Christmas Eve at My Cousins Feet by Mr E

It's a normal Christmas Eve that you spend every year at your aunts holiday party, that is until your hot cousin decides she wants to see what you feel like under her feet.

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Story Notes:

I'm going to write this story with a unique chronological twist.  The first chapter is in the middle but youll see what i mean when you read the next two chapters and how they sync up chronologicaly. 

 The Numbers at the end of each chapter are to show you the chronological order they go in so it makes more sense for the reader. 

Plus, theres one more unique twist that i'm going to add at the very end of the story that Giantess World has Never seen before.


1. The Beginning of the Middle of the End at the Bottom of Bianca's Feet by Mr E

2. How The End of your Normal Life Began (1) by Mr E

3. Sock Prison (11) by Mr E

4. How I Could've Avoided This Fate (2) by Mr E

5. Your First Whiff of her Feet (3) by Mr E

6. Nobody Believes What She Did (4) by Mr E

7. Bianca Initiates Jakes Shrinkage (5) by Mr E

8. Bianca's The One in Control Now (6) by Mr E

9. The Tiny Teenager Still Refuses (7) by Mr E

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12. Under her Butt or Beneath her Feet. The Desperate Decision (10) by Mr E

13. He Actually Escapes??? But For How Long? (12) by Mr E

14. The Party Continues and your Family is Unaware of your Presence (13) by Mr E

15. Last Chance For Survival (14) by Mr E

16. No Escape From This Shrinking Nightmare (15) by Mr E

17. Bianca Puts Her Slave To Work (16) by Mr E

18. Spending Christmas Morning With Bianca (17) by Mr E

19. Eating Christmas Lunch with your Family.....Or WIll They Eat You? (18) by Mr E

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22. Sat on by your Female Family Members and then Back to Bianca's Feet by Mr E

23. Being a Proper Foot Slave by Mr E

24. Back Underneath Bianca's Butt by Mr E

25. Christmas Ends with her Ass and Feet by Mr E

26. Learning to be Bianca's Insole by Mr E

27. Smelling the Feet of Every Girl in the House by Mr E

28. Unknowingly Captured by Mr E

29. Inner Journey by Mr E

30. The Dark Pit by Mr E

31. Back To Your Real Owner by Mr E

32. Worshipping a Sleeping Goddess(es feet) by Mr E

33. A Giant Angry Hormonal Teenage Girl by Mr E

The Beginning of the Middle of the End at the Bottom of Bianca's Feet by Mr E
Author's Notes:

This is the beginning of the story of how you were forced to worship a teenager girls feet. but will you stay her footslave forever? 

Will you escape?  Believe it or not, in this story, It Is actually possible to avoid the fate of becoming your cousins foot slave but you might not like the many alternatives that your family gives you!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 


December 24th 8:54 pm

It was the night before christmas and Bianca, your younger cousin, had gotten a lot of presents but she looked a little upset with the dolls and frilly dresses her family had bought her. she tried to look happy for her moms annual family xmas party but she just couldnt take it anymore and said.  "What is wrong with you people?  I'm in high school now, i dont want anymore of these kiddy toys and little girl dresses." 

Her mother Michelle said "Calm down Bianca, you dont have to act this way.  You shouldve just behaved yourself and i would have returned them for you in the morning."

"NO!. i'm sick of everybody treating me like a kid.  I'm a teenager and i should be treated with a little respect and at least one decent Christmas present."

"Bianca young lady i am sick of your attitude!  Why dont you just go to your room and spend the rest of your Christmas eve in your room by yourself.

"Fine i will.  I hate all of you anyway.  You never give me what I want."

Your little sister Trixie said "I i like the presents that she got Auntie Michelle."

Your older sister Jennifer said "Thats because your younger than her Trixie now let the grown ups handle this."

Bianca stormed off to her room like a spoiled brat and slammed the door shut behind her.

She stares both curiously and excitedly at a pair of red green and white christmas striped socks tied up hanging at the end of her bedpost.

She picks up the two socks, jumps up on her bed and kicks off her ballet flats. she stares at the two worn out socks for a while before stretching her legs and bare feet out completely and unties the two tangled socks with a now moving tiny visible lump in the toe section.

She dumps out the contents of the sock in front of her feet and smiles as the tiny being begins to stand up and stares at the two monstrous soles in front of him. Bianca says "Your the only present i need Jake" Jake stares up at the giant teenage girl and his gaze lowers down to her everstretching feet. Never in his life would he imagine he would be shrunk and forced to be a slave to his cousins stinky feet.

Bianca only says one more thing to you before ignoring you completely. "Now Start Rubbing My Feet." You can only wonder if this is what your going to have to do for the rest of your life?

End Notes:
many more chapters will be added very soon. at least two this week. possibly tommorow
How The End of your Normal Life Began (1) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

A little backstory on Jake's and Biancas family.  Kinda like a Flashback.


December 23rd, 3:45 pm. You had just finished your 6 hour car ride up to your aunt’s house for your family party. You came with your Mother, Father and three sisters.  Your moms name was Connie and she had long brown hair and was in her late 30’s.    Your dads name was Trevor and he had short brown hair and was a little older than your mom.  Your sisters on the other hand were a little annoying.  First there was Trixie who was an eighteen year old brat with short shoulder length blond hair.  The whole ride up here she kept taking off her white sneakers and rested her socked feet in front of her on your seat so each of them were touching the side of your head near your ears.  You had to constantly push her feet back so you wouldn’t have to smell them.  Then there was your other sister Samantha who had long black hair, a slim body and was 19.  She packed so many bags that you could only fit one in for your basic necessities and clothes.  Your oldest sister was named Jennifer and she had huge DD tits that she tried to contain in a brown Christmas sweater but everyone could still see her nipples.  She had wavy brown hair, not skinny but not fat and was 23 years old. 

Then there was your extended family.  Your uncle Mike was a balding man who didn’t care what was going on as long as he had a beer in his left hand and the remote in the other.  Your aunt Michelle was a little nicer and younger than her meaner counterpart and was in her mid to late 30’s.  She had long brown hair, an enormous chest and a butt that could drive anyone crazy.  You could see why he married her.  They had one daughter together and her name was Bianca.  She had brown hair, brown eyes, and hated you.  She was a teenager in high school.  You couldn’t remember how old she was……..younger than Samantha but not really worth your time to notice.  You never really paid much attention to her, but she was getting taller all the time and starting to fill out her body parts.  You hadn’t seen her since the last holiday party but you bet she was still the spoiled brat that you had to deal with last year.  You also had a cousin Mel who came to visit from South Carolina and was a Real Bitch.  She only had one thing on her mind at all times and that was money.  She had wavy red hair, was in her late 20’s, Boobs even bigger than your sis at DDD and a big ol booty that just screamed to be squeezed.  This only left you.  Jake, short brown hair, brown eyes and at age 19 you were in college on winter break. 

You didn’t really want to be here when you could be playing playstation at home.  Your parents weren’t even sure how long they planned on staying here.  It could be just until the day after Christmas or possibly until new years.  As you walked through the door you thought you might as well make the best of it and maybe Bianca got a Wii or Nintendo DS you could play to pass the time.  Aunt Michelle wearing a brown tank top, blue jeans and black sandals greeted you all with a big hug at the door and said “Make yourselves at home and stay as long as you like.” While uncle mike leaned up from his recliner waved and said “Hey”, took a sip of his Heineken, and sat back down. 

Michelle said “if anyone wants to say hi to Bianca she’s in her room listening to her IPod or something” and continued to make small talk with your mom and dad.  You figured you might as well get it over with and say hello and go watch TV on the big screen until Dinner.   When you walked into her room she was laying on her bed wearing a yellow spaghetti string shirt, a smaller white shirt underneath it and a pair of white pants.  You said “Hi Bianca” and she replied with what you thought might have been an unfinished “hey” but instead lost interest in talking to you already and said what sounded like a “he….” 

You were about to walk out of the room when you noticed she was barefoot and sliding (more like grinding) her foot as hard as she could across her bed.  Curious you asked “Why are you doing that?”

“Doing what?” 

“Pressing your leg as hard as you can up and down your bed sheets.” 


“Practicing for what?” 

Bianca smiled coyly and said “You'll see.” 

Not wanting to endure a stupid conversation with your little cousin you said “Whatever, i dont care, I'm gonna go watch TV, I don’t want to find out what stupid games your playing.”

As you walked out back into the hallway Bianca yelled out smartly in a sing song voice I “But you will find out!” 

Sitting down on the sofa you focused your attention away from your annoying cousin and instead on the football game on the screen.  Butttttttt, there was something about the confidence in her voice that made you a little curious about what she said to you.  And even a little afraid inside. 

End Notes:

Next chapter Jake willl have more shrunken interaction with one of the girls.

Sock Prison (11) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
This chapter takes place a few hours before the first chapter and Jakes thoughts about what his cousin will do to him.


December 24th 4:09pm. It had been 2 hours since Bianca first trapped you in her sock and you were starting to wonder how serious she was about this.  At first you thought this was just a sick joke she was playing on you but for the past 118 minutes she had done nothing but grind you in between her toes, drag you across the bed under her heel and arch, and raise her foot up only to slam it down on you, just because you wouldn’t massage her feet.  

  “If this really is a cruel joke then she’ll have to let me out before the Christmas party starts in a few hours.  But if it isn’t a joke…and she really plans on keeping me as her footslave…then I don’t know if I should massage them to appease Bianca or refuse to please her and hope she gets bored with me.”  Either choice sounds like it could go wrong on a number of levels but you try to think of all the possibilities.

  “If I rub her feet like I mean it, then what’s stopping her from keeping me as her footslave for the rest of my life!  Becoming my cousins foot massager doesn’t sound like a smart career choice even though she would Love it.  But if I refuse to be an obedient pet then whats stopping her from getting rid of me.  Will she crush me underfoot like some common bug?  Toss me in the garbage? Pawn me off to one of my sisters? Throw me in the backyard outside? Or even worse! Will she actually eat me like she said she would before or was she bluffing about that too?” 

So many thoughts rush through your head about how your younger cousin could cause your demise.  You were so preoccupied with dying that you didn’t realize her toes reach down and grab you once again, only to feel your knees being gripped between her big and second toes while your face was being rubbed against her third and fourth digits.

After 30 minutes of being tossed around like a rag doll by your formerly little cousin’s stinky feet, she dropped you to the bottom of her sock.  You stood up and had to grab onto her heel for support after your legs almost gave way from exhaustion.  You stared at her heel for a minute before bringing your gaze up and staring at the massive sole of a teenage girl who held you captive in her red, green, and white Xmas sock while she wore it.  You noticed every miniature wrinkle as she curled her foot.  Before you knew it she had pulled her foot out and through the opening of her sock you could see her grinning face. 

  “I hoped you liked your stay with my feet little cuz.  Because if you didn’t, your gonna have a hard time adjusting to the smell and the rest of your life as my footslave (giggles) hehehe.  I have to go change my clothes and get something to eat now, but don’t worry I’ll be back before you know it and my dainty little foot will be right back in its sock home next to my favorite little foot slave cousin.  Cya later Jake.” 

The vision of her enormous face disappears and instead is replaced by the twisting of the top of her sock into what looks like a Tight knot.  You bounce around all over her sock while she swings it in a loop for fun before finally tying them together and wrapping it around the foot of her bedpost.  You hear her change her clothes right next to you, but you can’t see anything through the thick, fuzzy, colored fibers of the inside of her sock.  All you can do is lay down where her toes would rest and wait for your cousin to release you from your sock prison, most likely only to play more foot games.  If Jake only knew that his head was resting on a worn-out string of cotton that he could claw his way out and escape.

End Notes:

I wanted to get some action in soon so i wrote this chapter.  the following chapters will be how he got shrunk and how his life will end....or how he will live?

How I Could've Avoided This Fate (2) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

While being toyed with, Jake recalls what he could've done to avoid being helplessly trapped by Bianca.


December 24th 3:59pm.  While struggling to endure with Bianca’s foot stepping on you. You tried to hold up her foot.  At first you thought you were getting stronger but then soon realized that she was only toying with you and would press her full weight down every time you got tired of lifting her foot up from crushing you.  Every time you failed she would laugh and that only dampened your spirits even more. 

While her big and second toes had their soft grip around your neck you wondered how humiliating this would look like if you saw yourself in a mirror, your face barely peeking out of  your younger cousin’s toes while she toyed with you.  If only you followed the signs that she gave on planning to shrink you.  It was so obvious if it was a bee it would have stung you.  Especially what she was telling her parents last night.


December 23rd 8:08 pm.  The whole family except Bianca was sitting at the dinner table and Aunt Michelle had made a magnificent feast for 8 people.  Everyone was starving and when your Aunt finally said those two magic words “Dig In!”  Everybody put massive amounts of food on their plate and gobbled up what they could until their stomachs were full.  Michelle finally noticed her only daughter wasn’t there and said where is that girl?  Jake I told you to go get her before we started eating our meals.” 

You sputtered out through your mouth full of food and said "Bla-wha-what?  No you didn!” 

  “You really have to pay more attention Jake. I guess I can’t trust you with anything.” 

Your mom jumped in and said “Pay more attention to your Auntie, Jake.  You don’t get to see her very often and you should do what she says.” 

You didn’t say anything after that because that was total BS.  She didn’t say anything to me about getting Bianca.  Aunt Michelle called out “Biancaaaaa, get your little butt in here!” 

Bianca yelled back “Coming” and walked into the room rubbing her belly.  She was wearing matching blue pajama pants and shirt and had on these pair of worn out Christmas socks that were striped red, green and white.  Bianca’s mom saw this and said annoyed “Bianca, honey, what did I say about wearing those disgusting old socks.” 

  "You said not to wear them anymore because they stink and need a good washing I should be quarantined to my room because if you get close enough to smell them your likely to pass out.” 

Astonished that her daughter memeorised everything she told her before, michelle said “Exactly.  So why are you still wearing them?” 

  "Because they’re my favorite Christmas socks and I'm gonna wear them the whole month of December until I wear them in each one of my slippers, boots, and sneakers until I have no more footwear left to wear them in and that includes the presents I still haven’t gotten yet in 2 days.  And… (Bianca looks quickly at you and then turns away)….um……uh..… That’s it” you thought Bianca was going to say something about you but quickly avoided it. 

Her mother replies “Well if I had known that, I never would’ve bought you such expensive shoes.  If I had known you were going to ruin them while wearing those sweaty socks I would have gave them to the poor and needy.  If you ever find a boyfriend Bianca you better pray he likes the smell of your feet because I’ve never met a guy who could stand such a strong smell coming from his girlfriend’s toes to stick around with her very long.”  

Bianca replies smiling “Don’t worry mom.  I think I’ve found somebody who wont be Able to run away from the smell of my feet.  He might even not be able to live without it.” 

Again you thought you saw Bianca quickly glance in your direction but you couldn’t tell if she did or not. 

After hearing the crazy statement her daughter just made Michelle replies sarcastically “Yeah, Right.  Just don’t wear those socks for the xmas party tomorrow.” 

Trixie was paying very close attention to her older cousin and asked “Can’t live without what?”  Bianca replied with a quick “Nothing” and started to eat her dinner. 

 You couldn’t help but wonder if this had anything to with what she said earlier when you arrived at her house yesterday at 3:45, but ignored your rambling thoughts and started on your dessert.  If you only knew this would be the last dessert you would Ever eat.

End Notes:

more this week. next chapter will be about the morning of christmas eve and what Bianca does to you while your sleeping.


Your First Whiff of her Feet (3) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
Your dreams of entering a womens shoe store seem so real. its almost as if you can feel and smell whats in front of you.

December 24th Christmas Eve 8:04 am. When you awoke the next morning, you were still half asleep and hadn’t opened your eyes yet. Warming up in your sleeping bag, you started to recall the prophetic dreams you had last night.

First you were a ninja in an anime, then a samurai, then you were yourself and you fell into a garbage dump. After that you rolled down the water drainage into the sewer and ended up falling in the dumpster at the malls food court.

Covered in hamburger wrappers and milkshakes, you cleaned yourself off and walked into a secret door in the back of the mall. the hallway seemed to go on forever before  you turned a corner and saw the back entrance of a women’s shoe store.   before you knew it, large boxes of running shoes, pumps and ballet slip-ons fell on top of you. You couldn’t move for the longest time then you wished you could get up and the shoes grew bigger and you fell inside one of them.

Things got worse when the female store clerk came in and brought the shoes to a bunch of giant women who wanted to try you on and didn’t know you were in there footwear. Hours went by and you had to deal with Hundreds of giant womens feet entering the shoes and squeezing you between their toes. The store finally closed at nightfall but you were sold to a young brunette girl whose face you couldn’t make out and her feet smelled the worst out of all the other ladies.

The mysterious cute brunette said "Would you like to spend the rest of your life under my feet Jake?

You wanted to sream "No" but for some reason you nodded your head and said "Yes Bianca.  I would love to spend the rest of my days under your Soles serving you.

The nightmare was getting so terrifying your heartrate started to increase and that’s when you woke up.

What was really weird was the fact that your olfactory senses were working so well in your dreams, the smell of the women’s feet seemed so real. That’s when you opened your eyes and saw two bare soles over each of your eyes! You grabbed them by the heels and pushed them away to see Bianca still in her blue pajama pants and her hair tied back laughing ecstatically at you.

Angry and disgusted she had her rancid feet on your face, you yelled "Bianca why the hell did you have your smelly feet all over my face? I don’t want to have to inhale your foot funk." Bianca laughs like a little kid as she runs out the room and says "Get used to it" Before she disappears from sight. "What is wrong with that girl?  I better lock my door or bury my head in my sleeping bag so she doesn’t try to pull this shit tomorrow morning."

Little did you know that even if you did lock your door, there would be nothing you could do to avoid the sweet smell of the underside of Bianca’s feet.

End Notes:
You tell your family Bianca made you smell her feet but will it be in time before she shrinks you?
Nobody Believes What She Did (4) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

It seems like everybody likes Bianca and nobody likes you.   this will be the last of the non chronlogical chapters and from now on it goes in order. 

The Numbers at the end of each chapter are to show you the chronological order they go in so it makes more sense for the reader.  Sock prison happens towards the middle of the story.


December 24th Christmas Eve 9:01am.  You tried to go back to sleep but you couldn’t get any rest with the lingering smell of Bianca's feet on your face.  Wiping it on your sleeping bag didn’t work so you got up to go to the bathroom and wash your face.  After ten minutes of scrubbing, you finally got most of her foot funk off your face and could breathe easy now. 

You’re walking back to the den when you see your Aunt Michelle frying some pancakes and sausage.   She’s wearing a pair of blue sleep pants that disappear into her asscrack and a light blue pajama tank top that shows off her cleavage.  This is your chance to get that little brat in trouble for what she did to you. 

  "Aunt Michelle, when I woke up today someone had their bare feet on my face."

Michelle replied uninterested “Tell your mother about Trixie, Jake.  She’s not my kid and you shouldn’t be running to me when you’re younger sister teases you like that." 

"No it wasn’t Trixie it was Bianca, your daughter." 

  "What! Jake that’s plain crazy, I just walked by Bianca’s room and she was sound asleep." 

  "No this was about an hour ago when I woke up.  so she could’ve went back to sleep by now." 

  "Jake I know my child well enough to know that she won’t wake up early for anything.  Especially if she's on vacation and there’s no school.  She can be a spoiled brat sometimes but she wouldn’t do something that gross.  Now why are you making things up about your cousin?" 

  "I'm not it’s the truth." 

Your mother, Connie walks in yawning wearing a light green tank top and fuzzzy white cotton sweatpants.  "(Yawwwwnnnn) what’s all the commotion about sis?" 

  "Jake says that Bianca stuck her foot in his face while he was sleeping but she’s been asleep this whole time." 

Connie replies angrily “Jake young man why would you make stuff up about your cousin like that?”

 "I'm not making it up, I’m telling the Truth!  Bianca came into my room earlier in the morning, planted her nasty smelling feet on top of my face and that’s why I was dreaming about being stuck in a woman’s shoe." 

Your mom replies curiously “you dreamt you were stuck in a woman’s shoe?  Like you were really tiny?" 

Aunt Michelle sounds like she has it all figured out and says "Oh I get it now.  Because of what I said last night at dinner about Bianca’s feet being so rank, this made you dream about it.  The whole thing was a dream honey, my daughter wouldn’t do that to the cousin she loves so much.  But I don’t know why you would dream about being stuck in women’s footwear while they wore it?  You should probably see a Shrink."

You’re starting to get angry now and raise your voice.  "No! I'm telling you Bianca had her Big Stinky Feet all over MY Face.  I could Feel it. I could Smell them.  I could See them.  I could Hear her drag them across my face.  And I could even Taste them a little." 

Your mom gets mad and says "Young man, Don’t you dare raise your voice to you Auntie like that.  You should be lucky that she lets you stay in her house after what you just said about her kid!" 

Your sister Samantha comes in with your younger sister Trixie looking tired and Amanda says groggily "What’s with all the noise we were trying to sleep in the other room." 

Connie says "Your older brother is making stuff up about your cousin and thinks she put her feet on his face."  

Samantha says "Don’t be stupid Jake, Bianca wouldn’t do that. I saw her sleeping in her room a minute ago.  I’m surprised you haven’t woken her up yet." 

Michelle says "Wait a second, I think I know what happened.  Trixie, did you put your feet on your big brothers face while he was sleeping?"

Trixie still half asleep says "Ummmm, I don’t know? Maybe? That sounds like something I would do.  Can I go back to sleep now?" 

Your aunt ignores the last thing her niece said and says "Well that solves everything Jake.  Now I think you owe me and my daughter an apology." 

  "NO! I Won’t Apologize!  Because I didn’t do Anything Wrong!  Bianca Did!  And I want an apology from her Now!" 

Your mom puts her foot down and says "That Is It! I have had enough of your backtalk.  You are grounded for the rest of this vacation. That means no TV, no videogames, and no going to the mall!  Now go back to your room!" 

You storm out of the kitchen almost knocking Jennifer down and say "This is Bullshit!  I can t believe no one believes me."  Meanwhile in the other bedroom while Bianca had been pretending to sleep she heard the whole thing about your family not believing you and couldn’t wait to set her plan into action this afternoon. 

December 24th Christmas Eve 10:24am.  Bianca gets out of bed and pretends she just woke up.  She goes to the kitchen and asks her mom “Hey ma what was all the racket before, I was trying to sleep." 

  "Oh don’t worry about it dear.  It was just your cousin thinking his dreams were real.  Would you believe that he thought you stepped on his face while he was sleeping?  He wouldn’t even believe that it might’ve been his sister Trixie and his mother grounded him."  

Bianca replies angelically "Wow Jake must have some really crazy dreams!  But I was sleeping the whole time, so it couldn’t have been me." 

Michelle says "I Know!  Who knows what that rude nephew of mine was thinking but dont worry because it’s all over now." 

Bianca says under her Breath "Actually it’s just beginning." 

  "What was that Sweetie?" 

  "Nothing Mom.  Can I have some of those Waffles?" 

  "Sure, here you go.  And make sure you don’t bother your cousin.  He has to learn his lesson and fulfill his punishment until his parents say it’s over." 

Bianca said through a mouthful of waffles. "Okayy Muhm."  She left the room and thought to herself “I'm sure Jake is going to get all the punishment he can handle when he’s underneath my Beautiful Feet."

End Notes:

This was the end of the story of how Jake got shrunk and forced to be her footslave.  now begins the ordeals he has to cope with and IF he'l actualy escape from his tormentor.  Most of the rest of the chapters will be in chronological order

Bianca Initiates Jakes Shrinkage (5) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

It starts in Biancas POV then switches over to Jake's POV 2 minutes before she walks to where he is.


I switched (4) and (5) around so there in chronological order now.  it seemed to make more sense this way.


December 24th Christmas Eve 11:33 am.  Bianca knew the time was now.  If she was going to shrink her cousin then she would have to do it now while everybody was changing into their holiday dresses and suits.  She tiptoed over to Jakes door and peeked through the keyhole.  He was just lying on his bed moping. Probably about how no one believed him. If Bianca was going to get her Best Christmas Present Ever she would have to do it now.  She knocked on the door and said “Hey Jake come here. I have a huuuuugge surprise for you."


December 24th Christmas Eve 11:31 am.  Jake was still mad about how no one believed him.

  “I can’t believe my stupid family.  They love Bianca so much more than me they would rather just ground me without even asking Bianca if she actually did it or not.  I should’ve told them to smell my face then they would’ve believed me.  If only I didn’t wash it minutes before."

Jake lied on his bed for a while before he heard a voice coming from the other side of the door.  "Hey Jake come here. I have a huuuuugge surprise for you."

  "Bianca?  Bianca get out of here.  I don’t want to see your face ever again." 

  "My Face?  Yeah my face.  I don’t think you’re going to be seeing much of my Face where you’re going." 

  "What are you talking about?  Have you gone crazy?  I'm not going anywhere, I'm grounded because of you, remember."

Bianca says in a sweet apologetic voice.  "I know, I can get you ungrounded. I feel really bad about getting you in trouble and I have a plan that can get you out of this room." 

  "Yeah, why should I believe you?" 

  "Because you don’t have any other choice.  And besides I don’t think I can think of anything worse than spending Christmas Eve by yourself so I want to help you and give you some Company." 

You know your cousin well enough to know that she doesn’t do anything unless she can benefit herself somehow.  But maybe she’s grown up a little.  She does sound genuine and it’s possible that she’s thrown away her immature behavior and matured a little bit inside.  Since you don’t have any other option besides stay in your room all night on Xmas eve, it wouldn’t hurt to trust your cousin and at least hear out and see what her plan is. 

  "Okay Bianca ill listen to your plan, come in." you unlocked the door and opened it up to see a teenage girls bright smiling face. 


That was your First mistake.  


She’s wearing a pink Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white converse sneakers with no socks on. 

  “No, not in the hallway, come in my room and I’ll show you what I planned." 

  "Okay.” you walk over to her room and she enters behind you.  She closes the door and locks it so no one can get in.  You’re starting to wonder if trusting her was such a good idea?  Her room is kinda messy with clothes and winter jackets thrown around the room.  the pink walls are covered in teen heart throb posters and pictures from magazines are posted to walls and ceiling.  To your left is her bed and dresser with her stockings and panties hanging out of her drawers.  To the right of you in the corner is her shoe closet with sneakers on the bottom, leather boots and winter ugg boots in the middle, and sandals and pumps at the very top.  You kinda feel bad for her footwear since there all worn out from Bianca wearing them all the time and not changing her socks.  You’re just lucky your dream didn’t come true and you’re not stuck in some girl’s shoe. 

Bianca walks past you and stands in the middle of her room and says very happily

  "Ready Jake!" 

  "Ready for what?"

  "Ready for the rest of your life."

  "Bianca, Are you going to show me or not?" 

She doesn’t say anything, but just grins excitedly and bounces on the tips of her toes.  She takes her sneakers off and places her bare feet on the carpet.  When you bring your gaze up from her legs, you notice something odd in her hand.  Before you can even ask what it is a bright flash of blight blinds you and you have a splitting headache. 

  "Ow Bianca. What did you do to me?" 

Bianca replies casually "I shrunk you."  

Your eyes are still closed. "Oh yeah Suuuurrre ya did .  Now seriously tell me what you did to me."

  "I really shrank you.  You’re about the same size as a bug. I’m not even sure anybody would recognize you this small unless they knew you were shrunken.  If you don’t believe me open your eyes." 

Tired of Bianca’s stupid games you open your eyes and see ten colossal digits in front of you.  They are attached to a huge tan object that is attached to a titanic monolith that stretches high above you.  You were staring at the giant foot of your cousin as she stood over you like a Goddess.

Your giantess cousin looks at you curiously and says "Huh?  I thought you would be a little bit bigger than this?  But that’s okay since now you can have a more comfortable fit in-between my toes." 

The excited grin comes back to her face and she sits down on the floor and extends the soles of her feet out towards you.  You could already smell her feet when she was standing, now that she’s moved her feet closer, you can smell the sweet stink of her feet up close.  First she wiggles her right foot then her left and says

"This is Righty and this is Lefty.  this is the Company I wanted you to get acquainted with because you are going to be my Footslave Jake Smith."

You stare up at the two colossal, smooth soles of your cousin and your brain has a hard time processing what she just said out of pure shock and terror.  As Bianca’s large smelly foot begins to descend upon you.  somewhere deep down inside, you know that even if she is being serious or not, you’re going to feel what  the skin on the bottom of her foot feels like up close and she will feel what her tiny cousin feels like as an insole. 

End Notes:

How did Bianca get Jake in Trouble?  Will Jake ever Escape his cousins Feet?  Or will Bianca get what she wants and finally have a cute foot pet to live under her Soles? All will be revealed soon.

Bianca's The One in Control Now (6) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
Bianca finally gets to play with her tiny cousin and loves every second of it.  However, the same cant be said for Jake.


December 24th Christmas Eve 11:43am.  The colossal foot moved closer and closer and Jake could do nothing but stare like a deer caught in headlights. Bianca grew excited as she watched her cousin Freeze in fear of the monstrosity inching closer to him. She thought he would run and scream in terror, but all he did was stand there like a cornered mouse waiting for the cat to capture its prey. Now was the moment she'd been waiting for all month. The bottom of her foot made contact with her tiny cousin and she felt like she was in heaven and she hadn’t even made him start worshipping her feet yet.

There was nothing Jake could do but watch the skin on Bianca's foot become his whole line of vision and pretty soon he felt the warm slightly moist skin touch his face and the rest of his body.  The slight amount of sweat that dripped from her foot was not noticeable by Bianca, but Jake could feel the perspiring liquid coat his body.  Common sense finally kicked into his mind and he backed away and coughed from the foul odor. He fell on his knees and before he could get up, Bianca's foot pushed back into him and he toppled over, did a few accidental somersaults, before ending up lying on his stomach.

Jake turned his neck, looked behind him only to see her heel dragging against the carpet to knock him over again. The intensity of fear increased Tenfold in his body and almost instinctively he got up and started running for his life with only the small chance of reaching the door in time.

Bianca said in a mockingly sweet voice. "Where are you going little cousin? My Feet still want to play with you. You don’t want to make them sad do you? Come back and play with them."

You looked behind you and Bianca dragged her butt across the carpet to extend her legs even closer to her tiny companion.  The grin on Bianca's face tells you she' loving every second of this. You say

  "Biancaaaaa! You’re Crazy! Why are you doing this to me? Please stop it."

  "I already told you Jake you’re going to be my footslave. and you better get used to it because the more you resist my Perfect Beautiful Feet, the harder it’s going to be on you.  Why dont you Give up and accept your life under my feet already?"

Her knees were bent up while she sat on her rear but she soon lowered them and extended her legs out. The speed that her foot rushed at you had knocked you over faster than before but this time there was no time to get up and run again. When you rolled over on your back, the sky of her white ceiling disappeared and was replaced by five humongous toes falling down on your body.

Bianca let her foot fall down on you and felt even more pleasure with you under her toes than she did when you touched her heel. She slid all five toes across your face horizontally for a few minutes before gripping you between her big and second toes. This was where the smell was the worst and your face was pressed right up against her toe flesh. Bianca laid on her back and stuck her leg out all the way up in the air and watched you struggle to get out before shaking her leg and spinning you around in a circle.

"Isn’t this Fun Jake it's like I'm giving you a carnival ride."

Feeling incredibly woozy you almost threw up when you saw blurry visions of her bed, dresser, closet and laughing face zoom by back and forth while being spun around. She stood up, held her right foot up to her left knee and dropped you back on the carpet. She put her right foot to the left of you and when you looked up to see where her other foot had gone, you saw the smooth, bare sole of her left foot hovering high above you. As you staerd up at your cousin standing like she wanted to crush you, a weird thought popped into your head.

You thought she looked just like a Goddess, standing so tall and triumphant, holding your fate in the palm of her hand (more like the sole of her foot) and you were so helpless, there was nothing you can do to stop this Giantess from ending your life.

You screamed in desperation "Bianca Please don’t Kill Me! I want to live!"

Her knee bent back down to its original shape and you watched as the ball of her foot came crashing down on top of you like some measly bug.

Bianca had crushed her cousin like he wasnt even a person anymore......and maybe he wasnt?

End Notes:

Is Jake really Dead?  probably not because this chapter takes place before  "The Beginning of the Middle of the End at the Bottom of Bianca's Feet" and "Sock Prison."

But Everything will be explained in the next chapter.

The Tiny Teenager Still Refuses (7) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
Its not an easy thing to do, pleasuring a giant girl.  Making her angry would be even worse


December 24th 11:56 am Jake looked up at the hovering foot above him and he knew what she was planning to do.

  "Bianca Please don’t Kill Me! I want to live!"

Her knee bent back down to its original shape and you watched as the ball of her foot came crashing down on top of you like some measly bug. For a second you thought you were dead but it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would. She lifted her foot up off you and then sat back on the floor with her legs crossed and you said

"Am I?  Am I really Dead?" 

  "I already told you, you are going to be my Foot Slave. Why would I kill you? Weren’t you listening to anything I was saying?"

You lifted your tired body off the carpet and wobbly stood up asking "But how did I survive being squished? Shouldn’t I have died?

  "I knew if you were going to be a proper servant to my feet, then you would have to be able to survive living under my foot while I wore you in my shoes.  Thats why I made sure you were extra durable and couldn’t be snuffed out so easily. You shrunk smaller than i thought you would be but I guess that’s a side effect of making you stomp proof. But that doesn’t mean you’re immortal you can still die if someone jumps on you hard enough or puts you in acid.

  "Where would anyone find acid?"

  "I don’t know maybe at Wal-Mart or inside someone’s stomach."

You don’t want to find out what she means by that and quickly change the subject. "But why do you want me under your feet? I’m your cousin and that means were family doesn’t that mean anything to you."

  "No not really I always thought of you as some unimportant human who just happened to be related to me. I thought you would be better suited to slave labor and that’s when I came up with the idea of shrinking you and making you my pet who worships my feet."

  "You want me to worship your feet?"

  "Duhhhhhhhh. As my footslave each and every second of your spare time will be pleasing every square inch of my foot as best as you can."

  "Ha, if you really think I’m going to do that you’re crazier than I thought. You might be able to make me smell your feet, but there’s no way you can force me to pleasure them no matter how hard you try."

Bianca’s face changes from innocent happy teenager to the cruel wicked smile of an evil witch. She speaks in a dark voice.

  "I wouldn’t be so sure of that Jake smith. Because I have a lot of ways to torture you and make you the most obedient pet anyone can ask for. Now why don’t you start worshipping by massaging my feet for me. It seems like a good start on your new life.  But I warn you, if you really wanna play this uncooperative bad boy part, you’re going to wish you were never born. Now let’s see which choice you’re going to make. The one that makes me and my feet happy? Or the one where you wish you Had."

Jake is nearly pissing his pants now. Its true she can’t physically force your body to massage her feet, but compared to a lifetime of sadistic torture by a giant girl, massaging her feet doesn’t sound like such a bad deal.

  "W-why do you want m-me to m-massage your feet Bianca."

  "Stop asking stupid questions and start rubbing already. The short answer is I'm bigger than you and I get to do whatever I want to the pathetic bug between my toes."

She uncrosses her legs and extends her bare foot out to you. She's looking at you like she expects you to do your job and is annoyed you haven’t started yet. You walk up to her heel and place your hands on the lower part of her arch. Jake squeezes her skin but doesn’t put too much effort into it. After only 20 seconds she gets even more annoyed and says

  "You’re not trying hard enough slave, rub your whole body against my foot."

That was the last straw. It’s bad enough you’re going along with this whole feet slave thing but after calling you her slave directly and asking to rub yourself against her sole, saying you were angry would be an understatement.

  "That’s it! I’ve had it with your stupid games Bianca! It’s bad enough that you shrank me and even worse that you stepped on me and played games using me as a foot toy, but this is where I draw the line. I refuse to be a human lufa to a girl who hasn’t even graduated high school yet. Now grow me back Right This Instant or I'm telling your mom and dad."

Bianca retracted her foot from in front of you and leaned her face closer to your level. It was easily the angriest and scariest expression you could possibly see on a giantesses face and you were only about fifteen centimeters from it. But what really surprised you was the look of pure, unclouded anger changed to a face of genuine, unadulterated delight.

  "Jake, I am so glad you said that, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me."

  "W-why are you going to grow me larger again"

  "No Silly, Now that you’ve disobeyed me I can show you what happens to slaves that don’t obey their owners.  If you think Massaging my feet is a humiliating task to do, wait until you see what other places on my body you can live in. By the end of the day you'll be begging to give me a pedicure and I’ll have to decide if I really want you under my feet or if I should just cut my losses and get rid of you…Permanently."

End Notes:
Next chapter: Bianca shows her little cousin how much worse his life can get if he refuses to obey his mistress.  A Womans body can be more dangerous than you think.
Voreacious Behavior (8) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
Bianca shows jake what happens to slaves who disobey their owners.  Unfortunately for Jake, Bianca is getting hungry.

 December 24th Christmas Eve 12:08 pm.


That word echoed in your head while Bianca lowered her enormous hand down and snatched you from the ground.  All five fingers were wrapped around you up to your neck while your head peeked out from the top of her fist.   She lifted you up to her stomach and lifts up her shirt so you can see her bare belly with the outline of her abs. 

"Ya see Jake, if you don’t want to play by my rules that’s fine, but if I don’t have an obedient slave to obey my every whim, why should I keep you around?"

Jake is shoved headfirst into her belly button and Bianca starts twisting him in circles inside her navel.  It doesn’t smell that bad, kind of like a faint sweaty, sweet smell.  The more she twists, the more your hair starts to collect lint and your face hurts from being rubbed so hard against her skin.  Bianca continues twisting and says

  “If your of no more use to me, why shouldn’t I just eat you and get it over with already?  That would be the easiest way for you to die and there would be no evidence left of your death.  Unless you count the way you’re coming out my bowels hehe." 

Bianca pulls you out of her belly button and brings you up to her pink chapsticked lips.  She tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide. You look down below to see two rows of sharp white teeth and a salivating pink tongue licking her lips.  She’s dangling you over the entrance to her stomach like your some kind of tasty snack.  Slowly she lowers you past her lips and into her mouth. 

Still dangling you pass her pearly whites and scream in desperation

  "Bianca Please Don’t Eat Me! I’m Sorry I Talked Back To you just don’t make me go any further."

  A Giggle echoes from her vocal cords and her warm strawberry breath washes over you along with scattered drops of her saliva. Bianca Continues to lower you down until your almost touching her uvula.  The monstrous tongue of your cousin starts to move again and licks you up and down almost as if it’s playing with you. The tongue lashed at you faster this time and Bianca nearly lost her grip on your body and you were almost sentenced to her tummy as a quick meal.

She does this for a few minutes while you plead with her not to swallow you but each of your cries are only responded with more laughs of your predicament.   Finally her tongue curls around you and sucks on you for a minute before she at long last takes you out of your humid and moist torture cell.  She drops your wet body on her palm and brings you up to eye level and says

  “Look at you all covered in my spit, begging to be released from my mouth.  Ya know Jake, you didn’t taste half bad in there.  I really want you as my footslave but now I’m tempted even more to just toss you in my mouth and swallow you alive.  The feeling of you digesting in my body and then crapping your remains out my butthole would be worth it."

  Tired and scared of Bianca’s threats and ideas you say wearily “I get it Bianca.  I get the point.  I can either massage your feet and worship them undeniably and unquestionably or end up on your dinner plate and die in your intestines.  All I ask is you let me think for a minute and I’ll make my choice."

  "No, I dont think so.”


  "I said No, I Dont Think So. Pay Attention.  Ya see, the choice isn’t up to you. I'm the one in charge and I get to decide your fate and it all depends on your performance as a recently shrunken man."

  " choose between the two already.  I can’t take the waiting anymore."

"Who said there were only Two choices?" 

Jake forms a look of surprise and uneasiness on his face while Bianca’s cheeks spread into a wide deviant smile.

End Notes:
Now that Bianca has shown her cousin her Voracious appetite,  there are still many other places on her body he could end up in.
Body Exploration (9) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Bianca shows jake the other parts of her body if he refuses to be her foot massager.  Contains breast and panty material

December 24th Christmas Eve 12:19 pm. 

Trembling, Jake says "Wha-what else did you have in m-mind."

  Bianca says coyly "It will take too long to explain, why I don’t I just show you.”

You’re at her face level and she’s lowering you back towards her shirt.  You thought she would be placing you in her belly button again but she stopped halfway and you came face to face with her cleavage.  Not knowing if you should sound happy or disappointed you ask curiously  

  "You want me to worship your boobs?"

  “Hmmmmm I was thinking more along the lines of being my boob toy since your such a dumb boob already lol."

  Bianca pulled back her lace light green bra and let you slide down her cleavage until you were firmly nestled in-between her bosoms.  You see she recently became a lower C cup and say to yourself

  "This isn’t that bad.  I know I shouldn’t be enjoying myself, but her breasts are really soft and it’s better than being eaten or stepped on." 

While Jake said this he had no idea Bianca placed had both hands on her sideboobs and pressed as hard as she could against her jugs.  An intense amount of pressure was suddenly squishing you against her mammaries and you should have known this would be no vacation especially with your evil cousin involved.  She rubs her boobs up and down, left and right, while you’re being squished in different areas of her breasts until you arrive at her nipple.  Bianca feels your intrusion and says

  “Hey I didn’t say you could touch that! Get away from there." 

She stops crushing you for a second and you look up to see a giant index finger hit your torso and push you down her chest under her bust.  Bianca picks up her jump rope and says

  “Let’s see how you like this.  1...2...3...4...5...”

Every time she jumped her breast would rise high up in the air and then come crashing down on top of you.  They were soft but it still felt like a heavy pillow hit you in the face repeatedly. 

  "…98...99...100!  Phew that was a good workout.  I can skip the gym tomorrow. How did you like that Jake?" 

 Jake looks up to see Bianca’s face peering into her bra looking at his tired beaten body. 

Jake replied  "Still better than your feet." 

  "Well we can’t have that, can we?  I can’t make your life too comfortable.  You’re going to have to work to be my slave boy."

  She pulled her cousin out of her bra and dragged him across her tits until he was looking at her face again.  while she draggged him he absorbed a little bit of her sweat from her torso.

“Since that was too easy I think I need to try something that will excite me a little more. 

Bianca pulled down her blue jeans and let them fall to the floor.  She was wearing a pair of lace light green panties and you were lowered down until you were level with her crotch.

  “You can’t be serious Bianca." 

  "I don’t know Jake.  Let me show you how serious I can be when you refuse my orders." 

She pulls back the waistband of her panties and drops you in until you slide all the way down to her vagina.  She had shaven and you were staring at her wet, smooth vagina and you didn’t know what Bianca wanted you to do. 

  "So Jake how does my pussy smell compared to my feet?  Which do you prefer?"

  "I don’t know Bianca let me out this is wrong." 

  "I can’t let you out until you answer me."  

  "Please Bianca just let me out already Id rather be anywhere than here.”


  "Yes I’d rather be anywhere on your body than inside your vagina just don’t push me in." 

  “Anywhere hmm, okay Jake ill take you out.”

she plucked  you out from in front of her crotch and moved you somewhere else.  While she was readjusting your next destination you said

 “Thank you Bianca I don’t think I could take being inserted in there like some kind of dildo.  I'm really grateful that you didn’t shove me" 

  Jake is struck speechless as he’s brought to the rear end of his next destination.  Bianca had brought him around to her backside in front of her ass. 

  “You said you would rather be anywhere, so now you have to live up to your word and climb in my asscrack.” 

The tight green panties couldn’t contain Bianca’s ass.  Her cheeks were visible on the sides and on top her coin slot was showing over the waist band of her underwear.  Jake could do nothing but stare at the two twin moons while Bianca expected her tiny cousin to jump in and get further acquainted with her booty.

End Notes:

Theres 1 more chapter with Bianca and then it goes to sock prion and after that The Family Christmas Party finally starts.

Under her Butt or Beneath her Feet. The Desperate Decision (10) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

you're once agin trapped between Bianca's cheeks,  but not in her mouth.  after expeirencing her buttocks, the smell of her feet is starting to sound much more fragrant.

  "I…I didn’t mean your butt Bianca; I meant some place like your belly button again or back to your feet.  Maybe you’d like to feel me at the back of your knee?”

  "Oh so Now you want to go to my feet.  Well, That’s, Too, Bad (she shakes her ass on each word).  You said you would go anywhere on my body and my cute butt is the next stop for the munchkin Jake Smith.”

  She brought her hand right over her buttcheeks and tilted her hand so you fell down into her buttcrack.  She looked back and laughed at you stuck in her crack trying to pull yourself out.

  “Hahaha, how pathetic is that Jake?  You’re stuck in butt of a teenage girl.  You should be lucky I do a lot of squats otherwise there would be a lot more fat to hold you in.  Now it’s time for you to go Deeper.”

Bianca used her index finger to push you in by your head until you were in the middle of her asscheeks.  It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Her cheeks were warm and soft and it didn’t smell like shit, like you thought it would but instead like a nice lavender perfume. You stayed still for a minute before Bianca said

  “Why don’t you kiss my ass Jake.  It can be your way of showing me gratitude for what a nice posterior I have.” 

  "There's no way I'm ever going to kiss your rear end Bianca.  Now how long are you going to keep me in here for?"

  “Probably the whole afternoon unless you Kiss my butt Jake.  I think I'm letting you have too much of a nice time in there so how bout I do a little dancing until I feel some smooching.” 

Bianca put on the new Keisha CD and started to shake her hips and wiggle her backside.  You were slammed up and down and left and right into her buttcheeks until you noticed the faint smell of crap getting stronger.  Bianca noticed this too and said 

  “Uh Oh Jake, it seems like your getting closer to my hole.  I better feel those lips on my cheeks soon or the lips of my backdoor will be kissing you ha-ha.”

   She was right; before you knew it Bianca’s ass had sucked you in till you were about 20 feet (Your POV) from the anus of your teenaged cousin.  It was pink, moist and it was pulsating almost as if it was hungry for you. She cleaned the rim of her giant hole well, but when it pulsated it spread out more and you could see some small traces of her feces on the inside of her anal cavity.  Now only ten feet away from her backdoor entrance you tried to move away but her ass continued to suck you in. 

  "Bianca please don’t do this I don’t want to get eaten by your asshole. This whole experience is just way too gross for me.” 

  “Well Jake if you don’t want to get fed to my butthole as a convenient human snack, then you know what you have to do.” 

Jake knew if he was to avoid being her ass's meal then there was no choice left.  in order to avoid her pucker, he would have to pucker up and kiss her ass. Jake planted a small kiss on her left buttcheek. He was now about 5 feet away from touching her disgusting pink hole, but Bianca didn’t do anything so he kept on kissing her asscheeks many times before she finally stopped dancing and he was less than a foot away from the entrance to her large intestine.  But Bianca had one more trick up her sleeve. 

  “Let’s see how Jake likes this.” 

You watched as Bianca's Sphincter tightened to a small cute button than expanded considerably and let out a burst of hot air that smelled like her poop.  It blew your hair back and you got a little dizzy from the smell and fell forward on her butthole. Instantly grossed out by what you touched, you jumped back and tried to claw your way out her asscrack. 

  “Bianca let me out! Let me out, I can’t take this let me out!” 

Bianca happy at hearing her cousins pleas stuck her hand in her ass and pulled out her struggling cousin. 

  “Thank you Bianca Thank you so much! Please don’t ever put me in there again. Your feet smell so much better than your asshole does.” 

  “I'm glad you agree Jake, but theres one more thing I have to do to you.” 

  Bianca threw you on her bed and pulled her green panties down to her ankles. She slapped her own ass and then lowered her derriere on top of your helpless body.  You were being squished by her right buttcheek and the feeling of being butt crushed was actually a lot worse than being stepped on.  Bianca pressed down as hard as she could for 60 minutes while she painted her finger nails white and combed her long brown hair. After applying her makeup to her face and putting some chapstick on her lips, Bianca lifted her booty up and peeled your flattened, pathetic body off of her gluteus maximus. 

  “So Jake I hope you realize what the situation here is and what I can do to you if you refuse the oppurtunity to worship my feet.” 

   You don’t say anything because you’re too tired and beaten up to even move your mouth. 

  “I’ll take that as a yes for now.  I don’t expect you to have any energy left to massage my feet yet, but for now I think I’ll just use you as a foot toy, while I lie on my bed, listen to some music, and enjoy the feeling of my slave in my sock.”

  Bianca pulls out a pair of her Xmas socks that were rolled into a ball in her black leather boots. 

She unravels them and says “Remember these form last night?  I’ve been wearing these all month Just For You Cuz.”

  She hovers you over the opening to her sock and it’s easily the strongest smell of sweaty feet you’ve ever smelt in your life.  It’s hard to believe that a girl’s foot could make such a pungent fragrance. 

Smiling happily Bianca says “Merry Christmas Jake!  I don’t think you’re ever going to forget this day.” 

And on that note she drops you into your sock prison.  Bianca's face disappears form the opening of the tube and the sock is lowered to the ground.   She slides her feet in, puts on her headphones for her iPod and lies on her bed.  She sits back, leans against her headboard and she plays with her new foot toy under her sole while listening to Lady Gaga. 

Bianca, so far is having the Best Christmas Ever.  The same couldn’t be said for Jake as he realizes he might actually become the footslave to this spoiled, pretty teenage girl.


End Notes:
The next chapter chronologically is Sock Prison.   Then the next chapter I add will be about Jake in Bianca's sock folowed by the Family party.
He Actually Escapes??? But For How Long? (12) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake fights his way out of Biancas Sock and Enters the Family Party.  (I edited it sorry for the wall of Text and unedited parts)

December 24th 5:00pm For 46 minutes Jake laid down to rest in the toe section of Bianca’s Multicolored Christmas sock.  He could barely move from the torture his cousin put him through, but he was slowly regaining his strength, resting where Bianca's toes would normally rest. 

  "What am I going to do . . . . . . . . . . . . I can’t stay in her sock until she comes back and punishes me.  Or do I have no choice?"

  The minutes dragged on and you could hear laughter in the other room.  Your whole family had been enjoying their Christmas dinner while you lay in the stinkiest sock known to man kind covered in sock fuzz.  You could’ve been enjoying a nice juicy ham right about now but the only thing you can taste is feet.  Still tired and dizzy from the noxious fragrance of Bianca’s feet you say

  "I have to do something.  If I don’t, I may as well just start licking her feet like a common dog.  If I have to tear her sock apart with my bare hands I Will Escape."

  Jake went mad with anger and began to jump all over her sock and slash at the fibers of his sock prison with his fingernails.  

   “I refuse to believe that the home of Bianca’s feet could be my holding cell. AAAAAARRRRGGHHH

  Jake fought valiantly and slashed and scratched all over the toe, arch and top of her foot section of her sock but barely made a dent in his entombment.  Finally, completely exhausted, he rested his face where her big toe would be and got a huge whiff of her toe jam. 

"Eew Gross." 

That’s when he saw the small thin fibers that his tiny hands could finally rip through.  Jake pulled with all his might and with the strength of a Dragon (or more likely a dragonfly) he tore a hole in her sock and feel all the way down onto the carpet.  Jake Smith Was Free

  "I can’t believe that my head was lying right there this whole time.  If I only noticed it sooner I could’ve escaped and would’ve had more time to get some help."

You ran to her bedroom door and saw a crack of light under her door.  Before you crawled underneath it you turned around and looked at the different items in her room that defined Bianca.  The posters of the famous boys she liked, the messy bed, the dresser with the clothes, hanging out, and the closet filled with many different cute outfits and the incredible amount of shoes that went with them. 

  "There’s no way the owner of this room is going to be the owner of me."  I’m going to tell my aunt what Bianca did to me and then that stupid brat will finally be punished for once, instead of being given nothing but presents."

  Jake thinks that this will be so easy now that he’s escaped the clutches of Bianca’s imprisonment.  But as many people will tell you it’s never That easy to contact a Giantess.  Especially when there a whole room filled with them only focused on what their eating and what presents their going to get for Christmas.  

 Character Descriptions in chapter 2   

December 24th Christmas Eve 5:15 After narrowly escaping the month old, worn Christmas sock that Bianca had trapped him in, our hero Jake smith was on his way to contact his Giant Family....or so he thought.  Jake ran down the deserted hallway until he came to an intersection.  

Directly in front of him was the living room, to his left was the front door where everybody's shoes had been taken off, behind you was Aunt Michelle’s room, Bianca’s room and the spare rooms, and to your right was the kitchen and dining room where almost your whole family was eating dinner. 

You considered getting their attention now, but you saw your mom Connie grinding her feet in the floor, your little sister Trixie swinging her feet from her chair and your sister Samantha gobbling down all the food in front of her. 

  "If I go below the table now, I’m almost sure to get stepped on and if I go to Samantha I’m almost sure to go on a One Way Trip through her digestive system."

You stood there for twenty minutes trying to think of a safe way to get them to notice you while they ate, laughed and told stories about their favorite holidays.  Pretty soon they all pushed their chairs back and got up to exchange gifts in the living room.  Surprised by seeing more than 6 pairs of feet heading your way, you panicked and scrambled out of the way. 

At first you saw your moms white keds lowering down next to you and got scared and froze in fear before her shoe lace swung and hit you in the head.  Her foot raised back into the sky and you saw the flip flop of your older sister Jennifer step right over you and again your frozen as you stare at the back of her heel that almost grinded you into paste.  Her foot lifts up again and after watching her sole tilt up and take another step, you realize standing in the middle of the floor was a bad idea.

As soon as you turn around the black, furry ugg boot of Samantha was raised above you and you had to roll to your left as the cushioned sole of her boot crashed down right where you were standing.  Samantha passes by her shrunken brother and next to walk out of the kitchen, is your Aunt Michelle. 

She’s wearing sandals and stops to think for a second.  This gives you time to run to the wall but she remembers what she was doing and takes a step forward.  The sandaled foot of your aunt lands right behind you and if you hadn’t ran when you had your chance then she would’ve crushed you into something completely unrecognizable. 

Her foot is arched so her toes are pressed all the way down and you can’t help but see the resemblance of Bianca’s moms feet.  They look very similar to her daughters except a lot bigger.  Her foot lifts up high into the air and you see the next person you have to avoid being squished by. 

It’s your little sister Trixie and she's wearing nothing but white socks on, the same from yesterday.  You see the bottom of her sock and it’s covered in a thin layer of dirt, dust, and carpet fuzz.  This time you jump right and barely avoid being mangled into a bloody pulp.  Her foot lands right next to you and before she lifts it up again you can smell the odor from her feet and can tell she hasn’t changed her socks in a least a few days. 

You’re still a little disoriented from the smell but you make it to the wall as Trixie lifts up her foot and the rest of the party members walk by you. 

Hugging the wall in fear of being stepped on, your heart rate begins to slow down and you walk into the living room.  But an ominous thudding could be heard behind you.  Jake turns around to see his Cousin Mel about to step on him in red pumps.  He can’t see her face because her breasts block the view but he knows he’s about to die under foot and closes his eyes ready to meet the Grim Reaper. 


Jake opens his eyes, once again surprised that he’s alive and staring at the sharp spike of her heel.  Melanie’s foot landed where he was standing but he was situated in the open arch between her toes and the spike that held up her heel.  Mel walks into the living room and everyone greets her warmly. 

No one even realized they almost crushed the grounded boy underfoot and almost Grounded him for good. They continue to enjoy their festive celebration and not a single thought about the boy being punished was thought about as they partied all through the night. 

Jake realizes this is going to be a lot harder than he first thought.  Not only that there's an invisible timer counting down before Bianca goes back to her room and realizes you’re not their waiting to massage her feet. 

The rest of your family might not know to look for their shrunken son/brother/cousin/nephew but if Bianca knows you’re outside her room, it won’t take long for her to find you and make sure you Never escape her again


End Notes:
The timers counting down will Jake contact his family in time or will Bianca Receive an eternal permanent foot worshipper?  Find out next time on Christmas Eve at My Cousins Feet
The Party Continues and your Family is Unaware of your Presence (13) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake can do nothing but hide under the couch like a measly bug while Bianca recieves her Presents


December 24th 5:23pm

You dodge out of the way of your family’s feet and roll underneath the couch. there’s a girl sitting above you with her feet in front of her and shes wearing black flats and white stockings. when you get close enough to smell them, you recognize the smell and know the two stinky feet belong to your cousin Bianca.

  "If I had agreed to be Bianca's footslave from the start i would be in those same shoes, pleasing her feet while she received her presents. I'm glad I put up a fight when I had the chance."

You move away from her feet because you feel like youve spent a lifetime underneath them already. Besides if she found you, thats exactly how long your gonna have to smell them for.

Everyone sat down on the couch or chairs while Samantha and Trixie took a seat on the floor. Trixie sat with her legs crossed, Samantha sat on her knees and Mel leaned back on a recliner dangling one of her pumps from her big toe.

Bianca is getting restless and cant wait to go back to her room but at the same time she wants to see what other stuff she got for the holidays.

  "Cant we open up the presents yet I wanna see what else I got"

Your aunt sounds confused and says "What do you mean what else you got? You didn’t get any presents yet?"

Bianca realizes she sounds suspicious and quickly thinks of a lie.

  "Oh, I meant the.....................Great Feast you made mom. That was the best present anybody could ask for."

Michelle knows what her daughter is up to and says "Bianca theres no need keep pretending to be so nice.  You're not getting an IPhone, you already have an expensive BlackBerry and youre constantly listening to your Ipod almost all day anyway."

Bianca pretends that she was sucking up and says "Yeahhh, you saw right through me Ma."

Trixie is starting to get anxious and says "Bianca's right, lets open up the presents already!"

your mother Connie says "Calm down young lady.  I think youve had wayyyyy too much sugar tonight.  no more Chocolate and Peanut Butter Santa's for you." then Connie asks her sister. "Whadya say sis. why dont we get this over with so we can go to bed. My dogs are killing me."

Bianca smiles and wonders if she should offer her aunt her own son as a foot massager, but dismisses it as a funny thought and has a daydream where Jake is forced to Serve his own mothers feet. Bianca thinks to herself

"Ha Ha, I'd like to see Jake grovel at other girls feet but for the first couple of months i want him at nobody's feet but Mine until he's properly trained and obeys every order on command."

The party goes on and you dont know what to do. if you run out to the open floor then theres a good chance someone will see you, but will they see YOU or an insect that has invaded their family party.

To your left theres aunt michelles feet slipping in and out of her sandals, to your right, Mel dangles her shoe that can fall off her toe and crush you at any second.  Behind you theres nothing but an empty hallway and in front of you lie the two feet you just escaped from.

"If i run out in front of Bianca she could easily slip her stockinged foot out of her flats, grab me with her toes and drop me in her dress shoes and no one would know what happened."

theres nothing you can do but wait. Minute after minute goes by and you feel sad watching everyone recieve Christmas presents and you get nothing. Bianca says

"Hey Aunt Connie can I have Jakes presents since he wont be needing them anymore."

"What do you mean he wont be needing them anymore? he'll probaly want them tommorow morning when he wakes up."

"Nothing! I meant if he doesnt like them.  Thats all."

Bianca slipped up again but didnt bother much on thinking of a good explanation. even when they did notice he was gone, they would never guess he was inbetween her toes while she waved goodbye to her family in a few days.  

"I dont see why not Bianca. the next time you see him, ask him if he doesnt want them and they're all yours."

Bianca thinks to herself. "Unless theirs a tiny scrubber in there or a small paint brush for my toenails, i dont think Jake will be needing Any of his presents hehehe."

More time passes by and your spirits are only broken more as your family laughs with happiness.  Now it seems that Bianca will be the one keeping your presents, but thats only going to happen if you dont escape from being Her Christmas Present.

End Notes:
Next chapter is gonna be Huge.  Jake will be unlucky enough to unwillingly explore each of his family members and each one will be a different body part
Last Chance For Survival (14) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake explores his family in ways he's never imagined.  I wrote this chapter kind of like a fast paced Action Chapter, where Jake interacts with each Giantess.

December 24th 5:37pm

Time passes by and your spirits have been broken almost beyond repair.  As your family laughs with happiness, Jake wonders how they can be so happy without even checking on him on Christmas Eve, when he’s supposed to be grounded and locked in his room. The sad minuscule, bug of a boy observes the cheerful room and says

  “It looks like they don’t even want me around anymore.”

Finally after waiting forever, an opportunity arises.  After Jennifer receives a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret, Trixie opens up a new mp3 player and starts jumping around for joy.  She startles your cousin Melanie and she gets up and moves her seat.  This was your chance.  You run to your mom as fast as you can and start pounding on her shoe.   

  "Mom, look down here quick I’ve been shrunk hurry up, look, look."

It doesn’t work, so you climb up her loose shoe lace and climb up to her ankle.  Jake sinks his teeth into the cherry moisturizer smelling skin of his mother and she instinctively extended her knee and kicked her foot in the air. 

  "Ow a bug bit me." 

You were sent flying in the air straight towards Melanie's DDD breasts.  You landed in her cleavage and Mel didn’t feel a thing.  These breasts were amazing compared to the other pair you were crushed by and they jiggled just a little bit every time you poked them. 

The bottom half of your body was stuck between Mel’s melons and you couldn’t move your legs.  Waving your arms in the air to get her attention did no good and even your dad and uncle were being polite and not staring at her rack.  10 minutes went by and you would have enjoyed your bouncy prison if not for the cutoff of circulation in your legs.  Melanie finally gets up and bends over to pick up her gift and you fall out and land in your sisters Black furry Ugg boot. 

You fell all the way down to her white socked heel.   It was only the back of her foot, but you knew there was more than meets the eye to this sweaty, socked monster.  Samantha shifts her foot just a little bit, but that small amount of room that was moved in her boot caused her heel to move over right on top of you. 

Samantha notices there’s something in her boot and moves it across her arch up to her toes and starts to like the little rock under her foot.  she plays with you for a while, squeezing you with her sweaty toes and rubbing you against her the ball of her foot. Eventualy you manage to grab hold of her pinky and pull yourself up across her sole and on top of her foot.    Samantha notices her little pebble is gone and misses playing with it.

  "There’s no way I’m going to be stuck smelling my sisters stinky feet all night, I’m getting the hell out of here!" 

You ran across the top of her foot and jumped onto her leg and leaped onto the inside of her boot.  The inside was furry too and you used the fur as handholds and climbed up to the rim of the Ugg boot.  The smell of her feet was still stuck to you but Bianca's was much worse.  In fact, you preferred being under your sister’s feet much more than being trapped with Bianca's sole. 

Jake fell over just as Samantha was fidgeting with her foot and he landed on a long brown object.  It’s lifted up into the air and when you open your eyes you see the wide open mouth of your little sister about to eat her Favorite Christmas treat.  A peanut butter and chocolate Santa. 

  "No Trixie don’t eat me I’m your brother”

 But Trixie doesn’t hear her tiny brothers pleas and sends the piece of candy into her mouth.  You and Santa are lying on her tongue and she hasn’t chewed yet because she wants to savor the flavor. You look down her throat and see her esophagus go down forever into the pit of her stomach.  You know there’s no escaping the mouth of a giantess and sit on the candy Santa until she eats you and your fate is sealed to be eaten by a young girl and digested in her tummy. 

But your Destiny doesn’t have to be this way!  The sharp teeth are pried open by none other than Jennifer herself and her giant hand reaches in and saves you from a humiliating death inside the belly of a little girl.    

  "Thank god she saw Trixie eat me.  Now I can be rescued and saved from being my cousin’s pet." 

Jennifer says "Trixie, mom told you not to eat any more of these." 

  "Aww, but I love the creamy filing." 

  "I don’t care.  You can’t have any but I can’t let this go to waste, so ill eat it." 

Out of one mouth and into another.  this time you’re about to be Jennifer’s snack and see her pearly whites open up and her tongue is salivating waiting to devour you.

But this time you’re ready and jump off the Santa Claus and into her well endowed bosom.  Well that’s where you would have gone if she didn’t turn around and bend over exposing her coin slot.   You screamed in horror as you knew you were about to enter another asscrack and fell perfectly into the center.  Jennifer felt your intrusion but was more concerned with her dad seeing her plumbers crack so she pulled up her jeans and sat down. 

Jake had been pushed into the center of her plush cheeks and was squeezed on all sides.  She sat like this for a while before getting up and walking to the kitchen to get a drink.  This left you room to get out and you slid further down until you reached her anus.  Jennifer’s butthole was a lot bigger than the last rear exit you saw and you quickly squeezed yourself down before her asshole got too hungry for you.  but it was too late,  Jenny's dark pink hole expanded around you and sucked your torso in up to your waist.  you struggled to get out of the vice like sphincter of your older sister but couldnt escape from her rectum until you heard a rumbling deep in her large intestine. A small fart escaped her bowels and you were shot like a rocket down her pants leg and fell on the thong of her flip flop. 

Jennifer drank the glass of water, turned around and when she took her first step you were kicked from her big toe to her right back to Melanie’s Breasts.  But this time you were sent all the way inside her cleavage and your whole body was being squished by two gelatinous squishy orbs. 

After fighting a useless battle against two colliding planets your body fell limp and you slid down her bra and into her belly button.   You stayed perfectly still for quite some time until Melanie bent over and you fell from her navel into the front of her panties.  You couldn’t tell what color her underwear was but something much bigger caught your attention and you were staring straight at The Red heads, Red bush. 

Scattered pubic hairs covered her vagina and before you knew it Mel fixed her panties and you were inserted inside her.  Her juices coated your body but you managed to grab hold of her pussy lips before Melanie continued to be aroused and leave the room to pleasure herself.  You slid through the lace of her panties and down her pants leg. 

Mel walked away but when you looked up you saw the Giant barefoot of your aunt Michelle out of its sandal home and hovering over you.  Michelle thought she saw a bug on the floor and quickly Stomped on it before any of her party guests noticed it.  She didn’t want them to think her house had a bug problem.    

It was amazing.  The bare sole of your aunts foot looked exactly like her daughters foot except much larger and a few wrinkles in the middle and above the heel.  it also had the same similar smell to it except Michelle’s was a lot more milder than Bianca’s since she changed her socks often and mainly wore open toed sandals and pumps.  You wondered if this was what Bianca's foot would look and smell like in twenty years?  Jake hoped he would Never find out.   

Before he knew it, the familiar, beautiful foot came crashing down on him and squished him under her sole.  Michelle grinded her foot against the carpet and this sent her nephew in-between her toes.  She slid her foot back in her shoe and that’s were you stayed for the rest of the night inside this attractive Milf's footwear. 

Michelle had another glass of wine and watched as her daughter started to open up her first present.  It was a sweater and she looked a little disappointed, but Bianca didn’t say anything....yet.

After about an hour of being your aunts foot toy she slipped her foot out of her sandal again and even though your body hurt from the squeezing you managed to jump out onto the carpet floor and roll back underneath the couch.  You were defeeted.  After all that time trying to get their attention the only thing you accomplished was getting masticated by their various large body parts. 

  "Kicked, Squished, Stepped on, crushed, eaten, licked, flipped, pressed, inserted, imprisoned, smashed, rubbed, squeezed and toyed with.  What hasn’t happened to me that any other normal human being can say that’s never happened to them?  After all that work I’ve accomplished nothing.   Should I just give up on trying to be seen?  I’m too pathetic. I cant even get one giant girls attention when there's a room full of them.  I may as well just walk right back into Bianca's sock and go back to being her footslave."  

 A weird thought entered Jake Smith's mind?

End Notes:

The End is Near.  Before you know it the story will be over and the Fate of Jake Smith will be revealed.  Can you Guess what will happen?

No Escape From This Shrinking Nightmare (15) by Mr E
Author's Notes:
After failing miserably at gaining his family's awareness, Jake re-evaluates his situation and realizes there might be only one thing left he can do.


December 24th 7:53 PM.

It was Strange.  Jake had been trying to get away from his cousins feet this whole night but the weirdest though popped into his head when he gave up from trying to get his giant family’s attention.  “”I may as well just walk right back into Bianca's sock and go back to being her foot slave."”  

  “Why would I say that?  Am I going crazy or something?  For a second it seemed like I almost wanted to go back to being her footslave?  But that’s just stupid why would I want to do that?” 

You look over to where she's sitting next to her mother on the loveseat and see her pretending to smile happily at the presents she's received. The more you stare at her the more you realize how pretty she's gotten in recent years.  You look down at her feet and see them slipping in and out of her shoes, curling her toes and stretching her arches.  Almost as if she misses you under her feet and needs you to be there.

  “Does she really want me to be under her feet that bad that she can’t even wait a few hours?  She must really want to play with me under her feet so much that her feet are getting antsy?  Does she miss me that much?  When she first shrunk me I thought I would be used as a common toy or object but it seems that she really Needs me to be under her foot to be happy.  I never knew I meant that much to her.”

Even more crazy thoughts are entering your head and you try to push them out.  Your goal is to escape your captresses clutches, not find new ways to please her and sympathize with her need of keeping a tiny boy prisoner under her smelly feet.  It feels nice to be needed by someone, especially a hot girl, but not if she's 100 times your size and can do anything she wants to you.

  “I have to focus.  If I can’t get my relatives attention now, I should try somewhere else. Maybe their bedrooms? But I am getting pretty tired and Bianca’s room does have a nice soft sock for me to sleep in even if it does smell pretty bad. It’s going to be freezing tonight, maybe if I'm lucky Bianca will put her foot in her sock and I can snuggle up to her nice and warm sole.  The soles of her feet are really smooth.  I didn’t exactly enjoy being crushed underneath them and stepped on but at least her skin was soft.  I wonder if she moisturizes her feet? If she doesn’t think of it first I can volunteer to rub some lotion on her heel and up to her toes.  This way her feet will smell better and I can have a smoother sole to step on me while she walks through her day using me as her insole.”

  Your brain is getting Warped and Crazy.  You can’t believe what you’re saying!  You’re already trying to please Bianca's feet and you still have a chance of escaping.  But you don’t know how you’re going to do that exactly if no one can see you.  So maybe….just maybe… There is no escape from this Shrinking Nightmare. 

 You have to think what your aunt would say if you told her Bianca, her perfect daughter, was the one responsible for shrinking you and making you tour her body and be crushed by her finer assets.  Would she even believe you?  Probably not considering she didn’t believe you when you told her about this morning’s incident and they grounded you for lying. 

If you tried to convince them now would your family believe you or punish you for lying?  This seems like a bad idea since there are a lot more dangerous and humiliating things they can do to you when you’re the size of Tom Thumb.

  “I can’t believe I'm saying this but could going back to being Bianca’s footslave be the only safe way out of this. She is very Beautiful and i'm sure a lot of guys would love to have a chance to be her slave for the day, but for how long can I take being a teenage girls property? I have no way of contacting anybody and if I did who knows if they’ll believe me or not.  If I stay still long enough I’m likely to end up as red paste underneath someone’s shoe but if I go back to Bianca ill be made her slave for the rest of my life.  I’m too small to survive on my own.  This sucks.  I'm completely helpless unless someone wants to take care of me and that only leaves one person.  I can’t believe it, but I need Bianca’s feet as much as she needs me.  Maybe if I’m a good slave she’ll start treating me nicer and maybe keep me as a pet who willingly massages her feet.” 

Your common sense is still trying to send messages to your brain that no man should be a “pet” to a teenage girl who humiliates them under their feet.  But right now your brain isn’t listening and is only thinking about your own survival and the quickest way to happiness in this brand new Giantess World you now live in.

A single node of knowledge manages to slip into your brain and you say

  “Well I don’t have to willingly be her pet right away.  But I have to sleep somewhere tonight so I’ll try out being Bianca’s footslave for a little bit and then decide if I should escape again.  She’s not that smart, if I did it once I can do it again?” 

Jake Smith walks down the deserted hallway and takes one last look at his happy family enjoying their Christmas party without him.  You say sadly and defeated. 

  “Its almost as if they don’t appreciate me at all……at least Bianca does...…even if it is only because I worship her feet….…it still feels nice to be needed.”

Jake crawls underneath the Bianca’s bedroom door and climbs up her bed to where her socks are tied around her bed post.  He crawls down the sock and into the hole which he escaped from.  The strong stinky smell of his cousins feet greet him as he burrows back into his temporary sock home and he tries to patch up the hole he made so Bianca won’t notice and get angry. 

Jake lies down and takes a nice nap in his comfortable cotton hammock.  The next noise he would hear would be Bianca yelling and then being dumped onto her bed in front of the two large teenaged soles he seems committed to serving.


End Notes:
The next chapter continues with The Beginning of the Middle of the End at the Bottom of Bianca's Feet  and then a shocking conclusion awaits
Bianca Puts Her Slave To Work (16) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Bianca comes back to her room and wants to try out her Slave again. now that he's had a time out while she had fun at the party

December 24th 9:00pm 

Sleeping peacefully in Bianca's sock you dreamed of growing back to normal and playing Halo and Grand Theft Auto.

Yelling and inaudible words are heard in the background. A door slams. Before you knew it you were awoken with a start and the red and green Xmas sock was turned upside down and you were dumped in front of your cousin’s two immaculate large soles. She says something to herself and then yells loudly.

"Now Start Rubbing My Feet."

You know better than to refuse her after what happened last time when she stepped on you and crushed you with every part of her body, inside and out. Immediately you sprang up from her cushioned bed and ran to her heel and began to move your hands up and down and all around the curved edges of her foot.

Eventually you climbed up to the middle of her sole and then started massaging the ball of her foot. After 40 minutes you made it up to her big toe and she finally spoke to you after ignoring you this whole time.

"Make sure you massage each and every toe and I want special details given in between my big and second toe. Start at my pinky and then work your way up, Slave."

You shimmied your way over to her little toe and began massaging at the base of it. The closer you got to her big toe, the smellier her feet became and the more you had to struggle to avoid passing out while worshipping your Goddess.  Bianca laid there relaxing in the glory that she had been forcing a grown boy to rub her feet and do it like his life depended on it. (It probably did).

(Bianca's POV)

She reclined her head on her fluffy pillow, closed her eyes and smiled contently as the miniature man slaved away at pleasing his new Goddesses feet. She felt wonderful. Bianca had taken someone away from their normal life and was now forcing her tiny useless cousin to actually do something usefull with his life and work hard to please her.

"(Relaxed sigh) Ahhhhh, this is the life.)

She sipped on a glass of lemonade and watched her cousin try to move to her middle toe without falling off and having to climb up her foot again. She giggled occasionally as he looked so helpless but at the same time it just felt so right. Like that was where he belonged.

(Bianca's thoughts) 

""It’s almost as if this was his Destiny that he ended up shrunk and at my feet. I can’t think of anything else he could’ve done better with his life since he was always such a useless dolt. Look at him now trying to move to my second toe and hugging it like a pathetic bug of a man. He would’ve been going to college this year but instead he has the School of Feet to attend to. hahahaha. To think yesterday he was just a normal guy but now he’s at the mercy of a teenage girl who wants to do nothing but toy with him. I really should’ve done this sooner. I can’t believe he's working so hard right now I wonder if it’s because I said I would eat him if he failed to please me? Or maybe it was when I put him in my panties? Let’s find out.""

"Hey Jake, why are you working so hard? A few hours ago you didn’t seem too happy to be underneath my Beautiful Feet. Was it because I squished you between my Breasts?"

"I don’t want to get crushed at all. Every part of your body scares me and if massaging your feet is what I have to do to avoid punishment, then I’ll do it."

Bianca fakes sounding disappointed "Oh that's too bad. I thought you were putting the extra effort into it because you really loved my Pretty Feet. By the way which part of my body did you dislike the most?"

Jake shudders as he remembers the most horrid part of Bianca’s body.

"It had to be your butt. Not only did it hurt to be crushed but when you pressed me to your hole I couldn’t stand the smell or the feeling of touching it."

"That’s good to know. Now that I know you fear my derriere the most, I can stick you in my ass anytime you disobey me."

Jake curses himself for not saying her boobs or her belly button and asks "So...So you’re not going to eat me then?"

  "I never said that. There’s still a chance you could end up in the pit of my stomach or become a blood stain at the bottom of my foot, but it all depends if you want to be an Obedient pet or not. I'll let you decide that based on how well you show your love to me and my feet."

(Jakes POV)

Fearful of ending up in the different holes of Bianca's body you get to in-between her big and second toes and massage as hard as you can. Coming back to being her footslave might’ve been a bad idea. You completely forgot about the unique ways she had of terminating your status as her personal slave.

  "If I don’t try hard enough she'll get tired of me, but if I try too hard I won’t have any time for any other thoughts except how to please My Giant Teenaged Mistress. Either way it looks like I’m screwed. I should’ve escaped when I had the chance. Now I don’t know when shell let me out of her sight again, but even if I do manage to escape how will I get anyone’s attention? (Crazy thoughts start to come back) But I guess being Bianca's foot slave isn’t That bad..d I'll always have someone to take care of me and I’ll never go hungry with a giant girl providing me with large pieces of food. (You look up at Bianca with her head back and smiling face at your subservience.) Plus she's so pretty I’m such a lucky guy to have a cute cousin to enslave me and make me smell her feet, instead of some ugly girl kidnapping me instead. I should really start treating her like the beautiful Goddess that she is. Right now, at this size, without her I’m nothing, just another bug that will eventually be stepped on by Bianca or my Aunt. I should....I should.... arghhhh I should stop thinking such crazy thoughts. I don’t know what I’m going to do right now or what's going to happen tonight or tomorrow. All I can do is wait and see what Fate has in store for me."

Jake was really defeated, but he still had to massage her largest toe. Bianca was finished with her foot masseuse for the night and said 

  "Okay Jake I’m going to sleep now. You can spend the rest of the night in whichever part of my sock you like. I Dont Care."

The sky of her room was replaced by the cotton inside of her green, red and white Christmas sock and soon the toe section covered you and pressed you against her second and third toes. You tried to crawl in between them for warmth, but instead you slid down until you were just above her heel with your face pressed into the stinky flesh of her foot.

Bianca turned her foot on its side and went to sleep dreaming of the presents she would be getting tomorrow. While you were being forced to inhale the stinky aroma all around you and prayed that Bianca's feet didn’t sweat during the night.

End Notes:

Next up is Christmas morning under her feet and how she gets presents and Jake gets nothing.

Spending Christmas Morning With Bianca (17) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake spends his first night as Bianca's Footslave and wakes up Christmas morning to something that brings his spirits even further down then they already were before.


Christmas Night 11:37pm

You were Lucky (in a way). the thing you had been fearing the most was if Bianca’s feet would start to sweat horribly, but since it was December and it was so cold out, Bianca’s feet were only luke warm. There was only a slight amount of sweat perspiring through her skin and that was when you stayed in one place on her foot for more than an hour.

Not wanting to be drenched in your cousin’s foot sweat you had to move to another spot on her foot every hour. You barely slept at all and when the first drop of foot sweat dripped into your mouth you immediately moved to another section in her sock. This included her heel, arch, the ball of her foot, and each toe.

Christmas morning 8:00 am

Bianca had woken up after a pleasant night’s sleep. She was dressed in her white pajamas and she had morning hair and even though it was all over the place, it still looked cute on her.

  "MMMMMMMMYEAHHHH. That was a great night’s sleep. Hey? My right foot is a little warmer than my left? Jake should’ve only warmed up the spot he was under but…..did he....?"

Bianca leans forward and speaks into her right sock.

  "Jake. WAKE UP. I have a question to ask you."

Jake heard the booming voice of his giant cousins orders and began to squirm in her sock hoping to please her foot and avoid being stomped on.

  "I want to know if you moved all around my sock and used your body heat to warm up the bottom of my foot for me?"

  "Yeah I did, I moved all over your foot because it was Swea…" before Jake could finish his sentence Bianca squeals happily and says

  "OOOOOO that’s such a good trick Jakey and I dint even have to teach you it. You’re really going to be a Great Footslave. One day when I know you’re completely trained and wont escape I’ll loosen my socks up so you can move to my other foot and warm them during the cold harsh nights.

Bianca wiggles her toes in your face and squeezes you softly and affectionately without hurting you. For some reason you start to like this smooth, soft feeling of her toes massaging your face and begin to rub your face from side to side against the bottom of her toes.  Bianca feels your affectionnn and says

  "That’s right tiny, be a good little pet and rub your face against your master’s toes."

As soon as she said this you realized how humiliating it was to be doing this to the bottom of your teenage bratty cousin’s feet and stopped immediately. It’s almost as if you’re getting too used to your new life as your cousins slave, but you still want a chance to escape.

Bianca finished petting her toy and got up to get changed into a comfy pair of slippers. She took off her sock and dumped you out into a pair of furry white bunny slippers. You were sitting on the edge of the heel and looked up at your titanic cousin as she stood there like a god who had just gotten out of bed.

  "Since you were such a good foot slave last night I’ve decided to let you stay outside my sock while I open up my presents and eat breakfast. But if you disobey me or try to escape you’ll go right back inside them while I do a few hundred jump rope exercises. Now climb into my morning shoes, I want you to be at the top of the ball of my foot."

If you didn’t move now, you would be positioned under the full weight of her heel. you scrambled inside her slip on bunny slipper when you saw her bare foot rise above and begin to descend into its shoe home.

Bianca combed her hair and then walked into the living room where the large decorated Christmas tree stood with a mountain of presents under its branches. Trixie had already awoken and opened up some of her Christmas presents without anyone’s permission. Bianca noticed that Trixie was still wearing the same socks when she got here and thought about Trixie using Jake as a foot toy. Having your own little sister use you as an insole would be even more humiliating than a younger cousin, but Bianca wanted to use him for herself until her pet was properly trained. Trixie jumped in glee over her new cell phone. After a while everyone woke up and joined the two youngest family members to open presents. (Actually there were three people in the room).

From inside your white slipper prison you can hear everyone talking in joyous, happy voices about the presents they got. You sulked, crushed under Bianca’s foot as the only present you received was smelling a giant smelly foot and being made into a bratty girl’s servant for the rest of your life. But a glimmer of hope lights in your chest when you hear these next muffled words.

Karen, Jakes mother says "Hey, has anyone seen Jake? I just went and unlocked his room and there was no one in there. He’s got a bunch of presents here; you’d think he’d want to open them?"

Bianca’s mother Michelle says "No I havent seen him since yesterday when you grounded him Karen."

Melanie opens up an expensive bottle of perfume and says "The little crybaby probably ran away after you grounded him, but don’t worry Auntie Karen, if there's presents involved I’m sure he’ll be back to claim them later on."

Jake cried a little as he realized there was no way he was going to be getting those presents unless they discovered he was being used as an insole by his cruel, but beautiful teenaged cousins foot.

Bianca says "If Jake doesn’t show up can I have his presents."

Trixie shouts "No, I want ‘em"

Jennifer says "Girls calm down; I don’t think that Jake is going to not come back and get his own holiday gifts. Who would be Crazy enough to do that?"

The exchange of presents went on for a while and you couldnt stop crying for some reason no matter how hard you tried to fight it. you wouldve done anything to get out of her shoe and be opening up presents like everyone else.

Eventually every present was unwrapped (except yours) and every person had a smile on their face. even grumpy old Uncle Mike who got a portable, self cooling keg from his wife. your dad got an ear and nose trimmer, your mother recieved a new pair of earrings and matching necklace.  Aunt Michelle got a new pair of designer sandals and a new blouse. Jennifer got a new sturdy bra to contain her massive breasts and Samantha got a white winter jacket with matching leggings and boots.  Melanie got many unique bottles of perfume, nail polish and lipstick. Since Trixie was the youngest she got tons of new clothes, toys and candy but your mom quickly took the candy away to help save her daughters teeth from another trip to the dentist.

Bianca got the most expensive of gifts including a new MP3 player, an Iphone, new clothes, shirts, pants, socks and underwear. but her favorite gifts were the new pairs of shoes she got. she looked inside the insoles of her sneakers, flip flops, ballet flats and clogs and pictured Jake there squirming to get free but eventually accepting his fate and lying there waiting for her foot to come down on him.

  "I have so many shoes I want to try Jake in. I cant wait til everyone leaves then i can have some alone time with him. I wonder if my feet will still fit in my shoes from when i was only a preteen? it would be a tight fit, but I cant wait to see the expression on Jake's face when he sees he has to go inside my old shoes from when I was a kid hahaha."

Aunt Michelle says to everyone "Okay everybody lets get into the kitchen and I'll make everyone something tasty to eat."

From outside your shoe prison you heard the sound of 8 pairs of feet trampling far away and then felt Bianca get up off the floor and take her first step into the dining room. because she was wearing soft slippers you could feel the hard tile of the dining room floor and preffered the softer feeling of the living rooms carpet when Bianca stepped on you. but this is just another thing you will have to get used to as the foot slave to Bianca the teen giantess who owned your life.

End Notes:

As if things couldnt get any worse.

Eating Christmas Lunch with your Family.....Or WIll They Eat You? (18) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake manages to sneak away from Bianca once again, but this time he may be in over his head as he tries to get his unaware family's attention and avoid being made part of their Christmas Meal.


Christmas Morning 11:37 am

 Bianca sat down at the table and began to eat her pancakes and syrup. None of your family members knew that you were trapped in your cousins slipper while they ate a scrumptious brunch. Bianca realized she would have to feed you eventually, so she ripped off a piece of her short stack and slipped it into the side of her slipper while no one was watching.

She noticed you didnt move toward the food from under the sole of her foot. Bianca realized you probably couldnt smell the delicious scent of the hot and tasty pancakes while being overwhelmed from sniffing the strong scent from her feet, so she took off her slipper and put her foot over the foothole so you couldnt escape, but could still eat your breakfast in peace.

As soon as you felt the weight of Bianca's foot lift off your body Most of the funky feet smell disappeared and instead was replaced with the warm, delicious aroma of freshly made pancakes. as soon as you saw it you ran across the insole toward the heel section and began to dig in to the collosal piece of pancake that was bigger than your head.

You hadnt eaten anything since you became youre cousins foot toy and ate faster than you ever ate before. after you devoured your meal you looked up to the ceiling of biancas sole covering your exit, but a small bit of light seeped through. The young giantesses foot had not completely sealed you in and without even thinking of the ramifications of escaping youre new owner, you jumped up and slid through where the side of her socked foot did not cover.

Now that everyone was eating at the table they were sure to look down and see you if you were standing right in front of their food. you ran across the cold kitchen floor to the wooden table leg and began to climb up. It was a very tough climb and you almost gave up twice, but were determined to be found this time and ignored the disturbed crazy thoughts that said

"Why dont you just give up and go back to Bianca's feet? They dont smell that bad. she can take care of you forever if you would only obey her like the shrunken slave she made you to be."

When you got to the top of the table you saw 2 giants and 7 Giantesses shovelling massive amounts of food into their faces. you watched as the Christmas ham that entered your moms mouth was chewed and masticated into small bits that disapeared in a lump down her throat until it reached the pit of her stomach where it would be transformed into something completely unrecognizeable as it made its way, thorough her intestines and out of the rear end of her body. A fate that almost happened to you if your older sister Jennifer had'nt accidentaly rescued you from becoming your little sisters snack. you made sure to stay far away from Trixie in case she tried to eat you again.

You tried to get your mothers attention, but she wasnt paying any attention except to what was on her plate. you could climb on her plate, but it seems pretty obvious that she would scoop you up and eat you with the rest of her mashed potatoes.  youre not sure if you want to be that close to the food that the Giant Women are eating??

"Hey, Ma look down here! Bianca shrunk me, I need some help right away before she finds me again."

Tired of jumping up and down, you sat down for a minute and thought of who to go to next. Your Father and Uncle Mike were at the opposite side of the table, so they were too far to go to. Bianca and Trixie were sitting next to each other and those are the last two girls you want to be near, whether aware or unaware of your presence.  Your mom was unknowingly ignoring you, so that left either Aunt Michelle and Cousin Mel to the left near the fruit and vegetables or your two other sisters Samantha and Jennifer to the right next to the stuffing and buttered bread.

Sam and Jen seemed to be eating slower than the other two mature women so you walked over in between their two plates, narrowly missing being hit by a salt shaker that was passed over your head from your mother Karen to your Dad Trevor. not knowing which girl to pick first, Jake decided to go for both of the giant girls attention.

"Sammy, Jenny, look down here, its your brother. I need help and fast because If Bianca finds out I escaped her she's going to do horrible things to me........(they continue eating)... Cmon look down here, stop shoveling your pieholes full of sausage and help me. you two are always complaining about being fat but you cant put down the fork for two seconds? God!"

Tired of talking to himself, Jake looks around at his other nearby family members for help when he hears his sisters talking behind him.

"So where do you think Jake went Jenny?"

"I dont know? Melanie's probably right.  He's always ran away in the past before like a little crybaby, but I dont think he went that far." (If they only knew)

"Yeah, but dont you think thats kinda messed up. Whenever I get punished I always have to stay in my room the whole time. how come Jake gets to run away whenever he wants and go have fun when he should be grounded. I think he should get some Extra Punishment when he gets back.  Something unique that he's never gotten before."

"Yeah Sam, that does seem a little unfair. But I'm sure Mom and Aunt Michelle will think of something fitting."

Not wanting to be near your sisters while their plotting unique punishments for you, you back up and fall down and hit your head on something hard.

Before you can get a chance to free yourself you hear Bianca say

"Auntie Karen, can you please pass the spoon for the bowl of Sweet Potato's?"

"Sure honey, here you go, eat up."

Your head was spinning and you had the weird sensation you were being lifted in the air.  Thats when you noticed five giant fingers wrapped around a silver spoon that you were on and one of those well manicured fingers had your moms wedding ring on it. Before you could scream for help, the spoon tipped over as Karen handed it to her niece and you fell into a bowl of mushy orange goop.  As soon as you realized what you were in you saw Bianca's torso out of the top of the bowl with her spoon in her outstretched hand to put some delicious sweet potatoes on her plate with a side of tiny boy.

Jake quickly swam to the side of the bowl and missed Bianca's two scoops of Sweet potatoes minus a shrunken teenager. As soon as Bianca had filled her plate with yams, 6 other female voices erupted in envious excitement at the sight of the holiday delicacy.

"OOO you made Yams I love yams."

"Bianca pass back that Spoon, I could use a little bit of vegetables in my tummy."

"I want some first, Gimmee the spoon, and gimmee some brown sugar."

"Wait your turn, I want to taste to some of these yams first, they smell heavenly."

"Wow! I cant Believe Everyone likes the sweet potato's I made so much. Everybody dig in and eat as much as you can."

"You shouldnt be surprised Aunty, youve been makin' the best Sweet potata's for as long as I can remember."

Bianca's hand withdraws from the bowl and is replaced by Six of your relatives Giant faces all with their own spoons and open drooling mouth's. the scary thing is by the look of hunger that they have, you could be on any one of those salivating tongues, if you dont find away to avoid being part of your family's Christmas Dinner.

 Samantha was the first to dig in and you just barely missed being scooped onto her plate. At the same, your mothers spoon dug into the sweet pototoes far away from you, but while being distracted by how far away your moms spoon was, you did'nt notice Trixie's smaller spoon dig in right underneath you and scoop you up out of the bowl.

You saw the innocent, yet devious look in your little sisters eyes and quickly rolled off the spoon. But luck was'nt on your side and you just happened to land on Samantha's retreating spoon coming out of the bowl.  Sheer instinct on the basics of not being eaten caused you to roll again and you fell back inside the sweet potaoto bowl. however you noticed half the yams had disapeared already and this meant less time to hide.

Before you knew it you saw Jennifer's grinning, stuffed face and her spoon had dumped a little bit of sweet potato on you causing you to be trapped under the thick substance as she brought you up to her face to be devoured.

About to accept the fact that you were about to be swallowed by your oldest sister, you didnt notice her elbow bump into your moms arm and cause you and the lump of orangish potatos to fall back in the bowl. thankful that you avoided being eaten for the umpteenth time, you looked to the right and saw Michelles large serving spoon heading your way. you dodged to the right and it zoomed right by you.

The surface of the bowl was a lot more dangerous than you thought so you quickly swam through the thick orange gunk to the bottom of the bowl. it was so thick that you made a little pocket of air that you continued to breathe through while laying on your stomach.   if you hadnt been camouflaged in the mashed orange vegetable covering your body, you might have been seen.

It was scary. Even though you were at the bottom where you thought you couldnt be reached, the sounds of the metallic spoons scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl meant that they were getting close. Really Close. Pretty soon if you stayed where you were now, shivering and shaking like a coward, the only place you would be going would be the bottom of one of your relatives stomachs.

Soon enough, lacking the courage needed to be found. the sweet potatoes moved around you ominously and Jake soon found himself being lifted out of the bowl by none other than his Cousin Mel.  She smiled pleasantly at the sight of the last bit of yams that was now on her spoon and looked down into the empty bowl with a greedy craving for more. Because of your gutless cowardice, you couldve ran out into the open bowl and they were sure to have seen you then.  But now it looks like the only place your going is inside the mouth of the buxom redhead who's about to eat you.

Melanie brought the spoon to her lips and parted them showing you the first step of your digestion.  You noticed the saliva dripping all over, the back of her throat where her uvula was hanging and how shiny and white her teeth were.  There was even a Golden molar in the side of her mouth near her left cheek. now you were partly inside your older cousins cavernous mouth, but a voice of hope sounded behind you.

"All the sweet potatoes are gone? Melanie could you be a dear and let your aunt have the last spoonful there.  I see you still have a little on your plate."

Melanies humid, sweet southern breath washed over your body and you watched as her tongue and lips form the words she was about to say.

"Sure Aunty Michelle. I still got some left on my plate, so why dont you enjoy this last spoonful. By the way Trixie's looking at it I think you should gobble this up pretty darn fast."

"Thanks Mel, and Trixie dont worry we still havent had dessert yet.  Save some room in your belly for my famous apple pie."

"Dessert oh Yeah, I cant wait!"

Melanie handed the spoonful of delicious enriched sweet potatoes to your aunt and now the only thing thats changed is your going to be eaten alive by a busty brunette instead of a robust redhead.

Michelle dumps you and the spoonful of potatos onto her plate and goes back to eating her honeydew and watermelon. you cant move from the thick compacted substance but you have a hand out and wonder if you should grab onto the spoon your cousin is about to take back. Either option still leaves you at the mercy of a Giant hungry woman So why even think about it. you decide to stay with the woman you have the best chance at surviving with. Even if those chances are slim to none and the alternative ends you up as part of their nutritious, but unknowingly cannibalistic meal.

End Notes:

Things dont look good for Jake, how will he get out of this one? 

This was originally supposed to be two chapters but i decided to make it a Mega Double Chapter

Bonus Quiz.  Can you tell me what girl says what, when they all talk at once?  (the six speech lines in a row.)

Michelle Discovers Something Tasty (19) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake is unluckily enough to find himself on the plate of one of his Relatives Trapped in her Food.   I think you can guess what happens next.  but you might not guess what happens after that!

Christmas. 12:00 pm. High Noon. 

Michelle took the last bite of her turkey leg and had finished with everything she had on her plate except for her sweet potatoes which she saved especially for last.  If she only knew her little nephew was fighting for his life to get out of the orange sludgef and failing to even move an inch.  (From his Perspective.) 

You had decided not to grab onto Mel's spoon and it was good that you didn’t because as soon as she took it away she licked the spoon clean and there wasn’t a spot left that escaped her eager tongue.  If you had grabbed onto the spoon you would be dissolving in her tummy right now as she ran her slender hand across her midriff and rubbed her belly soothingly, recapping the most savory parts of her meal.  (Which was about to be you.)

Even though you had a little more time to escape while Aunt Michelle ate the rest of her food you didn’t manage to get far and by the way the Mature Mother of one, was looking at you now there seemed to be no way to escape becoming your aunts favorite part of her meal.  Michelle dug her spoon into the fiery orange delicacy and brought it and her shrunken nephew up to her nose.  She breathed in the wonderful aroma emanating from in front of her and almost sucked you up her nostril.

You stayed thickly glued to the sweet potata's and looked up into her large nostrils and saw thin nose hairs with a few boogers attached to them. Michelle brought the spoon down to her dark red lips and parted them revealing more than 25 white teeth.  Every incisor looked like it could cut you to shreds and each molar looked like it was capable of grinding your bones into dust.  No matter how near invincible Bianca said she made you, you had a feeling you couldn’t escape this painful fate. 

The two rows of pearly white teeth separated to reveal a large monstrous Pink organ.  her tongue was even larger than Melanie’s and you noticed the different kinds of food stuck on top of your aunts teeth from her Christmas dinner and a small silver filling in the very back of her last tooth.  The tongue salivated heavily waiting for its last morsel to enter the moist, cavernous mouth and taste its unfortunate victim before being sent down the esophagus to be broken down to smaller parts fit for the small intestine to absorb. 

You saw almost every taste bud and when you got to the back of the tongue you saw the large gaping hole of Michelle’s throat waiting to swallow you while her uvula casually bounced on top.  While staring so intently at the horrifying entrance to her stomach, you could’ve sworn that the hole was getting Larger.  That’s because you didn’t even realize Michelle insert the spoon all the way into her mouth right above her tongue.  Before you even have time to scream and panic, Michelle’s lips close down on the thin silver handle and drag the spoon out of her mouth leaving Nothing left on the spoon except for small strands of saliva. 

You were now being tasted by your Giant Unaware Aunt and were being licked several times by her colosssal pink organ.  Lick after Lick after Lick, Michelle could not get enough of how tasty you were and could not bring herself to swallow right away.  Each time you were mashed against a different part of her mouth including the backside of her front teeth and back molars, the insides of her cheeks, underneath her tongue, and the insides of her pursed lips and even in-between them.  This went on for a while and she licked you both front and back. 

One part in particular was pretty embarrassing.  While rubbing you against the roof of her mouth, the tip of her tongue found your member and inadvertently started to rub it the right way.  With no way to hold yourself back you started to get a hard on while Michelle accidentally gave you a giant blow job.

But a release was not meant for you.  Not in the way that you hoped. 

The only release that would happen was when the massive build up of spit was to be drained down her throat and released into her belly.  Soon enough Michelle got bored of her tiny taste toy and decided that it was time for it to be sent to where all other pieces of food go when they enter her mouth.  You knew you’re fate was sealed when she moved you to the back of her tongue but this time did not lick you at all.  You stared into the deep and dark hole that was your aunt’s esophagus and before you knew it you were thrown face first down into the tubular hole as Michelle made the simple act of swallowing. 

Down, down you went until the tube got tighter and you were squeezed all around by the tight mucousy internal organ.  Pretty soon you were squished and squeezed down to a tight hole that opened up and dropped you into a large moving oral cavity.  You had now entered your aunt’s stomach where you would be digested and turned into her shit like everything else that came into here.

"NO, NOOOO, this can’t be.  I don’t want it to end like this. Not in her end.  It smells horrible in here like all her food being mixed together and bubbling up all around me.  Please somebody hear me, HELLPP!  Aunt Michelle! MOM! God! Bianca!!!  I’ll do anything please God just let me survive this.  And not by being shitted out like any other log of poop, let them hear me.  I’ll do anything, I’ll be nicer to my little sister, I’ll listen to my Mom and Dad more often,  I'll even be Bianca's willing Footslave if I get out of this alive and do Everything she says.  Just please don’t let me die by digesting in my aunts stomach juices."

But God wasn’t listening and even though you tried to avoid the waves of stomach acid flooding from the ceiling, it all mixed around you and you started to feel an ominous wet, prickly, feeling lightly searing into your skin.  Above; the hole that opened before, flexed again and large amounts of chewed Apple Pie and Whipped Cream fell down on your head knocking Jake Smith unconscious to slowly dissolve in his favorite aunt’s shapely stomach.   

End Notes:

Is this the End for Jake????


Probably Not.

I originally planned to have him fall in her boobs but i like this idea better.  More breast action will come soon.
Jake Survives Being Digested by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake exits his aunts body, but not in the way you might have been thinking of. warning contains toilet material and crushing.

Christmas Day 12:19pm

Michelle had just completely filled her stomach with Honey Ham, Roast Turkey, Salad, Croutons, Ranch Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Lasagna, Jake, Stuffing, Roll's, Wine, Creamed Corn, Asparagus, Avocado Dip, Mixed Fruits, and Apple Pie with a cherry on top.

Her stomach was sticking out so much that it was starting to become noticeable in her tight Christmas sweater and even her overly large breasts weren’t doing a good job of hiding her bulging belly. Quickly excusing herself so one would notice how much she pigged out and silently accused her of getting fat, she snuck into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh, Michelle girl, look how much you’ve grown." she says to herself in the mirror, not at all admiring how much she let herself go and how much her tummy has expanded.

"This is going to be a Huge Deuce later; I better get out the extra air freshener can from the downstairs bathroom. I don’t think anyone will ....MPHGBLT...Wha...BLGTLGPHAARH."

Michelle’s monologue was suddenly cut short by the sudden gag reflex that was issuing from inside her neck. Retching and gagging she ran to the toilet and threw up the delicious dinner she worked so hard to make. It was a mix of many different colors and both thick and thin substances. As Michelle looked in disgust at her stomachs attempt to digest the massive amount of food, she didn’t even notice the outline of a teenage boy floating in the toilet water camouflaged by her upchucked dinner.

"Ugh, I thought I ate too much that’s too bad I really wish that could’ve stayed inside me. Oh well might as well drop some kids off at the pool while I’m here."

Jake had no idea what had just happened to him. The last thing he remembers is being Crushed by his aunt’s dessert and then being forced awake and being shot like a gun out of a narrow tube into a pool of water. Jake says Groggily

"Wha-what happened? Did I really survive? I can’t believe it but if I’m in the toilet than that means I had to have come out of her....oh no, that’s gross wait a second this smells like bile? Oh thank god she threw me up. I Avoided a Very Humiliating experience right there And I'm Alive but I don’t think I’ll have to make those promises I said inside her stomach. For a second there I thought she would crap me out, but I got Lucky. Wait, what did she just say about a "pool". "

Jake's question had been answered as soon as he looked up and the dark blue silk panties covering his Aunt Michelles rear end were lowered to reveal two white moons that lowered themselves onto the cushy seat.  Michelle let out a relaxed sigh. As soon as this happened the small, tight pink hole, situated in the center of her giant buttocks, began to flex and enlarge at an alarming rate. What was once a cute button had now become a Big brownish pink crevasse that had something dark brown and slimy peeking out of it. A turd many times the size of your body was ground hogging it out of your aunt’s bunghole and it was situated right over you.

"NO NOOOOOOO No, I thought I avoided this? Aunt Michelle please don’t release your bowels on me."

You swam with all your might but the thick and slimy brown monster slipped from her anus's grip and collided right on top of you. The force of the impact hurt, but you quickly swam to the surface and resided yourself not to become a part of a watery grave in your family's toilet. Another log of crap escaped her butthole, this one was even bigger than the last piece of poop and made a splash that sent you flying right up to your aunt’s asshole and you were stuck to her back door exit. Your aunt feels her anal intruder and says

"UGHH, What was that? Did some bug just try to crawl up my ass?"

She quickly tears off a sheet of toilet paper and wipes her ass with the TP, smearing you all over her shitty anus. After wiping so many times and rubbing you against her hot and sticky butthole, you had been wiped off of all the feces on your frontside, but now you were stuck to the sheet of toilet paper. Aunt Michelle is bringing it up to her face to see what caused the disturbance in her private hole, but she releases her grip just a little bit and you fall from the shitty paper onto the toilet seat.

"Huh? Guess it was nothing? But whatever that was it really annoyed me. I have to start spraying Extra pesticide for all these annoying bugs."

You were still a little traumatized from being rubbed against your aunt’s anus. It was much Bigger and so much more smellier than Bianca's nicer backdoor hole had been.  If you can call the anus of a teenage girl nice

While reminiscing about the different qualities of your younger cousins rear end and comparing similarities between both mother and daughter, you failed to notice Michelle’s wide left Asscheek redescending onto the soft and cushy toilet seat and buttcrushed you under her full weight.

Michelle went back to dropping off more kids at the "pool" while you had a giant fatty bum smushing you’re body, while she did her business. Even though you were completely covered by her buttcheek you could still smell the horrible, odorous stench coming from her backside and it intensified when she farted. After 15 minutes of completely emptying her bowels of gas and feces, Michelle gets up with you still flattened against the toilet seat and lowers the top toilet seat, trapping you underneath it until the next stall user had to relieve themselves.

She pulls up her pants, redoes her belt and covers her scrunched nose.

"Gross, I feel bad for anyone who has to smell that."

She leaves the room unknowingly entrapping her nephew, sealing his fate to be sat upon by the next occupant of her upstairs bathroom.

End Notes:
Jake finds himself sat on by another girl in the next chapter and then mysterioulsy finds himself back at Bianca's feet.   how does this happen?  find out in the next chapter!
Sat on by your Female Family Members and then Back to Bianca's Feet by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Did i say one girl?  I meant six.  

Jake finds himself at the mercy of being crushed by his whole family as they unknowingly lower their body parts on him.   soon enough, he finds himself back at Bianca's mercy.

Christmas Day 1:37 pm 

Time seemed to pass by for a long time before while you were plastered to a toilet seat. but before long the next user came in and sat on your face. you barely had time to look before you saw the ginger hair of your older cousin being replaced by her two white moons sitting on you and crushing you under her bum as she did her business. a series of farts and grunts could be heard and even though you were being crushed by a southern womans derriere you still were glad you werent in that toilet and or being used as toilet paper to clean her butthole.

After Melanie left, your mother Karen's fanny was next followed by your little sister Trixie who peed quick and then your older sister Jennifer came and lowered her thong. you watched as Jen spread her cheeks and the familiar sight of her anus came into view followed by her vagina. it was hard to believe that only yesterday you were struggling to avoid being halfway inserted into that very same asshole. After Jennifer sat on you, she lifted her tush off the seat and you almost got peeled off. probably because her sexy rump was so firm and well toned, you could stick easier to it than the previous fatty glutes.

All in all being sat on by your whole family was not one of the better parts of your Christmas Vacation.

The next person to come in was your sister Samantha. Luckily for you, she didn’t have to take a dump. .

"Aw man I drank way too much soda (hic) and now I got the (hic) Hic-Ups. Great. I'm having the worst time out of anyone here. (hic)"

Samantha didn’t even look down to see where she was sitting. If she did she would’ve noticed that she just crushed her little brother under her butt and was hurting him even more than his aunt had. This was because Samantha was younger and kept her rear end fit and in shape as opposed to the average housewife who occasionally lets herself go, so Aunt Michelle had just a little bit more fat to her meaty cheeks.

So far out of the 7 girls that you had been sat on, you preferred Bianca’s the most. she didn’t have a skinny, tight bottom like your sister did, but it was just round enough to give you a slightly pleasurable feeling when sat upon as a seat cushion. (But not by much.)

Sam pissed out her sugary drinks and got up off her butt and he watched her dab her pussy. she pulled up her pink panties and walked away, but this time the top seat was not left on top of Jake so he freed himself after a few minutes struggle of being glued there from the combined ass sweat from the previous women.

You jumped down off the toilet seat and landed on the frilly blue bathroom mat softly. Still shaken about what just happened you layed down and rested and thought about the horrible events that had just happened. All because you tried to escape again when you already convinced yourself you would stay with Bianca.

"I should’ve just stayed in her slipper like a good foot pet. Then I wouldn’t have had to been ingested by my aunt and relieved upon by her and my sister."

You were so tired and out of it, you didn’t hear someone else come in the Bathroom and place two white slippered feet on either side of you and sat down on the toilet. From the various assortment of pungent lavatory odors, you instantly distinguished the familiar smelly scent coming from her footwear,  and recognized the shape of her feet as she slipped them out of her shoes to get more comfortable while she did her business.

In a panicked voice you say "BIANCA! If she sees me out of her shoe I’m a dead man. Did she already notice I’m gone? Crap, I better get back in her shoe even if she did notice I escaped."

You jumped on the bouncy heel of her cushiony insole and bounced to the center of her slipper. From there you crawled on your hands and knees until you reached the deepest part where the tip of her big toe would rest. While trying to formulate an excuse just in case she did know you were gone, you watched from inside her slipper as her foot fidgeted and her toes squeezed the carpet. It was weird. While causally watching the outside world from inside your own cousin’s slipper, this all seemed normal like this happened Everyday and waiting for Bianca’s foot to come back in was a natural occurrence in your daily life.

Bianca pulled her pants and panties back up and slid her foot back into her shoe. She felt her second toe prod you in the ribs and turned her slipper over dumping you on the cold tiled floor.

"Hey Jake? How come I didn’t feel you underneath my sole? You know you were supposed to be my insole this morning and cushion my foot for me while I go about my day."

You had been thinking about this excuse for a few minutes and said "Ohhh…yeahhh, sorry about that Bianca.  After you fed me my meal, and put your foot back in your slipper, I got stuck on top of your Big toenail. And...uh...that’s why you couldn’t feel me because toenails don’t have uhhh…sensory nerves and stuff."

Bianca doesn’t even question your story but instead replies. "Sorry about that Jake. Don’t worry I’ll make sure to pay closer attention and feel which part of my foot you’re under from now on." OH! And that reminds me. I still have to teach you how to paint my nails tomorrow. But should I show you how to do it with a brush or your hands? I wonder if I can find a brush small enough? Or maybe I should dunk your whole body in the nail polish? Or maybe I could make something special for you or find a ……."

Bianca slid you back into her slipper not even bothering to finish her conversation with you. She ignored her tiny pet halfway through talking and then went back to thinking out loud about what ways she could use you to be her toe nail painter and other exciting jobs that would be fitting for a footslave who's sole purpose was to please the bottom of a teenage girl's foot.

End Notes:
Now that Jake's back where he belongs at his cousins feet will he continue to defy his master or will he accept his place in life at Bianca's feet?
Being a Proper Foot Slave by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Torn between escaping and obeying, Jake Smith massages his cousins feet only to be told she wants to try using him for something else.

Christmas Day 3:18PM 

Bianca exits the bathroom and tells the rest of her family she’s tired and she’s going to go lay down in her room.  Its not that she’s weary, its more the fact that she wants to lay down on her bed and relax while her slave massages her bare feet for her.    Bianca lays down on her bed and kicks her slippers off onto the floor.  she looks underneath her white socked foot and see's her tiny relative plastered to her sole.  She finds this very funny seeing her older cousin stuck to the bottom of the foot that he used to be bigger than.

"Haha, Jake, you cant spend all day smelling my socks?  I need you to do other stuff for me too."

Bianca waits for you to pull yourself off her sock but your glued tightly to the cotton fibers from her extra stomps in the hallway from the bathroom.  Bianca, sounding exasperated and annoyed that you cant do it yourself says

"Sigghhhhh, fine i'll do it.  But youre going to need to get stronger because I'm going to be walking on you everyday and Youre going to have to learn to peel yourself off."

the sound is similar to when you pull a sticker off an article of clothing and Bianca drops you in front of her socked feet.  she grabs both socks by the toe end and pulls them off at the same time, revealing the two large bare feet of the teenage giantess youre about to be worshipping.  as soon as she took her socks off you could smell the full power of her feet.  Her toes scrunch, curling her feet and then they wiggle in anticipation for the shrunken boy whos about to be massaging them.   The smell of her morning feet isnt as bad as when she wore those disgusting filthy xmas socks, but it still has a distinct natural fragrance to it.

"Okay Jake I'm going to be relaxing in my room for a little bit and let this meal digest.   I want you to rub my feet for me and massage every inch of my foot.  And i dont want you to stop once!  If i feel your little fingers stop touching my foot,  youre going to go back inside my christmas socks."

Not wanting to anger your giant teenage master, you immediately place your hands on her heel and begin to massage in circles around her foot flesh.  Bianca picks up a magazine, crosses her legs so her right foot is over her left foot and leans back against her headboard reading about the Jonas brothers while her slave aimed to please his Goddess as much as his tired little body could. 

While massaging your cousins foot like a good slave, all you can see are the smooth bare soles of her feet.  ....  you observe that they are a  little larger than the average high school girls feet, but you dont mind that much since all women's feet dwarf your body in comparison, no matter what size they are.  Even a baby's foot would be larger than you. 

In the darkness of her shoe or sock its hard to pay attention to small things, but you start to notice every little line going across and up and down Biancas foot.  Some are so small you dont even think you would notice it if you were normal sized and put your face right up to her sole to see better.   she feels your breath against her sole and says

"Hehe that tickles jake.  Keep your face close to my skin so i can feel your breath on my foot."

you think to yourself " Great. Now I have to smell Biancas feet even closer than i was before. Damn."

An hour goes by and you finish with her left foot so she uncrosses and recrosses her legs so her right foot is on the bed now and left is on top.  every once in a while, she looks down from her magazine and gives a little smile at you.  not from you doing a good job, but more the fact that she has a cute boy to rub her feet for her and he's obeying like a good dog. 

The sight of your cousin smiling should humiliate you, but instead it fills you with a feeling of hope.  because you'd much rather see a look of happiness on her face because as soon as she starts to look disappointed or angry you risk taking a one way trip up her butt.  the loathsome smell of her feet is nothing compared to the digested remains of her previous meals in her rectum. 

As you crawl up to the top of her toes you begin to wonder if she will continue to be nice to you if you act like an obedient slave and keep on worshiping her feet for her?  you've already established that gaining the attention of a house filled with giant women is dang near impossible and if you try again you fear that this time you might end up as a snack or toilet paper to your mom or sisters.  youre not sure how much time has passed when you finished rubbing your giant cousins feet but by now she's moved onto a different magazine with Lady GaGa on the cover.  Bianca looks down and says

"Good job Jak or whatever your name was.  Since youve pleasured my feet well, ive got a little present for you.  I was going to give you crackers for lunch but I think you'll like this tasty delicatessen instead." 

Bianca puts rubs some orange stuff on her finger and brings it to you.  It was Sweet Potato's of all things (how ironic).

you stare at the orange mush on her pointer finger and the memories you spent with her mother come racing back to you.  Bianca annoyed that your standing there without moving, brings her bare foot on top of you and squishes you inbetween her toes.

"hey, dont you have any respect for your owner.  I go out of my way to sneak this from the dinner table and all you do is stand there and stare like a moron.  Shouldnt you be thanking your master?"

you struggle to respond through her moving digits and say "I'm sorry goddess Bianca mpf.  I'm very grateful for the food you've offered me and you are a great mistress."

"Hmpf, thats better.  Now go ahead and lick the food off my finger like a good pet.  you're not a human anymore so I dont see why you should use a fork and knife like a real person."

she lifts her enormous foot off of you and you run to her finger and start licking.  not only because she said to, but because youre starving and have'nt eaten anything since last night.  not a speck of orange is left behind after you licked her whole finger print, on top of her manicured fingernail and even underneath it.

"Thats a good boy.  now that youve massaged my feet I wonder what I can do with you now?"

Jake could only stare up at the pretty face of his mistress and wondered what horrid things a teenage girl would make her tiny, pint sized slave do now?

End Notes:

What happens next? Torture, Games, An Escape or a Surprising Plot Twist.  Maybe all of the above?

Back Underneath Bianca's Butt by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Bianca crushes him underneath her and wishes she could have had jake shrunken while she was younger

Christmas Day 6:29pm

Jake could already tell being Biancas slave would not be easy. But what else was there to do? Unless someone invented a huge microphone you could use to call out for help there was no way to be found unless someone was looking for a tiny one inch tall teenager scurrying on the floor. How often does anybody actually search for shrunken kids below them? No there was no escaping this giant girl (not yet anyway) and by the look on her face you could tell she wanted you to do something even more humiliating then massaging her feet.

"So Jake, I've been thinking........ you've been doing a good job of serving my feet but i still sense a little bit of resistance in you and I don't like that.  I'm glad you're starting to like my feet but you should be loving them.  So as punishment for not completely loving the ground that youre goddess walks on I want you to kiss me."

You thought that Bianca was going to conjure up some horrible and humiliating torture to put you through but instead she is actually going to reward you to try to get you to love her more. you have to admit shes Very pretty and you would'nt mind kissing her on the lips because its better than getting a mouthful of her footsweat.

"OK Bianca sure i'll kiss you."

You pucker your lips and lean youre neck forward, but Bianca looks at you surprised and bursts into laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHAHa lmao. Did you really think I would let you kiss me on the lips without you doing anything for me first? You're so stupid Jake.  I wasnt going to let you kiss me on the face as a punishment, thats more of a reward and you'll have to do A lot to receive that honor. I'm going to make you kiss my ass today."

The color drains from your face as you realize that Bianca isnt joking and is taking off her stylish belt and wiggling out of her skinny jeans. you see the top of her buttcrack from the waistband of her pink panties and more of her coin slot is being revealed by the second.

"Wait Bianca Please dont make me kiss your ass. I promise I'll love your feet more.  Any part of your body just not inside your backside!"

No Backtalk Jake or i'll shove you inside my rear end!  You should be lucky and thankful to your owner for letting you kiss her glorious asscheeks and having you spend the day with her bum.  Besides..... I feel like wearing flip flops around the house today and i'd rather have you under my ass as a cushion than having to worry about your mom and dad looking under my feet and seeing their son trapped between their nieces toes.  That would be pretty hard to explain and would ruin my plan to keep you as my foot slave for the rest of your life."

"But, but, but...."

"Exactly!  Butt. Butt, Butt! Now not another word from you or my anus gets a new chew toy."

You had no choice but to obey your teenage mistress. you had been trying to enjoy her feet, but shes been making this very hard for you and you're tempted to try to escape again before your family leaves when the holidays are over.  Because as soon as they leave they wont be back for another year and you might as well seal your fate as Biancas teenage boy-toy.

She lowered her jeans and underwear just below her butt and lets you view her mighty booty in all its glory. Bianca had an amazing perfect big butt for her age and it was just big enough not to be considered ghetto and small enough to still be considered variably cute.  You would like to enjoy this more but the twin moons in front of you would soon have your lips on them and you would have the degrading task of kissing Biancas ass all day long or as long as she wanted you to.

She waves her fanny and brings you straight to her right asscheek and said "Well what are you waiting for?  Start smooching. and if I dont feel you smacking those lips on my booty I'm going bring you closer and closer to my asscrack each time you dont please me.  You've already met my asshole once before I dont think you want a closer look at how large my butthole has grown after I've used the toilet."

This was it. another notch to put on the belt of humiliation caused by your cousin Bianca and you knew there would be many more of those notches to add not only from her feet but possibly many more body parts of hers.  You leaned forward, closed your eyes and then planted your lips on the smooth silky skin on the derriere of a hot brunette.  It wasnt as bad as you thought but Bianca still wanted more and you would be doing this for a long time. but at least you werent covered in the sweat of her feet anymore.  For now anyway.

"Good job Jake, that felt nice.  Now i want you to kiss my ass at least once a minute but feel free to make out and kiss even more than that if you'd like. I'm going to go lay on the couch and look at photo albums of us when we were kids and think of the fond memories of how i wished i could have you under my foot ever since i was 7. If only i had gotten my wish then you wouldve been a kids toy and i would've had a perfectly trained servant by now. but better late than never i guess. If only i had a time machine."

You shudder at the thought of becoming her footslave when she was that young and images of watching her feet grow in front of you from 8,9,10,11,12....etc flow through your head and terrorize you with thoughts of seeing nothing but her smelly feet for around a decade as she wears you as an insole everyday and plays cruel feet games with you. your daydream/nightmare is interrupted as Bianca begins to raise her underpants and squish you against her soft and supple buns. she wiggles back into her tight blue jeans and you are firmly pressed against her glutes, but it doesnt hurt.  In fact it feels pretty nice being so warm and comfy. However, your pleasure is interrupted as bianca uses her finger to drive you closer inside her butt cleavage.

"HEY! werent you paying attention? I said you had to kiss my ass Every Damn Minute and its already been 63 seconds since I last felt your mouth on my hindquarters.  Start smooching or you'll be going where the sun dont shine."

You enthusiastically kissed her ass many times in apology so she moved you out of her asscrack and back on her buttocks. she walked out of her room and joined the rest of the happy family watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and playing Yahtzee. The spoiled teenage brat lied down on the sofa and began to read a Forever 21 catalog as her little cousin Trixie begged her to play with her. All the while you would plant a kiss on the ass of a princess as she laid back and enjoyed her little slave smooching away his dignity.

End Notes:

With Bianca enjoying having her cousin under her butt, she still has many more body parts to experiment with him, but her feet will Always be her favorite.

Christmas Ends with her Ass and Feet by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Christmas day ends right where it began with you at Bianca's feet.  You are also given new duties to serve her.

Christmas Day 6:50PM

The night went on and Jake's Family enjoyed a delightful Christmas dinner while he was in the back of Bianca's Panties kissing her ass. While Jake was "kissing up" to her booty Bianca layed on the couch and read a new Victoria's Secret Lingerie catalog, sat down on a hard wooden chair, sat down with her legs crossed on the floor and then played some game with Trixie, Jennifer and Samantha where she jumped around a lot. you didnt know what she was playing because you were trapped in her underwear, but every time she would jump up, you would be shifted around to another part of her rear end. sometimes under her asscheek, sometimes on top of her bumcheek, and sometimes in between her asscrack. that was the least fun for you but Bianca had a Blast!

After Christmas Dinner Bianca ate so much food, that her stomach was filled up to her esophagus and she had to make room in her intestines. she felt a rumble in her tummy and thought to herself.

"Sorry Jake, but this is the kinda stuff you're going to have to get used to if you're going to be my Perfect Shrunken Slave."

Pft, poot

Bianca unclenched her anus the smallest amount possible and released the build up of gas that was growing in her bowels.  No one else heard what escaped from Bianca's large intestine but you were the unlucky soul who had a front row seat to a teenage girl farting on you.

"Awww Gross.  I cant believe she farted on me."

While you were distracted with the smell Bianca noticed her lackey miss a kiss on the minute and slammed her butt down in her seat to get her cousins attention back to her beautiful ass.

"OW! jeez Bianca, give me a break after the noxious wind you released on me."

After about ten minutes (10 kisses) the smell went away and the scent of Biancas perfume on her skin came back and it was easier to smack your lips on her cheeks again.  It was getting very trivial and annoying but you did it so Bianca would stop buttcrushing you and avoid the night of being Anal vored by her.

The next few hours went by pretty slowly with you counting the seconds until you had to kiss her ass again. However for Bianca it went by pretty fast and she wished you could crawl all over her panties and kiss her all over her booty.  Towards the end of the night you forgot about kissing Bianca's glutes for only a second and in retaliation, she slammed her butt down on the hard wooden chair and you were squished and compressed into her buttcheeks.

Christmas Night 11:45 pm

The night went on and pretty soon everyone was becoming tired and sleepy. Aunt Michelle let out a long yawn and said

"Okay everybody its time to hit the hay.  You can finish whatever youre doing tommorow but right now everyone needs a good rest."

Bianca went back to her room dressed in her cute pajamas and then took you out of her ass and dropped you on her bed.

"Ya know, I should Punish you more for those two instances where you forgot to kiss my butt, but I'm feeling generous today and it is your first week as my footslave so I'll go easy on you since my butt isnt the main area you'll be worshipping.  But that doesnt mean you wont get to experience other places on my body (giggles seductively).  it all depends on how well you perform as my slave and how much enjoyment I get out of what you do for me."

The more duties Bianca gave you as her servant, the more you regretted coming back to her and serving her like a goddess.  but it was too late now, so you better make the best of it and not let the things she says bother you. 

"Okay Jake. I want this to be fun for you so why dont you pick the pair of socks you'll be sleeping in.  Think of it as picking a sleeping bag for a camping trip.  Except you have to bunk with my barefoot."

Bianca showed you different colors of pairs of red, grey, black, white, rainbow, black and pink, blue and pink and one worn out pair that was white with blue stars and moons, purple flying birds and orange fireworks. that pair had a few holes in it and it looked like Bianca had worn them for a few years.

"Uhhhhhhh, I'll pick the gray ones."

"Grey?  Thats a boring color. Maybe i should pick these myself from now on?  You shoulda picked the blue, purple and orange ones theyre my favorite.  Start taking notes Jake, youre going to have to know a lot of minor details about my feet, so I would start now if I were you.  It might seem trivial to the average person but this is your job now and i expect you to know where every line on my foot is by the end of the month and where exactly i liked to be massaged the most."

You took a mental note of what she said but that was the whole reason why you didnt pick them in the first place.  Because you had a feeling even though they were washed you would still be able to smell some funkiness from them from years of being worn in all her footwear she owned.

"Now Jake.  I want you to give each of my toes a kiss before I go to sleep.  I want you to do this every day and night from now on and if you forget I'll squeeze you under each toe you forgot to press your lips against.  This is a new task you will have to learn and I still have many more tricks to teach you."

Bianca spoke to you like you were a pet dog or something but you did go and kiss each toe so you cant argue much there.  If you were really going to be Bianca's obedient footslave you had to try your hardest to like her feet so you dont go crazy by being owned by a spoiled teenage brat (albeit a hot one) who got whatever she wanted.

The joy of having a small teenager to do with whatever she wanted hadnt left Bianca yet. looking through the spaces in her toes, you could tell by the look on her face, just like a little girl who got everything she wanted from Santa.  Bianca unraveled a pair of grey socks from her dresser and then dropped you inside them. the familar sight of her massive toes creeping in still scared you, but you were getting used to it and it wasn't as bad as when she first wore you in her old dirty green and red xmas socks that smelt so bad you didnt know it was humanly possible for girls feet to stink like that. 

Bianca went to sleep with a live human trapped in her sock and to her this was the best Christmas ever.  However for you being forced to explore a teenage girls body as well as the rest of your family's bodies, being eaten alive, puked up and shat on, dodging about 10 womens shoes to avoid being crushed and given horrible torture from your younger cousin's feet and butt for 2 days straight. I think it's safe to say That this is easily the worst christmas you ever had and hopefully the worst you will ever have.

End Notes:

The Worst Christmas Jake could ever have??? I dont know about that? Theres always next christmas???

Learning to be Bianca's Insole by Mr E
Author's Notes:

spending the entire day under her feet and she wont even talk to you.  I tried to add a little more unaware parts to this chapter.

December 26th 9:14 AM

In the middle of the night Bianca rolled over and slept on her stomach so you climbed up her sole and rested your head on her heel as a makeshift firm pillow.  You were so tired that you didnt wake up once during the night, that is until your master woke up and swung her feet off the bed into a pair of fuzzy light blue slippers.

Jake hadnt moved from his heel bed and didnt get a chance to move up her arch. that meant with every step Bianca took to go get breakfast, you were being crushed underneath the full weight of your mistress and she didnt even give your pain one single thought.  The only thing she thought of was if she should have bacon or sausage with her eggs and how good you felt being squished underneath her.  But there wasnt much you could complain about.  Sometimes things like that just happen in the Life of a Footslave.

December 26th 10:00AM

After Bianca ate breakfast she went back to her room kicked off her morning slippers and then inserted her socked feet (with you still stuck inside them) into a pair of sketchers flat sneakers and then proceeded into the living room without a single word to you.  She jumped onto a comfy recliner with her legs hanging over the arm rest and this gave you the chance to escape from being squashed under her heel and you climbed up her arch to the center part of her foot that applies the least pressure when being walked on.  She did this for a few hours and you were getting pretty bored until she sat closer to the tv.  Seeing the screen was out of the question, but now you could hear what she was watching.  Right now it was a Video Countdown on MTV and The Jersey Shore was coming up next. After Snooki got punched, the episode ended and Bianca's mom asked her if she wanted to go to the mall for some after christmas bargains...

"Hey Bianca, are you ready to grab some more new clothes?  We're all going to be leaving soon."

"Yeah Ma. I'll go get ready"

December 26 3:33 PM

Bianca went back to her room and then took off her socks, but left you inside and tied the sock up and shoved it into her sneaker so you couldnt escape and no one would find you. 

30 minutes later: Bianca had gotten back from her shower and dumped you into the palm of her hand.  She smelled nice and her hair was damp and it was a very pretty look for her.  You thought she was going to say something to you but instead she dropped you into her black boot and you yelled up to her

"Bianca wait! why arent you talking to me?" 

Looking up at her giant pretty face from the view in her knee high boots was weird. It was like looking up through a dark, black, vertical tunnel. she said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this morning.  I thought it would be better if you had no company except my foot today, so you would get used to the life of being my footslave.  You're still not the Perfect Pet, so it's good that you get used to being with my foot 24/7 without me having to tell you what to do and this way you could get used to the smell of both my feet and each aroma all of my shoes have to offer you.  So not another peep out of you or you'll spend all of tomorrow too as my little lonely insole."


you didnt have much time to respond anyway as Bianca pulled her face from the opening of the boot and was replaced by her magenta socked left foot.  Her toes hit you on the sole of her boot and slid you on the smooth insole until you reached the toe section where her big and second toe held you in place your New place in life as Biancas insole.

December26th 4:29pm 

She was at the mall for hours Shopping with her mom and your sisters. From outside your leathery prison, you could hear the shoppers walking by and talking to each other and the cheesy Christmas and New Years Eve music the mall played on the loudspeakers.  You wished you could still listen to your favorite CD's.  At one point she sat down for a while so you assumed she was eating lunch at the food court.  You couldnt use your nose to smell the scents coming from the different restaurants because the only thing you could smell was the cheesy leathery smell that came from excessive use of wearing these boots which you could now guess were her favorite leather footwear.

December 26th 7:12pm

You could tell you were in the car from the vibrations the engine made and when she got home she kicked off her boots and dumped you into a new pair of shoes that she had bought at a shoe store today.  Bianca pushed you in so fast that you didnt even know what shoes you were in?  But sure enough, the familiar sight of her magenta socked toes came into their new shoe home and greeted the insole with a warm loving hug from all of her five of her toes.  You were so bored you tried to pretend you were back home playing video games but you had to shake those thoughts out of your head and learn to accept your new life as your hot cousins foot slave and began to take Deep Sniffs of her moist, socked foot. you shoved your nose into the sweaty fibers of her pinkish cotton sock and tried your best to enjoy it.  After a while you began to like it even more and the leathery and sweaty smell of her socks mixed in with the new shoe smell and it became rather nice to inhale.

December 26th 11:29 

The rest of the night was a blur but you heard all of your sisters, cousins and aunts voices that night, but your mind was somewhere else as the sweet but musty smell of Bianca's smelly feet helped relax you.  At least for now anyway.  She would have many different shoes and socks to try you out in and they would all have their own unique smell for you to get used to. 

Bianca walked to her room and got changed into her PJ's.  She layed down in her bed and snuggled under the covers and you knew this was your silent cue to kiss her foot goodnight and thank it for letting you live underneath it.  You crawled up the ball of her foot and planted your lips on her digits starting from her little toe to her big toe.  Being Bianca's FootSlave wasn't that bad.  You were starting to really like her feet.  They were nice and warm, soft, smooth, the perfect size, and they had great, unique smells that you liked.    As long as you didn't have to go back to her horrible, stinky red and green xmas socks you would be a happy man for the time being. If you can call this life happy?

End Notes:
Wowwww.  so many chapters for the first few days but this one showed the entire day as the the job of an insole.  It's only going to get more fast paced form here.  New Years Day Is Going to be BIG!
Smelling the Feet of Every Girl in the House by Mr E
Author's Notes:

It wont be easy....oh wait yes it will. 

But is Bianca really rewarding you or punishing you?

December 27th 6:00am

"Hey Jakey, did my feet make good company last night? You were great as my insole yesterday, but I missed having you massage my feet and asking you how my feet smelled and how they felt on top of you?"

"They were uh, good company Bianca. They felt nice and smooth and smelled like your feet normally do, but had a different aroma in each shoe you wore."

"They did? Cool! I never noticed that before, but thats probably because I rarely smell my feet.  It make sense that you would notice small stuff like that since thats your new job now."

You say with mixed emotions "Ye-yeah. This is my Life now."

"Keep saying that I like hearing it Jake! I thought you might be mad at me for ignoring you all day yesterday or maybe your intense footslave training as my insole would cause you to hate my feet?  But then I noticed you were taking deep sniffs from my sock last night little guy, so I decided I'm going to reward you today."

"Really! You are! I get to be rewarded! Being your slave actually has perks!"

"Yeah duh, when you please me the right way."

"So whats my reward?"

"First you get a piece of chocolate from my Hershey Kiss."

"Chocolate! YES!!! Thank you Bianca so much! I frikkin love Hershey Kisses."

"It gets better! Second I'm going to put you in all the shoes of my family so you can smell them and appreciate how much better it is as a footslave to me instead of being owned by their feet."


"Your welcome Jake. I did this so you can compare their size and smell and the types of footwear they keep on their feet most of the day. I know you like my feet, but this will help keep your world in perspective and help you realize my feet are the best out of everyones and are the perfect Size, Smell, Scent, and how I have a wide variety of shoes in my shoe closet to wear you in.  It's still early so nobody's awake yet so why dont you give me a relaxing foot massage in the meantime.  I have to admit, I was dying to get one all day yesterday, but I had to be firm and train you well.  I'm really getting used to how you pamper me and do whatever I say.  You're such a good pet."


That last sentence she wrinkles her nose in a cute way and talks in a cutesy voice that makes you lose even more of the little pride and dignity you had. Did she really think this was a privilege to smell your aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers feet?  She's really training you to become the most obedient, expert footslave possible and you wonder how much of your real self will be left after she's done Brainwashing you?  Oh well.  It's not like you want to anger your new goddess, so you better start rubbing her feet.  You place your hands on her lustrous, soft soles and start kneading the flesh in between her arch and her heel.

December 27th 6:15am

"(relaxed sigh) ahhhhh, that felt great! you really were meant to do this ya know.  C'mon lets get you in everybody's shoes so you can appreciate how great mine are."

Bianca walks out of the room with you in the palm of her hand and it feels weird to be elevated so high off the ground, instead of being compressed / squished flat under her sole.  She drops you off at the front door where everyones shoes are at, so as not to track snow in the house.

"Go on Tiny, Start smelling."

You walk up to the first shoe and its the sandal that your aunt was wearing when you were trapped under her foot the night before. You wonder if you made the right decision of leaving her shoe or if you shouldve have toughed out being her insole for the night so you could eventually contact her and tell her that her daughter shrank you?  The surface of her insole isnt as moist as it was on Christmas Eve, but it still smells like her footsweat, but luckily not as strong. You walk across from her heel down to the imprints of all five of her toes at the tip of the sandal.

"Is this good enough Goddess Bianca?"

"No not yet. I want you to take some deep sniffs and let you know what the "older models" feet smell like and be glad you have the new and improved younger version."

You stood there for a while smelling her sandal strap and then she picked you up and dropped you into a pair of brown flats.  The smell wasnt too foreign to you because they were your mothers.  Luckily these were new so it was a mixture of new shoe smell with a dash of your parents foot odor.  You walked around Connie's insole for a while from the heel to the toe section before she said

"Thats enough time in my aunts shoe. I shouldnt have to tell you how long to stay in there you should just know what I'm thinking.  Spend about 5-10 mins in each shoe while I text my friends and tell them that all of their their presents combined couldnt equal how much better my secret gift was.

you stepped out of your moms slip on and started to walk over to your older cousins green heels.  They were Holiday dress shoes, so she didnt wear them often, but you could still smell the musky aroma of her nyloned feet. You got bored of just sitting there doing nothing, so you decided to use your cousins heels as tiny slide.  After a few minutes of fun, Bianca looked up from sending texts on her Iphone and knocked you out of Melanie's shoe and onto the floor with her pointer finger.  She didnt want you to have fun with anyone elses feet except her own.  Guess she was the jealous type?

Next was the furry black boots of your sister Samantha. You already spent some time in here on Xmas eve.   Around the same time you were under Bianca's moms feet.  You thought you would be used to the smell, but it seems like it got worse since the last couple of days. These were her favorite and she mustve been wearing them almost 24/7 to get the stink up this bad in such a short amount of time.  It was weird, like a dark cave in the mountains, but it was just your sisters shoe?  Even though it did smell, the soft fuzzy cotton on the inside was so nice and cushy you decided to lay down on it and rest on the soft, fluffy shoe stuffing. 

After a while Bianca noticed you didnt come out of her older cousins shoe so she picked up the Ugg boot and dumped it out into her little cousins running shoe.  You were startled by this and tumbled deep into the sneaker, but you didnt have to look to know who's footwear you were in.  The smell was so bad it put Samanthas Uggs to shame.  Bianca had dumped you in your little sisters sneaker and she was famous for wearing the same shoes and socks all the time.  As punishment for spending too much time in Samantha's boots, Bianca shoved Trixie's sweaty gym socks in until your face was squished against her big toe print at the end of the sneaker.  You tried to endure the torture but you passed out from the powerful pungency of your little sisters feet.  When you woke up you were being dumped from the preteens footwear into a large dark tunnel. it was even bigger than your sister Samantha's shoe so it must've been Jennifer's snow boots.

They were thick padded which kept the warmth in, but like a double edged sword it also kept all of the stench in.  It wasnt as bad as Trixies foot odor, but with a much bigger foot came a much bigger smell.  You didnt dare move further down past the heel section because you knew you were sure to pass out just like in Trixies shoe.  After 10 minutes of breathing in your older siblings foot fragrance, Bianca takes you out of her workboot.

"So can we go back to your room now? Am I done inhaling my family's foot funk?"

"No. Theres still about ten to twenty pairs of shoes left here.  Did you really think everyone would only bring one pair with them on vacation?"

You look behind you and see all of the womens shoes you have to spend time in. 

Trixies slippers, rollerblades and ice skates.  Melanies red pumps, mules, wedges, and running sneakers.  Your aunts athletic nikes, crocs and ugg boots.  Your moms keds, ankle boots, and loafers.  Samanthas flip flops, clogs Vibram FiveFingers and skimmers.  Jennifers flip flops, leather boots, Converse all stars, and moccasins.

It's a living hell of smelly feet, but you manage to spend some Quality foot time inside each and every one of them before you look up and see a giant bare sole that doesnt belong to the brunette teenager that captured you.

End Notes:
!!!Surprise Twist!!!  theres been a lot of feet recently so I'll add some vore and maybe some boobs, pussy and ass in chapter 28 or 29
Unknowingly Captured by Mr E
Author's Notes:
One of your Family members accidentally takes you right from underneath Bianca's nose.

December 27th 7:58 am

The shoes you were in were your big sis's buffalo sneakers, so unless someone else decided to wear her shoes you were pretty sure you were about to be flattened underneath your older sisters bare sole. It was so much longer and wider than Bianca's sole but it lost that cute appeal your younger cousins foot had. In less than 2 seconds Jennifer finished inserting her foot into its shoe home and walked upstairs.

Bianca was so busy texting and playing Line Rider that she never even noticed her older cousin put on the shoes you were inside of until she walked back up the stairs. Bianca's eyes widened with both surprise and fear and she said

"Oh crap! Jake was in those shoes! What am I going to do? What am I going to do? If Jennifer finds him she might try to grow him back to normal and then I'll be in deep shit if my parents found out that I'm the one who shrunk him. I gotta get him back somehow?"


(Recap on Jennifer. She's Very skinny but she has DD breast size and you think they might have grown to DDD over the course of the last few days.  How they expanded that much in such a short amount of time is a mystery to you.  Her butt isnt too big, but she still has a perfect sized, round booty.  Very tall with an average tan and her brown hair goes all the way down her back. Doesnt like to wash her clothes and loves the snow. Not the cheerleader type, kind of sporty, but now lounges around the house a lot. Good natured and gentle at heart. If she found you she would help you grow back to your original size.)

Bianca ran upstairs but didn't see her busty relative anywhere.  She looked in her room, but it was empty. Then she heard the car start in the garage and looked out the window to see her aunty's car pulling out of the driveway.


Jennifer walked out to the entrance to the Garage and got into her parents car.  Today she would be spending the day at the shopping outlets trying on new lingerie and blouses. All the while she would have you under her foot smelling her feet and she would never know she was trapping her little brother under her moist sole. That is not until she came back home.

It was weird being underneath your older sisters feet. They didnt Look the same as Bianca's.  They didnt Smell the same as Bianca's. They didnt Feel the same as Bianca's either.  Jennifers feet were much larger from her toes down to her heels. They also had a different smell to them. Not bad but.....different. The skin on her foot was also a little bit rougher. Bianca's feet were the perfect size for a females foot, had a more desirable aroma and her skin was oh so soft. You hated to admit it, but you missed Bianca's feet. But you didnt want to think like that anymore. Now that there was a chance of freedom, you had to make yourself think like a normal person again and focus on happy thoughts like your big sis finding you and unshrinking you somehow?

The whole day went by with Jennifer and her new comfy insole in her buffalo sneakers while Bianca sat nervously at home and worried that her cuz might've have found her shrunken sibling and already brought him to the Hospital or the Police. It was the loneliest her feet had ever been since the day before Christmas.

December 27th 4:02 pm

 At the end of the day Jennifer returned to her Aunts house with you still securely underneath the ball of her foot. since Jennifers feet had sweat more than Bianca's this was easily you're worst experience underneath a lady's foot. Jen noticed there was something in her shoe and was eager to get upstairs to check it out. She went to the bathroom so she wouldn't be disturbed and took off her buffalo sneakers and emptied it out over the sink. If you had fallen out you would've fell down the drain and then no one would've found you. Fortunately her footsweat caused you to stick to her insole and she was having a hard time trying to shake you out of her shoe.

"Dammit!  Why wont this thing come out.  It felt so good I want to know what it is?"

With one final shake the sweat that glued you to her shoe separated from you and her insole and you were finally free from her footwear. But now you were careening head first into two round globes and you really hoped you werent gonna take another trip inside her asscrack. Luckily, you had avoided another date with her anus and instead had fallen into her bosom. Her cleavage seemed like a welcome change compared to all the other places you had been In and On your family's bodies. Jennifers tits were so huge she didn't even notice or feel your minuscule body enter her bra and then being squeezed between her massive melons. She walked out of the room with her younger brother being crushed by her boobs, while Bianca hurried in the bathroom to look for missing footslave in her cousins sneakers.

"No, where'd he go? Did Jennifer find him already? If she found him then she's gonna tell my mom and dad. But why didn't she scream when she saw her sibling shrunken so small? Maybe she didn't find him yet or maybe he's still stuck on her body somewhere. I better go check it out."

Jennifer sat down at the kitchen table and started to make herself a sandwich and a little snack. Meanwhile, Bianca was spying on her elder cousin from the hallway and you were still being smushed between her breasts, but slowly making progress in escaping your titty torment. Somehow you had made your way to her nipple and thought of pinching them, but more then likely Jennifer would smack her boob first and you would be splattered all over her areola. Eventually you slipped out of her cleavage, down her chest and slid down her stomach. You grabbed onto her belly button before you fell into her panties because if you had gone down there you were sure to have slipped inside her pussy somehow?You've already had your fill of being shoved into womens vagina's now was the time to play it safe in Jennifer's abdomen. Burrowing into your sisters navel you think on how to get her attention. But theres always that weird voice in your head that says

"Stay as Bianca's footslave. You'll never be found by your family. They dont even love you. Why do you think they haven't searched for you yet? It's much safer to going back to serving your teenage cousins feet. She deserves to be treated like a goddess."

Even though you were starting to like becoming your cousins footslave, the main reason why you did it was to not go crazy from being owned by a spoiled teenage brat. You had to admit the smell of her feet was getting nicer, but you wanted to live a normal life and go to college next semester.

5 minutes inside the cavern of your sisters belly button had gotten you no ideas and that voice was getting stronger. From outside the bottom of her sweater the kitchen counter below looked pretty close and you jumped out of her shirt and hoped to get her attention while she was making her lunch. You fell about 10 meters (Your POV) before bracing yourself for a hard landing. What you thought was going to be a knee shattering experience was actually a pleasant splash into a wet, goopy blob. It was a pinkish purple color and the circular walls surrounding you were the purest white. From outside your plastic container you looked up and saw Bianca approach Jennifer.

"Hey Jenny. did you happen to feel ummmm....something strange under you foot when you left the house this morning?"

"Yeah, Why? What did you put in my shoes you little twerp?"

"Oh uh, it wasn't on purpose! ya see, I was walking past everyones shoes with my favorite doll in my hand from when I was a child and I think I dropped it in someones shoe. I checked them all, even Trixie's blech, but the only ones that weren't their were your shoes, so I guess he, I mean it, fell inside your pair of buffaloes before you went out to the mall."

"Oh yeah. Thats okay.  I thought I felt something pleasantly rubbing against my foot today.  Guess it was your kids toy, but when I emptied out my shoe, nothing came out."

"Are you sure?"

Yeah I'll show you. I emptied it out just like this." Jen picks up a closed bag of salad lettuce and imitates how she emptied her shoe right over her breasts.

"So you emptied it right over your boobs?"

"Hey, maybe it fell in there! I never notice what slips in and out of these hooters."

Jennifer pulled her shirt out and started to lift her breasts up and down and left and right, but no sign of Bianca's Boytoy was found. Out of desperation and thinking of the possibility that Jennifer was hiding her footslave on her, Bianca took drastic measures and stuck her hand down the busty brunettes shirt.

"Hey get your hand out of there!  I already told you it's not there. Hey let go of that."

While you watched the hot scene unfold before your very eyes, you barely noticed that the yogurt cup you were in was slowly sliding away from the two bickering girls.

End Notes:

I wrote this chapter a few months ago, but couldnt think of an ending to it. 

Now that Jake is in the yogurt cup what will happen to him.   It's so obvious I'm going to tell you.  he gets eaten.  but does he survive is the question?

Inner Journey by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake accidenatally escapes his older sibling only to unkowingly be captured by another unaware giantess

Trixie watched as her sister and cousin fougfht each other over some stupid toy and noticed a raspberry yogurt cup that no one had eaten yet. She knew it was for her big sister, but she could always get another one. She took it into the dining room and stuck a spoon in, ready for her first bite.

You on the other hand were pulled away from watching the two giantesses pull their clothes off and instead were greeted to the golden chandelier of your aunts dining room. When you looked up to see the face of the girl who had grabbed you; it was none other than the giant brace face of your younger sister Trixie.

"Mmm this looks good."

It was at that moment that you wished you were back inside Jennifer's or Bianca's shoe where it was safe and free from being eaten by a giant brat with a sweet tooth. This was even worse than being on your Aunts plate of food. Michelle was a slow eater, but Trixie gobbled down anything that was edible and didn't think twice about sending it down her gullet to be absorbed by her body. Before you knew it an enormous plastic spoon hit you and sunk you into the bottom of the fruity snack, that would be devoured by the blond preteen giantess.

The spoon lifted you up to the open salivating mouth of the monolithic being and sight of Trixie's smiling face ready to devour you made you wet yourself a little. You were frozen in fear as you went past her pink chapsticked lips and entered the cave of your sisters mouth and were licked off the spoon. 

Trixie played with you using her tongue and right when she was ready to swallow you whole, the fear left your body and you jumped out of her mouth even if it meant becoming a stain on the kitchen floor. Splooosh! You were lucky enough not to break every bone in your body, but your luck only ran so far when you opened your eyes and found you had fallen back into the same yogurt cup. Jennifer saw her right as she was about to spoon you up again and snatched the dessert cup away from her.

"Trixie, that's mine! Get your own food, there's tons of snacks in the fridge."

Trixie pouted and walked away to her room while Jen finished bickering with Bianca and ate Everything that was in her yogurt cup. There wasnt anything left by the time the busty brunette licked it clean and everything that was in her cup was now digesting in her belly waiting to be processed and exit through her digestive system.

It was lucky that you weren't in your older sisters stomach, but you still weren't in a desirable place.  Right when Jen took back her pudding cup, Trixie used her little finger and scraped up one last taste and took you along with her.  She licked her finger clean and instead of travelling down her gullet to be digested like the rest of her food, you grabbed onto her metal braces and were now safely situated in front of her teeth.  If you can call stuck inside an unfilled girls mouth safe?

It was a weird point of view.  You watched from the other side of her lips.  Jen and Bianca still arguing, Samantha come in to see what was the racket and Trixie pick out another yogurt cup and bring the spoon up as she continued to deposit strawberry banana yogurt in her mouth and you had to hang on tight each time she swallowed.  It was getting tiring and the metal braces started to dig into your ribs.  That's when you noticed Trixie abandoned the civilized way of eating with utensils and dump the rest of the dairy product into her mouth.  It was such a surprise that you didn't grab on in time and were sent swishing all around her mouth until you noticed you were traveling in a downward spiral.  It had actually happened.  Trixie had eaten her brother.  All the pain and suffering you went through with Bianca's feet and the rest of your family's bodies.  Would finally come to an end.  In Trixies End.  But you didn't want it to end like this.  While travelling down her esophagus you punched and kicked and fought as hard as you could even though it did absolutely nothing to help you escape. Finally you landed into the pool of half digested food and sour stomach acid and flashbacks of of your aunts stomach flooded back into your mind.  There was no way you were going to be thrown up again.  The only way you would be leaving your sisters body was through the back exit and you weren't sure you would be alive to experience that horrifying natural process.  But you still had to do something. Trixies stomach was very small compared to Michelle's gut and it was easier to climb her stomach walls.  The acid burned your hands as you climbed the slick folds, but you knew that if you fell down you wouldnt be climbing back up.  When you reached the tight puckered opening that brought you here, you tried to pull it open, but you could barely reach both your arms in.  It was so tight that when you tried to pull them out it had tightened in response to your pulling and your wrists were now stuck inside as you dangled inside your sisters stomach like a rag doll.

"Great. I'm stuck.  But maybe this is a good thing? If I fell back down I would be dissolved like the rest of her food, but at least up here I'm safe even if the circulation to my hands is cut off."

It was hard to tell time inside of a human digestive organ, but you think at least 30 to 60 minutes had gone by.  All you could do to pass the time was watch Trixies bacon and eggs turn from a solid form to a liquid brown and yellow paste.  A fate that would happen to you if you didn't escape.

"How did I end up here. Why are all these things happening to me? This is all because Bianca wanted to put me in everyone's shoes, so I could appreciate how Great her feet were compared to theirs. Well Bianca, it worked.  Because If I never went inside their shoes I would've never ended up as a dingleberry inside Trixie's stomach.  Huh?  Whats that weird bubbling below me?"

(Trixies POV)

After eating that delicious yoghurt, Trixie sat down and watched TV for a while.  Bianca and Jenny had stopped arguing, but Bianca was acting weird and was looking under the couch and inside the car Jennifer was driving before.  A rumbling could be felt inside Trixies intestines and she said "Uhrrrr.  I shouldn't have eaten all that bacon.  It always makes me really gassy.  I wish Jake was here, I could've burped in his face to make him mad.  Where is he anyway?" 

The bubbling was getting larger and more violent by the second.  On top of that the sphincter which held you in place was loosening. With one huge bubble burst, a foul aroma filled your nostrils and the stomach ring opened all the way sending you plummeting into the burning stomach acid below.

"Oh Crapppppppppppp!"

You thought your life was over, but at the last second a huge burst of wind prevented you from falling in.  It pushed you up through the pink tube that you entered from and pushed you out of her throat.  You were ejected out of her mouth and looked up at the young blonde as she unawarely burped her brother out from inside her.  You thanked god that you avoided death inside a woman for a second time, but when you turned around to see where you were falling, you cursed god once again. You had already experienced that part of the female anatomy with Bianca, Jennifer and Michelle in the past and you really didnt want to experience it with her too.

End Notes:

What body part will Jake fall into next? Who's the mystery girl that he's going to be better aquainted with? Will Bianca ever get her FootSlave back? Will Batman rescue Robin from the Joker's clutches? Find out next time on Christmas Eve at My Cousins Feet!

The Dark Pit by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Jake finds out whos body he's fallen onto and it couldn't have been a worse place to land.


The Girl in front of you was none other than your dark haired sister Samantha. She had her back to you and was picking out CD's next to the television. She was wearing a pair of blue low rider denim jeans and because she wasnt wearing a belt you could see her butttcrack and half of her bare ass. You thought you would land on her back or on her belt, but when you saw the type of pants she was wearing you knew there was only one place on her body that you would be entering. Her Booty.

As you plummeted down to her awaiting asscrack you desperately tried to grab onto the rim of her jeans, but you were nowhere close to reaching them. You slid down her coin slot, inbetween her milky white asscheeks until you reached the center of her ass. You knew what waited in front of you only inches away and in order to avoid getting anal vored you speedily scurried in the opposite direction. Reaching the back of her pink and red panties you desperately looked for a hole in the fabric, but found nothing. The only way you would be escaping was either the way you came in, through the sides of her panties, through the legholes, out the bottom near her perineum or past her pussy. The safest being one of the first two. However right when you were about to make your great escape, Samantha fixed her underwear and stood up again, changing your entire world.

Before the sudden change in movement you were able to move around freely between her cheeks and if you looked up you could see a crack of light through her own crack. All that has changed. Your sibling likes to keep her panties really Tight. When you crawled to the side of her jiggiling globes you found that the panties were pulled so tight that they Dug into her asscheeks and there was no escape through the sides. On top of that, the little light you had into your bootiful prison, disappeared entirely and now your eyes were slowly getting used to the dark confines of a teenage girls rear end. You were about to climb to the top when Sammy sat down and you were squished underneath her left asscheek. A small fart escaped her bowels and you could tell this wasnt going to be a pleasant stay. She watched some TV with her little sister for about a half hour, then got up to make herself something to eat. You hoped it would'nt be something greasy, but with your luck you assumed the Worst. After her snack, she walked into a different room and you heard the sound of a machine turned on.

Samantha sat down and put her running sneakers on and when she started to walk at a fast pace you knew she was on the treadmill. Samantha was a workout-aholic and was convivnced that her slightly wide booty should be in pristine condition. The only good thing about this was now you were free from being plastered to her rump.

Now that you could move again you began to head under her cheeks to escape near her vagina. However, you were still afraid of getting close to her butthole, so you climbed up the top of her buttcrack instead. This was a bad move. Each step she took opened up the canyon of her crack just a little bit, but it was enough to have you accidentally slip in right when you thought you were free from being your sisters butt toy.

You slid all the way down to the center of her derriere and noticed a strong, odorous smell emanating from in front of you. Your eyes hadn't completely adjusted yet, but you didn't need to see it to know it was there. You quickly scrambled in the opposite direction like last time but this time was different. With every step she took, her ass dragged you back in the same amount of distance you managed to put between yourself and the dark, fleshy pit behind you. So, in essence, no matter how far or fast you moved you would always be in the same exact place you were before, struggling futily to avoid a fate you will have to face one way or the other.

If you would stop moving then there would be no doubt in your mind that you would be touching that filthy hole that your sibling uses on a daily basis. Stopping was Not an option. You tried even harder to get away from the most undesireable place on her body, but after 5 minutes of scurrying like an insect, you managed to get nowhere. On top of that you were starting to feel the first signs of fatigue and Even Worse, Samanthas booty had started to perspire from her workout and it was getting very slippery trying to grab onto her sweaty buttflesh to pull you forward.

You would've had more energy, but after being stomped on underneath a womans foot and struggling to avoid digestion in a girls stomach all day had tired you out. With absolutely no energy left, you had stopped for only a few seconds, but that was more than enough for the giantesses glutes to drag you all the way in to the center of her ass and onto her butthole. Upon first making contact with Samanthas sweaty anus, you were jolted awake again and tried to escape, but you were already too deep into the dank pit to even try to make an escape attempt. It was slippery to the touch and was the sweatiest place on her body thanks to the sweat dripping down her back and into her asscrack. The smell was the worst part yet and was twice as bad as when Bianca first introduced you to her cornhole.

It almost made you wish you were inside her anus instead of being slapped against this disgusting orifice. And not just the hole, Bianca had a nicer ass as a whole, too.

Each step Sam took caused you to smack into her anus and be covered in her anal sweat and stank. On Top of that, her asshole seemed to be expanding and with each push of her buttcheek behind you, you seemed to be getting closer to a one way trip up your high school sisters butt! You had already avoided being anal vored by your aunt, cousin and older sister and you wondered if it was possible to be lucky enough to avoid being eaten by the back door hole of a giantesses booty a Fourth time? You knew your sister wouldnt be finished for a while, since she was always trying to keep that tight ass of hers as fit as possible.

Than it hit you.

Samantha was a giantess and you were just an insignificant pebble in her anus. If her asshole wanted to swallow you up like a dingleberry than thats what it was going to do because it has the power to do so and you are Nothing to it. You get what Bianca was trying to say all along. People are bigger than you so they are better than you. And right now everyone and every thing had a greater size advantage. Bianca's feet were Paradise compared to the hell you got yourself in and this was the divine punishment you recieved for even thinking about escaping your Magnificent Goddess. You let your body go limp and gave the hungry posterior of this unaware teenage girl, the best meal it ever had.

(Samanthas POV)

Ever since she picked out a CD from Her Aunty's music rack, Samantha had felt an odd, but pleasurable sensation in her asscrack. She had assumed it was just a piece of lint from her underwear, but she felt it moving when she started jogging. She was going to pick it out, but she never stops for anyone until she finishes her workout. What she had assumed to be the most unlucky bug in the world had eventualy stopped scurrying about and gave in to her pulsing anus and disappeared from the outside world.

"Oh well, it's just an insignificant bug. At least its in its rightful place. A long narrow tube filled with shit."

End Notes:

So Jakes fate is obvious right? Not entirely! Find out next time on Christmas Eve at My Cousins Feet!

P.S. The next update will be a lot faster than the last one.

P.P.S  I updated my GiantessCity Collages a few minutes ago.  2 for 2!

Back To Your Real Owner by Mr E
Author's Notes:

It only gets Worse.  But then Better!

Perhaps in realizing your new place in life, you had been justly rewarded. You had thought you would be sent to the steamy hell of your sisters colon with no chance of escape, but instead your whole body was inserted into her rectum except your head peeking out of her wrinkled pink hole. It was an odd sight to see if you were on the other side of the looking glass. you still had no way to free your arms and there was no chance of someone pulling down your sisters pants and looking between her cheeks for you, but at least you weren't sent to a place you knew you wouldn't escape from alive. Samantha continued her jog and each rapid step caused the sides of her anal hole to slap you in the face and coat you with her anal sweat. The only thing you could think of was taking a shower. And at that lucky moment you heard the timer go off on the tread mill and your sister say.

"Phew, that was a good workout. I could use a shower."

Minutes later Samantha was completely nude and you could once again see the outside world through the crack of her ass. When she bent over to take off her sweaty gym socks, her buttcheeks spread all the way and you could see yourself in the mirror in between Samanthas two globes she called asscheeks with a poor pathetic human stuck in the middle of the brownish pink, anal cavity. It looked so surreal to see yourself stuck inside the darkest place on her body considering just a few days ago you wouldn't have even been able to fit your fist back there. Sam stepped into the shower and you were in heaven feeling the cool water wash the shameful waste off your body as Samantha cleaned every part of her body from her breasts to her crotch to the bottom of her heels. She eventually reached her backdoor exit and you were greeted by the soapy manicured finger of your sister washing her anal ring in a circular motion. Instantly all the Poop and Booty sweat was cleaned from your face and hair and you felt like a new man. For a second you actually forgot you were still bottled up in your sisters tight butthole.

Sammy finished her shower and put on a fresh pair of panties and the tightest pair of jeans she had. She walked back into the living room and joined the rest of her relatives. The remainder of the night was pretty uneventful. Samantha watched a movie: You were stuck in her ass. Samantha ate dinner with her family (and a mopey Bianca): You were trapped in her ass. Samantha went for a walk: You were sealed in her ass. She changed into her pajamas: Yep, you were still engulfed in her asshole. All you could do while stuck in her ass was endure her noxious gasses and memorize what the female posterior looked like from a bugs Point Of View.

Samantha pulled her pants on tight and looked at her ass in the mirror to see if there were any noticeable changes to her hindquarters. She remembered the bug up her butt and laughed at how (she thought) he had died up there in such a humiliating place. She laid down on her Queen sized bed that she shared with Jennifer and Trixie and drifted off to sleep.

It had been hours since Sam fell asleep and she hadn't moved an inch. The constant grip of her fleshy anus was driving you insane! She was laying on her side with her butt facing her older sisters rear end and the only reason you didn't drift off to an shitty slumber was because you noticed her anal grip was slowly relaxing and you could soon be free from this unaware giant girls booty. By now you had gotten your arms free, but still couldn't pull yourself out. After waiting another 30 minutes, you felt a great pressure building up behind you in her colon and knew this was your chance. You timed it exactly as she farted and pulled yourself out of the monsters crappy mouth. You slid down her cheek and scrambled up to her asscrack where there was a gap underneath the waistband of her sleep pants. Sliding down the small of her back, you hit the soft mattress, but instead of feeling joy of escaping the living prison of a giant girls butt, you instead felt extreme fear as you looked up and saw the bare naked, tan ass of your older sister Jennifer, lying on it's side

With the luck you had today, you thought you it was going to roll over and swallow you any second, but instead it just laid there peacefully. That was your cue to run and when you got to her ankles you made sure to stay away from her flexing and grabbing toes. You were about to jump off the bed but instead you stopped and looked back at the 3 sets of feet under the covers. This was what you were waiting for the whole time, being able to contact your family, but now your mind was filled with doubts. To the right Jennifer's feet were to antsy and to the left Trixie's feet were to toxic to go near, but Sam's feet were lying perfectly still and sockless waiting for you to go tickle them and wake her up so she could find you. But a million Dark and Evil doubtful thoughts filled your mind and that evil voice started speaking up again.

"What if they don't feel you and accidentally crush you? What if they don't want to help you? Trixie would make you her Toy. Jen already said she loved how you felt under her sole. Samantha probably wouldn't even believe your really human. What if you end up as their insoles again or back inside one of the holes on their bodies? Jump off the bed already and go back to your Real Owner! It's safer with Bianca she already said she would take care of you as long as you obeyed her Every Wish and Command. Who cares if you have to live under her sole, you should be grateful to have the opportunity to live underneath such a beautiful girl. It's not like you could have gotten with someone like her in real life anyway. Kissing her toes is beyond belief for someone on your social level."

You were trying to ignore those evil thoughts and actually walked so close to your middle sisters foot, you could smell it.  It actually smelled very nice from the shower she recently took and you enjoyed it almost as much as your cousins. However, instead of placing your fingers between the spaces of her toes, you instead stuck your face between them and took a deep long sniff of what could have been. You walked away in shame and began to walk out of their room and into the room adjacent to theirs were your master slept, hoping she wouldn't be angry at how long it took you to get back to her.

End Notes:

Wow 4 chapters with no direct interaction from Bianca. Guess whos up next?

Worshipping a Sleeping Goddess(es feet) by Mr E
Author's Notes:

Back to the Bratty girl who had shrunk and enslaved you

After escaping from the different body parts of your family, You had made it back to the room of the bratty girl who originally shrunk you.

And there they were.  Bianca's feet.  Not even moving, but still commanding so much power over you.  After crawling underneath the crack in her door from the hallway, you looked up and saw both of her feet at the foot of her bed.  You knew you had to go back to them.  You knew it was your fate.  It had to be your destiny to smell the feet of the girl who was so much bigger than you and enslaved you to worship her body whenever she felt like it.

If living in her socks and shoes and smelling her feet for the rest of your life was your destiny.  Who were you to go against what was predetermined?  She was simply a higher being now and you the unfortunate lesser being would have to grovel at her smelly toes for survival and hope she would continue to keep you as her pet.  You looked around and notice to your right her shoe closet is open and to your left her favorite pair of slippers are lying upside down underneath her bed.  Hiding inside one of her sneakers or slippers and surprising her crossed your mind, but going straight to her feet sounded better to show her your obedience, loyalty and dedication.  And so, after a quick sniff of the used sweaty gym socks she wore yesterday, you grabbed onto her bedsheet and began to pull yourself up back to your rightful place in life.

It was pretty tiring, but the thought of smelling those perfect smooth soles kept your energy up.  In fact, you don't think you've ever been this motivated in your whole life before.  The need of Bianca's feet might actually be making you a better person?  Soon you were on top of her bed and looking up at Bianca's bare feet peeking out of the sheets from the side.  You ran over in front of them and looked up at the two extensions of your master that you've been waiting to get to for what seemed like your entire life.  It was like discovering the lost city of Gold, but instead what you saw were the two bare, smooth soles of the hottest teenage girl you would ever meet in your life.  Because there was no one more Beautiful than Bianca and her feet were perfection.  Other people might walk by and see only a girls foot but when you stared at the very bottoms of your cousin, you saw a lifetimes worth of work and servitude ahead of you and you could only imagine what the future would bring underneath such a pretty girls feet.

Bianca was a princess and you were her servant. There was no other way to think about it.  There was still some part of you trying to fight it and realize the insane emotions going on inside your head, but for the most part all you wanted to feel was happiness.  The feeling of somebody else thinking your important  to them.  And if massaging a young goddesses feet made you feel useful to someone, than that's exactly what you were going to do.  That among other things made you think you were 100% sure about the thing you were going to do next.  You walked even closer to her foot, barely inches away, until you could now smell the sweet scent permeating from the pores on her feet.  It was a warm night and there a small amount of perspiration on her skin, barley noticeable to someone the size of a regular sized person, but at your small stature you could see each drop and every little detail and it was amazing!  The occasional lines on her foot were like a roadmap that you could stare at and follow forever and you now had a new "thing to do" / "distraction"  while trapped in her sock or used as her insole for the day. 

Leaning even closer, you stick your nose out and inhale the scent of her feet deeply. It's only been a day, but you actually missed the fragrance.  It's not the best odor, a mixture of cheesy feet smell and perfume, but it calms you knowing your owners scent.  The wait is killing you and you place your hands above her heels and begin to enjoy how silkily smooth they are, even if her perspiration is making your palms moist and slippery.  It's beginning to be too much and you finally do what you've planning since you escaped your sisters ass.  You grab ahold of her foot skin and start shimmying yourself up her sole, so you're above her arch and your face is placed in the center of the ball of her foot.  It's still a little sweaty up there, but seeing all five of those toes towering over you, starts to give you a massive erection and you feel you Have to show your thanks to the giant being who is letting you live off her foot.

You inch you face closer and start to pucker your lips.  Before you know it you had already planted your lips on Biancas smooth damp sole and have shown off the greatest way of affection for your mistresses beautiful and perfect feet.  The taste of her footsweat is in your mouth and its not entirely pleasant, but it doesnt really taste bad either.  You climb up one more notch and stick your face as hard as you can inbetween the spaces of her toes and take the deepest sniff you ever have in your life before falling down back to the mattress and bouncing a little before looking up at the form of a giant girls sole, From a bugs (yours) point of view.  The sight of Bianca's godlike feet hovering over you is too much to bare and your hand creeps down to your waist and grabs your member.  You can't help but masturbate now and prostrate yourself at the bottom where Bianca's heels rest. After finishing up at Bianca's right foot you walk over to the right and do the same for your goddesses left foot.  You haven't slept in over 20  hours and after your second time Wanking off. You fell down and curled up next to her heel, almost instantaneously falling asleep like a good pet at your spoiled teenage mistresses feet.  In the morning things can go back to the way they were and maybe if your lucky she'll try you out in the new pair of sandals she bought at the mall the other day.

Bianca's POV. While the pampered brunette slept soundly, she had no idea of the insignificant insect at her feet showing his love for his deity.  Even if she was awake she might not have noticed all of his efforts to please her.  If she couldn't even notice his feeble efforts then what was the point of having him?  Jake had thought of this in his subconscious and dreamed of ways of pleasing his new caretaker.  However, Bianca's dreams of what she was doing to Jake were much different than what Jake was dreaming of and only time would tell if he could keep up with his owners expectations of her subservient pet or would he be deemed unworthy to fulfill the needs of his goddess and disposed of like her previous hamsters that failed to please her?

End Notes:

A Surprise awaits in the morning

A Giant Angry Hormonal Teenage Girl by Mr E
Author's Notes:

You'd think she would be pleased with what you did? But no.

December 28th 7:01am

The next day you wake up and see the giant soles that you masterbated to and feel very awkward.  The thought of the soles of your cousins feet turning you on and causing to act like a fool is something that makes you feel very weird inside.

"Oh man what the hell came over me? Why do I keep trying to convince myself that the only option I have is to become Bianca's devoted footslave? I've been through many traumatic experiences inside and under my family these past few days, I hope I'm not losing my mind? It was only a weird lust for her feet. Just a weird lust for her feet. That's all. (Sigh) Oh man, do I really still want to do this? She is the only one who can help me grow back because she is the one who shrank me? I suppose whether or not I really want to be her footslave, at the very least I'll have to play the part to find out how she shrank me and then find the antidote. If there is an antidote?"

You walk over to Bianca's heel and begin to push as hard as you can. It only caused her to reposition her foot to lay on its side, so you climbed between her toes and start squirming between them hoping that you would tickle them enough to wake your sleepy cousin up. Bianca moans groggily and then instinctively kicks you back onto the bed. It was a relatively rough landing but when you look up you see your cousin rubbing her eyes and then widening in response to seeing what she thought she lost forever.

"Jake? JAKE! Is that really you? OMG I'm so happy! I thought I lost my footslave and you were stuck underneath someones shoe and dragged outside. I looked all over the place for you, you have no idea."

Bianca's joy is rivaled with a kid in a candy store. She just got her favorite toy back, but her expression quickly changes from happiness to anger.

"I cant Believe you Jake. I go out of my way to show you what everyones feet smell like to further appreciate mine and you take all the time in the world so your sister puts her shoes on with you in them. You should have came out on your own. Do I have to tell you to do everything? Don't you realize you could've been lost forever? I bet thats what you wanted huh? To escape and go smell some other girls feet. And what would've happened if Jennifer had found you? She probably would've have wanted to grow you back and then I wouldn't have had a footslave anymore. Would you like that Jake? If I didnt have a footslave anymore and you wouldn't have to live under my feet forever?"

Jakes Thoughts. (Well yeah duhhhh.  Do you really think I've always dreamed to be your slave? Ooo she's getting mad, I should probably answer her now.)

"Bianca I...(Stomp)"

Before you even had a chance to speak, Bianca, still sitting on her bed lifted her light purple pajama clad leg up and sent the sole of her bare foot crashing down on you in anger. You saw her light green panties through her leg hole. It turned you on for a second, but you became instantly distracted with pain when she started to twist and turn her foot, grinding you into the soft bed. You were lucky you weren't on the hard floor, but it still didn't feel good.

"Jake. I cant have this. I cant risk you trying to escape me anymore. Don't you realize how important you are to me?

"I...I am?"

"Yes. If you weren't around, then who would massage and take care of my feet for me. Don't you realize that of all the boys in the world I wanted you to be living underneath them? You Jake, out of everyone, you were the lucky guy I wanted to serve me. Do you know how many guys would fall in line just to be able to give me a foot rub, just to be able to touch my skin? They would be honored."

Jakes Thoughts ( Yeah they might, but when her big toe is bigger than their entire body, they might think otherwise and run away, like I first did.)

"I'm sorry Bianca. Please forgive me, I beg you. I didn't mean to get worn as Jenny's insole. She surprised me I swear."

"Shut up. You wanted to be found so you could show off that you've been shrunk.  Just so you can get all the attention from everybody like you always do. That's another reason why I shrunk you. Nobody's gonna think you're so great when you're massaging my heels and painting my toenails as a career. With you underfoot in your rightful place, people will pay more attention to me and I'll feel great knowing that the boy who used steal it from me is currently squirming between my sweaty and smelly toes in my gym socks. I'd be wiggling my toes, just so you could feel the full force of them pounding you while I got all the glory.

"Bianca please...

"Exactly. That's all I want to hear from you. My name and you begging me for something. It's what someone in your position should be doing. Begging a giantess for mercy or approval. Wait til you meet my friends. They'll tear you apart. That is If I decide to show you to them. And that all depends on you Jake."

Jake never thought about her friends before.  Just one spoiled brat as an owner was bad enough.  How many girls was she going to share him with and what would their reactions be?

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can. Why cant you understand that? I'm Bigger. You're Smaller. Therefore you do Everything I say without question or you face my wrath and punishments. Like right now for example. You let yourself get taken away by your older sister and then took an Entire day to get back to me so now your being crushed underfoot. Am I enjoying this? Yes. Would I rather have one of your famous foot rubs? Oh God Yes. But you disobeyed me and this is what happens to puny shrunken slaves that disobey their giant mistresses. Start licking the old sock lint between my toes. Maybe then I'll decide not squish you into a gooey paste beneath me."

Bianca's arch lifted up a little at her heel and you could breathe easy again. However she repositioned her foot and lowered her toes on you, so they were tongue reachable. You saw the fuzzy sock lint inbetween each of her toes and didn't want that foul cotton lint inside your mouth. Even though, this would make you a hypocrite after last night, you decided to refuse her request because you didn't like the way she was treating you.

"No I wont do it. you're going to have to treat me nicer than this if you want me to be an obedient footslave"

"What did you just say to me?"

Bianca's big and second toes lash at you and seal around you face so fast you barely knew what happened. She squeezed you head in a jaw breaking, vice grip and said

"You do not speak to me like that. I am your owner and will not tolerate any disobedience from my pets. I thought you were learning your pathetic place in life as a lesser being beneath my perfect soles? But it seems I haven't made my point clear enough yet. I'll have to give you a punishment that will make you never want to escape or back talk me ever again."

Bianca searched around the room and looked for something she could use to punish her stupid cousin. Bras, Dirty underwear, used tissues and tampons in her garbage all crossed her mind. Until she saw an item that she had worn many times before, for many years. An evil smile formed on the young teenage girls cute face.

As you saw that malicious grin appear on her face, you realized your error of making a giant angry girl even angrier.

"Bianca, Wait I'm sorry....I know I belong at your feet, please don't do this....I..."

"Too Late Jake. It looks like you're going to be in a living hell for the next 3 days inside my............."

End Notes:

Suspense! What will Bianca drop him in and will it really make Jake never want to disbey his Giant Hot cousin ever again?

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