Summary: A most unexpected intervention threatens to rewrite history for both the Caped Crusader and a legendary seafarer.
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Chapter 1 by Carycomic
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer (re: characters and concepts): if you recognize them, I don't own or profit from them.

* * * * *

Doug Phillips and Tony Newman had been through a lot, since they first began their misadventures in time travel. On their last jaunt, they had narrowly thwarted an extra-terrestrial plot, to deplete Earth's atmosphere, in the town of Cliffport, Maine, circa 1978. But, after being teleported out of there, they had arrived back on the RMS Titanic. Just moments after the arrival of their past selves!

This had meant the presence of _two_ Dougs and Tonys aboard that ill-fated ship. Fortunately, they had managed to avoid their counterparts until the latter were seemingly blown overboard by an explosion. Whereupon, Doug and Tony followed a young couple (named Jack and Rose) to the stern of the ship.

There, they waited--along with other helpless survivors--for the ship to be one hundred percent vertical, before jumping off into the water.

When everyone did so, Doug and Tony's friends at Project Tic-Toc (back in 1968) locked on to their chronospatial co-ordinates, and teleported them out of there for the second time. Unfortunately, they once more failed to bring the wayward scientists all the way home. As a result, Doug and Tony landed in the middle of a back-alley gunfight between Gestapo agents, from Nazi Germany, and a swashbuckling archeologist named William Mackelroy (who preferred to be called "Omaha")!

It turned out that they were in the capital of officially-neutral Turkey, at the height of World War II. And, Mackelroy had been recruited by G-2 to keep yet another occult artifact out of Hitler's hands. In this case? A miniature obelisk, made of meteoric obsidian, that had originally belonged (according to legend) to Pharaoh Ramses II.

Its present owner--an exiled pro-fascist Iraqi general who claimed to be descended from Sultan Omar of Basra--had offered the obelisk to the Nazis in exchange for their help in throwing the British out of his country. Word of this deal had been leaked to the American embassy, in Istanbul, by one of the general's wives; a young Moro woman whose father was the foremost resistance leader (code-name "Subic Bey") on the Japanese-occupied island of Mindinao.

With Doug and Tony's help, Omaha's mission had been accomplished. But, they had not been stealthy enough. And, now, they were being chased across the rooftops of Istanbul by Gestapo agents and Iraqi soldiers!

When they ran out of rooftops, they ducked down, out of the line of fire, to discuss their options.

"Your Browning Hi-Power is almost out of ammo," observed Doug: "Do you have anymore spare clips?"

Omaha shook his head. So, Tony asked a similar question with regard to speed-loaders for Omaha's .45 caliber S&W Model 1917. Another shake of the head.

"And, my broom-handle Mauser is equally empty," he added before anyone else could inquire.

Now, it was Tony's turn to shake his head.

"Under the present circumstances, I wish the powers ascribed to this obelisk were true. I'd wish for it to get us out of this mess."

Whereupon, all three men disappeared from the 3-D imaging screen at Project Tic-Toc!

"Ann!" exclaimed General Heywood "Woody" Kirk (military director of the project): "What just happened? What did you do?"

"Nothing!" exclaimed the lovely chief assistant to Dr. Raymond Swain (scientific co-director of the Project): "They simply vanished!"

"Well, get a fix on them. Hurry!"

Ann McGregor did not need to be told twice. Before their original departure from Project Tic-Toc, both scientists had subjected themselves to a "radiation bath." An atomized solution of distilled water and radio-iodine osmotically absorbed into their systems. When traveling in time, the radioactive emissions from this solution became tachyonic particles. And, when these particles reached 1968, they reverted back to their original state. Allowing the project's master computer to back-track Doug and Tony via Geiger counter.

This time, however, there would be a slight difficulty. Doug and Tony had, for some reason, been split up!

* * * * *

"You'll have to kill me, to keep me quiet, Batman!"

This was the defiant utterance of one Florence of Arabia. The belly-dancing paramour of psychopathic criminal mastermind...King Tut.

The costumed crime-fighter to whom she uttered it merely smiled, however.

"Not necessarily."

He was about to prove his point, by spraying her with a hypno-chemical aerosol (generically called "Bat-gas"), when he suddenly found himself being tackled to the ground by a young man in a green turtleneck sweater!

Florence was quick to make use of this distraction. She swiftly bent down to pick up the discarded spray can...and sprayed both men with it. Whereupon, they were instantly rendered unconscious.

"Gonna brainwash me, huh?" she muttered indignantly: "Well, let's see how you like it!"

End Notes:
This takes place post-Season 1 of T3. And, it diverges from ADVENTURES OF SINBAD Episode 1.9 and BATMAN (TOS) Episode 3.23. Also known as "Double Trouble" and "I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle," respectively.
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