Christmas with Jackie by Jessajess99

After coming home to surprise his family for the holidays, Denver and Jackie make a life-changing discovery when they learn that she has the power to shrink her brother.

Now that Halloween has ended the Christmas season stories can begin!

Done as a commission :)

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Series: Holidays with Jackie
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Since there isn't a tag for it, I'm just gonna note here that there is a LOT of farting in this story lmao. No scat though. But if butt smells aren't your thing then this story won't be for you.

1. Chapter 1 by Jessajess99

2. Chapter 2 by Jessajess99

3. Chapter 3 by Jessajess99

4. Chapter 4 by Jessajess99

5. Chapter 5 by Jessajess99

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7. Chapter 7 by Jessajess99

8. Chapter 8 by Jessajess99

9. Epilogue by Jessajess99

Chapter 1 by Jessajess99

     Denver knocked on the front door of a modest but charming house, rubbing his hands together to keep from going numb in the December evening air. He was back in town to celebrate Christmas with his family, except it was meant to be a surprise, so he hadn’t told anyone yet. As he heard the latch begin to unlock, he stood up straight, with a smile wide on his face, and then the door opened to reveal his sister Jackie, dressed only in a loose t-shirt and her underwear. “Surprise!” he shouted, ignoring her hyper-casual apparel as he opened his arms up wide for a hug. She grinned even wider than he had and threw her arms around him, squeezing him tightly. After a few moments she released him, and he stepped a bit into the house. “I figured coming after dinner would be best and I saw a few cars in the driveway," he said, looking around to see why his parents had come to greet him.

     “Mom and Dad headed out hours ago and took my car, I don’t remember where,” she explained, full of energy and adrenaline from the holiday surprise. “I like your beard by the way,” she said, stepping forward and rubbing it.

     Denver glanced at himself in the mirror, nodding slightly and admiring it too. “Right? I wanna keep growing it even more actually, just to see what it’d look like.”

     “Come on,” she said, beckoning him over to the couch, “we should catch up before the others get back.”


*    *    *    *    *    *


     They spent at least an hour talking, catching up on each others’ lives. They hadn’t seen each other in person since last Christmas, and while they’d talked on the phone or video-called a few times, it hadn’t been the same as having an in-person conversation. But eventually their talk died down a bit, so Denver was just getting up to use the bathroom when he felt his stomach gurgle, urging him to hurry up. He got an idea and paused, glancing for just a second at Jackie sitting in the corner of the sectional. She recognized that look, especially since it followed his stomach's grumbling, and her eyes bulged as she shook her head. “Denver, no!” But he ignored her completely, and jumped back onto the couch, standing on the couch cushions as he quickly spun around and released a loud, nasty fart that lasted several seconds, right into where Jackie was sitting. She screamed in disgust and tried diving to the side, but he already anticipated her escape attempt, so his butt just rotated along with her as he fired out another couple of toots. “Denver!” she shrieked, holding her nose as she stumbled off the couch, anything to get away from him, before climbing back onto her feet and running to the other end of the room. Her brother started laughing so hard he had to catch his breath; that was easily one of the most dramatic reactions she’d had since they were kids.

     She just glared at him, unable to believe he could still be so immature at his age. “What the fuck?! I’m so fucking tired of you always doing that! You’re 27, it’s so annoying to have to deal with a decade after you were supposed to become an adult.”

     “Jeeeeez Jackie, chiiiiill ouuuut…” he groaned, rolling his eyes. He turned around, hopping off the couch to make his way back to the bathroom. “I’m just playing around, it’s not like I hurt you,” he added with his back to her. “It lasted like, 5 seconds, boo hoo.” He shut the bathroom door, while Jackie remained where she was in the corner of the living room, fuming over his total indifference to the whole situation. They’d been getting along so well, like such normal siblings up until that point. But every time their family would all get together for something, it was just a matter of time before he devolved into playing childish pranks that weren’t funny to anyone but him. It was the same thing year after year, and she was sick of it. In every other way her brother had grown up, but he still messed with her with the exact same pathetic tricks that he had when he was a teenage boy. She almost never got back at him, because she didn’t want to stoop to his level. But maybe that was the only way he’d learn.

     After flushing the toilet and washing his hands, Denver headed back out into the main area of the house. Except Jackie wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He sighed; She’s probably in her room, he thought, heading back to the couch. Maybe I did go too far… But not far enough to warrant apologizing to her yet. He lay down at the end of the couch, but with his body facing the hallway. Jackie usually didn’t try to get back at him, but just in case she came back out, he wanted to make sure he’d know about it.

     Except he hadn’t accounted for the possibility that maybe she'd hid herself instead of going to her room. He was merely scrolling through Twitter on his phone when he suddenly saw her body fly over him from behind the arm rest, knocking his phone out of his hands in the process as Jackie landed on his chest. He reached to push her off, but before he could grab her, she backed up a few more inches and let loose one of her own farts. It was angled more towards his neck, but he still caught wind of it nonetheless. He angrily shoved her off of him, and she stumbled onto the floor, but when she turned around she gasped at what happened to her brother. It was very slight, but definitely noticeable: by just a little bit, his whole body had seemed to somehow get smaller. And the sight was accentuated by the fact that his clothes seemed to become slightly baggy on him. It had only taken a few seconds before stopping, but she knew what she saw.

     He noticed it too, since his vision seemed to narrow as everything around him became slightly bigger. And he could feel the difference in his clothes too, like they were several sizes too big. He thought he might’ve just imagined it at first, but judging by the look on Jackie’s face, she saw the exact same thing.


Chapter 2 by Jessajess99

     Their prior squabble had instantly become trivial, as a much more important matter was on both of their minds. Jackie jumped to her feet, and nodded for him to stand up too. He was just as curious (and slightly nervous) as she was, so he got up and stepped up toe to toe with his sister before she even asked him to. Just a few minutes ago, Denver had been 5’8, and Jackie was 5’4. But now they stood at eye level with each other.

     “Oh my God…” she muttered, raising her hand up to the top of her head and sliding her flattened palm forward. Sure enough, she felt the top of his hair brush against her hand, when normally she should have run into his forehead. Denver didn’t even know what to say; he was speechless, wondering how it could’ve happened. “Did it…” Jackie began saying… “Did you… shrink… because of my fart?” There was an impossible stillness to the air, as they both absorbed what she had just said, slowly realizing it must’ve been true. But then as she felt a familiar feeling in her colon, Jackie realized she wanted to test it again.

     Just as a smile formed on the edge of her lips, she shoved Denver back against the couch, pouncing on his lap as she felt the flatulence building, and crudely spun around while trying to shove his head downwards. He fought to get her off of him, but he was already a lot weaker from losing just a few inches. Not to mention that she was still dressed in just her underwear since she hadn’t gone to change since he came home, and there was a part of Denver that held himself back because he didn’t want to get too handsy with her. But that ended up being a mistake, as she again released another spew of gas, this time even closer than before, just as he managed to push her off. His nose crinkled in disgust as he leapt off the couch, but he’d already smelled it, and he shrunk down again in the middle of trying to escape, this time past the 5 foot mark.

     He went for the door, but Jackie sprung from the floor and managed to tackle his leg, causing him to topple to the carpeted floor. He tried pushing himself back up, but Jackie’s weight was on his leg, and she promptly crawled over his body to make sure he couldn’t get away from her again. She might not’ve been a big girl, but he was the size of a 12 year old boy by now, and simply wasn’t strong enough to shift her weight off of him. She deftly turned him over before sitting on his upper chest. The previously 130-pound girl now felt like almost 200, so trying to squirm out from under her was a challenge Denver had never tried to do before. He tried pushing her off with his hands, but she just fought back, struggling to stay on top of him. She only had to keep him down until she had another fart ready to unleash, and she could already feel it building within her.

     Feeling it only a few seconds away, she hopped forward with her legs outstretched, essentially trapping her older brother between her thighs, right below her crotch, and Denver started freaking out even more. Her panties were almost rubbing up against his chin, while he could feel the heat from her legs radiate onto his cheeks, while his sister looked down at him victoriously. “Jackie, please…” he begged, “If you wanna the shrinking, w-we should wait til Mom and Dad are back. What if it’s permanent?!” 

     She shrugged, crossing her arms above him. “If it’s permanent, then there’s no way you’d be able to go the rest of your entire life without smelling another fart of mine eventually. Hell, you wouldn’t even last it through the holidays with all the milk and cookies we’d be eating!” She laughed as she remembered how gassy milk made her, but Denver only paled as he realized nothing he could say would change her mind. “Oh! I think I feel it—“ She was cut off by her own ass, a fresh wave washing over the siblings. Denver could literally feel his neck heat up from the sudden expulsion, and this one was the loudest one yet too. She grinned down at him, but her smile began fading as he didn’t shrink this time. “Oh… What the hell?” she asked, clear disappointment in her voice. But then she realized Denver's mouth was open a bit more than normal, and her eyebrows furrowed as she reached down and clamped his jaw shut. The freaking out expression on her brother’s face told her all she needed to know. “Tsk tsk tsk, always trying to cheat,” she playfully scolded him, as his lungs began burning from not getting enough oxygen. He couldn’t hold on any longer though. Jackie could tell he was reaching his limit, and she let out a few more toots just as he finally opened up his lungs and desperately sucked in as much air as he could. She took her hand off his jaw and smirked as he began slowly dwindling down. His lungs felt replenished, but they replaced with a new kind of pain, the pain of an exponentially growing weight that covered more and more of his body. Her thighs grew taller and thicker on either side of him, her gleaming eyes rose higher, and she became so heavy he knew it would be physically impossible to even get her to budge anymore. Past four and a half feet, and then four feet, and even even down to three. He was the size of a child now.

     “Having you just smell me by being kinda close doesn’t seem to be cutting it,” she sighed with a dainty smile on her face, slowly bringing her legs in, turning herself around, and straddling the entirety of his body between her tightly squeezing calves. Only his head was left uncovered. “I think you need to be right at the source.” Her bare feet tucked themselves under his head, giant toes wiggling excitedly against his hair as they lifted his head a bit off the ground. He could already sense what was about to happen, and the fact that she was wearing little more than a thong made him tremble with fear.

     “Jackie, why are you doing this?! This is so weird, this isn’t like you!” He frantically squirmed all about, but there was no chance of escape. His sister didn’t even need to worry about keeping him pinned anymore; sitting still was doing more than enough.

     “You’ve been pulling that fart-in-my-face shit for years, Denver,” she replied, frowning just at the memories of a hundred prior ‘pranks’ that weren’t as funny as he thought they were. “And every year, I keep wondering if maybe this’ll be the year you grow up and start acting normal, cuz that shit is sick, and it’s so fucking annoying.” She lifted her butt off of his body and raised it directly above his head, casting him in a shadow. He was nearly crying as he saw how big her ass already was—and it was only gonna be getting bigger. “So I think giving you a taste of your own medicine is the only way to get you to stop. Obviously I had no idea about my ability to shrink you, but,” she shrugged, “it goes pretty hand-in-hand with the punishment anyways, right?” And on that note, she dropped herself, and Denver screamed out for only a second before Jackie’s cheeks pounded on top of his head, wedging him right into the crack as she sat on his face. There were a few moments of silence, and then Denver's little sister erupted like she never had before. To him, the sound was almost deafening, an explosion that he felt all around him as her cheeks vibrated and a noxious burst of hot air blasted effortlessly through her panties and right into his face. He began shrinking immediately, quicker than ever before, coughing all the while. The three feet became two feet, and then by one foot in height he had pretty much his entire body cushioned within Jackie’s crack, trapped against the floor. And he was naked now too, having shrunk through the neck hole of his shirt, his clothes laying on the floor where his body had been moments before. Jackie’s farts were starting to sputter off, but the deed had already been done, and she couldn’t even feel him under her anymore. As Denver inhaled his last few gulps of his sister’s nauseating fumes, his shrinking slowed down. He didn’t even know how small he was anymore, but considering how much ass was surrounding him, it couldn’t be anywhere close to normal.

     Jackie gradually lifted herself off of him and turned around. “Holy shit…” she muttered, legitimately surprised at how tiny he’d gotten with her third and final blast, sitting with her legs outstretched on either side of him again. Except this time, instead of his head straddled between her thighs, his entire body was. He looked to be half, maybe three quarters of an inch; way smaller than she’d even thought he might dwindle down to. A final tiny squeak sounded from her bum, but he didn’t shrivel any smaller, so she figured he must’ve reached the limit.

     Denver choked as he saw how titanic his sister had become. Her legs were the size of giant airplane hangars, stretching hundreds of feet behind him. When he looked upwards, her face was so far away it looked as if he’d never shrunk at all, until she leaned down close to him and he realized it was at least 50 feet wide now. As shock set into his body from the realization of everything that had just happened, a grin formed on Jackie’s face. “I didn’t really think you’d get this small,” she told him, “but since you are, I’ll be able to make sure you learn to never fuck around with me ever again.” 


Chapter 3 by Jessajess99

     She reached down and pressed gently (to her) against his legs, testing his durability. His face strained into further shock as a thousand pounds of force ‘carefully’ pushed against his legs. They didn’t instantly snap in half or squish to nothingness beneath her fingertip, so she slowly applied more and more pressure to see where the limit was. “I’m just as clueless as you are, so I have to see how much you can take,” she explained. She was pressing down as hard as she could with her finger now, and had to tilt her arm above her hand so she could increase herself to using all the force of her entire arm. Still nothing. As a final test, she covered his whole body with the bottom of her palm and moved so her body was focusing as much weight as she could onto her hand. But still, his body didn’t explode. 

     She removed her hand, but his body was stuck to her skin now, and she giggled at how pathetic he looked now compared to just a few minutes ago. “Well, you’re clearly more durable than an ant or a cockroach or any normal bug, so that’s pretty cool for you,” she told him, keeping him stuck to her hand as she headed to her room to put some jeans on. “It’s good to know I can’t accidentally kill you. It’d be pretty annoying if I had to be super sensitive around you, but this gives me way more leeway.” She smushed him off her hand onto her desk so she could pull the pants up, as he groggily sat up to see what was going on. But before he could catch his bearings, she’d already finished changing, and she picked his body up between her fingers, his entire form fitting in the middle of her thumb pad. “I gotta head to the mall to get some stuff, and also move your car too. I’ll let Mom and Dad know you shrunk eventually, but I have to make sure you learn your lesson first. And hey, maybe you’ll even grow back by then!” she said with a smile. Her hand circled around behind her, and he watched as she pried open the waistband of her pants with her other hand. And then her underwear too. 

     He tried screaming for her to stop, but they only registered to her ears as barely audible squeaks, and she continued with her plan anyways, lowering her thumb into the darkness. “But for now, I’ve gotta make sure you don’t go anywhere. And since I know now that I won’t be able to hurt you accidentally, I’ll be able to keep you back there while I do my errands.” She scraped his body off on the inside back of her panties, and then let it snap shut, catapulting him right into her crack. 

     Cast into a warm and dark space that made him tested his claustrophobia, the smell of her farts instantly returned, along with sweat, and a much more vile, bitter stench that was emanating from her asshole. Jackie was pretty hygienic, but Dylan was still wedged into the nastiest area of the human body at a minuscule size. There were simply going to be things that he could smell that a normal person wouldn’t, because there was just so much more to him. “This is called a butt,” his sister proudly announced. “Pretty fucking smelly right? Any normal person would agree that it stinks, and not wanna subject other people to it on purpose. And yet every… single… time… that you’ve ever farted in my face, you forced me to smell it up close. I just don’t understand why anyone would think something like that is funny; you’re my brother, and I always tell you to stop, and you always go through with it. It’s rude as hell. So now you get to have a glimpse up close, as close as can be, and you’re gonna stay there for the next couple hours. As payback for all those years.” She smiled while pulling up her pants, and relished in the feeling of her older brother squirming like mad while her cheeks squeezed him tight. As she started walking, the colossal mounds of fat rubbed him up and down between them, making him even more nauseous than he already was. He’d stopped screaming by now; not only was it pointless, but Dylan realized that when you have two thick asscheeks clenching your tiny body and your mouth is open, it’s inevitable that something would eventually register with his tastebuds. Bitter traces of sweat and dead skin from the one area on Jackie’s body that didn’t get as much attention as it needed. She washed her ass of course, but everyone’s butt crack gets dirty quicker than any other part of their body.

     She picked her brother’s clothes off the floor and pocketed his car keys, then headed back to her room to stash everything else. She grabbed a sweatshirt since it was pretty chilly out, and then headed out to Dylan’s car. He could easily hear everything going on around him, and the sound of a car door opening made it obvious which step of her plan she was on. Luckily, since he was in her crack and not pressed against the center of one of her cheeks, he didn’t really feel her weight as she sat down on him. “You’re lucky I stuck you into the middle there,” she said, closing the door and turning his car on. “I can’t imagine how heavy I’d be to you if I’d put you in my back pocket,” she laughed, and then pulled out onto the street.

     Dylan started crying as she began to drive away; if he’d just come earlier in the day, or later, then none of this would’ve happened. And now they wouldn’t even know that he’d tried to come at all. There was a very real possibility that he might spend his first Christmas without his family. Or at least, without his mom and dad—obviously his sister would be very much present. He’d internally berated himself a hundred times already for ever messing with Jackie in the first place. All of this was his own fault. And he just hoped that the shrinking would be temporary and he could return to a normal life whenever his sister was through with him.

     Jackie parked his car on a street a few blocks away, and then got out and locked the doors. “Well, I don’t really have any other option than to just walk back,” she sighed, “and it’s so cold at night too, ugh.” She shivered, and pulled the hoodie over her head to conserve her warmth. “You’re lucky you get to be back there, I bet it’s waaaay warmer for you,” she added with a giggle, and then pulled her pants up before starting the journey back to their house.


Chapter 4 by Jessajess99

     The next couple hours were both uneventful and agonizing for Denver. As time went on, Jackie would talk to him less and less, since it was weird to have a one-way conversation with someone she couldn’t see and barely even feel. Denver couldn’t tell where she went exactly and what it was she’d bought, but he definitely remembered a point at which she took a break from her mall shopping to stop by McDonald’s. And then took her leisurely time eating in the restaurant too; there was no way Denver would be getting out any time soon, so she figured there was no need to rush. Every so often she’d fart again, filling his world back up with her disgustingly odorous stench, just to make sure that he wouldn’t regrow (if he even could). But eventually she made her way back to their parents’ car after all her shopping was done, and they headed home for the night.

     After arriving back at the house, she put the things she’d gotten from the mall into her closet, and then stood in the middle of her room as she pulled her pants open. With a smirk on her face, thinking about how horrible it must’ve been for him the past couple hours, she reached in with her thumb and pointer finger, feeling around for her tiny brother. After a few seconds, she felt his speck-sized form against her fingertip, and she scraped him up and out of her crack. Denver was delirious but awake, and glad that it was finally over. At least, he hoped it was over.

     “OK, so, here’s the plan,” his sister’s sweet voice thundered, as she brought him up right in front of her face, inspecting the man with a smile as he pushed himself up into a seating position in the middle of her thumb. He gazed across at Jackie’s face, so large that he had to move his head around just to see it all. “Apparently tonight was the night that Mom and Dad have that Christmas dinner they have every year with the Andersons’ and Coopers’ parents, so they’re not gonna be back til pretty late. Like, probably past midnight, if last year was any indication. And it’s already close to 11. And, I forgot that I’ve still gotta wrap Mom and Dad’s gifts, which I should probably do tonight since they’re not home. So, for the most part, I’ve decided that at least for today, your punishment is over. Or at least on pause.” He smiled with relief, closing his eyes and giving thanks to God that he’d at least get to to spend the rest of the night in peace. He’d still be tiny of course, and within the clutches of his sister, but technically she could’ve kept him in her crack for the rest of the night if she’d wanted to.

     “Thank you Jackie, oh my God, I’m so sorry for everything I did, thank you so much,” he yelled out, his stress alleviated for the time being.

     She furrowed her eyebrows and cocked her head to the side, and the motion was so huge in front of him that he scrambled backwards suddenly. “You’re welcome… I think? I can barely hear you, I think that’s what you said at least. I can definitely tell that you’re happy though, so yeah. You’re welcome, your goddess has granted you mercy,” she joked. She took him to the corner of her room and lowered him to the floor, grabbing a pair of panties that were laying nearby and setting them down near her brother. “This can be your bed for the night. I know it’s humiliating, and I think they’re dirty so they might smell, but you’re still kinda on time-out.” His face distorted into one of disgust, but she ignored him and kept going. “But at least they’re soft, so they should be kinda comfy. I’m gonna be up for another hour or so finishing with presents, so I’d suggest staying here so I don’t accidentally step on you.” She stood up and grabbed a couple of shirts from her hamper and stuffed them against the crack under the door. “And that’s just in case you get any smart ideas.”

     Denver had been thinking about heading out that way after she fell asleep, but it looked like that wouldn’t be an option now. And he figured there wasn’t any point in staying up any longer while she wrapped her presents, so he climbed onto her panties—which, based on the smell coming from them, had definitely been worn sometime recently—and did his best to try and get comfortable, before eventually drifting off to sleep.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Denver’s eyes slowly peeked open to the new day, but suddenly shot all the way wide open. The room was different. He was different. Jackie’s room looked normal again, and he was no longer sleeping on a massive swath of underwear. They were underneath him now, although he was still naked, and laying in the corner of Jackie’s room. He practically whimpered with joy with the knowledge that his shrinking hadn’t been permanent, and it hadn’t even taken that long to grow back. He still wasn’t all the way back to normal, but he guessed he was somewhere between four and five feet. Good enough. Certainly good enough to make an escape.

     He eyed her across the room, sleeping peacefully in her bed, and grabbed one of her nearby shirts to hold over his junk. Staring at her to make sure he wouldn’t wake her up, he slowly got to his feet. The door was on the other side of the room, and he tiptoed as slowly as he could towards it. For a few steps, he was glad that his smaller size meant that he was less likely to make any noise, but as soon as he had that thought, her floor let out a giant creak from one of his steps and he froze. And then Jackie’s eyes opened.

     She didn’t move, taking in the sight before her as: Denver had mostly grown back, and it seemed like she’d caught him trying to silently head to her door. But he was frozen, staring at her. And she was staring right back, a neutral expression on her face. She opened her mouth, and all she got out was “Don’t—“ before Denver decided to sprint towards the doorway.

     “MOM!” he shouted, while Jackie leapt out of bed as he reached the handle. But at his size, his yell didn’t carry quite the same volume that it normally did. It had been loud, but not as loud as he expected. “DAD!” he yelled, so loud that his voice cracked, and yanked the door open. But the clothes were still stuffed in the crack underneath, and the bottom of the door got jammed and only managed to open a few inches. Just as he was about to pull again, Jackie’s giant hand reached from behind and covered his mouth, pulling backwards and slamming him to the floor. She focused all her weight over his mouth, making sure he wouldn’t be able to let out a peep, and froze to listen for any signs of movements elsewhere in the house. Denver spasmed his body as much as he could, and even though he could move his arms and legs, his head was pinned, so there was no way for him to get up or reach at his sister behind him. He screamed, a desperate, guttural cry, but it was almost entirely muffled by Jackie’s palm. They both knew that their parents were probably home, since it was morning. But it seemed like they hadn’t woken up yet. Denver’s escape had failed.

     “Well, I guess I hadn’t really planned for that,” she muttered. “You know, I hadn’t even come up with the third thing I was gonna do to you. The whole time I was wrapping presents last night while you were sleeping, I was like, ‘What’s the final thing I should do to him to make sure he won’t ever fucking fart on me for the rest of his life?’ And something that was fair too, I didn’t wanna go too extreme. But I couldn’t come up with anything. So honestly, I was planning on just letting you go when we woke up, I was like ‘hey, being worn in my ass was probably lesson enough for him, right?’ But I obviously hadn't told you that yet, and it was supposed to be my call to make, not yours. Cuz obviously, keeping quiet about this whole thing would've been a requirement for your release.” She twisted her hand around so they weren’t looking at each other upside-down anymore; she wanted to make sure he was looking right into her glaring, furious eyes for this next part. “So I guess I’ve gotta shrink you back down and give you a second helping, since apparently your lesson from yesterday didn’t get it through your skull. Like I said, I didn’t wanna go extreme, but I bought a few things from the mall yesterday. Just as a backup, just in case something like this happened.” She smiled, but it wasn’t a kind one, and Denver felt like he was shriveling up just from her stare alone.

     “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go all out on you,” she continued, “since you’re my brother and all. Honestly, I can’t believe sticking you right up against my privates didn’t get the message through. So I guess you’ll just have to go inside them instead.”


Chapter 5 by Jessajess99

     Denver started freaking out, incessantly squirming beneath his sister’s grasp—which was really starting to annoy her. “Hey, calm down dude,” Jackie groaned, “do you really think that’s gonna help? Think you can overpower me at that size?” His wiggling died down a bit, knowing she was right. But considering she’d just told him she wanted him to ‘go in her privates,’ how could he not want to fight to get away, as useless as it may be? She’d already stuck him in the back of her panties, pressed up to her ass crack and squeezed by her cheeks, so he didn’t doubt her for a second that she’d go a step further to ensure he endured what she saw to be a reasonable punishment.

     “Now, instead of me farting on your face like yesterday,” she continued, “I wanna do things a little differently this time. I shouldn’t have to force it on you. Like, you understand why I’m doing this in the first place, right?” He obviously disagreed with how harsh her methods were… but he knew why she was doing it, and solemnly nodded his head. “Good. So in that case, I’m gonna stand up here in a second, but instead of running away, I want you to put your face up against my butt once I turn around. And if you try and run again, we both know that I’m creative enough to think of a way to make your punishment even worse.” Denver swallowed nervously, fully believing her. And being stuck up her snatch was already going to be a nightmare in itself, so he didn’t want to think about what would be worse. “So, are you gonna behave?” she asked, removing her hand from around his mouth.

     “Yes,” he whimpered, barely audible because of his voice cracking.

     Satisfied with his response, Jackie got off his chest, staring down at him as she stood back up to her feet. She trusted he’d make the smart decision to not try a second escape, especially with her so much closer to him now compared to when she was in bed. As he slowly climbed onto his knees, she turned around and crossed her arms, waiting for him to begin.

     She was completely turned to him and couldn’t see what he was doing, so he glanced at her door. It was still open a crack from when he’d yanked on it just moments ago, and he could barely make out the hallway just outside the room. He turned back to her, where she was patiently waiting for him, and hesitated over his next move. If she was serious about sticking him up her pussy—and he didn’t have any reason to not believe her—it’d be a horrifying experience he wouldn’t be able to forget for the rest of his life. On the other hand, now that the door was open, his voice would be even louder than it was before, especially if he screamed instead of yelling. “I’m waiting…” his sister reminded him, still with her back turned to him. Even if she was able to tackle me if I called out again, it wouldn’t matter as long as Mom or Dad came in to investigate. She wouldn’t be able to shrink me down that fast. But… if they still don’t hear me?

     It was too big of a risk. With the possibility of freedom just a few steps away, Denver turned towards his sister and crawled over to her butt, and took a nervous deep breath before plunging his face right in between Jackie’s cheeks. “Good boy,” she teased, smirking triumphantly at his decision. And since she only had underwear on, there was even less clothing in the way of her doling out justice. She felt something coming along, and with a mischievous smile, let loose a loud, gassy blast right in her brother’s face.

     He immediately recoiled from the warm puff, coughing to try and get it out of his lungs. Jackie laughed at his reaction, but reminded him that it wasn’t over. “I know that it was just your reflexes causing you to lean away, but I don’t wanna take all morning shrinking you back down again.” He understood what she meant, and as he felt the effects of her fart already making him smaller, he had to stand on his knees now to reach her ass. Pressing his face into her butt just like she wanted, he caught a few trace whiffs of the remaining stench, just enough to take off another inch.

     The two of them waited another few minutes for Jackie’s second wave. And just Denver standing there, barely able to smell her residual flatulence, was enough to cause him to go down a few more millimeters over the course of them waiting. Jackie expected that she would’ve gotten bored waiting for him to shrink, but she wasn’t; just the feeling of his little head obediently pressed against her crack made her feel good. Maybe a little too good…

     But then without a warning to Denver, Jackie quickly farted again, a longer one that caused her cheeks to tremble for a few seconds more than normal. “There you go, sniff it aaaaall up, my beloved big brother,” she teased, and the rank stench shot its way into his lungs again. Just like before, he recoiled again, but this time Jackie was ready and her hand instantly caught the back of his head, slamming it back between her cheeks to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Just for good measure, she twisted his head back and forth, forcefully smushing it between her pale, wobbling cheeks. And Denver in turn shrunk down even further, until he was barely two feet tall, not even as tall as her hips when standing straight up.

     Jackie turned around and smiled at the nervous-looking lil dude. “Now that you’re too short to reach the door handle, I’m gonna go get something from the garage and bring it back here so I can multitask while I finish waiting for you to shrink,” she explained, heading over to grab the clothes off the ground that she’d used to block the crack under her door last night. Tossing them to the side, she swung her door wide open and then spun on her heel, waving to Denver before closing the door and trapping him in her room.

     After hearing her footsteps fade downstairs, he immediately rushed over to the door, but sure enough, he wasn’t tall enough to reach the handle. He couldn’t even touch it when jumping up. He briefly considered getting something to use as a stool, and ran over to a box on the other side of her room. But it ended up having books in it, making it far too heavy for the shrunken man to carry. He heard the door to the garage open downstairs, and realized she was almost halfway through with her trip. In just the 10 or 15 seconds since she’d left, his plan had already ended up taking too long, and there was no way now that he’d be able to leave in the next 30 or so seconds before she came back. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, cursing how confident his sister had been leaving him there. And she’d been right not to worry. He was helpless.

     The garage door opened again, and he went back to the middle of the room where he’d been standing when she left, feeling dejected as he listened to the giant girl hopping back up the stairs. As she came back in her room, Denver saw that she was holding an electric screwdriver, prompting him with confusion. “Wait, is that part of the worse punishment. Did I do something wrong?” he asked worriedly, thinking that he’d been pretty good about gulping down her fumes like she told him to.

     She shook her head and walked past him to open up her closet. “No, don’t worry, you’ve been good so far. This is actually part of what I was thinking of doing last night before I changed my mind. But like I said, your punishment’s back on the menu, so I changed my mind back to the original plan.” She pulled out a medium sized box from her shelf, and while he couldn’t see it, he heard her ripping off some wrapping plastic, meaning that whatever she had, it was brand new. “Since you’re too small to reach my ass now, I’m just gonna lay on my stomach while I work on this, so you can stand between my legs and lean in to smell it that way,” she said, putting the top of the box back in her closet before closing it and turning back around to him. With the box’s lid gone, the bottom was just a plain white color, leaving no indication as to what its contents could be. “And this is kind of a surprise, so no peeking while you’re doing your shrinking, mkay? Although if you’re smart enough, you’ll probably be able to figure it out,” she giggled, getting on the floor and turning with her back to him again.

     With the box in one hand and the work tool in the other, she got onto her stomach and propped herself up using her elbows, and then spread apart her legs a little bit so Denver could stand in between her upper thighs. He got the message, and hesitantly climbed over her leg and walked up to her hips, looking down at the bubble butt laying before him that was waiting for his return. I can’t believe this is my life, he thought, and leaned in, his arms smushed against his sides as he wiggled his upper body into her crack like she’d ordered him to.

     For the next ten minutes, Denver waited with impatience and discomfort while he listened to the sound of Jackie drilling into something. He wondered if she was making holes in the box; maybe she’d keep him there while heading somewhere, and they were meant to be air holes. But that didn’t make much sense, since she’d kept him in her panties for several hours yesterday while going to the store, so he figured he’d probably end up in them again if she was gonna go somewhere today. But then what could it be?

     His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her stomach gurgling, before she finally let out another blast of wind, so strong that it tussled his hair a bit. This time he shrunk so fast, he had to quickly grab onto her underwear to keep himself from slipping off. Once the stink had dissipated and the shrinking slowed down, he was only around 5 or 6 inches, and hanging onto her panties with his legs under him, no longer tall enough to reach the ground. She turned to look behind her, and smirked at his situation. “Get in closer Denver. I’m almost done here. And you probably only need one more hit…”

     His heart was beating faster, knowing that whatever Jackie had in store for him, he was only a few minutes away from finding out about it. He awkwardly wiggled his way up her crack, as if trying to crawl closer and deeper into the canyon of her claustrophobic cheeks. ‘One more hit,’ he heard her saying over and over in his head, as he lay wedged in her crack, waiting to get smaller. “Oh, here it comes!” Jackie announced excitedly, and put down the drill as she tensed her body up, and then fired away her final, noxious cloud, surrounding her older brother with her stench. She could feel his body getting less and less noticeable, and then pulled her cheeks apart as she stood up, allowing him to fall back onto the carpet while she got to her feet. He was still about 2 inches, so he hadn’t shrunk down to his minimum. But that was fine with Jackie, since it was small enough for her plan.

     “Voila! Behold your, uh… transportation,” she smirked, “for what’s gonna be a pretty wild and bumpy ride.” Denver looked up to see what she was holding: a translucent, silicone dildo, peppered with various holes along the shaft. His heart sank, and he was nearly trembling out of fear, as his head put together what was about to happen. “You’re gonna ride along in here while I give myself a little bit of morning stimulation,” she grinned, admiring her handiwork. “And because I’m such a kind little sister, I made sure that there would be lots of breathing holes so you wouldn’t suffocate inside. Although I guess the downside is it’s probably gonna get pretty muggy in there. Cuz lemme just tell you right now Denver, you’re gonna be smelling everything.”


Chapter 6 by Jessajess99

     Jackie shimmied out of her panties with one hand, while her other hand held snugly onto her brother’s body. Kicking the underwear aside, she climbed onto her bed, clearing a space for herself so she could be most comfortable. Then she sat down, her back resting against some pillows she’d propped up against the headboard, and deposited Denver in between her spread-out legs.

     He looked up at Jackie’s sex, standing loud and proud in front of him. There was a decent amount of bush above it, although she seemed to keep it relatively well maintained and clean at least. He was standing around 20 feet back from his perspective, which really gave him the ability to observe it in its entirety. But just the fact that he wasn’t even as tall as her private parts was enough to get his heart racing again, agonizing over what was just moments away.

     “I know this won’t be very easy for you,” she said. “Obviously it’s gonna be a bit awkward for me too. But it has to be done.” She looked somewhat sympathetic, like a parent about to discipline their child. “So I’ll give you a few moments to get yourself ready,” she added, “or in the right headspace or whatever. Plus I need a few minutes to get my body ready too.” She didn’t wanna be looking at him anymore for this next bit, so she lay her head back and closed her eyes as she stuck her middle three fingers in her mouth to suck on. After a few seconds, she took her hand out and slowly guided it downwards, starting to gently massage the top of her vulva. Denver couldn’t bear to watch it either, and turned away, as Jackie gradually picked up a bit of speed, working her way to her clit and being careful not to go too fast. She was taking deep breaths in and out, imagining a couple celebrities, a guy from her work she thought was cute, even one of her exes. But she couldn’t get Denver out of her mind. Not him specifically, but the idea of him, the sight of him being so small and helpless. She didn’t want to think of it, but she couldn’t help it.

     After a few minutes, Jackie felt like she was ready, and opened up her eyes again to look down at her brother and pick him up with her other hand. His eyes flashed open too as he was suddenly lifted upwards and turned around to face his captor. “So I was gonna just stick you inside,” she said, grabbing the dildo and holding it bottom up beneath Denver. He looked below him at the deep and hollow shaft, and started squirming uncomfortably, wanting more than anything in the world for this whole experience to be over. “But then I realized it might get annoying cuz you’d be bouncing all around. So if you want, I wouldn’t mind taping you down or something. The important part is that you’re inside.” She said it all so disturbingly nonchalant. Minutes away from stuffing her older brother up her pussy, and she was explaining the whole situation as if she was simply talking about her day. It left him speechless, and his mind was still trying to process what was about to happen. There was a moment of silence as she waited to see what he’d say, but he was frozen in fear. “Well I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then,” she sighed. “See you in a little bit!” And then he was dropped into the hole below.

     Denver landed with a soft thud at the curved bottom of the dildo—which luckily hadn’t hurt his durable body. Everything around him began moving as Jackie set the dildo on its side, causing him to tumble a bit until it felt like he was in a long corridor instead of a deep well. It began moving, and outside of the air holes he could see the sides of her thighs, until the dildo bumped into something. And then began pushing. With a bit of resistance, it kept going forward, a soft squishing sound coming from outside the tip, causing Denver to hyperventilate. It was happening. The awful, unthinkable nightmare. True to her word, he was finally being pushed into his enormous sister’s giant, hungry cunt.

     The air holes near the tip got blocked off as she pushed it inside of her, and the inner walls of her vagina slid along the shaft’s exterior, welcoming their guest. Denver felt horrified as a shadow fell over him, and a tangy smell started to fill his cave. He got onto his feet and turned to run towards the back of the dildo; he knew he couldn’t escape, but staying near the back would be less traumatic than remaining up front, where it was deepest, darkest, and the smell was strongest. But Jackie had to pull the dildo out a little bit, which made her brother trip. Another push inwards, and then a retreat, as she gently coaxed her vagina to get bigger. Unable to stand anymore, he crawled towards the back in desperation.

     But after a particularly lengthy withdrawal, a sudden shove inwards caused Denver’s nude body to tumble forward, but he tripped too far and ended up running into the hand she had covering the exit while gripping the base. Realizing that Denver bumping into her hand meant that he’d been staying near the back, Jackie rolled her eyes; “Fine, if you’re still trying to resist, I guess I’ll just have to be extra about all this,” she muttered, and rotated her body to face the wall while lifting up her legs and laying on her back. As she scooted forward, she set her feet onto the wall for balance, and raised her butt off the bed so her crotch could point upwards like her upper legs. It obviously was a bit of a strenuous position to maintain, so she grabbed her pillow and stuffed it under her hips for support, and then relaxed onto her back, satisfied with her solution to her brother’s reluctance.

     Denver had heard what she’d said, but he didn’t understand what she meant until he felt his body jostled about again, starting to slide backwards as she lifted her legs. He grabbed ahold of two air holes just as his prison went vertical, and he heard Jackie sigh contentedly outside. “There, that should be good,” she said to herself, and then resumed with plunging the silicone dick in and out.

     Her brother could barely hold on due to the continuous movement. Worse yet, her vaginal fluid was starting to leak into the holes. Including the ones Denver was holding onto. It trickled in between his fingers, but because of the bouncing nature of the hollowed-out dick, he couldn’t keep his hands glued down, so with every bump, a little more of the slippery liquid seeped under his hands. “No… wait,” he frantically said, feeling his grip slipping. “Please!” But Jackie couldn’t hear him. He couldn’t hold on any longer, and he fell back down to the bottom.

     His back instantly got wet after he landed, since the liquid that was seeping inside from all around drizzled down into a pool at the bottom. To a normal person’s perspective, it wasn’t very much, but for the two inch tall man, it was easily enough to coat half his body.

     Jackie continued pumping him up and down, gaining speed as she rubbed her clit with her other hand. Every plunge would send her toy just a tiny bit deeper, and Denver with it. His body bounced helplessly around inside, every new landing covering more of his skin with her juices.

     Jackie’s breathing picked up, feeling herself getting close to the edge. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she pulled the dildo halfway out of her, and then with a final push, thrust the rubbery cock so deep inside that it blocked out all the holes and sent Denver into a world of darkness. That final shove proved to be enough for the girl, and her pussy started rhythmically pulsating around her brother as her body relaxed, tired but satisfied, pleasure washing over her body.

     Denver was crying in the dark, humid recesses of Jackie’s pussy as she finished; his mouth was clamped shut to keep anything from getting inside, but every inch of him—including his face—was covered with the secretions of his little sister’s most intimate area. After letting the effects of her orgasm wear off, she pulled the dripping wet cock out and turned back around to her former sitting position, giving herself a break but still holding the dildo upright. But she didn’t take Denver out.

     He couldn’t even stand up, so he just looked up at the ceiling, and started yelling to get her attention to free him. “HEY! LET ME OUT NOW, PLEASE JACKIE!” His voice was so tiny, but she just barely heard his squeaks and leaned forward, gazing into his cage.

     “Sorry about that, I just had to give myself a minute,” she explained with a sigh. “Anyways, you don’t look bruised or hurt or anything, so that’s good. And we’re halfway there!” WHAT? I thought that’d be it! he thought with worrying surprise, as she got onto her knees, carrying him to behind her body. “Done with the front, now it’s time for the back!”


Chapter 7 by Jessajess99

     With her vaginal fluid coating the outside of the dildo like some kind of lubricant, Jackie wasted no time in lining the tip up against her asshole. “I’ll try to get it over with a bit quicker this time,” she offered, as if that could somehow offer some relief for a situation that was about to be horrifying no matter how long it lasted.

     The thick, rubbery dildo slowly pushed its way into Jackie’s anus, causing her to gasp and begin breathing more carefully. She was holding it sideways, so at the least, Dylan could stand in the middle instead of falling into the tip again. But a rotten smell soon invaded his senses, just like the one he’d experienced yesterday when she’d kept him in her panties. Since she was already in the mood, pushing Dylan’s prison deeper inside of her was going a lot quicker than he was anticipating, and it wasn’t long before his sister began quietly whimpering as she fed him to her ass. “It’s just a little too big,” she whispered, half to herself and half to her brother. “The perfect size…”

     Soon enough, the cock was halfway inside, and her whimpers had turned into moans. Except it was for more than just physical reasons. Knowing that Dylan was being sent further up her asshole was adding a layer of perverted pleasure that she couldn’t ignore, as much as she wanted to. He tried to walk away from the front again, but she began pushing the dildo in and out, making it hard for him to even stay standing. Nevermind a stench that was so strong that it brought him to his knees, a disgustingly shitty smell. Literally. The odor of her last trip to the toilet was present, except a hundred times stronger than just being able to smell it from a bathroom.

     Dylan had managed to stay just outside the entrance to her anus, keeping himself from having to experience her colon, but Jackie felt a familiar feeling throughout her body that made her pause, and quickly pull the dildo out. He fell out of the titanic dick as she yanked it out, landing on her cushioned bed. But within a second, his sister’s sex toy surrounded him again, encircling his little body and rising high above him as she set it on the mattress with the tip facing the ceiling. She backed up carefully and used a hand to line the tip up with her asshole again while her other clenched her bedsheet, holding up her weight. But then after pushing the dildo in just a bit, she took a nervous deep breath, and pulled her hands away, causing herself to slam onto the bed, and consequently allowing her ass to swallow up the entirety of the slick cock with a messy, elongated SHHHLORP!

     Jackie instantly covered her mouth as she let out a muffled shriek, her ass accepting so much of the dildo that her cheeks reached her bed. And as a result, Dylan’s world went dark again, hopelessly surrounded within the dick that had sunk itself all the way inside his little sister’s asshole. But then the reason for her sudden change of plans became evident as a deafening, hot gust of toxic wind shot itself through Jackie’s body, only to find its regular exit blocked. The only directions the fart could travel was through the “breathing” holes of the dildo, but the end of it was covered by her bed and surrounded by her cheeks. Right where Dylan was laying. He was stuck in a revolting fog of built-up pressure that seemed to compress his body, as if punishing him for its inability to escape, and stewing all around him instead. Within seconds, the two inch man was back at a quarter of an inch, and his sister’s waste tunnel grew hundreds of feet higher.

     Unable to take the pressure any longer, Jackie fell onto her side, and the fart rushed out of her like normal, while the dildo uncapped itself from around Dylan, still stuck up Jackie’s ass. Breathing a sigh of relief, she pulled the dildo out of her, letting it collapse beside her brother as its juices quietly trickled down to her bed. 

     Drunken on a fresh wave of dopamines, Jackie turned herself around, smiling at the pathetically small creature on her bed that was struggling to stand. “Congrats Dylan, it seems you made it through,” she teased, her voice booming down at him. “What a strong, courageous big brother you’ve been.” She climbed off her bed and put her panties back on, along with an oversized t-shirt, and grabbed the dildo so she could go and wash it off in the bathroom sink. And Dylan stayed right where he was, unable to move a muscle. Unable to believe what had just happened. Promising himself that he’d never cross his sister ever again.

     Luckily for Dylan, Jackie decided to give him a break for the next few hours. It wasn’t long after the siblings’ escapade that their parents woke up, but by that point, Dylan knew it would be nearly impossible to get their attention. He also knew that if he wandered off too far, he could get stomped on or seriously hurt in some other way. So since his punishment was meant to be temporary, he tried not to stress out about the whole situation. Jackie had let him regrow overnight, so he was sure she’d do the same tonight. Hopefully she would, since it was Christmas tomorrow.

     After cleaning off the dildo, came back inside and turned on her TV for Dylan, letting him pick out something to watch. He was too tiny to be heard, but she just went to his Netflix queue and scrolled through the first few things until she heard a tiny squeak that let her know what he’d picked. Then she went went to make herself some breakfast, bringing up a single speck-sized morsel of her scrambled eggs that was bigger than her brother’s entire body. 

     After that, she just lounged around for the rest of the morning, as if nothing perversely explicit had just happened between the two siblings. She never even took over control of the TV and let him have his pick for the next few hours, since Jackie could at least browse TikTok or do other things on her phone while Dylan remained unable to do literally anything for himself. Every once in awhile she’d let out a fart, and try to wave it in his general direction, just to make sure he stayed small. But beyond that, all signs of maliciousness or punishment had vanished. Except if she was treating him so humanely again, Dylan still wondered why she wouldn’t let him regrow just yet.

     After Jackie had her lunch, she came back upstairs with Dylan’s crumb-sized allotment of food, along with a mason jar she’d grabbed from their kitchen cupboard. “So, hopefully you enjoyed that little break,” Jackie said, and set the mason jar down on her floor, dropping the crumb inside and turning to Dylan’s barely visible body on the bed. “But I had plans to hang out with Amanda today. And because I’m so nice, I’ve decided you don’t have to come with me like you did yesterday,” she explained, delicately picking up his body between her fingers and carrying him over to the jar. “Except I still have to make sure you stay small til later tonight, so I’m gonna have to keep you in here, where it’s easier for me to… control your air, I guess you could say.” 

     She dropped him in, and Dylan saw that along the edges of the bottom of the jar were a few drops of water too, which was good since he’d been getting thirsty. But as he was checking out the food, a shadow blocked out the light from overhead, and he looked up to see Jackie had pulled down her shorts and panties, exposing her gigantic, puckering asshole directly overhead. ‘Controlling his air’ suddenly made more sense now, as a hot but quick little toot shot itself out from his sister’s anus, echoing around his glass prison. It was soon followed by several more toots that built up in size, until a long, rumbling fart erupted from her ass, instantly making his air more humid and revolting. At a speed that seemed impossible for how big she was, her butt swung out of the way, and a golden, metal lid slammed onto the top of the mason jar, and she quickly screwed it around as tightly as she could, ensuring that her noxious gasses would stay trapped with her brother for the next few hours.

     Her smiling face appeared next to his curved window, ignoring his coughs as she continued speaking. “You’re so tiny that I don’t think I’ll need to worry about you running out of oxygen in there for way longer than I’ll be gone. If I could, I’d let you stay up on my bed and could just keep the TV on autoplay, but then Mom or Dad might hear it. Or even if they didn’t, I couldn’t risk them coming in and seeing you, so I’m gonna need to hide you away for… well, probably the rest of the afternoon, honestly.” She grimaced, feeling bad for the little guy. “Sorry.”

     She grabbed the jar and crawled towards her bed, flattening her body so her head, shoulders, and arms could fit underneath. Moving aside some boxes and random items of clothing, she slid her brother’s temporary cage as far back as she could manage, until the glass seemed almost invisible in the dark corner. Then she shuffled back out from under her bed and stood up, and got dressed up into something warm and comfortable for the winter weather. “See ya later,” she said, switching off her light and closing the door behind her.

     Without any lights, Dylan’s already dimly lit corner became even darker, and he sighed, turning to the crumb so he could at least get some lunch. But it seemed to have rolled to the side of the jar after she pushed it, and his lone piece of bread had collided with the droplet of water, easily soaking it up. So now his lunch was soggy, and his lone source of water could now only be consumed from said soggy piece of bread, which Dylan knew would only be getting mushier as the hours wore on.

     He sighed and decided that he wasn’t that hungry after all, and curled up into a ball on the glass floor. With his sister’s ever-present fart to keep him warm, he figured he might as well take a nap for as long as he could.


Chapter 8 by Jessajess99

     Jackie returned a couple hours later, except this time with a friend. Not that it mattered much though, since Jackie obviously couldn’t reveal her brother’s new, secret abilities. But the light flicking on was enough to wake him up. Unfortunately, since he’d been napping for several hours, he wasn’t tired, and couldn’t fall back asleep. And of course, there was nothing to do. So his only source of ‘entertainment’ was simply watching the feet of Jackie and her friend as they walked around her room, wondering what they were doing, or what they were talking about.

     Another several more hours went by, and his sister’s friend left, so Denver hoped that this meant he could finally be let out. The rotten stench of his sister’s bubbly fart was still festering in the boy’s atmosphere; he assumed that he might get used to it after enough time, but he never did. And when Jackie closed her bedroom door instead of heading back out, his heart raced at the possibility of freedom being around the corner. Except she never squatted down next to her bed to save him. Her feet just disappeared from his view as she hopped onto her bed instead. And soon enough, he heard the TV turn on again. Either she’d forgotten about him, or she was purposefully ignoring her brother and would rather let him wallow in her stench than have to babysit him some more.

     But finally, after an agonizing 7 hours since she’d first screwed him into the jar earlier that day, she got on the floor and crawled under the bed, grabbing his jar from the corner and pulling it back out. “Well I’ve got a bit of good news for you, but some kinda bad news too,” she announced, unscrewing the jar and dumping it over, letting him tumble out onto her palm. “The good news is that, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided that you can regrow again for Christmas tomorrow,” she said, smiling as she saw the relief wash over his itty bitty face. “But the bad news, at least for you, is that I’ve got one more punishment in store for you. I’m sure our little session this morning was probably lesson enough for you, but I think that one more bit of discipline will be the cherry on top, and really drive the point home...“ Her smile fell, and she looked gravely serious as she leaned her head in and stared down at him. “That you will not fuck with me, ever again, for the rest of our lives.”

     Jackie went back to her cheerful demeanor and set him down on the floor, standing up to grab a pair of panties from her dresser, along with a short piece of string that was on her desk. “As long as you can obey that very simple and very easy-to-follow wish of mine, then you’ll probably never need to get shrunk down ever again.” The fact that she said ‘probably’ stuck around in his mind. She’d just learned that she had what was basically a superpower, and it only worked on a single person in her life; the idea that she’d never want to use it for the rest of their lives felt incredibly unlikely.

     She sat criss cross on her carpet and lay the underwear down next to him; he knew where this was going. “Since we have the Christmas Eve dinner tonight with Grandma and Aunt Sharon and Aunt Monica’s family and everyone else, I figured that it’d be nice of me to bring you along.” She picked up his body and carefully set it down on her panties, then looped the piece of string around the two of them. “But, like I said, you’re still grounded. So you can come along with Mom and Dad and me, but I won’t be able to let anyone know you’re there.” Denver's heart sunk into his stomach as Jackie calmly explained the situation to him, all while wrapping the string multiple times around his body, making sure he was firmly tied to her underwear.

     Once finished, she stood up and took off her shorts, along with the panties she already had on, kicking them both to the side. “You won’t be able to say hi to anyone…” his sister said, and Denver watched with a lump in his throat as his half-naked sister walked towards him, setting her monolithic feet on either side of him. “And they won’t be able to say hi to you…” she continued, squatting down and grabbing the sides of her undergarment, giving her older brother an up-close view of her ten-story pussy. “But at least you’ll get to be amongst family,” she finished off with a grin, and stood up, bringing her panties along with her. Denver screamed out in fear as he was pulled upwards, but any kind of noise the bug-sized boy made was abruptly silenced as his entire body hurled right into his little sister’s pussy.

     The unfortunately familiar smell of their fiasco that morning returned, except this time he was being held against the source. His only saving grace was that she wasn’t wearing some kind of skimpy lingerie with only a string up front. If that were the case, he might’ve literally been buried between her lips, but instead he was just held to the outside. Always on the edge of feeling like he was about to be pushed in. She put on a pair of pants, which pressed him even tighter to his sister’s sex, along with darkening Denver's ability to see anything—as if there was anything to see anyways other than the expanse of Jackie’s genitals.

     Between his current experience and his one from yesterday, he wasn’t sure which was worse. Her asshole obviously smelled worse, but at least his first trip in her panties didn’t have him pressed up to the source and completely unable to move. Jackie walking to their family’s car was uncomfortable, Jackie sitting in the back seat and unconsciously squeezing him between her legs was uncomfortable, and the eventual parade around their extended family’s house was uncomfortable too (both physically and emotionally).

     Hearing his aunts and uncles and cousins catching up with Jackie, hearing his parents and grandparents working on the dinner together, and worst of all, hearing various people mention him occasionally and say it was a shame he didn’t make it. It angered him that he couldn’t be there like everyone else. But he also knew that if it wasn’t for him messing with his sister, he wouldn’t be in his situation to begin with. Worn by his little sister. Strapped helplessly to her cunt. Invisible to everyone… except her.

     She only said one thing to him the entire night, towards the end of the evening after most of the family had gone to check out one of the cousin’s early presents, leaving Jackie alone in the room. She looked down between her legs, imagining what he looked like but feeling him squirm every so often, and gently patted herself down there to let him know she hadn’t forgotten about him. “Merry Christmas little brother,” she whispered, and then stood up to go and join the rest of her family without him.

Epilogue by Jessajess99

     In the spirit of the holiday season, Jackie was merciful to Denver after they got home from Christmas Eve dinner with the family. She felt kinda bad about it too; the temporary torture she inflicted by tying him to her panties or putting him in her dildo were physical things. Maybe a little mental too, since it was probably beyond boring being stuck in her fart jar all day with nothing to do. But leaving him alone while she and the rest of their family all relaxed and laughed and dined together on one of the most harmonious nights of the year? That was a kind of emotional pain that she actually felt bad about administering.

     She just hoped that it’d be worth it though, and let it serve as a stark reminder to never anger or even frustrate her again. Obviously Denver had toned it down a ton since they became adults, but he’d still messed with her for nearly two decades. The only way to break that strong of a habit in just a few days was to get a bit extreme in her ways. So hopefully it’d be worth worth it.

     But regardless, she definitely couldn’t let him miss Christmas. So even though she thought about heading to bed with him still tied up between her cheeks, she decided to give him the night off. As soon as they came home that night and she unwound him from her underwear, his tiny figure passed out on her floor. He was so grateful for the clean air and freedom, his body fell asleep before it had the chance to figure out if there was anything left in store for him. But there wasn’t. So she let him sleep in peace.

*    *    *    *    *

     Denver woke up with a jump, automatically flinching as soon as he opened his eyes. But there was nothing to be nervous about. He was merely in his bed—or at least the one he used to sleep in growing up, in the same room that had been his growing up—full sized and sprawled out like he usually was whenever waking up. Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt like he always was whenever waking up, without the smell of ass on him. Even though he had dreamt about Jackie last night, he knew their whole encounter over the last couple days had been a vivid and graphic reality. But it sure felt like it was. He could’ve just woken up naked in the corner of his sister’s room like he had yesterday, but by all measures, there was no indication that he’d ever been shrunken by Jackie, or subjected to her retribution.

     He sighed as he got up, already able to hear everyone else in the living room. Glancing at his phone confirmed that it was Christmas morning, a little after 9 o’clock. He wondered if his parents even knew he was home, considering he’d never officially surprised them like he was going to.

     Within a second of him opening up his door, he heard his dad yell something from downstairs. “Finally, he’s awake!” So… they do know I’m home, he realized, making his way downstairs.

     “My son, my son!” his mom called out with the familiar fake voice she always used whenever she tried to be funny. Rushing over, she wrapped him in a hug and squeezed him tight. “Ohhhhh, thank you so much for coming home, your dad and I didn’t know what to expect.” He smiled half-heartedly, still stunned to have returned back to such normalcy, considering the last thing he remembered before waking up was being tied to the middle strip of lingerie.

     “Surprise, I guess,” he chuckled, as his mom let him go of her hug.

     “Oh that’s right,” she laughed, playfully batting him on the shoulder. “I’m sorry you got here too late to surprise us like you must’ve been planning to. We never heard you come in last night but your dad saw your car out front this morning. Judging by how much you slept in you must’ve gotten in pretty late. Was there ice on the roads. Or a slowdown? When did you leave?” In typical motherly fashion, the onslaught of comments and questions were a lot to take in. Denver glanced at his sister, whose smile looked no different than her parents. He figured she moved his car for him last night, but there wasn’t any glint in her eye or knowing smirk that gave away her secret.

     “Um… yeah, I was just really busy yesterday and left pretty late cuz I didn’t wanna wake up early to make the drive. I don’t remember when I got here but it seemed like everyone was already asleep. So I just went right to bed.”

     “Well feel free to come home in the middle of the night more often if it means getting to see you,” his dad joked, stepping forward to give him the next hug. “Although it’s too bad you couldn’t have come earlier yesterday, you could’ve come to dinner with everyone else.” Denver grimaced as he recalled the prior night, and the fact that he very much had attended, just not with anyone other than Jackie knowing.

     When his dad pulled back to let Denver’s sister in for the final hug, her face still remained just as it had before, completely void of any reactions to the fabrications he was having to make up. She squeezed him tight with her head momentarily leaning against her taller brother’s chin. “Nice to see you again,” she said. “I thought I was gonna have to spend another Christmas alone here.”

     “What do you mean ‘alone?’” their dad scoffed. “What’s wrong with your mom and I?”

     Jackie rolled her eyes as she pulled out from her hug with Denver. “Ugh, you know what I mean.”

     “Did you guys already open presents?” Denver asked, and Jackie’s eyes widened at having to even imagine such a ridiculous scenario.

     “Of course not! And we didn’t even force you to wake up early,” his sister replied, crossing her arms. “I’ve been up since like, 6:30 or something, I’ve waited hours for you.”

     “Well stop complaining and let’s get started then,” their mom said as she shooed her family over near the Christmas tree, so they could all start with the holiday festivities. There was actually a part of Denver now that wondered if maybe he really had just dreamt up the last few days, and the story in his dream had simply molded itself to what had really happened after he arrived late to his parents’ house.

     But for now, it didn’t matter. He was home.

*    *    *    *    *

     The family spent nearly an hour opening up presents. Denver’s family had packed some of his gifts into boxes already, with the expectation that they’d have to mail them to him after the 25th. So he was glad that they had put it off for so long that they never got around to mailing his stuff. They just wrapped his gifts that morning, and he was none the wiser.

     After the floor had been littered with wrapping paper and cardboard, Jackie and Denver’s parents headed to the kitchen so they could start making brunch for the four of them. Jackie tapped her brother on the arm as he sat back in his recliner, and pulled a small box out from behind her back. “I still have one more present left for you,” she said, quiet enough that their parents wouldn’t be able to hear her.

     He took the white, simply-wrapped white box from her, somewhat hesitant. But her smile seemed genuine, instead of mischievous. Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna open it up and it’ll spray some kind of bottled up fart in my face. It can’t be that bad. He faked a smile for her and tore the wrapping paper off, but when he pulled open the top flaps, his face dropped and his heart began racing. “I guess you could say it’s a bit of a white elephant gift,” Jackie whispered. Because Denver’s final present was a scarily familiar sight: her specially designed dildo.

     The small amount of doubt in Denver’s mind that the past few days hadn’t happened vanished as soon as his eyes locked onto the silicone sex toy. From his full size, the tiny holes she’d drilled into the hollowed out dick looked so small, yet he remembered being so tiny he couldn’t even hold onto them. “Just to make sure you don’t forget,” Jackie added, a devious grin forming on her lips. “And don’t worry, I made sure to clean it in case you—”

     “Oh, is that another present, did we forget one?” their dad asked, and Jackie’s head whipped around to see their parents emerging from the kitchen with a curious look on their face, having noticed the box.

     “Shit, hide it,” she whispered hoarsely as she turned back to her brother. “Don’t let them see it, just say it’s something private.” But Denver couldn’t. He was frozen. The souvenir of his horrific, shrunken Christmas Eve was lying in his lap. The prison that he’d been trapped in, while shoved into the most intimate area of his own sister’s body.

     “What’d you get him?” their mom asked, only a few seconds away.

     “DENVER,” she rasped through her teeth, and then grabbed it from him, realizing he wasn’t going to hide it himself, roughly closing the top again to hide its contents. “It’s a personal present just between the two of us,” she quickly said as she got up. But her dad had already reached out his hand to slow her down just as she finished her sentence, and as she turned, she accidentally ran into his arm. The box flew out of her hands as her body was abruptly stopped, and she watched in horror as it toppled to the ground, spilling open. And then out rolled Denver’s “gift.” Her dildo. Laying on the ground in front of the whole family.

     Her parents just stared at it for a few seconds, utterly speechless at what she’d tried to give her brother. Jackie rushed to pick it up and stuff it back inside its box, but they’d already seen it. Her heart was racing, wondering how she would possibly be able to explain giving her brother a dildo for Christmas. And the fact that she’d tried to do it in private obviously made the whole thing look even sketchier. Looking into her parents’ eyes, she could already see the confusion and disgust growing in their expressions.

     Denver was just recovering from his own shocked and frozen response, and as he turned to look at his sister, her eyes locked onto his. Very subtly, her jaw quivered and her eye twitched, as she fought to give him a glare that she knew would make her look even more guilty in her parents’ eyes. But her brother noticed. The way her pupils bore into his own. Unwavering and accusatory.

     He obviously should’ve hidden her gift, but he didn’t. He knew she wouldn’t accept his paralyzed shock as an excuse. In her eyes, this was his fault.

     He didn’t know when, and he didn’t know how, but he knew that before he headed back home, he’d have to experience a third round of his sister. Except this one would be spurred on by a wrath that far exceeded the annoyed frustration from him messing with her a few days ago. Even if she explained it away, he’d given her a painful, beyond awkward memory that’d likely be burned in her brain for years to come. So even though he didn’t know how she’d top what she’d already done to him, he knew that she’d find a way.

     Because if she had to suffer, then she was going to make sure that his suffering would be ten times worse.


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