A Friend in Need by canadian1579

Jake is a short wolf with big fantasies. When his office crush makes an offhand wish after work one day, she and Jake find that life changes quite a bit when fantasy and reality become mixed.

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Daydreams by canadian1579
Author's Notes:

This story is already fully written but I'm still working through again and reworking things here and there so it will be posted chapter by chapter.

If you're not into furry-human interaction please steer clear. Otherwise I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying throwing it together! The beginning starts off a bit slow but things will escalate soon enough. :)

If you are into this kind of thing, please feel free to check out my other story "Downsizing" either here or see the fully illustrated version on FA. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40866514/ Unfortunately I have not plans to illustrate this story as I don't have access to the 3d assets required to do so.

                “What if…” Jake curiously mumbled to himself as he sat bored at his desk, staring at the tiled ceiling. The grey wolf wasn’t much to look at with his wrinkled button up blue collar and cheap jeans, slouched further down than he probably should be into his office chair. At around a metre and a half he wasn’t far from being the shortest in the office. Anxiety about his stature led to most coffee breaks being spent alone, but there were a couple colleagues he enjoyed talking to.

                “What if what?” came a familiar feminine voice, startling Jake further into his slouched stance. He looked up to see his long-time friend Liz leaning over his cubicle wall. She could have walked up to the opening right next to her but at her nearly two and a half metre height the light brown furred bay horse mare could easily lean over any cubicle wall she chose to.

                “I was just… aw it’s nothing,” Jake said, his composure mostly regained. Liz was his favourite coworker. Every time he saw her towering form heading over to the coffeemaker, he would usually find an excuse to make his way over too. He always felt a bit flustered around her Amazonian form. He knew exactly why but was too afraid to take a chance and act on his feelings.

                “Oh come on. You know I don’t judge,” Liz reassured Jake, wandering around the walls and easing her athletic hips into his cubicle’s opening. She wasn’t muscle-bound, but her healthy workout habits made her easily the most athletic and toned worker in the office. Jake always did his best not to stare.

                “It’s not exactly the kind of thing I’d usually talk about at work,” Jake said hesitantly.

                “What, have you been looking at human art or something?” Liz teased knowingly.

                “It’s not that weird, is it?” Jake asked half-joking.

                “I bet the sites you are looking at are,” Liz said, continuing to poke and prod for a reaction.

                “Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like to, you know, be one?” Jake asked.

                “And be that small? That would definitely be weird,” Liz replied.

                “Yeah, I guess you’re more into bigger things,” Jake said. Inwardly he wondered if her jokes were a small shot at his own height. He hoped he was wrong, but he wasn’t very good at reading girls’ intentions.

                “I didn’t mean it like that. I just think you might be doing too much daydreaming little buddy,” Liz said. There she was calling him ‘little’ like she always did. He wasn’t that short. Her equine height was just massive by comparison. Maybe he was overthinking it. No, he was definitely overthinking it.

                “Yeah, you’re probably right. I guess I should get back to work,” he lied.

                “Alright, see you later,” Liz said, smiling as her hooves clomped softly along the carpeted floor back to her workspace.

                Jake sighed quietly, cursing himself at always managing to kill conversations with Liz so soon. She was clearly ok being casual friends with him at work, but he still didn’t feel she was that interested in him. They hadn’t met outside of work once. The idea had come up once and they had exchanged numbers, but that was as far as that had gone with Jake too nervous to ask and nothing from Liz’s end. Oh well, at least he had his human fantasies to help him pass the rest of today. Maybe he could try hanging out with Liz next week or something. It wasn’t like he was hanging out with anyone else these days. Jake wondered for a moment what it would take for him to truly gain her notice. That thought quickly faded though and Jake instead considered how he would spend another lonely Wednesday night after work.

*             *             *

                It was quite a long day of work for Liz but she was happy about today. She had found another chance to talk to her crush at work and she had found yet another chance to tease him. That was what guys did to show affection to each other, right? Didn’t they rag on each other all the time? She hoped he had clued in that her fun with him earlier was yet another hint that she was interested in him. He was proving a hard nut to crack. She could just ask him out, but that didn’t feel right. Liz wanted Jake to call her. She had even given the guy her phone number, but nothing had materialized yet.

                Walking out the front of the office building Liz passed the fountain in the front lobby of their upscale tech building. She never understood why so much money had been spent on a gaudy old water feature outside the front entrance to the office. She did, however, like the sound of the water and the weird statue at the top was oddly charming. It seemed to be of some sort of spirit in the centre pouring water into larger and larger bowls below. Liz usually just walked by but today a thought crossed her mind and she paused. There she stood for a minute staring into the water and thinking a little more before reaching into her pocket and fishing out a tiny dime, placing the coin on her thumb. A familiar metallic tinging rang out as she flicked the tiny coin before it plopped into the water. There weren’t any other coins in the water. Just hers. Maybe that will help, she thought to herself before continuing out to her car and back home.

*             *             *

                Later that night Jake was at home on his computer. He shared an apartment with a reclusive otter who worked the graveyard shift and he hadn’t seen his roommate in over a month now. The only evidence of the house’s other occupant was their groceries in the fridge and the occasional thing left on a counter or table. Jake almost preferred it that way as it meant less stress talking to others and less worry that they would stumble upon his internet viewing habits.  

Jake often found himself occupied by the stories on his favourite human fantasy websites. The mythical creatures were generally portrayed as significantly smaller than even Jake’s stature, standing somewhere between ten and fifteen centimetres tall. The stories and images that Jake enjoyed most featured humans as participants in a variety of explicit activities with their larger partners.

                It wasn’t uncommon for Jake to waste away an hour or more of his day just scrolling until he found one or two images to please himself to. Today, however, Jake had decided to get drunk. Very drunk. After a significant intake of alcohol, Jake found himself scrolling and unlike usual he came across the perfect image almost instantly. There, sandwiched between two large cartoon thighs was a cartoon human clearly enjoying himself. Jake’s imagination quickly ran wild wondering what it would look and feel like in the human’s role. The alcohol helped him along and soon the daydream had triggered an itch around his waist.

                A couple self-enjoyment sessions and another beer or two later Jake shut down his computer and stumbled over to his bed with his phone in hand. Along the way he shed all his clothes save for his boxers. Rolling onto the bed the fantasies in Jake’s head continued with a small human pleasing a much larger being. Just over halfway toward another climax the alcohol finally overtook Jake’s enthusiasm and he passed out, his phone dropping to the carpeted floor below.

*             *             *

                Blinding light and mild head pain greeted Jake the next morning. He didn’t remember going to bed naked, but thankfully he was mostly covered by his blanket. Disoriented and blinded by his hangover he quickly closed his eyes to try and sleep some more. He was going to have to do laundry later because his blanker absolutely reeked of musk. The smell on his blanket hadn’t been this bad before. He would have to do some cleaning after work, he figured.

                Another pulse of pain coursed through Jake’s head. He groggily raised a paw and placed it against his forehead. Wait. That that didn’t feel right. Jake felt around his face. His snout didn’t feel right. His whole face felt… flat? And what happened to his fur?

                Jake’s eyes shot open, blinding light caused another spike of pain in his head making him immediately regret his decision, but he held through for the second or two it took his pupils to begin to adjust. He wasn’t planning on drinking that much again. Not for a while anyway. 

                As his eyes adjusted to the world around him, Jake’s eyes remained locked solely on his right hand. His clawless, furless hand. He brought his left hand up just to check and make sure he wasn’t making a mistake. There in front of Jake’s eyes were two hands that looked far more human than he remembered. Still ignorant of the world around him Jake shoved off his blanket to see a much different body than he remembered. Gone was his scrawny grey fur and in its place, there was skin with only small amounts of hair.

                Jake was fast approaching panic as he continued to explore this new alien body. One thing he did notice was his butt felt more comfortable than usual considering he was lying on his back. He felt around a bit and was shocked to find his tail had disappeared. Flat face. No fur. No tail. Jake pinched himself and winced in pain. No dream either. Had he become human somehow? But that was impossible. Humans were…

                Jake looked again at his musky blanket. It was a strikingly familiar blanket. His eyes panned up from the blanket across what seemed to be a bed the size of a small field. From there he glanced outward his room which could only be described now as an air hangar. A messy air hangar. Jake’s eyes returned to the ‘blanket’ he had been snuggling against short minutes ago. Panic finally took over as he realized he was laying in the groin of his boxers that had fit him snugly the night before.

                “No. No, no, no. No way,” was all Jake could bring himself to say. “This is a dream. This has to be a dream,” his heartrate and breathing increasing. Jake looked around again, still unsure of what to do. What could he do? He couldn’t get food, he probably couldn’t reach water, hell he couldn’t even use a toilet or anything at this size. He needed help. Settling on that idea calmed him slightly.

Who could help him though? Who would help him? Jake wasn’t exactly social, and he had long lost touch with his distant family.  He ruled his roommate out. He didn’t even really know the guy. Who else could he trust? Someone kind, someone who would be willing to help, and preferably someone else who he had talked to about humans. Only one name came to Jake’s mind. After all this time, he would finally be making the call. Why did he have to be making it stuck like this?

How would he even call Liz? Jake stood up on his bed staring down at his smelly boxers yet again. Compared to his original size he must have been no bigger than his… Jake shelved the thought and turned to his bedside table. No phone. Approaching the edge of his bed he scanned across the floor finding nothing until reaching the bed’s edge. There, about 5 current-scale metres below him, was his phone. His mind made up, Jake looked around for ways he might climb down. He settled on his actual blanket which had been shoved mostly over the end of the bed. It took some time, but Jake managed to climb down by using wrinkles in the fabric as handholds.

Once he was on the ground, Jake headed back around the bed and over to his phone. Looking under his bed he was slightly ashamed by the amount of junk he saw. There was a lot of cleaning to do when he found a way to return to normal.

When Jake reached the phone, anxiety returned. What would Liz say? Would she be willing to help him? He hadn’t called her after she gave him her number a while ago so why would she want to help him now? And all she ever seemed to do was tease him about his height in the office and yesterday she had joked upon learning about his fascination with humans. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. Jake thought for a moment, but nothing came. With no other options, Jake’s little hands set in motion unlocking his phone and navigating to the contacts list. His fingers were too small for the screen to respond so he had to use his full palm to interact with the touch surface.

Jake tapped on the speaker phone as the dial tone began to sound. There were a worrying number of rings before the tone was cut off suddenly.

“Hello?” Jake heard. Here goes nothing.

“Uh, hey Liz. It’s Jake.”

“Oh, hi Jake.” Her voice sounded surprised. “How are you doing? I didn’t recognize your voice over the phone. You sound so different,” Liz responded.

Jake could only wonder how he sounded to others now but carried on. “I kind of need some help, are you free right now?”

“You sure this can’t wait until work?” Liz replied, sounding somewhat skeptical.

“No, I really need your help,” was all Jake could think to say.

"Jake, are you okay? You sound quieter than usual. Is something wrong?” Liz asked with concern in her voice.

“It’s hard to explain, but do you think can come over to my place and help me out? I don’t know who else to call.”  It wasn’t much, but it was all that Jake could think to say.

“Uh, alright, sure. If you need help I can definitely head over,” Liz said. Jake was committed now. He really hoped he was doing the right thing.

“My roommate is out so you’ll have to let yourself in with the spare key.”

“You can’t let me in yourself?” Liz inquired.

“You’ll have to come in. It’s hard to explain,” Jake replied, omitting his current state. He wanted to tell her, but he didn’t want to risk her thinking he was playing a prank on her and hanging up.

Jake shared his address with Liz and explained how to find the spare key before Liz hung up saying she’d be there soon. As the call ended Jake was hit bit a wave of relief, but a new wave of uncertainty began to build. What would he do when she got there? He glanced down at his reflection in the darkened screen of his phone. His new human body looked so… different. And naked. That wouldn’t do, he couldn’t be naked when Liz showed up.

Scanning around Jake could only see three options. His two dirty socks from the night before likely stank but luckily for him a third clean sock had fallen from the bed the other day as he was folding laundry. Jake wandered over and found the fabric was more of a long blanket at his current size. The sock which fit on his paw the night before was now much longer than his entire body. It took a little effort and left him encumbered, but Jake managed to wrap the sock around him like a makeshift toga before heading back to his phone and sitting down. There wasn’t much more to do at this point as his shut door may as well have been locked to him at his current size. Liz would be here soon and they would figure out things then. If she was willing to help him…

A Friend in Need by canadian1579
Author's Notes:

                Liz was both excited and confused. She hadn’t expected Jake to take this long to finally call her, but she finally had a chance to meet him outside of work. Had her little wish at the fountain yesterday actually worked?

Jake’s call had confused her a bit, though. He didn’t sound normal and something was clearly wrong, so why had he chosen to call her? Liz wasn’t about to question a chance to meet Jake, though, so within a minute she had straightened her relatively short hair, thrown on some tight jean shorts and a crop top, sprayed on a light floral scent and away she went. She had a massive crush on Jake and wasn’t about to miss a chance to lure him in.

                Getting into her car Liz again wondered what was going on with the little wolf. She had given Jake her number at least a couple months ago but he had never called. Initially she had been hurt but then she worried if maybe the problem was her.  Maybe Jake wasn’t into her. She wanted to ask him, but she was worried about jeopardizing the friendship they already had by coming across as desperate or needy. She felt bad about the accidental height joke she had made in the office yesterday. Maybe Jake just wasn’t into taller girls.

It probably didn’t help that she had joked about his interest in humans. What Jake didn’t know was that Liz was probably more turned on by Jake’s fantasies than he was. There was no way she would tell him that, though. She had already gotten to be a friend of his at work and didn’t want to seem creepy talking about those kinds of interests in the office. Jake had brought up his own interest, but she wasn’t ready to share yet for fear of coming across as weird.

At least Jake seemed to notice that she had gotten in shape. She hadn’t really focused on fitness before but the second Jake showed up she had a goal to motivate her. Suddenly jogging had ceased to be a chore and instead became a way to help her stand out to the man she was after. The man she was driving over to meet right now. Man was she getting nervous. What was going on? Was he alright?

It wasn’t too long before she pulled into the parking lot of Jake’s building. She parked out front and texted Jake letting him know that she had arrived. Then she headed over to grab the hidden key. As she was retrieving it, she received a text giving her directions once she entered the apartment. Directions? Couldn’t he just come and greet her? This was quickly getting weirder. Jake was worth the chance though, and worst-case scenario she had a metre on him, so she didn’t need to worry about him trying anything funny, but Jake wasn’t like that. Jake was nice. Weird. But nice. He was also quite shy, but he had started to open up to her and that had made him stand out compared to the other guys in the office. For Jake she was willing to have a little faith.

Liz turned the key and slowly opened to door. “Jake? You there?”


Liz wasn’t sure what kind of game he was playing but maybe he actually was in trouble. She pushed the door open, ducking her head under the slightly low (to her) frame and stepped in. Down the hall and second door on the left. Here goes nothing...

*             *             *

Jake had been nearly dozed off when the phone he was leaning against suddenly vibrated jarringly against his small frame. “Holy crap!” he exclaimed, not at all composed nor ready for anything the world was throwing at him today. He could only imagine how crazy things were going to get as the day went on.

Turning to look at the screen he saw that Liz had just texted. She had arrived far quicker than he had expected. Jake had already told her where to find the key but realized he still hadn’t told her where to go once she got in. After all, it wasn’t like he could open his door to go and greet her. He worked as fast as he could to quickly text her some directions. He knew this would come across as sketchy, but she was his only hope at this point and he couldn’t think of anyone else to call. 

Suddenly he started hearing noises in the distance.



“Jake? You there?” a resounding voice carried through the house.

After a few seconds silence Jake heard it. A hooved foot stepping into the house. Then a second. As the thumps grew nearer the ground below him began to shake slightly with each impact. Then he saw it. Her hooves cast shadows below the door as she paused on the other side.

Jake’s instincts took over as he grew nervous.  He was alone with a behemoth in his apartment. A behemoth that was looking for him. A behemoth that he had invited in. There was no turning back now. No running, no escape. His life was about to be in her hands. Looking across the room his vision panned up from the gap below the door up to the handle which began to twist.

The door he couldn’t have hoped to budge eased open effortlessly. There she was: his coworker, his friend from work, and his secret crush. “Jake? You alright? Are you in here?” her voice boomed as she scanned across the messy but otherwise empty room.

Jake should have stood up. He should have called out to her or started shouting and waving his arms. Instead, he froze. There, filling the doorway in front of him with her head slouching beneath the door frame was one of the most beautiful views he had ever seen. Liz was more than attractive at work, but the shorts and top she had on displayed her athletic frame far more than he had ever seen in the office.

Her hooves were now nearly the same height as he, slightly taller even. Her muscular legs stretched up like towers into her athletic waist and hips. Liz did not have a big butt, but it wasn’t flat either. She had clearly been doing squats or some other kind of exercise. Her bare midriff stretched up and into her top which contained her relatively small for her size breasts, another product of her athletic habits. Her chest did have curves, but her breasts were not by any means huge in proportion to any other part of her body. Her hazel furred face with its white stripe up her nose looked beautiful as ever while her bright, hazel eyes scanned the room looking for him.

“Jake?” Liz’s voice was filled with worry, now. “What’s going on?”

The booming voice snapped Jake back into reality and he realized he had to get Liz’s attention quickly before she decided to look elsewhere.

Jumping to his feet, making sure to hold his sock-toga in one hand, Jake waved his free arm in the air and began to shout, “Liz! Liz! I’m here!”

“Jake?” Liz replied, clearly hearing the voice but unable to locate its source. Her ears flicked up and her eyes looked around once again.

She had heard him! “Down here, by the phone!” he shouted. Jake jumped as best as he could with his heavy toga.

Liz’s eyes scanned down and widened, locked on something small that seemed to be jumping and dancing in a sock next to a cell phone as long as the little being probably was tall. “What the… Jake? What’s going on?”

Liz tilted her head in confusion and took a cautious step forward and into the room. Then took another step forward, edging closer to Jake. Her face made it clear she was confused. Jake began feeling uncertain too as Liz’s two and a half-metre form approached and absolutely towered over his maybe 14 or 15-centimetre form, but he didn’t run. He had to trust Liz, and deep down he felt that he could.

Liz thumped a few paces closer before gently settling down into a kneel with her hands on her thighs. “What are you … Are you, are you a human? Where’s Jake?” she asked, finally accepting that the tiny being she was looking at was real.

“I am Jake! I woke up like this and I don’t know how to turn back,” Jake tried to explain, equally clueless and confused.

“Jake? Is that really you? What do you mean you woke up like this?” Liz asked, concern filling her voice as disbelief creeped across her face. Had yesterday’s wish caused this? No that was impossible. This was impossible.  

“I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up I was … tiny. And human,” was all Jake could say to explain. “I didn’t know who to call, but you’ve been such a good friend that I thought maybe, maybe you could…” Jake trailed off, his uncertainty taking over again. What was he thinking, he barely knew Liz, why would she…

“Help you?” Jake felt a small rush in his chest as Liz finished where he had left off.

“Yeah. I don’t. Would you. Could I,” Jake just couldn’t get the words out, suddenly feeling weak and helpless in front of his now massive crush from work.

“Just breathe, Jake.”

He did. The warm breeze that was Liz’s breath coursing over him from above helped him to calm himself. Jake paused and gained a little composure before looking far up and facing the titanic mare’s once again. “I know we only really know each other from work, but I don’t have anywhere else to turn. Do you think I could stay with you while I figure out what’s going on and how to turn myself back?”

The pause that followed terrified Jake. Liz’s eyes widened slightly at his request. Had he offended her? Those big hazel eyes stared down at him. He felt like a bug in front of her. There was no she would help. For weeks he hadn’t called her, he was awkward in the office…

“Of course.”

The words took him by surprise. He almost felt like crying. Sure his problem was far from solved, but at least he had someone. A friend willing to help.

“But first maybe let’s try and find you something a little easier to wear than a sock. Do you have anything lying around?” Liz asked.

“I think there’s a cloth or a handkerchief up on my bedside table,” Jake replied. Liz’s arm effortlessly reached out onto the impossibly tall structure and emerged bearing a small piece of cloth. She placed it down next to him.

“Alright, go ahead and get changed. Is there anything else you want to bring to mine?” Liz asked as she looked away, giving Jake a minute to change into his new makeshift toga.

“Maybe just my phone and a charger? And my tube of toothpaste or something? I’m not even sure if I could get any out at this size though. I don’t really know what else. I can’t think straight this morning.”

“Fair enough,” Liz replied, holding back a laugh while trying to remain sensitive to her little friend’s situation. She was concerned for him, but a different part of her was excited that she now had a chance to show Jake how much she cared for him. Maybe they could even become more than friends through this somehow, but she wasn’t about to risk it all right away and make him think she was taking advantage of him. She could only imagine how monstrous and huge she looked compared to him now. Liz was going to have to do her best to be gentle and caring to help him relax around her.

Liz stood up from her knees letting her body soar overhead. “Alright, I’ll be back in a minute. I’m gonna grab those things and see if there’s anything else that might help,” she said. Thumping away from Jake’s place on the floor, Liz grabbed a small cloth bag from Jake’s desk and started putting some things in. Then she headed into the bathroom where Jake heard some more massive rustling as Liz gathered some things for him.  When she returned the bag looked mostly full. Liz lowered the bag down to the ground near Jake as Liz crouched down. The large masses approaching with such suddenness and speed caused Jake to flinch slightly.

“Oh, sorry Jake, I didn’t mean to scare you. This bag must seem massive to you. This is going to take some getting used to,” Liz said, her expression showing her concern.

“You’re telling me. Don’t worry Liz, no harm done. This is going to be a steep learning curve for both of us, I think. Are you sure I can stay at yours?” he felt he had to ask one more time.

“Don’t worry about it, Jake, I’m happy to help. Now let’s get going,” Liz said. “I don’t have anywhere else to carry you safely so I was thinking I could put you in this bag until we get to the car. Is that alright? I put a towel on top to help soften the ride. I can’t think of a safe alternative right now and I don’t think it’ll be a good idea of you’re seen like this.”

“I guess that will work,” Jake said.

“Can I pick you up?” Liz asked.

Jake hadn’t even considered how he was going to get into the bag that stood far taller than he did. He didn’t like the idea of being handled and he liked the idea of being hidden in a bag even less, but he didn’t see an alternative. “Okay, but please be careful,” he said.

“Of course,” Liz said with a gentle, reassuring voice. Her hand approached Jake slowly, her thumb and fingers spread as if she were about to grip a drinking glass. Each digit was nearly as long as Jake’s entire body was tall. Jake raised his arms as her chest-high palm grazed the floor in front of him and her fingers began to wrap around him. The heat radiating off her hand was comforting, and he smelled the sweet scent of the shower gel Liz must have used that morning.

Liz gently grasped Jake and the lifted him off the ground as if he weighed nothing. He wondered if she even noticed his mass as he was guided toward the bag. There was so little of him now that he probably only weighed a few grams.

Liz was also thinking about Jake’s tiny mass. He was so light and he seemed so fragile. She wondered how durable he really was. Brief thoughts of an explicit nature flashed through her mind before she quickly pushed them away. He was a friend, he was trusting her, she would not take advantage of this. She allowed herself to be aroused, however. Weird or not, having a little human to herself was something straight out of her deepest fantasies. It was going to be hard to resist her temptations with Jake around but she knew she had to. Jake was special to her.  

Jake was likewise trying to avoid arousal in his current state. The sheer power of the hand that gently held him was overwhelming and he was doing his best to think unsexy thoughts to prevent an erection from forming. Thankfully the trip was short and his erection only began to form after he was gently laid upon the towel in the bag.

“Hold on in there, he heard Liz say as the fabric handles ran taught overhead, converging in a cross centred on Liz’s large fist overhead. The world shifted beneath Jake and his stomach plummeted as the bag lifted off the ground and swayed slightly. He was now completely in Liz’s power, there was nothing he could do except ride along as her powerful legs carried them out. Her hooves boomed below like a metronome. The bag shook lightly with each pounding step, swaying to match her gait. Looking up again he was able to see the outside of her thigh shifting and flexing as she walked toward the door and then out to her car.

Jake was stressed by the suddenness of today’s events, but he couldn’t help but think that he was living out one of his deepest fantasies. He immediately felt bad and terrified that Liz might happen to look down and see that he was aroused. Jake didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness, so he fought his inner urges to please himself. Liz was a friend and she had rescued him. He would not take advantage of her kindness. He was thankful for her friendship knew she was probably not interested in anything more with him, especially now that he was a tiny human. It was going to be a challenge to keep his own temptations in check when in the presence of his now massive crush. 

As Liz walked back out of the apartment and locked the door she did her best to make sure the bag she was holding didn’t bang against her leg or swing too dramatically. Her excitement grew as she approached her car, her steps shifting into giddy skips. Her hips began to shift more and her tail to swing as she began to daydream, envisioning living together with the tiny man she secretly loved. He didn’t seem to love her back, but maybe that would change if she could get him to notice her. This must have been hard for little Jake, but she was excited about what may be.

Liz did her best to act casual as she popped the door of her car open and gently swung her bag over, depositing it gently on the passenger side and using the seatbelt to brace it upright. “Hold on Jake, we’re about to get moving,” she said. Jake’s tiny voice replied with something, but she couldn’t hear him over her own excitement. Her crush was finally coming over.

New Accommodations by canadian1579

Jake let out a sigh of relief as he heard the big door shut behind Liz. His vision was still limited to the towel he laid upon, the dark inside of the bag, Liz’s brown-furred hand holding the bag straps above him, and the ceiling far above. His container continued to sway as Liz’s hooves thumped along the floor into another room. The movement had been nauseating at first, but Liz had clearly done her best to be gentle and after a few steps it had started to feel like Jake was riding in a giant rocking hammock. Suddenly, though, Jake’ hammock soared up, leaving his stomach somewhere down and behind him. 

                As soon as the ascent had began, the bag reached its peak and settled onto some sort of surface. Above Jake, the bag’s cloth handles slacked, thankfully drawn outward by Liz so they wouldn’t fall onto him. Jake had been lying down nearly the whole time Liz had been transporting him as standing or even sitting up with all the movement beneath him was nearly impossible. He was about to sit up when Liz’s face with its beautiful brown fur and white streak filled the opening above him, startling him.

                “We’re here! How are you doing?” Liz’s cheerful voice boomed down. She seemed quite happy.

                “Good I guess, except for the whole size thing,” Jake trying his best to match her mood with a joke.

                Liz giggled, “Glad to see you’re in a better mood now. Do you need some breakfast? I guess you wouldn’t have been able to eat yet.”

                Jake looked down, feeling his stomach. He had started feeling hunger pains on the ride over and could definitely use something to eat. While he had been trapped in his room he had been unable to access any food earlier. He wondered how long he would have lasted had Liz not come to his rescue. “Sure, that would be great,” he replied. A large shadow fell over him as he was starting to look up.

                Liz carefully pushed down into the towel Jake rested on, sliding her fingers below him and cradling him up into the air with the curled fingers of her single hand. She hadn’t asked this time which surprised Jake, but he was okay with it if it meant being fed. He was just glad she hadn’t grabbed him around his waist because seeing her had made him hard again. Thankfully the wrinkles in his handkerchief toga and seemed to conceal it from Liz’s notice.

                “Sorry, did I surprise you there? I should have asked,” Liz said, clearly noticing Jake’s slight discomfort at being handled like a doll. “I’ll make sure to ask next time,” she promised as she eased him up and out of the bag. She managed to suppress a shiver as she became excited to hold Jake’s miniature form again.

                As Liz’s hand rose above the fabric walls and Jake was greeted with a colossal kitchen with cabinets comparable to some apartment buildings. Below him there was a huge marble counter below him that stretched around a corner with a truly island-sized kitchen island across from him. The place was about right for someone of Liz’s stature but to Jake it would have been quite large even at his original height. Judging by the clean surfaces, Liz liked to keep the place clean and organized. The only things out of place were some dishes drying next to the sink that must have been used for her breakfast earlier this morning.

                As soon as Jake had been raised out of the bag he was lowered and deposited gently on the surface of the kitchen island. The marble felt cold below his feet. In front of him he saw that the apartment must have been built to Liz’s scale because the counter only came up to her waist which had previously been around chest-height to him. Jake’s vision panned up, resting on Liz’s modest chest and her tight white top before coming to rest on her smiling face far above. At least she seemed to be enjoying herself, his worries about the future were starting to creep back into his forethoughts again.

                “Alright, let’s get you some food,” Liz said. “How about a small piece of toast?”

                “Small?” Jake queried, momentarily forgetting he was ankle-height and standing on a countertop.

“Well, I’m guessing a whole slice would be too much for you, but I’ll gladly share a piece,” she offered with a smile.

                “Sure! Do you have peanut butter or something?” Jake asked.

                “Duh, of course,” Liz said, fake offended. She reached overtop of Jake and grabbed a piece of bread out of a bag behind him, tossing the bread into a house-sized toaster and pushing the large switch down with impossible ease before resealing the bag of bread. Jake couldn’t dream of doing any of what she did in his current stature. The bread must have weighed as much as him, probably more, and he would have hung ineffectually off the toaster’s on-switch had he tried to start it. He was taller than the bagged loaf of bread but even the plastic clip on the bread bag seemed like it would have been hard for him to pry off. Even an act as simple as toasting bread had become a casual demonstration of power by his equine friend.

                As he stared mouth half-open at the bag of bread Liz casually returned to the counter Jake was surprised by a jar of peanut butter larger and far heavier than he thumped down next to him, shaking the counter slightly. It was swiftly accompanied by a plate he could lay across and a butter knife longer than he was tall. Liz was moving like a whirlwind while he just stood there and tried to adjust to the massive world around him. 

                “How do you like your toast? Gold or nuked to a crisp?” Liz asked, snapping Jake out of his trance, seemingly unaware of how in awe of her strength and grace he was.

                “A little dark but not too much, please,” Jake replied, turning to face her again. Liz adjusted the dial on the toaster slightly. He wanted to add that she was beautiful. He wanted to tell her that seeing her from this perspective was overwhelming but didn’t want to come across as creepy. The toast. Focus on the toast. 

                Before long there was a loud telltale pop of a toaster finishing and Liz swiftly withdrew their soon to be breakfast, dropping it onto the plate next to Jake. “Hot hot,” he heard her say softly under her breath as she quickly withdrew her hands and lifted the butter knife while removing the lid of the peanut butter. Within a couple seconds she was done. Giving the peanut butter a second to melt she grabbed the jar and returned it to its place high up in the cupboards over Jake’s head. Then she sliced off a tiny corner of toast, grasping it lightly in her hands, and passed it to Jake.

                Jake still flinched ever so slightly as the hand larger than him approached but he stopped himself from stepping back and reached out both arms, grabbing the small slice of toast about half the size of a loaf of bread to him. “Don’t worry if it’s too much, I can easily finish it,” Liz said with a wink.

Jake looked up and smiled. “Thank you,” he said.

“It’s literally a tiny sliver of toast, buddy, don’t worry about it,” Liz replied.

“No. Thank you for,” Jake had to pause for a second, trying to think of the right words, “for being there and helping me.” Gross. So cliché, Jake. He wanted to kick himself for sounding cheesy but too late.

“Aw,” Liz cooed. “Don’t worry about it, Jake. I don’t know what happened, but you can stay here as long as you want while we figure out what to do.” Gross, she thought to herself immediately. Why did she have to sound so cheesy and cliché? Hopefully Jake didn’t think badly of her for it.

Jake was focused on food at that point. He took as big a bite as he could manage from the super thick slice of bread, managing to partially coat his face in peanut butter. Being tiny was going to take some getting used to. As he chewed, he watched in awe as Liz took a massive bite out her share and virtually inhaled a mass of bread nearly his size. Maybe more.  No sense dwelling on it. She was huge, he was tiny, that was that. His loins still stirred slightly at the though. The two continued eating with Jake struggling to finish his smaller share.

“Need some help with that?” Liz asked, gazing down at Jake. It had been a valiant effort but even a small sliver of toast was too much for him now.

“Sure, you can finish it. Thanks again!” He replied, holding the remaining piece of bread out.

Liz dexterously plucked the tiny morsel out of Jake’s hand and tossed it up, catching it in her gaping mouth far above. Jake gulped at the sight. He had gotten off to similar images on his late-night website adventures before, but this was a good friend from work in front of him. It was time to focus. Not to fantasize about his friend.

 “So, I think I might need to call in sick to work. Are you okay with leaving me to wander around today while you go in?” he asked. “I can explore a bit on the ground.”

“I have a better idea,” Liz said.

“What’s that?”

“Why don’t I just call in sick as well? That way we can take our time getting you settled in here,” Liz suggested.

“That… sounds like a good idea,” Jake said. He wanted to sound independent with his exploring idea, but things would be much easier with Liz’s help today.

“What are you going to do about tomorrow?” Liz asked. “If you don’t change back, that is,” she remembered to add.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about that, I guess,” Jake said.  “For now, though, can you get my phone out of the bag? I am going to try calling in,” he continued.

“Sure,” Liz said, pulling the phone out and setting it in front of Jake. “You might want to text though, you sound quite different, but not sick,” Liz suggested.

“Fair point,” Jake said, feeling a little disappointed. She didn’t even believe he could make a phone call by himself. His world really had turned upside down this morning.

Liz saw Jake’s expression changed and felt bad but knew she needed to be honest with him. “I’m going to go ahead and call in,” she said, pulling her phone out of her pocket.

Jake hadn’t activated his phone’s screen yet and saw the massive mare’s actions in the reflection on the glass of his smartphone. He hadn’t even noticed she had pockets in those tight shorts of hers. He had been too distracted looking elsewhere earlier. He snapped his mind out of those thoughts again, not wanting to get caught staring, and unlocked the phone and got to texting his boss. It wasn’t normal for him to lie and take a fake sick day but little about today was normal so far.

Far above, Liz thought she might have seen Jake staring as she started to turn and look at her phone, but she wasn’t quite sure. Still wary of being too forward with Jake, she got straight to calling into work. Within a minute, both of them had gotten in touch with the powers that be and had secured the day off.

As Liz hung up Jake, had a brain wave. “I have an idea,” he said, calling up to her.


“Maybe I could work from home here. I could set my computer up to be controlled by my phone or something, and then I can keep paying rent on my place until I turn back. And I could also pay you rent for letting me stay here,” Jake suggested, his enthusiasm building.

“You don’t have to worry about rent. You would be pretty cheap to feed, and you won’t exactly take up much space,” Liz countered with a giggle. Seeing Jake’s expression she added, “seriously though, I’m happy to have you over.”

His pride only slightly shaken, Jake added, “I would need a couple more things from my apartment though. Like my computer and a few cables. Would you be okay with going back together to grab some more things?”

“You shouldn’t have to hide in a bag all day. I can go and quickly grab some things while you hang out here for a bit,” Liz said.

“I guess. Sorry to be such a bother,” Jake half-mumbled. He had fantasized of being a little human for years but was not a fan of being so helpless it had left him, especially in front of Liz. She was being polite, but he must have seemed so weak to her.

Liz’s knees were what was weak. Jake was planning to stay with her. For a while. Maybe even longer. She was so excited and happy to help if it meant more time with him. Was this the first step to him coming around to her? She didn’t want to seem too eager but today was turning out to be a great day. She didn’t care what size he was. Liz was just happy he would be with her. Together.

The two made a list that was mainly Jake’s computer and a few other items that would help him work. Liz asked Jake if he wanted to wander around the floor while she was gone but he said he was happy to play with his phone on the counter while she was out. With that settled, Liz turned and headed for the door. Her massive hips swayed and the long strands of hair in her tail streamed behind her majestically as she walked. God she is hot. Huge and hot, Jake thought to himself as he stared. For the third or fourth time today, Jake felt a pressure at his waist as his erection pressed against his handkerchief toga.

Liz made sure to sway her hips just a little extra and put on a show. She hoped Jake was watching. She didn’t want to overdo things, but she tried to sway just enough to show off and get her tail moving. She wanted to jump for joy but controlled herself, barely keeping herself to a calm walking pace. If Jake liked her, he would let her know. She wouldn’t allow herself to influence his decision-making. Not too much anyway, she thought, laughing inwardly.

A few seconds after she thumped out of his sight, Jake snapped out of his aroused trance. He was slightly relieved to be able to stay behind. As much fun as the novel experience of riding around while being carried by Liz had been, he wasn’t sure he wanted to make a habit of being a passenger in her bag. His attention turned to the giant phone lying flat in front of him. His first move was to open his social media accounts. Seeing all the ads and boring updates from joke accounts he had liked or followed at some point immediately bored him and he decided to play some games or something. He tried a couple action games but these required him to reach across the screen and his little frame struggled. He settled on playing his favourite word scramble game.

A few words later Jake’s stubborn nature kicked in and he closed the word game and quickly started his favourite battle royale game. Kneeling in front of the widescreen surface he was ready to give things a go. It would take some stretching, but he wanted to make this work. His biggest disadvantage proved to be hearing. With no headphones for some simple surround sound Jake couldn’t tell where enemies were shooting from and had to look around frequently in the game.

After a few horrible losses right after dropping into the game world Jake finally managed to make it into the top 10 when he noticed a battery warning at the top corner of his screen. Of course, he dropped his phone on the floor when he fell asleep the previous night and it hadn’t been charged. Not wanting to risk having no phone in his current position he opted to close the game and took a quick look around the counter he was currently trapped on top of.  To his left he saw nothing aside from the sink, some dry dishes, and a few containers of rice and other foodstuffs. In front of him lay the giant toaster and the bread from earlier. To his right, he saw a charger cable thankfully already plugged into the wall far overhead. Perfect! Jake stood up and headed over.

The cable was surprisingly heavy, but Jake hefted it at his waist with both hands as if it were a fire hose and began to heave the adapter back to his phone. He was making good progress across the cool marble surface until he was stopped as the cable pulled back slightly. Turning around he saw he had pulled the power cable to its limit and the slack had started to pull him back with it. With another few (Jake-sized) metres to go, Jake had no other choice but to walk back to the other side of his phone and push. The phone proved heavy, which didn’t surprise Jake in the slightest since the device was larger longer than he was tall and probably weighed a few times what he did. Instead of sliding forward, each shove only served to spin the phone slightly.

Jake rotated the phone so the shorter edge faced him and braced the arch of his foot on the centre of the phone like he were trying to push a large box across the floor. Leaning in he managed to push the phone a few feet with a big shove before reaching his limit. Thankfully the smooth marble surface helped. He was also glad he had not stored his phone in a rubber case because he would have been utterly defeated by friction alone. With the charge cable still several Jake-sized metres away he kept at it, shoving the phone closer little by little.

A few pushes later, Jake was lining up again when he heard the front door unlock and the familiar sound of hooves thumping along the floor. Liz was back! He saw her pass the opening into the hall carrying his computer and some other things in her bag. He marveled at her fit form, her toned muscles flexing under her tight clothes as she walked by. She was fit, but not bulging with muscle. Jake also noticed that it wasn’t just the counters that were built to her height. The doorways in this place were all high enough that unlike in his apartment this morning she didn’t have to duck despite her massive two and a half metre frame. He should have noticed earlier but he had been too busy watching her behind as she had strolled out to the car.

“I’m back!” Jake heard her call, her voice strained slightly by all the electronics that she was hauling.

“Welcome back!” Jake shouted. He figured his voice wouldn’t carry far and opted to wait for Liz to return before attempting conversation.

“Be there in a minute, I’m just going to change into some comfier pants since we’re staying in today,” Jake heard her call from the other room. Clothes. That was something he was going to have to figure out, as he looked down at his makeshift toga. One thing at a time, he figured.

Liz was blissfully unaware of her heavy steps as she headed to her room. She stopped briefly before doffing her shorts and sliding into a pair of comfy yoga pants, her hooves thumping down into each pant leg. Then, she thumped back into the kitchen. Most of her place was carpeted and the kitchen was a relatively soft laminate which helped with the noise of her movement. Her neighbours hadn’t complained yet, so she thought little of it. Jake had commented on her stature a few times at work, but she wondered with mild arousal how she seemed to him now.

Jake felt oddly attracted to the thumping and subtle quakes that accompanied Liz’s movements as she approached into the kitchen. Just another subtle demonstration of her power relative to the tiny human. At a distance she already looked huge but as she approached the counter, Jake was yet again reminded of how tiny he had become. Standing waist-height on the counter he was still shorter than her exposed bellybutton.

“Looks like you’re having some trouble down there,” Liz said, seeing the chord stopping just short of the phone and putting two and two together. “Let me help you with that,” she said as she grabbed the phone from next to him and plugged it in like it was nothing.

So much for being independent, thought Jake. He hoped she didn’t think any less of him for failing to accomplish such a simple task. “Thanks! A few more minutes and I would have had it,” he said, trying to save face.

“Don’t worry about it,” Liz smiled as she laid a hand down on the counter next to him. “Now climb on and let’s get your computer set up.”

The First Day by canadian1579

                Jake sat himself into the palm of the hand that Liz had laid on the counter. Her thumb came across his stomach and waist like the safety clamp on a roller coaster and Jake was hoisted up toward Liz’s exposed midriff and carried along as she headed to the next room. Jake would have been looking at his surroundings had the other half of his view not been taken up by Liz’s toned stomach. Whatever shampoo she used, it smelled divine. Jake watched as Liz’s slim belly shifted and twisted subtly with each thumping step. Jake could definitely get used to this. No, don’t think that, Jake reminded himself. Jake tried to refocus himself on what had to be done. He had to set his computer up and see if he could work from home. Then, he had to try and get back to normal. Liz wouldn’t want him taking advantage of this situation to ogle her. That was not ok.

                As she carried him along, Liz hoped he was enjoying the view. Her excitement about Jake being over, about him being human, and about him being tiny had only grown during her second trip to his place and she had a small fire burning inside her currently that she was doing her best not to act on. She figured carrying him close to her was fair, though, as she brought him into the living room. She was almost disappointed when the short walk ended as she placed her hand down on her desk in the corner. She wanted to keep Jake close to her. To hold him up against her. Friends. You are just friends, she reminded herself.

                As he reached the table Liz’s thumb lifted off of Jake’s bellow, allowing him to shove forward and off her soft palm. Man, her skin was soft. No, stay focused. Standing up, Jake turned around and looked up at Liz. “Thanks for getting it. I just realized, we are going to need my phone to set this up,” he said.

                “Oh of course! One minute,” Liz said as she turned around, presenting Jake with yet another breathtaking view of that massive butt, now clad in perfect-fitting yoga pants. The desk was lower than the kitchen counter had been so he had an even better angle almost level with where her legs ended and her butt began. Jake couldn’t help it, he was fully erect within a few seconds as she swayed back to the kitchen.

                He then turned to examine the room while Liz fetched the phone and charger from the kitchen. From his side of the desk he had a clear view of Liz’s tv, coffee table, and a huge couch that nearly matched her chocolate-brown fur. Other than some speakers and a rolled up yoga mat, it was a very plain room. On the wall over the couch and around the TV, Liz had hung some photos that looked to be her family and some of her travels across the globe. Most of the photos had been blown up slightly and framed so they could be seen around the room. Jake had to laugh thinking that even regular-size prints would be huge to him right now.

                Liz returned with Jake’s phone in hand, placing it down next to him and bending down next to the desk to plug the charger in. “Ok, let me just bring your pc over and put it next to mine,” she said.

                “Sounds good. For now can you plug in your keyboard, monitor, and mouse? Then we can swap control and the over to my phone,” Jake asked.

                “Works for me,” Liz huffed as she bent over next to the desk and heaved the computer forward until it was next to her tower just underneath the left side of the desk. Jake’s eyes couldn’t help but drift to her chest as her arms pushed inward to hold the computer, slightly exaggerating the size of her modest breasts. Before his extended look became a full-on stare Jake managed to look elsewhere.

                Liz placed the computer down and bent further over the start swapping cables out of hers and into his so they could work on setting his phone up. As she unplugged and plugged things in, she couldn’t help but wonder, had she just caught Jake staring at her chest at the edge of her vision just then? She had been pushing her arms in just a little bit extra to try and show herself off to the little guy, and she was fairly sure she had seen his eyes wandering in that direction. She was too afraid to ask or to tease him, however, and decided to play it safe. No sense spooking him when he was still setting up shop in her home. Soon they could game right next to each other. Maybe that would lead to something but either way she would have Jake close to her now and that was more than enough to keep her happy for the time being.

                “There we go,” Liz said as she plugged the last cable in, tapping the power button on the computer tower and watching the monitor spring to life.

                “Nice! Now to get the phone set up as the main monitor and control device. I have done this once a while ago but it’ll need a couple programs and we’ll have to type quite a bit,” Jake said.

                Liz was just as much of a techie as him and went ahead and sat down in her faux-leather gaming chair. “I got it, Jake. It might be quicker if the bigger one gets the typing and things done. You can take over with your phone in a minute.” There she was, pointing out his small size again. Whoops.

                Jake wasn’t offended, but he wished he might have at least been given a chance, but another brief stare at Liz’s chest as she typed washed away his worries. A slightly spaced out, “Ok, thanks,” as he looked between the huge arms that rushed past him to the keyboard was all he managed to reply with.

                After a few minutes Liz was done on her end and Jake’s phone’s screen came to life. Now he could use his phone as a virtual monitor, a virtual keyboard, and even a virtual gamepad so he could play his favourite games. “Done!” Liz declared proudly.

                “Nice! Thanks. That’s one thing figured out,” Jake smiled. She managed to get the job done faster than Jake figured he would have, too. It wasn’t just her looks that attracted him to her, he reminded himself.

                “Oh, I just remembered. I’ll be right back.” Liz suddenly stood up, shaking the desk as she absentmindedly bumped her strong hips against it. Jake was already on his knees using his phone but had to brace himself from falling forwards during the resulting quake.

As soon as she disappeared, Liz reappeared with something in her hand.

“Stand back Jake, I have something for you,” she told him.

Jake obediently stood up and backed out of the way as Liz took a hold of his phone and lifted it to whatever she had in her hand. Looking up, Jake heard a plastic snapping noise. As soon as the phone had been raised it was lowered back to Jake, now mounted on the sort of stand that was used for phones in a car. For Jake it meant he now had a stand-up desk. Aw yeah.  

“Whoa, good idea, Liz!” Jake exclaimed.

“No problem! I figured I wasn’t using it so maybe it could help you,” Liz replied.

“Thank you again for all your help. This started out as the worst day of my life, but things are starting to look up,” Jake said. A bit dark he thought, but honest. He appreciated how much his friend was trying to help him.

“I’m just happy you’re starting to think more positively,” Liz said. “I’ll figure out a chair later but for now you can stand. You were sitting down too much at work anyway,” she added with a laugh.

“Even if I was standing, I still wouldn’t have been able to use your desk. You’re just too big,” Jake joked.

“And now I’m even bigger,” Liz said playfully, leaning toward Jake and smiling.

“Well now that this is done, I have a request,” Jake said.

“What is it?”

“I kinda need to use the bathroom. Normally I would make my own way over there but…” Jake’s voice trailed off.

“Ah,” Liz said. “Fair enough. Let’s get you over there,” Liz said, lowering her hand again.

Jake jumped on Liz’s hand comfortably and her thumb came down again to hold him gently in place as he was shuttled to his next destination with Liz’s exposed midriff again covering most of his view. He had trouble focusing on it this time, however, because he really did have to go. Thankfully Liz quickly brought them both to her brightly lit white-walled bathroom.

“Hmm,” Liz pondered, “I guess since you’re a guy you can just do your business standing up on the seat?” she asked.

“That’ll work!” Jake said and Liz lowered him down, raising the toilet seat’s lid and depositing Jake gently onto the broad toilet seat. She was getting quite good at handling him gently already considering she had just brought him home this morning. “Thanks, Liz,” he added.

Liz stood there sort of awkwardly for a few seconds before Jake added, “Do you think I could be alone for a minute or two? Can I call out the door when I’m done?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” Liz replied. Internally she shouted at herself. Way to look like a creep, she thought to herself. What was she doing? She knew she was overthinking things and that it was fine, but she couldn’t stop herself from overthinking every simple mistake around Jake like she usually did. Heading out the door she closed it most of the way and looked away, leaving Jake do his business. She was jealous of how easy it was for men to pee wherever they wanted. A girl in Jake’s current position wouldn’t have been able to adapt so easily, she mused.

A few seconds later she heard Jake call to her, “Done!”

“Alright, coming back in,” she announced, opening the door and approaching Jake again. His makeshift toga already back in place, unfortunately. Bending over she placed her hand next to him and picked him up as she had before. Curiosity got the better of her and she had a glance in the bowl. She could barely even see a hint of discolouring in the otherwise clear water. Everything about him was so much smaller and cuter. It made her smile to herself as she lifted Jake over to the sink.

As he approached the sink Jake wondered about the mechanics of washing his hands. “Um, I hadn’t thought about it, but how am I going to wash my hands at this size?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just grab some soap for now,” Liz said as she brought Jake right up against her soap dispenser. He was able to grab a small handful left over in the opening at the top of the dispenser and then was lowered, still in Liz’s hand, to near the sink’s spout. “Hopefully this isn’t too strong, I’ll keep my thumb there so you don’t have to worry about falling out.”

“Thanks!” Jake said as he rubbed the soap over his hands before briefly wetting them in the torrent of water in front of his perch on Liz’s hand. The force of the water quickly power-washed all of the soap and anything else that had might have been on his hands away and then Jake was whisked out of the bathroom with Liz.

“I don’t know about you, but I think I’m in the mood for a couple episodes of something on TV,” Liz said.

“I like that idea,” Jake said, openly welcoming any distraction from his current size.

The two debated briefly over what show to watch, listing off different tv shows and movies. Before long they settled on starting the new season of the anime they had been talking about at work. Jake had been surprised at Liz’s enthusiasm when he had confessed he was a fan for all things anime and manga in the office one day. It turned out she shared quite a few of his interests and the two had spent quite a bit of time talking about the subject at work. It had been one of the few times that Jake could focus on talking without getting flustered by Liz’s huge, beautiful form.  

“Alright then, jump on and let’s get settled on the couch,” Liz said, her hand approaching yet again. This time, however, it didn’t form a seat for Jake to sit on. Instead, two fingers and a thumb wrapped gently around Jake’s torso and Liz’s ring finger gently pushed Jake’s legs into a seated position with her ring finger acting as a makeshift seat.

“Whoa!” Jake let out in surprise, not expecting to be manhandled so suddenly, “This is a bit different,” he couldn’t help but add.

“Sorry, is this okay? I wanted to give it a try,” Liz said, sounding as innocent as she could. She couldn’t hold back all of her urges, and this was innocent help for Jake, right?

“No, it’s okay. I’m just still getting used to the whole being small enough to hold in one hand thing,” Jake said, attempting to make light of his size.

“You’re okay with me holding you like this?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. This morning I was scared but when you’re carrying me I feel safe.” There was a brief silence between the two before Jake quickly got flustered and say, “Anyways, let’s go watch some anime.” He truly did feel safe around Liz right now, but more importantly he needed to try and hide how excited Liz’s strength was making him right now.

Liz took a few short (to her) steps over to the couch and gently lowered Jake down to the seat. He was happy that she was starting to slow down his descent compared to earlier today when he almost hurled each time he plummeted down. This comparably gentle descent to the soft surface of Liz’s couch was much better.

Liz turned her tv on, still standing up, and grabbed her Playstation controller to turn on the console she had her streaming services installed on, but nothing happened when she pushed the button. She tried to switch the console on a few more times but again there was no response.

Jake looked up, wondering why Liz hadn’t said down yet and saw her furrow her brows. “No battery?” he suggested.

“Looks like it, I’ll have to find the charging cable. One minute,” Liz said as she stepped over to the TV stand. “I think it’s down here,” she added as she dropped to her knees and bent forward, opening one of the drawers. “Where are you?” she mumbled quietly to herself as she absent-mindedly dug through one drawer and then another. Liz’s kitchen may have been well organized, but her gaming drawers appeared chaotic.

Jake didn’t mind, though. He was getting quite a show from the couch. He had been able to admire Liz’s form when she walked away before, but this was quite a different view as her yoga pant-clad posterior jutted skyward, fabric pulled tight against her as she bent down on her knees. Her tail swished left and right in an almost teasing manner. The light streaming into the room cast a soft shadow across each muscular mound. Her athletic build made it challenging to tell where her butt ended and where her thighs began. As she focused on digging through the TV stand drawers her rear began to wiggle from side to side.

Was she doing this to him on purpose? No way, she was just focused. Wasn’t she? Jake’s face flushed a deep red, his makeshift toga tented yet again at the waist. He did his best to sit in a way that the wrinkles could conceal his raging boner. Friend. She was a friend. Just a friend. It is not okay to be attracted to her like this. Still though, damn is she sexy, he couldn’t help but think to himself. 

“Got it!” Liz whispered to herself as she pulled out a long USB charging cable that had been tied in a neat knot. The drawer was a mess, but at least the cables were under control. As her focus shifted from the search and back to the room, she realized her current position must have been giving quite a view to poor little Jake behind her. Liz cursed herself silently for unintentionally acting like a tease. Her subtle moves earlier had been fair, but this time was probably unfair on the little guy if he truly was into her. He probably though she was play with him or taking advantage of him. He wouldn’t be mad, would he?

“Alright, it’s about time this little thing got turned on,” Liz said, immediately regretting her phrasing but trying to play it cool. She quickly untied the cord in her hand and plugged the larger end into the game console. Sitting up on her knees she plugged the smaller end into the front of her controller and hit the button again. There was a loud beep and the sound of fans as the console came to life. “Sorry about the wait,” Liz apologized.

“N-n-no problem,” Jake stammered slightly, still flustered by everything he had just seen. Why didn’t he turn away? Why was he so weak to his male desires? Was her larger size having some other effect on his brain? If she did notice his flustered state, she didn’t let on to it. Jake felt lucky to have such a nice friend.

Liz stood herself up to her towering two and a half metres again and strolled back around the coffee table. The couch seat was just level with her knees and Jake was reminded of how tall she had loomed over him only that morning. Liz’s beautiful butt which Jake had been admiring short seconds ago loomed dangerously overhead before she thankfully took another step sideways and then began to descend. The sun’s light shone off the edges of her yoga pant-clad thighs and butt beautifully, magnifying her sculpted curves that descended downward, right next to Jake. Wait, right next to him?

Jake had taken a few basic physics courses in high school and university and those courses had taught him enough to know that something that large sitting such a short distance from him was going to displace the couch seat he sat on quite significantly. There wasn’t more time to consider this, however, as Liz’s mass collided with a FWUMP, settling deep into the cushion.

The couch surface suddenly disappeared far below Jake creating a steep slope toward the soft and smooth wall that was Liz’s outer thigh. Jake soon confirmed that Liz’s pants were soft and smooth as he tumbled and rolled right into them, finding himself wedged with his front against Liz’s outer thigh and his back plastered to the couch. Thankfully for Jake, his plight was noticed immediately.

Liz had done her best not to just drop down onto the couch as she normally did, but she must have sat too close because she felt a Jake-sized lump roll into her when she sat down. She must have sat too close to him! Liz lifted herself off the couch, exclaiming, “Sorry! I didn’t even think about that happening. Are you okay?”

“I’m good. That’s not the weirdest thing that has happened to me today but it’s definitely up there,” Jake said. Shouldn’t have said weird. Now she thinks you called her weird. Stupid, stupid.

“Sorry,” Liz laughed with a little embarrassment. This time she shifted herself a little farther away and sat down again, taking care to slowly ease herself so Jake wouldn’t be tossed against her again.

By now the game console had finished booting up and Liz quickly turned on the streaming app and got the show started. Liz pretended to watch but her mind could only focus on the feeling of little Jake tucked up against her thigh for that one brief second. In that instant she had felt overwhelming concern for the little man. And yet she had also felt such empowerment. Both feelings excited her equally.

Next to her sat Jake from her office she reminded herself. It was the Jake she enjoyed the breakroom chats with, Jake her friend. But he was also Jake: her little human. And she was pretty sure she had felt something poking out around his middle through that cloth he was wearing, but she wasn’t sure. Liz still wanted to be careful to preserve their friendship, but something in that instant had awakened inside her. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was arousal, but she suddenly wanted to see if she could awaken little Jake, too. For the meantime she decided to continue trying to play it safe and show off subtly. Until he got more comfortable around her anyway…

Jake was paying even less attention to the anime than Liz. He kept his face looking forward as much as possible, but his eyes couldn’t help but wander to the behemoth occupying the seat next to him. From his low angle he could see the way the sun faded into shadow along the top of Liz’s legs. Turning his head slightly he could just barely see her beautiful eyes focused forwards. Her modest breasts, small for her size but each still significantly larger than him, rose and fell gently with each breath she took. Her beautiful clean scent surrounded him. He wasn’t sure if it was the scent of laundry detergent or the soap or shampoo she used but when he had been trapped up against her for that short instant he was amazed by how clean she smelled. Stealing another look, he admired her long arms which trailed down along the side of her body and into her lap where it was obvious she was fidgeting slightly with her hands.  She must have been really into the story right now.

Not wanted to ogle and offend Jake did his best to focus forward but he was just incapable of following the plot. He was sitting together with Liz. With his crush from the office. Should he make a move? No, she had just let him stay over and there was no way she liked his current form. He saw Liz’s legs shift slightly and the couch seat lifted a bit as she adjusted her hips gently. Was she uncomfortable next to him? It was definitely time to be cautious. Jake didn’t want to overstay his welcome.

Liz was getting turned on. She could feel it between her thighs. She did her best to control it, but the feeling wouldn’t go away and she felt a little wetness developing. She shifted slightly, not able to help herself, but finally managed to get things under control. Slowly she was able to focus her thinking on the show they were watching and only then was she able to relax a bit, but she still couldn’t stop fidgeting. One step at a time, she told herself. One step at a time.

After the second episode ended Liz became nervous that Jake might catch a whiff of her scent. She decided a change of scenery was in order and turned to Jake to ask, “This is fun, but I think I’m tapped out for now. Do you want to see if we can get any games working on your computer?”

“Sure, let’s give it a go,” Jake agreed.

Liz carried Jake over to her desk and started up her computer. Jake started his using the control they had set up on his phone. The car mount she had affixed to her desk was very convenient. It was easy to adjust so he could angle the phone on its side like a touch screen monitor. Jake was thankful that the battle royale game he was a fan of had touch screen input as well as keyboard and mouse, so he would still be able to play. He glanced up at Liz’s giant screen and saw she had an icon for the same game.

“No way, you play too?” Jake asked.

“Heck yeah, want to play some coop?” Liz asked.

“Sure, I’ll try to leave some players for you,” Jake taunted playfully.

“No way, I’m gonna crush you,” Liz said. Phrasing. Phrasing, Liz. Whoops. Thankfully Jake seemed to take the chirp at face value and laughed with her.

It took a while for Jake to get used to the new touch screen controls and they didn’t quite compare to his old keyboard and mouse but within an hour or so he was back nearly on par with where he had been a couple day before in his old body. The two quickly lost track of time as they enjoyed themselves over the next couple hours.

The First Evening by canadian1579
Author's Notes:

After they eventually managed to win a few rounds as a pair, Jake and Liz decided to call it quits on their gaming session. As they were closing the game down Jake heard a familiar but very loud rumbling behind him. “Getting hungry, Liz?” he asked, turning around and looking far overhead.

Liz’s eyes panned down and she met his gaze, “Yeah, I think it might be time for some real food. I’m in gaming mode today though, are leftovers okay?” she asked.

“Anything’s fine by me as long as I’m not on the menu,” Jake joked. Today had been a tough day, but he felt like joking about his current ankle-high stature was the only way to start coping with his current situation. For all he knew he might even grow back tomorrow morning.

“Equines are vegetarians so no worries there, my little human,” Liz said. She was joking with the ‘my’ right? Jake shrugged it off, giving Liz the benefit of the doubt. “How about we eat and watch another episode or three on the couch?” she continued. “Gotta make the most of our ‘sick’ day, right?” she added with a smile. They both laughed.

Jake agreed and was ferried over to the couch where he sat and waited to see what Liz would bring. Sure enough, she reappeared with some fried rice she said had been takeout earlier in the week. Jake normally didn’t enjoy veggies as a wolf, but his new human body loved the fried rice. He only finished a few of the rather large grains of rice and managed a few small pieces of chopped vegetable but the food was delicious. The anime was getting pretty good too and he was enjoying watching it with Liz. Today was fun, he thought to himself. Jake was surprised when the thought crossed his mind but despite the shrinking, the panic, and the end of life as he knew it, today had actually gone fairly well. Today was honestly better than usual thanks to hanging out with Liz, physical changes to himself aside.

After they finished eating and watching, the two went back to the computer and went at it again, destroying all the opponents they could, enjoying a good laugh here and there as they did it. Despite Jake’s small stature, he found he was more or less an even match with Liz. Before long it had gotten dark outside and only the glow of Jake’s phone screen and Liz’s shining monitor was left to illuminate the room. It was around ten o’clock when the two started getting a little tired. Jake and Liz were running around together in the game when suddenly Jake was annihilated by surprise. “Aw man!” he exclaimed, half-feigning disappointment. He didn’t honestly care if he won or lost, the pursuit alone was his source of enjoyment.

Jake heard the clicking and clacking of Liz’s huge keyboard and her deep breathing overhead. He turned around and realized he was probably looking the wrong way all night. The light from Liz’s monitor danced across her body, the hue projecting on her white tank-top changing and shifting as she looked at new things on her screen. He could barely make out one of her eyes from so far below her muzzle but it shone with focus and determination. Her breasts heaved gently with each breath as she remained focused. Jake didn’t care about the game anymore. He just sat down and watched his friend play the rest of the round out, occasionally glancing over at the monitor.

It turns out Liz was on a roll. While Jake had been eliminated early on, she survived to the very end, her arms launching into the air as the phrase “Last Man Standing” shone across her screen. “Yes!” she shouted in a contagious spout of joy. As quickly as her hands had soared up, however, they came crashing down, one landing quite close to Jake leading to him toppling backward onto his butt.

Liz looked down suddenly remembering she wasn’t alone after being so fully engorged in the game. Seeing Jake her eyes widened and she apologized immediately, “Oops, sorry! I got a bit carried away there, didn’t I?”

“All good, you were amazing. Nice work!” Jake said, not wanting to interrupt Liz’s happy mood.

“Thanks,” she said, her face beaming. “You all done?”

“Yeah, I think I’m gamed out for tonight.”

“I was going to take a shower before bed. Did you want me to set up a bath or something for you?” Liz asked.

“That would be nice actually, this body is really sweaty compared to my normal one,” Jake said, realizing how weird that must have been sounded.

Liz didn’t seem phased, however. “It’s probably quite different. You seem to be adapting well, though!”

“I just hope it’s a temporary thing, though. I don’t want to keep burdening you,” Jake said.

“You’re not a burden at all, I’m enjoying the company. Now let’s get a bath set up so you can wash up.” Liz stood up and walked over to the switch on the wall, turning on the lights.

“Ahhhh!” both of them exclaimed facetiously as they were bombarded by the sudden brightness. After letting her eyes adjust for a second Liz returned, sitting in her revolving chair and putting her hand on the desk for Jake.

“I think I want to try walking there myself if that’s okay, Liz.”

“Sure,” she said, her hand not moving, knowing what would come next.

“Can I get some help down to the ground first though?” came the inevitable request.

“Sure!” she said, eyes gleaming in a big smile. Liz was enjoying Jake’s cute little helplessness and it felt wonderful to be needed to help her little crush do everything.

Once she had picked him up, Liz spun around in her chair, facing herself away from the desk. The trip felt like an amusement park ride to Jake, sitting in her hand as if it were one of those spinning chairs high above the ground. Once she had turned around, Liz leaned forward and gently lowered Jake until he was just above the ground. Upon the release of her safety-belt thumb, Jake hopped off and onto the carpet. The carpet fibers were up to his ankles but he found he could stand and walk relatively easily. Looking forward Jake was reminded yet again that his head stood only a fraction higher than the tops of her big hooves. He was about to start walking when he heard Liz’s voice from above.

“Follow me, little guy,” she said, still cheerful after her big win.

Just then Jake heard the gaming chair creak and strain as Liz stood above him. One of the monolithic legs raised, its hoof angling slightly as it flung up and forward, arcing itself over and in front of Jake. The ground shook with the impact as it collided back with the carpet right near him, but Jake managed to keep his footing. Looking up Jake was amazed by the sight of Liz directly over him. No sooner had the hoof landed than its partner flew up and over, creating a small earthquake farther ahead. Liz had walked over him as if he weren’t even there. Reminded of his small stature yet again Jake jogged after Liz, quickly realizing that if he walked she would be waiting quite a while.

The shaking for Liz’s steps was short-lived, thankfully, as she pulled far ahead of him with each step of hers matching many of his jogging strides. Jake couldn’t get over how huge the apartment seemed from his scale. It had looked big from on top of the desk, but actually traversing the dwelling demonstrated just how expansive the place was to him. It was interesting to him that this palatial place probably felt almost cramped to someone as large as Liz was.

By the time he caught up with Liz in the bathroom Jake was already quite winded, but he saw that Liz was working on something far overhead and out of view on the counter. She must have seen him coming through the door in the mirror because she swished her tail and turned around, smiling and winking at Jake’s little form. There was a sound of rushing water and then a loud thunk as something heavy was placed on the counter. Then Liz bent down and offered Jake a hand. Jake jumped on and was shuttled quickly up to the countertop.

There he found a washbasin almost as tall as he was that had been partially filled with soapy water. “Thank you, Liz,” he said up to her.

“No worries, little guy. I’m going to have a shower while you do your thing in there. I might be a bit so just sit and relax in the warm water. You’ve had a long day.” Liz’s voice was filled with nothing but kindness. Jake felt lucky to have such a nice friend.

“Ok, I’ll stay seated so you can have your privacy, I guess,” Jake said. He wasn’t sure about bathing in the same room as his best friend while she stripped and had a shower but he didn’t really see much of a choice.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll step behind the glass before I get undressed and I have all my stuff ready to go so I’ll be all covered when I come out.”

Jake looked over and, sure enough, there was a towel and some spare clothes hanging near the large fogged-out glass shower stall on the towel rack. There was even a replacement handkerchief and a tarp-sized handcloth for Jake to dry himself. Liz had clearly though of everything while she was waiting for him to catch up. 

“Ok, I guess I’ll get started then. See you in a bit?” Jake said.

“Sure thing,” Liz replied before stepping over and into her shower, closing the sliding glass door behind her. The fogged glass obscured a clear view, but Liz’s silhouette was clearly visible through the glass. Jake tried and failed to tear his eyes away as he saw Liz’s arms reach her opposite armpits and raise, taking her top with them. Next, he saw her silhouette remove its bra. Both garments were tossed unceremoniously over the glass and landed with a fwump on the bathroom floor. Then, he saw her silhouette clearly grab its waist and bend over, pants and undergarments starting to come off. Not wanting to take any more advantage than he had, Jake turned around and removed his own garments and clambering over the wash basin’s side. He was erect, but it felt wrong to pleasure himself to a kind friend who had taken him in.

Another fwump of clothing sounded out from beyond the wash basin’s walls and the loud showering noise of water began, immediately drowning everything else out. Jake lathered his hands up with the soapy bubbles of the washbasin and got to work cleaning himself off. His human body proved very easy to clean compared to the fur he had been used to until this morning. This was one aspect of being human he was definitely okay with. He finished washing himself off quickly and just sat there, enjoying the feeling of the warm water and the warm humidity brough upon by Liz’s shower. Just another thing to add to the growing list of advantages to his current human stature, he decided.

After twenty minutes or so of relaxing and then getting weirded out at how wrinkly this new body was getting in the water, Jake heard Liz call out from her shower stall. “I’m almost done in here, be out in a couple of minutes!”

That was Jake’s cue to get into motion. It took a couple tries because of the soapy water but Jake managed to climb up and out onto the counter where he dried himself off with the face cloth. This too proved to be much easier than he was used to, being covered in far less fur than before. Another advantage… By the time he had wrapped himself in his toga he saw that Liz was just finishing drying herself off and getting herself dressed.  

Jake decided to just sit and wait on the counter. He wished he could just climb down on his own but there was no ladder or anything to use. A ladder… Now that was an idea. He stored it away but hoped it wouldn’t be necessary since he would probably change back tomorrow. Hopefully.

Just then he heard the loud sliding of Liz’s shower door. Out stepped Liz covered in a towel that barely covered her waist and chest along with a towel over her head as she attempted to dry her hair. It must have been such a pain for girls to dry their hair, Jake mused.

“Well, how’d you fare?” Liz asked him.

 “Just fine, thanks. That water was perfect,” Jake said. He felt relaxed, in spite of today’s events. He figured he owed a lot of that feeling to Liz. At work he was usually flustered and nervous around her, but now her presence made him feel safe.  

“How about we get you to bed?” Liz suggested.

“Is it okay if I walk there myself too? I really appreciate all the help, but I do want to try and do a few things myself too,” Jake said, trying to sound as positive and appreciative as he could. He really did appreciate all that Liz was doing for him, and didn’t want to push her away, but he needed to feel at least some independence in his actions.

“Sure, but I will be helping you down from that high ledge,” Liz insisted.

“I was just about to ask,” Jake said with a laugh.

Liz lifted little Jake down to the floor in her palm and then said, “I’ll see you in the bedroom, I guess.”

“Thanks, see you there,” Jake said as she turned around, sauntering out and around the corner, the ground shaking less and less as she strode down the hall.

It was about then that Jake realized he hadn’t asked where the bedroom was. No matter, he thought to himself, how big could this place be? Jake laughed to himself at the thought and started plodding out of the room and decided to follow the direction Liz had gone and then rely on his ears to guide him. In the distance he heard Liz shuffling around which would guide him to where he needed to go easily.

It took a few minutes, but Jake eventually made it to Liz’s doorway. It sounded like she was quite busy in there and he wondered what she was up to. Rounding the corner, he was surprised to see her kneeling down on the floor next to her bed, facing away. Her tail flicked wildly from side to side as she focused intently on whatever it is what she was doing.

Liz had since removed her towel and in its place there was a long, baggy t-shirt that hung down below her waist. At the centre, however, Liz’s swinging tail stood up and out, lifting the t-shirt up and partially exposing her underwear-clad outline within to Jake. A familiar feeling of arousal built in Jake. It was such an innocent and yet arousing sight that he grew hard almost instantly. Primal urges shouted at him to get working but yet again, Jake managed to ignore them and began wandering toward the mammoth mare as she bounced on her calf muscles, completely focused on whatever it is she was doing.

“What you up do?” Jake asked as he neared Liz’s side.

“Mmmm?” she replied with her cheerful voice, “I’m making a little staircase to make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. I figured the safest place would be for you to sleep here on the bedside table.” Her friendly smile was intoxicating.

“Thank you, that’s a great idea!” Jake said. “Can I try it out?”

“One sec, almost done,” Liz answered as she added a final book to the top of the makeshift staircase. Had that been a copy of Gulliver’s Travels? “Alright, there you go.”

Jake walked in front of Liz’s huge knees and took his first steps up the various books. He could see the titles on some of them. Most of them had to do with tech, cooking, and some were manga. He also spotted a few fantasy novels he had read a long time ago.

“Oh, I really like this one,” He said as he stepped over an old sci-fi novel about training youths on a space station to fight aliens across the galaxy.

“Me too! That one is such a classic. I bet the author didn’t expect it to be used as a staircase for a little human,” Liz added with a giggle.

“Probably not,” Jake added, laughing along. The bedside table stood just over four times his height and would have been impossible reach without the staircase, Jake mused to himself. Liz was really doing her best to make him feel comfortable and he appreciated it.  At the top of the ‘stairs’ he found some folded clothes under her lamp.

“These should serve as a bed for now,” Liz said. “I tried to find some soft things for you to lay on, hopefully they’ll work.”

“I’m so tired that just about anything will do at this point.” Jake said with a smile. “Thank you for everything today,” Jake said. “Really. Thank you, Liz.”

“It’s my pleasure, little guy,” Liz said with a smile, standing up to turn out the lights and then climbing under her covers and into bed. As she did so, Jake climbed into his little bed and pulled a layer of cloth over him as a blanket. Within seconds he was completely passed out.

Liz laid there quietly until she was certain she heard him snoring. Then, as quietly as she could, she turned her head over and simply stared. There, sleeping in front of her was a dream. Her crush from the office had become a tiny human, something she had only ever fantasized about, and it was her job to take care of him. She still wasn’t quite sure how this had happened, but she had a sneaking suspicion yesterday’s wish had been granted. Either way, she was grateful as she continued to stare at his tiny form. She would do her best to make him happy and she hoped that someday he might love her back as much as she loved him right now. 

Day 2, A New Normal by canadian1579

                Jake was awoken the next morning by a loud stirring. In an instant his eyes flew open and he looked at his hands and then his surroundings. He was still human. Still tiny. Damn. Damn, damn, damn! Jake was about to lose all hope when another loud stirring noise reminded him of what had woken him up. There, next to his bedside table-top bunk, was his titanic coworker stretching up and out from under her covers, still in her t-shirt and underwear from the night before. As she stood up out of bed and stretched her arms in the air, her t-shirt raised giving Jake a clear view of her panty-clad bottom. Okay, yes, there were some perks to being small. He had been trying to resist feeling aroused by Liz’s form, but this was just too much, especially in the morning when he was already hard just from waking up. Seeing her begin to turn, however, he immediately feigned sleep to avoid being caught looking. As turned on as he was by the giant sight in front of him, Jake was sure getting caught staring with an erection would probably not go over well.

                Liz was not a morning person, but she had to work today so there was no choice. Time to get up. Shoving her covers to the side she climbed out of bed and stretched her arms up like she usually did. As she stretched, she had a feeling she was forgetting something. Shit. Jake was right below her, in clear view of her while she had no pants on. Liz quickly lowered her arms and glanced, finding Jake sound asleep. Liz exhaled with relief and did her best to walk silently out of the room and over to the bathroom for her quick morning shower. Too bad he was asleep, she thought to herself, he might have enjoyed the view.

                After he was certain Liz had left the room Jake’s primal urges took over. He had just witnessed one of the sexiest sights of his life and now he couldn’t help but stroke his length. It felt so good to let go a little bit, like an itch being finally scratched. As his hand gently fondled his glans Jake wondered what everything would have looked like beneath those panties. No. Too far, he thought to himself. He was betraying her trust with thoughts like this.

Jake’s brain and his cock shared their feelings of disappointment as he stopped stroking himself and got out of bed. The clothes he had slept on had proven to be soft and comfortable. Another thing he had to thank Liz for. Jake sat there for a few minutes, trying to motivate himself to move but ended up lying back down on his bed.

                Soon after the shower noises in the distance stopped. There was some brief thumping and noises before the familiar thudding of Liz’s steps approached and she re-entered, fully clothed and ready for work.

                “G’morning, Liz,” Jake called up to her from the bed.

                “Good morning, Jake. Finally awake, are you?” she asked.

                Jake played dumb. “Yeah, I figured I should probably get up sometime,” he replied.

                “Have you though at all about working from here?” Liz asked.

                “I think I’m going to ask if it’s okay. I’ll make up some story about a family emergency or something,” he said.

                “Good plan.” Liz wanted to ask what he would do if he never changed back, but now was not the time. Jake had been through a lot and in spite of yesterday he actually seemed to be doing okay this morning. “So you’re okay with hanging out on the desk today?”

                “Yeah, if I could get a ride over there that would be great.”

                Liz obliged and carried Jake over to the living room. When he was placed down on the desk, Jake found that Liz had already left some things there for him. There was a mini corner of a sandwich, more than enough to feed him for the day, a small bottlecap full of water, and in the distance he noticed another small cup with card paper covering the top.

                “I cut a corner off part of my lunch for you so you won’t get hungry while I’m gone. Hopefully there’s enough water for you there too,” she said. Sensing his confusion about the covered cut on the far corner of the desk, Liz explained, “Since getting to the toilet is a bit of a challenge for you, I brought the toilet to you. Hopefully leaving it covered will help keep the smell contained. How is that human nose of yours anyway?” she asked.

                “That’s a good idea! Eh, the human nose is nowhere near as sensitive as before. It feels weird. You smell very nice though,” Jake said.

                Liz smiled. Was that a flirt? Or was he just being nice? It was always hard to tell with Jake. “Well hopefully this works. Is there anything else you think you’ll need before I go?”

                Jake thought for a moment. “Actually, there is. Do you have some string, some toothpicks, and a knife or something sharp?”

                “Something sharp?” Liz asked, a little concerned.

                “Don’t worry, I just want to try making something today,” Jake said with a smile.

                “Alright, back in a minute.” Liz thumped off and returned with the requested items. She was still a little confused, but she trusted him and didn’t have time to ask further. “I’ve gotta run now, I’ll see you later today, okay? I’ll try and come back a bit early or something.”

                “No problem, have a good day!” Jake said with a wave. And with that Liz turned and headed off. Her work clothes looked nice today, but the back of Jake’s mind was still focused on the sight he had seen so briefly this morning.

                Now was not the time for that though, he had work today. Jake immediately got started and turned his computer on. He spent some time drafting, editing, and re-editing an email to fire off to the boss explaining there had been a family emergency and that he wouldn’t be able to come into the office for a while. He tried to leave it vague but phrase it in a way that HR couldn’t ask for details. When he finished, he read it a couple more times to be safe, breathed deeply, and hit send. Grabbing some of the sandwich to eat for breakfast he sat and waited for a few minutes while watching some dumb meme videos.

                Suddenly there was a notification. A reply had come in already. That was fast. It must have been a slow day or something. Slightly nervous, Jake opened the message and read slowly. They weren’t happy he was a no-show today, but they agreed that if it was serious he could find a way to work from home instead. They offered him today to set up, sans pay. Good enough, he figured. As long as he could make enough to pay rent at his place and have some extra to get something to say thanks to Liz he figured one day’s pay was worth losing. He was ahead on his active projects anyways so it would be easy to get back on track starting tomorrow. He typed up a quick reply and sent it off. Looking at the corner of his screen he saw it was 10 and he had already finished his biggest challenge of the day. On to task number two.

                Jake went over to the large spool of rope and started to unravel a long length, looping it around his arm so he could carry it easily. When he was satisfied, he walked over to the edge of the desk and tossed the loop over. The string plummeted down before stopping just short of the ground below. Far too short. Jake pulled the string back up and added another third to its length and tried again. This time the string fell with a good amount of length lying on the ground below with some slack between the top of the desk and the bottom. Perfect. Jake then doubled the length of the rope, tying the mid-point to Liz’s monitor stand and sliced the rope from its spindle, tossing both ends off the side of the desk one more time and confirming they were the right length. Excellent. Time to get crafting, he thought to himself.

                Grabbing toothpicks one by one, Jake tied little knots around either end making rungs to form a miniature rope ladder. It took over an hour but the closer he got to the bottom of the string the faster at the process he became. By early afternoon was finished. Not wanting the ladder to get tangled as it dropped the last step was simply to roll it up and face it toward the edge. Once that had been done, Jake gave the roll a kick and over the side of the desk it flew, unraveling perfectly into a rope ladder. Jake was no longer trapped. No longer trapped on the desk anyway, but a little mobility was better than none. Jake sat down to finish off his lunch from Liz along with most of the water she had left. Then, it was adventure time. 

                The first rung was more than slightly scary. The drop to the floor was well over 8 times his height and while he figured he was probably a bit more durable at this size than before, he didn’t want to test it. Thankfully, his handiwork held fast and he was able to climb with little difficulty. His small mass didn’t even make the ladder swing significantly as he descended. It took a minute, but Jake made it to the floor. Now it was time to wander around this temporary new home a bit.

*             *             *

                Meanwhile at work, Liz had found herself incapable of focusing. All she could think of was going home to Jake. In the weeks leading up to yesterday, she had constantly been finding excuses to talk to him at work and even given him her number, but now he was staying at her house. And he had somehow been transformed into a tiny human. She felt bad that it had happened to him so suddenly and unexpectedly, but another part of her felt like the stars were aligning themselves for her. All she had to hope for that he would finally realize and reciprocate the feelings she had for him. Just thinking about the possibility made her heart race, and other parts of her body shudder with excitement.

                She reassured herself that it wasn’t just the sexual side of things that she was interested in, although she had to admit the possibilities were exciting. She was mostly excited to share a new and unique life with Jake and to take care of him. She wasn’t interested in forcing things. Jake would fall in love with her, or he wouldn’t. Liz stared up at the clock again and shifted in her seat. She was getting wet just thinking about yesterday, and the future. Maybe she would just skip her workout today and hang out with him this evening. She could go back to her daily jogs tomorrow or something. Maybe she should just tell him how she was feeling. No, it was too soon. Gah, why can’t work end faster?

*             *             *

                Jake was enjoying his new freedom of mobility around the house. He ended up doing a full lap of the place, awed by how large everything was. Nearly every major surface was at least eight to ten times his height off the ground. He was going to need to fashion more ladders if he wanted to get around the house more easily.

                Eventually his trek took him to the bathroom. So far, the floor had been mostly bare but as he rounded the corner Jake noticed a small mound in the centre of the floor. As he approached, he noticed it was both a familiar colour and shape. There in front of him sat the pair of panties Liz had been wearing this morning before wandering out of the bedroom. The fabric was as large as a triangular sail to Jake and the smell was… Jake couldn’t help it anymore. He leaned in and had a sniff. Then another. He traced his nose around the article of clothing until he found the spot he was looking for right in the middle.

                This is wrong, he thought. So wrong. But what if it wasn’t. What if she did want him back? Should he just ask? Maybe, but it was too soon now. For the time being he would have to settle for this. Jake enjoyed himself there for a few more minutes before deciding it wasn’t worth Liz coming home and finding him like this, fully erect and pleasuring himself in her undergarments. Standing himself up and donning his quickly discarded handkerchief toga, Jake set off on the return journey to the desk. He was lucky he started when he did because by the time he reached the desk’s top he heard the lock to the front door turn in the distance followed by the familiar thumping noise of Liz walking through the door. “I’m hooooome,” she called cheerfully.

                Jake’s heart rushed slightly at the sound of her voice. “Hey! Welcome back!” he called out once he figured Liz was close enough for his smaller voice to be heard. “How was today?”

                “I’m glad I’m back. It’s so boring in the office without anyone to tease,” Liz said. Jake blushed slightly but Liz was too far away to see it. “But I did hear you got the ok to work from home. That’s great!” She added excitedly.

                “Yeah, I will start back at it tomorrow. It might even mean the same pay for a reduced workload. Who knows?” Jake said.

                “Don’t count on that,” Liz said with a laugh. Yet again she wanted to ask about his thoughts about what to do if he never changed back, but she didn’t want to kill the happy mood. “What’s this, did you make a ladder?” she asked, looping a finger around the rope ladder hanging off the side of the desk.

                “Yeah, I ended up spending most of today working on that,” Jake said.

                “Does it work?” Liz asked.

                “Yeah, I’ve tested it going down then up once, but other than that I’ve been hanging out up here all day,” Jake lied.

                “It looks great!” Liz said, impressed with Jake’s ingenuity. “Smart idea. You might have to make a few more this week.”

                “It’ll be nice to be able to explore the house once more of those are set up,” Jake said. He was honestly proud that he could assert some independence and was looking forward to adding more mobility to his new daily life.

                “I’m going to hit the bathroom. Back in a minute. Let me take this with me,” Liz said, grabbing the makeshift toilet cup from off the table and taking it with her. When she reached the bathroom she saw the discarded panties she had left in the centre of the floor that morning. Crap. Hopefully Jake hadn’t seen those. She was going to have to be careful as he gained easier access to the rest of her place. After she was finished Liz washed out the cup that had been left on the desk during the day. Then, before heading back to the living room, she made sure to toss her panties into her dirty clothes hamper in the bedroom. While in her room she also changed out of her work clothes and into some casual shorts and a t-shirt.

                Heading back to the room, Liz saw that all the food was gone from Jake’s plate she had left on the table. Feeling a bit hungry herself, she asked, “Say, you want to make some supper together?”

                “Sure, what have you got in mind?” Jake asked.

                “I was thinking of making some pizza from scratch today,” Liz suggested. “Although it would be a vegetarian pizza,” she felt she had to say.

                “Sure, I don’t know if I can help, but I’d love to watch,” Jake said.

                “I was thinking you could be the DJ for my cooking ‘show’ or something,” Liz said with a twinkle in her eye. Jake agreed enthusiastically, happy that he could play an active role.

                Liz disconnected Jake’s phone from the mount and carried it with him into the kitchen. There she briefly left them on the kitchen island before returning with a Bluetooth speaker that was easily larger across than Jake was tall.

                “Those are some big speakers,” Jake said absent-mindedly.

                “A little, I guess,” Liz giggled. She helped him pair his device by pressing the buttons that proved too stiff for Jake’s diminished strength. “Alright, time to get some tunes playing while I get some veggies chopped and some dough mixed up.

                Jake decided to start with some lo-fi. He always found it helped him get work done quickly and he liked the soft hip-hop beats. It turned out Liz did too. “Nice choice,” she said as she swayed her hips gently to the beat right in front of Jake. Jake couldn’t help but blush at the sight. He turned back to the phone and pretended to search for the next song to hide it.

                Before long Liz had finished mixing some dough together and was ready for the next step, kneading and stretching it out. After she scattered some flour on the island countertop, she dropped her large ball of dough which landed with a loud slam, shaking the island surface below Jake slightly. Casual power displays via simple cooking tasks. Yet another thing to add to the growing list of things that had aroused Jake over the past couple days. Since kneading dough was a little more active, Jake switching from lo-fi to funk. Liz recognized the classic song and smiled over the Jake.

                “Niiiiiice, I like this song,” she said, leaning forward and pressing her palms into the dough.

Jake watched as her powerful palms plunged down into the dough, massaging it to the rhythm and reshaping it before plunging down again. Liz kept her arms pushed in and braced most of the time she was working the dough up and down which meant that Jake was treated to a front row seat of her cleavage as it wiggled subtly under her shirt with each movement. He did his best not to stare but couldn’t help it. He was just too overwhelmed at Liz’s massive beauty and raw power on display right in front of him.

Once the dough had been flattened out into a pizza-shaped disc, Liz got to work spreading some tomato paste over the top and tossed on some cheese and the chopped veggies from before. As she was finishing the oven beeped loudly, signaling it was heated up and ready to go.

“Perfect timing,” Liz said, still wiggling her hips to the beat. Carefully she transferred her handiwork onto a pan and turned around, opening the oven and bending over to put the pizza in. As she bent down, her tail flicked straight up and splayed all over her back for a second, perfectly highlighting her curves. Jake just stood there silently, awed by Liz’s ephemeral and seemingly accidental display of sexuality.

The slam of the oven closing awoke Jake from his trance just in time for Liz to turn around and meet his gaze. “And now we wait,” Liz declared.

“It’s not time to wait, it’s time to dance!” Jake said, as he threw on a pop song. He hadn’t ever really behaved like this before, but he was really starting to come out of his shell around Liz. Maybe it was his current arousal, maybe it was his tiny size, maybe it was her, maybe all of the above, but who cared. Jake started swaying and jumping around in time with the beat of the song he was playing. His head whirled around too much for him to pay attention to much around him.

Far above him, Liz’s eyes gazed down. She continued moving her hips to the beat of the song he had chosen, but her real focus was little Jake, shaking and dancing like his life depended on it. It was equal parts adorable and attractive. Liz bit her lip slightly, enjoying the outburst of expression. Then an idea struck her.

“Looks like you have a dancing partner coming, Jake,” Liz announced. Jake slowed his dancing and looked up confused and saw Liz’s closed hand fast approach with her index and middle fingers outstretched. When the tips of both fingers, each nearly as long as Jake was tall, landed on the island countertop, she began to move and sway them as if they were the legs of a dancer. She did her best to match the tiny moves of Jake but he was such a hot mess that they both ended up doing random moves to the beat and laughing. The two of them continued laughing and dancing, or at least Liz’s hand danced, for a few more songs until the oven timer went off behind them.

The nice thing about pizza was how easy it was for Liz to share with Jake. All she had to do was cut the very tip off each of the slices she took and the two of them had proportionally sized food with similar toppings. Today was proving to be a great success for both Jake and Liz. He was happy with his DJ skills and she with her cooking. As they ate, they both discovered that they shared a favourite food: pizza. Although Jake had to admit that it was a close tie between this and steak. Liz just laughed, saying she would take his word for how delicious it was.

When they were all finished, Liz decided she wanted to play some games before going to bed. Jake, who had already been tired from all the crafting and adventuring earlier on in the day, decided to just sit and watch from the top of the desk.

“Here, you can use this as a makeshift chair,” Liz said, as she dropped a small clean shirt in a wrinkled pile on the desk.

Jake went ahead and flopped on. “How do you get your shirts to be so soft and smell so fresh?” he asked.

“Trade secret,” Liz replied.

For the next couple hours jake watched mostly in silence as Liz played some more of the game they had been playing yesterday. Lying down on the makeshift chair between the keyboard and the edge of the desk, Jake was able to easily switch back and forth between watching the game and gazing at beautiful Liz as she focused intently above him. As the minutes ticked on Jake noticed that Liz was leaning more and more forwards. She must have been really into the game. There were even a few tense minutes during some games where her V-neck wasn’t more than arm’s reach away from the tiny man. Jake did his best to focus forward, but the more time Liz’s chest spent near him the more clouded his mind became.

Liz was in fact enjoying her game, but she had an ulterior motive this evening. Today at work while she had been thinking more about Jake and how much she was into him, she had decided to try a few ‘moves’ she had seen in the various animes and movies she had been binging over the years. She wasn’t experienced romantically but she figured she wanted to give things a try. Tonight, she was hoping that Jake would notice just how much she was leaning close to him and that maybe, just maybe, he would consider finding a way to lean into her sometime soon. That was not to be tonight, however, as Jake sat politely watching her progress, cheering her on occasionally. Liz was slightly disappointed but it was only day two, so she didn’t feel too down. He’ll come around eventually, she thought.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Liz eventually got tired of her game and the two headed off to bed, Liz on her bed and Jake using the clothes still on the bedside table. This time it was Liz who fell asleep first. Jake had regained some energy while sitting and watching her play games and he ended up staying up for a while longer, gazing at the enormous equine beauty sleeping peacefully before him. It wasn’t much longer before he too fell asleep.

Saturday - Breaking Barriers by canadian1579

                The rest of the work week flew by fairly quick for both Jake and Liz. Jake spent his time during the day getting work done and using his spare time to make more ladders which Liz helped him hang around the apartment. By Saturday Jake had gained easy access to most high surfaces in Liz’s apartment. He could climb the coffee table and couch in the living room, the counter or the island in the kitchen, he could even climb the toilet independently and get to the bathroom sink on his own now.

                Liz had been far less productive for most of the week. She spent her days in the office before heading for home, changing and having a jog, and then gaming in the evenings. While things had seemed to heat up a little bit between her and Jake during pizza night, Liz was a little disappointed that Jake hadn’t seemed to make any move or say anything to her afterward. Maybe he was just nervous? Or maybe shy?  

                Jake was shy, but his libido was starting to get to him. He hadn’t masturbated in nearly a week now which was his longest stretch in a while. It was getting to the point where nearly anything Liz did turned him on. This morning that would change, however. Jake had managed to wake up quite early by chance and did his best to sneak down and off his perch on the bedside table, making sure to wear his toga just in case Liz woke up. Once he was down, he made a quiet but swift dash to the kitchen where he climbed his newly fashioned rope ladder to the countertop. There he tore off a small (but sizeable to him) triangle of paper towel and shoved it in his toga before climbing down and heading over to the living room. It wasn’t this much work in his old body, Jake mused to himself as he ascended the rope ladder to his remote computer desktop on his phone.

                Finally, he reached his phone on the desktop and used it to switch his computer on. Before long he had opened up a bunch of incognito tabs filled with size fetish image posts and plenty of other things he normally enjoyed. Except today he was feeling different. The various images and the ideas they portrayed had succeeded in turning Jake on, but he was imagining it was him as the miniature human and Liz as the giant in each image. He just couldn’t get rid of the thought. It was as if she had imprinted on his mind over the past week. After a brief pause to contemplate that possibility Jake shrugged and began pleasing himself. Imprinting or not he was horny. It wasn’t to be this time, however, because in the distance Jake heard a familiar thump of Liz’s hooves hitting the floor. She had gotten up early today too.

                Trying not to panic, Jake immediately balled up the still-dry paper towel and hurled it against the wall so it landed down behind the desk. He could dispose of it later. In the distance he heard Liz begin to move. Jake fumbled slightly as he rushed to get his toga back on, keeping it slightly loose around the waist to conceal his arousal with the wrinkles in the fabric. Thump, thump, the noise of Liz’s steps only increased as she neared the corner that led into the living room. Jake rushed back to his phone and quickly held Alt and tapped W on the virtual keyboard causing all his incognito tabs to vanish.

                As Liz rounded the corner, she was surprised to find Jake tapping away on phone. “You’re up early. What are you up to?” she asked with her groggy morning voice.

                “Just getting some work done,” Jake said, barely managing to keep his voice sounding normal.

                “Don’t you know it’s Saturday?” Liz asked, still walking with heavy steps into the room. She sounded quite drowsy.

                “Yeah, but I was so busy making ladders all week that I felt a little bad about getting behind on some things. I don’t think I’ll be too long,” Jake explained.

                “Whatever floats your boat,” Liz said as she wandered over the couch. The sound of her full body colliding with the cushions was enough of a boom for Jake to turn around and look.

Jake turned and nearly gasped at the sight. Liz was lying down with her head and arms over the far side of the couch texting and scrolling away on her phone. It wasn’t her phone that caught his attention, though, it was the fact that she hadn’t change out of her usual t-shirt and underwear only nightwear. The impact on the couch must have ridden up her shirt a bit because her athletic butt cheeks were on full display to Jake thanks to her tail landing up on the small of her back. So much for getting rid of that morning wood.

Some music with a catchy beat started playing out of Liz’s phone. She must have been checking out music videos or something. Jake’s eyes remained locked on her as she began to shift and gyrate her hips lightly to the beat, thrusting softly into the bed and pivoting her hips slightly with each bass beat. Then Liz began humming and singing along softly to the song. The lyrics were typical of a pop song about finding love and all that, but Jake didn’t hear the words. He was watching Liz’s mammoth form move to the beat. What if this wasn’t an accident? What if she was teasing him? Not worth the risk, but Jake was having less doubts than before.

Liz eventually seemed to notice the absence of any tapping noises that Jake typically made when he used his phone keyboard and called out without turning to look at him, “You alright? I’m not bothering you, am I?”

“N-no. Not, not at all,” Jake mumbled.

“What was that?”

“No, I’m good!” He said in a louder voice.

Jake felt like a creep watching but he couldn’t help it. Liz was just so casually sexy that it he felt overwhelmed. After another few seconds of staring, he went back pretending he was working. No sense dropping the charade. He didn’t want Liz to know his original intention for coming out here so early, or for her to know that he had just spent a few minutes staring at her curves. It had only been a couple minutes, right? He would have to try to jack off some other time. Today he had missed his chance.

After a little while longer, Liz got up off the couch and said she was going out for a run. Jake said that was a good idea and that he would do a couple laps of the place while Liz was out. Liz chuckled at the idea of her hallway becoming a jogging route but liked the idea. She had been admiring the little arm muscles that Jake had started developing with all the ladder-climbing this week and wondered what other muscles would develop if he continued to work out more and more. She wasn’t looking for a ripped little human, but a little exercise could go a long way.

Jake was surprised at how quick he was able to jog around the apartment. All that running and climbing this week was starting to pay off. In spite of Liz’s accidental cock block this morning he was feeling quite good. He still wanted to return to his previous life, but the endorphins associated with miniature living in a macroscopic world (along with Liz’s company of course) were doing wonders keeping his spirits up.

After about twenty minutes of running, the noise of the lock tumbling open could be heard followed by the tired stomps of Liz, back fresh from her jog. “Time for a shower, I think. You want me to set your bath up?” Liz asked Jake as she neared him in the hallway, stopping just over him.

Normally Jake would have been uncomfortable with Liz’s towering form standing so close, but today Jake was surprised by something else. He hadn’t realized how much of a sweat Liz worked up over her workouts but now it was clearly visible that she pushed herself to the limit nearly daily to keep up her looks. But that wasn’t what Jake was focused on, it was the smell. The smell of sweat and musty hooves that emanated from Liz overwhelmed his diminished human sense of smell. He would have expected to be disgusted. Maybe it was his pent-up libido, maybe he had just discovered a yet another kink, whatever it was he found Liz’s musky smell invigorating.

Realizing he hadn’t responded, and Liz had just asked him a second time, Jake quickly replied, “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.” Normally that would be a figure of speech but at Jake’s stature, in a minute typically meant at least a minute or more than likely more to get anywhere. He wasn’t in a rush because he needed his erection to go away before he got there anyway. His arousal was getting out of control this week.

When he reached the bathroom Jake found his bathtub surprisingly against the wall on the floor, rather than up on the countertop as expected. “Hey there, I figured you would be a bit tired from running so I made it a bit easier to access today. Hope you don’t mind!” Liz said, standing in the middle of the room.

“Thank you, Liz!” Jake called back. Her scent absolutely dominated the smaller room. He felt another tingle at his waist and suppressed a shiver. How could a scent affect him this much?

“I’m going to go ahead and get undressed in the shower stall, don’t mind me. You go ahead and get yourself washed off,” Liz said as she stepped into the shower stall, smiling down at Jake before closing the door. She knew he couldn’t see clearly through the fogged glass, but she secretly hoped Jake would watch her silhouette, biting her lip at the thought. She had been showing herself off to Jake more and more throughout the week with no apparent changes in how he felt about her. She wondered if he was being polite or if he was still feeling down still about the change he had undergone. Liz let out a deep sign as her shorts and underwear came off, dropping them carefully over the edge so they wouldn’t land anywhere near Jake and his little tub.

Jake wasn’t watching this time. He already felt like he had stared at his friend more than he should have today, but when her clothes landed on the floor outside the shower it only served to magnify the scent that pervaded his senses. Screw it. Jake doffed his toga and hopped into the tub, immediately stroking his length. His body took over immediately and he spent the next fifteen minutes rubbing himself and climaxing twice, the noise he generated were thankfully drowned out by the cascading of water in Liz’s shower.  

Liz was happy for the noise of the shower too. She couldn’t help it after all these days so close to the one she wanted she started massaging her lower lips, making sure to stay gentle with her motions. Hopefully Jake would say something soon, she didn’t know if she could take this tension anymore.  

After Liz’s usual twenty minutes or so of showering, she shut the water off and grabbed one of the two towels she had left on the rack next to the shower. After drying herself off, she wrapped the towel around her torso like she usually did.

Usually, Jake would be done by now and all dried off, either ready to go or already wandering out into the living room to await Liz’s return. Today, however, he was still basking in the afterglow of pleasuring himself and lay floating in his washbasin, staring at the white ceiling. To protect his eyes from the harsh glow of the lights overhead he had folded his arms over his head, covering most of his vision but still allowing him to gaze at the ceiling. Before relaxing fully, Jake made sure that his midsection was covered more than sufficiently in soap suds. He wasn’t quite ready to get out of the water yet and didn’t want to worry about flashing Liz accidentally. The warm water Liz had filled the container with was so relaxing that he had almost drifted to sleep.

After she had finished wrapping herself in her towel, Liz slid the shower door open and spotted Jake floating in his relaxed state. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” she immediately joked, giggling at how the soap suds almost perfectly censored the little floating man.

“This water is perfect,” Jake mumbled through the arms laid across his face loud enough for Liz to hear.

Liz laughed as she grabbed her second towel, bending back slightly and arching her head backward to gather than hair. Finding it hard to get it done without seeing clearly Liz took another step forward and turned to face the mirror. Focusing as she got her hair all bunched up neatly in towel on her head.

Below her, Jake was getting quite a different experience. After the sharp stomp of her hoof right next to his miniature tub, Jake opened his eyes, glancing through his folded arms to see the outside of Liz’s long, shining, muscular, hazel leg stretching far above and into a white towel. The strong, musky smell after her workout had since been replaced with the fresh smell of her shampoo and conditioner. Jake was about to close his eyes again when Liz turned herself to face the mirror. Still looking up, Jake was presented with an entirely different view while Liz focused on our hair.

From his downward angle, Jake could see clearly between Liz’s legs from under her relatively short towel. There, storeys above him, hovered an enormous, glistening vagina with a hint of pink skin peeking out amongst the otherwise dark skin of Liz’s labia. Above it relative to him, Jake also saw the distinct puffy shape of her equine anus. To add to the view, Liz’s tail flicked and swished, lifting the towel and shedding light on the whole region. While momentarily stunned at the breathtaking view, Jake immediately shifted his arms slightly to clearly cover his eyes. There were plenty of ways to see a woman for the first time, but this was not how he had expected it to happen. That had to be an accident, right?

After a bit of fiddling with her hair and the towel, Liz finally turned again and started walking into the hall. As she left the bathroom she said, “I’m just going to let my hair dry in the bedroom, see you in a bit.”

“Sure thing!” Jake replied through his arms again. “I’m almost done here too,” he added, as Liz thumped out the doorway and over to her bedroom. A few seconds later it was Jake’s turn to get out and dry off. Donning a fresh handkerchief Jake started to wonder if he would ever be able to wear normal clothes again. Someday. Maybe. He hoped.

Liz arrived back to her room and spotted something on the floor that wasn’t usually there. When she reached it she remembered she had left a mirror on the ground a couple days ago for Jake to use. While originally propped up against her dresser, sometime between then and now it had fallen flat against the floor. Liz looked down at it for a second before her eyes went wide. There, staring back at her, was a clear as day naked upskirt view that she was pretty sure she had just accidentally flashed Jake with. Panic took over for a second as Liz wondered whether Jake could respect her after seeing her like that. He must have thought she was trying to seduce him or taking advantage of him.

She was trying to show herself off to him, but not like this. This wasn’t how she wanted things to go at all. After breathing for a few seconds, Liz decided there was really only one thing to do. It looked like he had his arms covering his face anyways, so she had to just assume he had seen nothing and she was going to have to pretend nothing had happened. Yeah, he couldn’t have seen anything. Everything would probably fine.

Jake was not fine.  Jake was increasingly certain that Liz had been gradually coming onto him all week, but what had just happened threw that all into questions. There was no way she had just flashed him on purpose, but if that was the case, what if everything else from this past week was just by accident too? It was really intimidating asking out a girl who was now somewhere between 18 or 20 times your size. Even more-so when you were depending on them for basic survival. Maybe it was time to accept that just being friends was alright. Jake was honestly enjoying himself anyway. Life had changed dramatically, but he was really enjoying having someone to relax around. It didn’t need to be sexual. He could just enjoy being together with her.

Jake figured he was probably overthinking things at this point and it would be better to find a way to distract himself. Earlier while he had been gazing at Liz on the couch he had noticed she left one of her mangas on the coffee table. Deciding to give that a read, he headed over to the coffee table and climbed up his rope ladder. Yet again he was really glad he had made these all around the house. Going places was really something he had taken for granted before. It took a bit of work to force the book open and keep the pages open, but Jake managed to start reading. After a few pages he felt and heard the thumping. Liz was on her way over.

Liz was still feeling embarrassed about before. She was wearing some yoga pants and her one of her short tank tops that exposed her midriff now. Her mind was still stuck on when she had been wearing less this morning, though. She hoped Jake hadn’t seen anything or at least that he didn’t think any worse of her if he did. Maybe he liked seeing it? Too much thinking. She decided to just hang out and scroll through memes.

Maybe the two of them needed some quiet time. They had been together a lot all week anyway. And with that thought, she sat down with a whump onto the couch cushions, dropping a little heavier than usual. As she scrolled Liz occasionally glanced at Jake reading his manga. It looked like he was enjoying it, so she didn’t want to interrupt him. She had really enjoyed that one and was looking forward to getting the next few in the series sometime soon.

                Reassured slightly upon seeing Jake smiling and enjoying himself, Liz focused back on her phone. Swipe after swipe she checked out different images, comics, and other things she usually looked at. Nothing stood out. Nothing was funny or interesting to her right now. Her imagination was still running wild with the idea that she had somehow messed up her approach with Jake. Unless. Maybe. Was it time to be a bit more direct? She decided to give it a go. She wouldn’t rush him, but she was wanted to try one more thing to push his boundaries a bit.

Peering at Jake quickly to make sure he was still focused on his manga, she put herself into action. Looking at her phone again she gave out a heavy sigh and shifted on the couch. Next, she lifted her hooves, one after the other and thumped them down on the coffee table behind Jake and his book. Close enough to get his attention, but not close enough that she figured he might be scared by the sudden intrusion.

Jake definitely noticed. His attention had first been drawn by the massive exhale, much louder to him than Liz probably realized. Then he was shaken as two massive legs thumped down onto the coffee table. Was she alright? “Hey, is everything ok?” he asked.

Perfect, she though, trying to hide her sudden excitement. Looking up from her phone Liz replied, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit bored, I guess. How are you finding that series?”

“It’s really good so far. Do you have the next few lying around?”

“Not yet. I was thinking of going to get it soon but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. One of these days,” Liz said. “Do you want to watch some more episodes of the show from earlier this week?”

“Sure, I can finish this later,” Jake said.

Liz grabbed the tv remote from between the cushions next to her. She had a bad habit of shoving it in there by accident sometimes. Who knew what else was down there, she mused to herself.  “Let me get it started,” she said, also grabbing the game controller and starting up her streaming app. Come on, take the bait, she didn’t add.

 “Do you think I could join you over there?” Jake asked.

“Sure, come on over,” Liz said. Jackpot. Here goes nothing.

Jake sat there and stared for a second. Liz would usually have whisked him over in her large hands by now. Was she trying to give him more independence? Maybe he was supposed to use his rope ladders. That would take a while, though and he didn’t want her to wait.

“Uh, how am I getting over there?” Jake asked.

“There’s a bridge right in front of you, like guy,” Liz said with a wink of her hazel eyes. Time to break the touch barrier properly, Jake. Come on over.

“Uh, o-okay,” Jake said, suddenly uncertain of himself but also excited. Did he really just agree to climb across his friend/crush’s legs? No turning back now, he figured. Taking a quick look at the page number, Jake closed the book and walked over as Liz watched his every move from above. Both her legs sat flat along the table surface in front of him, covered down until just above her hooves by her yoga pants. How was he going to do this? Even at its shortest point her leg was still slightly taller than he was. The first thing he noticed when he was right up against her leg was the heat radiating off it. Her hand was warm, but her leg felt even warmer. He looked up to Liz as if to ask permission. She simply held his gaze, tilting her head as if she were studying him. Waiting for him.

Jake walked along until he reached the lowest area, just near the top of her hoof. There the climb was just slightly higher than he was tall. Jake took a few steps back, took a deep breath, then made a running jump. He managed to lunge far enough that most of his torso made it on top. Liz’s ankle held almost completely firm as if nothing had impacted it. Another reminder of how light and tiny Jake was.

After hanging for few seconds Jake shimmied his way onto Liz’s leg. Her fur was short and soft, and her warmth began to spread through him from beneath. It was quite soothing just lying there. Jake figured Liz would have made a comment or maybe been tickled by his small form climbing on but she remained silent, only the sound of her breathing reaching him. Speaking of which, was she breathing just a little bit deeper than normal? Maybe it was just him.

Jake glanced up, his eyes travelling from the furry surface below him, along Liz’s hazel legs as they disappeared into her dark grey yoga pants that tightly hugged her figure. Far ahead her athletic hazel-brown stomach erupted from her waistband and up into her white top that covered her chest. Looking up into her eyes Jake saw curiosity and a sort of intensity he hadn’t seen before. It almost made him nervous. Liz’s open mouth and heavy breathing didn’t indicate any threat, but Jake didn’t really know what to think. He definitely couldn’t be called experienced with women and this was unknown territory for a number of reasons.

Before staring too long Jake started to inch forward, spreading his arms and legs wide to help keep balance on the smooth, round surface. Gripping didn’t get much easier when he reached Liz’s yoga pants a few seconds later because of how fine the material was. Once he had reached just below her knee Liz’s leg widened enough that Jake was able to shift from crawling on his stomach to crawling like a small pup on his hands and knees.

Liz marveled at the feeling of Jake’s tiny form traveling up her leg. Each time his arms and legs pressed down softly through her pants she felt a warmth travel from him up her leg to a larger warmth growing within her. She had felt excited around him before, but this feeling was more intense. She fought to control herself by breathing heavily. It felt so good as he crawled over him, like someone’s soft touch slowly making its way along toward her… no. She had to control herself. Jake was vulnerable and she wasn’t sure of his feelings toward her yet. Her first goal was to make him feel as safe around her as she had always felt around him. As Jake finished crossing to where he could jump off, Liz decided she had to find a way to keep him off the couch.

“It must be a little cold without all that fur you’re used to. How about you sit on my lap while we watch?” She had him so close to her now. Would he stay?

“Oh, uh, Alright,” Jake said. This was so cool. He was on top of Liz’s redwood tree-sized leg.

Jake’s long journey finally came to an end as he neared Liz’s belly. He looked up to try and ask permission to sit up against it and found Liz’s face partially obscured by her chest. She had modest breasts, but everything looked so huge from this angle.

“Go ahead, you can use me as a big chair,” Liz said with a giggle.

With that reply Jake’s confidence grew along with something else. He quickly turned himself around so he could sit up and against Liz’s belly. The whole feeling was surreal. With every breath he felt her body shift around him up and down, in and out. He was even able to hear noises from inside her. A loud stomach gurgle caught them both by surprised.

“Someone’s hungry,” Jake quipped and they both giggled. Each of Liz’s laughs shook her body beneath Jake.

Soon enough, though, both of them settled in and began watching the show. As they watched, Jake still felt a little nervous. Normally sitting on someone’s lap was an intimate act reserved for lovers. But this was different, it was okay to sit on a friend’s lap at this size. They were just sitting together. Right?

Liz meanwhile was having trouble keeping herself still. The feelings of warmth that had started in her loins had soon spread to the rest of her body, giving her goosebumps. She was having significant difficulty not grinding her legs and hips together right now.

Jake couldn’t believe how warm he was getting sitting on top of Liz’s thigh. Below him her thighs were heating him like a furnace and behind him her furry stomach further radiated head in his direction. The fresh scent of her shampoo and conditioner added even more levels of comfort to the mix and a strong sense of relaxation and eventually drowsiness overcame Jake. He was enjoying the show, but his current perch was just too comfortable. After a few minutes he slumped over onto his side, his back pressed up against Liz’s stomach.

Liz felt the small disturbance and looked down, fearing the worst only to find the cutest thing she had seen all week. Not wanting to disturb her little crush, Liz sat there until the show finished and even a little longer. Every now and then she would steal a glance downward, craning her neck forward so as not to move her stomach too much and wake like Jake.

Eventually she felt fatigue creeping in and figured it was time for both of them to have a proper nap. Liz did her best to ease Jake’s miniscule form into her palm so she could carry him to the bedroom. She had expected him to wake up and was surprised when he stirred slightly but otherwise remained asleep as she carried him to the bedroom. Gently, Liz laid Jake down in his little ‘bed’ on the bedside table and then eased her yoga pants off before sliding into bed herself. It was the middle of the day but that mattered little to Liz. She was tired after the long week. More importantly, though, today had been a breakthrough with her little man and she was still feeling the rush of warmth and accompanying wetness that came with it.

*             *             *

Jake was surprised when he awoke in his bed. Hadn’t he been relaxing on Liz’s thigh watching anime together? Was it a dream? Having been decidedly wrong about life being a dream earlier in the week Jake figured they both must have dozed off and then she must have carried him here. Seeing the glowing daylight through the blinders and dancing off the blanker-covered outline of Liz, Jake instantly decided he was content to rest a little longer and let his eyes slide shut again.

A wave of happiness overcame him. He was so lucky to have a good friend like Liz. Sure, she might not love him or be into him the way he was into her, but she was such a good friend that maybe that didn’t matter. He was finally settling into life here and was okay with things as they were.


An odd noise caught Jake’s attention. He heard it once, and then again, and again. It sounded almost as if someone was handling something liquid like mayonnaise or something. Curious, Jake slowly opened his eyes and saw Liz again, her bright silhouette highlighted by the glow of the sun through the window. It wasn’t the glow that caught Jake’s eye, however. It was the subtle reciprocating motion of her arm and shoulder that seemed to match the noise Jake was hearing that caught his attention.

Was she?

Could she be?

Schlick Schlick Schlick

She was. Soon after Liz had slid into bed she had lost all control of herself. The warmth, the emotion, the desire, the need from when Jake had been sitting on her lap had exploded and she suddenly felt a need to be filled. Slowly she slid her hand across her hips and let her fingers probe her sex through her panties. That sated her need for a few seconds but soon it wasn’t enough.

Up and into her waistband those same fingers went, teasing her lips and tickling her button. She massaged herself gently, feeling her wetness grow until it was too much. She needed something inside her. Slowly at first her middle and ring fingers sank into her lips, then retreated, only to slither in again. She knew some noise was inevitable but did her best to keep quiet. She didn’t want to wake Jake. Jake. His name made her want more. In her fingers went. Then out. In, and out again and again. Finally, she removed her fingers and began to massage her clitoris. Schlick, schlick, schlick. She could hear it slightly. but it was as quiet as she could be. Quiet enough, she hoped. She didn’t want to wake up Jake. Jake. “Jake,” she whispered, moaning quietly as she kept going, nearing climax.

Jake’s blood went cold. Had he just heard what he thought he heard? Liz had whispered something, but he wasn’t quite sure if it had been a gasp or if she had said something, but he could have sworn that gasp sounded a little like his name. Wishful thinking, he figured. He had been focused on the erotic noises coming from Liz that he had been caught by surprise and not heard it clearly.

Liz’s muscles tensed and then slowly relaxed as her climax coursed through her body. She had done it. She had finally climaxed to the thought of little Jake and it had felt great. As clarity slowly returned to her thought, she realized she had been making some noise. She had also said his name. Oh god, she had said his name out loud hadn’t she. She turned her head to look. There Jake lay sleeping as peaceful as ever. He probably hadn’t heard. Not wanting to wake him up, Liz rolled over and went back to sleep. She could clean herself up later after their nap.

Thursday - Quality Time by canadian1579

                The next week flew by for Liz. She was still riding high after having Jake sit on her lap. As she drove home after a nice Thursday shift, she was thinking back to that night. She hoped he hadn’t heard her enjoying herself afterward but what was done was done. It had been one of the best self-service sessions she had had in a long time. The thought of little Alex was becoming too much for her. She wanted so much more, but she was still hoping that he would be the one to come around and approach her. She felt that because of her size he might feel coerced if she alone escalated things. She was enjoying testing his boundaries a little, however.

                Jake had become more independent around the house with his network of ladders that they had worked together to set up, but Liz had still managed to find plenty of excuses to sit right next to him or be close to him. They had sat together to watch another couple shows in the evenings and Jake had even helped her to cook a couple more times, doing his best to tear up huge lettuce leaves while she did some other things. It wasn’t yet what Liz wanted but she definitely felt Jake loosening up around her.

                Meanwhile at home, Jake’s mind was still preoccupied by that night. He couldn’t get the noises out of his head. He had watched videos of that sort of thing, but it was something else to hear a titanic being fingering themself right next to you. And the end. Had she whispered his name? He had replayed her gasp in his head over and over, but he still wasn’t sure. It could have just been a gasp. Women need to relieve themselves too, Jake figured. It would have been nice if she could have done it when he wasn’t around but when the feeling comes… It is what it is, he decided. He was the guest. It wasn’t worth bringing it up. He had already masturbated to the memory a couple times that week while Liz had been at work. How couldn’t he? He still wanted to return to normal, but in some ways, he was living out his dreams. And while he still respected Liz and didn’t want to take advantage of her, part of him was really starting to enjoy this new life and wonder if he could enjoy things a little with her.

*             *             *

                Liz’s mind finally came back to reality as she shifted her vehicle into park. Grabbing her backpack with her laptop from work and some other things, she took a few breaths to calm herself and opened the car door. Approaching her door, she tilted her head. A package had arrived. That was a little weird, she hadn’t ordered anything. Bending over she saw the package was not addressed to her at all, but rather to Alex. Her curiosity grew immediately. It wasn’t a large box, but it was still larger and much heavier than he was. What could he have ordered?

                Liz picked up the parcel and headed inside, dropping her bag just inside the door. She found Jake still working on his corner of her desk. “Hey there little guy, how’s the day going?” she asked.

                “Almost done,” Jake replied. “There’s an error somewhere in this code and every time I’ve fixed it there’s some new thing that needs to be done. I’m about to give it up and try again tomorrow.”

                “So, normal day then?” Liz said dryly. She continued over to the couch and sat down, placing the box on the coffee table. “What’s in this?” she asked.

                “Oh, did those finally arrive? Go ahead and open it,” Jake said, with some excitement in his voice.

                Liz went ahead and tore the line of cardboard across the centre that unfastened both top flaps, casually tossing it aside on the table. She took a look inside and then gasped with joy. “Whoa! you got the rest of the series!”

                “Yeah! That manga from the other day was so good I couldn’t wait to get the rest of them. I know you were planning on getting them, but I figured this would be a quick way to save you the trouble.” It’s the least I can do to start to repay your kindness so far, he wanted to add.

                “Aw,” Liz blushed. “That’s so nice. I’ve been excited to read these too.” She took the top one out and flipped it over, looking at the back cover. As she did an idea struck her.

                “Hey, Jake?” she said.

                “What’s up?” Jake said, still typing away on his code.

                Maybe he’ll be interested, is now the time to give it a go? “You gonna be busy with that for a while?” she probed.

                “I think I’m just about finished, what’s up?” Jake said.

                Perfect, he’s tired of work. Here we go. “How about we read the next one together?”

                “Sure, let me just get logged off,” Jake agreed.

                Got him. Now to make him wait. “Awesome! I’m going to have a shower and change first, though. It’s been a long day.” Liz wanted to look and smell her best to attract her little crush. She was going to make him realize he was into her. She needed him to say it.  Her work clothes were far too boring to get that job done.

                “Alright, I’ll be here,” Jake said, now sitting with his legs dangling off the desk and staring at her. He was excited to read the new manga, but he was more excited to read it together with Liz. He was starting to feel giddy every time she came home, his chest fluttering as the familiar sound of the lock turning and door opening boomed in the distance.

                Liz headed to her room and grabbed a change of clothes before showering. She made extra sure to dry herself off fully before tossing her dirty clothes in the hamper and heading back to the living room. She hoped she would get a similar reaction today to the outfit she had been wearing the other day when they had been watching tv together.

                Jake was still sitting on the edge of the desk, dangling his feet when he heard the familiar thumping noise of Liz approaching. He had been there for quite a while now. Normally he wouldn’t sit there but something had kept him bolted in place while Liz went about her after-work routine. Anticipation? Excitement? Hope? All three? He had spent the past twenty minutes staring randomly around the room letting his imagination go wild. He didn’t need much imagination when Liz rounded the corner, though.

                Jake’s jaw dropped slightly, his hard speeding up when she appeared. Thankfully for him, she headed straight for the couch, focused on the new books. Today she had gone with her seemingly favourite white top that covered her chest with straps over her shoulders and not much else. Below her exposed belly hung a very snug pair of short shorts that barely covered her waist from her tail down to the start of her legs. The late afternoon light that flowed into the room shone off her short, fuzzy hazel fur with individual strands sparkling here and there. Her tail ebbed and flowed behind her with each graceful step until swinging to the side as she sat back on the couch, her incredible mass relatively quiet to her but producing a boom to Jake’s ears when it slammed into the soft surface below. Her lips were curved into a content smile as she picked up the same book and began to read the text on the back, seemingly paying no notice to her tiny desktop audience.

                “You coming over?” she finally asked.

                Jake snapped from his trance. “Y-yeah. Be right over,” he stuttered, still looking at the big beautiful being sharing the room with him. She was looking at him now, that subtle smile still there.

                As Jake stood up, she turned back to the books, finishing the text on the one she was reading and checking out the cover art on the others. Jake had ordered quite a box set so there were quite a few. He climbed down his rope ladder and padded his way across the floor, enjoying his upward perspective of Liz more and more as he approached her. Her curious eyes scanned each of the books one by one as she patiently waited for her little roommate.

                As he was nearing the coffee table, Liz turned and asked Jake, “You want a lift?”

                Not one to reject free rides, especially at this size, Jake responded, “Sure! Thanks.”

                Liz bent forward and brought two Jake-sized fingers and a thumb around him and gently grasped under his armpits and lifted him up. Jake was expecting to be deposited on the coffee table, or perhaps on the couch next to Liz. Liz’s hand instead took him on a different trajectory and raised him up to about head height. Then the hazel-furred titan shifted beneath, stretching her legs out over one side of the couch and resting her head against the other, lying across seat below Jake.

                Jake wanted to ask what was going on before he could get the words out, the hand holding him began to fall. Below him he could see a wall of hazel fur fast approaching as Liz gently deposited Jake on his hands and knees on top of her exposed abdomen, not far from her breasts which each, despite being modest in size, dwarfed Jake’s tiny form. Jake blushed, freezing in place.

Sitting on her lap was one thing but he wasn’t sure what to do so close to an intimate part of her body, even if that part was covered by fabric. His anxiety was eased slightly by the comforting warmth of Liz’s body and the softness of her milk-chocolate fur. His entire body slowly raised and lowered with each breath Liz took. Up. Then down. Up, and down. It was as if he were on a living metronome. Calming down slightly, he began to hear her booming heartbeat deep below him somewhere inside that broad chest. He sat there still frozen on all fours for a minute, taking everything in. Was Liz playing with him? Or was she just a good friend trying to make him feel comfortable? Still risk-averse, he decided it was the latter.

“You alright there?” Liz asked. Her voice vibrated her chest below Jake with every sound she produced. The feeling was surreal.

 “U- uhh, y-y-yeah,” Jake stammered, overwhelmed. There was no point in trying to play it cool. The rumbling voice, the pounding heartbeat, the rising and falling of her chest by simply breathing, this was too overwhelming a reminder of his insignificance compared to her.

“I figured this would be easier and more comfortable for both of us,” she smiled, her head craning and barely managing to gaze at him. “Go ahead and sit down, I have our first manga ready to go.”

Jake complied, finally sitting himself down with his legs folded, keeping his back up as straight as possible. He was pretty sure he was far enough from Liz’s breasts but didn’t want to risk brushing against them. He could feel the head radiating from them somewhere behind him.

Liz was inwardly disappointed that he hadn’t leaned back, but he seemed otherwise okay where he was sitting. She took the first manga from the coffee table and opened the pages, holding the book down near her navel so it would be far enough that Jake wouldn’t have to crane his neck back too much to read each page.

“Let me know if I’m flipping through the pages too quickly,” she said.

“O-okay,” said Jake, still flustered.

The two sat together quietly, reading the manga page by page. Both of them soon zoned in on the pages, experiencing the highs, lows, and the tension of the story. They even laughed in sync a few times when Liz turned the page and something funny or surprising popped up. Jake found himself tossed around by the shaking Liz’s laughing caused. She apologized for disturbing him but that just made the whole scene funnier. Soon, though, the two settled back into enjoying the story.

Before long, they were most of the way through the first book. Jake had been sitting upright all the while and his back had begun to get stiff. Without realizing it he began to shift uncomfortably. Liz felt his little movements and was just able to make out the top of his body over her breasts when she glanced down to see what was the matter. Sensing an opportunity she murmured down to Jake, “You can relax, you know.”

“I’m okay,” Jake replied, trying to be polite. He turned back and gave a smile.

“Go ahead and lean back, Jake. I doubt they’ll mind,” she said in a low voice, giving Jake a wink.

“Seriously, I’m okay,” Jake tried to pretend.

“You won’t be touching them, I have a top and a bra on. Just think of it as a luxurious couch,” Liz said, wiggling her breasts ever so slightly with each syllable of her last two words and throwing little Jake off balance in the process.

Jake had initially been uncomfortable with the idea, but as Liz worked her charms he began to feel like it would have been rude not to accept. After all, it wasn’t taking advantage of a friend if she asked you to do it.  Jake shifted backward still sitting down and leaned back, surrendering to Liz’s disarming voice and calming warmth. Through his toga and the fabric behind him be sensed the soft fabric of Liz’s bra and beneath that, the softness of her breast. This was so wrong, he thought as he instantly became aroused. He settled back a little more, feeling Liz’s left breast give a little, but still hold mostly firm. Was this real life? Jake felt more tingling in his loins as errant thoughts invaded his mind.

Liz also felt a familiar warmth growing in her body. It had started when he had first made contact with her soft belly fur and had grown when he had finally settled backward. The small weight shifting on its own against her breast equal parts tickled and soothed her. If only she hadn’t bothered putting her bra on after the shower earlier. Either way she was loving this. A tiny human, her tiny Jake, resting against her breasts. It was about time.

The two of them settled down and continued reading, each trying to play themselves off as calm and unbothered to the other. Gone was the giggling and the various other reactions to each new page of the story from before. In its place there was an almost tense silence, interrupted only by the sound of Liz breathing as her chest raised and lowered slowly beneath Jake. He did his best to stay still, but there were a few times that Jake shifted to make himself a little more comfortable. Each time he did so he could have sworn he felt Liz’s heartbeat accelerate ever so briefly before returning to its normal pace. She was breathing deeper and with a little more force now too. He was glad she was feeling as comfortable and relaxed as he was.

Liz was anything but relaxed. She was nervous about how Jake was feeling and finding herself distracted more and more by other thoughts and sensations each time Jake repositioned himself against her. Still, she managed to remain outwardly calm as the two continued to read. Soon enough, the first manga came to its last page.

“Oh, that was good,” Liz exhaled sharply, stretching a bit and accidentally jostling Jake around against her chest in the process.

“Yeah, that was even better than the last one,” Jake said after the world around him settled down. My reading chair wasn’t half bad either, he thought, too afraid to say the words aloud.

“Oh, I just remembered something,” Liz said. “Can I leave you on the couch for a minute? I got you something after work today.”

Jake’s curiosity was piqued. “Sure, what is it?”

“It’s a surprise,” Liz said, as she gently grabbed the little human, raising herself to a seated position and depositing him right next to her huge rump.

Jake was treated to quite a view as her thigh and leg muscles flexed and Liz stood up. The short shorts she was wearing left very little to the imagination. The couch lifted with her, released of her mass, and nearly knocked little Jake onto his side. He sat down on the couch, still nice and warm with Liz’s body heat, and wondered what she had brought for him.

Liz was excited. She thumped giddily out of the room and down the hallway. First, she made a quick detour into her room to adjust her outfit slightly. Then she headed back to her work bag which sat by the door. Unzipping the large compartment, she withdrew a cloth shopping bag. Smiling widely, she pranced proudly back to the living room and, still standing, held the bag in front of little Jake, swinging it slightly.

Thiiiis,” Liz said, beginning to open and upend the bag, “is for you.” With a broad smile and wide eyes she dumped out the contents of the bag onto the couch in front of Jake.

Jake watched as a small mountain of cloth came out of the bag. The colourful pile grew until it was about the same height as he. Jake was confused at first until he took a closer look. Was that… Were those…

“I hope they fit,” Liz said. It was a little tricky finding your size but where there’s a toy store, there’s a way,” she giggled.

In front of Jake was a pile of clothes, all of which looked approximately the right size to fit him. It would be a little weird wearing doll’s clothes, but still far more practical than the comfortable togas he had been getting used to these past couple weeks.  “Thank you, Liz!” he shouted. “Thank you so much!”

“Don’t worry about it. Thank you for being such a good roommate,” Liz said. Inwardly, she still wished she could have said more but good roommate would do. For now. “I’ll be back in a minute while you choose something to wear.” Liz skipped out of the room leaving Jake to dig through his new wardrobe.

There were a wide variety of clothes for him to choose from. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even some lighter tops. He had shorts, sweatpants, jeans, but no socks unfortunately. He doubted there was any footwear that would fit him at this size, but his feet were adjusting and the surfaces inside the house weren’t rough on him. Jake settled on a white shirt and a loose-fitting pair of jeans that thankfully didn’t require a belt to stay up. As he put on the pants, he realized that the pair had a hole that sat just under the small of his back for a tail. Looking around he saw all of the shorts and pants had holes in the back. It would feel weird but he would get used to it. He would have to get used to being commando, too, he figured.

The clothes were surprisingly comfortable for doll clothes. Liz must have worked her magic and used some fabric treatment on them to get them this soft. He didn’t deserve this. She was being too nice to him. Jake held up a pair of grey sweatpants. They were so similar to the much larger ones he had fit into a short couple weeks before. His tail would have gone through that hole. His tail. He would have worn these when he went out running errands. Outside. Jake started to be reminded of the things he had before. He probably wasn’t going to change back, and he was starting to accept it. It had been two weeks and there were no changes. He didn’t even know why he had transformed in the first place, but he suddenly felt sad. Maybe this was it. This was his life. He was tiny. Insignificant. Helpless. Human. The only thing in the world that was a fit for him now were children’s toys. Was that all he was now?

Jake’s mood grew darker by the second. Sooner or later his company would figure out that he wasn’t coming back and he would lose his job, then he wouldn’t even be able to contribute or give back to Liz. That girl from the office. The one he liked. More than liked. The one who had saved him. Fighting back tears, Jake fell to his knees. He could never truly be with Liz. How could she see him as a partner at this size? How much longer would she take care of him until she met someone. What would he do then? That toga had been temporary. The last thing reminding him that he might be able to go back, and now that was gone. Was he doomed?

Liz pranced back into the room, smiling infectiously. “Well, how do they-” she paused immediately, seeing Jake’s sullen posture. “Jake? Are you alright?”

“I’m going to be like this forever, aren’t I,” Jake said, his voice full of pain.

“Oh Jake, please don’t think like that. You’ve been doing so well these past couple weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed having you here,” Liz said, dropping gently to her knees so she could get a little closer to Jake on the couch.

“But what if I never change back?” Jake asked.

“Well… Would that be so bad?” Liz asked back.

“What do you mean?” Jake said, confused.

“Has life been that bad these past couple weeks? You’ve been such a fun roommate.”

“But I can’t do anything at this size,” Jake continued. “There’s so many things I can’t do.”

“What about the things you can do?” Liz asked.

“What?” Jake replied, looking up and meeting Liz’s gaze finally. What could he do at this size? Liz did everything for him now.

                Liz turned and pointed at all the ladders around the room. “See those? You made those. This room wasn’t made for someone your size, but you conquered it and found a way to make it work for you.”

                “I guess,” Jake said, still unconvinced.

                “You even started showering by yourself this week using the sink. I haven’t had to set up a bath for you in days,” Liz added. It was true, Jake had been gaining some independence in the past week. “And you’ve been working from home all the while. I doubt there are many people that could pull off what you have been doing in such a short time.”

                “But I can’t cook, and I still need you to empty the toilet cup on the desk every day,” Jake complained.

                “I bet you’ll have both figured out before long,” Liz insisted with her warm smile.

                “I just don’t want to be a burden to you,” Jake finally admitted, looking up to her. He was so small, so fragile, and so vulnerable, like this. Initially she had viewed Jake that way, but those were some of the last words that came to Liz’s mind now when she thought of Jake every day. “I don’t even know how much longer I might need to stay here,” he continued.

                “You’re not a burden, and I really am enjoying our time together,” Liz said, with a comforting smile. The sun’s light twinkled off her huge eyes as that warm smile beamed some of Liz’s infectious positivity down onto Jake.

                “I don’t deserve a friend as good as you, Liz,” Jake finally said. Liz had never seen him open up like this, but she hoped her encouragement would help him to realize his potential. He was physically tiny, but deep down she saw him as the same size, if not larger than even she. And maybe even some day they would be something more than friends. She could only hope, but for now she was happy that he had opened up to her.

                “Is it okay if I give you a hug, Jake?” Liz asked. This definitely wasn’t how she had envisioned their afternoon going, but Jake was clearly in pain and Liz felt like a need to try and comfort him further.

                Jake nodded and stood up to face her. He wondered how this would even work. He had been about even with her navel at his original height, but the mechanics of hugging when you were barely taller than someone’s hooves were new to him.

                Liz was equally unsure at first. She hadn’t really thought past asking and was surprised that he had accepted so readily. She settled on leaning forward slowly, bringing her muzzle to rest right in front of Jake on the couch cushion.

                Jake stood with his arms slightly outstretched as Liz’s massive muzzle approached. Before he would have recoiled in fear of her size, but he trusted her fully now. He still doubted himself, but her kind words had given him hope and comfort that been all but lost until a minute ago. He watched as Liz’s nose and lips settled onto the couch cushion in front of him. Her nostrils came up to his shoulders, he observed. Beyond them, at the end of the long, white-streaked bridge of her equine nose Jake saw those warm, hazel eyes close, waiting for him to take the lead.

                Jake took a step forward, then another, and then leaned into the warm, velvet skin in front of him. His arms wrapped as far around her equine muzzle as he could and he felt his heart begin to race. What was this feeling? Relief? Friendship? Love? He had honestly never really felt strong feelings of either before and didn’t know what he was experiencing now. Whatever it was, he liked it. His worries about the future soon melted as he felt Liz’s soft fingers come to rest on his back, returning his hug in kind.

                Liz’s heart fluttered too. She hadn’t imagined their first hug happening like this, but she was happy. Happy that Jake was starting to come out of his shell. The two stayed there in their improvised embrace for a minute longer before finally the pressure at Jake’s back eased and he stepped back.

                Sensing an awkward pause beginning Liz quickly said, “How about we read another of these books you ordered?”

                “Sure,” Jake agreed.

                Liz scopped up Jake’s pile of clothes with a single palm and placed them back in her back. “We can set up a wardrobe for you or something later tonight,” she explained. Then, turning to Jake again she asked, “Alright, you ready?”

                “Let’s get started,” he said.

                Liz’s fingers came down and gently grabbed him just like before. Soon she had laid herself across the couch and Jake was deposited on her upper abdomen. He sat still, as if waiting for permission. “Go ahead and relax,” Liz said, her soft voice rumbling through him.

                Jake still hesitated for a second and then rolled to a seated position, scooting himself backward as he had before. He slid back twice using his hands before leaning back against the fleshy globes behind him. Except something was different this time. There was far less material behind him than last time. Was it the new clothes? Jake wondered for a second, before realizing it. She wasn’t wearing her bra anymore. Maybe the straps had been uncomfortable for her or something.

                Above him, Liz enjoyed the sensation of Jake against her breast and her heard began to race for a difference reason. She could feel him so much more now that she had taken the bra off. Warmth grew in her again, starting in her lower stomach and spreading to her extremities. Equal parts comfort, equal parts arousal. They had had a breakthrough today. She was happy.

                Liz gave out one big exhale and settled the comic book down to her navel as she had done earlier, holding it with one hand this time instead of two. For the first minutes her free hand stayed flat across her stomach far in front of Jake, but soon she couldn’t help herself.

                Jake was enjoying the manga and his comfortable position against Liz’s left breast when he saw movement in front of him. Liz’s free hand was tracing across her stomach and headed straight toward him. Jake was a little nervous, but he trusted Liz and waited to see what she had in mind.

                A single, broad, soft finger came to rest on his stomach and chest, and then began to shift gently and rhythmically back and forth, almost in time with Liz’s deep breaths beneath him. Left, and right the finger went. Up, and down he continued to shift with each breath Liz took. At first his body stiffened to the touch, not sure how to feel about what was happened, but soon Jake relaxed. The feeling was magical.

                Neither Liz nor he said a word, she simply flipped the page and they continued reading, Liz gently stroking Jake’s little chest all the while. For the next hour they enjoyed the book and each other’s company in silence. Even when there were jokes or funny bits, the two remained quiet and still, overtaken by a tension that had developed between them.

                When they finally finished the second book Liz’s gentle rubbing didn’t cease, in fact Jake had started to rub back against her fingers with his little hands. She had been able to feel him through his toga before when she had picked him up, but these clothes were much thinner and allowed her to feel the shape of his body with greater ease. And she liked what she was feeling.

                “You alright there?” Liz asked.

                “Mmm,” a content moan was Jake’s only reply. Liz’s heard fluttered at his response.

                She wanted to sit in silence a little longer, but her hopes were soon dashed. “We should probably start thinking of supper, shouldn’t we,” Jake stated.

                Liz’s immediate response was an inward wave of disappointment, but then a small hunger pang of hunger brought her to her senses. Jake was being a naïve little buzzkill, but he was right. “Yeah, I guess we should.” She tried not to sound too disappointed.

                “Liz?” Jake continued.

                “Yeah?” she replied, holding her breath.

                “I really enjoyed that.”

                Her heart skipped a beat. “Me too,” was all she managed.

                “And Liz, thank you,” Jake said.

Liz just looked down at the little man now sitting facing her on her belly and smiled, blushing deeply beneath the brown and white fur that covered her face. “Let’s go make some supper.”

A Weekend to Remember by canadian1579

Liz spent the Friday daydreaming through her entire shift. The feeling of little Jake resting against her breast had been surreal. She had rubbed herself to the thought a few times since and was hoping the two of them could read together some more this weekend, but Liz didn’t want to smother Jake too much. They had made breakthroughs this week and Jake seemed to be starting to accept his new size.

It had felt so good to rub his little belly. He was surprisingly toned. For some reason she had thought that humans would feel soft but there was definitely muscle under that little doll shirt he had been wearing. She wanted to just tear it off but she had held back then and since. Jake had to initiate things at that level. She was happy to push his boundaries, but she didn’t want her size and power to be the only thing driving the relationship.

Jake similarly spent most of Friday thinking back his time up against Liz. She had rubbed him almost as if he were a little pet. Jake had found it surprising at first but the more she had rubbed him the more relaxed and the more into it he had gotten. It was as though his whole body were under a spell being cast by the fingertip rubbing itself across his belly. He hadn’t even read much after it had first touched him. He had been too drunk on Liz’s attention. Not wanting to appear creepy for enjoying it, though, he decided to hold off on talking to Liz about the whole episode and the two had spent Friday afternoon gaming or working in the kitchen. Saturday was similarly uneventful.

Finally, Sunday rolled around. Jake had gotten out of bed a little earlier than Liz. The first thing he had done was jog some laps up and down the hallway. Unlike Liz with her hulking mass and thumping steps, Jake was able to run freely around the house with little worry about waking Liz up. After half an hour or so of jogging, he headed into the bathroom and, with great effort, turned the faucet on and to have a warm shower in the sink.

It had taken a bit of getting used to and a few tries to learn the technique required to turn the tap on, but the sink had now become Jake’s personal bowl-shaped shower. The faucet was just high enough for him to comfortably wash himself and he used soap from the dispenser on the counter to clean himself off. It was a bit challenging clambering in and out, but he found it getting easier by the day. He was getting quite fit from being small and it honestly felt great. After drying himself with one of the small (to Liz anyway) facecloths left on the counter, Jake headed over to the kitchen.

There, it was another climbing mission up to the counter where he had grabbed some food from a container that Liz had set up for him on the container. After snacking a bit he climbed down again and headed over to the living room and after a brief climb up the towering desk he was soon scrolling away checking out memes and videos. He wondered if he could get internet famous by documenting his daily life. Probably, but not worth the risk of getting discovered, he decided. Besides, Liz was increasingly becoming his world. Aside from videos, memes, and his work, he was really losing touch, and indeed interest with the outside world. More and more Jake found that it was Liz occupying his mind over anything else.

A stirring was heard in the distance. She had arisen. Liz normally jogged first thing after getting up on Sundays, but today she was feeling like something a little different. Looking over to the bedside table and hoping to gaze on some tiny slumbering eye candy, she found the covers tossed to the side and Jake nowhere to be seen. Sighing quietly, she resigned herself to getting out of bed.

Jake hadn’t approached her or anything since their quality time together on Thursday and she was starting to get impatient. Had she overwhelmed him? It had been a rough conversation before that, but it had looked like he felt better after their hug. Was he scared of her larger size? Liz wouldn’t have blamed him, but she wanted to know one way or the other. Who knew what would happen over the next few days. Maybe he would turn back and then they would lose their opportunity to have some unique fun together. That wasn’t her main goal, she reminded herself, but she still thought it was worth considering.

Donning her yoga pants and a tight-fitting t-shirt she headed on out into the living room. Time to play another little game, she decided, taking a quick detour to the closet to grab something. “Good morning, Jake,” she said, as she thumped into the living room.

“Good morning, Liz,” Jake called back. The feeling of her individual steps quaking the desk slightly never got old to Jake, it was still as awe-inspiring as when had first felt the sensation. Turning around he wondered how someone so massive could be so kind and gentle. Her finger had barely grazed him as it massaged his chest the other day and now her casual footsteps were rocking the very foundations of the furniture he stood upon.

“I’m going to do some stretches and warm-ups. You wanna join me?” Liz asked hopefully.

“I think I’m good for now. I already went for a pretty long morning run,” explained Jake.

Damn. She was not a big fan of how he got up and was starting to do things on his own. Liz had really been enjoying being relied upon. It wasn’t that she wanted a pet, she had just felt a great deal of pride in being able to do so much for the one she loved. She didn’t really blame him for wanting to be independent when it came to working out, though. It wasn’t like he could easily go jogging with her. Well, if he wouldn’t join her then she would have to get his attention by other means.

“Alright then, suit yourself. I’m going to do some stretches. Don’t mind me,” she said, casually strolling to the front of the room. Or do, she thought mischievously to herself, confirming with a quick side-glance that she was about even with about the edge of his sight while Jake continued to scroll away. Once there she turned and unraveled a yoga mat onto the floor and stepped on.

Jake heard something large unravel next to him and glanced over to see Liz’s athletic behind bent over, her tail poking up as she spread out her huge yoga mat. Don’t mind me? She had to be joking.

Liz popped in some earbuds and jumped right into her usual stretches and warm-ups. Bobbing her head to the upbeat workout music she dropped to the floor to get herself started. Her first pose was a long prone plank on her the tips of her hooves and her elbows with her whole body straight. The result was her shapely butt poking up into the air with her tail hair flowing down across it to one side. She couldn’t help but bob her rear slightly back and forth to the beat. It was bad form for the exercise, but she loved this playlist. The morning light shining in the window only served to further highlight her athletic curves to Jake. After a minute she transitioned into a couple side planks followed by one on her back.

Then it was yoga time. Liz stood up, facing toward the tv, parallel with where Jake would have been looking and bent down forward all the way, touching her vast palms to the ground. As she held the position she continued to sway gradually in time with the beat. Jake watching all the while wondered how she could be so flexible. He could barely bend forward before he had become human. He was quite flexible and fit now, but that was all a result of his moving around the huge home constantly.  

After a few seconds of stretching forward Liz rotated rhythmically through several poses to loosen out her back and shoulders a bit. Her normal routine was done mostly standing up, but she had different things planned for today. Liz turned away from Jake again and bent over, putting her palms on the floor mat in front of her and poking her butt as high as it could go before straightening her body and legs into a downward dog position, still shifting subtly to the beat of her music. If this didn’t catch his attention, nothing would she giggled quietly to her inner self.

Catch his attention she did. Jake had been getting increasingly aroused at the giant display of flexibility and athleticism next to him. His erection poked hard into the track pants he was wearing as he moaned quietly. In front of him, Liz silently transitioned from her downward dog and thrust her hips down into the floor, raising her shoulders as much as she could as she began an upward dog. She had to have been torturing him. There was no other plausible explanation. Was it time to approach her and see if she was into him? Would she accept him despite his tiny stature?

The more he thought about the past week, the more it was starting to be possible that she might. Maybe she wasn’t just being friendly and she was into him. He couldn’t appear too desperate to be with her, though, so timing was important. In front of him Jake could have sworn he saw Liz thrust slightly into the ground below her. Jake gave a near silent groan of sexual frustration at the sight in front of him. Was it okay to be staring at this? To feel lust at this? How was Liz so calm? Did she realize what she was doing to him?

Liz sure hoped Jake was staring. She had been pulling as many different moves as she could think of that would show off her various curves and features. She had even ground her hips into the floor a bit for him to the rhythm of the music she had playing in her ears. She had chosen an upbeat song to help get her even more in the mood. Waiting wasn’t working so she was going on the offensive to get Jake’s attention. At this point she was running out of ideas short of just talking to him directly or grabbing him off the table, but she was still scared that he might feel he had no choice because of her size and because he was relying on her for care and a place to live. If only they had talked before all this. If only. But for now, she flipped herself over onto her back and raised herself up on her hands and hooves so her hips were high off the ground in a crab pose. She had shown him the back. Time to give him another glimpse of the front. She kept her legs together, not wanting to overdo things too much, but continued in her pose series while doing her best to look the other direction so Jake wouldn’t feel self-conscious looking at her.

It worked. Jake’s full attention was locked onto Liz as she carried on through her routine. Painfully erect his mind began to cloud with desire. This was too much, he didn’t want it to end, but at the same time was wondering when Liz would have mercy and let up. Before long, Jake got his wish and Liz stood up, bending over one last time to tease her rump as she rolled up her yoga mat.

“Hey Jake?” Liz asked. Time for round two.

Jake popped out of his trance. Uh oh, was she aware of his staring? “Y-yeah? W-what’s up?” Jake managed, trying not to stammer too much and failing miserably.

“You wanna join me for a friendly competition?” Liz asked.

Jake wondered what she had in mind. “How could I compete with you?”

“Push-ups!” Liz said excitedly. “Do you think you could do as many as I can?”

Jake honestly wasn’t sure. He had definitely been building some muscle the past few weeks with all the ladder climbing and lifting and other work he had been doing thanks to his small stature. “Alright. I don’t think I’m willing to bet on it but let’s give it a go.”

“Fair enough. I’ll give you a ride down so you don’t get tired. I don’t want any excuses when you lose,” Liz joked.

“Oh I don’t think I’ll be the one needing excuses,” Jake said, getting into the spirit of things.

A journey that would have been a few minutes for Jake took two steps and a slight movement of Liz’s hand. Jake found himself on the floor next to Liz. She stood back up briefly, forcing Jake to look straight up at her towering form. He had started to get used to the sight of her but up this close any being nearly twenty times your height would have been slightly overwhelming.

One, then both of her hooves rose and flew far back and away from Jake before thonking down on the carpet far behind Jake. TWHUMP THWUMP. Two huge palms planted themselves on either side of him leading Jake to trace his eyesight along one of Liz’s arms and up to her gleaming face above as she smiled at him.

“You going to stare all day or are you ready to go?” her voice boomed from directly overhead and her warm breath rushing down onto him.

Here goes nothing. “Let’s do this,” Jake said, trying to sound tough but his small stature’s lack of volume failing him miserably. He assumed a pushup stance and called up in a slightly strained voice, “start the count!”

Jake was shocked as a gust of wind shooshed down over him from above. Liz hadn’t even spoken this time. Her sheer mass was enough to create a huge gust of wind when her torso descended toward him. Unable to look up, Jake could only imagine the sight as Liz’s pair of modest breasts scended down until they were just overhead. Jake swore he felt their warmth briefly as Liz’s shadow fully encompassed his immediate surroundings in darkness before she rose up to a resting position. “One,” he heard her boom from above. The game was on. Liz continued the count as Jake strained to keep up with her. Ten. Then twenty. He felt his arms straining at thirty but heard no evidence of strain in Liz’s voice.

He lasted until forty-one. His arms just couldn’t do it. Liz must have seen him collapse because he heard her voice from above, “looks like I win that one. I’ll admit, I was getting a bit tired.”

“I bet,” Jake said with just a hint of friendly sarcasm, gasping lightly for breath as he talked. How could a mare that worked at a tech office be this fit?

“Want to try another one?” Liz asked.

“I don’t think any more pushups are happening for a while, today,” Jake said.

“Alright, how about sit-ups?” Liz challenged.

“I guess I could try being humiliated twice in a row,” Jake said, wheezing out a couple laughs.

Liz chuckled with him. “Alrighty, let’s get ready,” she said, rising to her knees before bringing her hooves forward and planting them not far from where her palms had just been on either side of Jake. Then she leaned back leaving Jake with a clear view right up the canyon of her tight yoga-pant-clad thighs.

No way. Jake was floored. He had accidentally seen beneath those clothes the day before and because of that his imagination was running wild. Before he stared too long he sat himself down so his feet faced Liz and they put their arms next to their heads.

“Ready?” Liz asked.

“Bring it on,” Jake said, trying to stay positive after his first humiliation. The view was totally worth it, though.

This time Jake gave Liz quite a run for her money. Both of them reached a respectable fifty before beginning to tire but it was at sit-up fifty-eight that Jake threw in the towel. “You win!” he panted to her distant head as she pulled herself up for number fifty-nine. She had definitely heard him, but she didn’t stop. Jake just sat up and watched, still breathing heavily. Liz did a few more sit-ups, treating Jake to a magnificent view of her modest, yet slightly visible abdominal muscles flexing as she brought her torso up a few more times.

“One last warm-up to go before I head out,” Liz began, bringing her hooves back toward her and raising herself up off her butt. Jake was about to stand up as well when there was a meteoric impact a few metres to his left and then again to his right. To his left, he saw a hoof. To his right, he saw another hoof. That could only mean… “Squats,” Liz finished.

Looking up, Jake was treated to one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. Tight yoga pants that left little to the imagination stretched to the limit as an ass that had to weigh a couple dozen tonnes sank down toward him, thankfully stopping far above as Liz held her pose for a few seconds. Then her titanic thigh muscles flexed and the ceiling formed by her bottom rose up to a standing position before sinking back down again. Her tail was mercifully held out and didn’t drape directly onto Jake as he had feared it might.

This time Jake didn’t even bother attempting the exercise. He just stood and stared as he was increasingly sure Liz wanted him to do. Lust had taken over and he was hard again. She hadn’t even given him a chance to join in this time and had started on her own. Truth be told Jake was feeling a bit tired after those first two competitions and he had already gone for quite a run earlier. He needed a bit of rest. His eyes stayed locked on the huge equine butt that dipped down again overhead. Yeah, rest.

Jake didn’t even count this time but Liz had to have done at least forty or fifty squats above him. Eventually she just stopped and bent over slightly to look down at him. Not expecting her to look so suddenly Jake tried to conceal the massive erection poking into the front of his sweatpants by grabbing his wrist and holding his hand over his front. It wasn’t much but maybe it would work.

It hadn’t. Liz didn’t outwardly show it, but despite his small size she had definitely seen a little something poking forward. It helped that that was the first place her eyes had checked before she locked eyes with him. “I think I’m done with my stretches, Jake. How you doing?”

“I-I’m doing ok, j-j-just a bit tired,” he said, flustered yet again.

Liz popped an earbud back in before continuing, “I’m heading out for my jog now. See you in a bit?”

 “I am honestly a bit tired from my workout this morning, I was jogging for quite a while in the hall,” he said. He wasn’t completely lying. He was genuinely tired after working out this morning, but he also just needed some time to himself to lie down and maybe play with himself a bit to release some of the tension that had built inside him.

“Going for a nap, then?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Jake decided.

“Want a ride? It’s on the way for me,” she asked.

“I’m good. You have fun on your jog!” Jake said.

“I will. See you soon!” Liz replied with a smile.

With that, she turned and let her huge hoof swing right over top of him as she spun to head toward the hallway. The ground shaking with her steps all the way. Her dark brown tail sparkled as the sunlight shining through the window cascaded off and away Liz thumped down the hall and out the door.

                Jake had no hope in hell of keeping up with strides her size she he just walked at a lazy pace toward the bedroom. By the time he entered the hallway she was already long gone out the door. Jake just continued along to the bedroom and climbed the steps to his bed, re-arranging the soft cloth covers but suddenly losing the urge to sleep. Maybe he should just stay awake for the rest of the day and watch some TV.

                Jake left his bed made and reversed course, back down the book-stairs and made his way back into the living room. Once there he took hold of the rope ladder at the base of the couch and climbed up and onto the large seat cushion far above. Liz usually left the tv remote on the couch, but today it was out of sight as he looked across the vast fabric plain. Scanning again his eyes locked upon a small edge of plastic poking out of the middle of the cushions. Ah-hah.

                Jake plodded over and sure enough, there was the tv controller, larger than he was and thoroughly wedged in the cushions below. He had managed to get it out once before while Liz had been at work, why should today be any different? He grasped the edge that was poking out of the gap in the cushions with both arms and gave it a few strong tugs but made no progress. Today was going to be one of those days, was it?

                His mind determined, Jake decided to climb down into the soft crevasse below to try and push the tv controller out from beneath. He was shorter than the cushions themselves, but he figured if he got enough leverage, he could push the controller far enough out the top so he could climb up again and grab it. That had worked earlier in the week, so why wouldn’t it work now?

                Jake slipped himself into the widest part of the gap where the corner of both cushions met at the couch’s backrest and slipped down easily, just as he had done earlier in the week. Then, he shoved himself forward using the backrest as a springboard to help shove further inside the gap and beneath the tv controller above him. It was an extremely snug fit in the middle of the two couch cushions compared to last time. Finally, though, he found himself where he wanted to be beneath the remote. Now all he had to do was shove it loose. It took quite a bit of effort to wriggle his arms up but eventually he got them into position and started shoving upwards with as much force as he could muster.

The first few pushes did little, but Jake felt a little give after his third try. Perfect. Jake crouched down as far as he could and inhaled deeply before thrusting upward, contacting the bottom of the large plastic controller a little harder than he expected to. Rather than shift up slightly, the controller popped up and out of the couch cushions and settled down on top of the crack in the cushions right above Jake. This meant the remote was free, but there was another problem now. The remote had been the only thing keeping the cushion wedged far enough apart for Jake to maneuver. Jake now found himself completely stuck, his arms in a weird position and his body simply incapable of moving. His head had made it to nearly the top of the cushion which meant his legs had little purchase below him. In effect, he had been trapped in a soft prison. Perfectly trapped, Jake resigned himself to waiting until Liz was home. She’d help him out of this. He hoped.

About ten minutes later, Jake heard the muffled sound of the large door open in the distance followed by a familiar thumping of Liz’s hooves on the carpeted floor of the hallway. Liz was home. He decided to try to call out to see if she might hear him in the distance. Unfortunately, everywhere he looked his face was covered in fabric and he soon realized his voice was unlikely to be heard by Liz if she were near or if she were far. Oh no.

Liz was just starting to feel the runner’s high that came after her neighbourhood jog. She was sweaty from exertion, but she felt great. As she came in the door, she remembered that Jake was probably sleeping and tried to be quiet. Peeking into her room she saw the covers had been shifted since this morning and assumed he was sleeping beneath them. The poor little guy must have been tired after his workout and her big show this morning. She hoped she hadn’t overdone things. Figuring he would be out for a while she grabbed some panties and a long shirt quietly before heading to have a shower. Time to spend a relaxing day alone, she figured.

Jake was confused. The thumping that had briefly occurred when Liz came home had stopped. What was she doing? It was almost disconcerting NOT to hear and feel the floor shake at this point. His worries were somewhat assuaged when he a waterfall in the distance. Liz must have been starting her post-run shower. Not much longer until he was home free, he figured.

True to Jake’s guess, Liz did not take too long in the shower. It wasn’t often she got to just chill on her own and while she was really enjoying Jake around and wanted to be with him, she had to admit it had been a while since she had been able to just ignore everything and do her own thing. As such, she didn’t want to waste too much time standing under the warm water. Once her shampoo and conditioner had been washed off, she shut off the shower and dried herself quickly. Then she slid on a pair of panties and her t-shirt and headed into the living room. Time to binge a show or something.

Jake was mostly blind to the world around him in his current predicament. Beams of light peaked in front around the top and bottom of the remote that lay over top of him, but he couldn’t move his head to look at them anyway. Suddenly, he felt a familiar rhythmic thumping that only got louder and louder. Liz must have entered the living room finally, maybe he would be saved.

Blinding-bright light suddenly returned Jake’s world as Liz grabbed the remote off the couch cushion above him. Jake tried to call up to her and grab her attention but found his voice was still muffled by the cushions and Liz hadn’t heard him. Movement in the corner of his eyes followed by another thump indicated she hadn’t seen him either. Jake started to get worried given his location and tried to move but found he was completely trapped by the two cushions pushing together. Thankfully, Liz knocked the couch slightly and the cushions shifted a bit, allowing his head to look around more freely. Before he could call out, he peered upward.

Above Jake, partially obscured through the gap between the cushions, Liz’s giant tail swished from side to side, brushing up against the bottom of a long t-shirt. Jake’s eyes drifted south and he blushed. Underneath Liz’s shirt she wasn’t wearing any pants. Instead, Jake was greeted with a giant, tight-fitting pair of red panties which did little to obscure the shape and outline of the mare’s butt. And was it just him, or was that butt getting larger? Much, much larger…

Liz grabbed the remote and eased herself down onto the couch. She hadn’t been able to help herself in the shower and had rubbed one off to the thought of little Jake. The morning exercise before she went on her jog had gotten to her and she couldn’t help it. As the days went on, she found she was daydreaming about little Jake nonstop. She hoped she got most of the smell out during the shower but her clouded mind had been focused elsewhere, admittedly. She’d have to wash up again later or something. For now, though, it was time to sit down, relax, and watch some tv while Jake rested in the other room.  Liz switched the tv on and rubbed her butt a bit deeper into the seat, slouching just a little more as she lifted her legs onto the coffee table to get comfortable.

Below Liz, Jake experiencing a new combination of sensory overload and sensory deprivation. Down he had gone with the rapidly compressed seat cushions when Liz’s ass collided with the seat. It seemed his little form was a little more resilient than he had expected because he didn’t feel overly squished despite the massive forces at work around him. Unfortunately, he found himself just as immobile as he had been prior. It was a weird sense of weightlessness he was experiencing combined with an inability to move independently. Small shifts that occurred every time Liz flexed her glutes or moved slightly above were the only way Jake could readjust himself in his current position.

The arrival of Liz’s ass had also brought a shroud of darkness. Jake was unable to see anything and was instead experiencing the world through sight and feeling. The first and most overwhelming feeling was the heat. Liz’s body was a furnace and her heat radiated down from her warmest of extremities and encompassed Jake’s tiny form.

Darkness and warmth weren’t all that surrounded Jake. There was also Liz’s scent. At first Jake had only smelled Liz’s fragrant shampoo and conditioner. It had been nice on its own, but soon different aromas invaded his human nose. Quite different. Being inexperienced with women, Jake wasn’t quick to identify the pungent odour of Liz’s prior arousal, but his body sure was. Almost instantly he had felt a tingling in his loins. As his length hardened against his soft prison walls, he soon realized what he was smelling and blushed. He couldn’t see it, but Liz’s womanhood was directly or nearly over top of him. He tried to reach a hand to his throbbing cock but found himself unable. This was pure torture.

Above Jake, Liz shifted her hips slightly and leaned farther back into the couch. She was enjoying her show and was so ready to relax after that fun morning.

Below, Jake was tossed and turned between the cushions as Liz’s hips angled forward and she slouched further into the couch. Some light returned to the soft prison from behind Liz’s body and Jake found himself staring right up into the spot just below where the base of Liz’s tail ended and her panties took over. That meant he was right below… He tried not to think about it too much. Thankfully, the shifting had freed up one of his arms in the process. How could he get her attention? He tried reaching forward and found that he was still too far down to reach her. He called her name, but her butt and the cushions around him must have muffled his tiny voice to be noticed. A very loud yet muffled sigh could be heard from beyond the nylon-clad butt that covered him.

Blissfully unaware of the tumult she was causing beneath her, Liz sighed. She loved the soft cushions of her couch. Every time she sat down and sank into them she felt she could just go to sleep. Today was an exception, however. She was very much focused on the show she was watching.

This was bad news for Jake who had managed to wiggle his arms around and force his way up and closer to Liz. The heat was making him sweaty and the scent becoming overwhelming. He didn’t want to offend her by touching her down here but his current predicament left little choice. Wiggling a bit more he managed to maneuver into reach of her panties above. Jake stretched himself out with great effort and managed to lightly rub against her butt. Instead of alerting Liz he must have only made her itchy. One after another her left and then right glutes flexed as she shifted her ass around him. He was going to need to make a bigger impact. Her shifting had resulted in increased pressure on Jake, but he still wasn’t feeling strained or in danger of being crushed. Could it be that his human form came with other unusual perks beyond his small stature? Not that he wanted to be crushed by a giant equine butt. Or did he? Liz’s scent was starting to do a number on his higher thinking and sex and pleasuring Liz was occupying more and more of his thoughts. He needed to escape soon before he lost all control in front of (or technically behind?) his giant friend. 

 Struggling with all his might, Jake managed to wiggle and shift farther upward until he was directly in front of Liz’s thin panties. He tried to breathe through his mouth but despite his best efforts, his nose confirmed his suspicion. Behind the red nylon and directly above him hovered Liz’s anus. It didn’t stink thanks to being washed but a subtle musk was evident. He wondered how large it would look at this size and shivered at the thought. With lust or with discomfort he was not sure.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Jake reached out and punched to the right and then to the left, attempting to hit Liz’s massive, athletic cheeks. He was worried that touching alone would only cause an itch which could result in a fatal shift of her behind this close to her. At first, there was no response. Then, Liz shifted slightly. Then, Jake was suddenly bathed in light as Liz shot out of her seat above him.

Liz had been watching her show when a sudden itch had invaded her lower extremities, right in her butt. At first she had figured it was a loose strand of fur rubbing oddly or something, but something had felt off. It felt as though something was tapping against her behind. Something small. She even felt a few taps against her equine doughnut which had sent a shiver of pleasure through her spine. Then a thought struck her. Small? Hitting? No. It couldn’t be.

Liz pressed her hands into the couch and vaulted up off her seat, inadvertently shoving the coffee table away from her as she did so. She paused for a moment, terrified, before turning around slowly and kneeling in front of the couch. She closed her eyes briefly and prayed, before leaning in an examining the gap in the cushions where she had sat. To her horror, there wedged in the middle lay little Jake.

How had he gotten there? Had he been below the remote control maybe? Why had he been hiding there? More importantly, was he okay? She hadn’t hurt him, had she? Liz bent down and quickly freed the tiny human.

“Oh my god. Jake, are you alright?” Liz asked, her voice wavering with concern.

“Oh wow, that was different. I’m fine! No need to worry,” he said.

“You aren’t hurt?” Liz checked.

“No, I think I’m okay. This human body is actually pretty tough it seems,” Jake responded.

“What were you doing in there?” Despite Jake’s clear indication that he was fine, Liz remained convinced that she had almost killed him.

“I couldn’t sleep so I came to watch tv and couldn’t get the remote out from between the cushions. I tried my best to get it, but I got a bit stuck,” Jake explained.

The story seemed a bit dubious, but the past few weeks hadn’t exactly been normal. “I can’t believe you’re alright. Even with the cushions that was a lot of weight on you,” Liz said.

“Yeah, but to be honest, it didn’t feel all that bad. I just couldn’t move easily,” Jake said.

“You sure you weren’t just hiding there for the view?” Liz asked, trying to find some humour in the situation for her own sake. Jake was taking this surprisingly well.

Jake’s mind was clouded because he was aroused. Extremely aroused. But he didn’t want to make things awkward with Liz so he tried his best to respond normally. “No, I didn’t try to get crushed by your weight,” he declared.

“Are you calling me fat?” Liz teased.

“U-uh, n-no, I mean,” Jake stammered.

“Relax. Here, give me a hug. At least you’re okay,” Liz said.

“Sure,” Jake replied as Liz brought her muzzle down to him, just as she had done the other night. The two touched as Jake pressed himself into Liz’s velvet muzzle. This time, though, Liz felt a little something extra against her nose. Jake hadn’t managed to angle his body and his rock-hard erection was pressing firmly against Liz’s muzzle. His mind was still so clouded by the scents he had been immersed in, however, that he didn’t even notice.  

“Well I can’t say I’ve sat on a friend before. You sure you’re okay?” Liz asked, trying to make light of the situation so things didn’t get too awkward.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Jake said, trying not to sound too excited about things, still overcome with a variety of feelings.

“Glad to hear it. Let’s get you washed up though, I bet you got a bit sweaty being trapped down there. Hopefully it wasn’t too smelly.”

Jake just joked that he had smelled worse.

“That could be arranged,” Liz quipped back and both of them laughed as Jake was carried over to the bathroom to wash up.

Liz’s mind wandered a bit as she waited for Jake to clean up. It felt horrible to think, but those little punches against her butt and against her anus had felt good. Real good. In fact, she had been fast getting wet before she had realized what had happened. She also had noticed Jake’s erection pressing into nose just a short minute ago. So it wasn’t just her that had enjoyed that little encounter... Maybe it was time to press Jake a little bit further. Liz fomented a plan as Jake washed himself. Maybe tonight was the night to push his boundaries even further. 

Truth or Dare by canadian1579

It had been several hours since Jake had been sat on by Liz. By now both of them had enjoyed some supper and Jake was lying down on a folded shirt Liz had left him on the coffee table, still reliving the event in his mind over and over. He wasn’t scared or distraught. He felt quite the opposite. He hadn’t quite seen her behind plunge down on top of him, but he had seen it soar high above from only centimetres in front of him. The sight had blown him away. Never had he seen something so big, and sexy so near to him. He had been touching it. His whole body had almost been forced against it. If only Liz hadn’t been his good friend and now roommate, maybe they could have some more fun together.

More fun together was exactly what Liz was thinking about as she was lying down on the couch next to Jake’s hangout. She still felt bad about earlier. Bad, but also excited. Aroused. She had held absolute dominance over Jake and been completely unaware of his plight. She had compressed him, moved him around, and aroused him, all without the faintest idea of what she was doing. She hadn’t even hurt him somehow. He could have even climaxed thanks to her behind and she wouldn’t have known.

It wasn’t that she had dominated him. It was that she could bring someone so much excitement and pleasure just by existing. Her ass had just sat down and been there. All she had done was shift a little bit. She didn’t have to do anything special. Jake got an erection simply from being beneath her. It was her first true experience with her fantasy of being with a human. She had decided to prod a little more tonight, but how could she get him to open up? Then Liz had an idea.

“Hey Jake?” Liz asked, trying to sound as innocent as she could.

“What’s up? Jake said, awoken from his daydream about being sat on again.

“You bored?”

“Quite, actually. I was thinking of playing some games or something.” Jake said.

“How about we play a game together,” Liz suggested, angling her neck so she could look over at Jake as he laid down on that shirt on the coffee table.

“What did you have in mind?” Jake asked, raising his head to meet Liz’s gaze.

“How about we play some truth of dare?” Liz proposed.  

“Isn’t that a drinking game?” Alex wondered aloud.

“Sure is. I can grab some wine from the other room. What do you say?” She asked.

“I guess we can give it a go if you want. I don’t remember the last time I played that.” 

“Don’t sound too enthusiastic,” Liz said as she eased herself upright and stood up to go get a bottle of wine she had sitting in the kitchen. She made sure to grab a shot glass for little Jake after filling a rather large glass for herself. She didn’t want to get him drunk or do anything crazy, she just wanted to ease the tension she was sensing between them. And why not have some fun together?

When she returned she found Jake sitting up on the clothing, clearly awoken from the half slumber Liz had been sneaking a peak at here and there earlier. “Here you go, I can refill it if you end up needing it,” Liz joked.

Jake stared at the bucket-sized shot glass full of wine in front of him. She didn’t expect him to finish all of that, did she? Hopefully she would help him because he didn’t even know how his human body would do with alcohol. He hadn’t been the strongest or most resilient drinker as a wolf and he could only imagine how much of a lightweight he was now, no pun intended. Gotta start somewhere, he figured as he took a sip.

Instead of taking her perch on the couch, Liz chose to sit down on the ground, stretching her long legs out to the side and leaning back against her arms with her upper torso slightly above Jake’s height as he stood up on the table.  She took a swig from her glass and set it down on the table, noting that the thin glass neck alone towered over tiny Jake. She bet he could even bathe in her glass of wine if he really wanted to. Wouldn’t that be a sight, she mused to herself. Before her mind wandered too much she asked Jake, “You ready?”

“Sure,” he said, “but who will go first?”

“Well I suggested the game so I guess I should start,” she declared. “How about we start with a truth?”

Jake took a second to think. The one thing he didn’t like about this game was putting other people on the spot. He didn’t want to accidentally say something or ask something that might offend or dampen Liz’s spirits. Especially after earlier. She had been quiet toward him since then and he worried that she was feeling down. “Have you ever stolen something?” he asked, hoping it wasn’t too cheesy of a question.

Liz laughed and took a second to think. “Going with a basic one to start, are we? I don’t think I have done anything interesting like that,” she said. “I’ve stolen some small office supplies from work.”

“Never downloaded any music or anything like that?” Jake asked, taking a sip.

Liz honestly hadn’t really stolen anything interesting. She was very conscious about right and wrong and always done her best to stay on the good side of others. She had guessed that was one of the reasons she didn’t really fit into many of the ‘cool’ groups at work and back when she had been at school. It was also one of the reasons she liked Jake. He also seemed very conscious of others around him. Picking up her drink she said, “I honestly can’t remember but just in case I’m lying by accident I’ll take a drink too.”

Jake laughed and said, “alright, no worries.”

“Your turn,” Liz said after downing a large portion of her glass.

“Truth,” Jake called.

“Have you ever peed in the shower?” Liz asked, hoping to loosen things up a bit after her rather tame answer.

Jake laughed at the softball question. “Of course, I’m fairly sure all guys have done it at least once.”

It was Liz’s turn to chuckle, “Yeah, that sounds about right. My turn and let’s do another truth,” she said before taking another large sip.

“What’s your biggest insecurity?” Jake asked.

Oh man, he was going deep a little quick with that one, but it didn’t take Liz long to think of her answer. “Hm, I’ve always been a bit insecure about my shape. I’m a lot taller than most people, but compared to most girls my chest is a bit on the flat side. They have some size, but that’s only because of how large the rest of me is. I’ve always been a bit jealous of some of the girls. I don’t want watermelons, but it would be nice not to need to add too much padding to give them shape.” Crap, she was rambling. Thankfully when she glanced down she saw Jake was smiling and listening intently.

“Well they’re definitely not small to me,” Jake joked as he took his drink.

Liz laughed with relief. “Aw, well I’m pretty sure a lot of me is not small to you at this size.” Wow, was he really not bothered by her small chest? Didn’t guys prefer girls with large tits?

It was Jake’s turn to giggle a bit. He took another big sip of wine from the shot glass in front of him. “Alright, my turn. Truth.”

“What’s your biggest turn-on?” Liz asked. You went deep. My turn.

Jake didn’t take more than a second to think before taking a drink.

“Aw, don’t want to share?” Liz teased.

“That’s the game, I’m happy to drink at that one,” he said. Jake was honestly a little surprised by Liz’s question. He had gone a bit deep with his truth statement and had not expected Liz to open up. He wasn’t about to tell Liz that she was his biggest turn-on, though. And he wasn’t going to try lying to her. 

Maybe she had gone too fast there. Oh well. “Ok then. My turn,” she said. Let’s see try something else. “Dare.”

Jake took a second to think. “How about you put an ice cube in your mouth and leave it there until it melts?” Jake suggested.

Liz hadn’t heard that one before. She was a little disappointed at how tame the dare was, but a dare was a dare. “Alright, let me go grab one,” she said as she stood up and wandered to the kitchen.

Jake took another rather large sip of wine as he sat and waited. In a few seconds Liz returned with an ice cube between her fingers in one hand and the rest of her bottle of wine in the other. “I figured we might need it,” she joked. “Alright. Here goes,” she said before leaning in and opening wide with an “ahhhhhh,” and presenting Jake with a massive view of the inside of her maw. Then she popped the ice cube inside and let it sit on her tongue in plain sight of Jake before snapping her jaw shut. She was surprised at how cold it felt but held on until the ice melted and disappeared into a trickle of water  down her throat.

Holy shit, thought Jake, that was hot. He hadn’t expected her to make a show of popping it in her mouth but the sight had been something else. At his small size he could make out every detail of her flat, equine teeth, her long, flat tongue, and even the texture of her lips soft. Seeing her tongue handle a cube of ice nearly half as big as he with such ease was equally arousing. Thankfully he was already blushing from the wine and his reaction went unnoticed by Liz.

“Looks like I’m not the only one with brain freeze right now. It’s your turn, you going to choose?” she asked. Jake had been daydreaming again.

“Oh yeah,” he said before taking his sip. “Truth.”

Another truth? Liz was a bit disappointed, but she accepted that he might take a little time to open himself up to a dare or two.

 “What is the most intimate experience you have ever had?”

Jake immediately dipped his head and took a big swig of the wine in front of him. He felt his face getting warm as the wine started to take effect. He was going to have to be careful. He didn’t want to overdo things too much and shock or scare Liz away from him. Truth or dare was always a bit risky that way in his experience. The truth was their reading session the other day was the most intimate thing he had ever experienced and he didn’t want Liz to think less of him for it. Most men had been with several partners at this point in life…

Liz watched him drink and felt a pang of disappointed again. She was hoping he would open up a little but more with this game but he was still holding back from her. Was it a lack of trust? Or was he worried about pushing her away by talking about someone else? Either way she was hoping to get this game going her way so she made up her mind for the next challenge.

“My turn now. Dare,” Liz said.

“Hm,” Jake said as he paused to think for a minute. Liz had nearly emptied her glass already despite doing all the challenges and seemed to be getting a bit excited by the game and he was honestly enjoying himself too. Not wanting to spoil the fun spirit he decided to try and challenge her to a staring contest via a dare. “I dare you to stare without blinking for a whole minute,” he said.

“Stare, that’s it? You can do better than that, Jake,” Liz said. Come on little guy, how clear do I have to spell it out for you, she wondered.

Jake wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that. Did she want a harder challenge? “Alright,” he said, pausing for a second. “Try saying the alphabet backwards,”

“Try again, little guy,” she said. Is he that clueless, Liz wondered to herself as she took another sip of her wine. She could really feel it now. She wasn’t drunk, but she was definitely under the influence a bit. She hadn’t drank in a while and it was nice to let loose. Especially with her little crush on the table. Soon he would open up. He had to have some idea of her feelings for him by now.

“Alright, do ten squats,” he heard himself say. Did he really just say that? He really just said that. She had already accidentally flaunted herself earlier, and now he was asking her to do it again in front of him? At least she has pants on. He wasn’t coming across as creepy, was he?

FINALLY, Liz thought. “Just ten?” she heard herself asking. “You know I can do more than that.” Oh man, she was already excited, apparently.

“Thirty.” Was he even thinking before talking anymore?

“That’s better, now come on,” Liz said before wrapping her hand around Jake with no warning.

Jake found himself ushered up off the table and over to the centre of the room before being deposited on the floor. Flanked by massive hooves on either side, Jake looked up and nearly lost his balance in his buzzed state. Soaring higher and higher above him but still looking down at him was Liz. Before he had been focused on other parts but this time they stood there for a minute, eyes locked.

“If you wanted to see more you could have just asked,” Liz teased in a curious tone. “Here goes,” she said, raising her arms forward before squatting down slowly as low as she could over top of Jake.

This time her form was off, but her butt came down far lower and closer to Jake, yoga pants stretched to the limit. She came so close to him that Jake dropped down onto his butt for fear of her colliding with him. Whoa. Was this really happening? Tight, toned thighs and an equally impressive ass but were all but on full display. He had seen it during their exercise contest earlier, but this time it was decidedly more sexual. The rough outline of what was in between her legs also more or less shone through the tightly stretched fabric that hovered dangerously close above Jake. Then, as soon as it had descended, the heavens retreated up and Jake was left to be flanked solely by Liz’s heavy hooves. Tilting his head up again he saw her staring down with an almost curious look in her eyes. It was then that he saw it. It was subtle, but he finally clued in. Liz was biting her lip. It was ever so slight, but he was finally started to clue in. Was she putting on a show for him?

“One,” he heard, taking a second to realize what it meant. As quickly as her posterior retreated, she came down again. “Two.” And again. “Three.” And again. It felt like an eternity but her sexy display finally ended with her soft voice calmly murmuring, “Thirty.”

Liz was finally finished, and Jake had nearly finished too just at the sight. He sat below her, stiff as an iron, admiring in silent awe the being that stood above him. This was Liz. And she was into him. Was he dreaming? Before he could finish the thought her hand returned and shuttled him back up to the table without a word. She must have felt his erection as she grabbed him, but she didn’t say anything.

Oh man, he liked it, he liked it. Liz was beside herself when she picked up the little human and felt a little something poking back against her fingers. He was definitely attracted to her, she concluded. Suddenly she wanted more.

“Dare,” Jake heard himself sat. Was this really happening? Were he and Liz really starting to connect?

Perfect, Liz thought. “I dare you to not laugh while I tickle you for thirty seconds.” Would he be okay with it? She suddenly feared that he would take a drink. Instead, he just stood there as if he were waiting.

“Bring it on,” Jake said.

He immediately found himself assaulted on all sides by Liz’s enormous fingers, each probing across his chest and sides. He did his best but he barely lasted a couple seconds before bursting out laughing. A few seconds after that he collapsed onto the table, still laughing and getting rubbed by Liz’s nimble digits. He had tried to count it out but the longer she kept fondling his little body the slower timed seem to progress. Being tickled by someone your own size was one thing. Being tickled and fondled by a being upwards of twenty times your size was a whole different experience entirely. Finally, as his stomach was starting to hurt and he was running out of breath from all the laughing, Liz’s hands relented. He noticed that she had avoided his midsection and focused only on his top and the bases of his feet.

Silence filled the air between them as Liz’s hazel orbs gazed down into the eyes of Jake’s panting prone form. God that had been hot. Jake felt a tightness at his waist and realized that his erection was now poking straight out against sweatpants, clearly in plain sight of Liz. His hands flew south to cover the area and he tried to conceal it by sitting up on the coffee table with his legs stretched out to one side, mimicking Liz’s seated pose on the living room floor.  

Nice try little guy, Liz thought as she giggled softly to herself. Her plan was working. No sense slowing down now, she figured. Neither of them were drinking according to game rules anymore, and neither of them cared in the slightest as they focused on one another.

Liz leaned forward onto her arms which sat folded over the edge of the table. “Dare,” she commanded.

Daring Greatly by canadian1579

Jake stared at the ground for a second and thought deeply before raising his eyes again to meet Judy’s hazel gaze. His mind was still clouded from the poking and prodding Liz had given him and it was affecting his decision-making. He had been thinking of possible dares earlier when the game started but none of them came to him. Instead, his mind went another direction. “Take off one piece of clothing.”

With zero hesitation Liz’s hands dropped from the table’s edge and quickly returned grasping the lower rim of her shirt as she pulled it over her head.  White cotton rapidly transitioned to a thin layer of hazel fur broader than any billboard Jake had ever seen. As the shirt lifted further still, two modest breasts each easily dwarfing Jake revealed themselves. Jake was stunned. She wouldn’t have been considered flat-chested by any means, but they were relatively small and reflected the rest of her relatively athletic physique. Shapely, but not overly so. As the shirt came up over her head, Liz’s hair was pulled back before raining down over her head again. God was she sexy.

“Enjoying the view?” she said with a tilt of her head. Her voice sounded a bit huskier than normal, she must have been enjoying herself too.

“You, you’re not wearing a bra,” Jake observed, still floored by the magnificent beauty in front of him.

“The straps got uncomfortable after being on for most of the day so I took it off earlier. I think this is much better. Don’t you?” she said, dropping her gaze a bit and smiling mischievously.

Jake’s hands flew over the tent in his pants yet again.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s flattering. Anyway, it’s your turn little man,” Liz continued. “So what’ll it be?” she said, leaning forward and exaggerating each word with the movement of her lips. “Truth?” she half-moaned, “or dare?

Holy shit, thought Jake. This was happening. This was really happening. Should he? Should he put his fate into her hands? Or should he call it quits before he risked their friendship over his own sexual fantasy. Was it just the alcohol? Or was there something more to this? Still nervous, he paused briefly before making up his mind. “Dare.”

“Touch them,” Liz said without hesitation. 

“T-touch them?” Jake stammered.  “Are you sure?”

Very,” she said, biting her lip.

Since she was sitting on the floor, Liz’s chest wasn’t too high above the top of the coffee table where Jake was sitting, but her height still left her chest out of little Jake’s reach. As Jake stood himself up, his erection jutting out into his sweatpants, Liz leaned forward and brought her breasts to rest on the table’s edge.

Ohhh that table’s cold,” Liz said with a giggle.

She was so close that Jake could feel her booming voice. As he paced across the table-top he found her breasts were in fact taller than him. Each was mostly covered by her short, hazel fur but Liz’s dark, exposed areolas stood out against the lighter fur surrounding them. Stepping closer still, Jake began to feel her familiar warmth radiating out toward him.  Pausing briefly, he looked up, almost as if to ask permission.

“Go ahead, little buddy,” came Liz’s needy voice. Her mouth hung slightly open and her chest heaved outward with each breath.

Jake had been close to Liz, he had been physically on her before, he had even leaned back against her chest as they read together, but this was different. This was blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. At fourteen or so centimetres tall Jake was about to fondle the breast of a two and a half-metre titaness. He walked the last little distance and approached her breast. Her nipple was about chest height to him at this size. He reached out and touched it with his open palm before stepping back.

“Mmm,” Liz gasped overhead, “you’re not done with the dare yet. Try again,” she said.

Not wanting to disappoint Liz, Jake reached out again. This time her nipple felt a little firmer under his touch. In fact, it was expanding from the size of his fist to nearly as large, if not larger than his head. “Whoa,” he quietly said to himself.

“That’s much better,” Liz said in a voice that sounded lustful.

Jake withdrew again, taking a step back and simply stared at her breast, then back up to her head above, not sure what to do.

“You’re not done with the dare yet. There’s still one more, Jake,” Liz cooed.

She was serious when she said them. Jake began to walk to her right breast, noting that her breathing had become deeper. He could hear sharp exhales with each breath far above. Maybe she was enjoying this as much as he was. Had he been wrong about Liz? Did she want to be more than just friends with him? Or was this the alcohol taking over both of them? Before he could continue down that train of thought, he arrived at Liz’s second breast. Reaching out, he began to caress the hardened nipple poking out in front of him.

Liz was in heaven right now. At first Jake’s soft touch had felt ticklish but then she had felt that familiar fire spreading inside her. He probably hadn’t noticed but one of her hands had snaked down her body and began rubbing the outside of her growing damp spot on the outside of her panties and yoga pants. The warm wetness below was driving her even more towards lust, but she did her best to remain in control. Two of her dreams were now coming true. She had a tiny human willingly pleasing her and that little human was her best friend from the office, her crush, the one she wanted to be with. She hoped he was as excited as she was. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait before escalating things further.

After at least half a minute of rubbing and enjoying Liz’s deep breathing, Jake let his hands slide down and then off of the smooth surface and back to his waist. He took a step back and looked up to see that Liz had been staring at the ceiling with her eyes closed.

“That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?” Liz asked in a teasing, sensual tone as she turned down to look at him again.

“That was … intense,” was all that Jake could muster. He worried that it was too cheesy but Liz just giggled.

“My turn,” she said.

So, the game was still on. Jake honestly didn’t know what to say for truth or dare. He waited as she teased him with silence.

“Truth,” she cooed finally.

 “Have you ever fantasized about a coworker?” Jake asked.

Liz slid her chest off the table and leaning back as she sat on the floor, her arms now planted behind her. Looking to the side, she presented her chest to him and answered in an almost shy tone, “Yes.”

“Who?” Jake pressed.

“Ah ahhhh, you already got your answer. Now it’s your turn,” Liz said.  

Caught blushing, Jake could only play along. “Okay. Worth a try. Let’s do a dare.”

“Looking for more action are you?” Liz joked. “Alright, you’re quite the climber. Climb me. Get from the floor to my shoulder and then onto the couch.”

Climb her? Jake was suddenly unsure of himself. Could he make it all the way up? Sitting down she was still around ten times his height. Rope ladders were one thing, but she was talking about climbing a living, breathing giant.

Sensing his doubt, Liz decided to encourage him. “I’ve seen how well you can get around the house. This should be easy. And I won’t let you fall.”

“Ok, let’s try.” Jake still doubted himself, but he wasn’t about to ruin the moment they were sharing. His chest was absolutely pounding right now. Liz was either toying with him or she really did like him and he was determined to find out one way or another.

Liz leaned forward again and wrapped a hand around the miniature human. Then, as she held him, she repositioned herself between the coffee table and the couch, sitting parallel with both. Not wanting to overwhelm or scare Jake about her intentions she opted to keep her legs closed and gently deposited him under the coffee table and next to her right thigh. Then she raised her arms again and rested one behind her and another on the couch surface, leaning back to give him an angled slope rather than a vertical cliff.  

Jake looked up at the cotton-covered thigh that rose above his head, blocking his vision and then beyond it to Liz who was leaning back far above. “This might take a while,” he said up to her.

“Take your time, little guy,” Liz teased, clearly enjoying her size advantage.

Jake managed a laugh at the name she had been calling him since soon after they had first met back in the office. He had been sensitive about his height, but when it came from her, he was becoming alright with it. Things were quite different now but he was definitely a little guy to her still. Alright, time to get going. He looked again at the toned thigh nearly twice his height. That wasn’t happening. He decided to head down her leg toward her ankles which he knew he could climb. Along the way he dragged his hand idly against her leg, not even thinking about it.

Liz stifled a shiver as she felt Jake’s tiny hand caress the outside of her thigh. The sensation weakened slightly as he distanced himself from her hips but she still felt excitement from the knowledge that something so small was stroking up against her. The wetness between her legs had only grown and it was taking great effort not to grind her hips or shift as Jake continued to touch her through the thin layer of cotton currently separating him from her leg.

Far below Jake remained oblivious to the sensations he was giving to Liz and focused only on the warmth he felt coming off her leg and how relaxing it was. He was nervous about what he was about to attempt, but for some reason the knowledge that he was with Liz was enough to reassure him. Finally, he reached her ankle and took a few steps back before clambering on as he had the day before. He was slightly clumsier due to the alcohol in his system but he managed to flop over top with his legs dangling down behind him and his front dangling down in the small gap between her right and left ankles. It took a bit of struggling but he finally got himself seated on her ankle as if it were a giant bull.

Far above him, Liz wasn’t paying attention and was instead enjoying another long drag of her wine. She did her best to keep her lower half stationary as she finished off her glass. She had a bit of time so she reached over and filled the glass again. It made her feel powerful to be able to casually drink and fill her glass while a tiny being struggled to climb her. Just then she felt movement begin up her leg. Not wanting to drop the glass or spill she quickly set the bottle down on the table and returned to her relaxed position, leaning back. It was going to take some focus to stay still.

As Jake crossed Liz’s enormous knee he noticed that every bit closer he got to her waist the hotter the heat radiating off her body got. By the time he got to her waist he was already sweating. He also noticed a strong smell that had begun to appear earlier but was overwhelming now. A familiar smell from his experience under Liz before. Not wanting to get too distracted from the task at hand, his eyes angled up the light brown fur-covered slope that was angled in front of him. It was steep, but he figured he could do it. He would have to do his best not to pull on her fur too hard but away he went, slowly inching his way up to and then beyond her navel.

As he mounted her stomach, he began to experience the familiar rising and falling of his climbing surface with each breath. Before when he had been here it had been relaxing, but now it was making his climb quite challenging. Still, Jake managed to push onward until he approached her breasts. Each mound was large enough to become a nearly vertical wall impeding his progress. The only safe passage was through the valley in between where he could sort of brace himself against each of them despite there being a significant gap and despite both of them not projecting too far from Liz’s body. By now he was panting, but still he edged forwards bit by bit. His arms complained, but the alcohol in his system blocked out any pain in his muscles. He was going to do this.

Below him from inside Liz’s chest he heard and felt her heartbeat as he began to slide between her breasts. As each hand grazed against the massive orbs on either side of him be heard a low moan from Liz which reverberated through them both. She was definitely as turned on as he was by this crazy situation. As he neared her collarbone fatigue began to take over. Jake wanted to continue, but he was just too winded from all the climbing. Thankfully, a soft hand appeared below him providing a foothold.

“Almost there, tiny,” came words of encouragement from above as Liz sensed his fatigue. It was so odd to hear Liz talk in this position because her voice came from in front of him as well as from her mouth above. Below his hands he could feel the vibration of every resounding syllable. So much power, he thought. He couldn’t disappoint her. A minute later he was up and on her shoulder, panting, but he had made it. After a quick rest he shuffled forward on his hands and legs not daring to look down as he crossed her arm and dropped onto the couch surface below.

“Well done!” came the congratulations from Liz.

“Thanks!” panted Jake. “That was quite the dare.”

“It was, but you did it! You’ve definitely earned a small break,” Liz joked.

She was amazed that he had been able to stick it through to the end. As she saw him begin she realized how big of a challenge she had given him, but he had done it. The only thing she was worried about now was that she had tired him out too much. Thankfully he seemed to recover quickly after his brief rest on her shoulder and seemed to be doing better and better as he lay there on the couch. The feeling of his little form climbing up and across her had been indescribable. Something she hadn’t imagined even in her greatest fantasies about situations such as this. She wasn’t about to stop there though, after giving him another few seconds to catch his breath she was done waiting. Her loins were burning now and she wanted him, more than ever.

“You think you’re ready for the next round?” Liz asked.

“Oh yeah. It’s your turn right?” Jake said.

“That it is. Give my dare, little man,” Liz said as she shifted, sitting up and leaning her body into the couch cushions right next to Jake.

Jake found himself nearly face to face with the giant breasts he had climbed between short minutes before. Lust took over and he immediately said, “take off another piece of clothing.”

“Oh, haven’t seen enough yet?” Liz teased, barely hiding her own excitement. This evening couldn’t be going any better. The little guy was finally getting into it. Happy to comply, Liz pressed a hand down onto the coffee table and the couch. She gave a giggle as her weight shifted the couch enough to send little Jake tumbling over. Everything about him was so cute.

“Sorry about that,” she fake-apologized as Jake continued to roll toward the indent formed by her palm before being launched up and landing on his back again as her hand raised. Her balance was slightly off as she stood up, thanks to that second glass of wine while he was climbing, probably. Thankfully, her stance held and she managed to avoid stumbling drunkenly. Next, Liz turned away from Jake and gave a large swish of her long tail, leaving it raised. Bending over, she peered between her legs. There was tiny Jake sitting on his ass, just visible around her tail-hairs. His tiny erection was poking against the groin of his tiny sweatpants, his jaw and eyes wide. Her heart fluttered at the wonder in his eyes.

Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had been tossed around as Liz got up, landing on his back. As he sat up the sight in front of him had come into focus as if it were a dream. Liz was standing, facing away from him. At his present level he was slightly below her massive knees and each of her towering legs stretched up far above him where they met at her toned ass whose outline was barely concealed by her tight pants.

Between Liz’s legs was a dark, damp spot on the grey fabric of her pants. Jake had no experience with women, but it didn’t take much to guess what that meant. Accompanying the sight was a familiar smell. The scent from while he climbed her now permeated the room. Liz’s tail swished gracefully, partially obscuring Liz’s bare brown furred back above. When her tail settled Jake saw the shadows cast along the athletic muscles of her back. She wasn’t overly muscular, but it was no longer a surprise why she had beaten him in their little competition earlier.

Then, Jake saw it. Her thumbs gently hooked into her waistband and her hips shifted, angling to the left slightly as she let her tail out of its hole at the back. Next, she began to ease her waistband down, gradually revealing her hazel cheeks centimetre by tantalizing centimetre. Down and down the grey cloth went until it reached the peak of each cheek and suddenly jumped down to her thighs. Further down her waistband went, until it dropped below the couch cushion and out of Jake’s view. He was left staring at the brown columns in front of him, his erection pressing almost painfully against his sweatpants now. He spaced out for a minute before realizing that Liz’s hazel eyes were staring at him between her legs. A smile crossed her face as she winked at him, taking a step out of each pant leg and standing up straight again.

Jake was a bit puzzled by the wink, but then a heavy weight thumped down on top of him trapping him in total darkness beneath a soft, warm material. That same familiar smell pervaded his senses now. He reached out and found that it was a cloth that covered him. Struggling at first, he saw glimmers of light in a crease in the fabric in front of him. He began to push his way through the dark material until he paused. His hands had come into contact with a wet spot that smelled like... Could this be…

Liz bit her lip. Her aim had been perfect, she had dropped her yoga pants right on top of tiny Jake and she was enjoying watching his struggles underneath. Maybe this was overdoing things, but she was just having some fun. She took another big sip from her wine glass before setting it down on the coffee table. Then her attention returned to the moving pile of clothing in front of her and saw he had paused. Come on, little guy, you can do it.  

Jake had a quick sniff of the wet spot and the intense scent confirmed that he was, in fact, trapped below the damp groin of Liz’s discarded yoga pants. He fought forward against the damp cloth before finding a dry patch again. The hints of light he had seen before were growing larger as he reached an end to the cloth. Finally, Jake reached the edge and forced his body under it and out into the open.

                The brighter light of outside was slightly blinding at first, but a large object quickly came into focus. Liz’s face was resting almost immediately in front of where he had pulled himself out of her mountainous pants. He could almost reach out and touch her velvet nose from where he laid. 

                “You okay there, Jake?” Liz asked.

Her breath washed over him as she spoke, adding a strong accent of wine to the scent of arousal that was intoxicating Jake’s senses. Each syllable her soft voice spoke rumbled through him.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Jake panted, winded from his second bout of exertion.

“Your turn. Take your shirt off,” Liz commanded, her probing eyes boring into him from such a close distance.

“But I didn’t say truth or dare,” Jake reminded her.

“I’ve shown you plenty, now it’s your turn,” Liz stated.

Jake figured fair was fair. He hadn’t been in a situation like this with a woman before, and he was nervous of screwing things up, but if she was asking he didn’t want to refuse. “Ok,” he said, thumbing the bottom of his shirt and lifting it up and over his head. He wondered if she’d ask him to take his sweatpants off. Unlike her, he didn’t have another layer beneath. Thankfully, his shirt seemed to be sufficient for now.

“Mmm,” Liz moaned, her warm breath again washing over Jake’s now standing form, “someone has been working out. Now kiss me,” she continued.

“What?” Jake stammered, surprised. She really was into him? This wasn’t just a drunken game between them? She seriously liked him too?

“Go on, kiss me. If you want to,” Liz said.

Jake hesitated for a minute, staring at her. Liz’s muzzle rested on the couch’s surface immediately in front of him. Even standing be barely cleared her nose. His gaze, though, was locked with Liz’s. They held each other’s unblinking stare for a minute before Jake’s edged forward. He leaned in, opened his arms, and closed his eyes as he pressed his head directly against the velvet nose in front of him and kissed. He wasn’t sure what to do at such a size disadvantage but figured this would do to start.

It sure did. A massive pair of fingers pressed against Jake’s back as Liz returned his hug and her whole muzzle raised until her lips covered his face and she returned his kiss, her eyes closed as well. The two continued, each of them moaning as time dragged forward. Liz’s massive lips dragged across Jake’s face and chest, slopping her warm saliva over him as the two began to press more passionately into each other. Liz’s breathing intensified through her nostrils to Jake’s left and right, increasingly rapid and deep breaths accompanying an increased pace in the shifting of her massive mouth along his front. Jake too found the pace of his breathing increase as strong urges developing throughout his body. In his mind all he could think about was how happy he was that they were finally together now.

“Mmmmm, I’m feeling more than your hands pressing against me, Jake,” Liz’s voice mumbled as they continued. He had felt some rumbling when she had been in front of him but now that he was in direct contact her voice truly resonated throughout him. Jake just moaned in reply. Finally, the two of them eased back from each other, Liz pulling her head back and Jake taking a couple of steps back.

Liz clearly saw how nervous Jake was. His hands began to dip down to cover his groin out of embarrassment when her calm, booming voice returned, “No need to be embarrassed. I am very much enjoying this too.”

Liz leaned back displaying her fully erect nipples, each hardened just as much as when Jake had brushed against them briefly earlier. “You are so beautiful,” was all Jake could think to say.

Now it was Liz’s turn to blush. It was one thing being called beautiful, it was another to be called beautiful by a being so small she should have appeared monstrous. “Aw, thank you, you little cutie. Say Jake,” she began.


“Would you like a ride to the bedroom?”


It was all Liz could do not to simply grab Jake and run. Showing great restraint, she eased her palm down to his tiny form and let him climb on. Then she rose to her full height and began the short walk down the hall and into her room. No, their room now, she silently reminded herself. There was more bounce in her stride than usual. Liz was excited.

Jake was excited too. Normally he would have been focused on her belly or on the view in front as they walked, but today was different. Thoom, thoom, thoom went Liz’s hooves on the floor far below, and far above Jake could see her exposed breasts, bouncing and bobbing with each step. It was a sight he had only dreamed of and while it would have been beautiful to see at any size, he felt it particularly beautiful from his smaller perspective. The bouncing didn’t last long, however as they quickly arrived at their destination. Expecting her to join him, Jake was surprised when Liz simply tilted her hand and dropped him several Jake-sized metres onto the bed surface below. He really must have been more durable at this size, though, because he wasn’t fazed in the slightest by the landing on the surprisingly firm bed. Firm to support her large mass, he figured. Or maybe his weight was just that insignificant now.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go too far,” Liz said.

“Alright,” Jake replied, looking up at her in awe. Like I would leave this, he didn't add.

In front of him, Liz did that familiar turn and swish of her tail as she walked back out of the room, except this time the only thing covering her form was a thin pair of panties that had begun riding up her ass as the night had been going on. “Oh god,” Jake moaned to himself as he reached in his pants for his length. He stopped himself from masturbating fully, but couldn’t help stroking himself as he waited for Liz’s return. 

A First Time for Everything by canadian1579
Author's Notes:

It was all Jake could do not to finish himself off before Liz got back. The things he had seen, felt, and smelled tonight were clouding his thoughts. He had never been with a woman and here he was now, waiting on the bed of the return of the titan he was in love with so they could do god knows what together. He hadn’t even thought about what he was supposed to do to please her. He suddenly wondered whether he would he even be able to please her.

A familiar thumping interrupted Jake’s thoughts as he sat near the foot of the bed. Through the doorway he spied a shadow approaching. Then, she appeared. Liz’s brown fur shone in the light from down the hall as she entered the darkened bedroom. For a moment Liz just stood there, leaning against the doorway with a hand on her hip. Then, without a word she walked forward, hips swaying with every pounding step. As she neared the bed, Jake began to feel the large surface below him rock and quake with each heavy step.

With a few short steps, Liz stood looming over the foot her bed. Down in front of her was Jake, barely longer or larger than one of her fingers. Her thoughts about his tiny form were driving the fire that had now spread through her body and centred on a few key areas. Her casual thoughts of Jake earlier in the night had been replaced by a need. She had an itch to scratch. A place that needed filling. She had no worries about his small size. Her dreams about being with Jake and being with a tiny human were coming true. She hoped Jake was feeling the same way as her thumbs pulled her waistband out.

Jake stared up as massive hands flanked Liz’s hips and pulled the waistband of her wet panties out. Down they slid until they were just covering her mons. Looking down Liz quietly and calmly asked, “You sure you’re okay with this?”

Jake sat there speechless and nodded.

Liz’s panties slid farther down, gradually revealing a pair of wet, fully exposed labia. Once her panties reached her thighs she simply let them go and down they plummeted to the floor below. There she was above him. Fully exposed with her moist lower lips glistening overhead. Jake’s erection now strained painfully against his pants.

“Whoa,” was all he could muster as he stared up at the exposed crotch of the titanic mare looming over him. The thick scent of her arousal once again surrounded Jake, clouding his love-drunk thoughts further.

“May I join you?” Liz pretended to ask as she leaned forward and her huge hands descended onto the bed’s surface to the left and the right of Jake. The heavy weight of her body pressing into the mattress was enough to shake Jake off his feet and onto his back. He could only watch as Liz locked eyes before looking past him and proceeding forward. Jake went from seeing Liz’s face, to seeing the underside of her chin. Then his vision was filled by her bobbing chest as she crawled right over top of him. Liz’s whole weight shifted onto the bed as she lifted her legs onto the mattress, tossing Jake about as she crawled forward. Soon her navel formed a ceiling over top of him, and then he looked up and saw her glistening lips, wet with arousal.

Once Liz had crawled over top of Jake, she rolled onto her back, settling down near the head of the bed. The quaking surface of the bed from her crawling had left Jake lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. As the bed settled, Jake rolled over onto his hands and knees and raised his head. In front of him lay Liz, her legs spread lazily out to either side in a relaxed, sensual pose. Her eyes were locked on his tiny form as she lay there, torso propped up on her elbows, biting her lip. Before he could stand up she leaned forward and grasped his tiny form in a single hand. Jake found himself whisked up to Liz’s massive face. Her aroused expression showed she was clearly as drunk on arousal as he was.

“It doesn’t seem fair that I’m the only one showing off. Time for these go,” she said as her free hand tugged at Jake’s pants.

Jake gave a surprised yelp as the pants flew off. Her huge thumb and index finger rested under his arms, blocking any chance of resistance, not that he could have or even wanted to stop her. His arousal throbbed as it was exposed to the open air.

“You’re pretty big for a little guy,” Liz cooed as she pulled him closer to her eyes for a thorough inspection. She licked a finger and brought it up to probe his front, caressing his legs, then his chest, and finally making little swirls around his tiny length. “Looks like you’re almost as excited as I am.”

Jake found himself incapable of speaking and simply moaned as Liz’s finger caressed and toyed with his length. Never having been with a woman before, he had never experienced such an intense feeling. Her touch was sending pulses of pleasure up his spine that caused his hips to twist and grind into her large digit. The texture of her large fingerprint felt magical as it brushed across his flared glans. Round and around her finger went, teasing his length and lightly tickling his sack below from time to time.

Then Jake was lowered to Liz’s muzzle, stopping right before her lips. “Mmmmm,” her voice rumbled. Her lips flared out as she gave his entire front a wet kiss that he did his best to return. “I bet you taste nice,” Liz said as she opened her mouth slightly. Jake was suddenly assaulted by humidity and the smell of wine. Liz’s flat wet tongue slithered out and slowly dragged itself across Jake’s front starting at his feet before spending some extra time at his groin and then travelling all the way up his chest to his head, forcing him to look up. She licked a few more times trapping him between her warm, moist tongue and her warm, firm palm. Each time he felt himself coming closer to the edge. Luckily, Liz stopped before he reached his limit.

“Oh you are tasty. I bet you are wondering how I taste too,” Liz said. Jake heard a gooey noise from below and realized that Liz had been pleasing herself with her other hand while he was being slathered by her tongue. She drew her hand back again from her mouth. “Do you think you could help me out?” Liz asked, her voice groaning with need.

“I’ll try,” Jake said, unsure of himself but still driven by his arousal.

Liz said nothing at first. She just bit her lip and continued to breath heavily, each exhale from her nose hit Jake like a quick, warm gale. “You sure?” she asked to confirm. He had to have the final say, she insisted to her horny self.

“I want to try,” Jake said, trying to sound more confident than he was feeling inside. It was one thing to fantasize about being powerless in the grasp of a sex-crazed goddess. It was a whole other thing entirely to actually be there. Jake’s mind grappled with the sexuality and the potential dangers presented by his current situation. He honestly didn’t know how strong or durable he was and part of him was concerned that he might not survive pleasing a being as large as Liz. That part of his mind was no longer in control of decision-making, however. His cock was in the driver’s seat now and it demanded he give it a go.

“Just tell me if it’s too much. Be honest, okay? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or unsafe,” Liz said. She could only imagine what this whole experience was like for Jake. It was taking a significant amount of self-control to not just shove his tiny form inside of her and go to town. Slowly she began to lower the hand holding Jake down her body.

Liz’s face soared away as he plummeted past her neck and across her hulking chest, admiring the curves as much as he could from between her thumb and index finger. As he continued downward, Liz’s aroma only grew stronger. The gooey sounds of earlier had stopped now and had been replaced by the sticky sound of Liz’s fingers making flat circles against her flared labia somewhere beneath him.

Jake was lowered down after passing Liz’s navel and found his slobbery wet form deposited where her stomach ended and just above where her mons pubis began. He was surprised at how much warmer she was now compared to when he had climbed her during the truth or dare game earlier. He welcomed the warmth, however, as the saliva on his front had begun to cool while he was ferried south.

Jake looked down toward the mound in front of him and admired the scale of the large oscillating wrist that massaged the soft crevasse between Liz’s thighs as she awaited him. He dropped to his knees and slid forward timidly, trying to keep from falling as the “ground” rocked rhythmically beneath him. He was thankful that Liz was doing her best to keep relatively still, but she could only keep herself so steady as she pleased herself in anticipation of Jake.

Bit by bit Jake edged forward until finally his head peaked over and into the deep equine canyon between Liz’s thighs. Directly below Jake was her giant labia, probably a tiny bit taller than he was but it was hard to tell from this angle. Above her soft sensitive petals was a familiar round nub that Jake had seen in a number of videos and images before. He had never encountered one in the flesh and certainly hadn’t expected the first one he saw to be larger than his fist. Not wanting to disappoint Liz or keeping her waiting too long, Jake reached out. Just before his hands made contact he paused, took a deep breath, and then lowered his palm.

Liz gasped and dropped her shoulders and neck back onto the bed. The sensation was unlike anything she had felt before. It was stimulating enough to have Jake’s tiny weight crawling around so close to her sex, but the sensations triggered by his hands rubbing against her clitoris were something else. It was a tickle at first but then he pressed a little harder. Liz had also never been intimate with anyone before and while she imagined it was different with someone larger, she was quickly overwhelmed by the feelings spreading through her body. She barely managed to avoid bucking her hips as Jake played with the sensitive button, but pleasure and passion soon won out and she began rocking her hips, humping at an invisible mass above her as her tiny passenger stroked on.

Jake was getting an entirely different experience between her legs. He had heard and felt the loud flop when Liz had collapsed back onto the bed. He must have been doing something right because she was moaning and breathing much more heavily now. Her scent was the only thing he could smell at this point and her moans filled his ears. As he caressed her clit his hands, arms, and chest quickly became drenched in a thin, slippery slime that coated her sex and the areas immediately surrounding it. All was going well until the ‘ground’ beneath Jake shifted. His perch quickly went from being like a soft, warm bed to being on the back of a giant, bucking bronco.  He tried to continue pleasing Liz but found himself sliding and then tossed forwards and over her mound, tumbling into the gap between her legs.

Liz felt the rubbing on her clitoris stop and the weight on her mound had disappear. Drunk on lust, however, she simply took over where little Jake left off, forgetting him momentarily. In an instant her still-sticky fingers covered her clitoris and much of her labia and began rubbing furiously in circles while her moans increased in volume and pitch.

Between her legs Jake was now witnessing Liz’s masturbation from a unique and precarious perspective. Thankfully, her legs spread wider as she started to rub herself. Jake’s ears filled with the sound not unlike macaroni being stirred, a sound only amplified by his tiny size. He managed to get onto his hands and knees and then stand up as the bed was not moving nearly as much as Liz’s body had been. Standing up he was still only barely head height with Liz’s glistening labia. Close enough, he figured, and he stepped toward Liz while her fingers spun like a whirlwind against her sex above. Risk no longer factored into Jake’s decision-making and pleasing Liz was now all that occupied Jake’s mind. He leaned his entire body against her perineum before slapping his arms up against her wet lips. This elicited another moan and thrust from the titan, tossing Jake on his back as Liz masturbated herself at an increasing pace right above him.

Liz was surprised to feel Jake’s two tiny hands touch her lower labia but she didn’t slow her pace. Instead, she began to dig her middle and ring fingers into her vagina right above Jake’s head while her thumb continued to massage her clitoris. Within a few seconds, lust was all that consumed her thoughts. All she wanted to do was fill that hole and massage herself so she could sate that warm desire within her. Liz’s hips began to thrust upward again and her moaning increased in volume as she got closer and closer.

Jake was knocked away onto his back by another strong buck of Liz’s hips and could only watch at as her giant hips twisted and thrusted while her fingers continued their work. Liz’s legs lifted off the bed as she spread her knees even wider. Her huge stature meant that with no accommodations for Jake. He was powerless to assist her and simply tumbled around as she shifted increasingly on the bed. It was an odd feeling to know that he was triggering this sexual activity yet incapable of physically contributing as he laid between her legs.  He noticed a thick white fluid beginning to coat Liz’s plunging fingers and the outer surfaces of Liz’s labia.  Soon heavy Liz’s moans became whines and gasps before suddenly her body bucked and tensed with her hand stationary.

As Liz’s orgasm gradually subsided, clarity returned to her. The first thing she did was relax. Her shoulders and her arms slumped down, relaxing against the bed. Next, she eased her legs back down to the bed, still spread wide and her hand gently massaged her lower lips. That orgasm had been significantly more intense than usual and it was thanks to little Jake. Jake. He had finally opened up to her. She exhaled contently as she thought back to a few short minutes ago when his hands had caressed her clitoris from atop her mound. Where was the little guy, anyway? Carefully, she eased her shoulders back up slightly and peered downward at her mons finding it empty. Oh shit, where had he gone? She sat up farther, careful with where she placed her weight lest she accidentally hurt him. Why hadn’t he stayed on her where it was safe?

Jake had just managed to stand up but was rocked off his feet and onto his back again as Liz sat up. He let out a cry in surprise as her hips rolled forward, her sex rapidly descending forward and down, flat towards the bed and only stopping less than a metre over top of him. Liz’s smell held Jake captive him for a few seconds before he stared to crawl backwards and out from beneath Liz’s enormous sex. Thankfully, Liz noticed him trying to move and shifted her whole body back and off from over top of him.

“There you are, what are you doing down there, little lover?” Liz asked, her words slurred slightly by alcohol and afterglow.

“I, uh, fell,” Jake replied, not sure if he was ready to admit that her thrusts alone had tossed him off her and away from her multiple times.

“Aw, was I too rough for you?” Liz asked, suddenly concerned, “I’m sorry, I don’t know my own strength now.”

“It’s fine, I wasn’t really able to help anyways,” Jake said. He honestly didn’t feel like he had done much.

“Oh, you are so wrong. Your little hands felt amazing that I completely lost myself there. I haven’t climaxed that hard in, I can’t remember ever feeling that good. I will make sure to be a bit more careful next time,” Liz promised.

'Next time?' Jake’s thoughts echoed involuntarily.

“Oh, it looks like we aren’t quite done here though,” Liz added, her eyes focused on the tiny human’s erection jutting out from his waist.

Jake gulped. Everything had happened so fast he hadn’t even noticed that he hadn’t finished yet. His mind was still hypnotized by Liz’s scent and her massive, sexy body straddling him. She could completely smother him with her labia if she really wanted to. The thought elicited a twitch in his length. He stayed silent, holding Liz’s stare as she bit her lip overhead, her hips slowly shifting and her chest heaving as she sat there looming above. He was completely at her mercy, now.

“No need to be shy, Jake. Let help me you with that,” Liz said as her posture slumped backwards a bit, flaring her hips and facing her vagina directly at Jake’s prone form. With one arm braced against the bed behind her, Liz took two Jake-sized fingers and slipped them back into her sex, moaning softly as she did. Jake stared with wonder at how easily two digits nearly as large as he disappeared inside her. What if… No way, he wouldn’t survive that. Would he?

Jake didn’t have more time to consider the thought. Liz’s fingers emerged fully coated in her translucent fluids. A sticky strand of her viscous ejaculate still connected to her sex before finally letting go. Then her fingers approached Jake as he rested on his back. The large digits settled on his cock, slathering it and his surrounding abdomen and thighs with her thick, warm lubricating fluids. Jake’s back arched as the ridges of Liz’s fingers again slid against his glans. Then she began to slowly slide the warm digits up and down, coating more of Jake’s torso and thighs in her sticky secretions. After he was sufficiently slathered, her thumb joined the foray, quickly becoming slick with her fluids as well. Looking down at him with hungry eyes, Liz gently eased Jake’s length between the tips of her thumb, index finger, and middle fingers. The three giant digits left a small slick hole in the centre perfectly scaled for Jake’s throbbing length.

Liz began to thrust her slick fingers and Jake was instantly overrun with pleasure. He began thrusting into Liz’s fingers as she worked the slick surfaces up and down against his length. “Ohhhh you like that do you,” she teased from far above.

Jake simply moaned in response. This was giving him a wave of pleasure he had never thought possible before as Liz continued masturbating him gently. She gradually increased her pace, encouraged by his thrusting hips and his tiny moans. Up and down her fingers went and quicker and quicker. Jake was left gasping as the sensation in and around his groin intensified. His first time with another was proving quite different from what he had envisioned but god did he feel good right now. He lasted only a few pleasure-filled seconds before he finally tensed up. A sudden rush of warm pressure filled his length as a strong tingling traveled up his spine. His manic thrusting suddenly became measured as Jake pushed his seed out onto Liz’s fingers. After a few deep thrusts he collapsed back against the bed, totally spent.

“Aw, you’re so cute when you cum,” Liz teased. She continued to stare down at him with a warm smile as she brought her fingers up to her face. She looked at them briefly before sucking the fluids off of each digit. “Mmmm, I think I even tasted your little load on there too,” she half-moaned.

“Whoa. That was something else,” Jake panted.

“You’re telling me. Your little hands are magic,” Liz replied.

“I wish I could have used them more. Your big hands aren’t half bad either,” Jake said.

“Don’t worry. We just need practice,” Liz suggested, emphasizing the last word. “I’m glad my first time was with you, though,” she added.

              “Does that even count?” Jake asked. “I mean we didn’t even really…” his voice trailed off.

              “Thinking of you is what made me cum, Jake,” Liz stated with a smile.

              “Next time I want it to be more than just the thought of me helping,” Jake stated, smiling back at her.

              Liz picked up Jake and gave him a huge kiss. Before she went to put him down, she asked, “You know, it’s been kind of lonely in this big bed these past few nights. Would you like to keep me company tonight?”

“Yes,” Jake replied immediately. He immediately wondered how he could safely sleep with a being so large, what if she rolled over? What if she accidentally pushed him or dropped him off the bed, what if. Jake’s thoughts were interrupted as he began to move with Liz’s hand.

Liz leaned back and rested her head on her pillow. She knew she should probably get out of bed and get them both cleaned up, but she was still basking in her afterglow and was feeling truly happy that she had made Jake finish so easily as well. Cleaning could wait until morning. As soon as she settled down on her back with her head on the pillow, she placed Jake with his torso and head between her modest breasts and rested her still sex-damp fingers right on top of him.

Jake was suddenly trapped below a hand that weighed several times more than him and between two breasts that were significantly larger than him. Liz’s warmth surrounded him and her heartbeat below helped to soothe him. As he rose and fell with each of her now relaxed breaths, Jake pondered to himself. Maybe he could just ignore the dangers and enjoy his predicament just this once.

“Hey Liz?” Jake whispered up to Liz.


“Thank you.”

“Thank you too, little guy,” Liz replied. The two laid there a little longer with Liz’s hand still holding little Jake firmly in place between her breasts. By now the sticky fluid that had coated her hand and him had partially adhered him to the surface. It was a weird feeling at first and Jake tried his best to ignore it as he enjoyed his view of the giant breasts to either side of him. It wasn’t much longer before Liz’s breathing slowed down. What a Sunday it had been for them both.

Jake, however, didn’t find sleep quite so easily. Despite the comfortable heat, the stickiness of the fluids that still coated him along with the constant movement was something he wasn’t used to and caused him to try to shift. He found himself unable to, however, as he was immobilized by the giant hand pinning him down and the sticky fluids that had now glued him to her front. This was going to take some getting used to. Then, as he lay there between Liz’s breasts, post-coital clarity began to take over.

Instead of relaxation, anxiety grew inside him. Why, was he suddenly nervous? Liz and he had kissed. He now knew she shared the feelings he had for him. They had even made love. Sort of, anyways. Did that count as love? And why had he simply said ‘thank you’ afterward? He didn’t mention his feelings for her, and she didn’t really overtly say it either. Had he really done much to help her?

For a few agonizing minutes his mind ate away at him. It didn’t make sense why he was so worried at first, but then it became clear. He was tiny. He wasn’t even a short wolf anymore. He was nothing but a doll-sized human. How could he ever be enough for someone large and beautiful like Liz? Sure, she had fun tonight, but eventually the novelty would wear off and she would probably get bored of him. Then she would want a real relationship with something more than a doll. And when that time came, she wouldn’t want a tiny human holding her back from continuing her life.

Could he ever be more than just a pet to her? Or just her personal sex toy? And how had he even transformed in the first place? Thinking a bit longer Jake finally made up his mind. He would do his best to show Liz he loved her, but he had to find a way to return back to normal and escape this doomed fate so he could be together with her properly.

Good, Clean Fun by canadian1579

                 Liz woke up the next morning feeling warm and sticky, a holdover from last night’s fun. Thankfully she hadn’t shifted in the night and the little human lying underneath her hand between her breasts was still there, sound asleep. She carefully strained her neck down so she could get a look at Jake’s cute little form without waking him. He looked so peaceful sleeping in between her mounds. She wondered how it felt to be in his place, sleeping on top of a giant, surrounded by warmth and safety. The thought that she was now all those things for him sent a flutter through her chest. A sudden urge made her lift her heavy palm off the tiny human and began to stroke him with the tip of a finger. She wished today was a holiday so there could be plenty of time for more fun together. Unfortunately for them both it was now Monday. Can’t work just wait a day, she wondered to herself.

                Jake was awoken by a strange sensation of something large rubbing in circles across his stomach and chest. As he opened his eyes a large fuzzy brown appendage came into view. A finger. Liz’s finger. The warmth around him suddenly reminded him where he was. Had he actually spent all night sleeping on Liz’s chest? Feeling slightly hung over he rolled his head from side to side and confirmed that breasts larger than he flanked him on either side. He then became aware of the upward and downward motion that accompanied each breath Liz took. He must have gotten so used to it as he slept that he didn’t notice it much now. He could also hear the heavy beating of Liz’s heart. It thumped like a booming metronome, reflecting her relaxed state.

                Jake was enjoying the relaxing sensation Liz’s rubbing was giving him, but now he wanted to get up. As he went to move his arms, he found there was resistance. What was he covered in? Oh, that’s right, he thought. In an instant he relived a number of last night’s key memories, from Liz stripping in front of him to being forced to climb her toned body. Then he remembered the kiss. That had been such a great moment for him, and he hoped for her too. Lastly, he remembered how he had failed to truly please Liz. He wouldn’t let that happen again, he decided.

                “Hey there little buddy,” Liz’s cheerful voice boomed, her chest rumbling with sound. “Have a good sleep?” She must have felt him stir.

                “Good – mmmorning,” Jake managed as some pressure was added to the rubbing on his chest. His further attempts at speaking were replaced by moans as the finger massaging him shifted from his chest down to his naked groin.

                “Someone’s excited this morning,” Liz said, noting the rapidly stiffening appendage in contact with her fingertip. “Are you enjoying our new sleeping arrangements?” she asked.

                “Oh – yeah,” Jake managed between gasps, his hips already thrusting up into the fingers that were playing with his now hard member. He had always dreamed of a situation like this and now he was living it. Maybe all that stuff he had worried about last night wasn’t worth worrying about, his sex-craved brain thought. His doubts remained at the back of his mind, but Liz’s efforts successfully distracted him for the moment. Jake thrust his hips even harder as Liz’s finger started kneading up and down the base of his shaft.

                “My, my, you’re really excitable in the morning. Is that just a human thing or a guy thing?” she said, a tone of playful mischief entering her voice.

                “Guy,” Jake gasped, his hands now gripping into the soft chest fur surrounding him, “thing.”

                Liz was inwardly ecstatic. Was it this easy to please him? She literally had him wrapped around her finger. The thought was stirring familiar feelings of warmth within her. She felt her nipples begin to harden from her excitement, but now was not the time to go overboard. There would be plenty of time later in the day. Liz gently eased her finger off her tiny lover, drawing a few small moans of protest from the centre of her chest. “Sorry for getting you wound up, but I really need to get up. We both have work today, remember?” Liz reminded Jake.

                Jake was disappointed at the sudden stop, but she was right. They did have to get up and she had to head off to work. “Yeah, yeah,” he said, feigning irritation.

“And it wouldn’t be fair if only you finished and I had to wait all day,” she added.

She had a point, but his instincts still raged at him to continue on his own. “Hopefully today isn’t too busy for you. I have quite a few things to get done today, myself,” Jake said.

“I’m surprised at how busy with work you have been able to keep yourself. Some days you’re still going even after I get back,” Liz said. Should she just bring up the idea of him quitting and staying with her? This had been a big change for Jake but Liz was really getting used to having her little lover around to devote all of her free time to. She was more than capable of supporting them both with her income. It wasn’t like he would be a major financial burden, and then he could spend more time with her, or pursue some other interest of his if he wanted. Now didn’t feel like the right time to bring it up, but when could she?

“Yeah, I am surprised with how much they’ve been giving me but I’m getting it done,” Jake said. In truth he had been spending an increasing amount of time researching instead of getting work done. The result was he got things done later, sometimes after Liz returned home.

“Well don’t work too hard, I want to continue where we left off when I get back,” Liz said, softly stroking the underside of Jake’s cock one last time.

Jake inhaled sharply and gave a deep exhale as pleasure coursed through him from the ridges of Liz’s enormous finger rubbing against the underside of his penis. “I can’t wait,” he gasped.

“Ugh. Time to get up,” Liz said looking at the clock and seeing the time. “I’m gonna be late if I don’t hurry,” she added as she gently shuttled Jake from between her breasts and onto the bedside table. “I’m gonna have to rush ahead to the bathroom, sorry,” she apologized before she got up.

Jake stood on the bedside table and watched as her naked hazel form emerged from under the covers. He marveled at her soft athletic curves as she stood to her towering full height. He was barely even with her mid-thigh on top of the table. He admired her swaying behind far above as she thumped out of the room.

His source of arousal no longer present, Jake regained a little bit of clarity of thought and was instantly reminded by his nose of the dried discharge from last night that coated him. Feeling unclean he too decided to head toward the bathroom. By the time he finished walking down the huge hall Liz had already finished in the shower and thumped out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Jake heard her rustling around in the next room while he climbed up to the sink to take his shower. As he stood there soaping himself off beneath the torrential downpour from the tap, Liz sauntered into the room, now fully clothed.

Out of reflex he covered himself, still not quite used to being naked around her. Liz giggled and teased, “I think we’re past that, Jake. No need to hide your little bits.” Her sensual tone got the better of Jake, his mind already going back to the fun they shared during the previous night.

“Hey, they’re not little,” he called back, embarrassed slightly.

Liz giggled and added, “You know I didn’t mean it that way, big boy. Anyways, I have to go now. I’ll see you,” she paused pointed her eyes downward slightly, “and you later.”

“Have a good day!” Jake said, raising his hands from his length and giving Liz a wave.

Liz stared hungrily at the tiny man for a second and swallowed before she regained control and started moving. With a sensual wave she blew a kiss and turned out of the bathroom. Jake heard her loud steps down the hall followed by the opening and closing of the front door, leaving him alone for the day.

*             *             *

                Later that afternoon as he was getting some work done Jake noticed he had an email in his inbox. HR had sent him a message asking if he needed more time. Before replying Jake took some time to think to himself. What if he really didn’t return back to normal? How long could he keep up the charade of not being able to come into work before they let him go? Should he just quit? He decided for now that he would ask for another week extension before making a firm decision.

                With that sent, his mind wandered. How could he get back to normal? Jake had spent quite a while looking for information on sudden shrinking or transforming into humans, but so far had little success. He decided to take another look but had similar results. Instead of information that could help him, all he could find were fetish sites full of images, 3d animations, and forum posts by individuals fantasizing about the very situation he was in.

The more Jake read the more his dark imagination took over leading him to wonder if he really was becoming just a pet to Liz. Had she really been into him the other night? Was that kiss real? Should he just accept his situation and enjoy it? He had to admit that life was not bad with Liz. She was very kind to him and had done her best to take care of all his needs. He could just quit his job and devote himself to her. Could he do it? Should he do it? Jake mulled the idea over while he got some work done.

*             *             *

                As four o’clock neared, Jake decided today he wanted to be ready to greet Liz when she came home. He had done enough work for now anyways. He signed off his computer and descended the several-story long ladder down the desk to the floor. He first made a brief detour to the bathroom where he had to climb up the side of the toilet to relieve himself. Then he headed toward the kitchen and climbed up onto the large island in the middle of the room. As he climbed the third ladder of the journey, Jake decided his arm strength had definitely been improving these past couple weeks. He was in far better shape now than he had ever been throughout his life. It felt great. Knowing that Liz would be doing her workout after she returned, he settled onto the counter and sat down with his legs crossed, happily awaiting the return of his titanic lover. His goddess. Goddess? Had he really just thought that?

                He didn’t have to wait long, it turned out. Shortly after four-thirty the familiar clicking of the front door’s lock sounded and the massive portal swung open followed by that familiar boom of each step she took. Liz was home right on time and her first stop was always the kitchen. As she rounded the corner and came into the room she immediately locked eyes with little Jake on the island counter and a huge smile filled her face.

                Jake’s chest glowed with warmth as she walked in as Liz’s smile melted away the doubts that had plagued him throughout the day. This was definitely more than just a fling. She cared about him, and he wanted to do anything he could for her. “How was your day?” Jake asked.

                “Long. I looked for excuses to leave early all day. I couldn’t wait to get back here.”

                “Busy day?”

                “Not at all. I’ve been sitting all day though. I think I need to squeeze in a quick run. Think you can wait another twenty minutes for me to get back?” Liz asked. She felt bad for leaving him right away but she was going nuts after sitting down in her cubicle all day.

                “Sure think, I’ll get some running in here while you’re away.”

                “Deal. But first can I have a kiss from my little human?”

                My little human. It was a simple phrase but it made Jake wonder what he must have looked like from her massive perspective. The difference in scale was magnified as she leaned forward and brought her muzzle down to him, closing her enormous hazel eyes as those velvet lips of hers neared, finally making contact with him and covering half his body. Her little human, Jake thought as the two shared a kiss, maybe he could live with that.

                Their kiss didn’t last long, but it left them both smiling as Liz withdrew and rose back to her full height. “You’re so cute,” she added. “I’m going to throw some running clothes on and I’ll be back in a bit. Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone,” she said.

                “I bet I can do forty laps of the place before you get back,” Jake said.

                “You’re on,” Liz said. With that, she turned and headed to her room. For his part, Jake headed to his ladder to begin the long descent to the floor. He had climbed the equivalent of at least fifteen floors today, probably more. This tiny lifestyle really was an excellent workout. By the time he made it to the hall Liz had already changed. He was standing in the middle of the hall when she left her room. Thankfully she saw him, but she didn’t stop. With a mischievous smile she continued walking, eyes locked on him for a minute and then her gaze shifted up and past him.

Thump, thump, THUMP, her hooves sounded along the floor as they got nearer. Jake stood and admired her tight jogging pants and top. Maybe he was crazy, maybe he was just too horny to think, or maybe he just trusted her that much, but he didn’t move from his spot in the centre of the hall as her titanic form approached. The floor began to shake below him as she got closer before finally one of her giant hooves slammed down just a few metres away from him and the other swung by, the breeze it generated was nearly enough to throw him off his feet. She had walked over him once before but now that they had been intimate with each other there was something different about this casual dominance. Goddess, Jake thought as she passed overhead, her swishing tail trailing behind her.

“You’re going to have to get moving if you want to get all those laps done,” Liz joked before opening the door.

“You just wait, I’m quicker than you think,” Jake replied, awakened by her voice.

“I hope you just mean quick at running,” Liz teased, “Back in a bit.” And with that the giant door swung shut.

Jake just laughed and started running. True to his word he managed forty laps of the hallway before Liz returned. It wasn’t just his arms that were getting stronger, he was getting faster at running too. Wanting to be clean and presentable for Liz’s return, he headed over to the bathroom and began the long ascent to the top of the sink. Jake wasn’t fast enough though and the sound of the front door opening reached him as he was midway up the ladder.

“Back!” Liz called out. Jake wanted to reply, but he knew his voice wouldn’t carry that far. She already clearly strained to hear him sometimes when they were in the same room. He didn’t have to worry about distance though because as usual she immediately started to walk down the hall and into the bathroom. Even the ladder shook slightly as her huge mass impacted the floor nearby.

“Oh, you’re already about to get washed up,” she observed, spotting Jake’s tiny form most of the way up his rope ladder.

“Yeah, I stink after all the running and climbing today,” Jake said.

“Mind if I join you?” Liz asked.

“I don’t think you’ll fit,” Jake joked.

Liz just laughed. Instead of continuing the conversation, she waited patiently as Jake finished ascending his ladder while she contemplated something. “Say,” she finally said casually, “do you want to join me in the big shower?”

Jake coughed. Yes. “Uh, are you sure that’s a good idea?” his rational brain corrected himself.

Liz’s top slipped up and over her head, exposing her chest to the miniscule human on the bathroom counter. Familiar feelings began to grow inside of Jake as he stared at her dark brown areolas which contrasted against each of her gentle, hazel mounds.

“Yes,” Liz said as she turned away from him, bending over and raising her tail and swishing its long hair onto her back. Her pants and undergarments rolled down over her massive rump leaving it fully exposed almost arms-reach from Jake. “Very sure,” she confirmed in a sensual tone.

Jake froze. Just in front of him was the massive vagina that had utterly dominated him last night and just above it was Liz’s huge anus, a large dark brown donut-shaped hole that could easily swallow him if it wanted. The strong, pungent smell of sweat and female musk that came as she disrobed overpowered his tiny senses. There was a sudden pressure at his groin as Jake’s cock swiftly pitched a tent in his pants. It couldn’t hurt to join her, could it?

“O… okay,” he heard himself mumble.  Liz’s sex wiggled slightly as it lingered in front of him for a little longer before she slowly stood back up, the warm hair of her tail fell around Jake, grazing against him before it swished away as she turned to face him again.

“What was that little man? Your voice was a little smaller than usual,” Liz moaned.

“Okay!” Jake called up to her, not wanting his little voice to go unheard to the goddess in front of him. But instead of looking up at her face, his eyes remained locked forward, entranced by her giant sex hovering between her legs before him. Through her legs he saw her tail swish again with excitement.

“Well then what are you waiting for? Do you want to shower wearing that?” she asked.

Jake snapped back to reality and immediately disrobed. He heard an aroused, “Mmmm, there it is,” from far above as his erection popped from his pants, projecting proudly from his waist.

Once he had doffed his clothing, a large palm appeared against the edge of the counter. “Climb on, squirt,” Liz cooed from above. She really likes joking about my size, doesn’t she, Jake mused to himself. Seeing the platform in front of him he didn’t hesitate. He stepped forward and crawled his naked form onto the large, warm skin of Liz’s palm. Rather than carry him into the shower, his stomach rose as Liz’s hand plummeted down to the ground below. “Alright, hop off and follow me,” she gently commanded.

Jake dutifully hopped off her hand and found himself between her two towering legs as she stood up. “You are so beautiful,” Jake declared, overcome by the sight of her form above him.

“And you are too cute,” she replied with a smile, her large face staring down at him over her modest chest, “now let’s get cleaned up.”

Her hooves rose and swung in turn up and away from Jake, carrying her toward the shower stall at the far end of the room. Three steps for Liz proved to be more than sixty for little Jake who half-jogged after the goddess toward the edge of the shower stall. As he approached, she slid open the glass door and turned on the water. She tested it a few times as Jake neared and stepped into the heavy rain ahead of him. Jake had some difficulty mounting the smooth waist-high tile wall at the base of the shower stall, but he managed to climb up and onto the rails that held the glass shower doors.  Some smaller drops of warm water began to dampen his hair and skin as he looked up to Liz.

A shining torrent of water poured out of the shower head far above and danced off Liz’s giant chest and shoulders as its crystal form plummeted down below. The remaining water flowed down Liz’s large form like a vertical river. Some of it managed to trickle down her entire body, down her legs and off her hooves onto the bright tile surface below.  The majority of the water, however, cascaded down her body and formed twin waterfalls between her legs from her body and from her tail.

“Come on in, Jake. The water’s nice,” Liz said, coaxing the tiny human in. He doubted she would be able to hear him over the noise of the water so he simply nodded and started forward. As he neared her, the droplets of water increased significantly in size, making it more and more difficult to walk or even stand. Liz must have sensed his difficulty as she added, “Come to the centre beneath me. You should be fine there. I’ll stay still for you.” The large glass door slid shut behind him as he pressed forward. There was no turning back now.

Humidity began to build rapidly after the door was shut and the small room became steamy. It wasn’t quite as warm as a sauna, but the warm water was a welcome source of relaxation for Jake’s tired muscles. He wasn’t exhausted but he had done quite a bit of running and climbing so far today. Hopefully Liz could help him get around so he could relax a bit this evening. It took a little longer but soon Jake was standing next to the waterfalls beneath Liz’s legs. Looking out, Jake could see condensation on the shower’s foggy glass panes.

Jake was beginning to wonder how he would wash himself when a white, foamy substance dripped down next to him. Ah, he would be using her shampoo. It made sense. Jake peered upward to see how Liz was doing and marveled at the sight. The bathroom lights gleamed off her wet body as it shifted gently while she rubbed shampoo into her chest and stomach. She hummed softly, clearly enjoying the comfortable warmth as much as he was. Jake’s eyes drifted from her front to her sex hovering far above. He admired it as it shifted left and right with her hips. Water droplets fell all around him from the shifting waterfalls produced by her thighs and tail above. The bright bathroom lights shone off the remaining water flowing down her towering legs creating small rainbows for the little man to see thanks to the bright bathroom lights. Liz ducked her head down to wash some shampoo from her hair. The result was a splash of water that surrounded her head, refracting light from the bathroom and creating a brief halo around her. To little Jake below it was a sure sign of her newfound divinity in his horny and loving mind.

Before he could admire her much further a large glob of foamy shampoo fresh from her head fell right on top of him covering him almost completely. His eyes stung briefly before managed to wipe them clear. He got to work cleaning himself off, but every time he washed off Liz’s soap more would come down. He was going to have to get used to doing things a little slower now that he was sharing the shower with a girl as large as Liz. Soon enough, though, he finished and was able to direct his attention up again and admire her as she cleaned herself.

Far above Jake, Liz was truly enjoying herself. She loved hot showers after a long day and a long run and she was loving them even more today. She knew that the shower by itself would have easily overpowered tiny Jake and knowing that her large form was protecting him made her feel happy. She didn’t want Jake to totally rely on her, but she loved that her body was an essential part of such a simple activity has showering. It excited her. She was the only thing standing between Jake’s safety and certain peril and he had trusted her enough to stand right beneath her. He was below her right now, a tiny human between her hooves. She couldn’t see him or hear him, but she knew he was there and that he needed her. The though was making her wet. Maybe she could let Jake clean her a bit. He should be allowed to participate, right?

 Jake had just finished washing the last bit of soap from his body when the waterfall he was using shifted back a bit before starting to approach him again. To his left and right, Liz’s hooves were stepping outward slightly. Confused, Jake looked up. Liz was now bent forwards and looking down at him and her face growing larger as she descended into a squat with her waist fast approaching the tiny human. Jake’s instincts told him to run or to duck, but he trusted Liz and stood fast. Down she came until her descent bottomed out, leaving her sex at head height in front of him with the rest of her body forming a roof over Jake’s head and protecting him from the water above.

“Hey Jake,” Liz boomed over the heavy patter of rain, “could you help me out a little bit? I need your tiny hands to clean a few tight spaces my big fingers can’t reach.”

Jake froze for second, still processing the sight of Liz’s giant sex right in front of him. “Okay!” he shouted without thinking much further.

“Just go ahead and rub, you shouldn’t need any extra soap,” Liz added, grabbing the safety handle on the side of the shower just in case.

Jake took a step forward toward the shimmering lips that shone with light reflected from the surrounding room. Most of the water that had flowed before had shifted to the large tail that now sat on the shower floor behind Liz, but some water still trickled down from above, clinging to Liz’s large form as it flowed down to her large cheeks to his left and right. Jake reached out and rubbed at the large lips that hovered in front of him. He made sure to rub firmly, lest he tickle Liz and throw her off balance. Her large bottom shifted slightly as a moan echoed through the shower stall. Jake continued to rub and massage into every little fold of Liz’s vulva, being careful to avoid her clitoris for now. He gradually washed down from the top of her vulva toward the bottom, also avoiding putting his hands too far in. She had asked him to wash, not to please her, and he wanted to do his best to follow her instructions.

Liz felt that familiar warmth growing through her, from her loins and up to her chest and then throughout her body. His little hands were like magic, massaging her in all the right places like her big fingers never could. She whimpered slightly as he gradually made his way lower. Part of Liz hoped that he would start to fondle and push deeper into her with his little arms but instead he dutifully kept to washing her. Liz felt her heart rush. Much like he was trusting her right now, she was testing her own trust of him. She hoped he was enjoying this as much as she was. As he neared the very base of her sex she was surprised when he didn’t stop, but instead continued rubbing lower and lower.

“You don’t need to go further if you don’t want to,” Liz said, her voice quivering with arousal from Jake’s tiny efforts.

Jake didn’t reply, he just continued to rub lower and lower down Liz’s perineum. Much like yesterday, he was excited that he could have a strong effect on a being so large, and now he was curious. Curious at how her other entrance felt. He had seen her washing thoroughly above, so he knew it was entirely clean already, but he had been asked to check and he was going to do that. He took a couple steps forward and had to bend down slightly as he proceeded under her. Liz’s perineum soon formed a fleshy ceiling over Jake’s head as his hands probed against her soft anus. The muscular ring clenched in response to his touch. He massaged his hands around the outside and into the hole, bringing his fingers up against the threshold but not letting them sink inside. As he continued to rub, the soft ring clenched and relaxed more and more. Jake found himself mesmerized by how the fleshy muscle moved in response to his touch. Soon, however, he felt he had rubbed enough and lowered his hands.

“Don’t stop,” he heard Liz’s voice from somewhere overhead. “Please,” it begged.

Jake raised his hands again and dutifully began rubbing Liz’s anus, working his hands around it gradually as if he were kneading dough. He heard a deep moan that increased in volume above. Behind him, he heard a wet, slick noise made by Liz’s fingers as they rubbed her clitoris and labia. Jake leaned forward and found himself dragging his tongue across her donut’s surface. He heard a gasp from overhead.

“Don’t stop,” she repeated, her voice desperate.

Jake pressed his chest and shoulders against the muscular ring as much as she could and found one of his hands probing toward the entrance, slipping in slightly. It felt like he was shaking hands with something very strong, very warm, and very wet. The ringed muscle grabbed against his hand as his fingers tickled and massaged the inside. He pulled back and found that there was some resistance, but his hand was small and slick enough that the greedy muscle couldn’t keep hold of him.

Jake was about to try putting his hand in again when he heard a cry from above. Liz’s ring shoved downward slightly, throwing Jake back onto the hard tile below. Dazed and lying on his back, Jake looked up and was relieved to find that he was okay. Then, Liz’s ass plummeted down as she lost her balance, her huge cheeks landing on either side of him thankfully spared him from her heavy weight, but her anus still pressed down hard against his head and chest. He should have been dead, or at least knocked out, but he felt totally fine. Perhaps his small body was a bit more resilient than previously thought? Either way he wasn’t about to start questioning things, but he didn’t want to go and test his limits anytime soon. He’d take any margin of error he could get dealing with someone as large as Liz. Before he could think any more Liz’s ring flexed and her body pushed down slightly more over top of him, compressing him enough to force the breath from his lungs while dangerous amounts of water continued to flow around him. Thankfully it retreated briefly allowing him a breath before thrusting down again and then again.

                Far above, Liz was lost in her orgasm. Her hips thrust down once, twice, and a third time as waves of pleasure flowed through her. She hadn’t expected to finish so quickly but Jake’s tiny efforts against her rear had quickly pushed her over the edge. Sitting there and basking in afterglow for a few more seconds she proceeded to lift her rear up and away so she could look down and thank him. She gasped at what she saw. Jake was lying motionless against the tile below her. She hadn’t sat down on him, had she? Was he okay?

                “Jake, are you-” she began but Jake just raised his hand with a thumps up. Liz immediately reached down and grabbed Jake as gently as she could into a single massive hand, holding a second palm over top of him to shield him from the water that still showered down onto them both. “You had me worried for a second,” she said with genuine concern in her voice.

                “I’m fine, I just got shoved around a bit,” Jake replied. “I am just as surprised I’m okay as you. Maybe being small has some perks?” he wondered aloud.

                Liz didn’t want to chance checking if he was right, not right now anyway. Her mind was focused elsewhere now that she knew he was okay. “That felt amazing. Your tiny hands are magic,” she said.

                “Anything to please a living goddess,” came Jake’s lust-filled reply as he blushed heavily.

                Now it was Liz’s turn to blush. “It looks like you enjoyed yourself too,” Liz observed, her eyes locked onto Jake’s erect length. “Care to continue where we left off this morning?”

                Jake stared at the hungry beast in front of him, now increasingly aware of how close to her mouth he was getting. He nodded, “Please.”

                Without delay the humongous mouth opened and a large, slick tongue assaulted Jake’s front, slathering him and rubbing against his torso. He moaned as the muscle withdrew and found himself rushing forward and his cock sliding between her lips as he was pressed into Liz’s wet, velvet muzzle. Liz pursed her lips, poking them out against Jake’s waist and then retracting them. The feeling was overwhelming and Jake soon thrusted rhythmically into her moving lips.

                A sharp exhale through the large nostrils left and right of his head momentarily deafened Jake while he too breathed heavily. Some water continued to flow over Liz’s nose and across Jake’s body but he remained protected from most of the deluge by Liz’s hand above him. Her lips continued to knead and thrust against his length. Aside from Liz toying with him last night, he had never had sex before, but he imagined the sensation might have felt a little something like this. After a couple short minutes, the rubbing and sucking proved too much and Jake cried out, spraying his load into the large lips in front of him. Liz continued to suckle against him for a few seconds longer before finally withdrawing.

                “There we go,” Liz said in a lust-filled voice, her lips and tongue exaggerating every syllable, “alllll clean.”

                Liz rinsed both her sex and her tiny human off a little more before shutting off the shower. Keeping Jake in hand she slid the door open and headed back out into the now steamy bathroom. They had been in there for quite a while longer than she had expected. To help get rid of the steam Liz switched on the bathroom fan she had forgotten earlier. Then she placed Jake next to his towel and began to dry herself off.

                “Well that was quite the deep clean,” Jake joked as he picked up his handcloth.

                Liz laughed. “You’re great at getting all the tight spaces.

                “I work well under pressure,” Jake laughed.

                Liz giggled again. “Next time I won’t sit on you. Unless you want me to that is.”

                Jake continued to joke and laugh with Liz as the pair dried themselves off. Being small made things like showering more difficult, but it was worth it if he could do enjoy it together with Liz. 

Going for a Ride by canadian1579

                Jake and Liz continued to trade glances at each other’s figure as they toweled off. One great advantage to Jake’s new and mostly hairless body was how easily he could dry it off. Gone were the days where he might have stood in the bathroom for twenty or more minutes with a blow dryer waiting for the last bit of water and accompanying smell to go away. As a result, he finished drying off quickly and sat down, admiring his toweling titaness.

                For her part, Liz enjoyed drying off after a shower. She always had soft towels and she enjoyed rubbing them all over to catch every last droplet of water she could. Her short hair didn’t absorb much water and was relatively easy to dry off, but she still made sure to bend and angle herself to treat her little human to a show. She wanted to do every little thing she could to show her appreciation to the little guy. She truly wished he might stay like this so she could devote every free moment to being together. She could only hope for now.

                “That was quite the deep clean,” Jake said, still admiring his lover as she began to focus on drying the hair on her head.

                “No kidding, I haven’t felt this refreshed in ages,” Liz boomed, still looking up and away as she dried her head off.

                The fragrant scent of her shampoo had long since taken over the air. Jake found it equally enticing to the musky scent earlier.  He was wondering how she would dry her tail when suddenly it flicked in his direction, spraying him and the counter with water. “Hey!” he shouted, laughing. “No fair!”

                “What’s no fair is how fast your tiny little body can dry off,” Liz teased.

                “It’s not like I can get you wet again,” Jake joked as he grabbed his unwieldy hand towel again and tried to pat himself dry.

                “Oh don’t be so sure,” Liz replied in a sensual tone.

                Jake gulped audibly. “R- right,” he stuttered as a familiar feeling flashed through him quickly. Was he getting aroused again already? Everything she said and did was turning him on now that they had opened up to each other. Just as he dropped the towel a second time he heard that familiar swishing sound and another wall of water smacked into him. “Hey!”

                “Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” Liz apologized with a giggle.

                “Alright, alright, now quit horsing around,” Jake quipped and they both laughed. She was lucky she was nearly twenty times his size or he would have found a way to splash her back. Secretly, though, Jake reveled in the fact that a simple tail swish could absolutely drench him.

                Liz too was enjoying how much she could playfully dominate the little guy and was happy he seemed to be enjoying it too. Now that she was all dry, however, it was time to figure out what to do next. First thing was first, though. Time to get dressed.

                Liz reached down to the ground and grabbed the fresh pair of panties she had tossed there earlier. She slowly put a hoof through each hole and eased them up. The soft fabric grazed against her legs and up her thighs before stretching across her hips, comfortably containing her sex and her firm rear. Before proceeding to her other clothes, Liz absent mindedly fiddled with her waistband, sticking her thumb in and pulling it out before letting the material slap back against her waist. The waistband was snug, but not too tight. Thinking to herself, Liz stuck her thumb in and pressed downward a bit. Her hips were wide enough and the material tight enough that it didn’t sag more than a little. She wondered to herself for a minute. What if?

                “Say,” she heard herself start, “you want a ride to the living room?” Her thumb was still at her waist, gently playing with the rim of her panties.

                Jake caught her curious tone and looked up to meet her gaze. She smiled as she stared into his eyes, then briefly glanced directly down before looking right back at Jake on the counter and flicking her eyebrows up and down with a grin.

                “Uh, sure,” he replied, still not quite sure what Liz meant. He hadn’t put anything on yet and she wasn’t even fully dressed. All she had on were pan… oh.

                Without another word a large hand eased forward. Jake was grasped gently around his waist and torso and the ground departed from below. He found himself travelling through the air, guided by the warm digits that surrounded him while the fragrant scent of flowery shampoo calmed the lack of certainty he had as he began to understand Liz’s plan. Liz’s toned hazel belly fast approached in front of Jake as his feet dangled in the open air below.

                “Make sure to hold on tight,” Liz said as Jake hovered in front of her navel, still firmly in her grasp. His eyes first looked up to meet her gaze, her head partially obscured by her uncovered chest. She smiled and then looked past him. Jake also looked down and saw Liz’s free hand pinch the waistband of her panties and pull it out. A warm billow of air escaped the tight confines below and with it came an even stronger floral scent than before. Jake slowly began to descend as Liz’s hand guided him down toward the opening. He didn’t struggle but he began to shift uneasily, finding himself overwhelmed and slightly worried about her intentions.

                “Shhh don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Liz reassured with a soft voice from far above. Her voice was enough to calm Jake as he steadied himself. Liz’s hand twisted and her fingers shifted so that Jake was now facing away from her, his body still descending. The warmth below him only increased as his legs began to sink into the opening being created by Liz’s free hand. Rather than being dropped directly into the opening he realized that Liz was guiding his torso and arms toward her waistband. Did that mean she wanted his head to stay in the open air? His question was quickly answered as his feet and legs contacted the soft, smooth fabric below and his descent stopped. Liz began to ease her free hand backward and slowly let go of Jake leaving him hanging on her waistband.

Finally, when both hands retreated he found himself suspended with his shoulders above her waistband but the rest of his body firmly inside, pressed against Liz’s body. Her furry skin was like a furnace behind him, her warmth calming and relaxing. Her fresh scent relaxed him further as she stood there still. Why wasn’t she walking yet?

What a feeling. Liz could feel every tiny movement Jake made against her. His tiny feet tickled her mound and his butt wiggled sensually against her mons as he shifted around and got comfortable. She did her best not to shiver and moan but she could definitely feel herself warming up again.

“How you doing down there?” Liz asked, turning to face the bathroom mirror and glancing into it at Jake’s form on her waist.

Jake looked back at her reflection and replied, “I’m doing good. It’s really warm down here!”

“You don’t know the half of it, now hold on while we head to the living room,” Liz said.

“Wait, aren’t you going to put a top on or finish getting dre-,” Jake didn’t have time to finish as Liz began walking. It was a surreal feeling having her powerful thighs pressing forward on either side of him with each massive step she took. Her body shook with each resounding impact below and Jake tilted slightly along with her hips, bouncing up and down, left, then right with each thumping step. He had seen Liz walking up close but being a part of the action was a different experience altogether.

Liz was similarly enjoying little Jake bouncing and shifting on her panty waistband as she wandered lazily from the bathroom to the kitchen. His ticklish taps against her had become firmer rubs and pushes as she began to move and the feeling was electrifying. Liz began to imagine what it would be like to have him fully inside her panties as she walked around, but she didn’t want to overdo things. For now she was just happy that Jake was loosening up and trying new things.

Each thump of her hooves on the floor below jolted Jake and he found himself gripping tighter against Liz’s waistband as every step rocked and shook him. A strong breeze beat against his head and shoulders as he surged forward far faster than could have hoped to walk or run on his own. He began to slip down as they entered the living room and was worried that he would slip all the way in if she walked too much farther. Mercifully, the thumping and jolting stopped with Liz standing between the coffee table and the couch. Jake was suddenly angled forward and his stomach flew up as he plummeted downward with Liz’s waist.

Liz was doing her best to sit down slowly and gently but any movement she made was magnified and Jake tumbled several stories before the heavy equine mass surrounding him slowed as it impacted the soft surface below. Mercifully, Liz spread her legs as she settled gently into a seated position. Jake now found himself surrounded by Liz on three sides as her toned thighs formed a canyon that spread outward.

Without saying a word, she leaned forward to grab the television remote. Her body shoved Jake forward in the process and then allowed him to relax back again as she slouched against the couch. Her legs stayed splayed to accommodate the extra baggage below. Maybe this is why guys always need to spread their legs, Liz idly wondered to herself as she switched the TV on. She didn’t even bother asking Jake what he wanted to watch. She went ahead and switched on the next episode of the show they had been watching and sat back, feeling the tension in the room slowly building with each passing moment.

Jake had no complaints when he saw the selection Liz made on the TV and he similarly relaxed against her as she slouched back, now that he had a nice soft angled surface to lean on. His erection had already started poking painfully out against the soft fabric. The sensation of the smooth fibers tickling his glans caused him to shift and flex his butt. He managed to avoid thrusting involuntarily against the stimulating surface but couldn’t help shifting here and there. It didn’t help that with each passing moment he felt a familiar fire building beneath him.

Minutes passed. Soon they began to drag, and the heat below Jake only grew. Soon the air pouring out from the waistband around him became humid compared to the warm heat radiating from elsewhere around Jake. Initially he had been trying to focus on the television, but an increasingly potent mix of Liz’s scents and the shampoo from earlier was twisting Jake’s mind.

Liz likewise was having trouble focusing on the show and was spending most of her time trying to sit still. She had initially felt fine, but now she had to fight the urge to rub the areas currently occupied by little Jake. She didn’t want to kick Jake out, though. She was enjoying having him so close to her. Without thinking her left hand slid off the arm rest and onto her thigh. Her middle finger then began absent-mindedly tracing small circles against her soft fur. Liz bit her lip as she her stroking finger generated a soft, pleasant sensation that traced up the nerves and along her inner leg and toward just below where Jake was perched.

Jake had been watching her massive hand approach and was relieved when it stopped on her leg. As it traced massive circles against the soft surface, he felt her left thigh begin to gently flex and relax repeatedly, jostling him slightly. Behind him he felt her lower belly press out and retreat more as she breathed more deeply, each exhale above him slowly getting louder and louder. The scent of arousal had only been growing and it was taking over Jake’s thoughts. A throb of his still-hard length finally tipped him over the edge and he craned his neck back, looking upward. At about the same time, Liz’s huge muzzle dipped and she looked down, locking eyes with her tiny passenger. Neither of them paid any attention to the TV. They just stared silently into each other’s eyes.

Jake tilted his head subtly, raising his eyebrows as if to ask a question. There was a warm breeze as Liz exhaled loudly, her warm breath adding to the aromas that intoxicated tiny Jake. Liz gave a silent nod as she bit her lower lip and then opened her mouth to breath deeply. Jake started to turn himself around, took a deep breath, and released his grip on the waistband. He pulled his arms inside the fabric and pulled himself gently downward with his arms and legs, disappearing into the darkened confines of Liz’s underwear.

The air in this cozy new enclosure was much hotter and humid than the air outside. The soapy fragrance from showering remained, but a familiar arousing aroma soon overpowered Jake’s senses. As he slid down, he managed to brace himself against Liz’s mound and spin himself fully, facing inward. As he braced his feet back against the fur in front of him, Jake slid the last short distance over Liz’s mound. He was immediately presented with Liz’s pussy, already wet with soft shimmers of light glistening gently in the darkened canopy of her panties.

Jake felt his penis throb in anticipation and laughed quietly at the impossible thought that his penis might even come close to satisfying the massive the woman that literally surrounded him. Jake moved his arms to brace himself against Liz’s labia majora and held himself fast. As soon as his hands made contact Liz shuddered her hips, shaking Jake around as she let out a moan. The massive sex shifted with Liz’s hips as she slouched further down, bringing Jake on almost top of the organ rather than in front of it. In the sudden disturbance Jake’s hands lost their purchase and he dropped down onto the soft lips. His front was immediately coated in Liz’s warm, slick juices. Another moan echoed as he struggled to regain some semblance of balance and control.

“Mmm yes,” Liz moaned in ecstasy. To keep herself from interfering with Jake’s efforts below she moved her hands up to massage her breasts and nipples. She wanted to see what he could do on his own this time. By now she had slouched forward onto the seat and brought her hooves up onto the coffee table spreading her legs even further. She could see a thin little outline moving inside her panties that seemed too small to be producing the waves of pleasure starting to course through her body. More. She needed more.

Jake was doing his best to stimulate her more. Her lips were slick enough that he was able to place his hands on her labia majora one more time and slide his entire front up and down along her now fully exposed petals. The warm gooey skin against his front was odd at first, but as his penis slid across the slick surface and slipped into the gaps and folds pleasure erased any discomfort. Just above his head, Jake noticed that Liz’s clitoris had now exposed itself from beneath its hood. He used his strong arms to slide his slippery self toward it. Pausing over top, he blew on it gently. Liz thrusted her hips slightly, moaning hungrily in response. Jake blew once or twice more before gently getting to work with his tongue. He did his best with the little nub while thrusting with his waist and legs into the gradually loosening lips he laid upon.

Liz was increasingly lost as pleasure spread through her in waves. Her body began to thrust regularly at an absent presence above her, coaxed on by the tiny efforts of Jake against her. He was hitting all the right places this time. She swore she felt a tiny tongue against her clitoris and he was hitting every tiny bit of it from the very top all the way down to where skin usually covered. That combined with his tiny body moving against her labia was quickly edging her closer and closer to the brink. Warmth and wetness overtook all other thoughts. Also present was an increasing desire, a need for something to fill her. She was holding back but she began to wonder, would he? Would he do that for her?

Inside the steamy polyester sauna Jake continued to do his best to play with and stimulate Liz’s round nub with his mouth. His only experience with women was with Liz the night before and he had seen her focusing on this point, so he figured it had to be sensitive. Her convulsions and vocalizations seemed to confirm he was doing something right. In addition to pride, he felt lust. His legs and his waist continued to grind into Liz’s sex beneath him as he pressed and pushed. All was going well until he was surprised by a pressure against his back. In an instant Jake went from grinding himself into Liz’s sex to being ground up, down, and around in small circles against her by some unseen force pressing into his back from outside the fabric.

Liz couldn’t help it anymore, he had done his best, but she needed more. Her hand slid down her body and grabbed at her inner thigh. She tried to stop. She tried to wait, but her hand had a mind of its own at this point. She watched as her fingers eased down on either side of thin outline, rubbing up and down a few times before settling on top of the tiny human in her panties. Then she pressed down gently and felt him sink against her folds. Letting out a loud moan she slid Jake’s tiny form back and forth. He must have been tired anyway, right? She needed to help him. They were together now and he must have been enjoying this as much as she was with how hard he had been working down there.

Jake was enjoying it, surprisingly. Breathing under such pressure was becoming increasingly challenging, though, as fluid began to coat more and more of his tiny body and face. The fluids only thickened as Liz’s arousal increased and he found his cock thoroughly stimulated by her slick folds of skin. It wasn’t much longer before Jake tensed up and ejaculated against her sexual walls. That didn’t stop Liz’s movements however and Jake’s whole body now throbbed with pleasure as Liz continued stimulating his glans even after such his climax. Never before had he experienced such nerve stimulation and his entire body started to wiggle and shake from his head down to his toes. Mercifully, he felt Liz begin to make measured thrust as her sex flexed beneath him and her hand stopped. She must have finished too, he thought. Outside the now damp fabric her moans began to subside into heavy pants. There was a shudder as she moved suddenly, likely slumping back into the chair again.

The two sat there, Liz panting on the couch and Jake marinating on her soaked sex. Liz had thoroughly enjoyed her climax, but she still wanted more. That desire that had begun to grow inside of her earlier had not yet been filled. Not wanting to scare the little guy or force him into anything, she spoke down to him in a voice filled with lust and need, “That was amazing, Jake. Are you doing ok down there?”

Instead of a reply, she felt a tingling as Jake’s tiny hand played around with her labia. Her hips shivered in response.

“Ohhhh, do you think you could help me out a little more?” she asked. Jake played with her some more and she groaned.

“I want to feel you even more. You just feel so… right down there,” she said longingly. She wanted to be filled. Needed to be filled.

Again, there was no responses, only another sharp spike of satisfaction as Jake toyed with her clitoris.

She gasped and then added, “Well then, if you’re good for more, let’s have some fun. Hold on, little guy,” she added, hoping he actually would grab hold of something, anything down there. His little hands felt magical and she was about to take him on the ride of his life.

Jake was launched backward against the wet fabric behind him. He was absolutely coated in her goo now and the panties that he was now stuck against were similarly smothered in juices. Her sex rolled forward and tackled him back into the fabric briefly before lifting above him. The fabric he was pressed against suddenly became a wet hammock soaring up into an unseen sky. Was she standing up with him still in here? As if to answer his question, thick muscular thighs suddenly flanked Jake on either side, trapping him in the small gap left between. Jake felt the fabric beneath him go taut for an instant and was then pulled up with great force into the wet lips above him, forcing him to drink a mouthful of Liz’s juices.

Liz released the waistband of her panties after tugging them gently. She felt Jake’s tiny form pressed snug against her, wiggling pleasingly. Hopefully this experience was as pleasing for him as it was for her. She wanted to stand there just a bit longer, perhaps grinding her thighs together but that would have been dangerous to Jake so she quickly decided to get moving. With each step she felt his tiny form shifting and rolling against her sex.

Jake’s world was indeed shifting significantly. His moist hammock held him firmly against the massive lips that were taller than he and now flared to be about as wide as he was too. As her hips shifted and angled themselves left and right his hammock rolled back and forth while he was carried along. His cock was already soft from his climax short minutes before, but he felt a familiar tingling and it started to harden again. Despite the unintentionally rough handling by his larger lover, he was honestly enjoying this rather unique ride.

It only took a few more steps for Liz to arrive at her destination. Already down to her panties there was no need to strip. She simply approached her bed and crawled on, rolling onto her side and then finally onto her back, feeling Jake get squeezed briefly by her thighs before he tossed and turned with her body and landed pleasingly against her tailhole with his arms and torso tickling the base of her sex. She edged her thumbs into her waistband before raising her hips high off the bed and braced herself on her back and hooves. Off came her panties and out fell Jake rolling over her anus and tail and onto the bed below.

Jake noted that as Liz got more and more turned on, she was becoming far more impulsive as well. It made sense, but he hoped she wasn’t forgetting that things looked different from his tiny perspective. Thankfully, he had bounced safely against her soft body and down onto the soft bed below when she had dropped him from her panties. Looking up he saw her massive rear above him and immediately began crawling away before it came crashing down an instant later, sinking down into the bed surface and making him roll down into it.

“Whoa, careful up there!” he called out to her. He had already proven that he was capable of handling pressure in the bathroom earlier, but he didn’t exactly want to test to find out lest he find his limit.

“Sorry, I’m just so turned on by you,” Liz apologized, already breathing heavily again.

By now she had shed one leg of her panties and looking down her legs Jake saw her used her other leg to kick them away leaving her totally bare.

“Jake, I know you are probably tired, but can you do one more thing for me?” Liz asked. Her chest heaved with every breath.

“Of course,” Jake said, lust and love fully in charge of his brain. If she needed anything he was going to give it.

“I want you inside me,” Liz said as she looked down on him, panting with desire.

Jake paused, contemplating what that meant. “Inside … you?”

“I need your body in me. I need you to fill me. Please me. Squirm in me. Please,” Liz pleaded.

Jake’s jaw dropped. Was she serious? He had read erotic fiction about scenarios like this, seen pictures of it, even crude animations, but this was different. A gigantic looming mare, baring her soaking sex in front of him was now asking if he could go inside her. And he was actually considering it.  Wanting to do it. She hadn’t crushed him earlier when much of her weight had come down on him, and while she was being a bit forceful, he knew that she didn’t want to hurt him. She was probably just as inexperienced as he was. Who had any experience having sex with a tiny human as a partner?

“I’ll do anything for you,” Jake declared to his personal goddess’ delight. “But can you make sure to put my feet in first?” Jake was worried about catching his breath if she shoved him in head-first without thinking.  

“All the better to kick them around inside me,” Liz purred. Good god she was losing herself. Was this her fantasy too or something?

Liz squirmed slightly in anticipation as Jake just stood there between her legs. He was tiny and supposedly fragile, but Liz wanted to try it. No, she had to try it. She had sat on him by mistake earlier, right? And hadn’t he been okay? This would involve far less pressure, and she was sure they would both enjoy it.  Liz’s instincts took over and she reached down as gently as she could and carefully picked up Jake before holding him above her opening. She paused briefly, suddenly uncertain of herself. Doubt crept over her as she worried for his safety.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” she asked, concern visible in her eyes.

“Yes, Liz. I want to make you happy,” Jake confirmed.

They stared at each other for a few seconds longer. Liz’s thumb came down and brushed against Jake’s tiny length. “I love you, Jake,” Liz said.

They stared for another couple seconds before Liz’s hand began moving. “Here we go,” they said quietly in unison as Jake was lowered down in front of her pussy. He straightened his legs and braced in anticipation, unsure of just how fast Liz wanted to go. Thankfully she started off slow for him.

Warmth and wetness surrounded his feet up to his ankles as Liz lightly probed her outer lips with Jake. His feet sank into the slick crevice between her large labia and slid up and down as Liz probed, aligning her little lover with the wet cavern below.

Jake felt his feet pass over an opening and was immediately forced down farther to his knees with Liz’s hands still holding him around his chest. Above, he heard her gasp. The feeling was extremely different from earlier as wet, fleshy walls with heat pouring off them flexed and constricted themselves gently around Jake’s legs. Above him he heard a familiar booming moan. Liz was clearly enjoying herself.

“Okay. In we go,” she warned him as he was pulled slightly out of the hole and back to ankle depth. There he remained for a second until the giant hand around him dipped him back down, suddenly submerging him thigh-deep into the hole. Then, Liz’s all-powerful hands withdrew, changing their grip. Her powerful fingers shifted from holding Jake around his waist and torso to lightly pressing against each of his shoulders.

Further down Jake sank as pressure was applied from above. Now he was waist-deep in Liz’s warm depths. His legs slid and kicked around beneath him as he tried to get some sort of balance and find a floor or surface to steady himself. His tiny movements caused Liz’s huge head to tilt back in pleasure and Jake felt her vaginal muscles clamp down against him.

Pressure returned to his shoulders and Jake sank further still. Now his entire stomach was entombed and his arms now pressing against Liz’s labia as if he were holding himself up from falling into living quicksand gripping and pulling him beneath its surface. Liz clearly enjoyed the added stimulation as her moans picked up in volume and frequency above. Deeper and deeper Jake sank, completely powerless to halt or slow his descent. The more he sank, the more Liz’s powerful muscles could be felt pressing in on him from all directions. Wetness took over as her slick fluids coated Jake up to his chest.

Finally, Liz’s fingers released their pressure from his shoulders, granting him momentary relief. “Oh my god Jake, you feel so good,” her gasping, pleasure drunk voice rung out.

“Please be careful, Liz,” Jake requested, becoming increasingly wary. He was quickly getting used to being toyed with and was enjoying living out his fantasy, but the fact remained that he was now chest-deep in vagina with no ability to get out on his own while her muscles pressed inward on him.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m going to take good care of my little man,” Liz declared as her fingers returned.

This time she gripped a finger firmly against the front and back of Jake’s chest. The pressure was surprising at first, but he was still able to breath. Jake kicked his legs as he slowly began emerging to waist deep before re-submerging back down to the top of his chest. As the inward and outward motion continued, Jake suddenly realized: his titanic crush was using him as a makeshift, living dildo. With each pump inward he felt her vaginal canal flex and press inward on him, the warm, slick walls were as comforting as they were intimidating. She was capable of fully subduing him with just a flex of her vagina.

Jake’s pace quickened as the hand grasping him sped up. He did his best to move and squirm around, triggering pleasured cries from Liz. Jake wasn’t missing out entirely. His now-hard length was getting constant stimulation as it slid up and down against Liz’s slick internal walls. Here and there it slipped into a warm, wet crevice giving Jake a burst of pleasure. In and out he went. In, then out. In, then out again. Liz soon began thrusting her hips around him as Jake switched to being stationary, still plunging in and out of her sex mostly by the movements of her hips alone.

“Jake?” a quivering voice suddenly summoned from above, her thrusting motions continuing.

“Y-yes?” Jake managed between plunges.

“Hold your breath.”

“Hold your breath?” Jake wondered aloud, thankfully realizing early enough to suck in a bunch of air before Liz’s fingers returned to his shoulders. Down he was plunged farther than before and his shoulders fully entered her. A third finger soon joined directly over his head and Jake found himself plunged fully inside of Liz. The bright light of Liz’s bedroom was replaced by the wet, dark, humidity of a living cave. Immediately his instincts took over and he began thrashing about. The response was immediate.

The cave pulsed and flexed, constricting the tiny human. Jake’s arms were forced to his side as he was held fast by a vagina that seemed to be consuming him whole. Thankfully, small traces of light did make their way between the luscious lips somewhere above him allowing some illumination and occasionally air in. Jake also thankfully found small air pockets surrounding him when the light was cut off again. He pushed out with his arms, trying to create a large air pocked in front of him, only partially succeeding before Liz’s sex regained control over his movements. Liz’s voice now echoed all around Jake, muffled as if he were submerged underwater. He decided that the only way to get back out of here would be to please Liz, so he began to move around as much as her muscles allowed him, taking small breaths whenever he could.

Outside, Liz was beside herself with the feelings Jake was giving her. Immediately after her wet fingers had sunk his tiny form inside of her those same fingers got to work on rubbing her clitoris. She was so lucky to have met Jake, that kind little wolf from her office. That little wolf was one of the few people to talk to her and to treat her normally despite her huge height. He also shared a fantasy with her. One that they were now living out in their respective roles. Jake, her Jake, was inside of her right now doing everything he could do please her. He was nowhere near large enough to fill her equine insides, but his tiny arms and legs were brushing up against all the right places. The thoughts and feelings rushing through her were too much. Liz’s muscles clamped down hard as she seized up, climaxing hard.

Deep inside of her, Jake felt a strong surge in pressure around him and heard Liz’s loud cries, still muffled by his fleshy surroundings. Thicker and thicker fluids began to seep into the cracks around him as Jake realized that Liz was climaxing again. He had done it! Clench after clench, her vaginal muscles clamped down on his small body, massaging him from all angles before relaxing nearly a full minute later. The booming cries from outside were replaced by the calm, muffled sound of Liz breathing deeply. Jake must have done a good job, he decided, and now he just had to wait to be pulled out.

Jake really had done a good job. Liz had lost track of time as her climax continued for nearly a minute. As the waves of pleasure finally began to subside, Liz slumped back against the bed, panting and sweating from exertion. So much for the shower earlier, she mused to herself. A wave of calm replaced her massive climax and along with it, a major dose of fatigue. She had never felt anything that intense before and her body was suddenly exhausted. No longer thinking clearly, she rolled onto her side, wiped her sex-dripped hand against the bed sheets and switched off the lights with the switch next to her bed. She could clean up in the morning. Now the only thing her mind permitted her to think about was rest. Her final movements left her on her side, legs curled up together and her knees bent. It was only a minute more before she was fast asleep.

Still deep inside Liz, Jake was regaining his bearings after his dark dripping cavern had shifted, tossed, and turned him around. The relaxing of Liz’s muscles meant the air pockets had returned, much to Jake’s elation. He had been starting to get more than a little claustrophobic, but Liz’s warm, wet interior was such a temperature that he was finding it soothing. Now that she had stopped moving around and her moaning had become soft, regular breathing his surroundings were like an unbelievably large sensory deprivation tank.  He couldn’t wait to describe the experience to Liz when she let him out. That was going to be soon, right? He had been expecting her to try and fish him out any minute after she finally calmed herself down, but no rescue had come.

Come to think of it, the lights that had been sneaking in the small openings and gaps in her flesh had disappeared. Her breathing and heartbeat had also slowed down, and she was no longer reacting to his small movements. Before, any motion he made had been met with a flex of the cavern around him. Now, however, Liz’s muscles seemed relaxed. She hadn’t fallen asleep, had she? Jake did his best to crawl toward the direction he thought he had seen light coming from before. It was difficult to find any grip to let him proceed forward, but he felt like he was making some progress.

After a very short but surprisingly difficult to cover distance, Jake began to feel a hint of the cold outside air. He knew it wasn’t truly cold, but he had become acclimatized to Liz’s warm body heat. Reaching forward, he pressed his cum-drenched hand through and felt it instantly cool down, fully exposed to the air outside. Air! Jake crawled forward just a bit more and eased his head out through her relaxed vulva. Fresh air! Cold air. In the darkness around him all he could make out was that Liz had rotated onto her side. The inside of her thighs sat directly above and below him and her legs traced far out to his right before folding back in front of him. Beyond that Jake couldn’t see much but it didn’t look like she had bothered to cover herself in a blanket. She must have been thoroughly spent, Jake thought to himself proudly.

Next, Jake considered his options. On the one hand he could attempt to crawl outside and sleep somewhere on the bed, risking being crushed if Liz rolled or shifted unexpectedly in the night. Alternatively, he could just stay where he was, hoping she would notice him after waking up in the morning. He wasn’t sure he wanted to spend a day at work inside of her, but he doubted it would come to that. His mind soon wondered if he might be able to try that sort of thing someday. For now, he opted to rotate onto his own side and settle his head down against her warm outer labia. Liz’s body heat protected Jake from the cooler air out in the room while her insides kept him nice and warm. Within a few minutes Jake’s exhaustion caught up with him and he too was fast asleep. 

Taking a Day Off by canadian1579
Author's Notes:

                Jake awoke the next morning feeling totally relaxed. During the night Liz’s sex had conformed itself to his body almost as if it were getting used to his presence. His body had likewise fully acclimatized to the warm, moist fluid coating it all night. The fluid on his head and shoulders, however, had long since dried up. This presented a small problem as it took some effort to open his eyes which had been glazed shut by the generous coating of cum from the night before. When they finally eased open, Jake was greeted with much the same sight as last night but now it was bright out. Liz’s hazel colour shone in the morning sunlight.

Jake had no way of knowing the current time, but he guessed that Liz had slept in more than slightly. He wondered if he should try to wake her up, as today was another workday for them both. He opted to stay still a little while longer, however. He wasn’t in any rush to get up.

As he laid there, his body mostly stuck in the confines of Liz’s sex, the events of the previous night began to replay themselves in his head. Looking back on the whole experience it was absolutely crazy. He had engaged in sexual intercourse with a woman almost twenty times his size, riding around in her underwear before becoming a living dildo. Then he had been left to marinate in her fluids overnight and here he was. For most people, this probably would have been troubling or downright terrifying, but Jake felt otherwise. Liz had some learning to do when it came to handling his tiny form, but she had never put him in outright danger (intentionally anyway) and she had been kind and caring, helping him to adapt and survive to his new circumstances. It was a bit weird that she had left him here all night but after a while even this place had become surprisingly soothing.

Liz also seemed to genuinely love Jake and he was glad he could finally be open about his feelings for her. Before becoming human, he had been interested in her, but now she was quickly becoming his entire world. She had rescued him, opened her home to him, and done everything she could to make him comfortable. Many of his experiences with her, sexual and otherwise, since that day were right out of his deepest fantasies, and she seemed to enjoy them just as much as he did. It honestly seemed like Liz had the same human fantasies he did. Could he stay like this? Was this just her pheromones taking over his brain or could he actually stay with her like this forever?

Before he could think much further, Jake both heard and felt Liz begin to stir. With a big yawn her powerful thighs flexed and straightened out around Jake before relaxing again. Suddenly the world rotated as Liz rolled from her side onto her back. Jake found himself also rolled onto his back as he was carried along. Once again Liz’s thighs flexed and stretched as a powerful yawn boomed somewhere out in the distance. This time the muscles in her vagina contracted around him slightly. She still didn’t seem to realize he was here. Either she had forgotten about last night and hadn’t noticed him yet or she was waiting to release him on purpose. Based on how she was most mornings Jake figured it was former.

Jake found his neck sagging backward now that the labia he had been using as a pillow had rolled to his sides. To avoid straining his neck he shifted himself a bit deeper to use to moist edge of Liz’s opening to rest his head. “Mmmm,” he heard Liz moan groggilyy, clearly feeling something. The question was whether she would realize it was him. Instead of calling out to her, he decided to see if he could get her attention properly by playing with her a little more. He was in a dangerous position, but he couldn’t get over the thought that he might be able to please a beast so large all on his own.

It was only fair he should try. She had left him in here, right? Reaching forward, Jake found that Liz’s clitoris was out of reach. Instead, he opted to play with her labia that sat on either side of him. His fluid-coated arms easily slipped out of their confines at his side and slid across the folded skin drawing another rumbling moan.

“Ohhhhh,” Liz moaned to herself in her groggy morning voice. It wasn’t often she woke up with a pleasant tingling in her loins. Had she been having a wet dream before she woke up? Still sleep-drunk Liz absent mindedly slid a hand across her stomach and down her navel toward her exposed flesh below. She giggled and clenched her feminine muscles as another ticklish sensation pleased her below. Had she felt something inside there? No, that couldn’t be, she thought to herself. Liz tilted her head to the side to see how her tiny lover was faring on her bedside table but was perplexed when she found it empty. Had he already gone off to have a shower without her? Typical of the little guy. She’d have to get him dirty enough to shower again, maybe. Her longest finger began to sensually trace its way around her clitoris as she continued to enjoy the pleasant feelings slowly filling her.

Far below, Jake’s surroundings were growing warmer and wetter. He had certainly succeeded in getting her excited, but he was finding that her breathing and heartbeat wouldn’t increase much further. He doubled his efforts and brought his tongue into the mix, playing with whatever was in reach of his tiny arms. Around him muscles began to contract lightly and sporadically, with the occasional moan. She really didn’t realize it was him, did she? His confidence disappeared, however, when a massive digit appeared above him, tracing around Liz’s clitoris before rubbing at the nub, drawing an even larger moan and stronger clenches around him.

Liz was feeling amazing, but something was off. Was she really feeling something inside of her vagina? She could have sworn there was some resistance to each clench her body made. That was impossible though, unless. Unless. Her finger instantly stopped massaging and she focused. Somehow, the pleasant sensation between her legs continued. The more she thought, the more it felt like… tiny hands?

“Jake?” she asked, her foggy arousal suddenly replaced by concern and clarity.

“Good morning, Liz!” a small voice replied from down between her legs.

“Jake, are you still…” her voice trailed off. Oh god, he really was in there. How had he gotten in there? The events of the previous night replayed in her mind and she realized she had never let him out. She had simply passed out with the tiny man still trapped. Part of her was horrified, but another part of Liz was deeply aroused that she had yet again accidentally dominated him so easily. She still felt bad. She didn’t want to do anything that Jake didn’t want to do and hoped he could forgive her. Still, it was arousing to know that she could do it so easily.

“I’m fine, just having some fun down here!” Jake called up from her warm cavern.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I must have fallen asleep with you in there,” she apologized.

“Oh yeah you did,” she heard him reply. She couldn’t help but feel a bit weird speaking to a being she couldn’t see that was literally sticking out of her vagina. Her love canal must have molded to his shape overnight, growing accustomed to his presence, and that’s why she hadn’t noticed him at first. He didn’t sound scared, though.

“Are you okay?” Liz asked, concerned that he might be mad at her.

“More than okay, this is great!” Jake shouted up.

Great? He was enjoying this? A tingling warmth that had been growing inside of her resumed its spread through her body. “You want out?” she asked, suddenly sounding smug. A playful flex of her inner muscles accompanied her inquiry.

Jake was suddenly squeezed before her muscles let up again. Man was she powerful. “To be honest, I think I may need a shower.”

Liz was slightly disappointed that he had opted to end things there for now, but she figured that was fair since she had trapped him in there all night. In truth, she was happy for some relaxation time as well.

“Alright, grab onto my finger and I’ll pull you out of there,” Liz said, swinging a large digit down for Jake’s tiny hands to wrap around. Once she felt him grab on, she slowly pulled forward and felt his form slide out and into the open air before dropping down onto her tail below. Liz picked up Jake gently before lifting herself into a seated position.

Freed of his fleshy prison, Jake took a look around Liz’s room. The first thing he noticed was the time. Both of them were seriously late for work by now. “Whoa, don’t we need to be starting work an hour or two ago?” Jake asked.

“I called in sick yesterday,” Liz replied. “I was hoping our fun could continue into today maybe, but if you’re tired…”

“No, I’m fine. Just a few sore muscles but your warmth really helped me relax,” Jake said.

“You feel so good in there. I have read stories and looked at drawings online, but the real thing is so,” Liz began.

“So much better,” Jake finished. So she was into the same kinds of things he was… It was sort of obvious now, but at least he had confirmed it.

Liz wanted to just shove him back inside her right then and there, but she was aware of how long he had been inside her already and wanted to give him a break. After a long pause with the two staring at each other Jake asked, “shower time?”

“Shower time.”

Liz stood up with her little human in hand and wandered over to the bathroom. Today’s wash was quicker than the previous day’s and without quite as much activity, although Liz insisted that she get to scrub her little lover’s body to ensure he was clean after being trapped in such a dark place for so long the night before. Jake was happy to oblige and enjoyed the feeling of her large fingers caressing his small form.

As he dried out his hair onto one of Liz’s gigantic facecloths, Jake wondered aloud, “didn’t we forget to bring a change of clothes?”

A loud pair of thumps signaled Liz’s approach to the countertop on white he stood.

“What was that?” a large voice calmly boomed overhead.

Jake withdrew his face from the cloth he was drying himself and was instead greeted with two towering legs rising on either side of him as he stood at the corner of the counter. Directly above him just out of arm’s reach hovered Liz’s sex, soft and clean after their shower together.

“Nothing,” he mumbled.

“Sorry?” the voice boomed again.

“Never mind!” Jake repeated loud enough for Liz to hear clearly. She was enjoying every second of this, and he was too. She didn’t feel like she was dominating him. Powerful and very influential would have been more accurate. And Jake was really enjoying her casual power.

“Say, I’m feeling a little sore after our fun yesterday, do you think you could help me out?” Liz asked, with a hint of something else in her voice.

You think your muscles are sore, Jake immediately thought. Curious he replied, “Sure, what can I do to help?”

A large, warm hand enveloped Jake. “Let’s go to the living room,” Liz declared as Jake soared into the air, held just beneath her small, firm breasts. He admired their subtle shakes with each step she took. As she entered the living room Liz immediately approached the couch and laid down stomach first, depositing Jake on her back near her shoulder.

“Um, what exactly did you need me to do?” Jake asked, standing up on her shoulder blade and admiring the hazel landscape upon which he had been deposited. Her back wasn’t muscle-bound, but her toned athletic muscles shifted and flexed with every subtle movement she made. Her back also rose and fell with each breath far more dramatically than he had on her front before.

“Could you give me a back massage? I bet your little feet and hands will feel wonderful,” Liz said.

Looking up toward her eyes which were turned and just barely getting a view of him and then around at her beautiful back Jake didn’t take long to decide. “I don’t know if I even weigh enough, but I’ll try,” he declared.

“I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” Liz replied, exhaling deeply.

Before he started, Jake needed a little time to think about how he would go about even starting. He was about the size of a finger and the surface area alone that he was expected to massage… Maybe he was overthinking things. He decided to start where he stood at her shoulders. Dropping to his hands and his knees, he did his best to knead into the soft, muscular flesh below him. Liz exhaled again and rolled her shoulders up and back in a circle, tossing Jake off balance and sending him rolling.

“Oh, sorry about that,” Liz fake apologized. “Maybe the shoulders are a little risky at that size. How about you start a bit lower?” Jake noted the mischief in her voice but was happy to play along. Taking a second to get his bearings he noticed that he had rolled down to the centre of her back right between her shoulder blades. As if to emphasize that point, she rolled her shoulders back one more time with a big, “ahhhhhh,” as she exhaled, putting her massive shoulder blades on full display for the tiny human between them.

Jake didn’t want to be defeated that easily, so he decided to start right in the centre where he was the least likely to get tossed about by her movements. Dropping down to his hands and knees again he began kneading the skin below him, shifting his knees to try and get as much rubbing skin against her as possible. His efforts were met with a soothing moan that rumbled beneath him. Encouraged he spread his efforts out to her left side and then a little to her right.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice Jake,” Liz moaned. She honestly couldn’t feel him much, but what she did feel combined with the thought that he was trying his best to please in spite of his tiny size was more than enough. She felt bad giving him such an impossible task and knowing that he would do his best to accomplish it. Not wanting to torture him for too long she decided to move the little guy along. “Could you try a bit lower?”

Jake’s heart raced for a second as the massive voice rumbled below him. “Lower?” he asked.

“Lower,” she both confirmed.

Jake didn’t hesitate, he shifted himself a few paces down her back to near midway between her shoulders and her waist. He was just starting to kneel down again when to voice rumbled again.

“Lower,” he was commanded by the moaning giant.

Lower he went, down to the small of her back, and back to work he went. He was allowed to rub for another minute before the mass beneath him began to shift, throwing him slightly off balance. Looking down Liz’s huge hips had begun to rise and lower gradually into the couch below. Her simple movements were throwing him off balance so easily here. Was he having that much of an effect on her?

“Mmmmmm lower,” the relax titan demanded.

There wasn’t much lower Jake could go at this point. Thankfully her grinding hips paused their slow movements, freeing Jake to get up and move further. Now he found himself just above her tail which had been swishing excitedly but now sat dormant, pointing directly away from him, drooped down between her thighs.

Down Jake dropped and again he started to massage as best as he could. As he began, her hips began to rise and fall again with a moan booming in the distance. A quick glance down at himself confirmed that Liz wasn’t the only one enjoying this. Maybe it was the heat radiating off her but more likely it was the increasingly lustful moaning he was triggering in the distance. Either way, his body was enjoying this despite the effort and fatigue he was beginning to feel from all this kneading and shifting. Didn’t hard work usually stop erections?

“You’re slowing down back there, are you tired?” Liz observed, sounding both aroused and almost drowsy. Jake couldn’t help but notice a familiar scent wafting his direction from somewhere over the giant ass in front of him.

Winded, Jake replied, “Yeah, I’m definitely getting a little tired here. There’s a lot of ground to cover.”

“Are you calling me fat?” Liz teased.

“You’re absolutely huge,” Jake replied to a fake gasp from Liz. “And I love it.”

“Aw, you’re too kind,” came Liz’s amused reply. “I think you’ve earned a rest. Pick a side and head a bit farther down.

Pick a side? Jake was confused for a minute before turning and remembering where he was. Oh. Not wanting to chance a tumble down and off the couch, Jake opted for Liz’s left side which was flanked by the couch’s back. Slowly but surely began to crawl up her muscular rear. It took a few seconds but eventually he was at the peak of the soft globe. Jake flipped over and laid down, turning his head to the side and admiring the twin peak to his side and the muscular curves that flowed down her toned legs.

“How’s the view?” Liz asked from afar.

“Magical,” Jake mumbled to himself.

“What was that?”

“Absolutely magical!” he called up to her. He felt her butt cheek tense beneath him as he answered. She was clearly happy he was enjoying himself.

Oh my god, thought Liz, the man I love is small enough to occupy just the tip of one of my butt cheeks. Everything about him turns me on. Warmth that had been growing through her as he had massaged her continued to flow through Liz’s body. Having little Jake explore her felt amazing. She was living out a fantasy and she was able to do it with the one she loved. This week was almost perfect. Had he finally considered just staying like this? There were so many more things she wanted to try. If he was willing. She was getting closer to asking him if he wanted to just stay like this, but she was worried he was in a temporary honeymoon phase and she didn’t want to take advantage or sour the mood. Speaking of fun though…

Jake was similarly enjoying his current location. Every little movement in her legs and flex of her rear massaged his back as the powerful muscles below him clenched to nearly rock hard before relaxing to near jelly. His tiny mass barely made a dent in her flesh. It was like lying down on a living, breathing waterbed. The fresh scent of Liz’s shampoo from their morning shower surrounded him as if he were in a bed of flowers, with a hint of a giantess’ arousal mixed in. Tilting his head over Jake stared down at the large tail that absolutely dwarfed his tiny stature. Just one swish of that thing could…


The muscles below Jake clenched suddenly and with a single rapid movement, Liz’s tail soared up, tossing its long, flowing hair up and onto her back, away from tiny Jake. Jake just laid there with his jaw dropped, unable to comprehend how such a large mass right next to him could move so fast so suddenly. A gust of wind rushed across Jake’s form as the last little bit of horsehair flipped up and over the base of Liz’s tail before cascading down onto the small of her back.

“Sorry about that. I was worried my hairy tail might accidentally flick you off from there. Hopefully this is a bit comfier for you,” Liz said. And hopefully the view is nice too, she didn’t add.

The view was only getting better for Jake. The river of chocolate horsehair flowing down those muscular thighs had been replaced by a valley centred upon a large, brown oval that Jake had admired up close in the shower the other day. Here it was again, presenting itself to him clear as day. Jake sat up to get a proper look. She wasn’t putting on a show for him, was he? The ring clenched, contracting before popping back out again. Jake’s rock-hard erection bounced at the sight. All he could do was gulp as he sat and stared.

Liz noted the lack of a reply and felt her heart flutter, she had left him speechless, hadn’t she. It took a great deal of effort to keep herself steady. She wanted to give him a good long look before she proceeded to phase two of today’s games. She decided to give her anus a flex to entice him further. She could only imagine at the spectacle her little human was getting back there. She almost wished she could trade places for a day and experience life as a tiny, but deep down she knew she enjoyed being the bigger one. This was meant to be.

This is a dream, Jake thought to himself. It had to be. In no world was there a woman that understood his basest desires and brought them to life as well as Liz seemed to. Over the past few days, he had been given the opportunity to please her in a variety of different ways, each more exciting than the last, and here was another chance staring right at him. Should he do it? Caution gripped Jake, holding him in place. He didn’t have to wait long though as the muscle below him clenched again as Liz tilted her hips. The angle rapidly increased too far for Jake to stay put and down his naked form tumbled between her cheeks.

Softness and warmth were the first things he felt as his head and shoulders landed against Liz’s large doughnut-shaped anus. A moan far above confirmed that she probably knew what she was doing.

“Mmmmm sorry little guy, I had an itch that needed scratching,” Liz half-lied. “Hope you’re okay back there.”

Jake planted an arm on the far side of her anus to push himself off the surface. The soft ring of muscle flexed beneath his palm as he did. “Never better,” he said to himself quietly as he stared, mystified by the muscular opening he was now resting upon.

“You just make yourself comfortable, love,” Liz said relaxing herself again and flexing her ring below him. The feeling of Jake’s tiny form against her anus felt magical with every tiny movement he made.

Jake had expected a place like this to smell but the shower soap that Liz had used still dominated his sense of smell, along with that gradually escalating scent of arousal Jake had noticed earlier. The warmth in the narrow valley formed by Liz’s ass was humid, but still soothing. Jake sat there for a minute longer, his tiny body pressing back against her butt cheek behind him as he lay along the outer edge of her anus. Curiosity won out. Reaching a tiny hand over he began to stroke the soft, leathery surface as he had in the shower the day before. The response around him was instant and he felt the muscular cheeks that surrounded him begin to flex and relax gently. The puckering hole in front of him flexed as well, responding to his every touch.

Pretty soon Jake found himself up on his knees, straddling the large muscle as best he could and rubbing the soft surface with both hands. “Hmmmmm,” he heard Liz exhale pleasantly far in front of him. If this whole backrub had been a ploy to get him here, Jake was more than okay with it. Leaning forward he put more of his weight into his massage. Gradually the muscular anus began to relax in front of him. Soon he was able to knead the soft skin as if it were a thick dough that yielded as he gently pushed and shoved it around with his hands and elbows. Jake’s rubbing was aided by his and Liz’s sweat which was soon beginning to lubricate the hole below him. Suddenly the world shifted around Jake and he found himself thrown into the muscular ring in front of him.

Liz couldn’t help it anymore, the tiny massaging arms exploring the outer folds of her anus were sending waves of pleasure through her body far more intense than she had experienced the other day in the shower. Angling her hooves and ankles inward to keep her cheeks spread, Liz tried to gently grind her thighs together, overcome with lust. After a few seconds she noticed that the rubbing at her rear entrance had ceased and been replaced by a tiny mass pressing against it. Liz quickly realized she had thrown her tiny passenger off balance. It took a lot of willpower, but Liz managed to quit grinding her thighs and steady herself. Breathing heavily, she snaked a hand up her prone form and her other along her right side to fondle a breast, sating her needs for now. Liz held herself as still as she could, curious at what little Jake would do next.

Little Jake had just managed to steady himself, still lying on top of the large, soft, chocolate-brown doughnut. The shifting and jostling had resulted in his throbbing length rubbing up against Liz’s soft, warm skin. Lust was taking over his mind as his hands resumed their exploratory movements. Jake’s tongue soon followed, tasting the smooth, clean muscle with a slight, salty hint of sweat. Jake’s tongue drew a strong reaction as the hips below him flared up, shoving his prone form up along with them before settling back down again. Panting was now audible in the distance and Jake was increasingly aroused by the effect he was having on the equine behemoth below him. As he glanced at his hand and licked the surface some more, his curiosity grew.

Slowly he rose off the sphincter, straddling it once again and brought his hand to the centre where Liz’s muscular folds converged. Carefully, he probed the tips of his fingers against the crack. The entire ring flexed hungrily in response, coating the tips of Jake’s fingers in a smooth, moist substance that smelled, but not too strongly. Gently, Jake pressed his hand down further until his fingers sank inside. The powerful muscle flexed again before contracting, grabbing a hold of Jake’s hand, pulling it in to his wrist. Shocked and surprised, Jake instinctively pulled back against the hole’s firm, gooey grip but was unable to budge. A moan far above signaled that Liz was enjoying this, but Jake was still a little unsure about things.

Thinking quickly, Jake brough his feet forward onto either side of Liz’s anus and shoved downward, attempting to stand up. His upward thrust made little progress at first until the muscular sphincter relaxed, releasing Jake’s hand and nearly sending him toppling backwards and down between her legs. Thankfully Jake managed to retain his balance by leaning to the side and bracing against a clenched cheek. Curiosity again took hold as he stared down again at the hungry hole.

Before he knew it, Jake was massaging Liz’s ring with his foot, still bracing himself in her ass crack with his arms. Finding this position awkward, he sat down, placing himself between her anus and her large tail, which still pointed straight up and away from him. All she had to do was lower her tail, Jake thought, and he would be trapped here, up against her for as long as she desired to keep him there. Jake shivered and his loins throbbed at the thought. Now that he was seated comfortably, Jake began rubbing with both of his feet. The result was a sensual moan, followed by more heavy breathing that subtly shifted the hips beneath him.

“Please,” a pleading voice moaned from somewhere far behind Jake. The powerful tail swished once left and right behind him, still managing to stay raised away from Jake. “Please,” she repeated.

She was begging him. A titaness twenty times his size was begging Jake and he wasn’t about to disappoint her. Without thinking much further, he brought his feet together and slid them to the centre of the puckering ring in front of him, keeping his toes and ankles together. Pointing his toes down he probed, much like he had with his hand before and found that this time, Liz had managed to relax her ring much further. In his feet slipped up to his ankle before a firm pressure gripped them, but this time the pressure was much less than it had been with his hand.

Pushing off from her raised tail with his hands and pressing in a little more, Jake found that his legs began to sink further into the hungry hole with relative ease. His feet soon totally disappeared followed by his legs all the way up to his knees. Liz’s clenching and relaxing continued to gently tug at Jake’s form as he ‘stood’ up, allowing himself to slide in a little farther up to his thighs. Another clench brought his waist in, pinning Jake’s erect length between his body and the moist inner surface of Liz’s anus. As his waist was sinking in, Jake found that his feet had protruded behind the outer ring of muscles and into the warm, fleshy cavity of Liz’s ass, allowing his feet to dangle more freely.

By now Jake was simply sitting as Liz’s ring gently flexed and released over and over, gradually admitting more and more of little Jake’s body inside of her. Pretty soon Jake had sunk in almost up to his shoulders, which was far enough for now, he decided. He used his arms to brace himself as the greedy muscle tried in vain to suck in more of the little human. His penis was beginning to clear the tight anal passageway and now brushed up against a few folds of skin on the inside of Liz’s ass. Each clench and subtle movement by Liz sent a wave of pleasure through Jake as he sat there, completely at her mercy. The warmth was overpowering now, much like it had been in Liz’s other entrance. The difference this time was the constant pressure that held Jake far firmer than the gentle clenches inside Liz’s sex. The view was quite different too. Jake was now stuck looking down the back of Liz’s thighs toward her hooves that rested up against the couch’s arm rest far in front of him. Below him was Liz’s sex, just out of reach. Teasing him so that he could look, but not touch.

Just then the muscular mass that held Jake rolled bringing him along with it and leaving him facing the back of the couch. Liz must have rolled onto her side. He could hear her still panting somewhere up and behind him as the scent of her arousal grew beneath him.

“Oh my god, Jake. Your tiny touch feels so good, and it feels surreal having you tucked in back there. Are you alright?” Liz asked, a gently clench accompanying her inquiry.

“This is so weird, but so hot,” Jake shouted up to her.

Liz giggled at Jake’s cute enthusiasm. Each laugh gently shaking his miniscule form. Mercifully, his arms were still able to hold him from getting pulled all the way in.  The two sat there as Liz moaned a little more, gently clenching and then relaxing her hole around her little passenger. Each clench brushed Jake’s hard length against the inside of Liz’s sphincter, growing his arousal more and more.

“Jake, do you trust me?” Liz finally asked.

Surprised by the question considering his current position already, Jake replied, “Of course!”

Liz’s tail swished once above him, still thankfully raised above him. “I want to try something, is that okay?” she asked.

“Sure! What did you have in mi-“ Jake was cut off mid-sentence as Liz took his initial response as sufficient approval to get into action. Her large legs swung out behind her before she lifted herself to her hooves, standing up. Jake was scared at first as the ground plummeted away from him but the firm, reassuring grip on his torso reminded him that he had no chance of falling.

There was a brief pause before Liz’s thighs began to move. THUMP went her hoof below as she took a step. Jake shook with each step as her butt cheeks ground up against him slightly, similarly bobbing each time her hooves plodded forward. The grinding muscles around Jake threatened to force him all the way into Liz’s large hole, but he managed to keep his shoulders and arms outside. Liz’s first destination turned out to be the bedroom. Jake couldn’t see what was going on from his current downward-facing vantage point but at least she was keeping her tail flared out. There was a sound of a drawer opening and then closing before they were off again.


Jake shook with each step against the soft flesh that grasped him tightly. His member was dangerously close to exploding by now with all the rubbing it was experiencing. Thankfully he managed to hold his climax back as they headed to their second destination… The shower? Jake remained confused as an unfamiliar popping sound rang out from behind him. It sounded almost as if she had opened a shampoo bottle, but it was a little different than the bottle he had heard earlier. What was she up to? Jake wanted ask, but found himself hypnotized by the increasingly rhythmic clenching around him as his world gently swayed with her hips.

Almost as soon as he heard the plastic cap open, it was shut again. Then there was a sort of liquid sound as Liz’s hips shifted slightly, tilting Jake back and forth. Then Jake’s stomach lurched as he plummeted straight down and the ground accelerated toward him.  Liz’s large knees bent forward out of his view and her hooves come toward him rapidly as she settled into a kneel. A single, fleshy WHUMP echoed around the shower chamber from somewhere below and in front of Jake, but he still couldn’t see far enough forward to get a good view.

Jake was thrown to the left as one hoof left the ground, soaring backward as Liz settled her leg onto the shower floor. Then he was thrown to the right as Liz’s hips shifted in the other direction. Confused, Jake wiggled a bit and tried to get a better look below him, only to be held in place by a forcible clench. “Ohhhhh, keep that up Jake,” Liz moaned. She must have thought he was trying to please her with his movements. She didn’t even know the effects she was having in him now, did she, he thought to himself with another throb of his member. It was not that he wasn’t trying to please her, but he was genuinely curious about what she was up to.

A liquid squelching noise accompanied fresh moans from above as Jake heard Liz’s large finger begin to probe her moist lips just in in front of him and out of view around the curve of her perineum.  Liz’s anal muscles began to clench more firmly and relax as she stimulated herself. It still didn’t explain the change of location, but she was clearly gearing up for something. What could it be though?

Suddenly Liz’s voice boomed out far above, “Okay, little guy, here we go. If it gets too much, just call out or give me a signal of some kind.” Jake didn’t reply, he just fondled and stroked the ring of muscle surrounding him and struggled with his legs. Liz clenched again in response and giggled, “I like your enthusiasm today. Let’s get to it then, little man.”

Forward went her left leg, then her right leg shifted bringing with them her huge butt and the tiny passenger sticking out of it. Jake was disoriented as he soared forwards in a blur but when Liz came to a stop he looked down and finally realized what she had been up to.

Oh my god,” Jake muttered to himself. As if it heard him, the muscles around him gave a soft clench in response. There, below him, laid the largest horse-phallus dildo he had ever seen. The bright purple two-storey (or quite possible more) silicone dildo was stuck to the floor and shone with a fresh coat of lubricant. The shaft was thick enough that it probably would have taken at least two Jakes to encircle it with outstretched arms, maybe more. If she could fit this inside of her, it was no surprise she didn’t notice Jake inside her when she woke up this morning.

Slowly, Liz began to lower herself down until the dildo touched her labia, just out of Jake’s view. Liz slowly rocked her hips, grinding her lower lips against the dildo’s flared tip. Heavy breathing began far above Jake and the massive tail still held high above him swished a few times as Liz stimulated herself.

A massive hand came down to grip the shaft, which tilted left and right with Liz’s hips as they continued to slowly grind against the dildo’s tip. Then Jake heard Liz inhale and exhale sharply as she settled down slightly farther. A small pressure could be felt somewhere in front of him from something on the other side of Liz’s soft, fleshy colon. Damn that thing was big, he thought to himself. Then the moaning began. Liz’s voice was far hungrier and needier than before, now. Jake descended with Liz’s hips as she took more of the silicone shaft into her. Her massive hips settled down only a short distance before she began to rise up again, stopping short of allowing the huge rod to fully withdraw. Then she settled down again, this time at least a third of the way down the length. The clenching anal muscles against Jake’s body increased in strength as Liz rocked her hips back up and then down again, sinking even further down than before.

Up and down Liz’s hips went, taking nearly the entire dildo into her each time she plummeted down. The pace seemed quite slow compared to what Jake was expecting but he figured she was trying to take things easy for him. Even if she was, Jake was still getting shaken around and clenched thoroughly. He did his best to rub and squirm inside of her as her strong muscles clenched against him but he wasn’t sure how much of an effect he was having on her at this point.

It was quite the effect, in fact. Liz had yet again reached a new level of arousal. Just the thought that her lover was held fast in her anal ring while she pleasured herself was sending her close to the edge. She was trying to pace herself because she figured his tiny body could only go so fast, but it was difficult. “Hmmmm – mmmm – mmmm – uhhhh – huhhhh,” she moaned with each descent down the massive pole. She was a bit worried that she might make the little guy self-conscious with such a big dildo, but the longer she rocked up and down the less she cared.

Still trapped, Jake was beginning to notice a thick, white substance accruing on the shaft in front of him. Up and down he was tossed as Liz continued. Every now and then she would tilt her hips left and right or bring her legs closer together, momentarily squeezing Jake with her athletic butt cheeks. Then she started to twist her hips forward and backward. As she her hips twisted backward, the fluid-soaked dildo’s surface came closer and closer to him.

Jake’s first mistake was when he reached out to touch the smooth surface and accidentally coated his hand and upper forearm in the vast amount of thick white fluid that now coated the purple length.  His second mistake was when he tried to wipe it off with his other arm, removing the one brace that had been keeping him outside of Liz’s ring as each clench tried to pull him deeper. At that very moment a powerful clench pulled Jake into Liz up to just below his armpits. Jake struggled and flung his arms around trying to grab a hold but found both hands too lubricated and instead only served to excit Liz, who happily clenched against her tiny man again. This time Jake was drawn in to his neck, leaving his lubricant soaked hands and forearms trapped against his head by the powerful muscles that encircled him.

“Awhhhh,” Liz boomed from beyond as she clenched one final time and Jake was drawn fully inside her dark, hot, and humid chamber, her voice becoming muffled the second his head submerged inside her. Jake was slightly surprised to find he had a little bit of spare room in the dark space. He was also glad the walls were soft because when Liz descended back down, Jake was tossed up against the roof and down again. Up, and down, up, and down he went, faster and faster. With each thrust Jake was thrown about Liz’s fleshy confines like a pinball. As the pace picked up Jake noticed that the moans that echoed through the flesh surrounding him were nearly constant. Then, Liz’s nearly frantic thrusting paused, with measured movements and precise rhythm. The ring of muscle behind Jake clamped down, firmly blocking any exit before relaxing slightly. She must have climaxed, Jake figured. He hadn’t finished yet, but wasn’t bothered after an awesome experience like that. Trapped with nothing else to do, he started to stroke his own length to the thought of where he was. 

Climax she sure did. Liz was lost in ecstasy for a good minute or more as waves of pleasure flowed through her body, blocking out all other thoughts and feelings. Eventually Liz finally slowed her pace to a gentle rock before slowly easing herself up and off her silicone playmate, breathing heavily all the while. Words couldn’t begin to describe how strong that orgasm had felt. She was reaching new highs every day with her little lover. She couldn’t wait to pay it back to Jake. Speaking of which, “How you doing back there little guy?” she asked.

No response.

“Jake? You alright?” she asked, figuring he was out of breath or something. She had been moving pretty quick after all and his tiny body had been thrown around quite a bit.

Inside her rear, Jake heard the muffled voice ask if he was okay but was too winded to respond in any way initially, not that he would have been heard from inside this fleshy prison. After her second attempt at getting his attention Jake tried in vain to call out and instead opted to struggle against the soft flesh of her anal canal.

Judy felt something peculiar inside of her after her second attempt at calling Jake and initially thought nothing of it. “You didn’t pass out, did you?” she asked, easing a pair of fingers down to try and help him wake up. When her fingers only found the soft doughnut of muscle and no Jake, Liz paused. “Jake?” she asked before gasping. That little feeling inside, that wasn’t a coincidence. That was Jake.

Liz’s first instinct was to stand up in a crouch on her hooves, spread her legs slightly, and try to relax her anus enough for the tiny man to slide out. This was met with no success, however, and Liz ended up sitting there for another minute, wondering what she could do. Ah, that could work. Liz stood up slowly before walking out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. As she walked, she marveled at the fact that she could probably carry Jake around all day like this and no one would know she had her tiny boyfriend inside of her. The thought sent a shiver up her spine. There were so many other fun things she hadn’t even considered yet. Liz wondered how Jake was feeling as she dug around her junk drawer for the string she had lent him last week.

Jake was feeling amazing. Liz’s powerful moans had gotten him excited earlier but she had been thrusting up and down so fast that Jake wasn’t able to properly please himself. Now that she had stopped, however, Jake had lost control and was full-on masturbating. Then, his fleshy prison soared up into the air, becoming slightly more cramped. Had she just stood up? The feeling of powerful muscles shifting on one side before a muffled boom sounded below confirmed Liz was now standing and walking. Her muscles grinded up against Jake’s tiny form through the fleshy walls of her ass further pleasing the tiny man. When she paused again, Jake’s hand took over and he soon climaxed, spraying his seed inside of the dark cavern in which he was trapped. He was sure he had coated himself too but he didn’t care.

Jake was too turned on by the fact that Liz had trapped him in here by accident, and now she probably didn’t even know she had made him cum. The thought made him harden again immediately. Jake didn’t have long to act on his second wave of arousal, however. Instead there was a brief flash of light through Liz’s rectum and then something large poked through. And it seemed to be covered in… rope?  

“Grab on, Jake!” he heard Liz’s muffled voice command from outside. He was enjoying this temporary incarceration in Liz’s rear but not wanting to overstay his welcome, Jake grabbed on to the string, wrapped it around his wrists for good measure and kicked against the large finger. Liz clearly got the message because the powerful digit began to pull back out with Jake’s tiny form in tow. With a moist SLURP Jake found himself out of the sweltering heat and back in the comparatively frigid outside air. As his legs and feet slipped out, a second hand appeared and wrapped itself around him before raising him high up toward Liz’s face.

“Whoa, you smell,” Liz said, waving her free hand in front of her nose with a smile and a laugh.

“And who’s fault would that be?” Jake asked, suddenly also aware of the odours he had acquired deep inside Liz’s rear.

“Glad to see you’re still lively after all that. You felt so good in there, I can’t even describe it. I could carry you around all day in there,” Liz said. In truth she felt a little guilty for going that far with little Jake, but she wasn’t lying. It had been the single best sensation she had ever felt. Not only had his little movements felt amazing but the sheer thought of what she and Jake were doing together had sent her far over the edge into a deep sexual bliss during her climax.

“Anything for you,” Jake replied. “Now could you wash me off? I think you owe me that much.”

“Mmmm, I think I owe you so much more than that,” Liz moaned, biting her lip. “When we get you cleaned up, I want to show you how good you made me feel today.”

“Oh my god,” Jake groaned as a finger came up and teased his still-sensitive cockhead.

“Alright cowboy, let’s get you washed up and then we can figure out what fun we’ll have next.”

Confessions by canadian1579

The two continued their fun throughout the day, with Jake getting up close and intimate with a number of areas on Liz’s body and Liz taking her turn to toy with the little man plenty as well. Before long, it was early evening and the two were thoroughly tired. After having another shower they decided to call it early and head to bed. Jake soon found himself lying on a chest that rose and fell gently with each happy breath from Liz’s large form. Liz hadn’t put the blanket over top of herself yet and instead it was her fingers that kept Jake warm, massaging his front gently. Despite climaxing a few times throughout the day, Jake found that his now very sensitive penis still hardened under Liz’s touch. Thankfully for his tired body, her sexual appetite seemed to be sated by now.

                “Hey Liz?” Jake said.


                “I’ve already said it before, but I really need to say it again. Thank you,” Jake said.

                A small giggle shook Jake’s living mattress as Liz replied, “You don’t need to thank me, Jake. I love having you around. I’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks.”

                “I love being around,” Jake said. “And I think… No, not I think.” Jake paused. The rising and falling of Liz’s chest paused as well. Instead Jake could hear her massive heartbeat begin to accelerate “I love you, Liz.”

                Liz took a deep breath, feeling her little passenger quaking on her chest, clearly nervous. Jake really did love her? This wasn’t just a short term fling or a fantasy week? “I love you too, Jake. I have been too nervous to say it, but I have actually been in love with you for a long time.”

                “Really?” Jake asked.

                “Really. All those times I teased you in the office, or passed by your desk, I just kept hoping you would say something. I was too nervous to go first.” Liz shifted, forcing Jake to brace himself with an arm against one of her large breasts.

                “You were just so big, I was too nervous to say anything. I guess that sounds a bit crazy now that you’re even bigger though, eh?” Jake joked, trying to reassure Liz, sensing her vulnerability.

                 “I’m so happy,” Liz said, breathing deeply again with happiness and relief. He really did love her.

                Liz felt two little arms reach out and grab onto the fingers that were stroking against Jake’s little form, pulling them in and wrapping as far around them as Jake could. Liz’s heart fluttered. The tiny guy was just so cute. Then that Liz felt a pang of guilt for his predicament. It was her fault, but he still didn’t know. Would he still love her if he knew? How would he react? She wanted them to just stay here lying like this forever, but she knew honesty was the only way forward. She just hoped he could forgive her.

                “Jake,” Liz started.

                “Yeah?” Jake answered smiling wide and trying to cling to her retreating finger.

                “Did you ever figure out why you became smaller?” Liz asked.

                “No, I haven’t figured it out yet. Why?” Jake wondered.

                “It’s just,” Liz started and then paused. “I think,” she paused again. “I think I might have figured it out,” Liz said. She hadn’t been certain before, but she was sure now. The timing was right, and something as impossible as this could only have been that stop at the fountain on her way out the door. As crazy as it was, nothing else made sense.

                “Really? What did you find out?” Jake asked, genuinely curious if his lover could help him.

                Fear grew inside of Liz. Jake had just confessed his love to her and now she was going to tell him this. How would he react?

                “Liz? What did you find out?” Jake asked, wondering why she had stopped. He was starting to feel nervous. They had been so happy seconds ago. Why was Liz suddenly so serious?

                “I think it was my fault, Jake,” Liz stated. There, she had said it. She hoped he could forgive her.

                Jake laughed. “You’re funny, Liz.” It was a little weird to joke about and it came out of nowhere, but Liz had to be messing with him. “I know we share some unique interests, but come on.”

                “No, I’m serious Jake. It was my fault,” Liz insisted.

                Jake suddenly felt a unsure. “What do you mean? How could this be your fault?”

                “The day you shrank, I caused it.”

                “How?” Jake asked, increasingly confused.

                “You know that fountain in the office? The super fancy one near the entrance with the weird statue?”

                “Of course, what about it?”

                “That day at work you and I had been talking about what it might be like to feel small. Well, I had always had a crush on you, and I liked being big, so when I was leaving, I stopped at the fountain.”

                “So?” Jake asked.

                “I pulled out a coin and I made a wish. I wished that I had a chance to make your dreams come true,” Liz explained. “It was just a random wish. I didn’t think anything would come of it. But then when you called the next morning and were suddenly tiny, I couldn’t believe it. But I knew it had been because of my wish.”

                “Liz,” Jake tried to interrupt but she continued with regret filling her voice.

                “Of course, I was happy to help you. But as the days went on, I secretly wanted you to stay so we could always be together. I was afraid that if I told you about the wish you would want to go back to normal, and that we would go back to just being coworkers and you might not want to be with men anymore. I held out on telling you because I was afraid you would want to turn back right away, and then I would lose you. I’m sorry, Jake. This is all my fault,” Liz concluded, tears starting to form on her eyes. They had just declared love for each other. Was it going to end that fast?

                For a short time neither one of them spoke. The only sound that passed between them was Liz’s heavy breathing as she held back tears.

                “Hey Liz,” Jake started.

                “Yeah?” she asked, anxiety apparent in her voice.

                “I love you. I know you are just trying to do the right thing and that you wouldn’t harm me. Maybe we should just get some rest tonight and figure things out tomorrow?” Jake proposed. Truth be told he didn’t know how to feel about this. He still loved Liz, that was for sure, but he was a little surprised that she would have hidden something like this from him. He needed some time to think before he could tell her what he was feeling.

                “I’m really sorry, Jake,” Liz repeated.

                “It’s okay. Let’s just get some sleep and talk about this tomorrow,” Jake reaffirmed.

                “Alright,” Liz said. In her head she was both relieved that she had finally told Jake, but terrified that she might have pushed him away forever. He hadn’t asked to sleep on the bedside table and was still comfortably nestled against her chest, was that a good sign? Or was he just being nice? All she could do was wait until the morning. 

*             *             *

                The next morning Liz woke up to find herself alone in bed. Jake must have snuck off of her while she slept. She found him in the bathroom having a shower and helped him get dried off. After the two of them were clean and had some breakfast, she left Jake in the living room to get dressed while she headed off to get her work clothes ready. They had said their usual good morning and chatted a bit, but Liz was too scared to bring up their talk from the previous night and Jake hadn’t said anything. Once Liz had her work clothes on, she headed back to the kitchen to put a lunch together.

                After a while a small voice called up to her from next to her hooves. “Liz?”

                “Oh, hey Jake. Want a lift?” Liz asked.

                “Sure!” he called out before get powerful hand gently conveyed him up and onto the counter. In front of him Liz was making a sandwich many times his size and mass.

                “Whoa, that looks good,” Jake observed.

                “You know it,” Liz said, managing a smile despite her down mood.

                There was a brief pause as Liz continued her work on the counter and Jake stood watching.

                “So,” Jake began. Liz paused and listening, her focus entirely on Jake. “I was thinking about what we talked about,” he continued.

Liz realized she was holding her breath.

“I want to go back to the fountain,” Jake declared.

Liz’s heart sank. Was that it then? She couldn’t blame him. Who wouldn’t want to go back to normal? She hoped he didn’t hate her for what she had done. “Alright. How about we head over now. It’s early enough that no one else would be there and I’m ready to go.”

“Ok,” Jake said.

It wasn’t a long trip to the office. Liz carried Jake in her bag on top of her surprisingly compact lunch container which she had wrapped in a soft cloth. Liz was clearly nervous about handling Jake despite their extensive contact over the previous days. Today she was almost avoiding touching him for fear of offending him further. The whole ride there she felt like she was holding back tears. She didn’t want their time together to end like this, but she had to let Jake do what he wanted. It would have been wrong to keep him against his wishes.

Traffic was much lighter in the early morning and after an unusual abundance of green lights, Liz and Jake arrived at the front of the office. It was the first time Jake had been outside in weeks and the fresh air was a pleasant change of scenery. Jake was still feeling a bit shaken by their talk last night, but he was glad Liz had finally been honest with him. He knew she had meant well these past few weeks and he was thankful that she had granted him the chance to come here so readily. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but as he sat there, swinging with the contents of the bag, he was confident he was doing the right thing for both of them.

After a minute or so of walking, the bag stopped swaying and the sound of water flowing could be heard outside. Jake was shrouded in shade as Liz’s head appeared far above the opening in the bag. She must have gotten a good parking spot this early in the morning because usually the walk to the front door took Jake quite a while. Liz looked much better now than she had the night before, but she still had a very serious face. It looked almost out of place on her compared to the constant smiling and giggling of the past few weeks.

“You ready?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Jake said.

In came a giant hand and onto the palm Jake climbed. He was lifted right out of the bag and into the open air before descending with it toward the edge of the fountain. When his ride stopped, Jake hopped off and onto the stone surface below, noting how cold it felt on his feet. He hadn’t ever really thought much of this fountain before. It always looked a little gaudy to him but now it resembled a titanic waterfall, with water cascading down from one bowl at the top two successively larger bowls down below and finally into the large pool he now stood in front of. The odd statue of some sort of spirit at the top just added to the oddity of it and he had honestly never been a fan of the design.

Looked down into the pool he saw the green moss and algae that coated the stone that had probably never been cleaned since this office opened. Looking a little harder, he spotted a single silver coin nestled at the bottom. Liz really had been telling the truth. She had wished and thrown a coin into the water and somehow her wish had been answered. Well, if the magic fountain had listening to her, he sure hoped it would listen to him too.

Two of the massive mare’s fingers suddenly reappeared to Jake’s right and in between was clenched a silver dime the size of a large frisbee to little Jake. “Here you go, Jake,” Liz said.

Grasping onto the shining disc, Jake hefted the metal dime as Liz released it. “Thank you,” he replied.

“Jake,” Liz continued.


“I’m sorry,” she added, though her eyes said far more.

“It’s okay,” Jake said. “Can I have some privacy? I just need a minute or so and I’ll be done.”

“Sure,” Liz said gently before rising and taking a few steps away, leaving Jake to his thoughts.

Jake stood there motionless, holding onto the coin for nearly a full minute. Then, his mind finally made up, he hurled the coin into the water where it landed with an anticlimactic plop. Both Jake and Liz stood motionless, Jake staring at the dime as it sank into the water and Liz staring at little Jake. Once the coin settled to the ground, Jake turned around and Liz approached, crouching down to get closer to his tiny form.

“Well, what did you wish for?” Liz asked. She had expected him to regrow right away, but she also remembered her wish had come with a slight delay.

“Nothing,” Jake replied.

Nothing?” Liz balked, stunned.

“I wished for nothing. You are everything I need,” Jake said, smiling up at Liz.

“But what about your apartment?” Liz asked.

“I emailed my roommate and told him to take what he wanted.”

“What about your job?” she continued.

“I quit this morning,” Jake replied, smiling wider. He was finally free. Free to enjoy life. A life with Liz.

“Does this mean,” Liz started.

“Yes,” Jake interrupted, “I want to be with you. I already told you, I love you, Liz,” he declared.

Liz couldn’t believe it. She had never felt so happy in her life. Without hesitation she grabbed his tiny form and pressed him into her muzzle and kissed him furiously. She pressed harder and harder, overcome by emotion. After a minute she realized he was unable to move. Worried that she might have crushed him she pulled her hands back and looked down to see Jake laughing.

“Are you alright? I think I lost myself for a minute there,” Liz said.

Jake laughed for a few seconds longer before answering. “Okay I lied, I made one wish and I’m glad I did. I wished to be a little more resilient and I think it may have worked. I love you, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to be crushed by your affection,” Jake said, laughing a little more.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle. “Does this mean I can be a little rougher with you?” she asked.

“I was thinking this would give us a safer margin of error, but we could certainly test the limits a bit sometimes.”

Liz’s heart rushed and she suddenly felt warm. Her love was still with her for good now.

“Well, I guess we had better get you back so I can make it to work on time,” Liz said.

“Can’t I just tag along today?” Jake asked.

Liz thought for a minute. “I guess you could. But where could I keep you? I wore my v-neck shirt today so there’s no way I could hide you up here and I don’t want you to sit in my bag bored all day.”

“Do you have any pockets?” Jake asked.

“Not in this outfit,” Liz said.

“Well, I guess that leaves one or two places,” Jake said mischievously.

 “Ohhhh,” Liz bit her lip, her eyes narrowing as she stared at her tiny lover, “you little. You planned this didn’t you?”

Jake just smiled and gave a wink.

“Well try not to struggle in there too much. I need to get some work done today, you know,” Liz said playfully.

Jake just laughed as a finger and thumb grasped him by the waist and hefted him as Liz stood to her full height. Then, after glancing around briefly to ensure they were still alone, Liz’s other hand came down just below Jake and pulled the waistband of her stretch jeans and panties out.

“Any last words?” Liz asked with a lustful smile.

“I love you,” Jake said up to her.

“I know.”

With that, Jake plummeted a short distance below before his back bounced against the soft fabric of Liz’s panties and launched him forward into her mound. He began to slide down until he hung just beneath Liz’s vulva. Then, the elastic above him snapped shut and Jake was entombed in warm, humid darkness. Before he could start moving on his own, a heavy mass pressed against him through the fabric and rubbed Jake’s body back and forth briefly before pressing him slightly deeper into the soft folds in front of him. With a rumbling moan, Liz’s powerful thighs began thumping into the office and toward her workstation. Before long, her thighs paused. Jake felt himself descend briefly before being plastered between a firm surface and Liz’s moistening lips above. As Liz’s heartbeat quickened and her panting increased, Jake was filled a special joy that can only come from helping a lover in need.

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