Forbidden Dish Tales by oishi1

I will put stories here based in girlfood's Forbidden Dish restaurant, used with original author's permission

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Story Notes:

A double date with less than willing participants.

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Wing Man by oishi1
Author's Notes:

If I add more stories to this continuity I'll just tack it onto this as an extra chapter.

Disclaimer. this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to places or people real or imaginary would interest the author greatly, but is entirely coincidental. All credit for the concept of Forbidden Dish and the world around it go to girlfood. 


Wing man,


A Forbidden Dish tale

Based on characters and settings by girlfood. Written with permission of the original author.



Clark hit Michael on the shoulder and pointed to the oak in the common, or more specifically to Donna, who was standing under it. She was chatting with a small swarm of girl friends.


“Dude, I’m totally going for it,” Clark said before jogging towards the gaggle of girls. Michael just rolled his eyes. Clark was always like that. He’d get an idea in his head and he’d go off and do it. Michael was more of a planner. He’d get so lost in the planning part that he’d never actually get to the doing if he were left alone.


Good thing Clark was so outgoing, or neither of them would get to talk to girls.



“And it’s totally legal!” Donna told her friends, “It was amazing. Best 21st birthday ever! I hope I get to go to Forbidden Dish again soon,”


Her friends were hanging on her every word and didn’t even notice Clark casually walk into the crowd and begin nodding along. Donna did, though, and she started laughing.


“So, Donna, How about you go out to dinner with me? I’m buying,” Clark said as he leaned against the tree. Donna’s eyes lit up.


“At Forbidden dish?” she asked hopefully.


Clark had never heard of Forbidden dish. Sounded like a high end Chinese restaurant (Forbidden City and all)


“Of course, where else?” Clark said casually, “You in?”


Donna squealed with excitement, “Really?” she leaned in “accidentally” showing plenty of cleavage, “I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing,”


“Uh huh,” he said not really paying attention to her words. To be fair there wasn’t much blood in his brain. He didn’t understand why the other girls gasped, but they seemed to be impressed, and that was all he needed to know.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” Donna said, “I promised my friend, Martha, that I’d take her if I ever went to Forbidden Dish again. Do you have a friend who would be interested in going with us?”

“Donna!” Martha said turning a little red. Clark looked at Martha. She was small and shy but very pretty. Perfect. It was better than they planned. Clark covertly waved Michael over.



Michael saw the signal. He casually began to walk by the tree as if he didn’t notice the group of girls.


“Hey Mikie!” Clark called now openly waving him over. Michael walked up to the girls as if this wasn’t their plan all along.


“What’s up?” Michael asked.


“I’m going to the Forbidden Dish tonight with Donna, and she was wondering if I had a friend that would like to go with her friend Martha over here,” He put his arm around Martha and brought her to the front of the group. Martha smiled shyly and looked down.


Michael couldn’t believe his luck. She was exactly his type.


“Definitely!” Michael said, possibly a bit overenthusiastically.


Martha finally looked up, “Really?” She seemed as delighted and surprised as he was. “You know what Forbidden Dish is right?”


Michael borrowed a page from Clark’s book and pretended to know what they were talking about. “Ah, yeah. I’ve always wanted to go there,” he said. Based on the looks on Donna and Martha’s face it must have been the exact right thing to say.


“So, what time do you want us to pick you up?” Clark asked.


“Don’t you think it would be better if we picked you up?” Donna asked.


“Even better,” Clark said. If appealing to a bit of feminism would impress them then he was game.


Donna leaned in and breathed into his ear, “Tonight at 8 then. Don’t chicken out now,” she said and the girls walked away whispering excitedly again.


“Dude. Score.” Clark said.


“Yeah,” Michael said.



“We’re totally screwed,” Michael said later that night at Clark’s apartment, “I looked up that Forbidden Dish place they were talking about, and apparently people go there to shrink other people and swallow them!”


“What do you mean?” Clark said.


“Exactly what I said! I’m serious. It’s all over the internet, and their official website confirms it,” Michael said, the panic obvious in his voice.


“There’s no way that can be real,” Clark said, “And if it was they wouldn’t do that to us. You saw how Donna and Martha are. They’re too nice for that,”


“Oh yeah? Then why did they suggest it in the first place?” Michael said somewhat shrilly.


“Calm down. We can’t back out now. Did you see how many girls heard us agree to go? We’ll look like tools if we don’t play along,” Clark said, “We’ll go, and if it gets too dangerous we’ll find an excuse to back out. Say there’s something we have to take care of,”


“All right, but if there’s any truth to this, we better scramble,” Michael said, “I hope you’re right though,” They could see Donna’s car pulling up in the parking lot. Michael had a bad feeling about this whole thing.



“Are you sure it’s ok?” Martha asked still sounding doubtful.


“Of course it is,” Donna, answered, “I told you, there are lots of guys that are into this. The one I had at my party practically begged me to eat him,”


“I just, it just, um. I don’t know Donna,” Martha said unable to fully put her doubts into words, “They seem like nice guys, and I don’t want to hurt them,”


“Don’t worry, they want this,” Donna said, “You heard what they said. Besides, aren’t you curious?”


“A little,” she said looking down and playing with her fingers, “I just don’t understand why they would want us to do this,”


“I don’t care why they want us to,” Donna said, “I just want to get them to the restaurant and in here,” She rubbed her exposed belly and smiled.



When Donna’s car pulled into Clark’s driveway, Clark and Michael went out to meet them. They were nervous, but they still believed what the website said was impossible. Donna and Martha got out of the car, and Donna hugged Clark.


“Hey you,” Donna said, “Ready to go?” She was wearing a midriff bearing tank top and homemade cutoff jean shorts that were so short the pockets hung below the jagged edge of the leg hole. 


“Um, yeah, definitely,” Clark said. He was too stunned by her to worry about what Michael had told him mere minutes ago. He’d lost the ability to speak English.


“Hop in then,” she said. Clark climbed into the front passenger seat and called out to Michael,


“Hey Mikie! Let’s roll!”


Martha and Michael just stared at the ground and shuffled their feet.


“You look, um, nice,” Michael said. Nice? Idiot! YOU LOOK NICE? He was face palming internally.


 “Thank you,” Martha whispered, “You look nice too,” Once again she blushed and got quiet. Martha was dressed more conservatively than Donna. Her hair was down, she wasn’t wearing makeup (tell the truth she didn’t need it), and she still had her glasses on. She was wearing a simple blouse with a t-shirt under it to make up for the fact that it was low cut and a simple skirt. Michael found her modesty attractive. It made her more approachable. He opened the back door for her and then climbed in himself. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.



Donna and Clark were talking and laughing during the whole trip. They seemed to feel that they had to fill every moment with noise to kill their nervousness. Michael and Martha sat quietly in the back. Every now and then one would slowly sneak a glance at the other only to quickly look away if the other noticed. They barely uttered a word to each other the whole trip, but learned more about each other than Clark and Donna with all their words. Despite this being only his second time “talking to” Martha, Michael was sure he was in love.


You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but Martha was excited. She would’ve never had the courage to ask Michael out herself, but he was exactly her type.



The car ride was shorter than Clark or Michael would’ve wanted. Donna was the first out of the car. She eagerly walked toward the door before realizing that nobody was following her. Michael got out of the car and opened the door for Martha, and then Clark got out. They walked in the Restaurant with Donna in the lead, Clark following her but looking like he was dragging his feet. Michael was beside him, and Martha was bringing up the rear.


It was a very high end restaurant and every member of the wait staff was gorgeous! The hostess walked them to a table and asked the girls if it was there first time there.


“I was here yesterday and just had to bring a few friends!” Donna said.


“Good, good, do you want to show your friends around, or do you wish to have one of our staff give you a tour?” The hostess asked.


“We’ll just roam around a bit,” Donna said.


“Very well, If you have any questions feel free to ask any of us,” The hostess said. Since it was a Friday and they seemed good on their own she went to help other patrons.


They went to the dining area and sat at one of the tables. A peppy young waitress approached them, “Hi welcome to Forbidden Dish. May I take drink orders?” The waitress asked. They all politely declined, “Sorry if I seem a little nervous, it’s my first day, so bear with me,”


“Is it true what they say about this place?” Clark asked raising one eyebrow esoterically.


“It sure is,” She answered. Clark and Michael exchanged nervous glances, “So, I take it you’ve come in together?” The waitress asked. They nodded, “So you probably don’t need menus or bracelets. Unless someone wants a snack or something,” They all shook their heads, “I’ll go get you two’s paperwork. Be back in a jiffy, and if you need anything, I’m Jackie,”


“Paperwork?” Clark said.


“It’s a contract. A waver to say you’ve come here willingly. No big deal,” Donna said.


Clark was about to object when he noticed people at the bar openly groping each other. As he started to pay attention he saw that it was happening all over the restaurant.


“What do we have here?” Clark asked.


“It’s sort of an unspoken rule here,” Donna said, “If you agree to be shrunk and swallowed by someone the right to touch them is implied,”


Clark ushered Michael to a private corner, “Dude, I know you want to bail and everything, but we have got to stay until I at least get to second base with Donna.”


“What? Are you crazy?” Michael said pointing to a group of girls at a nearby table with tiny men in bowls in front of them, “We’ve gotta get out of here before we end up like THAT! Is second base worth that? Huh? Huh?”


“I fail to see your point,” Clark said. He’d always been a breast man, and a good set could guarantee complete loss of brain function for him.  Donna, needless to say, had huge, um, tracts of land.


“You like Martha right?” Clark asked.


“Yeah,” Michael answered.


“You already said you don’t believe they’d do anything to us unless we let them right?” Clark asked.


“Uh huh,” Michael answered.


“I’m not asking you to do anything but hang out with Martha until I’m ready to go. If things go south, I’ll call you on your cell and we’ll bolt for it,” he leaned in and whispered, “I have to make the trip worth something. It’s already coming out of my wallet,”


When they got back to the table the paperwork was already waiting for them at their seats. Clark leaned in to kiss Donna and she dodged slyly and smiled.


“No, no,” She giggled, “Not until you sign the papers,” She leaned in by his ear, “Then we can go to the back, and I’ll give you exactly what you want,”


Clark and Michael exchanged glances. Michael knew that there was no way to argue with Clark without causing a scene and just sunk into his seat.


Martha turned to him. She had difficulty meeting his eye, “If you want to, um you know, it’s ok,” She said. Fear was obvious in her voice. Michael knew that there walking away and talking after hearing about the touching policy had put her on the spot and wanted to ease her mind.


“I just want to sit with you for a bit,” He said. She looked partly relieved and partly downcast. She thinks I don’t like her. He held her hand and smiled at her, “I just want you to be comfortable,” She smiled at him.


Martha was happy. He still liked her; he was just trying to be a gentleman. He’s so sweet. Martha couldn’t believe her luck.


Clark grabbed a pen and started signing and initialing as if the paper would vanish if he didn’t hurry. Michael picked his copy up and began to read it.


“Dude, hurry up,” Clark said handing Michael a pen. He gave him a look that was an argument unto itself. He gave him that look any time he seemed to be overanalyzing a good thing. Michael sighed and started signing and initialing the papers. Any time he stopped to read, Clark would clear his throat. How bad can it be? Martha smiled at him, but looked away when she saw him look up.  If it gets bad, Martha will help me out.


Jackie came and took the papers when they were finished, “Ok, I’ll take care of these. Feel free to explore. I’ll be around if you need me”


When they were alone Clark tried to kiss Donna again and she ducked him. She lifted him out of the seat by his hand, “Let’s get in line shall we?” She said and he followed her without a struggle to the end of a nearby line.


Martha looked at Michael as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. He knew she wanted to get in line too. Not wanting to upset her, he smiled, got up, and walked with her to the end of another line. The line was pretty long. He still had time.



Clark was surprised to see how fast the line moved. He’d see a man and a woman go into the room. Afterwards he’d sometimes see a woman walk out with a tiny man in her hand, sometimes they wouldn’t come out for a while, the line would move forward, and when they did come out the woman would be alone.


“Why do some of them stay in there so long?” Clark asked.


“There are private rooms in the back,” Donna said, “Should we get one?” She leaned in and whispered the question in his ear. He tried to kiss her again, and she stepped back playfully. “A little further,” Clark smiled and continued forward as the line progressed. She was keeping him just tense enough that he wasn’t paying attention. If he thinks too hard about it, he might chicken out. When she saw that they were next in line she began to run her fingers up and down his chest. When he leaned in for a kiss she didn’t back up. Donna turned Clark around and began slowly guiding him as they kissed. His hand was slowly working its way up her shirt. He didn’t realize he’d backed into the shrinking booth until she was quickly backing up and lowering the door.


“Wha,” Clark started.


“I thought you’d be less nervous if your mind was, um, otherwise occupied,” Donna said smiling.


“Hi I’m Janice and I’ll be your operator today,” A woman that was standing next to the booth said startling them both.  She was so quiet that she almost seemed to materialize when she spoke. She bent down and locked the booth, “Please bear with me. It’s my first day and I’m still learning the ropes” She grabbed a sheet of paper with a check list on it, “Let’s see make sure door is fully closed and securely locked, mmhmm, oh ok, so once that’s ready I push this button here. Oh wait!” She’d already pushed the button, “I’m supposed to ask if you’re sure you want to do this first, “That’s the third time this day,” she looked like she was going to cry. Donna opened the booth and scooped up Clark.


“Don’t worry about it,” Donna said, “We’re good,” She put a ten in the tip jar and headed out to the restaurant area.


“We’re good?” Clark asked, “I don’t want to do this!”


“Too late to back out now,” Donna said, “You’re all mine,”


She went back to their table and sat down.


“Please! This is a mistake. You’ve got to do something!” Clark yelled.


“Oh I’m about to do something alright,” She said lifting Clark above her head.


Just then Jackie approached the table, “Would you like a drink to go with your meal?” She asked.


Donna lowered Clark for a few seconds while she thought about it. “Jack and Coke please,” she said.


“And find someone who can put me back to normal size,” Clark said, “There’s been a little mix up,”


“I’ll be right back with your drink ma’am,” Jackie said walking away.


“She, she just ignored me!” Clark said indignantly.


“Can a piece of steak make requests?” Donna asked him, “As far as anyone’s concerned here you are just as capable of making demands as a jumbo shrimp,” She brought him to her mouth and licked him, “mmm. I wonder, should I wait for my drink or finish you right now,”


“Please!” Clark yelled, “Don’t do this Donna!”


“You’re putting up a lot of resistance for someone who was so gung ho about this earlier today,” She said, “You know what, I don’t think I can wait for my drink,” Donna opened her mouth and began to slowly lower Clark in.


“We didn’t know!” Clark screamed. Donna wasn’t sure she’d heard anyone sound so scared in he life. She pulled him back where she could see him better and saw that he was crying.


“What do you mean you didn’t know?” She demanded.


“We didn’t want to look stupid in front of you and your friends, so we pretended to know what Forbidden Dish was, but neither of us had heard of it, Clark was openly sobbing now.


“Neither of you knew?” she asked. She was a bit worried. I hope Michael speaks up before he gets in trouble. “Wait a minute. You knew about this place when we got here. You had to have found out before we picked you up,”


“We didn’t believe the rumors,” Clark said, “It sounded impossible. We knew if we backed out it would ruin our reputation, and we wanted to impress you,”


“Bang up job so far,” Donna said, “But there’s no way I could eat you if you didn’t know, that would be wrong,” Clark looked up hopefully, “I’ll ask the waitress to send you back. I hope you’ve learned your lesson,”


Clark nodded solemnly, “Thank you,” When Jackie arrived with Donna’s drink she handed Clark to her.


“There’s been a mistake,” Could you take him and change him back?


“No problem,” Jackie smiled, “Can I get you anything else?


Donna took a sip of her drink, “Nah, I think I can do my own hunting,” Donna sat and sipped her drink. She couldn’t see Michael and Martha in the line anymore, but she’d let that problem take care of itself. She had some prowling to do.


She saw a man in a nice suit setting by himself at the bar. He was wearing a red band on his arm signaling that he wanted to be eaten. She slid into the bar stool next to him.


“Are you sure you want to be shrunk?” Donna asked him, “My date got cold feet and bailed on me,”


The man looked her up and down, “I can’t imagine why,” he said, “He’d have to be crazy to not want to be eaten by you,”


How sweet. She put out her hand, “Donna”


He took it, “Duncan”


“Shall we?” She asked.


“I thought you’d never ask” Duncan said and they went to the line. It was much shorter than earlier and they were able to get him reduced fairly quickly. This time Janice remembered to ask if he was sure before pressing the button. He nodded nervously “As sure as I’ll ever be,”


Donna took him back to her seat and ordered a refresher on her drink. It was getting kind of late, “I wonder what’s keeping Martha,” She said out loud but to herself.


“Waiting on friends huh?” Duncan asked, “I remember one time I,” Duncan started, but before he could finish Donna had popped him into her mouth, played with him absently for a bit and swallowed. She had no time for stories, especially from someone who was trying to pad the last day of his life. She doubted she would remember the story anyway. By tomorrow she probably wouldn’t even remember his name. What was it again? Dawson? Danny? Whatever. Her drink arrived and she began to quietly sip it. Her second visit wasn’t as fun as the first one, but she already knew she wanted to come back.



Lindsay was bored and slightly angry. There were a lot of call-ins today. Some strange bug was going around. The only operator working today was a new girl, so the servers had to take turns working one of the shrink booths. It was Lindsay’s turn. On a Friday of all days! It was not that Lindsay didn’t like operating the machine; it was just that when she did she liked to enjoy the little treat that came out. Working the machine and then handing off the tiny guys to others was frustrating. I could have had so many by now. She saw a young couple approaching her booth. The guy looked frightened and ready to bolt, but Lindsay felt pity for the girl and decided to have some fun.


The line was moving very fast. Martha seemed distracted. She’s probably nervous. She’d stare off at something or other and the line would move without her noticing. People would bump into her. The taller ones (almost everybody to her) would nearly trip over her if they weren’t paying attention.


“Sorry,” she said over and over again in a high shy whisper.


As they got closer to the booth room Michael began to panic internally. Every time he tried to tell Martha he didn’t want to do it he’d lose his ability to speak. On the other hand she seemed to get more excited with each step. Before he could work up the words they stepped through the threshold into the booth room.


“Uh, Martha, I’ve been meaning to tell you,” Michael started but was cut off.


“Welcome to the shrink booth. I’m Lindsay, your operator,” A beautiful woman beside the booth said “I Just need you to step right here, good,” Lindsay said guiding Michael into the booth. He went without too much resistance. He had a hard time protesting people in official positions. She closed the door and locked it, “Now, this is very important, this is your last chance to back out. If you change your mind right now, you can walk out of the restaurant. Once I push this button, there’s no going back,”


Fear for his life finally won over his fear of speaking, “I don’t want to be shrunk!” he yelled, “I want out!”


Martha looked crestfallen.


“What’s that?” Lindsay said, “I couldn’t quite hear him. With those thick walls and the whirr of the machines I have a hard time hearing the people in the booth. Seeing as you’re the only other person here that could’ve heard him I need you to tell me what he said,”


“What do you mean you can’t hear me?” Michael yelled, “I can hear you just fine,”


Realization dawned on Martha’s face and her eyes brightened, “He said he’s ready,” She said smiling, “He wants you to get started before he changes his mind,”


“Martha?” Michael said.


“I thought so,” Lindsay said as she pushed the button.


Before he could figure out what happened Michael’s head was spinning. When he came to he was staring up at an impossibly large Martha, who was smiling.  She reached down and gently picked him up. His head was still spinning and he couldn’t quite figure out how to react to what just happened.


Martha was staring at the tiny man in her hand with reverent awe. She looked at Lindsay, her big innocent eyes near tears. Martha tried to speak but was too choked up. As she went back to staring at Michael, Lindsay explained her options to her.


“There are private rooms if you want one,” she said. Martha nodded excitedly, “Go back there and look for the next unoccupied room. Don’t forget to lock the door behind you,” Martha stared at Lindsay quivering with excitement. She tried to speak and when that failed, simply nodded and sort of skipped towards the private rooms.


Without a word, Martha locked the door and placed Michael on a nearby table. She had an odd smile on her face, and her gaze was darker. Michael couldn’t explain it. It was just darker. And her breathing! Her breathing was heavy and a bit raspy.


“Martha, listen to me!” Michael shouted, “There’s been a big mistake! I didn’t want to get shrunk! Please you’ve got to help me!”


Martha didn’t say a word. Her breathing became heavier and a shudder ran through her. Michael could see her hands tightening on the hem of her skirt as if she was restraining herself.


“We didn’t know what this place was when we agreed to come!” Michael yelled.


Martha let out a delighted squeal.


“You have to believe me,” Michael yelled. Martha poked him in the chest, and he fell down. Michael quickly climbed to his feet.


Martha poked him again.


This time he caught himself and remained standing.


“Martha, what the hell?” Michael yelled.


Martha giggled, “You’re exactly my type,” she whispered. Her voice had taken on a huskier tone, ”At first when Donna said you wanted this I was worried, but after hearing you in the booth I know you’re my type! I’m so happy!”


“Why did you tell that lady I was ok with this? I want to be changed back!” Michael yelled.


Martha shuddered again. She was now wringing her skirt. What’s wrong with her? She wasn’t like this before.


Her stomach growled, “Excuse me,” she said timidly, “I haven’t eaten all day since Donna said we were coming here,” She picked Michael up and raised him above her head.


“Put me down!” He yelled.


“I will in a bit,” She said smiling slyly, “All the way down,” She rubbed her belly, “When I was a little girl, every time I was alone, I used to imagine I had a little boy of my own to swallow. I’ve never told anybody this. You’re the first to hear,” She opened her mouth wide. Michael had a clear shot of her throat. She can’t be for real!


“Martha, I know you don’t really want to do this!” Michael yelled as Martha slowly lowered her hand. He could feel her hot breath flowing heavy over his body,”


“Of course not,” she said smiling, “That would be bad,” she continued to lower him towards her mouth. She licked his feet as he tried to curl up and make himself shorter, “So bad, so very mean,” Michael screamed and Martha shuddered again. She accidentally let go of Michael and dropped him into her mouth. He tried to crawl out, but she pulled him back in with her tongue and closed her mouth. She began to hum a happy tune and move him around in her mouth. Enjoying the struggles. Enjoying the fact that there was nothing he could do even more.


The suspense finally got to be too great for her. Martha tilted her head back,


And swallowed.



Michael fought the hot mouth sauna as hard as he could, but it only served to get him banged against every surface of Martha’s mouth. He felt the terrain suddenly shift and before he could react he was sliding down.


“Nooooo!” he screamed as his feet caught in the esophagus below him. He could feel it squeeze his feet and pull. Suddenly, his whole body was pulled into the tight tube and being forced down. He fought tooth and nail to climb back up, but nothing he did changed his direction. After a few seconds that felt like forever he was squeezed tighter and then fell suddenly. He landed on something soft, wet and squishy. As he landed the area around him erupted into violent movement throwing him and tightening around him. The liquid that leaked from the walls coated him as he was tossed around. At first it itched, then it began to burn. He tried pounding on the walls and screaming, and then realized his mistake. He’d just let out all of his air.



The feeling of Michael’s struggles as he went down her esophagus was incredible. When it was over she wasn’t sure if she could feel him in her stomach or was just imagining it, but the image of him being trapped inside her struggling with all his might but unable to get out thrilled her in ways she couldn’t describe. The shudders were coming faster now. She finally gave in and drunkenly swayed over to the love seat in the corner of the room. She plopped down and slowly worked off her panties.



Lindsay had finally gotten back to tending bar as one of the other girls relieved her of operating duty. She saw the young woman she, “helped” earlier walk to a bar stool with a dreamy smile on her face. She almost seemed to float there.


“Can I get you a drink?” Lindsay asked.


Martha shook her head and rubbed her belly. Ah, she doesn’t want anything else in there with him. Can she feel him?!


“Thank you,” Martha said in a sweet voice. Lindsay winked.


“Don’t mention it,” Lindsay said. Really kid.


 Martha smiled and walked to a nearby table where Donna was sitting.

Lindsay smiled and went to refresh another patron’s drink. He seemed to be plying up enough courage to request her to shrink him. Looks like I’ll get lucky tonight after all.


“There you are!” Donna said, “Where’d you vanish to?”


Martha sighed happily, but said nothing.


“Clark chickened out on me,” Donna said, “Big surprise there!”


“Oh,” Martha said.


“Of course I couldn’t eat him after he panicked like that,” Donna said, “I sent him back and got someone else to, um, fill the position,”


“Of course not, that would be awful,” Martha said. It would be very bad. Very mean. “I hope he’s ok,”


“You know what?” Donna said slapping the table,” I just realized, if he came here knowing what we were going to do, but not wanting to do it, he probably just staid to try and feel me up! That little! Errr! I should’ve swallowed him anyway! Hell, I should’ve chewed!”


“Don’t say that,” Martha said putting her hand to her mouth in shock, “You don’t want to do something you’d regret,”


“Speaking of regret, I had a few glasses of regret tonight. It’s probably best you drive us home,” Donna said. Martha nodded, “Oh by the way, how’d it go with Michael,”


“Wonderful,” Martha sighed.


“Huh, Clark seemed to think Michael would chicken out too,” Donna said.


Martha shook her head, “He was very happy to do it. He was probably too embarrassed to tell Clark,”


“When we get home Clark’s the one that’ll be embarrassed,” Donna said, “When I’m done with him no girl on campus will want to date him,”



Jackie carried Clark casually in her hand as she walked briskly through the restaurant. She didn’t seem to care for his comfort or personal safety. When she’d stop at a table to take orders she’d casually wave him around. She was a major hand talker and would frankly forget he was there. Any attempts to ask her questions were ignored. Clark had had all he could take when he saw that she passed the shrinking booths without slowing down.


“Hey, We’re supposed to be going that way!” He yelled. She ignored him and kept walking, “Hello!” He waved up to her, but she trudged on dodging customers and wait staff who were carrying massive trays. At the far wall of the restaurant was a sign that read STAFF ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT.


She continued down the hall as other waiters brought trays towards the restaurant. Considering it was her first day, she maneuvered through the traffic like she had done it all her life. It seemed to be second nature to her. At the end of the hall there was an area similar to a tray drop off at a cafeteria with a bin of tiny men with a label that read DIRTY. Beside it there was a tray of dirty dishes that also said DIRTY, a bin of tiny men that said CLEAN, and a stack of clean dishes. She dropped him in the dirty men tray and walked off without a word.


 The tray was full of angry and confused men yelling pretty much what Clark had been yelling since Jackie had picked him up, but nobody would listen to them. After waiting there for a few minutes a woman on the other side of the drop off started picking them up one by one and wiping them off with a rag. (You know, in case the customer had licked them before returning them) After wiping down and drying each of them, she transferred them to the clean tray and went back into the kitchen area. She ignored their cries as well. She might as well have been polishing glasses.


Every now and then, a waitress would come, count out a few, put them on a tray, and walk off. With each tray the sinking feeling in Clark’s stomach grew. Finally a waitress counted off six men, Clark included, and put them in individual bowls on her tray. She grabbed six cups and walked over to a drink fountain.


“Let’s see, three sparkling waters, two regular waters, with lemon, and a diet cola,” she mumbled to herself trying to recall the whole order, “Cheapskates. Always coming in here and never tipping,”


“Excuse me!” Clark called out. The others began to yell out to her as well, but Clark was closer and caught her ear, ”I need your help! There’s been a terrible mistake! Please, get me out of here!”


“Relax sir, you’ll get out soon,” The waitress said, “You just have to go to processing first. It’s standard procedure I assure you. Once you’re processed you can get out,” She stopped for a moment, “Oh yes, they ordered an onion blossom as well,” After she’d placed the order and received the onion blossom, she walked the other way down the hall deftly carrying the tray.


“If we’re going to processing, why are you carrying drinks and an onion blossom with us?”

“The order’s going the same direction,” She said casually, “Why make two trips when you could make one,” This satisfied Clark and he asked no more questions. His worry was piqued again when he saw the waitress walking towards a table with six smartly dressed women. They were young professionals; most of them had their P.D.A.s out and a Bluetooth in one ear.


“Here you go, six shrunken men, an onion blossom, three sparkling waters, two regular waters with lemon, and a diet cola,” She said laying out the order. The diet cola was placed next to Clark. The women halfheartedly thanked the waitress and went back to talking. Clark tried to call out to the waitress, but she was long gone. He saw the woman across from him pick up her tiny man and pop him into her mouth. She didn’t even pause her conversation on her Bluetooth. She just swallowed and kept on talking. He turned to face the woman who purchased him and his heart leapt for joy. He was as good as saved!


“Vera!” Clark yelled. Of all the people in all the places in all the world he was lucky enough to land right in front of his oldest friend during his most desperate hour. Clark and Vera had started kindergarten together, and remained friends until high school graduation. They hadn’t been in contact with each other since high school graduation, but she was sure a sight for sore eyes!


Vera heard him yelling and looked down at her bowl annoyed at first, but then smiling, “Clark!” She said excitedly, “It’s been forever!”


“What are you doing in a place like this?” Clark asked. To tell the truth seeing her had filled him with relief.


“I’m working as a file clerk for Dewie, Cheatim, and Howe,” She said, “If I stick with the partnership they’ll pay for my J.D.S and make me partner when I graduate. They said I had great potential. To tell you the truth, I’m doing more law work than most lawyers. I just have to be a file clerk on the books until I get my degree. How’ve you been?”


“Not good,” Clark said, “Listen, I need,” Vera held up a finger.


“Sorry. Gotta take this,” She said and then began talking to the air, “Yes Hank, I understand. Undoubtedly, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are our client and they paid a retainer.” She paused and listened for a while. While she was waiting she lifted her soda and drank down about half of it. Vera began to absently play with Clark in her fingers, knocking him to the bottom of the bowl and pinning him without watching what she was doing. He noticed with fear that he was about the size of one of her fingers. Her French tipped nails were long enough to slice him in half and there she was just tap tap tapping around him with them unconsciously, “Exactly how unethical are we talking Hank? Fine, I’ll look into it, but you owe me,”


When she hung up she withdrew her hand from the bowl and looked down at Clark, “I hate to be rude and break this off early, but this is a working mealtime, and I only get thirty minutes. I have to finish this,” Very gestured towards Clark and her drink, “and get things ready for a surprise meeting before I can go home to bed. It was nice seeing you again though,” Clark stood up to protest, but Vera held up a finger,


“Hank? Yeah, I just have to shuffle a few papers around. It should be done before I head out,” She took another drink of her soda and picked Clark up. She played with him in her fingers as she took another drink, “A place called Forbidden Dish. No I’m sure you haven’t heard of it. We helped them with some paperwork when they started out, so now we get discounts. Just wanted a little something before the meeting. Yeah sure why don’t you come check it out some day. I’ll bring you myself. Sure, sure,”


She popped Clark into her mouth. As he screamed and begged he could hear her hum “mmmhmm, mmmhmm,” To “Henry” Suddenly he went barreling down her esophagus. He knew it was no use to fight, but that didn’t stop him. He struggled the whole way down before splashing into a mess of diet cola and stomach acid. Clark swam around blindly looking for a way out, and only finding walls that constricted and tightened around him. How could she do this? We were best friends! He braved through the pain and pounded on any wall he came in contact with. We were best friends!



“What Henry?” Vera asked, “Oh that? Just an old friend. Sweet guy, I’ll let you meet him if you come down with me tomorrow. Good, good. See you then.


End Notes:

Please provide feedback. If enough people are interested I will write more of these.

Dine in Only by oishi1
Author's Notes:

Rob is about to learn the rules the hard way. Unwilling character.

Dine in Only


A Forbidden Dish tale


“Welcome to Forbidden dish, I’m Kara,” The Hostess said to the nervous looking couple at the door, “First time here?”


They nodded, but were still looking around like lost tourists.


“So, uh, is it true?”  Rob asked. Kara could hear nervous excitement in his voice, “Do you really have shrink machines that actually work?”


Rob had giantess fantasies since he was a kid. He found out about Forbidden dish through one of the websites he frequented. They showed a clip of a reporter visiting the restaurant and eating a tiny man. At first he though it was a fake (a surprisingly well made fake but a fake none the less), but he found the restaurant’s website and reviews from customers. Many of the vore fans on his favorite site had not posted in months after saying they were going to check it out. Rob wasn’t into vore, but he couldn’t resist the chance to actually be shrunk for real. He had to talk a really good game to convince Isabella to actually take him to check it out. She still had her reservations.


“Sure do,” Kara answered with practice. She pointed to a nearby table where tiny men were sitting in bowls “See for yourself.”


Isabella elbowed Rob, “You were right! It’s not a hoax!”


Rob stared in awe at the tiny men. He watched the women pick them up. It was a dream come true to see so many women holding tiny men. Then, he saw them put them in their mouths and swallow.


Rob winced.


He’d almost forgot that this place was a restaurant.


“Would you like a table?” Kara asked.


“Please,” Rob said.




After they were seated they went over their “plan of attack”.


“Let’s go to the club upstairs and dance first,” Isabella said.


“You know I hate dancing,” Rob said.


“Come on,” Isabella said, “I came all this way for your thing, the least you can do is pretend to enjoy a dance,”


Rob rolled his eyes, “Fine,” There was no arguing with her logic.


The music was actually very good. They varied it constantly rather than play one genre to death. The air felt like it was energized. As they danced Rob was shocked to realize that he was having a good time. He stared down into Isabella’s eyes. Better enjoy this while I can. Rob was shocked to realize that they were on the floor for an hour.


“Shall we?” Rob asked holding out his arm.


“Let’s,” Isabella said taking it.


Rob had to sign a consent form before he could get in line. He eagerly signed it and nearly ran to the line in the back of the restaurant. The line wasn’t too long and they were staring at the booth before they knew it. Rob ran his hand across the cool glass. This was too good to be true.


“Welcome to the shrinking booth,” The operator said, “I take it you are the one that will be shrunk?” She asked looking at Rob. He nodded, “Ok then, please step inside the booth. Watch your hands. Good. Keep them to the side like that while I close this,” Rob could hear the pneumatic hiss as the door was pulled down and the final sounding click of the lock. He was actually nervous now.


“Now, this is really important, k?” The operator said, “This is your last chance to reconsider. Are you sure you want to do this?”


“We crossed three state lines to get here. I’m as sure of this as I am of anything,” Rob said.


“K then,” The operator said. She pushed the button and a bright light pierced Rob’s eyes. It didn’t feel like a long time, and he didn’t feel any different. He heard a hiss that sounded like it was coming from all around him. As he tried to regain his vision he felt warm flesh surround him. I can’t believe this is real. He was actually in Isabella’s hand! They both stared at each other for a few minutes drinking in the reality of the situation.


The operator cleared her throat. Embarrassed they realized that they were holding up the line.


“Sorry,” Isabella said as they slowly headed back to the restaurant. She sat Rob on the table so he would have time to recompose himself, “Look at that Rob. The silverware is real silver! It’s so heavy!” She grabbed a menu, “Wow! We are definitely not eating here!” she said staring at the prices, “We’ll find something on the road, that is, unless I change my mind and decide to have you as an appetizer,” She gave a wicked smile. Rob Shuddered.


“Don’t even joke like that!” Rob said frightened.


“Who says I’m joking?” she asked still smiling. Isabella picked Rob up and licked her lips. She slowly brought him to her mouth.


“This isn’t funny Isabella!” Rob yelled as he screamed and struggled to get out of her hand, but she paid him no mind.


“No! Please! Nooo! Rob yelled. As he got closer he closed his eyes and turned away. Isabella kissed him repeatedly and smiled.


“Sorry sweetie, couldn’t resist. You looked so helpless,” she said putting him back down on the table. He stared at her too stunned to speak, “You didn’t think I’d actually do it did you?” A look of concern crossed her face, “I would never do anything to hurt you,” Rob knew it was true, but really seeing his giant girlfriend bringing him to her mouth and fantasizing about it were two entirely different animals. As happy as he was he couldn’t help but be scared.


“I know,” he said, “but try to see it from my view. There’s nothing I could do to stop you,”


“I know isn’t it great?” she said smiling, “I thought you liked that part. The lack of control,”


“It’s different in the fantasy,” Rob said, “If  I don’t want to play I can just stop, but now, if you wanted to eat me I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it,”


“You’re right, I could totally just toss you into my mouth and swallow and you’d be unable to stop me,” Isabella said getting a little thrill from his nervous shiver, “But you also know I love you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. How about this? I promise I won’t  eat you or threaten to eat you again,”


“Pinky swear on it?” Rob said walking closer to her.


“You know, you’re about the size of my pinky right now,” Isabella said holding out her pinky for comparison, “but sure, pinky swear,” She nearly knocked him over with her finger as she brought it down to him. They both laughed about this and the tension seemed to finally break.



“Feeling better sweetie?” Isabella asked. She knew he hated vore but had to pick on him after he had dragged her all the way out here. She didn’t know it would freak him out this much, and she was starting to feel bad about it, “About ready to head out?” She lowered her hand onto the table, “Just climb on and we’ll head home,”


Rob nodded, “No funny stuff though,” he said as he timidly climbed into her hand. He still had a hard time getting his mind around the fact that he was able to fit in her palm. He couldn’t wait to get home and find out where else he could fit.


Isabella headed to the door with Rob in her hand. She was reaching into her purse for her car keys when the bouncer stopped her just short of the exit. He was a large solemn man with a strong resemblance to Tony Todd. She recognized him from when he carded them when they came in and smiled politely at him.


“Excuse me ma’am, but this is a dine in only establishment. No “to go” orders allowed,”


“W-what?” Isabella asked completely baffled by his statement, “I didn’t order anything,” The bouncer eyed Rob.


“What do you call that?”


“Uh, my boyfriend,” she said impatiently. Her smile completely vanished. She tried to step around the bouncer but he sidestepped and completely blocked the door, “What are you doing? Let us out!”


She might as well have asked the wall to step aside. It would’ve gotten the same results. She tried to shove past him. Without looking like he was exerting any effort he put out one hand and blocked her.


“Company policy ma’am, no outside food comes in and no inside food goes out,” he said calmly.


“Inside f-“ she stopped and tried to compose herself, “This is my boyfriend, not a leftover prawn!”


“He went into the booth voluntarily right?” Isabella nodded.


“Signed the papers too?” She nodded again.


“I don’t see your p-“


“The form he filled out explained in explicit detail, that once he signs the papers and is shrunk he is considered property of the restaurant,”


“We didn’t know that!” she yelled.


“Not my problem lady,” he said calmly.


Isabella had to fight to keep from exploding. In her anger she didn’t realize that she nearly crushed Rob until he yelled out. She quickly released her grip, stiffly walked away from the bouncer, and approached one of the servers.


“Excuse me miss, but I don’t want to eat my boyfriend and-“ Isabella started.


“Changed your mind huh?” the server asked. She had a nameplate that said Danielle, “I’ll take care of that for you right away,” She reached for Rob but Isabella pulled back.


“Can’t I just carry him until we get back to the booth?” she asked.


Danielle looked confused, “He’s not going back to the booth. All shrunken men who are returned are resold to somebody who wants them,” She explained.


“You don’t understand,” Isabella said, “He doesn’t want to be eaten. We just want to go home, but the bouncer won’t let us,”


“I’m really sorry, but we don’t do reverses. Once a customer is shrunk there’s no going back, and we’re not permitted to let them leave the store. Either you eat him or someone else will,” Danielle told her. Despite the cruelty of the message she did look legitimately sorry to say it.


“This can’t be legal,” Isabella said, “How can you do this to a human being?”


“The restaurant has a unique license,” Danielle said, “People are allowed to be shrunk only if they are willing and sign the waver without coercion, and it is only legal in this building. If we let you leave with him it will start all kinds of legal trouble for us,”


Unable to put her newfound rage into words Isabella stormed over to a nearby table and sat down. Everybody in the restaurant was staring at her, but she didn’t care. They could all go rot for all she cared. Bunch of sickos.


“What do we do now?” Rob asked.


“I don’t know! Why did we have to come here in the first place?” She shot back. She felt him try to make himself smaller to get away from her and realized she yelled, “Sorry, but I don’t know what to do. We can’t just attack the bouncer and run out, and technically, we did this to ourselves,”


“Let’s be honest,” Rob said hanging his head, “I did it to us, and if the only way for you to get out of here is to eat me then I guess-“


Isabella let out a shocked scream as her back was hit suddenly with something very cold. She turned around angrily and saw a petite young woman scrambling to put ice in her fallen glass.


“I’m so sorry! I must have tripped,” she said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.


“You should watch where you’re going!” Isabella snapped. The young lady looked like she was about to burst into tears (she barely looked like she cleared five feet, and looked awfully young, but considering the bouncer let her in she had to be at least in her twenties.) Isabella sighed, placed Rob on the table, and helped the girl pick up the ice, “I’m sorry I yelled. Got a lot of personal stuff going on right now. Please don’t cry. It’s just water. It’ll dry real quick,”


“I-I didn’t m-mean to-“ the girl started, voice shaking.


“No, no, it’s alright really. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me today,” Isabella said.


“Oh, what happened?” the girl asked as she wiped the fog from her glasses.


“We came here because my boyfriend wanted to be shrunk, but he didn’t want to be eaten. We found out after,” Isabella really stressed the word after, “he was shrunk that even if someone changes their minds afterwards they can’t leave or be brought back to normal size,”


“If they don’t let them go then what do they do with them?” the girl asked.


“They resell them,” Isabella said.


“Even if they don’t want to be eaten?” The girl asked shocked.




“How awful. I can’t imagine what that would be like,” the girl said. She looked sad and sympathetic. It was the first friendly face Isabella had seen in this whole ordeal, so once they’d cleaned up the ice she invited her to sit with them while they weighed their options.


“Well, we’ve ruled out making a run for it,” Isabella said, “So I either have to eat you or give you to the servers,” She stared at Rob. Can I even do it?


“Have you ever eaten anyone?” She asked the girl.


“Only twice,” she said blushing.


“How hard is it?” Isabella asked.


“It depends,” The girl answered, “It can be really dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you tense up you can break their bones or choke on them,” Rob turned green.


“I can’t put Rob through that!” Isabella said.


“You could give him to one of the servers,” the girl told her, “They are all pros at it by now,” Isabella looked at the servers. They were all so beautiful. Like, unreal have to be airbrushed beautiful. One of them (she had a name tag that said Lindsay) walked by the table and winked (she was winking at the girl, but Isabella held Rob a little closer and made an unfriendly face anyway)


Isabella muttered a word not worth repeating under her breath.


“There’s no way I’m giving them the satisfaction,” Isabella said.


“I guess that leaves putting him up for resale,” the girl said.


“What about you?” Isabella asked the girl.


“Huh?” the girl asked.


“I know I can’t do it, I don’t want the servers to do it, and a complete stranger is outright unthinkable,” Isabella said, “You seem nice enough, and you have experience, plus that’s why you came here right? So,” she trailed off.


“I don’t know, I just came here with my friends,” The girl said pointing to two girls and two guys across the room talking and laughing.


“Come on please? You’d be doing us a big favor,” Isabella said.


“Well,” The girl blushed, “If that’s what you want, I guess I could,”


“Don’t I get a say in this?” Rob yelled out.


“No, really, I think it’s the only way,” Isabella said to the girl completely ignoring Rob, “Just be gentle ok?”


The girl timidly took the protesting Rob from Isabella’s hand, “Of course, I don’t want to hurt him,”


“Are you going to do it right here?” Isabella asked.


“I can’t,” The girl said, “I’m too nervous with all these people around. I think it would be best if I take him to one of the private rooms. That way we have time to talk and can do it when he is ready,”


“Then I’ll come with you,” Isabella said getting up from her chair.


“Oh, ok, but don’t you think that would be harder on both of you?” The girl asked, “Do you really want to watch me swallow your boyfriend?”


Isabella thought about it for a minute. No, I suppose you’re right. That would be too hard to watch. She bent over and kissed Rob on the head.


“Goodbye Rob. I love you,” she said as she turned away.


“No please! You can’t do this, there has to be another way!” Rob yelled as the girl slowly walked to the private rooms. Isabella didn’t look up again. She had her face buried in her hands and her back to them, “Please take me back to her. I’m not ready,” Rob begged the girl. She ignored him. When they were out of the dining area she began to skip happily along the hall where the private rooms were looking for an empty sign. It was a busy night and many of the rooms said occupied, but they found one in the back. Rob felt like he was on a powerful rollercoaster.


She closed the door and locked it behind her. The doors worked much like restroom doors on an airplane. When she turned the lock it activated the occupied sign outside. When his stomach caught back up to him Rob began to cry out.


“Take it easy! That was very painful!”


She placed him on a table and smiled. There wasn’t much furniture in the room. There was a simple table, a chair, a love seat, and a dancing pole. There was a drain in the center of the floor and it looked like they hosed the place regularly. She stood at the edge of the table staring down at him with a very disturbed grin on her face.


“Please, take me back to Isabella. I don’t want to do this,” he called up to her.


“Do what?” She asked.


“I don’t want you to eat me,” He answered.


“You don’t?” she asked. She looked hurt, “Why not?”


“What kind of person would want to be eaten?” Rob yelled out.


“The last guy I ate asked for it, but he wasn’t nearly as fun,” the girl said, “I had to try it once though you know? Just to be sure,” She looked like she was thinking for a while, “If you really don’t want me to eat you then I won’t,” she said after a while.

“Really?” Rob asked.


“Really,” she said.


Rob relaxed. It was like a huge weight had lifted from his shoulders.


“Yeah, I mean what kind of person would eat someone who didn’t want to be eaten?” Rob asked.


“Someone very bad,” the girl said in a low husky voice, “It would be horrible wouldn’t it? To be picked up and swallowed while you kicked and screamed. You’d go right down my throat unable to stop,” while she said this she made a trail with her finger. Rob didn’t like her enthusiasm, “You wouldn’t stop until you reached my stomach. Then you’d be trapped and no matter how hard you struggled there would be no escape. My stomach acids would treat you like any other food,” She rubbed her belly as she said this. Rob heard a low growl from deep within her, “Sorry, I didn’t eat anything all day when I heard we were coming here, unless you count the five antacids I took just before I left. By the way, how long can you hold your breath?” She leaned in and smiled as she asked this.


“Wh-why do you want to know?” Rob was suddenly scared again. He did not like the direction this conversation was heading.


“Oh just curious,” she said, “Does that question bother you?” she asked poking him in the midsection and nearly knocking him off his feet.


“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” he yelled.


She just giggled.


“Please! You can’t do this!” he yelled.


“Do what?” she asked as she maneuvered her hand behind him. When he started looking frightened again she began to shudder and roll her eyes. Her breathing was much heavier too. Is this turning her on? She brought her hand forward raking him towards her, “I’m not doing anything,” She brought him to the edge of the table and pushed him into her other hand. It was a short drop, but it was enough to get his heart beating like crazy.


“You promised Isabella that you’d be gentle!” He yelled.


“Well, this will just be between you and me then won’t it?” she asked. She walked over to the love seat and plopped down. She held him against her roaring belly. The more he struggled the harder her breathing became. Her heart was distant thunder gaining speed. She lifted him up and dangled him above her mouth.


“You said you wouldn’t eat me!” he yelled.


“What makes you think I’m going to?” she asked, “That would be wrong. That would be bad,” She shuddered more. As Rob dangled above her mouth she opened wide. He could see past her teeth. Her tongue stretched out like a landing strip. Her uvula bobbed as she shuddered, her hot breath matted his hair and made him sweat. Beyond the uvula there was the downward bend of her throat, and beyond that there was darkness. He couldn’t bring his mind to think about what was in that darkness or how easily he could be sent to find out.


She began to lower him towards her mouth.


“Don’t!” he yelled.


“Don’t what?” she smiled, “I’m not doing anything,” She sat him on her lower jaw with his feet in her mouth. The hot wet tongue played with the back of his legs and inched him to the edge of her lips. He felt like he was going to slip and struggled to find a place to hold on, but she was too powerful.


“Don’t please, no!” He yelled as he backpedalled with his palms.


 She closed her lips around his knees and began to suck. She had her eyes closed and her hands were no longer on him. They were now fumbling with her skirt as she sucked him waist deep in the hot tight confines of her mouth.


“Please, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t do this to me!” he cried out.


“A little privacy please?” she said around his legs before sucking his whole body into her mouth. He was in the hot wet darkness struggling to remember which way was up as she tossed him around with her tongue. He could feel his feet sliding towards the edge. Rob groped desperately for something to hold onto, but everything he touched was slippery. Her breathing began to quicken and Rob felt himself slip. The tongue forced him to the roof of her mouth and before he could react he was pulled down sharply. It felt like something had grabbed his ankles and yanked him down.


Rob was being squeezed from all sides and forced in a downward motion. He gasped for air and struggled to form a wedge with his arms and legs, but it was no use. Nothing he did stopped his downward journey.  Her heart was louder on this side. It was like a Taiko drum. After a long battle that left him tired and weak the tightness increased until he heard a pop and was suddenly freefalling. The fall didn’t last long before he landed on wrinkly wet flesh and felt it close around him. He tried to stand but it was no use. Every surface moved and shook and there was no way to find stability. Liquid began to fill any space that Rob hadn’t filled himself. He was surprised to realize that it didn’t burn. He pounded on the walls and fought for as long as he could. Why? Why would she do this?


He could hear her breathing continue to quicken outside as well as the hammering of her heart, which now felt like it flowed through him. Moans reverberated through her growing faster and more frequent as he pounded on the walls desperately looking for a way out.


Whatever she was doing she finished quickly. He heard her heartbeat even out and her breathing start to regulate after about a minute. He could feel her movement, but had no idea what she was doing. Rob was still trying to decide if now was the moment to bless or curse his drownproofing courses he had to take while he was a lifeguard. Try to get to the surface! With a little work he found what he assumed was up and began to swim, but when he reached the “top” he found no airspace.


Rob’s stopped working when he realized that the girl was talking. His heart leapt when he recognized the other voice Isabella! He knew he couldn’t cry out, but he had to get her attention somehow. He began pounding violently on the stomach walls. I’ve got to let Isabella know I’m still here. He redoubled his efforts as their conversation continued, but after a while the muffled sounds of their conversation ceased. Nononono! Go back! Go back! He heard other voices that he didn’t recognize accompanied by giggling. His strength waned as he began to lose consciousness.





Isabella sat down at the table with her face in her hands and didn’t move. Even though she knew the girl was better qualified she really wished she’d had the courage to swallow Rob herself. At least she wouldn’t hurt him and it would probably be over quickly. She was glad he didn’t have to suffer. After what felt like forever the girl finally came back by the table. She looked sad and solemn.


Isabella could barely face her.


“So, you did it?” Isabella asked. The girl nodded, “I’m sorry I made you do my dirty work,”


“I understand,” the girl said, “Rob understood why you couldn’t do it. He said it was for the best and told me to tell you he loved you,”


Isabella had to fight back tears, “Thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you,”


The girl nodded shyly and walked over to her friends. It was just the girls now. The two guys that were with them must have shared Rob’s fate. It didn’t hit her until she grabbed her purse that in all the confusion she never asked the girl’s name. She went to talk to her again but her table was empty. She and her friends had already left. With nothing keeping her there Isabella left the restaurant without talking to anybody else and prepared herself for the long drive home.




The Gift by oishi1
Author's Notes:

F/m reluctant F/m willing 

The hangdog look on Upton’s face was pathetic. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so sad. He was telling Donna how they were meant to be together because they liked the same shows or breakfast cereals or whatever. (She’d heard the same speech from so many guys it all kind of blurred together now.) It had gotten old really fast.


“Listen, Upton, I’m trying to focus on my education right now, and am not really looking for a relationship,” Donna said in as gentle a voice as she could muster, “You understand right?”


Upton tried to speak, swallowed, and tried again. The only sound he could muster was a strange click. Suddenly they were not alone.


“Hey Donna, Ronni said she’s totally free tonight,” Martha started, then she saw Upton and paused, “Oh! I’m sorry, am I interrupting?” She asked already starting to back away.


“Don’t worry about it,” Donna said, “Upton was just leaving,”


Upton took the hint and slowly started to walk away, his feet like lead.


“So, Forbidden Dish and birthday shots huh?” Donna asked, “She seem up for it?”


Upton stopped.


“Uh huh, I knew she would be,” Martha said, “at least, I hoped,”


“I don’t know why you like to go there, you never do anything the whole night, and yet you insisted on going that one night and randomly decided to invite Ronni there for her birthday.” Donna said. Martha Shrugged.


“I don’t know,” Martha said blushing. She didn’t do well as  the center of attention, “I just like it. That’s all.”


“Hey, I wonder if Upton would want to go,” Donna said jokingly.


 She noticed that Upton had stopped and turned around. He looked like he was really focusing on something. He didn’t just take me seriously did he? “What is it Upton?”


“I uh, that is, I’ll do it,” his voice was wavering, “I’ll even buy drinks,”


An amused smile crept across Donna’s face.

“You know what Forbidden Dish is right?” Donna asked, “Tell the truth now,”


Of course he did. By now rumor of Clark standing Donna up had leaked to every corner of the campus.


Upton nodded slowly.


“And you know if we go I only want one thing for dinner, “ she said getting way to close to him.


Upton nodded again. He was now sweating. Having her stand so close made his brain shut down.


“I figure it would be worth it,” Upton said. He sounded like he was still trying to convince himself.


“Well, you better be sure, if you change your mind later I’m gonna come get you anyway,” Donna said.


“I-I’m sure,” He stammered.


“Good,” Donna said, “I’ll pick you up at seven. Oh and Upton, no cold feet now,”


Donna and Martha headed off to class, and Upton, too stunned to fully take in what just happened walked in a daze back to his dorm.



What did I just do? Upton paced in his dorm. I’ll do it? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Maybe I should just call Donna and tell her I changed my mind. He knew it wouldn’t work. Even if she couldn’t follow through with her threat to come get him, how could he face himself? This was his “one true love”. If he couldn’t be with her one way, he had to be with her another. He saw no other option.


Upton had a class at three but decided to blow it off. What good would it do to go? Even knowing that he wouldn’t be here after tonight he had a hard time making himself miss class. He’d never missed class, or a day of work, or anything else he’d ever said he’d attend. It would be my last one. I should go for sentimental value. On the other hand I might end up telling someone and being talked out of it. Maybe I want that. No, this is for the best. No distractions.


He steeled himself and tried to spend the last few hours of his life finishing a book he’d been reading. He knew he’d just barely make it. He changed into his going out clothes before he started reading so he wouldn’t be rushing later. He decided to dress nice, but not fancy, so he put on a button up shirt and a fresh pair of jeans. He was hungry, but since he’d offered to pay for the night he didn’t want to spend all his money. The fridge barely contained anything that could be classified as food, but he managed to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Upton’s stomach was upset from nerves and he had a difficult time eating the dry sandwich. He ate half of it before deciding to just start up on the book. Every now and then he’d glance at the clock and was alarmed to realize how quickly time seemed to melt away.



Donna checked her makeup in the mirror. Donna and Martha shared a dorm and Ronni lived across the hall. They met at Donna and Martha’s to get ready.


“Perfect” she said. Most people would agree with her. She exerted a lot of effort to make everything look effortless, but it paid off big time. Men lined up to give her stuff and women flocked to hang out with her and fight over her castoffs. It had been that way as long as she could remember, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.


She was dressed to kill (literally) with a black t-shirt that hugged her body. It showed off her generous cleavage and just a hint of midriff. It had a giant red lip smack silkscreened onto the front. She also wore a pair of “Doctored” low-rise jeans she converted into shorts with scissors.  She finished it off with platform heels that made her look taller (as if she needed it).


“So, let me get this straight. “ Ronni said, “You go to this restaurant, they shrink men, and you swallow them?”


“Pretty much” Martha said.


“Why aren’t more people talking about this? It seems like it’d kind of be a big deal!” Ronni said stressing kind of, “I can’t believe it’d actually be legal! You’ve both been there before? What’s it like?” One question seemed to fly out of her mouth before the other was even finished, but that was just Ronni. She tended to be full of energy and have little to no volume control, but she was funny, quick-witted, and very outgoing. Martha liked her because she did enough talking for both of them. Donna liked her because she helped deflect the losers.


“W-we’ve gone before,” Martha said, “I think it’s legal because the men volunteer,”


“That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard so far,” Ronny said, “Who would volunteer to be eaten? I mean can you imagine?” She got up as she talked and began to flail her arms. Her Theater background had made her unable to talk without moving (or maybe her inability to talk without moving made her good for theater.) “Do they just one day think hmm, I feel like a snack? Get it? I’m totally down for this,” She clapped her hands and jumped up from her chair, “I mean I want to try it out, but I still don’t see why anybody would want us to do this,”

“I think it’s a sexual thing,” Donna said in a noncommittal way while continuing to primp unnecessarily.


“Yeah that makes sense,” Ronni said rolling her eyes. Martha blushed, “So, what are we waiting for?”


“I told Upton we’d pick him up at 7,” Donna said, “He’s buying,”


“Is he also?” Ronni started.


“Yup,” Donna said, “But I think he’ll chicken out. He seemed unsure when he volunteered,”


“I wouldn’t blame him!” Ronni said, “If you’d asked me I’d be like heeell naw! Then I’d deck ya and you’d be like “Eyoo thud!”” She accentuated this by acting it out. Well, I’m ready when everyone else is. It’s mah birthday and I’m ready to go do something stupid!”


Ronni was wearing a white micro tee that was almost a bra, short shorts that didn’t have legs and red suspenders. She was wearing an old pair of sneakers and way too much eyeliner.


She was tall like Donna but more athletic and she wore her hair very short.


“I guess it’s close enough to time,” Donna said, “Let’s not leave Upton waiting,”


Martha nodded and got up to follow them. She was dressed more conservatively than the other two. Donna couldn’t understand why she insisted on wearing a skirt and simple blouse. At least show some skin. How does she expect to get anybody’s attention like that?


“Yeah Donna, don’t get any ideas or,” Ronni feigned a punch and spun around, “Eyoo thud!”



Upton finished the book (it was the fifth in a series and it took five years for this one to come out) He was disappointed to find out that a sixth book was due out next year. Next year. I won’t even be here next year. Heck. I won’t be here tomorrow. He looked at the clock. Five till seven. He decided to wait outside. At ten after Donna’s car pulled into the parking lot. Aww come on! The girl’s dorms aren’t even that far away. Punctuality had always been a big deal to him.


“Hey Uppers!” Ronni yelled out the window. She was in the front passenger seat and Donna was driving, “I guess he’s braver than you thought!”


“Hi Veronica. Happy birthday,” He couldn’t think of anything else to say. It was like a force field of awkwardness radiated from him.


“Thanks Uppers, now get in the car,” She reached out the window and slapped the door, “We’ve got things to do!” Upton got in next to Martha. He didn’t remember much of the ride. From the moment he sat down in the car to the moment they met the hostess was a blur. He knew that they were carded at the door and that Veronica was more than eager to show off her I.D.


“Hey everyone!” Ronni yelled, “It’s mah birthday!” Scattered cheers started throughout the restaurant. Upton and Martha tried to hide behind Ronni to little success. Ronni put her arm around Upton, “Come on Uppers Let’s get some birthday shots!” Upton looked at Donna uncertainly. Donna shrugged in a “What can you do?” sort of way and they all followed her. They chose a table semi close to the bar, but not in the line of “bar traffic” There was a decent crowd today and sitting at the bar itself would’ve been impossible, “Ooh fancy!” Ronni unrolled her silverware from the handkerchief and began drumming on the table.


“Hi! Welcome to Forbidden Dish, I’m Lindsay and I’ll be your server today,” Lindsay said, “I heard someone say it’s their birthday today,” She turned to Ronni, “So, how do you want to kick off the celebration?”


“I wanna get drunk!” Ronni said pumping her fist at the word drunk, “Let’s get some birthday shots! I mean it! I wanna be like “Why didn’t you call me?”” She began crying into her hand like she had a telephone,  “ Drunk. d-r-u-n-k.”


“We’d like a party sampler of shots please. A little bit of everything,” Donna cut in, “Please excuse my friend. It’s her first legal night drinking. We have to make sure to save room for, uh, other activities, Ronni,” They both smiled at each other like they were sharing a secret.


“Oh yeah, how do we do that part? Do we order, or do we go nab ‘em? How does it work?” Ronni barraged Lindsay with questions.


“Anybody in this bar wearing a red bracelet is potential prey,” Lindsay said, “You just go around and mingle. No nabbing, you have to ask. If they agree to go with you, you take them to the back over there,” She pointed to the booth room, “There are shrink booths and private rooms should you feel inclined,” Lindsay smiled, “Anything else?” They all shook their heads, “If you need anything, I’ll be around. I’ve got other tables and little men of my own to tend to,” With that she left them to enjoy the night and wait for their shots.


“We need at least two more men. At least!” Ronni slapped the table, “ I hear once you pop you can’t stop!” Ronni said, “Sorry Uppers you’re not enough man for all three of us,” Upton hated when she called him that. He couldn’t figure out when it started, most likely at orientation. Ronni stood on her chair, “Who wants to get in mah belleh?” she yelled. There was a mixture of laughter, applause and angry stares from fellow diners.


“Careful on that chair, you don’t want to wipe out on dry land,” a male voice said from behind Ronni. She jumped down and looked at their first taker. He was well built and shirtless. His only clothes were board shorts, sandals, a hemp necklace with sharks’ teeth on it, and most importantly a red bracelet. He had a golden appearance to fit his clothes (or lack thereof).  Without asking he pulled a chair up between Upton and Donna and sat down.


“We just ordered shots!” Ronni said, “Wanna join us? Uppers here is buying,”


“Alright Uppers!” The man said slapping Upton on the back, “Way to go bra! I’ll chill with you, but no shots for me. I want to be totally sober for my last ride,”


Upton was of a different mind on the matter. He would rather be a bit sedated when it happened.


“Are those sharks’ teeth?” Donna asked fingering the necklace.


“Yeah, each from a different shark,” The guy said, “Until this restaurant opened things like this were impossible. Hanging out with the sharks was the closest thing I had to my dream. It’s the whole reason I took up surfing in the first place. Good thing I didn’t bite it, or it didn’t bite me knowwhatimean? This will be totally better!”


The girls laughed. Upton was annoyed. He wondered why he never took up surfing, and then realized he’d never get the chance now. Surfing was one of the many things that were about to be beyond his reach.


When the shots arrived everybody but Martha and the surfer downed at least two. They were expensive, but what was Upton really going to need the money for anyway. Upton had two four horsemen shots and decided he was dulled enough. He sat and contemplated his last minutes. Martha sat quietly on the other end of the table while the surfer spent time joking back and forth between Donna and Ronni.


“What about Martha?” Ronni asked. Before Martha could tell her she was fine Ronni had already climbed on her chair again. She wobbled, and the surfer jumped up and steadied her.


“It’s like this,” he guided her with his hands firmly but not roughly on her sides, “Yeah that’s it lean in,”


“Hey everybody!” Ronni yelled, “Who wants to feed my friend here?” She grabbed Martha’s arm and pulled her protesting friend from her chair. Martha pulled her hand away quickly and sat down crossing her arms. She was beet red and bent over. The surfer helped Ronni down while people cheered. After no volunteers showed up conversation resumed. The surfer moved to a chair between Martha and Ronni and was trying to get Martha to look up. Upton didn’t know if it was the horsemen kicking in or what, but he was starting to like him. He wished he could just talk to anybody like he did. It bothered him that he didn’t know his name, but they were already in that awkward part of the conversation where it felt rude to ask. It only reminds the person that you didn’t ask earlier, besides, he didn’t want to interrupt. The surfer was making progress with cheering Martha up.


As she finally warmed up and began to smile they heard a scream at the door.


“What are you doing? Let us out!” A woman was yelling at the bouncer and trying to walk past him.  They could see him calmly talking to her and holding her back.


“This is my boyfriend not a leftover prawn!” The yelling escalated. Donna and Ronni were laughing.


“She must be a bit drunk too,” Ronni said. Upton noticed that Martha was watching the woman intently. He saw something in her eyes he’d never seen before and couldn’t place, but it scared him beyond description. Nobody else noticed. They had already started talking to each other and ignoring the “crazy lady”.


“I-um, I think I’m going to go get a drink of water,” Martha said starting to get up.


“Why bother?” Donna asked, “We can just get the waitress to do that,”


“It’s ok,” Martha said, “I don’t mind,”


She got up and walked towards the bar. While she was gone conversation resumed. The place was pretty packed. Lindsay walked over and looked at Upton and the surfer.


“Ready for your papers?” She asked. When they gave her a questioning look she said, “It’s just a formality. Something to document that you are here voluntarily. I’ll go get them for you,”


The papers made it all more real for Upton somehow. He noticed the surfer just leafed through them and signed without checking anything. He, on the other hand (to Donna’s protest) read the entire thing. Hmm, apparently after you shrink you are considered food. No exceptions. I wonder if Donna knows that Clark probably never left this place? He looked up and saw her laughing at Ronni. Probably not. Well, there’s no backing out now. Upton signed the papers and looked around to see if Lindsay was back to check them. He saw Martha sitting at a table with the woman who was yelling earlier and talking like they were old friends. “what the?”


Lindsay showed up and took the papers before he could say anything to anyone. Donna grabbed him and the surfer by the arm and started walking towards the booth room.


“Come on, let’s go,” Donna said impatiently, “Ronni, stay here and enjoy a few more shots. I’ll have a treat for you when I get back,”


“Woohoo!” Ronni said downing another shot. The line looked long but any line to your doom is going to feel way shorter than it is. They were in front of the booth before they knew it.


“Who wants to go first?” Donna asked.


“I’ve got this,” the surfer said, “But first,” He undid his necklace and gave it to Donna, “Give this to Martha for me will you? I think it will cheer her up,” He climbed into the booth and the operator shut the door.


“Now, are you sure you want to do this. After we shrink you there is no backing out,” The operator said.


“I’ve been sure my whole life,” The surfer said.


“They all say that,” The operator answered pushing the button. There was a blinding light and the surfer was about an inch and a half to two inches tall. Donna bent down and scooped him up while he was still dazed, then shoved Upton from behind.


“Get to stepping,” she said, “We’ve got a lot of partying to do,”


The glass door was closed over Upton.


“Last chance to back out,” the operator told him. Upton swallowed.


“Do it,” he said focusing on Donna and trying to look brave. The operator hit the button and next thing Upton saw was Donna’s giant hand lifting quickly into the air. Even though he was going up it felt like a rollercoaster drop. Before he could restabilize, Donna was already at the table with her hands behind her back. Upton nodded to the surfer. He nodded back. They were both understandably nervous.


“Ta Dah!” Donna said whipping Upton suddenly from behind her back and showing him to Ronni in her flat palm, “Happy birthday from me and Upton,”


“Aww you shouldn’t have,” Ronni said as she plucked Upton from Donna’s hand, “Now how do I do this?” She asked staring at Upton with a studious look on her face.


“But I thought-“ Upton began, but he was cut off.


“It’s easy,” Donna said, “Just get your mouth really lubricated, put it in and swallow,”


Ronni smiled at Upton, “Hear that Uppers? You’re going down,” She licked her lips and slid Upton into her mouth heedless of his protests. It was hot, wet, and smelled of alcohol in her mouth. Upton struggled, but the thick wet tongue was bigger than him and forced him against her hard palette. He was soaked through and through as he felt around for something to hold on to.


“Ronni no!” he yelled, but she was humming a happy tune that drowned out any sound he made. His ears, his nose, his skin, and now even his mouth was assaulted by alcohol thick saliva. It burned his eyes and made him cough. He realized early on that yelling would do more harm than good. As he tried to wipe away saliva he felt himself sliding forward and down on the slick surface. When he offered resistance the tongue pushed him harder against the hard palette and he started sliding faster. His arms were forced awkwardly to his sides as he was grabbed by her esophagus. He could feel himself being pulled down, then suddenly squeezed extremely tight, and then pushed back up in a cough. He felt a pop and his left arm began to flop uselessly. Pain shot through him. Had he lived he would’ve been delighted to know that it was not broken, only out of socket. There was a loud rumble as she talked with him in her mouth, but he couldn’t understand any of it. It was like a jet engine coming to life right in front of him.


Before Upton could recompose himself or check his arm he was flooded with liquid. Ronni had downed another shot to help lubricate him. Surrounded by burning alcohol and holding his bad arm in his good arm, Upton shot down Ronni’s esophagus. If, at any other moment in time you would’ve suggested an alcoholic waterslide to Upton, he would see it as nothing but a good thing, but today, right here and now, it was the most frightening thing he’d ever experienced. Of course he was young. He had a few minutes left that would make this a pleasant memory.


Upton went from falling in a tightly confined space to freefalling into a mixture of liquids he couldn’t begin to describe. Ronni hadn’t eaten anything besides Upton that day, but she’d been drinking steadily since they’d arrived at the restaurant. The mixture of alcohol and stomach acids was very unpleasant. It burned immediately and when he tried to swim he only managed to spin in circles. He had no eyes anymore he was sure of it. Things were mercifully fading. He no longer felt the burning, but he was sure it was still there. I should’ve just went to class.



It was funny watching Ronni swallow Upton. Donna was sure he didn’t feel that way about it, but that was just too bad. He was hers to give away and she wanted the other one. Ronni coughed and brought her hand to her mouth.


“I’ve never swallowed anything this big before. I think he got stuck,” She downed a shot, ”All better” she said patting her chest, “Wow, I can feel him going down. Good thing he asked for this,” She looked down and rubbed her belly, “See ya around Uppers,” she said. The surfer watched her with awe. Donna could feel his arousal in her hand.


“Your turn,” Donna said bringing him to her mouth.


“Wait!” he yelled.


“What?” Donna looked impatient.


“I just realized I never introduced myself. My name’s-“


“Don’t care,” Donna said popping him into her mouth. It won’t matter soon anyway. She could feel him struggle as he slowly slid down her throat. Donna had been a man-eater since before she’d even heard of Forbidden Dish. She just got to be a bit more literal now.


“Well, that was-“ She started, but she felt a flutter from under her left breast. Is that him? I think I feel him fighting! The feeling sent a warm tingle down her abdomen and to her nethers. “I can still feel him!” she said.


“Really?” Ronni asked, “I think Uppers already gave up on me,” She ran her hand over her belly, “Lucky,”


Donna could still feel the surfer putting up a fight when Martha rejoined them.


“Hey slowpoke, you missed the party,” Ronni said.


Martha just smiled. Donna still didn’t see why Martha liked this place so much. She had spent the entire party getting a glass of water.


“Want us to get you someone?” Donna asked. Last time they came she had hooked her up, and the time before they came with dates.


“I’m fine,” Martha smiled. When they got up to leave Martha walked over to Lindsay and talked to her. Donna couldn’t hear what was being said. As always Martha (being the only sober one) drove them home.





Martha timidly approached Lindsay.


“Um, excuse me,” she said. Lindsay didn’t hear her, but when she turned she nearly bumped into her.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not ignoring you, just scouting. There’s lots of potential in this crowd,” Lindsay said, “How may I help you?”


“Um, that customer that I was talking to earlier, she said that she was told that once her boyfriend was shrunk he couldn’t be returned,” Martha hesitated, “I was just wondering. What do you do with the ones that change their minds?” She needed a new angle. She couldn’t just throw water at random women each time she visited and the willing ones weren’t near as exciting.


Lindsay smiled and leaned in, “You’re going to love this,” she said.



The end?


End Notes:

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Meanwhile... by oishi1
Author's Notes:

This story takes place during Special Report, but involves other characters' perspective.


special note. It enhances the story to read the words Meanwhile in a cheesy narator voice like an animated superhero story.

Meanwhile… on the first day



“You guys!” Jessica said as she unwrapped another box of edible underwear. Tally smiled. She knew holding the party at Forbidden Dish would be a great idea. Presents and party favors were strewn about on the table. They decided it would be best to give her the presents she wouldn’t want to open in front of her mom or Pastor Richards here, but the greatest gift of all was yet to come.


“Why haven’t I heard of this place earlier?” Jessica asked. Every since Tally showed her the website she’d been exited to try it for herself.


“I think it’s like mostly word of mouth, you know,” Tally said, “It sure seems to be packed every time I come here though,”


“Every time?” Jessica asked, “How many times have you come here?”


Tally gave a sly smile as she played with a suggestive candy pacifier she’d picked up from the table but gave no answer.


“You could’ve totally invited me earlier you know?” Jessica tried to look serious as she said this, but Tiffany (or was it Stephanie. Even she got confused sometimes.) was tossing novelty candies into the air and catching them on her tongue and Tally was licking the “pacifier”.  A man that was walking by crashed into a waitress because he was staring at them rather than watching where he was going. He offered to buy her dinner to make up for it and they both walked over to the other side of the restaurant.


The girls burst out laughing.


“Loser,” Jessica said.


“Speaking of losers. What do you think Roger’s brotard buddies are going to do for him? I heard his party’s tomorrow,” Tiffany said (she was quite sure this time, well, as sure as you could be with those two.)


“I don’t know but it worries me,” Jessica’s smile suddenly vanished and she leaned over the table, ”Every time he hangs out with them he ends up spending the night in jail, and that’s just a normal weekend! I don’t even want to think about what they’d do at a bachelor party,”


Tally smiled as the others talked. She signaled one of the waitresses. The waitress walked over to the table with a pink box and a CD player. She sat them both down on the table.


“Enjoy,” she said and walked away.

It was dark. Wade was starting to get a cramp in his calf from squatting, but he had to hold his position until he heard the signal. His bros were also waiting. He couldn’t see them or hear them, but he saw Tally put each of them in their hiding spots. It was her idea in the first place. She told them that she wanted Jessica to have one last night of freedom and excitement and told them not to tell Roger. Like they’d tell him that they were going to do something like this in front of his fiancé.


“Ooh cupcakes!” Wade could hear Jessica’s muffled voice and poised himself.  Any minute now Tally. My legs are killing me.


“They’re chocolate,” Tally said, “But the best part is the filling!”




Wade suddenly jumped up and yelled, “Surprise!”


While Jessica was leaning in over the cupcakes they all exploded as a half dozen tiny naked men jumped out. Tally pressed play on the CD player and the men began to dance around the table whooping and hollering in their tiny voices. They were obviously not pros at exotic dancing, but they made up for it with confidence and energy.


Jessica stared speechless with her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. The other girls were clapping and cheering the men on.


“I can’t fold a dollar that small,” Stephanie said. The others laughed. It was then that Jessica recognized the lead dancer. Wade! She smiled at Tally.


“Thank you, Tally, you’re the best,” She shook her fists in excitement and squealed as the men continued to dance.


“No prob sis,” Tally said, “I thought I’d get you exactly what you wanted. Do I know you or what?”


It was working better than he’d expected. Wade wasn’t sure how happy Jessica would be to see them. He’d always had the impression that she hated him, but she seemed to be enjoying the show.


His bros had now spread out and were dancing for individual girls. Bo was dancing for Tiffany. He always had a thing for her. Scott was dancing in front of Stephanie. He liked her but hated Tiffany. Wade had always wondered what the point of twins was if you didn’t like both.


Harvey went to Tally and Wade ran to Jessica before Jeff or Caleb could. They stood in the middle of the table looking defeated. Jessica Held one of the pacifiers “point” down and he began to pole dance against it. It was probably the weirdest thing he’d ever done in his life, and that was saying a lot.


Some chick interrupted the dance to ask the girls if they minded being filmed for a news program. She was hot, but Wade couldn’t tell where she was from. Her accent was funny. She wasn’t Mexican. Maybe middle eastern. The girls told her it was ok and some tool walked up with a microphone and asked the girls a few questions about the restaurant. He kept staring at Wade and his friends in a funny way. Enjoying the view perv?


“Wow maybe we’ll be on tv!” Tally said as she picked up Harvey and slid him into her mouth.


“Wait what are you?” was all he could manage before he vanished from sight.


 The other men stared in shock as she just swallowed him, “It would be totes cool to turn on the tv when we get home and see ourselves,” She continued the conversation as if she didn’t just eat their friend. While they were still in shock she absently picked Caleb up.


“What the Hell!” Bo yelled. The Men began to freak out and run for the edge of the table. Tiffany picked Bo up and started slowly licking his body.


“Maybe we can call other Jessica and ask her to record it!” she said as Bo screamed in her hand.


“Nah, I don’t want her to know that the party was today,” Jessica said, “I sort of hate her right now,” She grabbed Wade and was gesturing with him as she talked as if she had forgotten she’d picked him up.


“What are you doing?” The reporter was staring at the women in shock. His camerawoman had followed him back to the table.


“Uh, having a bachelorette party?” Tiffany said as she sucked Bo into her mouth and swallowed. “What of it?”


“That man was screaming for his life! How could you, how could you do that?” he was hysterical. Tally had been sucking on Caleb and playing up for the camera, but when the reporter started yelling she rolled her eyes and waved a waitress over.  She had swallowed him before the waitress arrived. Stephanie began to tease Scott dangling him over her mouth and bringing him down just close enough before pulling him back up.


“Hey Jessica, better hope Roger’s bigger than this. She drew him into her mouth and slid him back out, “Best to get some practice huh?” Jessica laughed and began to mimic Stephanie’s actions with the screaming Wade.


“Betcha when Scott said he wanted me to deepthroat him this wasn’t what he meant,” Stephanie said as she sucked Scott the rest of the way into her mouth and swallowed.


By this time the waitress was trying to escort the reporter away from the table and he was arguing with her. Security ended up having to carry him out.


“What was his problem?” Jessica asked around Wade.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full Jess,” Stephanie said.


“Sorry,” Jessica said and swallowed, “Thanks again Tally. I couldn’t ask for a better present! Roger’s bachelor party’s going to be kind of empty though,” The girls laughed.


“Jess, it’s your party, you get the last one,” Tally said pointing to Jeff.


“Yay me!” Jessica said as she grabbed Jeff’s screaming form from the table and popped him into her mouth. After she swallowed they began discussing plans for the wedding.


Meanwhile…On the second day


The more experienced wait staff stood around Megyhn’s desk as she told them where they were to go when the dinner shift started. The new employees tended to get the lunch shift since it kind of sucked. Most of them were used to the routine and just waited for Megyhn to finish talking so they could get to work. The meeting was cut short by a deep rich voice over the intercom.


“The channel 7 people are here,”


“Thanks, Omar,” Megyhn said, then she winced, “I totally forgot I scheduled the meeting with the legal team today. Lindsay, I need you to do me a favor and show the news crew around. Find out if this Aulii girl is going to flip out like Steve, if so we can pull the plug. If she seems trustworthy I’ll talk to her tomorrow. We could use a good public face to turn attention away from those protesters,”


“On it,” Lindsay said as she headed out the door.


“As for the rest of you, same as yesterday,” Megyhn said, then she hurried out as well.


Adela was thrilled to see that Lindsay was wearing the shirt she designed for her. She made one for each of the members of the dinner shift, and they all loved them (even if they found it a bit strange that she knew their exact sizes without measuring). It was based off of a joke by a jerk making fun of vegetarians. As a strict vegan, Adela took it personally. Her mom always said if someone made a joke at your expense you could take power from it by owning it.


 The only meat she’s ever eaten in her life was here at Forbidden dish, and it’s totally not the same. The food here gives you permission. She’d never heard of a little piggy saying it was ok to be eaten. Since she’d started working here her vegan friends had shunned her, but she’d made plenty of new friends with the staff, even if they did see her as a little strange and at times naive.


It wasn’t her first job as a waitress, but it sure paid better than any other food service job she’d had. It quickly went from being how she supplemented her income when her artwork couldn’t be sold fast enough to make rent to her main income source. She liked this one much more anyways because they let her wear her hair any color she wanted. Today it was pink, last week it was bright red, and the week before it was blue. She could also try out the clothes she designed without getting in trouble.


Adela didn’t have to be told where to go. She knew they wanted her up at the club. She tended bar and mingled until a man tapped her timidly on her shoulder.


“Um,” Was all he could manage to say.


“How can I help you?” Adela asked in her friendliest voice.


“I was wondering, um, could you, you know?” He pointed to his red bracelet and smiled sheepishly.


“Sure!” she answered, “Just come with me and I’ll get you your papers. He checked her out as she led the way. She was slender and pale. Her clothes were a pastel green that made her hair look brighter, and they hugged her curves perfectly. Her midriff was bare and her pants slid teasingly as she walked. He could see the hint of a tattoo just above her panty line. He didn’t know this, but she designed them that way. She never bought her clothes off the rack.


Adela patted a stool at the bar.


“So, what’s your name?” Adela asked.




“So, Keith, have a seat right here and fill this out,” she pulled a stack of papers out from behind the bar, “Be sure to read it k? Just wave to me when you’re ready,” She left Keith to fill out the forms as she went behind the bar and mixed shots. He loved watching her move as she worked the crowd around the bar. Keith stared at her as he filled out the papers. She was good with people and seemed to flirt naturally. Keith finished signing and initialing and waved her over. She slid over the bar and was standing next to him in seconds. The strobe lights made her hair appear to glow.


Adela looked over the papers and signed as the designated pred.


“Come on, the booths are this way,” She said as she grabbed his hand and took off at a run towards the shrinking room. Keith could barely keep up.


“What’s your hurry?” he asked.


Adela shrugged, “Sorry, I just get excited easy. Stand right here k?” She gently guided him into the shrink booth and closed the door.


“It feels kind of creepy actually standing here,” Keith said.


“Want to see my tattoo?” Adela asked in an attempt to lighten the mood.


“Um, sure,”


Adela turned around and lowered her pants a little showing the rest of a tattoo that had been peeking over her panty line.


“It’s just a Henna. I’m too fickle to get anything permanent,” She said playing with her hair to illustrate her point. I get a different one each time it fades. Keith was staring “at her tattoo” and kind of glazing over.


“Uh huh,”


“Guythatwantsmetoeathimsayswhat?” Adela said.


“What?” Keith said as he snapped out of his daze.


“Gotcha!” Adela said as she pushed the button. The next thing Keith knew he was staring up at Adela.


“See, that wasn’t so bad was it?” She asked as she scooped him up and ran to the nearest private room.


She gently placed him on the table and reached into pockets on the side of her pants.


“I just got these,” She said as she slid finger cymbals on her hands, “Let me know if you like them or not,”


 Keith was still trying to get used to his new size, and her words weren’t really sinking in. She slowly slinked towards him, but when she got to the table she danced real slow stepping backwards as she moved. She danced and swayed gently ringing the cymbals as she rocked her hips. As she danced he temporarily forgot his fears and just stared. She was very flexible and incorporated it into her dance. Her daily yoga exercises really paid off. He was too busy watching the way she swayed to notice that she was walking towards him. He suddenly felt the warmth of her hand as she lifted him to her mouth and smiled. Her breath was pleasant. She made a point to chew a mint leaf before work. She saw it as common courtesy. Her smile wasn’t predatory. If her mouth wasn’t large enough to completely take him in she would’ve looked friendly, but Keith knew what he was there for and his reptile brain kicked in warning him that if he didn’t do something soon his life would be over.




This isn’t like the stories. This is real!


I don’t want to die!


“Wait!” he yelled.


“Did I hurt you?” She asked looking worried. Just in case she gently placed him on the table and held up her hands.


“No, um, that’s not it,” He suddenly felt ashamed, “How do I put this?”


“You’ve changed your mind?” she said helpfully.


“Yeah, sorry about that. It just, I don’t know. It’s way scarier in real life than in the stories,”


“Don’t worry. You’re not the first one to change his mind,” Adela said


“I’m not?”


“Oh no, more people seem to change their mind than you’d think. Way more than half even. It’s no big deal. I don’t mind,” Adela consoled him.


“I thought you’d be more upset that you weren’t going to get to eat me,” He said relieved.


“I’m not? How come?” Adela asked. She looked legitimately saddened and confused (it wasn’t an act).


“Well, because I changed my mind,” He said like it was obvious.


Her face brightened, “Don’t worry, the papers you signed say I can eat you anyway if I want to,” she said as her smile renewed, “Yay! Now you don’t have to worry about me being sad. Isn’t that great?” She jumped and clapped.


“But, but I said I don’t want to be eaten!” He stammered.


“Oh I don’t mind that. Some of the girls do, but I know you’re just nervous. Don’t worry it’s fun! I do it all the time,”


“You mean you ate the others after they changed their minds?” Horror filled his voice but Adela didn’t seem to notice,”


“It’s what they wanted. They paid for it, besides it feels good,” She rubbed her belly and smiled,”


“For you maybe!” he yelled, “For the guy it’s painful!”


“Nuh uh! It feels nice! That’s why they tickle my belly,” now it was her turn to sound like she was explaining the obvious, “Besides, if it really hurt, why would anybody come here?”


“Don’t you know how digestion works?” He asked, “Acid burns the food that is in your stomach to liquid!”


She smiled like he was pulling her leg, “Nah, that’s can’t be how it works,”


“No really! Didn’t you pay attention in biology?”


“I never was that good at school,”


“Ask anybody they’ll tell you,” Keith was desperate.


“That’s stupid. If there’s acid in my stomach why doesn’t it melt me?”


“You see,” He explained, “A fine layer of mucous protects the stomach from its own digestive juices,”


“Eww! That’s just gross! And ridiculous!” She turned her back to him and crossed her arms, “What do you take me for?”


“I’m not messing with you. It’s all true!”


“If it’s so painful, why did you pay money to have me do it?” she turned back to face him and wagged her finger, she looked incredulous.


“I’ve been trying to figure that one out since I was five,” He said shaking his head, “The point is, I know how this stuff works and it is painful for the prey,”


“Wait a minute, if it’s so painful, why are we allowed to do it? Why does Megyhn say it’s ok?” She smiled convinced she’d won the argument.


“Legal loopholes?” Keith shrugged.


“Look, I’ll show you that it isn’t painful,” She said as she picked him up again, “I’ll swallow you and you can see for yourself. If you like it you can just tickle me inside like the others and if you don’t just tell me and I’ll let you out right away,”


“No wai,” She shoved him into her mouth before he could finish. The ones that chickened out always found ways to stall. This was the first one to say something this horrible to her though and it troubled her a bit. There’s no way! She tossed him around in her mouth for a while and swallowed.


Adela could feel Keith wiggle as he slid down her throat. She sat on the table and anxiously waited for his answer. There’s just no way!


Suddenly she felt the familiar flutter. I knew it!


“See, it does feel nice doesn’t it?” She asked as she rubbed her belly. She still couldn’t figure out why he said all those mean things, but she was glad they weren’t true. After a few minutes the flutters grew more intense,  then they slowed, and eventually stopped. Adella went back to the club to look for more patrons. If she got about five more she wouldn’t need to make dinner tonight.


Meanwhile…on the third day.


Danny sat in the large bowl cursing his luck. I don’t know what happened. Why did I panic like that? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! He’d finally gotten Donna to notice him. Told her about his fantasy, and asked her to come here with him. She was all too eager, but she said they had to leave quietly or her roommate would want to come too.


Maybe it was the reporter interviewing them, maybe it was just survival reflex, but he chickened out at the last second.


He was all for it until he was really staring down her throat.  There was no ceremony, no teasing, and no playing around. She just sat at a nearby table and lifted him up over her mouth. The finality of that deep cavern activated his will to live and he screamed like a girl. She’d rolled her eyes and handed him to the waitress without saying so much as a word to him. She had found another man and had him before leaving. Now Danny was here, waiting, waiting for what had to be hours. Why would it take this long for a machine to open up? If it got too late he’d be unable to get a cab.


At least he wasn’t alone. There were five other guys that chickened out as well. There had been more men earlier, but waitresses had come and taken them back to the booths. At least that’s what he thought they were doing with them, until he saw one of the customers pluck a man out of the bowl and swallow him right there. When he told the waitress what the woman had done she said she shouldn’t have done that, but she didn’t have much conviction in her voice and seemed to shrug it off in a “what can you do?” manner. Now every time a shadow passed over the bowl he tried to make himself invisible.


As the night dragged on and he was one of three guys left he started to get worried. Any time one of the waitresses passed by one of the men would ask them what was going on. Most of them just told him, “Don’t worry, you’ll be out soon,” Why wasn’t that comforting? He had no answers. All he could do was continue to wait.



Martha was nervous. She’d never come here by herself before, but she didn’t think Donna would approve of what she was here to do. She found Lindsay walking the floor and waved to her shyly.


“Oh hi, Martha, was it?” Lindsay asked. Martha nodded, “ Right this way,” As they were making their way to the unwilling bin two men approached Lindsay. They both wanted her to eat them, but not at the same time. They were arguing over who would get to go first.


“One second boys,” Lindsay said. She ushered Martha to a corner, “So, what do you think?”


“A, about what?” She asked timidly.


“If it was up to you which one would you pick,” Lindsay asked pointing to the men. She was trying to be social to help Martha loosen up. She had been shy when she first came here too.


“Um, if it was up to me?” Martha stared at the two men for a bit and then said, “The one on the left?”


“Why?” Lindsay asked.


“Because, he’s going to change his mind,” She said matter-of-factly, “And the other kind doesn’t you know,” She turned red, “You know, um they uh,”


“Gotcha, but how do you know?”


“I’ve never been good at talking, but I pay a lot of attention when others are speaking,” She said, “The one on the left might as well be begging right now. It helps my writing. I kind of feel like I get a peek into people’s minds by watching their bodies,”


“You write?” Lindsay asked. Martha nodded.


“It’s easier than talking,” Martha said.


“Thanks for the advice,” Lindsay said, “The unwilling bin is over there. Have fun. I know I will,”


Danny was starting to lose all hope. Another man had been added to their group, but nobody had come to let any of them out. None of them spoke to each other. They just sat with their knees bent in front of them hugging their own legs to stay warm.


Danny felt a rush of warm air against his back and turned around. He saw the top half of a young woman’s face staring at them.


“Um, hello,” He said.


“Why are you sitting in this bin?” she asked. Her glasses reflected the light making her eyes difficult to see.


Her voice sounded familiar. Hey, it’s Donna’s roommate. What was her name?


“Martha!” he yelled.


“Hi Danny,” she waved shyly when she recognized him.


“We changed our minds about being swallowed, so they put us here until a machine clears up to bring us back to normal,”


“How long have you been waiting?” She asked.


“I don’t know exactly. There’s no way of telling time, but it feels like it’s been several hours,”


“That’s awful,” she said in her most sympathetic voice.


“It’s true. Most of us have been here for quite a while,” one of the other men said.


“And the waitresses don’t tell us anything,” Danny said.


“If it would help I could go see if a machine is open,” Martha said.


“Would you?” Danny asked.


“Sure,” Martha said as she walked off. Danny was worried that she wasn’t going to come back, but she returned after a few minutes smiling, “They said one machine is open, and I can take one of you right now,”


“Why didn’t any of them bother to tell us?” Danny asked.


“It’s pretty busy over there. A film crew’s here and things are kind of hectic. That’s why they said I could help out,” She said, “I can only take one of you right now, so Danny, it looks like it’s your lucky day,” Danny climbed into her waiting hand before any of the others had a chance.


So long suckers.


The place was packed. The tables were almost all occupied and there was a long line to the shrink booths.


“I thought you said they were open. They look pretty busy,” Martha ignored him and continued forward. She had him tucked against the belly of her blouse and he could hear a slow rumble on the other side of the cloth.


Danny shuddered.


She seemed to be daydreaming. Her walking slowly became a skip and she didn’t see the woman standing in between her and the booth line. She stopped short just in time to avoid a head on collision then saw the camera pointed right at the woman, and by proxy, her. Embarrassed she turned red and bolted towards the shrink booths.


“They’ll probably redo that shoot right?” She asked out loud. Danny got the impression that she wasn’t talking to him though, “Oh, well, it’s not like we watch much TV anyway. She probably won’t even see it,”


They walked past the line to the shrink booths and turned down a hall on the other side.


“Aren’t we going to get in line?” Danny asked, “Hello! What do you think you’re doing?”


They were in a hall full of closed doors. Most of them had red occupied signs on the door latch. Danny didn’t like how secluded the area felt. It was almost like things were done here that needed to be hidden. They finally found one with a green vacant sign and she pushed down the handle and slowly slid into the room. When they were in she locked the door and the sign switched to occupied.


She sat him on the table and stared down at him. At his normal size he towered over her easily, but right now he was barely the size of her index finger. He didn’t like the look she was giving him at all.


“Come on Martha, this isn’t funny,” Danny said, “Take me back to the booth so they can regrow me!”


“Is that any way to talk to the woman that’s going to get you out of here?” Martha asked.


“Why did you bring me back here?” he asked.


“I like a little privacy with my meals,” she answered smiling impishly.


“I thought you said you were getting me out of here!” he yelled.


“I am,” she said. Her stomach growled, “Sorry, it looks like my stomach’s ready to get you out of here right now,”


“I already told you I changed my mind about being eaten, or Donna would’ve had me already,”


“Donna was here? Sneaky, sneaky,” She picked Danny up. A look of concern spread across her face, “If that’s really the way you feel about it, I won’t eat you,”


Danny was relieved.


“For a second there I thought I was in trouble,” Danny said.


“Were you scared of little ol me?” She asked making her most innocent face.


“A bit,” he answered sheepishly.


“What could possibly be scary about me?” She held him against her belly, “Is it this?” The rumbling had gotten stronger. It was now demanding and angry sounding.


“Maybe a bit,” he answered, but his shaky voice said more than his words.


“Or these?” She brought him up to her mouth and displayed her teeth, “Are my teeth scary to you?”


He was unable to speak.


“Well?” she asked. He was shivering in her hand. It almost felt like the shiver channeled through her. She was enjoying this way too much.


“I, um, that is, Martha please don’t do this!” Danny sputtered.


“Do what Danny?” Martha asked innocently, “I just asked a simple question. Are, my, teeth, scary?” She fumbled under the neckline of her blouse and pulled out a hemp necklace with sharks” teeth, “Which is scarier, Danny? These,” she held up the necklace, “Or these” she pointed him towards her own teeth. Danny squirmed uncomfortably in her hand. She began to shift her weight from foot to foot. Her breathing was ragged.


“Do you need a closer look?” She brought one of the shark’s teeth up to his face. The sharp edge was close enough that if he stuck out his tongue he could touch it. He tried to lean back, but her finger pushed his head towards the tooth.

“Please no!” He yelled.


Martha let go of the necklace and brought Danny closer to her mouth. He could feel her hot breath and smell the chalky mint scent of antacids. He was now under her top incisors and she was lifting him towards them. Just as he was about to touch them she pulled him back.


“You know, I’m not sure it’s the teeth at all,” She said as she opened her mouth wide. For the second time that night he was staring down a woman’s throat and thinking about his own mortality. He didn’t like it any more this time than the last. He still couldn’t help but stare. It had been his fantasy since forever and despite his fear his body betrayed him by becoming aroused.


Martha’s eyes were closed as she dangled Danny over her open mouth. She slowly drew out her tongue and ran it up his body, but she stopped when she felt his arousal.


“Looks like somebody’s not scared after all,” she said, “I guess you’ve changed your mind about me eating you then?”


“No, that’s not it!” Danny yelled, “I don’t wanna die!”


“That’s not what your friend there says,” Martha said, “Now, let’s get you out of here. I’ve got a test in the morning and I’m already out too late,” She drew her tongue across his body again, but when she drew it in she slowly took him with it.


“You can’t do thi,” her mouth closed and her tongue pressed him against her hard palette cutting him off.  Danny was trapped in the humid darkness. His every breath was tinged with chalky mint and trace elements of a past meal. The tongue pinned him as liquid filled her mouth. He could not force her tongue away. He might as well be under fallen rocks. His world shifted suddenly. Danny’s head was now pointing down and his feet were pointing up, and before he could stop it he slid down into the tight confines of her esophagus.


He’d always thought he’d be able to struggle and put his arms to his side to slow his descent if this ever really happened, but the pressure of the muscles was too tight. His arms were stuck in front of him in a superman pose as he was squeezed down. They were the first things through the sphincter of the stomach, but the rest of his body followed quickly. He landed with a splat in a hot, foul smelling mess. The heat in her mouth couldn’t compare to what he felt in here. The stomach reacted immediately to its new occupant and began secreting more acid and moving like mad.


Danny scrambled to the wall and tried desperately to claw his way out, but was thrown back into the mess. He was starting to burn and losing strength fast.



Martha had cleaned herself up and straitened out her clothes before she left the room. He was still moving in there, but she really did need to get up early tomorrow.


She saw Lindsay walking back towards the unwilling bin with an empty tray.


“Find everything alright?” Lindsay asked. Martha nodded.


“So, uh, which one did you get?” Martha asked.


“Both,” Lindsay said, “First the one, then the other. You were right about both of them,” Martha smiled and looked down shuffling her feet, “I still don’t know how you did it,”


“It’s easy once you know what to look for,” Martha said, “Anyway, how can you stand to eat the willing ones?”


“They all go down the same either way,” Lindsay said simply, “I bet you could make decent money tipping the girls here off on who is and isn’t willing. There are several girls here that only prefer one or the other.”


Martha looked thoughtful.


“Who knows, if you play your cards right you might be able to work here,” She put her hand on Martha’s shoulder but quickly withdrew it when she felt her lock up and saw her eyes go wide, “Or maybe not. Sorry about that,”


While Martha was mulling it over a man with a red bracelet eased up beside Lindsay, “Excuse me, is this you?” he asked her pointing to her picture in the menu.


“It sure is,” She turned to Martha, “What do you think about this one?” she whispered.


“I like him,” Martha whispered back, “Or at least I would,” she smiled.


“Gotcha,” Lindsay said, ”Well, duty calls. Think about what I said though,” Lindsay and her newest customer walked off. The man had his arm around her waist and his hand against her belly. Martha smiled and went off to hail a cab.


Skittles and Bran by oishi1
Author's Notes:

This is probably the closest I get to a willing story. F/m willing/reluctant.

Skittles and Bran


Bran woke with a groan to a light pressure on his torso.


“Happy birthday Bran!” Skittles said. She was straddling him and leaning down. Her large blue eyes were wide with excitement and only inches from his own. She was wearing one of his button up shirts (it had gotten cold that night) Bran turned and looked at the clock. When it finally came into focus he groaned.


“Six in the morning?” He sighed. Part of the reason he was glad his birthday was on a Saturday was he could finally sleep in. Considering everything that had happened in the past year he figured he deserved it, but Skittles couldn’t wait one second longer. She’d been holding it in all week (for her that was a long time to keep a secret.)


“Come on. Up! Up! Up!” she sang as she gently drummed on his chest.


“Let me sleep a little longer. The sun’s not even up, why should I be?”


“You don’t want to sleep your whole birthday away!” She said handing him a brochure she had set on the bedside, “Especially if I’m going to take you here for dinner tonight,”


“Where’s here?” He was still having trouble focusing.


“Forbidden Dish. They do that thing you like,” she said casually.


That thing I like? What food would be worth getting this exited over?


“You’re going to have to be more specific,”


“You know, vore,” She leaned in again, “I rented out a big private room. They’re usually used for parties, but I got it just for the two of us!”


Bran was completely awake now. He stared at the brochure. He looked confused and a bit angry. That was not the reaction Skittles expected.


“What do you mean they “do vore”?” Bran asked.


“They have shrinking machines!” She pointed to the info on the brochure, “I’m going to make your fantasy come true!” The bottom half of her shirt buttons was undone. She began to slowly rub her belly, “By tonight you will be in here. Happy birthday,”


“You just made reservations for something like this without asking me first?”


“Well, yeah, I wanted it to be a surprise,” Skittles said as she slid off of Bran and lay down next to him in the bed. She smiled at him as her brown hair cascaded over the pillow.


“This isn’t the kind of thing you just spring on someone!” He sat up and flipped through the brochure, “How is this even real? It can’t be! How did you find this?”


“You left the tv on last week and I saw it on the news,” She shrugged, “I was just going to write you a song, but when I saw this I had to check it out. It’s real! The place is amazing!”


“How could you do this?” Bran yelled. He was now pacing and flailing his arms when he talked. Skittles had seen him mad before, but not this mad, “You didn’t think it would be important to tell me you were arranging something that will kill me?”


“It’s your fantasy! I thought you’d be happy,” She came up behind him and hugged him.


“I’m just barely getting used to the idea that it’s possible. I still need time to decide whether or not I actually want to do this,” Bran said. He was trying not to be too angry. Her heart was in the right place.


“Well, take all the time you need. You have all day, or at least until six pm,” She faltered a little. This wasn’t going the way she planned, “I had to reserve the room,”


Bran shrugged her off his shoulders and sat back on the bed, “I know you’re impulsive, but this is insane,”


“That’s what you always say, but everything always works out doesn’t it?” Skittles said.


“Oh no, this is different! This is way different! When you wanted to learn how to use a gun and nearly gave me the Dick Chaney treatment I said I almost died, when you got us lost in Istanbul I said we might get killed, when you signed us up for skydiving lessons without telling me I said it could be dangerous, but this, this will, not may, will kill me,”


A hurt look suddenly crossed Skittles’s face. Bran had never seen her like that before.


“You’re right, It is different!” She was on the verge of tears, “When I wanted to learn to use a gun I was curious to find out what the big deal was, when we got lost in Istanbul I was trying to find out why it was no longer Constantinople (nobody would tell me by the way. Apparently it’s nobody’s business but the Turks), when I signed us up for skydiving lessons I wanted to find out what it was like to freefall completely unattached to the world, but this, this I did just. For. You. You just don’t know how to be happy do you?” She asked as she ran out of the bedroom and slammed the door. He heard her open and slam the door to her music room as he sat on the bed. Do I know how to be happy? Have I said yes to any of her ideas? He could hear her guitar in the other room. She had it tuned in drop D. Crunchy angry sounds were blasting from the other room even with the padding they’d put up to deaden the noise.


Bran thought back on Skittles and his year of marriage. Bran’s friend, Steve, had talked him into going to a club. He didn’t drink or dance and the night was shaping up to be miserable. He spent most of the time sitting alone at one of the far tables drinking a six-dollar soda (if you didn’t buy alcohol your drinks were ridiculous). He was staring into his glass thinking about what he could be doing if he wasn’t here when he heard the scrape of wood on the cement floor. He looked up and there she was smiling at him.


He’d seen her up on the stage earlier singing for the band “Who Bit Fluffy?” but he had no idea why she sat at his table. She asked him why he looked so sad and he told her that these kinds of places weren’t his thing. They weren’t hers either. Since their band was still just starting out they needed gigs like this though.


“I could use some fresh air. Want to go for a walk?” she asked.


“Um, ok,” Bran said, “What about your band?”


“They’ll be ok,” apparently she did this all the time. They walked down the street talking and joking. For the first time in forever Bran had actually felt happy. They came across a Unification Church as they were walking and Skittles (not her name at the time) was curious about what they actually did in there. Bran didn’t have any interest. They kind of creeped him out.  Bran was a devout Christian and was afraid they’d make him drink the special punch. Not wanting to mess up his first decent date in a long time he eventually broke down and went in with her. To both of their shock the church was conducting a mass wedding that day. Bran said it didn’t count, but Skittles took it as a sign. While it wasn’t legally binding Skittles still considered it the official day they were married and not the day two weeks later when they appeared before a judge.


By then she had already legally changed her name to Skittles, “Who names their child Prudence anyway?” she asked wrinkling her nose at her former name. She closed her eyes and decided the first thing she saw would decide her new name. It could’ve been worse, Bran decided, at least her new name fit her personality. He was surprised to find out that before she moved in with him on their wedding night she had never owned a TV. She still didn’t care to watch it. She preferred more active hobbies. Her band was steadily growing in popularity but only locally. Between Bran’s job as a code monkey for a local news channel’s website and the steadily growing success of Skittles’s band they were able to afford a small house. They had a longer commute to get to work, but Skittles could practice without bothering neighbors.


One day while Bran was watching TV, Skittles jumped on the couch next to him,


“Let’s go to Istanbul!” she said excitedly.


“Ok, when?” Bran asked. He was sure he had vacation hours available, since they were cumulative and he never really went anywhere.


“Now,” She said as if it was obvious.


“Seriously?” Bran asked, “We can’t just up and head off to another country!”


“Why not?” she asked. They both already had passports, but Bran was concerned about his job. Skittles wore him down and he called his boss. She was thrilled that he was actually going to take a break and approved a two-week long vacation. It wasn’t until they were there that he found out Skittles had no plan. She wasn’t visiting family and neither of them spoke the local language. He was mad at the time but looking back on it now he realized he had never had an adventure like that in his life.


As the year progressed he found out that this was the norm for Skittles, not the exception. She did whatever popped into her head and never once thought that it might not work out, and dragged Bran kicking and screaming along with her.


He had finally told her about his fantasy a few months ago. She was very enthusiastic in role-playing it with him. He figured it was mainly because it was finally something he showed interest in.


He sat on the bed for a few minutes thinking about how hectic the year had been, but also how he’d had more fun in that one year than the rest of his life combined. If it were possible I would want it to be her. It is my fantasy after all. How can the rest of my life ever top this one year?


Skittles stopped playing as Bran slowly opened the door. She had been crying.


“You’d really do this for me?” he asked.


“Of course I would,” she said, “If it will make you happy,”


“B, but you’re a vegetarian,” It had been hard for Bran to adjust to that too.


“It’s different,” she explained, “I have your consent,” her mood seemed to be getting lighter.


“We have a lot to talk about if we’re going to do this,”


Skittles put her guitar down and tackled Bran in an over enthusiastic hug. They planned out what they wanted to do and made love as many times as they could. They talked until it was time to go. Bran put on jeans and a t-shirt that had a picture of a slice of pizza with a frightened face on it that said, “Please don’t eat me, I love you!” in bubble letters. He figured it was fitting. Skittles wore skinny jeans and a “Who Bit Fluffy?” shirt (she had a change of clothes for when they started, but it wasn’t “street appropriate”)


As they got in the car Skittles put a CD in the player. Bran recognized the style as “Who Bit Fluffy?” but didn’t know the song.


“What’s this?” Bran asked.


“Your other birthday present,” Skittles smiled, “I call it “Delicious Bran,” “


Bran was moved, “I’m sorry I won’t be around for your birthday,” He said.


“Don’t be silly, you’ll still be with me,” She said leaning on his shoulder as he drove, “We’ll be closer than we are now. I’ll find something special to do and say it’s from you,”




Skittles was right. The restaurant was amazing. The hostess smiled as they approached.


“Dufresne six o clock,” Skittles said.


“Oh yes, Brandon and uh, Skittles?” She looked to Skittles for confirmation. She nodded, “The previous party is running a little long. If you want I can seat you until the rest of your party arrives,”


“It’s just us,” Skittles said.


“Oh, I’m sorry I just assumed you had a big group if you reserved the party room,”


“Nah, just a special occasion, well that and I didn’t like the vibe of the private rooms,” Skittles said.


“Ok then, booths are over there, and your server will get you the paperwork. Thank you for visiting Forbidden Dish,”


A woman with green hair and pants made out of old t-shirts patched together seated them. She Recognized Skittles and let out a squeal of excitement before she could stop herself.


“I’m sorry, we’re not supposed to do that when we have celebrities, but I’m a huge fan!”


“Celebrities?” Skittles asked. She never thought of herself as famous, “I don’t know about that, but thanks! Ooh nice pants!”


“Thanks, I made them myself,” she said, “My name’s Adela and if there’s anything you need just let me know,” She handed Bran a stack of papers, “These are yours, be sure to read them k? You’re so lucky,”


Bran smiled at Skittles, “I know,” He reached across the table and took her hand.


“I’ll be over there if you need anything,” Adela sad as she left.


As Bran read the papers he became increasingly nervous. He was one of the only people he knew that could read and understand an entire user license agreement. He decided not to tell Skittles what he found. It may take the fun out of the occasion for her. He kept staring at her mouth as she smiled at him. The part of him that wanted this was thrilled to think he would be in there shortly, the other part (the rational part) was still trying to figure out why that exited him and warn him that the later part of this would be painful. He had no time for rationality though. Lately it had only gotten in the way of a good time. He was ready. Besides, if I chicken out now, I’ll always wonder how it would have been.


He was thorough in his reading and deliberate when he signed. He handed the paperwork to Adela and walked hand in hand with Skittles to the booth.


“I don’t usually work down here,” Adela said, “Most the time I’m upstairs at the club, but on weeknights we have a smaller staff. I’m glad they put me down here though. Just back right in here k?” She said as she guided Bran into the booth, “Now, I’m going to shut the door. Keep your hands to your sides k?” She shut and locked the door.


Everyone got quiet. Bran’s breathing echoed in the booth.


“Now, this is very serious k?” Adela said standing near the button, “This is your last chance to back out before I shrink you. Are you sure about this?”


Bran thought for a minute. Being in the booth made it scarier. This wasn’t a role-play. When it was over so was he.



He looked at Skittles, “I’m ready,” Adela pushed the button and everything went white.


“Is it safe to pick him up?” Skittles asked.


“Yeah, just be careful, he’s probably dizzy,” Adela said. Skittles gently lifted him to her face.


“Hey sweetie, you ok?” she asked. Bran was too stunned to answer. It was all so much to take in, but when she started looking worried he finally spoke up.


“I’m alright! I’m alright! He yelled. Relieved, she went to the podium and talked to the hostess.


“Sorry, it may still be about thirty minutes. If you don’t want to wait today you can come back in two days. The room is completely clear all day, and you’re already paid up,”


“But it’s his birthday,” Skittles said holding bran up.


“Ooh, you already shrunk him,” the hostess said, “Guess it’ll have to be today anyway. Well better get comfortable. Sorry for the inconvenience,”


They went back to their table to wait. Adela got a small dip bowl for Bran to sit in and made small talk with Skittles since there weren’t too many active tables.


“Sorry your birthday present’s so lame Bran,” Skittles said.


“Oh no no no! It’s not lame. I don’t mind waiting. It gives me more time with you,” To be honest having time to see how big she was and how easily she could just swallow him now without him being able to do anything to stop her kind of scared him. The sooner they could get things done the easier it would be.


“So, you design your own clothes?” Skittles asked Adela.


“Yeah, I have my portfolio in my boss’s office. Want to see it?”


“Sure! One sec Bran,” They both walked off leaving Bran alone in his bowl.


“Wait!’ he called out to them, but they were already too far away to hear him. Adela went into the office and brought out a spiral bound book. Adela and Skittles sat at the bar and looked through the book talking excitedly. Bran couldn’t hear what they said. Skittles was easily distracted and Bran worried she might forget what they were there for.


Suddenly, the bar TV went to a commercial Advertizing vacations in Puerto Rico. Skittles stared at the commercial and asked the bar tender something. He answered her and she looked annoyed. She said something to Adela and walked past the podium and out the front door. Please tell me she didn’t decide to go to Puerto Rico!


Adela was working her way towards bran when suddenly three tables opened up. She turned and greeted her new patrons completely forgetting Bran. All he could do was wait. After a while a young woman who had been writing at a nearby table walked up to him.


“Why do you look so sad?” she asked.


“I think my wife forgot about me,” Bran said.


“How awful,” She sounded really sympathetic, “How could she even do something like that?” Without being invited she slid the chair back and sat down in front of him. She kept glancing up at Adela making sure she wasn’t watching. Bran had a bad feeling about this.


“So, you, uh, come here often?” He asked nervously.


“Oh yes, more and more lately. It’s a nice quiet place to write,” The shine of the light made it impossible to see her eyes through her glasses.


She was leaning into his personal space making him even more uncomfortable. A shark tooth necklace dangled from her neck as she leaned forward. The teeth jingled while she moved.


“You want to get out of here?” She asked, “I can’t stand the thought that you’re here all alone. She smiled sweetly.


“I, I think I should wait, you know, just in case Skittles shows up,” Bran said.


“Suit yourself, but if she’s not back soon you’ll be taken when they clear the tables,”


“Really?” Bran asked.


“You read the contract right?”


“Yeah,” Then it hit him, “If Skittles doesn’t eat me they’ll resell me won’t they?”


“Exactly,” She slowly reached into the bowl. Her fingers were wrapping around him and Adela was too far away to hear him if he cried out.


“You can’t do this!” he yelled.


“Do what?” she asked as she lifted him from the bowl, “I’m not doing anything,”


“Oh good you’re still here. You wouldn’t believe the line at the QuickieShop,” Skittles said from behind the woman. The strange woman gently placed Bran back into his bowl.


“I, I was just,” the woman began shyly.


“Thanks for looking out for my husband while I was gone,” Skittles said smiling. The strange woman mumbled something and backed away.


“I’m glad you got here when you did. I think she was trying to steal me,” Bran said.


“No way, I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you,” Skittles said as she picked him up from the bowl.


“I thought you had run off to Puerto Rico,” he said.


“Why would you think that? I saw the drink the woman in the commercial was drinking and decided I wanted a Freezee, but they don’t sell those here. I went to a nearby QuickieShop and bought one, but would you believe they wouldn’t let me bring it in here?” She said this like it was the most absurd thing she’d ever heard.


“That’s kind of normal at most restaurants,” Bran said.


“Really? That’s stupid,” Skittles said. The Hostess told them that the room was finally open and they entered it. Most of the time it was only used by the owner and very wealthy patrons. A trip to Forbidden Dish was expensive enough. The room had green felt lined card tables, plush couches, a small personal bar and it’s own jukebox/CD player/mixing table. Not to mention a large heavy oak dinner table with Matching chairs.


“Skittles, exactly how much did you spend on this?” Bran asked.


“I’ll put you right here while I get ready,” she said totally evading the question. She placed him on one of the card tables. She kicked off her shoes and slid out of her jeans and t-shirt. Underneath she had a leopard print bikini.


“Ok, I’m going to put on three songs and put you on the floor. I won’t chase you until the first song ends, and I won’t really try to catch you until the second song ends. I want to give you a little fun before it’s over, but I doubt you’ll make it through the first verse of the third song. After I start the songs we’re officially in character and I’m not stopping, so if you have anything to say before we start say it now,”


“Thank you for going all out like this,” Bran said nervously, “I just want to say thank you for all the things you talked me into doing. I regret nothing and I love you,”


“Aww, I love you too Bran, now get to running. I expect you to make me work for my supper,” She gently placed him on the floor. It was brightly colored casino style carpeting, but the fibers were small and tight. He had no trouble running on it as she walked to the jukebox and programmed the first two songs. She slid a CD into the player after she was done and stood facing the player as the first song started.


Appropriately enough it was “Run Like Hell” He rolled his eyes as he ran. Figures.


He made it to one of the card tables. They were solid rounded fixtures without legs set up in a general kidney shape. By the time Waters had said


“They’re gonna send you home to mother in a cardboard box”


Bran had ducked behind the table and was trying to catch his breath. When the song ended Skittles yelled,


“Ready or not here I come!” Even without shoes her footfalls sounded heavy.


The second song was “One Way or Another,” A guilty pleasure for Bran since when he was a child he misheard Deborah Harry saying “meetcha” as, “eatcha”. Skittles was quickly approaching. She was running somewhat hunched over looking under the furniture. She spotted him just as Debora Harry was saying,


“And if the lights are all out”


and switched to crawling on all fours as she rushed towards him a smile of triumph on her face. He had to resist the urge to stand and watch her breasts jiggle as she gave chase. I’m fighting for my life. Better focus!


Bran ran to the next table, but Skittles was faster than he was and mock slammed her hand down beside him pretending like she’d missed. He ran the other way and her left hand blocked his path and corralled him.


“Looks like I found a little snack,” She said smiling, but Bran dove past her hand and bolted to another hiding spot, “No fair!” she said as she crawled around the tables trying to figure out where he’d run to.


Bran found a space where the carpet was torn, but he was unable to fit in it. He worked his way to the giant dining table and the forest of chair legs. If he couldn’t outrun her he had to put as many obstacles as he could between the two of them. As Blondie faded out Bran was delighted to hear that the third song was “Delicious Bran”


Skittles finally saw him under the table and reached under the chair legs to get him.


“Come here little guy, I won’t hurtcha,” she said as she stretched her arm as far as she could. There was too much furniture in the way. A sly smile crept across her face and she stood up. She began to lay the chairs on their backs real close to each other. She pushed the wall of chairs tight against the table leaving no opening on that side. She laid the chairs on the other side down the same way creating a narrow tunnel from the head to the foot of the table and crawled in. Bran had no choice but to run the other way. She was right. He didn’t make it past the first verse. By the time Skittles (on the CD) had gotten to,


“Feel it wiggle all the way down, my delicious Bran”


Skittles (the live one) had him in her hands and was giving a triumphant grin.


“You really gave me a workout little guy, but I still win,” Skittles sang the last part as she raised him above her head and slowly lowered him into her mouth.


“No, No! Don’t eat me!” he yelled. She couldn’t tell if he was in character or not, but if he was playing along she’d ruin the whole thing for him if she stopped, so she made a judgment call and dropped him into her mouth. She played with him and felt him wiggle and resist as she moved him around. It was way more exciting than she thought it would be. She felt powerful. Well, it’s now or never. She leaned her head back and swallowed. What do you know? I really can feel it wiggle all the way down!


Bran was in a panic as he was being squeezed down Skittles’s esophagus. Something deep and ancient finally woke up and was telling him he wanted to live! He tried to cry out, but any time he opened his mouth he got saliva in it, so he gave up on yelling and just began flailing as hard as he could in the confines of that tight muscular tube. He landed with a splash in her stomach, which was already filled with a mixture of melted Freezee and stomach acid. He realized with horror that it didn’t matter who’s stomach this was. It was still going to work him over in a horrible way. He swam in the burning liquid holding his useless eyes tightly closed for what little protection his eyelids offered as the world churned around him. He pounded on the walls, when he could find them hoping that she’d notice that he was in distress and had changed his mind about the whole thing.


Skittles rubbed her belly as she felt the delightful flutter her lover made. She decided to stay in the room until she could no longer feel movement so they could have these last few moments alone together. As the fluttering faded she began to put her pants back on. By the time she had her shirt and shoes on there was no more movement. At least he died happy. She took her CD and held it like a sacred relic as she headed out the door.


Adela spotted her on her way out and ran over to her.


“How was it?” she asked.


“Better than I thought it would be,” Skittles said, “I’ll still miss him though,”


Adela put her hand on Skittles’s shoulder, “He’ll always be with you now, and besides, it was his dream right?” she asked.


Skittles nodded, “Probably gonna have to sell the house unless I can find another roommate,”



“How much is it?” Adela asked, “My lease is up in a week anyway.


Skittles smiled and told her the price.


“That’s not bad. Would you mind having an artist as a roommate? I can get a little messy,”


“Only if you don’t mind my practicing at home. It can get loud,” Skittles said. They traded info, “I’m going to Bangladesh wanna come?”


“Where’s that?” Adela asked.


“I don’t know but I bought a ticked for tonight. Figured I’d need to get away for a while,”


“Yeah sure, I get off soon and can just tell Megyhn I’ll be on vacation for a while,”


With a new friend in tow Skittles set off on another adventure.  She would still miss Bran, but she was glad she didn’t have to be alone.


End Notes:

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

Found objects by oishi1
Author's Notes:

Author's note, all characters in this story are fictitious, especially the real ones, so if you see me remember, I'm not there.




I tried not to alter any of the source material (save some spelling and grammatical corrections) I merely transcribed what I found. Hope it proves useful.





“You always seem to know the answer to it all,


You seem to cheat the truth and never take the fall,


Your life is hollow and you simplify the rules,


The time will come when you will join the other fools,”


-Ozzy, Black Illusion








Oishi1's Journal, zero hour. Heading to the airport.




I bought this composition book for the trip. Where I'm going I should find no end of new material. I've never done anything this crazy before. I'm too exited to write!




Tuesday, week one of our vacation.








We got off the plane on Tuesday night. 8 back home 9 here. We did some last minute packing and went to the airport right after work, but there had been a few delays. We were both running on fumes, but after coming all this way I wanted to at least see the place before bed. I asked the cabby to pull around so we could get a good look at it.




I could tell when we were getting close due to the impact it had on the nearby businesses. There were a bunch of law offices with signs offering to draw up last will and testaments and handle other such affairs. Restaurants had signs like, “Make your last slice an authentic Napoli Pizza! You've earned it!” or, “Go out with a bang! Red bracelet special!” Motels and Hotels were offering specials for guests who were going to Forbidden Dish. The area had become more of a speed trap than normal as well. The government wanted in on the action, and the attempt to tax the restaurant extra was a complete failure.




“For every market a sub market grows,” I sang under my breath as I looked around.




“Heh, No kidding,” Audrey said.




“What's that?” the cabby asked.




“Nothing,” we both said. He went back to driving.




After all the buildup and pomp I expected something more extravagant, but Forbidden Dish looked very unassuming. It could be any other fairly high-end restaurant. I don't know what I was expecting, but with the way people were talking about it on the forums I almost thought it would glow and I'd hear an angelic chorus on sight. Oh well, it truly is what's on the inside that counts.




The Motel wasn't far from the restaurant, only two miles. We decided we'd walk there tomorrow and check it out. It would give us a chance to look around and play tourist, but for now it's bedtime.














Oishi1's Journal,




Wednesday, week one of our vacation.




If you'd ever told me we were going to do what we did today I wouldn't believe you. I walked up to the podium and asked for GulpUgone. The hostess stared at me with a confused expression on her face. It took me a while to realize what the problem was. We had corresponded for a long time, but we never told each other our real names. Since she was now a public figure I knew her name, but still wasn't used to using it.




“Oh, I'm sorry, that was her, um, never mind. I'm here to talk to Megyhn. Please tell her that Oishi1 is here,”




The hostess looked unsure but she delivered the message anyway.




Megyhn showed up shortly.




“Finally, you came!” she said smiling, “I take it you are i8oishi1?” Megyhn asked my wife.




“Sure am. Please call me Audrey. I've read some of your stories. I particularly liked “Down you go” We both enjoyed it actually,”




“Thank you, it's flattering to know that even a non vorephile liked my stories,” She stared at me like she was sizing me up, “So, we finally get a chance to meet in person. I'm at a real disadvantage here. Everyone knows my name, and it would feel strange to just address you by your screen name,”




“Oh, sorry, call me Ed. It's great to finally come here,” I said.






 She suddenly realized we were still standing at the entrance, “Good heavens, where are my manners? Come in come in! I take it you are here to make your name a reality?” she asked Audrey?”




“Not exactly, but we would like a table,” I said.




“I'll seat you personally,” She said gesturing for us to follow her, “You wouldn't believe how many of our old friends have come to visit,” She said to me.




“That would explain why most of the forums seem kind of dead lately,” I replied.




“I was wondering when you'd finally come,” She said, “I thought you'd be here sooner,”




“Affordability was an issue, then work, then the baby, you know how it is,” I said.




“Not really, but ok,” She brought us to a two top and motioned for us to sit, “So, if you aren't here to visit our booths, what can I get for you?”




“We would like to order a shrunken man,” I said, “That was the deal. She'll try it out as long as I don't go off and shrink myself,” Audrey nodded, but she still looked a bit unsure.




“Very well then,” Megyhn told us,” I'll bring you a shrunken man. Just one? You know they cost less if you buy in bulk?” we nodded,” ok then, it was nice to finally meet the two of you,” She smiled in a courteous but forced way walked off.




I was glad they offered the option of ordering at the table. I'm not comfortable with the thought of other men hitting on my wife (even if she is going to eat them shortly after), and neither of us were comfortable with the whole stranger groping thing. Plus, if you don't get to know them at full size first it's easier to ignore the fact that they are actually humans.




Speaking of uncomfortable we both felt overdressed. The coat check girl had taken her thick hooded jacket (our friends call it her Kenny jacket due to the way the hood looked like it swallowed her face) and my Boondock Saints jacket (sadly it has the logo, prayer, and tattoos on it. Marketing has to ruin everything. Go figure) We were both wearing jeans and t-shirts (hers had a picture of Gir saying, “Someone needs a hug! and mine said “Your skill in reading has increased by one point), but even such casual attire looked stuffy here. I really couldn't get used to this weather. Back home we had a cold front a few weeks ago. Went all the way down to seventy.




“Ed, I know I always say I'll try any food once, but I'm still not sure about this,” she said, “It's still a person,”




“It's not like you have to force him,” I said, “It'll be someone like me who wants this. You'll be doing something good while trying something new,”




“I know, but this is way different than costumes and gummy bears. This is for real,” She said.




“Aren't you curious?” I asked.




“Well, I am a bit, but I don't want to hurt anybody,”




Just then Megyhn showed up with a little black bowl containing a tiny man. She sat him on the table.




“Enjoy,” she said, “Call me if you change your mind about that red band,” She smiled and walked back to her office.




Audrey introduced herself to the tiny man in the bowl and he returned the favor. I don't remember his name. I was too excited to pay attention.








She eyed the tiny man nervously before timidly picking him up between her thumb and forefinger. Something in the way he reacted seemed to thrill her and her confidence grew. She held him better and brought him really close to her face.




“Sorry if I seem nervous” she said, “This is my first time,”




“Hey mine too,” he joked back, “Looks like I lucked out. I was really worried about just going on the open market, but I'm too shy to walk up to anybody,”




She smiled and blushed a little. I decided it was ok since it seemed to make things easier for her.




“So, you really want this?” she asked him, “Because if you're not really sure I will send you back,” She stared him down with her big blue eyes. There was something very catlike in the way she examined him. The doubt from earlier was replaced with a certain amount of curiosity. She seemed to be adjusting to the reality of a tiny person surprisingly well.




“I, um, that is, yeah,” the tiny man stammered. He stared at her mouth. A war played out on his face, “You're so beautiful, and this has been a dream for a long time,” he said. I must have made a noise because he tried to turn around, “Who?”




“Don't worry about that,” she said, “Focus on what I'm saying. Do you want me to eat you or not?” she raised him above her head and opened her mouth. His whole body shook. I didn't know if it was excitement, fear, or both, but it sure was exciting me, “I'll give you a good look to help you decide,” She looked like she was finally having fun. His war continued, but one side finally broke the other's defenses. He closed his eyes and braced himself.




“Do it!” he finally said, “Quickly! Before I chicken out!”




She smiled mischievously as she slid him into her mouth head first. She played with him on her tongue for a bit all the while staring deep into my eyes. When she was ready she tilted her head back and swallowed hard then opened her mouth to show me he was gone.




“Woah, that was quite a bit bigger than a gummy bear. I don't think I've ever swallowed anything that,” she said then she gasped, “I can feel him wiggle!” She grabbed my hand and traced the path down her throat, “It stopped right here. That actually felt better than I, oh!” she stopped and put her hand just below her left breast, “The stories were right. I actually can feel a fluttery movement! Put your hand here! Do you feel it?”




“I can't feel anything, but I like hearing how you describe it. Keep talking about it and I'll pretend it's me,” I said.




 “I can feel you fluttering. Like a hundred butterflies moving at once. Oh, it's getting faster!” She began to rub the spot with my hand, “I finally see why you wanted this. It actually feels wonderful! If I'd known this I would've done it sooner,” she let go of my hand and laid back smiling, “Your movement is getting weaker now. Don't tire out yet, we're not done,” After a few seconds she looked a bit sad, “Aww, it stopped,” Then reality popped the fantasy bubble, “Does that mean he's?  Oh no!”




“He paid for it, remember? Think about all the times we've nearly died in the past year. We had no control over it and worried the whole way. He actually chose a way to go and knew what he was getting into. He even said he was lucky. I wish I could be so lucky,” I told her as I leaned in and kissed her.




In the setting of the restaurant it was hard to feel the same way about what just happened as one normally would. It made it feel more, acceptable, almost normal in its own way. She shifted from a look of worry to a smile, “Oh, you'll get lucky alright. Shall we go?”




I paid the check and we headed out.










Oishi1's journal, Saturday week one of our vacation.




We just got back from our second trip to Forbidden Dish. We've been playing tourist the last couple of days, but we were both curious to go back, and on a Saturday it was said to be more active. It was probably a bit too crowded for our taste, but we got the same table we had the previous night. A woman named Kara served our table, but Megyhn came by and offered me a red bracelet again. I think she's just joking, but it's hard to tell with her. Maybe I've become her special project of sorts.




 Audrey was feeling bold and actually ordered five this time! She didn't really talk to them like the last one, other than playful teasing. She spent most of her focus on me. It was a surprising change to see her just jump right in, but I can't say I'm complaining. Neither of us can wait for our next visit. I think I'll bring my journal and record it as it happens!






Oishi1's journal Monday, week two of our visit,




Our waitress is a girl named Adela. She has pink hair and is very friendly, or at least she was until I ordered the cheese sticks (I find it odd that she took my wife's order of five men, but my order of five sticks of fried cheese seemed to make her mad.) I ordered tea, but despite my complaints about the weather I asked for ice. Old habits die hard I guess. I tried to make it last. They don't refill here without charging. It feels strange to try writing things down as they happen, but I want them as fresh in my mind as they can be. The last few times I've written anything it was after my wife went to sleep and I was to excited to follow suit.




Didn't get to see Megyhn today. She was too busy. I don't know when someone like that finds time to sleep. I'd be unable to keep up. As we wait I sip my tea and try to look around. The contrast between the classy setting and the scantily clad clientele made the place a bit much to take in. It looked like a strange music video. Even though I knew what I was getting into and it was my fantasy, my mind couldn't wrap around the sight of women swallowing tiny men all around me. It wasn't too long before Adela arrived.




“k, here's your order of five tiny men,” She gently placed the bowl in front of my wife, “And your cheese sticks,” she dropped them in front of me and walked off.




“I wonder what she would've done If I ordered the steak,” I said.




“That reminds me, there's a nice steakhouse down the street I want to try out tomorrow. It's been forever since I've had a nice steak,” (she likes them fairly rare and when she was pregnant she wasn't allowed to have them that way.) She lifted the first tiny man as she talked and casually waved him. She probably wasn't thinking about it. Hand talking is just a natural thing for her. She slid him into her mouth as she finished talking. I was too fascinated to say anything.




“Oh, I'm sorry. Are you ready?” She asked me after she swallowed.




I laughed. “You obviously are,”




She teased the next one a bit before she brought him to her mouth.




“Ready?” she asked.




“I, I guess so,” the tiny man said.




She stared at him confused for a bit.




“Oh, you thought I was talking to you, how cute,” She could tell I was ready and was only talking to the tiny man that way because she knew I'd like it.








Sorry, had to take a break from writing. We ran into a little snag. After she'd teased and swallowed the second guy and picked up the third he began to panic.




“No!” he yelled, “I changed my mind!” he tried to shrink into her hand.




She paused, unsure what to do. She looked at me, but I was too stunned to react. I knew it had to happen here, but I hadn't given thought to what I'd do in this situation. Knowing my story preference I think she took my silence for encouragement. She put him in her mouth and played with him. I could still here some muffled sounds coming from her mouth, but they were not discernable as words. She stared at me. It almost felt like she was daring me to say something, and when I didn't, she gave a mischievous smile and swallowed.




The remaining two began to freak out, but Audrey looked thrilled.




“I can't believe I just did that!” She picked up another tiny man. He was struggling to get free from her hand, “You know what?” she asked him, “I can still feel the other guy fighting to get out. He's right here,” She put him against her shirt, “No matter how hard he struggles, he won't get out unless I let him,” She brought the tiny man to her face, “Now, this is really important. It would be no trouble at all for me to let you join him, but seeing as I'm feeling nice I'll let you decide. Do you still want me to eat you?” She stared at him. That same catlike stare she had with her first. I could tell she'd already made up her mind.




“I,” He faltered. I think he lost his voice, “I'm not so sure anymore,” I had to listen hard to hear him.




“Well, I'll make the decision easier for you. I'll put you in my mouth and let you get a feel for it. If you change your mind I'll let you go,” She smiled down at him.




“Ok. I guess,” he said. He still looked worried.




She played with him for a while in her mouth while she picked up the next one. She suddenly swallowed out of nowhere.




“I didn't hear him say he was ready!” the last man yelled.




“Oopse, I got a little excited. I didn't know it would feel so good. Do you have any idea how good it feels to know your food is fighting to get out?” She asked the last tiny man.




“I, uh, can't say that I do,” He said. He looked outright frightened.




“I'll show you,” She said as she popped him into her mouth.




“No you ca,” He didn't finish his sentence before she swallowed him.




“Sorry, Ed” she said, “I got a little carried away,”




“I can't believe that just happened!” I was barely able to speak. I still didn't know if I should be thrilled or scared that she did what she did.




“Are you mad?” she asked. I must have had a strange expression on my face.




“No, I'm still trying to process what I just saw,” I said.




“You know, it felt way ,way better when they didn't want it than when they did,” She said. I couldn't tell if she meant it or was just playing to my fantasies, “I just wish there was a way to order exclusively unwilling ones,”




“You can. It's right here on the menu,” Adela said. We both jumped. We were so into what we were doing that we didn't notice her until she spoke.




“Where?” I asked grabbing the menu. Adela pointed it out. Much to my surprise it was plainly there on the menu.




Unwilling men. It had a price for individuals, orders of five, and orders of ten.




“But if they change their minds don't you normally grow them back?” I asked.




Adela giggled. “Yeah sure,”




 I failed to see what was so funny. She whispered something to my wife before handing us the bill and walking off.




“What?” I asked.




“I'll tell you when we get home,” she said, “They don't like people to talk about it here, but since you aren't going to be shrunk we don't have to worry about it,” She looked in the empty bowl and picked something out, “Speaking of which, someone put a red band in our bowl,” I sighed.




“Cute, Megyhn, very cute,”




I finished writing when I got home. I still want to try to write an event as it happens. Maybe when I'm more prepared for the eventuality of people changing their minds it will be easier. Oh by the way, what Adela had told her was that the contracts specifically say that once a man is shrunk he is food no matter what. If the girl that gets him changes her mind she can give him back, but then he's resold.




I wonder how often that happens.










Wednesday, week two of our vacation,




I can't believe it. I looked away from my composition book for one second and it vanished. Why would someone take my journal? I mean who does that? Really! The motel manager sold me a little steno pad for five bucks. I could've gotten several composition books for that.




We went to forbidden dish again and Adela was our waitress. She's taken to calling me cheese sticks. Audrey ordered five unwilling men this time. Since I knew that they signed up for it I didn't feel as bad about it as I did last time. She enjoyed it and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. It was great until I noticed my book was gone. I'll have to rewrite everything from memory now. This sucks.








Saturday, week two of our vacation,




This will probably be our last visit. I feel sad about that, but I never thought I'd get a chance to come here in the first place. We have to be on the plane Tuesday, so we'll have Wednesday to recover. An old friend contacted my wife and she'll be on a girl’s night out with her on Monday before we head out. I'll probably just walk around town until she's done.




She ordered five unwilling men again. She played with the first two, but after that she casually talked to me about packing for the trip back and other things while she ate the other three. In its own way it excited me to see her ignore them and treat this as a normal thing. I still didn't see how she could just ignore their cries. It was very distracting for me.






end of document.


A Good Man is Hard to Find by oishi1

“I always play Russian Roulette in my head,

It’s seventeen black and twenty-nine red,

How far from the gutter,

How far from the pew,

I’ll always remember to forget about you,”

-Tom Waits (“A Good Man is Hard to Find”)


I soaked in the warmth of being indoors. Two weeks wasn't enough time to get used to this cold weather. Omar was used to seeing me and didn’t bother to ask for ID. He just barely nodded to acknowledge me as I walked over to the podium and asked for Megyhn.




 I was here alone for the first time. Audrey was meeting a former high school friend that lived in the area for dinner, and In order to give them privacy I had the day to myself. Our vacation was almost over and I wanted to say goodbye to Megyhn and ask her if she knew anything about my missing notebooks (yes the other was stolen too. I tried watching it closely, but I was, um, distracted) She was only the second person I’d met in real life that I knew was into the shrinking fantasies and the first I’d met that was into vore. I wasn’t the first writer from the forums to visit her, but I was the only one she hadn’t convinced to take the red band ride, and I think it bothered her on some level that I decided to keep one dream a fantasy in order to live out another.






“Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer,” She said as she came in from her office, “If I’d known you were coming I would’ve waited to seat your lover and her friend, but don’t worry, her friend actually ordered the food, (I know right?), so their order hasn’t gotten to them yet,” I was going to ask her what she was talking about, but she called out to Adela, “Put a hold on table six’s order please,” Adela nodded and walked off to work her other tables.




“She’s here?” I asked a little confused.




“Oh you didn’t know?” Megyhn asked, “I thought she only came here for your benefit. Maybe she’s starting to like it,” A slow smile crept across her face.






“Maybe, but I don’t want to interrupt her dinner. It’s sort of a girl’s night out kind of thing,” I told her.




“She doesn’t know you’re here? Well then, maybe I could get you to try on one of those red bands,” She said in a husky voice.




“I just come here to watch,” I said. My throat was getting dry. There was still part of me that was tempted by the offer even after seeing the reality of it.




“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it,” She said as she put a hand gently on my shoulder, “Besides, she doesn’t have to know,”




“If I were to do it, she’d know because I’m only interested in going through with it if it’s with her,” I said, pulling away. I was a bit angry at her offer now.




“One tiny man looks the same as any other,” She said, now whispering in my ear, “It could still be her and she wouldn’t know,”




“I really doubt that. We’ve been married for five years. Even tiny I’m sure she’d recognize me,” I said confidently.




“Do you really think she pays that much attention to the men she eats? I’m sure she’s put up many mental blocks to get past the fact that they are actual humans,”




“There’s still no way she wouldnít recognize me,” I said, though not with as much confidence.




“Why not put your money where her mouth is?”




“What do you mean?” I wasn't sure I liked where this was going.




“I'm willing to bet, to lay money on it mind you, that if you were in your wife's order of five unwilling men she wouldn't know you from the others. You mostly did unaware stories anyway didn't you? This should be right up your alley. What number would get your attention? How does ten thousand dollars sound?”




“I have no interest in making a bet with you,”




“I'll make it more interesting then,” She thought for a minute, “We'll say fifty thousand,” I shook my head, “one hundred thousand. Don't worry, I'm good for it. Think about it. You win either way right? If you're right, you get one hundred thousand dollars and if you're wrong your fantasy comes true. What do you have to lose? Most people would kill for those odds,”




This gave me pause. She knew she had me. No, I couldn't possibly.




“Goodbye Megyhn. It was, interesting, meeting you,” I said as I made my way toward the door.




“If you're that sure that you'd lose I understand. Maybe you don't believe in her, but if you walk out that door right now it'll be all you can think about for the rest of your life. If I didn't trust my wife to pick me out of a group of five other men I'd walk away from free money too,”




I stopped.




“When she recognizes me you will bring me back to normal size right?”




“If, she recognizes you I will return you to normal size,”




“I understand that there are papers I have to sign?”








She showed me to her office. Another woman was sitting at the desk doing paperwork.




“What do we have here?” The other woman asked. In many ways she was similar to Megyhn, although she was slightly younger and had mildly shorter hair. She was dressed in business attire, but was sitting casually. It was almost like she belonged there.




“One of the writers from the old site. Ed, Vera, Vera, Ed,” She gestured to us casually. We shook hands; “She does the legal work for Forbidden Dish. Ed here seems to think his wife pays enough attention to her food to recognize him in an order of five unwilling men. I say that he's in for a rude awakening. What to you think Vera?”




“I think there's a chance,” She said, “I recognized my friend Clark. Of course he was the only one in my order and I only recognized him because he was yelling my name, but it is possible,”




“See, maybe he's the only person you recognized because he's the only person you knew that you've seen that small,”




“Possibly,” she said.




Megyhn only smiled and listened to us talk. I was confused. Her friend was blowing holes in her argument and there she was just smiling away.




“Anyway, it's a good thing you saw him,” I said, “If anybody else had found him he'd be in big trouble,”




“Yeah, he was relieved that I found him, and when I ate him anyway I think he was pretty shocked. Which brings me to,”




“You what?” I cut her off.




“Which brings me to my little side bet. Megyhn, I'm betting his wife does see him and still decides to eat him. What do you say? Just a friendly wager, say two hundred?”




“You're on,” Megyhn said shaking Vera's hand.




“That won't happen. Even assuming she'd do it, which I don't believe for a moment, If she recognizes me you've already said you'd bring me back,” I said.




“True, but she is a customer and technically she bought you with her order, so I can only bring you back if she decides she doesn't want to eat you,” She stared hard at me with mock sympathy, “Is that going to be a problem?”




“It's not going to be a problem. There's no way she'd do that,” I said.




“Good! Now, we have to do this quickly, don't want to keep your wife waiting now do we?” Megyhn asked. She handed me a stack of papers, “We have to keep this legit right? If by some chance she doesn't recognize you, but comes to me complaining about your disappearance I need to have proof that it was your choice,”




I stared at the stack of papers. My hesitation was annoying to her.




“What's the matter? Don't you trust me? I thought we were friends,” She smiled.




I signed the papers.




“Good,” she said, “Now follow me,” She led me to the booths. They were made mostly of glass. The inner space was only big enough to fit one person (kind of like a phone booth) but the hatch was raised and lowered like the windshield over the cockpit of a fighter jet, “Well, hop in,” She patted the inside of the booth, and nervously, I complied. As she locked the door the absolute craziness of what I was doing started to sink in. Even if Audrey does recognize me I'm pretty sure she'll be mad. Maybe I shouldn't do this.




“Normally at this point I'd ask a patron if they were absolutely sure about this, but I can tell you're as ready as you'll ever be, so,” She pushed the button.




My world filled with white light. There was no heat, no change in temperature, but when the light faded I realized I was in a large room with a metal floor and Megyhn was scooping me up. I've tried to imagine what it would be like to be this small and in a woman's hand my entire life, but my imagination couldn't compare to how it actually felt. I was lightheaded from the g force of being lifted, but she didn't seem to care. she held me above her head.




“Um, Megyhn, I'm not sure I want to do this,” I said.




“Well, we might have a problem then. You see, I already pushed the button,”




“Yeah, but you could just grow me back and we can call the whole thing off,” I said.




“I could, but then again there are many things I could do. You know, I could eat you right here and now and nobody would know,” she said smiling.




“You could,” I tried to sound calm, but I know my voice cracked, “But then you wouldn't know who was right and that would bother you as much as it would bother me,” I waited, hoping this was true.




“You're right,” she said. I sighed with relief, “ I wish I could see the look on your face when your own wife sees you as nothing more than a tiny snack,” She looked like she was thinking, then a mean spirited smile crossed her face, “One more thing though,” She grabbed a personal groomer from her pocket and turned it on. It was one of those things used for nose hair and eyebrow grooming, so it was small. I heard a buzz above me and saw several long strands of red hair slowly float down. I lost sight of them well before they hit the ground. A stern reminder of how far the fall would be.




“What was that for?” I yelled. This was personal. I had not cut my hair since the week before I was married. She had no right!




“I'm just thinking about your wife's well being. Some of my customers complain that long hair gets stuck in their throats. We don't want her to choke do we?” She made a look of mock shock, “Oh, I just thought of something! Were you counting on your hair? I hope not! I may have ruined your chances of getting noticed! That would be horrible!”




“I'm sure she'd recognize me without it!” I yelled back. Come to think of it though there's actually a good chance that was the only thing that'd get her to look twice.




She walked briskly back to the serving area and found the order for table six. There was a serving of lasagna that was just now being plated and a bowl with five tiny men standing around with confused expressions on their faces. Megyhn picked one of the guys up out of the bowl and put me in his spot.




“Sorry, last minute change of plans,” She said to the tiny man.




“What gives?” he yelled, “I was next!”




She lifted the man to her face and smiled.




“Am I to take it you are unsatisfied with the service in my restaurant?”




The man nodded, “I've been waiting for hours to be regrown and suddenly this chump gets to cut in line! I'm going to report you to the Better Business Bureau!”




“Allow me to show you to the complaint department,” She popped him into her mouth and savored him for a while looking down at the rest of us. Nobody said anything. We were frozen to the spot unable to look away. It really was different from this angle. She swallowed with little effort and he was gone. We all knew that we could go just as easily.




“Anyone else?” Megyhn asked. We all slowly shook our heads, “Good. Adela, I believe table six's order is ready. It was nice meeting you,” She walked away smiling like she'd already won.




Adela went to grab the tray, but her phone rang. The table was low for easy lifting of the trays and we were at belly level with her. Her midriff was bare and shone white with the contrast of the bright colors of her clothes. I didn't know how she could stand wearing so little in this weather. I could see goosebumps along her skin. She sort of shifted side-to-side as she talked.




“Hey Skittles! How's the tour? Really? Oh yeah, no, it hasn't burned down yet,” she laughed, “Though I have been using a bunch of acetone in my latest project, so tell Helmut not to smoke in the house when you get back. The fumes should be gone by then, but who knows,” She blushed a bit, “Oh yeah? Well, put him on then,” Her smile grew brighter and she shifted more as she talked, “Hey Hess, what's up? I was just thinking about you,” Her stomach growled. It shook the table where we were standing, “Not much, just work. Probably not, but I don't think Megyhn will mind if I talk for a few seconds, besides, she doesn't have to know. Yeah, it is a nice place. It's too bad your visit was just a quick in and out. You oughta come by here some time after the concert k? I'll give you a full tour. K, put them on. Hey guys!” Indistinct noise that sounded like several people yelling could be heard on the other side of the phone. I hate to break this short, but I don't want my customer's order to get cold. Auf Weidersehen!” She hung up and lifted the tray.




“Hey Adela I need your help!” I yelled. When she finally looked down it took her a while to recognize me.




“Oh, hey cheese sticks!” She smiled down at me; “I didn't expect to see you here. Sorry I took so long. I was talking to my friends. Ever heard of the band “Who Bit Fluffy?””




“Can't say that I have,” I said.




“Well, you should really check them out some time. Oh wait, you're not gonna,” She stopped talking and smiled as if she was almost caught revealing a secret, “I mean after we regrow you, you should totally check it out,”




“Adela, I know,” I explained trying to use my patient voice, “I have a little bet with Megyhn and I need your help. Just make sure to tell Audrey to pay close attention to her food,”




“Can't do that,” she said.




“Why not?”




“Megyhn wouldn't appreciate me interfering with the bet. I kind of like my job, besides, why would I want to help you?”




“Oh so I'm a bad guy because I eat dairy products?” Patient mode was gone now, “As opposed to your cruelty free diet of soy, lentils, and human flesh!”




“That's totally different, and you're really not gonna make me want to help you talking to me like that,” She said.




“Sorry,” I thought for a bit, “If not for me then for Audrey. You like her right?”




“I suppose so,” She looked like she was deciding, “If I feel like it I may give her a clue later,”




“How much later?”




“When I come by to check on drinks,” she said.




“That may be too late!” I said.




“There has to be some challenge right? If you survive that long I'll help you out,”




“Excuse me miss, but the booths are that way!” One of the other men called up to her.




“Don't worry, I have a few things I have to drop off first,” She smiled, “You'll be out of here shortly,”




The other men began to get loud asking her a barrage of questions and I was forced back. I could tell when we were getting close to the table because I could hear my wife and her friend's voices.




“And so I said to him, “If that's how you feel about it, then fine! I have no time for this,” The friend was saying, “And you know what he did? He walked right out, and I'm glad. I'm glad. I am. You know why? I alw,” What's her face was saying as Adela sat the plates down. Adela placed the plate of tiny men in front of Audrey and the Lasagna in front of her friend.




“Here you go. Sorry about the wait,”




“No problem at all,” They both said.




“K, so we got an order of five unwilling and an order of meaty lasagna,” I could hear her trying not to gag when she read the second order, “Enjoy,” And with that she was gone.




I tried to make myself extra visible, but Audrey was staring intently at her friend as she talked. She casually reached down into the bowl and grabbed one of the men and began to lick him as he cried out for help.




“Yeah, like I was saying. I'm glad he's gone. He had no business, eww I can't believe you're actually doing that!” Her friend said staring at the tiny man in her hand, “What made you pick this place anyway?”




“Ed talked me into coming here when we first started our vacation,” she said as she continued to lick the tiny screaming man. I was yelling to her as well, but between the tiny man in her hand and the other people yelling in the bowl she couldn't hear me. Maybe when there were fewer people she'd hear me better, “I wasn't sure about it at first, but they're great,” She started sucking on the tiny man. I had watched her do this many times, but not from this angle. I lost my sense of urgency and could do nothing but stare, “You can feel them moving after you swallow them. Want to try one? You'll love it!”




“Nah, I'm good,” her friend said taking a bite of her lasagna. Her fork load was almost as big as us. I didn't know pasta being cut by a fork was so noisy. After her first bite vanished in her mouth she started talking again, “Why did Ed want you to come here?”




“He likes this sort of thing,” She said as she popped the tiny man into her mouth. I was horrified to realize that she didn't look at him once the whole time. Without any thought or hesitation she swallowed. That could've just as easily been me. I saw the lump travel down her throat before she spoke again, “You know what?” She leaned in conspiratorially and began to whisper, “When we get back to the motel we're both ready,” She reached down and grabbed a second man. He was standing right next to me.




“Really?” Her friend had a strained look on her face, “This does it for the two of you?”




“Well, it does it for him, and seeing it do it for him does it for me,” She said as she slid the second guy into her mouth and swallowed easily. She picked up a third one and reached out to her friend, “Come on, you can't say you aren't at least a little curious. Since you're here you might as well try it,”




She timidly reached over and took the tiny man from Audrey's hand.




“He's screaming!” she gasped.




“Yeah, these ones signed the contract but backed out at the last minute. They should have read the fine print. Anyway. If you don't eat him I will, so just ignore the screaming and try it,” Audrey said to her friend. I was really starting to panic now that I was one of two people left in the bowl and the other guy was a quivering heap,”




“He kind of reminds me of my ex,” A wicked smile formed on her face, “This might be easier than I thought,”




“They all remind me of Ed,” Audrey said, “I've spent a lot of time pretending that they are him for his benefit. It's weird because now it sounds like they are yelling my name all the time whether they are or not. I already don't hear what people are saying unless I'm directly listening to them,”




Oh crap I forgot all about that! The only chance I really have is if she looks directly at me!




What's her name turned the guy around in her hand examining him as he begged her for help, “So, how do I?”




“First you have to get him real wet. You want to swallow them whole you see?” She grabbed the man that was in a fetal position on the bottom of the bowl and lifted him to her mouth. She proceeded to lick him, “You don't want to bite or they don't wiggle, and that's the best part. Plus it would be a bloody mess. Speaking of bloody messes, you need to try that steakhouse down the road. That had to be the juiciest piece of meat I've ever tasted,”




Just then Adela walked up to refill their drinks. As she poured water in their glasses she looked down into the bowl and saw me standing there alone. She smiled and waved.




“Then after you get them wet enough you can just swallow them. It's kind of hard until you get used to it. Don't be afraid to drink some water if it will help,” Audrey said as Adela walked away to work another table. She swallowed the tiny man she had picked up to demonstrate how. I was now alone in the bowl and the walls were too high to climb out.




“Here goes,” her friend said (seriously, what IS her name?) She licked the tiny man for a while and then timidly slid his fighting form into her mouth. As I was watching I felt a hand close around me. I could feel the metal of her titanium wedding ring against my skin. I remember being unsure which hand to put it on at the wedding and fumbling around for a while. Now I'm not sure if I'd even be able to lift it. The Celtic heart symbols on it are digging into my skin as she casually lifts me without regard to my comfort. Her friend choked a little on her first attempt at swallowing her tiny man.




“No, do it like this,” Audrey said as she brought me to her mouth and began to lick my body.




“Audrey! It's me! Look down! Please look down!” I yelled, but to my horror she continued licking.




Her friend grabbed a glass of water, popped the guy in her mouth, and downed half the glass.




“Whew!” As she caught her breath she smiled, “I can feel him move!”




“Yeah, It's great isn't it?” Audrey said.




“How long does it last?”




“Not long, a couple of minutes. It kind of sucks that this is my last one,” She looked down at me. For a second it almost looked like we made eye contact.




“It's me! You've gotta,” Before I could finish a shadowy object blocked my view of her face, and hers of mine.




“Would you like to try one of our desserts?” I heard Adela ask. It was a small dessert menu. Audrey took it with her free hand and held it where Adela had it.




“I'll just take this for you if you're done,” Adela said as she grabbed the empty bowl and the empty plate. When she reached under to grab the bowl she waved at me.




“I think I'll go for the turtle cheesecake,” Audrey said as she popped me into her mouth.




“No!” I yelled as I was tossed around and quickly pulled down her throat. It was tighter than I ever imagined in my stories. I don't know how it didn't crush my ribs. The tightness only increased as I entered the sphincter and was shot into her stomach with the other struggling men. I knew that she couldn't hear me. I knew that there was no escape, but what the mind knows and the body does are two different animals. I still fought like mad to get out.










Martha stared up from the composition book and watched the two women eat their cheesecake as she decided how to end her story. She took a sip of her green tea and thought. Suddenly it came to her and she leaned back over the paper.








As she took another bite of her cheesecake Audrey felt a few more flutters. They were weaker now. By the time she finished her cheesecake they'd be gone entirely. She wished they lasted longer but couldn't afford to buy more. She couldn't wait to tell Ed what she'd done. After describing it to him she was totally going to rape him when she got back to the motel.








Perfect. Martha closed the comp book and headed for the door, but she tripped right next to the two women's table and dropped it. She scrambled to grab it before they could read what was written in Sharpie on the front. She walked out the door quickly. Lifting the books was easy. She was good at being quiet, and small enough that most people didn't notice her. Megyhn would fill in some of the other details she needed to finish her story. It wasn't like her others. None of them had been in first person. She also really enjoyed knowing something the other woman didn't. This was almost as fun as eating an unwilling man herself. Almost.


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