A Beginning by Jaime Hillborne

A girl keeps a tiny city in her room and uses it to satisfy her own carnal desires.  She lets her friend in on her secret and worlds change...

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Story Notes:

I'll try to divide this into separate chapters later. I'm not sure if that'll be completely necessary but I personally think it's a bit long for just one chapter.

1. Chapter 1 by Jaime Hillborne

2. Chapter 2 by Jaime Hillborne

3. Chapter 3 by Jaime Hillborne

4. Chapter 4 by Jaime Hillborne

5. Chapter 5 by Jaime Hillborne

6. Chapter 6 by Jaime Hillborne

7. Chapter 7 by Jaime Hillborne

8. Chapter 8 by Jaime Hillborne

Chapter 1 by Jaime Hillborne

                It had been a very long day for Becca.  She had spent about eight hours at school that day and felt that she needed a break from all the hard work that she’d had to do in the past few weeks.  And she knew exactly what she’d do for that break. 

                She walked into her bedroom and immediately closed and locked the door.  She closed the windows and pulled down the shades.  She urned the lights on and stripped out of her clothes.  Her shirt was the first to go, and she threw it carelessly onto the floor.  Her skirt came next, falling around her legs slowly, twirling as it came to rest on the ground.  She removed her bra and threw it on top of the shirt.  She tossed her pantiesinto that pile of clothes, as well.  When everything was off, she licked her finger and stuck it inside her womanhood for a second, emitting a small moan of pleasure as she did so.

                She had a stunning figure.  Standing a few inches short of six feet, she had the tanned skin and dark hair of a goddess.  Her breasts were perfectly round, sticking out several inches past her chest, perfectly proportional to the rest of her.  Her ass was two sculpted hills jutting out from the rest of her body, as perfect as any Renaissance sculpture.  She was utterly beautiful. 

                She walked over to her dresser and opened the third drawer from the top slowly, looking down into it with a hunger in her eyes.  Contained within the drawer was a tiny city.  The metropolis stretched from one end of the drawer to the other.  Every few days, Becca devoured, demolished, and otherwise destroyed it; every few days, it reappeared, almost exactly as it had been before.  These cities were common in her world.  There were many people with strange sexual needs, and there were just as many people willing to cater to them, or find ways to ensure that they were catered to.  The cities were but one way that this was done.  There were transformation booths, shrink rays, God knows what else.  But Becca’s one vice was the tiny city she kept in her drawer, completely secret from her parents and most of her friends. 

                She pressed a button on the dresser and the city emerged from the drawer, propelled through the air on a propulsion field, moving over to her enormous bed.  When it was in place, Becca prepared to lie down on top of a part of it…

                Hannah looked up in the sky, again seeing the face of the girl she and many millions of other souls stuck in the City had come to love, fear, and worship as a goddess.  Every day, it seemed, they were all killed in the Goddess’ strange rampage, and every day they woke up perfectly fine, just as they had before dying.  It was a very strange way to live, but Hannah had learned to live with it.  It wasn’t so bad once you got used to it.  It was even erotic; being smeared all over a giant girl’s sex on a daily basis had made lesbians out of Hannah and essentially every other woman in the city.  And that was probably for the better. 

                As the goddess smiled down on the city, the enormous, implacable hunger visible on her face, Hannah stared back at her and crossed her hands over her body, taking her right breast in her left hand and her left in her right.  This was the sign of veneration in the presence of the Goddess, meant to please their enormous owner.  Becca had no idea that any of the tiny people living in her city did anything like this, and she wouldn’t have cared if she did.  They were sex toys and snacks to her; nothing more. 

                The city moved across the goddess’ room to the familiar bed, the site of so many holocausts over the past year or so.  Hannah was prepared for the worst.  She wondered what it would be today.  A journey up the Goddess’ vagina, or a trip down her throat and through the digestive system?  Perhaps a simple crushing today; occasionally the Goddess just sat on them or lay down on them until every single one of them had been crushed beneath her.  Those were swift deaths, and everyone in the city secretly prayed for them. 

                But evidently it was not to be that way today.  As soon as they were set down on the bed, the Goddess scooped up a handful of the city, the part Hannah was in.  She lay down on the floor next to her bed and dumped the handful into her mouth…

                Hannah’s world shook.  She had moved out onto the rof of her apartment and knew exactly what was about to happen.  They were about to be sent through the Goddess’ digestive system, a painful journey that would last them many hours.  It had happened before many times.  It was not something Hannah particularly enjoyed. 

                Staring down at the Goddess as the world steadied itself, she saw the enormous cavern of her mouth open wide.  She felt the world tumbling down toward that hole, the gateway to the hell of the Goddess’ body that lay hidden below the heaven of its surface.  She fell through the air, staring at the open mouth all the while, wondering if she would die in the mouth, chewed to a pulp, or in the stomach.  She was too small to be chewed, but she could always hope…

                Rebecca closed her lips as the handful of city hit her tongue.  Some missed, rolling off her chin and onto the her breasts.  She rolled over, crushing all of this under the mountains on her chest and exposing her perfect rear to the city watching her from her bed.  She didn’t bother to chew this time; she just swallowed the mouthful of city whole, full of wriggling, writhing people who were about to get quite a ride through the enormous cavern of her stomach and the miles of tunnel that were her intestines…

                Hannah took one last look above before the mouth closed.  She saw the Goddess’ perfect white teeth and the red of the rest of her mouth, all covered in oceans of saliva.  She looked back and saw the opening of the Goddess’ throat, the uvula swinging back and forth like a meaty pendulum.  Then all was darkness, all was madness.  She felt the tongue beneath her moving around, sloshing her and the rest of the city along with the saliva around the Goddess’ mouth.  She screamed as she accepted her fate: she was once again to become a part of the Goddess, as she had many times before and certainly would many times again.  She screamed as she was pulled down the opening of the esophagas along with the other contents of the Goddess’ mouth, and she screamed as she was melted by the acids in the Goddess’ stomach.  This was her life, and she didn’t usually have any problems with it.  Except for when she was digested…

                Becca rolled onto her back again and let forth a slight belch.  She looked up at her bed and thought about what else to do with the city.  She scooped a portion of the city up on the tip of her finger and brought it to the lips of her vagina…

                Rachel was on the finger, a place she was very grateful to be.  It meant she was going to go inside her Goddess, her one true love and the most powerful thing in her universe.  There was no escape, and that was good. 

                She looked out of her window at the beautiful sight of the place between the Goddess’ legs, the cleft which was the essence of all womanhood, at least in Rachel’s eyes.  The enormous cavern within could easily fit most of the city, if it came down to it, and the Goddess had put the city in there many times.  Many days had the Goddess played with the city, and in many ways had she finished it off. 

                The finger came to rest in front of the Goddess’ face.  Her enormous eyes stared at them, her lips open a crack, just enough to see the teeth within exposed in a small smile that was still large enough to allow the entire finger and its contents through.  Suddenly the finger was brought downward, across the Goddess’ body, moving toward the beautiful place between her enormous legs, and…

                …there was a knock at the door.  Becca paused for a moment, but only for a moment.  She stopped short of shoving the finger inside herself, instead rubbing its passengers into the crack between her lips (this pleased Rachel quite a bit, as it allowed her a view of her Goddess’ entire body, from the collumns of her legs to the mountains of her breasts to the great forest of her hair).  She got up and looked through the door, transparent only from this side.  She saw on the other side her friend Cara.  She smiled.  Cara was almost as beautiful as Becca, but the two were quite different.  Cara was slightly taller than Becca, with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes.  Her breasts and rear were comparable to Becca’s, although they did not share Becca’s tan; Cara was slightly pale, but not so much so as to be unattractive.  Far from it; next to any other girl but Becca, Cara would most certainly be the more beautiful.  Next to Becca, however, they were near of equal beauty. 

                “Hey, Cara,” called Becca.  “Come on in.”  The door unlocked and Cara stepped through.  She saw Becca lying naked on the floor and the city on the bed and her eyes widened a bit.  Becca laughed.  “Oh, come on,” she said.  “You like that I’m naked and you think the tiny city is hot.” 

                “Uh…I…Guess so,” said Cara.  Her nipples had grown hard since seeing her friend naked on the ground. 

                “Come on, get naked,” said Becca.  “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

                “I don’t know,” said Cara shyly.  “I mean, I’m not sure I…y’know…’

                “Just try it,” said Becca.  “It’s awesome.  I do it all the time.”  She was, of course, referring to lesbian sex. 

                “Well…all right,” said Cara, who had already begun to take off her shirt and skirt.  She wore no underwear.  In her nudity she was equal to Becca in radiance…

                …and Rachel stared up in wonder at the goddess standing above her own.  There was a rumbling noise as the new goddess lay down next to the original.  “What are you doing?” asked her Goddess.  “That’s not how you do it.  Lick my pussy!”

                The newcomer was apparently a bit shy, but not so much so that she would not comply with the Goddess’ commands.  Rachel could do nothing but gape as the enormous face of the Newcomer loomed above her, enormous breasts beneath it.  Her mouth opened as her eyes closed, and a great tongue emerged to lick Rachel and every other remnant of the City from the Goddess’ lips. 

                The tongue swept over Rachel slowly, and she was stuck to the tip of the thing.  She was pulled back into the mouth and was treated to a view of her Goddess from inside the Newcomer’s mouth.  Her Goddess was very clearly enjoying herself.  Her nipples were rock hard, her eyes were closed in what must have been a memory of the short moment of ecstasy when the Newcomer had licked her.  She enjoyed this view of her Goddess in the throes of pleasure for only a moment before the lips closed.  She expected to be swallowed and become a part of the Newcomer, but the lips opened again and she saw her Goddess’ mouth much closer this time…

                Cara moved in to kiss Becca.  As she settled on top of her, their breasts moved against each other and she felt her own spit wet her own womanhood slightly as their crotches met.  She opened her mouth and allowed Becca’s tongue to play against her own.  She moved her hand between the two of them down where their sexes met and began to rub Becca.  Her friend responded by moaning in pleasure and grabbing Cara’s ass.  The two were locked in a passionate embrace for what seemed like hours, ntil Becca gently pushed Cara off.  “I have a better place for this,” she said, pointing to the bed.  The titanesses rose and moved to the bed…

                Rachel shouted in joy as she was pushed onto her Goddess’ tongue.  There was nowhere she would rather be than inside her Goddess, although the Newcomer was quickly becoming an important part of her pantheon as well.  As the pressure of the Newcomer’s tongue disappeared, she looked behind her and saw her face moving away.  Then the Goddess’ lips closed, and Rachel was flushed backwafds along with an ocean of saliva down her throat to her enormous belly, fuel for the romantic bliss that was about to become the sole focus of the two enormous girls…

                Becca pushed Cara into the city.  Her breasts collided first, crushing thousands under the two of them, followed by her face, which crushed nearly as many.  Cara felt invigorated like she had few times before and got up, preparing to jump onto the city.  And that was just what she did. 

                She landed ass-up, crushing even more under her breasts, belly, sex, and legs.  She then stuck her tongue out from between her lips, looking at the untouched stretch of city before her.  The people down there knew exactly what was coming and before they could even consider running away, thousands were slurped up and stuck to the tongue.  Cara was feeling playful at that moment.  She took some time to swirl the contents of her mouth around a bit, covering them in saliva, before swallowing.  She then rolled over, damaging more of the city beneath her back and ass, and Becca traced the path of the receding lump of city down her throat.  When she reached the cleavage, she abruptly jumped on top of Cara. 

                “This is going to be fun,” she said, scooping up a handful of city and dumping it on the other girl’s chest.  She lay down on top of the city and the titties surrounding it and began to make love to the girl beneath her.  They rubbed the city all over and inside of each other’s bodies; Becca screamed in pleasure as Cara shoved skyscrapers inside her, Cara crooned as Becca poured the city on top of her and crushed it underneath her breasts, and millions screamed as they were crushed by the girls’ bodies, drowned by the fluids coursing out of their pussies, or swallowed alive.  There were some survivors, but it didn’t matter; they’d all died before and they would all die again. 

                When they were done, the two girls lay side by side, hand in hand on Becca’s bed.  “Wanna do that again sometime?” asked Becca.

                Cara smiled.  “Yea,” she said, “I’d like that very much.”  And a very interesting relationship was officially begun at that moment. 

Chapter 2 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

This was originally Cara's Closet but I merged that story, chapter one of this one, and Sex On the City into one.  They should have been that way all along.

        Cara walked naked across her bedroom, looking out the window and across the Street toward Becca’s house.  The two had made a real connection that day and she looked forward to what would happen between the two of them in the future.  She was sure it would be very interesting.  But for now the two were separated, at least for a little while.  It was time for Cara to give in to her own carnal instints, the ones she wasn’t ready to share with Becca.  At least not yet.

                She walked over to her closet and looked into the box she had hidden there.  Inside it were several of her classmates from school.  She had shrunk them down to only a few inches in height and kept them for her own amusement.  The artificial peple that were sold in stores for this sort of thing were all right, but Cara liked the feeling of power that she felt when she was in complete control of someone she had known, when she knew that their life had once had meaning but they now existed only to pleasure her. 

                She reached a hand into the box and pulled out Katie.  Katie was a brunette with a very nice figure.  She had C-cup breasts and a good-sized ass when she had been her normal height.  Now she was two inches tall and about to be Transformed. 

                Cara put Katie in the machine she kept above the box of people.  The machine could turn something-or someone-put into it into pretty much anything.  Ice cream, a dildo, a pencil, you name it you got it.  Cara set the machine to make a dildo out of its contents and pressed a button.  As she watched what happened, she rubbed her clit, enjoying the sensation and anticipating the penetration that she was about to inflict upon herself…

                Katie fell into the machine and landed on her ass.  She knew escape was impossible, but she tried to escape from the frictionless bowl she was in anyway.  She clawed at the sides, but it was impossible to gain a handhold.  She gave up after a few seconds, slumped down in the middle of the bowl, and began to cry. 

                Her tears did not fall for long.  After a minute or so, she felt her body growing and changing.  Her body grew long and thick and hardened.  She found herself stuck in a standing position, hands by her sides, legs straight down, breasts jutting out, head somehow molded to her body so that her neck seemed to stretch out around and behind her head.  She could still feel everything that happened to her, and that was what she was most scared of. 

                When the hardening was complete, a bell chimed and the enormous hand that had put her in the bowl returned.  It did not seem so large now; she was longer than it was wide and it held her upright.  The world was a blur as Cara moved toward her bed, preparing to pleasure herself with the plasticized Katie…

                Cara jumped into bed, landing on her back.  She opened her mouth and slid the Katie-dildo in, covering it in spit and wrapping her tongue around it.  As she did this, her nipples grew hard and firm.  When the dildo was nice and lubed up, she removed it from her mouth and moved it slowly down her body, passing it between her breasts and rubbing it against her skin the whole way to her lips.  When it arrived at last at the portal to her womanhood, she spread her legs wide to receive it.  She worked it in slowly, savoring every second of the penetration…

                Katie would have cried if she could.  The tongue was all over her.  She was covered head to waist in saliva, and it was not a pleasant feeling.  She was shoved in and out of Cara’s mouth, being treated just like the piece of the male anatomy whose place she knew she would soon be taking.  Most men would have killed to have a part of them in Katie’s position.  Maybe they would have thought differently if they could have been there themselves. 

                After what felt like forever, she was removed from Cara’s mouth.  She could see the girl looking at her, her mouth open, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, her nipples hard.  Katie knew what was about to happen and she was terrified.  She was plunged downward, between massive breasts, over a tight, thin belly (perhaps her greatest fear was ending up inside of it, as ome of her companions had when Cara had been in a particularly frisky mood one night), and over the girl’s moist lips.  She stayed there for a moment, waiting for the inevitable plunge, and felt herself shoved in.  She would have screamed if she could as layers of flesh opened up around her.  It was not a gradual thing; she was plunged in all at once, and within a couple seconds she was stuck from her head to her waist in the giant girl’s vagina. 

                She was pulled in and out, in and out, for what seemed like hours.  She felt the walls expand and contract around her, felt the rhythm of the giant girl’s heart, heard her moans of pleasure, and wanted nothing more than to be out of the hell of flesh that she had been plunged into.  She would have screamed, had her entirety not been made of plastic. 

                After a few minutes, Cara cried out in a sudden burst of pleasure and pulled Katie loose in a torrent of fluid.  Katie was glad it was over at last.  She felt her body changing from hard plastic to soft flesh.  She felt her breasts regain their original shape, her hair flow down around her shoulders again, her entire body changing back to its blood and bone form.  She felt herself shrinking, as well; she stared up from between the titaness’ legs as she was once again reduced to only an inch or so in height.  The enormous pair of lips before her seemed to move in rhythm with the giant girl’s breathing. 

                Suddenly, a hand reached down and grabbed Katie from between the enormous legs stretching out for what seemed like miles behind her.  She was lifted up and carried over the landscape of Cara’s body, past the mountainous breasts and the skin covering what she knew to be a cavernous stomach, and came to rest directly over Cara’s face.  The giant girl smiled.  She looked like she was about to pass out; she was, indeed, very tired from her earlier sexual activities with Becca and this had only tired her out even more. 

                She opened her mouth to speak and words like thunder poured out over Katie.  “You’ve been a fun toy,” she said, “but right now I feel like a little snack before bed and you look just cute enough to eat.”  With that said, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue, and slowly lowered Katie onto the behemoth pink snake that resided behind her lips. 

                Katie screamed as she had never screamed before, but it was no good.  She tried to pry the titanic fingers off of her and felt them release.  After a brief instant of triumphant joy over what she hoped was a successful attempt at escape, she realized that she had not fought off the hydra that was Cara’s hand; the girl had simply let go of her, allowing her to fall the remaining inch or so on her own.

                She landed on the tongue, still screaming.  She looked up and saw the blue ceiling of Cara’s room outlined by the white of her teeth and the pink of her lips.  Then she was thrust into darkness as the mouth closed suddenly.  She prayed that Cara would chew her and spare her the long, painful death that would otherwise await her in her stomach.  But she would have no such luck; as soon as the lips were closed, she felt herself being tossed around the cavern of flesh by the pink worm beneath her.  Her breasts rubbed against the roof of Cara’s mouth, and she felt the girl tilt her head backward.  She screamed one last muffled cry before she was washed down Cara’s throat with thousands of gallons of saliva. 

                All the way down Cara’s throat, she was crushed against the walls around her.  She felt her breasts crushed against her body and nearly drowned in the saliva that had been swallowed with her.  After what felt like forever, she came to a brief stop and then felt herself squeezed one last time out a fleshy valve before falling into the cavernous stomach beneath her.  Her last few minutes were agony as she was burned alive by the gastric juices contained within Becca’s stomach.  She screamed until her lungs melted and then felt no more.

                As she played with the girl in he rmouth, Cara walked over to the box again.  She took out a pair of her “toys” and brought them over to her bed.  Placing them on her stomach, she swallowed the contents of her mouth and smiled.  “Stay right there,” she said to the little people on her belly, “and listen.”  They did as they were told; they knew exactly what had happened to Katie and they di not want her fate to befall them as well.

                Kaylee stood still in terror and a strange sort of arousal.  Before long, she heard muffled cries coming from the belly beneath her feet.  Her stomach dropped and she felt like crying.  Katie had been a good friend of hers.  It was all over now for her, though.  No use crying over it.  She was sure that someday they would all end up in Cara’s stomach and that was fine.  She’d given up all hope of escape long ago.

                Samantha had similar feelings.  She couldn’t fathom how someone like Cara could be as heartless as she was.  It was a terrible way to go, the way Katie had, and Sam felt that someday she would die in just the same way.  Oh well.  She, too, had decided that escape was impossible. 

                When the screaming from beneath them turned to gurgling, and finally stopped, and was replaced with terrifying rumblings, the two girls grew scared.  They looked up at the giant girl’s face, wondering what would happen next.  She smiled down at them and grabbed them both.  As she did so, they felt themselves shrinking even more.  The both of them were now about half an inch tall.  She popped them into her mouth and swallowed right away, smiling the whole time.  Before they knew what had happened, the two girls were in the stomach they had stood above not long ago, screaming for help to no avail.  They died just as Katie had. 

                Cara slept soundly that night, falling asleep to the gentle cries coming from her belly.  After a little while, her stomach fell silent, waiting to be fed in the morning.

Chapter 3 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

This was originally uploaded as my story Sex On the City, but I decided to make that one, this one, and Cara's Closet into one story because they really should have been all along.

It had been three days since the Goddess and her friend had destroyed the city and it and its residents had been left mercifully untouched in that time.  There had been ample time for the unfortunate souls living there to be resurrected and for the buildings to repair and replace themselves.  The numerous religions that worshipped the Goddess had had time to realize they had to come to terms with the existence of at least one other being of her size and power and perhaps many more. 

                Little did they know they were about to be thrown into a world far more horrific than the one they already existed in…

                Becca and Cara entered Becca’s bedroom holding hands and quickly undressed each other.  Both of them had been looking forward to repeating the antics of a few days ago ever since Cara had left that wonderful night.  The two jumped naked onto Becca’s bed and kissed long and hard and Becca let out a moan as Cara’s hand moved to her clit and began to rub the little knob of flesh.  Cara was enjoying herself greatly.   She found her friend incredibly attractive and she supposed it had always been that way, although she had only admitted it to herself when she had seen Becca lying naked on the floor of her bedroom and th girl had invited her to try something new.  Now that she thought about it, she found many girls attractive.  There was Kaylee…but she was gone now, digested and no doubt shat or pissed out long ago.  For some reason she couldn’t identify this thought aroused her, and she went at Becca’s clit with greater vigor than before. 

                Becca pulled away from Cara, eliciting a questioning “Hm?” from the blonde.  In response, Becca put a finger to her lips and winked at Cara.  She walked over to the dresser, showing off her perfect ass as she did, and pulled the city out.  She carried it over to Cara, not bothering with the hovering bit this time, and held it out to her.

                “This is a gift,” she said.  “I want you to have it.  I’ve kinda gotten tired of it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I have.  I’ll show you how to work the controls for size.”  She placed the little city in between Cara’s spread legs, granting the people in it a wonderful view of the girl’s enormous pussy and breasts…

                Rachel was in the section of the city closest to the blonde.  She stared in awe at the enormous lips before her, wondering if she would be fortunate enough to go inside them someday.  This second goddess was a sight to behold just as much as the first one.  Hell, Rachel thought, getting eaten by HER might even be enjoyable!  And then she felt herself start to change…

                “So you just choose if you want a male or female,” said Becca, “and specify the type-like hair color, boob size, all that-and then hit this button and you can control the size of the one that the city picked for you.  It’s really great.  I’ve fucked a whole lot of the people in this city and they really know what they’re doing.”  She breathed a shaky sigh in remembrance of those times.  “Anyway, let’s say I want a brunette with good-sized tits, about five and a half feet tall, a nice ass…and we press this button…and there she is!”  Becca reached down and grabbed a quickly growing figure that had begun to rise out of the city when the button had been pressed.  She put the figure down on the bed next to Cara.  It grew quickly from the size of Becca’s fingernail to the size of Cara’s arm to the size of Cara.  The girl that it turned out to be looked around at her two captors in fear and awe.  She sat completely still, waiting for something to happen.  Cara giggled. 

                “I like that,” she said.  “I like that quite a bit.  What’s your name?” she asked the newcomer.

                “R…Rachel,” she replied. 

                “I’m Cara, in case you didn’t know.   And you are about to have quite a bit of fun.”  With that she reached into the city between her legs.  She scooped up a good sized handful and lifted it to eye level.  The inhabitants stared up at the enormous blonde face before them.  Wihout warning, they were shoved downward toward a pair of lips much like the one their city and they themselves, until recently, had been in front of.  But this was not Cara’s pussy they stared at; this was Rachel’s. 

                Cara rubbed the city she had in her hand vigorously around Rachel’s lips.  Many people ended up inside the giant girl and got quite a shock when Cara started to finger her.  Many drowned in Rachel’s juices as Cara’s finger pushed in and pulled out.  Those that did not slowly died after the fingering was done.  All but one unfortunate soul…

                Meghan was stuck to the tip of Cara’s finger upon its ultimate removal.  She couldn’t pull herself away from the sticky juices of Rachel’s sex that held her strong to the enormous red plane beneath her.  She stared up as the finger moved through the air toward an enormous pair of lips, stopping just outside of them.  They opened, seeming to do so in slow motion, and an enormous tongue emerged to lick them just as slowly.  The finger Meghan was stuck to entered the cavernous mouth, and she felt herself pulled off by the tongue inside.  She was swished around before being swallowed.  The journey into Cara’s stomach was relatively quick in comparison to the agonizing death at the end of the journey….

                Cara swallowed and smiled at the terrified Rachel.  “You know, I’m not actually all that attracted tothis one,” she said.  “Can we shrink her back down?”

                Becca laughed.  “Duh,” she said.  “Just gimme a second.”  She pressed some buttons and Rachel began to shrink.  When she was about an inch tall, she stopped shrinking.  Cara scooped her up in one hand.  She brought her up to Becca’s face, past the girl’s wet pussy and through the valley between her tits.  “Open up,” said Cara.  Becca smiled, displaying her shining white teeth for a second before opening her mouth all the way.  Cara stuck Rachel in the open mouth and watched as Becca smiled.  She traced the line of her descent down Becca’s throat, to her belly, and beyond.  She stuck her finger in Becca’s pussy, and the two had sex for the second time on that bed, devastating the city once again. 

                When they were done, and everyone in the city had perished in some horrible way, Becca turned to Cara.  “Enjoy the city,” she said.  “I’m sure you’ll have  a lot of fun with it.”  Cara smiled.  “Thanks,” she said.  “I’m sure I will, too.”  They fell asleep in each other’s arms.  Cara departed the next morning.  The city made its way to her room over the street between their houses on its hoverpads in the night.  When its inhabitants next came to life, they stared in awe at the nude blonde goddess before them. 

                Cara smiled a wicked grin down on her new subjects.  “Welcome to hell,” she said.  The people in the city took a moment to register this, and then all started to scream. 

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Chapter 4 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

Finally an update! Some info on the City and the society in it, not too much action in this chapter. But there should be something in the next chapter.

Cara eyed the little people before her hungrily, her blonde hair streaming down

to her shoulders. The hunger disappeared when a phone rang somewhere else

in their new Goddess' house.

Cara frowned, turning away from the city, and walked out the door, her shapely

ass waving tantalizingly at them. Meanwhile, in the city below, a conference of

the High Priestesses of the Aleis Borem Order had been called, a theological

summit to deal with the philosophical implications of the new controller of the

lives of the millions living in the City...

Mome Chavi Octen surveyed the assembled clergy, all of them performing the

breast-clutch salute. A thousand priests, ninety bishops, seven archbishops. The

most powerful people in the City and, as far as it mattered to those trapped in

it, the world. No theological conference had been held since the first Goddess

had first opened up their skies years ago. Life had settled into a routine that

was tolerable for the many and comfortable for the few, namely the holy women

assembled in the Temple of the Goddess.

Like much of the city's post-Opening architecture, the Temple was noticeably

vaginal, an ornate slit carved into the ground, modeled to perfectly resemble a

vagina that belonged to the Goddess who was no longer their owner. It could

hold tewenty thousand faithful on the canyon walls for a High Mass or an

important announcement by the Mome. The assembled thousand or so barely

filled up the first few rows.

The Aleis Borem had cemented their control over the City's power structure early

in the hours following the Apokalypse, as the Day of the Opening had come to

be called. They had been the first to recognize the Goddess as their Sole

Protectress and Master, had encouraged lesbianism and misandry, the

emergence of the Hard Matriarchy and the demotion of men to second-class

citizenship. They had attempted to appease the Goddess through worship, and

it seemed to work, and so the people had turned to them to lessen the

suffering that came with every single death. They had turned the resurrection

and reconstruction of the city and its inhabitants into religious mysteries and

had constructed a mystique around the High Priestess based on her ability to

communicate with the Goddess.  

Now, the priestesses had to address the concerns shared by many of a schism

within the Order and the rest of the City between those who still worshipped the

Old Goddess and those who wished to worship the New Goddess. 


Chavi Octem, Mome and High Priestess and Second to the Goddess, stared up

at their new surroundings. The sky was pink. The walls were white. It was a

strange sight, after so long in the blue-walled confines of the Old Goddess'

room. She stepped up to the podium and prepared to speak.


'Yeah, you can come over tonight. I've got condoms,' Cara said into the phone.

'And something...a little different.' She smiled at something the person on the

other end said. 'No, not handcuffs. You'll see. Bye bye.' She hung up the phone

and laughed, her hand moving down to her crotch. She had been wet ever since

she picked up the phone.

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Chapter 5 by Jaime Hillborne
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Some action in this chapter.  Some giant men, so if that's not your thing, there's your warning.

Jeff pulled up to Cara's house and stepped out of his car, looking up at the

evening sky, the almost-pink clouds, the orange sunset sunlight, and more

specifically at Cara's second-floor window.  He tried to get a peek inside her

room, but the blinds were drawn.  Damn, he thought.  Oh well, I'll be seeing her

soon enough, anyway.  He was already getting hard just from thinking about

her.  She had him over every few days, usually on the nights her mother was out

of town and left her home alone.  He looked forward to every single visit.  The

thought of her blue eyes staring into his, or the look on her face when she


laughed at his lamest jokes, the freckles under her eyes... It was safe to say

that Jeff was in love with Cara.  She had feelings for him, there was no doubt

about it, but how strongly his pure adoration was reciprocated was uncertain.  

Cara knew he loved her and knowingly led him along.  He was handsome, he

had a good sense of humor, a rather plain personality, but that wasn't

important.  She had him wrapped around her finger.  He was a status symbol,

as much as he was a lover, and she valued status greatly over love. Her mom's

car wasn't in the driveway.  Good, she was gone.  Jeff walked up to the front

door and opened it, starting his walk to Cara's room.  


The tiny City lay on Cara's bed, in the shadow of her nude body.  She was facing

away from it, toward the door, hiding it behind her so that Jeff wouldn't

immediately notice it when he came in.  She wasn't entirely sure how he'd react

to the knowledge of her new toy.  There were a lot of people who weren't as

open to that sort of thing as she had so recently discovered herself to be.  It

was quite possible that he would reject her, that he would be as disgusted by the

idea of using the City as a sex to as she was aroused by it.  Despite these

doubts, she couldn't get images of his member engulfing the City's largest

buildings in shadow.  Carak a deep breath and bit her lip, her fingers moving

ever closer to her slit.  She heard footsteps on the stairs.  He would be coming

in any second... And there he was.  The door swung open.  He entered heroom

and his head turned straight to her.  She saw the glow of recognition as he

realized she was already naked.  He walked over to her and threw her down on

the bed.  Her perfect ass rolled over a portion of the City.  She moaned,

reaching for his crotch, undoing his zipper as their lips met.   His cock was freed,

and he rose off of her.  He took off his shirt as she removed his pants with one

hand and stroked his shaft with the other.  Her lips moved to his cock, and he

moaned in pleasure.  She looked up at him, giving him the kind of look that

she knew would just make him melt at a moment like this.  He lifted her up and

turned her over, so that her breasts hovered over the City and her ass faced

him.  There was a pause as he fumbled in his pants, puling out a condom and

slipping it on as quickly as he could. She felt him enter her, felt the force of his

pounding behind her, knew that his balls were surely wiping out thousands as he


took her from behind.  She wondered what it was like to be beneath the place

where their enormous bodies met...


Chavi was more terrified than she had thought she could be.   When the Giant

revealed himself, she had nearly fainted.  The sight of a giant man...the

theological implications...of course she didn't believe the bullshit they spoonfed

the masses to keep them compliant, about the Goddess being absolutely

perfect and above all other things, she was obviously just a girl, no different

than any of the other millions of girls in the world, and probably much less than

many people.  But the strictures of the church she had led for her entire life

seemed to have become embedded in her subconscious mind, so that seeing a

giant man, larger than the  new Goddess they had been given to by far, a girl

who was much larger than the girl they had belonged to...well, it was just too

much to bear. The Temple had survived the initial makeout, when the perfect

ass rolled over the part of the City situated closest to the Goddess, but when the

New Goddess' face and breasts had taken up the sky in much of the  city, Chavi

looked down between the girl's legs to see another pair behind her.  And

between those legs, a penis the size of which no one in the City had ever dared

to imagine, large enough to eclipse the City alone.   The enormous pair of

testicles underneath the cock struck the Temple in the first thrust into the

Goddess.  Many had perished then.  Not Chavi.  Aside from the indignity of

survigint that, she had gotten stuck to some spit on the giant testicle, and had

a very close view of her Goddess getting fucked from behind.   The cock pulled

out, and Chavi had an excellent view of the Goddess' ass.  Her legs were quite

long, leading down to an enormous pair of feet.  She saw some debris falling

down off the side of the bed, and watched the Goddess move her foot-perhaps

subconsiously-over, and crush the chunk of City under her little toe. How many

thousands of people were just wiped out under that foot? wondered Chavi.  Not

nearly as many as are already dead, or dying, or stuck to this cock or that cunt

in the sky.  The man stopped moving. She heard him say something to the

Goddess.  She looked up at him.  They spoke for a minute, their voices slowly

growing louder, the Goddess' hand slowly moving toward the man's cock, and

then suddenly he bent over, shouting at her, and Chavi saw his face for the first

time.  Piercing blue eyes, and short brown hair.  He had a look of disgust on his

face.  Then there was darkness.  She screamed as she realized where she was.  

The Mome of the Aleis Borem Order was trapped on a man's scrotum, a mere

speck among countless others, all of them lost in a dark, hot, foreign-smelling

cavern.  Then the walls contracted.  That was Jeff zipping up his pants.  


Cara was crying.  She couldn't believe it.  Jeff, the boy who had the night before

whispered in her ear as he drifted off to sleep that he loved her, had screamed

at her, called her horrible names, and left her on her bed with tears in her eyes.

  "Fucking whore!  Fetishist pig!  I can't believe I stooped low enough to the

fucking ground to sleep with someone like you!  You're fucking disgusting!"

Those had probably been the most hurtful things she had ever heard.  As she

cried, naked and alone in her room, her mother out of town, her tears fell down

on the city beneath her.  Hundreds of thousands drowned as she sat in silence,

save for the occasional sob.  Eventually, she lay down, crushing millions to death

as she got comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.  Her last thoughts before

she faded from consciousness weren't of Jeff and the emotional pain he

had caused her, but of Becca, her smile, her hair, the feel of her breasts...

Chapter 6 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

I think this story is getting to be more and more inspired by minuss' Cities in the Cellar story, a story that I enjoy quite a bit.  I just wanted to acknowledge that influence.  

Private messages between high-ranking clergy of the Aleis Borem Order approximately three hours after the arrival of the God, sent by direct neural interface with the City's internal private computer network
01:14, High Priestess Zheja Seb
HP Sess Denel, 01:15 
I think our new Goddess just broke up with her boyfriend.  
Bishop Mela Beccres Tross, 01:16 
If this is anything like what we've seen on the television broadcasts involving young people and relationships ending abruptly, then the next few days may be very dangerous for us. She is likely very angry, or feeling any number of emotions, and who better to take out breakup-related stress on than the helpless city of millions?  Anticipate new acquaintaincehood with her body and all sorts of new pains to grow accustomed to.  At least we would know how the Old Goddess would react to this.  The new one is far too much of an emotional wildcard.  
HP Sess Denel, 01:17 
Has anyone seen the Mome?  Do we know where she is?  If shedied in the attack, she should have regenerated by now, but her vat is showing no signs of activity.HP Eros Demms, 01:17 Maybe she isn't dead? Maybe she's trapped under rubble at the Temple, or stuck to the Goddess' body?
HP Zheja Seb, 01:18 
Or the God's.
HP Sess Denel, 01:18
There's a scary thought.  At any rate, she certainly can't be gone for too long.  Her mind will be returned to us when she dies, and she can always commit suicide if she gets into too much trouble.  We will have her back.
Bishop Mela Beccres Tross, 01:21 
We have other concerns throughout the City.  The men are rising up against the women, saying that the existence of a giant man capable of having such a tremendous impact on our Goddess is proof that men are our equals or betters.  They are marching through the streets, hundreds of thousands of them.  Riot police are being deployed, but if the entire male population rebels, there will be no way to stop them.  
HP Zheja Seb, 01:25 
HP Sess Denel, 01:30 
Is anyone still online?  
HP Sess Denel, 01:35 
The males are approaching my temple.  If anyone gets this message please send help.  I am in Temple Aeros Kres-TRANSMISSION TERMINATES.  


Sess Denel was pulled out of her network creche.  The sudden jolt from the simulated world of the City's computer network into the real world could be tough when the mind-machine connection wasn't broken unexpectedly.  Being yanked out was enough to make her nauseous.  The strong hands grabbing her shoulders threw her to the ground.  She could hear laughter and shouting and angry words all around her.  Deep voices.  Not female.   Men.   Men had broken into the Sacred Core of her temple.  From there, they could access the City's computer systems, learn all the secrets of the Order, of the greater Church, learn that the religion that had formed in the City was based entirely on lies and fabrications. If that information got out, then not only the men, but the women would revolt against the social order.  That could not be allowed.   Sess fought the urge to vomit.  Colors shifted in and out of existence before her.  It wasn't healthy to be pulled out of a link like that.  People could die.  People had died.  And some of them hadn't come back to life.  The mind-uploading technology in their heads seemed to be disrupted when a link was broken suddenly.   Two men shoved her to the ground, and she lost her battle with nausea.  Her stomach emptied itself on the floor in front of her, covering a few men's feet in whatever she had eaten for dinner.  The crowd made noises of disgust at her, then started to close in. Just as Sess started to wonder how she could ever get out of this awful mess, the Goddess rolled over in her sleep.  Her enormous body turned slowly, the moonlight falling on her hair, and one of her breasts brushed up against the City.  Though it didn't strike Sess' temple directly, it touched close enough to it to knock it over in the aftershock. Before she knew what was happening, Sess felt the roof hit her.  Screams emanated from the crowd of men as they were all crushed to death by the collapsing building.  Sess felt something strike her head and was knocked out cold.   Hours later, she came to. She was trapped under tons and tons of construction material, slowly bleeding out.  She could see through the hole in the roof the enormous face of the Goddess, her eyes slowly blinking open after a good night's sleep.  The last thing Sess saw before she finally succumbed to death was the look of animalistic hunger in the New Goddess' eyes as she contemplated the City for the first time that day.

End Notes:

More GTS action to come, probably in the next chapter.  

Chapter 7 by Jaime Hillborne
Author's Notes:

99% giant men in this chapter.  Again, sorry if that's not your thing.  

Chavi had been in darkness for quite some time.  She did not know how long.  In the darkness of this giant man's crotch, it was impossible to tell time.  The saliva she had gotten stuck to had hardened against the giant scrotum, and she was held firmly in place, surrounded by a forest of hairs flattened by the fabric walls around her.  The walls were moving all the time, as the giant walked, shifting in time with his step.

Since the giant had pulled up his pants, the sound of voices had gradually faded away.  Earlier, Chavi could hear perhaps hundreds of voices crying out, innocent souls trapped in this foulest of prisons.  They had either realized no one was coming to help them or died out. However it had happened, there were no longer voices echoing throughout the God's crotch.  

There was a great shift, and Chavi found herself pressed up against a new piece of flesh-she surmised that it was the God's leg.  

It occurred to her that she could kill herself, end it all right here.  She would be revived back in the City, as though nothing had happened.  Or would she?  Was she close enough that her mind would be sent to the City's computer, or would she be lost forever, never to be heard from again?  It was impossible to tell.  She decided not to test fate.  Besides, there wasn't really any chance of her living for more than another hour around a being as large as this, especially near such a sensitive area.  

"Whatever happens, happens," Chavi muttered to herself.  

Suddenly, the sky fell away, or part of it.  Light shone through the boxers, illuminating Chavi's surroundings.  For the first time, she looked around her, taking in the giant leg for what it was, millions of tons of flesh, muscle, and bone.  It was covered in hairs, each of them about twice as thick around as Chavi was herself. The realization of exactly how tiny she was compared to this man made her shiver.  The thought that she might be the only one left alive on his body made her feel incredibly alone.

The boxers were tugged away shortly thereafter, and Chavi's eyes were drawn upwards.  She saw the man's face, his blue eyes, looking at what appeared to be a computer screen.  His mouth was hanging open.  Chavi snorted.  She wasn't particularly attracted to men-she had had her share, but always alongside a woman, never alone-but she thought that this one was particularly unattractive.  The slack-jawed stare didn't help much.  

Somehow, Chavi had managed to completely ignore the giant erect penis before her this whole time.  Perhaps she had simply blocked it out, unprepared to handle the idea of a penis that big.  Finally, with nothing else left to look at, she turned to face it, got her first real solid good look at it, and fainted.

She came to a moment later when the ground started shaking.  A giant hand had come down out of the heavens and grabbed the shaft.  As Chavi watched, dumbfounded, the hand stroked the cock, slowly at first, then slowly growing faster and faster.  Chavi had no choice but to take in the show, watching the giant man masturbate.  Moans emanated from the computer.  "He's watching porn," murmured Chavi.  Here she was, terrified for her life, stuck to this giant god, forced to watch him jerk off, and he didn't even know she was there.  He wouldn't care even if he did.  Or perhaps he would.  He didn't seem to approve of the New Goddess' use of the City.  Maybe he would help her, somehow.  

But before she could figure out a way to get his attention, the man let out a comically high-pitched moan, bursting Chavi's eardrums, and millions of gallons of white cum shot out of the head of his cock.  Chavi screamed as she watched it fly through the air.  Almost in slow motion, she watched a blob fall through the air, directly towards where she was.  It landed on top of her with a splash.  Chavi was screaming when it hit her and swallowed a lot of the fluid before she could close her mouth.  She could feel movement in the fluid, around her and inside her stomach.  Sperm.  What a disgusting thought.  To be surrounded by male sex cells...the ultimate insult.  She didn't drown in semen.  She was washed off the man's body, along with countless other hundreds of tinies and millions of sperm cells, when he went to take a shower.  She went down the drain, dying somewhere in Jeff's plumbing.  Her mind was successfully transferred back to the City, where she awoke just in time to see the New Goddess' spit-covered dildo hovering over her.  

"Wonderful," she sighed, resigning herself to a death by vagina not five minutes after coming back from a death by dick.  

Chapter 8 by Jaime Hillborne

Cara looked at her phone, lying next to her pillow.  She had typed out the message-'Let's meet up later today ;)'-and only had to press the Send button.  Becca would definitely want to come over.  They could have quite a bit of fun, and she could get Jeff off her mind.  She eyed the dildo in her hand, its head covered in a thin layer of spit, and smiled.  Her breasts hung over the City, which had regenerated while she was asleep.  Many of its inhabitants were still alive, somewhere in, on, or under her body.  Some suffocated between her enormous ass cheecks, some tried to climb out of her pussy, and some even still lay cowering in her mouth, having somehow survived the night.  

Cara had woken up feeling quite frisky that morning.  She had dreamt of Becca, the two of them alone and with the City.  She had imagined being down there with the tiny people as she and Becca played, two mountains fucking out in the distance.  She had to relieve herself, now that she was awake.  She hadn't come in any of the dreams.  

She ran the dildo's head through the City, covering it with hundreds of tiny people, and brought it to her womanhood.  She rammed the dildo into herself, moaning softly, and played with her tits with her free hand.  Her feet swung up onto the bed, hanging in the air over the city, before they came crashing down on top of it.  Cara felt the buildings crumble beneath her feet, thousands of tiny people's bodies popping under her petite toes.  She scooped up a large part of the city in her hand and brought it to her mouth.  Crumbs-whole residential districts-fell out of her hand as it moved up her body.  Some fell in her navel, a new place for many of the tinies that landed there.  Some fell between her breasts.  Those that fell there stared up at the mountains towering over them.  They weren't as large as the old Goddess', but they were still impressive.  As Cara shifted in bed, one of her breasts moved, crushing the people in between them.  They all died instantly.

The hundreds of thousands in Cara's hand were going to be sent on a ride through their Goddess' digestive system.   One of them was Bell Trevish.  She had been digested by the Old Goddess many times before, and had grown to enjoy the experience.  She loved the confines of the Goddess' stomach, the sensation of being pushed down her esophagus, the thrill of being in a mouth as it closes and hope of escape disappears instantly.  She tried to see how far through the digestive system she could make it while alive, sometimes.  Once she had made it to the large intestine, only to trip and land in some gooey substance and suffocate before she could get up.  She was convinced that it was possible to make it to the anus, to survive the whole trip through the human body.  She'd just never managed.

Now, she stared into the face of a new Goddess.  Enormous, beautiful blue eyes, a freckled face framed by feathery blonde hair, a smiling pair of lips around perfectly white teeth...she was cute.  Definitely someone Bell would gladly go to bed with, were they the same size.  Since this beauty was so much larger than she was, though, being eaten would have to suffice.  

Bell had never gone through this Goddess' digestive system before and had been looking forward to it for quite some time.  Before she knew it, she was falling through the air, into the wet pink space below her.  Past the lips, the teeth, onto the tongue.  She stared up, and watched the lips close. She hoped she would survive the mouth.  And...there it was!  She felt the tongue shift beneath her, moving her into position to go down, and soon, the Goddess swallowed.  Bell felt herself and the City being pulled down into the Goddess' stomach.  Moans fluxuated through the throat around her.  Bell was very wet.  The old Goddess had rarely moaned when she played with them.  This new one did, and it was exquisitely appealing to Bell.  To be inside her while she masturbated...

The sphincter over the stomach opened, and Bell fell through into the hungry digestive pit.  It shook as the Goddess plunged the dildo in and out of herself.  Moans shook the walls and deafened the people inside.  Bell headed off for the opening that would lead her to the small intestine.  She hoped she would make it through.  Maybe this new Goddess' body would allow her some luck.  Maybe she would poke her head out this one's anus.  

Unfortunately, before she could make it even halfway to the sphincter, acid started to pour out of the walls.  The Goddess was very hungry that morning, and her stomach was eager to take whatever nutrients it could get.  Within a couple minutes, Bell had dissolved, along with hundreds of others.  The last thing she heard was her Goddess moaning as she neared climax.  Then she was back in the city, looking out of her resurrection creche up at an ass that was about to crush everyone who had survived the last five minutes of masturbation.  

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