Shrunken Living with Sister and Cousin by jellytea819

Remy and his sister, Lori, are more than accommodating for their shy cousin Alice who is ready to start her new college life from their apartment. They're even willing to listen to their overprotective Aunt's conditions for letting Alice live away from home. That condition? Remy has to be shrunken down. How will he fare with apartment life at 3 inches tall with a literal big sister and a giant shrinking violet?

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Intro - Alice's Move In by jellytea819

How exactly do you welcome a new resident?

“So this is… my room?”

“Yup. Remy’s not going to be using it.”

When it came to our cousin Alice, a lot of things had to be considered.

“Don’t worry. Just treat it like your own place. I tried packing all of his junk in the corner over there. Sorry you can’t stay in the other room. Sam’s still paying for it even while abroad and doesn’t want anyone to use it.”

“...But ... Will Remy be… okay…?” she mumbled, twiddling her fingers while looking down at me.

A soft spoken girl was one way to describe the short-haired blonde who was hesitant to move into her new room, but me and my older sister Lori knew better than to just call her shy. A lot of steps had to be taken into account when we gave the ok for her moving into our apartment.

“I don’t need most of it right now, but make sure you don’t mess it up.”

“Sorry Remy… It’s my fault…”

“W-Whoa. Watch where you’re moving,” I backed up to avoid her flustered steps. “And don’t apologize. It’s not your fault at all.”


“If you’re going to blame anyone, blame your mom and not yourself, Alice. Don’t worry about Remy.”

I agreed with Lori. As grateful as I was for her concern, she should’ve been more concerned for herself. Alice was just too sheltered of a girl thanks to her mother. The reason why she had transferred schools and the reason why she had to move to our city and home was all thanks to our Aunt Shelly. That aunt of ours… She had wanted Alice to go to the same all girl’s private school that had produced a genius like my sister. She also did not want Alice to get too close to any guys. That overbearing nature made Alice one of the biggest shrinking violets out there. 

Unfortunately, the real shrinker in the room was me. My current state was indicative of that. If Alice was going to be living with us, Aunt Shelly wanted me as out of sight and out of mind as possible. Though completely unreasonable and unfair, Lori and I agreed for Alice’s sake.

“It’s crazy that you’re worried about Remy when he’s this small. I mean, look at him.”

“H-Hey! Put me down! Didn’t you say you’d tell me first?”

“Get used to it, Remy. You’re in no position to argue here…”

“Damnit, Lori!”

I knew I had to get used to it, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Being picked up and held with one hand by my older sister Lori, I was only 3 inches tall.  This was what was considered ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind’ without kicking me out of my own home. To follow our Aunt’s request while welcoming Alice, I had been shrunken down. I had never been able to beat my older sister even at regular size, but at this scale, it was impossible to fight her. This wasn’t just me being unable to say no to her because she had blackmail on me. This was her physically overpowering me.

“Small…” Alice mumbled. “Sorry… Remy… Because of me...”

Alice’s bout of self-deprecation stopped Lori’s and my argument. Unfortunately for me, Lori dropped our argument literally by dropping me.


“Ah, no worries, Alice. Don’t cry. It’s fine. We’re serious. Remy agreed to this. Isn’t that right, Remy?”

Admittedly, I agreed under duress, but telling Alice that would make her even more of a wreck. I wanted to tell her to calm down, but before I could stand, Lori’s hand descended and picked me back up again.

“Seriously. It’s nothing we’re not used to. I force my experiments onto him all the time too just like Auntie.”

“It’s only while I’m at home too, so it’s not like its a big deal… Well, not from my perspective,” I threw in a joke to try and lighten the mood. Unfortunately for me, Lori didn’t appreciate it. Her finger immediately curled around my face and covered it to shut me up. “Mmphfm!”

“Remy’s been my guinea pig for ages, and he even volunteers nowadays. This is my first time seeing how crazy the tech Auntie’s been working on is, though. Well, you don’t have to treat him as a guy or as a person when he’s like this. I mean, he doesn’t even seem like one right now does he?”

“... That’s...”

Lori wouldn’t let me speak as she raised me in front of Alice’s house sized face. She looked at me with both concern and tears in her eyes. She still considered my current state her fault. I was a bit glad to know my cousin cared more for my well being than my sister. 

“You can even order him around if you want. Let out your stress on him like I do.”

“I’d rather you not. Let me enjoy my time at home in peace, why don’t you, Sis?” 

She was bad enough at regular size. I didn’t want to think about how badly I’d end up if she messed with me at 3 inches tall. I also didn’t like the idea of being offered to Alice as a stress toy. My humanity was really being questioned at my current size. I understood it was to help our cousin, but Lori had some questionable morals as to what she thought was reasonable to do and say. I could only hope those morals didn’t run in the family.

“Alice,” I tried to clarify. “I might not be regular sized thanks to Aunt Shelly and Lori, but just treat me like normal. We’re family. Since you’re living away from your folks now, you can count on the two of us if you need help.”

Alice seemed to accept those words and wiped her eyes.

“... T-Then… Thank you… I’ll try to make it up to you… Remy...” she nodded and calmed down. With those words, she entered the bedroom that was previously mine with her luggage. 

“Phew,” I sighed a breath of relief. “I’m glad she’s a good girl, unlike you, Mom, and Auntie.”

“I’m glad too, Little Brother,” my older sister agreed and placed me back onto the ground where I had to crane my neck just to see her face. Now that Alice was in her new room unpacking, things had calmed down just a little. “Seriously, I can’t believe Aunt Shelly… And I can’t believe you either for agreeing to all this. You actually could’ve said no and we wouldn’t have let her move in.”

“I’m surprised by myself too, but what can you do?” I shrugged. As reluctant as I was to be 3 inches tall, I really had decided to do so. We knew Alice. If she was going to be staying with us, we were going to make sure she would enjoy it. 

Apartment Tour by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Apartment Tour/Background Dump Chapter before Alice actually starts living in the apartment.

“So this is my room and that’s Sam’s room. Don’t head over there. We’re getting our rent money covered to leave that place clean and unused.” Lori gave our cousin a tour of the apartment.

“I see…” Alice nodded in understanding before stopping and turning around. “Remy?”

Down below on the floor, 10’ away from her perspective but 240’ to my diminutive self, I was trudging through the carpet, lagging behind her 50’ stride. “Guh…  Don’t worry, I’ll catch up.”

“He’ll be fine. He needs to get used to moving around like this anyways,” Lori dismissed my ordeal and continued with her tour for Alice’s sake.

So exactly how did all of these arrangements happen?

To explain our apartment situation: Lori and I lived in an apartment we shared with a third person who went to study abroad for a year. We were three college students (or rather, 2 college students and 1 alumni) in a three room apartment ever since Sam and I had opted to help Lori keep her apartment after her friends moved out.  

To be living with my sister again after enjoying the freedom of living on my own for a few years was a pain, but splitting an apartment 3 ways was cheaper than splitting it two ways. Lori was a graduate student who was working on a few amazing projects for her professor that paid surprisingly well but even she appreciated the rent money help.

“There’s only one bathroom, so we’ll have to take turns. And you already saw our living room and kitchen combo when you came in. Check this out. I made ladders for Remy to climb up if he wants to get to the tables.”

“Oh, I see them…” Alice noticed the miniscule steel ladders glued onto the side of tables. She wandered back and forth between the living room coffee table, the small dining table, and the kitchen countertops to inspect Lori’s handiwork. It was after she finished inspecting all of them that she saw that I finally made it out of the hallway and to the kitchen. “Remy? Uh, are you okay?”

“Haaah… Yeah, no problem. I’m just getting my exercise in trying to keep up,” I needed to catch my breath. I actually had to put my hand on Lori’s bus-sized feet to prop myself up. 

“If following us tires you out, are you going to be able to handle the ladders, Lil Bro?” my towering sister asked from above, her hand on her hip. I could barely see her face past her chest which was likely the same for how well she could see me down by the tip of her big toe.

“I’ll get used to it,” I hoped I was being honest. Climbing the equivalent of a ten story building to get to the kitchen counter sounded imposing, and I knew both girls were even taller than that.

Alice lowered her head apologetically after seeing my difficulties. “I’m so sorry, Remy. I really shouldn’t have asked to be here after all.”

“No, it-’ Oof!” 

“No, it’s totally fine, Alice!” Lori and I were in perfect sync at that moment, but because I was literally in front of Lori’s foot, when she shifted her leg, she knocked me down with her toes. The next thing I knew, my face was buried in the carpet while the heavy weight of her bare foot. “Whoops. My bad, Lil’ Bro.”

Now as to why Alice was moving in with us, it’d be best to point to our Aunt Shelly.

Aunt Shelly, our mother’s very demanding sister, was more extreme than your typical helicopter parent. She had forced Alice to attend a strict all girls private school and limited her from going out of the home or even getting close to guys all through her life. She was only now attending the college I was in and Lori was researching because it was the closest to their actual home. Alice wanted to make use of the dorms to break away from her mother, but she was shut down so easily by Aunt Shelly’s overbearing personality. She only barely managed to convince our aunt to let her move out of the house if she stayed with Lori whose accomplishments convinced her.

Sadly, I was the outlier that would’ve forced Aunt Shelly to retract her decision immediately. Even as a family member, because I was a guy, she did not want Alice to be staying with me. She wanted me out of sight and even wanted me to move out.

We were completely willing to help Alice out because we knew her home situation. I would’ve moved out if needed but Lori had argued enough for my sake so that I wouldn’t have to trudge through last minute new apartment and roommate hunting. Still, Aunt Shelly’s compromise wasn’t exactly the most reasonable one….

“Okay, the last thing on our tour -  this mechanical monstrosity in the corner that’s definitely out of place. It’s a somewhat more portable version of a dual-layer compression generator.”

“Huh? The what?”

“You can think of it as a platform with a shrink ray built into it,” Lori tried her best to simplify it. “It was recently approved by the FDA and some restrictions were lessened. Auntie’s lab seems to be better stocked than my professors’ because we’re normally not able to take these home due to how there are only two on campus. She gave us this one so we can use it on Remy. It’s not the newest model, but it’s pretty simple to use.”

“We have shrink rays now?”

“Technically it ‘compresses’ instead of ‘shrinks’. Maybe ‘reduces’ might be a better word for it.”

“There’s a difference?” Alice was confused.

“It’s all the same to me. Me getting smaller is the same as you getting bigger from my perspective,” I wasn’t going to bother dealing with the terminology as I pulled myself up onto the chest high platform that was only 2 inches thick in reality.

All of the technical details and technobabble I couldn’t understand aside, a shrink ray was definitely the best way to describe the piece of technology Aunt Shelly had pushed onto us. That was what we had used to make me smaller. By standing on the platform and pressing a button, I would be shrunken or grown back in scale. Unfortunately, with the button on top of a computer tower the size of a building, I was going to need either Lori or Alice to change me back.  

“The plan is so that Remy shrinks himself whenever he comes in and we regrow him whenever he has to leave,” Lori explained. “It’s inconvenient, but that’s all that this model of machine allows for.”

“Something tells me Aunt Shelly wants it to be inconvenient so we give up on letting Alice stay here,” I dared to remark.

“Remy!” Lori was critical of me, but even she was grinding her teeth. She knew I was right.

“No… knowing her, Mom would definitely do that,” Even Alice was well aware of the fact. “... Sorry… Remy…” 

Alice apologized for the umpteenth time that day.

“Seriously. Stop apologizing. This isn’t much of a problem, but if you’re really feeling bad about it, I’d appreciate it if you could help me out if I ever ask for it.”

“Y-Yes. I will...” she immediately nodded. “Just say the word, Remy. And I’ll do whatever you say.”

It certainly felt odd to be capable of giving my towering cousin orders, but at the very least, Alice would be more willing to listen to me than Lori would. Lori, though, was at least a very supportive big sister - if not to me, than to Alice.

“That’s not a good way to put it at all, Alice,” Lori giggle and put out one finger. “But let’s see if we can do this. We’ll start easy and make it through one semester first. Let’s show your mom that you can handle being out of her watch and that Remy and I can handle whatever unreasonable demand she gives.”

“Wait, ‘you’ handling demands? You’re not the one getting shrunk,” I called her out with a chuckle.

“Hey, you’re not wrong, but who’s got her finger on the button right now?” my sister didn’t deny it, but she knew she still had the upper hand, moving her one finger onto the button. “This thing’s still not set to resize you right now.”

I shut up and shrugged. I knew when to fold. As always, I couldn’t win against Lori. I was definitely going to need to make sure Alice would be able to change me back whenever I needed to go.

With my big sister and cousin in charge of my size, this was how my shrunken apartment life was going to be.

First Morning Steps by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

*waking up while tiny in his sister's room*

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

“Ugah! So loud!”


Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

“Lori, your alarm!”


“Damnit, she can’t hear me.”

Living at 3” tall while I was at home took some getting used to. Being 24 times smaller made mornings so much more different than just waking up and getting going. Because my original room was now Alice’s, I was now staying in my sister’s room in a doll house underneath her desk. 

“Well, I guess I’m awake now,” I tried to tune out the all-encompassing alarm clock ringing by putting on my headphones and blasting some music. I was a little thankful that I had Lori shrink some of my things along with me. It was a pain to reach for the desk from the bed, though. 

Why? Unfortunately, because we didn’t have a doll house in the apartment originally, Lori and I had to search for one to buy. The only ones we could find locally were standard barbie dollhouses. Those weren’t even 1:12 scale. They were 1:6 scale. Because I was twenty four times smaller, that meant even the dollhouse furniture was huge to me. Everything was four times bigger.

“Damn… my back. Plastic hurts,” I rubbed my back as I literally hopped off of the doll bed and hobbled over to my backpack where my clothes were. We didn’t prioritize shrinking too many other things for the first night because we hoped there wouldn’t be a need for it, but it seemed there had to be. As I got changed, I realized I was going to have to note now what I think I needed. “I’ll let Lori know we’ll have to shrink my mattress too for tomorrow night.”

Besides the mattress, some more clothes would definitely be useful. My phone’s charge was also low, sadly, because there was no way there would be any electricity in a dollhouse. Since there was an outlet nearby, I considered if not shrinking my phone would be an option.

“Oh boy, the door knob…,” In any case, after finishing changing, I realized when I got to the door that even that was out of my reach. Even if I tried jumping, I wouldn’t reach it at my comparative height. It took a moment for my still-half asleep self to remember that this was a dollhouse, though. “Wait, what am I thinking?”

There was another way out. The dollhouse had one wall missing so that kids could play with their dolls more easily. For privacy’s sake, I asked Lori to face that missing wall against the action wall. There was a one inch gap between the dollhouse and it, so my tiny body could easily squeeze out. I trekked out from underneath Lori’s desk where I saw my sister was sitting up on her bed, her eyes still closed and her light brown hair sticking out in every direction.

“Ugugh…” she was mumbling but not moving.

“Heh, bad with mornings as ever,” I smirked. Lori usually fixed herself up before she left her room, so I hadn’t seen her so disheveled in years.

Considering she was now awake, I was about to go get Lori’s attention but was beaten to the punch by a knock on the door.

Knock! Knock!

“Lori, are you awake?” It was Alice.

“Mgah? Yawwwn~! Alice?” my sister let out a long yawn as she stretched her arms out. She tried rubbing the sand out of her eyes, but still kept them closed as she adjusted the strap of her tank top.

“Sorry if I woke you up… Um, this is embarrassing, but I can’t figure out the toilet.”

Lori understood immediately. We didn’t have a generic toilet like most households. “Hm…? Oh, the washlet? I guess ours is a bit complicated… Yawwwwwn~! Okay. Just let me get up!”

I watched as my sister pushed herself off the bed and started walking to the door. Although I said ‘watched’, I also got involved. I realized too little too late that I was in my big sister’s way. In two steps, her half-asleep self crossed the room towards me. I started to turn and run while calling out to her. “Wait Lor-”


In an instant, I was buried underneath my sister’s barefoot. The ball of her foot pressed down onto my back. My body was slammed into the carpet by the hundreds of tons of her relative body weight.


But it wasn’t over. Lori was still walking to the door. When she lifted her foot, I was rapidly yanked upwards. My 3 inch body was stuck to her foot. I watched the floor get further and further away as if I were rising up in an elevator.

Then, just as quickly as it had gone up, Lori’s foot fell down again. She had taken another step. I kissed the carpeted floor of her room once again - even harder this time.

And then again. And then again until Lori got to the door to unlock and open it for Alice.

“Yaaaaaawn~! Morning, Alice. Did you sleep well? Was the mattress too hard?” I heard my sleepy sister ask.

“I’m not used to things yet but it wasn’t too bad.”

“That’s good to hear. Hope you have a good time here without your mom around. You’ve got to enjoy college life as much as you can, girl. Remy and I will support you all the way.”

“Speak of which… Um, is Remy okay? He’s probably had the worst sleep between all of us.”

“Hm? Oh, I’m not sure. We got a dollhouse for him to get his own privacy, so I hope the furniture in it was good enough for him, but I don’t know if he’s even awake yet.”

Lori pointed to where the dollhouse was under her desk for Alice to see. As she did, her foot turned, grinding me into the carpet further but also finally releasing half of my body from being underneath her.

“Mgrk… Gwah! Gah! ”I groaned as I gasped for air. I was uninjured but at the same time physically exhausted from the stomps. I wasn’t good with roller coaster riders either so I was a little nauseous from the rapid rising and falling of my big sister walking.

“Huh? Did I just hear som- Remy?!” Alice was the first to hear me. She looked down at her feet to see me pinned under Lori’s foot. “Lori! R-Remy is- He’s under you!” 

“Huh?” Lori  lifted her foot one more time. Because half of my body was still stuck to her, I was whipped through the air as Lori pulled it up so she could look at it.

“Uwah!” I let out a yelp as the world became a speedy blur around me.

When my sister stopped, the momentum added to my body finally freed me from sticking to her feet, but, because I was now up in the air, I quickly had to grab something as I felt gravity start to pull me down. I clung onto toes bigger than my head desperately to not fall off.

“Whoa. How long have you been under there, Remy?” Lori was surprised but also impressed at the same time. “My bad. I didn’t feel you at all.”

“Y-Your senses sure are dull in the mornings, Sis,” I groaned, struggling to hang on. I shouted up at her. “Now can you let me down slowly? I feel like I’ve been flattened into paper enough times this morning.”

“Are you okay, Remy?” Alice was concerned.

“He seems to have plenty of energy at least,” Lori chuckled. My sass told her that I was fine.

“Mpff!” To make sure I wouldn’t actually lose my grip, Lori used her finger to push me between her toes which she used to hold me in place. She did as I had asked and lowered her foot back down to the floor slowly. Only when her foot was flat on the ground did she spread her toes, allowing me to stumble out from between them, falling to my knees in between her feet and Alice’s.

Both girls looked down at me from up above - Alice with worry and Lori only after she got the last piece of sand out of her eyes.

“Uh… Good morning, Remy?” Alice was courteous enough to greet me even in this situation. She clearly didn’t know what else to say.

“Yeah… Hah… Morning.”

With those words, the day began with me having already gotten stepped on. Alice led Lori out of the room so my sister could show her how the washlet worked. Just as Alice was going to have to learn about using the things around our house, I was going to have to learn how to avoid trouble at my new size. Hopefully Lori would learn to be more attentive and careful too, but I somehow doubted that.

In any case, I was now well aware that mornings at this size were guaranteed to be rough.

Coming Home by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Been a bit busy so here's a quick with Alice.

If I were to look on the bright side of the conditions for letting Alice stay there was only one thing: it only applied in the apartment. I could still have a normal life outside of the apartment. Things like classes, shopping, hanging out with friends - I could still do whatever I wanted for the most part. As I was at the apartment less often, I was getting a lot more done than I would’ve been able to at home where I’d be more than likely to slack off or go to sleep. 

This was also the only time where I was my proper 6’ tall height.

“Oh, guess we’re back at the same time.” 

One of those days, I opened the door to find Alice at the entrance to the house. It was one of the few times I was able to see the 8 inch difference between us as it should’ve been.

“A-Ah, Remy? W-Welcome back,” Alice reflexively greeted me. I saw her fumbling with putting her key on our key rack. It had been placed at the perfect height for me and Lori but just a bit too high up for her. She almost had it but I noticed that after she had spoken to me, her legs were shaking more than ever. It was a bit disappointing, but I was aware that this never happened when she was with Lori or when I had been shrunken down in front of her.

I was certain that Alice’s mother’s overprotectiveness had made it difficult for her to get used to speaking to guys, even though we were cousins.  I wondered how she was with the classes in the college as a result but I kept silent on the subject and plucked the keys out of my cousin’s hand and hung it up for her.

“There you go,” I said aloud before quickly walking into the living room. I saw her turn her body around and put her arms up reflexively. She wasn’t ready for a fight but nervously backed away like a turtle.

“... A-Ah… yeah,” Alice had backed herself into the wall behind her. “Thank you, Remy…”

If she could say that much, she was at least making an effort to grow out of her shell and step out of her comfort zone. That was something Lori and I were glad of because we wanted to support our adorable cousin. I was going to have to talk to Lori about what we could do to get Alice to improve herself further, but for the moment, I wasn’t going to be able to do anything else…

… After all, I had to step onto the platform to get shrunken down. Even though I didn’t want to, that was the ‘condition’ we had promised to adhere to for Alice’s sake. I made sure all of the things I needed were with me on the platform before I pressed the button.


I watched as our apartment living area expanded in all directions. Alice, who had approached when she saw me on the machine, also began to grow before my very eyes. My eye level plummeted down eight inches to hers in the blink of an eye, but it only continued to descend lower.

When I was neck level - I started to crane my own neck up to keep my gaze on Alice’s face, but that soon became difficult as I went below chest level because the little hills that were still impressionable on her thick beige sweater blocked part of it. And her face started to feel even more distant when I shrunk past stomach level and became waist level to Alice. At this point, I was child-sized to my shy cousin, but there was no time to react in any way other than observing it because of how fast the shrinking was.

To me, Alice had become an over 10 foot tall amazonian in an instant, but that jumped to 20 feet in less than half a second as I became knee level to her. She was no longer my little cousin - she was a towering giant and she continued expanding as my size fell below her knees. The platform I was on that had barely fit me before had become a vast clearing and Alice’s body had grown into a 40 foot building.

And even then, the shrunken still hadn’t ended. Only a second had passed and, to get me to 3 inches in height, my body was rapidly reduced the remainder of the way. Twice as big? Three times as big? Four times as big? In the end, I reached my 1:24 scale size, putting Alice at over 120 feet tall in my eyes. Everything around me, from the ceilings and doors to chairs and tables, now towered over me. I now saw everything from below as the apartment, which had been familiar to me after living in it with Lori for over a year, became a gargantuan, alien environment for my shrunken self.


“Huh?” I heard a sound. Turning, I saw a reusable water bottle that had fallen over on the carpet. It resembled a fallen old tree from my perspective. I frowned, realizing it was mine. “Oh, shoot. Did that fall out of my bag?”

I trekked to the edge of the shrinking machine’s platform towards where the bottle had fallen. When I climbed off and got closer to it, Alice reached down and picked up the enormous bottle in one hand like a construction crane picking up heavy materials.

“Um… It didn’t shrink with you, Remy,” Alice stated the obvious.

“It’s fine. I still have some water in my room,” I told her. It was unnerving but not dangerous to be down by her feet because her legs had stopped shaking. I hated to admit it, but whenever I was shrunken down, Alice’s nervousness lessened by a huge amount.

“Okay,” she nodded and placed it upright directly next to me. I flinched as the water tower of a water bottle landed right next to me. “I’ll leave it here so you can grab it tomorrow then…”

“That’s fine. Thanks a b-”

Alice didn’t hear me finish my sentence because, after putting the bottle down, she stood up to her full height far out of earshot of my shrunken mumbling. She then turned around and started walking away towards her room. 

“Hah… I guess she has things to do.” I chuckled meekly to myself. With housemates, it was pretty routine to just exchange brief words and then head back to the solitude of our own rooms.

I did want to talk to her a little more, but  that would require a lot more effort on my part now. I couldn’t just keep talking and continue the conversation when Alice could hardly hear me while I was on the floor and couldn't follow her. Each step she took was over twenty of mine, especially because I was knee deep in carpeting, so she was out of my reach and sight before I could even blink. She had been patient enough watching me climb off the platform earlier, honestly.

“Well, I guess I’ll just make the journey to my room then…” I sighed and stretched my arms and legs a little before getting going. Despite being back at the apartment, I was still far from my own room. In fact, it was an even further distance from the living room to the dollhouse in Lori’s room than it was from the bus stop to the apartment. “Hopefully I’ll get there before Lori returns.”

With me now trudging through the carpet, I was painfully aware of the difference between the me outside of the apartment and the me inside. I would’ve liked to picture myself as a regular guy, but to Alice, I must’ve been a bit intimidating to her at regular size. The girl ‘shrank away’ from me when we talked. But when I was the one shrunken, she treated me differently. Although I didn’t like not being on the same level as her and Lori anymore, she was at least a bit more comfortable when she interacted with me…

… perhaps there could be some way Lori and I could use that to our advantage in helping Alice out.

Chore Betting Game (Monopoly) by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

There's nothing quite like a quick game of Monopoly while tiny.

When it comes down to it, Lori, Alice, and I were all family. As siblings, Lori and I were pretty close when compared to Alice, but we treated our cousin like the little sister neither of us ever had whenever we could. That was why, the two of us tried our best to welcome her and invite her along to whatever we were doing - to get her out of her room that she typically retreated to whenever she got home.

Stomp! Stomp!

The dangerous footsteps of my titanic sister and cousin shook the ground I was standing on as they approached. Their bare feet pressed into the thick carpet I had just trudged through, their weight leaving an impression in it for a brief moment before it sprung back up.

“Come on Alice. Sit down. Join us!”

“E-eh? I… I-Is it really okay?”

“Why are you asking? Of course it’s fine. There’s plenty of room on the carpet right here.”

“Well, there’s plenty for you.”

“Shut up, Sis. Just move some of those boxes.”

“Sure. Sure. ”Lori did as I asked and grabbed stadium sized box after box to create a clearing in the carpet. That clearing was quickly occupied by her expansive shorts-clad rear end when she sat down - the speed of her descent sent a gust of wind in my direction.

Alice remained standing in confusion as she surveyed the living room floor curiously. “Um… what is all of this?”

My big sister laughed and pointed out the boxes she had just moved aside. “Oh, well I wasn’t sure what’d be fair for Remy since he’s a shrimp now, so I brought a whole bunch of board games for us to pick from.”

“I appreciate you being nice enough to try to find something I can do, Sis.”

“Well, it’s not like we can do a strength contest or even a video game at your size, Remy. My toes could wipe the floor with you, and you can’t exactly operate a game controller. They’re bigger than arcade machines to you.”

“Um… Sorry, but I still don’t understand, Lori,” Alice frowned, not following our conversation.

“We’re betting our chore duty, Alice,” I shouted up to explain to her while seated one of the many dice Lori had tossed onto the carpet. “Winner picks what chores they get to do and they get one less chore for two weeks.”

Our monthly sibling competition had begun at the apartment. Even though there was now a 24x scale difference between me and her now, I was still willing to pit myself against my big sister in a game in the living room. Now that Alice was our housemate, I had suggested to Lori to call her out of her room and push her to join in as well.

“... Eh?” Alice was confused at our monthly contest but curious enough that she sat down, her legs crossed.

“We always did this back at home, and we ended up continuing when Remy moved in here,” Lori added to the explanation. She then began listing out the chores. “Let’s see… We’ve got trash duty and cleaning the kitchen on the line for me. You’ve been handling vacuuming and bathroom cleanup this whole time, Alice. As for Remy, he may be shrunken at home, but he’s our essentials shopper whenever he’s out of the house.”

“It’s all I can do unless you want our apartment to be super messy this year, so I’m pretty much exempt from chore duty,” I was a little happy to admit that there was one good thing about being shrunken down. “But that leaves me with no chores to bet so Lori decided that, if I lose, I get a special ‘chore’ for the winner.”

“Heh. I’ll have you as my personal masseuse under my desk after today,” Lori grinned. I could see her wiggle her toes in anticipation. That was right. To keep our wagers fair, I’d have to take orders from the winner for two weeks while at home. If Lori won, she said she’d make me rub her feet every time she worked in her room at her desk because my dollhouse was right underneath it.

“R-Remy? A-Are you okay with that?” Alice was stunned by Lori’s reveal.

“Of course I’m not,” I answered bluntly, “But that’s because I’m pretty sure I’ll win.”

“Well, since we’re throwing Alice into the mix now, who knows,” Lori shrugged as she looked through the board games we had available. “Now let’s see, what’d be a good game for us to play?”

“I’ll go ahead and veto Mouse Trap. That’s too on the nose,” I declared indignantly. My declaration provoked a giggle from Alice. She understood why - I was mouse sized after all.

“Risk’s no good. I get way too angry with that game. And I was thinking about Clue, but you can’t exactly hide your cards, Remy,” Lori exercised her own right to veto and rejected another board game. “Alice, do you have any suggestions?”

“Um… I’ve never played board games before…,” our younger cousin admitted embarrassedly.

“Huh?” Lori and I both reacted in shock, but Alice’s response came soon after.

“There was nobody to play them with… Mom never let my friends come to my house or let me go to their houses after all.” Alice did not sound melancholic about it. She stated things as they were simply facts. However, Lori and I could see that she was looking at each board game with interest. Since she never got to play them before, she seemed excited to have the opportunity to play.

“Heh, good job, Little Bro…” I heard my sister mumble. She was commending me for telling her to invite Alice to join us.

Following Alice’s line of sight, I saw one box in particular that she was focusing her gaze on. For a second, I groaned, knowing we’d be in for a long game, but in the end, that didn’t matter. I thought about Alice, who never played it before. She had likely seen or heard of others playing it because of its popularity and thus wanted to try it herself. I decided to speak up for her so we could get a game going. “Let’s do Monopoly then.”

“Ah!” Alice squeaked. I was right that it was what she was interested in.

“Oh. Good one. I guess that’d be fair for you, Remy. It’s a roll-and-move game that doesn’t need you to hide pieces or anything, so that’ll work,” nodded my big sister. “I’ll be banker and set up the board then. Remy, give Alice the explanation of our house rules for the game, okay?”

“Alri- Uwoah!”

I lost my focus for a second because Lori got on all fours and crawled to where the Monopoly box was. To do so, she had to crawl over me. My sister’s boobs - clearly free from a bra in her blue tank top, swung overhead like two super-sized wrecking balls. She didn’t seem to realize at all and got back to where she had been sitting with the box now on her lap.

“House rules?” Alice repeated my sister’s words, unaware of the term.

I was grateful for how well my big sister’s way of thinking clicked with my own. By talking about house rules, we didn’t have to embarrass Alice over her not knowing the rules of the game because we had our own special way of playing. That gave me a chance to tell Alice about things so that she understood how to play the game properly while also showing her how we siblings liked to keep things interesting.

Of course, house rules weren’t the only thing that we added to the Monopoly session. My size meant certain accommodations had to be made too.

After I explained things to Alice and Lori set everything up, I had to step onto the board itself and stand on the starting square along with the dog and car pieces that Alice and Lori had respectively picked. Each one was around a half inch tall so they were a bit more than a foot each to me. I was going to be my own piece - meaning that I was going to have to go around the board physically. Lori was going to help manage my Monopoly money, so we were now set to play with my accommodations in place.

Of course, I still had to roll the dice.

“Okay. I think I’m done with my turn. Here you go, Remy…” Alice tried to gently drop the dice next to me as I waited on the railroad space. I would have preferred if she had just placed it on the ground. The dice bounced the moment they hit the board like two cubic basketballs. I caught one before it shot towards my chest and hit me, but that caused me to stumble off of the board because it was far heavier than I had expected..

“Oops,” Alice uttered. She was concerned, but the sight of me must have been hilarious because she couldn’t stop herself from giggling. “Are you okay?”

“No problem,” I lied as I steadied myself to toss the die. It was hard to believe even to me but the tiny die was incredibly heavy. That was something about scale differences I didn’t expect. The girls likely didn’t know, but the normally 4 gram die was not twenty-four times heavier. It was twenty-four CUBED times heavier. I was glad that I worked out because each one felt over a hundred pounds to me. The last time I had to hold something so heavy, even for just a brief moment, was when I was tackled by Sam’s pet dog. “Hngggah!”

“... Pffft!” “Pffft!” The die didn’t tumble across the board. It dropped like a crate that had fallen over and landed, showing a one. It must’ve looked incredibly pathetic when it fell over because both my sister and cousin couldn’t stop the air from passing their lips as they tried to hold back their laughter. I tried to maintain my pride by telling myself that I’d be able to control my rolls because the dice didn’t tumble whenever I threw them.

Sadly, that wasn’t true at all.

“One and four… That’s a five,” my sister read out my rolls. She realized right away where that would land me because she had a birds eye view, but I had to turn around and count the spaces in front of me to figure it out. 

When I started walking over, I saw my bad luck. “Ouch. Go to jail.”

“Yup. Sorry, Remy,” my sister said as her hand came down. Just like with how she and Alice picked up their pieces, she pinched me between her thumb and index finger, taking me to the opposite end of the board. It was much faster than having me walk all of the way there at least.

That was my luck. I accepted it as Lori took her turn. To my surprise, though, Alice, who was seated on the same side as the jail space, plopped her stack of monopoly bills right in front of me. I turned around, finding myself walled off by her right foot that was so close to me.

“Be careful, Remy…,” Alice told me as my sister threw her dice. Although she wasn’t aiming for me, one die bounced in our direction with how forceful Lori was. The heavy die was a cannonball to me so I was more than grateful when it hit the stack of bills instead of me.

I really appreciated how observant and courteous my cousin was. I was worried she had been keeping her distance from us too much, but the game seemed to bring out the real her. While there was no major change in personality, she definitely seemed to cut loose more and spoke her mind more while playing. 

“Alice, I’ll give you both of my yellow spaces for that Park Place. That’ll get you a Monopoly.”

“Um… I’ll pass, Lori,” she shook her head. “And even if you had it, Remy still has the other blue space…”

“Heh, I’ll get that off Remy in no time FLAT,” Lori smirked, stretching her leg out so that her foot towered over me while I stood at the Free Parking space.

“... I’m not going to agree to a trade even if you threaten me, Sis,” I did not appreciate my sister’s bad play on words. The smell of sweat coming off her foot was enough to make me pull back, but it was also a reminder that I did not want to let her win. “Alice, let’s do our own trade. I’ll give you Boardwalk if you’re willing to sweeten the deal.”

“... Okay, Remy.”

“What? No fair. You two are collaborating against me.”

We certainly were. I was literally a piece on the board while Alice was an utter newbie at the game, so we had to team up if we wanted an advantage over Lori.

… Well, we were just messing around. Lori had gotten lucky rolls at the start but she played fairly. She respected Alice’s and my own refusals for her stingy trades without trying to trick Alice or trying to overpower me outside of one or two joking attempts. She even gave me proper updates on my monopoly bills to keep me posted that she wasn’t cheating me out of any money.

In the end, the winner was decided by the dice.

“Ah. Guess that settles it.”

“No way! Just five dollars off?”

“Pay up Lori. Nice one, Alice. Looks like you won.”

“... Ehehehe!”

In the end, the winner was Alice, followed by Lori. Landing on the double hotel Lori had ended up bankrupting me. In a joking attempt to poke fun at me for losing first, Lori put me in a shot glass on top of a piece of paper that read ‘Losers’. I didn’t appreciate her pouring salt on the wound of losing, but it did block any stray dice and she also put the glass on a stack of textbooks so I could have a proper view of the board.

That gave me front row seats to Lori’s own bad luck where she ended up landing on Alice’s most expensive properties three times in a row. The Boardwalk + Park Place monopoly was too powerful. I  wanted to shout ‘That’s karma!’ at her, but I held off to congratulate Alice instead.

“Jeez. I was actually playing seriously too. You got the hang of the rules real quick, Alice, ”Lori admitted defeat. “Well, I guess that means you get Remy as a foot masseuse for two weeks… not like I won’t order him to do it for me anyways…”

“E-Eh? O-Oh, right, we were betting,” Alice had completely forgotten that this was our chore selection competition. Her shocked face made both Lori and me laugh because it made it clear to us that she had been having so much fun that she had forgotten all about it.

“You don’t have to make me do that, you know, Alice?” I tried to nudge her to decline that part of our wager.

Sadly, Lori wouldn’t have it. “Hey, don’t try to dissuade her, Remy. You lost fair and square. You’re not backing out on your own words, are you?”

“Tch. Fine, I’ll do it.”

Alice was shocked I gave in so easily. “... Huh? Y-You’re okay with it, Remy?”

“I agreed to it in the first place before we started playing. I should’ve been less cocky about winning.”

In the end, a bet was a bet. I could’ve refused at the start, but I didn’t. Foot massage duty was going to be a pain to add to my life as a ‘chore’ for the next two weeks, but at the very least, Alice seemed to have had fun playing the game.

“So I get a bunch of the chores and you’re stuck rubbing Alice’s feet, looks like we both came up losers here, Remy,” Lori laughed, taking defeat lightly. She grabbed the shot glass I was in and tilted it slowly as she brought it down onto the floor. I was able to crawl out safely onto the carpet where I found myself in front of Alice’s bare foot. “Heh, how about you start now to give her a sample of what you can do?”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Hweh? … wait, Remy, I’m ticklish!” Alice hadn’t verbally rejected the foot massage idea the entire time, but she was now having second thoughts as I approached the towering peach colored wall that was three times taller than me.

If I were to look on the bright side, this gave me a reason to come into contact with my shy cousin more when she was home, but it was going to be way too much contact for me physically.

Foot Massage in Alice's Room by jellytea819

When you have your own room, you can customize it however you see fit. When it came to Lori’s room, there were posters of her favorite bands, piles of board games, and also boxes of machinery her lab let her take home. The dollhouse I had been staying in was out of place because it had been purchased only because of our situation.

It was because I was temporarily relocated to a dollhouse that I didn’t do anything to my room outside of exchanging some doll house furniture with more comfortable and properly sized shrunken furniture like my mattress, desk, and chair. Most of my other belongings had been crammed into the closet so that Alice could move in.

It was certainly weird to come into the room I used to sleep in to find it so empty. Alice didn’t have too much furniture. Outside of her simple twin sized bed and a foldable desk, she had a full length mirror and a plastic storage box. She didn’t seem to have unpacked anything outside of her clothes and bedsheets. There were only a few other things in the room that let me know that Alice lived there and not some stranger.

Alice was hugging the first one while sitting on the second. She gripped onto the large plush whale tightly while seated on a giant bean bag chair shaped like a seal. If there was anything about Alice, that was made obvious upon entering her room, it was that she liked marine life. Certainly, that would mean marine biology would be her major, right? Sadly, she was stuck studying the more physical sciences because of her mother. 

“Wait! I’m really ticklish, Remy!” my cousin still in her jellyfish pajamas squeaked, reflexively pulling her bare foot away from me.

“I haven’t even started yet, Alice.”

“I’m… I’m not used to physical contact…”

Fulfilling my end of the deal from when I lost the competition between Alice, Lori, and me, I was massaging Alice’s feet. Initially Alice declined because she didn’t want to cause me any trouble, but Lori and I made her accept because we didn’t want her to ever think she was a bother. She then tried to avoid me to prevent it altogether - an easy task considering our height difference, but Lori quickly realized and forced us to adhere to a schedule.

“Hey, just let me do this, alright? If I don’t get twenty minutes of this in with you, Lori’s going to make me do hers for even longer, remember?” was how Lori managed to convince Alice. If Alice didn’t want to inconvenience me, my sister was going to make herself an even bigger inconvenience to get Alice to agree.

“O-Okay… I’ll try to hold it in,” Alice mumbled. She brought her foot back down onto the carpet where I was. She brought it down a bit too much, though. Her foot tilted forward and fell onto me like a collapsing ceiling.

“Uwoh!” I fell over to avoid getting hit.

“Huh?” Alice tilted her foot to the left and saw me on my back. She hadn’t actually hit me, so she didn’t realize what had happened. “Um… Did something happen, Remy?”


“Not really. I just tripped,” I lied, picking myself up. I looked up at her for a second but turned my head away from her after. Alice’s frilly pajama shorts were riding up to the point where, even though she was seated so high up above me on the bean bag chair, I could see her underwear and crotch through the gaps. She really shied away from showing her bare skin to others, even Lori. She usually wore long sleeved shirts and pants, but because she didn’t have classes today, she was in her comfortable sleepwear.

I wondered whether or not she realized that she was showing her skin to me. I may have been family, but I was also a guy she usually had trouble interacting with. It took me a while to realize that, because of my miniscule size, the thought likely never crossed Alice’s mind at all.

I got back to massaging Alice’s left foot. Considering I was 6 feet tall, Alice’s foot was an 18 foot wall to me. I couldn’t actually reach any part of her foot other than her heel so she had still had to tilt it forward over me so that I could reach it. Rubbing a foot as wide as I was tall and many times longer was a difficult task.  I tried to keep my eyes, nose, and mouth closed whenever possible to avoid any dirt and dust clinging to Alice’s feet flaking off onto me. Even then, the smell of sweat entered my nose and carpet lint fell onto my face as I grabbed onto the peach colored ceiling, pushing, rubbing, and pressing into it.

To my dismay, my efforts went unnoticed. 

“O-Okay, Remy. You can start now…” Alice said, trying to mentally prepare herself. I had already started for a good minute, but she didn’t feel a thing. I should’ve realized this. Back when we played monopoly, the dice were extremely heavy to me. That meant that, in reality, it was the reverse - I was incredibly light. 24 times lighter would’ve still been noticeable, but 24-CUBED times lighter must’ve put me in at less than an ounce. I may have been the size of a toy but a raisin was heavier than me.

“I’m… trying… Hwah!” I gave up on rubbing and pushing and chose punching instead. I used the punching bag on occasion at the gym. According to some of the trainers there, I was capable of making quick and strong jabs. I gave the ball of Alice’s foot above me my fastest and hardest hit. “Can you feel that Alice?”

“... A little?” Alice’s response was a bit emasculating, but there was no point in making a fuss about it when it was true that my hits had to be weaker than an insect bite.

“Then I guess I’ll have to go all out,” I was going to get my exercise in for the day. Moving around while shrunken was exercise enough, but I wasn’t going to need to go to the gym after this. Motivating myself, I got into a boxing stance and began swinging and punching. “Let’s go!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I quickly learned that hitting Alice’s foot was far rougher than striking a punching bag. It wasn’t as hard as hitting concrete, but punching bags at least had a little ‘give’ to them whenever I punched them. I considered buying a pair of boxing gloves to help my knuckles out in the future, but for the moment, I just kept hitting and hitting all over Alice’s foot.

“A-Ah… That feels kind of nice…” If there was anything I had to appreciate, it was Alice’s sensitivity. She actually did feel my strikes. Hearing her response made it seem like all of my efforts in holding my breath to endure her foot smell and in exhausting myself punching her foot felt worth it. “It’s… tingly…”

“Ngnn… If it works, it works…. ” I tried to talk to Alice between punches. My cousin wasn’t the type to initiate conversations on her own, but she did answer when spoken to. “You’ve been working hard on campus right? … Are you remembering to relax?”

“... R-Relax?” Alice repeated. “Actually Remy… it feels like I have way too much time to relax… I don’t know what to do.”

“Heh! Guess your courses must be pretty easy!” I laughed after grunting. She was experiencing a college student’s first real glimpse of free time. “But that explains why you’re always at home… You should… Do whatever you want… Alice!”

“... That’s easier said than done, Remy…” Alice couldn’t handle me hitting her left foot anymore so she pulled it back onto the beanbag chair, but she brought down her right foot soon after for me to continue. “I don’t really have any hobbies…”

That was certainly the issue. I didn’t start punching Alice’s right foot immediately as I pondered over my cousin’s conundrum. I would’ve mentioned Alice’s love of marine life, but I stopped myself. While Alice liked sea creatures just like her room showed, she couldn’t exactly turn that into a hobby to pass the time where our college was. We were several hours of driving from any aquarium or ocean.

“Well, that’s why you should try things out,” as the older one out of the both of us, I felt obligated to give Alice some advice. “I wasn’t a gym goer back in high school and Lori wasn’t a board game collector either. We both did these sorts of things because our classmates and friends were into them.”

“... Eh? Really?” Alice was surprised. “You both seemed like the type to always like those.”

“Heh. I’ll be sure to tell Lori that you thought she was always a board game nerd then,” I laughed while simultaneously trying to recall what clubs and programs we had on campus. “You could always try whatever your friends are trying. Clubs should be starting up again soon too, so maybe there’ll be something that catches your eye.”

“Um… Remy… I don’t have any friends… ” Alice caught me off guard with her immediate and confident self-deprecation. “I’m not good at talking to people… It’s scary…”

“... You’re talking to me, aren’t you? I know you’re bad with people, guys especially, but you’ve been making progress.”

“...” Alice stopped for a second. She seemed to be deep in thought before she tilted her foot to the side so she could see me who was being blocked by it. She must’ve been comparing me to her foot because after she was done, she said, “Sorry, Remy… I didn’t want to say it, but you’re not exactly as intimidating as other people like this.”

“Ouch,” my laughter this time was forced. I knew from the start that this was the case, but I didn’t think Alice would outright say it. I had to admit though, I was impressed that she was willing to say it aloud.

“I-I’m sorry!” Alice stuttered, realizing what she had finally said. “I- I just meant that it’s easier to talk to you when you’re like this… The normal you is just… way too… Um…”

My flustered cousin was struggling to find the right words to say without digging the hole deeper. I didn’t mind, honestly. Just seeing her open up to me was progress in my eyes. I wonder if she realized just how comfortable she was talking to me like this if she was able to say something so harsh so easily.

“Don’t worry. I don’t really mind you saying that,” I told Alice before winding up my fist again to get started on her right foot. I had to walk a few steps because Alice had shifted her foot ever so slightly unconsciously while trying to think of a way to answer me.




“Huh? Whoa!” I must have hit a very ticklish spot or something because the moment I hit the center of Alice’s right foot, it started to lower until her heel hit the ground. It then rapidly shot towards me as she reflexively kicked. I couldn’t react in time before I was actually hit and was sent flying through the air.

“A-Ah! Remy!” Alice realized that she had jerked her leg due to being ticklish. She saw that she had kicked me “A-Are you alright?”

Was I fine after being knocked fifteen feet away from my perspective? Surprisingly, yes. Lori had mentioned it before to me and Alice - I was a bit more durable at this size… though not completely invincible. It took me a moment to get the strength to pick myself up off the carpet, “Yeah… That sure was a surprise, though… Oh...!”

I looked up to find myself under the shadow of my cousin’s chest. She had hopped off of the bean bag chair to check up on me but had overshot the distance. While her boobs weren’t as large as Lori’s, my short cousin wasn’t petite in other places. I actively ducked to avoid the swinging masses that were not being held back by a bra.

Not having realized this, Alice crawled backwards until she could properly lie down on the carpet and see me face-to-body.  Her lip was quivering and her voice was even shakier than usual. She sounded like she was on the verge of crying. “I-I’m sorry… I got ticklish and my leg just… Did I hurt you?”

“No. Like I said, I’m fine,” I tried to calmly reassure her. Jumping around like a monkey to show her that I was perfectly healthy and uninjured. “This ‘compression’ type shrinking is supposed to make me more durable, remember? ”

“A-Are you sure…?” Alice sat upright and hugged her knees. The toes of both of her feet wriggled as she curled up into a ball. “I-I’m sorry… It’s my fault…. I knew it was a bad idea to agree with the massage…”  

“Alice?” I was concerned that my cousin was withdrawing away from me again. She was literally turtling up with how she was trying to hide her face behind her knees.

“... Let’s stop for today,” she told me.

There was no way I was going to accept that. I wasn’t going to hear the end of it from Lori when she got wind of this, so I definitely wanted to get Alice to smile. There weren’t many ways for me to do that when she was curling up into a massive fortress, but there was one idea that popped into my mind immediately. 

“No, let’s try this instead…” I mumbled as I forcefully slammed into Alice’s bare foot and swung my arm so that my fist brushed over more of it.

“H-Hyah!” Alice squeaked. “...R-Remy?!”

“You’re not getting out of this massage, Alice! I sure as hell am NOT doing the same thing to Lori later just because you wanted to stop!”

“Ahahaha! Stop! That tickles!”

It wasn’t the smartest plan but it was all I had available. The brute force method of getting her to open up by hitting her weak points was all my 3 inch self could do. Massaging was difficult, but tickling her was definitely simpler. I ran my full body into my cousin’s feet, brushing my entire body haphazardly all over both to trigger her nerves. Her laughing told me I succeeded.

“Haha! …. W-Wait! Gyah! Re-Haha! Remy! Stop!”

This was something I recalled Lori doing to Alice when we were kids. She’d grab Alice tight and start tickling her to get her to laugh so hard, she HAD to fight back. That had always been successful in getting Alice to follow along with us when we were children.  My big sister could be a bully at times, and, as her kid brother, I had received the same bullying. Of course, that also meant I knew how to do it too. Tickling a foot so much bigger than me was new, though. Alice’s sensitivity was a blessing in disguise.

“... I said stop!”


Sadly, there was one issue with trying to tickle someone while only 3 inches tall.  I couldn’t stop her when she worked up the strength to resist.

There was no need for Alice to use her hands. In order to stop me, all she had to do was put her foot down - literally. Her right foot landed right onto me, pinning me down. My head was the only part that was free but it was stuck in the gap between her big toe and her second toe. 

“... Remy, you bully!” she cried.

Unfortunately framed by the toes that were clamping my head, I could see a pout on Alice’s face high above me. That was a rare sight that I was sure Lori would be jealous over me for being able to see.

“Heh… Sorry?” I tried to keep things lighthearted and added a very sarcastic tone to my apology to make it sound like I was joking around. Inwardly I was a bit worried what would happen if Alice had actually gotten mad at me. I could tell she wasn’t actually using any strength and was actually restraining herself from putting down any weight from her foot onto the floor. She had complete power over me without needing to exert any effort, so if she ever chose to use it, I’d be in for it.

Alice demonstrated this power once more. She didn’t keep me there under the weight of her foot for too long, likely because she was afraid of pressing down on me, but she didn’t want me to keep tickling her. To prevent me from continuing moving while still getting her foot off me, Alice tilted her foot ever so slightly off the floor. The reason why was for her to slip her right foot underneath. My body was pulled off the carpet and pinned in place by both of them - effectively sandwiched between the soles of her feet.

“Hmph…,” my cousin huffed, narrowing her eyes. She was doing her best to glare, but, due to her cute face, any ordinary person would certainly say she looked like a child pouting. Well, that was to any ordinary person. I honestly felt a chill run up my spine because her feet shifted around me. Even if she wasn’t intending for it, I could actually feel her muscles flex and tense as the hydraulic press of her feet twitched. It made me concerned about whether or not I’d be flattened by the sheer mass that was sandwiching me.

“Hey, come on… Now you know I’m perfectly fine, right?” I dared to speak up, though I was talking a little too quickly for my own taste. “I am going to need a bath after this, though. I probably reek of feet right now.”

“You deserve that then…” Alice frowned, but it seemed like my attitude really weirded her out. She asked me a serious question. “Remy… how are you so accepting of this?”

“You mean the foot massage stuff? I mean, Lori orders me around all the time. Sure, I can say no, but sometimes it’s easier to just let it happen because of how much of a pain Big Sis can get.”

“Yes, I mean, no… Um… I mean everything… This massage is one thing, but it’s my fault you’re shrunken,” Alice voiced out what had been weighing on her mind for ages now. “I’m just causing you all kinds of problems, aren’t I…?”

As touched as I was that my cousin was so concerned about me, especially because I was the one who took the full force of our deal to get Alice to move in with us, this was something Lori and I had known she’d be worried about from the start. As such, I already had my answer prepared.

“You’re the one who took the first step and asked us. We’re just meeting you halfway there and accepting it.”

“But you didn’t have to. Mom’s condition was too crazy… I don’t want to trouble you so much, Remy.”

“Trouble’s trouble. Lori and I would totally do anything for our cute little cousin,” I replied honestly. “Besides, Lori does similar stuff in her lab, so I probably would’ve been shrunken down like this by her eventually anyways.”

“... She would…” Alice couldn’t deny that.

“See? Told you,” I laughed. “That’s why it’s no problem at all.”

“... I just can’t figure you out, Remy,” The cockiness I threw into my laughter got my cousin to giggle. She slowly spread her feet apart, letting me peel myself off of her sole and drop to the carpet safely. 

It sounded like I had gotten through to Alice. Some brute force and a lot of rolling around and being knocked around by feet was not how I expected to get my cousin to warm up to me, but this was certainly the progress I was looking for. Hopefully, that meant she’d be capable of speaking to me more while we were living together. For now, that was probably only going to be while I was shrunken down, but perhaps one day, she wouldn’t shy away from speaking to me at regular size either.

Eating Together by jellytea819
Author's Notes:
Where's Remy gonna eat?

With a bunch of college housemates, everybody was on their own schedule. Even doing things like going to eat together or hanging out together were difficult because how often someone was at home depended on their class and work times.

Back when Sam was living with us, our schedules never matched so, despite being friends, we hardly saw each other at the apartments. As for Lori, my big sister’s schedule was unpredictable. Sometimes she was up early and sometimes was out late. She said she was hoping to get a more consistent schedule soon, but she had said that a year ago.

That was why our apartment had developed a small custom. Whenever one of us chose to have a meal outside of our rooms, the rest of us would join in. Sometimes, Lori would bring out some board games or even card games and we’d play along while eating too. It was a good way for us to just hang out on the busy weekdays.

Our plan was to invite Alice along with us too, but, due to my shrinking, there was a small hiccup that we didn’t originally think of…

“Crap… I forgot to add the potatoes into the stew. Um… we can just throw them in now, right?” 

“I mean, they’ll be pretty hard. Also, that pot’s boiling over.”

“Huh? Whoa! Hold on! Hold on! I got it!”

Lori was… not good in the kitchen. She had survived in college by mooching off friends, eating take-out, or going to the campus dining hall before coming home. The person who ended up using the kitchen the most was me because I was pretty stingy with my money.

Sadly, after Alice moved in, I was no longer able to cook my own meals. Everything Lori had done to avoid cooking was now what I had to do just to have a meal because I would be too small to do anything in the kitchen while shrunken down. That was why the true victim of my being shrunken down might have actually been Lori instead of me. She learned the consequence of overly relying on me when our leftovers as well as our emergency stock of instant noodles and frozen TV dinners finally ran out and she had to step into the kitchen again.

“Wait, is this flour safe to use? It’s a little… Crap. Remy, you were supposed to be in charge of restocking!”

“Do you think I’m in any state to check on everything in the cupboards? I can’t even reach the bottom shelf on my own let alone open it.”

“Oh, right. I guess I should’ve checked earli- Yeowch! Gyah! The oil’s splashing everywhere!”

It was a mixture of comedy and horror watching my giant sister use the lid of a pot as a shield to protect her from the splashing oil. 

“Dinner and a show? Lori, you’re too kind,” I chuckled. Watching Lori panic in the kitchen was hilarious but also concerning. I hoped she wouldn’t burn the apartment down, but I relished her shrieks whenever a pop sent the oil flying in her direction. Having to cook was one of the things Lori just always tried to avoid because even she was well aware that she was terrible at it. I had to take in the sight of my typically unflappable big sister being thrown off her game while I could. 

“... Remy, didn’t Lori want your help?”

“Whoa, Alice?!”  I found myself staring straight at eyes bigger than my head when I turned around. I was caught off guard by Alice’s monumental face. Her head had peaked up from underneath the countertop like a creature rising out of the abyss. She had thought of assisting Lori earlier but our cousin also lacked any cooking experience due to Aunt Shelly’s overprotectiveness so she had been hiding a safe distance away from the stove behind the countertop I was sitting on. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be helping her…?” 

“I’m helping. She just wanted someone to teach her the recipe. It’s not like I can move around the kitchen, but I’m giving advice when I have to.” 

“... What advice?” Alice was well aware I hadn’t actually been helping Lori. I wanted to see her mess up, so the only comments I had been making were snarky remarks. “Um… We have to all eat this, Remy. Shouldn’t you help make sure it tastes good?”

“Heh. I have my own food right here,” I grabbed my shrunken backpack and pulled out what I had bought earlier - a jalapeno cheese burger. “Sure, I can’t microwave it, but it beats anything Lori can make.”

“...Hmm…” Alice narrowed her eyes. I could tell what she was looking at because of how close I was to them. For a second, she glanced away from me to see Lori distracted with the oil. Afterwards, she turned her attention back to me and spoke with a whisper. “That’s unfair, Remy. I don’t want to eat that either…”

“Pfft!” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as I unwrapped my burger, deciding to eat now. Even Alice’s kind nature couldn’t deny that Lori’s attempt at frying cutlets and making stew was far from what she’d call edible. “I wish I could help you there, but you’re out of ready-made meals too, aren’t you, Alice?”

“Y-You’re not wrong…,” Alice wanted to deny it, but she knew I was right. Much like Lori who had been trying to make our leftovers last, Alice had been relying on the stock of ready-made meals her Mom had given her up until now. “All I have left is an oatmeal pack…”

To show that it was all she had, Alice lifted up an instant oatmeal pack with a spoon sticking out of it. It seemed she was sneaking bites behind the countertop so she wouldn’t have to grow hungry waiting on Lori’s soon to be ruined dinner. The cup was actually a head taller than me. I stand in it and be completely covered in oatmeal if it was full.

“That’s a lot of oatmeal,” I commented, reading the label. “Oh, it has blueberries in it? Good choice.”

“Actually, I’m sick of oatmeal after all these weeks…,” Alice grumbled. Her eyes focused in on me… or rather, they locked onto the burger in my hands. “Remy… Can you give me part of your burger?”

I was surprised. My takeout order tempted Alice despite it being so small. It was a little unnerving seeing my over 100 foot tall cousin lick her lips directly in front of me. Because her chin was on the table, when she opened her mouth, I could see directly inside it and realize I could fit inside with ease at my 3” size. Even if I gave her my entire burger, it wouldn’t amount to anything more than a crumb to her.

“I don’t think it’d be any filling, Alice,” I shook my head and continued to eat. “You’ve got to learn how to cook too. Maybe me not getting to cook will motivate both you and Lori to make something.”

 “I’ll give you a blueberry for it…,” Alice tried to strike a deal. Using her spoon, she lifted out a blueberry and brought it down onto the table. “Here…”

I stared at the spoon of oatmeal incredulously. Even though she was just trying to pick out the blueberry, the oatmeal still clinging to the spoon looked like three bowls worth to me. The blueberry itself was bigger than my head.

“You’re kidding, right Alice?” putting my burger into the paper bag I had pulled it out from, I attempted to grab the basketball sized berry, but it was more like a bowling ball in weight. Realizing that, I sat down on the table and rolled it off of the spoon and onto. I wondered if I could even bite into it. “Is this even edible to me?”

“Ah… I’m not sure actually…” Alice glanced away from me when she realized that we never checked to see if it was okay to eat food while shrunken. I recalled Lori mentioning it was possible but not recommended simply because of the taste. Was it actually that bad?

“Well, here goes nothing?” I questioned my own decision as I curiously tried to bite into the skin of the blueberry. The berry’s skin seemed thicker than watermelon’s rind, but it had a little more give to it. Somehow or another, my teeth successfully pierced into it, and I was met with a splash of juice and intense sweetness. Instead of actually biting, I found I was trying to suck out the insides instead of actually chewing on the blueberry.

“Ehehe. That looks really cute, Remy…,” Seeing me try to eat the singular blueberry like a hamster nibbling its food, she started giggling. 

“Please don’t call this cute.”

“A-Ah, sorry…” Alice apologized. I wasn’t actually mad at her, but it was a bit demeaning. I did not want to be treated like a pet.

Unable to actually eat the blueberry, I shoved it back onto the spoon. “Jeez… I think I’ll give up on this. It doesn’t taste right. Besides, this thing’s bigger than my burger, Alice. Way too much for me.”

“I guess it is a bit too big for you… Aaah~m!” Alice realized and picked the spoon up again to eat the berry. I watched as the impossible to eat blueberry disappeared in the darkness of Alice’s mouth right in front of my eyes. “But it’s not filling at all to me… Please, Remy, can I have a piece?”

My cousin’s stomach growling. Being looked at by my ravenous cousin was a big concern when I was no bigger than a kid-sized chocolate bar. Still, I dared to refuse her. “Nope. Not happening.”

Taking my burger out of the bag again, I bit down onto it hard, trying to finish off as much of it as I could.

“Eh? NO DON’T!” Alice shouted, but I had already eaten more than three quarters of it and started scarfing down the remainder. “Aw… I wanted to grow it back…”

That would’ve been a good idea to get something regular sized to eat, but I wasn’t going to let her get out of eating Lori’s failure of a meal. Considering I had lived with my sister longer than Alice, I had already tasted the charcoal creations Lori typically ended up with. As nice as I was to my cousin, I considered this her baptism to apartment meals.

“You’re eating with Lori whether you like it or not, Alice,” I told her. “Sis’s cooking sucks, so either get used to it or start learning some recipes of your own.”

“Who’s cooking sucks now?”

“E-eek!” “Speak of the devil.”

Alice’s shout earlier had caught my big sister’s attention. I didn’t need to turn around to feel her presence behind me because her shadow had literally fallen over me, blocking the kitchen light. Lori had heard the tail end of our conversation, meaning Alice and I were both busted trying to not eat her cooking.

“Did I stutter?” I didn’t care if I was caught, though. Whether it was because I was used to my sister or because I was a reckless idiot, I wasn’t sure, but I was not afraid to provoke the giant 100+ foot woman glaring down at me. “I can smell that you burnt a lot of the chicken you were frying up.”

“... R-Remy?” Alice was in disbelief at my lack of self-preservation.

“It sure was fun seeing you panic with the oil, Sis,” I certainly kept digging my grave deeper. Well, it was my job as the younger brother to annoy my big sister after all. “10/10. Would watch again.”

“Well, aren’t you happy about that free show you got,” Lori was angry but still composed. She put the plate she was holding down onto the table near me, freeing up her hands. “I guess it’s meal time then so you can have dinner with your show. Or maybe I should have dinner first.”



My sister was fast. Before I realized what had happened, she snatched me up off the kitchen countertop and tossed me onto the plate. My body dropped right next to a steaming puddle of beef stew that smelled too strongly of raw potato.

“Ouch… Blargh…” I covered my nose. “You couldn’t have waited a little longer for those potatoes to soften, Lori?”

“I could, but I think my little bro needs to soften up a bit too,” Lori took out a spoon and brought it down at me.

“Hey, I’m not food here! Gah!” I got up to avoid the spoon, but Lori started chasing me with it around the plate. There wasn’t much on the plate so it was easy to move around without getting stuck in food. Considering I was the size of a hunk of meat, I could actually be scooped up by it, and sadly, I wasn’t able to avoid it. Lori caught me easily, lifting me up to her face… or more specifically, her mouth.

“L-Lori?” Alice put her hands over her eyes but looked through the gaps between her fingers at what was about to happen. 

“Damn…,” I covered my face with my arms. Lori’s mouth was so close that I could feel her hot breath escape her lips like a strong gust of wind. Her pearly white teeth were almost the size of my head, giving me a good idea of how small I was. I really could fit in her mouth.

“Heh, being right in front of my mouth shut you up, didn’t it, Remy?” my sister knew she had the upper hand. Knocking me off my high horse was super simple to her now that she only had to breathe on me to do so. “You gonna apologize?”

“Nope,” I remained defiant despite my trembling knees. I did NOT want Lori to get any idea of popping me into her mouth. That sounded disgusting for both of us but more threatening to me. “You made such a huge mess of the kitchen trying to make your beef stew and fried chicken. I think as a former frequenter of this kitchen, I have the right to tell you off about it.”

“...” Lori turned her head to look at the rest of the kitchen - a simple action that created another gust of wind that I could feel. After examining the place, she clicked her tongue, knowing I was right. “Tch! You sure do know how to hit a nerve, Remy… But you really made a mistake thinking you can get away with it, especially at your size.”

“Whoa!” I shouted as the spoon I was on plummeted back down to the plate. Before I could get my bearings, though, Lori lifted the entire dish off of the table. “Uwaff!”

Unable to remain standing due to the constant shaking by my giant sister’s steps, I fell flat onto the plate, finding myself subjected to the repeated jerking up and down until there was one final, intense drop downwards that caused my stomach to churn from the feeling of weightlessness.

“There. Why don’t you have dinner down here tonight?” Lori declared after finally letting go of the plate.

“Huh?” When I stood up, I realized I was no longer able to see Lori or Alice’s faces. In front of me were four peach towers - my sister’s and cousin’s legs. She had put the plate on the floor underneath our dining table. “Seriously?”

“Remy’s going to be eating there…?” Alice was shocked. “W-Wow… It’s like a pet bowl…”

I didn’t appreciate that comparison one bit. Actually, for some reason, Alice sounded a little interested in that fact rather than concerned.

“That should be enough of a punishment for you, Bro. Now, you sit down and I go get a plate for you too, Alice?”

“W-Wait, L-Lori…?” Two of those towers suddenly became two feet that rose above me. Lori pulled Alice and forced her to sit down. She pushed the chair so that whenever Alice put her feet down, they were inches away from me.

“Sit down, Alice. I worked real hard on this so you two are eating every last bite,” I heard Lori declare.

“I-I’m good, Lori… I just had some oatme-”

“Just. Sit. Tight.” It was clear that earlier she had heard that Alice also didn’t want to eat her cooking because she was firmly keeping Alice still.


Alice’s whine was accompanied by her feet dropping to the carpet. Her heels hit the floor and bumped into the plate. Despite it being just an inch of movement from her perspective, it was a sudden shift in the ground to me so I ended up falling over. 


“Ah, sorry, Remy!”

I sighed as I got up. I had thankfully not fallen into the stew. Lori only had a bit of beef stew on my plate so I didn’t have to see the burnt fried chicken. Still I was able to see that, aside from the raw potato and burned parts, she also had added way too much flour to thicken it. I could tell because I could still see the white flour floating in the salty brown goop. “Urgh… I guess we’re both stuck eating her slop now…. Well, at least for me, I doubt Lori would even realize if I even ate any.”

My bites would be imperceptible to her so I could just sit and wait until dinner was over without having to eat a single bite of her poor cooking. I preferred that because Alice’s feet were right over the plate. She made sure to not get her feet too close to where I was, but the smell of her sweat was wafting towards me.

Thud! Thud!

“Urk!” I ground my teeth as Lori took the seat on the opposite side of the table, apparently having brought plates of her cooked food over. To my dismay, my big sister’s longer legs meant that she could stretch her legs out and reach the other side of the plate I was standing on. Her bare feet actually leaned over the dish unlike Alice’s. Carpet lint and dust flaked off her toes and onto the food. “Ulk… That’s just nasty.”

My big sister didn’t hear my remark because she was so far away while I was on the ground, but she knew exactly where I was because I was still on the plate. She rocked her feet back and forth, causing the very air around me to shift from the building-like masses moving around so quickly.

“You having fun down there, Bro? Must be fun having dinner with 20 guests,” she chuckled, referring to the toes she was wriggling as guests. She knew I was surrounded in four directions by both hers and Alice’s feet. Each one surrounded the ceramic plate like a pillar of some sort of  battle arena. Putting me on the same level as each of their toes though… She wasn’t wrong considering I was probably weaker than even Alice’s pinky toe, but if we counted each toe as an individual, I was outnumbered 20 to 1.

“L-Lori… That’s a little…” Alice wanted to retort, but her nervousness to speak up caused her to hold it in. Besides, she had another concern at that moment - my big sister’s cooking.

“Well, I’ll let Remy off after dinner. Come on Alice, dig in! It’s a little burnt, but it should still taste good… I think!”

Lori’s confidence in her cooking had a couple of kinks in it. Even she wasn’t sure if it was any good. If I were capable of being heard from the floor, I’d ask her if she had even bothered taste testing her food before plating it, but I both couldn’t and knew that the answer was a definitive ‘No’. She knew her ship was sinking and she was trying to drag both of us down while keeping as much of her pride as she could.

“Well, bottoms up!”



For a moment, there was silence after Lori took the first bite. Then, I heard the metal spoon rattle on the plate. I could tell it was dropped from my big sister’s hand. I had seen it coming, so the words that came out of her mouth next did not surprise me at all.

“... Let’s order a pizza…”

End Notes:

This was technically written before the previous snippet but I wanted to add more details. Have a few more snippets I started with other premises like an unaware one and a footwear related one but not sure which one will end up being finished next.

Boredom 1 - Annoying Little Brother by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Remy tries to pull off a simple little prank while Lori's unaware of him...

When you’re shrunken down in your own home, what exactly is there to do? As nice as it was for me to be able to shrink down my own belongings - including my laptop and phone, battery life was limited when I couldn’t plug into an outlet 24 times bigger than the plugs.  And if I chose to not shrink those items to enjoy the novelty of using a phone the size of a TV and a tablet as large as a movie screen, both were clunky and difficult to use due to my scale. So when I couldn’t do anything like gaming or browsing the net anymore in my doll house, what else could I do to pass the time?

As much as I enjoyed a good book or exercising, I wasn’t in the mood for reading that day and Lori and I hadn’t figured out how to shrink my weights yet without risking breaking the machine. In the end, my body ended up wandering out of the dollhouse aimlessly.

Normally, walking around in boredom typically led to me heading over to the fridge and checking what was inside before closing it without taking anything. It was a bad habit both Lori and I had for some reason. However, I ended up kicking that habit because, due to my tiny scale, by the time I realized my body was on autopilot, I was only outside of the doll house rather than in the kitchen.

“I figured something smelled…” When I got out, I found myself staring at a pair of sweaty feet. Lori’s left foot was pressed against the roof of the doll house while her right one was flat on the ground directly in front of me. My big sister was at her desk doing who-knows-what far above me. From the sweat dripping down her skin and the shorts and sports bra she was wearing, she must have come back from exercising.


The dollhouse groaned as my big sister stretched, causing her left foot to shove the dollhouse even further into the wall. I was glad I had walked out or I would've experienced a sudden earthquake.

“Ngyaa~h! I think I jogged for too long. My legs are so sore,” I heard her complain. 

Thud! Thud!


To my surprise, the building sized feet of my older sister moved. Her right foot switched places with her left foot as she stretched once more. I was nearly kicked when Lori’s right foot lifted up off the ground. If I didn’t lean back, I would’ve licked the sweat drop that had been sticking to her big toe. Sadly, I didn’t avoid it completely as, after I fell back onto the carpet, a separate bead of sweat dripped off the sole of her foot and landed right on my face, splashing like a water balloon upon impact.


“Gak! Bleck!” Being splashed in the face with Lori’s foot sweat was more of a wake up call than I needed for a lazy Saturday morning. It was so salty that I closed my eyes tightly to rub it off my face. Sadly, it wasn’t just salt water that had dropped on me. Because Lori had been out running earlier, she had been wearing her socks and shoes. Whatever dirt and lint that clung to her foot after she had taken them off had been collected by the sweat bead before it dripped off. I was spreading that over my face too as I rubbed.

“... Damn that Annie. To think I’d have to work right after my workout. Why’d she have to call me on a Saturday? This is her project. I’m way too nice to that girl,” Lori’s complaints continued until I finally recovered. To have been incapacitated by a single bead of my sister’s sweat, if she knew, Lori would definitely poke fun at me for it. I was a little grateful that she didn’t realize I was outside of the doll house.

“Guess I should get her attention, though, if I want to do anything today.” Unfortunately, I knew that I’d have to get her to realize if I wanted to leave the room. I had been meaning to tell Lori to leave the door at least somewhat ajar so I could leave the room when I was shrunken, but I hadn’t yet. She typically locked her room out of habit because she didn’t want to have anyone touch the lab equipment she sometimes brought home for work.

“Darn. The output’s still not as strong as it was when we had it in the lab. Is it a power issue? I don’t want to unplug Aunt Shelly’s device just to test ours. Recalibrating that thing’s a pain.”

I could hear Lori talk to herself as she worked. It was impressive how she could get to work so quickly after coming back from a workout. Her voice had grown so serious in such a short time; she was actually hard at work. The idea of bothering her actually made me feel a little bad…

… only a little bad. 

“Hm… I wonder what’s nearby I can use to really give her a surprise…” Instead of just going up to her feet to get her attention, an idea popped into my head. What would be the most effective way to shock Lori at my size? Was it just because we were siblings? I almost felt like it was my obligation as her younger brother to try and annoy my big sister.

I paid close attention to my big sister’s movements. As she got into the groove of working, she put on her headphones to listen to some music. That made it easier for me to go beneath her notice, but, at the same time, listening to music caused her to follow the beat. Her one foot on the floor started tapping rhythmically. It was a little unnerving at my size because, every second her toes jumped up, they always ended up either to my chest level or above my head.

This was an opportunity for a little mischief though. Looking around, I found an item I could use for a simple prank: a metal paper clip that had fallen off of Lori’s desk and had been forgotten for weeks. Walking over to it, I picked it up, seeing that part of it had been bent so that one of its tips was pointing outwards. That saved me the convenience of doing it myself.

A way to alleviate boredom while tiny - messing with people who didn’t realize I was there - sounded interesting enough. It would definitely be fun getting Lori to jump. Holding the bent paperclip like a bayonet rifle, it certainly felt like I was holding a toy.

“Perfect,” I smirked and slowly made my way to over 130 foot tall sister’s tapping foot.

Thump…! Thump Thump…! Thump…!

One big drop and the two quick ones - titanic sister was consistent in following the beat of the song. Each impact of her foot dug an impression in the carpet that was somewhat slow to reform. I had to be careful because getting closer to Lori’s foot was like approaching an industrial crusher. Well, I was keeping my distance anyway because, unlike an industrial crusher, Lori’s post-workout foot smelled too strongly of sweat and sock fibers. My nose scrunched up from the odor.

“Alright. Doesn’t look like she’s realized,” I mumbled to myself when I got close enough to do what I wanted but far enough to avoid being hit by her toes. I was absolutely certain that she hadn’t noticed my pattering on the carpet at her feet.

What was my plan? Well, because Lori was just tapping her foot on the floor, I fell to the temptation of wanting to put something in her way. It wouldn’t hurt too much, but it would definitely give her a shock if she hit it. I wasn’t even going to use the tip of the paper clip. I was going to use the rounded end.

Thump…! Thump Thump…! Thump…!

“One. Two. One… One. Two. One…” I counted along with the beat to figure out the right timing. When Lori’s foot rose up after her double tap was the moment I had to wait for. “Now!”

I quickly put the paper clip into place right under her big toe and trudged away from her foot as quickly as I could to avoid Lori’s reaction when she slammed her foot right into the upright paperclip.



Thump…! Thump Thump…! Thump…!

Unfortunately for me, there was no reaction. The rhythmic tapping of Lori’s foot continued. Turning around, I saw the paper clip sunken into the carpet. Even though I put it upright and in her path, the flimsy paper clip meant nothing to the sheer mass that was my big sister’s foot. It had been pressed into the carpet under the weight of her foot and was now getting shoved deeper and deeper into the carpet every second.

“Well… Guess that prank failed,” I couldn’t help but laugh at how lame the result had turned out. Did Lori not even notice it? 

I didn’t have the time to figure out that answer sadly as Lori’s song ended.

“Next song is… Oh, this one’s good.”

Thump Thump! Thump Thump!

“W-What the- Wargh!”

Suddenly changing the rhythm of her tapping was one thing, but Lori’s foot shifted away from where it had been sitting the entire time - rising directly above me and slamming down on me in an instant. Even if I had run away from her foot earlier, I was still well within her reach. I was slammed face first into the carpet by my sister’s foot.

Thump Thump! Thump Thump!

Just like the paper clip, Lori’s sweaty foot pressed down on me and forced me deeper into the carpet under its weight. The ball of her foot was directly on my back, pinning me down. I could feel my T-shirt soaking up sweat from her foot. What was worse was that she was still tapping her feet. Her toes rose and fell, effectively spanking my butt twice every second in tune with the beat of whatever song she was listening to.

“Oh. This simulation looks promising. Maybe I’ll only need to test it out just once. It should work at home if I’m right…”

Thump Thump! Thump Thump!


Despite me being bigger than the paper clip, Lori hadn’t realized I was beneath her at all. She was so concentrated on her work. I guess it was because my weight was so close to the paper clip’s weight. Lori continued thumping her toes down onto my back no matter how hard I tried to resist and escape.



It wasn’t until the song ended that Lori shifted her foot again. Her toes scraped over my back, pulling up my shirt, and then rolled over my head. 

“Hm…?” This was when Lori finally noticed she had been stepping on something. It was only then that she lifted her foot off me and pushed her chair away from her desk to look underneath. “Remy?”

“... Urgh… About time, Sis…” I groaned, happy that my sister finally noticed me but exhausted from being physically crushed beneath her foot.

Lori took off her headphones and reached down, plucking me off the floor between her fingers. My stomach churned as she lifted my dangling body high up to her face. “The heck? What were you doing to get stepped on by me? I didn’t even feel you.”

“Uh, I wanted to get out of the room?” I would’ve liked to lie with a straight face, but it was difficult in front of my big sister’s building sized face. I wasn’t afraid of heights, but being dangled in the air did not help me maintain my calm. As such, my body language betrayed me and my eyes started darting away from my sister’s gaze.

Glancing down at where I had been, Lori seemed to be inspecting the carpet. Her feet moved. She found the paper clip and immediately knew what I had tried to do. “Oh. I get it. You really wanted to bug me, huh?”

“Well, I mean I AM bug sized right now,” I tried to joke, knowing that, now that I was caught, Lori was going to get back at me. “So since you’ve already figured me out, what’s the punishment?”

“You sure are quick on the uptake. It almost takes all the fun out of paying you back for whatever prank you failed to do on me,” my sister sighed. She was disappointed that I wasn’t acting out. I knew my sister too well so it was just too easy for me to predict her actions.

Of course, she was still going to do it anyway.

Taking a tissue from the box on her desk, Lori tore off a small piece and pressed it against me. “Here, grab this.”

“What are you-Uwoaaaaaah!” I couldn’t finish my question and switched to shouting because Lori released her grip on my body. The force of gravity pulled me down immediately. I plummeted downwards. “Ooof!”

Unceremoniously dropping me back onto the floor… At the very least, the carpet softened my fall. If the torn tissue piece Lori had given me was meant to parachute my fall, then it did not do a good job at it. 


Well, that was because it wasn’t. Lori kicking her legs out and spreading her soles right in front of me told me that much. She didn’t just hang each one over me. She tilted her feet so that there was no way I could escape to the left or the right. And with my dollhouse right behind me, I was effectively trapped.

“Ngk!” I covered my nose. The smell of my sister’s sweaty body was intense. The worst part of being trapped so close to Lori’s feet was the heat and odor wafting from her soles. Most of it collected in the enclosed space, enveloping me.

“You were trying to mess with my foot earlier right? Go ahead and mess away then,” Lori declared. “I had to cut my jog short since I got a call to help with a lab member’s project, so I didn’t have time to take a bath. You can wipe a little sweat off of my feet, can’t you, Little Bro?”

“More sweat…?” I groaned. I walked up to my sister’s left heel and started wiping without objection. At this point in life, I knew arguing with my big sister any more would make things worse for me, especially at my current 3 inch size. The only thing I could do was to plug my nose and endure until she was satisfied. “Fine…”


I shoved the towel sized tissue into my sister’s sole. Immediately, the part of the tissue I was holding absorbed a single droplet of sweat and became soggy. There was no way I’d be able to clean my sister’s entire sole with just one part of a tissue. Honestly, at my size, there was no way I’d be able to do even half her sole without exhausting myself. Each foot was roughly four times bigger than me after all.

“Well, aren’t you a good boy? Did you get used to feet after massaging mine and Alice’s?” Lori laughed at how quickly I had gotten to work.

“I’d rather not get used to this, but I guess I had it coming to me for trying to prank you.”

You reap what you sow - that’s what crossed my mind as a drop of sweat dripped from above me down onto my arm. I had wanted to get a reaction out of my sister and I got one. It just wasn’t the response I wanted. Bothering someone just because you’re bored was only fun when you didn’t have any consequences for your actions. At my size, it was too easy to get caught and to receive payback in return. I had picked the wrong target. Messing with Lori was my own mistake and was one I’d likely continue to make in the future too considering I never learned my lesson after all my years as her younger brother.

“You’re not exactly at a good size to prank someone, Bro. You should’ve done this to Alice instead of me. She probably would’ve given you the reaction you were looking for.”

“Alice, huh? You think?” Lori made a good suggestion. Getting Alice to freak out would certainly get her to speak out more. She was younger than me, but I could certainly be the annoying little brother to her for a bit.

“Wait, I was just joking. You’re not actually thinking about doing that are you?”

“You’re the one who suggested it.” I accepted no responsibility for what I was going to do. I blamed Lori for it.


“Hahaha!” My big sister’s laugh caused her to unconsciously move her legs closer together. I was worried for a second that she’d end up squishing me between her feet, but she thankfully didn’t. “I kind of want to know what happens. She’s been starting conversations with you more often after that tickling you did before, right? Like when I was making dinner? Maybe giving her a literal poke will push her in the right direction.”

Considering that was our goal, Lori was willing to play along with my decision to try and prank Alice. Lori’s interest in the result actually got her to lighten my punishment.

“Fine, I let you out in a bit so you can go do that, alright? Just let me compile my simulation proposal and send out an email first.”

My failure to prank Lori was just a practice run, I told myself. There was now a new goal set for today for me to pass the time while shrunken down: provoking Alice. Our shy little cousin would certainly be in for a shock now that Lori and I were on the same page on the matter. We really wanted an answer to the question: How was she going to react? 

“Hey, get between my toes too. Don’t skimp out,” Lori interrupted my thoughts by lowering her foot and stretching her toes so the gap between them was right in front of me. She did not forget about continuing my punishment.

“Fine… God, this is gross.” That was right, I had to deal with the dirt, lint, and sweat on my sister’s feet first before dealing with Alice.

Boredom 2 - Unaware Alice by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Prank #2 gone wrong.

At my size, getting into any room was an impossibility. The doorknob was an impossible climb above my head and the door was a meteoric weight that couldn’t be pushed.  I wasn’t small enough to crawl through the crack under the door either. That meant that, as long as I was 3 inches tall, a closed door was not something I could get past even if it were unlocked.

“You really can’t get under there? You really are helpless at that size.”

“I knew that already. So are you going to help me or not?”

“I’m not an accomplice here. You’re just sneaking in when you have the chance under my notice like a bug.”

“Way to insult me and shove the blame onto me in one shot…”

Getting Lori and Alice to crack their doors open even just a little was not going to be an easy task, and both girls could easily close them even if they wanted privacy anyways. That meant I was always going to need help getting anywhere. That was why, in order to get into Alice’s room, I needed Lori’s help to open the door or at least get Alice to come to the door. The plan was simple enough for sneaking in - once the door opened, I’d run in before it closed again.

Knock! Knock!

“Alice, are you in?”

“... Huh? Lori? … You can come in! It’s unlocked…”

Lori opened the door to Alice’s room when she received permission. Pushing the door in and walking inside, my titanic older sister left me in the dust in a single step. Thankfully, she purposely kept the door open and did not swing it back, giving me ample time to trudge through the carpet to head into our cousin’s room. 

At that time, my sister took a good look at Alice who was on her bed hugging her whale plushie. Her laptop was on her bed and she had been lying down staring at the screen. Because Lori had come in, Alice sat up to pause what was on it.

“Oh? What are you doing, Alice?”

“Uh… My lab partner mentioned a movie she liked. I have to go see her later, so I thought I’d watch it before I leave so we could talk about it together…”

Hearing those words, Lori sat down on the bed right next to Alice and gave our adorable cousin a happy pat on the back.

“You’re trying hard to make friends, huh? Good girl.”

“H-Hey, Lori!” Alice was flustered at being praised and even more embarrassed when my big sister began ruffling her hair. Her embarrassment was still in full drive as my sister tried to pull the girl in for a hug. Naturally, Alice withdrew, but not simply because she was flustered. “... Ngah? … Um… Lori, you kind of smell…”

“Pffft!” I couldn’t help laughing when I saw my sister physically stumble at our cousin’s words. “That must’ve stung.”

“Damn, you too, Alice?” Lori couldn’t believe what Alice had said. “I was only exercising. My sweat can’t be that bad.”

“... Sorry… It’s pretty strong…,” Alice chose not to lie. She pulled her pillow up to her face to cover her nose.

“Ouch. Fine. I guess I’ll take a bath now then,” Lori continued to take visible damage from Alice’s words. She stood up off the bed. “I just wanted to check up on you, Alice. Enjoy your movie.”

With those words my sister walked out of the room, shutting the door. 

“... Was that all she came here for?” Alice mumbled to herself. She returned to her movie by lying down on her pillow and hitting a key on her laptop. She was getting comfortable again now that she was in her room alone.

… Or so she thought. I was on the carpet by Alice’s bed, right where she had left her backpack, two shoe boxes, and a stack of textbooks. I was completely unnoticed by my cousin the entire time I navigated my way around her expansive room.

“Okay, up we go. Hup!” I grabbed onto the blanket that was dangling off of Alice’s bed. When Lori was getting close to her earlier, she shoved the blanket aside. Whether it was on purpose or not, I wasn’t sure, but it was the perfect way up for me. 

As my goal was to give her a little scare as a prank, I had to get moving. I did not know how much longer Alice had for her movie, but if it ended soon, I wouldn’t be able to do anything because I knew it would take some time for me to get up to her. If she got up and walked away to go meet her labmate, she’d leave me behind and I’d end up trapped in her room. Even Lori wouldn’t be able to get me out if Alice locked it because she would have the only key.

That was why I had to work fast. I was a 3 inch tall man scaling my younger cousin’s bed like a mountain. I had used the rock climbing wall at the gym before a few times, but this was more of a challenge because the blanket was not a pre-designed course. There was a distinct smell coming off of the cloth that caught me off guard too. While Alice complained of Lori’s body odor earlier, I had to admit that I could smell her sweat from the blanket as well. I was sure Alice hadn’t been taking the blanket along with her to do laundry since she moved in.

“She’s slowly getting more stuff in here,” I noticed when I had to take a short break half way up the bed. The shoe boxes I had been near were new to me, although one of them was open to reveal literal towers from my perspective. They were the pair of brown boots I had seen Alice started wearing lately. She was apparently trying to take good care of them by placing them back in the shoebox. Asides from that, the walls of her room were decorated with a fish themed calendar, a school poster, and a cork board that had her class schedule pinned on it, but I had seen those during the weeks I was massaging her feet.

“Well, I’ll tell her about that later… Hurk! Up we go…! Made it!” I finally got to my destination after several minutes of exhausting climbing. The plateau of such a long climb was only the top of Alice’s bed, but that was such a significant achievement for my tiny self. Sadly, that did not mean I was done. My work was directly in front of me: the two bare legs of my cousin that were bouncing up and down as she continued watching her movie.

Whoosh… Thud! Whoosh… Thud!

The rhythmic rising and falling of Alice’s legs as they kicked up and down felt more dangerous than when Lori was tapping her feet. Each movement displaced the air with a noticeable sound on my scale, and each time her foot hit the bed, the entire mattress bounced and shook like an earthquake. Of course, Alice didn’t notice this at regular size, but it was startling to the miniscule me.

“Okay, how should I do this? I could always make it feel like a bug just brushed past her leg…,” I shoved my concerns to the back of my mind as I stubbornly set out to complete my mission. I contemplated what was the quickest but best way of getting a reaction out of Alice. “I guess tickling’s the best choice here.”

With Lori, I had failed using a paper clip because I didn’t think just how small and light it was compared to her foot. For Alice, I at least had some prior knowledge from all of the times I had to massage her feet. I couldn’t go easy on her if I wanted her to actually feel me, so there was really only one thing I could do and that was to tickle her using my whole body.

Whoosh… Thud! Whoosh… Thud!

Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. Alice knew I was there whenever I massaged her, so she never moved her feet when I was around. However, because she didn’t know I was there, she was happily bouncing her feet and legs in bed without a care in the world. It was good that she could act like a normal girl when nobody was around, but I was risking getting flattened into the mattress by trying to approach the enormous moving masses of her legs.

“Wah no!”

Wham! Wham!

“Woah!” I was sent flying several feet in the air from my perspective when Alice suddenly slammed both legs  one after another into the mattress. The mattress dipped from the impact and then reformed immediately, sending my super light body up with it. I landed unceremoniously back down a good two seconds after.  “Urgh! ... Huh?”

“Uwah. Is that-? Yes, go!” Alice was getting into the movie. It must have been getting to its climax. I would’ve liked to know what movie she was recommended, but I had more pressing concerns at that moment.

“... She hasn’t felt me? I-Is she going to move?” I had landed right on Alice’s left foot. It had to have been because of how light I was, but Alice did nothing as I sat up on the ball of her foot. The smell wafting off of them wasn’t as intense as my sister post-workout, but the salty aroma of sweat still accompanied each breath I took. Her foot was many times my size, so I was sitting on it the same way I would a bed, only this foot bed was even bigger than the mattress Alice was resting on. My survival instinct was telling me to get off as soon as I could, but the curling of her toes and the sudden jerking as my cousin watched the movie made it unpredictable what would happen, causing the rest of my body to freeze up. 

At the very least, though, I was right where I wanted to be originally. All I had to do now was to get Alice to feel me and she’d likely jump in shock. I tried to look on the bright side so I could get started when my body recovered from the shock of earlier.


Before that could happen, though, Alice’s right leg, foot and all, rose up high above my head. Recognizing the pattern of what had been happening so far, I knew what was going to happen next and I couldn’t avoid it. “Huh? Wait, Ali-”

Whoosh…! Thud! Whoosh…!


 Despite stopping the pattern for just a moment when she got into the movie’s climax, Alice’s leg bouncing continued again. After her right foot lifted up and landed, her left one went next, taking me along with it. The sudden acceleration sent my entire body back into Alice’s foot - my face kissed the ball of her foot painfully and was glued to it by the g-force.

This was just an unconscious movement of my distracted cousin, so, unlike Lori who knew to slow down and control her speed whenever she picked me up, Alice moved as she wanted to. After the sudden pressure of the acceleration, I quickly found myself feeling weightless before Alice’s foot suddenly dropped back down again.


“Ugwaah!” I was knocked off of Alice’s foot from the impact and sent airborne again. The world around me became a blur as my body spun through the air. I wailed as I flew off of my cousin’s bed, but Alice heard nothing as she was watching her movie with earbuds.

Then, the world turned dark.


And then I hit the ground.

“... Ouch… That was rough…” Although I was fine due to the resistance boost from shrinking, I was still physically exhausted. It took me a while to stand and for my eyes to adjust… Or rather, they had already adjusted but all I saw around me was darkness. “Huh? Where am I? Cough! Cough!”

Looking around was difficult when I couldn’t see anything at all. Had Alice turned off the lights? No, even if that were the case, I’d still be able to see light through the windows because it was still daytime.  Somehow, I had fallen into a dark cavern with no light.

“Cough! Wait, this smell is…” Actually, that was wrong. There was light in the cavern. I only saw it when I turned around and saw a single circle in the darkness illuminated. I saw an impression of a heel in the circle that told me exactly where I was “... Alice’s boot?”

I had fallen right into my cousin’s right boot that had been upright next to her bed. What kind of pro basketball skills did Alice have to be able to kick me into it without me even hitting the sides? This being her boot certainly explained the thick, murky odor that surrounded me and was making me cough.

“Let’s get out first,” I knew my priorities and ran over to the wall that was the inside of Alice’s boot. Much to my dismay, though, I found that, unlike Alice’s blanket, I couldn’t get a good enough grip on the smooth material her boot was made of. “No way. I’m stuck?”

This was bad. What was I going to do to get out of Alice’s boot? If I couldn’t climb out, I had to get her attention somehow.

“Alice! Hey Alice!” I shouted upwards. “Alice! I’m in here! Alice! Cough! Cough!”

Calling her name was the only thing I could do. At 3 inches tall, there was no climbing out of the stuffy boot on my own. Sadly, so long as Alice was paying attention to the movie, my cries went unheard. I didn’t know how much longer the movie had until it finished, but I was stuck wandering the darkness of Alice’s boot and looking up at the distant light that was the unreachable exit.

“Alice! Cough! Cough!” I tried again after what I believed was fifteen minutes. It was only then that I got a reaction.

“Huh?” Alice had finished her movie so she had finally taken off her earbuds.

“Alllliiiiiccccceeee!” I called out again. “Allllliiiiccceeeee!”

“Did I hear something?” I hoped Alice would figure out where I was, so I kept calling her name out over and over again. However, I didn’t realize just how muffled I was inside her boot. “I must be hearing things. I thought that ghost in the movie wasn’t a big deal, but was I actually scared?”

“Allllice! Come on! Allliiiiiccccceee!!!”

Buzz! Buzz!

“Hm…? A-Ah! She’s already at the library? I should get going then. I don’t want to keep Nikki waiting.”

My attempts at getting Alice to hear me fell on deaf ears as she hopped off her bed to get ready to meet her lab partner. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could hear enough ruffling and rummaging outside the boot to tell that Alice was quickly changing her clothes.

“Oh no, that means- Whoah!”


I couldn’t finish my sentence before Alice grabbed the boots I was in. I lost balance when the flat ground suddenly rose up, becoming an impossibly steep slope. I tumbled down until I hit the toe of her boot, face first in the impressions her toes had made in the insole.

“Wait wait wait! Alice! Down here! Down he- Uwargh!” Of course, it didn’t end there. Why would Alice have grabbed her boots if she wasn’t putting them on? The one light in the dark cave of my cousin’s boot disappeared when her black sock clad foot entered. The expansive boot I was able to walk in could barely hold the massive foot that filled up everything. I found myself buried into the insole by Alice’s foot. “Mgggfff!”

If I were to say that’s newly put on socks and her relatively new boots didn’t smell, that would’ve been a lie. The dense choking air of her boot earlier had proved that. Now that the entirety of her boot was filled with her foot, though, I was treated to an even stronger sensory overload. The weight of Alice’s foot pressed down on every part of my body. I felt my body imprinting itself into her insole. All I could see when I opened my eyes was the threads of my cousin’s socks and the toes surrounding me, keeping me in place. Opening my mouth filled it with sock lint and sweat that was already starting to come out of Alice’s foot because of the heat and pressure of the enclosed boot. And any fresh air that there had been inside the boot had been displaced by only Alice’s foot.

And this was all before Alice had even taken a single step.



Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Okay. When’s the next bus? ... Five minutes?!” Alice’s question to herself reverberated through my entire body. She was checking the bus schedule as she walked. Every step she took, I felt. I was crushed under the weight of my cousin’s foot inside the boot. If the shrinking hadn’t raised my durability, I likely would’ve popped like a grape with how many hundreds of tons each impact felt like.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Mgff!” my shouts for Alice’s attention were now muffled by her sock and drowned out by the deafening thuds of her footsteps.

“Hm? Alice? Where are you going?”

“L-Lori! … S-Sorry! The next bus comes in five minutes…”

“Huh? Wait, what about Re-”

Alice didn’t even give Lori time to finish her sentence. My sister couldn’t stop Alice in time as she ran out the door. This was bad. Lori likely would’ve thought that I failed to get her attention and that I was left in her room. She wouldn’t have realized that I had fallen into Alice’s shoe and was now getting repeatedly grinded under her foot as she ran to the bus. 

“Mgff… A…lice…!” I should’ve learned my lesson the first time with Lori. Much like with my big sister, my cousin also didn’t feel my miniscule weight beneath her feet. At best, I would’ve felt like a wrinkle in her sock or a rock in her boot. 

I had wanted to prank Alice, but this had become a prank gone wrong. All I could do now was endure.

Boredom 3 - Booted by jellytea819

“U-Um… I think the answer’s 90.52…”

“I got the same thing, so I hope so. Let’s put it down then.”


“Oh right, Alice. You checked out that movie, right? How’d you like it? Wasn’t that ghost scene scary?”

“Scary…? O-Oh, that part…? Um… It felt a bit like an action series the whole time so I didn’t think it was scary…”

“Whoa. You’re pretty tough then. I pissed my pants when I watched that. If you can handle that, maybe I should give you some other recommendations. Do you want some?”

“Really? U-Uhm… I wouldn’t mind…. I really liked that movie… I never got to watch that many before, so it was real fun, Nikki…”

“Alright! We’re movie buddies then, Alice!”

“Haah… Ngfff… Haaah…” 

I never thought I’d be able to eavesdrop on a conversation from inside a boot. Whoever Alice was talking to was a very straight forward girl. She didn’t seem to mind Alice’s stutters and pauses and sounded really grateful to find someone who enjoyed her movie recommendation. I would’ve been much happier for my cousin if I wasn’t still smothered by her socked foot.

How long had it been? Getting grinded into Alice’s insole step by step during Alice’s trip and being forced to breathe in the stench of her hot and sweaty socked foot inside her enclosed and stuffy boot for all of that and an entire bus ride to the campus library was difficult for even a guy like me to handle.

“Damn… Mgff… It’s so hot…” The end result of being thrown about inside Alice’s boot with every movement she made was my body slipping into the gaps beneath her toes. There was just a little more room to breathe, and my body wasn’t always getting crushed under the weight of Alice’s foot. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t move.



Actually, that was wrong. I was moving whenever Alice lifted her foot off the ground. My legs were still pinned but I could somewhat move my arms when the pressure pinning me down lightened up. Even then, though, all I could do was try to push myself away from the sock fibers to get some form of breathing room.

“Oh right, we should get back to work. Do you want to do number 14 or 15?”

“Um… I think I know 15…”

There had to be something I could do to get Alice’s attention. Her sock was so thick that it seemed she never felt my body pressed up against her foot. Even trying to hit it didn’t seem to work. Alice was putting all of her attention on her friend rather than her foot, so I was staying unnoticed.

This was just how it was to be 3 inches tall. I already understood I was unable to do anything without the help of my giant cousin and sister while shrunken, but I never thought being under their notice would be so rough.

Buzz! Buzz!

“Hm…? A message? … Huh? Lori?”

“Oh, is it something important, Alice? Go ahead.”

“Thank you, Nikki…”

Stomp! Stomp!

“Mggrk! Mgfff!” 

In the end, my attempts had been so pathetic that they made no difference. It was Lori who rescued me by calling Alice. My cousin walked away from her friend to answer a call in an empty area of the library, unaware of me getting slammed into her foot with each step.

“H-Hello? … Lori?”

“Alice? Thank god you picked up.”

“Huh? I-Is something wrong? You sound panicked…”

“Yeah, I am. Is Remy with you right now?”

“... Remy? I-I haven’t seen him all day.”

“... I thought as much. Uh, if you’re alone right now, could you check your clothes and maybe your shoes? He might’ve ended up there.”


It had taken Lori this long to confirm I wasn’t in Alice’s room and was likely on her person. Alice was completely stunned at what she had heard, but she understood the problem immediately. 


“Haaah… About time… ”The weight crushing me disappeared as Alice took off her boot. With her foot gone, I could move properly. It was going to take a minute for my body to not feel as flat as a sticker, though…

Rumble! Rumble!

“Whoa!” Sadly, I was not going to get a minute. Before I could react, the floor became the ceiling.

Thump! Thump!

“Waargh!” Alice had turned her boot upside down and tapped it. I was knocked out of her boot like the same way she’d try to get a pebble out of her shoe. I landed on gray tile face first. “Ouch…”


My name being called caused me to open my eyes. I found myself staring up at my cousin who was seated on one of the library’s sofa benches with the boot that had imprisoned me in hand. Her beige sweater and the royal blue dress she had picked for her meet up with her friend had a formal appearance to it so, with my hands on the ground trying to pick myself up, it looked like I was kneeling in front of my cousin who was sitting on a titanic throne.

“Uh… H-Hi, Alice,” for a second, I was speechless.

“I-it’s really, Remy…”

Over the phone, Lori was happy to hear that Alice had apparently found me. “You found him? Oh, thank goodness. Can I count on you to bring him home safely, Alice?”

“U-Uh… Yeah…” Alice hung up before Lori had a chance to say anything else. She was confused after seeing me fall out of her boot. “... R-Remy? What were you doing in there…?” 

“Um… I thought I’d surprise you and give you a little scare?” I considered lying, but seeing Alice uncross her legs and put her socked feet on the floor right in front of me made me an honest man.

“A scare…?” Alice was still confused but she tried to sort through her memories to get a better understanding. Just like Lori, she was pretty quick on the uptake. “I-Is that why Lori came into my room earlier…?” 

“Yeah. I needed her help to get inside. ”

“And that weird voice I heard before I left…” Alice connected two and two together. “You two wanted to prank me with a ghost scare?”

“No, not like that,” I vehemently shook my head. Alice leaned forward in her seat just a bit. At the same time, her feet slid across the floor towards me. I did not want to be bulldozed by them so I started backing up. “I was only thinking of surprising you by giving you a sudden tickle… But then I fell… What you heard was me trying to get your attention to get out.”

“Well, you really did scare me just now, Remy…” Alice couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She put her hand on her forehead and shook her head in disbelief. To me, it looked like she was ashamed at a little brother’s actions. Afterwards, she got off the chair completely to get down on the ground. Before I could react, my body was pinched between her thumb and forefinger. With her other hand, Alice pointed at me, scolding me with, “Never do that again, okay? Bad, Remy…”

This reminded me of a child getting lectured by a mother, although Alice’s last line sounded more like scolding a pet. “Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t want to end up trapped in your boot again.”

“M-My boot…” Alice looked at her boot that she had put down on the ground. She scrunched her toes, likely thinking about how tight of a fit her boots were. “... Are you really okay? Did I hurt you? How could you survive there?”

“The effects of that shrinking machine helped, definitely,” I answered. “Although it was definitely hard to breathe with how stuffy and smelly it was with your sweat and socks. It really stank.”

“... Remy, I don’t think you should tell someone their feet smell,” Alice took offense. She grabbed her boot with her other hand. It worried me if she was going to drop me back in or not because I could smell the stuffy odor coming out from the boot when it was held directly beneath me. At the same time, Alice narrowed her eyes. Even then, each one was as big as my head, making her gaze piercing because she could literally see every part of me.

“Well, in any case, I’m glad you found me. Can we go home now?” I asked.

“… Can you wait until after I’m done? Nikki and I are still working.” As it turned out, my safety wasn’t a priority to Alice.

“Come on Alice. This has been rough enough.”

“Remy, I-”

“Hm? Alice? What’s that?”


“Mgh! Woooah!”

Alice’s hand covered my entire body. Her arm instantaneously moved almost out of a reflex, so the speed at which I was jerked in one direction was disorienting. All I could tell was that I was being forced downwards.

“Ugh!” When Alice let me go, I opened my eyes to find her arm retreating upwards out a lone hole in darkness. After having gotten so familiar with the stuffy heat and pungent odor, I realized immediately where I was. “Wait, seriously? Again?”

Alice had thrown me back into her boot to hide me from her friend. It would have been very hard to explain why her 3 inch cousin was wandering around the campus library, let alone in her shoes.

“Whoah. That was a shout. Did I startle you?”

“Y-Yeah… A little…”

“My bad. You were taking so long, I thought I’d see what was the matter. Who were you talking to?”

“Lor… My housemate just called me… I took something of hers without realizing…”

“Oh, that’s bad. You better return it then when you get back.” 

“I-it’s not a big deal…”

“Not a big deal? Well, okay.” 

Alice covered my presence up easily. When she said that it wasn’t a big deal, she was being honest because of how small I was. She just had to tilt how she was holding her shoe, and I tumbled out of sight towards the toe of her boot. 

“By the way, why’d you take off your boots in the middle of the library?”

“A-Ah… There was something in them.”

“Ouch. I hate that feeling. Getting a rock in my shoe is so annoying. When I can’t take my shoes off, I always have to roll it around until it’s between my toes.”

“Y-Yeah… I didn’t really feel this one, but it was there apparently…”

A rock between her toes? That comparison was too apt. But hearing Alice tell her friend that she didn’t actually feel me reminded me of just how insignificant I was to her. 

“Well, come on. Let’s head back. We only have a few problems left.”

“Alright, Nikki…”


The one light from the entrance was suddenly eclipsed. It was then that I saw the outline of Alice’s foot snaking its way into the boot.

“Huh? Wait, Alice don’t-” I realized that Alice’s friend was likely waiting for Alice to put her shoe back on. She didn’t have much of a choice but to put it on or else the girl would realize something was wrong. I tried to get as far back, but there was no time before Alice’s foot overtook me. “Mgaahff!”

Once again, I was smothered by my cousin’s sock and toes. This time, I at least had one hand free, but I was still unable to move it because of the all-encompassing pressure of Alice’s weight spread over my body. 

“Is it the rock still in there, Alice?”


“Ugfff!” I groaned as Alice wriggled her toes to try and check for my presence.

“I-I don’t feel anything…”

“Great! Then let’s get back to work. My Papa’s visiting and I have lunch plans with him, so I want to get this done ASAP.”


Stomp! Stomp!

“Mgak! Uffgh!”

With Alice having to get back to work with her friend, she had to follow her along. I was at the mercy of my gigantic cousin’s footsteps once again - trapped between her toes and flattened into the insole of her boot. This time, however, Alice knew I was inside. She was shifting her foot and toes around inside her boot, trying to drag me to a place where she could somewhat feel me which, unfortunately, resulted in my face being smothered by her toe.

“Sorry, Remy…,” Alice tried to apologize to me knowing that she had purposefully thrown me into her boot this time. “I didn’t have much choice. I’ll get you out later…”

“Hm? Did you say something Alice?”

“O-Oh, I-I was just thinking how much you like your dad…”

“It’s a little embarrassing when you say that out loud.”

Alice’s attention had to be redirected to her friend. As crushing as it was for me to be squashed inside her boot again, there was nothing that could be done about it. For us to make sure her friend didn’t realize, she had to act natural. At the very least, for Alice, it would be easy for her to keep doing things without thinking about me because I had so little presence.

It was my own fault anyways. I was the one who intruded on Alice’s room earlier and had now interrupted her study group. My plan to prank her went wrong, and this was the consequence. I was just going to have to wait and endure again. This was just how it was going to be until we got home. I certainly learned my lesson this time, though.

I wasn’t going to try to prank my cousin while she didn’t know I was there ever again. If I ever chose to mess with her, it had to be when she knew I was around.

End Notes:

Sorry if it's short! Nikki will probably show up again in the future.

At-Home Workout by jellytea819

When it comes to exercise, what do you do? Sports? Gym equipment? Something else?

When it came to sports, I had a preference for basketball back in high school, but I was never stuck with it so I never was on a team. Even so, it was a fun way to get a workout in with friends on campus. And when it came to going to a gym, heading to one always gave plenty of options to work out whatever part of my body that I wanted. All you have to do is ask someone or search up online how to use the equipment properly. And with our university, the campus gym was free for students to use. 

Of course, there were other methods too and some of these could be done without having to head to a gym. Going for a jog or a walk around the neighborhood could be refreshing, which was Lori’s preference.  Indoor exercise was a possibility too. There were video games nowadays that promoted exercise, and, because Lori had made sure to buy those, we occasionally played them together. Aside from that, Lori had a yoga mat and exercise ball stored in the closet because she occasionally did yoga, and I had my own personal weight set at home too. We’d sometimes motivate each other into working out together.

Of course, that was all before I was 3 inches tall at the apartment. I was limited to exercising outside of the home because there was no way I’d be able to operate a game controller or lift my weights when shrunken. Honestly, going around the house while tiny was exercise enough, but it was a bit of a nuisance to be unable to workout the way I wanted to when I wanted to…

… at least until now.

“Ten… Eleven… Twelve…! Done! That’s the sixth set.”

“...Sixth? Six sets of twelve… 72? Wow. You did so many, Remy? You sure are strong…”

“Err… It’s not really much, Alice, especially compared to what you’re holding.”

“Huh? But this is only a three pounder…?”


I was grateful I had gotten off my bench because, as soon as Alice dropped the pink dumbbell onto the box I was on, the shrunken barbell with a combined weight of 160 pounds I had been using was knocked off the rack and fell off with a heavy clang that sadly was not was impactful as Alice’s normal sized dumbbell.

After Lori figured out a way to use Aunt Shelly’s machine to shrink my weight set without damaging the device, I was finally able to use my weight set again. While I would’ve preferred we leave everything in my dollhouse, we still hadn’t finished shrinking the heavier weights down, so Lori had placed them on an empty cookie tin in front of the machine temporarily. I had impatiently wanted to start lifting again now that I had the chance, so I went ahead and started in our public living space anyways.

“Nggnn~! It’s a three pounder to you, Alice, but that thing’s probably a couple dozen tons to Remy,” Lori answered Alice’s question while seated on a yoga mat right beside my box. 

“Eh…?” Alice gasped in surprise.

“No kidding. It felt like a truck just fell from the sky for a second there. I’d do more than 160 pounds if we had shrunken down the bigger weights, but I’m not insane enough to use a non shrunken weight,” I agreed with my sister but also started to cover my nose now that I was done with my sixth set. “But seriously, Sis. Did you have to put your feet so close?”

The low lying cookie tin was only half way up Lori’s foot, so I was in the shadow of the rest of it as it stood high up above me like a wall. My own sweat wasn’t a big deal for me, but my sister’s foot sweat and stench stung my nose.

“Just deal with it. I’m switching to my next pose soon anyways…” Lori replied. She was doing yoga in her black sports bra and turquoise yoga pants. Unlike Alice who had only been watching, my big sister was joining me in exercising.

“I’m surprised…,” Alice remarked. “...Do you two usually work out together?”

“Sometimes. I thought Lori had plans for today, but she just plopped right next to me after I started,” I answered Alice while walking back to the center of the cookie tin. The collapsed barbell was going to be a pain to pick up, “Oh boy, this’ll be a pain getting back on.”

I tried to think of how to get the fallen barbell back onto the rack safely. Just when I thought to slide off the weights that I had added, Alice’s fingers descended from up above. The 180 pound barbell was pinched between her fingers like a twig and lifted up the same way she would have picked up a lollipop. Honestly, Alice could have snapped the entire bar like a toothpick if she tried. Even she was surprised at how light the shrunken barbell I had been using to train my muscles was to her. She picked the ground crushing 3 pound dumbbell she had plopped onto the tin earlier and compared the two.

“Wow…! The weight difference is super insane. This was heavy for you, Remy? It only feels as heavy as a nickel…”

“You’re just that strong in comparison, Alice,” I didn’t deny how weak being shrunken made me. Seeing Alice scoop up the rest of my shrunken weight set in her hand and hold them with ease like they were pebbles was a bit emasculating, but I had learned of the power difference between us by now. 

 “Oh right… I guess that’s true,” Alice knew of it too. She kneeled back down and picked each and every dumbbell and barbell weight off of her hand one by one like a piece of candy. She rearranged the entire weight set with no effort whatsoever and started playing with my barbell between her fingers like she would a pencil. “Somehow, that makes it cute seeing how hard you were trying to lift this, Remy… Here.”

“Cute? Give me a break,” While I would have normally been happy to see Alice smiling, I realized she was actually teasing me. Even when she lowered the barbell back down to the rack, she pulled it back up for a split second the same way a bully would dangle something just out of reach. “Hey, that’s uncool. Give that back, Alice.”

“... Okay, Remy,” Alice giggled when she finally put it back. She was treating me lightly. Now satisfied with inspecting what I was doing, she stood back up to her full height. Her legs stretched high up above me and her face became completely distant. If I had to be honest, while Alice was certainly talking to me more, there was a gap between us that this highlighted. 

“Jeez, you sure are a bully Alice. Just because I can’t win a fight against your toes doesn’t mean you should show off how much strong you are than me,” I purposefully played the victim.

“...Hey, Remy! I said I was sorry for throwing you in a second time…!” Alice huffed, thinking I was still angry about what had happened the previous week.

“I wasn’t talking about that. I’m just being objective here. I can’t even lift a pencil at this size,” I replied, knowing full well I had riled her up. “Although it was a pain to that stench off me…”

“Oh yeah, it must’ve been nasty with how much sweat builds up in a boot, huh?” Lori agreed. “Though I can’t say you didn’t deserve it for trying to prank her. I bet Alice did that on purpose.”

“... It wasn’t on purpose!” Alice tried to explain herself to my big sister, but our smirks made her realize she was being teamed up against. She grumbled. “Hmph… If you keep bringing it up, maybe I should actually pay you back for trying to prank me than, Remy…”

“Uh… No, thank you, Miss Alice?” I didn’t expect Alice to threaten me as payback. Our cousin’s pouting was as adorable as ever, but I did not want to spend more time as her insole ever again. She could easily follow through on her threat if she wanted too.

“Oh right… What time is it?” Alice realized she had been talking to us for too long. “The bus should be coming soon…” 

“It looks like it’s 11:20. The bus usually gets here on the half-hour. You still have time,” my sister answered, having a full view on the clock from her position and pose.

“I want to save a seat for Nikki since she’s on the same bus line, so I’ll head out… Bye, Lori... Bye, Remy!”

“Bye, Alice!” “See you later, Alice!” Lori and I shouted before Alice got out the door but my voice was drowned out by my sister’s. Our cousin had only been passing the time watching us exercise before the bus came. Now she was headed off to her class, leaving me and Lori alone.

Of course, our first order of business was to talk about Alice behind her back.

“She’s been a bit more talkative these days, but she’s really messing with you more now, huh?” Lori shared her observations as she stood up to pull up her yoga pants that had been a bit too low for her during the entire time she was doing the Sphinx pose.

“So you realized too?” I decided to not go back to the barbell and went over to my shrunken dumbbells instead. I definitely wasn’t going to lift the shrunken multi-ton 3 pound dumbbell Alice had left on the cookie tin. “I’m happy she’s warming up to me, but I can’t help but think she’s looking down on me… and I mean not just literally.”

“It’s your own fault there,” Lori got back down onto the carpet to begin her next yoga pose. “You’re the one who was acting like a brat trying to prank her. She probably thinks of you as an immature kid now.”

I couldn’t argue with my big sister there. I hadn’t been acting mature in front of Alice at all. Still, my cousin wasn’t the only one who had been treating me differently. “I get your point. But is that why YOU have been ‘helicopter mom’-ing over me this whole week? I was actually hoping to get a private workout in today.”

“Hey, this is what you get for scaring me last Saturday. You’re not leaving my sight,” Lori made sure I knew she was not leaving the yoga mat that was right next to me. She was worried about leaving me alone.

“It’s been almost a week…” I appreciated my sister’s concern, but she had been getting uncharacteristically overprotective of me when I was shrunken down. For several days now, when she got home, the first thing she did was check where I was. If I wanted to leave my dollhouse, she stopped what she was doing to take me out of the room. Even now, when I had wanted to use the weights, my sister decided to abandon her plans to do some yoga with me. “Alice didn’t think too much about it, but you’re still overreacting, Lori.”

“Like hell I am. It bothers me how Alice let it go so quickly, but I’m more annoyed how you’re not making a big deal of what happened at all,” My big sister decided to change her yoga pose and turned in my direction. I was a bit startled when she got on her back and pulled her knees up. Instead of her feet facing me now, I was getting a good look at her butt in the tight baby blue yoga pants she was wearing. I was intimidated by the scenery consuming butt that rose up to my level on the box. Without even talking about the thighs that stretched across my entire line of sight, I was dwarfed by the curves of my sister’s rear end in the taut yoga pants.

“Woah… Lori?”

“Well? Did that freak you out?” Lori knew she had flustered me. “That’s right. You should be scared. This butt could pin you down and I’d never notice. You get what I’m saying, Little Bro?”

“That’s not a pretty picture to imagine.” I talked back to Lori, but it was clear that my sister was not taunting me. “But, you do have a fat ass. It might not be too painful.”

“Huh?” Lori was caught off guard for a moment and almost lost her balance. “Don’t tell me you’re into getting crushed. Come to think of it, you didn’t ever get mad at me and Alice for stepping on you.”

“Hey, I wasn’t talking about the getting crushed part,” I pretended to sound offended. My sister’s imagination was acting up. “Honestly, it couldn’t hurt to lighten up a little.”

With her chance at intimidating me a failure, Lori grew silent. She changed her pose once again from the wind-relieving pose to a leg cradle. She kicked both of her legs out so that they surrounded both sides of the box my weights and I were on and then pulled her right leg towards her. I felt the air shift as her leg zoomed overhead like an airplane that had gotten too close.

“... Trust me, you have no idea how scared I was when I broke into Alice’s room and couldn’t find you,” my big sister spoke seriously as she kept posing. “I may mess with you, Remy, but you’re still my little brother. I don’t want this whole shrinking deal to be why you end up missing or dead. I honestly wanted to call off our deal with Aunt Shelly right then and there if Alice didn’t find you so quickly.”

“Hey, I made it out alright in the end, didn’t I?”

“Do you WANT me to list out what could’ve happened that’s even worse than being stuck in Alice’s boot?

“Guess I’ll just have to bulk up some more to be able to do something when the time comes then! Hahaha!” I knew my sister was worried about me, but I still tried to treat things lightly because I had gotten out of things just fine.

This time around, my sister did not appreciate my easy-going nature.


I was plucked off the cookie tin to be taught a lesson. My big sister got on her back and pulled her legs up to her stomach. Unlike earlier when she was hugging her knees, she brought her feet up and kept them flat in the air. With her feet side by side, Lori dropped me on top of them… a hundred feet above the ground from perspective. 


“W-Whoa!” I grabbed on to my sister’s toes, not wanting to fall off. Even though Lori was doing her best to keep still, her legs swayed unconsciously. I didn’t want to risk falling off and plummeting, so I held on tightly. It felt gross to wrap my arms around my sister’s sweaty bare foot, but it was better to endure the salty odor and sticky, damp feeling than it was to be dropped a hundred feet onto the floor.  “So high…”

“High? This is just me holding my feet up, Remy. You’re not even up at my full height,” my sister told me from below. “Do you really think weight training is going to make much of a difference at your scale? Being able to lift twenty more pounds at your size isn’t even an ounce more to Alice and me. In fact, do you even weigh an ounce? There’s a reason Alice and I can’t really feel you.”

“Well, if weights won’t help, there’s always cardio, righ-Mgff?!”

“Heh, cardio? You’re small enough to have to walk across my foot. You won’t get any far running at your size either. No matter how far you run, Alice and I can pass you in just a few steps,” Lori scrunched her toes, pinning me between them in one simple action. “What good is any training when it doesn’t show any results while you’re shrunken?”

I knew my sister wasn’t making fun of me. She was being realistic and trying to make me see the reality that I couldn’t stand up against anything while shrunken down no matter how much I trained. It wasn’t like I didn’t know that. My mouth was just speaking before my brain thought. I had plenty of time to think now because Lori was covering up my mouth with her big toe. The horrible taste of foot sweat pouring into my mouth stopped me from talking immediately.

“Pwah!” I gagged and gasped for air when she finally let me go. “Fine… I get it. I get it. I’ll be serious for once.”

“Sorry, Remy,” Lori sighed. “No matter how strong you are, everything’s a danger when you’re ankle height. I want you to understand that so you’ll be more careful.”

Lori had a point. Shrinking was all fine and dandy in the home where it was more controlled, but the second I fell off Lori’s and Alice’s notice, I was helpless. And outside of the house where everything was already 24 times bigger, I definitely wouldn’t be able to survive as a rat sized man.

“... I wonder if Aunt Shelly knew all this would happen,” Lori frowned, glancing at the machine.

Keeping my grip on my sister’s toes before I glanced down at her face, I answered, “I doubt she would’ve planned that far ahead for my safety. She only cares about Alice.”

“More like she only cares that Alice is always under her thumb. How the heck is she Mom’s sister…?”

Lori’s scowl was even deeper than mine. Lori and I cared for Alice, but neither of us liked our aunt. We siblings wanted to let Alice have a proper college life and for her to be more independent of her mother, so we were both doing our best to make sure Alice could stay. After what had happened though, Lori seemed to be having regrets.

“Lori, I’ll be fine,” I told my sister seriously. “I won’t be as reckless as before, so let’s keep this up so Alice doesn’t have to worry. Trust me, I can deal with this, so let’s show Aunt Shelly we can handle these stupid terms of hers.”

“... That’s not very persuasive when you’re clinging to my toes for dear life,” Lori remarked. She reached her hand back up and plucked me off of her foot. Slowly, she lowered me back down to the cookie tin that my weights were on, and then she sat up. “But I get it. I’ll stop messing with you too to make it easier on you. We’re both doing this for her after all.”

“You? Not messing with me? That feels weird to hear.”

“Pfft! What, do you actually want me to? So I was right after all!” 

“As if you are. I’m just saying that there’s no way you wouldn’t be messing with me. It’s ingrained into your DNA.”

“... You’re not wrong. So tell it to me straight. I might actually forget and then pick on you unless you tell me otherwise.”

Lori and I gave up on working out as we wrapped up our little talk laughing. As much as I was the victim of being shrunken down, Lori was just as involved as me when it came to our troubles with Aunt Shelly. At the very least, the argument we had was now mostly resolved. We were once again on the same page of living life however we could under Aunt Shelly’s conditions.

My sister’s nerves had settled.

End Notes:

I don't ever use weights for workouts so I hope I did things right.

Alice's attitude towards Remy is definitely getting more noticeable. As for Lori, she'll be a bit nicer, but that doesn't mean she still won't be messing with him.

Dollhouse Invasion by jellytea819

For my 3 inch self in the apartment, trudging through dirty carpet and climbing up tiny ladders to get to higher places really worked up a sweat. Getting dirty after a long day out was one thing, but when I was small, it was even easier for me to get covered with dirt and dust.

“Whoa, wait, Ali-”


Occasionally getting knocked down and smothered by either Lori’s or Alice’s feet while I was going around the carpet also stained my clothes and body with sock lint and foot sweat. I was so slow going from the shrinking platform to my dollhouse that Alice had gone back to her room to put her stuff down and then gone to the bathroom before I got to Lori’s room. When she walked out of the bathroom, I was in the hallway right along her path so I got stepped on immediately.


“Huh…? …. Remy? Sorry, I didn’t see you there…” At this point, Alice had accidentally stepped on me so many times now that she was getting too used to peeling me off her sock. I wished she hadn’t scrunched her toes when she raised her foot because my arm was caught between them, causing me to dangle in the air for a second before I fell off.

“It’s my bad. I should’ve stayed closer to the wall.”

“Yeah, you really should have…” Alice was capable of telling me bluntly now because of how often it had happened. Today, though, she had one other thing to say. “Eww… You kind of stink, Remy. You’re all sticky too…”

“That’s kind of your fault isn’t it?”

“... Was I that sweaty? Sorry…. I biked home today so I guess I sweated a lot,” my cousin apologized. “But maybe you should take a bath…”

“Yeah, I really need one now.”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask, Remy…. How HAVE you been bathing?” Alice knelt down with her hand on her cheek. I had to back up because she had gotten so close that her crotch was directly above me. The sweat dripping from her thighs hit the carpet a few feet away from me with a heavy thud. I stumbled as she looked down at me with curiosity. “You can’t use the bathroom at your size, right…? Actually, what about the toilet?”

“Wow, that sure is a question to ask a guy,” It surprised me how long it had taken for Alice to ask this question. She was right that I couldn’t use the regular sized restroom on my own. Normally, I would’ve answered her directly, but it honestly felt embarrassing to have to explain it.

“What do you mean, Remy…?” Alice tilted her head, confused. She didn’t seem to realize she was asking something so personal.

Click! Yawn!

“What the heck? You guys are back already?” Lori opened the door to her room, having heard Alice’s question as we talked in the hallway. From the disheveled jacket that hung off her shoulders, her messy hair, and the dried drool on her chin, she had just woken up from a nap. “I was having a nice nap too.”

“Hey, Sis.” I was caught off guard by my sister’s sudden appearance because she normally came home at 4 pm on these days. She must have been allowed to leave early.

She looked down at the floor where I was and scanned my entire body with her sharp gaze. She was checking on how I was. Upon noticing my state, she crossed her arms. “Sheesh. You really look nasty, Remy. Should I get some water warmed up for you?”

“Much appreciated, Sis,” I was grateful how quick my sister was on the uptake as she stepped into the hallway. She made sure not to step on me as she walked over me. I didn’t continue looking at her as she headed off to the kitchen and instead turned to Alice who was still looking at Lori curiously. If she was looking with such interest, it would probably be easier to just satisfy her. “You wanted to see my bath, Alice? Let’s head over to my dollhouse then.”

“... Eh? Is it okay for me to see?” Alice asked. Her eyes were sparkling. There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to see so her question was only a formality. In fact, she was already headed into Lori’s room before I had a chance to answer or move.

“Hey, at least wait for me.”

Of course, Alice didn’t. She was interested in my dollhouse because she hadn’t ever gotten a proper look at the inside of it since moving in. Lori always kept it under her desk facing the wall for my privacy’s sake. As Alice didn’t want to intrude on Lori’s private room, she never went inside unless invited. This was the first chance in a long while that our cousin had to see my dollhouse.

As we still hadn’t been able to get a different dollhouse that was closer to my 1:24 scale, it was still the same 1:6 scale dollhouse. Lori and I had managed to shrink down an air mattress, a foldable desk, and a chair so I had something my scale to use, but they certainly must have looked tiny when compared to the plastic toys four times bigger than them.

When I finally reached Lori’s room, I saw that Alice had pulled the entire building out from beneath my sister’s desk and was messing with everything inside with interest. Privacy was something Lori gave me because we were siblings, but because it was only a dollhouse, the ‘bedroom’ was no more than a toy for my cousin to take a look at.

“Oh wow… This stuff looks so out of place…,” Alice was kneeling down and holding my shrunken table on one hand.

“That’s because it’s not the right type of doll house,” I wanted to respond to Alice, but Lori stepped past me, already finishing getting the water before I could get to the dollhouse. She spoke up and explained things instead to our cousin as she put something down on her work desk. “A smaller one that fits Remy isn’t sold around here, and we haven’t had much luck getting a proper one online. Right, Remy?”

My sister turned to me. It wasn’t that she couldn’t answer her own question herself. She was directing Alice’s attention in my direction too so she knew where I was on the floor. “Yeah. There were a couple that looked good but were super expensive, and the ones that were cheap were out of stock.”

“And while I’m good with tech, Aunt Shelly’s machine has a fixed size it shrinks things to so we can’t just shrink this one to Remy’s scale,” Lori sighed. “And don’t get me started on DIY…”

Our options for different dollhouses had been exhausted, so we just kept using the improperly sized one as it was. It wasn’t too much of a hassle at least. All I really needed was a bed and a desk to work on for my bedroom. Even if everything I needed looked baby-sized in comparison to the rest of the doll furniture, that was mostly enough. The problem was the bathroom.

“What… is this thing, Lori?” Alice asked, seeing a paper plate underneath the dollhouse bathroom.

“Oh that’s… You might not want to touch that, Alice… That’s Remy’s plumbing system.”

“Plumbing…?! Gross…!”

It was a bit hilarious to watch the gigantic Alice pull away from the dollhouse before she touched the plate. That was right. Lori had poked a hole through the dollhouse toilet so that it would lead to the plate which she’d throw out every day. I tried to not use the toilet at home whenever possible, but that was our only solution for the moment. Without running water, it felt more like an outhouse.

When I walked up to the opened dollhouse and got to the bathroom, Alice realized something else.

“... Actually, Remy, you’re way too small for this bathroom, aren’t you? Wouldn’t you fall in there?”

“Let’s not think about that.” Because I was 1/24th my size, the 1/6th scale toilet was actually taller than me. Lori actually had to put a few different sized erasers next to it to create steps for me to head up to it. The plastic sink also needed steps too because I wasn’t even half its height. I was actually able to use this sometimes because Lori dripped a bit of water into the drainless toy sink. I definitely wanted to wash my face, so I climbed up the erasers to splash the water on my face.

“Hehe… ” a giggle escaped Alice’s lips as she watched me. “This looks really funny… Lori, are there any dolls?”

“Yeah?” Lori was confused as to why Alice would ask that as she kept messing with the water at her desk. “I think they’re in one of the boxes behind you. There were two I think, but I never took the other out of the packaging.”

“Why do you need a dol-”


When Alice had turned around while on all fours, her socked foot bumped into the dollhouse. The entire building was pushed back an inch which was 2 feet on my scale. Knocked off balance, I fell forward off the eraser steps and stumbled until I landed on my cousin’s socked toes.

“Urgh… That was a sho- Oh hell no. I’m not staying here,” I was smart enough to shove myself off of Alice’s foot before she turned around and her foot took me along with it. I did it just in time as Alice spun around with a Barbie doll in hand. “Phew, made it.”

“I got it…,” Alice said as she held the 1/6 scale doll in her hand. Standing it next to me, I saw that I was only knee high to the plastic doll. “Oh wow… Remy, you’re like a baby to Barbie.”

I didn’t appreciate how accurate the comparison was. The dollhouse playset had a beach house theme to it, so Barbie was in a tye-dye one piece that really showed off how long her legs were. I knew I was so small that I couldn’t reach the dollhouse door knobs, but seeing the long peach legs of the plastic doll loom over me was a bit humiliating. It was even worse as Alice tried to move the doll to make it look like she was following me as I backed away to the bedroom part of the dollhouse.

“Well shoot, now I really feel like a kid,” I realized my mistake when I saw how my furniture compared to the doll, especially when Alice tried to seat the doll on my mattress. The air bed was more like a chair cushion to the Barbie, and my desk and chair were more suitable for infants from this perspective.

“Ehehe… This brings back memories…” I heard Alice say. “I think Mom threw out my dolls when I was six… She said I was too old for them and then signed me up for piano and violin lessons…”

When she was six? That was way too soon. I understood that Aunt Shelly wanted Alice to study more, but she should’ve at least let our cousin have more of a childhood. Even so, I didn’t appreciate the idea of Alice re-embracing her childhood when I was one of the dolls. 

“Mgff! Hey, Alice- Mgrk!” Alice’s left hand grabbed me the same way she was holding the larger Barbie doll in her right hand. My cousin had bent the doll’s adjustable limbs so that they were capable of cradling me in them when she plopped me onto them. While not as high up as whenever she or Lori plucked me up off the ground, it was still a sizable drop from the 4x taller doll’s arms. “S-Seriously?”

“You really do fit… Cute…” Alice mumbled. 

“Um… Alice… That’s my brother, remember?” Lori was just as stunned as I was at how Alice was behaving but she thankfully spoke up for me.

“Huh?” Alice blinked. It took a moment before she realized and her face turned red. “... A-Ah!”


Alice tilted the doll and pulled it towards her to separate me from it, causing me to fall out of its arms. I didn’t fall out immediately so I ended up outside of the dollhouse rather than inside… right between on top of her right foot.

“Uwoof!” the ground below me shifted, as Alice pulled her foot away. I fell onto the floor where her sweat had absorbed into the carpet.

“My bad, Remy… You were just so much like a toy that I…” Alice apologized. Having stood up, she stepped away from the dollhouse.

“Blech! It’s… fine,” I slowly picked myself up. After washing my face, it was stained by sweat and carpet/sock lint again. “A dollhouse is meant to be played with after all.”

“...Eh? Then I can play with you again…?” To my surprise, Alice took my reassurance as a chance to ask.

“Alice?” My sister was just as shocked as I was. “That’s his home right now, but Remy’s not actually a doll.”

“A-Ah…” Alice realized Lori was right. “Sorry… I guess I forgot about that…”

“...” I stayed silent. Alice forgot? She sounded more disappointed than apologetic. I was her cousin, wasn’t I? 

Lori realized as well. There was an awkward silence between the three of us because neither Lori nor I could think of a way to call Alice out in such a strange situation. 

I decided to change the subject instead. “In any case, is my bath ready yet, Sis? I feel so gross after everything.”

“Huh?” My sister’s memory was jogged by my question. Even she had forgotten what she had gone out into the kitchen to prepare for me. “Oh right. I hope it hasn’t cooled down.”

“I’m fine if it’s warm. Better than being boiled alive.”

“Huh? Warm?” Alice looked up, trying to understand our suddenly changed conversation. “O-Oh. I forgot about the bath.”

That was right. Before she had gotten distracted by my dollhouse, Alice and I had been talking about a bath.

My sister grabbed the bowl of microwaved water off of her desk and carefully slipped it onto the floor of the dollhouse bathroom. She then put down a small sauce dish that had four different things squeezed out onto it including shampoo and bodywash.

“Yeah. Since you wanted to know. This is how I’ve been bathing most of these days,” I told her as I headed over to the shrunken laundry basket in the room that had my clean clothes. I could still see steam coming out of the bowl, so I was relieved that it was still hot. “Water feels weird at this size, but it works still at least.”

“Oh… I guess that makes sense… I honestly thought Lori would have to wash you in the sink…,” Alice was surprised, but she was interested in the bowl of water. I was a bit irked when I saw her bend down to slip the doll into the bowl as well so that it looked like the barbie doll was taking a dip in a hot tub.

“That’d be a pain for both of us,” Lori shook her head. “We may be siblings, but I don’t want to see my brother naked.” 

“Yeah, I’d rather not be washed like a plate either,” I talked back to my sister as I took off my gross shirt.

“Whoa, hey, do that when we’re not looking, will you?” Lori saw me start stripping and put herself between the dollhouse and Alice.

“Huh…? What’s Remy doing…?” Alice tried to peak past my sister, curious why Lori had suddenly decided to block her. 

“Taking his clothes off for a bath, of course,” Lori answered.

“He is…?” She stepped back and reflexively covered her face, but she was still peaking through her fingers. “Lori, I can’t see…”

“Alice?” My sister was surprised at our cousin’s persistence in still looking. Still, she knew what she had to do if I was actually going to be taking a bath. She started shoving our cousin out of the room. “Come on, girl. Let’s give Remy some privacy, alright?”

“... Huh? O-Oh, alright,” Alice still had to be pushed out despite being told. Had she not realized she was trying to peek on a guy?

As the door to Lori’s room shut, I finally felt safe enough to actually start taking off my pants. After being stepped on and treated like a toy, Alice had felt bad and apologized for what she had done when she realized her mistake. However, when I started changing, she actually tried to look. Her curiosity had overcome her nervousness, although how much nervousness when I was small was probably as little as I was. 

The Alice from when she first moved in would have never done such a thing. It was clear that she was changing while she was living with us. Getting used to living away from her mom was one thing, but Alice was definitely getting too used to me being tiny. Sadly, she was not getting used to me in a good way.

The Amazonian Barbie doll I was joining in the bath told me just how Alice saw me.

“Alice… Just what are we going to do with you…”

End Notes:

Yeah, it's pretty clear Alice sees how Alice sees shrunken Remy now. I've got another Alice chapter next but I do want to do a Lori chapter after before what I have planned after.

Lego Playtime 1 - Alice by jellytea819

Some days are just fun days. Relaxing days where you can just hang around, play what you want, and talk about whatever you wanted were needed during college. Today was one of those days where the three of us had actually gone shopping together - going to the supermarket, the mall, and a few mom-and-pop shops too.

“... and then Nikki flipped him over…”

“Whoa. Is she alright? You two didn’t get in trouble, did you?”

“No… the security guard and manager said it was self-defense... They said he was a repeat offender harassing the staff and they had video proof, so they thanked her and let us go after taking our statements… Nikki’s was afraid the whole time that she’d get arrested, but I told her everything would be fine…”

“Well, aren’t you a good friend? You worried me when you started that story off, but if security said it was fine, then I guess everything should be okay.” 

“Yeah I hope, Lori… but guys are really scary… He just wouldn’t take no for an answer…”

“Dude got what he deserved for not knowing when to quit hitting on your friend,” I sighed. Alice’s lack of comfort from men was something that we still had to address in addition to her shyness. People like the man she was talking about were certainly going to leave a negative impression on her. It pained me to see it, but the entire time we were talking to each other, Alice was on the opposite side of Lori and had dragged my sister a few feet away from where I was walking. “But Alice, not all guys are as bad as him. Don’t lump all of us into the same group as that idiot.”

“... A-Ah. Sorry, Remy. I-I know, b-but still…” Alice realized she had tried to defend my own gender. “... N-Nikki’s not going to get in trouble after that, w-will she…?”

“Yeah. From the rest of the story, I don’t think there’ll be any repercussions for what she did. That Nikki girl sounds pretty strong,” I answered, frowning at Alice’s stuttering. I was pretty aware of who Nikki was considering I had spent a few hours in Alice’s boot when she was studying with her before. They had spent an extra hour talking about movie recommendations even though Alice knew I was in her boot after she found me inside. “You sure made one crazy friend, Alice.”

“Y-yeah…,” Alice reflexively hid behind Lori when I turned my gaze toward her, but she peeked her head out to look at me when she responded. “N-Nikki’s super nice… She just wanted a movie buddy, but she’s been helping me go outside with people more… I still can’t talk to guys, but I… I want to return the favor to her one day…”

Lori and I shared a glance. Alice had been slowly trying to improve herself. It was still a shame that she was stuttering with me when I was normal sized, but she was certainly stuttering a lot less, especially when talking about Nikki. In fact, the one who was doing most of the talking on our car trip back had been Alice. Shopping wasn’t something the three of us typically did together, but this was one of those rare occasions where we could all talk to each other at regular size. It helped Lori and I see how Alice was doing when it came to talking to guys.

“Well, if you ever need something, let me and Remy know. We’ll help you out,” grinned Lori. She wanted to pat Alice on the back, but she was carrying four grocery bags at that moment.

“Thanks… A-And, sorry, Remy… I-I must’ve been a bother the whole trip for you… I-I still can’t get too close to you…”

“Oh, that wasn’t a problem. If I had complaints, they’d be about having to sit in the back of Lori’s junk filled car. You’ve been talking to me more than you’ve been hiding, Alice, so I’m just happy you’ve been improving,” I reassured her as we walked up to the house. I was straggling behind my sibling and cousin mainly because I was carrying four plastic bags as well as one that had three boxes in it.

“Hey, that equipment’s not junk!” Lori took offense, causing Alice to laugh.

In any case, Lori, Alice, and I had too many items in hand walking back to our apartment from the parked car. Lori wanted to buy a lot of stuff. She needed more hands, including someone to do the heavy lifting, so that was why Alice and I had to come along.

Sadly, I couldn’t be the muscle of our group for very long. After Lori unlocked the door for us to head back in, I had to go through with the obligatory shrinking. After putting things I had carried in the center of the living room, I sighed and walked over to the shrinking platform. 

“Hey, Remy. Can’t you do it after helping us un-bag things?” Lori frowned.

“I can’t even use the bathroom right when I get home, so do you think I can do that?” I shook my head and stepped onto the platform. “Our deal with Aunt Shelly was that I shrink myself right when I get home.”

“D-Do you really have to right away, Remy…?” Alice asked from the entrance as she took off her shoes. “I-I’ve been wondering this from the beginning actually… How would Mom know…?”

“She wouldn’t. The platform keeps track of every time it’s used, but she can’t find out unless she came here herself to check. And with our deal, she’s supposed to stay away so you can actually live independently,” My sister sighed. “Remy’s the type to always follow through on what he says. I remember hearing some girls say that it’s one of his good points, but it’s more just stubbornness on his part. He’s not as flexible as you think he’d be on these sorts of things.” 

“Hey, if Aunt Shelly’s keeping up her end of the deal, I’ve got to keep up with ours.”

“You say that, but sometimes I wonder if you just like being tiny.”

“... Y-You do, Remy?” I saw Alice take a step towards me after she heard my sister’s quip.

“Absolutely not.” I pressed the button on the shrinking machine as Alice got closer. My cousin only ever approached me when I was smaller. As my line of sight quickly fell beneath her shorts, Alice put her hand on her knees and leaned forward, looming over me as my body shrank. Whenever we came home at the same time, no matter what other plans she had, she would always watch me shrink. It was strange, watching her nervous gaze become one of curiosity. There was a sparkle in her eyes as her quivering lips curled into a smile the smaller I got. “I’m never going to get used to this.”

“Ehehe…” I was getting used to hearing the loud giggle escape Alice’s lips whenever I reached the 3 inches. I frowned, knowing I was only level with her ankles due to standing on the stage-sized platform. It was pretty hot for an autumn day, so Alice was wearing some very short shorts with a hoodie, so when I looked up, my eyes traced the path of her bare legs up to her knees and then her thighs but were then to see any further. “I think I’ve gotten used to the tiny you at least…”

“Well you’re not stutte- Mgff!”


Without warning my cousin’s left hand descended and pinched the back of my shirt. She pulled me up so that she could drop me onto her palm.

“I’ll take you to the table, Remy…”

I would’ve appreciated a warning before she had done so, but Alice no longer hesitated when grabbing me while I was small. She brought me over to the dining table as Lori put the food items in the fridge and cupboards.

“Oof… A little notice would’ve been nice, Ali… ce…,” I told her when she put me down, but I drifted off. Alice was way too close to the edge of the table she had put me on. Her legs were longer than table height, so her bare thighs had become walls that dwarfed me. When I looked up I was only able to stare up at my cousin’s crotch.

“... Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~”

Alice didn’t seem to hear me as she was pushing building sized items on the table aside to make room for the other things we had bought. I started backing up whenever Alice leaned forward because her thighs started bumping into the table and her crotch loomed over my body. After putting me on the table, she stopped paying attention to me completely. As was typical of whenever I was shrunken - I dropped off everyone’s notice, but Alice did so way too quickly. 

“By the way, Lori… What kind of games did you buy? You were really excited when we passed that one store…” my cousin asked.

“Hm? I guess they’re more toys than games, but there was a 70% off sale, so I really couldn’t resist,” Lori answered. “I bought three different lego sets!”

“... Lego?” Alice repeated. She actually didn’t know. “... What is that?”

“You don’t know Lego, Alice?” Lori was shocked, but it made sense considering who Alice’s mother was. She gave the girl a proper explanation. “They’re like building blocks! You can make real complicated stuff with them like buildings and spaceships! There are different sets and kits for making different things, and they can be rearranged however you want so you can get real creative with them.”

“I see…”

“It’s not just a kid’s toy. A bunch of adults have assembling lego sets as a hobby too!” I shouted out loud to both help explain and to get Alice’s attention as to where I was. 

“Remy and I loved these when we were kids. Still do too. Do you want to open them up and mess around, Alice?”

“Really…?” Alice’s eyes sparkled. “... I want to try!”

“That’s good, Ali- Mgff!” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Alice snatched me off the table and closed her hand before I could even blink.

Because she never really got to play with them, Alice’s curiosity with toys and games was immense. I had learned that first hand from how interested she was in my dollhouse. Whenever Lori brought out a game for chore betting, she got deeply invested. I would’ve shared Lori in her laughter if my mouth wasn’t being kept shut by Alice’s fingers that wrapped around my entire body.

“Uwo-Oof!” I was put down onto the carpet without much care as Alice began unboxing the lego sets. I didn’t appreciate the unceremonious drop, but I had other concerns when I got up and found that I had to cover my nose. Immediately beside me was my cousin’s white sock which she had taken off. I understood she had taken it off because it had gotten too hot, but this was still the living room. Alice had certainly gotten too comfortable with living with us.

“... Oh wow! … Is it supposed to be an apartment?”

“That one is since it’s based on a place in a movie. The other’s a building set and the last one’s a medieval castle. You don’t have to build them like that though. I have a mess of old sets in a box in my room we can add to the mix too.”

“... Will it fit Remy?”

“Well, they do hurt to step on so I don’t think he’d like it,” Lori laughed as she left the kitchen to grab another grocery bag from the front entrance.  “I think Remy might actually be too big for these sets, though.”

“I’d rather not move into a different place when I’m already forced to move into the dollhouse,” I gave my opinion as I tried to get around Alice’s sock. The issue with avoiding the sweaty used sock was that, because of how Alice was sitting, my only option was to get closer to her left foot.

“But I can make one that fits you Remy… Ehehe…” Alice giggled. She was getting too playful. “Do you want to help me make one that you like…?”

“Well… Urgh… They’re a bit heavy, but I can actually pick them up,” I confirmed Lori’s statement when I tried to pick up one of the lego pieces that had fallen onto the carpet.

“Ehehe… Sorry I asked, Remy… I guess I’ll do it myself,” As she said those words, Alice’s feet started to sway up and down. With how close I was to her left foot, I could feel the hot odor blow into my face as it moved. My face stung for a moment from the saltiness caused by the sweat it had collected from when we went out. I was able to endure it, though, because my mind was distracted with something else: Alice’s expression.

If there was one thing I never thought I’d see from my usually withdrawn cousin, it was a look of confidence. Her interest in trying out the lego brought out her childishness so she couldn’t resist laughing when she apologized. I had proven how weak I was by showing my struggles at her feet, so she must have concluded that I wouldn’t be of any help at all.

My pride took a beating. From her tone, she didn’t actually mean to, but her childish laugh booming in my ears made her sound superior to me. Alice was looking down on me in both senses of the word, so that was pretty much true, especially since I had shown just how incapable I was while shrunken. Even so, it made me want to prove myself.

“Well, aren’t you getting cocky? I can lift this stuff just fine,” I put up as much false bravado as I could to not lose face while at my cousin’s feet. I stacked as many of the four-bump square lego pieces on top of one another to prove my strength as I could. Unfortunately, it was tougher than laying bricks because each one weighed around 40 lbs to me. It was like lugging a mega sized bag of dog food. It wasn’t impossible, but it was exhausting. I wasn’t heavy or strong enough to push the pieces down either so that they properly connected. I ran out of energy after managing to make an unstable chest high tower. “Guh… See…?”

“Ehehe…” Alice giggled, seeing how exasperated I was when I realized I couldn’t actually do any more. “That kind of works…”



I fell backwards as a peach colored mass descended and flew past me. Alice’s left foot moved faster than any car. It wasn’t the only thing that moved either. Her right foot came from the other end. Together, they surrounded the tower that was right next to me. She pressed the tower between her toes so it wouldn’t topple and then pulled it towards her. It was terrifying when I realized I could have easily been in the lego stack’s place. With one finger, she pushed down on the blocks so they properly clicked together. She then picked it up and added it to the set she had started building.

“Thank you, Remy… Can you do a few more?” Alice asked. She put her other hand over her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing but her body was clearly showing her giggle fit and her mouth was curling up too much for me to not be able to notice. I couldn’t tell if she was mocking me or praising me.If it was the latter, it was sadly in the same manner of praise as she would give a pet.

“Hey, don’t make too much of a mess now. I don’t want to step on one of those later,” Alice’s attitude didn’t seem to be any different to Lori who was putting the last of our purchases away. It must have been because it only looked like Alice was playing around to her. Since I was so small, Alice’s confidence, from her expression to her posture to her gaze, was in full view to the point where I honestly felt a little pressure from it.

Although Alice’s progress with talking to normal sized people was slow, she was making leaps and bounds when it came to talking to me while I was small. At this point, though, I wasn’t sure how happy I was about that. I hoped that her attitude towards me was just because she was having fun joking around.

Still, she wasn’t the only person who wanted to play with the lego set. My sister was the one that bought it after all.


“Whoa! Avalanche!”

After Lori finished putting things away, she joined my cousin who was trying to make the apartment on the shown on the box. She brought out her old sets too so that there were more legos to use. I found myself stuck in between their legs and feet as massive structures started being built around me. 

“Alright. This should be more than enough for us to fool around with for the day.”

“... There’s so much more now, Lori! We can make a whole city with these…!”

“That’s the plan! You, me, and Remy could build a bunch of stuff together.”

“Me, build? You sure that’s what’s going to happen, Sis? I’m just going to end up as another part of the set, aren’t I?”

“You can be our interior designer, Little Bro. This is an experience you can only get when you’re small, right?”

“Well, I can’t deny that it does sound fun.”

Although I ended up agreeing, as my sister and cousin loomed over me with smiles on their faces, I felt a little nervous. If Lori was on Alice’s side this time, I wasn’t going to be able to say no because she wasn’t going to be willing to help me.

It was her turn to have some fun now too.

End Notes:
I wanted to write something relaxing so I thought Legos would be nice.
Lego Playtime 2 - Lori by jellytea819

Despite being the older one out of the two of us, my big sister had a childish side to her.

“... Do you think we should put this here?”

“It’s not a bad spot. Maybe a little more to the left, Alice!”

“Yeah, that’s perfect, Alice.”

Her game collecting hobby also included kids’ toys like the lego set she was building with Alice at this very moment. While legos were more than just a children’s toy and could also be an adult’s hobby, there was a sparkle of joy in her eyes whenever she played with anything that she bought. It was more subdued joy than Alice’s who was having her first-time experience with the lego set, but she was fully enjoying her playtime.

“Oh, where’s the lego men?”

“There’s one right here next to me, Sis!”

“... Lori, I found a few…. Here you go. Also can I have a bunch of square blocks…?”

“Yeah, here.”

“They're not listening to me at all there, are they?”

As Lori and Alice set about arranging the lego blocks into a toy city, I watched from an open apartment lego set while leaning on a lego man. Despite the set having a very open design, I had known from the start that I wouldn’t be heard. I was already too small for them to hear normally unless they were actively paying attention to me. With the rattling of plastic blocks caused by their shuffling around, my squeaks went complete unnoticed.

“Hey, squirt, I’m the big guy here, so you’re coming with me, okay? I need someone to talk to.”

I must have sounded insane talking to the inch and a half tall lego man, but it was a good way to pass the time. At half my height, it felt like I was talking to a kid despite it being an inanimate object. The toy lego was the closest I could get to normal sized companionship at my dismal height.

My sister and cousin had built the apartment’s structure and left me in it while they started building around it. Lori and Alice had both joked that since I couldn’t do much, I could at least be the interior designer. It made sense at least. The lego structures they were putting together were literal buildings to me, so all I could do was move things around the area they had placed me.

… Even that was pretty difficult though.

“Uwoah… How the hell are you so heavy?” Because of my diminished size, the tiny lego man was actually the weight of a child. I was making an effort to lift it off the floor so that it wouldn’t slam into the bumps as I moved it around. The lego man was one of the lighter pieces I had access to as well, so the arrangement of the lego apartment set was still very unfinished. “Well, whatever. Come on. You’re coming to the sofa. It’s hard as heck, but I need someone to talk to.”

I gave up pretty early and started messing around with the lego-man. I got very ‘buddy-buddy’ with it as I waited for Lori and Alice to turn their attention to me again.


“Ugh… Of course, this is how she pays attention to me,” I groaned as I looked up to see the roof piece above me get removed. The sudden pouring in of light blinded me for a second, but it wasn’t long before a different shadow fell over me. Looking up, I saw the wall of my sister’s left foot rising high above the walls of the lego apartment. She had pulled herself back from what she had been building so she could stretch her legs. And although she had put her foot so close by, she could still see me.

“Doesn’t look like you’re making much progress there, Bro.”

“You told me to arrange the inside of this set. I’m not that good at decorating,” I shouted up at her so she could hear me, not wanting to admit how tough it was to lug around the lego pieces. I could only put a few lego blocks together because that was my limit. 

“I’m pretty sure there’s a heavier reason,” Lori already knew that reason. She could see me struggling the entire time she was with Alice after all. “If you’re done in there, though. Why don’t you take at how far we’ve gotten? You’re not a toy, so you should move around, Bro.”

“You say that, but you put me in this place too.”

“Sorry,” my sister apologized. “I mean, legos are pretty physical so leaving the interior decorating to you was the only way you could join in.”

“I’m just messing with you,” I knew Lori didn’t intend to treat me like a toy. She just didn’t want to leave me out. “I don’t mind getting a first hand look at what you made. There’s some things you don’t get to see unless you’re 3 inches tall after all.”

“You sure are optimistic,” Lori laughed as I walked out of the apartment set.


The wind blew as my sister swung her leg over the lego set’s walls. I was small enough that I didn’t have to duck, but I did so reflexively anyway. My sister’s spread bare legs formed an even taller wall, spanning a portion of the lego ‘city’ she and Alice had made.

“Whoa…,” I whistled, hopping off the baseplate of the apartment set and trudged through the carpet for three inches.

Lori had several large baseplates for her and Alice to place whatever legos they wanted on top of the carpet. She had arranged them in such a way that the carpet resembled streets that surrounded the ‘city blocks’ that held the structures they had built. Well-built buildings were set up to my left while the towers of the partially built medieval castle set were to my right. In front of me was a towering skyscraper of multi-colored blocks that looked a lot less intricately built than everything else.

“You girls sure have been busy,” I remarked. “... You’ve always been quick to assemble one of these sets, Sis.”

“What can I say, I like these sorts of things,” my sister appreciated the compliment. “You like the city we’re building?”

“Well, half of it looks professionally made. The other half on the other hand…”

“Hey… That’s mean, Remy,” Alice entered the conversation, standing up from behind the lego skyscraper. I reflexively backed away when she, still on her knees, hunched over to peek over the structure. “I’ve been working hard…”

“Yeah, I know you have,” I tried to remain composed, but my body language was probably betraying me. With the structures they had built mildly resembling actual city buildings, it was like I had she had actually grown gigantic. “But you definitely need to work on your design skills. The colors are all over the place, and you’re using so many different sized blocks where it should be uniform.”

“Wow, you sure are a critic, Bro,” my sister laughed at how blunt I was.

I didn’t earn any favors from Alice with my statement, sadly. She huffed and got on all fours, crawling around the structure with jumbo sized lego blocks in hand. “I’d like to see you do any better, Remy…”



Thud! Thud!

“Hey, wait, Alice!”


With a huff, Alice got back at me by surrounding me with lego blocks. I was walled off on all four sides, as my cousin immediately made a prison around me. I was trapped, only able to look up to see my cousin’s pouting face.

“... See? I’m super fast at building… I can make things perfectly like this, right…?” my cousin’s voice reverberated down the tall walls that only got higher as Alice added more and more blocks to them.

“Speed isn’t the important thing. If it’s this hollow, there’s not much to your design, is there?” Even though I was getting shown my place, I still dared to provoke my cousin.

“... What?”

“Remy, you sure don’t know any fear. You really should be taught that at some point,” I heard Lori’s voice. After she spoke, I felt everything shake. One of the thick walls was lifting up as my sister pulled it out to free me.


Well, although I said free me, there was still no light pouring in after she removed one wall. That was because, in its place, was a foot. Lori had pulled her legs back so she could put her foot right behind the wall before she took it out. Now, I was trapped on three sides by legos while my sister’s barefoot threatened to press inwards. The enclosed space collected the heat pouring from her foot as well as its stench, so I immediately started sweating and was forced to cover my mouth.

“Wow. It’s not quite a perfect fit, but I really can just block you in like this, huh?”

“Lori, what the heck!?”

“Hehe. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t think it’d be that easy to trap you,” My sister’s toes wriggled high above me. She lingered in place for a solid minute before she pulled her leg back so I could see her smug smile.

I groaned and ran out as soon as I could. The musty stench of my sister’s foot was too much for me.

“Gah… Finally… Fresh air,” I was finally able to exhale after I ran out. Of course, after I fled, Lori and Alice removed the remaining walls.

“Serves you right, Remy…” Alice was still pouting before she retreated behind the lego skyscraper again.

“I hate to say it, but you brought this on yourself. Don’t be so nit-picky about someone else’s design. These are just toys,” Lori chose not to defend me from Alice’s wrath. She had taken part in messing with me because she agreed too that I shouldn’t have poked fun at Alice’s construction.

It was my own fault, I knew that. I was going to have to do something in exchange for appeasing them.

“Hey, nothing’s toy sized to me,” I sighed as I tried thinking of an idea. “If you want me to praise your building, at least give me a better view than this low angle or than the dark inside you trapped me in earlier.” 

“Hmph, then come up here where you can see…,” Alice told me casually, knowing full well that there was clearly no way for me to do so.

I figured that this was a good way to get into Alice’s good graces again. “Well, if you were to build me some stairs, Miss City Planner, I’d be happy to climb up them.”

“City planner…?” Upon hearing the title I gave her, Alice visibly stiffened. 

“You’re building this city, right? Doesn’t that make you a city planner, Alice? You’re the capable one - doing what I can’t after all.”

“Me? Capable…?”

Despite having to shout up at her, I was still capable of putting in my most flattering tone of voice as I could into my voice. It took a moment for Alice to process what I had called her, but she didn’t dislike it. In fact, she took it as a compliment. Her smile widened as I piled on the praise.

“... Okay! I’ll make one real quick…!”


“Haha- Woah!”

I had wanted to chuckle at how Alice was so easily sweet-talked into doing the heavy lifting for me, but that thought quickly left my mind when she stood up to get some more pieces. Her foot thankfully did not land on the base I was standing on, but weight and size made themselves clear when she braced herself to stand up. I actually felt her flex her leg muscles as her foot pushed into the carpet, causing the lego baseplate right by her toes to shift a few millimeters. It felt like the earth suddenly shifted as my cousin rose up to her full height, her bare legs dwarfing the lego skyscraper.

“Alice, you’re way too easy…” Lori was dumbfounded at how quickly our cousin cheered up. “Pretty sly with the flattery there, Bro.”

“Jeez… Well, if it works, then it works,” It took me a moment to recover from feeling Alice’s strength, but when I saw that she wasn’t nearby anymore, I felt safe enough to laugh. “Don’t tell me I have to do something for you too, though, Lori.”

“No, that dumb look you had on your face when she stood up was enough for me,” Lori was satisfied as long as I had been flustered. “But really, you shouldn’t mess with someone 24 times your size. I can’t believe you managed to convince Alice to build for you after insulting her work so much.”

“Hey, I’m nothing but a citizen of this tiny town. You two are its creators, so I have no choice but to rely on both of you, right?” I exaggerated my movements to both show Lori that I was being sarcastic and to hide my legs that were still shaking from Alice’s unaware show of force.

“I mean, you’re not wrong,” Lori couldn’t deny my reasoning and was amused at how I phrased things.  “Well, I do want you to actually see what we built from above. If you’re climbing on your own and we don’t have to carry you, that sounds good to me.”

“Carry? Oh, right, that was an option too.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!


“... Remy, here you go.”

“Oh boy. Those are the stairs, Alice?”

In the end, it was too late for me to change what I had said after Lori pointed out the easier way of seeing the town. The heavy thuds behind me came from Alice connecting several lego pieces she had quickly put together to the baseplate. Rather than a straight staircase, it looked like she placed the lego pieces haphazardly so that I would have to turn left and then right and then left again as I ascended them. In fact, she used multiple different sets of varying heights to create the staircase that snaked up to the top of the lego skyscraper.

“Ooh. Pretty artistic there, Alice. Looks like one of those Escher paintings,” Lori whistled, not wanting to insult her design in any obvious way.

“I just grabbed what I could to make it tall enough to reach the top…” Alice explained why she had built it the way it was, but she also had another reason. “... Also, this should be fun for Remy to climb up, right?”

Fun was relative the same way size was relative. It seemed being able to watch me climb her playfully built staircase was entertaining for her while it was going to be a tough exercise for me.

“Fun, huh? Sorry to burst your bubble, Alice, but I don’t think I’d call this fun,” I walked up to the staircase to find myself tilting my head up to try to see the first step. The lowest section of her staircase used the jumbo lego pieces meant for little children. They were 4” high so they were 8 feet tall to me. If I wanted to get to the first step, I’d have to jump and try to climb on to the block as if it were a ledge.  “Nghh! Ungargh!”

“... Remy?” Alice heard my grunts. Both she and Lori leaned in to see what I was doing.

“Ngh! You made the first step too tall, Alice. I can’t reach,” I told her as I tried to grab the ledge. “Do you mind adding a few smaller steps for me?”



“Pfft…!!!” “Snrk!”

As I strained to jump to climb up the lego block, I heard Alice’s stifled laughter. My need for another handicap even after she had built something for me amused her. She wasn’t the only one either. Even Lori wasn’t immune to the laughter.

“Heheh, wow, you said you’d climb her stairs if she built them, but even then, you still need help, huh?” my sister smirked. 

“I-I can’t… I can’t…” Alice was clenching her sides from trying so hard to hold in her laughter. “...I can’t be mad at Remy anymore…! Tha… That’s so funny…!”

“Well, if this was all I had to do to cheer her up, maybe I don’t have to climb up this after all,” I wondered if I could get out of this without having to do any extra work.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. Lori had an idea at that very moment. “Hold on. Now, I really want to see him climb up. Here. I’ve got the best solution. Ahaha~!”


“Uwoah!” I jumped away from the stairs as Lori swung her leg through the air. Her barefoot landed next to me so that her right foot, while flat on the ground, was in front of the first step. “Hey, that’s not a step, Sis.” 

“Well, I took a step, so that counts, right? Anyways, it should be easier to climb up to like this,” Lori chuckled at her own joke.

I groaned. My sister’s bad pun just made things more unbearable. Even so, I did tell Alice that I’d climb her stairs. If I said I’d do something, I was going to have to do it.

“Well, fine. This is at least more entertaining than just sitting around watching you girls build.”

“That’s the spirit, Bro- Whoa! Hang on. That tickles!”

Lori had to force herself to stiffen up and not jerk around as I pulled myself up onto her foot. My sister’s toes were indeed easier to get up than the 4 inch tall jumbo lego block. I felt like an insect crawling up her foot until I was high enough to jump over to the top of the first big piece.

“Urgh… Phew…” It was more exhausting of a start than I had expected.

“Ehehe… One down, Remy… Many more to go!” Alice giggled, cheering me on with one of the worst possible ways to phrase it.


“At least the rest of the steps look pretty level.”

Indeed, the first step was the hardest of them all. After that, It was just a matter of carefully making my way up the stairs from the edge of the city to the center skyscraper. It certainly felt like I was climbing a stairway to heaven. If that was the case, though, the two giant girls staring down at me would be the goddesses residing in that heaven, and I did not want to think of my sister and cousin in that way.

Sadly, they were clearly in control of my ascent as well.



“Gwoah! Hey, Alice!” I braced myself when Alice pursed her lips. My cousin had pulled her face close to blow wind on me. I had to hold on tight to the block I was on to avoid stumbling.

“Ehehe… Hurry up, Remy. You’re taking too long….”

“Then can you at least fix the next step?”

“Oh, oops… I guess that’s too tall for you too…”

“I got him. Here, Bro. Another ‘step’ for you.”

“Real funny, Lori,” I sighed as my sister raised her foot and tried to gently lower it onto the wall of legos that made one of Alice’s staircases. She let me climb up it again to get to the next level of legos.

In the end, I got played with by my sister and cousin way more like a toy than I thought Lori would ever treat me. She was having too much fun the same way Alice was. It was like they were kids again.

At the very least, when I finally made it to the top, I earned my time to rest and catch my breath.

“... So, how does it look from up here, Remy…?” Alice asked now that I finished my climb.

I had said that I needed a better view of their construction to praise them. The skyscraper wasn’t even that high when compared to my cousin and sister. At best, when they were standing, I was a bit above their knees. Even so, looking down, I felt a sense of vertigo - probably because Lori did end up making their play area very city-like in layout. It really did look like I was peering down from the top of a building.

A thought came to my mind that I couldn’t stop myself from voicing despite having been higher up before and despite both girls being even taller than the building.

“Um, this is a bit too high, girls. Can you put me back down?”



“Pffft!” “Snrk!”

There was another pause before, of course, the two of them laughed again. The two of them were having a lot of fun at my own expense today with the lego playsets.

End Notes:

Sorry if it's been a while. I got too into making the Bad Status Dragon Rider game during my vacation. Well, I'm back into writing this story!

Alice's Request by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

“...Hmhmhm~!” light humming mixed with the sounds of running water that Saturday morning.  Early Saturdays were lazy mornings at our apartment. After all, it was the weekend. It felt good to rest up and do things with a slow, relaxed pace after a fun Friday night. That was why, while Alice was enjoying her shower, Lori was sprawled out on the living room carpet with me.

“So how is it?”

“Ngrh! Well, it’s easier to climb up than the ladders, but it’s a bit too big even for something you made.”

“I agree. It’s neater than Alice’s, but it’s still too clunky for the living room. I guess we should just put these away. I thought it’d give you some more mobility around the house, but you need too many pieces to get you up a chair.”

“Maybe you can just make one that goes up to the button on the machine. Then I don’t have to ask you guys to grow me back all the time.”

“Heh. That wouldn’t work since you have to be on the platform at the same time you hit the switch. You’ll just have to keep tapping at our feet to remind us when you need to leave the house, Remy. Ngh~!”



My sister stretched recklessly, accidentally kicking the lego staircase she had built for me to climb up to coffee table height. I jumped off just in time before the entire staircase turned 90 degrees from the impact, but that didn’t stop me from falling. My heart jumped into my throat as I fell down onto the pillow below - having discovered what it would feel like to jump off a collapsing building like in action movies. Sadly, I still wasn’t able to avoid Lori’s feet. She had kicked both of her bare feet onto the same pillow that was my safety net. I was flanked to my left and right by her ankles and her left foot’s shadow fell over me.


“Damn, I seriously need that coffee right around now.”

“You’re tired? With all of the adrenaline in my system, I’m wide awake now,” I continued the conversation, having gotten used to being thrown around my big sister’s bare feet.

Early Saturday mornings were days everyone at our apartment typically slept in, but that morning, unlike Alice who had woken up well rested, Lori and I had bags under our eyes. I had a bit more energy than my sister because I was getting my blood flowing climbing the staircase she had built, but we were both waiting for the coffee pot to chime that it was ready.

Why were we so tired? The answer was simple.

We hadn’t slept at all.

“Hm…? Oh, finally. My program’s finished compiling,” Lori turned her head to the laptop that was right next to her while she was sprawled all over the carpet. “Aaaand, that’s not right. It’s not an error but the test variable I put in never went up… Oh! Is that line of code where I screwed up? … Darn, it was. Okay. Let’s try this again.”

“Gonna run it for another hour?”

“No choice. The battery on this old laptop sucks too, so I guess I’m stuck here all morning too,” she sighed. She hated using the laptop her lab gave her, but it was the only one with the programs and applications she needed on it. “Thanks for joining me in passing the time all night, Bro.”

“It’s the weekend, so I had nothing better to do,” sounding humble to make myself look good wasn’t as effective when I was holding my nose. The weight of her feet caused the pillow to sink, so I stumbled trying to make my way off of it and ended up falling onto the ball of right foot. “Gwoah!”

Lori turned her attention to her laptop which required her to roll over. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get away as her feet bowled over me when she flipped over from lying on her back to lying on her side. I was smothered into the pillow by the weight of her right heel.

“Mgff! Lori!”

“Ah, sorry about that Rem- Gyak!”


To both of our dismay, Lori flipping over had gotten the ethernet cable twisted around her leg. When she tried to get off of me, she suddenly got jerked back by the tension. Her heel had only gotten off of me before slamming right back down.

“… Oops. My bad,” Lori apologized. “I didn’t even realize it was around my leg. Maybe I need a nap after all this.”

“Maybe I’ll join you. I think that knocked the wind out of me enough to tire me out too…” I groaned. When Lori rolled over onto her stomach to get her foot off of me, I was pulled along with it. I was free from being smothered but I was plastered on her heel still due to the sweat and had to make an effort to push myself off.

We had stayed up all night chatting, playing board games, and watching videos on Lori’s tablet to keep ourselves preoccupied and awake while her computer program was compiling. While Lori’s project had nothing to do with me, I simply decided to hang out together with her to keep her company through the night.

We were both dead tired now in any case. I knew my sister was drifting off because she didn’t react at all as I crawled my way up her bare leg towards her black cotton shorts. Normally, her muscles would’ve tensed slightly, and I would’ve felt it at my scale. She didn’t react until I crawled up her shorts onto her left butt cheek. The ground beneath me jerked when she clenched her ass.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” 

“Just getting as far away from your feet as possible, so I won’t get stepped on again.”

“Heh, I thought you said you were tired. Seems like you have plenty of energy to me, Remy.”

“Moving keeps me awake. Here I go!” I answered, sliding down the slope of her butt onto her back. 

“Hey, I can’t move if you’re on my back! You’ll fall again if I turn or get up,” my sister frowned. She did realize something though as I walked around on her black tank top which was just a bit thicker than her shorts. “Oh wow. I can hardly feel you at all through my shirt.”

“Wasn’t that obvious from the start? I’m so light, I’m not even capable of massages. It’s super hard to feel me.”

“Well, yes. That’s why I’ve been going barefoot so often. Gotta make it easier to know I step on you,” she replied, “It just caught me off guard since I could definitely feel you slide down my ass there.”

“It was kind of fun,” I laughed.

“You… No comment,” my sister found it difficult to respond to my words. She must’ve been flustered because she chose to change the subject. I saw her head turn in the direction of the bathroom. I could hear the squeaking off the shower faucet as the sound of running water stopped. Alice must have finished her morning shower. “Do you think Alice has ever pulled an all nighter?”

“I don’t think so. I think she sleeps the most out of all of us,” I thought of how many hours each of us slept on average. “Unlike you and me, she has a pretty responsible sleep schedule.”

“A bit too responsible. She should definitely have more fun and go out more. She’s got to break a few rules and laws while she’s living here.”

“I think breaking the law would be going a bit too far, Lori,” I chuckled, knowing she was just joking. Still, I did agree with her. Alice usually just went straight home after her classes were over. The only times she went out was whenever she was invited by her friend, Nikki. And when she did, she usually contacted us to let us know even though she didn’t need to. “But you’re right. It couldn’t hurt for her to loosen up some more…”

“I wonder what’d she do that’d be considered irresponsible…” Lori mumbled. 

“As long as she’s responsible enough to stop toying with me.” I knew that such a thing was becoming impossible to demand now that Alice had gotten so used to my small size, but I still wanted that to happen.

“I don’t think that’s happening anytime s…oon….”

“Lori?” My sister’s voice drifted off. I couldn’t tell why she didn’t respond to me, so I had to get around her body to see her face.

It took me another minute before I finally got over to my sister’s shoulder.  I slid down her arm so that she could see that I was finally off her back. I had to walk even further before I could turn around and see her face. My sister’s chin was on her head and her eyelids were drooping. She was falling asleep. The exhaustion was getting to her.

Ring. Ring.

“...Huh? Hello…? Nikki?” We heard the loud ringing of Alice’s phone on maximum volume on the opposite end of the bathroom door. Someone had called her. Apparently, it was her friend, Nikki.

“Oh? That’s rare. A call this early?” Lori rubbed her eyes, trying her best to remain awake.

“Sounds like she’s going out to meet her friend.”

When it came to Alice’s time outside of the house, Lori and I didn’t really know too much outside of whatever Alice told us. We were all adults, including Alice, so we didn’t keep an eye on every single detail of her life like her mother wanted to do. We wanted her to have the freedom she never had so she could do whatever she wanted.

“... What-?! Already ... A-Ah! Sorry, Nikki… I fell asleep last night… I forgot to ask them. I’ll go ask them now…”



“Huh? Alice?” Lori’s eyes widened when she looked up after our cousin left the bathroom.





Alice opened up the bathroom door clad in only her pink camisole and her white panties. The dozens of meters of distance (from my perspective) were crossed in just four steps. Because I had gotten in front of Lori earlier, I nearly got stepped on by a pair of still wet, fresh from the shower, feet. Even then, though, I couldn’t evade the drops of water that were still clinging and dripping off of Alice’s body. A droplet fell from her wet blonde hair and onto my head like a bucket of water, physically forcing me awake.

Lori was also forced awake, although from the mental shock instead. It gave her enough adrenaline to rush to cover me with her hands to prevent me from looking at our scantily clad cousin.

“Alice, Remy’s here!” Lori’s palm covered me in shadow. Both of us were surprised because she had gotten out of the bath in her underwear.

“... Huh? Oh, he is…” Alice didn’t show any signs of embarrassment or shock when she noticed me. Was it fine for her to not be concerned about me seeing her in her underwear? Apparently, it was because she paid it no mind and refocused the conversation immediately. “No, that’s perfect… Lori… Remy… Can I ask for a favor?”

“Huh? Sure? What is it?” Lori was confused, but it wasn’t often for our cousin to actually make a request of us. She agreed almost reflexively.

“Can my friend Nikki come over…?”

It was a simple request, but Alice’s eyes were burning with determination when she looked at my sister.

“Remy?” Lori tilted her palm ever so slightly so that she could glance down at me while still preventing me from seeing Alice. From the look in her eyes, she had already made her decision, but she wanted my confirmation as well.

“You already know what I think, Sis.” Of course, us siblings were of the same mind when it came to Alice.

“Then sure.”

We honestly didn’t care about permission. When you live on your own, you could invite your friends over anytime you wanted, but Alice had never had that luxury. With how her mother was, I doubted if any of her friends ever visited her house back then. The fact that Alice thought she had to ask us permission was evidence of that. It didn’t feel right to deny her.

“Eh?” Although we had agreed to her request, Alice was shocked. “… Is it really okay? What about Remy…?”

“Well, we’re not really keeping his shrinking a secret,” Lori answered calmly. She picked herself off the floor just a little, giving me a clear view of her breasts which were pressing into the carpet and the cleavage line that was bigger than I was tall. “A lot of people on campus know about the tech our lab’s been studying after all. I mean, I guess I don’t want your friend to touch the machine just in case it gets broken, but that’s on the same level as asking guests to not enter private rooms. Right, Remy?”

“Uh… Yeah,” it took me a second to regain my composure while looking straight at my sister’s cavernous cleavage. “It’s fine to invite people over. This house is just as much yours as it is ours.”

“It’s no problem on our end, so don’t hold back just because you’re worried about us, Alice,” Lori assured our cousin. “If you don’t want us around while she’s here, the two of us can just leave the house or hole up in my room too. That’d probably be safer for Remy too.”

Lori’s glance reminded me of the incident that happened weeks ago. “Right, being trapped in a boot during your study session with her was kind of rough.”

“Ah… I forgot about that…” Unlike me who had tried to block that experience out of my memory, Alice’s intonation told me that she had actually forgotten about it.

If she wanted her friend to come over, we’d have to prepare. It wouldn’t be safe for a shrunken guy to be around a stranger. Being 3 inches tall in the presence of my own sister and cousin who had grown accustomed to it was dangerous enough. Even if she was Alice’s friend, there was no telling how Nikki would react to me.

“But yeah, we should probably get things ready before she comes then. When is she coming, Alice?”

“Um… About that…”

Ding! Dong!

“Hey, Alice! It’s Nikki! I’m here!”

The moment I asked that question, the chime of the door bell called our attention. It was still only 9 in the morning on a Saturday, so it was rather early for all of us. Alice’s face turned red when Lori turned her gaze back to her.

“Sorry… I should’ve told you yesterday but I forgot before I fell asleep… She already got off the bus when I asked. Please don’t get mad at me…”

We weren’t mad at her, but a little earlier of a warning would have definitely been appreciated. 

“Well, I guess she’s being a lot more irresponsible like we wanted.”

End Notes:

A transition chapter before the next one. It's a bit basic, but when I was thinking up the Nikki chapter, it felt a bit weird off if I just jumped straight into it.

Nikki 1 - First Impressions by jellytea819

Just who was Nikki?

When it came to Alice’s friends, Lori and I were only aware of one person. The girl Alice talked about the most was Nikki. Did we know much about her? Despite all that Alice spoke to us about, we honestly didn’t. Alice’s friends were her own after all.

“Hey! Hey! I brought all the equipment and snacks too! Soda, chips, popcorn - the works! Are you ready, Alice?”

“... Wow, you’re super excited, Nikki. It’s so early…”

Now that she had come over, Lori and I were learning a lot about her from first impressions.

“I told you I’d run over as soon as I woke up. We’re giving you a taste of a bunch of different movies until we find something you like!”

“... How many movies would that be?” 

“I don’t know, but you did say a sleepover was fine, right? I’m not letting you sleep tonight.”

“... Now, I’m glad I slept well last night then…”

Considering how our cousin was, it was likely that Nikki was the only friend she had made so far since attending college. That wasn’t a bad thing in the slightest. It seemed the two of them were close enough to have a sleepover.


“A sleepover? So that’s what you had planned, Alice,” high above me, Lori couldn’t stop herself from yawning. I couldn’t tell what expression she was making because she had stood up to greet our guest after Alice had slipped a hoodie over her underwear to let her friend in. The only view I had was over her towering legs as she purposefully stood with her left heel up so that it created a wall that blocked any sight of me. “Sorry if the place is a mess…. Nikki, was it? Alice only gave us the heads up a minute before you came. I’m Lori, her cousin.”

Lori was doing her best to sound natural, but it was clear from my ears that there was tension in her voice. Lori was doing her best to keep me hidden. While we did tell Alice that we weren’t keeping my shrinking a secret, neither of us were sure how much Nikki knew about our situation nor how she’d react. As such, we felt it’d be easier on us if she didn’t see me. Lori was also trying to hide the shrinking platform too even though it was in plain view since there was nothing we could do about something so massive. She tried to stand in Nikki’s way from seeing it and me, hoping the girl was either oblivious enough to not realize I was shrunken.

“Whoa, those are some serious bags under your eyes.”

“I haven’t been sleeping much this week. And I just pulled an all-nighter. It’s no big deal, though. Nothing to worry about.”

“Whoa! I haven’t pulled a single school related all-nighter since the school year started. Don’t tell me it’s going to get tougher than the midterm cramming we just had.”

“Hm? Oh, right. You two are freshmen. Honestly, it just depends on your course load. I’ve just been having trouble with my project since the laptop I have to use for this is a hunk of junk.”

“Hunk of junk?” The moment Nikki turned her head to try to look behind Lori, my sister leaned her body in the same direction to block her. It was certainly unnatural, but Lori was persistent enough to continue. “Uh… Excuse me?”

I probably should’ve tried to sneak away to another hiding place to take advantage of my sister’s conversation, but I didn’t. I was a bit too curious and actually got closer. I wanted to get a proper look at Nikki - the girl who Alice had been spending so much time with and the very girl I had been so close to without her knowing when I was stuck inside Alice’s boot.

“Sorry, Sis. This probably isn’t the best place to be, but I want to see,” I grumbled as I walked up to my sister’s foot. Because of how she held her foot in place, her toes were just barely touching the carpet. I didn’t appreciate the smell coming from between each toe, but the gaps in between her toes were perfect to peek through. I only hoped that Lori wasn’t going to put her foot down any time soon. “Whoa, so that’s what she looks like.” 

I was able to see someone who I did not expect to be the type of girl Alice would be friends with. A spunky girl with a ponytail and dyed blue highlights in her black hair was wearing a movie T-shirt that was large enough that it was impossible to see if she was wearing shorts underneath or not. From what I could tell, she was a very laid back and easy-going person. 

Whaaam! Thud!


“You don’t have to be so cautious. I’m just going to be hanging in Alice’s room all day,” Nikki chuckled as she took off her shoes. She tossed them to the side. It was like watching a car crash when the massive truck sized purple and blue sneakers impacted the wall to my left and rolled. I flinched out of reflex.

The stories Alice told us of Nikki flipping a guy who had been bothering her made sense now considering she was visibly toned and fit. She wasn’t muscular per se, but she was well built. In contrast to the delicate, indoorsy Alice, her friend seemed to be a lot more sporty and outgoing. The gap between them really made me wonder how in the world they were able to get along so well.


Well, I couldn’t really consider Alice too delicate when she was capable of lugging bags that were hundreds of tons from my perspective. The massive weight swinging overhead was more than a little intimidating. The snacks Nikki had brought made enough of a sound pushing through the air even though it wasn’t at any level for any of the girls to sense.

In any case, all three girls seemed to naturally create a circle as they talked where the entryway met the living room carpet. I glanced up at Alice who noticed me hiding behind my sister’s foot when she put down the bags. The sight of a tiny guy peeking out from behind his sister’s foot to look up at a circle of towering girls must’ve looked cute to her. She had to put her hand over her mouth to hold back her laughter. Even then, I could still hear her muffled giggle over Nikki’s and Lori’s conversation.

“Pfft…! Remy…”

“Hm? What’s up, Alice?” Nikki only saw Alice’s expression and thankfully didn’t trace my cousin’s gaze toward me.

“I was jus… A-Ah…! Uh… It’s nothing…” Alice realized she had made a mistake by alerting Nikki to my presence when Lori shot a demanding glance at her. She turned away from me but stuttered because she couldn’t come up with a lie to distract her friend. 

“Nothing, huh?”


“...” Nikki said nothing. It was more than likely that she knew Alice was lying. Our cousin’s emotions showed on her face after all. Even Alice herself knew that, so the only thing she could do was put down the bag of snacks to create another blockade to prevent me from being spotted. She let it go when it swung towards Lori so it smacked her right leg. Unfortunately, it was more troublesome than it was helpful.



The impact of the gargantuan bag hitting the ground shocked me enough to make me stumble. I fell backwards away from Lori’s feet. Unfortunately, that left me out in the open… right between Lori’s left foot and one of Nikki’s sneakers.

“Hm? Did I hear something?”



Lori was quick to cover for Alice’s mistake and my accidental shout. But she wasn’t gentle in her rush to hide me. In order to be quick enough for Nikki to not spot me Lori’s left foot slid across the floor. She couldn’t stealthily pull me back behind her leg, so she ended up kicking me out of the way instead. Her foot slammed into me so powerful that I was lifted up off the floor and launched like a kicked pebble.

“Did you put something weird in this bag? I heard a squeak from it,” Lori lied about where my shout had come from and directed the attention to the snack bag.

“... Huh?” Nikki narrowed her eyes. My sister and cousin hadn’t been the least bit conspicuous. I was concerned when I felt her gaze even while knocked down. Nikki’s next words seemed to change the subject however. “A squeak? I don’t think I threw any of Sparky’s chew toys in there.”

“... Sparky? You have a dog, Nikki…?”

“Oh, did I never tell you, Alice? Yeah. He’s back at home, but Dad did bring him up last time he visited. Let me see, I should have some pictures.”

“Oh? Let me see too. What breed is he?”

As I picked myself up off the floor, I saw that my sister’s redirection had been successful. The girls were all preoccupied with looking at Nikki’s dog photos, so I was able to stand up and figure out where I had tumbled.

Well, it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

“Mgh… You’re kidding me,” my face scrunched up as I plugged up my nose. I didn’t even have to open my eyes to figure out I had landed amongst the shoes Nikki had tossed. I stood up to see the purple and blue colors of our guest’s sneakers. One of her shoes had fallen on its side, so the foul smell of sweat and feet was right next to me. It unnerved me to see that the opening of her sneaker was big enough for me to enter like a cave, but at least there wasn’t much of a chance for me to be spotted now. 

“Wow… He’s so cute…!”

“Ain’t he? He always tilts his head like that whenever Dad calls him.”

“Oh man, I want to pet him. Ngh~!”

The sight of my sister trying to hold back her desire to squeal distracted me from the odor of Nikki’s shoes. I chuckled knowing from my experience with Sam’s dog that Lori was a sucker for dogs and cats. “Heh, would you look at that. As always, pet photos get everyone’s attention.”

However, even if I wasn’t getting spotted, there was still something else in the house that was going to be seen. 

“Alright, Alice. I think it’s time we head to your room… Is what I want to say, but before that… That thing over there - Can I ask about it?”

We were close to having Nikki just go into Alice’s room without lingering in the living room, but the ‘elephant in the room’ was too difficult to ignore. And honestly, Nikki had likely been curious about it since the moment she walked into our apartment.

“Oh, don’t touch that! That’s delicate equipment!” I could see Lori’s split second moment of panic from my vantage point below when she realized she had gotten so into Nikki’s pet photos that she forgot about blocking her view of the platform. She had let the girl walk right past her.

“I can tell.”

Even if my sister blocked Nikki from seeing the machine for a while, Nikki wasn’t oblivious. She wasn’t freaked out or surprised by the sight of the shrinking platform. Rather, she was composed, if not a bit curious. 

“Oh wow, it takes up so much room,” Nikki started to walk over to the machine. As she stepped onto the carpet, the sporty girl pulled her socks off. To my dismay, she tossed them in my direction with the dexterity of a basketball player. The sky above me turned black when her two black socks landed right onto her sneakers - a balled up one hitting its mark and landing inside the upright shoe and the second one covering me and the tipped over shoe.

“Mgaaff!” My cries were muffled as the heavy, sweat stained tarp of a sock blanketed me. 

“Ah…” Since Nikki was looking at the machine and Lori was there to guard it, Alice was the only one who saw my plight. I would’ve appreciated it if she helped me as I struggled to crawl out from beneath the sock, but she did not. It was for the better, though, since doing so would draw Nikki’s attention to my location.

And as it turned out, Nikki was not ignorant to what was in our house.

“This is one of those compression machines, right? You actually have one at home?” the girl put her hand to her chin. She actually knew what the shrinking platform was.

“Compre-? You actually know your stuff,” Lori was surprised Nikki knew the proper terminology.

“Lots of folks think I’m a humanities girl, but my major’s in mechanical engineering, so I know a thing or two about these machines,” Nikki chuckled. She was probably grinning when she told Lori who likely made the same assumption. Even I had been thinking the same thing considering how passionate Nikki seemed to be about movies, but it made sense considering she had a few classes in common with Alice. “I saw these when they let me tour the engineering building during orientation. So am I right that this is one of those shrinking platforms?”

“Uh, well, yeah, it is one. It’s not the latest model, but we have this one at the apartment for… special reasons.”

“That’s so awesome!” Nikki’s sudden excitement raised the pitch of her voice. “I've gotten a bit curious about these things ever since I read an article that they’re going to be using these machines for movies in the future. That’d be so cool to shrink actors and cameramen down to get all sorts of scenes and angles. I’ve seen a bunch of movies with shrinking in them, but those were all special effects. The real deal sounds so cool.”

“... There are movies with shrinking in them?” Alice asked. Her lack of pop culture knowledge was known to all of us at this point so it wasn’t surprising to us that she didn’t know.

“Oh, of course there are, Alice! Size changing in movies is a pretty common theme actually. People growing super huge or getting shrunken down to bug size - there’s a bunch of recent ones, but you just can’t beat the classics,” Nikki was ecstatic to hear Alice’s curiosity. It seemed to give her an idea. “Oh, we should add them to the list of movies to watch today! My favorite one is about a man who just keeps shrinking and shrinking. It’s got a pretty horrific tone, but it’s super compelling how insignificant he gets.”

I stopped crawling for just a second to shudder when I heard Nikki’s glee from describing the movie. I knew the one she was talking about. She was far too excited about the ‘horrific’ part of the movie’s synopsis.

“You sure have some taste there, Nikki,” my sister was just as concerned as I was, but she was trying her best to sound unconcerned.

On the other hand, the film's premise seemed to spark something in Alice. Her voice sounded like she was brimming with curiosity when she asked, “... Really?! How small does he get?”

“That’d spoil the movie,” Nikki laughed. “But really, that film was before science developed this far. I wonder how small these machines can shrink someone in real life. Is there a limit?”

“Is it three inches…?” Alice mumbled, recalling my height. 

“Alice, please, don’t make it obvious,” I frowned, wondering if Alice was looking in my direction. I still couldn’t tell as the thick net of Nikki’s sock was tougher than I expected to crawl out of. It was a bit damp from sweat too, so it was too heavy to lift. Unfortunately for me, when I finally was able to crawl to a place where the sock was raised off the ground and could get out, I realized I had entered Nikki’s shoe. “Shoot. I went the wrong way.”

“I’m pretty sure they can make things even smaller,” As I continued to struggle, Nikki shared her thoughts regarding Alice’s mumblings. “Hm… Actually, Alice, wouldn’t this be helpful for you in dealing with guys? If we could ever shrink some dude, they wouldn’t be scary at all to you at the size of a bug, right?”

Cough! Cough!


“Hack! Urgh! Sorry,” my sister coughed. Lori and I had assumed a friend of Alice’s would be pretty normal, but Nikki was way sharper than we had given her credit for. She hadn’t realized that I was around, had she?

“You alright? It sounds like you were pretty shocked there.”

“Gak! Water just went down the wrong pipe. It’s no big deal.”

“... No, I’m pretty sure you had a good reason to be surprised there, and I think I figured it out already.”

“... Huh? Nikki…?”

Rumble! Whoosh!


The answer was made clear enough when the shoe I was in suddenly tipped over so that it was properly upright again. I tumbled onto the indentation of Nikki’s heel inside, my face kissing the sweat encrusted insole. There was no time to even feel repulsed by the smell and taste, though, as before I could react, the floor rose up. My body slammed into the sneaker insole as Nikki’s shoe was lifted off the floor.

“Mgffh!” The sudden acceleration wasn’t the only issue. I couldn’t see anything. Nikki’s sock sank into the opening of her shoe because of it as well, so I was once again covered by the musty fabric. All that surrounded me was darkness and the dank stench of Nikki’s used sock. It didn’t pin me down for too long, though. It was lifted up and pulled away when the acceleration finally stopped. Light poured into the sneaker, blinding me for an instant, but letting me see again.


“Busted,” I realized I was caught when the light was blocked once again. Instead of by a sock, though, it was blocked by a face - or rather, an eye that was peeking in.

“Whoa, I was right. I was sure I spotted something skittering around, but who knew it was a tiny guy crazy enough to climb right into my sneaker,” I heard Nikki’s voice reverberate around the confines of her sneaker. She had realized where I was the entire time. I wanted to get up but Nikki pushed me back down by putting her finger on my torso. Her black painted nail dug into my chest. “I thought you two were acting strange since I came in. So this was why.”

“... R-Remy!” Alice ended up calling my name.

“Hey, be careful with him,” Lori was concerned for me now that I was in Nikki’s hands.


Nikki’s thumb came to assist her index finger. Rather than pick me up by my torso, however, Nikki’s tree sized fingers clamped around my left arm like a vice. I was lifted up out of the sneaker by my arm and dangled in front of an imposing building-sized face.

“Uh… Hi…” I nervously greeted Alice’s giant friend.

“Hi?” Nikki’s pink lips parted, assaulting my entire body with her hot breath as her mouth opened. It was thick and smelled of spearmint. “You sure sound calm. I guess you weren’t kidnapped or anything.”

“Kidnapped?” I guess that would have been a big concern if it had been true. Abusing the shrinking technology to abduct someone was actually pretty plausible. Nikki was really using her brain. It was unnerving to be stared at by her. She was analyzing me with her sharp gaze. Hanging so many feet up in the air from my perspective, I was helpless as the girl inspected all three inches of my shrunken body. “No, I wasn’t kidnapped. I live here. I’m Lori’s brother.”

“Her brother? Earlier, I was just joking about shrinking someone to get Alice used to guys, but it looks like that wasn’t too far from the truth.”

“Hey, could you put him down?” Lori asked, worried for what Nikki would do.

“Oh, sure.”


Nikki did not answer my sister in the way either she or I would’ve preferred. Instead, she lowered me back into her sneaker. However, because it was tilted at a steep angle, I immediately had to grip onto the insole to avoid tumbling down to the toe end of her shoe. I couldn’t hold on for very long, sadly, especially when Nikki began to lower her shoe back down to the floor. The sudden acceleration was too much for me. I let go and rolled down the sloped insole.

“Bleck… Gah, it stinks even worse here,” I gagged. The heat and foul odor was much more oppressive inside the shoe. It was like walking through a thick fog. She had only just taken off her shoes, so the sweat and sock lint were still fresh and in abundance.

The only good thing was that I hadn’t fallen all the way to the deepest part of Nikki’s sneaker because it had hit the floor before that. I was in the middle of it when the slope flattened out, so when I stood up, I found that I was capable of looking up and out at the girl who was now squatting down. She loomed over my tiny body trapped in the sneaker with a curious gaze.

“Nikki?” I heard Alice call her friend’s name with concern. All three of us were unsure of what the girl would do.

“Heh, I can’t believe there’s a shrunken guy stuck in my shoe right now. I was right - shrinking technology is super cool. I was expecting a normal movie marathon, but I think today’s gonna be a whole lot more exciting now.” 

Maybe it was from our lack of sleep, but Lori and I had really underestimated Nikki. Alice’s friend was not a simple minded girl we could have deceived. She had realized we were hiding something from the start, easily spotted me, and then caught me without even trying. The girl was far more alert and quick-witted than we gave her credit for. And now that she had seen me, the curious sparkle in Nikki’s eyes showed us that she got more than a little mischievous when she found something interesting and exciting. 

“Hey, do you want to join me and Alice for our movie marathon, little guy? You just have to tell me the whole story.”

Her sleepover with Alice wasn’t going to be just a two person thing anymore.

End Notes:

Definitely not sure how long Nikki will stick around, but it'll definitely be for a few chapters since this sleepover has some scenes I want to put in (plus it's only early morning right now in story and who actually sleeps at a sleepover)

Nikki 2 - Movie Time by jellytea819

When it came to preparations, Nikki had gone all out for her movie marathon with Alice. Besides the sweets and popcorn, which she had pulled out an absurdly large foldable tub to fit them all in, she had also carried in a rolled up mat to lie down on that was a way better quality than my own mattress. What was even more surprising though was the projector and speaker system she had brought along to watch the movie on the empty wall of Alice’s room. It was unbelievable that she had such things.

The movie marathon really should’ve just been Alice’s and Nikki’s time together, but there was no opportunity for me to escape Nikki’s clutches at all considering she decided to carry the sneaker I had fallen into with her into Alice’s room. I was stuck giving the full explanation of our situation to Nikki as she got comfortable on the mat she laid down next on the floor next to Alice’s bed. With both hands on her cheeks, she looked down into the sneaker with a playful gaze.

“... So you’re like this because of Alice’s mom? I didn’t want to pry the details out of Alice, but even I could figure out her mom was pretty crazy just from how much of a mess she is talking to others. Still, I didn’t think she’d even consider shrinking people.” 

“Well, that’s the whole story. You’ve heard everything, so can you let me out of here now?” Despite the pungent smell surrounding me, I had spent the entire time telling Nikki the entire story that led up to my shrinking. This was because whenever I tried to climb out of Nikki’s shoe, Nikki would jostle her sneaker to knock me down or simply use her finger to push me back.

Sadly, Nikki shook her head with a teasing grin plastered on her face. “You’re the one who climbed into there in the first place. Don’t you want to enjoy it a little more? You’ve been able to talk in there normally this whole time, so you don’t seem to be disgusted by the smell or anything.”

“I’m just used to it. It’s not like I like being in a shoe or anything,” I frowned. Despite how much fun it looked like she was having teasing me, she was incredibly attentive and observant to the details. 

“Someone’s not being honest. Come on. I won’t kink shame - do you have a foot fetish?” Nikki teased.

“Fe-Absolutely not!” I couldn’t believe the girl’s words. I moved to the far left side of the sneaker, so that I could look past Nikki. I could see Alice sitting in her bean bag chair behind her. She was hugging her whale plushie up to her face, so I couldn’t see what expression she was making, but she was clearly watching me without doing anything. I tried to plead to her. “Alice, a little help?”

“Sorry, Remy… Nikki’s not really someone I can stop… Hehe….,” her answer was something I saw coming, but Alice was clearly enjoying watching her friend tease me.

“I’m just messing with you,” Nikki laughed, finally letting me free by using one finger to knock her sneaker over. I tumbled out onto the soft, cushy mat. “But seriously, you’re so puny, if I didn’t know about those machines, I probably wouldn’t believe you’re even a person. I think I remember reading that those machines make you tougher while tiny, but don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything bad like stepping on you or actually wearing that shoe with you inside. Even I know better than to hurt someone.”

“Hrk…” Alice couldn’t cover her mouth in time. She knew how many times she’d stepped on me. While most of those were accidental, a few of those times had been with full knowledge too like when she was hiding me from Nikki the first time.

Without having to look behind her, Nikki grew smug hearing Alice’s reaction. She shifted her teasing target from me to her. “Well, it sounds like somebody’s done worse than me, so I guess I don’t have to be so worried.”

“Those times weren’t on purpose…!,” Alice tried to defend herself, but even she gave up on it half way through. “... Well, most of them…”

“Don’t you be contributing to your cousin’s foot fetish, Alice,” Nikki advised.

“... Eh? I’m not…!”

“I’m telling you, it’s not a foot fetish,” I continued trying to defend myself. It was clear that my first impression on her was not a very good one. At least I wasn’t the only target, though. Being Alice’s friend didn’t mean she wouldn’t poke fun at her. She flustered Alice but didn’t go too far since Nikki knew her limits.Still, she was certainly someone who liked to get as close as she could to the edge of those limits like with how she treated me.

“Well, I’ll put that aside for now,” Nikki laughed at Alice’s honesty and turned back to me to shove her shoe away. “Alice is a real sweet girl, but if even she’s capable of overpowering you, it must be pretty scary being so tiny, isn’t it? You’ve got my respect for your guts. You’re pretty crazy for agreeing to be this small.”

“At this point, it’s gotten to be pretty routine living like this,” I shrugged. “Besides, Lori researches the same thing Aunt Shelly does, so I was bound to get shrunken down one of these days anyways. This way, it was just killing two birds with one stone.” 

“Seriously? Is your sister as crazy as your Aunt? She didn’t look that bad - though it did look like she needed some sleep.”


“Hey! I’m not as insane as Auntie! She’s at least a thousand times worse than me!” Lori barged into the room with the popcorn to pour into Nikki’s tub. Because she was worried about me, Lori had been dragged into the movie marathon as well despite her exhaustion. She had downed two mugs of coffee while waiting for the popcorn to pop, but the glare in her eyes was still enough to give Nikki shivers. “Here, take your popcorn.”

“T-Thanks?” Nikki was taken aback by my sister’s tone of voice.

“... Mom and Lori don’t really get along…” Alice saw Nikki’s shock and helped explain things to her friend. As our cousin did, she pushed both of her feet off the carpet and sank deeper into her giant bean bag chair while holding the plushie in her arms. “I don’t blame her…”

Alice’s remark about her mother was quiet, but Alice was able to vent a bit of her frustrations with it. Nikki didn’t have to worry about angering my sister either. Lori wasn’t actually angry. My size made it clear to me because the intensity of her footsteps was a lot lighter than the quaking they would make if she actually were mad.

“You really want us to join you in your little movie marathon too, huh?” my sister sighed as turned off the lights and stepped over Nikki’s back to get onto Alice’s bed. She didn’t lie down on it, but she sat on it and looked at the set up that Nikki had arranged. “I can’t promise that I’ll be awake after a few movies, but with all of this equipment, I guess it’d be fine having another person. You’re pretty amazing to have all this stuff.”

“Right?” Nikki grinned, happy to have her idea praised. “When it comes to movies, it’s all about the experience and, for a marathon, the more the merrier.”

“So what movie’s first then?” 

“... Um…, ” before Nikki could respond to my sister’s question, Alice raised her hand meekly. Lori got her answer when Alice spoke up with a personal request “... can we watch that shrinking man classic you mentioned earlier…?”

“Oh, I got you interested? Sure. I was thinking we should add some of those movies to our list since your cousin’s been shrunken down.”

“Alice, that’s a little bit too close to home…” I remarked, not happy about her movie choice.

“By now, you should know how interested she gets in this stuff, Little Bro,” Lori effectively told me to give up. She was aware that Alice’s curiosity was always piqued whenever topics like my shrinking came up. After she said that, she started to yawn. “Haah~! Besides, I may have heard about the movie, but I never watched it before either, so I’m kind of interested too.”

“Looks like it’s three-on-one. You’ve been out-voted, little guy,” snickered Nikki as she pulled her laptop over from the carpet. It was so quick that, even though it didn’t hit me, I stumbled backwards when the massive structure dragged across the carpet and onto Nikki’s mat. The giant girl giggled when she saw. “Aww, did I scare you? Sorry, I was just pulling up the movie.”

“I wasn’t scared.” I tried to save face, but because of my size, it sounded like a cute, childish squeak to Nikki. 

“Heh. Sure you weren’t.”

Thankfully, Nikki didn’t pursue teasing me any further as she focused on setting up the movie. Sadly, both of her arms were on opposite sides to me, so I was now blocked. On two sides were her arms, in front of me was her laptop, and her boobs pressed onto the mat were behind me. They weren’t on Lori’s level and I was used to my sister’s body, but because I only had met Nikki today, it made me nervous to be so close to a stranger’s chest, especially when it was literally several times my size.

I opted to walk up to the laptop and stepped up onto it as Nikki searched through the streaming service she had a subscription for. I had gotten used to using my non-shrunken phone as a giant television in the dollhouse, so the laptop screen was one step up from that. I could probably use Nikki’s laptop as a movie screen even though it’d be too small for Lori, Alice, and Nikki to share. It made me question just how big the projector was going to make things.

“Alright. Everything’s set up here. Hey, can you hit the red button on my projector?” Nikki told my sister. I was about to get the answer to my question as my sister hit the button to the device that was on Alice’s bed.

“Sure. Here we go.”

And just like that, the wall everyone was facing lit up while Nikki’s laptop screen turned black, likely because it was set to only show the projector screen. Sadly, I still couldn’t get my answer because the laptop was still blocking my vision, but the others could see.

“Whoaah…” I heard Alice’s amazed voice. “It fits the whole wall….”

“With the blinds closed and the lights off, it really does make it like a proper movie theater,” my sister commented.

“Hopefully the speakers I brought are good enough, but I can adjust things when we start,” Nikki spoke from above me. “Everybody comfy?”

“Sure. Alice, are you okay if I accidentally fall asleep on your bed?” Lori nodded.

“... Yes. It’s fine, Lori… And, I’m good on here, Nikki…” Alice affirmed.

“Nope. I’m not good at all, ” I was the only one who was negative. “Did you forget about me? I can’t see anything from here.”

“Hm? Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t think this would block you,” Nikki pushed her laptop away to the side. Because I was still on it, I ended up being dragged along with it for a second before I actually stumbled off of it. I ended up just far enough away that I could see the look in Nikki’s eyes to be able to tell that she was ready to tease me, “There we go. All good to watch from down here, little guy?”

“Nope. There’s still a bunch of stuff in the way.” Sadly, the answer was still now. The view of the wall Nikki projected her laptop screen onto was still blocked by her popcorn tub, the 6-pack of soda bottles, and the bowls of sweets and salty snacks had put on the floor of Alice’s room. At my size, it was like trying to look past buildings and skyscrapers.

“Remy needs a lot of help to do stuff,  Nikki…,” Alice spoke up. I didn’t like how it sounded like I was incapable, but it was true I was so small that even a small bowl of snacks was immovable to me.

“You can put him up on the bed with me,” Lori suggested the most reasonable answer.

Unfortunately for me, an idea sprung up in Nikki’s mind. I could see the giant girl’s grin widen. “No, I think I’ve got a better place.  I’ll put you somewhere you’ll definitely like, little guy.”

That did not sound good considering Nikki’s opinion of me.

“Wha-? Gwagh!”

Before I had time to think, Nikki’s left hand grabbed me. Thankfully, the speed of her movements were muffled by the fact that her massive palm smothered my three inch body, but my entire world became dark and nauseously dizzying as her arm whipped through the air.

It wasn’t for long though.


I was plopped down on a smooth surface that, unfortunately, smelled incredibly familiar to me.

“There, you should have a good view back there,” I heard Nikki’s voice from a more distant location now. “Since you said you’re used to feet, it should be fine, right?”

Opening my eyes and trying to get back onto my feet, I instinctively crouched down when I felt the ground sway. I looked forward to see the distant but clear view of the projected laptop screen on Alice’s wall. I was no longer on ground level. In fact, I was also able to see Nikki’s back and the back of her head down below after peering past five peach colored shapes. “You’re kidding me.”

Nikki had put me on her left foot which was raised up in the air while she rested down on her stomach on the mat. Her right foot was pressed against it to give me some more room to stand, but to have to watch the movie on the foot platform she had made… was she serious?

“That’s… You’re kind of crazy, girl,” I heard my sister remark. She was as stupefied as I was. In fact, she was far too dumbfounded at the sight that she couldn’t process or act with her sleep-deprived body. I visibly saw her body freeze up.

“Ah… Well, Remy should be able to see since he’s higher up now… Ehehe…” I heard Alice giggle from behind me. To my dismay, when I turned around, I was greeted by Alice’s feet hanging in the air as well. She had sunk so far back into her bean bag chair that she was doing a pseudo-curl up. I could see her toes wiggling as she laughed at the sight of me crouched on Nikki’s bare feet nervously looking around.

“Yeah… No. Can you put me back down?” 

“What? I can barely feel you, but you seem to be hugging my feet super close there. Don’t you like it?”

“It’s too high!” This was too precarious of a place to stay on. I could feel every centimeter that Nikki’s legs moved at my much smaller scale because every movement was multiplied by 24 at minimum. The stench of sweat and feet made me want to let go and cover my nose, but I resisted so that I could keep my center of gravity as low as I could to avoid tumbling off by an accidental movement.

“Sheesh, you sure are needy. Hahaha~!” giggled Nikki. She was having a bit too much fun, and because of that, she wasn’t completely conscious of her swaying legs. Her feet twitched and kicked reflexively. While small movements from her perspective, on my scale, I was experiencing an earthquake, a roller coaster ride, and a building collapse all at the same time. I couldn’t hang onto Nikki’s feet and started to fall towards Nikki’s toes, collecting lint and dirt flakes as I tumbled.

“Whoaaah!” I nearly fell off the movie loving girl’s barefoot, but thankfully, I grabbed onto her second toe out of desperation. My legs were hanging freely in the air, but my upper body was thankfully still safe. Still, I wasn’t sure how long I could hang on. The sweat on Nikki’s feet made the surface sleaker, so my hands were slipping. “Gah! Help! I’m going to fall here!”

“... Huh? Oh, I got you, Remy…” Alice heard my cry and saw my predicament. I wasn’t worth letting go of her plushie apparently, though, because she decided to only use her feet to help me. I realized what she was doing when the shadows of her feet covered Nikki’s feet. 

“Wait, just pick me u- Mgfffgh!” Alice had gotten more dexterous with her feet since living with me. Her toes flicked my struggling legs, flipping me back onto Nikki’s left foot. Unfortunately, her feet kept going after that. The heel of her feet landed on Nikki’s toes while her own toes descended onto the opposite end of Nikki’s feet. I, who had been flipped on my back onto the ball of Nikki’s foot, ended up looking up at the video game falling ceiling death trap that was Alice’s foot. I ended up smothered between my cousin’s and her friend’s feet.

“Alice?” I barely heard Lori’s concerned voice while muffled by two people’s foot flesh. Because Alice had taken a bath before seeing Nikki, her wet feet had collected a bunch of carpet lint and dirt. My face stung as it dug into me when her foot pressed down. At the same time, Nikki’s sweat spread as the heat increased in the enclosed space between their feet. My clothes were almost immediately soaked by foot sweat and stained by the sock link that had still been clinging to the girl’s bare foot.

“Wah!? Alice? What the heck?”


Nikki seemed to have reacted to Alice’s method to ‘save me’ with surprise. Her legs jerked. As a result, her foot kicked upwards into Alice’s foot. My body was squished even more strongly. The little imperfections and wrinkles of both of their feet that had given me a bit of air no longer existed because the pressure and force of Nikki’s reflexive movement shoved my face straight into Alice’s sole. It felt like I was being ground flatter than a stingray.

What felt like minutes to me was only a few seconds in reality. When Alice finally took her feet off of Nikki’s, I ended up transferring captors. The sweat and pressure had caused me to stick to Alice’s feet instead of staying on her friend’s. Alice pulled her foot closer to her and pinched my arm, peeling me off of the middle of her foot like a sticker.

“There you go, Remy…” Alice lifted me up to her face and giggled. Her hot breath assaulted my already unpleasantly heated up body.

“Sheesh, Alice, Remy is your cousin, remember?” I heard Lori sigh in disbelief. At this point, Alice’s treatment of me was getting out of hand, but neither of us knew how to address it.

“That was a surprise. I didn’t think you’d play footsie with me so suddenly, Alice. I didn’t realize we were THAT close already,” it seemed even Nikki had been stunned by our cousin’s actions.

Alice seemed to be so engaged with me that she didn’t hear my sister or her friend. She decided to place her stuffed whale doll between her legs. She ended up putting me down on top of the whale. To prevent me from losing balance whenever the plushie moved, she squeezed it with her legs. I felt the immense force of my giant cousin’s thighs clamping my new ground down in place.

“There... You can watch from here with me, Remy…”

“Uh… Thanks, Alice,” I decided to not stir up any more trouble by asking for something that’d make things worse for me. I resigned myself being right up against my younger cousin’s stomach while seated upon the plushie between her thighs.

As Alice started to snack on one of the smaller bowls of popcorn that was on her bed, I turned to see my cousin and Nikki both glancing at each other, whispering.

“I thought you were going to be going too far, but I guess you can’t beat Alice. You never saw this side of her on campus, did you?”

“I didn’t think she had it in her. Y’know, maybe the one with a fetish is Alice…”

If Alice had been developing a fetish, that would be a problem. She had certainly been getting far too accustomed to treating me differently when I was smaller. If she was starting to enjoy it as a fetish… I shuddered to imagine how things would fare for me.

Not wanting to think too hard on things any further, Nikki ended up hitting ‘Play’ on her computer to start the movie after that. And with that, the movie marathon began.

End Notes:

Did you think Nikki was the dangerous one?

Nikki 3 - Unrestrained Freshmen by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Two college freshmen girls with nobody to tell them what to do... This can only get uncontrolled...

Asking for permission, hesitating to act, waiting and fretting over whether or not she should do something - when it came to restraint, Alice had a lot of it. Whether it had been ingrained into her from her time with her mother or if it were out of respect to Lori and I who let her stay in the apartment away from the woman, Alice was the type of person to think before she acted.

Well, that was the case whenever Lori was around. With only me, Alice had gotten a lot more willing to do whatever she wanted. She was unshackled from the need to ask for permission if only I was around. This was clear enough after our third movie of the day.

“So what do you think of this one compared to the other two, Alice? This one had them down to a quarter-inch the whole time. Lots of crazy stuff happened, right?” Nikki asked Alice for her thoughts. There were a lot more movies about shrinking than one would expect, and we had only gone through a few of the classics at this point. In my opinion, they were still fairly strong at showing what a smaller scale was like. The special effects were a little rough compared to modern movies, but perhaps that was just because I had experienced the real thing the past few months.

My opinions on the movies we watched weren’t as important as Alice’s though. My cousin’s eyes had been sparkling with interest and curiosity every second of every movie Nikki played for her. “... It was pretty cool with how small they were… I liked the cereal scene…

“I sure didn’t. It’s not fun thinking about being eaten.”

Alice giggled at my squeaks from atop the plush whale doll on her lap. She was in a good mood after that movie so she was ready to poke fun at me. “Ehehe… Were you scared, Remy? You’re lucky you weren’t small enough when Lori tried to do it that one time…”

“Seriously? She tried eating him?” Nikki was shocked at the revelation. I was tempted to correct Alice that I was still actually an appropriate size to be eaten, but that would just open up another conversation that I didn’t actually want to have. “... So how did he taste? I’m a little curious.”

Nikki jokingly opened her mouth and leaned forward towards Alice. Unfortunately for me, my cousin followed up on her friend’s joke and plucked me off her plushie by my shirt. The collar of my T-shirt was yanked back as well, briefly choking me as my world accelerated upwards. “Ehehe… Did you want a bite, Nikki…?”

Hearing those words, I shuddered, but a cold sweat ran down my back when Alice’s hand finally stopped moving. Looking down, I saw an open mouth with a large pink tongue laid out like a red carpet waiting for me. I was being hung right above the dark chasm that was Nikki’s maw. A strong gust that smelled of buttered popcorn buffeted me as Nikki breathed out with her mouth.

“Whoa, hey, she didn’t actually eat me!” I shuddered as Alice dangled me over Nikki’s face awaiting a morsel. Even if they were joking, it was real enough to me. I didn’t want to be tossed into Nikki’s mouth the same way she had been throwing and catching popcorn into her own mouth. “This isn’t funny, Alice!”

“What, did you think we were serious? Ahaha! You’re a real riot!” Nikki withdrew after hearing me panic. She held her stomach because she was laughing so hard that it hurt.

As an actual shrunken person, I could confirm that the scenes described in the movies were all possible and would be terrifying to go through in reality. I had actually gone through a few of those experiences, albeit at a larger scale than the people in the movie, and thus did not want to have my cousin and her friend emulate any of those using me.

I would’ve preferred to be ignored by Alice and Nikki as they got along and conversed literally over my head, but because the movie topic had been about shrunken people, there was no way I wouldn’t be forcibly involved. The only person who hadn’t gotten involved this whole time was my sister Lori. The reason why was pretty obvious.


“So that’s why she wasn’t helping me,” I groaned when Alice lowered me onto her palm and let go of my shirt. Now that both girls had stood up, I could see why my sister hadn’t intervened or even spoke up the entire time the two girls had been messing with me. It was the same reason why Alice had no qualms playing around with Nikki like nobody else was around too.


The gentle snoring of my big sister blended with the orchestral music playing during the ending credits. My sister had finally been knocked out. Even with caffeine in her system, the allnighter had been too much for her. Watching the movies in the dark room on top of Alice’s soft bed made it all too easy for her to fall asleep. I don’t know when she fell asleep, but Lori was out cold on her stomach with her face buried in one of Alice’s pillows. The volume of us talking as well as the movie playing never woke her up, so she was completely dead to the world.

“Wow, that’s some drool,” Nikki didn’t bother keeping her distance from my sister and leaned in close to the pillow to get a look at her face.

“... Ehehe… Lori’s a little cute when she’s asleep…” Alice poked my sister’s cheek with no hesitation as well. Lori’s head rolled just slightly, showing her sleeping face. My sister did her best to maintain a composed and respectable ‘elder sisterly’ vibe around Alice, but the face she was making at that moment was far from respectable.

“You two should just let her rest,” I suggested from Alice’s other hand which was holding me close to her chest. “Don’t worry about waking Lori up. She’s out like a light. It should be fine for us to watch the next movie even if she’s sleeping.” 

Alice and Nikki ignored my words. They were both looking up and down Lori’s defenseless body for some reason before they turned towards each other with identical smiles.

“Don’t you think she’s lying down just like…?” “Ehehe… Yeah…”

“Uh, girls?” I made my suggestion to Nikki and Alice because Lori and I would both feel bad if Lori’s sleeping interrupted their plans to hang out. I should’ve been more concerned about my sister instead of those two, though. The look in their eyes made it clear that they weren’t going to just let my sister be. 

Before I could even think, I started to descend as Alice lowered her hand down to the bed. She put me down on the mattress. She didn’t simply put me down for no reason, though, my cousin had decided to sit down as well. It was a swift and simple motion to Alice, but at my size, everything was magnified by our 24x size difference.

I watched from below as her massive body turned around. Alice’s hoodie rode up when she bent her legs. Because she never put anything other than her hoodie on over her underwear earlier when Nikki arrived, I was given a clear view of Alice’s white panties and her butt. Both seemed to rapidly grow as they got lower and lower.


“Whoah!” I shouted when Alice’s butt hit the bed. Alice had sat down on it gently, but the weight of her body still caused the mattress to slightly dip. It was practically unnoticeable to her, but to me, a sinkhole had suddenly formed. For a moment, I found my entire body pulled towards Alice’s left butt cheek. I would have slid down into it if her hoodie didn’t drop back down her butt. However, I still ended up smothered by the green cotton hoodie and had to struggle to pull myself away from it. “Mgff! Gah! Get off!”

“Oh? What’s the matter there, little guy, having trouble?” were the first words I heard when I succeeded half a minute later. It sadly wasn’t by my own power as those words were accompanied by a hot gust of wind that smelled strongly of popcorn. Alice’s hoodie had been pulled up slightly by Nikki.

“Geh!” I reflexively grimaced. Immediately after getting away from Alice’s butt, I found myself staring at the massive structure that was Nikki’s face. Nikki had knelt down on the ground and rested her arms and head next to Alice. She had clearly done that so she could get a clear view of me on the white sheets of my cousin’s bed.

“What, not even a thank you?” laughed the girl. 

“Uh, yeah, thanks,” remaining composed was something I would’ve liked to do, but I was not happy to be right in front of Nikki’s mouth. I covered my nose to block out the popcorn breath and started backing away from her, not wanting to get close to her mouth again after the eating scare. Backing away from both Alice’s butt and Nikki’s face, though, sent me in a third direction. My legs ended up hitting something big, causing me to fall backwards. “Wargh!”

From the sensation of my landing, I didn’t fall onto the mattress sheets. I tripped and my back and head landed on a warm, wet, uneven surface. I could feel my shirt dampen and my nose crinkled when a salty odor that wasn’t Nikki’s popcorn breath hit me.

“Hm? Wow, I guess you do have a foot fetish,” Nikki chuckled when she saw what I fell on. Alice had sat down closest to where the mattress met the wall and Nikki had blocked off the middle with her arms and head, so I, who was between them, ended up backing up to where my sister’s bare foot was. I ended up tripping on the pinky toe of her right foot and falling backwards onto the rest of them. “We didn’t even have to put you there ourselves.”

“Just my luck,” I grunted, trying to pick myself up off of Lori’s foot. My head had landed right next to a big toe which was bigger than it. I hoped my movements wouldn’t alert Lori and cause her to move inadvertently.

“Do you like feet after all, Remy…?” I heard Alice. Looking up and in her direction, I realized she had actually been looking the entire time, watching me back away from her friend with amusement from above. She had seen me fall too and was giggling at the sight of me lying down by my big sister’s massive toes. 

“Don’t mess with me, girls,” I tried standing up, using my sister’s toes as a crutch. My left leg was between Lori’s second and third toe while the right leg was between her third and fourth. My body was so light that she probably couldn’t feel me that easily, but I still carefully attempted to step through the gaps so as to not trigger Lori’s reflexes. Unfortunately, Alice ended up doing what I had just told her not to do. She poked Lori right in the middle of her foot.

“Zzz… Snrk?” “Uwargh!”

Lori grunted in her sleep. The sudden sensation on her bare foot caused my sister to scrunch her toes. Her toes squeezed together, binding my legs in place. At the same time, her foot jerked, knocking me over onto the smooth ball of her foot.

“Ehehe… Lori’s the one who caught you, Remy… Not us…” Alice giggled. 

“Can you get out?” Nikki smirked. “You’re definitely at a bigger scale than how it was in the second movie, but it’s sort of like the climbing scene that was in there.”

This was what the two had mischievously shared glances at for - making me go through the scenes they had watched. Nikki and Alice had gotten overly invested in the topic of shrinking after three straight movies and were having fun doing more than just talking about it. They weren’t just simulating scenarios in their minds. Like young children who would mimic action scenes after a TV show, the two girls had wanted to try those things in reality. I could see why the two of them got along now, but unfortunately, because I was the small one here, my involvement was already mandatory.

There was no way that I could argue against them at the size of a mouse. Without Lori awake, these two freshmen girls were in charge. They had free rein to do whatever they wanted, and they wanted to play around with me as their toy.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” I grunted, knowing I didn’t have a choice. I struggled to pull my leg out from my sister’s clenched toes and started to climb up the slope of her foot up to her heel.

“Wow, really…?” Alice seemed ecstatic that I didn’t reject the idea. Did she think I could say no in my position? She was the one in control here.

“You agreed so quickly. Well, it should be easy since you’re pretty big compared to what was in the movie,” Nikki picked her head off the mattress and started watching me properly. I could feel her observant gaze watching my movements with amusement.

With their gazes fixed on me with deep interest, I ascended my sister’s right foot. It wasn’t vertical enough that I had to climb, but I had to lean into the foot and take short steps just like I was hiking up a hill. Still, I wasn’t happy about the odor wafting upwards from my sister’s sweaty feet. Being surrounded by her scrunched up toes earlier had already covered me in the stench, but even then, I didn’t appreciate the fact that there was still no fresh air for me to refresh myself.

“There, you two happy yet?”  At the very least, even at my size, the climb thankfully wasn’t too long since Lori’s feet were only around 3 times my height. I made it to the tip - to Lori’s heel - without her reacting, likely because the pitter patters of my tiny body were too light for her. I hoped that would satisfy my cousin and her friend.

“You didn’t do much, Remy…” Alice laughed off my accomplishment. Well, it definitely didn’t look like I did anything in her eyes considering the distance I traveled was literally less than a foot in both senses of the word. There was disappointment in her voice that I didn’t appreciate, though. “And it wasn’t as fun as it was in the movie…”

“Well, that’s just how it is - reality and movies aren’t exactly the same, Alice,” Nikki knew better than to expect copying a movie to turn out the same in the real world, but the look on her face also told me she was disappointed. “I mean, it’s not like he’s the same size as how small they got in the movies or anything.”

“... If only he were smaller…” Alice mumbled with a pout. Those words gave me chills, especially when her friend came to a realization that I had hoped she never would have made. 

“Oh! Wait, Alice, there’s a way!”

“... A way?” Alice pondered for a moment before coming to the same conclusion as Nikki. “A-Ah…! Would that work?”

“I don’t know. Those machines SHOULD be able to make things smaller than three inches tall. I want to try. That's okay with you?”

“... Lori would probably say no, but she’s asleep right now… I think it’d be fine…” 

The spark in Alice’s and Nikki’s eyes as they exchanged glances. They were both on the same page. They wanted to continue replaying the moving scenes in reality using me. ‘I think it’d be fine?’ Alice wasn’t asking for permission anymore. She was straight up skipping over that step. She was as gung ho as Nikki was. Shouldn’t she have at least asked me? My opinion seriously didn’t matter any more to her, did it? Was Alice being swept along with Nikki’s pace or had she had a similar line of thinking as the girl all this time?

“You two, calm down for a second here. Lori! Hey, Sis! Wake up! A little help here?” I gave up trying to not stir Lori. I wanted her awake at this very moment. Desperately, I tried jumping up and down, stomping on Lori’s heel as hard as I could. I hoped she’d feel me and wake up as the two girls. 

Sadly, there was no time and no way for me to wake her. The two freshmen girls were too excited to be stopped.

“... It’s okay, Remy. It’ll only be for a little bit…,” Alice didn’t even bother to ask me. Her hand was already reaching towards me before I could answer.

“Mgaah!” I was smothered by Alice’s palm. My world went black and everything started moving at high speeds as my cousin followed her friend out the bedroom and into the living room. My own savior, Lori, was not going to wake up and was left behind on my cousin’s bed.

Click. Clack.


“Really? Two buttons and two switches? That was all this thing needed? That’s easier than I thought.” 

“It’s very easy to use… I have to regrow Remy all the time, but I never used the shrinking button on him because he always shrinks himself when he comes home…”

I heard Nikki’s muffled voice through my cousin’s clenched palm. They were already at the shrinking device and it was apparently easier to figure out to her than she had expected. This was bad. The two of them were actually serious. They wanted to try making me smaller.


Alice unceremoniously released me from a foot in the air. I fell a distance of 24 feet from my scale and landed roughly on a hard steel surface. 

“Urgh… That hurt… Uh… Huh?” picking myself up, I was greeted to the familiar sight of the metal shrinking platform. I gulped. Looking up, I saw my towering cousin and her friend standing next to the buttons for changing my size. I was used to seeing Alice there because this was how it always looked whenever she grew me back, but with Nikki with her now, I knew that things were going to go the opposite direction. “Wait, Alice! Think about this! I’m already small enough!” 

I wasn’t sure whether or not they actually heard me from the ground. If anything, my squeaks seemed to only make the two girls giggle. They weren’t going to stop. Nikki’s hand was already hovering over the button.

Unlike Alice who was just waiting with baited breath, the movie loving girl did Alice try to speak to me. 

“Hey, just bear with us for a bit, okay? We just want to see if this works.”

Bear with it? Being shrunken even more? That was not something to take lightly at all. Even if the technology had been proven to work, didn’t they care about my wellbeing? When we were talking before the movie, Nikki had said she wouldn’t go too far, but didn’t this count as going too far?

It was no use. The two girls were on a post-movie emotional charge. Two college freshmen girls with more energy than they knew what to do with were a force to be reckoned with. Freshman year antics were something I already knew could get insane, so I would’ve accepted that as something that would be fine to let Alice go through normally. Unfortunately, the situation wasn’t normal. On my scale, that spirit they had was twenty-four times more dangerous.

And it was about to get another 24 times more threatening.

“It’s this one, Nikki…”

“Don’t do it! Don’t push that!”


Alice and Nikki pushed the shrinking button on the platform together. The massive world around me rapidly started to expand again. The stadium like platform grew into a plain of gray steel as the ceiling, walls, and furniture shot higher into the heavens and zoomed further into the distance. I went from 1:24 scale to 1:576 scale - shrinking down from 3 inches to an absolutely miniscule 1/8th of an inch.

In contrast, my cousin and her friend had became even more powerful to me - going from over one-hundred foot skyscrapers to over 3000 feet mountainous beings. I was utter stupified at how far back at how much I had to crane my neck back to even see Alice’s waist let alone her head.

“A-Alice?” I shouted but my voice cracked from uncertain panic.

 Rumble! Rumble!

“Whoaaah!” I fell when a powerful earthquake shook me and the world around me.

“He really shrunk again…”

“Y-Yeah. Wow. I can’t believe it worked. I mean, he was already proof that it did, but I mean worked AGAIN!”

That rumble, to my dismay, wasn’t even caused by Alice approaching. The two girls had only turned towards each other to talk, and that alone was enough to cause the ground to tremble on my level. Their voices boomed in my ears and all around me like thunder. I flinched as I tried to decipher what they said.

“Do you think he’d be small enough now…?”

“Honestly, I think he’s too small, but yeah, it should be better like this. He’ll be fine, right?”

“Yes… It’s Remy, so he’ll be okay… This should be fun, Nikki…”

Even after watching me shrink again in front of them to such the size of a speck, the girls didn’t seem to be regretting their actions in the slightest. In fact, Alice seemed even less concerned about me than Nikki.

“Damn, I was pretty sure this would happen eventually, but I didn’t see this coming toda- Waaargh!”

Whaaaaam! Rumble! Whaaaam! Rumble!

Alice crouched down on the platform and squinted her eyes to properly spot me. Her massive body descending was the equivalent of a meteor crashing down to me. I couldn’t do anything except be thrown about by the shaking of the platform and the displacement of the air as my cousin’s shadow fell over me and darkened the land.

“Remy, let’s play…” a fearful, childish statement let me know just what was on Alice’s mind at that moment as two fingers as thick as buildings descended and surrounded me. From the size of them, was I even on the same level as a bread crumb to my cousin? 

Even if I wanted to escape, I couldn’t pick myself up or run fast enough to avoid the titanic fingers that pinched - or should I say smothered - my entire body off the floor. Alice didn’t even have to keep her thumb on me to hold me down. I was small enough that the pressure from her ‘gentle’ pinch and the sweat on her fingers were enough to adhere me to the surface of her index finger. My entire body was subjected to G-forces even astronauts wouldn’t ever experience on my trip upwards to a green eye over 3 times bigger than I was tall. It was even bigger than the distance I had to cross on Lori’s foot earlier.

“Ehehe… I can barely see that it’s you, Remy…” Alice giggled. As innocent as she would’ve sounded, her powerful voice roared in my ears and reverberated throughout my entire speck sized body.

I had confirmed that my tiny size had made me less of a person and more of a plaything in Alice’s eyes, but now, I had become utterly insignificant. How did she see me now? I almost didn’t want to know, but I knew I would find out soon. 

Until Lori woke up, my life would be at the mercy of two overly-excited freshman girls - my cousin and her friend.

End Notes:

I was stuck between a few ideas (messing with sleeping Lori, emulating movie scenes, additional shrinking) so I ended up blending a bunch of them together to make this chapter. Next chapter is the micro sized 1/8" inch chapter!

Nikki 4 - Super Tiny Plaything (Micro) by jellytea819

Now that another 1:24 scale reduction had been added to my already shrunken 3 inch body, I was only an eighth of an inch. But how small was an eighth of an inch? Honestly, millimeters was a more appropriate unit to discuss my size at this point but I wasn’t aware of the proper conversion. Still, it was unbelievable just how a simple change in units caused a major change in my perception of the world.

“Ehehe… I can barely see you, Remy… Even less than before…”

“Do you keep a ruler in this house, Alice? The kids in the last movie we watched were a quarter of an inch tall, but I think he’s even smaller than that.”

A voice like thunder shook my body down to my toes, but I was more preoccupied by the monolithic finger that filled the view directly in front of me. Even when Alice placed her finger tip flat on the table, the thickness of her finger was still over four times my own height. That meant I had to look up to even see her finger nail. I could literally walk beneath it and be covered by it as if I was underneath a patio roof.

The intimidating size of it being so close to me caused me to back away reflexively. I didn’t actually realize that I had been doing that for a full minute because the enormous index finger never got smaller no matter how much I moved. It made sense, though, because I was so small that I hadn’t even gotten an inch away from Alice’s finger backing up.



“Where are you going, Remy?”

Well, Alice wouldn’t let me go anywhere anyways. Even if I was capable of moving faster to run from Alice’s finger, it didn’t really matter. At an eighth of an inch, I was so small that I wouldn’t be able to get any meaningful distance away let alone off of the table. She blocked my path just by stretching her middle finger out past me. She couldn’t see me so clearly between her fingers, though, so she quickly moved it back. Seeing me fall on my butt made her giggle again.

“Ehehe... I thought it'd be a little boring if you got too small, but this is really funny…”

Boring? Funny? I couldn’t believe Alice’s words. She was only viewing me as entertainment rather than as a person. I wanted to shout out at her, but even if she could hear me, I was quickly interrupted and blown away again.



Nikki slammed a monolithic transparent tower down from high above with the ruler she had found.

“Just a bit more than 3 millimeters,” Nikki read the markings on the ruler. A laugh escaped her as her piercing gaze inspected my miniscule body.  Was she the type to have liked watching and messing with ants when she was younger? It certainly felt like it. “No wonder I can’t see him unless I get this close. I’ve seen drops of water bigger than him… Ooh, that sounds like a fun idea. ”

“... A drop of water…?”

I didn’t like the look Alice gave me. Nikki’s words immediately gave her an idea that she did not hesitate to put into action.


Alice brought her face so close to the table that she almost pressed her chin on it. Her breath, even though it wasn’t aimed at me, was on the level of a storm. What was a storm without any rain, though? Alice didn’t have any water ‘on-hand’, but she did have some ‘in-mouth’. An intimidating gushing sound reached my ears as my cousin gathered some saliva in her mouth.

“A- Alice?”

“Hm… Mmm…!”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

My legs instinctively started fleeing as the pink lips of my cousin that filled the sky opened up to reveal a wet serpentine tongue. It retreated swiftly, but in exchange, Alice pursed her lips. A bubble the size of a house blew out of the gap. It didn’t pop. Instead, it was pushed out by the flow of saliva that came after it. Alice didn’t spit at me, but she drooled over the table as close as she could to my miniscule body.



I was knocked over by a meteor of spit when the small amount of drool that Alice let out hit the table and spread over it. Alice didn’t actually aim for me, but I had been too small to escape the rapid spread of the viscous fluid. From my u39;” perspective, the little 1” diameter mess Alice had made was the instantaneous formation of a shallow pond. My legs ended up soaked in saliva. They were so heavy from weight and the stickiness of Alice’s drool that I struggled to drag myself out of it.

“You were right, Nikki…. Remy, how was your swim…?”

“Hurricanes don’t have sudden flood causing waterfalls, do they?” I grumbled. That wasn’t a reply to Alice’s question. Although I spoke aloud, I knew there was no way Alice or Nikki could hear me. The conversation they were having literally overhead was like a rumbling thunderstorm. My insect-like chirps were immediately drowned out by my cousin and her friend’s more powerful voices.

“Wow, I was thinking about getting him to swim in a cup of water, but I guess we don’t have to if you got him to swim in your spit. That’s a little gross though, Alice.” 

“... Ehehe… I was curious…”

“Speaking of curious, if spit’s that much for him, I really wonder what other normal things would be too much now that he’s this small.”

“... Oh! I have an idea…!”


“Wha-? Gwaaargh!”

Alice stood up to speak with Nikki. However, in her excitement, because she had been squatting down to get a closer look at me, something hit the table from below that I wouldn’t have paid much attention to if I weren’t so small - her chest.

The table jerked upwards from the impact from below. It wasn’t at a level that hurt my cousin, but the sheer power of the impact did actually move the table. The sudden force of the ground beneath transferred to my body at a level strong enough to break the sticky hold of Alice’s spit. I was sent flying upwards off the table. The entire world became a spinning blur as my body whirled through the air.

“Grk! What wa- Uwoaaah!”

It was because of my size, but while being launched was frighteningly sudden, it was equally as brief. I landed before I even reached the peak of my flight. That didn’t mean it was over, though. My body was immediately slammed downwards into a peach colored ground as it rose up and up like an elevator going at rocket speed.

“... Huh? Where did Remy go…?” 

“What? Whoa, did you standing up send him flying? Don’t tell me he got lost on the carpet.”

“... Eh? No way… Did he?”

It took me a moment to regain my bearings. As I did, I ended up hearing Nikki and Remy talking. I heard Alice. though, not only from above, but also from below. Her voice physically reverberated through the ground and into me. She didn’t see me on the table, not because I had fallen on the ground. I had landed much closer to her than Nikki had assumed.

“You’re kidding. Isn’t this Alice’s boob?” As I stood up to take in my surroundings, I could see a gap in the ground in the distance that looked like a curved fissure in the ground. In both sides of the fissure was smooth peach colored ground that had the smell of body wash shampoo. It was clearly the same color of Alice’s skin, meaning that deep green material surrounding me like a stadium roof was Alice’s zipper hoodie. I had been knocked off the table when Alice’s got up and ended up getting caught on her left breast before she stood up fully. “Hnrrrgk!”


The rhythmic rising and falling of the ground like ocean waves made me feel seasick, but when Alice leaned over just slightly and tilted her head down to check the table again, her breasts moved ever so slightly. On my 1:576 scale, even a slight movement was an earthquake - or rather, an Alicequake - to me so I couldn’t keep my footing and was sent stumbling, tumbling, and rolling.

“... He’s really not on the table… Remy?”

Rumble! Rumble!

“Gah! Hey, Alice! Grk! This is bad! There’s nowhere to grab on,” I couldn’t believe that my cousin’s left boob was big enough for me to not only stand on but also tumble around on without falling off. In my perspective, I had gotten knocked yards away from where I was originally but this wasn’t even two inches on Alice’s breasts. Gravity was a harsh mistress though as the curve of Alice’s breasts pulled me closer to my cousin’s cleavage. I felt the slope with my u39;” body as it got even closer and closer to it with every bounce of my cousin’s breasts.

“Hm? Wait a sec?! Is that him? Alice, he’s right there!”

I was lucky that Alice’s hoodie was unzipped enough to reveal her chest because Nikki’s hawk eyes were frighteningly sharp. A building sized finger descended from the sky as Nikki pointed at me.

“Huh…?” Alice looked down at her own chest. She couldn’t feel me because of how light I was, but I at least stood out on her bare skin. “... What the- Remy…?”

“Gah! I’m falling! I’m falling!” Due to Alice’s subtle movements, I started slipping even further. There was nothing for me to grab on to as I started to descend down the chasm of my cousin’s cleavage. “Mgff!“

Alice didn’t bother to use two fingers to grab me. In fact, she didn’t grab me at all. Instead, she grabbed her own boob and lifted it up from below. By tilting it properly, she stabilized the ground for me, but not before they pressed into each other. I was buried beneath Alice’s right breast and flattened under tons upon tons of warm boob flesh. 

My monumental cousin’s cleavage canyon was a hot and stuffy location due to both Alice’s body heat and the heat trap that was her bra and hoodie. As such, sweat had already built up in between her boobs. The tepid boob sweat girls always complained about became my captor as drops of sweat as big as I was coated me. The sticky saliva from earlier, the pressure of my monumental cousin’s boobs, and the hot sweat build up inside Alice’s cleavage made the perfect conditions to glue someone barely 3 mm tall to the flesh wall smothering me.

“... Remy? … Eh? Not here- Oh…!” When Alice took a glance at her left boob, she didn’t see me because I was now forcibly plastered to her right one.

“That’s- Wow. I mean, at that size, there’s no doubt he would’ve gotten stuck, but was it your spit or your sweat that did the job?” 

“They didn’t show something like this in the movies…”

“It’d probably be an unrated movie if they ever did that. Wait, don’t let go of your boobs, girl. We’ll lose sight of him again. You’re bigger than I thought for you to be able to hide your cousin in them,” Nikki laughed while stopping Alice from loosening her hold on her chest. Even though Nikki’s was bigger, Alice still had a sizable pair. As childish as Alice could be, she was still a young woman.

“... Mmm? Hehe…” I heard Alice giggle at Nikki’s compliment. It must have raised her self-esteem. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not to me because Alice showed no signs of embarrassment as she stared down at me stuck to her right boob. “... Remy, how’d you get all the way over here? Did you seriously fly…?”

“Of course I flew,” I groaned.

“Fufu… I can barely see your mouth moving, but I think you’re talking… Still, I can’t really hear you at all, Remy…,” Alice laughed at my predicament. She didn’t seem to be concerned at all that I was on her chest and had almost fallen into her cleavage. She wasn’t in a rush to get me off either. Nikki, on the other hand, plucked me off Alice with a bit of concern.



“Hey now, personal space there. You’re cousins, aren’t you?” Nikki tried her best not to pinch me between her fingertips, but I was already smothered between them even when she wasn’t exerting any force. I instinctively tried to push her index finger off of me because it was so close, but it was like trying to fight a mountain weight-wise.

It wasn’t as though I wanted to be on my cousin’s boobs. Well, Nikki was actually directing her words at Alice rather than me, though. My cousin was far too blasé on the matter.

“Alice, you shouldn’t be letting guys touch your tits. Even if he is your cousin and the size of a speck.”

“You’re the one who stuck your hand in there…,” Alice was more flustered by Nikki than with me. “And I don’t really see Remy as a guy like this…”

Those words sent a shudder down my spine. Alice was comfortable enough to outright confirm what I had been fearing this whole time. She said it so naturally that even Nikki was stunned.

“Wow… Well, I really feel sorry for you, Remy,” Nikki shot a look of sympathy down at my tiny form. “My idea of shrinking and getting her used to guys doesn’t really work if she doesn’t see you as one.”

That was definitely a problem. Nevermind seeing me as a guy; I wasn’t even sure if Alice saw me as a human at this point. Nikki did, at least, but she didn’t mind playing along. Her curiosity was on the same level as Alice’s, which I saw when Alice moved away from the dining table while gesturing for Nikki to come over and her sympathetic expression quickly vanished.

“... Nikki, let’s go over here.”

“Huh? Where are we going, Alice? I thought we were letting your cousin sleep in your room.”

“No, to Lori and Remy’s room… I want to show you Remy’s dollhouse…”

“His dollhouse? Wait, now you have my attention. Come on, little guy, you need to give me a tour.”

Nikki placed me in the center of her football field sized palm. Her five fingers curled like imposing pillars around me to create a protective canopy. I could still see because a curtain light poured through the gaps in her fingers like rays piercing through clouds. The sight was astonishing if it weren’t so surreal. The girls were just so gargantuan that even parts of their bodies had become part of the scenery to me.

I was about to get another dose of surrealism though when Nikki and Alice intruded into Lori’s room to play with my dollhouse.

“Awww. How cute. It’s a dollhouse. The furniture looks a bit mismatched though.”

“Some of it is Remy’s stuff shrunken down… See…? It’s smaller than the Barbie doll… She’s bigger than him after all…”

“Well, if that’s the case then she’d be even bigger than him now. Come on out, little gu- Uh, I said come on out.” Nikki opened up her hand and tilted it. I rolled down it for a second but got caught in one of her palm lines. She had to turn it completely vertical before I ended up peeling off her sweaty palm.

“What am I, her pet?” I grumbled when I tried to pick myself up off the ground. It was pink - the same pink as the barbie dollhouse I had spent months living in now - so I knew where I was. I learned calling myself Nikki’s pet was sadly over-selling myself when I stood up to find myself staring at the beach-themed Barbie doll’s bare feet. I couldn’t even call myself Barbie's pet at my scale. 

A barbie doll was 1:6 scale so for me who was 1:576 scale, it was 96 times bigger than me - even beyond what Alice and Lori normally were to me. Before, I was knee high to the doll and resembled a small child to the Barbie, but now, I was more like a bug to the plastic toy that Nikki was gripping with her even more massive hand. Having a more reasonable-sized figure to compare my height dissipated the surrealism of my situation. The cold, hard reality made my stomach sink.

“No way. I’m only the size of its toes?”

“Oh wow… Barbie was bigger than him before, but this is even crazier…” I heard Alice say. 

She wasn’t wrong - I was bug sized to a doll. Even Nikki realized that as she decided she wanted to play with the Barbie just like Alice had done the first time she saw my dollhouse.

“Would you look at that! It’s a bug. Gross! I better step on it!’” Nikki playfully raised the pitch of her voice to what she thought Barbie would sound like. It sounded more playful than threatening to me, though, especially when Nikki brought the doll over my head. I found myself in the shadow of the doll’s foot.

“Hey, now. This doesn’t look like a joke to me,” I shouted desperately. Of course, it wasn’t like a Barbie doll had the ability to hear me let alone Alice and Nikki. The doll’s foot descended before I could run away. I was easily pinned to the floor by the Barbie doll’s weight and size. “Mgaafh!”

“Wow, I’m just holding it above him, but you can’t even see him under her foot at all,” Nikki observed.

“... It looks like the time I got massaged…” 

“Massage? I’m rolling her foot all over him. I can’t really call that a massage.”

“Eh…? But Remy massaged my feet before that way…”

“He what? Err, I know I keep asking this, but seriously, are you sure he doesn’t have a foot fetish?”

That was only because I lost when we were betting, but Nikki didn’t know that. I waited until Nikki finally took the barbie doll off of me. She purposefully sat the barbie down on my mattress as if it were a cushion. She arranged it so that its legs stretched out from them and towards me. I was dwarfed by the towering plastic feet of the doll and found myself literally in its shadow. Much like whenever I was on the floor when Lori got up from her bed, the Barbie doll looked like it was just getting up out of the mattress while I had to look up at it from below.

“Ehehe… It’s so cute how small he is… ” Alice’s giggle reverberated through the dollhouse walls. The room darkened, so I turned and saw the two girls staring into the dollhouse. The entirety of the dollhouse’s missing wall was filled with the two girl’s foreheads and eyes as they looked inside.

“Cute? You sure have some taste, Alice. But wow - it looks like he’s even smaller to Barbie than he was to us before we shrunk him. I thought of it earlier when I could barely see him on your boob, but an eighth of an inch really is way too small.”

“... I think it’s just right…” was Alice’s opinion. 

“I want a proper comparison.” Nikki wasn’t as accepting as Alice to my super miniscule size, but she still was very interested. “... Hey, Remy. Hold on tight to Barbie’s foot, would you?”

“Wha- Hrk?!”

Although she phrased it like a request, in my perspective, Nikki’s words were an order. She didn’t even wait for an answer or a movement, so before I could even register her thunderous words as a demand, her titanic finger was already on the move. She brushed it against me so as to push me onto the doll’s foot. Unfortunately for me, that simple movement was the same as slamming a building into me from my perspective. I didn’t actually have to do any climbing because Nikki’s fingertip was enough to lift me up off the dollhouse floor and up to the ball of the Barbie doll’s foot.

“Mgff…! Ouch. Talk about forcef-Gwark!” Without even giving me a second to breathe, Nikki took the Barbie out of the dollhouse upside down by its legs while her finger still pressed me to its foot. I was taken along for the ride while pinned down.

When the acceleration finally stopped, the girl’s finger finally stopped pressing me into the doll, but the nigh-unnoticeable traces of sweat on her finger were enough to keep me stuck on the ball of Barbie’s foot. That wasn’t enough to resist the cosmonaut levels of g-forces I was subjected to when the giant girl flipped the Barbie doll upright again.

“Waaaah- Oof!”

I fell a hundred feet from my perspective onto the carpet below. My landing was somewhat soft, but I still felt the impact. The top of the carpet fibers was a bumpy alien landscape that bent to any weight put on them, but I didn’t weigh anything at my size, so they thankfully did not spread apart enough for me to fall through the gaps between them. However, the thickness of the carpet was at least half an inch so if I slipped past, I’d be lost and impossible to find in it.


“Whoops. Sorry, I didn’t want you to fall off.”

“Huh? W-Whargh!”

Nikki thankfully didn’t want to lose sight of me either. She was quick to get me off of the carpet since me falling off was unintentional on her part. Her method of doing that while seated on the floor, however, was through using the Barbie doll in her hand again.


“Gwah!” I shouted as the doll’s feet landed on the carpet right next to me. Compared to my insignificant dust-like self, the carpet fibers twisted and bent under Barbie’s weight. It was like a sinkhole suddenly formed where Nikki had plopped it down and my body rolled down the imperceptible dip towards its toes.

“There we go. Grab on tight. I’ll go slower this time,” Nikki thought I had climbed on of my own accord. She steadily tried to move the Barbie doll closer to where she wanted it with me on top of its right foot.

What did Nikki want to do with me? She had said that she wanted a proper comparison. I was struggling to not fall off the doll’s toes as I dangled on its big toe the entire time so I didn’t understand what that meant until the color of the floor far below me changed from off-white to peach.

“Huh? That is-” There weren’t any further sudden movements as I was lowered down. Nikki was actually gentle and slow with the descent as she had said. Still, I couldn’t believe what she had meant by a comparison until I got off of the Barbie. The peach surface I stepped onto had strange spiral-like ditches that resembled fingerprints and a salty odor was coming off of that same ground.

This wasn’t Nikki’s finger, I realized. I had gotten off of Barbie’s toe and onto Nikki’s toe. She had put the doll’s foot onto her big toe while she was sitting down on the floor. She had wanted to compare our sizes directly instead of with the doll, so she made me get onto her own foot as if it were solid ground.

“There we go. Now this is a good way to compare,” Nikki’s booming voice spoke from above. I didn’t even have to look up to know she was eyeing me from above with her analytical gaze. “Wow. I can barely tell him apart from the dirt on my foot. If I weren’t focusing, I wouldn’t be able to spot a speck with limbs at all.”

At 3 mm, I was small enough to move around on Nikki’s foot. She was so big to me that even her feet had become the terrain I could walk out after all. Conversely, I was so small to her that she couldn’t differentiate me from sock lint and carpet grime without actually exerting an effort.

Rumble. Rumble.

“Blargh!” Additionally, my pathetic size meant that even a millimeter of movement on Nikki’s perspective was several feet to me. Just the slightest twitch of her toe was enough to knock me off balance. The first time was rough enough, but Nikki hadn’t actually noticed as she handed the doll back to Alice, taking away the smaller but still titanic foot that had taken me to her toe. It became even worse when she grabbed hold of her foot to turn it towards her more. “Wha-Whaaaaaah!”

I tumbled down Nikki’s big toe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel any impact of landing because I actually fell off it. I didn’t land on the floor, though. I hit another peach colored surface just below it as the giant toe I was on turned and tilted.

“Whoa. With how easily stuff sticks to feet, I didn’t expect you to fall off so easily,” I heard Nikki’s voice from all directions. I groaned as I opened my eyes to see the toe I had been on literally towering above me. Additionally, to my side was an equally as tall wall that was another one of the girl’s toes.

I ended up in between Nikki’s big toe and second toe.

“Wow… He’s right between your toes…” Alice was watching what her friend was doing to me with interest. “They’re so much bigger than him… I think he could build a house and live there…”


“A house? Sheesh, I think you’re right. If we shrunk a house to his scale, he’d definitely be able to live in my feet.”

“Wah! What now?!” I cowered as Nikki’s toes moved. The massive structures that were her big toe and second toe hit each other and then bent above my head. She had reflexively scrunched them, but I was so small, I was actually safe in her gap between her toes.

“Hey, you’d like that, wouldn’t you, micro man? You’d definitely be able to live in my or Alice’s shoe or something at your size. We could probably fit a few whole neighborhoods your size in one if it were possible,” Nikki laughed, still thinking I had a foot fetish.

Alice liked her friend’s imagination. “That sounds amazing… Oh, I think Lori has some shoes in a box under her bed…”

Even though I knew that’d be impossible with the shrinking platform’s limitations, I didn’t like that idea being brought up at all. Both girls were sharing a laugh as if it were a joke, but it certainly wasn’t a joke to me. Literally standing and surviving and the gap between a college freshman girl’s toes was my current reality.

Unfortunately, their playtime continued as Alice found the shoe she had been looking for.

“Nikki… Put him in here…”

“Huh? Okay, sur- Whoa. Those are some dirty trainers. Those are your cousin’s?”

“... I think Lori uses them whenever she goes on a jog…”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Hey, stop! There’s no way I want to go there! Alice! Nikkiiiiiiiii!” Of course, my objections went unheard. All Nikki had to do was lift her foot up and it was already above my sister’s running shoe. I didn’t want to go in, but I wasn’t in any state to hold onto Nikki’s body either. The cataclysmic g-forces of her movement were too much for my body to handle. I ended up falling down onto the insole of her shoe. “Gak! Hack! Urgh… Gross…”

I had been inside Nikki’s shoe earlier when I was 3 inches tall. Now that I was closer to 3 millimeters, it didn’t look like a shoe any more - more of a cavern. I couldn’t see the toe end of Lori’s running shoe because it was so dark inside past the opening, but I could still at least tell it was a shoe from the stained indentation of my sister’s foot that had formed from months of jogging with them.


The last day Lori did any jogging was two days ago, so the inside of her shoe wasn’t hot and humid as if it were freshly worn like it had been with Nikki’s. That was the only good thing. The remnants of her sweat and foot odor were still everywhere - soaked up from the months Lori had been wearing them. I gagged and wandered around in a daze, covering my nose as I looked up the gigantic opening where light poured in. The inside of the shoe felt like a whole new world to me, and the only trace of the normal world outside was right above me - the smiling faces of my cousin and her friend as they talked to each other to plan my next ordeal.

“Nikki… Are you going to put it on?”

“No way. I said it earlier, but I’m not stepping on your cousin. Besides, I’m not wearing somebody else’s shoe. You shouldn’t either, Alice.”

“I mean… I’ve had Remy in my shoe while I was wearing it before… I kind of want to try it out…”

“You sure are a daredevil, Alice. He can’t climb out on his own, so he’d have to stick to our feet to get out, right? I guess this could be a way of getting him free. You sure he’ll survive this, though?”

“It’s Remy. He’ll be fine.”

What probably looked like a casual conversation between the two girls seated on the floor by a dollhouse was ominous and threatening from far below. Was Alice actually going to put her foot in? I didn’t want to be stepped on at this size. It was already too much at 3 inches tall. At u39;”, just how many thousands of tons would be crashing down on me?

Alice was serious, though. The light being blocked by a peach colored monstrosity made that clear. She was actually willing to stick her foot into my sister’s running shoe just to satisfy her interest.

“Ehehe… Don’t worry, Remy… I’ll be quick, I just want to see what happens…”

“Alice, no!” I cried. Even if I wanted to run, where could I go at my size? Everywhere around me was my sister’s shoe. My cousin’s feet may have been smaller, but they’d still fill it up and I wouldn’t even be able to run to the sides in time to avoid being crushed.

“You two, what do you think you’re doing?”

But Alice pulled her foot out when another voice intruded on the freshman girls’ fun.

“Lori…? You’re up already?”

“Ah… Guess we were too loud. Damn. I guess it’s too late for growing him back before being found out.”

My sister had apparently woken up from the commotion.

“Urgh, grow him back…?” Lori had heard Nikki’s words. She was tired, but she was still a quick witted genius. She was becoming more and more awake with each passing second too. “Don’t tell me you used the machine on Remy. And that’s my shoe… D-Did you put him in there?”

“Sis woke up? Thank god. I’m saf- Whoaaaaaah!”

I felt the world outside the shoe rumbling. The sound of footsteps and heavy movements literally rocked my world. Lori had approached Alice and grabbed her shoe. I was slammed down straight into the insole by the split second of rapid acceleration. The light shining down into the running shoe was replaced by an enormous eye bigger than a pool staring down at me.

“Lori, down here!”

“That speck - is that really you, Remy?” Lori was in disbelief. She could see me, but only barely. “You really shrank him again. What were you thinking?”

Lori only looked for me to confirm. She didn’t get me out of the shoe and instead put it back down. It was probably for the best, though, because I soon heard Alice’s voice crack.

“Hyah! … Lori?”

“Alice, answer me. Why did you do that to Remy?” 

I couldn’t see either of them from inside the shoe, but my best guess was that she had run up to Alice and grabbed hold of her.

“Why…? We… Uh… We…” Alice searched for an excuse but couldn’t come up with one.

Nikki decided to answer Lori’s demand honestly. “We thought it’d be cool if he was closer to the size in the movie.”

“Nikki… Why did you have to say that…?” I couldn’t see my cousin’s expression from inside Lori’s shoe, but Alice sounded like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Hey, she was definitely going to get angry since there was no way we were going to hide it. It’s better we just tell her the truth now, so it doesn’t get any worse,” Nikki had been quick to give up after getting caught, but she was just being realistic. She wasn’t stupid enough to think she’d be able to avoid pissing off Lori for going behind her back or to think she could hide what they had done. She knew they had already gone past the point of no return when they shrank me. 

“This is already bad…”

“You haven’t seen bad yet,” Lori was not happy with Alice’s reluctance to answer. “Is he safe? You didn’t hurt him, did you?”

“Lori, you’re gripping too tight… it hurts…” Alice grunted. “Remy’s fine… Just smaller… It’s Remy, he’d be okay…”

“Okay? ”Lori was not satisfied with that answer so she probably gripped even harder wherever she was grabbing onto Alice. “Just because my brother’s been such a yesman when it comes to you, you thought he’d be fine with you shrinking him even more?”

“... The way the shrinking works, he would’ve been safe… right?” Alice asked.

“Safe? I don’t think being trapped in a shoe qualifies as safe. Would you be happy being taken advantage of with no hope of fighting back against someone the size of a mountain?” Lori countered Alice’s question with her own.

“A mountain…? No, I… wouldn’t…” Alice was getting an idea what Lori meant now that she was trying to put herself in my shoes… as painful as that idiom was in my current position. She finally remembered that I had been properly experiencing everything she had thrown at me as a person rather than as a toy. “Remy… we didn’t do that much to him…”

“That much?”

“Ah…! I mean… We… I…”

Nikki was the first to apologize. She tried to speak for Alice who was still collecting her thoughts. They shared the blame together so she tried to shoulder some of Lori’s rage for my cousin’s sake. “Sorry. We couldn’t resist toying with him and the machine. I really wanted to try it out so we did it without considering his opinion.”

“You do realize that’s my brother, right? He’s an actual living, breathing human? He’s not some plaything.”

“Yeah. I get that he didn’t consent, but just calm down. We didn’t really do anything to him after shrinking him. He’s alive and I’m pretty sure he’s unharmed. We just wanted to get a good experience with his smaller size. You know - compare heights and stuff.”

“I doubt that’s all you did. Alice, what did you two do?” Lori was angrier at Alice than she was at Nikki. She wanted to know the truth.

“I just… I…” Alice stumbled to find the proper words now that she had realized her mistake. Getting yelled at by Lori was not something she was used to considering how much we pampered her. Lori was past the point of considering being nice to my cousin anymore, though. I could imagine the stare-down Alice was getting. Even she had to have realized by now that her interest and curiosity had gone too far this time. “I just thought it’d be fun… I didn’t mean to…”

“What. Did. You. Do. To. My. Brother?” My sister shouted again, each word getting louder than the previous one. She had every right to be loud because she had every right to be angry.

Alice was receiving a proper reality check that her treatment of me was not acceptable. Whether that only applied to while I was micro-sized or if it applied also to when I was 3 inches tall too had yet to be known, but the quivering in Alice’s voice was not one of shyness but one of a cornered child.

“Hic! I… I… Hic! Hic!” Alice was hiccuping as she spoke. Her breathing was becoming erratic. She likely never thought she’d get yelled at by my sister who cared for her another sibling. This was supposed to be a sleepover with a friend too, but now she was getting chewed out. I hadn’t heard her do so since the beginning of the school year, but Alice began to cry. “I-I’m sorry…”

“Hey, now. I think she’s realized she’s screwed up already. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame me for getting the idea in her head.” Nikki tried to defend her friend one more time after seeing her tears.

“Oh, you’re both to blame! But I know Alice has been like this for a while,” Lori did not redirect her anger away from Alice. She didn’t even accept my cousin’s apology. “I’ve been super chill about it since Remy told me not to worry and let you enjoy your college life. That’s why we were fine with this last minute sleepover, but after hearing you shrunk Remy again and treated him like a toy… I can’t stay quiet about this. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“... I said I was sorry!” Alice shouted back in tears, not wanting to be scolded anymore. She couldn’t find any counter arguments as Lori’s anger was highly justified. She was clearly at fault here and she knew it.

“Say that to Remy!” Lori was seeing red. Alice’s crying apology did not stop her shouts. “He’s the one who has to endure all of this! I don’t know what he’s going to do when we grow him back.”

“Ngnn…” Alice bit her lip.

She didn’t know how to respond. Like a rebellious teenager who had gotten caught, she was being forced to bear with it as my sister scolded her.

“You brought this on yourself, Alice! You’ve gone too far this time!”


“... I get it…”

“Do you really? Remy’s been doing this for your sake and you treat him like this? My brother is not a toy!”

Lori’s protective instincts had gone on overdrive after hearing what had happened just after being stirred awake. This was a motherly scolding that Alice never would’ve expected to receive after leaving home to get away from her mother. 

In the end, the realization, the shouting, and the stress were too much for my cousin.

“I get it already! You don’t have to yell like Mom, Lori! I hate you!”

For the first time ever since we’ve met her, Alice snapped back.

Family Fight 1 - Changing Back? by jellytea819

Sibling fights were something Lori and I were both used to. Fighting over stealing our favorite snack, fighting over borrowing something without permission, fighting over who got to use the bathroom first - when we were young, we used to fight over everything. Of course, my big sister was always the winner when I was her opponent.

With Alice being her opponent this time, I would’ve expected Lori to be more lenient, but she was so angry at this point that she did not back down in the slightest. From my point of view as a speck of dirt inside my big sister’s cavernous shoe, I couldn’t actually see what was happening outside in the normal sized world, but I could certainly hear their shouting that was louder than thunder.

“Lori, I hate you!”

“And what do I care about someone who treats people like toys.”

“But Remy’s just...”

“Just? Just what? Tell me what you really think, Alice?”

“Ngh… He’s just… I just… Hgnngh!”

“Hey, where are you going Alice! We’re not done here!”

“Well, I’m done with you!”

“Whoa. Sorry, I’ll go after her. I’ve never seen her cry like this before.”

Nikki chased after Alice with legitimate concern. A family fight while having friends over was one of the awkwardest situations to be in, but she was being a supportive friend to check up on her. It was definitely necessary because I heard something in the distance soon after.


That was the slamming of a door - not the closeby one of Alice’s room but the further away front door. Alice had run out of the house. The sound of the door opening and closing again told me that Nikki started to chase after her.

“Dammit. That girl,” snarled my sister now that she was the only person left inside her room except for me. Lori was still seething. Everything she had been holding in about Alice had come pouring out. She was not bottling it in anymore. “I underestimated her. We spoiled her too much that she never learned how to treat others properly.”

I understood my sister’s emotions. As the actual person who had just gone through the entire ordeal, she had definitely gone too far. While I wasn’t hurt, getting shrunken a second time and getting used as a form of entertainment was not something I ever wanted to have happen to me. I may have agreed to getting shrunk at the very beginning, but I never thought it’d turn out like this.

Lori frowned as she knelt down onto the floor. The powerful gust of her body’s descent created a wind storm and blew my feet off the ground. I was knocked dozens of feet into the inner wall of my sister’s running shoe and then bounced back down onto its insole.

Lori hadn’t realized that her simple movements had tossed me around. When she looked down into her shoe, she saw me on the floor on the insole, but thought that was where I had been earlier. “Sorry, Remy. I didn’t think they’d end up manhandling you to this level while I was passed out. I’ll get you unshrunk right now.”

“Mgfff!” I grunted as my sister’s finger came down on me as gently as she could. Of course, there was no way she could be gentle if she tried. I was crushed under hundreds of tons of weight by her fingertip even though she was doing her best to just brush it against my tiny body. My body stuck to it thanks to her sweat.

Lori was not one to be hesitant on the most important task. We both wanted me to stop being u39;” as soon as possible, so she aimed to head out of her room and go to the shrinking platform. But because of how fragile and light I was at my micro size, rushing was a terrible idea.


I was subjugated to powerful storm winds as Lori tried to take a step out of the room. The adhesiveness of my sister’s sweat kept me in place… well, only one part of me. My upper torso was glued to her finger but my lower body started to leave the ‘ground’. My body fluttered in the wind like a flag, but like any flag in hurricane force winds, I wasn’t going to break.

“Gwaaaaaaah!” When Lori’s foot hit the ground, it caused her entire body to shake. That, coupled with the wind blowing me, broke the adhesiveness of Lori’s sweat. I was sent spiraling through the air.

“Whoa, Remy?!” My sister had thankfully been keeping an eye on me the entire time, so she saw me fly off, but even her reflexes couldn’t catch me before I landed.

Where did I land? Well, the skin colored surroundings told me that this was another familiar location from earlier. Because Lori had her hand above her chest, I dropped on my sister’s breast. Unfortunately, unlike with Alice where I landed on her boob, the wind had blown me to right between both of my sister’s boobs - in the dead center where the cleavage began. Gravity was already hard at work pulling me down the deep, dark valley where even Lori couldn’t see me even with the low neckline of her shirt.

“Uwoah! Not again!” I slipped down Lori’s chest and into her cleavage like I was riding a water slide. There was even water too as the sweat dripping down into my sister’s cleavage sped up my descent more than it stopped me. My entire world turned dark as I descended into the hot chasm formed by my sister’s boobs.

In the few seconds of my fall, I would have thought that I’d be caught and smothered between Lori’s boobs, but my sister was too slow to react. At the very least, her shirt caught me like a safety net.

“Ngah… I’m safe… Huh? Whoa.” I breathed a sigh of relief to no longer be falling, but when my eyes opened, they followed the curtain of cloth that had caught me. I was rendered speechless at the view from below of my sister’s boobs. Lori was braless that morning, so the skin colored ceiling above me was her sweaty underboob. Light peeked through the miniscule gaps in the fabric so it wasn’t completely dark, but it looked strangely holy.

That wasn’t the only thing I witnessed either. In front of me was an enormous alien cave that a pungent odor was wafting out of. The opening of the cave was 10 times my size and the color of skin. I realized after a moment of thinking that it was my sister’s belly button. I couldn’t actually reach it though. The single inch between the part of her shirt I was on and her navel was impossible for me to climb.


“Gwuh? Waaaaaaaaah!”

There was to process the sights for much longer, though. The cloth net of my sister’s shirt shifted, taking me with it. To my dismay, it turned completely vertical and pulled away from the skin colored wall of my sister’s stomach. And then my world turned completely upside down. The distant floor and my sister’s long legs were now above my head but not for long. I tried my best to hang on to the cotton fibers, but there was no way someone of my size could handle the G-force caused by Lori lifting up her shirt. I ended up falling again - straight down to the floor with nothing else to catch me this

time because Lori took off her shirt hoping to find me.

“Gah! Ngrk! Oof!” I landed. I bounced. And I bounced again.  My body could endure the abuse, but it still hurt despite nothing breaking. I was actually surprised how quickly I was able to open my eyes and pick myself up again… Only to be greeted to a strange hot pink land. “Huh? What the-? Wah!”


“Remy? Don’t move okay? I’ll find you. Just hold on.” My sister’s voice boomed like almighty thunder from up above. Although she was trying to reassure me, she actually lost sight of me. Looking up, I nearly did a spit take when I saw the literal statuesque figure of my sister was topless and groping her breasts but she was trying to find me on them.

Sadly, I wasn’t going to find me on them anymore. I was able to get my bearings together so I could figure out where I was. I realized why I was on a sleek, hot pink surface and it made my voice crack as I forced a laugh to cope. “Hahaha… Damn. Seriously? Her toenail?”

I should’ve considered myself lucky. If I were on the carpet, I’d be impossible to find and might have been lost forever. The hot pink plain I had ended up on now was the painted toenail of my gigantic big sister’s big toe.

Rumble. Rumble.

“Ngrk! Uwoah!” But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t going to fall further. Every one of Lori’s movements threatened to shake me off her left foot. I tumbled from the center of her toe nail to the left edge. Her foot had actually stayed in place. It was just that her toe rose upwards and slammed down for a brief second.  My stomach churned and I almost wanted to throw up when I looked down from the edge of her toenail and saw how much further I had left to fall. Her toes were mountains in their own right.

“Lori! I’m down here!” I knew it wasn’t going to work, but I still instinctively shouted for help towards the sky. It was like shouting to a god which, for all intents and purposes, Lori might as well have been at the moment because of how gargantuan she was. She was the very land I was standing on for crying out loud.

Well, whether it was her insight or sisterly intuition or her astute thinking, my sister actually did look down after failing to find me stuck to her tits.


“Uwooooh! Gah!” I tumbled when my sister knelt down to check the floor at her feet. The wind her body generated by just moving was so powerful, that it slammed me into Lori’s painted nail. My face kissed it hard, and my entire body was sprawled all over it. I was at least grateful that it didn’t blow me away.

“Damnit… Did you fall onto the floor? You’ve got to be on the carpet somewhere… Ah!” Lori kept her eyes peeled well. The small imperfection on top of her finely painted toenails was actually easy to notice. I could feel her gaze from up above focusing on me.

“Thank goodness. She saw me- Hwoaaaaah!?”

In an effort to not lose me, my sister brought her fingers down to pinch her toe. This time, instead of gently picking me up with it and risking me falling off, she pressed down with hundreds of tons of pressure. Then the ground beneath me flipped as my sister got down on her butt. As she did, she didn’t notice her thumb swept across her toe just a bit. I could feel my body scrape across Lori’s toenail and then the bare skin of her big toe. The grime, carpet lint, and sweat dug into my body because of the sheer power she was using to keep me between her toe and her thumb.

“Ngah… Gah… Huh? L-Lori…?,” When Lori let go, I hoped to get a whiff of fresh air, but all I could breathe was the smell of my sister’s foot sweat. I found that I had ended up between her big and second toe. “Whoa… Damn…”

During the time I had been shrunken further to u39;” of an inch, I hadn’t actually been on the body of someone lying down. Alice and Lori’s boobs were enclosed places, but now that I was in the open air between my sister’s toes, I was able to see the entirety of Lori’s body from the very far end.

I was 576 times smaller than usual, meaning my sister was that much bigger as well. My over half-mile tall sister and her

quarter-mile long legs stretched so far, I would need a car to go get to her knee. The slope of her bent knee, though, was steeper than any of the nearby hills too. And while I couldn’t see the rest of her leg past her knee, her naked torso loomed over it. Her nearly 300 ft boobs, unrestrained by a shirt or bra, jiggle, bounced, and drooped over her knee as she tried to make out my form between her toes.

“You… This was… You’re way too small. I can’t believe I almost lost you like that,” my sister tried to crack a smile, but it was clear that so many fearful thoughts had crossed her mind in the past five minutes. She wasn’t wrong to have been worried. A single gust of wind had caused all of this.

I wasn’t sure how relieved I was yet while between the two skyscrapers that were her big and second toe. And Lori, as well, realized that my ordeal wasn’t over yet as she frowned.

“Sorry, Remy. I think I need to make sure you won’t get lost on me just walking out of my room,” she apologized. There was only one thing nearby that she had available to make sure I wouldn’t go flying elsewhere. She had picked up her shoe again.

“Sheesh. What was the point of taking me out of it then?” The smile I tried to crack was probably identical to my sister’s. I knew what she was going to do. I didn’t like it, but I knew it had to be done. I was going back into it again.

Carefully, my sister brought her dirty shoe over to her foot. I could already smell the stench of her musty as she slowly brought it down over her toes, enveloping me in shadow. When I and her foot were deep enough inside, the ground tilted yet again, dropping me onto the impressions of her toes on her insole. Her toes flanked me on both sides, surrounding me so that I was safe from flying out.

“Don’t worry, Little Bro. I’ll be careful. Just endure it, okay? I’ll get you to the platform to undo the shrinking,” Lori’s voice was muffled, but it still could be heard all around me.


“Hwaargh! Got to hold on…!” I slammed into Lori’s second toe as I endured the intense acceleration caused by my sister lifting her foot with me in her shoe. 


“Ngk! Blagrk!” With her first step, I was launched upwards into the ceiling that was the top of the toe of Lori’s shoe. the first step. I bounced off, hit her insole again, and slammed into her third toe. 


Before I could recover, my miniscule body was sent tumbling around again like a speck of dirt when Lori took her second step

“Damnit… Hurk!” Because my sister had only put on one shoe, her footing was strange. She tried to do her best to not move haphazardly, but even the slightest twitch of her third toe knocked me to the end of her shoe again where I was sent back to her toes when her foot landed.

At the fourth step, I tried my hardest to prevent myself from being thrown around by holding tight to Lori’s big toe. I hugged it tightly, but even that was a terrible decision. The sweat drops dripping down her foot were as big as I was, so even they threatened to shove me around. A single drop landed on me, causing me to fall flat on her insole at the worst possible time. Her toe crashed down onto me, slamming me into her sweaty insole.

“This is unbelievable…” I groaned. My sister’s toes were supposed to be my safe haven… But I was so small that even my safe haven had me at its mercy. 








I flew back up to the top of her toe nail and hit it hard.


Lori’s toes reflexively scrunched together, squeezing me between her big and second toe like a building sized hydraulic press.


I fell beneath the ball of my sister’s foot and was crushed underneath her full weight.

Ten steps. That was how many steps it took before Lori finally stopped. That was how long my ‘safe trip’ was before my sister reached her destination.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Clack. Clack. Clack.

After a painful ordeal, I finally heard the beeping of the shrinking platform’s computer interface and the clacking of the keyboard that Lori had reached. She was there.

“Okay. All I have to do is make sure you’re on the platform while the shrinking gets canceled. It only cancels shrinking effects, so I won’t be growing. But you've gotten shrunk twice, so we’ll have to run it twice, Remy.” My sister was speaking to her shoe in order to inform me of how things would go. It was to reassure me, but also her as well.

Whatever would get me back to normal, I didn’t mind.


And then Lori activated it. The sound of the shrinking platform activating to unshrink deafened me. At the same time, though, the world around me started shifting… In a good way? I suppose I would’ve liked to call it that. I was in a ‘safe’ wrinkle beneath my sister’s foot, but the breathable space around me started to get smaller. While it meant that I was growing, that also meant that the safe gap between them that I was in was rapidly disappearing.

“Mgff!” As I grew inside of my sister’s shoe, her massive foot did not bend to still miniscule weight, so there was no longer any room to be thrown around but also no more room period. My entire body was buried under the ball of Lori’s foot until it grew enough for my head to poke out between her toes.

At the very least, I was three inches tall now. Lori pulled her foot out of her shoe with me pinched between her toes.

“Oh, thank god. You’re back to normal… Or, at least some semblance of normal,” my sister realized her slip up for calling my 3 inch form ‘normal’. Still, that means that she had succeeded at the first unshrinking.

“Can we unshrink all the way now? This has been insane…” From between her toes, I told my sister who could now hear my voice.

“Yeah,” she nodded, smiling to know she could talk to me again. She slowly and gently lowered her foot and me onto the platform. She the stepped off to activate the button so my growth wouldn’t push her off.


“Phew. Finally,” I let out a sigh of relief as my line of sight started to rise again. I was already passing her ankle height. “Sheesh. After all this, I think I’ll skip school for a few days.”

“I’m sorry about what happened. I won’t let this go. I’m really pissed off at Alice for what she did,” Lori frowned.

“I… can’t say it’s not deserved this time,” As I looked up at Lori’s knee which I was now half way up, I realized I couldn’t defend Alice after what I had been through. “Let’s just wait until she gets back. She ran out with just her hoodie over her undies, so I’m pretty sure she’ll realize that and rush back if Nikki doesn’t do so herself before she does.

“I wasn’t too harsh with what I said, was I? No, I can’t have second thoughts on this. We gave her too much leeway and

spoiled her too much. That’s got to stop if she’s become this bad.”

“Yeah. I… Wait, aren’t I changing back too slowly?” I realized something was wrong. Lori and I were conversing while I was still growing back, but normally, I unshrunk near-instantly. Now, I was barely at Lori’s knee - 18 inches tall at best.

“Huh? Ah! You’re right,” Lori was surprised that she hadn’t realized it sooner either. She moved to the monitor and keyboard that was connected to the platform and started typing. Was she running a diagnostic? “What? Shit!”

“What’s wrong, Lori?” I asked, not happy to hear that my troubles still hadn’t ended.

“It looks like we ran the machine too many times in succession,” Lori ground her teeth in anger. “We drained the battery without giving it any time to recharge..”

“Drained the battery? Doesn’t this run on our house’s electricity?”

“Well, technically. The machine runs on a battery to prevent blackouts from stopping people from changing back. The problem is that this model’s so old, now that we drained the battery completely, it’s refusing to hold a charge. We need to replace it and install a secondary battery.  That’s not the worst part though…”

“Not the worst? What do you mean by-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I realized just what my sister meant by ‘worst part’ when my world doubled in size. I went from a knee high 18 inches tall down to 9 inches. “Sis! I’m shrinking again?” 

“Yeah… That’s the worst part,” Lori’s frown deepend. “Since that the second burst didn’t have enough power to remove the first compression layer that enveloped your body, that layer is still present and might cover your body again. To simplify things for you, the unshrinking energy is trying to grow you, the shrinking energy is fighting back.”


“So I’ll keep shrinking and growing?” I had managed to grow to 12 inches tall during Lori’s explanation but my stomach dropped along with my height when I went down to 10 inches tall. “You’re kidding me. What the hell is this?”

“At least it’s better than you being smaller than 3 inches again, but damn… This is bad…”

My height was going to be in flux between 3 inches tall to some size smaller than my normal height. While this was still waaaaay better than the u39;” I had been earlier, this was still terrible. If I couldn’t change back, how can I leave the house?  

“How long would it take to get a new battery? Is there one on the labs on campus?”

“No… This one’s from Auntie’s lab, and it’s a different model from the ones we use,” Lori kept delivering bad news.

“So what do we have to do?”

“Alice won’t like this, but I don’t really care about what she thinks at this point. The problem is that neither of us will like it either.”

“And that is?”



The door opened to Nikki dragging a tearful Alice back in just in time for Lori to finish telling me what we had to do.

“Hey! I got her back. She was sniveling at the park hiding in the bushes from joggers since she realized she was mostly naked under her jacket! And she’s sorry. Right, Alice? I mean, we both are.”

“Y-Yeah… I’m so sor-”

“We have to call Aunt Shelly over.” Lori finished her sentence with a serious tone.

I could see Alice’s tearful eyes shrink in fear even from below. She had come back from her tantrum to hear the one thing she did not want to hear.


We were going to have her mother, who she had tried her best to get away from, come.

End Notes:

First of the three 'family fight' chapters. Mom's not coming right away. The next one will be the wait for her to come while Remy's size keeps changing.

Family Fight 2 - Overprotective by jellytea819
Author's Notes:

Remy is currently changing sizes constantly so he won't be consistently the same size this chapter. The 'Bzzt!' will let you know

(21) Family Fight 2 - Overprotective

“Yeah… The battery’s completely drained… That’s right. We need a replacement… Hey! It wasn’t my fault! I already explained it to you. Alice was the one who did i-! … Hey! Don’t yell at me! YES, I’m blaming her!”


“… Don’t you dare drag Mom into this! This is your stupid machine in the first place. Listen, just come over as soon as you can with a replacement battery. I know the deal was that you stayed away, but my brother’s size has been jumping up and down this whole time. This can’t be good for him!”


“He was 6 inches tall just an hour ago. Then he shot up to 4 feet, but he’s under three feet tall now. Hang on. I’ll send you a picture… Say cheese, Bro.”

“Does it have to be in this position?” I asked as my sister took a selfie of herself with me held close to her on her bed. She quickly sent it to our aunt mid-call and put the phone back to her ear.


“See? I told you that it was bad… So you’ll make the trip here right after work ends? Good. We’ll be waiting…”

Lori hung up the call with Aunt Shelly with an exhausted sigh. Having to explain to our aunt what had happened must have been difficult for her. It didn’t sound like Aunt Shelly wanted to hear that Alice was the one who did it. Neither she nor Lori got along with each other, so it was a miracle that our aunt agreed.


At that moment, I was currently a somewhat comfortable 31 inches tall… no, 33 inches now apparently. l was sitting uncomfortably on my sister’s lap as she sat on her bed. Lori didn’t want to deal with Alice’s mother AND her at the same time, so she had brought me into her room for the phone call with Aunt Shelly. I definitely felt like her little brother at that moment considering I was around the height of a 2 year old. My back was firmly held against her stomach by her arm and her heavy breasts rested on top of my head, threatening to break my neck with their weight. Even with my legs stretched forward, they didn’t even pass her knee.

“Damnit… I hate talking to her. She wouldn’t believe me and thought I was talking out of my ass,” Lori grumbled as she put her phone down. She leaned back and put her hands to her side, freeing my head from the weight of her chest and the rest of my body from her grip.

“I can’t believe she needed photographic proof,” I took advantage of my sister relaxing to break free. I knew she was being protective of me, but it was embarrassing to be held so closely to her. I tried to crawl off my 12 foot tall (relatively) sister’s thighs, but before I could, I felt two warm palms grab me by my armpits. “Whoa!”

Lori picked me up off of her and stood up. She knew I wanted to get off of her, so she took the liberty of doing so for me. She put me down on the floor between her legs. She did it so easily. My body was probably around 10 pounds to her at this size. “There you go, Remy.” 

“Uh, thanks,” I wanted to tell my sister that I could do it myself, but before I could, her hand reached over and landed on the top of my head. I felt its weight, and I also realized her palm was bigger than my skull. “Sorry about all of this, Little Bro.”

“It’s not your fault. And hey, you don’t have to treat me like a kid, Sis,” I grumbled, trying to push her hand off of me. Obviously, I couldn’t fight her. I was so small that my head barely passed the height of her bed. 

“It’s kind of hard not to,” Lori sounded distracted. Her mouth was open, baring her teeth like an animal in fight or flight mode. It wasn’t an expression I had seen on her before. “I’d rather you stick with me safe and sound until we can get you back to normal.”

“I mean, you called Aunt Shelly. All we can do is wait for her to arrive,” I started to head towards the door, but was immediately stopped when her bare legs left the floor. Because I was right between her legs, when the soles of her feet touched right in front of me, I was trapped in place. “Hwuh?”

My sister pulled her legs back. The balls of her feet hit me in my chest and I was pulled back towards where Lori was sitting on the mattress. She then pressed her feet into my chest. There was no breathing room between her legs and the bed. She successfully pinned my body in place. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Mguf!” I tried to push her legs apart, but they were more immovable than steel pillars. And when I tried to shoved her feet down, Lori pulled them further up into my face to force me to stay still. The smell of damp carpet lint from her sweaty feet forced me to hold my breath as I struggled. I had no choice but to answer her honestly as I struggled. “Gak! I was thinking we should tell Alice.”

The moment I mentioned our cousin’s name, Lori’s foot slammed into my side. I spun around. My head turned up and I saw her face. Lori’s mouth opened wider than it did before, exposing her teeth. She wasn’t frowning or smiling. It was as if her body was simply reacting to Alice’s name instinctively. “Tell her? Let me do that. I’m not letting you near her. Alice and Nikki - those two did all of this in the first place. I won’t let them make things worse for you. You’re staying here until Auntie comes. “

“Lori?” I didn’t like the fact that Lori was furious at Alice, but I wasn’t going to say that she should forgive her. What I was more concerned about was Lori’s gaze. She was staring right through me - as if she was looking at something past me.

“I can’t risk you getting hurt,” Lori gave me a little more room between her legs and the mattress to let me breathe, but she immediately gave me an order afterwards. “Just stay right here, Remy.”

“Sis, I can’t just do that.” Now that I could move, I tried to duck to get beneath her legs, but Lori read my intentions and opened up her feet. The moment I stepped forward, I walked up between them. She swiftly pressed them together, clamping my head between them. Her feet were nearly 2’ long from my perspective so each one was bigger than my head. The sweat from her toes and soles stained my hair and cheeks wet as she clamped down on me with her bare feet. “Mgfrgf!”

“And why not? We could just play a few board games or card games while we waited. It’s not like you’re leaving the house at this size” Despite my struggles to break free, Lori did not have to move her legs or feet to keep me in place. I couldn’t push back against the vice grip her soles had on my head. “Besides, you can’t even reach the doorknob like this.”

“Mgff… What? I… totally can! Grk! Just watch me.” I dared to talk back to my sister not only because I didn’t believe her, but also because I knew she’d give me a chance. By saying that, she actually released me just so I could prove her wrong.

“Fine. Go for it, tough guy.” Lori spread her legs apart, letting me stumble forward. I turned around to see her looking down at me. The same open mouth-teeth bared expression she had on earlier was still on her face, but she actually let me get away from her legs’ reach completely.

“It’s not so tough at this size,” I told her as I approached the door. To my annoyance, I saw that the top of my head was well beneath it. I was going to have to jump to try to get a hold of it to turn it. “ Hwah! … Damn… Hup!”

“Can’t reach?” Lori crossed her legs as she watched me struggle to grab the doorknob. She was confident that she was right. “I told you.”

“No. I’ve got it. One more time! Here we go! Damn. Come on!”

“Pfft. Sorry. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but you seriously can’t, Little Bro. Just give up already,” Lori couldn’t resist laughing at my struggle. Even though she was worried, I must have looked comedic having my hands slip off the doorknob every time I managed to grab it. I was thankful when I could finally grab it.

“Hah! Got… it?”




Well… ‘could’ was the key word. My weight successfully turned the doorknob, but I couldn’t pull it before I felt my height start to dwindle again. I felt the floor get further and further away from me. My entire body shrank upwards as I hung onto the door knob. I was pulled along with the door as it opened up. The world had tripled, leaving me at 11”.

“No way! I thought I’d at least be able to open a door!” I shouted. My stomach was definitely not enjoying the random rising and falling that my body was going through. I desperately did my best to pull my body onto the door knob. Even though I knew how the shrinking worked to enhance my body’s endurance, it was a multi-story drop to the floor. I instinctively did not want to fall.


“Urk! Gah!” I was smacked by something white in the leg. I lost my grip for a second and nearly slid off the smooth doorknob. I realized what it was when a shadow fell over me as a warm presence came up right behind me. The drawstring of my sister’s shorts had whipped through the air when she rushed over after seeing me shrink.

“I got you, Little Bro!” My sister hovered her hands around the doorknob, ready to catch me.

“Huh? No, it’s fine… Ugh,” I grunted, not wanting to worry her. “You don’t have to watch over everything I do.”

“No way. This is why I said you should just stay in here. It’s scary just how suddenly you shrank there. Do you get it now?” my sister frowned. She kept her hands close to me. While she could easily get me off the door, she didn’t want to pry me off and possibly hurt me now that I was a lot smaller and more vulnerable. “Damnit. I shouldn’t have let you try. Now come on. Get on my hand.”

“I told you, I’m fine,” As nice as it was to get to safety, I felt that if I ended up doing that, Lori wouldn’t let me go both literally and figuratively. She had gotten too protective of me - even more so than before. 

“You’re not!” Lori was frustrated at how I was still refusing. “Let me tell you this: you just shrank towards your center of mass. That’s never happened before. The whole process of your size-changing might have been messed up because of this ‘residual layer’ issue.”

I wasn’t sure what my sister meant by ‘residual layer’, but I didn’t like to hear the fact that even HOW I changed size was going to be unpredictable. “Lori, just to be sure, how small can I get while I’m like this?”

”Uh… Maybe back down to three inches?” Lori’s answer was not confident. “I think we removed the first shrinking layer fully. It’s only the second one that’s still there, so that should be the case… Maybe… Sorry, I’m not really sure. I’ve never seen this happen EVER.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I guess opening doors is out of the question again. Oh well. I’ve gotten pretty used to that these past few months,” I laughed, trying to sound optimistic even though my words clearly weren’t. 

My sister definitely hated the part of my personality that tried to be positive even when everything wasn’t good. I didn’t have to be facing her to know she was shaking her head at me. “Can you be a little more serious about this, Remy? This is absolutely terrible for you, isn’t it? I’m trying to keep you safe here!”

“I know you are…,” I knew things were bad, and that Lori was just trying to care for me after all of the danger I had been through. Still, the way my sister was acting now… She wasn’t actually looking at me when she spoke to me. I realized now that what she was actually looking at was her vision of me being hurt. She wasn’t thinking straight thanks to the combination of lack of sleep, panic over what had happened to me, and confusion over the errors in my size changing. I needed to get her to listen to me somehow. 


“Come on. My hand’s right here, Little Bro.”

“... Hey, Lori, can you hold still?”

“Hold still?” My sister repeated, not sure why I made such a strange request. She figured out my answer when I stretched as far as I could to grab onto her shorts.

“Got it!”


Pushing off from the door, I swapped from grabbing onto the doorknob to grabbing my sister’s shorts the moment the drawstring swung close enough to me. The momentum I gave myself was a bit too much so I swung on the drawstring like Tarzan on a vine. One of Lori’s hands reached for me, but the other reflexively grabbed her pants so that they wouldn’t slip off. Unable to consciously control both hands, my sister didn’t have the dexterous muscle control to grab me in time. I didn’t hold onto the string for very long anyways. I slammed into her thigh and gravity started to pull me down. My doll-sized arms wrapped around her leg as best as they could and I slid down her leg slowly until I landed on the top of her left foot.

“Hah! Phew! Safe.”

“Safe? Are you crazy? What part of that was safer than letting me get you down? Did you seriously just try to slide down my leg like a fireman’s pole?” Lori was in disbelief at what I had just done.

“You’re a bit too thick for a pole, Sis,” I chuckled. 

“... I’ll take that as a compliment?” my sister wanted to scold me, but she was still trying to process what I had done. This was good. I had caught her so off-guard with my sudden dare-devil attempt that she was finally trying to think. She rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming in from having to understand my actions.

This was precisely why I had jumped.

“What’d I tell you? I was fine. I could get down on my own.”

“Didn’t you ask me to stay still so you could use my leg, though? I wouldn’t call that ‘on your own’.”

“Well, you have a point there,” I laughed.

The more I laughed, the more my sister had to rub her temples. I was glad that I, as her younger brother, knew Lori so well. I knew how her brain worked to the point where, even though I was 11” tall, I could do something so ridiculous that she’d have to take some time to clear her head. “Sheesh. You were the size of a speck and suffering thanks to what Alice did earlier. Shouldn’t you have learned to be more cautious from that?”

Lori crossed her arms as she looked down at me on her foot. That strange expression she had earlier was gone. I saw the usual exasperated expression that I had seen Lori give me all my life whenever I did something stupid.

“I don’t want to over-rely on you, Sis. You get that, right?”

“Even at a time like this?” Lori was listening to me properly now.

“The thing I learned from being super tiny was that it’s way better to have my own freedom to move how I like than to be forced around by planet sized giants,” I gave her foot a heavy smack. I was trying to make it seem like I was giving her a pat on the back, but she barely felt it with my doll-sized scale. “Listen, at that scale, your every movement was like a whole new weather phenomenon to me. I’ve gotten a good taste of how much more power you’ve got than me, and I know that’s the same at this scale too. If you end up doing everything for me, that’s not too different from getting dragged around.”

“That’s… Okay, I can see your point on why you’d rather be independent there…,” Lori was stunned that she couldn’t argue against my response. She frowned, thinking back to what she had done just minutes ago. “... Sorry. I guess I went overboard earlier.”

“You sure did!” I laughed at her. As the younger brother, it always felt nice to get ‘one up’ on my older sister.

Of course, Lori was never one to let me bask in my victory for very long. She heard how cocky I sounded, and now that she was feeling better, she had no qualms in knocking me off my pedestal. “Fine. Fine. My bad. I was panicking too much. It must've made you uncomfortable.  Now can you get off my foot?”

“Hwoargh!” My body slammed downwards onto her foot as her foot rapidly ascended upwards like an elevator. Lori lifted it up only a foot off the ground, but she had done it so suddenly that the acceleration caught me off guard. To make matters worse, when she stopped, my body started to slide off. I grabbed onto the close thing that I could - her toes. I kicked my legs in panic as I dangled from her foot like a scrap of toilet paper. “Waah!”

“You’re not that far off the floor, get off my foot already, squirt,” Lori alerted me to the fact that my feet were just an inch off the floor in reality. Even on my scale, it was only a foot high drop, so I didn’t actually have any issue with the landing now.

“Damn. That scared me,” With my knees on the carpet, I relaxed my muscles and sprawled over the top of my sister’s foot in relief.

“Consider that payback for scaring me and laughing at me.” Lori was back to her usual self. “But why’d you get scared from that when you were just fine jumping off the door?” 

“I told you. It’s all about control.” I tried to explain properly. “I CHOSE to jump off. I didn’t choose to get lifted up off the ground by your foot.”

“Okay. You’ve made your point,” Lori was starting to understand my reasoning more, but she also had her own reasoning to add to my argument. “But I’m still worried. You can’t control your size. There’s a chance something crazy will happen if nobody’s looking or in the middle of one of your reckless stunts. I won't make you stay in one place and I won’t forcibly move you around if you don’t want me to, but I still want to keep an eye on you. I’m not like Alice. I’ll put your safety first, so can you rely on me even just a little?”

Even though she could physically force the issue, Lori was trying to negotiate with me. Even though her concerns were still the same as earlier, she was definitely back to her normal line of thinking again. This was the Lori I could trust. 

“... You’re being a bit overbearing, Sis, but fine. Even I know that it’s insane to NOT rely on someone when I don’t even know what size I’ll be the very next second,” I gave her my consent. I could see her smile widen knowing that I trusted her. She must have been scared wondering if my previous experience had traumatized me. “Oh, but do you mind not being so suffocating? You were holding onto me against your stomach and boobs for 15 full minutes earlier.”

“That’s where you’re complaining?” Lori properly laughed at my comment this time. She was quick to counter it as well. “Well, sorry. Did you prefer my feet over my tits? You’re not complaining about that part. In fact, you’re still clinging on to them even though I told you to get off.”

“I-... Hold on!” I was still on top of her foot using it like a bed to rest on even though I had finally gotten down to the actual floor. I pushed myself off of it upon mustering enough strength to do so.

“You just can’t get away from my feet, can you?” my sister was trying to use her snarkiness to lighten up her mood the same way I had been using my optimism earlier. Both of us could recall how many incidents I’ve had at Lori’s feet in the past few hours.

“Don’t remind me. Now come on. I said it earlier, but we really need to let Alice and Nikki know about what you spoke about with Aunt Shelly. They deserve to know too,” I pointed up high above me. I had to crane my head back and look all the way up my sister’s long bare legs before I could see the doorknob that I couldn’t open earlier because I shrank.

“I still say you should stay away from those two until you’re absolutely back to normal… But if that’s what you want, then fine. I’ll make sure everything works out in the end. I promise, Remy,” Lori waited for me to get away from the path of the door. She turned the knob only when I stood up and ran back to her left foot. “Ah.”

“Ah?” I repeated, unsure as to why Lori made such a sound. I realized when I looked in the direction she was facing. Right in front of the door, just standing there in the hallway, was my cousin and her friend. 

“Uh, hey,” Nikki waved, unsure about what to say.

“Um… H-Hi… Lori… Remy…” Alice also nervously broke the silence. It was clear they had been trying to listen into what was going on inside Lori’s locked room earlier. It concerned me as to how Lori was going to react to the two of them waiting right outside her door. I had calmed her down, but there was still a good chance that she was still angry at them and it’d be completely justified anger too.



I started to say my cousin’s name. Before I could finish, however, the world around me shifted in all directions again. I was straining my neck to look up at Alice’s face, but the very next second, I realized that same angle only gave me a view of her knees. 

What was worse though was that my feet were no longer touching the floor. As Lori had feared earlier, I had shrunken towards my center of mass again.

“Gwaaaaaah!” I fell what was now a multi-story descent into the carpet below.  “Urgh! What the…? What happened… Oh…”

I landed on fibers that I could individually distinguish. They were warm… or rather, the air around me was warm and humid. It wasn’t because the carpet was naturally like that though. I realized when I stood up that it was because of the body heat emanating from Lori’s foot.

“Damnit. Not again.” If I had shrunken again, how small did I get for that body heat to make such an impression on my body? The shadow covering my entire body and the monolithic peach structures looming over me that were my sister’s toes gave me a proper object to compare myself to.

Lori’s hypothesis on how small I could get was wrong. Standing in the shadow of my sister’s big toe, I was down to a ˝” tall.


“Huh? Where’d Remy go?”

“What? Remy?”

Rumble! Rumble!

Instantaneously shrinking from 11” to ˝” tall, only Alice, who had been looking at me the moment I changed size again, realized something had happened to me. However, I had shrunken small enough and quickly enough that it would have looked like I disappeared if she had blinked.

Despite Lori’s desire to have me rely on her more, her concern over me became too heavy again - literally this time. When Alice called her attention to my sudden vanishing act by shrinking, my sister moved to look down at her feet. Unfortunately, because I was so small, she couldn’t see me right next to her toe when she was standing up. She had to shift her weight when she bent over to look past her boobs and onto the floor. While that shift was miniscule on Lori and Alice’s scale, it was multiplied by 144 times to my half inch tall self.

Lori’s foot lifted up a bit more than half an inch - 7-8 feet from my perspective. It jerked forward at an angle by around an inch when Lori leaned forward, surprised to no longer see my doll-sized form at her feet. In less than a second, the sole of Lori’s left foot became my ceiling.



There was no time to run. Before I could even finish Lori’s name, her foot already landed back down on the carpet, slamming down beneath it. The movement was so miniscule, my sister probably didn’t even realize she had done it. The carpet fibers bowed to her foot’s weight, protecting me from being crushed with full force. Still, my entire body outside of my head and neck, was smothered beneath the ball of Lori’s foot. The remainder wound up beneath her second toe.


I couldn’t shout. My entire mouth was covered by Lori’s toe. And the sweat that was on her foot covered my entire body, so even if I opened my mouth, it would be filled with the salty, sticky liquid.

“What the-? Where’d he go? Remy! Hey!”

“I… I think he shrunk again… I blinked and he was just gone.”

“What? Oh no, he’s got to still be down there. Don’t tell me he shrunk past the 3” mark. I thought that shouldn’t be possible. Hey, you two. Look for him. It’ll be bad if I move. He was closest to my foot, so I might step on him if I do.”

“R-Right…” “Okay.”

I was concerned about whether Lori would still be mad at Alice, but my sudden size change again forced both of them to cooperate immediately after they met face to face again. While this would’ve been a good thing, there was definitely nothing good about being suddenly crushed beneath the sole of my worried sister who was 800 feet tall to me. This was precisely the sort of experience I had told Lori I was sick of dealing with.


The weight pinning me down started to lessen. My size was changing again. Unfortunately, this still did not give me any relief. With my size continuing to change beneath my sister’s foot, it was clear to me that the short few hours it would take for Aunt Shelly to come was going to be a long span of time for the miniscule me.

End Notes:

Was originally going to be a much longer chapter with the fight too, but I decided to split it so that the Lori centric part was its own chapter before I get Alice involved. i've got to add more to the next part now that i cut the chapter up

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