No Underage Customers Allowed: Violators will be Eaten (A Forbidden Dish tale) by kbDArt

An underage boy sneaks into Forbidden Dish with a fake id after overhearing his older sister talking with her friends about it and celebrating her 18th birthday there.

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Story Notes:

Note - the setting, including the characters, of the Forbidden Dish was created by girlfood. His stories, along with FD stories/characters oishi1 and French_Snack have written about provide the basis and inspiration for this story. Thanks to each of them, especially girlfood.

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It's Jenny's birthday by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

The sleepover and preparation to visit Forbidden Dish

Friday morning, Santa Monica, California

Ollie Schwab was beside himself in teenage angst. The fifteen year old virgin had endured a whole night of his older sister’s group of girl friends sleepover in anticipation of her eighteenth birthday. Though it was a weekday, the kids had the day off due to a parent-teacher’s conference. The day hadn’t been so bad, but the evening had featured the girls in all manner of undress as they were in-and-out of the bathroom getting ready for bed. He had overheard rounds of gigglefests, sexual innuendo and lots and lots of gossip, mainly about the boys at school. On multiple occasions, a couple of the girls had razzed him as well, but that didn’t bother him too much. All of his sister’s friends met his level of approval – some were prettier than others, but the others made up any difference with their fun personalities. He would have loved a chance at any of them. Of course, most, but not all of them looked upon him as just a boy, Jenny’s little brother. Being cute and fit, and at around 5’8”, they still took notice of him, particularly auburn-haired Janet, who sported the largest breasts of the group, a full size D and they showed very little hint of being affected by gravity. While Ollie liked Janet, he was weary of her as she was the most outwardly aggressive of the girls. Once, at a previous sleepover, Janet had ‘accidentally’ brushed into him in the hallway when he was en route to the bathroom to relieve himself. He had a case of morning wood and he could have sworn Janet swerved into him as he was clearing the sand from the corner of his eyes. His unprotected cock had somehow gotten through the fly in his pajamas and got caught up in her clothing. When they separated, her hand had inadvertently grasped it. “Oops”, she said, feigning surprise as she released it, “sorry Ollie, didn’t mean to snag you.” She chuckled to herself as he hurried, embarrassed, into the bathroom and closed the door.

Ollie, though a cute kid and athletic and friendly, was a bit shy and was no better than average in the size of his package. He loved his sister and this was mutual, but she had always seemed the favored child of his parents and extended family. He had friends, but none as close as Jenny’s friends seemed to be for her. Throughout his life, there were times when he felt left behind, not being allowed to join his sister as he wasn’t deemed old enough. These things had manifested themselves in Ollie’s lack of self-confidence. It was perhaps this vulnerability and loneliness that turned Ollie onto vore erotica in the first place. He was titillated by stories mostly of girls getting vored by snakes, frogs, slugs and the like. He had heard the girls talking about the word giantess and had done some online searches of giantess vore. This was a new, thrilling phenomena to him.

Ollie didn’t sleep very well Thursday night. His thoughts and dreams were about his sister’s friends, the skin he was privileged to witness, and their flirting and sometimes mocking of him. But, foremost among his thoughts was a dream he had in which he was tiny and had been chased by his sister and her friends and had been caught by Kathryn. Then Kathyrn had taken him into her mouth and played with him in an erotic fashion before eating him alive. It was at the point of being swallowed when he woke up. He was shocked when he woke up and his pajamas clung stickily to his crotch. He hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time.

“Uuugh”, he cursed as he tossed his pajamas into the laundry basket and put on a fresh pair of boxers.


Opening his door, he walked across the banister (his room and his sister’s were upstairs in their spacious house) towards the bathroom which was located between the bedrooms. The door was just opening to it as Kathryn, the shortest of his sister’s friends was exiting it. She was also, in Ollie’s opinion, the cutest and her morning attire consisted of simply an oversized t-shirt and a pair of tight white panties which showed off her tanned, sleek legs. She was carrying her toothbrush and toothpaste in one hand.

Half-turning her face towards him, her pace continued towards Jenny’s bedroom.

“Morning Ollie”, she gave him a nice smile and Ollie nodded at her, blinking his eyes. He followed her jiggling bottom as she entered Jenny’s bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Ollie continued to the bathroom. He could hear the girls talking next door, but it was a bit muffled. He quickly brushed his teeth and took a piss. Seeing this as a good opportunity to perhaps get his shower in, which is not easy in a house full of girls, he gave a quick knock and opened the door to his sister’s room. Peeking inside, he stole a quick glance at the 5 girls, including his sister, in various stages of undress, a couple of them still in their sleeping bags, his sister on her own bed.

“Get outta here you little perv”, she scolded him.

“Sorry, um”, he said, retreating his head from the room, “I was just gonna see if anyone minded if I took my shower now.”

“Go ahead”, she said, hurriedly adding, “but don’t take forever. We have to start getting ready.”

Closing the door gently, he went back down the hall to retrieve a clean shirt and shorts from his room. As it turned out, the door had not fully closed, leaving it open just a crack. On his way back to the bathroom, he overheard the girls giggling about something. He heard something about Forbidden Dish. This got his attention.

During his online searches for giantess vore, Ollie had come across a link to Forbidden Dish restaurant and club. He had browsed the gallery of promo images, finding them thrilling. He had no desire to be shrunk down and swallowed himself, but he enjoyed the images of others, wondering what their thoughts and feelings were as they were being played with and consumed. Ollie noticed the door was very slightly ajar, so he walked past it, then leaned his head towards the room .

“That’s where we’re going tonight Jenny, for your birthday. You will love it”, said Anna, Jenny’s caramel-skinned friend who had emigrated from Peru with her family several years earlier. Anna was a real beauty and the class valedictorian. She was very smart, very outgoing and exotically beautiful. Jenny valued her opinion highly. Anna's voice could at times be described as syrupy, especially when she was after something.

“Oh, I dunno Anna, I just think it’s wrong, eating a living human being”, she paused, seeing disappointed faces, “but don’t get me wrong, it does sound kind of exciting. I heard the dance club gets packed on the weekend, so we might see some of our friends there. So, I’d be up for going, and…I wouldn’t mind seeing any of you swallow a little man, but I just don’t think I could do it myself.”

“What’s it like, eating a shrunken man”, asked Kathryn inquisitively, picturing naked little men – the thought tickled her.

“You’d like it Kat”, said Janet, who had been to Forbidden Dish twice before, once with Anna and once on her own. “You like oysters, right?”

“Uhum”, Kathryn confirmed. They all knew that both Kathryn and Jenny loved seafood.

“Well, the texture of a little man is similar to that of an unshelled oyster. Their skin is soft and spongy and warm. I like poking them a bit before I eat them.”

“Gosh, how many have you eaten?”, asked Tatum, the tallest of the girls, blond and athletic, a prime example of a girl with Norwegian ancestry. She, like Jenny and Kathryn, had never been to Forbidden Dish.

“Oh, a couple little men”, said Janet somewhat flippantly, as if it were not a big deal.

“How about you Anna?”, asked Kathryn.

“Just one”, she smiled, “James.”

“Ahhh, James”, sighed the other girls. James had been the point guard on the basketball team and had been one of the top studs in school, prior to being eaten by Anna at an ill-conceived trip to Forbidden Dish with Anna and Janet.

“Yeah, he was great”, Anna said, her eyes with a faraway look as if she were recalling the event in her mind.  “I miss him though”, said Anna thoughtfully.

“How come you ate him?” said Jenny. “He was so handsome and such a nice guy. He used to help me with my Trig homework last year.”

“I wasn’t planning to, you know. We all just got so superexcited. We saw one of the servers swallow a little man, kind of doing a demonstration and she really licked and sucked on the little man all over first, and I could see James get excited. It turned me on too. I had my hand on James thigh and I felt him get real hard when he watched the server swallow the shrunk guy.”

“Well, you did egg him on a bit Anna”, teased Janet.

“A…little”, Anna admitted, “I just asked him if he’d like me to eat him like that. I didn’t expect him to say yes as I was only kidding with him, but a server walking by overheard us and brought papers for him to sign.” Anna paused for a bit while the others watched her intently. Even Ollie leaned his head up against the outside of the door. “He seemed hesitant to sign the forms, so I told him if he signed them, we’d just have a little fun with him as a shrunk boy and I would play with him for a bit. That way, he could have fun and we could share a bit of fantasy before I had him resized.”

“And then what happened?”

“Um, after he was shrunk down, he looked even cuter. I took him to a room. His little thing was sticking straight up. We were talking and I could see he was both excited and also a bit scared”, Anna paused again for a few moments, taking a sip of her water bottle, than continued, “When I put him on my tongue and started playing with him, I could feel him twisting around my tongue and really getting into it. I..I just got overcome with emotions. I felt this sense of empowerment and the urge to eat him, to absorb him into me. I just swallowed him.”

My god”, exclaimed Jenny.

“So, you didn’t even give him a chance to get regrown?”, asked Tatum.

“Oh, he had already ‘regrown’”, interjected Janet, and the others giggled at that.

“No”, admitted Anna, “I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sure James didn’t think I would swallow him. We’ve been good friends all through high school and junior high, for goodness’ sake. He tasted a bit like vanilla.”

“Wow”, said Kathryn. 

“Double wow”, said Tatum, “that’s hot.”

“Oh, he was fire, for sure”, laughed Anna, “but he didn’t look so cute after I pooped him out the next morning.” The others giggled.

“And you ate two guys Janet?”

“Yep. One was a college guy and the other was a real old guy. He had to be about forty. He did have a nice cock though. He splurged all over my tongue when I ate him. Said I was the first girl he’d been with in months.”

“How fun is it really”, asked Jenny, “to eat another person”. Jenny had reservations about this whole man-eating fetish which seemed to be sweeping the area and her reservations were reinforced by her parent’s teachings. Her doubts showed on her face.

“Don’t knock it until you try it Jen”, said Janet, “it just feels so wonderful swallowing them and feeling their little bodies fight for their lives as they go down your throat and I love how they move about in my tummy. Makes it flutter. And the best part is they seem to last longer than most men that have inside me. I think I’m addicted to it.” She gave Jen a little smirk.

“So, it’s only men and boys that get eaten?”, asked Tatum.

“For the most part. But there are women who get eaten from time to time as well,” answered Janet.

“I think that would be so cool”, said Kathryn, almost in a whisper, a strange look in her eye. Only Anna and Tatum had heard her. Anna was about to say something to Kathryn when Jenny interrupted her thought.

“Geez Louise. I wonder – what makes men want to be swallowed. I mean, do they really want to die?” asked Jenny.

“You know what I think?”, said Anna, “I think once they get all sexually wound up, their little peckers take control of their thinking. And where do they wanna stick their peckers? In our mouths. Especially when it’s cold out like it is now. Little guys with their cold little dicks can’t wait to get inside a warm mouth.” Anna pointed to her open mouth as she said this.

“Yeah, I agree. It's easier with boys though. You let them play with your butt or the girls a bit”, Janet said, cupping her breasts in her hands, ”kiss them and hint at more once you get them shrunk and their little cocks take over their thinking. I try to get them really wound up to the point where they are aching to cum and then I kind of hurry them to sign the legal document, distracting them if I can, with the idea that they can change their mind later if they're not 'up' to it. Then, I guide them to the lines, keeping them focused on my body and before you know it, they're in the shrink booth. If you can get a boy on the edge of cumming, you can get them to do anything you want”, she continued, “With older guys, typically, they're either drunk or they have issues and they're looking for a way out and you just kind of nudge them down that path as a good way to go.”

“Ok, but how do you do that”, asked Jenny, who, despite her looks was a virgin like her younger brother and pretty shy around boys in general.

“You know, breathe lightly on their ear, kind of gently move my finger around it. Sometimes, I change the inflection of my voice. I usually keep it at a high chipper level early and then get a little more husky as time goes on.” Janet offered.

“With James, I was a bit hands-on, as I said earlier, keeping my hand on his thigh. From time to time, I would lean into his chest, pressing my boobs up against him…letting him feel my nipples graze him, stuff like that”, said Anna, with a naughty smirk.

Wicked!”, exclaimed Tatum, and she high-fived Kathryn who was sitting next to her.

“I still don’t understand why they would give up their lives for that though. I…I guess I just don’t understand boys.” Jenny said, looking confused.

“Well, I think that part of it is a doubt in their minds that A) they can really be shrunk down and B) that the girl will actually go through with eating them. I mean, the restaurant is pretty dark and tables are reserved, so you can’t see too well at other tables, so unless you walk by a table when someone is in the process of getting eaten, a guy wouldn’t see it happen. And I think a lot of guys are eaten in the dining rooms”, Janet put up air quotes as she said this, “and from what I understand, the demonstrations like we saw are pretty uncommon.”

“The bottom line is, I guess, all their focus is on us?”, said Tatum.

“Yep. Uh, Jenny, you said you wouldn’t swallow a shrunk person, but if you could have any one boy from school, who would you pick?”, asked Janet.

“Hmmm”, thought Jenny carefully, “and I could bring him back afterwards?”

“Mm, yep.”

“I think I would pick Lucas. He’s so sweet”, said Jenny blushing.

Ollie heard whispering, than giggling as one of the girls yelled, “Jenny, you predslut!” Then, the girls broke into a round of pillowfighting, with the girls giggling and screaming at eachother.

Suddenly, the door opened and Ollie almost fell into Tatum’s chest as she playfully tried to leave the room. The other girls stopped their assaults on eachother to look over.

"Ew, were you listening in on us, you little twerp?", scolded Tatum.

", no, I was just going to the bathroom", sputtered Ollie.

"The bathroom's over there", Jenny pointed, "stop listening in on us, Oliver!"

“Yeah, you little perv”, said one of the other girls.

"Sorry Jen, I just like to hear all your friend’s stories about Forbidden Dish."

“Why, you want me to gobble you up?”, teased Janet.

Ollie looked down at his feet. “I…I heard you are going there for Jen’s birthday. Can I come?”

"You're not old enough. You have to be 18 to get in there”, said Anna.

 “Oh, poor little Ollie”, said Kathryn, mockingly. The others giggled, including Jenny.

Ollie did an about face, disappointed, and went into the bathroom to take his shower. He had an ace up his sleeve though.

Ollie had done his scouting. It helped that they lived only a few miles from Forbidden Dish. As the day wore on, he rode his bike around the area, finding what looked like a good place to hide and ditch it near to the customer parking lot. It was a bit chillier than normal in late November, with a temperature dropping into the low 40s by nighttime. He returned home and was able to find a few minutes to rinse off in the shower in between the girls getting ready.

Finally, the girls assembled downstairs in preparation for the ride to Forbidden Dish. Jenny’s mother would take them in her Cadillac Escalade. The girls had also made arrangements to meet a few of their friends at Forbidden Dish.

Ollie made one last effort to join them, showing them his fake id.

"If you come in there, I'm going to eat you!”, shouted Jenny.

"Yeah, and if she doesn't, I will. I'll gobble you up, little balls and all”, said Janet, making a chomping movement with her mouth. She winked at him.

Jenny’s mother had overheard them as she walked out of her kitchen with the keys.

"Jenny!", she scolded, "How awful of you to say such a thing to your brother. You too Janet."

"Mom, I was just kidding. You know I wouldn't really eat him”, argued Jenny.

"Apologize to your little brother. Right now, young lady."

"Sorrry, Ollie", said Jenny, not making eye contact with him. “Sorry”, said Janet, bowing her head.

"Good, now Oliver, I don't want you going anywhere near that place. You're not near old enough anyway. I want you to promise me you won't go near that place," his mother insisted.

"Oh mom...", he began, embarrassed, but when she gave him a stern motherly look, he gave in "oh, ok.".

Walking upstairs to his room, he said, "Jeez, I never get to have any fun."

“He wouldn’t make much of a meal anyway”, whispered Kathryn, playfully.

“I heard that!”, scolded Mrs. Schwab. The girls giggled as they left the house.



Friday night, Forbidden Dish

The new third floor addition to Forbidden Dish added quite a bit of functionality to the place. No longer was it just a fine dining establishment (ground level) and bar and dance club (second level). Built into the side of a large hill, the Forbidden Dish looked from outside appearance to be a series of steps up the hill. While the entire restaurant area was built free of the hillside, the second and third floors had portions which actually were built into the hillside. As such, the third floor was considered the ‘spa’ level, as it bosted a swimming pool and two large Jacuzzis that took up half the area. Smaller areas enclosed a sauna (unisex) and small fitness area. The latter was exclusively for use by the staff. Of course, the Virtual Vore ride was a popular, allowing persons to go through a large-scale head/throat/stomach area that simulated being eaten at a very small risk of actually being shrunk down and eaten (only a .5% chance per participant).

Some additions were made to accommodate the changes. A road was built to run beside Forbidden Dish and traverse the hill, ending in the new employee parking lot on the side of the third floor, with an entrance nearby the fitness area. Employees entered the restaurant via this third floor entrance. This created additional customer parking in the existing parking lot. The foyer on the ground floor (customer) entrance was altered and expanded, adding a stairs to the second floor as well as an elevator to levels two and three. Finally, the shrinks booths, dining booth and new interrogation room were all moved to the second floor, just off the stairs, though a side hallway led to the dance floor and bar area.

The effect of these changes was to bring in a younger crowd, while allowing the restaurant to maintain the fine dining effect. Teens and young twenty-somethings could sidestep the restaurant and go up to the dance club and bar and/or the swimming pool and spa areas.

Inside Forbidden Dish, Lindsay returned from the foyer, where lines had started forming for the club and spa entrances. The restaurant proper, though only sparsely populated, would soon also be full due to the reservation list which she had checked with Rachel. Lindsay could feel the vibe as the music began playing - "Oh yeah, we're gonna eat a lot of guys tonight." She high-fived Kara and Jackie.

Relax: Don't Do It by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

The girls and Ollie arrive at Forbidden Dish.

The uptempo dance music was playing in the foyer and in the lines outside. No doubt, the dance club upstairs was thumping. In line, Jenny and her friends waited to get into the Club.

“What’s that song?”

“Invincible”, said Janet.

“I like it”, said Jenny. “Me too”, said Kathryn.

“Oh, they play a lot of good music here. Gets you in the mood, for sure”, said Anna.

While the lines were long for the entrance to the club and spa levels, it was more of a dribble here and there for folks entering the restaurant. After a few minutes of waiting and making small talk, Kathryn noticed a familiar face walking to the restaurant entrance.

“Mr. Dickerson?”, she asked, surprised.

Turning, a dark-haired, well-dressed thirtyish man turned abruptly to face them. Mr. Dickerson was her physics teacher, considered very bright in his field and somewhat youthful. Kathryn had a bit of a schoolcrush on him. The other girls regarded him as handsome.

“Kathryn”, he observed, smiling, than seeing more of his students, “girls. Nice to see you out on a Friday night.”

“Are you..”, Kathryn began.

“Oh, no, no”, he interjected, knowing what she was going to ask, “I’m meeting a couple friends here. We simply like the food here…and the ambience. Fear not, I’ll be presenting class next week.”

“Oh..”, Kathryn sighed, relieved, “we’re here for Jenny’s birthday.”

“Are you indeed. Well, happy birthday Miss Schwab. I hope it’s a happy one.”

“Thank you Mr. Dickerson”, Jenny said, shyly.

“Well, forgive me, but my friends are already inside waiting. Kat, perhaps I’ll see you inside?”

Kathryn nodded, he smiled, turned and left them to enter the restaurant.

“Oooh, he called you Kat”, Tatum chortled teasingly.

“Shut up”, Kathryn said, needling her in the ribs gently.

Minutes later, they had finally made their way to the front of the line. They interacted briefly with Rachel, the employee who was working the club/spa level entrance, and decided they would each get blue bracelets. Kathryn was undecided and said she would decide later if she needed a bracelet, which prompted a couple looks. As they bounded up the stairs, they didn’t notice the sign behind them. In bold letters, it proclaimed, “No UNDERAGE CUSTOMERS allowed. Violators will be EATEN”, the capitalized words in big bold print.

Ollie had watched them enter from a distance and then trudged over to get in line himself. After several minutes, he made his way into the entrance. He had worn his best clothes, which included a blazer and one of his pairs of dress slacks. Usually, he save these for church on Sundays, but he figured it would help him get in.

‘Relax’, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood had started playing.

“Well, hello there”, Rachel said, observing him, “can I see some id.”

“Uh…s.sure”, Ollie said unsteadily, handing the woman his fake id.

Rachel looked at the id and then back up at Ollie. He smiled nervously. She looked down again at the id. It looked valid. The boy looked no older than fourteen or fifteen to her. This had happened before and she was told to simply play along, but to alert staff if she suspected someone underage had entered the premises. They knew how to play this game too. Rachel decided to have a bit of fun with him

“My, you’re a young one, aren’t you? First time here, huh?”, she said, handing him back his id.

Ollie almost blushed, but tried to keep himself composed. “Yes. Uh, er, I guess. I, um, thought this place allowed eighteen year olds”, he said haltingly, trying to put his sentence together.

“Oh, we do - we do sweetie. Are you here with others? Meeting any friends?”

“Um, no.”

“Here alone, all by yourself?”, she asked, incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, um, I might have friends around upstairs. I’m not sure.”

“I see”, she said, looking him over again, “what color bracelet would you like?” She held up a pair of bracelets, one red and one blue.

Ollie couldn’t remember the girls talking about any bracelets and he was at a loss for how to respond.

“Um, uh, bracelets?”, he stammered.

“Yes dear, would you like a red one or a blue one?” She held each firmly out as she said this.

Ollie was unsure how to respond and a couple people waiting behind him were starting to look anxious. “Um…what are they for?”

Rachel laughed, then said matter-of-factly “the blue one is if you’re expecting to find dinner. The red one is if you’re expecting to be dinner. Which one would you like?”

“I…I don’t really want a bracelet.” He spied the stairwell with the sign up to the club entrance.

“You sure? You don’t want to be eaten. You know, I have a break coming up soon..”, Rachel said raised her eyebrow again, smirking.

“Er, I’d just like to look around for a bit if..if that’s ok.” Ollie was beginning to sweat.

“Ok honey”, she touched his arm gently, directing him towards the stairs. She felt him shiver, “You can go ahead on up to the club level if you like. The restaurant is for people with reservations. You’re not old enough for that. Come back here if you change your mind, huh?”

Ollie quickly ran up the stairs.

Fear on the Dance Floor by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

Ollie makes his way to the Club level

Ollie couldn’t see his sister anywhere. He was sure that once he found her, she’d be upset, but atleast he’d be able to share in her birthday celebration. On the other hand, he was on the lookout to see a shrunken person, hopefully in the act of being eaten, if possible. After 20 minutes, hanging around the fringes of the dance floor, he had no success on either front. Just lots of people crammed onto the dance floor. All the tables around the periphery seemed taken as well, so there wasn’t a place for him to sit down and relax.

“Excuse me.”

Ollie felt a hand caress his shoulder gently as a pretty waitress skirted by him. She was a vision of sin to him, her way-too-tiny skirt barely covering her butt, her muscular, but well-toned legs entrancing him as she sauntered towards the bar. She smiled seductively back at him as she walked, catching him stare at her backside. She knowingly winked as he moved his eye level up to take in her gorgeous face, with it’s strawberry blond hair.

The waitress talked briefly with the blond barmaid. They both turned to look at him and then, the waitress was once again walking back toward him. He observed her t-shirt, which was black and featured in neon green print the words ‘I Swallow’, with a picture of luscious lips opposite a tiny man with an erection, scratching his head. Underneath this, her midriff was open, exposing a cute little belly button on her sexy abdomen. The belly button had a piercing with what appeared to be a glittering diamond. As she was about to pass by him towards the stairwell, she stopped and looked at him.

“You know, young fella like you - should be in my tummy”, she flirted, rubbing her belly. “Take care kid.” Without another word or reply from Ollie, she walked off down the stairs back to the restaurant level. Of course, Lindsay had three other little men in her belly already and it was still early in the night.

Ollie looked back towards the bar and the barmaid, having just fixed a customer a drink, looked up and seemed to be eyeing him.

A new song began playing  - Somebody's watching me (by Rockwell, Michael Jackson). Ollie felt he better find his sister quick. He was starting to get very self-conscious. He turned around and bumped into another barmaid.

“Jeepers young man. Please watch where you’re going”, the barmaid, a brunette with the nametag showing Danielle, scolded him. “You almost made me spill my drinks.”

“So…sorry miss”, Ollie yelped and quickly moved away. But wait a minute – was there a naked little man in one of them? It must have been his imagination. He thought he better get away from the crowd for a bit and gather his fraying nerves. Maybe, just maybe, his sister had gone to the third floor. Ollie headed down the hallway towards the stairwell. As he rounded the corner, he saw a long line of people, what appeared to be couples, waiting. As he cut through the line to get to the stairwell between levels two and three, he overheard a young couple that couldn’t be too much older than his sister.

“We’re gonna have I get you shrunk down,” the cute brunette said very slowly to the boy, elongating each word as she spoke. He seemed to be staring at her mouth with a glazed look in his eyes.

Ollie shook his head and continued up the stairs.


In the downstairs kitchen, Lindsay strolled into the kitchen. There were a lot of shrunken men in a few of the dishes. Most were near two inches tall, but there were a couple larger ones. In a large pot nor far away from them were the live glow squid, one of her favorite delicacies.

She reached down, abruptly picking one of the larger ‘cleaned’ men, and despite the little man’s flailing and shouting, pushed him onto her tongue, swirled him around in her mouth and swallowed. She was almost graceful in her movements as if all was done in one fluid motion. She pivoted to return to the restaurant floor, humming a catchy tune quietly to herself that she had heard from a commercial: “Yum yum yum, gimme some gimme some.”

As she was leaving the kitchen, the server Kara was entering. Lindsay smiled and gave her a knowing wink.

Kara bent down to carefully observe the shrunken men in the 'cleaned' dish. "Hi there little guys", she waved at them, grinning wide.

Danger on the third level by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

Ollie decides to check out the Virtual Vore ride as his sister and her friends hang out by the pool.

Forbidden Dish, 3rd floor, near the swimming pool

Jenny and the girls had originally planned to hit the dance floor for awhile. Their reservations, made by her Cousin Kylie, who was twenty-two years old and was meeting them later, was not for another ninety minutes, so there was time to have fun beforehand. With the dance club area so busy, they meandered about a bit before heading upstairs to the spa level.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t brought their swimsuits, so swimming and going on the slides wasn’t an option, unless they wanted to go commando and neither of the girls felt so confident as to attempt that feat. And, as they walked towards the pool, the indeed did see a handful of the pool members showing their, um, members. And two of these naked tadpoles were women. The swimming pool was large and atleast a couple games of water volleyball were ongoing.

Intrigued, they decided to take a table just outside the immediacy of the swimming pool area, so as not to get wet. The area was much less busy than the club area and there was also an open bar nearby with a couple barmaids attending. Perhaps this would be a good way to kill a little time, have some drinks, observe some good bodies, relax a bit and wait for the club to clear a little.

A server with purple hair and pink outfit approached them, coming from behind the bar.

“Hi ladies. My name is Adela. Would anyone care for a drink or appetizer.”

Being under twenty-one, Jenny ordered a lime soda, while Kathryn and Tatum simply ordered waters.

Janet asked, “Can I try an eighty eight ? Kiwi. And make it a virgin please.”

“Oooh, that sounds good. Me too. I’ll have one please. Strawberry Daquiri. Frozen. Also virgin”, said Anna.

“What’s an eighty-eight?”, Kathryn asked the question the others also shared.

“You’ll see”, smiled Janet, “by the way, my treat on the drinks.”

A few minutes later, Adela brought their drinks back, “K, here you are. Enjoy.” As she took payment from Janet, she asked, “Not going swimming? The pool is warm and the guys are pretty hot, I must say. I had one a little earlier.”

“Oh, no, we didn’t bring our swim suits”, said Jenny.

Adela shrugged her shoulders, “Just holler if you need anything else, k. I’ll be over at the bar.”

Jenny took a sip of her soda and then stopped, mid-suck. For the first time, she noticed that in Janet’s drink was a tiny naked man. Janet had taken a large drink while the man, who couldn’t be more than two inches tall, held onto the side of the cocktail glass, his little genitals plastered up against the side of the glass. Kathryn and Tatum had noticed and were giggling and pointing at him. It was the first time either of them had seen a shrinkie.

“Anna slurped at her frozen daiquiri. Shivering inside and swirling around in a circle as she greedily drank was another tiny naked man.

“Omigosh, how cute”, said Kathryn, looking from one to the other, “look at their little weenies.”

“You’re little guy doesn’t have too much down there”, giggled Tatum.

“Oooh, headcold”, exclaimed Anna, blinking, then pausing to collect herself, continued “well, he is probably freezing his butt off in there. Call it shrinkage.” She smiled.

“They shrink?”, said Jenny, a perplexed look on her face. The other girls giggled.

“I knew I should have worn the red underwear when I got shrunk”, said the little guy. Anna, being the only one to overhear him as she bent over her drink, sniggered.


Elsewhere on the third floor, Ollie was observing the Virtual Vore ride. Several boys and one girl had went on the ride, each taking several minutes to take their clothes off, go into a side shower for a minute and then hop onto the retractable tongue to start the ride. The young attendant that was supervising the ride was very pretty. Ollie thought that she couldn’t be much older than his sister, if at all. He had researched the Virtual Vore ride online and was entranced as people took the ride, the large eyes lit up green and the large mouth formed what he thought was a smile. Sometimes, he walked close to the face, where he could hear wet, slurping noises coming from the large mouth. Completely forgetting about his sister and her friends for awhile, he had walked the stairs back and forth between the second and third levels, observing people as they completed the ride, rinsed off and re-clothed themselves. He had even come across a couple guys who were friends with his sister, BJ (short for Bobby Joe) and Lucas.

BJ had just graduated from high school with his sister and was the school’s resident stud, running back on the team’s football team and short stop on the baseball team. Both teams were highly rated, so the local attention to him had brought in scouts from several high-profile colleges. While BJ was just under six feet tall, he was all muscle, with six-pack abs and large muscular legs. Lucas on the other hand, was leaner and a few inches taller. He had been the point guard on the basketball team and an object of Jenny’s affection. Whereas BJ was outgoing, Lucas was very shy and he had simply been afraid to ask Jenny out. Going to Forbidden Dish with his buddy BJ was a way for him to come out from his shell. Ollie knew both to be nice guys though – BJ had been at the house a couple times and he’d seen Lucas after watching a few of the basketball games with his family, Jenny saying hi to Lucas after the games and trying her best to make herself available to be asked out without trying to make it look too obvious.

Ollie had followed BJ as he went through the Virtual Vore ride, going down to the second level. BJ had been deposited into the ‘stomach’ of the ride and had rinsed off and was just putting on his clothes when, looking up, he spotted Ollie as Ollie was preparing to make his way back up to the third level.


Ollie turned to look back, surprised that he was recognized, but atleast it was by a friendly face. He waited as BJ hurried to catch up to him. BJ was wearing a tank top and shorts and carrying the towel he had used to rinse off in. As he caught up to Ollie, he put his baseball hat, which he cradled in his elbow, on.

“What’re you doing here, man?”

“Oh, uh, it’s Jenny’s birthday. So, were, like, celebrating it here”, answered Ollie.

“Where’s she at?”

“Not sure. I got here a little later than the rest of them. I looked for a while, and I’ve been up here by the slide for awhile.”

“Mmm, ok. Hey,”, he lowered his voice to a near whisper, ”is it legal for you to be up here? I thought you had to be eighteen. Aren’t you like, fourteen or something?”

“Fifteen”, whispered Ollie, and then showed BJ his id,”but I’ve got this.”

“Slick man. Be careful though. The women here can be dangerous.”

“Ummm, how was the ride”, asked Ollie nervously.

“Oh, it was great. Best 4 minutes ever. Feels like your whole body is getting blown, you know”, he slapped Ollie on the side affectionately. Ollie blushed and lowered his head. “Or, maybe you don’t know”, he laughed, “anyway, it’s fun as hell. Are you gonna try it?”

“I..I think so.”

“Well, have fun”, BJ paused, observing another youth approaching from below, “Oh, here comes Lucas. Hey man, see ya around. Say hi and happy birthday to your sister for me if I don’t see her first.” He gave Ollie a fistbump and went back down a few steps to talk to Lucas.


Ollie had made up his mind to try the Virtual Vore ride. He had told the pretty black-haired attendant that. She had asked him if he had filled out the legal waiver form yet. When he indicated he didn’t, she brought him some paper forms and gave him a pen, asking him to read and sign them at a small table nearby. As he was doing this, a woman and man in their mid-thirties came up and wanted to go on the ride. It appeared they both had already done their paperwork earlier and Jackie, the attendant, verified it on her computer screen. As Ollie was still reading through his legal paperwork, she waived them ahead.

As he waited, Ollie noticed another employee, a bit older but still pretty, on the periphery of his vision, maybe some forty feet away, watching him. Near the blond-haired employee, BJ was talking with Lucas and another guy who looked to be in his twenties.


Josh, the twenty-two year old friend of BJ’s was more than a little tipsy. Having come from the dance floor, where the music began playing ‘Every Breath You Take’ (by the Police), he was a bit boisterous and loud as he had had to shout while down there and his razzled brain hadn’t comprehended he needn’t continue that.

“Oh, yeah. I’m gonna ride the Virtual Vore. Hey, isn’t that Jenny’s little brother over there? Oscar, or something?”

"Oliver", corrected BJ.

"Whatever, isn't he like sixteen years old?"

"Fifteen", corrected BJ.

"Whatever. I didn't think they let little kids in here."

"They don't. Look, don't tell anyone, ok. He's a good kid and I don't want him to get in trouble. He's not hurting anyone."

"Don't worry, the kid's secret is safe with me", he blurted out.

It just so happened that this last part of the conversation was heard by the waitress Colby, who was enroute to relieve Jackie. She radio'd Meghyn's office "Hey Meg, we have a 239 up here on level three."


Having been in a constant state of arousal, whether sexually or from fear, since the previous night, Ollie's testicles had churned overtime and his scrotum was fat and full. He literally was the epitome of 'young, dumb and full of cum' and his young cock ache'd for release.

Jackie thought the boy attractive. She knew he was certainly underage. As she explained the ride, she told him about the very small risk inherent in the ride.

She said cheerfully, "Don't worry - if you get shrunk down, I get to eat ya." Ollie wasn’t comforted by this, though the chances of that were very low, at .5% per person that went on the ride. He had completed the legal waiver and paid Jackie, the ride taking up almost all of his allowance savings and menial tasks for the year.

Ollie had just removed his clothing and was about to hop into the shower for his pre-ride rinse.

"You aren't really on the large scale, are you", Jackie teased him, making him blush, "but it is a cute package." She began fiddling with the instruments on the control panel for the ride.

As Ollie opened the shower door, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hold it young man. Please come with me”, said the waitress, name tag of Colby.

“What’s the matter, Colby?”, said Jackie, walking over.

“This young man is a 239”, she responded, handing Jackie a pair of rubber bindings to Jackie, “here, help me out.” Ollie had a wild look in his eyes.

Recognizing the boy at a potential flight risk, as Jackie secured his hands behind his back, Colby took hold of the base of his shaft, affixed some type of attachment which encircled both his shaft and scrotum (a cock leash), and led him away, holding his belongings in her off arm.

Being rubberized material, neither restraint would secure Ollie fully if he really attempted to make a run for it, but he did not know this. He only knew the material was not hurting him, though the pressure around his scrotum felt tight and he didn't want to test the elasticity of the material.

Jackie was disappointed. She had learned how to override the Virtual Vore settings as Lindsay had shown her (although the crew had been warned by Meghyn not to abuse this functionality) and had been fixing to have the cute boy for dinner.

The Shrinking Setup by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

The story continues with Ollie's predicament and we see what Jenny and the girls are up to.

“Where are we going”, Ollie said, grunting as the chord on his leash extended beyond it’s normal reach, squeezing his package a bit as he struggled to keep pace with the fast-moving waitress.

Colby had led him down a back stairwell instead of the typical stairwell which separated the second and third floors. She had also bypassed the elevator.

“We’re going to your punishment”, she said matter-of-factly. “No underage persons allowed.”

“But I’m eighteen”, lied Colby.

“Sure you are kid. So am I”, she said sarcastically.

“Ok, but, I have to be naked?”

Colby stopped for a moment to look back at him, eyeing him from feet up to head.


“Uh…yeah!”, he exclaimed, “there’s like tons of people in here. Can’t I put my clothes back on first?”

“No”, she said, resuming her walk, now going down the stairs, “this will just save time. Once we get you punished, we can get you back to the restaurant. You want to go back out there, right?”

Ollie was confused. He thought the whole point of the punishment was because he was here in the first place.

“So, uh, after I’m punished, I get to stay here?”

“Oh yes. Atleast for awhile, as long as your, say, customer, stays.” Before Ollie could ponder this statement, Colby quickly followed up with her own question, “are you here with anybody?”

“ sister and her friends are here. She’s celebrating her 18th birthday.”

Colby stopped again, then took a moment to look into his eyes. “That’s sweet. So, you’re here to be with your sister on her special day?”

Ollie nodded, breaking eye contact.

“Mmm, well, maybe the boss will take that into consideration?”, she resumed walking. As they reached the second floor, she led him around a corner to a central room, or booth. On each side of it were hallways leading to other rooms, the rooms spaced equally down the hall. The other rooms had signs overhead that designated them as ‘dining rooms’. As Colby led Ollie to the door of the central room, a woman came out of the nearest dining room and spied them.

“Ooooh, kinky”, she smiled, winking at them, then walked away down the hall. No other people could be seen.

Colby led him into the room, which had no other furnishings other than a hamper in a corner next to a cabinet. Getting him centrally located, she turned him to face back towards the door. She deposited his clothing into the hamper and fiddled around in the cabinet. "These ought to fit", she said, holding some red stretchable underwear.

Then, dropping to her knees in front of him, she undid the cock leash, Ollie’s still-erect cock bobbing up and down as she unfastened it. She took her time with this, taking his state in. Then, smiling, she stood up. Looking down into his eyes (she was a couple inches taller than he), she cupped his balls, feeling their fullness. She could also feel his excitement and she could smell his fear.

“Oh yeah, when you get swallowed, you’re definitely gonna spill your seed. Best moment of your young life, while it lasts. You’ll see.”

“S..swallowed?”, he said fearfully.

"Let's get these on you", she stated, ignoring his question and getting him to step into the red underwear. Once he had stepped into both openings, she shimmied the tight but stretchable underwear up his legs until they were snug around his pelvis. To Ollie, the underwear felt like the rubbery-like material from his restraints. Colby returned to standing, observing the fit. “Stay here. I’ll be back in a minute to collect you.”

Closing the door, Colby managed the settings on the panel outside the room. She updated the setting to ‘3.5 inches’.




Back on the third floor, BJ and Lucas had located Jenny and the girls.

“BJ!”, said Jenny, seeing them approach. She got up to hug him. Then, seeing Lucas, she looked up at him demurely and said, “Hi Lucas. What's up?”. While she liked BJ a lot, as a friend, she was actually happier to see Lucas. It was just tough for her to overcome her shyness.

Lucas nodded, “Jenny”, he acknowledged.

“Hey guys, come sit with us”, said Janet, “we have extra chairs.”

“Yeah, you can watch Kathryn eat her first shrinkie”.

Kathryn and Tatum, having watched Janet and Anna slurp up their tiny men with their drinks earlier, had each ordered a tiny man. The tiny men had arrived in a dish and Tatum had just finished swallowing her first tiny, a two inch man looking to be in his thirties. She had folded him up, his face touching his shins, and had swallowed the man butt-first as he slid along her tongue, her face tilting up towards the ceiling. Thankfully, the tiny man wasn’t any bigger, for in this position, Tatum had a hard time swallowing him and he finally had went down after Janet had gotten up and lightly thumped her back, as if burping her. Tatum’s eyes were still watering as she sipped her drink. The girls had mocked her for her effort. “Hey, I didn’t know how to do it”, she said, embarrassed, and she began giggling with the girls.

“Cool. Hey Kat”, hailed BJ. They all exchanged pleasantries.

“So, you’ve never eaten a man before?”, asked Lucas.

“Well…not like this”, Kathryn smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“You slut!”, teased Janet. They all laughed.

“I hope I can make a better show than Tatum”, said Kathryn, than directing her attention to her tiny man, “ready, my little cocktail wiener?”

“Private Johnson, reporting for duty”, said the tiny man, also two inches, saluting Kathryn as she picked him up. He was very fit, young and Kathryn found him attractive. As Kathryn moved him towards her face, he did some acrobatic moves.

“Were you in the army?”, Kathryn asked him, opening her mouth and curling her tongue into a ball as she tickled his groin as his legs flailed around it. She continued flicking her tongue as his arms desperately grasped her  index finger to keep his dangling body from falling.

“Nnngh”, he moaned, “I was…Oh god..two years…decided it wasn’t for me.”

After a few seconds with Kathryn’s playfulness, he squirted his juice on her tongue. Kathryn had sensed he was about to cum and had moved her lips close by.

“That was an honorable discharge”, she chuckled, then enveloped him face first into her mouth, he landing on her tongue face-down. Kathryn rolled him around so that he did a somersault, then inhaled him feet-first into down her throat and into her belly.

“Wow, that’s how you do it”, said BJ.

They all watched Kathryn intently for a few seconds, her face making a few different expressions as she caressed her stomach.

“Well, how was it?”, asked Janet.

Fuckin awesome”, said Kathryn, trying to catch her breath.

“That was hot”, said Lucas.

Looking at the guys closer, Anna was surprised to see that both BJ and Lucas were wearing red bracelets. Neither was a friend of hers, both guys being acquaintances to her through Jenny and Janet.

“So guys, looking to find someone to swallow you up? I can help with that”, she purred.

“What? These?”, BJ said, pointing to his bracelet, “no, we’re not looking to get eaten.” Both he and Lucas laughed.

Jenny gave them an alarmed look and nervously asked, “BJ. Isn’t that dangerous? If you wear the red bracelets, someone’s gonna eat you.”

“Nah”, smiled BJ, “I have to agree to be eaten first. I got no plans to do that. This is just for show, so girls will come up and talk to us.”

“Yeah”, Lucas agreed, “BJ said if we don’t wear these, no one would come up and talk to us.”

“How do you know that?”, Jenny said.

“Well, cause this ain’t my first rodeo. The first time I came here, I didn’t get a bracelet and hardly got any attention. I basically just talked to a couple of the waitresses. So I made up my mind, the next time I came in, I’d get the red bracelet.”

“How many times have you been here”, asked Kathryn.

“It’s my fourth time. Lucas’ first.”

“Fourth time?”, exclaimed Jenny.

“Yep, and I plan to come plenty more before I head off to school. The red bracelet has been, shall we say, a good luck charm for me the past couple times. You see that brown-haired girl in the swimming pool?”, he pointed to a beautiful girl wearing braids who was nude, playing volleyball with a couple guys, “hooked up with her last time.”

“Really?”, said Tatum.

“Yep. Don’t worry about BJ. I’m not gonna let any girl make all this go to waste”, he smiled, flexing his muscles and pointing with both index fingers at himself.

They chatted for a little while longer before Lucas excused himself to go talk with a couple girls in the pool, one of the girls beckoning him with her two fingers in a come-hither movement. Jenny felt a tinge of disappointment as she saw where he was going. Soon, BJ also left them to join the festivities in the pool. They ordered another round of drinks (no tinys this time).

Jenny looked at her phone, noting the time, than said, “I better call the front desk – let my cousin know that we’re up here if she gets here early. I think Ember was joining her too.”

“Don’t bother”, said Kathryn, “I’ve got an errand I have to do and I need to go to the ladies room. I’ll just take the elevator down and leave a note with the girl at the front. Kylie’s your cousin’s name, right?”

“Yep. Thanks Kat.”

“Don’t mention it”, Kathryn said, taking a last swig of her drink, than slinking away towards the stairwell and elevator.

As she neared the elevator, Jenny noticed that Kathryn’s purse was still slung over her chair.

“Kat, wait, your purse”, she yelled. But Kathryn didn’t seem to hear her and was soon lost from sight.

“Don’t worry about it, she’ll be back.”

BJ and Kat have their fun by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

This one gets a little smutty.

Arriving on the first floor, Kathryn left the elevator and made her way towards the front of Forbidden Dish’s large foyer area. As she made her way towards the hostess, she saw a familiar face now manning the restaurant entrance. It was the girl that she had seen earlier handling the club entrance.

Rachael had switched over to be the restaurant hostess after the line had died down to a more manageable level for the club entrance, switching with the less-experience Melanie.

“Miss”, said Kathryn, “can I leave a message for our group reservation?”

“Sure, who is the reservation under?”, inquired Rachael, seeing that the girl was a teenager.

“Um..Durkens, Kyle Durkens”.

Looking through her tablet, Rachael found the reservation. “Yes, I found it. What message would you like to leave?”

“OK, please let Kylie know, if she arrives early, the group is on the third floor, at a table near the swimming pool.”

“You got it.”

“Thanks. Um, where’s the restroom on this level?”

“Oh, it’s ah – you can go through the restaurant. Just keep to the right. It’s all the way past the tables and then turn to your left for the ladies room”, replied Rachael.

Kathryn nodded, “Thanks again.” Leaving Rachael, she entered the restaurant proper, walking deliberately, as if trying to look through the different tables, of which there were many. The dim lighting made things a bit hazy.

After a minute, she finally found her target, sauntering over to his table.

“Kathryn!”, said Mr. Dickerson, happily, seeing Kathryn approach.

“Hi Mr. Dickerson”, she paused for a moment, seeing the two gentleman, one sitting on each side of her teacher. She noticed each wore a blue bracelet. “Sorry to bother you, but I had a question that I think just cannot wait until Monday.”

“Of course young lady. Have a seat. I’d love to have you join me for dinner.” His eyes sparkled in the dark as he said this. “Derek, John, would you mind if we continued our conversation a little later?”




BJ held the girls legs above his head like a pair of handle bars. The rest of her nude form hovered above him and he lapped at her crotch, savering her nectar. Her rest of her legs dangled over the edge of the couch behind his head. As BJ held the girls legs, his body leaned back on the couch. Meeting at his crotch were the mouths of the girl he was holding (his brown-hair braided friend Alexis – she went by Lexi) and another dirty blond girl on her knees, wearing a bikini (her name was Kobi and she was one of the girls in the pool who had beckoned Lucas earlier).

BJ’s breathing was rapid as he neared an orgasm. Lexi was bobbing down and up on his penis and Kobi was sucking one, than two balls into her mouth. Lexi could feel the tension building in BJ as well as her won climax approaching. BJ flicked his tongue playfully within her, sometimes nicking her clit, sometimes delving within her folds, lapping at her g-spot. He seemed an expert to her.

Lexi deepthroated his thick cock down to the root at the same time that Kobi tugged down on his ballsack. BJ emptied himself into the braided girl’s mouth, grunting “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh”, as he pumped Lexi’s mouth full of cum. Lexi came a moment later, her mouth opening slightly to drool his cum down into his lap.

Kobi laughed, sitting up, as BJ’s trembling arms gave way and Lexi collapsed onto him, her face now sideways in his lap.

After a few moments to gather his senses, BJ lept up, pushing Lexi to the side on the couch.

“Wow. You two were awesome.” BJ loved Forbidden Dish. It was the perfect place to meet girls like these two. Many of the local ladies viewed him as a minor godlike figure, his chiseled body and athletic prowess well-known in the area. He endeavored to return within the next few days. “We better get out of here. Someone might need to use the room.”

They had slipped discreetly into one of the end dining rooms on the second level, slipping past the attendant as she was answering questions from a young couple. It had been a moment when the line had temporarily dissipated.

BJ knew they shouldn’t be here, but he had found two willing accomplices and the thrill of getting caught was not a deterrent to his fun.

Returning from the cupboard, he handed lexi a couple paper towels to clean herself up with as he did likewise.

As Lexi dressed herself, her face scrunched into a smirk and she said half-jokingly, “You know, one day I’m gonna swallow your whole body up.”

“No. You aren’t”, said BJ simply, “you wouldn't really wanna see this all go to waste would you?” He drug the back of his fingertips across his abdomen and opened his palm towards his pelvis in a motion befitting someone selling a product.

“You do know what type of restaurant this is?”, said Kobi, more statement than question.

BJ looked back and forth at both their faces. “Yeah, I know what happens here. And it's fine if losers get eaten. The Dish is doing the world a favor on that front. It's a win-win, getting rid of lots of pond scum. But what would happen if guys like me get eaten up? What would the world come to? Who are girls like you gonna marry? Who's gonna make all the babies? Who's gonna provide the world's entertainment? It’s guys like me that the world needs.”

“I..I guess you're right”, she said.

“Besides”, BJ said, turning to Lexi, “wouldn't you miss this?”, he said, pointing to his cock.

She had to admit, it was the prettiest cock she'd ever seen, with a good thickness and smooth skin along with his tight scrotum. And she'd seen a few others up close (besides her online browsing and a few dick picks guys had sent her, the perverts). She nodded in the affirmative.

“It is beautiful”, said Kobi, still observing it as BJ cleaned it.

“Thanks Babe. Next time, it’s your turn.”

As they snuck from the room and back towards the front, they weren’t aware of the strawberry-blond server coming out of a dining room behind them.

Lindsay frowned, determined to have a discussion with Meghyn about this blatant abuse of the dining rooms. Soon, the fluttering returned in her belly, taking her mind away from such boorish behavior. She had had a good night, eaten a lot of men, and her tummy was nearing fullness. Waiting a few moments for the sneaks to get well ahead of her, she hummed to herself as she skipped back towards the front.

Yes, it had been a good night indeed. Perhaps there was room for one more.

Back at the Swimming Pool area by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

“Heeeey bitches” came a chipper female voice from behind Jenny. She and the others turned to see an absolutely gorgeous dark-skinned, exotic young lady approaching quickly. It was Ember, friend of their cousin. While the others were acquainted with Ember to varying degree, Jenny knew her pretty well as Ember had attended several family functions over the years. Ember was a mixture of Caucasian and Asian parentage and seemed to have received the best from both cultures, atleast in the looks department. She had large doe-shaped emerald eyes, beautiful dark hair and a very fun, playful and outgoing nature. Her slightly large than B-cup sized breasts bounced as she walked, wearing a white shirt that bared her sexy midriff and tight latex black pants.

“Hiya girl”, said Jenny, excited as this likely meant that her cousin was nearby.

Ember gave everyone hugs, starting with Jenny.

After some pleasantries, Ember said, “Got some bad news though. Kylie might not be able to make it.”

This illicited a round of ‘oh, no’s.

“What’s the matter?”, said Jenny, with a tinge of ambivalence, happy to see Ember but sad that her cousin might not attend.

“Something about work that she had to take care of. She just called me a few minutes ago. Said she’d try to make it later, if possible. Anyways”, she paused a moment, “shall we go ahead and grab our table?”

The girls looked around at the swimming pool and bar area, which had a smattering of folks still there. It was still several minutes before their scheduled reservation.

“Uh, sure”, said Jenny. The girls packed up their stuff and Tatum finished up her soda (the others had already finished their drinks) and were about to make their way to the elevator when BJ came by.

“Oh, hi Ember”

“BeeJaaay”, said Ember, smiling provocatively. She had a crush on BJ and didn’t care if anyone else suspected it, least of all BJ. While BJ thought the girl was very attractive, it always caught him a little off-guard when a girl acted in an obvious or aggressive manner towards him.

“Hey, um, has anyone seen Lucas?”

The girls looked around.

“The last I saw him, he was talking to a couple girls in the pool”, said Jenny.

“Yeah, there’s one of the girls over there”, said Janet, pointing to Kobi.

“Hmmm, did you see the other girl that was with her?” He had just returned from his escapade with Kobi and Lexi, though he didn’t want to relay that information out loud.

All the girls shook their head ‘no’.

“BJ, we’re going to the restaurant for our reservation. You’re welcome to join us”, Jenny said, affably,

“Thanks”, said BJ, “but after I catch up to Lucas, I think I’m going to call it a night. I’m pretty tired”, he paused, “but you all have a great time and I hope you have a great meal and celebration Jenny.”

“Sure thing. If you change your mind, you know where to find us. If not, I guess I’ll see you in class Monday. Bye.”

As the girls entered the elevator, Jenny muttered, “that’s strange.”

“What’s that hun?”, said Janet.

“I was just thinking – we haven’t heard a peep from Kat since she went downstairs. I’ve been trying to text her for the last 15 minutes. You didn’t happen to see her when you came in, did you Ember?”


“I wouldn’t worry”, said Anna, “she’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. I’m sure she’ll be waiting down there for us.”

But Kathryn was not a big girl – not anymore. Whether she would be waiting for them remained to be seen.

A Nightmare by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

Setup for the grand finale

Colby had taken her time bringing the shrunken Ollie to the kitchen. As the shift manager, she’d been interrupted a few times to answer questions from patrons and servers. The restaurant had run low on a few food items, some issue with a table reservation, and there had been a report of some time of sneak-in to one of the dining rooms. She rinsed Ollie under a faucet of warm water, scrubbing his body.

Ollie bristled as the scrubbing. He closed his eyes from the powerful faucet overheard, though the water felt temperature felt good to him. He still couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He had overheard Colby talking on a walky-talky with a lady whom he presumed to be her boss. He didn’t make out too much of the conversation as his little body was jostled a bit by each thunderous step Colby took en-route to the kitchen.

On the counter, Colby saw several clear bowls with shrinkies. She gently put Ollie into a bowl with just a couple others. Giving him a stern look, she said “now behave yourself” and left the kitchen.

Ollie looked at his new surroundings. He knew this was a kitchen from what he observed when Colby brought him in, but everything was so huge. He was now in a bowl that was several inches taller than he. He looked at his compatriots in the bowl. A man, probably in his late twenties was looking directly at him. Across from him was a girl. She was sitting with her head in her bent knees, facing the ground. Though Ollie couldn’t see her face, something about her seemed familiar. She was nude and, despite her current posture, he could tell she had a strikingly good figure, albeit a bit diminutive.

Ollie was surprised to see a girl shrinkie. He had been under the impression that it was only boys which were shrunk and eaten at Forbidden Dish. A quick glance at the other bowls confirmed this thought, that she was the only female shrinkie in sight.

Another thing Ollie noticed – though he was indeed shrunk, he seemed much taller than the two persons in the bowl with him. In fact, he seemed taller than pretty much any of the tiny people across the several bowls. This struck him as an oddity. He wondered why.




Outside in the restaurant, Lindsay was stressed. She and Rachael had been in contact with Colby (and she with Meghyn) as they had encountered a young birthday celebration party. Of course, she had handled several birthday bashes at the Dish in her time; the problem with this one was that the person who had reserved the table was the only one who was atleast twenty-one years of age in the party, but she was not here in person and the rest of the birthday party was ready to be seated. The rules clearly stated that to reserve a table within the restaurant proper, it must be reserved by a person atleast twenty-one years or older and that someone atleast twenty-one years or older must be present when the table was seated.

After some discussion, Meghyn had consented to seat the table, but on condition that they were placed off to the side in a corner of the restaurant that was the least busy. And also that her best waitress, Lindsay, would serve them.

Traditionally speaking, the younger crowd hung out at the bar and dance club and swimming pool areas. When they were in the restaurant, if was usually as part of an older crowd, like family.  Colby relayed the message to Lindsay to tell the youngsters to be on their best behavior as this was a fine dining establishment and they can't be upsetting other customers. After all, the Dish had a reputation to uphold as a fine dining establishment. The young girls had all agreed to behave themselves and had ordered more drinks. Ember had ordered a shrinkie, a willing one.

As Lindsay gathered the drinks onto her platter, she eyed a large shrinkie in a bowl on the shrinkie counter some several feet away. The shrinkie looked tasty to her and she was contemplating whether or not she should have another. It had been a busy night and she had eaten quite a few tiny men. She was rather full, but…

As she was contemplating this, Kara came into the kitchen.

“Ah, looking at our little rulebreaker, eh?”

“Huh?”, said Lindsay, confused.

“Yeah, that large one there – turns out he’s only like 15. I guess Meghyn had him sized large to streamline his trip into someone’s stomach”, Kara laughed, “he does look tasty, doesn’t he?”

“Sure does”, agreed Lindsay, “was it just him? Didn’t he come with any friends?”

“Any male buddies? I guess not. I heard Colby talking with Meghyn. From what I could make out, I guess he’s the younger brother of a girl celebrating her birthday here today. Guess he came here to help celebrate.”

“Uhuh”, Lindsay said, thoughtfully. This kid must be related to one of the girls at my table, she thought.

Looking at the other shrinkie bowls, Lindsay noticed a rather funny-looking regular size shrinkie (2 inches) in one of the other bowls. With a shrug, she plucked him up and put him into a serving dish, then made her way back to the tables.




BJ did not know he had gotten here. He looked up into the waitress’ huge face as she held him up to observe him. He didn’t remember ever agreeing to be shrunk. He didn’t remember talking to this particular waitress tonight. He didn’t even remember being shrunk. Yet, there was no denying it. He was a tiny man, completely nude, and the waitress Lindsay, whom he had shared flirtations with in previous visits to the Dish, was smiling at him as his legs flailed just above her nose.

“You…you tricked me!”, he said.

“Maybe…a little. But don’t kid yourself. You wanted me to eat you. You’ve wanted me to eat you since you first laid eyes on me. I’m just obliging your fantasy.”

“Bu..but, you can’t”, he trembled, feeling helpless as she held his arms high over his head. “I’ve got college…and girlfriends…and…and…I want to live.”

“Too bad, so sad”, she taunted him, dropping him lower to straddle her nose. “Now I’m gonna eat you.”

“Later dude”, she said, then let go of his arms, tilting he head back slightly and letting him slide down her nose, his hands not able to gain a hold. She stuck her tongue out to catch him, with his butt landing on her tongue and his legs splayed, his feet dangling on each side of her tongue.

Suddenly, the roof of her mouth closed on his torso, pressing him to lie flat.


Lindsay rolled him around in her mouth. He was covered in saliva.


After a few moments, he felt her muscles pull him into her throat. She was about to swallow.

“BJ! Wake up.”

“Huh, What?”, BJ jumped, looking around. Where was he?

“I can’t believe it. You fell asleep. Here?!”

BJ’s eyes focused. He felt so tired. Wow, those girls must have taken a lot out of him. He was slumped over a table near the swimming pool. Looking down at him was a dirty-haired blond. She sported a small sapphire nose ring in her left nostril which looked cool to him.

“Anise..erm, sorry…yeah, I guess I was tired.”

“Silly boy”, she teased, “hey, the girls and I are gonna go dancing. Wanna join?”

“The girls?”, he asked, then seeing Lexi and Kobi waving at him a few feet behind Anise, he remembered.

“No thanks. I better get home before I get in trouble”, his dream still fresh in his mind, “but…hey, have you seen Lucas?”

“Lucas?”, she said, as if recalling some long-lost person from her past. When BJ gave her a look, she continued, “Ahhh, Lucas. Yes.”, she paused, “but not in awhile”, she licked her fingers. “Spicy friend of yours, that Lucas.”

BJ feared the worst.

Don’t make Lindsay angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry by kbDArt

“Here you are ladies”, said Lindsay, taking their drinks and placing them before each one. Finally, she placed the dish with the shrinkie in front of Ember, who was giddily observing the tiny naked man within. “Anything else I can get you?”

“Yes”, Jenny spoke up. She hadn’t eaten anything yet and her hunger was beginning to make her tummy growl. “I’d like to place an order of fried calamari with some spicy mustard sauce.”

Lindsay hesitated for a moment, taking the note down on her order sheet, than, a thought struck her. “Oh, I’m sorry. We just ran out. But we do have a fresh supply of live glow squid”, she said suggestively.

“Hmmm, yeah, that does sound good. I’ll have two of those please.”

“You got it.” Lindsay was set to quickly check on her other tables when she saw a disturbing scene begin to play out.

Ember had begun to eat the tiny willing man when his handlebar mustache had tickled her lips. She had yelped and taken the man out of her mouth, giggling.

“He tickles, here you take him Tatum”, she said, placing the shrinkie on Tatum’s forearm, which was on the table.

Tatum yelped, sending the shrinkie into the air. Quickly, she tried to corral him, but missed as he spun in the air, sending him flying towards Jenny.

Jenny, having just ordered and with her eyes on Lindsay, had her the yelp and giggling and had just turned to see what the disturbance was when she caught sight of something small hurtling towards her from her left. She gave a small scream and swatted the shrinkie to her right with her menu.

The tiny man landed in the center of Anna’s cleavage. Anna, being pretty cool and collected would have been fine with this development, but she decided to play along with the game of hot potato, quickly picking up the shrinkie and tossing him up into the air to her right, where Janet sat.

Janet simply waited for the little man to fall, then snapped her mouth shut as he entered. She had meant to swallow the little man whole, but her coordination was just a little off. Her mouth had closed a little early and her teeth had caught the little man in the neck, decapitating him.

“Oops…shorryy”, she said, gently chewing, then swallowing the rest of him down. She looked up sheepishly towards Lindsay, who was stooping over her and looked upset.

“My little man”, exclaimed Ember, playing upset, but thrilled at what she just started and witnessed. “Can I get another one?”

Lindsay, seeing that some people from nearby tables had looked over, a couple shaking their heads in distaste, leaned in close to the girls and said in a loud whisper, almost a hiss, “ladies, we won’t tolerate this sort of behavior here”, she glared at each one of them, then continued, “I will bring your order, but their will be no more playing with your food, do I make myself clear?”, she scolded.

The girls nodded, though Ember and Anna were having a hard time composing themselves.

“Do I make myself clear?”, she again gave each a look, especially Ember, who was trying to control a fit of the giggles. Eventually, each girl had nodded, Ember looking down at her plate.

Janet placed the tiny head of the former shrinkie onto her small plate, wiping a bit of blood from her lips.

“Eww”, whispered Anna, making a squeamish look as she scrunched her jaw.

Lindsay checked on her other tables, one of which asked to be moved to another open table, away from the birthday party.

Circling her way back towards the kitchen, she observed a fit, attractive young man stop by to say something to the birthday girls, then waived to the other girls as he left them, moving towards the restaurant foyer.

He smiled warmly at Lindsay as he passed her. She bit her lip, trying to remember his name. She’d seen the young man at the Dish a couple times before. He had a catchy name. What was it?  “BJ”, she said under her breath, nodding to herself. Yes, that was his name. So, he was friends with the troublemaking party? She made a mental note deep in the recesses of her memory. She would deal with him later.

Then she traversed back towards the kitchen, still furious.





In the kitchen, Ollie was looking around, watching the waitresses come and go. He really couldn’t see any of the cooks very well, they being too far away. He observed with some curiosity another large shrinkie being deposited into a nearby bowl. This one looked to be closer to his size, though he couldn’t make out too much of the small man, as the man had his back towards Ollie when he was deposited.

“Don’t worry boy”, said then man in his bowl who had been staring at Ollie since Ollie had been dropped into the bowl a while back. “It won’t be long now before we get resized.”

“Do you think so?”, said the girl, raising her head from between her bent knees. “They’ll resize us?”, she asked hopefully.

Ollie looked over and noticed the girl’s face, for the first time. A shocked look came over his face.

“Kat?!”, his eyes gave her nude form a full scan.

“Wha? Ollie?! What are you doing here?”, said Kathryn, pushing herself up with her hands. She was happy to see a familiar face, but completely surprised to see young Ollie.

“They caught me Kat. I don’t know how. My fake id was made by an expert, but somehow they knew. And then they shrunk me down.”

“You’re so...BIG”, she said, looking up at him, her eyes making their way down his body to his tight red underwear, which was just below the level of her head.

Watching her look him over, he felt a bulge in his underwear as his cock twitched. He wanted to cover himself, but couldn’t because his restraints, which shrank with him, were still on, keeping his arms behind his lower back.

Kathryn gave him a hug, pressing her breasts into his crotch. She noticed his bulge, then snorted, “Well, good to see you’re still a growing boy.” She quickly remembered that she was nude, along with the vast majority of shrinkies. “Hey, how come they gave you underwear?”, she reached out and playfully tugged the growing, throbbing head of his young cock, which was clear to make out through the stretchable material, tugging it down and letting it spring back up inside the material. She giggled.

“Stop Kat”. Unable to keep her away with his hands, he stepped back away from her, then, forgetting the curvature of the bowl as it swerved upwards behind him, he stumbled and fell back on his butt.

“You two obviously know eachother”, said the other man.

“Ha ha, yep, he’s my best friend’s kid brother.” Kathryn answered him.

“Kid? Yeah, I thought he looked a bit young. How old are ya kid?”, the man directed his attention back to Ollie, who had stayed lying on his back.

“Um, fifteen. I turn sixteen in a couple months.”

“So, you snuck in eh? Fake id”, he asked and Ollie nodded. “Bad move kid. I’m not sure what they’ll do with you, but they should resize us.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“I’ve seen it”, the man said, looking back at Kathryn. “My buddy was here and changed his mind about being eaten and they regrew him. Told me about it the next day. I decided to take advantage of that loophole.”

“I hope so”, said Kathryn, “that’s what happened to me too. I just love Mr. Dickerson, but after I was shrunk, his mouth looked sooo big and I became so scared. He saw me shivering and asked me if I had changed my mind. I told him I wasn’t so sure about it anymore. He told me ‘no hard feelings’ and gave me to a server, telling me to take care.”

“This Mr. Dickerson – he your teacher?”, queried the man.

“Yeah”, said Kathryn thoughtfully, “kinda strange. He didn’t mention anything about class.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll see him and have class with him again, I’m sure”, the man said, comforting her. “Oh look, here comes a waitress.”




“Ready to get resized, little one?”, asked Lindsay, smiling down at the shrinkie in the bowl. She bypassed Ollie and Kathryn, picking up the little man with her index finger, he latching onto it with his hands smiling.

“Boy am I”, he said, then looking back down as he was lifted away, “told ya”, he smiled at them, “nothing to worry about. See ya on the other side.”

Lindsay put the man into a serving dish and onto her tray.

The man looked at another larger clear serving dish opposite him. In it were what looked to be a pair of monstrous glowing white squid floating in clear liquid. They were certainly bigger than him. He shuddered as Lindsay took the tray and carried him away into the restaurant.

Kat's Cherry gets popped by kbDArt

“Kylie just left me a message. She’ll be here soon and she’s bringing your birthday cake”, said Ember excitedly.  Jenny was very happy for the news.

“Jenny, please let us order you a shrinkie. It will be the perfect birthday present. You’ll love it, believe me”, begged Tatum. The girls had tried off and on all night to get Jenny to eat a shrunken man to no avail and had made a last ditch attempt while waiting for Lindsay to return with their latest order.

“Allright, allright, I’ll do it.” Jenny was buoyed by the news her cousin was on the way. And she had been worn down by the constant badgering all night. She would swallow a tiny man up and be done with it, never to be bothered again. It’d be like when her Aunt used to badger her about eating broccoli and spinach as a younger girl. Once done, the person could no longer use the line ‘try it, you’ll like it’.

“Any news on Kat?”, asked Janet.

“Still no news”, Jenny said, taking a quick peek at her phone, ”Oh wait. My phone somehow got set on silent mode. Looks like she did sent a message a minute ago”, she read a quick message and then exclaimed “oh my god. Lookit her.” She showed the others a text message, with a photo underneath.

The text said “having fun at the Dish. Don’t wait up for me”. The photo underneath it showed what appeared to be a nude selfie of Kathryn (Carina had zoomed way in when taking the picture to make the girl seem larger).  Kathryn was smiling and waiving.

“What a little slut”, said Janet, and there were murmers of agreement from the others. “Where do you think she is?”

“Looks like it could be that Virtual Vore ride”, said Anna, “I think people go through that ride naked.”

“Here’s your glow squid”, said Lindsay, making Jenny jump. She hadn’t seen the waitress coming. “And here’s a refill to help wash them down.” Lindsay placed a fresh lime soda and took the half-filled glass away.

“Thank you”, said Jenny graciously.

Moving around to Ember’s side. “Here’s your little man”, said Lindsay, setting down the dish with the young man in front of Ember, “please eat this one all yourself”, she gave Ember a stern but friendly look. “This little guy has been waiting for some time to be eaten. Don’t keep him waiting.”

The little man had become slightly worried when Lindsay had veered off the outer walkway of the restaurant and towards the tables. Now, having heard Lindsay, he became panicked. He began gyrating and waiving his limbs to try to get Ember’s attention before it was too late.

Ember smiled, than looking down at the man, picked him by the groin (index finger) and head (thumb).

“Oh, look, he’s so cute. He looks like he’s so excited”, Ember said, quickly moving the man into her mouth headfirst and setting him on her tongue facedown. She was keen on not upsetting Lindsay and was also famished.

“Please..Please..”, he twisted his head and shouted, meaning to shout “please don’t eat me”, but Ember rolled the man quickly into a fetal position before he could finish. To Ember, it sounded like the little man wanted her to hurry up. She swirled him around in her mouth for a few seconds, tilted her head and swallowed, tracing the swallowed man’s body through her throat with the index finger from her other hand.

“Well done”, said Lindsay, having waited to observe the little man get eaten. “How was he?”

Ember had one hand on her belly and was looking down at it. She seemed to take a couple moments to catch her breath. “He was awesome. Omigod Jenny, you have to try it.”

“Did you want one?”, said Lindsay, looking over towards Jenny.

“Um yeah, please bring me one. They talked me into it”, said Jenny, picking up one of the live squid and slurping it into her mouth.

“Did they indeed?”, Lindsay said, raising an eyebrow, ”anyone else?”

“Yeah, I’ll have another. How about as a Hot Body Shot?”, said Ember excitedly.

“Me too”, said Tatum.

“And me”, said Janet.

“So – four shrinkies, three of them as Hot Body Shots?”  They nodded. “Ok, I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, and please put Jenny’s shrinkie on my tab”, said Janet. “It’s her birthday present.”

Jenny gave Janet a friendly smile, than took a drink from her soda.

“Done”, smiled Lindsay, “and very nice of you”, she complimented Janet.

A person at the nearest table to them hailed Lindsay and ordered an 88-coctail, “with an unwilling, if that’s possible”.

“Not a problem”, said Lindsay. Not a problem at all.




Lindsay made her way back into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a song was playing lightly (the same as was played loudly on the dance floor, but the music was toned way down in the kitchen), ‘I Just Died In Your Arms’ by (Cutting Crew).

Seeing the mischievous two skinny young servers there wearing matching shirts which said ‘Twisted Sisters’, she asked, “Did you send it?”

Both girls were petite and wore their hair in bobs. One had brown hair, the other red and both were teenagers, newly hired to Forbidden Dish. They assisted on busy nights and worked the second floor most of the time. Things having, slowed, they were lounging around the kitchen area when Lindsay had enlisted their aid. Well known for being pranksters and tricksters, they had easily joined onto Lindsay’s plan, atleast the portion of it that she laid out to them. They had confiscated the girl shrinkie’s phone with Colby’s assistance and went through the contact list until they found Jenny Schwab. Then they had taken the photo of the smiling Kathryn, who didn’t know what it was all about, but they had promised to take her away to get resized afterward.

 “Yep, sent it a few minutes ago”, said the attractive red-haired girl Scarlett.

“Great. Well, hear goes nothing. Ready to see your sister sweetie?”, she said, peering down at Ollie.

Ollie looked up at her, excitedly, “What? Really?”

Lindsay winked at him, “Of course. How about you, little one?”, she asked Kathryn, who stood beside Ollie.

“Oh, yes. I’m ready. We’re both ready.”

“Excellent”, Lindsay picked each up carefully, placing them into separate serving dishes, Ollie’s dish being a bit more spacious and with taller ridges.

Neither said anything as Lindsay carried their dishes away on her tray, but both wondered why they were put into separate dishes.

Lindsay then put a sectioner on the tray and then neither Kathryn nor Ollie could see over the tall walls and what else may also be on the tray as Lindsay continued to gather things. They heard the clinking of glasses and pouring of liquids.

Lindsay went over to the the other bowls – plucking a tiny man up here and there – “Oh, you look good…and you”, she said. She liked to pick the more handsome ones to place into the shot glasses. Then, gathering the three shrunken men, she sprayed them with a bit of chloroform and each slipped into unconsciousness. She wiped their little bodies off and put each into their respective shot glasses, their arms and legs splayed, their hands and feet dangling free of the liquid on the sides of the glass. These special shot glasses had a center which propped up their butts to make sure their little bodies stayed above the liquid. Then she poured the other  customer’s 88-cocktail, putting a little umbrella to hang from the edge of the glass. She would add the finishing touch later.

As Lindsay was about to go through the kitchen door, her brunette friend and co-waitress Danielle entered the door into the kitchen.

“Watch it girl. You almost made me drop my shrinkies”, said Lindsay in mild irritation. She had had to swivel the tray away from the door entrance to protect the contents.

“Well, if you wouldn’t eat so many young men, you’d be a bit more light on your feet”, Danielle mockingly teased her.

“You might be right about that”, admitted Lindsay. “I need to hit the gym hard to work off all the calories from tonight. Wanna join me upstairs, just before lunch time, say 11?”

“I’ll see you up there”, Danielle concurred, slapping Lindsay’s butt playfully as Lindsay went through the door.




Lindsay decided to drop off the 88-coctail first.

“Do you like cherries, little one?”, Lindsay said, looking down at Kathryn as she walked.

“Mmm, I love’em”, Kat replied.

Lindsay stopped at an empty table, setting the tray down. Then she took a cherry from her section of ingredients, took a small nibble to open it, bit out a chunk and then gently handed it down to Kat.

“Try this. You’ll never see a cherry so big again in your life.”

Kathryn held the cherry above her face, the juices dripping down onto her chest and dribbling down her stomach. The cherry was surprisingly light, weighing about 15 pounds to Kathryn.

“Uggh”, said Kathryn, upset at getting all sticky.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll clean you up shortly. Enjoy it.”

“Oh, ok”, Kathryn began to take small nibbles at the open end chunk that Lindsay had removed.


“Mmmm, it is good. Thank you.” 

Lindsay just winked at her and, picking the tray back up, continued walking.  She walked past the birthday party and set the tray down on an empty table between the birthday party and her other customers, which in this case were a handful of elderly women.

Kathryn was still nibbling at the cherry. With the section walls, she couldn’t tell where they were at. Had she looked at the ceiling decorations, she probably could have guessed it was the restaurant, but she was busy with her cherry.

“Ready for your cleaning?”, Lindsay smiled down at her.

“One more bite”, she said, then taking a bite, with cherry gore running down her chin, she giggled, “ready.” She set the cherry down carefully beside her feet in the bowl and held her arms up to Lindsay outstretched.

Lindsay let the tiny girl grasp her index finger, picking up the cherry between her thumb and finger. Moving the girl over one of the sections, she dropped the cherry into the blue-colored drink. It plopped and rose to the surface.

Kathryn had followed the cherry into the tall glass. She looked back up at Lindsay fearfully.

“Bonzai”, said Lindsay with a wicked smile, almost in a whisper that only Kathryn heard, moving the girl off her finger and dropping her onto the cherry below.

She set the drink down next to an elderly lady who’s back was turned to the birthday party table.

“One unwilling 88-coctail”, she said to the lady, who smiled up at Lindsay.

“Oh, thank you dear.” The woman said, slipping Lindsay a large tip.

Lindsay then moved back to pick up the tray on the empty table. She began putting the Hot Body Shots in front of the girls at the birthday party table.

“Oh, lookit”, loudly exclaimed one of the other ladies at the other table. It was loud enough for Jenny and the others to hear. “It’s a little girl”, said the lady in a surprised tone.

Jenny and Janet looked over at the table, but couldn’t see what the fuss was about. The other girls were watching as Lindsay set their Hot Body Shot in front of them.

Apparently, the lady with the shrinkie had her back turned to them and was lifting a drink up to her face. There was a murmuring from the other table as the elderly lady took a large swig.

Jenny heard the lady loudly state, “Mmm. She was delicious. I’ve never had one squirm like that before. Who knew tiny girls had so much…zest. She screamed the whole way down.”

“What did she say?”, said another of the ladies.

“Heck if I know.”

Oliver's Twist by kbDArt

And one Hot Body Shot for you, said Lindsay, setting the third of the three shot glasses with shrunken men, looking like they were just chilling out, their limbs splayed out towards the sides of the glass.

Ember and Tatum were about to drink up their little men when Janet stopped them.

“Wait. A toast”, the girls stopped to look at her. “To great times with great friends!”

“Cheers”, said the others clinking their glasses (in Jenny’s case, her lime soda).

The three girls (Janet, Tatum and Ember) moved their drinks to their lips, than quickly, tilting their heads back, slurped up the contents, swallowing the unconscious little men down. Each required multiple gulps to get both liquid and shrinkie down.

Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Janet said, “And Kat, wherever you are. Eat your heart out.”

The girls were all giggling now, concentrating on their fluttering bellies as their tiny men woke up to the surprise of being in a belly, digestive acid eating away at their skin.

“Here’s your shrinkie”, Lindsay set the large serving dish down in front of Jenny, “How was the live squid?”

“Oh, they were delicious.”

“Good to hear. Enjoy”, Lindsay said, picking up her tray to take back to the kitchen.

“Ooh, he’s a big one.”, said Anna, sitting next to Jenny.

“He sure is. Go ahead girl, eat him up”, she noticed the shrinkie was waving his arms frantically, “looks like he can’t wait.”

“Yeah, eat’em Jen”, encourage Tatum.

But Jenny simply looked down at him, a look of disbelief on her face.

“Is this some kind of joke”, she said, looking around and trying to find their waitress.

Lindsay, who was several feet away but hovering nearby, set down her tray and quickly bent over near Jenny, “Is something the matter sweetie?”

“What is this?!”, Jenny pointed to the dish.

“It’s your little man. You did order one, right? Oh my, I didn’t bring him to the wrong table, did I”, Lindsay said, feigning concern, putting a hand over her mouth.

“Yes, I ordered a little man. What’s my brother doing there?”

“What? Your brother?!”, said Ember. All the girls now took a closer look at the little man in the bowl, Janet and Tatum getting out of their seats so they could get a closer look.

“Omigod, it IS your brother”, said Ember, and she laughed, both in surprise and how funny she suddenly found the situation.

“Back to your seats ladies. Let’s not cause a scene”, Lindsay ushered the two girls back towards their seats. “Now, what seems to be the problem again?”, pretending not to hear or comprehend Jenny’s earlier statement. “Did you say this was your brother?”, she said, purposefully using the past tense.

“He IS my brother. I’m NOT going to eat my brother.” Jenny’s anger now overtook her natural conservative demeanor.

In the serving dish, after his initial shock at seeing his sister and her friends had worn off, Ollie was feeling a sense of relief and pride that his sister didn’t simply eat him without looking like the other girls seemed to do with their shot drinks and that she was pushing back on the restaurant. He stood there, hands still restrained behind his back, observing it all.

A couple patrons, including the elderly ladies, turned to look at the commotion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry”, said Lindsay, “I had no idea. Do you want me to bring you another?”

“What?! No”, said Jenny, disgustedly.

“Hmmm, then I don’t see what you want me to do.” Lindsay continued to play dumb.

“I don’t want to eat ANY little man now”, said Jenny incredulously.

Lindsay shrugged, then reached down to pick Ollie’s dish up.

“What are you going to do with him?”

“I’m just gonna take him back to the kitchen”, said Lindsay.

Then what will happen to him?”

“Oh, he’ll just go into the shrinkie queue for the next order”, Lindsay said matter-of-factly.

“Help me Jenny. I don’t want to be eaten”, screamed Ollie from his dish.

“Shh Ollie, I’ll handle this. Miss? Lindsay, is that your name?”

Lindsay nodded, affirming it.

“Can’t you simply have him resized? He’s just a boy, a kid really. Certainly, this restaurant doesn’t condone eating kids?!”, Jenny asked, incredulously.

“I’m really sorry, but once a person is shrunk down, no matter their age, they are considered eligible for consumption. We never resize a person once they’ve been shrunk down. In fact, we have signs all around the building about that.” Lindsay pointed Jenny’s view to one such sign not far away.

Ollie’s heart dropped.

“I want to see the manager!”, Jenny said sternly, and when Lindsay started to say something, Jenny continued “NOW!”

“Allrighty. OK, give me a few minutes. I’ll go get her.” Lindsay picked up her tray and walked swiftly back towards the kitchen, not bothering to see if another of her tables wanted anything. Inwardly, she smiled to herself.




“Can I see Ollie. I haven’t seen a shrunken boy before”, said Janet, motioning Anna to pass his dish over to her. Jenny was preoccupied, following Lindsay’s strut towards the kitchen and glaring at the kitchen door.

“Nice underwear Ollie”, Janet said, picking him up around his midsection and cupping her palm underneath him a bit. Ollie felt helpless as his legs dangled below and his arms still restrained. He shivered as her hand was cold.

“I’ve always liked you Ollie. I wondered what you would look like, all shrunk down”, Janet pinched at his red underwear with a couple fingers from her other hand and began to pull down on them.

Ollie grew anxious, not knowing where Janet was going with this. “Stop it Janet.” He tried to shift his weight away from her finger.

“You’re so cute”, Janet said, bringing his body up to her face.

Ollie could feel her breathe on him. It was warm and the pace of her breathing seemed to him to have quickened.

Suddenly, Kim turned Ollie to the side and, using her front teeth, bit down the side of his underwear, causing it to tear asunder. His little package flopped out as Janet turned his body.

“Pretty impressive, little boy”, purred Anna, reaching over to press a finger under the boy’s groin, causing his package to bounce. Ollie’s half-erect penis began to harden and tilt upwards. The girls all giggled.

“Unnff”, grunted Ollie. While she hadn’t intended it, Anna’s little upward movement with her finger had racked Ollie and his little body crouched in mid-air to a fetal position in Janet’s hand.

“Looks like someone’s excited about getting eaten”, said Ember, “his little wiener just went up.”

Meanwhile, Janet gathered the torn underwear and brought it into her mouth, tasting it.

“What I thought”, she said, swallowing it, “edible underwear.”

Hearing the girls giggle got Jenny’s attention. She slowly turned back to see Janet holding a now nude little Ollie near to her face. Janet stuck her tongue out to lick up from the boy’s groin to his upper torso.

“What’re you doing Janet?”

“I’ll eat him, Jen”, Janet offered, “after all, we did warn him, didn’t we?”

“Noooo!”, yelled Ollie, still curled up. “Don’t eat me Janet!”

“Janet. Put. Him. Down”, ordered Jenny, each word an imperative direction.

“Fine, fine. I’ll put him back”, Janet put Ollie back into his dish, “I was just trying to solve our little problem is all. Geez.”




Meghyn was exiting her office with Colby and Lindsay in tow.

As she walked, she asked “So, she’s had the live glow squid?”

“Yep”, answered Lindsay.

“And you slipped her some antacid?”

“Yep, yep.”

“And the boy is, what, 3.5 inches?”

“Yes, ma’am”, this time it was Colby who answered.

“Good. By the way, do we have any other larger shrinkies?”

“Yeah, one, I think”, said Lindsay, “just came in a little bit ago.”

“Excellent. They’ll both be slightly larger than the squids. Grab him as we go by the kitchen. We may need him.”

“I’ll get him. By the way, did you get my report earlier about the kids sneaking into the dining rooms?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll review the camera footage on that later. One issue at a time Linz.”

“Yes, ma’am.”




A few more tables had cleared out. The restaurant was only sparsely populated at this time.

Jenny was talking heatedly with Ollie as Meghyn and her entourage approached. He was looking up at her from his dish as she spoke.

“Mom and dad are gonna be so pissed when they hear about this.”

“No Jen, please don’t say anything”, Ollie pleaded.

“We told you not to come. I told you I’d eat you if you snuck in here”, said Janet.

“Yep, she did”, agreed Anna.

“This is what you get for being a little perv”, scolded Tatum. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Jen, I..I just wanted to be with you on your birthday”, he began to sob and cry. It was a pitiable sight.

Jenny broke down. She hated to see her brother in this way. “Ok, ok”, she assured him, “I’ll do everything I can to get you out of here alive. Promise me, once we get out of this, that you’ll…”

Jenny was interrupted by a large “Ahem”. Swiveling in her chair, she saw an attractive, yet authoritative blond woman looking down at her. Flanking her were Lindsay and another, slightly older server.

“Hello young lady. I’m Meghyn, the manager of this establishment. Lindsay here says you requested to see me.”

The woman’s demeanor and tone of voice was intimidating to Jenny. Having been raised to respect authority figures, she found it difficult to compose herself, but she resolved to put forth her best foot – after all, her young brother’s life was at steak (sic).

After it was apparent that Jenny was having a tough time starting, Lindsay decided to get the ball rolling, “this young lady is celebrating her eighteenth birthday tonight.”

“And you chose Forbidden Dish to celebrate at. Very nice. We’re happy you chose us”, and then Meghyn went on the offensive, “that being said, our rules explicitly state that a person of twenty-one years of age or older is required to reserve a table within the restaurant. Are any of you atleast twenty-one?”

All the girls shook their heads. Ember spoke up, “My friend, Jenny’s cousin, is the one who reserved the table. She’ll be hear any minute now. She was delayed at work.”

“Quiet”, Meghyn raised a firm palm towards Ember, “I am speaking with Jenny here. Please don’t speak up unless directed to. Nevertheless, thank you for that bit of information.” Meghyn felt it very important to make sure she always had an upper hand in an argument and she fully expected an argument to ensue. “Now, what is the issue young Jenny?”

“Um..”, Jenny stuttered, on unsure footing, “well, you see, I ordered a shrinkie…uh, I didn’t really want one, but they kept..”

“I see, you ordered a shrinkie”, Meghyn interject, trying to speed the girl up, “And?”

“And Lindsay..our waitress..she, uh, brought out my brother.”

“And?”, said Meghyn forcefully.

“And he..he’s only fifteen.”

Meghyn pointed to the nearby sign, “Do you see that sign young lady. It says ‘No underage customers allowed – violators will be eaten.”

“B..but, he’s my brother.”

“It doesn’t happen often here, but sometimes friends or relatives are eaten. It is one of the pitfalls of young men who decide to try their luck here. I have no empathy for young men or boys who think they can come in here and ogle or fondle our female clientele and staff just to fulfill their sick fantasies.”

“B..but, he’s only fifteen. He..he’s just a kid. Is it even legal for him to be eaten?” Jenny tried to mount her own offensive.

“Well, legally speaking, it is true that we cannot simply have a person eaten as punishment. The signs here act mostly as a deterrent. And I must say, I thought the larger likelihood was that young girls would sneak in, trying for a quick snack”, Meghyn admitted, “but it is in our bylaws, as voted on by the city council and ratified by both local and state government agencies, that such violators would be punished, with the form of punishment to be at our, or my, disposal, as long as it’s within reason.”

“W..what does that mean?” Jenny asked, confused.

“It means what I said – that violators will be punished. Our typical form of punishment is to shrink the violator down and put them aside into a hold dish, or cell, if you will, until such time as the authorities can be notified and arrive.”

Jenny was about to ask a question when Meghyn continued.

“Of course, I have discretion to alter the punishment based on my authority as manager and partial owner of this establishment. Furthermore, I can factor in other considerations, such as the apparent youth and innocence of this young man, his relationship with current and potential customers, and his actions while within the establishment”, Meghyn paused, “And, apart from breaking our initial rule on entrance, it appears the young man has behaved himself without either endangering or bothering any of our other customers. So, I do indeed take this into consideration.”

Things seemed to be taking a turn for the better, thought Jenny, and she decided to not interrupt and instead let Meghyn continue.

“Now, you ask, am I so inclined to alter this young man's punishment, perhaps with a fine towards his family and his consent not to reappear in this establishment until such time when he turns eighteen and he can legally choose to be eaten. Yes, yes I am." 

The girls, especially Jenny, but notably excluding Janet, breathed a sigh of relief. Lindsay’s face took on a small frown.

"The problem is", continued Meghyn, "the boy has already signed his legal waiver, allowing himself to be eaten if he was shrunk down, when he decided to illegally ride the Virtual Vore machine upstairs. And he has been shrunk down, again, as a form of punishment for being underage. This puts the boy at the disposal of the restaurant.”

For not the last time in the evening, Ollie’s heart dropped. Lindsay’s frown turned up into a smirk.

Meghyn paused to collect her breath, “Now, had I been alerted to his behavior beforehand, I would indeed have let him go with punishment as I mentioned earlier, but now, based on our bylaws and restaurant traditions, we have no choice but to have the boy eaten before the establishment closes this night. After all, this business operates on profit.”

Jenny and the others were dumbfounded.

“Now, I suggest you, young lady, be a good big sister and swallow your young brother, show him what personal responsibility means. And I'll give you 10 minutes to decide, or I shall have him returned to our unwilling dish bowl, whereupon he will be eaten by some other customer or one of our lovely servers tonight." Lindsay could be seen licking her lips.

“Pssst, Jen, tell them about our family…”, said Ollie, in desperation now.

Taking the hint, Jenny blurted out, “My family - the Schwabs – we’re wealthy. We have very good upstanding in the community. If my brother is eaten, we will be sure to spread the word to all our friends. It would be very bad for your business.”

“Ha ha ha”, Meghyn chortled, “dear me. Some time ago, that non-veiled threat may have had some impact on me. But my dear, Forbidden Dish is now an international sensation. The influence of local wealth is a pittance compared to the patronage from those coming from all around. Dear me”, she could hardly conceal her mirth and amusement. She actually liked this girl – her courage and her loyalty for her family struck points with Meghyn.

Just when everything seemed lost, Meghyn offered up the following: “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. If you eat a shrinkie, I’ll consider letting Ollie get resized.”

Jenny, defeated, said “I am not eating my brother!”

“Did you not hear me girl. I said, it would be another shrinkie.”

"W..what difference will that make?" Jenny said, perplexed.

"For one, it will give you some credibility, atleast in my eyes", Meghyn said, some actual warmth showing in her eyes.

"Fine, fine, bring me another one. I'm not eating Ollie."

Meghyn made a signal to Lindsay, who came forward with a tall serving dish. Inside was the new shrinkie - it was Lucas, who was set to 3 inches and had changed his mind after getting coerced to get shrunk by the swimming pool girl. He had listened patiently to the discussion, hoping that Jenny could reason with the manager, but was now frantic at having heard the ending of said conversation.

Lindsay set the dish with Lucas down, next to Ollie’s dish.

“What! You can’t do this?!”, wailed Lucas. “Please Jenny, don’t eat me. I always liked you.”

“Lucas?” Jenny said, another round of surprise hitting her nerves. Her mental acuities were getting seriously worn down. “How did you end up shrunk?”

“That girl – the one by the pool. She tricked me”, Lucas said, not realizing he was exacerbating his situation. For Jenny conjured up the image of Lucas walking away from her to talk to those girls. Why didn’t he stay and talk with her like BJ did? Did he think she was boring? Jenny felt a sense of anger rising within her.

“I..I’m sorry Lucas. I wish you had stayed and talked with us. I’m sorry, but I have to do this. To save Ollie.” She picked him up, the tip of her finger pushing up his buttocks as the front of her thumb rested on his belly.

“Jenny, please - don’t do this. What would BJ think, losing his best friend?”

“Hmmm, BJ”, Jenny closed her eyes and puckered her lips and took Lucas body in, his knees on her tongue as he entered her mouth.

Lucas suddenly was encompassed with the most amazing feeling as Jenny gently suckled at him. After a couple moments, his bliss completely obliterated all other thoughts from his mind. Jenny gently massaged him for several moments longer, than rolled him around so that his face was at the back of her throat. She tilted her head back. ‘Gulp’.

A large bulge formed at the top of Jenny’s throat. She reached up to help massage it further down.

Inside her throat, Lucas was near to a release. His dick pulsed against the tight confines of Jenny’s throat. Nothing else mattered to him any more. He must attain his climax. A little longer was all he needed. He reached his hands out to slow his descent.

‘Gulp’ Something seemed to loosen in Jenny’s throat and now the powerful muscles pulled him down, down the dark path. So close, his little brain thought, but he was in fact denied the powerful orgasm he sought. He passed one more tight area and then dropped with a ‘sploosh’ into Jenny’s stomach.

A little way away, he saw a light. Something was glowing in here – it would glow bright, then go dim – very strange, he thought. He fought to gain his footing as Jenny’s stomach churned. He resolved to move towards the light. Suddenly, there was movement. Than the light moved toward him – quickly. He screamed.

Jenny couldn’t believe how great it had felt, swallowing the tiny boy, someone she was attracted to and had considered a potential boyfriend. He had felt great going down her throat, struggling the whole way. It gave her a sense of empowerment. She felt Lucas go down her chest and into her belly. There were a few moments of calm and then all hell had broken loose in her stomach. Although she didn’t understand what was happening or the cause of it, it was simply the most wonderful, arousing feeling that went on for almost a full two minutes before settling down to a nice calm.

Around the table, the girls and Ollie watched with open mouths, in disbelief. Once Lucas had been swallowed down, Jenny’s face had went through a full range of contortions. It couldn’t be determined with surety whether she was in immense pain or immense pleasure. Finally, as she looked up, smiling, it was certain that it was the latter.

Meghyn and Lindsay and Colby smiled at eachother knowingly. They knew the signs. The girl had cum, there could be no doubt about it. Their experience as well as countless times watching other girls expressions after swallowing a tiny man for the first time told them that.

“Jen, you ok?”, asked Janet, somewhat concerned.


“Well girl, how was he?”, purred Anna.

“It was…gooood”, Jenny elongated her answer, the smiled mischievously. Her eyes were glazed over.

“Jen…Jen! What’re you doing?” Jenny had picked him up. He could see desire and hunger in her eyes. It was almost like she didn’t even recognize him.

“Sorry bro”, Jenny brought Ollie’s still-restrained body to her mouth, plopping him in headfirst. Drool pooled around him as her mouth was slick with saliva.

“Where’s the birthday girl”, came a familiar voice. Jenny looked up, open-mouthed, to see her cousin Kylie with her phone up by her eyes. “Say cheese”, said Kylie. Ollie had turned his head to look out at the light when the picture was taken, Jenny’s tongue curled around his body like a funnel.

Jenny couldn’t put it off any longer. With a powerful gulp, Ollie was hurtled into her throat, loosened by her recent meal. He got stuck midway down, his erection pushed down into the soft wet, but somewhat abrasive flesh at the back of her tongue. On her second gulp, Ollie spurted, his cum helping to facilitate his own doom. He continued to spurt as Jenny’s third gulp sent him down her gullet.

Soon, Jenny felt the familiar battle within her tummy. For some reason, this time, it didn’t last quite as long. Perhaps a minute. Then, all was calm. Jenny gave out a little burp before she could cover her mouth. She grinned sheepishly.

"Wicked!", muttered Tatum, under her breath.

“Hi cousin.”

“I brought cake”, Kylie said, “anyone up for dessert?”

“Lindsay, please bring our guests some plates and silverware for their dessert”, said Colby. Meghyn had long departed.




Jenny arrived home later that night, after eating 3 more tiny men.

Her mother had inquired how her night had gone, but was a bit dismissive of Forbidden Dish.

"Don't knock it until you try it."

"Hmm, I guess. By the way, have you seen your brother? He's been gone all night." 

"I haven't seen him in awhile", she said, half-fibbing, "but I feel like he's near."

Jenny was fealing queasy about the whole situation. She had been on an emotional roller-coaster all night. She excused herself to go use the bathroom.

Jenny’s parents were talking loudly downstairs.

"He's a good kid, but he's always putting himself into crappy situations”, said her father.

Jenny sniggered to herself as she felt her first glob of waste splash into the toilet bowl.



The next morning, Kylie was scrolling through the set of pictures she’d taken at Jenny’s celebration. She would forward the best ones to family members so they could share in the joy. She paused on the first one, with Jenny looking up at her in surprise, her mouth open. Zooming in, her face contorted in shock.


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