A Calamitous Escape by lil_jon

Jake was sick of his sister dominating his life.  She was stronger, more attractive. 

He finally found a way to escape her, forever.

Or did he?

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1. Chapter 1 by lil_jon

Chapter 1 by lil_jon

There was giggling coming from Sarah’s room, next to his.  When the laughter turned to something louder, it sometimes worked to put his pillow over his head. Sometimes it didn’t work, and Jake had to listen to the reason that his sister would be more of a sexual god than he could ever be.

“Oh, Sarah!  Your dick is gigantic! More!” This was interspersed with increasingly louder groans, as well as Sarah responding with things like “You like that, bitch?”  He tried to shut out the images from his imagination.  His blonde, long haired sister pounding Ashton Sinclair, the redheaded athletic girl he had been trying to work up the courage to ask out. Rumor had it that they had already done the deed in the showers, after the college’s soccer team practice. Sarah had been born intersex, as Jake thought the medical term was.  And, to his eternal shame, after puberty did its job, she was a full 6 inches bigger than him.

Well, one area that he would surpass Sarah was in science.  To cover the fact that she was jealous of him, she’d resort to the jock stereotype of dismissing him as a “fucking nerd”.  He had finally completed his transporter, a few weeks ago.    He had built it with a severe focus, to go somewhere away from this life.  The fact that it was a scientific break through was secondary.  Soon, he’d go through the portal, and be far away from all of this.  Where he went didn’t matter, so long as it was away from his sister.  After their parents died in a plane crash last year, he had been appointed the head of their science corporation.  Sarah made no bones about the fact that she wanted it, and so had turned even more aggressive recently.

“But, you’re no scientist”, Jake had argued, six months ago.  The blonde had merely shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll just hire some well known scientists to to the grunt work.”  It didn’t matter, all that did was that he had something she wanted.  With a loud cry that seemed to  shake the house, she and Ashton both climaxed.  ‘Finally, now I can get some fucking sleep’, he thought.  But, Sarah had to get a final parting shot in.  As she and the other girl walked towards the bathroom to clean up, they went by his bedroom door.  “So, Ashton, how was it?”. He could hear the arrogance in her voice.  “So fucking awesome, Sarah!  That loser of a brother of yours kept sniffing around me, the perv.  When I was in History  201, Erin said that her boyfriend Nate had seen him in the showers after basketball practice, and he was so small!” They both laughed loudly.  He had gotten on the basketball team to try and upstage his sister in at least one thing athletic, but, he was just barely staying on the team. As the bathroom door slammed closed, he was finally able to sleep.

It was the following Saturday, early enough for Sarah to be sleeping and not bother him in his lab.  He stared in anticipation at the huge metal ring, feeling so excited that he felt like would almost shake apart.  Silver in color, and smooth, it was 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. As he typed in the commands on the computer to activate it, he muttered “Finally I’ll be able to get away from her!”  He had once wanted to continue his parents’ legacy, but, the increasing harassment from Sarah had made him dismiss that thought.  If she wanted the company, she could fucking have it.

The final command entered, sparks shot around the ring’s edge, and a bright blue glow appeared in the ring’s interior.  He had tried to  get it so that he could see where it led, but, that had proved a fruitless endeavor.  He hoisted a large backpack full of MRE’s, a few changes of clothes, and an extensive first aid kit. It also held several books about medicine, economics, and other titles that would help him in this strange new world he was going to. Last but not least, there were two gold bars, just in case there was any kind of civilization on the other end.
‘Fuck, I’m lucky that basketball has given me some muscles, otherwise I couldn’t carry all of this’, he thought. There was no turning back, now. With a shout of “Fuck you, Sarah!”, he stepped through the portal, into his new life.

He fell a foot, onto soft, spongy, ground.  He was surrounded by gigantic, strange yellow curly trees. “I must be on some alien planet, or something”, he said.  The weird, almost flesh colored ground, beneath him rumbled slightly.  ‘I hope there aren’t any large earthquakes on this planet.’, he thought. He noticed that the air around him was very humid. It smelled very strange, almost like sweat. Shaking his head, he pulled out a hatchet, and began to make his way forward, chopping down the weird trees.

Sarah, sleeping naked next to her date from last night, muttered in her sleep.  Had she been awake, she would have felt a slight itching, near her balls and vagina.

Soon, Jake came upon a gigantic tower of some kind, the same flesh like color as the ground.  It looked like some type of mountain, towering above him into the far, far distance.  He tried to climb it, but, it proved too soft to climb. Suddenly, a much larger earthquake hit, and it seemed that the mountain grew bigger.

The sleeping blonde let out a quiet moan, still unconscious.  Far below her slumbering face, drops of precum dribbled down from the circumcised head of her cock.

A giant hill sized white glob of something landed about ten feet away from Jake. Whatever it was, it stunk like hell!  Hearing whistling noises, kind of like a bomb dropping, he knew he had to get away quickly.  Running to what he thought of as north, he barely missed being crushed by another huge white glob. Emerging from the forest, he saw a seemingly unending vast plain of tan ground, different than the ground he had seen before.  There seemed to be hills of the same color in the distance, as well as some colossal mountains further on, barely visible. Something swooped so far above his head that he could just barely make it out, and he fell to the ground for safety.

Bethany, the  curly brown short haired sophomore that was also on the college’s soccer team, opened her eyes.   She looked at the beautiful form next to her.  Some of the other girls had talked about how Sarah Nelson had given them the best sex of their lives, and it was true.  She was three inches longer than her boyfriend, the captain of the football team!  She felt like the muscular blonde had literally fucked her brains out. She had loved the blonde since high school, but, Sarah seemed unapproachable. She hoped that this would change things.  After gaining the courage to finally ask Sarah out on a date to the movies, and then last night. Seeing her fidget in her sleep, and seeing the spectacular cock that had just sent her to another world harden,  she reached down to grab it.  The blonde goddess next to her deserved a reward.  As she took matters in hand, Sarah began to wake up. “Bethny?  Wha’ doin’?”, she groggily muttered.   “Just giving you a reward, my stallion,”, the brunette smiled.

As Jake held fast to the ground, the shaking started again, much stronger this time. He heard booming thunder.  If he didn’t know better, it almost sounded like human voices, amplified to a near deafening degree.

Sarah was now fully awake. “Oh, fuck!”, she groaned.  She had had feelings for Bethany since freshman year of high school.  She had gained her reputation in an attempt to forget those feelings, as the brunette had never seemed to share them. Finally the shorter girl had made the first move, earlier this week, and that brought her to the best night of her life. She had fucked many times before, but, had never made love until last night. She let out a louder moan.  “God, Bethany! S..so good!”

The shaking increased, and the thunder grew louder. Jake screamed in terror.  He’d wanted to start a new life, and was going to die, not even an hour into it!

With a scream of “Love you, Bethany!”, Sarah came.  Drops of cum landed on her abs.  The other girl was taken aback.  “You..you love me?”  Gasping after her powerful orgasm, Sarah said, “Yeah. I’ve loved you since high school, but, you seemed so distant”  Bethany laughed.  “I’ve loved you since then, too!  But, I thought you were the one that seemed so distant!”  The blonde smiled.  “We’ve wasted so many years.”  She brought her lips to Bethany’s, meeting in a soft, chaste, kiss.  “Well, we’re still young yet”, she smiled.  With a smirk, the brunette said, “Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to give my girlfriend another reward.”  She moved her head down towards the blonde’s crotch.

More enormous drops of that white fluid splattered down around Jake, accompanying thunder that was now loud enough to almost break his eardrums.  Another distant form, this one ten times the size of the last, moved above him.  As it moved closer, towards the area he had been in, it became startlingly clear what it was.

As her new girlfriend began to suck Sarah’s cock, the blonde moaned.  This was so much better than even last night!  The fact that it was with a girl she had loved from afar for years, made it so much better. “I love you so much, baby! Love you forever!”, she shouted in passion.

Jake screamed in horror, as he saw the lips of a woman that was so immense as to be almost incomprehensible, take what he now knew to be a gargantuan dick in them.  It all made sense!  Those trees had been pubic hair!  The mountain, the penis that was now being pleasured!  And the small rumbling, the sperm in Sarah’s virile testicles!  In his attempt to get away from the sister that had dominated his life, he had trapped himself on her colossal, planet sized body for the rest of his life!  As he fell to the ground, sobbing, he wished that he could go back to when she was merely an annoyance in his life, rather than his literal entire world.

End Notes:

This idea popped into my head the other day.  I was kind of going for  a feeling like one of those old E.C. comics, like Tales From The Crypt, with the ending.

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