No Underage Customers Allowed: Violators will be Eaten (A Forbidden Dish tale) by kbDArt

An underage boy sneaks into Forbidden Dish with a fake id after overhearing his older sister talking with her friends about it and celebrating her 18th birthday there.

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Note - the setting, including the characters, of the Forbidden Dish was created by girlfood. His stories, along with FD stories/characters oishi1 and French_Snack have written about provide the basis and inspiration for this story. Thanks to each of them, especially girlfood.

It's Jenny's birthday by kbDArt
Author's Notes:

The sleepover and preparation to visit Forbidden Dish

Friday morning, Santa Monica, California

Ollie Schwab was beside himself in teenage angst. The fifteen year old virgin had endured a whole night of his older sister’s group of girl friends sleepover in anticipation of her eighteenth birthday. Though it was a weekday, the kids had the day off due to a parent-teacher’s conference. The day hadn’t been so bad, but the evening had featured the girls in all manner of undress as they were in-and-out of the bathroom getting ready for bed. He had overheard rounds of gigglefests, sexual innuendo and lots and lots of gossip, mainly about the boys at school. On multiple occasions, a couple of the girls had razzed him as well, but that didn’t bother him too much. All of his sister’s friends met his level of approval – some were prettier than others, but the others made up any difference with their fun personalities. He would have loved a chance at any of them. Of course, most, but not all of them looked upon him as just a boy, Jenny’s little brother. Being cute and fit, and at around 5’8”, they still took notice of him, particularly auburn-haired Janet, who sported the largest breasts of the group, a full size D and they showed very little hint of being affected by gravity. While Ollie liked Janet, he was weary of her as she was the most outwardly aggressive of the girls. Once, at a previous sleepover, Janet had ‘accidentally’ brushed into him in the hallway when he was en route to the bathroom to relieve himself. He had a case of morning wood and he could have sworn Janet swerved into him as he was clearing the sand from the corner of his eyes. His unprotected cock had somehow gotten through the fly in his pajamas and got caught up in her clothing. When they separated, her hand had inadvertently grasped it. “Oops”, she said, feigning surprise as she released it, “sorry Ollie, didn’t mean to snag you.” She chuckled to herself as he hurried, embarrassed, into the bathroom and closed the door.

Ollie, though a cute kid and athletic and friendly, was a bit shy and was no better than average in the size of his package. He loved his sister and this was mutual, but she had always seemed the favored child of his parents and extended family. He had friends, but none as close as Jenny’s friends seemed to be for her. Throughout his life, there were times when he felt left behind, not being allowed to join his sister as he wasn’t deemed old enough. These things had manifested themselves in Ollie’s lack of self-confidence. It was perhaps this vulnerability and loneliness that turned Ollie onto vore erotica in the first place. He was titillated by stories mostly of girls getting vored by snakes, frogs, slugs and the like. He had heard the girls talking about the word giantess and had done some online searches of giantess vore. This was a new, thrilling phenomena to him.

Ollie didn’t sleep very well Thursday night. His thoughts and dreams were about his sister’s friends, the skin he was privileged to witness, and their flirting and sometimes mocking of him. But, foremost among his thoughts was a dream he had in which he was tiny and had been chased by his sister and her friends and had been caught by Kathryn. Then Kathyrn had taken him into her mouth and played with him in an erotic fashion before eating him alive. It was at the point of being swallowed when he woke up. He was shocked when he woke up and his pajamas clung stickily to his crotch. He hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time.

“Uuugh”, he cursed as he tossed his pajamas into the laundry basket and put on a fresh pair of boxers.


Opening his door, he walked across the banister (his room and his sister’s were upstairs in their spacious house) towards the bathroom which was located between the bedrooms. The door was just opening to it as Kathryn, the shortest of his sister’s friends was exiting it. She was also, in Ollie’s opinion, the cutest and her morning attire consisted of simply an oversized t-shirt and a pair of tight white panties which showed off her tanned, sleek legs. She was carrying her toothbrush and toothpaste in one hand.

Half-turning her face towards him, her pace continued towards Jenny’s bedroom.

“Morning Ollie”, she gave him a nice smile and Ollie nodded at her, blinking his eyes. He followed her jiggling bottom as she entered Jenny’s bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Ollie continued to the bathroom. He could hear the girls talking next door, but it was a bit muffled. He quickly brushed his teeth and took a piss. Seeing this as a good opportunity to perhaps get his shower in, which is not easy in a house full of girls, he gave a quick knock and opened the door to his sister’s room. Peeking inside, he stole a quick glance at the 5 girls, including his sister, in various stages of undress, a couple of them still in their sleeping bags, his sister on her own bed.

“Get outta here you little perv”, she scolded him.

“Sorry, um”, he said, retreating his head from the room, “I was just gonna see if anyone minded if I took my shower now.”

“Go ahead”, she said, hurriedly adding, “but don’t take forever. We have to start getting ready.”

Closing the door gently, he went back down the hall to retrieve a clean shirt and shorts from his room. As it turned out, the door had not fully closed, leaving it open just a crack. On his way back to the bathroom, he overheard the girls giggling about something. He heard something about Forbidden Dish. This got his attention.

During his online searches for giantess vore, Ollie had come across a link to Forbidden Dish restaurant and club. He had browsed the gallery of promo images, finding them thrilling. He had no desire to be shrunk down and swallowed himself, but he enjoyed the images of others, wondering what their thoughts and feelings were as they were being played with and consumed. Ollie noticed the door was very slightly ajar, so he walked past it, then leaned his head towards the room .

“That’s where we’re going tonight Jenny, for your birthday. You will love it”, said Anna, Jenny’s caramel-skinned friend who had emigrated from Peru with her family several years earlier. Anna was a real beauty and the class valedictorian. She was very smart, very outgoing and exotically beautiful. Jenny valued her opinion highly. Anna's voice could at times be described as syrupy, especially when she was after something.

“Oh, I dunno Anna, I just think it’s wrong, eating a living human being”, she paused, seeing disappointed faces, “but don’t get me wrong, it does sound kind of exciting. I heard the dance club gets packed on the weekend, so we might see some of our friends there. So, I’d be up for going, and…I wouldn’t mind seeing any of you swallow a little man, but I just don’t think I could do it myself.”

“What’s it like, eating a shrunken man”, asked Kathryn inquisitively, picturing naked little men – the thought tickled her.

“You’d like it Kat”, said Janet, who had been to Forbidden Dish twice before, once with Anna and once on her own. “You like oysters, right?”

“Uhum”, Kathryn confirmed. They all knew that both Kathryn and Jenny loved seafood.

“Well, the texture of a little man is similar to that of an unshelled oyster. Their skin is soft and spongy and warm. I like poking them a bit before I eat them.”

“Gosh, how many have you eaten?”, asked Tatum, the tallest of the girls, blond and athletic, a prime example of a girl with Norwegian ancestry. She, like Jenny and Kathryn, had never been to Forbidden Dish.

“Oh, a couple little men”, said Janet somewhat flippantly, as if it were not a big deal.

“How about you Anna?”, asked Kathryn.

“Just one”, she smiled, “James.”

“Ahhh, James”, sighed the other girls. James had been the point guard on the basketball team and had been one of the top studs in school, prior to being eaten by Anna at an ill-conceived trip to Forbidden Dish with Anna and Janet.

“Yeah, he was great”, Anna said, her eyes with a faraway look as if she were recalling the event in her mind.  “I miss him though”, said Anna thoughtfully.

“How come you ate him?” said Jenny. “He was so handsome and such a nice guy. He used to help me with my Trig homework last year.”

“I wasn’t planning to, you know. We all just got so superexcited. We saw one of the servers swallow a little man, kind of doing a demonstration and she really licked and sucked on the little man all over first, and I could see James get excited. It turned me on too. I had my hand on James thigh and I felt him get real hard when he watched the server swallow the shrunk guy.”

“Well, you did egg him on a bit Anna”, teased Janet.

“A…little”, Anna admitted, “I just asked him if he’d like me to eat him like that. I didn’t expect him to say yes as I was only kidding with him, but a server walking by overheard us and brought papers for him to sign.” Anna paused for a bit while the others watched her intently. Even Ollie leaned his head up against the outside of the door. “He seemed hesitant to sign the forms, so I told him if he signed them, we’d just have a little fun with him as a shrunk boy and I would play with him for a bit. That way, he could have fun and we could share a bit of fantasy before I had him resized.”

“And then what happened?”

“Um, after he was shrunk down, he looked even cuter. I took him to a room. His little thing was sticking straight up. We were talking and I could see he was both excited and also a bit scared”, Anna paused again for a few moments, taking a sip of her water bottle, than continued, “When I put him on my tongue and started playing with him, I could feel him twisting around my tongue and really getting into it. I..I just got overcome with emotions. I felt this sense of empowerment and the urge to eat him, to absorb him into me. I just swallowed him.”

My god”, exclaimed Jenny.

“So, you didn’t even give him a chance to get regrown?”, asked Tatum.

“Oh, he had already ‘regrown’”, interjected Janet, and the others giggled at that.

“No”, admitted Anna, “I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sure James didn’t think I would swallow him. We’ve been good friends all through high school and junior high, for goodness’ sake. He tasted a bit like vanilla.”

“Wow”, said Kathryn. 

“Double wow”, said Tatum, “that’s hot.”

“Oh, he was fire, for sure”, laughed Anna, “but he didn’t look so cute after I pooped him out the next morning.” The others giggled.

“And you ate two guys Janet?”

“Yep. One was a college guy and the other was a real old guy. He had to be about forty. He did have a nice cock though. He splurged all over my tongue when I ate him. Said I was the first girl he’d been with in months.”

“How fun is it really”, asked Jenny, “to eat another person”. Jenny had reservations about this whole man-eating fetish which seemed to be sweeping the area and her reservations were reinforced by her parent’s teachings. Her doubts showed on her face.

“Don’t knock it until you try it Jen”, said Janet, “it just feels so wonderful swallowing them and feeling their little bodies fight for their lives as they go down your throat and I love how they move about in my tummy. Makes it flutter. And the best part is they seem to last longer than most men that have inside me. I think I’m addicted to it.” She gave Jen a little smirk.

“So, it’s only men and boys that get eaten?”, asked Tatum.

“For the most part. But there are women who get eaten from time to time as well,” answered Janet.

“I think that would be so cool”, said Kathryn, almost in a whisper, a strange look in her eye. Only Anna and Tatum had heard her. Anna was about to say something to Kathryn when Jenny interrupted her thought.

“Geez Louise. I wonder – what makes men want to be swallowed. I mean, do they really want to die?” asked Jenny.

“You know what I think?”, said Anna, “I think once they get all sexually wound up, their little peckers take control of their thinking. And where do they wanna stick their peckers? In our mouths. Especially when it’s cold out like it is now. Little guys with their cold little dicks can’t wait to get inside a warm mouth.” Anna pointed to her open mouth as she said this.

“Yeah, I agree. It's easier with boys though. You let them play with your butt or the girls a bit”, Janet said, cupping her breasts in her hands, ”kiss them and hint at more once you get them shrunk and their little cocks take over their thinking. I try to get them really wound up to the point where they are aching to cum and then I kind of hurry them to sign the legal document, distracting them if I can, with the idea that they can change their mind later if they're not 'up' to it. Then, I guide them to the lines, keeping them focused on my body and before you know it, they're in the shrink booth. If you can get a boy on the edge of cumming, you can get them to do anything you want”, she continued, “With older guys, typically, they're either drunk or they have issues and they're looking for a way out and you just kind of nudge them down that path as a good way to go.”

“Ok, but how do you do that”, asked Jenny, who, despite her looks was a virgin like her younger brother and pretty shy around boys in general.

“You know, breathe lightly on their ear, kind of gently move my finger around it. Sometimes, I change the inflection of my voice. I usually keep it at a high chipper level early and then get a little more husky as time goes on.” Janet offered.

“With James, I was a bit hands-on, as I said earlier, keeping my hand on his thigh. From time to time, I would lean into his chest, pressing my boobs up against him…letting him feel my nipples graze him, stuff like that”, said Anna, with a naughty smirk.

Wicked!”, exclaimed Tatum, and she high-fived Kathryn who was sitting next to her.

“I still don’t understand why they would give up their lives for that though. I…I guess I just don’t understand boys.” Jenny said, looking confused.

“Well, I think that part of it is a doubt in their minds that A) they can really be shrunk down and B) that the girl will actually go through with eating them. I mean, the restaurant is pretty dark and tables are reserved, so you can’t see too well at other tables, so unless you walk by a table when someone is in the process of getting eaten, a guy wouldn’t see it happen. And I think a lot of guys are eaten in the dining rooms”, Janet put up air quotes as she said this, “and from what I understand, the demonstrations like we saw are pretty uncommon.”

“The bottom line is, I guess, all their focus is on us?”, said Tatum.

“Yep. Uh, Jenny, you said you wouldn’t swallow a shrunk person, but if you could have any one boy from school, who would you pick?”, asked Janet.

“Hmmm”, thought Jenny carefully, “and I could bring him back afterwards?”

“Mm, yep.”

“I think I would pick Lucas. He’s so sweet”, said Jenny blushing.

Ollie heard whispering, than giggling as one of the girls yelled, “Jenny, you predslut!” Then, the girls broke into a round of pillowfighting, with the girls giggling and screaming at eachother.

Suddenly, the door opened and Ollie almost fell into Tatum’s chest as she playfully tried to leave the room. The other girls stopped their assaults on eachother to look over.

"Ew, were you listening in on us, you little twerp?", scolded Tatum.

", no, I was just going to the bathroom", sputtered Ollie.

"The bathroom's over there", Jenny pointed, "stop listening in on us, Oliver!"

“Yeah, you little perv”, said one of the other girls.

"Sorry Jen, I just like to hear all your friend’s stories about Forbidden Dish."

“Why, you want me to gobble you up?”, teased Janet.

Ollie looked down at his feet. “I…I heard you are going there for Jen’s birthday. Can I come?”

"You're not old enough. You have to be 18 to get in there”, said Anna.

 “Oh, poor little Ollie”, said Kathryn, mockingly. The others giggled, including Jenny.

Ollie did an about face, disappointed, and went into the bathroom to take his shower. He had an ace up his sleeve though.

Ollie had done his scouting. It helped that they lived only a few miles from Forbidden Dish. As the day wore on, he rode his bike around the area, finding what looked like a good place to hide and ditch it near to the customer parking lot. It was a bit chillier than normal in late November, with a temperature dropping into the low 40s by nighttime. He returned home and was able to find a few minutes to rinse off in the shower in between the girls getting ready.

Finally, the girls assembled downstairs in preparation for the ride to Forbidden Dish. Jenny’s mother would take them in her Cadillac Escalade. The girls had also made arrangements to meet a few of their friends at Forbidden Dish.

Ollie made one last effort to join them, showing them his fake id.

"If you come in there, I'm going to eat you!”, shouted Jenny.

"Yeah, and if she doesn't, I will. I'll gobble you up, little balls and all”, said Janet, making a chomping movement with her mouth. She winked at him.

Jenny’s mother had overheard them as she walked out of her kitchen with the keys.

"Jenny!", she scolded, "How awful of you to say such a thing to your brother. You too Janet."

"Mom, I was just kidding. You know I wouldn't really eat him”, argued Jenny.

"Apologize to your little brother. Right now, young lady."

"Sorrry, Ollie", said Jenny, not making eye contact with him. “Sorry”, said Janet, bowing her head.

"Good, now Oliver, I don't want you going anywhere near that place. You're not near old enough anyway. I want you to promise me you won't go near that place," his mother insisted.

"Oh mom...", he began, embarrassed, but when she gave him a stern motherly look, he gave in "oh, ok.".

Walking upstairs to his room, he said, "Jeez, I never get to have any fun."

“He wouldn’t make much of a meal anyway”, whispered Kathryn, playfully.

“I heard that!”, scolded Mrs. Schwab. The girls giggled as they left the house.



Friday night, Forbidden Dish

The new third floor addition to Forbidden Dish added quite a bit of functionality to the place. No longer was it just a fine dining establishment (ground level) and bar and dance club (second level). Built into the side of a large hill, the Forbidden Dish looked from outside appearance to be a series of steps up the hill. While the entire restaurant area was built free of the hillside, the second and third floors had portions which actually were built into the hillside. As such, the third floor was considered the ‘spa’ level, as it bosted a swimming pool and two large Jacuzzis that took up half the area. Smaller areas enclosed a sauna (unisex) and small fitness area. The latter was exclusively for use by the staff. Of course, the Virtual Vore ride was a popular, allowing persons to go through a large-scale head/throat/stomach area that simulated being eaten at a very small risk of actually being shrunk down and eaten (only a .5% chance per participant).

Some additions were made to accommodate the changes. A road was built to run beside Forbidden Dish and traverse the hill, ending in the new employee parking lot on the side of the third floor, with an entrance nearby the fitness area. Employees entered the restaurant via this third floor entrance. This created additional customer parking in the existing parking lot. The foyer on the ground floor (customer) entrance was altered and expanded, adding a stairs to the second floor as well as an elevator to levels two and three. Finally, the shrinks booths, dining booth and new interrogation room were all moved to the second floor, just off the stairs, though a side hallway led to the dance floor and bar area.

The effect of these changes was to bring in a younger crowd, while allowing the restaurant to maintain the fine dining effect. Teens and young twenty-somethings could sidestep the restaurant and go up to the dance club and bar and/or the swimming pool and spa areas.

Inside Forbidden Dish, Lindsay returned from the foyer, where lines had started forming for the club and spa entrances. The restaurant proper, though only sparsely populated, would soon also be full due to the reservation list which she had checked with Rachel. Lindsay could feel the vibe as the music began playing - "Oh yeah, we're gonna eat a lot of guys tonight." She high-fived Kara and Jackie.

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