The strong and the superior by extremelyVory

Billie's first year in high school isn't easy, as she finds her peers divided between large dominators and their tiny crushers. Which future will she pick, and what struggles will her choice bring?

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A sequel to my stories The Strong and the Bully and The Strong and the Elder in this order. Read them to fully understand the mechanics of the world!

All of the big humans and tiny crushers in this story - even those based on real ones - are entirely fictional. All trademarks were falsified... Poorly. The following story contains kinky language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

Like the previous installment, contains BOTH heterosexual and homosexual couples. Yay!

This is a pornographic fetish fantasy centered around DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SHRINKING, SADISM and ENTRAPMENT. This time it focuses on a CHANGING WORLD ORDER. If you are the type of person who gets offended, turn around now! Seriously, it's very perverted.

I, the author, hereby release this work into the public domain, retaining no rights to it to the full extent permitted by law.

1. Chapter 1 - Back to school by extremelyVory

2. Chapter 2 - Fitting in by extremelyVory

3. Chapter 3 - Education by extremelyVory

4. Chapter 4 - Something off by extremelyVory

5. Chapter 5 - The Dominators by extremelyVory

6. Chapter 6 - The way things are by extremelyVory

7. Chapter 7 - Sealed deals by extremelyVory

8. Chapter 8 - Politics by extremelyVory

9. Chapter 9 - Taking control by extremelyVory

10. Epilogue - Dominators and dominated by extremelyVory

Chapter 1 - Back to school by extremelyVory

Linda Boyd stood in the hallway of her high school's main building, discreetly off to the side, letting the bulk of an old cupboard partially hide her as she watched the students streaming through the door on their first day back.

She wasn't fooling anyone. She did this every year, a habit almost as old as her career. She was too busy to keep up with what most of the students were up to throughout the year - her attention was reserved for the most troublesome cases - but at least she could have a good look at everyone now and make a note of anyone who caught her eye. As far as she was concerned, this had more than amply proved to be a good use of her time. She always stood in the same spot; after the second bell rang and she'd written down the names of everyone who was late she would return to her office, staple the sheets in her clipboard together and archive them with the ones from the previous 17 years.

Every little detail mattered, after all; managing a school was all about preserving order amidst chaos. She repeated that to herself over and over, like a mantra, even as reality fought hard to erode her hard-earned sanity. Because this year was already shaping up to be the worst she'd ever experienced.

There were more people flowing through the door than ever before; more people, but far fewer students than last year. A few months ago Linda had naively expected that everything would be solved by now, that the people running this country would have fixed their mess, but... no. Parliament bickered and squabbled and then went into recess without doing anything. In retrospect, that wasn't too surprising, based on their previous track record.

Linda understood that these kids weren't to be blamed for the virus that made obsessed people, people with a crush, crushers, shrink - and that it *was* important for society to adapt such that the affected, the little people, could live in comfort and safety; she wasn't one of those bigots who despised them. But as long as the poorly written legislation remained in place, anyone affected could be owned by anyone else - regardless of age, situation and previous relationship - the only requirement was for the legal guardian to truly be an object of obsession for the shrunken crusher, and to be themselves unaffected by a crush. A recipe for disaster, written by overpaid idiots. Worse, it was legally irreversible.

Which is why the french language teacher, Gerard Meier, now stood by the door. His job today was to request of all students who came in with an Extra - a little person under their guardianship - their government-issued Extra card and to write down the Extra's ID Number, so they could later be validated using the appropriate government website. Linda had figured one teacher would be enough for the task.

She should have assigned three. She had stupidly ignored the early warning posed by the gaps in student registration... Her worst fears had come to pass. Rather than subsiding during the summer, the misguided *fashion* among her students of becoming each other's guardians had accelerated. There were two types of teenagers walking in through the door; most of them were tall, confident, boisterous. And they carried or towed at least one little Extra with them. Many had two, which was bad enough. Some had as many as three, which was nearly inconceivable.

The second type of student was in the minority. They had no Extras... Yet. Most of these were the freshmen, and they were going through that door for the first time. Most of the freshmen and their few remaining elder peers stared at the kids with extras in obvious horror and concern, which Linda could understand perfectly, and some of them looked awed, which concerned her a lot more. She noted down a few, memorizing their faces for later confirmation. She had a great memory for faces.

A group of students moved out of Gerard's station and she frowned. There was so much that was wrong about their demeanor she couldn't resist. She stepped into the middle of the hallway, raising a hand. "Stop," she said.

The kids halted immediately and their inquisitive eyes fixed on her. "Good morning, Mrs. Boyd," a couple of them said politely. She had previously noted, without paying too much attention, how tall her students were this year, but as she stopped in front of them, she couldn't help but remark *how* tall. Jesus, what did they feed these kids nowadays? Based on her recollection they'd all grown during the summer.

The tallest of these, right front and center of group, was Max, a first class troublemaker. Friendly, polite, cleanly dressed, Linda could never find anything to criticize about his behavior - he'd even been the first to greet her just now. But she knew he was the leader of this gang, and she'd never forget he'd been the first to become an Extra's guardian, kicking off this whole mess. Closing in on 2m, he loomed above her, reminding her of his brother, who had graduated last year, though he cut a much more slender figure. He seemed healthy and tanned. The crew cut he used to have during his first few months as a freshman was long gone, and his blond hair was now neatly combed.

"You can't bring a child with you to school," Linda said, calmly pointing up. A chubby infant in a onesie sat on Max's shoulders, placidly looking down on her. He had a pacifier in his mouth.

"He's my little brother and Extra, Mrs. Boyd," Max said, and gestured back to Gerard. "Mr. Meier has his EIN."

Linda frowned. "But... Children can't become crushers," she said. Or could they? God, please, no.

Max flashed a lopsided smile. "Oh, Joe wasn't a child *before*, Mrs. Boyd."

It took all her control not to show surprise or dismay. Joe. His elder brother, who had graduated last year. Yes, she recognized his features now, behind that round face and that ridiculous pacifier. He caught her eye and nodded at her.

She wrenched her gaze away. "Where's Tyler?" she asked Max's chest.

Max glanced at the boy standing next to him - Jeff, who everyone knew was his boyfriend. They had a cute, very public and very loving relationship. Jeff had changed the least of the people in front of Linda. He might or might not be a few cms taller, but was still the placid, broad shouldered boy she remembered. He reached up, unzipped Max's backpack and brought out Tyler, who was appropriately dressed in miniature clothes. "Hello, Mrs. Boyd," Tyler said. He was only 5cm tall, and his voice barely reached her.

Unwillingly, she gave a single nod. The new rules against naked Extras had been a small victory for her. Their lawyer had worked hard to make sure they were foolproof, and she intended to honor the strain in their budget by enforcing them tightly. All students had received a notification about the prohibition against Extra nudity. "Fine, you can go," she said. But, as the group started moving again, she raised a hand to block the girl who had been waiting right behind Jeff. "Not *you*." Max and Jeff stopped and turned to wait for their friends.

Barbara looked very different from how Linda remembered her. She'd been a short, immature girl with an attitude. But over the summer she'd grown a head taller; she was now taller than Linda - taller than Jeff, who was standing next to her. Linda could tell from the girl's contemptuous sneer that her attitude was worse than ever.

Lean and hard, Barbara wore an outfit that was mostly black leather. Her shoulders, midriff and legs were all exposed. She wore shoes with heels, too, making her appear even taller. She had pointy silvery earrings on both ears and a new piercing through her chin. She wore her hair chin-length. Two Extras some 15cm tall that Linda had never seen before were squeezed through her leather top, each snug against one of her small breasts. Barbara wore no bra, and the faces of her Extras were turned inward, toward her skin. They were both clothed.

"*Your* clothing isn't appropriate, Miss Jackson," Linda said frostily.

Barbara rolled her eyes. "Why? It's not like I'm showing my tits."

"Your tone isn't appropriate, either," Linda said.

"For fuck's sake," Barbara said. "Why are you picking on me already? I like these clothes. My Extras like these clothes. My friends like these clothes. Everybody likes these clothes except for *you*, boomer."

"Miss Jackson, are you trying to get punished on your first day?"

Babara flushed. "Well, what the fuck do you want me to do? This outfit-"

"Please, Mrs. Boyd, can you forgive her being cranky? It's the first day of school, she's not used to waking up so early anymore!" Sammy stepped between them, blocking Barbara from view and speaking over her. He flashed Linda a sunny smile.

Linda knew Sammy as a pleasant, sensitive boy, unfailingly nice to others, the kind she would have liked to have as a son if she'd had any children. The last time she'd seen him he'd looked two or three years younger than his age. Now he reminded her of a stick bug. All legs and arms, Sammy had undergone a growth spurt as extreme as any she'd ever seen. He'd shot up to Max's old height, and was now the second tallest of these kids after Max, though still as thin and pale as ever. His Extra Bea stood at the back of the group; she was still much larger than most of the others in this group, coming halfay up Sammy's thighs, and a new one she didn't immediately recall stood next to her - same size, same modest clothes, same contented expression.

"It's not just the attitude, Sammy," Linda said, mellowing a little. "She can't be dressed like that at school. There must be rules. Order."

"But other girls wear tops sometimes, right?" he asked. "And they don't get in much trouble at our school. Are these clothes so bad? They're what Barb feels comfortable wearing. They make her happy. And look, she dressed Jaden and Elliot," he added, stepping aside and pointing out the Extras. "She's trying to follow the rules!"

Linda took a step closer to Barbara, frowning at the diminutive teenage boys. The implication was that they normally *weren't* dressed. Both of them were older than the girl, and both had their faces buried in her skin. Gritting her teeth, she snorted.

And deflated. As much as she hated to admit it, the Extras didn't matter. They belonged entirely to Barbara, and as long as the law existed and she could do nothing about it. And no matter how... distracting Barbara's outfit was, Sammy was right; there wasn't a rule against it, not specifically. Not yet.

"I'll let you off with an apology this time," Linda said in as severe a tone as she could muster.

"And you won't bother me about how I dress?" Barbara asked, but Max punched her lightly in the shoulder. "I mean, I'm sorry... For... Calling you a boomer..."

That's what she thought she'd done wrong? Linda closed her eyes for a moment, groaning inwardly. "Get the hell out of my sight," she said. They all rushed past her, students and Extras, with a passing "Thanks!" from Sammy.

Or at least that's what she thought. When she opened her eyes there was still one young man in front of her.

"That was really hot," he declared.

She recognized him immediately. During his freshman year she'd kept an eye on Fred, who'd been an overweight, anxious, withdrawn boy. Now, two years later, he was a different person; happy, healthy, noticeably more muscular than even at the end of last year. His height was half-way between Barbara's and Sammy's. He had a single little Extra nestled among his curly locks.

"Were you with *them*, Mr. Miller?" Linda asked, jotting down a note. "Aren't you a junior?"

"We became friends over the summer," Fred said. "Seriously, though. I love how you handled them."

"Mr. Miller, I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Are you asking me to give you detention, is that it?"

Fred took a step closer. "Maybe. Will you be there?"

She rolled her eyes. "Get to class. You have only a few minutes left."

But he took one more step closer, and now he was standing right next to her. His eyes met hers; his mouth was a little open. She could smell the warring scents of his sweat and his aftershave. "How had I never noticed how attractive you are, Mrs. Boyd?" he said, looking at her hungrily.

Linda Boyd hadn't been an educator for more than twenty years without having learned how to deal with a situation like this. Placing her hands on Fred's chest, she shoved him firmly away. He stumbled a couple of steps and gave her a half-amused, half-wondering smile. "Keep your hormones in check, Mr. Miller," she said severely. "I suggest you find someone your age to try your half-assed lines on. Intrude on my personal space again and I'll call the cops."

"I don't like girls my age," he said. "I've always preferred older women. Big women."

"Mr. Miller..."

"I'm serious! You're beautiful, Mrs. Boyd." His smile appeared genuine. He didn't take another step closer. "You know that, right?"

"I'm very flattered, Frederic, but I want you to get to class *right now*, or you will face disciplinary action."

He stared at her for another moment before snapping a salute. "Yes, ma'am!" He turned on his heels and ran away down the hallway.

With a sigh, Linda turned and headed back to her office, trying to put the exchange out of her mind. But on the way, despite her best effort, a hint of color crep into her cheeks. She clapped her hands on both cheeks as soon as she had the thought, angry at her treacherous mind.

The truth was, Fred was becoming a very handsome young man.

Chapter 2 - Fitting in by extremelyVory
Author's Notes:

Billie stepped out the door and into the school's backyard, where most students liked to hang out, chat and play games during recess - provided the weather was good. She looked around with the wariness of a cornered animal. No one was nearby. No one was looking at her. With a relieved sigh, she began to walk along the wall, making her way around the open space and toward where she might find a place to sit in peace, lost among the crowd, and watch the boys play whatever sport. Basketball, it looked like.

At first she'd been eager to start her high school life. It was like turning a new leaf. She couldn't wait to make new friends, not fake friends, but friends for life. This school actually had a good reputation in that regard; people were supposed to be *nice*.

But she'd been unlucky; she knew everything was weird this year, weirder than ever before. In over a week, she hadn't noticed *any* friendships forming among her peers. Everyone was subdued, nervous. Stressed. Afraid of the dominators.

They were everywhere, despite there being way fewer of them - way fewer *students* in general - than the school had capacity for. Billie had learned from a teacher that there were only two classes of sophomores, two of juniors and one of seniors this year. They had a full complement of freshmen, in comparison, but the dominators... they *took up space*. They swaggered and shouted. They cut into line. They fought and yelled at each other, though they didn't seem to hold grudges. They also played with each other's retinue of little slaves, or with their own, all the time. You couldn't take two steps without almost tripping on shrunken teenagers. Many of those were quiet, too, and they wore pet colars, ridiculous clothes, tatoos marking them as property. But *they* didn't look afraid. They looked... placid. Happy. Which she supposed make sense; you couldn't become an Extra unless you *wanted* to, at the time of registration at least.

Still, Billie avoided the dominators. They didn't bully people, not exactly - not that she'd seen - but they could be pushy, and it always made her uncomfortable. She didn't see herself living even a few years as someone else's little slave, no, thank you very much.

She sat on the bleachers by the sports court, where a few ridiculously tall boys were playing basketball. There were clusters of other people watching, and she went unnoticed... or so she thought.

Not a minute later, a long shadow fell upon her and someone sat right beside her. "Hey," a pleasant voice spoke. "Are you all alone?" She turned her head to the left and then craned her neck.

This boy was ridiculously tall, too. He had long, thin limbs and a smooth face framed by tousled black hair. His sleeved t-shirt and knee-length shorts looked baggy on him. To his other side two child-sized Extras had also sat on the bleacher; they both wore modest clothing, skirts and blouses, like girls from Billie's grandmother's generation. They almost looked like twins. The nearest one cuddled up to the boy's leg, hugging it with her arm. As the dominator's piercing blue eyes met Billie's brown ones, every instinct in her screamed danger. In a second she jumped to her feet and put three seats of distance between them.

"I'm sorry," the boy said, looking genuinely taken aback. "I didn't mean to scare you..."

"I'm- I'm not interested," Billie stammered.

"Alright, alright," he said, raising big, open hands. "It's just... You looked like... My type." He gave her a sheepish grin. He really had been thinking of her as a domination target! She'd gotten careless. She took another step back.

"Please, sit down," he hurried to say. "I won't do anything to you, I promise. Sammy to my friends, by the way. What's your name?"

Billie hesitated, poised to bolt. She didn't take her eyes off Sammy, watching him as if he was a predator. One of his girls gave Billie an amused look; the other ignored her entirely.

Then someone bumped on her from behind, half scaring her shitless. "What are you doing?" the new arrival asked.

Billie turned to regard the leather clad girl. The stranger was at least a head taller than her, and her eyes were drawn to the slaves neatly sleeved in her tight top.

"I was checking this girl, since she was alone and looked nice," Sammy explained. "And I think I scared her."

"You're right to be scared," the tall girl said. "Sammy's a lady killer. Don't be fooled by his looks." She draped an arm around Billie's shoulders and pulled her down, sitting beside her.

"Hey, that's not fair," Sammy complained, but there was a glimmer in his eyes.

"I'm Barbara," the girl said. "You don't have to be scared of *me*, I'm only interested in cocky young men."

"I- I see," Billie said, eyes still on Barbara's Extras.

"Are you a crusher? It's hard to tell sometimes."

"NO!" Billie said, louder than she'd intended. "I'm not that short! My name's Billie."

"Would you *like* to be a crusher? We have a friend who specializes in those."

"No," Billie said. "I don't think I would. I'm just..." She met Barbara's eyes, and suddenly she had the feeling Barbara didn't give a shit about her. She was completely indifferent. She had her own interests to occupy her mind, and Billie was definitely not one of them.

For some reason, that made Billie feel like she could trust her. "I'm having trouble making friends," she confessed. "Everyone's too highly strung."

"I'm not!" Sammy said.

"Shut up, you," Barbara said. "Would I do?"

"You want to be my friend?" Billie said, suspicious. Barbara looked *way* too cool. She radiated danger and indifference. She was the farthest from Billie had envioned her new friends would be like.

"No, don't be stupid. But hang out with me and I'll protect you. Maybe you'll be able to make some friends then, how's that?"

Billie nodded. "Okay," she said. Whether she planned on hanging out or not, she had nothing to lose by agreeing.

"Good. Enough chit chat," Barbara said. "How's Max doing?"

"Great, how else? You know he lives and breathes this shit," Sammy said, pointing out their friend among the players.

"Probably helps he's the tallest guy in this place."

"I'm catching up," Sammy muttered, smiling a little.

"But you're a freak. And where's Jeff? Left his soulmate on his own?"

"Down there, front row," Sammy said. "He didn't want to stop watching while I came up to say hi to Billie."

They kept up the banter as down on the field Max dunked goal after goal, to his opponents' dismay. As lunch break wore out Billie found herself relaxing somewhat. These two seemed *nice*. They weren't making any further moves on her or making her uncomfortable in any way. At least not until Barbara slid her hand into the crotch of her leather shorts and pulled out a *third* little Extra.

It was the size of the others, but this one was fully naked, and had a very clear hard-on. His eyes were unfocused, his mind clearly confused.

"Out here, Barb?" Sammy said. "You're begging to be expelled."

"He needs air sometimes and no one's watching," she said to him. "Better than having to go all the way to the restroom." As she straightened she caught Billie staring. Smirking, she shoved the little guy *into Billie's hands*. "Curious? His name's Bruce."

"I..." Billie said, looking down at Bruce, afraid to even move her hands, lest he get damaged somehow. He looked pale and unhealthy, but felt very warm on her skin. His body was covered in vestigial muscles. He was in decent shape, though, didn't look too fat or too thin. Bruce looked back up at her, breathing hard. "I'd never seen a naked... boy...." She stiffened as Bruce turned around, showing her his ass, and began to grind against the palm of her hand. She felt something hot, hard and slimy sliding back and forth.

"Little pervert," Barbara said. "Wanna see him come? Just grab his cock with two fingers, like *this*, and pump on it."

Billie barely hesitated. Fascinated, she hoisted Bruce with one hand, grabbed his stiff penis between the other hand's thumb and index finger and stroked it. It didn't take the little Extra long to moan, go stiff and squirt a tiny amount of sperm. She quickly extended her arm to the side so none of it would land on her - almost too late - and then regarded him, his limp body, unfocused eyes, disgusting dirty cock.

"I... Learned a lot," she said after a moment, finally handing him over to Barbara. "Thanks."

"No problem," Barbara said, sliding him back into her underwear. Billie realized at that moment that Bruce *lived* there, like an object or a piece of clothing. He was her cunt slave. And she had *three* of them. The thought made her a little excited.

She sat by the older dominators and the two Extra girls until the end of the basketball match. The boy they had pointed out to her, Max, made straight toward them immediately afterward, still drenched in sweat, hair matted to his scalp. He joined another guy in the front row. "Come on," Barbara said, gripping Billie's wrist and dragging her along as they joined him.

Max had sat by the other boy - Jeff, she assumed - and was busy getting what first looked like a young child out of a diaper. She watched in confusion as the others bantered with Max. What was the kid even doing there? The pieces only fell into place when the kid's stiff cock was exposed - not a kid, then; another Extra. The Extra had clearly pissed and soiled himself, and was staring at Max with the wary, uncertain look of a traumatized puppy. Max returned it with an intense gaze on his own, his mouth slightly open as he breathed hard. His hand stopped briefly on the Extra's head, resting possessively on it, as if to say *you're entirely in my hands*.

"My little brother Joe," Max explained, noticing Billie. "Who are you?"

"This is Billie... She just rejected Sammy earlier," Barbara said, smirking.

"Really? You'd have been a good match," Max said, closing a fresh diaper around Joe's nethers. "Would you rather have a girl owner?"

"No! I don't want any owner!" Billie said, hiding her fear the best she could. "Why do you all assume that? Has everyone gone crazy at this school? I just want some normal friends!" But she sounded unconvinced even to herself.

Max smiled. "We're just true to ourselves. We're lucky to live in a time when we can own shrunken little people. One generation ago we might have ended up some regular losers, but right now we're dominators. We're bigger and better than these tinies, we're in charge of their lives, and we *love* it. It's what we were born for!" He sat Joe beside him and turned fully toward her. His uniform adhered to his body. He glowed with joy from his victory and with self-confidence. He's hot, Billie thought idly.

"Hands off, boss," Barbara said, suddenly yanking Billie away from Max. "I promised I'd protect her."

"Sure," Max said with a shrug. "Well, nice to meet you, Billie. Feel free to hang out with us."


That evening, Billie made it home confused and not a little dizzy. She punched in the keypad combination and walked through the gate while still lost in her conflicting thoughts. She'd found Barbara and the others' classrooms - not so hard; Max and Jeff were in class A, while Barbara and Sammy were in class B, the only two classes in their year. They welcomed her and accepted her, perfectly at ease despite her presence. She had barely said anything to them, but they in turn had seemed... Just nice. They liked to play with their little people - well, Max and Barbara did; Sammy liked to *kiss* them - but they weren't mean to anyone. Was this supposed to be her place in high school? A collaborator, a friend to the dominators, like that Jeff guy?

Billie's mom was waiting for her - she spent most of her time at home while on vacation, and as far as she was concerned she *was* on vacation, despite spending some irregular time fundraising and meeting with rich, unpleasant people. She'd be back on her regular schedule in a few weeks, once the parliament was back in session.

"My favorite daughter!" Representative Rowles said as soon as Billie closed the door. She ran and threw her arms around Billie's torso for a hug. Billie was a little embarrassed by mom's outburst of affection, but not so much that she rejected the hugs outright. As long as she didn't do it in public.

"I'm your only daughter," she reminded her mother.

Victoria Rowles was a regular crusher; A couple years ago she'd shrunk almost 30cm, becoming a head shorter than Billie. Her father hadn't taken it well; there had been days of uneasy silence followed by a few weeks of unpleasantness once he found out he wasn't her crush. This culminated in a very public divorce - food for the tabloids for a few weeks. But Billie's mom didn't let her personal life interfere with her work, and soon life had gone back to normal, minus her father. Billie hadn't seen him since. Mom had never regained her size, which meant that whoever she was crushing on, she still loved them.

"I think I may have made some friends at school," Billie said after a few moments.

"Good. Excellent." Mom's hands went up to Billie's shoulders and her face turned serious. "Nothing is more important than having a good network of friends. They're the people who have your back when everyone else fails you."

"Right... Although..."

"Although what?"

"Uhhh..." Billie tried to think of the best way to say it. "They're, uh, guardians. Of... Extras."

Mom's hands tightened painfully. "This again. Do they hurt them? Are they bullies?" She was a well known champion of crushers' rights, for obvious reasons; She'd been involved in the drafting of the Extra law, although she wasn't responsible for most of it in its final format. She'd spent much of her time in recent months trying to get it amended.

"Not... Not that I've seen," Billie said.

"Good," mom said, releasing her. "It's unfortunate that there are kids in that situation - with a teenager for a guardian - but if they're being treated well, that's not so bad." Mom smiled. "I know what an excellent person you are. I trust you to be a good influence on the other kids at school, ok? Help me keep the victims of the virus safe for a while longer, and we'll have them rescued by the end of the year."

Billie cast her eyes down. "I'll do my best," she muttered.

"Good. That's all we can ever do."

Chapter 3 - Education by extremelyVory

Linda was crossing the school yard, on her way to the administrative building, when she spotted Fred right up ahead, by the door. Her heart thumped. She halted on her tracks, but Fred noticed her almost at the same time. He grinned, waved at her. Took a step closer. Without pausing, Linda veered to the right and changed her route. She'd go outside through a back door that students couldn't use, walk around the school, and come back in through the front.

It had been a month now, and this student - Mr. Miller - was *still* dead set on flirting with her. She'd done her best to dissuade him; threatened, cajoled, appealed to reason. But nothing seemed to work; he was relentless. He seemed to find her almost every day, and if she allowed him to engage her he would shower her in compliments. And give her *that* look. Like he wanted to eat her up whole, and could barely contain himself. That look no one had ever given her before, not even her ex-husband.

He never touched her, though. He never broke the rules. She *could* try to frame him, or just falsify something and try to get him expelled. But the very thought made her feel dirty - a student *wanting* her was no reason to ruin his life. She figured she should at least talk to someone, maybe recruit some teachers to help keep Fred in line, but she kept postponing it. Might that not backfire on her?

She was crossing the front yard and almost at the door to the main building when Fred stepped out of it, still grinning. Speaking of backfiring.

"Mrs. Boyd, you're looking amazing today," he said, a variation on his typical opening line as he quickly closed in.

It was very flattering, really, and she'd gotten tired of pretending otherwise. He was still a student, still a minor. But he was a hunk. He'd grown even taller over the last month, and now had over a head on her, as was more than apparent once he halted right in front of her. He'd also grown stronger; despite the first chilly days of autumn, he was still wearing a t-shirt that emphasized his developing musculature. His Extra was on his hair as always. He waved to her. "Hi!" he said in his cheery little voice.

"Move aside, Mr. Miller," she said. "I've told you a hundred times to cut it out."

It was a measure of how much she'd gotten used to this ritual, their ritual, that she felt perfectly safe, even though there were no other students or teachers in the front yard during morning recess. She was caught completely by surprise when strong hands rested gently on her shoulders, gave them the lightest of tugs. Unbalanced, she tipped forward a minuscle distance before her cheek met the linen of his t-shirt, briefly trapping it against a hard pec.

"I want you so much, Mrs. Boyd," Fred said. Her breasts brushed lightly on salient abs. She looked up and found him staring right down, his face only a handspan apart. Grinning like a wolf with the sheep in its claws. "Be mine."

"Fred, what did I tell you about personal space?" Linda said, shaken. "Step back, right now." But she didn't push him away. She was too surprised. That must be it.

"You called me Fred." he said. "Thank you, Linda. Can I have a kiss, too?"

"I'm... I'm starting a disciplinary process against you. You'll be expelled for this."

"Just a little kiss," he said, bending down. Soft lips brushed hers. The sparse stubble around his mouth pricked her skin. For a brief moment, she tasted his minty toothpaste. Then his tongue slid past her lips, touched hers.

She shoved and Fred was pushed back, tripped and landed on his ass. He hadn't been holding her at all. Hadn't been using any strength. Blushing furiously, she stared at him, simultaneously relieved and worried she might have injured a student. But Fred kept smiling, turning shining eyes to her. The bulge of his crotch began to shift, and his muscles tensed.

Linda ran into the building.


As always during lunch break, Billie sat in a circle on the floor with Barbara and four other girls, all of them first years. They were all girls Barb had drawn into her orbit throughout the last month - most people just knew them as "Barb's girls," as insipid as it sounded. And they knew that if they weren't to be messed with. Barb had grown a little taller over the last month, surpassing the height Sammy had had when Billie had met him. Not only was she taller than most boys, she was strong to boot! Just last week, Barb had knocked an uppity senior unconscious with a single punch. The other girls around them worshipped her.

Today, Tracy - a pretty girl from a different class - had brought a boy. He was about Billie's height, with flowing brown hair, a broad face and thick, sensual lips. He looked nervous, though, and Tracy was holding his hand firmly.

"This is my classmate Nolan. He says he likes me," Tracy explained. Two of the other girls giggled, and Barb's mouth curled up in a smile. "Can I make him mine?" Tracy asked.

"Sure," Barb said indifferently. "If he already likes you, your chances are good."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Nolan asked. "I thought you just wanted me to meet your friends..." He started to stand up.

"Don't let him escape! Pull him down," Barb said.

Tracy squeezed Nolan's hand and yanked him back down. "I want you to be my... first," she said. "Don't you like me?"

"I- I just wanted to ask you out," Nolan said. "I don't like where this is going." He started to rise again, but Barb made a gesture and another girl grabbed his feet, making him fall again.

"Don't be rude," Tracy said. "We only just got here. What do you like about me, anyway?"

"Look, I don't-" Nolan began, struggling to get on his knees.

"I asked you a FUCKING QUESTION!" Tracy yelled at his face, startling Billie. Barb nodded in approval. "Why did you ask me out?"

Nolan blinked. "Look, I- I just... I think... You're... hot?"

"Just my body, then?" Tracy asked. She grabbed his head with one hand before letting go of his wrist with the other.

"Good. Just like I taught you," Barb said quietly.

Tracy forced Nolan's head down, pressing it against her cleavage, rubbing his nose on her breasts. "This?" she asked. "Is this what you want, you fucking dog?"

"Overwhelm him," Barb said.

Tracy unfolded her legs and dragged herself onto Nolan's lap. Her legs closed around his torso. Her arms hugged him firmly. "If this is what you want, let's not waste any time," she said. "Smell me. Taste me. You can have my body, dog. You can have it whenever I want, and I want it now."

Nolan's arms moved, hesitated in mid-air. Then he wrapped them around Tracy's back. His head burrowed more heavily against her cleavage and he inhaled noisly.

Billie's crotch tingled. "Can I use Jaden?" she asked Barb.

"Sure," the other girl said, smiling. "Little fucker can always use the exercise." She pulled Jaden from her left breast and handed it to Billie, who looked to the left and right to make sure no teachers were around before undressing him.

Barb let them play with her tinies almost every day. During the last few weeks Billie had had the chance to use them all. Her favorite ways to dominate them were to place them in her armpits or the crack of her ass, but today she just wanted to masturbate. Tracy's domination of Nolan made her excited.

Of Barb's three tinies Jaden was Billie's favorite, because she suspected he had a thing for her. He was smiling in her hand, his cock - and it had been a big cock back when he was human - rock-hard. "You know what to do," she said to him.

"Yes, mistress Billie," he replied. She slipped him into her crotch, leaving him to handle her tampon however he wanted. Soon he was pressed against her, sucking on her clitoris with his whole mouth. She breathed harder, tried not to moan.

The other two girls eyed Billie with jealousy until, laughing, Barb handed them Elliot and Bruce. Bruce was covered in menstrual blood today - he was Barb's only tampon, responsible for keeping her clean and comfortable - but they never let that stop them. If anything, they enjoyed being so close to their leader.

On the opposite side of the circle, Tracy quietly pulled her legs underneath her. One of her knees slipped between Nolan's crotch and she shifted her weight. He bucked violently, shoving the girl holding his feet away, and tried to free his head; his eyes were open wide, his face stiff with pain. But Tracy didn't let go of his shoulders as he fell she fell on him. Ignoring his contortions, she kept his head snug on her cleavage.

Tracy was so lucky. She was pretty, popular and confident. Soon she'd have an Extra of her own... No matter how good Jaden was, at the end of the day he was Barb's possession and always would be.

The thought came to Billie as she orgasmed. This was what she wanted. She enjoyed it too much to ever let go of it. She had to find a toy of her own one day, a toy that was all hers.

Chapter 4 - Something off by extremelyVory

"Gerard, have you noticed anything... off about the kids lately?" Linda asked, frowning at the yard through the window of her office.

"You mean, besides the whole crusher thing, right?" the teacher said, his expression guarded.

"Of course besides that," Linda said irritably.

"And their attitude."


"And them owning each other," he insisted.

"Stop wasting my fucking time. Yes or no?"

"Hmm... Have *you* noticed anything?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Why," she began, "are *our* students so damn tall?"

"OK, so that's what you mean. I didn't want to discriminate without-"

"It's *not* normal," she said, pacing back and forth. "We have a good thirty students at least who are more than 2m tall. You can pick them out easily. That has never happened before."

"Look," Gerard said. "Kids these days eat a lot of food with antibiotics-"

"They were all normal before summer break!" she screeched in his face. "Please take this seriously. This happened in, what, four months?"

He raised his hands in a placating gesture "Alright... Alright. I had noticed it, OK? But what do you want to do about it? It's not like they're comitting any crimes."

"I want to get to the bottom of it, though," she said. Her eyes snagged on Fred, who had just walked out the door with a group of friends. He'd grown to 2m tall, too. So hot... He'd finally added a hoodie to his t-shirt, but it suited him well. She was still managing to keep him at arm's length, but it was getting harder and harder, because she genuinely desired him. Whenever he was present, her eyes were drawn to him on their own accord. When had that started? Her willpower was being sorely tested.

She'd shrunk 9cm this month. Add that to last month's 3cm, and she was pretty sure she was crushing. So far everyone had been too polite to mention it, but it was only a matter of time. If she was crushing on a student, and this got found out, her career was toast.

"Well, what do you wanna do? Should we talk to their parents?" Gerard asked.

"No. No parents," she said. "They're a pain in the ass. They'd get in the way out of pure spite."

"I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."

"Good, that makes two of us," she said. "I want to have them examined."

"You want to have your students examined... Without permission?"

"Without parental permission, at least," she said firmly. "Are you with me?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Maybe. I think it's important, though. I'll take full responsability."

Gerard held her gaze for a moment, then his shoulders sagged. "Putain. We're so fucked. *I*'m so fucked."

"We're gonna need to find a- a doctor, I think-"

"I have someone," Gerard muttered. "An ex... We still get along, though," he said quickly. "Friendly breakup. She used to work for the Disease Prevention Department."

"A government employee?" Linda asked. "Is that safe?"

"You gotta be kidding. None of this is safe. Do you want to do it or not?"


Gerard's friend, Mara, was a squat woman with glasses and a ponytail. Her eyes shone with interest as he and Linda explained the situation to her. No one else was present.

"You have my attention," she said when they were done. "That does seem unusual. But how do you want me to look into it without involving the families of the students affected?"

Gerard proffered a heavy bag to her. "We stole some plates and cutlery used by the students in question from the lunch hall."

Mara's eyebrows shot up. "You're really in full spy mode, aren't you, Ger? I guess that will help, to begin with. But I'm going to need to *talk* to the students at some point. Possibly run some tests."

"Is there no other way?" Linda asked. "If they complain to their parents..."

"I'm sorry," Mara said firmly. "I'll take this stuff to the lab for today, but you'll have to get me at least one willing participant as well."


Sammy threw a birthday party that weekend - he was turning 15 - and was nice enough to think to invite Billie. Or maybe Barb had asked him to? Either way, she went, of course. She enjoyed spending time with their group.

"Billie! Thanks for coming!" Sammy exclaimed when he opened the door. He ducked through the doorway and placed a hand on her head, giving it a friendly scratch.

A wave of pleasure and contentment washed over her, so she slapped his wrist, hard. "Hands off, you little fucker," she said, although Sammy was anything but little. He'd grown so tall her eyes were only level with the middle of his scrawny torso.

He laughed. "That's our Billie! Come join the others!"

She followed him into the living room, where the sight that greeted still filled her with awe, even though she saw these people almost every day.

Sammy was the tallest of the group now, but not by far. Max and Barb were only a few cm shorter. They lounged on the couches, sprawled, taking up a lot of space. Max had an arm around Jeff's shoulders. All of their Extras were with them - but unlike at school, they were all naked, except for Joe's diaper. One of Sammy's little girlfriends - Reina - ran up to him; she was only as tall as his knee now. Sammy squatted to give her instructions regarding food, which Billie didn't much pay attention to.

"Aren't your parents home?" she asked, looking around.

"Nah, I told them to fuck off for the afternoon," Sammy said. "We have the house to ourselves."

An attractive third year boy Billie had only seen a couple times before - his name was Fred, she remembered - shoved Barb aside to make room in the couch. He was smaller than her, barely over 2m by Billie's estimation, but obviously a dominator, with a little tiny on his hair shouting something that sounded insulting. Snarling, Barb threw a slap at Fred, but he ducked under it and slid a hand between her legs.

Barb crossed her legs, trapping the hand in a vise. "Idiot," she said loudly as he yelped.

To Billie's surprise, Tracy was also present, or at least she was surprised at first. Then she remembered Tracy was a dominator now, and more part of this club than Billie herself. Nolan, who wore only a dog collar, was standing naked behind her chair, blushing in embarrasment. He'd recently shrunk below 1m tall and become Tracy's Extra, which she'd been incessantly arrogant about ever since.

The final guest was an older woman she had never seen before. She was fat, with huge breasts and buttocks, but carried herself with quiet dignity. A single Extra sat by her feet, a naked boy Nolan's size but more muscular and with tattoos all over his skin.

Sammy caught her looking. "That's Zelda and Karl, they graduated last year," he said. Zelda nodded at her in acknowledgment. "Make yourself at home, I'll be back in a second."

Billie walked quietly around the room and slipped onto Max's couch, sitting next to Jeff, the only other non-dominator in the room. Old habits are hard to break, after all. "Hi," she said.

"Hey," Jeff said. Max also turned. "Hi, Billie," he said, popping Tyler out of his mouth. "I didn't expect to see you here. Hope you're ready."

"Ready?" she asked.

But at that moment there was a loud, jarring clang. Sammy was on the doorway, and had just banged two pot lids together. "Alright, you horny fuckers, we're all here so time to get started. And remember, it's *my* birthday, eh?"

There was some scattered applause. "Fucking finally," Fred said. "It's been ages. Fuck school!"

"And that's why you'll always be a dumbass," Zelda said, standing. They all stood. Then, to Billie's horror, they all undressed - except for Tracy, who looked as confused as she felt.

She regarded their bodies. They were all different, but all so big, so beautiful. Like standing among gods. She felt small and ugly in comparison, but also very, very horny.

"Happy birthday," Max said, dropping Tyler on Sammy's cock.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sammy said. Billie had never seen him naked before. He was hung like a horse. Tyler, who was less than a quarter of the size of his member, held on with open arms, trying not to fall. "Hey, I'm bigger than you in *every* way now, right?" Sammy asked, standing straight and measuring Max with his hand. "Maybe it's time for *you* to give me a blowjob."

"Hm... Don't push your luck," Max said, slapping an open hand on Sammy's naked back. Then Tyler finished crawling to the tip of Sammy's penis and inserted a tiny foot in his urethra. Sammy gasped as the tiny's whole leg slid smoothly into him. His penis waved around, but Tyler wasn't easy to disloge anymore.

Fred approached Barb. "Hey. Wanna do it?" he asked simply. He was fully erect, too. "You didn't let me during the summer, but-"

"You're hot as hell these days, *and* you're smaller than I am," Barb said without guile. "That's all I need. Let's play." She'd barely finished the sentence when Fred jumped bodily onto her, smothering her against the soft couch. Her tinies rolled quickly out of the way, lest they be crushed. Fred's tiny was in his hair the whole time.

Max returned to his sofa, where he caressed Jeff tenderly for a few moments before moving on to lick his ass. Joe said something, and Max pushed him away and to the ground. The diapered Extra's stunned look was almost comical.

By then Billie had gotten rid of her clothes and underwear. She was nervous, but also excited. She might lose her virginity here. If her mom knew she'd be furious! She squatted beside Joe. "Make me wet," she said in her best commanding tone.

Joe tossed his pacifier aside. "Yes, aunt Billie," he said in a baby's voice. He crawled closer and was soon licking her.

When something wet touched her anus she was startled enough to yelp, but when she turned around it was just Nolan, licking her and smiling apologetically. He was semi-erect, but he had the smallest dick here for his size and only a sparse amount of pubes. Was she going to lose her virginity to him? She supposed he was as fine as anyone else. But then there was laughter behind him and she saw Tracy, looking very pleased with herself. "Want him to fuck you, Billie?" she asked. "I can make him!"

At that point Karl grabbed Tracy from behind. Despite being so much shorter, he was strong enough that she couldn't break the hold.

"You're breaking the rules," Zelda said calmly. "You have to be naked too. Get rid of her clothes, Karl."

"No!" Tracy shrieked, but Karl was already undressing her.

A smack sounded and Billie looked up to see Fred reeling from Barb's punch. She used the break to slip a condom on his cock. Growling, he slapped her so hard she flew to the end of the couch. Billie gasped, hoping she wasn't hurt, but a moment later she laughed and jumped back to him. They rolled around, wrestling, and soon were having sex.

"Want help?" a voice said right above her. Startled, she looked up at Sammy's monster cock, still being stimulated by Tyler. His face was red and he was smiling down at her.

"No thanks" she said quickly. "I'd die."

"Come on, don't be like that, it's my birthday," he said, squatting. Billie glanced nervously at Barb, who was still distracted. "I'm not going to stick it in you, don't worry," Sammy said. "I can use my fingers. Or do you want to give me a birthday present? You could lick my ass."

"I... I don't know how...." Billie said, blushing.

"Oooh, that's not a no," he said, brightening. "Bea, Reina, play with these two!"

Bea approached and hugged a blushing Nolan. "*You* are *my* type," she said. Nolan let himself be led away by the shorter girl. His cock was fully hard, now. As for Reina, she went up to Joe and caught his eye. Something passed between them. A few moments later Joe stood and followed her docilely, without picking up the pacifier.

Then, kneeling, Sammy pushed Billie down and his pasty ass sat firmly on her face. "Stick your tongue out and lick around my anus," his voice said from above. She did her best to follow his instructions, and he moaned softly and said to keep doing it just like that. She kept going for a while, pleasuring the birthday boy. She was wet between ler legs, so wet, but no one was thinking of *her*. She groaned in frustration.

Then something squeezed against her vulva. She reached for it, and her fingers found the fragile and familiar body of a little Extra. Jaden. Soon his mouth found her, and he began to suck her, just as he always did. Thank fuck.

She had orgasmed before Sammy finally straightened, lifting his ass away from her. She blinked a few times to get used to the light and took a look around.

Zelda sat cross-legged by Karl and Tracy. The Extra was fucking Tracy from behind, his arms clasped firmly around her abdomen.

Bea and a clearly spent Nolan sat side by side, against the wall, and were chatting.

Fred and Barb had finished and were lying still on the couch, breathing hard and exhausted.

Max and Jeff also finished just then, as the taller dominator ejaculated with a grunt inside his boyfriend's ass. Jeff used his hand to come almost at the same time.

"Guys, come on," Sammy whined. "I really need some more help here. Birthday, remember?" His stiff cock throbbed and jumped, and the tip was glistening wet. Tyler was glistening wet.

Max sighed. "Alright... Just *don't* get used to it," he said, separating from Jeff and standing up. "Birthday special only, OK?"

Sammy gasped audibly and fixed on Max a comically stunned look. He stood fully straight as Max approached, and Billie, still lying face up on the floor, marvelled at how huge they were.

Max knelt by Sammy, who threaded limp fingers through Max's blond locks. Max's mouth opened wide. His floppy dick began to harden again. From the tip of Sammy's cock, Tyler yelled something a moment before Max's mouth closed around him, hiding him from view.

Conversation died off as the others all turned to watch Max suck Sammy off, his hands helping with the taller boy's penis shaft. Judging by everyone's reactions this wasn't a common sight at all. Sammy was quiet and still at first, but eventually didn't resist. "Yeah, that's right, suck my cock, bitch," he said, grasping Max's head more firmly. "I'm the boss today, and you'll do what I tell you! Stop and I'll fuck your ass instead!"

Max dipped his head forward, pushing Sammy's glans into his throat while stroking his shaft. Sammy came then, ejaculating in Max's mouth without making any effort to pull out. Max coughed and gagged, and as soon as he managed to pull away from Sammy's hands bent double, hacked and spat something into the palm of his hand. Tyler. The tiny was half passed away, covered in sperm and mucus.

"Happy?" Max asked a dizzy looking Sammy.

In response Sammy bent clumsily down and kissed his forehead. "Thanks, Max. You're my best friend!"

Max smiled. "Happy birthday!" he said earnestly, before grabbing his dick and starting to masturbate.

Chapter 5 - The Dominators by extremelyVory

"Thank you for the help over the last few weeks, Max," Mara said. "I think we're ready to wrap this up."

"No problem," Max said. "It wasn't too bad. And like I said, I want to know too."

"I didn't forget," Mara said, exchanging a look with Linda. She seemed serious, grim even. Linda pursed her lips and nodded, a little reluctantly.

In the end they had asked Max to help them with their research - for all his actions, he was one of the few students she trusted to be at least somewhat mature about this. He'd agreed to help for free and his only condition had been to be told the results. Mara had been running tests on him for weeks, and they'd be forced to break for the holidays next week. If she was going to cut him off, now was the time.

She tilted her head back to regard the prodigious teen, who looked right back at her. His presence filled the room. Mara had been measuring him every day, so Linda knew that today he was 239cm tall - tall enough that he could now reach up and touch a basketball hoop without jumping, much taller than his brother Joe had ever been. He was a little bent, since the ceiling in her office wasn't high enough for him, but was bearing the discomfort stoically. His oversized body radiated heat, and she could smell his musk from anywhere in the office.

She, on the other hand, was still crushing. She was now shorter than Mara, and she barely cleared Max's hips.

It still surprised Linda, how little Max scared her despite their size difference. His presence was more comforting than anything else. Her instincts told her to trust him.

"Alright," Mara said once Linda failed to say anything more. "My discoveries are... worrying. There seems to be a... mutation."

"Of what? What does that mean?" Gerard asked. He was lounging by the corner, looking as relaxed as Linda felt.

"Of the crusher virus," Mara said. "Max here has it, and others in your school besides. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the students and staff had it by now."

"Wait a second," Max said, looking confused. "What are you saying? I'm a crusher?"

"Not really. Not *technically*. But a strain of the virus is active in your body."


Linda waved her hand in irritation. "What does this mutation do?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Mara said. "It does the opposite. It stimulates the body, changes it at every level, causing it to grow beyond normal proportions instead of shrinking it."

"It makes people who have a crush grow bigger?" Linda asked. That didn't seem to add up.

"No, no," Mara said impatiently. "Confident people, I think. People who have received the adulation of others, who believe in their own worth as absolutely as a crusher believes in someone else's."

"Why are you worried?" Max interjected, a small smile playing on his face. "Is it dangerous? Could I die?"

"Die? No! It's the opposite, really. Your body is in overdrive producing new cells. There are no means... no *ethical* means, that is... to ascertain this just yet, but I suspect that if you get hurt you will heal much faster than usual. If you exercise you'll bulk up faster, if you use your head you'll get smarter faster, that sort of thing-"

"That's great!"

"It's not great. I'll have to report this to my superiors. The government may come and try to snatch you for military research, or something." Mara said it as if she was commenting on the weather.

"OK, yeah, that's not so great."

"There's one thing I don't get," Gerard said. "If this is a strain of the crusher virus, shouldn't it be, like, spreading faster? Why does it seem contained to this school?"

"It's probably spreading beyond this school already, Ger," Mara said. "But your question has an easy answer: The new strain isn't magic. It's boosting the body's natural growth, which is only possible while the infected is still growing. The original virus only activates after the onset of puberty, so there's a time limit of only a few years, until infected is 16 to 18 years old. As long as the school year is going and your students spend most of their time at school contagion outside will be slow. But we need to prepare for a new epidemic sooner or later."

"Sorry, but what happens after the time limit?" Linda asked. "Do they go back to normal?"

"It depends on what you mean by normal. Everything seems to indicate they'll stop getting bigger, but otherwise move on with their lives."

"You mean... They might keep growing until they're adults and they'll *stay* like that," Linda whispered.

"Yes. We can prevent new infections if we ever find a vaccine for the virus, but that will do nothing for current infected. If we find an antiviral that can clear the infection *and* infect them with the regular strain of the virus, and they become crushers, they could shrink. Otherwise they'll just be... huge, healthy, smart people."


Mara thought for a moment, frowning, then shrugged. "I suppose... They might not necessarily end up classified as homo sapiens sapiens. We might be witnessing the birth of a new, superior species. Isn't that exciting?"


"Hey, guys, shut up and listen," Max said, approaching during lunch break. "I have some good news."

"What? Is there a fire and we can go home for the day?" Barb asked. "Those chairs we have to sit on are killing me. And fuck this snow."


Billie sat with them, as usual, though they were starting to scare even her - or so she told herself. Barb had finally overtaken Max in height by a few cm. Her ever-present black garments now showed even more of her beautiful skin. The little slaves who lived most of their time squeezed against her breasts wouldn't have been as noticeable as they once were... Unless you were like Billie, and when you stood next to Barbara you had to look up at them. It's not like Billie had grown - she had! 10 whole centimetres this school year! But that wasn't nearly enough. She was the smallest in the group, including Tracy and the one other girl Barb had since helped become a dominator.

Max sat on the bench beside her. "Listen. You know the tests I've been helping Mrs. Boyd with?"

"The lab rat stuff?" Barb asked. "I told you not to do them. You could have snitched on them and made a killing in settlements."

"You'll be glad I did. Turns out we're a new, superior species."

Barb's eyebrows shot up. "What do you mean?"

"Their words. Dominators like us get special powers from a new virus. Strength, smarts, healing at least. Maybe more, and it can't be reversed." Billie's eyes strayed to his obvious erection even as he took Tyler from his pocket. The tiny's body was lost in the palm of his huge hand. "Did you hear all that, toy?" he said. "I really am a god."

"Yes, owner," Tyler said, his face scarlet. "The bigger and more powerful you grow, the more I want to be yours forever."

"Playing with the tiny during school?" Sammy asked, arriving with Bea and Reina. He squinted. "Nope. Still can barely seem him."

He was firmly the biggest of them now, almost a head taller than Barb - more than two and a half metres in Billie's estimation - and his growth showed no signs of slowing down. His Extras were only knee-height this week. Currently all of his clothing was too small for him, so when Barb stood she couldn't take her eyes off his exposed belly button, right in front of her.

"Thanks," Sammy said, caressing her hair and taking her seat without a second thought. He picked up Bea and Reina and sat them on either thigh.

"Max was just saying the adults think we're a new super species," Barb said.

Sammy laughed. "What do you think, Bea?"

"Makes sense," Bea said, changing her position to get a better look at his face. "You were always too good for a human." Sammy ate it up, as always. He bent down and poked his tongue out of his mouth for Bea to kiss. "You deserve to be in charge of us puny humans, my angel." Billie had never seen a dominator so besotted by his Extra.

"How many dominators like us are there, I wonder?" Max asked. "I mean, real Dominators, with the powers." He looked around the others but no one answered - no one seemed to know the answer.

"Thirty three," Billie suddenly blurted.

Everyone turned to look at her, and for a moment no one said anything. Tracy had an incredulous look plastered on her face.

"Ten freshmen so far," she continued. "Fourteen sophomores, including you three. Seven juniors including your friend Fred. Two seniors."

"How can you tell?" Barb asked.

"They're the freakishly... The, uh... The ones bigger than... Regular humans."

"You've been keeping your eyes open."

"If we're a superspecies, we should organize," Max said, swinging his leg idly. "They'll try to control us. Mara even mentioned the military. I don't want to work for them. I'm better than them." He looked around. "We all are."

"I've been noticing that," Sammy said. "Everyone looks more and more like a crusher to me these days. What's the difference, anyway? They all roll over for us when we want them to."


Fred ambushed her on her way back from the restroom. There was no one around; he never bothered to chase Linda in public anymore. He waited for her in the quiet hallways of the administrative building. He hadn't tried touching her again; for a few weeks he had seemed content to watch her shrink into an obvious crusher. All he had to do was make sure *she* saw *him*.

He wasn't as tall as his younger friends, and now Linda knew why - he was older, nearing the end of his eligible age. But he *was* still growing, and she *was* shrinking, and now her face was level with his abdomen; his own chiseled features looked down on her as she passed very close, making no effort to avoid him. He radiated heat, like the other larger students. She wished she could see his abs, but he was wearing a warm coat. She could guess from his bulky arms, though, that he could break her like a twig.

"Hi, Linda," the little Extra in his hair said.

She slowed down. "...hi," she said. "Uh..."

"His name's Rory," Fred said. "You should remember that sort of thing."

"Right. Rory. I'll remember," Linda said.

"Because you're as good as mine too." He raised a hand when she turned to deny it. "Come on, I'm not an idiot, and neither are you. You're crushing. You know you can't escape."

Linda covered her face with a hand. "Why are you putting so much effort into this?"

"'cause I want you, of course. All good things take effort." He flexed, although she could see nothing through the thick coat. "I've been working out every day all year because I wanted to be strong. I understand effort, Linda."

"I'm just an old woman, and you're my student."

Fred snorted. "You're a fierce woman, and I'm your *master*." A hand went up to his hair and he stroked Rory with a finger. "This asshole used to think he could control me. You're the same, *principal*. Both of you were worthy of being trained."

"T- Trained?" Linda asked.

"Later, once you're my Extra. If you were a dominator I'd fight you. You're not, so I'll train you. But for now... I want a kiss." He opened his arms wide and looked at her expectantly.

Linda opened and closed her mouth, unsure of what to say. Fred was still standing against the side of the hallway, leaving the way open for her to run if she wanted to. There were teachers working behind some of the doors; she could call for help. She could, she *should* get this troublesome student expelled. She should have done it three months ago.

Starting, she realized she had stepped closer to him. She was already in his arms. Despite her bulk he picked her up as if she weighed nothing, pulling her face closer to his. Their mouths met, and this time she made no effort to break up. She wanted him so much. She had it bad. She had it bad, and there was no way out.

When he broke the kiss his smile was victorious. "Well done!" he said. "I knew you could do it."

"You won't get away with this," she said automatically.

"Yeah, that's it. Threaten me some more!" he said, increasing the strength of his grip. She didn't reply.

"No more threats? Are you horny? Do you want me to finger you?"

"No!" she said, alarm spiking through her. "No. Please put me down."

"You realize you just kissed a student in the hallway of the admin building? Naughty, naughty Principal Boyd." He set her down, and now she was a child again, a shrunken freak in comparison to this beautiful young man.

She tensed to bolt, an undignified retreat in her own turf, but something stopped her. "Are... are you done? Can I go now?" she asked.

Fred touched a finger to his mouth. "I dunno... Do you want to give me a blowjob instead? I'm kind of hard."

"No..." she whispered. Didn't she?

"Aww, ok. I'll ask again tomorrow, in case you changed your mind. Look at how hard I am," Fred said, unzipping his pants. His cock slipped out, straight and stiff. Linda's eyes were drawn to it as iron to a magnet. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Put your hand on it."

He voiced it like a command, and before she knew it her hand was on his penis. He *was* hard. The hot organ throbbed gently under her hand. She hadn't touched a man's penis since the days of her failed marriage. It stank of a new smell, which was *his* smell.

She already loved this smell.

Her fearful eyes met his, and she wondered what came next. If he ordered her to have sex with him now, could she stop herself?

But he pulled away, shaking his pants around his cock and zipping them back up. "It's waiting for you," he said, turning away and leaving back the way she'd come. "It will have you very soon."

Chapter 6 - The way things are by extremelyVory

They met on the following monday - the last week before Christmas - after school, in the sports venue, the first place they could think of where they'd be comfortable. Access was free, so no one stopped them as they gathered in the bleachers by the basketball court. It hadn't snowed since last week and they were mostly dry, now.

Not everyone showed up, of course. Several of the freshmen - who didn't know Max yet - were missing, as were a few sophomores. In total, 22 Dominators were present, including Max, Sammy, Barb and Fred. Billie also counted more than 40 Extras she knew were there, although a few more might have been hidden in clothes, pockets and bags.

"What the fuck do you want?" a muscular freshman carrying his Extra like a backpack asked Max without preamble. "Why did you invite us all here? This is weird, man."

"Calm down, I'll tell you in a second," Max told him, then cupped his hands around his mouth. "Everybody gather round!"

As the others drew closer Billie sat a few rows behind, out of the way. Only a couple of them turned around to glance at her. She couldn't see most of their faces, but those she saw looked calm, curious and, for the most part, a little mocking, as if this was all beneath them. Max squatted to pick up Joe and sit him on his shoulders. His shrunken brother had recently begun shrinking even further. The diapered boy's head only just cleared Billie's knee now; it didn't reach Max's.

Billie suspected this might well be a moment for the history books, if Max and the others had their way.

"Guys and girls," Max began. "Have you kind of noticed how fucking big we are?" Scattered laughter greeted the question, as well as a few nods and grunts. "Why do you think that is?"

"Something in the food?" asked the muscular kid.

"Nah, they probably used radioactive paint in the school walls or something," said a chubby boy from Billie's class - Andrew was his name. His extra was a chubby girl his age and a quarter of his size.

"Could be a biochemical weapon," said a junior. "Something deployed by an enemy nation..."

"At our school? Don't be a moron," said muscles.

"Maybe they were testing it!"

"I've been wondering if it's just normal," a slender girl with squinty eyes said. "I mean... all the shorter people became crushers, which left... us...?"

"Close," Max said, raising a hand to shut the others up. "Over the last month the goverment has been testing on me," he continued, which was only half a lie.

Some of the others looked alarmed - or annoyed, perhaps? The junior who had mentioned weapons muttered "fucking typical," but not loud enough to interrupt Max.

"They found..." Max said, pausing a little for suspense, "a mutation of the crusher virus. A new strain that's turning us into new, superior beings. Bigger, stronger, better than the old humans!"

A stunned silence greeted this proclamation. "Er... What have you been smoking, again?" Andrew asked.

"It's real, friends." Max explained what the virus did and how it acted during their teens. "That's why they," and he pointed at the two seniors - a boy and a girl both just over 2m tall, who had yet to say a word - "are among the shortest of us. But they still made it. Anyone who seizes the opportunity can become a Dominator for life!"

"Holy shit," muscles said, looking dazed. His hand went to his collarbone, where it met those of the shrunken girl strapped to his bag.

"I don't want you to get even bigger," the girl said vehemently. "What about..." she looked around and blushed. "What about sex?"

"Come on, you guys believe this bullshit?" another girl asked. She was as tall as Max and Billie couldn't get a good look at her Extra, a smartly dressed small boy with his back to her. "Do you have any proof, asshole?"

Max rolled his eyes. "No, Vera. But they said we grow faster, bulk up faster, get brainier faster and..." he frowned. "Oh, right, we heal faster. And that there might be more."

"That checks out," said Andrew. "I broke my ankle last month. Recovery was supposed to take until the end of the year, but it wasn't even a week before I was fine."

"I used to wear glasses," said the tall girl with squinty eyes. "Around October that just went away. I see perfectly now. My eye doctor was super confused!"

Fred stood and peeled off his layers of clothing - his coat, pullover, shirt and a t-shirt he was wearing underneath, exposing a muscular, perfectly sculpted body. Far more muscular than he'd been at the beginning of the school year. Billie drooled a little. "I was stick thin just nine months ago," he said, smiling at everyone. "Like this grasshopper here," and he clapped Sammy's back.

"OK, guys," the muscular freshman said, looking increasingly more excited. "Do you know what this means? It means I'm superman-"

"It means guys in black suits are gonna show up, inject tranquilizers into our veins and disappear us to hidden black sites," said weapons junior.

"Exactly," Max said. "Or at least they'll try. It's not like they can put the cat back in the bag, but it's gonna suck for us. So we think we should start a group to protect our interests. Make a *huge* stink. If we act together-"

Several voices rose at the same time. "Are you crazy? Defy the government?"

"Our parents won't let them harm us-"

"We should go into hiding! Transfer to a bunch of other schools!" Tracy, chiming in.

"No, you fucking bitch, we should double down. If we control hundreds of Extras-"

"And who the hell put you in charge, Max?"

Max turned back to Vera and shrugged. "What do you mean? I'm the original Dominator..."

"Big fucking deal. I never liked you, just so you know. I think you're a weirdo and I don't trust you at all."

"I agree," said a guy standing beside her, another sophomore - maybe Vera's classmate? He was taller than Max and fairly muscular on top of it. "I don't like taking orders from *anyone*. If we're supers, then the strongest super should be in charge." He closed in on Max, climbing down the bleachers with big, decisive stomps. Others leaned out of the way to let him pass. Max took a step back and almost tripped. For a moment Joe wobbled on his shoulders.

Then Sammy stood and it turned out that no matter how frail you are, size gives you a hell of an advantage. He twisted his torso and his ridiculously long arm swung horizontally, his big, closed fist describing a perfect curve before striking the other guy squarely in the face. Vera's classmate flew back, slamming the small of his back on the corner of the bleacher two rows above. "Ow," Sammy said, pulling his hand back and blowing on his knuckles. "First time. Anyway, calm down, Nelson, will you? That's a good boy."

"Don't treat me like a fucking crusher, Mule," Nelson said between his teeth, struggling to sit up. There was a darkening stain on the side of his face, centered on a bleeding gash.

"I think Nelson is right." Billie watched, stupefied, as Barb stood. "What the hell happened to you, Max?" she continued.

"What... What do you mean?" Max asked, astonished.

"Like you said, you're the original Dominator. You had a head start. We all admired you and followed in your footsteps. So... why are, like, a dozen of us bigger than you now?"

"I'm... I'm huge!" Max said, blanching.

"Compared to a human, and you were tall even as a human. We're not humans anymore, remember? We're Dominators, and you're a half-assed one at best."

"Yeah, I agree," Sammy said, a little smile playing in his lips. "You haven't been doing much dominating, have you? That's why the new... the Dominator virus hasn't been working properly on you." He turned to regard the others. "Nelson's an ass but he's not entirely wrong. This is the point of no return, guys. We're turning into superhumans. Giants. We're going to rule this city one day soon, maybe more than this city." He gestured expansively with his hands, his eyes shone with excitement. "We'll have to fight for it; if we lose we'll be lab rats. But if we win all of mankind will be our Extras. Think about it. All of them! Everything will be ours. We won't have to work. We'll never lack anything!" The others gaped at him, more than a few faces alight with the strength of his dream. "But we need a leader who is *fully committed*. No hesitations. No doubts."

"I'm committed," Max said. Sammy looked at him and suddenly Max was blushing. "I'm serious. I'm a god, you little fucker."

"Then what's that?" Barb asked, pointing at the bleacher next to him.

Max looked down. "What? You mean... Jeff?" A look of anger flashed in his face. "Jeff's my boyfriend."

"He's a *human*," Barb said. "Not one of us. Either you have to choose a side - or he does."

"But... We wanted to have an equal-"

"Open your eyes. You're like three heads taller than he is. How can you grow even bigger and still be equals?"

Jeff stood and looked sadly up at Max. Their eyes met, and for a long moment no one said anything, the other Dominators waiting eagerly to see what would happen. Joe threw his little arms around Max's head and hugged it from above.

"They're right," Max finally said, and his voice was firm. "We're *not* equals." He lifted a foot and placed one of his big sneakers on Jeff's torso, pushing him back down. The sole of the shoe was big enough to stretch from Jeff's hips to his collarbone.

"Max," Jeff groaned, as his former boyfriend put more weight on him. "I can't breathe."

"I'm a powerful superhuman," Max said, ignoring him. "I'm your superior. It's time for you to worship me properly. I'll make you a crusher, or I'll crush you right here! I want you to serve me for the rest of your days, got it? "No" is not a valid answer, by the way.

"Max..." Jeff said. "F- Fine. If that's... What you want..."

"Suck on my shoe," Max said. He had an obvious hard-on. "It's a bit muddy out there. Clean it with your mouth." Jeff started to lick the sneaker without a word, peeling off sticky mud with his tongue and spitting it to the side. "Faster, you fucker! We've wasted a lot of time. I want you to be mine as soon as possible."

"I'm trying!" Jeff said, licking more desperately.

Max removed the sneaker, relieving the pressure on Jeff's torso. "You'll call me 'master' from now on."

"Y- Yes, master," Jeff said, gulping in big breaths of air.

"Take off your clothes. Show your hot little body to the other Dominators here," Max commanded.

"Seems like he's committed after all," Sammy said to the others as Jeff undressed. Most of them nodded and agreed. "Which one of you would have dared to treat your Extras like this back when they were full sized humans? I bet none of you. Max is breaking new ground here, as always." He smiled. "I trust him, and I think you should too. I think soon you'll see what an awesome leader he can be. But meanwhile..." He climbed to the next row and stood very straight. "Meanwhile *I*'m in charge. I was the shortest guy in our year and I'm the tallest now. I grew a full metre in the last six months, and I'm still growing every day. The Dominator virus is strongest in me!" He grinned. "Any objections?"

Sammy turned his head left and right, looking at each of the others in turn. His eyes lingered on Nelson, who grunted, and Max, who blushed and shrugged. No one said a word.

"Good! Give your phone numbers to Barb if she doesn't have them yet, so we can start a chat room. And I want you to talk to everyone who didn't show up. Find them and send them to talk to me. We need to know who's with us... And who's fucking toast!" He punched one hand with the other. "I'll be sending everyone some ideas for how we can take over."

Billie sat very still, wishing she could make herself disappear into the gap between rows, but the Dominators didn't turn around as they began to leave. Not even Barbara remembered she was there.

They were so serious about it. Serious and, somehow, united, despite the bickering and jockeying for power. She utterly believed that this was going to be the future - humans would soon become subservient to this new species, the Dominators. Every word of Barb's had cut right into her. She, too, had to choose a side. What side did she want to join?

Not a fucking difficult choice. Silently apologizing to her mother, she snuck out of the basketball field with renewed determination. She had to get an Extra. She had to get an Extra very soon.

Chapter 7 - Sealed deals by extremelyVory

It was the first day of school after New Year, and Linda was deathly afraid of facing her students. She hid in her office all day, not coming out for any reason. She couldn't face the huge dominators, their retinues of little Extras and the dwindling, scurrying population of regular students.

She'd expected the two weeks off and away from Fred would help her, cure her. Instead, her obsession had taken firm hold of her psyche and she'd shrunk further. She'd shrunk and still yearned to see him every fucking day.

And then she'd come to school to find a news crew at the gate. They wanted to know about the new virus. The story had gotten out somehow - probably someone at the DPD. She'd refused to see the reporters and had left strict orders for them not to be allowed on the school grounds, but she couldn't stop them from filming or interviewing the Dominators outside the gate. She had no idea where to even start untangling this whole mess! It was overwhelming.

Stop, Linda. Not the time. It was about half way between periods and she really needed to pee. No students ought to be out and about. Time to sneak out. She opened the door and dashed into the hallway.

Fred stood, hoisting his comically small backpack. "There you are," he said. "Funny, I was waiting for you to come *in*."

"What are you doing here?" she asked, shocked. He'd been right there, just sitting on the floor, back against the wall.

"I just told you," he said, approaching her. He stopped right in front of her and she had to tilt her head back. His earnest face - and Rory's - regarded her from the far end of his heavy coat and the cute plaid shirt he'd worn below it today. She only came half way up his thigh. He bent forward a little to grasp her shoulders with his big, strong hands.

It registeredd a moment later. He had to bend his back to grab her. "Jesus," Linda said. "How big are you?"

"Not that big for a Dominator," he said. "I was 225cm this weekend. Sucks, but I don't think I'm getting much taller."

"You're... Not happy with that?" She tugged at his hands, but they might as well be made of steel.

"Most of my friends will be bigger, I think, but..." He shrugged. "It's fine. I didn't waste my new year's wish on it. You know what I *did* spend it on?"


He smiled and picked her up. His mouth met hers, and his tongue slid into his mouth. She couldn't dream of resisting him. He kissed her passionately, holding her firmly by the arms, and she... She returned the kiss.

"...exactly what I got," Fred said as soon as he broke the kiss. "You dropped below 1m, didn't you? That's good enough for me. As of today, you're officially mine! Now take off your clothes, will you?" He placed her on the floor. "I want to see that thick little body of yours."

What she *should* have said was "Are you insane?" But what she *did* say was "Someone... might see..."

"No one's around," he said calmly. "It will add some extra spice to the situation! Come on, clothes off."

"You're not my guardian," she said, undressing.

"And yet you still do what I tell you! Funny how that is, isn't it?" he asked. She felt self-conscious as his eyes scanned her body up and down, but not as much as she thought she might have. "You're just as I imagined," he said. "What an ass."


"Sure I am," he said, pulling down his pants and underwear. "She's hot, isn't she, Rory?"

"Sure..." Rory said, giving her a somewhat bored look.

Fred's muscled legs were hot as furnaces. His hard cock throbbed just above her face. She was so small compared to him, now, that the smell was overpowering. She fought back the urge to touch it.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" Fred asked. "I've waited patiently for this day. *Way* too patiently. Suck my cock! New year, new life, right? This is the year you suck my cock every single day!"

Linda reached up and grabbed Fred's penis with both hands, pulling it down. He had a regular penis for his size... Which meant it was two thirds as long as her forearm. She hesitated before putting it in her mouth. "I need to pee... she said weakly, but his frown was so immediate she stuck the cock in her mouth and started to suck at it.

"Finally," Fred said, laughing. "All this talking back gotta stop. When I tell you something, you do it, OK?" He smiled. "Don't worry, though, I'll have you trained soon. Are you gonna need a stool or something?"

She shook her head. Surely she could make a boy come using just the tip of his dick, right? How experienced could he be?

But he resisted her efforts, flushed, grunting, steely fingers rubbing painfully against her scalp. Her hands slapped ineffectively at his thigh muscles. She was nearing her limit. She had to make him come before... Before... She couldn't give him the satisfaction. It was enough that she was doing this, that she'd lost herself to this point.

Yet in the end he defeated her even here - her body suddenly relaxed as a stream of piss began to run down her leg. She stopped moving and just stood there, rigid as a plank, face burning.

Fred laughed so hard his back bent toward her again. His face covered her field of view. His mirth made him look so happy, she returned his grin with an uncertain smile.

"Mrs. Principal!" he said as soon as he could speak. "Did you just piss yourself in the hallway? While sucking your student's cock?" His hands grabbed her head and now she couldn't move it. His big warm glans was stuffing her mouth, forcing it to stay open. She drooled around it. "Maybe we should just stay like this until someone else shows up," he said mischievously. "Would you like that?"

She grunted a denial, but he didn't move. He waited patiently until she was done pissing. Her legs and feet were wet, and there was a small, stinky puddle on the floor.

Fred barely looked at it. "Hey, did I say you could stop?" he asked, slapping the back of her head. She renewed her efforts to suck him off and he laughed. She liked how happy he was all the time. He was a happy young man. And she... She wished she had his dick in another hole. She wished they were lying down, his muscular arms around her, holding her. Imprisoning her. Keeping her safe.

"Good," he said, as if he could read her mind. "You shouldn't waste your time worrying about being seen like this. You're mine and only mine now! You're my cock slave!" He stiffened for a moment before coming in her mouth, arching his back and pulling her head forward. She gagged and swallowed.

As Fred relaxed he let go of her head and she took a step back, looking around at both ends of the hallway. Miraculously no one had showed up yet, but she... She knew how this was going to end, one way or another. She knew how society would see this. There was only one way out for her, one single path for her to retain a measure of sanity and control. She spat a few times into the puddle of fluids on the floor to clear her mouth before speaking. "I want to be your Extra."

"Of course you do, Linda," he said. He closed in on her again and casually wiped his dick on her hair. A moment later his pants were up and he looked like nothing had happened, clean and fresh. She was still naked and disgusting, covered in fluids.

"Good. So... When do you want to go get registered?" she asked, picking up her clothes.

"I'm not going to make you my Extra."

She was dumbfounded. "What?" What the fuck was he talking about? Was he rejecting her? After tormenting her for months? After turning her into *this*? Was he really that cruel? She clenched her teeth.

He stood there watching her, waiting for her reaction. "Whoa, calm down, Linda," he said as she frowned. "You're still my possession. I just don't want you to be an Extra, that's all. You'd be fired, right? You can't be legally mine and still be the school principal." A steely glint came to his eyes. "Well, I'm not letting you off so easily. I want you to keep your job for now... If the school principal is my slave, then I control the school!"

"That's childish," she said without thinking, then took a step back and raised her hands. "I'll still lose my job if literally anyone comes through any of these doors right now."

"Yeah, I guess that was a little risky," he admitted. "But wasn't it fun? I don't care about being superhuman if I can't have a bit of risky fun!"

Linda gasped. "You... You know? About... The mutation?"

"We all know, Linda." His smile widened, and it was a good match for his dangerous eyes. "Go get cleaned," he ordered. "I'll be waiting for you at your office to give you your first orders. A bunch of things are going to change from now on, starting with your ridiculous ban on Extra nudity. It's annoying my friends."


Billie spent the holidays plotting. She strongly suspected she had the Dominator virus. She'd grown almost 20cm since the beginning of the school year! She was a tall young woman... but she wasn't *Dominator* tall. She needed to activate the transformation by having an Extra, but after thinking and thinking she couldn't come up with a good candidate - most of her peers were Dominators or wanted to be, and most of the humans were already crushing on someone else. *Likely* on someone else, she corrected herself - they could be crushing on her and not telling her, for all she knew! She had to get used to thinking like this; it was the most important part of the process. She was awesome. She was desirable. She *deserved* to be crushed on. It was only *natural* for her to have power over others.

Then she cracked it. A solution that was elegant. Perfect. It filled her with fear and anxiety, but also with excitement. If she succeeded... They would admire her. They'd have no choice but to welcome her with open arms. She had plenty of time to order the things she needed from the internet. Money wasn't a problem. Her family had more than they knew what to do with, and her mother's supervision of her finances was lax, to say the least.

She waited until after her French language class, on Tuesday. Not a lot of people were taking French, so it was a small class, with only four more Dominators in attendance, their Extras, and six unclaimed humans, of which four were crushers.

With her backpack on her shoulders, Billie followed her quarry to a restroom on the floor above that didn't have a lot of use, a restroom reserved for teacher use. She knew he'd stop there; he was a creature of habit. She watched from around the corner of the hallway as he walked through the door, listening hard for sounds coming from the restroom, but there was none. Taking her shoes off and walking on tiptoes, she sneaked in after him.

Her first worry was to check the doors of all the cubicles to make sure they were open. Gerard stood alone by a urinol, peeing. All clear. Operation was a go.

The language teacher was ideal. He was still young, handsome, gentle personality. A bit of a receding hairline, but nothing too bad. She wanted him. She was going to have him. Suppressing her nerves, she dropped down into a squat and closed in on him, step by quiet step, staying low. He might still have seen her if he'd glanced at the mirrors above the sinks, to his right, but he never did. She eased her backpack onto the floor, very very slowly.

He was shaking the last few drops of urine from his dick when she made her move. This was the riskiest part. Her hand darted around his leg and slid through his unzipped fly into his pants. Her fingers brushed against his and bounced on cloth. Underwear. For a moment she thought she was fucked, but she pushed harder and found a gap. Her hand closed around his testicles.

Gerard yelped and started violently, nearly tripping on Billie's squatting body. If he had, either she would have had to let go or she would have crippled the man for life. But fortunately he kept his balance at the last moment. He looked down at her hand, let out another shrill yelp and began to turn around, but she squeezed on his testicles and screamed at the top of her lungs:

"STOP! STILL! Or I'll rip off your balls!"

That made him stand still, but certainly didn't shut him up. "Who the fuck are you? What do you think you're doing?"

Her left hand reached around his hips and clumsily unbuttoned his pants, then pulled them down.

"Who are you?" Gerard asked. His hand suddenly reached behind him, grabbing at her. His head turned to the side. She immediately squeezed with her right hand until he stopped. "AH! Shit! Why are you doing this? You sound like a girl. Are you one of my students?" She didn't reply. Instead, she took a pair of handcuffs from her backpack and closed one of them around one of his wrists. The other end she slid around the plumbing above the urinol. "Merde," he said, rattling the handcuffs. "Whatever it is you're doing, stop. Stop right now and I won't press charges." Ignoring him, she used another pair to bind his other hand, and a third pair to bind his legs together, above the pants.

Only one item left. She pulled it from her backpack and stood, her body briefly pressing against his back. They were the same height. Funny how that worked.

As soon as Billie released Ger's testicles he contorted his body, shoving his ass back and pushing her away. She stumbled, surprised. He twisted his torso and head and finally got a good look at her.

"Billie Rowles!" he said. "One of the last people I'd have expected. I am very disappointed in you." And he looked the part. If he was angry he didn't let it show. "You realize your mother isn't going to get you out of this, right? On the contrary, you might well ruin her career."

The tension went out of her and she breathed out a relieved laugh. That was all? This... bad acting? Was he supposed to be upset? He said some more responsible goody-two-shoes adult nonsense, but she wasn't listening to him anymore. Instead, she drew back her arm and slammed the chastity belt she had in her hand on the side of his abdomen. It had some nice metal bits.

"GAAAHHHHH," Gerard screamed, sagging to his knees. He wheezed loudly. Billie hoped no one was around outside the door, but if they were, well, too bad. She wasn't going to stop now. She knelt behind him and sat on his legs and then, pulling off one of her dirty, sweaty socks, bunched into a ball and then tried to stick it in his mouth.

He resisted, tried to close his jaw, started struggling again, so she turned around and slammed the heel of her foot on the back of his knee. She noted with interest that his shriek was higher pitched this time, less wheezy. She stopped it by stuffing the sock in his mouth. She was getting excited. She'd never understood Barb as completely as she now did. She was taking him, making him hers. She wanted to see more. *Do* more. All he had to do was give her an excuse. She wrapped her fingers around his neck, feeling his stubble, the bump of his Adam's apple. Enjoying the feeling of power over his life.

"Listen, you piece of trash, this is how this is gonna work," she said quietly. "You'll stop resisting and do as I say, or I'll beat you. I'll really beat the shit out of you. I'll make it hurt so much you wouldn't believe it. Sure, maybe I'll get caught, but that comes later. *You* aren't leaving before I leave my mark on you, one way or another."

A moment passed before he nodded. He wasn't trying to scream anymore.

She moved off his legs then, enjoying her handywork. He knelt trembling by the urinal, with his hands up, suspended from the plumbing by the handcuffs, and his face almost touching the bowl. She pulled off his shoes and removed his pants and underwear entirely, then removed his ankle cuffs. He relaxed visibly. He thought she was letting him go! She stopped to suppress a laugh before putting on his chastity belt. It was a messy, fumbly process which required her to adjust the belt so it fit him well before locking it. There was a cute little cage that had to go on his floppy little wiener. She had selected, with some regret, a model without a butt plug. She wanted him to wear this for a while, after all.

Once the chastity belt was on she relaxed further. Somehow no one had showed up yet. What the fuck was wrong with this school? She pulled a wedge from her backpack and drove it under the restroom door to prevent it from being opened from the outside. Then she opened Gerard's shirt and pulled it up and over his head, letting it rest by his wrists.

"Not bad," she said, examining his naked back. "For a human. Stay on your knees for now." She pulled the sock from his mouth.

"Can... Can I talk?" he asked quietly. Hesitantly. Afraid of her! The pleasure was driving her a little crazy. It had been so easy, to turn the tables on a teacher. To become superior to him.

"If you're quiet, sure," she said magnanimously. Why not? She began to undress.

"Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?"

"Nothing! You're an OK teacher. I just want you, that's all."

"You want me..." he said.

"That's right. Flattered?" She could see that he was. His little dick moved inside its little cage. Inflated a little. "Are you attracted to your own students, Gerard?"

"No..." he said. "I just..." He trailed off.

Billie climbed on his back, forcing him down with her weight. Her vulva pressed on the back of his neck. His head was crushed against the filthy bottom of the urinal. "I'm naked, Gerard," she said. "Do you like my body?" She slid her hands along his arms, feeling his hair and his triceps. "I don't like yours," she said. "You're just an animal to me. Or a piece of furniture, maybe. I needed one and you just happened to be there. I'm going to use you for as long as I want, and you're going to shut up and take it." She bent down until her breasts touched his head. "How does it feel, horsy? Do you like it? I can see you like it. Lick your piss off that bowl, will you? Lick it or I'll spank you. Yeah, there's a good boy."

She kept him there until lunch break. At one point his phone rang, but she turned it off. She had plenty of time to explore his body thoroughly, from his ears to his feet going through his armpits, his nipples, his asshole. She bullied him for two hours straight, anxious, deep down, that it wouldn't be enough, that he wouldn't be hers. At one point he ejaculated, despite the chastity belt. She punished him by slapping his back until it glowed red.

"It's time to go," she finally said once the bell rang. "I'm getting kind of hungry." She picked up her clothes and dressed herself. She badly wanted to masturbate, but she hadn't wanted Gerard to see her as a human being with needs, she wanted to be a remote, collected mistress, someone always in control. His indisputable superior.

"Are you leaving me here?" Gerard whispered. He was turned toward her, his handcuffs twisted on each other, the urinol bowl digging into his back. His sagging body was covered in beautiful marks and welts.

"Don't be dumb. Don't you want lunch?" She went to him and opened the handcuffs. This was another risky part of her plan - he could grab her, drag her to the cops.

But she had seriously overestimated his stamina. "Thanks," he said quietly, slumping to the floor. He raised his arms to stare at the welts on his wrists.

She stepped over him, planted a foot on either side of his body, so he had to look up at her. "Seriously, get some lunch," she said. "I want you strong and healthy for me. And don't think of getting *this*," and she kicked the chastity belt with her shoe, "removed. If I find out you took it off I'll shove a jagged stick up your tight little ass. Got it?"

"Got it..."

Billie left him there then, picking up her stuff and leaving the restroom as if nothing had happened. She joined the other Dominators happier than she'd been all year. It had been, she felt, a good start.

Chapter 8 - Politics by extremelyVory

"A news reporter took my photo today," said the guy who wore his Extra like a backpack. Billie had asked around - his name was Stan. "Asshole didn't even ask for permission!"

"Nah, that's good! Behave for the cameras. Smile and let them take all the pictures they want." Sammy stretched his arms and arched his back, making it crack in three different places. "Ahhh... Remember, we're victims. We're an asset. It's not our fault we were infected and that we're strong and talented. All we want is to be productive members of society!" He beamed at the others.

Sammy had grown further during holiday break, and it was impossible not to notice how big he was becoming. Their classrooms had high ceilings, but the top of his head nearly touched the ceiling when he stood. People stared at him everywhere he went. Billie only came up to his hips now, and she wasn't sure she'd ever catch up, Dominator or not. His own Extras had to sprint to keep up with his long stride. He'd taken to the leader role as if he'd been born for it: He ordered the other Dominators around with casual ease and they obeyed him, maybe because he was so confident in their success.

Barbara was a head shorter than he was, but still half a head taller than Max, who hadn't caught up at all. Vera and Nelson had overtaken him too. The tallest freshman Dominators already came up to his chest. There was no more talk of him being the leader.

"I agreed to an interview," said the girl with squinty eyes - Aubrey. "I'm gonna tell them about how my myopia was cured."

"Alright," Sammy said. "Just don't let them trap you into admitting you should become a research subject for the humans. Make them like you. Dial that charm to the max, you can do it, right? I know you can!"

"I have something different," Fred said. Billie turned to look at him. It must smart to have been overtaken in height by some of the freshmen, but if he was bothered he didn't show it. And he was still smoking hot, in Billie's opinion. "Don't ask me how, since I'd like to keep it a secret a while longer, but... I got us some concessions from the school."

"Concessions?" Barbara asked. "What does that even mean?"

"First of all, they're getting rid of those tiny chairs we can't use and adding pillows our size to the classrooms. Also, since our bodies need a lot of nutrition, new lunches for us - double the size."

"Holy shit, YES," Sammy said. "Good job!"

"Your Extras can now be out naked again, if you want."

"What the hell? Are you serious? How did you make that happen?"

Fred winked. "Secret! But it's true."

Max turned to Jeff. His former boyfriend had shrunk more than 40cm over the holidays - not enough to become an Extra yet, but he was now considerably shorter than Billie. Leader or not, it seemed Max was still a very effective Dominator. "Clothes off."

"Yes, master," Jeff said as he undressed. Several other Dominators did the same, and soon a dozen Extras were naked around them, shivering in the cold, hugging their owners for warmth. Billie took in the sight of their little bodies with satisfaction. She liked to see all the differences between them. This is how humans should be. They had no need for pride.

"There's something else," Fred continued. "We don't have to be in class on time anymore. We can come and go as we please."

"Fred, you're a goddamn wizard," Sammy said, clapping him in the back. "See, guys, that's what you should be using your powers for. Raise us up without making us look bad. I think it won't be long before politicians start to bicker about us. When we start to control the debate we want some public support."

"Like... You mean... Muscles?" Aubrey asked, frowning.

"Muscles are one way. Muscles are easy," Sammy said. "Watch this." He pulled out his oversized pullover and then unbuttoned his shirt.

Billie gaped at his exposed torso. At his birthday party he'd been smooth and soft as a child. But now, half a metre of height later, there was new definition there. He was no Fred, but she could see his abs and his pecs.

"I did some push ups, curls and such over the holidays to try it out," he explained. "Easy peasy! Might be a little more difficult if you're a girl but probably not much. Barb is probably way stronger than I am."

"You got that right," Barb said. "Good job, though. Prolly also depends on virus activity."

"My dad's into street fighting," Nelson said. "I know where some events take place. I could go and clean house. Show off our strength."

"Do it," Sammy said, buttoning his shirt back up. "Soon we'll have a big meeting of everyone in the group to talk about how shit's going." They'd been able to rope six more Dominators into the plan so far; Billie had seen them added to the chat group. That made 29 of them, not counting the Extras. No one had challenged her right to be in the group. Yet. Her thoughts went to Gerard. She couldn't wait to go bully him some more. There was plenty she could do to him that didn't involve sex. Sex would come later, when he'd become a crusher. Weaker than her. Physically weaker, she corrected herself. He was already the weaker one otherwise.

With a start, she noticed everyone had gone quiet and was looking at her. She couldn't help but cringe a little. They were intimidating, for now. "Billie," Sammy said, snapping huge fingers in front of her face. "I asked, your birthday is later this month, right?"


"Wanna throw a party for us? You have a big house, right? Not a lot of big places for us to hang out."

For a moment she wondered how the hell he knew that, but there was an amused twinkle in his eyes. He was planning something, and she kind of wanted to know what it was. "Alright, boss. Party for 29 coming up. Birthday's on a weekday so let's make it the last saturday of the month."

"That works. Thanks!"


Billie's mom stared in horror as Billie's first birthday guests walked through the door - Barb, immediately followed by Vera. She'd been able to pass off the amount of food she was ordering as "growing teens eat a lot!" And getting rid of all the chairs in the salon didn't ring any alarm bells, either. But now she guessed the cat was out of the bag.

"I'd told you they were Dominators," she said, smiling sweetly.

"All you told me was they had Extras!" mom said in an accusatory tone.

Billie felt a little sorry for her. As a crusher, mom was less than a metre and a half tall. Billie must already be hard for her to deal with - in her first three weeks as a full fleged Dominator her height had ballooned to 213cm, measured this morning. Mom hadn't put two and two together, somehow. But Barb and Vera were much larger, and mom's face was level with their crotches, which must be embarrassing for someone used to having power.

"We'll be on our best behavior, ma'am," Max said, walking in from behind and defusing the situation before either of the other two said something stupid. Billie admired Barb, but she wasn't the most diplomatic person.

Mom craned her neck to give Joe, who was sitting on Max's shoulders, a worried look. Jeff hid behind his legs to avoid her notice. Max's former boyfriend had finally become small enough to be registered as his Extra. Another human in its right place. "You're those kids," mom said. "The ones with the new virus. Right?"

"Yes, exactly. We're the Dominators." He smiled down at her. Barb and Vera wandered off towards the food tables, which were manned by human attendants.

Mom raised her eyebrows. "You kids keep saying that..."

"It's the name we chose for ourselves," Billie explained.

Mom whirled around and her eyes widened as it finally clicked. "You too! Billie, why didn't you *say* something? Have you any idea what a mess it has been at work, to try to deal with this?"

"It's not that complicated, Representative Rowles," Sammy said, ducking through the door. "We're just bigger, smarter and generally better than most people. We're a net positive for society. The law should acknowledge that and create a protected status for us." He smiled down at us, his head bent against the ceiling. "Before ignorant people with guns massacre us all. You don't want that, do you?" He sat down on the floor with obvious relief.

Even while sitting he looked down on mom. Sammy had grown taller than 3m - he was half a metre taller than Max, whose growth had all but stalled, and a full metre taller than Billie. He stretched his legs, forcing Max to step out of the way. After a brief hesitation Max also sat on the floor.

"Jesus. Who- Who are you?" Mom asked Sammy.

"Everyone calls me Sammy. I'm the leader of the Dominators."


"It's *really* nice to meet you, Representative Rowles. I'm a huge admirer of your work to save the crushers. I can assure you mine are very well treated." He pointed out little Reina and Bea, who were as impeccably dressed as always. "I love them both very much!"

"Are you OK?" mom asked them directly.

"Couldn't be happier," Bea assured her earnestly. "I'm living my dream."

"I'd never hurt a girl," Sammy said, pulling up his legs and hugging his knees. "Speaking of which, has anyone told you how stunning you look today? You're always beautiful, but I can see you put in an extra effort for your daughter!"

Billie opened her mouth to ask if he was *really* flirting with her mom, but then hesitated.

Mom had just *blushed*. Like... Like a schoolgirl.

"Thank you, young man," she blabbered. "You're very attractive, too." She blushed deeper. Billie couldn't believe it. She was a *politician*, damn it. She was never that unguarded. *Never*.

But Sammy took it in stride. "Thank you!" He smiled his dangerous, guileless smile. "I'm glad you're more relaxed now." He pointed at the other Dominators who'd been filing in, some stopping to wish Billie a belated happy birthday. They were all taller than Billie. Most were devouring the sandwiches at an alarming rate. "We're not that scary, right?"

"You... No. I guess not. You seem nice."

"That's great. You seem to have a really cool mansion, I'd never been in one before. Would you show it to me? Please?" His piercing blue eyes met mom's.

"I... Sure, why not?" mom said without taking her eyes off him. "Can... Can you... Fit?"

"I'll crawl if I have to! Don't worry, I won't get stuck." Sammy stood, bent neck touching the ceiling, and extended his hand. "Lead the way." Without a word, mom marched towards the stairs and he followed after her.

Billie and Max exchanged a glance. "What was that?" he asked. "Had they met before?"

"No... I don't think so..." she said. As soon as Sammy's bulk had vanished up the stairs she stood and beckoned. "Come on. Let's follow them. Leave your tinies."

They climbed the stairs softly, or at least as softly as a 2.6m tall basketball player can climb a set of wooden stairs. But they didn't need to worry; they reached the carpeted floor of the upstairs hallway without being heard.

Mom and Sammy were nowhere in sight. Billie looked left and right at the rows of doors. Where had they gone?

With a bad premonition, she made for mom's bedroom door and quietly cracked it open.

"...and these curtains are 17th century," mom was saying. "The bed is modern, though."

"It looks like a great bed! Pretty big. Makes me want to try it. Mind if I try it?" Sammy asked.

"Sure, go for it," mom said.

Sammy began to undress, removing his shirt first, then pulling down his pants.

"Wait a-" mom began.

"I always sleep naked," Sammy said firmly. His cock began to harden as soon as he pulled his underwear down, and what a cock. It had grown apace with him, and must now be at least 40cm long - bigger than Max's brother Joe! As long as mom's torso. Thicker than her arm. Mom gasped, and Billie heard giggling. Bea and Reina, who were standing somewhere behind the door.

He stood for a moment, letting mom admire his lightly muscled body, before slowly, deliberately sitting on the bed. It creaked and sagged under his weight. "Very comfy," was his verdict. "I could sleep here. What do you think, Victoria? I can call you Victoria, right?"


"Should I sleep here?" Sammy pulled his legs up. He wouldn't fit on the bed without keeping them bent, of course.

"Why... Why not? You can... Sleep there..."

Sammy smiled. "Then get rid of those clothes and come sleep with me."


"Right now," he said. "Get rid of the clothes. I'm not asking."

Billie held her breath as mom quickly complied, removing every item of clothing until she stood naked in front of him. Max also watched in silence. Sammy beckoned and mom joined him in bed. His arms wrapped around her, his body pressed against hers. She disappeared in his embrace. "I bet you never slept with a giant before," Sammy said.

"Well, no..."

Sammy laughed. "I was joking. There are only a few of us yet! We're an endangered species, don't you think?" He turned her around with one hand and his mouth clamped between her legs. She gasped. Blood rushed to her face an instant before she bured it in his diaphragm. Her arms reached up, reached for his cock. But it was too far. She couldn't reach it. She stretched as far as she'd go, struggled against him.

"Okay! Calm down!" Sammy said, pulling his mouth away and dragging her down along his body. "You can have my dick, you little bitch. Make me come."

"Thank you," she said, and it came out half a drowl. Representative Rowles dragged herself against the giant member, hugged it with both hands, *squeezed* it. Her tongue slid around the base of the glans.

"How is it?" Sammy asked as he grabbed her ass with one hand. A moment later he slid a finger into her anus.

"It's... Ah... Delicious..." she said.

"I bet it is! Have a good taste." He pushed his finger higher up her ass and laughed as she groaned. Billie was blushing scarlet. No one wants to watch their parent having sex, not even a Dominator. But her instincts told her to watch. This felt... important.

Suddenly, Sammy pulled mom away from his dick. "Alright, that's enough!" He sat up and swung his legs out of the bed.

"What?" mom whined. "No!"

"We were just testing the bed, remember?" Sammy said. "It's a great bed! But we should get back to the party."

"Please... Please don't... Let me keep going. Let me finish."

"Are you saying... that you like me, Victoria? Is that a confession?"

"I..." She hesitated. "I like you very much..."

"But you're trying to get parliament to outlaw me and my friends."

"Oh..." Her face fell. "I just thought that... It's a virus! We should do everything we can to stop its spread and to treat it. ...right?"

Sammy made a buzzing sound. "Hnnnn! Wrong! We don't want to be treated. We want to be accepted as we are. A new, superior species. A species with its own rights and privileges."

"I don't know..."

"It's what I want. You want my cock? You can't have it unless you do what I'm telling you, get it? You can't have it both ways. Are you with us - with me, with your daughter - or against us?"

"With... With you, of course."

"Then on monday you'll introduce draft legislation that secures the rights of Dominators."

"Monday? But... That's too soon!"

Sammy smiled and beckoned. Reina ran to his pants and pulled a thin sheaf of human-sized papers out of his pocket. "Lucky you! I already did all of the work. There's the new law."

Mom waited in a stupor until Reina handed her the papers. She began to leaf through them, right there and then, fully naked. "This law-"

"-will be introduced exacty as I wrote it. No prior changes," Sammy said. He stood, towering over her. "Don't you dare disobey me. I'm in charge now, understand?"

"I... Think I do..."

"Serve me well and I'll reward you. You can have my cock all you want. Maybe I'll even let you be mine. You're just my type!"

"I'll... do my best," mom said.

"Now fuck off back to the party. I'll stay on this lovely bed a while longer."

"Alright." Mom began to dress herself again under Sammy's watchful eye. As soon as she was done she blundered out of the room, clutching the papers. Billie and Max stepped aside to let her pass. She looked at Billie with shame but said nothing.

Billie walked into the room to confront a smiling Sammy. "What the *fuck* was that?"

End Notes:

Chapter 9 - Taking control by extremelyVory

"Hey, Billie, Max. Totally hadn't seen you there," Sammy said, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, I get it, you're a smartass," Billie said. "Can you explain to us clueless people how you did that, though? Why did my mom just agree to do what you asked her to?"

Sammy leaned back on the bed, chuckling quietly. "It's not surprising you didn't notice yet. You're a new Dominator and Max... Had other priorities. I'm not sure *anyone* else noticed, really..."

"What are you talking about?" Max asked.

"You know what I've been doing every day for the last two and a half months?" Sammy asked. "Developing my brain. Mathematical problems. Puzzles. Crosswords. More and more difficult. Ever since you told us that we could grow smarter as well as stronger, I decided I'd be smart, as smart as I possibly could. That's why my plans are so fucking good."

"That's very impressive," Billie said. "But it still doesn't explain what you did to my mom."

"Once you're *smart enough*, it's obvious," he said. "We have another power, something that slipped past the radar of the woman who examined Max. Or maybe it didn't, maybe it was the power distracting her, protecting itself. We are..." He paused briefly, clearly savoring the suspense. "...addictive."

Billie frowned. "What... What do you mean, addictive?"

"We're not Dominators just in name. We have a powerful pheromone that makes people do what we tell them to. Or did you think it was so easy to get people to do what you want? It works in any situation if you know how to use it. We can literally command any human! *That's* why I'm so confident in our success."

"We can..." Billie paused, thinking back to when she'd caught Gerard. To how she'd expected him to fight harder, and how compliant he'd turned out to be. How he'd kept his mouth shut, how he'd worn the chastity belt until he'd become too small for it to fit. "Holy shit."

"Right? The stronger the virus is in you, the stronger the pheromone gets, so I'm pretty fucking strong right now! It helped that I *knew* enough to know just how powerful I am. It's exponential."

She didn't know what else to say. Addictive to humans... What an amazing power, as long as she was in control. As long as she didn't let herself be kidnapped and ground up for her body chemicals.

"There are lots of humans. You won't get a law passed with just one politician," Max said, voicing her worries.

"One? Dude, I have five under my thumb. From the government *and* opposition. And they'll do *anything* to convince the others." Sammy chuckled. "If they fail we'll try again with twenty."

"You thought of everything, didn't you?"

"I'm always thinking of everything. My brain's working a hundred times faster than yours." Sammy's smile turned mischievous. "I even know why you stopped growing. Figured it out ages ago, even before you made Jeff your Extra."

Max blushed. "Really?"



"What?" Billie asked. "What is it? Tell me, you huge bastards."

"Don't..." Max pleaded.

"Max has a crush on me!" Sammy blurted. "He's probably still the strongest Dominator after me. But he's *also* a crusher now, so it's canceling out! Isn't it hilarious?"

Billie turned the concept in her head, trying to understand. "Oh..." She smiled. "It *is* kind of funny."

"It's not funny at all!" Max said, still red as a beet. "And it's mean of you to know this whole time and not say a word..."

Sammy reclined further against the pillows. "It was convenient. I wanted to be in charge, what else? I'm a Dominator after all." He patted the bed beside him. "Come try out the bed. It's modern and very comfortable." He winked at Billie.

Max's hesitation was brief. He pulled his t-shirt, which was a few sizes too small, above his head, then dropped his shorts. "Where do you get your clothes, anyway?" he asked.

"Reina and Bea actually make them for me," Sammy said, nodding at the two girls. "They're amazing and I'm very lucky to have them! They're also the ones who typed out my new law for the humans to read." He turned to Billie. "Your mom might become one of mine as well. She qualifies. Would you mind?" he asked politely.

"I'll... have to think about it," Billie said. "Depends on what kind of world we make. She might be a human, but I still want her to be happy. Do you think you can make her happy?"

"You haven't been listening. We make *everyone* happy."

Max sat coyly on the side of the bed, naked. He proffered his hand to Sammy. Tyler was in it. "Wanna use him?"

Sammy laughed and took the little Extra. The pad of his huge thumb covered its whole body. "Little Tyler," he said. "The first Extra owned by a Dominator." He pulled Max down toward him. His larger, pale body wrapped Max's darker and more muscular one. Max closed his eyes and relaxed. "And Little Max," Sammy continued. "Always so tall, so sure of yourself. Our leader. But now you're *my* little crusher." Bea ran to hand him something. A bottle of lube. Reaching out, Sammy began to squirt it in Max's ass.

Max's eyes opened, showed a hint of alarm. "I-"

"Shhh," Sammy said, and now he was squirting lube on his own erect cock. "This time I'm the one giving you a special present." He sat up and pulled one of Max's legs across his body, rotating Max's head to the foot of the bed. Max lay between Sammy's legs, now, face up. Sammy placed his throbbing cock against Max's anus and took hold of Max's thighs.

"I'm a little worried," Max said. "I've never-"

"You don't need to fear your *master*," Sammy said, pulling the other boy's thighs toward him, slowly but inexorably.

Max grunted as Sammy's massive cock went into him. Pain and pleasure in equal measures. He tried to relax, tried to make himself as malleable as he could. Nothing nearly as big had ever gone into him before. It wasn't going to work. It seemed impossible. But Sammy continued to push, push as he opened Max up, his hot, throbbing rod skewering him. From his position he could see Sammy's larger body, looming above him. So pretty and fit. When had he become so sexy? Sammy's expression was smug, as if he could guess what Max was thinking. Once Sammy was fully inside, he grabbed Max's arms and pulled him upright. His cock rubbed against Max's prostate, and Max's dick jumped wildly, but Sammy didn't touch it and Max couldn't.

They sat like that for a moment, their bodies almost touching, their faces very close, Sammy holding Max's shoulders. Max placed his hands on Sammy's sides, never meeting his eye.

But then Sammy pushed Max to arm's length with one hand and held up the other between them. In it was Tyler. From where she stood Billie couldn't see the expression on his minuscle face.

"Thanks for everything, Little Tyler," Sammy said, "but... Max doesn't need any worshippers anymore." And he tossed Tyler into his mouth.

For a moment the world held its breath. None of them moved, none of them said anything. Then Sammy swallowed, a big, obvious gulp. He grinned at Max, an eager, excited grin. "Now you'll be the one doing the worshipping." He took Max's thighs again and began to move him, in and out. Max groaned and begged and called out Sammy's name.

"Hey, Billie, I think you can go back to your party now," Sammy said, turning his head to look at her. "Tell Barb that I ordered her to turn this into the usual type of party, OK? But Victoria is off limits. She is *mine*."

"Al- Alright..." Billie said, shaken. "As you wish."


Linda was in hell.

Fred had called her and ordered her to be here, but he hadn't said what was going to happen. She didn't know she was coming right into the middle of the vipers' nest - most of her problematic students were here, the superhuman ones. At 82cm, she had stabilized on a size that at least would allow her to live a relatively normal life. Compared to them, though, she was an ant. They were loud, boisterous, as much as three times her height. They ate more than a human possibly could. They swaggered and shouted. They fought and yelled at each other, though they didn't seem to be holding any grudges. They also played with each other's retinue of little students, or with their own, all the time.

"Cheer up, Linda," Fred said. "It's Billie's birthday! Do you want some OJ?"

"No, thanks..."

"So that was your secret," Barbara said, approaching, and Linda cringed. "You managed to nab the *principal*! You evil genius."

"I'm not evil," Fred said, offended. "You know I like thick women. I truly find her beautiful and would have taken her regardless."

"That's... true, actually. Whatever happened to Zelda?"

"Too old to become one of us. I'm so much bigger than she is now, it wouldn't be sporting anymore. It's too bad."

Barbara placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Billie came down the stairs then and made straight for them. "Barb," she said. "Sammy says to... turn this into the usual type of party."

Barbara smiled. "Ah. A lot of these kids are new. I wonder how they'll react." But she began to undress, tossing her clothes into a corner. Tinies fell out of her, 15cm to 20cm tall. Linda counted one, two, three... Oh, four, including the one in her crotch. Fred and Billie undressed, too.

Barbara squatted by Linda. "Remember how much crap you gave me for the way I dress, Mrs. Boyd?" she asked sweetly. Linda turned to run, but Barbara grabbed her immediately. "During these it's OK to do anything to the others' Extras. Lucky me, right?"

"I'm... I'm not an Extra," Linda stammered, darting Fred a mute plea for help.

"I don't care." Barbara said. She pulled Linda over her knee. "I just always really wanted to do *this*." And she spanked her a few times while Fred watched, looking amused.

"Say," he said, grabbing Barbara by the arm. "You've always been a good challenge. Fierce. I want you to get down on that couch."

The girl scoffed and dropped Linda. "Make me, you tiny fucking musclehead."

Fred made a face he'd never made at *Linda*. She blushed as he lifted Barbara in his arms and threw her bodily into the couch.

Billie picked up her phone, made a call. Linda couldn't hear what she was saying; it was too noisy. On the couch, Fred began to copulate with Barbara, laughing and shrugging off the beating Barbara was giving him at the same time. He wasn't paying Linda any attention at all. She slipped away, looked for a place to hide.

But the others had noticed by then, and were converging. "You guys just having *sex*?" Stan asked. Billie gave him a thumbs up.

"How about you and me?" Nelson asked Vera.

"Get the fuck down," Vera said, shoving and tripping him. She went down on him and they began to wrestle and tussle, trying to get each other's clothes off.

"I'll take your Extra," Billie said to Vera. The well dressed tiny boy was standing by the couple, looking unsure of what to do. "Hey, you," Billie said. "It's my birthday, so lick me. And you'd better do a good job." She dragged him towards her and squatted on him until he got the hint and began to lick her.

A hand grabbed Linda's shoulder. "Look what I found," said a voice behind her. She turned to find one of the new students there - Andrew. "A school principal!" he said. "Suck me off, Mrs. Boyd. It's the dream I never knew I had."

And she did it. She gave this huge boy she barely knew a blowjob. His own Extra, another first year called Hillary, attempted to pleasure him at the same time. Linda noticed they had similar body types. She fought Linda for his cock, slapping and shoving her. But if Linda stopped, if she tried to yield and step away, Andrew pulled her back and yelled at her. He had given her an order and he demanded that she see it through. He would not be denied.

Andrew's orgasm wasn't the end. Stan was already waiting for his turn to fuck her from behind, and *he* was immediately followed by Aubrey. Over three times her size, the girl stood above Linda for a moment before lowering herself on her. Her vulva pressed against her skull and then slid around her, taking her in, eating her up. Her head went fully inside the Dominator, who giggled with pleasure. A head burrowed into Linda's own genitals. It was Aubrey's Extra, a young woman who had once been tall, but was no taller than 30cm now. She pleasured Linda while Linda choked and gasped, smothered by Aubrey's slimy flesh, and while Aubrey masturbated. The giantess's weight was heavier and heavier on Linda, until Linda's knees buckled and Aubrey's landed heavily on the floor. Linda was left there, hanging from the girl like a rag, until she orgasmed.

She barely had time to breathe. Another girl commanded her - Tracy - followed by another boy. They all wanted her, all these giants and giantesses, and none doubted their right to her. They were confident in their superiority, and she... She was just as sure of her inferiority. She lost count as towering body replaced towering body. It didn't matter. They were Dominators. She had no choice, and if she did, perish the thought, she wouldn't choose otherwise. This is what she wanted, to obey her masters.

At one point she looked to the side and found Gerard there. Bigger than her still, but not big enough. He knelt on a chair, naked except for a little chastity belt. The front was a flat plate that left no room for his cock. Juices flowed from around it. The rear had an open ring. Billie stood behind him, twice his size, wearing a strap-on with a huge dildo, fucking his ass, making him scream. Her hands held his wrists, but he wasn't struggling, wasn't trying to run. Their eyes met. Of course he wasn't. They were both doing this of their own free will. They both wanted to please their masters. Across from the chair, Representative Rowles watched them with a hypnotized expression.

Linda was exhausted, ready to fall asleep, covered in sweat, sperm and blood when Fred took her. He picked her up like a child, hugged her against his ridiculously toned abs. He didn't want to cuddle her, though. He found a sofa and dropped heavily on it, crushing her beneath him. His cock found her, pushing her legs apart, and her dream became reality. He penetrated her, fucked her with relish. No condom. His torso pressed on her. He couldn't see her and she couldn't see him. They could only feel each other. He, her squirming little body. She, the perfectly sculpted mountain that was him. She wasn't his lover. She was just his conquest. His slave. "Master!" she screamed. "Master! Yes!"

Epilogue - Dominators and dominated by extremelyVory

"As you all know, last year something wonderful happened to our nation," went the beginning of Victoria's speech. It was early March, and she was on at least five different channels. More than a month; six weeks of bickering to get them to this point. But the right argument had prevailed, thank god. "A mutation of the crusher virus appeared in our schools. It can change some affected young men and women into something different, something new. Scientists who have examined these youths all agree; they are no longer human. They have been given the scientific name *homo sapiens dominians*. After careful deliberation, and accounting for the superior traits the Dominators can bring to our society, Parliament has just finished and sent to the executive for signing comprehensive legislation that details how this Dominators are to live in our society, and what their position shall be.

"I'll give you a brief summary: By virtue of their specific talents, their specific needs, and their reduced numbers, Dominators will be a third class of citizen, beyond civilian and military. A human harming any Dominator will be comitting a crime punishable with jail time. A Dominator will not be required to pay taxes; they are all wards of the state. They are allowed to obtain goods from any commercial establishment without the use of money, to be reimbursed by the government. They are allowed to requisition real estate. They are allowed to conscript human beings for help, should they deem that such help is required, for any task. They are not subject to the authority of any police force.

"Scientific evidence seems to point toward the children of Dominators, or a Dominator and a human, not being Dominators. Dominators are *only* made during adolescence; nearly every adolescent has the potential to become one, but due to psychological factors only a small amount of the virus carriers will undergo this transformation. Some of their powers disappear in adulthood, however the Dominator status is lifelong; the change is irreversible.

"So even though it is tempting to reject this change... It is tempting to react with fear and distrust... Remember that your child, your sibling, your aunt or uncle could be a Dominator. They could be the ones who benefit from these rights and privileges. As such, let us unite in our belief that these laws, as written, are the best path forward in unity and concord between these species, Humans and Dominators."

There was scattered applause, the flashes of many cameras. Some angry insults as well. Then came the deluge of questions. She answered a few, waved others away, prepared to withdraw. Then a shadow fell on her and the cameras slowed down, the questions died off. She looked up.

Sammy stood there, cutting an imposing figure. Five metres tall, he was more than four times her current height. She only came up to the middle of his shin. He was truly a giant, massive, superior to any human. His mere presence made her ache to serve him, to do his bidding. Clearly the crowd felt the same. They all turned toward him, waited with bated breath. Not a single reporter thought to snap a picture.

He grinned at them. "Sorry! I need to, er, conscript Representative Rowles. Her help is needed." His hand closed around her torso and he picked her up. She noticed, as she soared above the journalists' heads, that Sammy wore a vest with pockets now, for his Extras to travel. Bea and Reina were there. But there were empty pockets, too. Room for more.

He put her in one of those.

End Notes:
Cast of characters and ages at time of introduction (contains spoilers)

Extras/tinies are listed below their masters as of the epilogue.

Max (15)                          
    Tyler (19)             
    Joe (18)                      
    Jeff (15)                     

Barbara Jackson (15)              
    Bruce (18)             
    Jaden (15)             
    Elliot (16)            
    Keanu (19)                    

Sammy (14)                        
    Bea (15)               
    Reina (18)             
    Victoria Rowles (36)   

Fred Miller (16)                  
    Rory Miller (14)       
    Linda Boyd (47) [POV]         

Billie Rowles (13) [POV]          
    Gerard Meier (29)             

Tracy (14)                        
    Nolan (15)                    

Mara from the DPD (28)     

Zelda (18)                 
    Karl (18)              

Andrew (13)                       
    "Chubby" Hillary (13)

Stan "Muscles" (13)               
    "Backpack" girl (13)

Vera (15)                         
    "Smartly dressed" boy (17)

Nelson (15)                       

Aubrey "Squinty eyes" (13)        
    "Tall girl" (19)              

"Biochemical weapons" boy (16)

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