Shrunk in the Model City by Da Boss, Inverse
Summary: Marie decides she needs a vacation from her normal life for a week.  She goes to her parents house, where she has a shrink ray and a model city.  What could go wrong.....
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Written with my co-author, Inverse.

1. Prologue by Da Boss

2. Monday with Dad by Da Boss

3. Tuesday with Mom by Da Boss

4. Wednesday with Eddie by Da Boss

5. Thursday with Heather by Da Boss

6. Friday on the floor by Da Boss

7. Saturday around the house by Da Boss

8. Sunday in the basement by Da Boss

Prologue by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Hope you enjoy....


“Well this sounds like such a fun trip, sweetie!” Carrie said, as her daughter grabbed a spare suitcase and brought it down the hallway towards her bedroom. “You’re gonna have so much fun!”

Marie smiled, dragging the suitcase down the hallway and dropping it off in her old bedroom. She then turned to face her mother. “Yeah I’m excited!” she said with a smile. “Heather and I are gonna have so much fun.  Gonna do some drinking, some hiking,” she lied. “It’ll be nice to get away for a bit.”

“You’ve been working hard, you deserve it,” Carrie responded. She turned, wanting to give her daughter time to pack up her bags. Marie was in her late twenties and didn’t live with Carrie anymore, but she often came by to visit her parents, which Carrie loved.

What Marie told her family, was that her and her good friend Heather were taking a road trip for a week in a town a few hours away. She told her mom that they would be doing typical tourist stuff, hitting the bars on the Main Street, doing some hiking, all that stuff. While Marie didn’t technically lie to her parents about going on vacation for a week, she definitely lied about where exactly she was going.

Working in the field of quantum physics, Marie had been working on a top secret project in her free time. It was a device that could most easily be described as a shrink ray. Marie hated that description though. That sounded like something too sci-fi for her. She often referred to her creation as the “temporary matter reducer.” The device was described to look like a lamp, which she kept in her old bedroom at her parents house. She knew her family almost never went into her old room, so she figured it was safer there than at her apartment where her boyfriend, Dan, could get his hands on it. The device was programmed so that the user could input a certain duration of time. The person would then stand in front of the device as it scanned their body, and would shrink them down in thirty seconds. After the duration of time had passed, the person would automatically be returned to their normal size….assuming they had enough space to do so and were still alive  Shrinking could be hazardous after all.

This was a major passion project for Marie. The young woman had successfully shrunken and re-grown herself multiple times, and now wanted to put this to the test. She planned on spending the next week just relaxing, while about two millimeters tall.  Rather than exploring some new town several hours away with her friend, Marie was actually planning on taking a week to herself, in the relative safety of her parents home. Using a 3-D printer, Marie had created a miniaturized city, which was almost three feet across. It had everything from model buildings to pools to parks, and it was perfectly set to accommodate a two millimeter person (Marie’s favorite size to shrink to).

Marie had packed multiple suitcases with clothes, meals, water and everything else should we need to relax for seven days. Her old room was set up well, with her bed and dressers positioned in a way that the natural light from the windows could illuminate the model city during the day, and it would be naturally dark at night. The shrink ray was disguised as a lamp near the device, which she kept unplugged when she was not home to keep anyone from messing with it. She had a magnifying glass next to the model city, in case there were any incidents and she, or someone else, needed to be found.

“Alright,” she said to herself, putting her suitcase down next to the model city.  “Time to say goodbye to the family.”  Marie’s parents and brother had asked her about the model city on her desk in the past, but Marie again fell back on her half-truths.  As far as her parents knew, she just enjoyed 3-D printing and this was just a work of art she had created.

“Hi Ruby,” Marie said, as her parents three-year old black cat walked up and brushed against her legs as she sat back down in the living room. Marie reached down and hoisted up the chubby cat, and began scratching her head.

“Okay Marie, do you know about the hotel’s security policy, and where the nearest police department is?” It was her dad, Victor. He was a loving father and always had her best interests at heart, but he could be extremely paranoid and overbearing when it came to the safety of his younger daughter.

Marie could only give a half-hearted smile, and nodded. “I know dad,” she said. “I’ll keep in touch with you guys, you know you can always get me on my phone.  Both her parents continued to give Marie a lecture, listing the warnings about travel. Marie had no idea why her parents were acting so paranoid.  She had traveled outside the country and gone to Germany with her friends before and everything was fine.  What was the big deal about her going a few hours away.

“Yeah, and make sure you watch your hangovers,” laughed Eddie, Marie’s twenty-one year old brother who was in his last year of college. He still lived at home and his room was across the hall from Marie.

“Hey I was drinking before you,” laughed Marie. “I know what I’m doing.”

“You did!” responded Eddie. “You’ve been out of college too long, your tolerance is gone.”

Marie continued to bicker with Eddie and chat with her parents, when she decided it was time to go to bed. She made a point to tell her parents that Heather was going to pick her up early in the morning before they woke up. She said good night to her parents, her brother and to Ruby.

“And here we go,” Marie said to herself, giddy with excitement. She scanned her suitcases, backpacks and everything else she needed for the next week. She watched as they all dwindled down to a barely visibly size in the palm of her hand. Even though she had done this before, her hands quivered with excitement as she placed the tiny luggage down in the model city.

Marie stepped onto her desk, the remote to control the matter reducer clenched in her hand. Her white, silk scarf with decorative black lace was bunched up against her neck. Her blue shirt felt tight as her body tingled with excitement. The blue sleeves wrapped around her slender arms and Marie could only imagine how she'd look tiny and living in her own, little world. Her legs were dressed in black skinny jeans that would glide right through the empty, shrunken streets. 

Marie let her marvelous auburn brown hair loose, tones of brown shined in the light of her bedroom as it cascaded down her body and shoulders. Marie made her final adjustments to the Temporary Matter Reducer. Two millimeters in height.  Seven days, one hundred sixty eight hours to be exact. Marie double checked her math to make sure everything was right. “Next Sunday night I’ll be back to normal,” she mumbled. She made one last change, giving herself thirty seconds to climb up onto the desk after she was scanned.

“Okay, time for a week off,” she laughed, pressing the button.  A blue beam struck Marie’s body, and her signature was stored inside the device. Again shaking in excitement, Marie climbed up onto her chair.  As she clock counted down towards one, she jumped, and reduced while in the air. The tiny woman landed on a soft pad she had strategically laid down, now reduced in her model city.

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More to come....

Monday with Dad by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Here's the next chapter in the story.  Hope you enjoy!


Morning came as light shined down from the window onto the model city, standing on the table in the bedroom, which unknown to the other members of the house, contained a two-millimeter sized girl within. Marie was awoken as the sunshine started to brighten her environment, stretching herself as she readjusted to her new surroundings.

Last night, after initially shrinking herself down into the city, Marie was in absolute awe. She admired the handiwork and immense detail on several of the nearby buildings, and how the world outside the city now just seemed like a blur. Picking up her bags of resources she shrunk alongside her, she had taken a several minute walk to a nearby park, where she too was incredibly fascinated at the real grass, trees, and even small lake she had set up.

At the edge of the park was a little cottage, which was actually a shrunken dollhouse, that Marie had chosen specifically to be her home base. Due to how late it was by the time she really settled in, she decided to simply go to sleep and focus on further exploration the following day. She did have a whole week ahead of her, she thought to herself.



Walking down the stairs after getting out of bed, Marie continued to yawn and stretch herself awake, dressed in a sleeping robe and slippers, with her hair still a bit of a frizz. Entering the kitchen, she pulled out a bag of bread, as well as some eggs outside of a case of luggage, which contained all the food she would need to last her for the week.

Using a makeshift stove she set up herself, she devoured her well-made breakfast, all the while browsing through her phone which still functioned. She scrolled through her text conversations with her boyfriend Dan, who was under the belief that she was just spending a few days with her parents. She did make sure to send him several nude photos of herself in bed, but there was no way to tell she was actually tiny. She was having such a breezy time that she momentarily forgot that she was in a tiny city in her bedroom, so excitedly jumped back out of her seat, and ran out to the balcony.

Letting her robe flap in the wind, exposing her bra and panties to only herself, Marie took in the breath of fresh air, thanks to the AC in her bedroom being the perfect amount, amazed at the sheer scope of the world she inhabited now at her size. It would probably take a whole day alone to explore the entire city, she imagined.

The slight dauntedness of the task caused Marie to remember the reason she shrunk into the city in the first place: to relax. She had a whole week for this entire city to herself, she didn’t need to rush and could take everything easy. The city wasn’t going anywhere. Thus, Marie decided to spend most of her first day just lounging around her house. She even ended up passing out at one point on her large, luxurious couch in the living room until it was the afternoon. She was treating it as her own personal lazy Sunday, even though it was a Monday.

Eventually Marie, still dressed in her morning attire, chuckled to herself saying, “Well, I guess I’ll be somewhat productive.”

Heading back into her room, she stripped right down to her nude form, admiring her figure in the mirror, before grabbing a set of clothes from her personal and miniaturized wardrobe. She figured what better way to get acquainted with her new surroundings than to also get some exercising in. Changing into sports bra and underwear, alongside a sexy looking  white tank top, black yoga pants, and white running shoes, Marie was ready to head out jogging.

Marie always enjoyed getting a good run in, and trying to get to the gym at least twice a week. Exercising was something she always liked and wanted to do more of, but her busy schedule tended to hinder that, so this week vacation was not only an excuse to rest, but also one to get some more mileage out of working out.

Lightly jogging down the street, Marie still was in awe and couldn’t believe the scale and detail in everything. The cars parked all over were perfectly to scale and functional, so she could take a drive sometime later if she so felt like it. She laughed to herself as she thought that if she kept up the self-congratulating she’ll start to grow a bigger ego.

Speaking of ego, she had already travelled a decently far amount of space, alternating between light walk, simple jog, and hard run, for about two hours, and had reached the Main Street, which had its own central landmark of a statue of Marie, surrounded by a cavalcade of various types of buildings. This was the section Marie was particularly proud of, not just because of her visage standing “beautifully” tall, but also that she had decided to throw away the concept of theming and just put whatever. A bazaar of stores, several skyscrapers mixed in with traditional sized houses, couple middle-sized offices. It really was like living in a toy box.

The exploring had caused Marie to decide to make her way back to her cottage so she can make a proper schedule of what she’d like to do during her week, when she is caught off guard by a…


Suddenly, Marie stopped to a halt as she could hear what to her was a loud smash coming from somewhere far beyond her horizon. Somewhere in the outside world. And the noises continued to grow more frequent and closer.

“Oh shit…not now!” Marie exclaimed to herself, sweat starting to pour down her face, and not from the running.

“WELL. LOOK AT THE FINE CRAFTWORK HERE” a voice echoed downwards from the heavens, sending a chill down Marie’s spine, nervously turning around and staring up to see none other than the ginormous approaching body of her father, Victor.

Victor had just returned home from work where he found both his wife and son were out each on their own errands. He typically didn’t have that much alone time so wanted to take the opportunity to take it easy. This got him to thinking about Marie, who had sent her a text message informing him that she arrived safely earlier that day, and thinking about wanting to take a trip like that for himself at some point.

He was then reminded of the model city that Marie had briefly mentioned before, and with her and everyone else currently away, thought it would be the perfect time to check it out. He knew his daughter was incredibly smart and was very into her hobby of 3-D printing, and wanted to take some time to appreciate her work.

Marie was starting to worry. She had chosen not to put a lock on her room because she assumed her family wouldn’t bother with entering or messing with anything of hers. She didn’t even live here anymore, why would they need to come into her room for anything? But now her father was at ground zero, and she absolutely didn’t want any of them finding her tiny right now. She could only imagine what they may do to her at this size.


Her mind raced with worst case scenarios of being discovered at two millimeters tall by her massive family. Her father loved to tease her and always treated her as his “little girl.” She could swear he would try and scare her by dangling her above his mouth or something, hopefully not letting her go. Her mom on the other hand, often tried way too hard to be best friends with Marie, often trying to prove she was just “one of the girls.” She even wanted to take Marie lingerie shopping once to find something for her boyfriend Dan. Marie had absolutely no desire to be dropped in her giant mom’s bra and pinned up against her nipple for safe keeping.


This left Eddie, her slightly younger brother. Marie honestly shuttered just thinking what he could do if he found her.

Realizing the danger she could be in and snapping back into reality, Marie quickly booked it inside of the closest building to her, an office building about four stories tall (about twenty millimeters), carefully peering out the window from her dad’s view, hoping he leaves sooner than later.

After just entering her room, Victor bent down to examine the city, astonished by the sheer amount of detail that his daughter had managed to pack into this little project of hers. Seeing the sheer variety of different buildings, plus the greenery in the park, and all the little cars around, even he started to imagine people living in the city. It would be so cool to tower over these pathetically small people, like a true giant.

He reached his hand in to pick up several objects to closely examine, each time his titanic fingers creating an eclipse that blocked out all light temporarily within a given area of the city, causing Marie to yelp and whimper in nervousness. At this point she didn’t have too much experience of shrinking around regular sized people, especially unaware ones, so she wasn’t too sure how to handle it. She knew that her matter reducer did nothing to enhance her durability, so she could still be in grave danger.

Putting down one of the cars he had admired, Victor pushed it down the road at lightning speed to see how it drove, causing it to crash into another building and tumble all over. Victor chuckled to himself, not really thinking the damage is that big of an issue, unaware of the potential danger it would cause.

Then, his thumb and finger carefully descended back down toward his next target, plucking an inconspicuous office building up out of the ground: the same one his daughter was currently within.

Marie has in full freakout mode. Everything was shaking around her, forcing her to grab onto a nearby pole to keep her steady. The entire building began to crunch and creak as the pressure of Victor’s finger and thumb affected it. Marie could see out the window the monolith that is her father as all she could perceive was his left eye, staring closely at the building, trying to peek through its floors.

“HMMM, ARE YOU SURE THERE AREN’T ACTUALLY TINY PEOPLE LIVING IN HERE? IT’S SO REALISTIC!” Victor jokingly commented to himself, his booming voice sending chills down his daughter’s spine and rattling the walls of the building. And he was just about to throw her into even more unaware peril.

Like it was nothing, Victor casually tossed the office building into the air, catching it back in his palm, noting how tremendously light it felt, like dice. He then proceeded to do it again. And again. And again. A sense of power washed over his body. He could simply crush this tiny building in his hand like it was absolutely nothing.

Every simple toss of the building sent the miniscule Marie inside through the most disorientating experience in her life. The first throw was so sudden that it caused her to lose her grip on the pole and began to twist and turn all over the floor of the building, screaming as loud as she ever has before.

After thankfully colliding with a piece of cardboard or foam, Marie quickly wrapped herself up in it as the throwing and shaking continued, causing Marie to bounce back and forth between all four walls, to the point it no longer mattered what was the ceiling or floor. She was also grateful she grabbed the cardboard, or else feared she would’ve died through all the concussions alone. Either way, it was an uncomfortable experience that she begged would stop soon.

Victor proceeded to mess around with the building for what felt like several more minutes until he finally dropped it back down unceremoniously into the city. Completely dazed and on the verge of throwing up, Marie waddled her way outside the office, struggling to reaffirm where she was and how to get the ringing in her head to stop. She sat down covering her shaking head for a bit. She closed her eyes, trying her best not to dry heave, and prayed this pounding headache would subside.


That was when she then heard a loud: “HUH. WHAT’S THAT?”

Marie turned back around to see staring directly down at her was her father once again, only this time, he was looking right at her with a magnifying glass, which she had left on the side of her desk.

While Marie was recovering, Victor had noticed the magnifying glass and thought it was the best way for him to get a clearer look at the some of the more little details in the city. He was examining the corners until he reached the spot Marie was, where now thanks to the magnifying power, he noticed a tiny figure sitting in the middle of the street.

“IS THAT A LITTLE DOLL? OR A BUG? OR MAYBE, HMMM….” Victor thought to himself, curious enough that he slowly peered himself into the city to get a closer view. For the briefest of moments, the thought crossed through his mind. Maybe it was actually a shrunken person, even Marie. Subconsciously, his stomach rumbled as he thought about a shrunken version of his daughter. But that was physically impossible, and Marie was on vacation hours away, right?

Marie sat completely and as possibly still as she ever could, hoping he would figure that she’s nothing and move on. She didn’t know what was more terrifying: if he recognized her or if he didn’t. Marie recalled a time when she was younger, when she once caught her dad holding an ant in his right hand. Victor didn’t even know she was there, but she witnessed him slowly pulling the ant apart using his fingers. He then just squeezed it before his digits, before wiping what little remained off onto his pants. Even if he didn’t recognize her, she feared what he would do it her if he thought she was a bug or doll. Throw me away? Grind me into a paste? This trip was about to shift into a horror movie.

Then, an unexpected *CRASH* happened.

A quarter from Victor’s front shirt pocket had slipped out during his bending to stare down at the city and landed directly near the location he was just looking at. He temporarily glanced away towards the dropped coin, giving a moment for Marie to make her escape.

“Aw crap!” Victor mumbled to himself, getting a slight surprise after being so focused. “But what was…nah it was nothing. Guess I’ve been fantasizing way too much about tiny people. Should go and tell Marie!” Victor said before turning out of view of the city.

With her father distracted for a brief moment, Marie took the opportunity to dive into some bushes near where she was motionlessly sitting. She was cut and bruised from the branches, but she prayed that she would be hidden and safe. Marie was annoyed she’s only been in the city for less than a day and has already sustained this many injuries between the bushes and the shaking office.

Climbing out from the bush, she approached the ginormous coin that was nearly as tall as her. If she laid down across it, it would probably take ten of her lined up head to toe to stretch across it. Beyond her dad’s interference, it was the first real example she had to compare her size now to the size of something from the “outside world”, and there was something incredible, yet scary about it.

The circular rims stood tall, almost as tall as her, but had enough rigidness to it that it allowed Marie to grab ahold of and let herself climb to the top. “Might as well get some rock climbing into this exercising routine” she commented with a cheesy laugh.

Hauling herself up to the top relatively easily, Marie was astonished by the sheer size of it. She thought that she would have to come back the next day when she has her phone to take a picture of her on the massive coin. Maybe to confuse some of her friends and Dan.

However, these plans were immediately ruined when she found her platform slowly being lifted up. Panicking, she turned around to see two enormous digits on either side of the coin raising it into the air, as her dad stared off in the other direction, paying no attention to her tiny body on the coin.

Marie was feverously trying to figure out what to do now. She continued to rise higher above the city and closer to her dad. She knew leaving the city at her size was equal to a death wish, but knew the fall at this point could seriously injure her, if not straight up kill her. To make matters worse, her oblivious dad was now starting to tilt the coin, likely to put it into his pocket.

Then, the desperate Marie noticed the park next to her cottage was now underneath the coin, as Victor’s casual shifts and movements brought her closer to her original location. With no time left to spare, Marie prayed for her life, and jumping off the quarter, readjusting her body in mid-air before curling up into a ball, as she landed directly into the parks’ tiny pond with a loud splash.

For Victor however, it would’ve been just a minor drip, but for Marie’s relief, he had his back turned when she landed. Who knows what else he would’ve tried if he got confirmation of that “thing” he saw earlier. A chill ran down Marie’s spine as her mind again began to play out scenarios.

With another *SCREECH* and *BANG*, Marie confirmed her father was finally out of room, and dragged her now completely soaking body out of the pond, coughing up a storm and lying on the ground. She thought about how what started out as a potentially exhilarating day turned into a hellish scenario where she was completely at the mercy of her unaware father, even close to death at some points. She just now had to hope her mother and brother didn’t try anything the next few days.

By nighttime, Marie was too exhausted after everything that happened and forgone planning her week or exploring more of the city in favor of trying to relieve herself from stress of the day. After taking a bath and eating a good dinner, she had wrapped up some of her scratches and bruises in bandages and was dressed in her original jacket and long boots she wore when she first arrived, with her soaking workout clothes hung out on a pole outside to dry.

She was letting off some steam on her phone when she got a text message from her father. It was a selfie of him holding the magnifying glass up to his eye with the model city behind her, as the caption says: “I think there’s some tiny people living in your city! ;)”

All Marie could do was grab a nearby pillow and scream into it in frustration. Six more days of vacation to go.

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More to come soon!

Tuesday with Mom by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Here's the next chapter in the story.  Hope you enjoy!


After being awake for a few hours, Marie was having a much better Tuesday than Monday. She had woken up early and made herself a fresh and strong pot of coffee, and had a nice healthy breakfast of strawberries, egg whites and turkey bacon.

She had gone for a good run this morning, and was relieved when nobody interrupted her run and nearly crushed her by accident. Marie debated whether or not to mention anything to her dad once she returned to normal size. Part of her really wanted to yell at him for putting her in danger, but that would evolve into a conversation of how she lied to her family and was shrunken in her room without telling anyone. She did not feel like having this conversation.

After her jog, Marie threw on some nicer clothes, including a tight fitting green sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans, showing off her ass. She made sure to take a selfie and send it to her boyfriend Dan, best friend Heather and her mom. They all told her she looked cute.

Wanting to have a fun day to herself, Marie packed herself a picnic basket and left her tiny dollhouse-turned-cottage. She walked a few blocks, continuing to take in the sites of her own personal city. Marie walked up to a red convertible parked on the street. It was a legit shrunken car, and operated just fine. The turned the keys in the ignition, and began driving with the top down in her miniaturized metropolis, blasting her music and driving without a care in the world. She approached a nice park where she could relax and have her picnic.

Marie laid back against the soft grass in her model park. With a huff, she blew her long, auburn colored hair out of her pretty face. She wrapped her arms around her ill-fitting emerald green sweater, spilling down over the black of her skinny jeans. Marie’s breasts only just poked through as she held her arms against her stomach. The room had a natural chill, causing the fabric to hold the imprints of her hardened nipples

Her wide eyes shimmered with excitement and hope as she looked into the sky, the sky being her blue-painted bedroom ceiling. Her ears picked up the faint sounds of birds from her bedroom window. The heat from the window also kept her content with her place in the park. Beside her was the wicker basket that contained the contents of a picnic. Reaching in and pulling out a turkey sandwich on pretzel bread and a lemonade, Marie took another selfie for her boyfriend.

Leaning over to slide a hand into the basket, Marie felt a sudden shift on the ground. It rumbled below her, knocking the basket over and out of her hand.

“Shit!” Marie cursed, sitting up suddenly to see her monolithic bedroom door open to reveal her mother, Carrie, striding in with a duster in her hand. Her chest heaved with C-cup breasts loosely held down within a white, stained vest top.

As she walked into view, her long, dark hair swayed. Although nothing could distract from her tight jean shorts that clung to her hips and ass. Carrie was happy to dance around as she worked to clean Marie’s room, bending and shaking as she lifted books and dirty clothes. Her face showed off her dark, soulful eyes and a wide smile as she hummed away.

Marie was in a pure state of panic, once again she had her vacation interrupted by her family. She felt more danger from her mom however, who could be clumsy around her model and extinguish her life with just those breasts alone.

The giantess that was Carrie began slowly pacing around Marie’s room. She used the duster first on Marie’s bedside stand, then one of her tall drawers and a dresser. All this time Marie was slowly making her way out of the park, towards a taller building in the city. She learned yesterday that she did not want to be out in the open when a giant nearby. Marie’s eyes widened in panic as Carrie began walking towards the model city with the duster in her hands.

Marie was a smart young woman, and knew what was about to happen. Her titanic mother seemed to approach the city in slow motion, eyes seemingly unfocused and not paying attention. This wasn’t malicious, this was just another chore for Carrie.

The giantess lowered the duster into the city and gently began to rotate her wrist back and forth, collecting dust and grime. For Marie, it was like a tornado was rampaging through the park. Marie tried to flee the wide open park and close the distance to one of the buildings that could offer her a bit of shelter.

Despite the fact that she was running as fast as she could and was closing in on the building, the duster finally made contact with Marie’s body. It was softer than she thought, but there was definitely some force behind it. The blow sent Marie flying forward causing her to tumble and roll.

Temporarily disoriented, Marie stumbled to her feet and slowly made her way into the nearest building, collapsing on the floor in exhaustion. It didn’t feel like any of her bones were broken, she was just banged up. She felt a slight trickle on her forehead and felt a couple drops of blood. “God dammit!” she mumbled to herself, wiping them away. She reached into her purse and grabbed a few bandages which she always carried around.

Placing the duster down on the floor, Carrie turned her attention to the three foot long model city currently sitting on her daughter’s desk. Earlier in the morning, she had spoken with her husband Vic about the model city. Sure, they knew Marie had done a great job with her 3-D printing, but Carrie had never looked at the model city in depth. Victor went on to tell her about how much detail Marie had put into it, and even showed her the picture he had taken.

Obviously impressed with her daughter’s work, Carrie decided to take the opportunity to give it a closer look. She pulled back her daughter’s desk chair and lowered her titanic body down.

Hidden inside a building in the model city, Marie was catching her breath. A shadow then eclipsed the city. A shadow belonging to her mother. Marie felt weak in the knees. “What is she doing?!” Marie whispered to herself. As she thought that, her cell phone vibrated as a text message appeared.

It was from her mom, and it was actually a picture message of her own model city. “Wow, this is really impressive! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it, my dear,” it read. A temporary sense of relief washed over Marie, believing her mom would leave the model city alone, unlike her father. That sense of relief was short lived.

Before Marie could send off her response, the building was immediately blocked off from all light as a monolithic object slammed into the ground, mere inches away from Marie’s building. Marie gasped as she saw a wall of smooth skin takin gup her entire visual field. She hesitantly stepped closer to the window, trying to see what was happening. The monolith was enormous and mostly smooth, but with wrinkles scattered throughout. Up above were five smaller appendages the size of giant boulders. Her mom had put her feet up the desk.

As Marie was taking this all in, another text popped up on her phone. “How’s the trip, honey? Is now a good time to talk?”

Marie knew she had to put some space between herself and her mom’s giant feet. They were too big and powerful, they could mean serious danger. She fired off a text, “Hi mom, let me call you alter. I’m a little busy right now. Love you!”

Racing down the stairs of the building, Marie was determined to get out of here. If her mom moved her foot just slightly, she could be crushed. Reaching the tiny red convertible across the street, Marie hopped in. She sat there for several seconds, unmoving, just taking in everything. She could herself staring up at her mom’s giant form. Her mom looked like a true goddess, and Marie decided to snap a picture. She’d show it to her mom later and make up some lie about a tiny camera in the model city.

Putting the car in gear, Marie started to pull away when that same ominous shadow descended down upon her. She looked up and shouted, her mother was stretching out her foot and laying it down!

Thinking nothing of what she was doing, Carrie stretched her foot out on it’s side, while she was busy scrolling through her phone. When she did this, she inadvertently grabbed the tiny convertible between her two largest toes.

In a panic, Marie tried to raise the sunroof to offer a bit of protection. This was useless as the car was already grasped tightly between her mother’s toes. The black sunroof was torn right off, and Carrie’s sweaty skin was now pressed against the top of the convertible, and Marie’s body!

Marie was gasping in terror as she looked everywhere in her surroundings. The powerful toes had crushed the sun roof, and both doors. There wasn’t enough space to escape out the window with her mom’s toes blocking them in either. Was this how she dies? Crushed to death by her mother’s foot?

“HMMM, WHAT’S THAT?” Carrie said aloud, looking down at the car. The sound of bending metal ceased as the toes stopped squeezing the car. She watched as an enormous hand reached towards her, plucking the vehicle out from between her toes. Marie instantly went stiff and pretended to be a doll once more, as her mom’s enormous brown eye filled her vision.

Looking into the car, Carrie finally noticing that it even had a tiny driver inside! Marie really did put a lot of detail in this city. She moved the car lower, just below her nose, as she gave it a quick sniff to see if it smelled like her feet. It might be awkward to explain to her daughter why her toys smelled like her toes.

Marie screamed as she felt hurricane force winds whirling all around her, strong enough to rip her out of the car! She managed to grab onto the steering wheel as her mother inhaled, her lower body hanging out the torn off doors. Her fingers were quickly slipping from the powerful air pressure, threatening to send her deep into her mother’s nose.

Suddenly, it stopped just as fast it began. Once the wind cut off, Marie crawled back inside the car and curled into the seat, panting heavily. Carrie unaware of this, shrugged and placed the car back on the city street. It smelled a little like feet, but it wasn’t too bad. Marie would probably never notice. Her stomach rumbled, and she needed a snack.

After seeing her mom walk out of her room, Marie took the opportunity to drive away, off towards the park where she had left her picnic basket. She was still starving, and was not about to let the “little” inconvenience that was her mom ruin that for her.

After about fifteen minutes or relaxing in the park and sipping some lemonade, that all too familiar sound of her giant bedroom door opening began again. “Oh shit, now what?” she said, clearly annoyed. Her two millimeter body again froze, seeing her mom’s massive form re-enter her bedroom, this time carrying a bowl of half-eaten chocolate ice cream.

Marie breathed a sigh of relief as she hid amongst some trees, she was sure her mom would’ve noticed her as she was out in the open. Hidden in the shade of the trees, Marie’s heart sank as her mother wandered back inside the room with the massive bowl in her hands.

“What the shit?” Marie blurted out, clinging to a tree like a reassuring friend.

“She really did make a cute little model,” Carrie cooed as she leans towards the model city, wanting a closer look.

What followed next would infuriate Marie. Her mother began to crush the surrounding buildings with her titanic breasts. The world that Marie called her sanctuary was being extinguished. Buildings crumbled and ripped apart as the plastic crumbled under the full weight of heavy breasts.

“Oopsie!” Carrie giggled, as she rose up and brushed the building remains off her vest. “Marie can fix it, she’s a smart girl.”

Marie was red in the face, kicking dirt. “You can fix it when I get back you clumsy bit…” she was cut off as a massive drop of ice cream splashed in front of her hiding spot. “Holy crap!” Marie shouted caught off guard as the massive drop landed fairly close to her. Not thinking clearly, the tiny woman panicked and began running out into the street.

Seeing a drop of ice cream fall off of her spoon, Marie turned her attention to the park. “MY BAD!” she giggled. Her attention elsewhere, the titaness began to tilt the bowl of ice cream without realizing it. In her clumsiness, she accidentally spilled her chocolate ice cream towards the model city, right down Main Street….where Marie was trying to flee.

A tidal wave of melted ice cream descended from the sky and splashed onto the street, right in front of the tiny woman. “Oh fuck!” Marie shouted, nearly falling as she tried to pivot and turned the other direction.

The flood of melted ice cream trickled down the street, and overtook Marie, knocking her off her feet and pulling it under. It was not particularly deep, but it was very sticky and very cold. Marie shivered between bouts of cursing, “Ffffff-uck!! Ssss-hitttt!” The only upside to any of this, was that she was doused in chocolate.

Her troubles were far from over as she heard a great, loud chuckle from above and her world turned black as Carrie’s face descending towards the spilled ice cream. “MY BAD, I’M SO CLUMSY,” the giantess woman laughed. Marie froze in terror as her mother’s face hovered right above Main Street, and then her giant tongue exited her mouth.

Marie’s eyes widened as the massive tongue made contact with the street, and began to lap up the ice cream. Marie turned and tried her best to run. Her mom’s warm breath began to wash over her. She then turned to look over her shoulder and saw the giant pink, fleshy surface was closing in on her.

Then the giant tongue made contact with Marie’s back, temporarily knocking the wind out of her. It took several seconds before Marie realized exactly what was about to happen to her. “Mom no! Don’t eat me!” she screamed as the tongue was brought up and closer to her mom’s mouth. As Carrie lifted her head up, she ended up licking her lips. As she did this, Marie managed to slip off her tongue and found herself plastered to her mom’s lower lip!

“What the fuck is going on?!” Marie shouted. She then felt herself starting to slip again. The soupy, chocolate ice cream coating her body. She began to slide down, just as her mom’s giant finger brushed past her to scratch her nose. That little movement caused Marie to begin sliding rapidly down her mom’s chin. She continued to pick up speed and screamed for her life.

Coming to a rest on top of her mom’s massive left breast, Marie was frozen in fear. She could hear her mom’s heart pounding away underneath the skin, and was terrified of whatever move the giantess would make next. Then her mom began to lean forward, over the city again.

Marie screamed, fearing she was about to fall to her death. She desperately tried to cling to any skin or hairs she could grab. When that failed and she continued sliding, Marie attempted to grasp any fabric of her mother’s top.

Plummeting off her mother’s breast, Marie screamed and then went silent. This was it, she thought. She would die in the model city and nobody would ever know. Then she felt extreme cold and heard a splash.

For the second day in a row, the lake had saved her life. She choked and gagged, not expecting to hit the water, but managed to resurface and tread water long enough to get her bearings. She saw her mother walking out of the room, shutting and door behind her. Marie exhaled and began to cry out of sheer stress and exhaustion.

Later that night, Marie had whipped up a nice dish of pasta in a creamy white sauce, and sipped a chilled glass of white wine. She needed this after today, it was really helping her relax.

That’s when she received another picture message from her mom. Opening it, Marie wanted to throw her phone against a wall. It was a picture of her mom’s massive foot in the middle of the model city. “Like my pedicure?” it read.

Marie’s hand shook with irritation, before she hung her head in annoyance. Hopefully tomorrow would be a more relaxing day.

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More to come soon!

Wednesday with Eddie by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Here's the next chapter. Hope you enjoy!


Waking up without an alarm always relaxed Marie. She had fallen asleep in a pair of cozy, footy pajamas, and was now ready to face her day. The light streamed in naturally, and the city was eerily silent. Though she loved the peace and quiet, even Marie got a little unnerved by this.

“Should’ve shrunk some birds or something,” she said, laughing to herself. After snapping a selfie where she made sure to show off her breasts and sending it to her boyfriend, Marie walked to the kitchen where she made herself a pot of coffee and grabbed a French vanilla yogurt. She finally intended on having a relaxing day.

Marie had specifically shrunken down her prom dress from her high school years, nearly a decade ago. It was one of the nicer ones she owned, and she hadn’t had an excuse to wear it in years. She decided to reduce it though. She wanted to take some pictures of herself in a nice dress in her tiny tow, as any wannabe model would.

Stepping out from her tiny home, Marie was bathed in sunlight, it shined against her lilac-colored dress and left her with rosy cheeks.

The dress still fir from her prom days which was a miracle of her shrinking technology. The dress’ silky material clung to her now war skin, shaping her slim features. She was the most beautiful woman in the city and she deserved to be.

Marie’s mind wandered as she wished for a tiny paparazzi to capture her beauty. Her dark, auburn hair, now tied and braided over her shoulder made her look all the more stunning. Knowing she was the only one present, Marie allowed herself to not let a bra strap ruin her glamorous look. This gave the added benefit of her breasts looking shapelier. She sent off a picture of herself to her boyfriend, Dan, as well as her mom. She and her mom exchanged text messages temporarily, and she told her mom she was going to a fancy gala.

Exiting the tiny building, she decided against taking a car, especially after the incident with her mom’s feet the previous day. After several minutes, the stunning, young woman reached the main streets of the city, where she looked like a movie star strolling down. She glided down the boulevard like a starlet from the 1920’s. A femme fatale…almost.

Walking into a miniature model café, Marie grabbed a can of iced coffee from a vending machine and sat at an outdoor table. “This is the life,” she said to herself, making sure to take additional selfies. These would be great for Instagram later.

She took a deep sip of her coffee, and then heard an all too familiar noise.

The ground rumbled and shook once, and then that eerie creaking sound began to set in. “No. Not again,” Marie mumbled fidgeting with her dress. She just wanted one day to herself. She’d dressed herself so pretty. She figured her parents would’ve left her alone after already messing around with the tiny city.

The rumbling and shaking continued, large booming steps came closer and closer to Marie’s sanctuary. What little light there was soon blotted out by the gargantuan form of her brother, Eddie.

Eddie and Marie had a pretty good relationship for siblings. They often teased each other and hung out pretty regularly when Marie was visiting her parents. Marie would even buy Eddie alcohol before he turned twenty one. “Shit, what does he want,” Marie said. Not wanting to get caught out in the open sitting at the model café, she slunk off into the nearest alley and crouched behind a dumpster. Not exactly where she wanted to be with her stunning dress.

“WHOA,” Eddie breathed with a sly smirk. He towered over everything. His crotch was level with the tallest buildings. The city was below him and while his sister was away, it was his to mess with.

“Fuck!” Marie cried, hiding in an alleyway behind a dumpster. Still, her brother loomed, lifting buildings up with his meaty hands.

“LOOK AT THIS SHIT,” he laughed, tossing it behind his back. “I ASK TO USE HER PRINTER FOR WEEKS AND SHE USES IT FOR THIS?!” Eddie laid a hand down on several buildings, letting them crack and crumble under his sweaty palm. He felt shivers down his spine as the power fantasy of being a God became more and more real.


Eddie giggled as a car crumpled against his fingertip as he pressed down and ground it against the road. This was the last straw as the bulge in his pants extended.

“UGH FUCK,” Eddie moaned as he moved to unzip his jeans. Marie watched in horror as Eddie reached into his pants and pulled out the largest cock Marie had ever seen. She was truly speechless, and could think of nothing to do or say other than stand there.

Eddie didn’t just start vigorously pumping his titanic penis. Marie watched as he held it in his hand, and then seemed to angle his phone high above it. “Oh god,” Marie said, with an eye roll. “Never took him for a dick pic guy,” she laughed to herself.

She heard Eddie speaking aloud as he appeared to be typing out a text message. “WISH. YOU. WERE. TINY. IN. THIS. CITY,” he said slowly as he texted. “MY. COCK. WANTS. YOU. AGAIN.”

“Again?” Marie mumbled. “Who the hell is he dating?!” She momentarily tried to list in her mind the women Eddie could’ve been talking about.

Marie soon snapped out of these thoughts where she heard Eddie mutter the words, “HEY THERE’S THE MAGNIFYING GLASS.”

“Crap!” Marie said, jumping to her feet. Eddie was momentarily distracted as his body was turned to grab the magnifying glass. But Marie knew she needed to find more cover IMMEDIATELY. She wasn’t small enough to go undetected, and had close calls the two previous days. Now the person she wanted to find her the least had the tools to do it.

Removing her heels and carrying them in her hands, Marie bolted across the street. There was a store that she had not filled with anything yet, and she ran inside and slammed the door behind her. She figured the large glass-like windows in front of the store would allow her to keep an eye on everything and let her know when the coast was clear.

Marie made it to empty shop not a second too soon. Eddie’s curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he was now scanning the model city with the magnifying glass, admiring the effort his older sister had put into creating it. He would need to ask her to make him one later. If only his new girlfriend could be tiny down there. And naked. Those thoughts were eating away at Eddie, and he slowly began to stroke his fat cock.

Eddie examined the model city carefully through his magnifying glass, studying all the incredibly accurate details his sister had put into the miniature city. His massive eye fell towards the stores on Main Street. Then he saw something peculiar and colorful in the window. It appeared to be a tiny mannequin.

Her blood running cold with fear, Marie dared not move. The giant magnifying glass made Eddie’s eyes look even more massive and intimidating. The voices inside Marie’s head warned her not to move a muscle. So she stood there. A blank expression was draped on her face, her hands down at her sides, the beautiful dress flowing over her body. She prayed he didn’t know she was alive.

Surprised and confused as why in this entire city, there was one tiny mannequin just in the front of the building, Eddie held his gaze on it. It was so small he probably would have missed it if not for the magnifying glass. The mannequin appeared to be just as detailed as the rest of the town. She was pretty cute as well.

Imagining she was an actual shrunken woman, Eddie couldn’t hold back any longer. Gripping his penis in his hands, he let it fall, crashing down on the city. Marie closed her eyes and started to cry hearing everything shake. ‘Not again. Please not this’ she thought to herself.

Eddie’s massive penis was fully erect, and he loved the feeling of all the tiny buildings giving way underneath him. It made him feel more powerful than ever, but he wanted more. Reaching down, Eddie picked up the two story building he spotted the mannequin in. He knew he could crush it and grind it to dust, but he had other intentions. He manipulated it in his hands, causing Marie to scream and be knocked around. Then Marie felt herself falling towards an open door. Eddie was trying to dump her out of the building.

It only took a few shakes, before the tiny, two millimeter body landed in the street in front of Eddie. Marie was paralyzed in fear, staring up at her godlike brother. There was a cocky look on his face, one that horrified the poor woman. She turned her head and screamed. Her two millimeter body was directly next to his pulsing seven inch penis.

“DAMNM YOU’RE KIND OF CUTE,” Eddie teased, two massive fingers reaching down and plucking up his defenseless sister. He was not gentle, Marie felt as if her body would burst. If Eddie wasn’t careful and had applied any more pressure, it she probably would have.

Before she could scream, her giant brother released his grip, causing her to plummet down. She only fell an inch in reality, but her tiny size and panicked mind made it much worse. She landed on a pink, veiny structure, which felt vaguely like skin underneath her.

It soon dawned on Marie exactly where she was. “Oh god, no!” she whispered, careful not to move an inch though. She could feel the giant’s eyes gazing down upon her body, almost daring her to move and prove she was human. “Not his fucking dick!” she couldn’t help saying.

Eddie delicately began to stroke his cock, careful not to place his hand or finger on top of the tiny mannequin. He wanted to finish first, before anything happened to her. And despite the fact that she was only two millimeters tall, something about her still felt amazing.

A moan escaped his throat. His giant finger pressed down at the base of his cock. He was nearly orgasmic at the pressure of his cock being between his hand and the model city. His mind played scenarios of tiny woman pinned underneath his cock, bursting like ants. Not paying attention, his giant thumb brushed over Marie’s body, turning her from her back to her stomach.

Marie wanted to scream and weep. Her brother’s sweaty cock skin was literally pressing against her face. Not just that, but she could hear and worse, feel, the giant organ pulsing underneath her. The sweaty smell caused her to nearly vomit, and it took all of her self-control to refrain from doing that.

Knowing he was about to cum, Eddie pulled his hand free. As he did this, Marie began to slide down the side of his cock. This did not go unnoticed by Eddie. He quickly gripped his cock with both hands and lifted it off the ground, pointing the hungry head right at the woman he failed to realize was his own sister.

Only able to watch like something out of a horror movie, what Marie witnessed seemed to happen in slow motion. The giant phallus was aimed directly at her, the silt beginning to open and close quite rapidly.  From her brothers moans and quickened pace of his hands, she knew it was about to happen. She had given her boyfriend, Dan, enough blowjobs and hand jobs that she was familiar with the process.

Then it happened. Eddie did not hold back at all. He unleashed a torrent of his seminal fluid into the model city, specifically trying to “drown” the tiny mannequin he was picture as his girlfriend. She would learn not to be a tiny around a true God like him.

Eddie’s penis just didn’t seem to stop, unloading more and more cum into the city. The previous day’s flood of ice cream was nothing compared to this hellish ordeal. Finally, Eddie’s balls must have emptied, and with a gasp and deep exhale, he finally stopped.

Marie sat there motionless, in her own personal version of hell. She had gotten her brother’s cum everywhere. She wiped it out of her eyes. She smelled it deep in her nose and tasted it in her mouth. She wasn’t sure how much of it she had accidentally swallowed. Her beloved and nostalgic dress was beyond ruined, she’d need to dry clean and wash it for weeks.

“WELL SHIT, GOTTA WIPE THIS UP,” Eddie said, standing up and shoving his cock back into his pants. He stretched awkwardly and placed the magnifying glass down. “DON’T NEED MARIE SEEING WHAT I DID,” he laughed, starting to walk out of the room.

Going into survival mode, Marie struggled and pulled herself to her feet. She guessed Eddie was going to the bathroom to grab a tissue, and would be back soon, and she did not feel like getting thrown away. She limped towards the lake, which she thankfully was not that far from. Her had abandoned her high heels, and had her eyes focused in on the body of water.

Hearing her bedroom door open behind her, Marie began to cry. She wanted to run, but the hardening seminal fluid made that nearly impossible. Just as her brother’s shadow took over the city, Marie reached the lake and dove under the surface. Within seconds, she could feel the sticky liquid clinging to her body now weakening and dissipating.

Re-surfacing with just her head above the water, Marie saw Eddie staring at his wet spot with the magnifying glass. “THE HELL?” he mumbled and began to wipe up his mess. “WHERE’D SHE GO?” It took three tissues to wipe up the amount he had sprayed into the city, and he crumpled them up in his hand. “WHATEVER, I WOULD’VE JUST EATEN HER ANYWAY,” he laughed, tossing the cum-soaked tissues into the trash can and walking out of the room.

Hours passed. Marie was too stressed, exhausted and traumatized to walk away from the park. She went from clutching her knees against her chest to just laying in the grass. Then, a text popped up on her phone. It was Eddie.

“Hey, hope vacation is going well. Let’s grab drinks when you get back, I’ve got something to tell you.” Marie didn’t have a chance to respond when another message popped up. “Nice model city btw!”

Marie screamed and through her phone into the lake in a fit of anger.

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More to come!

Thursday with Heather by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Here's the next chapter, sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy!


Marie awoke in her miniature city to the sounds of birds chirping from outside of her house. However, she no longer awakened with a sense of excitement and joy. Instead, all she was feeling was exhaustion and a sense dread. Her city had no longer felt like her own individual paradise to let loose and take a load off, and instead a prison for her to stuck in the middle of her family’s gross escapades.

It took several hours for her to get out of bed, and another several hours lounging around her shrunken dollhouse in her pajamas. To her, it felt like the safest place to be, expecting another round of troubles from her family barging in. Eventually it was the afternoon, and she didn’t want to make it feel like they “won” by making her hide out in there for the next several days. She wanted to do something to relieve herself in some way.

Out in the middle of the park, Marie approached a picnic table with an umbrella, while she carried a large cup with a long straw, Marie then dunked a can of frozen, pre-made margarita into it, before letting her feet up on the table as she sat down on the seat. She was dressed in a casual t-shirt, with a skirt on her waist, and leggings going down to her sneakers.

“Woooooooooo. That hits the spot!” Marie shouted after loudly sucking a large gulp of the drink. She felt she deserved some semblance of reprieve after dealing with her dad’s cluelessness, her mom’s clumsiness, and her brother’s horniness. She was praying this may finally be the day she was free from them.

But of course, things don’t always work out like this. Off in the distance, Marie heard a loud “SLAM”, causing her to flinch, equally terrifying and annoyed beyond all belief.

“What fucking now…” Marie took another large swig of the drink, like it was going to be her last one, as she turned around to face which one of her family members would be her unknowing tormentors this time. However instead, she stared up to find a different familiar face she wasn’t expecting. “…Heather?”


Knowing nobody else home at that time, Heather had entered through the back of the house thanks to the spare key her new boy toy, Eddie, lent her. She was here to return some books she had to Marie, but wasn’t able to get into contact with her for the past day. She knew she was supposedly out on a vacation and wanted to let her know but had received no response. “Maybe she got her phone wet,” Heather joked to herself, imagining what kind of fun Marie must be having, and knowing she’s going to make her tell her all that happened when she returns.

The brunette in her late twenties walked up the stairs, and nonchalantly enters Marie’s room, who she’s visited on occasion but never by herself, having constantly been told to always be careful and keep watch, but she never understood why. She knew Marie was always very science-y, but didn’t get why she was so cautious over her. She stood there, approximately five and a half feet tall, wearing a grey t-shirt for some band Marie had not heard of, as well as tight jeans that showed off her toned ass. She kicked off her sandals, and scrunched her bare feet and exposed toes in the carpet.

Dropping the books on her bed, Heather looked over to see the model city sprawled across Marie’s desk, shocked at just how extensive and detailed it was. “So, this is what Marie’s been spending all of her time working on? Hehe it’s so cute!” Heather gleefully said looking down at it, about to pick up one of the buildings between two giant fingers with red-painted nails.


Meanwhile, Heather’s loud laughs just served to annoy the miniature Marie, covering her ears over the reverb caused by it. She was especially irritated about Heather ignoring all her constant requests not to enter alone, aware of just how much of an airhead she truly was.

However despite this, where the past couple days Marie would try to run and hide, not wanting her family to see her in this state, she decided to stay out in the open and get Heather’s attention. She was feeling tired (and tipsy thanks to the drink) after all the hell she’s been put through, so maybe Heather could help her get a safer environment to relax in, or even just simply grow her back.

There was the problem that she broke her phone in a fit of rage previously by throwing it into the water, so she couldn’t contact her that way. And staring up and seeing the eclipse-looking state of her monstrous boobs, Marie figured standing under her wouldn’t do any good, so went for another approach.

Marie booked it over to the closest, tallest building she could find, and rushed her way up, constantly having to stop and hold onto the side of the walls due to earthquakes caused by Heather making careless movements above the city.

Reaching the top of the roof, Heather still stood above her like a goddess, but now *slightly* closer, which would hopefully mean she’d be spotted. Especially because she saw how she’d been focusing on the buildings so much.


‘Wait what?’ Marie thought to herself. She suddenly got an extremely bad feeling as the booming voice’s face slowly change to one of hunger.

Without a moment’s wait, Heather tossed the building right into her mouth, as her loud crunches filled Marie with equal amounts dread and anger.

“What the fuck Heather! It isn’t food, get that shit out of your mouth!” The miniature girl jumped up and down screaming, waving her arms all over the place like a maniac, as she saw her friend continue to pop several buildings into her mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world.

She knew her friend tended to be very clueless most of the time, but she never pegged her for this much of a Neanderthal, chewing and swallowing what were basically pieces of cardboard and metal. Yet despite this, Heather found no issue with it, to crunch loudly away as tinier pieces of the broken buildings fell back down onto the city like crumbs falling off a cookie. “THIS IS WEIRD FLAVORED GINGERBREAD,” she mumbled, thinking no one was around to hear her.

Then, it of course got worse. Heather’s ginormous digits descended downwards, plucking the tall building Marie stood on from its placement, causing her to fall back and brace herself as her entire world was shifted upwards, straight toward Heather’s cavernous, open mouth.

“No! Noooooooooooooo! Not again!! Please God, Heather, stop this!” Visions of her near swallowed experience with her mother flashed in her eyes, as she once again faced the wrath of being devoured by someone, her screams and desperate pleas being unable to be heard by the goddess in front of her. Warm air washed over the top of the building as it was brought closer and closer to Heather’s plump lips. She watched as strands of saliva draped down from the roof of her mouth to her long, muscular tongue.

Her face was filled with complete panic and further flailing, sweating profusely as she believed she would become just another casualty in Heather’s rampage. But in a sense of luck, Heather turned the building around to chew it from the bottom, thankfully not swallowing the entire thing, resulting in Marie being flung alongside the other unchewed debris crashing back down into the city.

Marie landed in a bush, breaking her fall, but still causing her to feel bruised, not to mention her heart racing from that fifth or sixth near death experience she’s had so far this week. She looked up to see Heather had finally “gotten tired” of devouring her work and instead went to go pick up the magnifying glass to get a closer look of the city.

“UGH,” the giantess muttered to herself. “THIS TASTES LIKE CRAP.” It may have taken eight buildings but she finally realized these were probably not food.

Picking herself back up, Marie crawled her way forward toward her massive friend, whose massive eye slowly started to peer down right to where Marie was standing, making the tiny girl believe this might finally work.

But then, Heather shifted her position, causing her monstrous boobs to fill the sky, and rush their way downwards like a meteor about to crash-land. Sure enough, the impact not only destroyed all the buildings and area around, but created shockwave that flung Marie forward like a piece of dust…directly toward the opening in her cleavage.

Flying face first, Marie’s two millimeter body could only scream as she quickly grabbed ahold of a part of Heather’s bra, preventing herself from being dragged further into the chest. All she could do is squeal and squirm at the humiliation and defeat she felt at being in such a position with her friend.


From an outsiders’ perspective, if one looked close enough to Heather’s chest, they would see what looked like a bug wearing sneakers wiggling around it. However, Heather was just focused on inspecting the tinier details of the city, unaware that she was destroying parts of it with her chest crushing various buildings and structures.

The idea of everything being so tiny caused Heather to start to get horny. That, along with the messages Eddie had sent her the previous day made her want to show off to Eddie. Without hesitation, Heather started to strip, tossing her clothes onto the ground and even pulling off her bra and lacy underwear, dropping it right on top of the model city.

Laying completely nude, Heather sat right on top of the edge of the city, crushing several more buildings with her bare ass, taking selfies of various sexy poses.

“Look at me I’m a giant! Watch out or I’m going to eat you! ;)” she texted alongside her pics, with a dopey grin on her face. Her stomach grumbled as the 3-D printed buildings began to dissolve into her stomach acid, causing some slight discomfort.


At this same time, Marie had found herself once again flung back into the city, grasping the bra for dear life before one of the top cups gets entangled on one of the buildings, the motion yanking Marie off the clip and onto the ground.

Marie was furious at just how much of the city Heather had destroyed. At this point she was no longer annoyed at her almost facing her doom, but her hard work now being carelessly ruined, all because her stupid friend was trying to live out some pleasures.

And what was worse was that she kept exposing her bare moon and hairy privates, which absolutely disgusted her. But all she could do was helplessly watch her strut around like she owned the place, loudly laughing to herself as she twiddled with her phone, completely unaware that she was sending those pictures to Marie’s own brother.

Marie sat down, realizing all she could do is wait for Heather to leave on her own, and that it was fruitless to even attempt to gain her attention. She looked around at all the damage she had caused towards the front areas of the city, with boob and ass shaped chasms, and decimated streets and buildings all over. It was eerie how much of a warzone it looked. Holding onto her pounding head, all Marie could think about was how to make Heather pay for all this when she got bigger.


Speaking of the devil, Marie shivered as she turned back around to see Heather, dressed in her pants but still topless, once again with her full attention on the city, only now finally, on her. Except she had called her a bug. And there was no time to run as a ginormous object eclipsed all the light around her until it made direct contact with the miniscule body. It was her nipple.

Had Heather applied just an ounce more of pressure, Marie’s body would have surely been obliterated by the giant nipple and the massive breast behind it. She ended up just getting stuck to the giant, sweaty areola.

Marie was back in full panic mode, as her poor body was stuck to the end of the massive bare nipple, with the liquids starting to drip all over her, all the while Heather’s massive fingers caressed the boob and carried it up to get a closer look at her face.

“Please! Heather! It’s me! Stop this!” She was desperately trying to squirm her way off, fearing what her captor was about to do to her.


Heather had noticed the “bug” in the city, and still in a horny mood, decided she wanted to play with it a bit before finally axing it off. She thought it looked different than most bugs she had seen, but either way joyed over seeing it squirm, trapped smaller than her nipple, helpless to this giantess. It got her thinking about what doing this to a tiny person would be like. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, imagining this was Eddie.

Before she could continue, she heard a notification from her phone, looking over to see that Eddie responded, to her delight. He had said that he was about to make it home soon, and knowing their plans to go out right after, she immediately jumped up, putting back on her bra and shirt and recollecting herself.

“Well bug, you can come for a ride with us, hehe” Heather commented to her boob, believing she’s taking the bug with her so she can deal with it after, just as she quickly ran out Marie’s bedroom door.

Thankfully on Marie’s end, Heather’s huge jump shifting her entire body allowed the miniscule woman to be freed from the nipple, and for the nth time that week, plummeting back down, relatively safely, into the city.

She was finally freed from another near death state, and after more therapeutic screaming, looking over the destruction left behind, began to slowly make her way back to her dollhouse for the day. However, one thing Marie did not realize, was that as Heather ran out the door, she had forgotten to close it completely, leaving it slightly a jarred, which may not seem like much, but was about to prove to be far more trouble than Marie would’ve realized…


It’s been about an hour since dealing with that last escapade, and Marie was back in her dollhouse. She knew she needed to wash up and get some shut eye because of how much her head was aching, partially from the margarita, mostly from Heather. But all she could do at the moment was just sit down on the couch and take a load off even for a moment.

She had assumed she had nothing left to worry about for the day, since she’s been so used to the routine of enjoying her day, someone showing up to nearly kill her, getting the night to rest, rinse and repeat. She was thinking about all the ways she could try and prepare to counter this for the next day, but instead was left with something even more unexpected.


Loud noises, more haphazard and closer than she’s been used to from all of the giants so far, suddenly began to appear within her proximity. Not to mention every smash causing a greater earthquake than she’s felt previously felt, tossing her and all of the furniture around the dollhouse up into the air.

Getting more nervous, Marie quickly rushed out the door, tripping and falling face first onto the grass outside of her house. She shook her head and tried to regain her grip, expecting maybe something like Heather or her brother had returned to do more damage to the city just for their own entertainment. But what she noticed was even worse.

On the other side of the table, but standing tall enough that Marie could clearly see it from her position, was a beast of pure black, figure like a shadow, with giant talons for feet, a long frisky tail, and green eyes that menaced down on everything below. It wasn’t a kaiju, but now it might as well of been: it was her cat, Ruby.

Ruby was typically a very friendly cat, one that Marie loved dearly and thought was adorable, especially at its relatively small stature. However, she knew how nosey Ruby could be, always seeking attention, and usually causing a fuss to do so. It is because of this that Marie only on occasion let Ruby into her room, knowing how curious she tends to be, and how much trouble this leads to her and her creation.

She had been safe for now thanks to her family always closing her bedroom door before and after entering, but this time, Heather had carelessly left it open, allowing the cat to squeeze its way through like nothing.

After pouncing onto a chair nearby, it noticed the wide model city on the desk, and intrigued, thinking it to be a plaything, jumped right on top and began to swipe at the many tiny buildings. Marie was now on her knees on the verge of tears. All she could do was scream as she watched this monster stomp, crash, and eat everything in its wake. It was a towering behemoth of death and destruction. She could witness in the distance as the central hub that she had worked so hard to create, and marveled at its detail at this tiny size, reduced to nothing in an instant thanks to her pet cat’s paws. Seeing Ruby swallow the statue of herself sent further chills down her spine.

Eventually Ruby started to make her way towards Marie’s location, and all she could think to do was hyperventilate and try to hide. She jumped into a nearby bush peaking her head out to see the monster taking step after step toward her.

With a *POUND* that nearly sent her flying, one of Ruby’s feet landed directly in front of her, thankfully just avoiding squishing her. However, not thankfully, landing directly on top of her dollhouse, causing the biggest shocked gasp Marie has ever faced.

Ruby continued onwards freely playing with and destroying the remnants of the city, while Marie came out of hiding, slowly walking her way to the ruins of the dollhouse, with broken pieces all over. She wanted to go into it to try and recover anything of hers inside of it, but she knew, especially at this moment, it was all basically useless.

Her model city was now a wasteland. There was nothing else left for her here. And she still had three more days left stuck at this size. What else was she supposed to do? Her anxiety, fear, hatred, disappointment, all manner of emotions welled up inside of her, as she truly, more than ever before, felt like a pathetic speck, regretting ever trying to do this in the first place.

She defeatedly walked onwards through the decimated streets, while Ruby continued her rampage, eventually reaching the “edge” of the city, which she knew was the end of the table. It was hard to see exactly, but she could faintly make out the rest of her bedroom, and its newly expansive perspective. She sat there, staring in awe, attempting to contemplate her next move.

Then, the beast returned. Ruby headed back toward Marie’s direction. Only this time, it didn’t continue onwards, it instead stopped. And Marie could tell that it was staring directly at her.

Ruby hadn’t paid most anything of mind during her chaos, but after having “played with” almost everything on the table, it seemed to notice a small black insect as it got closer to the edge.

Marie thought this was it, this was when she would finally be eaten for real. Ruby’s face filled her entire vision as it put itself downwards, eyes glaring, mouth shaking, nose twitching, and now there was nowhere for her to escape. With her heart stopping, she kneeled down in defeat, awaiting whatever her fate was, until something else happened.


The ear-grating noise from the cat reverberated to such an extent, Marie had no idea if it was friendly or deadly. Then, with a swipe of its right paw, Ruby swatted a portion of the city, knocking a bunch of destroyed buildings and debris right off the top of the desk….including Marie.

The miniscule woman was now in freefall. She continued to plummet towards her carpeted bedroom floor, her two-millimeter body being light and small enough that she did not fall very fast. Still, she wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. But she was so tired. During her fall, Marie suddenly fell unconscious, having seemingly hit her breaking point for stress in a four-day period. 

The unconscious body plummeted downwards, seemingly about to fall to her death, until Ruby decided to jump down off the desk to the floor. Doing this created a gust of wind, re-directing Marie’s body just enough to allow her to land “safely” in the carpet fibers below. Time passed, and Marie slowly came back to her senses.

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More to come!  Stay tuned....

Friday on the floor by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Took a while, but here's the latest chapter.  Hope you enjoy!


Unlike the previous four days, Marie did not wake up in her nice relaxing cottage. Instead, she awoke nearly jumping out of her skin gasping for air. She had one of those dreams where you keep falling and are suddenly jolted awake, though as she looked around it soon dawned on her this was her reality. She looked around and saw tree like, grey carpet fibers surrounding her. Marie was a smart young woman, and it did not take her long to realize exactly where she was.

“Fuck, I’m on my floor,” she mumbled, pulling herself up to her feet. The remains of her model city littered the carpet forest, with smashed buildings scattered throughout the ground. Her damn cat really did some damage on the city she had worked so hard on.

Taking a moment to take in her surroundings, Marie began to realize just how bad of a situation she was in. Her shrinking time was still locked, she wouldn’t grow back until Sunday night, and it was only Friday! Her phone was likely dead, and even if it wasn’t there was no way she would ever find it. Her family thought she was out of town and would likely not be looking for her.

Worse off for Marie, were the immediate dangers. She was no longer in the “controlled environment” that was her model city. Now she was just a two-millimeter creature left to fend for herself on the floor of her parents house. All her careful planning of packing food and preparing her cottage was now useless. She would have to find a way to survive on her own.

Knowing that it was pointless to now stay in her room, Marie began trekking through the forest of carpet fibers that towered above her. Marie thought it would be best to try to get out into the hallway. That way she could have potential access to the kitchen, and there would be more foot traffic. Sure, that meant a greater risk of being crushed, but it also meant a much better chance of getting rescued. At this size, she could use that.

As she walked, it dawned on her how uncomfortable the silence of her room was. Sure, she could hear footsteps as giants passed by the door and paraded down the hallway, but within the walls of her room, it was silence. Due to her being down on the floor as opposed to on her desk, she could not even hear the birds outside. She was slightly paranoid, constantly looking over her shoulder, unsure of tiny creatures could be lurking and hunting in the carpet forest. While she was walking, Marie couldn’t help but be alone with her thoughts, replaying the events of the previous days in her head. She wasn’t sure who she blamed the most right now for her current predicament: her family, her best friend, or even her damn cat. She knew Heather wasn’t the smartest woman in the world, but she didn’t think she’d be this much of an idiot. She still couldn’t get past her brother, Eddie, though. What he did just felt so gross and like such a violation of her as a woman. She didn’t know how yet, but she knew she’d need to find a way to get back at him.

As she made her way through the carpet, Marie came across a small earring she had lost over a month ago. It now dwarfed her as she found herself looking up at it. “Shit, the shrink ray works really well,” Marie muttered to herself. “I’m REALLY small.”


After about an hour and a half of slowly weaving through the shag carpeting, Marie finally reached the barrier that was her wooden door. Being only two millimeters tall, she laughed as she simply walked underneath it. The door left about a half inch of space between itself and the ground, so Marie had absolutely no problem. The tiny woman felt her stomach rumble, and placed her hand on it. “Damn, getting kinda hungry,” she mumbled to herself, realizing she hadn’t eaten anything in hours. Not having any other ideas, the miniature Marie began slowly walking towards her parents kitchen, hoping that someone had dropped some crumbs that she could scavenge.

Making the journey along the hardwood flood towards the kitchen, the ground soon began to shake violently. Around the corner and walking in Marie’s direction, was the massive form of her mother, Carrie. Her titanic mother’s giant, size nine feet, slammed down on the hardwood floor with an echoing *THWAP*, as the giantess approached. Luckily for Marie, her mom’s feet didn’t come too close, but she still froze in place out of fear anyway. She had gotten a really close look at her mom’s feet just a few days ago, and she had no desire to see them that close ever again.

Feeling her stomach groan again, Marie’s pace quickened. She needed to make it to the kitchen while she still had the strength to do so. Hopefully there would be some kind of food for her there that she would be able to reach.


Finally making it to the safety of the kitchen, Marie’s eyes lit up. She was in luck. Down on the floor, was a large strawberry that someone had somehow dropped and not noticed. It was nearby, and the miniscule woman began to sprint towards it. She was exhausted, hungry, and thirsty, so it took longer than she wanted to, but this plump, juicy piece of fruit could be a lifesaver for her.

Upon reaching her giant treat, Marie collapsed upon it. A few tears dripped down from her eyes in relief. She dug her hands into the soft, pulpy flesh of the fruit and pulled out a chunk. Sinking her teeth into it, she couldn’t believe how good it tasted. It’s sweet and juicy texture was just what Marie needed right now. The white t-shirt Marie had been wearing began to get stained, red with the berry juice. For the next half hour, Marie finally had some peace. She snacked and nourished herself as she felt fit. She didn’t have to worry about any of her curious family members or idiotic friends intruding into her room and ruining her things.

But if one thing was certain for Marie over this last week, it’s that no paradise would last forever. As she rested against the strawberry, she heard a strange scuttling noise behind her. Being a smart woman, Marie knew it had to be some kind of insect. Peaking out from around the giant piece of fruit, Marie’s eyes widened as she saw a black ant, easily the size of her entire body, scurrying across the kitchen floor towards her.

Normally Marie was a very composed individual, but she made a mistake and lost it. Instead of remaining calm and either trying to hide of pass herself off as something that was not a threat, she pulled herself to her feet. She rapidly began backing up and soon broke into a sprint in the other direction.

“Shit! No!” Marie screamed, horrified as her tiny body ran across the white kitchen floor. She always hated bugs with a passion, and was now essentially living her life as one. As she ran across the kitchen floor, she turned her head over her shoulder. Her worst case scenario was now happening. Rather than investigating the strawberry, the ant was now following Marie. It’s interest had been peaked as she took off running, and an instinct to chase her down was kicked into gear. The ant’s six spindly legs sped across the ground as it chased her down.

Suddenly the shaking started again. Marie looked up in awe and stopped running. Her mom’s titanic bare feet were quickly approaching as the giantess re-entered the kitchen, going to grab a water bottle from the fridge. Marie wasn’t the only tiny lifeform who noticed Carrie. The ant which had been chasing Marie across the barren kitchen floor had also stopped, clicking its mandibles and waving its’ tiny antenna around in the air.

Humming to herself, Carrie grabbed a cold bottle of water out of the fridge. She scrunched her toes as she unscrewed the cap and took a sip, feeling the cool liquid go down her throat. She was ashamed to admit it, but she had been pleasuring herself, while she didn’t think anyone was home. More specifically, she had been masturbating to the thought of terrorizing a bunch of tiny people. Seeing her daughter’s model city a few days ago seemed to have awoke something in her. The thought of having an entire city under her powerful bare foot was all too enticing to her. She wanted to be a goddess. If only shrinking was real…

For Marie, it was all too real. Her mom’s giant feet began walking back and forth throughout the kitchen, nearly crushing Marie multiple times. While Marie was temporarily distracted by her mom’s meandering, when she turned and saw the black ant was once again charging towards her. “Oh shit, no!” she screamed, turning and starting to run again. “Mom help me!” the young woman cried, fearing she was about to be viciously mauled by an insect.

By total coincidence, her mom happened to turn around and look down at that point. “UGH GROSS, WE’VE GOT ANTS NOW?” she mumbled under her breath. Carrie couldn’t help but think back to the model city, and imagined the black ant scurrying across her floor as a tiny inhabitant. Lifting her giant, size nine foot into the air, Carrie bit her lip and momentarily closed her eyes as she brought it down. She felt the ant’s body under her sole, and in a second pressed down, obliterating the tiny insect. A slight gasp escaped her mouth. ‘Damn’ she thought to herself. She was powerful.

Amazed and slightly terrified at what she just witnessed, Marie was not sure how to feel. It was as if her mom had heard her cry for help and crushed her would-be attacker. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt that for some reason, the easiest way for her to survive this situation, would be to use her mother’s help, whether the giantess was aware of it or not.

Not quite thinking clearly, the miniature woman sprinted towards the enormous feet of her mom. As she approached, her mom inadvertently clenched and scrunched her giant toes. This scared the hell our of Marie, as she realized just how easily she could get crushed. She knew she could not wait here though. If there was one aggressive ant, there would be more eventually. Marie knew that the smell of that sweet strawberry on the floor was bound to bring them in.

“Crap,” Marie muttered under her breath. “Guess I better go with her.” Knowing that she didn’t have my other options, the tiny woman began to haul her body up onto her mom’s giant foot, starting with her pinky toe which dwarfed Marie. Wanting to gag from the scent of her mom’s sweaty foot, Marie managed to hold it together. She made her way past the blue painted toes, towards the center of her mom’s foot.

Almost as if she knew her daughter was ready and “relatively” safe, only then did Carrie start to walk. The giant woman had no knowledge of her tiny passenger, clinging for her life on her foot, and decided to walk back to the bedroom, her bare feet slapping the floor with each giant step. The titaness entered her bedroom and took a sip of her water. She then sat on her bed and put her feet up, shutting her eyes for a bit.

Having successfully clung to her mother’s giant foot, Marie took a moment to exhale and catch her breath. She then heard a horrendous growling sound and jumped to her feet. Looking off into the distance, Marie realized her giantess of a mom had fallen asleep. The giant woman normally snored like a bear, but now for her two millimeter daughter this was the equivalent to a sonic boom.

Marie couldn’t help but laugh, this was the first thing in two days she found funny. What she didn’t find funny was the bedroom door opening up, and the equally massive body of her father walking in. He took one look (and listen) at his napping wife and grinned. Kicking off his shoes, he walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, right next to Marie’s feet. Slowly and without warning, he reached down and grabbed Marie’s left foot. He gently began to rub and massage his wife’s giant feet, planting a gentle kiss on her big toe.

What Victor did not realize was that the foot he was massaging had another lifeform on it: Marie! She was in utter shock, her dad’s actions seemingly came out of nowhere. She did know that his giant fingers were getting closer and closer as he massaged the other side of Carrie’s foot.

Unaware of the fact that her husband was giving her a foot massage and her daughter was fighting for her life on her giant foot, Carrie was off in her own dreamworld. She wasn’t sure why but after messing with her daughter’s model city a few days ago, she couldn’t get those thoughts out of her head. She had been fantasizing about rampaging through a tiny city, having people screaming for mercy under her titanic feet, having them squirm on her tongue. She even imagined her only family there. The thought of her husband begging for his pathetic life as she sucked in into her asshole drove her wild.

Emitting a moan that startled her awake, Carrie sat up in a confused daze. She was in her bed, not a city of terrorized tiny people. Her feet were in her husbands’ hands as he was massaging them. It felt amazing.

“Hi honey,” Vic said with a smile. “What’re you dreaming of?”

Carrie didn’t know what to say. Partially from her erotic dream, and partially from her husband gently touching her in her sleep. “This,” she said, taking her top off and revealing her breasts to Vic. “Come up here, now,” she demanded.

Happy to oblige his horny wife, Vic also removed his shirt and pants, and made his way to mount his wife and begin making out. The two soon found themselves naked, as their foreplay escalated. For Marie, this was not an ideal situation. She had been only focused on survival, desperate not to get crushed as her mom moved her giant foot around. Fortunately for her, she had been so preoccupied in her own predicament that she hadn’t been too focused or listening to her giant parents. That was until she heard her giantess of a mother say “I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME, DOGGY STYLE.”

Distracted and disoriented by the giant bodies moving around, Marie only felt herself being moved through the air on the giant foot, then losing her grip, then falling. She screamed and plummeted downward until she landed on an incredibly huge, skin colored mound. “Wait, where the fuck am I?” the tiny woman asked, looking around in a panic. Then she saw her dad’s massive body to her right, and on the left was the back on her mom’s head. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” she screamed. She was on top of her mom’s ass cheek.

The movement that had flung Marie into the air was her parents re-positioning themselves. They went from a tender make out session to full on aroused. Vic had happily obliged his wife and flipped her over onto her stomach. While she continued to lay on her stomach, Vic slid his hand underneath her wet pussy and gently began to stroke her clit, only making her more and more excited.

“No! This isn’t happening right now!” Marie shouted. The terrain she was on began to rock up and down, as Carrie began to press her hips into her husband’s hand, and by default, the bed. These motions knocked Marie down to her hands and knees, staring at the valley below that led to her mom’s asshole. “They’ve gotta notice me!” sobbed Marie. “Please I need help!”

Continuing to stroke his wife’s pussy as their foreplay became more and more intense, Victor bit his lip in anticipation. He loved getting his wife so horny before they had sex, and loved her voluptuous ass as much as any other part of her body. But this time when he glanced down, he noticed something on her left ass cheek. It was tiny, and appeared to be an ant of some kind. Vic couldn’t help but smile, honestly a little jealous that the tiny creature had such an erotic and personal vantage point of his goddess of a wife.

Marie felt horrified staring up at her giant dad. His eyes were locked right on her, and she was beginning to regret her previous wish for attention. “Dad?” she whispered to herself, though there was no chance in hell he could hear her. Her eyes widened as his giant hand was lifted high into the air, spreading his fingers. The giant hand began to descend towards Marie, attempting to crush her. Marie screamed and started to run as the hand continued to come down. She had no intention of being a stain on her mother’s ass.

The massive hand slapped Carrie’s ass hard, causing a rippling shockwave. Vic smiled at the visual. He had no intention of crushing the bug, just wanted to scare it and slap his wife’s ass in the process. He heard Carrie moan after that, and slapped her other cheek.  Victor felt his cock getting stiffer as he watched the tiny bug’s predicament. Him slapping Carrie’s ass had caused a major problem for Marie. The shockwave caused her to lose her balance, and she now felt herself slowly sliding down her mom’s cheek. She desperately clawed and tried to stop her fall, but it was useless. She turned over her shoulder and started hysterically screaming. She was sliding right towards her mother’s anus!

With his free hand, Victor began to stroke his cock at the visual. This tiny bug was about land on his wife’s asshole, and he couldn’t have been more jealous of it.

Marie landed on the wrinkled orifice and was momentarily out of it. Then the smell hit her and instantly made her gag. As she tried to pull herself to her feet, her arm gave way and she suddenly fell forward. “Fuck! My arm is stu…Help!” she shouted as she soon realized what was happening. “Mom! Dad! Oh my god my leg is getting stuck!”

The poor woman was now in the middle of getting swallowed by her own mother’s asshole, and her dad couldn’t have found It sexier. ‘Fuck, Carrie’s gonna swallow an ant in her ass and doesn’t even know it,’ he thought to himself. Unable to help himself, he grabbed one of his wife’s ass cheeks in each hand, and pulled them away from each other, wanting a clear view of what was about to happen. Carrie let out a moan as he did this, not knowing what he was really doing.

Marie screamed in horror as she became more and more stuck. She didn’t think anything could be more traumatic than getting used as a tiny sex toy by her younger brother, but she was wrong. “Please someone help me!” she screamed, before she was slowly pulled in even further. “Damnit mom stop clenching your asshole, it’s sucking me in!” She started to sob and cry hysterically as her two millimeter body was now pulled in even further. Only her head, neck, and right arm remained outside of the putrid hole.

A small fart escaped Carrie’s ass as she moaned again. Marie looked up and saw her father’s eyes locked on her. “Oh god it smells so bad,” she whimpered. Then she felt herself being pulled down once more. “No! No help it’s sucking me in! Somebo…mmmmmph!”

If anyone had listened closely enough, they’d notice that Victor and Carrie’s moans masked a tiny *SLURP*. Marie’s arms disappeared like a piece of spaghetti being sucked down someone’s throat. Just like that, there was no trace of her.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Victor pulled his horny wife’s hips up into the air, and began to plow her from behind, doggy style. The entire time he could hardly take his eyes off her ass, processing what he had just witnessed. While this was going on, Marie was not conscious for long inside her mother’s rectum. She immediately screamed and tried to claw her way out, but it was useless. Almost immediately, the stress and panic from the last five days got to her, and she passed out while her parents made love.


Waking up several hours later, Marie had no idea what time it was. She initially forgot where she was, until she took a deep breath and was his with a pungent odor. She gagged and shuttered, remembering she was inside of her mom’s body. Feeling around blindly, Marie felt along the slimy walls until she found what she was looking for. It was that same wrinkly texture she felt when she entered the anus. The started to push against it, her arms making it through the tight sphincter. She continued to pull herself out, though both of her shoes fell off, getting lost forever inside her mother’s asshole in the process.

Stumbling in the dark, Marie kept on hand on her mother’s skin so she could know where she was going. It took a while, but managed to walk out of the canyon that was the ass crack as she finally made it to her mom’s lower back. 

Suddenly a giant hand came down behind her. Marie screamed and fell over as her dad’s hand gently caressed Carrie’s lower back, bringing the tiny Marie with it. Vic was half asleep and casually rubbing his wife’s back, exhausted after their intense sexual activities. His hand made it all the way up Carrie’s back to her head before he finally pulled it away.

Exhausted and stressed, Marie passed out in the forest that was her mother’s hair.

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More to come, hope you enjoyed!

Saturday around the house by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Been a LONG time, but here's the newest chapter.


Marie awoke in a daze, unsure of her current predicament. She desperately wanted everything she had just experienced the previous night to be nothing more than a bad dream, but upon regaining her consciousness, she quickly realized that was wishful thinking.

She had been thrust into the worst hell imaginable, forced into the middle of her parents’ sexual activities, and nearly swallowed by both of their privates at the same time. It was a trauma that would stick with her for a long time, and she didn’t even realize yet how she survived the ordeal to begin with, or where she was now.

The miniaturized woman had awoken in the tangled nest of her mother’s hair. The hair was draped down in a mess over her face, as the giant woman slept. The movement of Marie’s mother taking breaths caused the cheek to gently rise and fall as Marie continued to piece together where she was.

All she could figure out as her vision returned was that she was hanging upside down somewhere, completely entangled and surrounded by large, long brown coils that held a tightened grip, preventing her from breaking free. She was left dangling, twisting her body about until she gazed upon a flesh-colored wall that suddenly began to move, unveiling a large black pupil within. Marie finally realized she was stuck in her mother’s hair.

Carrie soon woke up herself, stretching her arms, thinking back to the wonderful sex she had just had the previous night, and wondering about giving some kind of surprise to her husband that night. She saw that Victor had already gotten out of bed earlier, leaving her to sleep longer, so decided to finally get up, but not before washing herself off first. She whipped the hair stuck in front of her face backward, unknowingly causing her miniscule daughter trapped within it to scream at the sudden rapid movement.

Dressed in her robe, Carrie entered her bathroom, taking a look in her mirror at the sink, while dragging her fingers through her hair. Marie was left panicking as the fingers continued to pass by her, either knocking her down or shoving more hair into her, yet still unable to be set free from the entanglement. She could either risk falling, probably to her death, or onto who knows what, or should could remain in her mom’s hair, and likely get crushed by the massive pillars that were her mom’s fingers.

The choice was made relatively soon for Marie. As she desperately hung on to the strands of her mother’s hair, Carrie decided herself that it was time to clean herself up and start her day. Grabbing her comb, Carrie began to bring the piece of plastic to her head and began to bring the teeth through her hair, trying to straighten it out a bit before her shower. This action was totally mundane to her and was something she did every day of her life. However, each stroke through her hair put her daughter in GRAVE danger. The giant teeth kept closing in on the miniscule woman, each time threatening to batter her and knock her to her doom. If not that, there was the threat that the tiny naked woman would be torn in half.

Momentarily distracted and looking down at her phone, Carrie held the comb stationary in her hair for a split second. Marie knew this was her chance to get off her mother’s monolithic body. Holding her breath, the two millimeter woman leapt from the strands of hair holding her up onto one of the teeth of the comb, clinging on for dear life.

After what felt like ages, Carrie had finally finished, setting the comb back down on the counter. Finally having the opportunity to catch her breath, the exhausted Marie collapsed onto the counter, practically passed out. After pulling herself away from the comb, she looked up in awe as her mom nonchalantly took off her robe, bearing her naked body for all the organisms present to witness. Seeing her massively towering boobs and her dangerously close crotch just brought back horrible memories over the past week for Marie as she felt she had to get as far away as possible.

Her body was still aching due to last night’s damage. Her clothes all tattered from the fluids drying up and hardening, not to mention having her shoes be swallowed by her mom, made it all the harder to move around. She was still pissed at the situation, knowing her shoes were lost forever inside her mom’s asshole, though she was ever grateful that she managed to escape. She kept turning around to stare up at her monstrous mother, fearing she will notice the “bug” on the sink.

Not paying attention, Marie slipped and fell backwards onto a squishy surface, soon realizing it was a sponge. She quickly took advantage of this and jumped into one of the large holes on it, feeling that would be a good spot to hide from her mom. With less than two full days left at this size, the last thing she needed was for her titan of a mother to see an ant on her counter, and obliterate it underneath her thumb.

Carrie proceeded to make her way into the bath, closing the curtains and turning on the shower to wash up. Seeing that the coast was finally clear, Marie went to climb out of the hole of the sponge to find somewhere else to hide and escape. However, she found it a lot harder to move around the sponge’s surface, which was just enough of a delay to allow Marie to find herself in another uncomfortably deadly situation. “Oh god no!” she screamed, as the large shadow that was Carrie’s hand eclipsed Marie, as the massive indexes swallowed the sponge into its grasp, taking it into the shower.

Marie could only scream and cry out from her hole as her brief view of her mother’s face was quickly usurped by a sticky substance being poured all over and completely consuming her miniature body. As the water rained down on her back, Carrie hummed to herself as she casually dripped the floral scented bodywash onto the sponge, as she began to rub it all over her body.

Doing her absolute best to remain inside the hole of the sponge, Marie had a wave of soap and water wash over her tiny body. “Ugh!  Fuck stop!” she screamed, gurgling and spitting out the gross tasting mixture at the same time. Her eyes burned and she could feel her grip starting to weaken.

At her insignificant size, Marie knew this was probably the most danger she had been in since she had shrunken. Sure, it wasn’t as gross as being inside her best friends mouth or cummed on by her brother, but this was a triple threat: the could drown, get crushed, or end up disappearing down the drain. All three of those thoughts made the tiny woman whimper in fear. Bringing the sponge to her previously sweaty armpits, Carrie let out an exhale as she cleaned herself, wiping the wet sponge against her stubble. Despite the illusion that all was fresh and clean, Marie had gotten an up close experience with her mom’s armpits. She managed to duck her head down into the sponge with the rest of her body to prevent herself from falling out. This protected her from getting smashed or decapitated as her mother rubbed, but didn’t keep her safe from the smell.

Unaware of the predicament her two millimeter daughter was in, Carrie’s dirty mind began to drift off to the previous night she had spent with her husband. She wasn’t sure why their sex was so outstanding last night, but she needed it to happen again. Closing her eyes and re-living her thoughts, she brought the sponge down past her abdomen, and began to rub her pelvic region.

“Fuck! Not again!” Marie shrieked as the sponge began to caress her inner thighs. The water made it nearly impossible for the shrunken women to maintain her grasp, but she knew she needed to hold on. She could hear her mom let out a soft moan as the wet sponge made contact with her vaginal lips.

The giantess bit her lips to stifle any noise she was about to make. As much as she wanted to pleasure herself right here, right now, she knew she had stuff to do. After what felt like ages (for Marie) the giantess pulled the sponge away from her crotch and up towards her chest.

Dragging the sponge along her stomach, Carrie readied herself to wrap up her shower, she just needed to wash her breasts first. Rubbing the sponge against her massive breasts, Carrie sighed as she shut off the water. “Fuck, time to start the day,” she muttered, and took a step out.

What the giantess did not realize was that after she shut off the water, she held the sponge next to her chest and continued to play with her nipple. As she did this, she turned the sponge upside down, finally dislodging her tiny daughter. Marie screamed, fearing she would plummet down to the bottom of the shower floor. If she fell, her body would implode upon hitting the floor, and her remains would be washed down the drain. With a desperate flail, her arms grasped onto the only thing she could: her mom’s hardening nipple.

“God damn, this is gross,” Marie said in frustration, more annoyed at the fact she was still putting up with her giant unaware family, than disgusted with the fact that her face was resting on her mother’s wet areola.

Stepping out of the shower, Carrie stood in front of the mirror, admiring her sexy form. She tied her auburn hair up in a bun over her head and licked her lips. She reached stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed a tight bra, which really showed off her tits. As she continued to fiddle with and adjust her bra, she accidentally bumped her nipple again. This time, she took her daughter with her, Marie now clinging to the band of her mom’s wedding ring on her hand.

Right as she exited the bathroom, Carrie accidentally bumped into Eddie, who was just about to head downstairs for breakfast. While the mother apologized to her son, what she didn’t realize was her tiny companion had been flung off the towel by the force and was now holding onto a loose string on Eddie’s collar.

“Shit…I don’t know if this is exactly better…” Marie mumbled to herself, as she had already had her own bad close experience with Eddie earlier in the week and did not want a repeat of that. She stared up at the colossal head of her unaware younger brother, and with her this close and nearly naked, just reminded her how pathetic she seemed now.

Eddie made it to the kitchen where he found his dad had already set up a big breakfast at the table, with pancakes, cereal, and fruit all on the table. He got excited and quickly sat himself down, picking up a pile of pancakes, which he oozed with a healthy dose of butter and syrup all over.

Marie looked down and started to feel jealous as her stomach growled, it had been two whole days since she ate anything other than a few bites of a discarded strawberry which she found on the kitchen floor, and was tempted to try and find some way to get closer to it. It was soon made clear to her that she did not have a choice. Totally oblivious to his older sister’s struggles on his body, Eddie adjusted on his collar broke Marie’s grip from the thread, screaming as she plummeted downwards past her brother’s shirt, landing directly onto the syrup-y pancake with a belly flop.

This “hard yet safe” landing was short-lived when just a few inches away, four gigantic metal prongs stabbed themselves directly into the pancake’s surface. Marie couldn’t even get the chance to catch her breath, paddling for air through the mucky grasp of the syrup, which felt uncomfortably similar to the soap she just had to deal with earlier, only smelling significantly stronger.

The prongs, which were in fact just a fork, shifted upwards, sending the pancake into the air, bringing the giant, sticky breakfast food up towards his face. Eddie’s giant brown eyes darted momentarily down to the pancake. It was only for a split second, and he did not notice the two millimeter woman covered in syrup, waving her arms and trying pathetically to get his attention.

“DON’T EAT ME!  AHHH NO!” Marie belted out in futile resistance as the piece of pancake slowly entered the dark, moist cave. Casually starting to chew and bite into the pancake, Eddie was oblivious to the fact that his beloved sister was currently tossed onto his tongue.

The tiny woman was extremely disoriented, the scent and heat striking her, causing her to realize exactly where she was. “Oh fuck, spit me out!” she shouted as Eddie continued to chew and mash the pancake up with hiss mouth closed. A wave of saliva mixed with syrup struck Marie, knocking her on her ass, and sending her tumbling head over heels. Terrified that she would tumble down his throat and never be seen again, Marie grabbed the only thing she could: a tastebud.

Seeing the remains of the pancake being brought towards the back of her throat, seemingly willing to take her along for the ride. Losing her grip, Marie’s tiny body was struck by another piece, and she now had nothing to hold on to. She shut her eyes and prepared to descend down her brother’s throat. She had already been used by him as a sex toy, why not a snack as well.

Out of nowhere, Eddie felt himself slightly choking. Maybe the syrup had tickled his throat a bit too much, but whatever was happening, he needed to cough. Opening his mouth slightly, Eddie did his best to stifle the cough. This was the miracle that Marie was hoping for. The current brought Marie’s tiny form right out of Eddie’s mouth, where she screamed and plummeted back towards the table…right back on his mound of pancakes. The hit then with a miniscule thud, and instinctively began to roll away and off his plate. 

After taking nearly five minutes to recover from her second near death experience of the day, Marie limped her way across the table, carrying a tiny piece of a stale crumb she broke off with her. She limped until she found a spot hidden between a few towering boxes, safe from everyone’s view. She sat down and just began to cry over the never-ending stress she had to deal with. All she wanted was time alone in her own private, little sanctuary, and instead was met with a cavalcade of hazards that nearly killed her, courtesy of her family.

As her parents and brother loudly laughed and talked with each other, enjoying their breakfast meal, Marie was left half naked, covered in slowly harding syrup, left to snack on the insignificant used crumbs for sustenance. It was truly humiliating.

She overheard her parents mentioning her by name, leading them to talk about how she will be returning from her trip the following day. Marie reminded to herself that tomorrow night the shrinking effect will finally wear off, and she could give her family a piece of her mind for what they put her through. But first she had to survive till then.

*BZZZT* -slam-

It was then Marie suddenly heard these noises that caused her to freeze up and slowly turn around. Right in front of her was a fly, a bit larger than her current size. She had surprisingly been able to keep out any flies or flying bugs in general from making it into her model city (with what good it did her from keeping out threats), but between the ant the previous day and this, now she was getting a taste of what being a bug was like.

While she was still big enough the fly couldn’t easily devour her, she could tell there was something about her currently that it found interesting. She wanted to get away, but she was trapped in her little enclosure, with the fly taking up the only exit.

The fly used its “immense strength” to pin Marie down to the ground with its pincers and using its “trunk” began to slurp up all the excess syrup all over her body. Marie tried to scream and squirm to get it to stop but it was hopeless as it became more and more ticklish, causing her to laugh and cry through the embarrassment and pain.

Meanwhile, the rest of her family continued to enjoy their food, blissfully unaware that under their noses their daughter/sister was currently being assaulted by a mere fly.

The fly kept at it until it consumed all the sugar over Marie’s miniscule body, even to the point of swallowing her bra and breaking off her panties, which were also sucked down it’s disgusting proboscis. The fly finally let go, allowing Marie to attempt to regain her composure over the ridiculously horrifying display this bug just put her through.

She wanted to try and crawl away now that it was seemingly done with her, but the fly returned, grasping Marie’s body around it’s legs, before buzzing off into the air.

“HOLY SHIT WHY!” Marie squirmed and shook in the fly’s grasp unsure of what it wanted with her, as it zipped all around the kitchen, passing by each of her family members. Marie’s weight prevented the fly from getting as much height and distance as it attempted to find some way

“Ugh, stupid bug” Eddie commented trying to finish his food, trying to swat at it. “Here let me try.” Carrie followed, whipping a cloth she had in her hand toward it. Each movement sent the fly and Marie swirling through the air, riding the wind waves, twisting back and forth.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” Just then, a giant hand courtesy of Victor charged its way toward the fly and with a loud SLAM, directly slammed is two puny victims, sending them flying down towards the ground.

Marie’s body tumbled off the fly ending up underneath the table, looking to see the fly promptly snuffed out by a flip flop crushing it. Sitting down behind a table leg, Marie looked down at her slightly bruised body, reminding herself that she was now completely nude, looking back at the remains of the fly commenting “Good fucking riddance.”


For the next several hours, Marie kept herself out of sight as her family went about their usual business on this weekend day. She would occasionally see bare feet, socked feet, and shoes constantly rushing past and going back and forth. Leftovers and crumbs that were missed from cleaning would find themselves falling and landing under the table, which Marie was able to grab and snack on. However, chewing on a raw little chunk of cereal while butt naked on the floor just made Marie feel that much more like she has become a pathetic bug in her own house.

Either way, she was safe from harm and that’s what mattered. When the coast appeared clean, Marie finally moved from behind the table leg, quickly trekked across her floorboard until she reached the corner of the wall. She continued to walk to find a better place to hide out for the day, keeping close so as not to be within stepping range.

She eventually reached the living room and ended up underneath one of the couches, a spot that seemed like would be a good area to try and camp out until the shrinking wore off the next day. She noticed a couple stray food crumbs, like a chip and a piece of candy covered in hair, as well as the corpse of what appeared to be a cockroach, which did gross her out a bit.

She also reminded herself that she’ll have to be out in the open when the time does come to grow back, or else the growth effect will be delayed, potentially keeping her stuck at that size. So because of that didn’t want to hide in a completely enclosed space.

Just then she hears a faint “meow”, and turning around towards what initially was just a shadowy area, she saw two eyes appear out of nowhere. She had completely forgotten about Ruby, and the cat that had destroyed her city and sent her loose in her house in the first place had found her “tiny owner” again.

Without thinking Marie, ran out of her hiding, not even turning around to see if the cat was following her. She ended up ignoring her previous concerns about not standing in the middle of the hallway, and sure enough, right as she did so, almost poetically, a large piece of cloth slammed directly on top of her, completely covering her like a huge tent. Marie tried to find a way to crawl out of it, but unable to find any openings, all the while dealing with the awful smell all around. The cloth then folded in on itself, pushing her right into a piece of paper with a large logo on it. She knew it was the tag, and after taking another look around, screamed aloud, figuring out this was a pair of underwear.

She had no idea if it was her brother or her father, and after how close she got to both of their members that made it all the worse, so began to squirm and panic to free herself from the dirty tomb.

As this was going on, Carrie had been holding a basket of dirty laundry to be cleaned, accidentally dropped the pair of underwear on the floor, swiped it up and dropped it in the basket like nothing. She walked over to the laundry chute, casually threw all the dirty clothes downward, before happily walked off satisfied, intending to clean them up tomorrow.

These actions sent Marie on another trip as the force of the underwear and all her family’s clothes pilling on top of each other had her spiraling into a frenzy, constantly being knocked and banged into one another, falling down the metal slide until they all landed into the basket below.

She had no idea how much time had passed, but after regaining her bearings, Marie pushed herself to crawl through the seemingly never ending mountain of dirty clothes that she was consumed within. Passing through more pairs of underwear, socks, bras that wreaked as all hell, until she finally reached the edge of the basket.

The two millimeter tall naked woman gazed upon the now vast empty space that was their dingy basement. The rumblings of the pipes and the whizzing machines gave off such an eerie feeling, that a few days ago, would’ve incited immense dread in Marie, but at this point, she was too tired to be nothing but scared.

Sliding down the laundry basket onto the floor, Marie stared up far and wide, realizing it was about to get dark soon, and realizing that means she had exactly 24 hours until her shrinking worn off. This was the brightest sense of relief she had in a long while, and used this as motivation to keep herself up, find someplace safe to hide out for the day, and grow back to normal (and get revenge on her parents).

She knew even they normally don’t come down into the basement, so this should make things so much easier for her. But then, something quickly skittered by right behind her. And another noise far off in the distance. And that was when she remembered the reason why their family usually doesn’t go in the basement.

She was now trapped in the middle of a bug infestation, as nothing more than a bug herself.

End Notes:


One more chapter to come.  Hope you enjoy!

Sunday in the basement by Da Boss
Author's Notes:

Here's the final chapter of the story.  Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!


It was a breezy Sunday morning, the sun had just arisen, and the rest of the family members still had yet to fully wake up. This was set to be Marie’s final day in her model city paradise, one last breather on her vacation before returning to her regular size and back to her life. However, what transpired turned out to be far from what she ever expected or desired.

Far away from the still destroyed model city in her bedroom, two stories down her house, in the deep, dank dwellings of her parents’ basement, the two-millimeter woman was busy running for her life. Clad in only a tiny, discarded piece of toilet paper hastily wrapped around her body, the tiny woman was covered in bruises and dirt all over her body, and carried a splinter almost as tall as herself. Panicked, she stopped and hid behind what appeared to be a loose lip balm cover, trying to catch her breath.

Marie’s eyes were filled with intense fear as she gripped the splinter hard to her chest, and turned back around to face her pursuer: a mere bed bug. An insect that to any normal person would be an insignificant existence, now was a beast that stood about as tall as Marie, and found itself curious upon stumbling across an unknown entity at its size.

Marie had no idea exactly how dangerous the bed bug could be to her, but she did not want to risk anything at all, especially after running from it for the past half an hour and it not letting up one bit. She tried to look around the large expanse of the basement floor, but despite the amount of trash and pieces leftover, nothing was a perfect hiding spot. Even the cracks in the floor would just be an easier way to corner her.

Having waited too long to find her next place to hide, Marie turned around and saw that the bed bug was practically on top of her, causing her to shriek out in fear and fall over backwards. The bed bug, which to her was about the size of a small horse, pounced itself right on top of her, mandibles biting on the splinter she held up to cover her body, as she continuously pounded away at its stomach with her feet.

The bed bug stuck its antennae downward, pulling down part of the toilet paper she used as a tunic, exposing her left breast. Screaming in frustration and fear that she was about to be mauled, Marie furiously and desperately kicked at the hungry creature. The weight of the bug forcing itself on top of her made it harder to fight back, which was made even worse as one of its legs grabbed ahold of her leg, while the others started to grab her back. “Oh fuck, no!” shouted the tiny woman, as the insect began pulling her closer to is snapping mandibles.

This ongoing struggle turned the girl’s anxiousness into anger over the domination the disgusting creature was placing on her. How pathetic it made her feel that this microscopic mite was now merely toying with her and using her as a plaything. She did not even care if it did not have any intentions to hurt her, this was going too far and she refused to let a goddamn bed bug let itself have its way with her.

Once she was able to find an opening during a quick pause in the bug’s actions, Marie rolled over to her side, and began to sprint around the lip balm cap, with the bed bug giving chase. The moment she was out of view, she hopped up onto the cap, quickly crawling herself up to the top, and noticing a metal nail sticking out of the ground right next to it, hastily jumped on top of it.

The bed bug reached her location, but lost sight of her, pacing back and forth, not having looked up yet to see its prey. But Marie knew it was only a matter of time before it did notice, and she had a plan for that.

The moment the bug peeked itself up trying to sense her, Marie ripped the toilet paper off her body and threw it downward right on the bed bug. It was a very momentary daze, but it was just enough to give the now naked Marie the chance to charge, leaping off the nail, screaming as she held the splinter up high ready to strike, and stabbing it directly into the bed bug, using her remaining strength and force of hitting the ground to slice the splinter, leaving a giant gash in its abdomen.

The defeated bed bug began to squeal as it shook and squirmed, its guts spilling all over the place, while Marie sat a comfortable distance away, gripping the juice-covered splinter trying to regain her breath. Eventually, the bed bug finally gave into its wounds, and keeled over dead. Marie slowly walked over to it, poking it with her splinter to confirm, before sighing a huge relief as she said to herself “Good fucking riddance…”


This was probably the most amount of success Marie has had since she was thrown down into the basement by her mother the previous night. She had assumed all she would have to do is find some place to safely wait out her remaining “shrinking sentence,” but had forgotten just how much of a junk heap their basement was.

It was a dank, unfurnished place, pretty much only used for storage and doing laundry, so it was already uncomfortable to be in at normal size. But for the miniscule and nude Marie, it was a hellscape. And that isn’t even beginning to mention the insects that resided there.

Almost immediately after gaining her bearings that previous night, she had heard scurrying around which turned out to be from a centipede, its appearance which caused her heart to drop. After running aimlessly to evade the monster-sized beast, she was able to evade it by jumping inside the completely dirty and dusty crack in the floor, causing the centipede to simply walk onward with its many, many legs over here, completely unaware of her existence. What made it even worse is that she had jumped directly onto the undead husk of a beetle, causing her to throw up from the unbelievable stench.

The weight of the situation filled her with immense dread as she tearfully wandered the floor for over an hour, desperately hiding from more monstrous bugs that traversed the landscape, which included several ants and cockroaches.

Eventually, she stumbled upon a loose piece of toilet paper, which alone could fit several houses for her in it, ripping off a long corner part to wrap her naked, cold body up. She also had found a loose stick on the floor, which in fact was just a tiny splinter, picking it up and caressing it for protection. She eventually stumbled upon a ginormous lone white sock, seemingly the safest possible place to be for now, so she aimlessly dragged herself inside the sock hole. She had no idea whose sock it was, and at this point she didn’t care. She was as tired and sad as she ever could’ve been and just wanted to sleep it off and pray for something better in the morning.

That was not to be as she was woken up earlier than expected by something tickling her feet. She shook her legs for a bit, not imagining it to be anything of note, but she finally opened her eyes to see, having emerged through a tiny hole in the sock, was the bed bug, peering itself closer to the girl. Seeing the creature before her jolted her awake with a loud scream, stabbing its front face with her splinter staff, forcing her to flee away and bringing her back to the present.


Leaving the bed bug corpse behind, reclaiming a now even more ripped piece of her toilet paper cloth barely covering anything, Marie looked over her options. She knew that it had to be less than 12 hours at this point until her shrinking wore off and she would finally be free from her torture and return to her normal size.

She would normally find some place to camp out and seal herself away until the time comes, but as she reminded herself, after those 12 hours, if she is stuck in an area without efficient growth room, the shrinking effect will not undo until she’s out of there. And if she stays stuck like that for too long, the automatic shrinking undo will cancel out completely, meaning the only way to be grown back is manually through her machine. And Marie desperately did not want this option.

Knowing her luck, if she tried to hide in a crack in the wall, someone will cover it up. If she hid in a box, someone would shut it tight. And given the impossibility of getting her family’s attention, having them re-grow her was also completely not an option. Her only choice was to keep moving. Don’t let any of the monsters or threats scare her. Fight for her life at all costs.

Continuing to trek across the floor and try to find relatively safe and open ground, Marie began to daydream and fantasize about getting back to normal size. She couldn’t help but think of what she would do when she found her family again. All the things she could scream at them. Maybe she’d even give them a taste of being shrunken.


“Huh? What the hell!?” Marie screamed. She cursed herself for losing focus and realized she had flung face first into what appeared to be some kind of net. She was happy it broke her fall, but less so when she noticed how incredibly sticky it was, and no matter how much she squirmed she couldn’t get out.

Looking around, Marie also noticed a black ant, roughly the size of her body, which was also trapped in the sticky substance. A cold chill ran down her spine when she saw this creature was also desperate to escape, but seemingly had no way out.

The sense of relief soon vanished as seeing the ant’s sudden keeling over in defeat and taking a harder look at her surroundings caused her to realize a truly terrifying thought: she was stuck in a spider web. And just as the ant had been ensnared in its trap to be its next food, so had she.

Marie knew she had to escape NOW. She pushed and squirmed and moved her body but all it did was break off the remaining fragile pieces of her toilet paper cover, resulting in her being butt naked once again. And even more so, the spider’s webs began to tighten all around her body, pulling on part of her arm, squishing her boobs downward, and rubbing in between her privates, causing her to let out several tearful moans.

“T-this can’t be happening—AAH” the web’s stickiness yet sharpness began to protrude itself over Marie, resulting in a sense of painful ecstasy as the bondage twisted her into more uncomfortable positions, taunting her hopeless futility.

It was another unknown amount of time of being resigned to the spider’s chokehold until the reckoning finally came. Turning her head around, Marie’s terror-induced face lit up once again as the visage of the spider finally came into view, delicately stalking its way toward its prey.

The fully black beast with eight legs first stopped at the ant, which after being still for so long suddenly began to squirm again, like as if it had been sparked awake by the spider’s presence. Marie had been given a front row preview for what was about to happen to her, as she witnessed the spider using its legs to push the ant downward, and through the hole on its butt shoot out the web which then began to masterfully and particularly weave around its food.

Marie could only stay there mouth agape as the ant disappeared before her very eyes, cocooned around the thick white net, before the spider let out a loud *CRUNCH* as it bit right into its creation, killing it for good.

The spider left its tied up food alone for now, and focused its attention on the second prey that found itself wandering into its trap. With the monster now completely towering over here, Marie let out as much spasms as she could muster in a desperate attempt to escape its jaws, all the while the spider simply stood there and observed the miniature girl doing its thing, like it found her useless flailing observing.

Marie let out a high pitched yelp as she felt a tingling on her feet, which meant that she knew that horror was about to happen now. She could feel her legs being slowly forced together as the spray of the clean web ejecting itself out of the beast tightened around her skin, as if she’s on the verge of losing all feeling in the body.

The only words Marie could let out as this transpired were “Please!” “No!” and “God!” Over and over endlessly. It was all she can do as she felt her movements being constricted harder and harder, as the multiple eyes stared deep into her soon to be extinguished soul.

With all but her head now entombed up, Marie could barely see as her tear-filled eyes completely blurred her vision. All of her near death experiences she was able to escape through sheer luck, but she truly didn’t know how she would make it out of here. This was to be her true last stand. And yet…


Suddenly five massive pink digits slammed itself downward, effortlessly destroying the web and launching Marie and the spider through a cloud of dust. Marie was still tied up and screaming, unaware of what just happened until she landed on a hard surface, rolling downward until she found herself caught between two softer ones.

She was thankfully upright as her body was “safely” stationed in-between the two massive pillars, unable to move. It didn’t take her long for her vision to return, as she began to notice, unfortunately, very familiar details along the surfaces, and what exactly had just saved her.

“…m-mom…” she was able to whimper out.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and Carrie had decided now was the best time to do the laundry. She had intended to do it the previous night, but ended up getting wrapped up in “romantic time” with her husband, just like they had done on Friday night, and will probably do again tonight. She also knew Marie was supposed to be returning home tonight, so wanted to get some stuff cleaned up and ready for her arrival. She had already discovered the destroyed model city in her bedroom earlier and had “cleaned up” most of the mess for her, thinking to herself how she was going to apologize to her about her project getting ruined, while nonchalantly picking up and tossing the clothes in the basket into the washer. She also had no idea that she had just saved her daughter from being devoured by a spider and was now currently stuck in between her first and second toes on her right foot.

Marie was grateful for her mom once again inadvertently saving her life from a bug, but also once again, she found herself in an uncomfortable and disgusting spot on her foot. What made it even more troublesome was still being stuck in the spider’s webbing, unable to break free, which meant she was now completely at her mercy.

As Carrie casually scrunched her toes, it forced Marie downward into the darkness in between the two, where she slammed face first into a piece of toe lint. Every subtle movement of the toes forced Marie’s body further into the lint, the smell overtaking all the senses, coughing up a storm.

The tapping of the toes kept going faster and faster, causing Marie’s webbed body to vibrate and shake, twisting all around, pushing her into the sweat that began to drip and cover her up, sending her downward into the crack of the two toes. She expected that she was eventually going to fall and drop between the toes, but instead just as she entered free fall, she was slung right back up.

It turned out that a part of the web had attached itself to Carrie’s big toe nail, causing Marie’s dangling body to swing back and forth, constantly slamming into the toe walls. Not even the splashes of sweat she collided with seemed to stop her.

Then, Carrie made one big jerk up with her leg, which sent Marie flying out of the humid toe prison back into fresh air, only to be slingshot backward as the stray thread of the web preventing her from escaping knocked her backwards underneath the toenail, dangling upside down.

Marie started to wonder in the deep part of her mind that her mother secretly knew she was always here and is just messing with her, because now her mom really started to be active with her movement, flinging Marie’s helpless body as if she’s being forcefully swung on a vine.

The large individual ridges that make up her skin constantly pound away at Marie each time she smacks into it. Ramming and rubbing against the remnants and grit and dirt just continued to rough her up. She cursed her mother for how terrible she was at cleaning her feet, especially after the horrible close encounter she had with her in the shower the previous day.

Eventually, another quick movement of Carrie’s feet was enough to finally break free of the web, sending Marie flying upward until she landed directly on the hard surface of the big toenail. She was still trapped in the webbing around her body but could feel it slowly starting to loosen, so just needed to try and drag herself to safety until then.

But, suddenly another familiar figure made its grand return. The spider had survived, and it was also standing on Carrie’s foot, ready to make its way toward the vulnerable Marie. She couldn’t believe how even after all this, it still intended to finish the job.

In all the absurdity of the situation, all the tiny woman could do was have her scream out in her completely hoarse voice, “Mom! Help me! Don’t you feel that fucking thing? Get it off you!!”

As if her mom could actually hear her, Carrie scratched her right foot using her left foot, crushing and swiping the spider away in an instant, unaware of what was causing the itch. And almost shortly afterward, she bent down to use her finger to scratch another itch she had missed, flinging Marie off the toe and onto the floor right next to the basket of clothes.

Even though she was safe from the entrapment of the toes, Marie was still tangled up in the webs, unable to move. She was panting as she could see Carrie’s monstrous feet making its slight pounding and stomping movements on the floor, knowing that one wrong mis-step could get her squished and all her efforts to survive would be for nothing.

But instead, something else happened. Darkness suddenly enveloped her whole being, before being swept up far into the air. Carrie had accidentally dropped one of her panties, picking it back up and unknowingly carrying a passenger alongside it. She was about to toss it into the washer, but decided to look at it for a brief moment.

“HMM. IS THIS REALLY DIRTY?” a loud booming voice erupted as poor little Marie was now sitting directly in the middle bottom of the panty, getting another clear terrifying look at her mother’s gigantic head, staring down on her like a goddess. And before she could even further comprehend, the goddess descended closer and closer toward the insignificant figure until…

*SNIFF* Two blackholes sent out a whirlwind of tornados that instantly swept Marie up into the air, twirling and twisting her body in circles as she was helplessly ascended upwards right into her own mother’s nostrils.

After taking a long sniff on her own panties, Carrie gave off a goofy smile to herself and said “Eh, why not?”, tossing the underwear into the washer, before dumping the final little bits of clothes alongside it. After starting it up and letting the loud washer rev up, Carrie began to take a closer look around their basement and reminded herself of what an absolute dump it was. Having just swatted off something that was just scratching her toes and seeing the remains of several dead and squished insects lying about, she decided she should finally try to do something about it.

Right as she’s about to leave, she felt a little tingle in her nose, causing her to scrunch her nose for a moment, stopping herself from sneezing. “Huh, was there something else I got stuck up there?” she mumbled to herself, questioning if there was some dust she had inadvertently sucked in after smelling her panty.

At this moment, Marie had now found herself in an increasingly pulsing environment, the walls emanating a pink gelatinous substance, a jungle of nose hairs that hung itself from the top like stalactites, and deep puddles of snot that slowly tried to consume Marie. What she was thankful for was the stickiness of the snot was finally enough to break her free of her spider web bondage, but now threatened to trap her into another disgusting prison.

She was able to tumble into a puddle of snot that had not hardened yet, and used the chance to wade through the rancid sludge. She was hastily trying to get as far away from the threatening vortex far in the back of the nostril, constantly breathing in and out, with one wrong move sending her flying backward straight into her mom’s throat.

Another sudden sniffle was followed by Carrie’s massive finger entering the domain, scratching at the walls and terrifying Marie for how easily it could nonchalantly squish her. One swipe caused by the tip of her fingernail upon exiting resulted in Marie being unexpectedly jolted downward, landing face first into the pile of snot with her mouth still open. She thrashed and screamed trying to get the horrible taste out of her mouth, while also attempting to pull at the hardened pieces that were getting stuck up her ass.

Just as this was occurring, a big gust of wind breathed inward sending Marie flying upwards, getting tangled in the jungle of nose hairs. She could now see that the dank hole which served as the entrance to her mother’s mouth was getting closer and closer, so tried to use this chance to get away. She used all her remaining strength to swing through the nose hairs like vines, but every bit of movement, an air pocket would send her backward, leaving her stuck in another loop of entanglement and disgust.

The exhaustion of the entire day finally started to get to Marie as she became unable to hold her grip on the hairs as one smacked right into her face, knocking her back down into the wayward snot. The lack of air was starting to get to her, her head was beginning to ache from the pain, and the snot felt itself hardening ready to swallow her whole.

Then in an instant, all the breathing in the nostril stopped. The walls began to subtly expand themselves outward, which Marie either knew meant a large breath in, or a large breath out, which would determine her fate. Sure enough, an enormous cannon of air burst Marie and her accompanying snot far outside of the nostril enclosure, colliding directly into a sea of white fabric. Marie’s body felt the force of the wind against her back while massive and small chunks of snot crash landed all around her new environment.

Carrie returned to the basement, and after having enough of the weird tingling in her nose, she grabbed a piece of tissue paper and blew into it hard, rubbing her nose a bit to ensure all the junk had been cleaned up, before casually tossing the crumbled up ball onto the floor.

Marie had felt all of these sudden shifts and shaking movements stuck in the middle of the tissue, with the weight of the fabric thankfully breaking her fall as it landed back on the floor where she started. All the dirty, bruised, fluid covered Marie could do at this point was drag her body through the tissue until she reached an opening, re-exposing herself to the outside world, before dragging away on the floor.

She had no more energy left, she was tired, humiliated, and on the verge of giving up. She didn’t even know where she was trying to go, she could tell that there was a group of ants that had appeared on the floor that she was crawling her way towards, but that was how desperate she was to find somewhere to survive. She would take the risk with the insects then leave herself out in the open to let herself get sat on by her brother, pinched by her dad, peed on by her cat, whatever! She just wanted this hell to end.

But, the worst of it had reared its ugly head. As she saw the bugs began to scurry away to the corners of the basement, a loud *SHUD* erupted behind her. With the most hesitation possible, she slowly turned her body around, legs stretched out, arms holding her up, and exposed to the world, all the color in Marie’s face drained as she witnessed the hulking behemoth that her mom had just brought downstairs with her: the vacuum cleaner.

“Why…why now….” Of all the times her mother could decide to try and clean up their hellhole of a basement, it was at this specific moment.

She wanted to run. She wanted to try and hide. She could slip back into the cracks in the floor, grab ahold of side, and pray that was enough to resist in the incoming terror. She was only a few hours away from her shrinking wearing off. She had managed to survive every method of torture thrown at her the past week. But now it was all for not.

She already resigned herself for what to expect. She was about to be sucked in the cleaner, like the pathetic scrap of dust like she is now. She will be trapped in there for God knows how long, cancelling out the growth, leaving her stuck at 2 millimeters tall. Eventually, they will toss the trash out of the vacuum and throw it to the curb. Maybe she’ll escape then into the yard, maybe she’ll be dragged all the way to the dump. Either way, her life as she knew it beforehand would be over.

Tears once again flowing down her face, Marie let out light mumblings to herself, just as Carrie turned on the vacuum cleaner. The revving was unbelievably loud and the sucking was instantaneous. A tornado of death consumed all in its path on the basement floor: lint, dust, bug corpses, leftover wrappers, tiny leftover threads, and Marie herself. Her nude body faced an intense amount of whiplash flung toward the whirring beast. She couldn’t even scream for long as the pressure knocked her into several large chunks of rocks, which in conjunction with everything else she dealt with that day, knocked her unconscious. Her near lifeless body swept itself directly into the tiny opening, a tube which sent it plummeting into the ginormous mound of dirt, before being buried as more trash began to rain down on her.


“We really need to do a thorough cleaning of that basement. I didn’t realize how many bugs we had living rent free down there.” Carrie had just returned to the main floor with the vacuum cleaner in tow after spending a decent amount of time attempting to clean up while waiting for her laundry.

“Yeah well, that’s partly our fault for not taking better care of it. I should find some stuff to evict them all real soon, heh.” Victor jokingly responded to his wife, aware of the mess that they had let brew and knew it was an issue they’d have to resolve eventually.

“I even noticed one of the mouse traps got activated, but no mouse or cheese. I guess we must have some smart vermin on our hands too.” Carrie observed as she was tinkering with the latch on the vacuum cleaner to get it open. It turns out it had gotten very heavy and was on the verge of being full, and since the following day was garbage pickup day, she thought she might as well dump it off into there now.

“Hey have you heard from Marie?” Victor asked Carrie. “Sent her a few messages but she hasn’t responded to them at all.”

“Nope, it’s been the same for me,” she responded. “But hey, that’s how she usually is. She’s got a lot on her plate, she deserved a rest from everything. We’ll just have to give her a warm welcome once she’s back.” Carrie gave Victor a little peck on the cheek, causing him to give a winking face in response, as the two silently agreed to continue their ‘usual fun’ for that night.

Carrying the tied up bag containing all the junk from the vacuum cleaner, Carrie made her way outside, where the sun was beginning to set, and unceremoniously dumped the bag inside of a bin right next to another trash bag on the curb of their driveway. She cleaned her hands of the mess, happily making her way back inside, blissfully unaware that she had just thrown her own daughter out. Also unaware to her was an unseen figure peeking itself from behind a nearby fence, preparing to make their way toward the house.


It was another unknown amount of time when Marie finally awoke from her unconsciousness. She was still lying on a mound of garbage, only now to find three dust mites, each the size of puppies, nibbling on parts of her body. She pounded away at them, scaring them away as they burrowed themselves underground.

Marie had no idea what had transpired in-between waking up and had assumed she was still in the vacuum cleaner staring onwards at the never-ending expanse of the graveyard she now resided in. Her eyes were not adjusting to the lack of light and she knew she could do nothing but resign herself to the fate she had been dealt. Standing up, letting the muck drip down over her nude body, she began to walk.

She traversed the onslaught of trash, completely in awe how it appears to go on forever in every direction. Just another point in perspective to highlight just how insignificant she truly is now. She ended up stumbling across another group of puny dust mites chewing on an old piece of candy, sitting down right beside them, grabbing a chunk off of it, and chewing it. The mites seemed to pay her no mind, as she uncomfortably attempted to crunch the hard rock, trying to get herself used to the bug life she was destined to live with now.

However, in an unexpected turn, she felt the outside world shaking. The increasingly faster reverb scared off the dust mites, leaving Marie alone to try and regain her balance. She had wondered if this was her mom simply moving the vacuum cleaner somewhere else, but instead she heard a lot of loud rustling sounds coming from above. And then, a loud rip as the heavens opened up to her, light pouring down, making her unable to see anything.

She was so confused to what was going on she hadn’t even immediately comprehended that she wasn’t in the vacuum but a garbage bag, and that someone was currently ripping open the top. And once it was finally fully exposed, a slightly familiar face was greeted to Marie: her neighbor, Martin.

Martin was a boy who lived two houses down from Marie’s family. His mom was good friends with Carrie and they would often get together to talk about life. Marie had talked with Martin on occasion a few times in recent years but had never really got a handle of what kind of person he was, since he was usually kept things to himself and always acted awkward when around her. He was eighteen years old now, though he was still ten years younger than Marie. She had actually baby sat for him when he was younger and she was in high school. She didn’t know why, but something felt off.

As it turned out, Martin was incredibly obsessed with Marie. Anytime he got the chance he would stare at her from afar, snapping pictures to save, and just imagining all sorts of fantasies he desired to indulge in with her. It had reached the point of intensity that recently he had been secretly going through the family’s trash in order to scoop out any “undesirables” of Marie’s that she no longer needed.

After having ripped open the first trash bag and had quickly nabbed himself a “hidden gem”, Martin ripped open the second bag to take a look. Eyes filled with a disturbed sense of wonder, and licking his lips, Martin rifled his fingers into the bag and started digging.

“Wait…is that Martin? And how is he--” Marie was still in utter shock and disbelief that she still hadn’t comprehended she wasn’t in the vacuum anymore, and one of his fingers went slamming straight downward toward her, creating an impact that sent Marie flying further downward into the bag. Each shift of Martin’s fingers threatened to crush or bury the puny girl as she was flung and knocked over into various junk and dirt mounds that would rise and fall.

She had tried to hold on to his fingernail for dear life, but he just inadvertently flung her down back into the trash pile. Her fall was slightly stopped by landing straight into the bristles of an old toothbrush that had been forgotten about and had long been laying around the bathroom. The sharp strands brushed her body painfully, but also gave her something to grasp onto to avoid the rest of Martin’s rampage.

He soon came across said toothbrush which caught his attention, plucking it out very carefully, while Marie screamed and gave one the strands a tight bearhug for safety. Martin gave a very close look at the brush, examining it thoroughly like he was a collector, yet still missing the girl of his dreams who was now literally right under his nose.

“Nah, this isn’t hers.” Martin stated disappointingly. He had started to imagine all the things he could do with her old toothbrush in his possession, but having determined it might not be hers, he dismissingly shook it off, tossing it on the floor of the bin.

This movement launched Marie outside of the bristles’ confines, flung downward into the bin, onto another piece of fabric. She was still so dazed she had yet to understand what was going on when Martin grabbed ahold of the thing Marie had just fallen into, and it in fact being the “hidden gem” that he had just uncovered: an old bra.

Even though he couldn’t confirm exactly if it was Marie or her mother’s bra, the result being close enough was good enough for the horny boy who mentally jumped for joy as caressed his fingers though the openings and holes around the bra. His true treasure was to find one of her panties, or one of Marie’s old dolls that he could pretend was really her, but he was satisfied with this for now.

Giving into his urges, after giving it a quick sniff, Martin brought the bra up to his face, stuck out his tongue, and began to rub it straight up through it all. Doing this caused him to think about licking his tongue across the real Marie, which then shifted to a fantasy of licking a doll size Marie, which only served to make him feel harder and intensify the passion.

Marie, however, was at a complete loss for words. She wasn’t even able to question why Martin would be perusing through their trash and collecting the bra when the monstrous, wet tongue revealed itself and started its journey to devour Marie.

“WHAT THE FUCK! THIS IS DISGUSTIN—AAAA!” Her exclamations were abrupted as the tongue reached its unaware prey, sticking Marie right to the tastebuds as it continued to rub its way all over the bra. He eventually finished his indulgent, folding the bra into his pocket, and slowly starting to re-enter his tongue into his mouth.

Marie tried to squeal out in panic as she realized she was on the verge of being swallowed yet again, when it finally clicked into her that she had been outside the vacuum cleaner this entire time. And also, that it was already nighttime by now, which meant…

“OW! Huh…” Martin suddenly felt a hard rock form inside of his mouth. “Did I taste some extra dirt by accident?” he thought to himself, spitting it out back into the trash bag. He was about to stand back up and leave, but instead a rustling began to emanate from the trash bag. Just as he was about to peer in and see what was up.


Like a magic trick, bursting out of the garbage bag, a five and a half foot, still completely naked and absolutely covered in trash Marie, stood there with an immense shock on her face, while Martin just sat on the ground completely dumbfounded. She ended up just standing put for a good minute without moving, processing the fact that she was finally free, no longer a pathetic two millimeters tall. She had survived everything.

She finally looked down at Martin, who had just been staring there in awe at Marie’s breast and privates unembarrassed. In an instant, her face shifted from one of ambivalence to terror as her eyes glared with fury at who she assumed was just a seemingly harmless neighbor boy.

“GET OUT!” She yelled forcing the boy into a sprint, dropping the bra and fleeing back to his house. Marie looked back down at her body, reminding herself of the nude state she had gotten used to over the past couple days, no longer embarrassed by it, even when exposed to the world. All she could do was angrily sigh, as she stepped out of the trash, and with her bare feet stomped her way back to her house.

Marie slammed the front door open, no longer caring for courtesy, trudging down her hallway until she reached the main room where all her family members were there, stopping what they were doing to stare at the sudden surprise.

“M-Marie? What happened to you?” Carrie was eating ice cream when she voiced out her concern for her daughter.

“Is this part of some kind of prank?” Victor responded next, who was currently trying to rationalize the weird state to see his daughter, while also casually flipping a coin up in the air.

“Is this some new fetish you got going on with your boyfriend?” Eddie commented toward his sister, while he was currently talking with Heather, looking back through all the pictures he had sent her about the model city several days ago.

“Meow.” Ruby then appeared from under the table, rubbing herself on Marie’s bare leg and starting to lick it.

Seeing everything her family members have been doing, including the basket of laundry in the corner, the vacuum cleaner next to it, the opened door to the basement, and a fly landing right on her nose, all of it did nothing but bring back all the horrible memories of her past week, and the pressure couldn’t to build until she couldn’t take it.

“FUCK!” was all Marie could exclaim as she stomped her way past her confused family members, walking loudly up the stairs toward the bathroom, another thought which sparked a furious memory from her psyche. She ignored all the comments of her parents and brother calling out to her, all she wanted to do was clean up and find some way, ANY way, to put this whole week behind her. Even though she knew that was to be very unlikely.

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