Anna's Apartment Complex by TinyEd

Nathan, a guy who has problems managing his money, gets the opportunity to live in a really nice and cheap place.
What's the trick? Well, there's no trick exactly, just some peculiar situation going on around this apartment complex.

(This story includes some images as visual reference for some scenes)

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Welcome to AA Apartment Complex by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This story will have a slow start, the "action" is gonna appear in future chapters
This first chapter is mostly a long introduction
Also, I have to make notice that english is not my main language, if you see any error in the writing please let me know <3

It was at night, one week before I had to go back to classes on college, and here I was looking for a place to stay the rest of the month since the landlord from the place I was living on got arrested for tax evasion, and to be honest I wasn’t up to deal with any of the problems that might have come from that, the guy was really good with me and all but I bet the payment from my rent was pretty low because he got some kind of pity on me… so here I was trying to search for a new place to stay, I was gonna use this last week before classes to go to places and pray that someone will take a new tenant in such a quick time (sigh…).

My name is Nathan, 23 years old, student that leaves alone, my parents are pretty much busy taking care of a pretty big company that my dad works at, developing the new shrinking technology and making sure every process goes according to the protocols, allowing to all the shrinking technology to be safe for daily use. Since the creation of the shrinking technology by a really awesome inventor some years ago, it has been searched deep into and it has become a technology that you can see anywhere, transportation, medicine, recreation, art, etc.

Although it is a kind of common technology, it is not a cheap one so not any person can afford some kind of shrining/growing device, and most of it it’s developed on Europe, meaning my old man and my mom are never around, so they at least give me an allowance to afford living all by myself, but even if I say that, I have problems with my money management, which is the same reason why I really wanna find a cheap place, quick, and that might be a decent place.

Sounds a bit impossible right? Well, miracles happen… or should I say…

“Fuck… the impossible is just in front of me…” I said to myself as I was just looking at a place that just had all my standards for what I wanted, and better yet, it was nearby, and even better yet, it was affiliated with my college.


“No, this has to be a scam… although I might just check it just in case…” I said to myself while looking for the landlord’s profile the name ‘Anastasia Cruz’ there.

(Have I seen this name before? It is kind of familiar sounding.)

The person didn’t have any profile pic, which make it even more suspicious, but I was desperate and would probably still be looking for places all night.

“All right, I’ll send a message requesting all the information and where can I check the place” as I said that, I typed my message to the landlord lady.

After that, I kept looking up for different places with no more luck than that, each place being either expensive or too much far away from my college, which only got me around 3 different places to check including that first one.

“Guess I’ll be able to check them all through this week” after saying that, I saw popping out a sudden notification on my screen, I got a reply from one of the places, that first one actually “talking about fast…”.

“Hi Nathan, I can see you’re interested in the apartment in rent, you can check it out tomorrow if you want, it’s okay if we meet up on ‘x’ street near the pizza store with the dog mascot, 2 pm is okay?” read the text.

(I know that place, is really nearby, I even go there sometimes to eat lunch)

“sure, I’ll go there at that time” I typed, and after that I went to sleep.



The next day.

After getting no replies from the other two places and drowning on my own misery, I was hoping this place could be what I was hoping for, otherwise I probably won’t be able to find a place with classes starting so soon…

“Please be a good place, please be a good place” I prayed to myself as I was walking to the according place the landlord lady Anastasia said.

And there I saw a building I come across from time to time, I saw it from outside and thought to myself that it was a nice looking building.

(Should I go in? should I ring a bell? Is there even a bell in this building?!)

And while I was lost in my own thoughts I felt something touching my left shoulder and turned to see.

“Hi! You must be Nathan right?” In front of me was one of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen, a good looking blonde girl with a short haircut, big boobs and a smiling expression was just in front of me asking for my name, she was really cute.

“I… am?” I said confused, she giggled at my reaction.

“Sorry, I’m Anastasia, but you can call me Anna, I’m the landlord of the place you’re interested” Anna was smiling naturally as she was talking, something on her seemed familiar on me for some reason.

“Wait, you’re the landlord lady?”

“Yeah, I know I’m too young, but some stuff happened and I got to be able to rent a whole apartment complex, it’s a long story, you don’t wanna hear it” she said a bit awkwardly, as some kind of speech she already had prepared for the kind of reaction I had in my face.

“I-I see, well the information on the place seemed pretty much complete and formally put, so I don’t mind I guess” (that and the fact that I really am desperate, I just wanna look at the place with my own eyes).

“Well let me show you the place then, come with me” she said.

“Okay then!” as I said that I was about to go right into the building in front of me but Anna just looked at me weirdly.

“It’s not there hahaha, I just got this place since it is a pretty good reference point to meet up with someone” she said giggling, basically making fun of how I got confused thinking this building in front of me was where I thought was gonna be my renting place.

“Oh… sorry I guess that…”

“It’s okay, let’s just go” she said with a smile, I followed her back.

It was just a street away or so, but we got to a small place, it wasn’t even a building, it was really just a small place, it appeared to be some kind of joke, this was more a house than an apartment complex, you could not even take it as some “roommates” kind of house.

“We’re here!” Anna said with a smile.

“I… expected this place to be bigger” I said.

“Let’s just say this is some kind of reception” she giggled at my reaction while walking to the front door, it was not that funny for me though.

I got inside with her to what seemed to be an actual small reception, there it was a woman with long black hair and glasses, she was reading some book behind a desk, and was clearly deep in her lecture to notice us two getting in, Anna just got closer to the desk and started talking to the woman.

“Hi Becks, I brought the would-be tenant, would you mind to show him all the info and stuff? I have some stuff to do, you know.”

The woman behind the desk glared at me, glared at Anna and then took her book away.

“Sure, I handle this then” Beatrice said with a monotone simple voice.

“Thanks! I owe you one” Anna said to her “Nathan, I’ll leave you with her, she’s Beatrice, she will give you all the info about the place” as she said the she left the place through a corridor on the left, leaving me with this woman.

Beatrice glared at me for some seconds.


She kept glaring at me.

“Uh… I kinda…” I got a bit awkward with this.

“Yeah yeah, come over here to this room” Beatrice said standing up and opening a door that was besides her desk.

“Uh… sure” I said while going in.

Inside this new small room it was just some chairs, a small table, some papers and some other stuff you might find in any normal office, even some kind of coffee machine.

“Take a sit” she said pointing at a chair in front of the table.

“Thanks” I said while sitting.

“Want some coffee?” Beatrice asked.

I wasn’t the coffee-drinker kind of guy but I didn’t want to be impolite so I accepted the offer, Beatrice turned on the machine immediately and after that took a seat in front of me.

“Okay, so, welcome to AA apartment complex, we are working for a company who became our patrons recently so we have some really nice accommodations for living, we also checked in your profile you are student from one of the colleges we work with so you might even get a better treatment than some others of our tenants.”

“Well that sounds nice”.

“But if you wanna live here, you have to agree to one of our policies, I’m sorry it’s a bit strict but the building entrance is only open on weekends so you might as well live here on week days”

“B-but…” I was about to complain on something but Beatrice interrupted me

”Of course our patrons knows about the inconvenience this could make, so they also offer a full outside world view screen, as to say, you can attend classes from the commodity of your home.”

“That sounds suspicious, why do I have to go…”



Suddenly the sound of the coffee machine made a sound

“Oh, the coffee is ready~” she interrupted me again while saying this with a smile and getting to the coffee machine and pouring some in two cups.

“I do wanna know why this is a request… can’t I just leave the complex any time I want?” I asked.

She put my coffee cup in front of me while sitting again in the same chair as before.

“Our patrons are pretty much generous with the accommodations they give to us” she said while taking some papers out and showing me some pics that seemed to be similar to the ones from the page where I found this place.

Massage sofa, some videogame consoles in a big room with a lot of stuff to entertain yourself, a small bar, a big kitchen, and the commodities that where on those photos looked so nice it made me feel kinda envious of those rooms.

“Our Apartment complex also contains a social living room for our different residents to interact”.

I took a sip from my coffee, invested in the images while Beatrice was talking.

“Okay I get it, the place is nice and all, your patrons don’t want us to leave but will allow us with interaction with the outside…. It’s hard to believe it though, I kinda wanna see the place” I was just insecure from the whole possibility this could be a major scam for me.

“Sure, today is weekend after all, we can show you the place and…” while Beatrice was talking my head was feeling kinda dizzy, it was so sudden that I just couldn’t… stay… conscious that much…

Everything went dark for a moment…







I woke up again by the voice of Beatrice who was holding my head, making me realize I did fall there for a moment.

“Ugh… my head hurts…” I said.

“We arrived to the complex Nathan” she said.

“We what?” I asked confused.

“You asked that you wanted to see the apartment complex and we got here, you fallen asleep deeply on the way here though” Beatrice said with a concerned expression, she seemed worried about me.

“Ugh… I guess I was too stressed about college and didn’t notice…”

“Well, good thing we got here, look around” Beatrice said.

I looked around, adapting my eyes to the surroundings, here it was a big living room, big enough to fill a whole party of people, with a big TV screen in the center of the room, a small oasis in the corner, with a small table to fill up to 8 people, and a big fridge behind.

“This is the social living room, where our tenants interact from time to time, right now there’s just one person in the building, everyone usually takes their chances when weekend hits, some go for groceries or some other stuff, you save a lot of money by renting this place after all.”

The room was nice, probably one of the most comfortable living rooms I have seen in all my life, perfect to enjoy some time talking with people, getting to know the others, I was already imagining it.

“You can take something from the fridge if you want, you can check whatever you want and then we can proceed to the next pl…”

“I kind of want to see the rest” (this already looked good enough, I just wanted to keep seeing the rest of the complex already)

“Okay then, you can follow me here…” Beatrice stood up from the big couch we were both on, and went to a door that seemed like the entrance from an elevator.

(An elevator? The building from before wasn’t that big… so are we really in the complex already? Talk about fast…)

We both went inside the elevator, and there was some 7 buttons there.

“We have some kind of unique architecture here, so you might think as we have 7 different floors but that’s not it, we have 7 different building so to say, the apartments are all on the floor 1 and 2, the rest are all just places to look up to, we are on the floor 6, floor 7 is just the entrance”.

I was taken by surprise by this sudden explanation of the complex, it took my interest as how actually complicated the whole place was.

“On ‘floor’ 3 and 4 are the bathrooms, gym, training room and the jogging track”.


“Yeah, we don’t share all of these so openly because some people might find themselves too pressured to sign in to be a resident or they might think it’s a scam, but people is usually well surprised when getting here” I was amazed by Beatrice’s explanation, everything sounded really great to be true.

“On floor 5 it’s just a medical area, in case any person gets injured or something, we help them with part of our patrons staff who work here as to make sure all our residents live healthy”.

(Oh god is this really true? It sounds all good to be true!)

“Floor 6, where we are, it’s all for interaction and recreative enjoyment, downstairs there’s even a pool table and a small bar”

(What the actual f..?!)

“Where do you wanna check first?” Beatrice asked with a nice smile.

I knew it was too good to be true, I just couldn’t think of this as for something that could be true… the price, the place, the rules, the commodities.

“What’s the trick?” I asked.

Beatrice giggle a bit, first time I saw her actually a bit happy since the start.

“The trick is, you cannot leave until weekends, I already told you…” she said.

“No but, that is just…!” I was about to shut a bit when Beatrice just pressed a random button on the elevator.

“Just check” she said.

The elevator started moving slowly and steady, moving in some direction… and while it was happening I saw it.

“Wha-?” I saw suddenly we were in a clear transparent space, I could clearly see the outside and our surroundings while the elevator moved through what it seemed some open views from this elevator.

Our surroundings… we were moving through a giant cable, going out from what could be tell it was a gigantic sphere, and it was a bit hard to tell but I could see the giant cable was directing us to another gigantic sphere.

“Are the ‘floors’ actually separate buildings…?” I asked confused, Beatrice giggled at my question.

“Quite the opposite actually…” she said “this is just a whole structure build thanks to the development of shrinking technology and the help of our patrons, going on with an investigation with the help of your college science department, would be hard to believe for you but this is a really top center of technology.”

I suddenly realized what she meant by all of what she was saying… as suddenly something massive was moving outside of the ‘complex’.

Shrinking technology, something humanity already developed in so many ways it was hard to believe how advanced it was, it was safe for everyone but it wasn’t something any person could afford that easily….

Outside in the distance up in the sky I could see something I never imagined I could ever have seen in my life.

A gigantic, no, gigantic was not even close to the world I was looking for… she was just hard to describe as size… she was massive, gargantuan… could bet not even Mt. Everest was as big as her…. No, Mt. Everest would be envious of the size of the giant cute girl who was there, full nude with a small towel covering her massive breasts…

“Ah, she finished talking her bath, I must inform her where we are” Beatrice said as if this was totally normal.

“I… uh…. I….” I was totally speechless while Beatrice was making something with her phone.

A sudden ringing started, what could have been what you could say was a ringtone from a catchy song coming from the distance.

“Oh~” said the gigantic figure.

“Hi Anna, we are in the complex with Nathan, we can see you from here” Beatrice said with a smirk at the emphasis on that end.

Suddenly I saw the gigantic figure of what I could tell was Anna, turning around to us, her breast fully exposed, showing nipples that could be the size of mountains for us… moving at such a normal speed that you couldn’t believe something so big could move so fast…

“HYA!!! I’M SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Anna covered her big breast with the towel she was holding, completely blushing and embarrassed by the fact that we saw her naked.

“He’s speechless” Beatrice added.

“Oh my god! Nathan I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…” Anna’s apologies where getting lost in my head as I was fully trying to understand the situation I was in.

As if suddenly something told me I had to ask an important question…

“Don’t act as you weren’t trying to show off you big pervert” said Beatrice, making fun of Anna in the process while I was thinking.

“Hey Beatrice…” I said.

“Hmm? What is it?” Beatrice asked.

“Where the fuck are we…?” I asked back, Beatrice smirked softly.

“Welcome to ‘AA’ Apartment Complex… also known as… Anna’s Anal Apartment Complex”

“I told you to stop calling it like that!” pleaded Anna on the phone while her gigantic form outside was making some nervous moves of embarrassment.

I got more confused as the elevator just kept moving… I turned to see directly to Beatrice.

“No… I mean ‘Where’ are we?” I asked more directly.

Beatrice showed up a more confident face and said.

“This whole apartment complex with more than 27 residents, is inside some small anal beads that Anna has to take care of…”

My mind went blank from the sudden realization of everything…

The whole building, the rooms, the medicine department, the jogging track, the giant living room, the kitchen, the bar, everything… all of it was inside some anal beads that Anna, the cute girl that is the landlord lady uses…

The descision by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter follows a bit of the introduction but also introduces a new and important character for the story

didn’t even know where to start.

“So you drugged me with that coffee… shrunk me without my consent, inserted me inside some anal bead’s ball, wanted to scam me, to make me sign to accept living there… without telling me any of that until the end where I was about to actually accept living there…” I was mad about all of this, I could even sue these guys for all of that, but in the end I kind of had a consent to go there, it was all recorded in some video footage they obviously took just in case I actually did, these guys had done this many times before… of course they did.

“If you put it like that… it sounds a bit bad” said Anna without actually looking at me.

“We think that as long as your accommodations are good enough there won’t be any problem where you live” said Beatrice, not taking any care about my mood.

“That’s not the point here, the point is..!”

“You wanted me to show you the place, so I did exactly that, nothing else, if you don’t want to live in our complex you’re free to go out at any moment!” Beatrice exclaimed.

“Becks?! But…!” Anna wanted to say something but Beatrice interrupted again.

“We don’t have to deal with this guy if he doesn’t want to, and he’s clearly against the idea of living in our complex, so there’s no need for us to force him in” Beatrice said something that hit me.

(Yeah, I guess she’s right, I don’t wanna be living inside some girl’s sex toy even if the whole place had everything you would want to live with, and with such a low price…)

“Now if you want to leave and…” Beatrice was about to say something but I had to interrupt her

“I’d like to talk with a resident” I said.

Anna and Beatrice got surprised by my reaction, they didn’t expect me to give them a small chance.

But then again, I am desperate for a place to live on and this was the only place that really has it all…

“Sure, I can get you in contact with one of our residents right now” said Beatrice.

“Are you thinking about this?” Anna asked nervously.

“I wanna know how hard it is to live there, from an actual resident, if what they tell me it’s good enough, I might accept… living in your complex… but if not”

“You will leave this place never to come back, sure sure” said Beatrice while looking for something on her phone.

Anna finally was looking at me for a moment, with the same expression of wanting to apologize, and while it seemed she wanted to say something, she never got the words on what to say.

“My parents work developing shrinking tech, it’s not new for me that stuff like living places inside small objects could be made…”

“Is that so?” said Anna looking to a side.

“If you guys where honest about all of this, I wouldn’t be as mad as am I right now”

“…” Beatrice and Anna went silent, as if something was crossing their heads.

“What? Why that reaction?”

“It’s uh… well…” Anna was trying to say something but couldn’t finish it, seeing her struggle to express what she wanted, Beatrice intervened.

“When we started running this complex with the help of our patrons, there were some problems with the whole idea of people living inside a giant sex toy… after a while our patrons declared to us that we should just take in people by ‘unethical methods’ to accept living to a place that would look to good to be real, so as time passed we started avoiding mentioning where the complex actually was, but as long as people accept to live in our complex, our patrons are pleased since they are allowed to get their investigation further”.

“Your patrons made you do all that?” I asked, they both nodded.

“I was suddenly hired by shrink tech. staff, they said my body was ideal to perform the tests they wanted to do, the research team that became our patrons wanted to develop a way of living inside someone’s body, to make colonies full of professional people the can solve sicknesses and other stuff by inserting a whole team inside someone’s body… but of course, that is far to get done yet, they want first to research on how people’s lives can change or how they would react by living inside a person’s body, but since it wasn’t something easy to test about, they are using stuff you can insert in a body as some replace for that… including ours, there’s already 5 complex apartment places in our country that has people living inside someone’s uh…”

“Sex toy?” I asked, embarrassing Anna.

“It’s not only that… we have people working with piercings, buttplugs, prosthesis, underwears and… anal beads”

“Whoever think about all of this where a bunch of total idiots” I said.

“I totally agree with you, but so far the whole project has given so many good results… it seems people can easily adapt to a close environment like these with ease and enjoy the time there” Anna said.

“I find that hard to believe” I said.

“I have to disagree with you” a sudden voice proclaimed.

I turned around to see, there it was Beatrice holding her phone in front of me, showing me on the screen the face of third girl, a girl who dyed her hair to some reddish color, with some kind of aura that just told me ‘this person is a problem’ kinda vibe.

“This is Clover Spark, she’s a resident from AA Apartment Complex and she is one of the residents who never leaves the complex, in fact, she’s inside there right in this moment so I’m contacting her through our special online service” Beatrice said.

“Hi, Becky told me that you were unsure about living in the Apartment Complex and wanted to talk with me about it” the girl on the phone, Clover, said.

“Yeah, about that, I want to ask you some questions” I said.

Clover looked at me with a challenging expression.

“All right, shoot” she said.

“What are your opinions on living in the complex?”

“It’s a nice place for sure, you can basically do anything you want here inside”.

“What about going to the store and buying stuff?”

“Other people get what I want, usually Beatrice goes on weekends to get us groceries and to fill up the place with stuff”

“What if you wanna go on a date or appointment with someone?”

“You’d be surprised how much stuff you can do from the commodity of your home, that includes going out with the help of the online tech, have you seen those moving screens with people’s faces on it? The ones they use for hospital patients to see the outside? It’s the same concept though I bet you won’t be needing to see the outside world that much, there’s plenty room enough here for a while”

“Plenty of room you say…”

“Well it is, this place is really big after all”

“You are just really small” I said.

Clover laughed at that statement, while Anna looked away with some kind of embarrassed expression.

“Take it however you want, this place just have anything you need for a great while… and you know it” Clover said with a smirk that was a bit annoying.

“Well then let me ask you one more thing”.

“Sure, shoot again”

“How do you feel about the fact that you get inside this girl’s ass constantly?” I asked while pointing out to Anna who suddenly broke into pure embarrassment and covered her face.

Clover started laughing at my question, Beatrice even let out a soft giggle.

“Well that was a fun question, let me answer you that…” Clover looked directly at me and said with a straight face “I think it’s lewd as fuck”.

Anna covered her face even more while complaining “I knew she’d say that” in a soft voice.

“Come again…?” I asked a bit confused by that answer.

“Well just think about it, look at that girl’s ass… so big and thicc” While Clover said this, Anna was covering her face even more, embarrassed to death. “Now what would it be to be inside that ass, just imagine, at this size, everything is just ginormous, what people would give to be in the pants of this girl”

“S-stop, that’s embarrassing to say…” Anna said.

(That was an unexpected statement, but then again she kinda has a weird good point) I took a small glance at Anna’s hips, a roundy big butt sitting there in place, Anna noticed I was looking at her in between her fingers covering her face.


I took my sight away, looking back at clover who just had a smug smile on her face.

“See what I’m talking about? If it wasn’t because this place is so closed, I’d do anything to get outside of one of these beads one day and just explore the immensity of her ass as its fullest size” Clover set that statement there and let it go inside our heads, I could see Beatrice nodding a bit as if she agreed with her.

(So this is basically some twisted perfect place for a pervert like Clover, and it’s heavily implied that the place is really nice, so nice itself that even the rule about only being able to live on weekends doesn’t sound so bad, is there really a reason for me to reject an offer like this? Am I really about to agree to live inside some giant sex toy as a part of one social experiment? To live in an environment like that for such a cheap price? I can’t believe what I’m about to say.)

“That’s enough I guess” I said.

“Well, I hope that helped you to make a decision,” said Clover with a smile “If we ever see each other again, I hope I’ll be as ‘roommates’ pretty soon” And with that, the phone went black, the call did end at that point.

“I hope you can give us an answer then?” asked Beatrice with her usual monotone voice.

“Yeah, I guess I can accept living in the complex, I am desperate to look up for any place and I guess your complex has really nice accommodations” I said.

Beatrice nodded at my answer.

“That and the fact that I can get to live inside this girl, it sounds like an opportunity not to waste” I said while pointing out at Anna who was just suffering of embarrassment this whole time.

“Well I guess that settles it then, I’ll go back for the official contract” with that said, Beatrice left the room, leaving only us two, Anna and me inside.

“…” Anna was a bit quiet.

“Weren’t your intentions to get me to sing up for this?” I asked.

“Hey, it’s not like I don’t want you to live in the complex, I’m also a victim here as well… remember?” Anna let out a sigh and look back at me.

“A victim?” I asked.

“Yeah, what if they suddenly tell you ‘hey, we need you to put up this anal bead inside of you, where there would be people living their daily lives as if nothing’ and suddenly gave you the said anal beads… I mean sure, they pay me really nice for doing this and the people inside seems to be having a really nice life…” Anna seemed trouble, I guess that’s why she means that she’s also a victim on this.

(Why couldn’t it been some normal apartment complex though…?) I let out a sigh, Anna giggled at it.

“It might be a whole weird situation but I still would be your landlord lady, after all, I hope we can get along” Anna said with a big smile.

Beatrice came back with a bunch of papers, probably the contract and stuff related to their patrons, she started showing me all the places where I was supposed to sign and I did as I was told, Anna watching the whole process a bit interested in this whole exchange that we were having.

After finishing all related to the contract, Beatrice nodded pleased.

“That should be all, if you wanna move in you can do that today or tomorrow, if you can get all your stuff or whatever you need from the place you’re living right now, just tell us”.

With that said, and knowing I lived nearby, I went back to my home and took the short amount of stuff I had, and packed it all into some boxes.

“I guess I’m actually going to do this huh? Well, it can’t be helped… I just hope there won’t be any problems with other residents or stuff…”

With that idea in my head, I got mentally prepared for what my future might depare.

End Notes:

Thanks for reading! Expect a new chapter every week for a while!

First time inside by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter introduces some important stuff for the rest of the story, finally the shrinking part and a small surprise at the end

It was impressive to say the less, the shrinking machine they had in this place, normally shrinking devices or guns would only shrink material stuff or humans without their clothes and it sometimes takes some time to make them get enough charge to work, some even give you timers so that the stuff that was shrunk would grow again after a certain amount of time.

This machine though, it could shrink anything that was inside the room, and keep a small portable ground that can be taken in any way, outside of the room there were people clearly observing behind a float glass if there were any mistakes in the process or just to carry me around after I got shrunk with all of my stuff.

Besides me and my packaged stuff, there was Beatrice and some other couple of people I didnīt know carrying some other stuff as well, mostly bags with groceries and others.

The first time I didnīt get to see the process of shrinking since I was unconscious so this time I didnīt want to miss any second of it, you canīt get shrunk any normal day after all, unless youīre working directly with the technology itself.

“Watch this, it never gets old how amazing this looks” said Beatrice getting close to me and whispering to my ear.

A sudden light started to shine around us, embracing me and the others with some warmth, as I felt some kind of dizziness that I was trying to get used to as it was hitting me, realizing slowly that the room around us was starting to get bigger, no, actually we were getting small, really small.

“I think I forgot to ask this before but… how small exactly are we going to get?” I asked.

“The beads itself are around 1 inch each… looking around 100 feet to our destined size”

“T-that does sound big…” I said a bit disturbed, though inside my head I was panicky screaming.


“So I’d say we would be around 1/20 of an inch tall or around a millimeter tall if you prefer” said Beatrice while making a thinking expression.

The world kept getting bigger and bigger, my amazement continued as everything turned to be unbelievable gigantic, then it suddenly stopped, it seems it was finished.

Around us, the others were just talking with each other or spacing out at the moment, but everyone turned to see when a giant door opened up, the same door where we came from when first entering the room.

The ground was shaking as a giant figure started to cross through that door, what could only be described as a living mounting, miles high of moving flesh and clothes coming in our direction, I was panicking a bit but seeing Beatrice and the rest just watching amazed made me feel a bit more secure, it was a normal process for them.

But I have to admit, it is a bit disturbing seeing such a gigantic human form moving so fast and directly to you, knowing exactly where you are, despise the size difference, and as I was thinking that, that person was already above us, bending down to use what seemed to be some kind of specialized tweezers to hold our ground, and as they did, the whole ground started shaking.

“W-woah… one should think that a direct contact with something that big should move the ground a bit more” I said.

Beatrice just smiled, like she wanted to show off a bit “Well that’s just because we’re using special technology that minimizes the vibrations created on us, it’s also all over the complex so you will never feel dizzy no matter how much the place is moved”.

“That sounds convenient”.

“It was one of the first ideas in design, that scientists got when they tested shrink technology”.

As we both were talking, the giant person put us on top of their hand, a vast space that you could outrun for a while and never be able to cross it all, in front of us was their giant face, covered by some mask, probably to avoid any inconvenience when breathing on top of us or something like that.

“Wait, what if we were up to fall from here?” I said, asking about the fact that we could probably be miles high up with no way of going back if we fell.

“Relax, your body would react just like it would for an ant, if you fall you just fall, the problem would be to find you, but you have your phone with you, so getting lost is also a difficult task to do unless you actually want to”

“I definitely not…”

We saw as this person was taking us to another room, probably whenever they had the complex, as far as I know, this should be a quick and secure process, or as far as Beatrice made me let know.

So the caring giant monolithic person took us to our destiny, one of the spheres on the Anal Beads had some kind of entry that Beatrice opened up for us after putting a code on some panel, opening some kind of hangar where we were just pushed inside, while the door was closing behind us slowly, we were able to finally feel like ‘able to move’ in some sort of way.

Everyone started moving while I was just amazed of the process this was, only taking no more than 10 minutes to be shrunken down and inserted into the complex.

“You should get your stuff moving, you can’t ever know if they gonna take the surface out for the next group to come or something” Beatrice said while trying to take me out of my speechless state.

“Y-yeah.. You’re right”

(On the other hand, I can’t believe I’m again inside of some gigantic anal beads).

With the help of Beatrice I took my stuff and moved them all the way to where it seemed was the way to the elevator.

“You told me the first sphere was mostly an entrances but isn’t the space kinda wasted on just that?” I asked.

“Well, we do have a storage room around here, emergency stuff, some medicine, lightbulbs, candles, etc. though getting all the way here would be kind of annoying if there was an actual emergency that needed most of that stuff”.

“So it’s also a garage then”

“You can take it like that I guess” said Beatrice.

We kept moving until getting to the elevator room, already empty, everyone else who came before us already left, Beatrice just pressed the button to wait for it.

“So I guess I should be asking this, do you live here in the complex or...?”

Beatrice let out a small giggle “I do live here, or well, most of the time, there’ll be sometimes I won’t be in the complex, it depends on how’s the business outside, most of the time I can work my stuff from here but they need me out from time to time”

“Isn’t it complicated with the weekend outside schedule and stuff?”

“They do inform me if they need me outside beforehand, so there might be times you just won’t find me in here” Beatrice said.

The elevator got to us at that moment and we both got on it.

As the elevator was taking us all the way to the sphere 1, where apparently my room was going to be, we keep talking with Beatrice about the complex and some other stuff.

After a good while and finally getting to the sphere 1, the elevator opened its doors and suddenly I felt dragged by some force.

“wh-wha?!” I turned around to see someone grabbing my arm, almost making me drop all my stuff by accident.

“I knew I would be seeing you really soon! Your face had it written all over!” Clover, the girl I had a conversation with on the phone just yesterday, was in front of me, standing there a full head smaller than me, dragging me out of the elevator by my arm with a happy smile on her face.

“I guess I don’t have to introduce you but this is Clover, she didn’t look like that on the call but she has no shame regarding personal space” Beatrice said.

“BECKY!” Clover almost instantly released my arm and went all out to hug Beatrice, who in the approach of what was coming, took my stuff at one side, taking the full impact of Clover’s hug with the rest of her body.

“Come on Clover, I’m helping Nathan to move in, can you at least help us or wait until we have finished?”

“Oh right, uh… sorry” Clover stopped hugging Beatrice, while putting her arms up as if telling her that she wasn’t guilty “let me help you with that” Clover took some of the stuff Beatrice was holding and we went all the way to one of the rooms.

‘Room 29’ was written on a plate.

Beatrice opened the door with some keys and the three of us went inside.

It wasn’t my first time seeing one of these rooms, they had photos on the website I saw, but I still couldn’t believe my own eyes, a room with enough space for at least 4 people living inside, a small couch, a personal space for a television, a personal kitchen, the entrance for my own bathroom and my own bed.

A room that was just perfect enough, it didn’t need that much stuff to be added, it was good enough for me, and that room was now my house, it felt kinda like it was some sort of dream.

After leaving my stuff on the ground or the bed, Beatrice gave me the key to my room and left with Clover, leaving me there to unpack all my stuff, finally enjoying some time alone on my new room.

I charged my phone and my laptop, connected some stuff here and there, and found where the important stuff should be like first aids or where to storage the toilet paper or the trash bags.

“Wait, since we’re this small in such a hard-to-get-in place, we don’t have bugs around here either… huh, that’s another plus side I guess” I said to myself.

Some hours passed and I was resting in bed enjoying my free time alone, and while I was at that, someone knocked at my door.

“Helloooooooooooo” from the screams from outside I could tell it was Clover, being annoying was probably one of the things she knew to do mostly.

Doubting a bit if to opening the door was a good decision or not, I just went with it and opened it up.

Standing there was the girl with the reddish hair “Good to see you opened the door! You have to see this” she said while taking my hand without taking any answer on my part and just dragging me where she wanted to take me.

“Where are we going?!” I asked.

“The end of the sphere, it’s almost time!”

(Almost time? What does she mean?)

When we were getting there I realized what she was talking about.

“The weekend has practically ended, and this is kinda a ritual now!” Clover said as we were getting to the end of the sphere, where it was a big black window, we were the only ones here even if it was a really open space.

“A ritual?” I asked.

“YEAH! I come here every weekend just to see this!” Clover then proceeded to press a button that was at the side of the black window.

When she did, the black window turned transparent slowly, and the first thing that I got to see… was a butt…

A massive butt, a mountain of flesh, all roundy and sexy looking ass that was not a mystery who it belonged to.

I blushed instantly, this was insane, Anna’s butt was covering the whole outside, it was so big you could never be able to see the end of it, and for that same reason and the angle we were up from, it was impossible to see anything that wasn’t Anna’s gigantic Ass as long as the distance could determine.

“She usually just let the Anal Beads stay on top of her butt…. It’s so fucking majestic….”Clover was practically drooling over the mountain in front of us, and I can’t blame her, I was kinda enjoying this view as well, to think this landscape of lewd skin was the butt of that cute girl…

“After a while… and when she’s on the mood to do it… she just pushes the anal beads inside her… and from here we have a front seat view of everything….”Clover was practically panting with a red face, looking intensely at the gigantic butt in front of us.

“You really… do like this huh?”

“I LOVE IT!” she said a bit too excited, then noticing her own overreaction and stopping for a moment “I-I’m sorry… I just have a size fetish…”

(No shit genius!)

“I can see that… you’re practically begging with your eyes to be thrown out there…”

“God, you don’t know how much I’d like that… to be thrown on top of Anna’s gigantic landscape ass and just crossing the whole place… getting lost inside her gigantic… oh, sorry I’m doing it again…” Clover seemed like she was on some internal fight, trying not to show her most pervert side coming out that much, but taking in mind she lives inside a giant sex toy, that seems like something she finds hard to do.

“That’s okay, I get the appeal” I said.

Clover’s eyes shinned at that answer, just at the perfect moment when ‘that started’.

“It’s happening!” She exclaimed.

In front of us, and separated by this strong layer of the window, we saw as one giant hand, the size of any skyscraper you might find in the big cities, started moving apart the mountains of flesh that were surrounding us, showing us suddenly the darker space between her cheeks, a place that was getting darker and darker as it was moving, only being able to see thanks to a light that was probably outside the bead, and we also didn’t feel any of the movement of course but knowing we were getting moved so fast and so much with just one simple movement of Anna’s hands was a thrilling and exciting thought.

“Ah… we’re getting inserted…” said Clover in a sexy tone of voice, but I could clearly see why, one hand of hers was inside her shorts, probably even inside her underwear, making movements clearly suspicious.

And she was correct, we were getting ‘inserted’ as how she said, as we saw a massive splinter in front of us…

A massive entrance like a cavern was standing there, all fleshy and dark… and hungry…

“Can you see how is just asking for us to get inside? Anna won’t look like it but I know… she’s just into this as I am… she just can’t stop thinking about inserting in her ass a building filled with people… even if she wants to deny it… just look at how hungry that cave is…” as Clover said that we both could see that giant entrance clenching, the skin moving as if there was something already there, like tasting something in advance “see?! I told you, she’s definitely into this oh my god…” with that said Clover’s legs started trembling as she was struggling to stand, then suddenly the entrance got bigger as we were getting closer and closer at some incredible speed, ending with the asshole opening around us, revealing the dark intimate insides of Anna, where light never gets in, there was us, watching it all with some small light resource.

As soon as we were getting inside, Clover ran off to what could be her room, probably to finish some indecency that she didn’t want to finish where we were.

(Not that she did enough indecencies just now….) I thought as I saw again in front of me, the meat walls that were standing there, and moving as we were getting deeper and deeper inside Anna…

I felt a stiff under my pants, it was probably there for some while now…

(Yeah, I probably will have to go back to my room as well…)

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Weird normalcy by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

Here's the new chapter

Between the days before getting back into college, I had to check up on stuff with Beatrice, letting me know how to use the outside-talking robot that is supposed to be placed already in my classes when they get to start, we went to the sphere 5 where I met some of the staff and some of our doctors that will check up on me from time to time, or if I felt any kind of change in my mind or dizziness I should contact with them, with Clover I checked the sphere 6, to play for a while some videogames she has bought before.

I also received some contact numbers on my phone including Beatrice, Clover, Anna, and some of the staff.

Receiving a message from Anna at some point saying only “Hi Nathan! I hope you’re enjoying your stay for now, if you need anything just ask Beatrice and she will do what she can to help~”.

It was weird receiving a message from a girl you’re inside in that said moment not gonna lie, but I let that thought slip off my head.

I also got to meet with some of the other residents, a guy who just wanted some space from the outside world, a pregnant woman who it seems is just trying to hide from some people on the outside, and a guy who is trying to forget his past, and some others, it seemed this place attracted some strange individuals as well, guess that includes Clover and myself in that mix, not that I mind.

Talking about Clover, for the last 4 days she’s been coming to my room regularly, trying to talk to me about her size fetish and her fantasies, something that I didn’t ask for but she has been doing anyways…

Though I gotta admit I have heard about size fantasies before and even heard some stories here and there, Clover has made me start to admire a bit of this side of weirdness that I didn’t know I liked before this.

“I had been in some size sexy situation before being in this complex by the way” said Clover, as tonight’s starting topic.

“That’s not a big surprise, considering how you are and all that…” I said.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Nothing, what was it anyways?”

“Well you know how puberty can make someone a bit too stupid and horny… and…”

“Yes, I have experience with puberty Clover, what did you do?”

“My friend and I tried experimenting with some shrinking machine we got ourselves to rent, it was something that we both wanted to try, she wanted to check her own room with me at that size, and the machine was going to turn us back in a couple of hours anyways, it was one of those machines with a timer effect.”

“Yeah, I know those, those are used in the moving industry as well.”

“Yeah, those!” exclaimed Clover, suddenly realizing again she turned her voice a bit too loud again “A-anyways…”

Clover continued telling her story.

“We were really small, like around half an inch tall back then, maybe a bit bigger I don’t know, and we started running through her room, checking all her stuff at a tiny size, and at some point, we climbed up on top of her bed, she and I had some kind of tension going on lately at that point but oh my god I was convinced I was bisexual back there, when we were getting on top of her bed, I went inside her blankets, checking in there while she wasn’t looking and there I found some giant panties of hers, and I bet you she had used them recently because they had this scent on them that was definitely there, I think she hid them from me before I arrived but didn’t get to put them on the laundry basket… and guess what…” Clover said while biting her lower lip just of remembering.

“What did you do… oh my god…?” I said, already expecting something stupid.

“I started touching myself inside said panties, I didn’t see her around so I took the opportunity, I had my suspicious I was into size stuff before but that moment, inside some giant panties that belonged to this girl, I was just in bliss and started touching myself really bad…”

“You said all that about puberty and being horny but you really haven’t changed one bit since then” I said.

“S-shut up! I am more moderate when in normal size! I think I am just like this because being small gives me such a thrill… ugh…” Clover was a bit annoyed by my comment, but regardless of that, she continued telling her story once again.

“At some point I lost myself in the moment and didn’t notice when my friend got there, taking her own panties folds apart to see myself in there, enjoying myself, I really don’t know how much time she was there watching but when I noticed I couldn’t explain myself, but my friend just giggled a bit and asked me if I was enjoying her scent, that kinda drove me a bit wild…”

“You really are a weirdo...” I said.

“Sh-shut up, idiot…” said Clover and then proceed to continue.

“Things happened and we ended up making out inside her panties, I couldn’t believe I was making it with her in such a place, but you know, getting that small and there made me go pretty easy for her… she even joked about using those panties with me still inside and that just made all the foreplay go more intense for me… at some point we stopped though, and we kept exploring her room as we were doing, but at that moment we were holding hands most of the time” Clover was smiling at that image in her head, that person must have been special to her.

“What happened with her? It sounds like you haven’t been in contact with her” I asked.

“Well she ended what we had at some point, in good terms I mean, but she said she needed her own space or something, even after I explored her insides more than one time… geez do you know how hard it is to make someone a hundred times your size to cum twice in one session?!” now Clover sounded a bit mad, but that seems like for some entirely different reason….

I sighed, this girl cannot be fixed…

“Hey, did you know we had windows in our rooms?!” she asked.

“I didn’t know at all actually”

Clover went to one corner of my room, showing me a button that was there that I saw before but since I didn’t know what it was for, I haven’t touched it yet before, Clover pressed that said button and what appeared was a meat wall...

“I should figure…” I said, not expecting at all what was there, for some reason expecting something else entirely.

“Pfffft!” Clover started laughing at my reaction.

“You got me there I must admit…”

“Yeah yeah, but if you press the button some more time, it actually appears a really nice city background, to make the illusion of the outside, you can use one of the backgrounds here whenever you get on classes, I mean, I do that all the time” said Clover.

“Oh right, you’re also a student… wait, you go to my same college?” I asked.

“Probably, but I don’t think we have classes together at all” she explained.

(That’s some relief I have, to have Clover as a classmate would be something I won’t be able to stand without losing my head)

“Why are you making the expression?! You just thought about something mean didn’t you?!” Clover said annoyed.

I patted her head and shake her hair a bit in response.

“I just thought how hard would it have been to be your classmate, that’s all”

“I knew it was something mean!” she exclaimed.

After that the weekend came by, five days already passed and I was just 2 days away from starting classes once again.

This time Beatrice said she wasn’t going to be around for the next week, which was understandable taking in mind how much work she actually has after I’ve seen her work for a bit.

I decided to not leave the complex at least this weekend since I was still getting use to the place, so I was basically with Clover the whole weekend, talking more and getting to know each other.

“You know, if you were giant size, I’d totally be into you” she said at some point, I just took my hand on top of her head and took it slowly up, up to my own head, showing her our size difference.

“You’re already quite small” I said.

“That’s just rude, you idiot” she said.

We both laughed for a while, but deep inside I knew Clover wasn’t joking that much, it seemed that even if she had this close friend vibe, she was a pervert that could go along for any person that took her interest, she most likely was flirting with me from time to time but I’d take it as a joke.

It’s not that I’m not into her, but Clover seems more like your weird relationship partner than a love-involved partner.

I patted her head again and she pouted like if I was making fun of her.

We both enjoyed some more time playing more video games and such, and after getting close together the whole weekend, Clover hugged me at the end of the day.

“We’re partners from now on… get it? I don’t get to talk so much random stuff with anybody that much…” she said, getting a bit personal and open with me.

“I get it” I said.

“And if I ever need to get a partner for a size ride please come with me” she said.

“I don’t exactly know what that means but sure…” I said.

And just like that, I got a really close friend in this place, Clover, despite being an annoying short girl, she was really sweet deep inside, and I could see that when she went and hug Beatrice as well.

The weekend ended and everyone that got out on those days came back to the complex and to their rooms.


The morning to start classes again begin and the only thing that I had to do was to wake up, take a bath and sit at my desk, opening the virtual call system so that I could “attend classes” while being there presentially in some way, a really unusual method that foreign students or hospital patient students use from time to time, this technology was developed around the same time shrinking technology was invented, to be able to talk with anyone no matter where they were as if they were there as well, though it wasn’t as impressive as shrinking technology, it wasn’t cheap either.

I turned on the system, and with that also my camera.

The first thing I saw when opening my camera was a normal class kinda place, it wasn’t as big as a place to give seminars but you can definitely give classes for a lot of people here, not that I mind, I wasn’t going physically there right now.

I saw some classmates getting in, some of them greeted me, some others found it weird to have me on a screen, some others didn’t mind, the normal variety of reactions.

I was getting my notebook to take on some notes and suddenly I heard some familiar voice over the other side of my laptop.

“Nathan?” the voice asked.

(Wait a minute… is that….?)

I turned to the screen to see in surprise who it was in front of me.

A blonde girl with a short haircut was there with a somewhat nervous expression.

It was Anna, no, more exactly, Anastasia Cruz, her real name, and a sudden flashback came to me realizing that when I first saw her the other day I thought she looked familiar to me, it was because of this.

Anna was one of my classmates, in fact, we attended some classes together but we never get to speak to each other at all… so that’s why I knew her from somewhere before but I didn’t get to know her.

“Oh god, IT IS you!” Anna exclaimed with her hands covering her surprised expression.

(How could I let that slip my head so much?!)

“I didn’t know we were classmates” I said, half lying.

Anna was as surprised as I was, clearly not knowing how to react, and I mean, how could she? It must be weird to talk to someone who currently is living deep inside your ass…

Wait… that’s right… this is weird as fuck?! I’m talking directly face to face with this girl, when I’m also living inside her ass! I could literally just take a look at the window outside and would literally be able to check the inside walls of her ass.

I’m basically a millimeter tall guy talking normally with a living mountain cute goddess as it was nothing?!

Oh god, this could not get any weirder.

“M-mind if I sit next to you?” Anna asked a bit nervous.

Well, it seems it can…

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Getting to know the landlord lady by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This is a short chapter, more focused on bonding and Anna's view of things

As if it
was some kind of luck, I get to talk with Anastasia Cruz, a really nice a kind
of popular girl from our campus that just happened to be the landlord lady of
the place I was currently living in, and the whole building was also currently
inside her as well, all of this was just some absurd circumstance that was way
too surreal to be true, making me constantly think that I may have been

But that
was clearly not true, I can tell I’ve been ‘sitting’ next to Anna this whole
class, talking with her from time to time and even getting to see her giggle
once or twice as we talked, it was a really good experience as we both were
enjoying the company.

After class
ended we happened to both have some free time at the same time so we started
talking more about the complex.

“You know,
I was kind of surprised when I didn’t see you getting out of the complex this
weekend, I thought you might had some kind of problem in there or something, I
even wanted to talk to you about your first week living in the complex” Anna
said, seemingly a bit concerned.

“Well it
was just that I just happened to want to try and get to know the place a bit
better, the whole place is kinda big to be honest” I said.

giggled at that last statement, a funny sweet giggle as if she just heard
something curious and fun while trying to hide her smile behind her hand that
happened to move just by instinct.

probably thought something like ‘that big place is actually pretty small’ or
something along those lines)

that the place is really big is always a surprise for me, I have never actually
been there inside myself to be honest” Anna said with a smile.

“Really? My
room is really big and has some good accommodations inside, I have gone to the
kitchen with Clover the other day and it’s also pretty full of stuff and
ingredients to use” I said.

“I see
you’re getting really used to the place” Anna said with a smile.

although I still am around my room most of the time, unless that shorty girl
comes around to check on me”

“So you’re
getting really along with Clover? She might not seem like it but she’s really
nice… a bit weird I’d say though…” Anna seemed as if she remembered something
at that moment, choosing her words carefully.

“I think
she’s into you” I said.

Anna let
out a sigh.

“She’s not
into me, she barely even talks to anyone outside… but she behaves well so I
can’t really complain about it” Anna said, thinking about something.

Looking at
her through the screen sure was a different experience, I remember that when I
met Anna the other day, she surely made some body expressions like moving her
hands from side to side, or covering her face out of embarrassment and stuff.

But this is just like having any normal video chat where you barely see the body of
the other person.

(Wait, what
I’m thinking just now? I want to see the rest of her body? That’s a really weird
statement I just thought there…)

really, I can’t believe you guys have such good rooms there…” Anna said checking
at the background behind me.

“Oh yeah,
this room is… well… it has its perks even if we’re so closed up” I said.

“But isn’t
it too empty? Like I remember having some conversations with others before and
you could see some different backgrounds in their rooms and stuff”

“I think
that’s because of the background button, it’s around there in the corner, it
changes the window image and such, Clover just showed it to me yesterday”

“Oh! I
never heard of that, I always thought rooms just had some different designs
there, can I see?” Anna looked at me with some expectant eyes.

“Sure” I
stood up and went to press the button of the window and pressed it to change
the window background that I had on default mode.

The next sound I heard came from Anna’s mouth as I saw her face full red on the
other side of the screen, blushing deeply as she saw what was in front of me.

The meat
wall on the other side was the first image that appeared there, Anna was
looking at the walls inside her ass, being as clear as day.

that…?!” As Anna was clearly surprised and embarrassed, you could see the walls
suddenly compressing and twitching against the window outside, showing her
surprise from the inside as well.

I pressed
the button again almost instantly and it changed again to a more normal
background with a view of some sort of park.

sorry… I didn’t know that was going to happen” I said.

“Eh….” Anna
was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say, she was so confused as to how to
react that she could only blur out some stuttering words.

Until she
knew what to say.

“I guess…
it’s unavoidable… but to think… that the insides of myself are so easy to look
at…. God this is so embarrassing…” Anna wanted to say more but didn’t know what
to say.

“I’m sorry”
I said.

“No no,
it’s not your fault, I’m just surprised… I think I’ve never seen my own insides
like that…” She was blushing deeply, but somehow it didn’t seem like she was
bothered at all.

(Perhaps I
shouldn’t tell her about how Clover sees Anna’s ritual of inserting the
complex in her ass every weekend, then again that doesn't sound like a good idea)

“Wait… now
that I think about it, though it’s a bit of a personal question” I said.

“Go ahead”
she said.

“Do you
have… the complex inside you all the time in between weekdays?” I asked.

blushed at my question, let out a short sigh and responded seriously.

“I… well, I
don’t have it inside me all the time… I take it out whenever I need to go to
the bathroom, when I bath, when I go to sleep or when I…” Anna stuttered to finish that

“Or when you?” I

“Nevermind… it's not important”
She said.

(Okay, that
was a weird reaction)

“I see…
well that just leaves me with another question”

“Please be
gentle with it….” Anna said expecting another weird question.

I went with
a full-force question.

“How does
it feel knowing there’s a lot of people living inside your ass right at this right moment?”

Anna let out some weird noise over there “Th-that was… a not gentle question at

“…” I kept
silent while expecting an answer.

Anna let
out another sigh.

“It is… a
weird sensation… I uh… never know how to feel about it, the only thing I know
is that I got to make sure they are having some nice accommodations and
enjoying their stay, and as long as they behave there are no problems there”
Anna said, thinking her words carefully as she spoke.

“So you
have no problem with Clover or me?” I asked.

“Well, you
two seem to enjoy your surroundings more than anything else…” She said with
a bit of a mad expression on her “But Clover behaves pretty well and you seem
to be the type of guy who doesn’t want to cause any trouble… I really like
that” she said, giggling a bit at the end.

As we got
ourselves talking for some time, we both started to get to know each other a
bit more, as we spoke of the complex more and more, it seemed to me
that Anna was really interested in the whole place even if she had many
opportunities to go inside but hasn’t done it yet when I asked her why she hasn’t
shrunken down and got inside to see the place, she only answered with something
like “I don’t know, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable knowing that whole place
could be… uh… inside of me…” while clearly being embarrassed about it.

So that
left me thinking for a while, that Anna might actually be into all of this just
as how Clover theorized before, maybe as how she said, Anna was not into size
stuff until she started pushing people inside her asshole.

The idea of
a living person, getting inside her ass and having a lot of space to spare, was enough erotic thought you cannot overpass at all, no matter how much time
she has tried to repress the thoughts if she’s been doing this whole complex
thing for a while now, she has thought about it from time to time definitely
more than once…



finishing my conversation with Anna, and each of us getting to different
classes, Anna just told me with a sweet smile “I’ll talk to you later on
messages” and left the place, letting me there alone looking at the
screen as I could just take my next class and appear there at any moment on a
screen there.

minutes later I was just eating some lunch in the social common room with
Clover, watching some TV show and talking for a bit when I suddenly received a
message from Anna who probably was in class at that moment.

“It was
nice talking with you, I hope we can do it more

A late night talk with a goddess by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

We keep going with some small teasing and interactions with Anna

As days passed on the week, I got questioned by Clover so many times on what was I gonna do with the “goddess” as how she has been calling her lately, it seems that she somehow got into the weird idea of thinking of Anna as some deity that has to be adored.

When I told her that she was exaggerating she just called me blasphemous and tried to hit me with her punches, I responded with a flick on her head and she got instantly defeated while rubbing her forehead to heal her own pain.

The rest of the time I was either talking with Clover and enjoying playing some games, or taking classes, or just enjoying the life on the complex.

I visited the Bathhouse that Beatrice told me about the first day I came in and I swear to god I regret that I didn’t come sooner.

A big place full of hot water, generated by the heat of Anna’s body it seems, where you could enjoy a spa, and even ask for a massage if there was any staff member available.

I took some time to enjoy myself, and at nighttime it seemed they let some steam out there on the place while allowing you to enjoy a private room with the same transparent kind of window, allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

Since Anna takes off the anal beads at night, it depends at which time you get into this room, you can either see the inside carnal lewd walls of Anna’s gigantic ass, or you could see the outside world with a great view of Anna’s room, where she usually was just there on top of her bed, either reading a book, working on something or just enjoying a bit of the nighttime.

But after 3 days of trying this Sauna place at this time, I could see Anna clearly nervous on her bed, and while I was there, taking a bath in the middle of the night, I heard my phone ringtone.

I took a small towel to clean my hands while I checked it.

It was a message from Anna, the very same gigantic being I was looking out on the window.

“Are you ready for tomorrow? It’s almost the weekend” it said.

(So she’s a bit anxious about tomorrow as well huh?)

“Yeah, I’m just taking a bath just now, after this I will go to bed I guess” I said.

I could see Anna instantly sitting down on her bed, surprisingly looking at her phone.

It was like seeing a spectacle outside, some giant mountain outside was moving in the distance, funny looking at her own phone.

Thinking about it, her phone might be larger than more than 3 beads of this whole complex… Just thinking about how big that would be, Anna’s gigantic fingers bigger than skyscrapers taping on it, if I were on top of that phone… I’d be just pushed down hard against her warm skin… again and again and again…

As she was writing….

“Are you taking a bath at this time? But it’s so cold right now” she typed.

“Well, it is a bit kind of hot here on this floor” I said.

“It is… hot?” She asked there.

I could see Anna’s face looking up at my direction, probably just thinking again that I was just inside these anal beads.

“Wait, I see one light on the bathhouse ball… are you… taking a bath there…?” She asked in a new message.

(Wait! Did she just see the small light that this room is making all the way over there?!)

“I guess so…?” I said.

I could see the gigantic cute blonde girl smiling down and waving her hand from her bed, trying to greet me. I waved my hand back but I knew for sure she couldn’t see me at all from there.

“Hi there!” she typed.

“Yeah, I just saw you waving your hand at me”

“Hehe” she typed.

“WAIT!” she added “does that mean that if I went all the way there to see on that small window, I could see you nude body?” I could see her making some smug expression all the other way on top of her bed, giggling at the thought.

“I doubt you could see me at all” I said.

“What? Wanna try me” she typed.

(Was this a test? I bet it is some joke from her) so I, in my naive thought, accepted her challenge.

“Sure, you can try all you want lol” I typed and went back to taking my bath as I was going to enjoy her struggling on watching this giant cutie trying to watch me from all the way on…

Just when I was thinking about my more than guaranteed victory, I saw Anna taking something from her desk that was just beside her bed.

As I saw a magnifying glass, a modified example to be able to watch with a very precise zoom on shrunken objects, one of the best inventions created after shrink tech. that was used for a variety of situations.

When I saw her going with that on her hand, and a smug smile on her face, I knew I was in trouble as I went deep in the water just to hide my lower body as much as I could.

The next thing I saw was a giant eye through the magnifying glass, and the sound of my phone ringing as I was now receiving a phone call from the goddess that was just in front of me.

(Thinking I just thought of her as a goddess… but when you see outside of a window and all you can see is a giant eye the size of a lake, that you could literally get drowned on it, it is pretty hard not to think of this cute girl as some sort of goddess without even realizing)

I watched speechless as I heard my phone ringing constantly.

I took my hand slowly out to grab it, as I picked up the call…

“So… why are you hiding now? You’re not so brave now are you?” she giggled as that was the first thing I heard her say.

“I just… uh… well I didn’t think you would have one of those” I said.

“Well duh, we work directly with this stuff” I saw her eye blinking from time to time as she spoke, clearly enjoying the teasing she was giving me.

“Yeah… I can… ‘see’ that…”

“What do you exactly see?” she asked, teasing a bit more.

“Your eyes are… really big” I said.

“Mmhhmm yeah, I bet it is to you, being so puny and little, I barely can see you from here but I can see you’re pretty shy and hiding there”

“It’s also really cute I’d say”

“Wh-what?” I saw Anna moving a bit, maybe a bit surprised.

“You have some pretty eye there, really cute the view I’m getting” I said, teasing her back.

“Wh-what are you saying?” I could even hear her getting flustered and also see her face moving a bit, showing a bit more, and her face blushing red after that last comment “wait that’s not playing fair!”

“Hey, I’m not the one who tried to deceive a resident of my complex into seeing them nude” I said.

“I-I did not…” Anna started to back away after hearing me trying to now tease her back on full force.

“So do you wanna see me that badly? I can show you” I said.

“I-I-I-I….” Anna started to get embarrassed as she was backing away even more.

“I can show you I guess” I said as I was starting to stand up.

“I-I-I! FORGET I SAID ANYTHING!” she said as she covered her face and turned back from embarrassment.

It was nice and funny looking at some living mountain goddess moving so awkwardly as she was getting embarrassed and trying to hide her red face from me… when all I could literally see was her red face covering the whole outside world view.

After finishing my bath and talking a bit more with Anna on the phone, we started talking about what was in for tomorrow’s plan.

The base idea was to go and watch a movie together and then go to buy some groceries, as we were talking about it I thought that since I was going out, it should be great to ask Clover if she needed me to bring her anything back from the outside.

Anna told me that she wanted to also visit a bookstore since she wanted to buy me a book she wanted me to read and after that, we could just eat something and enjoy the time or something.

And as we were getting ready to sleep, Anna let out on the phone call something about how she enjoys talking with me, even if I’m a little mean to her sometimes.

I told her that I also enjoyed talking with her.

And we wished each other some sweet dreams after that, followed by a “see you tomorrow” at the end.

While I was getting ready to actually go to bed and sleep, I turned off the lights from my room and a funny idea crossed my mind as I remembered that right now the whole complex wasn’t really inside Anna at this time, so I went to my background window on my room and pressed the button to make it all transparent.

 A soft light from the outside covered the inside of my room, as I could see again the figure of Anna’s gigantic body laying there on her bed, and for a moment I thought it was a really nice view, watching that cute and nice girl, all quiet and calm… and…

(Does this make me some kind of stalker or something?)

I could see her checking her phone on her bed, and while she was doing that, I was just supporting myself on a desk that was against the window, quite just watching this beautiful girl in amazement.

But suddenly that amazement turned on to be some quiet embarrassment as I suddenly saw this girl, this goddess… slowly taking off her top, showing instantly that she was wearing no bra as I could see her majestic orbs fully uncovered, or at least the shape of them in with the small amount of light that was over there.

Anna’s boobs were there, practically uncovered mountains at my size, suddenly getting squished softly by her hands as Anna started caressing them slowly.

She was masturbating… and I casually out of all the things I could have done, just so happened to start watching her doing it…

“I should not be looking this…” I said to myself, but I was actually invested in the sight...

I saw this goddess, showing off her body as she took her mountain-sized boobs, and squished softly her nipples that could hold a hold residency on top of them…

I saw this goddess figure touching herself under her blankets, probably inserting her fingers, bigger than any building humanity has constructed, inside her small pussy, or at least should be small for her, but for us…

Just the thought made me wet, the image of Anna’s gigantic pussy lips, as some monolith fingers were getting in and out of it, a deep cave, bigger than anything you could ever see, fully engulfing those fingers and having space to spare… Thinking about how wet, hot, and how the whole place should be filled with her pheromones… the thought drove me a bit mad…

As a matter of fact, it was hard for me to sleep easy that night, although I could say the same about Anna, who seemed to enjoy herself quite a bit…



Even so, I managed to sleep something, I think…

End Notes:

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My landlord lady can't be so goddesly cute by TinyEd

I woke up the next morning a bit later than usual, it was already the start of the weekend and that meant we could leave the building at any time that we wanted and get inside at any time as well, usually, it was a preference that we could get in and out on groups of people to avoid using a lot of resources but the staff has said some times already that it was okay to use the system whenever we needed.

I knew all of this already thanks to Beatrice who instructed me all about it the first week we were here.

If I wanted to go out I should just go to the hangar in sphere 7 and they should allow me to leave if I notify any of the staff members, that included Anna or Beatrice as well.

Clover knew I was going to have a ‘date’ with Anna this day, so she was whining about it all morning as we were eating our breakfast.

“Ugh, I still can’t you don’t even have a month here and you already are hitting on with the goddess as if it was nothing” she said.

“For the eleventh time, I’m not doing such a thing… she just happened to invite me to go out for a bit and…”

Clover raised an eyebrow, not believing any word I was saying.

“Well, if that’s the lie you wanna give to yourself that’s okay…” she said.

I let out a deep sigh.

“Oh right, I just remember, if you want to since I’m getting outside today, I could bring you something if you wanted” I said.

Clover’s eyes started to shine at my words.

“REALLY?!” she asked.

“I mean, I know that Beatrice already does that to you but if you don’t mind I can make you the favor” I said.

“Becky never gets me all the stuff I want though! She always avoids getting me sweets and others cuz she finds it to be too much of a hassle to bring!” Clover said, acting a bit childish if I say so myself, as if she desperately wanted a piece of chocolate or candy she saw in a store.

“Okay, I can get you some sweets if you want” I said.

“Pretty please! That would be really nice of you Nathan!”

“Sure, I can bring you some chocolates or some gummies” I said.

“You’re the best!” she said with a big smile that could melt your heart.

(I can get to see why Beatrice hasn’t brought her any sweets yet, just for the look of it, if I actually gave her the sweets, her smile could melt your soul and anyone could die from happiness at that moment… wait no, what the hell am I thinking about?)

After a short while I went to the hangar on the sphere 7, at the entrance I just saw on my first day, I was standing there on that giant lid that was there, with some of the staff members that just also happened to be going out for a while.

I was again amazed by this whole technology as the hangar entrance opened, and such as how it was the first day, the process turned in the reverse process, as I was getting carried by a giant person with some specialized tweezers, we got into the size changing room, we were filled with that heat again, and our bodies started to grow back to our normal size.

It was again a short process no longer than 10 minutes but it was still an amazing process you could really pay to experience at least once in your life, though I’m technically paying for it, I’m paying more for a place to live than for this whole impressive process.

After going out of the room, I found Beatrice outside of the room, checking some papers while sitting on a chair.

“Oh, hi Beatrice! It’s been a while” I said.

She didn’t notice my greeting at first, but after taking her a while to react, she stopped checking the papers to see who was calling her.

“Oh, Nathan, glad to see you’re doing great, how is it life on the complex?” she asked nicely, although with her same old neutral expression.

“Well, I’d say I’m doing great, the place is really nice” I answered.

“Even if you’re living inside a giant girl’s ass” she asked, giggling a bit at the end.

“Especially because I’m living inside a cute girl’s ass” I replied.

Beatrice laughed a bit at my answer.

“I presume you have something to do today? Since I didn’t see you last weekend at all” she asked.

“Well yeah actually, I was about to meet up with Anna” I said.

“Oh?” Beatrice asked intrigued.

“Uh… well she wanted to hang out and…”

Beatrice suddenly gave me a soft smile.

“Oh, I see how it is… that’s why she was a bit happy this morning” she said.

“She was?” I asked.

“Yeah, she was” she said giggling a bit “ you can find her in the office, you know where it is”.

“Thanks, Beatrice” I said.

“You can call me Becky” she said as I was leaving the room.

I turned to see her.

“Really? I think Beatrice suits you better” I said.

“If you think so” she said giggling again.

I went to the office where I made that official contract that allowed me to live in the complex, I knocked the door and heard a “you can get in” answer from the inside, when I got inside my eyes met up with Anna’s, who was working on some stuff on the office desk.

“Hi” I said.

Anna’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw me getting in the room.

“Oh! Nathan! It’s you! I wasn’t expecting you to come so soon” she said.

“Am I interrupting you?” I asked.

“Well not at all, I was just finishing some stuff” she said while typing some stuff and closing whatever she was doing at that moment.

Anna stood up, showing me a cute smile as she was getting closer to me.

“Shall we go then?” she asked.

“Y-yeah” I said, admiring a bit of her cuteness, as well as having some flashbacks of last night.

(God… is this girl actually… a perfect goddess…?) I asked myself.

We both went outside of the small building that happened to be the residency where it was the office, Anna’s living place, and where nobody would expect, an apartment complex with so many rooms and places inside.

No one would even think that in this small building you could find an ever bigger building inside just some anal beads that stand on top of the night drawer of a college girl.

When you think about it, this is all crazy and messed up, but I already got used to it so much that I didn’t mind it.


As how we planned, we went out to see a movie that was announced a while back, Anna and I wanted to see it so we thought it was a nice idea if we went out together to watch it.

The movie was about this guy that got shrunken down by some sort of accident and at a tiny size he tries to solve a mystery about a person who was killed and shrunken down after it was killed to get rid of the corpse, as the movie goes on, the protagonist allies with this woman who was a relative to said person, at some point they fall in love with each other, and after finding out that the culprit was this guy who wanted to take advantage of the person who was killed by defaming his image.

After that whole plot, the guy gets back to his normal size and kisses the girl.

At the end of the movie Anna was sort of happy for the whole story, but she seemed a bit mad with the way it ended.

“You didn’t like that ending sequence?” I asked.

“It’s not that I didn’t like it, it was nice, it’s just that the whole story they both had such a great dynamic with him being tiny and able to do a lot of stuff even though his size… but when he gets back to normal it just seems like their whole dynamic was done at that point”

“Well it’s the ending, and leaving the protagonist shrunk would have been bad marketing for the size tech. because they are supposed to be able to regrow you no matter what”

Anna let out a small sigh

“Yeah, I know that already, I just said it was lame, I liked the protagonist to be small” she said.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Oh really?” I asked with a smug smile.

“Shut it, I know what you’re thinking” she said.

I laughed a bit, then after that Anna also laughed at it.


After that we went to the bookstore and got the book that Anna wanted to give me, some kind of book that again just happened to be a story about a guy who gets shrunk in the story, I decided to read it later on in my room.

Anna was happy after giving me that book and we decided to get something to eat for lunch, there was that pizza store nearby the office building and my old house where we could actually get something really tasty.

So we were eating some pizza for lunch, laughing at some jokes we were telling to each other, and basically enjoying the time we were sharing together.

At some point Anna got this flustered expression and it seemed like she wanted to tell me something, since I already developed some kind of trust with her, I directly asked what was on her head, and Anna just let out a small sigh and then smiled softly.

“It’s just… well don’t get a bit too creepy about this but… the thing is Nathan, I’ve known about you for a while now” she said, a bit embarrassed, moving her arms from side to side as she was struggling a bit with her words.

“Huh?” I asked.

“I-I-I just so happened to hear about you on the campus some months ago! I wanted to talk with you since I heard that you were really smart and a nice guy but I never found an opportunity to do so” she said.

“I-I see” I could feel myself a bit flustered as well, I didn’t expect that this nice girl knew about me from the very beginning, and she actually wanted to talk to me from a real while ago.

“So the thing is… I kind of like you… and when I get to know you were going to start living in the complex, I couldn’t avoid getting a bit happy about it…” she said blushing.

“Oh… Anna I didn’t know you were feeling like that” I said.

“I-I just find it pretty weird… since we have known each other for like two weeks but I’ve heard about you before and I…”

“Yeah, I kinda like you too” I said.

“Eh?” Anna’s expression was a bit of confusion.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you before on the campus as well, I didn’t recognize you at first when we met the other day but I remembered that I was really interested in you as well… so I guess both of us are interested in each other” I said.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yeah” I replied.

Anna’s eyes were lit, she seemed happy.

“I-I see… se we both share a mutual feeling…” she said.

“I guess I could be asking you out but I don’t know how you would react?” I said.

“I would gladly accept it” she said with a sweet smile.

It was an official and simple way to start dating someone but it seemed that Anna and I were both interested romantically in each other, something that just happened to be and it was a bit obvious looking at it back.

Anna and I shared some more moments talking with each other, she seemed like she lifted something from her chest, a little bit nervous all the time but she was definitely more than happy.


After some while, we both got back to the office building, and I had to go back to the complex, idea that fully passed Anna’s head after realizing that her new boyfriend was actually living inside her sex toy, an idea that seemed it excited her but she didn’t want to admit at all.

Although after watching her masturbating last night and the interest in stories she showed this day, it was quite obvious that she was into size stuff…


When I got back to the building the first thing I saw was Clover’s expression after asking me how was my “date”, and when I explained to her that Anna and I started dating, she lost her mind and went crazy and telling me stuff like “cheater” “bastard” “goddess fucker” and some other stuff…

But what really got her mad would probably have been that she might be a bit jealous of it, though I don’t know if she was jealous of me dating an amazing goddess like Anna, or if she was jealous of Anna, that was dating a guy who actually understood her…

But I bet what really got her mad was that I forgot to bring her the sweets that I promised her…

“Idiot! Cheater! Why the fuck did you forget my sweets?! After making yourself looking cool in front of me just to betray me at the end! I hate your guts! You should die! Idiooooooooooot!”

“I-I… I promise to get them for you tomorrow…” I said.

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What a good life by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter is a bit of teasing of what's to come in near future chapters, I hope you like it!

After I started dating Anna, a lot of stuff started happening all of the sudden, we had a second encounter the next day, we got to hold hands around the day as we went wandering around town to look up for stuff, going to the mall, playing a bit in the park.

It was a nice date with this perfect girl that now was officially my girlfriend, something that I couldn’t believe at first but it was certainly one of those gifts that life gives you that you don’t even know how to take as how amazing they are.

Anna seemed to be this kind of romantic girl who was trying to act like she wasn’t emotionally invested but failed on it as if she was also happy to think that I got to be her boyfriend, liked the idea, and also thought of it as a gift.

Well, we’re still starting this so I guess it is a bit obvious that we’re gonna be a bit happy about this.

At the end of the day, we said our goodbyes with a hug and Anna gave me a kiss on the cheek, telling me that she enjoyed the day and that she wanted to keep having this kind of date.

Thinking about how we could only be getting to see each other on the weekends, asides from our conversations through calls, it was more likely that this was going to be some kind of weird distance relationship.

Even though the concept of distance was just a mere ‘idea’ since we are both living under the same building, we get to be closer than any other people on earth has been as a couple… all because I’ll now have to keep in mind that I’m living inside my girlfriend’s anal beads, living inside a sex toy that goes right inside of her ass for almost a full day, 5 days of the week, with some exceptions here and there to be said but it still was a surreal thought.

“See you in class” she said just after leaving me in the size-changing room.

When I got to be small again, the mental image got me a bit, lost in the same thought again…

I am a 1mm tall guy right now, I live inside my girlfriend asshole’s sex toy… not only that, I have neighbors, a whole jogging track, a medical building and who knows what else…

If Anna wanted to have some fun with me at this size… it would be a scenery I won’t be able to believe myself.

“Geez, you really are lost there…” Once arriving at the complex and getting in front of the door of my room, I was standing there for a couple of minutes until some familiar voice started calling me out.


“Hey, you listening? You owe me chocolate!” exclaimed Clover, taking me out of my trance.

“Eh? Uh? Oh! Right, sorry I spaced out just now” I said.

“Yeah sure, you were thinking of your giant girlfriend as far as I know” She said with some annoyed expression.

“I-I was not think-” I was interrupted by Clover.

“You have a hard-on” She said pointing at the lower half of my body, it was quite obvious and hard to decline Clover’s last comment.

I suddenly crossed my legs and tried to hide what was quite obvious.

“I-I’m sorry” I said.

“Geez, you really are an idiot… did you even bring my chocolate? I just came here for it” she asked.

“Ah! Yeah I did… just… uh… wait a moment” I said while opening the door of my room and getting inside, covering my lower half all the time.

Once my mind got cleared and I got to change clothes to refresh myself with something more comfortable, I got out to see that Clover was still standing there with a still mad expression on her face.

“Well? Where’s my chocolate?” She asked.

“Come with me, I want you to see something” I said.

Clover raised an eyebrow but after seeing that I got something in mind she just followed me.

We went to sphere 6, and got into a room that had some food inside, they even had a cold room that was exactly where we were going.

“Ta-da!” I proclaimed after getting in the cold room.

Inside this place was a gigantic piece of chocolate, larger than a human being, single chocolate, big enough to last for days, weeks.

“Wh-wh-what is this?! WHY IS THERE A GIANT CHOCOLATE HERE?!” Clover was surprised, exclaiming as if she just found an amazing treasure in the middle of the ocean, her eyes were lit, basically showing some level of happiness I haven’t seen on her before.

“I asked some of the staff members If they could resize a chocolate candy so it could be a bit bigger than us, and take it to the cold room, they said it was possible to do, so now everyone in the complex has basically free chocolate for a good while, and it only cost me 25 cents” I said.

“YOU’RE A GOD!” she exclaimed while looking at me with a great smile.

“I told you I wasn’t going to forget it, at least today” I said.

“Thank you! You don’t know how amazing this is! I never thought of using size tech. to make something like this!”

Now I was raising my eyebrows, questioning myself.

“Wait, so you had imagined yourself having sex with giant people, you live in an apartment complex inside some sex toy and you never thought of making food larger size with size tech?” I asked.

Clover started blushing, most likely to the fact that she got embarrassed by how dumb this statement I just put there, the fact that she never thought about size stuff more than for lewd stuff, was more than enough to say that this girl was lost on her own thoughts more than I was.

For a moment I wondered, why is Clover such a weird person….

But then again, in just a couple of minutes later, I was keeping her Company to watch the ‘ritual’ that goes along every weekend, that one that Clover just showed me my first day here...

Anna’s gigantic cavern of her asshole wandering outside, she was in a mood today, her ass was clenching just by letting the complex stand there just right in front of her ass.

“Well aren’t you a lucky guy, that’s your girlfriend's asshole, waiting to eat you whole” said Clover teasingly, hitting me with her elbow.

Though I couldn’t put too much attention to this girl, as I was myself swallowing some saliva at just thinking, for the first time how much big of a deal was that Anna could eat an entire building with multiple rooms and floors… with just her asshole…

Then suddenly, something else happened, Clover watched in amazement at what was going on in front of use.

Suddenly and out of nowhere, we saw a pair of fingers, massive pillars, going around the ‘small’ cave compared to them… Touching it slowly, opening easily, and closing the entrance of this cave.

“Is… this normal?” I asked.

“I… uh… it is not… I have never seen her doing foreplay before inserting the complex…” she said a bit confused but excited as well.

And just as we were looking at this scenery, we were never expecting a second surprise going on here.

As Anna’s giant fingers were teasing her own cave-sized asshole, I got a message on my phone from this same girl...

“What is it?” Clover asked me.

I kept silent as I opened the message.

“Nathan, I have something to show you, can you look outside for a moment? Pretty please~” said the message.

Clover peeked again at my message and started giggling.

“Dude, she’s making this show for you… she’s foreplaying with her asshole just before inserting the complex inside, I’m so jealous of you!” she exclaimed.

I saw again what was going on in front of us and I just couldn’t believe it.

Anna’s fingers were massaging the skin folds of her asshole, making slow movements just enough to show off her skin, teasing with the entrance as she was doing so.

A second message got on my phone “are you looking?” it said.

“Tell her that you are, tell her that you are!” exclaimed Clover.

“Ah… yeah.. I am…” I typed through three different messages.

Anna used two fingers just to open the entrance of her asshole a bit more.

“Do you like what you see?” it said.

“It is… really something” I typed.

“LAME!” exclaimed Clover.

“Well I’m glad you like it, my little guy~” Anna sent that message and as soon as she did so, we saw the asshole cave getting closer and closer “Because my tiny asshole wants to eat you whole right now~ I hope you don’t mind it” just as Anna finished sending that last message we could see her asshole entrance starting engulf the complex, just as how she normally would do but now she was totally into it, showing off, making some foreplay, teasing that she was going to eat my with this asshole of hers...

All of it was way too much for me…

“God that was hot…” Clover said, interrupting my train of thought as I noticed she was also really into it “I really I’m jealous of you! To be able to get the goddess like this… geez!” Clover, left those words in the air as she went to her room suddenly, probably to touch herself at the whole situation that just happened.


I went to my room, mostly to do something similar, to be honest, but in my case, I kept talking with the person whose ‘fault’ this was.

Anna called me with the communication app, it was again a video call, and I could see her cute face, all red from the probable embarrassment she just passed a while ago.

“I hope that you uh… you enjoyed the show… I really never do this kind of stuff” She said nervously.

“I liked it, it was a bit too intense for our second date but I guess I can take that” I said.

“I-It was?!” she asked while covering her face a bit.

“Actually… I have to admit… I was already looking before you even sent that message” I said.

“R-really? B-but how could you…” Anna asked nervously, maybe regretting a bit of the show she just showed me.

“Well… I think I forgot to say this but Clover Uh... Well, she has already in mind the time when you insert the complex inside your ass every weekend…”

“SHE WHAT?!” exclaimed Anna, now this time fully dying out of embarrassment.

“Y-yeah… it is... something that she wanted to show me the first day” I confessed.

Anna was covering her face with one hand.

“Ugh I can’t believe it… you both saw me playing with my ass and… ugh…”

“It was really nice though! I really liked it!” I exclaimed, trying to avoid her embarrassment.

“…” Anna kept silence for a moment.

(Did I fucked up? Did I just make this relationship get screwed in less than a week?)

“I-I’m sorry… if it’s not something I should be commenting then…”

“What part did you like…?” asked Anna, just showing her mouth as the rest of her face was covered.

“Wh-what?” I asked.

“What part did you like… the most of it?” She asked, still covering her face.

(Does she expect to me answer sincerely? Oh god I’m so dead…)

“Well uh… It was really hot… the way you were playing with your asshole and… well… when you said that it was going to eat me and inserted the complex inside… I… uh… really liked that part…” I said.

“Really…?” She asked.


Anna smiled there, slowly uncovering her face, showing off that she was shyly trying to avoid eye contact but wanted to open herself to me a bit more.

“Well I’m glad… I really wanted to make something that you liked… even though if I’m some kind of… public attraction and don’t have too much privacy for stuff like that” she said, mostly blushing at that last part.

“I will gladly like to see you doing more stuff… I mean… you are really big… your asshole looks like a giant cavern from my perspective” I said.

“Sh-shut up, that’s really embarrassing to hear…” She said, covering her face again, but this time only covering mostly her mouth and her nose, showing me some sort of embarrassed expression she haven’t shown me before.

“Huh… I guess the shorty weirdo was right, you are into size stuff” I said.

“Well yeah… you cannot be expecting me to insert a full group of people in my ass and don’t get a bit excited after some time… teasing is just a bit fun too even if it’s a bit embarrassing sometimes” Anna was a bit happy while answering to this, kind of like she wanted to tell someone from a while now but she had to hide it.

“Well this whole situation and a lot of stuff that Clover has told me have made me be a bit into this whole size stuff as well” I said.

“Really?” Anna stared at me, with some expectation in her eyes.

“Y-yeah…” I said.

Anna didn’t waste any second to then throw a big question.

“Wanna… try some size play experience next weekend then…?” She asked, face red, biting her lower lip

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Distant thoughts and giant bodies by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

So this is the setup chapter, the set up for you know what's coming

I don't know why but somehow the week went a bit faster than usual, or at least I think it was my perspective and impatience about this whole situation.

Anna just proposed to me that we should have some ‘size play experience’ for this coming weekend, I accepted of course, not really thinking about the implications of what it actually meant, but it was definitely something perverted, I can at least tell that.

I didn’t want to ask Clover for advice because I knew I was either gonna be annoyed by her asking me to join in the fun, or she could get mad at me for doing stuff with her ‘goddess’ that she so admired.

Even so, in the time I was waiting for some size experiences to use for reference on what could happen, I ended up finding a ton of porn based on people of different sizes, changed by the size tech. some studios have managed to afford this technology and have done movies or videos based on the whole giant people concept.

You can see a pattern of people liking domination, people wanting to be taken care of, or that want to appreciate or be appreciated as some kind of deity, which could explain Clover’s behavior towards Anna.

If there was something that was recurrent was the fact that feet were something pretty usual to play with, and I’m not unfamiliar with the feet fetish but the amount of feet that these videos had was pretty much more than half of the content I could see.

Being pressed against the skin, soft places and some others were also pretty recurrent and most of it was stuff I actually kind of liked to see, I guess that the thought of the warmth coming from a much giant body and how you could be pressed against it so softly and easily was more appealing to me.

And there was also the heavy perverted stuff, people inserting other people inside their bodies, putting them inside their mouths, pressed against some more indecent places of their bodies.

It was hot, I can’t deny it, but it was still so surreal to think that this is the kind of stuff that could be happening to me in some days.

I wonder really, what does Anna have in mind?

A mental image got in my head, of Anna teasing me with her gigantic body, how she was playing with her asshole, and teased me about her eating me with that giant cavern that was just only one small part of her body.

And as days went by and the weekend was getting closer, me and Anna talked every day about random stuff, and classes and at some point, Anna started teasing me from time to time.

One night, during my typical bath time in the bathhouse, she insisted on having a video call with me, where she was basically wearing just her underwear and putting her phone beside her on her bed.

She started saying how much she would like at that moment, to steal me from inside the complex and put me under her underwear just to leave me with the warmth of her body, but when I asked what piece of underwear she was referring to, she just grinned at me with a gentle expression and saying “I’ll leave it for your imagination little guy~”.

“God… why is my girlfriend so perverted…?” I asked myself that night.




The next few days I was mostly doing some routine of taking classes, going to eat something with Clover, having some conversations with her, and mostly discussing some size scenarios as I was now getting myself to know more about this topic and the whole fetish surrounding this size situation.

Clover made some chocolate cake on Friday, as some way of sharing her love for chocolate with the rest of the complex, and trying to wish me some kind of luck with my date with my girlfriend coming the next day.

We eat some of it in my room when Clover suddenly asked me something.

“So… what are you two guys going on about?” asked Clover, with some expression as if she suspected something.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I said, trying to avoid the topic.

“What? Are you gonna believe I’ll fall for that? You have been talking more about size topics with me, our goddess suddenly finds herself in the mood to play with herself more lately, and when I talked to her the other day she even tried to avoid me!” Clover said, not a surprise but she was a bit mad with me.

“Wait, you talk to Anna? I thought you didn’t talk to her at all” I said surprised.

“I talk to goddess Anna from time to time... most of those times I might have done some indecent comments or similar but she always discarded them as jokes… but this time she… got embarrassed at my indecent comments…” Clover said a bit confused about how to react here.

“Isn’t… that what a normal person should do though?” I asked.

“BUT GODDESS ANNA IS NOT A NORMAL PERSON!” Clover exclaimed, suddenly realizing she screamed at me out of nowhere.

She took a bite out of her piece of cake and then apologized to me.

“Are you okay Clover?” I asked.

“I just am a bit jealous I guess…” she confessed, with a bit of embarrassment on her words.

“Jealous?” I asked.

“Yeah, of both of you… I think I am jealous for both parts at this moment” she said with some serious expression on her face “If I think about it, I think I am a lost case, I got into a goddess girl and fell for a pretty boy that just appeared one day, and now they’re both dating and ugh…” Clover let out a sigh after that statement.

I realized that she must have been really mad with me and Anna all this time, it wasn’t something that I could help easily with though…

Clover must really feel lonely being here inside all the time and not having actually someone to talk with that much, so I guess she could be taken as one of those shut-ins that just need to see the outside world for a bit even if it’s out of their comfort zone.

I couldn’t help Clover with something like some romantic or weird experience that she might be thinking about, but if there was something I could do, that was inviting her to some fun experience, maybe trying to let her get out of her comfort zone might help her overcome herself and get to think better of her own.

Though that was just mostly a supposition, I only patted her head and let it slide for now.

“Hey, I promise to humor you one day in the future okay?”

Clover let out a sigh and then pouted.

“You’re such an idiot…”

“No, but I mean it, I will invite you to something next week” I said.

“Really?” She asked with doubt in her eyes.

“Yeah, but you will have to come with me” I said.

“Go… with you?”

“Yeah, let’s go outside of the complex one day, you could even talk to Anna properly then, I think if you get to know her more as a person and less as a goddess you surely will get a new perspective on whatever’s going through your mind”

Clover thought about it for a moment.

“I guess… you’re right” she said.

After a while and finishing our food, Clover went back to her room.

And with that, the day ended with just a message from Anna “I can’t wait for tomorrow” announcing the start of what could have been probably one of the longest weekends of my life.



I woke up that morning and after taking a bath and changing into some casual clothes, I got outside of the complex with the first group who wanted to leave early that day.

One of the staff members took us to the size changing room and we all got to grow to normal size again, I was about to leave the room to find Anna and talk to her so we could have a small date before whatever she had in plan for the afternoon, but to my surprise, one of the staff members stopped me from leaving.

“I’m sorry mister Nathan, but we have some instructions to not letting you leave the room for now” said this person.

“Huh? Wait, I was going to see Anna to talk and…”

“These are specific instructions given to us by the landlord lady Anna herself, I’m sorry for the inconvenience”

“Wh-what?” I asked confused.

“Let me handle this from here” said a familiar voice.

I turned to see at Beatrice, who just gotten inside the room, with a small grin on her face.

“Beatrice, do you know what’s happening here?” I asked.

“Well yes, in shor-speaking terms… Anna wants us to specially deliver you to her… but uh… she wanted you to be tiny for that to happen”

“Wait what?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, you will go through the shrinking process again, and once you’re back to being small, we will take you to her...”

“That is quite disturbing” I said.

“She told us that you could reject this whole thing but I bet something like that would only hurt Anna’s feelings don’t you think?” Beatrice said that with some devilish smile just right there.

“I don’t like where this is going but… I guess that’s just to be expected from Anna…” I let out a small sigh while don’t believing the words I was about to say “Okay then... you can shrink me”

“Thanks Nathan, I’m glad you understand” said Beatrice with one gentler smile.

After letting to be alone in the size-changing room, I was enveloped by the typical warm light as I got myself smaller and smaller… I stopped at the same size as any other time, 1mm tall average, might be more, might be less, but at this size, it didn’t really matter a way to find smaller sizes than a millimeter to measure my size… but regardless of this silly thoughts random thought I was having after getting shrunk to the usual size, I was expecting for some staff member to come and get me, but oh I was impressed when I saw Beatrice being the one who took the place of the usual staff member.

I saw a giant woman, size of mountains in height, walking on high-heels, already bigger than any building I’ve ever seen… not even the tallest of the buildings could even compare to that shoe that was coming to my direction.

For the first time in a while, I felt some dread at experiencing this sensation.

Suddenly, this moving mountain that called herself Beatrice stood up there right in front of me, making me notice all the way above, in the canyon created between this lady’s skirt, was some big cloth of underwear that was as visible as anything else, I felt a bit guilty at watching this from my point of view but it wasn’t something that could be helped.

Beatrice then squatted down, revealing even more of said underwear to me.

The image of some giant thong was right in front of me, a piece of cloth barely covering one of the most intimate places for Beatrice, just being helped by some transparent black stocking covering most of her legs, but even so not letting too much to the imagination.

When she finished positioning, her thong was basically stretched around Beatrice’s privates, not letting you to avoid that much of the image of her pussy lips being restrained by this cloth.

You could say, if Beatrice moved her thong just a bit, there could be a hungry lust monster just above me, a giant monolithic monster that could eat me whole and still would crave for more as I won’t be satisfying enough for it... Just to think that one piece of cloth was standing there just to avoid my meeting with the said monster, was enough to make me sweat and gulp.

“Well then Nathan, I will be the one delivering you to Anna, she said she wanted to have some privacy with you this weekend, so the staff is pretty intrigued by this and they actually wanted to interfere but Anna insisted that everything was okay”

Beatrice then lifted my ground with those special tweezers that the staff members used.

As I was traveling all above, leaving behind that monster and the fleshy legs of Beatrice, I was getting all the way up to her ginormous chest, and as I tried to avoid seeing such tremendous mountains, it was a sight quite hard to ignore, but quickly I got to be right in front of Beatrice’s face.

“I hope you don’t mind I’m the one taking you there” she said.

“Not at all…” I said, but she was clearly not expecting to hear an answer from me at this size.

Beatrice walked outside of the room, all that time trying to check on me, the 1mm tiny guy standing literally at her mercy, a sudden devilish smile crossed her face.

“Hey, wanna travel between my boobs?” she asked, giggling a bit at the end.


“It’s a joke, if you ever had the idea in mind, then I’m pretty sure you can ask Anna for it later, don’t you?” she winked her left eye, totally making fun of me.

“I hate this” I said, letting out a big sigh right there.

Beatrice took me through the main hallway, on her way to Anna’s room.

She opened the door with the hand she wasn’t using and there she was, on her bed, resting while reading a book as she usually does on her free time.

My perfect gigantic girlfriend, Anastasia, though calling her by that name has been something I haven’t seen anyone doing in this place, to think that the perfect mountain cute lady with a short haircut wanted to have a spend time with me even at this size, it made me fall for her even more than before.

“I brought the tiny passenger Anna” said Beatrice right after getting inside the room.

“Leave it here with me” Anna answered with some sweet soft voice.

“As you command” said Beatrice with a soft sweet tone in her voice.

The next thing that happened was the sudden movements of Beatrice, moving my whole ground, the lid where I was in, and getting me closer to the perfect goddess of a girlfriend, the only living mountain I was actually interested in seeing today.

“…” Beatrice saw me for a moment and let out a soft giggle, clearly planning something out.

And my suspicions were correct as this woman, out of nowhere, dropped the lid on top of Anna’s chest, just before the grand valley of mountains that was her breasts.

“HEY BECKS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” exclaimed Anna, completely embarrassed as Beatrice was quickly leaving the room, getting her hands cleaned from the situation she just put me in.

And Anna unavailable to move that much if she didn’t want to throw me somehow, limited herself to make some angry noises at Beatrice, who in less than 5 seconds, completely left the room and closed the door behind her.

After calming down, and trying not to move that much, Anna took her book at one side, and watched the small lid just a bit before her breasts.

I could see over there, right behind the mountains, the face of my cute girlfriend, magnified hundreds of times in size, smiling softly at me, trying to think on what to say, as she guessed the best way to have an actual conversation with her.

“H-hi Nathan… I… uh… I think you should… open your communication app” she said.

It was still pretty early for the day, but it was going to be a long one for sure….

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Anna's pleasure - part 1 by TinyEd
Author's Notes:
Here it is, the first of the five parts, this chapter will contain some teasing and some play with the size

In all my life so far, I have gone only once to mountain climbing, it was some vacation trip I had with my parents back when I was a kid, the climbing itself was a bit tiring but I wasn’t really ‘climbing’ as with some rappelling equipment, it was more like walking until getting to the top of the mountain, and camping on the top of said mountain, it was probably back then and a tired younger me, that I decided that going to the outside and enjoying the nature was probably not my thing.

Or at least that’s what I thought until just some moments ago… because you see, right now I’m just a 1mm tall guy, just a bit more below the giant valley of my girlfriend’s boob mountains.

I’ve seen Anna in normal size before, her boobs are not as big as her butt was, but they were not that left behind at all, a DD cup was her bust size as far as what she told me one of these days, and I’m pretty sure she was being honest, Anna is not the kind of person who would lie only to look herself better in my eyes.

And even so, the difference between some B cup and some DD cup, at this size was basically not so different, no matter the size, her boobs would’ve been literal mountains for me.

Imagine a hand groping some boob, big enough to fill the hand and even have some extra to spare, now imagine some small recognizable dot in one of the fingers of that hand… that, could be me at this exact moment.

So the moment Beatrice left the lid just in front of my girlfriend’s chest, I knew I was in for something BIG.

“H-Hi Nathan…” I saw Anna’s face blushing slightly, considering it could be really hard for her to actually see me, looking down just above her breasts almost hiding me from her sight.

The good thing was she could see my full face from the communication app and I would not have to risk my vocal cords trying to scream as hard as I could just so she could barely hear me.

“Ummm… just letting you know, it wasn’t my decision to be put here” I said.

“Th-that’s… alright… I know it was Beatrice's way of teasing me” she said.

“Yeah, she seems like that kind of person” I said.

I saw suddenly the sky turning darker, as the looming enormous hand of Anna approached.

“Ummm… let me just take the lid a bit away for a second, is kind of uncomfortable to have you in this position” she said.

I couldn’t even reply, as the hand suddenly grabbed the whole space I was standing on top, taking me and this lid away from her chest as she carefully placed the lid on top of her night drawer next to her bed.

And as the whole sky was mostly covered by her hand, I could not basically see anything outside from the skin and the ‘delicate’ fingers of Anna, though at this moment they were literally large walls more than 25 feet long each.

It was like living some kind of dream where I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wake up from, or stay inside forever.

“There, now I can move like that” as Anna said that, the sky lightens up as before after removing the shadow coming from her hand, then I could see Anna stretching up while still sitting on her bed, groaning softly in the process “I use to get in a bad posture whenever I get to read, it’s really involuntary I swear”.

As I saw the literal goddess figure in front of me, stretching all the way to the skies and beyond, showing off her great silhouette as much as basically covering the light from my ‘sky’ again with the shadow of her looming boob mountains.

I kept silent all this time, being amazed constantly by the sight of this perfect goddess who called herself to be my girlfriend

“Uh.. Nathan, is everything alright?” she said, taking a look at me, or at least the "me" on the screen of her phone.

“Uh… yeah… I was just mesmerized by you…” I said.

Anna suddenly noticed the whole size difference situation, really taking in mind she literally just showed off her whole upper body in front of me, blushing deeply as she realized completely.

“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… uh… you know I’m not like…”

“It’s okay Anna, I just told you I was mesmerized by you, that’s all, I think you are perfectly gorgeous” I said.

Anna covered her face with one of her hands, trying to hide her reaction to that comment, but I could clearly see her smile on her lips from where I was, really hard not to see it actually.

Then, as if she wanted to compliment me back, I saw her looking directly at the lid where I was standing, lowering her face herself, just a bit enough to take a better look at the speck on top of her night drawer.

“Well, I think you look really good as well you know, taking a look at you from this size is just… the best” she said with a sweet smile, really giving herself a hard time on not saying something like ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’.

“Well darn I thought you were going to say adorable” I teased.

“I-I was trying to avoid sayi…! Oh… haha, you got me” she said, realizing that she basically fall for my bait there.


Me and Anna enjoyed some more quality time together, as she was basically toying with me from time to time, trying to poke me with her giant fingers, or telling me that she could easily just open her drawer and throw me inside all of her stuff just to keep me with her on the nights.

We also talked about some other stuff, as she was really wanting to hangout with me the whole day and watch some movies at night.

At some point we ended up “eating” as Anna went out for a moment to take some plate of food that Beatrice prepared for her, and giving me some smushed grain of rice covered in some red sauce, it was hard not to spill it on the lid I was on, and it was definitely hard to eat all of it on my own as well.

(This could have been a full meal for 10 people at least… there’s no way I can finish it)

And after we finished ‘eating’ as I literally could not even be able to eat 1/8 of this thing, Anna saw the remains of my food standing in front of me.

“Oh, let me take care of it” she said, as suddenly her giant finger came in my direction, wiping out in an instant what was in front of me, leaving just some red stain from the sauce right there, and taking her finger on her mouth, leaving it clean in just one second.

I swallowed, astonished by the scene that just happened in less than 5 seconds…

Anna could notice my expression changed a bit, asking “what is it?” a bit confused, only for me to reply while stuttering some “n-nothing” out of my mouth.


And taking out that whole thing with the grain of rice, the rest of the day was pretty much chill… well, that until the night got to us…

At some point, Anna took the lid and put it on top of a pillow on top of her lap as we started watching some movies on her laptop, and my expectations for this day were to get back to the complex after watching the movies, but Anna had other stuff in her head for today.

“So Nathan…” she said, not looking at the communication screen, avoiding eye contact.

I was watching the movie on the big screen, it was like watching it from a cinema theater but it was way more bigger than one of the screens they had in those, could really get used to it, there are also less people around.

“Yeah?” I asked not actually watching the screen for the communication app either.

“Do you remember what are we gonna do this weekend right?” she said, in some serious but soft tone.

I did remember it but taking a big amount of effort on my part, I tried not to touch the topic since the start of the day, and as we weren’t doing anything more than hanging out normally, well except for the clear size difference between us, I wasn’t expecting something was going to happen at all at the end.

“Y-yeah” I said “size play…” I added almost mumbling.

Then I saw, on the reflection through the screen of the giant laptop, Anna was unbuttoning her blouse just behind me… or more than behind me you could say she was unbuttoning her blouse above me.

I turned to see up in the sky, as I saw the movements of her hands, slowly taking off the buttons, showing another more semi-transparent thin white shirt, that could barely hide some accumulated sweat on it, sticking to Anna’s skin, and showing another layer of clothing behind it, her underwear, a giant amount of cloth covering mountains of flesh like it was nothing, when I did not even stand any chance by trying to lift even her finger just some while ago when she was toying with me on her night drawer.

There was no way I could even handle trying to lift even a single gram of Anna’s tits… but this bra was holding them in place perfectly, making them avoid falling on top of me for sure.

“The movie is about to end” said Anna, implicitly implying the obvious.

“Yeah” I said, trying to stay calm, closing my eyes just to be sure that what I was seeing was not a dream, to open them again, just to see Anna’s hands removing the blouse slowly.

“You know I’ve been trying to… stay calm all day, but I guess… nighttime really does something to feeling to flood huh?” Anna said, half-joking there but her intentions were clear as the day that got behind us this afternoon.

Her big massive boobs the size of mountains were hanging there just above me but so far away still.

“Well I didn’t want to force you to anything either” I said.

Anna let out a soft giggle, suddenly turning to watch me down below.

“YOU didn’t want to ‘force’ me to do anything? You’re so sweet Nathan… but I think that should be the other way around” she said, suddenly pressing the power button on her laptop with one finger, and with her other hand, she lifted the lid up in a high speed, not letting me to fully enjoy the view as I traveled all the way up to Anna’s face.

“I mean… Nathan… do you really believe I don’t wanna do this?” she said while biting her lower lip “I mean… I was the one trying to not force anything on you…”

“…” I stayed in silence for a moment, just enjoying the beautiful face of my girlfriend for a moment.

“Then I guess we’re both surely on this” I said.

“Huh?” She asked a bit confused, maybe trying to confirm my words.

“Let’s do this” I said.

Anna’s eyes lighten up there with a sweet large smile.

“Okay then, let’s both enjoy this together” she said.

Suddenly, I felt myself being tilted, as a giant hand appeared down below and the lid that had been my support all day was starting to lose its gravitational space.

As a matter of fact, this lid was designed to be able to support tinies to not fall down or not get dizzy as they could easily be handled, but if you tilted them good enough, it would lose its full purpose until it gets stable again, and Anna knew this clearly, tilted it just so I could easily fall on top of her hand, trying to avoid making any harm to me in the process.

As I was falling on top of Anna’s hand, I could see the lid that was caring me all this time, getting far away in the distance as Anna just took it aside on top of her night drawer.

Then from one moment to another, I found myself on top of something really warm and soft, and just as before, the time to enjoy this sensation was cut short as I found myself falling again on top of something else warm and soft, but also a bit moistly.

“There you are now…” Anna said.

I was getting myself to getting used to my new surroundings since my head was spinning around there, seeing the giant hand of Anna getting away slowly.

“Wh-where am I?” I asked.

“Well… I put you on top of my shirt, right above my belly” she said.

I saw the ground under me, it was the same white transparent cloth from before, it was still humid, meaning I was basically standing on top a combination of Anna’s sweat, skin, and clothes…

(wait, she said above her belly?)

I suddenly turned in front to see, those two massive globes I’ve been admiring this whole day.

Anna’s boob mountains were standing right in front of me in all their glory.

I swallowed a bit, enjoying the view for sure but a bit mesmerized by it as well.

The same distant face of Anna was there as well, looking at me with some slight blush on her face, half-hidden by those mountains in front.

“So Nathan… I wanna toy with you a bit, before this gets a bit kinkier…” she said, her hand appearing right in the sky once again, I was already getting used to seeing the shadow this monolithic hand could cause already.

She started making ‘small’ circles with her finger around me, shaking my ground heavily as she did so.

“T-toy with me you say?” I asked, she took away her finger for a moment and the giant head nodded.

“Yeah… I can’t stand how cute my tiny boyfriend is… for real… it just makes me want to tease you a lot” she said.

“I-I see…” I said.

“So here’s the deal” she said, making her finger coming back at me, making circles around again “I want you, my cute tiny boy” she then moved her finger slowly up to her chest, then started making circles right on top of her boob “to climb all the way up to the top of my boob… you can choose your favorite doesn’t mind..” she said with some more seductive voice, she was really into it.

“To climb all the way up there…?” I asked.

“I know the climb is gonna be a bit long, but the cloth will help you with some support after all” Anna said then with a sweet smile “and even so, I know you can do it~ and since I know that you can do it, I promise you something…”.

Anna then used her full hand to tease me, moving an entire mountain with such ease, making it jiggle a bit just before saying some magic words for me.

“If you manage to climb on top of my boob, I will take off all my clothes… and will let you play with these mountains up and personal~” with that, she bit her lower lip once again.

(GEEZ, HOW LUCKY CAN I BE?! THIS IS LITERALLY A PERFECT OFFER FOR ME!) I screamed on the inside, but remained composure on the outside.

“I’ll do it, it might take a couple of minutes though” I said.

Anna let out another sweet smile.

“It’s okay… we have all night to play together after all”

As she said that, her hand completely disappeared from one side, leaving me alone with a pair of big sweaty, and giant boobs the size of mountains just in front of me.

Remember when I said that when I got climbing a mountain as a kid was my first time doing that and thought would be my last?

Well, here I was now back again in front of this ‘big’ challenge, my girlfriend asked me to do something for her, and I didn’t need to be told twice to try and make her happy with this request of hers.

(Well, make us both happy anyways.)

While watching my girlfriend Anna smiling at me with expectation in her eyes and without anything else to be said to me, I started walking right in the direction of her right boob, about to climb and conquer that mountain…

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Anna's pleasure - part 2 by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter has two visuals and some more size interactions

The ground felt soft as I walked, every step I took was a soft sensation under my feet, there is no surprise about that, I was walking on top of some clothes, on top of a giant chest, and if I'm going to be honest, more than feeling like this was some kind of perverted act, I felt a big embrace coming from this whole situation.

My girlfriend, Anna, was the whole landscape, with her big smile looking at me, trying to move as less as possible, letting me know she would watch over me all the time so I could feel safe with her.

It was a nice feeling honestly, knowing she cares and that she’s there, as massive as she is, it still feels like she’s showing me her love and trust, and I’m not planning on letting her down.

Although walking on this surface was becoming hard to do as the inclination was going up, I was making sure to prevail and stay determined, I can’t retreat when the night is just starting.

I gotta make sure to let my girlfriend know, that I love her as much as she does.

(Good thing I train from time to time, I just used the jogging track a few times but It still is a good way to kill time inside the complex, but still, you can just compare it to… this…)

As I was walking through the folds of Anna’s shirt, trying to make my way up to the top of her boob, it was getting clear that I was not going to have that much of a problem finding something to grab on to climb.

Folds of clothes here and there, a lot of them were a bit soaked in what was left of some sweat that came from Anna’s body, even now I could grab on them and they would hardly be able to move at all because of my small stature.

When reaching for something to grab with the giant wall of cloth and flesh in front of me, I decide to go for that, using it to impulse my body to reach more folds up on top.

And I gotta admit, I was cheating a bit, since I decided to go for an area easy to climb, closer to Anna’s cleavage, between her boobs, because climbing one of those things from the front would have taken me ages for sure.

I know Anna had big boobs but seriously, I wasn’t going to make it for hours if I took that route.

“Hehe… looking at you there, you’re just so cute Nathan…” Anna killed the silence that has been going on for a couple of minutes now, mostly because she was too focused on not moving and basically ogling the tiny guy trying to climb her breast, and I was just too focused on climbing this giant wall.

“It is… a bit hard to climb” I said, still connected to the communication app, but all this time my phone was secured in my pocket, to be able to use both hands and not lose my grip at all.

“What? Are my boobs too big for you? I thought guys like them big” She said, teasing me.

“Yes, they’re big, big enough it could take days to fully explore them if I really wanted” as I was climbing this wall of clothes, I just felt some movement as Anna reacted to any of my comments on my way up.

“I-I see.. so they’re a way too big then…” she said.

“I swear, once I reach the top, I will find your nipple and make a house there… if I make all this effort I swear I’m claiming these lands”

“Th-that’s an interesting review of my boobs… but…” Anna was getting a bit flustered with the mental image on her head.

“I didn’t finish, I swear I’m gonna get a flag and nail it on the top of this mountain”

“N-nail it?”

“Yes, and pretty hard as well, so be prepared!” As I was already getting halfway through this, I felt some movement coming from her body, which made me lose my footing and almost fall down.

“Hey what was that?!” I asked.

I saw Anna looking away in embarrassment.

“I just touched my nipple…” she said.

“What?!” I asked.

I tried to see the top of the mountain I was climbing but it was impossible for me to see the top of it from where I was.

“I… wanted a better mental image of how would it be…” she said.

“A mental image?” I asked.

“If you were to live on my nipple… I could press you against it whenever I wanted…” she said, clearly getting red from her own words.

“Well, that’s a hot idea to think about” I said, trying to get again on my climbing.

“But there’s no way you could live there, there’s nothing that could let you live on top of it… though maybe one of those complex with the shape of a piercing…”

“You’re… thinking too much about this” I said while struggling with one of these folds that were a bit hard to reach.

“Y-you’re right ehehe…” Anna said, letting out a soft giggle.

I was making my way almost to a more easy ground to handle, it wasn’t still something that could be considered a walk in a park but I was almost getting there.

“Huff.. This is... Hard...”

“Do you want some help~?” She asked.

“No, I can do it, I’m almost there” I said.

“Are you sure about that? I can see you’re pretty much still on the base of my breasts”

(The distance perception must be so different for us, and she might not be able to see me perfectly looking down right at her boobs, well it’s not like I can help up with that.)

“I’m getting there, believe me” I said.

“If you say so, but I’m getting worried my boobs might be TOO big for you”

“I love them just as how they are” I said.

“Uhng… That’s embarrassing to hear…” She said, letting out a soft sigh, trying actually to look at the speck climbing her boob at this moment.

I set up footing in the ground easier to handle, as I was getting a different kind of inclination here, I could see the top of my girlfriend's boob just there.

How could I know it was the top was easy, the sweat covering this area was a bit more noticeable, revealing most of the bra behind her shirt.

A black bra with some decent and attractive patterns on it was now covering most of the view in front of me, mostly covered with semitransparent white cloth but it was there after all.

And there at some distance, it was where the shape concluded in a perfect curly meadow, standing just there, a “small” peak, and it was no surprise at all that it was there, considering Anna has been holding herself for some while now and she’s been talking about some perverted topics and considering she was just touching it, this peak must have been what I could guess, Anna’s nipple, pressing against the mattress of her bra, a hard nipple trying to get unleashed but being restrained by this clothes.

With the image on my head, I kept heading forward, Anna was probably trying to continue to the next thing already, but I knew this had a process after all, and if I wanted to be worthy of being able to please this goddess, I had to do this.

And with each step I took, more softness I could feel, it was as if my feet were digging into the silky ground every time I tried to take another step.

I knew it was probably because of the clothes and the humidity, but for just a moment it felt as if her body was trying to consume me, like if I took one step on the real skin, I could have gotten completely engulfed by her soft flesh in just a moment, getting buried on the softness of her boob.

Leaving that thought behind, I took a look at my girlfriend, Anna, looking at me with expectant eyes, as if she wanted to see the conclusion to this journey I just took, maybe mesmerized by the idea of a tiny man actually climbing her breast and getting to the top of it, with a bunch of other ideas in mind on what to do with this tiny man after he finalizes this first journey.

I took step after step, watching as the ground was turning from a transparent white with some skin below, until it became a full black ground, with a bit more hard ground and even easier to walk on since it was probably more firm from how her bra was fitting.

“Oh my god, you’re actually getting there…” Anna whispered as she didn’t want to break my concentration or move that much to avoid me slipping or something.

(Not like it would matter, if I tripped or slipped or something, I’d be only falling on top of this crazy amount of flesh, in fact, I don’t think I’d hate that idea at all)

As I was getting there, I could see the “tip” of the mountain moving a little, probably more struggles of Anna’s nipple trying to press against this amount of clothes.

I glared at this peak, the tip of some precious and sensible area for Anna, and all I could think for a moment of pure lust was “I need this…”

And then, leaving aside all my tired body or my poor mental state after that climbing, I just run there, I run all the way to the top, even if the ground was still not something you could walk up on that easily without some support, I just run to the top for at least two or three minutes straight, getting more tired as I did, but managing to get there, and without even thinking about it at all, I hoped straight on top of it, just as how you could run to your bed and jump on it just to hop on top of its softness… well this was similar to that as I just jumped straight to Anna’s covered nipple.

“HHeee!” I just heard Anna’s complain as I started burring my whole body into this small peak, and even if it was small, it was still bigger than my entire body.

“Y-you surprised me…” said the goddess, owner of this pillow of softness that I was rubbing my face against “that… tickles a little bit…” she said, embarrassed of my actions but clearly enjoying this sensation as well.

My whole mind and body were focusing on this place so much that I didn’t notice when it happened, it was really sudden but when I felt some dark and warm presence coming right at me.

“Hnng…” It was too late for me when a soft moan came from Anna’s lips, as she pressed my tiny 1-millimeter tall body against her own gigantic shape.

One finger.

One finger was enough to stop any movement from my part, it was enough to bury my whole body against the softness of my girlfriend’s body shape more than anything I could do.

If there’s a good thing about size tech. is that ever since it was invented, the afraid of getting crushed with some kind of brutal force was out of the scheme, durability was indeed one of the effects that being shrunken could do, and as more tiny you get, the more durable you are, so even if a car or a truck run over me, I’d still be pretty much intact, the only problem might have been that since its easier to manipulate a tiny person, getting dizzy and headaches are the normal stuff.

So me, getting pressed against Anna’s body was not hurtful at all, even so with such a small amount of strength she was doing so, but as she started pressing me against this small peak, releasing her strength and started to apply force again consecutively, it was not only making me dizzy, but making me hard as well, as being toyed around with just a finger, to make this goddess feel a bit of pleasure from the sensation.

“It’s just as I imagined this could be… it’s just... exciting and playful… I love this…” Anna said, probably talking to herself but also letting me know she was enjoying this.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, I was liberated from all that mess of a ride, but only for a short amount of seconds as the giant digit came back again for me, but this time it was accompanied by another finger.

Two floors of flesh came directly at me, to pick me up so suddenly, making me lose sight of what was up and what was down for a brief moment as I was traveling a fast amount of distance as if nothing, completely trapped between the two fingers that were taking me a prisoner of their strength.

As I was regaining my field of vision and my head stopped spinning around, I saw a giant face in front of me, a face that was big enough that could put on shame any statue or building done in human history, it was literally watching a goddess looking directly at me, smiling with some small blush on her perfect cheeks.

“You did it~ you got to climb all the way up little guy~”

A small tingle got in my body when I heard her calling me like that.

“y-yeah… but next time make me know before you grab me like that, my head is spinning since you picked me up” I said.

“Oops! Sorry, I guess I was too excited about you that I didn’t think about that” she said, a bit embarrassed of how she acted.

“It’s okay, I enjoyed it a little”

“Oh no, but you still need to get at least a small compensation for it” Anna looked directly at me and with some sweet smile that melted my heart by how perfect it was, as her lips parted to say another sweet thing “do you mind if I kiss you?”

My brain had to process that question for a couple of seconds, I was between two gigantic fingers holding me in position I could not do anything to get free at all, in presence of this goddess that for some reason or destiny decided that I was worth of touching her perfect soft lips that without any doubt, could take me fully inside and wouldn’t be able to bother them at all.

“I.. I don't know if I heard correctly” I said.

Anna rolled her eyes and without even thinking about it she got me closer to this giant mouth, this cave of wonders, protected by teethes that surely were bigger than trucks, and some soft, beautiful lips that I was dying to touch for a while now.

My mind was even more blown up as the giant lips parted away, revealing the inside of some unbelievable scenery, hard to distinguish as she was talking, but a tongue bigger than anything I have ever seen before was just there moving any time she spoke, like if it was nothing, that it was normal such creature could move so easily.

“I saw you working hard on top of my nipple you pervert little guy… you deserve a reward for your hard work” A strong scent of vanilla invaded me, she surely used some kind of mouth freshener for this occasion without even me noticing, not that I minded it at all, I was loving every second of this.

And even without waiting for a response on my part, which could be hard since I was practically mesmerized by these gorgeous soft enormous lips getting closer and closer to my body.

And suddenly, I was practically touching them.

A big pillow of flesh was pressing softly against me, a lovely sensation showing me just how amazing this girl was, as for this moment she was practically my everything, all I needed and all I had to love.

As I was getting pressed softly against these lips, I kissed them as however and as many times as I could before getting gently separated from them, as my field view became again Anna’s giant face, smiling at me with the same lips she just ‘kissed’ me.

“Hey, don’t be getting lost in my lips, you still have work to do little man, we can keep the kissing for when you done” she said, giggling a bit at me.

My mind went back to my situation, I forgot for a moment after getting lost on her lips, that this whole climbing her boob was to be able to get a special reward.

“As I said, if you managed to climb on top of my boob, I will have to take off all my clothes, and will let you be able to play with my boobs as much as you want~ that at least, until I decide I get to have my own fun~” Anna was practically teasing me with the way she speak.

“Well… I guess that was the deal, yeah” I said.

“Then if I’m gonna take my clothes off, you need to stay in some place safe in the meantime” she said, suddenly moving me again, this time making sure to get be more gentle at it.

Putting me on top of her nightstand right beside her bed, or more like dropping me from a not-so-high distance.

And after that, she stood up just right there in front of me.

“I’m pretty sure you’re gonna enjoy this show, but I suggest you to take off your clothes as well… I have in mind some stuff that will uh…” Anna blushed a bit at the realization of what she was saying “L-let’s just say it can get your clothes dirty…” she finished.

My mind was on the sky, quite literally, watching this goddess about to undress herself just for me.

But I got the message from her so I didn’t have to think twice to start unbuttoning my shirt, just as the same time she started to take off her shirt, lifting her arms up, reaching basically another world at the distance, while taking that white semitransparent shirt that has been my partner and ground all this time… revealing finally those two mountains, almost finally and totally uncovered.

Anna glared at me, making some small expression, pursuing her lips and then giggling a bit, it was kind of cute but it was incredibly hot taking in mind this girl was basically undressing her being basically approximately a mile in height, maybe even more, who could even know…

She was about to start taking off her bra, and as she suddenly stopped, giggling at her own thoughts she just playfully continued, suddenly getting closer to the nightstand, showing me basically the area of her hips, and the pants basically covering them completely.

As I was getting distracted by the sight, I tried to keep taking my own clothes off but this was too much for me.

Three fingers started to unbutton it, taking it to slow down, and then showing me in all its glory… Anna’s panties.

I gulped, looking at this immense amount of cloth just being shown to me, covering again, my whole field of vision.

There was definitely amazement coming from looking directly at the crotch area of a gigantic cute girl, stunning even.

“Say, I’m pretty sure you already are used to my posterior… my um… buttocks… but I don’t think you ever have seen directly my lower lips… have you, little guy?” Anna teased me, moving her hips side to side for a moment, showing off her curvy lines, and the intense sight of this giant panties just covering everything, might dare to say her panties could even be used in cinema theaters to use as an ate to project the movies… and even leaving room to spare.

Anna slowly, but seductively, turned around, making herself to show off more than before, literally making my jaw drop as her hips moved, showing me then the ‘backside’ of those panties.

A butt, immense as any part of this goddess body, bigger than her breasts I took so much time to climb, a perfect round ass that could even be used as a pillow at my real size… This perfect fraction of the goddess was being shown to me, covered by a pair of panties, struggling with the immensity of this ass, to hold in so much flesh just wanting to be released.

Wait no, if she released those panties in this exact position, I might as well would be completely squished under this butt.

“This is just surreal…” I said, looking at the looming ASSteroid in front of me.

“Yeah, I guess making you take off your clothes was a bad idea, I can’t hear you that much if you don’t have that phone near you…”

“Oh sorry!” I suddenly rushed to my clothes on the ground and took my phone with me, I took my shirt, and wrapped it around my waist, securing it with a knot.

“Do you like the view?” Anna asked.

“Y-yeah… pretty much… your butt is so immense, no joke I’ve been living inside it all this time… you could fit an entire city inside…”

“Geez… didn’t I tell you to not say embarrassing stuff like that…?”

“Ahaha….” I said.

“So… I was thinking” Anna said, still covering my whole sky with her butt, jiggling a bit as she talked. “You don’t mind if I cheat on our agreement for a bit…?” she asked.

“What do you mean…?” I asked.

“Panties will stay… for now at least…” she said.

I glared at the impressive view in front of me.

“I don’t mind at all…” I said.

“Great~” she said, wiggling her butt on purpose.

An incredible amount of flesh just started jiggling in front of me, making me really hard at that moment, as the mental image of me, been living inside this ASSteroid, my mind was making feel so excited I had to do something about it…

“Then as for now…” She said, as I saw up in the sky, with her barely visible back before all that ass, I could hear the unclipping sound of something.

Then a black giant cloth fell down that I could see pass by her legs.

Anna turned around again, this time her crotch area was in front of me for a short amount of time, as she suddenly dropped herself to her knees, suddenly revealing to me…


A pair of nude breasts…

Some mountains of her own soft flesh were shown to me almost directly on my face, almost falling on top of me, covering me with the soft skin of this goddess… and on the tip of said breast there were here erected nipples… totally aroused from all this teasing she’s been doing all this time, she totally loved this.


“So… ready to confront these girls~?” she said, lifting said mountains with such ease, wiggling them, teasing me with how much control she had over me.


And I enjoyed every second of it…

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Anna's pleasure - part 3 by TinyEd
Author's Notes:
This chapter has a focus on size breast play, hope you like it

This might be a weird question to do, but have you ever thought you were in a dream, a fantasy where everything it’s just too surreal for you, overwhelming, and you just don’t want to wake up because you’re actually enjoying yourself so much?

Well, that’s me at this exact moment, I was still tired from my last mountain climbing activity, and without even too much time to rest, I was already in the middle of a second event with these mountains.

As they rise upon me, giant boobs loomed over me, balloons full of tons of flesh and meat, softness that could kill you just by looking at them.

Anna had positioned her boobs in front of me, dropping them, making a small earthquake that almost made me lose my balance.

“I still can’t get over this… my boobs are so immense compared to you little guy…” Anna giggled, using just one hand to grope her gigantic nude breast, leaving a soft moan with it, the image of a literal mountain moving with such ease was scary, the kind of stuff you would be only seen in disaster movies for sure, but it was totally happening here in front of me.

Thinking about this, if Anna was compared with me as a normal size guy over a city, she could be smashing buildings with her boobs with such ease it’s almost scary to think.

(Good thing growing technology is not a possible thing according to some theories, we can shrink stuff and return them to their original size, but thinking you could grow someone as big as Anna is for me right now… the simple image was outstanding)

And how could I not think about this stuff, Anna is having fun toying with me, a guy 1mm tall, not bigger than a dot you could make with a pen; although I got to admit, I’m having the time of my life.

I can enjoy the view of some gigantic nude breasts, a real dream coming to life, any man’s dream for sure.

Anna keep groping her boobs some more, all this time her whole ordeal was to give me a show, and hell she was.

A hand was holding her left breast up in the air, groping it, grabbing it softly while trying to constantly poke that nipple that stud up erect this whole time, making sure to caress her own softness, to pamper herself with her touch, trying to make me enjoy this whole view.

I mean, I was speechless as to thinking ‘what could I even do to a boob this big?’ so Anna suggested that she could please herself as a little show until I decided what could I do.

And the thought was killing me, I couldn’t allow that Anna took all the work for this, my pride, even with this size wasn’t allowing me to accept it, even if I knew she was okay with this and even if I knew it would be a hard task to manage at this size.

And even so, I was enjoying this show so much.

As one of her fingers started pressing her nipple against the rest of her boob, trying to bury her nipple in her own areola, letting out a small groan of pleasure while doing so.

(God, I wish I could be there…) I thought.

And there I had my idea.

“Anna… I think I know what to do… but I’ll need your help”

Anna, slowly stopped, and took a look at me.

It just passed less than a minute but her eyes were dreaming, her face was red from all the blushing, with her breath a bit more accelerated than usual, looking directly at me with some expression of lust.

“What… is it?” She asked, thinking carefully about how to answer to me.

“Drop your breast in front of me” I said.

“Hehe… okay~” her hand didn’t think about this twice and this giant balloon of flesh suddenly dropped in front of me, so close in fact I almost got caught in the jiggling it did right at the end.

I was taken back, dropped back on my butt, looking at a wall of soft flesh, with some need of attention, feeling only the warmth emanating from this beast of a breast.

I tried to grab on it but as expected, the softness of her skin, the texture of her boobs, and probably how because of how they were compared to me, I was totally unable to climb this wall in front of me.

I ran backward, trying to allow some space between me and the giant breast.

“Can you position yourself in a way that your nipple is in front of me?” I asked looking at the face of my girlfriend looming on the sky, smiling at me by how cute I appeared to her.

“Sure can! Thought this position might be hard to mantain” she said.

Suddenly, the breast that I thought I left behind, moved completely, and while doing that, it also made that the peak of this breast, aka the areola area, and her nipple came close to me, making small contact with the night drawer.

This nipple was as expected, bigger than me, I mean, I think I could be at least taller than the diameter of this precious erotic sack of flesh and wrinkles, but even so it was still bigger than I was, probably even four times my size just in diameter, not even talking about how long it was this erected nipple compared to my tiny body.

And even though this giant nipple was maybe fifteen or even twenty times bigger than I was, I approached it slowly, trying to be careful about my movements as I came closer and closer to it.

“Hnnn….” Anna was expectating, she enjoyed this unwillingly teasing to her, the tiny boyfriend she adored so much was going to get close to her nipple, she was expecting this to happen but he was taking his time on doing so, she was just so tempted on pushing him against her nipple, bury him against her erogenous part, use his tiny body to increase the pleasant factor of it…

And I did take my time, but it was probably because I was just impressed by the details I could see on this nipple… all the wrinkles, the goosebumps on this cute and delicate part of this amazing goddess, standing up from all her hornyness and feeling, her lust coming from the fact that I was also here making part of all of this situation.

When reaching it, I touched it softly.

“Hee…” Anna let out a soft gasp, probably reacting to the sensation of myself finally touching her.

I got closer to it, putting both hands around her skin, the bumps of her nipple, and the hard yet soft texture of it.

Then I kissed it, making Anna release a small groan of pleasure from the realization of what was I doing.

Then I started caressing it with both hands, then my arms, then soon enough put my full body into massaging with great force this giant nipple from this goddess.

“Hnnn… Nathan… that feels great…” she said, moving without noticing her whole body, and while doing it she also pushed a bit of her weight on top of her breast, trapping for a moment my face fully buried into her nipple.

It was surreal, the fact that I could bury my whole head in this thing, that I couldn’t even reach the upper part of her nipple from this position since it was taller than me, and that I was completely caressing a single nipple using my full body… it drove me crazy.

Just as it was natural, I tried applying more force against this nipple, I started bitting it, caressing it with my hands, grabbing and pushing my arms as much as I could, I don’t even know at which point I tried to start fucking it, pushing my dick against this nipple.

A small groan or moan of pleasure from time to time was the only way I could know I was doing something great here.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt something coming at me from my back, it took me by surprise and I barely could understand it at first, but I completely got it in a couple of seconds, that Anna was pushing me with her finger against her nipple.

Letting out of more recognizable moan, Anna pushed my tiny body against her nipple, it was so easy for her to push me against her body, to use me as however she pleased, to take my tiny form and play with it, or amuse herself just with the mental image of her boyfriend being so small compared to this small yet sensible part of her.

“Hnnng… Let me move… back to my bed… It is hard to keep this position…” she said, suddenly applying more pressure and basically imprisoning me against her giant nipple, and as much as I tried to fight back the giant digit, I only was arousing this goddess even more with my struggles in vain.

And just as any time I was repositioned in some sort of way, my head was getting dizzy, taking in mind she never let me go and she was lying on her bed, my body gave up just there for a second, so when Anna took her finger off from me I was just lying there, tired, on top of her erected nipple that she just toyed with.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know this could be that tiresome for you” she said with embarrassment looking at the tiny on her nipple.

I raised my hand trying to stop her from talking, it was most likely she couldn’t see it but I still interrupted her.

“I’m fine… just a bit dizzy… I’ll be back at it in a minute” I said.

Anna was looking at me with some happiness in her eyes, biting her lower lip at the moment “you’re using all your might to please me aren’t you…? my my, I have such a good and adorable guy for me” Anna said, revealing a sweet little smile for me.

“I love you Anna…” I said out of nowhere, kissing the nipple I was on top of it as a way to show her my appreciation.

“…” Anna left a soft silence there, her face got really red there, as she was trying to find her word to answer.

“I love you too my little guy” she said, flicking really softly her own nipple, moving everything around me for a moment, and at the same time, she enjoyed the feeling.

I stayed there, trying to re-adjust my own vision back again, it’s so easy for me to get dizzy at this size that I found it quite hard to readjust every time it happened.

“There there my little guy, you can keep enjoying my left nipple… and in the meantime…” Anna bit her lower lip once again “I’ll play with the right one…” she said, blushing a litter from her own comment.

Anna was letting me rest on top of her nipple, a weird thing to say in general since it wasn’t something you could say every day, though resting was just a way of saying, since her breasts moved every time she moved her arms slightly, I was practically in a water bed sort of situation.

At least the impressive sight got me this.

Looking at my giant girlfriend, playing with her right breast, groping herself, playing with her nipple, making circles with her fingers to arouse herself, she was basically moaning softly again after a couple of minutes of touching herself.

Anna had so much control over her breasts that I was envious of it, she was basically teasing me since I could also feel her nipple under me getting erected and moving from the stimulation she was getting.

As I was just only resting for a bit, I tried to help my girlfriend with this nipple by biting it and kissing it constantly with my mouth, still caressing her however I could.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw Anna grab her full right breast with one hand, it was impressive the elasticity these things had, as I saw she could easily take her boob, and while moving her head and her whole body a bit, her mouth was practically about to kiss her own nipple, licking her own lips before savoring it even before reaching her lips… then opening her mouth and, inserting her own nipple slowly inside her mouth.

Hardly with some struggle but surely, her whole right nipple got fully inside her own mouth.

Anna enjoyed this, tasting herself, it didn’t seem as if it was the first time she did this, and it wasn’t like she was an expert… but it was such an amazing image to see, that I didn’t get to see the moment her other hand unwillingly or maybe it was out of habit, her hand suddenly came and ‘attacked’ me, pinning me down against the massive erect nipple as Anna was starting to play with herself and her left breast as well.

I was moved from up and down, in some circle motion stimulation, to left and right, all the time my whole body was being buried in this hard-soft erogenous flesh, stimulating me even if my body was having problems with this.

After a couple of seconds, my eyes squinted as there was suddenly light all over me, I thought that Anna had realized that I was on top of her nipple in the middle of her own play, but suddenly, to my surprise, I felt another darkness coming.

I was adjusting my eyes, as I saw, the giant mouth of my girlfriend, wide open… letting her warm breath come to me, filling me with some musk in between.

“Uh… Anna… I’m… still here” I said.

I couldn’t clearly see Anna’s eyes, but I saw a single smile over me, as she make her left nipple and myself get closer and closer to her mouth, looking at the monster of her tongue just being there, waiting for her prey to come inside.

Then suddenly, Anna let out some soft words “I know… that’s the best part”.

And after that… I just saw… darkness…

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Anna's pleasure - part 4 by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter is focused on mouth play mostly

“I know… that’s the best part” Anna said that licking her lips as she was about to take her prey inside her mouth, I couldn’t do anything as I watched her gigantic tongue starting to lick her nipple, making me fall on top of the said monster, a sudden hot yet wet sensation covered me all over as the sticky and slimy monster was practically toying with me, licking me and pressing me against this giant nipple I just had problems trying to please.

As Anna was practically pulling me in a pool of her saliva, toying with me with her monolithic tongue… she was almost sucking her own nipple at this point, pressing me completely, and being against two soft monsters yet completely different in concept.

Have you ever gone to a pool and felt some kind of small pain after someone pushed you inside as a joke? Well, this was kind of it, but the pool was all sticky and hot, and the pain was better and stronger this time, filling it also with a lot of pleasure to my own body.

“Hnnng…” she was moaning softly, clearly enjoying this.

It took me a couple of seconds after that first scary image, to know that Anna actually wasn’t trying to do any harm to me, but as many times just today, she managed to play with me not only physically but mentally as well.

I tried to welcome the giant tongue, tried to kiss it with all my might, but it was so hard to keep still as she was literally savoring her own nipple and I was just there for the ride.

And for a moment I saw the light filling in as her mouth opened wide again, but it was just a strong sight for me, as I saw Anna’s left nipple retreating from her mouth, and as I tried to reach it or something, but her tongue only played even more with me as I was pushed back to the center of this monster.

The sigh of the teethes, the sky full of flesh, the giant tongue under my own small body, I was nothing compared to this goddess, she could literally eat me right up and I’d be going down her throat to a really uncertain death.

And there’s the fact that shrunken people had been eaten before, it’s not so weird considering there’s a whole amount of people who would love to try it, but the risks are there, not because of all the digestion process, we are still practically invincible, but the main reason is because it’s so easy to get lost inside someone’s body once you’re eaten that usually, people need medical surgery to safely retreat…

But Anna was not going to go through any of these problems, I am so small she could literally eat me without even knowing, and the only way to contact her was my communication app, that I thank can be used even in the harshest environments…

Then suddenly, Anna’s tongue just started to move, as her lips were getting closed, leaving me fully trapped and at the mercy of this goddess… no… at the mercy of her own body, her mouth… at the mercy of this tongue that has been toying with me for a while now.

I was there, on my knees, on top of my girlfriend’s tongue, inside her giant mouth, completely covered in her saliva, as I just suddenly felt some vibrations coming from the shirt I had my phone on.

I tried searching for it, I could see a couple or recent notifications from the communication app.

“sorry, had to mute you for a moment, all the sounds coming from my phone made it really hard to understand anything at all” there it was a message from Anna, the same girl I was literally inside this exact moment, not that it was something rare, considering I get to be inside her ass a lot more…

And in that darkness, I tried to type an answer, getting some struggle as my fingers were all wet and the screen had problems with it, but somehow I managed to write something.

“you scared me…” I typed.

“Sorry! You just looked so tasty and cute~” as Anna sent this message, her tongue started moving again, making me fall on top of it once again.

My face was totally pressed against this goddess’s tongue, the thought itself made me a bit kind of hard, considering how warm it was in this place, you could even consider it some kind of sauna or massage, as it really was kind of pleasant to be in.

“So… how’s it inside?” Anna asked.

“It’s so surreal… to think I’m totally trapped inside your mouth is just… unbelievable” I typed.

A sudden sound coming from her throat, then the sound of the flesh at the entrance of her mouth was something that took my attention.

“I just touched my lips… It’s just incredible to think I can have you inside me, tell me more, how’s everything in there? I want details!” Anna seemed a bit excited by this, well of course she was, she also has shown many signs that she has a size fetish as well.

I sighed as I let myself lay down on her tongue, and began to describe my surroundings.

“Your tongue is like a massive monster, it is so fast and gigantic it’s really scary the way you move it”

“Well that scary monster is just happy to see you and wants to taste you a lot, so try to please it a bit if you can~” as Anna answered she tried to move her tongue as less as possible from that point on, and I, as a way to try to answer to her, tried to rub all my body all over her tongue, barely getting any reactions at all, just something slight as a comment from Anna, “I think I can feel you moving there, but sadly I cannot taste you like that”.

It was also hard for me since rubbing myself against this hot monster just made me hard enough to try and rub it off while I still could, making myself moan softly out of the pleasure.

“It’s just so dark and warm inside here, feels like a really private place, or a really scary cave to get inside” I was trying to concentrate on my typing while also trying to get myself off on top of this monster.

“Like that movie with the ‘cave of wonders’? Be careful to not touch anything you should not~” she typed.

(too late, I’m already touching something I should not) I thought as I was practically trying to ride this tongue, pushing my hips against its softness, the warmth and the wet sensations only added a couple of extra feelings of pleasure on my penis as I was trying to get the full of this experience.

“Being here inside is just so warm, and also wet and sticky, is weird but it’s actually very pleasant in general…” I typed.

Anna moved her tongue just a bit.

“I bet you’re liking it…” Anna typed, while my mind was totally in heaven, hardly putting attention to this.

“It’s just awesome…” I typed.

There was a moment of silence there, as I kept rubbing myself against this giant wet monster, but after a short and pleasant while, I came entirely on my girlfriend’s tongue.

“Hmmm…” a ‘slight’ moan covered the whole ‘cave’ that was her mouth.

“That was salty, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself~” Anna typed.

I was taken by surprise, it seemed that Anna knew what I was doing as she suddenly typed more.

“I lied about muting you, I was just teasing you, I could hear you moan all this time and tried to keep my mouth shut to not speak and bother you that much…” she typed.

“I… uh…” I said, trying to find something to say.

“It’s okay Nathan, I’m honestly glad that I can make you happy like this… hope you don’t mind I um… do myself as well…” she typed, honestly taking me more by surprise.

“no no, it’s okay… you shouldn’t be holding yourself back because of me…” I said.

“Really? Then I’m glad, I will do ummm… something a bit loud for you” she typed.

Then after that, Anna opened her mouth and pushed two fingers inside her mouth, astonishing me for a moment as I saw the two new monsters entering this cave, as they just enter with such speed,  getting themselves all covered in this goddess’s saliva, and returning to the outside world as fast as they came inside.

“I’m gonna touch myself a bit… okay?” said Anna, her voice trying to be soft, but completely surrounding me.

I gulped some saliva, maybe even some of Anna’s at this point.

Anna kept her mouth slightly open all this time, barely showing the outside world, but letting in enough light to see more clearly.

It took some minutes and I started to feel her breath getting a bit warmer, and as the seconds passed it was also getting faster and faster, until it came to a point where I could start hearing her breathing going deeply, letting out small groans that didn’t take too much time for those to become small moans…

Anna started to pant as her mouth started salivating more than it was before, a sight to behold indeed…

Then I got a sudden new notification.

I thought of opening to answer whatever Anna wanted to tell me, but to my surprise, the message came from Clover instead.

“How’s everything going?” she asked.

‘Should I respond to her?’ was my first thought, then the idea to share this with her came to me.

I took a photo, of the inside of Anna’s mouth, took even a small selfie inside, seeing myself all wet and sticky inside this place, and sent both photos to her.

It wasn’t even a second and she answered.

“I hate you, I hope she eats you and you’re date gets ruined, idiot” I laughed at that message, knowing she was definitely jealous of this situation I was in right now.

“Thanks for the photos though…” she sent, disappearing completely after that.

And suddenly taking me by surprise once again, Anna’s tongue started to move, making me fall for the fourth time on top of it, as her whole mouth also started shaking a little

“Hhnnngg….” A bigger moan than the ones before could be heard.

The simple idea that my girlfriend, a literal goddess, was touching herself with me inside of her mouth, was more than enough to make me hard once again.

“Nathan is… on my mouth… my tiny little guy is just on my tongue… I have so much power over you…” Anna suddenly started talking in between her panting, getting herself off here and now, as suddenly, once again, a couple of fingers got inside again… this time, going full inside her mouth, as her tongue started savoring the couple of fingers, completely ignoring I was in this gigantic monster, Anna just started licking her fingers with me in between all this action.

I was getting up and down constantly, making my head spin around once again as I was getting to feel, hear and taste this new sensation… and somehow… the taste… and the atmosphere was getting different from before…


The idea itself was exciting, something that Anna would surely do, knowing perfectly what she was doing as well.

Then suddenly, I just felt everything getting a bit colder, as some new brightness was covering me, and even if I had my eyes closed to avoid getting dizzier from all the movement, I could tell definitely I just got out of Anna’s mouth somehow.

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling my body all sticky, maybe even more than before, as I suddenly found myself trapped with this stickiness.

Opening my eyes even more, I started to realize where I was.

“You are so adorable… all stick to my small little finger while covered in my cum…” I saw Anna’s gigantic cute face standing in front of me, looming all over with her greatness and the vibes she gave of a goddess as well, she was smiling cutely as always, but her expression had more than that, she had some eyes of hunger there as if she just saw something she really wanted to bite and toy with.

It was lust, Anna was looking at my tiny body with an expression of lust, just loving and enjoying this moment for herself, as I just waited there as I was too mesmerized to even say a thing.

“Nathan… I want you inside me…” she said with a smile.

The environment suddenly changed quickly once again as her fingers moved fast to a new and darker location.

And now I was there, stuck to my gigantic girlfriend’s finger, all covered in her cum, looking directly up at what might be the biggest of them all… as a matter of monsters I’ve seen today… this was probably the biggest and scariest of them all.

Even if I have seen her asshole almost directly face to face in the past, and I could even see it from here at this point… this one was bigger… larger… dripping juices as if it was leaking out in anticipation for my come.

Anna’s gigantic vagina, a valley of two giant and exotic lips, that hold folds of flesh that could take me weeks, no, probably even months to try to uncover… protecting a smaller monster that was probably one of the most sensible spots of her entire body… and under it, protected by the barely and recently open lips… a cave, not as big as what was her mouths… but definitely a cave that could engulf me whole, eat me and use me as a toy with no restrictions at all…

“I so wanna just straight up inserting you inside me…” said Anna once again through the communication app.

“But unfortunately I don’t have with me the equipment to let you get inside to your fullest content… so you will have to wait until I get one, another day… I mean, I don’t wanna lose you inside me on our first time ehe…” she said, sounding a bit disappointed in herself but trying to be positive about it.

But Anna was right, even as much as I also wanted to just dive inside her pussy lips and inside her vagina cave in between the lovely valley that was her pussy… it is known that tiny people will find it hard to get in there and get out without any proper medical attention… as the juices will just stick me inside her, and she would have it hard getting me out on her own… for that I should have a piece of special equipment… that we don’t have… The thought that it was so close yet so far made me feel a bit bad…

“But don’t worry… I have… something else you might like…” said Anna, suddenly bringing something over with her other hand...

There I saw, a small lid, similar in many ways to the one we use to get in and out of the complex, but it was definitely smaller...

And at the side of it… a giant egg vibrator standing there.

“I have somewhere… I want you to go Nathan…” she said.

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Anna's pleasure - part 5 by TinyEd
Author's Notes:

This chapter has insertion at some sorts, and is also the last part of the pleasure arch, I recommend reading it altogether if you wanna get the whole experience again

A bubble, a really big bubble at least three stories tall, big enough to be considered like some small building, a bubble that was able to keep inside at least 50 people without any problem, but to say the least, it was more like some kind of weird machine that I just happened to came across for the first time.

Whoever thought about this thing was a total genius, and I’m not just talking at whoever invented sex toys in the first place, but at whoever designed THIS one specifically.

Inside this egg vibrator was everything you might need to enjoy for at least a week, it had the space, the accommodations, and even a control command area to toy around with this whole place.

This egg vibrator was made taking into consideration all the shrinking technology and sex size playing as its most general overview, the whole point of this vibrator was to get a shrunken person inside of it, then put said vibrator inside the love partner, and the rest was easy to tell, you can control the vibrations, the intensity, the speed, almost everything of this vibrator, but only from inside, it's not as expensive as you think since with the shrinking tech is most like a paper weigh overall.

It was a kink vibrator for sure, planned to be used as a sneaky sex toy, the thing that works a lot with exhibitionists or people who generally enjoyed size play, I know this because it was something that you could see on the internet pretty often.

Porn videos or anecdotes on internet forums about people shrinking down to be inserted into sex toys, and then using those sex toys in a really wide variety of ways, there are tons of them, some even faked since they can't afford actual size tech.

And now, I was inside of one of these as well, this egg vibrator with a complete view of the outside, also made for the shrunken partner, so they can enjoy this experience on a better level.

“Hnnnng…. Hnnnn… hnnnnn… tell me… when you reach the control command panel….” Said Anna, touching herself on the outside world beyond these walls.

I had a clear view of my girlfriend, taking her lower lips and taking them apart while inserting two fingers in between those lips, making a wet sound as they got inside, and glistening them over with her cum from her already wet play from before, all this time while the vibrator was laying there outside of it while I was trying to get to the top floor to the control command panel.

The vibrator was ON, and Anna wanted to really play with it, but she wanted to wait until I got there to start full with me, and in the meantime, she was touching herself, mostly because she couldn’t wait at all, and because she really wanted to give me a show of everything while I was here.

“Don’t worry, I’m almost there…” I said.

“N-No… I’m almost… HNNNGGG…. There…..” said Anna, making me question myself if she actually just made a pun in this situation.

I saw as her vagina, the giant sex monster was receiving the constant entrance of Anna’s fingers as she kept rubbing herself, and at the same time, fingering her own clit in the process as she let out some deep moans and groans as well, getting herself off and cumming for the third time in all this while.

“Hunnng...” Anna let it out to be heard through the app.

And just at that I got to the control room, rushing my way to the control command panel, looking at it I noticed the thing was full of different configurations such as the speed or intensity, along with some system where a male could insert their own privates and get some kind of warm and moist textures inside, and there was even a button to send shockwaves through the vibrator.

(This thing is really deeply designed for almost any taste) I thought.

“I just got there” I said, announcing to my girlfriend who was waiting for me all this time.

“Ha…ha… ha… Well, then be prepared, I’m not letting you out until I’m satisfied…” she said.

My initial thought was the surprise that Anna just came a moment ago, but as a matter of fact, she already came three times in less than an hour (women really are just built different and better, huh?) I thought.

And to confirm my own thoughts, I could see it there.

The lips of my girlfriend’s most intimal place, parted away, as the whole vibrator was moving towards it, making her fingers toy with the whole building as they were slowly inserting this place inside her huge and hungry vagina.

It was as if seeing everything in the front row, though you could literally say I was in the front row for this whole experience, the experience itself was totally letting me in awe, as the folds of her skin started covering the walls, making way to look directly at the dark abyss that was just in front of the whole building.

“I can’t imagine at all… how it must look to you…” said Anna, making me get out of my trance of speechless.

“It’s simply amazing...” I said.

“Is it really that great? I’m pretty sure it won’t look that great at your size… I mean… how could even…” I lit interrupted her, and just activated the camera of my phone as I just started pointing out at the gorgeous, wet, meaty, and dark cavern that was in front of me.

“Look at this…” I said.

“Hnnng… Is that… my pussy? Omg… it looks so much big…” Anna was completely in awe watching her own phone, also surprised by the huge but sexy monster that was her pussy.

“It’s like… a cavern… a really big cavern…”

Anna pushed the vibrator a bit more inside herself, the whole image became even deeper, as her pussy was basically starting to consume this building without any problem.

“Hnnng… just pushing it a bit is making such a difference, I can’t… Nathan if I keep looking at this I’m gonna become crazy… I want you so deep inside me… geez…” After Anna said that, she pushed the whole vibrator inside her, a single “pop” sound was heard around it at the end, making the whole place getting darker than before, but thankfully the whole place had lights around that allowed me to at least see enough in this place, my eyes going directly at the control command panel in front of me.

“Let me see what I can do with this” I pressed a button and set a small intensity with a constant speed.

“Hnnn… that feels nice” she said, as I could see the inside walls of her pussy pushing a bit against the walls of the vibrator, as if they were tasting the strange oval object that just got in between, or rather, inside them.

“You said you’re gonna lose your head? I can see from this point that you’re pussy is liking this” I said, still showing my girlfriend what was the image I had from this side, as her vagina has already literally eaten me whole.

“If I knew…. Hnnnn… it was that big compared to you…. Believe me… I’d have teased you with it even more… just now...” she said, getting back to the excited rhythm again, probably touching her clit and groping her breasts in the process.

As I heard her talking, I inserted my dick inside that thing I saw before, and before I could realize it, I was already feeling completely good with the texture this thing was giving me.