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Stories written exclusively for Patrons!

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1. Sansa's Shrunken Servant by samus

2. Hidden At Hogwarts by samus

Sansa's Shrunken Servant by samus

“You can come out. I'm not going to hurt you.”

Her voice was gentle, and a little regal, with that Northern twang mixed in. Just what you'd expect from a Stark. You didn't know that you trusted her words though.

You were so small. Shrunken unwillingly, through some horrible shift of luck, and now you were hiding behind a flickering candle on her bedside table, the only place you could conceal yourself.

Sansa knew you were there though, and had been trying to reach around to grasp you-

“Oh!” she yelped, as her massive hand brushed the flame in the process. Out of instinct, you were worried. You'd always admired Sansa from afar, so in that sense you were fond of her. You certainly didn't want her getting hurt.

So like a fool, you emerged just a bit, looking up and checking on her.


Her hand shot down and grabbed you in an instant before you could try and hide again, and all you could do was squirm helplessly in her grip until you were brought up before the biggest set of eyes you'd ever seen. Cold and blue, under fire red hair.

“Now I've got you...” she murmured, squeezing you just a bit while she brought you over towards her bed, and sat down upon it with your tiny body in tow.

It wasn't her intention to hurt you, thankfully. She was just...awfully curious. And bored, being stuck back here at Winterfell for so long again. Her duties were heavy sometimes, so she was eager to lighten the mood a little. What better way than to play with you?

Her toy.

“I've always wondered what it might feel like if I were some giant from those old tales. Now it seems I've become least from your perspective.” she giggled softly, while you could only tremble in fear of what she might do to you.

Sansa was only in a thin, but lavishly made nightgown. She set you down against the sheets, and turned herself so that her rear was hovering above you. For you, it was like looking up at The Wall itself, and made even more intimidating when she began pulling up the fabric of her gown, exposing her pale, smooth backside.

Of course she wasn't wearing anything beneath it.

“W-wait! Wait, please wait!! Don't!”

She started to lower herself. Her ass hovered closer and closer, her cheeks large enough that they could encompass you entirely, squeeze you into nothing if she wanted.

“What's the matter? You don't enjoy seeing me like this? Nobody else would ever be so lucky...” she teased from above, but you were in no mood to go along with it. Panic was truly setting in, your chest rising and falling as quickly as a jackhammer.


You were screeching by the time she got close enough. Her shadow was almost solid black upon you, her white cheeks mere centimeters away from crushing you, it seemed.

“You should apologize for being so rude. Kiss it.”

She wiggled around a bit, her backside jostling and bouncing, thick and large enough that even if you were to so willingly obey her command, you wouldn't even know where to begin.

Sansa wasn't feeling sinister, just turned on by the thought of you being under her like this. For so long she'd been stuck under other people's thumbs herself, politically and otherwise. It was so nice to finally turn the tables, even if on a cute little thing like you.

“Just kiss it.” she commanded, and this time you felt you had no choice but to obey. You leaned up and started to peck at her skin, which was as soft as you would have expected. The tiniest goose pimples were tangible to you down here. You were grateful she kept herself so well groomed.

A small chuckle sounded from above, before you suddenly inhaled sharply, eyes casting upwards just a little too late to see it in time.

She was closing in again. A dark chasm loomed above, taking up your entire scope of vision.


That was the last thing you heard before her ass sat itself on top of you. As you were surrounded by darkness, you wondered if you had truly just died. Though while there was a fair amount of pressure, there was no pain. Just your limbs, splayed out and trapped either side of you under something heavy and plush.

Then you heard something.

“Keep going~ I want you to kiss me under there too.”

A muffled order. You looked around, eyes somewhat adjusting, and realized that on all sides you were surrounded by her flesh. Meaning that she had indeed sat on you, but you had been lucky enough (somewhat) to land in her crack.

Trapped under the backside of Sansa Stark. Now there was a story for the ages.

When Sansa felt nothing, she squeezed you playfully on both sides, compressing you a bit with her cheeks. Quickly, you started kissing every bit of skin you could. It was already getting so hot and stifling down here, a thin layer of sweat was building between you and her. Much longer and you didn't know how you'd be able to cope.

Sansa wiggled her butt around in the sheets for a while, enjoying the cute sensation of your efforts, and your wriggling around. Eventually she decided to get up though, deciding it was probably enough for you to handle.

It truly was. When her butt rose away and you felt the rush of cold Northern air again, you gasped with relief. Your minuscule body was a starfish shape on the bed, totally sapped of energy.

The Stark girl pulled her dress back down again, covering up that butt which you could hardly believe you'd been trapped under only moments earlier. When she looked around at you, she wore a mischievous smile.

It seemed you had a new place now...

Hidden At Hogwarts by samus
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Stories written exclusively for Patrons!

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What did I do to deserve this?

You thought Hermione was your friend. After all, you'd spent all this time studying together, and had even faced some pretty grand perils as a team. So when she called you into her room one day to try out a 'new spell' on you, you didn't think anything of it. After all, why would your good friend ever do something to hurt you?

So you thought. Back then you were so naive, it was almost laughable.

Now you were trapped. Surrounded on all sides by firm, slightly sticky flesh, a hammock of fabric pinned hard against your back. It was hot and sweaty, to an almost suffocating degree. Your lungs felt like they were working overtime just to cope.

It was overwhelming.

Hermione had been walking around with you in the back of her panties all day, and she was feeling more and more grateful to her past self for making such an excellent decision. Keeping you as a shrunken pet had been her plan ever since she first learned that size spell, and as soon as she perfected it, she cast it on you.

Now here you were, waiting for the moment that either her cheeks finally compressed together too hard and crushed you entirely, or you would simply pass out from a lack of air. For you didn't think it was likely that she was going to let you out.

Hermione reached her bedroom and sighed. It was a good time of year, because she didn't have to wear a uniform for a while, and so she could dress herself up in a nice, tight pair of skinny jeans. That only made it worse for you, of course.

“You stopped struggling after a while. I suppose you must have given up.” she uttered, though to you it sounded like muffled jargon. Once she reached her bed, she finally peeled off her jeans, and let her ass breathe a bit. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she giggled softly when she saw the way that her panties rode up so deep in her crack, basically turning into a makeshift thong, with you in a starfish position beneath. If she squinted she could just about make out your tiny arms and legs.

The bright wizarding student pulled down her panties next, and reached between her cheeks, finding your body and pinching it. As she pulled you out into the fresh air again, and raised you before her eyes, she smirked.

You were panting and wheezing, clearly overwhelmed even just from being exposed in the open so suddenly. Her backside had been beginning to feel like it was your entire world. An inescapable prison. It almost felt alien to be out in the open again.

“P...please...” you managed to murmur. You were hoping, even if naively so, that she'd be willing to show you some sort of mercy. Unfortunately though, Hermione wasn't done playing with you yet. Of course, she had no intentions of really hurting you. She simply wanted to live her fantasies a little. It was the perfect opportunity.

That, and...
“I have to keep you in there, you understand? Otherwise somebody else might find you--”

As she was just about to continue speaking, the door suddenly swung open, and in a panic, she dropped your body to the sheets. You gasped with shock, thankfully only landing on a soft surface, but still completely dazed.

You couldn't even finish her name, for it caught in your throat as your eyes adjusted to the sight above you. Without warning, her butt came plummeting down towards you, slamming down on the bed and trapping you right back where you had been moments before.

The same prison all over again. Your limbs were pinned down, stuck like before, so you could only lay there helplessly, huffing in the dark. A little sweat trickled onto your skin, it was so humid in there. The natural musk of a giant woman made you dizzy.

On the outside she was talking to someone, but you couldn't hear anything between her thick cheeks. One alone was larger than any beast you'd ever encountered.

Eventually though, she rose again, lifting up her butt enough to where she could gaze over her shoulder and down at your form. This time she actually looked apologetic...but you couldn't help but notice how red her cheeks were.

Truth be told, Hermione did feel bad for sitting on you so suddenly like that, but she really didn't want you to be discovered. Her roommate had barged in without warning, so it was a last minute plan. At the very least, you seemed to be unharmed still.

...But the feeling of you down there...even if it was for a little longer...she wanted more...

“Hermione? Hermione! What are you doing!?” you managed to yell up at her, watching with dismay as she turned her head back again, looking away, and positioning her ass closer and closer. Her backside began settling around you again, and you shuddered, wondering if she intended to sit on you like she had been through so many lessons already.

“...Kiss it...” she suddenly spoke up, and your eyes widened.
“Just...just do it...”

She dug her nails into the sheets ahead of her, sticking her ass out just a little more, waiting for you to oblige. You were hesitant of course, but you reluctantly did as she asked. Now that you could move your arms and legs, you got into a kneeling position, and touched her skin, pecking at it. For her, it was little more than a tickle, but she went pinker nonetheless, biting her lip.

You wondered how long you'd have to keep this up. How long she would keep you in this shrunken state for the sake of her own pleasure.

At least for now, you figured the best you could do was keep her satisfied...


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