Leprechauns & Giantesses Book 2: To Giant Realms & Beyond by timescrybe2

Continuing the story begun in "To Catch a Leprechaun." Colleen, now a giantess in a giant dimension, uses her teleporter to bring earth boys there to eat or sell at her leisure. Her replacement teacher at her old Irish school on earth, Sandra Corlani, teaches a secret time travel class to a select group of students, who then find themselves in vore adventures in other times.

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Series: Leprechauns & Giantesses
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Time Class by timescrybe2

Colleen's replacement science teacher in the Irish high school has a special subject of her own: time travel.

Since Colleen’s mysterious absence as a teacher, Frances Woodfield had explained to the school, that Colleen Balfour would not be returning due to personal private developments in her life. They had briefly engaged a substitute science teacher, who had filled in during Colleen’s earlier sabbattical. However, the teaching position needed to be filled in a more permanent way at the start of the third term. So the school turned to someone with tried and true staying power: Colleen’s longest serving predecessor Sandra Corlani.

She was now 57, and had begun teaching at the school when she was 21, after graduating from a teacher’s course. At 41, she had gotten married, and at 46, she had had a baby daughter, only to become a widow in the same month, and gone into semi-retirement to raise her daughter at home, while spending her available time on perfecting something she had been working on all her life: time travel.

She was not aware of the Ring of Reversal, and would not have considered it a form of viable time travel anyway, as it was used more for reversing the flow of time, thereby resetting most people’s memories, rather than actually travelling into the past with one’s memories of the intervening years retained in the mind.

She had explored every possibility that came into her mind, and had developed a number of theories and methods which may or may not work reliably.

Now, as she returned to the science teaching position, reverting to her maiden name, she wanted to pass on the knowledge to her students and let them be free to make their own experiments.

She had passed on each of her techniques as she’d acquired them in the past, to trustworthy students back then, in the days of teaching from age 25-46, but now wished to present the entire course of options to a future generation of potential time students.

One Friday she asked a number of students she had selected from each of her classes to come to an information seminar in the science classroom after school. When they were all assembled, she began by saying, “I’d like to talk about a subject which would not be recognised in the school curriculum, and nor would I want it to be: time travel. I have been working on the means to bridge the fourth dimension for many many years, and would like to make my findings available to any students from any of my classes who are interested. I am prepared to offer a special after school voluntary lesson each week, for anyone interested, on the understanding that it would only be known to the teaching staff as a remedial lesson. I would not wish it to be disclosed to the school staff that I was teaching additional material not found in the curriculum. So anyone who is interesed can come to the first session next Friday afternoon at 3pm and stay for as many lessons as they wish.”

Every student selected had showed high aptitude and each of them was interested in the subject. They suddenly found themselves grouped together with their ages ranging from 11 to 18 in the same after school class. By the end of a term of this, they would all have gained knowledge of a number of potentially successful methods of time travel. Some were ready to experiment with it less than halfway through the term.

Bridge to a Boarder by timescrybe2

Dillon was a twelve year old student who had always had a crush on Miss Balfour in the first term of that year, when she had taught at the school for the last time before leaving to become a giantess. Dillon didn’t know why she had left the school, only that she had. The one useful thing that he had observed during lunch hours was her friendship with Miss Woodfield, who was still at the school now. Dillon told her that he missed Miss Balfour and the two became friends and talked about the former science teacher many times. Miss Woodfield shared everything she’d learned about Colleen’s early life in the course of their friendship, and briefly entertained the idea of leading him off to Colleen’s giant house as a surprise meal. However, it seemed, in this case, to be worse than unfair to betray the boy’s trust so completely. She was unaware that Dillon was one of the students in Sandra Corlani’s extra-curricular time travel class.

Once Dillon had managed to steer the conversation around to Colleen’s school life, he learned that she had been at an all girls’ boarding school in a nearby village when she’d been in year 12. Miss Woodfield recounted what Colleen had told her once, and quoted Colleen’s narrative almost word for word:

“On the last day of my final year, when everyone else went home at lunch time, and all the teachers had left as well, I just stayed sitting on the window seat of my downstairs room in the boarding house, knowing that I’d be moving on to study teaching at college the following year.”

Dillon, using some of the knowledge imparted by Miss Corlani, had been working on a time machine for several weeks, hoping to take acceptable currency still in circulation back into the past and go on a date with Miss Balfour back when she was a teenager and ask her for a kiss.

He finally perfected the machine. It was about the size of a backpack, and was worn in the same way. Now he had to know the year that Miss Balfour had finished school. One day, during mid-term long weekend, which gave a Friday and Monday as holidays to the school students only, not the rest of the village, he went to the neighbouring village to visit the Girls Boarding School’s library which was still open on those holidays. He looked at several yearbooks, until he saw a picture of the prefects for her final year. Miss Balfour was one of them, named Colleen in the photograph. He found the boarding house photographs too, and learned which one Colleen was in. The boarding house was 3 stories high and only had one students dormitory on the ground floor. He walked around and located the window that she must have been sitting behind in her final year on the last day of term.

Returning home, he put on his time backpack and used the screen and the dials on the strap control to set it for the exact day, time and place, so that he would appear just behind her bed.

The Prefect's Palate by timescrybe2

If he convinced her he was a time traveller, by making a dramatic entrance, she would be fascinated enough to think of him as more than a mere stranger, back at a time when she was closer to his age and was still single and available.

He activated the device, and saw everything turn into a kaleidescope of images around him. Then he heard sparks coming from the machine, just before it reached the destination. He appeared in the dormitory behind the bed in 1966 on the correct day, as far as he knew, but the machine had reduced itself and him to tiny size! As Miss Corlani had not personally tested all of her methods of time travel, she was not aware that the technology involved in breaching the fourth dimension could also run the frequent risk of altering the first to third dimensions of the time traveller involved.

“I guess this is the risk of playing around in the 4th dimension,” he thought, “Now I’ll also have to appeal to Colleen on the grounds of needing her help.”

He walked under the bed and saw her seated by the window, with her hair up in a bun.

Dillon stepped into view until Colleen saw him. She stood up and looked down at him.

“You’re the smallest little boy I’ve ever seen,” she said, “I read a lot of fairytales, and I’ve always been interested in the strong possibility that the little folk actually existed. I’ve hoped to meet a leprechaun for some time.”

He thought quickly. If she liked fairytales about little folk, then she might like him more if she assumed him to be one of them, than if she learned he was a time travelling boy who had accidentally shrunk himself.

“It’s nice to meet a girl your size,” he said.

“I’ve just finished my final year of school. I’m going to teacher’s college in a few months’ time, until I’m ready to become a teacher. For the next three months, I’m on holidays by myself. I’ll take you home with me now. I’ll have the house to myself for the next week or so.”

Colleen picked him up and put him on the vanity unit.

“It’s nice of you to let me come with you,” he said, “Thank you.”

“Think nothing of it. I expect you’ll make a delicious holiday dinner for me at some stage. I’m sure I’ll be able to gobble you whole in a single mouthful. I don’t think you’d want to be bitten. I’m Colleen.”

The fact that he might not want to be eaten at all didn’t seem to weigh into her considerations. The announcement stunned him.

“I’m Dillon,” he said.

Colleen carried her bag under her left arm and carried Dillon in her right hand. He looked up at her high long neck and her full lips and the look of carefree indifference to his plight in her eyes. She had been a prefect for a whole year, and would one day be a schoolteacher. And she was now going home to enjoy her holidays with him as an upcoming meal!

Enjoying Her Holidays by timescrybe2

When she reached her home, she sat down again and asked him, “Do you folk age at the same rate as us?”

“I think so,” he said, “I’m 12.”

“I’m 18. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you to make your stay here enjoyable until I’m ready to eat you,” she said.

“Well… I think your lips are so big, even in proportion to your sized face. It would be so lovely if you were to give me a kiss.”

She stared at him intently.

“You do look very handsome, in a tiny sort of way,” she said, “And I’d be happy to kiss you on several occasions in the weeks ahead. You just need to remember that it won’t go on forever. When the time comes, I’m going to eat you all up, no matter how much I like your company in the meantime.”

“I understand,” he said.

“Alright then,” said Colleen.

She held him closer to her face, and pressed her full shapely lower lip against his entire face at once.

“Wow!” he said, “That was wonderful!”

“I’m glad you liked it. It was nice for me too.”

“It will be an interesting experience to be kissed by someone who’s going to eat me, and then to be eaten by someone who’s kissed me.”

Colleen laughed. It was mid afternoon. He wondered if she had left for home earlier than she had done in the original timeline, simply because this time she had found him.

She placed him on the windowsill and said, “Have a look out at the garden, while I go and see about dinner.”

As she left the room, he looked out at the lawn and then at the garden bed below. There was a vegetable garden just outside the window, and large lettuces were growing there! They could be just strong enough to stop his fall painlessly. At any rate, it was less of a risk than waiting to be eaten.

He jumped off and managed to land right on top of a lettuce, digging his feet into it a bit at first, as it broke his fall. Then he slid down a leaf to the garden and ran across the lawn, in the direction of the property’s border. He was now in a time when he hadn’t been born yet.

He reached the far end of the lawn and heard Colleen calling.

“I’ll catch you, little boy!”

He turned and saw her running across the lawn in her long white dress, until she caught up to him in next to no time, and took him back inside.

“You can’t escape from here, little boy. It’s quite natural for a girl my size to eat a boy your size, and you’ll just have to make the most of the situation. I’ll be enjoying my holidays both before and after our final dinner date, no matter how you cope with it.”

She folded her arms and looked at him sternly.

“Are you angry with me for trying to get away?” he asked.

Her facial expression softened a little.

A Strangely Exciting Pillow by timescrybe2

“No, I’m not angry, but I want you to understand how pointless it is for you to entertain thoughts of avoiding your eventual journey to my stomach. Think how much energy you wasted and the risk you took jumping out the window, when I soon caught you again in a fraction of the time. I know that being eaten’s not what you had in mind for yourself, but there’s really nothing you can do to prevent it. So why not just be reasonable?”

“Are you being reasonable by doing this to me?”

“I’m six years older than you and an awful lot bigger,” she said, opening her mouth wide as she spoke in assertive tones, while he looked in at her tongue, “I don’t need to be reasonable to you! I have my entire adult life ahead of me to enjoy after you’ve gone your tasty way. And I told you just before I kissed you that there was nothing you could say to change my mind about it. Think about that.”

She popped him into her mouth for several minutes, and then took him out.

“Have you anything else to say?” she asked.

“I suppose you’re right,” he said, “Only, I hope you’ll still give me more kisses.”

“Of course I will,” she said.

She closed her eyes and brought him to her lips and pressed hard against hisneck and face.

“You’re certainly a beautiful girl to be eaten by,” he said.

She smiled radiantly.

“And you’re certainly a tasty boy to kiss.”

She slowly placed him into her mouth again, left him there for a ver long time, and then put him on a high cupboard, and walked away, let down her hair and walked around outside and then came back in and sat with him and kissed him for several minutes.

Then she lay down and let him climb on her shoulders and neck and then bade him to climb into her mouth for a while. She let him out later and took him to the dining room table  with her dinner and sat down.

“I’ve decided that there’s no time like the present,” she said.

He watched her gulping neck as she tilted her head back high above him and placed other food items into her mouth and then drank some water.

“It’s been lovely to meet you, little Dillon,” she said.

“You’ll meet me again,” he said, as a sudden inspiration.

“I doubt that,” she said.

“In the future. You’ll have a student called Dillon, who will invent a time machine that takes me back to today.”

“How could a boy invent a working time machine?”

“It didn’t work as well as it should have. That’s why I shrank to this size.”

“Well then eating you now is going to be even more interesting,” she said, “And you can be sure that I’ll enjoy getting to know your younger self in the time he has left.”

She was going to eat him anyway!

Then she picked him up and placed him into her mouth.

The back of her tongue looked strangely exciting, and he rested his head and shoulders on it and waited, thinking frantically for ways to return from both her mouth and her time period and restore his size. When he felt her gulping him eagerly into her throat, he knew for certain that there was nothing he could do.

A Special Feeling by timescrybe2

now the time travel vore fun starts. I have a pen name to live up to.

Arthur was another student at the school, who took a walk in the forest behind the school and found the warp that led to Miss Balfour’s giant garden. He saw her and re-introduced himself and told her how beautiful she looked, and then became a little embarrassed.

"It's alright. I’m flattered," she said, "I have something to tell you too. You look so young and delicious, that I would love to eat you."

The idea fascinated him.

"Do you think that I would taste nice?"

"I'm sure you would."

"I think I’d enjoy watching you eat something, and pretending it was me,” he said.

 “Do you really mean that?” asked Miss Balfour.


That night, Miss Balfour, at his suggestion, prepared a ham salad for main course, and pavlova for dessert.

"This is very nice," she said, during dessert.

"I must confess, I chose this, because I wanted to watch your tongue dealing with the pavlova."

She smiled.

"I noticed you paying close attention, every time I put out my tongue and spoon another mouthful onto it."

 “I’ve thought of your beautiful mouth wanting to eat me for the rest of the day. It’s amazing to consider it,” he said.

"I'm so grateful," she said, "You're a very special boy."

She kissed his entire face.

"I love you, Miss Balfour."

"I love you too, Arthur, and I really would like to eat you. Would you go along with it, knowing that?”

 “Yes, I know I would.”

"Arthur, look at you!" she said, effervescing with happiness, "Where would you like me to eat you?"

"If you do it, sitting up in your bed, you'll be able to lie down and stay there for the night, once I'm in your stomach."

She carried him to the bedroom of her giant house, and climbed into her bed.

She sat there, with the reading lamp on, and raised him to her lips.

"Shall I start?" she said.

"Yes, Miss Balfour."

"Farewell then."

She opened her mouth, and placed him onto her tongue.

After a few minutes, she took him out of her mouth.
"Arthur, this isn't quite what I'd dreamt of. You've offered yourself to me. Part of the fun was to eat someone, who wished he could escape."

She told him of how she’d originally invented her shrinking device for the purpose of reducing and eating boys, and later used it in reverse to become a giant.

"What if you didn’t know I was a willing participant?" he asked, and told her of the time machine he’d built as one of Miss Corlani’s students, and of the idea he’d just had, “Your past self wouldn’t know I was willing, and you could tell me everything I need to know in order to sneak into her house and get hold of the machine and reduce myself.”

She put him on the spare pillow beside her face, kissed him several times, and they talked themselves to sleep.

In the morning, she awoke to see him staring in adoration at her. 

She told him everything that would be pertinent to what they were planning:

"The past Miss Balfour won’t know you’re a willing quarry from this time, if you don't tell her. So you might as well let her know that you’re Arthur and let her think you snuck into her property for other reasons and accidentally shrank yourself while playing around with her shrinking device. Would you be happy to go out there and pretend to be afraid of being eaten?"

"I guess so. You wanting to eat me has made me feel very special. If your other self eats me, even in the past, I'd be happy to do your idea then."

"Arthur, you're a darling!"

Setting the Scene by timescrybe2

“Well you’d better fill me in on the best way to set this scene up.”

"That’s just what I had in mind. Now Arthur, if my memory serves me well, she'll prepare a morning tea snack, and then bring it out and sit on that seat facing the flowerbed, while she eats it. You’ll have to hide in the flowerbed, while she's inside.”

"Don't you wish you could come back in time with me after reducing to normal size, and watch what happens?"
"We'd spoil our plan, if she saw me. I'll remember what happens to my younger self, when I'm in my time anyway. Don't tell her you're a time traveller."

"Yes, Miss Balfour."

"You can call me Colleen," she said, "I'm not your teacher now."

"You'll always be Miss Balfour to me," he said, "I wonder what she'll be like, when I make sure she sees me."

"She's had her teacher’s qualification for a while. She enjoyed teaching at your school, and then taking on her sabbatical break. She's used to having authority. She has everything she wants in life. When she captures you, she'll be pleased, amused, and quite unsympathetic to your apparent plight," said Miss Balfour, smiling down at him, with her own amusement, "If you have any second thoughts about this, they won't do you any good, once she gets hold of you. She'll eat you all up, and continue enjoying life."

"I won't have any regrets, Miss Balfour."

"I'm very proud of you, Arthur, and grateful."

"I never had a girlfriend, Miss Balfour. I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known in any time period."

They said their goodbyes and he returned to his own dimension and made preparations.

He took his time machine back into the past by over a year, to the time that Colleen was on sabbatical. By materializing inside her house, he was able to avoid the problem of breaking in. He shrank the machine right out of recognisable size first, watching it dwindle beyond the size of even a dot. Then he shrank himself and slipped under the door into her garden.

Soon he saw the past Miss Balfour arrive. She walked through the garden, with her back to him, and unlocked a door, and went into the house.

He recalled the conversation he’d had with the present day giant Miss Balfour while they’d been talking themselves to sleep, when they had selected this date for his arrival in the past:


He looked up, and watched Miss Balfour walk out of the garden. He turned around, in the flowerbed, and looked past the seat towards the house. He thought about the situation he had placed himself in. He grew even more thrilled at the prospect of being caught and eaten whole by the beautiful past Miss Balfour.

After around 20 more minutes of personal reflection, he saw the past Miss Balfour open the door in the distance, step out, and walk across the garden, with something in her hand.

She reached the seat, sat down, and he saw that she was carrying a plate with something on it.

He peeked up out of the flowerbed, about a meter away from Miss Balfour. She looked every bit as beautiful as he'd remembered her at as his teacher.

Sparkling Clean & Tidy by timescrybe2

She picked up a passion fruit slice that she’d bought from the village bakery, raised it to her mouth, and opened her mouth wide. He watched as she bit into it. She continued biting off mouthfuls, lowering the slice, while she chewed them and licking her lips, and biting off more. He enjoyed the look of her towering face, and the way her tongue sparkled and moved about her lips. How thrilling it would be, when that tongue touched him, when she would be eating him.


Arthur continued to stare at her, and eventually she had eaten the entire slice. Was she about to get up and go back inside? Should he make his presence a little more obvious, so that she could spot him?

He looked up, as Miss Balfour began licking each of her fingers several times in succession. It was the most arousing sight he'd ever witnessed.

Arthur was about to move a little, to give his presence away. Then he saw her stare intently in his direction.

Miss Balfour had seen him!

"Hello, little one, and welcome to my garden," she said.

"Hello. I’m Arthur. You were my teacher until your sabbatical started. I … snuck into your house and ended up playing with some device that seems to have shrunken me."

"I remember you, Arthur. Have you been there long?"
"Only since this morning," he said truthfully.

"It's nice to see you again," she said, smiling adorably.

He guessed she must have decided for certain that he was definitely worth eating. He enjoyed the way she showed such friendliness, when he knew that she was actually making her plans to capture him and eat him.

The present day giant Miss Balfour's description of the past Miss Balfour was now foremost in his mind. He wondered how long she would take before announcing the fate she had devised for him.

"It's lovely to see you too," he said.

"Have you had anything to eat today?" she asked.

"Not yet."
"I was going to have some strawberries and whipped cream inside. Would you like to join me?"
"Thank you," he said, "I won't even need one full strawberry at this size."

She reached down, across the flowers in front of him, and picked him up.

"I like eating," she said.

This was the first hint, he surmised.

She carried him into the kitchen, placed him on the bench, took out a bowl, and a punnet of strawberries. She removed the stalks, and put the strawberries in the bowl. Then she sprayed whipped cream from a can, over the strawberries, and put down the can. She picked Arthur up gently, and placed him into the bowl. He was now covered in cream up to his neck.

She licked her fingers clean again.

So she was going to eat him as part of her morning tea.

Miss Balfour took the bowl and a spoon to the table on the patio and sat down on a chair.

"You just help yourself to the nearest strawberry. When you're finished, I'll lick any cream from you, and you'll be clean and tidy."

So she wasn't planning to eat him at this time. It would come later. Licking the cream off him would be her way of surreptitiously having a chance to taste him. Since the giant Miss Balfour had already reassured him of his delicious taste to her, he knew that past Miss Balfour would like him.

"Thank you," he said, and began eating from a strawberry, while he watched Miss Balfour spoon a whole one into her mouth.

They ate and talked, and then she asked if he'd had enough.

"Yes, thank you," he said, and she spooned his strawberry up and ate it. Now she would lick him clean! He was eagerly anticipating it.

Miss Balfour picked him up and licked him several times. When all of the cream was gone, she continued to lick. He knew she was enjoying the taste of him

She licked her lips, and smiled.

The Only Reprieve by timescrybe2

"Do you still feel sticky at all?" she asked.

"No Miss Balfour. Your tongue did a nice licking cleaning job."

"Well I'm going to watch some television. You can sit in my hands, and watch it with me."

They watched television for an hour, and then Miss Balfour took him to a room with a large set of shelves. She placed him beside a dolls house, which rested on one of the higher shelves, roughly level with her face.

"Thank you, Miss Balfour. You've been so kind to me today," he said, secretly aware of her real motives, "I guess I'm too small to be able to repay your hospitality."

"I think you'll have your chance," she said, with a hint of mischief in her voice. He knew exactly what she meant.

"Well you've been pleasant company for me to talk to in your garden. You fed me, cleaned me up with your tongue, and showed me a nice television program. You're like a beautiful friend to me."

"I'm glad I found you in my garden today. I've got to go and attend to a quick telephone call, to organise my eventual return to teaching at your school. Then I'm going to come back here and keep you company, and in the afternoon, I'll be having you for lunch."

He was ecstatic as she said those words.

"Do you mean I'm going to be your lunch?" he asked, to stay in character.

"That's right. You can't escape. I'm going to eat you all up!"

He looked at her beautiful towering face forming the words. This was his own great fantasy made real too.

"That's true. I think you've got me well and truly trapped, Miss Balfour."

She laughed.

"Well I'll see you soon then."

He watched her leave the room, and then made himself comfortable in the dolls house.


He sat on the dolls house couch, thinking of beautiful Miss Balfour, and the destiny, which awaited him, knowing that he would be in her stomach in less than a day. He waited for Miss Balfour to return. 

Soon they were talking together, as she sat on the couch, with Arthur on her shoulder.

"I'm going to cook you soon," she said, and took him to the kitchen. She placed him on the bench, and then heard the phone ring. He noticed the window was open, and decided to act the part, by making a convincing attempt to escape.

He ran across to the end of the bench, where it met the back of the fridge, and climbed down the fridge grate to the floor. Then he ran to the table, and hid behind a leg to wait for Miss Balfour to come back and look for him.

He saw her come into the room and begin to search. He looked up at her towering form, and edged around the table leg, staying out of sight, until she guessed his hiding place, and grabbed him.

"I told you, that you couldn't escape," she said, "In an hour or two, I'll gulp you down my throat, and it will be all over. I know you were once my size, but I've got you now, and you don't have a chance. I'm going to warm you up in the oven now, and then enjoy this meal. Your only reprieve is that I will swallow you whole."

Miss Balfour was certainly in character.

He warmed up in the oven, and then she took him to the dining table, where she had a glass of water waiting, and served him on a plate.

Miss Balfour sat down and licked her lips.

"I'm going to start licking you now, and then I'll put you into my mouth for a while, and then slide you into my throat."

"Goodbye Miss Balfour."

"Goodbye little Arthur," she mused, and proceeded to eat him.

As he entered her mouth, felt her tongue like a moist mattress, and her throat loomed ahead, he knew this was no longer an abstract fantasy. soon he felt an incredible gulp.

A Trick or Two in Time by timescrybe2

In time, Frances Woodfield and Sandra Corlani became friends. Sandra confided in Frances about her discovery of time travel techniques, and Frances returned the confidence by telling Sandra about her shrunken Dollipops, and eventually told her everything about Colleen. In the meantime, Frances had kept in touch with Colleen, and had been equipped with a new shrinking device to use in the quest for shrinking yet another boy to become her Dollipop III. Frances and Sandra agreed to lend their scientific devices to eachother when needed, and Sandra began reflecting on Colleen’s desire to eat leprechauns and shrunken boys. The more she thought about it, the more the idea appealed to her.

Sandra borrowed Frances’s shrinking device and followed a boy named Gilbert home from school one day, until he walked through the public gardens in the village.

She caught him up, let him know she was there, took the shrinking device from her handbag and pointed it at him. He shrank to tiny size. She picked him up and took him home to her garden.

"I was walking here on my birthday last year. I didn’t have the shrinking ray, only my time travel invention. I think you’d make a nice surprise meal for her, now that she can eat you all up and swallow you whole in one mouthful.”

She took a small box and some wrapping paper from her handbag.

There was no point in saying anything. She had obviously thought this out for a long time and planned it, and would not be swayed from her mischief by any pleadings on his part. He prepared to meet his fate, and waited.

"I'll be expecting you when you arrive, since I made the mental note of the idea back on my birthday."

She took a small card and wrote on it, "Happy Birthday from Sandra Corlani, your older self. I think you’ll find this tasty," and placed it into the box, "Can you give that to my younger self, when she opens the present?"

"I guess so," he said.

"Sorry, I guess it's not the best deal for you," she said.

She put the lid on the box, and wrapped it.

Then she called out, "Goodbye, until last year."

The next thing he heard was the wrapping paper being torn off. Then the lid was removed, and he looked up at the same lady in the past, at a time when she was not the science teacher at his school.

He picked up the card.

"This is for you," he said.

"Thank you," she said, and took the card.

"Well I'm sure you understand why you're here," she said.

"I've accepted that I can't stop you from eating me. So I'm not going to be unpleasant towards you about it."

"I appreciate that," she said.

"But could you do something nice for me first? It won't take you long."

"What would that be?"

"I've never had a kiss before. It would be nice to be kissed by a beautiful lady like you."

She kissed him for several minutes.

"Is that enough?"

"Yes, thank you very much."

"Then I'll have my birthday lunch," she said.

She licked him and put him onto her tongue and swallowed him whole.

Then she began to realise that the idea could be extrapolated on, in order to achieve a much more significant outcome.

A Widow's Warning by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Two weeks after his grandfather died, another student from the school named Morton, went to the cemetery to visit the grave, and saw that Miss Corlani was there too, also visiting a grave.

She approached him and said, "You look a little young to have lost anyone."

"My grandfather," he said.

"Oh. My husband died on that ship that sank years ago. You were probably too young to have heard about it. I was lucky they even recovered the body."

"It's nice that you can keep such a lovely smile, after facing such a loss," he said.

"I'll tell you a secret," she said, "I've invented a time capsule. It's about three inches high. I'm going to write a message to my younger self, and send it to her in the time capsule. It should arrive in the past. It will warn her to call my husband and tell him not to be on that boat. That way he'll live, and I'll have changed history."

"I'd love to be able to time travel," he said.

"I'd never fit in the capsule."

"There's a way you could. I have borrowed someone else’s invention. I could shrink you for your journey through time. At the moment, until history is changed, I'm a widow in this time, and you're a very handsome boy. When you said I had a lovely smile,… well, is that because you find me beautiful?"

"Yes. I think you're very beautiful."

"My friends don't know I'm planning to change the past. Would you come to my house and cuddle me for the afternoon? I'd like very much to kiss you as well."

"Nothing could make me happier," he said.

She hugged him, and her cheek rested against his own. It was fantastic.

She took him to her house, and invited him onto her couch. He sat down beside her and she put her arms around him and kissed him passionately on the mouth for a long time. He ran his finger over her lower lip. After a whole afternoon of passionate cuddling and kissing, she said, "Well are you ready to make the trip back?"

"Yes. You might as well shrink me, so that I can get used to being tiny while you're writing your letter."

He waited for her to use Miss Woodfield’s device and shrank to tiny size. She placed him on the table, and finished her letter. She folded her letter and placed it in an envelope. She lifted the sleeve to lick it, and he was about to ask her why she felt the need to seal it. Then he thought that the last thing he should do was discourage her from displaying her lovely tongue licking the envelope. He watched her lick and seal it, and then she took the time capsule out of her drawer, placed the envelope inside it, and picked him up and kissed him.

"Good luck," she said.

She sent him on his journey, and he materialized on her desk in the past. Her younger self was seated at the desk, and had her hair down, and wore a long black dress with a dark jumper over the top half of it.

She looked up, and saw him open the door of the tiny time capsule and step out with the envelope.

"I must have used this in the future, if you're here now. Did I invent a shrink ray too?"

"No, but your friend in the future has one. We met in the future, and your future self wrote you a letter, which will explain everything."

She took the envelope, opened it and held the note up to read it.

End Notes:

In the same Boat by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"I'd better ring my husband and ask him to stay a week longer in New York," she said.

"Could you put me on the carpet, so I can stretch my legs on the floor for a while?" he asked.

"I think I'll leave you up there," she said, and placed the letter under the small rug on the carpet. She walked out of the room.

He was curious to know why she had been so unfriendly. Maybe there was a clue in the letter. If he could get off the table, he could read it. He folded a sheet of paper into a hang glider and flew down to the carpet, pulled out the letter and read.


            Dear Past Self,

                        You must warn your husband not to board the boat he's due on. Tell him any feasible story you can think of, that will warn him of deadly danger, if he catches the boat. Ask him to wait another week to be safe. I've sent back with this letter a boy who wanted to time travel. Since he looks delicious to me, and we're the same person, I know you'll want to eat him. Best not to tell him until you're ready.

            Love, your Future Self from the future.


He couldn’t believe it. She had been playing him for a fool the whole time. The moment she'd learned of his shrinking serum, she'd planned it all.

"I've got to get out of here, before she comes back from the phone call. If she finds me, she'll eat me all up and then go on enjoying her marriage."

What he didn’t know was that sometimes the past could not be rewritten. Her husband did not believe her warnings and caught the boat anyway and died.
She had planned to eat him once the boat had sunk without her husband on it, but when the day came, she had to tell her tiny captive that she had failed to avert the danger that her future self had warned of. She was still, in all timelines, a widow.

He couldn't see any way out of the room, except walking out the door she'd used, which might lead him straight into her clutches. He searched the room, and found a small grating leading to an air vent. He slipped between the bars, and stayed there.

"I'll have to wait until nightfall, or until she goes out. Then I might be able to escape and mix my own antidote and relive these three weeks all over. I'll have to avoid my younger self."

She came into the room, and saw the note on the carpet, and his absence from the desk.

Without a word about her obvious awareness of what he'd done, she closed the door and began to search the room for him. She came to the grate, and lay down on her stomach and looked in at him.

Her large hand just fit through the grating. She grabbed him and then found that her hand would not fit with him in it.

"I'll make you an offer," she said, "If I have to fetch a screwdriver from the desk behind me, and then undo all four screws on the grating, pull it off and grab you, I'll eat you for lunch in half an hour's time. If you come out of there now, and save me the trouble, I'll treat you as a boy orphaned by time, adopted you for the afternoon, and let you cuddle up to my cheek in my bed until I'm ready to eat you for dinner."

"I guess I'll accept it," he said.

The Editor & the Edible by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

17 year old orphan Garfield had just inherited his late grandmother's house. He was one of the secret time travel class run by Sandra Corlani, and was also an ace English student who had written some books and submitted them to a publisher A woman from a publishing company telephoned to say that she had reviewed his manuscript and wanted to come over and go through some suggested alterations with him.

She arrived around 9am on the Saturday morning.

"Hello. It’s nice to meet you in person at last. I've been a publisher's editor for years, and worked with several successful authors. I was at home a year ago, when something odd happened, something I thought was scientifically impossible. So I'm very interested in your science fiction novel. It struck a chord. With a few modifications, we should be able to publish it."

They worked on it all morning. The woman was very beautiful, and had a happy effervescent smile all the time.

They finished the book at 12:10, and he asked if she'd like to stay for lunch. After the meal, he took her on a tour around the house.

When he showed her the upstairs balcony, she said, "It's a lovely spot up here. Do you bring your girlfriends up here?"

"I haven't had a girlfriend yet," he said.

She brought her head closer, and kissed him happily.

He put his arms around her and she did the same.

After several seconds, she withdrew her lips and asked, "What did you think of that?"

"The best moment of my life."

She invited herself into his lounge room, where they kissed and cuddled.

"I knew I loved you, as soon as you arrived," he said.

"But you don't know me. Do you remember that scientifically improbable thing I told you about, that happened last year? I was at my house one day. I go there to read manuscripts in peace. One day I arrived and sat down in the garden to read. It's not far from here actually, just a block or two away. After half an hour or so, I heard a rustling noise in the garden, and saw something move. I could have sworn it was a tiny boy. Then I stood up, walked over and searched the garden, until I saw him again. I asked if there were any other little boys like him.

He said no, that he had been shrunken by someone, and was a normal sized boy before then. I told him that, in that case, I would eat him for dinner the following night. After an eventful two days, I did just that. Do you still love me, knowing that?"
"I can't help it," he said, and kissed her.

She let him set up his scientific experiments in her spare room. He had a special tiny engine he had designed to run a time machine, but had not been able to build one.

He became her boyfriend, and would visit her often. One day he was followed by the mischeivous Ellie Blish from his school. (She had gained possession of one of Colleen’s earlier shrinking devices and had been using it to amuse herself by shrinking boys from her school. See earlier chapters of this book.)

Ellie waited until Garfield had run the publishing editor’s doorbell, and then fired the shrink ray at him. He heard her giggle, turned and dwindled to tiny size, and then heard his older girlfriend approaching the door from the inside.

Ellie ran off, laughing as she went. The editor opened the door.

"You're as small as the boy I ate," she said.

"Does that mean you're going to eat me?" he asked, "It wasn't meant to do this."

The Publisher's Paradox by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"You're my boyfriend. I’d never had the chance to swallow anyone before, when I ate that little boy last year. He must have made the same discovery you did."

She continued as his girlfriend, while he tried to perfect an antidote. He enjoyed lying on her chin, stroking her full lower lip at nights, and having her huge kisses.

One day she told him that she had also met someone her own age.

"Are you … going to eat me?"

"You would make an excellent celebration lunch today," she said, "but thank you for the good times we've had."

She took him to the dining room, put him on the dining table, and went to the kitchen. He grabbed a napkin, parachuted to the floor, and ran for the laboratory room she had been allowing him.

He soon heard her coming back. She noticed his absence in the dining room, and ran straight for the lab, while he hid under a cupboard.

"I know you're in here. You'd come back to try to restore your size. What makes you think you could have made an antidote now, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts? Besides, I'm not going to let you near your chemicals."

On the other side of the room was the experimental time travel engine he had made, using the knowledge he’d gleaned from Miss Corlani’s secret time classes. At his present size, it might well teleport him out of the present, if he could reach it, and hold onto it, when he activated it. He snuck around, while she searched for him. He ran for the device, and pressed the switch. She turned around and ran towards him. She reached down to grab him, and he vanished out of sight just in time.

He materialized in the past, in the room which would become the laboratory.

"I'd better get out of this house," he thought, "I'll have to get back to my house, find out what time period I'm in, and then try to perfect the antidote in my own house. My younger self can help me, if I make sure my grandmother doesn't see us. It would be hard to explain a tiny boy, if she's still alive in this time."

He made it out to the garden, and started across it. Then he heard footsteps and looked up. He saw the editor walking along a pathway. She stepped onto the grass and walked over to a seat, sat down and began reading a manuscript. He remembered it was what she did.
"I'd better get away from here as subtly and quickly as possible," he thought, "or she'll eat me, just like she did to the other tiny boy. She’s sure to be indifferent to me in this time."

He looked up at her, admiring her beautiful face for a while, and then stepped back, about to make a run for it, hoping the flowers would conceal him.

Then his foot fell on a dry leaf, which rustled.

He saw her look up.

Then he remembered her story of the boy she'd eaten.

"It just happened exactly as it happened then. It was me all along!" he thought, "I'm the boy she ate, after I time travelled. If I don't escape this time paradox, she'll eat me for her dinner tomorrow night!"

He ducked his head, saw her stand up and walk towards the garden. She stood towering in front of the garden, and looked in. He backed away, and then turned and ran. She searched the garden and eventually found and caught him. She picked him up.

"Are there any other boys like you?"

"No. I shrank myself. I was a normal sized boy before that," he said, without thinking, and then realised it was the exchange of dialogue she'd narrated in the future.

"Well you'll make a delicious dinner for me tomorrow night. I'll be here another two days to read a manuscript through, and mark some alterations on it."

He knew there was no point in pleading with her. She had even been prepared to eat him in the future as her ex boyfriend. He had to escape.

That night she let him lie on her neck, and then against her cheek while she slept. In the morning, she placed him in her lap, and later on her shoulder, while she read the manuscript. Late in the day, she took him to the kitchen and prepared him to be served in the dining room, and happily ate him.

A Pinch in Time by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

14 year old Drake, another student of Sandra Corlani’s time classes, was staying in his aunt’s house. He completed work on the time machine hidden in the garden.

He gave the machine a test, and it took him to twenty years into the past, where he stepped out, to see that a beautiful middle aged woman was walking into the bamboo area which partly concealed his time machine. She had noticed something, as it arrived, presumably.

He told her he was a time traveller from twenty years into her future, and introduced himself. She said her name was Iris, and invited him in for lunch.

After they'd finished eating, she started a conversation.

"I've moved back into this house, which I once shared with my previous husband. He died in the Great Irish war, when I was 33."

"Are you a time traveller too?"
"No. I think you're the first."

"But how can you be so young now, if you were 33 in during that war?"

"How old do you think I am?"

"In your early forties, I'd guess."

She smiled.

"You're very sweet to say so, but I'm 55. Now would you like to dance with me?"

He accepted, and they waltzed slowly to the music she turned on. Then he suddenly shrank to tiny size. She towered in front of him.

What both of them could not possibly imagine is that the leprechauns had once used the Ring of Reversal to reverse a period of time during which Colleen had shrunken several boys and young men and eaten most of them herself. The Ring had reversed this period of time, but also infected it. Anyone who used time travel to traverse this particular period in time could well end up arbitrarily shrinking to tiny size when they arrived in the past, present or future. It was simply an exposure (to the period of time that had been altered by the Ring of Reversal) that could trigger the shrinking effect. It was as if the reduction effect of Colleen’s device from the original timeline still had to go somewhere, and could only affect those who time travelled across that particular period in time. This is what had now happened to Drake.

"This must be a side effect of the time travelling," he said.

It was as close as he ever came to the truth of it.

"You're here before you were actually born. So nobody will miss you. I'm going to take you into the dining room and eat you."

"No, please, you can't!"

"It's useless to protest. I'm set on my purpose," she said, and took him to the dining table, sat down, and picked him up and licked his face with her huge sparkling tongue.

"Thank you for the dance, and your compliments about my age," she said, "And goodbye now."

She placed him into her mouth and closed it.

He waited for the moment when she would gulp him down, and it would be all over.

Then he suddenly pinched her tongue, and she opened her mouth and took him out.


The Law of Conservation & Redistribution of Shrinking Energy by timescrybe2

"Did you want to ask me something?" she said.


"Well be quick about it. I was about to swallow you whole."

"When you do, I'll never be able to be with a beautiful woman like you. Is there any chance you could spend one night with me on your pillow beside your cheek, and tell me all about your life? It's the closest I'll get to sharing it with you."

"You can snuggle up to my cheek on my pillow this afternoon, while I'm awake, but tonight, I shall have to put you in a locked cage on my bedside table. I'll leave the reading lamp on, so we can talk, but when I fall asleep, you'll still be trapped. I'll eat you for breakfast in the morning instead. Is that alright?"

"Thank you. I'm so grateful."

He enjoyed his afternoon with her. Then they had dinner, and she put him into a cage, and padlocked it, and put the key well out of his reach. They talked until she fell asleep. Then he had an idea. He put his tiny hand in the padlock, and worked the mechanism quietly, and managed to unlock it. He slipped out of the cage, jumped onto the edge of the bed, slid down the side of the blanket to the floor, and ran to the study. There was enough moonlight for him to see his way. So he climbed the desk lamp cord to the table, and found the growth serum, and took it.

Then he grew to normal size, and the light came on. He turned to see her standing in the doorway, with her hand on the light switch.

"How did you manage that?" she asked.

He explained about his escape, but was unaware that the fluctuating effects of the dispersed shrinking energy from the Ring of Reversal had since restored his size.

"I'm sure it would have been an honour to end up in your shapely stomach, but I'm young, and I have many things to do in life, including more time travelling."

"I know. Well you can't blame a lady for trying."

"I guess this is goodbye."
"Dance with me once more, before you go?"

"In the middle of the night? Why not?”

They danced for a while, and then she said, "I guess you'll want to be going. I'll walk you out to your time machine."

He farewelled her, and travelled back another twenty years further into the past, and met her 35 year old self. He did not tell her of his encounter with her 55 year old self only twenty years into his past, but did admit to being a time traveller. Then, before their eyes, his machine suddenly started smoking, and exploded.

"I guess I'm not old enough to understand the quantum physics as well as I thought," he said, "My invention must have burned out its power source or something."

"Stranding you here," she said, "as an orphan. I've been left a widow by the war, for two years now. Would you like me to adopt you?"


War Orphan, War Widow by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

This was so much better than being eaten by her future self. He accepted, and she secretly adopted him. Since he seemed well educated enough to have invented a time machine, she did not expose him to schooling, but let him live at her house. After a few months, she had been dancing with him in her living room for a while, and suddenly kissed him. It was the first kiss he'd ever had, and it was lovely. He put his arms around her and embraced the moment happily.

"I didn't know if you'd feel the same way," she said at last.

"I never imagined you'd feel the same way. I thought I was just a child to you."

"Just a handsome fifteen year old child, whom I secretly have all to myself," she said, "besides, the real age difference between us is a lot more than 20 years, since I'll be 60 a few months before you're born."

For the next year they dated happily, and then she told him she'd bumped into someone else, someone her own age, from her own time, a man she had dated in high school, before she met her husband. He had remained unmarried, and had now asked if he could be her boyfriend.

"I've accepted. I’m sorry to hurt your feelings, but this affair has been rather supernaturally engineered. My feelings for you have not diminished, but I have older fonder memories of my new boyfriend. We grew up together in high school for four years of dating. Then I left school, met my husband, and was swept off my feet. This time it's meant to be forever between my childhood sweetheart and me. But you can stay here too. He'll never come to this house. Although our romance can't continue, I did adopt you, and you are welcome to stay here. You're not even 17 yet, and I'd never turn you out."

"Thank you," he said, "I guess I can still find someone in this time."

He should have guessed that time would still take its natural course. He had merely spent with her one of the years, which she would otherwise have spent as a grieving widow alone and without a boyfriend.

He saw less of her, as time went on. She eventually turned 40.

One day they went to the upstairs bay windows, and sat on the cushions together to talk.

Then he suddenly shrank to tiny size again. He realised that she would have the same desire to eat him that her 55 year old self had once demonstrated.

She picked him up, and rested him on her open hand in her lap.

"Are you thinking of hiding me here at tiny size from now on?" he asked.

"I have an old dolls house from my childhood. I'll set it up in my bedroom in this house, and you can live in it for a time."

"Thank you! Being here at tiny size will be fine, with you to look after me. I'll enjoy the next few years as much as the ones we've already had together.

Her face took on a distant stern look.

Vore-warned is Forearmed by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"I'm afraid you won't be living there that long. When I was reunited with my high school boyfriend, it was nice to keep you here. I had no children from my late marriage, and you were lovely to have around here as my secret adopted child. You can live in the dolls house for the next few weeks. When I have an opportunity to come here alone and stay a few nights, I'll move onto the final stage in my plan to conceal you from detection by anyone in this time period."

"What's that?" he asked.

"It'll be a surprise, when the time comes," she said, again looking stern, but this time with a trace of pleasure.

He was certain that he knew what she had in mind.

"She's made the same decision her future self made when she was or will be 55! She's planning to eat me!" he thought, "I've got to pretend I don't know. It's the only way she'll trust me enough alone here, so that I'll have a chance to escape. I won't be able to escape through time again, but I've got to find the antidote and restore my size, and then get away from this house."

For the next few weeks, whenever she was there, they talked about various things. It was haunting to be looking up at her, knowing that her pleasant friendly demeanour concealed her calculated plan to have him for her dinner. He had used the periods she was away to search the house for the antidote, but did not find it.

One day she came over and said, "I'll be coming in two days' time to stay a few nights. On the second night, I'm planning a surprise for our last dinner together. That evening, you'll find out where you'll be going from here."

Now there were only two days left until she was ready to eat him!

She would intend to gobble him down for her own pleasure, and then enjoy being with her boyfriend.

"There's no sense in hoping I’ll get my size back. I have to get out of here in the next two days," he thought.

As soon as the sun was up the next morning, he had some breakfast from the dolls house food supplies she'd given him the day before, and then searched for a way out of the house. He could find no doors with space to squeeze through, and no way of reaching and turning the handles.

"There's only one way out of this house," he thought, "She'll have to let me out, without knowing it. I'll have to cut my escape fine, by waiting behind the curtain the day she's coming. She'll open the door. I'll duck out behind her, and get around the corner out of sight, before she closes it. Then I'll be able to flee into the garden."

He waited for her arrival, and then looked up, as he heard her walking up the steps outside. She crossed the porch, and turned the key.


An Escape Proof Place by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

He kept her long swaying skirt between himself and her eyes, as he ducked around her shoe, and raced around the corner. She closed the door, and headed for the dolls house.

He grabbed a vine at the edge of the porch, and climbed down to the garden. Then he ran through it.

"I just hope it takes her a while to guess what I've done," he thought. This garden is only a ten second walk for her, but it's like a forest to me, that could take hours to cross."

It took him a long time to get to the far side of the garden. Then he looked back, and saw no sign of her. It was now or never. He started running across the lawn, headed towards the next patch of garden, which would lead to the fence. If he made it, he could duck through the fence, be safely onto the neighbour's property, and ask the housewife next door to help him.

He was a foot away from the garden, when he saw her turn a bend on the distant part of the lawn and come into view. She saw him, and began running towards him.

He darted into the garden, and ran as fast as she could. She reached the garden in seconds, and walked slowly in after him, searching the plants that concealed him.

Estimating two feet between him and the fence, he sprinted for it, but she just caught him in time, seizing him in her hand and lifting him high in the air.

She walked back into the house, carrying him by her side, and then placed him on her shoulder, as she sat up in her bed.

"The thing I'm curious about is why you ran away," she said at last.

"I… I guess you hurt my feelings," he said, not wanting to reveal what he knew, hoping he would still have a chance to get away again, if she did not know he was trying to save himself from being eaten.

"Well you’ve no idea how much it might have benefitted you and disappointed me, if you’d succeeded. The surprise at dinner tomorrow is the fact that you are going to be the main course. I'm going to gobble you all up, little boy. I don't need you anymore as a boyfriend, nor as an adopted child. I think you'll make a delicious meal. Your escape didn’t work. I'm going to eat you for my dinner."

"I guess you are."

"Well I think I can find a place to keep you tonight, where you won't escape at all."


"Inside my mouth. You can sleep the night on my tongue. It's as soft as a mattress, although it will be more like a waterbed with the moisture on the outside."

Her tongue had looked excitingly beautiful to his tiny self, both when she was 55 and now, but this time it would seal his fate. He could do nothing but lie against it for the night, spend the following day with her, and then be eaten the next night.

Conscious Return by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

When she awoke the next morning, she took him from her mouth and gave him a giant kiss.

"You're still my adopted child for today," she said, "I thought we'd have a picnic on the lawn."

While they talked, he explained that he’d met her when she was 55, and that she’d made no mention of her new boyfriend then. She guessed that they must have broken up. The thought stayed with her.

That evening she ate him happily, and he spent the night in her stomach, until he was no more.

Years went by, and she thought of the implications of changing historical events. She realised that she could change his past in her future, when she was 55.

She lived her intervening years, looking forward to the arrival of the 14 year old Drake. When he shrank, she realised that for him, it had happened earlier too, and took him to the dining room to eat. She didn’t know how he’d escaped in her previous timeline, but felt that she could have both the memory of having eaten that version of him when she was 40, and the new experience of making sure he didn’t escape being eaten by her now in this timeline. Then he pinched her tongue and requested a night with her. Then she realised that this was when he had previously set up an escape. She did not tell him of  her encounter with his time travelling self in when she’d been aged 35-40. This time, she waited until it was time to go to bed, and then said, "I can't take a chance on your escaping from any cage I could put you in. So you're going to spend the night in my mouth. We'll have plenty of time to talk some more in the morning, and then I'll eat you for lunch. Goodnight, little friend. Just climb over my lower lip and onto my tongue, like a good little boy."

He did so.

She lay awake happily for a while, which he knew from the occasional movements of her tongue.

"From my point of view, I get to eat him twice, and the second time I'm older, but he's younger and more tender than before. From his point of view, he now won't have the love affair with my younger self, as his personal history gets changed. That means he'll never have been kissed in his life."

She opened her mouth, took him out, and dried his face on her nightdress. Then she kissed it.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Did you like it?"


"So enjoy thinking that there'll be more kisses in the morning. Think of it as a down payment on a delicious lunch."

The next day she ate him at lunchtime.

In the moment that he was sliding down her throat, he remembered another time travel technique that he had learned. He could simply send his consciousness back into his younger self, by using a form of time travel hypnotism. The unique aspect, of trying it under these circumstances, was that he would be doing it after his physical body had already travelled into the past. This meant that he would be sending his mind into his younger self but years into the future relative to his current time period in Iris’s throat.

He made it into the body of his 13 year old self, the one who had not yet time travelled back to meet Iris in the first place. As he already had the knowledge of the earlier timeline’s romances and gobbling attempts in his memory, he saw no reason to go ahead and travel to Iris’s time when he turned 14 and learned all he could from Miss Corlani’s class.

He would always remember his incredible adventure, but would no longer bring it about. Time travel seemed to risky.

An Affair to Reconstitute by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

17 year old Ralph was experimenting with his time machine after many of Miss Corlani’s lessons, when there was a knock on the door. He opened it to a beautiful adult woman, with short blond hair and a dark blue coat and matching short skirt.

"Hello, are you about to time travel?" she asked.

"How did you know about that?"
"Because to me, you've already done it. 18 months ago, you walked over to my back door, knocked on it and asked me the date. I thought it was an odd question, until you explained that you had come from this year. You showed me your time machine, and I believed you were a time traveller. We then began the greatest older woman / younger man romance of all time, which went for two months. In that time, you suddenly shrank and thought it was a side effect of time travelling. I continued our romance, until I decided to eat you, and insisted on doing it. Then, after two years and one month, I began to think it would be better if our love affair hadn't happened. That's when I thought of warning you not to do it. If you don't time travel, you'll save yourself from being eaten."

"And I'd miss out on the love affair with you," he said, "Maybe it's worth it. I've never had a girlfriend, and you are very beautiful."

"Do you mean you'd go back and face the certainty of becoming my dinner, for the sake of a two month romance?"
"Yes, I think I will."

"I felt certain I would talk you out of it. You must think a lot of me."

"Yes, I think I do."

"I'm very flattered," she said, "And I wish you the best of happiness with my younger self."

She kissed his cheek and watched him go into his time machine and vanish.

He arrived in the past and went to knock on her back door. She wore a black shirt and a long white skirt.

Everything went as he'd heard, until the day he shrank, and she continued to kiss him to sleep at nights, until one day he had an idea.

"She hasn't decided to eat me yet, and she doesn't know I'm aware of it. I can escape before the day she does or did it. Then I can get back to my own house and work on an antidote to my shrinking problem, if there is one. Maybe Miss Corlani could help. My younger self was still at school in the daytime of this past year. So I'll have the place to myself."

He snuck out of her house and walked all the way to his own place, and slipped under the door. It took him most of the afternoon to climb the carpeted stairs. When he was two thirds of the way up, the door at the foot of the stairs opened, and she came in from the porch. "Of course!" he thought, "She's brought my house key over. It was in my old clothes from before I shrank."

She called through the house:

"Ralph, did you come over here? It's the only place I could think of to look for you. We need to have a talk."

She was wearing a lovely red and black design skirt, and a red shirt.

"Oh no!" he thought, "It was today. I've thought of attempting to change the past too late. If she finds me, I'm done for."

She looked around in the downstairs rooms, calling for him, and then returned to the foot of the stairs, and started walking up them. There was nowhere to hide. She drew closer and saw him, and towered in front of him.

"Didn't you hear me call?" she asked.

"I… err… I did. Did you hear me?"

"No. I guess your tiny voice is too soft. I need to talk to you."

She picked him up and took him to his bedroom.

Now it would all happen the way she had warned him. He would discover the dialogue which accompanied the experience.

"I'm going to do something I've been thinking about since you shrank. I had avoided it so far, because of our romance, but that will come to an end. I know you won't like it, but I am going to eat you for dinner."

"I … can't stop you," he said.

"Well we've got a couple of hours until dinner time. Let's lie here and have a final talk together."

Soon she took him home to her dining table and prepared for the meal.

Modern History Lesson by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Hubert was 15 when he went to a girls private school fete advertised in the local paper. It was in the neighbouring village, and he didn’t know that it was actually Miss Balfour’s old school. There was a folder open for people to look at, with group photographs of the teachers for every year of the school's history dating back since the invention of the camera.


He looked at each of them, in reverse chronological order, until he saw a photograph taken decades earlier. There was a pretty looking 25 year old teacher among the ladies. He looked at all the photos of earlier years in turn, until the one (which contained her first appearance), which was when she was 22. So she had been a teacher there. He looked at the names, and matched hers to her position in the photograph. In each case, the name was Miss M. O'Dell. He thought she was so lovely, that he wanted to go back in time and see her, but his time machine was not completed yet. He went home to his laboratory, and continued to work on it, using all of the notes he had taken in Miss Corlani’s secret classes, and finished it within days.

He took the time machine back to the school grounds, and arrived 50 years into his own past, when Miss O’Dell was 25.

Then the dispersed shrinking energy from the effects of the Ring of Reversal reduced both him and his time machine, before he even stepped out of it. He entered the bushes and soon worked out what had happened. He decided not to let this upset his plans to meet Miss O’Dell.


He snuck over to the playground, while afternoon classes were on, and made his way to the classroom, which had been designated hers in the photograph for that year. He climbed a cling vine and looked into the window. He saw the girls in their seats, and the beautiful teacher Miss O'Dell, walking around the room, helping the students with their work. He watched her, fascinated with his own achievements. He had gone 50 years into the past, and was watching his own country's history. The window was partly open, but he could not hear the quiet questions of the individual students.

When the last lesson came to an end, she said, "Alright, remember your home assignment about the effects of war on the family is due tomorrow. If any of you have fathers in the infantry, who are overseas in the war effort, then draw on your feelings about that."

The girls went home.


Miss O'Dell sat at her desk and wrote in a folder for several minutes. He watched her and felt frustrated by the fact that he could not involve himself in the established flow of history. It would have been such fun to meet her and tell her of his invention in the future and travels back to her time. However, he must not do that.

Some pollen in the air got into his nostrils, and he suddenly sneezed. 

Preserving the Time Stream by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Miss O'Dell glanced up, and looked in his direction. He edged back, and began to climb down the vine. Soon he saw her looking out of the window. He looked up at her neck and face, as she looked out. Seeing nothing, she looked down, and saw him.

She gaped in surprise, and leaned over, reached down and grabbed him, before he could climb down out of her reach.

He wondered what he should say to her. She would have many questions, and he could not alter her knowledge, by introducing an awareness of time travel devices and reduction effects in her time.

"What sort of little creature are you?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Miss O'Dell. I can't possibly tell you."

"Well I can't make you, I suppose," she said, "But I can make use of you. If I sprinkle some herbs onto you, I think you'll make a scrumptious evening meal for me. I'll take you home, and pick some herbs from the garden."

"Miss O'Dell, you mustn't do that."

"Why not? You appear outside my classroom, like a spy. You won't give me any indication of who you are. The only thing I know for sure is that you're a nice looking mouthful of meat."

"Alright, I'll have to tell you the truth. I'm not a spy for the other side. I'm a historian from the future. I came back to your time to study. I invented a time machine. But somehow the time travel process reduced me in size."

"Can I see this device?"

"Yes, I guess so," he said, thinking it was better than being eaten.

She carried him to the bushes, and collected his device on the way to her car. She put it in the glove box, and placed him just under the top of her dress, so that he could look out at the historical views of the streets. She reached her home, a luxurious upper mansion, and said, "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I didn't want to risk tampering with the past," he said.

"Weren't you taking a big risk by climbing the vine to my classroom window, while a full class of students was there?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Then why did you do it? I still don't think you're telling me the whole truth."

He explained the full story.

"I'm very flattered," she said, "I never imagined I'd mean that much to someone in 50 years’ time. I wonder if I’m still around at 75 in your time."

"I never imagined you would be prepared to eat me, before you found out about me," he said.

"I understand that you and your machine should not be found in this time period," she said, and put the machine on the floor, stamped on it until it was crushed to pieces, and then threw them all onto a wood fire in her living room, which she then lit, "It's my concession to the sanctity of the time stream, as you've described it. However, you've admitted that your presence here is because I made quite an impression on you."

A Tour before a Journey by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"Yes," he said, embarrassed to have confessed his true feelings for her.

"Well you've made an impression on me too. I'm thankful for your explanation, but if you can't be found in this time period, it seems that history won't be affected by your trip back in time. So I don't see any reason why I shouldn't make that herbal dinner out of you as we discussed earlier."

"But I told you the truth. You agreed…"

"No. I simply said that I would definitely eat you, if you didn't tell me the truth. I never gave you any guarantee to spare you, if you did."

"So you're definitely going to eat me."

"I'd say so," she said, "However, it doesn't need to be tonight. I'd like to do something for you in return, since your presence here is not malevolent. School breaks up tomorrow. I'll put you into a cage, while I attend the last day of school. We'll spend the weekend here together, and then next week, I can drive you around to nice places, where nobody will see us, and give you an extensive tour of my time. Would you like to see all that, before I eat you one night next week?"
"Yes, thank you. At least that would be something special."

So he enjoyed the views of the past, and then came the day that he could not escape. Towards the end of an afternoon, she put him on a kitchen bench, and went out to the back garden to pick the herbs. He looked out at her lovely long dress while she did it, and then watched her come in. She stood in the kitchen, her upper body towering over him, and placed him gently onto a dish. She washed the herbs in the kitchen sink, and then sprinkled them over him.

"I think five minute in the oven will warm you up nicely without making you too hot," she said, and placed the dish in the oven.

Soon she came back and took him to the dining table and licked the herbs from him, and then drank some water to wash them from her tongue.

"Well thank you for coming back to my time, Hubert. It's an honour to have met you, for the reasons you told me. It's about to work out differently from the way you planned, but I hope you've gained something from your little time tour. Did you want to say anything before I finish the meal?"

"Would you have been interested in me, do you think?"

"You're handsome enough, that you might well have changed history, but you won't have the chance," she said, and licked her lips and his face and upper body, "Well, with no further delay, I shall now gobble you all up."

She put him into her mouth.

She let him lie on her tongue for a while, and then gulped him into her throat and down to her stomach. He lay in her stomach, thinking of all the might-have-beens which could have occurred, had he not been caught outside her classroom that day.

When Destiny Strikes by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Gordi was a 13 year old student of Miss Corlani’s time travel class. He went to the shops one Saturday, looking at comic books, and then went to the Food Mall Centre for lunch. One of his teachers Miss Woodfield was staring at him from another table, where she was also eating. She wore a red cardigan and a black dress. Then she brought her lunch over to his table. 

She asked him to her house for lunch the next day, as she had something she wanted to show him. He went around on the day, and she served their lunch. They ate, and then she showed him a device, which reduced him to tiny size.

"Don't worry, it can be reversed," she said, "I wanted to play a special game with you. I hadn't finished designing this technology until last year. I was hoping to shrink you, let you hide, until I found and caught you, and then eat you, by swallowing you whole, but not all the way down. Then I’d cough you up again, restore your size and we could play the game again another day. You could be my little Dollipop.”

"It's incredible," he said, "An amazing way to use your mouth."

"Would you mind doing that?"

"Not at all, if it would make you happy. Are you asking me if we can play such a game today?"

"Would you like to?"

"I'd be happy to. It sounds exciting, especially since I don't have to be eaten permanently."

He agreed to this exciting chance to be with the beautiful teacher in any capacity. She explained that the house had once belonged to Miss Balfour, who had moved away now. He remembered Miss Balfour and thought that both teachers were beautiful.

Each weekend he enjoyed coming over and playing the game.

One rainy day, they were playing it as usual. Miss Woodfield found him hiding in her bedroom, picked him up and put him into her mouth. She gulped him down her throat, and then coughed him up again.

The next day, he decided to experiment with his time machine, just for a short trip. He waited until the end of the Sunday, around bedtime, and then set the machine to travel to Miss Woodfield’s house at the beginning of the day. He would let her think that it was his morning self coming around to play the game as usual.

Just as the time machine reached her garden, lightning struck struck it, and something happened. The machine surged, and shrank with him shrinking inside it.

The storm had suddenly vanished. It was not raining, not even overcast.

He did not know it yet, but he was now much further in the past than he had intended to go. He slipped under Miss Woodfield’s door and into the house.

Gordi wondered what had happened, and then noticed that a woman came in, wearing a dark blue dress. She wasn’t Miss Woodfield, but Miss Balfour.

When the machine had received the lightning surge, it had moved further back in time, crossing the period which had been affected by the Ring of Reversal. Both Gordi and the machine were reduced to tiny size, not by the lightning, as Gordi believed, but by the dispersed shrinking energy from the Ring of Reversal’s side effects. At this point in time, Colleen had not even invented her shrinking device yet.

Trespasser in her Past Pantry by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Colleen gets ahead of herself, or is a shrunken boy falling behind?

Since the table leg was between him and the door, he found himself peeking around it at her. She could not see him. She walked over to the wall, and took a pen from her pocket and crossed off a day on a hanging calendar. He looked at it. It was back in the days when Colleen had been a teacher at the school, but before he’d even been her student. This Colleen hadn’t met him yet. His real time self was still in prep school.

"The time machine must have accidentally sent me much further back in time! Miss Woodfield in my time probably doesn’t even know that this has happened to me. She’ll be wondering why I’m not there to play the gobbling game. I'll have to sneak into Colleen’s pantry for food to live on, until I work out what to do," he thought.

Colleen looked breathtakingly beautiful, as she walked over and sat at the desk. He stayed hidden until she left the room.

He ran out of the room and crept behind as many concealing objects as he could, until he saw her sitting on an armchair.

At least he could enjoy looking up at her beautiful face, dreaming of whatever miracle might enable him to return to a time when she knew him and be friends with her.

He did so for days, and would sneak into the pantry or kitchen at nights, light matches to see his way around, and help himself to food which she would not miss. It would take him fifteen minutes to climb up onto the pantry bench, but he had the whole night to do it, and could sleep in a concealed soft piece of carpet under a cupboard in the lounge room during the daytimes.

One night, he made his way up as usual, at around ten o'clock, just after he had heard her going to bed. He felt about for the box of matches, and bumped something. It must have been a cup, which then fell off the bench, and crashed loudly on the floor.

"She must have heard that," he thought, "There's no time to climb down, and nowhere to hide on this bench! … She's coming down the stairs now. What am I going to do?"

Colleen walked into the room and turned the light on. She saw the broken cup on the floor, and then saw him.

"I didn't expect such a tiny trespasser," she said, in a strict tone, "What are you doing here, little leprechaun?"

"I’m not a leprechaun. I was shrunken and teleported here from … somewhere else."

"And you thought you'd steal my food in the middle of the night! Well your punishment can be similar to your crime. I've never eaten a shrunken boy before. Tomorrow night I shall have you for dinner."

"No, please! I only took tiny amounts of food to survive. You didn't even know they were missing."

"That's not the point. You're still a tiny thief. It's a minor point anyway, because you look very mouth watering. So whether I eat you as a punishment or purely for my own pleasure, I'm definitely going to do it."

She picked him up and took him to her bedroom, got into bed, and lay down, resting him on the pillow beside her face.

This younger Colleen had no reason to show him any concern.

"My name's Miss Balfour," she said, and turned the reading lamp down to a dim setting on the wall above the back of the bed.

"Miss Balfour, how can you eat me like this?"

"I'll do it, because I'd like to."

"Don't you think this is a bit unfair to me?"

"I only need to concern myself with how I feel about it," she said, and licked his face,

            "which is this: You are a delicious little boy. I've caught you, and I'm going to gobble you all up. Now let's get some sleep."

When she'd fallen asleep, he snuggled against her soft cheek.

In the morning, he waited for her to awaken and said, "It was comfortable, and nice."


"That's fine. You'll be very nice yourself tonight." She spent the day in the house, and then went ahead with her awesome plan at dinner time.

The Curious Case of Bertie & Doris by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

When Bertie was 9, he had been given some money for his 9th birthday, and decided to go and look at the shops after school. He found a science fiction magazine with a cover story about shrinking, and went to buy a copy. After he had handed the money to the shop assistant, he turned to see that a beautiful lady was behind him in the queue, and she was holding a copy of the same magazine to purchase.

“It looks interesting, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Bertie.

She bought the magazine and then followed him out to the street.

“Since we both like the same magazine, would you like to come over for afternoon tea, and we could read it at the same time and then talk about it? I’m Doris.”

“Yes please Mrs….”

“It’s Miss,” said Doris, “I never married. I always wanted to meet a tiny boyfriend, ever since I was 17 in my second last year of high school. I used to think how wonderful it would be to have someone who was only as tall as my finger. But I never did. I’m 36 now.”

She drove him to her home, and they had pancakes together and then sat down on the couch to read the shrinking story. They talked about it for a while, and then she drove him home, to save time.

It was years before he was old enough to get to her home again under his own steam, and by then he had learned enough from Miss Corlani’s science class to build a machine that could control the dimensions of time and space. He was 13 and keen to see Doris again. He set the time controls for the year that he calculated that she would be 17. He set the location controls for her house and then arrived on her desk at around 1 ½ inches tall on an afternoon, after school for her. The Ring of Reversal’s side effects had gotten him too. He thought of her longing and realised that he was now in a much better position to win her over, even though this Doris had never seen him before.

He had quite literally appeared on top of her desk, while she was sitting there doing her homework.

Doris looked over at him in surprise, and put down her pen.

“Where did you come from?”

“I teleported in this machine,” he said, unwilling to confuse her with talk of being from the future.

“I’ve always wanted to meet a little boy like you. I’m Doris,” she said, thinking that he had teleported from another planet.

“Then I’m glad to be the one you’ve met. I’m Bertie,” said Bertie.

“You look younger than me. How old are you?” she asked.

“I’m 13,” said Bertie.

“I’m 17,” said Doris, and then added in a delightfully mischievous voice, “I hope you like older women.”

“I do now that I’ve met you,” he said.

“Little Bertie, I think I’d like to kiss you,” said Doris.

Her relatively huge lips had looked inviting enough even before she had issued such an irresistible offer.

The One and Only Newsagent by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“I’d love it,” said Bertie.

He watched her feminine hand approach him, saw her fingers opening and felt them closing gently around him. It was awesome, to say the least. He looked past her chest up to her neck and then her lips, and saw them get closer, and then felt her full lower lip enveloping his face. It was something which he now realised had been in his own subconscious ever since he had met the 36 year old Doris, when he’d been 9.

“Will you stay here and live on my bed and keep me company for always?” she asked.

“How could I go back home after a kiss like that?” said Bertie.

That night they were lying in her bed, with a reading lamp on. She had smuggled him up some dinner after having her own with her mother, and then talked with him until they had gone to bed.

“Bertie, if you had a mattress your own size, and it was very comfortable, would it matter if it wasn’t completely dry?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” said Bertie, “What did you have in mind?”

“My tongue,” said Doris, “I think it would be lovely to have you sleeping against it.”

She was asking him to sleep in her mouth! He had been admiring it every time she spoke, and now could not believe his ears.

“I think your tongue would be perfect,” said Bertie, “If you like, you can open your mouth and I’ll climb inside now.”

“Thank you for being so obliging,” said Doris, and felt him sliding over her lower lip, which felt absolutely magnificent to him too.

For years they lived together secretly, until one day in when she was 28. Doris was out shopping one day, with Bertie hidden inside her clothing, when he peeked between the fibres and saw her go into the very shop where her future self would meet his 9 year old self in 8 years time. She bought a much earlier issue of the same magazine, although without a shrinking story in this case, and took it to the park to read.

“I’m glad I found that shop,” she said, “I’ve always liked this science fiction magazine.”

“Yes, it’s the only newsagent in the village,” said Bertie.

“How did you know that?” asked Doris.

“I’m actually from the village myself,” said Bertie.

“But that’s not possible. I searched everywhere from age 14 onwards for tiny boys. They just don’t exist.”

She had never met any leprechauns, who would not be discovered for certain until Colleen’s time, and then the discovery would be reversed by the Ring of Reversal.

“I was a full sized boy, until I shrank with a machine,” said Bertie.

“You couldn’t have. There’s no such technology invented yet,” said Doris.

“I guess I’ll have to tell you everything,” he said.

“I should think that you will,” said Doris.

Her full lips were set in a serious pout, and her eyes demanded an explanation. Suddenly the relationship between them, which he had enjoyed like a fantasy made real for so long, had taken a surprising turn.

One Bertie too Many by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“I travelled into the year that you were 17 from the year that you were 40. I met your 36 year old self in that shop in the year I was 9. She told me about your longing for a small boy and I really wanted to be the one. So I invented a time machine and came back to when you were 17. Somehow the time travelling had a side effect of shrinking me. So I knew I’d make a good impression on you.”

“But don’t you know what you’ve done?” she asked, “For now you’re a chronological contradiction, existing as two Berties both in this year, one being a baby, and the other being the time travelling you I see before me. I can’t let you stay like that. You’ll have to go back to your time.”

“But I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you.”

“You can. Go to me in your own time. I’ll wait for you.”

She took him back to his machine and told him to get into it and depart.

He went in and thought and took one desperate step.

He pressed a sequence of control buttons and then walked out of the machine onto her floor where she’d placed him just in front of her bed on the carpet.

“You must make the return trip,” she said, “I won’t let you go anywhere in this time. Now get in and go.”

He stepped aside, further away from the machine, and saw her stepping sideways herself to block his path.

Suddenly the machine exploded and did very little damage to the carpet, but left a cloud of smoke for a few seconds, until it dissipated.

“I set the self destruct timer,” said Bertie, “Now you can’t make me go.”

“Well after years of having you sleep in my mouth, I still have one more way to make sure there aren’t two Berties in this time,” she said, “This time I’ll gulp you down to my tummy.”

As she knelt down, he ran under the bed, backwards, as fast as he could, and saw her crawling to the edge of the bed, and then reaching in with her hand. She grabbed him and sat up on her carpet. Then she took him to the table where they had first met, and sat there.

“The first time I lifted you up here, it was to kiss you,” she said, “This will be a very different encounter, and our last, might I add.”

Doris opened her mouth wide, showing him her marvellous pink sparkling tongue again and placed him helplessly upon it. He could see into her throat, and knew what awaited him.

He thought back over all that had happened, and couldn’t believe that it had come to this. He was inside her mouth, and about to be swallowed whole. Perhaps he could offer to rebuild the machine and return to his own time. What if it didn’t work? Then she’d insist on swallowing him anyway. She must have been a very extensive devotee of both science fiction and subsequently discovered science fact concepts, to take this hard line with him.

Then he felt her finger touching him, forcing him to the back of her mouth. He didn’t have far to go, as he was about 80% of the length of her tongue at his current height.

Slowly she pushed him with her finger, using far more pressure than his tiny body could hope to resist, particularly when her tongue had no traction to stop his movement. He slid into her throat, and felt himself being gulped down, down, down into her tummy.

Food for the Future by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

14 year old Ferdinand was walking through a forest behind his old school. He saw a tiny leprechaun woman in trouble, and used his size to save her from the stream she was drowning in.

She told him of a nearby passage leading underground to her kingdom, and he carried her to its entrance. She could fit into it, but he could not. He was like a giant.

"Thank you so much, handsome boy!" she said, and waved goodbye.

He thought the tiny person was so pretty. He told his friend Ellie Blish about it, and she offered to shrink him. He took her to the tunnel entrance, and waited for her to shrink him to tiny size with her recently acquired device. He thanked her and watched her walk off.

He was about to enter the tunnel, when a woman's hand grabbed him from behind.

He turned to see that she was more beautiful than the tiny person, and much older than him.

She sat down and leaned against a rock, and said, "I'm from many years into your future. I have knowledge that would change your mind about going into that tunnel. In my time, I was eating my lunch in an outdoor mall. I noticed a handsome younger man staring at me. It was your future self. I came over to sit with him and asked if your wife would be happy about you staring at another woman? Your future self said he'd never married, which surprised me, until he explained that he went into this tunnel today and told the tiny person woman how much he loved her. She told him she was sorry, but he was too young for her. He then had to get back to his schoolfriend who’d shrunken him, in order to get restored to normal size.”

She had to be telling the truth. She knew all about his plans, and the existence and location of the secret tunnel, and the very day he planned to go down it.
"It was very kind of you to come back and save me from humiliating myself with the tiny woman," he said, "but did my future self tell you where to find my friend Ellie?"

"I didn't think to ask," she said, “I think I can change the past a little more than that. I wanted to arrive in this time after you'd shrunk, but before you'd gone into the tunnel. My time machine's only a minute's walk away. I've got a picnic basket in it, which I brought back in time."

This woman had, in Ferdinand’s present day time, been one of Sandra Corlani’s time travel students.

She took him to the time machine, collected the picnic basket, and placed him gently on the top of the folded rug, which was resting atop other picnic items. He was level with the top of the basket, and could still look at her, and the forest, as she started walking deeper into it.

"I was so pleased to hear that a tiny young boy existed back in this time. That's why I decided to use my time machine."

"You're a nice friendly lady, and having a picnic lunch with you would be fun, but I don't know how I'm going to cope, when you've returned to your own time."

"Once the picnic's finished, you won't need to worry about anything. I came back in time to enjoy a delicious rare treat for a picnic lunch. That's why you're in the basket. As soon as we find a nice place to spread the rug, I'm going to sit down and eat you."

"As bad as my tiny size is, we know I can change it eventually. So I do thank you for coming back to see me, but I must respectfully ask you not to eat me."

"Then I must respectfully inform you that I'm going to do it," she said.

He looked up at her face as she walked. It was calm, attractive, and friendly, but she meant every word of what she had just casually announced. Her long skirt swayed gracefully as she continued walking. She found a suitable spot and sat down and enjoyed her meal.

A Formal Arrangement by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

20 year old Chad was at his university ball. He did not have a girlfriend. So he wondered how the evening would pan out. After the meal, a lady got up from the table and walked over to him. She was 35 and very beautiful. She told him her name was Jillian.

She had medium length dark hair and wore a green t-shirt and long black skirt.

"Would you like to dance with me?" she asked, as other couples got up to dance.

"Yes, thank you," he said, "If your husband won't mind."

"I'm not married," she said, "I came here to meet you."

"Really?" he asked, "Why me, if we've never met before?"

She put her arms around him in and rested her body against his, and kissed him.

"To me, we have met before. Tonight you will time travel back a few years, and meet my younger self. You will do something, which will give her a great deal of pleasure. That's why I wanted to come to your formal, and meet you."

"So what do I do for you in the past?" he said, somewhat incredulous.

"It's best if I don't say for now. You'll find out, when it happens."

"Alright. I'll have to take your word for it. Time travel sounds so hard to believe, especially when I don't know the first thing about how to do it."

"It will happen, rest assured. Are you enjoying the dancing?"

"Yes, it's nice."

She held him a little tighter to express her appreciation of the compliment.

"Would you like to walk in the gardens with me?"

"Alright," he said.

She held hands with him, and led him out to the gardens. They walked to a secluded scenic lamplit spot, and sat beside each other on a seat.

She took his hand and ran his finger over her lower lip.

"Thank you," she said at last, and hugged him, "I should go now. You'll meet my younger self soon. I had slightly shorter hair."

"I can't imagine what I could have done to make you so happy."

"It'll make sense, when you arrive in the past. It may be hard to believe, but just accept what I know to have already happened for me. Goodbye, dear friend."

"How will I get to the past?"

"Don't worry about that. It'll happen when the time comes."

Chad was not one of the students of Sandra Forlani’s time travel class. In fact, he hadn’t even gone to the same school. However, there had been so much time travel activity from the techniques used by those who had, that a temporary time rift had opened, one that was unknown to Chad or Sandra or any of her students. It was about to take its course on Chad. Even Jillian didn’t know that this was how the time travel of Chad would come about. She only knew that it would.

She stood up, and walked away. He watched her walk along the path and out of sight.

He thought for half an hour about how he might get into the past. Then he gave up worrying and started walking along the path, and then he noticed that there was a lot of mist and fog. 

A Real Page Turner by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Soon he reached the point where he could not see the path in front of him. He found himself walking blindly. Still, he couldn't make out anything but white mist all around him. Then the mist eventually began to clear, but it was no longer dark. He could see sunlight reaching through the gaps, which began to form in the mist.

Then he noticed that the trees seemed taller. In fact all of the plants did.


The mist fully cleared away, and he saw the light of day, and something else. He was now not even as tall as the leaves on the vines, which grew. Sitting on a familiar seat was a lady with dark hair, a white shirt, and a grey coat and matching skirt. The Ring of Reversal’s dispersed shrinking energy from an earlier timeline had also caught up with Chad, while he was time travelling through the temporary rift.


"I must have gone back in time, for everything to have changed so much, and that's the way she described herself. The mist must have shrunken me as a side effect of its time travel properties," he thought.

He looked up at her, as she read.

He was wondering how to introduce himself to a woman who'd never met him (but whose future self he'd already met), when she eventually looked up and saw him.

She reached down, picked him up and pushed his chest against her lower lip. Then the front of her tongue came out and licked his face. She thought for a moment, and then placed him in her lap, between her shirt and the book, and continued reading. He wanted to talk to her, and make the friendship as real for her as it had already become for him in his own time, but he did not know what to say, since he was somewhat confused by the time paradox. So he just rested quietly in her lap.

She raised her hand to her lip, and moistened her thumb and finger, and then turned another page. The way she had licked her finger was strangely exciting.

"She said to just accept things as they happen," he thought, "So I needn't worry. I'll just sit here comfortably and see what happens next. Perhaps she'll introduce herself to me, when she's finished the book."

After a while, she looked up and turned her head to the left, which made her neck look even lovelier. Then she placed the book into a small carry case, and picked him up in her other hand. She stood up and began walking. She reached the footpath and walked down to a car, put down the case, opened the door, and placed the case on the passenger seat. She sat in the driver's seat, and placed him in her lap again. He looked up as she drove. Later, she stopped the car, and took him in her fingers, stood up and got out of the car. They were in the driveway of a lovely mansion. She walked up the front steps, unlocked the door, and carried him into the house.

She took a plate, and put some lettuce on it, and then placed him on the plate. He was wondering if he should ask first, before nibbling some lettuce. Then she placed a thick glass dinner dome over the plate and walked out of the room. She went to the letter box and came back with several days' accrued letters.

Message from a Moist Mouth by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Through the open doorway, he saw her sit down in the next room and start reading through the mail.

He began to nibble the lettuce. When he'd had enough, he thought, "It's a pity she covered the food with the dome. Now I'm stuck in here too, until she comes back."

She opened all of the envelopes, discarded them, and then brought the letters to the table, and placed them beside the dome. She filled a glass with tap water, and came over and sat at the table.

She took the dinner dome off and began to read the letters, holding them with one hand, and reaching for pieces of lettuce with the other hand.

"I'd better not talk now," he thought, "She won't want to be interrupted, while she's reading."

She soon finished the lettuce, and continued to read.

"Lettuce is nice, but I would have liked some meat too," he thought, "Maybe she's a vegetarian."
Her free hand enclosed him and placed him into her mouth!


"She's not a vegetarian!" he thought, "She must have been planning to eat me, ever since she first found me! I'd better talk to her now, before she closes her mouth, or I'll never have the chance to find out what I'm supposed to do for her in this time."

She closed her mouth, just as he was about to call out.

"It's too late!" he thought, and then he remembered that her older self had told him that the past she remembered was inevitable. So he must have had a chance to speak to her. He pushed upwards, trying to force her mouth open. He thought of morse code, and started tapping a message onto her tongue, and hoped she would feel what it meant:

            "Must talk to you. Please open mouth."

She opened her mouth, and took him out.

"Oh thank you," he said.

"You can speak English. Who are you?" she said.

"I'm from the future. I was walking from my university ball in what for you is a few years from now. The school's just three blocks away. I got surrounded by a cloud of mist. The mist somehow took me into the past, to your time, and reduced me to this size. I'm actually a normal 20 year old boy in my time."

"I see. I didn't realise any of that."

"It's alright. The main thing is that we got to talk, before you almost ate me."

She took him to the car, fetched the bag with her book, took it upstairs to her  bedroom, got into the bed, and sat up in the bed, and placed him in her lap again.

"I think it will take me about an hour to finish this book. It will give you more of a chance to prepare yourself this time. I promise I won't eat you-" she said, allowing him a split second of relief, "- until I've read the rest of the book."

"But now that you know who I am, I was expecting you wouldn't eat me at all."

It was all he could say, without revealing that her future self had already told him that he had a special destiny to make her happy. Somehow, he believed, it would all work itself out, and he would do his good deed. He wondered if he ever got his full size back. Her future self had not mentioned the change in size."

Tasty Accidents by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"Little boy, I realise this is not easy for you, but let me explain something. I went through a difficult time a month ago, and I've been feeling a sadness I've never known before. It was there until I saw you today."

"I'm sorry to hear what you're going through," he said, and then realised that he had been pulled back in time to be a special friend for her, at a time in her life, when she needed him.

"When I picked you up on the log, I knew as soon as I tasted you, that I had something to look forward to. The sadness began to lift, for the first time since it began. This chance to eat a nice little boy like you will give me a lot of pleasure."

He froze in shock at those last four words. Her future self  had said that he would do something to give her a lot of pleasure. He was about to try to talk her out of it, when he remembered her other comment, that to her it was the immutable history. No matter what he said or did, he would end up being eaten by her. There was no point in trying to escape, or trying to discourage her. All he could do was wait while she read the book, and be eaten. Since he could not change it, he resolved to make it as pleasant as possible for her to enjoy.

"I understand," he said, "I hope you enjoy eating me very much."

"I'm sure I will, and you're very polite to say so," she said, and picked him up and kissed him, "Now just rest while I finish the book."

"Could I lie where your shoulder meets the base of your neck?" he asked, thinking it would enable him to see how many pages she had left.

"I'd be happy for you to rest there," she said, and put him there. He enjoyed the comfort of it, and watched her hands. He watched the number of pages to be read dwindling, knowing that his remaining time was dwindling too.

He thought back to the pleasant seeming mystery, which had surrounded her dancing with him and walking in the gardens. He realised now that he had enjoyed those experiences on borrowed time. Now he must pay the inevitable cost. No wonder she had said it was better if she didn't tell him what he would do for her.

She read it, closed the book, put it on the bedside table, and took him gently in her fingers.

"I'm in love with you. Is it too much to ask for you to give me some kisses first?"

She lay down and kissed him for over an hour.

"Are you ready to be eaten now?"

"Yes. Don't be unhappy anymore. Enjoy this meal and look forward to pleasant times ahead."

"Thank you very much. You've been very good natured about this, since we had that little talk before. You didn't interrupt my reading, or try to argue with my decision. You're a well mannered encouraging young boy. If I was much younger, and you were full sized, I'd have considered whether you might be a person for me to go on dating."

"I would have certainly asked you," he said, "You look lovely."

She held him up to her eye and said, "Well you've been very kind to say so, and you look adorably handsome yourself." 

He realised that this was the close look she would need to recognise him in a few years' time at the formal.

"But I'll never have the chance to be with anyone," he said.

"I know, and I'm grateful for what this is costing you. Nothing you might have said would have discouraged me from eating you in a moment, but I will always remember the way you coped with this experience. I'm very fond of you, and I will remember you fondly forever."

This was why she would come to the formal at his university in what, to him, was the first place.

Morning Tease by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Ellie Blish continued to arbitrarily shrink boys at the school for her amusement. She reduced a boy named Edmond to tiny size with the machine, and then picked him up and deposited him in the bushes on the outskirts of the school grounds. He waited until morning tea time soon he saw a few girls coming and sitting around talking, and eating, including Harriet Stone whom he’d admired for some time, as he looked out from the edge of the flowerbed. He took out his lunch, which had been reduced by the device along with himself, when Ellie had fired at him. He ate all of it, and made sure to deliberately rub some cream from the bun on his cheeks. Then he called out to the girls, and let them see him.

Harriet crawled in close and stared at him.

“I’m Edmond,” he said.

“I’m Harriet.”

The other girls introduced themselves.

“I’ve been eating a sticky cream bun and it’s left cream on my cheeks,” he said, “Since you have such a big tongue, would you mind licking me clean, Harriet?”

“Of course. I’ll be glad to help,” said Harriet.

The girl gently picked him up in the palm of her hand and swished her enormous tongue over his entire face and cleaned all the cream off with a single giant lick.

“Thank you, Harriet. You’ve turned me into a nice clean boy.”

Harriet licked him again.

“And tonight I’m going to turn you into the main course of my dinner!” she said, smiling in the most beautiful taunting manner.

“Are you serious, Harriet?” asked another girl.

“I’m very serious,” said Harriet, “He’s delicious!”


Harriet put him in her pocket and returned to go on with the day’s classes. During lunch hour, he looked up at her eating and eagerly anticipated his turn.

After school, Harriet started walking out of the school grounds with her friends.

“You can’t eat him, Harriet,” said the girl who had asked if she’d been serious, “He’s just a little boy.”

“I can eat whoever I want to eat!” said Harriet defiantly, “Say goodbye to my friends, little boy. By the time I see them again, you’ll be far down in my tummy.”

“Goodbye,” said Edmond.

“I think we should tell Miss Woodfield or Miss Corlani now,” said another girl.

“Oh you do, do you?” said Harriet, “I’m going to walk home with Edmond in my mouth. If Miss Woodfield or any other teacher comes anywhere near me, I’ll gulp him down before they can do anything about it. Or you can all just mind your own business, and he’ll at least have one more afternoon before I swallow him.”

Edmond didn’t want Harriet’s well-meaning friends to spoil his plans.

“You better just let her do it,” he said.

“Wise words, young lad. Now in you go, just to be sure,” said Harriet.

In front of her friends, she opened her mouth wide and placed him onto her tongue and then closed it. Half an hour later she opened her mouth and he could see that she was sitting at a table in her house.

She took him out and placed him on her shoulder.

“It was nice being in there,” he said, “Your tongue is very big, Harriet.”

“It was only nice, because I didn’t swallow you yet,” teased Harriet, “You can expect some huge gulps the next time you go into my mouth!”

“You’ve got me, Harriet. I’ll just have to be swallowed.”

She laughed and smiled.

She did her homework and then took him to the dining room table and sat down, looking lovelier than ever.

“Goodbye little boy. I’m going to eat you all up for my dinner now,” she said.

She put out her tongue in a taunting manner and licked him.

The Beautiful Effect by timescrybe2

“You’re the tastiest meal I’ve ever had,” she said, “Now I’m going to swallow you.”

Harriet put him into her mouth and lifted her tongue up and down a little, probably to tease him. Then she suddenly drew him into her throat. He was being swallowed! It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him. He went down and down and down and into her tummy.

He felt a tingling all around him and realised that her stomach was beginning to digest him.

“Now that I know how much fun this was, I’ll always remember it, but I wish I could go back to this morning,” he thought.

Suddenly he felt time unravelling, and realised that the technique he’d learned from Miss Corlani was working for him, even though he had used it subconsciously. He had sent his consciousness back in time several hours. It was the beginning of the day. He was back on the footpath approaching the school bus stop. This time he went to school and avoided Ellie Blish and wasn’t shrunken by her nor eaten by Harriet.


One day he decided to tell Harriet the whole story of the original timeline and how he’d altered it.

“To me, you actually did eat me,” he said, and explained how he had briefly altered time.

“And you used this … time power of yours to change things back, so that I hadn’t eaten you after all.”

“Yes, but it was so much fun when you did,” he said.

“But you’re the only one who gets to remember it,” said Harriet.

 “Would you like it if I could still swallow you now?” she asked.

“I think I would,” he said.

“I’d like it very much too,” said Harriet, “At least I can still lick your cheeks, even though you don’t make a mess with your desserts anymore.”

She secretly invited him around to her home after school, promising that she would lick his cheeks again.

After the licking, she served them both some drinks, and drank hers with a hearty gulp. He looked at her neck and then drank his own too. Suddenly he shrank to tiny size.Then Ellie Blish stepped into view, and explained that Harriet had befriended her and told her the whole story. Harriet picked him up and placed him on a baking tray and put it into the oven. Then she showed Ellie out, and returned to the kitchen. She sat in front of the open oven doorway and looked in at him.

“Now you can swallow me,” said Edmond.

“I certainly can!” said Harriet, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, when you’re warmed up and ready to be eaten.”

She soon served him at the table and swallowed him.

He used his time reversal power and went back to just before he had accepted her invitation to her home and told her:

“I won’t come over now.”
“I can eventually find another way to trick you into Ellie’s range,” she said.

“But I can still unravel time and come back,” he said.

“Then I guess I never get to have you in my tummy,” she said, “But you must have liked it a lot, if you waited to be eaten by me a second time, before reversing time.”

“I do. I just don’t want things to stay that way, with me being eaten forever.”

“I understand. I like what you’ve done for me, even though I can’t remember it. Would you like me to go steady with you?”

“Yes, Harriet.”

So, with only Edmond able to recall the times he had been eaten by Harriet, he became her steady boyfriend. Ellie remained a friend of both of them and would occasionally shrink Edmond, so that he could be eaten by Harriet and then reverse time to escape.

Split Personality by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

This next time travel vore story arc will take several chapters to tell. In the meantime, as I live up to my pen name, I hope you're enjoying Sandra Corlani's contribution to the flow of events in this book.

Perhaps the most extraordinairy adventure of all of the students of Sandra Corlani’s time travel class was the one that happened to a 17 year old boy who had a major crush on Sandra Corlani herself. His name was Ryan, and he had attended her time travel class from the first day, not because of an interest in time travel per se, but because of an interest in Miss Corlani.

When the school term drew to an end, she taught the final lesson after school as usual, and waited while all of the students packed up and went home. Ryan stayed behind waiting as well, until he was the only student left in the room.

“I’ve really enjoyed this class, because you were teaching it,” he said.

“And you’ve done very well.”

“Would you like to go out on a date with me?” he asked her.

She accepted, and they made their date for dinner, followed by a walk in the school grounds during the first week of the holidays. When they had circled the grounds once, he took her in his arms in a secluded spot and kissed her passionately.

“Well that was nice,” she said, “But do you know how old I am?”

“What’s wrong with you being in your thirties?”

“I’m 57.”

“Really?” he said, watching her blushing, “It makes no difference to me.”

“But you could make the difference, if you applied the class you’ve just completed. I was a teacher here from my early twenties until I was widowed at 46, and I didn’t get married until I was 41. All you’d need to do is go back a little over 30 years each time you made a date with my younger self. There’d still be a few years’ age difference, but you might as well make the trips.”

“Could I spend these holidays with you as you are now, and then travel back after school on the first day of term?”

“You really meant it, when you said it made no difference. I’d like that,” she said.


When the first day of school term came around, he took a backpack time machine he’d built out of his schoolbag after school, in a secluded part of the school grounds, and set it for 32 years earlier. Sandra Corlani would be 25 back then. Lurking in the bushes, looking for someone to shrink (with the device that she had once acquired from Colleen Balfour without her knowledge) was the mischievous Ellie Blish She had no idea what Ryan was doing with a peculiar looking backpack. All she knew was that she had chosen him as her next target, because he was in a place where nobody would see her using the shrinking device. His own desire for secrecy had made sure of that.

Ellie fired the shrink beam at Ryan, just as Ryan activated the time travel backpack.

The combined effect was extraordinairy.

From Ellie’s perspective, Ryan seemed to simply vanish instead of dwindling in size. From Ryan’s perspective, he began time travelling and fracturing into multiple tiny versions of himself, each one with all of his memories up until that moment, each one landing in a different time period. 

Back to the Beauty by timescrybe2

The process of shrinking and time travelling also duplicated the backpack, but completely shorted out its circuits. The reduced time travelling backpacks would never work again, for any of the Ryans lost in time.

Ryan#1 arrived in the year when Sandra Corlani was 25, just as he planned to. He had no knowledge of how far in the future from that year each of the other Ryans had ended up. Ellie Blish had shrunken him from behind. So he had no idea that she had caused his mishap with a shrinking device. As he had crossed the time period affected by the Ring of Reversal, he would have shrunken anyway, without her interference. However, the combined effect of both a time machine and a shrinking device had caused him to fracture into several Ryans, dispersed in time.

Ryan#1 was sure that the younger Sandra Corlani would be the only person who might be able to solve the conundrum and help him to be reunited with his other selves at his full size. He had arrived at night. He walked through the school grounds, until he came upon a very reassuring sight. Sandra Corlani was seated on a bench in the outer gardens, wearing a long dark green coat, buttoned like a dress, with a pink shirt underneath. The top of the shirt was showing above the V shaped joining of the coat.

“Sandra!” he called out.

She stood up, walked over and looked down at him.

“Who are you?”

“I’m a student of yours, 32 years into your future. You taught a time travel class. I fell in love with you, finished the course, went out on dates with you, and you asked me to come back to meet this version of you. However, something went wrong with the time travelling process. It split me into many tiny versions of myself. The others are scattered over the next 32 years of time. I think you’re the only person who could help me undo that effect.”

“To me, time travel is only a hypothetical concept. I must have started working on it at some point in the future, but I don’t even know where to start now, let alone how to solve whatever went wrong with it.”

“Then I guess I’m stuck here at this size, but it wouldn’t matter if I’m with you.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, and picked him up and took him home.

She took off the coat and kissed him several times, and then lay down and let him snuggle against her cheek and her neck.

The next morning, a Saturday in this time, she put on a tracksuit and parka and went for a walk to the school grounds and then set him down to watch her taking a jog around the sports oval. She looked incredibly athletic, running with her major size difference, until she ran over to where he was, picked him up and pressed her lips to his face again. Then he saw and felt her tongue sliding across her lower lip and his face. It was the most amazing experience of his life.

Craving Tiny Ryan by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Suddenly she withdrew her face a little, stuck her tongue out at him, stuffed him into her mouth and gulped him down her throat. He could hardly believe it.

Ryan#2 arrived at a point in time when Sandra Corlani was 30. He had no knowledge of what would be happening to Ryan#3 onwards in the future. However, he did seem to have a memory of what had happened to Ryan#1 in the past. The situation called for considerable thought. Presumably 30 year old Sandra Corlani would show him initial romantic affection and then gobble him all up too. Since he had told 25 year old Sandra what had happened to his other selves, she would remember it at age 30 and onwards. She might even have spent the last five years searching the school grounds periodically, looking out for his later selves. If she were prepared to eat him in every time period, then even a later version of him who met her after she’d perfected time travel would not be able to seek her help in restoring the remaining versions of himself. Even if she were to help him by then, there might be so few of him left in the timestream, that he could only hope to be a midget at best after they were reunited, and if that were even possible.

All of these considerations left him only two choices. He and Ryan#3 onwards could flee the school grounds and live out their lives at tiny size, scattered in time. Or they could let the Sandra Corlani at various points in her personal time line find him, romance him and eventually eat him. At least, if he did things that way, he would be with her as much as he could hope to be. Apart from that, being swallowed whole by her had been strangely thrilling, and he could look forward to several views of her mouth from age 30 to some point before she reached age 57.

It seemed to be mid afternoon. The school was quiet, and he wondered if she would be around. He didn’t have long to wonder. He saw her sitting on the lawn in front of the school pool, wearing a white pair of shorts and a white T shirt. He walked over to her, fully aware of the situation he would be walking into.

“You must be the next Ryan,” she said, confirming that she had understood and remembered what Ryan#1 had told her five years earlier.

To him, it had only been a matter of minutes earlier, as Ryan#2 had acquired the memory of what had happened to Ryan#1, and all of the Ryans were the same 17 years old that the original had been before the time travel experience.

“I guess you’ve only met one other,” he said, having made a split second decision that he would not let her know that each subsequent Ryan would know what she’d done to the first one.

It would enable him to roleplay, and even to attempt to escape her, without her knowing that he wanted to, if he or the later Ryans ever had second thoughts about exchanging romance for being eaten by her.Suddenly she withdrew her face a little, stuck her tongue out at him, stuffed him into her mouth and gulped him down her throat. He could hardly believe it.

Ryan#2 arrived at a point in time when Sandra Corlani was 30. He had no knowledge of what would be happening to Ryan#3 onwards in the future. However, he did seem to have a memory of what had happened to Ryan#1 in the past. The situation called for considerable thought. Presumably 30 year old Sandra Corlani would show him initial romantic affection and then gobble him all up too. Since he had told 25 year old Sandra what had happened to his other selves, she would remember it at age 30 and onwards. She might even have spent the last five years searching the school grounds periodically, looking out for his later selves. If she were prepared to eat him in every time period, then even a later version of him who met her after she’d perfected time travel would not be able to seek her help in restoring the remaining versions of himself. Even if she were to help him by then, there might be so few of him left in the timestream, that he could only hope to be a midget at best after they were reunited, and if that were even possible.

All of these considerations left him only two choices. He and Ryan#3 onwards could flee the school grounds and live out their lives at tiny size, scattered in time. Or they could let the Sandra Corlani at various points in her personal time line find him, romance him and eventually eat him. At least, if he did things that way, he would be with her as much as he could hope to be. Apart from that, being swallowed whole by her had been strangely thrilling, and he could look forward to several views of her mouth from age 30 to some point before she reached age 57.

It seemed to be mid afternoon. The school was quiet, and he wondered if she would be around. He didn’t have long to wonder. He saw her sitting on the lawn in front of the school pool, wearing a white pair of shorts and a white T shirt. He walked over to her, fully aware of the situation he would be walking into.

“You must be the next Ryan,” she said, confirming that she had understood and remembered what Ryan#1 had told her five years earlier.

To him, it had only been a matter of minutes earlier, as Ryan#2 had acquired the memory of what had happened to Ryan#1, and all of the Ryans were the same 17 years old that the original had been before the time travel experience.

“I guess you’ve only met one other,” he said, having made a split second decision that he would not let her know that each subsequent Ryan would know what she’d done to the first one.

It would enable him to roleplay, and even to attempt to escape her, without her knowing that he wanted to, if he or the later Ryans ever had second thoughts about exchanging romance for being eaten by her.

When Time Came to a Crawl by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

He looked up at her towering neck and imagined what it would be like to be gulped down inside it again. She looked more beautiful at 30 than she had at 25. Then he looked at her lips.

“I met the first Ryan, when I was 25, and he explained the situation. We dated for less than 24 hours, and then I swallowed him,” she said, “It was very enjoyable.”

“Maybe he liked it enough to think that it was worth it.”

“You’ll find out for yourself. I’m going to do the same to you.”

“Just the swallowing, or the dating as well?”


She picked him up and pressed her full shapely red lips to his tiny face and shoulders.

Then she reached down and took a white jumper from the lawn beside her, put it on and then lay down, resting her face on her forearms right in front of him and smiled at him. He stepped closer and kissed her huge cheek.

She kissed him again and then took him to her car. She sat him on the circular center of the steering wheel and began to drive home. He looked up at her lips, her neck, and her eyes, and felt even more excited than he been when 25 year old Sandra had been swallowing Ryan#1. This time the experience would be preceded by so much anticipation. When she reached her own driveway, she picked him up and placed him into her mouth. Her tongue looked breathtakingly beautiful as he lay upon it and awaited the gulp that carried him down her throat.

Ryan#3 arrived two years later, when Sandra Corlani was 32. In keeping with his pretence of ignorance of what had happened to Ryan#1 and Ryan#2, he found her in her classroom after school, and climbed up onto her desk to get her attention. She smiled at him as he told her what had happened to him, while he was well aware that she already knew.

Without any verbal preamble, Sandra picked him up and placed him into her mouth and closed it. All he could do was wait for the gulp.

Ryan#4 arrived at the school, in the year when Sandra was 35. He hid in her handbag until she put it down at home, and then concealed himself in her house while she slept and went to school the next day. He managed to access some of her food while she was at school and then waited until he saw her coming from the car to the front door. He decided to roleplay and let her catch him. She was wearing jeans and a woollen jumper. As soon as she had stepped into the house, he let her see him and then darted under a cupboard. It was marvelous to watch her get down on all fours, crawl towards the cupboard and try to reach for him with her hand, peeking in at him, until she eventually caught him and sat up.

She carried him to her desk and sat at it, towering over him.

“I already know that you’re one of the Ryans. And you might as well know that I’m going to gobble you up,” she said.

Morning Exercise by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“Are you going to kiss me first?”

“I don’t see why not,” she said, and lifted him gently and pressed her lips against him several times.

Then she took him to her bedroom without having dinner that day, and lay down and let him lie beside her cheek. When she became drowsy, she asked him to climb into her mouth.

“I’m not going to swallow you now, just let you sleep on my tongue,” she said.

“It should make a nice soft bed,” he replied, and eased his way over her lower lip.

Early the next morning, she yawned in her sleep, and he decided to make a break for it, when he fell out of her mouth onto the pillow. He climbed down from the bed, made it out into her large back lawn, and started running. Soon she awoke and came running after him, now wearing her night skirt and woollen jumper.

She caught up to him, stood towering in front of him, put her hands on her hips and smiled down triumphantly. Then she squatted down, picked him up and took him inside again.

She gave him several more lovely kisses, took him to the kitchen bench and began to prepare him in a pavlova. Then she placed him in the oven, left the room and returned wearing a lovely white dress, sat down and looked across at the oven, until it was time to take him out and over to the table. She sat at the table, her lovely face and neck towering in front of him and smiled down. She spooned pavlova from around him and into her mouth, while he looked on in wonder. Eventually the spoon passed under him as well and lifted him high and placed him into her mouth. Down her 35 year old throat he went, exhilirated beyond his wildest dreams.

Ryan#5 arrived when she was 38, in the evening at the school. He saw her walking towards him in a long dress, with her hair mostly up. She sat down and began talking with him. She soon raised the subject of eating him. He told her that it didn’t matter any more than her being 57 in the future had ever mattered. He loved her anyway and wanted her to know it. She lay down and smiled adorably. She sat up again, picked him up and licked him with just the front end of her tongue. Then she put it out all the way and licked him several times. He felt her beautiful taste organ sliding over his shoulders, his neck and his entire face, and enjoyed every second of  it.

Then right there on the classroom carpet, she removed her dress to reveal a two piece bikini and lay down on her back. She let him lie on her neck for a while, then sat up and held him beside her while she stuck out her tongue in a side on view. Then she withdrew her tongue and opened her mouth and slid him in and out a few times.

Then her tongue came out and swished from side to side against his face, looking even better than it had done when she’d been 25. Then she popped him into her mouth and swallowed him.

From Six to Ate by timescrybe2

Ryan#6 arrived when she was 40, to see her sitting with her arms folded, wearing a brown patterned skirt and a white blouse. She wasted no time on this occasion, simply announced, “I’m going to gobble you up,” placed him into her mouth for several minutes, and then gulped heavily.

Ryan#7 arrived when she was 46 and only just a widow, about to go into semi-retirment. She had her hair up, and wore an evening gown that reached just below her knees. She kissed him and swallowed him with the same speed of despatch that her 40 year old self had shown.

Ryan#8 met her at her age 49, but not at the school. As she was in semi-retirment, he had to go to her home. Having remembered the way to her house from Ryan#2’s ride on her steering wheel, he approached a school girl when nobody else was looking, and asked her to take him to Sandra’s front garden and leave him there. Then he snuck under Sandra’s door and soon saw her walking in his direction. Wearing a light brown skirt and a medium brown jumper, she was all smiles and kisses as she took him home and set him down on the carpet. He waited while she went and changed into a neck to knees dress. Then he saw her step forward and squat down to reach for him. Her legs looked awesome, as he compared their size with his own meagre dimensions and awaited yet another round of becoming her next meal. She stuck her tongue out at him several times. He saw how wide and thick and sparkly it was and noticed that it seemed to become more and more attractive with age. No wonder he’d liked her so much when she was 57.

She kissed him many times, and then prepared him in the kitchen, smiling in amusement, put him in the oven, closed it, waved at him through the glass window and turned and walked away. She soon returned, sat in front of the oven until he’d warmed up, then carried him to the table, sat down and picked him up and opened her mouth wide in front of him. He had one of the best chances ever, to stare in at her yawning tonue and fully appreciate the view, before she placed him into her mouth and let him lie there until the gulp came.

Ryan#9 never knew exactly at what point he’d arrived. He knew it was when she was in her fifties, but he was not aware that it was during the school holidays just before she resumed teaching, or that he had arrived on the day of her interview with the school board for the purpose of re-engaging her as a teacher. What he did know was that he was the last of the Ryans, since he’d been the first one to drop out of the time stream while the fragmenting original Ryan was careening into the past from

Days of Teacher Past by timescrybe2

This was to be his last romance and last throat ride with Sandra. He wondered if he should run from the school and find a more lasting romance, albeit at tiny size for him, with another girl instead.

He soon worked out that it was holidays, as the school was empty in the middle of the day. Then he saw Sandra Corlani walking towards him with a long black dress and dark sunglasses.

“I can see that I’ll have to teach a time travel class in order to make sure that we meet each other today,” she said.

Realising that his nine selves were down to one, he made a sudden break for it. She stepped towards him with a minimum of effort, as he darted into the flower bed. She stepped into a suitable position and reached down and snatched him up, took him home and sat on an armchair and placed him on the right arm.

She smiled at him, deeply amused with the knowledge that she was about to eat the final Ryan.

“It’s been a few years,” she said, “But I guess you wouldn’t know that.”

“Actually we all knew it,” he said, “It doesn’t hurt to tell you now.”

“But… if you knew what I’d done to the other Ryans, if you all knew, then why did you keep coming back and letting me whittle you down to the one of you that’s left?”

“For the same reason that I came back in time in the first place. I love you.”

She put out her tongue in a wide long stretching movement and licked him.

“You’re as sweet in mind as you are in taste,” she said.

She opened her mouth and slid him back and forth against her tongue several  times, and then beamed at him.

“This will be the last time, for both of us,” she said.

“Not quite for you. The original undivided Ryan will still see you for the term ahead, while you teach the time travel class, and then while you date him in the holidays.”

“I’ll be sure to suggest that he travel back to my youth, when I talk to him on our first date then,” she said.

So continued another predestination paradox, as Sandra opened her mouth, put her tongue just slightly out, so that the tip of it rested on her lower lip, and slid him into her mouth.

He waited with more anticipation than the other eight Ryans had felt, as he knew that this would be the penultimate gulp. She had enjoyed eating versions of him for over 3 decades of her life, while he had been fractured at age 17 to facilitate those meals. Now it was all coming to an end. He had been with the lady of his dreams at points in time when most people could do little more than dream about it, some of them before he’d even been born. He had enjoyed both the kisses of her lovely lips and the gobbling of her lovely tongue and throat, and this was the final round. She let him lie there for nearly an hour, perhaps deciding for herself whether this was really the choice that she wanted to make, before finally drawing him into the top of her throat.

“Maybe she’s going to have second thoughts and cough me up,” he speculated.

Then came the final gulp, which carried him deep down her throat, and he knew that the adventure had reached its final instalment. 

A Boy in Two Aspects by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

featuring Colleen!

There were two events coming up, as the term drew to an end: the simultaneous lady teachers and men teachers parties, of which Frances was hosting the one for the ladies.

Frances Woodfield now had her replacement shrinking device, with the help of her closest friend Colleen, whom she visited sometimes in giantland. She had been asking a number of boys at the school if they would like to be her third Dollipop. (See Book 1 chapter 41-46 again, if you’ve read so much since, that like me, you’ve almost forgotten why she called Dollipop 1 and 2 such names.)

Nobody had been willing to be shrunken permanently. So she had mentioned the device’s reverse setting, and found that three with crushes on her would be prepared to be shrunken temporarily and then restored in the future. proposed to one, that she could reduce his size indefinitely, and restore it in the future. Then she chose the one of the three who had been recently orphaned. He was now a boarding school student, funded by his parents’ legacy, and was coinicidentally named Francis. He had chosen to stay on at that particular school, because he had been fascinated with continuing Miss Corlani’s time travel class, largely in part because he had been fascinated in Miss Corlani. His crush on Miss Corlani was stronger than his crush on Miss Woodfield, but he also wanted his size eventually restored, so that he could use one of her time techniques. It seemed meant to be. So Frances adopted Francis first, in order to enable him to live with her and be reduced and restored on regular occasions without arousing any suspicion caused by absence from school.

One Saturday afternoon, when he was at full size, he completed work on a hitherto unused method of time travel taught by Miss Corlani: The Time Projector. This device had a wrist attachment, which was a miniature remote control, that could project a person into another time, and then send a retrieval signal through time and space itself to instruct the projector to bring the time traveller back. The projector machine itself actually never left the present. Francis was understandably keen to give it a try.

He went to the chemist, bought a blond hair dye to disguise his brown hair, went home and applied it, put on the wrist remote, then had Miss Woodfield shrink him, and then sent himself back to a time when Miss Colleen Balfour was still a teacher at the school only weeks before she left. He didn’t cross the period affected by the Ring of Reversal, but arrived not long after it had ended. He was now occupying his own timeline in two aspects, shrunken before he started time travelling, rather than by the dispersal of the reduction energy in the period which had been altered by the Ring of Reversal. He had arrived just after school, and waited in the garden bed on one of the school’s paths, until he saw his younger self (who had not yet been orphaned) heading home. Then he waited for Colleen. 

Return to Colleen by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

He must not tell her that in the future she would leave the school and give a shrinking device to Frances Woodfield, as that knowledge may corrupt Colleen’s personal timeline. Miss Woodfield had told him about it, when she’d explained things after shrinking him, but Colleen didn’t know. With his hair dyed and his body shrunken to tiny size and wearing his weekend casual clothes, he would hopefully be unrecognisable to her, and could satisfy something in her that Miss Woodfield had mentioned, when explaining Colleen’s reason for inventing a shrinking device in the first place. When he saw Miss Balfour walking along the path, he was about to step out and let her see him. Then he saw the past self of Miss Woodfield walking behind her, talking to her as they walked. He couldn’t take the chance on letting her see him, as that would really put the timeline at risk. So he used the wrist remote’s recall setting to pull him only one day back in the direction of the present. He arrived one day later than he had the first time. This time, he saw Colleen approaching alone, and waited until she drew closer, and then sneezed.

She heard it, turned and knelt down.

“Well, it looks like I’ve found another delicious little leprechaun,” she said, “Would you like a kiss, before I take you home and gobble you down?”

“Yes please!” he said enthusiastically.

As far as his three crushes went, he had one on Miss Woodfield, a stronger one on Miss Balfour, and the strongest one of all on Miss Corlani. He had enjoyed Miss Woodfield’s licks on the first night that she’d shrunken him, and would enjoy Miss Balfour’s gobbling all the more.

Colleen picked him up and pressed her full lips closely to his face. Then she put him into her handbag and walked a while. When she reached the woods, she took him out of the handbag and let him ride in the neck of her turtleneck sweater, with his head peeking out the top, so that he could see the journey she made through the wood and up through the meadow to her house.

When she had him warmed up in the oven and served at the table, she sat down and looked down at him. She reached for him with a casual gesture of her hand. He saw her elegant fingers separating and drawing close with her perfectly formed palm, and then the whole hand closing around him, leaving only his head free to look up as she drew him up towards her face. Then he saw her incredible tongue come out of her mouth. It was wide, rounded at the front, and had no gaps on the top, a truly awe inspiring tongue to behold after being reduced to tiny size. He felt the tongue sliding over his neck and face a few times, and then saw it returning into her mouth.

“Is there anything else you’d like to say, before I swallow you?” she asked.

“I guess just to thank you for the lovely kiss.”

The Refined Art of Eating by timescrybe2

“It was my pleasure,” she said, “Although this will be a far greater one. Farewell then.”

She opened her mouth wide in front of him. He looked in at the tongue inside her mouth, which looked different from the outstretched tongue view he’d just seen immediately prior to the commencement of the licking, but equally appealling to him nonetheless. With her finger and thumb, she placed him into her mouth, and then withdrew her hand, and slowly closed her mouth.

“After eating so many shrunken boys and leprechauns, I have refined the art of eating someone, to give the meal a chance to see the light very slowly go out in my mouth, rather than instantly being plunged into a wet darkness,” she thought to herself, wishing that her mouth was not ironically unable to voice that thought to him.

She let him lie on her tongue and contemplate what lay ahead for a few minutes, and then raised her tongue ever so slightly, so that he was only on a slight incline. Colleen wondered whether he would try to resist his destiny or simply start sliding. She felt his movements, as he drifted into her throat, and slid part of the way down. Then she gave a hearty gulping movement, and drew him down further. Then she felt the presence of him in her neck and throat no longer, and expected that he’d reached her stomach.

After the gulp had carried him a little way, Francis activated the wrist remote’s recall setting and was drawn back to his room at Miss Woodfield’s house on the Saturday afternoon in his own time. Only a few seconds had passed since he’d left for the past. He asked her if he could attend the lady teachers party at his tiny size.

“You can, but you’ll have to stay out of sight for most of it,” said Frances, “Miss Corlani and I are friends. So she’ll be arriving an hour earlier than all the other lady teachers. As soon as I hear the first doorbell of someone else arriving, I’ll have to hid you out of sight on the top shelf of the high lounge room cabinet. You’ll be able to look out through its glass doors and watch the party, but the other teachers won’t be able to see you, as you’ll be above their eye level. If they do spot you at all, you’ll just look like a doll in the cabinet from that distance, as I’ll have some other dolls there too.”

When the night of the party came, Miss Woodfield placed him on the table along with the food, so that he could help himself to as much as he liked in the first hour, before going into seclusion. Then they heard the doorbell.

“That will be Miss Corlani now,” she said, and went to answer it.

He soon heard them walking to the lounge room, and then saw Miss Woodfield go to the kitchen, calling, “Start on anything you like,” to Sandra.

Miss Corlani was his favourite of the three crushes, and she now walked straight over to the table and saw him.

Part of the Food? by timescrybe2

“Hello Miss Corlani,” he said.

“Anything I like?” she repeated, with a questioning intonation, “Are you one of the guests or part of the food?”

The question was the most exciting one he’d ever heard. Nothing she’d said or done in her time travel classes could compete with this moment.

“I guess I’m still Miss Woodfield’s adopted son,” he said.

He watched with baited breath, as Miss Corlani’s fingers closed around a small meringue and lifted to her mouth. He saw her tongue come out of her mouth to receive it. The sight had even eclipsed his memory of being temporarily eaten by Colleen’s tongue in the past.

Sandra gulped it down, beamed at him with her eyes, and turned to talk to the returning Miss Woodfield.

“You’re the only person who now knows I’ve been shrinking him,” said Miss Woodfield, “I’ll have to hide him when the others arrive.”

The three of them talked for almost an hour, but neither Sandra nor Francis mentioned anything about their initial exchange. During the subsequent four hours, Francis watched from concealment, as all of the ladies enjoyed the party. Sandra was careful not to look in his direction, lest she do anything to give his presence away to the other guests. Francis, on the other hand, didn’t take his eyes off her the entire time. He hoped that she wouldn’t leave before the last of the others, and was pleased to see that she didn’t.

When Frances and Sandra were alone again, Frances said, “You can fetch Francis down from the cupboard and let him enjoy the leftovers on the table, while I’m washing up the empty plates in the kitchen.”

He heard that clearly enough through the glass door, and then saw Miss Corlani approach, open the glass door, and reach up for him. She took him back to the table and set him down on it, and turned to walk away.

“Miss Corlani,” he said, “Could we talk a bit more about what you asked me before?”

“If you like,” she said, and took him over to an armchair and sat down.

“I wanted to ask you … if I had been designated as part of the food, would you have eaten me?”

“I’d have had you down my throat within a few minutes,” she said.

“Would I have gone down intact?”

“Absolutely. I’d enjoy it more that way.”

“I enjoyed it when Miss Balfour did it in the past, and then used the time projector’s wrist remote to bring myself back, but I’d enjoy it even more with you. I could just send myself back a few minutes and into your place.”

“If you did that, you’d be back in the present and into the future by a few minutes, by waiting out the time it would take me to eat you,” she said.

“Would the device still return me from a few minutes into the future?”

“Theoretically, yes it would, but I wouldn’t want you to try it that way.”

“I could go back further, just to be sure, if we wait a while, so that I’ll still arrive after tonight. That way you’d be expecting me.”

Allowing for Time by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“But if you use the time projector and the wrist remote recall, you wouldn’t become part of my tummy.”

“Do you really want that so much?” he asked.

“I didn’t have to say anything about that. I invented the time projector and the wrist remote that goes with it. I could easily design a remote of my own to override your recall setting,” said Miss Corlani.

“Why didn’t you just trick me that way?” he asked.

“I don’t know, perhaps because of the way you willingly brought up the subject at the end of this night. You must be in love with me, and I think I feel the same way. But I would very much like to eventually swallow you permanently.”

“Maybe we could do it both ways, obviously with the permanent way coming last.”

“You wouldn’t even need the wrist remote then. I could operate the time projector manually to return you after I’d swallowed you a little in the past. Then the next time around, I’d simply leave you in there. You might not have continued to love me if I’d not asked you to go down the final time willingly.”

“I think I would.”

She kissed him.

“The only thing is that you obviously mean a lot to my best friend at the school,” said Sandra.

“It looks like I’ll have to take up the next potential Dollipop’s offer to be temporarily shrunken,” said Miss Woodfield, “There are two other candidates, but I won’t be able to keep them shrunken for long at any given time, as they’re not available for adoption. I’ll pick one and check that he’s still willing.”

She was standing in the doorway.

“You don’t think I’m awful then?” asked Sandra.

“I got used to this with Colleen Balfour. I only have the shrinking device, as a side effect of her confiding in me of her desire to shrink and eat someone.”

Her second choice of the three temporary Dollipop volunteers, named Killarney, would become Dollipop 4.

In the meantime, Sandra took Francis to her house, and set him up in a tiny makeshift bed in one room.

“I’ll need to be alone in my bedroom tonight, so that after we’ve romanced eachother for a few days, I can send you back to tonight with the time projector,” she said.

She leaned down, kissed him goodnight, and then walked out of the room.

He lay awake, thinking that in her bedroom, his future self of several days later was arriving and being swallowed whole by Sandra and then being drawn back to the future time by the manual recall setting on the machine. That future self would be aware that this present self of his was lying here. It didn’t do to dwell on this for too long, as he finally became tired enough to drop off to sleep, regardless of his excitement and anticipation.

The next morning she came to see him.

“Has it happened for you yet?” he asked.

“It has.”

“How was I?”

“Positively mouth watering,” she said.

He enjoyed lying beside her cheek and on her neck in her bed for the 

Discussing the Immediate Past by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

She took him to the time projector and prepared to send him into the past, back to the night that he had first been brought home from the lady teachers party.

“What happens if you get distracted by some event and can’t bring me back, or because of a power failure?” he asked.

“Then I’ll just do it, as soon as I can. It wouldn’t make any difference from your perspective. I could leave you there in my past throat at that particular second in time for a week, and still pluck you from that particular second the moment I set the machine to do it.”

“I guess I’ll get to make it back regardless then.”

“Well I’ll let you in on something. You did. I felt you vanishing from my throat back then, when my tonight self must have activated the manual recall setting. At worst, I’ll definitely do it in the future, because you did make it back.”

She projected him back to her bedroom at the end of the party night, and licked him and slid him into her mouth and swallowed him. The next thing he knew, he was back on the bench at the machine, with Miss Corlani looking at him.

“This will be the first time I’ve had the chance to talk to someone after eating him,” she said, wondering why she’d never thought to ask Ryan#9 to describe his acquired memories of the experiences that Ryan#1-8 had gone through while being eaten by her, “Tell me what it was like.”

“Amazing, astounding, the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me, and the second most incredible thing that ever will.”

She smiled at his reference to what lay ahead.

They dated secretly for another few weeks, and then she made plans to eat him up without the intervention of the time projector.

She showed him her wardrobe, let him select a few dresses for her to try on, and then left him in the lounge room, while she put on each dress and walked out to see him.

He chose the same black dress that she had worn the day she had eaten Ryan#9.

She took him to the kitchen, wearing the grey laced dress that had been the final entry in their private fashion show, and prepared him, and placed him into the oven to warm up. She left the room and he waited, looking through the glass window of the oven door.

Soon he saw her walking slowly into the room, resplendent with elegant beauty and radiant beyond measure. She sat down in front of the oven for a few minutes, smiling pleasantly at him, and then opened the oven and took him to the table. As far as eating him went, she went through all the same motions that he’d seen in the preview experience in her bedroom, but this time he knew that it would not be a temporary journey. He was excited beyond all means of self-expression as she lifted him up, licked him and placed him into her mouth and eventually swallowed him down.

A Doll Discovered by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

After working pretty much 14 hours straight to move all my old timescribe stories over to this new timescrybe2 account, here is one new chapter which nobody has seen before.

The mischievous Ellie Blish soon targeted another boy for shrinking. He was a year 7 student named Elmer, who had never met her, and wouldn’t have known who she was, even if she hadn’t fired the shrinking device from concealment in the bushes. He was found by a girl in his own class named Melany Bell. He told her that he had suddenly shrunken, and she took him home to live in her dolls house, which she placed on her bedside table. Each day she would sneak small food supplies up to him early in the morning, before her widowed mother awoke, and leave him by himself while she went to school later on. She bought him some miniature books, which were a novelty at a second hand bookstore in the village, so that he had something to read.

After he had been there for several weeks, he saw her mother come into the room in the middle of the day. He had never felt anything romantic for Melany, although her face was kind and pleasant, but Mrs Bell was stunning. He peeked between the curtains of the dolls house at her, and watched her dusting the various items of furniture in the room. She eventually came over and dusted the sides of the bedside table, and then the walls of the dolls house. When she did the wall with the window and curtains that concealed him, some dust caused him to sneeze loudly several times.

Mrs Bell gave a startled look and put down the duster on Melany’s bed. She sat down on the bed and her face drew close to the window. He was so transfixed by her beauty, that he didn’t think to back away and hide somewhere. The curtains were still hiding his presence anyway.

Then he saw her hand reaching for the window, and he stepped back quickly, as her fingers pulled the curtain to the side. She looked in at him and he saw her jaw dropping, as her mouth opened wide in surprise. Her tongue became at least partly visible in her mouth, and her lips were like a large letter O.

“I’m a friend of Melany’s from school,” he said, “Something shrunk me. So she let me live here.”

“I wouldn’t have thought such a thing were possible!” said Mrs Bell, “What should I call you?”

“I’m Elmer.”

“You look cute like that, I must say. I’m Phillippa Bell.”

“Thank you for saying so, Mrs Bell. I think you’re the most beautiful of all ladies.”

“Is there anything between you and Melany?”

“We’re just very close friends. Now that you know I’m here, I’d love to have a date with you, if you like.”

“I would like that. The only thing is that when Melany forms attachments, they are strong ones. If she brought you here, and has been used to having you here with her as her own little special secret live doll all this time, I think she would be hurt to know that you’ve transferred a much greater attention onto her own mother.”

“So is there anything we could do?”

Poolside Romance by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“Ask her to take the lead out of one of those press pencils, so that you can hold the lead like a pencil in your hand, after she snaps it off. Then ask her to cut some sheets of notepad paper into small squares, that would be like sheets of A4 paper to you. Then, use it for writing or drawing for a few weeks. At the end of that time, if you write her a vague, fairly uninformative farewell note, she can think that you decided to leave this house altogether. That way, I can have you in my life, and she’ll never know that you stayed here with me. Would you be willing to do that?”

“Anything at all, if it means I can go on dates with you. I just wish I didn’t have to wait all those weeks, before we could start.”

“We don’t need to wait. You can have dates with me, five days a week, while she’s at school. I’ll just leave you in the dolls house before she comes home each day, until the time comes for you to write her the note. Then I’ll take you up to my bedroom and you can sleep on my pillow beside my face.”

“It all sounds wonderful,” said Elmer.

“I’m sorry about the duster,” she said, “I didn’t know you were in there.”

“I’d have climbed down to the floor and come and introduced myself on the first school day that she’d left me here, if I’d known how elegant and adorable you look,” he said.

She smiled affectionately and waited while he went to the front door of the dolls house, opened it and walked out to her awaiting palm. She lifted him up to her face and held him there.

He kissed her cheek, and then her lower lip. She pressed back at him with her lip and drove him wild with ecstacy.

The next day, she put on her swimming costume and took him out to the backyard and sat him on the edge of the pool. He watched her step down the pool’s underwater steps and into the pool. Then she swam a few laps, as he marvelled at her tremendous figure. She was somewhat plus sized, and this seemed to make her even more beautiful. Then she swam towards the ladder in the pool, which was just near his position. He walked over and watched her about to climb out of the pool.

“Would you like to go for a swim yourself?” she asked, stopping herself and stepping back down.

“Yes please,” he said.

“I’ll walk along beside you, to keep you from drowning if anything goes wrong,” she said.

They did that for a while, and then he asked if she would let him dog paddle towards her and then backstroke away from her. It gave him a view of her towering figure the whole time, and she could still stride towards him quickly enough, if he got into any trouble. After that exercise had tired him out, she carried him to the pool steps, sat down, partly underwater, and let him rest on her shoulder.

Playing by the Rules by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

They talked for a while, and then she got out of the pool and dried herself off by sitting in the sun on a deck chair for a long talk with him. When her swimmers were completely dry, she took him into her bedroom, lay down on the bed, and let him lie on her belly for soft comfort.

In the weeks ahead, she took him on secret picnics, watched movies on the television with him, so that they could talk their way through the advertisements, and played every board game she had with him, letting him act as one of his own pieces or tokens in each game.

Finally the day came for him to write his ambiguous farewell note to Melany.

He thought about how to word it and made it as simple as possible:


Dear Melany,

Thank you for having me

and looking after me,

but I really can’t stay

with you forever. I hope

you meet a nice boy at school.



He placed it on the door step of the dolls house for her to find, and then let Phillippa carry him up to her bedroom. They would have to make sure that Melany never entered the room and found him, he thought. She left him up there, while Melany came home and discovered the note. He heard Phillippa asking Melany why she was crying, and Melany saying that she couldn’t really tell. Eventually, she broke down and said, “I guess it doesn’t matter now,” and told her mother everything. Phillippa role played a semblance of surprise at the existence of a tiny boy living all these weeks in her daughter’s dolls house, and let her calm down.

“I guess it’s not so bad really,” said Melany, “Elmer doesn’t know that I have met a nice boy my own size at school. I would have kept him for a cute little pet anyway in the dolls house, but I’ll get used to things the way they are.”

Later that night, when Elmer was snuggled against Phillippa’s cheek, she said, “I feel better, knowing that she’s adjusting to the situation. I’ll enjoy having you more, in the knowledge that we haven’t plotted that much unhappiness for her.”

The next morning, Melany went to school as usual, and Phillippa went outside briefly, and came in with four spare house bricks from the shed. She sat down next to the closed front door and put them in front of it.

“I thought we might play a game of chasings in here this morning,” she said, “I’ll give you plenty of headstart, and I’ll only crawl around on all fours, while you’ll be free to run at your top speed at tiny size. This is the only door that has enough room for you to slip under it.”

“Well I guess we could have just made it a rule of the game that I wasn’t to go under the door,” he said.

“I couldn’t count on you to follow that rule,” she said, as she slid the last brick into place, “When I catch you, I’m going to cook you just enough to warm you up, and eat you for my lunch.”

The Belly and the Laps by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

He gaped in surprise for several seconds, having watched her lovely lips pronounce those words which had just changed his life.

“But you said you wanted to have me with you.”

“And I will, in my tummy.”

“What would Melany think?”

“She won’t be thinking about you at all. That’s why I had you write that letter.”

“I did that so I could have dates and romance with you. You’ve been planning this the whole time.”

“You agreed to do it, so that you could have dates and romance with me, and you’ve had several weeks of those. I have indeed been planning this, since the moment I saw you in the dolls house.”

“But I didn’t know it was coming to this.”

“Obviously not. If I’d told you, you wouldn’t have enjoyed the dates.”

“I think I would, but not quite as much.”

“That was a generous compliment.”

“Thank you, but what if I don’t want to play the game?”

“It won’t alter the outcome, only the time leading up to it. Lunch time is less than three hours away, and there’s nothing you can do about it, little Elmer. I’m going to gobble you whole!”

He looked up at her beautiful face as she asserted herself, and then looked at her towering neck. It was a view of great beauty, yet with ominous implications for the traveller who made his way down inside it. He looked at things from her perspective. She was looking down at him, looking forward to enacting every aspect of the plans that she had announced, and had taken every measure to ensure that it would go off like clockwork, no matter what he said or did to try to avert his fate. She would be completely indifferent to his protests and the effect that the experience would have on him. The only concern that she had really shown at any point in the last month was to minimize the sense of loss that Melany would feel at not having him around as a live doll any more. He knew for an absolute certain fact, that she would be gulping him down with the same contented carefree air of the widow she had been for the last few weeks. He would gain nothing by continuing to try to change her mind, but could still perhaps enjoy the rest of the morning with her.

“Is there time for some more kisses first?”

“Of course there is. That’s why I told you this early in the morning. We can start the chasings game half an hour before lunch. It shouldn’t take long to catch you and cook you.”

She sat against the wall on the carpet, and placed him on her shoulder, and turned her head to kiss him slowly. Eventually she withdrew her lips and looked at him with a twinkle of great amusement in her eyes.

She undid her dress to reveal her swimmers underneath, and took him out to watch her swimming in the pool again.

“You won’t try to run away while I’m swimming a few laps, will you? I’d be out of the pool and after you in no time, to fetch you back.”

“I guess I might as well enjoy the sight of you swimming one more time,” he said, with the knowledge that it would certainly put a different complexion on the situation to be having that view of her belly only two hours before journeying down into it.

A Comparison of Views by timescrybe2

He watched her swimming and then saw her come over to the ladder and climb up, holding onto the rungs. She dried off with the towel, although her swimmers were still wet, and then took him inside and set him down on a cupboard top, while she went to change into dry clothes. Soon she returned and set him down on one side of the lounge room. She went to the other side, and got down on all fours.

“The rules are simple. You can run in any direction, Try to hide under any piece of furniture, go anywhere you like, until I catch you. Are you all ready to start?”

“I guess so,” he said.

“Ready, set…go!” she called.

He darted to the right at an angle, making for an armchair, in the hopes of getting under it. It was much closer to him than to her. He made it under the armchair, and saw her crawling towards it. She lay down on her side and peeked in at him. Then she reached under the chair with her hand. He darted away, out the other side, and took off, only to see her crawling around the chair towards him again.

“I’ll never be able to outrun her!”

She drew closer, before he could think of anywhere else to go, and stopped right in front of him, laughing.

“You gave me a good run,” she said, “We both knew how the game would end, aside from directional variations, but I enjoyed playing.”

“I sort of did too,” he said.

“Now it’s off to the oven for you.”

She seized him and got up and walked gracefully into the kitchen, put him into a baking dish and set it down in the oven. Phillippa Bell sat down in front of the oven, licked her lips in front of him several times, and put out her tongue at him. He recalled his first view of her tongue, as her mouth had opened in surprise when she’d first looked through the dolls house window. This was quite a comparison. Soon she took him from the oven to the dining table and sat down.

“I’ve enjoyed the last few weeks just as much as you have,” she said, “I didn’t know I would, but I know I’ll enjoy this a whole lot more.”

“And you’ll get to enjoy a whole lot more after that,” he said.

“Yes, that’s true.”

“How can you do this to me?”

“I’ll show you,” she said, and picked him up.

She slid her tongue around his face and arms and shoulders, moving it in various directions, touching him first with the top and then with the sides.

“I must admit I enjoyed that too,” he said.

“I appreciate the sentiment.”

“Well I guess this is it.”

“I think it is. Goodbye little darling,” she said, “Have a smooth and comfortable ride down.”

She opened her mouth wide and slid him into it, feet first. He looked out at her withdrawing hand, and the sight of her lower lip from within her mouth. Then she closed her mouth and moved her tongue up and down a little, until she finally drew him into her throat. She gulped happily and carried him down to her stomach.

The Gazebo Affair by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Ellie Blish took a long walk on a Saturday morning, until she reached the neighbouring village. It didn’t have a co-educational high school like her own, but instead had Colleen’s old girls school at the near end of the village, and a boys high school at the far end, and a co-educational prep school somewhere in between. She went into the park and saw a handsome boy a few years younger than her on one of the swings. She was in her final year at school, while he was around 14. She sat on the unoccuppied swing beside him, pushed her skirt back into place, and began swinging beside him, while he continued to sit there.

“See if you can go as high as me,” she said, “I’m Ellie.”

“Okay, I’m Linden.”

He launched himself into a swinging motion, and kicked out with his legs. As they swung together for several minutes, Ellie consistently went higher.

“I guess you win,” said Linden.

“Come on a walk to the shops with me,” she said.

They walked together and talked on the way, until they reached a corner store.

“Would you like to have an ice block with me?” she asked.

“I’ve spent all my allowance for the week.”

“I meant that I’ll buy you one,” said Ellie.

“But shouldn’t I be able to buy you one?”

“No,” she said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Well thank you.”

She bought two lemonade ice blocks and a bag of lollies. They sat down at the chairs and table out the front of the corner store, and Linden watched Ellie licking her ice block, and started on his own. Then she opened the bag of lollies and said, “Help yourself to as many as you want.”

“If you come here again next week, I’ll save all my pocket money and buy something for you to eat,” he said.

Ellie said nothing, but picked up a small candy man, put him onto her outstretched tongue, drew it into her mouth, and soon swallowed it.

“Another candy man, down my throat, never to return,” she said.

“I never thought of it that way before.”

“Would you like to hold my hand and walk me back to the park?”

“Yes,” said Linden.

They found the park empty when they got there, as it had become very overcast. They went into the gazebo, and looked out at the rest of the park, as the rain began to fall.

Ellie put her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Now you can kiss me back.”

He kissed her cheek too.

Then she kissed him on the lips for well over a minute, and then hugged him, cheek to cheek, as they both looked out at the rain falling more heavily than before onto the abandoned park.

“I’ve got a secret to share with you,” she said, “It’s something I’ve never really told any other boy.”

She took out the shrinking device from her pocket and reduced him to tiny size.

“That’s incredible,” he said.

Crossing the Moat by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

“I’m from another village, and I got hold of this device. I think it might have originally belonged to a teacher at my school. It has a reverse setting to restore size too.”

She picked him up and sat on a chair at the gazebo table and set him down on her shoulder.

“I’m just imagining the size of the kiss you could give me, before you restore me to full size,” he said.

“If I decide to restore you to full size,” she said, “I’ve shrunken a number of boys, without them knowing how or who did it. I’ve never restored any of them to normal size before.”

Ellie stuck out her tongue at him. It was so close that it almost touched him.

“What happened to them then?”

“I know that at least one of them was eaten whole by someone with whom he’d fallen in love. I suspect that the same thing might have happened to the others. Just lately I’ve been wondering what that would have been like for her to be doing the eating.”

“Are you going to use me, in order to find out?”

“I’ll keep thinking about it. In the meantime, would you like that big kiss now?”

“Yes,” he said shyly.

She pressed her huge lips to his face for some time, and then put out her tongue and licked him.

Then she gave him an adorably mischievous smile. Her thoughts were apparent in her eyes and on her smiling mouth.

“You’ll be reunited with that candy man,” she teased.

“I love you, Ellie Blish.”

“I know you do. I love you too, but you’re still going down my throat. My, this rain’s very strong now.”

They both turned and looked at it.

“I guess I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful setting to be eaten in,” he said.

“Was this afternoon worth it for you?”

“Yes, I think it was!” he said.

“That’s a good thing. It certainly is for me. Would you like one more kiss to enjoy, now that you know what’s coming next?”

“Yes, I certainly would.”

She looked at her watch.

“It’s about lunch time now. With you in my tummy, I might not need anything more from the shops, before I walk back home.”

Ellie kissed him slowly and took several minutes to withdraw her lips.

“How was that for a closing act?” she said.

“It was fabulous.”

“The candyman was the entrée, and you’ll be the encore,” she said, “We might as well get on with it.”


“I’ve loved this whole day,

And can’t get away.

Your tongue is a moat,

Which leads to your throat.

Oh beautiful Ellie,

I’m bound for your belly,” said Linden.


“I knew you were special, as soon as I saw you on that swing. You’ll be the first one I’ve ever eaten.”

“Do you think there’ll be more?”

“I don’t know. You’re an experiment.”


She took him in her palm and licked him many  times. He spent some of the times between licks looking at her retreating tongue, and some of it looking up at her amused eyes.

“Time for the ride of your life,” she said, and put our her tongue fully.

She placed him upon it, without withdrawing it into her mouth, and let him slide along her outstretched tongue, into her mouth, and into her throat. He coasted downwards inside her neck, until he reached the bottom.

Uniting the Science Teachers by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Sandra Corlani finally meets Colleen Balfour, to combine their scientific knowledge.

Frances Woodfield told Sandra Corlani more and more about Colleen, and all of the adventures that she had experienced before moving to the giant house and becoming a permanent giant. Sandra began to wonder what it was that created unique vore crushes (some held by tiny lads and some held by normal sized women) in this part of Ireland. On a hunch, she began to chemically analyse the mist in the area of the two villages, using various scanning and analytical devices. She came to the conclusion that every girl and woman had some kind of suppressed vore urge to swallow a boy or man whole, and that every boy or man had some kind of suppressed vore urge to be eaten by a beautiful lady or girl. The unique mist had a chemical property which brought this urge out from the subconscious and straight to the forefront of the mind. It had taken longer to affect Ellie Blish, who had only just decided to swallow Linden, but had affected Colleen Balfour for many years, and taken a medium amount of time to have at least some affect on Sandra Corlani herself. She hadn’t developed the urge enough or early enough to have focussed on shrinking technology, as Colleen had done. Yet Sandra had seen the ramifications of people shrinking, and after that the urge had developed late, but rapidly and significantly. It happened that Sandra’s scientific conclusions were correct. The mist had even seeped through the two portals, one in the woods behind the school and the other in the forest high in the hills above Colleen’s home. It had effected one of the native giantesses there, named Moynie. (See chapter 84). As well as that, Denny had aborbed some of the mist into his skin on his way to the giant land. When Moynie’s tongue had first come in contact with Denny’s facial skin, it had compounded the effect of the mist which had drifted through the portal. Hence, she had eaten Denny.

Sandra told Frances, that now that she had acquired the vore urges herself, she would very much like to meet Colleen. Frances took him through the woods behind the school, through the portal, into Colleen’s giant garden, and introduced the two science teachers to eachother. The three of them talked at length. Sandra told Colleen all about her achievements in time travel, describing the various methods. Colleen gave a history of the shrinking and enlargement devices she’d made, leading up to the readily portable models now possessed by Frances Woodfield and whoever had gotten hold of the other one. None of the three women knew that it was Ellie Blish.

“I’m interested in your time projector more than any other,” said Colleen, “Is there any chance you could enlarge the blueprints with the school photocopier and bring them here for me? If I use a giant magnifying glass, I should be able to follow them.”

Sandra was happy to do so, and in return, Colleen and Frances constructed a third portable shrinking device for Sandra. Then Sandra and Frances returned to the village and their own homes.

Into the Chamber by timescrybe2

One of Sandra Corlani’s year 12 science students was not one of her time travel students as well, as he didn’t want to commit one of his afternoons after school to more study. He also didn’t have any significant feelings for Miss Corlani. One afternoon, he was walking through the school grounds, on his way home after school, when he suddenly found himself in the transparent chamber of some gigantic device, in a giant room, with a now gigantic Miss Balfour sitting in front of the gigantic device, apparently operating it. She was wearing a long patterned skirt, and a dark green jumper with a round neck at the top.

She took him out and set him on the table. The feel of her soft fingers had been pleasant, as she had picked him up, and the sight of her full shapely lips at giant size was more beautiful than everything else he’d ever seen in his life.

“Miss Balfour!” he said.

“It’s nice to see you again, Lyman.”

“So this is where you went, when you left the school for the last time, wherever here is.”

“I used a device I’d invented to enlarge myself to giant size and moved into this house. Miss Woodfield recently introduced me to your new science teacher Miss Corlani. I was interested in the time projector she invented, and its recall setting. I adapted the technology to create this machine you’ve just arrived in. It’s an extremely long range teleporter, capable of even bridging the dimensional rift between Ireland and this giant land. So you see, with it I was able to instantly teleport you here, as soon as I had you tuned in on the view screen.”

“I’m so glad you did. I’ve always loved you, Miss Balfour. I really missed you, when you left the school.”

“Lots of young men have loved me,” said Miss Balfour, “And all of them were very tasty meals. I’ll do my best to make it worth your while first. Then I’ll give you time to hide in the garden, before I come and look for you and chase you until I catch you. After that, you’ll have as long as it takes to prepare you for my dinner. There’s a portal in the garden, and one other in a neighbouring garden. If you make it to either one, by all means use it. However, you do so with the knowledge that I’ll just teleport you back here from Ireland and start the chase all over again.”

Colleen spent an hour kissing him, and it took her about as long to find and catch him in the garden, before she took him to the kitchen and prepared and enjoyed her meal.

She could now bring anyone from the village to her giant home, with no chance of being found out. To the giant Colleen, any of them was as good as a leprechaun. In fact, they were better.

Nobody in the village could explain the extraordinairy number of male disappearances, along with Colleen’s absence, and nobody turned up any clues at all.

Project Giantess by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

What is Colleen up to now?

Colleen had finished constructing Frances Woodfield’s new shrinking and enlarging device, and had asked Frances to contact all her old female friends through the school and other places in the village and offer them the chance to have their houses temporarily shrunken and then carried to rich abundant unused land near Colleen’s giant property, and enlarged to giant size along with their owners, just as Colleen had done. A number of them had taken to becoming giantesses, and been equipped with devices to enable themselves to enlarge to giant size and reduce to normal size, in order to visit earth again whenever they felt like it. To those ladies involved, the operation became known as Project Giantess.  There were two portals known to exist at this time. (See Book 1). One, in a high forest well above the meadow near Colleen’s old home, came out in the house that native giantess Moynie had given to Edith. Moynie lived in another nearby property in giantess walking distance, where she had vore courted Denny (in Book 1). Edith’s neighbouring property was that owned by Colleen, where Colleen had enlarged her old Irish home. However the portal to the outskirts of Colleen’s giant property came out a long way from the high forest down in Ireland, and was actually situated deep into the woods behind the village school. Colleen and Edith were both happy for the newly enlarged giantesses from earth to use the portals and their outer gardens whenever briefly needed, and welcomed their new nearby giantess friends.

Two of the first new giantesses were former teachers of the school, namely 38 year old Jenna Lamm and 53 year old Ann Commins. Colleen and Frances had known them for years. Marjorie had left the school specifically to become a giantess. Ann had been retired from teaching maths since she’d turned 52, and had used her proficiency in mathematics to master the complicated card game of Bridge, joined a Bridge club and enjoyed returning to the village at normal size to play Bridge at the club every Monday evening. She was a widow, with a 23 year old daughter, who knew of Ann’s decision to become a giantess, but had chosen to stay on earth and moved into her own home after Ann had taken the old property to giantland. Jenna, on the other hand, had never married, but had a small number of boyfriends over the years. None of them were aware that she had moved to the giant land.

Ela was a friend of Colleen who had moved from Poland to the village a number of years earlier, and decided that moving to the giant land was also an interesting option. She was 37 at the time, and well able to adjust to yet another new lifestyle.

Meadlowe was 33 and had lived near the Meadow for all of her adult years, and befriended Colleen back in the early days of her leprechaun hunts, and come to know Frances in the process.

Morweena Freeland was 31, and had lived in the village all her life, working at the Village Hearing Medical Center, until she left to become a giantess. She had once met Colleen and Frances socially and been their friend ever since.

These were just some of the women who began to populate the giant land’s undeveloped area around Colleen’s home, after becoming giantesses. Once a month, Colleen would hold earthborn giantess parties at her home, for all the enlarged ladies to meet, socialize, and catch up on each other’s stories.

Don't get the wrong Idea by timescrybe2

When the school fair came around again, a 30 year old newcomer to the village named Milton went to the well advertised fair, and made a beeline for the second hand book stall, and selected a few rare old hardcover editions of books about giants and tiny folk, all fairytales of one sort or another.

“You were lucky to find that one,” said a pretty lady, pointing to a novel about giants.

She was slender, and had long dark hair, even facial features, and a sweet look in her eyes.

“Do you like it as well?” asked Milton.

“Yes, I’ve been collecting stories of that subject matter for a while.

“I could lend it to you after I’ve bought it,” he said.

“Thank you for offering. I’m Jenna.”

“My name’s Milton. I moved out from the city to the village recently, and thought this country school fair would be a nice way to spend a Saturday. It also gives me a chance to explore the woods behind the school. I saw the view when I first walked through the grounds today.”

“I happen to know a bit about those woods. I’ll tell you over some morning tea, after we’ve paid for our books, if you like,” said Jenna.

They went out and sat at an outdoor coffee table together, and she told him all about the portal to the giant land and her having moved there.

“I like to return to the school fair, as I’ve done each year, including when I was a teacher here,” said Jenna.

“It would be fascinating to go and see that giant world, but I’d never find the way,” said Milton, “I don’t suppose you could show me.”

It seemed as good an excuse as any to try to set up a date with her, and the thought of seeing her as a giantess was rapidly acquiring an appeal of its own too.

“I could take you there with me tomorrow, if you met me at the school border, where the woods start early in the afternoon,” said Jenna.

“That would be great,” said Milton.

“Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m dating a giant man that I met quite some giant distance away from my new home,” she said.

He tried to hide his disappointment, and hoped he’d concealed it.

“Well I’d just be happy to know how to get to that portal and see the giant land,” he said, “I bought an old cottage, quite a period piece, which is a change from my city life, but I’ve never seen a giant house before.”

“I could meet you at your cottage first, a little earlier. I’d like to see that. I love old places.”

He gave her his address, and Jenna said that she would come around the next day.

When she arrived, he showed her through, and her eyes lit up.

“You have such a beautiful old place here!”

“I’m looking forward to seeing yours too.”

“Of course. We’ll head off now,” said Jenna.

He closed his door and locked his house.

Don't get too close by timescrybe2

She walked to the school with him, which was deserted in the middle of a Sunday, and started down the walking track that led into the woods.

“I was accompanied here by one of my past loves,” she said casually, in the midst of the conversation.

He realised that this pretty lady had enjoyed romance a few times, and was now embracing it with a giant with whom he could not hope to compete. However, having looked at her beautiful face at normal size during their morning tea at the fair, he would still give anything to see her as a giantess, even if they were just friends.

“So how old are you?” he asked, without making any effort to lead into the question in a more subtle manner.

“38,” said Jenna.

“I’m 30, with a sense of adventure to satisfy. I’m glad you’re showing me this secret and trusting me with it.”

When they reached the portal, she was about to step through, when she said, “It’s probably wise not to step through here too fast, if you ever come here without me. Check whether Colleen is out and about in her garden on the other side. She enjoys eating boys and young men. It’s one of the main reasons she became a giant.”

“Wow!” said Milton, who being a newcomer had never met Colleen.

Jenna stepped through first, and Milton followed.

He was astounded at the magnificent size of every view that beheld his eyes, as he stared around in the giant land.

Jenna used her device to enlarge herself to giant size, and took him to her own home.

“This house was in Ireland. I had to shrink it to tiny size first, carry it here while I was at normal size, and then enlarge myself and the house to giant size,” said Jenna.

“Quite an achievement,” said Milton.

“I’ll take you to the lookout over the giant valley,” she said, and walked with him further, past her own home and further away from Colleen’s garden portal.

They came to a beautiful high vantage point and looked down at the distant creek below, and the fields and valleys.

Milton decided that now was as good a time as any to steer a conversation in a certain direction, as Jenna sat down and leaned her back against a tree trunk.

“I guess it would be so easy for you to eat me all up yourself, long before Colleen ever had a chance to know about me,” he said.

Jenna laughed.

“Yes, I imagine it would,” she said.

“Do you think I would taste nice?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had you inside my mouth before.”

“I could climb in now and you could find out. I’m wondering whether you’d like the taste of me or not.”

“Well don’t get too close to the back of my mouth,” she said, “I might not be able to cough you up in time, if you accidentally fell down into my throat.”

As her pink tongue formed the words, he was elated.

If you're absolutely sure.... by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

She held him up in front of her mouth, and opened it. Milton leaned forward and lowered his arms and hands and neck and ribs onto her pink tongue, and his chest onto her lower lip. He grabbed onto her teeth, fitting his hands between the giant natural gaps, and pulled himself into her mouth. He lay down on her tongue and moved himself a little more, so that his face could just peek off the back of her tongue. Her throat was a vertical tunnel below his face, and descended into darkness far below. He thought how easy it would be to slide into it and journey down inside her soft lovely neck.

Eventually he slid himself back out onto her awaiting hand.

“So what’s the verdict?” he asked.

“You do taste alright,” she said.

“You could easily have gulped me into your throat and swallowed me,” he said.

Jenna laughed again.

“I was careful the whole time you were in there,” she said, “We’re already good friends now.”

“I know, and you’ve been so kind to bring me here and show me all this today. There is one other thing you could do for me, now that you’re my giant friend,” he said.

“If I can,” said Jenna.

“Could you have a lunch date with me, not a romantic date, but a meal date, and would you be willing to slowly eat me whole?”

Jenna giggled with surprise.

“Do you really want me to do that?” she asked.

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about, since you told me about your becoming a giant over morning tea yesterday. I was looking into your mouth, while you ate, and imagining the food would be me. I’ve been asking you leading questions ever since.”

“Like ‘how old are you’?”

“Well I wanted to know everything about the lovely giantess I was hoping would eat me. I know you have your boyfriend. So we can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend, but being swallowed gently down your lovely neck after spending more time in your pretty mouth would be even better. I’m absolutely sure about it.”

“I’ve had to be careful about crushes on anyone down in Ireland, since I became a giant. Do you fully understand that, if I do this for you, I don’t know of any way to reverse its effects later?”

“I’ll be part of your tummy, part of you forever. I wouldn’t want to reverse that, and the build up will be the most thrilling sequence of events that’s ever happened to me.”

“Well it’s no trouble for me to do it. What if I take you back to the portal. You know the way back through the woods to the school now. If you think about it carefully for a week, and decide you still want me to, I’ll meet you at the portal on Saturday morning and bring you here again that afternoon. If you’re still absolutely sure then, I guess I can make a picnic lunch out of the situation and swallow you whole.”

“Oh thank you, Jenna!”

Through the Darkening Tunnel by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

He did not spend any of the next six days deliberating over the matter, but merely looking forward to it, as there was no changing his mind. He got up at the crack of dawn on the Saturday, had a very hearty breakfast, and then made his way to Colleen’s portal. Jenna was there, wearing a l’eau de Nile medium blue jumper and a long black skirt with a silvery grey patterned design on it.

“I’m so glad you came,” he called up ecstatically, as she picked him up and slipped him into the top of the neck of her jumper, “I haven’t had any second thoughts at all, just the most eager anticipation of my life.”

“Well you are welcome to have second thoughts at any time until you reach the bottom of my throat. If you do, and you tap hard on my neck from the inside, I’ll do my best to cough you up again, just so long as you don’t leave it too late.”

“It’s very kind of you to think of that, but I don’t imagine that there’ll be any tapping performed,” he said.

They talked more about their past lives, getting to know eachother better, as she made her way to the lookout picnic location and sat down.

“Do you want to make your own way in, as you did before?” she asked.

“Yes please. If it’s not too uncomfortable for you, could you leave your mouth open, so that I can then swivel around inside it and face the front of it? Then I could look out at the scenery for the last time, and then let you know when I’m ready for you to swallow me.”

“I think I can manage,” said Jenna, “I may briefly close my mouth for comfort, and then I’ll open it again a few seconds later. So don’t worry, if it all grows dark in there for a few moments at a time.”

She held him in position, and he climbed into her mouth, and then slid into a forward facing position. He looked out at the beautiful giant valleys below, and then used his hands to slide himself back and forwards a little on her tongue for a while. He stayed in her mouth for over half an hour, before he called out his final message.

“I’m ready now, Jenna. You may swallow at your convenience.”

He felt Jenna gently making the slowest gulp she could manage, and saw the scenery receding from view, as he was drawn backwards into the top of her throat. Soon his head was peeking above the surface of her tongue at her distant lower lip beyond her teeth, and then his eyes could only see the part of her tongue that was in her throat, where the tongue started. He felt himself slowly sliding down inside her neck and was elated beyond measure as the process of swallowing continued. He knew that she could easily have made a very hearty gulp and drawn him down in seconds, but also understood that she was making the process as slow as possible, in order to give him every chance to change his mind and signal her if the desire arose.

He passed gradually down inside the darkening tunnel, until he reached her tummy.

Cards, and then Meringue by timescrybe2

53 year old Ann Commins met a newcomer to her bridge club (which was also Brenda Leesil’s bridge club) one Monday night. He was a 32 year old man named Peewee, from the village, who had joined the club under the ostensible purpose of playing a social card game, but was secretly hoping to meet an older woman. He knew that the game had more appeal to the middle aged than his own generation.

Peewee was taken by Ann’s full shapely red lips, her elegant white skin, and her short pumpkin shell styled dark hair. When the game was over, they ordered their supper from the club’s bar. The waiter brought a meringue with fruit for Ann, and Peewee marvelled at the sight of her thick round fronted sparkling tongue coming out of her mouth, each time Ann lowered a spoonful of fruit and sugary meringue onto it.

When they were leaving, he walked beside her in the street, and asked her if she would like to go on a date with him.

She accepted, albeit with a little hesitance in her voice, and he suggested a Chinese restaurant at the far end of the village.

A few days later, they had lunch at the restaurant.

“My daughter is 23 now, and you don’t look much older than her,” said Ann.

“I’m 32, and I think 40 year old ladies look more attractive than my own age,” said Peewee.

“I’m older than 40,” said Ann, “I’m retired now, and you look like you’d still be working for a long time to come.”

“It wouldn’t be any problem for me to make plenty of time to be with you,” he said, “I’m certainly not a workaholic.”

“There are other things I have to think about,” said Ann, acutely aware of her secret life as a giantess.

“How did you become single again?” he asked.

“I’ve been single for some time,” said Ann, not wanting to go into detail about her marriage and the loss of her husband.

“I do love you, Ann.”

“If I were to consider going on dates with you for a few weeks, would you be willing to do something for me at the end of that time?”
“Anything you like,” he said.

“You’ll have to think about it, when you know what it is. The first thing you need to know is that the few weeks of dating would, by the very nature of what I’m going to ask you for, have to be the limit of our time in that romantic capacity.”

“It would be difficult missing you at the end of that time, but I’d still prefer to have that with you than none at all,” he said, wondering what would cause her to leave him after only a month or so of being with him.

He recalled that someone had once told him that older women had to consider how they might be hurt down the track. Could he convince her that he was not going to let her down later? He had to let her know the full extent of his affections for her, and of their undying nature.

Testing the Water by timescrybe2

“Alright, well I’ll walk with you to my house, if you meet me at the start of the woods behind the village school. I used to be a maths teacher there for many years. I’m 53 now. Are you sure you’re still interested?”

“Yes,” he said, infatuated with her more than ever.

The age difference seemed to only heighten the excitement of it.

“If you come there on Monday next week, first thing in the morning, I’ll take you to my place. We… have to walk through the woods to get there. Then I’ll tell you what I’d like you to do for me. If you agree to the condition, I will be your dating partner for four weeks to follow.”

So, as the readers are no doubt anticipating, the following Monday, Ann Commins led Peewee through the woods, into the portal, and became a giantess and carried him off to her giant home.

“This is even more arousing than before, if it’s not disrespectful to say so! You’re a giantess!” said Peewee.

“I am now,” said Ann, and explained everything, “… So after I’ve been your girlfriend for a month, I would like to lick you several times, and then gobble you whole for a very delectable dinner treat.”

“Oh Ann, that sounds thrilling! I love you more than ever for even suggesting it.”

“It’s not merely a suggestion. You have to look upon it as a guarantee. From the moment we start our first date, you will be committed to becoming a special dinner for me a few weeks later. You won’t be able to change your mind or back out of the agreement. I’ll give you the dates, and then I will have you for my dinner and continue on here as I am. A friend of mine named Jenna was actually asked to eat someone recently. She gave him a week to be sure that it was what he wanted. The lady who facilitated my enlargement and move to this giant land has eaten a number of both willing and unwilling participants in her dining plans. I want you to take a week to be sure, because for you, the decision will be voluntary up until our month of dating starts. After that, nothing will alter my course of action. So you need to be absolutely reconciled to making a final and irreversible journey to my stomache.”

“Could we have a test lick now, to see what it’s like, for each of us?”

“Alright,” said Ann.

She lifted him gently up in front of her mouth, put out her tongue and slid it over his face. He’d recalled the view of her eating the meringue and fruit, and knew that this was the reason that the view back then had excited him so much. There had always been a part of him that would have given anything to touch such a resplendent wonder of a tongue, and she herself had laid down a condition which relied heavily on him doing so.

“That was exhilirating!” said Peewee, still feeling the water from the test that her tongue had performed.

The Best Prelude by timescrybe2

“You’ve whetted my appetite more than I’d planned,” said Ann, “You really need to think very carefully over the next week.”

She took him to the portal and back to the start of the walking track.

“I’ll meet you here in 7 days time, and you can tell me your decision either way,” said Ann, “There’ll be no offence taken, if you decline the agreeement, and no kisses given either. Equally, there’ll be no escape clauses if you accept the agreement. So be very very sure, Peewee.”

“I will. Goodbye until then.”

She gave him a hug, and watched him walk away.

Peewee’s considerations went to the fact that he could spend years searching for another elegant older woman to date, and never find anyone as attractive as Ann, but also never have the equally or even more thrilling experience of being eaten whole. It seemed more of a bonus than a liability in the agreement. As it was, the whole deal seemed to be stacked largely in his favour.

Ann met him at the outskirts of the school the following Monday morning. On both Mondays, they had met at 10am, after school had gone in, so that nobody would have been out in the grounds to notice their clandestine rendezvous. He took Ann to lunch in the village, and danced with her to soft music played on the speakers, after they had enjoyed their meal. He kissed her on the lips and then pressed his cheek to hers.

“Could we have all the rest of the dates with me staying at your place?” he asked, “I’d much rather date you as a giantess than like this, as nice as this has been today.”

“Of course,” said Ann, “You must be very committed to the whole arrangement then.”

“I’m looking forward to being eaten every bit as much as I’ve looked forward to this kissing date,” he said, “Your mouth looks as inviting a sight as I’ve ever beheld.”

Ann walked him back to the portal and enlarged herself and took him home.

“If we’d kept dating in Ireland, what would you have done if I’d reneged on the deal and refused to come here to watch you enlarge and eat me?” he asked.

“I’d have used the device’s shrinking setting, reduced you to tiny size, brought you through the portal, and then enlarged myself to giant size and you to normal size. I told you that there would be no escape clause,” said Ann.

“Which would have been fair enough, as I gave my word to be eaten by you.”

“Are you having any regrets?”

“None whatsoever. In fact, I think a giant kiss would be the best prelude for the gobbling that’s to come in a month’s time.”

She obliged him gladly and pressed her huge lips to his face.

“Ann, are you doing this just so you can eat me, or do you like me romantically too?”

“I wouldn’t want to eat you if I didn’t like you romantically too. I’m enjoying our dating every bit as much as you are.”

Bridge inside a Mouth by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Finally out of hospital from spinal surgery and recovered just enough to post on here again.

That night she snuggled her cheek against him on the pillow, and they talked themselves to sleep. For the next few weeks, he enjoyed every aspect of their time together, as she took him to interesting isolated locations, and let him explore her mouth, both outside and within, at his own request, until the day came for the dinner to be served.

She placed him into a meringue, added whipped cream and strawberries, and took him to the dining table. While she was carrying him, he looked up at her towering neck and imagined the journey down inside it. He felt no apprehension at all. Her high contented eyes were looking ahead, not down at him, but seemed to acknowledge his presence below anyway. He looked around at his surroundings, and had a distinct feeling of déjà vu.

“I like the way you’ve recreated the view I had of you eating a meringue and fruit over that Bridge Club supper,” he said, “albeit in giant perspective this time.”

“Well given everything you’ve said about the way you’ve willingly gone along with all this, I hope you’ll enjoy the view of me eating you every bit as much.”

“Moreso, I’m sure,” he said.

He watched her spooning the dessert away from around him and up into her mouth, as her tongue would come out to receive it. From this angle, with her mouth so  much bigger than it had been at the Bridge Club, it was awesome, arousing and exciting. When she’d eaten everything except him, she licked the spoon several times with her high tongue, until it was sparkling clean, and then drank a glass of water. Then she passed the spoon close to him.

“I can step onto it and sit down, if it helps,” he said.

“Well met, kind Sir,” said Ann, and waited while he seated himself comfortablly on the spoon.

He saw her elegant hand raising the spoon to her mouth. He looked at her full shapely lips in admiration, and then saw them move, as she spoke for the last time.

“I’ll say farewell, now, little Peewee. After that, my mouth will be occuppied with gobbling you all up.”

“Farewell from me too, darling beautiful giant Ann,” said Peewee, “Gobble away.”

He watched her tongue come out and lick her lips from side to side and then briefly retreat into her mouth. He waited for the inevitable, having happily accepted it a month earlier.

Her huge tongue came out, as the spoon approached her mouth.

It sparkled incredibly in front of him, and lay waiting for him. He looked down in awe and admiration at her elegantly protruding taste organ and felt the most compelling urge to make contact and fully satisfy it.

She spooned him onto her tongue, as her tongue began returning to her mouth, taking him inside with it. She swished him around on her tongue, inside her mouth, for several minutes, enjoying the taste of him immensely, and then gulped him powerfully into her throat and all the way down to her stomach.

It's not done by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

A 33 year old man attended one of Colleen’s giantess parties one evening, purely by accident. He had gone walking through the woods behind the school on a Saturday, and found the portal and seen Colleen setting up the party both inside and outside. When evening drew near, he saw that most of the ladies were talking inside, but a pretty 41 year old lady had come outside and was walking in the garden. He let her see him, and she told him that her name was Ela, and all about her moves from Poland to Ireland and then giant land. She let him rest on her shoulder while they talked, and then he stood up and held onto her cheeks to stabilize his position. He leaned towards her lower lip to kiss it. Ela’s hand pulled him back.

“No!” she said.

She put him down and walked inside.

Soon another lady came out, named Jenna Lamm. He told her of Ela’s sudden withdrawal, after she had initially shown such friendliness.

“I was going to kiss her,” he said.

“It’s not done,” said Jenna, “She has a giant boyfriend. I’m in the same situation.”

After a while, Jenna went back inside, and the young man sat despondently, until Ela surprised him by coming back outside.

She picked him up and sat him on her shoulder again. He looked down at the way her high large breasts thrust powerfully against her long black dress. She saw him looking, and pushed at her cleavage from the outside with her finger, making the dress conform to it. Then she used her other hand to press him between her breasts and let him enjoy that position for several minutes. He felt the large fleshy objects on both sides of him, separated from his touch only by the material of her dress, and found this to be a much nicer arrangement than it would have been, if she had exposed herself and performed the same actions.


Finally she lifted him up to her lips again, and he admired the soft pink view. Somehow he had won her over, but he couldn’t afford to make any more sudden moves. If he was impulsive, and tried to pressure her into kissing him, she would no doubt retreat again. She had had time to think about him, while she’d been inside, and he guessed that she had reached one of two conclusions. Either she had decided that she liked him more than her boyfriend, and would invite him to be her new boyfriend, or she would merely give him an affectionate kiss anyway, perhaps as consolation for not fully returning his feelings. He wondered which it would be. In either case, a giant kiss would be a moment to remember forever.

He stared at her twinkling eyes, and saw the friendliness in them. He watched, as her lower lip very slowly seemed to be drawing a little closer, and realised that her hand was making the movements, while she held her lips steady, without moving her face or head at all.

Ela opened her mouth, popped him inside it, slid him across her tongue and gulped him into her throat. She kept gulping until he had reached her stomach. He remembered Jenna’s words, “It’s not done.”

Besotted and Belittled by timescrybe2

A 29 year old man took a walk through the meadow, high into the hills and came across a lady named Meadlowe, who was just walking near the edge of the High Forest. He introduced himself as Heath Black, and jokingly called her Meadlowe of the Meadow.

“I’ll show you something I’ve come across in my walks,” said Meadlowe.

She led him to the portal that emerged in Edith’s garden, enlarged herself to giant size, and took him to her home for some afternoon tea.

He felt both besotted and pleasantly belittled by her transformation of size. He enjoyed her company immenstely, and found her very sweet. They had date after date for weeks and weeks in the giant land and in Ireland, and he felt that her kisses were what he’d waited for all his life.

Then one day, while they were at her house, he asked her if she would be willing to lick him.

“If you’d like me to,” she said.

“I would, very much,” said Heath.

She gently and affectionately licked his face and neck and shoulders several times, and then his arms and hands as he put them out and asked her to lick them too.

He liked it immensely and asked if they could do this activity on all of their dates in the giant land. Meadlowe agreed, and they continued a very special romantic relationship, with nobody in Ireland even aware that he was making visits to a giant land and enjoying the giant licks of an enlarged earth woman who had now become a giantess.


Meanwhile, Lane Coventry, a former temporary employee of the Hearing Centre in the village had also found his way into Edith’s garden through the High Forest portal. He spent days walking out of Edith’s garden and through the giant land’s neighbouring properties, concealed by plant life until he came across the sight of Morweena Freeland in her garden, now gigantic in size. She was wearing a long dress, had always been plump and looked even better as a plump giantess, and would have made all his dreams come true if she’d kissed him while at that size. He revealed his presence to her and introduced himself and reminded her that he’d once temped for her as a temporary clerk at the hearing center.

“So what’s life like as a giant?” he asked.

“I have boyfriend who’s always been a giant. I’m lucky to have him,” she said, presumably self conscious about her weight.

“From where I’m standing, it looks as if he’s the incredibly lucky one,” said Lane.

“Well that’s nice of you to say so. I’m lucky to have you too, given how close it is to lunch time,” said Morweena, beaming at him with mischievous glee.”

“Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“If you think I mean to make you the active ingredient in my main course, then indeed I do.”

Edith had told her of the way she had made a similar announcement to an old admirer from the school who had found his way into her giant garden, and the circumstances were identical. Morweena could go on enjoying being a giant girlfriend with a brand new life in a new dimension, while Lane would make his way down her throat at her earliest convenience. He watched her downing a salad with a minimum of giant effort, and then found himself being placed into her mouth and gulped down with no mercy and no regrets.

Saved by Colleen's Cupcakes by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Everyone's favourite vore giantess from this story is back.

Now that I've sufficiently recovered from spinal surgery, I can sit up at the computer for longer. So this story should hopefully get a new chapter almost every day from now on, until I finish it.

A boy named Chad, who’d not met Colleen before went walking through the woods, until he came to the portal and went through it. He noticed a beautiful lady through the distant kitchen window. It was Colleen. She was making something on the kitchen bench beside the window. He went through her garden. He made his way across towards the kitchen.

Then she suddenly looked his way and saw him.

"Hello!" she said, with an adorable smile, "I've never seen a little boy like you before."

"It's … nice to meet you. You seem like a friendly lady."

"It's lovely to meet you too. I don't think I can be your friend for long though. You look delicious enough to eat. I think I'll have you for lunch."

"You can't do that. It's not fair."

"I can indeed. I'm coming outside to catch you now," she said happily, and turned towards the door.

He ran through the garden, but could not outdistance the approach of her giant legs. She seized him and took him to the kitchen bench. She licked him several times, put him into her mouth for two minutes, took him out, and placed him on the bench.

"I was right about you. You are very tasty," she said, "I'm going to leave you here with these cupcakes for a while, and lie down in the bedroom. I'll be back in an hour to eat you all up."

She smiled and left him.

He spent 35 minutes wondering how to escape, and then got an idea.

He pushed the cupcakes off the bench, onto the windowsill and out to the garden, until they'd fallen in a pile.

He jumped onto it, and started running.

She came out, just as he reached the portal.

She ran straight to the portal and almost caught him. He only just jumped through in time.

She came and lay down on her stomach and looked through at him.

"I guess you've escaped," she said, "It's a shame for me. You would have been one of the most delicious meals I'd ever eaten. I used to go to nice restaurants, before I moved here, but you taste much nicer than their finest foods."
"So why don't you go to the restaurants again?" he asked curiously.

"I haven't found any here yet. You've done well to escape, little boy. I've got to clean up those cupcakes and make something else for lunch. Goodbye."

She stood up and left.

One day Chad managed to invent an experimental growth tablet, and gave the formula for the growth pill, its antidote pill formula and the location of the portal to some of his friends for safe keeping, went back through the portal, took the pill and then explored the giant land until he came to a shop and purchased a butterfly net.

He went over to Colleen’s house and knocked on her back door.

"Hello," he soon said, "I saw you chase a tiny boy into your garden. He got away, but I'm sure you could catch him with this."

"Why thank you!" she said, "You saw him too?"


"I didn't notice you. I was too busy watching him. Would you like to stay for lunch?"

A Consolation Lunch by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"Thank you."
After lunch, she sat on the couch and talked to him.

"I've never had a girlfriend before, and you look very nice."

She smiled and kissed him. They dated for a few weeks, and then she broke off the romance with him. She said she'd still love to be his friend, but could not kiss him anymore.

After a few weeks to console his feelings, he went to see her again.

"It's nice to see you. It's been a month or so."

"Yes. I'm sorry. I was just too hurt by the circumstances. I know it's not your fault."

"Would you like to come in for lunch?"

He accepted, and enjoyed talking to her.

Then she wanted to lie down and invited him to lie on the bed beside her and talk of old times.

She eventually fell asleep, and then his experimental growth pill suddenly wore off unexpectedly. It was not nearly as reliable or as lasting as the size changes precipitated by Colleen’s device. A chemical pill for enlargement or reduction could potentially have as temporary an effect as a headache tablet or any other form of medication.

He shrank to tiny size, and looked at her beautiful sleeping face. She had only to open her eyes, and he would be in her clutches.

He ran to the edge of the bed, slid down the blanket, jumped to the floor and started running for the nearest cupboard to hide under. She awoke, saw him, and ran over and lay down and peeked under the cupboard.

"My old boyfriend must have gone home, when I fell asleep, and now I've caught you this time," she said, "I've had lunch, but I can always keep you for tomorrow's midday meal."
She grabbed him and took him to the bed.

"This time I'll put you on a high shelf, in this upstairs bedroom. You won't escape again."

"I'd better tell her who I am," he thought, "her old boyfriend might stand a better chance than a stranger once did."

He explained everything.

"So you wanted to go out with me, after I almost ate you before. How sweet you are!" she said, and let him snuggle to her cheek for a while.

"I thought… that now that you know it's me, you might let me go back to earth and fetch another of my growth pills," he said.

"I'll think about it, and let you know tomorrow," she replied.

"So you might still eat me."

"You're a lovely little friend, and I was in love with you once. We'll see."

He waited anxiously as she left, and he slept on the shelf that night.

The next day she arrived, and took him from the shelf to the bed.

"So are you going to help me?" he asked nervously.

She smiled beautifully at him for nearly a minute, and he felt more in love with her than ever, as he anxiously awaited her answer.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I always wished I'd eaten you before, until I found out who you were. Now I can have the memory of our romance, and the memory of eating you today."

She soon took him to the dining room, and poked out her tongue a little way, swishing it over his face. After doing this a few times, she enclosed him in her elegant fingers and tilted her head back just a little bit. He looked at her elegant neck, and then in at her open mouth. Her tongue glistened radiantly in her beautiful mouth, and then she placed him inside her mouth and soon swallowed him.

Lady in the Library by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

A young man was one of Chad’s friends, and decided to use the knowledge that Chd had entrusted to him. He met a beautiful lady named Brenda in the village library and ended up walking part of the way home with her, as they were headed in the same direction.

A few days later, he was able to finish working on the antidote to Chad’s growth pills. He completed them. Now he had an invention worth testing. They were designed to reduce a person in size for a whole day.

He decided to head to the library first, just to nostalgically recall the night with the pretty lady. Then he would go into the bush reserve and test the shrinking pill on himself. He would have to sleep the night there and then go home the next day, when the pill wore off.

To his joy, he saw the lady named Brenda sitting at a desk in the library, working.

 “Hello,” he said, nervously, not sure how to make conversation.


He decided to tell her why he was there. What would be a better conversation piece than an amazing new invention?

 “I’ve invented a shrinking pill,” he said.

 “Have you?” she said, with a laugh.

I’m going into the bush reserve to test it. It should last a day,” he said.

 “Well have fun,” she said.

She didn’t seem in the least bit interested in him.

He made his way down to the corral in the middle of the forest and sat down and took the pill. At first nothing happened, and then he suddenly shrank down to a tiny size.

He made himself comfortable.

“At least my invention worked,” he thought, “I don’t think I’ve been as successful with the lady.”

In the middle of the afternoon, he saw a sight, which warmed his heart. The lady had finished her work and started walking down into the bush reserve as well. She was now so big by comparison, that he would have been the height and width of her smallest finger. Her long dress looked elegant and feminine, and each of her ankles below it was wider than his entire body. She would indeed be pleased that he was apparently such a clever young man.

She drew closer and looked around.

He ran towards her, calling “I’m here!”
 “Hello!” she said, and sat down beside him.

 “I’m glad you came, even though you didn’t seem to believe me about this pill.”

 “Well I thought about it a bit, and thought it wouldn’t hurt to come down and have a look. I must say I’m impressed. I don’t know many people who could do something like this.”

 “I’m glad you’re the only person to know about it.”

“So am I,” she said, and picked him up and licked him several times in the most erotic fashion.

“That was so beautiful,” he said.

“You’re very kind,” said Brenda, and then opened her mouth wide in front of him. Her tongue looked every bit as beautiful inside her mouth as it had on the outside while she had been licking him.

Tremendous Pressure by timescrybe2

She put him into her mouth and closed it.

 “Oh wow!” he thought, “I’m sitting on that beautiful tongue of hers!”

As soon as she opened her mouth, he would climb out, but for now, he was keen to lie there and enjoy the feel of her huge tongue, while she sat in the corral, surrounded by tall trees. After ten minutes, she opened her mouth wide and yawned. It let in the light, and he could see the lovely tongue all around and beneath him. Then he sat up and turned around and lay down facing the front of her mouth, to look out at her lower lip and the scenery beyond.


Soon she closed her mouth again. He lay on her tongue, grateful to her for allowing him to gain such a lengthy pleasure. 

For over an hour he lay comfortably on her tongue, even drifting off to sleep with arousing dreams for 14 minutes. Her tongue was so big and moist she might not have even noticed it.

Outside, she had taken a folded newspaper out of her handbag and was sitting there reading it, and enjoying the feel of him on her tongue.

Suddenly she arched her tongue upwards a bit, which caused him to slide into her throat. He got into a new position to stop himself from falling down any further. He estimated he was halfway down her neck.

 “Quickly darling, lie down so gravity will help me to climb back out of here,” he called, wishing she hadn’t made such a careless reflex action with her tongue, while he was still in her mouth.

Then he felt her throat moving with incredible pressure. She was gulping! He suddenly realised that his fall into her throat had not been an accident. He remembered the last words she had spoken to him, and realised she had come down to investigate the feasibility of his shrinking pills in order to eat him. She hadn’t put him into her mouth to stimulate him, but to enjoy the taste of him before she gobbled him down.

Even if he could get back up into her mouth, and out of it, he wondered what chance he stood against a huge relative giantess of a woman. The pressure of her gulping was incredible. His greatly reduced leg muscles were having trouble standing against it.

She gulped strongly, and he slid further down her throat, and lost his position. She gulped him down inside her, and he was gone. He felt movement and guessed that she must be standing up and walking back to her home. It was all over, just like that, not for her, but for him.  Brenda had eaten at least one person who’d been shrunken by Colleen’s invention in the past, but had not heard about pills that would reduce size before. It had been a novel experience to learn of his invention and let him demonstrate it, while he had been unaware of the advantage to which she would put his secret later. He was slowly absorbed into her stomach, while she made her way through the bush and back to the village and then away to her home.

True Romantic Rapture by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Colleen once again made use of the teleportation machine that she had designed by adapting the circuitry of Sandra Corlani’s time projector. She drew one of her former students Rodney from a place where her projector’s viewer had observed him taking a walk alone through the meadow.

“Well Rodney,” she said, after telling him how she’d done this to him, “Now I’m going to put my hand on the table beside you, with the palm facing upwards. Could you lie down on my hand, with your head and upper body on my fingers, and your lower body on my palm, and lie on your back?”

“Alright,” he said.

He lay down in that position. It felt nice.

Colleen lifted her palm up in front of her mouth. He looked at her huge lips, and wondered if she was going to give his cheek a giant kiss.

Colleen put out her tongue and licked his chest and face. It felt very affectionate, and he was thrilled at the chance to touch the beautiful tongue he had admired for so long.

“How did that feel?” she asked.

“Very nice, and very exciting,” he said

“I’m proud to hear you say that, Rodney. I enjoyed it very much too. You’re very tasty to lick.”

“Is your idea going to be to bring me to this giant house of yours and lick me, whenever you finish work each day? I’d enjoy that a lot,” he said.

She took him in her other hand and held him in her fingers, just in front of her face.

“I thought of something further than that. You’re younger than me. But your youth makes you so tasty and tender. I thought I would enjoy licking you, and I was right. I can lick you a few more times and then place you onto my tongue inside my mouth.”

He had been looking into her mouth, while she spoke the words.

“That would feel really nice, lying on your tongue,” he said.

“Thank you for the compliment, Rodney. I can let you lie on my tongue for a while, enjoy the taste of you, and then gulp you into my throat and swallow you whole. You’ll have the chance to become a part of my life, by becoming a part of my stomach; and I shall have the pleasure of eating you.”

He was awestruck. But right now he was so madly in love with her, that he could not resist the urge to entertain her idea as a consideration. He had had several lonely teenage years, and had never found a girlfriend, let alone anyone as beautiful as Colleen. Touching her mouth this way, and becoming a part of her might be the closest he could come to true romantic rapture.

“It’s an incredible idea, Colleen.”

“Well it would be nice to make a pleasant lunch of it tomorrow. Would you miss the familiarity of your own home too much, if I kept you here?”

He could not have imagined settling back into his own home after all these developments had occurred.

Insomnia lies ahead by timescrybe2

“I guess not,” he said, still surprised by the nature of her suggestion.

“Alright. Well I’ll set you up in comfort for the night. I’ll come and collect you tomorrow morning, and prepare to eat you for my lunch. Am I holding you too tightly, by the way?”

“No. Your fingers are very comfortable,” he said, marvelling at the politeness she showed in the midst of announcing her astounding proposition.

“I’ll make sure that nobody finds out that you’re in my stomach,” said Colleen.

She put him on a high table. Then she fetched a dolls house and put it on the table beside him.

“This was mine, when I was a girl,” said Colleen, “You can use the bedroom for the night, and I’ll be back in the morning.”

“Colleen, can I talk to you about this?” he asked.

“Of course, Rodney,” she said, and sat down on the chair, close to his position on the table.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it, while you were carrying me here. I know I’ll enjoy the time I spend on your tongue at lunchtime tomorrow, and you’ll enjoy having me in your mouth. Then you’ll gulp me down, and you’ll still have more happy life ahead of you. Once I’m in your stomach, I won’t be able to do anything else at all in the world out here.”

“I’ll still be your friend while I’m eating you, and think of you as my friend, once I’ve finished.”

“Your mouth is magnificently beautiful, and your idea did sound thrilling at first. It still does, but I don’t think I want you to go ahead with eating me.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Rodney. I’ve been looking forward to it. But don’t worry too much. By tomorrow night, it will all be over and done with.”

“Well you still can’t eat me, without my permission.”

Colleen gave him a hauntingly beautiful look.

“I don’t think you’re looking at your situation very realistically, Rodney. Whether you go along with it willingly or not, I’m coming back here tomorrow morning, and at lunchtime, I’m going to eat you all up. You can voice your disagreement as much as you like, but I shall still gobble you whole for my lunch tomorrow.”

He looked at her in shocked silence.

“Were you prepared to eat me against my wishes, if I’d objected when you first suggested eating me?” he asked.

“I suppose I was. I hadn’t considered it really. I assumed, with your devotion to me, that you wouldn’t be difficult about it.”

“I’m still just as much in love with you,” he said, “And I’ll still find the contact with your tongue as thrilling as can be tomorrow. I just think that the rest of the arrangement is stacked very much in your favour.”

“It is, now that you don’t want me to complete the process of eating you,” she said, “But you’ll just have to make the best of it. Sleep as well as you can.”

“I think I might well be awake all night thinking about what you’re going to do with me tomorrow,” said Rodney.

A Flash in the Pan by timescrybe2

“If it helps, think about how much I shall enjoy eating such a delicious little boy like you for my lunch tomorrow. Farewell, Rodney.”

“I’ll try to look at it that way, Colleen.”

“Good boy,” she said, and picked him up and kissed his cheek with her enormous lips.

She left a reading light on in the room, and went home.

In the morning, Colleen returned and greeted him.

“Good morning, little admirer. Are you feeling delicious?”

“I don’t know exactly how that would feel,” he said.

She laughed.

“Well I’m sure my tongue will find you delicious,” she said.

“Your mouth looks lovelier than ever!” he said.

“Thank you. I’ll take you to the kitchen now.”

She took him down to the kitchen, placed him on the bench, and he saw that she must have opened the window to let in the fresh air, before she had come to greet him.

“Well Rodney, I don’t want to burn you at all, but I would like to cook you a little, before I have you for lunch. Would you prefer to warm up dry in the oven, or in water in a frying pan on the stove? In either case, I’ll turn it down low, so as not to hurt you.”

Guessing that the frying pans were in the cupboard underneath him, he opted for the stove. While Colleen knelt down and opened the cupboard door, to look for a suitable pan, Rodney grabbed a napkin, parachuted out the window, and ran across the garden. Soon he heard Colleen calling out the window.

“Rodney, here I come to catch you.”

She was soon coming out the door, and running across the lawn. Rodney saw a drain pipe on some unlevel ground, and slipped between the grate bars. He saw Colleen run over and lie down and look in at him.

“Rodney, you’re being childish about this. If you’d stayed in the kitchen, and accepted the inevitability of your destiny as my lunch, you’d be that much closer to the end of the experience. Why don’t you be sensible, and come out? We’ll still be friends, and we can go inside and get you cooking on the stove.”

He looked out at her.

“No. I’m not coming out.”

“Rodney, I didn’t let my school students get away with anything, and you won’t get away from me now. It is a pointless thing to retreat into that drain. Even if you found your way back to earth, I could teleport you back to this land with the machine anyway, even if it doesn’t zero in on objects that are already in this dimension. Maybe I’ll work that problem out too one day. So you might as well come out, so I can eat you.”

“I’m staying here,” he said.

Colleen looked sternly at him and pulled at the grate with her strong hand. It came loose in her fingers. Rodney backed further into the drain, as he saw her hand reaching in. He kept backing away, until she had most of her arm in the drain. She was unable to reach him.

Rodney's Pipe Dream by timescrybe2

Colleen withdrew her hand, peeked in at him, and said, “Alright Rodney, that drainpipe is only four giant meters long. You won’t get out the other end, without me seeing and catching you. You’ll never get away. I’m still going to get you out of there and gobble you all up.”

She stood up and walked away. He stayed where he was, to make absolutely sure that she could not reach him, if she came back and tried again.

Soon he heard a noise above him, and realised what it was.

Colleen was digging up the drainpipe!

He tried running to the far end, but knew she would see him and step over and grab him, if he ran out the other end.

“She won’t stop, until she’s got me!” he realised.

Soon the whole pipe was lifted in the air. He knew she had unearthed it. He felt it being lowered to the grass. Then he heard another noise, of water hitting the pipe.

“It’s not coming in the end. She won’t want to risk drowning a man she wants to swallow alive,” he thought, “She must be hosing the outside of the pipe down, to clean the dirt off it.”

Soon he felt the section of pipe he was in rotating. He rolled over in it a few times, and then two sections separated, and he could look out. She had unscrewed two sections of the pipe with her bare hands. He quickly ran to the centre of the section he was in. Colleen held it to her eye, and looked in. The pipe sections were still long enough to enable him to avoid her reach from either end, if he ran into the middle. He quickly did so. Then Colleen carried the pipe section to a low garden wall, sat on it, and turned the pipe section to an almost vertical angle. He slid helplessly down and out the end, and landed in the soft lap of her skirt, as she sat with her legs apart.

“I’ve never had to work this much for my lunch before,” said Colleen, “But all your work has been for nothing. I’m going to take you inside and cook you for my lunch. I’m touched by your feelings for me, but I’m not going to let you go.”

She put down the pipe, carried him to the kitchen, put him on the bench beside the basin, and washed her hands.

Then she washed him thoroughly, and sat him in the frypan, half filled it with warm water, and placed it on the stove.

Colleen sat on a stool in front of the stove and talked to him, until he said he was as warm as he could comfortably be.

She put her finger in the water, licked the tip, and said, “I think you’re right. I’m ready to serve you now.”

Colleen put him onto a plate, and took it out to the dining table, fetched a glass of water, and sat down and looked at him.

 “Well, you might as well enjoy this part. I’m going to start licking you,” she said, and picked him up and licked him several times.

“Now I’m going to gobble you all up,” she said, and lowered him feet first, on his stomach into her open mouth. He lay on her tongue, until he felt a slight movement. Then she gulped him down her throat.

I saw you 5 Minutes ago by timescrybe2

A boy from another school in the neighbouring village went for a camping trip and slept the night at the edge of the high forest. Then the next day, he went walking again and found his way into Edith’s garden through the portal. He walked over to the giant house, found a tiny hole in the wall, and crept into it. The hole opened in a large room. He sat at the edge of the hole and looked up, and saw the beautiful Edith sitting on a couch, knitting. He had not been to her school, when she had lived in the village as a normal sized girl. So he was unaware that she’d once been an Irish girl.


He stared at her, wondering what was the point of the journey if he was too shy to step out and introduce himselfed. She would probably never love someone so much younger, even if he had been a giant as well.

She looked down at the material in her lap for a moment, and he thought she might have seen him. However, she continued with her knitting. So he kept staring up at her.

"I'm going to have you for dinner," said the giant woman suddenly, "I saw you five minutes ago."

"Hello," he said.

"I imagine you're planning to run through that hole and attempt to escape in the garden."

"Yes," he admitted nervously.

"Well I intend to chase you through the garden. At my size, I stand a good chance of catching you. You could start running now, and I could put down my knitting and come after you now. However, your chances of escaping me would be just as good, and my chances of catching you would be just as good, if we both stayed where we are until I have finished knitting this section. It would take about an hour, and allow us time to get to know each other. We can talk for an hour or so, and then we'll start the pursuit at a time we'll both agree on. Would you mind waiting for me to finish my knitting, or must I come after you now?"

"I suppose I've nothing to lose by waiting," he said, thinking that it might also give him time to think of a way to improve his chances of escape.

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

He sat there, unable to think of a reply, and watched her lick her lips with her enormous tongue. If he didn't escape, he would soon be on that tongue.

"Well you've taken an enormous risk, because of me. If you do get away, you'll have to consider that reward enough."

"Thank you. At least that's something to look forward to."

They talked about all sorts of things, sharing what they'd done in their lives, and finally the giant woman said, "There, the knitting's all done. If you'd like to take your little short cut through the hole to the garden, I'll get up and run around the long way and see if I can find you."

"Alright. I won't wish you good luck, for obvious reasons."

"I don't think I'll need it," she said, "Off you go."

He ran for his life, and soon saw her come out and search the garden. She caught him in less than fifteen minutes, took him inside and gave him some lunch.

Then she took him to the bed and lay down. He rested beside her neck.

He enjoyed the afternoon with her, and said, "After this, I don't think I have that many regrets."

"Well it's good that you've accepted the inevitable with good grace. You've done the best thing, under the circumstances. The situation doesn't worry me at all, but you've shown a lot of courage today."

"I'm going to try to keep up that courage, when you take me into the kitchen," he said.

"Well I think it's about time to see how you go," she said.

Morweena in Red by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

A young man found a warp into a giant garden one afternoon in September. He saw a beautiful giant woman sitting at a small garden table, and recognised her.

He went over and said "Hello. I remember seeing you eating your lunch in the mall once, and now you’re a giant.”

“That would have been when I was working at the Hearing Center. I’m Morweena Freeland,” she said, and picked him up and put him on the table, "I didn't expect to see a tiny boy here. I’m going to leave you here for a while and then at some point, I shall gobble you whole for my dinner."

He looked at her red dress, her fairly long blonde hair, her full shapely pink lips, and saw the carefree pleasure, and the mischief in her eyes. There was no point in trying to discourage her. She knew what she would be doing to him, and was amused by his helplessness. He decided he might as well say what was on his own mind too.

"I think you're a very beautiful giant lady," he said.

"Thank you for the compliment," she said, “I suppose I could spend the day kissing you in my bed. Would you like that?"
"Miss Giant, it would be the thrill of a lifetime."

“It’s Morweena,” she said.

She took him to her kitchen, made a salad and spooned it into her mouth at the kitchen table, while passing him some small samples, which were enormous to him. He looked up at her marvellous mouth, while she ate.

After lunch she drank a glass of water, and took him to her bed. He enjoyed her giant kisses. Then she asked him to lie on her lower lip, place his arm into her open mouth and massage her tongue.

After seeing her spooning salad onto that giant sparkling wonder, he was delighted to grant such a request. He took turns, shifting his position to alternate arms. After he had done this for a while, she sat up.

"You could use both arms at once to rub the front of my tongue, if you were lying on top of it, inside my mouth. Would you mind at all?" she said.

"I'd enjoy that even more than the kisses. I'd be happy to do it."

She placed him in front of her open mouth. He climbed over her lower lip, being sure to slide his face, shoulders and chest over it. Once on her tongue, he positioned himself, lay down and massaged her tongue. Then he put his arms around the tongue, embracing it as though hugging it. He finally climbed out.

She placed him on her neck, as she lay down again. He enjoyed lying on it. She had said he was handsome. She knew his age. So she liked younger men. Did he dare to hope that he could win her heart forever and save himself? He lay there, trying to work up the courage to ask her to marry him, but she had only known him less than a day.

After an hour of silence, she put him on the pillow, turned to face him and spoke.

“Have I given you everything you hoped for this afternoon?"

"I can't imagine myself enjoying anything else in life more than this afternoon."

"That's wonderful to hear."

"Is there any chance you'd marry me?"

"I do feel a special bond with you, but if you stayed here as my boyfriend, I'd be forever feeling the urge to eat you."

Morweena in Black by timescrybe2

"I never had any romantic opportunity until today. You gave me my chance, and it surpassed my greatest expectations."

They enjoyed the next few days together, and then she went out for a walk, leaving him locked in her house.

Morweena returned in a while and put on a long black dress.

"Morweena, are you really going to go ahead with this?"

She put out her tongue and licked her lips, to confirm his fearful deduction.

She took him into the house and spent the rest of the day with him.

At dinner time she took him to the kitchen bench, placed a cup on the bench and sprayed whipped cream from a can into it. Then she placed him gently into the cream, and carried the cup to the dining table. She sat down, lifted the teaspoon, and placed it beside the cup. Then she licked the cream from his face and shoulders. She took the teaspoon, scooped out some of the cream beside him, spooned it into her mouth, and then, still taunting him with her tongue, licked the top of the teaspoon. She repeated this process several times, until all of the cream was gone. Then she took a dessert spoon and spooned him up in front of her mouth, placing her free palm under the spoon, just in case he fell off it. She put out her tongue and licked all of the cream off the front of his body.

She asked him to turn around, and then licked the back of him clean too. Then she took him off the spoon in her free hand, and put down the spoon. She picked up a glass of water with her other hand.

"I'll just clean my tongue," she said, and drank some water.

Then she put out her tongue again, this time touching his face and shoulders with it. She continued licking him several times.

"Well it's time for the part I'm going to enjoy more than you. Are you ready for the gobbling?"

"I'll have to be… I'm still very grateful for the days we had together."

"It was my pleasure."

"Morweena, I would be happy to be licked and massage your tongue as often as you like. I'd keep coming back to meet you and satisfy your tongue. I'd give you my word never to see any other girls or ladies. It would be nice for both of us."

"Look at my stomach," she said, placing him level with it on the table.

He did so.

"You will be inside there, when I go to bed tonight. Now take another look."

He looked again. Her stomach looked soft and lovely. It almost spoke its own invitation to its reluctant future occupant. How he wished she had married him instead.

"Please, Morweena! You've got a long happy life still ahead of you, if you spare me."

"I've got the same thing to look forward to, after I've eaten you."

"Then please let me go. Let me have the longevity of opportunity that you continue to enjoy."

"I understand your desperation, but nothing you said or would say can alter your destiny. I'm happy to draw this conversation out for another two hours, but I will eat you tonight, and that's a definite future for you."

"I guess I might as well face it now," he said.

"Good boy. Thank you for your friendship and admiration. Goodbye."

She opened her mouth wide.

He stared in at her tongue.

He looked down at her neck, which he had seen gulping the salad the day they first met. Now it would gulp him down.

"Goodbye lovely Morweena."

She slid him across her lower lip, onto her tongue, and closed her mouth.

Soon she swallowed eagerly.

Punch Drunk by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Meadlowe had always enjoyed Colleen’s giantess parties, and decided to host one of her own for some native giantesses she had befriended. Colleen’s parties had always been for enlarged earth women who had become giantesses. Before the day of the party came, she met a young man who had found his way into the portal and then explored the giant world until he had found her garden.

“You’re rather cute, like my little boyfriend,” she said, “I’m having a girls Christmas Eve party at my place tonight. Why don’t I put you on the table, and you can talk to anyone you like?”

“Thank you Meadlowe,” he said.

When the party started, Meadlowe said "I'll put you onto one of the food tables. You can help yourself to anything you like and talk to the ladies as they pass your table."
The ladies all seemed polite and keen to learn about Meadlowe's young friend. One lady named Ela said, "Hello little boy!" with eyes that sparkled in a special way, "How nice to meet you here! Meadlowe and I are the only other people from your world, except that we’ve become giants now."

"You're very nice for me to meet too," he said.

"Thank you. I'll pop by this table and talk to you again when I'm ready for some more of this punch. I do love the fruity pieces in it. I hope I haven't taken too many."

She walked away into the party crowd with her long dress swaying beautifully.

"It was all too much of a surprise to see her," he thought "I didn't have time to work up the courage to ask her if she would be willing to go on a date with me. However, there is a way to be able to go with her next time she crosses the room after filling her glass."

He secretly climbed unobserved into the punch bowl, swam around gathering fruit pieces together around himself and hiding amongst them. When he saw Ela returning, he took a breath and submerged his head. She scooped up the concentrated amount of fruit around him with the ladle and unknowingly ladled him into her glass. Then she walked over and sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. She drank the punch in stages and then tilted her head back, as well as the glass, so that the fruit pieces flowed into her mouth. He managed to avoid sliding into it himself, until she levelled the glass and looked in and saw him.

"I wondered where you had gotten to. I might have accidentally swallowed you."

"No. I was able to stay in the glass at any angle."

"Why did you hide in the punch?"

"It seemed like a good way to come over here with you. Now we can talk together for longer than it takes to fill a punch glass."

"Alright, but would you like to come out of that punch glass and dry off? I'll just tip you onto my hand gently."
She did so, put down the glass, took a clean handkerchief and began drying him with her fingers, which she then licked.

"I'll finish the rest with the hanky."

"Then you'd have sticky punch on your nice silk handkerchief. Why don't you lick all the punch off me first, so it won't be wasted? Then you can just dry the non-sticky tongue water off me with the tissue."
"That's a good idea."
She put out her sparkling tongue and licked him clean. Then she dried him with the handkerchief and held him in front of her face.

"Now we can talk."

Lost Within by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

"Good. Well Ela, I think you look even more beautiful up this close. Do you like me?"

"Of course I do, but there's something else. When I first saw you on the table, I thought you looked so nice and delicious that I would have loved to pick you up, put you in my mouth and eat you all in one swallowing gulp, so that I could have you in my stomach. I've been thinking about it ever since. I cannot believe that you hid in that glass. I almost ate you without knowing it. Don't be frightened though. I could never do it with everyone else here and Meadlowe especially to see me. They would never forgive me."

He was astounded. She wanted not to go out with him, but to eat him.
"Would you do it if we were alone?" he asked.

"I might do it. I would try to resist the desire, so as not to frighten you, but you do look very nice to eat."
"This is incredible. I've been sitting on the hand of a lovely giantess, who also thinks of me as a favourite food. You must have enjoyed licking me."

"I certainly did. It took every ounce of self-control to stop myself from popping you into my mouth and gobbling you down. Would you give me your permission to do it some time in the next few days?"

“I… I don’t know. I came here to find a single woman who’d like to have a tiny boy as her boyfriend. It would be quite a different thing for a lady to eat me.”

“Yes, I can understand that it would.”

"You could have tricked me into a trap by not mentioning your desire to eat me, and then luring me away."
"I did think of that. I sat here and planned it all out while you were at that table alone. It would have worked, but I could not do that to you."

She had already surprised someone at one of Colleen’s parties, by suddenly eating him. It seemed more etiquette to ask permission in this situation.

"If I did meet you tomorrow at your house, would you be willing to eat me then?"

"I'm sure I would, but would you do that voluntarily?"
"I have decided that my answer is yes."
"You're adorably nice!"

"I'd be lost without you."
"You'll be lost within me!"
"A short lifetime in your stomach is better than a long lifetime without you. So it’s a deal then?"

"It is a wonderful deal. Let's plan it all out."
"Could we do it tomorrow at lunch time?"
"I'd love for you to come over then."

"Alright. Can you come to the front door and open it for me at ten o'clock?"
"I'll be ready. How would you like me to look?"
"Your hair looks nice down, and I like your long skirt. Girls always look nicer in long flowery dresses and skirts than in trousers."
"I have a longer one with flowers on it that reaches almost down to my calves. It's one of my favourites. Shall I wear that one?"

"It sounds nice."

"Shall I wear lipstick?"
"You look lovely without it. I'd much rather you touched me with your lovely lips directly, with no lipstick in the way."

"Alright. No lipstick. Is there anything else I can do to make myself look as lovely as possible for you? I'm so grateful to you for letting me eat you."
"I'm sure you'll look very lovely."
"We'll have morning tea together, then lots of cuddles. I'll put you into a baked Alaska at 12:00 noon, warm you up in the oven and serve you on the table for my lunch at 12:30. I'd say you'll be in my stomach by one o'clock."

"Thank you."
"Good. I'll introduce you to some other guests here, because I will be going soon."

For the rest of the evening, he occasionally looked across the room watching Ela pick up something and put it in her mouth, knowing that the next day she would do exactly the same to him, but without biting him.

Rendezvous on Ela's Doorstep by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Eventually Meadlowe said farewell to Ela, who was preparing to leave.

"Meadlowe, can you put me down, so that I can see Ela out to the door?" he asked.

Meadlowe did so.

He ran out behind Ela and called to her.

She turned and knelt down.

"Well it's only a matter of waiting now, Ela."

"Yes, but think carefully about it tomorrow. I will not be disappointed in you if you are too afraid to go through with it and don't show up."
"I'll turn up Ela. I promise."

"Well here's something to remember until you do."

She picked him up, opened her mouth, held his feet and dangled him into her open mouth, swishing her tongue against him. Then she took him out, rubbed him on her shirt to dry him and said, "There, now are you having any second thoughts?"

"They're every bit as enthusiastic as the first thoughts, darling giant Ela."

"Thank you" she said, before putting him down. She rose and walked away. He watched her graceful movements until she was out of sight.

Once all of the other guests had left, he said "May I stay the night, until I go to meet Ela at ten o'clock?"
"Certainly," said Meadlowe, “I’ll take you there myself.”

"It has all worked out wonderfully. She wants to eat me, and she thinks I agreed to it out of kindness and generosity."
"That's terrific. I saw you two getting on well together."

The next day he reached Ela’s doorstep at 9:55. She opened the door at 10:00, towering over him beautifully.

"Come on in darling" she said, closing the door when he had gotten out of its way.

She walked slowly towards the table, letting him follow from behind. Then she served up a morning tea meal and offered him small helpings, having seated him on the top of the table.

After the meal she sat sideways on the couch and talked with him for a while, cuddled him to each of her cheeks and to her neck. She stroked his hair with her fingertip, and then let him ride on her shoulder holding her hair.

"We still have half an hour until 12 o'clock."

"Could we play hide and seek? You'll soon find me and then you can cook me."
"I'll make sure of that" she giggled "Alright, run and hide."

At 12 o'clock she put him in the baked Alaska in the oven and sat in front of it licking her lips and smiling. At 12:30 she took him to the table and sat down. She broke baked Alaska off with her hand and ate it. She soon picked him up and licked him clean. Then she held him in front of her mouth.

"Did you want to say any last things to me?"

"Thank you for the best day of my life. That's all."

"Thank you darling. I am proud of you that you kept your word completely. I didn't think you really intended to go through with it, and now without any further delays I shall gobble you all up for my supper."

In a story of this length, one must consider that there are limits to how many ways one can describe what happened next.

The Secret of the Second Hand Dollshouse by timescrybe2

Every Saturday, collectors, bargain shoppers, neighbours out for a walk, and teenagers with limited supplies of pocket money could open the local paper and find a list of garage sales in their district. Each week, at least one person, whether the executor of a deceased estate, a resident planning to move house, a family doing a clean out of unwanted goods or anyone else who sought to sell their second hand wares would post signs on the telegraph poles in nearby streets, announcing that their garage, and perhaps their front yard, would play host to anybody wishing to walk away with recycled books, toys, furniture, or whatever else took their fancy, at a fraction of the original cost.

For Andy, all of this was true, and he also enjoyed the chance to go onto the premises of some of the many surviving old houses of the district. Their historical architecture appealed to him, as he was on his way into adolesence and developing new hobbies and interests.

He made his usual plans one week, researching the garage sales in the local paper. He made up his usual itinery, listing the sales in the best order, based on location and starting time. When Saturday morning came, he made sure that his backpack was empty, so that he could fill it with purchases, mounted his bicycle, and headed for the first sale. It yielded nothing of interest. He found two paperback novels at the second sale, and then had to get off his bike at the front of the third property’s long driveway, and walk up to its battle axe block. He came to an enormous three storey mansion, probably built some eighty or ninety years ago, and began to examine the items in the garage and on the back lawn.

He went through a box of vinyl records and took out a few that had instrumental soundtracks of some of his favourite old movies, which were his favourites primarily because of the music scores themselves. In the past, he’d contented himself with editing the music from the movies themselves, which unfortunately left the dialogue voices in. Since his garage sale ventures had started, he was gradually replacing all his make shift soundtracks with the real deal.

On the lawn he also noticed a dark brown coloured dollshouse, which hard one particularly impressive characteristic. Its design very much reflected the historical architecture style of the mansion owned by the host of the garage sale, who was a middle aged woman.

“It belonged to Bonnie Kay, when she lived here. Later on, her mother let the dollshouse go along with the property, as Bonnie no longer wanted it.”

“Bonnie Kay lived here?” he asked, “As in the famous teenager who solved all those mysteries?”

“Yes, that was her.”

“That must have been around sixty years ago.”

“She lived here with her widowed mother, and got the dollshouse when she was about fifteen or sixteen. It’s basically the same now, except I repainted it a dark brown colour that wouldn’t show the dust and signs of wear as easily. It’s the only thing here that I’m asking a lot more for, since it’s an antique and a collector’s item.”

Andy was one of Sandra Corlani’s time class students.

The Mystery of the Nocturnal Noises by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

Andy couldn’t afford the dollshouse, but he was far more fascinated with the fact that he had learned the earliest address of Bonnie Kay, at a point in time when the secret was of no more importance to anyone.

He had once read her autobiography, which he’d found in an earlier garage sale, and seen how pretty her pictures looked in the several pages of photographs reproduced in the middle of the book. In every one of them, she had been wearing lovely long femine dresses of an era gone by. Her eyes always contained a sweet laughing sense of mischief, and her smile had motivated him to work tirelessly on inventing a time machine. Consistently coming top of the class in science at school seemed a hollow achievement, as long as he had still not finished designing the one invention that he most wanted to complete.

He realised then, that it was lack of sufficient motivation, that had been holding him back. Even a time machine could not have helped him to locate Bonnie Kay back in her own era. Now he didn’t need to.

Andy put everything else on hold, except his schoolwork, and the purchase of any retrospective boys clothes from other garage sales, and devoted the rest of his spare time to the time machine. When he’d finished, he knew that its operation would be unstable at best. However, he felt that he’d done all that he could to get the prototype up and running. He’d built all of the circuitry into a cupboard in his own bedroom, after removing the shelves, so that he could stand in it. Now all that remained was to give it the test. He would aim for the time when Bonnie Kay was 15, and if the geographic displacement function worked as well, he would end up, not in his own bedroom, which would have belonged to somebody else’s family six decades earlier. Instead he would appear in the bushes near one of the courtyards of the school that Bonnie had attended, according to the diary. If he arrived on a weekend, there would be nobody there, and he could then easily walk out of the school grounds and off to Bonnie’s house.

Then it occurred to him that he would not know what to say to her.

“Hi Bonnie, pleased to meet you. I’m from around 60 years into your future, where I read your older self’s autobiography and went to a garage sale owned by the new owner of your mother’s house,” he mused out loud, and then dismissed this approach in favour of a better one.

He took the autobiography with him and concealed it in his backpack. It would not do to be found with a book that was written by an elderly Bonnie Kay several decades into teenage Bonnie Kay’s future. When he came to a newsagent, he quickly glanced at the date on top of the newspaper.

Then he sat down alone on the seat of an otherwise empty bus shelter and looked through the book until he came to the chapter that dealt with that day, and the days that surrounded it. At this time, she was working on what she had titled the chapter as “The Mystery of the Nocturnal Noises”.

Andy couldn’t afford the dollshouse, but he was far more fascinated with the fact that he had learned the earliest address of Bonnie Kay, at a point in time when the secret was of no more importance to anyone.

He had once read her autobiography, which he’d found in an earlier garage sale, and seen how pretty her pictures looked in the several pages of photographs reproduced in the middle of the book. In every one of them, she had been wearing lovely long femine dresses of an era gone by. Her eyes always contained a sweet laughing sense of mischief, and her smile had motivated him to work tirelessly on inventing a time machine. Consistently coming top of the class in science at school seemed a hollow achievement, as long as he had still not finished designing the one invention that he most wanted to complete.

He realised then, that it was lack of sufficient motivation, that had been holding him back. Even a time machine could not have helped him to locate Bonnie Kay back in her own era. Now he didn’t need to.

Andy put everything else on hold, except his schoolwork, and the purchase of any retrospective boys clothes from other garage sales, and devoted the rest of his spare time to the time machine. When he’d finished, he knew that its operation would be unstable at best. However, he felt that he’d done all that he could to get the prototype up and running. He’d built all of the circuitry into a cupboard in his own bedroom, after removing the shelves, so that he could stand in it. Now all that remained was to give it the test. He would aim for the time when Bonnie Kay was 15, and if the geographic displacement function worked as well, he would end up, not in his own bedroom, which would have belonged to somebody else’s family six decades earlier. Instead he would appear in the bushes near one of the courtyards of the school that Bonnie had attended, according to the diary. If he arrived on a weekend, there would be nobody there, and he could then easily walk out of the school grounds and off to Bonnie’s house.

Then it occurred to him that he would not know what to say to her.

“Hi Bonnie, pleased to meet you. I’m from around 60 years into your future, where I read your older self’s autobiography and went to a garage sale owned by the new owner of your mother’s house,” he mused out loud, and then dismissed this approach in favour of a better one.

He took the autobiography with him and concealed it in his backpack. It would not do to be found with a book that was written by an elderly Bonnie Kay several decades into teenage Bonnie Kay’s future. When he came to a newsagent, he quickly glanced at the date on top of the newspaper.

Then he sat down alone on the seat of an otherwise empty bus shelter and looked through the book until he came to the chapter that dealt with that day, and the days that surrounded it. At this time, she was working on what she had titled the chapter as “The Mystery of the Nocturnal Noises”.

The Clue of the Curious Comment by timescrybe2

She’d been sneaking into a disused monastery at night, to find out why people walking past had complained of spooky sounds emanating from the building. Now he didn’t have to approach Bonnie at her own house. If he’d only thought of that before, he would not have needed to wait until he learned her address, in order to justify completing his work on the time machine, he surmised. Bonnie would be turning up to that monastery, with her sleeping bag, and staying the night in the hopes of learning what was making the noises. Having read her book, Andy already knew the answer to that mystery, and had no need to fear that criminal men were involved in the sounds which still remained unexplained to the local pedestrians out for their evening strolls.

Andy took his time machine back home, stocked it with his own sleeping bag, and then time travelled back directly into the gardens of the monastery and waited for Bonnie on the front porch.

He saw her arrive, looking as dainty and fun loving as ever, and waited for her to speak first.

“Hello?” she said, with a definite intonation of curiosity.

“I’m Andy. I suppose I should explain what I’m doing here. I’ve learned that there are strange noises coming from this place at night, and thought I’d hide out and see if I can find out what’s causing them.”

“Why that’s exactly what I’m going to do too. None of my friends are brave enough to join me,” said Bonnie.

That he was scoring points with an unfair advantage of knowledge from the future did not trouble him in the least.

They made their way into the monastery, up the stairs and found that one room had two bay windows with large spaces between the curtains and the windows. Each of them set their sleeping bags up in the spaces, and they talked quietly, until they heard a scuffling noise coming from the room downstairs. The scuffling turned to footsteps, which were soon accompanied by the giggles of teenage girls, who then entered the very room that currently concealed Bonnie and Andy.

“I’ll start,” said one of them, and began making a loud moaning sound, somewhat reminiscent of a lonely animal deprived of its master’s attention.

After all the girls had cycled through their tandem routine a few times, Bonnie Kay stepped ouf from behind the bay window curtain and turned on her torch. Recalling that there was no mention of her being accompanied by a boy on this case in elderly Bonnie Kay’s book, Andy stayed where he was.

“Got you,” said Bonnie, “Now I know who’s been doing this.”

“It’s Bonnie, at it again,” said one of the girls.

They were from her own school.

“Well I won’t say anything to your parents, but this little game of scaring people has gone on long enough. You mustn’t come here again. That way, I’ll be prepared to keep your secret.”

The other girls agreed and departed.

Andy stepped out and said, “You solved another one.”

“That’s a complimentary if rather cryptic remark. Am I becoming known for this sort of thing?” she asked.

The Story of the Helpful Smugglers by timescrybe2

He remembered that most of her mysteries remained the secret of herself and those involved for decades, until the autobiography came out. Any more slips like that, and he would have a lot of explaining to do. He thought of the one mystery that had made its way into the papers along with the revelation of her involvement in it, albeit with little interest from the locals at the time, and decided that it would cover his accidental slip.

“There was that time you solved that case about the school clock tower being used as a place for smugglers to hide their goods,” said Andy.
“You remember that?”

“I read it somewhere,” he said truthfully, although he was not refering to the newspaper account of it that had come out a year earlier than Bonnie’s current case.

“There wasn’t even a picture of me in that arcticle. I didn’t think that anyone had taken much notice of it,” she said.

“I did. I’ve always wanted to meet you. I’d ask you over, but my parents don’t know I’m here. I sort of snuck out, in order to come to this place.”

“Well you’re the bravest boy I’ve ever been on a case with,” she said, “Would you like to come to my school formal next Saturday night?”

“I’d like that very much. What time does it start?”

“Seven o’clock. I’ll be there at 6:30.”

“I’ll meet you out the front of your school gates.”

“I suppose I’d better be getting home, now that I’ve solved the mystery tonight.”

“I’ll stay here a while, just to think over the experience,” he said.

When she’d gone, he returned to his time machine and his own time.

The following Saturday morning’s garage sale provided him with suitable evening attire for decades past, and he found a bouquet of flowers at the shops, which would be travelling back many years before they had ever been grown soon enough.

He was waiting outside the front of Bonnie’s school by 6:15 in the Saturday night of decades earlier, and gave her the flowers.

Her face bubbled with sweetness as she thanked him, and then offered him her hand. Nothing could be nicer than this, he thought, as they began walking along the school path.

“I never told you which school I went to,” she said, “How did you know?”

“It must have been in that article about the mystery you solved here, since it was your school where the smugglers were temporarily concealing their loot,” he said, heaving another inward sigh of relief as he inwardly thanked the smugglers for unwittingly helping him.

Maybe one day he would tell her about his time machine and his having come from the future. For now, he didn’t want to risk spoiling the greatest night of his life with any complications.

They walked into the school hall and he poured her a glass of punch. They nibbled from the assortment of food on the tables, and talked until the dancing started. First the music was fast, and he could hardly believe that he was here, with Bonnie twirling and swaying around in front of him, as they enjoyed tunes which he’d also collected in many a second hand record from garage sales.

The Case of the Captivating Kiss by timescrybe2

Then came the slower tunes, and he put his arm around her and his cheek closer and closer to her own. She was absolutely lovely and sweet beyond anything that her older self could ever have thought to describe in the book.

When the evening’s program finally came to an end, she asked him, “Would you like to walk me home?”

He gladly obliged, and when they were halfway down her own street, she surprised him again.

“It’s as if you’ve been leading me on this walk, as though you already knew where I lived, like you knew where my school was,” she said, “But I’m sure that the article about the smugglers didn’t give my home address away.”

“I think your body language might have given me a general sense of where you would have turned at each corner, if you’d been walking by yourself,” he ad libbed.

“If you’re as perceptive as that, you would have solved that monastery case without any help from me,” said Bonnie.

“There’s one mystery I don’t think I could easily fathom,” said Andy.

“What would that be?”

“The mystery of whether or not you think that this would be a suitable time to kiss you,” said Andy.

“Well sometimes, when I’m solving a mystery, I have to experiment a little,” said Bonnie, “Why don’t you try that?”

Her perfect smile, her inviting eyes, and her captivating lips had just transformed the mystery into a solution. He put his arms around her and kissed her slowly. It was incredible. He was six decades in his own past, kissing a girl he’d only ever seen in photographs until recently. And she was happily kissing him too.

It was at least ten minutes before they were ready to continue the walk to Bonnie’s house. After that, he made his way back to the monastery, which he’d been using as the least likely place for his time machine to be discovered. For the next week, he simply couldn’t wait to see Bonnie again. How could he ever fall for a girl in his own time after that mystery in the monastery, that dance in the school hall, that walk to her street, and that captivating kiss?

The kiss had also made up his mind about something else. He wanted to keep no secrets from her. He was going to tell her everything, of his trip from her future, of his lengthy fascination with her, and his undying love. The only thing he wouldn’t tell her was that his knowledge came from a book she would one day write herself. She needed to reach the decision to do so in her own time, not feel that it was hanging over her in order to keep history accurate. He would never load that burden onto her.

This time, he would aim the time machine for Bonnie’s own back garden. He just needed to know where the bushes were. So on Friday night, he snuck out in the middle of the night, and onto the garage sale owner’s property, and around the back, just to examine the back garden in the moonlight.

The Meal for the Meek Mannered Mouth by timescrybe2

It had an abundance of bushes to conceal the time machine in Bonnie’s era, assuming that they had been there for at least sixty years.

He went home to sleep, and in the middle of the morning he activated the time machine again.

Before he had made it all the way back into his past destination time, the machine began to give off noises which sounded like electrical pops. Then it stopped. He was around six years short of his destination, and the bushes in Bonnie’s backyard seemed a lot denser. He wondered if they’d been trimmed back by the new owner, who had held the garage sale. Bonnie would have been 21 in this time, in her final year of tertiary college, according to her autobiography.

He knew that the time machine needed time to cool and recharge, before he could continue on to Bonnie’s 15 year old self’s year in time. He might as well take a walk, and have a glance at the 21 year old elegant Bonnie Kay.

Andy stepped out of the machine and walked through the bushes for a while, until he came upon the most extraordinairy sight. Not only had he missed his mark by five years, but it was also not the middle of the morning, which he should have realised was on the cards after a discrepancy had already been established. That was the least of his surprises.

The time machine’s problems had not only been in the fourth dimension, but in the first three as well. Both the machine and Andy himself had been reduced to a fraction of their original sizes. He stared around the garden, wondering what to do, until he saw Bonnie come walking around from the side of the house, towards the back. He ran towards her, hoping that she would see him.

Bonnie did suddenly spot him, and walked over and picked him up without a word.

“You’re quite a discovery,” she said, with no recognition of him at all.

For her it had been five years, since they’d had their first kiss. However, the main reason for her lack of familiarity with him was that his reduced facial features were too small for her full sized eyes to identify.

Bonnie carried him inside, took off her college backpack, and put it down on her bedroom floor.

“I’ll be taking my final college exams this week,” she said, “After that, I do think it would be awfully nice to eat a special treat to celebrate the end of this chapter of my life. I’m sure you’d go down gently in one mouthful? Would you mind?”

The eloquence with which she had worded the request surprised him almost as much as its ramifications. Yet her mouth looked so inviting. She had given him the loveliest kiss imaginable, and the night he’d had with her as 15 year old Bonnie would probably never be topped. Now he could give her something special too. The thought of it took his mind to a very strange place, and yet he knew that perhaps the only thing he could do was to say yes.

The Adventure of the Gratifying Gulp by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

This is the correct chapter 90. I accidentally posted chapter 91 as chapter 90 before, which threw subsequent chapters out as well. So read this chapter as it now stands, before going on any further. Sorry about the mistake.

“Your mouth looks lovely to be eaten by,” he said, “I guess it would be alright.”

For the next few nights, she let him snuggle against her cheek, while she got all the sleep she needed to perform well in the following day’s exams.

After she had finished her last exam, she said to him that night, “We’ll go to bed early this evening, and wake up just as early in the morning. Mother always sleeps in on Saturdays. When I wake up, I’ll take you downstairs and have you for my first meal of the day.”

“And my first day as a meal,” he said, “I’m very excited about this, and even a little anxious.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be delicious,” she said sweetly.

In the morning, Bonnie took him down to the kitchen, placed him in a bowl with some mixed berries, and put it on a tray. She added a large glass of fruit juice, and carried it all, him included, to the table in another room, which looked out on the slowly rising sun.

He watched her high towering form sit down and enjoyed the sight of her elegant eyes, and her hand spooning berries up towards her mouth. Each time, her sparkling tongue came out and received the berries. He watched her pick up the glass, put it to her mouth, tilt her head, drink heartily from it and then gulp adorably and thrillingly with her neck. He would soon be inside that mouth, after touching that lovely tongue as well.

This Bonnie was different from the bubbling effervescent teenager, but equally fascinating. There was a detachment in her eyes as she ate the berries and prepared to eat him up too, a more reserved facial disposition in general, and a sense of expectancy for the future.

Soon the berries had all made their way down her dainty neck, and he saw the spoon passing under his own body. He was lifted up, past her tummy, past her chest, past her neck, and past her chin. Her beautiful mouth lay before him, and opened wide, to permit another delightfully natural protrusion of her enthralling tongue.

Her tongue reached just under the front of the spoon, and then her hand tilted the spoon behind him a little more, until he slid off it and onto her awaiting tongue.

In sheer amazement he looked beyond, into her yawning mouth, as her tongue receded slowly back into it. He felt himself slowly sliding to the back of her tongue, and looked off the back of it, down into her throat. The kiss had been amazing enough, but the thrill of this experience was beyond compare, beyond even the scientific marvels of time travel which had repeatedly brought him back to the two points in Bonnie Kay’s life that he’d visited in recent weeks.

Bonnie gulped him into her throat, and he slid down a little way, suspended in an upside down position, thinking rapidly about the situation, as the full significance of it finally began to have an even greater impact on him.

Hidden in History's Holidays by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

This chapter was previously accidentally posted as Chapter 90, but the problem has since been corrected.

Nothing had been as enjoyable as this moment, but after the next gulp she made, the benefits would definitely be over. With a snap decision, he pinched her throat as hard as he could and made her cough him up in a gagging reaction.


“Sorry if that hurt,” he said, as she received him in her open hands, “I just changed my mind about going all the way at the last moment. You see, there’s something you don’t know about me, Bonnie.”

“There’s probably a lot, including how you know my name, since I never actually told you, and Mother hasn’t used it audibly around my room since you came here.”

“Do you remember the boy that you went to your formal with, when you were 15? I know about the lovely kiss you gave him when you both got to your street at the end of that night, because you gave that kiss to me, only two weeks ago from my perspective. I’m a time traveller from far in your future, where your teenage mystery solving days are a matter of record. I fell in love with you and came back to meet you, several times. However, a week ago, my time machine only got as far as this year and somehow reduced with me inside it, in the process.”

“It’s really you. I missed you, when you never came back, but working out why and how was one mystery I could never solve.”

“You were often on the right track, when you picked up on my knowing which was your school for the formal, without you having told me, and the way I seemed to know how to get to your street later that night, and of course I wasn’t really brave the night we met. I knew that the monastery noises were just a prank by girls from your school. So I had nothing to be afraid of. I really enjoyed being eaten by you just now too, except I do want to try to get back to your younger self soon, so that she won’t have to miss me.”

“Well I was looking forward to gulping you down the rest of the way, but I guess it wouldn’t matter if I don’t,” she said, with a curious look in her eyes, “If you succeed, I suppose I’ll start to remember things that way.”

She carried him back to his time machine, and he got in and gave it another try.

This time the machine took him back only one year, to when Bonnie would have been twenty, and enjoying the start of her college holidays. He walked out to the edge of the bushes, and wondered what to do next. He saw Bonnie come walking out across the lawn and lying down just beside his place of concealment. He stepped out and let her see him. She had no knowledge of 21 year old Bonnie’s experiences with him, and hence didn’t know who he was any more than 21 year old Bonnie had done at first.

The Incident of the Involuntary Ingredient by timescrybe2

He decided that the timeline was becoming confusing enough for him, and probably for each of the Bonnies too. For the moment at least, he would not tell his 20 year old Bonnie Kay who he was.

“Look at you!” she said, with the most adorable smile he’d ever seen, even from Bonnie herself.

“I’m a long way from home at the moment.”

“So’s mother. I’m holding down the fort here,” said Bonnie.

“Your lips look lovely,” he said, deciding to leave out the previous preambles, having made his way halfway down 21 year old Bonnie’s throat without even thinking to ask for a kiss.

“Why thank you!” said Bonnie.

“Would they be interested in giving me some kisses?” he asked.

Bonnie’s eyes beamed at him with amusement.

“I’m sure they would, and when my mouth has finished doing that, it’s going to eat you all up,” she giggled.

Bonnie sat up, carried him into the house and placed him on a table and sat down. She smiled down at him with great amusement, and picked him up and pressed her huge lips to his face several times.

“Oh thank you. That’s so lovely,” he said.

“And I’m sure you’ll make a lovely dinner,” said Bonnie, which means that the best place to leave you is on the kitchen bench, while I go and change into my evening gown.”

This Bonnie wasn’t even going to ask his permission. She had all of the mischief in her eyes that her 15 year old self had shown. Then he thought of the 21 year old Bonnie, and her parting comment, which had indicated that her not swallowing him was not of any consequence. Had 21 year old Bonnie have known that 20 year old Bonnie could still have that pleasure after spending some time with him first? Had 21 year old Bonnie only let him return to his time machine for that reason?

It seemed that 15 year old Bonnie would be of the same mind set and have the same intentions. He would think what to do about that later. For now, he had to escape from 20 year old Bonnie’s plans to make him the prime ingredient in her dinner.

She walked out of the kitchen, leaving him high on the bench. He saw an empty paper bag with small string handles attached to it. He took hold of the handles and ran at the side off the bench, until he leaped off.

Pulling the bag behind him, he felt himself slowing his fall, as the bag acted like a parachute, until he reached the floor. He slipped under the door and ran out through the garden, with about an hour of sunlight left, he guessed. He was almost to the bushes which concealed his tiny time machine, when he heard Bonnie opening the back door and running out to the garden. He backed towards the time machine, as he saw her running through the garden. He stepped in, without even closing the door, and turned the machine on, just as Bonnie reached his position and stooped down and lunged.

The Destiny of the Discounted Dollshouse by timescrybe2
Author's Notes:

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I have fixed the problem today. So readers are best advised to go back to read the correct (previously missing) chapter 90 "The Adventure of the Gratifying Gulp", and perhaps reread chapter 91-92 in proper context, before starting on this chapter 93.

Her hand closed around the outside of the machine, just as it vanished from her grip. He adjusted the geographic instruments while in time transit, to make sure that he ended up in the school gardens, rather than in Bonnie’s backyard again. His only hope, of ever being romantically involved with Bonnie’s beautiful mouth at a safe size, was to find a school science teacher who might be able to help both him and his time machine to regain their normal sizes. When he reached the school gardens, he saw that he had almost gone back as far as he had originally intended to. Bonnie would now be sixteen years old.

From the intensity of the sunlight, he imagined that it would be about eight in the morning, One thing had taken him pleasantly by surprise. There was a house at the edge of the garden, and he was now the right size to walk in and decide what to do next, since he would no longer need to find a science teacher. He couldn’t simply take off in the time machine again, as it may well reduce his size again, given the erratic nature of its recent performances in the time stream. The house was probably one of the school boarding houses, which he’d not seen clearly on the night of the formal. The front door was open. So he walked in, hoping that he would not be construed as a criminal trespasser.

There didn’t seem to be anybody in the first room, and he tried a few more, before he heard footsteps outside. Suddenly the house seemed to rise into the air, and he peeked out the window and saw that a huge woman had picked up the house.

He came to understand that he had not regained his normal size, but was in fact now in a Dollshouse. The woman placed it down on a huge table at a stall, and he looked out and saw an “old wares” sign on the table.

Looking around, he saw stalls everywhere. It was that Friday of the school year, which Bonnie had written about in her book, when all of the mothers ran a school fete, and the girls were given longer recess breaks and the afternoon free of classes in order to really enjoy he fete. The woman would probably sell the Dollshouse, and him with it.

Then another factor became apparent to him, one so unequivocable in its certainty, that it haunted him to the very core of his being. The outside walls of the Dollshouse were white, but other than that, it looked exactly like the dark brown Dollshouse that he had seen at the garage sale in his own time, when the host had told him that the Dollshouse and mansion had once belonged to Bonnie Kay and her widowed mother.

“This must be the day that she bought the Dollshouse!” he thought, “It’s an inviolate event in history, and she’ll buy it today, with me inside it.”

The Riddle of the Ravishing Ride by timescrybe2

The first recess break came and passed, and Bonnie didn’t come to the old wares stall. Then came lunch break, and the girls’ afternoon of freedom at the fete. He began to wonder if any butterfly effects of his other trips to the past might have altered history enough to change Bonnie’s upcoming acquisition of his new place of residence.

He heard the woman stall owner telling another school mother that she was putting up the sign which said, “Everything now half price.”

“Hey Bonnie, the old wares have been reduced!” came the voice of a schoolgirl.

“She has no idea how true that is!” thought Andy.

He peeked out the window and saw history’s inevitable scenes being played out, as Bonnie Kay and her friend approached the old wares stand. Bonnie saw the Dollshouse and beamed in delight.

“Oh my, just look at it!” she said.

He knew that his only chance was to enact a reversal of the trojan horse motif and stay hidden until Bonnie had taken the Dollshouse home and left him alone to sneak out. History hadn’t mentioned anything about a tiny boy in the Dollshouse, and the new owner of Bonnie’s home in his own time had presumably not known either. Besides, at that point, he hadn’t yet time travelled. So maybe the Bonnie Kay of this timeline was acquiring new memories to be left out of her book even at this moment:

Suddenly she peeked into the Dollshouse window and saw him, before he could find a place to hide. Her beautiful mouth opened in front of him, gaping in surprise, showing him a generous view of her big sparkling tongue.
If it weren’t for the obvious dangers, he would have dived into it for several minutes, before wanting to climb out again, but now he could only gape back at Bonnie.

“Hello little thing. I’ll buy you,” she whispered, and stood back up to pay the stall holder.

“I thought one of the other mothers might buy it and put it in her car,” said the stall holder, “I’ll tie string around it and make a handle with the ends at the top for you to carry it home after school.”

“Thank you,” said Bonnie, “Mother goes away a lot. She wasn’t here today.”

He rode home in the Dollshouse, peeking out the window and up at Bonnie’s distant beautiful face, whenever the streets were empty of anyone else but her. He knew only too well what she would be planning, and knew that his best chance of escaping now, was to do it before she announced that he would be making a guest appearance in her mouth when the time came. He knew he would have a better chance of delaying such an announcement if he told her who he was and attempted to resume the romance that she had begun with him, from her perspective, a year earlier.

She carried the Dollshouse into her bedroom, and put it on her bedside table.

The Boarder with the Borrowed Baubles by timescrybe2

He remembered what she’d said about her mother being away. The Bonnie of a few years from now had already demonstrated that she tended to take the times of her mother’s absence as a suitable opportunity to eat a little boy in privacy. He knew he had to work fast.

“Oh Bonnie darling, it’s me,” he said suddenly, “Thank you so much for buying me. I tried to come here again a week after our first kiss, but I’m from the future, and my time machine shrank me.”

“Time machine? Do you mean to say that there really is such a thing?”

“There is now, or at least there will be about sixty years from now, when I finish inventing it. I had to keep coming back to see you. I love you, Bonnie.”

“I love you even more like this,” she said, and kissed him slowly.

“Me too,” he said in response, “Your lips were lovely enough before, but when I’m this small, they’re the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had.”

It was all true. He wasn’t embellishing anything in order to protect himself.

“So from your point of view, you saw me only a week ago?”

“No, it was more like a few weeks. The time machine kept stopping off at other points in your future and needed to be recharged before I could travel again.”

“Did you meet me at those other points?”

“Yes, when you were twenty and twenty-one. You kissed me at twenty too, although you never knew who I was.”

“Do you know from your own time, how long I live for?”

“Into old age. You have a very happy life. Now we can age together.”

“I suppose we could,” she said.

He felt a renewed sense of urgency to sidetrack her mind from its inevitable thoughts.

“I could help you solve mysteries at this size too. Imagine how easy it would be for me to sneak around unseen and ferret out clues for you. The only thing is that you’ll have to take the credit, so that I can be your well kept secret.”

As a light went on in her face, he knew that the idea had scored a touch down.

“I think you could at that. One of the teachers, Miss Leigh, has had her jewellery stolen. As she’s also a house mistress for some of the boarders, she feels sure that the culprit must have been a girl in her charge. You could sneak around in each of the dormitories, while we’re all in class, and look for wherever the jewels have been hidden.”

“I’d be honoured to take on that assignment. I’ll just need your full sized strength to go in and remove the jewels.”

“We don’t want to remove them, just work out where they are,” said Bonnie, “Then I can think of a suitable reason to have Miss Leigh discover the jewellery and incriminate the girl. We’ll do it first thing on Monday.”

Pathway to a Pocket Prison by timescrybe2

He enjoyed a wonderful weekend of kisses and snuggles with Bonnie, knowing that all he had to do was wait until she left him at the boarding house, and then make for his time machine instead of performing the jewellery seeking operation. After that, he would take the time machine back to a period before Bonnie had started at the school, or long after she’d left it, so that he could find the science teacher with no risk of recapture by Bonnie. Not until he’d found a way to restore his size would he go into the era of Bonnie’s time as a student at that school again.

Monday morning came, and he felt both a sadness that his safe window of romance with Bonnie was over, and a relief that he could now escape from her plans to eat him up.

Bonnie got to the school just before classes started, waited until everyone had gone in, and then dropped him off at the dormitory.

“I’ll be slightly late for class, but it was the only way to make sure that nobody saw me bring you in here. I’ll pick you up at lunch time, and you can tell me what you’ve learned about the jewellery.”

“Well, ….enjoy your morning lessons, Bonnie darling,” he said.

He waited until he heard her footsteps tapering off outside the building, and then snuck out, ran across the path, and then started crossing the large lawn. It was a long way to his time machine.

Suddenly he saw Bonnie round the corner in the distance, running frantically, and cross the lawn towards him. She snatched him up and put him in her coat pocket.

“I see you’re not that keen on solving things,” she said, “But I am. I’ll explain later.”

From within her coat pocket, he listened to Bonnie apologizing to her teacher for being late for class.

“I forgot some of my food and had to run back for it,” said Bonnie, with just a slight laugh in her voice, which would have meant nothing to the teacher and her fellow students.

He heard her consistently outthinking her fellow students, calling out all the right answers in all of her lessons, whenever the teachers asked questions. He could only guess at what marvellous machinations of her brilliant brain had prompted Bonnie Kay to make herself even later for her first class for the morning, by racing back to put a stop to his attempts to reach his time machine.

At recess and lunch time, he heard her talking happily with her friends, and came to realise that she was not going to elaborate on what she had said when she had caught him in the school gardens, at least not until she got home.

At the end of the day, she took him home again and sat on her bed.

“Mother’s back in three days, which gives me time to explain something to you and thensome,” said Bonnie, pausing to let the tip of her tongue moisten her lower lip a little.

The Taunt of the Teasing Tongue by timescrybe2

“Something was puzzling me after I dropped you off at the dormitory, and I worked it out before I got to the classroom. You told me that my twenty year old self kissed you, and that she didn’t know who you were. Well if I found a tiny boy I didn’t know, I’d have wasted no time in letting him know where he’d be going in due course, namely as a main course. So she must have told you that she was going to eat you, and you somehow eluded her, long enough to get back to me in your time machine. The next clue was in the way you made no effort to reveal yourself to me at the old wares stall, to make sure that I bought you. In fact, you seemed as surprised as I was, when I looked in through the window and saw you.”

“I was also in awe of the sight of your beautiful open gaping mouth,” he said.

“I’m sure you were. Once I knew that you knew that I too would be thinking of eating you, just like my older self did, I realised that you had quickly told me who you were, and then soonafter offered to help me solve mysteries. I knew you weren’t going to waste any time looking for Miss Leigh’s jewellery, and came rushing back and caught you, before you could sneak away.”

“You’re every bit as brilliant as history says, Bonnie Kay.”

“And you’ll be every bit as appetising as history never mentions,” said Bonnie and took him down to the dining room table. She began walking around, setting the table with carefree enjoyment, and then sat down, towering in front of him with a confident haughty look.

“I think it’s time to gobble you down,” she said, and reached for him with her hand.

He tried to jump out of her way.

She put her finger to her face in a chiding gesture with her other hand, and then closed her fingers around him.

“Bonnie, please, can you just put me into your beautiful mouth and enjoy eating me that way for a little while, and then let me out again, so I can stay as your secret little boyfriend?”

“I will not! I’m going to have all that happy life your historical knowledge told me about, and you are going down my throat and into my tummy! So there!”

She stuck out her tongue in the most defiant gesture. It was more clear and visible than 21 year old Bonnie’s had been, when she had been eating the berries and starting to eat him. It was the most beautiful view of Bonnie Kay that he had ever seen.

And it coldly and tauntingly reinforced the fate that she had just confirmed was awaiting him.

The effect on him would not bother her in the least. He was on his way to his last ride, and he knew that there was nothing more he could say.

She opened her mouth in front of him, slid him over her lower lip and onto her awaiting tongue, and enjoyed the pleasure of teasing him in there for several minutes, before she Kay him into her throat and gulped relentlessly, savouring his struggles along with his eventual defeat.

End Notes:

This is the final chapter of Book 2. 

The adventure continues with plenty of vore in Leprechauns & Giantesses Book 3: I Dream of Giantess

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