A 'small' Adventure by ShrunkenGuy666

A shrink ray, evil sister, and unaware mother... what could go wrong!

I promise you its a good read! or your money back :)

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1. A 'small' Adventure by ShrunkenGuy666

A 'small' Adventure by ShrunkenGuy666
Author's Notes:

An all round family fun ride when a teenage boy discovers a shrink ray one morning which his younger sister uses to her advantage to have her evil way.

Mikey finds himself at the mercy of his mother and his sister in this thrilling giantess story!

Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Just a heads up, theres a tiny bit of male giantism in this story, not enough that its worthy of mention in the tags so dont be put off... only about 50 words of a page or so... the rest is full of giantess action!


A 'Small' Adventure

Chapter 1: Discovery

Mikey was a teenager, living in a standard english house, with a normal family and normal life, he had medium brown hair, blue eyes, quite a chubby figure because he was short for his age, his family consisted of his 35 year old Mum, 'Debbie' and younger 12 year old Sister, 'Emma'.

One morning, Mikey awoke from his bed, it was a friday but school had been cancelled due to snow, he jumped out of bed with a big smile on his face thinking to himself, 'a day of doing nothing but relaxing'. As soon as he jumped out of bed he noticed a strange looking item on his computer desk.

"huh, what's this?", he said picking up the item, it appeared to be some sort of gun, he sighed walking out into the hall and intercepting his 12 year old sister, "EMMA! What have I told you about leaving your stupid toy guns in my ro-", just then Mikey's finger slipped onto the 'toys' trigger and he squeezed, sending a massive flash of light zapping towards his little sister, Emma let out a half attempted squeal before the ray of light hit her.

"Oh my god! Emma im so sor-", Mikey stopped mid sentence, Emma no longer appeared to exist, she had just vapourized from infront of Mikey.

Mikey, dropping the gun, ran over to where Emma was standing, looking for some kind of sign to where his little sister was, but she was nowhere to be found.

"Ouch! Dammit! That freaking hurt!" Yelled Emma, rubbing her eyes to find a completely alien landscape layed at infront of her. She dragged herself to her feet but she had a massive head ache.
But just then her ears were assulted by the loudest noises she herself had ever experienced.

"Whats that!?" Emma yelled with a very scared look on her face, she turned around to see a frightening sight coming straight at her extremely fast! It was her older brother, only, he was about the size of a skyscraper.

Smashing one foot into the ground after another, Emma thought she was going to be flatterned under her brother's big toe, so she ran for it, just managing to clear being caught under his little toe, but she was knocked to the floor approximately 5mm away from his little toe by the force of the giant foot crashing into the floor.

"Mikey! Mikey!" Yelled Emma, "Down here!", but it had no effect, Emma was far too small for him to hear her. Tears started rolling down her face, she ran towards his little toe, and started smacking it with all her strength, which to Mikey felt like a tiny tickle on his toe, still, it caught his attention, he clentched his toes, trying to stop the tickle, then extended them again, hovering his big toe about 1cm over Emma's head, looking up she started to feel light headed, "No No No NO!" she began running again, Mikey's foot slammed on the floor once again, Emma was caught inbetween his big and second toe for about a second before being released. This whole ordeal was too much for Emma, she fainted.

Mikey ran back towards the gun, hoping it would have some answers, "Porter X4 Shrink Ray?" Mikey read out loud... then it clicked, "OH NO!" he immidiatly checked the soles of his feet and inbetween his toes for he dredded he had shrunk and stepped on his little sister, but he couldnt find her anywhere on his foot, so he thought she must still be out there some where.

He walked towards where he last saw Emma, pointed the gun at himself and closed his eyes, whispering, "Im coming Emma!", with that he shot himself with the device, everything went blurry.

When he awoke he was greeted by the same scary foreign landscape Emma was confronted with earlier, but no giant feet this time. He immidiatly saw someones body lying up ahead, assuming it was Emma, he ran towards her.

"Oh Emma! Im so glad your okay!" he yelled. Emma came to, abit dizzy and confused, "where- What, Mikey!" Hugging her brother and scared for her life, Emma began to cry.

"You almost stepped on me, I thought I was gonna die!" Cried Emma.


Chapter 2: No going back?

A few moments past, Mikey and Emma were still on the floor of the landing near where Mikeys bedroom and his Mothers bedroom is. The two siblings were about 2cm tall.

"Its okay Emma, im here now" said Mikey, hugging his little sister. After some while they stopped hugging, Mikey looked at his gun with a puzzled expression.

"What is it?" Asked Emma.
"Im not completely sure on how to change us back" Answered Mikey.
"WHAT!?" Yelled Emma, but they were both silenced by a defening bang.

"Oh Shi-" Mikey said before Emma interrupted "Its Mum! Were saved"

Debbie's size 7 feet dragged across the ground in her semi awake conciousness, her toenails painted red, picking up bits of dirt on her soles as she walked, she edged closer and closer to the two siblings.

"Emma, we need to move, otherwise were gonna end up like you almost did!" Shouted Mikey.
Emma just gulped and ran.

In the confusion, Mikey had dropped the gun which could be their only way of returning to normal size, "Emma, run to my room, you will be safe in there!".

Emma bolted for Mikey's room whilst he started charging at his Mum's feet, "Please dont squish me! Please dont squish me!" Mikey yelled as he reached the gun, he picked it up and slid out again just before Debbie's bare heel came down with a thud, right where his head was, but then she stopped, Mikey was still running but stopped and turned to see what his Mum was doing.

"Nooooo!" Yelled Emma... Crash!. Debbie's sole came crashing down straight on Mikey's tiny body.

"Dirty bugs!" Debbie scowled, rubbing her toes into the carpet to get the remains off of her foot.
She stood still for a minute, checking for any more 'bugs'.

Mikey opened his eyes to find a wall of skin covering his whole body, it was warm, moist and abit smelly, he was stuck under his Mum's toes, his legs pinned under her sole, he was to scared to feel any pain and didnt want to move incase his Mum thought he was still alive and crush him again, because he probably wouldnt be so lucky next time.

Debbie's toes smothered Mikey's face, he could hardly breathe, sweat was dripping all over him and the smell wasnt pleasant, then, he saw her toes lift, then cover his sight completely, a massive amount of pressure then overcame his whole body, he almost popped under his Mum's massive sole, then his vision became clear again, his Mum lifted her foot off of him, badly hurt, he limped over to Emma, who was in the fetal position, crying near his bedroom door.

Debbie continued to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

"Em-" cough cough "Emma!" yelled Mikey, spitting blood out of his mouth.

Emma lifted her head to see her brother limping over to her, she jumped up and ran towards him, proceeding to hug him and cry more than she had ever cried before!

"Dont ever do that to me again!" she cried.

Mikey laughed and said "I would never leave you behind Emma".

They hugged for about another 2 minutes.

"Right, lets get the **** out of here!" said Mikey, wiping the blood of himself.

Mikey noticed a button on the gun he hadnt seen beforehand, a dial with a selector plus three words written next to each selector notch, 'Shrink', 'Grow', 'Clone'.

"GROW!" they both yelled simultaniously, with that Mikey selected the "Grow" notch and pointed the gun at Emma, "you ready?".

Emma paused, "erm, you think I could zap myself with it? Rather I dont like the feeling of someone else shooting me" She smiled.

Mikey said "I dont see why not" Handing the gun over to Emma.


Emma grew back to full height, "Okay, now do me!" Yelled Mikey.

"Not so fast..." Emma said with an evil grin on her face.

Chapter 3: Little sister, Big problem

Mikey was confused, "What are you doing emma?! Zap me!".

"I dont think so" She replied, "Remember all those years you bullied me? Well its payback time!"

She let out an evil laugh, picked up her shrunken Brother and took him to her room.

"Play time with big brother!" Yelled Emma with a slightly saddistic tone.

"What are you going to do with me?" Cried Mikey.

"Oh I have plans" Grinned Emma, "Ive always wanted a tiny version of you, a voodoo doll if you will, that I can punish whenever you anger me or im upset... and now I have one!" Emma grinned.

With that, Emma threw Mikey to the ground, which sent more pain shooting through his already battered body.

"My feet are abit aching from all this running-" Emma pondered, "RUB THEM SLAVE!" she said assertively.

"Emma! You have to sto-" Mikey couldnt even get half a sentence out before Emma's size 4 sole pinned him to the ground.

Emma held Mikey down, his legs stuck under her heel and curled her toes, then releasing them, grabbing Mikey by the neck between her big and second toe. Emma was still young and her feet didnt smell all that bad, but she walked around barefoot so alot of dirt and floor stuff gathered inbetween her toes, which Mikey was now forced to get a face full off.
She momentarily released Mikey from the death grip to let him have some air, air mostly pungent with sweat and skin from Emma's toes.

"Now are you going to be a good foot slave?!" Emma scowled.

"Ye... cough splutter yes" Mikey panted.

"Good" smiled Emma "You can start with my big toe! That ones really sore! I think I have a corn or something on there... oh I dont know"

Emma didnt really have anything wrong with her toe, she was just trying to torture her little brother.

"anyway, best get started, Little Brother!" Emma grinned.

She once again pinned Mikeys legs under her sole, and gently but firmly patted his torso with her big toe. Mikey hugged the toe, which made Emma giggle, and he started to rub it up and down with his hands. Emma wiggled her toes occasionally, crushing Mikey bit by bit, his legs already felt broken from being under her sole so long.

"Right thats enough for the big toe... I want you to rub my sole now!" proclaimed Emma.

Mikey didnt say anything, he was too hurt, humiliated, tired and scared to, he just climbed onto Emma's waiting palm and was lifted onto her bed, only to be greated by her two giant feet.

"Get rubbing!" Emma shouted.

Again Mikey began to rub the goliath sole with both his arms. The sole felt really sweaty and lots of dirt rubbed off onto him as he rubbed the silky smooth pink surface.
This went on for about 30minutes before Emma abruptly picked Mikey up by the head...

"Hmm... your not suffering enough!" She said.

This made Mikey cry.

Chapter 4: Mothers Mercy

Emma placed her shrunken brother into her pajama pocket and ran downstairs, Debbie was busy in the kitchen cooking breakfast to notice the evil little girl slip her little big brother into her slipper and run back upstairs to grab the shrink ray.

"I dont wanna miss this!" she exclaimed.

She ran to the foot of the stairs and shrunk herself, once shrunken proceeded to run to the slipper Mikey was inside.

"Hows the room?!" She laughed.

"Emma! What the **** are you doing!?"

"Oh a little game I like to called, 'Crush'" she replied.

Mikey knew his impending doom was near, there was no way to get out of the slipper at his height unless his giantess mother saw him in her slipper first.

"Have fun!" Emma shouted before retreating to a safe distance.

Giant footsteps were heard coming towards Mikey. "This is it" he thought.

His mother's feet have yet to be washed this morning except her bright red nail varnish was now back to the normal nail gloss colour.
5 toes simueltaniously peered over the edge of the slipper wall, a mass of soft pink flesh advanced towards where Mikey was stood, in the toe of his Mothers slipper. "Mum!!!!" "Help me!!!" He shouted his heart out but to no avail.

Her foot was now half inside the slipper gaining closer to her sons weak form. The smell was intense. Like a thousand unwashed socks and stinky toes. The air was heavy with moisture from his Mothers sweaty feet and the sight... a mass of flesh the size of a football stadium covered in toe fluff and dirt. This was the end.

Mikey was jolted backwords by his Mothers foot slamming into the toe end of the slipper, his ribs instantly broke when his Mothers giant big toe slammed his fragile fram against the wall of the slipper. He was pinned, his Mother felt something, but thought of it to be a stone or pebble, never in a million years her own son. She proceeded to lift up her big toe, allowing Mikey to slide under her sole, then bringing the foot back down inside the slipper, instantly crushing his legs and torso. He was gone. Mikey's body was about 50% flattened under his Mothers massive sole. The other bits of his being were to become toe jam that would get washed down the drain when Debbie went for a shower.

Emma heard the pop from where she was and she let out an evil cackle, ran back to her room and unshrank herself.

"Excellent!" she thought.

The End

End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed it!

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