"Dirty Dozen 3" by SpongeBob
Summary: Do not read this story unless you have read my previous story, "Dirty Dozen 2", Once again, I've made another humorous story.
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1. Survivor by SpongeBob

Survivor by SpongeBob
Author's Notes:

It turns out SpongeBob survives from the explosion, for those of you reading this who haven't read Dirty Dozen 2...Stop and read Dirty Dozen 2, simply put.

SpongeBob climbs out of the rocks and dirt debris of the house that was exploded by the "MiniNuke".

"Woah! I'm back to normal size!" SpongeBob giddys with joy. "I survived cause' I'm a sponge, and the nuclear-"

George Bush interrupts "Heheh, SpongeBob... It's Nuklehur."

SpongeBob says "Okay.....Well....The 'nuklehur' explosion must have changed me back to normal size, And hey look! Timmy is still alive!"

Timmy stands up and brushes himself off.

"Timmy you can walk?!" SpongeBob asks.

Timmy says "Oh shit."

"You lied to us this whole time!" SpongeBob glares at Timmy.

"Well...Um... You see...Fuck you!" Timmy runs away.

SpongeBob picks up a gun and chases Timmy.

Spongebob rapidly shoots the gun and takes out a pidgeon which falls on Timmy's head and snaps his neck.

"Hmmmm....Good enough." SpongeBob walks back to the bottom of the ocean.



"WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA!!!!" Everyone of SpongeBob's friends sings.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!" SpongeBob screams.

"Geez, if your gonna be that way we won't help you SpongeBob." Says Patrick.

"What? Help me do what?" SpongeBob asks.

"Don't you know that the bird is the word?" Says Peter Griffin.

"Oh shut up with that!" Squidward snaps Peter's neck.

"Don't you know that there's a giant woman terrorizing the town you were just in?" Sandy asks.

"What you talkin' bout Willis?" SpongeBob says.

"You've got to go help the people!" Larry the Lobster says.

"No. I...I can't go back to that Giantess shit.... They can go die for all I care." Says SpongeBob.

"I'll give you a BJ if you do it SpongeBob." Sandy suggests.

"I'm in!!!!" SpongeBob cheers.

"To the armory!!!!" Everyone cheers.

"Ohhhhhh! I love money! Yes I do! I love money! But I'm no jewwwwwwwwwwww!" Sings Mr.Krabs.

"You know we're not even talking about money...right?" Asks Mrs.Puff.

"If only Hitler were here......" SpongeBob thinks what Hitler would do when Mr.Krabs said he likes money......


"Vhat did jou say?!?!?!?! Nien!!! Ji Killz Jou!!!!" Hitler would scream at Mr.Krabs.

SpongeBob sighs. "Ahhh, The glory days...."

End Notes:

To be continued, I know not much has happened yet, but trust me.... It's going to get better. If you don't trust me, Than you've got some trust issues you should work out with your Therapist.

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