A Rushed Marriage. by Edgedej4

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Exiled from his previous home, the corrupt Kingdom of Vascar. Leon vi Baster the squire is thrown into a new country. Where he is forced to integrate into a new culture and society where giantess roam and powerful beasts dwell. However he soon finds out his new life may not be so bad after all, as he begins anew with a new opportunity to become a better person. Stepping into a brand new political climate, Leon and his partner try to change their society in a way never done before in their blood soaked history.

This is only my second ever story, naturally will have some flaws and such. Though feedback is always appreciated.

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Story Notes:

- Story will feature predominantly a first person perspective.

- Third person may be used when the protagonist is not the focus.

- Story is tagged gentle, due to the relationship of the main couple being more of a gentle kind. There are still many cruel and horrific acts done in the history of this world. Which may be explored at later portions. Hence why gentle and violent have been tagged.

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Chapter 1- A Rushed Marriage. by Edgedej4
Author's Notes:

First time ever writing properly in first person. Though some errors may still be present. I wanted to try a one shot esque story and well we got here (decided to take it past that.) . Please do review and give feedback.

Cold, it was freezing cold. The dark wilderness of the Ranate kingdom sent shivers down my spine. It was chock full of horrifying beasts, undead creatures and beings far larger than any from my hometown. Despite being early in the morning, it was still quite dark out here. 

This was no place for a mere human to cross, let alone flee towards. Yet here I was, overconfident former squire, Leon vi Baster in this unholy land. It was a long journey to exit the kingdom of Vascar, now overrun by corruption. In essence what happened was that the nobles kept increasing their wealth, running through and flexing their assets repeatedly on us peasants. They exploited, starved, and enslaved many of us. Forcing us to be under their foot, under their rule to their every whim.

Due to this my friends and I had swiftly fled the scene to the kingdom to the south, however on our poorly executed escape they were captured and thrown in prison for ‘plotting against their lordship’. Only I got out of the ordeal… Not through skill or luck though, well technically I guess you could label it luck. See, I was born a part of a low end knightly family. A lineage of lower end nobles, people ever so successful of becoming the fine soldiers of Vascar. As within the branch family, I however had no real weight behind my name. I was basically a mere peasant, a rustic citizen only beginning to learn the way of the sword and masked with a title of power. Only noble in name. Someone with no backing, only bark with no bite.  In essence being the perfect example to oust.

 They had hoisted me in the middle of a crowd after separating myself from my friends and exiled me in shame, in front of all to see. For all to infer that any hope of going against the king would be met with punishment. As for my initial reaction though? Mixed joy, I thought freedom was going to be within my grasp even if it wasn’t quite how I envisioned gaining it. In reality though, a harsh no had been echoed.  The next words that escaped the mouth of the earl proclaiming my fate were,

“Exiled to the kingdom west of our own, the accursed land of demonic beasts and mighty gigantic powerful fiends, that is your sentence, your life as an exile shall be there.” 

There was a harrowing silence, a sense of unrivalled dread. I’m sure my facial expression must have shown a complete turn for the worst at this point. My friends would never be seen again, my connections, family and home would too. All lost, and to what was it lost to… The greed of a few incompetent idiots? I could see the noblemen who proclaimed my sentence snickering away from my reaction. All my anger, my fury quickly transformed to sorrow, into finally acceptance in a matter of minutes. I knew by that point there was nothing I could do. And from now on too, the people of Vascar knew not to either. I was tied up, carried by horse and cart and appointed to meet the princess' envoy near the border of Ranate, where I would be taken away forever…

With that over, here we are at the present.

Earlier I was thrown out of the horse and cart, but my hands were still tied. I was being forced to walk forward, behind me lay two poorly dressed soldiers using poorly made spears to drive me forward until we crossed the border. They were still quite a ways behind me, about 6 metres away? Their spears were sharp and long, but not quite that distance however. 

Well whatever, It was pointless to run. My body is in no shape to do so.

Scars, bruises and blood stains lay everywhere. Particularly at my face and feet. Of course they had made sure to torture me. To really drive home the idea that attempting to escape from Vascar wasn’t something to copy.

I looked pathetic, and I was no fool, I knew that image wasn’t going to disappear when we meet the princess' envoy. Just what had they in store for me?

“Almost there runt, we should have crossed the border by now. She should be in the eyeshot of us now.” remarked the guard in front.

Guess it didn’t help that we were in a forest which would-



“What-what was that?” 

The second guard questioned in angst, only for the thumps to get louder. They already pierced our ears enough, sending vibrations through our entire bodies. But each passing second they managed to get stronger, which I wasn’t prepared for.

In the upcoming flashes of seconds that drifted by, the faint light that lit up the forest darted away into nothingness. Instead, replaced by darkness. As if nightfall had struck early. It urged both I and the guards to pick up the pace, our strides turned into light jogs as we finally could see light again in the distance, it marked the exit. Finally, we’re out of the forest. 

Only to then meet an enormous figure.

“Greetings, people of Vascar.” A voice bellowed. “ I am the primary escort of her Majesty. I am here to collect our human, as we agreed upon.”

She-she’s huge. Like massive. Actually that doesn’t even begin to talk about her size. She easily could probably even dwarf over our pathetic castle. She’s gigantic.

I knew from folklore and other tales that the primary people of Ranate, the Giantess, were a group of titanic women. Standing over 60 metres (around 200ft) in height, well and truly capable of towering over anything in the nearby plains, here one stood in front of me.  But putting this size into perspective? It was far beyond what I could ever imagine. As I emerged from the woods, she locked her eyes onto me, her target.

“It seems our package has arrived in one piece, the grass you humans travelled through has often proved rather dangerous for your kind. It seems the simple bugs and such weren’t too much a hassle this time around.”

The guards lay silent, it was their first time seeing such a being. Seeing a person who could simply crush them underfoot like bugs. Their fear overtook them, and forced them to be quiet, not allowing for a single word to be uttered. Typical of us Vascar soldiers, merely appointed into work through lineage not merit. I scowled at them, overly dramatizing my actions before standing before the giantess in question.

“I-I am Leon Baster, the man being exiled. Pleased to be of your acquaintance.” I nervously announced, hoping to start off friendly. In a new land, with new people I needed to make allies as fast as possible and then devise a plan to escape. I wanted nothing to do with this hell-scape of a country where there were giant bugs, titanic people and extremely powerful magical arts.

“So the human’s name is Leon… Baster. What a unique name. I’ve been instructed to take you back to our royal castle where you will meet her Majesty, princess Ana. The guards of Vascar may leave now.”

“W-wait we aren’t done with torturing Leon-” Interjected one of the guards.

It was an unexpected turn of events, I was sure they would be too terrified to talk back to the giantess in question at all. Their proclamation was met with disgust from the princess' envoy, as if she was staring at a fly that repeatedly was annoying her. 

“Quite frankly, what you say or need doesn’t matter as of now. Our business is done. Finished. Any more intervention will be met and treated as a hostile act. Choose your next actions carefully now.” she warned, the decibels of noise from her voice increased the longer she spoke, making her sound more threatening. Even for me, who was out of the entire dispute, I was terrified. 

“Y-Yes, your grace,” The guards dashed off, back to the east where Vascar was. Slowly disappearing into the ambience of wildlife greenery.

“Now as for you, Leon. The details of your job will be discussed with the princess. I’ll be carrying you back in my palm now, it won’t be a long journey.”


Set into confusion, I wondered what the envoy meant by Job? I was an exile, I wasn’t here to fulfil a job but simply punished to be here.  Before I could finish my thought process, the Envoy’s voice beckoned through my skull as she picked me up and began walking towards Ranate. Silence was in the air for what felt like 5-10 minutes before the envoy finally began speaking.

“Now listen carefully, This is Ranate, kingdom of the giants. Meaning here there are, giant people, humongous insects, towering beasts and horrific sights for a tiny being such as you. Speaking of which, human men such as you are in great demand here.”

“Men? Why?! Speaking of which, I've never heard of a male giant… Do none get born here?”

“Correct, for our reproduction systems, only giantesses are born. There are no men at all. The only supply of men we have are the ones we have for livestock and the ones we import… Such as you.”


Suddenly a bombshell of information was thrown at me, the giantess of this country ate people my size. They even house them in Livestock farms! Oh how mortifying! How horrible! I need to get out of here ASAP!

“You're special, due to your position. So you’ll get to have an especially fun time…” she snickered, for the first time dropping the formal act.

“Wait, explain what do you mean-” I quickly pleaded for answers, however as I realised we were steadily approaching the kingdom itself. My answers got cut off.

“And we’re here! This is the actual kingdom itself, overthere is the castle.” She interrupted, refusing to elaborate further on whatever she was talking about earlier. Instead she pointed her finger forward, 45 degrees and there lay a huge castle there.  I couldn’t help but notice but to people of her size, this castle was quite similar to the one at Vascar, minus some design choices. It just seemed massive to me.

It had a brick like exterior, giving off a lofty and well fortified feel. Something solid and sturdy. It was grey and simple, yet gave off a noble aura through its intricate design. One of luxury, of wealth and integrity. In that sense it was quite different in how it felt to Vascar’s castle.

As we walked closer, we entered the more populated regions of town. There were giant Women everywhere, in every street, every road or house. All about 60 metres tall, comparable to the Envoy who carried me as we walked. Most noticeably was the dressing style here being well covered, as in to minimise showing off skin, perhaps due to the cold nature in this kingdom? 

As we walked away from the edges of town and inward toward the castle, the suburbs became more extravagant, more imperial. Grand was the word I would use personally. The term royal-like became more fitting the more closer we got to the castle.

“Oh my! It’s the envoy Miranda over there!”

“Has she finished another mission for her majesty?”

“I’m a huge fan of you, Miranda, please answer our questions on what it’s like to work for the princess!”

As we walked past the more exquisite areas of the kingdom, right before the castle it seemed a wave of giant women recognised the Envoy, roaring at her with praise or questions in excitement. Who now seemingly called her ‘Miranda’, probably her real name. They seemed to be ‘fangirling’ her like a local legend. What’s the story there? I guess I would never know.

I was left to ponder in the realm of my own mind as we approached the castle, ‘Miranda’ over here had simply ignored any mention of herself from any stray passerby. She maintained the same brisk pace in silence. I thought about disrupting her to get more information of what exactly was going to happen to me. Was I a dish for the princess? They did mention livestock earlier! Oh no…

Slightly petrified by my own imagination, I was left speechless and left to wait in silent horror. All that I could do was leave prayers that I would be safe, It's not like I did anything to deserve this. At least I’d hope I hadn't. Nothing quite came into mind for anything warranting such a large capital punishment, not from Ranate at least.  When I snapped out my own self imposed fear, we were already at the throne room. I was left confused as to how fast the time had been spent from Miranda entering the castle and us getting here so quickly.

The envoy, Miranda slowly opened up the door. Allowing me to bask in the grandiose nature of the luxurious room in front of me. It was long lengthwise, at least from my angle, in a rectangular shape. There was a slight incline at the back with steps going upward to the throne itself. Fancy dark red carpet and lines of a golden yellow were plastered across the ground. Windows lay behind the throne allowing for a dawning light to shine through. It all painted a sense of authority, of power, to whomever was seated atop the royal throne. That person being the alleged princess Ana I’d heard about.

Sitting, upright with good posture, with long brown luscious hair that ran down her arms to where her exquisite dark violet dress was. A deep shade of colour, fine pigments surely used in its making. It stuck tightly to her body, showcasing her figure. She was taller than even Miranda, or most Giantesses for that matter. Only by a little bit, but to someone my size it was far more noticeable. Maybe 65 metres? Perhaps a little more? She sat, with one of her legs crossed atop the other. Providing a rather imposing figure, off to her feet which were clad in thick heel type footwear. Her more finer details were difficult to see though with the harsh light shining.

“Your majesty, I’ve arrived with the packaged noble human, as promised from Vascar.” Miranda knelt and spoke, with great respect and an authoritative tone. She hoisted me up on her palm from this position as she raised her palm, as if to present me to the princess. 

“Hmm, so you are Squire Leon.” She spoke calmly, yet a brief moment of silence came about as she seemingly directed her gaze on top of my figure. “How I've anxiously awaited our meeting.” She licked her lips, sending a sense of dread to my legs. Hell, they almost gave out from her simple gesture. She seemed to zero in on me, her eyes full of lust at looking at her new toy.

“Y-your majesty. I’m but a humble squire. I, Leon, am pleased to make your acquaintance but to what do I owe this pleasure?” I cautiously questioned. Yes, I was exiled to this land. Yet, I had no idea till Miranda picked me up that I was going to meet the princess! For what reason? Why? I was extremely curious to know. The reason could affect my entire life. Was I simply doomed to end up as a meal?

“Oh, please. Leave the formalities. I suppose your confusion makes sense if you weren’t informed of your purpose here. Same old Vascar being annoyingly sparse with their information.” princess Ana jokingly exclaimed, or at least I think that was joking? It seems I was far too distracted by what my purpose was here to think straight. “Miranda, please leave our tiny at one of their accustomed stools.” She says whilst pointing at a tall Wooden seat. For the average giantess it would be up to their thigh level.

Miranda walked up to it and gently hoisted me down on top. She then readjusted it to face forward and towards the princess. With the throne being in front of me. I was seemingly where any old soldier or retainer would be when reporting for Ana. Just on a seat as well.

“Make yourself comfortable.” She politely remarked, courteous in nature. Even I could get that being from a royal background would lead to such excellent behaviour. It was vastly different to what I was used to however.

 Back home I would be drinking with my friends, spouting gibberish and nonsensical dribble at one another. In all honesty I just wasn’t used to this way of speech. The nobles in Vascar were stuck up, proud and unbearable to deal with. The main family I was attached to were a group of lousy gamblers wasting away half of my hard earned pay. Well maybe that was a bit harsh and a biased way of viewing them. But I guess it just goes to show how much of a shitshow Vascar had become.

“Your majesty, the tiny human seems confused and concerned. I believe it would be in our best interest to ease his tension.” She explained, with a quiet tone and formal voice. 

“Is that true, Leon?” She inspects my face, and stares at my entire body for a solid minute, before speaking once more. “ Hmm, it seems an explanation is in order. Miranda thank you for your services, you may leave now and begin your reconnaissance mission.” 

Ana prompts Miranda to leave at once, which she does as instructed. Resulting in a rather awkward group of people left in the room. Just me, and the princess of the giantesses. 

“Y-your majesty, are you going-” I begin to question her, though before I can get anywhere she interjects.

“I believe I said to drop the formalities between us, Leon. Can hardly hear you too, speak up please.” She rebuked, coldly. She must not want me to call her princess or ‘your majesty’ it seemed. I was tempted to even ask why, but due to my mind being preoccupied with the thought I may soon be a dish served on a silver platter. I simply let it slide.

“Ana, why am I here? Please, I need answers.” I pleaded, the dread of not knowing my fate was far too much to bear.

“Oh, you're just the cutest thing.” ignoring my question once again, she giggles to herself as she approaches me. Who is still currently on the stool. “Still, you’re a little small. But we’ll make do.” She optimistically beams as she draws ever so closer. 

To her, someone like me at 1.8m (basically 6 ft) would be akin to less than 5cm (1.84 inches) from her perspective. She was a princess over 30x my height, well and truly capable of destroying anything I could ever hope to do or achieve. 

Then again, what did I even have left ? I lost it all the moment I was exiled. All that was remaining was my life. Yet, all I could do at this moment was to beg. To grovel at her form so as to not lay waste to my puny being.

“What-What do you need, Ana?” I implored. However, she continued walking closer and closer, still ignoring me. Her footsteps rumbling the ground. Loud thumps each capable of flattening any of our small human settlements ruptured through my ears. 

 “Ana… Please?” Now almost begging, I cried out for her. My efforts however continued to be wasted as she was right in front of the stool, where she dropped down to her knees, leaving me in confusion. Her face lay on the stool sideways facing my direction, resting as her eyes looked onto mine, or rather my entire body I guess.

“Much better, I can actually hear you from here. My ears had some trouble picking up your little lovely voice.” She cooed. 

Huh? What?  As if life had been sucked out of my legs, I fell backwards onto my rear. Staring at the colossal face before my eyes. 

My entire body was about twice the size of her single eyeball, at least height wise it definitely was. What did she mean, my voice? Could she not properly hear me?

“Ana, could you please explain my purpose for being here.” I pleaded, perhaps due to the sheer size difference, I felt I was incapable of anything else.

There was a brief moment of silence before she finally replied.

“So you really don’t know?” She paused yet again, her eyes curiously wandering and searching my body.  “Poor little thing. Being exiled to a different land, full of different beings and cultures. With no one to confide in, and no one familiar to you. it must have been rough. Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.” She murmured.

For some reason, despite having no reason to believe a single one of her words. It gave me comfort. As if driving a warm sensation into my chest, her gentle voice eased my tense, shaking body. Her kindly eyes, looking with genuine concern, sent me a feeling of unfamiliar calmness. 

Perhaps due to where I grew up, I still wanted to know the reason why I was here. I simply couldn’t truly relax otherwise. So I attempted to ask her, before I could even begin speaking however, as if knowing what I was about to say, Ana began speaking.

“You won’t be happy without a clear reason, is that correct?” She glanced at my face, where I began nodding before she continued to speak. “ See, the thing is that us giantesses, need you male humans to reproduce. There are no male giants in this land afterall.”

I continue nodding my head in agreement, despite only finding out about such information recently from Miranda. Signalling Ana to continue speaking.

“I’m 25 years old now, and have been in need of a husband for quite some time now.” 

I was quite unfamiliar with the culture of this land, was 25 considered an old age to be wed here?

“Why not take in one of the livestock men if you were so desperate?” I replied.

Livestock men?” She gasped in confusion. “ Oh you probably heard that from Miranda. Oh how she’s stuck up in the past. They aren’t livestock for god’s sake, they simply are used for our reproductive needs.”

Reproductive needs? I had many questions, but I decided to focus on the details involving me for the time present.

“So won’t they fit that quota then?” I questioned.

“Under strict rules from our kingdom, only noble blooded individuals may marry nobility. With the fact there are no such men around, I’ve been left in a rather annoying predicament. Well at least, until you came in.” She giggled, “I found out about your story recently. Exiled and lost without anything, oh how we felt so sorry for you, we decided we were going to offer you a position as one of the workers needed for our reproductive needs.” She clarified, “However, then I found out about your noble blood. Now that was the icing on the cake.” 

“But princess Ana, I’m but a mere lower end noble. Not even a part of the main family, but a branched one. One with almost no backing before, even less now. For someone of your position, surely tha-” I argue against the titanic women in front of me, only to be silenced by her points.

“The Baster family, was it? A family of knights, main or branch, are of hard workers. To me it doesn’t matter what rank you were born in nobility, as long as you will work hard, that is enough. From reading reports about you, I think you certainly fit such a position. Truth be told, I only needed someone with noble blood flowing through their veins, however I’ve refused many due to their personalities or beliefs. Honestly you’ll be damned to know how pathetic some people can be… However you are different, you can be fit for my love. Leon, will you be that person for me?” she gently asked.

I process her words to the best of my abilities. But I’m left with the energy from my legs fleeing from me. Initially, I thought she was going to eat me. Now she requests me to be her betrothed? Is it even a request? I’m an exile with no power. In front of royalty, In front of absolute power. Not exactly in a position to refuse here. Yet, she still asked me. Not with an expectant gaze, but with an authentic question. As if she had no power over my answer and what I could say. She really wanted my true feelings.

Perhaps due to seeing such a sight in nobility was uncommon for me, or perhaps due to the sheer absurdity of the situation. I couldn’t help but give off a delayed reaction, consisting of surprise, confusion, happiness and nervousness. I’m sure my face now would be grinning, but embarrassing as it was, I looked away from Ana.

“... Ready at your command, princess.” I shyly answered, with a red flush across my cheeks.

“Hey, I said to drop the formalities!” Ana amusingly mocked. “ You tiny humans and your nerves. Just so cute.”  

– – –

About 2.5 hours later

“Are you comfy? little one?” Princess Ana teased. She had me, a tiny human in between her cleavage. Trapped in between the smouldering humidity of her tits. Large drops of sweat clung to her breasts or were absorbed into her clothing. Her outfit was quite closed off, a tight fit even. Cramped, hot and nauseating were simple ways I could describe this experience. 

She had me in here for the time being whilst she waited for her work for the day to finish. It seemed her role as princess consisted largely of paperwork. Stacks on stacks of which were present in the room. I however had no way of seeing or realising how much was left. Simply being trapped in her warm bosom, there was no way out for me. 

Her cleavage was a valley, each breast being large enough to act as boulders capable of smashing apart basically anyone my size. The soft, supple skin stuck inward as the external fabric pushed my form onto her tit, as if to smother me into her flesh. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone could hear me if I screamed, if the outside world would even notice me at all. Was I so insignificant here trapped in her cleavage, that no matter what, I couldn’t do anything to protest? 

My entire life was in the possession of Ana. She could do as she pleased, and strangely enough I still trusted her enough for that purpose.

 Her heartbeat excitedly beat through her chest, it could be heard pulsing to my ears. Or well… entire body, I didn’t have a choice but to listen to it.

*Tu-tump, tu-tump.*

The rhythmic sound, almost hypnotising, felt like it was lulling me into sleep, surrounded by the overwhelming salty scent of sticky sweat which felt strangely comforting. Best of all was her voice; it was gentle and calm when we were alone together. It was sweet, alluring even. It contrasted with her work voice, one of authority, of power. It posed a commanding tone. Strangely enough I found myself even attracted to her ‘work voice’. 

Look at me, so desperate in seeking comfort. Finding myself clinging to a woman I met just around 3 hours prior. Pathetic.

Perhaps I was tempted by the idea of wanting out or maybe because I wanted to simply test my own puny figure, I decided to call out to Ana. To scream out and see if she would even hear me at all. 

“Ana! Let me out, it’s dark and humid in this damned prison!” I shouted. Only half heartedly hoping she could actually hear me. A part of me wanted to be her little stowaway, tucked somewhere on her body, as her little secret. Not anyone else’s problem, or person. Just Ana’s little man. If no one else could hear me, then it would only further that fantasy. My tired heart at this stage just wanted someone who would help me take care of myself. Maybe that could be Ana?

Not sure if it’s the scent driving me crazy, but I feel like I’m starting to lose it here. I think to myself as I let out a slight chuckle, at a loss for words for what I even want anymore. Just simply waiting patiently for my captor to release me, or perhaps even not. At this point I would welcome either outcome…

 As nothing began to happen soon after, I began to doze off. Adrift in my thoughts and feelings, I begin to wonder why I was even stuck in the princess’ cleavage in the first place. 


“*Sigh* Finally, done with paper work for the day. Now Come here Leon .” Ana declared, only for me to barely even hear her in my unconscious mind. Being too tired to process or understand what’s happening anything besides the fact I was being moved. 

Fingertips appeared from her collar, and pulled me away from the sweaty, sultry prison, towards the world of light. Now instead a giant, pretty face was in my view. 

“... if you were so sleepy then why did you shout out so loud? Geez. A lot happened to you today, you should rest for a bit before tonight. You deserve it, my little squire.” She cooed. Her warm breath simply melted away my soul. Nulling any thought I could possibly have for protest.


Those were the last words I heard before my eyes closed, before everything went dark.

— — — 

“Wake up little squire. Gosh, you slept through the entire night! I wanted to have some fun with you...” A voice beckoned, throwing me back into consciousness. Light returned to my eyes, and sounds came back into being processed by my ears. It must have been that dreary eyed, tired look that must have been plastered across my face as I woke up in confusion, or so I guessed. 

“W-where am I?” I questioned. Lost in an unfamiliar room, decked with extravagant lights and fancy furniture, I was rather lost. Everything was giant size, so I figured that this must be princess Ana’s room. Though being far too small, I was in no shape to make a proper judgement of the specifics.

As I readjusted my eyes, I quickly came across a titanic figure. How I didn’t notice her before was beyond me. Which would clearly be Ana. She had donned a formal wear dress, nothing too sparkly or fancy. Yet, it was far from anything rustic, even I could recognise expert craftsmanship.

 The dress was of a dark red, that covered her legs and main body, but clung tightly to her figure. As if to taunt any beholder. Going up, it exposed her cleavage slightly, with a window showing off a bit of skin. It rose until finally straddling across her shoulders. It was some variant of a sheath dress. Something only royalty would have access to, even then only the most advanced kingdoms could afford them, let alone have it prepared for someone like Ana.

“You like? I was thinking it’s a bit small. Not to mention not many ladies wear these kinds around here, being expensive and all, also this isn’t a wedding variant.” She catches you staring at her figure. “ I need something you’ll also be comfortable with, come wedding night.” She quietly blurted. Announcing our wedding night as if it was well known information.

“Wedding night?!” I shrieked. My Bewilderment in the topic only growing wider and wider. “Since when was this decided so quickly?”! I wondered.

It was a fact that I wanted to be with her. While hazy, memories of yesterday and the cosiness of her body came flooding back to my mind. Her warm embrace and soothing heartbeat even brought a tinge of relaxation back to me. However, marriage this quickly? I found it hard to swallow. Simply, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this.

“It's tomorrow evening,” She clarified while adjusting her dress. 

TOMORROW?!” I gasped, my mouth wide open in shock. I couldn’t even begin to process before another dump of information was thrown at me.

“Speaking of which, you wouldn’t know about our culture and how we do marriage ceremonies.” She stated, tiredness evident in her voice. “We need to buy you an outfit, get you up to speed on normal customs, mannerisms, meet with the clergy and nobility, make a name for yourself and uh, the do’s and don'ts of Ranate.” She sighed.

“All of that in a day?” I whispered, the sheer scale of the list took my breath away.

“Quite a normal schedule for a Royal. “She giggled. “Look, we’ll start with marriage ceremony traditions, it’s quite differ-” She begins,

“How about we skip that part, I’m sure the other aspects are more important right now.” I argued. I wasn’t ever big on traditional aspects like these to begin with. Hence I was sure I could learn them later, perhaps half-heartedly but learnt nonetheless.

“ But really, I think you should know more about it.” She hesitantly disputes.

“I’m sure I can figure it out later. You said so yourself that we need to get through a lot today. Also don’t worry about my opinion of your dress, just get what you want. I mean it’s yours afterall”

“Hmm, fine if you say so.” She clicked her tongue in a brief pause. “Let’s begin with buying you a suit. As well as a general makeover. The way those bastardly people of Vascar treated you still shows a bit.” Ana comments, once again leading to momentary silence, “Don’t worry, I have a private fashion designer I can recommend you to.”

“A private fashion designer? I guess Royalty is royalty. I barely made enough to put food on the table.” I dejectedly complained.

“Well, somehow we need clothes for you. Not much extravagant wear gets sold for people of your size to the common folk. Here, climb on.” she bends down, kneeling right in front of the bed. Her chest, now being almost eye level with me. I’ve been situated on a bed this entire time. Most likely would have been sleeping earlier, and to talk with Ana I’ve been right near the edge of the bed. 

Now, there's a simple jump in front of me. The warm and cosy confines of her sweaty prison, lay bare right ahead. Where the small cleavage window on her dress is. She signals with her left handed, pointer finger forward towards it. As it taunts me to jump and land back to paradise. All I would have to do is jump to arrive there. Hell, each passing second she shimmy forwards, only causes her mounds of flesh to jiggle as they draw closer. 

“You know you want to…” She pesters, in a taunting voice. “C’mon, we don’t have much time Leon. Or I suppose I should begin calling you dear now. Would you prefer that?” She asks.

“I…uh look Ana-“ I shyly began speaking, only to be immediately cut off. 

“Honey, it’s a two way street. From now on, you’ll be addressing me as ‘dear’ or something similar, is that clear?” She commands onto my fragile figure. “Now, let’s make haste. Before I shove you in there myself.”

I wasn’t sure if it was her commanding tone, or her sheer confidence. But I found myself not complaining about her attitude. At that point, I simply did as I was told and jumped off the bed side edge and onto her cleavage window. 

A soft, squishy surface was what I immediately felt as I landed. The all so familiar sensation of her sweaty tits came back. It’s warmth, it’s soothing heartbeat and stickiness reminded me how I was here before. In utter bliss, though slightly embarrassed. 

Like quicksand, I sank deeper into the valley of her chest. Soon to be lost away from where any light could reach. Perhaps it was my initial panic, the first instinct I had was to fight against it. To push and shove against the fleshy confines around me and hope to see the world outside again. Alas it was to no avail.

 Forget quicksand, now more so accurately it was like a constrictor snake. Whereby the more I tried flailing for my survival, the deeper I would sink. The lack of any point to have grip didn’t help. 

I attempt to shove the tit to my right. The flesh pushes back slightly giving me just the slightest bit of space, only for when I let go for it to almost push back towards me. Squishing me momentarily. 

“Having fun?” A voice loomed, a sense of superiority present in her tone. “ It seems like you’ve given up and accepted your place.” 

I yell back at full throttle, or at least what I could manage to make some form of snarky comeback.

“Hmm, it seems your voice is a little muffled there sweetie. I can’t quite hear you anymore.” She cooed.

Suddenly a sensation of slight force was felt around me. A slight shaking sensation causing a cramped feeling.

“It’d be a real shame if I just put a little too much force against these things.” She whispers, still loud enough for me to hear.

The mounds of flesh in a spontaneous jolt, crashing together, even more so than before. For a brief second, I was squashed and smothered against both tits. I was forced into submission. Quite literally put into my place. 

“Heh, was that a little scary for you?” She mocked. “ Awww, how adorable you are. Don’t forget, if your queen orders you to do something, then please do consider it properly.” She paused. “ Although, because I just love my tiny little man so much, I would never order him to do something bad. So rest assured. You’ll only get the finest treatment with me.” She giggled.

She pulled my tuckered out figure from her depths, and rose me out to the surface of her cleavage. Where the upper body segments of my head, neck, arms all poked out. The rest were solidified firmly in place.  

The first sights my eyes could see as the world of light finally returned to my view was that we were in a fancy building.  Princess Ana must've been walking here all this time. My tiny little form poked out from her cleavage window in an attempt to scout out the area.

I had no way of knowing besides perhaps the swaying motion, that earlier she had already arrived to our first destination. The private fashion designer. Specially tailored made for ‘tiny people’. It wasn’t that far from the castle where we came from, as from yesterday I saw that the richer estates and locations stay closer to the castle.

A voice shrieked. “Wow, Ana is that him? The lucky guy. Oh hi there. I’m Beth. A designer for you tiny people. “

“O-okay Beth, calm down a little. I was bound to find a suitable tiny eventually.” Ana comments.

“You’ve even kept him in your cleavage. Wow, look at you. Miss naughty princess.” 

“Beth!” Ana shouts in embarrassment. “Y'know, when we’re in a public building you could at least address me properly…”

“Now my little Ana is blushing. Still though I have to say, marriage so soon?”

“It’s quite late already for me. Not to mention I think someone like Leon here would do nicely as my partner.” 

“Well, if you say so. You don’t need to put so much stress over yourself in trying to be a Royal y’know. Times are different now.” 

“Yeah, okay.” Ana answered with a sigh.

It seemed like these two got along very well. Beth was allegedly the designer figure responsible for my clothing, she was a bit shorter than Ana. Something to be expected it seems. She had blonde hair and was wearing a bandana, along with thick work trousers and a black shirt. Her hair went only up to her shoulders.  She also seemed fairly older than Ana.

“Now then, little guy. I need to take measurements for you and begin planning. As well as looking for a design you would need. Do you have a preference for anything?” Beth asked, enabling her work voice.

“Uh, typical formal attire for this land will do. Thanks.” I timidly answered. Perhaps it was the sight of an unknown enormous person so close, it made me nervous. 

I didn’t see this earlier but she was writing down summarised dot points of what I just said on a notepad. It in itself was fairly large from my perspective. Lengthwise being larger than I am. 

“-And… alright. Now any requests from you Ana on his outfit? Although tiny outfits aren’t really a big deal for a wedding between our two kinds. Moreso important for other matters.” Beth pointed out.

“Yes, it just needs to be comfortable for him. Though I’m sure you’re already on that.” Ana says.

“Naturally. Also have you seen a materials specialist yet? Your going to need the seats specially made for the ceremony.” 

The two continued discussing finer details for a while. As for me, I, a squire and country bumpkin, completely zoned out. Only hearing minor details and processing even less. Could you really blame me though?

“Alright, so I’ll pay you for it to be ready by tonight.” Ana declares.

“No, no. It’ll be for free.” Beth contends in disagreement. 

“Beth, stop trying to do me a favour. It’s not necessary!” 

“Again, with the queen stuff. If we’re going there then it’s because I’m thankful. If it wasn’t because of you I wouldn’t have a business. Now you’re marrying a tiny. That’s only going to solidify the ban from 5 years ago.” 

“That has nothing to do with this.” Ana sighs in reluctance. 

“No one needed clothes or anything from a tiny back then. They were just meals to most. Mere livestock. Only some of the more out there giantess got married to them. Yet, when you took the throne you completely changed that policy. And from that, guess what. I got a job.” Beth clarifies; offering a sense of reason to her contention. “ If you're marrying one, that ban just gets stronger. No one is going to mess with tinies if one is married to the queen. More humane treatment for them equals more business for me.”

“Wow. So you're taking that angle now.” Ana chuckled. “Fine. I’ll accept your free offer.” She took her right hand and directed it straight to her cleavage, plucking me out in a pinching motion. Both freeing myself and waking me up from zoning out. “Honey, go take your measurements.” 

“Huh… Ah, okay. Sure.” Ana placed me on a table and Beth went to grab a micro-measuring tape.

It was going to be a long day.

— — —

“All right. Everything is almost set! We can finally relax for the day.” Ana’s feminine booming voice explains.

“It’s 01:00, we wake up tomorrow to wedding day at 08:00. That isn’t any time to relax. How in the 9 hells do you still have energy?” I complained.

“You get used to it.” She casually mentioned. To me, it only further emphasised the difficulty of living as a royal.

I lay atop our bed, which we shared. Finally, I was tired and done for the day. Believe it or not, but transferring from another kingdom, to meeting new people in preparation for your marriage in the span of 2-3 days takes a lot out of a person. 

“We still need to enchant you now.” Ana casually mentioned. “That’s about the final step before we’re ready for our wedding tomorrow.”

“I’m assuming we’re doing that later?” I asked.

“Yep, enchanting is a simple process though so it should be doable tomorrow. It’s illegal to marry a tiny that isn’t enchanted.” She explained

“What does that entail?” I questioned.

“Enchanting refers to a series of modifications or magical abilities being optimised on an individual. For example, if I stomped on you with all of my strength on a fairly strong surface. Well you’d turn into a wee little stain.” She said, portraying a rather haunting image. “If we enchant you however, we can change that so you're more resistant. Or have auto recovery.” 

“O-oh, I guess that makes sense. We wouldn’t want an accident to happen I guess.” 

“Yeah. Well it’s a pretty safe process. So don’t worry. Honey, you’ll love it. Trust me.” Ana reassured me.

“Yeah. Well, good night. Dear”

“Good night.”

As such, I drifted off to sleep as a result of being far too tired. Still a shame, I could tell Ana wanted to continue in some further nightly activities…

— — —

“So it was Resistance, absorption/regeneration, anaerobic further respiration, obedience and pain redirection?” Asked the alchemist. She was a giantess with violet hair, glasses and was drinking a coffee. 

“Yes, that is all for Leon.” Ana spoke.

“Are you okay with these, little one?” The alchemist clerk asked me now. 

“I trust Ana’s judgement.” I acknowledged. Perhaps it was an indicator of trust. But after almost 3 days together I was truly starting to trust her. 

“Even pain redirection?” The alchemist glanced over at Ana. Who simply continued smiling. “Most people go with pain-nullification or tolerance. Princess, you have some strange tastes.” She commented with a weirded out look on her face. “Or is it the little one with strange tastes?” Now glancing at me. 

Ana hastily spoke to hurry the conversation along. “My, my, would you look at the time. I believe we should begin the enchanting process right away.” 

“That’ll be 99,300 gold pieces.”

99,300! Suddenly more money then what the Vascar imperial treasury had was being asked for. It was an astounding amount. How? Why? Was this process that legendary? That amount of money could probably purchase the land of our country as a whole. And yet, Ana did not bat an eye. 

“Okay, here’s 10 emerald pieces, I’d like my change in gold pieces afterward.” She nonchalantly asked. As for me, emerald pieces were something only the richest countries possessed, to find out Ana had some, in her own allowance was but only one of many bombshells of information overload occurring recently.

“Okay, here’s 700 gold pieces change.” The alchemist lady quietly said. “Now just stand over there, little one, right over there on the hexagonal incantation symbol.” 

I did as I was told. 

“Okay, we can begin now. 3…2..1.Go!”

Suddenly the hexagonal shape lit up with a fierce red colour. Next thing I knew was a hot burning sensation followed by an electrical one. Like static shock all around my body before-

“And done…” Just like that, I was finished. “We now need to just test one of these to make sure they all transferred over.” The purple hair women explained.

“Alright. I know just the one!” Ana enthusiastically grabs my entire body before I’ve been given a moment to react. Her hand grasps my body and I feel a strange pleasurable sensation from it. However due to the panic of my situation I ignored it and focused on what my titanic wife was planning.

She raises her arm up to the sky, revealing her exposed armpit towards me. I stared dumbfounded for a couple seconds before my entire world came crashing towards the site of her sweaty armpits. They were hairless, but from such a close proximity the odour only amplified each second as I drew closer. Eventually, I came right into contact with her skin. Immediately noticing the far more humid environment this was. It wasn’t the pleasant warmth of her tits, this was the heat of a tropical region out in the sun. 

“Wait Ana-“

And before I could finish she lowered her arms down, and tightly clung them to her body. Sticking me in place. I had suddenly been submerged into a wet, humid and sultry environment. Being pressed together into place by two opposing walls of skin. I couldn’t even scream anymore, the air had been suddenly knocked out of my lungs. 

I felt as if I was about to pass out, only then to realise that the need to breathe wasn’t arising within me. I still had energy and was capable of carrying out my normal bodily functions. I tried screaming again, and my voice was capable of reaching out once more.

Not that it’d do anything of course.

I could faintly hear Ana and the alchemist lady giggling to themselves. I wondered what I sounded like to them at this moment. If they could even hear me. 

“Mmmmph-“ I screeched in vain in an attempt to let any word out. 

“Ahahaha, dear, that's ticklish. Stop it, c’mon we have to see if the enchantment for anaerobic further respiration actually worked.” 

All my efforts had only resulted in a mere tickling sensation for Ana, to the almost omnipresent being that held my fate right next to her sweaty pores, I was but a mere mite in comparison. 

“Phew, that’s 3 minutes up. And I can feel him still squirming in there, so that means the enchantment worked, he can officially  respire without oxygen.” Ana chuckled in response to my fickle tickling attempts.

She released me via extending her arm upward, revealing my poor tiny figure plastered on, stuck firmly on her skin. 

“Poor guy, princess, you can be rather brutal.” 

“It’s better than your store policy of trying to crush them barefoot to test them for resistance…”  Ana sneered.

“-ahaha… I’m aware you don’t like our policies.” She nervously giggled. “Well, see you next time if ever need be  Ma’am.” As she directed my lover out the door. Who was peeling me off from her skin, only to throw myself into her bra gently. 

“Well, now that we’ve finished that little task. Let’s head over to the wedding venue and get ready.” She cooed.

Admittedly, I was rather unfamiliar with how weddings were celebrated in Ranate. For once they typically take place in the evening to very late at night was my basic understanding. However, basic understanding was all I had. Their culture or dresses/outfits were things I had no idea on. It was still currently quite early in the morning, by the time we would arrive it would be near noon. The rest would be wedding prep and then taking in guests. 

— — — 

“There she is, our new queen. All this time She’s been a mere princess and now look.” 

“She’s gorgeous in her slim sheath wedding dress, where is the lucky man?”

“Look closely on her right shoulder. You can see him, he’s seated right there.”

“Where? I can’t find him.”

“In the deep dark blue suit on her shoulder.” She begins pointing. “Right there.”

“Oh my god, I see him. Aww he’s just the cutest thing too.”

I can hear the crowds chatting and gossiping about us, about Ana and I. It is a particularly exciting day, the princess Ana finally can become queen. And that she is getting married. Along with that, a crowd full of envy and contempt is present.

“The snarky, pretentious princess is finally getting married. Took her long enough.” 

“She spent so long looking for suitors, that she even had the gall to reject some. And then she settled on this peasant?!” 

Perhaps it’s best I ignore such people…

I listen into the crowds. We’re currently outside our castle. Right behind it actually. It’s where the Royal gardens are and it’s where royalty has been getting wed as per tradition, apparently. The many citizens of the kingdom are free to wonder about, and observe from the outside. Away from inside the gardens. Inside the venue itself are many, many guests. All giantesses. It’s oddly intimidating. Well not that oddly, of course I’m intimidated by those who knows how many times my size.

In reality I would have thought such an important event to garner more international folk, people of my size. It appears I was wrong.  Once again, only giantesses seem to be present. Speaking of which, I don’t see Ana’s parents anywhere. The father must be small like me, right?

I haven’t seen them anywhere in my entire stay here… and you would think they would greet or congratulate their daughter for marriage… Perhaps it’s a topic I should stay quiet about.

“Woah, that dress looks so cool on her. It has the typical design choices but a few more.” A random giantess commented, grabbing my attention. 

In all honesty, I thought her dress was a bit strange. Perhaps it’s a cultural barrier. It was a colour clash of a deep red and white on the top and hips, before only being red as it kept going down her rear and legs. There was a small cleavage window, specially designed, I would guess to house me if need it be. Her shoulders lay exposed, and her lower back remained exposed.  She wore crimson red shoes, flat heels.  I’m sensing that red is the thematic colour of choice for a wedding in this kingdom.

Another weird fact I recently learnt was that the back of the dress, from the ass down, was usually red. White was almost never used there. Again, probably a cultural difference.

The ceremony itself was yet to happen. Apparently it’s customary to wait a while, let the groom and bride wander around of their own disclosure for a while beforehand. Hence why I’m just aimlessly listening to random conversations as of now whilst Ana is greeting guests and introducing me.

Luckily, I’ve been congratulated too as her groom. Lots of invitations to join various activities. However, Ana has her golden rule that I’m not allowed to leave her sight, simply being that I can’t offer any resistance to anyone in this country.  So I’ve had to deny most, if not all of them.

“Wow, your majesty, so this is going to be your little man?” A giantess cheerfully exclaimed.

“Yep, he’s my sweet little betrothed.” Ana replied.

“Just recently, I got my own partner. So I know just how sweet those little men can be.”

“Wow, Emily. Where is the little guy?” Ana curiously asked.

“Hehe, sorry that’s something I can’t show even you, your majesty.” She giggled and pointed towards her nether regions. “He’s somewhere dark and moist. I’ll introduce you some other time. Bye.” She says before leaving.

Dark and moist?! In there?! Will I have to do something like that too for Ana…

“Oops, look at the time Leon. Wedding ceremony will be commencing in half an hour. We need to prepare. “ Ana declared. She hastily moved towards the prep room building, where everyone would get dressed and things would get discussed. Of course carrying me along with her.

Inside, here we were. There was an exit to the back, which went to a very large looking reception building where the formal ceremony would take place. The close guests of Ana would be asked to move here and be seated to wait for her royal majesty. 

Ana was frantically discussing every possible detail with those in the prep room. From the witnesses, to the priest, to the cake, to the very seats themselves. Someone was clearly excited.

She even asked to double check if the materials were made of volcanic sheep wool, a gentle textile when woven on a seat can increase the softness of it and make for a far more comfortable seat.

“Your majesty, everything is set. We are ready to go. Shall we begin calling over guests?

“Yes, begin at once.”

With that, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

– – – 

-”In love, in lust, in splendour and wonder. For the great kingdom of Ranate, will you, young Leon vi Baster, promise to love Ana for the rest of eternity?”

Yes, I do.” I replied to the priest. An odd looking fellow, like me, was tiny. Or a mere human. From the time It’s taken for our ceremony to begin I’ve come to realise that many of the giantesses here have tinies on them, just hidden away. The only one in plain sight I can see is the priest himself. Which was a refreshing sight.

“And you, Ana Darlington-Bliss, ruler of Ranate. Saviour of our land. Will you vow to marry Leon in good faith?”

“I do,” She said.

Surprisingly so, while a few cultural differences here and there. The actual ceremony itself isn’t so different. See, skipping the traditional stuff yesterday was worth it. That time was precious and because of me we even ended up saving some of it.

We were on an altar, where Ana stood and I was on top of a seat right next to her. The very same kind, made with volcano sheep textiles. How lucky is that! These seats are a little squishy and soft, even for me who weighs next to nothing.  It was about up to her thighs in height.

Now, this is the land of the giantesses. So it probably won’t be ‘you may now kiss the bride.’ As per what I’m accustomed to. But the other way around. Hell, I’ll even bet on it.

“You may now-” the priest begins. I go the extra mile and begin auto filling what he might say in my own mind.

“You may now kiss the groom.”  I think in my head. 

“Sit on the groom.” The priest said.

Wait what.

To my right I see my towering, soon to be wife, Ana move towards my seat. Placing one foot in front of another before she is facing the audience. From my angle however ( who ended up behind her from the perspective of the audience) it just looks like she’s positioned herself to sit down. Every passing second I could feel my heartbeat getting louder as my body’s sense of panic catches up. As I stared up It only cemented the dreadful reality that was soon coming. It wasn’t anything I had any control over. Even if I wanted to, the wheels of fate had already spun. Her rear end, now making up the sky in front of me, loomed over my figure, and the seat. Her round ass stuck out slightly from her dress, as she bent her hips lower it, her dress only clung to her rear end tighter. 

I couldn’t really see this, but everyone was watching intently. In anticipation. Like how everyone watches the kiss that occurs usually, in the same way they stared at this scene. The scene of Ana about to crush me underneath her like a bug. 

“Here it comes.” I hear a playful feminine tone. It was Ana’s voice right above me. 

In the next second, her ass comes crashing down. Like an asteroid about to come landing. A sight whereby no question would leave a crater in the land. This was no different. 

My legs had given out from the sudden panic, my voice lost in the fear of what was going to happen. Each passing second I saw that monstrous sized butt of Ana get larger and larger as it completely encompassed me. It’s shadow dwarfed over my body, over my soul. The sight of her red coloured dress coming down was horrific. Perhaps it was a last minute realisation but it made sense why they made her rear end of the dress red. It covered blood stains easily…

I couldn’t even speak as the over 50 megaton ass came crashing down on me. Enveloping me into place as it firmly made sure to keep me in check. I expected vast amounts of pain. How could I not? However, I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. What I did notice though, was the seat itself pushed down on the soft foam and created an imprint. What my puny mass could do to push the soft material down paled in comparison to Ana. Who had smooshed me along with the seat down. 

The sensation of being pushed down into the ground, and then that very ground itself being pushed down due to the sheer colossal force of a mere butt was oddly terrifying. 

I was then interrupted by the cheering and clapping of a crowd. Right, we were being congratulated for a successful ceremony. 

I could hear familiar voices of people congratulating her.  My own thoughts however were focused on when she would release me from my imprisonment. 

“So Ana, how long do you think you’ll manage?” 

“ Maybe an hour or two. I mean any longer it's a waste of an event..” She confidently answers.

“You're gonna stay sitting on him for that long? Poor guy must be getting claustrophobic down there.” One of the two Giantesses guests asked.

“Well, it is a tradition. The longer the bride stays seated on top of her groom after their ceremony, the more good luck is wished upon their relationship.” The other giantess answers. The 3 continue chatting with one another.

I barely hear what they say as I have only a fraction of my strength remaining. She landed on me with me facing up. Right onto her fleshy cheek clad onto the soft fabric of her dress. I couldn’t move in the slightest. With another bombshell of information dropped on top of me, that Ana had no plans of dropping her seat. I begin my counterattack. 


However to the outside world I sounded like “MHMMHMPH-MHMP.” 

My voice wouldn’t even reach the people Ana herself was talking to her. The only reason she might hear it was because she felt the vibrations. Surely, that must be it. I thought. I began screaming. Just making noise as loud as possible.


However, not only does she not hear me. But also doesn’t even acknowledge me whatsoever. It’s then that I recall that her dress is made of thick material and could probably absorb quite a bit of sound. 

So that’s why enchantments are needed before marriage… Yeah, maybe I should of paid more attention towards their traditions…

I sigh, figuratively of course. No way was I ever going to be physically capable of doing so under the sheer all encompassing mass of my wife. 

Why was this a tradition? Who thought of this? For what purpose?

I could still hear the voices outside of the ladies chatting.

“Your majesty, what enchantments did you two decide upon?” One of them asks.

“Well, I decided we would get the usual ones plus pain redirection.” Ana expressed excitedly.

“Oooo, pain redirection. That one’s expensive, your majesty. I wanted it too for my tiny but couldn’t afford it. Shame really.” The other lady responded, a dejected tone obvious in her voice.

“Was that one that converts excess pain Into pleasurable sensations? Wow, really pulling out the big bucks for the lucky man, princess.” The first lady commented.

“Well, I don’t think it’ll have any effect on him right now. Provided I’m sitting on a very soft material, so it probably isn’t causing him much pain to begin with.” Ana’s voice beckoned. “Maybe if I readjust myself a little bit? Just can’t get off the seat is all right?” She said, sending alarm bells to my ears on what was soon coming. 

Suddenly excess pressure was placed upon me from above. Like dough was how I would describe my being right now, and Ana’s ass was the rolling pin. As she not only grounded my being, but slowly grinded against it as she moved down the seat. Eventually dragging me along with it until I was shuffled to a new location underneath her. I swear I was being turned into flatbread or the like. 


Finally pain began seeping into my body. Not a lot though , it seemed Ana couldn’t find it in her conscience to harm me so violently. Still I wonder if any blood had come out as she squeezed me across the seat from earlier. There’s probably a tiny stain on her dress by now…

Suddenly, that pain disappeared, and a weird sense of pleasure came to take its place.

“I wonder what he’s feeling right now.” I could still hear Ana’s voice.

“A sense of being dominated, probably.” One of the two ladies commented.

As much I didn’t want to admit it. The raw, unfiltered feeling of how I was thrown onto this seat and forced into becoming basically a stain by her butt, started to sound hot. Fuck, what’s causing that feeling? I recall the three ladies speaking on the matter of one of my enchantments. That it converted pain into pleasure? What a terrifying thing.   Would this sense of satisfaction last forever? I wondered, in awe and agony simultaneously at the sheer spectacle of what was going on. Every passing second the force of her ass felt like it was getting stronger, yet it didn’t feel like she was putting more force behind her own actions.  

Was this all I am? All I amounted to?

Any movement I could do was restricted. Any words I could say were muffled. Any punch I could swing is tied back. Any bite I could inflict wouldn’t have any effect. Anything at all to do in protest would amount to virtually the same as not protesting. As the same as being compliant. Was this the almost infinite power these titanic women held over us humans? 

It was as if I was a bug in comparison to her. But she didn’t mind having me around. She could oh so easily treat me like her own personal pet or a slave. Yet she didn’t. 

I was her lover. But had the power of a bug. And for some reason, that drove me up the wall in a good way.

Maybe that was the enchantment at work,  but I fell into the temptation of her sitting atop me. As if that’s where she belonged. Above me and my puny form. My base animal instincts craved such a raw feeling, such a raw need for her attention.  My own dick began rising up, in search for her love, but was quickly hushed back into its place by the absolute weight pushing down on it. Its own protest didn’t matter to the gigantic landmass above me. Its feeble attempt at rising only stopped at hardening within my pants. That too, was right where it belonged. Below her. Perhaps this was the feeling of being dominated as one of the ladies mentioned.  It felt oddly comforting. Knowing that nature itself is far stronger than you and anything you’ll achieve. That humanity is below such monstrous beings. Perhaps that wasn’t so bad.

I didn’t need to breathe. I didn’t need to eat. Any damage I would sustain I would simply recover. Any feeling of pain would become pleasure. All I had to do was to be docile and behave under my new wife. Was that so bad? No, no it wasn’t. It was something I was now willing to do.

It was today that I learned that I was a bottom. Who would have thought?

— — —

Light, at first sprinkling in, then dominated by vision. No longer a shadow or darkness obstructing my entire livelihood but rather I could see again. However, along with it came a strange sensation. As if my entire world was being shifted, as of being moved. 

W-what’s going on.

As the fuzzy mess of my surroundings cleared as my eyes adjusted to the light, I realised I had been stuck to the backside of Ana’s rear end. Right near the bottom of her right cheek. It’s jiggly voluptuous mass panned out slightly from her dress to create tension on her dress. And on top that dress, was I. Plastered across that cheek, my tiny form came into existence to Ana and any nearby passerby. 

“Wow, your majesty, you lasted 1.5 hours. May your wedded life be long and luxurious. As for the little guy here, the poor guy is stuck to your bottom!” A random guest pointed out.

“Oh, Leon. Are you alright? It looked like you had no clue what was going on. I told you so that you should have refreshed your understanding of our traditions beforehand.” My wife commented, almost in a mocking tone near the end. “ Now have a look at you, you’ve become one with my rear.” She says while slightly shaking her hips and bottom. 

She draws her left hand near my flattened being. Peeling me off from the dress on her ass cheek and resting my tuckered out figure on her hand. 

“It’s a good thing we chose volcanic sheep textiles for the seat. I remember Debra’s wedding six years back which left a big, bloody stain on her bum by doing it on dragon leather.” She casually stated. Now painting a picture of a horrific reality where the past 1.5 hours would have been a far worse experience to me.

“Geez, look at you. Always tired out.” She exclaims.

“C-can you blame me? I just got the life knocked outta me… almost literally.” I replied.

“On the brighter side. You’re officially a Darlington-Bliss now. A part of the Royal family of Ranate.” She announces, right soon after kissing you gently with her soft supple lips. “Leon Darlington-Bliss, king consort of Ranate.”

“Well. I’m glad that’s over. Finally I can just relax now.” I comment, in exhaustion. As Ana begins walking towards the dining area where our dinner will be served.

“Over?” A brief sense of silence appeared in the air. “Wow, you really haven’t done any research, have you?” She whispers to me.

“W-what do you mean?” I cautiously ask.

“We’ve officially become husband and wife. But that’s only under oath of Ranate customs. We still have 2 more wedding celebrations to do to be acknowledged as being together internationally. One in a month and another a year later!” She gallantly explains.

“3 WEDDING RECEPTIONS?! Wait, so I have to do that entire ceremony again!” I ask at my wits end.

“Yep, 2 more times in fact.” She cheerfully smiles.

“W-what! Wait! Surely we can-“ I plead for an alternative but am silenced by the thumb of her other hand, pushing my back down into her palm.

“Nope, sorry. Look, it’ll be fine. You’ll have plenty of time to kiss my ass until then as prep.” She taunts. Before finally blowing me one more little kiss and entering the dining hall.

The End. (Maybe a continuation)

End Notes:

Phew, that was that. For flaws, I still think I need more practice with the first person narrator. Though I personally liked the ending portion. I left some moments and giant characters up to the air, well because I thought if I ever feel like returning to this narrative, then I may focus on them. Who knows, I’ll see if it’s even in popular demand or not.

For those interested, here's a world map. (sorry about res) Why did I include a map? Dunno, Just found it interesting. (Map is created using Azgaar’s fantasy map generator.)

Chapter 2. New Life. by Edgedej4
Author's Notes:

Finally another chapter. 

I really like adding onto this story, and decided I would dedicate a chapter towards Leon into his marriage. How he acts, in relation with the world and towards Ana. 

my personal criticism for myself for this chapter would be that I over-explained things. Show not tell is something hard to do it appears.

(Map is from Azgard fantasy map generator)

“Ana, wait, sto-” I beg, on to deaf ears. My pleas were being cut off, or more accurately muffled. Being tiny, my own body wasn’t that difficult to silence. If anything it was rather quite easy. Which as of the immediate present was a fact just so slightly annoying.

As to who had silenced me? Of course it was my lovely and beautiful wife Ana. 

Ana Darlington-Bliss.

As of now, I had become one of her family, changing my last name from vi Baster, to Darlington-Bliss itself. It was tradition that a tiny had to change their surname, it wasn’t mandatory but I honestly preferred it.  I mean, why should I even have to associate myself with Vascar any longer? That kingdom was a travesty, a complete mockery of the finer connotations behind what a kingdom should strive to be.

People were generally nicer here, of course I had no way of confirming whether that was due to my newly found prestige or not, but still it felt nice; and whilst the loving embraces of Ana often had me questioning on the ‘loving’ part, she still comforted me with her warmth. 

Ana had a tendency to be slightly overprotective, not so much in a bad way. Her worries were rightfully founded. I was a mere insect compared to the leviathans around me. So I guess it made sense that she would refuse to leave me out of her immediate vicinity. 

She held me in place so much that even right now I was currently being stuffed into her bra. Her soft bosom, clad beneath the heavy fabric of her clothing would have me suffocated right next to her breast. Figuratively speaking of course, the enchantments casted upon me made sure I would never need oxygen again for survival. I was tucked within a cup of her bra, the sight of the outside world became fleeting once more as the dark, humid environment took over my senses. As my eyes casted back towards the gigantic boob, dwarfing over me from behind, I was once again reminded of my tiny stature. I drew my eyes forward, away from her tit and shouted in protest.

“ANA! Wait! It’s too dark in here-” But my words were cut off. Right there laid in front of me was soft fabric, like a prison it enclosed my world. I looked up, where the final rays of light dawned on me from. Simply put, Ana was readjusting her bra. The top part still allowed her to see me within. However, only for a few moments. As her eyes diverted away from staring at my confined being, making it clear that she was ready to move on with her day. 

Next thing I felt was something akin to a strong shaking motion, as if the world was rumbling. She must be messing with her clothes! Were my thoughts. Only then did I notice that the light within the bra cup was vanishing, dimming slowly… 

The top section of the cup was as if being glued onto her tit, repositioned and shifted onto where it should be. From my perspective All I notice is that the fabric around me began stretching and taking form, plastering across her boob, housing me up too to stick me right onto her breast. 

Fuck, I forgot clothing is very tight and confined here!

 I realised, only a minute too late before I could mentally steel myself. With my fate held tightly between her soft flesh and her bra. I was immobilised, completely and utterly frozen in place. If not for the other layers of clothing on her body, you could probably even see an outline of my body on her bra. 

“Now, now Leon. Today is a working day for me, and I can’t just leave you home all alone. So of course you’re coming with me, staying somewhere safe and sound.” She giggled, I could hear her voice, it was only ever so slightly mocking. Naturally I protested, in whatever little way I could.

“MMPHH-” I shouted, my voice being reduced to a muffled sound. To talk meant having to pour every ounce of strength into my voice. Which would all be reduced by the fat of her boob and the cloth enclosing it, to which I was having to shout towards.

“Ahahah, dear, that tickles! Please do stop that now.” She shook her shoulders, causing a shaking sensation on par with an earthquake for me as her two titanic mounds of flesh jiggled. “There, there. This is only for your own safety.” She gently poked her left boob, a little ways south from her nipple. Right where I was. She applied a gentle node of pressure, pushing me onto her flesh even more so. Forget about the force her bra caused by pushing me onto her boob, this is so much worse!

“MMMMMPPHM” I began screaming, once more. 

“Had enough yet, Leon? Hmmm?” She teased, slightly increasing the pressure from her finger. Pushing me onto the surface of her breast even stronger. Was this not uncomfortable for her? Wasn’t this a sensitive area of skin? Or am I that insignificantly small that she can barely even feel me? I let those thoughts wander into my mind. Once again at her mercy, this time to just a mere finger and her boob, though I wasn’t complaining. “All you have to do… Is to stop tickling me with your voice, then I’ll let go.” She exclaimed, finally offering me an escape, a way to end my pain. Once again, I felt compelled to her voice, to her command. I simply did as I was told.

“...” I laid silent.

“Ahh, finally you’ve stopped.” She cooed. ”I see you’ve learnt your lesson… What a good little, teeny, tiny creature you are.” 

She began walking. Carrying my little being along with her. Every so often my surroundings would shake, they would shift in like a periodic motion, shifting me back and forth as a result of her walking. Alas, I was stuck here, but it wasn’t so bad. I quickly got used to these rather ‘unique’ conditions. Besides, it wasn’t as if Ana meant any harm behind her actions. That much was painfully clear in our last wedding party… Where she accidentally bumped into someone and dropped me on the ground from high up. Wasn’t a painful fall onto the rock hard earth, but Ana definitely ended up in a sour mood, maybe from guilt? I could tell from her sad facial expressions afterward. It reminded me of some of the few noblemen from Vascar, who really wanted to help the people. They couldn't, however; their families prohibited such actions. Anything to keep the wealth to themselves I suppose. They were simply left to avert their gaze from any peasant out of guilt, and appear dejected as a result of their actions… Damn it, there I go on again about Vascar… C’mon, I need to move on.

Life had just flown by, a month already passed. Our second wedding came a little less than a week ago.

 I really need to give a piece of my mind to whoever designed some of these customs and traditions. They are the farthest thing away from being ‘fun’ for a tiny like me. Hell, they’re probably closer to torture than anything else I’ve done. Not only did the same humiliating display as last time occur, with me being crushed underneath her dress, but in addition I was thrown into her shoe! Right before the dance party segment had begun, Ana and a few of her friends all grouped up around a table and had Ana remove one of her fancy shoes. Or heels if I’m being more specific. It was a red coloured flat-heel of sorts, which I initially paid no mind to, until I was shoved inside it.

The sounds of 4-5 giantesses giggling away, cackling at the thought of my fate as they reassured me that it’d be ‘fun’, came to mind. To summarise, no, it was not fun. It was hell. Every second I would be smooshed and crushed till what felt like forever. The feeling of her soft skin from her dirty foot trample across me periodically. As if I was no different to the ground, as if I belonged down there. Eventually, even her foot became sweaty, creating a humid environment which I was forced to endure, where my sense of smell was overwhelmed by the disgusting stench.  Those thoughts came rushing back to my mind. 

Despite that, I had a lot of fun this past month. While I still complain about little things here and there, there isn’t any doubt that Ranate is far safer of a land than Vascar. Again, I can’t really speak for everyone, I am the king consort of Ranate. Not your average day run of the mill worker. Hell I don’t even know the specifics of how the tiny folk are treated around these parts, at least not to great detail.

According to Ana, she’s said that she has increased the protections and rights of us tinies ever since she took rule. Which honestly wasn’t that long ago. Of course that’s a great sign… And I should be able to trust her, but until I see it I won’t be able to believe it.

For one, kingdoms of normal descent, or us tiny folk if you will, still hear rumours of horrid acts done against our kind from Ranate and a few of the other kingdoms of giants. I know I certainly did when I was sentenced. The bloody guards wouldn’t shut up about it; that I would be eaten, ripped apart, tormented or worse. From what I can see though, it seems like a utopia for us humans. Just work, get rewarded and enjoy. There isn’t really much more I could ask for here. But even so, those rumours left a mark. 

I feel oddly compelled to learn more about this place. About everything. I would never have been able to back in Vascar. Now though, it feels like I can finally work towards some sort of attainable goal.

“-ey, sleepyhead.” 

Now I just need Ana to finish her work and-

“Hey! Leon. Geez, enough with the daydreaming. I brought you over to the Royal library like you asked yesterday night.” A lovely voice boomed, it was Ana’s. She pulled me out of her bra, away from her scent and instead laid me to stand across a wooden table.

“So you’re finally done with work? Took long enough.” I sarcastically answered

“Not a chance, I still need to work with the management team, the finance department and treasury, not to mention we have a group of soldiers from neighbouring lands visiting soon and-” 

“ Okay, okay, I get it. Wait, so who's going to read out the books for me if you're busy?” I ask, afterall I planned on Ana taking me to the royal library so I could get a dose of this land's history. Its relations and culture and so on. The books themselves were far larger than I was, hence I needed some assistance.

“I’m just gonna be working on documents across the table,” She adjusts and straightens a pile of papers. “I’ve called in the librarian to help you with anything you need. Naturally you aren’t allowed out of my sight, so you’ll just be on the other side of the table as she reads you anything you’re interested in.” Ana finishes speaking, cueing for a blonde haired woman behind her to introduce herself.

“Greetings your majesty, Lord Leon.” She politely addressed me with my royal title. It had been a month and I still wasn’t quite good at handling myself when being referred to as ‘lord’ or the like. “ I will do my utmost in assisting you for today. I’ve heard you were interested in the war with Marvialasvia. Shall I begin?”

“Y-you may.” I shakily answer. When I asked to study the history of Ranate, I wasn’t quite expecting such a robotic guide.  Ana remained at her position, seated atop a chair about 4 metres away from me. That distance of course being relative to her. Every now and then she would avert her gaze and make sure I was still within eye shot of her, and that the blonde woman behind me was doing as she was told. To open up history books and explain their contents.

This librarian was, as I’ve already said, blonde. Her luscious hair was tied up in a ponytail. She wore glasses with a thick edge to them. Really doubling down on the bookish stereotype. Her clothing as per typical of this land, was very closed off and covered. Makes sense when you consider the cold temperature here compared to Vascar. She had a dark red scarf too. 

“The kingdom of Ranate, and the principality of Marvialasia were never on good sides. “ She began.

Even I had heard of this land. It was to the east of Ranate, the climate there was cold, a lot more than Vascar. They were a strong power of the southern section of the world, being vastly territorial over their land they had in the ocean. It must have made any hope of trade by boat impossible, it’s no wonder the giantess harboured a dislike towards them. These folks had branched away from their motherland, and began their own kingdom. The acting prince at the time was a nationalistic leader. Full of political splendour and motive. You know the type.

“Ever since 60 years ago, since their lands founding, the principality of Marvialasia considered humans the superior species and began hunting us giantess.”

“T-they hunted you?” I question, in utter ignorant bliss of this conflict. The idea of a human hunting the monolithic beings that are these giants sounded surreal, fake even. Like from a work of fiction.

 Whilst I had heard of Marvialasia, they were very closed off. Vascar at the very least knew little to nothing about them. Hence, I certainly knew nothing about them.

“That is correct…” She paused, when I looked up at her face, there was just the smallest tinge of desolation, of despair. “ These humans had fierce weaponry, and at the time we were not using magic, in fact we only had the barebones of enchantments going on. Their terrible tactics broke all stances of what could even be considered an honourable war. They were vile, like beasts, like animals. They fought and captured, burned and shocked, let waste to and took dignity from us all. For a very long time, we were losing against them.”

‘W-wow. People did this. Like, my kind… My people? Humans did that?‘

I thought to myself in silence, in awe at what I had just learnt. Vascar certainly was nowhere near as advanced as Marviaslasia. Our enchantments are basic, only available for the rich; and our technology is completely empty in our research of magic.

“So then, what happened since?” I curiously asked.

“For a time, we donned the same methods as them. Cruel, unfairn, ruthless and cutthroat tactics were soon in place by us. We captured their men, and tortured them into spilling their secrets. You may not have heard about this conflict as it was kept secretive, left to assassins and spies for our lands to fight one another at our borders. All the countries around us would've only known about our general dislike with one another.”

How befitting of a counter towards such an enemy. Though that begs the question. What kind of place Ranate was 60 years ago? Or hell, what kind of place was it like just until recently…

It was a bit strange that such a large scale conflict was unheard of to me, a former trainee in Vascar. Then again, considering how Vascar was still under the impression that Ranate was a land of ‘monstrous giants’ it made a little more sense.

“They all act tough, once you break them enough though. All that gets left is a husk of a soldier, begging and whimpering. We scoured and stole their secrets, their techniques, their magic and enchantments from them. During this time, many new traditions were  born. All due to the fact we finally began our counterattack. We could finally start taking them away from the enemy into our fields.” 

 I felt slightly uncomfortable, though that should come to no surprise. 

“Their men, oh their poor men. Indoctorniated, helpless, like sheep. They didn’t know how to think for themselves.” She began her spiel. I couldn’t help but wonder where that robotic, picture perfect librarian went? It almost seemed like she had inserted herself into history. It appears that this was what drove Ranate down a rather nasty path. “It was then, 35 years ago that the law allowing the livestock of humans began. They were reduced to cattle, quite literally being akin to sheep. The rulers at the time thought it would be a good idea to put them at their place. Of course that was overruled by Her gracious majesty, queen Ana about 5 years ago.”

“Rulers at the time?” I wondered.

“Yes, for over 350 years, Ranate ran a royal selection. Where the most capable giantess and her family became royalty or royal blooded. The previous family was the Bronson-Spires.  Before her royal highness, Treya Darlington-Bliss gave them a run for their money 20 years ago.” She mentioned.

Sounds like a weirdly over complicated process. Were my initial thoughts. 

“Treya? As in, Ana’s mother?” I exclaimed in shock. I was quite sure there was some history happening about their family, but this came in as yet another interesting tradition of Ranate. I glanced over Ana, who was surprisingly unfazed, she gave a small glance over my direction. As she had been doing repeatedly as if in periodic motion to check up on me.

On another note, is such an ever changing government really that functional? It sounds like not much was done over that rule or since. I’ve never heard of a system where the monarchy changes so frequently.

“Yes… However, she disappeared 6 years ago…”  The librarian echoed.

“Where did she go?” I ponder aloud before realising I asked a stupid question. If they knew, why wouldn’t they search for her?

“She went in search of something, it appears she made quite the discovery and in her usual manner, left with a note proclaiming the throne will be handed down to her most capable daughter. The rest would be exiled.”

Huh? What kind of notice was that? It doesn’t seem like the librarian was weirded out by it though… Maybe it's a normal thing around here?

“I-I see. That was, uh. Yeah. A lot to take in.” I let out a sigh, I asked for a history lesson so I would get some answers on what happened in this land. But now, I only have more questions. 

‘Who was this mysterious mother figure? Where did she disappear off to? Why did she disappear? What did she discover?’ These were all questions in my mind.

“If it’s alright, could I ask what happened to her father?”  I implored.

“Treya took his highness Ariol Darlington-Bliss alongside her, she was always a bit obsessed with him. It seemed like that was something of a trait passed down to her second eldest daughter, her current majesty, Queen Ana.” The librarian jokes.

“ I see.” I answered disappointingly. As I hoped for some more information regarding the two. “That’s a shame. What kind of man was the previous king consort?” 

“He was capable, open-minded and someone determined to cause change… My opinions towards tinies, if I may speak out of line, are that most are nothing more than savages. But, he was a fine man. Someone fit to stand alongside her royal majesty, Treya.” 


I stood there in silence, amused by the rather sudden tonal shift present in the librarian's voice.  Prompting her to reply.

“Well, let’s hope that you too, can become someone worthy to stand alongside Ana.” There was a small pause in between her words.” As of right now, I see nothing more but a hindrance to her royal highness and-”

“That’s enough, Maria.” A voice beckoned. Neither too harsh or sharp, but a strong tone that demanded authority. Obviously it was Anas.

“My apologies, your majesty. I stepped out of line.” 

The librarian, who I’ve just discovered to be named Maria, bows her head down slightly and apologises. It appears Ana did not take well to Maria’s words. Suppose that’s obvious though. She randomly just began to verbally criticise me. What did I do? I know I’m not that useful, or strong, or much of anything. But was that really a time for that?

Still though, I notice Ana’s choice of words as I stare back towards her. She did not ask Maria to apologise to me, or rebuke her words. She simply implied to her to dial it down a little. I may not be the smartest, but even I can take the hint. That message being, she wasn’t in the wrong completely wrong. 

“Young lord, I ask for your forgiveness in my tone of voice. However, this behaviour is not currently enough to be considered worthy of your title. That much I still stand by.” Maria coldly states. “ You must do much more, learn more. Get stronger, smarter and more diplomatic to benefit this land. And above all, you must support her royal majesty, Queen Ana.”

I was being lectured. I was being hounded at for my actions. At my inadequacy, my poor form and lack of power. Against these two titanic figures, I was an ant, am still an ant, and If I continued as if it was, I probably would be no different to one going forward. 

My own mind searched for questions, attempting to thwart away responses with excuses but to no avail. It was clear. If I just laze around… How was I any different to those Vascar pompous bastards?

– – – 

“Hey Ana, is there anything I could be doing to help out?” I nervously ask while atop her shoulder. About 15 minutes had passed since the librarian had left and Ana was carrying me back to our bedroom, as she was getting ready to change outfits. 

“Hmmm, is this coming from talking with the librarian? You don’t need to worry, dear. There isn’t really anything you can do as of now.” She replies kindly with a pleasant tone in her soothing voice.

“But, like, I’m not doing enough am I? Maria said the previous king was adorned as a reliable man, despite his height difference. He still managed to achieve excellence as he was. Now, as his successor in name, I can’t help but feel like I’ve dropped the ball.” I worriedly mention.

We finally reach the door to our room as we continue our talk whilst we enter it. Its glamour and splendour always take me aback compared to what I’m used to, no matter how many times I see this sight. 

“Hmm. Well… I guess there is something you could do to help, if you’re really itching for it.” She suspiciously mentions, I can’t help but notice that she seems to be withholding information away from me. Although, I ignore such thoughts in my quest to be of any use.

“ Yes! Sure. What do you need help with?” I excitedly answer, only to be met with a large, leather made boot. Black in colour. Confused, I stare back at Ana who was grinning mischievously back at me.  

Ohh… I get it. She wants me to go in there.

“My feet get awfully cold during this season. This castle is basically one giant ice room with how large it is and how poorly it can retain heat. Would be great if someone was there keeping me warm though…” She snarkily implies.

“W-what about socks? Don’t they keep you warm enough?” I begin my case, leading with a defence.

“Oh? So you want to be thrown into my socks now? How naughty Leon.” Her face seemed possessed with a teasing smile, a grin so wide it seemed to loom over me. “ Too bad,  you don’t wear socks with these specific boots.”

“Ah, haha. Hah.”

 I let out a chuckle. Not the joyeus kind, but one of a defeated enemy, a cornered rat. What was I even hoping for? What defences did I even have? Against my wife, I was absolutely helpless.

Her boot went up quite high, though only upto her lower legs. As for me, I could see the entrance to what would be my sweaty and putrid enclosure, I hoisted my head down in defeat. After all, any height above her heel would essentially lead me to a prison, it wasn’t as if I could escape such a high point to begin with.Once I fell down the hole, or the foot hole ‘entrance’ of her boot, that was that. 

As I've said before, It's made of leather. Suppose that isn’t the best at retaining heat in cold temperatures; Coloured a deep dark black, it honestly gives off an imposing figure too. Why? Because once I fall in, my entire world will be black. As in I won’t be able to see a damn thing. That and the colour itself leaves a provocative impression.

She grabs ahold of me and my pathetic being and removes her left foot from her boot. She had already put them on before I mentioned anything, and now is having to remove them to entertain her desires. I’m housed atop her palm, located far above where her boot is. However the looming threat of being thrown inside her boot resides within my mind, the same horrific picture as the second marriage party came to mind. Where Ana and her friends quite literally crushed me, and danced blissfully above me. That very same scene was about to repeat, just minus the dancing part. 

As she lowered me closer to her leather boot, a stench of sweat, of a wet sultry environment that not even a fly would want to get near, was hurled back to my sense of smell. I was about 30cm away from her boot, that distance being relative to her. I could visibly see the opening to her boot, where her foot once resided. Where hell loomed. The putrid stench got overwhelmingly stronger, replacing the cold air around me with a warm humid odour. Enveloping me in a damp haze, I was sure that these leather boots were going to be a much worse environment compared to her wedding heels.

“Well, down you go.” She joyfully nudged me down. If I was resting atop her palm earlier, now I was falling as she tilted the angle of her palm downwards. From this height, I would be free from any sustaining injuries thanks to my enchantments as I fell. But what was far more terrifying was where I was headed.   

Next thing I knew, I had already landed.

Everything around me was dark, with blackish bleak colours. The walls were a tough leather, with the ground cladded with a softer material. It was as if I had wandered into a cavern, with the only light I had being above me.

 As with every step forward into the depths, a bleak darkness followed. As with every step forward, the stench of sweat grew stronger. As with every step forward, the immense sense of hopelessness was amplified. I couldn’t even crawl back out, the material was made too smoothly. All there was above me was light, the world, where freedom was. Yet, here I was trapped within a shoe. A boot. A shoddy piece of footwear. Quite literally damned to be in my place, right below hers. Right beneath queen Ana. 

It was as if the very air I breathed in was soaked with a moist, clammy scent. To what surprise… After all, I am surrounded by such an environment. It engulfed me, preventing me from breathing anything but what was right there. From every angle, from every step to every point I was surrounded by the foul stench. Is this what it felt like to be a mere bug trapped in a shoe? 

However, my fate didn’t just stop there. I was simply too distressed to think critically. What I had forgotten was what would come after. 

A titanic sized foot, loomed down. Entering the hole where my only source of light could penetrate in from. It happened so quickly, so suddenly. I could only briefly contemplate what to do before my own bodily instincts kicked in. My sense of freight quickly overtook my legs and forced me into running into the depths. Away from the enormous foot which was soon to be filling the space I was trapped within. I ran, I sprinted, I could not even register what my own breathing must have been like. I simply dashed like no man ever could towards the dark depths of her boot.

 I knew in my heart I wasn’t going to escape, I knew any of my actions would amount to nothing. Yet, up against the mere foot of a giantess, there wasn’t anything else I could do. Each passing second, her foot loomed ever closer, catching up to my fleeting figure. Though, there wasn’t much I could even run away from in such a short time frame to begin with.

Before I knew it, her foot was right above my figure, as Ana was readjusting to her boot. Getting comfortable. I was lying down on the ground atop the insole, petrified at the thought of what may happen in just a few mere seconds. I could hardly see anything right now, not only was she covering my only source of light, but my feeble attempt to escape led me farther down the depth of her boot. Where little light was present anyway.

“Al-right. Upsy-daisy” She nonchalantly expressed, moving from what I presume was a seated position to standing up once more. It was at that very moment where the pressure above me came crashing down, eclipsing my poor form in nothing but the underside of the sole of her foot. Her stench finally at its worst, along with a powerful sting, or blunt force of pressure from her full weight pressing on me. I was helpless. My voice was already too far away to be heard from her, but now I doubt my wailing and cries would even escape from the confines of her boot. It would simply be muffled.

Then, as If the world began to flip. I felt a brutal force pulling me upward at sickening speeds. The surreal feeling of being caught up between a rock and a hard place was all I could feel, now with the addition of gravity I could do nothing to protest. It all happened so quickly, I don’t think I could even try to protest. 

After what felt simultaneously like an eternity but an instant, my upward ascension stopped at a point. However I felt myself moving forward still. Of course, She was walking forward. Suddenly a downward descent was immediately given right after a moment of peace. The full force of her foot came crashing down on me, pushing me onto the tough insole ground.

The full force of gravity, now in conjunction with the stampeding motion of Ana’s feet, were about to crush me. I was bracing for impact, at least mentally I was. In all honesty, I couldn’t move much at all. It felt bizarre, like something out of this world. Something us humans should never have to experience. The feeling of an otherwise gigantic being towering over you so easily that she could step over your entire hopes and dreams. 


Her boot reached the ground, for me it felt like a crash landing off a catapult. The immediate hell of suddenly falling, and falling, and falling until eventually the ground you’re forced to cling to stops moving down, was what I had felt. Instead, the force of the foot above me began to dominate, sending nodes and waves or pain and pressure down my entire being. It felt like I was getting grinded against her insoles. That was only a single, mere step. There were many more to come.

It was repetitive, it was happening every couple of seconds. The feeling of being stepped on so absentmindedly, as if Ana didn’t even notice I was there. Before I realised it, I began to enjoy my place beneath her once again. As every step had me more and more pulsated with pleasure.

*Thud… Thud…*

Well fuck… that pain redirection spell sure is effective.

– – –

*Huff… Hah.*

There I was, many hours later. I wasn’t sure how long but it was definitely a long time since I was finally released from my prison. Currently, I laid atop a table. It was a desk with books around me, and documents being filled by an enormous figure behind me. Her silky brown hair and adorable face that falsely presented a sense of innocence, it was Ana’s. I knew better than anyone, that Ana was not one with an innocent smile. She was completely aware and understanding of what she was doing. 

She removed me from her footwear just earlier, hoisting me up to a table to rest. The sudden sensation of having somewhat cold, clean air fill my lungs again had almost left me with tears in my eyes. 

I was coughing, huffing and puffing. Taking back in the clean air I had taken for granted. I was nearly passing out to be honest. Yet I still wanted to remain up and running to talk to Ana.

“So, that keep you warm and cosy? Hah…”  I exhaustedly ask. Sarcasm evident in my voice.

“Yep, nice and cosy. Maybe we should do this again sometime? Mhmm.” She replied, with a playfully mocking tone.

“N-nah, I think I’m good.” 

“Haha. Look at you, it seems you’ve really had enough.” Ana propped her chin with the palms of hands, holding them in place as she beamed with a loving smile. “Need me to console you?”

“Uh-Mhmm… Your majesty. Could we please proceed with business. It is a matter of urgency.” A foreign voice interjects. 

What the, there was someone else here?

At a sudden loss for words, I look around and see that on the other end of the table a giantess was seated. She had black hair, which was tied up in a ponytail. She seemed marginally older than Ana. At least going off facial features. She had shiny metal plated armour covering her torso, with a sheath housing an oddly shaped weapon along her waist. It was most certainly not a sword. Figures, what use were swords to giants afterall? Her armour piece possessed a logo, or design more accurately speaking. I had noticed it before just travelling around with Ana within the castle, but it was the soldiers of this land’s symbol. 

“Fine, fine. Kathy. I’ll stop embarrassing my tiny, little, helpless man.” She points her finger atop me and begins poking me gently. As if to sweetly nudge me. Didn’t you just say you would stop embarrassing me? “What news do you have to share?” She continues.

Kathy changes her tone to a more solemn and serious one. “It seems that Vascar has allied themselves with the principality of  Marvialasia, and we have an intel report from Miranda’s group that Marvialasia is preparing a full blown offensive attack in 4 months time…”


‘W-what. Why?!?’

Conflicting thoughts flooded my mind in quick disarray, in swift succession. Namely being, what was my stance in all this? What am I to do? I still had my friends and family in Vascar. Now they’ve become a part of the enemy? Why did Vascar send me over to Ranate if they were only going to indirectly announce war with them soon after?

I panicked and lost myself in the endless fog of my own mind. My breathing hastened, though only momentarily. I was at a complete loss for what I was to do. Forget wondering about what Maria the librarian said earlier about me being incompetent, it was now by no mistake she was in the right. In the hostile and fearsome hell known as war, what was a mere bug like me to do? 

I had no proper training as of yet, no capability towards magic and the arts, and but a mere squire with the sword. I had nothing to offer but my support for Ana. 

I looked back behind me, at Ana. Instinctively at a loss, my own body searched for the person with the greatest responsibility in their position. In this case, the queen of Ranate.

 ‘How is she going to take this? Surely panic must be setting in right? She’s only been officially queen for a month and a bit now. She must be confused, unsure even.’ Were my anxious thoughts. ‘I’m going to need to help her. Yeah, that's all I can do really. She probably needs the emotional support anywa-’ 

But when I stared back to the titanic being behind me, there was not a shred of worry or anxiousness to her face. Her body language was calm, collected. No shaky hands whatsoever. Her face was far from a frown, but not close to a smile either. It was like a face of contemplation. Of thinking and processing. Anyone in the nearby vicinity could virtually see a plan forming within her head.

Neither Kathy nor I could disrupt this process. Both of us were akin to little pups waiting for instructions from their master, simply waiting in awe. There was a moment of silence, a brief pause that felt like an eternity.

“Is that so…” She exclaimed, rather peacefully might I add. I was sure there was worry behind the professional mask on her face. However, her attitude and the way she conducted herself were almost out of this world. No haste, no foolish irrational behaviour. She was simply thinking about what to do, and how to go about it. “Kathy, bring forth the council. I have much to discuss with them.” 

“Yes, your majesty.” She bows her head down slightly, and proceeds to leave the room.

And then, there was just me and Ana, alone. She was still thinking. It was then when it really hit me. Wow. This was the woman I had married. Strong, smart, capable and gigantic. A fun and loving personality mixed with a strong sense of leadership… What was I in comparison? Where I immediately panicked, she calmly assessed the situation and began forming a plan… She wasn’t just a queen for a month. She was a princess, a princess that bested her sisters in becoming next in line for the throne. She had already won over most of Ranate. For good reason.

I looked down dejectedly at the cold hard wooden table ground, where I was standing atop. It was right there and then, I had decided that I would do much more to support Ana. To be worthy of the title of ‘king consort’ of Ranate. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it was clear I had much to learn and achieve before I could rest.

 I held my head up high again, only to be met with a warm and affectionate smile from my beloved.

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Chapter 3 - The Roundtable by Edgedej4
Author's Notes:

Been a while, sorry about that. However I'm sad to say this slow paced schedule will stay for a little while.

As for today's chapter, bit more discussion focused. My biggest concern and criticism for myself for this chapter would be both my lack of description and poor set up of some dialogue.

(Will probably clean up some errors after a little while on the chapter too.)

A sparse room, littered with fancy decoration with an extravagant rectangular table was placed at the centre where I stood. Above me was a gold chandelier, which I couldn’t figure out if it were merely painted. Around me were chairs with crimson red cushions around a gold and wooden frame, provoking a stunning, dominant aura. One that reeked of power and wealth, such seats were set right around my vision. ‘Even if I worked my entire life off at Vascar. I doubt I could ever afford such a thing.’ I wondered, realising that the titanic chairs would cost more than what a humble knight was worth. 

“Your Majesty, it appears not only Marvialasia, but Vascar too, have gone against our backs.” A voice called out, a faint tinge of frustration lingered in her tone. “It’s a shame, really. One may expect such behaviour from the scoundrels over at Marvialasia, but to think Vascar would imitate such behaviour… It’s disappointing.``

A figure, seemingly aged more than twice the lifetime of I, was there. She spoke with fickle frustration, at such a tone that expressed both dissatisfaction and an expectant tiredness. It was as if she was aware that this outcome would arise, just unsure in the matter of when.

“Lisa, don’t let your spirits down. We’ve known it would occur at some point. Though involving Vascar was an unexpected move.” Another voice joins in, with a strong deep voice. To me, all giants possessed domineering tones. This one in particular however was far more heavy, as it carried a certain weight with it.

“Do you think the lands up north are involved?” The figure named Lisa asks in concern as she faces forward toward the queen, who seemed lost in thought in response to the question.

Of course she was obviously referring to the tyrannical Karkiman Empire and the modest Bingfordian Empire. Two powerhouses located on the western continent, unfortunately situated adjacent from one another. These dominant titans known as political empires, clashed against one another.. 

The peaceful and quiet land of Bingfordian was what I and many other citizens of Vascar attributed to ‘making it’ in life. That being reaching rampant success. ‘And who could blame us? Lands full of age-old dungeons, ancient historical monuments and wonder were right there! With mystical plant life and bountiful treasure lurking across every corner!’ On duty once I even got to look over the border of Vascar and Bingfordian, an event I wouldn’t forget. What I saw were hills full of lush green flora that seemingly changed into a range of unique environments across the horizon. Colours of greenery transforming into brownish reds, or deeper and warmer greens depending on whichever direction I stared. I couldn’t help but compare to Vascar.  With the very air so foul,  so stunk of corrupt feudal greed that plagued my kingdom, almost being seemingly swept away as I approached the border. I could smell it, ‘Hell I could even taste it.’ The liberty and privilege of what it felt to truly live. It made me want to abandon my post at the barren, drought gifted lands where I was positioned at northern Vascar, to run away and live as a refugee forever more. Alas as my senses returned, the shackles that forced me to my land pulled on tight, and I was bound back in place to my post.

Bingfordian was a multicultural society, housing capable dwarves, scholarly elves, proficient fairies  and even sentient monster races. However there were no giants there and I had always wondered why, but after living with them for a month it became a little clearer. Simply put, Bingfordian wasn’t built with creatures of their magnitude in mind, it wasn’t going to magically acquire such infrastructure overnight either. ‘Maybe at some point we could achieve an alliance with them… Would do well for their multicultural agenda.” I silently hoped. ‘Much better than getting involved with the Karkiman empire, though an alliance with Bingfordian would result in an instant declaration of war from them...’ 

*Thump.* *Thump.* 

Quiet, but heavy taps to the ground beneath me were felt resonating through my body. The amount of force in them to the giantess right beside me would have been next to nothing, but a mere human like myself would feel them from hundreds of metres away. It didn’t help that she was tapping her finger to a wooden, sturdy table too. Which only seemingly amplified the force from her fingers. She tapped away, lingering in thought from Lisa’s question. However my mind was distracted from learning a new habit of Ana’s, ‘hmm, so she's the type that taps her fingers when she’s lost in thought.’ Were my immediate thoughts. 

“No, our scouts have observed no prominent activity in either of the lands.” Ana interjects. A slightly cold, formal demeanour was carried about in her body language with her elbows on the table, with her arms reaching up towards her face, which rested atop the backs of her hands. They slightly covered up her face and mouth. It created an image of someone exploring many possibilities in their mind. Of someone looking for the bigger picture.

She informs the table that Ranate has not detected any suspicious activity, though I find that statement rather confusing. ‘I mean, how could you know for sure?’ 

“But Ana, can your scouts truly detect such activity?” I questioned, aloud with an unusually strong tone. Suddenly the entire roundtable halts. The council members seated from afar on the rectangular table seated away from me quiet down at my sudden provocation. Their large, beady eyes come zooming down on me, as if to locate where the sudden sound came from. ‘Did they not realise I was here all along?’ I briefly wondered. Ana ignores their attitude and contemplates the question.

“Oh? my little noble squire, what do you mean?” She asks, half serious and half satire. For some reason she always manages to humble me, no matter how snarky or serious a situation may seem. Regardless, I voice my concerns.

“People uhh-er *cough*, I mean Humans are quite a bit smaller than any of you. If some did manage to sneak in, I find it difficult to believe you could easily notice them.” I explain, with my eye contact staying strictly on Ana due to nervousness and fear. I wasn’t accustomed to having so many expectant gazes leer in my direction. So naturally I was a little anxious. 

“I see,” Ana answers. 

“That's why the same logic should apply when you go scouting. How conclusive is it that your intel finds no readings of suspicious movement across the northern borders?”

“ Well, I understand your concerns, but don’t fret, honey. It’s quite unlikely the ones up north would invade. They’re simply in no shape to do so. Both empires are fully focused on each other, if either Marvialasia or Ranate were to pick a side, it’d mean a full scale war involving the empires and our smaller lands” Ana exclaims, politely. “ We’re keeping wary as an extra control measure, but it seems quite unlikely either empire is willing to make that push, our other intel supports that theory too.”

“O-oh, I see.” I reply, slightly embarrassed. As if I asked a stupid question. I tuck my head down and avert eye contact. In conjunction, as if sensing our private conversation finishing; the three council members spring back into action. 

“Is that your majesty, Leon? Why, Ana, you should have mentioned he was here all along. Hello there little guy.” The young giantess with the lovely deep voice kindly introduces herself. “I’m Elysia, newly appointed head deputy of our military and defence administration.” 

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Leon from Vascar and-” I attempt to introduce myself to her, and the rest of the ladies. However I was abruptly cut off. 

“Ugh, why is there a tiny here? From Vascar too.”

 Lisa, as if offended, interjects in an over exaggerated manner. She was a typical 60m (200ft) tall giantess and as I mentioned earlier, she seemed to be almost twice as old as I. With slight wrinkles evident on her face, and a manner of speaking foreign to any other giantess I’ve encountered beforehand. She dressed, like everyone else in the room, with heavy warm clothing containing multiple tight layers of fabric bound to her skin with the addition of a woollen scarf around her neck.

“It is due to her naïve majesty, getting married in a rushed and abrupt manner. You did not inform us, the council, of this most important decision.” The third voice finally began speaking.  Cold, quiet and blunt were the descriptors I could give for the last giantess’ mannerisms. 

“Do you have an issue with my love life, Rheas?” Ana retorts, slightly angry it appears. ‘Though to be honest, I was as well at this Rheas person.’

“Your majesty, you are still unaware of the ways of the world. We in the council only wish the best for you. That’s why we’re here, so we can guide you on your way of ruling over your people. So surely you can understand our concerns  that marrying this country bumpkin is-”

“Silence, I won’t be hearing it. Frankly this has nothing to do with our current agenda.” Ana cuts off Rheas’ spiel.

“Sorry but this isn’t something I can agree with either.” Lisa re-joins in. “ Queen Ana, you are a figure of power, of dominance and authority. Marrying such a no name mite like him only weakens your reputation!”

Elysia gives a side eye glare to Rheas and Lisa, as if a warning to calm themselves down. 

“I grow tired of your constant nagging, I truly do.” Ana too calms herself down. However, her brow tells me she isn’t settled.

“Lisa and I only voice what is best for the kingdom.” Rheas argues, slightly squinting her eyes to lower her brow. 

 “You two wished to grant the crown prince of Marvialasia, the title of king consort of our nation a few months back! Of course I declined such an offer. Becoming a pretty badge of fickle, short lived peace for such a deplorable man; the prince of such a venomous nation is not what is best for my country, or for my people!” Ana lightly shouts, her voice remains formal. But the anger seeps through. Almost like an infection, it starts to involuntarily resonate with me. 

“ It was a mere ploy, we would capture him and use him as a bargaining tool.” Lisa mentions. With her hand on her upper chest set in a diagonal manner. Her palm lay fixated. She struck this pose as if to portray herself as truthful.

“What about my say in this? Was I simply to risk bearing children with such a man? For short term peace no less?” Ana questions. “Was I nothing more than a tool to use then? What if the enemy had some elaborate scheme? What if they planned to use their superior understanding of magic?”

I wanted to raise my voice, to shout with her. To tell them off that they have no business dictating her life for her. However, my voice is feeble and puny. It simply would get talked over. Ignored. In the worst case, they may even use my words against me somehow. So I decided to remain quiet. 

“ You and your mother follow the same damned beliefs. So unfitting of a leader. To think you would jeopardise the kingdom for your own meagre superstitions…” Rheas harshly criticises.

“Yet, the kingdom is in its best shape? Oh how sorry we are for our involvement, of what we’ve done.” Ana sarcastically apologises, offering meaningless condolences to the legacy of her late mother’s actions. 

“The kingdom is in its worst shape! Tinies are beginning to reach higher up positions in society, the late high class society have also started losing small shares of wealth and our war with Marvialasia rages on! How are these improvements? The Darlington-Bliss’ have ruined the values of what our great kingdom has stood for!” Lisa scorns, though rage is only slightly evident in her voice. Instead, a tense bitterness that can only be conveyed vexingly through words was felt to anyone in the nearby vicinity. 

“Your age is showing, Lisa. With how outdated your beliefs are, and with your stubbornness too, it isn’t a wonder why the peasants under your rule are dissatisfied with you.” Ana briefly pauses, examining the disgusted look of Lisa’s before continuing. “People move on, times change. Giantesses of Ranate aren’t mad at Marvialasia like they used to be. No more blind hate is corrupting their views on tinies, the only hate left is for their ruler.” Ana replies.

“Our hate for Marvialasia is justice itself; we deserve to have them under our foot!” Lisa argues, suddenly a picture of a bitter old figure, rambling away is painted in my mind. It bared a striking resemblance to the nobles at Vascar.

“Yes, but not all tinies are Marvialasians, and not all humans want us dead. Nor do all giantesses want to dominate their humans.”

“Tsk! Your naive optimism knows no bounds.” Lisa bitterly snickers. Creating a much needed silence in the room. A silence lasting a few seconds, creating awkward tensions between the figures present. I wait for a couple seconds, for what may be the most tense council meeting I’ve ever attended, only for the silence to continue. The giants around me stare at each other in displeasure. Eyebrows burrowed for some.

“Ana’s right,” I selfishly intervene. “ I’ve only been here for a little while, but I just can’t see people going back to the ways you described they used to be. Already so many shops and professions are accepting tinies. You can’t just say that-”

“Silence you lowly insect!” Lisa harshly scowls aloud.

“That’s enough Lisa! You can’t say such rubbish to your newly appointed king.” Elysia interrupts, almost seemingly in response to seeing Ana’s glaring gaze. One full of rage hidden behind an unamused neutral smile. 

“Pssh? What king? We don’t have one! A mere king consort won’t order me around. Don’t get so high and mighty now that you're married.” Rheas clicks her tongue with attitude as she refuses to listen.

“Madam Rheas, I ask that you will obey my word. Sit down, and let us resume our plan of attack…” Ana once more interrupts. A cold, harsh tone is present in her voice. She speaks slowly, slightly quietly. With her gaze tired, unassuming and distant.  The sudden excess formality even throws me off guard. 


Silence was once more the loudest noise present in the air, no one other than Rheas dared to speak a word after. For the command itself was instructed for Rheas. 

The woman sat herself down. No reply necessary.

“ It’s true that marriage with tinies is a hot topic when it concerns me. After all, the politics of the King consort title and husband get a little muddy.” Ana admits.

“T-they do?” I ask in confusion.

“Before my mothers reign, it was rare for any tiny person to get married to the princess specifically. She fought hard for the now many rights of tinies. However, it muddied the water with Ranate’s previous system.” Ana briefly paused. ” See, before the sole purpose of mankind was for our reproductive purposes. The man chosen to be responsible for the queen’s child was called the ‘king consort,’. However, they weren’t necessarily wedded to the queen. In fact they were expendable once the child was born.”

What? Isn’t that my title now?’ I questioned. It appeared that Ranate’s history was rather interesting, albeit perhaps a little convoluted though. 

The recent exposition of information however felt quite honestly fitting. ‘Hell I’ll be the first man to say those old customs weren’t designed with the health of the tiny in mind’. I explored the many possibilities of why these traditions existed. Afterall to the giantesses themselves, they were nothing short of good fun. And with magic involved, Tiny humans like myself were mostly safe too. 

With magic involved,’ I thought, being key. There was definitely a time period where the lack of magic would have caused severe issues with the traditions of Ranate. Of course, back then marriage was out of the window. ‘I doubt back then, anyone was actually marrying one another inter-species’. So those extreme traditions were also null and void for this theory. However, just everyday conventions and the very systems themselves seemed against humans. Which now started to make sense. ‘It appears, these traditions weren’t meant for tinies at all. Just the opposite, they existed solely to torment them… We were considered expendable, for a cruel time period at least.’ I thought, in the silent realm of my mind right as Ana began speaking once more.

“So, when the queen marries a human now, with marriage laws intact, the tinies aren’t expendable anymore. After all, more than just reproduction becomes their only purpose now. This creates a weird paradox where the roles of new king consorts differ from prior ones, as any married man to the queen automatically becomes a king consort but also a husband. Hence, they aren’t capable of being deployed as foot soldiers or simply forgotten about right after. They just carry on as partners of the queen.”

“I see.” I answer after receiving the sudden, unexpected history lesson. 

“Hmph, he didn’t even know that! See?” Rheas points her finger toward me, as if directing blame.'' How can he become our king if he knows nothing about our land, or our laws and customs?” Rheas jeers. 

“Rheas, times are changing. He isn’t just some random king consort, he is also my husband. My lover. Any offence to him is an offence to me. Unlike previous queens before the Darlington-Bliss, I won’t hear or accept any slander towards Leon, especially on such spiteful logic.” 

“Yeah, well you can do that. But what about us? What about any doubters in the populace? Are they just meant to quiet down and accept this new tiny as their king? You can’t silence their opinions, not if you care for your public image at least.” Lisa replies, sceptical of Ana’s perspective. “Sure, most will blindly follow the monarchy, but some will always remain as doubters. And we all know that anybody in your position knows the hindrance doubters provide…”

“At the very least, he hasn’t done enough to be considered worthy of being either a monarch, king consort, or your husband. That much is clear.” Rheas concludes.

“Once again, I’ll repeat myself. You don’t get to decide when he’s ‘worthy’ or not.” Ana rebuts, a slight tired expression laid across her face.

“-But you do agree that he isn’t enough to be considered king at the very least?” Lisa, once sensing an opportunity, interjects once more.

“ I-I, well-” Ana begins speaking, before a slight pause. As if in confrontation with her own ideals, she slightly bows her head down in defeat before continuing. “No… It’s true that he hasn’t done enough to be properly considered king.”

“Well that wraps this up-” Lisa attempts to finish the discussion, before getting cut off.

“I can prove myself.” I boldly state. Sensing Ana wasn’t going to win her debate, I decided it’s time to sell myself a little bit here. “If the issue is that Ana shouldn’t be marrying a no name, random helpless tiny. Then I can fix that!”

Ana peers down at my form, a little bit nervous but ultimately a proud and reserved smile lays across her face.

“Oh, is that so?” Lisa mocks, a giggle hidden behind the fakeness of her smile. It was as if she was trying her best in not trying to laugh at my proclamation.

“Give me a fair task, anything worthy for a king of this kingdom. I’ll do it.”

“A fair task? For little ol’ you? That’d hardly be anything of worth for our kingdom little man.” Rheas says. “ If you want to prove yourself, you’ll have to take things a bit out of your comfort zone.” 

Ana stares down at me with a worrying gaze, unsure if this was the right move to make. She has our hand enfolded with one another, with fingers intertwined. ‘Perhaps a sign she isn’t too optimistic about the task?’

“The task must be fair, I’ll moderate that. If anything is overly harsh then I’ll immediately cancel it.” Ana argues. “And I mean fair in the sense that you folk aren’t capable of influencing it.” 

Rheas and Lisa stare at each other's eyes and smile, then Lisa smiles at Elysia and she nods back at her. 

“Fine, fine, your majesty. Not to worry, we’ve come up with a fine idea. One we originally didn't need to use… But now it seems that a ‘fine’ young man has taken the plunge.” Lisa mockingly says while eyeballing me. 

“We’ve reached a unique predicament with our land, as I’m sure your majesty is aware. We are at war with Marvialasia, but cannot afford to upset either the Karkiman empire or the Bingfordian empire up north. The land east, Vascar also seems to be conspiring against us.” Elysia, after a long absence from the discussion, re-joins in. “The easiest option we have, is to allow someone to sneak in up northwest, and enter into Marvialasia from there and gather intel. This would not only assist in attacking the kingdom, but also allow us to prevent a proxy war with Vascar.” 

“Ah, but the issue is that any giantess would make an obvious ploy. Far too easy for anyone to see the issue there… You're not suggesting we have Leon be this spy, are you councilors?”

There was a brief pause in the room. Where Ana’s gaze was focused harshly on Rheas. As if engaging in a war of silent words, it looked like they had conversed from merely their facial expressions. 

“Why yes, we are. Even Elysia is with us.” Rheas smugly says.


Ana stares to the side, at Elysia in confusion. From my perspective it’s all happening so fast that I’m struggling to keep up with the discussion. However, I’ve made up my mind on what my goals are. So not like that matters much to me anymore. I wasn’t sure if it was the sudden spike in adrenaline, but I seemed weirdly excited, especially since I would normally be reacting in the opposite manner. 

“ I believe it would be a good morale boost, as well as a way to strengthen both your majesty’s reputations. If sir Leon leaves this hurdle a stronger man, then it would only benefit the kingdom. Outside of Ranate, hardly anyone should be familiar with him too.” Elysia reasons her stance. Picking the council members perspective over ours. 

Her stance on the matter makes Ana’s facial expression twitch, as if showing her own battle of ideals. Back to her position of being lost in thought, Ana faces me once more.

“ Will this be alright for you?” She asks, her voice harrowing but gentle. 

“I-I’ll manage. I’ve gone this far already. I won’t be giving up here.” I declare, loud and clear for the roundtable to hear, though a slight tinge of nervousness still was ever present. “After this, Rheas and Lisa, will I finally be recognized as king here?”

“Hmph, It’ll depend on your progress. We have other issues after this that need addressing too you know. Such as the lack of ore and minerals available in our land. And the limited trade routes too.” Lisa announces. “ Who knows if one task will really sway the more skeptical people of Ranate…”

“There isn’t anything else I can do, but to lead by example.” I challenge both the arrogant council members in their beliefs. My passion for becoming worthy of the title graciously handed to me hadn’t changed. Why would it? At the lowest point of my existence, I had nothing. I lost it all, to greed and corruption. Now, Ana bestowed upon me wealth, fame, her own love and companionship. Like a gift from the gods, right to me when I needed it most. To help out her image for doing so much for me was a given in my mind. 

“Confident, are we? You may depart right away.” Lisa says, almost in a scary manner. As if her intent were to evoke fear.

“Right away is insane. I refuse. That goes against the fair task conditions we all agreed to. Give him ten days to get ready.” Ana strongly contends.

“Is this favoritism I see?” Lisa exclaims with a disappointed tone.

“ I struggle to see how jeopardizing the plan from your own stubbornness is a good idea. I’m simply allowing ten days in consideration for Beth to create an invisibility cloth for him, I still have to inform her about this request and all. Such fine craft takes a while; It would also vastly improve the odds of our success.” Ana, in an exhausted manner, argues back. Providing an elaborate excuse. 

“An invisibility cloth you say? Excellent. We can expend some patience for that. Any research done on magic and fine craftsmanship are resources spent well.” Rheas cheerfully proclaims.

‘Was my own well being not of any concern whatsoever to these council giants?’ I wondered, in awe of the sudden lack of care I was receiving. I knew there were giantesses out there that would be against my position, but to see them at such powerful seats of the monarchy? It struck a bitter cord that left a sour taste in my mouth. ‘Whatever, I have no better choice but to prove myself.” I thought, silent within the depths of my own thoughts. 

“Well, that concludes our meeting.” Rheas finishes. Seemingly had enough of my blabbering, she stands up abruptly, with a slight scorn across her face directed at my general position.  “I do hope our little warrior can prove himself somewhat. At least to around the level of competency of his former majesty. It’s the bare minimum. Originally we weren’t even going to offer him a chance when we would spot him, but since he’s eager to prove himself. He gets one shot.” 

“Yes, yes, I agree.” Lisa jeers. “We look forward to your upcoming achievements, as we’re all sure you’ll most certainly succeed…” 

“And, on the off chance you aren’t back in a month, the kingdom will assume you're dead.” Rheas declares.  “Good luck now, brave tiny.”

The two leave, exiting the roundtable room. Their footsteps to me sounded like loud tremors. Such that it made me wonder by reflex, of the hell I would be subject to if I was down there, stuck on the floor. The fear, the helplessness and powerlessness I would have against what would ultimately be their brisk average day walking pace. That horror latched onto my mind, like a bad case of the plague it made me want to pass out.  I peered outward, towards their fleeting ever escaping silhouettes. Seeing that it was done, it was over. The round table finished.

‘I just did that… I talked back to those titans.’ I realised, having all the events of the tense meeting come into effect. I vividly start recollecting the order and details of what I just said. ‘ I promised to do what now? To save Ranate… How? I’m a mere weakling, a squire. I know naught of magic or Magecraft. I know nothing of rune smithing or information gathering. I’m effectively useless in this field! And with a month long time limit no less?’ 

*Door shut* 

The two giants left the room, however my mind was preoccupied over my own worries. On why had I pledged to do such noble feats and achievements that were so far above my ability? My body sparked with a sudden change of heart as a result after processing the conversation that just passed. Hands shaking, panic mongering around me as my role slowly set in atop my shoulders. Even my teeth were shaking, as I stared back behind me to search for comfort,  and instead was met with a surprise. 


Suddenly a gigantic pair of muscular folds appeared. Soft, pink and squishy flesh that dominated my view.  A warm breeze full of comforting, familiar fragrances donned the air around me. Behind me were Ana’s lips as she leaned in for a heartfelt kiss. As if she sensed my panic, she sought to ease my angst. Her supple lips soon became one with me as they sunk closer to my form. It took only a mere instant for me to become captivated, engrossed and entranced by their form. They lighty pecked, barely a touch but the meaning behind it betrayed the gentleness behind that tenderness.


“I just wanted you to know that you’re very brave. I honestly don’t know what I expected from this meeting, but it went better than expected. And that's all because of you.” Ana cooed, as she lowered her mouth down yet again for another kiss. Like before, she’s simply putting her mouth near table level in terms of height, attempting to kiss by reaching out towards me. 


This time, a slightly stronger kiss. For a few passing seconds only could I feel her touch. Yet, that was enough.

My hands no longer were shaking, my heart beat calmed down and my mind relaxed however little it could. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll be making sure you're up to the task personally. If we get this right, it’ll be a monumental event in our history.” Ana reassured me, as if settling the storm of worry in my heart. Her gentle but confident voice soothed my soul, creating a warm fuzzy feeling. 

“A-ahem, your majesties. I know it is a difficult mission. But in honesty I do believe you are capable enough of achieving results. Unlike those two, you have my full support provided the cause is beneficial to our land.” Elysia interrupts.

“Elysia… I know it's hard getting a say in with those two around. But I’m thankful for the little things you did during the discussion. Even if we’re at odds on our ultimatum.” Ana exclaims peacefully. 

“Of course, now then. I must head back to the knight’s quarters for an inspection. Excuse me, your royal highnesses.” Elysia bids her farewell, as she too proceeds to head towards the door.

“As for what our own plan of attack is going to be… Let's see.” Ana pondered. “ You need to develop a base level of magic, and we need to further examine your physical aptitude. You should already be quite strong, at least for a human due to the enchantments we placed on you a month ago.” 

“Right now, with the assumption I get a sick new invisibility item. My current skill set is horse riding, bare bones level knighthood, decent archery skills and some above average enchantments. Not much to go off to be honest.” I said, listing my own abilities.

“ We have a week, we need to somehow improve these odds in that time frame. Not to mention, brief you on some extra details regarding the mission itself. Oh and most importantly, one last thing.” 


“Just some lovely, intimate endurance training.” 

“Huh? No, wait.” 

“ C’mon, you know it's important for your own strength now that you train, and we could spend some more time together too. At least this way we’ll kick off two birds with one stone.”

“What's the other bird in this metaphor?” I questioned, though I had a feeling I already knew the answer. 

“Well… You're gonna be away for a while, I need some time alone with you to make up for it, dear.”  She insinuates, suggestively. 

“Oh, so it's that kind of endurance training… Well I won’t be complaining.”

“Relax, relax. I promise it'll be beneficial for you.”

Both Ana and I let out a slight chuckle, though for completely different reasons. Ana’s nervousness set her on edge and she couldn’t help but laugh about the situation. Whereas I was more laughing in being worried about exactly what my ‘endurance training’ was going to be. Despite that, both of us knew that after this week It’d be a while before we’d see one another again. And whilst both of us had only known each other for a little longer than a month, and been busy with political adventures in the kingdom. Neither of us could bear to see the other go, even if temporarily. 

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Chapter 4. The Training Commences! by Edgedej4
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Fields of overgrown weeds and flora, a late lukewarm evening along with an unrivalled sense of dread and exhaustion. Such simple things took me back to my days before I was a squire at Vascar, where I would be forced to take part in the 5 o’clock military training exercises. This was of course to strengthen my body, and provide basic fortitude and the fitness required to survive as a member of the knighthood. Those days never seemed to vanish from my head, almost like a bad case of the plague, they just wouldn’t leave me. The crippling exhaustion, brutal pain and terrifying consequences of failure made it an unforgettable experience. ‘Why you may ask? Simply put. Vascar had no need for failures, for the incompetent, for what they deemed to be the weak minded. Those unfit were discarded, with their reputation tarnished.’ 

I was berated every day for not being up to their standard, for their level of skill or ability, and on examination day, I somehow passed by just on the margin. Right on the passing mark to become a squire. It was me and a group of 300 other soon to be scruffy soldiers, out of 1000 potential candidates.  The 700 remaining were sent home, back to poverty with no way of escape. At least until they could try again the year after.

“Fun times…” I thought to myself.

“Last lap’s now almost over Leon!” A voice screamed, ear shatteringly loud. But hidden behind the coarseness of her words was a warm and tender affection of care, at least that's what I’d like to hope and believe.

I was running, not sprinting but jogging along a square shaped, marked perimeter of grass outside the city. Ana had marked a rough square shaped path for me to follow, with each length out to be around 1Km (0.62 miles) long per a side for me to follow, making the entire perimeter around 4 km. ‘And I have to complete 5 laps of this…’

Ana was waiting for me to arrive, as she patiently waited at the starting corner of where I departed, from at the start of my little marathon. She had employed an application of something called ‘Void magic’ on an unfamiliar device to form some strange apparatus, which somehow was capable of measuring time. She was using this for my endurance test. 

Now, I had little to no clue on how magic, magecraft or any form of such wizardry worked. It all looked like some foreign language, so I was unsure of what to make of it. Perhaps I would understand better if Vascar taught such things, but alas they never did. At least not to a squire such as myself. 

*Huff… Puff. Agh* 

I groaned as I ran. My body seemed weak and hopeless, not wanting to continue this any longer. As if without my own will, it complained in the form of pain that shot across my legs, building up as the exercise continued. I was already slightly buffed from enchantments, but none offered any direct assistance for exercises such as this. They only helped to an extent. 

‘C’mon, almost there.’

I still ran, covering metre after metre of distance as fast as I could. Afterall, It wasn’t as if there was any need to conserve any energy on the final stretch.  I bolted and sprinted, pushing away the pain and replacing it with a drive for more strength. I was tapping into the final, figurative reserve of energy I kept this entire marathon. Pleading with my body to give one final push. 

‘Please… Just let it end already.’

Step after step, foot after foot I continued my run. Suddenly there was a sudden urge to vomit, as I felt any source of rationality leave my soul.


Before I knew it, I was falling face down. My vision was blurring. ‘Did I just flop my test at the home stretch?’ I wondered to myself, within the depths of my fading mind.

“Yay! You did it.” A familiar voice calls out. “-And time.” She says, while messing with the apparatus she created before urgently turning her attention towards me, as she walks over to the finishing line, alarming me that I had supposedly passed it. “You alright, Leon?” 

I had my face planted across the dirt for less than a minute before my sense of self started returning.

I-*Ugh-Cough…*, yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need some water.”

“Sure, there’s a small river about 300 metres to the east. I’ll carry you to it.” Ana comments.

She picks me up, gently in a pincer like motion and places me on her open palm. 

“... So, what time did I get?” I curiously ask.

“ About one and a half hours. Which isn’t bad considering you have some enchantments, and were trained beforehand at Vascar.”

“But… It could be a lot better though, can’t it?” I exclaim, slightly exasperated. “I’m sorry that I’m not quite cutting it-” 

“You’re doing fine, one and a half hours is still a pretty good starting point. You’re only going to improve from here after all.” She confidently says, as if redirecting the conversation. “Plus, you're too harsh on yourself. I’m not judging you off what you can do in a marathon, especially only after one attempt at it.”

I end up looking down, away from her face in an embarrassed daze. But, no amount of shying away could possibly hide the relief plastered across my face.

“Oho, look who’s grinning away now.” Ana mocks, in a friendly manner.

“...” I hide my gaze, in a vain attempt to hide my embarrassment. I wasn’t used to this kind of banter, but even then I was glad I finally was with someone who I could just talk with normally. 

We both let out a slight chuckle. Ana simply just enjoyed teasing me, and I couldn't help but laugh in response to her advances.

– – – 

*Gulp… Gulp* 

“Phew, I’m parched. Thank the stars for the running water.” I say, after arriving at the river and fetching myself some water to drink. I clasped my hands together and tried to collect the water between my palms. “I was gonna say this is a massive river, but it’s probably that I’m just too small isn’t it.” I exclaim after looking outward towards the mighty river. It seemed to extend over yonder, far as my eyes could see. ‘And I don’t mean that in the sense of where the water was going, but rather the actual distance from the sides of the river.’

“Yep, this is just a mere offshoot. The water comes down from the mountain ranges from the southern and western directions.” Ana explains.

“Is it meant to work like that? As in the flowing water coming from the mountains.” I ask.

“Oh, do you not know? I suppose Vascar is primarily flat, dry grasslands so that would make sense. Well, It’s a bit much to explain how and why it works right now.”

She grabs me and places me on her hand, just like before. We start walking away from the river and begin our little trip to re-enter the city.

“... Hey Ana, what was that thing that you did earlier? With the, er, void mana, Magecraft, magic or whatever it is.” I ask, enthralled by curiosity.

“It was a combination of magic and magecraft, dear. As I’m sure you’re aware, Ranate had a few breakthroughs in magic in recent years due to the war with Marvialasia. It’s a bit hard for me to explain, but essentially I’m using my own essence to take the form of void mana, which fuels the device I was using earlier, in order to measure time.” Ana tries to explain, however I’m left with only more questions. “ The device then takes a sample of the luminosity variable of the strongest light source present. In other words the sun, by using my void mana to measure its value. Then It takes the difference with that value with a new value from when I finish the interval, and leaves me a number that represents the time taken for an event to occur. It’s basically a clock that can measure time intervals!” She says, a slight squeal of excitement lingering within her voice.

On the other hand, I’m left speechless. Dumbfounded even. I had no idea what Ana just said, and probably won’t understand what she’s about to say either. I can’t help but feel defeated at how I have nothing to add to her sudden burst of exposition. It was as if she just let out her passion and I had nothing I could do to support her with it.

“A-Ana, I’m sorry. But I don’t think I follow, like at all.” 

“Aww, I had a feeling this would be too complicated for you right now. After all, you don’t even know the basis of mana right now.” 

“Well uh,” I ponder, urgently trying to continue the discussion. “Did you make that yourself?”

“The device?” She asks, to which I nod my head towards. “Yeah, the design came from my blueprints. I haven’t had the opportunity to test this device since the team of magecraft engineers and I constructed the device. So I thought to myself, hey, why not now?”

“Huh, well that's interesting. I’ve never heard of a former royal being into, or at least being this knowledgeable about stuff unrelated to their role.”

“Anything can be relevant or important. Anything at all. Just learning new skills is enough for me to find something worthwhile to do. Change within the kingdom has to come from every angle afterall, I can’t just be so close minded to change only what suits my own tastes. Besides, this stuff is fun, it’s interesting! I doubt even Marvialasia has this level of understanding for their magecraft.” Ana gently says, before drifting off topic slightly. “ Ooo, I know, I’ll call my device a timer. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it. It’s even better than using shadow clocks and such at least, so maybe it's worthwhile researching more into and-” She continues before being interrupted. 

“Geez, you weren’t kidding. How come I’ve never seen this side about you before? I mean surely I would have heard about this hobby of yours by now.” I question, half serious and half sarcastic. 

“Hmph, I’ll have you know, I’m a certified magecrafter first, queen second.” She giggles.

While we did play it off as a joke, it did become clearer to me that maybe we’ve started to let down our guard with each other. Gone was the pure terror that was apparent durign our first meeting. I guess it made sense with how much has happened, and well, is going to happen. It’s easy to forget we’ve only just known each other for a little longer than a month. We’ve gotten so comfortable around each other, that she’s started sharing more and more about her own personal life around me. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind letting her know about any secrets I have about me either. Hell, right now I felt that she earned that right. It was as if we’d long gone past the ‘learning about each other’ stage but had put it off for some reason. I suppose the busy nature of being royalty didn’t help… But I definitely did feel safe around her. It was like a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I’m around Ana. Just the general sense of comfort being vast and seducing. Honestly I couldn’t tell if it's her voice, her gaze or just her overall confident demeanour, but I found myself more and more obsessed with her as the days continued. 

Whilst lost in my own mental realm, I came back to reality to find her staring down at me.

“What happened to your hands, Leon?” She examines aloud, with a slightly worried but not distressed tone.

I look down and see the bruised and battered state of my hands. Dirt, mud and clay was smeared over them too. ‘Damn, I should have cleaned them by the river when I had the chance.’ 

“Uhhh. Yeah, I fell over two or three times during the marathon…” I explain. “But it’s no big deal, my hands used to be in way worse shape back when I did archery.”

“Archery?” Ana questions.

“We had to do it in a range of environments, so I would often get my hands dirty, or bruised at the very least. I was also the top ranking squire of Vascar when it came to archery, Hell I even rivalled some of the actual professionals. Honestly, without this being on the examinations in Vascar, I doubt I would even be a squire right now.” 

“Woah. I wonder how in terms of skill you would compare to our archers.” Ana wondered out loud.

“Well, I don’t think we can be compared. And I don’t mean that due to the size disadvantage. I doubt your archers have even half the experience I do.” I snarkily add in, perhaps stroking my own ego a step too far. But I couldn’t help it, this was one of my biggest strong suits. It felt natural to talk about it, and having someone actually listen felt nice. 

“Maybe one day you could properly show me your technique then, what do you say, my itty bitty squire?” She teases.

“Yeah… Maybe one day.” I affirm. 

I think about how much has happened in the past 24 hours, and that suddenly I’m gonna be leaving Ranate, my new home in just a couple days. It all seems daunting, so worrying. But, when I look up at the face of the giantess carrying me home right now, I can’t help but think that it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

“When we get you back to the castle, I’m gonna fetch you a tiny bath. Today was a rough day, so it’s fine if you're a little tired.” Ana interrupts,  disrupting my internal line of thinking. “ Since the day is almost over, and it’s the same day as the meeting, we therefore have about 9 more days to get you up to level within the deadline, not including today. I also need to do tests to determine some things about your body by day 3. After that, it’ll just be a matter of training you. Though a lot of that near the end might have to be self directed by you to be honest.”

“Why till day three?” I ask.

“I have some extra things I need to run by you, but I need some tests done ahead of time to determine how tough, durable and strong you currently are. That’ll let me find out which area needs improvement the most. Though if I’d hazard a guess, it’ll probably be magic related, I bet.”

“I’d bet on that too… I don’t know the first thing about magic, magecraft or whatever it’s called.” 

“It’s fine, I have a specialist who’ll come help us in that regard by day 4. At least that's the fastest I can book them in by.”

“A specialist?! Does that mean I’ll be learning magecraft and stuff soon?” I ask, now locked in anticipation.

“ Well, only the basics for now.” Ana responds. “For now, you should worry about tomorrow.” She answers in a worrying tone, almost in a way that bodes some level of concern.

“H-how so?” I replied.

“ Tomorrow is a full day of just me and you, and some of those tests… I have a feeling some may prove, let's just say, a little bit challenging for you. Not to mention you wanted to learn some history of Ranate too, so it’ll be two birds with one stone.” She contends. “But no need for you to panic, I’ll be making sure it's as safe as it can be…”


I audibly gasp, a slight hiccup of worry present not only on my face, but also in my voice. At least I’d imagine so, I had no real way to check what my face was looking like after all.

“Bring it on.” I challenged, perhaps only with a mask of bravery and folly. But it was courage nonetheless. My vigorous attitude was met with a face that mirrored a predator staring down hungrily at her prey. Anyone could tell she had some rather unusual practices and training methods lined up for me. 

Our walk into the city continued as the sunlight became dimmer, and darkness crept out of the shadows. Without a doubt, I’d be hitting the hay the moment we’d arrive at bed.

– – – 

(13 hours later)

There I was, at a special facility housed in one of the many interior castle rooms. It was a room with a sign plastered across it in yellowish colour. It said “Authorised Personnel Only.” To which Ana ignored and simply walked inside it regardless, holding me up on her left shoulder. 

Ana was wearing a fitted, red skirt that extended down to almost her knees. Her top was a sweater type, with cream coloured wool. The overall colour scheme felt typical for Ranate wear, but it was unusual seeing Ana in such clothing. Usually she would stick to royal attire. 

Inside the room, there was a single window where the bright morning sun shone inward to the room. Illuminating the atmosphere with warmth, both Ana and I basked momentarily in its glory. The floor was dark red carpet, as was normal for any room within the castle and there were lights on the roofs, powered by what I would presume to be some form of magic. Vascar by contrast simply utilised fire burning for chandeliers and other decor to provide light, using special wax that kept the fire aflame for extended periods of time. Of course, such luxury of having light such as that being permanently lit at home was something only nobility could afford. Even I, a peasant in noble’s clothing, was gifted with such a small humble gesture. 

Focusing my eyes towards the centre of the room, there was a chair, or more accurately a throne. The sides seemed similar to Ana’s throne at the throne room, where I first greeted her. 

“Ah, still in good shape.” She exclaimed happily as she pointed to the chair. “ Leon, this will be your first two tests for today. Durability and resilience.”

She stepped over to the throne, to me it felt like an eternity was passing as I was left with questions as to what was going on. As we got closer to the chair in question, I could distinctly tell the ‘seated’ part was of an unusual design. Cold, hard metal with a few mechanical looking designs were apparent. The rest of the throne was of typical design to Ana’s usual one. With the back support being of a soft but firm red fabric, and golden colour on the arm rests. It was all one design with no gaps from the arm rest to the seat. 

Ana pinched me gently from her hand, and lifted me down to the seat of the throne. I stood there on the metallic surface, perplexed at what was going on. 

“Ana, what-what is all this?” I asked, as my curiosity began hitting a nerve. 

“A relic of the past…” She said, slightly dismissive in tone. “Marvialasia was an enemy of all non-human races. At one point long ago, we teamed up with the dwarven forces nearby to fight against them. As a gesture of that alliance and the mutual disdain for Marvialasians, the dwarven queen had prepared this chair for us.” 

The lost society of smithery, The Great Dwarven Alliance?!’ I thought, in surprise. It was an ancient collective of dwarven people that lived underground. They possessed a unique cave system that burrowed down to the deep dark depths of the earth where no human, giant or any other had ever traversed, or rather couldn’t enter due to their size. Rumours were spread that all Dwarves bowed under a queen, a mysterious outsider who no non-dwarf had ever seen. No amount of communication or attempt at such had ever let the Dwarven people mention anything of her, besides that she does in fact exist. Overall, I’d never seen a dwarf before; if anything, I’d say they were one of the rarer races you could find out there.

“You knew them? The lost people?!” I questioned.

“No, of course not. This was merely a relic from an age-old alliance.” She replied. “In all honesty, we haven’t heard from them in many, many years. We haven’t a clue what became of them.”

“O-oh.” I responded, slightly disappointed. I look back at the chair and its materials. While at first glance it seemed fairly ordinary, it was the specifics of the apparatus that made it seem noteworthy. 

Where I was currently located, there were no loose hanging threads, or places to grip on to. The fabric for the back support also only came to be a bit higher up, much taller up then what I could possibly reach for.

“Say Leon, I know you must have figured out by now what this chair was used for…”

I stood there in silence, staring at the giantess’ deep brown eyes. For just a moment an idea clicked, a premonition of the fate of those who stood right where I was came flashing onto my own eyes, like nightmarish visages from the past.

“W-were they sat on? Doomed to be crushed underneath by your people…” I hazard a guess, an educated one. However it didn’t quite make sense as to why such horrific acts would mimic their culture’s own wedding ceremony. 'Perhaps whichever giantess assisted in designing this contraception with the dwarves simply wanted to try out the ‘fun’ of tormenting their enemies … ’ I hypothesised in my mind. Searching for the rhyme and reason behind the lore of this chair. 

“...Yeah, that's what this was used for.” She answers, leaving the room with a moment of silence. “It comes with a strange mechanism too, where it can measure something the dwarven people called ‘force’ on a person. I don’t quite understand how it works, as it doesn’t mimic how our researchers have done their calculations. But the greater the number is, the greater the force, and that’s the function we’re going to be using today.”

“The force?” 

“The more force you can withstand standing up, the stronger your results for resilience are going to be. You’ll understand.” She exclaims with a lack of confidence, almost as if trying to remember the specifics of how the machine works. “If I was allowed to disassemble this, maybe I’d know better… Ah, but I can’t. It’s a historical artefact, who knows how the council would spin that narrative to the public. And the numbers this thing gives don’t exactly make sense either at times . If only I could disassemble it and see how it was made.” She debates under the careless whisper of her voice. 

Suddenly, Ana turns around. Blinding away the cute sweater she had put on and instead replacing my line of vision with her rear as she stepped slightly back, drawing herself closer to me. The skirt she was wearing, fitted perfectly to her waist, showed off her hips and rear extending outward as they began retracting back into a flatter shape from the legs down. 

At notice of the sight in front of me, the picture in my mind of Marvialasian soldiers screaming and begging for forgiveness became clearer. At the fate of being crushed to paste, and grinded away to nothingness sprang to my thoughts. Much like herbs at mercy of a mortar and pestle. I could see it in my head, the events that would follow. ‘After all, this wasn’t my first time being sat on’, as pathetic as that sounded. Some would have obviously tried to escape, to run away down towards where the back support of the throne is, in a meagre attempt to grasp one last hope of escape. To latch onto any stray loose fabric string and climb out to freedom. However, to the credit of this throne’s design, they would be met with disappointment. 

As not only is the exterior of the seat made of perfectly smooth metal, unholdable by hand, but that same fabric these people would seek would simply be out of arm's reach. In the end, such a poor escape attempt would be akin to a trapped bug trying to flee a spider’s web. Try and quiver they might, hope and pray they can, nothing could be done to escape their newly found destiny; as bloody red stains underneath the cloth covering the rear end of the giants they were now soon to be under.

Getting lost in my own imagination, I end up falling backwards as my knees give out. Not even taking into account of what was happening in front of me, but purely due to the sheer terror of the image in my head.

“C’mon Leon, get up. I haven’t even done anything yet. After going through this at least twice, I’d think you’d get a bit more used to it.” Ana proclaimed, in a playful mocking manner.

“S-shut up. The metal surface is throwing me off. That’s all.” I lightly chuckle back. While it was a vain attempt of redirecting the subject due to my nerves, it was at least, to my credit, partially true. I was used to softer materials being the materials seats Ana would use, which often would be the one last saving grace for me whenever I got into these situations. 

“Suuure, that’s what got you nervous. Not this over here.” She clasps her hand over her ass cheek, with the fabric pulled upon and slightly wrinkled. Slowly she dragged her hand and was sliding it upward in a slightly suggestive manner. While a mesmerising sight, I’d known her long enough by now that this was her own way of loosening up the tension in the air. “Honey, you know I’m not here to hurt you… At least not without your input on the matter beforehand. This is for the sake of the test, and to spice things up a bit.” She confidently declares, a mix of sarcasm and care in her voice. 

“You’re just saying that because you want to do this again.” I reply, aiming to snarkily get back at her. “I’m not even sure how, but you’ve managed to find a contraption that perfectly lets you do that.”

“And so what if I am?” Ana boldly announces. “As far as I’m concerned, I need my little, itty bitty husband’s dose of love, in spades to make up for the month you’ll be gone.” She says while employing some cutesy voice, to such a degree it seems she was slightly taking the piss out of it. “What about you, aren’t you going to miss my love, my care and all of this.” She grasped her own ass, gently and moved towards her thigh; Clearly having a little bit too much fun in this role. Her playful personality greatly juxtaposed her strong willed, and dominant persona. I could hardly remember that I was stressing about the tight deadline of getting ready to leave. I still couldn’t quite make out which one of Ana’s attitudes was the real her, the one she would act like naturally. Though if I’d had to guess, it’d probably be a mix of both. She did always seem a bit stern around others, and always a tad nicer when it was just the two of us. 

“If you’re worried about how there's only 8-9 days left before you depart. Don’t be. In fact, there’s no point in even learning magic if you’re stressed.”

“Well, how can I not be?”

“I know it’s hard. That’s why I’ve made activities for you to just get out of that mood.”

While the desire to use this over the top, machine of a chair to measure my resilience was certainly driven by her own desires. It was still nice to know that I was still there, festering somewhere in the back of her mind when she was planning activities. That subtle kindness went a long way, as it was quite unfamiliar to me. 

 “I’ll be lowering myself down now, and you’ll need to hold me up as best you can. Though don’t worry, I won’t be putting all my weight down. The moment you break form or fall is the value of force I’ll be recording down for this test.” She explains. Basically indicating that she’ll be sitting on me with her weight pressing down, however she’ll be holding herself up a little. Lowering the strain placed on me. I’ll be in charge of lifting her up, as best I can, until eventually she stops supporting herself to a level where I’ll become nothing more than a flattened cake. 

“You’re currently at 784N. Which is a problem, So I’ll just press the calibration button here.” Ana states. The machine was currently recording my ‘force’ at around 784N. 

‘What does the N even mean?’ I pondered. Completely oblivious to any detail about this machine.

“There we are, 0 N now. Should be good to go, now that your own force isn’t a part of the equation. Remember, even if this isn’t completely accurate, the idea that a higher number equals a better result is still true. So try your best.” 

And then, time was set in motion. My fate was locked and loaded. What happened next was something I wasn’t unfamiliar with, but could never truly get used to. 

The sight of two twin mountain sized meteors came crashing down, clad in smooth fabric, at an unexpectedly slow pace. At the very least , I was sure the fabric wouldn’t be uncomfortable when I would inevitably be crushed. 

The slow speed of lowering her ass down to the seat could simply be explained by the fact that she had no reason to crush me. I was spared by that ambition, by that desire  to measure me when I had to hold her up. That alone was what gave me mercy to what would be that inescapable fate. At least, that's what I’d hope for. For all I knew, Ana could simply be enjoying the fact that I had nowhere to run. As if prey were trapped within a corner. She could take her time as much as she’d like, the result would be the same. As with each passing second, my vision became darker, the light that invaded the room was covered by the rear end of my wife. Like a moon engulfing the sun during an eclipse. However, not even such a rare, grand and impossibly unique sight could compare to the sheer nature and power of what was in front of me. I thanked all the lucky stars out there in the sky that I was blessed with enchantments. Without them, kneadable bread dough would be an understatement of what my form would be right now. 

I had nothing in common with the Marvialasians, except that they were also human and governed under a monarchy of sorts. At least that’s what I’d thought; but the simple fear of a creature far beyond, far grander and more powerful that could crush a living person in an instant, those fears still crept into my mind. As I was just as sure the same Marvialasians that stood right where I was must have felt that sense of hopelessness too. 

I held up my hands in what seemed like setting up for a catch, it was a motion even I knew was pointless. The sheer size difference, the sheer amount of power she had and the solid, hard surface below me made it clear. I repositioned my legs and my feet to brace for impact, making sure to allow my legs to carry on the majority of her weight.  No matter how stupid this sight would look, of a tiny trying to lift up a giantess, I still made sure to try. Simply put, I had no other choice. 

Seconds passed, moments flew. I just wanted this entire ordeal to be over already. I couldn’t help but notice that time always passed so slowly whenever you didn’t want it to.  

Eventually, my bare palm made contact with a silky fabric, followed by an inexpressible high amount of weight that came soon after. My legs which I steeled specifically for this almost immediately gave out, my feet which I made sure to plant on to the ground were ready to let me fall. My own arms which once were being held up to the sky were almost ready to give out. Not even a second passed, not even a measurable amount of time even. This all came about as a result of the impact of Ana’s bottom in a mere instant. 

“Hmm, you’re still holding up so far. I’m basically holding up most of my weight still. I dunno, maybe you’re feeling about a mere touch, a mere fragment of it… And not to get your hopes up or down, but I’d say it's probably about a 1000th of the total weight I have. Isn’t that exciting?” Ana joyfully contends. “Oh ,and it looks like it is around 6400N already from just this. If I recall, your standalone ‘force’ was merely just more than a tenth of this. Am I really that heavy?”  Ana lightly taunts. “Do you think you can go a little higher?” 

My legs begin crumbling, as my initial form was wrecked. I couldn’t help but to imagine if this is what that famous statue up in the far northern lands that I’d heard about, the one with the man holding up a boulder upon his shoulder, would have felt like. The sensation of holding up the world, where that weight of responsibility could just easily cripple the poor creature stuck underneath it. I was that man right now, and I was holding up my world. Just a slight adjustment of her body could easily wreck my body and cause it to tumble. 

This was it, I was at my limit. I couldn’t hold up the sheer gargantuan spectacle above me any longer. The fact that I could at all could only be attributed to my training in Vascar and the enchantments placed on me recently. Yet, I was still expected to get stronger in time. This wasn’t enough, but it was all I had. 

“I-I yield.” I voiced. Perhaps with an almost pleading tone. 

“Alright, I suppose the 6400N is what we’re sticking with.” Ana replies. At this point, I’m completely blind to any action she’s doing. It only takes a few seconds for her to ascend back up, carrying herself up back to the heavens. Otherwise known as standing up once more. Ana walks off to a nearby desk, where she had kept a notebook. 


I cough, exhale and cough again. Exhaustion from my arms and legs finally started to kick in. By heart beat could be felt, and a wave of long needed relief was expanding through my body.

“Alright, 6400N is your current limit for resilience. Cool!” Ana congratulates, not mocking or rude. Instead there was a resolute gaze plastered across her face that simply asked for improvement for the next time. She steps forward once more, getting closer to the throne I was located at. 

“A-Ana?” I called out. Awaiting for her to pick me up as she usually would. Holding me up on top of her palms, where I would recover my energy as we would walk back to our room. Or at least to the next area for me to train or test myself. However, reality was not as kind.

She once again turned around. Back again to the sight of hell, where her form towered over mine. 

“Did you think it was over, honey? Remember I said it was resilience and durability testing today.” Ana reminds me. “Sadly, I don’t think I can measure this one that well. So, it’ll just be a checklist system. Think of it as a test to ensure your enchantments are working properly. Doesn’t matter what the council thinks, if your enchantments are even the slightest bit weakened, then I’m not sending you out there. Not until they’re fixed..” 

Ana mentions, much to my surprise. ‘Enchantments can weaken over time?’ I process within my mind. I didn’t feel any weaker, nor did It feel like anything bad was happening to me or my body.

“I-Is that common? I mean if enchantments weaken.” I ask, with a slight tinge of concern in my voice.

“Not so common in individuals with high mana proficiency, hell even having some proficiency would help there, which is why I worry about you. Although due to how recent you got your enchantments, it should be fine… Though I think it’s always good to make sure.” She says with a slightly devious grin. “Ready for round two?”

“ Of course not.” I readily answered. At mercy to her ass, by this point I just knew these sorts of events would just be fate.

“Well, enjoy.” She exclaims, one final time before her colossal rear end begins descending. Even with the dangers of what is akin to a meteor landing on me, I can’t help but stare at the sight above me. No longer was it restrained by her kindness or mercy, it was falling down on me at full speed. She had essentially jumped on to the throne, right where I was. Leaving poor tiny humans like me to be awestruck at her. I recall the colour red of her skirt, how it was convenient for giantesses to wear such colour as it covered up blood. ‘Not that any should be expected from me of course.’ 

There was no point in running, no time to even begin panicking. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if I was so utterly afraid of it anymore. The thought of being crushed beneath her, like a bug or smear made me feel like I belonged there. ‘Damn, that one specific enchantment she casted on me is also starting to take effect now too, eh' 

I was obviously mentioning the ‘pain redirection’ enchantment. Where sources of pain that shuddered across my body were transformed into pleasure. ‘Well, I guess that one’s still working then…’ I lightly chuckle. All of which I think about in the mere fraction of a second before my world becomes flattened.


I first felt the sudden feeling of that soft silky fabric she wore for her fitted skirt. However unlike last time, the unrivalled power of her ass was in full effect. If a small town, village or even a parade was standing where I was. They would all be gone, turned into little chunks of meat for an instant, only to become stains in the next. I was pushed down, forced to be in contact with the hard metallic surface of her seat as the rest of her weight settled in. I didn’t even want to know what ‘force’ score such an impact would have, the mere thought of it haunted me. I was stuck, between the throne and her rear end. Like being stuck between not just hard, but also a soft place. 

I felt my body contorting, Her butt was directly in front of me, with the throne behind. The sheer scale of her weight was pushing me downward, at least that's what it felt like for a brief moment. But the throne itself felt like it was pushing back. Leaving me stuck. My mouth was full, suffocating from the fabric of her bottom which left me unable to look for any opportunity to breathe. Not that I could anyway, I had felt the remaining air in my lungs being kicked out on the moment of impact. I couldn’t smell or taste anything either, all of it was being blocked by the sheer amount of stimuli my sense of touch felt. 

“Mhm. If you're okay, squirm around a little.” Ana commanded. Though slightly muffled to my ears.

Without a single thought left to disobey, or go against my queen. I had immediately begun doing as told. I tried to move, to shift my arms and legs, to scream out. But none were possible. Not even the slightest amount of movement was capable in my predicament. 

‘Fuck, not again. I’m stuck here once more. At complete mercy to her ass.

I felt waves of pleasure pulsating through me, as if telling me to both do as I was told and to start enjoying myself.  The enchantments were strong, all of them were. Not a single one had weakened since their inception. 

N-no, c’mon. Not to this…’ I begin lamenting, as I realise what my body wanted. 

Throbs of pleasure were felt by my dick, little sensations of neediness were demanded. It begged to rise, but was unable to. Being no different to a flattened bug underneath Ana’s massive rear end, the poor member was incable to rising at all. Yet it demanded to, it started making me want to get on all fours and begin howling, to lower myself to less than human and beg Ana to let me release that pent up stress. To give in to my animalistic urges and forsake the dignity I’ve always associated with human-like species. But not even that was possible at my current predicament.  I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move nor do anything. I was simply there, existing underneath my wife. Underneath all that pressure.

Suddenly, Ana stood up yet again, slowly allowing the light to return to my vision. Unlike last time, I was free from being stuck to her dress. Something that even I was surprised about in all honesty considering how hard the seat was.

 As she stood up, I was finally able to breathe again. Proving that my other enchantments, such as the ones responsible for anaerobic pathways as a substitute for breathing, and the greater endurance I had, were still active too. I was merely left on the seat of her throne, left to contemplate my own mortality for a moment.

After a few moments, Ana pinched me back up to her palm and held me gently.

“Okay, you’re still in one piece. Good. No blood either, but maybe we’ll do further examinations to see about that properly.”

“I-I’m alive…” I announce, exasperated.

“Well, of course. I wasn’t gonna take it that far!” Ana replied, almost slightly offended that I had even sarcastically alluded to the idea.

“I-is it finally over?” I spoke, mere moments before passing out.

“Yep, you were as incredible as any overly enchanted toy. If anything you’ve gotten better at staying conscious underneath me. As a giantess, I’m proud of you.  I mean maybe now it's worth considering leaving you down there more often…” She taunts passively, letting out a slight chuckle. Only trying to lighten up the mood. “If anything, I can say that your enchantments are still working fine. So that's a tick in that category.” 

“Yeah… Well I’m gonna go to bed now...” I declare quietly. Words I described only for Ana to hear. 

“You can go to bed if you’d like. But who’s gonna take care of this thing here?” She cooes, pointing at the protruding object within my pants. Still stifled up and roaring to go from being tormented earlier. “Here, you can rest up in here. Oh, and if you wanna relieve some stress, then that's also fine, I give you full permission to do as you please here.” She directs me down to her chest, and tucks me within her sweater and even further within her shirt.

Suddenly I had been transported to a dark, warm and humid environment. Where the stench of sweat permeated the air. The very taste of a slightly salty sensation was abundant in the local environment. Low and behold, she had dropped me down to her boobs. 

Her bra was massive, like a net that carried the mountain sized leviathans known as her tits. Perhaps they weren’t such gargantuan size to someone of her own perspective, but to a mere human such as I, it was difficult to view them as something less than enormous. 

I wonder how heavy these must be, 'imagine the pain someone would have to face if they were under them.’

Perhaps it was merely due to how relevant the topic was, but my mind couldn’t escape the thought of being crushed by them. Only a day ago they reminded me of closeness and a place of unrivalled comfort. Now I shuddered to think of the hell that would encircle any poor fool who may challenge these weapons of nature.

I silently prayed I wouldn’t be thrown to the bottom of her bra, or where her nipple would be. Both places only served to remind me of the horrors I had just merely faced moments ago. Luckily she had dropped me off just to the top tip of her bra that just barely contained the jiggling masses known as her tits. Where I was free of being imprisoned down to the purgatory of being trapped between her bra and her breast. 

So, I decided to make my way towards her cleavage, the only somewhat safe space for someone of my stature. Soft and squishy skin, a somewhat safe environment and an intoxicatingly arousing stench and humidity. For someone as tired and wrecked as I, there was no place currently more desirable. 

“Get some rest, we have a few more tests to do today and tomorrow. Then, you can finally start learning the basics of magic, magecraft, enchantments, rune-smithing and all! After that, it’s only a matter of training you until you’re ready.” Ana exclaimed, pointing out the plan for the next couple days. I was still excited to learn magic. ‘Yes, even with how tired and battered I currently am.’  It was a whole new world of understanding, it would make me stronger and more capable as an individual too. I was saddened that during our month-long honeymoon together, Ana found it impossible to teach me any sort of magic. But maybe, I could finally learn something. ‘Who knows… Maybe It’ll be my trump card for my mission at Vascar.’ I quietly thought in my head. 

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Chapter 5. Mana, Magic and Magecraft. by Edgedej4
Author's Notes:

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For the actual chapter itself, I think I need to rework some of the details for the grander plot itself. I think I did some okay set ups so far, and I'm sorry if the pacing is a little slow. This is the last chapter dedicated to Leon's training.

Warning: Contains vore, but no death. 

As always, I'll correct some formatting errors soon after the chapter is published.

Already it was the fourth day. While a tiring week it had been, with sporadic training exercises and horrific acts of playfulness from my wife. It was at least partially over. At least the part where my aptitudes towards survival and fitness, along with some other key physical categories were tested.

‘Now, it was just the annoying magic stuff that was left...’ I thought. 

Ana had received fairly average results from me in some parts, whereas in others I had passed with flying colours. After my humiliating defeat as being made a makeshift cushion for her on day 2, I expected the worst, most tiring events on day 3 to take place. Which was yesterday. My expectations however were luckily not met, quite the contrary, I found myself excelling at the activities yesterday. They ranged from survival needs that explored my understanding of how to use basic tools into combatting fairly normal wildlife encounters and other essentials.

Being stuck at the ‘tiny men habitat’ outside town, it all seemed familiar to me. Days of planning to leave Vascar and attempting to hunt and gather for myself all paid off in the end. As yesterday, I was in my element. Bears, boars and all other wild beasts that the forests of the enclosure were no match for my marksmanship. I would silently hunt, quiet as the dead but alive with fiery ambition. My old instincts kicked in as I immersed myself into the wilderness. 

Naturally it made sense to add this entire ordeal in as a test, Afterall I would be being sent away to Marvialasia by myself. With a hard limit on how much food I could carry before it would cause more harm than good. I needed to know how to hunt and how to forage and gather. Any food I would take would merely last me till the northern borders. Which I thought was a fairly reasonable limit, as it would allow me to hunt as normal in lands fit for humans, rather than in topography like Ranate. 

While I already knew how to hunt, I didn’t know or even wanted to try surviving in the hellscape that was the natural wildlife of Ranate outside the habitat. The beasts that gathered around here were massive, with an endless capacity and ability to rip me to shreds. At my current state with my enchantments, I at best, would not be much more than a harmless punching bag for them. Not to mention there were supposedly terrifying undead beings that roamed the nights where the full moon wouldn’t shine. Said creatures were a staple all across the world, but I wouldn’t dare imagine the kind that would roam across these lands. Hence all the more reason why bringing food to at least last the trip to the border was worth considering. Anything that would reduce the time I would spend in the Ranate wilds as a whole was always worthwhile considering. 

One last thing of note was that Ana and I also caught up with the tailor yesterday, whom I personally had not seen in quite a while. My wife simply wanted to check up with details about how the invisibility cloak order was going, only to then receive an earful from the tailor lady that she shouldn’t be requesting such things so late notice. From a distance, it really did seem like they were quite nice friends, considering how they always loved to bicker and argue. Such a sight left an oddly warm feeling in me, as if It was something I was missing dearly. 

With the exception of Ana, I don’t really properly know anyone else in the kingdom.’ I silently accepted, with an empty gaze onto nothing in particular. 

“Almost there, dear.” A voice called out, interrupting my mental narration. 

To myself in a dark and relatively empty space, it was the only thing I could pay attention to in order to appease my boredom. The very environment I was in was shaking with every step Ana took. With leather walls that were smooth and cool to the touch, they enclosed around me, leaving me feeling trapped and helpless. For once it was a rather hot day at Ranate, and Ana didn’t want to carry me around in her clothes. Instead she opted to use a leather satchel to house me while she walked towards the magic specialist’s home. It was supposedly an example of magecraft, the leather satchel that is, as it was made with special fabric that made the contents of it stay somewhat cool. In all honesty, it really felt like people around me were just saying ‘This works just cause magic’. Though perhaps that very statement was a testament to my own ignorance. In all honesty, it wasn’t even that warm outside, at least to me it still felt somewhat cold.


I heard an annoying sound, a noise characteristic of old wooden doors swaying open. Followed by footsteps of Ana taking steps inside. 

“Sarina? Are you in right now?” She shouted in a calm but slightly tense tone. “... I’ve booked an appointment with you.”

There was a moment of silence. A peaceful quiet, before a somewhat cranky, coarse tone shouted back.

“I’m here, I’m here. No need to shout, princess.” An exasperated woman replied, at least that's what she sounded like. I hear footsteps, loud tremors as the ground shakes. Mere steps from these giantesses could alert any human settlement from hundreds of metres away . “Or should I get used to calling you queen now?”

“I don’t mind what you call me in non-public settings, Sarina.” Ana retorts.

“Hmm, at least you aren’t snobby.” 

“By the way, how come you didn’t show up to the last council meeting?” 

“You know why. I mean, what was there for me to do? Lisa and Rheas basically conveyed my stance on this whole, tiny and giantess peace thing you’ve got going.”

In response to her proclamation, I couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment. ‘Another hater of us little humans, eh.’

Suddenly the pouch, or satchel I was trapped in began shaking. I had assumed it remained at waist level to Ana earlier where it must have been bound, but she was opening it up. In mere seconds, light penetrated into the darkness of my prison. Only for my first sight of the outside world to be a hand, a gargantuan one. I was no stranger to this hand, to these fingers or this palm. It was my wife’s. She was lifting me up and out, resting me atop her palm. 

Around me I could see a dark room, the only lighting came from a single light bulb that’s energy came from mysterious means. ‘Most likely a magical source’ I deduced, albeit with my clumsy understanding of the subject. There were strange vials, and bottles of glass that made strange shapes all over the place. On the floor around me, I caught glimpses of weird drawings of circles with diagrams inside them, made from chalk. Adjacent to the doors were a plethora of bookshelves and a copious number of books within them. Something rather unsurprising given from the connotations around the title ‘specialist’, I would suppose. 

“Well, regardless of your stance. I’ve paid and requested for your services. Surely you wouldn’t dare flip off your queen?” Ana contends, her tone getting a little more serious. 

“Oho, I take back what I said earlier about your lack of snobby attitude, missy.” Sarina snickered back. “But I have my pride. I guess I’ll indulge your partner in some of my teachings of magic.” 

“Thank you, Sarina.”  I added in. Attempting to make a good first impression. Misguided as I was, I still wanted to at least appear like someone worth their title of consort king. The first step towards that was to appear respectful. 

“Hmph, flattery will get you nowhere with me. We are not master and student here, you’ve merely paid for some guidance is all. You hear that runt?” She declared, with a dash of a verbal attack towards me at the end of her sentence.

“Y-yes Ma’am.” I responded. Unsure how exactly to interact with her. 

“Good. *Cough, cough*, now what is it that you need my help with specifically?”

“All of it.” I reply, already averting my gaze, in vain attempt to hide away the disappointment.

“Tch, damn, you really are gonna make me earn my pay today aren’t you…” She looked toward Ana, with an unpleasant face before turning back to me. Who was resting atop of Ana’s palm. Both of the giantesses walked toward a circular glass table, and Ana gently put me down on it. 

“So, what exactly is magic?” I curiously asked Sarina. With my line of vision shooting directly up to her massive face. My ears, eyes and all other senses were waiting expectantly for the next couple words that would come from her mouth. 

“Magic is the understanding and applications of principles involving the manipulation of Ethereal Energy. This is a profound energy that resides within all of us, all around us and connects the organic and inorganic together.” The specialist replies.

“This ethereal energy, what exactly is it? Where does it come from?” 

“It’s a fixed quantity in the world. You cannot create new amounts of it, nor completely destroy those amounts. It merely gets conserved into the greater system of the world. I won’t go into detail of what makes it or where it comes from. That isn’t worth it for the time you’ve got. Simply let it be known that it exists all around us, within you, Ana, I and even the inorganic materials around us. Every living creature specifically however, has Ethereal energy in the form of mana.”

“If that’s magic, then what is Mana?” I questioned.

“No, no. Do not confuse the two. Magic is the broader term in relation to the field of understanding and applying Ethereal Energy. It cannot be compared with Mana, which is a more specific definition.” 

“What is it then?” Perhaps a bit dumbfounded, I was stuck asking questions left and right.

“Mana is manipulated Ethereal Energy itself. Something a user may possess, or perhaps it can be the energy an individual manipulates when casting spells. Mana and Ethereal Energy are almost the same term, separated by how one is the energy itself, whereas the other denotes the amount an individual may come to possess. For example, this room may have a considerable amount of Ethereal energy inside it, but the amount I can control in it is my mana. Each of our bodies also innately possess Ethereal energy, which is the passive amount of mana an individual has. ” Sarina explained. 

“Oh, so what happens if a person loses their innate mana?” 

“Fatigue, tiredness, nausea maybe. All sorts of problems begin accumulating. However, as long as Ethereal energy is present within your surroundings, a person's body should slowly begin recovering mana. It’s also impossible, or as deemed as such not until proven otherwise, to leech other people’s innate mana forcibly.”

I stood there astounded the facts being thrown at me. At the sheer scale of knowledge that I had been missing from my life. ‘Was information like this common elsewhere in the world? Were merely only us, the poor fools of Vascar doomed to die without knowing of such things like mana and magic?’ 

No, that wasn’t right either. The eastern side of the continent simply wasn’t that well versed at magic as a whole. Back with the discussion I had in the library with the librarian, she did explain that magic as a whole field of research only began somewhat recently, a couple years back, in Ranate from Marvialasia's understanding of the matter. 

“What is Magecraft then? I’ve definitely heard the term thrown around before.”

“Magecraft is the application of magic towards devices, tools, or an apparatus. Any structure that requires an outside intervention with magic can technically be classified as Magecraft.” Sarina responds.

Ana quickly rejoins the conversation. “That tool I used a day or two ago; the one that used light to measure time, the stopwatch I mean, was an example of Magecraft. The leather satchel I carried you in was too, it was made with magic that resided on special fabric that kept the insides cool.”

“Ahh. Okay, so that’s what that was.” I replied, finally beginning to understand the different nuances and definitions of magic. “So with all that said and done. How come I can’t see, feel or sense anything about this Ethereal Energy?”

“That’s why I’ve asked Sarina here. To find a solution to that.” Ana contends, firmly. She locks eyes to Sarina, as if hinting that this was the reason she chose to partake in Sarina’s services to me. The notion made sense, everything Sarina described probably could have been told to me by Ana regardless. ‘Perhaps not to that detail, but still.

 What really was hindering our progress was the fact I couldn’t feel any Mana or Ethereal Energy at all. Absolutely none, not even the slightest tinge of it. 

“Some people just aren’t gifted in the way of magic.” Sarina coldly responded.

 ‘Was that it? I just wasn’t cut out for this?’ I refused to believe it. Not after coming this far. “However, it is strange that humans, a race who are more strongly suited to the magic arts, have someone like you as so incapable in this field. Perhaps your bloodline is cursed or something.” 

Her little insult only led to Ana furrowing her brow at her, clearly she wasn’t having any of it. Her gesture seemed to lead Sarina into a sigh as she began pondering for a solution to our issue. 

“Magus-shock therapy,” Sarina answered, finally getting to a possible cure after a moment of silence. “Perhaps this would draw it out of the poor man. Our conflicts between species aside, I am interested in seeing what magic you humans can transpose. If anything, it helps with my research.”

“Wow, lovely stuff, Sarina. Glad to hear it. Totally.” I sarcastically answer. Only feeling more singled out than before on being a human. The specialist however ignores my remark, and dons a devious smile across her face. Whereas Ana is mortified.

“Magus-shock therapy?” My wife exclaims, with a concerned and worried look plastered across her face. “Isn’t that the one that-”

Before being cut off mid sentence by Sarina. “Yes, the one where you force your partner into a near death situation to force their body into utilizing their innate mana, their own passive source.”

‘Huh?’ I turn my head around to Ana and gasp aloud. “Excuse me, what?!” I shout out, hoping to explicitly convey my lack of ‘comfort’ to the very core of this idea. 

“You can’t be suggesting this as an actual method to use.” Ana voices.

“Personally I think it’s the only one that would work for someone who is as magically incompetent as your little toy is. Though who knows, maybe he has some talent to be uncovered there after being able to generate mana. Perhaps I’m wrong with my theory on his bloodline being cursed. Suppose I shouldn’t write him off yet, not before more tests are done at least.”

“... What method would you suggest we do?” I shout, my own fear and weakness being painfully evident in my voice. Obviously I wasn’t liking this development, but if I couldn’t even do this; I knew that there wasn’t going to be any hope for me. 

Ana donned a slight frown on her face, but sighed and resolved herself. It was obvious the two had some sort of animosity between them, but even she was left helpless at the outcome. What choice did she really have but to trust her?

Sarina donned a playful smile, not smug or haughty. But one that boasted of something she longed for, an event that she was going to enjoy watching. The sight of which left me audibly gulping. 

“Yes, yes, that right there is what I mean.” She finally speaks.

“Huh?!” I question, confused.

“Your little toy has given me a wonderful idea… Ana, I want you to eat him.”

Before I could even react, the lady beside me had already spoken up. 

“WHAT! No, never. Are you out of your mind Sarina-” Replied Ana. Shocked at the mere insinuation of what Sarina suggested. Her surprise was only secondary to my own. Who’d reacted in such a state of stupor that I didn’t even properly process the words I’d heard. 

“Well, think about it. How can your tiny truly express his mana? Crushing him, suffocating or otherwise will all induce a response from his enchantments. You know, the ones you placed on him a while back.” As she explains, her smile turns into a devious grin. “So, all that’s left that’ll work is to expose him to your stomach acid, something he has no specific enchantments against . It’s quite a logical process, I’m rather unsure of why you’re all freaking out.” She snickers. Clearly aware of the lunacy of her words. It was as if she was wanting such an exaggerated performance to send us into shock. “Of course, this is your husband. I wouldn’t dream of stealing the fun, so you can eat him, Ana. If he awakens his mana, you can simply vomit him back out. ”

Ana simply stood silent, shaken but unsure of what to do. It was clear to both of us that I was gonna be safe, but I imagine the very act of doing this went against almost everything Ana stood for. Hell, the thought of ending up in the same place as her morning breakfast, also obviously went against everything I thought was going to happen today. I just had to put up a brave face however. There was no other viable option, at least not one we’d been informed of. 

“Oh, what's wrong? Is this too much for you? You would prioritise the safety of one man, over an entire kingdom? He has some important mission to attend to, surely you haven’t forgotten?” Sarina argues, hoping to elicit a scornful response from Ana. . “Perhaps you are still too immature to be queen. After all, that's why you came running to me. Because Leon here needed magic so desperately, so-”

“Ignore her, Ana!” I shouted, towards Ana’s direction. Hoping to get her head back from being lost to the clouds. “ I’ll be fine. I’ve already decided that I need to put in some more effort if I want to really pull my weight around here.” I boldly declare. Truthfully I wasn’t convinced by my own act of confidence, but I was absolutely truthful in the statement that I needed to start doing more things, more activities to make myself deserving of my title. That sentiment alone was what drove the words out of my mouth, the words that would seal my fate as a snack.

“...” She stayed silent. Simply staring at my figure out on her palm. Whilst she was always a bit on the playful side, Ana never had really exposed me to any real danger. This would be a first from her. It was rare to see her confuse her own personal affairs and feelings on something this important. 

The very fact that she was struggling to come to terms with this, was most likely an expected outcome from the councillors from the other day. They seemed adamant on welcoming my failure, on laughing at my incompetence towards my positon; and to put shame on Ana from failing her duties. I wouldn’t put it past people as schemy as them to try to orchestrate this meeting. One where even getting myself ready to leave Ranate was going to be difficult. Although, I was sure Ana herself knew this. So the outcome was obvious.

“I-I’m going to eat you, Leon.” She declared. Her eyes finally being cleared from doubt as she too had donned a brave smile. ‘Though obviously this whole thing was way more scary for me…

The woman raised her palm, as it felt like I was accelerating up and being pushed down to the ground by an increasing weight force as her palm came closer to her face. 

In front of me was a face the size of a small house. Her nostrils pumped out warm gushes of air, and her breath radiated my surroundings. I was already familiar with this, many times when she kissed me it was the same feeling. Yet, never had I ever gotten used to it. The feeling of a colossal being, much grander than your own, holding you on the palms of their hand, with a gaping void kept closed by the muscular folds known as their lips drawing ever closer. It was all so surreal. So mind numbing for someone like me. What was even more terrifying was the established fact that I wasn’t going to be greeted with a heartfelt kiss, but rather a wet tongue and maw that would soon guide me down her gullet.

The mere thought of which, now that I was up close, sent my heart racing. Pumping and beating fast. I wasn’t initially sure if this was good or not, but it probably was for the best. If my fear was a catalyst for mana, then this was it. This heart wrenching feeling was only the beginning.

In my absolute terror, I turned back only to see Sarina holding in a laugh. Seemingly enjoying the sight of having reduced me to a light snack, and Ana, the heart of our kingdom, to be a tiny eater. ‘What a sick giantess you are…’ Were my honest thoughts to Sarina. Who could even blame me?

To think that real tinies had at some point in history, been fed into the very sight I was seeing, being reduced to food. Was something that sent shivers down my spine. The worst part was, that giantesses like Sarina were enjoying it! They would turn their prey into screaming, pathetic dishes that they would gulp down in a single bite. Converting their tormented beings into nothing more than fat or otherwise that would only fuel these giantesses in searching for more prey. 

‘If I can’t muster up some mana… Would that be me included? Would I also end up as some excess fat on Ana? A mere energy source to fuel her ambitions?  No, surely not. She would vomit me out regardless of the outcome.’ I argued within my mind. Obviously thinking from an objective view, Ana would never leave me to be digested. It was simply out of the question for someone like her. But, in situations where death could stare right into your soul, I couldn’t help but cast some doubt. Even to someone I trusted as much as her.

The muscular folds parted from one another, making a kind of *Smack* sound from her lips. Every little mouth noise we humans would normally make, that would be muffled out as white noise was painfully evident to me. Every passing second too, her humid breath warmed up my very cold surroundings. Whilst it was warmer outside than usual, it was very cool inside Sarina’s room. And not to mention, ‘warmer than usual’ here was still by my standards a little bit chilly anyway. That was one more thing I learnt by spending time with these giant beings, their bodies were much warmer than mine. I suppose it made sense with how large they were. And it was what made living in cold climates even feasible at all to them.

“Aahhh” She said, or rather made a characteristic noise that made me aware that I was going to be eaten soon. She raised her palm even higher, and bent her head back a bit. Facing up to the sky. She slightly angled her sweaty palm from a horizontal position to a diagonal, removing the ground I was standing on and replacing it with the slanted floor known as her rotating palm. One that was becoming more and more vertical as the seconds passed. One that I could no longer stand on for much longer.

As I looked down, I saw the void. A gaping hole with saliva strands that met from the roof of her mouth to her tongue. With little squelching sounds that simply were impossible to ignore. Her pink tongue made up the floor of the cavern in front of me, but from the angle I saw, it only looked like the floor was the endless void. A black hole that would lead me down her throat and eventually into-


Before I could finish my narration, it seemed that I could no longer remain standing on her palm, and began plummeting down towards Ana’s mouth. My screams were beyond my control, especially given the sheer fear I was feeling at the moment. ‘Was this it?’ I pondered, once again succumbing to the thought of the worst possible outcome, despite all logic pointing otherwise.

I entered her mouth, and was assaulted by her breath pouring out to the atmosphere outside her mouth. As I fell in, it felt like I was almost fighting against it. Suddenly the very light around me that came from the dimly lit room of Sarina became scarce, yet I wouldn’t even be given the luxury of seeing it one final time before-


I was swallowed. Her muscles surrounded me, and momentarily began crushing my body as they almost made a constricting motion. While they were initially soft to the touch, they became harder as she swallowed. I was safe, obviously due to my prior enchantments. But the light from earlier was now completely absent. And the elevator-like ride down to her gut had begun.

The smell of her mouth and insides permeated around me, and while I didn’t want to say anything bad about Ana, it was disgusting. As I was falling down I simply had trouble breathing as I battled against my body’s own gag reflex. Luckily, my own breathing issues would be solved from another one of my enchantments. I believe it was called ‘Anaerobic further respiration’ or something along those lines. I had already been trained due to Ana’s ‘fun’ times to hold my breath. That right now specifically, was no big deal.

The true horrors would only come right after.’


I fell down, after passing some kind of membrane into a pool of weird sticky liquid. It was dark, and the light itself was gone, but I felt I could still sorta see around me. I wasn’t sure why or how, but I didn’t care. I just attributed it to some sorta enchantment.

There were pieces of bread floating around, and bubbly liquid all around. The bread was obviously Ana’s breakfast, made by expert chefs in conjunction with some form of meal. I think it was called an eggs benedict or something. Though now wasn’t the time to worry about that.

‘This must be her stomach.’

Gurgling noises, sticky slimy sounds and an overall shaky atmosphere was present within her belly. The stomach muscles were constantly contracting and widening, as if to engulf stray pieces of broken down foods. As for me, I had landed on a puddle of gastric acid. A slight burning sensation was felt across my whole body. It wasn’t like a ‘Ow, that's hot’ kind of burn like you’d get when you touched scorching hot metal, but rather a similar feeling to having weak alcohol being exposed to an open wound. I hardly even noticed it at first, but with each passing second, its damages were building up. Eventually to digest me…

Was this how prey felt?’ No, most human tribes and societies in this world could only eat dead creatures. You had to hunt first, eat later. This kind of fate was beyond the cruelty of mankind… At least to my rather ignorant level of knowledge. Perhaps there were some that scavenged around and didn’t bother to even cook their tiny meals ahead of time. Much like how many birds eat their prey raw and alive. ‘Yes… That’s all I was. Nothing more than prey.’ 

Suddenly, my calm demeanor was slowly being replaced with angst, with anxiety. As rather invasive and demoralizing thoughts pervaded into my mind, I was falling victim to their negative onslaught. I looked at my hand, my arm and my torso. My clothes were being digested, broken away into their smaller components and eventually into nothingness. Reminding me that these giantesses had digestive systems far stronger than us humans. 

The burning sensation was getting stronger. I couldn’t even deny it any longer. Even though I wasn’t breathing to smell the disgusting air around me, in a vain attempt to try and forget about this whole situation, the pain made it impossible to forget. It was a constant reminder; a message that told me ‘Look how pathetic you are, you’re nothing more than a meal.’ Oddly enough, the pain redirection enchantment wasn’t working against this kind of pain too, much to my own dismay. 

“Fuck.” I shouted aloud, for no one in particular to hear. It was like I was all alone again, that feeling of being trapped in Vascar, being up on that stage where my fate as an exile was determined. Being tortured and tormented. It was just like that all again. Thoughts of my incompetence swirled around in my mind. Like an everlasting looming threat. ‘Why was my magic so disappointing? Even after all this hell, not even a sliver of my mana came out.‘

Was I simply to report back to Ana that despite her mustering up all that courage, that even that wasn’t enough for me to get something right?

I pondered in my head. Seconds passed. Before I finally had something to cling to, a concrete idea in my head full of empty darkness to focus on.

“Ana,” I called her name aloud. “Ana Darling-Bliss.”

If it wasn’t for her, I didn’t even know what I would be doing right now. Though it probably wouldn’t be moping around in a pool of stomach acid.

I let out a soft chuckle. As if giving up. I just let my body rest. I knew that if enough time passed, Ana would let me out. I was no different to that piece of bread from earlier. Simply waiting for the greater forces of the world to decide its fate.

The pain only continued on however. With no end in sight. ‘Well not that I’d know.’ 

“A-Ana, please.” I whimpered. I knew no one out there could hear me. Not when I was stuck in her belly. “Let me out, I can’t do this.”

Seconds passed, again, nothing happened.

“PLEASE!” I, now begging, screamed. As much as I could in my battered up state. I punched the stomach walls, which seemingly had no effect. In fact, it had such little of an impact that it seemed comical. Desperation rose in my voice, my actions, my very being. I wanted out. I had fear fully lodged into my being.  I was kicking the walls, but once again, to little effect. 

My pathetic pleas, my poor attempts of escape and denial of my fate only grew louder and louder. As some form of chaotic energy began swirling up in me. It was fierce, powerful and strangely hot. Like a burning sensation. Once more, I riled up my voice as I made a fist and pushed it above me, as if reaching out towards her throat, back where I came from.

“Let me out; I don’t wanna die here!” I yelped, shouted and pleaded. And to my own surprise, my hand lit ablaze. A very weak kind of flame enveloped around it. 

And before I even could process what just happened. Her entire stomach began shaking, as if Ana had jolted back into action. I heard a loud squeal from the outside. Words that had emotion, affection and care behind them. Words that made this hell almost worth it.

“He did it! He did it! Sarina, I felt some mana in me that wasn’t mine!” Were Ana’s own genuine thoughts that leaped straight out of her mouth. Almost unable to contain her own excitement, she seemingly was ready to jump for joy, or at least she would if I wasn’t in her gut right about now. 

Moments straight after, I heard some footsteps as if she was walking somewhere, before finally I could see her stomach begin churning… 

It seems I'm finally free from this mess.’ I thought, finally able to escape from the prison known as Ana’s stomach. 

– – – 

About 30 minutes had passed. Ana had vomited me back out from her belly, and the first thing I saw was her slightly teary eyed face, relieved that I was okay. It honestly came as a surprise to me; not that partners shouldn’t be happy their loved ones were okay after such an event, but rather that it was rare for me to see this side of her in general. She was a rather tough queen, when in front of anyone but other council members. Whilst neither of us acknowledged the event to one another outright, we both understood that we were relieved that nothing bad occurred.

Immediately after, she rushed me over to Sarina’s sink, where she washed the gunk off me. Thoroughly. Making sure that a spot of me was covered in her stomach juices. 

At this point, I was basically naked as well. But, that didn’t bother Ana. I initially thought to playfully reprimand this giantess who seemingly wasn’t understanding my shame, but before I could make a sly remark against Ana, I was already placed on her palms. And rushed away to Sarina in the main room. Still naked. Who also wasn’t surprised at my nakedness.

‘ I was joking earlier, but do giantesses really feel nothing about naked tinies? Being in my birthday suit with Ana is one thing, but why is Sarina unfazed too?’  I wondered. Suddenly a horrific thought came to mind. It made sense for them culturally to see tinies as prey in the past, surely they must have eaten them naked too back then... At least that was my thought.

“Um, can I get some clothes or-” I asked, hoping to acquire some clothing so I would no longer have to be so embarrassed. 

“ Hurry and ask your final questions before I kick you both out of my house.” Sarina responds. Ignoring me entirely. “ I’ve got somewhere to be.”

“...” I stood in silence for a moment. Truthfully I was ready to lash out at this giantess, but I simply bottled that aside for now.

“Y’know, I’d prefer it if you weren’t so rude. Sarina.” Ana comments, with a rather harsh tone.

“Tsk. Whatever.” She responds.” You, the tiny, raise your hand in front of yourself, palm facing the sky’s direction.” 

I do as commanded. Raising my hand and palm.

She continued speaking. “Now, do you feel some ethereal energy within you right now? Some kind of foreign and unfamiliar energy?”

Oddly enough. I did feel something in me. It felt alive, moving, like it had a mind of its own. 

“Direct it to your palm, the energy that is.” Ana responds. Intervening to guide me gently. Her kind, but powerful voice was far more welcoming than Sarina's. 

I follow the instructions that my lovely wife gave. Redirecting the energy around until it eventually reaches my palm. Then, to my own surprise it leaves it, escaping the confines of my own body. Making me feel strangely cold.

In that same instant, a flame appeared, floating atop my palm.

“What the fuck, holy shit!” I said, with an abundance of excitement in my voice.  However in the next instant, it slowly flickered away, as if returning into my palm. Leaving my body feeling like its normal temperature once more. 

“Hmm, so you’re an Arcanist. Interesting. Perhaps you aren't good for nothing after all.” Sarina comments, albeit with a slight mocking gesture, but still with interest on the matter. “And now that you have mana, you can sustain your own enchantments too. Good for you.”

“What’s an Arcanist?” I asked.

“Arcanists, at a very typical sense and normal level,  convert mana into heat by focusing it at one source, or absorb or redirect it away to create a sense of coldness. Areas with a lack of ethereal energy or mana, are artificially cold, whilst concentrated regions of mana can be hot. With enough practice these people can be a threat to be recognized with.”

So, it's a bit like temperature magic then.’ I thought in the realm of my mind. It allowed me to manipulate temperature, and be capable of doing both fire and ice magic. ‘What a weird ability…

“Woah… What about the other types, what other abilities are there? How can I use them? Ana mentioned she had used a-” I ask, hoping to get more answers.

“Nope, sorry. I’m afraid you’re out of time. I have a meeting with the magicians board soon, to discuss an interesting discovery made recently by a young scholar. It may even revolutionize our understanding  of magic as a whole. With it, we might even catch up to the western nation’s level of technology.” She explains. As she guides Ana, and I via extension who is still resting atop her palm, out of her home. We exit through her door right after. 


She shuts the door off to our faces, before even saying goodbye. We’re both left flabbergasted by the sudden turn of events as we stare into each other. I also notice that it’s somewhat cooler now compared to before. I suppose warmish weather in Ranate was just a rarity. 

“... Hey Honey, I didn’t get to ask earlier, but are you alright with uh-” Ana began to question me. Before I cut her off, whilst being nervous.

“Y-yeah, yeah. It was just weird. I never wanna have to go through that again.” I nervously answer, honestly just finding it hard to come to terms with what just happened mere moments ago.

“Of course, I promise I won’t willingly put you into that sort of situation again. Well not that I’d know ‘that’ was what was gonna happen today. Here, you can even take the day off today. You deserve it.”

“Haha, thanks, Ana. Really. I mean it. I need a break after that. Even if it's only for today.” I responded. Glad I could rest.

“You can snuggle around in my bra if you want in the meantime.” She quietly whispers. Knowing full well what my response will be.

“Well… I won’t say no to that.” I answer, with a slight chuckle. Leaving my wife beaming with a smile herself. From tomorrow onward, I was going to be training my magic, and finding a way to incorporate into my survival . Then after that, I would be departing for the lands up north.

End Notes:

So, we got a brief intro into the world of magic. It's a bit confusing, maybe. So do let me know in feedback what you thought of it. Personally I'm a huge nerd about stuff like this. Even if it isn't really related to fetish content. We'll go more in depth to it at a later point, if I feel it is warranted. But the point of Leon learning Magic is to try and harness it to survive.

That was the end of Leon's training arc too. We will began moving to the next phase from the next chapter. Probably at least.

Chapter 6. The Journey To Come. by Edgedej4
Author's Notes:

Wow, what's this. A new chapter in the same month as the last?

Yeah. I've been having some fun with this story and I hope it shows. Normally I aim for 1 chapter a month, but we all know that schedules can be a bit hard.

This chapter focuses both on fetish and non fetish content. So I hope you all enjoy. I will say as we get to more political elements and plot. there may be some crueler acts in the future with some enemies or figures that oppose Ana and Leon. I hope everyone's okay with that.

I've also attempted some third person here for a segment. 

(Oh and I’ve re-introduced a minor character from chapter 1, Emily)

5’am. It was the crack of dawn. Where the sunshine only barely shone through the horizon down to Ranate. Illuminating the world with warm, fuzzy light. It was the light I very much needed in my journey. 

For context, the last day of my training had already passed, which was yesterday. Ana and I had spent it all on devising ways of utilising my abilities to their maximum effect. Aiming to bolster my chances of survival wherever possible. It was constant days of mixing and matching ideas and strategies in conjunction to training in general. After each day besides the last, I was essentially a dead man walking with how tired I was. My energy would be completely wasted, gone to oblivion. But it wasn’t pointless, at the end of my training, with the hard work; sweat, tears and all. It had allowed me to arrive at quite an interesting position, where I could finally start taking some confidence in myself.

On the last day of my training, it was just about rest. I had already learnt what I needed to do and achieve, it was just a matter of being able to use it on the go. Plus, it made next to no sense to waste precious energy from the day before when on the next day I would begin my journey. 

So, on the last day, I just conserved it. I ate a shit ton, I rested for hours, and I spent time with Ana. We both didn’t actually get to do much together however, as Ana’s own workload began piling up from spending so much time with me. It was just time spent together via simply being with one another. Though that didn’t stop her from kissing me repeatedly as we went to bed. Her soft supple lips were something I could never get bored of. Though I will admit the sight of them was slightly terrifying after being devoured by her not too long ago.

 ‘Oh well… When I get back, there’ll be plenty of time for us both.’ I reasoned, within my mind. Hoping to stick to optimism where possible.

You could call it ignorance or blind faith, but I was confident I would get back. After all, I never felt more like a knight, soldier or part of something important than I did now. My magic training, my physical training and just being on a mission that was of importance made me feel important. Like I belonged here. 

Of course, in reality it was due to those no good council members that I’m doing this mission in the first place.’  I thought. But still, I valued the opportunity that I got, the chance to learn and become someone better. I knew I wouldn’t ever get something like this back in Vascar.

“Are you ready, dear?” I heard a voice call out behind me. Concerned but confident was the tone I’d describe.

“Yep, no need to worry about me.” I replied, obviously to Ana, who was the owner of the kind voice.

“Remember, use the environment to your advantage. Your greatest strengths are hunting, marksmanship and survival itself, but now magic can be of use to you too.” She said,

“I’m aware, Ana.” She didn’t need to retell me my own greatest strengths,  but I guess her worries got the better of her for a brief moment. “ But, really, I’ll be fine. I promise. And it’s all thanks to you.” I confidently assert. The levels of gratitude I had for the giantess beside me were immeasurable. There was probably no one person in this world I respected, loved or cared for more than Ana. I wouldn’t dare embarrass her out here either. Ana herself probably wasn’t too happy with me being thrown to the wolves, with how the situation had basically turned out. But she repressed those emotions for now.

“Of course you’ll be fine, who else is gonna rub my feet if you’re not around? “ She playfully mocked with a small smile. Further easing the mood. Such qualities about her made her truly special in my heart. It almost made it possible to ignore the rather gross sentiment she made near the end of her comment. Having spent time in her footwear before, I could confidently say I wasn’t for rubbing her feet, or doing anything with them for that matter… Unless she really wanted me to do something of course.

“Well, stay safe yourself, Ana. I’ll be going off with this uh-” 

“It’s called a Bullorg.” She corrected me, before I could even identify what the creature was.

I was riding atop a rather interesting creature. I’d never seen anything like it. It was like a horse, with bull-like horns and bloodshot red eyes that glowed in the dark. Making it impossible to lose in the bed of night, provided you aren’t super lost.

“ We believed that for someone of your size and current abilities, this one should be fine to handle.” She explained.

“Well, I’ve had horseback training being a squire of Vascar, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Well, we just don’t have many tiny creatures like that in Ranate, our wildlife is rather large. This will have to do.” Ana explained, taking a two second long pause before resuming. “One good thing about it is that it's quite fast and agile. Also it’s extremely quiet despite its speed.”

“ I see.” I look down on the creature I’m gonna ride on soon. At the fur and skin it has, the majestic mane atop its head. It was quite a spectacle to think I was gonna traverse with this thing on my journey. I also had a few bags on this bullorg, strapped on to its sides. One of the bags contained my invisibility cloak that we had the tailor make for me as well as many other essentials that I needed. 

“ I’ll see you in a month. Or even longer if need be. Unlike the rest of the kingdom, I won’t write you off for dead if you need a little bit longer.” Ana bid her farewell. I hold my palm up and wave back at her. As my journey officially began.

The bullorg begins picking up the pace. First a walk, then a trot and finally begins galloping at near full speed outward. I could feel the cold Ranate air push up against my face, sending shivers all down my body. The area we were heading into was full of vegetation, boreal forests in a taiga like biome. The overall chilly air was a staple of such an environment, and with it being so early in the morning, that coldness was only amplified ten fold. 

From the capital city of Ranate, Zleuser, where I currently was, the simplest route to the Karkiman Empire, where I was to infiltrate from,  was to follow the road from the capital that led towards it (bolded diagonal dotted line that goes north west). The problem with this was it would be almost guaranteed that I would be attacked or questioned from crossing the border there. It was close to their neighbouring empire that the Karikiman Empire was at war with too, so chances of guards patrolling all around there was high. 

However, I also didn’t want to needlessly wander around in the Ranate wilderness. That too was a dangerous endeavor. So spending too long here by taking a long detour to the western direction wouldn’t be favorable either. Taking the marked route was the fastest way, but would lead to the most danger, whilst going too far off course would take too long and trap me here in the Ranate wilderness for the night. ‘ Quite an annoying conundrum’ I thought to myself. 

Ultimately I decided that I would try to enter from just east of the most northern Ranate city on the map. That area was in more mountainous terrain and was hard to navigate from, which made it difficult to guard. Normally this route would be out of the question for someone like me, but this bullorg creature should be able to handle it. At least going off of what Ana’s told me beforehand. This area was slightly off the route, so while it would take a bit longer, it wasn’t horribly too much extra. 

No doubt, there’ll be some bandits or trouble spelunking about the border area at those parts, but even then it would still be the safest route.

Guess I don’t have much choice here, do I?’ I pointlessly wonder in my thoughts. For now, I just followed the guided path, and planned to deviate from it when I was a bit more north. I needed to use my food and water sparingly, and had to feed the bullorg creature too when it would eventually become low on energy.

– – –

(Third person perspective switch. Ana, a few hours later.)

The kingdom of Ranate, was full of trembling earthquakes, giant rivers that could be mistaken for endless lakes along with towering structures that dwarfed over people. Well… At least, if you were a human. 

“ Emily, it’s only a little bit longer.” A voice called out. Prim, proper, yet powerful and commanding. It was graced with a rather kind tone too.

“ Y-your majesty, with all due respect. I’m simply not built for this much walking.” Another titaness replied. 

“Enough with the ‘your majesty’ title, just call me Ana like you normally do.”  

“ But, we’re in public-”

“ We’re out in the countryside, at the farmlands of Zleuser. We’re quite a ways away from anyone that would actually care for those kinda sensibilities.” She replied. Aiming to ease the formalities between the two of them. 

“ Y’know, my poor tiny human did not sign up for this today.” Emily answered back, making a slightly sarcastic tone. Throughout the route, Emily had been walking in a rather odd way, as if in obvious discomfort. Her knees bent slightly inward toward her centre of being, and her face slightly flustered. The giantess pointed out how awkward the situation was for her human to Ana.

“Who’s idea was it to stuff him ‘in there’ of all places beforehand? I told you already we were going to see how the others were handling the next batch of humans today.” Ana commented, in a slightly averse and indirect way. Averting her eyes towards Emily’s crotch as she looked back for a moment.

She was making reference to former Marvialasian soldier, Sir John el Berg, who was trapped within her cooch. Due to the sheer size difference, it was hardly like shoving something large or massively noticeable down there. Instead, it was a slight ticklish, but desirable sensation. It was as if John was lighting a warming fire within her merely by existing, and she was free to either set it further ablaze or put it out. While obviously she wanted to fish out her tiny man from her privates, or even start playing with herself to indulge in her fantasy, Ana prohibited it on account of not wanting to waste time. That and the fact that she knew Emily would pick the latter of the two options.

“ You’re a demon, Ana. I can’t believe you’d do this to me. I just need like 6 minutes to myself and I'll be done…” She pleaded, hoping to stir Ana into a different direction. “I bet he’s enjoying himself down there, I wanna be able to enjoy him too.”  Her face was blushing red, not from embarrassment however. “ I can feel him kicking, punching, squirming around.”

“ We don’t have time. You did this to yourself. And I doubt someone like you’d be satisfied with a mere 6 minutes of fun. At the very least, you’re gonna have to wait until we actually get where we need to be.” She replied, after giving off a sigh.

“ I bet you wanna do this with Leon don’t you? Hmm, isn’t that right princess? Too bad you already started the marriage ceremonies, now you can’t do this till the third one. I bet you wanna shove him in deep so bad and begin-” Emily teased while making a gesture of something being inserted to her nether regions while talking with one of her hands. Even referring to her friend as princess rather than her actual current title of queen.

In truth, Emily wasn’t wrong however. Ana had wanted to do such acts with Leon, but for one the man in question wasn’t present. And more importantly, they had already done the first marriage ceremony. Which prohibited insertion or anything similar to inserting a male human to the pussy of a giantess from in between the first marriage ceremony to the last. Hence being a law that only really affected married couples.

 It was a law Ana herself had made, in hopes to stir away anyone who would merely get rid of their humans after being able to produce an heir. She thought of it as an extra insurance measure. Which meant she of all people couldn’t be breaking that law, as being the figurehead for human rights in her queendom.

“ I take it back, go back to the ‘Your majesty’ act please.” Ana answered. Not even giving Emily’s ideas the time of day. Rather, slightly frustrated at it being pointed out that she couldn’t do anything  of the sort with Leon for almost another 7 months. It was known there were 45-46 days in a month, and 8 months in a year. With 3 months out of those 8 having 45 days. At least in the world of Celessa, that’s how it worked. 2 months were dedicated to each season. The first season of a year was winter, followed by spring into summer, finally then by autumn. 

It had been roughly a month and 10 days since the first marriage ceremony on the first winter month, since the fateful day Ana dumped her entire weight on her little man.  When she sat on him, crushed and grinded him against her rear and made him feel every ounce of her love. It was the day they were wed, and forever bound to love one another. 

However they couldn’t do the ultimate act of pleasure, the act she most undeniably desired. All because of the rushed marriage they planned. Ana looked back at Emily with a slightly saddened gaze, trying to see the couple do what they couldn’t. Emily instead however looked embarrassed. As if remembering the two giantesses weren’t in a private room, or Ana’s castle. Causing a blush to be plastered across her face from realizing what she had just loudly announced. Ana simply gave off a small chuckle in response to it. 

“Wow, and like, a lot of humans work around these parts. Some of them must have heard you really shout out your vulgarity…” Ana nonchalantly commented. As if trying to maximize the damage to Emily’s pride, and to embarrass her further. Obviously it was just some friendly banter between some friends in the end though. A form of chatter great for lifting up the mood.

“I’ll be quiet now.” Emily finally submitted to her own nerves. While a loud, cheerful and teasing woman she was, she was easy to embarrass. She would never act this way near anyone but Ana, but much to her own dismay, she was in a field where her voice could travel quite far.

“ Good news is that we’re a few minutes away now.” Ana commented.

“Finally. Though seriously Ana, I don’t think I can do this much longer. My legs feel like they’re gonna give out.” Emily exhaustedly announces. Her voice reverberating around. The woman wasn’t the type to be walking around places much. That and she was just a bit lazy.

“Speaking of, how is John? How much has he changed in the past couple months?” Ana, once again dodging Emily’s proclamation, asks her about her human.

“John? He’s doing great. So great in fact I’d say he’s in a good enough condition to marry.”

“ So, he’s about past tier 5 in the scope of our plan?” Ana questions. 

“Yeah. I’m proud of the little guy.” Emily stops walking momentarily and squishes her thighs together a bit, as if allowing the inner walls of her pussy to begin clenching in on themselves. This was her way of showing gratitude to her little man, at least when he was stuck in this kinda situation. He too had been enchanted with pain redirection and some others, the extra tightness of her inner walls squelching together as if to crush him only made him revel in orgasmic euphoria. “ It isn’t easy coming back from the brainwashing from Marvialasia.” She says as she continues walking once more.

“ From what the little men who’ve already succeeded in rehabilitation from our program have said, from a young age they’re indoctrinated to hate non-humans. Especially species that pose a challenge to Marvialasia. They host rallies, parades, events and celebrations to express their hate of the non-human races.” Ana explains, with a slightly disgusted look on her face. “ All while their ugly ruler prospers, promising them all a better life at the end of their wars.” She scornfully spits out. Not literally, but in a figurative manner. While Ana could excuse the enemy-like mentality of many Marvialasian soldiers, she struggled to feel the same way for their leader. If anything, she wanted to be the first to end his reign. Now with Vascar thrown into the mix as well, they had become her enemies too. 

“How would they even know any better? It isn’t like they can just meet up with a giantess, or a dwarf or whatever in that kind of environment. They can only do as they know from their education.” Emily sympathetically voices.

“ They’re a misunderstood people. I’m glad our own kingdom has started taking a chance on their actual citizens. They aren’t all monsters.” 

“Well, that's all thanks to you.” Emily expresses her gratitude towards her friend. Who didn’t  pay it any mind. When Ana was driven to carry out a cause, she wouldn’t stop for a mere congratulations for half-assing a solution to a problem.

The two continued their idle chatter as they walked. They were heading towards the southern part of town, far from the actual city-like area that Ana and Emily would normally stay in.

The further you got away from the capital, the more farm lands, and less well esteemed households you would find. Conversely the less rich and entitled elitists of the older era too. It made this area the perfect ground to allow  a budding humanity to grow. 

It was all a part of Ana’s plan. Tiers were a term that Ana and Emily had coined to differentiate the different levels of mindset each captured Marvialasin soldier was. Each expedition to the border, their group would capture a hefty amount, both of men and women. The soldiers themselves didn’t even know they were being sent on what normally would be a mission to their deaths. ‘How else would you describe a border patrol mission against titanic creatures like us, the giantesses?’ Instead they were rage fuelled, and driven by their nationalistic pride to serve their country, and try to eliminate Ranate. So much so that most hadn’t even questioned what would become of them after accepting their mission. Any people who were hesitant had their families threatened. Making it impossible to even attempt to go against the land.

The idea of poor, bitter and resentful Marvialasian soldiers who didn’t even want to invade or go anywhere near the border, but had been forced to, pervades into both Ana’s and Emily’s mind. The two women thought of the same picture in their heads.

An image, a landscape full of vegetation. Rain, thunder, earthquakes… Earthquakes?

At least to a human they must have been. Marvialasian humans would run, cry, beg and try to escape away from the Ranate soldiers they would be fighting against. Each step the giantesses would take would leave the very earth rumbling. At least at an era when their use of magic wasn’t so vastly superior to Ranate’s, this image would continue to exist. ‘And what would the Ranate soldiers do to these poor humans?

Both the giantesses knew. 

Stomp them, crush them, eat, gulp and digest them whole, torture them, break them apart, or capture them to be further interrogated. The giant folk of old, back before the Darlington-Bliss were in charge, were far more cruel, far more reactionary in response to conflict. Such tragedies were hard to ignore. It was stuff that Leon might even be somewhat unaware of.

While Leon was given a watered down explanation of events regarding the past of the kingdom. Obviously it was heavily limited, Ana would not permit the librarian to scare off her lover so quickly. And for history itself, even Ana didn’t know everything. She was still quite young herself, when compared to the older giantess present at the capital, her knowledge would be somewhat limited. But she still obviously knew far more than her curious lover. Her position as queen and princess forced her to be at least  somewhat educated on the history of the kingdom, but she never got to see or feel the hateful events before. Only learn them, and grow to hate her own land’s history. 

It all began with a surprise attack towards Ranate, with heavy machinery fired against them. Ranate easily could outclass such things, giantesses were the farthest thing away from ‘weak’.

However, the humans adapted, they learned. Soon, tactics, unsavoury methods of warfare and such were practised. And to seal the downfall of their own, Marvialasia even began learning magic. The combination of all these events eventually put Ranate at a longstanding disadvantage.

It was only due to their sheer size, and power that these giantesses could even fight back at all. It would take many humans to face off against a singular giantess. And when magic and enchantments began being thrown into the mix, on the giantesses side, finally the tide was turning.

The giantess folk were conditioned for the longest time to be reactionary, to fight, to mindlessly act savage and writhe in the pleasure of destroying their enemies.

At least, that was the simplified barebones of Ranate’s dark past with Marvialasia. There was obviously far more, but she wasn’t thinking about that all now. The thought of people like Jade the Cruel from the last reigning family made her wince, as they were responsible for so much of her present anguish. She wanted to focus on the current problem. Unlike those lost in the past, Ana wanted to figure out a way to begin heading towards the future. And she had luckily already arrived at her conclusion. That being, she would strive to improve the relationship of the two species where possible. Which is where her plan came in. 

Humans from Marvialasia were divided into tiers after they were captured. They would not be harmed, or put in a dangerous environment. Their torture was strictly prohibited too. At least for all that wouldn’t hurt any citizens of the kingdom.

The tiers were as follows,

Tier 1: Fresh capture/ Hates all non-human races. 

Tier 2: Indulging in small talk and conversations with giantesses.

Tier 3: Engages in small activities with non-human races and species.

Tier 4: Recognizes their own problematic behaviour. Aims to better themselves.

Tier 5: Establishes meaningful connections with giantesses or other non human species. 

The tiers would all be divided into groups, and each group would enter a property in Ranate. All of this would occur within the capital city of Ranate, and within the trade central, near the center of the kingdom with another trustworthy group of Ana’s comrades. The city at the center was quite a popular place for many giantesses to purchase some things. Even Lisa from the council went there every 2nd or 3rd week for some mysterious purchases of her own. Though Ana wasn’t sure what in the world Lisa was up to at all. People like her made Ana slightly scornful as they actively stood against her plan. An act that she thought to be for the basic rights of humans.

Tiers 1-3 Marvialasian humans would all be exposed to giantess culture and behaviours, and be allowed to express their own ideas and values. Oftentimes their own beliefs were hostile, especially at the lower tiers. But, Ana had requested the giantess guardians that would take care of these people to be patient with them. She herself, at the early days of being a princess candidate, would also be a guardian of many humans herself. Such devotion to make change only improved her own image after all. Though the older faction who were against the Darlington-Bliss family would always try to spin the narrative against her. Ultimately they would fail, but their attempts did not go unheard.

As the tiers increased, the levels of exposure to the giantesses would increase too. Ana herself had only dealt with tier 1 to 2 humans in the past however, so she rarely got to even touch them. Nowadays, many of the more ‘loving’ giantesses acted as guardians for the humans. 

‘Some of them are a little too loving…’ Ana muttered aloud, baffled at some of the sights she had witnessed from the more playful parts of her community.  While she was glad the plan was working so well, some of the acts she’d seen were a little bit much for her. At least when she thought about it rationally. ‘Who knows what I'd even be thinking or doing under the sheets with my little man once the third ceremony was over…’

Humans were a hot commodity for giantesses. They weren’t sold or anything, nothing that would dehumanise them to that extent. Instead, tier 5 humans simply got to stick with the giantess they would get to form a connection with. And some giantesses now were a little too excited to gain their first human, and so the volunteers to become their guardians would increase. This process only increased the amount of exposure giantesses got with their humans too, allowing a change of perspective to occur even from her people.

“I reckon that’s for the better.” Emily commented in response to Ana’s muttering. Eventually leading to more pondering about Ana’s plan for the two. “Back when we started this all, our people were so sceptical and awkward about this whole plan. So this is a massive improvement.”

As the humans ascended the levels, they were allowed more and more luxuries in their lives as they would be relocated with many of their group mates to better places. While essentials like food and water would always be given, the opportunity to live closer to the city awaited those who wanted to assimilate into society. Those that capped off at tier 2 or 3, often were left to work at the farm lands. Something these humans more often than not wanted, rather than getting closer to giantess society. 

 Right after someone would confirm the capped off tier 2’s and 3’s were safe to keep in the kingdom, they would be responsible for assisting their guardian giantesses with general tasks. Sometimes even helping out in the process of converting humans to their side too, though from a safe distance. That aspect too was a nice addition to Ana’s idea. As allowing converting humans to see where they once were would almost always have an effect on them, one that would further their contemplation of beliefs. It was a key goal of the program not to just force an idea on them; They were just recovering from being forced into such a prior mindset after all. It made sense for them to grow and choose their own beliefs as they converted. As long as they did actually convert somewhat in the end, the project was considered a success.

Almost no humans were stuck at tier 1 by the end of the program cycle. Which was an important aspect. If a sample size of 300 humans were present initially at tier 1 at the start of a program round, then 290, more or less, would have been converted. Leaving a measly 10 or less of stubborn tier 1 humans.  This was the most successful conversion out of each of the tiers. Tier 2 into tier 3 had 250 successfully converted out of 290, and tier 3 into 4 would have a measly 70 out of 250. Of course, the numbers were hypothetical, but the relative percentages of success were roughly similar each time. Tier 5 was the sole outlier in this trend of data, with 50 out of 70 converting to tier 5 from tier 4. Perhaps people that already took a step forward at tier 4, being already out of the haziness of their brainwashing were able to move on quicker. Either that or the level of progression from tier 4 to 5 wasn’t too significant compared to other levels. Regardless, the fact was that tier 1 to tier 2 was the most successful conversion. Most likely, the most important one too as it would differentiate victims of Marvialasia to true believers of their hostile culture. 

These ones that were still left were deemed as hostile enemies. Even Ana couldn’t justify keeping a potential enemy that just wouldn’t convert to their side. It was bad for her image, and it even increased the risk of everyone else falling under threat of a potential attack if a massive buildup of them were to arise. If she had the political security of being able to relax the doubts some giantesses had, for the humans still being sanctioned despite being enemies, she would use it. But she didn’t have that influence, not yet at least.

Normally a potential attack wasn’t something to worry about from humans once they were captured. As they were all split into groups, with small numbers of them existing around one giantess at the early tiers. Even without magic for the giantesses in the early years of the plan, the humans weren’t a threat with such a tiny number of them. 

A problem only arose when too much was present. Then they had to be eliminated. 

Ana initially proposed to her assistants and friends that only the oldest tier 1’s who wouldn’t convert would have to be eliminated. But the fact that ‘What would the remaining tier 1’s in the same group think?’ Was brought to her attention by them. 

Ana thought, pondered and wondered about a possible method that wouldn’t involve killing off the tier 1’s. But she couldn’t figure something out. She was forced to work with them out in the farm lands for this plan, so her resources were limited, and more importantly the other giantesses generally didn’t approve of tier 1 humans who just wouldn’t convert. Not to mention If even only some of them were killed to prevent a giant influx of them building up, it would lead to the survivors being even more skeptical of Ana’s policies. 

It was a dirty move, she knew it was. But in the chess board called politics, sometimes you had to sacrifice your pawns to save more important units. That was the only option she had left. She was scornful of her lack of ability to prevent this, but not feeling guilty. They were the enemy. That was a fact.

To separate the resentful, tier 1’s who wouldn’t convert into their own separate group and crush the entire group together at once.  That was the option she was left with. 

I mean, the tier 2’s aren’t exactly super approving of us either. But at least they stop with the ‘I’m gonna save my country from you dirty bastards!’ Talk to our faces.’ Ana reasoned in her mind. For as long as that enemy hating mentality continued, they were a danger to Ranate.

All it took was just a small step forward; for them not to be put into danger. Ana’s group would try so hard and to no avail. And yet, a tiny amount of Marvialasian humans still chose that option. To cling to their hate. To their resentment. 

These same people wanted to hurt not only non-human races, but even humans who chose to side with the giantesses. They were a menace to the cause.

Such fierce determination to stick to their propaganda only made Ana more furious, especially at the first time she discovered that such a problem was occurring at all. 

The horror of the younger princess, only but a few years ago, learning that the more resentful, failed tier 1 humans must be scrapped entirely. Crushed and erased, as if they never mattered at all. She remembered staring into the blood stains on the ground of the separate execution room after such a group being present.

‘ Fuck…’ 

She, the titaness, began losing herself with her thoughts. Her rage became fueled by the anger she felt toward the situation when she remembered when she had to crush the soldiers herself. Years ago. 

She couldn’t entrust many people with this project when she began. So she had to do it herself. The sounds of people screaming with resentment, cursing her and her lineage were hard to forget when she began. At the same time however, she steeled herself to her mission. And simply hid her feelings away behind her mask, behind the facade of a cool headed leader. Behind the reputation of being a Darlington-Bliss.

“Ana, hey? Are you doing okay?” A voice softly perturbed her inner thoughts. It was Emily’s. 

“Yeah, I just got a little worked up thinking about some stuff.” Ana replied, after having a rather large sigh. 

She understood that this was her own naivety, her own kindness being used against her. Logically it made sense. Kill off the enemies and save the majority. But emotionally, it was a bit harder to justify. Not so much the fact she had to kill humans. No, not that at all. She was a strong willed queen now, and a princess of Ranate before. She wouldn’t lose her calm after just a simple matter. It was more so the fact that the entire predicament felt so avoidable. That if the tier 1 humans just even slightly changed, she could justify keeping them in her land safely. ‘But alas, life wasn’t so nice.’ 

She was at mercy to the pride of some Marvialasian soldiers, to their indoctrinated beliefs. With no one left to direct her anger to but their ruler himself. 

Emily simply stared at Ana once more for a few seconds. Who, despite her discomfort, started walking up a bit closer to her friend. Both the giantesses were of noble descent, and were rather close as friends too. She patted her hands on Ana’s shoulders, hoping to cheer her up.

“This was the best outcome. No one else in the history of the kingdom would give this much of a chance to the enemy. At least not this successfully.” Emily reasoned. 

“Yeah… Thanks, Emily” Ana responded. Trying really hard to take Emily seriously without reminding herself of the fact that a human was inside Emily right now. Though at this point, even Ana began wondering how Leon would feel inside her. Wiggling around, trying to escape or maybe even go in deeper. She took any opportunity to distract her mind.

“We’ve arrived, I can see the building from here. It's slightly hidden in the woods.” Emily pointed out, finally gaining a sense of relief as the two giantesses arrive. 

The tier 1 and 2 primary facility, painted in floral white with a red brick roof. While it was a far cry from the luxuries present in the capital. It was much nicer than the neighbouring surroundings. Its exterior was quite sturdy too, with plenty of windows allowing a view of the outside world for anyone inside. There were plenty more similar facilities in the nearby area, but this was the main one, which housed somebody that Ana wished to speak to. 

The queen, and behind her, Emily, walked up towards the entrance. 

*Knock, Knock* 

Ana knocked on the door with her knuckles at the back of her hand. Creating a rather loud thud, a noise of wood being struck against by a blunt force. The humans inside would definitely hear such loud thuds.

However, the door itself was unlocked. It lightly squeaked and opened from Ana just knocking. Prompting her to enter the facility.

“Excuse me.” Ana’s voice echoed throughout the room as she walked inside the entrance to a building. Ana remained standing in between the doorway. “ Maria and Lindsey, are you two there?” 

Footsteps quickly began building up, getting louder and louder as each second passed.

“Ah, your majesty, you’ve arrived.” Lindsey answered. Courteous in nature. The giantess in question wore a bandana across her head, with a red crop top that showed her abs off. She wore black trousers. Lindsey was a rather naturally athletic giantess, one with a sharp eye too. 

“I know it's rude to immediately ask, but is there a spare uninhabited room somewhere?” Ana politely asked.

Lindsey raised her eyebrow, confused towards Ana’s statement.  She steps to the side and see’s Emily behind Ana. Sighing instantly at the sight of her. 

“To the left of the tier 2’s room, there’s an empty room. Feel free to use it… Emily.” She answers, pointing with her index finger towards the available room. Guiding Emily with a slightly disappointed but not unexpectant gaze.

“Sorry Liz, but I’ll be borrowing it for about 6 minutes.” Emily states as she colloquially calls Lindsey her nickname. She walked quietly to where she was guided, with her legs still bending inward. Her face flustered. 

“Yeah… 6 minutes. I’m sure.” Liz answers, giving off a slightly rude and sarcastic tone before letting out a soft chuckle. “So, Ana, what can I do for you today?” 

“I want to know how the procedures are going. Have the results changed or are they the same? Along with the rate of giantesses picking up humans from the tier 4 and 5 facilities.” Ana asks. “Oh, and the socio-economic status of what giantesses are picking up humans. As well as last time’s percentage of the ‘tier 1’s being removed’ from here.” Ana spoke, making sure not to say words like ‘eliminate’ or things that would stir great hostility.

“Sure thing, come on in. We can discuss the first couple things you said once we’re inside.” Liz replies, guiding Ana towards the central room. “To answer your last question though, the percentage has gotten a lot better. Last time, only 2 were stuck at tier 1. It appears even Marvialasia’s brainwashing hasn’t been as effective as it once was. Not that it isn’t a problem for us still.”

The facility was a house-like structure that stuck out like a sore thumb. Out here where wilderness and farmlands dominated the area, there was suddenly a fairly well made home. Quite a large one too. 

The specific location housed mainly tier 1-3 humans. Often, tiers 1-3 and 4-5 were separated. Not intentionally, but it just so happened that those in tier 4 began heavily disagreeing and being uncomfortable around tier 1-2 humans. Even tier 3’s made a sort of ripple in the system. Not to mention, tiers 4-5 generally wanted to be closer to the cities anyway. 

The system currently was working as intended. 

‘But, I feel like there’s still some sort of problem.’ Ana wondered. ‘ As if we’ve overlooked something important.’ 

Truly, that was one of the key reasons for her coming here. Not just to check on the progress of her program, or to even plan some adjustments to it. But rather to check in on some things, and to confirm the individuals who would come take care of the humans. Ana wanted to make sure she was getting everything right, so she had to make sure her hunches were checked for.

After this, I’ve still got the issue with Vascar to deal with…’ She thought. Already getting exhausted from a mere reminder of her own workload. ‘They increased the number of soldiers at our border with them, and it seems like that’s only gonna increase. These people are also the same scum that made Leon’s life before a living hell too… I should probably nip this problem in the bud.’  Ana reasoned. Arriving to a solid conclusion. 

In its simplest terms, Ana would capture the capital of Vascar via right of conquest, taking the kingdom for her own. Obviously in a manner that wouldn’t harm innocent civilians. She would try diplomacy and negotiations first, but coming this far she had a feeling it wouldn’t be so simple. Vascar was clearly a diversion in the grander scheme of things. Most likely as a ploy from Marvialasia. Hence, first she would have to deal with Marvialasia, or else fear an invasion from the opposite direction. This was a fact that made it rather annoying to just start fighting back against Vascar, now that they’d allied themselves with Ranate’s enemy. 

Vascar themselves weren’t too much of a threat, it was solely their relationship with Marvialasia that proved annoying for Ana.

Hmm, what to do?’ She pondered.

Ranate was put into a rather risky position. However, with all the pieces in the right places, It would be possible to grow as a queendom, as a country. Perhaps even evolve to become an empire if everything went especially well. 

There wasn’t much to lose. At least on a scale for countries and leadership. Ana Darlington-Bliss knew her next move, as she prayed for Leon’s safety. Who was the key figure in her makeshift plan.

“Have a seat.” Lindsey prompted Ana. Ready to begin their discussion. 

“Yeah.”  She answers, before wondering in her head. ‘I wonder what Leon’s doing as of now?’ 

– – – 

(Back to first person perspective on Leon)

Almost nightfall  had arrived. It was currently the late evening where the sun was starting to set downwards from the sky, escaping from my view and into the distant horizon. Thankfully despite that, the climate was also changing, I could feel it. The chilly colds of Ranate were left behind me as I approached northwest. Replaced with the more bitter kind of cold seen on mountainous areas.

However, in the specific route I was taking, the mountains in the way made it rather difficult to traverse. Not to mention the altitude made it a bit more difficult to breathe in. Luckily, in front of me it was all downhill so there was that to look forward to.

It was quiet here, almost silent if you barred the sounds from nature itself. Being a mere human in Ranate, that kind of silence was impossible to get with the constant sound of footsteps always afoot. 

I could hear running water near me. ‘Perfect,’ I thought to myself. My stead was getting tired too, I could tell as it was slowing down again. While this wasn’t my first time setting up camp on this journey, it was still unnerving. Especially now. I searched my bag, the one on my bullorg to take a look at the map.

My relative position was given by the red flag, which was slightly into Karkiman empire territory, and I was still quite close to the borders. ‘If there’s one thing I know about borders, it's that there’s always danger around.’ I was always quite good at reading maps, but training in Ranate to learn how to read my surroundings made it a unique strength of mine. I was able to understand the environment around me and apply it to understand where I was. ‘Quite the essential skill for any adventurer.’ 

I unpacked my key belongings and set up a tent. I gathered some firewood, and focused as I shut my eyes. Sensing the ethereal energy inside me and closing myself off from my surroundings. I located the innate mana within, and circulated out to my palm. A second passed, two seconds passed. Finally, on the third a sense of heat was given off as I opened my eyes to find a flame resting on my palm. It was flickering brightly, but still rather small. An intentional choice by myself as to not waste mana where it didn’t need to be wasted.

I bent down, on one knee as I fed the firewood my flame by extending my palm outwards, towards it. In a mere instant, it engulfed the wood, the twigs and branches soon began erupting in a hot fire. One that provided me and by stallion of sorts warmth. 

Hah, easy as cake,’ I mocked, in my mind. ‘... God damn it, I wished I had some proper food on me right now.’ I cursed as the thought of cake only fueled my hunger.

I once again approached the bullorg, this time going to the other bag I had. It was full of essentials, like food and clothing as well as some other essential items handed over by Ana. As for water, I luckily had a river near me for that. 

‘What a slow day.’ I thought. Mundane days of travel were never my favourite. I sighed and approached the campfire I set to heat up my food.

As if lost in a trance, I kept staring into the fire once I had approached it. Hoping to fight away my boredom.  My thoughts began contorting and bending. I found myself remembering some details Ana told me from yesterday.

The mission requires you to find some intel that can bring harm to Marvialasia, either directly or indirectly. The sooner you get it, the sooner we can move to the next stage of the plan.’ Ana explained, in bed with myself yesterday. Though I was only thinking of the key parts of what she'd told me. Our actual conversation was on a lot more stuff.

I had dozed off a little remembering what happened yesterday, getting a small nap in. An effect brought by looking into the fire for a little too long. I wasn’t sure how many minutes had passed but certainly I had gotten a little bit of rest in.

Now for the plan itself’, it all made sense to me. Yet, I couldn’t help but scoff at how broad of a goal that was. ‘How was I supposed to know what would bring significant harm to Marvialasia?

In truth, I hadn’t the faintest clue. Though that was to be expected. I knew that I would only figure out a plan once I got there.  Then I could-

*Thud, thud* 

Quiet footsteps. Human sized, someone running. They were getting louder and louder.’ I analyzed, at the mere instant of hearing the unfamiliar sound. 

I was up on a mountain, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Footsteps like these shouldn’t belong here. Either a human is running away from something, or someone is running towards me. 

A figure appeared in front of me as the seconds passed. A man slightly taller than I, and bulkier too came charging at me. He was carrying a large axe which he grasped with both his hands. 

“AARRRGHHH!” He screamed.

Yep, it was the latter.’ I deduced before shifting into a battle position. 

I quickly focused on my own mana, which luckily I already had gotten the feel for just mere moments ago from lighting up the campfire… And absorbed the Ethereal energy, or mana I should say, from the direction right in front of me, right where he was. 

Suddenly I felt very warm, but the environment itself became cold. Simply absorbing the mana robbed this place of its warmth. 

It's nightfall, and now that I’ve made it even colder-’ 

Ice began forming on the ground, with the grass itself becoming icy. I wasn’t sure of the process of why or how this occurred, but from messing around with magic in general on the last couple days of my training. I had realised that I had to really utilise the full scope of my abilities. 

The charging man, who seemed to be going for me, ready for the kill had slowed down. Trying to process what was going on, but it was already too late. 

He was slipping. In the presence of the icy grass, he couldn’t keep his footing. Giving me the perfect amount of time to roll over to my bow. 

He was of a rather large build, and definitely wasn’t the most agile man out there. I had already gotten my bow out, in position ready to shoot. 

He was scrambling about, trying to get up, but it was too late. 

I released the string, sending an arrow, infused with mana on the tip towards his path. Naturally, that meant it was hot, scorchingly so in fact. The mere instant it landed on his thigh, where his pants were, they were set ablaze, with a fire that continued on to the rest of his being. 

It appeared he didn’t have any magic, or skill of it himself. Lucky for me I suppose. I watched him burning away, writhing in pain. The ice from earlier was all melting due to his inflamed being.

*Thud, thud* 

There’s more?!’ I realized, alert from the sound of more footsteps. Readying my arrows towards the darkness, nightfall was upon us now. Putting individuals stuck in my position at a disadvantage. 

“WAIT! Wait, Stop!” Another man cried out, with his arms up in the air. Running after him was a woman, who also had her hands up. As if trying to show me they meant no harm. 

“Please! Stop, we’ll leave you alone. Just stop burning our friend.” The woman begged. She too was muscular, with blonde hair and with a dagger in a small sheath at her waist. 

“...” I stand in silence, in position. Not buying a word they say. “Drop your weapons, and kick them over here first and keep your hands up after. Then I’ll listen.”

Both began doing as I directed them. 

I looked back at the burning man, the poor soul who I left in pain, he was crawling over towards the direction of the river, probably in a vain attempt to douse himself in water. In truth, I couldn’t master the proficiency of magic in a mere couple of days. The elites of this field probably spend months to years on some techniques, a couple days wasn’t gonna make me an expert. Because of that, my flames on him weren’t perfect. In fact, while they hurt, he probably was still fine. The reason for hurt was more so an effect of my mana scorching him. To be honest I wasn’t quite sure how or why that happened, or even what to rationalize it as. But, the next time I get an opportunity to learn about this stuff, I definitely will. What did make sense was that I could make specialized arrow tips, like the ones I had on me, get really hot. Those arrow tips could then make fabric and other plant based material light on fire on contact.

I look back at the two, seeing they weren’t planning anything else. After confirming, I faced the burning man again, and took away my mana, which was stuck onto him in the form of heat on the arrow tip. The flames wisped away. Leaving the brute with an arrow jammed into his thigh.  At least he wasn’t at immediate risk of infection considering I literally sent him on fire.

“Hauff, aughhhh.” He groaned, in obvious pain. I signaled to the other two that they could help the brutish man after stepping towards their weapon. Making sure they couldn’t retrieve them.

Now what… I didn’t plan on this.’ I wondered, with angst. A slight panic. A thought that I should have just killed them when given the chance. 

While I wasn’t exactly someone used to the act of killing, it wasn’t necessarily something that I was opposed to in dire times. Something of a defense mechanism I had built up from being a squire at Vascar. To me, there was something natural about it, as if it was a part of nature.  That being said, such acts still made me slightly uncomfortable. By contrast, the act of one of the titanesses from home crushing a man made me very scared. That felt unnatural, as if being reduced to a bug. It couldn’t even be compared to human conflict.

 ‘I’m out here alone. I can’t afford to be kind…’  I thought. 

I decided to speak up. Attempting to be stern and powerful. 

“Speak, what were you doing?” I asked, with a harsh tone. I had given enough time for the two to make sure the brutish man had sustained non fatal injuries.

“W-we’re mere bandits sir, we had no idea a noble like you were around.” The man, the unharmed one, spoke.

‘Noble?’ I questioned in my head. ‘How did they know I was a noble? No, wait. That can’t be right. There must be some confusion here somewhere.’ 

“How did you know I was of noble blood?” I asked. Glaring at the unharmed man.

“Why, everyone knows in Karkiman that nobles only know how to use magic.” He said, fear plaguing his every word.

Do they now…’ I pondered. Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind.

“Say, I have some ointment and some healing herbs, surely those could help you.” I referenced, allowing for a smile to plaster itself on all three of their faces. “As a noble, of this empire of course, why don’t you lead me down this main road in exchange. Do that, and all will be forgiven.” I lied, trying not to break the poker face of a pompous and privileged man. “Of course, after I confiscate your weapons along with any other goods you folks have.”

I show them the map I had, and ask for their assistance in showing me the fastest route to head west. From what little I knew of this country, I knew that bandits that didn’t fit into social norms had a huge bounty on their heads. Simply alerting someone in a position of power would be enough to put these folks into a huge amount of trouble. 

“If you head just west of here, and forget about the main road for now, you can actually skip the dangerous down climb later and head straight there. Following this route is a little bit faster, and will get you to the main route later anyway” The woman answered.

Truthfully I knew where to go, what I didn’t want to deal with however was any more bandit groups. It was quite common in this great big world of Celessa that bandits would be present near the borders of any country. Of course not right next to them, where government appointed guards may be, but a little bit away from the actual border itself. In other words, like a place where I currently was.

“Good, we’ll split off at the next town.” I told them. Allowing them to breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing I would get out of their hair soon enough.

These folks were merely an extra insurance measure. I was glad I didn’t need to kill them out of self defense, but absolutely would if they proved themselves dangerous enough. 

Yeah, that's just how the world worked. The strong kill the weak, but it doesn’t excuse the immorality of the issue.’ I thought. 

To take pleasure from the unwanted suffering of individuals was something only a demon would do. Yet, it was something people back home, back at Ranate, were definitely doing. Taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of humans . For example, the gargantuan sized figure known as Lisa, from the council meeting, popped into mind. Just what had she done before? How much had she killed before? Was she still torturing humans even now? She definitely seemed the type.

Such thoughts pervaded my mind. Like who else I knew would have killed before. 

What about Ana?’ I questioned. ‘Surely she must have. She was a ruler, a figure of power. You don’t get to such a position without making some sort of sacrifice, or show of power.’ 

While the notion made me slightly afraid to think of what poor fate must face those that would have defied her in the past. I was strangely not uncomfortable on the matter. Was it due to it being Ana? The literal beacon of hope for Ranate? 


She was someone that wouldn’t kill or harm someone for no reason. If she ever did, I knew in my heart of hearts to hear her out first. 

God, I wanna see her so badly now.’ 

It had just been just a day, on a very important international mission, but my own head was filled with nothing but loving thoughts of my wife. Queen Ana Darllington-Bliss. Even right now I was sure she was figuring out a plan for what the next ideal course of action is. 

To fight back against Marvialasia, to fight against Vascar. To change Ranate culture in such a significant way never seen before.

And here I was, someone who was nothing more than an insignificant squire, on a journey helping her.’ 

I cracked a smile, alarming the bandits near me who thought I was planning something for them, as I began walking to my steed. 

“You all got horses I assume?” I ask.

“What the fuck is that?” The man replied, rather in a rude fashion as he finally took a look at my stead.

“It’s a bullorg, no big deal, quite common where I’m from,” I answered. Keeping up the act of confidence as some righteous noble from this land.

“A what?!” He mouthed, not even voicing his words properly.

The brutish man finally replies, actually trying to answer my question.

“We have two horses, sir. I ride alone on mine, and these two ride together.” He respectfully answered. Quite a different tone of voice for someone who was charging at me moments ago. Leaving me slightly bewildered at his sudden change of attitude.

Were nobles of this land really something to be feared that much? To that extent? I mean I suppose I did have the edge over these people with my magic…

I was left pondering, in response to his sudden show of respect towards me, as I resumed my journey once more towards Marvialasia.

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