We Help Each Other Get By by Greenanon

When a mysterious shrinking phenomenon hits the planet a man who had everything finds himself alone in the world... with the exception of one old friend, a lazy and perverted NEET who doesn't know what she wants out of life.

This is a story with a smelly and lazy NEET giantess, you've been warned


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Chapter 2: The Job Interview by Greenanon

“Small World” was a miniatures shop Kacey and Jake had found online. While the shop itself was mostly online there was a small storefront. Kacey gently carried Jake in and began looking around. Everything was advertised online as “hand made,” from the furniture to the clothing.

“Wow,” Kacey breathed excitedly as they passed a case full of anime figurines in elaborate outfits. “Jake, could we maybe get one of-“

“Those are five hundred dollars?” Jake balked, “No way!”

“EVERYTHING on it is handmade Jake!” Kacey protested, “besides, we probably saved that much by switching to the store-brand food right?”

“You can’t seriously believe that,” he asked with a chuckle, “besides we have no cash flow right now, unless you want to start selling some of your collectibles?” She pouted a minute, staring at the figures.

“Oh you like those?” A woman’s voice called, a plump dark-skinned woman with ebony hair came around the counter, she was wearing an apron with a number of pockets and a headset with a series of magnifying glasses on it. “I don’t really understand the appeal of those Japanese cartoons, but people sure like those dolls!”

“They’re great,” Kacey said, marveling again.

“So are you here for that? Or for something more traditional?” The woman asked, “I’m Elsie by the way,” she extended her hand and Kacey shook it, noting the calluses on the other woman’s hand.

“Actually, we’re here for this guy!” Kacey said excitedly, holding up Jake clenched in her fist.

“Hi,” he said, a bit embarrassed at being shown off like an action figure.

Elsie’s eyes went wide, “You’re one of those people that got shrunk!” she said. She smiled and looked over him. “You’re the first one I’ve gotten to see up close…” She licked her lips, “A-are you here to get… clothes and stuff?”

“I might be working an actual job soon,” he said sheepishly, “it would be nice to have something other than Kleenexes to wear.”

“Hmm…” she muttered, looking him over, “You look to be about a one twenty-four scale… Come over here.” She beckoned Kacey to follow her back behind the counter where a small platform was elevated, surrounded by strewn sewing materials, fabrics, and a few completed outfits.

“May I?” She asked, gesturing to him.

Kacey and Jake exchanged glances, “Uh, sure,” he said. Kacey turned her hand and opened her palm.
Elsie squealed gleefully and snatched him up so quickly the world blurred. Before he could blink he was standing on the small raised platform. He gasped and his eyes went wide with fear as he saw a pair of scissors the size of his entire body coming towards him.

“Hold still!” Elsie said sweetly as she delicately snipped the string holding his outfit together. With the same excited flourish as Kacey herself she ripped the tissue away, crumpling it in her hand and tossing it into a nearby wastebasket.

“H-hey!” he shouted, instinctively covering himself.

“Arms above your head,” she said, placing a small tape measure next to him.

“Uhh…” he looked to Kacey for help but she just giggled, sidling up next to Elsie with a grin.

“Better do it Jake,” she said.

“It’s just for measurements,” Elsie said. “Come on! I’m a professional!”

“At making dolls!” he protested, but he slowly brought his hands up, leaving himself exposed.

Despite Elsie’s assurances she blushed and giggled, and it was contagious as Kacey soon joined her. The tape measure came up and started measuring him. She looped it around his midsection, then took measurements of his legs.

“Arms spread,” she said, and following her instruction he took a T-pose, his face red as her massive face got close enough for him to feel her warm breath wash over his body.

She licked her lips and stole a glance at him again, “This is so much fun,” she said softly, “I really need to advertise that I make clothes for you tinies… It could be a new market.” She smiled and stood back up, jotting down his measurements.

“So what’s this going to cost?” Kacey asked, shooting a glance back at back at the anime figure case.

“Let’s call your first business suit free,” She said with a smile, “if you want some other day clothes they’re over there.” She nodded at a section with doll clothes and furniture that looked around his size.

Kacey grabbed Jake up again as Elsie set to work, and the two of them went to browse the part of the store she’d mentioned. He grimaced as he saw the price tags, but the idea of having something other than tissues to wear was too tempting.

“The pajamas too,” he told Kacey eagerly. “Als,o that sports jersey and pants combo, in fact just open that now, I’m wearing it out of here.”

“I already miss the tissues,” Kacey pouted as she set him on the counter and tore open the packaging.

A moment later Jake was wearing a set of jeans and a jersey that felt like they were maybe a size too big for him, but still better than anything he’d worn since shrinking. He breathed out slowly, realizing he felt just a little more human.

“Do you want any other stuff?” Kacey asked.

He looked over the array of furniture and felt his throat go a bit dry. There were easy chairs, couches, a bathtub… there wouldn’t be plumbing but… a bath tub! Somehow after living like a rodent even such a silly luxury seemed like a godsend.

By the time they were done picking things out Elsie had finished the tiny suit, and bagging it up she handed it over to Kacey. The plump woman hummed happily as she began ringing up their other purchases.

“Your total today comes to five hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty-five cents!” she said happily.

Kacey’s eyes bulged, “What!?”

“Sorry,” Elsie said with an apologetic smile, “As I said, everything in the store is handmade, and I have to rent this space…”

“And you said we couldn’t afford it,” Kacey muttered as she took out Jake’s credit card.

“Sorry if I prioritize clothing and furniture for myself over ANOTHER anime figure,” Jake chuckled. “Why do you have so many of those things anyway?”

“I just like playing with them sometimes, okay?” she said defensively as she swiped the card, “I would think a guy smaller than most of those figures would understand!”

“I hope you’re not playing with those figures they way you play with me,” he muttered.

Kacey went red as Elsie handed her the bagged-up merchandise. Quickly she grabbed a protesting Jake and tossed him in into it with their purchases.

The day of the interview Jake had set an alarm for six in the morning, deciding to start the day with his usual living room jog. He found it comforting to put on the small set of jogging clothes he’d bought, even such a small luxury had dramatically improved his mood. He’d hoped a bit of exercise would help get him in the right state of mind, but he growled with annoyance when he saw one of Kacey’s socks blocking his usual route behind the TV cabinet. Did she just toss them wherever?

He thought about just jogging around it, but then decided he’d just move the sock and jog his usual route. Grabbing it he slowly rolled the balled sock like it was a haybale. The smell hit him as he pushed it, and he felt his blood begin to boil as his arousal spiked, seemingly out of nowhere. With a grunt he pushed the sock away, staring at it for a moment before his head cleared.

Kacey’s smell still drove him wild apparently. She’d been trying to keep the apartment cleaner since they’d discovered this effect, but diligence simply wasn’t a virtue she possessed. There were a few other clothing items strewn about the room, even a pair of panties that he swore he could catch a whiff of from where he was standing. With a groan he fought down the feeling of lust and continued his jog.

When he was done he returned to his “room” under Kacey’s mattress, now furnished with an easy chair, a bookcase, and even a small dresser. He Looked happily at his small suit, while most of his doll clothing fit slightly awkwardly Elsie had actually tailored the jacket, shirt, and tie just for him, and they fit almost as well as anything he’d had back when he was full size.

He’d hoped he could get cleaned up before getting changed, and he glanced at his phone’s clock and wondered if she’d remembered to set an alarm. After about a half hour of trying to kill time he came to the conclusion she probably hadn’t. He tried dialing her phone With a sigh he walked over to the edge of the bed and looked up at the mattress.

“Kacey!” he shouted, “Come on, time to get up!”

She just groaned and rolled over.

With a sigh he looked at the bedpost and tried to gauge if he could climb it. He was more agile since shrinking, a bit stronger proportionally maybe, he wouldn’t have tried it at full size, but now? He ran and leapt at the bedpost, starting to inch his way up it.

The climb didn’t take him long, and triumphantly he dropped down onto Kacey’s blanket. He walked towards her and suddenly stopped. Her hair was a bit greasy, and as she turned in her sleep again, he realized that she’d probably gone straight to bed after gaming… no shower in between.

He felt himself growing hard, Kacey was getting in his head again. She had a cute little smile in her sleep, what was she dreaming about? He blinked and slowly threw off his tiny workout clothes, walking towards the blanket. Lifting it above him with a grunt he went under the covers, trailing down in the darkness along Kacey’s sleeping form.

Feeling his way down her skin lightly he found the edge of her underwear and smiled. If she wouldn’t wake up on her own… He lifted the flap of the underwear and was covered in her musk, with a growl he climbed in.

Kacey squirmed as her dream as her dream about being a ninja took an oddly sexual turn. A moment later she realized it wasn’t a dream at all and her eyes shot open. With a giggle she squeezed her legs together, trapping the squirming tiny man. A hand traced down to push him closer, and after a minute of enjoying his movements she screamed happily.

She reached a hand into her panties and rooted around for him a moment, pulling him out by his arm. As she lay back down in the bed she dangled him over her face and gave him a dreamy smile.

“Morning Jake,” she said softly. “Did you manage to finish yourself off down there?”

“Yeah,” he said with an excited grin.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw he was already getting hard again, “Wow,” she said, “Already wanting round two?”

“It’s you Kacey,” he breathed, “you’re… intoxicating!”

She blinked and chuckled, “That’s flattering Jake, but why don’t we talk after I’ve had a shower?”

“No!” he shouted, surprising himself, “Come on, let’s just fool around a bit longer please?”

With her other hand she grabbed her phone and checked the time, “I’m guessing you woke me up to help you get ready for that interview?” she asked, sitting up. “Sorry I forgot to set the alarm… I guess it worked out well though.” She stretched, causing him to flail a bit in her grip.

The motion helped Jake clear his head a bit. Every image of Kacey was like his first sight of a goddess, and being in her hand like this was driving him insane, but… he DID have things he needed to do that day.

“Let’s go shower,” Kacey said, carrying him to the bathroom.

“Y-yeah,” Jake agreed reluctantly.

“Don’t worry,” she said with a smirk, “We can have a bit of fun while we’re getting washed up.”

They’d arrived at the office park a little bit early, so Kacey had pulled into the parking lot of a small coffee shop across the street.

“One powdered donut!” she said excitedly.

“No way!” Jake protested from where she’d set him on the counter, “You’ve got to carry me in across the street. You’ll get powdered sugar all over me!”

“I’ll be careful,” she said. Seeing his scowl she sighed, “One glazed donut?”

“Your fingers will get sticky!” He said, “Get plain cake, no frosting!”

“Wow,” the barista chuckled, getting both of their attention. “I’ve seen a few of these tiny-big person relationships, but this is the first one where I’ve ever seen the tiny guy calling the shots.”

She was young, about Kacey’s age, with pale skin, black hair, and a beret that clearly wasn’t part of the coffee shop’s employee uniform.

“He doesn’t-“ Kacey began.

“I don’t-“ he tried to agree, but they both stopped when they interrupted the other.

The barista smirked, “So you’re carrying this guy somewhere?” she asked, pointing the pencil from the order pad at him.

“I’ve got an interview across the street in about half an hour,” he replied.

“Get yourself the powder donut,” the barista said, “I make them fresh every morning, a lot of this garbage comes out of a freezer but those are great.” She smirked at Jake, “If you get messy, I’ll carry your boytoy across the street for you.”  

They sat at a small table and, surprising them both, the barista sat down with them when she brought them the food.

“Name’s Ashley,” She said, sipping a small cup of expresso she’d brought for herself. “Ash to friends. You two live around here?”

“Yeah, Shady Grove apartments,” Kacey said, taking a bite of the powdered donut. Jake grimaced as the powdered sugar coated her fingers. He felt himself involuntarily scurrying back from her across the table as clouds of the stuff entered the air with each bite.

“Small world,” Ash said with a small smile, “I live in two-thirteen, you guys?”

“One eighteen!” Kacey said.

“So, tiny,” Ash said, putting her expresso cup back on a small saucer, “You’ve got a job interview?”

“Yeah, Raven and Ripley financial,” he said, forcing himself to look the giant girl in the eye.

“Never heard of them,” She said, “I don’t understand why a tiny wants to work anyways.

“Yeah he’s a natural wagie,” Kacey said around mouthfuls of the donut. “Ever since he got shrunk it’s been job this, money that.”

“Ugh,” Ash muttered as she looked down at him, “You know boytoy… They don’t put it in that little government report on all the shrinking side effects, but one of the best ones is that you don’t have to work.”

“I’ll have you know I was top of my class!” Jake said, a bit angrier than he’d meant to, “I’m perfectly capable of-“

“Calm down shorty,” Ash chuckled. “I’m sure you know your stuff if you got a callback at three inches tall.” She took another sip of her expresso, “You look sharp by the way.”

“Thanks,” he muttered, “Anyways I need this job or Kacey and I are going to have to figure out some other way to pay rent.”

“I hear that,” Ash muttered, “I’m stuck at this dump,” she waved around. “It’s my parent’s shop, they retired to Florida last year and told me if I ran the place for them for a few years they’d give it to me.”

Kacey glanced up at the clock and finished the donut, quickly wiping her hands with a napkin.

“Come on Jake let’s go!” she said eagerly, holding a hand out to him.

He looked at the hand hesitantly, a few spots of powdered sugar remained…

“Ash,” he said, forcing a smile, “Were you erm… serious about carrying me across the street?”

With a reserved smile she placed the cup back on the saucer and held an open palm towards him.

“Hop on pipsqueak.”

Ash carried him in to the office building with Kacey following behind. She was moping a bit and had offered to wash her hands, but he’d insisted that Ash carried him. The last thing he wanted to do was stare down a giant interviewer with a powdered sugar stain on his only suit.

After a short elevator ride the two women carried him into a small office area on the top floor of the building. As they approached the front desk Ash gently placed him in front of the receptionist and stepped back.

“Uh, hi,” he told the bored looking auburn-haired woman, “I’m Jake Anderson, I’m here for an interview?”

The woman brightened, “Oh right, they said you were a shrinkee, I’m Lexi!” she extended a hand, then paused awkwardly. Finally she extended a single finger. Not sure what else to do Jake reached out both hands and shook the woman’s digit like he was giving a handshake.

Lexi glanced at Ash and Kacey, “Are these women your… friends?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said.

“I’d better be getting back to the shop,” Ash chuckled, “good luck with the interview tiny.”

“I’ll just wait here,” Kacey said, settling in on a couch in the office’s lobby. She pulled out a handheld gaming system and Jake sighed with embarrassment as the opening theme of one of her favorite games started. Seeing his look, she rolled her eyes and lowered the volume.

Lexi carried him through the office, which was strangely empty. There were a few women here and there typing away in front of opened spreadsheets, but for the amount of space they had it seemed unusually vacant.

The corner office had a large brass plate on the door, “Ms. Deborah Black,” it read. Lexi gently knocked, waiting for a reply.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice called. He recognized it from speaking on the phone with her the week before.

Deborah Black was a voluptuous and matronly looking woman, her styled hair carrying just a few streaks of grey. In contrast to Lexi’s simple button up shirt Ms. Black wore a dark blue jacket and matching skirt, a pair of nylons stretching down to a shiny pair of high heels.  

She finished whatever she was typing and, with a triumphal flourish, pressed the enter key.

“Enough of that,” she muttered. She turned to Lexi, “Please place Mr. Anderson on my desk,” she said in a tone that, while not quite harsh, was used to command.

Lexi gently placed him next to her nameplate, “Just buzz me if you need anything!” The receptionist said as she closed the door.

The enormous woman regarded Jake suddenly, “Would you care for some breakfast?” she asked, reaching for a box of donuts on a shelf behind her.

His stomach rumbled, he hadn’t actually gotten anything at the coffee shop, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

“No thanks,” he said mildly.

“Are you sure?” She asked, “it’s from a wonderful little shop across the street, the girl who runs the place, Ashley I think, has a wonderful powdered sugar donut.” She opened the box, revealing the powdery pastry.

“Oh I don’t-“ he began.

“I insist,” she said, drawing one of the donuts out and cutting him a small slice with a plastic knife. “I heard your stomach growl from here, you poor little thing… who is feeding you?”

“My girlfriend Kacey,” he said as the hand placed a napkin the size of a tarp in front of him.

“I’ll have to have a talk with this Kacey,” she muttered, pushing the donut piece closer to him with a single finger.

Not sure what choice he had, Jake walked towards the donut and gouged a piece out. Taking a bite he had to agree with Ash and Ms. Black, the powdered sugar donut was great, but as he’d feared a small spot of the stuff had managed to lodge itself on his shirtsleeve. He tried to wipe at it inconspicuously but Ms. Black just chuckled.

“Please try to relax darling,” she said soothingly. “Let’s cut right to business.

She began to ask him a few questions about various commodities, cryptocurrencies, and markets, followed by some general economic principles he’d learned well in school. Each time she nodded approvingly at his answers. By the time they were done she was smiling brightly.

“Your knowledge certainly didn’t shrink,” she said happily.

“No Ms. Black,” he said confidently.

She sighed and her smile faltered, “I think that it’s best for us to be brutally honest with one another from here on out,” she said. “This firm isn’t doing well, our client base of mostly individuals and small business has…” she paused, “is using the term “shrunk” offensive?”

“No,” he said, waving dismissively, “please go on.”

“As I said this is not a firm that would be able to hire a candidate of your caliber normally…” She said uncomfortably, “But you are…”

“I’m tiny,” he said, tossing a donut crumb the size of a baseball back onto the napkin, “I get it. I don’t have other options.”

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly, “but yes, that’s why I called you in for an interview.”

“As long as we understand each other I think this can work,” he said, standing up and trying to dust the powdered sugar off his jacket.

“I can assure you the salary will be fair…” Ms. Black said slowly, “Much less than you might have gotten… before, but as much as I can afford to pay. There will of course be performance bonuses.”

“Of course,” he said, “Just so you know… part of this shrinking thing is that I might be a different size a few times a month, if I’m really small I can’t come in.”

“Understandable,” Ms. Black said, typing again suddenly, “I’ve already started ordering you a keyboard in your size… very expensive, but we can write it off.”

He blinked, “Wait, so I could type on my own?”

“I’ll see about a monitor, but fair warning technology for you… little people, isn’t well developed yet. Almost everything has to be custom made.”

“That’s very kind of you,” he said, this was going better than he’d hoped. “Out of curiosity what kind of salary range are you thinking?”

With a sigh she scribbled a number on the back of one of her business cards and slid it over to him, “Will that suffice?” she asked. “I’m sorry, but I really can’t offer you more, even if you were big I couldn’t...”

He looked at the figure and thought it over. It really wasn’t as much as he’d been offered before shrinking, but it wasn’t a low sum either. It would more than support Kacey and him, even if she indulged her more ridiculous spending habits now and again, and that was what he was really worried about.

“I think I can accept this,” he said, walking very deliberately over the business card. He extended a hand.

The business demeanor vanished and a warm flush came into her cheeks. Instead of letting him shake her finger like Lexi had Ms. Black suddenly clutched him in both hands eagerly.

“This is gong to be great!” she said excitedly, “You can start tomorrow! Our very own tiny guy, and he’s our new whiz kid too!” She hugged him against her chest, giving him a nose full of a strong perfume. “We’ll get a little cubicle, you can either put it here on my desk or-“

“MISS BLACK!” He wheezed.

“Oh,” she said in an embarrassed tone, “Sorry…” she set him back down on her desk and tried to collect herself. “Ummm…” She cleared her throat, “Do you want to carpool to the office with some of us? That is, if you don’t have a way to get here every morning…”

He thought about Kacey, as fun as it had been waking her up that morning he didn’t know if he wanted to trust her to get up at a sane hour every day of the work week.

“If you could ask around for me that would be great,” he said.

“Oh it’s no problem!” Ms. Black said amiably, “I actually already checked the address on your resume against some of our commute routes, it looks like Lexi and I can probably pick you up most days.”

She reached under her desk and pulled out what looked like a small plastic container with a strapped seat in the center.

“Look, it’s a shrinkee carrier!” She said excitedly, “You know, for if we need to take you somewhere.”

It looked ridiculous, and he saw with a sigh that there was a padded helmet rolling around in it too.

“Uh, most people have just been carrying me in their hands-“

“I’ll send this one home with you,” Ms. Black said eagerly, “I bought a few just in case.” She quickly took out a sharpie and wrote “JAKE A.” on the front of it. “Okay go on and hop in!”

Deciding to make his new boss happy he slowly trudged to the sliding plastic doors on the container. Strapping himself into seat that felt a lot like a roller coaster he gave her a thumbs up that he was ready to be carried.

Ms. Black whistled happily as she waltzed through the cubicles and back up to the lobby. Kacey and Lexi both looked up from their gaming and working respectively.

“Meet our new employee!” Ms. Black said to Lexi. She regarded Kacey a moment, “Are you Jake’s girlfriend?”

“That’s me!” Kacey said excitedly, walking over. “Is it over? Are you hiring him?”

“Of course,” Ms. Black said tersely, “but the poor dear was famished when I got him, and he’s nothing but skin and bone! I want you to start feeding him more regularly! Don’t think I won’t show up at your place if poor Mr. Anderson isn’t eating properly!”

Kacey shot a glance at Jake in the carrying container, he just shrugged at her, or did as best he could in the restraints.

“Shrinkees are very delicate!” Ms. Black continued lecturing, “Now that I’m employing our little friend here, I expect him to be cared for properly!” She glowered at Kacey, “Tinies aren’t pets you know!”

“Uh, yeah, no problem,” Kacey muttered, wilting under the older woman’s gaze. “We’re just going to… head out now.”

“See you tomorrow Jake,” Ms. Black said sweetly, waving to him. She shot another glare at Kacey who scurried back towards the elevator so fast that the carrying case shook.

“Whew!” Kacey breathed as soon as the elevator doors closed. “That lady is crazy! Did you tell her I beat you or something?!”

“No,” Jake said, “I think she’s just… overprotective.”

“I’ll say,” Kacey muttered, “what is this thing anyway? Your wagie cage?”

“It’s a carrying case,” he said defensively, “apparently Ms. Black wants me using one.”

Kacey snickered, “Okay whatever, are those white spots on your suit? Did she give you cocaine?”

“Yeah Kacey,” he said as neutrally as possible, “It’s pretty typical to share a line during a job interview. Obviously it was a lot more potent at my size but we made it work”

She was quiet a moment, “Really?” She shifted slightly, “I mean I’ve never had an interview at a place like this, is that just-“

“I’m Joking Kacey,” he said, fighting down laughter.

“This is great!” Kacey said as they pulled into their apartment parking lot. “We can afford so much more stuff now!”

“I think we should put most of the money away Kace,” Jake said as she picked him up. She’d taken him out of the carry case pretty much as soon as they’d reached the car, now she was holding him as usual as they walked up the apartment steps. “We need to start preparing for the future.”

“Yeah, but we can get like, a few fun things, right?” She protested as she opened the door.

“I think we’re doing pretty good right now,” he said as she lowered him down to the floor. “We have pretty much everything we need right?”

“We only have one streaming app and it hardly has anything good on it,” Kacey pouted. Almost out of habit she grabbed the shrink meter off the counter and scanned him quickly. He looked at her and she just shook her head, letting him know he’d be his “normal” size for the next day.

“Don’t you just pirate most of the stuff you like anyways?” He laughed, “let me change out of this suit and we can talk about it.” He paused, “Oh, can you pick up some stuff out here?”

“Sure,” she muttered. As she picked up the crumpled energy drink cans and the odd sock she wondered how she’d convince Jake to get her those streaming services. He was hardly a miser with the money, given they were living off his savings up until now he’d actually been pretty generous… Her hand landed on her discarded underwear, lazily tossed in the middle of the floor a day earlier. She paused, and a slow grin traced across her face.

Jake laid his business suit out on his small bed and opened his tiny dresser, looking for some nice loungewear. He’d have to go back to Elsie now that he had the job. He grimaced, hopefully no new measurements would be needed.

“Hey Jake,” Kacey said, she was on the floor, with her face peeking under the bed at his tiny living space.

He frowned, she had a weird look on her face, like she was trying not to laugh, “Hey Kace,” he said suspiciously, “what’s up?”

“Oh I just wanted to make sure you had your nice little suit off before I did this,” Kacey giggled.

“Wh-“ he was cut off as Kacey grabbed him. A strong musky smell hit him and he realized that she was using that worn pair of blue panties she’d thrown on the floor as a glove, trapping him as she pulled him out of his cave under the bed.

It hit him almost immediately, and as the smell of her worn underwear filled him, he found himself becoming uncontrollably aroused. Kacey wasn’t just his cute girlfriend, she was the stunning goddess he’d do anything to get close to.

With a giggle she balled the panties up in her hands, trapping Jake in a cottony prison. Briefly she brought them close to her face and her nose wrinkled at the smell. With a wicked grin she compressed her hands more, really forcing them into him.

“Are you ready to talk about money yet Jakey?” she giggled. After a minute she opened her hands, letting the underwear decompress and freeing the tiny man. He peeked out through the leghole and she could tell by her expression he was half crazed.

“Kacey…” he muttered, “you look so good…”

“Aww, you’re just saying that because my underwear is turning your brain to mush,” she giggled. She balled him up in the panties again, squeezing down softly every few seconds. Finally, she opened her hands again and burst out laughing when she noticed just the smallest wet stain on the fabric covering Jake.

“It doesn’t take a lot, does it?” she murmured with a smile.

“You’re a goddess Kacey,” he breathed. After orgasm he was having a bit of lucidity, but he could tell it wouldn’t last long.

“A goddess,” she mused, “I like that… but a goddess gets anything she wants right?”

“Yeah,” he said, not sure where she was going.

She swayed her hips happily as she walked over to the counter where she’d left her purse. She drew out Jake’s credit card, still full sized and mostly used by her these days.

“I think I need both of the big anime streaming services,” she said sweetly.

“Okay maybe one,” he said.

With a sigh she placed the credit card down hard, the click of the plastic on the counter echoing through the apartment. Jake cried out in surprise as she began balling him up in the panties again, roughly moving her hands in a circular motion to drag her used underwear over his tiny form.

“If I get ONE I won’t be able to watch the exclusives on the other one!” She said, “A goddess shouldn’t have to pick ONE streaming library!”

She let him up for air briefly and giggled at the happy expression on his face. She’d been touching herself a bit in this same pair back when she was wearing them, she wondered if that made the effect more potent. Jake certainly looked like a zombie after spending some time with them.

“You can get them both!” Jake said eagerly.

“You can get them both who?” she asked smugly.

“You can get them both GODDESS!” he shouted, “Please Kacey anything you want!”

Casey felt a smug satisfaction welling up inside her, and also found herself getting a bit turned on. She licked her thumb and shifted Jake into one hand, instead of trapped he was now laying on the blanket of her worn panties in her palm. Her wet thumb came down and began a smooth circular motion, playing with his erection while her free hand drifted down and inside her pants.

“Tell me I can have anything I want Jake,” she breathed down at him.

“ANYTHING!” he shouted. For Jake it was an intense experience, the panties below him were wafting up and causing him to go half mad with lust, meanwhile Kacey’s house sized face was looming down just a few feet above him, grinning wickedly as her warm breath washed over him.

 She gave a wicked laugh as he came on her thumb, “That’s right Jakey! I’m your goddess!”

He was left heaving in her palm, wondering how long the lucidity would last this time.

“K-Kacey,” he began. “Let me plan a new budget and we can see if there’s room for the streaming services, okay?”

“Looking forward to it,” she giggled. “Now I’m going to go to the store and spoil myself a bit, to celebrate, you know?”

“Kacey no!” he protested.

“Oooh,” she teased, “Maybe I’ll go down to the collectibles store and get a few hundred dollars in manga,” her eyes lit up, “Maybe Elsie has that five-hundred-dollar figure still?”

Seeing the genuine look of horror in his eyes she stopped and sighed with a smile, “Jake,” she said softly, “I’m just fucking with you. If you really think we can’t afford those services, forget them.”

He seemed slightly relieved, but still on edge.

She rolled her eyes and chuckled, “Well, I really do need to head to the store to grab some energy drinks, we’re all out.” She regarded him a minute, “Let me just put you somewhere that’ll help you relax.”

She walked over to her laundry basket and tossed him, and the panties, into it with the pile of her other worn clothes.

To Jake it was like landing on a huge pile of blankets, but soon he found himself getting turned on again as the landscape of Kacey’s laundry started to take effect. He tried to scramble to his feet but the surface was uneven. He looked up at Kacey to see the smiling girl reach for him. For a moment he thought she was picking him up again, but instead she grabbed him and forced him further into the pile, the fingers uncoiled and withdrew, leaving him in darkness.

Kacey felt like such a bitch for doing that, but at the same time the idea had been too much to resist. She giggled imagining him stuck in the pile of her clothes, going nuts while trying to summon the will to dig himself out.

“He’s probably having the time of his life,” she reassured herself, and besides she could always dig him out if he was still trapped when she got back.

“Hey, Kacey right?” a voice called as Kacey opened her car door. She turned to see Ash, the coffee shop barista waving to her.

“Yeah,” she said, “Just heading to the store.”

“Oh cool,” Ash said, “Could I get a lift?”

Kacey shrugged, the girl seemed nice enough, “sure, hop in.”

“So did your tiny guy get the job?” Ash asked as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Yeah,” Kacey said, “he starts tomorrow.”

“God you are so lucky,” Ash muttered, “You’ve got a tiny guy AND he’s bringing in cash, how’d you manage that?”

“It just sort of happened,” Kacey said a bit defensively, “They aren’t really treating shrinkees great so he needed someone big to kind of… help out.”

“I hear that,” Ash muttered, “You know they’re talking about making those shrinkee guardian laws permanent?”

Kacey frowned, “Really?” She hadn’t really thought about the forms she’d signed when Jake had been discharged from the hospital. She knew she was technically legally responsible for him and his financial affairs, but Jake had, to put it bluntly, taken over managing hers more than the other way around.

“It’s going to make it even harder to meet a single one,” Ash muttered. “They’re all going to get snatched up and then never leave their houses again.”

“Wait,” Kacey asked as they pulled into the store parking lot, “Are you saying you’d WANT to date a tiny guy?”

“Duh,” Ash said as they got out of the car, “It looks pretty awesome, you can’t tell me you’re not enjoying it?”

“Yeah,” Kacey admitted. Truthfully, she was probably happier than she’d ever been.

“So,” Ash said in a low voice with a grin, “I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff with Shrinkees on the internet… spill, is it as fun as it looks?”

Kacey went red and fought down a giggle. Briefly she thought of Jake, trapped at home in the laundry basket and felt herself flush a bit.

“Y-yeah,” she replied in her own low voice, “It’s pretty great…” she paused and wondered exactly how much she should reveal. Ash was a stranger, but was also rapidly becoming a friend. “I really try to be nice to him. I mean it’s got to be hard being that size, but sometimes it’s fun taking charge, you know?”

“Hell yes,” Ash breathed, “I need to hear more about this sometime.” The other girl collected herself a moment, and the two of them walked into the store together.

Kacey looked over the display of energy drinks. Usually Jake made her get the cheap store brand ones, but with a smirk she reached for the white cans of her preferred brand. She paused and let her eyes drift lower, to the more expensive ones. While she had mostly been teasing Jake about spending all of his money a part of her felt like she deserved SOMETHING silly and over the top to mark her “victory.” She reached for a four pack of an expensive imported brand with an overly stylized logo and put it in the cart.

“Those things will kill you ya know,” Ash said, adding a large coffee tin to the cart.

Kacey frowned, “Oh yeah? How much of that stuff do you drink? And don’t you OWN a coffee shop?”

“I don’t have a French press for my apartment so I just buy pre-ground,” she replied dismissively, “and besides coffee is all natural and contributes to health and long life.”

“Really?” Kacey asked.

Ash shrugged, “I don’t know, that’s just what the sign I hang in the shop says.”

The two girls ran a few other errands and also went to the bookstore together. While Ash’s interests were a bit different than hers the girl was easy to talk to, and by the time they were driving back to the apartment complex they were laughing like old friends at shared jokes.

Kacey had invited Ash over to hang out a bit more, but as she got to the door she paused, remembering where she’d left Jake.

“Uh, let me just go and check to see how Jake’s feeling real quick,” she said.

Ash raised an eyebrow, but nodded, “Sure, I’ll wait here.”

Kacey entered unlocked the door and peered into the living room. She frowned as she saw a tiny Jake sprawled on the couch. He was dressed and was laying next to the TV remote, looking a bit strung out.

“Jake?” She asked, hesitantly. She forced a smile, “Wow, you got out?”

He blinked and looked up at her, “Yeah,” he said in a somewhat proud voice, “I finally managed it,” he chuckled, “Could you get me some water? I’m a bit dehydrated.”

“Whoa!” Ash said with a bright grin, sidling up next to Kacey. Apparently she’d followed Kacey in without asking. “What’d you do to him?”

Kacey was about to make up something when Jake interrupted her.

“She trapped me in her laundry,” Jake said with a wry grin. “I got out.”

Ashe’s eyes went wide, “Wicked,” she breathed, she playfully punched Kacey in the shoulder, “I thought you said you were nice to him?”

“I-I am!” she said defensively, “We were just fooling around!”

“It’s horrible Ash,” Jake said in a mocking voice, “she treats me like her slave, makes me pick up after her-“

“H-Hey!” Kacey exclaimed, “Don’t give her the wrong idea!”

“I think I see how this works,” Ash said with a chuckle.

Kacey cleared her throat, “Anyways Jake, do you care if Ash stays for dinner?”

He didn’t, and after they’d ordered pizza, with a tiny tip of a single slice cut off for Jake, the three of them were happily discussing what to watch on TV. Jake had surprised Kacey by getting her the subscriptions to both the streaming services she’d wanted after all, and she was excitedly introducing both him and Ash to one of her favorite animes.

As they sat down on the couch Kacey held Jake in her hands, Ash cleared her throat suddenly.

“Kacey,” she asked quietly, “Could I maybe… hold Jake a bit?”

Kacey shot a glance down at Jake who shrugged, “Sure, don’t break him.” She handed the tiny man over to the other girl, who marveled at him.

“I really can’t get enough of this,” she almost giggled. She’d taken to rubbing Jake’s back with her thumb while she held him in place, and he had to admit it felt good. “How’s that?” she asked eagerly.

“Feels amazing,” he groaned.

“Careful Jake,” Kacey teased, “I might decide to loan you out.”

“Really?” Ash rasped, the motion of her thumbs stopped cold.

Kacey blinked a moment, “Uhh…” She swallowed and looked at Jake, who seemed a bit apprehensive. “Hey!” she said, trying to change the subject, “Let’s watch the next episode!” she quickly hit play and the opening sequence started.

After another hour or so Ash stretched and said it was time to call it a night, handing Jake back to Kacey, who just set him on the floor.

“I’m hitting the hay too,” he said, “I’ve got work tomorrow!” He walked over into the bedroom, leaving Ash and Kacey alone.

As the two girls walked towards the apartment door Ash bit her lip, “Uh… hey Kacey, sorry I made things awkward with that whole “loaning” thing-“

“Don’t worry about it,” Kacey said with a wink. “We can talk about it another time.”

Ash blushed and nodded as she left.

Kacey thought it over as she walked over to her PC and booted it up for a night of gaming. Casually loaning Jake out like he was a toy did sound oddly fun… She gently began touching herself to the idea, laughing at his imagined reaction. After a few minutes she sighed contentedly. She let the matter drift from her mind as she logged in to her profile.

Jake was dressed in his suit and waiting by the door the next morning. He’d quickly silenced his alarm so Kacey wouldn’t wake up, he wasn’t sure how late she’d stayed up the night before but she’d been still as he got dressed and waited for his ride.

The door opened slowly and he saw Lexi beaming down at him, “Hi Jake,” she said, lowering down the carrying case. “Ready to go?” The cute receptionist was wearing a skirt with hose and a pair of dress shoes that shined enough that he could see his reflection in them.

“You can just hold me in your hand,” he insisted.

Lexi giggled, “Sorry, but Ms. Black was really insistent we all carry you in these… she was almost yelling at us trying to warn us about being gentle with you.”

“I’m sturdier than I look,” he said, but he opened the small plastic doors and sat in the carrier case seat anyways.

Lexi carried him down to her car, whistling a cheerful tune as she placed him on the seat next to her. It wasn’t long before she was carrying him into the office, waving good morning to the other office ladies who returned the greetings. A lot of them were smiling brightly seeing what she was carrying in the little plastic case. Finally she placed him down on a desk that had a little cubicle assembled on it.

“Here you go!” Lexi said excitedly, “Go on! Check it out!”

He walked towards it and almost shouted with excitement as he saw the small monitor and keyboard at the doll sized desk. He ran up to it and hit the power button, while the resolution wasn’t great it was a relief to know it would be something he could work with, rather than looking up at a movie screen sized one all day.

“It’s hooked up to a regular sized PC under the desk,” Ms. Black said, looming over his small workstation. She gently placed a paper plate with some donut crumbs on it next to him, “I got these for you! Try to eat something okay?”

“Thanks,” he said, still marveling over the small keyboard.

“Now Jake sweetie, I put your desk right in front of my office,” she said, pointing to it, “that way I can see you all day and help you out if I need to.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said. “I think everything looks pretty safe here though-“

“The ladies sometimes like to haze new hires a bit,” Lexi said with a giggle.

“Don’t worry about them,” Ms. Black scowled. “I already warned everyone not to toy with you too much.”

Jake had dove into his work, looking over what clients and accounts he’d be responsible for. By the time lunch had rolled around he had familiarized himself with their profiles and had some ideas on how he could increase their returns. He stood up to stretch and take a brief walk around the desk.

“Hey cutie,” He turned to see a trio of office ladies standing on the other side.

“Oh, hey,” he said nervously, “I’m Jake, the new guy!”

“Yeah you are,” one of them, a thin Asian woman who seemed to be the leader, giggled. “I’m Mandy, this is Tammy, and Patty.” She gestured to either side of her, “It’s so crazy that Deb hired a shrinkee!”

“Uh yeah,” he said uncertainly, “Well don’t worry, I’ll pull my weight around here-“

“Ohmigod he’s got such cute little clothes!” one of them squealed.

“It’s kind of a tradition for us to take the new hires out to lunch,” Mandy said with a sultry grin. “Ms. Black did warn us to be careful with you…” She glanced at the carrying cage, “I don’t know, that thing looks a little rough.”

“It’s fine, cozy even” he said, shooting a glance at Ms. Black’s office. He gulped as he realized she was out to lunch herself.

“I think you should ride somewhere… softer,” Mandy said, tracing her finger up through her cleavage. The girls behind her giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Ms. Black’s voice called. The three women turned together to see the office head with bagged fast food meal in hand.

“Hi Deb!” Mandy said nervously, “We were just saying hi to the new guy!”

“Uh huh,” Ms. Black said with a knowing smile, “Back to work ladies.” They all shuffled off, shooting glances back at him. She walked over to his desk, “You all right?”

“Fine,” he said, “I’m still getting used to being…”

“Adorable?” Ms. Black said eagerly. Seeing his look she cleared her throat, “I mean uh-“

“Yeah, adorable about covers it,” he said shaking his head and chuckling.

“I hope you had a good first day!” Lexi said happily as she opened the door to his apartment.

“I had a good time,” he said, “I think it’s going to work out. Thanks again for the lift!”

“No problem!” Lexi said, closing the door as she left. “See you tomorrow!”

He looked into the living room to see Kacey spinning around in her computer chair, “So how’s waging?” she asked with a grin.

“Pretty good,” he said, returning the smile as he walked across the open expanse of the apartment floor. “We should be able to afford to keep the lights and the internet on.”

He noticed some paper and a few pencils strewn around Kacey’s desk. “Did you start drawing again?”

“Oh these?” She muttered, a bit embarrassed. “Yeah… I haven’t really done any art in a long time and I wanted to see if I’ve still got it.”

“Cool!” he said, “Let me see?”

She bit her lower lip. “Umm… they’re kinda explicit.”

“Oh come on,” he said, waving dismissively. “It couldn’t be anything worse than what you used to draw back in school.”

With an embarrassed giggle she stood up and walked over to him, picking him up and returning to the desk. As she did he realized he could immediately tell she hadn’t showered since at least the day before… He blinked and focused on the artwork.

“It’s pretty good,” he said, she’d drawn a few figures in an array of styles. As he got to the next sheet the drawings grew more explicit, the characters weren’t wearing clothes by the time she showed him the third sheet. He grimaced as the fourth sheet showed a panicking man running from a very feminine giant hand.

He frowned a minute, “H-hey that guy looks familiar.”

“I might have had some inspiration,” Kacey admitted, her cheeks red.

“Kacey he’s got my old Letterman jacket on!” he said.

“That could be anyone’s-“

“He’s got my old number sewn on the back!” he protested.

“Well, art imitates life,” Kacey admitted. Idly she toyed with the pencil on the desk, “Now what should I draw happening next?” she asked with a grin.

“He gets away from the girl and lives a happy life?” Jake playfully teased.

“No,” Kacey mused, “I think he gets caught.” Her hand swooped him up and he was held in front of her face in her clenched hand. “In fact, I think she decides to torment him until he buys her a drawing tablet.”

“She sounds like a giant mooch,” he said with a grin.

“Hey!” Kacey protested, “Maybe she takes really good care of him?!”

“I’m sure she does,” he laughed.

“Hmph,” Kacey muttered, “I need a bit of inspiration to see where this piece goes.” She stood up and started carrying him to the bedroom. Along the way she slowly peeled off his suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor.

As he raised his arms to make it easier for her to get at his shirt Jack reflected that if this was his life from now on, it wasn’t so bad.

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