better in his current height. He completely lost track of time, but figured it must been twenty minutes since she just sucked on him. Stan feels extremely turned on by all his experiences so far, but is unable to relieve himself. Although he fears that he will someday be forced to in her body, he still is somewhat reluctant to do so. It takes all of his concentration, because the overwhelming feeling of helplessness combined with her wet strawberry flavoured tongue and the constant sucking makes it hard. He really wants to be outside her mouth for a moment, to get some control over the situation, but is confined to his situation until his sweet sister decides he has been her candy long enough. Through all the wet sucking sounds he can make out a faint ticking sound from what he believes is Mia working on her laptop. He knows she is on her bed, because he got a glimpse of her room a while back. With a mixture of anxiety and arousal he wonders what she has in store for him next.


Stan is just on the verge of coming, when his sisters mouth comes to a stop. His face is pressed against the wet muscle underneath him and he just waits what is going to happen. Light enters her mouth and Stan forces his face on its side so he can see a bit more. He is glad she isn't sucking on him anymore, because the sight excites him beyond belief. Looking past her taste buds, he sees Mia molars with a big strand of saliva between them, and beyond her pink cheek glistering with wetness. A shadow enters and he feels her finger pressing on his back. The fingers glides him over the surface until he is at the tip of her tongue. Her fingers leaves him, but immediately feels two digits grabbing his legs. He is tugged towards the exits and Stan expects to be taken out. Instead, the light dimmers and he is just able to see that she is closing her lips on the tips of her fingers. He feels her pulling again and her lips closes softly on his body. With a slurping sound he is pulled until his head is between them, before he is trust forward slowly again. The slurping continues when she repeats this several times, just slowly sucking on him. His member is being caressed again, and he almost cannot hold it. He shouts for her to stop, and to his surprise she actually does. With one last motion, he is dragged between the soft lips and feels her upper lip leave his body. With one last jerk, his body falls downwards and is dangling from her fingers upside down. He is greeted by her tongue with one quick lick and finally her lips close, slowly curling into a smile.


He sees her lips pout and a sudden strawberry wind coming from her lips, gently blowing on him. Her impossibly big lips speaks softly to him, "I see we both have fun". He forces his body to look upwards and his eyes grow wide when he sees his sister finger reaching for his hard on. But she stops near it, and with a chuckle withdraws her finger. Instead, Mia lifts her brother higher up in the air and tilts her head back to get a good look at him. She burst out laughing when she sees her brothers body completely wet. His hair sticks to his forehead and his body is glistering from her saliva. Stan shivers from feeling the wetness drying on his body. He looks beneath him and is completely in awe of her beautiful face, and notices that she is a little flushed. "So what did you think of your trip into my mouth" the huge mouth under him asks sweetly. After a short silence Stan answers "Well, it was just overwhelming". Smiling Mia asks "I can believe that, but did you like it?". Stan remains silent but he blushes nonetheless. Mia smiles when she notices her brother shyness, but she wants to hear him say it, so she repeats her question, "did you like it?". Stan looks into his sister eyes for a while, but that doesn't help it all, so he turns away and says softly "It was amazing". Mia pouts her lips and says "I'm sorry, I will put you right back then". She opens her mouth wide and lowers him towards her mouth again. Feeling his descent he quickly shouts to his sister to stop. He is already between her lips, but she lifts him back up to his previous height. She cocks her head a bit and asks "Don't want to go back in?". Stan quickly replies "Please, just a little break". Mia laughs and quickly licks his head, causing Stan to scream again. Mia smirks at her brother and says "Fine, but you'll own me one" and sticks out her tongue to tease him.


She lowers her brother towards her lap, making sure he cannot see behind him. Stan expects to be dropped on her belly, but instead hits something harder. She let's go of him and he sits up. He looks upwards to his sister, past her breast into her beaming face. Her huge finger rubs his head and leaves him again. He wants to see what he is sitting on, so he turns and is greeted by the largest laptop he has ever seen. A big touchpad is in front of him, and beyond the keyboards. Above him stretches her screen like a movie theatre, and shows some kind of recipe to a stew. Suddenly two big hands are besides in front of him and he hears his sister say from behind "So, I want to show you some stuff I've been working on lately". "For example, I've asked mom the recipes of the meals we eat most". One hand points at the screen and she continues "you remember this one, it's one of your favourites". Stan looks at the picture at the recipe and shouts that it is. "Well, I want to make sure that you've been a part of almost every family meal we eat frequently, so that you'll always remember you were part of it once". Stan thinks this kind of conversations doesn't help him to cool off when he hears her continue "Just imagine, I'll shrink you really small and put you in this stew" she continues "and you'll be in that pan for hours, when sometimes the lid is lifted by mom to taste, sometimes to add more ingredients, until you are ready and prepared to be eaten by your family". Although Stan is incredibly aroused by her description he looks pleadingly to his sister. She grins and pats his little head saying "Aw, don't worry, you'll be bigger as well, so I can feel your body go down my throat to". Her added teasing doesn't help it all and all he can do is just stare below. Suddenly there is a lot of motion, and he sees her tugging her shirt from under her laptop revealing her bare belly. She rubs one hand over it, "and then you'll be struggling in here, while I just continue with whatever I was doing" and pats her belly a few times. Seeing her smooth skin where he'll be under multiple times frightens and excites him.


"Now turn your attention back to the screen instead of your sister" she says mockingly. Stan sees her opening an excel file which is divided in multiple sections. He notices links to several recipes, but there are also other categories. Mia highlights the section of clothes and says "I keep a list of everything I want to try you with, like clothes, but also jewellery, shoes etcetera" she says happily. Then she clicks another tab and Stan starts to get a bit scared. He sees a multiple rows of all her body parts, like her mouth, hands, feet, and it ends with her private parts. In the columns she noted all the different sizes from 6 inches to the smallest he can get. "See, I can keep track which size I have used you, just to make sure I don't forget anything" she almost cheers. She remains silent afterwards and gives her brother a moment to take it all in. Stan has a dry mouth from all the things he is going to experience, and finally shouts "How did you come up with all this stuff". He hears her laugh saying "Oh, that's easy". She opens a picture from her desktop and she circles herself with her mouse. Stan notices it's a picture taken a couple of months ago, where he lovingly puts his arm around his sisters neck. "When this little sister has the chance to make a toy out of her bigger brother" and circles Stan "and the little brother wants to be that toy". She puts her mouse back on herself "then you shouldn't be surprised that his sister will use his little body everyway she can. "In short" she circles Stan's whole body and says "This" she chuckles and points her mouse at her own crotch and tilt it upwards a couple of times "Goes in that" and burst out in laughter, leaving Stan completely aroused of his fate.


Stan let's himself fall on his back. Her laughter causes her breasts to bounce slightly up and down and seeing his sister so happy puts a smile to his face as well. "You are something" he says while exhaling. His remark gets his sister attention and she smiles down on him. She grabs his little body and puts him on her belly. The heat coming from her skin comforts Stan a bit and he tries to look above him, but her breasts block most of his view. He looks back to the laptop and notices for the first time that the computer rests against her raised knees. He suddenly realises that those enormous legs of hers are naked instead of her clothed. He almost doesn't want to ask but does it anyway "Mia, where are your pants?". Her hands comes into view and she lets them rest on both knees. "Glad you ask" she says. She slowly glides her fingernails over her bare legs besides the laptop. "I thought of a little game".


"You see, this whole time I've been teasing you, but myself as well". She glides her fingers upwards again and continues "and I figured that I could do the first day without some release, but feeling you shrunken body against and inside me is just too much." She puts her hands on the top of her laptop and slowly starts to lower it. "I must admit that I was almost ready to simply stuff you in my pussy" she continues leaving Stan a bit anxious of her casual talking of making him her dildo, but says nothing. "But I want you to be comfortable, so I decided to do the following" Mia says and closes her laptop. Stan jaw drops in awe, when he sees she is completely naked from her waist, except for her tong stretched between her calves, making him realise she was naked under him the whole time. Her right hand disappears between her legs and Stan sees the muscles in her arm move, indicating she is rubbing between them. "And in the meantime I want to feel your little body struggling in my mouth trying to get out". Suddenly her free hand comes into view grabbing him and lifts him up. "And the longer it takes, the smaller you'll get". She lifts him up before her mouth and holds him there. "If you are able to free yourself you get to choose what we do next, otherwise you're mine to do with I please" she teases. Stan is just able to see her huge eye winking at him and the mouth before him whispers "and I do hope you won't succeed" and throws his little body on her tongue. He lands on her muscle again and turns to his back. The whole tongue moves out of her mouth, so he can see her body before the game starts. He looks out of her mouth over her body and sees a little stroke of hair right above her crotch. Extremely aroused, but also a bit afraid because he knows damn well he can't get out of her mouth, he just says "oh god". Her hand between her legs waves at him for a second and she slowly begins to rub her pussy. Then without warning she retracts her tongue and he is in humid darkness again. Her whole mouth shakes when she says "Now struggle for me cowboy"


Stan is playing with the thought of just sitting back to see where this will be going. But the thought of taking back some control when he's able to get out of her mouth brings him into action. Mia feels her brother crawl towards her lips. She smiles and lets him, while she starts masturbating. Stan is surprised to actually get near the front of her mouth, but suddenly hits her front teeth. There is no way he can go past them, and realises that the only one in control is his sister. A loud chuckle comes from her throat and her tongue gets him. He is then rubbed all over her teeth and is deposited right at the point where he started. He sighs and tries again, but immediately her tongue comes back in action and is pressed against the roof of her mouth. Then the only thing is wetness and rubbing against wet textures for a minute. Mia gets to a point where she merely wants to suck on him to get off, but decides she wants to tease him a bit more. She shrinks him to half his size. Due to the constant motions Stan doesn't even notice he is shrinking but when it all stops for a moment he realises he is tinier because of the texture of her tongue. He shouts to his sister to give him a chance which excites Mia even more. She puts one finger in her mouth and rubs him over her tongue for a moment. She extracts her finger and sucks on it the way out. "Try harder" she exclaims excitedly. She feels his struggles again, and lets him crawl back to her teeth. This time she opens them and he stumbles over them and falls in the space between her lips and teeth. Stan feels her tongue on his back pressing him even further down. Her tongue doesn't disappear, but just keeps rubbing him there.


Mia is almost on the verge of coming. "My big brother, trying to get out of my mouth" she thinks and puts her finger in her mouth again, rubbing him even deeper in her folds. "my sweet big brother, reduced to a mere plaything of his sister" and continues "a voluntary human toy which will be whatever I want it to be" She rubs her pussy faster, and a soft moan escapes her lips. "Smaller" she thinks, "I don't care if it spoils my game, I want him smaller". She guides his body upwards and scoops him up with her tongue again. Stan is back on her tongue, and wants to go back into action, but feels himself shrinking again. He shouts, but he realises she is far into the moment when a second moan escapes her throat and is immediately thrown all over her mouth. Her breathing quickens and he just lets her handle him. Mia is almost there and decides to give herself the feeling of ultimate dominance and slides her phone to shrink him all the way. She feels his body disappearing, but she can still feel him slightly. "Nothing but a grain of salt, just imagine when I get him out right now and just swipe him in me", she thinks "just leave him there until I'm ready to.." but can't finish what she thinks. She lets out a scream and her whole body starks to shake. She prods her brother with the tip off her tongue against the roof of her mouth, and comes with great force, leaving her gasping for air. Stan is assaulted by an incredible noise when he hears his sisters scream. He is so small that he just sticks in her saliva on the roof of her mouth. He tries his hardest to open his eyes, and almost explodes when he sees the sight before him. Stretched out in an incredibly large distance is her mouth. It was big before, but now her lips even seem distorted. They are slightly opened and he feels a strong wind surging past him from her panting in her afterglow.


Mia just rests after having one of the greatest orgasms she ever experienced. She doubts if she wants another round, but decides to save it for tonight. She prods with her tongue where she left her brother and she really has to concentrate but thinks she can feel him there. She shudders again when she feels his small size, and plays with the thought of just leaving him there for the afternoon. But the chance of swallowing him is too risky, and she doesn’t want him to experience that yet. She scrapes his body over the roof of her mouth until he sticks on her tongue. She sticks it out and lowers her finger, which she just used to please herself with towards him. Stan sees an incredibly large fingertip coming for him, and he screams for his sister. But the fingertrip presses against him with great pressure and he feels a fast lurching motion.  He realises he is stuck on her finger. But the substance he is sticking to is different than before. Suddenly another finger presses him and rolls him over few times so that he faces outwards. When her finger disappears, some of the substance sticks to it, leaving small strings between them. Then he is met by the largest eye possible. It squints and when it notices him on her finger he hears a load laughter from below. "Taking a bath in your sisters cum, Stan?". He chills to the bone when he realises what she means. This is the finger which was in her pussy not so long ago. And the substance he is covered with is her sweet fluids. If he could free his arm he would have touched his boner but he remains immobile. "Well, I don't blame you, cause you're the reason it's there" she says "I want you to know that this was one of the best ever" and the huge eye winks before him.


"Now, I think we both need some rest" Mia says, "So I'll put you somewhere safe until we are ready to play again". The eye disappears and with one huge motion he is moved over her body. There is almost no way to take it all in, but he shudders when he notices where he is going. "No Mia, don't put me in your pussy" he screams, but there is no way she can hear it. But to his great relieve he flies past it, until he sees her left thigh coming into view. He is slammed against it and rolls over between the two tissues until he comes to a stop. The he sees her finger disappearing, and he realises that he is stuck to her inner thigh. "That's a nice spot" he hears the mountain of his sister say. He watches her hand move to her vagina. It's the first time he sees it, and being this tiny makes him tremble at the sight. It's capable of swallowing a skyscraper Stan thinks. Her whole pussy is wet, and he cannot believe he's going to experience it in this size. He sees a massive finger gliding between her folds, scooping up gallons of her fluids. In a second her finger is back and he has no time to scream when it presses against him again. When her finger retracts he is left between enormous amounts of her fluids, just sticking to her thigh. "Now let it get solid for a bit, and then we can both enjoy some quite time" Mia says, "and in the meantime you can get used to the sight of my pussy and the sweet smell of my fluids" she laughs.


Mia grabs her laptop again and puts it on her lap, leaving her brother plastered to her thigh, until she's ready for another game with him. Stan is feeling completely helpless stuck on his sisters thigh and has to both smile and cringe when he hears Mia say with a chuckle "I just love that you volunteered for this" and opens her excel file again. 


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Foreplay by Yougts
Author's Notes:

I'm terribly sorry about the long wait! It's just been extremely busy the last months. I haven't abandoned this story, but the updates will be less frequent. I hope you all enjoy it though! 

As always, please let me know your thoughts!



Stan is actually feeling relaxed, plastered against his sister thigh. The light is pretty dim because of her laptop resting above him, and the only source of light comes from between her legs. Her knees are slightly bent, giving him some view of her room as well. Her room is very bright, telling him that it should be around two o’clock in the afternoon. He wonders what she told her friend as an excuse of staying home on the first day, instead of going out with her friends, but her constant typing above him tells him she is probably chatting with them right now. He wonders what it will be like, to see her friends at his current size hidden somewhere on, or in his sister body. He is glad Mia completely agreed to keep him a secret for her friends, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to see them. Stan smiles, thinking that she probably have some plans for him to interact with them without them noticing.

 Suddenly he feels her immense strong muscles beneath her skin spring into action and sees Mia’s toes flexing a bit, bringing him back in the present. He turns his attention back to his predicament and when he looks to his right, he is in awe of the sight. Looming to his right, is his sister enormous sex. Stan almost feels like he shares the same fate, just waiting until Mia decides it’s time to play again. He cannot even imagine how powerful it must be at his current size, he would be just a speck plastered against her insides, only noticeable for someone that knows he is in there. Stan is feeling a bit more comfortable after his ordeals in her mouth, but is still somewhat scared of sight before him. He wonders how long she is just going to keep him there, letting him soak in his situation. He yearns to be played with, but has to wait until Mia decides it’s time to use him again.


Mia smiles while typing on her computer. She really wants to take a quick look at him, how he’s doing, but the thought of just leaving him there excites her as well. She almost wants to throw away her computer, swipe her finger over her brother and simply inserting him into her waiting vagina, but decides that playing it slow is also great. She leans over to her night table and opens her drawer. She smiles when she sees her pink dildo. She knew that it was only a matter of time that she was going to use it, so she prepared it already. She gets it out and puts it on her keyboard. “Now, how do I play this out” she thinks. She leans back against her pillow and slowly sighs. “I could just put him on the tip, and slide him in” she thinks, “but there will be enough quickies in the future to do that”. She slowly rolls her dildo over her keyboard and starts imagining her brother on it. Suddenly it hits her and smiles, “perfect!” she says.

 Stan is still shaking from his ordeal of feeling the immense body of his sister moving. He screamed when he saw his sister other thigh coming at him at high speed, but was relieved when her thighs came together just below him. He realises that his sister is so comfortable with the situation, that she doesn’t even think about his predicament anymore. After some seconds, her body returned to its original position and Stan breathed a short sigh of relief. He looks back at his sisters vagina and notices that her movement caused her outer labia to be perfectly together again. He imagine himself trapped beneath them, and instantly got aroused again. Suddenly he hears an object being placed on top of her computer and wonders what it is. It’s being rolled around a couple of times, and wonders what she has in store for him.

 Without warning he feels the powerful muscles behind him spring into action and at the same time the computer vanishing from sight. He expects to see his sister, but instead his whole vision is blurred from her jumping towards the front of her bed. She sits on the edge and stops for a  moment. Stan looks upwards and is in shock of the beauty  in front of him. His sister leans forward to have a look at her brother. His eyes wander over her belly, over her breasts hanging over him and stops when he stares into his sister bright face. “She looks so happy” Stan thinks. Her huge hand comes into view and waves gently at him. “Hi there, little brother” she says, “enjoying your time as my little toy?”. With a sudden motion her hand comes at him and she points her finger. He follows her finger as it’s circling him and hears Mia say “I hope so, because you’re about to experience  what exactly you volunteered for”. Her hand moves away toward her crotch and gently taps it a few times. She winks and lets out a small laugh, leaving her brother mesmerised by her. His stomach lurches when his sister suddenly gets up. She takes a step and stops to check if Stan is still plastered on her thigh. His vision is again filled by Mia’s beautiful face, which smiles when she sees that he isn’t going anywhere.

 As gently as possible, she walks towards her desk, making sure that her brother stays on her body. She walks past her mirror and quickly glances at it and suddenly stops. She smiles and walks back and towards the long mirror and stand before it. Stan eyes grow wide when he sees the reflection of his gigantic sister. It’s a rare opportunity to see her total body while he is on it, and he is entranced by the sight. He knows where he is on her thigh, but even then he has trouble seeing his naked form on her. His eyes wander over her reflection and is startled when he sees what she is holding in her hand. Right at that same moment she gentle shakes her dildo a bit. She doesn’t say anything but smirks and lowers her toy towards her other thigh and gently slides it upwards. She teasingly sticks out her tongue and repeats the same motion on the leg Stan is on. He sees the massive object coming towards him and he fears that it will knock him off her leg, but it eases past him and he follows it upwards. Mixed with fear and arousal he sees it stopping in front of her pussy and Mia gently nudges it towards it, faking masturbating. Mia cannot see her brothers reaction, but knows he must be besides himself. She stares in her own eyes for a moment and grins. She looks downwards again and playfully snaps her teeth and walks towards her desk again, leaving her brother bask in her little display.


Mia sits at her desk, sealing her brother in darkness again. Mia checks between her pencils and quickly finds what she is looking for. She turns her chair a bit and relaxes her legs in front of her, crossing her ankles. Stan is blinded by the sudden light and tries to see what she’s up to. When he sees clearly again he is met by her cheerful eyes. She smiles down and turns her attention to the dildo she’s holding in front of her. Stan sees she is holding a waterproof marker and starts drawing on her toy. Stan is very curious what’s she’s up to, but realises he just have to wait until she is done. He’s getting frustrated of not being able to communicate with her and hopes he’ll be bigger soon. The tip of his sisters tongue comes out from between her lips, and he knows she is concentrating on her handiwork. He always thought her face was pretty cute when she made that face, but in his current position it’s a bit intimidating, knowing it is something for him. After a minute of staring at her upper body she finishes her work. She looks genially happy with the results, and she gently blows on the ink to make it stick. He is met by her eyes looking down on him teasingly and he really wants to know what she has done.

Instead of showing it to him, she quickly gets up and walks back towards her bed. She almost cannot contain her excitement of showing Stan her creation. She gets comfortable against her pillow and spreads her legs a little. She bents her knees so Stan can see her body and puts her dildo on her belly. Stan looks upwards to Mia, his mouth watering from anticipation. He sees her massive fingers coming at him again, and this time she actually gently taps him. “Now little brother, enjoy the view from outside” and with the same finger gently slides between her folds, “because soon you’ll be the best sextoy ever to have entered here”. Stan almost erupts at that remark and notices his sister begins with her foreplay. Her fingers glides over her legs and while one hand stops at her vagina, the other continues to fondle her body. Her eyes close, and her breathing quickens. She gently starts to caress her clit, and a small satisfying sigh erupts her lips. She shifts her feet in a more comfortable position, causing Stan to lose focus for a moment, but sees that she is grabbing her dildo. Stan notices that she moved her legs a bit more apart, so her dildo can enter more easily he figures.

Mia directs her dildo towards her knees, all the while masturbation herself. She glides it downwards towards her brother and bites her lower lip in anticipation. Stan sees the massive sextoy coming closer, until it actually rubs over him. But just before it does, he notices the drawing she made on it. It’s to blurry to make out what she drew, which is quite frustrating. Mia repeats the same process again, but Stan isn’t able to make out the drawing. Mia doesn’t know if he saw it already, so she glides her dildo towards her other leg and does the same. Stan is lost for words when he finally is able to see it. When they were kids, Mia always drew those stupid stick figures whenever she should draw people. Stan found them funny, but teased his sister about them. Later on, she actually learned to draw very well, but he remembers vividly how she drew him.

And obviously, his sister remembered it as well. Because on the impossible huge dildo rubbing her other leg, just below the tip on the long side of the dildo, was the same drawing of him she always drew. She obviously wants him to experience, how it must look from the outside whenever she is ready to insert him. Mia grins, knowing that he probably figured out her little tease, and lifts her dildo towards her face. Stan follows mesmerised his drawn self until it stops in front of Mia’s mouth. He meets her eyes and gasps when he sees they are full of enjoyment of her teasing. Mia closes her eyes, and her long tongue exits her mouth. She slowly brings his little figure towards it and she wraps her tongue around it, making a enjoying sound. She slowly begins to turn her dildo, lubricating it for her masturbation. While she is doing that, her drawing vanishes and reappears from sight. Suddenly she opens her eyes to look at his direction, while continuing her little show, causing Stan to almost scream to have his turn.

With a last slurp, she stops lubricating her toy and smiles downwards. Without a word, she brings her dildo downwards, and with her free hand opens her vagina. Stan feels a sudden movement, and she spreads her legs even further. Mia carefully positions her dildo in front of her opening, letting it gently touching it. Stan sees his sister leaning over slightly, so she can see the drawing, and turns her toy so her brother can see it. There is nothing he wants to do more then to join her dildo, but all he can do is stare at the spectacle in front of him. She taps his drawing a few times, and without warning, trusts her dildo forward.

It’s almost in slow-motion when he sees her layers pushed to the sides as her sextoy enters. She inserts the toy until the drawing is still in sight and pulls back. She repeats the motion a few times until she is ready for more. Her free hand fondles her clit and slowly she glides her dildo in. Stan is actually trying to break free of his prison to join the action, but to no avail. He can only stare amazed when he sees the figure disappear from sight, just below massive fingers pleasing her clitoris, into her wet hole. Stan never seen such an erotic thing in his entire life. The massive sextoy before him, pleasing his sister beyond believe, growing wetter every second. To be lost in her pink flesh while she enjoyed him, is the only thing Stan wanted at that point.

After a couple of minutes bringing herself close to orgasm, Mia decides it’s time to finally introduce him to her pussy. The anticipation makes her even wetter and she stops. Stan sees the massive object coming out her vagina. He sees his drawing underneath thick layers of her cum, and realises this will be him very soon. He notices his sisters heavy breathing and she looks extremely flushed. His stomach flutters when he sees her reaching for the remote. And indeed a moment later, he feels a growing sensation. He’s getting taller, until his weight causes him to fall of his sister thigh. He gets his bearings and tries to move a bit to relax his muscles. He turns around en is met by a breath-taking sight. Looming above him, is her very aroused sex and two fingers, reaching for him. He realises that he is now back to one inch tall. Due to her horniness, Mia doesn’t waste any time and lifts him in front of him.


Mia is almost overwhelmed how cute he looks, dangling from her fingers. Stan is glad that he is somewhat bigger again and smiles at his sister. Mia focuses on his hard on and smiles back. “Ready to be a sextoy?” she asks. Stan nervously nods, and suddenly she licks his body. He looks at her curiously but Mia only smirks and he sees her dildo coming into view from beneath. His feet makes contact with the toy, but it’s way to slippery and he just falls on it. “Lean forward” he hears the huge mouth in front of him say. He does what he is told and feels her fingertip making contact with his back. She applies a bit of pressure and gently glides him forward. Although Stan is collecting quit some fluids, he can see where she is guiding him. He comes to rest above the drawing, covered under her cum. He shudders when he realises that one minute ago, this part was completely inside her.

Her fingertips moves away, but comes back in a second covering him completely. He is immobile, and can only look forward. Mia lifts the toy and hold it on eye level. “If you would only know how extremely arousing it is, to have your once strong big brother, pinned between a fingertip and a cute pink dildo” she teases, “about to be willingly inserted inside herself, over and over again for a whole holiday”. Stan sees his sister lick the point of her dildo and smiles “enjoy yourself little brother, I know I will”. And with a sudden motion, he sees his sisters body coming by until he stops in front of the most intimidating sight. Her huge hand spreading her folds again, the tip of the dildo slowing searching the opening, and a wall of glistering pink flesh with a swollen clitoris hanging above it. “Oh god” is the only thing he can muster when he feels the toy trusting forward.


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Glass prison by Yougts
Author's Notes:

It's been a while! Hope you enjoy the new chapter!


Mia slowly guides her dildo towards her sex. The anticipation from the last couple weeks of the prospect of having her brother reduced to one of her sex toys, completely overwhelming her. She feels the tip of her finger slowly entering her wet opening, meaning Stan is entering her as well. Just when she was about to throw her head in her neck, planning to enjoy the next moments as good as she possibly can, she feels and faintly hears heavy protest coming from under her finger, causing her to stop.

Stan breathes a sigh of relief and stops his movements. He panicked when he moved closer towards her vagina. The first thing he noticed was the incredible heat coming from her. It intensified greatly the closer he got. He heard the wet sounds coming from inside her  caused by the dildo entering her opening. But the thing that greatly panicked him, was when the light dimmed. He saw her glistering walls groping the dildo, leaving no room for something, or someone else. Just then he realised he would be between them, making hem extremely frightened. He panicked and shouted his sisters name and struggled to get free. He is extremely relieved that she actually stopped. 

For a moment nothing happens. He looks past the dildo into his sisters pink wet flesh. He holds his breath, anticipating Mia’s next move. He feels a sudden backwards motion, until only the tip of the dildo is inside her. Mia bites her lower lip in uncertainty. Her arousal tells her that she should just jam him inside,  but her common sense tells her that she should check on him.

After pondering some bit she decides that she will take one more try. Stan is still waiting in uncertainty until he sees the tip being removed from her sex. He breathes a sigh of relieve, but is confused when he sees her body making a quick jump so that his sister is lying more comfortable on her bed. He hears two loud thumps behind him on either sides and her lips slightly open. Stan fears she might make a second attempt. His fear is confirmed when he sees two massive fingers opening her wet hole once again and feels a forward motion. Stan wants to scream, but during a long moan, his sisters finger taps him a few times, causing Stan to lose his breath. “You keep that up little brother, in you go”.

Stan sees his wet prison coming closer and notices the tip entering between her fingers, disappearing into her once again. He takes a deep breath and renews his struggles, but notices that she presses him harder in her plastic sex toy. She inserts her dildo way faster in herself then before. Before he knows it, he is at the same position as before. He finally shouts to her that she has to stop, but nothing happens. The next moments are in slow-motion. Her pink flesh moves apart to accommodate the large toy. Her dildo accumulates her wetness and is coming near him. At the exact moment that his sisters pussy became his whole world, he shouted one more time “Mia, please!”.

Mia gasped when she felt her toy entering her again. She knew that Stan wanted out and she couldn’t blame him. It must be some experience to see your sisters dripping pussy coming for you. To be swallowed by it, until it’s owner decides you gave her enough pleasure. Rubbed between your sisters vaginal walls and her toy and slammed against her cervix. Struggling to get out, all the while making your sister even hornier… She wouldn’t trade for the world. But he volunteered for it, knowing that she would do all those things and more. She gasps again when she feels her fingers entering her once more. “There it is, one more second and I finally have him in me”. She closes her eyes, trying to savour this moment as much as possible. A faint please causes her to stop once more. Mia sighs in frustration.

Just when Stan accepted his fate he feels himself exiting her tunnel again. Her vagina vanishes from sight and is replaced by her tummy. Mia puts her dildo on her abdomen. Two large breasts is all Stan can see. He sighs with relief, but is also worried at his sisters reaction. He sees his sister chest rising up and down pretty rapidly, so she still is aroused. There is a moment of silence until he hears a big sigh coming from his sister.

Mia looks down at her toy. She wants to yell as a sister to her brother like old times, but feels there should be a better solution. Something that would let him experience the same kind of frustration. She suddenly smiles, she knows exactly what to do.

After some time, the pressure increases once again on his back, and he is lifted up towards his sisters face. Stan really wants to explain himself, but doesn’t get the chance. Instead, he is greeted by her open mouth. Her dildo enters her mouth, until her lips passes him. Mia closes them, and very slowly sucks back, passing her finger until her lips closes around the dildo just in front of Stan. She continues to suck it dry, ending with a little lick at the tip. “Don’t want to go in just yet, eh?”.

The dildo turns, until her lips are in front of his right side. Again, the lips close around him, but this time her tongue darts out, prodding him a bit. She retracts a bit, saying “Don’t worry, I have just the thing”. Mia still holds her brother, but leans over to the side. With her free hand she opens her cabinet besides her bed and opens it. She smiles when she sees another collection of sex toys she bought for the holiday. She didn’t want to use it until later, but decides this is the right time.

Stan was only able to see his sisters face, but couldn’t quit make up what she is up to. She bites her lips, meaning she is concentrating. He hears a familiar sound, like she is screwing a lid or something. Then without warning he feels himself move towards the object. She holds him above it, and finally releases him form her dildo. He screams when he falls downwards, until he lands on something hard. He opens his eyes and is surprised to say the least.

Above him stretches a very long glass tube ending in a circular opening above. He looks around him and although it is a bit distorted, he can see very well around him. He gasps when he looks downwards past his own body, to see his sisters awesome body stretching out on both sides of him.  His prison moves a bit, and Stan raises his attention to the opening above. He sees a massive eye peering into his prison, winking at him once. Through the glass he sees her sticking out her tongue teasingly. “Maybe you like it better when you’re actually inside a dildo, instead of being on one” she laughs. Stan is amazed when he realises she dropped him in a glass dildo.

Mia places the lid back on the backside of the glass dildo and screws it tight. She leans back again and lifts the toy up. She shakes it a bit, causing her brother to fling around in the tip of the dildo. When Stan comes to rest he wants  to shout, but laughs when he sees his sister amusement.

“Stan, I’m going to make you bigger, until you fit this dildo” Mia says. Stan landed on his belly, so he sees his sisters body coming towards him. The tip of the dildo comes to rest on her inner thigh. She slowly guides him towards her sex and inserts the tip in herself. Suddenly he is surrounded by her lips again, but this time it doesn’t frighten him that much. He hears his sister say “so you can see what it will be like when you are outside that dildo”. Light surrounds him again, and Mia guides him over her pelvis towards her breast. She circles her nipples a couple of times until she decides to bring him further up.

Mia holds the dildo in front of her and suddenly turns it around, causing Stan to drop down to the other side. Stan grunts a bit, until he hears his sister say that he has to stand up. He complies and feels a familiar motion because his is growing. It’s actually pretty scary to grow in a confined space. He looks worried at his sister, but she is concentrating. His body stretches towards the point, that his head is touching the tip. But the growing doesn’t subside, and he yells for her to stop. Mia knows what she is doing, and decides she can grow him a little more. After a few more seconds she decides it’s enough. She lifts him up towards her face, and she cannot control her laughter. Her brothers face is plastered against the glass, holding him in one position. She shakes him a bit, but his body doesn’t move an inch.

Stan is in an combined state of arousal and frustration. He cannot move a single muscle, but the fact that he is about to experience her sex in this way arouses him greatly. “Can you speak?” he hears his sister say. Stan tries to, but can only mumble, let alone make himself be heard through the glass. Stan is suddenly jerked towards her ear, so he tries again. Mia can make out a very faint sound, but she has to concentrate very hard. Suddenly, his vision is filled by his sisters face again, looking very excited. She taps her nail on his face a couple of times. “Do you know what this means? “ she says “I can paint the inside, make sure you are still able to see, and give you to mom!”  she exclaims happily. Mia sees her brothers frightened reaction, so she reassures him “borrow you to mom”. She continues “but just think of the awesome possibilities. While you’re waiting in her panty drawer, I’m at the movies”. “When I’m dancing with my girlfriends , you are mom’s secret little dildo. And when I get home, I’ll get you back, put you in me and go to sleep!”

Stan would have touched himself, if he was able to. Knowing full well he’s going to experience something like that in the future, but he still has his reservations. There is nothing he can do about it now though, so he looks at his sister expectantly. He is quite ready to experience her now. Mia sees her brother watching her with pleading eyes. “So now you are ready” she smirks “

Mia watches her brother for a moment, confined in his glass prison. She smiles and thinks to herself “time for him to experience some tease and denial”. She gets comfortable again and brings him to her mouth. “let’s lube you up then” she says teasingly and slowly sticks out her flat tongue. Stan enters her mouth, seeing her saliva gliding on the exterior of the dildo. The light dims and he is moved back and forwards a couple of times. He is beginning to feel like an actual toy, but without being able to feel his surroundings. It’s getting pretty warm though, and wonders if it will be bearable inside of her.

Mia gets her brother out of her mouth and holds him in front of her. Seeing her extremely aroused brother makes her laugh a bit. “It’s almost cruel” she thinks. Stan feels himself being lowered until he rests between her legs. His feet are facing her still swollen sex. He stares at it with lust, but a huge finger gliding on top of his glass prison brings him back. “Hmm,  I think you will make a fine addition” Mia says. Stan really wants to go in now, but frowns when he sees the former dildo come back in view. Mia places the dildo right next to her brother. Her face looms in closer, her smirking face makes him a bit uncomfortable.

“But which one suits my needs at the moment”. She takes a moment of silence to let it sink in. She deliberate tries to avoid eye contact with her brother, making him feel ignored. Stan’s heart skips a beat when he sees her hand coming for him. “Only one way to find out” and she grabs her brother. Stan’s prison turns around in a second and she moves him towards her opening. Finally, he meets his sisters eyes. She winks at him and pushes him forward. Suddenly he notices pink flesh and either side of him, until her face disappears from view.

He tries to look towards his feet and gasps, when he sees daylight move away from him. In the distance he sees her hand pushing the toy inside of herself. He looks forward and sees her walls gliding on the glass dildo, leaving trails of her cum on it. When he notices the grip her vagina has on the toy, he shudders when he was almost between them. Mia continues to push him inside her, until she was satisfied. Stan basks in his newfound heaven. It’s getting very warm inside, but the view and the feelings are just amazing. A faint light is coming from her opening, but not enough to fully lighten his area, contributing of feeling trapped as his sisters dildo until she is satisfied.

Mia bites her lip. It was awesome to see his face disappear between her lips. His little naked body trapped in one of her sex toys gliding in her. She bites her lip, she wants to tease him. But the awesome feeling of having her brother trapped in her genitals is almost too much. “Just one more tease” she thinks.

Stan is suddenly startled by his sisters loud voice coming from both inside, and outside her pussy. “Ok, now the other one”. Light floods the glass dildo and before he knows it he is back outside his sisters sex. While he moves away from it, he passes the other dildo which moves towards her. He mouths a small no, when he sees the dildo gliding inside of his sister. He is dropped unceremoniously on her bed between her legs. He hears his sisters sighing very satisfied. “yes, much better”. She starts to pump the dildo in and out of herself very slowly, completely ignoring her brother between her legs.

Mia’s hand comes for her brother and picks him up. “Let’s put you away then” He glances one last time at her sex containing her toy. He sees his sister lifts up her bottom and pulls her cushion under her with her free hand. In an instant he is shoved under the cushion, and without saying anything Mia sits down on it. Stan is in total disbelieve, he should be inside her right now. Instead, she just sits on him, while she is masturbating on top. He hears a bit of rustling. Mia slowly begins to masturbate on top of her brother, moving her bottom a bit to emphasize it for her brother. Stan is extremely frustrated, especially when he hears his sister making little moans of pleasure.

Mia is pleased with her little tease. It’s a perfect little payback for refusing to get in himself. And while the thought of having her brother beneath her cushion she masturbates on is exciting, it’s not the same of having him in there. After a few minutes of pleasuring herself, it’s time to actually use her brother.

Stan is completely frustrated, but has to admit that the helplessness of the situation turns him on. But it’s taking a long time, and just at the moment he loses all hope off experiencing his sister this afternoon, light floods in. Two large fingers pinch the tip of the dildo and slides him back between her legs until only her face shows. Stan is mesmerised by her aroused state and is extremely turned on by her amused look. “Your turn” Mia says.



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Seeing the relief on her brother's face amuses her. He must be anxious after all to get inside her. But unfortunately for him, he's not going inside her like he thinks he will. Mia actually wasn't lying that the dildo felt a little bit better than the one her brother is currently trapped in.


Stan is mesmerised by his sisters aroused face. Her face is a sweaty and her cheeks are flushed. She smiles at him and chuckles "I'm sorry little bro, but I really enjoy this dildo as she holds it in front of him. "So I'm going to combine you two" she continues.


He doesn't know what to expect but everything happens very fast. His stomach lurches as she drops him between her legs together with the other dildo. Mia puts both hands on her bed and tries to hop to the end of the bed. But the first hop is a bit too short and you shout as her body lands directly on top of your prison. Her left butcheek and a part of her sex grabs the dildo on the way and leave you in awe when she continues hopping over bed.


It didn't even register in the mind of Mia, to her it was a very simple movement. She runs towards her desk and quickly finds what she is looking for. For a moment she hesitates, maybe it is better to use him the way he is now. She looks at her bed and sees the dildo containing her brother laying helpless in her bed and she gets even wetter. Mia looks at the item she holds in her hand and makes her final decision.


Stan rolled over and luckily landed with his face up. He's fully aroused and wonders what she'll have in store. Suddenly he hears his sister run towards the bed with tunderous steps and he gasps when he sees Mia’s massive body flying over him, landing with great force on her bed. He'll never get used to seeing something so enormous moving at this ridiculous speed.


For Mia she was just entering her bed rather enthousiastic and quickly grabbed her phone and her brother. Not paying attention how disorientated her brother is, she quickly shrinks him to half an inch tall. Satisfied she drops her phone and opens her brothers dildo and dumps him in her hand.


Stan is absolutely disorientated by all the movement and really wants to know why he's out of the dildo. He is just able to peer over the edge off her hand, but has a hard time making out of what his sister's up to. In the distance he sees she’s squeezing a drop of something on the other dildo. He gathers his courage to look at his sister's face. But he sees she is concentrating on her handywork, and it gives him the shivers how determined she is, telling him that whatever she is planning is definitive.


To get a hint what's she's planning he looks at the tube she's holding. He tilts his head to read the text, but at the same time Mia puts the tube next to her and in one swift motion she moves her hand towards her brother. He sees two enormous fingers coming for him and he knows by now he should ready himself.


The two digits squeeze him and lifts him up. Her thumb position him a little to the top of her index finger and his whole world is turned until he feels his back pressed against something jelly. Her finger presses him for a couple of seconds in the substance until she is apparently satisfied and leaves him be.


Stan tries to move, but he isn't able to move a limb. More so, he feels the substance begin to harden. Desperate to make something of his fate he scans nearby for the tube and when he sees it. he immediately knows what she's up to. The tube says organic minute-glue and he knows he's just been glued to his sister's dildo.


Just when he wanted to look at his sister, her fingers wrap her dildo and in seconds he stares into his sibling's beautiful eyes. "I'm sorry little brother, but I figured that it's time to exactly show you what you've signed up for" she teases. You want to say something but she lowers you a little bit and are hit by a torrent of sweet wind. The glue hardens even quicker and you realise she's blowing you dry.


After a couple of seconds she rubs her finger across your body and you hear a happy approval. Her index finger is removed again and you scream as you see her tongue approaching. She gives you a quick lick and tells you "Have fun little brother”.


You yell for your sister to take it slow as she lowers you between her legs. Until now you couldn't quite make out on which part she glued you, but it's apparent as you turn and see your feet facing her wet pussy. You look over her vagina, over her breasts and can just make out that she's past any reasoning. She stares with incredibly lustful eyes as you see her free hand opening her lips, revealing her glistening hole.


"What have I done" you think as she steadily, but quite fast, inserts you and the dildo inside her. This dildo was already inside her and is still quite lubricated and she has no trouble getting it in. Besides, she is incredibly wet with all the teasing until now. To get a final bearing of his surrounding he manages to get a glimpse on what part of the dildo he's glued. To both both his horror and surprise he’s quite far at the tip, meaning he's going to be deep inside her.


There's nothing he can do as the dildo thrust forward and in a mere second he's under her swollen clitoris and immediately after, her lips engulf him and he's inside of her.


There's nothing he can do as he feels his sister's wet walls rubbing over him at incredible speed. He cannot believe how much distance he covers as he finally feels him resting deep inside her. A feeling of claustrophobia hits him as he feels her incredible warmth, wetness and darkness all around him. He hears a loud moan above, but at the same time, all around him.


Then, at the same speed, he feels her walls grabbing him again, but this time the opposite direction. He feels completely helpless, scared and overwhelmed, but there's nothing he can do as she continues her simple movements. "Almost back outside" he thinks and hope he can get his bearings there. But the dildo stops moving and he feels her flesh moving in the other direction again.


He struggles and panicks, as he realises he's glued too far to the tip. He'll be completely stuck in darkness until she's done with him in her pussy. He feels her pace quickening as he's in no time deep inside her vagina again, only to travel towards his sister’s opening again.


Mia in the meantime is having the time of her life. She couldn't expect to actually feel the little bump on her dildo, but she does. And it is making her absolutely crazy to know that bump is in fact her brother. So she turns him a bit, so he faces her g-spot. She gasps and screams when he's hitting her right spot and she uses her free hand to stimulate her clitoris.


After only a minute she reaches her first climax. Her muscles contract and she feels one of her strongest orgasms she ever experienced. She basks in it and slowly feels her body coming back. Mia laughs to herself and grunts "more" and start to thrust the dildo in and out again.


For Stan it was an incredible experience. He felt her strong muscles grabbing him and fluids running over him. It was also the first time he was completely withouth movement inside his sister. He heard her scream, and her heartbeat was going through the roof. Finally, he could get his bearings a little bit and the realisation he was just used as a shrunken sextoy finally got him aroused again.


But his arousal was short lived as he heard her scream for more as he feels himself going toward her opening again and sure enough in mere seconds she continued her pace. He yells for his sister to stop, but there's nothing he can do as he's used as his sisters sextoy.


It takes four orgasms for Mia to finally decide her sex is too sensitive to continue. She is also exhausted and she figures it's time for a break. She leaves the dildo inside her for a while, to get her bearings before she has to confront her brother.


Stan is also completely broken and disorientated. He does realise her heartbeat is getting slower and he figures she's about done with him. After some moments his body is rubbed by her vaginal walls and after what felt like an eternity he sees light again.


It takes some time to get his bearings. He tries to open his eyes, but find it very hard as her juices stick on his eyelashes. Stan finally manages to open them and he gasps as he stares at his sister.


Her hair falls around her head like some kind of aura and he stares in her sweet, sympathetic and thankful eyes. "Welcome back little brother" she says and gives him a sweet smile, but also notice a little bit of a smirk. He smiles a insecure smile at her and tries to look at her crotch.


He stares at her swollen lips and glinstering body. He cannot believe he was just deep behind them. Suddenly his sister's hand comes into view and pats her pussy. "Did you like it in there" she laughs. "Sorry it went al so quickly, but I thought it was better to get it over with".


He looks back at his sisters and her smile is getting bigger by the second. She rubs him with her finger, "This is going to be an incredible holiday" she says softly, more to herself then to her brother.


Regaining her composure, she sits up straight and looks across her room. She blows her hair away and thinks what to do. After some seconds, she smiles and takes her phone and enlarges her brother. Stan feels the glue clinging to his skin, but luckily he can withstand these kind of problems.


He rolls from the wet dildo and lands on his belly. Stan wants to stand up, but he feels her huge hand grabbing him and lifting him up from his feet. He tries to ask what's she's doing, but he sees her huge body climbing from her bed. She stands up and Stan can only watch down her beautiful right leg as she starts walking. "Let's get to the bathroom little brother and find a fun new use for you there” she teases.



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