Sophie's Liberation by Joyce Julep

Sophie Hanson is a substitute teacher in her late 30's, and her life is pretty much shit.  She has a deadbeat husband, an ungrateful stepson, and a whole classroom full of students who mock and disrespect her day in and day out.  She tries her best in everything she does, holding down her household and her job, but the strain is starting to take a toll on her.  She feels trapped in her dead-end life, with no way out.  


One day, walking home from school, she gets splashed with a mysterious purple liquid.  Soon her breasts begin growing bigger...and bigger...and BIGGER.  And she's starting to lactate a strange green milk.  And there's something special about this milk.  Any males who go near her lactating breasts seem to be mesmerized by their power, and all they want to do is breastfeed.  Sophie soon realizes that she can control men like this.  And even better, the milk makes them SHRINK...FAST.  It's time for Sophie's revenge...Sophie's liberation.

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1. Chapter 1 by Joyce Julep

2. Chapter 2 by Joyce Julep

3. Chapter 3 by Joyce Julep

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5. Chapter 5 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 1 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 1

Sophie Hanson’s shoulders drooped slightly as she trudged down the sidewalk in the afternoon sun, exhausted from yet another day of barely managing to keep her head above water as a substitute high school teacher. A few of the female teachers had given birth recently, so Sophie was having to shoulder more work than usual. Not that she was complaining about getting work, in and of itself — being in her late 30’s, Sophie still possessed a certain amount of physical vigor, since she tried her best to eat right, get enough sleep, and stay as physically active as possible. These days, though, she was starting to feel the years weighing her down. She had come to the crosswalk, and heaved a sad, wistful sigh as she pushed the button, waiting for the light to turn red so she could cross the street.

‘At least I live close to the school,’ Sophie thought, trying to cheer herself up. It was a familiar psychological trajectory that she had endured time and time again: trying to rally herself, getting down, trying to rally again, and then sinking down once more into depression. As she waited for the light to turn, Sophie had to admit to herself that overall, this is not where she had wanted to end up. Mike — her husband who had sunk the family’s savings into his unsuccessful “arts and crafts” business — was a lazy disappointment of a man. When Sophie had met him five years back, she had been enamored by his confidence, by his good looks, and by his supposed determination to make it big in the art world. Things had not turned out the way he had expected, though, and for a few years now he spent most of his time at home, on the sofa, drinking beer and watching TV. Sophie was essentially supporting them both on her meager substitute teacher salary.

‘Easy, Sophie,’ she thought to herself, sighing again, as the light turned yellow, ‘Just…just take it easy. You’ll go home, take a nice hot shower, crack open a beer, and then maybe Mike will have made dinner, or at least ordered something…and…Jason might be in a good mood, hopefully. It’ll be fine…it’ll be fine…’

Jason was Sophie’s 18-year-old stepson from Mike’s previous marriage. Sophie had always been sweet to him, and had made an extra effort to pay attention to him and try and engage, but Jason had never been receptive to her. As he had gotten older, his indifference had morphed into downright disrespect and recalcitrance, to the point where Sophie couldn’t get him to do anything at all. She tried to get around the sadness and frustration of the situation by chalking his behavior down to being a hormonal teenager, but the older he got, the less hope Sophie had that she would ever be able to connect with Jason. His consistent disrespect, combined with the lewd way that he spoke about the girls and women he was attracted to, had started to convince Sophie that her stepson was a spoiled, rotten brat who had inherited his father’s work ethic and soft misogyny. Sophie hadn’t seen that side of Mike until after they had gotten married, but as Jason morphed into a teenager, the way that Mike had started to talk to his son about how to “get the hot girls”…well, it had shocked Sophie, and made her seriously question her choice to be with this man.

The light had turned red, and Sophie looked both ways before setting out to cross the intersection. A light breeze had started blowing, and Sophie raised her head, trying to catch some of the pleasant breeze through her long brown hair. But she couldn’t pull herself out of the mental pit she had dug herself into — she could feel the hopelessness of her situation smothering her. She was crossing the street, but in reality, she was stuck in a dead end, trapped with a lazy husband, a disrespectful, bratty stepson, and a tough, unforgiving job where she had to put up with whole classes full of contemptuous teenagers.

The red hand started flashing, indicating that the light was just about to change. Sophie quickened her pace a little, not wanting to be caught out in the middle of the street. She was slightly ashamed to admit that one of the only things keeping her going these days was the perk of proximity to the sexy bodies of the teenage boys she taught. Sophie knew that she shouldn’t entertain these kinds of taboo mental pleasures, but what else did she have!? Besides, as she often reminded herself, she wasn’t actually doing anything to them. No one had any idea what was going on in her head, and it certainly wasn’t a sin to simply look and enjoy. Recently, Sophie had noticed herself daydreaming about their bodies more often, which she took as a sign that her depression was worsening. But even still, it felt so good to think about them, with their strong, lithe, muscular bodies, the ridiculous and hilarious scent of their teenage deodorant, their sexy voices, which oscillated between masculine depth and the boyish little cracks of adolescence. More than anything, though, Sophie was drawn to their utter and complete inexperience of sex in general. It had gotten to the point where she had even started fantasizing about actual encounters, and what she would do.

‘God I’d just love to wrangle Jake into the alley behind the gym,’ she thought lustfully, ‘And yank his pants down, get down on my knees, and show him what it feels like to have that big cock of his swallowed whole…I’ve seen that bulge in his pants…’

Sophie was well aware that this more sexually aggressive side of her would have totally shocked anyone who knew her. Her external persona was one of empathy, understanding, and meekness, but Sophie knew that her outer appearance was deliberately designed to hide the more dominant side underneath. she had never been comfortable with this aspect of herself.

And so she passed her days fantasizing, unbeknownst to all those around her. Jake was one of her personal favorites, even though he was also one of the biggest troublemakers who made life hell for her. Spencer…Logan…DeShaun…the list went on and on…Sophie had to put up with their shit day in and day out, to the point where she had convinced herself that her private fantasies were extra payment for all the difficulties of her job. It wasn’t lost on her that this was a sad, unenviable spot for a late-30’s woman to be, but she had to take what she could get.

Right then, the light turned green. Sophie had just stepped off the street onto the sidewalk when all of a sudden, a jarring sound made her whip around. A huge truck had just turned around the corner, and was barreling headway forward towards the light. Sophie had already safely gotten off the street, but even so, she found herself instinctively backing away from the path of this gigantic truck. Its engine was loud and grating, and combined with its rusted exterior and the untidy belches of diesel smoke from its exhaust tower, Sophie felt a bit intimidated, even on the sidewalk. As she watched it pass noisily by, she saw that it seemed to be carrying a large cargo of big, cylindrical plastic containers, all tied up and fastened in the rear storage. Its windows were tinted, so that Sophie couldn’t see who was driving.

She was about to turn away and continue her trudge home when she noticed that the truck had gotten a little too close to the sidewalk; she didn’t even have time to be afraid. A rough grinding sound cut the air as the truck’s thick wheel ran up against the curb and Sophie jumped back, feeling the adrenaline rush though her. She felt something cold splash against her top, immediately soaking through to her skin. The strong scent of something like licorice burned her nostrils. Looking up, she saw the rear of the truck swaying unsteadily as its driver corrected its motion, speeding away down the road. One of the huge plastic containers was leaking some strange dark purple liquid down the side, which was splashing down onto the road in the truck’s wake. Sophie blinked, seeing the purple liquid, and then glanced down at her shirt. Her white blouse was soaked through in the front with the purple liquid. With a jolt, Sophie felt herself tense up, expecting the pain of a chemical burn. But the pain never came. Instead, she felt a slight warming sensation, which did not build into anything burning or uncomfortable. She felt some tingling in her breasts, and in her nipples, and, as she looked down her top and underneath her bra, she saw that her nipples were hard, with the skin of her areola puckering up. It almost felt…good…and certainly not what she had expected to feel.

‘Still though,’ she thought, ‘I should get on home quickly and take that shower.’

She felt her c-cup breasts jiggling slightly up and down as she hurried home. Sophie wasn’t sure if it was because they were wet, or whether she was moving quickly, or what…but she did notice that by the time she had gotten home, the warmth had spread all the way across her breasts, and was beginning to tingle pleasantly.

“What happened to you?” came Mike’s sluggish voice as she came in through the door. Sophie had to stifle her irritation — she didn’t know why she always managed to convince herself that Mike was going to do anything about dinner. He sounded drunk already.

“A truck carrying chemicals drove by and splashed me,” she explained shortly, taking off her blouse and tossing it into the laundry.

“You…uh, ok?” he asked mildly.

“I’m fine,” Sophie replied, now reaching back to loosen her bra. “Just…it’s been a long day. One thing after the other, you know?”

Mike shrugged and kept drinking his beer, turning back to the TV. But just then, Jason came around the corner and his mouth dropped open. Sophie sighed and stopped taking her bra off, making her way towards the bathroom instead.

“Sophie’s doing a striptease!?” he burst out laughing. “Hold on, I wanna film this!”

“Jason, no…will you…will you just quit it!?” huffed Sophie, hustling off to avoid her stepson’s irreverent jokes. “I got splashed by some chemicals on the way home and I’m just trying to take a shower in peace, ok?”

“Huh…maybe you’ll get superpowers,” chuckled Jason, ignoring his stepmother’s wishes and filming her as she rushed off. “Maybe you’ll actually be able to cook a good meal for once…like mom used to.”

Sophie tried to ignore the stinging, hurtful comment, but as she stood in the shower a few minutes later, feeling the hot water running down her body, it was hard not to feel angry at Jason’s meanness. He was just a teenager, yes, but he had learned that kind of callous disregard for others from his father…his lazy, sullen father…and, of course, from other male members from Mike’s side of the family. And as usual, she was the one stuck with feeling bad, feeling guilty…SHE was the one who was expected to keep the household afloat with her crappy job. SHE was the one who was supposed to cook and clean. None of the men did anything in this family! And it was all just part of a larger pattern that Sophie had seen in the wider world. She worked so hard at school, far harder than many of her male co-workers, and yet THEY were the ones who had higher positions than her! The principal was some ex-frat boy who had connections high up in the state's Department of Education. The men had all the power…it was just men, men, men…and yet they all depended on women like HER to do all the work.

“Just once,” she muttered to herself out loud, gritting her teeth as the water cascaded over body, washing the purple chemical off, “Just ONCE I wish I could just…shrink all these men down into the little boys they REALLY are…so I could dominate THEM for a change, and show them what whining, sniveling, pathetic little babies they really are!”

Sophie was glad the sound of the shower was drowning out her angry mutterings — she rarely allowed herself to get this outwardly upset, but Mike’s indifference to her getting splashed, combined with Jason’s nasty comment, had just pushed her over the edge.

“You know what?” she whispered to herself, “They can figure out dinner by themselves. I’m going to make something for myself and then just go to bed early.”

Sophie was true to her promise, and despite Jason’s whining, she didn’t make any dinner that night. Instead, she just made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ate it quickly, and then hustled herself off to bed, determined to turn over a new leaf the next day. She had trouble falling asleep, though. The strange licorice scent of the purple chemical still lingered, and the warm tingling in her breasts had not gone away, even after she had washed herself off in the shower. If anything, it had intensified a bit, and when Sophie felt her breasts up in the dark, she found that her nipples were still hard. The touch from her hand exacerbated the tingling, which now seemed to go straight down to her pussy, like a line of electricity. She thought about masturbating, but decided against it after she reminded herself that Mike might walk in on her and expect sex. An hour later, she finally managed to drift off into an uneasy sleep, hoping that the next day would somehow be easier.

It wasn’t easier, though, because Sophie found herself waking up the next morning with a sore chest. Exhaling out in frustration, she turned over in bed, and found that Mike wasn’t there.

‘Must’ve passed out drunk on the sofa again,’ she thought ruefully. She sat up in bed and immediately, with a start, she realized the source of her discomfort. Her nightshirt was stretched tightly across her chest, to the extent that it had confined her breasts uncomfortably all night long. Sophie sat there, puzzled in the midst of her grogginess, before she finally understood what was going on. Her shirt hadn’t been this tight the night before — her breasts had…gotten bigger…during the night!

“But no, that’s…that’s just not possible,” she said to herself, out loud. A moment later she was on her feet with her shirt off, standing in front of the mirror. There wasn’t any doubt: her breasts definitely looked bigger. There was even a slightly-darkened vein, which Sophie hadn’t noticed before, snaking down the side of her right breast. She cupped them both in her hand and squeezed them slightly. They were both slightly tender, but now that she had taken her constricting shirt off, they weren’t quite as sore. Her nipples also looked bigger, and they poked out, proudly erect in the early morning air. The areola looked a little darker, and more expansive.

Frowning slightly, Sophie went to her drawer, pulled out a bra, and put it on. There could be no denying it now — her regular c-cup bra pulled at her breasts tightly, constricting them uncomfortably.

“Well THIS is just great!” she exclaimed sarcastically, fuming at her own reflection. Her tits had grown so big that they actually spilled slightly over her bra. She could feel her erect nipples pressing uncomfortably into the harder fabric of her bra’s cups, and a moment later she had taken the whole thing off and thrown it into the corner of her bedroom.

“No way that’s gonna work,” she muttered to herself. “I’ve gotta have some that are bigger than that one…surely…”

Fortunately, Sophie was able to at least find a bra that didn’t immediately cause discomfort, but when she put on her blouse top, there was no way of concealing the fact that her breasts had grown at least an entire cup size. For the next thirty minutes, she was on auto-pilot getting ready for school, but in the back of her mind, she knew that her sudden and unexplained breast growth had something to do with getting splashed with those weird purple chemicals. She would have been more worried about the health implications if she hadn’t needed to rush around so quickly. She breezed past Mike, who had indeed passed out drunk on the couch. Jason’s bedroom door was closed; Sophie didn’t know whether or not he was already awake, and she was about to knock pleasantly on his door before she stopped herself.

‘Wait!’ she thought with abrupt aggression, ‘What am I doing!? He’s 18! If he can’t get himself up for school, then he can suffer the consequences of being late. It’s not my problem. I’m done trying to hold that spoiled little brat’s hand. From now on, he’s gonna have to earn my respect.’

Sophie knew that she had been through this mental trajectory before, so she couldn’t feel too good about her resolve right now. But something felt different about this morning…other than, of course, the fact that her breasts had gotten bigger. Maybe it had been Jason’s mean comment the night before…maybe it had been Mike not even bothering to come to bed for the hundredth time, passing out on the sofa…maybe it was a combination of the two…or maybe it was something else. In any case, Sophie Hanson felt like she had come to the end of her rope, and she really, REALLY didn’t feel like putting up with any shit ANY MORE.

The rest of the day passed by quicker than Sophie was accustomed to. She certainly felt a little more “in control” than she generally did, although she had to put up with stray little comments here and there behind her back about her breasts.

“D’ja see Ms. Hanson’s rack!?” she heard Jake whisper to one of his friends. “Was it always that big??”

She had felt a surge of arousal go through her loins upon hearing this, but she had also felt a paradoxical flare of anger as well. These little boys, ogling her breasts! They should know better! Of course, she mentally acknowledged the hypocrisy of her outrage, since she fantasized about Jake and others like him all the time. But at least she had the decency to keep her thoughts to herself, right!?

By the end of the day, Sophie’s bra had gotten so tight that she ended up jogging straight home, hopping in the car, and going straight to the store to buy herself some new bras and tops. She found that her breasts had indeed ballooned, all the way up to 36DDs, with a 40-inch cup size.

“Jesus…Christ,” she murmured, looking at herself in the mirror and cupping her large breasts. Once again, she knew that she should feel more worried about the health implications of those chemicals, but she felt fine. Her breasts were still feeling warm and tingly, almost like they were going through their own little “hot flashes” every half-hour or so. Her nipples were definitely more sensitive, and she could feel something going on inside her breasts, directly behind her nipples…perhaps in her milk glands, maybe!? She couldn’t really tell. But whatever it was, it didn’t actually feel bad. And in any case, she had found some clothes and bras that fit her now. So whatever those chemicals were, they had obviously affected her hormones or something, and caused her breasts to grow a little. That was all — there wasn’t really anything to be concerned about.

At least, that’s what Sophie kept telling herself. But as the rest of the week went by, she quickly found that her initial assumptions had been quite mistaken, to say the least. Her breasts hadn’t stopped at 36DD — they had just kept growing and growing, steadily, every day. Sometimes they didn’t seem to grow at all for a few hours, and then, in the span of less than 20 minutes, they would grow and expand so much that Sophie actually had to excuse herself from class and go into the bathroom, anxiously checking herself in the mirror. More generally, though, the growth was more gradual. But it didn’t really matter — to Sophie, either way, it was terribly inconvenient. As the days went by, the stares and comments from the students became more pronounced and more obvious, to the point where, by the end of the week, she was utterly unable to keep her classes under control.

“So if you’ll all just glance down at page 46,” she had said, “At the map of the early Roman Repub—”

“How can we look at maps when those knockers are staring at us straight in the face?” interrupted Jake rudely.

“Now Jake! Really!” Sophie had exclaimed, her face reddening in embarrassment. “That’s no way to talk to your teacher, even if I’m just a substitute!”

“Well that’s no way to dress!” laughed Spencer, joining in.

“Even if you ARE just a “substitute teacher,”” DeShaun added, shaking with laughter.

“Haha come on Ms. Hanson!” teased Logan, “Why’d you get a boob job! Haha, we liked your tits just fine the way they were before!”

The classroom rang with laughter, and Sophie’s face was now completely red. They were all laughing at her, all the boys she fantasized about, along with everyone else.

“I didn’t get a BOOB JOB!” she yelled at them over the din of laughter, grabbing her breasts and shaking them at them angrily. “I got splashed with…I don’t know WHAT’S going on!! The best YOU all can do is have a little RESPECT!!”

But they didn’t, and Sophie had become so distraught that she had ended up crying on the way home. She had cried to herself numerous times in private the past few years, but each of these times, it had been “sad crying.” Right now, she was just angry. She was so angry, in fact, that she didn’t even notice the two little wet spots that had started growing on her top, right where her nipples were. By this time, Sophie had gotten a bit accustomed to her nipples being erect and sensitive all the time, and in any case, she would have needed to arch her head forward to even see her nipples. Her breasts had swelled to 36Fs, with a 46-inch cup size.

When Sophie came in through the door, she hadn’t even bothered wiping her eyes. Mike hadn’t started his afternoon drinking yet, and so he actually sat up on the sofa as she walked in.

“Uh babe…? What’s…what’s wrong?” he asked.

“All the fucking bullshit at school,” she muttered, in no mood to have it out with him. She just wanted to light some candles and take a bath.

“Um, honey?” ventured Mike, a little uneasily.

“WHAT!?” she shouted, putting her hands on her hips and turning to him aggressively. “What is it, Mike?! I’ve had a hard day and I just want to be alone right now!”

“It’s just that…your nipples…” Mike said, putting his hands up in surrender, even as he pointed at them. “They’re wet. You’re…lactating, Sophie.”

Sophie blinked at him blankly for a moment, and then grabbed her breasts and pulled them up towards her face. It was true. Two dark patches had been growing at her nipples, bleeding through her large white top. And the “lactation,” whatever it was, was green.

“What…the fuck?!” Sophie exclaimed. In her anger, she had whirled around and, in facing her husband, had unwittingly thrust her tits very close to his face. She still didn’t have a good sense of their size anymore, since they were always growing.

“Babe,” came Mike’s voice. Except now it was different. It wasn’t laconic and lazy, like he usually sounded. It was tight and focused…energetic almost. Sophie turned down to look at him and saw that his eyes had gone wide, and were fixated on her breasts. A lust burned in his eyes unlike anything she had seen in years. She felt her anger evaporate as the warm tingling in her breasts again reached down to her pussy.

“Babe,” Mike said again, this time with even more energy, “Your tits…oh my god…” He looked up at her, open-mouthed. His eyes were almost glazed over; Sophie saw that he actually had an erection pushing through his jeans.

“Yeah?” Sophie heard herself say. She was suddenly feeling very hot…very sexy. Her face was flushed. The energy of her anger had been diverted, all because Mike was looking at her like he had never looked at her before.

“They’re the hottest things I’ve ever seen,” he breathed, reaching for them.

“Ooo, you LIKE them, huh?” smirked Sophie, backing away out of his reach. She wanted to keep teasing him…playing with him. They hadn’t had sex in months, and yet here they were, flirting intensely. Sophie felt a surge of power course through her, and she felt inspired to wield it over her husband. She was so turned-on, and yet that didn’t stop her from taking the opportunity to needle him. He had been such a useless baby for so long. Now maybe she could get him to act like one.

“You WANT them, you little baby?” she teased, backing away toward the bedroom. Mike got up off the sofa, still glassy-eyed, and stumbled toward her. Sophie heard herself laughing, feeling totally in control:

“You wanna SUCK on them?”

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Chapter 2 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 2

“Y-yeah…” breathed Mike, still stumbling towards his wife, who was cupping her gigantic 36F tits in her hands, bouncing them up and down, up and down, in a playful and sexy display of incredible bouncing femininity. “Yeah, I…I wanna suck on them!”

“Ooooo!” laughed Sophie, backing up alluringly, “Looks like you’re gonna have to work for it Mike! Don’t think that you can just lie around on that grungy sofa for months and then just pop up when my tits get huge!”

It was almost surreal to Sophie, hearing herself say these words. Where was all this sassy, confident energy coming from!? It wasn’t like her to tease her husband, or anyone for that matter. She was an empathetic, kind, down-to-earth person, and before she would have never dreamed of pulling off such a lascivious roleplay. But the fact was that she really did feel different. It wasn’t just the fact that her breasts had expanded an astounding amount ever since that truck had splashed her with those purple chemicals. The last few days had been pure hell at school, with all those troublesome (but sexy!) boys giving her all the trouble she could handle. But for some reason, as soon as she had seen Mike’s eyes go glassy and unfocused as he gawked at her breasts, something had switched on in her brain…something that had not been “on” ever before. She felt powerful now — she felt like she was in control, like she was the one who was calling the shots for once.

‘It’s like what I’ve always dreamed of!’ she thought to herself excitedly, as she continued backing up around the room, teasing Mike with every shake and shiver of those weighty, gargantuan milk-jugs she was now sporting. ‘Maybe this whole chemical accident is actually playing in my favor!’ Although she didn’t yet know what exactly was going on in Mike’s head, she could already tell that her giant breasts were exerting some kind of significant influence over him…and she was going to milk the experience — literally and figuratively — as much as she could. For the first time in her life, Sophie felt greedy…for power.

“C’mon Sophie!” pleaded Mike, now holding out his hands, beseeching her to stop playing with him, “Please…please let me just…j-just touch them!”

“Ohhhhh what a surprise!” laughed Sophie sardonically, shaking her head at him as she kept backing up, backing up, mercilessly teasing him, “What’s the matter, Mike? You couldn’t be bothered to get up and make me dinner while I was slaving away at that awful school! You couldn’t trouble yourself to get Jason to do his homework, or to do any of his chores around the house, but as soon as I walk in with my biiiiiig fat rack, all of a sudden you’re begging and pleading with me. Hahahaha, wow, how pathetic!”

Sophie knew that her humiliating language was masking the genuine pleasure she was taking in seeing her husband actually paying attention to her. She was aware that the value of his attention was probably only skin-deep, and stopped where her tits ended. But she had been so starved for attention and affection all these months and years that now, anything felt good.

Partially because she realized the hollowness of his attention, and partially from starting to feel a little guilty that she was humiliating him, Sophie finally stopped backing up, and allowed Mike to stumble forward into her huge breasts. At 5’11, Mike was a good deal taller than Sophie’s 5’6, which made it all the more ridiculous how he had basically plowed into the middle of her tits. Sophie started laughing, and proceeded to cup her breasts again in her hands, smacking them into the sides of his face simultaneously, sending lively ripples through her voluminous flesh.

“Bullseye!” laughed Sophie, playfully bouncing her husband’s face back and forth with her tits, essentially performing a “reverse-motorboat.” In stumbling into her, Mike’s momentum had shoved Sophie up against the living room wall. Normally she would have felt claustrophobic, but right now she felt like she was in complete control, savoring every moment of this strange reaction from her husband.

“Sophie…” begged Mike, finally surfacing up from her F-cups and placing two of his shaking hands against the milk stains on her shirt. “Please…please let me…let me…”

“Let you suck on my tits, big boy?” she cut in, tilting her head to look down on him. Mike was basically crumpled into her breasts, and wasn’t standing up straight at all. His chin was directly in her cleavage, as his pleading face stared straight up into hers. From the forceful, vigorous way he was nodding his head in response to her question, Sophie could tell that his plea was in earnest. She thought about teasing him some more, and withholding the privilege, but she remembered how she had been lactating that strange green stuff a little while before.

‘Oh it’s gonna be hilarious to see how he reacts to that!’ she thought to herself, with a little savage humor. ‘He won’t be expecting that…haha, and he’ll probably have a coughing fit and freak out…ohhhh boy this is going to be rich!’

“Ooook then, little baby!” she cooed, puckering her lips down at Mike as she enticingly slid her left tit out of her extremely tight top. Everything had been so tightly constricted that, upon being freed, her breast literally bounced out, smacking Mike in the face, briefly dazing him.

“Whooops!” exclaimed Sophie, shaking with laughter, “Guess she got away from me a little there!” She managed to wrangle her tit under control and then, with deliberate cadence, she pinched her fat nipple between her thumb and forefinger and guided it towards Mike’s mouth. The flesh of her breast seemed to ripple in response, and Sophie felt an unmistakable roiling deep within — it was like her tit was gearing itself up to be sucked, and whatever reservoir of liquid inside was beginning to bubble and boil with anticipation. Whatever it was, it felt absolutely amazing, and Sophie let out an involuntary exhale of arousal and excitement. The sheer craziness of what was actually going on couldn’t have mattered less to her — all that mattered right now was that she was reveling in her control of the situation.

She pinched her nipple harder, and a small trickle of dark green milk oozed out. For the first time, Sophie noticed that the mysterious green milk had a distinctive smell…it was light and sweet, almost like condensed milk. It smelled so good that she almost thought of trying some herself, but she kept herself fixed on the task at hand: breastfeeding her pathetic, sniveling husband, who now looked like he was out of his mind with arousal. It was odd — Sophie had expected him to recoil in horror, or at least back up in surprise, when he saw the green lactation. But far from doing either of those, he looked more transported than ever.

“Oh my god…” he breathed, “Oh my god…”

“Yeah?” grinned Sophie, cocking her eyebrow down at him, “You want some? Huh? Then HERE, HAVE some!”

With swift and forceful movement, she reached behind his head and pulled it toward her chest, and with her other hand, she guided her oozing nipple directly into his mouth. Immediately, like they were magnetically drawn to the source, Mike’s lips latched around her nipple and started sucking. Sophie felt her eyes roll back into her head as she sucked in her breath sharply, releasing it out again a few moments later in a lusty blow, right over the top of her husband’s head, ruffling his hair. It felt sooooo good, so unimaginably good, to have her tit sucked like that. Her nipples had always been sensitive, but whatever was happening right now was on a completely different plain of pleasure from anything she had ever experienced. It felt like there were searing hot waves of bliss emanating directly from the milk ducts behind her nipples, coursing through the rest of her body, going straight down to her loins and lighting them on fire with electricity. She breathed in and out harshly as she squeezed Mike’s head to her chest harder, her knuckles going white from the intensity of the pleasure. She looked down and saw that Mike’s eyes were closed, and his lips were desperately puckered, just sucking, sucking away. Sophie could feel the milk leaving through her nipple — the pleasure of the fluid being sucked through was incredible. It was a feeling she had been waiting to have all her life.

Very quickly, the pleasure became almost unbearable, and Sophie felt herself starting to orgasm . Her legs shook, her hands went numb, and a cold, damp sweat immediately broke out across her brow. Her pussy was spasming between her legs, without her even having to stimulate anything. It was an amazing feeling, but all a bit too much.

“Ok…” she panted, gearing up her momentum and starting to push her husband off her, “Ok…Mike…ok, enough…just let me…give me a second here, haha…”

It was easy for Sophie to laugh at herself, especially when she had just experienced the most intense sexual pleasure of her entire life…and it had been through breastfeeding Mike!? Such a ridiculous scenario deserved a laugh, for sure. But a few moments later, Sophie felt her smile dropping away from her face. Something was happening to Mike. He had stumbled back a couple paces after she had pushed him away, but as he righted himself and rose up to his full height, Sophie could see that he looked noticeably shorter. She peered forward, feeling her brow furrow in shock…no, there was no mistaking it. Mike HAD gotten shorter…and he was continuing to GET shorter! Already his head was just an inch or two above hers, and, as he began to realize what was happening, his eyes went wide in horror. Sophie was treated to the surreal sight of her terror-stricken husband staring wide-eyed at her as their eyes met, and then slowly but steadily, inch by inch, his gaze dropped below hers. Within ten seconds, she was staring straight into the top of his head, and within twenty, his face was exactly even with her monstrous tits.

“Wh-wha…what th-the fuck!?!” cried Mike. His face had gone completely white. The powerful sexual spell that he had previously been under seemed, for the moment at least, to have been temporarily broken. He staggered backward a couple paces, putting his hands up in between himself and Sophia, in a gesture of defense. But his defense was futile; the damage had already been done. Sophia watched in amazement as her husband continued to shrink before her eyes, and it wasn’t until he was staring into her upper stomach that the swindling process ceased.

For a few long, silent moments, neither of them said anything. They just stood there, stock-still, staring at each other. Sophie could barely believe how small and weak her husband looked — he had gotten so tiny he was almost to the point of having shrunk completely out of his clothes. As it was, he was now standing in the midst of a heaping mass of clothes that used to fit him. His hands and feet were completely swallowed up by his sleeves and pant-legs, and his narrow little shoulders looked like they were barely able to do the job of keeping the shirt on his back. Mike looked around, dazed and horrified, and then averted his incredulous glance back up to his wife. At this point, Sophie couldn’t hold it in anymore. Her hand shot up to her mouth, covering it, as her huge, veiny tits started jiggling and shaking with laughter.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, her eyes going wide with gleeful abandon, “You look absolutely RIDICULOUS, Mike!”

Sophie’s apparently unsympathetic comment seemed to have given Mike all he needed to assess the situation, and he turned awkwardly in his baggy clothes to try and start running away. But Sophie was already two steps ahead of him; as soon as she had seen him turn around, she had stepped forward powerfully. He didn’t even have a chance to take his first fleeing step, because Sophie had caught him from behind, wrangling him with a single arm. It was such an easy task for her now, manhandling her husband, that once again, Sophie wasn’t able to keep herself from laughing out loud.

“Ah ah ah! Just where do you think YOU’RE going!?” she demanded, shaking her chest behind his captive head. Her gargantuan breasts tumbled forward again, now bunching around on either side of his head, causing it to get lost in the middle.

“Uh-oh!” teased Sophie, her eyebrows going up, “Where’d he gooooo? Mike? Mike!? I can’t see you anywhere!” Again, she shook her chest back and forth, back and forth, as she looked down into the yawning crevice of her gigantic cleavage. She could just barely make her husband’s head out, somewhere far down there in the stifling darkness. It was just a tiny little thing compared to her enhanced milkers. As she continued tormenting her husband, Sophie really allowed herself to study her tits for the first time. Before, she had been desperate to avoid how big they were getting, but now, something inside her had changed. She WANTED to look at them…she WANTED to admire herself.

“God, look at those veins!” she exclaimed to herself out loud. “They’re so dark and thick…Jesus, are you seeing this, Mike!? Aha, oh wait, of course you’re not. There’s not much you can see right now, is there? Gosh, I bet it’s hard to breathe down there too, huh? Mike? I can’t really hear you. Speak up!”

She knew that her husband was trying to say something, but she kept him trapped in between her huge tits for a few more long and sweet seconds before finally letting him go. Mike staggered backwards, gasping for air, even as his wide terrified eyes seemed to travel, on their own accord, straight back up to Sophie’s exposed nipple, which was now completely hard and protruding a couple inches from her globe-like breast. The areola around her nipple was all dotted and hard as well, indicating how aroused she was.

“Gggaahh…S-Sophie!!” sputtered Mike, backing away in retreat, “Wh-what happened to me!?”

“Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?” responded Sophie immediately, putting her hands on her hips as she matched his retreat with an advance of her own. It wasn’t long before Mike had managed to corner himself at the other end of the living room, with Sophie’s shadow now looming over him.

“My huuuuuge milk jugs clearly have been getting bigger and bigger…all because of that chemical spill a few days ago that you were soooooo concerned about….and now, it turns out that whenever anyone drinks my milk, it causes a reverse growth effect, and shrinks them down! Hahaha, so, ironically, you should have been worried, Mike…but not for me!”

“B-But…but you have to…have to find a way to…to —” stammered Mike, but Sophie cut him off with a swift wave of her hand.

“To what, Mike?” she snapped, “To grow you back again? Hahaha, weren’t YOU the one sniveling after me, begging to suck my tits!? But ohhhh no…I’m afraid I can’t reverse it, Mike. And honestly, I wouldn’t do it, even if I could. Just LOOK at you. This is a PERFECT metaphor for our marriage, for how things have gone between us. I’m the one who does all the hard work, who supports us, who cleans around the house, who cooks all the food, who at least TRIES to get that spoiled brat of a son of yours to do his homework…I do EVERYTHING, Mike! All you do is lie around on the couch drinking and watching TV…ahaha oh I’m sorry…occasionally you fiddle around with one of those pathetic “arts and crafts” gigs you’ve got going on, but aside from that? You’re useless, Mike. You’re absolutely useless. And now, what better way to display the true reality!? God you’re tiny…and you look weak too…Jesus this is crazy — I love it. Let’s measure you.”

“W-wait, no!” cried Mike, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Sophie forced him back against the wall, and made him stand up straight. She marked the tallest extent of his head with her hand.

“Ok,” she said commandingly, “Now go get the measuring tape from the kitchen drawer.”

“B-But Sophie, I —”

“GET it!” she barked at him, “Or do you want another dose?” She took her free hand and cupped her bare tit, bouncing it up and down, as the sloshing sound of the green milk inside washed out into the air. For a second, it looked like Mike might actually take her up on the threatening offer. His eyes had gone slightly unfocused again, and his mouth had opened just a little bit. Sophie saw, with a thrilling jolt in her loins, that he was drooling. But he seemed to shake it off, shutting his eyes and shaking his head a few times before submissively shuffling off to do as his wife had ordered. Sophie stood there, reveling in the power of ordering her shrunken husband around. It was all so new, such a new sensation and feeling, being in control like this…and she felt like she could definitely get used to it.

A few moments later, Mike returned, grasping the tape measure. Sophie bent down, snatched it away from him, and proceeded to measure from the floor up to where her hand was. Even on her knees, the height comparison between herself and her husband was incredible — the top of Mike’s head still only came up to her eyes!

“Holy shit!” she cried, gasping out delightedly. She turned open-mouthed toward him, pointing at the measurement. “You’re 4-foot-flat, Mike! You just shrank like TWO FEET!”

Mike mouthed words like a fish out of water, but no sound came out. Sophie used his dumbfounded silence as an opportunity to rise up once more to her full height, towering over him completely. What happened next wasn’t planned or considered — it was done on sheer, power-hungry instinct. Sophie reached down around her waist, fastened her fingers around her top, and, with one long, swift motion, whipped the whole thing off her torso, leaving only her black bra hugging her frame, desperately clinging to life as it tried to contain her massive mammaries. Mike’s face went ashen again, even if the lustful light in his eyes was ignited again. There seemed to be two mighty forces tugging at him: the first, screaming at him to run, to get away, and the second begging him, imploring him, to suck again from those huge, gorgeous tits.

Sophie knew exactly what was going on, and, with slow, torturous languor, she reached behind her back, all the while keeping her dominant gaze fixed down on her hapless husband, and then undid her bra. It immediately fell away from her, and her tits jumped out crazily, bouncing, jiggling, and gyrating in their newfound freedom. Each of them was a couple times bigger than Mike’s entire head, with dark, thick veins running through them in all directions, the blood feeding their size and power. Both areolas were flushed bright pink with her arousal, and the innumerable bumps around indicated how firm and hard her nipples were, 2-inch peaks of firm flesh still oozing that sweet-smelling, entrancing green milk.

“Now listen here, you shrunken pathetic little excuse for a husband,” began Sophie harshly, putting her hands on her hips and swaying her body this way and that, so her eye-popping tits swung to and fro, twin megaliths to her emerging power, “I’ve put up with your shit for long enough. There are gonna be some changes around here, you understand?”

Silently, Mike nodded. What else was there he could do? If she had wanted to, she could have snapped him in two like a twig. But perhaps even more frighteningly, she could have force-fed him more of that terrible milk (even though it smelled and tasted divine). Mike knew something was going on in his head; he desperately wanted another taste, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off Sophie’s nipples (which he had to look slightly UP at to see). But after shrinking that much, he had the wherewithal to know that he needed to resist, at least while he could. He desperately wanted more of Sophie’s green milk, but even more than that, he wanted to avoid getting smaller.

“Starting with this,” Sophie continued. “You’re gonna become my little house-husband bitch. Understand? You’re gonna cook for me. You’re gonna cook for me. You’re gonna clean. You’re gonna do WHATEVER I ask you to do, WHENEVER I ask you to do it, no questions asked. Or else…” — and here she grinned mischievously down at him — “I’ll shrink you again.”

“O-ok!” cried Mike, nodding his head again vigorously.

“You good with that?” laughed Sophie, gathering her gigantic tits in her arms and jiggling them crazily. “You good with being my little bitch slut of a house-husband? A milk-addicted, shrunken little servant who does whatever his big-tit wife tells him to do?”

“Y-Yes!” exclaimed Mike.

“Eeeexxxcelent!” laughed Sophie, clapping her hands loudly. “Well…off you go then, you little milk slut! There’s a kitchen to be cleaned! And I better not see even one speck of food in that sink, or else…”

Mike scurried off to obey her, and Sophie sighed out in thrilled amazement to herself, blinking a few times into space, before settling herself down on the sofa, propping her feet up with some pillows as she continued to play with her enormous mammaries. They were still leaking some milk, but it had slowed down a bit. Sophie could have purred with pleasure. So her milk actually SHRANK people who drank it!? An hour before, she had been absolutely miserable, totally dejected by the prospect of continuing to teach all those horrible kids at school. It hadn’t mattered that she was so attracted to a number of them — they had all been so ruthless, so mean to her.

But now…now everything was different. Sophie couldn’t wait until Jason got home. He’d get a literal taste of what was to come. And then the following day at school? Sophie broke out in goosebumps thinking of all the gloriously dirty possibilities that awaited her.

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Chapter 3 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 3

It wasn’t long before Jason got home, dragging his feet as usual after wasting away his after-school hours fraternizing with his lazy crew of friends who weren’t involved in any extracurricular activities and who never, ever did their homework. Sophie had been urging Jason for years to find a different crowd to hang out with, but her good-intentioned urgings had always fallen on deaf ears. Jason wasn’t going to listen to anyone, most particularly his stepmother.

But this afternoon, it didn’t matter what his intentions were or not. When he walked into the living room through the front door, he immediately noticed a number of things that were conspicuously out of place. For one thing, his dad wasn’t lounging on the sofa like he usually was…in fact, Mike was nowhere to be seen. In his place, though, was an absolute bombshell MILF with some of the biggest tits he had ever seen. And she was showing them off too, only wearing a skimpy black bra that barely seemed to be able to contain them.

Jason instantly felt himself become excited. He figured that somehow his dad had managed to score some banging pussy, maybe one of his customers from his business or something…and his mind quickly jumped to Sophie and how pissed she would be to find this bombshell in her house. Jason was on the verge of laughing at the thought when his eyes happened to travel up to the woman’s face. He froze in place. This “bombshell MILF” was actually his stepmother! It was Sophie herself lounging there on the sofa, drinking a beer, with her feet propped up like she owned the place. What on earth was going on!? And what had happened to her tits??

“Boy oh boy,” began Sophie, grinning up at her stepson as she squeezed her vast, veiny breasts together simply by inverting her shoulders slightly, “The prodigal son returns at last! I’ve been waiting for you, Jason.”

“Y-You…you have?” he stammered. He had noticed that Sophie’s nipples were protruding out of her bra to a ridiculous extent — like over an inch — and that the area all around them was noticeably darker. Was she…was she lactating!? Jason didn’t realize it yet, but his eyes had started to become unfocused, and his mouth was slightly open, beginning to drool.

“Ohhhhh yes,” declared Sophie. She crushed the empty beer can in her hand and sat up. Mere moments later, in response to the sound of the crushing can, Mike appeared, dressed in an oversized apron, shuffling his feet submissively with his head bowed low. Most jarring of all, though, was the fact that Mike was only 4 feet tall. The shock of this image managed to briefly snap Jason out of his trance, and he stepped towards his father with concern etched all across his face.

“Dad!?” he ventured. “Dad…wh-what…what happened to you!?”

“Why are you asking him, Jason?” laughed Sophie. She sat up on the sofa, and her F-cups bounced and boinged in response to her sudden movement. Even though he had just received the shock of seeing his father as a shrunken husk of a man, Jason couldn’t help drooling again as his eyes glazed over once more. The pull of what was inside those glorious milkers was too powerful to overcome.

“Yeeeeeah, that’s what I thought,” jeered Sophie. She was bouncing her giant tits up and down now, gyrating their veiny bulk in a lewd cascade of impossibly-enticing flesh. “Your pathetic daddy couldn’t resist these mommas right here, and it’s sooooo obvious that you can’t either. And so I’ll tell you right now Jason: Mike shrunk down two whole feet because he just HAD to have a drink of my milk. Who knows what’ll happen to you. So how about it, Jason? Care for a taste? Wanna wrap your lips around one of my thiiiick, fat nipples? I know you want to…I can see it in your eyes. Cooommmme on Jason, coooooome on…come to your stepmomma, hahaha!”

Somewhere vaguely in the recalcitrant bastion of his brain, Jason knew that Sophie was teasing him, tormenting him with the awful predicament he had been thrust into. She was telling him exactly what was going to happen, and even though a tiny part of his mind cried out in warning, it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. He wanted her milk…he needed her milk. Even more so than Mike, Jason was powerless against its inexorable scent. The rich creaminess was bubbling up from deep within those veiny, swollen tits, calling to him, begging him to have a taste. And right then, he blinked, in a last brief moment of sanity, and found that he had stumbled forward, standing directly in front of his stepmother.

Sophie saw his eyes flicker, and she didn’t give him the chance to think twice. Almost growling with aggression, she reached up behind Jason’s head and literally pulled it down into her breast. At the same time, she flicked her other hand against her strained black bra, freeing a nipple that seemed to explode out in relief at being set free. Jason’s eyes were completely glazed over now, and his mouth was sagging open in a desperate pucker.

“Thaaaaat’s right,” Sophie hummed, “Come in and get some, Jason. Drink up!”

Her engorged nipple stuffed into Jason’s mouth, making his cheeks expand a little as Sophie pulled him head straight down into the oceanic expanse of her soft tit flesh. At this point he wasn’t even resisting her; he was held completely captive by the desperate trance he was in…a trance that compelled him forward to drink her milk. Sophie held him to her breast, forcing his body down into a hunched position as she hummed at him, encouraging him to take long, deep gulps of the green milk that was now filling his mouth. Mike watched on, his head bowed, a miserable and pathetic 4-foot-tall servant to his wife…he could do nothing to protect his son, and he knew all too well what was about to happen.

“Come on Jason!” laughed Sophie. Her hand was gripping the back of her stepson’s head as she shook it back and forth, grinding his face farther down into the soft and voluminous expanse of her veiny breast. As Jason gulped down her milk, his veins bulged in his neck from the effort of swallowing, and Sophie marveled at how the veins in her breast were thicker and darker than those in Jason’s neck. Bit by bit, her power was growing, even now…and as her stepson continued to suck, Sophie felt greedier and greedier. She wanted to see this little brat get small.

“Suck harder!” demanded Sophie, as her eyes blazed with enjoyment. “Come on Jason! Do you really want it!? SHOW me!”

As she spoke, Sophie looked over to Mike and winked at him, shooting him a knowing grin in the process. It was like she was saying, ‘You’re going to watch your own son shrink before your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.’

Jason obeyed, sucking harder, as his throat expanded and contracted with every gulp. Sophie was eying his body expectantly, priming herself for the shrinking spurt that was bound to happen, and she didn’t have to wait much longer. Just a few seconds later, her grin widened and her eyebrow went up all in tandem — Jason had started shrinking! As she continued to hold his head to her breast, Sophie could feel him getting smaller, at first slowly, and then with marked and increased speed. Her heart beat faster and faster in excitement as she literally felt Jason dwindle in her grasp. He was completely oblivious, sucking away at her fat nipple like his life depended on it, his eyes shut tightly in urgent hunger as he sucked down his doom. In less than a minute, Jason wasn’t even hunched down anymore. Sophie was sitting up on the sofa, still holding him to her huge tit, except now, the top of Jason’s head only came up to her collarbone…when she was sitting down. His pants and underwear had loosened so much that they had fallen down to his ankles, crumpling around his tiny legs in a striking display of just how dramatically he had shrunk down.

“Alright, alright!” chuckled Sophie, pulling Jason’s head back suddenly, “Not TOO much, ok? Haha I don’t want you drinking down to a foot tall…or DO I…oh my god…Mike, are you seeing this!? Are you seeing just how tiny and puny your little son has become?”

Even though their dominant-submissive dynamic was only a few hours old, Mike knew better than to not answer her. Even though it pained him to participate in the humiliation of his son, he didn’t have any other choice. He had sucked himself into submission to his F-cup wife who now towered over him, and so he spoke in response:

“Y-Yes…he’s…y-you made him smaller…”

“Smaller!?” exclaimed Sophie, looking over at him incredulously, “You think “smaller” is enough to explain how pathetic Jason’s become now? LOOK at him, Mike! He’s mouth-level with my boob…while I’m sitting down!”

“H-He’s…m-much smaller,” nodded Mike, trying to display his vigorous agreement.

“You know what?” declared Sophie suddenly, “I think you two should stand back-to-back…just to see who’s the puniest! What a fun game! Come on, go, go! Turn around, Mike…theeeere we go Jason, haha! Welcome back to the world! I can see that your eyes are focused now. Stand with your back to your daddy.”

“Wh-whaa?” stammered Jason. His expression indicated that it was like he was waking up from a dream, so that he was utterly discombobulated, hardly knowing what was real and what wasn’t. But Sophie was going to enjoy snapping him out of his trance, and back into reality, so he could see just how far he had fallen.

“There we go…back-to-back,” she chuckled encouragingly, manipulating their shrunken bodies effortlessly with her big hands. Her eyes grew wide at the comparison.

“Oh…my…GOD!” she burst out in mocking, mirthful laughter, “JASON! Hahaha I thought your daddy was small…but look at YOU!”

The top of Jason’s head only came up to his father’s shoulders, and since Mike was now a mere 4’0 even, Sophie was thrilled to see how much her green milk had shrunk her stepson. Jason’s incredulous open mouth was still smeared with the thick, vibrant green remnants of Sophie’s milk, and from the expression on his face, she could tell that he seemed to be struggling to understand what exactly was going on.

“Mmmmm boy you have no idea what just happened, do you?” she cooed at him, fixing her eyes on his face as she slowly rose up off the sofa, until she was towering over them both. She put her hands on her hips in an imperious, dominant pose, as her shadow completely engulfed the two subservient males. Mike’s head only reached the underside of her monstrous breasts, and he was staring straight forward into the middle of her stomach. But Sophie was drinking in the reality of Jason’s tininess now — the top of HIS head only reached her hips! His eyes were even with her vagina, which was becoming wetter and wetter as she surveyed the extent of her power over these two miserably shrunken men.

“Whhaaa…n-no…no! What happened to me!? Jason managed to croak out, as his little head averted upward to see Sophie’s titanic globes hanging far up over his head, in the sky of his vision.

“Take a gander, Jason,” purred Sophie. She still had her hands on her hips, but now she was slowly swiveling herself left and right, left and right, so those colossal orbs wavered and wobbled back and forth. They brushed the top of Mike’s head, but of course, they didn’t even touch Jason’s.

“You’re gonna need a stepladder if you wanna taste any more of my yuuuuuummmy yummy milk,” announced Sophie as she peered down over her breasts. “Hahaha look at you…you’re already on the verge of begging me for more.”

“N-No I’m n-not!” choked Jason, his eyes darting in panic around to his dad. They moved apart from each other and stared up at the breasts whose milk had now effectively enslaved them both. He seemed to have briefly snapped out of his milk-induced reverie, but he couldn’t deny that his stepmother was right. Even though he was reeling in horror from being shrunk down to the size of a child, and even though he hadn’t even begun to take in the reality of his father as a defeated submissive, the contents of those giant F-cups over his head was at the forefront of his mind.

“Ohhhh yes you are!” laughed Sophie. She made a show of snapping her skimpy bra back in place over her protruding nipples, and both Mike and Jason looked on in wretched desperation as the fabric in front of her nipples darkened. She was still lactating, even though no one was sucking on her.

“S-Sophie…” whispered Mike, again giving in to his primal need to have more milk, “Sophie…please…p-please let me ha—”

“What was that?” interrupted Sophie, sarcastically putting her hand up to her ear high up above them, “I could have sworn it was my 4-foot-tall pathetic little wimpy husband begging the alpha of the house for more of her milk when he hasn’t even finished cleaning up the kitchen. Is that what I’m hearing!?”

Mike quickly shuffled away to finish his chores, and Jason was left alone with her. He too was about to beg her for more when suddenly, she bent down, seized his chin in her huge hand, and jerked his head up towards her looming face.

“And I KNOW you weren’t about to beg me again,” she growled down at him in a savage whisper. “Ohhhh no, little boy. You’re gonna have to do a LOT for me until I let you have more. After all the shit I’ve put up with from you…the rotten attitude, the laziness, the hurtful comments…you’ve got a LONG way to go, Jason, before you get any more of theeeeese.”

She rubbed her fat tits together over his head, squeezing them together. Jason looked like he was about to cry.

“I’m…s-so sorry…r-really, I am! I j-just need —” he began, but again, Sophie interrupted.

“You NEED to clean your room,” she declared, standing back up to her full height so that she absolutely towered over him. “And the basement’s a mess…and the lawn needs to be mowed…and the tub needs to be cleaned…AND the whole house needs to be swept and dusted…hahaha, you get the idea. Once aallllll of those things are done, heheh, well, maybe I’ll think about it.”

Jason blinked up at her and started to move on Sophie’s litany of chores. He had forgotten, though, that his pants had fallen down during his shrink spurt, and he tripped over them, falling flat on his face.

“Hahahaha, what a way to begin,” mocked Sophie, relaxing back down into her lounging position on the couch, with her giant tits prominently displayed. “How about you start everything off by bringing me a beer from the fridge, huh?”

The rest of the day proceeded along like a dream for Sophie. She knew she had a stack of papers to grade, but all of the crazy drama around her accentuated, burgeoning breasts, and her intoxicating milk, had fueled an unprecedented confidence and swagger within her. She had never felt so free and untethered, so unrestrained — this was HER household now, and she was running it exactly as she saw fit: forcing the loser men to pull their weight for once. It was fitting, then, that Sophie celebrated her first hours of power and independence by lounging on the sofa, drinking beer and watching some of her favorite shows on TV, shows that she usually never had time to watch because she was so busy cooking, cleaning, and grading all those tiresome papers.

Everything had changed: SHE was the “man” of the house now, and Mike and Jason were her obsequious little servants, shuffling around dutifully, hoping all the while to get one more taste of her milk. Sophie finally let them both have a tiny bit more, shrinking Mike down to 3’6 and Jason all the way down to 3’0, but she didn’t want to give them too much. She was enjoying tormenting them with a little taste here and there…but she didn’t want to overdo it. Even though she knew she probably didn’t need to be worried about running out, Sophie wanted to make plenty sure that she had enough of her milk saved for tomorrow…for a choice few of her students.

The next morning, Sophie nearly caused four or five accidents as she sauntered down the sidewalk on the way to school. Her breasts had grown and expanded even larger overnight — they were now Size 36H, with a bust size of a staggering 48 inches. She had forced Mike to endure the humiliation of going to the nearby department store as soon as it opened and purchasing her a top and bra that actually fit. Even still, the store hadn’t had quite been able to accommodate her mind-boggling dimensions, so her huge veiny breasts were close to bursting out of her black bra and her half-buttoned white top as she strutted down the sidewalk. Barely hidden, Sophie’s areolas had darkened even more overnight, and the dotted tubercula areolae had grown even thicker and covered a more extensive area around her nipples. And as for her nipples themselves…well, Sophie hadn’t been able to help smirking as she squeezed her breasts into her bra and top — no amount of fabric was going to conceal the firm erections of her nipples, which were now nearly permanently rigid and ready to feed the exhilarative green milk to waiting mouths.

Sophie’s breasts felt incredibly full, to the point where she could hear her milk sloshing around in her massive mammaries with every swaggering step she took. By the time she reached the school, she had already begun to lactate from the sheer weight of her movements. She felt her skin rise up in goosebumps as she walked in through the front door; this school had been the source of so much toil and ridicule, so much strife and frustration, and now…NOW…she was going to change things. She was going to turn the tables on those boys, and she wasn’t going to waste any time doing it.

She began by accosting Jake in the hallway, before class had even started. She made a point to stroll suggestively by him and his group of friends, and all of them looked up as she passed. Their eyes went wide, and a few of them, including Jake, whistled.

“Oooooo, Ms. Hanson!” Jake exclaimed, “Didn’t we already tell you that your breasts were big enough yesterday!? Haha we loved them just the way they were!”

“Awww, what a poor little boy!” shot back Sophie sarcastically, putting her hands on her hips as she swayed her H-cups back and forth. “Did your mommy not breastfeed you enough, Jake? Is that why you’re paying so much attention to mine?”

Jake had not expected this kind of retort, and he was left momentarily stunned, blinking in silence. His friends didn’t seem to know what to say either. This kind of a comebacker was not in Sophie’s character. But as she watched the shocked expressions on their faces, Sophie felt power surging through her. Jake was gonna get her “unrestrained.” He was about to see who she really was…who she had truly become.

“I…m-my…uh…” Jake stammered, his cheeks blushing crimson as he struggled for a rejoinder. But even just seeing him blush was enough to inflame Sophie’s smoldering passions, and she interrupted him swiftly:

“Tell you what, Jake — I was out of line right there…sorry, long night…deadbeat husband struggling to do the chores I assigned to him…you get it, haha…lemme make it up to you — remember that extra credit I was talking about the other day for that test you all failed?”

“Uh…y-yeah…” replied Jake, confused. Sophie had stepped closer to him, close enough to where she could tell that the pheromones of her milk were beginning to have an effect. His eyes had slowly become unfocused, and she could see that his mouth had started slackening. Her loins began churning, right along with all the milk in her tits, which felt like it was starting to boil in expectation.

“Well I’ve already drawn up the assignment,” Sophie continued, stepping even closer and putting her hand on Jake’s shoulder (he shuddered in response…but Sophie knew it was a shudder of desire — his eyes had become firmly fixed on her protruding 2-inch nipples). “And it’s super easy. So why don’t you come with me to my classroom and you can be the first to see it, Jake? I promise it’ll result in…your overall improvement.”

“O-ok Ms. Hanson,” answered Jake immediately. His friends, who were not as close to Sophie, looked confused by his odd response, but Sophie wasn’t going to let them investigate. She took Jake by the hand and pulled him down the hall and into her classroom. She checked the clock; there was still 10 minutes to go before class started…more than enough time to embark on her milk-fueled quest for domination.

“Ok Jake,” she growled softly, locking the classroom door and whirling around (so that her tits wobbled insanely in her tight top), “Here’s the deal. You’re gonna give me what I want…and I’m gonna give you…what YOU want.”

At the last “YOU,” Sophie unbuttoned two buttons on her white top, which was all her H-cups needed to come bursting out of the white fabric. A moment later, Sophie had peeled back the black bra on her left breast, revealing her dark, enticing areola and the eye-popping erection of her 2-inch nipple. It was already leaking her thick green milk in anticipation. Jake’s eyes looked on desperately.

“Eyes up here Jake!” barked Sophie, reveling in her power. With effort, Jake managed to do so, and even though he was a full 6’0 tall, 6 inches taller than her, he certainly didn’t feel taller. His eyes betrayed a mixture of lust, desire, and desperate confusion. Clearly, he was conflicted inside. But Sophie loved it — and she was about to take him.

“You’re mine now, Jake,” she declared emphatically, nodding her head slowly as she advanced on him with her exposed breast. “I’ve GOT you…here…have a taste of my milk to celebrate your utter subservience to me. Drink up, Jake! Drink, drink…drrrriiinnnkkkkkk!”

Jake didn’t stand a chance. He had made a motion of resistance, but with Sophie’s giant milk-tinged nipple in his face, there was nothing he could do. His lips latched onto it, and for a solid 30 seconds she let him suckle at her teat, moaning at him and running her fingers through his hair as she encouraged him:

“Theeeere we go Jake…thaaaaat’s it…thaaaaaat’s right…drink it down…drink ME down, Jake…mmmmmm yeah, do you know I’ve been fantasizing about you sucking on my tits for ages, Jake? Do you know that I’ve dreamed about sucking that fat cock of yours in the parking lot? Hahaha, it’s a shame, really.”

She pushed his head off her breast, just to give him some time to appreciate what was about to happen.

“Wh-what’s a shame!?” asked Jake, now totally overcome with confusion, lust, fear, and all manner of other conflicting emotions. And then, all of a sudden, he started shrinking quickly in front of her. It all happened quite rapidly, faster than Mike and Jason had shrunk. Sophie wondered whether her milk was getting more potent. She looked on in aroused pleasure as Jake gaped up at her in shock, his dwindling face shrinking farther and farther down, until 30 seconds later, the shrinking spurt stopped. He was standing in a pile of his pants, weighed down by his ridiculously oversized shirt, his exposed cock pointing up at Sophie. He had shrunk down all the way to 3 feet — he was looking slightly UP at her vagina, which was raging lasciviously, all lubricated up, eager for more.

Sophie smirked and bent down, extending out her palm under his exposed erection. Proportionally, his cock was still “big,” but it was now no bigger than Sophie’s hand.

“THAT’S a shame,” she declared, nodding at his cock, before gripping it firmly and starting to jack it off. “You used to be a good 9 inches at least, Jake. Now you’re what? 6 tops? Hahaha, no matter — I’ll still enjoy taking whatever I want, won’t I?”

Right then, the bell for class rang. Jake looked up at her in abject terror. Sophie paused in jacking him off, briefly considering continuing her handjob regardless. But then she had a better idea. Grinning down at him, she let his cock go and rose up to her full height, buttoning her top back.

“Find your seat, little boy,” she ordered Jake. “The others are gonna be coming in any second now.”

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Chapter 4 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 4

Sophie took a deep breath as she assumed her position at the front of the class, standing in front of her desk as she leaned down on top of her knuckles. Jake was the only one in the class right now, looking pitifully small at 3’0 tall as he sat at his desk with a dazed expression, his mouth hanging open in disbelief at what had just happened to him. Sophie stuck her tongue into the inside of her cheek and gave him a smirking smile as she leaned into her desk, so that her 36H tits looked even bigger as they swung gently back and forth, back and forth, with every slight movement she made. She was teasing him, mocking him, and at the same time, from the gleaming twinkle in her eye, she was wordlessly conveying to her hapless, shrunken student that her fun with him had just begun.

A few seconds later, all the other students began filing into class, chattering amongst themselves. At first, all of them were unaware that Jake was even sitting at his desk, and the reason, of course, was because everyone’s eyes were glued to Sophie’s chest. Word had already spread around the school about Ms. Hanson’s ridiculous rack, and all the students, male and female alike, were ogling their teacher’s chest — for once, the school rumors proved to be true, and a hush fell on everyone as they took their seats, awestruck by the sheer size of Sophie’s breasts.

She watched them all come in confidently, making eye contact with all the boys she had secretly fantasized about for so long. There was Spencer, trailing in with his messy hair and backwards baseball cap, looking like a snack…she saw his eyes widen in shock, and felt a little twinge in her clit as she saw his mouth drop open in response to seeing her tits. She made eye contact with him, confidently holding his gaze until he blushed and was forced to look away.

‘Yeah, that’s right,’ she thought to herself. ‘Look down…look away…you’re not gonna be able to for much longer.’

She saw DeShaun and Logan come in, laughing and talking loudly as usual, like they owned the place, no doubt planning on walking all over Sophie during the lesson just like they usually did, along with Spencer and Jake. The second bell rang, and the two of them hadn’t sat down in their seats yet. Everyone else had, and in addition to gawking at Sophie, people had now spotted the 3’0 Jake and were whispering around to each other, pointing at him. One of the girls nearby was trying to ask him if he was ok, but Jake was still just looking up at Sophie, his eyes glassy, like he wasn’t even hearing the other girl at all.

“DeShaun!” called Sophie authoritatively, leaning even harder into her desk as she swung those massive mammaries back and forth with dynamic gusto, “Logan! That was the second bell — and you aren’t in your seats. You know what that means! Detention for both of you!”

The two young men hadn’t even been looking at Sophie, but now that she had addressed them this way, they turned to tell her off, and stopped dead in their tracks.

“Yeah?” chuckled Sophie, “You look like you were gonna say something, Logan. Something smart? Well, let’s have it. Please, share your supreme wit with the rest of the class.”

She straightened up and spread her arms wide, and in doing so, she allowed her breasts to fully expand out against her chest. It sounded like everyone in the class took a sharp breath in at the same time — they simply couldn’t believe how huge those tits had become, and the students at the front had started to notice the dark stains that were beginning to expand out in front of the huge nipples tenting the fabric of her top and bra.

“Oh, nothing from Logan?” asked Sophie, raising her eyebrow, “Well that’s a first. DeShaun? Anything you have to say?”

He shook his head, blinking blankly at Sophie’s gigantic rack. She wondered whether or not the pheromones, or whatever they were, were already having an effect, even from this distance. Sophie looked out across the class — everyone was staring at her (aside from the few who were gaping at Jake), and she could immediately tell a difference between the boys and the girls. All the young women had their eyes on her, yes, but their looks were more inquisitive, amazed, and confused…essentially exactly what was to be expected. But the young men (even the ones in the back) had altogether different expressions on their faces. They all looked like they were locked into some kind of titanic internal struggle, some more so than others. A few of the boys just looked conflicted and unsure, but most of them looked positively torn, like they were having to fight some terrible instinct that had awoken in them.

‘It’s getting even more powerful,’ Sophie thought, standing up to her full height and thrusting out her chest proudly as she watched Logan and DeShaun meekly take their seats. ‘And I haven’t even truly begun yet.’

A girl’s hand went up.

“Yes, Melanie?” Sophie said mildly, looking at her.

“Ms. Hanson…um…uh, wh-what…what happened to Jake?” Of course Melanie was going to be the one to ask that question. The straight-A goody-two-shoes always had to know what was going on.

“Well let’s just say that Jake got a little taste…of his own medicine,” Sophie chuckled, her eyebrows going up and down as she cupped her colossal breasts in her hands and shook them. They were so huge that they easily spilled over her hands; it would’ve taken four or five more pairs of hands to even begin to contain them.

“What does that mean?” Melanie blurted out.

“How about, instead of teaching the usual, boring way, by telling,” replied Sophie immediately, “I just show you instead, huh? How does that sound?”

Melanie just blinked, not reacting. Sophie had half a mind to go ahead and shrink the valedictorian right then and there, but she wasn’t even sure it worked on girls. Besides, she had much more intriguing prey in her sights. Coming around her desk, she began walking in between the rows of desks, giving her favorite boys lascivious glances, licking her lips down at them. As she expected, the boys began to go glassy-eyed, and a few of them even began to drool. Sophie was going to get to them, to use them, but she had something else to get to first. She finally stopped in front of Jake, who looked up at her helplessly, a hint of resistance in his eyes even as his mouth lolled open in a desperate plea for more of her milk.

“How fitting,” Sophie laughed, “That today’s class is about early Greek mythology. Who here knows who Eos is?”

“The Goddess of the Dawn!” called Melanie immediately, throwing up her hand.

“Very…good,” chuckled Sophie, shaking her head at Melanie’s eagerness to impress, even in this bizarre situation. “And who can tell me about her…heh, let’s call it her love life?”

“She came down into Troy and…w-well…and chased a young man named Tithonus,” answered Melanie, still with her hand in the air.

“Yes she did!” giggled Sophie. She was still looming over Jake’s desk, and her arousal had become so intense that her lactation was literally beginning to bleed through her top and drip down onto the floor. Everyone stared down at the green droplets, at a loss for what to say for different reasons. The girls were shocked at the unreality of it all, but the boys were utterly mesmerized. All of them were leaning forward in their desks, desperate for a taste.

“And what did Tithonus do?” continued Sophie, positively purring with lust as she juggled her breasts high above Jake, staring down at him. “Someone other than Melanie, please. One of the boys, maybe…how about you, Jake? Did you read the chapter I told you all to read? What did Tithonus do, hmmm?”

Jake was in no state to answer the question; he was panting from a mad desire, and only his last shreds of self-control prevented him from getting down on all fours and sucking up the droplets of Sophie’s green milk off the floor.

“H-He…he ran away from her,” answered Lucy in a small voice. She was the girl who sat next to Jake, who secretly had a crush on him, and who was horrified by what had happened to him.

“How sweet,” breathed Sophie down at her, “Little Miss Lucy, sticking up for her big hunky man, hahaha. Yes, that’s right! He RAN away from her. But of course she caught up to him, right? Why?”

“B-Because she was a goddess,” Lucy answered, her voice shaking, “And…a-and he was just a…a mortal.”

“Mmhmm!” nodded Sophie with exaggeration. “So the goddess just basically…TOOK what she wanted, right? No matter if the object of her desire WANTED her to, or NOT?”

Lucy nodded uneasily.

“Well then, how about I re-enact it, then?” laughed Sophie cheerfully. “I’m gonna make sure you all remember this lesson FOREVER. So let’s pretend little Jake here is Tithonus…and of course I’M Eos…and I’ve just caught up to him. What do I do, to show him and everyone else that he’s MINE and no one else’s!?”

Abruptly, Sophie bent down and whisked the hapless little Jake up out of his desk. His tiny legs dangled helplessly in the air as Sophie brought him to the front of the room.

“Now, I might take some…artistic liberties in this re-enactment,” chuckled Sophie, “But I trust my little skit here will encourage you all to use your imaginations, just like the Greeks did when they were crafting these myths.”

As she spoke, Sophie transferred Jake to one arm; he was so small that she had no problem holding him up. At the same time, she slowly backed into and sat down on top of her desk. With her free hand, she pulled her right breast out of her bra and top. It wasn’t an easy task, and it took a few long seconds of jostling and pulling. When she finally succeeded, her breast bounced out so magnificently that there was an audible gasp throughout the classroom. The girls put their hands over their mouths and the boys leaned forward, spellbound. Some flecks of her green milk had flown off her 2-inch erect nipple as her breast had bounced free, and immediately, two boys in the front row broke and crawled forward, licking it up off the floor. Almost instantly, they began to shrink, both of them getting smaller by an entire foot in a matter of seconds. But everyone else was too focused on Sophie and Jake to notice.

“Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology all have a tendency to…get their way,” intoned Sophie, shaking her naked breast at the class, and massaging it up against Jake’s little head. “One way…or another.” As she shook her breast, Sophie pinched her huge nipple in between her fingers, causing more of her green milk to spurt out onto the floor. More of the young men couldn’t take it anymore, and they broke and threw themselves down on the floor, prostrating themselves as they lapped up the green goodness. One by one, they all began to shrink, more and more and more. Sophie noticed, with some satisfaction, that Logan, Spencer, and DeShaun had all managed to stay in their seats.

‘Mmmmm, good,’ she thought, ‘They’re trying to fight it…it’ll make it aaaalll the sweeter when I break them individually myself.’

“Now, take little Jake here,” continued Sophie, addressing the class. “He might not look like much now, haha, but I’ve always thought he had a rockin’ body. Heheh, what do you think, Lucy? You agree with me?”

Lucy just sat there gaping, totally stunned.

“Mhmm, don’t think I don’t notice these things,” teased Sophie, winking at Lucy, before turning her attention back to Jake. She was guiding her nipple slowly towards his mouth, which was beginning to pucker up in uncontrolled anticipation for what was to come.

“I mean, he’s definitely not the hunk he used to be,” laughed Sophie, “But…you know…old habits die hard…and being the goddess that I am now, hahahaha…I want to just TAKE what’s MINE!”

“And the word “mine,” two things happened simultaneously. First, Sophie inserted her huge nipple into Jake’s little mouth, filling it completely, as her green milk began to flow copiously forth in response to Jake’s insistent sucking. Second, with a deft sweep of her hand, Sophie whisked off Jake’s pants and underwear, which had already been about to fall off anyway because they were so loose. The girl in the class gasped as Jake’s hard erection was exposed, but nothing could have prepared them for what came next. As Jake sucked desperately on her nipple, Sophie wrapped her hand around his hard little cock and began pumping it quickly up and down, up and down. She was openly masturbating him in front of the class, all while breastfeeding him and smiling slyly at the befuddlement the scene was causing. The boys looked up, some of them from the floor, and some of them from their desks, staring at the lurid scene with obvious envy. The girls apparently didn’t know what to think. They were staring wide-eyed, utterly perplexed and horrified, but too stunned or afraid to move.

“Mmmmm, that’s right Jake,” moaned Sophie, staring down deep into his eyes as she jerked him off and fed him her milk, “Drink it up, little guy…you’re already only 3 feet tall, and you’re just gonna keep getting smaller…but you don’t care, do you? All you want is more and more and MORE of Ms. Hanson’s milk…haha how pathetic — you’re just like my husband and my son. You wanna know what they are now!? They’re my servants, Jake…my servants…they do whatever I say…all because they know that if they’re good little boys, Momma Sophie will give them everything they need. Because that’s what she does, Jake…she TAKES what she wants because she GIVES sooooooo much. And right now, I’m going to TAKE what I’ve wanted from YOU for so long!”

Suddenly, Sophie’s hand became a blur against Jake’s cock. She was jacking him off so hard and so fast now that he went cross-eyed against her breast. After a few searing seconds, he could hold back no longer, and exploded out in violent orgasm in front of the entire class. Sophie laughed out loud and caught some of it in her free hand, licking it clean moments later with long, slow drags of her tongue. Almost immediately, because of the milk he was swallowing, Jake began to shrink down, smaller and smaller and smaller, until he was no more than a foot long. Sophie was cradling his entire body with one arm. His little mouth had shrunk so much that it had become far too small to accommodate her gigantic nipple, and so the green milk began splashing down his front, and into his face. But still he sucked and gasped and strove to swallow as much of it as he could, with Sophie purring down at him all the while, soaking up the pleasure of his utter subservience to her while she continued to milk every last drop of cum out of his tiny cock.

“Mmmm, not bad,” Sophie announced, smacking her lips as she licked the rest of Jake’s cum away, “But that was almost too easy, hahaha! That wasn’t like in the myth at all, Jake! Tithonus at least put up SOME resistance!”

Right at this moment, Sophie’s eyes fell on DeShaun and Logan. Spencer’s resistance had failed him, and he had joined the rest of the boys jostling each other on the floor as they tried to lap up the little drops of green milk. Sophie smirked, discarding the baby-sized Jake on her desk as she stood up and squirted a few thick streams of milk onto the floor. The boys swarmed, drinking it up off the floor shamelessly, shrinking down multiple feet as they did. The girls were all still watching, still too horrified to move or do anything else.

“And speaking of resistance,” Sophie cooed, striding up toward DeShaun and Logan, “It looks like you two are a little late to the party, hmmmm?”

“W-we…we don’t want…th-that…that stuff,” choked DeShaun, with evident conflict in his voice.

“N-no…we…w-we don’t,” added Logan, trying to shake his head. The two of them were not putting on a very convincing show, but Sophie was still impressed.

“Wow!” she laughed, standing in front of their desks with her hands on her hips, “You two are waaaaay stronger than my son and my husband…haha, or any of those other little boys down there on the floor…ha! Look at Spencer! He’s gotta be less than four feet tall now, and look! He just keeps lapping away, like a desperate little puppy. Haha, how sad! And how cuuuuute! But YOU two…hmmmmm, you’re not so easily broken, are you?”

They both tried to shake their heads.

“Well then,” mused Sophie, “I guess I’ll just have to…step up my game then, huh?”

Without wasting any more time, Sophie played her trump card. With a sudden flourish, she undid her bra, hooked her fingers underneath her top, and with a single, mighty whoosh, she whisked it all off. Both of her H-cup breasts (well actually, they were closer to I-cups now, having received a boost of growth from her heavy lactation activity) were now bouncing freely in the air, directly in front of DeShaun and Logan. Her nipples were more erect now than ever, each over two inches long, and she was so aroused that the huge, dark areolae around them was standing to attention. Sophie could literally feel her milk ducts churning, churning, churning, desperately laboring to produce more of that delicious, viscous green milk, in preparation for an even more intensive feeding session.

“I see you two are attempting to play the role of Hermaphroditus, that beautiful young man who was the victim of Salmacis. Wanna tell them that story, Melanie? Haha, oh…too shocked to speak I guess. Well then, I’ll tell it, since none of you pathetic little boys do the readings anyway. Salmacis was a beautiful nymph who fell in love with this exceptionally handsome boy named Hermaphroditus. She spied on him in the forest as he bathed his feet in a pool, and then sprang on him, trying to take him as hers. But he resisted her…haha, just like you two are resisting me now.”

As she spoke, Sophie had bent down, getting on her knees in front of their desks. With a mighty *SLAP* she smacked her bare tits down, one on Logan’s desk, and one on DeShaun’s. They froze, their eyes going glassy, with their mouths open.

‘I’ve got them now!’ thought Sophie triumphantly.

“But Salmacis got her way,” she continued, kneading the huge, milky, fleshy bulk of her breasts with her hands, directly in front of their faces, so that she was leaking milk out onto their desks. It ran down the wood and splashed in their laps. Both of them began to drool, and their mouths started puckering as they honed in on the gigantic protrusions of her fat nipples, and the incredibly huge and dark expanse of her areolae around them.

“As she struggled with him, she called to the gods,” Sophie finished, “And the gods answered her prayer…and they fused their bodies together and made them one. And that’s where we get the word “hermaphrodite,” haha! See!? You’re actually learning something today! I hope you girls are taking notes…god help those little boys on the floor, haha! The pencils are already too big for their little fingers.”

Sophie stared deeply into Logan and Deshaun’s eyes.

“That’s what’s gonna happen to you two,” she breathed at them. “Just because you held out so long…I’m gonna shrink you both so much that you literally become a PART of me. I’m gonna make you smaller than bugs…smaller than MICROBES…I’m gonna make you so small that you live among the molecules of my titanic breasts, and you’ll LOVE it.”

And then, simultaneously, she took both of her huge nipples and shoved them both into the young men’s mouths…one in Logan’s and one in DeShaun’s. Any instinct of resistance was immediately broken, and their eyes rolled back in their heads as they gave in to the pheromone-powered majesty of Sophie’s milk. She purred and moaned and cooed at them as she squeezed both of her breasts, encouraging her milk to flow forth even faster. Within half a minute, both of them had shrunk down to 3 feet tall…and then 2 feet.

But Sophie wasn’t through with them — not by a longshot. She seized both of them up out of their desks, yanking them out of their clothes, and held them both to her breasts, holding one in each arm as she continued to force-feed them simultaneously. It didn’t matter that her nipples were too big to fit in their mouths; she just kept squirting her milk all over them, and they lapped up what they could, while the rest soaked into their skin, accelerating their shrinking. The other boys on the floor were languishing in prostrate amazement, all of them between one and two feet tall now, as they lay dazed on the floor. The girls were watching in disbelief as Sophie went back to her desk and sat on it, next to Jake, who had appeared to have fallen into a milk-coma.

“Yessssss, drink up, little ones,” she moaned down at Logan and Deshaun, who were now a mere 6 inches each, each of them lying in one of her hands. “Drink my milk and become one with me…drink little boys, drink…drink…driiiiinnnnkkkkkkkk!

She was just covering their bodies now with her thick green milk, shooting more and more of it out. There didn’t seem to be an end to the supply; it just kept coming and coming, and after another minute or so, Sophie could barely even see the two boys anymore. She had to squint down to see them, and even then, she could barely make out the shapes of their little bodies.

“More!” she cried, squeezing her breasts even harder, so that even more milk came out. “More!! More!!! MORE!!!!”

The boys were now completely lost in the green deluge of milk. After two more minutes, Sophie couldn’t see them anymore, no matter how hard she looked. And even still, she kept on, spraying the same spot on her hands with her milk for a full five minutes, until she was certain that they had both shrunk down to the size of microbes, and smaller. Moaning out in arousal, Sophie gently wiped both of her milk-sodden hands on her breasts. Logan and DeShaun were somewhere on her breasts now, lost in the torrent of milk. She looked down and saw the white creamy flesh of her breasts begin to absorb the milk quickly. A warming sensation flashed across her entire body as she re-absorbed what she had created. Except this time, she knew that her breasts were absorbing the microscopic little bodies of those two boys. She had long fantasized about taking them and having her way with them…and now they had become absorbed by her I-cup breasts, to become a part of her forever.

Sophie’s eyes fluttered as she sighed out mightily, groaning in one long, extended orgasm from the sheer power of the situation. When she opened her eyes, she beheld a class-full of tiny boys all gathered about on the floor in front of her, their glassy eyes directed upward toward her in desperate supplication. She knew what they wanted, and she was going to give it to them. She was just getting started.

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Chapter 5 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 5

As a powerful sexual hunger washed over Sophie’s body, she watched with satisfaction as most of her female students began rising up out of their chairs, fear etched across their faces. Many of them were moving uncertainly towards the door, although a few of them were holding back, indicating that they might try and help their male friends. Sophie’s male students, of course, were all kneeling or lying prostrate at her feet, desperate to lap up the remnant droplets of her green milk that had splashed on the floor. Some of them were completely taken, lying headfirst at her feet, their eyes totally glossed over and burning with desire for more milk. A few other male students, that troublesome hunk Spencer among them, were undoubtedly in her snares, but were kneeling a bit farther away from her. They were obviously still drawn to her milk, but they were making something of an effort to resist its mysterious pull.

For the moment, the best thing they could do was simply kneel there. These last “holdouts” might have sampled a taste or two of the milk, and many of them had shrunk down to between four and five feet. The weaker boys, sprawled out at Sophie’s feet, had drunk more of her milk – most of them were between two and three feet tall now. The baby-sized Jake was still lying on her desk, his mouth puckering up pathetically, as his hands reached up in a desperate plea for more of her milk.

“Oh what’s the matter, girls?” Sophie called out, feigning sweetness. “I thought you would enjoy this lesson! Where’re you going?”

The girls seemed too afraid to answer. One by one, and then as a group, they made a break for it, throwing the door open and running out into the hallway, escaping the bizarre, grotesque scene in the classroom. A few of them still held back, and among them, unsurprisingly was Melanie, the valedictorian.

“Melanie? Do you care to explain yourself?” Sophie chuckled, bouncing her colossal I-cup breasts in her direction. The act of bouncing her breasts sent a few more droplets of her green milk flying through the air, and the shrunken boys beneath her jumped up, their tongues hanging out, vying for a taste.

“Wh…Wh-what do you m-mean!?” Melanie asked, her voice shaking . Clearly, she was in a state of shock at what she had seen, and who could blame her? She had just watched as Sophie had rapidly shrunk down two of her classmates to microbe-sized, and absorbed them into her gigantic tits, never to be seen or heard from again.

“Well I would at least expect YOU to wanna stay for the rest of the lesson,” Sophie continued, grinning from ear to ear. “After all, I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of…the Laestrygonians, aren’t you?”

Melanie’s mouth dropped open, and she started shaking. A moment later, with a quick little scream, she too had turned and fled into the hallway. The classroom door shut behind her.

“Heheh…oh well,” chuckled Sophie, shaking her head. “Sometimes, it DOESN’T pay to be the know-it-all. Am I right, boys?”

The male students stared up and blinked. The smallest ones, the ones closest to her, looked too far gone to have understood what she was saying, but the ones farthest away looked like they were struggling to offer some kind of response…like they were still fighting the immensely powerful psychic hold her milk had on their minds.

“Now that I’ve got you boys aaaaall to myself,” continued Sophie, taking a rich, deep breath, inflating her tits to an even more absurd degree, “It’s time for the lesson to truly begin.”

She cast an aggressive look around, letting the anger of months and months of toil and humiliation flow through her. The girls had been relatively well-behaved, but the boys…well it wasn’t enough to say that they had been disrespectful to her. Jake, Logan, Deshaun, and Spencer had been the worst, but the others hadn’t been too far behind. Whenever the four ringleaders had stirred up trouble, all the other boys had only been too happy to jeer and laugh at her attempts to get them back under control. Those four might have been the rowdiest and most recalcitrant, but the rest of the boys had just been the fuel for the fire. Their jeers and laughter had inflamed the bad behavior, and sustained it when it should have petered out. Sophie could feel herself positively pulsating with anger the more she thought about it. And now SHE had the power…and she was going to use it for revenge.

“You pathetic little vermin,” hissed Sophie, putting her hands on her hips as she bore down on the groveling pile of shrunken young men before her, “You all just thought it would be great to jump on the bandwagon, didn’t you? Thought you’d just enjoy yourselves, making my life a living hell, all because it was easy. That makes you all even worse…none of you had the confidence or the charisma to stand up to me alone, but when Jaaaaake or DeShaaaaaun or one of the others was doing it, oooooh then you’d jump right in and pile it on! You’re a pathetic, sniveling bunch of followers…and now, hahaha, I’ll give you something to follow!”

Sophie took her huge breasts on her hands (as much of them as she could, at this point) and shook them mockingly down at the male students. And then, she strode over to one corner of the classroom, delighting in how they crawled after her.

“Oh my god just LOOK at you!” she laughed, delighted. “You’re crawling after me like a bunch of little animals! Haha, I see you back there, Spencer! Still crawling after me, but trying to fight it, huh? Not so much with little Julian here, though.”

Sophie stuck her foot under the young man closest to her and flipped him over onto his back. Julian had always been one of the ones quickest to mock her, to join in with the rest in disrupting her lessons and making her miserable.

“And now, you’re 3 feet tall,” purred Sophie, the heat of her anger paradoxically making her calm. “Why don’t you come up here, Julian? Thaaaat’s right…gettttt up…mmmmmmmm, yeeeeah, you want these, don’t you?”

She cupped her huge breasts again in her hands and bounced them up and down, up and down. Julian’s eyes blazed with rapacious desire, and he rose up on his two feet, standing on his tiptoes as he grasped up, trying to reach them. Sophie only laughed at him, standing on her own tiptoes to taunt him in his desperation. He was so short compared to her that, even with his arms stretched up, he couldn’t reach the underside of her breasts…provided, of course, that she lifted them up out of the way.

“P-pleeeease, Ms. Hanson!” Julian begged. “Please…l-let me…let me have more!”

A vicious rush of delight surged through Sophie’s veins. It almost felt like her breasts were expanding from the sheer thrill of being addressed in such a pitifully submissive way by a young man she had already shrunk by over 2 feet.

“Do you hear yourself?” Sophie demanded, barely able to keep her voice from shaking. “I’ve already regressed you back to the size of a child, and still you want more!?”

“Please…” Julian continued to beg, “Please…please…”

“Well then!” Sophie declared, her eyes flashing as she stared daggers down at him between her mammoth tits, “How fitting…the measly little follower wants to imitate his friends. Okay Mr. Julian, you asked for it – you’ll get it!”

Sophie promptly bent down and whisked Julian straight up off his feet. The other students male students watched, their faces going bone-white with envy. Sophie proceeded with Julian over to her desk, depositing him down in a standing position, right next to Jake. Julian didn’t even glance askance at his baby-sized friend; he was too busy staring at Sophie’s huge nipple that she was bringing up to his puckering mouth. His eyes went wide as Sophie squeezed out a teasing little taste of her green milk, which sprayed out of her erect nipple and went straight into his open mouth.

“Aaauuggwwwaaugghhh!!” cried Julian in ecstatic reverie, and he clamored up to Sophie’s nipple, latched his mouth around as much of it as he could fit in his mouth, and started sucking her milk down like his life depended on it. Sophie felt the sucking sensation of his little mouth, and she sucked in a sharp breath, revelling in the erotic liquid thrill that went straight down to her clit. She curled her hand around his head, palming it completely, as she pushed his face all the way into the plentiful flesh of her tit. As she did so, she stared down at the other students groveling on the floor in front of her.

“You all have to wait your turn now!” she laughed, shaking Julian’s head even deeper into her tit flesh. “Ohhhh yes…you have to wait and watch. Just be thankful that I’m not like Circe from The Odyssey…you know? The – oooooh…hahaha of course, Melanie and the girls aren’t here. So you guys have no idea what I’m talking about, because none of you ever do the readings!”

She started moaning with arousal as she drank in what was happening. She could already feel Julian’s head starting to feel smaller against her breast. His skull, which was already dwarfed by her comparatively huge hand, was rapidly starting to feel even smaller still.

“Well just so you know,” Sophie panted, “Circe was an enchantress who possessed….whooooo, godddd that feels good…the arcane knowledge that allowed her to change men into animals. Mmmmmm, but I’m just fine with keeping you all as my own little harem of milk-drunk little boys. Yeeeaah, that sounds just fine to me. Oooop, look at Julian! Is he getting smaller!?”

He certainly was. Standing on Sophie’s desk, he first had to bend his head slightly to receive her nipple, but now, just a few seconds later, he was staring straight forward, not having to bend his head at all. And then…he was on his tiptoes. Sophie’s hand held him firmly to her breast, keeping him latched onto her nipple, and he just kept on shrinking. The other boys watched in dazed amazement as Julian’s little feet slowly left the desk, as he shrank more and more. Little sprays of thick green milk started to spurt and sputter out from the sides of his mouth, as the stretching extent of his lips became overwhelmed by Sophie’s fat nipple.

“Oh now you’re just wasting it!” scolded Sophie, pressing Julian even harder into her nipple. “What’s the matter? I thought you wanted my milk! Come on Julian, keep drinking, keep drinking! And the rest of you, here! Just a little spray to tide you miserable milk slaves over until it’s your turn!”

Sophie took her free nipple and squirted a stream of green milk over into the other corner of the classroom, close to the door. The other students immediately rushed over, crawling over each other on their hands and knees as they eagerly dropped their heads to lick and suck up the precious milk. Sophie panted out in pleasure, both from the sensation of Julian at her nipple, and from the power trip of watching a dozen shrunken young men scramble over each other to get at her milk. All those boys…Sophie could see their laughing, mocking faces flashing through her brain…what a miserable time they had given her. But no longer. The tide had turned – and now it was Sophie who was having all the fun.

Once Julian was the same size as Jake, just about a foot long, Sophie yanked him off her breast, delighting in how she had to pry his lips off her nipple with her fingers.

“Haha, I literally have to pull you away from sucking down your own demise!” she laughed. “That’s how far gone you are.”

She deposited him down next to Jake, who had woken up from his milk coma, but who was still just lying there on her desk, his arms and legs venturing weakly out into the air, vaguely up in the direction of her breasts. Sophie cupped her mammaries in her hands and examined them curiously. She was still lactating heavily, and actually, now that she was actually paying attention to the turgid sensations at work behind her nipples and areolas, she could feel the lactation activity intensify and speed up. A lustful heat rose through her face and up to her brow as she took stock of just how fiercely and energetically her body was working to produce more of that thick green goodness.

Sophie let her I-cup megaliths drop as she put her hands on her hips, reveling in how heavy they felt as they fell back down into place. They were so big that she actually had to brace her feet against the floor for leverage before she let them drop, just to keep herself from toppling forward due to the weight. Now she was just standing there, hands on her hips, turning back and forth from the supine Jake and Julian on her desk to the rabblement of desperate students close to the door, who were desperately still trying to lap up any remnants of the milk she had squirted over there.

“Hmmmm…” Sophie mused out loud, tapping her finger against her chin as she looked back and forth, back and forth. “What should I do next…who to pick…who to pickkkk…”

Finally, after a good half-minute of consideration, she had made up her mind. A naughty grin splayed out across her face, and she turned back to her desk, honing in on the hapless little form of Jake. He was staring up at her longingly, though still with something like fear behind his eyes. He was captive to her milk, but it still seemed like, somewhere deep inside his mind, he could understand the horror of what was going on, and his powerlessness to stop it. Sophie had spotted this look in his eyes, and it made her feel even hornier than she already was.

“Yessss,” she breathed, nodding down at him as she scooped him up in one arm, bringing his little face close up to hers, “YOU. Mmmmmm, I know I already gave you a little appetizer, Jake, but that was just to prepare you for the main course. I can see the fear in your eyes, you tiny, shrunken, helpless little milk slut…I can TELL that you know what’s happening, Jake, even though there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re a lost cause already, but even still, I can see that last little light of resistance in your eyes, and ooooooh baby, I’m just going to LOVE watching it go out as I pump that little stomach full of my slave juice. Heeeere it comes, Jake…heeeere it comes, hahahaha!”

He was so small compared to her that Sophie could actually wrap her whole hand around his waist, with her fingers nearly going around it completely. She was holding him up close to her face, so she could drink in his reaction as he drank down her milk. Ever so gently, like she was performing a grotesque parody of the motherly gesture, she forced Jake to lay backward against her forearm (which was thicker than his waist now) as she continued to hold the back of his head captive in her palm. Slowly, inexorably, she lowered her nipple, using her free hand to guide it teasingly towards his open mouth. Even though that last little light of resistance still flamed somewhere behind Jake’s glassed-over eyes, his mouth was puckered up in helpless, hungry desire.

“Open wide!” chuckled Sophie. At this point, she was so horny and excited that she was having to make it a point to control herself. Her eyes glanced over at the chalkboard, and the pieces of chalk lying in the chalk tray underneath it. She had been asking – begging – the school administration to replace the dusty, allergy-inducing old chalkboard with one of those brand new dry-erase boards, just like all the other teachers had. But because she was “only” a semi-permanent substitute teacher, she was the lowest one on the totem pole, and had been the last one in line for a replacement. This state of affairs had just been one more thing to make Sophie’s life miserable…up until now. Because she had a plan, and she wouldn’t have traded her chalkboard for anything, even one of those fancy smartboards that the “higher-ups” got in their classrooms.

She inhaled in sharp arousal as she felt Jake’s mouth once again latch over her nipple. This time, Sophie was not even going to tease him. Using her free hand to “pump” her breast, she began squirting huge quantities of her milk straight down Jake’s throat and into his little belly. Almost immediately, he began shrinking, and Sophie made sure to stare down deeply into his eyes as she watched him diminish, absolutely reveling in watching his spirit break completely under her milk spell.

“I’m going to end your life, Jake,” Sophie whispered down at him, her wide eyes boring into his as he continued to shrink down in her grasp. “I’m gonna shrink you down until you’re soooo, so small that you can fit on the end of a piece of chalk. You’re following me, Jake? You’ve got an idea of where this is going? Mmmmm, I can see that you do!”

Through the crushing haze of his milk-mad mind, Sophie could detect a glimmer of panic in Jake’s eyes. She smiled wider, feeling a warm, liquid rush of pleasure begin to surge in her loins, titillating her already-throbbing clit. Seeing her classroom nemesis spend the last few moments of his consciousness in abject terror was enough to push her close to orgasm, and the fact that he was now only 4 inches long sweetened the entire situation beyond her wildest dreams. 3 inches…2 inches…now only 1 inch…Sophie was peering at him closer and closer, so close now that her nose was almost touching him, all in an eager effort to ensure that she drank in every last bit of his terrified expression before his face became too tiny for her to discern.

“That’s right, Jake,” she continued, entertaining herself as she imagined how gigantic and booming her voice must have sounded in his ears, “What an appropriate ending for you, huh? How many times did I ask you to write your name on the board because you were misbehaving? Because you were being an ungrateful, selfish, rotten little brat? Because you were being a hateful, cruel little boy to a woman who was just trying to teach you? You never obeyed me, did you, Jake? You never actually got up to write your name on the board, even though I kept trying to enforce my classroom rules. You were never much for those, were you? Haha well…you’re gonna write your name on the board alright. I’m gonna see to that.”

Once Jake was only half-an-inch long, Sophie pulled him away from her nipple, briefly pausing the shrinking. She glanced up to check on the rest of the boys, and they were all still busily on their hands and knees near the door, licking the floor. Sophie noticed again that Spencer was still trying to hold back, but that he seemed to be losing the will to resist.

‘Oh no matter,’ she told herself, getting goosebumps just thinking about it, ‘He’ll be next…after I finish off Jake and Julian here.’

She turned back to Jake and held his little body close up to her face, so that she filled the panorama of his vision.

“You know, Jake,” she whispered to him, “I’ve actually had a crush on you for a long time. Mmmm, yeaaahhhh…just thinking about that sexy, young body of yours. Ohhhhh yes – I would rub myself all the time, just thinking about you. Who knew that I’d have a chance to do this!”

Right at the word “this,” she extended her tongue out and began licking Jake from head to toe. He groaned out (which sounded like a little mouse peep now) in pleasure, trying to wriggle his body away from her massive tongue. But Sophie wasn’t having it; she just kept licking his naked little body up and down, up and down, dominating it with her powerful, sinuous tongue, which at this point was many times bigger than his entire body. In less than thirty seconds, Jake was moaning out in a pathetic, high-pitched squeal as he shot his load all over her tongue. Sophie stared down at him with exaggeratedly wide eyes, taking all that he had on the tip of her tongue before withdrawing it into her mouth, sucking it all down like it was nothing.

“Pssssh, I barely even tasted that!” she mocked. “How pathetic! Haha ok, just a liiiiittle more milk for you…need to get you down to about an eighth of an inch…aaaaand perfect! There we go! And you’re aaaaaall wet from my tongue…excellent…that means that your little body will stick right to this piece of chalk here!”

Sophie reached over and fetched a particularly large and robust piece of chalk, and stuck Jake’s body onto the end of it, belly-first, so that his little arms and legs were struggling in slow futility against his inevitable fate. Sophie held up the piece of chalk to her face, eyeing her worst student one last time.

“A little bug,” she declared, nodding. “That’s what you look like now, Jake. A useless, pathetic little bug, stuck to my chalk. I hope that orgasm felt good, Jake, because it’s the last one you’re ever going to have. And just feel good knowing that I took that cum out of you, and that it’s going to become a part of ME now, forever. The last living remnant of you, digested in my stomach, as I splay the rest of you onto my board. Haha, say goodbye Jake – it’s been real, you little bastard.”

Sophie was sure that she could hear some kind of high-pitched screaming on the end of the chalk, but at this point she didn’t even want to stop to relish it anymore. She was so dead-set on what came next that she was almost panting from the excitement of it all. Taking the chalk, with Jake’s little body stuck onto the end of it, she started writing on the board in big letters. With the first letter, “J,” Sophie heard a little crunch and knew that he was gone. Her clit spasmed and she came right then and there, her legs shuddering beneath her for a long series of moments. It was so pleasurable and intense that she actually had to stop mid-letter. But once the pleasure-wave crested and started to ebb, she continued writing, creating yet more waves of pleasure that surged through her loins as she continued writing, using Jake’s remains to augment the chalk. He was so tiny that she could barely even make out his remains in a series of little wet spots here and there, but that didn’t stop her until she was completely done writing.

Taking a deep breath, Sophie stood back and admired the finished product. It read:

“Jake Tupperman Is Ms. Hanson’s Milk Slut Forever”

Right then, at her moment of triumph, the door to the classroom burst open. Sophie turned around mildly, her naked tits shining in the sweaty glory of her post-orgasmic bliss. Her face was flushed crimson, and her hair was a little ruffled. There stood the school Principal, Mr. Maroney, his face flushed with an entirely different kind of red. Melanie and the other girls were anxiously peering around behind him. Clearly, they had run to tell him what was happening.

Mr. Maroney quickly surveyed the rabble of boys on the floor, the naked Julian on the desk, and Sophie standing there, tits out, flushed, and standing admiringly next to the lewd message on the board. For a few moments, he looked completely at a loss for words. But finally, he found his voice.

“MS. HANSON!!” he boomed, “What in GOD’S NAME is going on here!?”

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