The Incident by Marcus Fenix

I have been a long time support of the giantess community for my entire adult life. I wanted to write stories but it wasn't until recently that I decided to just do it. 

I present to you a story I have been working on for quite some time. The chapters will be short and focused but there will be many.

It revolves around the beautiful redheaded Megan, who is trying to figure out what happened to her entire Bioengineering research class. Undoubtedly, a few things go wrong.

I hope you enjoy part one of my first story! I am very excited to read everyone's feedback!

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1. Chapter 1: A Small Issue by Marcus Fenix

2. Chapter 2: An Empty Room by Marcus Fenix

3. Chapter 3: The Valiant Hero by Marcus Fenix

4. Chapter 4: Let The Fun Begin by Marcus Fenix

5. Chapter 5: The Mess by Marcus Fenix

6. Chapter 6: Nowhere to Hide by Marcus Fenix

Chapter 1: A Small Issue by Marcus Fenix

   “Where are we?” Jack mumbled as he got up from the ground while rubbing his head. Just a moment ago, he and the class along with Professor Whitaker, were just in the laboratory helping with the new Bioengineering project. They have been working on it for months, and both his peers and the professor were getting frustrated with their lack of progress. Today was supposedly the day that things would turn around. The thing was, no one really knew what this top secret project was about. Their professor just said they would get a superb letter of recommendation and college credit for helping her. Need she say more?


   “Uh guys, what was that?” he said aloud. Slowly, Jack regained his vision and looked around. He saw his friend Michael, sitting down not too far away, rubbing his head like he just woke up from a bad hangover. The floor was cold and dirty and it looked oddly similar to the tile from the laboratory but somehow it looked different, but wasn’t sure why. The last thing he remembered was a bright blinding flash emitting from the machine they had been working and then he was out like a light. 

   He looked further into the distance, squinting, trying to focus his vision. He saw someone else, wearing what looked to be a blazer and a gray skirt. “Professor Whitaker!” he shouted as he jumped and waved his hands to get her attention, but to no avail. It was strange, she didn’t turn around, instead she just stood there, still as can be, looking up towards the ceiling. Jack followed her gaze and his heart instantly sank...he was right, they were in the same laboratory, but everything was bigger...much much bigger. From his educated guess (Jack was really good at mathematics), it looked like they had somehow shrunk to the size of a small black ant. 


   There it was again! A deafening bass sound reverberated through the ground, shaking his ear drums so much they hurt. He wasn’t sure what to make of that sound or what to do next. Okay, we will be fine, I just need to get to the professor, I know she can help us with this mess. Just as he began to walk over to Professor Whitaker, the door to the laboratory swung open and there walked in an absolutely colossal figure. “Oh...fuck...oh fuck no” he said outloud. Jack stood in his tracks, not making a move. There stood Megan, the class hottie, the one he had always had a crush on. She had beautiful crismon hair that always rested upon her shoulders and these soul piercing green eyes. Megan stopped as soon as she opened the door. She was probably just as confused as they were, wondering where everyone had gone. To them she seemed like a monolith, something so huge it could barely be understood by their tiny human brains. Something so large, so massive, no normal human would ever encounter anything like that in their lifetime.

   Jack looked around, his peers slowly started to get up and others who must have awoken before him, began to jump and scream. In the distance he heard his classmate Janet scream “hey Megan, over here! We are down here! Help us! Something went wrong with the machine!” Megan didn’t even look down, of course she didn’t. At this size she could barely see us, let alone hear us. Jack thought it was best to probably get somewhere safe like under a cabinet, but before he could make a move his attention was drawn towards Jessica and her three friends screaming and waving as they were running towards Megan. They were running so fast but at this size, it took them forever to cover the tiniest bit of distance, like a traveler traversing a huge desert. Megan kept still, looking around. 

   “HELLO? IS ANYONE HERE” the goliath bellowed. The sheer volume of her voice was too much to bear. Jack put his hands over his ears to block the sound but never kept his eyes off of his classmates who kept running towards her. Then that is when it happened. His heart sank, his stomach churned, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The colossal human began to move. She lifted her foot off of the ground, revealing the undersides of her black ankle boots. Even from this distance, Jack could see the dirt and grime covering the bottom of the boot. Then he heard high pitched screaming as he realized the shadow of her boot loomed over Jessica and her friends and in just one step, they were wiped from existence. 


   The single step sent an earth shattering rumble throughout the floor, knocking him to the ground. That was it. Only chaos ensued as everyone around him began screaming and running well, bugs. Jack twisted and turned, looking for any bit of coverage, and saw the cabinet right in front of him. He kept running as fast as he could, with each step of Megan’s shifting him off balance. Panting and running out of breath, Jack could see the edge of the cabinet. Almost there...almost there. He felt his heart pumping and his breathing get faster and faster until another earthquake violently threw him to the ground. He rubbed his head, the back of it pounding like crazy. Before he could look up, the sky above him darkened as the colossal bottom of the boot quickly came crashing down on him, smearing him to a tiny red pulp on the floor.

Chapter 2: An Empty Room by Marcus Fenix

   Megan walked to the Bioengineering laboratory with her usually powerful strut. She knew she was always gawked at everytime she passed by a group of immature frat guys who couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. She didn’t mind the attention though, actually she seemed to like it at times. To be the star of the show, to be worshipped by men who saw her as this beautiful goddess. Today, Megan thought, was going to be a good day. Well it had to be better than yesterday, when Megan and her best friend Hannah got into a huge fight. Hannah is her absolute best friend from high school and the two were inseparable, that was until last night. Megan was told by her roommate Samantha, who honestly Megan didn’t even like, that she saw Hannah at the bars making out with none other than her class crush Jack!

   She was furious. Hannah knew she had a crush on him! He was the only cute guy in their entire Bioengineering class! Megan was livid as she called Hannah and the two had a screaming match. It didn’t end well for either of them as Hannah kept yelling that she didn’t know that she liked him, and Megan couldn’t bear to hear her best friend of so many years lie like that. She just yelled “fuck you!” over the phone and hung up. They haven't talked since. Today however, was her chance to make things right with Jack. She was on her way to the laboratory to work to help with this secret project their professor had been working on. They were promised many things in return for their help, but honestly Megan did it because she heard Jack was going to be involved in the project. 

   Megan knew she was more attractive than best friend. Hannah had long brunette hair, a curvy body, and some decent sized boobs but Megan offered more of everything. She had luscious red hair, crystal green eyes, a very curvy body, and of course her main assets...two massive triple D breasts. Hannah would always poke fun at her, saying things like “woah watch where you are going with those things, you almost knocked me over” and “it looks like you can never keep those puppies away!” Megan would just go along with it because she enjoyed the attention and loved her body. She was confident and she showed it. Today however, she was going to go all out to swoon Jack. She wore a revealing white tank top and a solid pink skirt with her brand new black ankle boots that she got from the store just a week ago. With this outfit and her confidence, Jack would  be all over her. 

   There it was. She stopped and took a deep breath, preparing herself before she walked into the building that read Bioengineering Research Laboratory. She collected her thoughts and walked inside. Each step echoed in the empty hallway, making a tiny clicks as he kept up her quick pace. She was excited as her heart fluttered with each step that brought her closer to the laboratory. She couldn’t wait to see Jack. She stood outside of the laboratory door and took one last deep breath and then…



   An insanely bright blue light poured through the one panel of the laboratory door. Megan shielded her eyes from the light with her hands. It was like glaring at the sun, she could feel her eyes twitch and tear up in pain from the immense luminosity of the light. “What the fuck?” she mumbled to herself. She didn’t know the exact project they had been working on, but from what she could gather from Jack and her peers, the project wasn’t even close to being done so nothing should be happening at all by this point! Well, there is only one way to find out. She pulled up the top of her tank top as a lame attempt to cover her ample cleavage and opened the door. 

   She peered inside and stood there perplexed. The laboratory room was completely and utterly empty. “What?” Megan said softly to herself as her brain trained to figure out what was going on. She was sure people were in here. She knew she was running a little late but her other classmates always arrived on time, if not earlier to kiss up to the professor. The machine in the back of the classroom was turned on as she could see a tiny blue light emitting from the back of it. Okay she thought. People were definitely in here at some point, and this was the only way in or out of the laboratory. I don’t see anyone though, did they go to a different laboratory and not tell me? Megan stood there for another minute, trying to puzzle together the entire event. She got all dressed up for Jack and yet no one was here. I better go inside and take a look to see what happened, she thought. Megan took one cautious step and  began to look around. People’s backpacks, lunch boxes, and even half empty Starbucks cups littered the entire room. So that is one thing she figured out, people were definitely here at some point. She kept walking, slowly making her way to the machine, being careful not to make a sound just in case someone was still here. She kept making her way towards the machine until after her last step, she stopped dead in her tracks. 

   There was something on the floor, no, a whole bunch of things on the floor. They looked like tiny black dots scuttling along the laboratory tile. They were scattered all over, moving in all different directions. She squinted to take a closer look, then her heart jumped in excitement. “ANTS!” She didn’t have to get down on the floor to know these little critters when she saw them! Unbeknownst to anyone except Hannah, Megan loved ants. Well, she loved crushing and torturing ants. Ever since she was smaller, she would run around in her backyard, pretending to be a giant monster coming to destroy ant hills and squish all of the ants out of existence. As she got older, this playful act turned into a fully fledged fetish where she got horny at the thought of crushing little bugs. Being powerful, dominating them, and being so much bigger really turned her on. She began to fill a tingle in her pink panties. No, not now. I have to figure out what happened first, she thought, as she kept making her way to the machine, but not without purposefully coming into the pathway of some of the tiny ants and crushing them into nothing.

   Finally, she made it to the table that housed the machine. It looked like a suped up telescope with wires and lights running all along the main shaft. Some lights were red and yellow, others like the one on the back was blue. There were even stray wires hanging out of the side of the instrument. Damn, maybe I should have paid more attention in class to figure out what this thing actually does. Maybe it has something to do with where everyone is right now. Before she could continue that thought, a group of four tiny black bugs came rushing towards her ankle boots. Oh don’t make this difficult for me. Who knows if someone is watching me right now…Meghan tried her best to resist the urge to indulge herself. She wanted nothing more at that moment than to lift her foot in the air and have it come crashing down, the rush of power filling her entire body. She looked around, still not a soul in sight. I mean they were pretty much asking for it by walking up to a goddess like me…

Chapter 3: The Valiant Hero by Marcus Fenix

  Just this morning, Michael and his close friend Jack were on their way to the laboratory for yet another uneventful day, but now things had turned into a complete nightmare. Michael couldn’t believe his eyes. In one moment he saw his friend walk over to the professor to get help, and the next he was wiped from existence. “I could have saved him...why didn’t I get up soon? Yell his way? Tell him not to move, that they would go somewhere safe together.” A single tear streamed down the right side of his cheek. “What a fucking mess…” He closed his eyes tightly and willed as hard as he could to make everything just go away. No he thought, this can’t be happening...but the red smear on the floor that used to be his friend said otherwise. Quickly, he felt a fiery rage build inside of him. That bitch. She killed him and didn't even bat an eye. Of course it’s the hot one that is the monster right now.

  He held his face in his palms as the earth kept shaking each step the monster took, but he didn’t care. There was no way he could get out of this. They were literally the size of bugs...but as soon as all hope was gone, he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. He looked up, eyes reddened, and saw three of his classmates. Sarah, Natalie, and Paul all stood over him and stared solemnly. “Hey Mike, buddy, I know this shit is crazy and I’m sorry about Jack, but we don’t have time to mourn. If we don’t move, we might be next” Paul said. Mike just stared aimlessly at the red stain. Sarah stepped in “Mike, fuck dude, we have to move and we can’t leave you behind. We need to gather everyone up and get to safety.” Mike nodded without looking away. The three of them exchanged glances and slowly Michael got up. As Paul began scoping out the area for a safe spot for them, he heard a scream and quickly turned around. Paul yelled “you have to be fucking…MIKE NO!” Before he could even start after him, Mike was well on his way, running directly towards Megan.

  They couldn’t let him get killed! Sarah and Natalie both muttered “fuck” to themselves as the three of them began chasing Michael to hopefully get him to the ground and to safety. They kept running and running but Mike was faster. They could here him sobbing and shouting “that fucking big titted bimbo killed my only friend!” The colossal classmate was too busy above, staring at the device that got them in this mess. They were all getting way closer to her than they wanted to. Her boots looked like a skyscraper to them, something absurdly large. Paul was dragging behind but Sarah and Natalie were making good distance, getting closer and closer until the colossus spoke…

“Well, no one is around so I might as well…”

  The voice painfully reverberated their ear drums. The ginormous ginger then moved slightly and looked directly at them. A devious grin enveloped her enormous face. Sarah and Natalie froze in their place. Were they saved? She saw them right? Paul finally caught up, panting heavily, he said “what’s going on. Is something wrong?” He then saw where they were looking. He saw the mile high classmate staring down at them. Paul however couldn’t stop but gaze in awe. She was wearing a pink skirt and underneath that skirt she was wearing a bright pink pair of panties. “My god…” he said. His mind raced, thinking about how her nether areas could swallow him up without a thought. He shuddered. This is terrifying. His eyes moved up the body, slowly passing the huge bosom that partially blocked her face. “Guys…” he said. “I think we should…”


  They were knocked off their feet. They were so distracted they forgot about Mike, but it was  already too late. They quickly got back up and saw the bottom of the boot was already off the ground, Mike’s poor pulpy body stuck to the bottom of the boot. “FUCK GUYS, RUN!” Paul screamed. All three of them ran as quickly as they could in the opposite direction. They bolted and didn’t look back. All they could hear was the monster giggle in pleasure. This is so fucked.

Chapter 4: Let The Fun Begin by Marcus Fenix

  There was nothing better than that first crush. She slammed her boot down with such force, she knew that no bug could have survived. She giggled with joy and ecstasy. Now she was having fun, but figuring out what happened to her peers was obviously still her first priority. I’m sure they are all fine though. I mean, they are all adults and it’s not like this weird telescope device could have done anything that bad. They were studying at the state school Kissatonic University. Nothing groundbreaking ever happened here. 

She felt a twinge in her underwear, and she could tell she was getting aroused. Oh be careful Megan, don’t get carried away. This is a public place you know, and the class might come back any minute. Just as she finished that thought, she saw the three remaining bugs abandon their friend as they ran away from her. Oh, scared of little miss me are you? Well you aren’t getting away from me now. “Come here little bugs” she said to herself in a low seductive tone. She took one step, two, lifted her foot up high and BOOM three! Her foot came crashing down on the two bugs that were close together. She was imaging their fear and terror as she squashed them out of existence. “Fuck…” She was really getting into it now.  No turning back now. If they haven’t come back to the laboratory by this point, then they probably won’t be back for a while. I might as well see this through to the end. 

 “Okay…there were four total and I got three, where’s the last one?” She looked around but couldn’t find the other moving black dot. “That’s strange, where could you have gone little friend?” That’s when she saw it and giggled to herself. “Oh there you are! You stopped running and I couldn’t see you over my massive tits!” The last bug was directly under her and it looked like it remained completely motionless. It’s true, her chest is so massive that sometimes it was all that she could see when she looked down. Good thing she double checked because there it was, almost staring up at her. You know, why are there ants in here in the first place? Ah who cares, maybe someone accidentally brought them in from another research room. 

She looked down at the bug and marveled at the size difference. Here she was, this huge redheaded goddess and there it was, a tiny black dot, barely discernible to the human eye. The power and control always got to her head and before she knew it, her hand was under her skirt and slowly making its way to her panties. She pulled them to the side and slowly started rubbing her clitoris. She could feel how moist she was, how hot and sticky. “Ohhhhh fuck” she moaned. “I guess you are getting a show before I squash you out of existence, little bug!” Megan kept rubbing her clit, faster and faster...

Chapter 5: The Mess by Marcus Fenix

   Paul just stared up in shock. One moment they were in class, the next they were running away from a skyscraper boot that pulvilized two of his classmates. Oh fucking course the one girl that can save us loves squishing bugs. Once the boot came crashing down, the force threw Paul forward in the air and he landed not too far from the impact zone. He didn’t even get up. He just rolled himself over on the ground and waited for his end. There was no escaping, they were doomed.     

   Paul looked up at the goddess and just waited for the boot to fill his vision and be his end, but that didn’t happen. Instead Megan stood directly above the tiny classmate, that voracious pussy staring at him. What happened next shocked him to the core. No, she doesn’t just like squishing bugs, she fucking GETS OFF FROM IT?! He couldn’t believe his eyes as the colossus began masturabating in front of him. The massive kraken sized fingers rubbing her clit with accompanying eardrum shattering moans. He was frozen in fear. He couldn’t move. He was speechless. The moans got louder and louder until 

“FUCKKKKK” Megan bellowed 


   And just like that, the gigantic woman released a torrent of cum that erupted from the huge slimy pink cavern above him. It came crashing down like a torrent of rain during one of the worst storms you could ever imagine. Thick clear viscous fluid filled his vision, nose, and entire being. He screamed out but the fluid only began to enter his lungs. He kept yelling, trying to wipe away the cum that became his coffin. There was too much of it and not before long his screams became more muffled as the cum filled his lungs as he gasped his final breath…

Meanwhile, Megan was recovering from her recent session…

   “Fuck fuck fuck…” Megan exasperated as her body stopped shivering and the cum slowly dripped down her legs. That was fucking amazing little bug, but it’s time for you to…just as she went to squish the bug she realized that her orgasm already killed it. Her cum coincidently splashed right on top of it, covering the bug and its surrounding area by a decent bit. “Oh, sorry about that” she cooed as she lifted her fingers free of her panties as they snapped back on her soaking wet pussy. “I guess I should clean you up!” Megan looked around, looking for the sink which is where the paper towels were. Poor little guy she thought. Drowned in her own love juices. The idea only got her all worked up again. No, we had our fun, it is time to get down to business. 

   She spotted the sink at the corner of the room and saw the roll of paper towels right next to it. Perfect she thought, just as I remembered! She strolled slowly to the sink, feeling a little uncomfortable with her panties thoroughly soaked. She grabbed three of those crappy brown paper towels that never actually soaked anything up but just pushed the liquids around, and began walking back to the spot. Once she approached the area, she stood there admiring her work. Here was this huge pool of sticky clear liquid on the floor and preserved right in the middle was the tiny black speck. Almost like the mosquito in the amber from Jurassic Park she giggled to herself.


   She bent down and wiped up the stain along with the bug off the floor. It was really caked on there she thought as she was wiping aggressively to make sure none of her lady juices remained on the classroom floor. Just as she wiped the last bit up, she caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of her. She slowly looked to her left and saw a dozen or so dark little critters underneath the cabinet staring at her. She pretended not to see them but her pussy already throbbed in anticipation. Here she was cleaning up one mess already thinking about making the next. 

Chapter 6: Nowhere to Hide by Marcus Fenix

“Students, everyone! Please remain calm! I know this is absolutely terrifying and I should have been honest with you all in the beginning, but as you can see, I just could not have foreseen this…I failed you all and I’m truly sorry…I…I don’t know what to say. I didn’t even know the device would even work at all and of course it did at the worst possible time. There might be a way to reverse  this but we have to get the help from your classmate Megan! She’s our only hope, even if she…” 

   “Drowned Paul in her cum?!” Kyle shouted, interrupting Professor Whitaker. She looked at him scornfully. Of course she knew that, they had just watched it with their own eyes. She gathered as many students as she could and they all huddled underneath the cabinet which seemed to be the safest place at the time, considering the monster outside couldn’t see them here…hopefully. If they were to get her attention, it would have to be well thought out and planned. They didn’t have their phones since no phones were allowed in the laboratory due to their interference with the equipment, like that mattered at this point. They would have to write something in the dirt or do something that was so abnormal that the student outside would have to notice and take a closer look. Hopefully then they would be seen as shrunken human beings and they could have Megan recalibrate the device and save them. 

   They stared in fear as the giant red haired creature moved from one side of the room to the other and back again. They watched in horror as they watched their gigantic former classmate wipe up the now dead one from the floor. They all held their breath as they thought they saw Megan glance towards their direction but then she kept wiping and got up and walked away. Professor Whitaker made audible sigh of relief as the colossus went in the other direction. So she didn’t see them. They would have time to plan and…oh no she thought. The footsteps are coming back this way and getting louder. 

   They saw the feet of the massive creature go to the door. They heard a click and a woosh. What could that have been? The lock, the blinds…why would she…then the footsteps become massive and shook them to the core. They stopped right in front of the cabinet where the dozen of them now resided. All they could see from down here were her feet. Then they heard a THUMP and a THWOOM as the two boots were dropped to the ground. Then a ZIPPPPP and a BOOM. They saw a pink garment get tossed behind her, then a huge white sheet, another pink garment that looked like two huge craters that were connected in the middle and oh no she thought. She’s undressing. They all gasped as they saw the bright pink panties hit the floor right in front of them. The smell emanating from them was strong, overpowering. Others stood frozen in fear and others slowly walked backwards to get away from the odor. 

   “Now students…” said the professor. “Please stay calm. We don’t know if she found us and even if she did, she couldn’t get us from here.” The students stared at her and didn’t say a word. Some clasped their hands over their mouth, others pointed behind her. Before she could even make a move she was swept under her feet at what seemed like a million miles per hour. She was pressed up against something hard yet bendable and the smell was awful. She couldn’t quite make it out before she was abruptly stopped dead in her tracks, the whiplash from the sudden jolt hurting her body. She couldn’t move. She tried but she was stuck to something. She kept blinking to remove whatever this was out of her eyes. Eventually the fluid cleared from her vision and then she saw the face of her student staring with hungry eyes. The face was ginormous, like a living planet staring down at her. She smelt her breath, it was hot and smelt like coffee. 

“Uh oh, it looks like I found your secret hiding spot…well I’m glad I found a whole colony because it’s going to take a lot of you guys to fill up a big girl like me”

   The loud voice destroyed Whitaker’s eardrums. She winced in pain and saw the huge wet cave entrance move in accordance to the deafening sounds coming from it until eventually the cave closed. A mile wide smile appeared from the landscape of the planet sized face and then opened huge like a canyon. Her tongue slipped out and it was massive. It looked like a pink wet slimy river and she could even make out her taste buds. All Whitaker could utter was “please…help…” before the finger which trapped her was plunged deep inside the cave and sucked clean as she was swallowed by the monster in one big gulp. She fell for what seemed like forever into the dank world awaiting her…

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