Reduction & Relocation - Mayumi Okamoto by Footsteps

First, size reduction is possible.  Then it is incentivized.  Then it is mandated.  It was always inevitable. 

Dr. Katie Walker specializes in a cutting-edge, breakthrough technology her lab calls "Reduction Therapy". She has developed a theory for protecting those most vulnerable in an ever-approaching society where shrinking is commonplace...and it involves confining them somewhere very soft.  She'll need years or even decades of data to formally confirm her ambitious theories, but she has a dedicated staff, eager interns, a blatant disregard for ethics, and all the financial support she could ever need.


Two ambitious young doctors have recently received full approval and funding for a scientific and social experiment that involves shrinking its subjects beyond the microscopic level for injection into elligible women. They call the research experiment "Subcutaneous/Visceral Fat Immersion through Injection" or simply "Injection Therapy". Meanwhile, Mayumi Okamoto works part-time at a cupcake bakery and attends school part-time for business.  Due to some blessings in figure, she also has some more stigmatized sources of income... The young Japanese teenager finds time amongst her part-time endeavors to dream full-time about a future of independence and wealth.  



This is part of a multi-chapter commission by N0va.  It has been written to fit into the Reduction & Relocation Series and, chronologically speaking, is the first story in the series. 

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2. Chapter 2 - A Tale of Two Appointments by Footsteps

3. Chapter 3 - Finishing the Job by Footsteps

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7. Chapter 7 - Emma's Discovery by Footsteps

Chapter 1 - An Unfortunate Misunderstanding by Footsteps

“You’ve reached the office of Dr. Katie Walker and Dr. Alexandria Bexley. If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, you may dial it at any time.  To speak with Dr. Walker, please press 1.  To sp--”

Jaime interrupted the automated message with a short press of the #1 on his flip phone, nervously playing with his brown hair.  He felt a growing uneasiness in the pit of his stomach as the phone rang several times.  He couldn’t believe he was doing this again, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  He was desperate last time, and he was even more desperate now.  

It hadn’t even been 3 full months since he was restored to his original size and the $1,500 he’d received for his troubles was long gone.  He hadn’t gambled it away on casinos or lottery tickets.  He didn’t blow it on drugs or prostitutes. Those would have at least been fun ways to spend it.  He didn’t even get to spend it on boring yet necessary expenses like car maintenance. He spent every cent of it trying to get caught up on rent, still falling short by over a thousand dollars.  He’d bought enough time to avoid being kicked out, at least. 

He was brought back to reality by the sound of a familiar voice.  

“Hello, this is Dr. Walker.”

If she weren’t already busy being a super-smart doctor, she could have done ASMR with that voice of hers.  Funny...she sounded so sweet and yet his stomach was in dread-laced knots.  

Jaime let Dr. Walker know that he was interested in volunteering for injection therapy once more. He left out all the details about having dropped out of college and being entirely out of money.  He also left out the lack of a job and lack of friends or a relationship. Part of him hoped that Dr. Walker would say he couldn’t do it...that it had been too recent and therefore unsafe.  Something like that...anything like that.  

“Absolutely, Mr. Pendergraft! If I remember correctly, you were paired with Karla for a left-tricep injection, right? ” Dr. Walker asked.

Jaime fumbled through his response, “Ummm...yes, that’s right.”

Dr. Walker continued, “Okay….my notes tell me that unfortunately, Karla is no longer participating.  It looks like she’s studying abroad.  I can see if any of the other participants have opted into tricep injections.”

“That’s okay cause umm….” Jamie responded, “...I was hoping we could go with something that pays a little better than the tricep thing. Actually...” 

Jamie clenched his eyes, regretting what was escaping his lips. 

“I was wondering...what pays the most?”

There was the slightest pause on the other end of the line before Dr. Walker responded.

“That would be injection into mammary layer fatty tissue.”

Jaime paused for a moment.  “Injection...into a boob?”

“That’s right.” Dr. Walker replied. “You would be injected into a breast.”

Jaime cringed for a moment, feeling like a 12-year old as Dr. Walker used the more grownup word for the area he was basically asking to be shrunken down and injected into.  The larger issue though, the content of her sentence was disconcerting.  It rolled off her tongue and sent confusing thoughts through his mind.  He liked boobs, what guy didn’t? But being microscopic, and forced by a long needle deep into one of them? That sounded a bit scary, to say the least.  

But then again, even Karla’s tricep was scary at times.  The funny thing about Karla: she was some kind of college athlete at his school who had broken her arm a week before the injection date.  Dr. Walker had removed her cast, injected Jaime into her tricep, and then put the cast back on. Karla wore the cast for the full 6 weeks that Jaime was confined to her tricep so her arm was almost always completely stationary. 

Karla also knew that Dr. Walker was injecting a microscopic man into her tricep, so he was far less worried about Karla doing something that might cause him harm or to become dislodged.  Honestly, it really was the perfect situation for a nervous Jaime, but unfortunately the safest option is very rarely the most profitable.  Even if a similar situation was available, Jaime felt like he needed to go big.

“Is that….safe?” Jaime asked reluctantly.

“Well, the density structure of the breast’s subcutaneous fat and fatty tissue is different than the tricep so I’m not going to lie to you, Mr. Pendergraft, there are some logistic concerns unique to the breast.  However, we have several other volunteers undergoing this type of injection and we have had very promising results.”

There was a second of silence.  Jaime had taken a breath to speak but Dr. Walker continued. 

“The compensation, important as you’ve indicated, is the highest we are offering for injection therapy. Upon retrieval, subjects are entitled to $8,000.”

Much to his reasonable and pragmatic side’s lament, Jaime’s hesitancy and reluctance was melting before his eyes.  He could pay off his entire debt to his landlord! He could fix his junker of a car and stop taking the bus!  He could actually go on a date and not have to ask the girl to cover her meal! This was a life-changing amount of money, but it would require a potentially life-changing experience.

“How long would I have to be injected?” Jaime asked.

“The injection period for the breast is 1 month…” Dr. Walker added, “...less than the time you spent in Karla’s tricep.”

“Okay...lets do it.” Jaime said.

“Wonderful.  Let me take a quick peek at my calendar here….”

There was a brief pause as Dr. Walker reviewed her schedule, and then another feminine voice in the background.  Dr. Walker returned a few seconds later.

“It looks like we’ve got a few injection therapy kickoff sessions scheduled for next week.  Today is about you come in Monday morning at 9AM?”

Jaime quickly checked his schedule in his mind. He remembered that he didn’t have a job, curriculum, or girlfriend so he responded, “Yes, that would work for me.”

“Great! We will see you Monday morning!  Please arrange to be here 15 minutes early and just like last time, please do not eat or drink anything but water 12 hours prior to your appointment.”

Jaime nodded his head to nobody, “Sure thing, doctor.”

Dr. Walker concluded in a much more serious tone, “...and most importantly, please remember that the non-disclosure agreement you signed last time is still active and will be going forward. Enjoy your weekend, Mr. Pendergraft.”

“You too, Dr. Walker.”

Jaime lowered the phone from his ear and meant to press the END CALL button, but accidentally pressed the speakerphone button.  He heard the sound of Dr. Walker’s receiver rustling, probably lowering toward the receiver.  He heard Dr. Walker say one thing before the call ended, it sounded like she was saying it to her secretary or maybe one of her interns.  She had said, “Please make a note of subject selection in Ms. Okamoto’s Breast IT file for next w--”.

The call ended before Dr. Walker could finish her sentence, but Jaime had heard enough to pique his interests. Jaime walked to the public library and signed out one of the computers there. He was perceptive and lucky enough to have heard and understood that not only was he already assigned to a woman for breast injection, he’d actually caught her name.  Last name anyway, but hopefully the last name of Okamoto would be enough. 

Turns out it was enough.  Sure enough, he dug a few layers through facebook friends and found her:  Atsuko Okamoto.  Friends with a friend of a friend of his, Atsuko was a Japanese exchange student he’d actually seen in a few of his classes back before he dropped out.  She was very quiet and shy, but very interested in the sciences.  It honestly didn’t surprise him at all that she would be participating in an experiment like this.  

As he browsed through her facebook, he saw that she played a lot of video games and was a part of several Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.  The thing that relieved Jaime the most he saw in one of Atsuko’s pictures from Comicon.  It was Atsuko in a pair of dorky knee-length denim shorts and somewhat of a tight video game shirt.  She had incredibly small breasts...just barely large enough to require a bra.  

Jaime was already starting to feel better.  Atsuko was not very active and judging from her facebook, she didn’t go out much;  it looked like she hadn’t been out anywhere since Comicon.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the bigger the boobs, the scarier and probably even more dangerous the experience of being injected into them would be. And those suckers can bounce!  He’d remembered his mom’s friend Angela accompanied him and his family tot he beach on a few occasions and her big tits barely fit in that zebra-patterned bikini top.  

Sure, she was over 40 at the time, but it was a formidable experience for a 12 year old boy nonetheless to see Angela run out into the water with them.  He didn’t know tits moved like that until that day.  None of that was a concern though for him in this particular experiment.  The day that Angela volunteered, maybe he’d reconsider but in this particular instance, he’d hit the jackpot here...a month in Atsuko’s nerdy, small tit and he’d be $8,000 richer.

Monday came way quicker than Jaime thought it would.  Jaime was in the waiting room by himself, signing the last of several legal documents in order to be cleared for injection therapy.  He honestly was having second thoughts the moment that he called Dr. Walker last week.  However, finding out that he’d be spending his time in Atsuko Okamoto’s small breast had convinced him it would be alright.  Thank god he’d heard Dr. Walker mention her name! Otherwise, he probably would have went for another tricep injection or something else that pays crappy. He might not have even done it at all.

He returned his paperwork to the receptionist at the front, who seemed professional but not very friendly.  She accepted the paperwork and coldly asked that he return to his seat and wait.  While waiting, Jaime fought boredom by browsing one of the dusty magazines.  Just as he was checking his watch to see how long he’d been waiting, he heard the door down the hall open and the sound of flip flops slapping bare soles.  He’d been alone in the waiting room for over an hour so he welcomed company.  Jaime watched as a fellow appointment holder entered the waiting room.  Maybe it was Atsuko?  Nope.  It wasn’t.  Jaime gasped. 

She didn’t notice him when she walked in, instead walking past him up to the receptionist.  Jaime watched in awe as the woman walked past.  She was wearing a light pink dress with small, white polka dots all over.  The dress was tight at the top and flowing freely toward the bottom, a few inches above her bare knees.  Further down, Jaime matched the slapping sound he’d heard to the woman’s matching white and pink flip flops.  He watched as her soft, white soles peeked momentarily with each step before being slapped by the flip flop and then she stood at the receptionist counter.

“Mayumi?” the receptionist said to the beautiful Japanese woman with a smile and warm friendliness that caught Jaime off guard.

“Yes, that’s me.  Its pronounced ‘My-yoom-mee’ though .” the gorgeous young woman said quietly.

“I’m sorry about that, Mayumi! I see you in the book here for a 10:30 AM appointment with Dr. Bexley.”

Jaime tried not to stare at Mayumi, whose back was to him.  Her left bare foot slid out of the flip flop and she used her unpainted toes to play with the thong strap while she signed in.

“I can take care of the rest for you.” The now-friendly receptionist said.  “Why don’t you go have a seat over there and we will call you up when we’re ready for you. While you wait, you can look over these frequently asked questions.”

Mayumi mirrored the receptionist's smile and turned to approach the waiting area.  Jaime managed one quick glance as she turned to face him and he tried to hide the widening of his eyes.  Her cute, pink dress showed off a positively stunning and frankly unbelievable amount of cleavage. He could only ascertain so much as his quick glance was losing contrast and the details were fading, but was she seriously not wearing a bra?  Her tits were way too big for that, and it showed.  

Each step she took resulted in a mesmerizing, wondrous ripple that sent shockwaves through each enormous tit, occasionally the waves in one tit would combine and subtract with the waves of its dancing sister, creating completely unpredictable and nearly hypnotic motion that Jaime would never understand how she could just ignore.   Those tits were larger than any he’d ever seen before…..ever. They were almost comically large, but still quite arousing.  And she looked so young!  She couldn’t have been older than 20.  She was also very short, perhaps a little over 5’. Mayumi took the seat across from Jaime. Seemingly oblivious to the chaos she was inspiring in the nervous male’s mind and body, she looked up to acknowledge him.  Her brief, polite smile was enough right there to keep Jaime’s blood pumping for months.  

He thought she looked remarkably like the Japanese adult star Hitomi Tanaka.  It was actually fact, if this woman didn’t look as young as she did and she didn’t just introduce herself to the receptionist as Mayumi, he might have thought it was actually Hitomi.

The gorgeous young Japanese woman lowered her eyes from Jaime and began reading the paper she was given. Jaime’s eyes danced over her body once more as Mayumi crossed her left thigh over the other, showing a tantalizing amount of her left thigh’s underside.  They weren’t particularly large thighs, nor were her hips all that wide.  Her dangling foot once again played with the attached flip flop and her breasts jiggled as she found comfort in her seat.  She seemed like any normal short japanese girl, but those tits...those fucking tits.  Jaime retreated into several strange fantasies, some of which were innocent bringing her home to his family for the holidays and nuzzling noses over hot chocolate with marshmallows in the morning.  

Some fantasies were more sexual, like picturing his throbbing cock completely swallowed in that ocean of tit flesh only to explode out the top of her cleavage. That’s assuming the tit flesh wouldn’t keep his cum completely contained. Maybe the coveted space between her tits operated as a black hole...a singularity between two massive objects from which nothing could escape. He also pictured her overtop of him in bed, grabbing hold of a hefty tit and squinting one eye, as if to aim..and with a smile she’d release the abundant burden of weight from her dainty small fingers to Jaime’s face. The considerable tit would swallow all his features, overflowing generously on all sides and deforming further as she gradually lowered herself...and her nipple perfectly positioned over his mouth so that the second he even parts his lips, that nipples not coming out again until she lifts up off of him. They were so fucking big...maybe even bigger than Hitomi’s.

“Ms. Okamoto?”

Jaime’s attention was ripped from pondering just how soft Mayumi’s body would have felt against his lips.  He looked up and saw a raven-haired doctor standing at one of the doorways.  She was short, beautiful, and had a decent sized chest, but nothing like Mayumi.  

‘Wow, had I been so focused on ‘tig ol’ bitties’ over here that I didn’t notice Atsuko come in?  That wouldn’t surprise him.  He looked around the room for Atsuko Okamoto but  didn’t see anyone; it was just him and Mayumi.  That’s weird...he definitely heard Ms. Okamoto being called up. He tilted his head in confusion to see Mayumi uncross her bare legs.

“Yes, that’s me.” Mayumi said with a smile.

‘Wait…’ Jaime thought with increasing panic.  ‘Her name is Okamoto too?  Are they sisters?  What are the odds that two girls with the last name Okamoto are in this experiment?’’  

Jaime was pretty sure Atsuko didn’t have any sisters.  He searched his memory from five days ago.  He had specifically heard Dr. Walker say Atsuko Okamoto!  There was no confusion there, right?  She definitely said Atsuko Okamoto…..right?  

Unless…….did she just say Ms. Okamoto?

Was he remembering incorrectly?

‘Oh, no…’

Jaime’s eyes widened. Dr. Walker had said Ms. Okamoto, no first name.  

‘Why the FUCK did I assume it would be someone I went to school with?’

Before standing up, Mayumi leaned forward to grab her purse off the floor next to her feet, obliviously giving an already traumatized Jaime an eyeful of her deep cleavage.  The young Japanese woman’s thin, elegant neck made way for a pale white, smooth upper chest and defied gravity as the continuation jutted out into preposterously large, overflowing tits that looked like they might spill out of the confines of her pink dress at any moment.  

Just minutes ago, Jaime had been fantasizing about burying his face in those tits, but now he feared he would be injected into them and lost. He stared at them with no discretion.  Discretion was reserved for the sexy and alluring.  Her overwhelmingly large breasts were now terrifying and imposing; they were modern marvels of biology, evolution, and overindulgence. How in gods name would they be able to find him after injecting him into those fucking things?  And the way they bounced and jiggled...he’d be in constant motion, constantly jostled about as she lived her life...and he’d have to do that for a whole month?? 

‘No...its too much...they’re too big…’ he thought to himself.

Unaware of Jaime’s panic attack, Mayumi slid her feet all the way into her flip flops and stood up. Her eyes locked with Jaime’s for a moment.  She looked confused by his reaction but did not spend time trying to understand it.  Instead she turned to approach the raven-haired doctor.  “Good morning, I’m Dr. Bexley.” The raven-haired doctor said. 

“I'm Mayumi Okamoto. It's nice to finally meet you.” Mayumi said sweetly before the two women disappeared behind the door.

Jaime was hyperventilating now. He’d dropped the magazine on the floor and was seriously considering just getting up and leaving.  He had seen some pretty confusing and scary things in the contracts he’d just signed but that all just pertained to the NDA, he was pretty sure.  He couldn’t get in trouble for leaving even though he signed the stuff already, right?  He was willing to take that chance.  He’d lost his nerve.  He stood up getting ready to leave, the receptionist not looking so friendly now and about to say something. Before she could, however, the same door that Mayumi had entered opened up, and there stood another doctor.  

‘Oh, shit.’ Jaime thought..stopping and staring at the cute, short doctor.  He’d felt defeated, and it was too late.

“Good morning Jaime.  Sorry for the wait.” the cute doctor said. Her brown eyes narrowed for a moment and she tilted her head in mild confusion.  “Oh, are you leaving?”

Jaime opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. 

The cute doctor smiled, “Why don’t you come on back with me?  We can talk about any questions or concerns you have.”

Jaime turned his head toward the exit and saw the parking lot.  He saw a car reversing out of a parking spot.  He saw a tree off in the distance blowing in the wind.  He saw a landscaper mowing the grass. In that moment, he wanted to just stand there and stare forever...but Jaime turned away from the view outside and faced the cute doctor...he faced the $8,000.


Dr. Walker grinned and held the door open wide for him to enter.

Chapter 2 - A Tale of Two Appointments by Footsteps

“Alright then, Mayumi. Why don’t you have a seat right here and wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

As Dr. Bexley left and shut the door behind her, Mayumi straightened out the back of her dress and took a seat on the comfy chair.  It was like one of those big, plush dentist chairs that reclined.  Mayumi fidgetted nervously, twitching her dangling feet.  She had developed a habit of playing with her flip flops ever since she was a little girl.  Despite her years of practice, her toes lost grip of the thong and the flip-flop fell.  Mayumi didn’t bother to try and look down to see where it landed; her large breasts completely obstructed her view of the floor so she had to stand up in order to find it.  

About 5 minutes later, Dr. Bexley came back into the exam room, several items in hand.

“Sorry for the wait, dear.” Dr. Bexley said, shutting the door behind her.

The raven-haired doctor took a seat on a short stool with wheels. She pushed the stool closer toward Mayumi, stopping once she was right next to her.  Dr. Bexley set the items she’d brought in onto a swiveling tray mounted to Mayumi’s bench.  One item was a small digital scale. Atop the scale, she set an empty petri dish, a small tube of hand sanitizer, and an individually plastic-wrapped toothpick.  She sighed and looked up at Mayumi.

“Alright then...before we get started, did you have any questions?” 

Mayumi nervously asked, “ this whole thing...for real?”

Dr. Bexley smiled, “We get that question a lot, believe it or not.  Honestly, if there were two doctors telling me that they wanted to give me $1,000 a month for life...and all I had to do was get a few injections here and there, I would be pretty skeptical too!”

Mayumi returned the smile, appearing only slightly less nervous.  “So what they told me was true.  $1,000 a month for the rest of my life...if I get these injections.”

Dr. Bexley nodded her head.

Mayumi asked, “Can you tell me what is in them?”

Dr. Bexley shook her head. “Unfortunately, I can’t.  Your role in this experiment actually requires your ignorance of the contents of the injection.”

Mayumi, “Doctor, you have to understand how uncomfortable that makes me…”

Dr. Bexley quickly replied, “Of course I do, Mayumi.  Of course I do.  I know this is no easy ask.  I can tell you a few things though.  While I cannot tell you specifically what is in the injections, I can assure you that, on my 2-year old daughter’s life, there is absolutely nothing in them that can harm any way...whatsoever.”

Mayumi nodded her head, listening intently as the doctor continued and strongly wishing to believe her.

“I can also tell you that there are many other women enrolled in this same procedure and not a single one has experienced anything that could resemble an adverse side effect.”

Mayumi interjected, “But then...why do you want to give it to me?  If its not going to do anything?”

Dr. Bexley looked up at the ceiling trying to find the words.  “I’ll say this.  The focus of injection therapy is not you, per se.  The focus is on the actual injection.”

Mayumi tilted her head like a cute, confused squirrel.  “That...doesn’t make sense.”

Dr. Bexley smiled, “I know, dear.  I wish we could tell you more.”

Mayumi believed her. 

Dr. Bexley and Mayumi spent the next few minutes discussing Mayumi’s personal life. Mayumi went to school part time for business and worked part time at a cupcake boutique called Sprinkles Bakery.  She enjoyed the creative aspect of decorating and baking love into her creations, but the pay was terrible and the hours were unpredictable.  The majority of her income came in the form of ventures.  

Mayumi maintained an OnlyFans account.  Mayumi was relieved to see how open-minded and non-judgemental Dr. Bexley was to learn that she maintained an OnlyFans account. Most of her content were little videos where she’d dance to a popular song clip, making sure her large breasts were in focus as they bounced and bobbed. Just last week, she’d released a clip showing the first of her “Top 3 Reasons Why Large Breasts Are Great”.  

Number 1 was actually a bit of a risky filming, taking place at Sprinkles Bakery.  She had panned the camera down to her lunch break salad and then up to her cleavage and made a pouting face with the caption “No forks in the breakroom?”  Her pout then turned to a smile as she reached two fingers deep into her cleavage and removed a plastic fork.  The caption changed to “No Problem! <3” as she proudly ate her salad.  

Dr. Bexley was tickled pink by the ideas, and Mayumi deliberately left out the racier videos she filmed on the weekends.  Dr. Bexley seemed progressive and open-minded, but Mayumi didn’t quite know how to tell her that last week she’d been “titty-fucked” for an hour and next week she was doing a breast-focused video with another woman.  Mayumi ultimately decided to leave those minor details out.

“So its fair to say that your breasts are motion?” Dr. Bexley asked.

Mayumi blushed a little, “I suppose that’s a good way to put it.  They’re always the center of attention.”

Mayumi could tell today was no exception as the raven-haired doctor ogled them.

“I’ve got to ask, Mayumi. Are they natural?  Being perfectly honest, I’m not certain I’ve ever seen a 19 year old with O-cups...least of all someone with your frame!”

“Yes, they’re completely natural.  I had D’s by the time I was 14 and they just wouldn’t stop...but I think I’m done now..I THINK anyway!” Mayumi said jokingly.

“Well, as we discussed on the phone…” Dr. Bexley said as she reached for the hand sanitizer, “...the injection site target is the inside slope of the left breast.”

Mayumi nodded solemnly, feeling her heartbeat increase. Dr. Bexley squeezed some clear hand sanitizer into her bare hands.  

“And as we discussed, I’ll have to perform a...excuse the pun...but a ‘hands-on’ exam before we can approve you.  Is that okay?” Dr. Bexley asked sensitively.

Mayumi nodded her head vigorously in a ‘fake it till you make it’ style to which Dr. Bexley smiled. “Okay, great.  If you wouldn’t mind, please lower your dress so I can have a look.”

Mayumi took a deep breath.  She’d shown her breasts plenty of times to her fans, but in here...under these bright white, cold lights, it felt a little different.  Even so, she slipped one strap off her shoulder and then the other. Mayumi tugged down slowly, the neckline of her dress digging lightly into the flesh of her breasts and creating shadows from the indents.  Finally, the downward force was enough to overcome the breast tissue and as a consequence, Mayumi’s massive, bare breasts popped up out of the polka-dotted prison. 

Dr. Bexley stood in front of Mayumi and brought her hands forward.  Palms facing up, she touched the undersides of Mayumi’s chest and started accepting their weight.  The breast tissue lost form as they spilled over the edges of the doctor’s feminine palms.  The curious doctor’s fingers gently bounced the breasts and she paid close attention to the way they jiggled, as if the heaving breasts themselves were laughing jovially from being tickled.  

Dr. Bexley allowed the breasts to fall and the jiggling to dissipate so that she could grasp their fronts.  Each of the doctor’s small thumbs and index fingers formed a small arc that curved around the 19 year old’s nipples.  Mayumi gasped as the doctor began to gently and rhythmically squeeze.  Dr. Bexley let Mayumi’s left breast go and continued to knead the right one as she reached for the swiveling tray.  The doctor began lightly rubbing Mayumi’s stiffening nipple as she positioned the swiveling tray directly in front of Mayumi at chest level.  Plenty of masculine hands, cocks, and mouths had explored her swollen chest over the past several years, but this was the first time a woman had given such attention to her breasts.  It was so….clinical...and yet so tender.  Mayumi tried not making any sounds that would make Dr. Bexley uncomfortable, but watching the way the doctor’s small feminine hands sank into the plush cushion, her black fingernails disappearing in the soft white was quite difficult! 

“Everything looks great here, Mayumi.”  Dr. Bexley finally released Mayumi’s other breast only to grasp both at the same time.  The doctor’s small hands squeezed and massaged the massive tit, and Mayumi could see the pale flesh of her soft breasts bulging out between the doctor’s fingers as pressure was applied.  Finally, Dr. Bexley released the Japanese woman’s chest and began calibrating the scale.  

“Now I just need to weigh each breast.  Can you lean forward and I will help you position them?”  

Mayumi shivered a bit as her heavy right breast contacted the cold metal.  

“Sorry its cold…” Dr. Bexley apologized as she checked the scale and recorded the measurement. She then weighed Mayumi’s left breast. 

Dr. Bexley frowned, “Hmm…”  Mayumi looked down and saw that the small scale was practically buried under her massive breast.  Sure, the scale was picking up a fair amount of her heavy tit’s weight, but the flesh overflowed symmetrically off the sides, pressing firmly into the tray that supported the scale.  

Mayumi blushed, “I’m sorry about that, doctor.”

Dr. Bexley reacted almost in disbelief to Mayumi’s apology. “Oh, honey...there is no need to apologize.  You didn’t do anything wrong…, lets try this.”

Dr. Bexley left the exam room for a moment and returned with a few books.  “These are from my office, let’s prop up the scale a bit.”

Dr. Bexley had Mayumi lean back, revealing the previously concealed scale once more....the fleshy underside of her breast lightly sticking to the plate.  

“At least you’ve warmed it up, right?” Dr. Bexley joked mildly and Mayumi returned a big, beautiful smile.  

Dr. Bexley stacked the scale atop some small books and then had Mayumi lean forward once more.  This time, her breast compressed and reformed under gravity’s influence, displacing over the plate and flowing over the edges just like last time.  But this time, the scale was much higher so the breast overflow was suspended in air, meaning the scale was now registering all of Mayumi’s left breast.  

The only problem now was that the scale’s screen was completely blocked by the front of Mayumi’s compressed breast.  Dr. Bexley had a solution for that too.  She simply lifted up just enough of Mayumi’s breast to press a button below the screen and then let her tit fall back into place.  After a few seconds, the scale beeped and Dr. Bexley had Mayumi lean back.  The scale had recorded the full weight of the Japanese teenager’s breast and would display it for 10 seconds to allow time for observation.

“Okay Mayumi, you can pull your dress back up.”  Dr. Bexley said with a smile as Mayumi worked to pack her enormous bosom back into the polka dotted dress.  

“So….your right breast is 8.17 pounds and your left breast is slightly heavier at 8.36 pounds.  Furthermore, after checking both your breasts I am convinced of what Dr. Walker and I already expected: you are absolutely eligible for Injection Therapy!”

Mayumi smiled, “Thats great news.  I...I’m going to do it.  I just...I just need time to psyche myself up...ya get more excited and less scared.  I didn’t mention before that I’m afraid of needles.”

Dr. Bexley responded, “That’s completely normal, Mayumi.  Its a very quick injection and it will be over before you know it.”  

The raven-haired doctor reached for the toothpick and petri dish.  

“There’s just one last thing I need from you.”  

Dr. Bexley removed the toothpick and handed it to Mayumi.  

“I just need you to scrape the toothpick lightly against the inside of your mouth, up against your cheek.”

Perplexed, Mayumi did as she was instructed, rubbing the tip of the toothpick against her inner cheek.  Dr. Bexley held out the petri dish and Mayumi dropped the wet toothpick into the container.  Dr. Bexley quickly covered the dish with a cap and taped it shut, writing the letters MD and then AB right below.  Mayumi wanted to ask what this was for, but somehow she knew Dr. Bexley wasn’t going to tell her.

“Wonderful!  We’re all done here, Mayumi.  You did great and I’m thrilled that you’ll be a part of Injection Therapy.”

“So am I getting the shot today?” Mayumi asked, cringing.

“No, not today dear.” Dr. Bexley said.  “There are a few things we have to take care of in order to get ready for your injection.  I am confident that we will have the injection ready to go into your breast in 4 days, which will be just in time for the end of this week.  Are you able to come in on Friday?” 

Mayumi smiled and nodded her head.

“Wonderful.  Let’s make our way out to the receptionist and schedule the appointment now.”  

“The extra small petri dish will do just fine, Nicole.” Dr. Walker said.

Nicole Kingsley returned from the storage cabinet to the stainless steel table with the doctor and the nervous subject.  Jaime saw the petri dish in the beautiful blonde intern’s dainty hand.  It was so small, barely larger than one of the several cherry red fingernails grasping it.  He had walked into this room, aptly called REDUCTION THERAPY on the door placard, as a full-sized man. He was taller than both these women...and the next time he’d be leaving, it would be from within that tiny petri dish, likely carried by the same intern he currently towered over. 

Nicole had barely acknowledged Jaime. Unfortunately, being ignored by drop-dead gorgeous women was something he’d grown quite used to.  Nicole looked like she had unironically been called “Princess” by boyfriends, her parents, and teachers.  Her long, flowing blonde hair certainly screamed princess.  Her crystal, ocean blue eyes were something to be lost in.  He imagined those crystal blues pushing him over the edge as he would try his best not to cum while Princess pouty lips deep-throated his thick, throbbing cock. She almost certainly was a prom queen, almost certainly dated the most popular boy in school. 

“I don’t remember that being here last time” Jaime said, pointing toward a behemoth of a device, spaghetti-like cords and conduits...lights and computer screens. It was a large, intimidating machine surrounded by caution tape.  Everything about it looked shiny and new. 

Dr. Walker looked at it in the corner of the room and said, “Oh, that’s some new reduction technology we are developing.  It will be capable of complete reduction in only one session at a fraction of the energy consumption.  It’s meant to one day replace the one we will be using today, the one you are familiar with.  But don’t worry!” Dr. Walker pointed to the device on the floor next to Nicole’s feet.  “This one will do just fine for today.”  

The device resembled a large dog crate but with plexiglass instead of metal bars.  There were strips of sodder and green circuit boards running up in asymmetric patterns over all 4 sides and the top, partially obstructing his view inside in certain locations.  Jaime cringed remembering the last time he’d entered it.  He couldn’t believe he was doing this again. Atop the “dog crate enclosure” was another smaller enclosure he remembered all too well.  It looked just like the dog crate, but it was much was around the size of a breadbox, maybe a little smaller.

“This is for the last session, right Dr. Walker?” Nicole asked, picking up the tiny “breadbox” device.  Jaime couldn’t help but notice the blonde’s exposed cleavage as she bent to pick it up, thanks to the unclasped top button of her labcoat. 

“Yes, Nicole” Dr. Walker watched Nicole spin the device in her fingers and noticed one of the LED’s was blinking red.  

“Oh dear, it looks like that one needs a charge.  Why don’t you go ask Dr. Bexley to sign out one of the fully charged ones from Logs?” Dr. Walker.

“Sure thing, Dr. Walker.” Nicole said, not even looking at Jaime as she stood up and walked out.

“Well, shall we get started?” Dr. Walker said, standing up from the table.  

“Just like last time, we’ll need you to remove all your clothing.” The doctor said. 

Jaime remained sitting.  

Dr. Walker crossed her arms over her large chest.  “Are we still nervous?” 

Jaime nodded his head. “I’m….still gonna do it, doctor.  I need the money..but yes, I’m still nervous.”

“Mr. Pendergraft.  I thought I put you at ease on the walk over here from the waiting room.  Breast injection is not all that different from the tricep injection you’ve already undergone.  Sure, Karla’s tricep was almost completely stationary but the average woman’s breast is not exactly as...dynamic as your fear suggests.  And also, the average woman’s breast is not composed of much more subcutaneous fat than the tricep.”

“Not the one I’m being injected into.” Jaime said.

Dr. Walker tilted her head. “...what?”

It was at that moment that Nicole re-entered with a new breadbox sized device, its LED’s emitting a solid, bright green.

“Isn’t he supposed to be naked?” Nicole asked Dr. Walker.  

Dr. Walker snapped out of her curiosity and replied, “Yes...yes he is.”  

She returned her gaze to Jaime and sternly said, “Go ahead, Mr. Pendergraft.”

Jaime started disrobing under the watchful eye of Dr. Walker.  Nicole, however, was not watching...not out of any decency or respect, it seemed.  More likely she was preoccupied with the procedural manual for the “dog crate” device and the “breadbox” device. 

“I’ll do the first inspection and you can do the second.” Dr. Walker said to Nicole, who looked up long enough to nod her head with a smile and return to reading.  Dr. Walker proceeded to inspect Jaime’s entire body.  She informed him she was checking for scrapes or abrasions.   Any scrapes or abrasions would need to be covered by petroleum jelly or else there could be, as she put it, ‘inconvenient complications’.  After a very thorough and at times invasive screening, Dr. Walker cleared Jaime for reduction.  

Just like last time, Jaime found himself completely naked on his hands and knees, crawling into the “dog crate” enclosure.  Once in, there was enough space for him to sit with his legs crossed.  Dr. Walker instructed Nicole on how to shut the latch, lock it, and press the correct keys to initiate the sequence.  Jaime felt very vulnerable, hugging his knees as he watched the two women outside his enclosure fiddle with the buttons.  

“So you’ve set the target reduction to the maximum value of 1’-6” you just press the red button and it will give us 10 seconds to step back.” Dr. Walker said matter-of-factly.  

Dr. Walker looked into the enclosure and said, “We’re about ready to begin, Mr. Pendergraft.  Just do your best to stay still and stay calm.”  

Nicole pressed the red button, practically interrupting Dr. Walker’s attempt at some bedside manner, and a few rhythmic chirps sounded.  The two women stepped back in a hurry.  For the first time that Jaime noticed, Nicole was now watching him very closely.  

Jaime was taller than no one as he sat there naked, hugging his knees cramped in the dogcrate enclosure.  He had watched Nicole press the button that would reduce him and she did it with such...eagerness. Jaime made eye contact with the young intern standing over him,and although most of her face was obscured by her pronounced, white, shelf-like rack, he could still see her eyes.  They displayed an interest in him that was entirely absent just minutes earlier.  Was it pleasure in those crystal blue eyes? Was it amusement?  Was it superiority?  They were stepping back away from him now.  

It was a confusing mix of pleasure and pain to be reduced.  It was a feeling he thought he’d remembered but as the surges passed through his body, he realized he’d forgotten the full extent...the warmth and cold pulses, the flood of endorphins and emotions...the fear...and then it was over.  The machine chirped to indicate it had finished.

“Okay, now go ahead and remove him like we practiced.” Dr. Walker said, nudging Nicole toward the dog crate enclosure.  Jaime watched in looming dread as the enormous blonde approached the door to the enclosure and unlatched it.  She squatted down and peered in.  

“Are you going to come out, Mr. Pendergraft?” 

It was the first time she’d even spoken to him, and she already sounded annoyed.  The blonde intern squatted down and got onto her knees in order to get on the same level as Jaime inside the enclosure.  Her thighs thickened as she sat back on her feet, but then leaned forward when she saw Jaime wasn’t responding.  Jaime caught a glimpse of her cleavage again, and he started trembling like a leaf...thinking about Mayumi’s tits.  Fuck, Nicole was pretty stacked and just one of Mayumi’s tits was probably bigger than both of Nicole’s!  How was he going to do this?  How could he--

“Now, Nicole..usually we give them a moment to piece themselves back together.  Reduction can initially be traumatizing.”

Jaime had felt a huge hand circle his calf, the fingers easily wrapping around it in its entirety. He was blown away by the strength he could feel.  He looked up to see those crystal, ocean blue eyes narrowed in on him.  Nicole wasn’t rough; she used just the right amount of strength to pull him out, but it was strange...he could feel the sheer strength behind the mild action.  He could sense how she’d barely tapped into her muscular strength to remove him...completely against his will.  

He noticed that he barely came up to the intern’s knees...the 5’-2” intern’s knees. A moment later, he was being lifted under his armpits, soaring up through the air to meet the blonde beauty’s face.  Was she actually smiling?

“He looks okay, Dr. Walker.” Nicole said, re-positioning him so that he was straddling her hip, his lower body contouring to her labcoat and his bare butt supported by her gloved hand.  Those crystal, ocean blue eyes were glued to him and he found himself constantly looking down to avoid them.  There was a power,, fascination, and maybe even a bit of amusement behind them...sprinkled into incredibly subtle hints of green that he wasn’t sure or not if he was imagining..

“Great,” Dr. Walker said as she pressed some more buttons on the dogcrate enclosure, getting it ready for the next session.  “While we wait for this to re-charge, lets get him over to the table.” Dr. Walker said.

Jaime uncomfortably tried adding some space between him and the walking intern, pressing his hands against her labcoat.  He felt the softness of her body hiding under the cheap fabric, bouncing hypnotically as she walked.  She used two fingers, adorned with that bright cherry paint barely visible through the aqua glove, to grasp both of his wrists.  He whined pathetically and she reflexively shushed him.  

It was almost like a changing table, and Jaime thanked god that it only resembled one.  Once he was set down on his back, Dr. Walker used her fingers to hold Jaime’s arms up over his head.  Nicole then thoroughly and invasively inspected his entire body to make sure no abrasions or tears developed as a result of the first reduction therapy session.  Jaime gasped as Nicole slide her fingers in under Jaime’s balls and cupped them.  Then, using her thumb, Nicole scooped Jaime’s cock into her grip and gently squeezed.  It didn’t appear to hurt Jaime but it certainly made him squirm uncomfortably.  

“I thought reduction therapy was supposed to reduce everything proportionately.  I think his genitals were reduced more than the rest of him.” Nicole commented curiously.  

Dr. Walker leaned forward and over Jaime, her huge form eclipsing the overhead surgical light.  Her chest was mere inches from his face and he could smell her perfume.  The two women looked closer at Jaime’s cock and his balls. Nicole used her thumb to turn Jaime’s cock over to the other side and then point it up so that Dr. Walker could fully see it.  Dr. Walker lightly grips Jaime’s balls and applies mild pressure.  The doctor stood back up to full height as Jaime squinted in the direct path of the bright light, no longer under the protection of Dr. Walker’s huge breasts.

“I agree they appear quite small for his frame, but he was already well below average prior to reduction therapy anyway.” Dr. Walker said bluntly.  

“Oh, I really didn’t look but that would make sense.” Nicole said.  She spotted one minor abrasion on his left ass cheek.  Nicole slathered her left fingers up with petroleum jelly and used her right hand to lift both his ankles high into the sky.  Jaime whimpered as Nicole, under Dr. Walker’s recommendation, lathered up his entire ass, just to be safe. 

When the inspection was over, Nicole scooped him back up off the small table and took him toward the dog crate enclosure again.  

“I can’t do this...I really can’t.” Jaime started to say.  Nicole hushed him and rocked him against her body, but this just had the opposite intended effect.

“What can’t you do, Mr. Pendergraft?” Dr. Walker asked.

“I can’t go in her tit...its too big! I’ll die in there!” Jaime said, pawing pathetically at Nicole as she stopped in front of the enclosure.  

“What are you talking about?” Dr. Walker asked. 

“Mayumi!” Jaime nearly wailed.  

Dr. Walker gasped and then quickly regained her composure, “How do you know that name?”

“I heard you on the phone!  You said her name and then I saw her in the waiting room!” 

Dr. Walker hesitated for a moment.  Things had changed in this moment...drastically.  

“Can it be someone else?  Someone with smaller tits? Or somewhere else entirely? Its okay if its less money! I just can’t go into her.  Not those tits!” Jaime said frantically, Nicole holding him tighter.

“You will be injected into Mayumi’s breast, and that is final.” Dr. Walker said firmly.

“No!  I’ve changed my mind!  I don’t want to do this anymore!” Jaime wailed.

Nicole looked up from the emotional naked man on her hip and up at her boss.

“We will not be turning back now.” Dr. Walker said calmly.  “Nicole, put him in.”

Instead of trying to get away from her, Jaime was now trying to wrap his tiny arms around Nicole.  “Noooo, don’t!” He said.  Nicole effortlessly ripped his naked body away from hers.  She tried to gently place him in the enclosure but he kept squirming and struggling out...she had no choice but to roughly shove him in.  She had the latch shut and the button pressed before he was able to stand back up, which he did fully inside the enclosure.  He banged on the plexiglass as the machine whirred up and the women watched.  



Chapter 3 - Finishing the Job by Footsteps

Nicole had to crawl into the enclosure to actually retrieve Jaime this time, but retaining control of him was much easier at his new height of 1 inch.  

“So we don’t have to inspect him this time, right?” Nicole said, cupping a struggling Jaime with two aqua gloved hands.  

“No, the first session is the risky one.  The abrasion risks associated with the second and final are inconsequential.” Dr. Walker replied.  

Nicole nodded as Dr. Walker grabbed the breadbox container and set it on the table, where the two women took a seat.  She opened the box and Nicole gently dropped Jaime inside.  Dr. Walker shut the clear lid before Jaime could even look up.  The two women were impossibly large now, all he could see was the protrusion of their chests under the white labcoats and the undersides of their chins and noses as Dr. Walker educated Nicole on the final session.  

Jaime saw the lid far overhead open and an eyedropper enter.  

“Do you see that little dip in the center of the floor?” Dr. Walker’s voice boomed.  

“Yeah” Nicole responded.  Jaime looked down and saw what she was referring to.  It looked kind of like a divot on a golf course, but a perfect half dome.  At his size, the half dome indent in the floor was about the size of his heel. A large droplet of clear, strange smelling liquid fell from the heavens and landed square in the half-dome. He remembered this part, and he knew better than to interfere with it, stepping aside from the liquid in the half-dome. 

“Great aim.” Dr. Walker complimented Nicole,who smiled proudly.  

“So now, when the reduction starts, the subject’s reducing mass will gravitate toward the solution so that when he is microscopic, we can easily retrieve him.”

“Makes perfect sense. Can I press the button now?” Nicole asked.  

Dr. Walker, sensing the eagerness in her voice, smiled and replied, “Yes, dear. Go ahead.”  

Nicole didn’t need to be told twice.  She barely needed to be told once. A cherry red fingertip swiftly attacked the button and the two women stared down into the enclosure as it flashed like a camera.  Unlike the first two sessions, this one was instantaneous.  In a flash of an eye, Jaime was gone.  Well...not gone...completely submerged in the solution, the curves of the half dome seemed miles away in all directions from him as he swam, terrified. 

He felt pressure around his body as he was sucked up into the eye dropper.  He heard deep, bassy voices that he could barely understand. He saw blurs of light and shadows, and then the largest crystal, ocean blue landscape he’d ever seen in his life.  It was one of Nicole’s eyes. At this distance and size, he could see brilliant flecks of green and yellow embedded in her iris, a level of detail no normal sized human could properly appreciate and admire as he did.  That ocean blue stretched out in staggering, godlike all directions; its limitless beauty and intimidation made him want to cry. She truly was a goddess to him now.

Nicole squirted him out onto a slide and slid him under the lab’s electron microscope.  Both women took turns looking through and identifying him to confirm he had survived the reduction.  Nicole took a little longer than Dr. Walker to locate him, but Dr. Walker pointed out how much more practice she’d had than Nicole.  

“How small is he?” Nicole asked.

Dr. Walker replied, “Well, our target reduction size for injection therapy is 750 picometers.  That’s 0.00000075 meters.  Most subjects get within about 5 percent of that range, more or less and I expect he is no exception.”

“Wow….” Nicole said, continuing to stare at him with her godlike, crystal-blue eyes.  

Satisfied, Nicole grabbed the extra small petri dish and Dr. Walker gathered up Jaime and deposited him in the dish.  Nicole tightened the cap and placed it gently on a tray.

“Wait, first we have to introduce the sample.” Dr. Walker said, loosening the protective cap.  Dr. Walker removed a toothpick from another container and gently placed the tip in the shallow collection of solution with Jaime.  She VERY gently stirred the solution, allowing hundreds of thousands...perhaps millions of Mayumi’s cheek cells to dissipate into the solution with Jaime..  

“This allows Ms. Okamoto’s cell sample to mix with the solution and prepare the subject for injection later this week.” 

Once the cells were added, Nicole repositioned the lid and secured it over Jaime.  She then picked up the tray and delivered it to the incubator as Dr. Walker gathered up Jaime’s clothing.  

“You said this Friday, right?” Nicole said as she pressed some buttons on the incubator’s interface.  

“That’s right. 4 Days should be plenty of time.”

Nicole pressed enter and then, with a final smile and small, cute wave, Nicole said goodbye to Jaime and shut the incubator.

The next day, before anyone else arrived at work, Dr. Walker entered the empty reduction room.  Instead of a lab coat, she wore running shoes and black yoga shorts.  Her light gray tanktop appeared mostly dark gray due to how hard of a workout she’d had.  This was the time of day when the doctor would be taking a shower in the employee locker room after her morning run.  Even though she absolutely needed it, she hated her sports bra and her favorite part of the morning was taking it off. As wonderful as that was going to be, there was something else more important that she had to take care of first.   She made her way over to the incubator where Jaime was being stored.  Leaning forward to the very back of the nearly full incubator, she identified the small area where Jaime had called home since yesterday morning. She removed his paperwork and looked it over:

Pendergraft, Jaime

Participant Pairing - Okamoto

Participant Informed - No

Injection Location - Left breast

Cell Prep Exposure - Yes

Immersion Period - 1 Month

Unfortunately for Jaime, his fate was sealed as soon as Dr. Walker became aware that he knew whose breast he was being injected into.  Her mind had been spinning with solutions to this problem from the moment he became a problem...her problem.  By the time the doctor was showing Nicole how to observe Jaime through the microscope, she had already made her decision.  

It didn’t matter how much he’d have promised...and he would have...that he wouldn’t contact her or compromise the experiment in some other way. Mayumi had been a top priority to acquire for this experiment for some time now.  They were paying Mayumi more than any other participant, and she was a UP!  An Uninformed Participant! There was no way she was going to let a single subject possibly jeopardize this. She just couldn’t trust him now.  She couldn’t trust him ever.  Also, he’d been incredibly skittish and difficult to convince this time...who knows what would happen at the end of the month when she restored him? 

She changed what she had to...she did what she had to...for the anonymity of her participants..for the integrity of the experiment...for science:

Subject J

Participant Pairing - Mayumi Okamoto

Participant Informed - No

Injection Location - Left breast

Cell Prep Exposure - Yes


Dr. Walker slid the paper back into the slot.  While still half-way into the incubator, she heard a noise and looked down.  She noticed that her breasts were pressing into the trays and completely covering several containers.  Without moving, Dr. Walker thought about what that experience could have been like for those subjects.  Most had been in that incubator for days...some even for weeks.  They were almost always in darkness, and now all of the sudden they see the doctor that reduced them leaning in.  Each of her D-cup breasts curved approximately 10 inches across.  Since all IT-ready subjects were reduced to 750 picometers, that meant the width of just one of her breasts was about 338,600 times larger than them.  What they just saw was literally the equivalent of the entire state of North Carolina rushing toward them and surrounding them, per breast!  It was like two super-massive asteroids rushing in to meet the poor subjects, only these asteroids were super soft and super damp.  The cushion of her breast had displaced appropriately around the protective hardness of the containers so the subjects were completely protected from the weight of Dr. Walker’s breasts.

She stood up, seeing her perspiration left behind on the clear containers.  She didn’t bother wipe them clean, for any trace would evaporate quickly in the heat of the incubator. She checked a few more items while she was in there and left the reduction room, turning the lights off on her way out.

“Hey Emma. I’m heading for our Thursday’s glute injection. Would you like to observe?” Dr. Walker said, peeking her head into the break room.

Emma Parker looked up from her novel and half-eaten pear. The mousy brunette pushed her round-framed glasses up the length of her nose to her widened eyes.

“Yes of course, Dr. Walker!” Emma said with a brief expression of excitement that caught Dr. Walker off guard. The young, short intern shut her book without even marking her page and stuffed it into her backpack.  Emma stood up and regained her composure, straightening out her button-up blouse over her slacks.

“Great!  Go ahead and take this paperwork over to logs and sign out what I’ve itemized here on this withdrawal form. Its very important that we get everything here!” Dr. Walker said, handing the intern a stapled document packet. “I’m going to meet our IP in the waiting room and get her set up. Can you meet us in Exam Room A?”

Emma nodded her head with a huge smile, and Dr. Walker thought it adorable the way the mousy young woman was trying to contain it.  

“Okay, Dr. Walker.  I’ll see you there!”  

Emma didn’t even finish her pear, opting to toss the half eaten fruit into the wastebin.  She put on her paper-thin labcoat and briskly walked in the wrong direction.  Dr. Walker corrected her on the right path to Logs with a playful smile before heading to the waiting room.  

Dr. Walker and Dr. Bexley shared the responsibility of hiring interns.  Nicole was hired by Dr. Bexley and Emma by Dr. Walker, and for this reason Dr. Walker ever-so-slightly favored Emma.  She saw a slight bit more of herself in Emma than she did Nicole, but both young interns had time and time again proven to staff that they were hard working and dedicated to the experiment and that they loved science.  

While Dr. Walker had looked up Nicole with the sincere thought that she may have been a model, Emma came off as a scientist from the very beginning.  She was mousy but cute, soft-spoken and math-minded, not flat as a board by any means but not as...blessed as some of the participants coming in for injection therapy.  It was sexist and judgemental, sure, but nobody is perfect and everyone has biases.  Emma, coincidentally enough, reminded Dr. Walker a lot of that girl in Harry Potter. She knew the girl in the movie’s first name, coincidentally enough, was also named Emma.  

Dr. Walker found Gabby sitting in the waiting room by herself, a textbook and notebook laid out on her crossed legs.  They wouldn’t have fit on her own lap or Emma’s lap, but arranged with room to spare across Gabby’s wide thighs and hips.  

“Its great to see you again, Gabby. How are your classes going?” Dr. Walker asked the 19-year old college Sophomore as they left the waiting room and made way for Exam Room A.  

“They’re going good, I guess.  I just started signal processing and I’m already regretting it. I just can’t figure out this convolution and laplace stuff.” Gabby said.

“Oh? What’s the problem?” Dr. Walker asked.

“Well, the professor told me during office hours that for our homework, we were supposed to convolve inverse laplacians but that just doesn’t make any sense cause in lecture he said something like ‘we do laplace transforms so that we didn’t have to convolve’ or whatever.” 

Taking little more than a second to think, Dr. Walker responded, “Well, that’s true...the convolution of two functions in the time domain is the same as multiplying the Laplace transforms of those functions in the s domain.  However, judging from the problems I saw on your homework, it looks like he wants you to find the Inverse Laplace transforms of a complicated Laplacian function by separating it into two simpler functions, F(s) and G(s)...”

Gabby scrambled for her notebook and began writing notes as the two women walked down the hall.

“ convert F(s) and G(s) to their respective time domain functions, f(t) and g(t). Then all you have to do is just convolve the two functions with respect to tau, solve for the laplacian of the resulting convolution integral and you have your answer.”

“Dr. Walker...that makes perfect sense; thank you so much! You explained this so much better than that dusty old professor ever could.” Gabby exclaimed happily.

Dr. Walker chuckled, “That’s not a very high bar to clear from the sounds of it, but thank you Gabby.  I’m happy I could help.”

The two women entered Exam Room A and Dr. Walker pressed the button on the chair to recline it to about 60 degrees.  Gabby set her backpack down next to the declining chair. 

“Take everything off then?” Gabby asked as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her bright orange nylon shorts.

“No, not yet. For now you can leave your clothes on. Just have a seat here on your back and lift your shirt. “Dr. Walker said, patting the declined chair. “We have to check your last injection.”

Emma entered Exam Room A with a pre-assembled tray of injection items to find Dr. Walker fiddling with some gadget she’d yet to see during her internship.  There was a cute girl about her age with curly brown and blonde hair climbing up onto the reclined chair.  Emma saw a glimpse of the brunette’s tight shorts stretch over her wide ass and a pronounced cut of her thong underneath before she sat down. The chair had reclined to about a 60 degree angle.

“You can set your tray down on the other side of Gabby and have a seat.” Dr. Walker said without looking up from the equipment. Emma couldn’t help but note the way Gabby’s ass splayed out so widely on either side of her from the compression of her weight against her backside, jutting out in impressive, bright orange arcs.  Emma set the tray down and sat, returning a friendly yet slightly nervous smile from Gabby. The two women were in silence waiting for Dr. Walker, who was now squeezing a type of petroleum jelly onto her gloved fingers.

Dr. Walker leaned in toward Gabby’s exposed stomach.

“The injection point healed up so nicely I don’t even see it.” Dr. Walker said, bringing her face even closer, “My notes say to the left of the belly button.”

Gabby lowered a finger about 2 inches to the left of her cute “innie” belly button and pressed, her fingertip sinking half an inch into the plush padding.  

“I’m pretty sure it was about here, doctor.” Gabby said. 

She was by no means fat but her stomach was pleasantly soft, more than acceptable for an injection, and the angle at which she sat made it protrude cutely and it looked plush.

Dr. Walker thanked her and generously applied the petroleum jelly to the left side of Gabby’s stomach.  

“We do this,” Dr. Walker said both to the intern and the college Sophomore, “so that the device can more accurately fixate on the subject.”

Dr. Walker then lowered the device she’d been configuring atop the injection site. The device looked to Emma like one of those handheld things that ultrasound technicians hold to women’s bellies when they’re pregnant.  Gabby even made a joke about Dr. Walker looking for her baby, which all three women had a nice laugh over.  

Dr. Walker moved the device very slowly in silence.  Finally, about an inch south of Gabby’s healed injection point, the device began chirping and lit up and flashed just once with a green light. 

“Bingo.” Dr. Walker said, tapping a button with her thumb.  Dr. Walker looked up at Emma and said, “If we get 2 beeps and red, it means the subject did not survive the immersion.” The three women stared down at the device anchored to Gabby’s belly. 


Three distinct beeps emitted from the device along with a flashing blue light, and Dr. Walker smiled.

“Great, that means he’s alive and well.” Dr. Walker said with a smile, using her free hand to open a compartment on top of the detecting device.

“That’s just so crazy...he’s been in there for like 2 months.” Gabby said.

Emma’s heart skipped a beat.

“It’s actually been 3 months as of last Monday.” Dr. Walker corrected, inserting a needle with a small, cylindrical, transparent chamber at the tail end of it into the top of the device and shutting the compartment lid.

“Okay, Gabby.” Dr. Walker said as she placed the device back over Gabby’s belly.  It lit up with  different colors and as she made very slight adjustments in placement, the colors were flashing quicker and quicker until finally they were solid.  

“You’re going to feel a quick pinch and a bit of discomfort, but it will be over VERY quickly.”

Gabby looked a little nervous but Dr. Walker assured her that everything would be okay.  She pressed the button and if you’d have blinked, you might have missed it.  The tip of the needle plunged out and into Gabby’s stomach, through her skin and deep into the layer of her subcutaneous fat.  The needle retracted incredibly quickly, like a tattoo gun...and then that was it.  

“You did great, Gabby.” Dr. Walker said proudly as she brought the handheld device back to her own lap and opened the compartment.  Emma was quick to apply an alcoholic swab and some gauze. The doctor opened the compartment and removed the small chamber.  She handed it to Emma and said, “Here, Emma; set the subject down next to the tray.” 

Emma’s eyes widened as she accepted it, “He’ here?” 

Emma brought the reservoir up to her eye. Gabby also leaned forward to peek in. Dr. Walker chuckled. “Yes, he is but I very much doubt you girls will be able to see him there.”

Dr. Walker clapped her hands, “Okay...normally we would conduct a screening of the extracted subject before we proceed, but Gabby here has soccer practice in 2 hours and we don’t want to keep her we are just going to proceed to the injection. Gabby, why don’t you remove your bottoms and lie down on your stomach?”

Gabby squeezed out of her incredibly tight orange shorts, inadvertently pulling down her black thong with them.  She stepped out of her gray flip flops and allowed the shorts to crumple down next to them.  

Dr. Walker set the declining bench to a full decline, “So we discussed on the phone, we’ll be re-introducing the extracted subject to your body, this time in the underside of your left buttock.”

Gabby nodded as she climbed onto the seat and lied face down, her bubble butt quaking and swaying.  Her huge jiggling ass cheeks faced up at the ceiling and slightly parted under the pulling force of gravity.  They were still rippling as Dr. Walker attached the recently extracted subject’s chamber to a new syringe, one that had already another smaller chamber filled with a cloudy, pink liquid.  Dr. Walker cleared the syringe of air and lowered the tip toward Gabby’s bubbly left butt cheek.  

Emma watched fascinated as Dr. Walker’s gloved hand grabbed a full handful of glute and squeezed it as the needle kissed Gabby’s cheek.  The long tip grew shorter as it sank without resistance into the Gabby’s fleshy cushion and then Dr. Walker’s thumb gently pressed the plunger down, forcing the pink liquid from one chamber and the subject from the other into the only direction they could go...through the stem of the needle and deep into the fat of Gabby’s large ass cheek. 

As soon as the empty needle came out, Dr. Walker quickly placed a small square of gauze over the injection point.  “Why don’t you apply some petroleum jelly to the injection point, Emma?  Let’s make sure the subject was properly injected.”

A bit nervous, Emma began lathering up Gabby’s huge butt cheek, focusing most of the petroleum jelly over the small injection point.  Emma appreciated how patient Gabby was as Dr. Walker explained in detail to Emma how to use the handheld device.  It chirped in approval once it located the subject deep in Gabby’s butt cheek and Emma smiled proudly.  “Looks good, Dr. Walker!” Emma said.

Dr. Walker smiled, lowering a hand to the surgical tray Emma had brought in earlier and lifted the other syringe.  This one looked similar to the other but the container on this syringe had a blue label instead of a pink one.

“Alright Gabby, now we’ll be doing the other injection.” Dr. Walker was speaking to Gabby but looking at Emma, making sure that she understood what was happening.  “The injection into your left buttock contained only the subject that had resided in the fat of your stomach for the past three months.”  

Dr. Walker handed the syringe to a wide-eyed Emma who hesitantly accepted.  She mouthed the words, “Me?!”.  Dr. Walker smiled and nodded, continuing.  

“This injection will be in your right buttock, and it will contain 10 subjects.”

Emma looked at the needle nervously.  It was crazy enough holding one with a single subject inside..but now in her short, shaking, and uncertain fingers she held the lives, fate and future of 10 people. It was an insane rush and she was grateful that her labcoat and blouse hid her stiffening nipples.  

As Dr. Walker had done, Emma pressed the plunger to clear the air but she pressed too hard.  Droplets came out far too quickly, actually arcing from the needle tip.  This only caused Emma to panic and lose grip of the needle. She tried her best to keep it from falling, which seemed to only make things worse.  The few droplets that might have just fallen to the ground were now propelled to splatter in several directions.  Emma couldn’t have counted them in the seconds this all took place, but she noticed Dr. Walker reflexively blink as at least one droplet splattered against her glasses.  Emma also felt a droplet hit her own lower lip.  She lost grip of the needle and it plummeted to the linoleum floor.  The good news was that it did not shatter upon contact with the ground.  This was only because Gabby’s flip flops and shorts broke the syringe’s fall.  Dr. Walker had removed her glasses to look at the droplet as Emma dropped to her knees, red faced and embarrassed as she reached for the syringe.  She saw two droplets had contacted the toe section of Gabby’s right flip flop and it was quickly absorbing into the well worn, dry sole.  After what felt like a century, Emma stood up looking as if she might cry.  

“Gabby, please just give us a minute.” Dr. Walker said as she signaled Emma to join her out in the hallway. Emma was panicking, convinced that she was going to be fired on the spot.  Once out in the hallway, it was a good thing no one was around because that was when the tears really started coming.  

“Dr. Walker, I’m SO sorry! I was just nervous, I didn’t mean to do that!” the young intern wailed.  Dr. Walker gripped her shoulder.

“Emma, please calm down.  I’m not angry.” Dr. Walker said in a very calm, sincere tone.

Emma couldn’t believe it.  “Really?” She said.

Dr. Walker smiled and nodded, drying her glasses off with a handkerchief she promptly returned to her back pocket.  

“Really.  It was an honest mistake.  Sometimes things like this happen.  Don’t tell her I told you this, but on our very first injection therapy session, Dr. Bexley was clearing liquid over top the rear end of our very first participant...a woman named Anna.  Dr. Bexley accidentally cleared too much liquid and instead of being injected into Anna’s glute, we lost the subject permanently between Anna’s buttocks.  We didn't have the refined technology to detect or trace him, so we had to dismiss her and acquire a new subject for injection into her buttocks. We never did recover that subject.  It wasn’t the end of the world back then, and its not the end of the world now.”

Emma smiled and wiped the tears from her cheek.  

Dr. Walker broke the silence, “Now, lets see how many we have left.”

Emma’s hand was still shaking, but her grip on the syringe was strong.  Dr. Walker scanned the syringe and read the printout.  

“Okay….the detector is telling me we only lost 6 subjects.  That still leaves 4 subjects to be injected into Gabby’s right buttock.  See, Emma?  Everything is fine.”

“I’m still really sorry, doctor.  I promise nothing like this will happen again.” Emma said, grateful for Dr. Walker’s forgiveness.  

Dr. Walker just smiled and patted both of Emma’s shoulders.  “Let’s get back in there and finish the injection so Gabby can get to practice.” 

Dr. Walker walked back in and Emma right behind her.  Before she went back into the room though, she remembered the droplet that had hit her lower lip.  Amidst the tears that had streamed down her face, the droplet was still there on her lower lip, somehow having clung there through their entire conversation.  Emma savored the moment and then ran the underside of her tongue slowly and forcefully against her lower lip, gathering the tiny droplet into her mouth.  She took her position with Dr. Walker next to Gabby’s exposed backside with a fire between her thighs, running her tongue around the inside of her mouth...imagining the incalculable number of ways that tiny little droplet might have dissipated in the cavern that was her mouth. 

Nothing would break her focus now, though.  Not even the animalistic surges of pleasure and control radiating through her body.  Under Dr. Walker’s watchful eye, Emma lowered the syringe to the underside of Gabby’s big, curvy right butt cheek and injected the 4 remaining subjects deep into the fleshy fat of her soft, pillowy glute.  

“Good job, Emma.” Dr. Walker said.  The doctor began kneading Gabby’s right ass cheek.  Its sheer size required the use of both of the short doctor’s hands in order to fully cover.  “Before we let Gabby go, we have to knead and work the muscle and fat to properly immerse the subjects.  

Emma followed suit.  She squeezed and pressed, flattened and kneaded, poked and rubbed.  She forced Gabby’s huge left cheek up against her right cheek, lengthening the cleavage created by their contact.  Once all done, Gabby sighed, “Well, that was lovely.  It was like a massage at the end there!”

Gabby got up and began dressing, first pulling that cotton black thong and those tight nylon shorts up her long, smooth legs.  Emma noticed a very light, very small wetspot on the inside of the shorts as they were hiking up her thickening thighs, but regrettably she did not see where it aligned with the teen’s body. As the young intern cleaned up, she made sure not to miss Gabby’s cute, pale foot sliding into the flip flop where the droplet had landed, her painted toes scrunching and wiggling into position. The water spot had dried, but its location was seared in Emma’s memory...and now it was covered by the teenage participant’s toes.  

Dr. Walker did a final check on both syringes to confirm all subjects were successfully injected.  None remained in any of the syringes so the only place the remaining 4 could be was in that giant, swaying ass packed so tightly into those orange nylon shorts.  Emma watched in amazement as it shook and swayed with each step.  She wondered if Gabby normally walked with such a victorious swing in her hips or if the teenager had felt some kind of subliminal or blatant confidence boost.  

Even once the teenage booty was out of Emma’s view, it had hardly left her mind.  She wondered what it must be like for those subjects, immersed in all that ass fat.  She pictured Emma sitting in class on that big booty, learning from her professors while the subjects lived in her cheeks.  She pictured Emma on a beach blanket with her girlfriends, tanning on their stomachs while scoping out hot guys...and she wondered if the subjects would feel the heat of the sun through all that fat.  She figured if they were near the surface of her huge cheeks, they might be able to feel it...but the ones buried deep in her ass fat probably couldn’t...but who knows?

Emma snapped out of her curiosity when Dr. Walker congratulated her on how well she did. Dr. Walker then went to meet Gabby at the receptionist’s desk to schedule her follow-up appointments, which were usually 1-week and 1-month to start. 

Emma was on cloud nine. The only thing that would have made the day even better would have been if she was on the list as support for the injection taking place tomorrow morning.  Some big-titted Japanese girl was coming in first thing in the morning and Emma had briefly considered scribbling out Nicole’s name and adding her own.  No way she was going to risk losing such an incredible job with such incredible women though.  It wasn’t an easy decision do the right thing.  She’d seen the boy they were going to be injecting into those massive tits.  He had brown hair and green eyes, just sitting in that waiting room...and she could not stop thinking about him disappearing in all that tit flesh. She had to be strong. There would be other injections to witness.  Still, she would absolutely be reviewing tomorrow’s procedural notes.

The moment that Emma finished cleaning up Exam Room A and returned the spent supplies to Logs, she rushed to the women’s restroom, locked the door, and began masturbating.



Chapter 4 - Injection Therapy by Footsteps

Mayumi stared down nervously at her dangling feet as she waited alone in Exam Room A. All she could see over her protruding breasts were the tips of her toes and a bit of the yellow flowers attached to the thongs of her flip flops. They matched quite cutely with her yellow blouse and dark capri jeans.  She had bought this particular yellow blouse for her OnlyFans videos due to the remarkable amount of cleavage it showed off. 

She’d chosen this blouse for today because she knew, like last time, that her breasts were going to be bared and played with just as the one doctor had done during their last visit.  She’d since thought a few times about that, in fact… her, it made sense to wear a shirt that barely contained your breasts if they were going to be taken out and played with.  That way she wouldn’t have to take her entire shirt off, they could just slip her breasts out as needed.

Wearing clothing like that in public did come with a whole lot of attention.  Sometimes it was harmless and she didn’t mind it, like that brown-haired boy in the waiting room last week.  Mayumi almost wanted to laugh at the way his cute, green eyes nearly popped out of his head and tried diving down her shirt!  He was practically trembling!  She was quite used to having that effect on boys so she barely even clocked him, but she was vaguely aware of him and his struggles...just enough to find it adorable. 

Sometimes the attention was bad though.  She had once been groped by a man at Sprinkles Bakery.  Her boss had mentioned the incident to her parents over the phone and they were furious...with her!  Mayumi’s parents had actually blamed her for getting groped!  It made Mayumi feel very weak and vulnerable; part of Mayumi believed her parents when they told her it was her fault for the way she dressed or carried herself.  She had started developing her massive breasts at a very young age.  

She first saw the resentment in her mother’s eyes when she took Mayumi bra-shopping on her 16th birthday.  She was already several cup-sizes larger than her mother.  She first saw the anger in her father’s eyes at a work party. None of the men could tear their eyes away from Mayumi’s swollen chest, despite it being buried under a thick turtleneck sweater.  It didn’t matter.  Her father made it very clear on the drive home that it was her fault.  Her fault for having such big boobs. She loved them despite their flaws and to their credit they did take care of her in this new country.  However, sometimes she wished she didn’t need to rely on them.

As she sat there nervously awaiting the other doctor who she hadn’t met yet, she worried about the pain of the injection.  She worried about what was in it and hoped it wouldn’t adversely affect her.  More than anything, she dreamed about what she would do with all that money they were going to give her.  With $1,000 a month extra coming in, she could start saving for her future.  

After 10 years, she would have made $120,000! By the time it came time to retire, she would have a very pretty penny set aside, and hopefully would have had the opportunity to live a fantasy life.  All the dreams she’d had as a little girl seemed so far out of reach her whole life because her parents didn’t agree with them, and they were the ones with the money.  It was them that had made her free ride to America contingent upon pursuing a degree in business management.  They didn’t even want her to be a business woman; they only believed that the degree would help her in getting a more gender-appropriate position as a secretary. They couldn’t care less about her dreams.  

But now, she was going to have the money.  $1,000 a month wouldn’t change the world overnight, but she had also been told by Dr. Bexley that additional injections and appointments could increase the monthly amount. She had to pace herself.  She looked down at her heaving chest, focusing in on her left breast. It swelled and sank with her breathing. She had to make it through this shot first.  

At that moment, the door opened and in walked a woman in a labcoat.  She was slightly taller than Dr. Bexley and she had slightly larger breasts. This woman had brown hair and large glasses with thick, black frames.  Dr. Bexley was slightly prettier but this woman’s eyes appeared wiser...and her smile so much friendlier.  This must be her. 

“Hi Miss Okamoto.  I’m Dr. Walker. It’s very nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine.” Mayumi said, accepting Dr. Walker’s handshake.  “And you can call me Mayumi.”

Dr. Walker left quite a first impression on Mayumi.  As they shook hands, she could feel her massive tits rippling and jiggling.  This happened often with her breasts and she’d noticed that both men and women couldn't help but stare.   The brunette doctor kept her pretty brown eyes, shielded by her thick-framed glasses, fixed on Mayumi’s face. 

Returning her soft hands to her denim lap, Mayumi twitched nervously and stared at her dangling feet.  Sinc her chair was set to a full incline, she was sitting straight up.  Dr. Walker took a seat on one of the low-top stools and started leafing through a manilla folder.  

“So right now, we are just waiting for my assistant to get here with the supplies for today’s injection.” Dr. Walker said politely, to which Mayumi nodded her head.

Mayumi suspected that the doctor could tell she was nervous. Dr. Walker started making what appeared to Mayumi to be small talk.

“So, what do you do for fun?” Dr. Walker asked.

Her pretty brown eyes turned to the ceiling as she thought about how to answer and how detailed she should get.  The person asking the question often dictated her response.  For example, she didn’t dare get too specific to her parents.  She’d learned as a young teenager that talking about her hopes and dreams would result in laughter at best, and ire at worst.  

“I umm….I like to cook and bake.” Mayumi said, guarded and brief. 

“Oh yes…” Dr. Walker said, reading from the file, “your paperwork here says you work at the Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery.”

Mayumi smiled politely, nervously pushing some of her short, brown hair off her slender, fair cheek and tucking it behind her ear. Her right breast jiggled subtly as her right hand fell forcefully back to her lap. 

“Yes, but I don’t really consider what I do at Sprinkles to be cooking and baking. At least not the kind that I want to do.”

Mayumi was caught off guard at just how much of Dr. Walker’s attention she had.  The brunette doctor seemed genuinely interested, leaning in toward her patient, “What kind of cooking and baking do you want to do?”

If the breasts confined to Mayumi’s shirt were as rebellious as the dreams confined behind her lips, she would be topless right now. The starry-eyed Japanese teenager nearly burst,

“Well, for starters...I want to host my own cooking show!  One where I travel the in the US and also back in Japan where my parents live.”

The doctor smiled, appearing even prettier. Mayumi felt her heart soar.

“That sounds wonderful, Mayumi!  What a great dream.  I think that accomplishing something like that is not only possible, but with this extra income you’ll be receiving for injection therapy, it's a certainty!  Assuming you can cook, that is!” Dr. Walker added playfully, eliciting an adorable giggle from the Japanese teenager.

Again, the teen’s big breasts bounced as Mayumi giggled but Dr. Walker just smiled and either maintained eye contact or reviewed the paperwork.  It felt good to be getting this kind of response from someone...this kind of attention.  She was so much more than just two huge O-cup breasts. Was this wise young doctor actually seeing that?  Mayumi opened up further to Dr. Walker, speaking of how she dreamed of eventually having children and settling down with a nice, successful man. Mayumi joked that as big as her breasts already were, they’d only get bigger and more popular with the JAV industry after she had kids.  

Dr. Walker perceptively asked, “Popular with whom?”

Mayumi froze up, realizing she’d said too much.  She considered lying to cover her tracks but she felt a trust for Dr. Walker.  She had mentioned her OnlyFans to Dr. Bexley, but that was all playful, cute stuff!  Sure, boys probably played with themselves when she’d post her harmless videos.  She even showed one to Dr. Bexley on her smartphone. It started with her smiling big into the camera, saying “Hi everyone, it's me Suteki-chan, and I’m gonna do the ‘nose-to-wall’ challenge”.  

She’d then show, while trying not to giggle, that she couldn’t touch her nose to a wall without her big boobs getting in the way.  Mayumi shot the camera an overexaggerated pout and frown, her breasts completely deformed with nowhere else to go, flooding out near her armpits. Even then her nose was nowhere near the wall. The videos were harmless, and she didn’t even use her real name!  Suteki-chan was something her first boyfriend called her back in Japan years and years meant ‘gorgeous’...and it seemed like a good choice for an OF handle.. The JAV stuff she did on the weekends was a different story though.  She wasn’t by herself in those videos, and there wasn’t a whole lot up for interpretation.  

Dr. Walker was so wonderfully supportive though, it made Mayumi feel so at ease with her.  

The doctor jotted down some notes in her file and said, “I think that if you’re comfortable, you should keep doing it! You’ve got a wonderful body and a beautiful face, why not use them to your advantage?”

Mayumi blushed and smiled, looking down at her feet. She looked up quickly at the sound of the door opening.  Another woman entered the exam room.  She looked to be about Mayumi’s age, maybe a little bit older.  She had thick, flowing blonde hair that reminded Mayumi of the American movies she’d watched as a little girl.  The Disney ones with beautiful, blonde princesses.  

She had big, stunning, sparkling blue eyes that reminded her of clear summer skies in Japan with her family.  The blue-eyed, blonde-haired Disney princess wore a cheap lab coat with something in the breast pocket and she carried a stainless steel tray adorned with several items. She recognized some gloves, something that looked like a barcode scanner, paperwork, and…

Mayumi cringed.

...a needle.

Being afraid of needles made this pretty difficult, but Mayumi looked away from it and instead focused on the future.  

“Thanks, Nicole.  You can just set the tray down next to Mayumi.  Mayumi, this is Nicole. She will be assisting in the injection today.”

Mayumi raised her right hand and waved cutely, fidgeting with the bottom of her blouse. The teenager observed Nicole’s celebrity smile, filled with pearly white, perfectly straight teeth.  Too quickly, the Disney Princess’s big, soft lips rushed back in to conceal those pearly whites as the pretty blonde in a lab coat returned her attention to the tray.  As Nicole leaned toward Mayumi to set the tray down, Mayumi noticed that Nicole’s breasts were quite eye-catching.  They appeared larger than Dr. Walker’s, but certainly not larger than her own.  Not surprising; most didn’t even come close to O-cups. 

The Japanese teenager gave one more quick head-to-toe scan of most women do...and her big, curious brown eyes narrowed in and then fixated on the object protruding from Nicole’s breast pocket.  It looked cylindrical and small, kind of like a contact lens case, but one that’d be meant for a single contact.  The Disney Princess’s large breasts didn’t leave a lot of slack in the chest area of her lab coat; consequently, the cylinder was pressed quite firmly between the cheap cotton and her right breast.  Cherry red fingertips reached into the stretched breast pocket and pulled the small thing out, setting it down next to the needle.  

Mayumi leaned toward the tray, her breasts swelling against her sunflower-yellow shirt. She saw now that the cylindrical container was clear and threaded on the bottom.  It was filled with a clear liquid and there was a tiny pink label.

“What’s ‘SUBJECT J’?” Mayumi asked, reading the label.

Nicole looked down at the label and then back up at Mayumi.  “Oh, that’s just how we categorize the's to make sure we don’t get them mixed up.” Nicole said with a smile.

Mayumi saw that next to the small threaded container with the pink label, there was another small container of equal size.  It was identical in every way; it even had an identical-size label.  This label, however, was bright red and there was nothing written on it. Nicole picked up the needle and Mayumi went wide eyed and her blood went cold.  

“That’s a big needle!” Mayumi said with stress and fear. 

It was true, the stem of the needle was not very thick but it was quite longer than she expected.  

“Its just a standard needle, dear.  I promise you will be fine.” Dr. Walker said, patting Mayumi on the shoulder as she put on gloves.  

“Its important that we get the area ready for injection. May I?” Dr. Walker asked, slowly moving her gloved hands toward Mayumi’s chest.  Mayumi nodded. Dr. Walker carefully pulled away the plunging neckline of Mayumi’s top and with one hand, began to gradually scoop the Japanese teenager’s incredibly large left breast out of its confinement.  Despite their tremendous size, Mayumi’s breasts seemed to defy gravity, not sagging nearly as much as one might expect.  They were massive and yet still orb-like and almost even perky.  

Mayumi sighed as the professional doctor’s thumb lightly pressed against the center of her round, soft breast.  Her nipple was pink and flat, surrounded by an areola only slightly more pink than her fair, pale skin. The nipple at its center had plenty of surface area for the doctor’s thumb.  Her brown eyes stared down as the doctor’s thumb started gently twisting and rubbing, awakening Mayumi’s nipple.  

The previously flat nipple was growing...stiffening...pushing out against Dr. Walker’s small thumb.  The doctor introduced her index finger and began rolling the erect nipple between her finger and thumb.  The stiff nipple then sank into Dr. Walker’s gloved palm and 5 shadowy indents formed in a radius around it as the doctor slowly squeezed.  The soft flesh compressed easily in the doctor’s small hand.  Just as Dr. Bexley had done before, Dr. Walker was now using both hands to knead and massage Mayumi’s breast.  She had to close her eyes for a second and almost bit her lip, feeling the gentle yet firm touch of the doctor.  

“It’s very important that the area be properly loosened and stimulated prior to injection.” Dr. Walker said scientifically as she played with the teen’s massive tit. 

Mayumi couldn’t believe how small the doctor’s hands were compared to her breasts. The fingertips of her cute, gloved hand could barely expand outside of her areola.  Just one of the teenager’s tits had to have been more than 4 or 5 handfuls, easily.  Mayumi blushed, seeing how hard her nipple was getting.  To their credit, they retained some sense of professionalism and didn’t say anything, even though Dr. Walker would occasionally cease the kneading of the pillowy breast flesh in favor of paying more attention to Mayumi’s rock-hard nipples. Nicole was still setting things up and Dr. Walker was now bouncing Mayumi’s breast, flipping her four fingers under the mammoth tit and letting it crash back down heavily on her waiting palm.  

Mayumi watched, mesmerized at the way the huge tit slapped lightly into the doctor’s palm.  It deformed and splayed out against the gloved hand, and even as it rested there, the nipple danced and waved as the reverberations of force made their way repeatedly through the tightly linked breast tissue.  She looked away from her dancing, jiggling breast to see that Nicole was now screwing the container with the red label onto the needle.  Upon closer inspection, she saw that this needle was very different than any she’d seen before.  Instead of one threading port to screw on a container, this one had two side-by-side.  After securing the container with the red label, the Disney Princess picked up the one with the pink label. Mayumi noticed that Nicole seemed slightly more careful with this one than the one with the red label as she screwed it onto the needle port. 

“Okay Mayumi, we’re ready for the next phase.  You can fix yourself.” Dr. Walker said, referring to Mayumi’s exposed left tit.  

“Oh…”, Mayumi gracefully maneuvered the mass of flesh back into her top, “I thought you would have needed it out.”

Mayumi saw Dr. Walker ready to respond but then she heard Nicole say, “Actually, its best if the breast is compressed during injection.  .”

“Someone has been reading the literature.” Dr. Walker said proudly, then looking at Mayumi and saying, “She’s exactly right. These injections are not exclusively done into breast tissue, but empirical evidence suggests that this condition is uniquely necessary for breast injections.”

“Can...I see it first?” Mayumi asked for the needle in Nicole’s hand.  

Nicole's eyes went from the needle right to Dr. Walker.  Mayumi followed the Disney Princess’s blue eyes to the nodding doctor.  When Mayumi looked back, Nicole was carefully handing the needle to Mayumi. 

Mayumi accepted the needle in her hands, her soft palm resting entirely over both tiny containers.  She adjusted her grip and raised the needle up to her face so she could see inside those containers.  She wanted to see the fluid that was about to be injected into her breast.  She brought the pink labeled container up to her eye, so close it was almost touching her cornea.  Mayumi felt her long eyelashes grazed the curve of the container as she focused her vision with all her might, looking for the tiniest hint of something...anything.  

She allowed her eye to scan the entire length of the container, which didn’t take long since it was really not much larger than her eye to begin with.  It looked just like water. Nothing was there. She did the same for the container with the red label.  Also nothing.  When she looked back up, she caught Dr. Walker and Nicole smiling at each other, and the room was eerily quiet.  Dr. Walker broke the silence, extending an open, gloved hand. 


Mayumi nervously nodded her head and handed the needle to Dr. Walker. She clasped her hands over her lap and anxiously rubbed her hands together, her inner arms lightly pressing her breasts together.  

“Did you read ‘Holding’”? Dr. Walker asked Nicole.

Nicole nodded and took her position on Mayumi’s right side.

“So Mayumi, the injection is going to go into your left breast, about 2-3 inches out from where the breast meets the skin of your chest.  In order to do that and maintain the desired compression, we’re going to leave your breast in your shirt. Nicole is going to part your breasts, allowing me access to the injection site.  Is that okay?” Dr. Walker asked courteously. 

After Mayumi said yes, Nicole plunged her fingers down into Mayumi’s deep cleavage.  The Disney Princess wiggled and fanned her fingers slightly, overcoming the natural friction of her own soft hand and Mayumi’s even softer breast flesh, going deeper and deeper.  Finally, Nicole’s whole hand was between her breasts, and the Disney Princess’s fingers were now curling under Mayumi’s right tit.  She gently pulled it away, stretching the material of the shirt slightly and separating the right breast from its twin sister.  The depth of Mayumi’s cleavage was now breathing and bathed in light, under the direct gaze of all three women.  

Dr. Walker brought the needle toward Mayumi’s chest and Mayumi started hyperventilating.  Her massive chest heaved and Dr. Walker encouraged her to relax.  

“Just breathe, Mayumi.  This will be over soon.” Nicole said.

Mayumi focused on her breathing as the needle was now between her breasts, the tip of the stem approaching the skin of her left tit.  The container with the pink sticker grazed her right breast and lightly pressed into it as Dr. Walker positioned the needle. She watched intently and with fear as the shining tip kissed her breast.  Mayumi gasped quietly but sharply as the stem began to shrink into her flesh.  The moment the needle broke the skin was painful, but the pain did not get worse as the stem sank further into the flesh of her just felt uncomfortable.  

“You’re doing great, Mayumi.  The hardest part is over.”  Dr. Walker encouraged, leaning in so close she surely could smell Mayumi’s skin.  Mayumi was happy she’d showered right before arriving.  

Mayumi stared down at her breast with wide eyes as more and more of the stem disappeared into her skin until finally it was as deep as it could go.  Dr. Walker’s thumb repositioned expertly over the syringe, as if she’d done this a million times before, and began slowly pressing one of the plungers.  

Mayumi watched in fascination as the two clear liquids in the threaded containers began to drain into the main chamber of the needle.  The air that had filled the chamber was now being pushed out the top of the chamber.  When the clear liquids mixed, their color changed to a faded light pink. Mayumi stared intently down at the needle as the last of the fluids in the two containers emptied into the main chamber and now Dr. Walker’s thumb had switched to the second plunger.  She started to press and Mayumi watched the plunger inside the main chamber start to force the pink fluid in the only direction it was allowed to go: 

inside her left breast. 

It was a strange sensation.  The Teenager, the Doctor, and the Disney Princess all stared intently at the syringe as its stem gradually introduced the fluid into the side of Mayumi’s swollen tit.  If she had to compare it to the piercing of her tit flesh and the gradual deepening of the tip, she’d say that this part was actually pleasant.  

“Mayumi, your skin is sooo soft.” Nicole said, letting her bare fingertips gently rub against the wall of Mayumi’s soft breast. Mayumi would have wondered if Nicole was just saying that to take her mind off the injection, but she knew her skin was incredibly soft. 

“Thanks,” Mayumi said.

“What do you use?” Nicole said.

Mayumi wasn’t sure how to tell Nicole and Dr. Walker that the skin between her breasts was so well moisturized and youthful because of how often she’d let men fuck her cleavage.  There was something thrilling about watching a throbbing cock take its rightful place between her big tits. Where American women probably preferred large, throbbing cocks, Mayumi liked them on the smaller side.  It made her tits look even bigger, which she loved...and when his member was little...well, that was even better as it completely and effortlessly disappeared in her cleavage.  She would just hold her big soft breasts together with her elbows and the lucky guy would pump away until he exploded between them.  Having large breasts often results in the stretching and advanced aging of skin, but a healthy dose of ejaculate, she found, really helped keep the skin young.  

“Its called I-Mju Hatomugi.  I get it from Japan.” Mayumi said.  Technically it was the truth, because it was the lotion she used, but the explosions in her cleavage did far more for her skin than the lotion did. 

She could feel the pink liquid entering her breast tissue.  It was slightly colder than her body temperature so it was easy to sense it escaping the tip of the needle from deep within.  The main chamber of the needle was now only half full with the pink liquid and Dr. Walker was still going.  A quarter full.  An eighth full.  Finally, the doctor’s thumb had forced the plunger to the other end of the main chamber, demanding the last of the liquid into the teenager’s tit.  It wasn’t until the plunger was fully depressed did either of the three women look away.

Mayumi felt the relatively cold liquid deep in her breast radiate and diffuse in the tissue. She was aware of its slight spreading until her internal temperature warmed the fluid to match her body.  Then that was it.  She couldn’t feel the fluid anymore. It felt like it happened too quickly, but Mayumi reminded herself that the cold fluid was in such a small quantity, and there was just so much warm breast tissue surrounding it.  Really thinking about it, it made sense that the cold sensation would dissipate that quickly.  The fluid injected into her breast couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 pen caps worth of cold fluid.  Compare that to her immense O-cup breast, which was larger than her head and super-warm all over! It made sense that it would warm to its new environment as quickly as it did. 

It felt uncomfortable again as the needle began to slowly retract, appearing to grow out of her breast.  Finally, the tip emerged and Mayumi sighed.  It was over.  Or so she thought.

Dr. Walker handed the syringe to Nicole who accepted it with her free hand.  

“What is that?” Mayumi asked with fear and tremors in her voice. The Disney Princess was using her free hand to rub some kind of vaseline onto the side of her left breast.

Dr. Walker was picking up the strange device that looked like a barcode scanner.  It looked like it was made out of some kind of shiny plastic.  It was black and it had a string of small LED lights over the top.  On one end of it was something that loosely resembled a suction cup and on the other end terminated into a “T” shape. Atop the center of the “T” shape was more threading, kind of like the needle they’d just used on her.  Along the side were very small knobs and what looked like very tiny strips in the plastic, the kind you would see overtop of an integrated speaker.

“Don’t worry Mayumi,” Dr. Walker said, bringing it toward Mayumi’s chest. “This isn’t going to hurt at all, its just going to touch your skin.”

Mayumi watched Dr. Walker lightly press the suction cup end of the device over top of the spot where she’d just gotten the injection.  The end didn’t suck onto her boob like she thought it would, it just kind of sat there.  Dr. Walker pressed a few buttons on the side and then it was quiet. The three women watched, although Mayumi assumed she was the only one who didn’t know what she was watching for.  Suddenly, a blue light on the top blinked a few times and three quiet chirps sounded from the side of the device.  Dr. Walker and Nicole both smiled at each other.  

“Is...that good?”  Mayumi asked?

“So far!” Dr. Walker said with a smile, turning to look at Nicole.  “Do you remember what’s next?”  

Nicole looked up at the ceiling for a moment thinking,

“Disrupton?” she answered in the tone of a question.

“Correct.” Dr. Walker said, returning her eyes to Mayumi.  Dr. Walker must have been letting Nicole explain because after a moment or two of silence, Nicole spoke. 

“Now we’re going to do what we did earlier…” Nicole said.  She was pulling her hand out of Mayumi’s cleavage, despite its best efforts to keep control of her fingers.  

“You don’t have to pull anything out and it won’t be for as long, but we have to majorly disrupt the breast tissue.”  Nicole said.

Mayumi felt Nicole's hand cup her left tit and Mayumi gasped as the Disney Princess began forcefully squeezing, bouncing, and even lightly slapping Mayumi’s solid left breast. Mayumi shivered as Nicole’s fingers pinched her protruding nipple and started moving slowly up and down...then left and right.  Her breast was so large, the flesh seemed to follow her movement in slow motion.  Nicole would pull the nipple to the right and Mayumi’s tit flesh would start jiggling over in that direction, but by the time it got there, the Disney Princess was already pulling the nipple to the left.  Slow to follow, the breast tissue rippled back over, but now Nicole was moving the nipple in quick, tight circles. 

She gradually increased the radius of those circles until Mayumi’s entire O-cup breast was bouncing up nearly 12 inches and crashing back down.  Nicole’s grip on her nipple had to tighten in order to control all that unruly flesh and Mayumi winced in discomfort.  The flesh responded by jiggling and rippling under the intense forces but it only lasted for about 10 more seconds.  After which, Nicole returned to Mayumi’s right side and reinserted her fingers.  Mayumi’s left breast was still quivering as Nicole re-exposed the injection site once more. Mayumi’s nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and her left one was incredibly sensitive from all the force applied to it.  

Once more, the doctor held the device up to the same spot and pressed all the same buttons.  But this time, no lights came on.  No chirps from the speakers.  Nothing happened, but Dr. Walker and Nicole smiled, so Mayumi assumed that meant everything went as it was supposed to. 

“That’s good?” Mayumi asked nervously.

Nicole replied, “Yes, it is. And now we just have to check the SC&VF syringe...” She said confidently, but then looked toward Dr. Walker, seeking confirmation, “Right, Dr. Walker?”

“That’s right!” said Dr. Walker.  She turned the device over in her hands, pointing the ‘suction cup’ straight up and the ‘T’ handle was now straight down. Nicole positioned the syringe directly underneath the ‘T’ handle.  She saw that it covered the main chamber and both containers, all now completely empty.  

“Don’t forget on this part, you have to switch the dial from ‘S’ to ‘L’.” Dr. Walker said, educating Nicole. 

Dr. Walker pressed a button and the two were quiet, intently staring at the lights.  Nothing happened again and once more, Dr. Walker and Nicole smiled.  Mayumi wanted to ask but she figured they wouldn’t tell her anyway.

“We’re all done, Mayumi.  You did wonderful.” Dr. Walker said with a big smile as Nicole began cleaning up.  

Mayumi smiled with relief, readjusting her top to properly contain her breasts. Dr. Walker looked down at her cleavage, “Lets just make sure we maintain that compression on your breasts for awhile.”  

Dr. Walker looked at her watch.  “Its still morning...I think if you leave them compressed until around 8pm tonight, that will do just fine.”  

Mayumi nodded.

“So, as I’m sure you remember, in order to be eligible for the compensation, we will have to set up a follow up meeting to check on the injection.  Today is Friday...are you doing anything not this weekend but next?” Dr. Walker asked.

Mayumi replied, “Actually, I’m going to be going back to Japan to visit my family.”

Dr. Walker smiled, “Oh, that’s great.” 

Mayumi returned the smile, “Yes, usually I can only go once a year but with this compensation, I can afford to go again!”

Dr. Walker said, “I’m so glad to hear that.  How about you reach out to us when you’ve returned and we can get you back in here when you’re available.”

Mayumi agreed and thanked both Dr. Walker and Nicole for being so professional and helpful in getting her through this uncomfortable experience.  Mayumi shook both of their hands and hopped off the chair to leave.  Her breasts bounced heavily as her flip-flop clad feet hit the linoleum.  This was the only time she caught Dr. Walker staring at her cleavage; she caught Nicole looking as well.


Chapter 5 - A New World Under Her Skin by Footsteps
Author's Notes:

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He was coming from a place where words and even thoughts barely existed.  It was a truly unconscious experience.  Before words and thoughts returned to his experience, there was the sound. There was no such thing as a blank canvas...everything started with that sound.  It was rhythmic.  It was haunting.  He felt it in all directions.  He slowly regained the ability to describe it to himself.  He’d woken to the deafening sound and regained his ability to think and feel..and now see.  He opened his eyes, expecting to see his dusty ceiling fan but instead…

“What…..the fuck is….”

Instead of a mattress at his back, Jaime felt something else.  Whatever that ‘something else’ was, he felt it pressing against the bottoms of his feet as well.  And the top of his head.  He felt it against his hips and stomach.  His chest and his face.  He would have thought he was suffocating or drowning, but he could breathe just fine, despite feeling the soft pressure against his nose and mouth. He turned his face and felt the slightest hint of pressure relief, but now he felt an increasing pressure on either side of his head.  It was immense; not in the sense of intensity, but in the sense of scale.  

Whatever was applying this gentle force to his face and his whole body was absolutely massive.  He was fully aware now and memories started coming back, and all the while the rhythmic pounding continued.  He raised a hand, feeling light resistance as he brought it up in front of him.  What was he feeling? What was this gargantuan, practically amorphous orb-like behemoth before him? He remembered now.  The spherical god lording over him... was a fat cell.  

Jaime felt his hand glide against it.  Its surface was translucent...slippery.  The “filling” underneath moved ever-so-slightly, even condescendingly, as he pushed against the membrane.  A stronger being could have squashed it, caused it to deform, or perhaps even cause the soft, watery gel-like substance inside to violently ripple.  Jaime was not large enough or strong enough.  This fat cell completely dwarfed him.  If he had to guess, he’d say it was the size of a building, but it was very difficult to approximate the size of  a floating sphere.  He felt humbled by it, humiliated, dwarfed.  And there were more.  Good god, there were so many more.   

When he’d turned his head earlier, transferring the immense pressure from his face and back of his head to the sides of his head, he’d realized it was because he was quite literally sandwiched between two massive fat cells.  They pressed so firmly against him, and the pressure coming from the top and bottom indicated that he was being pressed from all sides by other adjacent fat cells.  They were eager to meet him, eager to hold him.  Eager to hug him, eager to never let go.  

It seemed as if they fought over him, a foreign new toy to play with as he struggled in the cleavage created by their pressure against one another. There weren’t just the few that came into contact with this naked body. There were more than he could count; more than he could count in his entire life.  Like the fans crammed into the standing section of a musical venue, the countless fat cells all pushed and squeezed against another, transferring their pressure and interest through each other and into Jaime.  

His sense of sight, smell, touch, and even taste reactivated first, and then came the memories...but the furthest back came first.  He remembered who he was and who he’d grown up to become.  He remembered his family and siblings. He remembered dead end jobs. He remembered broken appliances and hard times.  He understood what he was seeing now because of his returning memory of his last injection.  He’d been injected into a girl’s tricep and had spent his fair share of time surrounded by fat cells.  This, however, was different.  These fat cells were WAY bigger.  Was he back in the athlete’s tricep?  He suspected not, for the rhythmic thumping that surrounded him was in no way recognizable.  As he struggled with his hands to give his face at least a momentary break from the direct contact against the fat cell, his recollection worked forward, and the fragments of his memory were assembling toward a picture of the present.

He remembered being dropped into that incubator.  What a strange sensation it was, to be fully submerged in liquid and still be capable of breathing.  How it worked, he’d never understand but he’d been assured his first time that the fluid theoretically provided enough ARM (Alternative Respiration Material) for several hundred years, drastically outlasting any human that would need it.  He remembered seeing a massive, god-like figure leaning in to observe him.  The God went against everything he thought a god should be, filling his entire field of view and covering him in a dreadful, uncomfortable shadow.  The shadow made him feel uncomfortable and even slightly cold...and then she did things with a pen and paper...things he couldn’t fully observe or understand...and then he was returned to darkness.

And then, days or maybe even weeks later, he saw bright white light eclipsed by the golden crown of the intern who’d held him at her hip and reduced him to the microscopic object he was now.  Had he died? There’s no way someone could survive being shrunk smaller than a freaking atom or whatever, right?  These weren’t the doctors who forced him to shrink.  This must be the afterlife, and was he so lucky as to be permitted into heaven?  He must have been, because these were angels before him.  They must have been.  They were divine, all-knowing Goddesses that were larger and more powerful than even the breathtaking light behind them.  They controlled him and so much more.  Her cherry red fingertips wrapped around his world-sized container, bathing him in bright white light and quickly-intensifying cold.  Both were temporarily halted as he soared through the air at hundreds of miles an hour, ultimately soaring directly into her warm and dark breast pocket. 

After what felt like an eternity of uncomfortable shuffling, recognizably the steps of a being impossibly larger than he, he heard the deafening sound of skin against fabric.  Those cherry red fingertips were retrieving him from the warmth and relative safety of her breast pocket. His world rotated 90 degrees. The jarring motion brought him back to his senses.  It brought back the reality of his situation.  He clung desperately to the thought that these were Goddesses, because that would mean they loved him and cared for him.  If it were the alternative...if it was two 20-something women with a sadistic scientific curiosity, he was in huge trouble.  Luckily, the ocean of clear fluid that surrounded him absorbed the impact of him being set down. 

He saw another container next to him, a similar or identical size to the one he was in.  He saw it had a red label affixed to the outside of it.  He also noticed his container too had a label, but he couldn’t see the color from his position inside of it. He looked up vulnerably at the three towering god-like figures that surrounded him.  Only two of them even knew he existed, and if they’d forgotten, he would be banished to this container amidst this boring chemistry set for the rest of his life.

He heard overpowering, feminine voices in the heavens above him, and he could only barely resolve the syllables.  It was as if it were a language of gods that he, at his diminutive size, could only try to understand.  They were talking about him, thats all that he could surmise.   But then he heard what he thought was the words “Subject J” escape the titanic Japanese teenager’s cute lips.  He screamed “THAT’S ME!  I’M SUBJECT J!  PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO HEAR ME! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!”

Jaime tried to listen in on the “godspeak” above him but had trouble following.  It was literally exhausting for him to accept the bass and amplitude.  The language changed from “godspeak” to “movement’ as he felt his world shift and shake.  The blonde intern was now lifting up his container.  He surmised from his previous injection experience that he was being affixed to the syringe that would guide him into the Japanese woman’s massive tit.  He needed more time. There was so much around him to absorb and understand.  There was nothing he could do to delay it, much less stop it. He was along for the ride; it was really as simple as that.   Titanic fingers danced outside his glass container, spinning it on the threading, but he remained still and static in the clear liquid.

Jaime felt himself soaring through the air once more, reaching neck-breaking speeds a being of his size could never achieve on its own. He was in the blonde intern’s hand again, but she was handing him over to someone else….to her.

Jaime trembled as he was raised to the Japanese girl’s curious but unknowing face and he nearly fainted, unable to capture the entirety of her eye in his full field of peripheral vision.  Her iris was a soft brown with radiant hints of amber and green.  He couldn’t possibly put into words how small it made him see this eye fill his entire world.  It was looking for him, even though it didn’t know what it was looking for.  And nothing made him feel more pathetic than to realize that the goddess couldn’t see him. He was brought so close, his peripherals were filled with white, and at the center was her deep pupil.  

He swore he could see her soul and he screamed for her to see see him.  There was never again going to be an opportunity like this one.  There would never again be a chance, so close to the goddess’s eye, to be seen.  He screamed for her to help him. He shrieked for her to cancel the experiment.  He cried for her not to let them inject him into her tit.  Instead, she blinked in slow motion and he watched her eye get smaller. He wasn’t growing, but getting further away from her eye.  Mayumi was done looking for him.  She handed him back to the doctor. 

Jaime shouted, flailing his arms and cursing the doctor who lowered him toward the Japanese teen’s ENORMOUS rack.  Nicole was separating the two huge tits from each other and his peripherals were now filled with the color of her flesh. Jaime wanted to cry, this was so different from his last injection.  First off, the woman knew he was going in her tricep, and it was just her tricep! Not some fat, impossibly huge O-cup tit! And the most alarming thing of all, Dr. Walker had forced him to do this.  He wanted to stop.  He wanted to quit.  She would not let him.  What did this mean? Would she make him stay in the Japanese boob longer?  

Assuming his tiny little body wasn’t lost forever in all that flesh, would she ever let him out?  His life was in her hands. Those hands, by the way, were so exhaustingly large that it fatigued his mind to try and comprehend there limits.  He couldn’t see those limits and he couldn’t even be fully convinced that they existed.  Did her hand just stretch out into infinity? How far away was infinity?  Was there a meaningful distinction between literal infinity and what his tiny mind could comprehend? Could he have walked the length of the doctor’s hand?  Maybe if he was given days or even weeks. At least they were steady as she lowered him further.  He was now between the gargantuan walls of breast tissue. He felt a bit of inertia, and the flesh surrounding him quaked...he realized the tip of the needle was in.  Horrified, he looked up and squinted under the exam room light.  Eclipsing it was her.  As horrified as he was, as much as he resented her despite her not even knowing what was happening, he thought she was beautiful.  The light behind her head made her appear to be wearing a halo, she looked like a beautiful, innocent angel. She looked down on him as a goddess would on a mortal being, a fraction of the size, strength, and importance she had in just a pinkie finger.  All three looked down at him completing the process that started days or weeks ago...a procedure that would banish him from the world he’d known all his life, in favor of a much darker, warmer existence that he’d be forced into against his will. And then he felt the fluid around him start to drain. He frantically swam toward the wall of his enormous container, trying to look out.  Looking down, he could see the impossibly huge tit through his torturously clear prison, and the shadowy circle around the tip of the needle, indenting into the cushiony flesh. Everything after that was a blur.  He felt his entire world shift to a strange pink color, something he didn’t remember from last injection.  A few miles down, Jaime could see where the wide chamber narrowed and became very dark.  

It was where the outside world ended and the world inside Mayumi’s huge tit began.  He kicked his legs furiously to get as far away from it as possible.  He was so cold now, naked and afraid in this terrifyingly large world.  The beautiful women kept close watch of him, and he stared at them, taking in the magnificent sight. He felt in that moment he’d remember their expressions for the rest of his life.  If he’d have been an artist, he could have sketched each of their faces from memory decades from now.  The adorable Japanese woman’s face was that of mild discomfort. He wanted to see pity and misery, as that is what he felt for himself.  A satisfied curiosity and interest adorned Nicole’s face.  It was an interest he would have loved to see on her face when he was full-sized, but she wasn’t even slightly interested in him until he was small.  And then there was the brunette with the thick, black glasses.  The one with the wise, friendly brown eyes.  The one who had made all this happen.  There was no way someone that godlike could see him now, but she must have been pretending she could for his sake, because he felt it in his soul.  She was looking at him.  He was traveling further down the huge chamber of the needle, closer to the bottom.  The fluid in which he swam was being forced down by the doctor’s powerful thumb.  It was moving much faster now, and the narrowing of the chamber was much closer now.  He swam pathetically away from it, but still the distance closed dramatically. 

He was close enough now to see that the chamber didn’t just narrow down into a vague black hole.  Instead it was pink, nearly glowing. It looked almost inviting, and had he not known that it led into an enormous tit, he might have been intrigued or even at peace.  He was anything but peaceful or resolved.  The entrance into her boob, to him, was a dark, foreboding tunnel that was to strip him of his rights and comfort. The light shining down into the gaping hole created just for him.  He wasn’t anywhere near the top of the syringe’s chamber, not that it would have helped.  He’d have spent another half-second outside of Mayumi’s tit.  The overhead plunger had shortened the chamber such that he was less than 50 feet from the glowing pink hole.  He took one last defeated look up at the golden goddesses.  He cursed the fascination in their cat-like eyes and the slight smirks on some of their lips.  He admired the way their hair hung on the sides of their gorgeous faces as they looked down at him. He lamented his exit from their world. 

Jaime looked down between his feet to face his impending reality.  Jaime winced as he broke the plane of the pink glowing hole.  He was technically inside Mayumi’s breast now, but the mighty, thick stem of the needle still had some length left.  His new world had far less light.  He looked up and saw a glowing white hole and he wailed miserably as it shrank, getting further and further away from him as he was forced further down the stem.  

The last thing he remembered was bouncing off the edge of the stem, his last contact with the needle before it ejected him into the ocean of fat cells in the teenager’s tit, as if he were being ejaculated.  His consciousness was fading as he watched the needle tip from where he’d essentially been ejaculated begin to retract and disappear so far above him.  The soft clouds quickly rushed in to block its continued ascension into the heavens, leaving him completely alone in complete darkness. The single pinhole of natural light, slightly hinted with pink, completely disappeared and his surroundings shook. 

And now here he was. Awake and fully aware of his predicament, but with nothing to do about it.  His nude body glided fluently against the fat cells resulting in little movement productivity, but he was able to make small amounts of progress in moving against them.  Jaime was grateful that they were at least warm. That was something he remembered happening with the tricep injection.  Once immersed in the cluster of fat cells, he was quickly warmed to their pleasant temperature.  He at least knew he wouldn’t have to worry about being cold here in the Japanese girl’s breast fat.  

He took a closer look at one of the enormous fat cells conforming around his own slippery body...and then he realized something strange about this experience.  The immense, rhythmic pounding that he could feel echoing in his bones and crowding his consciousness was not the only thing different from his experience in Karla’s tricep.  He could actually see the fat cell.  He could see the jelly-like substance behind the membrane.  

In the tricep, it was pitch black, and that made sense.  Why could he see the fat cells in Mayumi’s breast?  Surely there was no light source in the teenager’s tit, but here he was able to see the fat cells around him, albeit illuminated dimly and with a deep red tint.  He looked around trying to understand the source of the red light, but all he could guess was that it was far away.  It was impossible to determine the direction, as the light reflected and bounced off the glimmering, wet surface of the fat cells. All he could assume about this light was that it was not natural. It couldn’t be, right?  He was so far deep in her tit fat, there was no way even a single photon of light could reach him in this particular neighborhood of fat cells.  

He picked a direction that he thought might be its source and started squirming and burrowing through the multiple sets of cleavage formed by the fat cells’ various compressions.  Anytime he felt like he was getting some progress though, he’d feel his world jostle and shake.  Mayumi was walking now.  He could tell from how much he was being moved and shifted.  He was forced through the cleavage of his founding fat cells and into the embrace of another far away? Who knew.  The direction of the light hadn’t seemed to change so it must not have been that much.  

Jaime listened, trying to hear over the rhythmic pounding, and he could hear what sounded like a car engine.  She was driving...probably going home.  She was taking them both home without even realizing it.  It was crazy to think, from her perspective, that someone was in that car with her and she had no idea just how close he was. She was singing in Japanese, probably along with the radio.  She wasn’t in key.

Jaime’s naked slippery body glided over the curved surface of countless fat cells.  He couldn’t attribute his motion to his own efforts though.  Mayumi was walking once more now and that meant that her fat tits were likely bouncing all over the place.  He wondered how many people were staring at them, not realizing that there was a tiny little man trapped deep inside one of them.  Hours passed and he was already starting to build in his own mind a connection between the way her fat cells moved and what he suspected she was doing.  When they suddenly rippled as if being struck by lightning every second or so, he knew she was walking.  When they all felt like they were compressing him tighter than normal, he assumed she was lying on her stomach, or perhaps sitting and resting them on a table.  

This was going to be so much harder than last time.  In the tricep, he had barely moved at all because Karla’s arm was in a cast.  Mayumi’s tits were not nearly as confined as Karla’s tricep. Tears formed in his eyes as he cursed the fucked up doctor. She told him that this would basically be the same.  Why would she lie to him?  He wailed and cursed her, but he doubted the miniscule sound waves of his wailing and crying were able to even permeate the neighboring fat cells, let alone reach the goddess’s ears in the outside world. After even more jostling and shifting amongst the tightly compressed lattice of fat cells, Jaime was interested to find that he could see with more clarity than before.  The artificial red light was still somewhere...further away now but somewhere.  

But in addition to the artificial red light, he could see what he thought was real, pink light.  He must have been much closer to the surface of Mayumi’s breast now.  Was it the underside?  On the top?  Toward the cleavage or on the outside?  He didn’t know, and maybe never would.  It was somewhat nice being able to see a bit of real light, even if it was only the 1 or 2% worth that the teenager’s breast skin permitted to pass.  He also noticed that it was a bit colder up here as well.  The protective insulation of her tit was less effective the closer he got to the surface of her skin. The pressure was less restrictive up here, and he could see behind him an ocean of fat cells, all clamoring to reclaim him as its if they were a bouncing mosh pit of angry and spiteful big breasted goddesses trying to claim him as a servant.

Up to this point, he’d heard her voice.  He’d heard her car.  He’d heard and felt her footsteps and the way they affected his entire world.   He’d recognized when she was eating, when she was watching TV.  She had spent some time relaxing but now the busy teen was back on the move.  Heading to classes?  Heading to work?  He now knew what the inside of her skin felt like, having somehow bounced his way to the surface so that now the only fat cells he felt were at his back.  The skin was wonderfully soft...not gelatinous like her fat cells, but pleasantly and maternally soft. He heard something he hadn’t heard since Mayumi had left the laboratory earlier that day:  

Another voice.  

It was a woman’s voice.  They both spoke Japanese so he had no idea what they were saying, but the two women sounded very happy to see each other.  Jaime felt the clusters of fat cells around him compress into him and the deafening sound of friction far above him.  He surmised the two women were hugging.  He was still close enough to the surface that he could pick up on these little cues, like the friction of clothing and even the position of the new woman’s voice relative to his position in Mayumi’s breast.  

It was clear that if he wanted to have some semblance of a connection to the outside world, he needed to try and maintain his position near the skin.  The women continued their conversation as Jaime wriggled through the dense fat cell groups, trying to get closer to the skin.  The pink light coming through the teen’s skin was enough now for him to fully see his surroundings, but obviously nothing in the outside world.  He heard that cute female voice announce something loudly in Japanese:


He didn’t know what the word meant, and his mind immediately moved to more important ponderings when his world jostled more, sometimes pulling him in the direction he tried to move and sometimes moving him away...and then everything settled and became eerily quiet...but not for long. He heard a distant voice and his goddess-of-a-vehicle cutely giggle.  Then he heard a kissing sound way above him. Now that same new voice.  It definitely wasn’t the other woman.  It definitely wasn’t a woman at all.  It was a man’s voice.  

“Ohhh, Suteki-chan…”

The voice was deep and uncomfortably close.  Jaime could feel the bass of the voice in his bones and then a painfully loud series of kissing sounds, breath, and light groaning, accompanied by the sound of Mayumi giggling. He felt stupid for taking so long to realize what that incredibly loud, rhythmic pounding was.  It was much louder now, and going much, much faster.  All along, it was Mayumi’s heartbeat.  

This wasn’t good…

The kissing went on for a few more moments.  Occasionally, Jaime felt extreme compression around him.  Then, he heard a sharp, crisp snapping sound.  Just one.  He had no idea what it was, but then he heard skin against skin.  The consequential movements in Mayumi’s breast tissue were not all that extreme but then his eardrums nearly ruptured as an immense clapping sound reverberated through the network of fat cells.  

“What the fuck was that?”

That was when things got really bad.  

He heard a light slapping sound on either side of him and then whiplash as him and his neighboring fat cells were hurdled in one direction.  He didn’t know which way it was...whether it was up, down, left or right.  He did know that it was in the direction of that single, very loud clapping sound a few moments ago.  

He was waiting for the pressure to relent, but it didn’t.  In fact, it only got stronger.  The fat cells around him were pushing so firmly against his naked body, he feared that he might be absorbed into one of them, imprisoned in that jelly-like substance.  He heard loud and very regular friction where the loud clap had been earlier.  Further away from the skin-against-skin friction sound he was hearing, he heard the man moan.  Mayumi was moaning too.  

The jiggling was getting insane now, far more insane than when either the doctor or Nicole had kneaded Mayumi’s breast after the injection.  Far worse than when Mayumi was walking.  The compression was not letting up and yet he was being hurled all over the place.  He guessed that he was nearly positioned at a fat cell cluster that might have been the closest to Mayumi’s skin as possible.  It was clear to him what was happening now.  He was horrified, disgusted, afraid, and above all else, he was humiliated and emasculated.

Jaime frantically tried to get away from the surface.  His skin was cold and the compressed fat cells were practically holding him prisoner, forcing him to experience this...until a particularly powerful jiggle would cause them to lose grip on the beyond-microscopic subject, shifting him to a brand new fat-cell cluster.  He hoped fate would mercifully pull him back down to the depths of Mayumi’s ample breast tissue, but no such mercy was available.  The jiggling and friction was only getting more powerful, the man’s moaning more urgent by the second.  Mayumi’s heart beat was rapid and deafening.  Everything was crescendoing and Jaime thought his head would explode, and then he heard the worst thing he could have ever heard.  

“I’m cumming!  I’m cumming, Suteki-chan!”

Jaime thought he’d felt immense pressure before, but everything up to this point was NOTHING compared to what he felt now.  He shrieked at the top of his lungs, “Please don’t!  Please stop!” but the giants out in the real world couldn’t hear him; they didn’t even know he existed.  All of the sudden, it seemed like every fat cell in Mayumi’s massive left breast wanted to hug him, and all that intensity and desire manifested in only 3-4 of them. A pair of bulding-sized fat cells surrounded him in their cleavage, and if they were goddesses they would have absorbed him into their soft bosoms. Jaime was pressed so firmly into one of the fat cells, he thought it might rupture...or he might be consumed by it. 

He heard Mayumi moan and the sound of friction was so rapid it just sounded like one, long, roaring blare.  The man groaned passionately and Jaime’s surroundings near the surface of Mayumi’s left breast went from cold to extremely warm.  Jaime sobbed as the sound of friction slowed down dramatically.  He heard the goddess whose body was his prison softly shush.  He wished she was shushing him, for that would mean not only did she know he was inside her breast but she was comforting him through this humiliating ordeal.  None of that was true.  He heard gentle, tender smacking of lips and Jaime knew she was calming the recovering man.

Chapter 6 - The Lecture by Footsteps

Emma normally would have sat a few minutes in the breakroom after dropping off her lunch for the day.  She was always very punctual and would often have time to relax before starting a day at the lab.  Today was a little bit different.  Today she wanted to make sure she got a good seat at today’s lecture.  Sure enough, she was the first one in the conference room.  She’d seen her fair share of lecture halls during her degree and this conference room closely resembled one with its auditorium-style seating and large presentation stage, fully equipped with projector screens and audio interfaces.  

This conference room was somewhat famous in this building.  It was in this very conference room that Dr. Walker and Dr. Bexley gave their presentation to investors on “Subcutaneous & Visceral Fat Immersion through Injection”, or simply “Injection Therapy”. The audience was blown away, and it was because of the young, ambitious doctors’ talent and dedication that Emma was here today.  It was why every injected subject was where they were.  It was why any of them were here today.

Emma pulled out a light green spiral notebook, turning through pages of complicated calculations and chemical reactions to a clean page half-way through.  She heard the door open and saw Luanne and Tatiana enter.  Luanne was a blonde-haired, green eyed southern girl with curves in all the right places.  She was pursuing a degree in molecular biology and was apparently doing well. Despite her accolades, she generally exhibited airhead behavior from time to time but Emma mostly found it endearing. Tatiana was a year older but seemed much more sarcastic and bratty. Maybe it was her Jewish background or her upbringing in New York City, but the chestnut-brunette with the considerable chest had a bit of “resting bitch face syndrome”. Even so, Emma wasn’t too intimidated by her.  She was pretty, sure...but not A LOT prettier than she.  Emma also felt she was more intelligent than Tatiana. The two fellow interns had been accepted into the internship program after Emma. 

Next in was Brandi, who was the same age as Emma but slightly senior in hiring order.  Brandi had long, beautiful, curly chocolate-brown hair that terminated at her shoulders.  She had a wider frame than Emma did, but it didn’t mean at all that Brandi was fat.  She was just bigger.  Bigger thighs, bigger butt, bigger hips, bigger chest.  Emma couldn’t help but watch out of the corner of her eye as Brandi walked past Emma and Luanne, taking a seat to the right of Tatiana.  Brandi, without a doubt, had the largest butt out of any of the interns and Emma was a bit jealous.  Brandi was so sweet and friendly though; it was just impossible to hate her. 

Someone who was much better at acquiring hate had just walked into the lab.  Well, hate may have been too strong of a word.  Jealousy, envy, resentment...they were all fair, but hate may have been too much.  The other girls seemed to like her or were at least okay with her.

“Hey Nikki”, Emma said as Nicole took a seat next to her. She specifically wanted to sound breezy, as if she didn’t care.

“Hi Em”, Nicole replied, sounding convincingly breezy and as if she didn’t care. Emma watched out of the corner of her eye as Nicole lifted her long blonde hair out of her labcoat collar and allowed it to fall onto her shoulders and neck.  Instead of calculations and formulae, Nicole’s pink spiral notebook was filled with notes she’d taken during procedures and sketches of various equipment.  She had a degree in mechanical engineering and an interest in how parts fit together so she assisted Dr. Walker and Dr. Bexley in improvements to their instruments and technology.  Best she could as an intern, anyway.  

A few minutes after Nicole’s entrance, all the dull, girly chatter had stopped and Emma looked up from her notes. 

“Good morning, interns.” Dr. Walker sang with a smile, followed closely by another woman whom Emma did not recognize.  Depending on the type of person evaluating her, she would have either been considered overweight or thick.  Her jeans were working incredibly hard to contain her thick thighs and rebellious ass.  Her shirt was a bit too short, showing just a little bit of belly, which was already way too much.  

In Emma’s opinion, you could only do that if it were completely flat, not with a bit of pouch as this woman had.  It looked as if this woman’s strategy was to distract from the small amount of her showing belly by showing a lot of cleavage.  Just like the rest of her, this woman’s boobs were big.  When it came to tits, she wasn’t as big as the busty Japanese girl but Jesus, who was?? The woman stood before slightly above average height and moreso above the average weight.  She looked to be in her late 30’s, possibly early 40’s.  She was hispanic and wore dark lipstick which accentuated her already hardened features, but her expression softened pleasantly as Dr. Walker introduced her.

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here.” Dr. Walker said only half-joking.  She motioned toward the latina woman who waived to the interns in the audience.  

“This is Angela and she has agreed to help us out today.” Dr. Walker said, turning back to Angela.  “You can have a seat right here if you like.” 

Angela took a seat facing the interns, crossing a huge left thigh over her right.  The denim running from her knee up to her ass cheek looked like it might explode as she got comfortable, ready to listen to Dr. Walker speak.  

“So if you all remember where we left off last week, I believe I’d left some questions to be answered.  Lets see if you all did your readings of the case studies and findings I provided.”

The intelligent, impressive doctor looked directly at Emma.

“Emma, what does the ‘SC&VF’ in SC&VF immersion stand for?”

‘What an easy one!’ Emma thought, trying to hide her smile.

“Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat.” Emma said.

“Very good.  “Tatiana, briefly explain the typical subject’s SC&VF immersion experience as we understand it.”

The pensive brunette Jewess stammered for a second but quickly found her words, “His experience is a constant pressure and compression by adjacent fat cells that surround him. Well...actually maybe a better way to say it would be that he is under pressure and compression constantly, but the intensity of said pressure and compression varies depending on the activity of the participant. And also, the lattice structure of the fat cells maintain their shape and position so if the fat cells are squeezing him hard enough, he either won’t move anywhere or he’ll out like a bar of soap between wet hands but then he’ll just get slowed down and eventually stopped by other fat cells.  When they’re a bit more relaxed or absorbing motion or movement, the subject’s more likely able to move about on his own.” 

“I see.  And how does he move about?” Dr. Walker followed up.

Tatiana replied, “Well, he doesn’t..really.”

“Very good!  Anyone know why?  Is it because he doesn’t try to?  Someone besides Tatiana.” Dr. Walker said, scanning the room of girls.

Emma answered, “They definitely try.  Its because there is very, very little friction between the subject’s bare skin and the fat cell membrane.  Pushing off of it doesn’t work very well.”

“Yeah,” Nicole added. Emma turned her head a bit annoyed at Nicole’s interjection but tried not to be too obvious about it as the blonde continued. “Even if he is able to make progress against the fat cells he’s pushing against...its like...practically zero progress in the grand scheme of things.  Just one fat cell to him would be like...something around 700 or 800 ft tall.” 

“Very good, Nicole!” Dr. Walker smiled.  “811 feet to be exact!  To our subject, each fat cell would appear to be nearly twice as tall as the Pyramid of Giza!”

Dr. Walker looked to Luanne.  “Let’s work backwards from a comparison like that one.  I’m picturing...a Walmart.  I’m picturing everything taken out of it...all the aisles, all the people.  All the registers, all the lights.  We just have a giant, empty warehouse.  Now get 38 more of them.  Now, from the perspective of the subject, what did I just describe the volume of?”

Emma thought there was no way Luanne would get this one and she was right.  Luanne tilted her head in confusion.  “The volume of uhh...umm…….”

“The volume of one fat cell.” Emma said with a smile, saving Luanne from the embarrassing situation while also scoring some points with Dr. Walker.  

“Correct!  From the subject’s perspective, it would take 39 completely empty Walmart warehouses to contain the gel-like triglyceride lipid fluid trapped in just one fat cell.”

Probably determined to get some points back, Luanne blurted out, “And that’s what he eats...right?”

Dr. Walker replied, “Yes, that’s right.  Part of the generic synthetic compound in the cell exposure solution allows the subject to process this triglyceride lipid fluid with remarkable efficiency.  Without it he would starve.  But since there is so much to go around, that would never be a concern of his!”

The interns giggled.

How does the subject feed then, Luanne?” the doctor asked, giving her another chance.  “Does he pass through the membrane into the fat cell?”

Luanne proudly said, “No, that was Dr. Bexley’s hypothesis, but you determined that the membrane is way too thick, even for something as small as a subject to pass through.  The subject needs to break the membrane in order to get access to the gel and eat, but he’s barely even strong enough to do that; he has to use his teeth and it usually takes him around half an hour to create a hole big enough to eat from.”

“Excellent, Luanne!” Dr. Walker said and Luanne beamed, her rosy cheeks getting rosier under her blonde hair. “And even then, its a race against time.  Even though it took so much work from the subject, the hole created is actually so small that the fat cell is able to repair very quickly.  The subject is lucky if he can get a few mouthfuls before he has to chew a new hole into the membrane.”

The door opened and Dr. Walker smiled, “Oh, speak of the devil.  Hello, Dr. Bexley.”  

The interns echoed Dr. Walker’s greeting, to which Dr. Bexley smiled.  

“Hi, Dr. Walker.  Girls.”

Dr. Bexley was pushing a cart toward the row of interns and when Emma saw what was on the cart, she grinned ear-to-ear.  

“We were just discussing yours and my disagreement on Lipid Bi-Layer Permeance.” Dr. Walker said with a playful smirk. 

Dr. Bexley placed one tray in front of Emma and one tray in front of Nicole.  “Ahh yes you won that day, Katie.  But let's not forget the day of Endodiapoly Luminescence”. Each girl got their own tray; Emma, along with the other 4 girls, couldn’t have been more excited but each girl knew not to touch anything just yet...except for Luanne who was gently corrected by Dr. Bexley to wait.

“What you see on the tray in front of you,” Dr. Walker said, “are two items. The one on the left is our proprietary dual-channel, double loaded and double full, 0.5cc, SC&VF Immersion Syringe.  We say double loaded because both channels are loaded, and we say double full because it is fully prepped for injection. The left channel of course is our experimental dosage of ENDODIAPOLY LUMINESCENCE,” 

Dr. Walker said with extra emphasis while looking playfully at Dr. Bexley, evoking a light chuckle from the raven-haired doctor.  Dr. Walker continued, “Can anyone tell me about the Endodiapoly Luminescence?”

Brandi was the only one to raise her hand.  “Endodiapoly Luminescence was created by Dr. Bexley as a solution to the problem of fat cell lattice illumination.”

“But why do we need to illuminate the fat cell structure? Why would it matter if the subject can see his surroundings?” Dr. Bexley said, cheekily pretending as if she didn’t know the answer when she certainly did.  

Brandi smiled, “We don’t do it for the subject. SC&VF monitoring is still in its infancy and we’re trying to find new ways to monitor the subjects during fat immersion.  We still have a way to go until we can fully monitor them, I think...but Dr. Bexley found a way to solve what would be a major problem with monitoring the subjects in the future: a light source.”

“And that’s what you see in the left channel of your Syringes, the one with the red label.  There are several hundred nanoscopic illumination devices in that solution and their job once injected is to emit a very low and power-efficient frequency wavelength of red light.  It is specifically selected to maximize productive refraction off of and into the surfaces of the fat cell structure.  The level of light is INCREDIBLY insignificant, so much so that it could emit consistently for hundreds of years, but it will be enough for its purposes. Once we finish our development of and deploy the first NNV, or Nano-Night Vision Camera, the red light will welcome it and illuminate its surroundings for recording.

“Plus it lets them see too, probably.” Luanne said sweetly, leaning down close to her syringe, resting her chin on the backs of her hands and peering into the syringe.  

Dr. Bexley chuckled, taking a seat next to Angela.  “Yes, I suppose so.”

“The other device you might recognize as our proprietary SLM-Signature Detection Device. I believe each of you have at least watched myself or Dr. Bexley use one or have even used it yourself.  You should use your SLM device to run detection of the subject after injections and during checkups.  Additionally, best practice dictates you should ALWAYS run detection on your SC&VF syringe before or at least after injection.”

The pretty young interns all nodded silently, some jotting notes in their notebooks.

“Anyway, back to the SC&VF syringe.  In the right channel, you will see a container with a blue label.  Each of the SC&VF syringes in front of you contains a fully-prepped, cell-exposed subject ready for injection, and I’m sure you have already figured out…”

‘Oh god, please…’ Emma thought to herself, hoping she was right in what she was assuming.

“ will all be performing an unassisted injection of your subject into our wonderful volunteer, Angela.” Dr. Walker said, patting a smiling Angela on the shoulder. 

Emma’s heart skipped a beat. She was right.

“And that’s not the best part,” Dr. Bexley teased. “But we’ll get to that.”

Dr. Walker continued, “We managed to negotiate a deal with a certain correctional facility that I will not name.  Inmates deemed eligible were given the option to deduct 10% from their prison sentences if they agreed to carry out the remainder of their sentence in laboratory custody.  These subjects are categorized separately from our traditionally acquired subjects, which we identify with a pink label.  As you can see, these instead have blue labels. Ladies, before each of you is an inmate who decided to sign the dotted line.”

Emma looked at the syringe in front of her; she wanted to pick it up so badly.

Dr. Walker handed five manilla folders to Dr. Bexley and as Dr. Bexley leafed through them, Dr. Walker continued, “Each of these subjects are now yours. You will be responsible for reviewing their file.  Personal identifying information such as names has been removed, but psychological profile, physical screenings, and bio-genetic testing information is all very detailed.  I expect each of you to know your subjects inside and out.”

Dr. Bexley picked up where her colleague left off. “You will be responsible for not only the injection of your subject, but you will also select the injection site.”

Emma’s mouth dropped.

“And I think it goes without saying, but the length of your subject’s immersion period will be equal to their prison sentence.” Dr. Walker said.

“ the very least.” Dr. Bexley cheerfully added.

The raven-haired doctor checked the first of five manilla folders and walked toward five eager young minds.  The raven-haired doctor gave the first manilla envelope to Emma’s neighbor, Luanne.  

“Luanne,” Dr. Bexley said, handing the first manilla folder to the short-haired intern. “Your subject is a 17-year old male. He was charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest.  His sentence was 2 years so his immersion period length is 1.8 years.”

“Aww,” Luanne said, accepting the manilla folder, accidentally brushing it up against the SC&VF syringe.  She leaned in and Emma heard her whisper sweetly to the syringe, “Don’t worry, you’re better off here with us.”

“Oh my god...1.8 years.” Emma whispered to Luanne, who smiled. “I know, right?  That’s so long!”

Dr. Bexley handed off the next manilla folder to the impatient, bratty ‘Jewish Princess’ intern from New York.  “Tatiana, your subject is a 52-year old male. He was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. His sentence was 90 days so his immersion period length is 81 days.”

Tatiana’s upper lip curled as she accepted the folder; she looked down at the syringe resting at chest-level and simply said, “Ugh..gross.”

“Brandi”, Dr. Bexley handed the third manilla folder over. “Your subject is a 35-year old male charged with armed robbery.  His sentence was 8 years so his immersion period is 7.2 years.”

Brandi smiled as she opened the manilla folder and started browsing through it.

Emma took a deep breath as the raven-haired doctor turned to approach her.  

“Emma,” Dr. Bexley said, extending the manilla folder. “Your subject is a 26-year old male.  He was charged with involuntary manslaughter while operating a vehicle under distraction.  His sentence was 15 years so his immersion period is 13.5 years.”

Luanne gasped in disbelief.  “13 and a half years?!  He’s gonna spend 13 and a half years in that lady’s fat?  I’ll be 30 years old and he’ll still be there??”

Emma’s face was flush and she was trying to hide her huge smile, which was at least easier than hiding her arousal.  “Pretty crazy, huh?” Emma said, as if it were an accomplishment on her part.  

“And that leaves….Nicole.” Dr. Bexley said, handing the last manila folder over to the beautiful blonde.  “Your subject is a 19-year old male. He was charged with Class-C possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell.  His sentence was 24 years so his immersion period is 21.6 years.”

“Whoa…” Tatiana said and the other girls echoed.  Even Angela seemed surprised. Emma had found yet another reason to be jealous of the attention that Nicole was getting.  Her subject just had to have a longer sentence than hers, didn’t he? Nicole had one of those cute sets of lips that perked up in the corners, making it look like she was always smiling, but there was no mistaking the grin growing on her face at all this attention.  

‘What a bitch…’ Emma thought scornfully.

“As I said earlier, each subject’s sentence after time deduction will be served in its entirety from inside the body of our participant Angela.” Dr. Walker said as Dr. Bexley rolled an exam room table over. Angela stood up and began to undress. “I’d like you all to pay attention as we prep Angela for injection therapy. While you watch, please run a check on your SC&VF syringe to confirm your subject’s presence in the solution.  Also, please think about where in Angela’s body you will be choosing for your subject to carry out his immersion period.”

‘Oh, I know where you’re going, you bad, bad boy.’ Emma thought, biting her soft lower lip as she carefully picked up the SC&VF syringe containing her helpless, doomed subject.  

She looked up at Angela who was removing her shirt, exposing her enormous rack barely contained by a beige bra that looked way too small for her J-cup breasts. 

‘I know where you’re going for the next 13 and a half years.’ 

Emma carefully turned the SLM device on and ran the check on her SC&VF syringe.  She smiled as it chirped three times and blinked blue, indicating her subject was detected in the blue-labeled container.  Emma gladly helped Luanne figure out how to use her SLM device as well. Each girl’s subject was present and now Angela was down to her underwear and bra.  Both were beige and her panties were full coverage in the back. Emma would have expected as much considering Angela was a bit heavier than the average girl and also a bit older.  

Emma smirked a little bit; Angela wore similar underwear to her amusing a woman that wore such modest underwear would agree to have beyond microscopic men living inside of her. Emma watched, nearly mesmerized as the hispanic woman climbed onto the exam table, her big breasts jiggling everywhere.  Even as excited as she was to inject her subject into those huge jugs, she wished she could inject him into the Japanese girl’s boobs instead.  Those things were just so much bigger.  

They’d be the perfect forever home not just for her poor little subject, but all of them.  They’d all love it there, Emma was sure of it.  So much warm, soft, maternal flesh to call home, and surely they’d have all the privacy they needed.  The chances of them ever encountering each other amidst all that breast tissue was non-zero, sure...but so are the chances of getting struck by lightning 15 times in a row!

Both doctors began giving Angela a full body massage.  Dr. Bexley started down at Angela’s bare feet, gently tugging on each of her black-painted toes and then massaging her soles.  Dr. Walker was rubbing her neck and shoulders as Angela laid there on the table. 


“Its not often that we have a participant undergo five injections at once.  This will help with loosening the injection areas that end up being selected as well as lowering Angela’s stress levels.”

“Oh, I’m not stressed.” Angela said happily.

“Shhh...part of our funding included massage therapy lessons.” Dr. Bexley said jokingly, now moving up to Angela’s big meaty thighs.  The interns giggled and Dr. Walker smiled, now massaging the hispanic’s breasts.  They eventually met at the woman’s stomach and when the quick massage was over, Dr. Walker looked up and smiled.

“Okay girls, bring your subjects and your SLM devices.”

Chairs scraped noisily as each intern quickly rose, snatched up their SC&VF syringes and approached Angela.  

“Calm down, girls! Everyone will get their turn.” Dr. Bexley said laughing.

Luanne stood by Angela's left hip and Nicole stood near Angela’s right hip.  Next to Nicole was Emma at Angela’s chest. Across from Emma was Tatiana, and Brandi had taken position between Tatiana and Luanne at Angela’s stomach.

Dr. Walker stood at the head of the circle of women, appropriately at Angela’s head and Dr. Bexley stood down at Angela’s feet.  “Emma and Tatiana, unfortunately you cannot both inject your subjects into Angela’s breasts.  One of you will need to pick a different location.  Same for you two.” Dr. Walker said, motioning toward Luanne and Nicole at Angela’s hips.

“Oh, my subject is going into Angela’s left glute.” Nicole said. 

“Yeah, and mine is going in her thigh!” Luanne said excitedly. 

“Oh okay, then no problems there.  And you two?” Dr. Walker said to Emma and Tatiana.  

She looked up at Tatiana, who was also looking at her.  Emma knew there was no way her boy was going anywhere other than this big, fat tit.  It was meant for him and he was meant for it. She’d already decided and she wasn’t going to back down.  Unfortunately, it didn’t look like Tatiana was going to back down either.  She was a tough New York girl who her girlfriends might call sassy and her family might call a brat.  Emma raised an eyebrow when Tatiana raised her fist.  

“Best two out of three?” The undaunted, cocky Jewish intern asked.

Emma wanted to scream no.  Didn’t Tatiana see how important this was to Emma?  She wanted her subject to live in Angela’s breast!  He needed to! And she needed to be the one to do it.  And Tatiana was ruining everything! Emma looked down at the syringe in her hand and then back up at Tatiana.  Emma took a deep breath and raised her fist.  

The mousy brunette lost the first round, throwing rock against Tatiana’s paper.  The short-haired mousy brunette thought she might start crying right there.  She needed to stay professional though.  She raised her fist for round two.  

Emma threw rock again and this time, Tatiana had thrown scissors. 

‘You can do this, Emma.  You can do this.’

The strategy her brothers used when she was a child suddenly entered her mind. It felt like the wrong thing to do but it always worked for them.  Emma threw rock a third time.

“Ugh...figures.”  Tatiana said, rolling her eyes.  Tatiana looked around and lifted Angela’s arm, trying to find a new place to inject her subject.  The Jewish intern looked like she was considering the tricep but then said, “Mine will go into her dorsal roll.”

“Her what?” Luanne said, peering over Angela’s large body, where Tatiana’s hand was touching the intended injection site.  “Oh, her back fat.”

Dr. Bexley cleared her throat, “Not very polite, Luanne.”  

“Sorry Dr. Bexley.” Luanne said sincerely, blushing.  

Emma was on cloud-nine. She couldn’t believe how close she’d almost come to having this taken away from her.  She looked down at her syringe and smiled. 

‘That was a close one, huh?’, she thought. 

“And yours, Brandi?” Dr. Walker asked.

“Mine will go in Angela’s stomach, a few inches above her belly button.” Brandi said. 

“Great, why don’t you go first, dear.” Dr. Walker said to Brandi, who nervously started.  

Emma watched Brandi fiddle with the syringe; didn’t she know she had to switch the syringe plunger function to mix?  

“Don’t forget first to press the shorter plunger..yes, just like that.  See how the two fluids are mixing into the main chamber now? Perfect.” Dr. Walker said encouragingly as the other interns watched.”

Brandi then swabbed the injection area with an alcohol swab and lowered the needle. 

“Brandi picked a great spot for a stomach injection.  Keep in mind that if you are performing an injection in the stomach, depending on the location, you have to be very aware of how deep you go.  There are plenty of undesirable places the subject could end up. In the uterus, the stomach, intestines, even the bladder. You’re doing great though, Brandi.  Perfect depth.  Now just go ahead and..yes, that one.  Go ahead and press.”

“You know, my husband and I have a New Year’s resolution to start going to the gym.  If I start losing some of this tummy fat, is that bad for the little guy?” Angela asked, and all the young intern’s faces turned toward Dr. Walker.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Dr. Walker said and Dr. Bexely agreed, saying, “Yes, I agree with Dr. Walker.  When you lose weight, your fat cells simply shrink, but the subject in your stomach fat will be so comparatively small, it would be like...hmm…”

As Dr. Bexley though, Dr. Walker spoke, up, “If we go with the Pyramid of Giza comparison, it would only be like removing a few hundred bricks from the pyramid as he stood before it.  Barely anything at all, and still soft and bountiful enough to support, protect, and feed him.”

Emma swallowed dryly watching the pink liquid disappear into Angela’s soft stomach.   7 years.  He was going to exist in, around, and off that stomach fat for 7 years…

Chapter 7 - Emma's Discovery by Footsteps

“Perfect, Brandi!  Now run the SLM device check.”  

Brandi applied some petroleum jelly to the hispanic woman’s soft belly and ran the check; the device chirped cheerfully three times and emitted a blue light to let all the interns, doctors, and Angela know that the subject was right where Brandi intended for him to be. She also checked to make sure the syringe wasn’t detecting any extra subjects.  It wasn't.  

Before the doctors could say anything, Luanne blurted, “Can I go next? Or...him? You know what I mean!” Luanne said playfully gesturing toward her syringe.  

Angela spread her legs wide enough so that her thighs were not touching, and Luanne fumbled with her syringe for a few moments.  Her hands were shaking, but Emma couldn’t tell if it was nervousness or excitement, it could have been both.  Dr. Bexley carefully took the syringe out of Luanne’s hand and set it down between Angela’s bare feet.  

“Just take a deep breath, dear.” Dr. Bexley said, rubbing the southern blonde’s narrow shoulders.  Emma stared at the syringe between Angela’s feet.  The hispanic woman’s painted toes twitched slightly...god, they must look as high as heaven to the little subject in there.  

Emma looked up toward Dr. Bexley and noticed the raven-haired doctor was watching her watch the syringe.  Dr. Bexley smiled, still rubbing Luanne’s shoulder.  

“Another fun little fact…” Dr. Bexley said to the girls but looking at Emma.  “The average woman is 5’4” tall.  Angela here is slightly taller than that at 5’7”.  To Luanne’s subject here…” Dr. Bexley lightly stroked the shaft of the syringe between Angela’s bare feet, “...Angela’s beautiful brown hair would seem to be over 2,600 miles away right now.  In case you were curious, if we were to eject Luanne’s little subject right next to Angela’s foot and have him walk to her head, does anyone have any idea how long it would take him to get there?”

None of the girls answered, they were just looking back and forth between Dr. Bexley and the syringe at the latina’s feet.   

“If he walked 12 hours a day...every single would take him 109 days to get there.”

Angela actually spoke up, “My goodness…”

“She’s right.” Dr. Walker confirmed, “Over 3 and a half months to get from toe to head.”

“And thats assuming he walked next to her body on flat ground.  If he had to walk atop her skin, itd take MUUUCH longer...our friend Angela here is anything but flat!” Dr. Bexley joked. 

“Well, lets try it then.” Angela joked, moving her pale soles inward and cradling the needle between her bare feet.  All the women had a nice laugh.

Dr. Bexley picked the syringe back up from between Angela’s feet and handed it back to Luanne, who was now completely relaxed, focused, and had a happy smile on her pretty young face. Luanne injected her subject into the flesh of Angela’s inner right thigh.  

‘1.8 years...shouldn’t have resisted arrest…’ Emma thought snarkily to herself of the subject now immersed in the thigh fat of the thick hispanic woman.

“Want to go next, Emma?” Dr. Walker asked, nudging Emma.  

Breathily, Emma replied, “Uh-huh..”

Emma pressed the plunger and the solutions began to mix in the chamber.  She’d practiced on empty SC&VF Immersion syringes before during instrument cleaning.  They were empty but she’d pretended they were full..and now she was holding a full one.  Once the fluid was mixed and loaded, Dr. Bexley spoke.

“So we’d spoken earlier about the volume of a fat cell compared to one of your subjects.  Anyone care to guess how large one of Angela’s breasts would be compared to Emma’s subject?

Several of the interns looked up trying to do math in their heads and Dr. Bexley broke the silence.  “Think oceans. Remember, we’re dealing with a J-cup breast, which has a rough radius of about 10 inches.”

Luanne quickly said, “Well the Pacific Ocean is the biggest.”

Dr. Bexley smiled, “Think bigger.”

Brandi replied, “Two Pacific oceans?”

Dr. Bexley chuckled, “Bigger.”

Tatiana replied, “Seriously?  Three?”

Dr. Bexley smiled, looking to Nicole.  The blonde said, “Umm...all of them?”

Dr. Bexley looked to Emma, “One more guess. Still. Bigger.”

Emma was getting so turned on, she was having trouble speaking without her voice quivering.  “Four?”

Dr. Bexley smiled and said, “Correct!  The volume of just one of Angela’s breasts would appear to the subject to be not 1...not 2...not 3…but 4 TIMES MORE than all the water in all the oceans of the entire planet. And again...thats PER BREAST...Just a fun fact.”

‘Fun, indeed’, Emma purred to herself, gently pulling down Angela’s reinforced J-cup, exposing a huge, bouncing tit. They were much lighter than the rest of the women’s skin, suggesting they didn’t see a lot of time in the sun.  At the center was the woman’s stiff nipple.  The hispanic woman was looking down at her own breasts now, gently cupping one of them.  

“Jeez, doctor!” Angela said in disbelief, gently jiggling her huge tit.  

Emma had played Dr. Bexley and Dr. Walker’s little game of math in her own time and was now reflecting on what she’d calculated on her own time.  Angela’s erect nipple appeared to be about average, which was about 9mm tall with a diameter of about 13mm. Her subject as well as all the other girls’ subjects, at a mere 750 picometers, could all stand atop that nipple with ease.  ‘With ease’ was actually the understatement of the century; That stiff, fat nipple would appear to them slightly larger than the entire state of Maryland, and if they were brave enough to peer over the edge, they’d feel as if they were over 60,000ft high, equivalent to twice the normal flying elevation of an airplane.  

“Very good, Emma.” Dr. Walker said.  Emma could barely hear her though.  Emma was wide-eyed, watching the pink liquid slowly disappear into Angela’s big, soft tit.  She chose the underside of Angela’s right breast, and the young intern was trying to plunge slower.  She wanted this to last forever.  It was likely that the tiny subject was already inside that big fat breast, but Emma wanted to think that he was still swimming in that syringe chamber, at the very top with the last of the fluid.  Thinking he still had a chance of evading his fate...escaping her will.  Finally, her thumb pressed in and all of the fluid was gone.  Emma looked up at Angela, who was closing her eyes.  

“Can you feel him?” Emma asked.  The other interns and the doctors looked to Angela for her response.

“Yes, its a little bit cold.” the hispanic woman replied.

“No, can you feel HIM?” Emma specified.

The hispanic woman looked down at her bare tit and cupped it gently.  She shook it left and right, allowing the flesh to jiggle freely and she confidently laughed, “Oh, him?  No, not at all.” 

Emma discretely rubbed her thumb over her blazing hot crotch with her free hand as she removed the empty needle.  She picked up her SLM device and confirmed the subject’s absence from the syringe and his presence in the hispanic’s swollen right tit before popping it back into the small J-cup.  

‘Four of the world’s oceans worth of tit fat...I wonder what Mayumi’s tit would seem like to him...what it actually seems like to the brown haired, green eyed boy inside of it right now…’ Emma thought.  

“Okay, Angela.  Can we have you roll over onto your stomach for the remaining two injections?”  Dr. Walker said sweetly.  Angela rolled over, breasts and stomach jiggling before they contacted and compressed into the table.  

“Go ahead, Nicole.” Dr. Walker said with a smile.  Nicole seemed the most comfortable with the syringe, loading it up easily.  She opted to tug down Angela’s underwear instead of lifting one of the leg holes to expose the glute.  She looked to Dr. Bexley after Angela’s entire bottom was exposed, “Can you separate?” 

Dr. Bexley smiled big, “Of course, dear.”  Dr. Bexley’s small hands cupped Angela’s huge bare cheeks and gently parted them.  The smell was not pleasant but all the interns except for Luanne remained poker-faced and professional.  Nicole swabbed the wall of Angela’s left ass cheek, deep in the hispanic woman’s natural gluteal cleavage.  Angela jumped slightly at the sensation of the cold alcohol wipe so close to one of her most sensitive parts.  Nicole rubbed thoroughly along the fleshy, pillowy section of ass fat at the deepest part of Angela’s rear, and then the blonde intern’s needle kissed the sterilized spot.  

‘21 years….21 fucking years...buried in all that fucking ass fat.’  She didn’t know the math of an ass cheek, but holy fuck they were even bigger than Angela’s boobs!  Emma couldn’t believe how hot this was.  Not as hot as a subject in a breast, but still pretty hot. As much of a rival as Nicole was to Emma, she actually felt slight attraction to the blonde intern, watching her pretty blue eyes focus so strongly on forcing her subject into that fleshy glute.  After Nicole confirmed the subject was successfully implanted into Angela’s ass fat, Dr. Bexley let go of Angela’s butt and it bounced comically back into position, sealing away the injection site deep beneath.  If one of those poor souls had been lucky enough to be near the injection site, the only thing they’d see on the other side of their prison in her butt cheek was...well...the other huge butt cheek. 

“That wasn’t so bad.” Angela said, rolling her wide hips left and right, causing the fat on her glutes to follow in slow motion.  Her fat ass jiggled, moving like ocean waves.  Emma silently chuckled at the comparison.  One of this woman’s ass cheeks literally was an ocean to them...several, in fact. Emma was grateful for her labcoat; it was covering her nipples which were now hard enough to cut through diamond. 

“Best for last?” Dr. Bexley said and Tatiana smiled.  The intern mixed the subject in with the Endodiapoly Luminescence and brought the needle tip to the lower-most roll of back fat.  The girls all watched once more as the needle tip shortened and then the fluid disappeared into the hispanic woman, forcing the subject into his new home for the next 81 days.  Next came the petroleum jelly.

“Hmmm…” Tatiana said, checking the settings.  “Am I doing it right?”

Dr. Walker looked over her shoulder at the settings.  The dial was set to “S” for subject detection and everything looked in order.  “Give it another try.” Dr. Walker said, placing a single finger over the injection point.  Tatiana placed the device flat against the injection site and ran the detection.  Nothing. 

Tatiana ran detection on the now empty syringe, not returning anything on the container; he’d been successfully forced out of the syringe.  Tatiana then ran detection on Angela’s skin again.

“He’s not in the syringe anymore and he’s not showing up in Angela’s back.  Where else would he be? I didn’t spill any.” Tatiana said as Dr. Walker put on a stethoscope. The doctor breathed heavily onto the stainless steel disc before placing it against Angela’s back, right on the injection site.  She listened in complete silence for a few moments and then removed the stethoscope.  Dr. Bexley was wearing the same frown that Dr. Walker was now wearing.  They seemed to both know already.  The interns waited for her to speak.  

Dr. Walker said, “It would appear that instead of injecting her subject into a fat deposit, Tatiana has injected her subject into a vein or an artery.

Tatiana’s jaw dropped, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” the intern said, apologizing to the doctors.  

“This isn’t your fault, Tatiana.” Dr. Bexley said, coming around to comfort the stricken young lady.. “Veins are all over our body.  This is a risk inherent in every injection.  Each one of your peers ran the same risk.  You couldn’t have done anything differently.”

“So what happens to him now?” Luanne asked.

“Well…” Dr. Walker thought out loud, “...I envision 4 possible scenarios.  Mind you, it is impossible to know which one for sure, since in all scenarios, the subject is completely unrecoverable.  But, to speculate, he is currently circulating through Angela’s bloodstream, which would explain why he is no longer detectable at the injection site.  He’s essentially been dropped off in a raging river.  

With fat immersion, our subjects can often go relatively undetected by the body’s immune system since subjects aren’t reproducing.  However, in the bloodstream, the subject will almost certainly be detected by her immune system and likely consumed by a white blood cell.”

Dr. Bexley added, “If he makes it to her spleen or liver, he could also be broken down by macrophages.”  

“True..” Dr. Walker replied, “and if he makes it to her heart, he may be pulverized by the valves…

“Umm...would that be bad for me?” Angela asked.  This was the first time that Emma had detected anything other than jovial amusement or confidence.  

“Oh, don’t worry…” Dr. Walker said. “The subject is thousands or even tens of thousands times smaller than anything that could negatively impact the heart.”

“So the muscles of my heart would just squeeze him and then that would be it?” Angela asked, her hand touching her chest overtop her beating heart, intrigue dripping from her voice.

“Correct.” Dr. Walker replied. 

“I never thought of my heart as something that could smoosh one of these things.  I guess I forget how little they are!” Angela laughed. 

“Assuming he’s not pulverized by her heart muscle, he could be filtered out by her kidneys or liver and passed into the small intestines, destined to be expelled from her body as waste.” Dr. Bexley theorized.

“And if all that fails…” Dr. Walker said, “he would just continue to circulate through Angela’s bloodstream, touring her entire body on a continuous loop indefinitely.”

“But his sentence was only 81 days, right?” Luanne asked.

“Correct, but retrieving something so small that could literally be anywhere on her body is just impossible.” Nicole replied. 

“Nicole is right.”

“So even in the best-case scenario for him, he’s just in Angela’s body forever?  He was going to be able to go home in like 3 months, but now he’s going to spend the rest of his life alone and I’m going to get in trouble.” Tatiana said, pouting.

We’ll have to notify the correctional facility.  And Tatiana…” 

Dr. Walker slid two fingers under Tatiana’s narrow chin and lifted until the intern’s big brown eyes were on Dr. Walker.   

“The facility was made fully aware that this was a possibility.  You nor anyone here is in any trouble.  And don’t worry about your subject.  We will never see him again, this is true...but rest assured he is not alone.  Men his age often worry about being alone, and men his age often combat loneliness in the deviant ways he did; the choices he made that landed him in the correction facility and ultimately in the chamber of your syringe.  Its been a long, strange trip for him...surely...but he will never be alone again.” 

Dr. Walker smiled and took a deep breath, then changed her tone. 

“Only those five have received cell-exposure with Angela, but we have a few others from the correctional facility arrangement that I will queue up for exposure today.  Next time we get Angela in for an appointment, you can try again.” Tatiana smiled and thanked Dr. Walker.

After each girl performed a brief kneading and massage of their respective injection points and a second detection to see if their subject had been shifted, Angela was allowed to get up and get dressed.  Emma was in awe of her. She was a normal looking woman.  She could have been anyone on the front of her at walmart...the teller at her bank...a woman waiving her through a 4-way stop sign...and yet she had 5 beyond microscopic people in her body.  Emma didn’t look at her and feel jealousy, it wasn’t as if she wanted those tiny people in her own body.  She loved more the idea of them living in a curvy woman like Angela or Mayumi.  Just the thought of it drove her crazy.   

“I’d like all of you to give a round of applause for Angela today.”

All the young interns clapped for the smiling, blushing hispanic woman.  

“Thanks, girls.  I think you all did wonderful today.” Angela said.  “You were professional, you made me feel safe and important, and now…” Angela looked at the two doctors and smiled, “ I should get myself and my new fan club home.  My husband is at work so normally I’d say that I’ll be alone until he gets home, but I guess I won’t ever be able to say that again!” 

Angela blew a kiss to the crowd of young women interns and shook the doctors’ hands.  She was the vehicle by which all those poor, tiny men were traveling.  They had no say in where she went or for how long. She was off, living her life for herself and simply bringing them along for the ride. How long was that ride?  Months?  Years? Decades?  Forever?  Emma wouldn’t know until the time elapsed. 

“You’re not all done quite yet though.” Dr. Walker said.  “Don’t forget to clean and return your supplies.  Once that is done, take your subject’s manilla folders….except for you, Tatiana.”

Dr. Walker took Tatiana’s manilla folder and handed it to Dr. Bexley, who promptly walked toward the front wall of the conference room.  

Dr. Walker continued over the sound of a document shredder, “I expect a 2-3 page technical paper explaining what you believe the subject’s experience to be in their respective SC&VF immersion zone.  Reference all sources and please return it to me in one week from today.”

The young interns grabbed their manilla folders, some hugging them to their chests and others tucking them into their backpacks or slipping them into existing stacks of papers and documents, all while chatting with each other about the exciting experience.  

All the other girls went to the lunch room to talk more about their injection experience.  All the other girls except for Emma, that is.  The short, thin brunette was checking into Logs and leafing through the organized procedural documents.  Dr. Walker was a very good record keeper and Emma was incredibly grateful.  Emma leafed through the rather large section of subjects provided by the correctional facility.  Emma knew they came from there because of all the sharpy marks redacting key information.  She continued on through the section of traditional subject files, active participants, prospective participants, rejected participants, staff, and then she found it.  She finally found the procedural logs.  These were logs created based on recorded dictation and notes gathered in exam rooms, injection therapy sessions, and reduction therapy sessions.  She smiled when she came to the procedural documents from earlier that week on Monday.  She quickly ripped it open.  She flipped through several injections.  One into an ass cheek.  One into someone’s bottom lip. Another into an ass cheek.  And--

“Ahhh!” Emma thought, her heart skipping a beat when her eye caught among a forest of ink the words:


“Good fucking god, she’s a fucking O-cup?!” Emma actually said out loud.  Luckily she was out of earshot of the Logs duty monitor.  She composed herself well enough on the outside, but her mind, heart, and sex was racing.

‘Angela was a J-cup…..and hers were so, so big.  And this Japanese teenager is an….O-cup?” She decided she needed to read this at home. Emma made sure no one was looking and then snapped pictures of all the documents on her smartphone. She returned the procedural documents for Monday back into the huge library.  

Emma barely made it through the rest of the day without thinking about it.  When it was finally time, Emma rushed straight home to her cozy 1-bedroom apartment and quickly set a half-eaten pint of ice cream from her freezer out on her counter.  She kicked off her tennis shoes and changed into some fuzzy pajama pants.  She returned to her living room and took a seat on her couch.  Emma gathered her sock clad feet up under her butt and pulled out her phone to continue reading.  She read more about the teenager.  Her name was Mayumi Okamoto.  In her head shot, she had shortish brown hair and a cute smirk.  She was a gorgeous woman but unfortunately, the photo stopped slightly below her chin.  She was originally from Japan but in the US for school.  She worked at Sprinkles Bakery. She was a 19-year old with huge O-cup jugs.  She had dreams of becoming some kind of chef or something.  She supplemented her income with………

Emma’s eyes widened when she read it.  She read it repeatedly, letting it sink in:

…supplements her income with an OnlyFans account.  

‘You’ve got to be kidding me…’ Emma said in disbelief.  She was hoping to find an active Facebook or Instagram page, but this...this was so much better.  Emma stuffed her phone into her pocket and quickly walked to her bedroom.  She took a seat at her bedside computer and started googling.  

Emma was starting to get a little frustrated, not finding anything on Google.  She’d sifted through several Mayumi Okamoto’s and wasn’t finding anything.  Searching through OnlyFans wasn’t very fruitful either.  She found plenty of big-breasted women, but she was looking for one that had a tiny little person tucked away deep inside of her.  Her last desperate search was: 

Mayumi Okamoto Boobs

It turned up plenty of beautiful asian women with nice breasts...some of them were even called Mayumi or Okamoto, but they weren’t the Mayumi Okamoto she was looking for. It had been an hour since she started searching, so she got her ice cream from the kitchen.  She didn’t need a spoon considering how far it had melted so she returned to her computer and drank from the container while clicking around some more.  She pulled up her pictures off her phone once more just to see if she’d missed anything.  She confirmed that she’d gotten the spelling of Mayumi’s name right.  There was really nowhere else to go with this...that is until she noticed something in the bottom left corner of her picture.  There was some bubbly handwriting in the margin.  She pinched to zoom in on the section and unfortunately, the way she’d framed the picture had cut off half of what was written.  It said:


What was teki-chan?  She could see there were letters to the left of what was shown, but she couldn’t tell what they were.  Was it an “i”?  Was it a “u”?  Was it a “p”? She had no idea.  It looked most like a “u” to her, so she typed “uteki-chan boobs” into Google and right there, at number one

Suteki-chan giggles and moans while her giant tits swallow

Emma had never clicked on a link so quickly in her life.  She was taken to one of those typical porn websites, this one was called Thumbzilla.  Emma clicked play and watched intently as a short, thin woman walked into an empty room.  The camera was behind her so Emma couldn’t see the actress, but Emma could see her huge breasts protruding outward from her silhouette.  The big-breasted woman took a seat on the couch and before Emma could see the actress’s face, the camera turned to show an attractive young asian man, completely naked, enter the same room.  He had a look of life-shattering lust on his face, his irises dancing up and down in his eye sockets, looking offscreen but clearly at the woman on the couch.  

The camera returned to the woman and Emma’s eyes widened.  She grabbed her phone and looked at the headshot of Mayumi, and then up at the giggling Japanese woman onscreen.  They were the same woman!  This was Mayumi!! She was wearing a fuzzy pink sweater with 3 buttons, 2 of which were unbuttoned and the last one was struggling to keep it together.  Her cleavage was extraordinary.  

...Emma quickly clicked “expand” on the video description looking for more information...  

The nude man sat down on the couch next to Mayumi and leaned in, gently caressing the busty teen’s angelic, narrow face and lightly kissed her. 

...Emma read the video description; it said that the video was filmed Monday night…

The nude man pulled his lips away from Mayumi and moaned deeply.  

...and the subject was injected into Mayumi’s tit Monday morning…

The nude man appeared in a trance, enthusiastically moaning, “Ohhh, Suteki-chan.”

...Emma watched in awe as a masculine hand tightened around Mayumi’s left breast within her sweater and squeezed slowly. The intensity and wetness of the kissing intensified and Emma double checked the notes.  The subject had been injected into Mayumi’s left breast on Monday morning.  This video was filmed Monday night.  Emma stared at the Japanese woman’s huge left tit as it was squeezed and then exposed as her sweater was removed.  

He was there.  He was there for all of this.  

Emma maximized the video, turned up the volume, and slid a hand down the front of her pajama pants.


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