A Squishy Teen: Trapped at your Cousin's Farm by revival45

You're Jack, a squishy teenager who must get home after ending up an inch tall at your Cousin's farm.  With your malleable body, you'll end up being trapped in a field of manure, as your cousin's favorite pair of underwear, and eventually the inside of the farm's outhouse.

These chapters were originally part of the interactive "A Squishy Teen" by Kentwolf on writing.com.  Although these chapters are older, I welcome any and all feedback.

MAJOR scat/toilet warning.

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A Piece of Shit in a Field of Manure by revival45
Author's Notes:

This first chapter is a combination of three chapters I wrote for the interactive "A Squishy Teen" by Kentwolf.  Seeing how they were fairly short and originally posted to provide a few different paths for the storyline, I decided to combine them into a single chapter here.  You can read all of the previous chapters in the storyline here:


Context for the story up to now: Jack (you) is a teenager who has been squishy all his life.  After accidentally being eaten by your girlfriend Mary, you end up flushed away with her waste and recycled into a bag of manure.  As it turns out, your bag ends up at a farm owned by your Aunt and her daughter Kat.  While you know your aunt would help you, you worry that your cruel cousin will take advantage of your diminished size.  When she spots you, you decide to hide from her by running into the path of a soil grinder being operated by your aunt...

In the moment, you decided that giving yourself up to the grinder was a safer option than giving yourself up to your cousin. With her, she had gotten you into so much trouble even while you were at your regular size, that you couldn't trust her to help while at an extra vulnerable height. You turned around to see the grinder was already upon you when it sucked you up and chopped you into even smaller pieces, spitting them onto a pile of fresh manure behind it.

Your aunt stopped the grinder when she saw Kat running towards it. "Something wrong dear?"

Kat stopped while trying to make sense of what she think had just happened. Had she seen her missing cousin just now? Your mom always alerted the family when you had been missing for a longer period of time, typically more than a week, just in case you had ended up stuck to someone somehow. But why would Jack run from me instead of being found? Kat thought to herself. It didn't make sense, usually she could always count on you running to someone for help. "Uh... no," she responded, "Just thought I saw something was all."

Her mom shrugged and turned the grinder back on while she went back to moving rocks. Kat still couldn't get the thought of you out of her head, until she ultimately decided there'd be no way you would've ended up at her mom's farm. The two of them continued to work in the field, plowing and grinding more and more manure out of the way unaware of your presence.

You had been ground, smashed, cut, sliced and every other type of mangled you could imagine before, but as soon as you got run over by your aunt's heavy machinery you knew you had underestimated what was going to happen to you. The machine had completely pulverized you along with the manure you had been standing on and shot you out into hundreds of minuscule pieces. When you landed, you were on top of a big pile of shit looking face up at the beating sun. You tried to reform right away, until you realized that you already had done it. While you had previously been a foot tall, the machine had broke you down even further, you were weren't even an inch tall now!

After standing up, you looked around and knew you still had to try to get to the farmhouse. It had only been a few minutes walk before, but now this would take you all day!  And even then, you weren't sure how you would get your form back. The pile of waste you were on was no more than a foot high, but it was now a huge hill for you. You started to walk down it when you noticed that your feet were forming with the manure. Each step you took would bring some of it with you. There must be part of me in this stuff you realized. When the machine ground you up, it had mixed your body with the manure enough to where it was now indistinguishable. You looked at yourself and noticed your were completely brown, which confirmed your suspicions: you were literally a piece of shit.

This was really bad, but you knew you didn't have time to panic. You started running as quick as you could through the field, up and down the rows of manure your aunt had just rowed. Moving took a bit of getting used to, as your new form was denser and heavier than you were used to. The crap that was making you up weighed you down and made you feel like you were on another planet with a higher gravity. Running up mounds of shit was extra hard, so you began rolling down them whenever you reached the top. Doing so, however, caused your body to pick up more and more waste. You were becoming more round and heavier with each step it seemed, you weren't sure how long you'd be able to continue.

When you reached the summit of another shit hill, you looked to see how much further you had to go. The farmhouse still felt just as far away from you as when you started! The only thing that was different was that now you aunt and Kat were walking inside. They always started work at dawn so that they could be done just before the day reached its hottest stretch, when the heat from the sun was at its strongest and magnified the smell of the manure. You were really starting to feel the heat now, and it made your body melt more with the manure. You still had a few more rows to go until you were out of the field, but this was not going to be easy. You began to roll down the current pile you were on, knowing that if you weren't careful you'd soon become a permanent part of this field of poop.

There were only 2 more rows of manure for you to scale, but progress had become supremely slow. You had already been climbing the current pile of shit for almost an hour, but you were only halfway up. There were too many factors working against you: Your shitty form was heavier than ever, the sun was beaming directly down upon you, and the smell of the sea of shit you were in was clouding your mind. You felt sick and woozy, which forced you hike to turn into a crawl up the hill as your legs couldn't do it on their own now. Little did you realize that it was just creating more surface area between your body and the ground, causing you to absorb even more manure.

When you started, you had been an inch tall but still shaped like a person. But now, after spending the entire day wading through processed shit and absorbing it with each step, you were a brown blob inching its way through the field. You were totally indistinguishable from the earth below you, there was no way to tell there was any bit of human down there. And in a sense, was there any human at all? You didn't have your height, body, or even a regular color any more. You really were just a piece of shit surrounded by manure.  How pathetic.

Finally you made it to the top of the current row, only one more to go. You got ready and started rolling down the hill. It had taken a whole hour to get up but only seconds to tumble down, again at the bottom of a valley of shit. Your body had again picked up a lot of new crap, and you got ready to begin your final ascent when you realized something was off. Your mind made the motion to stand, but couldn't move any of the manure that was on top of it. You tried to crawl, but couldn't do that either! The blazing sun had finally melted the manure enough that you had melted into it, cementing you to the ground once and for all. There was no way for you to move out of it, you were totally stuck.

You felt like having a breakdown, you still couldn't believe you had ended up here! Had it really been a month ago that you were with your loving girlfriend? You knew how you had ended up here, but couldn't believe that after being swallowed and digested by her, you were finally entombed in shit. No one knew you were here, and you couldn't do anything except feel the heat of the sun and breathe in the shit that surrounded, and now made up, you. You wanted to cry, but your body could no longer produce tears. All it could do was emanate stench.

As you laid motionless in your swamp of manure, the sun eventually stopped beating down and turned to night. Your mind was so adrift in depressed thoughts that you didn't even hear footsteps from the farmhouse come closer to you. Eventually though, you did feel some vibrations and rumblings through the ground, followed by a huge SPLAT.

Your aunt was walking around the edge of the field in her work boots, doing a last lookover of her farm before calling it a night. During her patrol she stepped on you, and you became plastered to the bottom of her boot, along with more of the manure that was made of the same stuff as you. You were simultaneously thrilled and scared of her "rescue" as each of her steps added more and more pressure to you. You knew you'd survive, but that didn't mean it wasn't an easy thing to deal with. Regardless though, you knew she had just saved your life and you had new hope that you could somehow return to normal, or whatever 'normal' was for you.

When she finished, your aunt stepped into the farmhouse and removed her boots. She stamped them down repeatedly in her laundry room on top of an old towel, trying to get the manure off. As she did, you came off with the shit and found yourself motionless on the towel. But before you could even begin to think of what you were going to do next, she picked up the towel and threw it into her washing machine. When you hit the water, the shit that had been caked onto you started to break off, and you were able to move again! Finally, you had an escape!

At least, you did until your aunt threw some more clothes into the washing machine on top of you. Your world again went dark as you had no choice but to ride in the washing machine with an assortment of clothes and soap. The bombardment of the laundry, along with the big effort from the day's escape, made you pass out, again leaving your fate up to chance.

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