The Error by S_P_R

Geneticom, one of the most cutting edge tech companies and inventor of tiny terrariums with miniaturized unintelligent humans in them, has made a costly error: accidently giving them intelligence. These are the horrors the small humans endure under an uncaring world. 

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1. Prolouge by S_P_R

2. The Classroom by S_P_R

3. The Living Room by S_P_R

4. The Bedroom by S_P_R

Prolouge by S_P_R

A tall man in a slim suit emerged from behind a mutely colored curtain and steadily approached a glass podium, papers in hand. Camera flashes exploded all around him as he adjusted his glasses and then the microphone in front of him. 

The logo behind him -- a hyper-modern but soulless squiggle -- was of Geneticom, a private company with a variety of genetic projects going on that didn't resemble one another in the slightest. Some publications declared the company to be the "google of genetics" which sounded good to a public with little interest in learning more. But as the man shuffled through the documents, the public listened in:

"We are excited to announce the fruit of our labor. We have successfully sequenced a new type of human being -- one that has both wide industrial and private applications and poses minimal ethical concerns. The future, is smaller!"

With than announcement a cart with a small felt blanket over it was hastily rolled out unto the makeshift stage. To murmurs in the audience, the attendant (dressed in a lab coat for public relations effect) took off the sheet to reveal a small terrarium fit for a gecko. Instead, inside the glass walls were people walking around unclothed, seemingly unaware of the happenings outside of their glass entrapment. 

"These "tinies" as we refer to them" he adjusted his glasses "have no more the intelligence than an ant -- but they have all of the physical attributes of a human being, only small. The entertainment, manufacturing, educational, and other uses for these tinies are unimaginable. They will change the way our world runs forever!"

The controversy was immediate. 

Human rights groups had an immediate outcry around the humanity of the project. Many politicians complained of the project, either claiming it was capitalism gone awry or symptoms of a godless nation. Regardless, the public's initial ethical hesitation was overcome by deep curiosity. Geneticom made a point to set up labs in major cities where visitors could see up close how these tinies behaved. Attendants and spokespeople emphasized that unless programmed to do a specific task, they were essentially ants. They hadn't responded to input and clearly were not of the caliber of full sized human beings. The lead scientist at Geneticom even went on CNN to claim that their intelligence was limited entirely by their size itself. 

Over time, public opinion shifted. As companies saw the value of small humans being programmed to do tasks that could be dangerous of impossible for full sized humans, they jumped on placing thousands of orders. Educators took advantage, using tiny terrariums to teach everything from anatomy to psychology. The final development was a made-for-home terrarium with tinies in it, made for private use much like a butterfly nest or an ant farm. By this time, anyone still vocal about the morals of the project was labeled as a hippie. Geneticom debuted on the S&P 500 and slowly became a mainstay for developing tinies as a viable product. 

The factories designed to make these terrariums had to be custom built given the unusual nature of production. There was also a constant experimentation happening as scientists attempted to improve the 'product'. The most radical plan floating around the drawing board was for fully intelligent humans the size of ants. Of course, this posed real ethical concerns, so despite the promising research, the plan was concealed as a simple file on the main manufacturing software platform. One technician, in error, was given access to this plan and unintentionally ramped it into production for several weeks before the problem became much publicized. As a result, thousands of terrariums with fully intelligent humans including randomly generated background memories were sent into the world. 

These are their stories. 

The Classroom by S_P_R
Author's Notes:

Mrs. Baker sat at her desk as the time ticked down to the start of her anatomy course. The district her school resided in had banned any actual human study -- which made teaching the body to high school juniors that much more difficult. Each semester she'd go through a powerpoint but students seemed to be much more interested in messing around than actually paying attention. That's what made the new Tiny Terrariums so useful when they came out a few years before. She could provide each student with a tiny that fully replicated a person. The student could then study it (which they were inclined to do anyway) and complete an assignment based on that. In the process many were not returned to her, but that was well worth it to get the education communicated. Mrs. Baker always thought of it little more than losing the ants on the pavement outside. 

As the bell sounded and the final few students trickled in, the students could tell it was the big day. Mrs. Baker had set the terrariums up at the front of the classroom and happily called the class to order. 

“Ladies and gentleman, as you can see it is terrarium day. We only have this one class period so we're going to jump right in. I'm going to pass out both a worksheet to fill out and each of you will receive a tiny to go along with it. 

If you lose your tiny and can't complete the assignment, that's on you. 

If you break your tiny and can't complete the assignment, that's on you. 

I will not hear any excuses around that. I expect your completed assignments at the end of the period.” She said emphatically as she positioned a terrarium on a cart. With that, Mrs. Baker began a slow march around the class, each student reaching in and plucking a tiny out for use during the class period. After they were all distributed she sat back down, content to grade papers until the period was over. 


Max was extremely confused. One moment he was with his family, the next he was kidnapped and taken to this mysterious rocky land with giant glass walls. There were other people he could commiserate with, but no one there could tell him that his memories had been generated at the factory he was manufactured at last month. Nor could anyone tell him that the strange rumbling and seemingly planet sized shapes that danced outside of the glass were actual normal human beings. For him, it was like the twilight zone on steroids and no amount of climbing or attacking the walls lead to any useful result for him and his compatriots. 

Once again, they found themselves sat around a makeshift fire eating what seemed to be prepackaged balls of food strewn around the land. Amid one of many stories about their past lives, the group felt the world rumble again. One moment they were sitting, the next they were airborne as their world was lifted then set down. Deep vibrations swept the land and the tinies could only hold on for their lives as impossibly bright light and threatening shapes danced again. 

Then, something new. 

Max saw the black square of a sky above him lift, and then disappear. Cold air rushed in, he would've been refreshed had he not been so afraid. Then he saw the unthinkable: a giant claw-like hand descended from above. Max and many others dove for safety, but one woman was frozen in fear. The fingers found her and unceremoniously clamped down on her, as she was lifted towards the sky, Max could see he gasping for breath. 

And then, she was gone. 

The rumbling continued. Then another hand, and another hand, and another hand. Between each hand he would dive for safety, but the world seemed to intentionally shake him out every time. Eventually, exhausted, Max stood and gazed up at a hand headed straight for him. As it descended, he took notice of the details he'd failed to notice before. It didn't seem to be an adult hand, maybe a teenager? And the nails were lazily painted with flowers? What was this? As he tried and failed to characterize his god, the fingers positioned themselves on both sides of him and clamped down. Max too had the experience of having the breath crushed out of him as he was hoisted into the sky.


McKenzie hated anatomy. Her friend Bridget, sitting to her left, convinced her to take it because she was interested in Chad, sitting to her right. Now she not only had to deal with gross and complex lessons but also their persistent flirting directly across her. The Introduction to the Tiny Terrariums was something she had been looking forward to since she signed up for the course. 

"Finally, something new" she said to Bridget who seemed to agree. McKenzie watched as Mrs. Baker made her way around the class. Next to her, Bridget seemed to be antsy.

"We're going to be, like, last! What if we get a shitty one?"

The thought hadn't occurred to McKenzie. Before she could acknowledge it, Chad chimed in. 

"Judging by your last test score it won't matter Bridget!" She chided back and once again they were flirting.

McKenzie rolled her eyes. This class could not end soon enough. Finally Mrs. Baker approached with the terrarium, and McKenzie reached in. She saw one that didn't move out of the way and plucked it up, making sure she carefully set it down on her desk. 


Max violently smashed down onto what felt like concrete. Loud echoes bounced all around him as he stumbled to his feet. What he saw was immediately disorienting. Despite his world still spinning and trying to catch his breath, he could tell that he was on something flat. As he looked around he couldn't see.. anything? There didn't seem to be any sort of geography or landmarks to guide him. 

As his eyes continued to adjust, he could make out a giant floating yellow spear above him. Despite the urge to run he was too exhausted and instead watched as it approached him rapidly. He screamed as it hit him in the chest, barreling him over and covering him with metallic dust. What the hell was going on? 

Without warning the giant fingers returned, once again plucking him up. This time he found himself cupped, surrounded by a warm cocoon of coarse skin. It would almost be comforting if it weren't so difficult to breathe in. At once the hand unfurled and Max found himself staring at a face the size of a 10 story building. The two giant eyes adorned with eyeliner locked onto what he now realized was his miniscule form. Judging by the size of the face, he estimated he was no larger than an ant. 

Max was paralyzed by nervousness. 

"Hello?" He yelled, but the giantess only stared at him. Letting her dense, soggy breath wash over him. It smelled of her lunch - PB&J. Max hated PB&J.

She began a routine of glancing at him, and then down toward the ground below. He used this time to orient himself and to finally get a feel for his surroundings. He was suspended above a classroom -- the flat surface below a desk. It finally clicked in Max's mind that the spear was, in fact, a pencil and that he was currently covered in graphite. 

He looked off into the distance where he saw something that shook him to his core. Another massive girl to the left of his giantess was much less fragile with her person.


Steve was, by and large, a good man. He paid his taxes and returned the shopping cart at the grocery store, but as he stared up at the building sized face of a teenage girl he questioned if this was some sort of godly punishment. 

“BOO!” She yelled, the sound was deafening and forced Steve to stumbled backwards onto the soft skin of the giant girl. Before he could orient himself he heard her giggle loudly as her giant face turned. Even covering his hears, Steve could hear her every word:

“McKenzie, watch this!” and without skipping a beat, Steve watched as her giant lips, each the size of a city bus, parted. Beyond the wet breath that assaulted him immediately, he could see something emerging: her tongue. Steve had never considered the anatomy of a tongue, but as the scaly organ descended toward him like a snake circling it’s prey he couldn’t help but stare in awe at it. Fear gripped him as the very tip of the girls tongue pressed into him, grinding him onto the skin below and drenching him in a layer of thick saliva. It dragged for what felt like an eternity, the scaly surface detecting his every movement and, for her, a taste. Finally after a moment, it pulled away. Steve was left in a puddle of saliva, coughing desperately as he tried to breathe. 

One again a loud voice boomed:

“They kind of taste good!” 

Steve was hardly on his feet when he felt the hand beneath him shift. The lips in front of him approached rapidly, he was now surrounded in a dense fog. It felt like the worst humidy of his life mixed with a smell so bad he couldn’t describe it. He could see giant teeth glistening as she began to form words. 

“I think I need a little more.”

Before Steve could process the deafening roar of her words, he found himself launched into the teenagers mouth. He rolled around on the surface of her tounge for a moment, unable to get his bearings as it twisted and turned under him looking for his taste. He was tossed onto his back and then launched to the roof of the mouth where he found himself pinned between the hard surface and her softer tongue. He could hear a guttural “MMM” as the girl enjoyed his taste. He felt his ears pop as she sucked on him.

For a second he almost lost consciousness as all his blood went directly to his head. Just before passing out he felt the sucking stop and the tongue decent. For the briefest moment there was peace as tongue slowly extended itself. He could see the light shining in, and in the distance another girls face looking at him. She looked disgusted. 

Before he could have another thought he was yanked back in, this time swished around her mouth like a jawbreaker. The tongue had total control of him as it pushed him into the corner of her mouth. For another brief moment, he was able to hide away in the small area between her gums and her cheek, listening to all of the saliva swirl around and above him. That peace, too, was short lived as the high schooler’s tongue found him and picked him out of his place. He screamed as he was again swirled around, this time slamming against the sharp front teeth of the girl. By this point he could taste blood and he wasn’t convinced he still had all four limbs.

After another moment he felt himself surrounded by her spit, and then dropped into a giant puddle back outside her mouth.

“Kinda tastes metal-y” the girl said as she looked down at Steve’s crippled form. He did everything he could to breath while the sludge engulfed him. The fingers returned and plucked him up. Once again he found himself face to face with his tormentor. She declared a single word:


He felt the fingers lift him and lower him to a wall of fabric. He yelled and pleaded as they pressed him into it and dragged him along it. The benefit was that the saliva was slowly dragged off of him, the downside was that with each drag Steve felt his skin dragged off as his arms and legs snapped. Mixed with the saliva on the girls skirt was a hardly detectable line of blood that would come off easy in the next wash.

In agonizing pain, too tired to scream, and barely conscious, Steve found himself staring at the girl for the final time. 

“I fucked it up. Well, at least the taste is good.”

And with those words, Steve again found himself launched into her mouth – only this time he wasn’t savored. He quickly found himself positioned at the back of her tongue and then gripped by her tough muscles. Within moments he decided down into her stomach where the acid made slow work of him over the next few hours, Steve being repurposed by the growing girl.

Max watched as the girl patted her stomach, stunned. 

Another person -- someone like him -- had been toyed with a devoured without a second thought by a giantess hundreds of times larger. As he stood on the other girls hand he could feel the faint heartbeat of his current captor. A contact reminder that he could very easily be next if this teenager decided to have him as a snack. 

As seconds ticked by, Max began to pay more attention to the other students. Some were throwing their tiny people across the room, another tiny was being pressed onto the desk to be used as a living paint brush. 

"I need to get out of here" Max said to himself. But how?

The giant girl was paying especially close attention to him as she finished her work, and after that.. Max didn't want to consider that. 

As his feet sunk into the pad of her hand, Max peered over the side. Immediately below him was her chest. Following her legs down Max could see her sneakers tapping a hard tile floor. The idea of jumping was terrifying, but the girls peering eyes and weighted breath was a constant reminder of his fate should he choose to stay. He figured he could leap at the right angle, use her tank top as a place to slow himself down, and then roll onto her midriff where he could then make his way carefully to the floor. He would have to do the majority of this while the girl wrote her answers, her attention drawn away from his small form. 

Max's heart raced as he waited for the right moment, the giant eyes moving in a million small ways staring right into him as he stood. 

Finally the face of his tormentor moved and he saw his chance. He threw his body off of the hand, falling through the air until he felt the soft landing of the girls breast below him. He rolled down towards her hips. He stood, glancing back up to see the girl still writing. Max was on borrowed time. As he ran towards one of her knees, he could feel a posture change and a distant gasp. In fractions of a second a hand flew towards him - Max didn't have a choice. He jumped right as the hand knocked him in the back. Another second later and he Max would've been a stain washed away in the laundry. He was sent flying several feet, glancing the hard floor and rolling across the tile. 

Once again, Max found himself battered and dizzy -- but to his own surprise he seemed to be okay. His plan had failed but at least he had a fighting chance. The problem now was that he didn't know how to proceed. All around him, legs dangled down from the students who were massacring his peers.

As he looked around, something caught his eye. One of the other tinies who was being tossed around was now headed in his direction, only there was no one to catch her. The small girl flew over Max and crashed into the tile with a loud crack. Max ran over to find her in a crumpled heap, the constant throwing had injured her and floor had broken her arm and a leg. Max had to improvise:

"You're gonna be okay, what's your name?" He asked.

"Haley" the young woman said, a stream of blood exiting her mouth.

"We need to get moving" Max said as he guided her to her feet, letting her lean on him for support. 

The duo began to trek towards a storage cabinet several meters away that they could use a shelter. The walk was slow as Haley limped on her one good leg. As they went, the two could hear the loud discussions above them by the oblivious students. 

Max and Haley closed in on the cabinet, the alluring gap beneath it a place where the two could finally settle and recoup. As they neared it a boot thundered down, Max pushed Haley out of the way before jumping towards the cabinet. As he sat up he could see that Haley was okay, albeit screaming about her leg once again. The boot owner was gone just as soon as it arrived, another reminder of the scale the tiny people faced with. It was only now that Max noticed the other students standing up as well, class was over. Before Max could move a set of sneakers slammed down on both sides of Haley.

Max gazed up at their owner -- a blonde teen, wearing baggy running shorts and a tank top. Her hair in a ponytail as her face gazed down at the girl huddled between her sneakers. Max wanted to intervene but found himself paralyzed and helpless, waiting to see what the girl did to Haley. 

The teen bent over, her face filling the sky for both Haley and Max, a waft of sweat drifted down as well. 

"I hear you guys are good luck." was all the girl said in a high but booming voice. Her titanic hand reached down and in one clean movement untied her shoe. A sock clad foot rose from it's housing, hanging over Haley who was now screaming for a new reason.

The smell was overwhelming, Max couldn't believe that the foot and the latticed fabric covering it could hold such a putrid odor. Max knew teenagers didn't have the best hygiene, but pairing that with athleticism had led to a toxic effect for him and Haley.

For a moment, he thought the girl was going to stomp on Haley but somehow it was worse. The girl's hand returned, this time plucking Haley up into the air. Max couldn't quite tell, but it almost seemed like the girl enjoyed the screeching coming from her fingers, like she was happy with what she was doing. The painted nails held Haley in the air above the shoe, the thick warm air bathing her in the smell of sweat.

"Lucky me." The teen chirped. Her fingers parted and Haley was sent flying into the cavern. She felt another crack as she hit the sole of the shoe. Her lungs burned with each breath of the soggy air. Her sky was the girls menacing face which smirked down upon her prey. Ever so slowly, she positioned her sock-clad toes over the entrance to the shoe, blocking out the sky for Haley and darkening the environment. 

Haley started crawling as fast as she could, the ground was soft but wet. She found herself drenched in the giant girls sweat as she agonized forward. The foot was mercilessly chasing her as it filled the space. Eventually Haley felt the toes hit her back and press her into the end of the shoe, her mangled body sharing the space with her toes. She felt the giant extremities bend, pressing her even harder into the smelly tomb. Haley coughed up blood as the girl took her first step on a long day. 

The teen above felt a rush as the tiny in her shoe struggled. The longer it struggled the more luck she'd have, according to her friends anyway. She'd be happy  with the knowledge of her passenger all day. By the time she finished track practice after school, Haley was neatly mixed into the sole of the shoe and her sock, becoming forever a part of the girls long workouts. 

Max hid. He didn't know what else to do. Haley was long gone, suffering a horrible fate that Max couldn't comprehend. He didn't have a plan now, he sat in the cold darkness under the cabinet, wishing he had let the first girl devour him. 

The Living Room by S_P_R

Disclaimer: This chapter features a giant baby and a giant dog, if that's not to your preference please skip

Tom burst through the door of his house in a rush. He had to get ready and take the dog out before his wife returned from her job. In his hands he carried his daughter Sophie, only 2 years old. She was babbling a mix of half words and sounds as he placed her in the living room and put up plastic walls around the room to ensure nothing happened to her. 

As Tom sped upstairs, he failed to notice that his wife had left a Tiny Terrarium on the living room floor. She had received it as a Christmas present and had taken full liberty to begin raising the tinies as her pets - she had even mentioned how surprised she was that they seemed so intelligent. As Tom changed upstairs, he had little idea of the danger downstairs. He couldn't imagine that Sophie was not only safe, but the danger itself. 


Kelsey awoke to another evening in the glass walled container. By now she had a routine: Wake up from her nap, drink some of the residual water at the pond, and wait for her goddess to feed her group. A few weeks ago, Kelsey had been an accountant but she had awoken in this strange place. A giantess oversaw her life and she very quickly moved on from trying to communicate with her. Some others in the container still tried but they were simply too small to voice themselves -- not to mention that the giant woman saw them as ants. Part of her felt like she was in the midst of Stockholm syndrome, the rest was content to live free of responsibility. The other people trapped with her were nice enough, many tried to make sense of it but struggled to. Their situation was set and Kelsey wasn't going to worry about it, at least she didn't have to look at balance sheets anymore. 

As she drank the water she could hear far off rumblings, nothing unusual. Given the heavy footballs she assumed it was the man. She had seen another distant giant - a man - with the giantess. Part of her pondered if she would get to see him again, but instead there was just more distant rumbling. It sounded as if there were 10 subway trains rolling underneath her at once, the whole confined space vibrated and then, as always, it stopped. 

She could see something through the glass still moving, however. The glass was blurred for distant objects but the colors were bright, red, blue, green, and white. The alien form was difficult to understand through the warped glass, a closer but still dull thumping could be heard by everyone confined in the space. Kelsey felt a twinge of fear through her spine as the colored shapes became larger -- whatever it was, it approached. 

Out of nowhere, what appeared to the tinies as a giant cloud pressed against the wall in front of them. On it there was art of some kind. Actually, the more Kelsey looked at them, they looked like Disney characters. Another woman nearby began to ask what they were all thinking.

"Why would there be a cloud w-"

At that moment the container shifted violently. The tinies found themselves on their backs looking upward and like a planet hovering overhead they saw a face. A toddler's face. Smiling. 

"Oh shit" Kelsey said aloud.

The tinies froze for a moment, gazing into the eyes of their captor. Kelsey finally put the pieces together, the giantess was a toddler and the cloud was her pull up. She also sported a colorful shirt that already had drool stains worn into it.  The tank rumbled as a pudgy but still massive hand grabbed the top of the glass wall, an ear piercing and high pitched giggle vibrated through the space. 

The chaos was immediate 

The other tinies didn't know what to do. Some tried to run, others to hide. For a brief moment Kelsey locked eyes with the giantess and a shiver went down her spine. She truly felt no control in the situation, there wasn't anything she could do as they were at the will of the developing child. 

The hand released from the wall and began to make it's decent towards the tinies. While some ran, one man stood completely in shock. Kelsey watched as the fingers greedily snatched him into the air, a muffled yell fading as the hand violently lifted upward. In one smooth motion the giantess opened her hand and launched the occupant into her mouth. The giant lips closed and after some attempted chewing a loud gulp could be heard by all. In mere moments the man had gone from being amongst them to being dissolved inside a baby's stomach. 

The hand descended again, this time everyone ran. A woman tripped and was unceremoniously grabbed seconds later, she too screamed as the hand lifted her towards the awaiting maw. 

Some, desperate to avoid being a part of snacktime, clawed at the container walls to no avail. The giantess was merciless as one by one she happily popped each of her snacks in her mouth. Her gurgling stomach a constant reminder to the tiny people of their fate. As the chaos progressed, the giant girl began to grab groups of tinies. She'd dump half a dozen tinies into her mouth at once, happy to feast on all of them as if they were goldfish. 

Kelsey watched as a few tinies escaped the mouth by either diving off as they approached or by being drooled out by the careless infant. She knew that if it came down to it, she'd have to attempt a similar mistake or be doomed to roast in her stomach acid. 

Finally, the hand came for her. The soft palm gripped her violently, pressing the air from her stomach and bulging her eyes from her head. In moments it opened to a giant tongue scooping her and greedily pulling her into the awaiting mouth. Kelsey knew it was now or never, the thick saliva covered her as the dived over developing teeth to get to the front of the mouth. Around her, clothes and parts of her devoured friends littered the ground. The air was thick with the smell of baby food and she could hear every small sound the child made. Finally, after running across the lips she found a small opening where a pool of drool was exiting the corner of the mouth. Without hesitation she dived into it, in the process being covered in it as she sought her escape. She found herself in a large drop of it falling onto the giant shirt - and not a moment too soon as the giantess brought another wave of snacks up, this time swallowing immediately. 

To Kelsey's surprise, there were a number of other tinies who also found themselves either hanging or held to the shirt by drool. The smell was horrific but they were glad to be alive. Within the  nearby gurgling, Kelsey could've sworn she heard distant screaming. 

After a few more minutes, snacktime was over. 

A couple tinies had successfully hid in one way or another, but most were being dissolved alongside the carrot baby food the girl had eaten earlier. Kelsey and the others were still hanging from the shirt as they felt the girl begin to walk.

The first to fall were the tinies who were merely holding on with their arms. One by one they'd lose their grip and plummet downward. Some fell all the way to the floor, breaking limbs as they did so, their distant screams could be heard moments after they fell. One particularly unlucky tiny fell directly into the path of the Childs foot, breaking his legs and begging for peace as the dirty foot lifted over him. He was obliterated in an instant, leaving a small red spot on the carpet below. 

Those secured by dried drool were more lucky, they could time their drop more effectively to avoid the foot. The problem was that they were guaranteed to break limbs if they simply fell. They'd have to climb down more carefully -- all while the giantess was running around the room playing. 

The first to break from their drool crust and begin the trek downward did so carefully. They reached the ruffled top of the pull up after a few minutes. One woman tried to get good leverage on it, but found her foot caught between the elastic and the warm skin of the girl. A man tried to help her but found himself also caught as a result. Kelsey watched as the toddling of the girl rubbed the elastic against the two, slowly but surely pulling them down into the disposable garment. In moments they were gone, the elastic doing what it was designed to do - sealing them inside. After a long night trapped in a living hell, the two could find their fate sealed inside at the bottom of a particularly full diaper pail. 

Kelsey debated staying, but it was only a matter of time until the giant toddler noticed the snacks below her chin. She began her own decent alongside several others. One by one they successfully transitioned onto the soft material of the pull up. They could hear the distant banging of their compatriots but couldn't do anything about it. As they reached the bottom, they dropped one by one onto the carpeted floor. Several were still injured upon impact, but while battered, Kelsey stumbled upward in one piece. 

The world she landed in was bizarre, a massive room with the large girl still walking around it. The remaining tinies were strewn about the floor, mostly injured. Kelsey began looking for a safe place to hide. There was a bookcase somewhat nearby that she could get to and then figure out a plan. As she readied herself, she saw the giant man return. He was incomprehensively large for the tinies, and the toddler ran over to him as he opened the baby gate. To their relief, he took the giant girl into his arms and carried her away. 

"Thank god" Kelsey said to herself. She'd make it out of this. 

She began her trek towards the bookcase, it was tedious but she was making good progress. Some of the other tinies were making treks of their own, others just sat in their pain hoping someone would notice them or get help. 

As she reached halfway, she could hear a metal sound. Almost as if one of the giants was jingling keys or something. Kelsey looked at the gate and to her horror saw something she'd never expected.

A dog was standing proudly, about to enter the pen. 


James was a good guy -- hard working, paid his taxes. But as he lay on the ground in pain, he wondered what it had all been for. His right leg had shattered, inspiring quite a bit of pain while he hobbled to his feet. He tried desperately to push the thoughts of his new friends being devoured by the giant baby. He looked for respite, but it would be a long journey to reach the others stranded what felt like miles away.

When the dog appeared in the gate near him, he didn't know what to think. His brain said run but he wasn't physically capable. He watched the dogs beaty eyes lazily scan the ground in the room until they locked onto him.

He began to hobble away as fast as he could, all the while yelling "no no no no no no" as he felt the vibrations of the curious animal approach. 

A wall with the consistency of tofu slammed him from behind and threw him onto the ground ahead of him. His leg screamed in pain while he did aloud. Turning, he could see the a massive snout moving at him again, this time pressing him down. A blast of salty, revolting air washed over him as the dog analyzed him the best way it knew how. In another instant he felt himself pulled into the air by an intense vacuum, held against the snout and then mercilessly dropped back onto the floor. 

This happened several times, each agonizing for James. 

Then, it lifted. In his soul James hoped it had simply grown bored, but above him, he watched as in a swift motion the giant animal opened its mouth. 

"OH GOD PLEASE NO NO" James cried as a tongue the length of a city block lapped him up. In moments the dense saliva caught him. He was cut by the sharp teeth and sent to the back of the dogs throat. A deafening gulp followed, sending him to the depth the dog. 


Kelsey was booking it. The dog had taken its time with the first person but now it was trotting around the room gulping one survivor after another. On occasion it would bark at its food, nearly deafening Kelsey from across the room. She couldn't imagine how loud it was for it's prey. 

The bookcase loomed over, only another minute or so of her running to it. The echos of distant licking and gulping filled the air. Over the past few minutes it had felt like it was getting louder and louder, Kelsey finally making the mistake of looking over her shoulder. The dog was nearing, eyes scanning the ground looking for it's human treats. Kelsey could even make out the red saliva drooling from the giant mouth, seemingly waiting for her to join the rest. Finally, she saw what she knew was inevitable -- the beaty eyes locked onto her, and the dog began to trot over. 

Kelsey had never been a runner, in high school she had walked the mile more than run it. Now, she ran. Every moment feeling the hungered breathing behind her. She dived between two books and felt the suction of the giant nose try to pull her back, if she lost grip with the cover material she knew she'd be in the dogs stomach in seconds -- likely in several pieces judging by the sharp teeth she'd seen. For a short moment the dog pulled back to look at it's progress. Kelsey used this to sprint to the back, just out of reach for the animal. For the next few minutes she could hear her hunter breathing, the sound echoing around her. More sharp barks pierced the air, louder than ever. 

The dog eventually pattered away. Kelsey was traumatized but she was safe. Saved by a bulky Russian novel she would never have read. 

The Bedroom by S_P_R

Brad slept as best he could on the hard floor of the box he found himself in. Most of the others did the same. At one point they had inhabited some sort of glass prison, but the giantess woman who they had become familiar with had moved them into what seemed to be a wooden drawer. When she was outside, they could hear rumbling but not much of anything decipherable. Now, for a time, it was silent. 

Brad, like the others, knew their purpose. 

In their drawer with them were giant monuments carved from rigid plastic. Each looked as a giant modern artwork might in a town square, only these monuments reeked of sourness. The smell permeated the air and made eating, sleeping, and breathing that much more difficult. It didn't take a long time in confinement to determine what these were: toys. Sex toys. Ritualistically, the giant young woman would pull these toys from their space while taking another group of tinies at the same time. After some moaning from the outside, the toys would be returned soaked with pungent and thick fluid. The tinies would not return. 

Brad didn't know their fate for certain, but he would use his imagination as he looked at the uncaring face that returned the toys. Sometimes, she'd be smiling. 


Taylor stumbled through her apartment door. The alcohol was really hitting her. Maybe that's why she didn't convince any of the guys at the club to come home with her, she thought. As she walked in, the 21 year old checked herself out in the mirror.  On one end, she wondered how it was possible that a girl with a set of assets like hers and a teasing top and skirt could go home alone. On the other hand, she could feel a stirring within herself already amongst a small dampness emerging between her legs. At least her body would be a destination for someone tonight. 


Brad awoke to a loud noise that rattled the entire dark space. He prayed that the giantess would pass on the opportunity to use the toys tonight, perhaps she'd simply call it a night. His hopes were quickly dashed as the drawer tore open, with a blinding light shining down on all of the woman's toys. They looked up and as their eyes adjusted they saw the fit body of the girl leaning over them, her breasts like small moons hanging overhead. She looked dressed up for something, her makeup-covered face peering down, eyes glazed. 

She first grabbed the plastic toys, hauling them out of view. Then she returned, reaching down as the remaining tinies ran in circles looking for protection. There was none. A manicured hand scooped up an usually high number of tinies, Brad included. They felt the warm digits close around them, holding them in a suffocating grip. He could hear bones break from others as they were pressed awkwardly into her soft hand. 

Within seconds of the hand opening they were dumped onto an ocean of skin. One direction were the familiar mounds of flesh they had seen above them looking like hills with dark peaks. On the other end her legs extended for what felt like a mile, between them a slope curved down covered in a striped canvas. Brads heart dropped as he saw it already dampening. Her eyes looked at them like uncaring daggers. Her fingers returned to pick out one of the injured women, she lifted the woman to her massive face and let her alcohol soaked break wash over her as she said:

"Hi, y-you better move alllllooooot" 

Within an instant her hand dropped the woman onto her nipple which awaited, erect. The others watched in horror as the giant fingers returned, first poking and prodding the woman who screamed bloody murder. Then then began to cup, squeeze and twist. The screams were rattling has the giant woman moaned. 

Without looking, Taylor's other hand haphazardly grabbed the rest of the tinies and pushed them under the line of her panties.  They yelled as rolled down her recently cut hair, each stump slashing their skin and leaving them riddled with bloody gashes.

Brad was lucky, he was able to find a hair the girl had missed, holding on for dear life just above her sex. The rest were not so lucky. Two people grabbed her enlarged clit for survival, a move which immediately elicited a strong reaction from above. The other handful of tinies found themselves stuck to the thick juices flowing from her along her folds.


Above Taylor was feeling it. The tinies in her underwear were hitting her in all the right places, and she felt them squirm even more when she pressed her legs together. She imagined what the sweat from the dancefloor tasted like for them. The tiny in her hand was mostly covered in blood by this point, her nipple was almost too sensitive now. She opened her hand to see the crippled thing gasping for air in her hand. 

"Oooooww poor baby" she pretended to pout. 

"D-Don't worry I-I'll take carrrre of you" Taylor announced as she dangled the woman over her mouth. She dropped her in and immediately tasted the iron flavor. Taylor swore she could even feel a little movement as she swished it around and swallowed. She patted her toned stomach afterward. 

"I hope you like vodka little one"


Below, the movement of the giant legs had a profound effect on the experience for the tinies in Taylors valley. They gasped for air as the acidic juice poured over them and tried to pull them down. The two tinies on the clit watched in horror as those below them began to drown. As they began to formulate an escape, they saw the fabric above them lift once more, and the giant digit return, this time hovering directly over them. 

"NO GOD PLEASE NO" One yelled as it pressed down onto them, sandwiching them onto her clit with the force of a truck at full speed. They felt their eyes bloat from their heads as the finger dragged them in monotonous circles, each one eliciting more moans from far away. Just when they felt as if they would finally be crushed, the hand retreated. They both sat motionless both from exhaustion and from the fear that moving any more would lead to the hands return. 

Instead, something else returned. A giant purple probe descended close to Brad, almost knocking him off of the hair that was serving as his lifeline. He held on to the only respite he had from the horror below. 

The tinies on the clit saw the same, only the purple plastic stopped just above them. In an instant they recognized it as one of the toys from the drawer. It pressed into them, the hard plastic bending the men around it as her clit felt their every move. 

One man, knowing what was about to happen, gasped "DON'T DO IT-"

And instantly the vibrator activated, eviscerating both tinies in an explosion of blood and gore. The world shook as Taylor belted a moan. She could feel her clit drenched in the tinies as they mixed with her fluid to give an excellent stimulus. This was better than any guy could give her, at least, any guy who was in once piece. 

The tinies below continued to struggle in the tides the girl released, now mixed with chunks of their comrades dripping down. Brad dodged droplets as the legs and hips around him buckled. He thought about all his friends from the drawer who likely met the same fate. He'd probably slept next to that toy when it had remains from other tinies on it. He shuddered as he clung for his life. 

Finally, after what felt like hours, the toy retreated. By this time, the tinies knew that it would be short lived. They awaited the return of her fingers from the slopes above. Instead, after a moment of calm where they could only hear the giantesses distant rapid heartbeat, they saw the layer of fine linen above them ripped to the side, and in it's place a dark mountain hung. 

The other toy, the dildo. There was a collective scream as Taylor unceremoniously rubbed the toy against her folds, the soft form mixing the tinies with her burning juices. There was no escape as they felt the sea of juices wash over them again and again. The squelching was deafening for all. And then, the first thrust. 

The tinies, most now glued to the tip of the toy, were launched deep into Taylor quickly. 

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm so wet" she yelled above as the tinies were smashed to pieces along her canal. They felt the force of a 747 shatter their limbs as the toy greedily pressed them along her walls. It would then withdraw, leaving them to float for a moment before returning to smash them again. One woman found a space at against her cervix which provided some respite, but as Taylor escalated her self pleasure, the toy eventually reached the woman, pounding her to a pulp in an instant. After a few minutes of terror, the walls closed in one final time, flattening all of the tinies into a thin layer. Mostly dead, they stuck to her insides as the monstrous vagina flooded with cum. 

Above, Taylor finally relaxed into a daze. 

"That was grrreeeat" she said as she turned to her side. For a moment she thought to clean everything up, but that would be a lot of work, so she left the dildo in for now. Rubbing against in periodically in her drunken sleep.

Inside, shockingly, a couple tinies found themselves alive. They were all horribly injured and gasping for air within the confined space. One man could feel the acidic juices around him eating at his shattered skin. If his eyes hadn't started to dissolve, he could've seen himself slowly merging with the love juice he was mostly submerged in, the giant toy continuing to press him into her side as she rolled in her sleep. 

Brad finally had the chance to escape. He let go of the hair and landed on the soft bedding. After a careful and treacherous journey he found  comfort under one of the giant woman's pillows, mourning the loss of his friends. 

Eventually she would get up, and with her juices the remaining tinies would drip into her panties, barely clinging to life. Taylor would go about her day, enjoying the wet feeling in her pants. The tinies would slowly die off as their existence was stirred into her soup. 

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