Quinn's Thong and Asshole by revival45

After angering his new roommate Quinn, the tiny and squishy Hunter finds himself the butt of her torture.  She decides to turn him into her thong to teach him a lesson, but neither one realizes just how stinky, and how permanent, her punishment is going to be.

These chapters were originally a part of the interactive "A Shrunken Roommate (Re-upload)" by bobob1 on writing.com

Story primarily contains thong and anus TF, farts, and scat.

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Quinn's Big Punishment by revival45
Author's Notes:

This chapter is a combination of my first two chapters that I added to "A Shrunken Roommate (Re-upload)" by bobob1 on writing.com.  This is my biggest storyline yet, as I added it pretty early in the interactive.  My chapters start at the link below: 


Context for the story up until now: 25 years have passed since a mysterious shrinking epidemic that only affected some men has left the world changed.  Life is pretty normal, save for the fact that a small percentage of men exist as inch-tall, squishy and nearly indestructible 'Tinies'.  You're Hunter Woods, and you are one of these Tinies.

Finally old enough to live on your own, you decide to become roommates with a handful of strangers.  However, you made a small mistake and forgot to specify that you were looking for other Tinies to live with, and soon find yourself moving in with 3 beautiful giantesses.  Two of them, Avery and Morgan, are twin sisters.  The third one, Quinn, is also moving in with strangers on a whim.

Upon meeting your new roommates, you decide it'd be good to get to know them a bit better.  Not wanting Quinn to feel left out, you try your best to help her move in and get to know her as a person.  However, due to a terrible misunderstanding when you try to help her clean her room, she finds you with one of her thongs and assumes that you were trying to use your size to perv out on her.  Not one to treat Tinies with any care or handicap, she locks you out of her room, threatening to punish you if you try anything else like that on her again.

Just as you are about to walk away from her door, an unaware Avery accidentally steps on you, flattening you to the carpet outside of Quinn's room.  It'll take some time for you to reform, which is where this story begins...

"What the hell do you think you're doing down there still?"

Quinn yelled down at you, clearly still upset at the misunderstanding you two just shared. You looked up at her face which was being blocked by her huge bust.  You were still flattened from her and Avery's actions, which left you unable to speak until you reformed more. "Well, explain yourself, pervert!" Quinn's rising anger was making you nervous, but try as you might there was still nothing you could do to reform your mouth any faster, let alone escape your pancaked form.

The giant woman in front of you couldn't tell you were struggling to reform, but could see that you were clearly flat. She bent over and picked you up, bringing your squashed form up to her pretty face. Your eyes met and it was obvious she was fuming. She looked over you in an investigative manor, seeming to study you with almost a predatory attitude. You watched her face and could tell she was coming up with an explanation. It was killing you how badly you just wanted to explain everything to her, but still you were struggling to reform after Avery planted all of her weight straight down on you.

"Hunter," Quinn said slowly, "did you flatten yourself like this so that you could sneak back into my bedroom?" Panic filled you as it became clear Quinn was theorizing the worst case scenario. She was still mad, but if you didn't give her some kind of sign soon then she was going to make herself a lot more worked up. "That was it, wasn't it? Answer me!"

Quinn's hand was starting to shake a bit in rage, which caused you to flail in the air and further hinder your reformation efforts. "Nothing, huh? Too ashamed to admit I'm right, are you?" the thick giantess continued interrogating you, and you were helpless to calm her down.

She was shaking you too much for you to even bother trying to reshape your body, so you focused all of your energy onto your mouth so that you could at least explain to her that she had the wrong idea. "Q-q-q-qu-qui-quiiinn... p-pl-pleasseee s-s-stooooppp... I-i-i can expla--" you were cut off as Quinn decided that she had heard enough. Enraged, she crushed you fully in her hand, completely removing your ability to speak yet again and further mangling your squishy body.

"I've heard enough, sicko! You think you can just infiltrate your way into a girl's apartment and just have open season on all three of us? What are we, some prizes for you to take advantage of? Think being a tiny surrounded by us is some sort of heaven? Well Hunter, you've got a lot to learn about the real world. I'm going to show you just how dangerous the world can be for an ungrateful tiny like you." Quinn's blind rage towards you was bringing a lot out of her. It didn't come from a toxic place; she actually cared immensely for Tinies and knew they had a hard time in the world. But she still had a zero tolerance policy for assholes, regardless of their size. And currently, your existence as an ungrateful tiny pervert (in her eyes) was offending her on every level. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson, jerk! If not, then I think you're gonna have to find a new place to live."

Turning back into her bedroom and slamming the door, Quinn was already scheming up some sort of devious punishment for you. Typically, Quinn treats Tinies incredibly fairly, for both better and worse. She doesn't want to condescend them in a way that makes them feel lesser than others, so she treats them as equals despite the height difference. After all, most Tinies are already kind since the world is so hard on them. It's not often she encounters someone rude that's this small, but when she does, there's always a part of her that wants to make things a bit harder for him than it already is. And today, she finally gets the chance with you.

You were still trapped in Quinn's tight clutches, but you heard her moving around the room. Her prolonged grip on you was doing a number on your already mangled body, and you knew that you'd be at Quinn's mercy for a while since reformation was going to take extra long now. Finally, she opened her hand and you were free from pressure. As your eyes adjusted back to the light in Quinn's room, you moved your eyes to see Quinn. Only now, instead of the enraged face you were getting so used to seeing her don, she was grinning menacingly and leering down at you. Your eyes drifted down her curvy bust and followed her other arm to see that she was holding the same amethyst-colored thong she caught you snooping in. Uh-oh you thought to yourself. You had a bad feeling that you could already tell where this was going.

Your captor dropped you down on a brown desk in front of her. "So, you like perving around in women's panties, Hunter?" she asked. "Lots of guys do. But you gotta be careful about it, especially when you're so small," she continued her speech with equal parts of condescension, flirtation and domination.

"After all, if you're not careful you could find yourself inside of a pair that someone's about to put on." Quinn began stretching the thong in and out while keeping her eyes locked dead on you. "And if you're unlucky, that person could keep those panties on for a nice long time. Even all. night. long." Your heart raced as she stopped playing with the thong and tossed it down unceremoniously beside your immobile, helpless form. You tried to feel for any part of your body that could budge or move, but you already knew that you weren't going to find it with the shape you were in.

Quinn moved her hands towards you and began to play with your body like a piece of putty, first by pulling it to its limits, then by balling it up in her hands, before setting you gently back down. However, you could tell that now you weren't touching the surface of the desk. What she had set you down on was soft, and the color purple was stretched out in front of you like a narrow road.

"And if you're really unlucky," Quinn continued while wiggling off the pants and undies she had on right in front of you, "that person could be dirty and filthy from not showering all day since they could just save it for tomorrow instead." Her words were already terrifying you, but for just a moment you had to stop and admire Quinn's incredibly pudgy thighs and the rotund naked ass that was right in front of you. Even in the current state you were in, Quinn's big sexy body was easily turning you on (although your penis was currently mashed up into the ball you had been molded into).

Quinn looked down at the flesh colored ball that was sitting in the middle of her thong. As Indiscernible as the rest of your form was, she could still see your eyes, and the fact that they were now looking at her nude lower half. God, this guy really just doesn't get it, does he? she thought to herself. Annoyed, she slammed her hand down right onto you, flattening you yet again. This time, though, she started steamrolling you into the soft service. Like dough, she was kneading you into her thong.

"And if you're really unlucky, or just plain perverted, that person might have a really big ass that gets really hot and sweaty during the night! Are you getting the message yet, Hunter?" As Quinn's hand moved back and forth and continued pressing you into the panties, you thought back to how just yesterday you were super excited to finally be moving out.

The giant girl finished after what felt like an hour, but in reality was just a minute. When she moved her hands away, Quinn looked down to admire her work. Just like that, she now had a thong with a tiny pervert entombed in the middle of it. You had been so smashed into the thong that your skin was semi-opaque, and a lot of the purple cloth that made up the thong was actually able to make it's way through you. In fact, if a passerby weren't looking for you, they'd likely mistake you for just a normal old thong. "Perfect!" Quinn growled happily to herself.

She lifted you off the desk and brought you to the floor where she quickly stepped into the thong's leg holes. Once she stepped into it, you were forced to look straight up from the ground into the deep crack that made up Quinn's juicy ass. Without warning, she began lifting you up her legs, before stopping you right before her butt cheeks. You were stuck suspended in between her soft, warm thighs. Only your eyes were peaking out, looking in fear at the incredible canyon that made up her ass that you were about to be plunged into. Already you could sense the rank warmness that Quinn had been warning you about.

"Oh yeah, I never finished what I was going to say," Quinn said. "And if you just so happen to be perhaps the most unlucky little guy in the world, then that person could be lactose intolerant. And they just might love ice cream and milk and cheese and all that stuff SO much that they don't mind all the damage it does to them... especially back there. That, or you could just be a pervert that finally needs to learn that the world isn't his plaything."

Quinn lifted the thong the rest of the way up and around her mountainous rear. For her, it was all done it one quick motion, but for you it was a whole ordeal. First she wedged you right into her smelly butt crack until you got stuck, at which point she stretched you back out for one last breath of fresh air before submerging you yet again into her sea of an ass. The piece of butt floss you were attached to was pushed and ground further and further into the center of Quinn's globular cheeks. Immediately everything was magnified, from the amount of pressure coming from the caboose she was hauling to the scent of rankness that came with being in such a gross place. The heat was already intense and making it uncomfortable to simply exist in, while you were quickly getting covered in salty sweat. Deeper still were you getting pulled in, until your environment shifted from pale skin to a wrinkly brown darkness. You knew you were finally in place when you felt yourself get rubbed up against some short coarse, slimy hairs. Your vision adjusted to see Quinn's anus right in front of you, a vent for her body's internal heat and intestinal matter. It looked about the size of you, a fact that you soon confirmed when Quinn gave her thong one last tug that put you right up against it.

Your mind screamed at your body to recoil back in disgust, but it could do no such thing. You were in a different world now: that of Quinn's ass. Here, you had no control over anything. You were completely at the mercy of a woman who thought you were some sort of perverse asshole. Ironic that you ended up here, you thought.

Quinn put on some pajamas and looked at the clock: 7:30 pm. It was time to make some dinner, then maybe have a few snacks afterwards. Maybe a big bowl of mac and cheese, her favorite, followed by a bowl of popcorn and some ice cream, her other favorite. She smiled to herself as she headed out of her room, certain that this punishment was going to teach Hunter a lesson, if not scare him out of the apartment for good. Before opening the door, she turned to her generous backside. "Good luck, little guy, you're gonna need it." Quinn whispered some words of encouragement. However, it was lost on you, as there was no way her voice could penetrate through all the butt flesh that you were now entombed in.

End Notes:

I'll be adding chapters here everyday or so since I want to make a few edits, but the full story can be found at the link I provided above for people that want to see it ahead of time.  Hope you enjoy :)

A Secret Between Quinn's Cheeks by revival45
Author's Notes:

This is another combination of my next two chapters since there was a character limit on writing.com and I wanted to provide the interactive with a few different paths.

This chapter serves to establish the characters a bit more and set the stage for how Quinn is going to get away with punishing one of her new roommates.

Energized by the torture she was putting you through, Quinn excitedly started preparing dinner. As she boiled water and poured a box of mac and cheese into a pot, she happily swayed her hips back in forth, dancing to her internal rhythm of joy that was finally returning to her after you had upset her so greatly. Her big plump cheeks jostled back and forth with her movements, creating a hypnotizing sight to any passerby.

But deep inside her gelatinous mass was you, stamped into a thong that was being assaulted by the thick rear end in all matter of ways. The pressure that surrounded you was pulsing between pretty tight and unbearably heavy, but the heat that came from being at the center of Quinn's deep crack was at a constant high. If anything, it seemed to be getting warmer and more humid already, and you had only been stuck inside of her anal canyon for a few minutes!

Unbeknownst to you, up above in the world of giants, Quinn was just about done making her dinner. After straining the pasta, she added in a packet of powdered cheddar and dropped in half a stick of butter. Typically she just used a table spoon of margarine since she was self-conscious about her weight, but she was ready to prove just how lactose intolerant she was to you tonight. She smiled as she dropped it in, and laughed to herself as she poured in extra milk to make her meal extra saucy. Hunter is going to be so sorry he ever messed with me Quinn thought to herself as she continued laughing.

"What's so funny about your dinner?" Avery entered the apartment and came into the kitchen, with Morgan following behind her with a few bags of groceries. Instantly, Quinn froze and started to get nervous. She stopped swaying her hips, much to your relief, but immediately clenched her asshole against the piece of string that you were attached to. Your vision was completely covered by the center of Quinn's pucker, and she was holding you too tight for you to breathe or taste anything other than her salty orifice.

"You and Hunter getting along a bit better?" asked Morgan as she brushed beside Quinn's dumptruck, which shook your world enough to free you from Quinn's asshole. "We heard you yelling a bit earlier, I hope it wasn't anything serious."

Avery eagerly cut in, "Where is the cute little guy anyway? I was hoping I could get my hands on him." She began laughing bubbily, until Morgan sneered back at her. "I mean.. uh... I just wanted to get to know our new roomie a little better. You can't hog him all to yourself." Avery gave up on putting groceries away with her twin sister, and began glancing down at her phone when she decided to also check out her hot new roommate's butt. Quinn's pajama bottoms were resting less on her waist and now more so on the top of her big booty. Just above the waistband, she noticed a thin band of amethyst. "Ooooh Quinn! Is that a new thong?"

Quinn was really starting to get nervous now, which, unbeknownst to her, was causing her to start sweating underneath her pajama bottoms. She knew that Morgan and Avery wouldn't approve of the way she was treating their new roomie, even if it was for their own good (according to how she saw it). Her mind had to come up with some explanation soon, but she wasn't sure what to say. It's gotta be something that'll get them to forget about Hunter. And something that'll make them leave him alone for the rest of the night... Maybe--

Quinn's train of thought was cut off by Avery hooking her finger around the top of her thong and pulling it up. As it happened, your face was forced right back up against the giantess' asshole, where you got another taste of rectum and became further covered in ass sweat. All of the stenches that came with being this deep within Quinn's huge butt were getting stuck to you. It was clear that you weren't going to escape any of this until you were removed from her hefty flesh.

The feeling surprised Quinn enough to make her jump up and turn around, pushing her butt against the counter in an attempt to hide you further from Avery and Morgan. It caused you to get smeared once again and held tightly against Quinn's clenched sweaty butthole. "Avery, knock it off! Help me put this stuff away," Morgan interjected, getting annoyed that she was the only one putting the groceries away. She turned to Quinn, "Where is Hunter, though? Is everything alright between you guys?" Studying her face, Morgan was starting to get suspicious that Quinn was hiding something.

Quinn was running out of time, she had to say something now or else her jig with you would be up. "Uh... Well..."  The beautiful black-haired girl was searching her mind for any excuse that would keep Morgan and Avery from getting suspicious about where you were. Without thinking her lie too far ahead, she said the first few thoughts that came into her head. "Hunter's in my room. But I wouldn't bother him if I were you!"
Morgan turned to Quinn with a furrowed brow. "Why not? Is he okay?"
"Uh... I don't think so," Quinn continued her lie almost on autopilot, letting the words fall out of her without any consideration for how much trouble they could end up getting you in. "He seemed really upset with all of us."
Avery felt hurt and confused. "What, why? We didn't do anything to him."
"Well... Okay not necessarily at us," Quinn relaxed a bit as her lie was starting to form easier in her stream of consciousness. Subconsciously, though, she began relaxing throughout the rest of her body, which caused her asshole to lose it's tight grip on you. As it weakened, you and the rest of the thong slowly slid out of the immediate grasp of Quinn's pooper and were able to take a breath of considerably fresher air, although it was still incredibly musky and humid.
Still face-to-face with it, you noticed that Quinn's asshole seemed to be flexing at you. You shuddered in fear as you thought of how it was seemingly trying to gobble you up again. It's like it has a mind of it's own you thought to yourself as more anal sweat began to get absorbed into both you and the thong. At least I'm not stuck there.
Outside of the world of booty, Quinn continued explaining things to her roommates as she sat down at the kitchen table with her dinner. "But, the little guy did seem really upset with the fact that this wasn't an apartment for Tinies," said Quinn. Her lie was now starting to sound believable even to her. "I tried to calm him down, but he just yelled at me."
"He what?!" Morgan responded upset. She was caring for Tinies, but did not approve of anyone yelling at her new friend. "That is unacceptable, I'm going to talk to him right now, he can't just treat you like that!" She started to head down the hall when Quinn realized she wasn't out of the woods just yet with her lie.
"No don't! He didn't mean it, I know he didn't," Quinn responded. "He's just really stressed out, I think."
Avery chimed in, "Quinn's right, Sis. Hunter didn't realize what he was getting himself into, moving in with three giant hotties." She laughed to herself before getting back on track. "Just think how stressed out you'd be."
Morgan stopped heading towards Quinn's room and returned to the kitchen solemnly. Her head was down, deflated by the whole situation. She looked at Quinn for reassurance. "You sure you okay?"
"I am," said Quinn. "It's nice of you but you don't have to worry about anything, I promise."
"What about Hunter? Do you think he'll be alright?" asked Morgan.
I need to say something that'll put the cherry on top of this Quinn thought to herself. Something that'll get them to leave it alone for a day, or at least the rest of the night.
Just then, it came to her. "Before I left my room, he got on his laptop and already started looking at new apartments. I don't know if he's serious, but let's just give him a day to cool off, alright girls?" Both sisters agreed before separating to go about their own business. Quinn was proud of herself for coming up with the perfect excuse. This way, Avery and Morgan wouldn't ask about you for the day. And better yet, Quinn thought, is that this would be a perfect way to get Hunter out of the apartment if he didn't learn his lesson from his punishment.
Speaking of punishment, you were still trapped in Quinn's gorgeous butt. Even with her cheeks spilling over the edges of the chair, there was still an incredible amount of pressure being applied to you in all directions. Her butt cheeks might be soft, but the amount of mass they were forcing onto you was making this ten times worse than when you would accidentally be sat on at home. And while you thought you were mangled and squished when Quinn forced you into her thong, you were getting even more annihilated inside of her crack.
Despite the environment, you had been able to make out bits and pieces of the conversation your roommates just had about you. You couldn't believe Quinn would lie so easily about you, and it worried you that she was the sole individual responsible for your current fate. If she wasn't careful, she could easily lose, misplace or even forget about you, and then you would be doomed to an existence as mere butt floss.
Your anxieties worried you more and more, but you were soon distracted when Quinn repositioned herself in her chair before eating. In doing so, her cheeks seemed to pull you right back up against Quinn's still pulsating anus. It began slowly sucking on you like a piece of candy. You wanted to fight it, but Quinn was just too powerful for you.
Feels like someone is getting snug down below Quinn thought to herself before turning to her dinner. Better not get too comfy though. The thick giantess began shoveling mac and cheese into her mouth, savoring the taste of each spoonful. She took extra pleasure each time she swallowed, knowing that a few hours from now the meal that was so tasty to her would be a meal from hell for you.
While Quinn's wrinkly hole sucked on you more and more, you were almost starting to get used to its warm embrace. Part of it was comforting, at least feeling some bit of stimulation instead of just constant pressure. It's kinda like a hug, you thought. A stinky, slimy hug on repeat. But just as you were starting to make peace with the situation Quinn had you trapped in, you heard a deep bassy noise in the distance. Through the fleshy folds of her pucker, Quinn's stomach was already starting to churn from her dinner. What she had said about her lactose intolerance had stuck with you, but you knew that the gurgling sound was only going to beckon a far worse storm than you could have possibly imagined.
Snack Time Under Quinn by revival45
Author's Notes:

In this chapter, Quinn decides to really ensure that your punishment is as torturous (and flatulent) as possible.

Quinn finished her dinner and sat back in her chair, relaxed and satisfied with her hearty meal. She brought her hand down to her stomach and could already feel it rumbling, which just made her smile even more. She already knew that Hunter was going to be in for one hell of a night, but the question now was whether or not she wanted to make it even worse.

Hell yes she devilishly thought to herself. She stood up from the kitchen table and eagerly started looking through the fridge. Anything with dairy and fiber, that's what she had her mind set on. Her eyes scanned the food, and pretty quickly she knew what she was going to have: A big glass of milk with fiber-one cookies, microwave nachos covered in cheese, and a bean-based hummus for dipping carrots and broccoli.

Of course, this was all lost on you, as you remained helplessly fused to the thong that Quinn's ass was still gobbling up. You only felt the change in pressure around you as Quinn's fleshy cheeks were no longer compressing you completely between them. It wasn't much, but you were definitely in a better place physically when she was standing up and her cheeks weren't totally suffocating you with their warm constant pressure. Needless to say, though, Quinn's juicy dumptruck still had enough mass on it to the point you were essentially drowning in her soft pillowy skin, but at this point you were trying to take any break you could get your hands on.

Just as you were getting comfortable, Quinn brought all of her snacks to the living room where Avery and Morgan were watching television. "Hope you guys don't mind if I join you," Quinn said as she slammed her huge ass into a lazy-boy recliner. Her body weight and pressure were back to compressing you right against Quinn's asshole. The pudgy band of wrinkly muscle had stopped sucking on you, but was starting to clench in response to the sounds of digestion that were happening deep inside of Quinn's stomach. The feeling of impending doom continued to grow inside of you as the gurgles on the other side approaching more and more.

"Not at all girl!" Avery responded happily. "Anyone with snacks is welcome wherever I go!" She reached for Quinn's plate until your captor moved her plate to the other side.

"Bitch! Get your own," Quinn laughed at Avery, the two of them now close enough to exchange insults like so.

"Haha, if you're not careful with all that food, you're going to turn that sexy ass of yours into a fat one!" Avery didn't hesitate to throw shade right back at her friend, but quickly realized she struck a nerve when she saw Quinn's smile fade. Although she was incredibly beautiful and voluptuously shaped, Quinn didn't always see it and was rather self-conscious about her weight. "Hey, I'm just kidding," Avery reassured her roommate. "Those nachos look soooo good though. I think I'll make myself some too. You want anything, sis?"

Morgan watched her sister get up and head to the kitchen, but declined since she already had a protein shake. "Don't listen to Avery, she's just tone-deaf sometimes," she said to Quinn, which did comfort her. Morgan's next comment, though, reminded Quinn just how necessary her bingeing was about to be, "Although, I will admit that you've got quite the selection. Aren't you lactose intolerant?"

Quinn smiled and started shoveling chips into her mouth. "Haha, yeah," she admitted, "but sometimes I just craaave this stuff so much." She kicked up the footrest of her recliner and ground her heavy butt further into the leather chair. The action caused your tight environment to start rising in temperature. There was nothing you could do except let all of your senses be surrounded by Quinn's smelly flesh, but now you were beginning to experience the onset of her ass sweat she had been warning you about earlier. In the confines of her smushed asscrack, any free space was now being filled with warm salty dampness. It was as if you were drowning and suffocating all at once, but with no escape. Being so helpless was a nightmare already, but being weaker than a woman's ass was just humiliating.

"Hahaha," Morgan laughed, "I get it. Just give us a warning whenever your butt starts to explode. Oh, and try not to shit yourself in that chair." The girls all laughed and continued chatting while sitcoms played in the background, but you couldn't help but feel terrified of what was going to happen to you soon. Even without the sensitive gut, that much food would do a number on anyone. You looked forward at Quinn's butthole and saw it pulse out at you again, covering you in a fresh new layer of anal slime. Never before have you ever been so embarrassed, and you knew it was only going to get worse. You wanted to scream and cry, but alas, it was impossible to do so in your current form as underwear. All you could do was sit still in servitude to Quinn's booty. Her asshole blossomed out against you again. It was as if the grimy hole was kissing it's helpless plaything.

Quinn devoured her nachos pretty quickly, and soon found herself eating veggies until the brand new container of hummus she had opened ran out. After that, she finished her dessert, but decided it was so good that she had to have seconds, so she poured another big glass of milk and had another sleeve of fiber cookies. As she finished her last one, as if on clockwork, she felt a huge amount of pressure build up in her bladder and push up against her backdoor. It shifted around in her gut and made such a loud noise that even Morgan and Avery stopped talking and looked at Quinn in a disgusted curiosity. "Uhhhh..." Quinn started, "heads up, ladies."

Oh no... was all you could think to yourself as the anus that had you in it's grasp pulsated more than it ever had yet.


The thick curvaceous beauty proceeded to emit a tremendous 5-second fart. It shot out of her ass and reverberated against the leather chair, creating even more noise as the buildup of air tried to escape the confines of her bottom and dissipate into the room.

Down below, you were at ground zero for the full gasser. Quinn's anus had expanded more and more until you had loosened from it's grip enough to fall back against the giantess' soft cheeks. But just as soon as you were free from it, the sphincter opened wide and completely doused you in stench. The string of the thong you were attached to fluttered in the wind, as it came out at an incredible speed. It made the pressure buildup so much that it was strong enough to force open Quinn's cheeks, as they slapped each other open and closed repeatedly while the fart took place. Amidst the gassy chaos, a sad thought dawned upon you. It was disheartening and discouraging that Quinn's gas was strong enough to escape her juicy ass, but not you. Even this girl's farts were stronger than you.

It wasn't over, though. As more of Quinn's biological exhaust escaped her rear and flew past you, it carried with it anal slime and butt sweat. The longer the fart went on, though, the deeper from within her it had originated, and with the fart's exit brought flecks of shit that were caught by you and Quinn's surrounding cheeks. Her gas had been powerful enough to even leave it's gas ingrained in the fibers of the thong, which in turn were passed on to you. When it was done, you were covered in a damp layer of light brown. By some miracle, or curse, you had survived.

"OH MY GOD QUINN!" Avery yelled while cracking up, "THAT WAS DISGUSTING. HOLY SHIT IT SMELLS SO BAD!" Morgan had covered her face with a blanket until the smell went away, but it was clear that it was going to take some time. Quinn meanwhile, was laughing incredibly hard as well, but mostly because she was thinking about where you were stationed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is this better?" Quinn lifted up her mountainous cheek and stuck her leg in the air. You felt the change in pressure, but knew that it was only going to beget more of Quinn's stench.


Just like before, the stench from Quinn blew past you and clapped her cheeks, completely disorienting you. All you knew was her hot stench. You prayed it'd be over soon, but you knew Quinn was just getting started.

After that second fart, Morgan just stood up and left holding her breath until she was in her bedroom. Avery's smile dropped in shock. "CHRIST QUINN. WHAT DIED IN YOUR ASS?" It all just made Quinn feel more proud of the beasts she was able to unleash, and even more excited for what else was in store for Hunter.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop," said Quinn. "Well, at least I'll try. I don't think there's much I can do now except isolate myself in my bedroom."

"Wait a sec," Avery nasally interjected, plugging her nose. "What about Hunter? If he's still upset, your farts probably aren't going to help."

Quinn laughed and scoffed inconsiderately. "Well, if it bothers him so much, he can just leave my room and sleep out here." You thought it was strange how easily Quinn was able to keep on lying about where you were. If you didn't know any better, you'd have thought that she was starting to believe them herself. It made you concerned, but before you could worry more Quinn's anus burped out another series of hot gusts right into your face, breaking your train of thought.

"Ohmygod just get out of here, you stink so much jesus christ," Avery begged Quinn as she turned around and pulled her shirt over her nose.

Quinn laughed and returned to her room. It was late anyway, so she was ready to hit the hay. First things first, she just had to do her evening routine in the bathroom.

Bathroom Teasing by revival45
Author's Notes:

In this chapter, another misunderstanding angers Quinn even further.  Contains a bit of scat.


The abuse you were experiencing in between Quinn's cheeks while she casually walked around was made worse by her escalating gas. Each step she took caused you to swing with each of her massive cheeks until you slammed into the other. Despite how soft they were, the sheer mass of them caused you to be battered. It was enough to make you nauseous on its own, but as Quinn's anus continued to expel more flatulence right into your face, you knew you'd be throwing up if you weren't currently attached to the back of a thong. You saw her anus flutter yet again as it excreted another warm stream of air right smack-dab into you, and wondered to yourself just how much more of this you could take.

As Quinn walked into the bathroom, she let out another small toot to relieve her gut. It hadn't been as loud as the ones she ripped in front of Avery and Morgan, but as the smell wafted up towards her head she knew it was silent but deadly. She smiled to herself knowing that her farts were repeatedly dousing you. The torture she was putting you through was even starting to excite her sexually, but she knew she couldn't let you know that as it would take away from the punishment. Plus, she had to go to bed soon, but not before going to the bathroom. This is also probably a good time to check in on the pervert and see how he's liking his punishment Quinn thought to herself.

The thick giantess pulled down her pants and then grabbed the waistband of the thong. When she did, you felt yourself start to move, but didn't know why. You expected to be smashed into Quinn's asshole again, but were surprised when you felt yourself being pulled downward. It was a tight squeeze getting out of the juicy rump, but you soon found yourself on the floor of the bathroom.

The change in scenery was immediate to all of your senses. Your sight was temporarily blinded as you had been in the dark depths of Quinn's ass for the past few hours. It took a few moments for your irises to readjust to the light of the bathroom. The smell and taste also returned to normal instantaneously; you began breathing in as much clean air as you could in order to feel like a human being again. At least, more so than you just were, as you were still stuck to Quinn's stench-stained thong. However, without Quinn's massive cheeks pushing in upon you in all directions, you were able to start the process of reforming again! You knew you had to move quick, before your captor decided to entrap you in her ass once again.

When your vision finally did return, you were looking straight up at the underside of a toilet bowl. Spilling over the edges were two gorgeous thighs that you knew connected to Quinn up above. You could hear her urinating, but soon heard her bowels expel a number of long smelly farts into the bowl underneath her. The fresh air of the bathroom was beginning to turn rank, but it was still a million times better than the inside of Quinn's booty.

Up above you, Quinn was relaxing on the toilet. She was very familiar with her regular digestive process, and knew that all the gas that was tumbling out of her anus was just a fraction of what she'd be expelling while she slept. Outside of that, she felt a turd start inching it's way to her backdoor. However, she knew this was from her lunch earlier in the day and wouldn't be too big of a dump. As it began sliding past her pooper, she took a deep breath, basking in her own stench. When she stopped, she looked down at her thong that was resting on the floor. Just as her eyes met the center, where you were lodged but trying to become unstuck, she brainstormed a new way to torture you.

"Hey there Hunter," she began speaking softly, not wanting to alert her roommates of your presence. Despite the low volume, she still managed to have a dominating, seductive tone that immediately sent shivers down your back. You froze, uncertain if she had seen you trying to escape. "Oh, don't mind me. I was just watching you. It's cute to watch you struggle to escape." This was bad. Both you and Quinn knew it was a hopeless effort, but you immediately started trying to loosen yourself from the thong again.

Quinn chuckled as menacingly as she could, she was having fun. "Here, want a little help?" she asked as she lifted each of her feet out of the underwear. You tried to speed up your efforts, but before you knew it Quinn had picked up the buttfloss you were attached to and brought it right up to her face. The two of you locked eyes; she observed the faint change of color in the thong that separated the purple cloth from your skin-colored mass. You, on the other hand, forgot just how hot the giantess was and were caught off guard by Quinn's beauty. She squinted her eyes to observe you closer, and could see a little bit of separation between you and the cloth. "Ooooh," she teased, "looks like you've already made quite a little bit of progress. Won't be too long until you just pop right off of there." Quinn popped her lips as she said that last bit.

What is her game? you wondered to yourself. You couldn't tell what Quinn was going to do next, which made you extra nervous. As you stared at each other, you heard a plop in the toilet bowl below you. You looked down, but could only see Quinn's huge thighs being smushed together on the seat.

"Aww, was the pervert hoping for a little more of a show?" Quinn teased as her first log of poop fell into the toilet. She felt another one starting to slide through her rectum and up against her backdoor, this one a bit bigger than the previous one. "I figured you'd have had enough of my backside by now, Hunt. Or is a sick little part of you starting to realize you like my big juicy butt, and everything that comes out of it?" You tried to yell 'no', but your mouth was still struggling to reform. You tried to direct you efforts towards reforming it so that you could just talk to Quinn and try to explain why this whole situation was a big misunderstanding.

Quinn continued watching you, and noticed that your mouth was incredibly faint, but still there. "Well, have anything to say for yourself?" she demanded. "Have you had enough? Why don't you apologize, pervert? Or do you actually like this?"

She was becoming impatient, but you could feel yourself getting close enough to reform your mouth, if only for one word. You knew that it'd be easy to yell 'No' since it was such a short, simple sound, but you were still recovering from the beating that Quinn's ass had put you through. "...n...nnn..." You tried to get your mouth to say the words, but were still struggling. Quinn saw you getting ready to say something, but didn't have the patience that the situation demanded.

Internally, you mustered up all of your energy and started to yell. As you started to yell your single answer, Quinn cut in and yelled at you. "Say something, Hunter! Haven't you learned your lesson yet?"

"N-N-NOOOOO," you yelled, but immediately wish that you hadn't. That wasn't in reference to what you just asked! You meant to yell that when Quinn was teasing you and asked if you liked what she was doing! But you didn't have anymore energy left in you to say anything else, not until you reformed for at least a few more minutes.

"Did you just say 'no'?" Quinn asked, newly enraged. "Hunter, did I actually hear you correctly?" She waited for a response, but was met with silence from you. You yelled internally as loud as you could, but it was nowhere near enough to make any sort of message for Quinn. You saw her face turn from shocked to enraged, just like it was hours ago before she put you in her thong. "I cannot believe you! Who do you think you are? Are you trying to prove something to me? Say something, sicko!" You remained silent against your will.

Quinn took a deep breath to calm herself down. She couldn't blow her cover and still had to keep your status a secret to her roommates. As she breathed in and inhaled the smell of her rank waste, she got an idea of what she could do immediately to get back at you. "So, still haven't learned your lesson?" Quinn spread open her thighs, which allowed the smell of shit to rise up and hit the thong you were attached to. She started to lower you down to the opening, where the stench became worse by the inch.

"Maybe you'd like a front-row seat to this dump I've got to shit out," the giantess teased. Quinn lowered you until the sagging fabric that you were attached to was dangling in the toilet bowl. You saw that she had already dropped what looked like a massive log, though was actually a bowel movement on the lighter side for the girl. Once you were suspended above the water, she closed her thighs, plunging the entire bowl into darkness except for a pocket of light that snuck in just under her backside.

With her thighs closed, the bowl had nowhere to vent, so the smell and temperature began to rise with the already existing turd that laid at the surface of the water. You were terrified you were going to fall off of her thong and into the waste below, but soon you saw something even more frightening.

Quinn's anus began to slowly open wide, where a thick brown log started to peek it's head out. It was mere inches from you, and you could feel the heat radiating off of it. The smell bombarded you in an entirely different way, and it only became worse as more and more of it slid out of Quinn. Her fecal creation came out softly and smoothly, and it coiled into a pile as it hit the bottom of the bowl. The more that the log came out, though, the warmer the bowl became. This wasn't anything too new from what you had already experienced when trapped in Quinn's backside, but now the heat was starting to weaken the bond that the thong had on you. You could feel yourself separating from it faster than when you were on the bathroom floor.

You stared in fear at the massive mound of shit below, and prayed that Quinn would remove you before you fell entirely off the thong entirely. Little did you know how much worse things were about to become.

End Notes:

Just a warning, the next chapter is about to have a lot more scat.  If that's not your thing, you'll want to skip ahead to the chapter 5.

Submerged in Quinn's Shit by revival45
Author's Notes:

Another combination of two chapters from writing.com.  Heavy amount of scat in this chapter, obviously.

After watching in suspended terror for what felt like an hour, Quinn's dump finally fell out of her rectum. It coiled up into a pile below you which emanated intense warmth and stench. The smell was ungodly, but what really scared you was the heat coming off of the turd. It was so warm from being cooked up inside of Quinn that it was weakening the bond you had to her thong. And with her thick thighs closing off the outside of the toilet bowl, it had nowhere to rise past you. You felt yourself weakening more and more; how cruel it was that after all this time of trying to escape her panties, you were now holding on to them for dear life.

Up above, Quinn felt much more relieved, but she knew that her gas tank wasn't completely empty yet. She relaxed her anus some more and was able to let a long but silent stream of gas slide right out of her muscly orifice. It felt warm as it hissed out, and she knew it was only going to make things smell that much worse for you. Maybe I should just forget about him and flush the pervert away she thought to herself morbidly. Although, then I couldn't have fun with him anymore.

The anus in front of you puckered and expanded as it hissed out a long gusty fart. The flatulence didn't add much to the god awful stench that already took up the entire space of the toilet bowl, but it did add to the temperature of the environment. It was subtle, but Quinn subconsciously felt her underside warm up, which just allowed her to get more comfortable as the last of her shit made it's way through her bladder.

For you, on the other hand, there was nothing subtle about her latest gas. It's warmth was weakening your grasp more and more, and you knew that without Quinn's interference you were going to fall in to her massive dumping pile before long. You tried to reform your arms and hands so that you could hold on to the thong, but it was clear that it was going to take too long for you to do so. Please Quinn! you pleaded internally, Please don't let me fall in! Anything other than this, I swear. Just help me!

As there was no way she could hear you, the inevitable happened. You felt the small remainder of your body peel off of the fabric, and watched in horror as you descended into the giantess' waste. You smacked right into it face first, where the smell and taste invaded your body instantaneously. The warm solid log that just minutes ago had been deep inside of Quinn was now the ground you were laying on. You were paralyzed physically due to your squishy form, but mentally in fear and disgust. All you could see was brown, all you could taste was feces, all you could breathe was musky, all you could feel was your body slowly sinking deeper. Worst of all, the only sound you could hear was more gurgling coming from the pooper above you. You wished it would end, but Quinn still had a ways to go.

Quinn, already oblivious to the fact that you were no longer attached to her thong and sinking into her crap, thought about your torture. She knew she was being cruel to you, and realized that keeping you suspended above her shit might have been too much. Therefore, she decided that she'd remove you and her thong from the bowl once she was done emptying her bowels. The thick woman effortlessly dispensed another long fart, which echoed in the bowl until it was cut off by a turd at her backdoor. "Hope you hold on, little guy, this one might get messy," she said, thinking you were still stuck to her thong.

You were not, but that didn't stop you from hearing what she said. It was muffled, as her words had to travel past her huge thighs and through the pile of shit you were sinking deeper into, but you still heard it and shuddered in fear. Instinctively you tried to brace yourself, but you were still struggling to reform. All you had managed to do was flip yourself over against a partially digested but still indiscernible vegetable that your body had encountered while sinking deeper into Quinn's poop. It took all you effort to do so, but just as you did you immediately regretted having done it. You thought you might be able to squirm you way out from under her asshole, but there was nowhere safe for you in this bowl. And Quinn's poopy pucker was starting to expand, ready to shit out your worst punishment yet.

While Quinn's two previous shits had been smooth, long logs, her next dump was anything but. Her orifice opened wide and let out a cascading waterfall of chunky poop. It was more liquid, but still had endless minuscule globs of mass that just hours earlier had been a delicious snack for Quinn. It fell onto you, and you were buried under what felt like an endless crap. It wrapped itself entirely around you, coating and covering every inch of you. The watery shit hugged its way completely around your back while the more solid parts continued to smash your front. The weight of the load got heavier by the second, as more and more crap poured out of Quinn and onto you. Had you not been an indestructible tiny, you'd be drowning in the girl's pile. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you were alive, essentially held in stasis by the dump. It covered every inch of you, and was seeping into your body. You had no mouth, but you could taste it perfectly.

Quinn moaned in relief as the last of her crap exited her rectum. She smiled and collected herself before opening her thighs to free the thong. She didn't want you to see how much she was enjoying this, as it would take away from the punishment she was dispensing upon you.

"Hope you enjoyed the show, Hunter, because I'm just..." Quinn started talking to you as she pulled the thong out from between her thighs, but stopped when she didn't see where you were. Her eyes scanned it and she brought her panties closer to her face, trying to see where you were hiding on it. It almost looks like he's not on them anymore she thought to herself, perplexed. Unless...

Quinn's eyes widened as she came to her realization. You had fallen off the thong at some point when she was taking a shit! She spread open her legs and looked down at her bowel movement beneath her, but all she could make out was brown. She got off the toilet and bent over to get a closer look, but still could only see poop. The smell of her waste was awful this close up, but she knew that anything she thought was gross could only be that much worse for you. Oh my God, I just buried my new roommate in a pile of my own shit.

There was a small part of Quinn that wanted to take the easy way out: flush her perverted new roommate away with her dump, lie to Avery and Morgan by saying you left during the night, then never think about you ever again. But as tortuous as Quinn was, she wasn't going to be that cruel to a tiny. She had just wanted to teach you a lesson about being a pervert, not completely break you down emotionally. She checked under the sink and found a pair of disposable gloves, then knelt down next to the bowl and put them on. "This is so gross," she whispered to herself as she started moving her fingers through her poop.

You were entombed in a fecal darkness. Unable to move, only able to suffer, you wondered what sort of terrible thing you must have done in a previous life to warrant your punishment tonight. The warm poop that was holding you seemed to be beckoning you to relax and give up; simply accept your life trapped as a squishy blob in a different, smellier blob. You were humiliated, and no one was even aware of what you had just been put through. You didn't even know if Quinn knew, since you could no longer make out the words she was saying when trapped under so much of her shit. For all you knew, you could be flushed away at any second, and your life would really be over.

When all hope was lost, you heard a sloshing sound and started to feel movement. Suddenly, a massive blue plastic mass made contact with you, and pulled you up. It was Quinn! The giantess looked happy to have found you, and her gorgeous face almost made you forget about the hell that she just put you through. She must have realized that she was smiling, because she quickly changed her demeanor to looking dominating and threatening again. "Geez, you wanted off of there so badly that you'd rather swim in my shit?" she asked unceremoniously, not even curious about how much suffering you were going through. "Guess it's your lucky day, because not everyone is as nice as me. Someone else might've just flushed you away."

You were hurt too much to bother being angry at Quinn. She might have been torturing you, but you knew that this was all still just a big misunderstanding. She brought you over to the sink and ran some water over you, removing all of the excess shit that had been stuck to you. Although, she washed you pretty quickly and without soap. You figured it'd be the least she could do, but then you saw the purple thong you had been trapped in back on the counter.

Is she really going to put me back in that thing? you pondered internally. However, you hated to admit it, but you already had an idea of what the answer was going to be.

Getting Ready for Bedtime by revival45
Author's Notes:

This chapter place you back into Quinn's thong, and she gives you one last talking to before sealing you in her fleshy and gassy tomb for the night.

Quinn looked down at you, and saw you glancing at her thong. She lowered her voice and switched on her cold persona. "I hope you don't think that I've forgotten about your punishment just because you decided to jump into my shit. If you were looking for pity, my poo was not the place to find it," said Quinn as she brought her thong over to you. She took you in between her thumb and index finger and effortlessly molded you back up against her purple thong, although you weren't mashed quite as intensely as before. Still, it was enough to have you stuck and immobile yet again. "You still have a lesson to learn about perving out over girls' asses, apparently."
She placed the thong back on the counter before wiping and flushing away her fecal creation. Quinn then grabbed you and stepped back into the thong. "Although, if you weren't turned off of butts like mine before," she said as she slid you up her meaty legs, "you definitely will be by morning, haha!" As she pulled you back and stretched the thong over her huge derriere, you tried to savor the last of your time outside of Quinn's booty. The unfortunate fact remained: you had no idea when she'd be letting you out again. You took in a deep breath to enjoy the fresh air, but her massive shit still hung heavy in the air, and remained engrained into your skin.
At least the view is nice you thought right before Quinn plunged you back into her cavernous canyon. Just as before, you were squeezed by her hams in all directions until she finally was able to pull you right up against her asshole again. The puffy backdoor greeted you with a kiss, and you realized immediately just how much worse the smell was in her ass after a trip to the bathroom. Even with wiping, there were still traces of her shit caught in between the folds of her anus. As it sucked on you, they got smeared all over your body. You wanted to protest, but were helpless against the strength of the girls pooper. This simple ring of muscle had more control over your life than you did right now.

Once Quinn had you in place, she washed her hands, brushed her teeth, and returned to her bedroom. Before hopping in bed, she turned to her generous backside to send you a message. "Listen Hunter, you might think that I'm being too much, but there is nothing acceptable about being a sick little pervert who takes advantage of his size to prey upon women," Quinn's voice boomed so strongly that the message made it's way down to you, only partially muffled by the pounds of ass flesh that surrounded you. "I don't know how you've made it this far, but it's gotta stop now. I'll take you out of there tomorrow morning, but I need you to understand that you can't keep on living here with us if you're not going to be more respectful. Either quit being toxic, or quit living here."

Quinn spoke her plea so sternly and impassioned that you actually felt bad for a moment, before remembering that you were only in this mess because of a big misunderstanding. You were frustrated, but realized that Quinn is only acting out of love and care for her roommates. And before you two got into this mess, you were actually enjoying getting to know your new roommate. It definitely beat living at home, at least when you weren't trapped in a thong attached to someone as farty as Quinn, or buried under her shit. You collected yourself and accepted that there was nothing you could do until morning, but felt good knowing that at that point you'd at least be able to reform and explain everything to the voluptuous giantess.

Quinn's anus was still suckling on you, which you again embraced in a defeated manner. You were grateful for any nourishment you could get, even if it was in the form of a slimy fartbox that was trying to gobble you up. As you nuzzled against it and began to relax, it sputtered out a 3-second long SBD that coated your entire body.

You were ready to recoil in disgust, but then Quinn slammed her ass down onto her bed. Her careless tossing of herself shook you violently, and you were crushed in every direction as she shifted and turned until she found a comfortable spot. Unfortunately, the most comfortable spot for her was lying on her back, which left you compressed underneath her entire weight. You felt like you were about to pop, until Quinn tooted out another big fart. With no where to escape, the gas created a small airpocket in Quinn's flesh around the thong, leaving you with nothing to inhale except for the giantess' gas. Oh God, it's going to be a long night you thought to yourself as Quinn's toxic emissions carried you in and out of consciousness.

Up above, Quinn laid comfortable under a big blanket and quilt. She normally only needed one sheet since she was prone to getting warm and sweaty, but she wasn't done torturing you. Even as she drifted to sleep, she went to bed satisfied with the way she had trapped you and punished you. She held her belly to feel it gurgling, creating more gas that she knew would bombard you while she slept. Quinn was very proud of herself, and effortlessly excreted out another fart that she could feel was trapped underneath the blanket with you. She lifted it up to her nose to smell her rank intestinal exhaust and smiled, basking in the smell of her own gas. She knew she'd sleep well tonight, and dispensed another fart as she relaxed into sleep.

Spending the Night Under a Gassy Quinn by revival45
Author's Notes:

Plenty of gas and sweat in this chapter.  Enjoy!


It was a quiet night throughout the apartment, aside from the repeated echo of muffled farts that was coming from Quinn's room. To an outsider looking in, they'd have seen a beautiful girl bundled up under blankets, smiling in peace. But under the layers of blankets and deep within the thick woman's rear was a pitifully small string that barely classified as underwear. The thong was snug tight in between Quinn's massive cheeks, and was resting up against her oily sphincter. At least, it would be if Quinn hadn't been producing an insane amount of gas, which was constantly leaking out of her pooper into a warm, steady and silent stream of flatulence. It was flowing right past the thong you were essentially fused to, with absolutely no sign of stopping.

The gas was able to escape through a minuscule hole where the cheeks met, which created a soft yet constant BRRRBBT noise that was keeping you awake. Without it, you assumed, there would have been a chance that the toxic gas that Quinn was coating you in would knock you out and give you a some sort of break from the hell she had been putting you through since you moved in only hours ago. Although, there was still the fact that Quinn's gas was still creating a whirlwind environment that was existing within an air pocket inside of her ass flesh. It shook the thong violently, like a paper streamer attached to an air vent. It was making you even more nauseous than you already were, as you were at least starting to get somewhat used to the smell of Quinn.

As you fluttered in the wind, Quinn's farts continued pouring out of her at a faster rate. You thought her gut was in bad shape before, but as it had now been a few hours since her huge meal, it seemed that her lactose intolerance was finally making it's exit. The time in between her farts was decreasing, and soon enough it seemed like there was more time when Quinn was farting instead of not. The smell became even more rank as her intestines continued gurgling just past her constantly fluttering pucker. Whenever the buttfloss you were stuck to did stop moving in the wind, you'd only have a brief moment to witness Quinn's pudgy anal orifice blossom out at you before opening out as it blew more stinky kisses at you.

It was a relentless hell for you, one that began rivaling your time buried in Quinn's shit as the night grew longer after hours and hours. Quinn, on the other hand, was sleeping deeply. She was having a great dream and was incredibly comfortable, not even being bothered by the amount of sweat that her body was starting to produce underneath so many blankets. For whatever reason, the sweat on her body, no matter where the pore was that it originated, would find a path to her backside. Although it had been mostly getting caught in her sheets, it was getting to the point where it was able to follow gravity to the lowest part of the bed. That part, of course, was Quinn's huge juicy ass, and the very center of it was you.

You didn't even realize it for the longest time, as Quinn's flatulence was battering you into disorientation, but you started to notice an abundance of moisture surrounding you. At first, you had feared that Quinn had sharted, but were relieved when you noticed it wasn't brown. It eventually pooled enough to make contact with your face, at which point you were forced to taste it. The water was salty and warm, which immediately spelled out 'sweat' in your mind. It wasn't anything too new to you, as Quinn's dumptruck ass had already coated you in plenty of sweat, until you felt the pool of it rising. It dawned upon you that Quinn must have been sweating more and more under her blanket. And with nowhere for her gas to escape, it must have been warming up the giantess even more than usual!

As disgusting as it was, you knew this might be a blessing in disguise. With every one of Quinn's farts, you were just being jostled around while stuck to a thong. You knew there'd be no way to escape until morning. However, with Quinn's warm sweat starting to pool where you were, you could feel it soaking your form and loosening the bond you had to her underwear. If it was able to rise enough, it might break you free, which could give you a chance to escape Quinn's gas storm.

The idea was in your head, but you still had to find a way to implement it. The puddle of sweat was building up more and more under Quinn's butt, but you were still fluttering in her flatulence whenever her pucker expelled another ginormous gust. It was still going to take time for the sweat to rise, and Quinn's ass was becoming a worse and worse environment by the second. Her ass happily burped out longer and more violent farts every minute, as her gut was experiencing the brunt of her dietary problems now.

Your world became hotter and hotter, which was a double-edged sword. You needed the sweat to be warm enough to break you off of the thong, but you also knew that if it became too hot then it could spell trouble for your squishy body. If you weren't careful, you'd lose all control and could become extra liquidy, at which point you could get trapped somewhere else that not even Quinn would know about. If you were going to escape, you were going to have to follow her gas wherever it was escaping to, and you'd have to do it fast.

Quinn's methane hurricane was accelerating still, and her body was warming up in line with it. But still, the giantess slept happily and carefree. She wasn't even aware of the sweat puddle that was pooling under her ass, or the fact that it was completely covering her roommate now. You were in no danger of drowning, but were still suffering under the heat, taste and stench. But you could feel yourself starting to loosen from thong, and prepared yourself for an escape.
Deep and Dirty Inside of Quinn's Crack by revival45
Author's Notes:

Another combination of two chapters from writing.com.  In this one, you escape Quinn's thong but are still stuck in her ass.  Even more gas and sweat, as well as setting the stage for anus TF.

This day had been maybe the worst of your life. If only you knew how much worse it was about to get.

You began breaking free from Quinn's thong. Her warm sweat had made it possible for you to escape, even while under the constant barrage of farts that Quinn's asshole had been sputtering out onto you. It was beyond disgusting and rank, but you had been exposed to her flatulence for so long now that you were at least over the shock of it. You decided to focus on your plan for escape: Get off the thong, then follow the current of Quinn's sweat as it follows whatever path her farts were taking to escape her ass. It didn't matter how much flesh you'd have to squeeze through, you knew that you were small enough that you'd be able to just ride Quinn's farts to freedom.

At least, this was your optimistic assumption. You knew that it was also possible you could just get stuck somewhere else and be forced to spend the rest of the night stuck in a different nook of Quinn's glorious backside. But you figured that if you did nothing, you'd be doomed to that sort of fate regardless, so there was no harm in trying.

Quinn's wrinkly hole had a brief moment of rest as the huge fart she had been expelling onto you finished puttering out pitifully. You knew this was going to be your best chance for a while, and began mustering up all of your strength so that you could break yourself off of the thong. It didn't take too long thanks to the amount of warm sweat that you and the cloth were now drenched in. You peeled yourself off, feeling victorious for the first time all day!

You went to stand on the fabric, but as you did your body squished forward in on itself. You fell face-first back into the thong and a puddle of gas-infused sweat. It seemed that you overestimated how much you had reformed after breaking off of the thong, as you were now struggling to retain your human shape. Each time you tried to stand, you fell back into yourself. And with each failure, you'd try even quicker to stand, which just caused your body to get tangled more and more within itself.

Why can't I stand up? Is it because of how warm the sweat is? you theorized to yourself. It was in fact the correct guess, as the furnace that Quinn had made deep within her ass was warmer than any mass you've ever been trapped under before. You've handled warm sweat, hot gas, and intense pressure on their own before, but never all at once under several blankets. The conditions that Quinn had made for you were far more devious than what she had anticipated, as it was now impossible for you to reform! You were a tiny puddle of subhuman matter who literally could not even stand up for himself. You nevertheless decided to persist, and began squirming your body forward until you were off of Quinn's thong. No matter, I can always reform after I get out from under Quinn. I can still move at least, so all I have to do is follow--

Your own thoughts were cut off as Quinn's anus was reawakened. Like a monster of it's own, it exploded in tremendous strength as a windstorm escaped through its mouth and onto you. You had no choice but to take it at full force, and it coated you in a fresh new coat of anal funk. It had been Quinn's biggest fart of the night so far, one that brought her subconscious pleasure as it reverberated through her rectum. It had been so big that it actually caused Quinn to seductively moan and stir in her sleep; her body knew it was a good one. It would have felt like a taunt had you been able to hear it, but the beautiful giantess' anal eruption deafened you and left you disoriented, even more helpless to whatever it had in store for you.

After the huge fart, Quinn's body began subconsciously searching for a way to get more comfortable. She never really stayed in one position for the entire night, so she began to flip over until she was laying down on her stomach. It seemed to be the new perfect position for her, as her gut wasn't feeling quite as bloated now and could handle the pressure of laying down on it. Still unconscious, she had not even the slightest thought of where you would end up.

A lot a tumbling and turbulence had happened in a short amount of time. There was Quinn's latest fart that just decimated all of your senses, and the fact that the giantess had just shifted and turned over to lay on her stomach. This is all on top of how much of a mangled little blob that you had turned into since you were still unable to reform. You couldn't even move yet, and you weren't even sure where you were on Quinn. You only knew that your escape plan had failed.

Quinn's soft flesh was still surrounding you on all sides, and there was a thin coat of sweat on all of her surfaces. It wasn't as much of a flood as when you were under her butt, but the liquid was still able to move you more than you could move yourself. Hopelessly you let it carry you away; you were helpless to the combination of water and gravity. Even this was stronger than you.

You slid down and through more flesh, trying to determine where you were. You couldn't rely on your sight since everything was Quinn's skin, and your sense of smell was too overwhelmed by the entire environment to be any help either. It wasn't until you heard a familiar deep rumble that you realized you were still stuck in Quinn's juicy booty. You were being carried right back to her asshole by her sweat, as if it was your fate to never escape her ass.

A small gust of flatulence escaped Quinn's anus silently. As it hissed out, the sweat that was carrying you flowed quicker to her asshole. The wrinkly anus was opening just enough for her body's water to drain into, and your stomach dropped as you saw where you were heading. You were terrified of falling inside of Quinn's anus, but with the way gravity was pushing you, you didn't have a chance of avoiding it. You were still a mush of any solid shape, but you tried yet again to spread out any appendage you had to grab on to Quinn's oily crack. If you fell into her open asshole, you knew that there'd be absolutely no escaping it, and even less of a chance of being found by your captor.

Time was running out, and Quinn's anus was pulsing out again, ready to unleash another bout of gas. You forced your body to hold on to anything that it could, making the motions of pushing out your arms, legs and head. As the sweat carried you right on top of Quinn's pucker, you managed to slightly reform and hold yourself over her hole! You were still squishy, but you at least weren't falling into her butt. Even as her soft fart blew past you and spread her anus open, you were able to anchor your hands and feet on the edges of her orifice. The warm air blew past you and you had no choice but to inhale it, but you were able to stay put thanks to your appendages being trapped in between her fleshy folds.

When Quinn's asshole closed, you sighed in relief and laid down in exhaustion. That effort you had used to escape a fate of being trapped inside of Quinn's bladder had taken the wind out of you, along with her wind. Even if you could move, you were so exhausted that you were about to drift into unconsciousness, still on top of your roommate's giant, greasy asshole. You closed your eyes ready to rest for the first time in almost a day, not even fazed by the tiny poots that continued to slide out from your wrinkly bed, albeit at a much slower rate. You had experienced so much of Quinn’s emissions by now that it no longer fazed you. Her stench covered you and was so engrained into your squishy form that your last thought before sleeping was whether or not you’d ever be able to clean yourself of it entirely.

With another gentle pfft, Quinn’s anus kissed you goodnight and you fell asleep somewhat peacefully. As you slept, your body would reform on its own, so long as it wasn't interrupted by anything else. But Quinn's gut had experienced the worst of her excessive snacking, so even with her weaker farts that would continue to flow naturally out of her pucker, you weren't going to fall into her bowels.  For now you were safe on top of your beautiful roommate's sphincter, but who knew what tomorrow would bring...

Reformed as Quinn's Asshole by revival45
Author's Notes:

This is a longer entry, but here is another combination of two chapters due to writing.com's character limit.  This is the start of asshole TF, which is what the rest of this story will focus on.

As you awoke, you were saddened when you realized that the events of the past day had not been a dream. You had hoped that you'd wake up at the start of yesterday, moving into a new apartment and able to have a regular life all on your own. But as you opened your eyes and your senses came to fruition, the stench was a welcome reminder that you were still snug deep inside of Quinn's buttcrack.

You sighed internally, but were shocked when you couldn't do so physically. Huh? you thought to yourself, My body feels more reformed than when I went to bed. Is it not all the way there yet? You motioned to stand up, but were surprised again when you weren't able to. All you were able to do was twitch. You wondered if Quinn had rolled back over, but could see Quinn's purple thong above you, as well as feel the gravity pushing down on you. If she's still laying on her stomach, then where am I? You began retracing your steps from the previous night, remembering being fused to her thong, then freed through her sweat, then flipped over until you landed... Oh Shit. You now knew where you were, and were more afraid than ever before.

It seemed that during the night after you fell asleep on top of Quinn's asshole, your body began its nocturnal process of reforming. However, because of the biological makeup of Tinies and their adaptive cells, they tend to react to purely biological matter first and foremost. Usually, this isn't a problem, since the only thing that a tiny will be touching when they're squashed is an inanimate object, so the squishy cells are able to focus solely on itself without any interference. And you have also been able to reform when you've been squashed by your mom and sister before, since they're usually quick to realize where you are.

However, since you've been being abused by Quinn in such an intense way, you knew that your body was more worn out than it usually was. When that happened, squishy cells tend to 'reach out' for any additional cellular help in any way they can. You've read about this phenomenon, and it was compared to that of an organ transplant: the body takes some time to adapt to the new organ, and changes it's own chemistry to better acclimate the new organ to the host body. But all of those changes were internal things... could the same thing happen to a tiny with externally located cells? Specifically, those located in Quinn's anus? Or, was Quinn's asshole the perfect apex between internal and external cells that your body was able to rebuild itself on them subconsciously? Or even worse, had you been so coated in Quinn's anal filth and cooked so much by her excessive farting and sweating that your body simply melted into it?

You realized that the 'how' really wasn't as important.  It didn't change the fact that you were now fused to Quinn's asshole.

The question still stood though, why weren't you able to speak? All of your senses other than your taste seemed to be in tact (Although you were grateful that you didn't have to taste Quinn's stinky butthole anymore). You felt around your body's new form and scanned yourself, coming to another shocking revelation: when you reformed, you essentially had melted into a puddle that then hardened and sealed over the hungry orifice. The edges of your body were completely attached to the ring around Quinn's anus, but the center of your body was covering it up. No doubt it was the lowest moment of your life yet; you were a living butt plug for the thick giantess. When you realized this, you suddenly noticed that you could feel a warm bit of pressure pushing against you from within Quinn. You had been blocking all of her farts from escaping her lower intestine.

Quinn's alarm suddenly started blaring and she slammed her arm down on the snooze button, still half asleep. She was still enjoying her deep sleep, and decided that 7 more minutes would be justified. She wasn't even thinking about how you were still trapped in her huge rear, just her peaceful slumber. She turned her head away from her window and pulled the covers over her head, which were still trapping some of the stench her ass had produced last night. She inhaled with her eyes closed, enjoying the smell she made. As she smiled, she felt a bit of pressure starting to build up in her backside, and in a groggy state half-attempted to force it out of her backside.

You heard your roommate's alarm above you, although it was a softer noise considering how many blankets and inches of ass it had to pass through to get to you. But you knew that this meant Quinn would be getting out of bed soon, and start checking for you. You hoped to God that when she saw that you weren't on her thong anymore that she would grab a mirror or get one of the other girls to inspect her backside so that they could find you there. You weren't sure how exactly you were going to escape, and that uncertainty created a sense of dread. What if I never get out of here? What if I'm stuck to Quinn's asshole forever? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN SHE HAS TO TAKE A SHIT?! You tried to move in every way that you could, refusing to accept a fate as Quinn's poopchute. All you could manage, however, was the tiniest of twitches. It was the same motion that her anus had made the night before when it was sucking on you like a helpless plaything. What a terrible, cruel fate that it was now you doing the twitching, trying to reach out at her thong.

The giantess stirred above as she slammed the alarm off. You felt every single movement she made as she tried to get more comfortable, even the tiniest of jostles. Her massive globes of ass meat rocked from side to side, squishing you from every available angle. Below you, the pressure of fresh gas was building up quickly, and it pushed more and more against your backside by the second. You heard Quinn moan above you and soon felt her gut flexing. You knew she was trying to force this fart out of her rectum, and the only thing stopping her was a dried puddle of flesh known as you.

As Quinn relaxed her anus, she was surprised that her fart was still inside of her. Strange... she thought to herself tiredly, they usually come out by now. Guess this one just needs a little extra push. The voluptuous beauty pulled her legs up towards her breasts and raised her dumptruck ass to the sky, which stretched out her anus. When the gas still didn't come out, she pushed as hard as she could until she felt a tiny yet distinct POP followed by a 5 second blow-horn of a fart. That was weird. At least I feel a lot better now.

As you were stretched and stretched to your limit, you were helpless to the built-up methane that Quinn was pushing upon you. After seconds of straining, you decided that you should finally just give yourself up to the fart. After all, it was going to be so big that you figured it would shoot you straight off of Quinn's asshole and back into her thong. You winged in pain and finally stopped straining, ready to be shot off of Quinn's anus.

What ended up happening was, though, was that Quinn's intestinal air took the path of least resistance. The bonds that your body had formed with Quinn's wrinkly pucker seemed to be too strong for the fart to dislodge, so it went to the next weakest area: your thinly stretched out torso. The fart ripped open a microscopic tear through your squishy form, which instantaneously teared open into a gaping hole. As if you had been shot, the fart ripped through your body, leaving you donut shaped on Quinn's anus. You saw how the inside of your body was torn apart by the massive eruption of gas, and as Quinn lowered her backside back down to the bed you were compressed back into yourself, along with the rank sphincter.

"Ahhhhh," Quinn moaned in relief and pleasure. "That feels so much better. Christ, I slept great!" As she turned over and sat up in bed, she remembered the prisoner she had trapped in her thong and laughed. "Hahaha, hope you survived the night Hunter." Quinn removed her blankets and inhaled deeply, feeling her nose burn as the ghosts of her farts dissipated through the air. "Based on the smell underneath these covers, I'd say you learned your lesson. Let's get you out of there. Well, at least after this..."

The thick giantess let another silent stream of gas roll out of her asshole easily, thinking that it was just coating you and her thong. What she didn't realize was that you were now totally fused to her asshole, and that latest fart was like a slap in the face. You had just spent the past 12 hours being baked alive by Quinn's gas, but being turned into her literal anus? The taste and smell were amplified tenfold. The hole that was ripped in your center by that last fart was now tingling as the hot stream of air was expelled slowly through it. The hole fluttered until the fart was over, at which point it rested on Quinn's oily butt hole and began fusing with it!

Since the rest of your body was already stuck to your roommate, the newly formed hole was quick to follow suit. Faster than you had ever reformed before, it attached and rooted itself in the wrinkly folds of Quinn's asshole. Your white skin met the orifice's shit-stained surface, so you could see which parts were you and which parts were Quinn's anus. You were surrounded by her skin on all sides, and at the center of you was her new anal sphincter. The hole became your mouth, and swiftly scrunched up as an asshole does. This was bad.

Oblivious to your transformation, Quinn looped her fingers through the waistband of the thong and pulled it down her legs. As she did, you watched the purple thong in front of you get pulled through her huge squishy cheeks, and felt jealous of the fabric. The underwear was able to escape Quinn's juicy ass, but you were not. It was like watching the bus leave without you, only you knew there was no second one coming.

Quinn held the thong up to her face, and had to move her head away due to how bad they smelt. After getting over the shock, she observed them closer so that she could remove you from them, but couldn't see you on them. "Hunter, you there?" She asked slowly as it dawned on her that she may have lost you. "Need a few minutes to reform?" She set the thong down on her desk and watched it for a few moments motionlessly, while you were trying to think of ways to get Quinn's attention. She looked over to her bed and asked aloud, "Did get out at some point during the night? You still in bed?" She flipped through her blankets and shook them out, looking for anything to fall out of them with no luck. Looking back at the unchanged thong, she was starting to get worried now. "Hunter, I'm done punishing you. Please come out, wherever you are."

Your mind was racing as Quinn kept on searching, you knew this was a crucial time. You may have been fused to Quinn's anus but maybe you could muster up some strength and twitch to get her attention. As you focused on yourself, an idea came to Quinn: Maybe he's stuck to my body? He could be in my butt or somewhere else... Quinn motioned her fingers under her huge boobs, feeling for anything that was abnormal. She checked her armpits, toes, thighs and pussy, where she still couldn't find any sign of you. All that was left was her dirty asscrack.

Quinn dragged a finger down her crack, and ran it right over you and her asshole. It hurt your face, but you had at least made some sort of contact with your captor! She hadn't felt anything off, but grabbed a hand mirror and decided she should look just to be safe, since her massive booty was the only part of her she wasn't able to clearly see with her eyes. You felt your whole world shift and stretch as Quinn spread her legs and bent forward. As she did, her cheeks split apart and the world outside of her ass was exposed to you. It had been the first time since last night in the bathroom, and your vision was instantly blinded by the bright light. You had grown so accustomed to the dark depths of Quinn's ass that your irises were aching just being exposed to the light coming in from the bedroom window. You forced your eyes open through the pain, and saw a hand holding a mirror slowly come into view.

As it did, you sank as you got a good look at yourself. Quinn's asshole was mostly identical to what it already had been, with the only difference being the small ring of lighter skin at the very center of the orifice. You thought it'd be bigger and more pronounced, but it was barely half an inch wide. As for your eyes, there were two dots right at the top of separate anal folds. You were glad that you could at least see forward, but never before had you been so frustrated with having brown eyes. At the center of the anus where all of her folds met was where your mouth was, although this was something you could tell purely off of the taste. Unless someone was really focusing on every detail of Quinn's puffy orifice, nobody would be able to tell that there was anything off about this beauty's pooper.

The situation was more dire than you had realized, but you had to focus. After all, this was going to be your best chance to contact Quinn for a while. As the mirror centered itself on you, you saw her pretty face reflected in it upside-down. You mustered all of your energy and yelled as much as you could: "QUINNNNNNN"

But when you yelled, all that came out was a rank, sloppy PPFFFFFFFFTTTTTT.

You could only pray that Quinn had somehow seen you through the flatulence.

Gas is Blown, but Not Your Cover by revival45
Author's Notes:

In this chapter, Quinn and her roommates realize they've lost you, but have no idea how close you really are.  Another combination of two chapters since the second one is pretty short.

"Oops! I guess I still haven't gotten all of the gas out of the tank from last night, haha," Quinn chuckled to herself as she lowered her hand mirror and stood back up, unknowingly keeping you sealed in her fetid, fleshy prison. Your heart sank in fear; your roommate had just come as close to making eye contact with you as she possibly could, and still didn't see you. Of course, who could blame her? She didn't know you were fused to her asshole; she still assumed you had escaped from her thong during the night and were somewhere in the apartment now.

If Quinn didn't know where you were, you were in deep trouble. She had lied to her roommates about where you were last night, so your final hope was going to rely on Quinn coming clean about how she was torturing you, then Avery or Morgan coming up with the idea to comb through Quinn's ass to find you. There were a lot of outside variables for this to happen, and you knew your chances were slim. But it was at least something to hold out for, since the alternative would be having to live as Quinn's anus for the rest of your life. You felt like screaming and crying, but when you did, you were only able to purse your lips out and release another pocket of gas from Quinn's bladder. It burned as it hissed out of your mouth, and hung around for a while after as it couldn't slide out of Quinn's huge cheeks too fast. But up above, Quinn barely registered the small toot that had just slid out of her butt.

Unable to find her roommate anywhere in her room or on her person, Quinn figured you were in the kitchen, hanging out with Avery and Morgan. Before leaving her room, she slid on a red one-piece swimsuit with a white cross on it; her lifeguard uniform. It was going to be her first day of work at her new job at Sanderson Beach, but she figured that she should at least find you and talk about yesterday, just to make sure that you learned your lesson about perving out. She struggled a bit to stretch her suit over her sizable assets, both front and back. Already her suit was starting to wedge itself deep into her crack, and as she pulled it out so that she could get comfortable you were squished even more than ever by her booty. You couldn't tell what was happening, but were shocked when her fleshy cheeks didn't stop compressing you after a few moments. You were going to be stuck like this until she took her swimsuit off, and just like last night you could already feel the heat starting to rise.

Quinn admired how her new uniform looked on her, thinking it made her look extra busty. She turned to see her ass, and was so pleased with it that she spanked it. Typically her big buttcheeks jiggled for a while afterwards, but she was surprised by how firm her suit was keeping her ass in place. Too bad the little guy didn't have a chance to get stuck in here longer she playfully thought to herself. Pleased with her figure, she threw a t-shirt on over her suit and headed to the kitchen. There, the sisters were already having breakfast and talking to each other.

"Morning, gassy!" Avery said to Quinn as she came down the hall. "I heard your ass exploding, like, the entire night."

Quinn chuckled nervously, "Haha, yeah... guess I might have gone a bit overboard last night on the dairy..."

"It certainly wasn't ladylike, haha," said Morgan. "But obviously it wasn't going to bother us as much since we have our own rooms. How did Hunter handle it?"

"Huh?" Quinn asked. "Why don't you ask him? Where is he anyway?" She glanced over the table and counter, but couldn't see anything set up for their tiny roommate.

Avery and Morgan exchanged confused expressions themselves. "Uhhh, he spent the night in your room, isn't that what you said last night?" asked Morgan.

"Yeah, and is he still upset? I feel bad for the little guy... your farting better not have bugged him!" said Avery.

Quinn recalled her lies last night, and organized them in her head as she poured a cup of coffee. "Well I saw him last night when we- I mean- when I went to bed. But he wasn't there when I woke up. I thought he'd be out here with you guys."

"No, neither of us has seen him. Avery, did you see him in the bathroom?" Morgan asked her sister.

"No... Hunter? Where are ya buddy?" Avery called out.

Quinn sipped her coffee and felt it land heavy in her stomach. Oof, that's definitely gonna make me shit later she thought to herself. "Did he leave already?"

"Where would he even go? How would he even get anywhere?"

"Wait a minute," Morgan started, "Quinn, didn't you say yesterday that when you left Hunter alone to cool off, he was looking at different apartments?"

"Uhh... yeah, he was..." It was part of Quinn's original lie that you were looking to move out, but she had said it originally just to keep her roommates from looking for you while she tortured you in her thong. Now, she was reiterating it to keep her story straight.

"Ohmygod," Avery cut in, "do you guys think, like, maybe he left during the night? Like, while we were sleeping, he asked someone to just pick him up?"

"Well, maybe we should keep looking around," said Morgan. "But sis, you might be right."

Quinn took another sip of coffee, and slowly felt guilt flow through her. Did he leave during the night because I was torturing him? Did... did I scare him out of here? As she sipped more of her coffee, her gut began processing it and sent gurgle all throughout her lower half. It reverberated all the way to you, where you had been listening to the entire conversation the whole time. "Well shit, we didn't even get a chance to say goodbye," said Quinn sadly.

You couldn't believe the conclusions that the girls were coming to. Or rather, you could believe them, because they were entirely reasonable. What you really couldn't believe was how rotten your luck was, that now everyone in the apartment, including Quinn, was starting to doubt you were still here. It was almost like you were being erased entirely from history. In a way, that was entirely accurate, as your own family wasn't going to be checking in on you for at least a few weeks, and these girls were all certain that you were back with them. You were a goner, less than a human and less than a tiny. You were about to have your fate as Quinn's living asshole sealed forever.

Just then, Morgan, the most reasonable, logical person in the house looks to Quinn.  If anyone was going to be able to figure out where you were, it was going to be--- "Hey Quinn, aren't you going to be late for your first day of work?" Morgan asked her roommate.

Quinn looked at the clock and saw it was already 8:45 a.m. "Oh shit! I've gotta be there in 15 minutes. Sorry guys, I gotta run," she said.

"It's okay, we'll keep an eye out for Hunter just in case he's still hiding somewhere. Good luck, sexy!" Avery teased at Quinn, although she did take a moment to check out her huge butt barely being held in by her red swimsuit.

Little did either of them know that you were trapped deep in the epicenter of that juicy backside. As Quinn hurried out the door and broke into a light jog to reach the beach, the gravity of your situation continued to press down on you. Helplessly you were smothered by Quinn's asscheeks and felt yourself be stretched with each long stride your captor took. Powerless, you simply gave up for the time being and just tried to focus on making yourself not feel so nauseous. You closed your eyes and tried to exhale slowly in order to regain your composure. But as you did, you were reminded of your state when a burp of earthy stench rolled out of your mouth. It seemed that expelling Quinn's farts was the only thing you were able to do. But you knew that besides gas, you were going to be used for expelling something else sooner or later...

Quinn jogged from her apartment down the street to the beach. She felt her stomach jostle along with her ass as she moved, and could feel the coffee that she drank for breakfast bubble in her. She knew she'd have to dump all of the food she binged at some point during work, but ignored the stress that the diuretic was putting on her intestines. As she got close to the lifeguard station, she stopped running and stealthily pushed out some of her gas before she got to the chief lifeguard of the beach, Brigitte.

"Why, there's our new hire!" she yelled at Quinn as she got closer to the station. "I was worried your job here was going to be over before it even began."

Quinn responds, "Hi Brigitte, I'm so sorry I'm running late...I just-- oooh... oof, I think my coffee just hit. Can you point me to the restroom really quick?"

End Notes:

Quite a bit of scat is going to be featured in this story starting with the next chapter, fair warning.

Working for Quinn as her Asshole by revival45
Author's Notes:

Lots of scat in this chapter as Hunter accompanies Quinn to the bathroom.

"Hi Brigitte, I'm so sorry I'm running late. I just-- oooh..." Quinn grabbed her gut, which had finally had enough of waiting and groaned in distress. That groan shook all throughout her intestines and even shook your wrinkly lips. What followed was a quick build up of pressure that was burning the inside of your mouth. It tasted so awful that you tried to scream in order to get it out of you, but found yourself unable to as Quinn clenched her entire ass tight. Despite the fact that you were able to control Quinn's anus from time to time, it seemed that she was able to control you herself. Her muscles forced you shut, leaving the new pungent gas to cook against you for as long as she chose. "Oof, I think my coffee just hit. Can you point me to the restroom really quick?"

Brigitte chuckled to herself and pointed to a small cabana down the beach. "Don't worry about it, but we'll get right into training when you get back." Quinn thanked her and speed-walked to the bathroom, keeping her asshole clenched shut. She felt the same pressure that you were feeling, and could tell it was growing with every moment. Not wanting to gamble on a fart, she decided to keep her sphincter tight until she could drop her huge dump freely.

As your host walked, you remained victim to her control over your movements. You tried eagerly to scream again as the taste of shit was becoming more and more concentrated in the air you were holding in, but were still powerless to Quinn's wants. No matter how hard you tried, she had total dominion over you. It was a new fact that you were going to have to learn; one of many that were about to become obvious.

Quinn opened the door to the bathroom and was glad to see it was empty. She locked the door behind her and peeled her one-piece down over her curvy bust and massive ass. You felt the pressure from her ass cheeks loosen around you as she removed the suit, and even saw some light as she started to lower herself. In the brief moment of light you had, you saw you were being lowered to a toilet bowl. Oh God, please just let me finally wake up from this nightmare you begged internally. Your answer came in the form of Quinn's cheeks slamming on the toilet lid. As she did, she finally relinquished control of her anus to you, where you belched out a massive fart for her. As it roared through you, Quinn sighed in pleasure, as if to add insult to injury.

This is definitely going to be a huge shit with all that food I ate last night for Hunter Quinn thought to herself, and then giggled. Shame that he doesn't get to see it.

When you were done letting Quinn's fart blow through you, you basked in the warm stench that filled up the toilet bowl. For a moment, you thought you were actually getting used to the giantess' gas, but quickly lost that notion as a new feeling formed in you. It was a new type of pressure, one that felt like it was rooted deeper in you than Quinn's farts. You could feel her rectum flex slowly as it brought the pressure closer and closer to you until it was brought right to your mouth. Just as you had feared, it was the tip of Quinn's shit. It's taste was even stronger than the fart you had just forced out, and the warm texture made you want to recoil in disgust. However, Quinn took control of your mouth again and kept it shut around the edge of her turd as she let her digestive tract bring the rest of her shit through her bladder.

Oh God no... you thought to yourself, knowing what was about to happen.

Oh God yes... Quinn thought to herself, knowing how good her poop was going to feel as it stretched out her asshole.

Suddenly, Quinn's poop lurched forward against your mouth, forcing it open. You squinted in pain, retracting from both the taste and the girth of the log. It began passing through you slowly, as it had to stretch your mouth out more and more with each millimeter it came out. It felt like hours had passed, but in reality Quinn had just started pooping and had a long way to go.

As the dump inched out, it caused your wrinkly mouth to stretch past it's capabilities. Even the muscles of Quinn's anus that weren't fused with you were beginning to strain, but it seemed like nothing was going to stop the dense log as it continued smoothly through you. Beginning to tear you a little bit, Quinn’s turd did not pause and continued falling out of her juicy ass. You tasted every single part of it from every single angle, and it became more clear than ever how much more heightened your sense of taste was now that you were Quinn’s anus. The shit was coming out so slowly that you had enough time to feel the differences within the fecal matter, as if you could tell which inch of shit had originated from different foods. A squishier segment having been the cheese of her nachos just hours ago, and a near solid chunk an undigested kernel of popcorn. No person deserved being so close to fecal matter that they could analyze the food it originated from, but you really weren't a person anymore, were you?

The end of the log reached the bottom of the bowl, but still it was attached as a single piece that originated past your mouth. You watched as the poop slid out slower, now with not as much gravity to help it out. Quinn felt this too, though, and flexed her gut to help speed up the natural biological process that was running it's course through your mouth. When she did, her poop began sliding out at a rapid pace, until the end of the log was pulled out of you by the weight of itself. When it finally exited you, you groaned, weakly expelling another soft fart. Too tired and shocked to close yourself back, Quinn flexed you in and out until the next load of shit was brought to the end of her bladder, at which point your body was shut against the new turd, ready to go again. You had no ability to fight this process. It was natural for an asshole, after all.

Numb to the pain and filth you had just experienced, you gave up resisting and relinquished all control of yourself to Quinn. Her next dump wasn't much different from the previous, only this time you didn't try to fight the call of nature. Simply watching the poop flow out of your mouth, you let Quinn's anal muscles control you. As her shit continued, you knew deep down that there was no coming back from this. You had been through a lot in your lifetime, but never so violated by someone's dump. Even if you were able to free yourself from Quinn, you weren't sure you could ever face a person again. The combination of embarrassment and lowliness would be enough to separate you from humankind. Perhaps residing as Quinn's puffy pooper was all that you could do in this world now.

After 3 more loads of shit slid out from you, you simply laid still, broken by the entire process. You stared at the huge pile of brown that you had just shat out of Quinn in complete despair, knowing that this was the only purpose you were going to serve anymore. As you continued staring at the pile, though, you began to feel the smallest bit of pride somewhere deep within you. It was almost impressive, the size of Quinn's shit, and she could not have disposed of it without you stretching to such great lengths. Her regular old asshole wouldn't have been able to stretch wide enough, but with your squishy body in place you had been able to help the goddess... wasn't that something to be happy about?

You struggled internally with this new thought process, but continued to sit motionless as the giantess' asshole. It wasn't until Quinn flexed you shut that you were brought back to reality. Your captor then stood up and you were showered in light again, blinded by it. You were then smushed by a rough and coarse sheet that rubbed back and forth over your mouth, removing the most of the shit that still covered your mouth, but shoveling a few select specks of it deeper into your wrinkles. It had been Quinn wiping you clean.

She looked at the toilet paper and noticed a bit of red mixed in with the fecal matter that was clumped at the center of the paper. Anal fissures she thought to herself. Can't say I'm surprised with how big that shit was. She wiped you a second and third time until she was satisfied with her cleaning job, but you could still taste plenty of shit that was stuck between the folds of your pucker.

Finally, Quinn pulled her swimsuit back on and flushed away her massive dump. The muffled sound of the flushing toilet managed to make its way through Quinn's suit and cheeks, reminding you of what you had just done and what you were going to have to do again and again and again for as long as you were Quinn's asshole. Up above, your captor relished in how good her body was feeling. God, that felt so good. I might have to binge on food again sometime just to have another great shit like that Quinn thought to herself, chuckling at the absurdity of the thought. Whenever I see Hunter, maybe I should thank him for it.

Deep within the cramped confines of Quinn's juicy ass, you wished for mercy. You tried to cry or scream, but your mouth was too worn out to move anymore. Your host's big poops had stretched your lips out beyond your control and even caused anal fissures, micro-tears in her rectal muscles. Quinn, however, began flexing your mouth in and out, enjoying the light stinging sensation that came with further rubbing you into her colonic wounds. You could feel your body's squishy material stretch over the tears in order to heal them, which only caused you to get rooted deeper into your role as Quinn's anus. It was as if your own body was betraying you and already falling in line with being a part of Quinn. The only thing that was resisting the thick beauty now was your mind.

Bound to (a Life as) Quinn's Asshole by revival45
Author's Notes:

This chapter has submissive intrusive thoughts, but also serves to further establish the permanence of Hunter's new life.  The story is going to exist from this point on as an unaware anus TF plotline, so if that's not your thing you might want to check out some of my other stories instead of continue on with this one.

Quinn was feeling excellent and refreshed. She had just finished dropping a huge shit and felt 5 pounds lighter; her gut didn't have anymore pressure built up inside of it, and the lower half of her body felt totally rejuvenated. Most interesting to her was how good her asshole felt. That huge dump she had just dropped had really stretched her out to the point of having anal fissures, but even in the past few minutes her pretty pooper was feeling more tingly and fresh than it had in any recent time. It was interesting to her, but she couldn't give it too much mind since she was already running late for her first day as a lifeguard. She exited the bathroom and jogged back to Brigitte, ready to go about her day. Already, thoughts of the torture she had done to her roommate the night before were leaving her, as she had to start focusing on normal, human activity.

As the taste of shit continued to burn in your mouth and your body became rooted deeper and deeper into Quinn's booty, you were at a complete loss. Quinn had sealed her ass back into her tight swimsuit, so the pressure of her soft thunderous cheeks was already back to a near suffocating high. Your landscape returned to being a compressing blur of warm flesh that jostled with each step that your host had taken, while a warm sensation was starting to build up again with each of Quinn's movements. Your body was more attune to even the subtlest of changes in Quinn, a side-effect of the fusion you had underwent. Still reeling from the horrifying experience of shitting for Quinn, you didn't even notice as she began her training. All you could think of was that this was your new home. Your new job. Your new life.

It's not like I can do anything else without someone thinking to check Quinn's asshole for me you thought to yourself. I suppose I might as well try to get comfortable for the time being.  Anything that can keep me from going insane. Your mind motioned a sigh in defeat, but suffered internally when you tasted rank air. You had just expelled another fart for Quinn, or rather, she had expelled another fart through you. Christ, does she ever stop farting?

As Quinn's day at work continued, you felt the ability to control your body return to you more and more. That is, the ability to control Quinn's asshole, since that was all that your body was now. You were able to flex your rectal lips to your heart's content, save for whenever Quinn decided to consciously do it herself. You could open your mouth to talk, but when you did it only resulted in a tiny pfft coming out of you mistress. You didn't mind it, though, as the taste and smell were heavenly compared to the pungent dense shit you had barfed out for her earlier.

It was at least a way to pass the time, as Quinn eventually found herself sitting on a lifeguard stand for several hours. It was a hot summer day, so she was building up quite the sweat. Just like the night before, it all fell downward towards her buttcrack, where it would slide until it coated you. Just like the farts, though, you really didn't mind the hot salty sweat anymore. It wasn't causing you any discomfort, and was actually helping wash away some of the specks of poop that got leftover after Quinn wiped her ass. Of course it left a stench of it's own, but you had to take whatever silver lining you could get down there. At first you had thought that the heat and sweat might be enough to melt you away from Quinn's asshole, but you could feel how deeply rooted you were into the giantess' anus and quickly gave up the notion.

You sank within yourself knowing how weak and helpless you were compared to your mistress. My whole world is dictated by this thick goddess. I might be the most insignificant clump of cells on the planet. You sighed in defeat, burping out another small toot for Quinn. At least I'm trapped in such a beautiful backside. You felt a tiny bit of optimism rise in you as you reflected on how hot Quinn was, although it might have just been some more gas. Regardless, it made you happy for the first time since getting trapped in her ass. If I have to be stuck as a woman's asshole, I'm at least going to do my job as best as I can. The optimistic thought was cut off as Quinn passed another bout of flatulence through your lips, and you were forced to bask in your mistress' stench, sending you back into a sour mood.

Unknown to you, these new thoughts were another side-effect of being fused to Quinn's anus. Just as your body's cells became partial to Quinn's until they were fully welcomed by one another, your mind was going through a similar process, albeit at a much slower rate. The human mind was significantly more complex than the body, after all, but given enough time your squishy and adaptive cells would alter your thoughts, DNA and everything else unique to you to match those of a more powerful host. That host was Quinn, and it just happened to be that since you were concentrated at her anus, you'd soon welcome all of the responsibilities that came with working in such a private area.

You continued to bathe in Quinn's sweat and gas until the giantess stood up and began walking. Her shift was over, and you felt yourself sway along with her massive cheeks with each step she took. It was actually a rather peaceful feeling, and it lulled you to sleep. You remained in slumber until your mistress ripped a massive 5 second fart before stepping into her apartment.

"Oh! That fiber bar I had for lunch must finally be getting through me," Quinn said to herself while chuckling. "Guess I'll have to see if Hunter ever turned up and see if he wants a repeat of last night." Quinn stood in the hall for a few more seconds until her fart dissipated, then came inside. She saw Avery and Morgan sitting at the kitchen table, with all of the furniture in the house moved around. "Hey guys..." she read the uneasy tension in the room and could already tell the answer to her next question. "Any luck finding Hunter?"

"No... we searched everywhere for the little guy!" Avery responded with tears in her eyes.

Morgan looked equally defeated. "I guess he couldn't stand us..."

Quinn felt bad for her friends and wanted to cheer them up immediately. "You two stop that, there's no way you could know what he was thinking! For all you guys know, he was some... some...," Quinn was trying to think of some great insult, but found herself at a loss for inspiration until she felt a twitch come from her generous backside. "... some asshole! Yeah, that asshole didn't even take the chance to get to know us! No point in you two feeling bad for him. I say, just forget him!" The sisters nodded along with Quinn until they felt a bit better. But for you, every word out of Quinn's mouth felt like a new twist from a knife. It had sealed your fate ten times over; None of your roommates were going to look for you any longer.

"Now how about I treat us all to dinner. I'm craving some Mexican food. One of you flies, I buy, what do you think?" asked Quinn.  Talk about adding insult to injury.

One Week Later by revival45
Author's Notes:

Checking in on Hunter after a week being trapped as Quinn's anus.


You were awakened by a massive and powerful fart that Quinn's digestive system had dispelled through your mouth. The warm gust of flatulence reeked, and you were able to taste hints of the different foods that had sourced it. It fluttered out of your mouth, and your lips vibrated violently with how much pressure was being alleviated from your host's bladder. You groggily lamented your fate, but were too exhausted to dwell on it for too long. After all, you knew that Quinn was awake and would soon be starting her day; she always forced out a big gasser like that once she was conscious.

She still farted throughout the evening, but they were relatively small burps of gas that you had grown used to. They easily flowed out from your mouth, as if you were snoring. You could still taste and smell their rankness, but it wasn't any new scent. In the last week it had been the only type of air you had been exposed to, and you were able to exist peacefully with it. Quinn's flatulence wasn't the worst thing you had to deal with and it at least kept you somewhat entertained. Being stuck as a woman's asshole doesn't leave much room for stimulation. You could either belch out a fart or dump out a log, and you certainly preferred the former. But Quinn was a regular type of woman, and you still had to deal with the latter of those at least twice a day.

Quinn puffed out another small toot through you before she got out of bed energized. As she headed for the shower she reflected on how great the last week had been: She was enjoying her new job as a lifeguard, and had been working with her roommates to transform their new apartment into a home. It was a bonding experience that brought her closer to Avery and Morgan, which was great especially considering how sad they were earlier in the week when their old roommate disappeared during the night. It had been a bit of a stab to their egos, but they've since gotten to know each other a lot better and have been having so much fun together.

In addition, Quinn had been feeling a much more physical rejuvenation as well. Having always struggled with lactose intolerance and a finicky digestive system, she was used to her huge thick butt acting up. It usually was under a lot of gastrointestinal pressure that resulted in a lot of farting, but something had changed in the past week. As if her anus had grown some sort of mind of it's own, it had started excreting a bunch of minuscule farts throughout the day that kept her gut feeling nice and breezy. She wasn't sure what had happened, but before this week she had never had the intestinal or anal finesse to ease her flatulence out as it formed.

The gorgeous woman removed her pajamas and panties before hopping into the shower. You saw the poor piece of fabric that Quinn's juicy butt had been gobbling on all night be pulled away from you, and you remembered how much better your life had been when you were only stuck to her thong. You heard the patter of shower water grow stronger as she stepped in, and felt your mistress purr as the warm water began covering her front. Goosebumps began forming all over her body, including you. Your outer body puffed up with little bumps, just like the rest of Quinn's skin. However, the inner ring of Quinn's pooper remained as it was, and you knew that it was because it was what remained of your tiny body. Each day this week you saw and felt this ring get smaller and smaller, being erased away as you became more and more fused with Quinn. It was like watching your chance of escape fade away too, but you had long given up on that by now.

You felt like crying, but you didn't want to waste your time in the shower. It was the best part of your day, at least whenever Quinn remembered to. This being the only release from the fecal hell you were trapped in, you waited patiently for your mistress to turn around and begin washing her huge rear with soap and water. Your lips began blossoming in and out without your control as Quinn flexed you while enjoying the pleasure she felt in the shower. You tried to take back control of your mouth from the giantess as she bent you to her will, but Quinn's butt was immensely more powerful than you. You screamed in frustration, which turned into a pungent, albeit oddly tasty, fart.

Up above Quinn continued to bathe and think about how nice her week had been. As a tiny pfft slid out of her rear, she thought more about how good her ass had been feeling. More than ever, her asshole had been feeling incredibly elastic, which was great for her considering how many huge shits she was used to dumping out. In the past it was common for her to tear her anus and have a sore bum for a few days, but that hadn't happened for her in so long!

As she turned around and dragged a soapy loofa across her rear, you felt water trickle down her back and onto you. It was a steady stream of warm water that had a bit of soap mixed in, and you immediately felt elated. Once Quinn stopped clenching you in and out, you hissed out a long, silent burst of methane, wanting to be as clean as possible. Quinn then began wedging her loofa in between her massive cheeks, and despite resistance from her hams she soon was able to scrub you clean. You felt really happy despite the situation, as it was nice to be taken care of by your mistress. Without even thinking about it, you said, "Thank you, Quinn." Of course, all that came out was another weak, pathetic pfft that rippled through her soft, dense cheeks.

Quinn chuckled at her own farts as she didn't even realize she had been pushing them out. Feeling playful, she brought her finger down to her anus to rub it, and was surprised by how it soft it felt. She thought more about her anus' new elasticity and could've sworn she had felt a similar material before, not able to make the connection that it was you. As her finger was in her depths, you tried to latch on to it with your mouth as if she'd be able to pull you out, but you knew the effort was in vain before it was even over.

Following her shower Quinn grabbed her towel to dry and prepared to get dressed. Just like each day this week, you had expected you captor to put on her tight swim suit, compressing you deeper within her plump backside. You were able to make peace with this, as you had grown accustomed to the soft warmth that came with being at the epicenter of Quinn's buxom backside, and were at least going to be able to enjoy it at a freshly clean state as well. You prepared for this until a small rumble from behind you started tingling your lips and began growing closer to you. Oh no… you thought to yourself. This could only mean one thing.

Uh oh, looks like last night's dinner wants out sooner than usual Quinn thought to herself. "Dammit I just go clean too," she said out loud. She felt a small fart start hissing out of her asshole and quickly clenched herself, not wanting to gamble on any more gas until her rectum was empty. She dropped her towel and slammed her dumptruck onto the toilet before relaxing, readying herself for the first of several bathroom trips today.

Deep inside of Quinn's crack you screamed in frustration, not even caring about the increasingly rank taste of Quinn's air. As your world was slammed down onto the porcelain throne, Quinn's cheeks spread apart and you were treated to a familiar change of scenery. Aside from Quinn's flesh or the occasional wedged panty, most of your visual stimulation was that of a toilet bowl. The one at your roommate's apartment was typically fairly clean, but it wasn't uncommon for Quinn to bring you to a filthy public bathroom that was stained with the shit of countless other giant women.

You swallowed your pride and began burping out your mistress' gas until you felt her newest fecal creation slide into your mouth. As Quinn began pooping, you watched in your pathetic lowness as a smooth brown log began inching out of you, stretching you out a little bit more the further it moved. It smeared against your recently cleaned mouth, and you winced as the taste overpowered you. At least it's not stretching me too far you thought to yourself, trying your hardest to stay positive about your awful situation. Plus it doesn't taste as bad as last night's turd. I wonder what she ate for dinner... maybe italian?

Quinn's shit finished up after 2 more loads, which was certainly on the smaller side for the girl. You were used to barfing out 5 loads for the giantess on average, but you knew that she'd make up for it either this evening before bed, or with an extra trip to the crapper this afternoon. Your mistress wiped you clean by smearing the shit from your mouth all over your form, coating you yet again in an all too familiar stink.

The last thing you saw before being sealed back in your thick prison was Quinn's used toilet paper resting on a mountain of poop. As your host flushed the toilet and you listened to her waste flow down the pipes, a part of you envied how it was now free from this woman's captivity. But there was another part of you that rationalized in the opposite direction, trying to comfort yourself from having these thoughts. It swayed your brain to think instead of how lucky you are to be of service to a beautiful goddess, and how intimately close you were to her. In these thoughts, it was a good thing to be Quinn's anus, as it gave you a greater purpose beyond anything else you could ever hope for. As the two thought processes battled for control of your brain, another small fart erupted out of your mouth. Only this time, you basked in it's warmth and baked in it's stench. I guess it would be too bad, not getting to be a part of Quinn anymore... Deep within your wrinkly face, the light ring of skin was disappearing further. Be it the stains of Quinn's turds or your further fading body, you were slowly losing yourself to your roommate.

Long-Term Anal Entrapment by revival45
Author's Notes:
Looking at Hunter's existence as Quinn's Anus after several months.  Further descriptions of gradual physical and mental transformation.

Time had passed, more than you were able to keep track of being stuck in Quinn's deep crack. You had estimated 3 months, but it was impossible for you to say; the longer you remained plastered to Quinn's pooper, the harder it was for you to keep a clear thought process. Other than trips to the bathroom, your entire existence was the flesh, scent and taste of your mistress' butt. With each day, you'd lose yourself a little bit more and more to your old roommate.

The sounds of the world outside of her rear were muffled since day 1, but you had at least been able to make them out as long as Quinn wasn't farting or moving around too much. However, as time went on you found these sounds to become more incomprehensible and alien. What was becoming louder to you, though, were the sounds coming from Quinn. You found yourself unable to tune out the inner-workings of the giantess' body, becoming more aware of the digestion of her meals before it exited through your mouth. It soon became commonplace for you to hear and feel her heartbeat, but it did dawn on you that it was now yours as well. Being a part of Quinn, her blood now flowed through you, and you were kept alive and healthy by her nutrients. Initially you were afraid of what that meant for you, but with each day you became more grateful that Quinn was keeping you alive. Of course, she didn't have any control over this, let alone was she even aware of your existence as her anal orifice.

One of the last things you had been able to hear before losing your ability to hear the outside world was nothing short of cruel. It had been a few weeks after getting fused with Quinn's asshole. You and her had been sitting with Avery and Morgan one night after dinner, the sounds of your hosts' belly churning as it digested your next meal. Between rumbles and the occasional stealthy fart Quinn would hiss through your mouth, you had heard a guest come into the apartment and speak with the girls. The voice was familiar but you couldn't quite identify it, until you realized it was your sister Tracy! You screamed to get her attention, knowing she could only be there looking for you. "TRAAACCCYYY!"


"Oops, excuse me. Sorry about that guys," Quinn blushed having just had a tiny fart slip out of her butt. She felt another start building up, but clenched her anus shut since there was a guest over. Avery giggled at her while Morgan and Tracy continued chatting.

"Anyway, like I was saying," Morgan resumed her conversation, "Hunter just left overnight. He didn't even mention anything to us about it, we thought he just snuck out and got picked up by you."

Tracy furrowed her brow, still concerned for her missing brother. "The weird thing is just that he didn't let anyone know he was going. He's usually really good at making sure at least someone knows where he is. Are you sure he's not still here somewhere?"

"You're more than welcome to look around, but we really tore the place up already looking for him," Avery chimed in. "Quinn, you said that he was looking for a new apartment, right?"

Quinn nodded along, now fully believing the lie she had told her roommates originally. "Yeah, he was really upset and yelled at me. Like, I get why, but just because he's a Tiny doesn't mean he can be an asshole like that." As she spoke, you used all of your energy to scream in defiance at Quinn's lie, but her rectal muscles were too powerful for you to overcome.

"I'm sorry he yelled. I can look around for him though really quick, I've gotten pretty good at finding him," said Tracy.

"We'll help too, right girls?" Morgan motioned to her roommates. Avery nodded and Quinn rolled her eyes, but joined in anyway. The four of them spent the next hour investigating areas they mostly had already checked. However, eventually they ran out of places to look and hope for finding you, with even your sister giving up on finding you here.

"I guess he really isn't here..." Tracy admitted to herself. The trio looked at each other feeling bad for your sister, unsure of how to comfort her. Quinn suddenly got an idea.

"Well, don't give up. He always turns up, right? Even if it takes a while?" she asked.

Tracy thought about it, and shrugged. "I guess you're right. Its even taken more than a year a few times before, but he always turned back up with some insane explanation." Tracy smiled, taking comfort in the thought before turning back to your roommates. "Thanks girls, for all your help. I'll get out of here, but give me a call if you get any ideas."

"Of course we will!" Morgan responded assuringly. They all said their goodbyes to Tracy, while you tried your hardest to scream for salvation. But still, Quinn was too powerful for you to call out, and you stayed scrunched up until she returned control to you. When she did, all you could do was belch out gas, and you were greeted with the sound of her clapping cheeks. You heard your sister leave, along with your last chance for discovery. From then on, the only noise you'd be hearing would be that of your captor.

Another development in your evolution as Quinn's asshole was what your appearance. By now, the small ring of your skin color had whittled away to nothing, leaving only a dark, wrinkly pucker, made that way from a lifetime of farts and shits. This hadn't ruined your hope for escape... at first. But a few days after that, you started to feel a strange stabbing feeling underneath your skin. Initially you became optimistic, thinking that your body was going to somehow pop itself off of Quinn's anus and finally free you. But soon after you became afraid, wondering how you'd be able to return to the uncertainty of the real world. You became scared, horrified even, having to 'leave the nest', as Quinn's butt crack had become your home where you always knew what to expect. Sure, the bathroom activities would continue daily, but you had grown used to Quinn's flatulence, happily basking in it from time to time. And even with Quinn's shitting, most of her dumps weren't too terrible to deal with. The other day, you actually found yourself scrunching up around one of her fecal logs, biting down to taste more of it. You were surprised at your choice to do this, but even more shocked when you realized the taste wasn't terrible.

One day, though, the stabbing pain erupted into a tingly climax... but then it stopped. You wondered what had happened and looked around yourself, before seeing a tiny little black nub protruding from the outer ring of your muscly self. It took you a moment, but you soon were able to put two and two together. It was a hair... an ass hair that had grown through you. As you realized what this meant, you felt a new stabbing pain start up in a different area of you. Your heart sank knowing that it was another ass hair that would sprout out from you in a few days. You were rooted in Quinn, and now her body was rooting itself in you. You had never heard of this sort of thing happening to a tiny before, but you realized it was entirely possible. With each strand of ass hair that grew into you, you'd be trapped tenfold what you had been. It was official: you were never getting out of here.

You felt like sobbing, but it was impossible for you. In the weeks since your entrapment, your eyes had faded more and more into Quinn's skin as well. You no longer had tear ducts or eyelids; all that remained was two small iris' that let in minimal light. Of course, being in the dark depths of Quinn's butt, that was more than enough for you to see all of the details of the inside of her ass crack. You could see your wrinkly mouth blossom out at your will, as well as the sparse hairs that already existed in Quinn's ass before you took over. You could see bumps and pores where sweat would excrete from when the giantess got too warm, and you could see the edge of a pubic forest that you knew spanned further than you'd ever be able to travel. You'd never know anything past this line of sight; your entire world was locked to a single viewpoint.

Unable to cry, you at least sighed. You knew it would only expel more gas from Quinn's gut, but you had grown to take comfort in it. Like a security blanket, you basked in its warmth and savored the rank complexities that came with it. It was the only thing that had made you feel better, and it was working quite well. You decided to burp out another methane gust, letting yourself get high off of Quinn's supply. The scents and sounds of your mistress' emissions cheered you up more and more. At least I don't have to worry about leaving Quinn's beautiful butt anymore you thought to yourself as you breathed in and out more gas. Plus her farts are pretty nice once you get used to them. It's even kind of fun to dispel them for her so that she feels better. It didn't take long for you to stop lamenting your fate and feel confidence in your new form. Yeah, that's it! I can at least make Quinn feel better. That way, she won't have to worry so much about farting. I can take care of that for my mistress since she takes care of me! You expelled more and more gas for Quinn, unaware of how much you were losing your mind to her. Eventually, the thick beauty clenched your mouth shut. You felt saddened again, but not because of how trapped you were. You were sad that Quinn had taken away your source of pleasure for the time being.

Quinn's Got a Date! by revival45
Author's Notes:

This chapter sets the stage for the last little arc for the story.  I'll admit that the direction I go with these characters from this point on is a bit different from what is typical for the interactive.  However, I thought the idea of Quinn and Avery getting together was sweet, and giving Avery a fart fetish was a nice way for me to still have Hunter be involved.  I'll also be the first to recognize that it probably feels a bit tacked on, so for my future stories I'll have to establish those sorts of traits earlier.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy :)

Quinn had been walking home from another quiet day at work. She had felt how her sphincter was tooting out all of her gas as she stepped, but she clenched her anus shut as she got close to the apartment. She didn't want to fart in front of her roommates first thing after getting home, and figured she could hold everything in until after she got cleaned up. As she opened the door, she saw Avery sitting on the couch watching t.v. "Hey Avery!"

The pink-haired cutie sprouted a big smile when she saw Quinn. "Hey girl!" she greeted as she eyed Quinn's sexy body up and down. She had grown quite the crush on her since moving in together, and always tried to catch a glimpse of her when she came home from work, stuffed in her tight one-piece. "God damn, you are looking so hot today! I bet the boys were all over you."

Quinn smiled bashfully and blushed, fully aware of Avery's crush that she had been failing to hide for the past few weeks. "Oh, a few here and there. But they're always so stupid and loud, I just wish they'd leave me alone while I work."

"Hard day?" Avery inquired. Quinn could tell she was genuinely interested, which she thought was one of Avery's best features. But with how openly flirtatious she had been lately, Quinn had also been admiring Avery's sexy confidence and beautiful figure. "Why don't you tell me about it?" she asked as she patted the couch.

Quinn chuckled and shook her head. "Nah, it's nothing... I just wish people were a bit more like you or Morgan. It'd be nice to have one of you at work, but at least I get to see you guys when I get home."

Avery smiled. As bubbly as she was at times, more than occasionally she could be a pro when it came to flirting. Typically she came on pretty strong at first, but if she found herself actually inspired by somebody, she knew she could get with them sooner or later. And in the last month, she had turned her sights to Quinn, and knew that she was about to reap what she had sown. "You definitely always got us. Well, technically Morgan is out tonight, but you know what I mean, hehe!" She laughed to herself, knowing that she was going to be able to set up a date for her and Quinn right under her nose. "Actually, since she's out, do you think... um... maybe you want to go out tonight?" Avery asked with a calculated vulnerability that she knew always worked with guys, but only occasionally worked with girls.

When she was asked this, Quinn froze like a deer in headlights. It had caught her so off guard, in fact, that she actually unclenched for just long enough that her backside let out a weak but audible brrppft.

"Did you just...?" Avery asked, smiling.

"No! I mean, uh..." Quinn clenched up again, regaining her composure. She cleared her throat exaggeratedly, trying to hide the embarrassing thing she just did. "Sorry, had something caught in the pipes. But... are you sure? That you want to do that?"

Avery could see the vulnerability that Quinn was drenched in, and knew it was turning into anxiety. "Well, 'go out' is just the words. We don't have to literally 'go out'. But uh... maybe we could stay in tonight and have dinner together. Like, as a date."

Quinn was getting red, she hadn't ever done anything like this before, but knew that if she was, it might be best to do it with Avery. After all, she was a really great friend, and literally worked as a model. She laughed nervously, not entirely believing what she was about to say. "You know what, Avery? I think I'd actually like to tonight. But only if you actually want to."

"Of course I do! You're like, the coolest, sexiest person ever!" Avery exclaimed, becoming significantly less suave now that she had an official date for the night. "Uh, I mean, yes... I do want to," she cooly replied while texting Morgan to NOT come home tonight and interfere with her date. "What would you like for dinner? We can always get pizza, I know that the place down the street has a deal for two larges for only twelve bucks."

Quinn got quiet again, thinking about her lactose intolerance. "Uh... I don't know... sometimes my gut gets a little... you know."

Avery saw the concern in her face and soothed her without hesitation. "Oh, you'll be fine. It's really not that bad, Morgan and I just like to tease you about it," Avery told her. Deep down, Avery actually had a fart fetish that she hid from everyone, and truly wouldn't mind it if Quinn got a little gassy later on. Truthfully, she actually had hoped for it. "In fact, let's also get some cheesy bread with it. It tastes so good from there."

"Oh, what the hell. You're the boss!" Quinn smiled, deciding to simply go with whatever her date suggested.

"You want a veggie pizza, right? I can go pick it up while you shower," Avery suggested excitedly.

Quinn nodded and smiled. "Sounds good. I'm just gonna use the bathroom and freshen up. Guess I'll see you in half an hour for our date!"

Throughout the entire conversation, you lay motionlessly scrunched up in Quinn's crack. You were unable to make out anything that your host and old roommate had said; it had all come through Quinn's thick rump as a muffled bassy tone. There was nothing comprehensible to you, until you heard your mistress say "I'm just gonna use the bathroom..." At that point, she had relinquished control back to you, and allowed you to happily exhale a silent hiss of gas for her. You were excited for what was coming next…

'Freshening Up’ with Quinn in the Bathroom by revival45
Author's Notes:

In this chapter: As Quinn takes a dump before her date with Avery, she decides to masturbate.  As she does, Hunter's mind begins to welcome his new role more and more.

Quinn shut the bathroom door and removed her suit, which reduced the pressure surrounding you coming from her huge ass. You felt yourself be lowered down to your roommate's toilet bowl and were greeted with the familiar sight of a pool of water. You smiled and happily farted for your mistress, alleviating her of intestinal pressure. It was a massive bout that hissed out of Quinn for several seconds, only to be stopped once your mouth was plugged with shit. This time though, you didn't wince as it made contact with your orifice. In fact, you clenched slightly, as if you were trying to hold on to the fecal creation for just a little longer. And when you did, the earthy, fetid slime stimulated your tastebuds in an incredibly intoxicating way. So intoxicating, in fact, that you began to get a little flustered.

Woah... that's new. This feels so... good? I wonder... you thought to yourself, curious about what would happen if you continued down this path. Every part of your mind knew this was the wrong thing to do, but your body (or rather, Quinn's body) enticed you more and more to do so. And you couldn't resist.

Up above, Quinn was sitting on the pot as she began her second dump of the day. While she relaxed, she thought about how excited she was for her date with Avery. Her friend was so kind and caring, but on top of that she had an amazing body that she found herself fantasizing about more and more. As she thought about her, Quinn felt her anus clench around her poop and exhaled in pleasure. Her whole body became energized with goosebumps and she started to feel turned on with the pressure that was building at her back door. Biting her lower lip, she knew she couldn't hold it in anymore and became unclenched, basking in the feeling that came with her dense turd stretching out her asshole.

Likewise, the pleasure was building for you too, and soon you forfeited control of yourself back to your host. As you did, Quinn's dump began sliding out of you, and it stretched you nice and wide. The muscly band that was you motioned to squint in resistance, but without any eyelids you were left in the front seat of the show. Quinn's poop began slithering out of you quicker, and when it finally reached its end your mouth closed back up to its normal form. With leftover shit caked to your mouth, you felt relief and savored the taste of Quinn's past meals. It was warm and soft, gooey and pungent; it overpowered your senses, but you liked how helpless it made you feel. In fact, you were wanting more, and your mistress was providing.

The next load of crap tumbled its way through Quinn's intestines, until it halted at your mouth. This time, her dump was way softer, and immediately began leaking out of your stretched mouth. You didn't even have a chance to decide how to dispose of the load when Quinn pushed in her gut, which shot the mushy pile out of your mouth. It waterfalled out of you slowly, forcing you to taste every single inch of it, which only pleasured you further. Quinn too felt pleasure at her backside, and began stroking her big breast with one hand and circling her clit with the other. The two of you were sharing the same sensations, albeit at unequal proportions. The pleasure you were feeling from Quinn's poops were mere blips for her, while the masturbatory stroking she was performing heated you up ten times over.

As a third and final log began exiting your mouth, you cried in pleasure, shooting it out with the remainder of Quinn's gas. At the same time, Quinn closed her eyes and reached the cusp of an orgasm, before stopping herself. Shit, I'm getting carried away. Avery's gonna be back soon and I still gotta shower. This will have to wait until later... she thought to herself as she began wiping. For you, though, it was already bliss, and you relaxed with an orgasmic high as Quinn dragged the toilet paper across you. It smeared shit all over you, but you dared not recoil. Instead, you took pride in the shit she had just forced through you, and wore the leftover specks like a badge of honor. Oh my Goddess... I can't remember ever feeling this good before. Thank you, Mistress Quinn you prayed to yourself.

Quinn subconsciously blossomed you in and out, which brought you back to your senses. Wait a minute... your rational thinking started to return to you. Did I just... You sat still in Quinn's crack, contemplating all that you just did. You felt a tidal wave of shame wash over you, along with a feeling of despair. You couldn't believe you had just taken pleasure in Quinn's toilet usage, but you knew it was true. You knew it had felt orgasmic, and you knew you had enjoyed every moment of it. Even now you were trying to calm yourself by breathing in and out, unaware that you were just trying to produce more flatulence for you to get baked and coated in.

As Quinn hopped into the shower, she lathered up and speed cleaned herself. She was feeling rejuvenated, which made her a lot less nervous about her date. Happy and joyful about the night, she even started singing, despite her lack of musical talent. Scrubbing the loofa in between her buttcheeks, she took a moment to rub extra hard against her pooper. One of the reasons was because she enjoyed even the smallest bit of stimulation back there, but the other reason was that she wanted to be extra clean tonight. Especially if her date went over extra well with Avery.

Water coated you and began washing more filth away from you. You were afraid of a lot of things, but felt calmed when you heard your mistress' singing. Her voice sounded beautiful, even angelic to you, which was enough to remind you of the safety she provided. It's okay... Mistress will keep me safe your thoughts began getting warped yet again to meet Quinn's control of you. I can't even remember what I was so worried about, Mistress always keeps me healthy and happy. She'll protect me from whatever it was... and reward me for being such a good little anus.

You loyally burped out another minuscule fart for Quinn before flexing yourself out and in to savor the leftovers of her latest fecal creation that were stuck in your folds. You knew she'd scrub you clean soon, leaving you with nothing to snack on until later.

Quinn and Avery's Romantic (and Stinky) Date by revival45
Author's Notes:

This is another combination of 2 chapters.  They're a bit longer than what I would normally combine, but I think they work a lot better as a single chapter.

Chapter contains lesbians, gas and more mental degradation.

You sat patiently in between Quinn's cheeks, comforted by her warmth and pressure as she sat on the couch with Avery. You heard them exchanging words, and while you couldn't understand the words they were sharing, you could tell your mistress was having a good time. Her tone was joyful and it sounded like she was laughing a lot, but the actual content of her conversation with Avery was lost on you. Not because you couldn't hear them, but because the English language was becoming incomprehensible to you after so much time as Quinn's anus. After all, there wasn't any way you could speak, and there's biologically no reason for an asshole to have the capacity to understand speech.

What you could understand many times better than the beautiful giantesses' conversation was a familiar intestinal rumbling. You knew that Quinn had eaten dinner, and could feel the same pressure that was building up inside of her gut. It translated to more flatulence that you'd soon be able to burp and savor, as well as the chance to have purpose and make your mistress feel better. Once a fart found its way to the inside of your mouth, you were ready to release it, but found yourself confused when your captor took control of your mouth and clenched you shut. Why isn't she letting me relieve her? Did I do something wrong? you wondered to yourself, unaware of the eagerness you had for expelling Quinn's methane.

Up above you, Quinn and Avery's date was going over excellently. They had a lovely dinner, and each gobbled down a large cheesy pizza and a big order of breadsticks. They talked deeply and joked often, with the conversation getting deeper once Avery brought out out a 6 pack of beer for them to split. Each being a bit of a lightweight, their drunkenness kept them loose and happy, and was even making them each feel a little frisky. Avery kept this fact no secret, but Quinn tried to remain cool and collected, not wanting to show her hand before she completely understood it herself. Am I really considering sleeping with Avery tonight? she thought to herself with a hazy mind.

Quinn's gut then made a loud rumble, which caused her to blush. If she was going to sleep with Avery, she definitely couldn't do it after eating all the food. Avery, on the other hand, was also experiencing a similar feeling in her own gut, but she enjoyed it. More than that, she was getting excited thinking about how her lactose intolerant date's belly was producing it's own obscene amount of gas. She was proud of herself for devising such an intimate plan for her date... she just needed to see if Quinn would be on board with her fetish.

"Hehe, your belly sure is singing a lot," Avery teased her date.

Quinn's blush turned into an even deeper shade of red. Trying to play it off nonchalantly, she nervously laughed and replied to her date. "Hahaha, hey you're the one that suggested pizza. You knew what you were getting into. I can't help if it makes me gassy." She downed the rest of her bottle of beer, still clenching you tightly.

Avery kept on smiling and scooted closer to Quinn. "Like I said, I really don't mind. It's just a thing of nature, aint it? We all do it." She asked woozily, not realizing how inebriated she was feeling. Looking Quinn deep in her beautiful eyes, inspiration struck her bloated belly. "In fact..." Avery lifted her butt off of the sofa and relaxed herself, causing a bassy brrrrrfft to slide out of her ass.

"Avery!" Quinn yelled playfully. "How dare you?"

"What? I figured actions speak louder than words, hahaha!" Avery laid back on the couch laughing, unintentionally ripping another fart, this time in Quinn's direction.

Too slap-happy and tipsy to care, Quinn broke out into more laughter. "Yeah, and they definitely SMELL louder than words too."

"That doesn't even make any sense," Avery laughed out.

With her guard lowered enough by the pink haired vixen, Quinn swallowed. I can't believe I'm about to do this... she thought to herself as she relaxed her anus. "Oh yeah? Maybe this will translate."


The pressure on the other side of you was building, and as the temperature rose the taste of Quinn's gas became more pungent. Getting excited, you tried eagerly to expand and blossom it out so that you could enjoy basking in the stench, but your mistress kept your mouth shut. It already tastes so good, why won't she let me fart it out? you wondered. You heard the two giantesses continue their conversation, unable to understand them until you heard your host say "... it makes me gassy." Like the dirty talk of a disgusting foreplay, it made you hard. Or rather, it would have if you still had your penis.

Just when you thought you couldn't take it anymore, your mistress finally gave you what you wanted. Relaxing herself, you were able to feel your body's resistance weaken. Finally! you thought, then prepared yourself to rip. Opening your sphincter wide, Quinn's fart tumbled out of you violently, exploding the fleshy landscape ahead of you. Her underwear fluttered as her cheeks repeatedly slammed into you while the methane air forced them apart. Your mistress' stink was a hundred times more intoxicating now that it floated around your front, same with the taste. When all of the flatulence finally exited Quinn's ass, your mouth fluttered until it was completely shut again. You were on cloud nine, but it was only the first fart of many that were to come.

Avery failed to hide her joy, getting almost as much pleasure from the fart as you did. She took a deep breath and smiled, before snapping back to her senses, embarrassed that Quinn had seen the entire thing. "Uhh... sorry. That was so gross!" she replied clumsily, trying to save face. But it had been too late, Quinn had seen what happened and could see right through Avery's lie.

It had caught her off guard, but then again, so had the rest of the night. And she hated to see Avery feeling uncomfortable, so she laughed to break the awkward tension. "Heehee, it's okay Avery," she reassured her. "It was kinda cute actually." Quinn saw Avery start to feel better, which in turn made her happier too. Knowing that she just stumbled onto something Avery was really vulnerable about, she chose to keep on trying to make her feel comfortable. After all, she was really enjoying her date so far. Seductively, Quinn continued. "In fact, there's plenty more where that came from."

Rotating from her seated position, Quinn crawled onto her hands and knees and aimed her voluptuous rear at her date, shaking it at her hypnotically. Avery's eyes widened in shock, and she bit her lip in anticipation. She couldn't believe how on board with her fetish Quinn had chosen to be. Greater than the surprise, though, was her lust for the thick woman, as she aimed her derriere cannon right at her. "Q-q-quinn..." she asked nervously, looking away towards the floor. "Are you sure... that you want to... do this? I don't want you to be uncomfortable..."

Quinn looked back at her date past her massive rump and saw Avery recoiling. "Hey," she said, directing Avery's gaze back towards her ass. "I'd like to if it's with you," Quinn admitted, realizing the vulnerability just made her crave Avery more. "Now come on, before I sober up and change my mind!"

Avery blushed and smiled, then nodded and moved closer to Quinn's fleshy caboose. First she lightly set one hand on her left cheek, then the other on her right, and gently squeezed the legging-covered flesh. It made Avery even hotter than she was, and the same thing happened to Quinn. Avery then moved her head in and began nuzzling it across Quinn's soft cheeks, and they both cooed as she pressed harder into them. Just as they both began to relish in the light teasing, Quinn's belly had another deep rumble...

You had happily been baking in the massive fart Quinn had disposed of through your mouth, when you felt your whole world rotate. You were flipped and stretched, which you knew meant that your mistress was on all fours. Wondering what was happening, you suddenly noticed how turned on you were becoming. Had it been the savory gas that the giantess had just farted through you, or was it something that was making your host feel that way? Your answer came in the form of pressure and motion pushing in on the mountainous cheeks that were your landscape. It became stronger, and soon you felt a huge force pushing down on your home. But what was it?

An intestinal gurgle from your host distracted you from the force that was making contact you, and your entire focus shifted towards it. You scrunched up in eagerness, and prepared to release the fart for your mistress. But she had taken control of you, edging you into desperation for more pleasure. Oh Mistress Quinn, please let me release for you you begged internally, hoping somehow she could hear you. I want... need you to fart through me... More and more did you lose your mind to Quinn as you became more desperate for her gas.

Little did you know that the same feelings of pleasure were being had by Quinn, who was holding her gas in until she couldn't resist Avery and longer. As her date hugged and embraced her huge butt, she tingled all over. Avery continued dragging her nose across Quinn's rear, savoring the softness of her cheeks through her thinly stretched leggings. On one particular drag over Quinn's crack, she inhaled the faint rankness that minutes ago had been a massive fart. Avery hummed in pleasure, and kissed through the pants where Quinn's anus would be. More than anything, she craved it to blow a kiss back.

The mysterious pressure returned, giving you something to distract from your hunger. It came closer and closer to you than anything had ever before, save for Quinn's finger and some toilet paper. You were used to pressure coming out the other way, what on Earth was this? Trying with all of your imagination (which was becoming more limited the longer you remained as Quinn's anus), you couldn't figure out what was on the other side of the fabric that kept you encased. It sounds like a fart, but backwards? What was that called again? You wondered, at a loss for words. Oh yeah... breathing. You felt ashamed that you had forgotten the most basic of biological actions, but it truly was something you didn't have to worry about anymore. Suddenly, your mood elated, as a seductive rationale intruded your consciousness. Guess I can thank Mistress for that, now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Following your lapse in loyalty to Quinn, the force in front of you seemed to push into you more. Combined with the pressure you felt inside of you, and the sexual cravings you couldn't ignore anymore, you could've sworn you were going to burst. Unable to handle it anymore, you focused your mind as hard as you could to send a message of desperation to you host. Please Mistress, I can't take it anymore! I'm begging you to fart. Use me please, I need to fart. I'm you're asshole, please let me do this for you! I was made for this, this is my purpose, my life, my destiny!

Up above, the beautiful giantess had a thought pop into her head. ...asshole... purpose... destiny...

Huh? Quinn lost her focus for a second, wondering where that thought came from. She would've dwelt on it longer, but Avery was causing her too much pleasure. Wanting to share the pleasure with her date, Quinn finally relaxed her asshole.


Releasing a hurricane of methane point blank upon Avery, Quinn melted in pleasure. Avery, on the other hand, dug her nose deeper in to Quinn's flesh before being blown back by the lack of oxygen. It didn't stop her, though, as she held her breath while her lungs were full of Quinn's gas. The warm air remained in her, where she knew it would enter her bloodstream and a part of Quinn would be with her forever. The thought made her crotch leak, and send her head reeling back in to Quinn's thick depths.

On a similar high was you, whose lips tingled with how long it took for Quinn's gas to blow out of you. After your lips finished sputtering out the fart for your host, you felt the same unidentifiable pressure from earlier return to you and inhale a deep breath, stealing your air. A part of you was jealous, but you were feeling too pleasured to care deeply. Your mistress flexed you in and out, and you were powerless to resist, but you knew you wouldn't dare resist with how good you were feeling. The tiny part of your original mind that wanted to resist such vile pleasures grew quieter, until it was silenced... You now only craved Quinn's anal emissions. So you sat there peacefully between the cheeks of a thick beauty, with the face of another pushed up against you. Happy to feel part of something bigger, you burped and bubbled out another fart onto Avery.

After inhaling Quinn's latest anal creation, Avery pulled her head away from the voluptuous cheeks and crawled on the couch over her date, until she was at her face. Without hesitation, they both began kissing the other, becoming intoxicated by the lust that they inspired in each other. Quinn breathed deeply through her nose, then pulled away from Avery's lips. "God, you stink," she said.

"What?" Avery recoiled, a little hurt by Quinn's comment.

"No, it's okay though..." Quinn reassured her, moving her head in and sniffing again. "I... I like it... I like that it's you... you and me..." Avery's smile returned and she hugged the thick woman tight, becoming aroused on every inch of her body. Moving her hand down Avery’s body until she had a handful of her tight yet plump booty, Quinn squeezed her date in ecstasy, feeling safe enough to be curious. “In fact… I want you to do it too.”

Avery lifted her head up from Quinn’s chest, looking in her eyes. “You sure? You don’t have to for me.”

“It’s not for you, Avery… I want as much of you as possible,” Quinn said as she began kissing Avery’s body. Eager to comply, Avery flexed her stomach until all of her pent up flatulence bubbled out of her ass, contributing to the rank smell that was quickly filling the entire room (though nowhere near as much as Quinn’s). Quinn continued moving down Avery’s body, until she was at her smelly bum, only now it didn’t repel her away. It just enticed her more. Perhaps a part of you was starting to rub off onto your host.

Excited for her lover, Quinn knew she was about to have a wonderful night of pleasure. “Let’s go to the bedroom," Quinn ordered. "I want you to eat out my ass."

Your Gassy Makeout Session with Avery by revival45
Author's Notes:

Chapter contains lesbians, anal rimming, farting and further mental degradation.

"Let's go to the bedroom, I want you to eat out my ass," Quinn ordered Avery, as they continued to ride a shared wave of lust for one another. Avery grew hotter at the sound of Quinn's invitation, and hugged her tighter while burying her face in her massive breasts. Quinn closed her eyes and relaxed, letting another bout of flatulence effortlessly slip out of her anus. As she farted, she savored the warmth and inhaled the smell. Her crotch leaked in satisfaction, and she hugged Avery tighter. "Oh God, you feel so good Avery. I've got so much more for you though... ooohhhh..."

Avery pulled her head out of Quinn's huge cleavage and moved it down towards her thighs. Rubbing her face across the soft leggings, she pushed in until she couldn't breath anymore. "Girl, I want you so bad. I've wanted this for so long... Let me into you," Avery moaned in pleasure. The girls got up from the couch and hurried into Quinn's room, and began ravenously tearing the clothes off of one another. Avery struggled to lift Quinn's sports bra off of her ginormous chest, but instantly latched onto her nipples the moment they were in sight. Quinn worked to get the rest of her clothes off, struggling to do it gracefully with Avery so attached to her. They fell onto the bed together, laughing. "Quinn... I... I don't want you to hold back with your gas," Avery requested, still a little ashamed of what she was asking. "I swear, I can take it."

Quinn smiled, happy to hear Avery's perverse request. "Alright, if you insist, sexy, hehehe" She replied. "But you better not slack back there!" She teased as she shimmied her pants and thong off. The two of them repositioned on the bed, with Quinn going back to being on all fours again, this time on top of Avery. Once centered, she lowered her titanic ass onto her date's face, where Avery eagerly burrowed through to the center of Quinn's crack. Unable to see anything in the fleshy depths, she navigated with her mouth until it brushed over a delicious, wrinkly center. Instantly, Avery began licking at it, while Quinn smashed her head further into her ass. They both moaned in sync with the other's excitement, while Quinn's stomach moaned for what was to come.

For you, the events that had been transpiring were completely alien to you. You were unable to register anything other than your host's pleasured shivering and the feeling of ecstasy, but could feel movement outside of your cheeky home. With your mind now being totally loyal to your mistress and form, it began quickly reorienting itself to serve its true purpose. More and more of your human thoughts and consciousness were being worn away as the sexual pleasure grew in you. Memories and basic understandings were continuing to be flushed from you, instead making room for the duties you now served. Biological processes that are basic to all human beings were becoming too complex for you to understand, with the only ones making sense anymore were those that involved the anus. The feeling was frightening, with you only able to find peace and comfort in your mistress and her gas. Luckily, there was not shortage in sight.

Your mistress puttered out another fart through your mouth, which seemed to invite the mysterious presence outside closer to you. It found it's way to spread Quinn's cheeks open, until you were able to see something... familiar? For just a moment you were able to see the color pink and a face beneath it, why did it look like something you knew? You could've sworn you knew who this was, but you could not remember anymore. Without warning, the pleasured face stuck its tongue out and began smothering you in saliva, doing it's best to bathe you and penetrate your mouth. This new process should've been scary, but it felt too good to resist. In fact, you widened your form, allowing more of the slobbery muscle to find it's way into your mouth. The warm flesh felt right at home, just like one of Mistress' classic dumps, only coming from the other direction. The only thing missing was the taste, but Quinn was more than ready to provide.

As Avery continued tongue punching Quinn's orifice, she savored each rank taste that she could identify within her date. Moaning in pleasure, Quinn knew that Avery was ready for anything her bowels could bring, and she began relaxing her gut, freeing her intestines of the immense amounts of gas that only hours ago had been pizza.

While this stranger was making out with you, the pleasure she was providing was about to be doubled. A huge gust of flatulence began tumbling from your lips, fluttering your blossom against the giantess' lips. It was a massive 5 second fart that shook you in all the right places, complimented exceptionally by the intricate oral play Avery relinquished upon you. While the fart bubbled out, Avery became ravenous upon you, as if she was trying to eat her way through to Quinn's insides. At the same time, Quinn was fingering herself, sacrificing balance in order to have more pleasure. Another fart exploded out of her and caused her to fall onto Avery's face with her full weight, while she stoked herself to a new orgasmic high.

You belched out more methane, opening and closing your mouth on Avery’s tongue. You reverberated quickly which tickled the giantess, and she planted more kisses onto you as if to return the gesture. It was a strange but familiar process.  However, you didn’t waste any of your limited brain power in trying to understand where you recognized it from. Instead, you exhausted more gas into Avery’s face, which she was quick to inhale. Sensing how happy she was making your host feel, you too got swept up in making her feel hot. For both of you, the dirtier the better.

Avery stabbed her tongue into you after an especially long fart, plugging you up and preventing any of Quinn’s gas from escaping. You winced in pleasure, basking in the warm saliva and squinting your rimmed form around the muscle. Quinn moaned incessantly as an orgasm continued, leaning forward and planting more of her weight upon Avery’s face. Her date more than welcomed it, ready to fall deeper into Quinn’s godly ass crack. She stuck her tongue deeper into you and swirled it around, which drove Quinn to new heights. The stimulation at her asshole was like nothing she had experienced before, and the smell of gas in the air just made the whole experience sweeter. As if her body couldn’t take any more, she screamed in pleasure and pushed out her built up gas, which forced Avery’s slick tongue out of her. You dispensed a hurricane of flatulence upon her, which made her scream in ecstasy.

The three of you continued these actions in a cycle of passion the whole night, with Avery and Quinn occasionally switching positions up to tingle other intimate areas before returning to Avery rimming Quinn. Just as before, you experienced all of the pleasure that Quinn did tenfold. Finally, hours after starting, the two beautiful giantesses eventually tired themselves out. Fully nude, covered in each others' sweat and stench, they fell asleep spooning under a thin sheet.

As the giantesses slept, both of their bodies continued digesting their meals and produced more gas throughout the night, keeping you awake and happily rank. Every now and then, you’d get an odd feeling of despair, as if you were forgetting something important, but a fart from your host or the stench of her lover’s ass would reel you back to the happy feelings that came with being an anus.

Why do I feel bad… is it because I’m no supposed to be here? you wondered to yourself. That can’t be right… unless, I’m supposed to be… something else? Hu… Hunter? Isn’t that me? Why would I be called Hunter? I’m just Goddess’ anus, aren’t I? Unless… wait, this isn’t right at all… This needs to stop! I need to get out of here before it’s too late! Before—


Avery was awakened by a massive fart her date had just shot at her. Smiling, she hugged her shapely lover while groggily humping the fat butt that just woke her up. As the smell dissipated to the edge of the sheet, Avery pulled her head under and took a deep breath of the dutch oven. The scent turned her on and caused her to shift her way to Quinn’s ass so that she could start going down on you again. As she nuzzled her way into her cheeks, Quinn woke up in pleasure. It was like a dream but better, and her pussy became drenched again as Avery tongued her pooper. “Oooohhhhhh Avery… You feel like you belong back there... Oh God, I could get used to this…” Deep in her ass, Avery muffled back in agreement, but she was too busy tonguing her wrinkly pooper to say words.

You sputtered out another gasser onto Avery, reeling from the pleasure that came from both her and Quinn. You momentary lapse in consciousness was over. This was something all three of you were going to get used to, in fact. It was a double-sided coin for you, though. On the one hand, the expert mouth play that Avery provided while you farted for Quinn was the most transcendent pleasure you had ever experienced. However, each time it happened, you were going to lose more and more of your identity. The orgasmic bliss would wipe your mind cleaner and cleaner until it was only that of Quinn’s asshole. But then again, what was really left of you at this point?

A Lifetime as Quinn's Anus by revival45
Author's Notes:

My final chapter for this storyline.  Chapter continues to contain lesbians, gas, scat and complete mental submission. 

Quinn and Avery remained in their relationship, and for good reason. What started as a night of sexual curiosity resulted in an intense physical intimacy for both women that eventually blossomed into a healthy and beautiful relationship. The two were perfect for each other, as Avery's bubbly and extraverted personality helped bring Quinn out of her turtle shell. Meanwhile, Quinn's more reserved nature worked wonders for helping curb Avery's naiveté, and she helped keep her out of getting into too much trouble. This was all great news for the two of them, along with Morgan, who was more than happy for her friend and sister to end up together.

Secret from the rest of the world, the two beautiful women also shared an intense fart fetish, which kept their bedroom life (ironically) fresh. They would frequently go down on one another, with their favorite position being that of Avery eating out Quinn's ass whenever she was feeling gassy (which happened more frequently than not). The orgasms they shared never got old for either one, and they were always happy to help the other feel as comfortable as possible in the bedroom. It really was the best outcome possible for the pair.

What this meant for you, however, was the end of your life. Or rather, your human life, as each orgasm Quinn experienced erased your human mind and personality a bit more until nothing remained. Mere weeks after the couple formed, you had completely lost your human consciousness. It had already been the path you were heading down, but Avery and Quinn simply accelerated the inevitable. You had been Quinn's anus for so long that your mind was now fully given over to your host. No longer could you remember anything from your life before Quinn. Memories of your roommates, family, and even your name eventually all faded away into nothingness. It had been as if you hadn't really even existed until you had formed with the giantess' pooper. She had given you your true life, and for that, you were grateful.

It wasn't a sad life for you by any means. In losing your mind and memory, you were able devote yourself truly to the goddess who provided you with everything you needed in your life. You farted out all of her gas, happily soaking in the stench and basking in its warmth. You shit out all of her massive turds, eager to taste every new fecal creation she made for you. Your reward for being a loyal anus, as far as you understood, was more waste to expel. It was the only thing that made sense to you.

Months soon turned to years, and even in the minds of your roommates did you cease to exist. Their memories of that tiny guy they shared an apartment with for one day left their minds, with even Quinn forgetting about that time she had tortured a poor Tiny so unnecessarily. Eventually, even your family gave up on you ever turning back up, as you had been missing for longer than ever before. Like countless other Tinies, you really had been erased from the world. Hunter was nothing more; you were now a part of something much bigger: Quinn’s ass. Your life as a Tiny had no real importance, but as a pooper, you were excellent.


Your world had been slammed down onto the familiar seat above a pool of water. Your mouth was forced open by your goddess' intestinal pressure, and you felt good to serve a purpose. Years ago you had lost the ability to move your mouth, but you didn't mind. The goddess you served continued to use you regularly, and it was never too long before she would use you to exhale her farts. With that knowledge, you felt proud. But the thought was cut off by an all too familiar mass that was at your mouth. Your mouth opened slightly for the turd before scrunching back down and squeezing the taste from it. It seemed that in all trips to the bathroom where you had done this yourself, Goddess now did it subconsciously for you.

As the poop slid slowly through you, the sounds of Goddess above you were making you feel good. You couldn't understand a single thing she said, but knew it was some sort of conversation between her and the other Goddess you frequently saw. Their gibberish continued, but you ignored it as you felt yourself become more pleasured off the seduction of the dump that was coiling into a pile beneath you. You wondered if any other anus produced as much shit as you, but truly couldn't imagine any other goddess being as great as yours.

The waste continued out of you one log after another. When a sludgy pile of waste began flowing out of your form, building on top of the pile below you, you thought to yourself for a moment about what a great life you had. How grateful you were for Goddess taking care of you, keeping you safe from the dangerous and scary world outside of her butt. Sure, you had to go through the unpleasant process of being drenched in water and soap almost everyday, but it just gave you a new chance to create more stench that you could bask in later. Goddess always kept you fed and full, and would even stimulate you with the pink-haired giantess. You wondered sometimes about her orifice, which would coat you in saliva whenever it pleasured you, but it was too much for your mind to comprehend for long. You'd get a headache and feel bad, until Goddess farted for you to bring you back to your senses.

As Goddess finished her poop, she dragged a white sheet over you and stole the tasty warm waste from your pucker. As you watched the sheet fall into the bowl below you, you wondered why all of that beautiful poop that your Goddess made was always gone the next time she came to sit down. It didn't make sense to you, but then again, not much did anymore. No matter, though, as you were at least going to stay with Goddess for the rest of your life. There wasn't anywhere else you'd want to be, or anyone else you'd want to serve.

Before you knew it, hours seemed to have passed. You realized this because the Goddesses were beginning to make love yet again, which was great news for you. Pleasure poured over you and you tingled in ecstasy as the pinkette made her way to you. She spread open your host's massive cheeks and began covering you in kisses, before stopping for a moment and eyeing you over. This was odd to you, as it seemed like she was looking directly at you, which never happened. She seemed to say something, but it was in the secret language that you were unable to understand.

"Hey Quinn," Avery said as she pulled her face out of her lover's deep crack. "Did you know that you have two tiny moles right above your asshole? It kinda makes a tiny smiley face, hehe."

Quinn chuckled at her wife, who even after all these years still found ways to make her laugh. "Avery, you're so stupid sometimes. Now get back in there, you don't want to miss this next one," she said as she arched her ass back up against Avery's face. Practically reflexively, Avery stuck her tongue out and in to Quinn’s anus, swirling it in circles and tasting every inch of her delicious rectum. Already she could taste the heavy dinner she had made for her wife hours ago, until Quinn's gas widened her asshole around Avery's slick tongue, and it began kissing her back.


End Notes:

That's it for the story!  This is definitely the longest thing I've written so far, but it was a lot of fun to write.  I really enjoyed exploring the characters and creating the different situations they ended up in, even if some of it goes a bit too far.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading so many of my chapters!  Feel free to leave a review with any feedback, as it'll help me with the next thing I write.  I love reading your comments and really do appreciate fresh perspectives on my writing since it helps me know what I should continue doing right and what I need to improve upon.  It's certainly a lot better on this site than it is on writing.com.

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