The Neighbor Girl by Greenanon

Allison has a genetic condition that causes others to shrink when they come in contact with her skin or her body fluids. With this affliction she's lived a life in isolation, terrified of how the world would react and worried about accidentally hurting those she loves. Her life changes when she accidentally shrinks her downstairs neighbor, Clark, but he's not scared of her at all... in fact, he wants to ask her out!?

A romantic story about a shy girl coming to terms with her shrinking power, and her boyfriend trying to get her out of her shell.

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Bumping into Each Other by Greenanon

Allison looked in the bathroom mirror and sighed. Her makeup and lipstick were perfect, she was the very image of the prom night debutante. She smiled and blew herself a kiss, admiring the wrist-bound corsage that Ted had presented her with.

Did Ted really like her? She wasn’t sure, she had a sneaking suspicion that Sadie, her next-door neighbor and childhood best friend, had used her own boyfriend Brady to manipulate one of his friends into asking her to the dance. Still, Ted seemed enthusiastic enough for the dance itself, and high school had been hard due to her… condition, at Sadie’s insistence, along with some pushing from her parents, she’d decided to let her guard down, just for tonight she’d be a normal girl.

She took a moment to slip on the fabric gloves, matching her dress, avoid skin to skin contact, the doctor had told her, and try to remain calm, the effect can be influenced by your emotional state.

She looked at her gloved hands and sighed, it was an odd fashion choice, but not one so out of the ordinary that it would turn heads. She would certainly fit in better than she usually did, with her disposable gloves and long sleeves even during the hotter days of the year… she’d managed to convince most of her classmates she was just a germophobe, it made her a bit of an outcast, but at the same time kept her secret safe.

The doorbell rang, and she brightened up, bounding down the stairs to meet her date.

, Sadie, Brady, Ted and Allison had all rented a limo together, and as the four of them laughed and recounted the school year gone by, she felt a sense of euphoria, like this was how her life should have been… She felt a jolt go up her spine as Ted held her hand suddenly, the dreamy brown-haired boy giving her a quick smile as they arrived.

You’re wearing the gloves, she reminded herself, you’re fine, you’re wearing the gloves…

And the night closes in… the band crooned over the auditorium as the final slow dance of the evening began to play. The night had been magical, and, careful to keep Ted at arm’s length, she’d joined him on the dance floor.

Allison gulped, looking into Ted’s smiling eyes as the couples around them entered into the steady slow dance of inexperienced teenagers. Their eyes went wide, and she heard her own heartbeat echo above the slow dance music pumped in via the speakers. Ted was licking his lips, and… he was leaning in!?

What do I do!? Allison thought in panic, she wanted so badly to just bridge the gap, to go to him and give him her first kiss, but… Instinct won out over conscious thought, and she felt his lips meet hers as they embraced.

“What the hell!?” someone said in a hushed voice.

She opened her eyes, parting from her prom date and feeling a pit form in her stomach as she realized they no longer stood eye to eye. More people were murmuring as she looked down at Ted’s diminished form, and he himself seemed to be in shock as he looked at his sleeves, now hanging over his hands.

“A-Allison?” he whispered, looking up at her. His head came up to just beneath her breasts, a single kiss had taken more than a foot of height from him, one of the more powerful episodes she’d had so far.

“I-It’s okay!” she stuttered, looking around in panic.

Everyone in the auditorium was looking at her now, Sadie was panicking, trying to force her way through to her friend, but even the teachers were beginning to notice.

“Did she do that?” someone asked, “fucking weirdo, is that why she wears those gloves?”

“I-“ Allison croaked, blinking tears away.

Allison jerked herself awake, scowling angrily at the dream which had dragged prom night back after so many years. It was a frequent nighttime visitor, one that always left her in a sad or angry mood when she woke up. With a sigh she swung her legs over the bed, seeing no reason to wallow in misery any more than she already would throughout the day.

She booted up her computer, as she did every morning, and quickly checked for messages. The Lab was requesting she send them a blood sample, and would be sending the equipment for it, she frowned and typed a question she’d been pondering for some time.

When can I come in to the lab itself? It would probably be better for data collection if I could provide DNA on site? I might also be able to help with research more directly…

The response on her messaging app from Dr. Kendra, the supposed lab head, was instant.

I’m sorry Allison, but everything we do here is extremely sensitive, and while I know you’re extremely competent in this field of research, bringing in a subject as an outside consultant would be… difficult.

Allison frowned, she’d only ever been to The Lab once, a squat building huddled amidst the urban blight of downtown, with black suited security guards and a tall chain link fence that had kept the neighborhood’s rougher looking denizens far back. The interior had seemed almost futuristic, and she’d been examined by Dr. Kendra herself, wearing a biohazard suit of course…

She still wasn’t sure if they were government, corporate, or what, the secrecy unnerved her a little, but they’d found her over a year ago at this point and had promised to be working on a cure for her condition. Eager for any sort of hope, she’d gladly cooperated, and kept regular correspondence with them about their, and her own, research into…

My condition, she thought miserably, looking at her hands, when did it start exactly, I wonder? She tried to think back, the first warning signs were sometime around the beginning of high school, people losing an inch or two of height after shaking hands with her, but not every time, and in such small amounts that one really only noticed if they were looking… it had gotten worse of course, leading up to the prom incident.

The Lab’s big breakthrough had been isolating the chemical her body produced which caused the effect, it lingered all over her, on her skin, her hair, saliva, sweat.

She giggled to herself, thinking on Dr. Kendra’s report, now be very cautious with any… partners, the woman had explained, the greatest concentration of the chemical is in fluids from your…

Well, that was a pointless warning, it wasn’t like Allison had men lining up to date her anyways, and if she had she’d have turned them down. Friends, lovers, you couldn’t have those when you were some kind of man-shrinking mutant.

Her phone rang, and she looked at the caller ID with a sigh, “hey Sadie,” she said, answering it.

“Hey, how’s my favorite girl?” Sadie called excitedly.

“Same old, same old,” Allison said, pulling a pair of disposable gloves on, “just suiting up to go get some groceries. I talked to the lab this morning; they want to do more tests.”

“I don’t know about those people,” Sadie said, “you sure they don’t want to give you the ET treatment one of these days?”

“If they did it would at least get me out of the house,” Allison joked, “if they ever do put on the white suits and snatch me, get on your bike and come rescue me.”

“Will do,” Allison laughed.

“For real though,” Sadie said, “I do kind of worry about you, living all alone…”

“Any burglar who breaks in here is going straight into barbie clothes,” Allison laughed. She blushed a moment, she’d had some… fantasies about something like that, some punk breaking in and then a few kisses later groveling at her feet. In those imaginings the burglar always looked improbably like a young Brad Pitt, all ready to be played with and shrunk further at her leisure… She fought a giggle.

They talked for a few more minutes about odds and ends, the new boy Allison was dating back in their hometown, and finally they bid each other farewell. Allison sighed as she hung up the phone, Sadie was probably her only remaining point of social contact, and while she always talked about Allison moving back home, the truth was Allison was staying away for Sadie’s sake too.

I’m dangerous, she thought bitterly, don’t you get that you goof?

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts as she slipped a face mask on, it didn’t matter, she was here, isolated, safe.

Clark buckled his seat belt and took a sip of his coffee, mentally preparing himself for another dull day of work. He glanced up a moment, seeing the neighbor girl walking slowly down the steps from her apartment above his. Like always she was wearing a face mask, a pair of blue disposable gloves, and a long sleeve shirt and pants despite the forecast calling for heat that day.

Weird girl, he thought, not for the first time. They’d moved into the complex the same month, but he’d never said more than hello to her, he didn’t even know her name, odd given that they’d been neighbors for at least a year now. She seemed to keep to herself, scurrying from her car to the apartment eagerly before he’d ever had a chance to introduce himself.

He shrugged, you’d ruin your chance with her too, he thought with a chuckle. He was fresh off the latest failed date, and he groaned as he realized he was going to have to recount it for his coworkers.

“So, she said she didn’t see a future with you because you work at a storage place?” Brick asked incredulously over his sandwich. “Did you explain you’re a part owner?”

“Didn’t get the chance,” Clark said with a shrug, taking a bite of his own lunch.

“You’re better off without her man, trust me,” the other man laughed, bits of bread spilling down his chin. Brick was an old high school buddy of his, a hulk of a man who had been a high school linebacker when they’d met, and today still spent absurd amounts of time in the gym. The two had jokingly bought a lottery ticket together on graduation, and while they hadn’t wont the jackpot, it had been enough for them to go into business together, and while storage lockers weren’t anyone’s idea of a dream career, they did pay the bills.

Clark heard the sound of high heels and rolled his eyes in annoyance, “If you two are done yakking, maybe we can clear out the back of the warehouse?” Angie said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot on the tiled breakroom floor, “the company that rented those units folded, and they’re packed with old office furniture that someone’s picking up tomorrow.”

“After lunch,” Clark said waving dismissively and causing her to scowl.

Angie, Brick’s older sister, rounded out the warehouse’s ownership, and usually dealt with the paperwork side of the business. Like her brother she had fiery red hair, but whatever genes had made Brick a giant had left her standing barely five feet tall, a fact she tried to compensate for with heels. Clark generally got along well with her, but she had an annoying tendency to assume she was the boss rather than co-owner.

“Give Clark a break, his date walked out on him!” Brick said, putting his sandwich down.

Angie’s face softened a little, “ouch, sorry… did you try speaking in Klingon to her or something?”

“I don’t speak Klingon,” Clark said defensively, “for the record, we didn’t even talk about science fiction, she left because she said she didn’t want to date a warehouse worker.”

Angie snorted, “Look, Clark, you’re a catch, even with all your nerd stuff, forget her!”

“That’s what I said,” Brick nodded.

“Now, if we’re all done moping, can we get back to work?” Angie asked, crossing her arms.

Allison finished typing a report on her computer, sending it off over the remote work VPN. Work from home was an obvious necessity for her, and she’d found some easy clerical work that allowed her to support herself without taking up too much of her time. She stretched and pushed herself away from the computer, glancing around the room as she tried to decide how to spend another lonely evening.

There’s always another Deep Space Nine marathon, she thought glumly, looking at the television, maybe I’ll order a pizza or something… She frowned as she noticed her laundry basket was full. The complex had a coin operated washer out in the common area between the units, she always tried to use it when the other tenants weren’t home, the last thing she needed was for someone to accidentally touch one of her running socks and start asking questions about how they’d shrunk to four feet tall…

With a sigh she stood up, walking over to the basket and hefting it up with a grunt. It was heavier than usual, and she struggled with at she headed towards the door, cursing her own laziness and reminding herself not to wait so long between laundry days next time.

Clark had left work early, still feeling down about his disaster of a date. Neither Brick nor Angie had given him grief about it, and he twirled his keys idly on his fingertip as he tried to decide what he’d make for dinner that night.

Microwave cooking for one, he thought with a self-pitying smirk.

He heard a feminine grunt overhead, and he looked up the stairs leading to the complex’s second level to see the neighbor girl struggling with an overloaded basket of laundry. She didn’t seem to see him over the tower of dirty clothing stacked high in front of her.

“Hey, do you want some help with that?” he called cautiously.

He could swear he heard a squeak of surprise, then a nervous voice, “N-No, I’m okay!”

“It’s no trouble,” he said, “I lift heavy stuff all day-“

“Please just go back in your apartment,” she said in a voice that he had to crane to hear.

He blinked, “Uh… yeah, okay,” he said, turning to go around the stairs and towards his own apartment door.

A moment later he heard a creak as she started down the stairs, then a scream. He whipped around, seeing the basket and the girl tumbling. Without thinking he leapt to the bottom of the staircase, catching the falling girl as the dirty clothes cascaded around him. He grunted as she impacted him, and their faces pressed together as she bowled him over. He grimaced; she was a lot heavier than he expected…

“Ugh…” the girl moaned, sitting up.

“I hope I broke your fall at least,” Clark said, forcing a chuckle as he sat up in the midst of the dirty clothing. He frowned, something felt… off, the neighbor girl was a lot taller than he’d thought.

“Oh god no,” she whispered fearfully.

“What?” he asked, starting to get up. He blinked a few times, looking up at her as she started to stand up too, “Hey, what the hell,” he muttered. He lifted his arms, suddenly realizing that his clothing was getting looser. His mouth went dry, this isn’t possible… he looked up at the neighbor girl, now an amazon looming over him, a nervous expression on her face.

“I-I can explain!” she said.

“I’m shrinking!?” Clark said in a breathless voice, “we need to call a doctor or something, what the hell is-“

“I’m sorry,” the neighbor girl said in a pained voice, and before he could ask for what, her lips locked with his. In spite of everything the kiss was… amazing, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the brief moment before he realized what was happening.

“Mmff?” he grunted against her lips, his eyes going wide as her hands, now massive appendages the size of his torso, seemed to scoop under him, pulling him out his clothing. He struggled against her, but she held him tightly in her kiss, shrinking him into her hands until he could find in her palm.

She pulled away with a breath, looking with awe and terror at her handwork, a tiny Clark, naked and struggling in the grip of her gloved hands.

“Y-You did this!” he said, eyes wide as he looked up at his titanic neighbor.

“Sorry!” she repeated, terror taking her as she gulped nervously. She looked around, then scurried back up the stairs two at a time and bounded inside her apartment. “Shitshitshitshit!” she muttered under her breath, throwing her cuppard open and tossing plastic cups aside as she searched for…

“TUPPERWARE!?” Clark shouted, “wait, please don’t-“ His protests were ignored as the giant woman deposited him in the food container, sealing the top with a click.

“I’ll be right back!” she said in a pleading voice, running out of the apartment again. A moment later she returned, tossing the laundry basket to the floor, and he noticed fearfully that she’d added his own clothes to it.

She’s covering her tracks, he thought, licking his lips, maybe this is what she does, she just shrinks people and kidnaps them!?

I just shrank a guy and kidnapped him! Allison thought madly, running her hands through her hair as she slowly walked to the counter. Her hands shook a she peeled the lid of the Tupperware off, exposing her prisoner to the air again.

“H-Hey,” she said with a weak smile, “so… let’s just all take a deep breath and-“

“What the hell is this?” Clark demanded fearfully, “look at me, I’m a goddamn doll!”

“Look uh…” she gulped nervously, “it wears off, I promise!”

“How long does that take?” he said, looking at the plastic walls of the food container around him.

“Uh… well you’re pretty small so… maybe overnight?” she said weakly.

He felt numb, collapsing to the transparent floor of his prison, “This is… this is wild,” he managed.

“So… I’m Allison,” she said, biting her lip, “I’m sorry I kind of panicked… and… well, I made a mistake!”

“A mistake? You made me tiny!” he said, “and why didn’t you shrink my clothes too?”

“I can’t shrink clothes!” she said a little defensively. She blushed as she took in his tiny body, then giggled, causing him to go red too. He suddenly placed his hands over his privates, but she’d already gotten a good look. “Let me get a tissue and some string or something,” she muttered, opening a kitchen drawer.

“Thanks,” he said as she handed the materials down to him. It wasn’t ideal, but tearing a hole in the middle of the tissue let him fashion a toga of sorts, using the cut piece of string as a belt. He looked up at his captor and frowned, she didn’t seem like she wanted to hurt him, in fact her nervousness was palpable.

“Are you an alien?” he asked suddenly.

She blinked, “Uh… I don’t think so,” she said slowly, “my parents never told me they found me in a space capsule or anything.” She giggled nervously, “I guess I’d call myself a mutant? I mean if mutants were a thing…”

“Cool, like the X-Men,” he said. He snapped his fingers, suddenly understanding, “that’s why you wear the gloves! You’re like Rogue, it’s the skin contact that shrinks people!”

“Yeah,” she said, allowing herself a smile, “I’m not usually into superhero stuff, but I really like the X-Men and Rogue in particular for obvious reasons.” She glanced at the laundry basket, “Up until I kissed you though, I think you lost most of your height from being pelted with my dirty clothes… usually skin contact doesn’t shrink people that fast.”

“So, who all knows about this?” Clark asked excitedly, this was… this was something insane, something most people, for better or for worse, would never experience…

“My parents, my family doctor, and my best friend,” Allison said, “and The Lab, I’m not really sure if they’re with the government or not but… I don’t like to take my chances.” She bit her lip nervously, “soooo… could you maybe keep this whole thing a secret?”

“And if I don’t?” he asked, a little playfully.

“Then I’ll kiss you every morning to keep you small, and you’ll be my little pet!” Allison said, feeling bold, “it won’t be so bad, I’ll get you a really nice dollhouse to live in, and you can date my old barbie!”

“Tempting as that offer is, I guess I’ll just keep your secret,” he said with a smile. “So, do you fight crime or anything?”

She laughed, “I’ve never tried, but I’m pretty sure bullets and knives will still hurt me, so no Clark, I don’t fight crime, so far Professor X hasn’t reached out to me either.”

“Ah,” he said nodding, it made sense.

“Do you umm… want to come out of there?” Allison asked nervously. “I can handle you with my gloves on so you won’t get any smaller…. We could watch a movie or something while we wait for you to grow back?”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he replied, “X-Men aside, what other kinds of stuff do you like?”

“Well, given how odd my life is it’s probably not a surprise to you that I’m into science fiction,” she said with a smile.

No way, he thought, his heart skipping a beat. This was by far the strangest meeting with a girl he’d ever had, but despite the fact that she was the size of a skyscraper and holding him in one hand, she was also easy to talk to…

He started involuntarily as those blue gloved fingers curled around him, picking up his tiny body and carrying him delicately to her couch. She gently sat him on one of the cushions, careful not to rock it as she sat down across from him.

“So,” she said with a warm smile, “trek or wars?”

“Trek,” he said, still stunned. She towered over him, and here in the comfort of her home, with her long sleeved layers gone, he could see she had a lithe and beautiful form, her frazzled brown hair free of the usual bun as she let it cascade down her back.

He’s taking this all so well, Allison marveled, sneaking a glance at the tiny man on the couch next to her, most people would be terrified… maybe I should keep him? She fought a giggle and felt a little warmth at the thought… she couldn’t help but notice his physique when he’d been naked, and she’d also gotten to feel his little butt when she’d picked him up. Even though the shrinking condition ruled her life, it also tended to factor into her fantasies… and she had a lot of ideas about just what she’d like to do to a tiny man helpless at her mercy…

No, she scolded herself, bad Allison! He’s been so understanding about this whole thing and you can’t stop thinking about shoving him up your- She blinked, realizing that she’d been staring at her shrunken guest, and he’d noticed.

“Everything okay?” he asked nervously.

“Food,” she said suddenly, “are you hungry?”

“Sure,” he said, a small smile forming on his face.

“Let me go make some popcorn,” she muttered, her face still red as she got up.

They passed the night watching their favorite old movies and laughing at shared fandom jokes, each surprising the other at the overlap in their interests. At the end of the evening, when neither of them could stand to be awake any longer, Allison had gotten him a football field sized blanket, draping it over the couch.

“You’ll grow into it overnight,” she promised, yawning. “I’d offer you my bed, but… I haven’t washed the sheets yet this week, the last thing you probably want is to roll around on my dirty bedding and end up shrinking more.”

“Yeah, the couch is fine,” he said, yawning himself and tucking his lower half beneath the immense blanket. “Good night Allison,” he muttered.

“I’m sorry I ruined your night with all this,” she said apologetically.

“This is honestly the nicest evening I’ve had in a long time,” he said truthfully, “it was worth getting shrunk.”

She felt her heart flutter, “G-Goodnight,” she stuttered, giving him one last glance as she left for her bedroom.

Clark wasn’t sure exactly when he’d regrown, but when he woke to the light streaming in through the blinds, he was at his old size again, naked beneath the blanket. He glanced at the laundry basket, and with a quick look around to see if Allison was watching, he got off the couch and began putting on his clothes from the previous day.

“Allison?” he said softly, glancing at her open bedroom door. She was still asleep in bed, a smile on her face as she hugged one of her pillows. I’ll let her sleep in, he decided, slowly creeping out the door.

“Well, someone’s looking up,” Brick remarked, seeing his smile as he walked into the storage offices. “Did you meet someone?”

“Yeah actually,” Clark said.

“About time,” Angie muttered, looking up from her computer, “when are you going to see her again?”

He paused, “I don’t know,” he said, sitting down at his desk. He chewed his lip as he thought over the encounter with his upstairs neighbor, “we had fun but… I’m not sure if she wants to date someone.”

“Then ask her,” Angie said in exasperation.

“Yeah man,” Brick agreed, “you’re coming in here practically glowing, whoever this girl is you need to shoot your shot.”

They’re right, he decided, mutant or whatever, Allison seems great… I want to get to know her more.

Allison had been in an odd mood all day. On the one hand she was terrified that Clark would come back with police officers once he’d regrown, on the other… it had been nice to spend a night with someone, even if it was just watching old movies together.

He was understanding, she told herself, and he probably had a good time but… you shouldn’t expect to see too much more of him. She sighed; he’d probably be scared off-

A knock came at her door. She got up curiously, walking to the peephole and looking out. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Clark waiting there, shuffling nervously back and forth on his feet as he waited for her to answer.

Her hands were shaking as she undid the deadbolt, cracking the door and peering out, “Hey!” she said a little too eagerly.

“Hey,” Clark echoed, scratching the back of his head, “Uh… I…” he cleared his throat. “I had a lot of fun the other night, in spite of everything,” he said with a grin.

Oh god, Allison thought, her knees going weak, he’s going to… HE’S GOING TO….

“I was thinking I wanted to go out with you sometime, if you wanted,” he finished.


Allison’s brain threatened to shut down, and her face went red as she blinked in confusion a few minutes, trying to determine how to respond. She hadn’t so much as talked to a guy since high school, and years of self imposed isolation had left her unprepared for the nuances of dating.

He was looking at her eagerly, and she sighed, I can’t do this, not to him, she decided. Dating me is… it’s going to be a burden, I need to show him.

She opened the door, stepping outside, “Are you sure you want to date someone like me?” she asked quietly.

He blinked, “well yeah, that’s why I came to ask you out.”

She sighed, holding her thumb up to her mouth. She gently licked the tip, then pressed it into Clark’s forehead. He frowned, but held his ground as he slowly shrank. She held the digit, still sticky with her saliva, on his face for a moment, letting him dwindle until he came up to her chest. With a scowl she wiped the mark away, rubbing her damp thumb on her jeans as his shrinking came to a halt.

“Well?” she said, crossing her arms and looking down at him, “this is the kind of thing dating me comes with, do you think you can handle it?”

“Two things,” he said, “first, you look great from this angle, and second, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven.”

She blinked, “Uh… o-okay,” she stuttered, defeated, “seven…”

He smirked, then walked back down the stairs, holding his now much looser pants up as his clothes hung off him. She watched him go, still stunned.

I guess I’ve got a date…

End Notes:

So in contrast to my last few stories with lots of sci-fi/fantasy elements this one's going to be less "out there." While there will be an overarching plot and some conflict it's mostly going to be a romantic slice of life type story, heavy inspiration is drawn from a series of greentexts I did on 4chan with a similar premise. As usual with my stories first chapter is mostly just laying foundation and we'll get into smuttier stuff as we go.

The First Date by Greenanon

“Don’t take her out for wings,” Angie said, typing something on her computer.

Clark rolled his eyes; his dating life had been the only thing he and his two coworkers had talked about all day. Brick seemed excited for him, Angie was just telling him things not to do.

“What if we go somewhere and she orders wings?” Clark asked, leaning back in his chair.

“She won’t,” Angie growled, “women are smart enough not to do that.”

“What’s wrong with wings anyway?” Brick asked, cocking an eyebrow at his sister, “you sure eat enough of them every year during the super bowl party.”

“I’m not on a date though,” Angie said, “it’s impossible to look attractive while eating wings, it’s primitive… chewing on bones,” she scowled and pointed at Clark, “NO. WINGS. That’s something you don’t want a girl to see you eating until at least six months in!”

“Got it, I’ll remember the six-month wing rule,” he said with a somewhat amused smile.

Allison’s heart pounded as she heard the knock at the door, and she fought the urge to sprint to let him in as she walked across her apartment. She’d chosen a nice dark red sweater to wear on the date, it complimented the pair of black leather gloves she’d donned for the occasion.

“Hi!” she said eagerly as she opened the door.

“Hey,” Clark said with a smile, “you look great!”

“Thanks,” she said, gushing, “I… I haven’t been out to a restaurant in years!”

“Worried you’ll shrink the busboys on accident?” he asked, gesturing for her to follow him to his car.

“Not really,” she admitted, “I just didn’t have anyone to go with!”

Clark had picked a local casual dining place Angie, Brick, and he had done business lunches at, the kind of place with good food but without too much of a posh air. He and Allison had settled in with a signature cocktail each from the bar, and began discussing shockingly normal date topics.

For Allison’s part it was like something out of a dream, here she was with a guy, on a date, a guy who knew all about her condition, and at the same time… he wanted to hear about her job, her family, her hobbies… well, such that she had any.

“So, me, my old buddy Brick, and his sister, we all run these storage units,” Clark explained, looking over the menu.

“Good for you guys,” Allison said, impressed, “investing your winnings like that instead of blowing it all…”

He shrugged, “well, we all kind of agreed we wanted to go into business together, and the previous owner wanted to cash out and move to Florida.” He stirred his drink idly with the cocktail straw, trailing off rather than continue with the ins and outs of the storage industry, a topic he found boring even working in it.

No, he had some other questions, but he wasn’t sure quite how to bring them up…

“You want to ask about the shrinking, don’t you?” Allison said with a knowing smile.

“Er… well,” he smiled uncomfortably, “yeah, I’m curious about it, but I didn’t want to press too much…”

“You were the size of a doll the other day,” she said, wiping her lipstick mark off her glass with a napkin, “I think you have a right to be a little curious.” She seemed satisfied that none of her saliva was left on the rim of the glass, and she set her napkin back in her lap as she tried to think of what to say.

“I guess you can say this whole shrinking thing has kind of ruled my life since it started back in high school,” she said finally, sighing.

“I kind of figured,” he said, “that’s why I was a little hesitant to bring it up…”

“Hey, it’s only fair you know what you’re getting into,” she said with a sad smile, “again, you don’t have to date me, there are plenty of girls out there who won’t make you tiny when they give you a peck on the cheek.”

“That might be true, but there aren’t a lot of girls who will watch three Star Trek movies in one night,” he said with a smirk, “like I said the other day, it’s worth a shrinking…”

She was quiet a moment, a warm bubbly feeling in her chest welling up that had nothing to do with the cocktail. She blinked a moment, then met his gaze and smiled.

“It can be kind of dangerous,” she warned, “I… I’ve only made a few people as small as you were the other day, and if you’re not careful you could end up smaller.”

“I trust you,” he said mildly, “I mean… you don’t seem like you’d use your… power? For evil.”

She snorted, “I broke my best friend Sadie’s arm because she wanted to try being tiny, she was scurrying around on the floor and I… I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Clark gulped, “you… stepped on her?”

“Yeah,” Allison said quietly, shuddering at the memory. “Luckily she was on the carpet… the crazy thing is she’d have probably been safer if I’d made her smaller… you get a little tougher when you guys get tiny, not enough to keep you totally safe but…” She groaned, running her hand through her hair a moment, “if… when you get to be that size again? Stay off hard floors, okay?”

“Will do,” he said quietly, thinking over what she’d said.

“That wasn’t the only incident either,” she muttered, “I got a cold one time and sneezed on my dad while he was driving, he went straight to four feet tall and almost lost control of the car, there’s just a lot of stuff that can happen around someone like me.”

“Is there anything… fun about it?” Clark asked hesitantly.

“Fun?” she asked, raising an eyebrow, “I’m not sure how to respond to that…”

“Come on,” Clark chuckled, “you’re telling me you’ve never enjoyed shrinking someone?”

“I haven’t intentionally shrank a lot of people,” she said, biting her lip in thought, “but…” a blush came into her cheeks, “I’ve had thoughts.”

“Thoughts?” he questioned.

Allison pursed her lips, fighting a giggle as she looked around briefly. The waiter was at another table, and they didn’t have anyone at the tables next to theirs. She idly picked up her fork, twirling it in her gloved hand as she considered her next statement.

“Yeah, I’ve had thoughts,” she repeated, smirking as she made eye contact with him, “like… it would be fun to shrink down a cute guy just to play with him.”

Clark felt his own cheeks getting red, and the expression she was giving him was setting him on fire. He felt himself stir below the belt, and he fought to keep his face neutral as he thought of the way she’d looked when he’d been small… She’d been huge, overpowering, she could do anything to him she wanted and…

I want her to make me her toy, he realized with a start. He cleared his throat uncomfortably, and Allison pursed her lips, fighting a giggle. The two of them were silent a moment, staring at each other and half guessing what the other was thinking.

“Are you two ready to order?” the waiter said, walking over with refills.

Clark blinked, it was like a spell over the two of them had been broken, and both had embarrassed expressions as they mumbled their respective orders.

After dinner the two of them returned to the apartment complex, and despite an evening full of conversation, an awkward silence hung over them as they reached the apartment staircase.

Does she want me to come up? He wondered, glancing at her apartment door on the second floor.

How do I get him to come up… Allison thought to herself. She steeled herself with a nervous swallow, then looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“D-Do you want to come upstairs and hang out?”

He blinked and paused a moment, “yeah but… we don’t have to uh… do anything, if you don’t want to-“

Allison bit her lip, then slowly, gently, reached out a gloved hand to press him against the wall behind him, “Clark, I really appreciate you trying to be a gentleman,” she said in a husky voice, “but… I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’ve never gotten to do more than kiss a guy, so…” she gave him an almost predatory grin, “if you’re really not scared… I’d like you to come up.

“Y-Yeah,” he said, his heart pounding, “okay.”

She giggled, giving him a wink as she started up the stairs. He took a nervous breath, then started up the stairs after her, each creak echoing as he ascended towards her apartment. She stood in the doorway, watching him, the smug grin heading the nervousness she was feeling herself. With a note of finality, the door closed behind him as he stepped inside, and he heard a click as she slid the bolt into the lock. An expression lit her face like a predator that had just trapped its preferred prey.

“Okay,” she said, breathing out slowly and fighting to keep a giddy grin off her face, “y-you’re mine,” she stuttered, fighting a squeak of a laugh.

He raised an eyebrow, “I’m… yours?”

“Yes!” she said, bounding up to him and all but pinning him against the door. He grunted as her gloved hands pressed him against the wood, and he gave an amused look at the petite woman who had apparently trapped him. “Kiss me!” she growled, “I’m tired of looking up at you!”

He didn’t need any further urging, and he eagerly reached for her, locking his lips against hers as they shared a passionate embrace. He felt her tongue force it’s way between her lips, and she squealed happily as the two of them stumbled together towards her bedroom. By the time they were at the threshold they were at an even height, and when they separated for breath she stood slightly over him, her five feet four inches giving her just a small advantage over him.

“Running out of time to escape,” she breathed, running her gloved hand through his hair, “you’re still big enough that you have a shot of getting away if you run now…”

“I’m not going anywhere!” he laughed, “I trust you! Go wild!”

She squealed and spun him, pushing him eagerly onto her bed. He grunted, surprised at how quickly she’d become stronger than him. Clark watched, spellbound, as she tore her clothing off, throwing her shirt and pants haphazardly into a corner of the room, leaving her in just a bra and panties, and those gloves… She looked at them a moment, then at him, then with a grin slowly peeled them off, adding to the pile.

She climbed onto the bed, slowly moving towards Clark, who was suddenly very aware of the disparity in their size, however small it was, and with a gulp he realized it was likely about to get much larger. She was on him before the thought had time to fully register, and their lips locked again, the shrinking effect growing stronger as she grabbed his wrists, forcing them up as she kissed him with a lustful growl.

Clark felt his heart pounding as she broke the kiss, he was more turned on than he’d ever been as she looked up at her towering form, he probably would come up to her chest at most now if they stood up, and the formerly petite woman was now an amazon to him, easily manhandling him as the contact with her bare skin shrank him further.

“Let’s get rid of these,” she muttered, pulling his oversized shirt off him and tossing it to the floor with her own things. He started as she gripped his pants next, whipping them and his underwear off him in one fluid motion, leaving him naked before her.

“S-So what do you think?” he managed.

“Very nice,” she said with a hungry smile. She traced a finger down his diminished form, savoring the skin-to-skin contact as she traced over his pecs, then down the faint abs he’d managed, “moving all that heavy stuff day in and day out seems to have done you good…” Her hand made contact with his erection, and her face practically lit up as she gripped it, slowly stroking up and down, an awed expression on her face as she licked her lips.

He gasped in pleasure as she stroked him, involuntarily bucking her hips upwards at her soft touch. She noticed and she looked at him with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity. She paused her motions, causing him to look at her pleadingly.

“Uhh…” she cleared her throat, “eat me out!” she barked, taking him aback slightly. Her face went red, and she quietly added a, “please…” He nodded weakly, and she fought another squeal as she tumbled over, hurrying to get her panties off. Clark watched, anticipation building as she unclasped her bra next, throwing the white set of underwear off with the rest of their things, finally leaving her as naked as he was.

Clark glanced between her legs, seeing the curled brown pubic hair and the glistening opening beneath it. For a moment he and Allison just stared at each other, then she grinned, climbing on top of him and forcing her way up his body, finally planting herself on his face. He grunted at the weight on him as she ground herself against his mouth and nose, the strong smell of her arousal filling his world and choking out any other sensation. He stuck his tongue out and began to lick her, savoring the taste of her womanhood as it took hold, shrinking his body with every second he was forced against it.

Allison moaned, her eyes almost rolling back in her head as she grabbed his tiny and still shrinking head, forcing him against her as he worked her to orgasm. She kept up the grinding motion of her hips, each thrust coating him in her arousal, shrinking him in turn as it sent electric jolts of pleasure up her spine.

“Yes!” she called, “this is… god, this is amazing!” she squealed. His face, and his tongue, were getting smaller, and she fought a laugh as she kept forcing herself against him, too late to back out now! She thought gleefully as she rode his face, washing his size away in a torrent of her arousal, her juices covering his face and shrinking him with each lick of her button.

“Come on,” she growled, “keep going!”

Clark had nothing left in his field of vision but Allison, and his sense of taste and smell had forgotten the rest of the world as her strong musky scent had blocked out anything else. With each pass her opening was getting larger, and he fought to keep licking at her clit as her lubricant shrank him further.

Her legs sealed him in like massive milky white columns, closing the word out as he was diminished, going from her lover to her toy as she continued thrusting her hips down, grinding into his whole body as he fought to keep pleasuring a woman who had gone from an amazon to a true titan in a matter of moments.

“Oh god,” she muttered, her eyes going wide as she bit her lip, “I’m going to…” she quivered, falling over and bracing herself against the bed as a final small rush of fluid coated Clarks doll sized body. With a shudder she tumbled over, flopping on the bed next to him, the bliss of orgasm clouding her mind for a moment.

“A-Allison?” a tiny voice called.

She blinked, then sat up, her eyes racing over the bed, “Clark!” she called, spotting his shivering body, glistening with her fluids. “Oh… oh shit,” she muttered, realizing he was still shrinking at a steady clip. By the time she stood up, racing around the bed and scooping up his tiny form, he’d already gone from six inches to something closer to four.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” she shouted, racing him towards the bathroom. She glanced down in panic, he was maybe the size of a double A battery now, and without another word she spun the faucet lever, causing a rush of water as she plunged Clark’s still shrinking body under the stream.

Clark started, sputtering and coughing as the cold tap water soaked him, washing away her juices and stopping the shrinking. A moment later he felt powerful fingers longer than he was begin to rub soap into him, and he blinked the warming tap water out of his eyes as Allison looked at him in a panic.

“Okay,” she breathed, relieved, “you’re not getting any smaller…” She sighed, “sorry, I got carried away.”

“I’m fine,” he said, “did you… did you finish?”

“Yeah,” she said with a dreamy smile, “I should have warned you, my um… my pussy shrinks people a lot faster than anything else does… at least that’s what the lab people said, I never really uh… tried it until now.”

“Well, now we know,” he said, still a little dazed. He gave her a smile, “for next time.”

“N-Next time?” she asked eagerly, “you’d do that again?”

“I’m fine!” he insisted, “I’m just… really small I guess?”

I need this man, she decided, a smile crossing her face.

“I’m sorry you got small before I had a chance to finish what I was doing,” she purred, pumping the hand soap dispenser and rubbing her wet hands, sudsing them up, “I really need to return the favor.”

“Oh, you don’t have to-“ he started, but he was cut off with a gasp, his back arcing as her soap covered finger began gently toying with his erection.

“Shh…” Allison said with a grin, “I’ve never made someone this small before… it’s kind of a thrill.”

“Yeah,” he moaned, closing his eyes and letting the warm water cascade around him. Between the tap and the soap it seemed like contact with her wasn’t shrinking him any further, for now, and he was powerless to resist her anyway, a thought that turned him on in a way he didn’t think was possible.

“Just the tip of my finger is enough to send you over the edge, isn’t it?” she asked, a little amazed. “I’ve been waiting so long to really play with a guy like this… but doing it in person…” she shivered slightly, “it’s really better than I ever could have imagined.” Her face lit up, “try to push me away!”

His eyes shot open, “what!?” he asked incredulously.

“Come on!” Allison begged, a tinge of red in her cheeks, “fight it, see if you can stop me from making you cum!”

He stared at her a moment, then grinned. He grunted as he grabbed the soap coated fingertip that was as large as his torso, pushing back against it with all of his might. It forced itself into his crotch again, circling the suds covered pad around his erection and leaving his struggle meaningless.

“It’s like fighting a train!” he shouted, groaning with pleasure as he failed to move her finger even a little. He tried to squirm up her palm, but she just angled her hand slightly, pressing harder with the finger that played with him until he was forced back into a position where she could keep up her game with his cock.

“I can’t even tell you’re fighting it,” she giggled, “you’re…. you’re not even the size of a mouse.” She bit her lip, “come on, the evil giant girl is going to make you blow your load! Fight it!

“I…” he took a breath, fighting down the waves of pleasure her ministrations were causing, and with a roar he hooked his hands under her manhole sized fingernail, pulling up with all of his might. It shook a moment, and he gritted his teeth as his arms ached, but with a playful smirk she just gently lifted her finger up, tapping into his chest and causing him to fall back again.

“Bad boy,” she scolded, “I think my finger wins this one…”

He hissed in pleasure as she rubbed the soapy digit up and down his manhood, her finger… I’m not even strong enough to resist her finger… it was intoxicating, he’d truly given her every ounce of strength he had, and it wasn’t enough to budge her for more than a second.

“Imagine if I made you smaller!” Allison said with a grin, “I mean… I have no idea what the minimum is here Clark.” It was true, besides Clark the only person she’d willingly shrank was her friend Sadie, and she’d chickened out around six inches, understandable given the stepping incident… but Clark was different. Does he… like this? She wondered.

Clark’s body was going rigid, the warm flow of the tapwater and soap electrifying his body as she brought him closer to orgasm. The helplessness of his situation was truly setting in, and his veins popped as he did all he could to move her finger. This time she didn’t even bother to acknowledge his efforts, and he collapsed back into her palm, resigned to defeat as the warm feeling of his rising orgasm muted any other resistance he might have mounted.

A final mewl of pleasure excaped his lips as the slow motion of her fingertip brought him over the edge, and Allison chuckled softly as she watched the tiny man writhe in her grip. She kept going for a minute or so, making sure he was well and truly done, then without warning she stuck him under the cascading wall of warm tap water a final time. He collapsed into her hand, sighing as the flowing sink washed away his cum and the floral soap she’d covered him in.

“That looked like it felt good,” Allison said quietly, slowly lowering him down into the sink basin. Her hand reached over him, her arm a column of flesh stretching above him like a highway overpass as she turned the water off. He shivered, the warmth of the faucet disappearing rapidly as he stood in the porcelain canyon, naked and wet.

“Just a minute!” Allison insisted, hurrying out the door. She returned a moment later, still naked, save for the pair of blue gloves she had on. Timidly, she scooped him up, grabbing a tissue from a nearby Kleenex box and dabbing at him slightly, drying him off after the impromptu bath.

“I might be too small for the tissue toga this time,” he said, glancing at the kleenex box.

“It’ll make a good blanket,” she said, crumpling up the one she’d used as a towel and pulling him a fresh one. He felt the soft fabric wrap around him, and she gave him a smug smirk as she wrapped the tissue around his torso, binding his arms to his side and mummifying him into a snug cocoon. “My little inchworm,” she giggled, seeing him squirm slightly in his bindings.

“So… do you know exactly how long your shrinking lasts?” he shouted up at her, at this size he had to raise his voice to be heard properly, not as much as he’d expected, but normal conversation would have been difficult with his current volume.

“Not really,” she admitted, flopping on the bed and gripping his wrapped form between her thumb and forefinger, “most of the time it just takes a few hours before people go back to normal, but for the times people get really small… well, overnight usually did it.” She bit her lip a minute, “you’re pretty small though, you might not be full size by morning.”’

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” Clark deadpanned, “if I’m not full size yet I’ll just hang out here and you can make me breakfast.”

“Deal!” Allison laughed.

With a wink she placed him on the soft bed, leaving him bound and mummified in the tissue as she slowly dressed herself again. When she was finished she returned for him, scooping up his wriggling form in one palm and starting towards the living room.

“You look like an inchworm,” she teased. “Don’t wiggle too much, you’ll tear through that Kleenex.”

“You could give me doll clothes or something,” he protested as she sat him on the couch armrest.

“You’re way too small for any doll I’ve ever had,” she said with a smirk, “forget Barbie, you woulnd’t come up to Polly Pocket’s waist.”

“Fine,” he sighed, making himself comfortable in the makeshift binding, “there’s not much more for me to do but watch some TV until I get big again, what do you say we pick up where left off last time?”

“We were on the Star Trek with the whales, right?” Allison asked.

In the darkness of the night, in the garden between apartment buildings, a pair of figures in dark suits watched Allison and Clark’s apartment complex.

“Holy shit,” Vasquez laughed, “that horny bastard actually spent the night with her!” The muscular Hispanic woman dabbed her cigarette out on a nearby brick wall, making sure not to let the smoke near the body of her jet-black suit.

“She seems… stable,” Drake muttered, glancing up at the apartment building where the subject had led her… was he her boyfriend? “The dossier said this particular subject posed little direct threat, obviously the civilian made the same judgment.”

“Little threat,” Vasquez laughed, gesturing for Drake to follow her towards their car. “Little threat, do you have any idea of what kind of fucked up shit that girl could do to you if she really wanted to?” She smirked, “why do you think The Lab hasn’t dragged her in Drake?”

“They think she’s more cooperative free range?” he guessed.

“Yeah,” Vasquez breathed, sparing a glance back up at the apartment, “she certainly is cooperative, she doesn’t even ask questions she really should… still, they’re scared Drake, they’re not sure they could contain her if they tried it.”

“Shoot her then,” he muttered.

Vasquez snorted, “you might as well shoot the last white rhino while he’s trying to deliver you the cure for cancer and a basket full of next year’s stock market predictions.” She pointed up at the apartment, the window now long having gone dark, “that girl in there? She completely fucks the laws of physics, biology, and everything else, and right now there isn’t another one!” She gave him a toothy grin, “we’re the first people to discover the next gunpowder Drake, don’t fuck it up!”

“Don’t fuck it up,” he muttered, taking one last glance at the girl’s apartment, “got it.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell Dr. Kendra about this,” Vasquez laughed, “this guy, he’s going to give us so much new data…”

Allison giggled as she took in the sight of the four-foot Clark, asleep on her couch. She’d traced a blanket over him sometime during the night, he hadn’t awoken when he’d grown out of the tissue-cocoon, so she’d thrown one of her spares over him to keep him warm. He snoozed softly, his chest rising and falling as he slowly regained his size.

Fighting the urge to hyperventilate, Allison took her phone, and slowly walked out onto the wooden balcony attached to her living room, sliding the door behind her so her conversation wouldn’t disturb her sleeping guest. With fingers shaking she dialed Sadie, the dial tone echoing ominously as she waited.

“Hello?” Sadie muttered in a tired voice, “a little early for Saturday, isn’t it?”

“I had a guy over last night!” Allison squealed.

There was a tumbling sound as Sadie struggled to recover a phone she’d dropped, “W-What!?” her friend stuttered, “SPILL!”

Allison giggled as she started telling her best friend the details of her newest relationship, and the conquest of the night before.

End Notes:
Allison and Clark's first date is a success! And our shadowy "friends" at The Lab are always watching... hope you're enjoying this so far! Love the reviews and love seeing lots of views!
A Weekend Together by Greenanon

“Oh wow, this guy sounds perfect for you!” Sadie laughed once Allison had finished recounting the evening. “He’s into all that space wars crap and he isn’t bolting for the door when he gets tiny? Is he hot otherwise?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Allison giggled, glancing back inside the apartment, Clark was stirring slightly on the couch. “He’s waking up, what do I do?”

“You make him breakfast doofus,” Sadie laughed, “or take him out or something… you’re not still scared of going to restaurants, are you?”

“No,” Allison said, thinking back to the dinner date the night before, “he’s not all the way back to full size yet though…”

“What!?” Sadie laughed, “you never let me get smaller than like six inches and that never took more than a single night to come back from, how small did you make this guy?”

“A couple inches,” Allison said, her face growing slightly heated.

There was silence on the other side of the phone, then a low giggle, “I’m guessing you didn’t provide him with some doll clothes like you used to for me? Was he naked the whole time Allison?”

“I-It all happened pretty fast,” she stammered.

“Wow, and you were always so careful with me,” Sadie teased, “shrinking me super slow, getting Barbie clothes all laid out-“

“Not careful enough,” she muttered bitterly.

There was quiet a moment, “you know I don’t blame you for that thing with my arm,” Sadie said, “I was fine, my parents still think I just fell down the stairs at your place.”

“I’m older now,” Allison assured herself more than anyone, “more responsible…” She glanced inside again, “he’s getting up, I’ve got to go!”

“Go get him girl!” Sadie called just before the *click* of the phone hanging up came over the speaker.

Biting her lip, Allison walked through the sliding glass door and back into her apartment’s living room. Clark was blinking sleep out of his eyes and sitting up with a smile.

“Hey,” he said, nodding at her. He looked down the couch, “I don’t think I’m all the way back yet…”

“Wait there,” Allison said, walking into the kitchen and sliding a junk drawer open. A moment later returned with an old tape measure, clicking the end near his toe and slowly tracing it up the couch as he tried his best to stay rigid. “How tall are you usually?” Allison asked, letting the tape measure slide back into it’s housing with a *click*.

“Five ten,” he said, “where am I at now?”

“Four foot one,” she said with a small smile. “Like I said, my friend Sadie used to let me try this out on her… up until well…”

“The stepping incident?” Clark asked.

“Yeah,” Allison said, biting her lip, “I… I never let her get small again after that.” She looked away a moment and cleared her throat, “anyways we found out that regrowing can be kind of random, sometimes it happens in spurts, sometimes it’s a sort of slow process that starts hours after your last contact with me.” She shrugged, “You look like you’ve stalled out, sometimes eating a little food seemed to help jump start it again.”

“Great, I’m famished,” he said, rolling off the couch and standing up. He looked down and realized too late that he was still naked as the blanket rolled off him, leaving him face to face with a smirking Allison who stood tall enough that his head wouldn’t quite reach her chin.

“I don’t think you’re going to fit into your clothes,” Allison giggled, letting her eyes trace down his body.

“Uh yeah…” he muttered, pulling the blanket back up in a makeshift toga.

“Give me a minute,” Allison said, quickly running back into her bedroom and throwing her closet open. She bit her lip, looking through her things, then pulling a large box of odds and ends out of the back. She unclicked the storage box’s lid, revealing a pile of old toys, school trophies and…

“Bingo,” she said with a grin, pulling her freshman year gym uniform out. It was a simple pair of black shorts and a yellow shirt in her school’s colors, more importantly it was clean, and she hadn’t worn it in years, so it probably wouldn’t still shrink Clark. Most importantly it was small enough that he might be able to wear it at his current size.

“What do you think?” she asked, presenting it to him.

“I’m not sure how I feel about wearing your old clothes,” he said with a wry grin.

She rolled her eyes, “look here macho man, it’s a unisex shirt and shorts, it’ll be a little big on you but it’s not like I’m give you a hand-me-down skirt,” she smirked at him, “if you want, I can get you some appropriate sized clothes at the store, but the selection might be a bit… juvenile.”

“Ah hell,” he muttered, “okay, let me try it on.”

As it turned out Allison’s old gym uniform, billowy though it was, did manage to cover him adequately. It was an odd feeling, feeling so small in one of Allison’s old outfits, and she smiled down at him sweetly as she led him to her car.

“Let me know if it feels like that shirt is suddenly getting too tight,” she warned, “the last thing you want is to suddenly shoot back up to full size in the middle of the restaurant.”

“And if I did start regrowing that fast, what would we do?” he asked curiously. He didn’t relish the thought of splitting his erstwhile outfit in two and ending up naked.

“A quick peck on the cheek should keep you fun sized until breakfast is over,” she mused, running a gloved hand through his brown hair for a moment before starting the car.

Allison led Clark into the pancake house, and he couldn’t help but hug her a little closer than he normally would. It was odd being out in public at just a hair over four feet tall, the world seemed more imposing, and he decided he’d let Allison do the talking. She looked back and gave him a quick smile before opening the door to let him in.

Despite her confident appearance Allison was feeling her out heart pound like a drum in her chest. While isolating herself she’d managed to get into a regular routine, and while she was having the best time she had in years, this was all new for her, even something as simple as going out to breakfast with her...

Boyfriend? She wondered, is he my boyfriend yet?

“Table for two?” The waitress, a plump woman in her late forties, asked pleasantly.

“Uh, yeah,” Allison said, blinking as she was pulled back to reality.

The waitress led them to a small booth in the corner of the restaurant, it was maybe a little late for breakfast, and this section was mostly empty, which suited Allison fine. Clark slid up and into the booth, looking a little uncomfortable at how high the table was on his chest. The waitress slid menus in front of each of them and left to get them coffee.

“I’ve never been here before,” Allison admitted, “I’ve never been to most of the restaurants in town actually.” She bit her lip nervously, “I hope maybe I can try them all… with you.”

He blinked, realizing the implication, and smiled, “well… I’m not exactly a food critic, but sure, I’m looking forward to it, now let’s see what this place-“ he frowned, then looked up at a confused Allison, “she gave me a kids menu!”

She glanced down at the coloring page filled with cutsey sounding dishes, and snorted, her face going red as she fought to keep herself from laughing. He just scowled and crossed his arms, the fabric of the oversized gym uniform swishing against him and reminding him of his diminished height.

“Oh my god!” Allison giggled, “do you think she thinks you’re my…” she clapped her gloved hands, fighting a giggle. “O-Order the kid’s pancakes when she gets back!”

He raised an eyebrow, fighting a laugh, “What!? No way! I’m asking for an adult’s menu and-“

“Did you two decide what you wanted?” the waitress asked, pouring a cup of coffee for Allison, who took it eagerly.

“Yes, I’ll have the omelet with ham,” Allison said.

“Actually, could I get-“ Clark began, but Allison cut him off.

“He’ll have the kid’s smiley face pancakes with rainbow sprinkles,” Allison said, fighting once again to stop herself from bursting into laughter.

Clark glared at her a moment, “actually could I have the adult’s pancake platter-“

“Clark, you’ll never finish it!” Allison teased.

“She’s right you know,” the waitress said in a patronizing tone, “it’s a lot of food!”

Clark just rolled his eyes and slumped back against the seat, the waitress seemed to take that as a sign of defeat and nodded, leaving to go put their orders in. Allison was giggling into her gloved hands, and he found a small smile curling at the corner of his own mouth.

“I’m going to get you back for that,” he said with a grin.

“Be a good boy or I’ll spank you,” Allison teased.

Clark found himself suddenly rock hard at the thought, and as he looked at Allison’s five-foot four frame, one that towered over him, he couldn’t help but imagine her doing just that.

Goddamn, he thought, his mouth suddenly dry, that’s an idea to revisit…

Allison seemed to guess his thoughts, and her face was turning red as the waitress returned with their food.

Clark looked at the childish smiley face design of his pancakes, then at the waitress. A wicked idea suddenly struck him, and he gave a dramatic sigh.

The waitress frowned, “what’s wrong dear?”

“This is okay I guess,” he said, doing a high and childish voice to try to complete the illusion, “but… mommy said this was all I get for my birthday this year because she lost all of her money at the casino again.”

Allison spat out some of her coffee, looking in shock at the waitress who glared daggers at her, “some parents…” the waitress muttered, walking angrily past a shocked Allison.

“You little shit!” Allison said, fighting a giggle as she turned back to look at him.

“I warned you I’d get you back,” he said, crossing his arms and giving her a smug grin.

Getting some food in his belly seemed to do the trick, and by the time the two of them were back at their apartment complex Allison’s old gym uniform was feeling a little tight around the shoulders. When they got back to her apartment, he was able to peel it off and start putting his own clothes back on, all of them a little baggy, but wearable. Allison no longer towered over him, but looked him in the eye as he slowly regained his height advantage over her.

“Thanks for breakfast,” he said with a smile.

“It’s the least I owe you after gambling away all your birthday money,” she teased, leaning against the doorframe.

“So…” he said, “I’m not doing anything today or tomorrow… do you want to hang out some more?”

“I’ve got to go down to The Lab today,” she said with a sigh, “the messaged me overnight about how I should come in to see Dr. Kendra, she’s the head of things over there I think…” She shrugged, “they hardly ever ask me to meet with them, so I think I probably should.”

“Bummer,” Clark said, a little disappointed.

She gave him a small smile, “Want to meet up downstairs at your place later tonight? I can bring pizza.”

“Sounds great!” he said excitedly, maybe a little too excitedly, he tried to dial it back and cleared his throat, “I uh… I’ll see about getting a bottle of wine and maybe finding us a movie!”

“You said you’re off work tomorrow too, right?” she asked suddenly.

“Yeah,” Clark said, “so I’m okay if I ended up… small again,” he said with a weak grin.

“Wait here a second,” Allison said, shooting him a wink. She closed the door, hiding herself from his view, behind it he heard the sound of sliding fabric, then a moment later she opened the door again, handing him a fresh pair of disposable gloves.

“Why do I need these?” he asked curiously, sliding them on anyways.

“So you can hold these!” she said, handing him a cloth bundle with a grin. With a start Clark realized it was her balled up panties, the same ones she’d been wearing the night before. “I’ll be back around six or so tonight,” she said with a mischievous grin, “you can use those to make yourself… fun size,” she giggled.

“So you want me to-“

“Sniff my panties, yes,” Allison said excitedly, “and whatever size you are when I get back later… well, make it a surprise for me, okay?”

Clark had another intrusive image of the amazon sized Allison spanking him over her knee, and he grinned, “surprise you… got it.”

She turned to go back into her apartment then paused, “be careful with those!” she warned with a wink.

Dr. Kendra Maxwell read through the field agent reports again. Allison had been dating… this was an interesting development. Normally when a third party discovered Allison’s ability The Lab would spring into action with lawyers, NDAs, and payoffs. The girl herself was almost always careful, so it was rare that it was necessary, most of those who figured it out wanted nothing more to do with Allison, or being small. This Clark boy though… he seemed different. It had been Dr. Kendra’s decision not to attempt to scare him off.

It had long been Dr. Kendra’s belief that a “free range” approach to Allison was best. Some of her colleagues questioned her decision, some wanted her in the Lab’s basement holding cells, or under 24/7 surveillance, some of the other researchers even felt she’d become too… emotionally involved to make decisions regarding the girl…

She scowled, I’m not going to lose my humanity in this, she thought bitterly. Allison was a scientific anomaly, and she was also a scared young woman looking for help, and beneath the years of black site research and questionable research ethics, Dr. Kendra had gotten into medicine to help people…

Her intercom buzzed, “she’s here,” one of the front desk guards said.

With a sigh Kendra got up and opened her storage closet, pulling out a white biohazard suit.

“Hi Dr. Kendra!” Allison said happily, sitting down across the table from the suited researcher.

“Good morning, Allison,” Kendra said warmly, her brown bangs dangling frustratingly in her face behind the plastic visor of her protective suit. “Did you give your blood samples to the front desk?”

“Yeah, I packaged them up like you instructed,” she said, “the receptionist seemed a little scared when she realized who I was…” Allison frowned at the biohazard suit, “you don’t need to wear that every time you know… I always shower before coming here and even if I didn’t, I’d have to be filthy to shrink you just by being across the table…”

“It’s just a precaution,” Dr. Kendra said neutrally, “I thought we should just do a quick check in, since it’s been some time since we last… talked.” She tried to think about how she’d word the next part, she didn’t want to let Allison know that the lab knew about her new paramour… “Are there any changes in your life lately?” she asked with a smile, holding up a tablet as though she was taking notes, “new diets, maybe hobbies…”

“Well,” Allison said, biting her lip and fighting a smile, “I’ve been seeing this guy.”

“Oh really?” Dr. Kendra said, feigning surprise, “tell me about him.”

What followed was a brief recap of things Dr. Kendra mostly already knew, Allison had begun a relationship with one Clark Butler, her downstairs neighbor, after accidentally shrinking him. The young man apparently had no problems with Allison’s condition, and from the way she told it might even find it as a positive…

“And you’ve had sexual contact with him?” Kendra asked, causing Allison to start suddenly.

“Well, yeah,” she admitted with an embarrassed smile, “I know it’s soon but… I’ve been waiting for a guy like this for a long time, you know?”

“I’m sure,” she said, fighting a smile herself, “I know it might not be the most romantic thing in the world but… please be sure to let us know about anything out of the ordinary that occurs, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that the shrinking effect can vary wildly depending on your emotional state and the person coming into contact with you.”

“Yeah, but I think it’ll be okay,” Allison reasoned, “he’s the first person I’ve deliberately made small since Sadie, and…” her face went red, “obviously the stuff we used to do together was uh… less dirty, but I’ve kind of missed it, playing with someone tiny I mean.”

“It’s understandable,” Dr. Kendra said with a smile, “if you feel comfortable, please reach out and let me know of any… extreme reactions or incidents you two have.”

“Oh, I’m not too worried,” Allison laughed, “we’re both smart people and we’ll be careful, well, more careful than Sadie and I used to be anyways…”

Clark stared at the white panties in his gloved hand. He’d taken the day to do some errands, gone for a quick jog, and now he was back here, at five o’clock, debating on when he should start following Allison’s instructions. Not sure where else to put them, he’d laid the panties on his coffee table, waiting for him all day like a venomous snake before he’d gloved up to handle them again.

“Well, no guts no glory,” he said to himself with a smirk as he brought her underwear to his face. He took a deep breath, the scent of her sweat mixed with the tangy aroma of her womanhood filling his nostrils. He felt his clothing sliding against his skin as he instantly started getting smaller, he realized with a start that the panties were growing in his hands as well, and the gloves seemed looser. He finally forced himself to pull them away, then blinked as he looked around the room.

He was maybe eye level with his kitchen counter, somewhere in the range of three feet, and his clothing hung off him like a child playing dress up. He glanced around his apartment, awed at how it had grown, then back down at the pair of Allison’s underwear in his hands.

Almost half my size gone for sniffing these for a minute, he thought wryly. He looked at the apartment door, making sure it was unlocked, the last thing he wanted was to get too small to reach it and accidentally leave her locked out when she came to… collect him.

He felt his erection throbbing, the intoxicating smell of Allison had brought him to full mast almost instantly, and he yearned to bury his face in the white fabric again. He glanced at the clock, Allison wasn’t due for another forty five minutes…

Fuck it, he brought them to his nose and took another whiff, feeling his pants fall completely down around his ankles as his shirt became a robe, barely clinging to him.

He lowered them again, looking around at an apartment that now looked like a massive indoor landscape, more like a high-ceilinged big box store or indoor stadium than his humble one-bedroom unit. He was down to a foot and a half at most, and as he lowered his arms the gloves slipped off him, and his shirt slipped down his waist too, leaving him naked in a puddle of his clothing as the panties flopped to the floor in front him.

“Strong stuff,” he muttered.

He heard his doorknob turning, and his head shot up in surprise as it opened. Allison, dressed in a simple T-shirt and lounge pants, along with her signature gloves, stepped inside. She glanced around a moment, then spotted him in the middle of the floor, tiny, naked, and sporting an erection as her panties lay in front of him.

“I got back a little earlier than I expected,” she giggled, “I went and changed into something more comfortable… I see you’ve been getting comfortable too?”

“I uh…” he gulped as the giant plodded towards him, swaying her hips and with a smug smirk on her face.

“You know, when I left you those panties, I didn’t know if you’d really shrink yourself for me,” she said, bending over to take in his naked body, “but here you are… sniffing away like a dirty little boy after a panty raid…”

“You said to surprise you?” he said with a weak grin. He grunted as her gloved hand closed around his waist, and she lifted him up to examine him eagerly.

“This is a pleasant surprise,” she giggled, “I figured you’d maybe make yourself like… five foot or something, just one little whiff to humor me… god you’re practically a Ken doll!” She gave him a small smile and was quiet a moment, “Clark,” she said finally, “do you like getting shrunk?”

“Uhh…” he gulped, not sure how to answer the question.

“I mean, I know you obviously have to be okay with it, since it’s just part of being with me, but do you like it?” she questioned, her grin widening as she guessed the answer.

“Yeah, I think so,” he admitted weakly, giving her a grin as he struggled slightly in her grip.

She gave a nervous laugh that ended in something like a squeal, “that’s good,” she said, biting her lip, “I… well, I’ve had a lot of fantasies about shrinking guys over the years… some of them are kind of… well, they’re out there.

Clark gulped, what could be more out there than what we’re already doing!? he wondered. Nervous as he was, a part of him desperately wanted to find out.

“I-I’m down to try them!” he stuttered.

She squeaked happily again, shaking his world as she bounced in excitement, “Well, first things first,” she said with a devious grin as she sat him back on the carpet, “I’ve got to punish you for being a perv with my underwear!”

“Punish?” he protested, fighting a laugh, “you told me to do it!”

“I don’t remember that,” she lied, walking up and picking up her underwear again. She sniffed them once herself, wrinkling her nose and then giggling as she sauntered back to him. “I’ll have to be careful with you,” she teased, “these panties aren’t even that dirty, what if I had given you a pair right after I finished working out on my treadmill?” She hovered over him menacingly, dangling the pair of panties over him like some faraway banner as she regarded both the tiny man at her feet and the underwear that had reduced him so quickly. “I think…” she giggled, “I think next time I’m downgrading you to a sock, would you like that?”

“Hell yeah,” he breathed, she was enrapturing him, the teasing attitude, the cocky grin, the smug smile that seemed to make him feel even smaller than he already was… as he looked up at the towering goddess in his living room, he realized he’d probably do just about anything she asked.

Allison’s head tipped back, laughing, “It’s settled then, next time you’re getting a sock, you can sniff it and touch yourself and hopefully by the time you finish you’ll still be big enough to play with…” She glanced at the panties again, “for now though, panties are definitely way too strong for you to play with without supervision.” With that she dropped them, the fabric collapsing down on him like a tarp in the wind.

It made contact with him with a *thump* almost sending him to his knees as he struggled beneath the fabric that was making him smaller with every passing second. The familiar smell of Allison wafted around him as he struggled to find his way out. He felt sudden pressure around him as the fabric was squeezed against his body.

Outside Allison had knelt down, giggling as she gripped the panties around him, grinding them against him and pressing him against the carpet as he shrank.

“Come on!” she said, feeling her arousal spike, “you’ve got to find the way out or you’re going to disappear into my dirty underwear forever!

He struggled, but between the playful motions of her immense hand outside and the silky fabric being twisted and ground around him, his senses were simply overloaded. He groaned as the material raced against his erection, his size decreasing and the distance to the edge of her underwear increasing as his arousal built.

“Where’s Clark? They’ll ask,” Allison teased, “oh, he got too horny and couldn’t escape his girlfriend’s panties in time,” she gave a mock wistful sigh as her own free hand dipped inside the panties she was wearing then, “fuck,” she whispered, touching herself slightly, “that’s what’s going to happen,” she said, letting the fantasy get away from her, “you couldn’t control yourself, and now you’re going to spend the rest of your life microscopic, wandering around lost in my dirty laundry!”

She came with a scream, grinding the panties against the rapidly disappearing ball that was Clark’s squirming form, pressed between the panties and the carpet. Allison almost collapsed on the floor, panting as she smiled and looked at her handiwork. Clark wasn’t even visible now, and she lifted the panties up, half expecting to see her bug sized boyfriend looking up at her in a daze.

“Clark?” she asked with a frown, not spotting him. She glanced at the underwear, then at the spot on the floor, and a pit formed in her stomach. “Oh… oh shit,” she gulped, “uh, if you’re down there, just stay where you are!”

Clark looked up through the forested canopy of his own floor’s carpet fibers. The light had returned after she’d pulled the enormous pair of underwear, now the size of a shopping mall, off of him. He was laying on the ground, panting, he’d cum himself at some point during the hurricane of movement as she’d used that silky landscape to grind his size away, inch by inch until he was here, more a dust bunny than a bug.

“Stay where you are!” he heard the colossal woman say as she stood back up. He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Where the hell would I even go?” he wondered, looking at the coiled carpeting around him. Each tuft of synthetic fiber stood maybe twice as tall as he did, he was an ant, lost in a forested maze on the floor beneath most people’s senses. He sighed, and in spite of Allison’s warning he decided he’d try to climb one of those “trees,” if only to hopefully get her attention easier.

He took another minute to look around, letting himself take in the sheer scale of the world at this size, this is… amazing, there’s a whole world down here, he thought, a whole unexplored world right in my own living room… With a grin he began the climb, the tufted carpet fibers making his ascent easy.

The world began to shake as Allison’s mountains form returned, her shadow falling over his spot like an eclipse as the gigantic form of her face, a faraway feature that would dwarf skyscrapers, came into position overhead like some planetary body.

“I’m really sorry,” Allison said, looking through the carpet with a magnifying glass, “I… I kind of overdid it.” she gently parted the carpet fibers with a pair of tweezers she’d bought, bending over and searching between them for any sign of movement.

He’s probably terrified, she thought miserably, you just HAD to get weird with him, didn’t you? She scolded herself, trapped forever in your underwear… oh god he probably thinks you were serious! She forced herself to calm down, breathing out slowly, okay, worst case scenario, you make sure not to step anywhere near this spot, and by tomorrow he’s big enough to see at least, then-

Her heart lit up as she spotted something moving on the end of one of the tufted carpet fibers. Her eyes went wide as she saw something waving to her, a form maybe half the size of a kitchen ant, gripping the edge of the synthetic fibers like a tree.

“I see you!” she said eagerly, hovering the magnifying glass over him to get a better look.

To Clark it was a surreal experience, her warped and distorted eye filled the sky above him as she focused in on his position, and although he shouted with all his might, she gave no indication that she could hear him.

“Hold very still!” she said, clicking the tweezers together once as she zeroed them in on the bit of carpet fiber he’d gripped.

“Wait, Allison!” he protested as the metal instruments the size of freight trains came down for him. He grunted as the ends of the tweezers squeezed him, and for a fearful moment he worried he’d be crushed between them, but his body seemed to hold against the pressure as he was lifted the immense distance through the air. He glanced down, gulping nervously as he realized just how high up he was, his floor was like the view from an airplane window, but the truly unnerving part was Allison herself.

Being pinched here, between the tweezers like an errant bug, held before a face the size of a cliff, while cinema screen sized eyes focused in on him… This was insignificance, he was truly at her mercy, helpless, naked, squirming before a goddess.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly, “I… I can’t really hear you, but give me a thumbs up or something?”

He sighed, grunting as he twisted his arm around and did his best to comply with her instructions.

Her face lit up eagerly, “Oh, good… I’m sooooo sorry, I meant to stop when you were a few inches tall again abut…” she bit her lip as her colossal cheeks went red, “I got kind of lost in the moment.”

His world blurred again as she slowly, to her anyway, lowered him down to his coffee table. The tweezers released him, and he fell what seemed like twenty feet, but was probably an almost imperceptible drop between the tweezers and the table for her. He landed with a grunt, but was surprisingly unharmed.

He stood up curiously, I guess you do get a little more durable at this size, he reasoned, still he thought suddenly of Allison’s warning of what had happened to her friend Sadie, and decided not to press his luck, even if he didn’t have to worry about falling there were probably plenty of ways to get hurt or worse at this size.

“Okay,” the enormous woman said, glancing down more at the coffee table than at him specifically, “we’re going to relax, watch some TV, and in a few hours when you’re big enough to hear, we can talk.” With that she flopped backwards onto his couch, flipping his television set on and trying to think of a good apology for when his regrowth started.

“So, you’re really not mad?” Allison asked nervously, peering down at Clark’s four inch form, still naked and sitting on the edge of the coffee table. It had taken almost four hours before he’d gone from ant sized back to this still diminished height, and the growth had petered out again, and she’d decided to talk to him while they waited for it to restart.

“I’m not,” he laughed, trying to reassure her, “I’m fine, really! You got carried away and shrank me a little too much, but it’s not like I was begging you to stop.”

“I’m glad you’re taking it so well,” she said, sighing with relief. She gave a halfhearted smile, “sorry if I got a little scary… a lot… well, too many of my fantasies involve being kind of…”

“Evil?” Clark joked. Allison’s face went red, and she desperately wanted to sink into the couch before her doll sized boyfriend’s gaze. He sighed and rolled his eyes, “I didn’t mean that in a bad way, I know you’re a wonderful person Allison.”

“Thanks,” she said with a small smile, she felt a sense of warmness in her chest that she couldn’t quite place, he’s really not afraid of you, she realized. Part of her had been worried that he’d snap to his senses at some point, but… here they were, with him going smaller than anyone had probably ever been, and he was… he was smiling and telling her everything was fine.

“C-Can I stay the night?” she asked suddenly. “You know, just to make sure you grow back okay…”

“Sure,” he said with a grin, “I can’t exactly navigate my apartment at this size anyway…” he cleared his throat, “but uh… who knows, I might end up getting smaller again.”

She cocked an eyebrow and smirked, “don’t tempt me Clark.”

“Why don’t you tell me about some of those other evil fantasies you had?” the tiny man said, giving her a smug grin.

She just chuckled, reaching to the side of the coffee table and pulling on one of her gloves. She reached over to grip him, holding the four-inch man above her like a snack she was trying to decide if she wanted or not.

“I can’t decide whether you just really like me, or if you’re just crazy,” she said softly.

“Both?” he said, fighting against her latex clad fingers as he squirmed in her grip.

She laughed, and a moment later he joined in with her, going limp as her gloved fingers explored his tiny body.

End Notes:
More romantic fun with our protagonists, thanks for all the reads and reviews so far!
Best Friends Forever by Greenanon

As the weeks passed Clark and Allison continued to see each other, gradually becoming part of the other’s routine. Clark was always excited to see her when he got home, and while they didn’t see each other every day, it wasn’t unusual for them to spend the evenings together, curled up on the couch as Allison covered herself in long sleeves so he could safely place his arm around her.

For the most part Allison tried to avoid making him too small before days he had to work, reserving the truly tiny sizes for weekends when she could safely let him regrow under her watchful eye. Still though, they had cut it close plenty of times.

Clark’s weekend schedule was usually free, with he, Angie, and Brick each taking a rotating weekend shift to man the storage unit’s desk on the off chance a customer wanted to access their locker. It was a do-nothing job, few of their long-term renters had a sudden need to access their junk on a Saturday or Sunday, so it mostly meant eight hours of TV or reading before the night watchman came in. With this in mind, Clark had told Allison she could make him tiny the night before, and by the time he’d rolled into work he barely scratched five feet, having had to scoot his car’s seat a lot closer in order to reach the pedals.

He whistled to himself as he pushed the door to the rental office opened, “Hey Clark,” Angie called, waving to him as she rooted through her desk.

He almost choked, freezing in place as he looked at her, “Angie?” he croaked, “Uh, what are you doing here? It’s my weekend to-“

“Yeah, I know,” the tiny woman said, closing her desk drawer with a sigh, “I lost my credit card and I thought maybe I left it here at…” she looked at him in full, her eyes narrowing, “hey, there’s something… off with you.”

He gulped, “uh, I got a new haircut,” he lied, backing away slowly as she stepped around her desk.

Her eyes went wide, “What the fuck?” she whispered, walking up to him quickly. Her head bobbed up and down as she took him in, “You’re… you’re short!?”

“I uh… I’m slouching?” he said weakly.

“Look at you!” Angie said, a little annoyed. She grabbed his shirt, flapping the loose fabric, “your clothes are practically hanging off of you? You’re…” a smile slowly traced over her face, “stand up straight, now!” with a sigh he did so, and Angie put a hand on the top of her head, leveling it across the space between them to compare their heights. “Oh god,” she breathed, “I’m taller than you!”

“You’re not!” he panicked.

“I am!” she laughed, pushing him against the wall with a surprising amount of strength, “what was it you and Brick used to call me? Teeny Meanie Angie?” She smirked and flicked his nose, “well who’s teeny now squirt?”

“Angie please, you can’t tell anyone about this,” he said with a sigh.

She raised an eyebrow, “Tell me what the hell this is, and we’ll see,” she said, crossing her arms, “did a gypsy rub your cheek and say shorter or something?”

“It’s really not my secret to spill,” he said uncertainly.

“Yeah, it’s Allison’s, so is she a witch, mad scientist, what?” Angie asked, tapping her shoe idly.

He started, “how’d you know!?” he exclaimed.

“Well, I’ve known you since the fifth grade, and in that time you’ve never randomly gotten smaller,” Angie said casually, “and I’m pretty sure the girl you can’t stop talking about is the only new thing in your life, therefore she’s shrinking you.” She smirked, “plus, you kind of gave it away with the reaction.”

“Seriously Angie,” he pleaded, “this has to stay secret.”

“Does Brick know?” she asked curiously.

“No, why would he?” he asked curiously.

“Okay well, you can’t tell me and not tell your best friend,” Angie said, rolling her eyes.

“I didn’t tell you!” he snapped, “you… pieced it together!”

“Yep, call me Sherlock,” she chuckled, “seriously, is this safe? You’re not going to shrink into nothing or whatever? You don’t need me to swoop in and fight this girl to save you from being her pet?”

“I mean… I don’t think so,” he said uncertainly.

Angie shrugged, “hey, it’s your life, but if you go missing warn your girlfriend I’m going to kick in the dollhouse door and search the place.” She paused a moment, “also you should tell Brick at some point, he can keep a secret.”

“Got it,” he nodded.

Angie took another moment to look him over, smirking at his shortened stature, then shoved him against the wall, causing him to grunt slightly as he stead himself.

“What the hell?” he asked, annoyed.

“You’re not always five foot nothing, I might not get to push you around again,” she said, waving to him smugly as she walked out the door, leaving him to work his shift in peace.

Allison plodded along, finishing her workout on her treadmill as her exercise mix played through her headphones. Panting she watched the timer count down to zero, stopping and letting the automated belt carry her to the end of the machine so she could casually step off as it stopped.

She’d have loved to jog outside of course, but it was too risky, all that sweat getting everywhere, and even her odor after a workout was enough to start shrinking people. Back in school her doctor had provided her with a note to get her out of gym after Freshman year, and she’d avoided sports like the plague, fearful of rendering her teammates tiny before competitions. Still, she did like to get some exercise in, so home fitness equipment had become a necessity.

Her ears perked up as she heard the door to the apartment complex common area open, and with a low giggle she walked towards her door. A few weeks ago she’d have never even considered leaving her apartment without a shower, but now… well, Clark had definitely helped her confidence.

Clark looked up as he saw her door open, and his mouth went dry as he saw the sweat soaked workout shirt and shorts on Allison as she sauntered out her door, her hips sashaying back and forth as she squared off against him from the top of the staircase.

“Hi Clark,” she said seductively.

“H-Hey Allison,” he gulped. Somehow, even after weeks of dating, she could still turn him into a stuttering mess.

“I was just finishing up my workout when I heard you come in,” she said with a smug grin. She stretched, holding her arms overhead as she stepped slowly, methodically, down towards him.

“We should talk,” he said suddenly, backing against the wall as the sweat soaked girl stepped towards him, cornering him away from the door. “My coworker Angie, she… she knows.”

Allison paused, then frowned, “Is she going to tell anyone?”

“No,” Clark said, “we can trust her, but still-“

“Then we have nothing to worry about!” Allison giggled, “Come here, give your girlfriend a hug!”

From the angle he was looking at her, he could already tell that the crisp odor of fresh sweat rolling off her had shaved off an inch or two of his height just during that conversation. She was giving him a predatory look, and he knew that if he got even a drop of her sweat on him, it would be over, he’d quickly be too small to resist whatever she had in mind.

“Come on Clark,” she teased, “losing a few inches is worth getting a kiss from me, right?”

“Right,” he said, feeling a little trapped as he tried to calculate how far it was to his door, “but I feel like you’re going to want a little more than a few inches…”

“Aww, worried you’ll be too small to fight back if I want… more?” she said with a wink. She lunged at him suddenly, kissing him forcefully and smearing the front of his body with the strong salty sweat that covered her. She giggled as she broke the kiss, leaving him looking up at her in awe as he dwindled.

“Oops,” she said with a smug grin, “come on, let’s go get that sweat washed off you before it makes you too tiny.”

With a resigned sigh and a smile he let her grab his hand, not bothering with gloves, as she led up him the stairs to her apartment. He was already down to her chest by the time they reached the door, and he felt the strength disparity between them as she pulled him inside.

“Strip!” she ordered with a grin, already peeling off her dirty workout clothes and tossing them into a nearby hamper.

He obeyed, simply letting his rapidly loosening pants fall to the floor as he pulled his tentlike shirt over his head, tossing it to the corner.

Allison glistened with sweat as she stood over him like an amazon, grinning at his slowly diminishing form. Her brown hair was slick with perspiration, a dark almost black color as it clung to her. The rich earthy smell of her post workout body wafted across the room, filling his senses as he looked at her, lust building in him.

“Poor Clark,” she teased, “shrinking away because you got a little sweat on you…” she strutted to him, his eyes level with her breasts as she grabbed the back of his head, forcing his face between them. He grunted as she forced his face into her cleavage, the drips of her sweat rolling down his cheeks. He felt her sliding against him as his height dwindled, and she giggled at his wide eyed expression as she looked up at him.

“I-It’s happening pretty fast,” he stuttered.

“Now you know why I shower twice a day,” she said with a wink, “come on,” she gripped his hand again, leading him towards her bedroom. He would maybe be eye level with her bellybutton now, and the mix of her odor and the sweat plastered all over him were quickly causing his height to dip.

As she brought him into her room he started as he saw a box on her desk, “I-Is that a-“

“A microscope,” she said with a smile.

“W-Why do you need a microscope?” he asked nervously.

She turned around, bent down, and gently flicked his nose playfully, “to look at microscopic things,” she said in a low voice. She saw his fearful expression and smirked, “don’t worry, we probably won’t need it today… probably.”

With that she hooked her hands under his armpits, lifting him easily like he was a small cat or dog, and then dumped him on the bed, where he lay splayed and naked before her. The landscape of the bed was expanding, and with every passing second Allison loomed just a little taller, he shot a glance at the microscope again, wondering what she had in store for him.

She answered that query by kneeling down, taking his erection into her mouth and toying with his diminishing form. He groaned as her tongue played with him, seeming to suck his world away as he dwindled faster with each playful motion.

He squirmed, struggling to push her lips away feebly, but he was already below a foot tall, the mix of her saliva and the sweat dripping from her hair adding to what was already coating him. He writhed one final time as she forced him to orgasm, breaking contact with his panting doll sized form as she swallowed the tiny amount of cum he’d produced.

“And that size is just about right,” she said with a grin, scooping him up in one hand.

“Right size for what?” he managed, his body still limp after the earth shattering orgasm she’d sucked out of him.

She turned the nozzle of the shower, causing a rain of warm water to emerge. She held him under the stream a minute, rinsing the grime off of him and bringing his shrinking to a stop when he was about four inches, curled in her fist as she stepped into the shower next.

“You’re my washcloth today,” she said, squirting a pink glob of a floral strawberry body wash onto him. He felt her powerful fingers slide along his body, covering him in the scented suds. A moment later she began to trace him along her body, his soaked and slicked form easily sliding along her skin.

Between the water and the soap the contact with her wasn’t shrinking him, but he could still feel the grime coating his body as she used him to clean herself. Every minute or so she’d coat him with the strawberry body wash again, keeping a layer of it on him as it filled his senses, scrubbing away the crust of sweat he was being used to remove from her.

He took a deep breath as another viscous pink droplet of soap the size of his head was rubbed over his torso, and a moment later he was brought into the coarse forest between her legs. Allison moaned as she slid him up and down over opening, letting him get tangled in the wiry hair as he was forced to clean it, the sweat there mixing with a stronger odor as she slowly used him to bring herself off.

“Oh yeah,” she laughed, grinding his entire body into herself, “really get it clean…” She tensed up, using her free hand to steady herself as she came, her thighs involuntarily clamping together on her tiny “washcloth” as she moaned into the steam of the shower, her wet hair hanging around her face.

Some time later they were sprawled on the couch, Allison in a lounge robe and Clark snugly in her breast pocket, the warm smell of flowers and strawberry emanating from every pore of his body. He sighed as he leaned against the front of the pocket, his arms hanging out as his gigantic girlfriend read her messages on her phone to the background noise of the television.

“Ugh,” Allison muttered, sitting upright and rocking Clark’s position, sending him tumbling back down into the robe’s fuzzy pocket.

“What?” he asked, fighting his way back to the top.

“It’s Sadie,” Allison said with a sigh, showing him the message, “she wants to come visit me… we talk almost every day, but we haven’t seen each other since I moved here.” She looked away a moment, “I… I keep telling her not to come.”

“Why?” Clark asked, “she’s your best friend, isn’t she?”

“I guess I’m worried about what could happen,” Allison admitted, “I almost killed her once…”

“Allison,” Clark said firmly, or as firmly as he could at a few inches tall and poking out of her pocket, “I don’t know why you’re doing this to yourself, you’re not some kind of monster… yeah, you had an accident, that sucks, but you can’t just stay away from your best friend for the rest of your life.”

“She’s going to want to be tiny at some point, if she comes to visit,” Allison muttered.

“Of course she will,” Clark laughed, “this is… this is amazing Allison,” he gestured around, “yeah, there are some things that are scary but…” he sighed, “it’s something most people never get to experience, being like this I mean. It’s an adventure!”

Allison was quiet a moment, then her mouth curled into a small smile, “Since you’re so adventurous, maybe we should go get that microscope?” He gulped and she laughed, “kidding!” she said, holding her phone up and typing a message to Sadie, “I think you’re right… I’ll tell her she can come see me… well, see us.” She gave him a wink as she hit “send.”


 Sadie bounded through the airport gate, an immense roller bag behind her as she looked around eagerly for Allison and Clark. She was wearing a pink sweater, designer jeans, and a pair of dark sunglasses that contrasted well with her long blonde hair as she scanned the terminal for them.

“Over here!” Allison called, waving a gloved hand.

“AHH!” Sadie squealed, practically sprinting to her friend.

“W-Wait, be careful!” Allison warned as Sadie reached around to hug her.

“I worse long sleeves today specifically so I could do this!” Sadie laughed, pulling Allison tight against her protests. Their cheeks touched ever so slightly, and when they parted Sadie was maybe just a hair shorter than the girl who’d stood at equal height to her a moment ago. “There, see?” she said with a cocky smirk as she took her sunglasses off, “I didn’t die!” Her gaze drifted behind Allison, where Clark was waiting with a subdued smile on his face, “and this must be the new boyfriend?”

“The very same,” he said, reaching out to shake her hand, “I’ve heard a lot about you!”

“I’m guessing you were the little voice in her ear that gave her the guts to finally let me come visit?” she asked, throwing an arm around a blushing Allison.

“Yeah,” she said with a small smile, “he was…”

“Hey, Clark, you mind helping me with my checked luggage? It should be coming out on the conveyer belt soon.”

He shrugged, following the two girls, who were rapidly catching up, over to luggage claim.

“That one there!” Sadie said, pointing to a large box coming down the line. Clark grabbed it, hefting it easily as the three of them left the airport.

The three of them had gotten dinner at one of the city’s more upscale restaurants, and as the two girls caught up, Allison seemed more and more relaxed, soon she was gossiping with her friend like old times, and the girls laughed as Sadie recounted the things their classmates had gotten up to after graduation. For Clark’s part he was excited to learn more about Allison’s life, and Sadie eagerly filled him in on details as the night went on.

Finally the trio returned to Allison’s apartment, where she produced a bottle of red wine and a glass for each of them.

“Anyways, Ted asked me what happened to you after graduation,” Sadie said, swirling her glass a moment, “after the whole prom incident I think you always kind of freaked him out.”

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Allison said with a sigh.

“No, like he really had a phobia of you or something,” Sadie said with a giggle, “I’m pretty sure he still crosses the street if he sees a brunette.”

“That seems a little extreme,” Clark said with a frown. He was familiar with the story of Allison’s prom, and the disaster that had unfolded after she’d accidentally shrunk her date with a kiss, but the aftermath was new to him.

“You’re telling me, you only put him down to like four and a half feet,” Sadie said, rolling her eyes. She glanced at Clark, “you know what I mean, right tough guy? I hear Allison sends you down to bug size all the time!”

He choked on his wine slightly, clearing his throat with a blush, “Uh… yeah, she does… how much does she tell you?”

“Sadie!” Allison squeaked.

Sadie blinked, her own face suddenly going red, “uh… nothing!”

Clark just stared at the two of them a moment, then chuckled, “okay, fine, you two are close, I get it…”

“She’s got nothing but good things to say,” Sadie said with a wink, taking another sip of her wine, “I’ve been small, it’s a trip, I get it.”

“You know Sadie,” Allison said, a red tinge in her cheeks as she stared into her own cup, “you should share an embarrassing story about your own shrinking with Clark, you know, just to make it even…”

“Pfft,” Sadie laughed, “I’m shameless! Sure, why not?”

“Okay,” Allison said with a giggle, scooting closer to Clark, who laid an arm around her as Sadie looked on from the chair, “let’s tell Clark the story about you and Ken.

Sadie’s eyes suddenly went wide, “Okay, I take it back, not that one!”

“Who’s Ken?” Clark asked, laughing.

“Oh god…” Sadie muttered, burying her head in her hands, “okay, so… to start with, you know Allison used to shrink me sometimes?”

“Yeah?” Clark said curiously.

“So,” Sadie began, “after she got her powers, Allison couldn’t really socialize as much…”

“So we would do sleepovers,” Allison giggled, “every Friday night, if neither of us were busy.”

“Anyway,” Sadie continued, “we had this game we did, Allison would make me small and I’d be…” she sighed, “Barbie.”

“Barbie?” Clark asked, raising an eyebrow, “like-“

“Yeah, like the doll,” Sadie moaned in embarrassment.

“Oh, come on, we had a lot of fun!” Allison said, laughing.

“Yeah,” Sadie said with a small smile, “we did, we had a ton of doll clothes, I’d let Allison dress me and accessorize me, brush my hair-“

“Dress you?” Clark cut in, giving an embarrassed Allison a look.

“Hey, you’ve been small,” Sadie said defensively, “when you’re shrunk there isn’t a ton of room for modesty.” She rolled her eyes at the smug expression he was giving Allison, who looked like she wanted to disappear into her couch cushion.

“So what’s that have to do with Ken?” Clark asked, “and I’m guessing Ken is the doll?”

“Yeah,” Sadie said with a sigh. She paused a moment, then reached for the bottle and with a small smirk poured herself a little more wine, which she took a swig of immediately. “So… Ken…” She still seemed embarrassed, but she’d found the humor in the story at least, “in senior year, after the prom incident, Allison was pretty down. We had our normal sleepover the next weekend, we both really needed it. After her parents went to bed, she shrank me down like usual… am I getting this right Allison?”

“Right,” Allison said, sitting up slightly and giggling at the memory, “I’d stolen a pair of wine coolers from my parents, neither of us had ever had alcohol before and-“

“And a wine cooler goes a lot further when you’re the size of a doll,” Sadie said with an embarrassed smirk. “Now, usually when I was small, I would hang out in Barbie’s dreamhouse, we’d put the open facing side towards the TV and we could talk and hang out and stuff while I had my own little mansion.”

“That night we were watching… hell, I don’t even remember,” Allison said, “but it had Leonardo Dicaprio in it, and he was shirtless in a lot of the movie…” She bit her lip, “I always had an old Ken doll that I kept in the dreamhouse, usually just in the bed.”

“So I was feeling kind of turned on, and a little drunk,” Sadie said, “and Ken, he was just there in the bed, so I called Allison over and started taking his pants off and…”

“She fucked Ken!” Allison burst out laughing.

Clark’s eyes went wide, and he snorted, then burst into laughter too, “Oh god, that’s… that’s hilarious!” He tried to collect himself as Sadie just gave a small smile, the blonde’s cheeks bright red as she stared into her wine glass, “how did you do that?” Clark wheezed, “he doesn’t have any… I mean Ken dolls don’t have-“

“I just lifted up my dress and kind of ground against him, okay?” Sadie said. That caused another round of laughter from Clark and Allison, and Sadie just scowled and waited for them to finish. When the laughter had died down a bit she crossed her arms, “there you go Clark, that’s my most embarrassing story of being shrunk, can Allison and I talk dirty details without guilt now?”

“Oh wow,” Clark breathed, still recovering, “I mean… yeah, I guess that’s fair… fucking Ken, that is priceless,” he started laughing again. Sadie giggled a little herself, then joined the two of them laughing. Finally, when the three had gotten it out of their systems, Sadie placed her wine glass down on the coffee table and stood up.

“Thanks for finally letting me come see you Allison,” she said with a sad smile, “I’ve really missed hanging out with you like this. I know I always had a lot of people around at school but…” she sighed, “you were the only one I could ever really talk to, be myself with, you know?”

“Yeah,” Allison said sadly, returning the smile, “I… I shouldn’t have run away.”

Sadie sighed, then clapped her hands, “well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m beat.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll head back down to my place,” Clark said with a yawn.

“I’ll grab some extra blankets for the couch,” Allison said, standing up, but Sadie stopped her.

“Nice try,” she chuckled, “but I didn’t come all this way to sleep on your couch Allison.” Sadie swayed her hips as she practically danced her way over to the large box she’d checked at the airport. She tore it open gleefully, grunting as she lifted the contents out.

Allison stared at the myriad pink and white plastic façade, the small car parked in the faux garage, and the small sized furniture, all seemingly untouched from when she’d left it behind during her move years ago. The dollhouse was the same one she’d had when she was younger, the one that had stayed in her room through her teenage years, serving as Sadie’s abode during their Fridays together. Allison’s mouth opened in shock as she dropped to her knees, examining it.

“You brought this?” Allison whispered happily.

“Along with all my dresses and accessories,” Sadie said happily, “I’m staying in my dreamhouse tonight, it’s been way too long.”

End Notes:

And that's how Allison got her favorite doll back. Hope everyone's enjoying things so far!

Dollhouses and Microscopes by Greenanon

Dr. Kendra glared angrily at the data on her computer screen, sipping her coffee in the silence of her office. She heard her door open and growled, looking up at Dr. Kimbers. The middle aged man with the slick black hair smirked, adjusting his glasses while he waited for her to greet him.

“Well?” She asked impatiently.

“I heard that the subject has reconnected with her friend?” he said neutrally, “this is unusual behavior, are you sure that the subject is stable?”

Allison is merely having a friend visit,” Dr. Kendra said with an edge to her voice, “there is no need to be concerned.”

“Kendra,” Kimbers said, grinning slightly as he sat down across from her, “you know that I have long believed the subject should be here, under direct quarantine and observation, but so long as she exhibited a certain… routine, stasis if you will, I was willing to let my concerns remain unsaid.” He pursed his lips, “with this new romantic partner, and now reaching out to old classmates?” he sighed, “we are increasing risk by the day, she could simply decide she no longer wants to cooperate, she could travel somewhere and break containment. The subject-“

Allison,” Kendra repeated.

“Allison,” Kimbers conceded with a shrug, “is it worth potentially losing out on the scientific breakthrough of a millennia just to let one girl have a façade of normalcy?” Kendra was silent, and Kimbers smirked and continued, “we can table this for now… did we learn anything new from her blood samples?”

“Just more questions,” she growled, happy to have the subject changed, “the compound she produces that triggers the shrinking isn’t particularly complicated, as you know our synthetic version has failed to trigger any unusual properties. The new blood samples have had every imaginable test done to them and we haven’t found anything out of the ordinary…”

“We should be taking samples from her organs!” Kimbers complained, “you have to let us bring her in!”

“This meeting is over,” Kendra snapped, pointing to her door. The other scientist gave her a dark look, then got up and walked out the door without a word.

Allison, she thought with a sigh, slumping in her chair, we’ve got to figure you out soon… I’m worried what will happen if we don’t.

Clark walked up the stairs to Allison’s apartment, he’d gone home the night before as the girls were setting up their dollhouse, and having just completed his weekend shift he had the next few days off. He’d gone through a local fast food chain and brought Allison’s favorite breakfast sandwich, along with one for Sadie. He fumbled on his key ring for the one to Allison’s apartment, walking in with a smile.

“Girls!” he called, “I brought breakfast!”

He looked around for them, his eyes landing on Allison, in her pajamas, holding a doll-sized blonde in a pair of matching pink sleepwear in her gloved hand. The TV was on in the background, but neither of them were watching it, and Allison had a small brush and was running it through Allison’s hair.

“Good morning Clark!” she called happily, and Allison waved too, smiling in her friend’s grip.

“Hey,” he said with a smile, “has Sadie been small all night?”

“Yep!” the doll-woman beamed, “it was just like old times, I missed my dreamhouse bed so much…” she sighed happily, melting into Allison’s arms as the larger woman finished running the plastic pink brush through her blonde hair.

“So… are you going to regrow at all today?” Clark asked, sitting down on the couch across from them.

“Heck no,” Sadie said excitedly as Allison placed her on the coffee table, “I’m on vacation, I’m staying a doll! If we have to go out anywhere just dress me up and toss me in your purse.”

“I topped her off this morning,” Allison said with a smirk, patting her “doll” on the head.

“How do you shrink her?” Clark asked curiously as he handed Allison her sandwich.

“Oh, we make out,” Sadie said nonchalantly. Allison choked on a bit of her sandwich, her eyes bulging as she looked at Sadie and Clark. “Kidding!” the blonde doll giggled, “she usually just licks the tip of her thumb and presses it against my forehead, rinse and repeat until I’m this size!” She did a quick twirl for emphasis.

“She just gives me her a pair of her dirty socks and tells me what height I should be by the time she gets home,” Clark said with a wry grin.

“You really should give me a pair,” Sadie said, causing Allison to sigh and roll her eyes as she got up, “hey, don’t give me that look Allison! It’s just to shrink me, seriously!”

“Whatever weirdo,” Allison chuckled as she opened up a small box next to the dollhouse. She returned a moment later with a handful of dresses and other items. She sat across from Sadie and began laying out the clothing.

“Hmm…” Sadie mused, walking along the coffee table and persuing the outfits, “the princess gown is a little heavy, oh! The sundress Allison!” She pointed to a blue doll-sized sundress and matching straw hat.

“Okay, let’s dress up Barbie,” Allison chuckled, reaching around the doll sized woman for the Velcro on the back of the dress.

“Oh, uh, do you want me to leave?” Clark asked uncertainly.

“She’s just dressing her doll Clark, gosh,” Sadie teased with a wink.

“Yeah Clark,” Allison joined with a smirk as she pulled the doll pajamas off her friend. Clark started again as he realized Sadie was now naked, her breasts bouncing free as the pink outfit was lifted off her. He blushed as he took in the doll sized woman’s body, she was toned, a little pale, and where the dark hair between Allison’s legs sometimes bordered on overgrown, Sadie’s nethers were as shaved bare as her legs were, the smooth skin inviting to the eye as the tiny woman shivered slightly on the table.

“Whew, it’s always a little colder at this size,” she muttered. She noticed Clark eyeing her, and she had an almost aggressive smile on her face as she lowered her hands, refusing to cover herself. The red shade of his face deepened as Sadie placed her hands on her hips, seemingly splaying her legs defiantly as Allison readied the dress.

“No underwear for dolls,” she explained, in a tone like she was telling him it was going to rain later, “like I said, you know how it is for us people who get tiny, no modesty.”

“R-Right,” Clark stammered, shooting a look at Allison. If she had a problem with her best friend naked in front of her boyfriend, she didn’t show it. He licked his lips nervously.

Allison noticed Clark’s discomfort, and smirked a little, “hey, relax, we’re all having fun here.”

His heartbeat slowed a little, and Sadie seemed a little smug as Allison pulled the doll-sized sundress over her head. She twirled again, letting the dress spin around her as Allison placed a tiny wide brimmed straw hat on her head. Finally, to complete the outfit, Allison took a blue silk ribbon, tying it around Sadie’s waist as a sash.

“Ta-da!” Allison said, showing off her dressed “doll,” “what do you think Clark?”

“She uh, she looks great,” he said, still a little nervous.

“Do you want to pick her up?” Allison said, gently pushing Sadie by her back across the coffee table towards him.

He looked at Sadie, who cocked an eyebrow as she waited for his answer, “Sure,” he said, deciding to embrace whatever weird game Allison was playing, “if it’s all right with her I guess.”

“Go for it big guy!” Sadie giggled, “I love being picked up…” She bit her lip, “I mean… only Allison’s ever done it, but still.”

With a shrug he reached out, closing his hands around the foot tall woman. It was an odd feeling, holding someone in his hand like that, and he brought her up to his face for a closer look. She was soft, surprisingly warm, and he was very aware of the curves of her body against his palm, he could feel the round globes of her backside well through the thin material of the doll’s dress.

Sadie’s calmness seemed to have disappeared, and she had a flushed look as she squirmed slightly in his grip, “Wow,” she muttered, biting her lip. The way she writhed slightly in his hand didn’t help his own embarrassment, and he gulped as she ground her ass slid against his palm.

“What?” Allison asked, amused.

“It’s uh, a little different being held by a guy,” Sadie admitted, blushing as she looked from Clark to Allison, “his hands are rougher, his grip is a little…” she gulped, “stronger…”

“What do you think Clark?” Allison asked, sidling up to him, making sure to avoid skin contact as she peered down at Sadie, trapped in his grip, “is it fun holding a tiny girl?”

“Yeah,” he breathed, watching Sadie’s breath pick up a little as her tiny arms came down on his fingers. She was clearly trying to keep a lustful expression off her face, which just made her that much cuter…

“I’m really glad you two are getting along so well,” Allison giggled, leering slightly at Sadie. She bit her lip and looked at the tiny woman, then back to her boyfriend, “I-It’s kind of messed up but… I kind of like watching you two together, flirting like this.”

“W-We aren’t flirting!” Clark said, accidentally jostling Sadie, who squealed in surprise as he shifted.

“T-This is your fault!” Sadie said, pointing at the giant holding her, “Allison was a quiet shy girl before dating you, you made her kinky!”

“Wait what?” Allison asked, backing away and crossing her arms a little defensively.

I made her kinky?” Clark said, placing the doll sized woman on the coffee table, “you’ve been playing dolly with her for years!”

“T-That was just fun and games!” Sadie said.

“What about Ken?” Clark asked, smirking slightly at her beet red face.

“Guys!” Allison snapped, interrupting their argument. She breathed out a moment, trying to collect herself, “Look,” she said finally, “you two have both really helped me come to terms with this part of myself, honestly? Ever since this shrinking thing started happening I’ve had wild fantasies, some of them-“

“Evil,” Clark said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes, “I prefer the term mischievous, but sure. Now, did either of you two ever fantasize about being a giant girl’s plaything before you met me?”

“Nope,” Sadie said with a shrug.

“Can’t say it crossed my mind,” Clark admitted.

“Well, there you go,” Allison said triumphantly, “if anything, I fucked you two in the head, and now you’re stuck on this ride with me.”

“I…” Sadie glanced at Clark and gave a small smile, “I can’t really think of a good comeback for that one.”

“No, I think she’s got us,” Clark said with a sigh.

“You’re right, I do,” Allison giggled, “as far as I’m concerned, you’re both my little dollies now, and sometimes I’ll want play with you both, sometimes at the same time! Do either of you have a problem with the idea?”

Clark and Sadie’s eyes both went wide, and they glanced at each other again, waiting to see the other’s reaction. Finally, they turned back to her in unison.

“I uh…” Clark cleared his throat, “yeah, okay.”

“I’m game,” Sadie said nervously, “he’s hot enough.”

Allison clapped her gloved hands together excitedly, “Great! Now there’s something I really wanted to do today, and it’s going to be a lot easier with two little people.” She glanced at Clark, still full sized, and grinned, “it’s really more fun when you try to get away,” she said in a soft voice.

“Oh fu-“ he started, springing up as he recognized the predatory look in her eye.

“Get him girl!” Sadie cheered as Allison stripped her shirt and gloves off, standing topless save for a black bra as she advanced on the fleeing Clark.

How hard does she want me to try to escape? He wondered, fumbling with the dead bolt on the door, would she really chase me out-

The question became irrelevant as he felt a wet finger slip into his ear, “wet willy!” Allison laughed as he cringed, wincing away from the door a moment at the slimy feeling.

“Gross!” he exclaimed, backing away from her. He did his best to wipe the spit out of his ear using his shirt, but as she plodded after him around the dining table he realized he was already down to her height, a moment later they rounded it and she had him corralled, standing smugly between him and the apartment’s door.

“Looks like you didn’t wipe off all that spit in time,” she mused, looking down at him slightly. She lunged at him, and they began grappling, and with every passing second of contact with her skin he was growing smaller, weaker. She giggled again as he reached chest height, then hooked her arm around him, before he could force himself away, she lifted her arm, forcing his face directly into her armpit.

Clark grimaced, she was clean today of course, but she still had a slightly sweaty odor as she ground him in, covering his face in her salty musk. He tried to protest, to push away, but at this size her grip was like iron, he couldn’t even budge her as she taunted him.

“Oh, you like that Clark?” she laughed, “take a nice deep whiff, just let all that size slip away…”

“He must have really liked it!” Sadie called, practically bouncing up and down on the coffee table as she watched Allison shrink him, “look! He’s down to your waist already!”

It was true, and his clothes were already falling off of him as Allison expertly lifted his shirt off, tossing it like a blanket away from him. She lunged for him again, laughing as she easily knocked him to the carpet and pinned his wrists. He squirmed in her grip, powerless to stop her as she forced her chest into his face.

“That’s it,” she cooed, “just bury your face there and let yourself get tiny… you’re just a doll Clark, time to join my collection!”

“No!” he moaned one last time before her breasts, held together by the strap of her bra, smothered his face, silencing him. She didn’t even have to pin him, releasing his wrists as he shrank beneath her. His face became buried between the soft pillow flesh of her breasts as they seemed to draw his size out of him, becoming larger as he dwindled away.

“Annnd… perfect,” Allison said approvingly, sitting up and releasing the dazed Clark. Looking up at her he could tell he’d been reduced to doll size, or close to it, “Wait there,” Allison said with a wink as she stood back up. He watched as his giant girlfriend threw her shirt back on, then replaced her gloves, allowing her to handle him without reducing him any further. With a hum she scooped him up, and then deposited him, still naked, on the coffee table next to Sadie.

“Hiya! Welcome to the toy chest!” Sadie joked, sizing him up. She strutted over to him, swaying her hips slightly as he involuntarily covered himself with his hands. She frowned, “hey, no covering up, you got to see mine!”

He sighed, and with a resigned smile forced his hands to his side, “happy?”

“Very,” Sadie giggled, taking him in.

“You two wait here while I go get something,” Allison said, turning towards her bedroom.

“Can I get some doll clothes too?” Clark called.

Allison paused, then shook her head, “Nah, you won’t be able to fit in them for very long anyways.”

I won’t be able to, he gulped nervously and looked to Sadie, who had a gleeful grin on her face.

“Ooooh someone’s getting smaller!” she teased. She clapped her hands suddenly, “oh god, do you think she wants to make you doll sized to me? That would be so much fun, a doll with her own doll!”

“You’re really into the whole doll thing, aren’t you?” he asked with an amused grin.

“Yeah?” Sadie said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “I fucking love this, I used to look forward to it all week, it’s the ultimate stress relief.”

“Stress relief?” Clark asked skeptically. “I really like doing this kind of thing with Allison, but I don’t know if I’d call it… relaxing exactly.”

Sadie just shrugged, “you guys play different games I guess, for me I don’t have to worry about anything in the world, I just get to be cute and have fun and hang out with my best friend!” She gestured to the dreamhouse, “plus, I own my own home!” She giggled, “I used to kind of beg Allison to just keep me this size, like we could just say I ran away or something.”

“Would you really want that?” Clark asked, raising an eyebrow, “I mean… sometimes she teases me that she’s going to do that, keep me small I mean, but I know she doesn’t mean it.”

“I don’t either,” Sadie laughed, “I’ve got a life outside the dollhouse unfortunately, still, it’s fun to dream…”

“Okay guys and dolls,” Allison said, walking back into the room, “today we’re playing with this!” she held up the microscope.

Clark’s eyes went wide and he gave an involuntary nervous start, oh shit, he thought nervously, does she really want to make me small enough that we’ll need… he gulped as Allison set the device on the table, it was a standard black metal and plastic one like he would have expected to see in any school science lab, standing a little taller off the table than he and Sadie did now. As he watched Allison set a pair of tweezers, an eye dropper, and a pair of petri dishes next to it, carefully arranging them with her gloved hands. Completing the illusion was a white labcoat she’d thrown on over some of her normal clothes.

“And today my lovely friend Sadie will be acting as my lab assistant!” Allison said, handing down a small doll sized labcoat to Sadie, who squealed excitedly and put it on over her blue dress, an almost comical fashion statement given the straw sunhat she left on. “It’s from Dr. Barbie,” Allison said with a smirk, “it seemed appropriate.”

“So Doctor Allison,” Sadie said, practically skipping over to Clark and hooking and arm around his, “what experiments are we conducting today?”

“Well, I’ve been curious for a while now about whether there’s a floor to how small I can shrink people,” Allison said, placing a notebook and pen down next, “I was thinking we could try to figure it out, especially while I have a tiny lab assistant here to keep an eye on things when you get too small for me to handle.”

“I’m guessing I’m the guinea pig for this?” Clark asked with a sigh.

“Yeah,” Allison admitted with a smile. She bit her lip and looked away a minute, “if you really don’t want to do it, we can find something else to do today-“

“No,” he said with a halfhearted chuckle, “I get that this is something you really want to do, and I’ve got enough time off this week to wait to regrow from just about any size, so…” he steeled himself, “let’s do it.” He had a sudden thought and looked up at her in a panic, “hey, this is… safe right? As safe as any other shrinking? Will a germ try to eat me if I go down there-“

“Probably not,” Allison said with a shrug, “bugs, animals, whatever, they fucking hate whatever is in me that makes you guys shrink, dogs go crazy when I try to pet them, and I haven’t even seen a bug in years.” She tapped her chin in thought, “I’m guessing you probably won’t need to worry about anything bothering you, no matter how small you get.”

“Ugh that’s true,” Sadie muttered, “I used to have her shrink me just by a few inches when our families went camping, it was enough to keep the ticks and mosquitos away.”

“Still, a little security would be nice,” Clark said uncertainly.

“I’ll trail him down!” Sadie volunteered, “not quite as small as him obviously, but I could stay maybe like a hundred or so times his size, that way if anything did bother him, I could step on it!”

“That’ll work!” Allison beamed, “okay, ready to get started?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Clark muttered.

“Let’s start with a kiss,” Allison said, picking him up and bringing him to her lips. The soft pink pillows enveloped his head, and he winced as her tongue darted out, tasting him slightly and causing the rate of his shrinking to pick up. She kept pressing against him, lifting her hand as he got smaller, until he was struggling with his entire body against her mouth, the gentle kisses having become overwhelming blows against his body, soft as they were.

“Okay, let’s take a look!” Allison said, pulling him away. He looked up in awe at her immense face, she’d quickly kissed him down to half an inch, maybe smaller, and where he’d been picked up in her hand like a doll, he was now pinched between her gloved fingers like an errant bug.

“He’s so cute!” Sadie gushed as Clark was slowly lowered down to her. He grunted as Sadie took him, the doll sized woman prying him from between the colossus’s fingers and gripping him herself. “This is crazy!” Sadie said, grinning gleefully down at him, “I’m a doll, and you’re… well, you’re not even a doll to me Clark, you’re like, a… a mouse maybe? I don’t know!”

“Just be careful with me!” Clark said, looking around the titanic world and trying to keep himself from panicking.

“Hey, I gotcha!” Sadie said, giggling as he turned him upside down. He shouted in panic as she dangled him by one leg, looking in awe at his tiny form as she slowly rotated it, “wow,” she breathed.

“Hey! Sadie!” Allison snapped, her booming voice bringing the doll-woman’s attention back up to the looming giantess overhead, “you always complained about how much it hurts to get dangled by your leg, cut it out!”

“Oh, sorry,” she said, biting her lip as she righted Clark.

“It’s okay,” he said, shaking his head to get rid of the residual dizziness.

“Sadie, put him on this!” Allison called down, sliding a microscope slide at the doll woman’s feet.

Sadie nodded, bending down and carefully placing Clark in the center of the small glass slide. He swallowed nervously as he looked around, Sadie towered over him, her one foot height making her the size of an office building as she loomed overhead, giving him a grin as she put her hands on her hips and regarded him. Beyond her Allison stood like a faraway mountain. He watched as her arm moved through the air, seeming impossibly large for something moving that fast.

“Okay, this next part is a little gross,” Allison laughed, picking up the petri dish. She slowly held it under her mouth and pursed her lips, letting a long trail of spit drop into it. She repeated the gesture, then wiped her mouth, satisfied she’d provided enough to work with. Next, she placed it down next to Sadie, picking up a small eyedropper and dipping into the pool of her saliva. “I thought about collecting some sweat,” she said, “but… well, this just seemed like the best option.”

Clark’s heart pounded as the eyedropper the size of a bus hovered over him, the nozzle big enough to slip his head into if she lowered it down a bit more. With a squeeze of the end, Allison sent a, to her, miniscule drop of her spit down onto him. He cried out in surprise when it burst over him, soaking his half inch form in the sticky fluid.

“Down you go!” Sadie said, giving him a mocking wave as she knelt over the slide.

Down is right, he thought, watching the world grow around him again. He did his best to wipe her spit off him, but at this size, and with nothing but his naked body and the glass slide beneath him to work with, it was difficult.

“Let me help you out there bug,” Sadie said, snatching him up between her fingers. She quickly wiped him off on her dress, causing the shrinking to come to a halt when he was the size of an ant in the doll-woman’s pinched fingertips.

“Thanks!” he shouted as loud as he could.

Sadie leaned in, angling her ear to him, “sorry, you’re getting hard to hear,” she laughed.

“Did he say something?” Allison boomed overhead.

“I think so, but I’m not sure what it was,” Sadie said back.

“God, he’s so… insignificant!” Allison laughed, leaning down as close as she could to Sadie and squinting, “I can just barely see something in your hand,” she muttered. She grinned broadly, a gesture that stretched across the sky, her glimmering white teeth a constellation above him, “you’re officially not a bug anymore Clark, I think you’re… you’re more of a germ!”

Allison shivered at the thought, I did this to him, I made him a speck… what kind of life would that be? He could spend his whole life in a few inches of my carpet, just trying to live off whatever crumbs I occasionally dropped… even those would be like mountains to him, he’d trek for days just trying to get to a place where I had a snack- She forced herself to breath out, there are those evil fantasies again Allison.

“Okay, put him down,” she ordered Sadie, “we’re ready for the next dose!”

Sadie slowly lowered him down to the slide again, and a moment later the eye dropper, now a massive skyscraper sized itself, loomed over him again, preparing to send him into realms beyond sight. He stared up at it, his heart fluttering as he watched those massive fingers, fingers that wouldn’t even notice him crawling on them, begin to squeeze another ocean sized glob of spit down onto him.

He involuntarily took a breath as the massive sphere of saliva fell towards him, and his world seemed to explode as it made contact, knocking him away from the impact zone like a meteor strike as the fluid washed over him like a flood, blurring the world and causing his size to begin dwindling away again.

For a moment he panicked, then he realized… he didn’t feel like he needed to breath. It felt like he would sometime, but not for a while.

At least that’s one benefit of being… shit, am I microscopic yet? The droplet of spit washed him along the surface of the slide, a passenger raced away on a tide as he contemplated the question, all the while shrinking away.

“Do you see him?” Allison asked, a little nervous.

“Uh, no,” Sadie said, biting her lip as she knelt over the slide, scanning it for any sign of movement.

“Well, you’re going to have to get closer to his scale then,” Allison said with a sigh. Without warning, she held the eye dropper over Sadie, squeezing it and sending a glob of the saliva into the back of her head.

“Hey, what the-“ Sadie began, bolting upright as her hair was instantly soaked. Her eyes went wide as she began shrinking down out of her doll’s dress.

“Get on the slide!” Allison said, gesturing quickly, “Clark’s going to be a lot smaller than you, when you find him, get as close to the middle as you can!”

“Uh, okay got it!” Sadie said. She felt herself slide out of the oversized tent of her dress, and quickly scurried over to the slide, standing over it as her height diminished. Her eyes raced across the growing world of glass at her feet, looking for any sign of Clark.

Clark wasn’t sure how long the wave had lasted, but the current had finally slowed, letting him force himself to his feet in the vast knee high sea of Allison’s spit, and he looked around at the vast glass plane and took in the scale of the world she’d sent him to.

God I’m small, he thought, looking at the edge of the slide, miles away. Allison leaned over him still, but she was so far away it was hard to make her out as a person, she was more like… a planet, a vast astronomical body in the sky far away. He looked up at her, utterly beyond her perception, and couldn’t help but feel aroused at the thought. Her breath, faraway and soft though it was, rushed by him like a warm wind, blowing his hair as he tried to keep his focus on the beautiful brunette dominating the skyline.

“Hey! Clark!” a voice called.

He spun around and started, Sadie was looming over him, grinning excitedly as she stomped through the remaining puddle of spit towards him. She was naked, having long ago shrunk out of a doll sized dress that loomed behind her like a mountain range.

“I think you stopped shrinking!” she exclaimed.

He looked around and nodded, “yeah,” he said with a grin, “I think you’re right!”

“Shit, I think I’m coming down there too,” Sadie muttered, watching herself shrink as she stood in the sea of Allison’s spit that still coated the center of the slide. She continued to dwindle, becoming a giant, then an amazon, and finally stopping just a little shorter than him as the two of them stood together in the vast and endless spit-covered glass landscape.

“Wow,” Sadie murmured, looking up at Allison’s colossal form, “we are…”

“Tiny,” Clark said with a smile, “yeah…”

“Okay, I hope you guys found each other,” Allison said nervously, “umm… just hold on!”

Their world shifted, and the two of them struggled to stay upright as Allison picked up the microscope slide. They both fell, splashing into the remaining gunk as it ran off the edge, even though Allison did her best to keep the slide level, to the two germ sized passengers it was an intense earthquake as she set their world in place below the microscope.

There was a thunderous click overhead as Allison selected a lense, and their sky was dominated by a black column, descending like some alien mothership as Allison shifted their world again, slowly searching the slide for them.

Come on, come on… Allison thought, her heart pounding as she scanned the microscopic world, this was too dangerous, I shouldn’t have done this, oh god what if they’re hurt down there, what if-

Her heart leapt as she saw two specks, she stopped, focusing in on them. Clark and Sadie heard another roaring *click* as she changed to a more intense magnification.

“I see you!” she squealed gleefully. She winced as she saw Sadie and Clark cover their ears. “Oh, she whispered, “sorry.” She cleared her throat, “are you guys okay?”

The two of them gave exaggerated nods, and Clark shot her a thumbs up and a grin she could just barely make out. Allison let herself fall back from the microscope, sighing with relief. She checked again, satisfied that the shrinking had well and truly stopped.

“It looks like we’ve discovered the endpoint of my shrinking powers,” Allison said quietly, smiling as she stared down at her friends. She began jotting down figures in the notebook, excitedly checking the magnification level on the microscope and fighting the urge to jump in excitement.

“And you guys can breathe okay?” the voice of the goddess echoed across the glass plain.

“YES!” Sadie shouted, giving her a thumbs up and nodding excitedly.

“I don’t think we even need to breathe at this size,” Clark muttered, rubbing his chin, “I got a C in biology, but… some weird stuff is going on with us right now.”

“Ah, let the egghead up there worry about it,” Sadie said with a smile, “come on! We’re bacteria! This is… we’re like astronauts, but for being small! One small step for Sadie and Clark! What should we do?”

Clark looked to his left, seeing endless glass into the horizon, then to his right, seeing the same, “Uh… I don’t know, if we do this again we should turn on the radio or something, the microscopic world doesn’t really have a lot to-“ he was cut off as Sadie tackled him, locking him into a kiss.

Allison giggled as she watched the two of them tumble, naked in each other’s embrace at a microscopic size, “Hey you two, we have more scientific inquiries to-“ she scowled as she saw Sadie shoot her a middle fingered salute. She rolled her eyes, “I guess I did tell them they were both my dolls…” She looked down through the microscope, biting her lip as she saw what they were doing. “Fuck it,” she muttered, her hand dipping into her pants. “Hey, specks! Flip over! I want to see Clark on top!”

The two of them paused, looking up at the enormous microscope lense above them, “We better do what she says,” Clark said with a smirk, “she could stick this entire slide in her old sock or something if we don’t.”

“I can’t believe she’s still pushing us around at this size,” Sadie growled, rolling onto her back, “it’s so…”

“Hot?” Clark asked with a grin, pinning Sadie’s wrist.

“Yeah!” Sadie beamed.

Allison continued to touch herself as she watched her two tiny prisoners explore one another in the microscopic world she’d sent them to. She came with a grunt, giggling as she held her glistening fingers up to her face. She took another look down at the other two, they weren’t quite done yet, and casually she reached down and wiped her wet finger on the edge of the slide, far away from them, but at that size they’d be able to smell it for hours until they started to get bigger.

She sighed as she leaned back in her chair, grabbing her notebook and jotting down a few other observations, Dr. Kendra and those guys at the lab are going to go nuts for this stuff, she thought with a smile. She noticed her still wet finger and smirked, maybe not everything needs to go in the report though…


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First Time by Greenanon
Author's Notes:

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“Do I have to go home?” Sadie moaned, looking up at the giant form of Allison from her dreamhouse balcony.

“We’ve been over this Sadie,” Allison smirked, “you can’t stay a dolly forever, your flight leaves tomorrow in the afternoon, so you’re going to have to regrow tonight, no extra shrinking doses after eight PM.”

“Fine,” Sadie pouted halfheartedly. Allison just chuckled, wondering what her friend would do if she actually agreed to keep her forever.

A smug smile drifted across her face as she turned towards the couch, where a four-inch Clark was struggling to roll out a towel beneath the end seat as she’d instructed.

“What about you Clark?” she teased, “you could stay tiny forever, I don’t need another doll, but you’d look great in a gerbil cage.”

He gulped, pausing his work of laying out the nail polish for Allison’s manicure, “I don’t know,” he said hesitantly, “sounds like kind of a restrictive life…” he loved it when she teased him about things like this of course, but the game was only fun if he at least pretended to be scared.

“I mean, I’ve never gotten to have a pet,” Allison said, walking around the couch slowly, “it could be fun… you wouldn’t need a job or money or anything, I’ll just replace the wood shavings and toss you some seeds and stuff every now and then.”

“Don’t you think I’m better as a free man most of the time?” he asked, hefting the nail polish bottle like a barrel, “who’s going to take you out on your birthday if I live in a gerbil cage?”

“I suppose you make a good point,” Allison said with a sigh, walking over to pick Sadie up from the dreamhouse balcony, “but you better keep me happy, or else I might want a pet more than a boyfriend!”

“Will do,” he said with a nod.

“For today…” Allison said, placing Sadie down on the towel with Clark, “you’re both going to give me a pedicure.” She tapped her chin and grinned, “let’s make it interesting, you two will race to see who can paint each foot’s toenails first!”

“What happens if you win?” Clark asked, looking up at the doll sized Sadie, who loomed nearly three times his size.

“Oh it’s not so much about winning as it is about making me happy, so… don’t lose?” Allison giggled.

Clark glanced at the giant doll-woman who just giggled and winked as she easily hefted a nail polish brush the size of her forearm. Clark looked down at his, almost as long as his whole body, and requiring him to heft it over his shoulder to use properly.

“This seems a little unfair,” he protested, “could you make Sadie smaller or something?”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that to her,” Allison cooed, causing Sadie to giggle, “this is her last night to wear her nice doll clothes, would you really want to take that away?”

“Yeah Clark, let me wear my doll clothes!” Sadie smirked.

“And, go!” Allison called, before they could argue further.

Clark grunted, running towards Allison’s right foot and wielding the brush over his shoulder like a bazooka, covering a toenail the size of his chest in a deep red polish that Allison had picked out. He finished, leaving a shining crimson surface that reflected his face like a mirror. He glanced up and scowled, Sadie was arrogantly strutting back for more nail polish, having already finished the second of Allison’s left toes.

“Better pick up the pace Clark, you’re falling behind!” the giant woman overhead called, head in her hands as she looked down, watching her toys compete for her amusement.

He took a deep breath, sprinting as fast as he could with the brush, dipping it in the barrel of nail polish and giving a powerful grunt as he lifted it back out, his legs becoming sore as he returned to paint the next toe.

The warm vanilla scented lotion Allison had used on her feet earlier filled his nostrils as he took deep breaths, doing his best to keep up with his doll-sized rival. He panted with exertion, finishing the next two toes without breaking to re-dip the brush. He turned to go back for the next round when-

“Done!” Sadie called cheerfully.

“Good job Sadie!” Allison clapped, looking down at the completed foot. She frowned as she looked at her right, seeing two toes remaining and Clark collapsed from the exertion of carrying the brush back and forth, heaving as he lay on the towel.

“Poor Clark,” Allison giggled, reaching down and taking the brush from his limp arms. Casually she held it between her fingers, dipping it in the bottle of nail polish again and completing the task in a few seconds, letting Clark watch as she easily moved the brush that had turned him to jelly, finally putting it back in the bottle and screwing the cap on with a smug grin.

“Maybe you were too hard on him,” Sadie said, walking over and standing over him, a victorious colossus in her doll’s dress while he lay naked at her feet, less than a third her size. “I think he lost a little more height,” she said with a smug smirk, “he had to get a lot closer to your toes than I did to paint them properly.”

"I just need a minute to catch my breath," he panted.

Allison just shrugged, her foot hovering over him a moment, filling his nostrils with that same oily-vanilla small he’d caught a whiff of during the pedicure. The toes descended, pinching his torso between them, lifting him up slightly as Allison admired his handiwork.

“The nails you got to aren’t bad looking,” Allison said, squeezing him slightly between her warm scented toes, “but you still didn’t do the job.” She gave a mock sigh, “I really should just shrink you down to nothing, a night at microscopic size stuck between my toes would teach you a lesson about letting your girlfriend down like this!”

Clark felt an  erection stir, and he blushed as he thought of what that would be like, a truly pathetic thing, clinging to survival between her digits as she went about her day.

“W-Would you really do that to him?” Sadie asked, awed as she watched him dwindle in the grip of Allison’s toes.

Allison thought a moment, then gave a wicked grin, “hey, we know microscopic size is safe, heck if you think about it, it’s probably safer than being doll size is… you guys are impossible to squish at that size, Clark says you don’t even need air.” She chewed her lip, thinking it over as she watched her boyfriend’s body dwindle further into the grasp of her clutching toes, his entire body would fit between them soon, and the vanilla scented lotion grew stronger with each passing second. “The biggest roadblock is just finding you after…” she snapped her fingers and beamed, “I’d just wipe between my toes with a cloth, then leave it somewhere for you to safely regrow.”

“I’m not sure how I feel about how much thought you’re putting into this!” Clark called with a grin.

“Hmm… one part of you seems to feel pretty good about it,” Sadie said, pointing to his rock hard erection. Clark gasped as it was hidden as Allison scrunched her toes around him again, hiding his entire lower body between her soft and lotioned skin.

“It’s definitely an idea,” Allison said, “a camping trip between my toes, I’d send you there tonight but…” she smirked and shrugged, “I want you to drive Sadie and me to the airport tomorrow.”

She released her toes, dropping him down what to him was almost a hundred feet, but to a full size Allison wasn’t even two, he grunted as he hit the towel, whatever else it was certainly true that gravity and blunt force didn’t hit as hard at this size…

As if reading his mind Allison slowly lowered her foot down on him, grinning as she pressed down on the towel, stepping on him and covering his world with her soft sole. She stood all the way up, and he grunted and squirmed like a bug beneath her as she put all of her weight down on him. A moment later she lifted her foot, glancing down to see him gasping for breath, but otherwise unharmed.

“Y-You stepped on him!” Sadie said, spellbound, “y-you always told me you were scared to do that-“

“I had to check,” Allison said, sitting back down, “I… I always felt really bad about what happened that one time with us Sadie, but…” she grinned, “I think I’m finally over it, I’ll still be careful when you guys are at bigger sizes obviously, but it seems like, on soft surfaces and barefoot at least, I can’t accidentally crush you guys once you’re small beyond a certain point…”

“Uh, you’re not going to start stepping on us for fun are you?” Sadie asked nervously.

Allison grinned and crossed her legs, looking down at Clark, “depends on what size you are, I guess,” she said casually.

Clark wanted to protest, but as he lay there on the towel, still dazed from the experience, the only part of him that could rise was between his legs.

“I’ll have to visit again soon!” Sadie said, hugging Allison at nearly full size as they dropped her off at the airport terminal. She turned to Clark, who had managed to get back to five foot even by morning, and she smiled, “it was really nice meeting you, take care of Allison for me!”

“I will!” he said with a grin, waving as Sadie headed inside to begin her flight check in.

“I’m going to miss her,” Allison said with a sigh.

“Me too,” Clark said, leaning over and giving her shoulder a quick squeeze, “got any other plans for today?”

“Just a visit to The Lab,” Allison said with a shrug, “I wanted to tell Dr. Kendra some of the things we learned over the last week.”

“Do you include everything we do when you give her these reports?” Clark asked, a wry smile on his face.

Allison giggled, blushing slightly as the car pulled onto the highway, “enough,” she said simply.

“So, your boyfriend Clark, and your friend Sadie, they were completely unharmed,” Dr. Kendra asked curiously, “even when they were too small to be seen by the human eye? There were no problems breathing, or… well, anything else?”

“Nope!” Allison said excitedly, her smile reflected in the glass of the other woman’s biohazard suit visor. “They were fine, I was very careful with them obviously, but they were waving to me from the microscope slide!”

Dr. Kendra blinked, that… that can’t be possible, she thought, a pit forming in her stomach, the idea of microscopic humans just… existing, like they would at normal size spat in the face of everything she knew about biology and physics, even moreso than what she was already dealing with on a daily basis.

Magic? She thought wildly, sufficiently advanced science, she reassured herself. The Lab had already dipped too far into that realm over the course of this particular project, hiring a small army of religious figures and folkore experts to determine if there was any explanation in theology or mysticism that would give them a lead. If any gods or demons knew the answer, they weren’t talking.

“Dr. Kendra?” Allison asked, sensing the woman’s shock.

“Oh it’s nothing dear, it’s just… surprising,” she said with a weak smile, “what you’ve described is quite… amazing, there’s no other way to put it.”

“I know!” Allison said eagerly, “I mean, I’m sure you guys play around with secret and impossible stuff all the time, but for me this is just mindblowing!”

Secret and impossible stuff Kendra thought with a titter, Allison dear, compared to you the alien corpse in the freezer downstairs is downright boring. She also noted Allison’s change in attitude, she wasn’t afraid of her ability anymore, she was excited.

“Allison,” she said suddenly, “how are you doing… mentally I mean? I’m not a therapist but… well, anything you’re going through is relevant.”

“Things are going pretty good,” Allison said cheerfully, “I really think I can live like this now, if you guys can’t cure it, I mean…” She bit her lip, “I’m kind of wondering if I want to, to be honest.”

Dr. Kendra frowned, that certainly was a turn. Allison had always been eager to hear of any progress being made towards mitigating or curing her condition, news that Dr. Kendra sadly hadn’t ever been able to give her.

“Interesting,” Dr. Kendra said neutrally, “and your friends, they feel the same?”

“I think so,” Allison said with a smile, “at the very least I think they’d miss being small now and then.” She sighed, “there is one thing that… well, nevermind,” she giggled.

“You can tell me Allison,” Dr. Kendra said with a smile. You are sick, a voice inside her head said, this girl is confiding in you and you’re treating her like an experiment…

“Sex,” Allison blurted out.

Dr. Kendra blinked, “I uh…” she cleared her throat, “Allison, you’ve erm… told me numerous times that you’ve had sexual contact with your boyfriend Clark-“

“No, no,” Allison sighed, “I mean… look, Clark has gotten me off lots of times, I’m very satisfied with that, but… I’m technically still a virgin,” she finished.

“I see,” Dr. Kendra said, chewing the tip of her stylus uncomfortably, “so normal intercourse is-“

“Impossible pretty much,” Allison grumbled, “the shrinky stuff is really strong down there, even sniffing my old underwear is enough to send Clark down to doll size in a good minute or so.”

“Uh huh,” Dr. Kendra said, her face red. This kind of frank discussion wasn’t quite what she’d expected when she’d tried to get Allison to open up… Still, be supportive, it’s the least you can do for the poor girl.

“It only gets stronger the more turned on I get,” Allison continued in a huff, “so if he did try to put it in me, he’d probably fall in after a few thrusts, do you see the problem?”

“Yes, your emotional state can effect the uhh, strength of the chemical released,” Dr. Kendra said, wishing she could sink into her chair and disappear, “fear, anger-“

“Being horny,” Allison said with a smirk.

Dr. Kendra just nodded, “I…” she thought a moment on something The Lab had been working on, you shouldn’t, she told herself, it’s experimental, it’s vital, giving it to her would be a huge lapse in judgment.

She looked across the table at Allison, seeing the girl she’d been studying for several years now, a girl who had always seemed depressed and withdrawn, who now sat before her practically glowing, a girl she’d used paid agents to stalk, a girl she betrayed every day in one way or another. The guilt started to creep at her.

“Wait here,” she said, standing up. She left the interrogation room where she usually met Allison, skipping the normal decontamination shower and leaving her biohazard suit on. She marched through the facility, ignoring greetings and looks as she scanned her keycard, opening doors until she reached an airlocked chamber. She took a glance around, then opened this final door as well. It wasn’t as though she would be able to keep this secret, a million cameras had seen her, and she’d have to come up with some explanation, but that was a problem for later. For now, she had what she wanted, holding up a large bottle of small white pills.

The label across it read “Subject A Experimental Countermeasure,” and with a quick yank Dr. Kendra pulled the label off, leaving it a blank looking pill bottle with a few hundred doses in it. The door hissed as she re-entered the interrogation room, Allison looking at her curiously as she sat down again.

“Take these,” Dr. Kendra said, pushing them across the table, “they’re a formula that counteracts the shrinking chemical.”

Allison’s eyes went wide, “wha- how long have you had these?”

“They just rolled off the line today,” Dr. Kendra lied, “they are not completely effective, at best they just slow the shrinking down… given what you’ve told me, they will likely raise the er… bottoming out, of the shrinking as well, though by how much I can’t say. You should give one to Clark maybe an hour before you wish to…” she simply cleared her throat, leaving the statement in the air.

“Thanks!” Allison breathed, looking at the bottle of pills like they were some lost treasure, “I’ll… I’ll tell him tonight! I’ll be sure to let you know if they work!”

“I look forward to the data,” Dr. Kendra muttered uncomfortably, should you tell her they developed those pills so a team could black bag her in the middle of the night? She wondered miserably.

A night later Allison and Clark were in her bedroom, naked and staring across the bed at one another. Clark had taken the anti-shrinking pill as directed, and the two of them were nervously discussing what to do next.

“So, we’re really going to do this?” Clark asked, taking a deep breath, “okay, well, we’ll have to be smart about it,” he began, looking across the bed to a smug Allison. “I’ll try to go as quick as possible, maybe some kind of Chinese herbal formula can-“

“Clark,” Allison started.

“Now your lab-pills will delay shrinking, sure,” he continued, “but it’s still going to happen, especially given how potent you are down there, so-“

“CLARK!” she said, giggling as she cut him off.

“Yeah, sorry, what?” he said sheepishly.

She giggled as she tossed him a box of condoms, then a box of disposable gloves, “rubber up, then you’ll stay full size,” she said with a smirk.

He blinked, a little embarrassed that he’d missed such an obvious solution. With a grin he stood up, putting on the gloves first, then unwrapping one of the condoms.

A moment later he was on the bed, over her, his arms wrapped around her as he positioned himself. He savored the feel of his skin against hers, even as they were trying to limit contact. He wasn’t noticeably shrinking, and he grinned down at her at the realization that the pills were working.

“Are you ready?” he whispered.

“Yes!” she squealed, bracing herself. She grunted a moment later as he entered her, thrusting slowly into her wet and waiting womanhood. She moaned in pleasure, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him in tighter.

“Keep going!” Allison breathed, smiling as Clark picked up the pace, it’s wonderful, it’s… it’s everything I dreamed! She had of course pleasured herself with vibrators, he was hardly the first thing to enter her, but the real thing was… new, electric even. “Faster!”

Clark needed no encouragement, and he fought down his own moan as he kept thrusting downward into her, her tight walls gripping him as she mewled happily below him. The fire built between, them, the sparks of their meeting eyes causing it to rise as they reached climax together.

Clark let out something close to a growl as Allison’s legs wrapped around his back, driving him home as she gave a husky groan. They clenched one another close, all worries of shrinking or exposure forgotten as they remained in the other’s embrace through the height of orgasm.

“Fuck,” Clark panted, rolling off her, breathing heavily.

“Fuck yeah,” Allison completed, staring up at the ceiling with a dreamy grin.

When the moment had passed somewhat Allison sighed, sitting up and stretching. Clark grinned, taking a good look at her mussed hair and pleased expression as she leaned over him.

“Okay, let’s see the damage,” she said, looking up and down his body. She rolled out of bed, inviting him to get up too. She quickly leveled her gaze at him, taking her hand and moving it from the top of his head to her own. She brightened, “look at that! We went a full round and you only lost a few inches! You’re still a little taller than me, look!”

“I’ll be damned,” Clark said, a smile creeping over his face as he looked slightly down at her, “do you want to go for another round?” Allison squealed in agreement, hopping back on the bed and giggling as she waved him to her. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, “give me a few minutes, I’ve got to replace this too,” he pointed at the condom, still hanging off him.

He whistled to himself as he went into her bathroom, peeling the gloves he’d worn off and tossing them in the small trashcan. They’d quickly become filled with sweat from their lovemaking, and he wanted a new pair of those too. He reached down to slip the condom off himself, wrinkling his nose as he balled it up and tossed it in the trashcan.

He turned and froze, “Oh shit,” he muttered. The door handle was now eye level with him, and rising rapidly. He looked down at his hands in panic, then to the glistening goo that had rubbed off on him from the condom, it was inside Allison, he realized. He leapt for the counter, and scowled when he was too short to reach the sink.

“Allison!” he called in panic, watching the counter drift away from him.

She came bounding into the bathroom, still naked, looking around for him. Her eyes went wide as she looked down at him, only up to her knee and dwindling fast.

“What happened!?” she exclaimed.

“I took off the condom and-“

“And some of my cum was on it,” Allison said with a sigh, watching him keep shrinking, “damn, even with that pill that stuff is potent…”

Clark’s shrinking slowed to a stop suddenly, and he looked at his hands, still covered in the slick sheen, “I think… I think I stopped!” he shouted up to her.

“Huh, maybe those pills were good for something after all,” Allison said, bending down to pick him up. Her bare fingers closed around him, and true to what he’d said he didn’t continue shrinking. She lifted him up to her face, and gave him a quick kiss, and she smirked when he remained at his six inch height, “yeah, it looks like while you’re on that stuff your minimum size is somewhere between… five and six inches maybe?”

“It beats microscopic I guess,” he said with a shrug.

Allison pursed her lips, staring at him for a moment. It dragged on, and while Clark could see the gears in her head turning he wasn’t quite sure what she was thinking.

“Uh, Allison, hello? Earth to Allison?”

“I was thinking,” she said, a grin tracing over her features as she carried him back into the bedroom, “I’d still like round two…”

“I’m a little small-“ he started, but he was cut off as she opened her nightstand drawer, he watched as she lifted something out.

“I don’t think you’re too small at all,” Allison giggled, holding her vibrator up to him. Clark felt the cool plastic press against his back as she compared their sizes, “in fact,” she continued, “you look like you’re just about the perfect size…” She jokingly tapped the “on” switch, and Clark’s world momentarily shook as the plastic cock the length of his body began to vibrate, she flicked it back off, tossing it back into the drawer.

He gulped, “Allison, let’s take a deep breath and-“

“Good idea, you should take a deep breath,” Allison giggled, situating herself on the bed with her legs opened wide.

Clark’s eyes went wide as he was angled over the glistening opening, following her instructions he gasped just as he was rocketed forward.

“Oh yeah!” Allison moaned, “that’s it!”

Clark’s head and shoulders were swallowed up by her, the soft yet powerful walls of her womanhood gripping him and seeming to pull him deeper as he was forced back and forth. He thrashed back and forth, but that only made Allison moan louder, and he felt himself growing hard too as his erection was shoved along the fleshy tunnel’s sides over and over.

“Fuck me,” he gasped.

He yielded, allowing her to make him a toy, a thing to pleasure herself with, a masturbatory aid. She picked up her speed, driving herself closer to orgasm as the tunnel collapsed around Clark, gripping him and filling his mouth and nostrils with the strong sensuous musk of her most intimate place, a place so powerful that it caused him to nearly cry out as the pressure increased, squeezing him harder and harder with each passing moment.

Allison came with a scream, holding him in place inside her as her pussy clamped down on him, trapping him and massaging his whole body with the quake and rhtym of her orgasm. The world loosened finally, and with a slick wet *pop* he was pulled out, soaked head to toe in her cum as he panted, squinting at the light of the bedroom after so long in the dark.

“Good job babe,” she whispered, leaning back in against her pillow after the second orgasm of the night.

“T-Thanks,” he said, stunned. He blinked and tried to gather his thoughts, it was hard after having been reduced to a human dildo, but he finally managed, “b-be sure to rinse me off or something before that pill wears off,” he said with a weak smile, “if it clears my system while I’m still covered in your cum like this… well, I’m going straight down, you know?”

“They’re supposed to last around eight hours,” Allison said dreamily, “you’ve got some time… pill or no pill you won’t be growing any bigger than that tonight.” She sat up, “I’m going to order some dinner, I’m going to put you away for now.”

He frowned, “put me away? What do you-“ she opened the nighstand drawer, her vibrator rolling to the end as she lowered him down next to it.

“Okay, you and your brother be good while I order Chinese,” she giggled, slowly closing the drawer on him and the dildo.

She’d let him out in a few minutes, she decided. Still, it was an amusing way to end a session of using him as a toy, putting him away with another one… She hummed to herself as she pulled up her phone, looking through nearby restaurants that offered delivery.

Dr. Kimbers growled angrily as he watched the surveillance footage, “Kendra supplied the subject with the countermeasure pills… I’m not sure why, but I don’t like it.” He glanced at a pair of other scientists who had met with him in his own office, deep in the bowels of The Lab. The three of them had come together to discuss what to do about the ongoing issues with Dr. Kendra, and management of the project as a whole…

“This is ridiculous,” the first scientist muttered, “she’s clearly too attached to the subject to make rational decisions.”

“I agree,” Kimbers muttered, “but as long as she’s in charge we can’t make a move to bring the Subject into custody.”

“What if there was another one?” the second scientist said suddenly, she was a pale woman with jet black hair and an unfeeling face, even when she was smiling slightly.

“Another one?” Kimbers asked, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, “what did you have in mind?”

“Autopsies on female lab animals exposed to repeated shrinking effects show development of a new organ near the liver,” the scientist explained, “it’s very small, but we’ve observed it in monkeys, rats, and canines… we believe this organ would, if activated, produce the shrinking chemical.”

“Activated? So it’s just dormant in the lab animals it’s grown in?” Kimbers asked with a frown.

“That’s correct,” the woman continued, “but… we believe we could activate it with a certain enzyme injection. Effectively we could create a second Subject, complete with shrinking abilities.” She bit her lip, “The problem is that based on our calculations it could take years of consistent exposure to the chemical to bring this organ to maturity in second human female, we could procure a volunteer to test this theory, but we wouldn’t be able to move for at least four-“

“What if a woman existed who had been consistently exposed to the subject’s condition for years?” Kimber asked, steepling his fingers as he thought of the girl’s friend… What was her name, Sally? Cindy? There would be time to check the files later…

End Notes:

Sadie will not be out of our story for long. Hope you guys enjoy this somewhat meandering story, half slice of life, half dangerous conspiracy, will Allison realize The Lab isn't her ally before it's too late?

And Then There Were Two by Greenanon

“So, are you sure you want me to meet your friends?” Allison asked nervously as they pulled up to the restaurant, “I mean… I know I look like kind of a freak, decked out in the gloves and everything…”

“Allison,” he said with a sigh, “trust me, even if you were just some weirdo Angie and Brick wouldn’t care, they’re some of my oldest friends…” he opened the door and stepped out intob the parking lot, “besides, Angie knows anyways.”

“I’m still curious as to exactly how that happened,” Allison said, the hint of a smile in the corner of her mouth.

“She caught me at five foot even,” he said, exasperated, “you can’t bullshit your way out of being almost a foot shorter than you usually are.”

“It’s fine,” she said with a shrug and a smile, “if they’re really your closest friends, they probably would find out one way or the other that I’m not like other girls…” He returned the smile and held her gloved hand as the two of them walked in together.

The four of them greeted each other, ordered drinks and appetizers, and rapidly fell into friendly conversation. Allison was shy at first, but after some prodding she was beginning to open up.

“So anyways, we kind of bumped into each other and… well, we both loved Star Trek,” Allison said with a blush, “and we kind of watched a few of the movies together at my place…” she left out that he’d been a few inches tall at the time.

“Yeah, that’s Clark,” Brick laughed, playfully punching him in the shoulder. The hulking man looked at Allison a minute, then stared into his drink, “You know Allison, Clark and Angie, they’ve got a hell of a sense of humor…”

“Oh?” Allison asked, taking a sip of her own cocktail.

“Get this,” Brick laughed, “these two?” he jerked a thumb at his sister and Clark, “they say you… shrink people.” The way he said it carried just a hint of genuine curiosity, as though he wanted to just flat out ask her about it, but had to hide it under a coat of jest.

“I do,” Allison said, smirking slightly.

Brick and Angie were silent a moment, shooting each other looks, “Clark wasn’t really specific about how it works,” Angie said cautiously, “are you a mad scientist or something? Is it magic?”

“I wish,” Allison laughed, “no, it’s just something my body makes, it’s in my sweat, my skin, my… well, you get the idea.”

“That explains the gloves,” Angie muttered, looking at the blue latex.

“Hey, no offense to everyone here, I trust you all and everything,” Brick said, “but… I need to see a demonstration or something if I’m gonna believe this…”

Allison glanced at Clark and smiled, “you up for it?”

“Just a little,” he warned as she took off her glove, “I don’t want to have to order off the kid’s menu again.”

Allison smirked at the memory, then licked the tip of her thumb, pressing it into Clark’s forehead. He saw the world slowly begin to expand as he dipped in his chair slightly, his clothes got looser, and the top of the table seemed to creep up towards him. She removed her thumb a moment later, leaving him reduced in height by maybe half a foot.

“Stand up,” Brick said, awed. Clark shrugged and did so, and Brick joined him, looking down, dumbstruck, at his now much shorter friend. “Holy shit,” Brick muttered, “it’s… it’s real!”

“Welcome to my life,” Clark laughed, sitting back down.

Clark and Allison left the restaurant, bidding the other two farewell as they headed home to the apartment complex. Allison was positively glowing, barely able to keep a smile off her face as Clark took a leisurely route home, the streetlights passing over their faces one after another in a hypnotic fashion.

“You okay?” Clark asked with a smile as he pulled in to their complex.

“We just had a normal dinner out with your friends,” Allison said dreamily, “I just… I just never thought I’d get to do something like that, you know?”

“Like I said, I trust the two of them to keep our little secret,” Clark said.

“Does this mean I can make you smaller on days before you have to work?” Allison said, a devious grin suddenly on her face.

“Nope, I’ve still got to be big enough to move boxes and stuff,” he said with a wink.

Sadie walked happily through the mall, freshly off her shift at the bank where she worked. She’d been eyeing up a few new scarves as the weather cooled, and had decided to just take a solo shopping trip to relax. She hummed to herself as she compared them, checking the prices.

I should visit Allison and Clark again over Thanksgiving, she decided, looking across the mall hallway. The toy store was having a sale on doll furniture.

“EEP!” Sadie jolted upright as something jabbed the back of her leg. She whirled around, half expecting to see a hornet or some other stinging bug, but there was just an unassuming man standing there, holding an umbrella and walking away. She blinked a moment, “fucking weirdo,” she muttered, going back to her shopping.

“Injection was a success,” Drake muttered into his phone, looking at the syringe needle hidden in the umbrella. He watched the blonde girl continue to shop, oblivious to the enzyme that was now flowing through her veins.

“Good work,” Kimbers said, “continue to observe, at a distance, and contact me immediately if she becomes symptomatic.”

“Understood,” Drake growled, watching the girl eye a set of doll furniture through the toy shop window.

Clark sighed, looking at the storage rental form, “Anyone know what the hell The Shop is?” he asked, glancing over at Angie and Brick, who were unlocking a storage unit that hadn’t paid it’s fees.

“Their payment card declined, and I couldn’t get ahold of them,” Angie said as Brick rolled up the storage locker door, “that’s all that really matters to me.”

“Looks like a bunch of old files,” Brick said, leafing through a box idly, “project Firestarter? More like project fire hazard, leaving all this paper packed in here like this…”

“Well, let’s clear it out,” Clark said with a shrug.

His phone buzzed suddenly, and he scowled as he checked it, texts from Allison? He frowned and kept reading. With a chuckle he began to text her back.

He sighed, fighting a laugh, “he guys, do you mind if I knock off like a half hour early today?”

“No,” Brick said, hefting one of the boxes, “why?”

“I’m pretty sure Allison is going to ambush me in the parking lot and try to make me tiny.”

“Then you should stay,” Angie said with a smirk, “I like the idea of you getting small.”

“Ugh,” Brick said with a shudder, “look Angie, Clark is a real nice guy, he lets his mutant girlfriend shrink him and all, but he doesn’t have to like it, right Clark?”

“I kind of do like it,” he said with a shrug.

Brick stared at him a moment, then chuckled himself, “hey, I find that fucking terrifying, but different strokes I guess. Come on, help me move these boxes while you’re still full sized.”

Allison watched the storage warehouse from her car, chuckling to herself. She’d long fantasized about just kidnapping and shrinking a hot guy, and today Clark was going to help her live that dream. She glanced at her car’s clock and frowned, in her fantasy the guys usually just appeared all scared and panicky right away…

“Come on!” she muttered, “are you really going to just finish the workday!?” She crossed her arms and fumed, sinking into the driver’s seat, You have your girlfriend in a sinister plot to shrink you, panic or something!”

Her heart leapt as she saw Clark open the door to the storage locker, glancing around for her. She fought a squeal as she stealthily opened her car door, slipping her gloves off and sticking them in the pockets of her jeans.

“Woah here she comes,” she sang under her breath, “watch out boy she’ll chew you up…”

“Oh shit!” Clark said, spotting her as she crossed the parking lot.

“She’s a maneater!” Allison sang at full volume as a smile stretched across her face. She sprinted at him as he fumbled with his car keys, and her grin of triumph turned to a growl of anger as he managed to open his car, sliding into the driver’s seat and locking the door behind him.

“OPEN IT!” she growled, her hands and face pressed against the window like a horror movie icon.

“Nope!” he laughed, turning the key. The engine roared to life, and in a defiant moment he lifted a middle finger salute to Allison, who gave him a glare that almost melted the glass between them.

I’m going to pay for that, he thought with a grin, and it’s going to be amazing…

Allison glared at him as he pulled away, and he gave her a taunting wave as he turned onto the street leading away from the storage unit parking lot.

Clark looked around the apartment complex common area, she probably hadn’t gotten back before him, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He walked into his apartment and quickly checked the bedroom and closet, she had a key to his place… he smiled as he found no trace of her.

He eyed the bathroom a moment, and with a chuckle and a shrug walked over to it and pushed the door open. As he stepped inside a dozen balled up garments fell around him, each with a ripe smell of stale earthy sweat, he cried out in surprise as he stumbled backwards, his clothes loosening as Allison’s dirty laundry shrank him on contact.

She booby trapped the place! He realized, looking around in a panic and wondering what else she’d set up. He ran to the kitchen, a difficult thing to do with his pantsleeves falling around him.

He started as there was a knock on the kitchen window, and he grimaced as he saw Allison, grinning at his shortened stature as she tapped the glass playfully.

“Let me in pipsqueak!” she demanded.

“Never!” he said playfully.

She just chuckled, backing away and walking around to his apartment door. He ran towards it, hoping he could get the deadbolt in place before she got there, but he froze, there was a sock hanging from the doorknob, and another taped to the deadbolt, he wouldn’t be able to touch either without touching those either, and from the looks of them they were her workout ones too. He cursed angrily as he ran back to the kitchen, looking for a pair of tongs or anything he could use to slide the soiled footwear off without touching it.

He finally found them, clacking them together in triumph as he raced back towards the door, but it was too late, the knob was already turning, and his smile turned to horror as Allison stepped inside, crossing her arms as she looked down at him.

“The apartment was such an obvious place to try to hide from me,” Allison said, “you lost the minute you went in here; I mean hello Clark? I have a key!” she reached into her pocket and dangled it in front of him playfully. She grinned as she looked behind him, seeing her laundry spread out in the hallway, “I see you found one of my little traps.”

“I’m still big enough to get away,” he said with a grin.

She just rolled her eyes and chuckled, “I’m already stronger than you, faster too, now be a good boy and kiss my feet until you can fit in this,” she held up a clear plastic carrying case, similar to what one would find at a pet store for rodents.

He turned to run, stumbling slightly as his too-long pants tripped him up, the bedroom window, he thought madly, I could get through it and get back out to the car-

He grunted as he was jolted to a stop, an iron grip on the back of his shirt collar ending his flight before it could even begin. He struggled as the shirt was lifted over his head and off him, Allison’s strong arms catching his wrist with a giggle as she finished disrobing him and tossing the garment into the corner.

“Pets don’t wear clothes,” Allison teased, “you will wear a collar though.”

“Fat chance!” he said, fighting a smile as he bolted again. This time her hand landed directly on his shoulder, and she wasn’t wearing gloves either. Her grip grew stronger as he struggled, shrinking as she pulled him closer to her again. His pants fell around his ankles, his belt giving a metallic clink as it hit the floor, leaving him naked before his pursuer.

“Give it up Clark, you’re going to be my pet this weekend, the only real choices you have left are what kind of pet you’re going to be.”

He paused, and she lifted her hand off his shoulder, pausing his shrinking when he was about waist-high to her, “I’m listening,” he said, crossing his arms.

She gave a devious grin, then slipped her shoes off one after the other. Next she gripped the top of her socks with each toe, peeling them off until she was barefoot in front of him. He noticed that the red nail polish from the pedicure was still in place, and a vanilla-lotion scent wafted up to him as she wiggled her toes, gripping his carpet.

“I want you to kiss my feet until you shrink to rodent size,” she explained, dangling the carrier again, “and…” she tapped her chin a moment, then snapped her fingers, “when you’re done, thank me for it!”

“And If I refuse?” Clark asked, looking down at her toes.

“Kissing them gets you a ticket to the hamster cage, but if you refuse? I also have an ant farm,” she said with a shrug, “personally I think we’ll have a lot more fun if you just decide to be a good little rodent for me, but I’m sure I can find ways to pass the time if I end up with a bug instead.”

He dropped to his knees, giving one last pleading look at her, she just smiled expectantly and tapped her foot, waiting. With a sigh his lips met the top of her foot, and as he kissed it she giggled overhead, watching him get smaller.

“Go on, good boy, keep kissing,” she said, making a mocking smooch noise, “every little peck gets you closer to where you need to be…” she tapped her foot expectantly, “down here.”

He kept going, placing kiss after kiss on her foot as it grew in front of him, soon he was forced to start kissing further down, his lips landing on her toes as each action shrank him a little more. The scent of that vanilla lotion filled his senses, mixed with the slightly earthy smell of her feet that, while clean enough, had still been in her shoes all day. Soon the foot was bigger than he was, and he looked up at her, wondering when he could stop, but she just smirked and playfully pointed her finger down, emphasizing where he was going.

"Stop,” she said finally, “you are about the size of a gerbil now… I’ve always wanted one, but…” she shrugged and smiled, “as I’ve said, my powers don’t really agree with animals, it would be cruel to the poor thing.” She reached into her pocket and withdrew her gloves, pulling one on with a rubbery snapping sound as it stretched over her fingers. She bent down slowly to pick him up, “You though?” she said, grinning as her latex clad fingers wrapped around him, “you’re just the perfect pet for me, and much cuter than anything I’ve ever seen at the pet store!”

“You can’t just keep people as your pets Allison!” he shouted, struggling in her grip. It was what she wanted to hear, and her smile broadened as she squeezed him tighter, causing him to groan.

“People aren’t tiny, people aren’t super cute, and people don’t get petted like this” She said as her other gloved finger came up to play with his hair, “You. Are. A. Pet!” she almost burst into giggles at the last line.

 Well, for this weekend anyway you’re a pet, she thought, admiring how cute he was as he tried to get his arms loose and push her finger away. His resistance was really starting to get to her, and she had no doubt if she stuck her hand down her panties right now, her fingers would come up moist. You are too fucking good to me Clark, she laughed internally as she plotted what to do with him next.

“Thank me,” she said, putting her thumb under his chin and forcing him to look up into her eyes, “thank me for shrinking you to pet size and taking care of you!”

“T-Thank you for letting me kiss your feet, and thank you for taking care of me now that I’m small!” he managed.

She loosed her grip slightly, feeling the rock hard erection poking into the side of her palm. She spread her hand open, letting him lay in it like a hammock as she idly played with his manhood with her thumb and forefinger.

“I’m going to stick my dirty workout socks in your cage,” she said, watching him writhe, “with those in there you’ll never regrow, you’ll have no hope of ever being anything more than my pet mouse!”

“Noo,” he groaned, responding and fighting feebly against the sides of her hands.

“I’m afraid so,” she said with a sad sigh, “look at you, my feet were just too addicting, you just kissed them until you made yourself this sad little thing… there’s no way for you to survive on your own now, you’re really lucky I’m going to keep you.”

“Fuck,” Clark hissed, spraying his cum across her gloved fingertips while her billboard sized face looked on in approval.

“Well, say goodbye to your apartment,” she said in a patronizing tone, “it’s best to get you into your new home so you can forget all of this nonsense about being a person.” She gently tossed him down into the plastic carrying case, snapping the lid closed over him. His world swayed slightly as she hummed happily to herself, taking her capture out the door and up the stairs to her own apartment.

As she carried him into the familiar living room of her apartment, he spotted a new feature, a large glass terrarium filled with hay and wood shavings, complete with a hamster wheel and a small plastic igloo. Allison practically skipped over to it, reaching into the carrying case and pulling him out eagerly. He didn’t have a chance to ask any questions before she dropped him in, letting him bounce on the loosely packed material as he rolled to a stop in front of the plastic igloo.

“Okay, so you’ve got your little exercise wheel,” Allison said playfully, “and here’s your little house, and… here’s your food!” She pushed a little dish full of pellets towards him.

“You’re not serious,” he said, looking up at her and raising an eyebrow.

She giggled at his reaction, “I’ll give you real food,” she said in a low voice, “but the pellets came with the cage and I couldn’t resist.” She pointed to a water bottle hanging from the glass wall of his prison, “that should work, right?”

He shrugged, “I guess?”

“Good!” Allison said, a moment later there were two soft thumps as her balled socks were tossed in the far corner of his cage. “Like I said, those should give the air a nice fresh smell that will keep you small.”

He wrinkled his nose, the stale sweaty smell emanating from the socks filling the confines of the hamster cage. It wasn’t enough to shrink him outright, unless he got close enough to touch them, but he had a feeling Allison was right, the presence of her sweaty footwear would keep him from gaining even an inch back.

“And the coup de grace,” Allison said, reaching for something next to the cage and dropping it in.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Clark said, a grin stretching across his face as he saw the tiny pink collar land in front of him.

“Put it on!” Allison ordered, “do it or I take another inch!”

He quickly rached for the small pink leather collar, smirking at the cursive lettering reading “Clarky” across the front. With a sigh he clicked it around his neck, lifting his head and letting Allison examine it, practically drooling with excitement.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked, crossing his arms and looking up at the goddess looming beyond the glass walls.

“You have no idea,” she growled, reaching a hand into her pants, “I just fucking took you, I turned you into a pet Clark, you’re mine!” She moaned, fingering herself slightly, “yeah, it’s super fucked up, but this really gets me off… so you’re going to live in that cage all weekend, be a good little mousy, and wear that stupid little collar,” she groaned loudly, pulling her hand out of her pants, glancing at the glistening sheen of moisture on the fingertips of her blue gloves. She sighed happily, shooting him one last glance before casually walking into her bedroom to change into loungewear.

Sadie wasn’t sure what was happening, out of nowhere she’d started to feel feverish at the mall, and she decided to head home to lay down. Things had only gotten worse on the drive home, and she blinked sweat out of her eyes as she struggled to reach her apartment’s door, fumbling with the key as she forced her way inside. She shivered, looking around the dark interior as her shaky hands flipped the light switch on. She wanted to go to her bedroom, but didn’t even make it as far as the couch before collapsing to the carpet.

She blinked herself awake, ignoring the pain all over her body and the ache in her head as she sat up, what the fuck? Sadie thought irritably. For one wild moment she thought she was waking up to a particularly grueling hangover, then as the pain subsided the memories started to return. The last thing she’d remembered was coming home from the mall, feeling sick, and then…

“What the fuck?” she repeated out loud.

She heard her stomach growl, and looked outside. It was night, and she was famished, judging by the clock on the wall she’d slept on the floor for at least six hours… With a sigh and a shrug she forced herself to her feet, grimacing at the stench of cold sweat that covered her.

I’ll make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, she decided, looking out her apartment window to the gas station across the street, right now I need to eat something…

She shook herself, pleased to feel some of the fatigue leaving her, if not the hunger, and by the time she made it to the crosswalk she almost felt better. She licked her lips, normally she avoided gas station food, but tonight something that was mostly salt and grease sounded perfect.

The door beeped as she walked inside, and she smiled at the clerk and the other two customers as she walked towards the hot dog rack. She loaded up one of the franks with ketchup, onions, relish, and mustard, her stomach practically roaring every few seconds as she took her selection to the counter.

There was a bang as the door was kicked open, a man in a ski mask burst into the store, a pistol in hand. Sadie screamed, dropping her hot dog as the man advanced on the counter.

“Everyone empty your fucking pockets!” the man screamed, waving the gun in a wide arc. He tossed a cloth bag at the cashier, “fill that up!”

The clerk gulped, reaching for the bag and popping the register open. Sadie’s heart was pounding as the man scanned the room, bloodshot eyes glaring at them all beneath the black fabric of the mask. His eyes landed on Sadie, and she felt her stomach drop.

“Faster!” he shouted, grabbing her by the wrist, “or this girl eats it!”

Sadie winced as she felt his hand on her wrist squeeze tighter… then… looser?

Sadie’s eyes widened, and her jaw dropped as she watched the robber begin to dwindle in height, no, she thought madly, t-this is impossible, I’m not like Allison, I’m not-

“What the fuck!?” the robber screamed, spinning around and looking up madly at Sadie, he’d gone down below five feet in the few seconds he’d been gripping her wrist, and without thinking Sadie reached out and grabbed his hand, twisting it and causing he smaller, much weaker, man to drop his weapon. He started shrinking again, and as his struggles grew weaker Sadie watched, stunned as he dropped below her chest in height. With a gasp she released him, stepping back.

“What the hell did you do to him?” the clerk asked, looking at her fearfully.

“I uh…” Sadie blinked, “I…”

One of the other people in the store moved to block the door, “Look, the cops are on the way, they’ll sort this out,” he muttered, looking at the diminutive robber, shocked into silence, his clothing hanging off him as he stuttered incoherently.

Cops!? Sadie gulped, “move!” she said forcefully, but the man just narrowed his eyes, refusing to budge. With a growl Sadie leapt at him, planting a kiss on his cheek and causing him to start in surprise as he shrank before her.

“S-Stop!” The man protested, backing away from the now Amazonian blonde.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered, running out the door and sprinting back across the street towards her apartment.

I’m… I’m shrinking people, she thought numbly as she ran.

Drake watched the police cruisers with their sirens spinning from his car in a nearby lot. With a grin he picked up his phone and dialed Kimbers.

“Talk to me,” the scientist said, eager for his report.

“We’ve got a complete success,” Drake said. Kimbers listened as he recounted the incident he’d just witnessed, and he heard Kimbers nearly shout in triumph as he described how the robbery had been stopped after the assailant had been shrunk by Sadie’s touch.

“Continue to trail her,” Kimbers ordered, “I’m going to see about preparing a capture team, it could be a day or two.”

“Understood,” Drake said with a nod, hanging up the phone.

Clark ran in his exercise wheel, a solid plastic piece fixed to the side of the glass cage. Allison watched him smugly, relaxing on her couch as she popped a piece of popcorn into her mouth. She’d moved his cage onto her coffee table, allowing him to watch TV with her… or that had been how it started, a few minutes in she’d tapped the glass and ordered him to start running on the wheel, judging by the smirk she was giving him, she was pleased with what she saw.

Her phone buzzed, and she tore herself away from watching her pet run for her amusement with a sigh. She answered the call, holding the phone up to her hear with an annoyed grimace.

A moment later she frowned, then sat up. Clark stopped running, watching Allison’s expression grow grim and serious.

“Just stay inside,” Allison said, “take as much time off work as you can, and only get food from delivery apps until we get there, we’ll be on the next flight out.” Clark made out some panicked sobbing on the other end, but Allison’s face remained stonelike, “Sadie, listen to me, it’s going to be okay,” Allison promised one last time before hanging up the phone.

“What’s going on?” Clark asked as his giant girlfriend stood up.

“Sadie she’s… she’s like me now,” Allison muttered, scooping her dirty socks out of Clark’s cage, “she has no idea how it happened, but she’s really freaking out. We need to go help her.” She gave a sad smile, “guess you escaped the pet life…”

“I have a feeling I haven’t seen the last of this cage,” Clark said with a smirk.

“That’s the spirit,” Allison said, “but I’m letting you regrow overnight, I’m not sure what’s going on but… I don’t want to go into it without you.”

“I’m always here,” Clark said, arms wide, “big or small.”

Allison gave a small smile, turning to go to her room and pack her things.

End Notes:

And The Lab snaps into action, activating shrinking powers in Sadie too. Also did the whole text message thing work for you guys? I thought it would be more immersive than just typing out a whole text conversation in the narrative.

Homecoming by Greenanon

Clark had managed to get nearly to full size overnight, and the two of them had quickly packed their things and headed to the airport. What they hadn’t expected was the cost of a last minute flight back to Allison’s hometown. Allison had reluctantly made the travel arrangements, and as they found a spot in long term parking she sighed, a small smile on her face.

“You know, I really hoped our first flight together would be with you in my carryon,” Allison said with a small smile. “Or somewhere else… somewhere airport security would never find you…”

Clark returned the smirk, “there’s always the flight home.”

The flight was a short and uneventful one, and Clark listened to the hum of the engine as he thought over what Allison had told him. Sadie had shrinking powers… was whatever gave Allison hers contagious? Was it a virus of some sort? Or was something else at play? Neither of them had any good answers, and as they’d waited at their gate Allison had sent a message to Dr. Kendra at The Lab.

Clark had paid for a rental car, which they picked up without hassle as they began the drive to Sadie’s apartment. Allison seemed wistful as she looked out the window, and a slow drizzle started to pelt the car with raindrops as they entered the city limits.

“I haven’t been back here since… well, I moved pretty soon after graduation,” Allison said softly, watching the warm glow of the lights of houses and strip malls pass them by.

“Do you miss it?” Clark said, following the GPS directions through the wet streets.

Allison was quiet a minute, “not really,” Allison said finally, “I miss some of the people, mostly my parents and Sadie of course, but I didn’t get to live here, I was never in any after school clubs, I never joined the YMCA,  went swimming at the local pool, hung out at the roller skate rink…” she sighed, “I was too scared to do any of it, the only time I ever tried to be a normal girl here was prom… and you know how that turned out.”

As if summoned like a ghost a high school appeared out of the mist as they drove by, and Allison watched it as they passed on slowly, the wet sticky sound of the drizzle covered asphalt on the tires of the car the only sound as she saw her school’s mascot, painted on the side of the brick structure.

“I’m sorry it was like that,” Clark said quietly, watching the building disappear into the wet fog behind them. He gave her a warm smile as the windows began to fog, “for what it’s worth though, I’m so glad you ended up moving in above me.”

“Me too,” Allison said, and in spite of everything, she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Careful, I’m driving,” he laughed as he dipped an inch.

“Before you, living there wasn’t any different than living here,” Allison said, looking out the window again, “I was just locked in my apartment instead of locked in my childhood bedroom… If this thing really is happening to Sadie too, I don’t want her to live like that Clark, not even for a day.” She sighed, her breath fogging the windows again as the rentals defrost struggled to keep the glass clear, “Sadie was one of my only bright points of light here… she had it all Clark, she was popular and pretty and had guys tripping over themselves trying to date her, and she still came over to hang out with her recluse of a friend when she could have… maybe should have, just forgotten about me.”

“Don’t say that,” Clark said with a scowl, “you know that’s not how-“

“Clark, if Sadie is suddenly shrinking people, there’s no way it isn’t my fault,” Allison said, blinking a quick tear out of her eye, “either I’m contagious, or it jumped to her somehow, but it started with me, there’s no way in a million years it just randomly mutated in her too.”

Clark frowned, but didn’t say anything, and the two were quiet on the rest of the ride up to Sadie’s apartment complex.

Sadie heard the knock and practically leapt up, pulling the door open, “ALLISON!” she shouted gleefully, “CLARK!” she leapt at them, catching Clark first in a hug since he’d been carrying their things up the stairs. He grunted, feeling his height start to slip away as the suitcase got heavier and Sadie seemed to get taller.

“Well, I guess it’s the real deal,” Allison said quietly as Sadie parted from her. She quickly pulled her friend into a hug next, as always Allison wore gloves and long sleaves, angling her head back to avoid skin contact “you okay?” she asked softly.

“I… I’m just happy you guys are here,” Sadie said, looking with a grimace at Clark’s shortened stature. She glanced around outside, then beckoned them in.

“So,” Allison sighed, “you said you accidently shrank a guy trying to rob a store?”

“Yeah,” Sadie giggled as Clark wheeled the bags in.

“Badass!” Clark said with a grin, “Allison hasn’t ever tried to fight crime once, total waste of a superpower if you ask me.”

Sadie blushed, “It wasn’t like I was out looking for trouble, it just sort of happened, I was as scared as he was…”

“Yeah, the first one’s kind of a doozy,” Allison said, biting her lip. She shot an angry glance at Clark, “and waste of a superpower? Really?”

“I’m just kidding,” Clark laughed.

Allison rolled her eyes, “you’re going to fight an action figure for my amusement later, Mr. Superhero.”

“So,” Allison sighed, “obviously you need to get ready for some… changes, to your lifestyle.”

“Gloves, got it,” Sadie said, beaming.

“There’s a bit more to it than that,” Allison said, eyes downcast, “you… you’ve got to avoid events with a lot of people, anything where you might have skin to skin contact with someone.”

“So, no concerts?” Sadie asked uncertainly.

“No dance clubs, no beach, no water parks, in fact swimming should just be avoided unless you’re in a private pool,” Allison explained.

“Shit…” Sadie said, flopping backwards onto the couch, “I guess I never realized how careful you always were…” She chuckled to herself and pulled up her phone and there was a beep.

“What are you doing?” Allison asked.

“Deleting all my dating apps,” she muttered, “I’m guessing I’m off the market now?”

“Well, you can’t exactly say, ‘warning I shrink people’ in your profile…” Allison shrugged, “I can’t give you much advice on that front, this guy,” she jerked a thumb at Clark, “he just sort of fell into my lap.”

“Actually, you fell on me,” Clark said with a grin, “then you trapped me in a Tupperware container…”

“I’ll have to try that on the next guy who asks me out,” Sadie said with a smirk, staring at the ceiling, “just toss him in with my sandwich from lunch and then talk to him whenever I’m ready…”

“Sadie you’ve got to be careful,” Allison warned.

“I know, I was just kidding,” she said with a sigh, then blinked, a few tears working there way through. “I… I don’t know what to do,” she said, sniffing slightly, “should I quit my job? Do I need to just live apart from everyone like you do?”

“No,” Allison said quietly, “I… I was wrong to choose that path, and you shouldn’t either.” She glanced at Clark, who nodded, urging her on. Allison sighed, “you’re going to have some adjustments,” she said, “but you’ll be okay, you stood by me when this happened, and I’m going to stand with you.” She leaned over and squeezed Sadie’s shoulder, handing her a tissue. “I’m… I’m sorry,” Allison blinked away a tear herself, “this is all my fault.”

Sadie laughed through her own crying, dabbing her eyes, “Allison, if this jumped from you to me, there wasn’t any way to know, I’m not mad at you!”


Sadie growled, sniffing loudly as she fought to compose herself, “Allison! Listen to me! We don’t know anything about it, for all we know the water in our town does this to people.”

Allison smiled a little, but from the way she turned towards Clark he could tell she was feeling a little guilty.

“Well, what do we do now?” Clark asked, “should we call that lab you’re always talking to?”

“Maybe,” Allison sighed, “we can do it tomorrow, for tonight let’s just try to… relax, okay?”

“Yeah,” Sadie said, dabbing her eyes one final time and handing the tissue to Allison’s outstretched hand, “that sounds good.”

“Let me just get the doll- HOLY SHIT!” Allison dropped the tissue like it was electrified, and Clark gasped as he saw why, handling the small cloth soaked with Sadie’s tears had caused Allison’s height to dip slightly, and she looked up in awe at Sadie, who was now a few inches taller than her as they sat on the couch together.

The three of them sat in stunned silence for a moment, then Sadie giggled, “No fucking way! I can shrink you!” She turned, blinking the final tears out of her eyes, “Clark, I can shrink Allison!”

“I can see that,” he said, still shocked.

Allison shivered, “from this side… it’s kind of unnerving…”

“You get used to it,” Clark and Sadie said at the same time.

Allison breathed out slowly, “Okay, Sadie, touch the tip of my finger.” She held out her hand, the digit extended as Sadie did the same. The two made contact, and before Clark’s eyes both women slowly began to get shorter, their clothes getting looser. After a moment Allison broke the contact, Sadie at around five feet tall and herself at somewhere a few inches below that, while her clothes were loose she was able to keep them on.

“Oh thank god, you can still shrink me,” Sadie breathed.

“That’s an odd thing to be thankful for,” Clark said with a wry grin.

“Whatever,” Sadie said with a grin, “Allison, you said you had the dollhouse?”

“No, but I have some of your clothes,” Allison said with a giggle. She snapped her glove on and licked the tip of her thumb, “hold still Barbie.”

Sadie squealed happily as she began to dwindle, her clothes billowing around her as Allison kept pressing the digit down, shrinking her. The blonde’s face disappeared down her shirt, and for a moment Clark saw nothing but Allison, reaching into the collapsing clothing and maintaining contact. Finally, Allison withdrew her hand, wiping the smudge of saliva on her own shirt as she grinned down at her handiwork.

A tiny head of blonde hair popped up in the pool of clothing, and a newly doll-sized Sadie giggled as she stepped out of the ruins of her outfit. Allison reached into her purse, pulling out an obnoxious red polka-dotted dress that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a doll’s outfit, and gently she brought it down on her friend, who raised her arms up to don the gaudy toy clothing eagerly.

“And there we go,” Allison said, pleased as she picked up Sadie around the waist and placed her in her lap, “right back where Sadie belongs…” She pulled a small plastic pink brush out of her purse next, and idly began slowly running it through Sadie’s hair as the tiny blonde sighed in relief.

“You have no idea how good this feels after the day I’ve had,” Sadie muttered.

“I have an idea,” Clark said with a smirk. His own play with Allison usually took a different turn, but there was definitely something slightly liberating about being tiny, forgetting the world’s troubles if only for a little while, subject to the whims of a beautiful giant.

Sadie gasped suddenly, pointing across the room eagerly, “A-Allison, can I shrink Clark?”

Allison suddenly had a mischievous smirk on her face as she glanced across the room at him, “hmmm… I don’t know.”

“Oh come on Allison, I was in the gerbil cage just yesterday!” he protested.

“But my dolly needs a friend!” Allison said, standing up and holding a giggling Sadie out in front of her like a torch.

Clark made a sudden dive for Allison’s purse, surprising her, “hey, what the-“ she started, but her eyes went wide as she saw him draw the pill bottle out. She scowled, “No Clark, don’t you dare-“

He was chuckling as he quickly unscrewed the cap and swallowed one of the countermeasure pills before she could say anything else. He sat back up, giving her a smug grin as she fumed.

“What are those?” Sadie asked, pointing down to the pill bottle.

“Anti-shrinking pills,” Allison scowled, “they resist the effect a little bit, plus he won’t be able to go smaller than six inches while they’re in his system…”

“Bummer,” Sadie giggled, “I was really hoping to send you all the way down Clark, but… I guess I can have fun with a little toy that comes up to a doll’s waist.”

Allison smirked, slowly lowering Sadie to the ground and standing over them both, arms crossed as she watched the doll sized Sadie advance on Clark. He scrambled backwards, grunting as his back hit the wall. The sight was comical, the doll-sized Sadie in the obnoxious red dress holding her arms out menacingly as she advanced on a full-sized man.

“Come on Clark,” Sadie teased, “let me do it! I want you to be my first victim!”

“What about those guys at the gas station!?” he protested as she closed in.

“Doesn’t count,” Sadie giggled, “It only counts if you’re smaller than a ruler!”

“What kind of rule is that?” Clark said, fighting a laugh as she slapped her hands on his exposed ankle. He felt himself start to shrink, her excitement causing the chemical to increase potency as even the tiny contact caused Clark’s clothes to rush against his skin, loosening as the doll-woman giggled at his expression.

“Calm down Sadie,” Allison laughed, “you don’t want to shrink him too quickly!” She walked over, standing over the two of them as Clark’s head disappeared down his shirt collar like Sadie’s had a moment before. She giggled and crawled up his loose pants leg, and Allison watched with amusement as one lump in the clothing chased the other, which diminished in size every time Sadie caught up to him, the cries of the chase muffled by the tentlike clothing that hung over the two.

Clark gasped, light and fresh air filling his senses as he scurried out his shirt sleeve, standing to his feet quickly and looking back. Sadie was crawling through it like a tunnel, giggling as she stood up, just a fraction of an inch taller than him, half a head or so at their respective heights.

“Okay, you’ve got me!” he called, holding up his hands in surrender, “I’m doll sized too, you win!”

He grunted as Allison’s hands wrapped around his stomach, the powerful fingers squeezing into him as she lifted him and Sadie up like the toys they were. Sadie gave him a smug expression from her place in Allison’s other hand as she carried them to the table, setting them across from each other.

“Just wanted to get you two up off the ground so I could get a better look,” Allison laughed. “That pill didn’t buy you much extra time Clark, I think Sadie’s shrinking is going a little wild since it’s still so new…” She thought a moment, “We should really practice shrinking and see if we can control it better, since we’re both going to be dealing with this…” she grinned, “luckily we have an eager volunteer.”

“Eager?” Clark asked, crossing his arms and smirking.

Eager,” Allison said with a wicked grin, her hand coming up behind him and slowly forcing him closer to Sadie. He stumbled and almost tripped as he was forced within arm’s reach of his fellow doll, who also had a rather predatory expression on her face.

“You said you the pill keeps him from going below six inches?” Sadie asked, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as she regarded him. Allison nodded and Sadie raised an eyebrow, “Okay Clark, on your knees.”

He looked to Allison, who just grinned, “you better do it Clark, you’re a toy’s toy for the night.”

He fell to his knees as Allison advanced on him, she lifted up the skirt of the doll’s dress, revealing her glistening womanhood beneath her trimmed blonde tuft of hair, “no underwear for dolls,” she reminded him.

He felt something press against the back of his head, and with a start he realized it was Allison’s finger, forcing his head down between Sadie’s legs as her other gloved hand cradled Sadie’s back. He began licking eagerly as his face met the soft opening, and his face was quickly soaked with the blonde’s juices as she moaned overhead.

“That’s it, good dolls,” Allison laughed, continuing to grind his face into her womanhood, the red doll’s skirt hanging over his head and her finger like a hood. Allison felt herself becoming wet too, watching Sadie’s face contort in pleasure as she cupped the doll woman’s torso, providing support as the work she was forcing Clark to do caused the blonde’s legs to give out.

“Fuck yeah!” Sadie howled as Clark rapidly diminished. His feet left the ground, and Allison’s blue latex clad hands gripped around him, lifting him slightly and keeping him in contact with Sadie as he continued licking at her, Allison’s powerful thumb hooking behind his head and keeping him in place, slowly grinding him into the doll-woman as she breathed heavily, her own arousal spiking at the display in front of her.

Sadie squealed, and then her thigh lifted up, wrapping around both Clark’s head and the gloved thumb as her hips bucked against his face, splashing him with her orgasm as he was brought down to his final height, half her size. With another mewling sound of pleasure Sadie collapsed backwards, panting as she hung limp from Allison’s hand.

“H-How’s that taste tiny?” Sadie taunted.

Clark just chuckled, “good, no hair to get tangled up in I guess.”

“Hey, getting tangled up in the hair is the best part,” Allison protested, separating her six-inch man from her doll sized friend.

“Things are kind of overgrown down there,” Sadie giggled, seeing Allison’s flushed expression, “do you want waxing tips?” she teasingly ran a hand over her own crotch, where the small tuft of blonde hair was soaked through with Clark’s spit and her own juices.

Allison just rolled her eyes, “No, I’m au-natural and Clark loves getting lost in there, and if you make fun of me again Barbie, I’ll go find your wax strips under the sink and give you a full body right here in front of him!”

Sadie smirked, pleased that she’d gotten on her friend’s nerves, but said nothing.

Allison glanced at Clark, who had wisely stayed out of the “argument,” and grinned, “now, would you like to go tour the forest?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said eagerly, and he watched as Allison brought him down to the hem of her pants. She released Allison, setting her on the table as she used her free hand to unbutton her pants, revealing her pink panties as she pulled at the elastic, opening the top. Clark was brought to the opening of that chasm, and she sighed happily as he slid in, quickly becoming lost in the very hair they’d just been discussing, darkness overtaking him as she let the elastic of her underwear slip back into place. After adjusting him slightly, she buttoned up her jeans, trapping him tightly against her in a way that made her toes curl.

“Goodbye Clark,” Sadie said, a little awed as she watched the scene unfold.

“Yeah, those pills really open up some new possibilities,” Allison laughed. She leaned back in her chair, her face occasionally contorting as Clark squirmed against her. “Now then,” she said, regarding her doll sized friend, “tomorrow, we’ve got to make some decisions about this whole… thing,” she said, waving her hand, “but for tonight Sadie? Just relax, let me take care of you.”

“Thanks Allison,” Sadie said softly, blushing and smiling slightly as she reached for the doll-girl again.

“We’ve got a problem,” Drake said as Vasquez pulled up in the unmarked van.

Vasquez scowled, “what? Cops? A few calls and we can have them off our back-“

“No,” Drake muttered, pointing across the street to Sadie’s apartment, which he’d been monitoring all day. “The other girl, Subject A, she’s up there, her boyfriend is with her too.”

“Shit, they must have come right over when she started freaking out,” Vasquez muttered, glancing up at the light in Sadie’s window. She grinned ghoulishly, “pays to have friends, right?”

“We should call it off,” he growled, “we’ve only got containment for one of them.”

“Fuck that,” Vasquez laughed, “I’ve got four burn noticed motherfuckers in the back suited up in biohazard gear, finding another team for wet work is going to be a bitch, so get in the back and get your suit on because we’re doing this tonight.”

Allison sighed, relaxing at full size on the couch while Sadie sat happily in her lap. Clark, after a quick bath in the sink, had been wrapped in a tissue-toga for warmth, and was happily perched in the breast pocket of a pair of pajama tops Allison had packed. She’d regained the inches she’d lost to Sadie earlier, but she’d made sure to keep the two of them what she’d decided was “appropriately small” for the evening.

“So, Klingons, they’re bad, but they’re helping the crew in this one?” Sadie asked, confused as she watched the drama playing out on a television that was theater screen sized to her.

Allison and Clark groaned in unison, “it’s a matter of honor,” Allison tried to explain, “like yeah, they’re rivals of the Federation, but they’re not bad guys.”

“I don’t know, maybe I’m more of a Star Wars girl,” Sadie muttered, “it’s easy to tell who’s good and bad in that one.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” Clark laughed, looking down at her.


Allison jerked in the direction of the door, where a small explosion blew the door lock open. She screamed, scurrying backwards and grabbing Sadie as a group of men in biohazard suits flooded the room, guns raised.

“Go go go!” a hispanic woman shouted, running to the front as they fanned out. She spotted Sadie on Allison’s lap, then grinned, “thanks for making her small for me, makes this easier!” she reached for Sadie, even as Allison tried to keep her away in a panic. The other woman was stronger though, and as Allison panicked, running her fingers over the biohazard suit looking for any opening, she just laughed. The other men circled around, lowering their weapons as Vasquez pried the screaming doll-girl out of Allison’s fingers.

“Who the hell are you!?” Allison cried, her eyes darting back and forth nervously.

“Never you mind,” Vasquez chuckled, eyeing a stunned Clark, who was perched in Allison’s jacket pocket. Before Allison could react her gloved hand darted out, snatching Clark from her too. “Well looky here!” she laughed, dangling the tiny naked man before the group, “looks like she has herself a little boytoy!”

“G-Give him back!” Allison said, fear rising in her, “let both of them go right now!”

“Well, I don’t need this guy,” Vasquez muttered, letting him drop to the floor with a scream.

Clark grunted in pain as he hit the carpet, at this size the fall wasn’t particularly dangerous, but it still hurt, as did the massive boot that pressed into his back. Vasquez grinned, enjoying Allison’s look of shocked horror as she threatened to crush Clark, his cries of pain echoing up to her.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” she said, making contact with Allison, “we’re taking your little doll here, and your little boyfriend too. If you try to follow us? I’m going to be scraping what’s left of him off my shoe, understand?”

Allison blinked away a tear, nodding fearfully.

“Good girl,” Vasquez said, winking at her as she lifted her foot off Clark. She bent down to pick him up again, squeezing him harshly and causing another cry of pain.

“ALLISON!” Sadie squealed.

Allison looked at the nightmare in front of her, her heart picking up speed. She blinked away a tear, clenching her fists as some strange fire rose in her stomach. She stood up, and the woman and her minions paused as they noticed.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Vasquez snarled. She squeezed Clark again, “or do you want me to snap his spine right here in front of you?” One of the men raised a gun at Allison as she took another step forward.

“Allison, you can get us back later!” Clark called, clenching his teeth and fighting through the pain, “y-you can’t-“

She looked around the room, her eyes lingering on Sadie and Clark, her best friend and the man she… loved, yes, she loved them both really, the bright points of light that faded against the rising fury in her chest. She raised her head high, letting instinct take over as she glared at the woman, safe from her power behind that biohazard hood…

“No!” Allison shouted, and around the room six figures cried out in shock as their suits collapsed around them, billowing like tents as they shrank to inches in size. Clark and Sadie cried out in surprise as they fell to the floor, their falls cushioned by the piling biohazard suit. The guns clacked to the floor next, and as Allison panted, exhaustion coming over her, the full weight of what had happened started to sink in.

“Holy shit,” Sadie said in awe.

“Y-You didn’t even touch them!?” Clark said, looking at the hills of piled clothing, small lumps squirming in them as the former wearers struggled in piles of their own biohazard suits.

“I didn’t,” Allison muttered, blinking in shock, “it was like… I was so scared, and then I was angry, and I just… I just wanted them small!”

“This is… this is new,” Clark muttered, standing up. He fought a nervous laugh, “so uh… are you going to start fighting crime now?”

In spite of everything, Allison tittered a nervous laugh, “we’ll see, you can be my sidekick, the adorable and amazing Pocketboy…” She huffed, walking over to the lead woman’s biosuit and snapping the visor open. She reached inside, and there was a terrified yelp inside as she pulled out the naked and squirming form of Vasquez, her gloved fingers coiling tightly around the terrified woman.

“Hi,” Allison said darkly, “I believe you were threatening to crush my boyfriend?” Allison glanced down at her feet, Vasquez nervously followed her, and Allison smirked as she playfully shifted her foot back and forth, as though she was grinding a cigarette, “it made me kind of mad,” Allison said, hefting the woman back up and fixing her gaze on her enormous face.

“I-It was just a job,” Vasquez said weakly.

“It was my friends!” Allison snarled, her spittle landing on Vasquez and causing her to shrink a little further before Allison could wipe it off. She took a moment to enjoy the terror of the woman curled in her palm, then forced herself to calm down. “You are going to tell me everything,” Allison said.

“N-No fucking way,” Vasquez managed, regaining some of her fire.

“I think you’ll find I can be very persuasive,” Allison said with a erratic giggle. Down below, by her feet, Sadie and Clark exchanged nervous glances.

End Notes:
As they say, if you take a shot at the king (queen?) you better not miss. Tune in next time for some interrogation as the full scope of The Lab's treachery is revealed!
The Brink by Greenanon

Allison had methodically gathered up each of the tiny assailants, who in their sealed suits had been helplessly trapped until she opened the visors to retrieve them. Within a few minutes Vasquez, Drake, and their four mercenaries were all naked, three inches tall, and looking up at Allison’s grinning face from the bottom of a large glass mixing bowl.

“Who the hell are these people?” Clark muttered, still six inches tall himself, and with a full doll sized Sadie behind him, gripping his shoulders nervously as they stood on the counter, watching Allison work.

“So, let’s recap, you came here for Sadie,” Allison said, crossing her arms angrily, “who sent you?”

“Get fucked lady!” one of the men shouted.

Allison rolled her eyes, then plucked him out of the bowl, squeezing him and giving him a quick smirk, “what a cutie,” she said mockingly, “but kind of a potty mouth… I know just what to do with you.” She walked, sauntering her hips mockingly as they all watched her, and a moment later Clark saw her duck into the hallway bathroom. They all heard the sound of a toilet flushing, and every tiny person in the room gaped, wide eyed, as Allison came back into the kitchen without her tiny captive.

“Holy shit,” Clark breathed, “d-did she just”

“Allison, a-are you okay?” Sadie called nervously.

Allison turned and glowered at the two of them, and for the first time since he’d been tiny Clark felt a tinge of real terror, not the instinctual fear of being small, or the almost giddy flight response he sometimes got during his games with Allison, but a real raw dread that was rising the longer he looked at her.

“I almost lost you two,” she said quietly, slowly looking down at the prisoners in the bowl, who backed away nervously, “lost you to these… well, you’re not really people now, are you?” she smirked, “more like bugs…”

“Allison, you’re freaking me out a little,” Clark said, gulping as she reached into the bowl for the next prisoner.

“Don’t tell her anything Drake!” Vasquez shouted as the other man was lifted up to Allison’s face, squeezed between her thumb and forefinger like a piece of candy.

“Drake huh?” Allison said, “start talking, why are you here?”

“I…” he gulped beneath her gaze.

Allison licked her lips, “I wonder what you’d taste like?” She playfully cocked her head, thinking it over, “of course as soon as you’re in my mouth you’d just start getting smaller and smaller, by the time you’d hit my stomach you’d be the size of a grain of sand… not very filling.” She licked him, and he shuddered, fighting the urge to scream as he shrank in her grip even further, until the pads of her fingers swelled around him like massive cushions.

“I… I won’t-“ he managed, grunting as she pressed her fingers down further, watching him go to ant sized.

“Damn,” Allison muttered, “already too small to hear…” She looked down at the remaining four figures in the bowl and smirked. She walked over to the apartment entrance, frowning as she saw the ruined door. She bent down to pick up her shoes, where they’d been left when she came inside. She brought it up to her nose and sniffed, grimacing as the foul odor of her sweat wafted out. She carried the shoe, and her tiny prisoner, back to the bowl.

“Everyone take a good look,” Allison said, angling the shoe so they could see. They all watched, spellbound, as Allison dropped Drake in, he made contact with her soft insole, and then looked up at them in horror as the world began to grow around him.

“Help!” he shouted, his voice fading as he shrank into the insole, becoming a dot, then shrinking out of sight.

“Bye bye Drake!” Allison said with a grin, turning back to the bowl, “he’s going to reach microscopic size pretty quickly, I wonder if your bosses told you I could make people that small?” she sighed, looking down at the insole, “he’s going to spend the rest of his life down there, no more sunrises and sunsets for him! Just when I take my shoe on and off.” She pursed her lips and giggled, “I wonder what he’ll find to eat and drink down there?” she said teasingly.

“Fucking hell,” one of the mercenaries said, stunned, “Vasquez, what in the goddamn did you drag us into-“

“Next contestant!” Allison laughed, “hey, let’s up the ante! First one of you to crack gets to regrow and go home! What do you guys think?”

“I don’t like this Clark,” Sadie whimpered, watching Allison pick up the next mercenary.

“She’s… She’s lost it,” Clark muttered, “Allison, this is getting nuts, you need to-“

“They were going to kill you!” She snarled, causing everyone to jump back, “they were going to take Sadie and do god knows what to her!” She turned back to the terrified man between her fingers, “I like to joke about being a goddess, being a monster, whatever Clark, but…” she grinned wickedly, “there’s a part of me that’s really messed up, always has been, I don’t know if the shrinking thing caused it, or if I was always destined to be a bit of a psycho and the universe just gave me this power as a bonus, but it doesn’t really matter…” There was a small squeak as Allison picked up another man, “maybe if I crush one of you to paste in front of the others?” She squeezed, and the man let out a scream of pain as her thumb pressed against his ribs.

“Allison STOP!” Clark shouted, “you’re not this person!” She hesitated, and Clark had a sudden surge of hope that he was getting through to her. He licked his lips and continued, “Allison,” he said quietly, forcing her to step away from the bowl and crane her head down to him, “think about how you’ve felt when you’ve hurt anyone using your power, I know you, I…” he gulped, “I love you Allison, I know you’re going to regret it forever if you do this!”

Allison looked at Clark and Sadie, taking in their fearful expressions. She felt a bit of doubt, and slowly lowered the mercenary back into the bowl.

“I don’t have a choice,” she said softly, “you guys… they can’t leave here, otherwise they’re going to come back and… and…” She sniffed, “you two are the only things I have.”

“Allison, you don’t have to do this,” Sadie pleaded, “we can call the police, we can…” she sighed, “we can go public with this, if we have to.”

“I don’t think so,” Allison said, looking balefully at the terrified group in the bowl, “that’ll just end with another group of assholes like this busting into our place, maybe a different group will hire them, but it’ll be the same, everyone will want us.” Her voice became low, cold, “I’m sorry, but I really don’t see any other way,” her hand stretched towards them again.

“Holy shit,” one of the mercenaries said in a panic, “lady please, we were hired by some group called The Lab, a little fuck called Kimbers was cutting the checks, they’re at-“

“I know where they are,” Allison said quietly, “I… I guess I should have known it was them, they’re the only ones who would know…”

“Oh shit,” Sadie muttered, “they were trying to ET me!?”

“Why didn’t you come for me, why Sadie?” Allison asked angrily.

“I don’t know!” he shouted, “we just got a dossier on her being able to shrink people, honestly we all thought it was bullshit, a code to hide something else.”

“You shut the fuck up before I shut you up!” Vasquez shouted, but one of the men grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms as she cursed at them angrily.

“And that’s all you know?” Allison asked quietly

“I swear, that’s it! Vasquez and Drake were the points of contact!”

Allison nodded, “Okay then,” she looked at Vasquez, who was seething angrily at everyone around her, then at Sadie and Clark. She’d calmed down slightly, and the idea of ripping the tiny group limb from limb, or crushing them, was losing its appeal, and increasingly she was horrified of the thoughts she’d been thinking, the things she’d been ready to do…

It was a tense moment, she told herself, smiling at Clark and Sadie, who seemed visibly relieved at the expression.

She sighed, “here’s what I’m going to do,” she said calmly, “you’re all going down to microscopic size with Drake… you’ll probably be back someday, and whenever you’re walking around at full size again, I want you people to forget I ever existed. You might think you can come back, maybe surprise me, but the reality is there’s no protecting against me,” she snapped her fingers and she was almost as surprised as everyone else when Vasquez suddenly halved in size, struggling against her former minions, towering over her at two inches. “Consider this your warning,” she growled, “if I see any of you again? I will fucking eat you.”

“You don’t have the guts you bi-“ Vasquez started, but one of the mercenaries leapt at her, scooping up her half-sized form and clamping a hand over her mouth.

“We’ve got it,” the mercenary growled.

“Glad we’re all on the same page,” Allison smiled, slowly tipping the bowl and causing the group to shout in surprise as they began sliding towards the opening of her shoe. They tumbled in one after another, and Allison watched with a smug smile as they dwindled away into the vast and endless expanse of her sweat stained insole.

“Now let me just seal up our little friends in their new home,” she said, peeling her sock off. Clark and Sadie watched as she balled it up, stuffing in the mouth of the shoe, no doubt sealing the microscopic team of mercenaries in darkness.

“Allison, we… we need to talk about that,” Clark said uncomfortably.

“I’m sorry, I went too far,” Allison said, shifting slightly, “I just don’t want anyone to hurt you guys!”

“Y-You killed that guy,” Sadie said, wide eyed, “you killed someone by flushing them down the-“

“Oh,” Allison giggled, “he’s fine, I just stuffed him in the medicine cabinet and then flushed the toilet to freak everyone out.”

Clark and Sadie looked at her, stunned, a moment later Clark snorted, “y-you’re fucking kidding?” Clark asked, fighting the urge to burst into laughter.

“Hey, I was really scared,” Sadie protested, but as Clark lost the battle and started chuckling, she was trying harder and harder to keep a smile off her face.

“Let me go get him,” Allison said, smirking as she strutted back to the bathroom. A moment later she returned, a cursing inches high man angrily pounding his fists feebly against her gloved fingers as she carried him past Sadie and Clark. A moment later his cursing was cut off as Allison pulled the sock plug out of her shoe, depositing him with his fellows and then replacing the sock, listening to his muffled voice fade as he shrank down to microscopic size too.

“So what now?” Clark asked miserably, “this Lab, are they feds, or what?”

“I don’t know,” Allison muttered, “I think they’re connected somehow, but they don’t have any kind of government logos or anything that I saw, and I’m pretty sure the bunch trapped in my shoe aren’t with any of the three letter agencies, there weren’t any badges with their stuff anyway.”

“Do you guys think… they made me have the shrinking power, like Allison?” Sadie asked suddenly.

“Maybe…” Allison muttered, “or at least they knew it was coming…” She growled angrily, “there’s so much we don’t know, we’re flying blind here…”

“Speaking of,” Clark asked suddenly, “what was that back there? Shrinking all of those guys at once? Through those suits?”

Allison shrugged, “it just sort of… happened, it was like I had this sense that I could do it, like a limb that had been asleep or something that I could move again, you know?”

“Do you think I can do it?” Sadie asked eagerly. She glared at Allison, focusing suddenly.

“Cut that out!” Allison snapped.

“Come on!” Sadie muttered, a tense expression on her face, “shrink shrink shrink-“

“Okay, stop that before you pop a blood vessel,” Allison said, rolling her eyes and picking up Sadie by the waist again. “I went years without ever being able to do that, even knowing I could do that, you’re not going to shrink me by staring and making a face like you have to poop.”

Allison’s phone rang suddenly, and she lifted it up, her stomach dropping as she saw the contact, “It’s Doctor Kendra…” she muttered, “she’s my contact with these people…” With a sigh she answered the call, “This is Allison,” she said in a cold voice.

“Oh thank god,” Dr. Kendra breathed, “you’re at Sadie’s, yes? Listen to me very carefully, you need to contact the police now, there is a group of men coming to-“

“They’re dealt with,” Allison said neutrally.

There was a pause, “D-Dealt with? Allison, did you-“

“They’re currently exploring the lost continent of my shoe’s insole,” Allison replied, “now, do you want to tell me what the hell you were thinking, sending a goon squad to kidnap my friend?”

“I… Allison, you have to believe me, I had nothing to do with this, one of my subordinates acted on his own, he activated Sadie because he wanted his own test subject-“

“So, your people did this to her,” Allison said, sighing. It was a small relief, to think she hadn’t inadvertently infected her friend somehow.

“I didn’t approve it, I would never approve it!” Kendra protested, “Allison, please-“

“We need to talk,” Allison growled, “in person.”

“Of course, I’ll let security know you’re coming-“

“No,” Allison said, cutting her off, “I want you to meet me at my apartment, alone. No unmarked vans, no bodyguards, no goons, and don’t bother with the biohazard suit, it won’t do you any good anymore.”

“Allison,” Kendra said quietly, “I don’t know if-“

“Go and measure yourself Kendra,” Allison ordered.

Halfway across the country, in her office, Kendra gulped nervously. Her clothing felt a little looser all of a sudden, but it had to be in her head… She heard Allison breathing over the phone as she weakly stumbled out of her office and down the hall, finally bumbling into an examination room, complete with a height line in the corner. She placed herself against it, backing away in awe as she saw how tall she stood, or rather didn’t stand.

“I-I’m five foot five,” Kendra stammered.

“No, you’re not, you’re probably about five one right now,” Allison said, “consider the implications. I will see you at my front door tomorrow evening at five.” She ended the call without saying anything further, then slapped her head, wincing in pain.

“D-Did you just shrink her over the phone?” Clark stammered.

“Yeah, but it hurt like hell,” Allison replied, rubbing her head and blinking her eyes, “it was the same as it was with them, like as soon as she started talking to me, as I got angrier, I could feel something from her, her… her size I guess? And I could just take it, like I did for those guys in my shoe, but she was so far away… I think I just did the shrinker’s version of pulling a muscle.”

“No way,” Sadie gasped, “do you think my powers will let me do that too?” She jumped excitedly, the red doll’s dress flapping slightly, “I have so many ex-boyfriends I’m going to call!”

“So, I guess we’re going home then?” Clark asked in a tired voice, ignoring Sadie’s romantic revenge fantasies.

“Yeah,” Allison murmured, “I think so. We’ve got to go finish this thing, one way or another.”

“W-What about me?” Sadie asked, looking up at Allison eagerly.

She just smirked and picked up the doll woman, “you’re coming with us, you’re a part of this whole thing and after what just happened, I’m not letting you out of my sight, you’re staying in the dollhouse until further notice.”

“Oh no,” Sadie said in mock horror, “Allison’s finally whisking me away from my life and making me her doll forever!”

“Just go really still when we got through airport security tomorrow,” Allison said with a smirk.

“What about me?” Clark asked.

“Regrettably I need your help with all the luggage,” Allison said with a sigh, “so I’m afraid that instead of getting your much deserved upgrade to ‘back of my panties’ class, you’re flying coach at full size with me.”

“Damn, maybe next time,” he laughed.

“Yeah, the door got kicked in by uh, punk teenagers,” Sadie said, speaking into a phone half as large as she was.

“Punk teenagers?” her landlord asked skeptically, “did you call the cops?”

“No, I uh… they ran off and I didn’t think I needed to,” Sadie said.

“I’ll be over to replace the door later, but I want to hear more about this-“

“Sorry, can’t,” Sadie said, “I’m actually flying out on vacation and I’m going… somewhere I can’t be reached,” she said, biting her lips as she tried to think up lies.

“Whatever Sadie,” her landlord sighed, “but I’m not happy about this, if it happens again, we’ll talk about your rent rate.”

“Yeah, sure, okay, bye!” she said, slamming both hands together on the phone’s touch screen, just barely registering enough to hang up the call. “Fucking asshole,” she muttered.

“I mean, you did get his door kicked in,” Clark said, standing full sized next to Allison.

“Pfft, I don’t have to deal with that guy ever again, I’m moving into my dreamhouse permanently!” she said proudly.

“You wish,” Allison said, rolling her eyes and chuckling, “you really should move near Clark and me though… your job can transfer you, right?”

“I’ve been working on the paperwork since I got back last time,” Sadie said sheepishly, “they say they’re working on getting me something at the branch near you, I didn’t want to say anything until it was official.” She paused a moment, “hey, if I do get transferred, can I stay with you until I find a place to live?”

“Sure,” Allison laughed, “you don’t take up much space.”

Allison gulped nervously as the security agent at the airport briefly looked into her purse, “Random check,” she explained in a bored tone, snapping blue gloves on. The woman lifted Sadie out of the bag, looking at her quizzically. “Is this a doll?”

“Uh yeah,” Allison said, shifting uncomfortably as Clark passed through the metal detector behind her, “it’s a super expensive one, so please be-“

“She’s so lifelike,” the woman chuckled, poking at Sadie’s breasts and feeling the soft resistance. For her part Sadie was holding herself as still as she could, a goofy smile plastered on her face as the woman’s finger poked into her belly next. Her abs quaked, and the effort of keeping her legs straight was beginning to wear on her when the woman slowly lowered her back into Allison’s purse.

“Fuck,” she whispered, collapsing and panting as she rubbed her quivering core muscles. Sadie wasn’t in bad shape by any means, but it took more strength than she’d expected to hold herself stiff while being handled like the doll she always liked to pretend she was.

Allison sighed, looking out the plane’s window as they took off. Clark squeezed her gloved hand as they shared the armrest, giving her a small smile which she returned. It was funny, she’d have given anything to be here a year ago, a boyfriend who loved her, a best friend who’d reunited with her, she was, or had been happy.

I guess I just don’t get any of that for free, she thought, placing a pillow between herself and Clark so she could lean against him without skin contact.

“I can’t believe you’re wearing the same shoes you… you put them in,” Clark muttered, looking down at her feet.

Allison smirked, “I only packed one pair, and besides part of the microbial experience is understanding just how pathetic you are to the rest of the world.” She flexed her socked foot idly, no doubt shaking the entire universe of her prisoners, “if anything they should be thankful, my foot brings them valuable water and nutrition, they should worship it.”

“Right,” Clark said, the corner of his mouth quirking in a grin. “You are going to let them go, right?”

“Yes, but I’m not going to make their time at my feet pleasant,” Allison said, “in fact, I want them traumatized, so traumatized that whenever they go back to whatever black market you hire goons at, they’ll all be too scared shitless to come looking for a girl with shrinking powers ever again.” She smirked, “I’m going to go for a run on the treadmill when I get home, that should be real fun for them.”

They were quiet a moment, then Allison spoke again, “Clark, you were right, I don’t really want to hurt anyone, but… we might not get lucky again, if it’s between saving your lives or sparing them…” she pursed her lips, “I’ll do what I have to do.”

“So will I,” he said with a resigned sigh, “and I’m sure Sadie will too… how is she, anyway?”

Allison pulled her purse out from the seat in front of them, unzipping the top carefully. The two of them looked in to see Sadie curled up happily on a small pile of tissues Allison had thrown in for padding, fast asleep. With a smirk Allison zipped the purse back up, stowing it under the seat again.

Clark circled the apartment complex in his car a dozen times, looking for any suspicious figures, big unmarked vans, or signs that anyone had been around their units while they’d been away. He came up empty, and with a sigh he resigned himself to the fact that he’d been as careful as it was possible to be without fleeing, something Allison had been adamant that she did not want to do.

“It looks like Doctor Kendra kept her word,” Clark said, “I don’t see anything unusual.”

“Well, let’s go in then!” Sadie said, poking her head up from Allison’s purse.

Clark carried the bags up the stairs as Allison walked in front of him, sparing nothing more than a quick glance at his own door to see if it looked like it had been opened. As they entered the apartment Clark involuntarily flinched as she turned on the lights, looking around as though he expected a band of black clad special forces types to pop out from behind the counter, but… nothing.

“Home sweet home,” Allison said softly, lowering her purse and allowing Sadie to scurry out towards her dreamhouse, still set up in the corner of the living room from their last visit.

“Oh man, I miss this place so much every time,” Sadie said, running up the tiny staircase and out on the dollhouse’s balcony.

“If you’re moving here, we might get back to having you spend Fridays in it,” Allison said with a wink. She shot Clark a smirk, “and you might have a little roommate…”

“Okay,” Clark said, “should we just… wait for her to show up?”

Allison shrugged, “you two do what you want, I’m going to go change into my workout clothing and…” she looked down at her shoe, “have a nice jog.”

Drake wasn’t sure how long he’d been in the microbial hellscape of Allison’s shoe, he’d seen his comrades dropped in too of course, going from relative titans at two inches, to germs like himself. They’d shrunk maybe an inch or two away from him, an insurmountable distance at this size, possibly days of trekking across the girl’s fetid insole.

When she’d slipped her socked foot inside at first he’d been scared, but at this size it was nearly impossible for him to end up crushed, and he’d simply been rocked and tumbled along the length of the material as the light had gone out from the world. The stale smell of sweat and shoe leather filled the world, impossible to get off him no matter how he tried.

There was a thump, tossing him through the “cavern” of free space he had between himself and the sock overhead, then another thump, tossing him again. She was running, he realized, and the crisp earthy smell of fresh sweat began to fill his prison as the sock overhead began to moisten.

Allison didn’t jog too long, just enough to work up a sweat, then she’d kicked the shoes off, casually leaving them by her front door. She spared one final smug look down into the seemingly empty shoe before walking towards the bathroom, eager for a shower.

Clark watched the clock slowly tick towards five, a silence hung over them all as they waited to see if Dr. Kendra would appear. He sighed and tried to kill some time surfing the internet, when he noticed Sadie glaring at him from the balcony of her dollhouse.

He frowned, “Sadie, are you trying to shrink me?”

“Did you feel anything!?” she asked eagerly.

“Stop trying to shrink me from across the room!” he replied.

“I want to see if I can do it!” she protested, “seriously, did you feel something or-“

“No, I just saw you, Allison help me out here!”

“Sadie, don’t shrink Clark,” she said, not looking up from her phone.


“Sadie!” Allison snapped, “he needs to be at full…” she rubbed her chin a moment, then grinned, looking at the clock, “actually… Clark, help me move this chair over by the door, I want to do a thing.”

“A thing?” he asked, sitting up and helping her with the piece of furniture.

“Yeah,” she said, “also I’m going to make you a little smaller, but not like, super tiny, okay?”

“I don’t know if I like this,” he said, moving the chair to face the door.

“Trust me, setting the right mood is going to make it a lot easier,” Allison said, walking over to the dollhouse, “c’mere Sadie…”

Dr. Kendra stopped in front of the apartment door and sighed. She was in her normal clothing, having shed her labcoat and biohazard suit when she’d left. She hadn’t told anyone she was meeting the girl here, they’d have never allowed it, insisting on security officers, cameras, something…

Just tell her everything, you owe her that much.

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Allison’s voice called. Kendra slowly pushed the door open, revealing a dark apartment. She reached for a lightswitch, flicking it on, then jumping with a start as she saw Allison, sitting coiled in an armchair facing her like a snake. On one armrest of the chair the other girl, Sadie, sat in a doll’s dress, on her lap was her boyfriend, shrunk to a manageable two foot size, his clothes hanging off him as Allison slowly ran her gloved hands through his hair, like she was petting a cat.

Kendra gulped, “Hello Allison,” she said cautiously.

For her part Allison seemed pleased that her attempt at intimidation had succeeded, with her miniaturized friends draped over her, she certainly exuded a certain… presence.

“Do you have the retrieval team somewhere?” she asked quietly.

“They’re all alive,” Allison said, “look to your right.”

Kendra looked down, “there’s just a pair of…” her stomach dropped as she realized the implication.

“They’re far too small to see, but they’re in there somewhere. You can take that old pair of sneakers with you, I’m sure someone at your lab has the equipment to locate and extract your team,” Allison said with a small smile.

“I’ll be sure to grab them on my way out,” Kendra said, staring at the shoes a moment. A part of her suddenly regretted coming alone. She forced herself to return Allison’s gaze and adopted the cool professionalism of a scientist, “how did you make me smaller over the phone?”

“I don’t know,” Allison said with a shrug, “and isn’t that just the story of my life? I don’t know how, and nobody else does either, but I do know I don’t even need to touch you anymore Doctor, I think I just need to be aware of you, isn’t that wild?” She giggled, “it’s like something out of a comic book!” She did a faux ominous voice, “my powers have doubled since we last met!”

In spite of everything Clark snorted, and Sadie just looked at them both, confused.

“You’ve made your point,” Dr. Kendra said in a tired voice, “you’re not the scared little girl looking for help, you’re the big bad villain I shouldn’t have messed with, what do you want from me Allison?”

“Tell me everything, I want to know what you people know, I want to know how many people know it, I want to know the jokes you people tell me over lunch, leave nothing out!”

Dr. Kendra thought a moment, then slowly nodded, walking her way towards the couch, “All right… put on a pot of coffee dear, this could take a while.”

End Notes:
Things continue to come to a head, will Allison get the happy normal life she wanted? Or is she destined for something else? Thanks for the reads and reviews!
Doctor Kendra's Confession by Greenanon

Dr. Kendra looked into the steaming cup of coffee a moment, then reached into her jacket pocket, withdrawing a small flask of bourbon. She added a dash, then swirled it slightly, taking a drink before lifting her head to stare at an expectant Allison and her shrunken friends.

“I suppose I should begin with how we found you,” she said.

“Spies?” Allison said, “rumors from people that saw me at Prom?”

“Nothing so dramatic,” she said, “your family doctor was reaching out, discreetly, to pharmaceutical companies, he was trying to find someone who could help you. Most people just ignored him, he sounded crazy after all, a girl shrinking people? I don’t know who put him in contact with The Lab, but we had enough experience in… unusual matters, to at least reach out to you.” The doctor stared into her cup and chuckled, “nothing I’ve worked with in a long career of top secret projects was ever so interesting as you though…”

“Good old Doc Patton,” Allison said with a sigh, “whatever happened to him?”

“He’s retired somewhere in the desert, last I heard,” Kendra said with a shrug, “he used to call about our progress with you, we never told him much, just that you were safe and we were working on things.”

“What is The Lab, exactly?” Clark cut in, “like, did the government set you up, or are you part of a company, or what?”

Kendra gave a small smile and sipped her coffee, “That’s complicated, we get plenty of money from the taxpayer, but for reasons of plausible deniability we’re not technically a government operation, but we have people in the government who will answer our calls and get us favors no private entity could…” She regarded Allison a moment, “in any official paperwork we’re a medical lab looking for treatments for various rare tropical diseases, it’s what we told Doc Patton and what we told your parents when we reached out to you, in reality we are, and always have been, bio-weapons researchers.”

“What about me?” Sadie asked, “why’d you pick me to make another… whatever Allison is?”

“From what I understand, the gland which produces the shrinking chemical develops over several years of consistent exposure, always in females, but remains dormant unless it is… activated somehow,” she sighed, “I didn’t know about this, my side of the research was always trying to decipher the mechanics of how it does what it does…” She was quiet a moment, “Kimbers is… I’m worried about him. He’s successfully replicated Allison’s condition, even if another subject would be years of work away… it presents an avenue for weaponizing it.”

“C-Can you… undo it?” Sadie asked, “is there a cure for all of this?”

“No,” Dr. Kendra said softly, “you have to believe me Allison, I wanted your power for myself, I wanted to weaponize it just like Kimbers is doing, I wanted to be rich and famous off of it… but I did want to help you too… and now I’m starting to realize, those are mutually exclusive.” She sighed, “If I had a cure, I’d have given it to you Allison, we have the pills which provide some resistance to the chemical, but that’s it, and with this new development… maybe that doesn’t matter either.”

“What do you mean?” Allison asked.

“The shrinking chemical,” Kendra said, running a hand through her hair as she collected her thoughts, “I’ve long suspected that it’s not really what’s shrinking people, it never was… we’ve replicated it in the lab and our synthetic version never does anything.” She licked her lips, “I’ve been thinking that it’s more like… a marker, think of the actual shrinking like… a plane, circling a runway, the chemical is just turning the runway lights on, a radar operator guiding the real missile in. Obviously it has a part to play but…” She chuckled, “it would seem Allison has learned to land the plane without it…”

“Do you know what made me like this?” Allison asked quietly.

“No, your condition is perplexing and seems to violate everything I know about how the world works,” Kendra muttered, “it’s… frightening really, it may simply be beyond the science of our lifetimes. All I have are theories.”

“Fire away on the theories then,” Clark said.

Allison nodded, and Kendra continued, “first, we suppose that this is a genetic trait, not some ancient curse or magical power, if it is the latter then I am so beyond the scope of my knowledge as to make it meaningless, but it seems that in that case it’s a defensive adaptation.”

“Defensive?” Sadie asked, “like, to keep predators away?”

“Dogs and cats won’t go near you Allison, even bugs won’t fly within a few yards of you,” Dr. Kendra explained, “this would be a double-edged sword in a more primitive environment, I’m sure a saber-toothed tiger would avoid you, a wolf pack certainly, but it would also make hunting nigh impossible, wouldn’t it?”

“I don’t understand,” Allison said with a frown.

“A person with your condition, in a more natural state, would need to rely on the labor of others to survive, someone else to hunt and gather for you,” the doctor took a quick swig of her coffee, licking her lips at the bitter flavors, “the development of the second phase of your powers suggests a more… offensive use.”

“You’re saying that my ancestors, might have…” Allison trailed off.

“I imagine they enslaved whatever tribe they encountered and ruled it by force,” Kendra said with a shrug, “I don’t mean to pry Allison, but what kinds of thoughts run through your mind when you shrink your friends there? Do you feel a sense of… dominance perhaps?”

Allison’s stomach dropped, “y-yeah, like I really like being in charge, but that doesn’t mean anything!”

“You have a desire to be worshipped, to be a goddess which seems… instinctive,” Kendra said, smiling slightly at Allison’s discomfort. “Relax darling, it’s not a moral judgment, it simply could serve to explain some of your more… outlandish desires.” She shrugged, “and that presupposes the entire thing is genetic, which we don’t know.”

“So why aren’t there shrinkers running around now, why is Allison the only one in a million years or whatever that can do this?” Clark asked.

“I would imagine that baseline humanity did not appreciate being ruled over,” Kendra said, staring off into space, “so those with the ability to shrink others were violently selected against in early human communities...”

“Oh shit,” Sadie exclaimed, “Allison, I think she’s saying our ancestors killed your-“

“Yeah, I got it Sadie,” Allison said, rolling her eyes, “so what, I’m just predestined to be some evil bitch, shrinking and enslaving people?”

“Hardly,” Dr. Kendra laughed, “look around you Allison, whatever dark desires you might have spinning around in that skull of yours, you embraced them and explored them in a healthy, and it seems mutually enjoyable, way with people who love you.” She gestured to Sadie and Clark, still draped over her like shrunken trophies, “if you have any doubts, ask the two of them how they feel about it.”

“You’re not evil! That’s what I’ve been telling you for years!” Sadie piped up, “you always feel so bad about things Allison, lighten up a little!”

“Even when you had those guys in your hands… you were able to keep yourself in check,” Clark muttered quietly.

“Only because you stopped me,” Allison said with a sigh.

“If you were really some kind of human hating hyper-predator, would that have made a difference?” Clark asked with a small smile.

Allison didn’t reply, but she did return the smile.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Dr. Kendra asked quietly, “any other questions you may have?”

“What happens now?” Allison asked, “I don’t want anything to do with The Lab ever again, I don’t want any more of my blood or anything with you people.”

“I thought as much,” Kendra said, finishing her coffee, “I’ve already made my own decision on that front.”

“Which is?” Clark asked impatiently.

“The Lab has to go,” Kendra said quietly, “due to the deniable nature of our operations and the secrecy of our work, our data storage is very deliberately easy to destroy. I plan to do so, and then I’m sending a video testimony of everything we’ve done along with documentation to media outlets and congressmen.” She smirked, “as I said, we’re technically not part of the military or any three letter agencies, I doubt that Kimbers or anyone else involved will receive much lenience for the experiments we’ve conducted on unsuspecting members of the public.”

“But what about you?” Sadie asked.

She shrugged, “this is the end of a long career of evil, don’t give me your pity, I don’t deserve it. The only thing that saved you and your friends Allison, was the fact that you were the first of my victims I had to look in the eye while I worked, I guess that cracked whatever shell I’d put up and reminded me that I’m human.” She stood up, setting the coffee on the table and adjusting her glasses one final time and smile, “don’t forget that about yourself Allison, you’re human too. This is the last time you’ll see me, goodbye.”

With that, she started towards the door, pausing a moment to pick up Allison’s shoes, where the remnants of the retrieval team were no doubt wandering as if in a vast wasteland.

“W-What should I do now?” Allison asked suddenly.

Dr. Kendra paused, then smiled as she refused to turn around, “Whatever you want Allison.” The door closed behind her, leaving the three of them alone.

Silence loomed heavily over them, the finally Sadie spoke, “D-Did we win?”

“I think so,” Clark said, amazed.

“I guess we’ll know if there’s a big scandal in the press over the next few days,” Allison muttered, “but… if she’s telling the truth, and I think she was, then there’s nothing else for us to do from here.”

“Well,” Clark said, “I’m kind of hungry, could the full-size girl order us tinies some food?”

“Oh, you’re not even that small,” Allison said with a grin, sliding Clark off her lap, “yet…”

None of them were really sure what to do, and with all of them exhausted, emotionally and physically, the evening ended with a pizza and a rerun on the television that filled the silence, but which none of them really watched. Clark wasn’t sure when he fell asleep, only that he awoke on the couch the next morning, full size and with a blanket draped over him and a pillow beneath his head. The warm smell of bacon entered his nostrils, and he sat up with a grin.

“Morning!” Sadie said, waving at him from the table, surprisingly at full size and wearing one of Allison’s borrowed outfits. Seeing his expression she shrugged, “in all the chaos I only packed doll clothes, luckily Allison and I wear the same size.”

“Morning,” Allison echoed, turning around and giving him a smile.

“That smells great,” Clark said, his stomach growling as he got up. He realized with a start he was naked, having ditched his clothes the night before when Allison had started making him too small to wear them. He’d hadn’t quite gotten down to a size where he’d be able to wear doll clothes before the night had ended, and he had a sneaking suspicion that Allison and Sadie would make up an excuse to deny them anyways, where Sadie always seemed to have a Barbie outfit ready and waiting for her on shrinking, he noticed that clothing for him at small size was rarely offered.

“It’s the morning!” Sadie laughed, pointing at his erection as he rolled his eyes and tried to cover himself with the blanket again.

“Don’t bother Clark, we’ve all seen it,” Allison said with a laugh as she set out a plate, “your suitcase is in my bedroom, go get dressed!”

Breakfast was decent, Allison wasn’t a great cook, but bacon and eggs weren’t a difficult meal to prepare. Clark couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at how quickly they’d all fallen back into something that almost felt like normalcy.

“Well, I should probably call Angie and Brick and tell them I’ll be back in tomorrow,” Clark said, snatching a piece of bacon for himself. “Do you guys want to do anything today?”

“Maybe we could see a movie?” Allison suggested, “it’s the middle of the week, there’s probably a discount.”

Sadie was quiet a moment, then giggled as she got up, placing her plate by the sink and wandering off for a moment. Clark watched her go with a suspicious frown.

What was that about? He wondered. He turned back to Allison, who was looking up movie times on her phone.

“What do you think of this one here, with the robots?” Allison asked, looking up.

“Robots?” he asked, “not sure I know which one you’re talking about,” he reached for the smartphone to see the movie listing.

“Well it’s based on a comic book from France that I think you’d really like-“

“Hey guys,” Sadie said, walking up behind Allison’s chair, “did you pick a movie?”

“Yeah, the one with the robots they’ve been advertising everywhere,” Allison replied, not looking up from her phone.

“That’s great,” Sadie said. Something about her smile put Clark on edge, and a moment later Allison squealed as Sadie’s hand came around, her panties hanging over her hand like a washrag as she forced them up under Allison’s nose.


“Shhh…” Sadie giggled, looking to Clark’s astonished eyes like a kidnapping chloroforming a victim… with her underwear. “Just breathe it in Allison, let yourself get small…

Allison struggled feebly, but she was already dwindling into her chair and out of her clothes, no doubt a novel experience for a girl who was so used to shrinking others. Sadie kept pressing with the underwear, a pink frilly pair with bunnies on it, and she laughed as Allison disappeared into her tenting clothing.

Sadie snapped on a glove, grinning broadly as she slowly picked Allison up out through the collar of her own shirt. Allison was a mix of angry and stunned, looking around the world as she was held, doll sized, in her friend’s hand.

“H-Holy shit,” Allison breathed, “is it like this all the time? It’s all so…”

“Overwhelming?” Clark laughed, “try being on a microscope slide.”

“Today Allison is the doll,” Sadie said, placing a naked Allison on the table and presenting her with a small blue doll’s dress.

Allison stared daggers at her, but raised her hands as Sadie slipped the dress over her, “I’m going to get you for this Sadie!” she shifted in the garment as Sadie pinched the Velcro back together, “how do you wear this stuff all the time?”

“It’s not about comfort, it’s about looking cute,” Sadie said, producing the tiny plastic pink hairbrush, “and you sure do!” Allison scowled, then winced as Sadie began to run it through her brown hair, “lot of knots here Allison…” Sadie giggled.

“Clark, save me!” Allison asked in mock exasperation.

“No way, if I go over there, she’ll just get me too!” Clark laughed.

“All in due time Ken,” Sadie said with a wink as she continued to torment her shrunken friend, “now finish your breakfast.”

“I can’t believe she’s carrying us in her purse,” Allison muttered, staring across the darkened chamber of Sadie’s bag, where Clark sat, dressed in Ken doll clothes. “It’s like we’re just-“

“Toys?” Clark chuckled, “come on, it won’t kill you to see how the other half lives, I’m sure by tomorrow Sadie will be practically begging to be the doll again.” He thought a moment, “you know, you could have just blasted her with the mind powers or whatever.”

“She snuck up on me,” Allison snapped, “and…” she sighed, “by the time I realized that, she’d already shrunk you, and I didn’t want to make her small too because someone’s got to drive us to the movie and carry us in.”

“So even the great shrinking goddess isn’t infallible,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh don’t you worry, I’m going to get barbie back where she belongs, and then I’ll get mine,” Allison said with a wicked grin.

“Yeah, uh…” Sadie giggled mischievously at the ticket taker, “One ticket, yeah just one…” she gave her purse a quick pat, unseen by the oblivious movie theater clerk.

“Smooth,” Clark chuckled from inside the purse, hearing the exchange through the unzipped top.

“One large popcorn,” They heard her order, and they felt the purse shift and rock as she walked towards her seat.

She leaned over to her purse as she sat down, glancing around the theater, “looks like we’ve got it to ourselves!” she said in a conspiratorial whisper. It wasn’t totally surprising, the movie had been out for weeks and it was the middle of a weekday. With a grin she reached her gloved hands in, withdrawing her two dolls.

“We should never pay for tickets for anything ever again,” Sadie said gleefully, “we just pick a designated big person-“

ME,” Allison said firmly, crossing her arms.

“OH MY GOD!” Sadie squealed happily, “you are just beyond cute when you’re small and mad!”

Allison fumed, but Clark couldn’t hold in a laugh, “so where should we sit?” he called up to her. “Cupholders?”

“In the popcorn, duh,” Sadie said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

She slid the two of them in at opposite ends, the warm butter quickly soiling the doll clothes she’d provided and sticking to his skin. It was almost like being in a ball pit, a warm one anyway, and if he draped his arms over the side of the large popcorn tub he wouldn’t slip any lower. Glancing across the hill of popcorn he saw Allison doing the same, scowling as Sadie’s massive hand reached between them, grabbing up a handful for herself.

In spite of her grumpiness at spending a day as Sadie’s doll, rather than the other way around, Allison grew quiet as the movie started, her eyes going wide as the opening monologue began. For his part Clark grabbed a piece of popcorn the size of his face, and took a bite, savoring the buttery flavor.

“That was great!” Sadie said excitedly as she carried the two of them back into Allison’s apartment, “I can see why you guys like these space type movies, I’ll have to check out some more.” She set them on the table, giggling at the popcorn butter that still stuck to the both of them.

“We’re covered in butter,” Allison said, her annoyance coming back, “this is why I should be the big person, I always keep you guys clean-“

Clark snorted, and Sadie laughed too, “that’s a lie and you know it, now both of you strip out of those doll clothes so I can lick that butter off of you.”

Allison took a deep breath, closing her eyes and clenching her fists for a moment. Clark looked over at her curiously, and Sadie frowned.

“Hey Allison, what are you-“

There was a banging sound, and the table shifted, almost tipping over as Allison grew to full size, ripping through the doll clothes with an angry ripping sound and knocking Clark backwards.

She released a breath she’d been holding and opened her eyes, “Guess what I just figured out how to do?” Allison said with an evil smile.

Sadie paled, “Oh shit,” she turned to run, but didn’t take even a single step before she was stumbling over herself as her clothing grew around her.

Allison slid off the table with a smirk, standing over Clark as a giantess, the slight grease of the movie theater’s popcorn still covering her skin as she strutted past the squirming ball of clothing. Reaching the counter, she snapped on a pair of blue gloves, then returned to Clark.

“You can regrow people now?” Clark asked excitedly.

She shrugged, “I guess it took being small myself to figure that one out.” She hovered a hand over him, and he saw the world briefly start to shrink, then stop after he’d regrown a few inches, stretching the doll clothing.

“Uh, are you going to finish?” he asked.

“No,” she said with a devious smirk, “I just wanted to make sure I could do it to you too…” he felt himself shrinking again, until the doll clothes were loose on him. He stopped at about four inches in height, his stiff doll clothing tumbling around in a mirror of what had happened when Sadie had shrank him to Ken doll size earlier in the day. A gloved hand reached down for him, knocking the shirt and pants away like errant candy wrappers as she plucked up her naked prize between thumb and forefinger.

“Now let’s go see how Sadie’s doing,” Allison said, sauntering over to the pile of clothing where her friend had been a minute ago. She idly kicked the shirt and bra away with her foot, revealing the tiny Sadie, perched in the same panties she’d used to shrink Allison earlier, almost like they were a hammock.

“Oh, h-hey Allison!” Sadie said with a sheepish grin on her face, “did you have fun being the small one?”

“You know, I actually did,” Allison chuckled, “but I’m definitely feeling like I need to put you back in your place…”

Sadie gulped as Allison picked her up, squeezing her playfully, “Okay, well you’ve got your dolly back!” Sadie said, giving the plastic looking barbie smile, “super loyal and-“

“Oh no you don’t,” Allison laughed, letting Sadie shrink further with a quick squeal until she was two inches tall. Allison pinched the tiny girl between gloved fingers and regarded her with a cocky grin, “I want to practice not shrinking people… on contact I mean, I feel like I could do it.”

“Uh, sure, just slide those gloves off and-“

“Oh no no no,” Allison laughed, lowering the girl down, past her breasts, her bellybutton, her waistline, and finally stopping when Sadie was level with her crotch, the warm smell of her arousal billowing out over the shrunken woman from behind that wiry brown forest.

“Oh come on!” Sadie squirmed, “Allison! It’s so hairy!”

Allison started, “h-hey it’s not that-“

“It looks great Allison!” Clark shouted with a smile, waving from the table.

“Yeah, it looks great!” she said, her grin returning.

Sadie cried out in surprise as Allison forced her towards the glistening pink folds of her womanhood, the wetness washing over the tiny woman as Allison’s finger forced her inside, causing the giant girl to grunt in pleasure as the movement began stimulating her.

“H-hang in there Sadie,” Allison giggled, going weak in the knees as her toy squirmed inside her. She breathed out, focusing on keeping Sadie at two inches, a more difficult mental task than she’d anticipated under the circumstances. She stumbled backwards, gripping the table as a splitting headache started, then stopped as she tried to keep what she’d increasingly come to think of as her “shrinking sense” in check.

“Are you okay?” Clark asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

“Peachy,” she said with a flushed face, smiling as she righted herself. She grinned and grabbed him, “I-I think I’m doing it, oh fuck,” she gripped the table again, “Sadie’s… she’s definitely not getting any smaller!” Sadie squirmed inside her again, sending jolts of pleasure up her spine, for a moment she lost focus, and she “felt” Sadie’s size decrease maybe a quarter of an inch.

Oh no you don’t! she thought wickedly, mentally forcing Sadie back up to two inches, not until I’m done!

“D-Don’t’ lose her in there!” Clark protested.

“I won’t,” Allison growled, “in fact…” she grinned as she reached for him, pulling him towards her, “I think I need to add a new distraction!”

Clark tensed as he was moved up to her mouth, diminishing as he went until he was maybe three inches tall. Allison grinned, then opened her mouth fully, letting him slide by her lips. Clark panicked slightly, her mouth was a… complicated place for him. He’d been inside it a few times, never for very long as her spit had a tendency to shrink him quickly, and while he never outright told her this he was a little scared she might accidentally swallow.

He groaned as her tongue ground him against the roof of her mouth, the soft palette coating his erection in her grimy saliva as her tongue toyed with him. He wasn’t getting smaller, he was pretty sure, and as she flipped him with her tongue and began to grind him against the side of her cheek, he started to let himself relax, gripping her tongue with both arms as Allison continued to easily swish his small body around her mouth, treating him like a piece of hard candy. A wild moan echoed up from her throat, startling him as the other shrunken toy down below brought more pleasure to her.

Allison squealed, stumbling onto the couch, melting into a puddle as she struggled to keep both of her toys full size. Her orgasm hit her like a train, rocking Sadie’s world as her most intimate places spasmed and quaked, the motion shaking the shrunken girl like a rattle as Allison’s cum filled her mouth, silencing whatever scream she might have managed.

For Clark the dark cavern of her mouth filled with saliva, and he heard another growl from that long tunnel behind him as she came. Clark shouted in surprise as he was rocketed backwards, muscles squeezing him from all sizes as he disappeared down her throat, the motion causing him to cum and swirling his seed down with him as rapidly as it spurted into her mouth.

He felt like he was in a sleeping bag of pure muscle as she gulped him down, pressed tightly and every opening around him filled with her powerful flesh and slick saliva. He felt his feet reach an opening, and a moment later he dropped into the open air of her stomach, flailing as he fell into a warm pool with a splash. He choked and swam for the surface, darkness all around him as he heard the churning of her stomach. With a start he realized he was gripping a piece of toast she’d had for breakfast.

“ALLISON!” he shouted as loud as he could.

“Oh wow,” Allison smiled, basking in the post orgasm bliss, “I… I fucking did it!” she reached inside herself, withdrawing a limp and cum-soaked Sadie, “I did it! I didn’t shrink either of you guys!”

“Ug,” Sadie managed, coughing up a wad of Allison’s lubricant, “t-that’s cool,” she gave a weak grin and a thumbs up, “that was a wild ride… where’s Clark?”

“Oh he’s-“ Allison stopped, her face going pale as she realized that he was no longer in her mouth. With a squeal of fright, she tossed Sadie to the couch cushion and bolted for the bathroom.

Clark and Sadie lay next to each other on paper towel, the various fluids covering them soaking into it and hopefully preventing any staining to the table it was on. Allison nervously hovered over her two inch tall friends, her face red.

“O-Okay,” she muttered, “on the plus side, I’ve figured out how to not shrink you guys!”

“Allison, when my powers start to develop in a few years or whatever, you’re going straight up my ass,” Sadie muttered with a stupid grin.

“I uhh…” Allison bit her lip, “okay, I guess that’s fair, sorry I got a little carried away. I blame the evil genetics.” She turned to Clark, and with a frown she reached down with her thumb and brushed a bit of soggy half-digested bread out of his hair.

“Evil genetics?” Clark asked, cocking an eyebrow, “you’re just going to blame the evil genetics for eating me?” He tried to keep a smile off his face, he wasn’t really angry with her, the whole experience had been oddly… thrilling. Still, it was fun to tease Allison, and he smirked slightly, “somehow, I doubt your evil humanity enslaving ancestors were eating people regularly.”

“I don’t know,” Allison said, matching his smirk as she realized he wasn’t nearly as traumatized as she’d imagined, “you tasted pretty good, could be some ancient inborn urge, really show everyone who’s boss by eating the old chieftain, you know?”

“Honestly, the journey back up was way worse than the journey down… You can make it up to us by growing us back to full size,” Clark said, grunting as he unstuck himself from the paper towel.

“I’m uh…” Allison looked away a moment, “please believe me on this one I really am too tired to do it, can you guys just wait a few hours?”

“Fine,” Sadie said, joining Clark as she sat up, “but stop me around doll size, your couch is lumpy and the dreamhouse bed is comfy.”

“Done!” Allison said with a laugh.

Doctor Kendra hummed a tune from The Doors under her breath as she brought about the end, “my only friend,” she whispered, clicking the “yes” button under the “are you sure you want to delete these files?” window, “The end…”

Hopefully it is, she thought miserably, thinking of the long stretch in prison that almost assuredly awaited them all.

End Notes:

Allison's powers continue to expand! Obviously The Lab won't go down without a fight, no matter what Kendra believes.

Peace? by Greenanon

Allison woke up in Clark’s arms, he wasn’t quite his normal size, but he still had an inch or two on her as she shifted happily in his grasp. Being able to sleep in the same bed as her boyfriend without reducing him to bug sized was something she thought she’d never get to experience, but here she was… she looked at her hands, naked, the box of disposable gloves unopened on her nightstand.

“You should throw those out,” Clark groaned, squeezing her tight and not bothering to avoid skin contact.

“Sadie can still use them,” Allison said in a sleepy tone, “if her powers go the same way mine did, she’ll have to stay gloved up for a few years at least.”

“I can drop them by her place on my way back from work,” Clark said, pulling his pants on and grabbing the box off the nightstand.

“Good idea,” Allison said, stretching and debating whether she wanted to get out of bed yet, “it’s actually her birthday today, can you pick her up a cake too?”

Clark started, “wait, really? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Everything’s been so crazy lately,” Allison protested in a sleepy voice, “I’ll go grab her a present when I’m done with everything today.” With a resigned sigh she rolled herself up, giving one final stretch of her arms as she got out of bed. “I might have to work a little later than usual today,” she said, “could you maybe entertain her until I get there?”

Clark paused, “Entertain her?”

“Yeah,” Allison said with a smug grin, “entertain her.”

“Define entertain,” Clark asked uncertainly, “like should I rent a movie or-“ Allison held up a finger, silencing him while reaching for her phone.

She fired off a quick text message, “there, I just told Sadie you were coming to entertain her.” The phone began buzzing with text messages as Sadie reacted.

“Oh god,” Clark chuckled nervously, “you’re serving me up like a piece of meat!”

She smiled dreamily, “I’ve got prehistoric genetics that make me want to own you both, remember? As far as I’m concerned, I’m just rewarding one of my pets with a good time, now I expect Sadie to be positively beaming by the time I get there.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a sarcastic salute as he turned to leave. He paused, “am I getting a present like that on my birthday?”

“If you’re good,” Allison said with a wink, waving him off.

Clark walked through the living room, briefly glancing at the empty dollhouse in the corner. In the weeks following their final run in with Dr. Kendra, Sadie’s job transfer had been approved, and while she wasn’t in the same building as they were, she was living in the same complex a short walk away. It was nice having her around, and all of them had settled into something of a routine as the fear of The Lab’s revenge began to fade.

Clark’s phone buzzed, he’d set several news alerts, and he smirked when he saw the headline, “Members of The Lab come forward! Strange tests, exotic materials!” it read.

Kendra’s testimony had caused most of the other staff to try to protect themselves, and when the three of them had driven by The Lab’s location a few days after meeting her, it had been covered in police cruisers and government vans, men in black sunglasses and suits were carrying out filing cabinets and roping things off. The good doctor herself had even been on the news a few times, sullenly confessing to various acts, injecting chemicals in municipal water supplies, attempting to inject unsuspecting members of the public with untested treatments, it seemed there was no end to The Lab’s activities.

It made Clark a little sad to think that the woman who had apparently saved them all would likely spend the rest of her life in jail, but there was nothing any of them could do. As far as they could tell, she’d kept her promise to delete all mentions of Allison and the rest of them from the files, and there were plenty of things to keep the investigators busy for years to come without ever poking around for a girl with the power to shrink people.

All the same, he quickly scanned the article, and, not seeing anything alarming, grabbed his keys and headed out the door to work.

“So that’s it then?” Brick asked over lunch, “you guys beat a team of special forces dudes, then this lady in the news blew the lid on everything?”

“Yep,” Clark said with a grin, “Clark one, secretive conspiracies zero.”

“Sounds to me like you all got lucky Doctor Whatserface caught a conscience,” Angie said, walking towards them both with a clipboard. “Anyways, now that you beat the Majestic Twelve or whatever, you can help me sweep out locker forty, also the cameras in lot A need to be rewired or something, the night watch guys say the picture’s coming in fuzzy.”

“I guess we could take a look,” Clark said, getting up with a grunt. It was a little surreal to be back here at the storage units after everything that had happened, but life went on, he supposed.

Clark held the boxed cake under his arm as he knocked on Sadie’s door. Her apartment was in a slightly newer part of the complex, with a better view of the pool than the building where he and Allison had units. Luckily it was just a short walk away, and Sadie greeted him excitedly as she opened the door.

“Hiya Clark!” she beamed, “come on in!” She waved him inside, and he followed, walking to her counter and placing the cake on it.

In contrast to Allison’s rather spartan apartment Sadie’s was almost a stereotype of girly décor, with bright pink throw pillows, succulents in the windows, and even a “Live Laugh Love” sign hanging proudly in her kitchen over a wine rack.

“Is that cake for me!?” Sadie asked, “you shouldn’t have!” she opened the box, beaming at the Barbie design, “oh ha ha,” she laughed, glancing at him.

“It seemed fitting,” he said with a smile.

“So I guess you know that Allison gave you to me for the afternoon?” she said in a sultry voice, licking her lips as she stepped closer.

“She mentioned something about that, yeah,” he said, backing up slightly and feeling the countertop poke into his back.

“To start with, I’m going to shrink you,” Sadie said eagerly, “with my mind!” she stared at him, deep concentration etched on her face as she focused all of her willpower into making Clark smaller. “Come on,” she muttered under her breath, her eye twitching slightly, “come on!

“Oh no!” Clark said, his head dropping lower, until a moment later Sadie’s eyes widened in excitement as they were eye level with each other.

“YES!” Sadie crowed, “I did it-“ she stopped, then scowled angrily, “you’re bending your knees!”

Clark burst into laughter, “you’ll get me for real one of these days, I’m sure.”

She just growled and muttered something under her breath, then leapt up, surprising him with a kiss on the lips. By the time she broke it, stepping away, he was a head shorter than her, looking up at the smug blonde with his clothes starting to hang loosely on him.

“I can’t do the mind trick like Allison can… yet,” Sadie said with a smirk, “but the old ways work just as good.”

“So how can I serve you today, birthday girl?” he asked, looking up at the Amazonian blonde.

“Pedicure,” Sadie said with a grin as she sauntered over to the couch. She stretched out on it, “there’s a basket with nail polish, files, clippers, and lotion in the bathroom, go grab a towel and you can get to work!”

He blinked, “Uh, sure.”

Sadie gave a mocking clap, “chop chop slave boy!”

I’m going to have to remember this on MY birthday, he thought with a grin as he went into her bathroom to retrieve her supplies. Her bathroom was covered in the same type of obnoxious pink and flowery signage as the rest of her apartment, and he struggled to keep his much looser pants up as he lay the towel beneath her feet, gathering his “tools.”

He’d painted Allison’s toenails plenty of times of course, usually at a far smaller size than this, and Sadie relaxed, surfing her phone as he worked, the occasional contact with the soft skin of her feet causing his height to dip little by little as he clipped, sanded, or painted each toenail as needed.

“Beautiful!” Sadie giggled, flexing her toes and pinching his nose between them as he dwindled a little further. He guessed he was maybe halfway between three and four feet now, and Sadie was a towering giant, lounging on the couch as she checked the job he’d done on her toes.

“Now rub the lotion on them,” Sadie said, letting her foot leave his face, “and… lose the clothes,” she smirked at his reaction, “you’re so small they’re practically a loose robe on you anyways.” She giggled as he slowly slipped out of the clothes, she’d seen him naked plenty of times before, but there was always something so delicious about making him strip, particularly while she lounged, fully clothed and full size, on the couch.

Clark squirted the cool lotion into his hand, where Allison always liked a vanilla scented type Sadie preferred something more floral, and a lavender scent filled his nostrils as he began to apply pressure. The contact with her feet was shrinking him slowly, and her soft foot grew in his hand as he rubbed the lotion into it.

“This is nice,” Sadie said with a sigh, she glanced down between his legs and smirked, “seems like you’re enjoying yourself too?”

His face went a little red, he wasn’t quite sure why he was embarrassed given everything that Allison and Sadie had put him through already, but Sadie noticed. She crossed her legs, flicking her feet at him and causing the red nail polish he’d just applied to shine slightly. She bit her lip, smugly enjoying his slowly reducing size, then her foot, now almost the length of his torso, began to trace down his chest, stopping between his legs.

“So worked up just from giving a little foot massage,” Sadie said, “we better get rid of that little stiffy.” He tensed as her toe traced down his body, teasingly circling his erection, then sighed.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re already like three feet tall,” Sadie muttered, “almost everything I want to do to you is going to send you down to micro size. I don’t know how Allison dealt with this for years, the only thing that makes it slightly bearable is knowing I can learn how to control it someday, poor girl must have gone absolutely nuts.”

“We uh, we found ways,” Clark said sheepishly.

“I’ve heard,” Sadie giggled, “seen too… now put a glob of that lotion on your hand and start jerking off.”

He frowned at her, but slowly obeyed, feeling the slick cool lotion on his skin as he wrapped his hand around his member and began to stroke himself.

“Good boy,” she said, “now press your face into the sole of my foot, don’t be afraid to give it a nice kiss…”

He leaned forward, nuzzling the soft wrinkled skin of her sole as he masturbated for her, each moment of contact with the bottom of her foot causing him to dwindle before her.

“Keep going, just let it all out,” Sadie giggled, “just press your face in there and let yourself get teensy tiny…”

He breathed in, the flowery smell of the lotion he’d just covered her feet with filling his senses as her foot grew against him. He blinked, realizing her foot was no longer being held up to him but was sitting on the floor, his own height and now starting to overshadow him as he shrank further.

“Shoot your little load on the bottom of it, go on I won’t even feel it,” Sadie said, dipping her hand into her pants and beginning to play with herself as she watched him.

He grunted as orgasm hit, and Sadie laughed gleefully as she felt the tiniest drops of his cum splash across her sole, “Good job!” she said, lowering her foot back to the towel again, “unfortunately it looks like you got a little… small.”

“Yeah, it tends to happen,” he panted, blinking a minute and looking up at the blonde giantess. “So, what now?”

He was answered by a gloved hand wrapping around him, hefting his body as she examined him, “You should be just about the right size…” she muttered.

“For what-“

He was cut off as she shoved him forcefully down the front of her pants, grunting slightly as she forced his shrinking body below the hem of her panties and down to a wet and waiting womanhood, which the pink panties pressed him against.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned, pressing him in from the outside of her panties, “just get in there!

He didn’t have much of a choice, with Sadie’s juices rapidly shrinking him he had no chance of resisting her efforts to slip his squirming form inside. For Sadie his actions were rapidly becoming irrelevant as she fingered herself, biting her lip as Clark fell ever deeper inside the slick tunnel between her legs, but the knowledge that he was there was doing it for her.

“Goodbye Clark,” she breathed, cumming as she felt the her pussy quake around the wriggling ant sized man, who disappeared from her altogether a second later. She collapsed against the back of the couch, giggling at the thought of a microscopic man trapped inside her. The thought made her wet again, and she wondered if his world was flooding, at the size he was, there wasn’t any way to tell.

Clark hadn’t actually ended up inside her, he’d been washed out with the tide of her orgasm, her thick cum sticking him in the netted maze of her panties fibers. He didn’t bother shouting in the dark confines of that humid jungle, she’d never hear him, and as her cum dried, sealing him in place like cement, he resigned himself to his captivity, at least until Allison could come and regrow him.

Allison stepped into Sadie’s apartment, a little later than she’d have liked, but work had been a real pain that day. She smiled as she saw her smug friend laying on the couch, a slice of cake on a small plate in front of her as she surfed the internet on her phone.

“Happy birthday,” Allison said, setting a wrapped package on the counter next to the cake, “where’s Clark?”

Sadie just smirked and patted the crotch of her jeans, “Somewhere down there,” she said nonchalantly.

Allison stared a moment, then laughed, “you bitch! I’ve never sent him in there at microscopic size!”

“You said in your text I could do whatever I wanted with him!” Sadie halfheartedly protested.

“I didn’t think you’d stick him up your snatch!” Allison said, smirking as she walked around to the couch.

“You put me in yours,” Sadie protested.

“Yeah, but I can control my powers, so you didn’t go microscopic,” Allison said as she sat down. She glanced between Sadie’s legs and bit her lip, “Then again… maybe I should do that with him one of these days.”

“It’s kind of thrilling, but after a bit you just forget he’s there,” Sadie said with a shrug.

“Hm… I’ll have to ask him about it,” Allison said, regarding her friend, “for now though, a certain dolly has been very naughty by losing a toy I loaned her!” she snapped her fingers, and Sadie sqealed in shock as she shot down to one foot tall, her clothes billowing and collapsing around her. Damn I’m getting good at this, Allison thought with a smug grin as she reached into the pile of clothes for the doll-woman.

“Huh,” Allison muttered, looking at Sadie’s pink panties, laying the pooled clothes with her jeans, “Clark’s not in you Sadie, he’s down there in your underwear somewhere.

“Oh, oops,” Sadie said, shrugging in Allison’s grip.

Allison gently picked the panties up, smiling as she imagined how she must look to the tiny man trapped down there, lost in a maze of musk and fibers as thick as buildings.

“Hi Clark,” she boomed, “I’ll regrow you when I’m done playing with the doll, until then just enjoy the landscape.” She giggled as she balled the underwear up in her fist, dropping it back to the couch and leaving her microscopic boyfriend to his fate.

Next, she placed the naked blonde on the table, “Go on, open your presents,” Allison said, pointing to a wrapped package she’d placed next to her.

Sadie frowned, pulling at the wrapping paper and struggling with it slightly at this size. With a grunt she managed to force a swathe of it free, the tearing sound echoing through the apartment as she took in what Allison had brought her.

“A birthday dress!” Sadie said eagerly, looking at the doll’s outfit in the plastic case, “YES YES YES Allison put it on me!” she practically jumped around the coffee table as Allison chuckled, opening the plastic packaging and freeing the bright yellow princess gown. Like most doll clothing the fabric wasn’t of the highest quality, and it relied on Velcro to keep it up, but as she slipped it on her friend she had to admit that Sadie looked every inch a princess as she strutted around the table, twirling and doing faux bows.

“You are so fucking cute,” Allison murmured, picking up her doll sized friend.

“I know right,” Sadie said, “those Disney park actors have nothing on me!”

“No they do not,” Allison said, smiling as Sadie gushed over the new clothing, “I’ve got a few other new outfits and accessories for my favorite doll, but I can already tell this one’s my favorite.”

Her finger traced up Sadie’s leg, causing the doll-girl to start as the massive finger went underneath her dress and made contact with the moist spot between her legs. Allison ground slowly, causing Sadie to spasm slightly in her grip.

“A-Allison?” she squeaked.

“You make such a good doll Sadie,” Allison growled, “always have…” she pressed a little harder, causing Sadie to moan, “do you like it when I play with you like this?”

“Y-YES!” Sadie shouted, cumming on Allison’s finger with a low pant, falling limp as the larger woman idly continued to play with her for a few more seconds.

“I thought so,” Allison chuckled, looking at the wet spot on the tip of her finger. She sighed, looking at the balled up panties, “you relax Barbie, I’ve got to go find my germ-sized boyfriend.”

“Okay,” Sadie said dreamily as Allison placed her gently on a throw pillow, the pink fabric beneath her acting as a bed in her shrunken state.

A few hours later, after cake and opening more presents, the three of them lounged around Sadie’s apartment, Clark had been returned to full size, and one shower later he was wearing his clothes again and relaxing in an easy chair across from the couch where Allison brushed the hair of a still doll sized Sadie. The sun was beginning to go down, and the streetlights popped on outside as the city’s nightlife began to slowly stir, like a sleeping cat waking as the daylight dimmed.

“You know I usually throw a huge birthday party,” Sadie laughed, looking outside the window, “but even with just you two… I think this has been my favorite one.”

“Glad we could make it special,” Clark said with a smile.

“I’m sorry I missed so many others,” Allison said, smiling as she looked at the twilight sky outside, “I’m really glad you stuck with me all those years, even when I tried to run away…”

“Best friends forever,” Sadie said with a wink. “I’m just glad that mug over there pried you out of your room.”

“She was too pretty to leave alone,” Clark chuckled.

“I love you guys,” Allison said softly as the sounds of the city night outside echoed beneath the warm glow of the streetlamps.

Dr. Kendra swirled her drink in the tumbler, rereading the same sentence in a book over and over. She had an ankle monitor on, and there was a police cruiser out front as well. Her testimony and press appearances had well and fully burned The Lab, and she’d finished telling her attorney that morning that she intended to throw herself at the court’s mercy. Even with everything about Allison scrubbed from their records, she knew well she deserved life in prison, though there was talk of “only” a ten to fifteen year sentence. She snorted, she didn’t really care anymore, she’d enjoy the comforts of home for a few more months, then go to her penance.

She started as her door banged open, the sound of splintering wood reaching her ears. She heard footsteps, and a trio of burly men in ski masks barged into her study, guns raised. Another followed behind them, and even with the mask on she recognized him immediately.

“KImbers,” she hissed, “what the hell are you doing? It’s over!”

“The hell it is!” he rasped, pulling the mask off and revealing a sneering face, “you’re just forcing our work underground.”

“Our?” she asked with a scowl, “I’m never working with you again Kimbers, have your thugs shoot me now if-“

“In due time,” he muttered, “for now you need to come with me, alive…”

“There are police out front,” she said, gripping her glass tightly and forcing her hand not to shake.

“There were,” he said darkly. He gestured at her, and one of the men produced a knife, slicing through the ankle monitor and letting it clatter to the floor.

“Everything’s gone,” Kendra said in a slight panic as the men began to tie her hands behind her back, “Kimbers, just give it up, you can’t-“

“The girl, girls I should say, are still out there,” Kimbers said angrily, “once I have them I can go anywhyere and people will be lining up to find my work, who knows? I could find the mob, cartels, maybe a foreign interest, they say it’s nice in Moscow this time of year?”

“Have you gone mad?” Dr. Kendra asked, her eyes going wide.

“Or maybe Beijing, Pyongyang even,” Kimbers said with a toothy grin, “I’m sure that after a demonstration of what a little of the subject’s blood can do we’ll have a little bidding war on our hands. No Kendra, I’m far from done.”

“Why come for me then?” She asked angrily, “you know I won’t help you.”

“Maybe not,” he said, taking her glass of bourbon and downing it himself in one gulp, he winced as it burned, but quickly blinked it away, “but… I have a feeling that someone might be willing to come help you, let’s see if little miss Allison is willing to return the favor for the woman who saved her?”

“I’m nothing to her,” Kendra protested, “less than nothing, she won’t-“

“We’ll see,” he chuckled, stretching a piece of duct tape and placing it over her mouth.

End Notes:

Allison's got one last hurdle to jump before she can get that normal life she's always wanted, well "normal" lol.

Allison's Choice by Greenanon

Allison laced up her shoes, then took a deep breath, jogging in place for a moment. She’d never been jogging at the park before, having been too scared of accidentally shrinking passerby. Now though? She had her power under control, or under control enough anyways… Clark almost always woke up a few inches shorter than he should be, but that was manageable.

She took off, smiling as the sun warmed her pale skin, the slow rock and roll beat of her workout playlist filling her ears. It was… liberating, she’d been running on a treadmill for so long, she didn’t realize how great the cool wind could feel on a morning run like this. She smiled as she passed another jogger, who smiled and nodded at her briefly before continuing on his own way.

Sadie happily smiled to herself as she typed up a new series of customer outreach letters. The bank she worked for had been able to find her a position with relative ease, and while it had taken her some time to get used to typing in gloves, it was almost like it was her old office that had moved, rather than herself.

“I’m taking lunch,” she said, pulling a brown bag with a sandwich in it out of the fridge. She hummed happily to herself as she walked out of the bank, intent on eating outside at the park benches between her workplace and the florist next door.

“Hey,” a burly man in a trenchcoat said, sitting up and walking to her, “you Sadie?”

“Yeah!” she beamed, turning to face the stranger, her face fell as she saw his serious expression. She gulped, “I-If you’re from the lab, you know-“

“I know not to touch you,” the man growled, opening his coat and showing her a handgun tucked into his belt. “A van will pull up in a minute,” he said quietly, “we’re both going to get in, or just I am. Do you understand?”

Sadie felt her heart skip a beat, “y-yeah,” she whispered as she watched the vehicle in question pull up. She blinked, then steeled herself, “you know she’ll come for me.”

“I think that’s the plan,” the man said with a resigned sigh, “you obviously can’t do any of the crazy stuff yet, since you’d have shrunk me if you could…”

Sadie just glared at him, but her answer was obvious.

The man hesitated, “My name’s Drake,” he said quietly, “you met me before…”

“You were a germ in Allison’s shoe for a few days,” Sadie said with a smirk.

“And I don’t fancy going back,” he muttered, “these people… they’ve got me, stick close and I won’t let them hurt you… and when that fucking demon shows up, you tell her I wanted no part of this, then you keep her from hurting me, do we have a deal?”

Sadie eyed him a moment, “we could just run for the door,” she said softly.

He gave her a sad smile, “we do that, they’ll still own me, and the man behind this will still want you and your friend… Come with me to the van please? One way or another we end it today, then we either live our lives or… well, it’ll be over.”

Sadie looked at him a moment, then with a sigh tossed her bagged lunch into a nearby wastebin, “Let’s go,” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry,” Drake muttered bitterly, guiding her towards the van.

“Clark!” Angie shouted, walking into the storage offices with a tablet in hand, “we’ve got a new client rep coming in today, as far as units he’s promising the moon, like he wants all our open units and he wants a first right of refusal on any that open up!”

Clark’s heart leapt in excitement, “holy shit,” he breathed, “who is it? Is it UPS or Amazon or what!?”

“Group of scientists I think,” Angie said, “they’ll be here any minute-“

“Oh hell,” Clark muttered, his excitement turning to terror, “Where’s Brick!?”

“He’s right here,” Kimbers said with a grin, walking into their office, a pair of goons almost as big as Brick himself forcing the former football player in front of them at gunpoint. “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Doctor Kimbers.”

“The Lab is fucking over!” Clark shouted, “why the hell are you here?”

“The Lab might be over, but I’m not!” Kimbers hissed, “that girl is going to give me my life back, once I have her I’ll be able to write my own ticket, I’ll-“

“GET FUCKED BASTARDS!” Angie shouted, producing an ancient double-barreled shotgun from under her desk.

“ANGIE!” Brick and Clark shouted at the same time as she leveled it at Kimbers.

“You never know who’s going to walk into a storage office!” she grinned wickedly, cocking the gun as Kimbers looked on impassively.

The goons for their part drew their own weapons, leveling them at Angie and Clark, the one who was forcing Brick forward jutted his gun into the big man’s ribs.

“I’d prefer a quick death by buckshot over the prison sentence waiting for me,” Kimbers chuckled, “lower the gun dear, I’ve no interest in you.”

“Angie,” Clark shouted, “he’s after Allison and Sadie…” he gulped, “you don’t need to get yourself involved in this.”

“I became involved when this asshole showed up at my workplace to kidnap my friend and his girlfriend,” she growled.

“Very well,” Kimbers muttered, “Shoot her brother-“

“Wait!” Angie shouted, lowering the shotgun, “Fine, you’ve got us…”

Kimbers gestured for the men, who rushed forward and stripped the gun out of Angie’s hands, “your storage facility is perfect,” Kimbers mused, “fences, surveillance, why I couldn’t ask for a better place to capture dear Allison.”

Clark gulped, “She… she warned you people not to do this,” Clark said quietly.

“Worried for her?” Kimbers asked smugly.

“No,” Clark said with a resigned sigh, “I’m worried I won’t be able to talk her down this time.”

Allison returned from her jog, frowning as she saw something taped to her door. A takeout menu maybe? She panted, the tiredness from her workout lingering as the warmth of exertion ached in her muscles. A moment later her blood ran cold, and her hand started shaking as she read the letter.

“Allison, I have taken Clark and Sadie. They are, at this time, unharmed. My demands are simple, you will provide me with several samples of your blood, then I will release your friends and we will part ways. I am at your boyfriend’s commercial storage facility, do not bring police. Signed, Dr. Kimbers.”

She closed her eyes a moment, thinking, fine then, she growled to herself, if you won’t leave me alone… She thought about going inside to change out of her sweaty jogging outfit, but scowled and decided against it, a goddess appeared as she wished, did as she wished, and one did not antagonize a Goddess, a lesson these insects would soon learn.

Kimbers growled at the apes he had working as his muscle, he’d taken five with him and holed up in the main warehouse of the facility. Between Dr. Kendra, the two friends, and the two additional owners of the storage lockers, he’d ended up with more hostages than he really wanted, and he had a feeling if things got hairy, the men he’d found wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them, or him for that matter. Word had gone out in the places one could find such thugs, word that the shrinking girl was a much harder target than she appeared, accordingly save for Drake he’d been forced to settle for less than the level of professionalism he was used to. Vasquez had gotten pinched by feds while trying to catch a flight to Aruba, and it had only been through threatening to rat him out that he’d been able to keep the other former Lab field agent loyal.

“Hey boss,” one of them shouted, “which way does this bomb thingy face?”

“One side says this way towards enemy,” he growled. Shrinking or not, if she triggers a claymore, they’ll be scooping her off a wall…

That wasn’t today’s goal though, and he’d made sure the explosives were “hidden” in plain view. Allison’s new powers presented a problem, if she managed line of sight on him, she’d have him, but there were ways around that…

“We’ve got movement,” the man in the security room said over the radio, “she’s at the front gate.”

“Good,” he muttered, “one of you grab the blonde, we’ll use her as bait but for the love of god stay around the corner from her, do not let her see you!”

“I’m on it,” Drake said, shooting Sadie a knowing glance as he grabbed her by the arm. He forced her in front of him, heading out the warehouse’s front door and out into the rows of storage lockers.

Allison stared at the storage facility, the rows of individual units were placed around a central warehouse and a main office in rows, the large chain link gate was bared open, waiting for her. She glanced up at the rooftops, half expecting to see a sniper, but there wasn’t any movement…

With a sigh she stepped inside, the asphalt crunching slightly beneath her running shoes as she glanced around cautiously.

“Allison!” Sadie cried. Her head jolted to the left, and she saw her friend, seemingly standing between two rows of storage lockers.

A moment later Drake appeared, and Allison’s eyes lit up furiously, but Sadie jumped in front of him just as he threw his gun down and raised his hands.

“Allison, he’s on our side!”

“Fat fucking chance,” Drake growled as Allison approached, “my side’s the other side of the border.”

“Ah Drake,” Allison growled, “that was your name, right?” she giggled a little madly, making the man nervous, “you spent a few days living off my insole, I’ll bet you still remember how my feet taste…” She looked down at her running shoes, “I just got done with a jog too… Now I know I said I was going to eat you, but… wouldn’t it be better to just send you home? Forever this time.”

“Oh shit,” he rasped, mouth dry as he stepped back a moment.

“Allison!” Sadie snapped, “he’s giving up, just let him go!”

Allison’s mouth was a flat line, “very well,” she said, “I can spare you if you tell me everything else going on here…”

Drake sighed with relief, “Kimbers has Dr. Kendra, your boyfriend, and his coworkers in the main building, he’s got all the side doors wired with claymores, so you’ll have to go in the front. He’s keeping it pretty dark in there because he thinks you’ll have a harder time shrinking him and the rest if you can’t see.”

“How many are there?” Allison asked.

“Four more, including Kimbers,” Drake said, “little bastard’s half mad, he’s got a bunch of tranq guns like from a zoo or something, his plan is to keep you two sedated until he gets out of the country, pretty sure he’s going to ice everyone else except maybe Kendra…”

“Is she helping him?” Allison asked quietly.

“Hell no,” Drake said, “he grabbed her first because he thought you might have some kind of affection for her.”

“One last thing before I let you go,” Allison said, “does this place have video surveillance?”

“Yeah, it’s in the corner of the main building,” Drake said, “we’ve got a guy in there.”

“Goodbye Drake,” she stopped and gave him one last truly wicked grin, “I know you’re about to go on the run from the law but… you can always come to me and I’ll hide you somewhere the police will never find you.”

“No thanks,” he muttered, shivering as he started towards the gate.

“At least one of them learned his lesson,” Sadie said, crossing her arms.

Jerry was a former hitman for the mob, or at least that’s what he’d said when the science-man had come to hire him. In truth he was more of a leg breaker for a few bookies, but that was practically the same thing, right? The pudgy man peeled a wrapper off a candy bar, occasionally glancing at the row of black and white CCTV monitors.

“Where is she? Did she get Drake?” Kimbers called over the radio.

Jerry glanced at the screens, then almost choked on his Snickers, “D-Drake’s gone!” he coughed. “T-The blonde-“

“You idiot!” Kimbers shouted, “if we don’t have eyes on her she could be-“

The door behind Jerry opened, and he whirled around in the office chair to see two women looking in angrily at him. He leapt for his gun, which he’d left on the desk when he’d started his “snack break,” but he shouted in surprise as his clothes billowed around him.

“Gotcha!” Sadie crowed excitedly, “I cannot fucking wait until I can do that!”

“Settle down Sade,” Allison chuckled, rooting around in the fat man’s clothing and coming up a moment later with him in her curled fist. “Now what to do with my little piggy here?” she giggled.

“Oh fuck, please don’t hurt me!” he pleaded.

“I don’t remember you,” she muttered, “I guess most of the last group were smart enough to stay away…” Allison sighed, “I really wanted an excuse to eat a tiny person…” she licked her lips, “you look good…” her stomach growled at that exact moment, no doubt in response to a morning spent jogging at the park and a skipped lunch.

The man in her hand’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he went limp, having passed out from fright.

“A-Allison you’re not really going to eat these guys, are you?” Sadie asked nervously.

Allison shrugged, taking her shoe off and placing the man in. Sadie watched as he quickly dwindled away, going down to a near microscopic size as Allison placed her foot back in the shoe, trapping the man in the forgotten world inside her shoe.

“The lead guy maybe,” she said, grinning, “the rest are going in the shoes.” In spite of the situation she fought a perverse wave of arousal, “These people want Evil Allison? They’re going to get her.”

“There isn’t an evil Allison,” Sadie said quietly, but she watched as Allison sat down at the monitors. A moment later the men on the screens began flailing in panic, shrinking away into their clothing. She almost casually looked from screen to screen, catching each man in sequence and reducing them to the size of insects with a glance.

“Okay, let’s go see Doctor Kimbers,” she said, standing up and walking out the security room. Sadie nervously followed.

Kimbers panicked, looking up in the rafters where his men had disappeared into their clothing. His own tranquilizer gun shook in his hand as he spun, looking for the girl.

“The cameras!” Clark laughed suddenly, “holy hell I didn’t even think about them!”

“S-She can get you through cameras?” Kimbers asked, wide eyed.

“Ask your goons,” Brick said with a grunt.

“It’s true, her abilities are far beyond anything we ever suspected,” Doctor Kendra said quietly.

“You’re too kind,” Allison said, walking into the warehouse with Sadie behind her.

The way she was framed against the outside light, and the confident way she swayed her hips as she walked in, it all made Clark think of some powerful avenging angel. The look on Allison’s face was… it was frightening. Clark sighed and wondered if there was anything he could say to save the doctor’s life.

“Drop it,” Allison said, eyeing the tranquilizer gun in Kimber’s hand. The scientist just shouted, and there was a hiss as a dart flew out of the barrel. Allison didn’t even blink as it flew wide over her shoulder, and a moment later Kimbers was fighting his way out of his own collapsing clothing.

“Is everyone okay?” Allison asked, walking over to the group and starting to untie them. Sadie joined her, and a moment later all of the hostages were on their feet, a sense of relief washing over them.

“Shit, how are we going to explain this one to the police?” Brick muttered, looking around.

“No police,” Allison growled, “just a few quick stomps and we can go home.”

“Hold on, you’re going to-“ Angie began, but Allison was already moving over to Kimber’s pile of clothing. Her dirt tracked running shoe pawed at the shirt for a moment, casually lifting it up via the toe and revealing a shaking naked scientist underneath.

“Allison,” Clark said slowly as her foot raised over the cowering man.

“He’s never going to stop,” Allison said bitterly.

“I will, I swear!” he shouted, “please don’t kill me, not like this!” the tiny man started to sob, and Allison’s face only grew darker.

“How should I do it then?” she asked, stepping back, “maybe with a flyswatter? A heavy book?”

“You’re a fucking demon!” Kimbers shouted with a sneer, “all of you people, you think you can be friends with this… with this thing?” He sniffed, “things like her used to rule over humanity, you think she’s going to stay your nice little friend forever? She wants power, she wants-“

Allison glared at him, and the room grew silent save for the tiny man’s pleading as the group held their breath, wondering what she would do.

Allison sighed, then smiled, stepping back, “Fuck it, we’ll take him to jail.” Almost everyone in the room started, and Allison laughed, not a mad laugh, but a normal one, “I do like being called a goddess, and I do like ordering you little people around, but at the end of the day? I’m not a goddess, or the devil, I’m just Allison, and no matter how much you deserve it, I don’t think I’m going to stomp you.” She took her shoe off, and as she had a moment ago, dropped the screaming and pleading Kimbers into it, watching coolly as he shrank away to nothing, another microscopic man struggling for existence across the plain of her insole… She smirked, allowing herself some satisfaction from the act, she wasn’t evil enough to kill him but… well, there was enough in her that she had to admit she really did enjoy sending those microbes to their fate, even if it was only temporary.

“Holy shit, that was tense,” Brick muttered, “is it like this every time you guys hang out?”

“No, this is a sort of special occasion,” Allison said with a smirk as Clark ran and embraced her.

“I would have been okay with you stepping on him,” Angie said with a shrug, “but you do you girl.”

“Right,” Sadie said with a sigh, looking up at the rafters, “I say we gather these guys up, leave them in a police station lobby, then grow them back to full size, they’re all wanted, right?”

“Kimbers most certainly is,” Dr. Kendra said, adjusting her glasses, “once he’s in a cell he’ll likely never leave one again… nor will I unfortunately.”

“You already gave all your testimony, right?” Allison asked, “I’ve been following it as best as I can on the news.”

“Er, yes mostly,” Dr. Kendra said, “I need to call the police and tell them I didn’t try to escape, I had an ankle monitor you see and-“ She was cut off by a squeal of panic as she shrank into her clothes. Dr. Kendra found herself naked, scrambling across her own shirt as she tried to figure out what was happening.

“Gotcha!” Allison said with a smirk as her fingers closed around the four-inch scientist. She pulled her out, hefting the shocked doctor in her hands.

“Allison, what are you-“

“You said you’re spending life in prison anyway?” Allison said with a smile, “your jail cell is going to be a hamster cage on my dresser, the cops will never look for you there. You might say your sentence just got commuted to a lifetime as my pet.”

“I uh…” Dr. Kendra gulped, “are you sure-“

“I’ll make you big on your birthday and maybe on holidays, or honestly any time you feel like you need to stretch your legs,” Allison said with a shrug, sliding the shrunken doctor into her pocket, “I don’t like the idea of you rotting in some dank cell the rest of your life, not after what you did for me, so I’m doing this favor for you.”

“Turning her into your pet is a favor?” Clark asked with a smirk.

“Hey, you seem to like it,” Allison said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“I uh…” Kendra smiled sheepishly, feeling her cheeks flush as Allison’s fingers coiled around her naked body, “it beats federal prison…” She was well aware of what being Allison’s “pet” had entailed for Clark, Allison hadn’t held much back in their chats… did that mean that Allison would… with her? A part of her was scared, another part of her was… intrigued.

“Hey,” Brick called, having wandered over to the side door, “do you guys think disarming a claymore is something we need to hire a guy to do, or is that the sort of thing you can just youtube and learn as you go?”

“Oh, for the love of,” Angie began, stalking towards her brother as the rest of the group laughed behind her.

Allison watched the popcorn bag inflate slowly in the microwave, rotating to the steady hum while she watched, beaming excitedly. The beep echoed through the apartment as the opening credits of the movie began.

“Hurry up with that popcorn!” Sadie shouted, dressed in an elaborate princess gown as she lounged on a doll sized couch set on the coffee table.

“You’re lucky I don’t feed you using an easy-bake oven Barbie,” Allison said, pouring the popcorn into a large bowl as she strutted back over to the couch. She set the bowl next to Sadie, who squealed excitedly and grabbed a piece of popcorn the size of her head, digging in.

Glancing across the coffee table she smiled, then opened the plastic top of the clear hamster cage, dropping a few pieces of popcorn in for the miniaturized and naked doctor, who scurried over and grabbed one up, nibbling it just like the adorable little mouse she was now.

“Is there uh, any way I could get some of that clothing?” Kendra asked, eyeing Sadie’s doll dress with a bit of envy.

“Dolls wear clothes, pets don’t,” Allison said with a smirk and a shrug. Dr. Kendra blinked, then with a sigh continued to eat her popcorn, glancing at the theater sized screen beyond her cage.

Allison felt a wave of satisfaction and not a small amount of arousal, it wasn’t that she really wanted to be cruel to the doctor exactly, but… well, she’d fantasized about making someone her pet for years, now here she was. The doctor for her part seemed… receptive.

There was a knock on the door, and Clark stumbled through as Allison opened it, a large pizza, a bag of sour patch kids, and a case of sodas balanced precariously in his hands. Allison took the items, helping guide him over to the counter as the first scene of the Star Trek remake began on the TV behind them.

“You’re late,” Allison said with a giggle, “and… you’re too tall.” She bit her lip, “didn’t I leave you my jogging sock and order you to present yourself to me at four feet?”

“Well yeah,” Clark feebly protested, “but it would’ve been too hard to carry all of this stuff upstairs-“

He was cut off by a kiss as Allison’s tongue parted his lips, exploring his mouth and growing as she shrank him with her contact, parting with a smirk when he got too short for her to do so without bending over.

“Okay, that’s four feet so-“

“You fucking wish,” Allison giggled, “you’re getting a penalty shrink.”

“A penalty shri-“

“Late, too big and you forgot to bring me Milk Duds.”

Clark was about to protest, but then realized he had, looking at the assembled movie snacks he’d brought. He felt his clothes falling off his body as Allison seemed to rise above him, crossing her arms smugly and watching him dwindle away before her. A moment later her hand plucked him up, his four-inch form squirming in her hands.

“Good news Doc,” Allison called, walking back to the other women, “I caught another mouse!” she opened the clear plastic top and deposited Clark in with Kendra, where he bounced slightly on the wood shavings.

Kendra started, looking over to see the naked young man sigh as he reached for the popcorn. Her face burned with embarrassment and… something else, being naked with an attractive younger man wasn’t exactly how she’d thought her “imprisonment” was going to go.

“She really doesn’t allow any modesty does she,” the doctor asked with a weak smile.

“Nope, tinies don’t get clothes, except for Sadie over there apparently,” he jerked his thumb at the doll woman, a good three times their size and with her own couch to boot. She waved them smugly, blowing Clark a quick kiss. Clark shifted uncomfortably, “I’ll tell her to cut this out if you want-“

“No!” Dr. Kendra said a little too quickly, “I umm…” she cleared her throat, “I’ll admit I’ve been a little envious, hearing of some of Allison’s erm… escapades. I was wondering if she was going to maybe…” The doctor almost fainted from embarrassment as she squeaked out the next words, “play with me soon?

Now it was Clark’s turn to be shocked, and he looked up out of the cage at the enormous form of his girlfriend, laughing at a joke on the screen as she shoveled popcorn bits the size of his torso into her mouth.

“I’ll put in a good word for you,” Clark said, still a little stunned, and Allison adds another toy to her collection, he laughed to himself. He grabbed himself a piece of the popcorn, then found a good vantage point in the cage to sit and watch the movie, a moment later the good doctor did the same, and the four of them were engrossed in the space opera adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

Allison sighed happily, looking down at them. Clark, Sadie, even Doctor Kendra in her own way, they’d all given her life meaning again, the world had opened up, and instead of the prison of her room, opportunity and exploration waited for her.

She smiled, bathed in the soft glow of the TV as the sun set outside, the sounds of the city at night echoing far away as she settled to spend an evening with the people who had helped her find herself.  

End Notes:

And so we come to the end of another one. I'm mulling a sequel for this one one of these days if there's interest, but for now Allison's tale comes to a happy end. My next story will probably be out pretty soon and it'll be a Halloween tale of a vampire that drains size and her hapless familiar/boyfriend. Hope to see you all there!

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