We Help Each Other Get By by Greenanon

When a mysterious shrinking phenomenon hits the planet a man who had everything finds himself alone in the world... with the exception of one old friend, a lazy and perverted NEET who doesn't know what she wants out of life.

This is a story with a smelly and lazy NEET giantess, you've been warned


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Chapter 1: Shrinking Day by Greenanon

Jake Anderson had it all. He was tall, handsome, a straight A student who had the luxury to choose between athletic and academic scholarships when he went to college. He’d not only made the Dean’s List for his excellent grades he’d also been the backup quarterback when his college football team had won a conference championship. Things had only gotten better for him as he’d been offered a lucrative job at a large investment firm in a nearby city.

He was home this week after his recent graduation, going by what was said on facebook he was going to go on a weeklong trip with some friends of his before moving to the city and starting his new job. Wearing his old high school letterman’s jacket as he walked down the driveway he could have almost been promotional art for a 50’s movie.

Kacey grimaced, “Look at him,” she muttered, “King of the normies.”

A beep behind her told her that her chicken tenders had another minute in the microwave. Normally that would have alerted her parents who would have tried to come by and give her a talk about responsibility or getting her act together, but today she’d avoided them by waiting until they had already left for work to come up from the basement. She’d spotted Jake through the front window while she sat at the Kitchen table, he made more interesting viewing than the digits on the microwave counting down.

“Probably has some lame Stacey of a girlfriend,” she muttered. “I’d show you what a REAL woman is.” Her hand drifted below her waistband a moment and she gently touched herself. “I’d rock your world Jakey!”

It wasn’t true of course, Kacey’s primary sexual experience came from her embarrassingly large pornography folders, much of it hentai. Still, pathetic though it was, in her fantasies she was sexy, confident, and commanding.

“Yeah,” she muttered, “You’d be begging for it-“

“Kacey!” She froze, he was waving at her? He’d spotted her through the window! Her heart skipped a beat and she forced herself not to look down. Nervously she waved back, could he see where her other hand was? No, the window was too high, she tried not to sigh with relief.

“Oh god no,” she muttered as Jake started walking across the street with a smile on his face. Was he… was he coming to say hi!? She quickly ran to the sink and washed her hands. She caught a look at her reflection in the microwave and grimaced. Did she have time to comb her hair? She lifted her arm and took a quick sniff and grimaced, when did she last shower? What day was it anyway?

The doorbell rang out and she swore, taking a final minute to try to at least get some of her hair straightened out. Could she just… not answer it? No, he already saw her… and he’d be staying at his parent’s house all week.

“Fuck me,” she muttered as she went to open the front door.

“Kacey!” Jake said cheerfully, “I saw you in the window there and I wanted to stop by and say hi! I haven’t seen you since winter break!”

“H-hey,” she mumbled, looking up at him.

Standing here in front of him really made the contrast hit home, Kacey was a short girl, with frayed brown hair and greasy skin. If Jake was a 1950s diner ad she felt more like the cover of a garage band album. The loose-fitting anime T-shirt and pajama bottoms hid her figure a bit, but she always figured there wasn’t much to hide, especially to a guy like Jake who was probably used to busty cheerleaders and coeds.

“Oh sorry,” he said apologetically, “Did you just get up?”

“Uh yeah,” she lied. The truth was she’d been up all night and was about to crash for the day.

“So how did that whole art school thing go?” he asked, “are you working for Disney or something these days?”

“Ah,” She muttered, “It just wasn’t for me. I’m kind of figuring out what I want to do right now, you know?”

“Oh, for sure,” he said, seemingly oblivious, “I had a couple offers on the table towards the end of the semester, like I’ve always wanted to go into the financial sector but one of my professors was telling me I should look at energy.”

“Y-yeah,” Kacey muttered.

“Hey,” he said, sensing her discomfort, “Enough about jobs or whatever, I’m meeting the old gang down at Ralph’s tonight for a few drinks, you should come!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she muttered, “I haven’t really uh, kept in touch.”

The truth was that Jake’s friends didn’t care for her at all, and she was pretty sure she’d only been tolerated by them in high school because Jake had always invited her to things. And that was the worst part of it, really, Jake had always been nice to her, insufferably kind even. He’d always gotten her a birthday gift, remembered to stop by and say hi on his visits home. It was to the point where during their first year of high school she’d been waiting for the proverbial bucket of pig’s blood a la Carrie, but it never came. Over the years she’d come to the almost grudging realization that he really did want to be her friend.

She’d had a brief period where she thought that maybe he LIKE liked her, but then she’d had the crippling realization that he tried to be nice to almost everyone he knew. How? How could a guy like this exist? It was like the universe had created a perfect man to dangle what she’d never get in front of her!

“Oh come on Kace,” he said with a smile, “You need to get out a bit! There might be some single guys there…”

The only guy she wanted was standing in her doorstep, but she nodded.

“All right, sounds fun,” she muttered, “I’m going to uh, go get dressed. Big day ahead you know?”

“Yeah, totally,” he said, “I’ve got to go down and buy a suit for work, catch you later!”

“Catch you later,” she repeated, watching him walk away. With a sigh she went back to the microwave to find her chicken tenders had gotten cold while she’d talked to Jake. She ate them anyway, trudging back down to the basement to crash in her bed.

Kacey had nearly had a panic attack trying to decide what to wear. Ralph’s was a bar right? She wouldn’t need anything THAT fancy, but at the same time she had no idea what a person wore just “out,” she hadn’t been “out” with people in years. She finally decided to go with a simple flannel shirt over a tee, with a grimace she looked at her wild hair and searched desperately in her desk for a hair tie or a scrunchie. She found a rubberband a shop clerk had used to hold some of her manga purchases together and decided it was better than nothing.

She was walking upstairs to leave when she noticed her parents sitting at the kitchen table, “Kacey dear,” her dad said in a firm voice, “We need to talk to you a minute.”

She felt a pang of dread as she nervously sat down, “H-hey guys, what’s up?” she asked.

“We’ve been talking,” her mother began slowly, “and your father and I believe it’s time for you to move out.”

“WHAT!?” she exclaimed, “I don’t have a job! I don’t have any money!”

“That’s the problem dear,” her dad said with a sigh, “you’ve just been… treading water since art school didn’t work out.”

“I could go back!” she protested.

“No,” her mother said quietly, “We’re not paying for that again, it’s time for you to figure out how to be an adult on your own.”

“Don’t worry dear,” her dad said, putting a hand over hers, “We’re going to give you until the end of the month, and we’ll give you a few months rent to help you get on your feet.”

“Try not to let this ruin your night darling,” her mom said.

“Fat fucking chance,” she muttered, pulling her hand away and storming out the door. She paused and groaned. Slowly she trudged back inside and forced herself to look at her parents, “Could I… borrow some money?” she asked sullenly.

With a disappointed sigh her dad reached for his wallet, “Didn’t I just give you fifty dollars yesterday?” he asked, handing her some folded bills.

“Uh, I don’t remember,” she lied. She didn’t want to admit she’d spent it all on manga and anime figures again.

Ralph’s wasn’t anything special, but Kacey still had to take breath before entering. She’d never actually been out to a club before. She looked around and quickly spotted Jake, seated with some people she recognized. She grimaced as she saw wedding rings, shirts, ties, they’d all moved on. Jake spotted her and waved her over, as she approached her stomach dropped. Seated to Jake’s right was a buxom blonde with silky hair and perfect makeup.

“Kacey!” Jake said, “you made it!”

“Yeah,” she chuckled nervously, “I was uh, able to move some stuff around and find time.”

“Cool,” He said, “This is Stacey, my girlfriend.”

Oh god, Kacey thought, she’s actually named Stacey.

“Nice to meet you,” the girl said, reaching over to shake her hand.

They all started talking about what they’d been up to, Kacey mostly just kept silent, staring into the drink she’d ordered. She knew nothing about cocktails or beer, so she’d just pointed at the menu and hoped for the best. The sour, burning mixture she’d gotten was a harsh reminder that she was out of her element.

“So Kacey,” Stacey said, causing her head to jerk upright, “You’ve got to tell me, what’s the story with you and Jakey here?”

The rest of the table quieted and it seemed like a dozen eyes were staring at her, “Well,” she began nervously.

“Did you guys date or something?” Stacey asked.

“Oh no,” Jake said, before she could, “We were just friends.”

“Ah forget that!” one of his friends drunkenly chortled, “That girl had the biggest crush on you!”

“She was always drawing in that little notebook of hers,” another guy said. Kacey’s face burned with embarrassment at the mention of her old sketchbook, and the fact that they were talking about her like she wasn’t even there.

“Y-yeah I just liked to draw stuff,” she mumbled.

“Freaky stuff if I remember,” one guy muttered.

“Hey guys,” Jake said suddenly, “Come on, let’s just all have a good time, okay?”

“Oooh!” Stacey asked gleefully, “what kind of freaky stuff?”

“Lots of that anime stuff,” the drunk guy said, “Sometimes in the nude, right Kacey?”

Her face burned red and she tried to sink into her chair, it was like high school all over again.

“Hey!” Jake said, a bit louder this time, “Come on guys, a lot of artists practices nudes and Kacey’s a professional.”

“Really?” Stacey asked smugly, enjoying the other girl’s embarrassment. “Where do you work?”

“I’m uh… looking,” she lied.

The conversation thankfully turned to the local sports teams, along with a few people asking Jake why he didn’t want to go pro. Kacey didn’t know much about football, so she had no idea if Jake was being modest or not when he said he didn’t have the talent for the NFL.

At some point she got up and wandered outside. Ralphs was on a riverfront, so she leaned over the guardrail and looked at the water a minute. Had she been here long enough to just leave? Did she have to say goodbye?

“Hey stranger,” Jake said, joining her.

“Hey,” she muttered.

“Sorry about the ribbing back there…” he sighed, “I forgot how those guys can be kind of…”

“Assholes?” she muttered sullenly.

“Yeah,” he said, “I guess I didn’t notice it much back in the day. Follies of youth right? Sorry they were giving you shit…”

“No,” she sighed, “It’s true, I used to draw anime guys with dicks all the time in school, it was fucked up.”

Jake shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe all that practice will get you a job in the dick-drawing industry. They were some GREAT dicks Kacey.”

She giggled and shoved him playfully, “Now YOU’RE making fun of me!”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “but if it’s any consolation I thought your stuff that wasn’t dicks was always pretty good.”

“The professors at my old art school didn’t think so,” she muttered.

“Then fuck ‘em.” Jake muttered, gently flicking a pebble off a nearby concrete bollard into the water.

“Jake!” Stacey called, “Come back in! We’re ordering you a dessert!”

He sighed and smiled, “You coming?” he asked Kacey.

“In a minute,” she said. She was still thinking about just heading back home.

Stacey waited until Jake went back inside the bar, and then walked over to the riverfront herself.

“Hey,” She said, “Wow, so you’re the hometown competition huh?” she laughed a bit drunkenly.

“Excuse me?” Kacey asked with a frown.

“I’ve gotta admit,” Stacey said, “when Jake said he invited some girl named Kacey out I was worried it was going to be some sweet and pretty girl next door type.” She broke out into laughter again, “But damn! I never expected a pity case.” Her face went sympathetic a moment, “That’s Jake for you though, always seeing the best in everyone, trying to be everyone’s friend.”

Kacey just glowered at her, “Whatever,” she muttered.

“So listen,” Stacey said, leaning back against the railing, “Just between us girls? I was going to give you the “stay away from my man” talk, but I don’t think we need to do that, do we?”

“No,” Kacey said glumly.

Stacey brightened, “Jake is a catch, he’s MY catch, and once we move to the city together next week you’re probably never going to see him again anyway…” she giggled, “Well maybe you can look at our facebook photos.”

Stacey leaned in close, “You want to know something really fucked up?”

Kacey wrinkled her nose at the alcohol on the other girl’s breath, “what?” she asked.

“I’m fucking one of Jakey’s old teammates!” she giggled.

Kacey’s eyes went wide, “You bitch!” she almost shouted. “When Jake finds out-“

“How is he going to find out?” She mocked, “if you go in there and say anything you’ll just be some sad little loser girl trying to throw a wrench in his relationship.” She giggled again, “that’s why it’s so funny to tell you! Because you can’t do anything about it!”

“You’re a sociopath,” Kacey muttered. Her heart sunk as she realized the other girl was right though, who would believe her? She’d look like some lovestruck fool.

“Now if you’ll excuse me,” Stacey chuckled.

She turned to walk back into the bar, suddenly there was screaming, not just from inside the bar, but from almost every restaurant down the line. Kacey’s eyes went wide as she looked at the panicking people. Instinctively she shoved past Stacey and ran back into Ralph’s. The place was in an uproar, she looked around for Jake, but where he’d been sitting there was just a pile of clothes.

“Jake!” she shouted, forcing her way past the other drunken patrons, many of whom seemed to be in a shocked stupor. She looked down at his shirt in a panic, she lifted it up and her eyes went wide when something tumbled out.

It was Jake! But he was… Tiny!? He looked like he could fit in the palm of her hand!

Jake groaned and stood up on the massive chair, with a start he realized he was naked and tried to cover himself.

“What the hell happened?” he shouted in a panic. Where was he? Was this… his chair?

“Jake!” Kacey called from somewhere overhead. He looked up and stammered incoherently as he saw her looming over him, larger than the statue of liberty.

“Kacey,” he breathed, “you’re hug-“ he looked around and realized it wasn’t Kacey who had changed. He felt himself begin to get lightheaded as he passed out.

Kacey grabbed his tiny form in both hands and rushed out of the bar. She had to get him to a doctor!

For the afflicted, Shrinking Day, as it came to be known, was the first day of a new world. The earth had, according to NASA, been bombarded with a strange radiation of unknown origin, activating unknown parts of certain people’s genetic structure. The effect had become apparent immediately, two percent of the population was permanently reduced to a height of no more than a few inches. In the chaos that followed the families and loved ones did their best to care for the afflicted, and gradually, order was restored.

Scientists were baffled, everything known about the laws of physics and biology seemed to be violated by the phenomena. Research continued, but gradually things fell back into a routine.

Kacey walked into the hospital ward where the shrinkees were kept, her visitor’s badge bouncing back and forth on her Lanyard. She waved to the nurse, who buzzed her in. A series of glass terrariums were lined against a wall, each containing a tiny man or woman. They were decorated with doll furniture, though most of the small people just had simple robes fashioned out of Kleenex.

“Jake!” she said happily as she opened the top of one on the end. Her old friend looked up at her and smiled.

“Kacey! It’s nice to see a familiar face around here!” he braced himself to be picked up, and tried not to shiver as her immense fingers coiled around him. Being carried was another reminder of how small he was. Her hands were a bit clammy, and he felt the tissue draped over his tiny body condense against his skin.

She swiped her visitor badge and carried him outside, “Hold on there,” the Nurse said suddenly, “you want one of those little people you’ve got to check them out.” She pointed at a notepad. With a sigh Kacey walked over and scrawled her name next to Jake’s picture, along with the time and where she was going.

“This is so humiliating,” he muttered once they were farther down the hall. “They treat us like we’re hamsters or something.” He sighed, “we don’t get a ton of outside contact in here Kacey, they’re not trying to keep it secret from us or anything, they just don’t give a shit.” He was quiet a minute, “I’m kind of worried that treating us… shrinkees, like pets is kind of the way things are going out there.”

“Yeah,” Kacey said quietly as they walked out of the hospital, “I mean… a lot of people are already talking about where you guys should be, legally I mean.”

He shuddered, “We’re the same as we always were! We’re just smaller!”

“Yeah but,” Kacey thought how best to put it, “you’re like… more vulnerable.”

He scowled, “The nurse stepped on me during our “exercise time” and it just felt like someone put a weighted blanket on me. I think we’re fine.”

“Wait really?” Kacey asked with a grin, “did you just bounce right back or-“

“Okay maybe it hurt a little,” he admitted, “but my point is we’re not totally helpless you know?”

They reached a small garden outside the hospital and Kacey sat on the bench, she’d made a decision and now she was going to go through with it. She breathed in slowly, he saw her uncomfortable look and gazed up at her. This was it, she’d resolved to tell him what Stacey had said no matter what the fallout would be.

“Jake,” She said slowly, “I’ve got some bad news.”

“Oh of course,” he muttered, “MORE bad news, you know Stacey left me?”

Kacey blinked, “What!?”

“Yeah, she told me she wasn’t going to spend the best years of her life taking care of a mouse sized man…” He swore angrily, “That asshole Brad was with her, I think they’ve been hooking up.”

Kacey’s heart fluttered a bit, and she had to fight down excitement. For once everything had worked out for her!

“Do you want to know what’s really messed up?” Jake asked.


“She said I finally matched my size, down there, like who the hell says that to someone in this situation?”

“That’s ridiculous!” Kacey exclaimed, “Jake, trust me it’s a good size, big even! I mean proportionally.”

“Yeah I know she’s full of it,” he said angrily, then paused, “Wait… how would you-“

Her face went red, “Well you were naked when I brought you to the hospital and-“

“You brought me in?” He asked, “Huh, they never told me that, thanks Kace.”

“N-No problem!” she said. He didn’t need to know that she’d stopped in the parking lot and, worried she’d never have the chance again, taken a good long look at everything before turning him over to the nurses.

“So, you had some bad news?” He asked.

Since Stacey was already out of the picture she took a minute to think of something else she could tell him, “I uhh… my parents are kicking me out on Friday,” she muttered.

“That sucks,” Jake said, “I’d let you stay with me, but I’m living in a fishtank.”

“How long do you have to stay here anyway?” She asked, gesturing at the hospital.

“Whoever signs me out gets some kind of legal custody over me,” he said angrily, “My parents came by and wanted to take me, but they’ve pretty much decided I’m never leaving the house again. I don’t want to live like that, so I refused to go with them until they change their mind.” he sighed, “Other than them and Stacey nobody’s come by to see me… except you I guess.”

“So do you think you could still… work?” She asked. It was a tender topic, and she didn’t want to kick him while he was down.

“I still know everything I knew about investing and money management,” he said, “If someone gave me a chance… sure I think I could do it, maybe I could have a secretary type for me or something.”

Kacey had a sudden flash of inspiration, holding the tiny Jake in her hand she gently stroked his hair. He flinched a bit, but let her continue as she sat in silence, thinking over the possibilities.

“Jake,” she said quietly, “What if… what if you and I moved in together?”

His eyes lit up, “You’d want to do that!?”

She bit her lip, “Uhhh… Jake, I feel like I should kind of come clean before we go any further… I don’t really do a lot, like ever.”

“You’re just figuring stuff out,” he said dismissively.

“No, like I haven’t worked or gone to classes or anything for years…”

He was quiet a minute, “That’s fine,” he said, “I mean… I can’t really do anything without someone who’s still big, just let me handle the money side of things okay?”

Kacey felt the blood rising to her head, a sense of euphoria she’d never felt engulfed her. Was this really happening? Jake was single, and she was moving in with him? Somehow the fact that he was a few inches tall didn’t even matter to her. This was like a dream. Maybe he liked… certain things too? She decided to press her luck.

“Jake,” she said suddenly, “Do you know what hentai is?”

“No,” he said, “sounds Italian.”

“Yeah!” She said, hoping he didn’t notice her blush, “It’s uhh… a type of noodle. I was just thinking about lunch.”

Swing and a miss, but still, things were looking up.

Kacey had practically skipped home, and while she’d been putting it off for weeks, she managed to find a suitable apartment within an hour of searching. She’d gleefully told her parents she was moving out a few days early. When they’d handed her the check for the first few months rent in shock she’d smirked at them smugly and told them not to worry about her.

“Last chance to back out,” Jake said as she’d filled out the hospital discharge forms.

“Never!” she breathed as she signed the form designating her as Jake’s “shrinkee guardian.”

The nurse ushered them into a small room, “Okay,” she began, “here’s your meter,” she said, handing Kacey what looked like a small remote with a screen on it.

“Meter?” she asked, confused.

“It tells you how big your shrinkee will be tomorrow,” the nurse explained, “the shrinking fluctuates, a couple of times a month he might be a different size, but most days he’ll be the standard three inches.”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “So far I only went from three inches to two and a half, then back.”

“W-what kind of a range are we looking at,” Kacey asked nervously.

The nurse shrugged, “Some of the shrinkees go borderline microscopic, some even go up to a foot tall. Either way it’ll last up to thirty six hours at most, usually a lot less.”

“Microscopic?” Jake asked in a panic, “Why didn’t you ever tell me this?”

The nurse shrugged, “if your reading ever said you were going that low I would. Here, try it.” She put the meter in Kacey’s hand. Delicately she held it over Jake and pushed the central button.

“Three inches,” she read the screen.

“It looks like you’ll be your usual size tomorrow,” the nurse said, “I recommend taking a reading every night so you can make appropriate preparations.”

“Like what?” Kacey asked.

The nurse shrugged, “Whatever you want, if your tiny is going to be the size of a grain of rice for a day you might want to put him somewhere he won’t get hurt or lost.”

“Hurt!?” Jake asked.

The nurse rolled her eyes, “Don’t be a baby, you bugs are pretty durable, or don’t you remember?” She tapped her shoe on the tiled floor once and gave him a wicked grin.

Jake flinched, Kacey glared at her, but the nurse didn’t seem to care.

“This is it!” Kacey said excitedly, showing him the dingy one-bedroom apartment. “Look we’ve got a little kitchen, and a living room! And a bedroom!” She carried him in her hand into the bedroom and frowned, “I’m gonna need a blackout curtain for that window…” she muttered.

She gently lowered Jake down to the floor so he could wander around. He didn’t have much, just a dollhouse bed that was a bit big for him anyways and a few other odds and ends. He was still wearing that tissue-robe tied around his waist with a piece of string.

He was looking under the bed and wondering if he could make his “room” under there. He walked out from under the bed to ask Kacey what she thought.

“Hey Kace-“ He was suddenly slammed by a giant balled sock. He fell to his knees from the impact and looked up in horror to see an avalanche of clothes raining down on him. A pair of panties with an anime character he didn’t recognize landed on him, covering his whole body and blocking his vision. He felt the clothes continue to rain down and soon he was trapped. He quickly realized the pair of underwear wasn’t fresh, and a musky smell washed over him.

Kacey finished dumping out her clothes from the trash bag she’d carried in from the car. She’d meant to wash them before bringing them over to their new place, but she’d gotten distracted when her favorite anime forum had a discussion on Evangelion on the front page. She’d decided she could just wash them all later, and as she shook the trash bag to get the last sock to roll out the pile stood almost waist high.

She looked at the bedroom and wondered where she could put her gaming PC, “hey Jake?” no answer. She looked under the bed and didn’t see him. “Jake?” she asked again, a little worried. Where was he?

A muffled cry came from underneath the pile of her dirty clothes and she looked down in shock. She bent down and pushed the pile of old t-shirts and sweatpants aside, digging down until she reached the source of the noise. A bright pink pair of underwear had something moving underneath it. Hesitantly she lifted it up.

Jake breathed in deeply as the underwear came up and light came back, “Sorry,” Kacey muttered, “I didn’t see you down there.”

“That’s okay,” he muttered. He looked at the former pile of laundry, now strewn all over the floor. “Hey Kacey do you maybe need a laundry basket or something?”

“I think I have one out in the car, but it’s full of my anime figures and some other stuff,” she said. She turned to go bring another load of her stuff in from the car, leaving him alone.

Jake glanced at the panties that he’d been trapped under, they’d definitely been ripe… but oddly he found he couldn’t get enough of them. How long had she gone without changing those? Why did THAT of all things get him excited?

He shook his head, clearly this whole shrinking thing was still messing with his brain a little. He fought the odd urge to go back and take another look at Kacey’s underwear and decided to go explore the living room.

It didn’t take them long to get settled in, Kacey didn’t have much stuff and everything Jake needed could fit in a backpack. He set himself up a small “room” under the bed, with a few pieces of dollhouse furniture, an electric lamp, and even his old smartphone which he could just barely still operate at his size, so long as he leaned it up against something anyway.

“Well here it is, our own place!” Kacey said confidently, flopping onto the couch. With a grin she grabbed Jake off the floor and gently placed him on the coffee table next to a bag of Cheetos she’d grabbed from a vending machine outside. She grabbed them eagerly and tore them open.

“I’m going to start looking for jobs,” Jake said, “I mean, if I could find something that lets me work remotely I think I could get a good career going.”

“Wow,” Kacey muttered, shoveling Cheetos into her mouth. “You’re just not letting this shrinking thing slow you don’t at all huh?”

He sighed, “Kacey my life was ruined this month. Everyone I thought I could count on either moved on, or worse they want me to spend the rest of my life living like their pet or something.” He grinned, “I’m glad at least one person stuck by me, you know?”

“Oh no problem,” Kacey said, “I mean… it’s not like I had a lot going on… It should have been someone like me that shrunk, not a guy like you who had everything.”

“Don’t say stuff like that,” He muttered, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

She felt her heart break seeing his expression, and she reached for him and hesitated.

Jake looked up at her and chuckled, “Are you trying to give me a hug Kace?”

“Uhhh…” she gulped, “You’re just… okay do you PROMISE not to take this the wrong way?”

“Shoot,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re really adorable, like I want to snuggle you right now.”

He stared at her. For Jake this was the lowest blow to his self-esteem yet, he’d lost his girlfriend, his job, and much of his independence… now he was “adorable,” like a bunny or something. He sighed and tried to think of what to say.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“No it’s okay,” he said with a sigh, “I’m just going to have to get used to it I guess. I’m cute now.” He gave her a smile, “maybe just ONE hug.”

She squealed and grabbed him, bringing him up to her cheek in a tight embrace in one of her hands. He gasped for air as he was pushed against Kacey’s skin. Once her heart stopped racing she slowly put him back on the table.

“I HUGGED JAKE!” she thought to herself.

“Uh, Kacey?” she looked down and gulped, his tissue-toga was covered in smeared Cheeto-dust from her hand, she saw with some embarrassment that it was in his hair too.

“ohmygod I’m so sorry,” she stuttered, “here let me help,” she reached down and tried to dust him off, but his outfit was just a Kleenex and some string, she yelped in embarrassment again as she accidentally tore it down the front. He tried to gather up the strip that had come off, but in the process it just seemed that he caused the haphazard garment to fall apart entirely. He huddled behind the tattered ruins of his outfit, trying to salvage some modesty.

“Here,” she said, reaching for him, “let me wash you off-“

“Can you just carry me to the sink?” he asked quietly.

Gingerly she cupped him in her hands, she didn’t want to make the situation any more awkward so she just stayed quiet. Still, her heart fluttered a bit.

Jake was similarly having some… odd thoughts. Kacey had clumsily covered him in cheese dust, torn his outfit off, and was about to wash him off in the sink. He should be angry, he should be embarrassed… He was… turned on? He hunkered a bit low, hoping Kacey wouldn’t see just how turned on.

For Kacey’s part she felt something poke part of her palm and almost stopped walking. That couldn’t be… Was he… hard? for HER!?

“Wash up,” she said with a slightly smug smile as she gently placed him in the sink. She squirted a few dabs of hand soap into the basin for him and turned the water on to a lukewarm temperature before turning to leave.

Jake sat in thought a minute, why was Kacey driving him so crazy? He was still hard and didn’t feel like it would go down any time soon. He’d known Kacey for years, was she cute? Sure, but he’d always seen her as more of a friend, and he’d always tried to be there for her since he didn’t think she had many other ones… She was just setting him off lately though, the shy little nerd was now a towering goddess to him and apparently on some level he was into it. á

With a sigh he scooped up some of the soap and stepped under the water.

Over the next few days they settled into their new home. Jake was searching for jobs that would take a shrunken man, Kacey was mostly grinding her party in various online RPGs. Jake was rapidly discovering that of the two of them, he was definitely the neater one. He wouldn’t have minded so much, he’d lived with slobs before, but it was a lot harder to pick up after someone who was one hundred times your size.

“Hey Kacey,” he shouted. With her headphones on he didn’t hear him, sitting in her chair and clicking rapidly while scrolling the mouse wheel. He sighed and walked up to her “battlestation.” Initially she’d wanted it in the bedroom but the first time she’d stayed up until 4AM shouting at Europeans in online matches was enough for him to ask her to move it to the living room.

Finally he decided to risk direct contact. He walked up and gently poked her in the ankle. She started and jerked around, he tried to dodge it but as she spun her chair he was knocked over by her socked foot. He wheezed as he was pinned under it when she stood up.

The world had found pretty quickly that victims of the shrinking epidemic couldn’t really be crushed, not easily anyways, but the feeling of being stepped on was still unpleasant enough that Jake tried to avoid it. What was worse was that Kacey apparently hadn’t changed her socks since at least yesterday, in fact he was pretty sure the last time she’d showered was before they’d gone shopping together a few days prior.

She looked around a minute and then saw him under her foot, grinning she lifted it off him, “Oops,” she said, “Sorry Jake.”

The gamey smell of her dirty sock lingered on him a moment. He felt himself almost wishing she’d kept it on him… He still wasn’t sure what to make of THAT desire, but whatever was driving this weird attraction to Kacey was only getting stronger. He’d had to fight the urge to stop and smell her cast off hoodie the previous day, and he found the petite brunette was occupying his private fantasies more and more… It was taking a lot of his willpower not to try to spy on her changing, not that she did often.

Kacey had stepped on Jake on purpose of course a part of her was really enjoying how easily she could push around the former football player. She tried not to do it too much, the poor guy had already been through a lot, and he was probably her best friend in the world… but sometimes she just had to give in to temptation.

“What can I do for you?” She said with a smile.

“Just take the pizza boxes out,” he said, “they’re starting to smell and I don’t want to get bugs, especially at my size.”

Kacey shrugged and tapped a chat button, “Back in a few guys.” She put her headphones on the desk and stepped over him.

He marveled as she did so, the long legs stretching into the sky above him, and the way that the sweats she wore stretched and showed the curve of her butt as she walked. He gulped and focused.

“You have a problem Jake,” he muttered. Being a football player during college he’d had all kinds of women throw themselves at him, and he always noticed a particularly pretty one, but he didn’t think he’d ever had this kind of an infatuation with a girl before.

Kacey returned a moment later and stretched, “You don’t really need to worry about bugs you know,” she muttered, “all of you guys who got hit with that shrinking radiation kind of… repel them or something, we could have a whole garbage dump in here and not get a single roach.”

“That’s probably for the best the way you live,” he joked.

She yawned, “Man, what time is it? I’m beat.”

“It’s 10AM,” he said with a chuckle. “Hey, how did you know about that bug repelling thing?”

“The government releases research updates on you tinies every Friday,” she said, “I skimmed one, mostly just boring stuff but you should probably check it out.” She beamed, “Hey did you know you guys can’t drown?”

He frowned, “Well I hadn’t tried drowning, but… really?”

“Well you probably can,” she admitted, “but they said most tiny people can go for a few hours without air, and it goes up when you get smaller.” She perked up, “speaking of, let’s take your reading and see if you’ll still be a three-incher tomorrow.”

She walked over to the counter where the small green remote with the display was waiting. Every day she scanned him with it to see if he’d be experiencing a size-shift, supposedly the average shrinkee experienced one once every two weeks, but Jake had only had a relatively minor one while in the hospital so far.

“Half an inch,” she muttered.

“HALF AN INCH?” He repeated, stunned. He would barely be able to walk around on the carpet, it would be like a jungle.

“Calm down,” she said, “it’s just for a day at most, right? I’ll just put you up on the coffee table so you don’t get lost, I can put on a TV show or something for you until you grow back.”

“I guess,” he muttered. “well I’ll just stay up late, they’re supposed to hit when I fall asleep.”

“Next time you fall asleep or…” she giggled.

“Kacey?” he asked uncertainly.

“I know you don’t spend as much time online as me, but you should really check out the reports,” she said. “You can either wait to fall asleep to trigger it or…” she made a jerking motion with her hand.

“I’m not following,” he said.

“You get off, cum, orgasm,” she said, fighting the urge to laugh.

“Are you serious?” he asked incredulously. “If I…” he repeated her jerking off motion, “Then that’ll trigger it early?”

“Look it shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the day, right?” She fought down another yawn, “I need to crash for a few hours, we can talk about how we should handle it when I get up.” With that she used her toes to pull off her socks, leaving them where she’d been standing as she shambled into the bedroom to collapse after her gaming binge.

Jake wasn’t really sure what to do to pass the day. He usually did a sort of exercise routine by running laps around the living room, followed by some light weightlifting with Kacey’s spare change, but he wasn’t feeling it today.

He forced himself to apply for a few more jobs, and he had to admit he was beginning to get discouraged. He had enough in his savings to carry them for a few months, and Kacey’s parents had given her a couple months of rent, but the girl was burning through their cash faster than he’d expected. He still had to ask her what “Patreon” was and why she was sending so much money there every month.

He wandered out into the living room to kill some time, he laughed as he saw the crushed energy drinks littered around her computer. How long had she been going he wondered? She was usually gaming when he went to bed, and sometimes after he got up. He spotted the two socks she’d casually kicked off in the middle of the floor.

“I’m going to have to have a talk with her about picking up after herself,” he muttered. He walked over to them, not sure what exactly what he intended to do. They still had that strong odor, he found himself lingering on it… his mouth went dry as he realized he was quickly becoming aroused again.

“No,” he muttered, forcing himself to step away. Whatever was going on with him… he wasn’t going to give into it, not like this anyway.

He needed a distraction, he walked a lot faster than he normally would, almost a run, back into the bedroom. He took one glance up at the sleeping giantess before scurrying to his own “bedroom” under the mattress.

“Internet,” he muttered, “always interesting stuff on there.” After reading a few articles and watching a few sports highlights he felt himself start to calm down a bit.

Feeling a bit bored he found himself reading the government research reports Kacey had mentioned. Mostly it was things he already knew, Shrinkees were durable, shrinkees could, apparently, repel insects. Then there were some new ones, Shrinkees could see a few shades of purple full-sized humans couldn’t for example.

“Woopty fucking doo,” he muttered, scrolling further, “extra deep violet, totally worth being three inches tall…”

Reading one entry he felt his blood run cold, “Male shrinkees in prolonged exposure to female body fluids, particular sweat, saliva, and other excretions can develop extreme attachment and sexual fixation on the source,” he muttered, his eyes going wide. “Luckily this effect takes several days to weeks of consistent exposure to manifest, making it a non-factor for most shrinkees.”

He thought about all of the loose items of clothing Kacey had haphazardly tossed all of their apartment, Kacey the girl who got so caught up in her gaming marathons and anime binges that she would go days without remembering to shower. So much was starting to make sense, he’d basically been swimming in her pheromones. He groaned as he heard her shifting on the mattress overhead, he looked and saw her feet hit the carpet at the edge of the mattress.

“Kacey!” he shouted as loud as he could.

She paused, a moment later he saw her groggy face appear in the gap between the mattress and the floor.

“Hey Jake?” she mumbled, “What’s up?”

“We’ve got to talk.”

Kacey gulped as she read, and reread the article on Jake’s phone. He was on the coffee table while she sat on the couch, trying to process things.

“So I accidentally brainwashed you into thinking I was like, the hottest girl ever, by leaving all my stuff everywhere?”

“Apparently so,” he muttered.
“Sorry,” she said quietly, “I…” she sighed, “Do you want me to… find someone else for you to live with?” She blinked away a single tear, “I can’t believe I screwed this up, all I had to do was open doors for you and shit and I couldn’t do it without fucking up!”

“You didn’t know!” he reassured her, “And no, I don’t want to live with someone else, you’re the only one I feel like I can count on anymore.”

“Wow,” she said, feeling her heart flutter. “No one’s ever… relied on me for anything I guess.” She felt something else stirring too. “Uhhh… Jake,” she said in a somewhat sultry voice, “How bad are you getting it for me?”

“Pretty bad,” he admitted, “like… every time you walk around? I have to stop and watch. I almost stole one of your socks earlier…”

She giggled at his embarrassed face, and also to hide her own. This wasn’t a scenario she’d mentally prepared for in all of her fantasies about Jake… but she also knew from a few late nights under the covers with a phone and vibrator exactly how other women were still having fun with shrinking victims.

With her heart beating faster than a track sprinter’s, she slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of the coffee table. Jake watched in awe as she lowered herself down so her enormous face was level with him.

“J-Jake,” she’d tried for sexy and husky but it had come out a stutter. “If you wanted to play with something of mine,” she giggled but couldn’t help a nervous squeak on the end. She swallowed, “You could have just asked, but why borrow something when I’m right here?” She gulped, “Just say the word and I’ll play with you.”

He was floored, Kacey’s face was his entire world and he fought the urge to step back a bit. Did Kacey really want to… how would they even…

Something snapped in him, after all the bad hands dealt to him in the last month why couldn’t he just play this one and enjoy it? Being this close to Kacey was almost magnetic, her nervous little smile was driving him wild.

“Yeah,” he said, “You should uh… play with me.”

Kacey fought to keep herself from passing out, she blinked and forced herself to maintain the (hopefully) seductive smile. Reaching out she gripped the tip of his tissue covering and roughly pulled it away.

“H-hey!” he laughed in surprise, trying to cover himself.

“Not this time,” she growled.

She snatched him and pulled his arms to his sides. More out of surprise than anything else Jake pushed against her fingers with all of his strength, but her thumbs easily overpowered him. The thought brought a new rush of excitement as she drooled over his body.

Suddenly Kacey had an evil idea, and her grin spread slowly over her face, “Jake,” she said, “you’ve got a size shift coming up right?”

“Y-yeah,” he said nervously, “Down to half an inch next time I sleep or…” he gulped, “cum.”

“You’re not making it to sleep for this one,” Kacey giggled, “I’m going to force it out of you, then you’re going to shrink.” She nodded towards the abandoned socks on the floor, “Then I’m putting you in there while I do a raid with some friends.”

He was speechless at the thought, he tried to protest but Kacey just giggled and placed him back on the coffee table. She’d had some idea of doing a sexy striptease for him, but she was far too excited. Her clothes were tossed into the living room, joining the already impressive collection of cast offs. Her fingers nervously shook as she unclasped her bra and tossed it with the rest.

For a moment Jake thought her panties were going with the rest, but her thumb just hooked the elastic waistband and pulled them open slightly in the front. Her other hand came for him and he was plucked up by her thumb and forefinger, holding him gently by his torso. Gently she lowered him in, placing his back against the faded blue fabric before releasing him and withdrawing her hand. He looked up one last time into her hungry eyes before she released her thumb, causing the panties to snap shut.

The wild musky odor hit him first, as he moved he felt himself becoming entangled in her untamed hair. For a wild moment he felt he was being drawn in, but then he realized she was pushing him closer to her womanhood from outside the panties. He gasped as the fluids washed over him.

Kacey leaned back onto the couch and grinned, closing her eyes and forcing him into just the right spot. She moaned happily as her movements, combined with his, rapidly brought her where she wanted to go.

“Try not to cum down there Jake,” she said in a husky voice, “If you go down to half an inch in there…” she gasped, “I must just push you all the way in!”

He heard her and felt a small mote of panic somewhere, but it was drowned out by the rest of his senses. While the sensation of her rubbing his body against her wetness was amazing, he heard her give one final shudder and groan long before he was ready. A hand reached down and felt around for him, and he was pulled out the way he came.

Kacey giggled as Jake blinked in the light, he was slick with her juices and a few stray pubic hairs stuck to him. Gently she pulled them off, flicking them away with distaste.

“That was amazing,” he breathed.

“Since you’re still three inches tall it wasn’t amazing enough apparently,” she said with a wry smile. She gently brought him closer to her face, licking her lips excitedly. When he was about an inch away from her face her nose wrinkled, “Wow, is THAT what I smell like?”

“I love it,” he said eagerly.

She grimaced, “If you say so…”

She forced herself to bring him closer, and brought his midsection up to her mouth. Gently she brought him between her lips, and imitating some things she’d seen on the internet, slowly began rolling her lips over his manhood. Gently she would push her tongue forward against him now and then, causing him to spasm in pleasure as she held him against her face. After a few minutes he gave one final shake, sighing happily, before collapsing.

With a grin she licked her lips, drawing everything he’d given her in, and let him fall back into her palm. Even as she did so she saw with delight that he was getting smaller, and by the time his eyes opened again she had gone from a mere colossus to a true goddess, dominating his vision.

“Wow,” he breathed, “Kacey…” he wasn’t even sure what to say.

“I can’t really hear you at that size,” Kacey giggled, “You always sound kind of… soft at three inches, I think at half an inch it’s just too much.”

She stood up, causing her breasts to jiggle in front of him as she slowly walked to the counter, swaying her hips happily as she went. She grabbed the size meter and hovered it over him, he gasped, it was the size of a jetliner. This size was really giving him a new perspective.

It beeped and Kacey glanced at it, “It says here you’re going to be at this size for at least the next eight hours, after that it’s the usual, cum or sleep will put you back to three inches.” She giggled slightly, “You’ll probably appreciate those three inches a lot more now huh?”

Jake couldn’t reply to her, so he just gave a thumbs up, a smile, and nodded. She seemed to be able to see that much at least, and she returned the expression as she walked back into the living room. Holding him in her palm she began picking up her clothes. She caught sight of the socks from earlier and paused.

“Jake…” she said in a low voice.

She slowly walked over to the socks and picked one up, holding it in front of her tiny friend. She peered close to her palm, hoping to catch his reaction… Was that a smile? A thumbs up?

“Wow,” she said with a chuckle. She sniffed the sock once and pulled away, “Fine, if that’s what you want.” She dropped the tiny man in, peering in just once to make sure he’d had a soft landing at the bottom. Taking the end of the sock she tied it in a knot, trapping him. She held the sock up to her eyes, watching his struggled movements for a moment.

“Okay,” she sighed, placing the sock-prison on her desk next to her keyboard. She slowly started picking up the clothes strewn around the apartment. Playing with Jake’s apparent addiction to her had been fun, but she really wanted to talk to him with a clear head. For the first time in her life Kacey thoroughly cleaned her living space, picking up her clothes, changing sheets, even washing dishes. Finally, she took a long hot shower, scrubbing every inch of her body as much as she could. When Jake came out of that sock there wouldn’t be any extra “essence” of hers to mess with his head.

She put on a fresh set of sweats and a t-shirt advertising a discontinued soda. Happily walking back into the living room she plopped herself in her computer chair and untied the knotted sock.

Jake had been in a daze since she’d tossed him in, sensory overload didn’t even begin to cover it. He felt like Kacey was all around him, and the thought had driven him wild. When she dumped him out of the sock and onto her desk it had been a bit of a shock. It took him a moment or so to remember where he was, and as he looked up at the colossus that was Kacey he couldn’t help but smile. She had still damp hair and new clothes on, instead of the strong musk of her unwashed body a floral smell emanated from her, a shampoo maybe?

“Jake,” she said with an embarrassed smile, “I went and cleaned everything, you should get back to normal in a few hours and then we can have a talk about…” she sighed, “about us I guess, I don’t want you going crazy because of my BO when we do.”

He gulped and nodded, giving her an exaggerated thumbs up gesture. It made sense, he didn’t think he was totally in his right mind either. His head was already feeling clearer… though he couldn’t say he felt any regret for anything that had happened. If anything, he kind of wished she’d pick him up and start playing with him again.

She laid her hand down in front of him, “climb on,” she said.

He walked to her finger, laying on the desk. Did she want him to reach her palm? With a shrug he grabbed the tip of her index finger, nearly as tall as he was. Her fingerprint ridges made decent footholds and he climbed up easily enough. Kacey giggled at the sensation as he gently walked down her finger into her palm. Once there he saw the world spin as she sat up and walked to their coffee table.

“Just hang out here for a bit okay?” She said, holding him down to it. As soon as he jumped off she clicked the television on, she scrolled through the streaming listings until she found a show he’d mentioned he was a fan of in passing. She clicked it and made sure autoplay was on. The familiar grizzled marshal with a wide brimmed hat stepped onto the screen as the intro played.

“I’m on Season four!” he tried to shout, but Kacey just looked at him expectantly. With a sigh he gave a thumbs up, and she smiled. He could rewatch the earlier episodes, he decided. At half an inch there wasn't much else he could do, even just getting down to the floor was impossible.

While Jake enjoyed his redneck cop drama Casey found herself missing that raid she’d promised Jake he’d spend in her sock. She shot a glance over to the coffee table to make sure he was engrossed in the TV show on Appalachian law enforcement before clicking her way to the government site on Shrinkees.

“Male shrinkees in prolonged exposure to female body fluids, particular sweat, saliva, and other excretions can develop extreme attachment and sexual fixation on the source,” she read. She scowled as she read lower and then paused as she saw an asterisk with a hotlink. Eagerly she clicked it, causing the page to shift to the bottom.

“The “bonding effect,” as it has been dubbed in the media, will not occur unless there is significant underlying attraction and attachment by the Shrinkee towards the target.” Her heart fluttered as she continued reading, “It was impossible to induce the effect with strangers, but with long term significant others and spouses the effect manifested within hours…”

Did that mean… She felt a bubbly feeling in her chest. Did this mean... Jake had ALWAYS liked her?

“Fuck yeah!” she shouted. She spun her computer chair to see the half inch man looking back at her curiously from the coffee table.

“H-hey Jake!” she said weakly, “There’s… going to be another season of my favorite anime!”

She’d gently picked him up again and placed him in his doll bed under her mattress. It was always just a bit too big for him, now it was the size of his bedroom before he’d shrunk… and as he curled himself under the small knitted blanket it was surprisingly comfortable.

When he woke up it was closer to a normal sized bed, but one look at the boxspring overhead reminded him that he was still small, though not quite so small as he’d been.

Kacey gently sat him down on the same coffee table where she’d rocked his world the day before. She’d left a tissue and a long string of dental floss there, he quickly scurried to it and fashioned himself the familiar tissue-toga he’d been wearing since coming home from the hospital.

“So…” she began uncertainly, “We should probably discuss-“

“Be my girlfriend,” he said without hesitation.

Kacey gave a startled squeak and tried to collect herself, “I-I tried to clean everything up,” she stammered, “is your head feeling any clearer about… me?”

“Crystal” he said firmly. “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, it’s official.”

“Y-yeah?” she said excitedly. “You’re one hundred percent sure you’re not having withdrawals for me or something?”

“I mean…” he swallowed nervously, “I guess there’s no way to tell but I don’t think-“

They were interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Kacey quickly checked hers and frowned when she saw it was still locked.

“It’s mine!” Jake said excitedly, “Kacey, go get it!”

Leaving him on the desk she ran as quickly as she could, practically sliding over the carpet as she tried to reach his smartphone under her bed. She just barely made it in time and answered the call.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hello,” a female voice repeated on the other end, “Is this Jake Anderson’s residence?”

“Uh yeah,” she said, “His cell actually, let me get him.”

Carrying the phone like it was a priceless artifact she gently placed it next to Jake and hit the speaker button.

“Uh, hi,” he said uncertainly. “Jake Anderson, how can I help you?”

“Let me introduce myself,” the woman said, “I’m Deborah Black, and I represent the investment firm of Raven and Ripley. We’ve received your application, and we’d like you to come in to our office for an interview.”

His heart leapt, “Mrs. Black,” he said slowly, “Before we go any further… are you aware that I am a victim of the shrinking phenomena?”

There was silence on the other end for a moment, “Yes we are aware,” Miss Black said finally, “We believe that, in the event we select you for a position, some accommodations can be made for a candidate of your caliber. Are you available this coming Tuesday at nine?”

“AM or PM?” Kacey asked without thinking.

Jake shot her an angry glance, but the voice on the phone responded without hesitation.

“Morning, coffee and donuts will be provided.”

“Sounds great!” Jake said excitedly, “I’ll see you then!”

“Looking forward to it,” Miss Black said. There was a click as she hung up.

Kacey and Jake were silent for a moment, then he crowed in triumph, “This is it Kacey!” he shouted.

“Wow this is so cool!” she agreed. She hesitated a moment, “Nine in the morning though… do you want me to drive you?”

“Yes, I want my girlfriend to drive me. You can handle one day of getting up like a normal person,” he teased.

“Girlfriend,” it hung in the air and made her feel giddy and bubbly all over again.

“I’ll set an alarm,” she said dreamily.

He looked down at the tissue tied haphazardly around him, “We need to find some doll clothes or something,” he muttered.

“You’re too small for Ken and Barbie stuff,” Kacey said, “but there’s a miniatures shop downtown that might have clothes in your size!”

“Suits and ties might be a bit much to hope for but anything’s better than Kleenex,” he said. “Let’s go tomorrow.”

“So you won’t be wearing these anymore?” she asked with a smug smile, inching her hand closer to the tissue.

“I guess not,” he said, nervously, “Why-“

She grabbed it and ripped it off in one motion, leaving him naked again, “Sorry, I don’t know how many more chances I’ll get!”

“Go crazy then,” he chuckled, but his laughter was cut off with a grunt as she swiped him off the desk.

End Notes:

This is more of a serial than a multi chapter story

Chapter 2: The Job Interview by Greenanon

“Small World” was a miniatures shop Kacey and Jake had found online. While the shop itself was mostly online there was a small storefront. Kacey gently carried Jake in and began looking around. Everything was advertised online as “hand made,” from the furniture to the clothing.

“Wow,” Kacey breathed excitedly as they passed a case full of anime figurines in elaborate outfits. “Jake, could we maybe get one of-“

“Those are five hundred dollars?” Jake balked, “No way!”

“EVERYTHING on it is handmade Jake!” Kacey protested, “besides, we probably saved that much by switching to the store-brand food right?”

“You can’t seriously believe that,” he asked with a chuckle, “besides we have no cash flow right now, unless you want to start selling some of your collectibles?” She pouted a minute, staring at the figures.

“Oh you like those?” A woman’s voice called, a plump dark-skinned woman with ebony hair came around the counter, she was wearing an apron with a number of pockets and a headset with a series of magnifying glasses on it. “I don’t really understand the appeal of those Japanese cartoons, but people sure like those dolls!”

“They’re great,” Kacey said, marveling again.

“So are you here for that? Or for something more traditional?” The woman asked, “I’m Elsie by the way,” she extended her hand and Kacey shook it, noting the calluses on the other woman’s hand.

“Actually, we’re here for this guy!” Kacey said excitedly, holding up Jake clenched in her fist.

“Hi,” he said, a bit embarrassed at being shown off like an action figure.

Elsie’s eyes went wide, “You’re one of those people that got shrunk!” she said. She smiled and looked over him. “You’re the first one I’ve gotten to see up close…” She licked her lips, “A-are you here to get… clothes and stuff?”

“I might be working an actual job soon,” he said sheepishly, “it would be nice to have something other than Kleenexes to wear.”

“Hmm…” she muttered, looking him over, “You look to be about a one twenty-four scale… Come over here.” She beckoned Kacey to follow her back behind the counter where a small platform was elevated, surrounded by strewn sewing materials, fabrics, and a few completed outfits.

“May I?” She asked, gesturing to him.

Kacey and Jake exchanged glances, “Uh, sure,” he said. Kacey turned her hand and opened her palm.
Elsie squealed gleefully and snatched him up so quickly the world blurred. Before he could blink he was standing on the small raised platform. He gasped and his eyes went wide with fear as he saw a pair of scissors the size of his entire body coming towards him.

“Hold still!” Elsie said sweetly as she delicately snipped the string holding his outfit together. With the same excited flourish as Kacey herself she ripped the tissue away, crumpling it in her hand and tossing it into a nearby wastebasket.

“H-hey!” he shouted, instinctively covering himself.

“Arms above your head,” she said, placing a small tape measure next to him.

“Uhh…” he looked to Kacey for help but she just giggled, sidling up next to Elsie with a grin.

“Better do it Jake,” she said.

“It’s just for measurements,” Elsie said. “Come on! I’m a professional!”

“At making dolls!” he protested, but he slowly brought his hands up, leaving himself exposed.

Despite Elsie’s assurances she blushed and giggled, and it was contagious as Kacey soon joined her. The tape measure came up and started measuring him. She looped it around his midsection, then took measurements of his legs.

“Arms spread,” she said, and following her instruction he took a T-pose, his face red as her massive face got close enough for him to feel her warm breath wash over his body.

She licked her lips and stole a glance at him again, “This is so much fun,” she said softly, “I really need to advertise that I make clothes for you tinies… It could be a new market.” She smiled and stood back up, jotting down his measurements.

“So what’s this going to cost?” Kacey asked, shooting a glance back at back at the anime figure case.

“Let’s call your first business suit free,” She said with a smile, “if you want some other day clothes they’re over there.” She nodded at a section with doll clothes and furniture that looked around his size.

Kacey grabbed Jake up again as Elsie set to work, and the two of them went to browse the part of the store she’d mentioned. He grimaced as he saw the price tags, but the idea of having something other than tissues to wear was too tempting.

“The pajamas too,” he told Kacey eagerly. “Als,o that sports jersey and pants combo, in fact just open that now, I’m wearing it out of here.”

“I already miss the tissues,” Kacey pouted as she set him on the counter and tore open the packaging.

A moment later Jake was wearing a set of jeans and a jersey that felt like they were maybe a size too big for him, but still better than anything he’d worn since shrinking. He breathed out slowly, realizing he felt just a little more human.

“Do you want any other stuff?” Kacey asked.

He looked over the array of furniture and felt his throat go a bit dry. There were easy chairs, couches, a bathtub… there wouldn’t be plumbing but… a bath tub! Somehow after living like a rodent even such a silly luxury seemed like a godsend.

By the time they were done picking things out Elsie had finished the tiny suit, and bagging it up she handed it over to Kacey. The plump woman hummed happily as she began ringing up their other purchases.

“Your total today comes to five hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty-five cents!” she said happily.

Kacey’s eyes bulged, “What!?”

“Sorry,” Elsie said with an apologetic smile, “As I said, everything in the store is handmade, and I have to rent this space…”

“And you said we couldn’t afford it,” Kacey muttered as she took out Jake’s credit card.

“Sorry if I prioritize clothing and furniture for myself over ANOTHER anime figure,” Jake chuckled. “Why do you have so many of those things anyway?”

“I just like playing with them sometimes, okay?” she said defensively as she swiped the card, “I would think a guy smaller than most of those figures would understand!”

“I hope you’re not playing with those figures they way you play with me,” he muttered.

Kacey went red as Elsie handed her the bagged-up merchandise. Quickly she grabbed a protesting Jake and tossed him in into it with their purchases.

The day of the interview Jake had set an alarm for six in the morning, deciding to start the day with his usual living room jog. He found it comforting to put on the small set of jogging clothes he’d bought, even such a small luxury had dramatically improved his mood. He’d hoped a bit of exercise would help get him in the right state of mind, but he growled with annoyance when he saw one of Kacey’s socks blocking his usual route behind the TV cabinet. Did she just toss them wherever?

He thought about just jogging around it, but then decided he’d just move the sock and jog his usual route. Grabbing it he slowly rolled the balled sock like it was a haybale. The smell hit him as he pushed it, and he felt his blood begin to boil as his arousal spiked, seemingly out of nowhere. With a grunt he pushed the sock away, staring at it for a moment before his head cleared.

Kacey’s smell still drove him wild apparently. She’d been trying to keep the apartment cleaner since they’d discovered this effect, but diligence simply wasn’t a virtue she possessed. There were a few other clothing items strewn about the room, even a pair of panties that he swore he could catch a whiff of from where he was standing. With a groan he fought down the feeling of lust and continued his jog.

When he was done he returned to his “room” under Kacey’s mattress, now furnished with an easy chair, a bookcase, and even a small dresser. He Looked happily at his small suit, while most of his doll clothing fit slightly awkwardly Elsie had actually tailored the jacket, shirt, and tie just for him, and they fit almost as well as anything he’d had back when he was full size.

He’d hoped he could get cleaned up before getting changed, and he glanced at his phone’s clock and wondered if she’d remembered to set an alarm. After about a half hour of trying to kill time he came to the conclusion she probably hadn’t. He tried dialing her phone With a sigh he walked over to the edge of the bed and looked up at the mattress.

“Kacey!” he shouted, “Come on, time to get up!”

She just groaned and rolled over.

With a sigh he looked at the bedpost and tried to gauge if he could climb it. He was more agile since shrinking, a bit stronger proportionally maybe, he wouldn’t have tried it at full size, but now? He ran and leapt at the bedpost, starting to inch his way up it.

The climb didn’t take him long, and triumphantly he dropped down onto Kacey’s blanket. He walked towards her and suddenly stopped. Her hair was a bit greasy, and as she turned in her sleep again, he realized that she’d probably gone straight to bed after gaming… no shower in between.

He felt himself growing hard, Kacey was getting in his head again. She had a cute little smile in her sleep, what was she dreaming about? He blinked and slowly threw off his tiny workout clothes, walking towards the blanket. Lifting it above him with a grunt he went under the covers, trailing down in the darkness along Kacey’s sleeping form.

Feeling his way down her skin lightly he found the edge of her underwear and smiled. If she wouldn’t wake up on her own… He lifted the flap of the underwear and was covered in her musk, with a growl he climbed in.

Kacey squirmed as her dream as her dream about being a ninja took an oddly sexual turn. A moment later she realized it wasn’t a dream at all and her eyes shot open. With a giggle she squeezed her legs together, trapping the squirming tiny man. A hand traced down to push him closer, and after a minute of enjoying his movements she screamed happily.

She reached a hand into her panties and rooted around for him a moment, pulling him out by his arm. As she lay back down in the bed she dangled him over her face and gave him a dreamy smile.

“Morning Jake,” she said softly. “Did you manage to finish yourself off down there?”

“Yeah,” he said with an excited grin.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw he was already getting hard again, “Wow,” she said, “Already wanting round two?”

“It’s you Kacey,” he breathed, “you’re… intoxicating!”

She blinked and chuckled, “That’s flattering Jake, but why don’t we talk after I’ve had a shower?”

“No!” he shouted, surprising himself, “Come on, let’s just fool around a bit longer please?”

With her other hand she grabbed her phone and checked the time, “I’m guessing you woke me up to help you get ready for that interview?” she asked, sitting up. “Sorry I forgot to set the alarm… I guess it worked out well though.” She stretched, causing him to flail a bit in her grip.

The motion helped Jake clear his head a bit. Every image of Kacey was like his first sight of a goddess, and being in her hand like this was driving him insane, but… he DID have things he needed to do that day.

“Let’s go shower,” Kacey said, carrying him to the bathroom.

“Y-yeah,” Jake agreed reluctantly.

“Don’t worry,” she said with a smirk, “We can have a bit of fun while we’re getting washed up.”

They’d arrived at the office park a little bit early, so Kacey had pulled into the parking lot of a small coffee shop across the street.

“One powdered donut!” she said excitedly.

“No way!” Jake protested from where she’d set him on the counter, “You’ve got to carry me in across the street. You’ll get powdered sugar all over me!”

“I’ll be careful,” she said. Seeing his scowl she sighed, “One glazed donut?”

“Your fingers will get sticky!” He said, “Get plain cake, no frosting!”

“Wow,” the barista chuckled, getting both of their attention. “I’ve seen a few of these tiny-big person relationships, but this is the first one where I’ve ever seen the tiny guy calling the shots.”

She was young, about Kacey’s age, with pale skin, black hair, and a beret that clearly wasn’t part of the coffee shop’s employee uniform.

“He doesn’t-“ Kacey began.

“I don’t-“ he tried to agree, but they both stopped when they interrupted the other.

The barista smirked, “So you’re carrying this guy somewhere?” she asked, pointing the pencil from the order pad at him.

“I’ve got an interview across the street in about half an hour,” he replied.

“Get yourself the powder donut,” the barista said, “I make them fresh every morning, a lot of this garbage comes out of a freezer but those are great.” She smirked at Jake, “If you get messy, I’ll carry your boytoy across the street for you.” á

They sat at a small table and, surprising them both, the barista sat down with them when she brought them the food.

“Name’s Ashley,” She said, sipping a small cup of expresso she’d brought for herself. “Ash to friends. You two live around here?”

“Yeah, Shady Grove apartments,” Kacey said, taking a bite of the powdered donut. Jake grimaced as the powdered sugar coated her fingers. He felt himself involuntarily scurrying back from her across the table as clouds of the stuff entered the air with each bite.

“Small world,” Ash said with a small smile, “I live in two-thirteen, you guys?”

“One eighteen!” Kacey said.

“So, tiny,” Ash said, putting her expresso cup back on a small saucer, “You’ve got a job interview?”

“Yeah, Raven and Ripley financial,” he said, forcing himself to look the giant girl in the eye.

“Never heard of them,” She said, “I don’t understand why a tiny wants to work anyways.

“Yeah he’s a natural wagie,” Kacey said around mouthfuls of the donut. “Ever since he got shrunk it’s been job this, money that.”

“Ugh,” Ash muttered as she looked down at him, “You know boytoy… They don’t put it in that little government report on all the shrinking side effects, but one of the best ones is that you don’t have to work.”

“I’ll have you know I was top of my class!” Jake said, a bit angrier than he’d meant to, “I’m perfectly capable of-“

“Calm down shorty,” Ash chuckled. “I’m sure you know your stuff if you got a callback at three inches tall.” She took another sip of her expresso, “You look sharp by the way.”

“Thanks,” he muttered, “Anyways I need this job or Kacey and I are going to have to figure out some other way to pay rent.”

“I hear that,” Ash muttered, “I’m stuck at this dump,” she waved around. “It’s my parent’s shop, they retired to Florida last year and told me if I ran the place for them for a few years they’d give it to me.”

Kacey glanced up at the clock and finished the donut, quickly wiping her hands with a napkin.

“Come on Jake let’s go!” she said eagerly, holding a hand out to him.

He looked at the hand hesitantly, a few spots of powdered sugar remained…

“Ash,” he said, forcing a smile, “Were you erm… serious about carrying me across the street?”

With a reserved smile she placed the cup back on the saucer and held an open palm towards him.

“Hop on pipsqueak.”

Ash carried him in to the office building with Kacey following behind. She was moping a bit and had offered to wash her hands, but he’d insisted that Ash carried him. The last thing he wanted to do was stare down a giant interviewer with a powdered sugar stain on his only suit.

After a short elevator ride the two women carried him into a small office area on the top floor of the building. As they approached the front desk Ash gently placed him in front of the receptionist and stepped back.

“Uh, hi,” he told the bored looking auburn-haired woman, “I’m Jake Anderson, I’m here for an interview?”

The woman brightened, “Oh right, they said you were a shrinkee, I’m Lexi!” she extended a hand, then paused awkwardly. Finally she extended a single finger. Not sure what else to do Jake reached out both hands and shook the woman’s digit like he was giving a handshake.

Lexi glanced at Ash and Kacey, “Are these women your… friends?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said.

“I’d better be getting back to the shop,” Ash chuckled, “good luck with the interview tiny.”

“I’ll just wait here,” Kacey said, settling in on a couch in the office’s lobby. She pulled out a handheld gaming system and Jake sighed with embarrassment as the opening theme of one of her favorite games started. Seeing his look, she rolled her eyes and lowered the volume.

Lexi carried him through the office, which was strangely empty. There were a few women here and there typing away in front of opened spreadsheets, but for the amount of space they had it seemed unusually vacant.

The corner office had a large brass plate on the door, “Ms. Deborah Black,” it read. Lexi gently knocked, waiting for a reply.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice called. He recognized it from speaking on the phone with her the week before.

Deborah Black was a voluptuous and matronly looking woman, her styled hair carrying just a few streaks of grey. In contrast to Lexi’s simple button up shirt Ms. Black wore a dark blue jacket and matching skirt, a pair of nylons stretching down to a shiny pair of high heels. á

She finished whatever she was typing and, with a triumphal flourish, pressed the enter key.

“Enough of that,” she muttered. She turned to Lexi, “Please place Mr. Anderson on my desk,” she said in a tone that, while not quite harsh, was used to command.

Lexi gently placed him next to her nameplate, “Just buzz me if you need anything!” The receptionist said as she closed the door.

The enormous woman regarded Jake suddenly, “Would you care for some breakfast?” she asked, reaching for a box of donuts on a shelf behind her.

His stomach rumbled, he hadn’t actually gotten anything at the coffee shop, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

“No thanks,” he said mildly.

“Are you sure?” She asked, “it’s from a wonderful little shop across the street, the girl who runs the place, Ashley I think, has a wonderful powdered sugar donut.” She opened the box, revealing the powdery pastry.

“Oh I don’t-“ he began.

“I insist,” she said, drawing one of the donuts out and cutting him a small slice with a plastic knife. “I heard your stomach growl from here, you poor little thing… who is feeding you?”

“My girlfriend Kacey,” he said as the hand placed a napkin the size of a tarp in front of him.

“I’ll have to have a talk with this Kacey,” she muttered, pushing the donut piece closer to him with a single finger.

Not sure what choice he had, Jake walked towards the donut and gouged a piece out. Taking a bite he had to agree with Ash and Ms. Black, the powdered sugar donut was great, but as he’d feared a small spot of the stuff had managed to lodge itself on his shirtsleeve. He tried to wipe at it inconspicuously but Ms. Black just chuckled.

“Please try to relax darling,” she said soothingly. “Let’s cut right to business.

She began to ask him a few questions about various commodities, cryptocurrencies, and markets, followed by some general economic principles he’d learned well in school. Each time she nodded approvingly at his answers. By the time they were done she was smiling brightly.

“Your knowledge certainly didn’t shrink,” she said happily.

“No Ms. Black,” he said confidently.

She sighed and her smile faltered, “I think that it’s best for us to be brutally honest with one another from here on out,” she said. “This firm isn’t doing well, our client base of mostly individuals and small business has…” she paused, “is using the term “shrunk” offensive?”

“No,” he said, waving dismissively, “please go on.”

“As I said this is not a firm that would be able to hire a candidate of your caliber normally…” She said uncomfortably, “But you are…”

“I’m tiny,” he said, tossing a donut crumb the size of a baseball back onto the napkin, “I get it. I don’t have other options.”

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly, “but yes, that’s why I called you in for an interview.”

“As long as we understand each other I think this can work,” he said, standing up and trying to dust the powdered sugar off his jacket.

“I can assure you the salary will be fair…” Ms. Black said slowly, “Much less than you might have gotten… before, but as much as I can afford to pay. There will of course be performance bonuses.”

“Of course,” he said, “Just so you know… part of this shrinking thing is that I might be a different size a few times a month, if I’m really small I can’t come in.”

“Understandable,” Ms. Black said, typing again suddenly, “I’ve already started ordering you a keyboard in your size… very expensive, but we can write it off.”

He blinked, “Wait, so I could type on my own?”

“I’ll see about a monitor, but fair warning technology for you… little people, isn’t well developed yet. Almost everything has to be custom made.”

“That’s very kind of you,” he said, this was going better than he’d hoped. “Out of curiosity what kind of salary range are you thinking?”

With a sigh she scribbled a number on the back of one of her business cards and slid it over to him, “Will that suffice?” she asked. “I’m sorry, but I really can’t offer you more, even if you were big I couldn’t...”

He looked at the figure and thought it over. It really wasn’t as much as he’d been offered before shrinking, but it wasn’t a low sum either. It would more than support Kacey and him, even if she indulged her more ridiculous spending habits now and again, and that was what he was really worried about.

“I think I can accept this,” he said, walking very deliberately over the business card. He extended a hand.

The business demeanor vanished and a warm flush came into her cheeks. Instead of letting him shake her finger like Lexi had Ms. Black suddenly clutched him in both hands eagerly.

“This is gong to be great!” she said excitedly, “You can start tomorrow! Our very own tiny guy, and he’s our new whiz kid too!” She hugged him against her chest, giving him a nose full of a strong perfume. “We’ll get a little cubicle, you can either put it here on my desk or-“

“MISS BLACK!” He wheezed.

“Oh,” she said in an embarrassed tone, “Sorry…” she set him back down on her desk and tried to collect herself. “Ummm…” She cleared her throat, “Do you want to carpool to the office with some of us? That is, if you don’t have a way to get here every morning…”

He thought about Kacey, as fun as it had been waking her up that morning he didn’t know if he wanted to trust her to get up at a sane hour every day of the work week.

“If you could ask around for me that would be great,” he said.

“Oh it’s no problem!” Ms. Black said amiably, “I actually already checked the address on your resume against some of our commute routes, it looks like Lexi and I can probably pick you up most days.”

She reached under her desk and pulled out what looked like a small plastic container with a strapped seat in the center.

“Look, it’s a shrinkee carrier!” She said excitedly, “You know, for if we need to take you somewhere.”

It looked ridiculous, and he saw with a sigh that there was a padded helmet rolling around in it too.

“Uh, most people have just been carrying me in their hands-“

“I’ll send this one home with you,” Ms. Black said eagerly, “I bought a few just in case.” She quickly took out a sharpie and wrote “JAKE A.” on the front of it. “Okay go on and hop in!”

Deciding to make his new boss happy he slowly trudged to the sliding plastic doors on the container. Strapping himself into seat that felt a lot like a roller coaster he gave her a thumbs up that he was ready to be carried.

Ms. Black whistled happily as she waltzed through the cubicles and back up to the lobby. Kacey and Lexi both looked up from their gaming and working respectively.

“Meet our new employee!” Ms. Black said to Lexi. She regarded Kacey a moment, “Are you Jake’s girlfriend?”

“That’s me!” Kacey said excitedly, walking over. “Is it over? Are you hiring him?”

“Of course,” Ms. Black said tersely, “but the poor dear was famished when I got him, and he’s nothing but skin and bone! I want you to start feeding him more regularly! Don’t think I won’t show up at your place if poor Mr. Anderson isn’t eating properly!”

Kacey shot a glance at Jake in the carrying container, he just shrugged at her, or did as best he could in the restraints.

“Shrinkees are very delicate!” Ms. Black continued lecturing, “Now that I’m employing our little friend here, I expect him to be cared for properly!” She glowered at Kacey, “Tinies aren’t pets you know!”

“Uh, yeah, no problem,” Kacey muttered, wilting under the older woman’s gaze. “We’re just going to… head out now.”

“See you tomorrow Jake,” Ms. Black said sweetly, waving to him. She shot another glare at Kacey who scurried back towards the elevator so fast that the carrying case shook.

“Whew!” Kacey breathed as soon as the elevator doors closed. “That lady is crazy! Did you tell her I beat you or something?!”

“No,” Jake said, “I think she’s just… overprotective.”

“I’ll say,” Kacey muttered, “what is this thing anyway? Your wagie cage?”

“It’s a carrying case,” he said defensively, “apparently Ms. Black wants me using one.”

Kacey snickered, “Okay whatever, are those white spots on your suit? Did she give you cocaine?”

“Yeah Kacey,” he said as neutrally as possible, “It’s pretty typical to share a line during a job interview. Obviously it was a lot more potent at my size but we made it work”

She was quiet a moment, “Really?” She shifted slightly, “I mean I’ve never had an interview at a place like this, is that just-“

“I’m Joking Kacey,” he said, fighting down laughter.

“This is great!” Kacey said as they pulled into their apartment parking lot. “We can afford so much more stuff now!”

“I think we should put most of the money away Kace,” Jake said as she picked him up. She’d taken him out of the carry case pretty much as soon as they’d reached the car, now she was holding him as usual as they walked up the apartment steps. “We need to start preparing for the future.”

“Yeah, but we can get like, a few fun things, right?” She protested as she opened the door.

“I think we’re doing pretty good right now,” he said as she lowered him down to the floor. “We have pretty much everything we need right?”

“We only have one streaming app and it hardly has anything good on it,” Kacey pouted. Almost out of habit she grabbed the shrink meter off the counter and scanned him quickly. He looked at her and she just shook her head, letting him know he’d be his “normal” size for the next day.

“Don’t you just pirate most of the stuff you like anyways?” He laughed, “let me change out of this suit and we can talk about it.” He paused, “Oh, can you pick up some stuff out here?”

“Sure,” she muttered. As she picked up the crumpled energy drink cans and the odd sock she wondered how she’d convince Jake to get her those streaming services. He was hardly a miser with the money, given they were living off his savings up until now he’d actually been pretty generous… Her hand landed on her discarded underwear, lazily tossed in the middle of the floor a day earlier. She paused, and a slow grin traced across her face.

Jake laid his business suit out on his small bed and opened his tiny dresser, looking for some nice loungewear. He’d have to go back to Elsie now that he had the job. He grimaced, hopefully no new measurements would be needed.

“Hey Jake,” Kacey said, she was on the floor, with her face peeking under the bed at his tiny living space.

He frowned, she had a weird look on her face, like she was trying not to laugh, “Hey Kace,” he said suspiciously, “what’s up?”

“Oh I just wanted to make sure you had your nice little suit off before I did this,” Kacey giggled.

“Wh-“ he was cut off as Kacey grabbed him. A strong musky smell hit him and he realized that she was using that worn pair of blue panties she’d thrown on the floor as a glove, trapping him as she pulled him out of his cave under the bed.

It hit him almost immediately, and as the smell of her worn underwear filled him, he found himself becoming uncontrollably aroused. Kacey wasn’t just his cute girlfriend, she was the stunning goddess he’d do anything to get close to.

With a giggle she balled the panties up in her hands, trapping Jake in a cottony prison. Briefly she brought them close to her face and her nose wrinkled at the smell. With a wicked grin she compressed her hands more, really forcing them into him.

“Are you ready to talk about money yet Jakey?” she giggled. After a minute she opened her hands, letting the underwear decompress and freeing the tiny man. He peeked out through the leghole and she could tell by her expression he was half crazed.

“Kacey…” he muttered, “you look so good…”

“Aww, you’re just saying that because my underwear is turning your brain to mush,” she giggled. She balled him up in the panties again, squeezing down softly every few seconds. Finally, she opened her hands again and burst out laughing when she noticed just the smallest wet stain on the fabric covering Jake.

“It doesn’t take a lot, does it?” she murmured with a smile.

“You’re a goddess Kacey,” he breathed. After orgasm he was having a bit of lucidity, but he could tell it wouldn’t last long.

“A goddess,” she mused, “I like that… but a goddess gets anything she wants right?”

“Yeah,” he said, not sure where she was going.

She swayed her hips happily as she walked over to the counter where she’d left her purse. She drew out Jake’s credit card, still full sized and mostly used by her these days.

“I think I need both of the big anime streaming services,” she said sweetly.

“Okay maybe one,” he said.

With a sigh she placed the credit card down hard, the click of the plastic on the counter echoing through the apartment. Jake cried out in surprise as she began balling him up in the panties again, roughly moving her hands in a circular motion to drag her used underwear over his tiny form.

“If I get ONE I won’t be able to watch the exclusives on the other one!” She said, “A goddess shouldn’t have to pick ONE streaming library!”

She let him up for air briefly and giggled at the happy expression on his face. She’d been touching herself a bit in this same pair back when she was wearing them, she wondered if that made the effect more potent. Jake certainly looked like a zombie after spending some time with them.

“You can get them both!” Jake said eagerly.

“You can get them both who?” she asked smugly.

“You can get them both GODDESS!” he shouted, “Please Kacey anything you want!”

Casey felt a smug satisfaction welling up inside her, and also found herself getting a bit turned on. She licked her thumb and shifted Jake into one hand, instead of trapped he was now laying on the blanket of her worn panties in her palm. Her wet thumb came down and began a smooth circular motion, playing with his erection while her free hand drifted down and inside her pants.

“Tell me I can have anything I want Jake,” she breathed down at him.

“ANYTHING!” he shouted. For Jake it was an intense experience, the panties below him were wafting up and causing him to go half mad with lust, meanwhile Kacey’s house sized face was looming down just a few feet above him, grinning wickedly as her warm breath washed over him.

áShe gave a wicked laugh as he came on her thumb, “That’s right Jakey! I’m your goddess!”

He was left heaving in her palm, wondering how long the lucidity would last this time.

“K-Kacey,” he began. “Let me plan a new budget and we can see if there’s room for the streaming services, okay?”

“Looking forward to it,” she giggled. “Now I’m going to go to the store and spoil myself a bit, to celebrate, you know?”

“Kacey no!” he protested.

“Oooh,” she teased, “Maybe I’ll go down to the collectibles store and get a few hundred dollars in manga,” her eyes lit up, “Maybe Elsie has that five-hundred-dollar figure still?”

Seeing the genuine look of horror in his eyes she stopped and sighed with a smile, “Jake,” she said softly, “I’m just fucking with you. If you really think we can’t afford those services, forget them.”

He seemed slightly relieved, but still on edge.

She rolled her eyes and chuckled, “Well, I really do need to head to the store to grab some energy drinks, we’re all out.” She regarded him a minute, “Let me just put you somewhere that’ll help you relax.”

She walked over to her laundry basket and tossed him, and the panties, into it with the pile of her other worn clothes.

To Jake it was like landing on a huge pile of blankets, but soon he found himself getting turned on again as the landscape of Kacey’s laundry started to take effect. He tried to scramble to his feet but the surface was uneven. He looked up at Kacey to see the smiling girl reach for him. For a moment he thought she was picking him up again, but instead she grabbed him and forced him further into the pile, the fingers uncoiled and withdrew, leaving him in darkness.

Kacey felt like such a bitch for doing that, but at the same time the idea had been too much to resist. She giggled imagining him stuck in the pile of her clothes, going nuts while trying to summon the will to dig himself out.

“He’s probably having the time of his life,” she reassured herself, and besides she could always dig him out if he was still trapped when she got back.

“Hey, Kacey right?” a voice called as Kacey opened her car door. She turned to see Ash, the coffee shop barista waving to her.

“Yeah,” she said, “Just heading to the store.”

“Oh cool,” Ash said, “Could I get a lift?”

Kacey shrugged, the girl seemed nice enough, “sure, hop in.”

“So did your tiny guy get the job?” Ash asked as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Yeah,” Kacey said, “he starts tomorrow.”

“God you are so lucky,” Ash muttered, “You’ve got a tiny guy AND he’s bringing in cash, how’d you manage that?”

“It just sort of happened,” Kacey said a bit defensively, “They aren’t really treating shrinkees great so he needed someone big to kind of… help out.”

“I hear that,” Ash muttered, “You know they’re talking about making those shrinkee guardian laws permanent?”

Kacey frowned, “Really?” She hadn’t really thought about the forms she’d signed when Jake had been discharged from the hospital. She knew she was technically legally responsible for him and his financial affairs, but Jake had, to put it bluntly, taken over managing hers more than the other way around.

“It’s going to make it even harder to meet a single one,” Ash muttered. “They’re all going to get snatched up and then never leave their houses again.”

“Wait,” Kacey asked as they pulled into the store parking lot, “Are you saying you’d WANT to date a tiny guy?”

“Duh,” Ash said as they got out of the car, “It looks pretty awesome, you can’t tell me you’re not enjoying it?”

“Yeah,” Kacey admitted. Truthfully, she was probably happier than she’d ever been.

“So,” Ash said in a low voice with a grin, “I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff with Shrinkees on the internet… spill, is it as fun as it looks?”

Kacey went red and fought down a giggle. Briefly she thought of Jake, trapped at home in the laundry basket and felt herself flush a bit.

“Y-yeah,” she replied in her own low voice, “It’s pretty great…” she paused and wondered exactly how much she should reveal. Ash was a stranger, but was also rapidly becoming a friend. “I really try to be nice to him. I mean it’s got to be hard being that size, but sometimes it’s fun taking charge, you know?”

“Hell yes,” Ash breathed, “I need to hear more about this sometime.” The other girl collected herself a moment, and the two of them walked into the store together.

Kacey looked over the display of energy drinks. Usually Jake made her get the cheap store brand ones, but with a smirk she reached for the white cans of her preferred brand. She paused and let her eyes drift lower, to the more expensive ones. While she had mostly been teasing Jake about spending all of his money a part of her felt like she deserved SOMETHING silly and over the top to mark her “victory.” She reached for a four pack of an expensive imported brand with an overly stylized logo and put it in the cart.

“Those things will kill you ya know,” Ash said, adding a large coffee tin to the cart.

Kacey frowned, “Oh yeah? How much of that stuff do you drink? And don’t you OWN a coffee shop?”

“I don’t have a French press for my apartment so I just buy pre-ground,” she replied dismissively, “and besides coffee is all natural and contributes to health and long life.”

“Really?” Kacey asked.

Ash shrugged, “I don’t know, that’s just what the sign I hang in the shop says.”

The two girls ran a few other errands and also went to the bookstore together. While Ash’s interests were a bit different than hers the girl was easy to talk to, and by the time they were driving back to the apartment complex they were laughing like old friends at shared jokes.

Kacey had invited Ash over to hang out a bit more, but as she got to the door she paused, remembering where she’d left Jake.

“Uh, let me just go and check to see how Jake’s feeling real quick,” she said.

Ash raised an eyebrow, but nodded, “Sure, I’ll wait here.”

Kacey entered unlocked the door and peered into the living room. She frowned as she saw a tiny Jake sprawled on the couch. He was dressed and was laying next to the TV remote, looking a bit strung out.

“Jake?” She asked, hesitantly. She forced a smile, “Wow, you got out?”

He blinked and looked up at her, “Yeah,” he said in a somewhat proud voice, “I finally managed it,” he chuckled, “Could you get me some water? I’m a bit dehydrated.”

“Whoa!” Ash said with a bright grin, sidling up next to Kacey. Apparently she’d followed Kacey in without asking. “What’d you do to him?”

Kacey was about to make up something when Jake interrupted her.

“She trapped me in her laundry,” Jake said with a wry grin. “I got out.”

Ashe’s eyes went wide, “Wicked,” she breathed, she playfully punched Kacey in the shoulder, “I thought you said you were nice to him?”

“I-I am!” she said defensively, “We were just fooling around!”

“It’s horrible Ash,” Jake said in a mocking voice, “she treats me like her slave, makes me pick up after her-“

“H-Hey!” Kacey exclaimed, “Don’t give her the wrong idea!”

“I think I see how this works,” Ash said with a chuckle.

Kacey cleared her throat, “Anyways Jake, do you care if Ash stays for dinner?”

He didn’t, and after they’d ordered pizza, with a tiny tip of a single slice cut off for Jake, the three of them were happily discussing what to watch on TV. Jake had surprised Kacey by getting her the subscriptions to both the streaming services she’d wanted after all, and she was excitedly introducing both him and Ash to one of her favorite animes.

As they sat down on the couch Kacey held Jake in her hands, Ash cleared her throat suddenly.

“Kacey,” she asked quietly, “Could I maybe… hold Jake a bit?”

Kacey shot a glance down at Jake who shrugged, “Sure, don’t break him.” She handed the tiny man over to the other girl, who marveled at him.

“I really can’t get enough of this,” she almost giggled. She’d taken to rubbing Jake’s back with her thumb while she held him in place, and he had to admit it felt good. “How’s that?” she asked eagerly.

“Feels amazing,” he groaned.

“Careful Jake,” Kacey teased, “I might decide to loan you out.”

“Really?” Ash rasped, the motion of her thumbs stopped cold.

Kacey blinked a moment, “Uhh…” She swallowed and looked at Jake, who seemed a bit apprehensive. “Hey!” she said, trying to change the subject, “Let’s watch the next episode!” she quickly hit play and the opening sequence started.

After another hour or so Ash stretched and said it was time to call it a night, handing Jake back to Kacey, who just set him on the floor.

“I’m hitting the hay too,” he said, “I’ve got work tomorrow!” He walked over into the bedroom, leaving Ash and Kacey alone.

As the two girls walked towards the apartment door Ash bit her lip, “Uh… hey Kacey, sorry I made things awkward with that whole “loaning” thing-“

“Don’t worry about it,” Kacey said with a wink. “We can talk about it another time.”

Ash blushed and nodded as she left.

Kacey thought it over as she walked over to her PC and booted it up for a night of gaming. Casually loaning Jake out like he was a toy did sound oddly fun… She gently began touching herself to the idea, laughing at his imagined reaction. After a few minutes she sighed contentedly. She let the matter drift from her mind as she logged in to her profile.

Jake was dressed in his suit and waiting by the door the next morning. He’d quickly silenced his alarm so Kacey wouldn’t wake up, he wasn’t sure how late she’d stayed up the night before but she’d been still as he got dressed and waited for his ride.

The door opened slowly and he saw Lexi beaming down at him, “Hi Jake,” she said, lowering down the carrying case. “Ready to go?” The cute receptionist was wearing a skirt with hose and a pair of dress shoes that shined enough that he could see his reflection in them.

“You can just hold me in your hand,” he insisted.

Lexi giggled, “Sorry, but Ms. Black was really insistent we all carry you in these… she was almost yelling at us trying to warn us about being gentle with you.”

“I’m sturdier than I look,” he said, but he opened the small plastic doors and sat in the carrier case seat anyways.

Lexi carried him down to her car, whistling a cheerful tune as she placed him on the seat next to her. It wasn’t long before she was carrying him into the office, waving good morning to the other office ladies who returned the greetings. A lot of them were smiling brightly seeing what she was carrying in the little plastic case. Finally she placed him down on a desk that had a little cubicle assembled on it.

“Here you go!” Lexi said excitedly, “Go on! Check it out!”

He walked towards it and almost shouted with excitement as he saw the small monitor and keyboard at the doll sized desk. He ran up to it and hit the power button, while the resolution wasn’t great it was a relief to know it would be something he could work with, rather than looking up at a movie screen sized one all day.

“It’s hooked up to a regular sized PC under the desk,” Ms. Black said, looming over his small workstation. She gently placed a paper plate with some donut crumbs on it next to him, “I got these for you! Try to eat something okay?”

“Thanks,” he said, still marveling over the small keyboard.

“Now Jake sweetie, I put your desk right in front of my office,” she said, pointing to it, “that way I can see you all day and help you out if I need to.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said. “I think everything looks pretty safe here though-“

“The ladies sometimes like to haze new hires a bit,” Lexi said with a giggle.

“Don’t worry about them,” Ms. Black scowled. “I already warned everyone not to toy with you too much.”

Jake had dove into his work, looking over what clients and accounts he’d be responsible for. By the time lunch had rolled around he had familiarized himself with their profiles and had some ideas on how he could increase their returns. He stood up to stretch and take a brief walk around the desk.

“Hey cutie,” He turned to see a trio of office ladies standing on the other side.

“Oh, hey,” he said nervously, “I’m Jake, the new guy!”

“Yeah you are,” one of them, a thin Asian woman who seemed to be the leader, giggled. “I’m Mandy, this is Tammy, and Patty.” She gestured to either side of her, “It’s so crazy that Deb hired a shrinkee!”

“Uh yeah,” he said uncertainly, “Well don’t worry, I’ll pull my weight around here-“

“Ohmigod he’s got such cute little clothes!” one of them squealed.

“It’s kind of a tradition for us to take the new hires out to lunch,” Mandy said with a sultry grin. “Ms. Black did warn us to be careful with you…” She glanced at the carrying cage, “I don’t know, that thing looks a little rough.”

“It’s fine, cozy even” he said, shooting a glance at Ms. Black’s office. He gulped as he realized she was out to lunch herself.

“I think you should ride somewhere… softer,” Mandy said, tracing her finger up through her cleavage. The girls behind her giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Ms. Black’s voice called. The three women turned together to see the office head with bagged fast food meal in hand.

“Hi Deb!” Mandy said nervously, “We were just saying hi to the new guy!”

“Uh huh,” Ms. Black said with a knowing smile, “Back to work ladies.” They all shuffled off, shooting glances back at him. She walked over to his desk, “You all right?”

“Fine,” he said, “I’m still getting used to being…”

“Adorable?” Ms. Black said eagerly. Seeing his look she cleared her throat, “I mean uh-“

“Yeah, adorable about covers it,” he said shaking his head and chuckling.

“I hope you had a good first day!” Lexi said happily as she opened the door to his apartment.

“I had a good time,” he said, “I think it’s going to work out. Thanks again for the lift!”

“No problem!” Lexi said, closing the door as she left. “See you tomorrow!”

He looked into the living room to see Kacey spinning around in her computer chair, “So how’s waging?” she asked with a grin.

“Pretty good,” he said, returning the smile as he walked across the open expanse of the apartment floor. “We should be able to afford to keep the lights and the internet on.”

He noticed some paper and a few pencils strewn around Kacey’s desk. “Did you start drawing again?”

“Oh these?” She muttered, a bit embarrassed. “Yeah… I haven’t really done any art in a long time and I wanted to see if I’ve still got it.”

“Cool!” he said, “Let me see?”

She bit her lower lip. “Umm… they’re kinda explicit.”

“Oh come on,” he said, waving dismissively. “It couldn’t be anything worse than what you used to draw back in school.”

With an embarrassed giggle she stood up and walked over to him, picking him up and returning to the desk. As she did he realized he could immediately tell she hadn’t showered since at least the day before… He blinked and focused on the artwork.

“It’s pretty good,” he said, she’d drawn a few figures in an array of styles. As he got to the next sheet the drawings grew more explicit, the characters weren’t wearing clothes by the time she showed him the third sheet. He grimaced as the fourth sheet showed a panicking man running from a very feminine giant hand.

He frowned a minute, “H-hey that guy looks familiar.”

“I might have had some inspiration,” Kacey admitted, her cheeks red.

“Kacey he’s got my old Letterman jacket on!” he said.

“That could be anyone’s-“

“He’s got my old number sewn on the back!” he protested.

“Well, art imitates life,” Kacey admitted. Idly she toyed with the pencil on the desk, “Now what should I draw happening next?” she asked with a grin.

“He gets away from the girl and lives a happy life?” Jake playfully teased.

“No,” Kacey mused, “I think he gets caught.” Her hand swooped him up and he was held in front of her face in her clenched hand. “In fact, I think she decides to torment him until he buys her a drawing tablet.”

“She sounds like a giant mooch,” he said with a grin.

“Hey!” Kacey protested, “Maybe she takes really good care of him?!”

“I’m sure she does,” he laughed.

“Hmph,” Kacey muttered, “I need a bit of inspiration to see where this piece goes.” She stood up and started carrying him to the bedroom. Along the way she slowly peeled off his suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor.

As he raised his arms to make it easier for her to get at his shirt Jack reflected that if this was his life from now on, it wasn’t so bad.

Chapter 3: Size Shift by Greenanon

ake looked up at Ms. Black’s steely expression while she typed rapidly on her computer. He waited patiently. She liked him, and he’d been a huge boon to her business, but this was a performance review, and more importantly a discussion about bonuses.

“Please try to eat something Jake,” she said sweetly, pushing a plate of pastry crumbs towards him, “I swear you’re losing weight!”

He wasn’t, but Ms. Black had a tendency to coddle him. To make her happy he picked up one of the crumbs and chewed it while she continued typing.

“Well Jake, your first few months here have been phenomenal!” She said finally, “and your bonus will reflect that.”

“Thanks Ms. Black,” he said with a smile, “Can you call Lexi to take me back to my desk?”

“Oh no,” she said with a smile, standing up, “Let me do it.”

He was enveloped in her soft hands, the smell of her perfume washing over and sticking to him. She swayed slightly as she carried him, humming happily as she gently put him down on the desk closest to her office.

“I thought we were only supposed to carry him using the carrying cases!” Mandy called from her own desk. Jake shot a glance in her direction, of course she had her two orbiters with her, for whatever reason Mandy was determined to treat the office like they were all still in high school. She also liked to find excuses to handle him, not that there were many thankfully.

“Privileges of management,” Ms. Black said with a smile and a wink down at Jake. “By the way, Lexi called out to deal with some family issues, I’ll be driving you home today.”

“Sounds good,” he said, walking back to his miniature cubicle,

Ms. Black’s luxury car was like night and day compared to the messy clunker that Kacey drove. Usually when Kacey took him anywhere he was jammed in a cupholder with takeout receipts and candy wrappers. While Ms. Black did insist he stay in the carrying case during the car ride, he could still smell the leather seats wafting through the case’s drilled airholes.

His world rocked as she grabbed the handle of the case, casually walking up to his apartment door. Grabbing a key he’d given both her and Lexi to help with carpooling, she opened it and stepped inside.

“My word!” Ms. Black gasped, seeing the state of the apartment.

As usual Kacey had simply been tossing her clothes to the floor wherever she happened to be, here and there takeout containers and crumpled cans were stacked on the coffee table and Kacey’s desk. With a pair of thick headphones on she was gleefully clicking away in whatever game she was playing.

Ms. Black sighed and walked over to her, lifting the headphones off.

“Hey!” Kacey exclaimed, spinning around. She clammed up immediately when she saw Jake’s boss, holding him in the carrying case.

“Here,” Ms. Black said, handing her Jake’s case.

“Oh hi…” Kacey squeaked. She glanced down at Jake, “Did you uhmm, have a good day at work?”

“He had a GREAT day,” Ms. Black said sternly, “Jake is by far the firm’s star employee…” She sighed and looked around, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jake,” she looked at Kacey with distaste, “Do try to pick up…” With that she walked out.

“She hates me,” Kacey muttered.

“No,” Jake protested feebly, walking out of the carrying case door, “I mean… maybe she just thinks you’re not super responsible?”

“Hey, I do a lot around here!” Kacey protested. She glanced at the messy room, “It’s just been a crazy week for me!”

“I’m sure,” he chuckled. He was glad Ms. Black had walked him in, with so much of Kacey’s clothing littering the floor he’d be crazy with lust before getting halfway across the room. The intoxicating effect Kacey had on him was one of the reasons he wasn’t too hard on her about picking up. Still, today he wanted to talk to her with his wits about him… for a little while anyway.

“So, I got my bonus today,” he said.

Her eyes lit up, “That’s great! Congrats!” she grabbed him and hugged him to her cheek. He caught a whiff of her, and from the stringy look to her hair she’d been at the computer for a few days now. “We should celebrate.” Seeing his expression she frowned, “Oh come on I can’t smell so bad that I'm setting you already?”

“You never smell bad to me,” he muttered, fighting the urge to leap at her.

Kacey frowned and lifted an arm, sniffing she grimaced, “Ugh, what day is it?” she muttered, checking the calendar. “Damn, I’ve been on a streak for days” she chuckled, “Poor Jakey, you’re probably going nuts just sitting here with me.”

“A bit,” he admitted. He’d gotten better at staying clearheaded when exposed to Kacey, but he could feel himself getting turned on more and more the longer he was near her, being held in her hand was speeding it up.

“Hmm…” she regarded him with a small smile, “Good job on the bonus Jakey, I’m sure I can think of some fun stuff to spend it on.” She stood up, and hooked a thumb inside her pajama bottom’s elastic. His eyes lit up as he readied himself to be tossed into her underwear. She smirked, and the thumb holding her waistband open slowly traveled from the front around to the back.

“Uh, Kacey?” Jake began, a little uncertainly.

“I’d put you in front, but I have a few other things I want to do first and I can’t afford the distraction.”

“But-“ he began.

“No buts,” she giggled, “Well, just one.” She dropped him down the back of her panties and released the elastic. Before Jake had any chance to protest or try to adjust his position, she sat herself back down in her computer chair, taking a moment to grind her ass against the cushion.

Jake struggled to move, but every time he managed to get any purchase Kacey just shifted her position, pinning him again. The shrinking had made him durable, and he was pretty sure that Kacey’s weight wouldn’t be able to actually hurt him, but the pressure was insane. She’d been gaming for days straight too, and both the panties trapping him and the skin above him smelled strongly.

Kacey giggled a bit as Jake’s squirming tickled her slightly. She found a comfortable position where he couldn’t move much and began logging into the “Tiny Talk” discord group. It was a group discussing Shrinkees, Kacey had found herself there now and then, posting as “KCROX.”

TinyKidnpper99: I’m just saying shrinkees should just get used to being pets
Tfwnotinybf: So true, so tired of tiny rights protests. Wish I could just take a few home
KCROX: You guys are such assholes, shrinkees are just people that got screwed over! We should be helping them
Tinykidnpper99: what I want IS helping them! They could be safely away from the world in a cozy little cage
KCROX: You just don’t respect tinies, that’s why you guys don’t have tiny bfs
Tinykidnpper99: Oh yeah? Like you do?
KCROX: I do because I treat him right!

Kacey hit enter angrily, Jake was starting to make headway crawling underneath her so she shifted slightly, he was between her cheeks and with a grin she pushed him up so he couldn’t move and started typing again.

After a lengthy flame war on the best way to treat shrinkees Kacey sighed contentedly, knowing she’d made her point on how tiny people deserved respect. Reaching into the backside of her underwear she pulled Jake out, he was slightly damp from her sweat, and his clothes stuck to him. She giggled slightly at his dreamy expression.

“Hey Jake,” she teased, “did you have fun kissing my ass?” She saw his lustful expression and tried not to laugh. She loved messing with him when he got worked up on her smell like this, she was borderline addictive and she knew he’d agree to anything she wanted.

“Beg,” she said with a wicked grin, “Beg and I’ll put you back.”

“Please goddess, PLEASE put me back in your underwear!” he shouted, squirming in her hand.

“Maybe,” she said in a mocking tone of disinterest. She held him even closer to her face, filling his field of vision. “I’m going to order pizza later,” she commented, “And I think that I’d like stuffed crust,” she said with a pout, “but a certain someone always says it’s too expensive to get add ons.”

He blinked, “I mean… it’s kind of a special occasion so, sure.”

She thought a minute, giving him a smug grin. Money or serious matters could usually, briefly, snap him out of his daze. She always liked to playfully demand things from him, just to watch him try to mentally force off the effect and deny her something… it was a battle he would always lose, but she found it really got her off to watch him fight it. Usually she didn’t hold him to agreements he made when he was like this, that pizza though… he’d be buying that for her.

“Double toppings too,” she said, “From that locally owned place down the block.”

His eyes bulged, “Kacey that place charges like five-“

“I guess the little man can just stay out here in the cold then,” She said.

“Get whatever you want!” he said, the lust overtaking him again, “Please goddess just put me back in!”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she said, bringing him back down to her underwear, she pulled the panties away from her butt again and let him fall in, before releasing the elastic back and letting it snap shut on him.

She stood up and stretched, looking around the apartment for a minute. With a sigh she began picking things up. As much fun as it was to have Jake as a hormone addled zombie, she didn’t want him like that all evening. He squirmed in her underwear and she felt herself getting wet, she bit her lower lip and wished she’d put him in the front. Oh well, she had plenty of time to correct that before cleaning both of them off.

Kacey toweled her hair off as she stepped out of the shower, “Jake?” She called, “Can I have a thousand dollars for a custom PS5 case from etsy?”

“Absolutely not!” he called from the sink, where he was using a simple wash rag to towel himself off.

“Hmph,” she said, “I guess I’m clean enough then.”

“You still look great Kace,” he said with a smile. “The best girlfriend a guy could ask for.”

“If I can’t be a goddess I’ll just have to settle for girlfriend,” she playfully sighed.

Kacey threw on an old t-shirt and some sweats before collapsing onto the couch with Jake. Gently she placed him on her stomach, letting him spread out over the Japanese lettering.

“What’s up?” Ash said, barging in and carrying the pizzas they’d ordered. “Thanks for inviting me over,” she said, placing a thermos of coffee on the counter, “I need to relax a bit, the shop has been crazy.”

The barista had quickly become a regular guest to their apartment, she didn’t seem to mind the regular mess and in exchange for sitting through anime binges she would make Kacey and Jake watch her depressing foreign films. It was an arrangement that worked surprisingly well.

“I see you finally picked up the place,” Ash commented, setting the pizza boxes on the counter. “Did Jake start worshipping you again?”

“Yep,” Kacey said giggling, “You can thank him for dinner, his tribute to his goddess for the day.”

“I can’t believe you two talk about this… stuff,” he said, shaking his head as Kacey cut him a tiny square of pizza.

“Oh come on, it’s awesome,” Ash said, holding a hand down for him. He didn’t hesitate before jumping in, and she carried him back to the living room while Kacey flipped through TV shows. He’d gotten used to Ashley holding him over the past few months, she had an odd fixation on shrunken people, compounded by her apparent inability to befriend any but him. Kacey seemed to find the whole thing amusing, and had been allowing, even encouraging, Ash to be handsy with him.

“You should try some of your old socks sometime Ash,” Kacey teased, “Maybe Jake likes you enough to slip into zombie mode.”

“Hey now,” he said nervously, “I mean I like Ash plenty but-“

“What, am I not hot enough?” She said, making a quick kissing face at him.

“Yeah Jake,” Kacey asked, sitting up suddenly and grinning, “You like Ash AND you think she’s sexy, I’ll bet if she stopped by here after her workout you’d go crazy as soon as she stepped in the door.”

“Don’t tease me Kace,” Ash said, stroking Jake’s hair with one finger, “I might try it.”

“Who’s teasing?” Kacey laughed. She shot Jake a devious look and he gulped. He had no idea where she was going with this, but it made him nervous.

“Kacey,” he said suddenly, hoping to distract the two girls, “Did you check my size reading today?”

Kacey frowned, “Nah, things got a bit crazy right when you got home.” She grinned, “Ash you look like you’re having fun holding him, do you want to do it?”

She shrugged and carried him back to the kitchen where the meter was. Holding Jake in her hand she grabbed the remote shaped device and quickly hit the “scan” button while hovering it over him. It beeped once and she frowned.

“Huh, Kacey how did you say this thing worked?”

“It’s easy,” She said, getting up and joining Ash, “There’s only one button.”

Kacey took the remote from her and clicked the button again. The same beep rang out and the two girls looked at the reading, holding Jake up so he could see too.

“W-What does below detectable limit mean?” Jake asked nervously.

“Uhhh…” Kacey swallowed, “Let me go get the manual…”

She ran out from the bedroom a minute later, flipping through the small booklet nervously.

“Okay here we go,” she said, “Other readings… No detectable limit means that subject will shrink to an unknown size below the minimum reading.”

“Far out,” Ash breathed, “What’s the minimum reading?”

“A tenth of an inch,” Jake said, his knees going weak, “Fuck me, Kacey I’m going to be smaller than a tenth of an inch tomorrow!”

“Or today…” Kacey muttered, thinking it over.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Ash asked, looking back and forth from Jake to the meter, “When does he change size?”

“Usually by the time my next size reads on the meter it means that it’ll be whenever I sleep or have an orgasm,” he muttered angrily. “I forgot how much I hate shrinking… Kacey can you bring me to my phone? I’ve got to call out of work tomorrow.”

“Orgasm?” Ash snickered, “So you’ve got to rub one out to get to your next size?”

“That or take a nap,” he said as Kacey took him from Ash and lowered him to the floor. He glumly walked into the next room where his phone would be waiting for him on the floor, leaving the two girls to talk in the kitchen alone.

“Damn,” Ash muttered, “He doesn’t seem happy about it.”

“He gets a little down whenever he gets smaller,” Kacey said quietly. “I mean… three inches sucks, but he kind of got used to it, every now and then he gets even smaller for a day and it’s like another punch to the gut you know?”

Ash chewed her lower lip for a minute, “He’s going to be REALLY tiny this time huh?”

“Yeah,” Kacey muttered, “Shit, I guess I’ll just have to leave him on the coffee table with some of his favorite shows on autoplay or something… there’s not a lot he’s going to be able to do when he’s smaller than a grain of sand.” She sighed, “He’s not even going to be able to use his little dollhouse bed tonight, if he shrinks while sleeping, he’d be trapped in it.”

Ash was quiet a minute, “Kacey,” she said finally, “What if we… made it a bit fun for him?”

Jake used his entire arm to swipe the “hang up” button on his phone, sighing angrily. Ms. Black was always understanding when this happened, but he still hated calling out. There wasn’t any other option though, he’d learned from experience that if he dipped much below an inch and a half normal sized people couldn’t hear him at all, to say nothing of the clothing situation. No, further shrinking episodes were mostly a one-day staycation in the living room, the destinations either the coffee table or Kacey’s desk depending on the size.

“Probably the coffee table,” he muttered. If he was going down blow a tenth of an inch he didn’t want to be on Kacey’s desk, she’d forget he was there and plant an energy drink can or a bag of chips on him. He started the walk back to living room, weighing his options.

Suddenly he was snatched up in Kacey’s hand so quickly that the world was a blur. His head spun a minute, but when it cleared he was greeted by two giant faces with conspiratorial grins.

“H-Hey guys,” he said nervously, what had they been talking about while he was on the phone?

“Strip him!” Ash said gleefully, his face paled when he realized she had a roll of scotch tape in her hand.

Kacey began tearing his clothing off, balling his tiny shirt and pants up in her free hand and playfully tossing them to a random corner of the room. The two girls walked around the couch, with a flourish Ash laid a soft hand towel across the table and knelt down next to it.

“Here, put him in the middle!” Ash said.

Kacey gently set him down, he wondered about trying to cover up, but from the look the two girls were giving him he knew it probably wasn’t an option.

“So here’s the deal Jake,” Kacey said, kneeling down to get a better look at him, “the quicker you get this size shift over with the quicker you can be back to your normal cheery three inch self.”

“My normal self was six feet tall,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Kacey frowned, “I know… this one’s going to suck, but Ash and I thought we could just trigger it and… see where things go.”

“Wait you AND-“

“Spread your arms and legs!” Ash said with an evil grin. She made eye contact with him while she slowly pulled a piece of tape off the dispenser, punctuating her expression with the soft *snip* of a piece being cut loose.

“Why do you need the tape?” Kacey asked with a frown.

Ash rolled her eyes, “I like to tie guys up, okay? And I don’t exactly have a set of handcuffs in his size.”

“Freaky!” Kacey said.

“I’ve seen that Deviantart page of yours Kacey,” Ash said, taping the first of Jake’s legs to the towel, “I wouldn’t throw stones.”

From Kacey’s blushing expression the remark had hit home. Jake was about to ask what was on that page, but Ash was gleefully taping him to the towel in a spread-eagle position. Gently he pushed against the bindings and sighed when he realized that he wasn’t even strong enough to budge scotch tape.

“That’s right!” Ash said excitedly, seeing his expression, “Just a little tape is more than enough to keep a mouse like you in place!”

“Hmm…” Kacey muttered, “Maybe I’ll go get a sock from the laundry, dangle it over him and watch him go nuts trying to get at it?”

“I wish I had a little whip or something,” Ash muttered, suddenly her hands slammed down on either side of him, causing him to start and strain against the tape holding him in place. “You’re going to wish you’d never been born tiny!” She said, her eyes going wide, “We’re going to make spurt your little load, and then once you’ve shrunk down into the pathetic germ of a man you always were then the fun is REALLY going to start!”

“Ash,” Kacey said, a hand on her shoulder, “Maybe take it down a notch.” She shot Jake a wink.

“T-thanks Kace,” he managed.

Ash sighed, “The fear is part of the fun of it!” she protested, “I mean Jake knows I’m totally just playing right?”

“Uhhh…” he glanced at the tape holding him in place, then up again at the two giant girls. “I… guess?”

Kacey shoved past Ash and gently ran a finger up his torso, making him shiver, “Don’t worry, you’ve got me right here. I’ll keep the big bad barista from hurting my tiny boyfriend.”

“Oh come on!” Ash protested, “look at that!” she said, gesturing to his obvious arousal, “he’s having a great time!” she had a panicked look suddenly, “J-Jake you know I totally value you as a friend and I was just getting into the momen-“

“Oh, Kacey help,” Jake said mockingly, “she’s hurting my self-esteem. She called me a germ Kacey!”

Ash’s sudden panic turned to annoyance, she stood up and turned around. For a minute Jake thought she was going to indignantly strut out the door, but his eyes went wide as her jean clad ass came down on him. The low coffee table creaked slightly as Ash sat directly on it.

Kacey fought down a giggle as Ash ground her bottom into the trapped tiny man. She shot a glare at the other girl and crossed her arms.

“He totally has this coming,” Ash said, “I try to be all domineering and sexy and he’s making fun of me!”

“No, I think you’re right,” Kacey mused. “Get up a minute.”

Ash stood back up, revealing a dazed looking Jake, “S-Sorry,” he muttered with a dreamy smile.

“Jake,” Kacey said in an authoritative tone, “Are you ready to apologize for making fun of Ash?”

“Yes,” he said, “Sorry…”

“Sorry what?” Kacey said in a mocking sweet voice, “What do little people call girls bigger than them?”

“Sorry goddess,” he said, catching the meaning easily.

Kacey bit her lip, “There’s something even more fun about making you use that when you’re not all crazy from sniffing my underwear…”

“I really prefer being called mistress,” Ash said, joining Kacey, “but I guess when he’s smaller than most dolls goddess works better.” She slung an arm around Kacey’s shoulder, “So, how do you want to send this guy down to party with the dust mites?”

Kacey knelt down by the table and licked her finger and thumb, gently the massive digits came down to begin massaging his erection, up and down.

“Do you mind providing our toy a little show Ash?” she asked with a smile.

Ash responded by hooking her hands to the underside of her shirt and tossing it off with a flourish, the small black beret she insisted on wearing everywhere went with it, letting her long black hair hang in sheets as she stood over Jake. She made eye contact with him and with a slow deliberate motion reached behind her back and unclasped her shining black bra, letting it fall to the floor with a muted *thump.*

“Wow,” Kacey laughed at his reaction, “Those are pretty big Jake, don’t make me jealous now.” She picked up the speed slightly, causing him to grunt and spasm against the tape.

Ash leaned in closer, the giant breasts hanging over Jake as she reached a hand into her pants, “So small,” she said in a hoarse whisper, “You’re going to be SOOOO small Jake,” she grinned, “You can put it off, for a little while, all you’ve got to do is keep yourself from cumming…”

“I…” he tried to speak but he could only gasp as Kacey played with him more.

“No more words,” Kacey said softly, “We won’t be able to hear you in a minute anyway.”

“Just finish!” Ash said mockingly as she fondled her breast. With an exaggerated moan the hand down her pants picked up speed. “You’re going down Jake! Give it up!”

“W-Wait-“ he protested. He wasn’t sure what he even hoped for, but it felt wrong to just give up to them so easily.

“Nope,” Kacey said, tightening her fingers and giving a series of short sharp tugs that sent him over the edge. He shouted in ecstasy as he felt the shrinking start.

“Bye bye,” Ash said with a mocking wave. She grinned and moaned as she came herself.

Kacey just rolled her eyes and gave Jake her own quick farewell wave as the world got bigger around him.

 He quickly sunk out of the tape bonds, the merest tug against his arm hair as they grew too big to hold him. He gasped as the two girls went from mere giants to immense figures that towered over his world. The towel beneath him quickly went from a soft cushion to a rough expanse, the small fibers were soon his size, then bigger, then the size of buildings.

“Fuck me,” he muttered as he looked up at the landscape the hand towel had become. He wondered if it would be worth trying to move, how small was he? He let the post orgasm bliss overcome him and he laid back in defeat, the towering fibers stretching over him.

“So what now?” Ash asked, pulling her shirt back on and glancing down at the towel.

“I guess we just… look for him?” Kacey said. She hovered her face over the towel and squinted. “Shit…” she muttered, “I don’t see him at all.” She smiled, “Jake? Are you down there?”

“What’s he supposed to do he hears you?” Ash asked, looking down with her, “It’s not like he has microscopic flares or something.”

Kacey frowned, “Well he’s going to be stuck down there until tomorrow, what now?”

Ash shrugged, “toss some food down there? Water maybe?

“If we pour water on there we’ll flood him out!” Kacey said. “Maybe if we had an eye dropper… he’s got to be right there in the middle right? What if we just sort of… dripped some near him?”

“We could at least drop some pizza crumbs on there right?” Ash said. She walked over to the pizza box and pinched out the smallest piece she could with her fingernails. Walking back over and hovering the crumb over the towel she grinned, “Dinner time Jake!”

To Jake it was like watching a meteor fall to earth. Ashley hadn’t dropped the crumb directly where he’d be, more like a few… miles? From him. He felt the shockwave as it hit. Watching the swaying of the towel’s threads, slight to him and unnoticeable to the goddesses above, he decided he’d best begin his walk towards the food source.

“Let me give him a drink,” Kacey said. She walked to the refrigerator and pulled out one of her energy drinks. Walking back over she pulled the tab on the can, the sound echoing through the apartment. She dipped her pinky down into the drink and withdrew it.

Jake heard the can being opened and looked up to see Kacey dipping her finger into the monumental drink in the distance. He braced himself as she brought her dripping pinky closer and held it over some far-flung field on the towel. He gripped one of the towel fibers as she allowed a single drop of the fluid to fall to his world.

“There we go,” Kacey said with a smile, “I hope he can make it that far.”

“I mean… he’ll be back in a day or so right?” Ashley asked uncertainly.

“Yeah,” Kacey muttered, “But I want to try to give him something to eat and drink anyways.” She sighed, “Want to watch TV?” She glanced down at the towel, “It’s got to be like the world’s biggest big screen for him,” she said, “we should at least try to pick something he might like.”

It had taken Jake a lengthy hike to get to the few drops Kacey had dribbled onto the towel for him, and he’d had to awkwardly suck the overly sweet energy drink out of the fibers. The pizza crumb they’d left for him was the size of a house, but he’d been able to break off a few pieces. He settled in on a spot where a small crinkle in the towel created a massive ridge which let him view the landscape of the cloth and the far lands beyond, most importantly the TV.

Kacey and Ashley were both chatting on the couch now. His world rocked suddenly, a minor earthquake was being caused as Kacey casually put her bare feet up on the table. The city sized soles loomed over him as she casually crossed her legs. He always hated it when Kacey put her feet up on the table like that. At three inches he could nag her enough to make her stop, when he was home anyway, but at this near microscopic size Kacey was just a force of a nature to him. Yelling at her to quit it would be like yelling at the clouds, she’d never hear him, let alone listen.

There was another effect of her feet being on the table, the smell. Kacey was cleaner than she usually was, but at this size did it even matter? He found himself glancing back more and more, slowly forgetting the TV show entirely.

A second earthquake shook him and he looked again to see Ash had propped her own feet on the coffee table. He gulped as he remembered the conversation from before… Was Ash having the same effect on him now too? Unlike Kacey she was a functioning member of society so she was always clean enough that he’d never noticed… but at this size everything about both girls was overwhelming.

He sighed and looked up at the two goddesses, chatting away, driving him crazy, and never even knowing he was watching. They were starting to get his head into a bit of a crazy place, one he was familiar with from Kacey’s games. A part of him wanted to start sprinting across the cloth landscape towards those feet, he wasn’t even sure whether he meant Ash’s or Kacey’s. A more rational part of him knew he’d never make it that far, and what if they just casually moved or got up?
He decided to make the best of it, it’s not like they could see him down here jerking off right?

“I’d better get going,” Ash said, standing up. “I’ll head over here tomorrow after work and we can try to find Jake.” She laughed, “I mean, it’s not like he can go far, he’s got to be within an inch or so of where he shrank right?”

Kacey shrugged, “We’ll see him tomorrow either way.”

As Ash left Kacey sighed and looked down at the small hand towel that was her boyfriend’s whole world. She didn’t want to move it, who knew what could happen? But she was also going to start gaming, and she knew Jake hated being kept up by it.

She had an idea suddenly, walking into the bedroom she rooted around in her laundry basket until she found a simple white bra. She sniffed it slightly, it didn’t seem TOO dirty, he’d probably be fine. With a playful smile she walked back in and knelt next to the table.

Jake looked up and saw Kacey’s smiling face hanging over him in the sky, “Hey Jake,” she said sweetly, “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” He gazed in awe as she gently positioned the cup of her bra over the part of the towel he was on, cutting off his light and bathing him in her smell.

“There we go,” Kacey said quietly, “that should muffle the sound a bit.” Oblivious to the new reality she’d caused for Jake she happily walked over to her PC and started logging in.

Jake didn’t have a good sense of time in his now dark world, he definitely had fallen asleep at some point, but the rest was a cycle of him slowly being aroused until he had to stop and relieve himself. He wasn’t sure if he should try to get out from under the bra or just wait it out, he was beginning to exhaust himself.

Light returned to the world as the bra cup was lifted off, and he breathed a sigh of relief as his head started to clear a bit.

“Shit,” Kacey muttered, tossing the bra into a corner of the room, “I forgot to take that off him when I got up.”

Ash shrugged, “Hey, on my day off I’d love it if someone would block out the lights and just let me sleep.” She handed Kacey a magnifying glass, “Okay, ready to go bug hunting?”

“I wish he was bug sized,” Kacey muttered as they knelt down on opposite sides of the, “he’s no problem at BUG size…”

“Jake stop hiding!” Ash said in frustration, “don’t make me break out the hand sanitizer you little germ!”

“Be nice Ash!” Kacey said, “he’s probably trying to get our attention right now…” she hovered the magnifying glace over her side of the towel and scowled, she didn’t see anything.

Jake WAS trying to get their attention, and the giant magnifying glasses had passed overhead several times without noticing his efforts. He looked around and wondered if this would be easier on a lighter colored towel.

“I’ve got an idea!” Kacey said excitedly. She ran to her desk and returned a moment later with a small anime figurine. She posed it slightly and then set it down on the towel, letting it stand on it’s own. “Okay Jake!” she said eagerly, “Try to get onto Asuka’s foot, then we’ll know where you are!”

“It’s not a bad idea,” Ash said, “but why not just like, a scrap of tissue or something for a landmark?”

“Because it’s funny,” Kacey said with a giggle.

Jake looked up at the monumental anime figurine and sighed. Kacey always liked to compare him to those figures, this one in particular she sometimes slipped into his bed so she could tease him about his “girlfriend.” Normally Asuka stood twice his height, already embarrassing enough, today she was a colossus… and Kacey wanted him to go try to climb her foot so they could find him.

Briefly he wondered what they had in store for him, and if he should go. Surely he only had a few hours left at this size, right?

“Ah hell,” he muttered as he started towards the giant anime figurine in the distance. Who knows, maybe whatever they had planned would be fun?

“It could take him awhile,” Ash said, “Do you want to go do something while we wait?”

“Sure,” Kacey said, “what did you have in mind?”

“I’m going to die,” Kacey wheezed, fighting her way up the stairmaster.

“Come on,” Ash muttered, “just five more minutes.”

“How long has it been?” Kacey asked.

Ash rolled her eyes, “two minutes Kace, you are REALLY out of shape. You need to start coming here with me a few times a week.”

At Ashley’s suggestion they’d decided to visit the apartment complex’s fitness center. What little enthusiasm Kacey had at the prospect of physical activity had quickly been reduced to nothing, and her hair was plastered to her face by sweat.

“Okay let’s switch,” Ash chuckled as Kacey let the stairmaster carry her down to the floor.

“So I think there’s a shrinkee living in the vacant lot behind my shop,” Ash said as she started her turn. “None of the shop’s glue traps have had anything in them for a few weeks, the bugs have just cleared out.” She grinned, “I also swear I found a little spear, like a little toothpick with a sharpened rock on the end!”

“Really?” Kacey asked, “it’s been months since the shrinking happened…” she shuddered at the thought of Jake living out on his own for that long. “Why would anyone want to live like that?”

Ash shrugged, “I know you and Jake have a pretty good thing going Kacey, but a lot of people are treating shrinkees more like pets. Some of them apparently go on the run rather than live like that.”

“I think I heard a bit about that,” Kacey said uncertainly, “Some government forms came in the mail for me and Jake but we just filled them out and sent them back, we figured it was just standard stuff.”

Ash grunted as she turned the speed on the stairmaster up, “Yeah well,” she wheezed, “you pretty much own him for life, unless you want to give him away.” She chuckled as much as she could manage, “I guess it doesn’t matter much, you’re his pet more than the other way around!”

“Hey!” Kacey protested, “I take care of him!”

“I know,” Ashley said quietly, “like I said, your thing works well, but not everyone’s as nice as girls like us.” She let her short cardio workout end and stepped next to Kacey, sweat running down her face. “That Shrinkee protection act says that if you get your hands on an unregistered Shrinkee… it’s first come first serve.”

Kacey’s eyes went wide, “You mean-”

“Yep,” Ash said, “Anyone can just snatch them up and then BOOM, they’re yours. There are groups online trying to find the rest of them and everything, the government just wants them all to turn themselves in and get sent to their families or whatever.”

“T-That’s horrible!” Kacey muttered. Had she really missed all this while she was absorbed in her video games? Did Jake know?

“So,” Ash said, “I kind of want to catch this shrinkee, if there is one anyways…” She beamed, “then I’ll have my own tiny guy!”

“Isn’t that bit…” Kacey searched for the words, “mean?”

She rolled her eyes, “Look I’ll level with you, yeah I totally want a tiny slave to torment and make worship me, but that’s like… just for fun! I won’t do anything mean to anyone that doesn’t want it… I’m not evil I promise! I just get off on the IDEA of being evil!”

“Maybe you could try to befriend this hypothetical tiny guy then?” Kacey said. “It might make him trust you more than just… you know, capturing him.”

“If there IS a tiny I don’t know if I can afford to wait.” Ash replied, “What if some kind of crazy person catches him? It can’t be good for him to just be living out in a vacant lot like that either, it’s going to be winter pretty soon!”

“I guess…” Kacey said, “You could always just bring him back to his family or something too, right?”

Ash shrugged, “Maybe?” She grabbed Kacey by the arm, “Come on, let’s lift some weights.”

Kacey made a squeal in protest as the other girl dragged her towards the dumbbells.

Jake sat on Asuka’s red clad boot, idly looking up at the colossus sized anime figurine. The climb up to the top of the figure’s foot hadn’t been too difficult, since shrinking climbs just weren’t much of a    problem in general. He was considering climbing further up it, but the girls had said wait on the boot…

His musings were interrupted by the sound of the apartment door opening, the two girls were both wearing workout gear and sweating profusely.

“Good hustle Kacey,” Ash said with a smile, “We should start a routine, what days are good for you?”

Kacey just grumbled and slouched against the counter, her fingers idly grasping for a bag of chips. Jake chuckled at the sight, Ashely was definitely a sadist in more ways than one.

After Kacey had recovered a minute the two goddesses loomed over his tiny world. They both knelt down as they had before, their eyes looking enormous as each started using a magnifying glass. He stood up and started shouting and waving his arms.

“There he is!” Kacey exclaimed. “Hi Jake!”

“He’s just so tiny,” Ash said, amazed, “He’s barely a speck on that doll’s shoe!”

“It’s a figurine!” Kacey protested.

Jake could smell both of them now, they’d been at the gym and he heard the echoes of their sweat droplets hitting the towel in the distance. He felt the usual feeling of lust boiling up in him.

“Oooh, I think something’s happening down there!” Ash giggled, trying to lean in closer. The giant eye blinked overhead, the magnifying glass distorting it. “The gym was a good idea…”

“Now what can we do with him?” Kacey mused, “I don’t want to try to pick him up… if we lose him he’ll be stuck in the carpet fibers for the next few hours until he gets back to normal.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Ash said with a smile. She walked over to where she’d thrown her small handbag a few hours earlier when she’d first arrived. Fishing through it a minute she came back holding a cotton cue tip. Gently she licked the very tip, moistening the cotton fibers.

“WAIT!” Jake tried to call as the train sized cue tip descended towards the figures shoe. “Don-“

He was cut off as the soft spindly white surface made contact with him. Ash’s spit was more than sticky enough to glue him in place as she pulled up. His stomach lurched as he was lifted into the sky, then his world spun as Ash rotated the cue tip with a flourish.

“He’s WAY easier to see on that,” Kacey said eagerly, leaning in close, “Look, he’s that little speck there!”

“Yep,” Ash said proudly, observing their captive.

For Jake it was surreal having those eyes looking down at him. He struggled on the tip, but it only caused him to get tangled in the cotton fibers more.

“He’s got about two hours left before he can grow back,” Kacey said, glancing at the microwave clock, “So, what can two goddesses do with a speck sized guy?”

Between the teasing and the two women’s sweat Jake was going mad, he looked back and forth between the two of them as they talked about what his fate would be.

“He’s on a cue tip,” Ash said with an evil smile, “clean your ears with it and toss it away.”

Kacey mockingly considered it, obviously with him growing back at some point in the next few hours the last thing she really wanted to do was stick him anywhere near her ear, but it was fun to imagine the speck sized Jake’s panic at the thought.

“No,” Kacey said, “after that workout I’m feeling a bit…” she licked her lips, “hungry…”

She opened her mouth and teasingly let the cuetip drift inside it. Jake nervously gripped the cotton fibers he’d been struggling against a moment ago. She wasn’t serious was she!? His heart skipped a beat as he passed her lips, watching them overhead like he was going under a bridge. He sighed with relief as she pulled the cuetip out with a giggle.

“Oh relax Jake,” she said, sharing a glance and a smile with Ash, “I can’t eat you… I wouldn’t even feel you hit my stomach at that size.”

He gulped and nodded, he knew she’d never actually eat him, and he’d spent time in her mouth before during their games but… being in her mouth at this size made him nervous.

“So what then?” Ash asked, “Pits maybe?” She lifted her own arms, the dark stains under them a reminder that they’d just come from the gym.

Kacey shrugged, “Maybe next time…”

She lowered the cuetip down to her waistline and pulled her workout shorts away from her. Jake was hit with a humid musky blast, the mix of Kacey’s arousal and her drying sweat. The cuetip was brought up against her moist lips and pushed inside ever so slightly. Jake screamed as she twirled it slowly, spinning him off into her wetness.

Kacey slowly brought the cuetip up and examined it, nodding when she was satisfied Jake was no longer on it. She let her underwear snap back into place, trapping the nearly microscopic man in with her womanhood.

“Can you… feel him?” Ash asked uncertainly.

“Nope,” Kacey laughed, “Not even a little.” She casually regarded the cuetip which had so easily imprisoned her boyfriend. With a smirk she flicked it across the room, landing in a trashcan in the kitchen. Her eyes went wide. “Damn, did you see that?”

“Yeah,” Ash said, a bit impressed, “nice shot… and you said you didn’t have any athletic ability.”

“So is that it then?” Ash asked.

Kacey shrugged, “Show’s over, sorry.”

Ash sighed in disappointment, “Well, thanks for letting me play. I’d better head home and clean up.”

“See you later!” Kacey said with a smile as Ash headed out.

As soon as they were alone in the apartment Kacey giggled and reached a hand down into her underwear again. She hadn’t wanted to let Ash watch this particular display, but she DID want get herself off while Jake was trapped down there, she wouldn’t be able to feel him, but he’d definitely be feeling her!”

Jake’s world was warm and dark, he was trapped against some soft flesh that he thought had to be her outer lips. The amount of fluid picked up steadily, and he felt the world beginning to shake. Kacey’s loud moan echoed from some impossible distance overhead. His mind was threatening to snap from being here in Kacey’s most intimate area at this size, and the sound of her masturbation drove him to join her.

Kacey glanced at her glistening finger again, running over it with the magnifying glass. After finishing herself off the last thing she wanted was for her tiny boyfriend to get stuck on the digit and then sent down the drain when she washed her hands. Satisfied she turned on the sink, Jake was still down where he belonged.

She settled in to her computer chair and logged in. Within a few minutes she forgot about Jake and focused on her game. From there the late afternoon and early evening were pretty much the same as they always were, at least until Kacey’s match was interrupted by something suddenly squirming in her panties.

“Oh god,” she breathed, “L-Look who grew back!” she thought about letting him out, but looking back at the screen she squeezed her legs together and kept clicking rapidly. She giggled and fought down a moan as her orgasm surged and she cast spells. Finally she panted one last time and loosened her legs, letting Jake crawl out.

It was at that point that she realized that the chat in the game had died off. She frowned and was about to turn her microphone on when she saw the speaker icon lit up next to her screenname. Her face paled as she realized she’d just left her microphone on voice detection.

“KCROX are you okay?” someone asked. There was muted laughter in the background.

“Just eating pizza,” she lied feebly, “It was REALLY good.”

“I’ll have what she’s having!” someone joked. Kacey sighed and muted the microphone so she wouldn’t hear the entire lobby laughing.

“So how was it being germ sized?” Kacey asked.

“I had more fun than I thought I would,” he admitted with a smile, “Thanks Kace…”

The two of them were laying in Kacey’s bed, with Jake back to his normal size of three inches she’d taken a shower and cleaned him off too. He was pretty exhausted, and Kacey was happy to just hold him in bed and stroke his hair while they discussed his experiences at such a small size.

“Everything you guys did was just like…” he searched for words, “you were like continents moving or something.”

“I hope we didn’t freak you out too much,” Kacey said. “I mean… Ash gets a little crazy I guess, and I’m…” she giggled, “I guess I’m not much better.”

“I always feel safe with you Kacey,” he said softly.

“So Ash thinks there’s a shrinkee living in the wild near her shop,” She said. “I think she wants me… us I guess, to help her find him.”

“Why?” Jake asked, “if they wanted help they’d go get it.”

“She says she doesn’t want a shrinkee falling into the wrong hands,” Kacey said with a frown.

“Ashley IS the wrong hands,” Jake chuckled.

“Do you really think so?” Kacey asked nervously.

Jake thought about it a moment, “No,” he said finally, “I mean… I think she’s got the shrinkee fever bad, and she’s into some freaky stuff, but I think she’d do the right thing with anyone she found in that position.”

He yawned, “We can talk about it tomorrow? I’m pretty beat.”

“Sure,” she said quietly. She paused a minute, “Jake… can I just hold you in bed tonight?”

The request surprised him, usually he just slept in his own mattress under her bed.

“Yeah, if you want.” She squealed with delight and grabbed him, snuggling him against her cheek as they drifted off to sleep together. 

Chapter 4: Meeting new people by Greenanon

“Jake come here,” Kacey said, mock sweetness dripping from her voice.  “I just want a hug!”

“I don’t think so Kace,” he laughed.

He was under the bed, at the far end just by the wall. Kacey was leering at him from the space between the mattress and the floor. She was wearing a simple white tank top and sweatpants, both had noticeable Cheeto dust marks on them and her skin looked slightly greasy. She’d been trying to convince Jake to buy her a new gaming PC and they were at an impasse, as an extra persuasive measure she’d stopped showering a few days before, knowing the effect her smell had on his shrunken senses.

“Kacey your PC is fine!” he shouted at her, “you play on it all day!”

“It can’t run more recent stuff!” She protested, “It’s getting old!”

“It’s new enough,” he shot back, “Money’s tight!”

The truth was that money wasn’t at all tight for them, he’d just been hoping to save the new PC as a birthday gift for her the next month. Jake’s expenses at three inches tall were pretty low, and despite Kacey’s occasional impulse buying he was able to keep her costs down too. Kacey had even started bringing in a little money herself by selling some of her artwork online. It wasn’t much, but he’d congratulated and encouraged her, even buying her a more expensive drawing tablet.

She’d been nervous about showing him her artwork at first. Admittedly he’d been a little embarrassed when he finally got to see her online gallery, many of the pieces were clearly inspired by things she’d done to him, but it made her happy.

Today though, he was worried he was about to “inspire” a new piece. The game of cat and mouse had begun as soon as Lexi, the receptionist at his office, had dropped him off from work. Each day previously she’d made a point to stop and ask him about the possibility of a new PC, and as her musk built up he found it harder and harder to brush it off. Today he’d hoped to sneak by her and get under the mattress where his things were, she had her headphones on and she was usually completely in another world when gaming.

He'd realized too late as he crept through the apartment that Kacey’s computer was simply displaying her desktop. Like a horror movie slasher she turned and grinned at him, and with a start he realized she’d just been waiting for him to get close. The headphones clattered to the ground as she practically leapt at him.

The thing about Kacey trying to catch him was that she wasn’t very coordinated or athletic, aside from a few attempts from their friend Ash to get her to exercise Kacey probably hadn’t run without hitting X since high school. Most of the time he would just let her handle him, pick him up, today he felt like being a bit evasive.

Jake was three inches tall, but he was a former college football player and he kept in shape to the extent he could. Compared to an opposing lineman coming in for the tackle Kacey might as well have been moving in slow motion. He'd easily dove through her closing fingers, landing with a tumble and picking up a run again. Kacey had been dumfounded by the feat of agility for a moment before going after him.

That was how they’d ended up here, with her circling the bed and him against the wall. He didn’t have an exit strategy, and as soon as she got close to him for any amount of time the pheromone effect would kick in and he’d be hers. He thought about hiding in the living room, but it was just a minefield of Kacey’s dirty laundry, she’d deliberately started tossing her clothes around his usual points of maneuver back when this bizarre contest of wills had begun.

She seemed to guess his thought process and gave him a smug grin, “That’s right Jakey, you run out into the living room and trip over one of my socks, maybe one of my grungy old shirts…” she giggled, “You’ll be so lovestruck I’ll be able to just whistle your name and you’ll come crawling back to me.”

“Not a chance Kacey,” he said, “You’re not getting that gaming PC.”

She rolled her eyes, her hand appeared suddenly, holding a balled sock. With a toss she rolled it under the bed at him. He dove and narrowly avoided it, but the smell of her feet washed over him as it tumbled by.

He suddenly had a very strong desire to run at Kacey, to kiss her, to worship her… He shook his head and stumbled away from the sock.

“Jake,” she said sweetly, “come out! I just want to play with you a little!”

She suddenly seemed MUCH more persuasive, but he was still clearheaded enough to realize he had to make a move. She was readying another sock to roll after him when he bolted out from underneath the mattress. As he rounded the corner and picked up speed towards the couch a shadow passed over him.

“Shit!” he shouted in panic as Kacey’s t-shirt drifted over him like a jellyfish before falling to the earth.

The heavy cloth knocked him off his feet and quickly smothered him. Kacey’s smell seemed to rush in at him like a flood from all sides, and involuntarily he gripped the shirt in his hands and inhaled, the bliss of being so close to her overwhelming him.

“Focus,” he muttered. He threw it away from himself and, gritting his teeth, started wading through the fabric towards the edge. He’d win this, Kacey underestimated him-

The shirt lifted up suddenly as Kacey tossed it aside. He was suddenly looking up at her shirtless form, the neon pink bra contrasting against her pale skin. Once he’d been hit with a dose of those pheromones she always looked radiant, he had to blink and remind himself it was the same old Kacey… the problem was that the same old Kacey was already pretty attractive to him.

She crossed her arms and grinned, “Do you still want to run?” She jokingly lifted her foot, regarding her toes, “Give up right now and you can come over here and give me a kiss on my toe for free…”

“N-No,” he forced himself to turn and start running for the couch. If he could get under there he could wait Kacey out, she’d get bored waiting for him to come out in a few minutes.

He heard a shout, a battle cry really, and he turned to see Kacey diving through the air at him, hand outstretched. His eyes went wide at the same time hers did, both of them realized that while her hand was probably going to miss him the rest of her wasn’t.

This time instead of a shirt it was Kacey’s chest colliding with him, he grunted as her chest bore down on him, crushing him beneath her pink-clad breasts.

Kacey panicked and forced herself up, “Oh shit, Jake? I’m really sorry! Are you okay?”

He was looking up at her with a dazed smile on his face, “I’m amazing,” he breathed. He sat up and looked up at her lovingly.

She sighed and tried to collect herself, feeling guilty for hurting him. Shrinkees were durable, she’d even stepped on Jake in a hard soled shoe once, by accident of course, and while he’d been fine the yelp of pain he’d let out made her think that getting crushed wasn’t a pleasant experience. Luckily it looked like her boobs had cushioned the blow a bit, and the skin contact had definitely been enough to end whatever mental resistance he had left.

“That was an accident,” she said, picking up her now entranced boyfriend. “So I’m going to make it up to you by not punishing you as badly as I normally would for running away from me.”

“P-Punish?” Jake asked, blinking as she slowly stripped his clothing off.

She slowly pulled the cup of her bra away from her skin and placed him in, gently tucking him down against her nipple. She poked him into a better place slightly with her fingers. When she felt he was placed in a comfortable spot she smiled in approval and pushed the bra back in place, covering him completely. She walked back over to the discarded shirt and lazily put it back on, wrinkling her nose at her own smell.

“You better cave soon Jake,” she giggled, jostling her breasts through the shirt. “If I get much worse you might not ever snap out of it.” She playfully touched her chin, “What would I do with a permanently zombiefied little slave?”

She heard muffled cries from her chest and felt a tiny bit of movement. She raised her eyebrows, she was genuinely impressed that he was still fighting. She sat down in her gaming chair and tried to decide what she’d play for the duration of Jake’s “punishment.” With an annoyed growl she gently poked him back down into the bra through her shirt.

“That is SOME willpower,” she said as he fell back into his prison again. “You’ve really gotten better at managing your little problem with me,” she giggled, “but I think we both know that once you’re in my underwear it’s already game over.”

Jake made one last attempt to escape as the loadscreen for Kacey’s current favorite game flashed across the monitor, but another casual poke from her fingers through her shirt knocked him in, and he started to go still as her smell started to cloud his senses again.

“That’s right,” she said softly, jostling her breasts again, “Just give up, just give me what I want.”

“KCROX it’s a little early in the match for trash talk,” someone said over her microphone.

She started and looked back at the screen, scowling as she realized she left her microphone on again. She pushed Jake out of her mind, she could have another chat with him between rounds.

“So I think I’d like 60fps at max settings and-“

“No,” Jake said, blinking and summoning all of his willpower, “It’s too expensive!”

Kacey shrugged, “Do you need a little more time to think it over?” she started lowering him back into her bra as he struggled in her hand. She sighed and looked for another match.

Kacey sighed happily at her second win of the day. She took another sip of her energy drink and decided to check on her prisoner. She took her shirt off again and draped it over the back of the chair. Her hand slipped into her bra and she giggled when she saw a small wet stain right where Jake had been.

“Someone had fun,” she mused as she drew him out. “So, are we ready to talk about my new PC’s specs?”

“Y-Yeah Kace,” Jake said, his eyes wide, “however many cores or whatever you need-“

She was about to start questioning him about a new monitor when her phone rang. She placed Jake on the desk and scowled as she reached for it. Who would be calling her? She frowned when she saw Ash’s name and picture. What was so important that she couldn’t just text?

“Hey Ash, what’s up?” she asked. Jake was motioning to be picked up again, but she just waved him away dismissively.

“Kacey I need you and Jake to come over here RIGHT NOW!” Ash practically shouted into the phone.

Kacey sat up, “What’s going on?” Jake seemed to regain some of his senses seeing her panic.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, but she waved him away, accidentally knocking him over with the tip of her finger. She tried to apologize but Ash interrupted her.

“The tiny guy!” Ash said excitedly, “The one I told you was living in the lot behind the shop? I’ve got him!”

“You captured him?” Kacey asked nervously. She still wasn’t sure that Ash was approaching the situation in the best way.

“Kind of,” Ash said, “I’ve got him trapped in the store! Can you and Jake come over and help me get him?”

“Uhhh…” Kacey thought a moment, “We’ll be right over,” she decided.

“What is it?” Jake asked again.

“Ash is probably traumatizing some poor shrinkee,” she said with a sigh.

Kacey had reluctantly gotten herself cleaned up before collecting Jake and driving over to Ash’s coffee shop. She usually placed Jake in the passenger’s side cupholder, the driver’s side always had a sticky residue at the bottom.

“You know this means I won right?” Jake said smugly.

“What!?” Kacey exclaimed as she pulled into the parking lot, “I had you caught, you were about to promise me whatever computer I wanted!”

“Yeah, but you didn’t seal the deal,” Jake said, “we were talking specs but we never made any firm decisions.” He crossed his arms, “You didn’t shower for almost a week Kacey, and I held out, maybe you’re just not as beautiful and entrancing as you thought?”

“I’m going to tie you in my gym sock later,” she said casually.

His eyes went wide, “Wait, I take it back-“

“Nope,” she said as she took the keys out of the ignition, “You’re going to get it for that trash talk.” She reached down and grabbed him out of the cupholder, squeezing him just slightly harder than usual.

Ash’s shop had a “CLOSED” sign on the front, but as Kacey checked the door she found it unlocked.

“Ash?” She said slowly.

“CLOSE THE DOOR!” The other girl said, popping up from behind the counter so quickly that her black beret nearly flew off her head. “He’s on the floor in here somewhere!”

Kacey shrugged and let the door shut behind her, “So what do you want us to do?”

Ash walked out from behind the counter, giving Ash and Kacey a good look at her. Instead of her normal uniform she was wearing a black leather skirt with a lace up corset design, a set of long black gloves, and thigh high black leather boots.

“Ash, what are you wearing!?” Kacey asked in shock.

“It’s to bait him out!” Ash explained, she turned to the tiny man in Kacey’s palm, “Jake, if you had to turn yourself in to a normal girl, or a girl wearing a super sexy outfit, which would you choose?”

“The normal girl,” Jake said, trying not to laugh, “I don’t think the dominatrix outfit is sending the right signals.”

“Hey!” Ash said defensively, “I look fantastic!”

“Nobody said you didn’t,” Jake said hesitantly, “but… you’re basically asking this guy to trust you with his life, and-“

“There he goes!” Ash shouted. The three of them turned to see a three inch man clad in what looked like a tunic made out of leaves sprint out from under the display fridge. Ash went after him, the hard soles of her boots clicking against the tiled floor. Not sure what else to do Kacey followed, Jake in hand.

“Damnit!” Ash shouted, “he’s behind the bookcase!” She knelt down next to it, “Hey buddy,” she said in a soothing voice, “I just want to help- OW!”

Ash scooted backwards, blinking one eye, “He tossed a pebble in my eye!” She held out a hand, “Kacey, give me Jake!”

Kacey hugged Jake close suddenly, “Uh… Ash, why don’t you just calm down and-“

“I just want to show him I can be nice and cuddle a tiny!”

“Why don’t I go talk with him?” Jake offered.

“I don’t know,” Kacey muttered, “He’s a feral shrinkee Jake, what if he beats you up or bites you or something?”

“It’s just some other poor guy who had this horrible thing happen to him,” Jake said in exasperation, “You two are acting like he’s a wild animal or something.” He pointed down to the small space between the bookshelf and the wall, “Put me down Kacey.”

She slowly lowered him down and he took a minute to straighten his clothes. He wished he’d worn one of his tailored outfits, general doll clothes were cheaper but they never fit him just right. The normal sized people didn’t notice much, but to another shrinkee he’d probably look like he was wearing something at least one size too big for him.

He inched behind the bookshelf and immediately saw another figure. He had light brown hair, and as opposed to Jake’s athleticism this was someone who had clearly been on the scrawny side pre-shrinking. He was a bit younger than Jake too, maybe early twenties? His clothing was an assortment of small leaves tied together with a fiber Jake didn’t recognize.

“Uh, hey,” Jake said, extending a hand, “Name’s Jake, what’s yours?”

“A-Andy,” the kid said hesitantly said. He reached out and tentatively shook Jake’s hand. “Here’s what we can do,” he said quietly, “You run out that way, and I’ll run out the other way, they’ll only be able to get one of us. If you make it out I have a burrow in the lot behind this place and-“

“Whoa, slow down,” Jake said, “I’m actually here with my girlfriend.”

Andy’s eyes went wide, “That maniac is your-“

“Uh, no,” Jake said, “not her.” He gestured for Andy to follow him to the edge where he pointed out Kacey, who was now lounging at one of the tables.

“Oh,” Andy said, a bit relieved, “She looks a bit more… normal. Could she… could she help us out? Maybe fight the crazy one off?”

“No she’s not going to do that,” Jake said, trying not to laugh at the image of Kacey trying to fight anyone, “Look, how… aware of the situation are you?”

“I got shrunk, I overheard some other people did too, the government is letting people take us as pets, anything else?” Andy asked bitterly.

“No,” Jake sighed, “That’s about it.” Living with Kacey, Jake had the luxury not to think about the precarious legal situation for shrinkees. “Do you have anyone you might want to go with Andy? Parents maybe? A sibling? Like if you could get in contact with them?”

“Send me back to them?” He spat, “at this size? You might as well kill me now.”

“Okay,” Jake sighed, so he didn’t have a great home life… “Well… Ashley out there, the one dressed up in uh… black, she really wants to… take you in I guess.”

“Take me in?” Andy asked suspiciously, looking at Ash. Noticing the two of them peeking out at her she waved brightly. “Yeah, no thanks.” Andy muttered. “I don’t know what your deal is with these people, but you seem like you’ve got some Stockholm syndrome or something.”

“I knew Kacey before I shrank,” he said defensively, “she was the ONLY one who stuck by me when this happened. Ash is…” he thought of what to say, “She’s a friend, and you really need all the ones you can get at this size.”

“I’ve been doing fine,” Andy said with a sigh. “Look… I don’t want to get into it, but I was finally going to have a bit of freedom in my life when…” he scowled and gestured at the two of them, “when THIS happened, I don’t feel like giving up the little bit I still managed to get.”

“It’s going to be winter soon,” Jake said quietly. “I don’t think we can stay warm at this size like we used to… I’m already starting to get chills just getting carried outside.”

“That’s why I was trying to scope this place out,” Andy said, glancing out at the two girls again, “I figured I could maybe live out of her storeroom and she wouldn’t notice.” He sighed, “Obviously she did, she waited until I was inside and then she put glue traps around the vents. I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to figure out another way out.”

“Glue traps?” Jake muttered; Ash had really blown the first impression. “Okay… here’s what we’re going to do,” he sighed.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Ash said quietly, waving sweetly at the tiny men watching her and Kacey from behind the bookshelf.

Kacey shrugged, helping herself to one of the powdered donuts out of the case.

“Probably just trying to convince this guy you’re not a psycho,” Kacey said.

“Okay,” Jake said loudly, walking out from behind the bookshelf. “Andy is going to come out here and say hi to you guys.”

“Andy?” Ash gushed, “That’s such a cute name!”

“I’d tone it down on that,” Kacey said.

Another shrinkee slowly, hesitantly, followed Jake out. Ash squealed as she got a good look at him, Jake sighed and rolled his eyes.

“H-Hi,” Andy said quietly. Shrinkees were always a bit soft, but Kacey and Ash had to crane to hear him.

“Andy!” Ash said excitedly, getting down on her knees and reaching for him, “I’m Ash! I’m so excited you’re going to be staying here with me-“

“Woah now,” Jake said, holding up a hand. “He agreed to come out from behind the shelf, and that was because I promised you weren’t going to make a grab for him.”

Ash hesitated, seeing the flinching tiny man, and gently inched back, “Sorry,” she muttered.

“I figured it would be best if we all just sort of… talked things out,” Jake said, “Andy?”

“I uh…” he gulped under the scrutiny of the two giantesses, “I would… like to maybe start staying in the coffee shop, it’s getting cold outside and-“

“The coffee shop?” Ash asked with a frown, “No way! You’re coming back to my apartment!”

“I don’t know about that,” Andy said. Jake noticed he was glancing at the exits.

“The coffee shop isn’t a home!” Ash said, “I already ordered a tiny care kit from the government! I’ve got a size meter and everything!”

“Size meter?” Andy asked.

Jake sighed, “You know how sometimes you wake up and you’re a bit bigger or smaller? There’s a meter to check on those size shifts, you can tell how big you’re going to be a day ahead of time.”

“It… would be nice to know,” Andy said, “My last one put me up to a foot and I couldn’t get in to my burrow for a day, I was hiding naked.”

“Must be nice to have one that goes UP,” Jake muttered, “Mine only ever seem to go down.”

“Nah,” Andy said, “they make you easier to see, there were these sorority girls who spent a whole day looking for me one time when I went to the park at six inches… I barely made it out of that one.”

“That’s why you should stay with me!” Ash jumped in, “Think about it! You don’t know what kind of weirdos are out there!” Andy glanced at Ash, the dominatrix outfit’s shiny black material reflecting the light.

“Yeah… weirdos,” he muttered, “What’s with the umm… outfit?”

Ash smiled, “You like it right? I went and put it on as soon as I had you trapped in here!”

“You keep that at work?” Kacey asked, reaching for a second donut.

“I’ve been planning this for awhile okay?” Ash muttered, crossing her arms.

“Why would you need an outfit… like that, to catch me?” Andy asked.

“You know,” Ash said playfully, “A little bait to… lure you out.” She leaned down, getting on her hands, giving her a look like a cat about to leap at the two tiny men. “I REALLY like tiny guys Andy… I think we could have a lot of fun together.”

Jake looked to see Andy’s expression, his eyes were wide and he was speechless. For his part Jake had to take a second glance at Ashley himself, she looked stunning.

“I-I,” the younger shrinkee stammered.

Ash gave a fake pout, “Come on Andy, let me play with you a bit…” She reached for him, and this time he was too stunned to move away. With a slow and triumphant squeeze Ash smiled and wrapped her fingers around his tiny body and drew him to her. She stood up and gave him a grin, his expression changed as he realized what had happened, looking for Kacey and Jake like a fly who’d just realized it was caught in a spider’s web.

“So Andy,” Kacey said cautiously, “Are you uhhh… okay with staying with Ash for a bit?”

Andy blinked and try to gather his thoughts, “I think maybe we could try it out for… just tonight.”

“Oh no little man,” Ash said in a seductive voice, “I caught you, it’s over!”

“Ash,” Kacey said in a low voice, “cut it out.”

Ashley sighed, “Fine…” She looked down at Andy, “Look, just stay with me a week, if it doesn’t work out you can stay over the winter in the store room and I’ll toss you the leftover pastries at the end of every day.” He started to say something but Ash’s giant finger came up and silenced him, “You are NOT going back to that vacant lot, so don’t even ask.”

He looked to Jake for help, but he just shifted uncomfortably, “It’s… probably a good idea not to go back to it,” he said finally.

“Fine,” Andy said, “I guess it couldn’t hurt to live with…” he looked up at Ash and gulped, “her, for a few days, just to see how it is…”

“Great! Let’s get going,” Ash said. Without warning, and shocking both Jake and Kacey she shoved Andy into her ample cleavage, shored up by the tight outfit she was wearing. His face went red, and for a moment it looked like he was about to climb out, but a single one of Ash’s fingers came down and pushed him slowly down between her breasts until he couldn’t be seen anymore.

“Ash!” Kacey exclaimed, “isn’t that a little… forward?”

She shrugged, “I’m a forward person Kacey.” She grinned and looked down at Jake, “You look jealous little guy, maybe Kacey should put you somewhere fun for the drive home?”

She walked past the two of them to a series of coat hooks hanging on the wall, she took a long brown trenchcoat and draped it over herself, tying the sash and obscuring the provocative black outfit. She looked at them and laughed.

“Oh come on guys, I don’t mind letting you two see the goods, but I’m not driving home in just this thing.”

“Yeah,” Jake said, fighting amusement, “Makes total sense.”

“Ash,” Kacey said nervously, “T-try to be gentle, okay? I know tinies are durable and all but-“

“Relax Kace,” Ash said, waving a hand dismissively, “I’m going to take very good care of my new friend. There’s no way he’ll want to leave when I’m done with him.”

Jake and Kacey were quiet for the first few minutes as they drove back to the apartment complex. Kacey broke the silence first.

“Jake,” she said slowly, “Should we… should we have stepped in or something? Taken him with us maybe?”

He sighed, “I think… Ashley is a nice person underneath all of her… Ashley, and honestly Kacey? if I was in that guy’s position, and I didn’t have someone like you, then Ash wouldn’t be a bad option. Let’s just give them a few days and see if they get along.”

“I guess you’re right,” Kacey said, “we can always go get him and bring him somewhere else if he really hates it with her…”

“I think that Ash is going to be pretty persuasive,” Jake said.

“Speaking of persuasive,” Kacey said with a slow smile, “I believe we were in the middle of an argument about my new gaming PC?”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “We agreed you didn’t need one.” He gave her a smug grin, “I won remember?”

Kacey hummed the opening theme to an anime she’d been watching recently as she tied the top of her gym sock closed. From the protests being shouted from inside she guessed that Jake had thought she was joking when she’d made the threat earlier. She balled up the now inescapable sock in her hand and shoved it to the very bottom of her laundry basket, muting whatever noise Jake was making from his prison.

“Feeling like a winner Jake?” she said to herself, after all Jake probably couldn’t hear her under there. “I’ll come get you in like twenty minutes and then we’ll have that new PC conversation again.”

She left Jake to his fate and happily sauntered over to her desk. As she logged on she idly wondered what Ash and Andy were doing, and if things were going okay.

“Ash…” she muttered to herself, “Please be nice to him…”

“I can’t take anymore,” Andy said.

“Just eat one more little piece!” Ash insisted, “Come on! This has got to be like the first real food you’ve had since shrinking!” She hovered a donut crumb the size of an apple in front of him.

“It’s great,” he insisted, “but I’m full! Really!”

Ashley did a fake pout and pulled the crumb away. He was sitting on a small dinner plate, the furniture sized donut next to him. She’d dribbled a bit of water on one side, he was able to scoop it up with his hands. Tapwater was another thing he’d never considered a luxury until now, he’d mostly been collecting dew or rainwater.

“I’ll get some cups and stuff for you tomorrow,” she said, seeing him bend over to get himself another drink, “Jake and Kacey know a lady that makes doll stuff, I guess she makes things for Jake.” Ash frowned, “We’re going to lose the leaf outfits too.”

“What’s wrong with them?” he asked, looking down at his makeshift clothes with a frown.

“When you bend over I can see stuff,” Ash said with a predatory grin.

He gulped and nervously tried to pull the leaf a bit lower down his legs. She laughed at that and gently reached a finger down to stroke his head. He flinched, he still wasn’t sure he liked being handled so much, but if she noticed the reaction she ignored it. As she continued it felt oddly… soothing.

“I got you a size meter,” She said, pulling her finger away, “Let’s check and see if you’re staying at three inches tomorrow or if you’ll be even cuter!”

She slowly sauntered over to her closet, still wearing the black dominatrix outfit from before. As she opened it his eyes went wide, hanging and neatly organized on a variety of hooks and pouches was a wide collection of handcuffs, whips, chains, leather outfits, and sex toys of various sizes. Oblivious to his reaction Ash rooted around near the floor for a minute, coming out with a green remote, closing the closet door again.

“Okay,” She said sweetly as she held it over him, “Let’s see what we’ve got…” there was a beep as she pressed the button, she showed him the small display.

“Three inches,” he sighed with relief, “It’s nice to know if they’re coming, I guess… the first time I changed size it scared the hell out of me… I thought it was hard moving around that lot at three inches, it’s impossible at one.”

“You don’t need to worry about that stuff anymore,” Ash said dismissively, “if you get too small…” she giggled a bit, “Well… I’ll make sure you have fun.” She collected herself a moment, “Do you want me to turn on the TV?”

“Sure!” he said. It was strange, he hadn’t watched TV since shrinking, mostly focusing on day to day survival and hiding. Most of his news came from what he could glean from the front page stories on newsracks.

The TV flipped on to a cable news program, a middle aged woman with a bobcut was angrily debating another woman with glasses and a rigid looking pantsuit.

“That’s why we need to ban research into this “regrowth program,” the bobcut woman shouted, “Think of the environmental and economic impact of regrowing shrinkees? If it were even possible!”

“We believe it is possible someday,” The other woman said, clearly fighting to remain calm, “And can we really turn our backs on our fellow-“

“Turn our backs?” bobcut said with a false smile, “Shrinkees LOVE being small, for many it’s the happiest they’ve ever been! That’s why I lobbied our congressmen for the shrinkee protection act, so they could have their affairs taken care of properly, and it’s why I’m against the regrowth program research.” She paused a moment, “I can’t say I’m religious myself, but we should perhaps consider what some spiritual leaders are saying-“

“I can’t believe you!” The pantsuited woman exploded, “Are you saying people like my husband DESERVED to-“

“We can’t rule it out,” The bobcut woman said smugly, “All I’m saying.”

“Can we turn this off?” Andy asked.

“Yeah,” Ash said, flipping the channel quickly, “Sorry… I didn’t know it would be politics on.”

“It’s fine…” he sighed, “The woman there that was saying they should ban the regrowth thing… That was my stepmom.”

“Damn,” Ash said, eyes going wide, “Does she know you’re…”

“She was there on Shrinking Day,” he said. He laughed in spite of himself, “Imagine giving your dad and his golddigger wife the big “I’m never going to have to see you again” speech that you’ve spent a year working yourself up to, and then you go down to three inches tall in front of them.” He sighed, “I’m just glad I got away before anyone else realized what was going on.”

“That’s rough,” Ash said uncomfortably, “And you don’t have anyone else you’d maybe want me to help you find? Other family? Friends?” she paused, not sure how far to press, “Girlfriend maybe?”

“Girls never really liked me,” he said with a sigh, “I was hoping to start fresh with everything.” He chuckled, “I guess I kind of did.”

“You made the right decision Andy,” Ash said with what she hoped was a comforting smile. “Now let’s talk about how you and I are going to do things…”

She gently picked him up, if nothing else she’d lost the gloves, letting him rest against the soft skin of her hand as she regarded him. She slowly walked into her bedroom, a rather sparse and neatly kept place with a single French film poster decorating the wall.

“You ever been in a girl’s room before?” Ash said with a smile as she lay on the bed, looking at her captive. “Be honest Andy, I’ll know.”

“N-No,” he stuttered, “I thought you wanted to talk about… living arrangements or something?”

She shrugged, “You want a glass tank, I’ll get you a glass tank, want a little bed? Say the word. You’re my Shrinkee Andy, but you’re a big boy,” she giggled, “Well… maybe not so big, but you can make your own decisions on your day-to-day stuff.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said. “But what-“

Ash dropped him directly between her breasts, trapping him easily as he flailed around. She giggled and let him struggle a moment before he was able to find some footing. She put her arms behind her head and leaned into her pillow a bit, giving her a good view of him.

“I’m going to be honest with you Andy,” Ash said, “I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a tiny guy ever since this whole shrinking thing started, I’ve wanted my own toy man to play with.” Her grin grew wider, “You Andy? You’re like a dream come true to me, a bit timid, scared…” She growled a bit, causing him to nervously step back, “Honestly Andy, I’d have a great time playing with you at full size, but now?” She breathed out slowly, forcing herself to calm down, “Look, you can still stay here, or at the shop, or wherever, if you say no…” She licked her lips, “But if you let me, I’m going to rock your world tonight.”

Andy’s brain was fried, he’d gone all through school without so much as a girlfriend, and now here was a giant woman, a giant GORGEOUS woman, just throwing herself at him. He felt a mix of raging hormones and fear, and worse yet she was enjoying it. Did he really want to be this woman’s toy?

“Fuck,” he muttered, the mental conflict was winding down, and one side was clearly winning. “Yeah,” he said, “I-I’m yours.”

“Good choice of words,” she purred with a smile. “Now I have two more questions, do you know what a safe word is, and do you have a latex allergy?”

“Uhhh…” He gulped, “Yes to the first, no to the second.”

“Oh good,” Ash said, “Let’s go with red light, something nice and simple.”

Without waiting for him to respond her arms came off the pillow and swiped him up, his world spun as he was dangled above Ash’s grinning face by one arm. He panicked as he was slowly lowered down into her slowly opening mouth, seeing his expression Ash just winked at him.

Her lips closed around his stomach, bathing his lower half her warm mouth. He gasped and squirmed as he felt her tongue creep up his legs. She gave a muted giggle, and the vice of her lips tightened around his midsection, holding him in place as her tongue reached the natural endpoint of it’s discovery.

He shouted in pleasure as Ashley worked him, her smug eyes focusing on his tiny form as he stuck out of her mouth. He collapsed against her upper lip, panting and occasionally spasming as she kept licking his intimates. He shivered at the sudden cool of the air as she slowly lifted him out of her mouth, again holding him by his arm.

“Tasty,” Ash said, licking her lips, “Was that your first blowjob? Be honest, I’ll know!”

She wouldn’t obviously, but she’d found that young men would believe statements like that from pretty women.

“Y-Yeah,” he stammered, still a bit breathless.

“Let’s make a night of firsts,” Ash growled as she sat up.

All Andy could do was dangle from her fingers and nod eagerly.

Kacey sighed and looked at Jake, kissing her feet as she propped them on the coffee table. She’d dug him out of the laundry basket after around forty-five minutes, the match she’d started had gone on much longer than she’d expected.

“Gaming PC?” She asked with a smile.

“YES!” Jake said, kissing her giant feet, “Any one you want!”

She frowned, “I showered just a few hours ago, and I took you out of that sock-“

Jake paused, and laughed, pulling away a moment.

“Maybe I just like your feet Kacey? Maybe I just like you?”

“If you’re not entranced by my wonderful… presence,” she said hesitantly, “name something about me that isn’t perfect.

“How much time do I have?” Jake asked with a smile.

“Okay wise guy,” she said, pushing her foot down on him again, “your head is DEFINITELY clear right now, so no games, are you buying me that PC or what?”

He scowled, “Wait until your birthday, alright?”

She sighed happily, “It’s all you had to say!” She forced her toe back down on his face and giggled as she felt his erection against the sole of her foot. She slowly started rocking her foot back and forth, causing Jake to grunt.

“K-Kacey,” He protested, fighting feebly against her.

“Shhh,” she whispered, “Come on…”

He grunted in pleasure and Kacey felt a small drop of wetness splash against the bottom of her foot.

“There we go,” she said with a smile.

Kacey made a point to get up early the next day, shooing Lexi away when she showed up for her usual carpool with Jake. The two of them drove in Kacey’s beater to Ashley’s coffee shop, and as she grabbed him out of the cupholder there was an unspoken agreement between the two of them that if Andy wasn’t happy with Ashley, they would figure out a plan. Both of them were nervous about the prospect, but mutual awkwardness kept them from voicing their concerns.

“Hey Ash!” Kacey said nervously as she set Jake on the counter. “We’re here to umm… get pastries for Jake’s office.”

“Cool!” Ash said with an uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “Andy, can you take the order?”

The other tiny man trudged out from behind the register, wearing a small apron with the coffee shop logo on it, along with a black beret that matched Ashley’s.

“What do you guys want?” He asked, holding a golf pencil the size of his torso.

“Andy!” Jake said excitedly, “Is Ash letting you work here?”

He shrugged, “I didn’t want to just stay at the apartment all day. I’ve been by myself for months, if I’m giving myself up I might as well start talking to people again.”

“Don’t think of it as giving yourself up,” Ash said as she leaned over the counter next to him. “Think of it as… moving on to the next phase of your life.”

“I…” he gulped and looked at her, “Can we… hold off on mailing those forms in? The ones that say you’re my…”

“Owner?” Ash asked with a small smile, “Guardian, whatever the term they’re using is.”

“Yeah,” he said quietly.

“I won’t fill out a single line until you’re ready,” Ash said, standing back up, “but just an fyi if you’re going to hang out here all day I’d like to pay you for it, and you can’t get a bank account as an unclaimed shrinkee.”

“It’s true,” Kacey said, “it sucks, they’re always calling me to see if I approved Jake’s money decisions. I don’t even know what a 401k is!”

“Well,” Jake began, “It’s a kind of account that-“

“Okay, let’s get them their donuts,” Ash said, picking up Andy and carrying him to the shop’s small kitchen area.

“Don’t worry about those forms, or money, or whatever,” Ash said, placing him next to a box as she filled it with pastries. “Just try to enjoy life for a few days before you make any hard decisions, I think you’ve earned it.” She smiled and gently ruffled his hair with her finger.

“Thanks,” he said. He was really coming around to Ashley, he’d already made up his mind that he’d be staying with her, central heating, hot water, and fresh food had proven too great a siren song compared to his life in the vacant lot. Then there was Ash herself, he fought a wave of arousal as he looked up at the giant barista, she really had been a lot nicer than he’d expected, and he’d have considered himself lucky to spend a night with her at any size... He had a good feeling about things.

“Morning Jake!” Lexi called cheerfully as Kacey walked him in to his office. He waved politely as Kacey placed him, and the donuts, on his desk.

“Whoa,” Kacey breathed, “they got you a little keyboard and monitor?” She peered down and looked at his miniature office space from every angle. “Could we… get one of these for home?” She asked. “You could play video games and stuff.”

“That setup costs nearly ten thousand dollars,” Ms Black said from behind them, causing Kacey to jump. “It would be a tad wasteful to use it for video games, don’t you think?” The older woman smiled at Kacey’s obvious discomfort.

“I mean…” Kacey cleared her throat, “He could also use it to… work from home, or something.”

Ms. Black ignored the remark, smiling down pleasantly at Jake, “I’m so glad you’re going to treat yourself this morning dear!” She said, eyeing the box of donuts, “I really shouldn’t… but-“ she delicately grabbed one herself and started taking a bite.

She regarded Kacey a moment, “You know Kacey… Lexi, our receptionist is visiting her family next week, I could really use someone to fill in for her… if you’re not too busy.”

Kacey fought down a nervous squeak, “Wha- Me? Here? In an office?” She gave a nervous laugh and looked to Jake for help, but he was smiling and crossing his arms. “Uh, I don’t know if I know how to-“

“It’s easy dear,” Ms. Black said, “You just answer the phones and let people in. Maybe grab coffee for people if they’re busy.”

“You should do it Kacey,” Jake said, “It’ll be a learning experience.”

“Yes, your first honest day’s work,” Ms. Black said with an almost predatory grin.

Kacey felt a pit form in her stomach, “I-I guess I’ll do it,” she said, forcing herself to smile, “We’ll be coworkers Jake! It’ll be so much… fun.”

Kacey screamed internally.

Chapter 5: The Office by Greenanon

“Jake I can’t do this,” Kacey whined. In her button up shirt, miniskirt, pantyhose, and heels she looked every inch the proper office lady.

“You look great!” Jake said, he was in her palm, his own suit and jacket billowing slightly in the cool wind. He’d had Elsie make him a longer coat as the weather had grown colder, seeing his discomfort Kacey grabbed him a bit closer, closing a hand around him.

Ms. Black pulled into the parking lot in front of their apartment and cheerfully waved to them. Kacey carried him down the steps and got in to his boss’s car.

“Good morning!” Ms. Black said in a singsong voice, “Kacey dear, put Jake in this little carry case.”

Kacey obediently lowered Jake down to the small plastic case on the floor, with a sigh Jake walked through the small plastic doors and began strapping himself into the seat. He hated these things, but Ms. Black was always insistent that he use one, in cars at least.

“Don’t you feel so much better Kacey?” Ms. Black said with a smile, “Getting up early, going in to work like a productive member of society?”

Kacey glumly looked down at Jake, who stared daggers at her.

“Y-Yeah,” she mumbled, “I feel… great.”

“So, I just sit here at the desk all day?” Kacey asked, looking over Lexi’s receptionist desk.

“Take phone calls,” Ms. Black instructed, “If necessary, connect callers to the appropriate party,” she showed a series of buttons next to the office phone which would allow Kacey to forward a call to other people in the office. “You might also need to do some copying or run an errand if someone needs it,” she explained. “You could also fill out some of these expenses spreadsheets.”

“Okay,” Kacey said with a sigh, settling in to the chair. She spun the office chair around once, wondering if Jake really wanted her to work the entire week… did most people really spend the WHOLE DAY working like this? Surely they took breaks or something, right?

After what felt like an eternity of taking calls and filling out the spreadsheet Kacey growled and stood up. She walked over to Jake’s desk, sparing a quick glance at Ms. Black’s office. The other woman was on the phone and looked busy.

“Hey Jake,” Kacey whispered, standing behind his tiny cubicle. “I was thinking… maybe we could make it a half day?”

Jake glanced at the clock, “Kacey, it’s not even 9:30.” He went back to what he’d been typing.

Kacey grumbled and trudged back to her desk.

“Well what do we have here?” An Asian woman with two other ladies flanking her said, standing over Kacey’s desk.

“Oh, hey,” Kacey said cautiously. “I’m-“

“The famous Kacey,” the woman, who Kacey pegged as the ringleader, said, “I’m Mandy.” She gestured to either side of her, “This is Patty and Tammy.”

“N-Nice to meet you,” Kacey said nervously. She’d never really gotten along well with other girls, and these three were giving her flashbacks to the high school cliques that had bullied her.

The lead girl, Mandy, seemed to notice her apprehension and scowled a bit, “Come on, we don’t bite. We’re going across the street to get coffee, do you want to come with?”

Kacey desperately wanted to say no, but she more desperately wanted to leave her desk.

“Sure,” she said reluctantly.

The four women went down the elevator together, the other three were gossiping about some reality show they all watched, Kacey just nodded when they turned to her during the conversation. She wasn’t really sure what they wanted out of her, but she followed them across the street to Ash’s coffee shop anyways.

“Well if it isn’t the office barbies,” Ash scowled as they walked in together. “Three with extra sugar, extra cream, a little botox on the side?”

“You’re lucky your dingy little shop is right across the street from us,” Mandy sniffed, “if we had to go much further it might be worth it to find a GOOD cup of coffee.”

Ash frowned, “Cut the crap, you know this is the best in town, and if you’re the best you don’t have to be nice.”

Mandy actually smiled, “A philosophy I wholeheartedly agree with.” She slapped Kacey’s ass hard, causing the girl to squeal and involuntarily leap to the front of the group. “New girl is buying today.”

Ash raised an eyebrow, “Kacey?”

“H-hey,” she said, her face going red. “I’m uhh… filling in for someone at Jake’s office this week.”

Ash stared a minute, then with a muted chuckle she pulled out her phone and snapped a quick picture of Kacey. Kacey sighed and looked down, did she look that silly?

“Sorry Kace,” she said, “but I might never see you dressed this nice again.”

“Hey, stop picking on the new girl!” Patty said suddenly throwing an arm around Kacey.

“Yeah,” Mandy said, “She looks great!” For once there didn’t seem to be a barb in that, and Kacey actually felt a little better.

Ash laughed and rolled her eyes, “Andy!” she called, “Take their orders while I get some stuff out of the oven!”

The three inch tall man trudged out from behind the register, like before he had a golf pencil and a pad of paper almost the same size as his body. He awkwardly set the paper down and readied the pencil

“Hi ladies,” He said with a smile, “What would you like?”

“Oh. My. God.” Tammy breathed, “M-Mandy do you see-“

“Hey Tiny,” Mandy purred, sidling up to the counter. “Three-“ she looked at Kacey, “Four number sevens, tell the beatnik queen in there we all want scones too.”

Andy nodded and wrote the orders down. When he was done he tossed the pencil to the side and grabbed their order form. With a quick sprint he ran to the side of the counter and with a series of quick jumps on stacked cans he stuck their order on the top part of the counter. He leapt back down and with a flourish pushed the card reader towards an impressed Mandy, who, despite her promises that Kacey would pay, presented her own card.

“This one is even cuter than Jake,” Patty said with a squeal, hugging Kacey’s shoulders.

“Well I don’t know about that,” Kacey started. “Jake is pretty-“

“Jake is cute because he’s some big alpha brodude who’s tiny,” Mandy muttered, walking back to them, “This one is cute because… he’s friggin cute!” She had a devious grin suddenly, “Girls, let’s grab him!”

Kacey’s eyes went wide, “Guys I don’t think that’s a good idea-“

“I just want a closer look,” Mandy said, peering back to Andy, who was walking back behind the register.

The click of Mandy’s heels against the floor gave the tiny man a warning that she was coming. He looked up and gave her a nervous smile.

“Oh, hi, did you need something else-“

She grabbed him off the counter swiftly, causing her two friends to giggle and Kacey to grimace. Not sure what else to do Kacey followed the other girls to a nearby table. With a smile Mandy held her closed fist over the table, opening it and letting Andy tumble down to the surface.

“H-Hey!” Andy shouted, standing back up, “What’s the big idea?” He looked to Kacey for help, she bit her lower lip and tried to think of what she could do.

“We just wanted to say hi!” Mandy said, her two minions giggled.

“Guys come on,” Kacey said weakly, “Let’s just let the poor guy-“

“P-PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” Andy shouted, going to his knees. He raised his hands over his head, causing Mandy, Tammy, and Patty to flinch back a bit.

“H-hey-“ Mandy said nervously, “Come on kid, we didn’t mean to-“

Andy was on the verge of tears, with a scowl Kacey snatched him up.

“Hey Andy,” She said softly, walking him back to the counter, “It’s fine.”

“S-sorry for freaking out like that,” he sniffed, “I’m just… not really used to being around you bigger people yet.” He forced a smile, “I was on my own for too long I guess.”

“Why does Andy look upset?” Ashley asked in a low voice as she walked past Kacey holding a tray, “and why is he over here with you Kacey?”

“I was just saying hi,” Andy lied, “Kacey was just taking me back to the counter.”

Ash glared at the office ladies, who seemed to hunker down a bit as she brought their tray over. With a smile Kacey dropped Andy off on the counter and went to rejoin them, she couldn’t quite hear what Ash had said to them, but they all seemed a bit pale as she sat back down.

“I-Is the little guy okay?” Mandy asked quietly. “We… really didn’t mean to-“

“He’ll be fine,” Kacey said. “Maybe you can say you’re sorry before we leave or something… Andy had it a bit rougher than Jake did when this whole shrinking thing started.”

“Yeah,” Patty said suddenly, “Jake seems pretty resilient, he always just ignores us when we try to mess with him.” Mandy shot her a look but it was too late.

 “Wait,” Kacey asked with a wry smile, “What do you guys do to Jake?”

“You know,” Mandy muttered, “Just kind of… drop stuff in front of him and then bend down REALLY low to pick it up.”

They all prepared for the outburst, having more or less admitted to flirting with a man in front of his girlfriend, but Kacey just giggled. She always enjoyed teasing Jake about being loaned out, though with Andy in the picture Ash didn’t seem as interested these days. The thought of his three coworkers circling him like sharks, it definitely appealed to her in a sick sort of way.

She blinked and cleared her thoughts a moment, “Well uh… you guys should probably cut that out, be professional and stuff.”

As she’d asked the three women gave Andy as much of a heartfelt apology as they could. He seemed to accept it, if anything he seemed a bit embarrassed at his meltdown, but he smiled as Kacey waved to him.

As the four of them got in the elevator Kacey fought down what she knew was a bad idea. As she heard the *Ding* of the top floor where their office was she sighed, and decided it was too funny not to go through with.

“You know guys, if you wanted to try holding a shrinkee, I could just ask Jake to volunteer…”

The three women froze, “M-Ms. Black doesn’t like us to-“ Mandy started.

“Oh come on,” Kacey said, “I’m his girlfriend! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind… it’s educational, what if you girls need to handle a shrinkee at some point?”

The day was passing pretty quickly, Jake was writing a memo on his thoughts on the current market climate for Ms Black, but it wasn’t anything particularly urgent. Kacey seemed to be getting along with the other office ladies, at least if their frequent trips to the front desk were any indication. Kacey’s presence also seemed to cut down on some of their “walks” around his desk, maybe she’d had a talk with them.

“Hi Jake,” Kacey said sweetly. He looked up from his keyboard and saw his giant girlfriend waiting at the end of his desk.

He smiled and got up, walking over to her, “Hey Kace, how’s your first day in the working world?”

“It’s going pretty good,” Kacey said, “I made some friends with the other ladies.” She gestured to Mandy, Patty, and Tammy, who were watching eagerly from the watercooler. “They tell me you’ve NEVER let them hold you?”

“Uhh…” He didn’t like where this was going, “Well it’s not really a play with the tiny guy kind of office…”

“Oh, come on Jake,” Kacey teased, “Just one time, I’ll be right there!”

He glanced at Ms. Black’s office and grimaced, she was out to lunch with a client and probably wouldn’t be back until the late afternoon. He didn’t have anything particularly pressing he had to be doing either… and Kacey had a way of needling him around to get what she wanted, even when she wasn’t taking advantage of his condition.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Kacey, what are you really trying to do here?”

“I just think it’s crazy that you’ve NEVER let your coworkers carry you around!” She said, “What if they like… I don’t know, what if there’s an emergency and they don’t know how to carry you properly?”

Jake laughed out loud at that, “Okay, seriously Kacey, what do you want?”

“I’m bored and I think it’ll be funny,” she admitted.

He thought a minute, “Fine, but if you want to let the office harpies play GI-Joe with me you have to help me with a little something too…”

“Name it!” Kacey said excitedly.

“Wow he’s so… limber!” Patty said, casually letting Jake fall from one hand to the other like a slinky.

“Jake, did shrinking make you more… agile?” Mandy asked, watching as Jake easily landed in a crouch as the women played with him.

“Yeah a bit,” he said. He grunted as Mandy grabbed him from the other woman without asking. She again held him maybe a foot above her other hand and dropped him, marveling as he summersaulted through the air and landed in her palm.

“This is so cool,” Mandy breathed, pinching his arm.

“So…” Tammy said slowly, “How does it work… you know, in bed?”

Jake stammered a minute and Kacey blushed, “Uhh… that’s uh-“

“Gross Tam,” Mandy laughed, “You’ve got an internet connection, go figure it out in private!” Mandy took a moment to run her finger down Jake’s back slowly, causing him to shiver slightly. “Hell… I might have to look it up myself later…” she winked at Jake before handing over to the waiting Kacey.

“Okay did everyone get it out of their system?” Jake asked. The women giggled and nodded. He had a feeling that this hadn’t so much gotten them off his back as it had whetted their appetite to play with him more at some point, but he could deal with that when he came to it.

“Yeah,” Mandy giggled, “Thanks Jake!”

“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Kacey purred as she walked back to his desk.

“I’m pretty sure they’re just going to mess with me more from now on,” he laughed, “anyways… do you remember what to do?”

Kacey giggled, “Yeah, this is going to be great.”

Instead of putting him on his desk she slowly lowered him to the floor. She slowly walked back to the receptionist desk, knowing Jake was following along a line of cubicles just behind her. When she sat down she watched out of the corner of her eye as Jake took up a hiding position under her desk.

Now they played the waiting game.

After a few minutes Kacey decided to spice it up a bit. Slowly she slid her feet out of her high heels, flexing her toes through the stretchy pantyhose. She didn’t wear stuff like this often, she savored the cool air between her toes… and slowly moved her foot towards Jake’s hiding place.

He smelled it before he felt it, that slightly sour musk of Kacey’s sweaty feet. He swallowed nervously and forced himself not to look, but it was a pointless effort as a nylon clad toe pushed him from behind and then pinned him down. He was slowly dragged along the carpet until he was in between her feet.
Kacey playfully continued to poke and prod him, knocking him around. With one toe she traced down his front and poked the crotch of his pants playfully, and he heard a happy hum on top of the desk when she realized she was getting the effect she wanted.

He tried to fight her off, he was pretty sure that’s what she wanted after all, but it was pointless. As her feet surrounded him more and more he began to feel the familiar lightheadedness and giddiness of being close to Kacey.

“There we go,” she muttered to herself, glancing around the office as she felt Jake grab one of her toes and start kissing it.

She let it go on for a few minutes until she saw the movement the two of them had been waiting for. Scrunching her foot and grabbing Jake back out of the carpet she’d pinned him against she gently kicked him towards the edge of the desk again. He looked up at her longingly but she just smiled and rolled her eyes.

“We’ve got an office prank to do, remember?”

“Y-Yeah,” he muttered, his head clearing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you have LOTS of time with them when we get home,” she said with a wink, “Now go! Your window’s closing!”

Jake nodded, and forcing himself not to look back at Kacey’s nylon clad toes he ran out from under the desk.

He saw his target immediately, Mandy was getting up to bring something to the copier. He heard the front door of the office open and turned to see Ms. Black walking in, he tried to keep himself from laughing out loud, this was going to be better than he’d thought.

He took a breath and sprinted towards Mandy’s path. She wouldn’t expect him here, and it was easy to position himself without anyone noticing. He steeled himself, a bit of pain was going to be necessary to pull this off… but it would be worth it.

He waited as the heeled shoe lifted over him, then, when he was sure she wouldn’t be able to stop in time, he shouted.



The sound rang out through the office. Mandy froze, Ms. Black Froze, Kacey covered her mouth in mock horror.

Jake had been stepped on more than enough times to be confident in himself at this point, there was a feeling like the worst hug in the world and then a sort of painful snapping, as though he’d popped every joint at once, then nothing. He wasn’t sure if he compressed, or regenerated, or what, but as she lifted her shoe off him shakily he did his best to play dead.

“JAKE!” Kacey cried out, “Mandy, you crushed him!”

“S-Someone call an ambulance!” Ms. Black said, running towards Mandy. “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE CAREFUL!”

“I didn’t see him!” Mandy wailed, “Oh god, am I going to go to jail?”

“Probably,” Kacey said, nodding solemnly. She snorted, causing the other two women to look at her, the panic fading from their faces.

“Kacey?” Ms. Black said with a frown, “What-“

Kacey started laughing, and a minute later Jake did too. The other women in the office, who had gathered around to see what the commotion was, had a mixture of scowls and their own grins. Mandy was breathing slowly, starting to calm down. Ms. Black let a small smile trace over her face.

“Jake,” Mandy said finally, “Are you… okay? Like everything is fine?”

“Yeah,” he said, sitting back up, “I got you good didn’t I?”

“You sure did,” Mandy muttered. She made eye contact with Ms. Black for a moment, then looked back down at Jake, “So, that doesn’t hurt or anything?”

“It hurts a little,” he said, “but I bounce back pretty fast.”

“Oh, good,” Mandy said neutrally. Jake’s eyes went wide as her foot raised over him again. This time instead of a leisurely walk the heel came straight down in a stomp. Mandy gritted her teeth as she dragged the heel slowly over the carpet, like she was smearing a particularly large spider. After a minute she lifted her shoe off of a particularly dazed and shaking Jake.

“Sorry,” Mandy said, “I’ll try to watch my step from now on.” She turned to walk back to her desk.

“Okay,” Jake wheezed as he sat up again, “THAT one hurt…”

“Jake darling,” Ms. Black said, trying not to laugh still, “You… had that one coming.” She looked over to Kacey, who was still trying to contain laughter at the entire ordeal, “I suppose you put him up to this?”

“It was his idea, but yeah I’ll accept some blame.” She said, “I guess you’ll have to fire me, I’ll just head out now-“

“Nice try,” Ms. Black said with a chuckle as she walked back to her own office.

“Ugh,” Jake said, flexing his shoulders. There was a quick pop and he grimaced. “Kacey, can you get me back up on my desk please?”

“Keep rubbing,” Kacey moaned in pleasure. She had her bare feet propped up on their coffee table, after her first full day of work Kacey had quickly discovered that she was not cut out for high heels. Her soles were killing her, and the pantyhose had left her feet damp at the end of the day.

Jake had resisted for all of ten seconds when she’d dropped him next to her soles and ordered him to start massaging them. The stale odor of her sweat had quickly eroded his insistence that he needed to get changed out of his businesswear, and besides Kacey found it kind of fun to be worshipped by a tiny man in a buttoned shirt and tie, the fact that she was still wearing her own office attire just added to it.

“I’ve been thinking Mr. Anderson,” she teased in what she hoped was a “boss lady” voice. “I’m so glad you’ve accepted a position under me,” She put her hands behind her head and sighed, “you’re really putting your back into your work.”

“I aim to please Kacey,” he moaned as he shoved his shoulder into her sole again.

“Kacey?” She muttered, “No, No, you call me Miss Statham, or boss, tonight,” she giggled, “You’ve got to show proper deference to your superiors Mr. Anderson.”

Even with the smell of her feet filling his senses he was still able to roll his eyes and laugh, “Miss Statham, what does our fourth quarter look like? What’s our response to the instability with our overseas clients?”

“Uhhh…” Kacey cleared her throat, “Mr. Anderson don’t worry about that! You’re in a support role here.”

A thought occurred to her suddenly, and almost lazily she pinned him in place under her foot. Reaching for the endtable she grabbed his size meter, leaning forward she parted her toes, revealing his face just enough for her to scan him.

The meter beeped and she frowned, “Bad news Jake, one inch tomorrow.”

“Ah hell,” he said, the bad news was making him a bit lucid. “Can you tell Ms. Black not to come by tomorrow?”

“Oooh Jake,” Kacey said sweetly, “You’re forgetting she still needs to pick ME up for work! I’ll just tell her tomorrow.” She stroked her chin, “I think I’ll say you’re deciding to sleep in since you have a day off anyways.”

“Y-You’re leaving me here?” He struggled against her toes, he wanted to talk to her from a more dignified position, but she just pushed him down again, giving him another whiff of her sore feet.

“Oh, no way,” Kacey giggled, “You’re going to be one inch, what would you even do here all day? I really think we’ll both have more fun if I just take you with me.”

“K-Kacey,” he protested feebly.

She laughed and ground her foot down on him a bit more, “Okay Jake, take a nice deep breath and tell me you want to stay home…”

He couldn’t stop himself from doing so, and the smell of Kacey’s sweaty feet had him hypnotized again.

“I really want to go with you!” He said, “Put me in your underwear Kacey, PLEASE!”

“Whoa!” She said in mock surprise, “I like the enthusiasm Mr. Anderson, but if you want to get to that level in this company you’re going to have to work your way up!” She glanced at the size meter again and her tone grew a bit more serious, “Do you mind if I just make you tiny tonight? That way you can be grown back by tomorrow evening.”

He groaned as his erection strained against his pants, rocked slowly by the bottom of her foot. How the hell could she expect him to say no in this state? Not that he would have, but still.

The foot lifted off him suddenly, and Kacey leaned forward with a small smile on her face. Slowly she began stripping his clothing off. Some of her foot sweat was clinging to him, and he wondered if his head was still a bit cloudy or she really did look THAT good in office attire, with her hair clean and combed and in neat professional clothing it was almost like a whole new Kacey. As she pulled off his shirt slowly he wondered if she’d be willing to dress like this just for him sometimes.

When he was naked Kacey leaned over and picked up one of her pumps. She placed it on the table next to him, there was a soft click as the heel met the lacquered wood. She bent down to the shoe and sniffed it once, leaning back with a giggle.

“I am just not used to formal shoes,” she said, “they don’t breathe at all… what do you think?”

She gripped him under his arms gently and slowly placed him into the shoe, leaning back against the incline so it was like he was in a reclined chair. The oily stale smell of her feet mixed with the muted leather washed over him, he couldn’t help himself, it was intoxicating and his arousal shot to new levels.
Kacey licked the tip of her thumb and finger and gripped him, slowly working his shaft as she leaned over his shoe-prison.

“Tell me Jake,” she said huskily, “Do you want to work for boss Kacey?”

“Hell yes,” He muttered.

“Wait,” She said giggling, “Miss Statham.”


“I think you have a very promising future at this firm Mr. Anderson,” she said, struggling not to burst out laughing, “Now, shrink for me.”

He groaned as she forced him to orgasm. True to her demand he felt the insole of the shoe seeming to stretch beneath him as it grew larger. He sighed and let the pleasure go over him in waves as Kacey’s smile grew.

Kacey quickly sucked the tip of her finger, turning down to the now truly miniscule Jake. He seemed pretty happy where he was, but she grabbed him up out of the shoe and placed him on the table next to it anyways. At an inch tall it was massive to him, and she enjoyed watching him look at it in awe.

For Jake it was the size of a small building. Over time he’d gotten used to being three inches tall, he didn’t love it obviously, but it was his size and he was able to navigate the world. Every time his size shifted though it was almost like shrinking all over again, watching the world turn into an immense and sometimes frightening place.

Kacey got up and grabbed the shoe, carrying it and it’s twin and leaving them haphazardly by the door. She returned a minute later with a soft winter glove with a pink fuzz on the outside. Laying it on the table she sat down on the floor, scooting a bit closer so she was looming over him.

“You can sit on that,” she said, gesturing to the glove, “it might be more comfortable than that wood, and I haven’t worn it yet this year so you can enjoy it without your brain getting all scrambly.”

He walked over and climbed onto the soft fabric, trying to prop himself against the thumb as Kacey turned on the TV. He shot a glance back at her, she met his gaze and giggled softly as he waved. He might be too small to be heard, but he still felt at ease around her.

“Okay Jake,” Kacey said as she pulled up a list of streaming programs, “I made a point to find out what episode of that redneck cop drama you were on for the next time you got super tiny.” She hit play and Jake grinned and gave her a thumbs up as the intro started.

“Yeah it’s a size shift day,” Kacey explained, “He’s just like, super tiny, so I figured I’d just let him sleep in.”

“Oh my,” Ms. Black said, as the two of them walked to the car, “Well, I hope he finds a way to relax.”

“I think he will,” Kacey said with a smile, scrunching her toes against the trapped man in her shoe.

Kacey had tossed him into her nylons before leaving, and he found himself webbed to her toes in the darkness of her shoe. Every now and then she would playfully squeeze him, and the clamminess of her feet was beginning to make him feel the familiar rush of being close to her… was she really planning to keep him here all day!?

“So how small did he get?” Ash asked as she filled Kacey’s drink order. Kacey didn’t particularly like coffee, or any of the health-conscious beverages Ash usually stocked, but as Ms. Black had parked the car she’d said she was grabbing some as an excuse to go see her friend.

“Inch tall,” Kacey said. She gave Ash a mischievious smile, “I decided to take him to work today anyways…”

Ashley got the meaning immediately and chuckled, “So where is he?”

Kacey just tapped her heel twice against the tiled floor, sending a pair of loud *clacks* through the mostly empty store.

“I like it,” Ash mused.

“Hey,” Kacey said suddenly, “Where’s Andy?”

“He said it was cold outside when we left this morning,” Ash said with a smirk, “So I put him somewhere warm… and he hasn’t wanted to come out yet.” She bit her lip and seemed to shudder a moment. “N-Nevermind, he’s giving me the signal, I’ll see you later Kacey.”

The two girls shared one last laugh as Kacey took her drink and walked out of the store.

Jake wasn’t really sure how much time was passing. Occasionally he would slide a bit further up her sole, but she would put her full weight down on him and he’d find himself forced, slowly, back down with her toes, it seemed like she wanted him there so she could playfully squeeze him now and then. None of it hurt, but the pressure on his body was intense. As he spent more time being playfully squeezed and occasionally batted by her toes his thoughts were increasingly on Kacey, and how beautiful and wonderful she was. He knew this was mostly just the effect of her pheromones on him again, but with nothing else to do he rode the high of being close to her.

Kacey was actually focusing mostly on work for a change, only sparing her tiny prisoner a thought every now and then, squeezing him just to remind him she knew he was there. After a few hours she lifted her feet out of her shoes to give him a bit of air, knowing he’d remain trapped against her by the nylons anyway. She was pretty sure he didn’t NEED air exactly, but she was feeling generous.

Jake blinked as light flooded his vision, he was under Kacey’s desk, looking at the world through the brown filtered view through her pantyhose. He grunted as she lightly ground her foot, and him, into the carpet, dancing her big toe in slow circles. His brief view of the world under Kacey’s desk came to an end as she slipped her shoe back on.

Kacey felt a bit of squirming after that. She stopped doodling on the post-it she’d been working on and chewed the tip of her pen a moment. Was he… cumming down there? The thought made her giggle, but at three inches she could just barely feel if he did against her, at one inch there was no way she’d ever really know.  

The thought of him trapped and aroused, all unable to impact her in the smallest way, excited her, and as her lunch break rolled around she decided to go check on her “employee.”

Jake blinked as fluorescent lighting filled his vision. Kacey’s foot was coming out of the shoe again? Wherever he was the floor was tiled. He heard the soft sound of nylon sliding over skin as she brought the pantyhose down. A pair of massive fingers fished around for him, gripping his body between a thumb and forefinger like a grape. His world blurred as she drew out her prize.

“Mr. Anderson,” She said in her fake boss voice, “I’m very pleased with your performance, thank you for meeting me in my office.”

He looked around and realized they were in the women’s bathroom stall, Kacey had gone into a stall to pull him out. Her “office?” he was glad he was small enough that she couldn’t make out him forcing down his laughter.

“I’ve decided to give you a promotion,” Kacey said, “You’re moving up from foot duty up to…” she used her free hand to trace up her leg, landing on her crotch. She squinted, hoping to get a good look at his expression, and bit her lip excitedly as she saw his eager face.

She slowly brought him up under her skirt, a shadow fell over him as he watched her pull her undergarments away. The smell of her arousal hit him and he groaned and involuntarily reached for her. He felt himself fly through the air as Kacey gently tossed him the rest of the way in. He felt himself hit the soft interior of her panties as she stood up and the light disappeared.

Kacey felt Jake squirming into place as she pulled her pantyhose back up. Humming happily to herself she washed her hands and walked back out into the office.

The enormous hammock of her underwear was far more comfortable than her shoe had been. The smell of Kacey’s arousal washed over him, and all he could think about was her as her movement jostled him closer to her enormous womanhood. Her wiry hair wrapped around him, tangling him as he fought to get closer to her.

Kacey could feel him every time he moved, every time he got tangled in her hair, or fell back into the panties. The movement was turning her on, and now and then she had to fight to keep herself from squirming in the office chair. She fought down a giggle and then a moan as she typed appointments into a calendar.

Jake blinked in the darkness and wondered how long he’d been down here, when Kacey threw him into these irrational spates of lust it was always difficult to tell. He’d set a goal for himself to get Kacey to orgasm at least once, at first he’d been hesitant, worrying she would be someplace embarrassing… and then he’d decided that if she wanted to do this, she was taking the risk.

Kacey didn’t went all natural below the bikini line, so while the tangled pubic hair made navigation difficult he had something to help him stay in place as he worked his way up above towards his prize, her clit. Reaching for it in the dark he felt his hand make contact and grinned.

“EEP!” Kacey squealed.

“Are you all right Kacey?” Miss Black asked. She was driving Kacey back to the apartment at the end of the day.

“Uh…” Kacey swallowed as another jolt of pleasure shot up her, “Y-Yeah, just thought I saw a spider.”

“Really?” Miss Black glanced away from the road a moment at the dashboard, “Huh, we lose Jake for one day and we’ve got spiders…”

Kacey bit her lip, “Hey, can I turn on the radio?”

Miss Black shrugged and gestured to it. Kacey turned it on and scrolled through the stations for something loud.

Jake rubbed the Kacey’s pearl with his whole palm, feeling the tremors around him. He grinned and spat into his palm and kept going as he felt the air grow more humid.

The *clack* *clack* of Kacey’s heels against the concrete steps of the apartment building made a quick staccato beat as she walked as quickly as she could in the pumps towards her door.

“C-Come on,” she breathed huskily as she fumbled for her keys. She spasmed in pleasure again and groaned, dropping the key to the floor. “Damnit!” she growled, scooping them up and shoving the key roughly in the lock before Jake could start again.

She just barely closed the door when the final wave of pleasure came, Kacey sighed with pleasure and let herself slowly fall to her knees. When it was done, she breathed out one final time. Blinking she got back to her feet and kicked off her shoes.

Jake saw light as the panties slid off, and he let himself fall from his perch and land in them. They were damp, and he felt himself getting hard again as the strong musky odor of Kacey’s juices filled his nostrils. Kacey was giving him a slightly annoyed expression as she looked down at him.

“You should be ready to get back to normal,” She said, quickly checking the time on her phone, “Let’s speed this along.” She folded the wet panties over him, smothering him the cotton and her strong scent.

It didn’t take him long to finish himself, and he grunted a final time as he came. The panties seemed to shrink and grow tighter around him as he returned to his usual three-inch size. Kacey gave them one final squeeze before dumping him out on the counter, sending him sprawling.

“How was that performance Ms. Statham?” He joked as she scowled down at him.

“You almost made me cum in front of your boss!” She said, hands on her hips.

He rolled his eyes and laughed, “What did you think was going to happen if you shoved me in there all afternoon?”

“It’s not like you protested,” she said, catching his smile.

“I was an inch tall, you wouldn’t have been able to hear me if I did.”

Kacey sighed, “Well, whatever. You didn’t miss much at work, I got Mandy a chocolate cake for her birthday and that was my proudest accomplishment.”

Jake shrugged, “I think you’re doing pretty well in office life Kacey, people seem to like you.”

“Yeah, I guess,” She said as she left to go to the bedroom. She returned later in her typical loungewear, sweats and a ratty old anime shirt. She tossed one of his small outfits on the counter too, and he gratefully started getting dressed.

“If you wanted, I’m sure Ms. Black would find a job for you even after Lexi comes back,” Jake offered, “She knows all the other managers in that building. Even if you couldn’t work with us, I’m sure someone is looking to hire.”

Kacey shrugged, “I’ve really been having a good time… and I’m glad I did this, but I really think I’d like to try working on my art again, really trying it I mean.”

Jake nodded, “You’ve got the talent for it, you just need to be less…” he decided not to finish that sentence as his giant girlfriend glared at him.

She frowned, “A little less what?”

“A little less of a perfectionist?” He offered. It was a feeble attempt at a save, but from her rolling eyes and the return of her smile it had landed.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. On Friday the other ladies at the office presented Kacey with a cake and held a mock farewell party for her. Kacey had accidentally dropped Jake in some of the frosting, and his pants were quickly covered in the white sugary goop.

“Oh, let me help you get cleaned off!” Mandy said eagerly, reaching for him.

“I think you’ve got to get those off,” Patty muttered, “Jake, do they make shrinkee underwear or are you just… going commando?” The three ladies giggled. Jake looked at Kacey for help, but she just smiled as they whisked him off to the kitchen.

“So, Kacey,” she was startled as she turned to see Ms. Black, holding one of the small party plates with a piece of cake on it. “I asked Jake if you wanted to think about more permanent employment… Have you decided to move on?”

“Yeah,” Kacey said apologetically, “I… I really do appreciate what you’re trying to do for me,” Kacey said quietly, “and I get that I need to get my shit together, but I think I’d like to go in a different direction.”

Ms. Black nodded, “I must admit, I didn’t understand you before… but I think I do now.” She smiled, “I’m glad Jake has someone like you in his private life.” She took a bite of the cake, “So, are you going to try your hand at drawing again?”

“Yeah!” Kacey said excitedly, “I’ve been at it for a few months actually, I even sold a few things online.”

“Yes, your gallery is quite… impressive,” Ms. Black said with a wink.

Kacey nodded, then the realization hit her and she paled.

“Y-You saw my gallery?” she breathed.

“You actually had a link in your personal email’s signature,” Ms. Black said, struggling not to laugh at the other woman’s discomfort, “That’s why I set you up that company email. I suspect that I know who the inspiration for that tiny man in so many of your drawings is, but let’s not let him know that I know.”

“Oh god,” Kacey moaned in embarrassment. “Y-Yeah, let’s keep it between us for now.”

Ms. Black rolled her eyes, “You are talented Kacey, I’ve been wanting a new logo for the firm for some time. Something formal, austere, why don’t you try sending me a few ideas and we’ll see about getting you something a tad more professional for your portfolio?”

“That would be great!” Kacey said excitedly.

“Oh,” Ms. Black said, almost as an afterthought, “Here’s your pay for this week,” she handed Kacey an envelope.

“Jake come back here!” Mandy’s voice echoed from the office’s kitchenette, “It’s just a little water!”

“You should probably go rescue your boyfriend,” Ms. Black laughed.

“Thanks for diner Kacey,” Jake said, looking at the tiny square of pizza she’d cut off for him.

The two of them were relaxing at home, for once sharing the relief and relaxation that came at the end of a full week of work. She’d placed him in his usual spot on the coffee table, and she lounged on the couch as she ate her own slice. She’d decided to “treat” Jake by buying dinner.

“No problem,” She said, “You spoil me so often, now that I’ve got some cash, I can return the favor!”

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” he joked.

Her eyes lit up, “Oh! Jake, I got you a surprise!” She ran into the bedroom suddenly and returned with something small in her hand. Eagerly she set a small doll down on the table next to him, “Look Jake, Elsie down at the miniatures shop made this for me! It was expensive, but I wanted to use my first, well maybe my only, paycheck on something nice for you…”

He blinked and stood up, in front of him was a three-inch-tall doll replica of Kacey. She was wearing office attire, and as he walked around the doll Kacey eagerly placed a pair of sweatpants in her size and even a small anime tee next to it.

“This way you always have a version of me to hug in your size!” She said excitedly. “I mean… if you wanted to.”

“I love it!” he said, walking up and giving the doll a hug. It was just plastic of course, but he planted a kiss on doll-Kacey’s cheek.

“Hmm…” he said with a frown.

“W-What’s wrong?” Kacey said, leaning in.

“Oh, she’s great,” Jake said, turning back to her, “But I’d rather kiss the real thing, even if I’ve got to crane my neck a bit.”

Kacey squealed with happiness and snatched him up to her cheek.

Chapter 6: One More Day by Greenanon

“Raise,” Jake said, picking up a poker chip the size of his torso. Hefting it like a discus he frisbee’d it to the pot in the middle of the table. He walked back to where his hand was displayed, they’d figured out early on in this attempt at poker night that by tightening the wires on some of Ash’s order holders they could easily hold Jake and Andy’s cards, letting the two shrinkees play with relative ease.

Kacey and Andy didn’t have much of an instinct for cards, which was readily becoming apparent, Kacey just muttered under her breath as she folded. Andy looked up at his displayed cards, bit his lip and waved dismissively.

“I’m out,” he said.

“Keep folding Andy,” Ash said with a smile, “And you’ll have to start throwing your clothes into the pot.”

The other shrinkee gulped and glanced at Jake, who shrugged, “You won’t have anything left to put up against Andy’s shirt if you don’t have something good in this hand Ash.”

Ash laid her cards on the table, “Full house,” she said with a smile.

Jake was too small to do the classic poker gesture in response, but he’d found that simply rotating the receipt holder on it’s base to reveal his hand had the same effect. He grinned broadly as Ash took in his straight flush and scowled, pushing the chips towards his side of the kitchen table.

“Another hand?” He said with a smug drawl as he leaned back against the piled plastic. Literally sitting on a pile of his winnings was one of the positives of being three inches tall, he’d decided.

“I still say we should have played Catan,” Kacey muttered as she reached for the deck. With a flourish she shuffled it sideways, flipping a few of the cards through the air in one of the more coordinated movements any of them had ever seen her perform.

“You know Kace, for a girl who doesn’t play poker you can sure shuffle a deck,” Jake said.

“I’m more of a Yugioh girl,” Kacey said, dealing the cards out again.

“Tell me about it,” Andy said. He picked up his own card, hefting it like a posterboard as he stuck it on the coiled metal receipt display. “I wish I could get my hands on my old deck.”

“If it’s still at your parent’s house, I can just go by and get it now,” Ash said quietly, “I mean… I know it’s a sore subject, but that’s kind of what those forms were for Andy.”

“I know,” he muttered, “It’s just… I’d rather not get in contact with them in any way.” He shrugged, “I only had a few things I care about there, and I buried them in a box in the backyard so those two couldn’t toss them.” He swore angrily, “I was going to go get it when I had the time, but the whole shrinking day thing…”

“Jeez,” Kacey muttered, “I really appreciate my parents now, all they wanted me to do was get a job.”

“And mine didn’t want me to get one,” Jake mused.

“That’s why you two go so well together!” Ash joked, “Now, who’s in?” She tossed a chip into the center of the table.

The game continued, and after another few hands things had taken a bad direction for Jake, and he found himself bleeding chips to Ashley. Kacey simply didn’t have an instinct for the game, Andy on the other hand was picking it up quickly, surprising Jake and quickly forcing him out. Soon it was down to just Andy, and the giant barista.

“Come on Ash,” Andy taunted his giant caretaker, “Go all in, show me what you’ve got.”

“Not how it works Andy,” Ash said with a wry grin, “You’re already all in and I’ve got chips to spare…” Ash suddenly had a funny look go over her face, “Unless you wanted to… sweeten it somehow?”

“What did you have in mind,” Andy asked cautiously.

“Do you remember that thing I showed you online,” Ash said sweetly.

Kacey went a bit red, “Uh, hey Ash maybe this one is better for-“

“Oh, come on Kacey,” Ash laughed, “I sent you the article!”

“What?” Jake asked obliviously, “come on, I feel like everyone here is in on a joke except me.”

“Ashley wants to eat me,” Andy said, walking back around to glance at his cards again. “Like, swallow me whole.”

“Eat you?” Jake asked incredulously. He looked up at Kacey, who buried her face in her hands and sighed with embarrassment.

“Come on!” Ash said excitedly, “Don’t you think it would be fun to-“

“NO!” Andy said, but Jake caught just the hint of a smile on the other Shrinkee’s face.

“Kacey,” Jake said slowly, “What exactly did Ash send you about this?”

“Uh,” Kacey muttered, “Just a few… articles, and stuff. I guess shrinkees can… you know, get swallowed whole, you guys don’t need a ton of air and nothing really hurts you so... yeah”

“Why would anyone want to-“

“It’s the ultimate tribute,” Ash said, glancing at her cards again, “letting your goddess treat you as just a little snack.”

“I don’t really get it,” Kacey said.

“That makes two of us,” Jake agreed.

Ash just rolled her eyes, “Well that’s my offer Andy, all in, but you’re putting that in the pot too.”

“Deal!” Andy said excitedly.

He turned his stand around, revealing a full house.

Ash shook her head, “Oh that sucks…” she dramatically laid her hand on the table, “for you! Royal flush!”

Andy’s eyes went wide and he looked up at Ashley, who playfully licked her lips.

“Come on Ash,” Kacey said, “you can’t really expect him to-“

“No way,” Jake said, fighting down laughter, “A bet’s a bet, Ash gets to eat you!”

“You know I would have thought the other tiny guy at the table would have a bit more sympathy,” Andy muttered.

Jake shrugged, “Sorry man, good luck with…” he gestured up at Ashley, “all that.”

“You better check his size then,” Kacey said, crossing her arms in disapproval, “the last thing you want is him changing size on you if you’re doing… that.”

Ashley stretched and reached for her own size-meter, casually thrown on her kitchen counter next to her keys. She brought it around to Andy and clicked the button.

“Three inches,” she said, “as usual.”

“Can you scan me too?” Jake asked, “while you’ve got it out.”

Ashley shrugged and ran it over him, it beeped and she frowned.

“Huh,” Ash muttered. “I think it’s broken or something…”

Kacey got up and walked around the table, her eyes went wide, “C-check it again,” she said.

“What does it say?” Jake asked, “Come on, I’ve been below the reading limit before. It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.”

Kacey grabbed the meter from Ashley, pointing it at him again and clicking the button. Another beep rang out in the increasingly tense room. Both Kacey and Ashley stared at the meter again, not saying anything.

“W-what’s it say?” Andy asked, “Come on! I know we’re small but-“

“It says six feet,” Kacey said, amazed. “Jake… you’re getting a day at full size!”

Jake’s eyes went wide, “I-Is that possible?”

Ash scanned him with the meter again, then Andy, “Looks like it’s working,” She said quietly.

Andy blinked, “Jake, did you like… do anything different?” he grabbed the other shrinkee by the shoulders, “Level with me man, any dietary changes? Vitamins off the internet? I tried that Regrow Now stuff and it doesn’t do anythin-“

“No,” Jake said, feeling a rising euphoria in his chest, “I think… I’m just lucky.”

A day at full size… he’d fantasized about it now and then, not too often or he’d just get himself upset. Now though? His head swam with the possibilities, he struggled not to start dancing around.

“So Jake’s getting big and I’m getting eaten,” Andy muttered, “This sucks…” He glanced at Jake, “I mean… look I’m happy for you-“

“I get it,” Jake said, “look… maybe you’ll get one someday?”

“I hope so,” he muttered. He walked over to Ash and leaned against her massive arm, “Do you guys mind if we call it a night? I’m feeling kind of tired.”

After Kacey and Jake left Ash carried Andy to the bedroom. She cradled his tiny form in her hands, she hated seeing him upset. Slowly she raised him up to his “room,” a GI-JOE base with an open side that faced outward. She’d jokingly offered a glass tank or a dollhouse, but true to her word she’d let him choose his accommodations. He’d guided her through the online shopping listings and picked the command center, though he’d put a standard dollhouse bed in it rather than the scratchy fabric cot the set came with.

“Andy,” She said softly, “If that whole getting swallowed thing is that upsetting… we could like, postpone it or something.”

“No,” he sighed, “I just got a bit upset thinking about… being small, forever I guess.” He plopped on his small bed, “Like Jake’s getting one day big, that’s great, but then he’s back down here with me.”

Ash bit her lip, unsure of what to say. She gently reached into the toy base and began stroking his head soothingly. They continued like that in silence for a few minutes.

“Thanks,” Andy said finally. He grabbed the tip of her finger with both hands and gently forced it away, “You know what the messed-up thing is?” he said.

“What?” Ash asked.

“I don’t want to be tiny,” He said, sitting up in the bed, “but… if I had the choice somehow… I don’t know if I’d want to NOT be a shrinkee.” He looked at the giant woman’s face, easily the size of a house to him, and smiled. “I wouldn’t have met you guys, I wouldn’t have… you.”

“Andy,” Ash said, a smile lighting up her face, “Are you saying it’s worth being tiny to get to be with me?”

“I guess, yeah,” he admitted, chuckling slightly to himself.

Ash faked a sneeze so she could turn her head away and wipe a quick tear. Fighting a happy giggle she sniffed one more time and turned back to him. Without warning she snatched him off the tiny bed, causing him to yelp in surprise.

“You don’t drop a line like that on a girl and walk away untouched,” she purred.

With a playful flourish of her fingers she grabbed his pantleg and started pulling, slowly letting the fabric slide over his skin. The sensation made Andy hard instantly, and his eyes went wide as she licked her lips, slowly tracing her tongue up his now naked lower body. His pulse quickened, he wondered if she could feel his heartbeat.

A giggle seemed to answer him, “No,” she said softly, pulling him away, “you don’t get swallowed up tonight Andy… you’ll see it coming, don’t worry.”

He swallowed at that, “T-Thanks?”

She gripped a sleeve, pulling his shirt off with the same deliberate slowness. Flicking her fingers casually she let it fall to the floor with his pants. Pinching each of his forearms she spread his nude form in front of her, taking a bit of time to admire it.

“You do taste good though,” she said in a sultry voice. Her tongue traced up his body, her saliva wetting his face and messing up his hair. “Hmm…” she muttered, lifting him slightly so his crotch was level with her eyes, “I think I need to sample that flavor more, it might give me some ideas for later.”

Andy gasped as she licked him again. This time her tongue stopped right on his erection, slowly the slick muscle began to work him with just the tiniest moments. He looked up into Ash’s massive eyes, they were lit up with excitement as she continued her work. After a minute or so he tensed and gritted his teeth as he came.

She pulled him away, letting her tongue trace over her lips a final time. Her head leaned forward and she gave him the lightest kiss on his face, her lips covering the entirety of his head as he let the post orgasm afterglow wash over him.

“Are you still feeling tired Andy?” She asked with a smile, “I feel like I could stay up a little longer.”

“S-sure,” he breathed.

“I wonder if I have any scotch tape,” she muttered, dangling him by one arm.

“Uhh…” he gulped nervously; Ash’s games could get a bit… overwhelming. “It kind of hurts when you peel it off,” he said.

She gave him a fake pout, “But Andy, you make such cute little expressions when I do.” She shrugged, “Fine then, I’ll tie you up with some dental floss, how’s that sound?” She playfully tapped her chin in false thought, “I wonder if I should wrap my little pet up in cinnamon or mint.” She snapped her fingers, “I’ll just have to try it once with each!”

Jake and Kacey were still in shock as she carried him back to their own apartment. The silence was broken by the rattling sound of Kacey sticking the key into the lock. She struggled with it for a moment, finally forcing the door open.

“Maybe I could fix the lock?” Jake mused.

“You’re getting one day normal and you want to fix the lock?” Kacey asked.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “You’re right… the landlord should do it anyways.” He breathed out slowly, “I guess I might stop by the office to say hi, but I’m definitely not going to work tomorrow…” He had a sudden thought, “Kacey, do you have any of my old full-size clothes here?”

“Uh,” she thought a moment, “Not really, do you want me to go grab you some from the store?”

“Please,” he said, his thoughts racing. “I… I need to make a list of things I want to do.”

Jake blinked himself awake. He took a deep breath and turned to his side, seeing Kacey’s sleeping face sticking out from under the covers, just a small amount of drool tracing down her open mouth. He laughed and shook his head, he’d asked to sleep in her bed tonight so he wouldn’t wake up full size under the mattress, but she’d still kept playing on her PC long after placing him in the bed.

Gently he reached over and stroked her cheek. She stirred, and her own eyes fluttered, then went wide as she saw him. Before she could say anything, he reached across the bed, pulling the now much smaller woman to him. Their lips met as he gave her a deep kiss.

“Good morning,” she breathed, looking at the full-size Jake. This was like a dream come true, she giggled slightly.

“It’s weird looking down at you,” he mused, leaning over on top of her. “I just got so used to be level with your toes…”

“So, what do you have planned for your big day?” Kacey asked.

“I want to start with some things I can’t do to my girlfriend when I’m tiny,” he said, slowly reaching a hand to the bottom of the t-shirt she’d worn to bed.

“Y-Yeah,” she gasped, “Let’s do it!”

She pushed the blanket off herself and began sliding her panties down eagerly. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Jake leaned in close, taking a long whiff of her hair.

“Damn,” he muttered, “Kacey you smell… amazing.”

“Uh oh,” she giggled, “Looks like being full sized didn’t get rid of that pheromone effect.” She thought a minute, she’d spent the last two nights gaming pretty heavily… when did she last wash her hair? Shower even?

“Yeah,” Jake growled with a smug grin, “But this time I’m big enough to get as much Kacey as I want…”

“EEP!” Kacey squealed as Jake kissed her deeply again, rougher, this time.

Kacey lay in a state of semi-stunned bliss, her hair was the messiest it had ever been, the clothing she’d worn to bed was scattered on the floor.

“He’s a stallion,” she muttered, “A goddamn stallion.” She sighed and leaned back against the pillow, listening to the sound of the shower.

Jake had truly ravaged her in a way that Kacey had thought only happened in the smuttiest fanfics and romance novels, and then he’d done it again, and again. Finally he’d apparently snapped out of his haze and leapt off her, going to go get himself cleaned up.

He came out of the shower toweling his hair off, “It’s nice to take a shower instead of washing off in the sink,” he said.

“Ready for more?” Kacey asked seductively.

He laughed, “Kacey, if I step another foot closer to you, I’m going to lose my mind and then we’re going to be in that bed all day.”

“That sounds like a great way to spend it honestly,” she said, pulling the covers up to herself.

On the floor was a small plastic bag with a few things Kacey had hastily bought in his size. He stepped into the plain pair of jeans and pulled a t-shirt over his head. He sighed contentedly as he started lacing up his shoes, doll shoes never fit quite right, unless he was in the office he never wore them.

“I’ll be back tonight,” Jake said with a smile, “Then we can continue where we left off, at least until around eight or so this evening. After that,” he shrugged, “It’s the usual, orgasm or sleep and I’ll be three inches.”

With that he walked out into the living room, pausing he went over to Kacey’s PC to print off his list of things to do. Silly maybe, but he didn’t want to miss anything. Briefly he glanced at one of his social media pages, and then he swore at what he saw. Somewhat angrily he quickly added, “Speak to Ex-Girlfriend” to his list.  Folding the printed sheet and placing it in his pocket he grabbed Kacey’s keys off the counter and headed out to fulfill his unshrinking bucket list.

Kacey yawned and rubbed her eyes, Jake had taken more out of her than she’d expected and she’d slept another few hours. She wasn’t sure how she wanted to pass the time until Jake came back, idly she threw some clothes back on and walked over to her computer.

She frowned as she saw Jake’s social media was still open. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw “speak to Ex-Girlfriend” on an open document, and on Jake’s facebook page there was an invite to Stacey’s birthday party at a club downtown that night. The stunning blonde was smiling and holding a glass of beer up in the photo.

Why did Jake want to see her of all people? Kacey chewed her lip and closed the page… She was worried over nothing of course, Jake was her boyfriend now, no matter what his size… right?

“What a pathetic little morsel,” Ash said mockingly as Andy scrambled for the edge of the cereal bowl. Gently she used the spoon to push him back in, and he landed in the milk with a splash.

“P-Please let me go!” he sputtered as he gripped the life preserver sized cheerios floating around him. “I promise I’ll be a good slave and never try to run away again!”

She hummed happily, he was begging just like she’d asked him to. She felt herself getting a bit turned on, and her free hand drifted downward even as she teasingly chased him with the spoon.

“You’re not much of a slave,” Ash said, sighing with mock disappointment, “the only thing a little squirt like you is good for is a quick bite to eat… not even much of one really, I’ll be hungry again in an hour.” The spoon swooped down and Andy dove away as Ash grabbed another spoonful of the cheerios. He was running out of “cover,” and soon he’d be the only thing left in the bowl.

“I told you that you’d see it coming Andy,” she said, letting a sadistic grin come over her face. She brought the spoon around again, this time she’d be picking HIM up.

There was a frantic knock at the door. With a sigh Ashley set the spoon down. Andy stopped wading and looked up at her in confusion. The knocking continued.

“Ash?” Kacey called, “Andy? Are you guys home? This is your day off, right?”

Ash put a finger over her lips quickly, “if we’re quiet, she’ll go away,” she whispered. She REALLY wanted to continue this little game with Andy.

“Guys come on!” Kacey said in a whining voice, knocking again, “I really need to talk to someone!”

 “She sounds pretty upset,” Andy said uncertainly.

Ash growled in frustration, “Just a second!” she shouted back. Glancing down at the tiny man in the cereal bowl she scowled, “You’re only buying yourself a bit of time Andy!”

He fought down a laugh, “Yeah, I figured.”

“So I’m pretty sure he’s going to his Ex’s party tonight,” Kacey said as Ash pushed a cup of coffee towards her, “I just don’t know what to think.” She sighed, “Is he like… trying to get back together with her?”

“Jake doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do anything… like what you’re worried about,” Andy said. Ash had run him under the kitchen sink and let him get dressed before letting Kacey in, and he was leaning against Ash’s own coffee cup, enjoying the warmth.

“Seriously,” Ash said, “That guy is crazy about you.”

“I know,” Kacey said quietly, “but I can’t shake this feeling like… he’s back to where he was, the six foot dreamboat football star again… and I’m still just… me.”

“For a day Kacey,” Ash said firmly, “He’s going to be just like Andy there by tomorrow. Do you think he doesn’t know that?”

“What if he wants to REALLY live his old life for a day though?” She asked nervously.

“What if he just wants to go tell her to go to hell?” Andy said, “I mean… if I got a day at full size, I think I’d probably have a few people I’d like to yell at.”

Ash shrugged, “Well Kacey it’s not like you don’t have options if you want to… reign him in.”

“What do you mean?” Kacey asked with a frown.

Ashley rolled her eyes, “Look, he’s not back to normal, he’s just a shrinkee who happens to be big for a day. You know how his brain gets all fuzzy if you go too long without showering? It makes them super suggestible you know?”

“Tell me about it,” Andy said with a grin, “Do you remember when you came back from the gym the other day Ash?”

She laughed and gently reached over her coffee mug to stroke his hair, “Being a productive member of society I can’t exactly go days without showering like you do Kacey, but I have to admit it was fun being worshipped like a goddess until I got cleaned up.”

“It’s crazy,” Andy muttered, “Like it makes EVERYTHING about you irresistible, even your voice sounds… angelic.”

“Angelic?” Ash mused, “I’ll have to skip showering at the gym more often.” She turned back to Kacey, “My point is though, you’re not exactly… fresh.”

Kacey’s face went red, “I uh, didn’t plan on leaving the apartment today I guess.”

“If you’re worried about it,” Ash continued, “you could hit the complex fitness center, get good and sweaty… Then go find Jake and just order him to come back with you, he’ll probably do it, whether he really wants to or not.”

“He will,” Andy said, “I guess he gets hit with it more than I do, so maybe he can fight it off a bit easier, but he’ll do what you want…” Andy stood up and walked across the table, “Kacey,” he said slowly, “I…” he looked up at Ash, “You two are great, really, but you don’t know what it’s like living like this.” He swallowed nervously, “If you do this, take his full-size day away from him… he’s not going to take it well.”

The three of them sat in silence for a minute until Ash sighed, “Andy is right Kacey, if you love something, set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t… it never was.”

“Thanks,” Kacey said with a sigh, “I’ll uh… leave you guys alone now.” She got up to leave.

Ashley and Andy were silent a moment. Finally Ash sighed and downed the rest of her coffee. Andy slowly walked back to her side of the table.

“So…” He said slowly, “What do you think?”

“I think Kacey is right to be a bit weirded out,” She said, sitting back down, “but I also don’t think Jake would use his one day big trying to win back his ex, there’s something else going on here.” She sighed, “Either way, it’s out of our hands.”

“I guess you’re right,” he said with a shrug, “So what do you want to-“ he realized suddenly that Ashley’s finger was playfully tracing in a circle around him. He tried to follow it, but gently she nudged him, causing him to fall backwards.

“I’m hungry Andy,” she said sweetly, licking her lips. “I guess I’ve got to unwrap my treat again.”

She reached for his clothes, easily pulling his pants off. He struggled futilely against her, and tried to climb over her hand to escape. She just giggled and grabbed him by the ankle, slowly lifting him off the table as she stripped his shirt off.

“P-Please Ashley!” he shouted, doing his best to panic for her, “Don’t do it!”

The mouth below him opened in answer, and he was slowly lowered head first down past her lips. He felt her tongue rise up to meet him, cradling him softly as the world went dark and her maw closed behind him.

He found himself getting scared for real at this point, and almost involuntarily he grabbed her tongue and reached against the side of her cheek. He felt her tongue begin to gyrate against him suggestively. He gasped and gripped it with both hands, he heard a low giggle echo up the tunnel behind him.

Ashley had walked over to her easy chair and was leaning back in it, her hand down the front of her pants as she gently played with herself. The power trip was great, and while she felt just a bit bad about it, his thrashing, and the fear it implied, were giving her a rush. She opened her mouth for just a moment, feeling him scurry towards the opening and the promise of freedom, but just as he reached her lips she closed them again, sucking him backwards easily.

Andy had a suspicion he knew what was coming after she got him off, and he fought the rising pleasure while he tried to think of a way out. He grunted as her tongue pressed his back into the roof of her mouth, sliding over him, back and forth.

Ashley was getting close to orgasm herself, and as she closed her eyes and let the trapped shrinkee struggle she picked up her speed. She moaned loudly with her mouth closed, finally working Andy in just the right way and being rewarded with the quick spurt of something just slightly salty in her mouth.

Andy felt the tongue arch up, pushing him to the back of her mouth as the saliva pooled around him. He scrambled for purchase, but suddenly he was pulled downward, and muscle pressed on him from all sides.

Ashley gulped loudly, rubbing her throat and tracing Andy’s form downward. Andy was just slightly too big to comfortably swallow of course, but with a bit of force she felt him go. She had a glass of water at the ready, she didn’t want to douse him if she didn’t have to, but she didn’t want to choke on him either.

Andy felt an opening below him, and it was like he was suddenly released into an open area. With a splash he landed in her stomach. Slowly he felt his way around in the dark, finally just settling in to the warm liquid around him. It was… surprisingly pleasant, almost like a sauna. There was a thumping sound, and he realized he could hear her heartbeat.

“I can feel you moving around in there Andy,” Ash said, slowly tracing a finger around her bellybutton. “Tap on the wall twice if you can hear me.” She felt two light taps inside her stomach and smiled. “Try to relax, your goddess is going to catch up on some reading.” She reached for the end table next to her chair and grabbed a novel she was halfway through. She sighed contentedly as she opened it.

Getting Andy out would be as easy as simply laying down and letting him crawl out, or swallowing a line of string and pulling him up, but she hadn’t really filled him in on it much. She found it amusing to let him think on the matter.

For Andy there wasn’t much to do but wait and see. With a sigh he leaned back in his enormous girlfriend’s stomach and tried to follow her instructions to relax.

Kacey pedaled faster, the stationary bike squealing below her as the best part of her favorite anime OST blared through the headphones. She normally didn’t go this hard, or at all really unless Ash dragged her here, but today she wanted to work up a sweat.

She didn’t think she really wanted to track Jake down and drag him back, but… a nuclear option meant the missiles had to be armed.

Jake sighed happily and crossed “eat a double cheeseburger” off his list, dabbing his face with a napkin as he got out of the fast-food booth. It was a silly choice, but when you were three inches tall a lot of food didn’t have the same texture, nor could you mix flavors as well as you could at full size.

He glanced over the rest of his list, he’d made love to Kacey, he’d gone and hugged his parents, he’d played a game of pick up basketball, he’d shaken hands with Ms. Black and everyone else at the office… Now he had to get to a few that, by necessity, had to be near the end of the day.

Jake walked out of the fast food joint and across the street to a big box store. He walked in through the doors, whistling an upbeat tune as he headed for the winter wear. He took a simple black ski mask off the rack with a smile.

“Hitting the slopes soon?” A store attendant asked, restocking a nearby display of socks.

“Something like that,” he said, “Hey, does this store sell shovels?”

The sun was starting to go down as he drove Kacey’s car towards the upscale residential neighborhood. He circled it for a moment, then decided to park the car at an out of business gas station near the entrance. Pulling the mask on, he hefted a shovel and a metal detector out of the car.

One thing he’d found out fairly early in the day was that the heightened agility and strength from being shrunk apparently scaled up during a size shift. He wasn’t a regular sized person, he was a very large shrinkee, which made him borderline superhuman. With a running start he easily cleared the first residential privacy fence, landing easily and sprinting through the yard he leapt over the next.

It didn’t take him long to reach his target, he’d casually asked Andy where he used to live. With a few other details he’d been able to find the other shrinkee’s old residence through the white pages and google easily enough without having to directly ask for it.

He saw a plump woman with a bobcut moving inside, but he decided to just get started anyways. One of the freedoms of being three inches tall the next day was that Jake wasn’t particularly worried about being searched for by the police. He didn’t think most shrinkees ever got a size shift up this big, so nobody would think to include a three inch tall Jake Anderson as a suspect for a full size man matching his description.

He ran the metal detector in a sweeping pattern over the ground. After a few minutes he worried that maybe Andy had used a plastic or wooden box, but then he was rewarded with a series of loud beeps. With a grin he grabbed the shovel and started to dig. He heard a loud clink just a few inches down as the shovel made contact with something. Leaning down he started to pull the silver case upwards out of the earth.

“Hey!” a shrill voice cried out, “What the hell are you doing in my yard?”

He froze and looked up. The bobcut woman, Andy’s stepmother, was holding a martini glass and angrily pointing at him.

He tucked Andy’s case under his arm and thought of what, if anything, he should say. He didn’t know much about Andy’s stepmother, but what he had heard didn’t give him a high opinion of her. He decided to leave her with a simple raised middle finger salute before leaping back over the fence.

Kacey stood in a simple grey hoody in an alley across from the nightclub. She was sure this was where Stacey’s party was being held. She hadn’t seen Jake, but the party wasn’t supposed to start for another thirty minutes or so… and she heard people usually came late to these things. She sighed and stared at her feet.

Jake had gotten into the club an hour early, deciding he’d sip a cocktail while he wanted for his Ex and her friends. It was another one of the small luxuries you just couldn’t replicate at three inches tall. He made sure to pay and tip in cash, he’d be leaving in a hurry and he didn’t want to leave a trace. Until Stacey got here though, he’d enjoy himself, just a solo patron on a relatively slow night.

After watching a sporting event he didn’t care much about and finishing his drink he finally heard what he’d come here for. Stacey and her friends were talking loudly, out of the corner of his eye he could see Brad and a few of his old teammates follow them in. He turned away and took a deep breath.

Kacey had seen Stacey go in, but Jake was nowhere in sight. Briefly she wondered if he was already in, or if she’d missed him. She started across the street, she’d spent a few hours at the gym, and her muscles ached slightly. She’d changed clothes, but otherwise hadn’t showered, Jake would be helpless, obedient…

Then Kacey stopped herself, “What am I doing?” she muttered. She took one last glance at the club, sighed, and started the walk home. Whatever he was doing here… she’d let him do it.

Even if it hurt.

Jake pulled the ski mask out of his pocket, smirking at the bartender’s shocked expression as he slipped it on. He was probably on some blurry security footage, and the doorman and the bartender had both gotten a good look at him, but he doubted anyone would think to search for a three inch man. Stacey and his old friends though… if they saw his exposed face they could probably recognize him and put two and two together.

Walking briskly towards the group, he tapped Stacey on the shoulder.

“Who the hell,” she started, turning around, then gasped in fright as she saw his masked face. Before she could react, he reached for her throat, undid the clasp on her necklace, grabbed it, and then bolted for the door.

“Hey!” Brad yelled, he and a few others guys leapt after him, “someone stop that guy!”

The doorman moved to block him, but Jake easily pushed by him, taking off into the night.

Kacey was trudging along sullenly; the club was close enough to their apartment that she’d just decided to walk. Her head jerked up as she saw a police car scream by her, siren blaring.

Jake was beginning to realize this might not have been the best idea, a group of his former teammates and now a pair of police officers were on his tail. He leapt a chain link fence, glancing back he saw the police climbing it too.

Kacey placed the energy drink on the counter of the gas station. As the clerk rang her up, she reached into her wallet. She realized as she opened it that Jake had taken his credit card when he’d left for the day, leaving only a few stray singles. She sighed and grabbed the drink, taking it and exchanging it for a cheaper brand back at the store’s refrigerator.

The door to the shop slammed open suddenly, the clerk shouted in surprise and Kacey turned to see a man in a ski-mask barging in. Her heart skipped a beat, but before she could try to hide behind a display, she realized something… She’d bought that same set of shirt and pants the day before.

Was that… Jake?

He stormed past the clerk and into the back storage room of the store. Kacey hesitated, then ran after him.

“Jake!” she whispered, locking the door behind them quickly.

His head shot up, and he turned around. He reached up and pulled the mask off, confirming her suspicions as his face was revealed.

“Kacey!” he whispered, “Just meet me back at home, the cops are on my ass!”

“What the hell did you do?” She asked.

Jake sighed, “I had to go see Stacey one more time…”

Kacey blinked, “Okay… but the police?”

Jake held up the necklace, “This was my grandmother’s, I gave it to her when we were dating and she was wearing it in all of her facebook pictures. I couldn’t let her keep it Kace.”

Kacey’s heart fluttered, and in spite of everything a goofy smile drifted over her face. She giggled softly, even as the sound of sirens rang out outside. She felt a mix of euphoria and embarrassment, of course Jake wasn’t going back to Stacey, how could she have ever even thought that?

“Jake,” She said, “I think you’re surrounded… but you do have a way out still.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

She sighed, “I know you wanted a few more hours at full size, but if you want, it’s late enough in the day that if you cum you’ll go right down to three inches… Then I could sneak you out.”

The sound of whirring blades echoed overhead, “Ah hell,” Jake muttered, “a helicopter? Really? I just grabbed a necklace!” He looked back at Kacey and chuckled, “Okay, sure… I guess I’ll just try to rub one out-“

Kacey stepped close to him. He blinked as the musky sweet smell of Kacey’s sweat washed over him. He grabbed her into a kiss suddenly, and she laughed as she pushed him away slightly.

“Down boy,” she said. He kept kissing up her neck, she gave a happy sigh and then made her voice a bit sterner, “Jake,” she ordered, “take your pants off.”

He obeyed eagerly, “Anything Kacey,”

“Goddess,” Kacey said with a smile. “You’re going to be tiny for me in a minute, you should get used to addressing me by my proper title.”

“Yes Goddess,” he murmured, watching Kacey slide her own pants down.

She stepped out of them, “Now, lay on the floor,” she said.

He followed her instruction without question again, and she walked over to him, and without warning lowered her panty clad ass down on her face. She smiled at the sound of his lustful moans underneath her. She spat into her hand and reached down his body, starting to work his shaft.

“I’m glad you got a day at full size Jake,” she said, wiggling her ass over him slightly, “but I can’t lie, I’m really looking forward to sending you back… down.” He started to cum as soon as she said it, and she felt him starting to shrink underneath her.

To Jake it was like watching Kacey’s ass slowly expand on top of him, growing heavier. She shifted herself slightly, keeping over him as he shrank. Soon her cheeks loomed over him, larger than he was.

Kacey sat down on the tiny, and still shrinking, Jake. Laughing to herself as he reached his final size of three inches, helplessly trapped underneath her.

For Jake the world had gone dark, and the sweaty aroma of Kacey’s well-worn panties was surrounding him from all sides, smothering him along with the pressure of the giant girl’s weight. He was going insane with lust even though he’d just cum. He struggled weakly, not even sure whether he wanted to escape or remain where he was.

She sat on her tiny boyfriend for another moment and then sighed. Standing back up she glanced down at the dazed and happy Jake. With a warm grin she reached down and plucked him out of his pooled clothing.

“Let’s put you somewhere that the police won’t search,” she muttered.

She opened the front of her panties and dropped Jake in. He was overwhelmed by the mix of dried sweat and Kacey’s womanhood as she let the elastic snap back into place.

She bit her lip in pleasure as he started moving, but she forced herself to put her pants back on, buttoning them up and firmly sealing Jake away and out of view.

Next, she looked at Jake’s scattered clothes, he’d shrunk clean out of them, but she didn’t want to leave any trace. She picked up the necklace, his phone, keys, and wallet, placing them in the large pocket on her hoody. She glanced at the shirt, pants, shoes, and ski mask. She reasoned that he probably wouldn’t need them, being back at his small size, and she gathered them up and casually tossed them in a large plastic trash bin.

Happily, she sauntered back into the front of the convenience store. A pair of policemen were walking in the door, glancing around.

“He went back there!” the clerk shouted, pointing to the storeroom.

“I tried to chase him,” Kacey lied, “but he ran out the back door before I could catch him.”

The cops nodded, moving past her. She spared one last glance back at them before walking out the door. With a giggle she patted the front crotch of her jeans. She gasped at the resulting squirm of movement from her tiny fugitive. He was really going crazy in there, she tried to hurry home.

Jake couldn’t help himself, he started trying to climb up towards her opening, making her walk even more difficult. It was creating a feedback loop, the smell of Kacey was driving him insane, and so he would try to get closer to her, making her more aroused.

As soon as Kacey got through the apartment door, she threw herself on the couch. She tore her jeans off, growling as Jake worked her most sensitive areas. As soon as she had access to her panties she pressed against the crotch as hard as she could, forcing Jake up and inside of her.

He got the message, sliding into the slick cavern and continuing his movements. He heard Kacey’s heartbeat overhead quicken in time with his work. It didn’t take long before he was pressed on all sides by her soft walls. He came too, not even realizing how close he was until that very moment. As the pressure began to release, he let himself go slack. He felt a pair of fingers pinch his ankle and draw him slowly out.

He blinked as a soft white tissue dabbed him off slightly, then Kacey folded it and laid him across it on the coffee table like a picnic blanket.

“So,” Kacey said, leaning over him, “did you cum enough to talk to me for a few minutes?”

“If you make it quick,” he said with a grin. Between her juices that had stuck to him and the smell of her sweat he was already fighting an urge to run and leap at her.

“So the whole thing with your ex… it was over this necklace?” Kacey asked, pulling out of her pocket. It was a nice piece, with gold and a few diamonds set in it.

Jake felt the cloudiness and euphoria subside for a moment, and he sat up, “Yeah,” he said. “I got it in my grandma’s will, she said I should give it to someone who was important to me someday…” He sighed, “I guess I thought Stacey was that person at one point.” He looked her in the eye, “I figured if I had one day at my old size, I could at least fix one mistake.” He chuckled, “I kind of wanted to put it around your neck myself though…”

Kacey stared at it, happiness bubbling up inside of her, “T-Thanks Jake…” She sniffed, trying not to cry. “I love you.”

He blinked, “I love you too Kacey,” he said quietly.

She sighed and smiled, placing the necklace on the table.

“Aren’t you going to try it on?” he asked.

“I will later,” she promised, “I want to do a few other things… and I don’t want it getting dirty.”

She lifted her hoody over her head, taking her shirt with it. Jake marveled at her colossal form as she reached for him.

Gripping him loosely in her fist she brought him to her face, “I think I exercised more today than I ever have in my life,” she laughed. She lifted up her arm, revealing an armpit with a slight stubble. She teasingly leaned over and wrinkled her nose, “Whew, I reek.” She grinned and brought him up to her armpit, almost like a stick of deodorant. “Go on Jake, have a whiff.”

He couldn’t help himself; the earthy smell of Kacey’s dried sweat filled his nostrils. His heart picked up speed and he felt himself growing hard against the soft skin of his giant girlfriend’s fingers. She definitely felt it too, and gripped him slightly tighter. He grunted as he was pushed up into contact with her skin, the rough stubble scraping across his face as Kacey teasingly rubbed him into her pit.

“Those pheromones are something else,” Kacey said, pulling him away, “You’re already rock hard again!” In spite of himself he leaned back towards her, almost eagerly trying to get closer again. “I don’t think so tiny,” she teased, “If you want more of your goddess you’re going to have to beg.” She tapped her chin thoughtfully, “maybe do a few tricks…”

“P-Please Kacey!” he begged, squirming in her hands, “I’ll do anything you want, just say the word!”

She laughed and rolled her eyes, gently hugging him close a moment. As she did so she thought of all the games she wanted to play while she had him like this.

“So seriously, the stomach acid didn’t hurt you or anything?” Ashley asked the tiny man on her shop’s counter.

“No,” Andy assured her, tying his tiny apron on, “It was kind of like sitting in a pool of soda I guess, a bit tingly but that’s it.”

“So,” she said with a small smile, “Thoughts on the experience?”

“I had more fun than I thought I would,” Andy admitted, “but I got a little bored being…” he gestured at her stomach, “in there for so long.”

She rolled her eyes, “I fell asleep while reading, I already said I’m sorry!”

“Maybe just let me out right away next time?” He asked, laughing at her embarrassment.

“Part of the fun is like, pretending NOT to think about you though!” She exclaimed.

“I don’t get it,” he said, pulling out the set of golf pencils he used to write orders.

Ash sighed, “It’s like… you’re so pathetic and meaningless to me that I just eat you, then go about my day, you know?” Her smile wavered, “Pretending, obviously…”

He thought it over, it did make some sense. He’d gotten used to Ashley’s games, and there were worse things in life than having a beautiful giant woman play with you. Usually, he found something appealing in whatever twisted scenario she came up with, and if it seemed a little silly afterward, well at least he’d made her happy.

The door to the shop dinged, the two of them looked up to see Kacey walking in, a box tucked under one arm and Jake in hand. It was unusual to see Kacey this early in the morning, and thinking about her troubled visit the day before Ash and Andy exchanged a quick glance.

“Hey Kace,” Ash said as the other woman approached the counter, “Everything… okay?”

“Great,” Kacey said, “Wonderful actually.”

Andy and Ash both sighed with relief. Beneath Kacey’s usual tattered hoody Ashley spotted a rather expensive looking necklace, she frowned, but decided not to ask questions, not now anyway.

“Hey,” Andy said, spotting the box Kacey was carrying, “I-Is that-“

“I used my time at full size to make a quick stopover at your old place,” Jake said with a grin as Kacey placed both him, and the box, on the store’s counter.

Ash reached for the box, then hesitated, looking down at Andy. He nodded, and she picked him up gently and unlatched the metal lid. Kacey followed suit, lifting Jake up so he could see what was inside.

As Andy had said there was a small deck of trading cards, wrapped in a Ziploc bag. An old game boy, covered in bright smiley face stickers was placed sideways against the wall of the box, a few other small trinkets, rattled around, but the most striking thing of all lined the bottom.

Gently Ash pulled a glossy sheet of paper out. It was a souvenir photograph, the kind that you could get at amusement parks. Jake recognized it as a regional tourist spot, a few hours away. The picture showed the front entrance of the park, along with an older woman, a girl, and a boy who was unmistakably a younger Andy, all smiling for the camera.

“Who are they?” Ash asked quietly.

“Family who…” Andy sniffed, wiping away a quick tear, “Aren’t with us anymore.”

The four of them were quiet for a moment, then Andy smiled, “Jake… thanks man.”

“No problem,” Jake said, unsure of what else to say.

Ashley sighed, placing the photo back in the box and closing it. Gently she placed the box under the counter and smiled at Jake and Ashley.

“I uh…” She cleared her throat, looking down at Andy, “I guess we’d better get the store opened up.”

“Yeah,” Jake said, yawning, “I’ve got to get over to work, do you have any of those little tiny coffee mugs? I think I need some… I was up kind of late.”

Ash and Kacey shared a smirk as she handed Jake a tiny coffee mug. It probably only held a drop or two of the stuff, but Jake chugged it down eagerly.

“Yeah, I’m feeling a bit out of it myself,” Kacey said with a yawn, “skip the coffee for me, I’m going back to bed the minute I get home.” She nodded one last time at Ashley and Andy, “See you later guys, movie night this Friday?”

“It’s my turn to pick,” Ashley said. Andy, Kacey, and Jake all fought a groan. Ash scowled at the reaction, “Come on, do you guys really want to watch Hollywood trash the rest of your lives, or experience a film with a little culture?”

“Is it going to be depressing?” Kacey asked, slowly walking towards the door.

“Foreign movies aren’t depressing, they’re thought provoking!” Ashley protested, but Kacey and Jake were already heading outside.

Kacey stared at her bed, she’d dropped Jake off at work, but she didn’t feel like crashing. Slowly she walked over to her computer and wondered if she should kill a bit of time gaming, but instead she grabbed her drawing tablet. Gently touching the necklace around her neck she smiled, she didn’t really have many occasions to wear fine jewelry, and the necklace would probably end up in a box most of the time… but today she wanted to wear it, even if she didn’t go anywhere.

Biting her lip and thinking for a moment, she turned on the tablet and began to draw.

End Notes:

A bit more of a lovey-dovey episode, but I couldn't get the idea of a brief return to full size out of my head.

Chapter 7: Comic Convention by Greenanon

Jake buttoned up the front of the suit jacket and looked it over in the tiny mirror. Turning slightly, he nodded, it was well fitted, which was something that you really grew to appreciate at a few inches tall. Most of his casual wear was simply doll clothes, with strings or Velcro holding it together. That simply wouldn’t do for the office, so he paid extra for Elsie, the doll shop owner, to expertly tailor him business attire.

“What do you think?” the plump woman asked, beaming down at him.

“Looks good Elsie,” he said, “thanks. I know I just got some new stuff, but they’re saying pinstripes are in again… I don’t know. I don’t follow fashion, but if the boss says wear stripes you wear stripes.”

“Oh it’s no trouble at all,” Elsie said sweetly, “I love making shrinkee clothes, I just wish I could get a few more of you coming in here… it’s usually just you, Andrew, and a couple other regulars.”

“I recommend you to every other shrinkee I meet,” he said. It was the truth, although that had really only been Andy and a shrinkee woman he and Kacey had met at the grocery store. Unless you wanted to get involved in politics, which Jake did not, there weren’t many places that shrinkees congregated. “Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help promote your business.”

“It’s funny you should mention that,” Elsie said slowly. “I umm…” She placed her hands behind her back and shuffled her feet a moment.

Jake sighed, “Elsie, is there something you need to ask?”

“Well…” She cleared her throat, “I feel horrible asking this, but you know how I have a side business selling custom collectibles?”

“Yeah?” he asked, crossing his arms, “Kacey’s over there hovering around your display case.”

At the mention of her name Kacey’s head shot up. She looked back at the small display case of anime figures, the cheapest of which carried a two-hundred-dollar price tag. With a pained expression she tore herself away from the glass, leaving smudged fingerprints as she did so.

“H-hey,” Kacey muttered, “You guys mentioned me?” She shot a glance back at the case. It was no secret that Kacey REALLY wanted several of Elsie’s items, but while the two of them were far more prosperous than they’d been when they’d first discovered the shop Jake wasn’t exactly up for dropping hundreds of dollars on figurines outside of special occasions. Kacey was starting to bring in some money from her online artwork of course, but it had a tendency to slip away from her.

“I have a small booth at a convention that is happening downtown this weekend,” Elsie explained, “I was thinking it might be fun, and good for business, if you and Andrew would… maybe come with me?”

Kacey gasped, “You’ve got a booth at the comicon?” She glanced down at Jake, then back at Elsie, “They’ve been sold out for weeks!”

“Did you want to go that?” Jake asked, “I thought you only liked Japanese comic books.”

Kacey rolled her eyes, “I mean yeah, I’d prefer them to western stuff but it’s not like I don’t want to go to comicon!”

“I can get you in,” Elsie said excitedly, “If you and Andrew would like to anyways… Ashley and Kacey could come too obviously, but I’d like you two boys to hang out at my booth in costume.”

“I don’t know…” Jake said, deliberately ignoring Kacey’s pleading look. “I mean… I’m not really into comic books, and I don’t know how I feel about-“

“Oh Jake please!” Elsie said, clasping her hands together, “It would be so good for business, and I promise it’ll be a lot of fun.”

“I mean…” Jake sighed, “I guess we could ask Andy if he’s interested.”

“You can’t do it,” Ash said.

“I can too!” Andy said, looking at the set mousetrap on the table, “I used to steal from these things all the time when I lived in the wild.”

At Andy’s insistence Ashley had purchased a mousetrap to settle the argument. Setting it on the table she’d struggled to pull it back, placing a small piece of cheese on the bait. While Andy insisted he could get the bait off, Ashley saw a bit of doubt as their argument went on.

“I mean…” Andy walked around the trap, “this might be a different brand than the ones I used to steal from.”

“Oh? Was it a different brand Andy?” Ash mocked. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I can totally survive getting snapped by one of these,” Andy said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation, “It just hurts like you wouldn’t believe,” he winced involuntarily, “way worse than getting stepped on, even when you’re wearing those really hard heels.”

“Really?” Ash drawled, suddenly interested. She bit her lip, “Oooh, well now I’ve GOT to see you try it.”

He rolled his eyes, “you are sick Ashley.”

“You love it,” she said with a grin, “now come on, give it a try!”

Andy sighed and slowly pulled his shirt off. Next, he reached for his pants and slowly peeled the Velcro open.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Ash said, “but why are you getting naked?”

“Doll clothes mess with my movement too much,” he said. “Get ready to be amazed!”

Andy focused on the cheese. He’d done this a dozen times, and he could do it again. He started running and took his leap.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Andy turned towards it, realizing too late he’d already committed to his jump. His eyes went wide as, instead of the graceful leap over the trap he’d planned, he tripped over the edge and bumbled into the cheese.

“Shit!” he had time to think as he heard the snap of the spring. The metal bar came down on his back like a whip.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” he shouted as pain rocked up his back.

Ash’s eyes went wide and she covered her mouth. However much of a sadist she was, that had been a step too far for her to enjoy.

“A-Andy,” she said in a panic, “let me get that off you!” the spring creaked as she pulled it back. Seeing the long bruise on his back she grimaced. He groaned as he slid out of the trap and clutched his chest.

“Are you okay!?” She asked, leaning close over him.

“I’ll be fine in a few minutes,” he wheezed, crawling back towards his pants, shakily pulling them back on. He coughed for a minute, and it didn’t sound fine at all.

The front door opened, Ashley rarely locked it during the day, and she turned to see Kacey carrying Jake in. The tiny man was wearing a new suit.

“Is everything okay?” Kacey asked.

“We heard shouting, so we just came right in,” Jake said, looking around. He spotted Andy, and without so much as a word to Kacey leapt out of her hands down to the table, sprinting to his friend.

“It’s okay, really!” Andy wheezed, sitting up.

“What the hell did this!?” Jake asked, looking at the bruise on Andy’s back. The sight truly alarmed him; it took a lot to cause any kind of lasting harm to a shrinkee.

“M-Mousetrap,” Andy said, pointing to it.

Jake blinked, then looked up at Ashley, “What were you guys doing?”

“It was my fault,” Andy said, his voice already clearing, “I asked Ash to get this because I wanted to show off.” He looked up at her, “I SWEAR I can do it, I just got distracted, pull it back again and-“

“Absolutely not!” Ashley said, horrified.

“Seriously!” Andy protested, “I used to get food out of them all the time!”

“Why wouldn’t you just poke the cheese off the weight with like, a stick or something?” Jake asked, eyeing the contraption warily.

The three of them all looked down at Andy, who seemed embarrassed.

“I uhhh…” He cleared his throat, “Look, it gets really boring living in a vacant lot at a few inches tall, okay? I kind of made a game of it.”

“Huh…” Jake said, slowly walking towards it, “That does seem kind of… intriguing.”

“Jake…” Kacey warned.

“You’d probably want to dive at it right?” Jake said, calculating the proper angle.

“Yeah,” Andy said, “but if you come at it from that angle, you’ll never make it.”

Jake scoffed, “Andy, before I shrank I played college ball, no offense but-“

“Hey now,” Andy said, laughing, “I’m a nerd sure, but I lived like Tarzan out on my own for months while Kacey pampered you.”

Jake started stretching, but before he could make his own run at the mousetrap Ashley grabbed it up off the table. Both shrinkees groaned and Kacey giggled.

“So,” Ash said, dropping the mousetrap into the waste bin, “What brings you two over?”

“Comicon!” Kacey said excitedly.

“Comicon!?” Andy breathed.

“Comicon!” Kacey confirmed.

“You know Elsie?” Jake explained, “She’s got a booth at the Comic convention this weekend, she was thinking Andy and I could dress up in some costumes and hang out at her booth.”

“Let’s do it!” Andy said excitedly.

Ash sighed in exasperation, “If we must, comic books aren’t really my thing.”

“They’ve got all kinds of artists and stuff there, Ash,” Andy said, “just stay away from the superheroes, you might find something you like!”

“Well I won’t be the only one staying home,” Ash relented, “Fine… I understand a costume is customary?”

They’d gathered at Ashley’s place again the day of the comicon. The idea was that they’d eat some quick breakfast and get into their costumes before leaving. Andy and Jake had suited up already, and were comparing Elsie’s work as they waited on the kitchen table for the girls.

“So I’m Captain Atom?” Jake asked, looking down at the blue costume.

“No,” Andy said, exasperated, “You’re THE Atom, Captain Atom is a different guy.”

“Oh,” he said, looking over Andy’s red costume, “And you’re… who again?”

“Ant Man,” Andy said, rolling his eyes, “come on, he had a movie, multiple movies!”

“I must have missed it,” Jake said.

“Well look at our two heroes,” Ashley said, walking out of the room first. She was wearing a black leather suit with faux stitches up the side, and a whip, a plastic toy one thankfully, was coiled on her belt. “Meet Catwoman,” Ash said with a grin. “It seemed like an obvious choice; I already had a lot of the stuff.”

“You look amazing,” Andy said.

“Kacey come out,” Ash called, beckoning towards the bedroom.

“No!” Kacey moaned, “I look awful.”

“You do not,” Ash said, rolling her eyes.

Kacey slowly shuffled out, revealing the black bodysuit with the red hourglass across the belt. She looked at Jake hesitantly, he gave her a smile and a thumbs up.

“You look great!” he said, “what’s wrong?”

“I don’t really look like Black Widow does… in the movies,” Kacey said, slowly.

Ash just rolled her eyes, “Kacey, come on, the only one of us that looks like their character in the movie is Jake.”

“The Atom doesn’t have a movie,” Andy piped up.

“I thought he was superman?” Ash said, raising an eyebrow.

Andy’s mouth fell open, “How could you- he doesn’t even have a cape!”

From the barely repressed giggle it was clear that Ashley was deliberately antagonizing the tiny man. Kacey laughed a little too, and seemed to feel a bit better about her appearance.

“Now Ant-Man,” Ash said with a lustful grin, “You will meet defeat at the hands… paws? Of your arch enemy Catwoman!”

“Actually those two are owned by different-“ Andy started, but a gloved hand squeezed shut around him, cutting off his words.

“Now I’ll put you someplace where you can’t stop me from activating my…” Ash thought a moment, “Cat ray!”

“Catwoman’s really more of a jewel thief,” Kacey said.

Ash rolled her eyes, “Whatever!”

Slowly, she zipped down the front of her black outfit, exposing her ample cleavage. With a faux evil laugh she stuffed the struggling Andy in, shoving him deep and then pressing the sides a moment to make sure he was trapped. With a contented sigh, she zipped the front of the outfit up again, sealing Andy away.

“I guess evil wins this round,” Ash said teasingly.

She offered Kacey a high five, but she just stared at her, “Black Widow’s a hero,” Kacey explained.

Ash just sighed in frustration, “Well today you’re a villain, now what do we do with the other do-gooder?” she gestured at Jake, who had been watching the spectacle with some amusement.

Kacey’s eyes lit up, “Oh, actually yeah, I’m turning to the dark side. Surrender Atom!”

“Black Widow, how could you!?” Jake laughed, holding his hands up in a mock fighting position.

“Now Jake, er, Atom, give up and I’ll go easy on you!” Kacey teasingly walked her fingers across the table, stopping when her hand was just across from Jake. She gently flicked him, and he recoiled in mock pain. He retaliated with a punch to Kacey’s knuckle, which seemed to have been just a bit too hard because she flinched a bit.

“Ow!” she said, “hey, you’ll pay for that!”

She flicked him again, harder this time, and he toppled over. He grappled with Kacey’s fingers as they closed around him. He was brought up to the two grinning “villain’s” faces as they grinned down at him.

“I think as punishment for this defiance you’re going to spend the car ride over to the convention center in a villain’s boot,” Kacey declared.

Jake smiled, “Oh no, the horror,” he said playfully. Kacey’s feet were far from the worst fate that could befall him, sometimes, when the pheromone effect picked up, he almost looked forward to being trapped in her footwear.

“Ash,” Kacey said with an evil grin, “could you take off your boot?”

Ash frowned at her, but bent over to do so. Jake raised an eyebrow, glancing back at Kacey as Ash undid the straps on the leather boot. Underneath it she was wearing a black sock, she wiggled her toes as the air hit them, and there was a slight odor.

“Sorry about that,” Ash said, “These boots don’t really breathe.”

“Oh no,” Kacey said, “It’s perfect. Take the Atom here and put him somewhere that will make him think twice before defying us again!”

Jake paled, “Come on Kacey, let’s talk this over!” He liked Ash, and he found Ash attractive, but whatever magic there was between him and Kacey wasn’t there between him and Ash. Her foot wouldn’t smell like a field of heavenly flowers or drive him crazy; it would smell like a foot.

Ash’s eyes went wide, then she grinned evilly, “That is SO devious Kacey! I’m rubbing off on you!”

Kacey handed her tiny boyfriend over to the smirking villainess. She watched and gave Jake a smug smile as he tumbled down into the dark recesses of Ash’s boot. He looked up at her one more time before Ash’s socked foot blocked out his light.

“If he’s good he can ride in my boot on the way home,” Kacey giggled.

For Jake it was torture, Ash’s feet were already starting to smell even just after twenty minutes or so in the boots. The oily musk overwhelming his senses as it mixed with the leather. The pressure from her foot was intense too, holding him in place. He was a bit surprised that he was still turned on, did he just like feet now? Being three inches tall had apparently taken it’s toll. He laughed in spite of himself.

“I’ll text Elsie and tell her we’re on the way,” Kacey said as the two of them headed out the door.

“Hi guys!” Elsie said sweetly as Ash and Kacey approached, carrying their respective Tinies.

They’d made a quick stop at the ladies room so Ash could release her captives. Gently they were set on the edge of Elsie’s booth, part of a long line of various vendors selling everything from action figures, to old VHS tapes, to artwork. Elsie was mostly selling custom figures that she’d made herself, although she’d cleared a small space on the corners of the tables for Jake and Andy to smile and wave to people.

“Thank you so much for doing this!” Elsie said excitedly, “I know it’s kind of embarrassing-“

“I love this stuff!” Andy said with a smile, “Honestly, I never thought I’d get to come to one of these, and with shrinking… well, a lot of stuff got even further out of reach.”

Jake shrugged, “You sure do learn who your friends are.” He grinned, “So what do you want us to do Elsie? Just hang out?”

“Pretty much,” Elsie said. She glanced up at Ash and Kacey, “You guys can stay around here if you want, or just go check out the convention.”

“Come on!” Kacey said, dragging Ash’s arm, “There’s a panel starting in ten minutes that I NEED to be there for!”

The convention went well, and having two shrinkees dressed as iconic shrinking characters was just the gimmick Elsie’s table needed to get attention. Jake and Andy were getting used to being handled and posing for photographs, Jake in particular was asked to join a complete Justice League cosplay photo where he was sat on a Wonder Woman’s shoulder, and Andy was placed in the hair of a girl dressed like The Wasp for a quick series of pictures.

Every now and then Kacey and Ash came back to check in. Kacey was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of merchandise she wanted to buy, and Ash had apparently found some indie comics that were “cultured” enough for her to purchase.

“I’ve never sold this many collectibles!” Elsie said excitedly, “You guys should come do this every year!”

A shadow fell over the two shrinkees suddenly, and they looked up to see a red headed woman in a skirt and business attire looking down at them. She beamed at them, and before they could say anything she’d reached down and picked both of them up.

“Wow!” she said with a grin, “you two are SO cute!”

“Excuse me miss,” Elsie said uncertainly, standing up, “It’s not polite to pick up a shrinkee without asking.”

“Please put us down ma’am,” Jake said uncomfortably, she was gripping him a bit tight.

“Are they yours?” She asked Elsie with a smile.

“Mine?” Elsie asked, a bit confused, “They’re customers at my store, and I guess we’re friends but-“

“Let’s drop the Shrinkee Rights stuff,” she said, still holding the two shrunken men, “My name’s Barbara LaBelle, LaBelle promotions.” She grinned, tilting Andy slightly and making him grip the side of her hand, “I’m interested in getting these two on my staff, if you don’t hold their papers let me know who does so I can make an offer.”

“I-It’s illegal to transfer Shrinkee guardianship for money!” Andy exclaimed, “I read every line of that-“

“Oh hush,” she said, lifting her thumb and placing it over Andy’s face.

“Hey!” Jake shouted angrily, “You can’t just-“

Her thumb came up over his mouth as well, and he screamed against it, flailing his arms.

“I really should work with Shrinkees more,” she mused, “Much easier to… corral, than full sized talent.”

“Ma’am,” Elsie said sternly, “If you don’t put them down right now, I’m calling security.”

Barbara growled in annoyance, then slowly lowered the two shrinkees back to the table, “You’re pissing away a lot of money for these two bugs,” she snapped. With that she turned and walked away, quickly disappearing into the crowd.

“The hell was that?” Jake muttered.

“Jake!” Kacey squealed, running up to him carrying a massive bag of souvenirs. “You’ve got to see this new figure I got, I know she’s western but I think she’ll fit in well with my other ones-“

“That all looks very expensive,” Jake said teasingly.

Kacey scowled, “I spent my own money this time, and besides it’s not like we come to a comic convention every day!”

“How much money are you making off your artwork these days?” Ash asked curiously, “When I saw you paying, I thought for sure that had to be Jake’s card.”

“Nope!” Kacey said proudly, “My webcomic is bringing in good ad revenue this month, and I actually designed a few corporate logos.”

“Webcomic?” Andy asked, “Cool, what’s it about?”

“Me and Jake,” Kacey said, “Well, kinda. I don’t use our real names.”

“Wait, what?” Jake asked, “I’m going to have to read this thing when we get home.”

Kacey suddenly blushed, “I mean… I guess if you really want to…”

The four of them chatted as a few more visitors came by to see Elsie’s booth. The hall was flooded suddenly as a large panel discussing an upcoming superhero movie let out. Ash and Kacey ducked behind the booth with Elsie to avoid the crowds.

Suddenly a hand swooped out of a passing mob and grabbed Jake. He gasped in shock and looked up into the masked face of a bounty hunter from a popular media franchise, or at least a genderswapped version of him. The woman lingered by the table for a split second longer, and her hand darted out and grabbed a surprised Andy, still watching in shock.

“Help!” Jake shouted, but the hall was loud and Kacey, Ash, and Elsie didn’t seem to notice they’d been grabbed. The bounty hunter dropped the two of them into a merchandise bag, they bounced against a stuffed superhero plushie and fell to the bottom, glancing at packaged action figures twice their size.

“SHIT!” Andy shouted in panic, “What do we do?”

“I don’t know!” Jake said back, looking up at the opening of the bag. There wasn’t any way up, even for an athletic guy with shrinkee agility.

After a few minutes the gloved hand reached in again and gripped the two of them, squeezing them together. As they were pulled out of the bag Jake realized they were in one of the hotel rooms attached to the conference center. Barbara’s smug face greeted them as the costumed woman handed them over.

“It’s done,” she said, “My payment?”

“Really taking the roleplay to the hilt, aren’t you?” Barbara mused, handing the bounty hunter a stack of bills.

“This is… much more than we agreed upon,” the bounty hunter said.

“Relax,” Barbara said dismissively, “this is just a little prank between friends.”

“It’s not!” Jake shouted, “She’s kidnapping us!”

The bounty hunter paused, and Barbara scowled, “If there IS anything illegal going on here, which there most certainly isn’t, then you’d be an accessory, wouldn’t you?”

The bounty hunter hesitated a moment longer, then slowly walked out of the hotel room. Barbara sighed and glanced down at her two captives. Kicking off her high heels she walked over to the hotel room’s desk and set the two of them on it.

“Now,” she said, “Let’s have a talk about what’s going to happen.”

“If you don’t bring us back downstairs right now-“ Jake started.

“You’ll what tiny?” Barbara said with a giggle, “beat me up? Shrinking day was almost a year ago, I can’t believe you’ve managed to keep such a macho man attitude.” She flicked him in the chest, hard, and he grunted as he fell backwards.

“So,” she began, standing up and putting her hands on her hips, “I own the two of you now. I’ve got a friend of mine working up some dummy papers for guardianship, and I have one of the state’s best lawyers on retainer.”

“We already have guardians,” Andy said nervously, glancing at Jake. “Both of us do!”

She shrugged, “Possession is nine tenths of the law, and guess who’s got possession of you two?” She laughed, “I might lose the case down the line, but I’ll have you two in the meantime, making money for me, and Shrinkees are so low on the totem pole these days that there’s no way I’m getting criminally charged.”

“We’ll see about that,” Jake muttered, sitting back up, “And do you really think we’re going to work for you?”

“I think so yeah,” Barbara giggled. She suddenly slammed her hand down on the desk, crushing Jake into it as though she were slapping a mosquito. He cried out with a grunt as the pain rocked his body. She lifted her hand back up and grinned wickedly at Andy. “Are you going to be good little toys?”

“Y-Yeah,” Andy sputtered, looking over at Jake.

 “Now then,” She said with a faux sweet smile, “I’ve got a few other people I need to meet at this thing, and the three of us have an early flight out tomorrow. I have a few ideas on how to sneak you past airport security,” she winked at them and stepped back into her heels on her way out the door.

“Jake!” Andy shouted, running to his side. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” He muttered, sitting up again. He turned his head and cracked his neck, “It didn’t even hurt too bad really, she just took me by surprise.”

“I’m pretty sure she’ll figure out some way to hurt us if we don’t find a way out of here,” Andy said grimly.

“I don’t know,” Jake said, “I don’t think she knows much about shrinkees.”

“What makes you say that?” Andy asked.

“Well for starters she thought leaving us up on this table would trap us,” he said, “Look, we can shimmy down that lamp cord right there, hell if we really had to I’m pretty sure we could just jump.”

“Pass,” Andy said looking down at the drop, “We might heal broken bones in a few hours, but they’re still a pain in the ass.”

“I’ve never broken one actually,” Jake said, walking over to the cord. “How’d it happen with you?”

“I got in a fight with a squirrel,” Andy replied, following him. “It wasn’t my proudest moment.”

Jake fought back laughter, “Wait, what? Don’t animals usually avoid us?”

“Well, there was a bag of peanuts involved,” Andy explained as they began working their way to the floor, “I guess whatever about us repels them wasn’t as strong as he was hungry, and we kind of wrestled over it for a bit, and then I fell out of the tree.”

That was too much, Jake laughed so hard he almost lost his grip on the lamp’s cord. Andy just rolled his eyes as they reached the floor.

“JAKE!?” Kacey shouted, looking around the table and the floor. “Ash, they’re gone!”

“I know!” Ashley snapped, fighting down panic.

“There was a woman,” Elsie said suddenly, “Barbara something, redhead, she kept talking about buying them, I told her to leave but…”

“Let’s go find her then,” Ash growled.

“So here’s what I think,” Jake said, glancing up at the bed’s nightstand, “We can climb up the bed, then with a good running start we can probably get up on that surface. Then I’m pretty sure the two of us together can lift up that phone, and BOOM! We’re saved.”

“I like it,” Andy said.

“Best part is I don’t see a squirrel in sight,” Jake said, jokingly peering around.

“Oh, ha ha,” Andy said, crossing his arms.

Their planning was interrupted as they heard the sound of a keycard entering the door’s electronic lock. They made eye contact and both bolted for hiding places as the doorknob turned. Jake ran towards the hotel’s draperies, which extended to the floor, Andy went behind the dresser.

“Sorry bugs,” Barbara said, walking back into the room, “I seem to have forgotten my phone-“ she realized they weren’t on the desk where she’d left them, and immediately slammed the door behind her.

Slowly she stalked through the room. Her heels clacked menacingly upon the tiled part of the floor, going silent as she walked over the carpet.

“So, you two can get down from a table,” She mused, “Good to know… come out right now and I won’t punish you.”

She waited, and then frowned angrily when neither Jake nor Andy revealed themselves. She walked through the room, glancing around corners, idly she shot a glance into the bathroom, hoping to spot movement. Jake and Andy watched her from their respective hiding places, keeping still as she looked for them.

“You’re making this worse on yourselves,” she said in frustration, “You’re fucking TINIES now, you are TOYS!” She growled, getting on her knees and looking around the hem of the bed, “Do you think anyone is coming for you? Do you think anyone gives the slightest FUCK what happens to a pair of shrinkees?”

There was a knock at the door. Barbara’s head shot up. The knock came again, louder. She sighed and stood up, adjusting her skirt.

“Before you two get all excited, I’ve got a few bouncer friends of mine coming by to discuss a security deal, and they’d gladly break a few bones for me if I asked.” She grinned, “Maybe I’ll ask.”

She turned the knob, “Bruno, glad to-“ Catwoman’s black gloved hand shot through the gap in the door, making contact with Barbara’s face. She fell back, blood gushing from her nose as Ash, Kacey, and Elsie walked into the room.

“A-Ash you can’t just go punching people like that!” Kacey exclaimed, “You could go to jail!”

Ash rolled her eyes, “Come on Kacey, everyone goes to jail sometimes.”

“Errr…” Elsie said nervously, “I don’t know about that.”

“Is that her?” Ash asked.

“Y-Yeah,” Elsie said.

“Kacey!” Jake shouted, running out from his hiding place. Her face lit up, and as she knelt down he practically leapt into her grip. He was pulled against her cheek, and he felt a single tear splash his head.

“I was so worried!” she said.

“Andy?” Ash asked, “You here bud?”

“Down here!” Andy shouted, running out from his own hiding place, “She was going to kidnap us!”

“Bitch!” Ash shouted, kicking the downed woman in the stomach, causing a pained groan. She leaned down to pick Andy up, “Let’s get out of here.”

“What the hell is going on in here?” a gruff male voice said. They turned to the door to see a pair of muscular men in tight fitting tees cracking their knuckles. “Barbara, are these people causing trouble for you?”

Barbara laughed, sitting back up, “Yeah Bruno,” she wheezed, “They’re trying to steal my shrinkees.”

“That’s not true!” Kacey protested.

The two men looked at each other and shrugged, “You need to let go of the shrinkee ma’am,” one said, looming over the women menacingly.

“I think we’ll take it from here,” The men turned to see a group of four police officers, along with the bounty hunter that had first taken Andy and Jake.

As they watched the Bounty Hunter took off her helmet, revealing long black hair and an Asian face. Mandy shook her head once, letting her hair fall behind her back, before smiling.

“Hey Jake, Andy, sorry I grabbed you for her… I really thought it was just for a prank.”

“MANDY!?” Jake asked, stunned.

She smiled, “Don’t let anyone at the office know I’m into this nerd stuff, okay?”

Barbara’s arrest had been a pretty easy affair, between the witness testimony of everyone involved it hadn’t taken much for the officers to put her in cuffs. She’d ranted about how she wasn’t going to face charges, how shrinkees weren’t people, but she’d been hauled off just the same. After the excitement was over, they’d returned down to Elsie’s booth, the convention was winding down and the four full sized women were seated behind it in folding chairs while Jake and Andy were simply on the table.

“You don’t think she’ll really get out of jail, do you?” Kacey asked.

Mandy shrugged, “Miss Black goes to the DA’s fundraiser dinner every year, I’m sure she might be interested in hearing about this on Monday.” She shot Jake a friendly smile, “she’s gotten really into Shrinkee rights lately, I think she might be convinced to make a call or two.”

“Thanks for saving us,” Andy said, laying back against the table, “I’ve got to admit, I was freaking out a bit there…”

“I’m really sorry I grabbed you guys,” Mandy said again, “I’m serious, I thought she was a friend of yours or something.”

“Well, you came back,” Jake sighed, “that’s what counts I guess… if it hadn’t been you, it would’ve been someone else who didn’t know or care about us.”

“I’m beat,” Kacey said finally, “you guys ready to get out of here?”

“Let’s book it,” Ash said, standing up. “Thanks for the passes, Elsie.”

“Anytime!” she said cheerfully, “I’m REALLY sorry for what happened-“

“Don’t blame yourself,” Jake said, “just get us a VIP tickets next year!”

“Done!” Elsie laughed.

The four of them reached the car and stopped, “Okay,” Kacey said with a grin, “Jake, I do believe I promised you a ride home somewhere special?”

Jake’s eyes went wide, “Kacey, we could forget about that-“

She was already taking off her boot, letting her sock rest on the pavement of the convention center parking lot. There was a slight sheen to the interior of the leather footwear.

“Goodbye Jake,” Kacey smirked. She leaned over the boot, and gently released her tiny boyfriend, letting him fall into it. He blinked, looking up at the sky as Kacey’s socked foot slipped into it, cutting off his only source of light.

“And there we go,” Kacey grinned, pushing her foot down and feeling Jake’s body against her sole.

“What about you Andy?” Ash asked playfully, “do you want to go home in a boot?”

“Uhh…” he thought it over, “Yeah!” he said with a smile, “sure!”

“Good boy,” she said, pulling her own boot off. She grimaced at the smell, but Andy’s eyes were already going wide as the musky funk poured out.

“Put me in!” he breathed, “please mistress!”

“I really need to play around with this pheromone thing more,” Ash laughed. She dropped Andy in, and like Kacey had a moment before she slipped her socked foot back in, crushing the shrinkee against her sole.”

For both Jake and Andy their senses were overwhelmed by the sweaty musk of feet that had spent an entire day walking around a convention center in nearly airtight footwear. As the damp socks reigned over them, they both moaned, silenced by the oppressive confines of the costume boots.

For Kacey and Ash, comfortably driving home, it was an amusing ride. Every now and then as their respective captives writhed and moaned against their feet the girls would share a quick glance, a smile, a giggle maybe.

“Oh god,” Ash laughed, “I think Andy just came.”

“They get REALLY sensitive when they’re in contact with your sweat,” Kacey said with a grin. She pressed her boot against the gas pedal as they went through a stoplight. “And…” she pressed down slightly again, accelerating the car for just a moment longer than necessary, “There goes Jake too.” She bit her lower lip as she felt a small wetness leave Jake, and his body struggle against her as pleasure flowed up and down his body. “Just a tip Ash,” Kacey said, looking back to the road, “the pheromone thing does wonders for their stamina too.”

“Damn,” Ash said with a smile, “I was going to take a shower when I got home, but I think Andy and I are going to have some fun first.”

Jake was out of his costume, laying naked in front of Kacey’s PC. He was taking a few minutes to recover; his giant girlfriend had given him a hero’s welcome once they’d gotten home. Now though he looked up at the monitor, the strip of Kacey’s webcomic glowing faintly in the darkened apartment.

“So what do you think?” Kacey asked nervously. She was twirling a strand of her damp hair, between wearing the costume all day in the hot convention center and the things she’d done to Jake when they got home, she was covered with sweat. Sitting in nothing but her underwear Jake couldn’t help but take in the view.

“The comic is cute,” he said, “How popular is it?”

Kacey shrugged, “Well I just use a banner ad service, and they send me a couple hundred bucks a week, so that popular.”

Jake nodded, smiling, “I knew you’d make it one of these days.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that making it,” Kacey said with a smile, but the blush in her cheeks revealed how she really felt about his compliments.

“So, Jake,” she said, leaning forward with a grin, “I feel like introducing some of my old toys to some of my new toys.”

She reached up to the shelf above her monitor where several of her anime figurines were displayed. Grabbing her favorite, a red jumpsuited Asuka, she placed it next to Jake. He rolled his eyes and stood up, he was well used to this routine.

“Say hi to your girlfriend!” she said gleefully, shoving the anime figure at him. He wrapped his arms around the six-inch figure, which towered over him.

“Hi Asuka,” he said sarcastically.

“Come on Jake, give her a kiss!” Kacey said. She picked up the figure and tilted it down, letting Jake kiss it on the cheek. “You’re so affectionate! Well guess what, she has a friend coming over today!”

“A friend huh?” he asked, struggling not to laugh.

Kacey reached into her souvenir bag from the convention, and her hand came out holding an action figure box. Tearing the plastic open she revealed a six-inch figure, which she placed on the opposite side of Asuka.

“Ta-da!” Kacey said, “Wonder Woman!”

“Asuka’s friends with Wonder Woman?” Jake asked with a chuckle.

“East meets west,” Kacey said, facing the two figures towards him, “Meets Jake.”

“How do you do ladies?” He asked, looking up at the looming molded plastic faces. It always reminded him just how small he was when Kacey played action figures with him, he only ever came up to their stomachs.

“Now Jake,” Kacey said, leaning in, “If you want a threesome, you’ll need to really suck up to them!”

He frowned, “Kace I don’t know what-“

“Kiss their boots!” Kacey said eagerly, her hand beginning to drift towards her panties. She was leaning in towards him now, and the smell of her sweat was beginning to hit him again.

He dropped to his knees and kissed the doll’s plastic boot, “Yeah!” Kacey said, “that’s it!” He yelped as something slapped his ass, he looked back to see that Kacey had extended the Wonder Woman figure’s arm and had spanked him with it.

He laughed at the absurdity, “These two are too rough on me Kacey, can’t I just play with you?”

“Well,” Kacey said, biting her lip, “Since you asked so nicely.”

She reached for him, and the figures fell over as her hands closed around him. Kacey lowered him towards her sweaty underwear, he sighed contentedly as the familiar thick scent of Kacey filled him. He felt himself growing more aroused the closer he got to her, and by the time she was pulling the well-worn panties away from her grimy body he was rock hard.

“Down you go,” she said, slipping him into her underwear. Gently she let the hem rest against her skin again, trapping Jake against her wet opening. Placing an open palm against the front of her panties she pushed him towards the dripping entrance, he didn’t need much more encouragement than that.

Jake crawled up into Kacey, letting her juices run over his skin as he struggled against the contractions of the walls around him. Kacey played with herself, panting and moaning as Jake reached the place and rhythm she wanted.

Kacey came with a smile, the wetness surging around Jake. She giggled happily to herself, holding her hand against her lips, trapping Jake within her while she leaned back and relaxed. He was going mad inside of her still. Stuck inside her like this, he wouldn’t be able to have anything close to a coherent thought while the pheromones drove him crazy. The thought was turning her on again, and as she closed her eyes and felt another orgasm building, she debated how long to leave him in there.

Ashley reclined in her favorite chair, sipping a cup of decaf coffee as she read one of the comic books she’d purchased at the convention. It was an English translation of a French work, and Ash found both the art and the plot exquisite.

“Turn the page please,” Andy called.

He was nestled between her breasts, despite what she’d said to Kacey should could only stand feeling dirty for so long, even if it made Andy into a love slave. When she’d cleaned up, she’d put on a simple bra and panties, having decided to lounge with her tiny and read some of her purchases. For his part he’d thrown on a loose pair of pajamas from his pile of doll clothes.

“I’m almost done,” she said with a smile. Andy read a bit faster than her, but she was the big one, so they’d turn pages at her pace.

“This story is dark,” Andy muttered, seeing another main character killed as the glossy page flipped over.

“It’s a story about war Andy,” Ash said, “it shouldn’t be all fun and bright colors!”

“Well, it’s not,” Andy said, “I don’t think this artist knows there are colors other than blue, brown, and black.”

“I’ll let you choose the next one,” Ash said, “Kacey talked me into buying a number of…” her nose wrinkled in disgust, “superhero comics.”

“I saw a Long Halloween collected in there,” Andy said eagerly, “That’s my pick.”

“Let’s see if these two orphans escape the soldiers first,” Ash said, “Oh my, it doesn’t look good…”

Surprising both of them, Ashley’s depressing foreign comic managed a happy ending. Both of them were grinning broadly, satisfied with the tale as she closed the final page, which was awash with all the colors of the rainbow.

“Now THAT is a story,” Ash muttered.

“Okay, I’ll admit it won me over,” Andy said.

“The best stories are ones that start off looking bad, but end on a high note,” Ashley said, patting his head with her finger, “Kind of like ours huh?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “I was pretty terrified of you at first.” He sighed, snuggling against the massive breasts. They were warm, and the faint smell of Ashley’s imported soap washed over him and stuck to his skin.

“It’s so strange to think we’d never be together if it wasn’t for me shrinking,” he mused.

Ash shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe it was fate, maybe you’d have walked into my coffee shop like a lost little puppy at full size and we’d have struck up a conversation.”

“Maybe,” Andy muttered, “Ash… there’s something you should know about me, from when I was big.”

“Oh?” Ash asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It was kind of why I had trouble with girls,” he admitted slowly. “So, I understand if maybe it makes you see me… differently.”

Ash frowned and put the comic on the nightstand. Slowly she picked him up out of her cleavage, holding him in front of her. Whatever this was he seemed upset.

“Andy,” Ash said quietly, “whatever it is, we can-“

“I was only five four,” he blurted out suddenly, “You can’t really tell, since we all shrink to the same size, but I was only five feet, four inches. I’m a real shrimpy guy Ash.”

She blinked, then burst out laughing. It went on for nearly a full minute, almost driving her to the point of wheezing from lack of air. Finally she managed to control herself and look him in the eye again.

“Andy,” she said, still fighting down laughter, “Do you really believe a girl who wants you at three inches wouldn’t be interested in you at five feet four inches?”

His face went red, “I guess…” He laughed a little himself, “Yeah, I guess that is a stupid thing to worry about.”

“My little Andy,” she mused, slowly reaching up and gripping the edge of his pantleg. She began to pull, slowly sliding his pants off. “You’d end up my toy no matter what size you are.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he breathed, watching her reach for his shirt sleeve. He didn’t resist as he felt the scratchy doll-clothing fabric slide against his skin, her giant fingers were unwrapping him like a piece of candy.

Soon she had Andy naked in the palm of her hand, her giant eyes hungrily gazing down at him. He felt himself moving towards her mouth, and he braced himself as she opened wide, sliding him into the wet cavern. Her lips closed behind him, sealing him in darkness.

Andy tried to flip over and get his bearings, but Ashley’s tongue quickly overpowered him. It was a familiar feeling, and as his back was forced against the roof of her mouth, he felt the slick and powerful muscle begin rubbing itself against his erection. Andy could never last very long once she started this, and, deciding to try to extend this game. He grappled with the tongue and did his best to force it away.

This was probably the wrong move, Ash smiled, keeping her mouth closed tight as she felt her tiny captive resist. She doubled her efforts, quickly feeling his body go rigid as she applied more movement, treating him like a piece of hard candy as she sucked and played with him.

She hummed happily as she felt a quick salty spray in her mouth. She pressed Andy into place and quickly sucked all of the built-up saliva out, taking Andy’s small load with it. She left him there for a moment, knowing he had to be wondering if she would be swallowing him. Ever since they’d tried it once, she liked to keep him on edge, any time he went near her mouth there was a decent chance he’d end up in her stomach, and she loved keeping him guessing.

Not tonight, she decided finally, or at least not yet… She opened her mouth, sticking a finger in and pulling the dripping and limp Andy out. Reaching for a tissue she dabbed him off, giggling at his post-orgasm smile.

“Now then,” Ash said, once he was dried. “We agreed you’d pick the next comic book, this Batman one, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. She slowly slipped him back into her cleavage as she opened the hardcover collection.

“This one is good right?” Ashley asked with a devious smile.

“Uh, one of the best,” Andy said uncertainly.

“How about a little wager,” Ash said, “If I like it, you can sleep in your bed tonight… if I don’t,” she gulped loudly, making sure he could hear it.

His eyes went wide, and in spite of himself he was getting hard again. She glanced down at him and smirked, she could feel it, and she knew she’d hit a weak point.

“O-Okay,” he breathed. Settling in, he watched as Ash turned the first page of the comic.

End Notes:
Not as big of a character growth chapter as the last one, just some slice of life fun with the protagonists. You've probably heard it before, but if you like it leave a review!
Chapter 8: Vacation by Greenanon

“So let me get this straight,” the IRS agent on the other end of the phone asked, “your owner… is also your dependent?”

“Shrinkee guardians aren’t "owners" ma’am,” Jake explained in a tired voice, “and yes, Kacey is my dependent AND my guardian.”

“Hmmm…” he heard clicking on the other end as the woman typed, “that’s highly unusual, most shrinkees are filed as dependents… not head of household. I’m afraid that this means you won’t be getting the Shrinkee tax credit.”

“What?” he exclaimed, stepping up and gripping the massive phone on each side, “That’s not fair! I AM a shrinkee! I’m three inches tall for-"

“I’m sorry Mr. Anderson,” the woman explained, “but the base shrinkee tax credit is only for Shrinkee guardians filing as head of household. You can claim the itemized deductions for any shrinking related modifications to your home or workplace, but given how unusual your filing is I’m going to need some direct physical proof that you are in fact a shrinkee.”

Jake sighed, “Okay, what if I send you a picture real quick?”

“I suppose that might help,” the worker on the other end said, “you should have my phone number in the email I sent you.”

Jake looked around the office, Ms. Black was letting him use his work terminal for some of his tax work, as he didn’t have one in his size at home. He spotted Mandy walking to the water cooler and started shouting for her and waving his arms. The giant office woman’s shoulders slumped in annoyance, and she plodded her way over to his desk.

“Hey Jake,” she said, “if it’s about those reports, I’ll get them by-“

“Oh no,” he said, “I’m actually talking with this IRS lady and she doesn’t believe I’m a shrinkee.”

Mandy’s mouth quirked, “Okay, so what do you need from me?”

“Just take a picture of me next to your monitor or something.”

Mandy thought a moment, then grinned. Before he could react, she reached down for him, her fingers closing around him and lifting him up. She reached for his phone with her other hand, quickly bringing up the camera. Holding him up to her face and smiling, she took a series of quick photos, easily showing his size relative to her.

“And one more,” Mandy said in a teasing voice.

“What are you-“ Jake started, but Mandy was already lowering him towards her open cleavage. His face burned with embarrassment as she settled him in and took one final picture, him in his suit ruffling against her massive breasts pressing him on each side.

“Let me know if you need to take any more!” Mandy chuckled, putting him and the phone back on his desk.

Jake ran to the smartphone and sighed with relief, seeing that Mandy had only sent the picture of him being held next to her face.

“I see Mr. Anderson,” the IRS agent said over the phone, “I’m sorry for the confusion, I think we can accept your return without issue.”

Jake sighed with relief, and after a few minutes more of chatting with the government worker, he hung up. He spun his chair around slightly and placed his hands behind his head, still a little annoyed that he wasn’t getting a Shrinkee tax deduction.

“Fucking Shrinkee Protection Act,” he muttered.

“Done with the taxes?” Ms. Black beamed down at him. He started, he hadn’t heard her approach.

“Yeah,” he said with a small smile, “I got screwed, but I guess that’s what the IRS does, right?”

“Tell me about it,” Ms. Black muttered angrily, “but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today.”

“If it’s the new account, Mandy and I were going to get started on it-“

“No Jake,” she said, cutting him off, “You actually need to take a vacation.”

His brow furrowed, “What?”

“Well,” Ms. Black began uncomfortably, “I’ve been talking with HR, and those days you miss for your size shifts? They’re actually being counted as your sick days, not your paid time off like we thought, in fact you’re actually getting more of them since company policy is recognizing this whole shrinking thing as a disability…”

He blinked, “Okay, well that’s good I guess.”

“Kind of,” Miss Black explained, “this means that you actually haven’t used any of your vacation days, and you’re at your max… you either need to use them or they get paid out.”

“So, pay them out?” Jake said.

“W-Well, that would come out of our miscellaneous budget for parties and stuff,” Miss Black said, “Don’t you think you deserve a vacation?”

He laughed at the absurdity of the situation, “Look Ms. Black, I just don’t want to go out of town right now, we’re just starting that new account and I want to be here for it.”

Miss black crossed her arms, glowering down at the tiny man, “Jake, forget the money, you NEED a vacation.”

He gulped, Ms. Black had always been nothing but kind to him, but a giant woman trying to order you around, let alone your boss, always carried some weight.

“I’d rather just take the payout,” he insisted.

Ms. Black sighed and pulled her phone out of her pocket, “Okay Jake, here comes my nuclear option,” she said with a small smile.

He frowned, “What are you-“

“And done,” she said, sending a text, “I just told Kacey you needed some ideas on how to use your vacation days.”

Jake’s eyes went wide, and his head whipped around as a smart phone taller than he was started vibrating his desk as Kacey eagerly texted him.

“It’s only ten thirty!” He moaned, walking over to his phone, “she’s usually still asleep!”

Miss Black chuckled and shrugged, “Maybe she’s feeling a bit more industrious these days?”

“Yes!” Kacey said excitedly as she logged in. Her favorite RPG had a special event with a unique sword that could only be claimed in the morning, luckily the cutoff for “morning” was 11AM so she hadn’t had to set her alarm too early, and as an added bonus she’d gotten a series of texts from Miss Black about Jake needing help planning a vacation!

“I wonder of Ash and Andy want to go too…” she thought, texting them while she considered destinations.

“This place is dead,” Ash muttered, looking at the empty store. “I swear, people buy more coffee when it’s cold.”

Andy shrugged, leaning against the giant cash register, “the books are looking okay, we can handle some slow days, weeks even.”

“Yeah,” Ash said, eyeing the tiny man on the counter, a sudden predatory gleam in her eye, “but it would be a shame to waste this time…”

“If you get me a tiny mop I can clean the counter,” Andy said.

She rolled her eyes, “Tell you what Andy, since we don’t have many customers, I’m sending you home early.”

He blinked, “How am I supposed to go home early without you-“

She snatched him up and started pulling off his tiny coffee shop apron, letting it fall to the counter. Making quick work of his other clothing she soon held his naked form in her hand. Andy blinked, it had all happened so fast, and now Ash’s giant face was leaning in to kiss him.

“Goodbye Andy!” She said, “see you when I get off work!”

Before he could protest, she was bringing him behind her own apron, where she’d pulled the waistband of her jeans and underwear away from herself. Angling him down she slid his scrabbling form into the dark confines of her waiting panties. She bit her lip and gasped as he was wedged against her moist opening, brushing against her trimmed hair. Gently she let the waist of her pants back into place, trapping Andy.

She leaned against the counter and giggled, enjoying the feeling of his struggles, “Oh stop it Andy,” She teased, pressing against the crotch of her pants from the outside, “I sent you home early! You should be happy!”

She was torn away from tormenting her captive by her phone buzzing. Reaching for it, still holding her hand against Andy to keep him from escaping, she thumbed her texts open.

“Huh,” she mused, fighting a grunt as Andy’s struggles sent a pleasant wave up her spine, “A group vacation?” She smiled and patted her jeans, “Sounds fun,” she said, “unlike you Andy I hardly ever get to go someplace warm and…” she giggled, “humid.” She texted back. “Beach maybe?”

Jake and Andy sat on a dollhouse couch in front of Ashley’s laptop while their giant girlfriends loomed behind them. They were at Ash and Andy’s apartment, scrolling through airline tickets and possible destinations. They’d decided on a beach resort and a pair of adjoining hotel rooms, everything was shaping up well except for one snag.

“Wait a minute,” Andy said, standing up, “Does that say Shrinkees have to pay full price for airline tickets?”

“Looks like it,” Ash said.

“I swear, the rules are set up just to screw us,” Jake muttered. “I’m three inches tall, why do I need to buy a full seat?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Kacey giggled, shooting Ashley a knowing look, “I have an idea how we can sneak you guys on the plane without tickets.”

“There’s actually a disclaimer paragraph about that right here,” Andy said, pointing to the webpage.

“Persons attempting to conceal unticketed shrinkees on their person shall be subject to a two hundred dollar fine and potentially banned from future travel,” Jake read, trying not to laugh.

“We could do it anyways,” Ash insisted, “those people that got caught probably didn’t put their shrinkees in a good enough hiding place-“

“I’m pretty sure those full body scanners will see something in your… Well, you know,” Jake said, embarrassed.

Ashley crossed her arms, “fine, if you guys want to waste money on an extra ticket, go for it, but Andy and I are totally going to make this work.”

From the look on Andy’s face he wasn’t so sure.

Back at their apartment Kacey and Jake were relaxing and watching an anime of Kacey’s choice. Jake wasn’t following the plot much, except to note it had something to do with vampires. He had his phone propped up against a stack of her manga books, allowing him to look up details about their destination while Kacey ate a bag of chips and watched the TV.

“So I was thinking,” Kacey said, a small grin tracing over her face, “I’ve never flown first class…”

“Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll overbook,” Jake said, not taking his eyes off the phone. He’d found an interesting historical site near their hotel, and was reading more about it. “Sometimes you get upgraded when that happens.”

“Orrrrr…” she said slowly, “my tiny slave could spend some of his money to make his goddess happy.”

Jake paused, fighting down a laugh, “your tiny slave is already paying for your coach ticket.”

Kacey crossed her arms in a pout. Jake’s world shook once, then twice, as her socked feet came up on either side of him on the table. He glanced up at the pair of feet, each one towering over him. The faint sweaty odor of her ripe socks reached him as she grinned, knowing he was trapped.

“Kacey,” Jake pleaded, feeling that familiar lightheadedness from her smell creeping in, “Come on, it’s only like a three hour flight-“

The feet inched closer, and he fought his rising arousal and desire to give in to her. From her smug expression Kacey could tell Jake was already in her grasp. The pheromone effect tied to the shrinking phenomena was something she always enjoyed teasing him with, it made him putty in her hands, or feet rather.

“You’re going to get me that first class ticket,” Kacey said, “even if it costs-“ she paused, she really had no idea how much airline tickets cost, “even if costs all your money!” she said, trying to save it.

The slip seemed to give Jake a bit of willpower, and he spread his arms, catching the slowly encroaching socked feet and holding them from trapping him completely.

“It’s a pretty big upcharge,” he said, straining to keep the feet apart. The sour sweaty smell was washing over him, no doubt Kacey had worn these a few days in a row.

He gave a sharp grunt as Kacey increased the pressure, snapping her feet shut around him. With some struggling he managed to force his way upwards, his face sticking up at the top of her closed socks pathetically. He was hers now, and he felt his ability to say no to anything she wanted eroding as the ripe smell of her feet filled his nose and covered his body.

“Jakey,” she said with a sigh and a teasing smile, “Good little tinies go to work so they have money to spend on their goddesses, don’t you think a first-class girl deserves a first-class plane ticket?”

“Yes Kacey,” Jake breathed, hypnotized. “I’m so lucky to be with you, you deserve first class everything!” He felt the musky odor beginning to overpower his senses, that earthy sour smell of her sweat that always grossed him out at first, but then would begin to smell… sweeter? It was addicting, and he knew that he’d give this goddess anything in the world just for the privilege of being close to her.

Kacey chuckled and squeezed her feet around him harder. He hissed and seemed to give a blissful sigh, she took that as a sign to squeeze him a bit more, kneading his entire body with her feet while he groaned happily. Every now and then he managed a single word, “beautiful,” or “angel,” slipping in here and there. She just folded her arms behind her head and let him enjoy it, if nothing else that pheromone effect was a nice boost to a girl’s ego.

She kept moving her socked feet against him slightly, causing him to groan in pleasure, “How do those socks smell Jake?” she teased, “nothing but the best for my little pet Shrinkee.

As if in answer his body stiffened, and she felt the small damp spot spreading on the sole of her sock as he came. She grinned at his heaving form, thinking of all the fun they’d have on vacation together.

“So,” Ash said, pointing to a quick outline she’d made of a woman’s body, “Shoes are out, they make you take them off at security,” she put an “x” through the figure’s feet while Andy looked down and studied it.

“Boobs?” he asked hopefully.

“Nope,” Ash said, crossing them out next, “even if I wore a sweater or something, you’d be way too exposed.”

“Underwear?” He asked, “Ideally the front?”

Ash bit her lip, “No,” she said finally, “sounds fun but…” she grinned at him, “you’d have to go ALL the way in, and I don’t want to have an orgasm right in the middle of the security checkpoint.”

“You want to eat me?” he asked with a sigh, “I guess it wouldn’t be so bad-“

“No,” Ash said, crossing out the stomach, “I read a news report the other day that some guy got busted with drugs in his stomach, and if they can detect a baggie of drugs I’m pretty sure a little skeleton on the X-Ray image will set off some alarms.”

“So that’s it then,” Andy said with a shrug, “I guess we just pay full price for the ticket?”

“I’ve got one last longshot,” Ash said, reaching for his size meter. Holding the remote-like device over Andy’s small form, she hit the button and waited for the telltale beep. Checking the reading her eyes went wide and she smiled, “YES!” she shouted triumphantly.

“What?” Andy asked, “am I getting really small tomorrow or something?”

“Below detectible limit,” Ash crowed excitedly, showing it to him.

“Oh,” he muttered, “I guess that’s good, so you think they won’t be able to find me if I’m that small?”

“Andy,” she explained, “I’ve seen Jake go below the detectible limit before, they’ll need a microscope to find you! We could hide you just about anywhere!”

“I don’t know about this,” Andy said, shifting uncertainly.

Seeing his expression Ash gave him a comforting smile, “Andy, you’re going to be fine.”

Andy breathed out slowly, “I’ve… never been that small before, I’m just a little nervous.”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Ash said, “the only question is where does my little guy want to go?”

She picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. Putting him gently in the middle of the bed, she went to the drawers and drew out a bra and panties. Laying the tarp sized fabrics next to him she grinned down.

“Now Andy,” she said in a sultry voice, “Here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to trigger that little size shift of yours right here, right now. We’re not waiting for you to fall asleep, you’re going to cum Andy.”

“O-Okay,” he breathed, he could never resist her when she got like this.

“But first,” she continued, “you’re going to choose where you’ll be spending your time as a speck,” she gestured to her underwear, “you could go stand on this bra, I’ll be wearing a nice tight shirt when we go to the airport tomorrow, so there won’t be any danger of you slipping out…” She grinned, “think about it Andy, my boobs will be the size of mountains, you’ll just be some poor little germ, you’d never have a chance to escape no matter how hard you struggled… I won’t even notice you.”

She sat down on the mattress, causing his world to rock as her fingers traced down and teasingly walked along the blanket, “Or you could choose to shrink on these panties,” she bit her lip, “it’ll be pretty overwhelming down there Andy, dark, humid…” She sighed, “It might be hard to resist the urge to press against it now and then, if you get up inside somehow…” she shrugged, “no getting out of that one either.”

“They both sound great,” he said in a hushed voice, looking at the two pieces of underwear.

“But maybe that’s not what you’re about?” She said, leaning over the side of the bed. She reached for her sneaker, and pulled it off her foot. “You’re kind of a dirty boy Andy,” she said with a grin as she laid the shoe in front of him, “this could be fun… the insole would be your whole world, my toes would be gods to you… Just looming over you in the darkness while I walked around and did whatever I wanted, never even remembering you were there…”

He gulped nervously, the idea did have an appeal… but at the same time, he’d already made his decision. Slowly he walked over and stood inside the cup of her bra.

“That’s right, you are a boobs man,” Ashley commented, gently knocking him over. He sprawled into the cup of the bra, looking up at her smug face with awe. “Lose the clothes Andy, you’re going down to mite size, and mites don’t wear shirts.”

He hurriedly pulled off his doll clothes, quickly standing before the giantess naked. Her hand came down harshly, her outstretched finger pushing him roughly back onto his back.

“Stay down, germ,” she said firmly.

He gulped and lay on his back, the silky material of the bra soft against his skin. Her finger traced down his chest, and he arched his back in pleasure as she began stroking his erection using just her thumb and forefinger.

“It’s kind of intoxicating thinking about it,” Ashley said, her eyes going wide, “your whole world is going to be my tits… I’ll just be relaxing and enjoying my flight, while you struggle like a little bug against every tiny movement.” She giggled, “well, not like a bug, I’d notice a bug…”

“I can’t wait!” he gasped as she picked up speed.

“That’s what I like,” Ash mused, “a tiny who knows their place.”

Andy looked up at the sadistic smile Ash was giving him and felt a fire rise inside him. When she’d first “captured” him in her shop she’d frightened him, but as he’d played more of her games, he’d found himself enjoying it when she got wrapped up in her faux evil persona.

“No Ash,” he begged, gritting his teeth as the pleasure rose, “please don’t shrink me more!”

“It’s too late Andy!” she said, “cum! CUM RIGHT NOW! Your mistress orders you!”

He cried out in pleasure as he obeyed her, sensations rocking his body as his mistress sent him to an even smaller world. Her hand was getting bigger, soon even the tip of her finger was the size of a house as she pulled away. He saw the titanic Ashely smirk and give him a mocking wave as the world stretched around him. The silky fibers of the bra grew rougher on his back, and soon the smooth landscape was a rough one as the fibers loomed large below him. The bra cup had become a massive crater, stretching out ahead of him as the goddess that was Ashley looked down.

Like a meteor her face descended, quickly filling his entire field of vision as an eye larger than a city block blinked and searched for him. He jumped up and down and waved his arms, but she passed right overhead, not even pausing. He let his arms go still and sighed, looking around what would be his world for the next day or so.

“I can’t see you at all,” Ashely laughed, leaning back up. “Okay Andy, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to go take a shower, and when I come out, I’m putting this bra on, and I’m not taking it off until we get to our destination tomorrow. Your size shift should be over by then, and you can,” she made a quick jerking off motion with her hand, “and you’ll be back to your adorable three inches.” She gave him a sweet smile, though she couldn’t tell where he was, “try to hold it in until we’re at least through airport security, okay?”

She sat up, causing tremors to rock his world as she lifted off the bed and stretched. He heard the thunderous footsteps in the distance as the titaness left to pack her bags and otherwise get ready for their vacation.

“This is humiliating,” Jake muttered, watching as Kacey folded the Velcro “shrinkee safe fly” belt over him.

“At least we got to pre-board,” Kacey said, double checking the velcro straps across Jake’s legs.

The two of them were in a pair of first class seats, and despite Jake’s insistence that he would rather just be held by Kacey, or even just ride out the flight in her backpack, the stewardess had insisted he be strapped in to something that was similar to a small carseat. He scowled as Kacey giggled, taking a quick photo with her phone.

“This might be the dumbest part of shrinking so far,” he muttered.

“It’s just until takeoff,” Kacey assured him with a wink, “then you can go somewhere more… comfortable.”

“Hey guys,” Ashley said, boarding the plane and walking by them with a smug smirk.

“Where’s Andy?” Kacey asked.

Looking to make sure the stewardess was busy Ash leaned in close, “he had a size shift small enough that we could get him past security, he’s somewhere… close.” She stood back up and gave Kacey and Jake a final wink before going to her own seat in coach.

Andy’s world was a warm darkness as he was pressed between Ashley’s breasts and the fabric of the bra. At this tiny size he was still able to move against her skin, the light soapy smell of her body wash from the night before still lingering. This had been his world since the previous evening, when she’d put on the bra with a flourish, sealing him into this soft existence.

As he listened to her heartbeat and heard the muffled conversation far above, he had to reflect that it wasn’t the worst place to spend a flight. Snuggling against her, he let himself drift to sleep.

“I wish I’d had a size shift before the flight,” Jake muttered, struggling against the itchy velcro straps.

“Just try to relax,” Kacey said, pulling out a handheld game system.

“Drinks?” The stewardess asked, coming by to take their order. She noticed a scowling Jake and leaned in, “Oh my, aren’t you just the cutest!”

Jake sighed, he was used to this, “Thanks, I don’t suppose you have any cups or utensils or anything in my size?”

“Oh of course!” the stewardess said, causing him to raise an eyebrow, “We’ve got an eyedropper so your guardian can serve you a soda.”

“I’ll pass,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Can I get an energy drink?” Kacey asked, “and whatever snacks you have, like bring me one of all of them.”

“Really enjoying first class, huh?” Jake asked with a smirk as the stewardess left.

Kacey grinned as the music from her game started playing, “Hey, I worked really hard to earn these seats.”

It didn’t take long for the plane to reach it’s cruising altitude, and Jake sighed with relief as she undid the Velcro straps. Leaping out of the tiny seat he walked along the normal sized cushion below, stretching his legs.

“I can’t go back in that thing Kacey,” he said, cracking his back, “Seriously, that seat is less comfortable than being stepped on.”

“Hmmm…” Kacey said, not taking her eyes off her game, “if you ask nicely, maybe I could arrange alternative accommodations?”

He sighed, “Yeah, that would be great. I feel like taking a nap, can you stick me in your backpack-“

Kacey snapped her game system shut, standing up. Before Jake could ask what she was doing she’d swiped him off his own seat. Walking down the aisle she carefully positioned him between her cupped hands, closing them so the other passengers wouldn’t see. Gently she scrunched him down into her palm as she used a free hand to open the airplane lavatory, closing it behind her with a click.

“A-Are we joining the mile high club?” Jake asked, a bit nervously.

“You wish,” Kacey snorted, starting to slide her pants down. “I’m just putting you somewhere more comfortable for the rest of the flight.” Her panties came down next, and Jake saw with a grimace that they were definitely the same powder blue ones she’d been wearing yesterday.

“Wait,” he said, thinking quickly, “what are you going to tell the stewardess?”

“My super cute shrinkee fell asleep in my backpack,” she said, placing him on the back side of her panties. “I don’t want to wake him up.”

“Shit,” Jake muttered as Kacey smirked down at him, “yeah, she’s probably going to buy that.”

“Goodbye Jake!” Kacey said, pulling her panties up and muffling his protests against her ass.

With a hum she opened the lavatory door. As she walked back to her seat she felt Jake struggling to find a comfortable position, a struggle that no doubt became more difficult as she sat back down, squishing him against the cushion.

“Now where was I?” she muttered, ignoring the slight movement against her butt as she flipped her game system back open.

Jake felt a sense of euphoria as the sweat and pressure from being under her ass, trapped within her day-old panties, started to get to him. It was maddening, but thrilling as he struggled in vain to move.

“How was the flight for you?” Kacey asked Ash as they waited around the luggage claim.

“This guy regrew in my bra about thirty minutes in,” Ash said, patting her chest with a chuckle, “Where’s Jake by the way?”

“I upgraded his seat to extra-first class,” Kacey said, patting her butt with a smirk.

“The car rental is under a Mr. Jake Anderson,” the bored clerk explained, “if he’s not here he, at least needs to call us.”

“Oh,” Kacey said while Ash, and a regular 3 inch Andy, gave her knowing grins. “Uhhh, yeah, he’s just… excuse me, I’ve got to use the ladies room…”

Once she’d retrieved Jake and handled the car rental, the four of them had headed to their hotel, a short drive from the airport. The two shrinkees had briefly compared notes on their flight. Luckily the car rental place had fulfilled Jake’s request that the rental have shrinkee seats in the cupholders, and they were far more comfortable than the horrible airline ones.

“This is nice,” Kacey murmured, looking at the ocean from their hotel room. Andy and Ashley were next door to them, and were getting settled in themselves, they’d all agreed to meet down on the beach in about a half hour. “So, what all do you want to do while we’re here?”

“I’m thinking the beach might be about it for me,” he said, “there’s a theme park down on the boardwalk, but I don’t think they do thrill rides for people my size.” He grinned, “if I really want to ride a roller coaster, I’ll order a set of hot wheels for the living room.”

“I’ll find something fun for you to do,” Kacey promised, “even if you are tiny.” She sighed, looking at the waves again, “Sometimes I still think it’s unfair… like, you should be running on the sand with me, getting on roller coasters…”

“Kace,” he said, cutting her off, “shrinking took a lot away, but it also gave me a lot. I ended up getting a job I loved, I have some great friends now that I never would have met at my old size, and I’ve got the world’s greatest girlfriend.” He grinned, “In a fucked-up way, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Kacey grinned and picked him up, planting a cheek on his entire head that knocked him over into her palm.

“And there should be another tower, over here,” Andy said, directing the two giantesses with the sand toys.

“Make like, a hill so that one stands over the rest,” Jake said, adding his own input as he scurried around Kacey’s feet.

The four of them were building a sand castle near their rented beach chairs. Kacey hefted another bucket of sand, creating Jake’s tower. Her blue one piece swimsuit sparkled in the sun, contrasting sharply against her pale skin.

Ashley on the other hand was wearing a very small black bikini, along with a pair of black sunglasses that hid her eyes. She stood up, running down to the sea to get more water to help shape their castle.

“Kacey,” Andy said, peering down from the top of a sand wall, “Keep an eye on Jake, his beach jock instincts might start acting up.”

“My beach jock instincts?” he asked, laughing.

“Yeah,” Andy said, “everyone knows jocks try to smash your sand castle.”

“It would take me all day to smash this thing,” Jake said, looking up at the impressive sand castle.

“I could give you a hand,” Kacey said with a devilish grin.

The two of them looked at a fearful Andy, “Oh man,” Jake said with a chuckle, “my jock instincts… you were right Andy… MUST… SMASH… SANDCASTLE!”

Kacey stood up, menacingly holding her foot above one of the towers, slowly, deliberately, she brought it down, crumbling the sand structure like a prop in a monster movie. Andy scurried as his wall shifted slightly, trying to climb another tower on the far end.

“Yes,” Jake said with a mocking laugh, “Do it Kacey! Destroy this nerd’s castle!”

“Hey!” Ash said, walking up to them with a bucket of sea water, “quit messing up Andy’s castle!”

She playfully tossed the bucket of water at Kacey, who stumbled backwards. Jake looked up in horror as Kacey tried to keep her balance, she’d never been particularly coordinated, and soon her giant ass was coming down on him.

Kacey’s bottom hit the sand with a *thump,* and Ash laughed as Andy stuck out his tongue triumphantly from the tower of his castle.

“Fine,” Kacey muttered, crossing her arms, “you beach nerds win this one, no smashing the castle… now where’d Jake go?”

“Uhh,” Andy started.

“No no,” Ash said with a grin, “let her figure it out.”

Kacey glanced around, “Jake?” she asked uncertainly. Then she felt something move underneath her, her eyes went wide as she quickly stood up. “JAKE!” she said, seeing the tiny man indented into the sand, “I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it,” the dazed shrinkee said, a goofy grin on his face.

“I’ve got an idea,” Ash said, “let’s bury someone in the sand!”

“Not it,” Jake shouted.

The two girls looked at Andy, still watching from his sand castle. He gulped and leapt down into the center of the structure. It didn’t take him long to realize his mistake as he glanced around, realizing his sand castle had no gate.

“Oh no,” Ash mocked, “the king is trapped in his own castle!”

Kacey was already leaning down, scooping out a small hole next to him. As Andy scrabbled up and tried to look for a new place to run Kacey gently pushed him into the hole, cupping her hands around the loose sand and pushing it up around him. Soon the struggling Andy was reduced to just a head sticking out of the sand.

“All right, let’s all go get something from the ice cream stand,” Ash said, grinning down at the trapped shrinkee.

“What!?” he said, struggling in vain against the sand, “come on guys don’t just leave me-“

He was cut off as Ashley put the bucket over him, completely concealing the tiny buried man from view.

“You’re not really going to leave him there, are you?” Jake asked in a concerned voice.

Ashley rolled her eyes, “No, but I’m going to make him think I will for about thirty seconds.”

After some time in the sand and a brief excursion into the water the four of them were lounging in their beach chairs, watching the tide. Ashley was sprawled face up, Andy resting happily on her belly button. Kacey was laying on her stomach, idly kicking her feet in the air as Jake sat in the sand below her.

“Andy,” Ash said with a mischievous grin, “Come here and let me reapply your sunscreen.”

“You need some too Jake,” Kacey said, smiling herself. Ash lifted the coconut scented lotion bottle and squeezed a fair sized glob into her hand. She passed it to Kacey next, who did the same.

Jake winced as the cold lotion made contact with his skin, Kacey quickly covered his entire body with it, forcefully rubbing it in everywhere. With her massive fingers pressing on him it was like getting a massage over his entire body at once, and he fought a pleasured moan as Kacey worked.

“There we go,” Kacey said with a small smile, enjoying her tiny man’s squirming as she ran her fingers over his body. “Now you can do my back!”

“What?” He asked, as the massage ended. He was hefted and dangled by one arm as Kacey dropped him onto the exposed back of her one piece swimsuit. Kacey squeezed a glob of the lotion onto her hand and almost lazily plopped it next to him. “Kacey, I don’t know if I can do that at this size,” he protested.

“Better get to work!” she giggled, reaching into their bag and pulling out a soda.

“You better do mine too Andy,” Ash said, following Kacey’s lead and laying on her stomach, “make sure not to miss any spots!”

Andy and Jake glanced at each other, then with a shrug began attempting to apply sunblock to the back of their respective giantesses. Jake got on all fours and began spreading it with his hands, attempting to cover the entirety of Kacey’s pale skin. He had it easier than Andy did, thanks to Ash’s bikini the other shrinkee had a lot more ground to cover.

“That feels nice,” Kacey said quietly.

“This is the life,” Ash said with a smirk, “keep working tinies!”

“I could just doze off right now,” Kacey said dreamily, enjoying the sound of the waves and the feeling of Jake rubbing the oil into her back.

Jake blinked awake, looking at the late afternoon sun. Sitting up with a groan he winced, realizing he was completely sunburned. He looked over at Andy, who was sleeping on Ashley’s now very red back.

“Crap,” he muttered, “did we all fall asleep?”

“Hmm?” Kacey said, stretching and almost knocking him off balance.

“That was a nice little nap,” Ash said, flexing slightly, “how did you two do with the sunscreen?”

“Uhhh,” Jake looked down at the outline of his own sleeping form, now burned into Kacey’s back. Struggling not to laugh he looked over at Andy, who was pointing to his own outline, now etched in sunburn on Ash.

“Okay,” Jake chuckled, “don’t get mad, but-“

“Oh my god!” Ashley laughed, “Kacey, there’s an outline of Jake on your back!”

“What!?” Kacey exclaimed, sitting up in a panic. Jake was sent sprawling down onto the beach chair as Kacey comically tried to look at her own back. Ash was just laughing, until Kacey glanced at her, “hey! You’ve got one too!”

Ash’s eyes went wide, and she reached a hand around her back, wincing at the sunburn, “Andy!” she scowled.

“Sorry,” he said, struggling to keep steady on her back, “the waves were just so calming, and we had such an early flight, Jake and I just fell asleep too!”

Ashley’s hand gripped the tiny man, pulling him around as she sat up, “Kacey and I are both sunburned now!” she said accusingly.

“I mean we got sunburned too, it’s not a big deal,” Jake protested.

“Yeah, but you guys are shrinkees,” Kacey said, sitting up herself and grabbing Jake, “you’re going to be all healed up by the time you get back to the hotel! We’re going to be burned this whole vacation!”

It was true, Jake could already feel his sunburn starting to fade, “Okay, sorry,” he muttered.

“I think,” Ash said, a playful smile stretching across her face, “that our little men will just have to find a way to make it up to us.”

Jake and Andy glanced at each other, finally Andy spoke up, “okay, seems fair, what did you have in mind?”

“These are some great daquiris,” Ash said, sipping hers as she and Kacey watched the sunset. “Be sure to thank Jake for me, whenever you let him out.” She gave a pleased sigh and bit her lip, trying not to groan too loudly.

“Not,” Kacey groaned, writhing for a brief moment as Jake hit a perfect spot from his place trapped in her swimsuit, “N-Not for a while, I think.”

The two shrinkees had protested being shoved in their swimsuits at first, but the beach was relatively deserted, and besides after being sunburned the two giantesses weren’t in a mood to negotiate.

As Kacey’s tight one piece pressed him against her skin, Jake was covered in the coconut scent and oily sensation of suntan oil, sand, and a bit of salt from the seawater she’d been in earlier. As he’d been forced closer to her opening he’d been tangled in her wiry pubic hair as he sighed and got to work. Kacey was already wet, apparently seeing his tiny form in a swimsuit all day had gotten her worked up, and he felt her quiver beneath him as he began toying with her clit using his entire hand.

Andy didn’t have nearly as much room to maneuver, having been shoved into the bottoms of a tiny bikini, and Ashley didn’t have as much patience as Kacey, simply shoving him all the way up inside her as soon as she could. He gasped and moved his body in what he hoped was a pleasing rhythm, from the muffled moans and the contraction of the muscles around him, he was doing a good job.

For Jake it seemed Kacey was getting tired of waiting on him, and he felt pressure from outside the swimsuit as she pressed against his back, forcing him towards her opening. He took the hint and slid in, the slick walls seeming to close around him as he entered Kacey’s most intimate area.

“Fuck,” Kacey muttered, crossing her legs and forcing him in deeper.

Jake felt the walls tighten, and the fluid around him clung to his skin as he kept working his way forward. He grinned and wondered how Kacey was keeping from shouting, hoping to push her over the edge he picked up his pace. He was rewarded with pressure around him, and then one final quake.

Kacey bit her lip, her eyes rolling back as she tried not to scream. The beach was fairly deserted, but she still didn’t want to draw too much attention. From the red flush on Ashley’s face, she was having the same thoughts. A moment later, as the feeling died down and the tiny man trapped inside her went still, Kacey sighed with relief.

“Can I get you anything else?” A hotel employee asked, startling the two of them. Ash and Kacey glanced at each other, embarrassed. They hadn’t heard he approach, but it didn’t seem like the waitress from the hotel bar had realized what was going on.

“Uh,” Ash looked at Kacey and giggled, “Could you bring me a sex on the beach?”

“Sure,” the waitress said, looking around, “by the way, where are those adorable little shrinkees you had? We don’t see many out here you know.”

“They went for a swim!” Kacey said hurriedly.

The waitress frowned, “Is that safe at their size?”

“Oh yeah,” Ash laughed, “trust me, they’re very good at holding their breaths and…” She shot Kacey a knowing glance, “swimming…”

After the sun had set Andy and Ash had gone off to explore the boardwalk, leaving Kacey and Jake alone as the stars started to come out. The rides and attractions of the nearby theme park contrasted brightly with the dark sea. Kacey had thrown a raggedy anime shirt and some shorts on over her bathing suit, and the two of them were enjoying the peace of the beach.

“Hey Jake,” Kacey said, “are you up for one more thing, or do you want to go crash in the room?”

“I’m not the one who’s got to walk,” he replied, “sure, where do you want to go?”

She picked him up and started walking along the beach. Soon they were beyond the row of hotels, and the lights of the tourist developments faded. On a rocky outcropping stretching into the water Jake saw a light flicker on, and start rotating.

“I read about this in a brochure in the hotel,” Kacey said, walking up to the lighthouse. “I was looking for something for us to do since you can’t really do the theme park, and I figured this could be cool.”

They walked up a small path leading to the lighthouse door, a small sign said “open to public,” and Kacey pushed her way inside. There were numerous displays, showing the history of the lighthouse, and the area, but Kacey walked by them as she located the stairs.

“This is pretty cool,” Jake said, looking around as she carried him up the spiral staircase. “Thanks for thinking of me.”

“Always,” She said as they reached the observation deck.

The automated hum of a motor filled the air behind them as the light spun overhead. The two of them gasped at the view, the shining hotels, the boardwalk, and the stars above the sea. The soft beat of the waves on the shore echoed below them as Kacey hugged Jake close against a surprisingly chilly gust of wind.

“This is way better than any roller coaster,” Jake breathed, taking it in.

“I always liked the idea of lighthouses,” Kacey said, tucking Jake into her shirt to protect him against the wind, “being all alone, at sea…”

“Most of them don’t have internet,” he joked.

“True,” she murmured, looking out over the sea, “I don’t think about it much anymore honestly.”

“Why not?” he asked.

She shrugged, causing the shirt collar to rock him against her skin, “The idea of being away from everyone… it doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to.”

The two oft them were quiet again, watching the beam of the lighthouse arc out over the dark bay. Suddenly fireworks began shooting off from the pier, lighting the night sky further down the shoreline. Without warning Kacey grabbed Jake out of the folds of her shirt, causing him to stumble in her palm as she held him up to her face. Before he could ask what she was doing a pair of giant lips collided with his head as she kissed him. He closed his eyes and did his best to kiss back, her lips almost enveloping his head.

They broke away after a moment, “Sorry,” Kacey said with a blush, “the moment just seemed right.”

“It was,” Jake muttered with a smile, watching the rest of the fireworks burst over the water.

End Notes:

A bit of mostly plotless slice of life stuff seemed like a good break after the last few action heavy stories. Hope you all enjoyed!

Chapter 9: A Drop of the Cure by Greenanon

“Project Regrowth bears fruit,” and “Project Regrowth brings hope to millions” there were dozens of headlines in dozens of languages worldwide. The first rumors had come out on the internet of course, Jake had ignored them, he had other things to worry about beyond conspiracy theories, but when the official announcement of a cure for shrinking appeared on TV Kacey wasn’t nearly as surprised as he was. Of those impacted by the shrinking phenomena, some saw it as the end of a long nightmare, others as a return to normal after two years of strangeness.

Jake watched, sitting in Kacey’s lap, as the scientists made the televised speech, smiling and thanking supporters and promising that the regrowth treatments would be available soon. The spokesman droned on and on about how the cause of the phenomena, but Jake was quickly lost, instead turning his thoughts to what this meant for himself.

“It’s really happening,” Jake whispered, “Kace… they’re going to fix us.”

“Yeah,” she said softly… “I guess they are.”

Will you still want to be with someone like me? she wondered, when you’re big again?

He seemed to sense her thoughts, and he looked up at her with a small smile, “I’m not going anywhere Kace,” he said reassuringly. “Hey, we’ve seen enough of this, why don’t you put on an anime or something?”

“Can it be an Isekai?” she asked hopefully

Jake laughed, “I don’t know how you don’t get tired of those, but sure.”

“FREE GODDAMN COFFEE FOR EVERYONE! TODAY ONLY” Ash shouted at the top of her lungs.

The usual customers cheered, Mandy triumphantly lifted a souvenir Star Wars coffee thurmace, “to Project Regrowth!”

“TO PROJECT REGROWTH!” the customers joined in, clapping and applauding while Andy blushed, leaning against the massive cash register.

“You guys are too good to me,” he muttered, embarrassed.

“Half these people only come in because there’s a tiny working the counter,” Ash chuckled, “you’re practically a local celebrity Andy.”

“I could’ve sworn it was the powdered donut recipe.”

Ash scowled, “They’re good, but not ‘tiny working the counter’ good.”

“Miss Black,” Jake said pleasantly, sitting on her desk.

“J-Jake,” she said nervously, “With project Regrowth, you’ll be full size three fourths of the time, but-“

“Deb,” he said, chuckling at her reaction from his use of her first name. “Let’s talk turkey.”

“Oh hell,” she muttered, “I can’t afford to pay you what you’re worth, but-“

“I’m staying,” he chuckled, “but I want a turkey, every November.”

She blinked, “a-a turkey?”

“Did I not say, let’s talk Turkey?” Jake laughed. “Deborah Black,” he said, saying her full name as he stood up and walked defiantly across her desk, “you hired me as a shrinkee, you gave me bonuses, you bought me an expensive custom tiny workstation, you let my girlfriend have a job, you bought me a cake for my birthday…” He sighed, looking up at the towering businesswoman, “I would have to be a goddamn fool to leave this firm,” he laughed, looking up at her, “my demands are not related to salary.”

“Name them,” Miss Black said with a smile, tapping a pen on the desk and causing the shockwaves to echo beneath Jake’s feet.

“A new gaming PC every two years,” he said with a smirk.

“That’s not for you Jake,” Ms. Black said with a small smile.

“Nope,” he agreed. “I want a ham on Easter, and a turkey on Thanksgiving.”

“I’m giving you your first week back at full size as a paid vacation,” she said with a grin, “why don’t we start there?”

“Sounds good,” Jake said, standing up on her desk and walking towards her outstretched finger. He gently clasped it, shaking it up and down with both hands.

Jake sighed, watching the line for the Project Regrowth clinic move at a snail’s pace. He was sitting in Kacey’s palms, and he wasn’t the only tiny guy in such a predicament. They’d gotten there early, but the line had already been outside and around the building. It was a warm day, and Kacey looked longingly at a soda machine nearby.

“We can always come back tomorrow,” Jake said with a small smile, “it’ll probably be less crowded.”

“No,” Kacey giggled “we’ll stay in line if it takes all night, you’re driving us home today.”

“Good afternoon, Mister Anderson,” the bubbly nurse said, checking his information on a small tablet. “If your guardian could just place you on this table here…”

Kacey followed instructions, placing him on a plain white examination table, then moved to sit in a chair nearby. The nurse hummed happily, taking his temperature with a small no-contact thermometer.

“The checkup seems a little silly,” the Nurse said with a shrug, “you tiny guys are pretty much always in amazing health.” She sighed, “okay, before we get you your regrowth band, you need to be aware of a few things.”

“I’ve read it all online,” he said eagerly.

“Perhaps, but it’s standard legal stuff,” The Nurse said, “so to begin with, your regrowth band will return you to your normal size by cancelling out the shrinking particles, but for safety reasons you will still have to be tiny every fourth week, you’ll also probably have a size shift during that period.”

“Those can be such a pain in the ass,” Jake muttered, “you couldn’t fix those too?”

“Nope,” the Nurse said with a sad smile, “sorry!”

“Better than nothing,” he said with a grin.

“The next thing you need to be aware of is that you will not have any of your abilities when you are full size, many shrinkees in our trials found themselves taking greater physical risks, having gotten used to a world where they were almost unkillable. You’re back to plain old flesh and blood,” The Nurse said with a wink, “so look both ways before crossing the street.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep him safe,” Kacey said, giggling.

“Now if you should get injured, remove your regrowth band immediately,” the Nurse said, “you will revert to your tiny size, and your invulnerability and healing will return.”

“Sounds good,” Jake nodded, “if I break a leg or something I’ll just take it off and put it back on!”

“That’s the spirit!” the Nurse said, “okay… let me just get yours.” She took a pair of tweezers and lifted a small black watch, the just his size, out of a large box. The tweezers extended to him, leaving the device in front of him.

Jake slowly walked towards the device that was giving him his life back, picking it up and examining it eagerly. It was a boxy black watch, with a digital display and a few buttons. He slipped it on his wrist, tightening it and getting comfortable.

“You might want to step out of those doll clothes,” the nurse said, “you’ll tear them to pieces when you activate your band otherwise.”

“Right,” Jake said, slowly lowering his pants and undoing the Velcro on the back of his shirt. He stood on the table, looking up at the world that had been so big to him for the last two years. It’s finally over, he thought numbly.

“The first activation of your band can be a somewhat intense experience,” the nurse warned.

Jake took a deep breath, and then looked to Kacey, who smiled and gave him a thumbs up. With a triumphant motion he brought his finger to the bright red button the side of the band, and pressed it.

Jake’s world warped and twisted, he blinked as visions of Kacey, Ash, and Andy seemed to fly by him. Everything he’d done for the last two years, it was all replaying, like a skipping video. He felt nausea welling within him, but he focused on Kacey, and as she seemed to hold him in her hands, the feelings subsided. The rest of the world faded, leaving just the two of them in a vast white space. He was safe here, loved, and he always would be.

“JAKE!” Kacey shouted, slapping his cheek lightly.

“Rmmm…” he groaned, blinking and sitting back up. “What happened?”

“You regrew and then rolled off the table,” the Nurse said with a shrug, “it happens sometimes.”

He looked around, blinking in shock at the full-size world that had been given back to him. He laughed a little nervously, standing up and towering over both Kacey and the nurse. He briefly remembered his one day he’d had at full size, how rushed he’d felt… the things he’d had to try to get done, there was time now… he could spend a whole day laying on the couch if he wanted, his life was back.

“I’m back,” he whispered, stunned.

“I never thought you left,” Kacey said softly, hugging him close.

“This is always so touching,” the nurse said, wiping a tear out of her eye, “Uh, Mr. Anderson, did you bring any full-size clothing?”

“Damnit,” Kacey muttered, “I knew I forgot something!”

Jake walked to the car in the billowing hospital gown. He and Kacey had briefly debated just returning him to tiny size for the ride home, but the nurse had offered them a patient gown, and revealing though it was he’d enthusiastically taken it.

Jake climbed into the car, gripping the steering wheel with a sigh, letting the textures become familiar to his hands. Kacey got into the passenger’s seat, staring at him a moment.

“This is going to take some getting used to,” she giggled.

“Yeah,” he breathed, adjusting the mirrors. He glanced down at the cupholder, his usual riding spot for so many outings, and at his insistence the one clean spot in Kacey’s otherwise messy car. “Let’s go home,” he said quietly.

Jake looked around the one-bedroom apartment, chuckling at the maze of dirty clothing Kacey had left on the floor. Kacey seemed somewhat embarrassed to have him see it at her full size, and she hugged against him.

“I uh, I’ll try to be neater,” she squeaked.

“I lived through two years of you at a few inches tall,” he chuckled, leaning down to pick up a discarded pair of her underwear. “I’ve had it worse.” He sniffed the panties, and his face grimaced, “although when I’m at full size, your dirty clothes don’t have that ah, effect.”

Kacey giggled, and before he could react she forced her panties into his face, rubbing them back and forth while he laughed and wrestled her off.

“You love it,” she teased, “take a big whiff Jakey!”

“Quit it!” he laughed, forcing her back and picking her up. She squealed as he carried her to their bedroom, and then started laughing as he tossed her on the bed.

“Fuck yes,” Kacey growled, looking at him eagerly. There was a ripping sound as Jake tore the paper hospital gown off, stepping towards her and giving Kacey a good look at his herculean form as she pulled her own clothing off.

She’d slept with him at normal size before of course, but it had had an air of… novelty maybe? His one day at full size had included a few rounds in the sheets, but today was different, and as he slid into her she gasped, smiling and panting for more.

As Jake began thrusting into her, she moaned, wrapping her arms around his back and demanding more as Jake ravaged her, a fitting “revenge” for two years where he’d been her toy, now she was his, a mess of lust and love as he picked up speed.

“YES!” she screamed, reaching orgasm at the same time he did. He collapsed on top of her, and they panted together in a tight embrace.

“Let’s do that every day,” Kacey said dreamily.

“I like the way you think Kace,” Jake said, twirling a loch of her brown hair between his fingers.

“It was so good, I can’t ever let you leave,” Kacey said, a mischievious grin coming over her features.

He frowned, “what do you-“ the world blurred, growing to massive size again as he shrank. His head spun, and he looked up at the titanic form of Kacey, grinning as she loomed over him, his regrowth band dangling in her hand.

“Slipped it right off,” she teased. She frowned, “uh oh, now it looks a little big for you…”

“I just need to touch it Kace,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“I don’t know, we should probably hold off on that until we know for sure,” Kacey said with a smug grin. Jake watched as she placed it on the nightstand, then leaned over the side of the bed for something. When she sat back up, she had a balled sock in her hand, and slowly, teasingly, opened the top. “Whew,” she said, waving her hand over it jokingly, “we waited in that line for a long time Jake, in the hot sun too!”

She used her hand to waft the smell towards him, that ripe rank odor of her sweaty feet. He felt his will weakening, while he’d gotten pretty good at resisting Kacey’s pheromones over the last two years, after spending even a few hours at full size it was like the first time all over again. He stumbled across the gigantic bed in a daze, his giggling girlfriend jokingly holding the tunnel of her sock up just out of his reach.

“Ooh look at this nice warm sock,” she teased, “my tiny Jakey would fit so well in it…”

“Please Kacey!” he begged, feeling himself growing hard again. He clenched his fists, feeling an instinctive need to be near her, to let her scent smother him like a b

“I want one of those light up gaming keyboards,” she demanded with a grin, “a fitting tribute to a goddess in exchange for some time in her wonderful sock.”

He blinked, “H-How much are they?”

“Oooh, wrong question,” Kacey giggled, jiggling the sock in front of him, “the correct response was, which one do you want Kacey?”

He gulped, using all of his willpower to stop himself from jumping pathetically for it, “done,” he said, licking his lips.

“Good boy,” she reached for him, her powerful fingers wrapping around his shrunken body as she dumped into the dirty piece of footwear. He tumbled against the sides, the rank odor of Kacey’s foot coating him as he reached the toe of the sock.

To Jake it was heaven, his senses were quickly overwhelmed by the bliss of Kacey’s scent, wrapping around him like a blanket as the pheromone effect erased any of his willpower and independent thought. A moment later he looked up to see Kacey’s toes blocking out the light, her foot sliding in to join him in the smelly prison.

Jake grunted as he was pulled tight against the soft sole of her foot, the slightly damp cotton of the sock constricting as she pulled it on. A moment later he wheezed as she stepped onto the carpeted floor, putting her full weight on him as she casually got dressed again.

“I’m out of energy drinks,” Kacey said with a grin, walking towards the door. Jake’s world compressed again as she slipped her shoe on, feeling her prisoner squirm as toes the size of his head squeezed and teased him in the dark prison. “I figured you might as well come to the store with me.” She paused, realizing something, “I need to get you some food too,” she realized with a laugh, “a toothbrush, your own soap…” For a moment she thought about pulling him out of her shoe, placing the regrowth band back on him, and simply shopping as a regular couple… then she giggled, feeling him squirm helplessly against her sole.

We’ll go shopping for his stuff later, she thought, scrunching her toes over him again.

Andy stared at the photo of him, his mom, and his sister, the one Jake had retrieved for him during a fortunate size shift all the way up to his old height. The two had died years ago in a car crash, leaving him alone with a father who hadn’t shed a tear when it happened, and the man’s harridan of an affair partner who soon became a harridan of a stepmother.

He was full size again, the small boxy regrowth wristband snug where a watch would normally sit. Ash had closed the coffee shop for the day, and she sat across from him in the living room, curled up on her couch reading a book. She seemed to notice his contemplative look, and frowned.

“Something troubling you?” she asked with a small smile, “I would think you’d be excited, finally being full size again.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, giving her a grin, “I’m still shorter than you though…”

“By about two inches,” she smirked, “you are big enough for some of the toys in my closet now…”

He gulped, Ashley had an impressive collection of bondage paraphernalia, most of which had been useless on him at three inches tall. Now though…

There was a knock at the door, interrupting his thoughts. Ash got up to open it, letting Kacey and a full-size Jake enter the apartment. Jake had a risk board under his arm, and he greeted Andy with a nod and a grin.

“Looking good!” he laughed.

“You too,” Andy said, nodding with a grin at the other restored tiny. It was weird looking up at Jake, they’d both shrank to the same size, and now he was returned to his full-size foot stature, broad shouldered and muscular. Andy had picked up a more athletic figure over the last two years himself, you couldn’t really stay scrawny when you had to navigate the world at a few inches tall. Andy grunted as Jake embraced him suddenly, and he struggled to return the hug.

“We fucking made it man,” he said, releasing his friend and stepping away.

“Yeah,” Andy agreed, “we did…”

Jake thought a moment, “hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you, since we’ve got to spend every fourth week tiny, do you want to sync ours up? I was thinking we let ourselves shrink starting like next Friday.”

“Sounds good to me,” Andy said, nodding, “being tiny sucks, but it sucks a little less when you’ve got someone else around.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Jake said with a nod and a smile.

“If you two are done with your bromance, I’m going to be taking Asia,” Ash said, setting up her Risk soldiers.

“Pfft, you can’t hold it,” Kacey said, “too many ways in and out.”

Andy looked around at the three of them, then sighed, “hey, can one of you set up my guys? I just need to go take care of something really quick.”

“Where are you headed?” Jake asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I won’t be gone long,” he said, reaching for Ash’s car keys on the counter, “but, this is something I want to do by myself.”

The three of them watched silently as he left, “what was that about?” Jake asked uncertainly.

“Kacey, can I borrow your car?” Ash asked with a sigh.

Andy’s dad and stepmom didn’t live far away, and he brought Ash’s car to a stop in front of the upscale McMansion. With a scowl he saw his stepmom had bought a new car, a sporty red thing that screamed excess. He sat in the driveway a moment, trying to think of exactly what he wanted to say. Finally he decided that it would be better to just wing it. His hand shaking slightly, he opened the car door and began the long walk up the paved pathway to the front door. á

His stepmom answered right away, a drink in hand as usual, and when his dad saw him in the doorway he got up from the couch with an annoyed sigh.

“I was wondering when you’d show up,” she giggled, leaning against his dad, who just scowled at him.

“What are you doing here?” his dad asked, crossing his arms. He gave a smug smirk, “what have you been up to these last two years anyway? You shrank, and then we never heard from you again.”

“He was probably living off garbage like a rat,” his stepmom laughed. She rolled her eyes as she saw the regrowth band on his arm. “I can’t believe those assholes in the regrowth project convinced congress to buy those things for you, you’re the perfect example of why that whole thing was a waste of money.” She laughed, “I mean seriously Andrew, you never did anything with yourself at any size, just like your-“

“Shut up!” he snarled, startling them. “The night I shrank, I was going to tell the two of you to go to hell, that I never wanted to see you again!”

“It seems someone finally found a little backbone,” his dad laughed.

“Yeah, I did,” he said angrily, “I realized it’s not fair to Mom and Lily to just walk away, so I came by to give you a warning.”

“A warning?” his stepmom chuckled, “okay, shoot kiddo, this should be funny.”

“I know you’re thinking about running for office,” Andy said darkly, “and if you do, I’ll be sure to stop by your opponent’s campaign office to tell everybody about all of our family’s dirty laundry.” He smirked, “I’m sure that sleeping with a man before going to his wife’s funeral will play real well with the voters.”

Both of their eyes went wide, “you little shit!” she sneered.

“If we take that off,” his dad said suddenly, a dark look in his eye as he pointed to Andy’s regrowth band, “you’ll be small again… who knows what could happen.”

Andy suddenly felt a chill as his dad pushed by his stepmom. He’d known they were terrible people, but would they really-

“I wouldn’t pal,” Jake said coldly, walking up the driveway alongside Kacey and Ash. Andy’s dad stepped back intimidated by the towering former football star.

“Everything okay Andy?” Ash asked, going to his side and giving the older couple a dirty look.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “I was just leaving.” He shot one last hateful glance at his father and stepmother, before letting Ash lead him back down the driveway. When they reached Ash’s car he smiled, “thanks for coming after me.”

“I always will,” she said, hugging him close, “you don’t have to do anything alone, ever again.”

The four of them had returned to Ash’s apartment, and they’d spent the night eating pizza, playing Risk, and planning all the things they’d do now that Andy and Jake were back to their full heights. By the end of the night, they’d all been talking about a trip they’d take to the mountains, joking and laughing about the time they’d have.

Finally the evening drew to a close, and Jake and Kacey waved goodbye, heading out to their own apartment. Andy sighed and gave a small smile as Ashley turned to him, a predatory grin on her face.

“So Andy,” Ash purred, closing the distance between the two of them, “being big again has got to be nice…” She giggled, running her hands through his hair, “but… would you mind if I just…” she was reaching for his regrowth band, and he smirked, not resisting as she began to fiddle with it. A moment later the world seemed to jump, and he fell to the floor, the massive tent of his shirt collapsing over him while Ash triumphantly held the watch sized device overhead.

Her pale hand darted down through his collar, snatching him up off the floor eagerly. She squeezed him, a quick pump that caused him to grunt as she giggled at her trapped boyfriend.

“I’m feeling… hungry,” she said, licking her lips slowly.

He sighed, “Ashley, your stomach is full of pizza, not tonight.”

She pouted, “fine, I guess I’ll just have to do something else with my favorite toy,” she gently ran a finger over his head, ruffling his hair and enjoying the way he squirmed in her grip. She slowly sauntered towards the bedroom, hooking her fingers around her jeans and pulling them down. She opened a drawer on her dresser, pulling a bottle of lubricant out and squeezing it over him, causing him to cough and sputter as the silky liquid coated him.

“So, I finally get back to normal, and this is what you want to do?” he asked, smirking, “play more tiny slave?”

“We’re just getting started Andy,” Ash said in a breathy voice, “I’ll give you back your size after you warm me up, I’ve really gotten used to this…” She slowly brought him down to her panties, sliding him in and moaning as he made contact with her opening.

Andy felt the warm lips embrace him as she pressed her hands against her panties, and he crawled eagerly in, feeling the walls around him contract and moisten as Ashley flopped herself on the bed, eagerly fingering herself as Andy went to work.

Life after the regrowth was like a dream, and Kacey and Jake, Andy and Ash, all settled into a pleasant routine. Jake no longer needed to carpool to work, and Andy was able to do more than take orders at the coffee shop, even covering shifts when Ash wasn’t there. Andy and Jake shared their “small week,” and while it was as inconvenient as ever, it was an easy thing to endure.

Kacey’s art and her online blog about her and Jake had exploded in popularity, in the tumultuous social climate for former shrinkees, stories of what people had done during the “small years” were becoming increasingly popular. She found herself playing games less and less, working on her art more, and for the first time she proudly told Jake she wanted to start splitting the bills.

Today Jake had asked her to meet downtown on the riverfront, specifically Ralph’s, the same bar they’d been in two years ago on Shrinking Day. The weather was overcast, with a cool breeze that let her know fall was on the way as she looked over the guardrail at the rushing water.

“Hey stranger,” Jake said with a smile, walking up to her, still in his shirt and tie from work.

“Hey,” Kacey said quietly, “any reason you wanted me to meet you here?” she glanced at Ralph’s Bar, the placed they’d been on Shrinking Day years ago, “feeling nostalgic or something?”

“A little,” he said, hugging her shoulder a moment. “It’s been a crazy few years, huh?”

“I still can’t believe we’re here like this, together,” she said softly, “you’re mostly back to normal you know… you could have any girl in the world Jake.”

Jake snorted, “Kacey, I lost everything on Shrinking Day, a lot of people did… you stood by me, you saved me Kacey.” He took a breath and separated from her, dropping to one knee.

“J-JAKE!?” Kacey squealed. She watched, entranced as he pulled a small box out of his pocket, opening it and revealing a large diamond ring.

“Marry me, Kacey?” he asked with a grin.

She couldn’t bring herself to talk, nodding eagerly through the tears as she leapt at him, pulling him into a hug. Being on his knees he stumbled back a little, not realizing how close he was to the street. Kacey let go of him, wide eyed. Suddenly Jake heard a truck horn, then pain wracked his body as the world went dark.

He groaned, blinking himself awake, “I’m afraid… he will never walk again,” he heard a despondent doctor say.

“H-Hey,” Jake muttered, catching the attention of Kacey, a pair of nurses, and a doctor.

The doctor looked down, “Young man,” he said slowly, “you’ve suffered a series of spinal fractures, the damage is-“

“C-Can one of you help me get my regrowth band off?” he muttered, “I can’t really feel my arm.”

The doctor froze, and with a scowl marched to the side of the bed, throwing Jake’s blanket off and revealing the small boxy watch-like device on his wrist.

“Why didn’t any of you just take this off?” the doctor said in an annoyed tone, “any time someone comes in here with one, that should be the first thing you do!” He reached down and unclasped Jake’s band, causing the world to spin as his hospital bed grew to field sized. The pain disappeared, replaced by a dull soreness. A moment later Jake was able to stand up again as his bones and nerves knitted themselves back together.

“Ugh, thanks,” Jake muttered, stretching.

“Stay small for the next two or three days to make sure everything heals properly,” the doctor muttered, “other than that, you’re free to go.” With that he turned and left, the nurses following him.

“Sorry,” Kacey said, walking over to the side of the bed with a giggle, “I tried to tell them.”

Jake shrugged, watching Kacey grab his regrowth band and slip it into her purse, the large ring glinting in ‘the light as it sat on her finger.

“Sorry I accidentally pushed you into traffic,” she giggled.

“It happens,” he said with a smile, “well, I’m stuck tiny for the next few days…”

“Ugh, does this mean I’ve got to get up at the crack of dawn to drive you to work tomorrow?” Kacey asked, reaching for him.

“Afraid so,” he said, feeling her warm fingers wrap around him as she lifted him off the bed. “Should we talk about wedding plans?”

“Tomorrow,” Kacey said with a grin, “let’s just… enjoy today. I don’t have any tiny clothes with me, and I don’t want to carry you out naked…”

She looked to the hospital room door, giggling as she brought him up to the neckline of the shirt she was wearing. He bounced down her chest as she maneuvered him between her breasts, the soft pillows seeming to suck him in and hold him in place.

From the slightly grimy feeling of her skin he could tell Kacey had probably spent most of the day in her gaming chair, and he felt himself losing control as the stale smell of her skin began to seep into him. With a happy sigh, he let himself slide the rest of the way into Kacey’s cleavage, losing himself to the rest of the world as she carried him home.

End Notes:

Sorry to all fans of Champion of the Goddess, I will return to it this week. I don't normally jump between stories without an arc or something being concluded, but I was feeling somewhat sentimental over the weekend and decided to put together an ending for this story. This is the first half, the second will detail Kacey and Jake's wedding and bring We Help Each Other Get By to a conclusion. Look for it in the next few days, thanks for reading!

Chapter 10: Wedding Day by Greenanon

Jake watched from under the couch, at his three-inch height, while Kacey’s socked feet paced the apartment. She was giggling, and slowly, making sure he could see it, she placed his regrowth band in the middle of the floor. He grinned, this would be easy, he just had to get around her and-

“Now if Jake can just get to his fancy little watch here, he can be big again, but…” Kacey giggled, kicking off the socks and leaving them on either side of the band, “if he stops to sniff his wonderful fiancÚ’s socks… well, he’ll probably get caught!”

“Shit,” Jake muttered. He watched as a giggling Kacey laid another pair of socks down, completely surrounding his regrowth band. Kacey herself hadn’t showered in probably two or three days, the result of some kind of special event in the MMORPG she was fond of.

For his part he’d just taken a short nap after work, and had woken up to a giant Kacey with his regrowth band in hand, looming over him and saying it was time for a game of cat and mouse. She’d given him just enough of a head start to leap from the bed and sprint, naked, to the living room. It was his go-to for this particular game, there was more furniture and it was always more cluttered, which was usually an advantage.

The couch seemed the most obvious hiding spot, Kacey wasn’t strong enough to move it on her own, and it was big enough that she couldn’t watch the whole thing at once. She hadn’t knelt down to peek for him, but he was fairly certain she’d made the same calculation, and knew where he was. The springs overhead creaked as Kacey, stripped down to her underwear, flopped on a cushion, pretending not to be looking for him.

Jake regarded the regrowth band, then with a sigh started stretching. A moment later he went to the far end of the couch from where he figured Kacey was from the sound of her shifting overhead. With one final breath Jake began his run.

Kacey spotted him almost instantly, and grinned as she stomped her bare foot towards him, shaking the world and almost causing him to stumble as he dodged around it, making his way towards his wristband. Kacey scowled and stood up, intending to pin him to the carpet. Jake was a former college athlete, and while he’d never had the skills to go pro, he’d stayed in shape in the years since Shrinking Day. He crossed the living room with alarming speed, causing Kacey to have to hurry to keep up with him in spite of her size advantage.

The smell of the socks hit him then, and he stumbled as he fought the urge to leap at those cotton honeytraps.

“Uh oh,” Kacey mocked, “come on Jakey, just run over them, you can do it!”

He grunted, forcing one foot in front of the other as he crossed the parking space sized socks, the vapors of Kacey’s sweat rising around him and telling him to fall to his knees, to bury his face in them, to worship her.

He realized his pause had let Kacey catch up to him, and he slowly looked up. Her hair was slightly frazzled, and she was giving him a smug look as she loomed overhead in her bra and panties, an anime character he didn’t recognize brightly emblazoned across the fabric on her crotch.

“Come on,” she giggled, “you can do it… or maybe you don’t want to win?” she playfully tapped her chin, “I’ve got an idea,” she said.

“W-What?” Jake muttered, trying to keep his head clear.

“I’ve got a raid in about ten minutes,” she said, glancing to her computer, “it would be more fun with my tiny boy toy trapped in my panties…” she patted her crotch teasingly, “give up right now, and you can spend my gaming time in the front.”

“And if I refuse?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“you’ll end up going down the backside,” Kacey giggled.

Jake growled, and turned toward the regrowth band. Kacey laughed as he tried to run again, but fell to his knees, enraptured by the sweaty socks Kacey had laid around it as a barrier. He let his body fall, laying across the rough worn cotton and falling into a haze as Kacey’s pheromones overpowered his remaining will.

“Looks like I win!” Kacey laughed, pressing her bare foot down on his back and grinding him slowly into her sock. Jake grunted as he was pressed into it, his face traced back forth over it slowly by her big toe.

Kacey lifted her foot off him, grinning as she reached for his prone form, when her phone beeped suddenly. With a sigh she gave him a final look, then left him “trapped” on her sock while she went to go check the message.

“Guess the raid is off,” she muttered, “we’ve got to do a call with the wedding planner, you should probably get back to full size." Gently she pushed him towards his band with her foot, and as soon as he made contact there was a popping sound, and a second later he was kneeling on the floor, naked at full size.

“Ugh,” he muttered, wrinkling his nose as he slipped the watch-sized device back on.

“Oh, do I not smell as nice at full size?” Kacey teased.

He stood up, playfully tackling her to the couch while she giggled, “we’re just doing a video call with her right?” he growled, running his hands through her hair.

“Y-Yeah,” Kacey grunted, squirming in his grip.

“No need to clean up too much then,” he teased, letting her go, “if you wanted to do some gaming later…”

“Oh yeah,” she giggled, “and my favorite toy is coming along for the ride?”

“Yes Kacey,” he said, rolling his eyes with a smile, “he is.”

Ash stuck a finger in the sweet potato pie on the counter, trying to gauge its warmth. When she was satisfied that it was neither too hot, nor too cold, she grinned at the tiny Andy in her hand, then casually tossed him in.

Andy landed in the soft pie filling, wading through it like a thick mud as he struggled to get upright and get his bearings. Ash giggled, looking down at him as she slowly brought a pie server up, twirling it playfully in her hand.

“Tiny boys are just the best pie filling,” she mused, “Kacey really doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

“I still don’t understand what’s so fun about this,” Andy said, resting atop the congealed pie filling with a grin.

Ash scowled, “I don’t understand what’s so great about that stupid gold bikini from the star wars movies, but I still wear it for you plenty, so let me enjoy your tiny week the way I want!” She paused a minute, “any news on the upgraded regrowth band?”

“Yep,” Andy said with a disappointed sigh, “at least another year before release, I guess whatever these things do to push the shrinking back is kind of bad for you over the long term, like health wise, so that’s why they tell us to stay tiny one week a month, it flushes it all right out of us, good as new.”

“And the new one is more efficient or something?” Ask asked, twirling her pie server.

“So they say,” Andy shrugged, “five days a month tiny, and we’ll be able to take them a few at a time instead of all at once.”

“Only five days a month?” Ash said in mock outrage, “I won’t get nearly enough playtime with my favorite doll at that rate!” She sighed, “I guess I’ll just have to sate my appetites while I can.”

The pie server came down, and Andy watched as it cut through the muck holding him in place, making a small wedge slice which he sat in the middle of. His world shifted as the server slid beneath him, the crust of the pie acting as the floor of the pool of sweet potato filling as his prison was lifted onto a plate.

Andy began struggling, wading through the goopy sweet filling towards the edge. If he could just get out of this stuff he’d be on the hard ceramic of the plate, and he could run. He didn’t really expect, or even want, to get away of course, but when Ashley indulged in this particular kink, she tended to want a chase.

“Ah, ah, ah!” she said, waving her finger admonishingly as her fork came down, the prongs easily pushing his struggling form back into the center of the pie slice. “Stay still like a good little snack!” she casually used the fork to scoop chunks of pie the size of his torso over him, burying his struggling body and causing him to sputter as his mouth and nose were filled with the sweet and savory mixture.

She really is great at baking desserts, he thought wildly, swallowing down some of the mush, leaving a pleasant aftertaste on his tongue.

His world shifted again as he dug his way out, and he looked up to see that Ashley had scooped him up bodily. At three inches his place on her fork was slightly precarious, but he gripped at the tongs beneath him as Ashley regarded him with a smug smile.

“Uh oh, looks like that’s another round for me… what’s the score again? Ash’s tummy a million, and tiny Andy… zero?”

“Sounds about right,” he muttered with a small smile.

His world lurched as he was thrown into her mouth, immediately wrestled down and held in place by a tongue as large as he was, a solid wall of slick muscle that easily overpowered him. He grunted as she flipped him over, the vacuum feeling pulling at his skin as she casually sucked the sweet potato filling off of him. Her tongue explored his body, easily wiping away any she’d missed. A moment later she swished him back and forth in her saliva, leaving him soaked with her spit as the last few bits of her dessert were washed away.

He fought her as much as he could every step of the way, as much as he trusted Ash and knew this game was ultimately safe, you couldn’t really ignore the primal sense that you were in a mouth, getting eaten. Ashley enjoyed his panic a little, playfully pushing him against her lips, almost parting them and then sucking him backwards, undoing all of his fight with the slightest movement of her mouth.

Light filled his world suddenly, and he looked curiously at the opening portal of her lips beyond the wall of her teeth. Suddenly the tongue he was resting on forced him forward, and he gripped it tightly as Ashley casually stuck out her tongue in a teasing gesture. He blinked a moment, realizing the giant phone in front of him was set to selfie mode, a picture of his befuddled and soaked form dead center and framed by her open mouth. There was a final click as she took a picture, and then he was slurped backwards into the warm darkness.


Ashley swallowed her tiny boyfriend down, giggling at the picture she’d taken of him just before she went. She leaned back in her chair and playfully patted her tummy, no doubt sloshing Andy around in his new home for the next few hours. Idly she pulled up his contact on her phone, changing his profile picture to his face seconds before he’d gone down the hatch. He’d hate it of course, and she wouldn’t leave it, but she was interested in seeing what he’d offer in negotiation to get her to change it back.

She smirked as another thought struck her, “Andy,” she said, knowing he could hear her, “how do you think you’ll go with wedding cake and champagne?” She giggled at the sudden pounding of tiny fists against her stomach wall, “Oh relax, it’s not like I’ll do it at the reception.”

Kacey and Jake’s wedding was a larger affair than either them would have initially guessed. A number of relatives on both sides of their family were attending, as were their friends, Jake’s coworkers, and even a few of the firm’s clients.

“Are you sure this is all okay?” Kacey asked quietly, looking at the guest list, “I mean… this is a dream wedding, bigger than anything I ever really imagined for myself.”

He hugged her close as they sat together on the old couch they’d bought back when they’d had nothing, “enjoy it,” he said with a small smile, “I’m paying for most of it, and besides, I thought my money was just for spoiling my goddess?”

She giggled as he picked her up, heading towards their bedroom.

Kacey stretched, preparing to log on to her PC for a night of grinding and rewatching some old fandubs of her favorite show. Jake was out for the night with his brother, his cousin, and Andy, who were in town for the wedding. From what she heard the bachelor party was going to be a tame affair, poker and drinks at someone’s house, so she’d decided to enjoy a quiet night alone.

A knock came at her door, and she frowned, putting her headphones down. She slowly went to open it, and the door was pushed open, almost knocking her over as Ashley barged in, Mandy behind her with a case of box wine under her arm.

“W-What are you two doing here?” Kacey stammered.

“Bachelorette party!” Mandy shouted.

Kacey squealed as the two dragged her towards the door.

“Honestly, I’m so glad you and Jake are tying the knot,” Mandy said, slightly slurring her speech as she waved for a server, “like, you two are the cutest, and you have such a sweet story!” the waiter left another fruity cocktail glass at their table, and Mandy wiped a quick tear out of her eye, “also, it’s so nice that you guys let me be in the bridal party.”

“Yeah well, you did save our asses at the whole comic convention thing,” Kacey said with a smile, “thanks for that!”

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Mandy said, looking around the crowded restaurant-arcade she’d dragged them to, “hey, do you guys want to play Dance Dance Revolution?” without waiting for them to answer she got up, swaying slightly as she made her way to the brightly lit machine.

“Uh, we better go after her,” Ash giggled, standing up.

The day of the wedding seemed to race up to her, and before Kacey knew it she was in her dress, taking photos with her bridesmaids, Ash as her maid of honor at her side as they positioned themselves at the photographer’s direction.

Jake, with his groomsmen, was waving to her, walking over slowly as the two groups prepared for the next round of photos.

“How’s it going?” he asked quietly.

“I’m worried I’m just going to wake up,” she said quietly, “like it’s all going to be a dream…”

He gently brushed her cheek, “nope, this is your life now, Mrs. Anderson…” He looked up as someone new entered the hotel’s ballroom, where the ceremony and reception would take place.

“Oh, there you are Kacey!”

It was Elsie, the miniature shop owner. Jake knew they’d invited her to the wedding, but he frowned as he wondered what she was doing here. It was a little early for most of the guests, wasn’t it?

“Uh, okay,” Kacey blushed, “I had this idea… or I guess you could say Mandy, Ash, and I did, and there was some box wine involved…”

“Okay…” Jake said hesitantly.

Elsie opened up a small case, revealing a tiny sized Tuxedo in Jake’s measurements, “what do you think?” she asked excitedly, “we’re going to do some photos with you as a cake topper!”

He blinked, then looked around at the eager bridesmaids, then back to Andy, who just shrugged and gave him a smile.

“Okay, give it to me,” he chuckled, taking the case and walking towards the restroom, “send Kacey in to come get me in a minute, and while I’m tiny someone please fold my tux or something? I don’t want to spend the ceremony tiny because my shirt got ruined!”

“Oh my god that’s so cute,” Mandy muttered, looking at Jake posing next to the small bride figurine on top of the cake.

“Uh, it’s not super stable,” Jake muttered, looking down at the icing his feet were sinking into.

“And, done!” the photographer shouted, “good job everyone, I think that’s a wrap for the pre-ceremony photos.”

Kacey smirked, then grabbed Jake up off the cake, “you’re lucky that tux is a rental,” she teased, walking him back to where his full-size clothing waited, neatly folded, “or I’d have to lick that icing off of you.”

The ceremony was performed by a priest from a church Kacey’s parent’s attended, with the preamble to the vows filled with accolades of the adversity that the couple had been through together, how they made one another stronger.

“In a world that threw these seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their path, Jake and Kacey saw the light at the end, and in each other,” the priest continued as two stared happily into one another’s eyes. Finally the climax was reached, “Do you, Jake Anderson, take Kacey Statham, to be your wife?”

“I do,” he said.

“And do you, Kacey Statham, take Jake Anderson to be your husband?”

“I do,” she said, blinking tears out of her eyes.

They didn’t wait for the rest before they embraced in a kiss.

The reception was a grand affair, with ample food and an open bar that was already seeing a line as Kacey and Jake walked into the ballroom to cheers from their friends and family. The background audio music dulled, and he led his new bride to the center of the open floor, taking her hand and preparing for their first dance, a song she’d picked.

He chuckled softly as he heard the opening piano keys to a song Kacey had taught him well, “seems like a bit of a downer for our first dance, doesn’t it?” he asked quietly.

“This song always makes me happy,” She said with a smile, hugging him close, “I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it just does.”

“Then that’s all that matters,” he said, stroking her hair softly before lowering his hand to her back.

“I know, I know I’ve let you down,” the song began as they spun together, “I’ve been a fool to myself…”

The rest of the wedding passed like a pleasant dream, dancing, singing, celebration. Ms. Black gave a lengthy toast to the new couple, touching and perfectly on point despite the fact that Mandy had to move to steady her slightly as she sat back down. Ash and Andy were with them most of the night, the best man and maid of honor laughing and joining them for additional photos.

“So, honeymoon in Hawaii?” Ash laughed, taking a sip of her champagne, “are you guys excited?”

“Who wouldn’t be?” Kacey asked, “what about you and Andy? Did you finally decide where you were going on vacation?”

“Paris,” Ash said, “I haven’t been in years, and Andy needs some exposure to culture that isn’t produced by Marvel or DC.”

“You liked Watchmen,” Andy said with a smug grin.

“Because it was a deconstruction Andy,” she said with a sigh. He kept eyeing her, and finally she rolled her eyes, “some… some of the Spiderman comics weren’t terrible.”

Kacey and Jake began their farewells, and someone brought Kacey the bouquet for the traditional toss. There was wild applause as Ashley’s hand shot up, snatching it from the air to wild cheers as she shot a nervous Andy a wink.

Jake held Kacey close, a growl escaping him to match her sigh as they came together, the clothing from the ceremony discarded around the bed. He fell to her side, panting and smiling as he stared at the ceiling.

“So,” Kacey said in a low voice, “how long do you think you’ll need before round two?”

“Uh, give me a minute,” he said, his face still flushed. He felt a petite hand making it’s way down his wrist, and he just laughed, not bothering to fight it as he felt his regrowth band slipped off. The world contorted and a moment later he was in a bed the size of a football field, looking up his enormous bride, who was grinning down at him with an amorous look in her eyes.

“Oh, look at that,” she giggled, a giant finger reaching down and poking his rising erection, “shrinkees don’t have much of a refractory period, huh?”

“I guess not,” he laughed.

“You know we never really worked out just how short it was when you’re tiny…” she mused, “I feel like you could probably get hard again instantly.” He grunted as her thumb came down, the giant soft fingers sliding up and down over his manhood at a steady speed. He arched his back, trying to lean up into her touch as she teased him. “Come on, don’t take too long, we’ve got all night,” she teased, winking at him.

He came into her fingers, collapsing backward into the immense padded landscape of their wedding bed. Kacey casually brought her finger up, sticking in her mouth and slurping the tiny amount of seed he’d produced off of it, then leaned over the side of the bed. He watched her curiously, and she came back up with one of the white shoes she’d been wearing all day.

“Did you think I looked good in my dress?” Kacey asked with a smile.

“Like an angel,” he said, looking up at her as she brought herself over him, “why?”

“Just wanted to be sure it was worth being on my feet in that dress all day,” she laughed, taking a whiff of the white shoe. “Here you go Jakey!” she brought it down on him, the mouth of the shoe facing his tiny body. She held it in place over him a moment, letting the odor of a day spent dancing and posing for photos was hover him. She pulled the shoe back after a few seconds, and a panting Jake was looking up at her wonderingly, his erection back at full mast.

“K-Kacey?” he breathed, feeling himself falling almost into a trance over her.

“Yeah,” she laughed, “looks like you can get hard pretty much right away when you’re tiny… Good to know.”

Kacey and Jake were among the last of the wedding party to check out of the hotel, the newly married couple going unnoticed by the other guests and the hotel staff in their plain jeans and t-shirts. They’d slept in, waking up in one another’s arms after a wedding night well spent.

“You guys heading to the airport?” Ash called. The two of them turned to see Ash and Andy walking over to them, similarly in plain clothing in contrast to the formal wear of the night before.

“We were going to get a cab,” Jake said, “are you guys heading that way?”

“Yep,” Andy said excitedly, “do you guys want a ride?”

Kacey and Jake looked at each other and shrugged, “Sounds great!” Kacey said.

The ride to the airport for the four of them was somewhat somber, they’d all had long nights, and rather than conversation they all just exchanged contented smiles, letting the soft hum of an easy listening station drown out the sound of the morning commute.

The airport wasn’t busy, and Ashley found long term parking easily enough. The group made their way inside, and then the two couples regarded each other one final time before they had to part ways, Andy and Ash for international flights, Kacey and Jake for domestic.

“Thanks for everything guys,” Jake said, giving Andy and Ash a quick smile as he hugged Kacey close.

“I’m really going to miss you two while we’re away,” Kacey said, “take lots of pictures, okay?”

“We’ll all get together at my place when we get back,” Ash said, ruffling Andy’s hair, “we’ve still got to plan our group trip, don’t we?”

“Sounds good,” Andy smirked, “you guys… you’re the best friends someone could have, have a good honeymoon.”

“See you around Andy,” Jake said, reaching out to shake his hand one last time. The other former shrinkee clasped his hand, and they gave each other a final nod as they left for their respective gates.

Kacey watched the runway disappearing below them as the plane lifted off. Jake had gotten them first class tickets, and she was able to lift the armrest between them and lean against him, enjoying the warmth of his embrace. The flight reached a cruising altitude, and the warm sunlight traced in through their window, showing the endless blue skies above a fluffy white layer of clouds.

“This is it, isn’t it?” Kacey asked dreamily, “this is life for us now…”

“Yeah,” Jake said with a smile. He joined Kacey in staring at that unending sky, the empty blue seeming so full of promise as it stretched forever above those sunlit clouds, "this is life for us now..." He glanced down at Kacey, who had closed her eyes and was already drifting off into a peaceful slumber, with a contented sigh, he held her close and did the same.

The End


End Notes:
This story started as a series of prompts on 4chan about a "giant NEET gf" which grew into my first longer story. While I will say that I always planned this ending from before even writing the first part I didn't really outline or prepare much beyond that. I've been meaning to finish it for a while now, you might say that a certain sentimentality towards the main characters held me back, as much as I wanted to give them the happy ending I also wasn't ready to say goodbye yet. Still, all good things have to come to an end, and I just felt that it was time. I hope you enjoyed it, remember to thank those in your life that help you get by. Farewell until next time!
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