A Squishy Teen: Trapped at your Cousin's Farm by revival45

You're Jack, a squishy teenager who must get home after ending up an inch tall at your Cousin's farm.  With your malleable body, you'll end up being trapped in a field of manure, as your cousin's favorite pair of underwear, and eventually the inside of the farm's outhouse.

These chapters were originally part of the interactive "A Squishy Teen" by Kentwolf on writing.com.  Although these chapters are older, I welcome any and all feedback.

MAJOR scat/toilet warning.

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1. A Piece of Shit in a Field of Manure by revival45

2. Kat's Favorite Pair of Panties by revival45

3. A Shitty Competition by revival45

4. Kat Makes Good on her Promise by revival45

5. A Failed Escape Plan by revival45

6. Life. Wasted. by revival45

A Piece of Shit in a Field of Manure by revival45
Author's Notes:

This first chapter is a combination of three chapters I wrote for the interactive "A Squishy Teen" by Kentwolf.  Seeing how they were fairly short and originally posted to provide a few different paths for the storyline, I decided to combine them into a single chapter here.  You can read all of the previous chapters in the storyline here:


Context for the story up to now: Jack (you) is a teenager who has been squishy all his life.  After accidentally being eaten by your girlfriend Mary, you end up flushed away with her waste and recycled into a bag of manure.  As it turns out, your bag ends up at a farm owned by your Aunt and her daughter Kat.  While you know your aunt would help you, you worry that your cruel cousin will take advantage of your diminished size.  When she spots you, you decide to hide from her by running into the path of a soil grinder being operated by your aunt...

In the moment, you decided that giving yourself up to the grinder was a safer option than giving yourself up to your cousin. With her, she had gotten you into so much trouble even while you were at your regular size, that you couldn't trust her to help while at an extra vulnerable height. You turned around to see the grinder was already upon you when it sucked you up and chopped you into even smaller pieces, spitting them onto a pile of fresh manure behind it.

Your aunt stopped the grinder when she saw Kat running towards it. "Something wrong dear?"

Kat stopped while trying to make sense of what she think had just happened. Had she seen her missing cousin just now? Your mom always alerted the family when you had been missing for a longer period of time, typically more than a week, just in case you had ended up stuck to someone somehow. But why would Jack run from me instead of being found? Kat thought to herself. It didn't make sense, usually she could always count on you running to someone for help. "Uh... no," she responded, "Just thought I saw something was all."

Her mom shrugged and turned the grinder back on while she went back to moving rocks. Kat still couldn't get the thought of you out of her head, until she ultimately decided there'd be no way you would've ended up at her mom's farm. The two of them continued to work in the field, plowing and grinding more and more manure out of the way unaware of your presence.

You had been ground, smashed, cut, sliced and every other type of mangled you could imagine before, but as soon as you got run over by your aunt's heavy machinery you knew you had underestimated what was going to happen to you. The machine had completely pulverized you along with the manure you had been standing on and shot you out into hundreds of minuscule pieces. When you landed, you were on top of a big pile of shit looking face up at the beating sun. You tried to reform right away, until you realized that you already had done it. While you had previously been a foot tall, the machine had broke you down even further, you were weren't even an inch tall now!

After standing up, you looked around and knew you still had to try to get to the farmhouse. It had only been a few minutes walk before, but now this would take you all day!  And even then, you weren't sure how you would get your form back. The pile of waste you were on was no more than a foot high, but it was now a huge hill for you. You started to walk down it when you noticed that your feet were forming with the manure. Each step you took would bring some of it with you. There must be part of me in this stuff you realized. When the machine ground you up, it had mixed your body with the manure enough to where it was now indistinguishable. You looked at yourself and noticed your were completely brown, which confirmed your suspicions: you were literally a piece of shit.

This was really bad, but you knew you didn't have time to panic. You started running as quick as you could through the field, up and down the rows of manure your aunt had just rowed. Moving took a bit of getting used to, as your new form was denser and heavier than you were used to. The crap that was making you up weighed you down and made you feel like you were on another planet with a higher gravity. Running up mounds of shit was extra hard, so you began rolling down them whenever you reached the top. Doing so, however, caused your body to pick up more and more waste. You were becoming more round and heavier with each step it seemed, you weren't sure how long you'd be able to continue.

When you reached the summit of another shit hill, you looked to see how much further you had to go. The farmhouse still felt just as far away from you as when you started! The only thing that was different was that now you aunt and Kat were walking inside. They always started work at dawn so that they could be done just before the day reached its hottest stretch, when the heat from the sun was at its strongest and magnified the smell of the manure. You were really starting to feel the heat now, and it made your body melt more with the manure. You still had a few more rows to go until you were out of the field, but this was not going to be easy. You began to roll down the current pile you were on, knowing that if you weren't careful you'd soon become a permanent part of this field of poop.

There were only 2 more rows of manure for you to scale, but progress had become supremely slow. You had already been climbing the current pile of shit for almost an hour, but you were only halfway up. There were too many factors working against you: Your shitty form was heavier than ever, the sun was beaming directly down upon you, and the smell of the sea of shit you were in was clouding your mind. You felt sick and woozy, which forced you hike to turn into a crawl up the hill as your legs couldn't do it on their own now. Little did you realize that it was just creating more surface area between your body and the ground, causing you to absorb even more manure.

When you started, you had been an inch tall but still shaped like a person. But now, after spending the entire day wading through processed shit and absorbing it with each step, you were a brown blob inching its way through the field. You were totally indistinguishable from the earth below you, there was no way to tell there was any bit of human down there. And in a sense, was there any human at all? You didn't have your height, body, or even a regular color any more. You really were just a piece of shit surrounded by manure.  How pathetic.

Finally you made it to the top of the current row, only one more to go. You got ready and started rolling down the hill. It had taken a whole hour to get up but only seconds to tumble down, again at the bottom of a valley of shit. Your body had again picked up a lot of new crap, and you got ready to begin your final ascent when you realized something was off. Your mind made the motion to stand, but couldn't move any of the manure that was on top of it. You tried to crawl, but couldn't do that either! The blazing sun had finally melted the manure enough that you had melted into it, cementing you to the ground once and for all. There was no way for you to move out of it, you were totally stuck.

You felt like having a breakdown, you still couldn't believe you had ended up here! Had it really been a month ago that you were with your loving girlfriend? You knew how you had ended up here, but couldn't believe that after being swallowed and digested by her, you were finally entombed in shit. No one knew you were here, and you couldn't do anything except feel the heat of the sun and breathe in the shit that surrounded, and now made up, you. You wanted to cry, but your body could no longer produce tears. All it could do was emanate stench.

As you laid motionless in your swamp of manure, the sun eventually stopped beating down and turned to night. Your mind was so adrift in depressed thoughts that you didn't even hear footsteps from the farmhouse come closer to you. Eventually though, you did feel some vibrations and rumblings through the ground, followed by a huge SPLAT.

Your aunt was walking around the edge of the field in her work boots, doing a last lookover of her farm before calling it a night. During her patrol she stepped on you, and you became plastered to the bottom of her boot, along with more of the manure that was made of the same stuff as you. You were simultaneously thrilled and scared of her "rescue" as each of her steps added more and more pressure to you. You knew you'd survive, but that didn't mean it wasn't an easy thing to deal with. Regardless though, you knew she had just saved your life and you had new hope that you could somehow return to normal, or whatever 'normal' was for you.

When she finished, your aunt stepped into the farmhouse and removed her boots. She stamped them down repeatedly in her laundry room on top of an old towel, trying to get the manure off. As she did, you came off with the shit and found yourself motionless on the towel. But before you could even begin to think of what you were going to do next, she picked up the towel and threw it into her washing machine. When you hit the water, the shit that had been caked onto you started to break off, and you were able to move again! Finally, you had an escape!

At least, you did until your aunt threw some more clothes into the washing machine on top of you. Your world again went dark as you had no choice but to ride in the washing machine with an assortment of clothes and soap. The bombardment of the laundry, along with the big effort from the day's escape, made you pass out, again leaving your fate up to chance.

Kat's Favorite Pair of Panties by revival45

When you woke up, you found yourself unable to move again, but no longer smelled like manure. You were all for small victories, but still had a goal in mind: get home to your mother and Mary. You looked around and noticed you were surrounded by what looked like a large blue canvas made of cloth. Okay, let me retrace my steps you thought to yourself. The last thing you remembered was being in the washing machine, surrounded by clothes and soap. It then occurred to you that you must have been attached to some piece of clothing. But what piece, and who does this belong to? you wondered.

Just then, the world around you shook violently and was pulled into light when someone opened the drawer with you in it. When your eyes adjusted to the light, you noticed it was your older cousin Kat! After yesterday's close call, you decided you were in enough trouble that you needed her help, even if that meant risking some sort of torture from her. You tried to yell, but couldn't. It seemed that during your most recent reformation, you had lost your mouth. But still the question remained, what were you attached to?

Kat was groggy still from waking up, but was surprised to see that her mom was nice enough to put her clothes away for her. "Aw, how sweet. Thanks Mom," she said to herself. She was excited to have the day off to herself, and figured she'd make it as special as she could after the week's hard work. And what better way to start it off than with her favorite pair of panties.

Suddenly Kat's giant hand grabbed you and picked you up, and she brought you down to her feet. You looked up and were surprised to see that she was naked, until it dawned on you that she wouldn't be for long. "Kat wait! It's Jack!" you wanted to yell but couldn't. She put both of her feet into the holes of her panties and started to lift you up until you were right under her plump butt cheeks. Then she stretched your form back as much as she could until it went completely around her plump butt, at which point she let go of the waistband and it snapped into place. That last action brought your face even closer to your cousin's buttcheeks, as you were completely fused with the seat of her underwear. Your face, although stretched out, was pushed right up against her soft skin and wedged just slightly into her asscrack, where you quickly realized your sense of smell still remained.

Kat picked out the rest of her clothes easily, as she was just going to have a lazy day around the house. As she moved, her cheeks pressed more and more against you, and her panties slid gradually into the center of her big rear. As she put on a pair of comfy sweatpants she had to bend her legs up before putting them into them, which caused your face to smear more and more over her butt. Finally, she pulled her pants up over you, again sealing you into darkness with nothing to stare at but her deep crack.

Wanting to make the most out of her day off, Kat made a big breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon and a glass of milk from her family's cows. She always tried to take advantage of the resources her family had despite the fact that she was lactose intolerant. But things like excessive gas didn't bother Kat, especially since she knew she was just going to have a day to herself. After breakfast, she laid on the couch to watch some TV while her meal digested. For you, there really wasn't much to do except wait and hope that your mouth would somehow reform, but being fused to Kat's underwear was now a different issue for you. Was there any way you could make contact with her? You tried to brainstorm some ideas while Kat's huge butt pushed you more and more into the couch. It was hard to concentrate with all the pressure, as well as the heat that came with being enclosed in a pair of sweats. How could this get any worse? you wondered.

Just then, Kat's body had an answer. Her breakfast had finally digested and built up enough pressure in her gut that she started expelling her gas. Kat was comfy with how she was positioned, with her butt facing down into the couch with no air flow. She always liked sitting like this since she enjoyed the warm feeling she got on her ass when she'd fart with nowhere for it to escape. She stayed in this position while she binged Netflix, only moving to eat some veggies and dip.

While you were looking directly up at Kat's asscrack, it started to hiss and blow out gas. There was no where for her buttcheeks to move so all of her gas slipped out in a steady stream directly onto you, and it made you want to gag instantly. You understood that it was a natural process, but being right at the epicenter of a giant girl's asshole for a nonstop bout of flatulence is a different game entirely. You had no choice but to let it all continue to pass onto and through your stretched cloth form. After an hour, Kat's butt still showed no sign of slowing, and the heat that was coming from inside of her body had no where to escape. Her butt started to sweat, which drenched onto you as your cloth body absorbed it. Without anywhere for the heat or gas to escape, it had no where to go except into you, and the gas particles settled within your fibers. You had absolutely nothing else to experience, other than the sight of your cousin's sweaty rear and the taste and smell of her flatulence.

After the long day of experiencing nothing but Kat's farts at point blank range, she finally slid you off and threw you into her dirty clothes hamper, along with the rest of her clothes. There you remained for a week with the pungent smell of Kat's gas and sweat still ingrained in your cloth form, until you were thrown into the wash and again found yourself back in her drawers, where you'd wait until her next day off when she wanted to wear her most comfortable pair of panties. Like clockwork, this repeated every single week, first for a month, then two, then 6, then a year, and more.

Each cycle you would wait and pray that your mouth would finally reform, all while you experienced gradual, but very important, changes in your existence. First was that you'd become more and more stretched out, as each time Kat would put you on over her huge rear you'd grow a little more elastic. Next, your color changed from a cute bold blue to a dull brown, having been exposed to Kat's gas for so long. Then there was your smell, which got worse and worse, but didn't matter since Kat only wore you on her personal days when she wouldn't be around anybody. Even with your weekly bath in the wash, there was always at least a small amount of gas particles that fused with you, always haunting you and never letting you taste anything else but rankness. Finally it was your mind that was last to go, as exposure to nothing but Kat's farts and buttcheeks convinced you that you really were nothing but her panties. There was no life waiting for you, no escape to look forward to, no way to call for help, nothing but the smell of Kat's digested food. You even began to prefer the days when you'd at least be worn, since there was still some type of physical contact that reminded you of what it was to be human. Spending the rest of your week in the dirty clothes hamper surrounded by other sweaty attire was the worst part, as the boredom that came with being inanimate was awful. At least when you were with Kat, you were serving a purpose. Everything else was just waiting.

5 years after first becoming Kat's favorite pair of panties, after eating flatulence for the entire day, the unthinkable happened while she was removing you.


While stretching you back over her sizable rear, Kat's favorite pair of underwear snapped and she held them up to her face. "Oh no! They've ripped!" She cried, "These were so comfy!" It took you a second to recognize Kat's face, but once you did your memories came rushing back to you and your consciousness returned. As it did, the rest of your body seemed to slip right out of the tear in the worn out fabric, until you fell on the ground right in front of your cousin. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Kat screamed while you finally began to reform in front of her. "Is that you Jack?"

A Shitty Competition by revival45
Author's Notes:

I decided to combine the next two chapters again, since the first one was short and made to add a few more options to the interactive.

As you finish reforming for the first time in years, you feel like a new man. You proudly stand up to face Kat, until you realize you're only a few inches tall. You stare up to see Kat looking down at you, shocked beyond all belief. "Jack! Where the hell have you been?" Kat asks as she unceremoniously grabs you and brings you up to her face. She sounded more upset than concerned, which makes you a little worried.

"Kat, oh my God I am glad to see you," a half truth, as you were still a little worried about her wanting to mess with you. But you were finally free from your previous form, and figured that she'd probably be happy to help you. You explain to the best of your ability the sequence of events that led to you being trapped in her underwear for the past 5 years, and when you finish you are shocked to hear your cousin's response.

"You expect me to believe all that? You pervert!"

"No Kat please I swear! Look if you could just get me back to my mom's everything could be fixed."

"Your mom doesn't even think you're alive anymore!" Kat tells you, "Or at least that you're ever coming back. You've made her worried and miserable ever since you've disappeared, and you think you can just go back into her life and everything will go back to normal?" Kat's temper steadily increased into a rage, "What about the next time you disappear on another one of your perverted adventures, huh? You expect her to go through that mourning process again?"

"Kat it's nothing like that and you know it!"

"Well then prove it!" She yelled at you as she squashed you in her hand. She stormed out of the house and headed straight to thhe end of the farm's fields.  Her mom's farm was huge, and for the sake of convenience there was an outhouse at the end of it in case someone had to use it instead of walking all the way back to the house. When she got there, she opened up her hand so that you could see that she was holding you right above the toilet. Immediately the smell made you want to vomit.

"Listen shit-wad," She said, "If you want to prove that you really want to return to your mom, you need to prove that you'll go through anything to get to her." You were nervous with what she was saying and the place she was saying it. "Now I can't think of anywhere worse to be stuck than in here. So tell you what, if you can find a way out of this outhouse, I'll take you back to your family. But if not, then you better get used to living in it because I am NOT helping you out whatsoever."

"What?" You actually couldn't believe what your cousin was saying to you. How would this prove anything? "How can I even climb out of there?"

"Not my problem, Jack," she replied, "But I'll check back once a day, and if you make it out I'll stay true to my word. Better get started." Kat then turned her hand over and you began falling through the air. As you passed the lid, the smell below amplified more and more, and you fell deeper and deeper until finally you land smack-dab in the middle of a mountain of shit. You rolled onto your back, wiped the shit from your face and looked up, shocked at how deep the outhouse was dug. Even at a regular height, there was a solid 5 feet between the lid and the pile of poop you were on top of, which was already the highest point out of all the waste below. You looked down and saw that the pile you were on top of was already at least a foot tall, with who knows how many feet of shit buried underneath. Instantly you were ready to accept your fate as a member of the fecal hell. You looked back up and saw Kat's head looking down at you.

"Oh and if it's too hard, don't worry!" She yelled down at you, her voice echoing in the pot. "I'll give you a little bit of help every day, starting now!"

What does that mean? you thought to yourself. Just then you figured it out, though, as she turned around and sat on the seat, cutting off all outside light save for a small gap at the back where her buttcrack met the bottom of her spine. You still didn't have enough light to see the massive log snaking out of her asshole, and soon it broke off and fell right onto the pile with you on it. The momentum it gained from the long drop caused the pile you were standing on to explode in all directions, and you went flying off until you landed in the shit below. You slipped as you tried to stand, still struggling to see anything in front of you. Even if you could, all you could see would be brown.

Next a stream of urine trickled out of Kat's crotch and shot down directly onto you. The liquid was all pooling to where you had been standing, and soon there was enough piss that you had to tread water. You swam forward until you felt solid ground, but when you tried to climb up it turned out to not be solid enough, as it caused a cascade of fecal sludge to come tumbling down on top of you. You tried to dig your way out, but the copious amount of crap was making it hard to determine if you were even digging the right direction.

When you finally reached the surface, you stuck your head out and looked back up to see that Kat was still in the middle of her 'helpful' dump. She excreted out another series of brown mushy logs that fell into a pile surrounding you. Quickly you tried to climb on top of one, but before you could another dropped from the sexy ass above you, burying you yet again. This time, you decided to give up and figured there was no point in surfacing until Kat was done unleashing her bowels upon you. As you lay buried under mounds of shit, you became nostalgic for simpler times when you only had to deal with her gas. Now instead of choking on Kat's flatulence, you were drowning in her poop.

Up above, Kat finished unloading her bladder with another long thick log that only hours ago had been a hearty breakfast. She knew she'd have to start holding her bladder everyday for Jack's challenge, as she didn't expect him to get out of the waste below any time soon. Plus, this way her mom would also technically help whenever she ended up on this side of the farm. She smiled to herself, proud of the devious plan she had made to punish her cousin. When nature was finally done running it's course, she wiped herself with some biodegradable toilet paper, and threw it onto her pile below. She looked at the big new mess she made for Jack, and knew he was buried somewhere deep within.

"I don't know if you can hear me all the way under there, Jack, but you better get started. I'll be back tomorrow, and frankly don't really care if it takes you another 5 years to get out of this! Oh, and you better get used to working in the dark. Don't want any of the smell getting out, you know? Hahaha!" Kat laughed to herself as she shut the lid on your poop tomb. When you finally dug your way out of Kat's pile, you realized you essentially were right back where you started. You wanted to get out of here as quick as possible, but right now, you were too tired to even stand up. You laid back down on Kat's shit and didn't even bother wiping any off your face. The only bright side was that the warmth of her turd made it easy for you to fall asleep. You scooped some of the waste closer to you and cuddled up with the poop before you closed your eyes and you slowly sank back deeper into it. That's a problem for tomorrow you thought to yourself, I can only handle so much for one day.

Kat Makes Good on her Promise by revival45
Author's Notes:

Again, combining the next two chapters since they're pretty short.

A new day had dawned... not that you could tell. When you woke up, your environment was still pitch dark. Not because of the outhouse's chamber you were currently trapped in (although that wasn't much help either), but because during your rest, you had sunk into the huge pile of poop that you were resting on. You were too exhausted, it seems, to have noticed that you were slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the soft, warm waste Kat had just expelled from her gigantic ass. It wasn't very fast, but over the hours you had slept you must have sank almost a foot into the pool of shit that had been piling up for years. And as you left a hole where you sank through, the stability of the pile above you collapsed in upon itself. Your entire environment was a shade of brown that you were becoming all too familiar with. Between being Mary's logs, manure on your aunt's farm, Kat's skidmarked panties and this, you were beginning to fit in more with shit than your own kind.

No, you thought to yourself as you began swimming upwards through the poop that was encasing you. I've got to get out of here and back to my life! I need to escape so that I can be with Mary and my mom again, as a normal person!  With a new motivation, you continued easily through the fecal ocean, not caring about the stench or taste anymore. You've been through enough to be grossed out anymore, or at least you hoped so. When you finally climbed back to the top of the pile, you stood atop the mountain of shit and looked back up at where you had to go. You saw the faint halo of light that made its way through the closed toilet lid, and felt intimidated by how far away it was. At normal height, it was about five feet of space from the fecal matter you were standing on. You were not normal height, however, and you knew that climbing the walls of this place would take you hours, if not days.

It didn't matter. As Kat said before, no one is going to help you get out of here but yourself. You started running down the pile you were on so that you could reach the wall of the pit. You had to descend roughly a foot of shit, with each step sucking you in to the pile more and more. Luckily, you were strong enough to escape its grasp each time, but you knew you still had to be careful in case you got stuck and the poop would engulf you, possibly never to be seen again. A terrifying thought, but a possibility with someone as small and squishy as yourself.

Soon the shit became extra mushy, as you reached the bottom of the pile. Or, rather, you reached the level where urine and liquid shit was high enough that you now had to swim. You took a deep breath (of a primarily flatulent atmosphere) and dove in to the mess. It was a thick liquid mixture that burned your eyes, so you quickly resurfaced and instead swam through at water level. It took a few minutes, but you were able to reach the edge of the chamber soon enough. You grabbed on to the ground in front of you and were relieved that underneath an inch of waste, was regular dirt. Things were starting to look up.

Just then, you hear the sound of a door opening and closing above you. Oh no, someone's about to go to the bathroom!  You knew this was something that was bound to happen, but you were still worried about being in the drop zone. Someone grabs the lid and opens it, exposing you to a blinding amount of light. You try to make out who it is, but your sensitive eyes aren't adjusted for such strong light yet (despite the outhouse being lit by a single, weak bulb). Suddenly the light is blocked out by something big, and when you look back up you see the huge backside of Kat.

It wasn't something you were proud of, but you could recognize that ass anywhere by now.

Kat was still extremely upset at you, thinking you had chosen to be trapped in her favorite pair of panties for all those years. And while she was already punishing you in the most cruel way she could imagine, she intended to make her return to the outhouse especially punishing for you. She had spent the day consuming as much fiber-heavy foods as possible, and eating extra dairy that she knew would trigger her lactose intolerance. "That little pervert doesn't know just how much he's pissed me off," she thought to herself as she lowered herself onto the toilet, with her thick ass spilling over the sides. "If anything, I'm doing him a favor by helping him," she thought to herself, smiling as her bowels began churning out a fecal punishment.

You knew you were in trouble, and began climbing the wall as fast as you could. Knowing what her last dump was like, you knew Kat's ass was about to turn this place into a war zone, and you had to get as far away as possible from the drop zone. You began climbing, but only made it about half a foot before you looked up at Kat's rectum. Your eyes widened and your mouth dropped as you saw her orifice stretch wider than ever before, a brown log expanding it more and more each second. Small bit of gas slipped out the sides of it, but this turd was several inches wide and growing. You tried to climb faster, but you knew that once it dropped there would be no mercy.

Up above, Kat felt her asshole widen and began to quiver, realizing she had never felt this sort of build up before. In a way, it was sort of... sexy? She giggled to herself, then began caressing her breast to become more stimulated. Oooh! she thought as her back orifice began to expand even more. That feels really good. I think I'm going to have to do this more often. Her pleasure was increasing more and more, until finally she found herself able to climax, which just so happened to be the last push that her shit needed to escape.


Kat's ass exploded above you, and it shot the massive turd out at a sharp speed. It crashed into the pile below and caused it to explode all over the outhouse's chamber. Poop went flying in all directions and got splattered all over the walls. You tried to brace for impact, but a big glob of it completely smothered the area you had climbed to, and it caused you to fall back down and squish all over the waste below you. Your squishy form had splatted out when you fell, so now you were unable to move until you could reform. However, Kat was just getting started, and another log began coiling out of her ass onto the pile next to you. As you watched it fall and pile over onto itself, you thought hopelessly to yourself how similar you were to your cousin's poop. There's really not much separating me from that. Except even I'm not as strong as her big logs. Slowly you watched the pile spread over to you, and you were unable to do anything except watch your impending doom at the hands of literal shit. I'm even lower than poop, you thought as it steamrolled over you, encasing you yet again in a warm, smelly darkness

After 10 minutes, Kat finished shitting and wiped. Before closing the lid, she looked back down at the pile she had made, satisfied with herself. I wonder if he's ever going to make it out of there she thought to herself. I suppose if he does, I'll have to stay true to my word. Finally, she slammed the lid shut unceremoniously, intentionally not wanting to even acknowledge her cousin's existence. His solitary confinement had to be solitary.

You barely heard the lid slam and your cousin leave from underneath Kat's newest pile. A few hours later, you were completely reformed, although you noticed that some of your body was now feeling a bit... squishier than normal. You poked at yourself and noticed a similar feeling, which immediately sent your mind into a panic. It seemed that when you reformed this time, since you were squished underneath Kat's hot logs, that you had reformed with some of it. Your squishy body was made of adaptive cells, and you theorized that it was beginning to mix with the waste that it was constantly being exposed to. In layman's terms, your body was beginning to turn in to poop!

I've got to get out of here fast, you thought to yourself. As you turned back to the wall to start climbing again, you noticed how much harder it was to lift yourself up, with a body that was becoming weaker the longer it was exposed to poop. You had to be careful not to fall from such a height again, as doing so would only cause you to splatter and reform with even more shit.

A Failed Escape Plan by revival45
Author's Notes:

Again, combined the next two chapters.

It took several days, but eventually you made it.

Any climbing speed you had before was now minuscule with your degrading body, but you found that it provided some benefits. For one, you were able to press yourself into crevasses in the wall anytime that you needed to rest, or whenever Kat or you Aunt came to use the bathroom. It certainly sacrificed some time, as you would have to wait for your body to reform for a few hours before you could climb again, but as long as you didn't fall back down into the pile of shit below you, you didn't have to worry about your body reforming with more fecal matter than it already had. And even as you watched in horror the huge loads that these women dropped at least once a day, you knew that remaining cool and calm was your best bet for escape. After all, your body may have started blurring the line between man and poop, but your mind was still you.

When you did reach the top of the outhouse's pot, you were able to use your extra squishy form again to your benefit when you had to swing from inside of the toilet to the top of the toilet seat. You knew you had to be extremely careful at this point, since any false move would cause you to fall back down, splatter, and lose more of your body. But you were comfortable with the current balance of man and shit that your body currently had, and you were able to fling yourself up with your weight to the top of the seat. The lid was still closed, but that didn't matter as the inch of space between the top of the seat and the bottom of the lid was enough for you to squeeze yourself into. Once you were in place, you took one look back down at the hell you had just managed to escape. You saw the seemingly endless mountain of shit that you had been buried under a number of times now, but had managed to escape once more. You were exhausted, but above all glad to be out of the bottom of the outhouse. Even though you were still right above it, the smell was already a hundred times better. As for the taste... well your body seemed to have picked up so much shit during your last reformation that you now were constantly tasting it. But by now, you were pretty much used to it. You just hoped you could reform completely back to normal at some point.

You began squirming your way back to the outside of the toilet seat, as you didn't want to risk possibly falling back into the toilet. Since you had to wait for Kat anyway, you thought that you might be able to get on top of the toilet lid, where you could stand tall and proud at her the next time she came in. You started crawling towards the outside, but you noticed that with each inch you were able to cover, you left behind a snail trail of poop, that was also your body. It seemed like you were causing yourself to be splattered over the toilet seat. No matter you thought, I just need to get out from under this lid so that Kat knows to come and rescue me. Then she'll help me get my body back and get back home.

Just then, someone opened the door to the outhouse. When they opened the lid, you see that it's your aunt, and she REALLY needed to shit. So much so, that when she was out at the end of the farm, she knew she was going to have to go to the outhouse. She wasn't especially keen on using it, especially since last week when Kat seemed to start using it way more than the house's toilet, but she understood that sometimes nature calls and you have to answer it in less than ideal conditions. After lifting the lid, shw scrunched her nose in disgust after seeing a smear of shit on the toilet seat. "Christ Kat! How the hell do you even let that happen, let alone leave it for someone else?"

You were shocked to see your aunt above you, as you hadn't even considered the possibility that Kat might not be the first one to use the outhouse again once you escaped it. And it was clear from what she had just said that all your aunt saw when she was looking at you was poop on the toilet seat. That means... oh no...

Before you could say anything or even attempt to reform yourself to explain the situation to your sexy aunt, you saw her turn around. Now looking at her huge dump-truck ass up close and personal, you heard her let out a fart as she bent forward to grab some toilet paper. Already, the stream of gas that escaped your aunt's big booty was starting to make you sick with fear and stench. You could tell from it that she was about to drop a deuce, and the toilet paper in her hand said that you were going to be a part of it. AUNTIE NOOO--

Your aunt let out a fart as soon as she bent forward to grab some toilet paper. Already she could tell it was going to be a rank, raunchy trip to the bathroom. Not wanting to get her hands dirty, she bunched up some toilet paper and wiped away the poop on the toilet seat, looked down at it in the paper, then threw it down into the abyss of the outhouse, not giving it a second thought before she dropped her panties and slammed her wide backside onto the toilet. Then, her ass started feeling relief

The last thing you saw before falling was your pretty aunt looking down at you. You had tried so hard to yell at her to stop and help, but when wiping you up she had completely splattered your squishy, shitty body. Her eyes seemed to inspect the space around you, but her face didn't register any emotion other than mild disgust. Then, you fell back down into the furnace of the fecal hell you had just managed to escape. You couldn't quite fathom your luck in this turn of events. Even when the biodegradable toilet paper you were stuck to fell back down onto the mountain of poop, you couldn't even bring yourself to fight. You just laid there, looking back up at the light you had craved for so long, before a thick round mass blocked out the light as it has many times before. There's no point in even trying to escape you thought to yourself.  The universe wants me here.

Unable to move and aware of what was going to happen to your body, you didn't even mentally brace for the load your aunt was about to drop directly on you. Her anus pulsated with a number of farts before quickly expelling long soft turds, one after the other. They crashed into you and instantly buried you under a warm embrace that was the only feeling you could enjoy anymore. You felt the pressure build more and more on top of you, which just compacted you deeper and deeper into the waste already below you. There was nothing in this world for you but brown. And as the pressure built, you could already feel your squishy self bonding more and more with poop.

Eventually your aunt finished, but you chose only to lie in defeat.  Hours pass and you hear Kat come in, and since you're not there, she drops herself on the toilet as usual, dispensing yet another long, hot turd that buries you even more. It's defeat and defeat for you; not just today but your whole life. If you weren't here, you'd still be trapped in Kat's panties. If not there, a hunk of manure in a field. If not there, somewhere else with Mary's shit. You can take a hint when it's repeated time and time again, maybe it's time to give up and accept your fate as a piece of poop at the bottom of an outhouse.

Life. Wasted. by revival45
Author's Notes:

As you lie entombed in a never ending mountain of shit that is destined only to be piled on more and more by both of these beautiful ladies, you finally give up. It's obvious by now that God or the universe or whatever controls your fate that you are destined to this as your life. And in some sense, that's something to be proud of. In a strange, perverted way, being sentenced to a lifetime in a pile of poop is intimate, as how could you be closer to someone than this? Sure, there's a loving embrace, but nobody likes people's shit. It's smells and is gross, and the entire world tries to flush it away to somewhere else. Not you though; you get flushed away with it. You're the one who stays buried in it for hours and days. You're the one who doesn't turn their nose away; you welcome it into your body. To be this close to Kat and her mom's poop is to be complete. Because no one else in their life would dare come so close.

At least, that's how your brain begins to rationalize things as your body slowly bonds more and more with the surrounding fecal environment. It seems that in letting your body over this state, it's brought your mind over as well. Now, your body and mind are that of shit. You are a living turd, surrounded by endless logs of shit. Everything in your life is made up of Kat and her mom's poop. You now belong to them, even though they wouldn't dare give a second thought to you once they close the toilet lid. It's the ultimate domination, and now it'll last for your lifetime.

These thoughts burn their way through your mind until they are implanted upon your identity. At this point, you identify yourself as a dump. Your memories begin fading, and you forget about Mary, your mom, and eventually Kat and your aunt. It's only you and more poop, as well as the two beings from above that deliver more waste into your pitiful existence. When they do, you happily accept it into your life and let yourself churn and move within it. Your consciousness is able to float between any piece of shit, to the point that you are able to embody any and all waste that falls into the outhouse.

As for your body, you are still able to make it... in a sense. You don't recognize it as who you were, but you are able to form yourself into the shape of a person. However, it's only someone who is an inch tall, and is still able to be overpowered extremely easily by the dumps that are dropped from above. Only now, instead of trying to avoid them, you run to them. The fresh logs of shit are more pungent and warmer, which is all that you are able to react to as a positive sensation. When one of the goddesses above dumps shit onto you, you eagerly embrace it for the warmth that just came from their body, and smash your face into it, inhaling and absorbing more of its filth. It's a process you perform eagerly and borderline automatically, and it causes more of your squishy body to become even more saturated with feces.

Days and weeks soon turn into months and years, but your sense of time is nonexistent at this point. You can only measure time in a daily sense, as that is when one or both of the goddesses above drops more poop for you to be a part of. Their dumps are always extra big and pungent, which can be attributed back to the fact that Kat turned her mom on to a high fiber diet and managed to get her mom's intestinal schedule to a point where she has to poop when she's out on the farm, closer to the outhouse than the home bathroom. Originally, her intent was to get her mom to contribute to your escape.  However, after a few years even Kat started to forget about you, as she had assumed you would have been able to escape the outhouse by now. But she still always went number two out at the outhouse, simply because of how she programmed her own body's digestive schedule from all the times she went to 'help' your escape.

Otherwise, you were aware of the cyclical seasonal nature of time, as during the hot summer months, the outhouse became something of a sauna, where your body would be melty and extra squishy. It was during these months that you were most in heaven, as the smell of old turds would be amplified and you would be able to swim around in an ocean of shit, that was made up of all the same stuff as you. When it got colder, that's when you would be extra alert of your goddesses' trips to the bathroom. Their warm, body temperature dumps were all that would save you from being frozen by the cold weather, as you would crawl to the center of them to absorb all of the heat and survive until the next day, when they would drop another warm load for you. You'd stay awake during the nights, comfortably surrounded by warm poop, happily sucking on the shit surrounding you. Even as enough time went on and waste at the bottom of the pile broke down into dirt, you remained as fresh and squishy as ever, cycling fresh poop through your body so that you could stay as loyal to the goddesses as possible.

Kat and her mom continued to age, and eventually their farm became successful to the point that they had to hire more help. And even though it had been years since you had last seen her, Mary always stayed close to your family and wanted to work for your aunt after college. Soon enough, she began working on the farm too, and also found herself having to go to the bathroom in the outhouse at the other end of the field. Kat wanted to make sure that Mary felt included, especially since she hadn't been with anyone since your disappearance, so she always invited her to the high fiber breakfast that would end with a cup of coffee that would trigger her bladder by the time she was near the outhouse. Mary began contributing to the giant mountain of shit you were living in, completely unaware that her missing boyfriend from all those years ago was right under her big juicy ass, rolling around and living with her huge hot dumps. For you, it was yet another goddess to devote yourself too. There would never be a shortage of poop for you to be a part of at this point. As far as you knew, this was all you ever needed.


As you laid baking in the hot outhouse, a literal living turd, you looked up eager for a goddess to bless you with her gift. Eventually, the lid opened, letting in a blinding light that obfuscated your vision until it was blocked out a thick backside. Thank Goddess you thought to yourself, I don't want to miss any gift from above. Because you had been serving the goddesses for so long, you were now able to identify each of them based on what their anus looked like. The one above you was extra wrinkly and had a few hairs spreading out from the center. You knew this was the oldest of them. She dumped an average size log for her, which measured about 9 inches in length.

As you began digging into it, the sky above you turned bright again before dimming. Another gift from above! you thought. Identifying which goddess it was, you saw their orifice was pink and small, indicating it was the newest of the three. You had heard her referred to as 'Mah-ree' before, but why does that name sound familiar? Your thought is quickly brushed aside as the anus pulsates in size to present a magnificent turd for you, roughly a foot long. It dropped on you and you accepted it with delight. As you dig your way through the warm center of it, you hear the heavens above you make noise again. Could it be another gift from the goddesses?

You poke your head out of the turd and see a wrinkly anus with a deep brown band, indicating that it's the original goddess that brought you here. You don't remember much from before, but do recall being face to face with the anus for a long time before finally being born into the loyal piece of poop you are now. It roars at you in flatulence, before uncoiling a massive 15 inch dump for you. You lay back and let yourself be dog-piled by the poop, as it quickly envelopes and surrounds your entire form. These might be their greatest gifts yet you think to yourself, as you pray gratitude towards the women that just unloaded their waste onto you. You hugged the warm log and felt it combine with your body, its warmth passing on from one piece of waste to another. As it did, you felt yourself sink back into the shit, letting yourself be one with the poop. It was the best thing in life for you.

Kat finished wiping and dropped her toilet paper down into the outhouse. Before closing the lid, she looked down at the waste and noticed how close it was getting to the top. "Hmm, another year or two and we'll have to finally build a new outhouse. We sure do shit a lot, haha!" Kat laughed to herself. Before she closed the lid, she thought back to years ago when she started coming out here regularly. She remembered the first time she tried a fiber-rich diet, which caused her to shit such a big log that she got turned on afterwards. It was at that point she decided to do it daily. "But what was the reason for doing it out here again?" She wondered to herself. She stopped for a moment and temporarily thought of her cousin who had gone missing all those years ago. But she couldn't understand why she thought of him just now. "Oh well" she said, as she slammed the lid shut and exited the outhouse. It'll be good to get a new outhouse. This place sure stinks now that we all use it. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be inside of there for too long.

End Notes:

Hope you all enjoyed this.  This is definitely my most scat-heavy story, so hopefully that's your thing.  If it is, check out some of my other stories, since those are also pretty scat-oriented.  I wrote this a while ago when I was still new to writing, so it was nice to revisit this and update a few areas that had poor grammar and typos.

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