A Granted Wish by Mine1234

This is the story of Nick, a 25 year old man that was trying to improve for his girlfriend Maddy, but he may end up being the man she desires when her wish gets fulfilled.

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This is a story with gentle-maternal content.

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Chapter 1 by Mine1234


“Oh shit, shit, SHIT!” that´s what Nick thought as he jumped out of bed. It was already 8:30 in the morning and he needed to be at work by 9:00. He rushed out of bed leaving his girlfriend sleeping under the sheets, trying his best to leave the apartment as soon as possible he took a shower and took a short cold shower. Once he was dressed with his plain blue shirt and khakis pants, he grabbed an apple from the kitchen and went back to his room to give a goodbye kiss to his girlfriend in the forehead which, although she was sleep, she seemed to notice as she made a slight smile before she turned and went back to a deep sleep.


Now he was leaving his apartment and half jogging down the street to catch the closest cab that passed by. But before we move on, let´s talk a little more about Nick. At 25 years old, Nick stood at 6´2” and had a lean athletic body, he had light brown curly hair, which he always kept short to avoid too much curls, he is what you would call a “funny” guy since he is very immature and always seems to forget things, not major things but he always needed his girlfriend to remind him of his appointments and paying the bills.


On the other side, Nick has been on a relationship with his girlfriend Madison, who she always called Maddy, they have been together since they met in college and the only way Nick could describe her was, as he said, “the woman of my dreams”. She was 25 years old as Nick and stood at a good 5´7” and had long brown hair, and also the prettiest hazelnut-colored eyes. Talking a bit more about her body, she had a lean figure with a big pair of double D´s and a nice round butt accompanied with thick thighs. But that´s not the reason Nick fall in love for her, the reason was that Maddy was a carrying and really sweet person, she was kind and thoughtful and didn´t seemed to mind that Nick was so forgetful and a little clumsy when he got nervous.


After a while Nick managed to get into a cab and was on his way to work by 8:50, after giving the cab driver the address where he was heading, he just laid back on the seat while regretting saying “Just five more minutes”, he had his alarm settled by 7:00, which gave him the time to shower, get dressed and eat something more elaborate, which he did only when his girlfriend made breakfast, he knew how to cook, not very well but at least he won’t starve to death. But whenever he made his own breakfast, he only made some toasts or a bowl of cereal, he really wasn´t a morning person.


Another reason why he fell asleep passed his regular hours was that the night before he went to bed by 1:00 a.m. Normally Maddy would´ve woke him up since they went to work at the same time, but she had a one-week vacation so she was going to rest the most she could. She worked for a big company and had a nice position as assistant manager, she managed to start working there the moment she graduated from college and gradually she had reached that position.

On the other hand, Nick graduated from college at the same time as Maddy, but he decided he´ll take a sabbatical year to travel and just play videogames the most he could. During that time, he and Maddy moved together and their relationship just grew. A couple months ago, after going thru a couple part-time jobs, Nick started an internship on a different company than the one where Maddy worked, she wanted him to apply working the same place she worked, but he just didn´t wanted to, in a way he wanted to make his way up rather than been helped by his girlfriend, and other of the reasons was that Nick didn´t wanted her to be his boss, but he didn´t told her about it.


Once he arrived, he paid the cab and rushed thru the building´s stairs that where on the main entrance, once inside he just started jogging to where his boss was, but while he passed by the lobby he was gritted by Sam, she was a petite young woman standing at 5´3”, about 23 years old, with short black hair and blue eyes. “Hi Nick”, she said. But Nick had no time to lose and just said “Hi Sam, sorry but I´m in a rush, can´t talk right now”.

He checked his watch and it said “9:15”, “Fuck”, Nick thought. Nick worked as the personal assistant of Miss. Williams, she was a CEO of the company and had her office located in the 10th floor of the building. She was in her late 30´s, with long blonde hair accompanied with a thin body, long legs and C cup breasts, she stood at a good 5´11”, making her taller than Maddy, but she always wore two-inch heels, which made her almost 6´1”, just one inch shorter than Nick. He was hopping she wouldn´t mind if he was just a couple minutes late, so he tried to arrive as soon as possible to her office, which was on the third floor, so he rushed thru the stairs rather than going thru the elevator.


Finally, he was in front of Miss. William´s office, he adjusted his tie, which he put on in the cab, and just let out a deep breath before opening the door. One he entered the room he saw Miss. Williams on her desk going thru some papers. “Good morning” Nick said. “Good morning to you” Miss. Williams said, followed by, “May I know why you are 20 minutes late Nicholas?”, “Shit” Nick thought, she only called her by his name when she was about to chide him.

“Sorry Miss. Williams, my alarm didn´t rang and no cab passed by, I..I…” Nick was just making excuses. “Hold on there” Miss Williams said. “What have I told you about calling me Miss. Williams? You can call me Rachel”.

“Sorry…Rachel” Nick replied. “That´s better” Miss. Williams said with a smile, and immediately said: “Listen, I don´t care the reason why you where late, the thing is that it´s the third time this month, and we barely reached the middle of the month today, I wouldn´t like to give you a written warning or submit a report”, “And you won´t need to” Nick rapidly replied. “I…I promise I´ll be on time from now on”. “I´m sure you will Nick, but this will be the last time you arrive late, next time I won´t be so kind”. “There won´t be a next time, I´ll do my best” Nick replied. “Well, that´s the spirit, now it´s time to work Nick, I need you to go thru some papers and send me a report, okey?”. Nick just nodded and went for the boxes where the papers where stored.


The time went by and Nick just kept checking at the papers one by one, working as hard as he could so that Miss. Williams could forget about the incident this morning. He was so focused that he lost track of time, but there was something in his mind that kept bothering him, but he just didn´t know what. It wasn´t something work related, that was for sure, Nick could be lazy and a little clumsy, but he had his work done very well.

As time passed by, he went to his lunch break and grabbed something from the cafeteria, normally Maddy would make him something, but now she was on vacations and he didn´t had time to fix something for himself. He always thought he was very lucky to have a girlfriend who will look for him that much, but he needed to be more independent and today he didn´t prove that since he was late, maybe that´s what´s been bothering him all morning. So he took a club sandwich and a soda and started eating on a random table from the cafeteria.


When his lunch time was over, he went back to Miss. Williams office and started to work again, but he just couldn´t tell what was wrong, he checked his shoes to see if they there the same, he had socks on, no stains on his clothes. He couldn´t tell what was it, until he asked Miss. Williams “Uh…Rachel, what day is today?”, “What´s the matter, do you have an appointment?” Miss. Williams replied. “No, it´s just that, there´s something off”. “Well,” Miss. Williams said “Today it´s Monday, July the 15th”. “Thank you” he said as he thought to himself “FUUUUUCK, today´s my 5th anniversary with Maddy, how could I forgot? What am I gonna do?”. Now Nick had a few time to think on something before he arrived to his apartment and meet his girlfriend, a romantic Dinner, some perfume, a necklace, that´s what crossed Nick´s mind while he was working, he needed to think of something to do and fast, his shift was almost over and he needed to find something before Maddy find out he forgot.

On the other side of town, back to Nick´s apartment. Maddy was busy, she was looking for a loan to buy a car, which they so much needed, taking the bus to work was slow and taking a cab daily was expensive, they needed to get a car so that they could get to their respective jobs easier. A car would be enough since Maddy and Nick worked on the same area of the city, Nick worked on a building that was on the way to where Maddy worked. And since they had to be at work by the same time, they could leave together.


The only thing that bothered Maddy was if Nick would make her late, she didn´t hate Nick or anything like that, she was just a little too conscious about it. She loved Nick more than anything in the world, she didn’t mind he sometimes forget about stuff or that he was a little irresponsible and maybe childish sometimes, she cared for him and enjoyed sharing her life with him, but if they decided to get a car, they needed to take care of it, for her it was easy, but she was worried Nick may forget the keys inside it or forget to lock the doors. The good thing was that Nick was not much of a drinker, so he wouldn´t crash the car coming from a bar, at least.


As the day went by, Maddy wrapped the present she had for Nick, she ordered a framed poster of some Anime Nick watched, she didn´t know what it was about, but she made sure the poster arrived on the same day so that Nick wouldn´t notice it and that it had all of his favorite characters, it was a big poster, and wasn´t very cheap, but it was worth it to see the expression on his face. He really liked this kind of stuff and Maddy always enjoyed how he sometimes jumped with excitement as he saw this type of details from her.


Talking a little more about Maddy, well, she was kind and sweet but she must admit she really was a maternal person, she couldn´t wait to have a child with Nick, but right now they needed to focus on their career and buy a house before they could do so. Maddy wasn´t very happy about it but she decided that it will happen when it was the right time. But she just couldn´t avoid to think about it, “Wouldn´t it be adorable if he was a tiny version of Nick? Oh my god, I can´t wait”. She didn´t fell in love for Nick by his looks, she did because he was not the type of person who tried too hard to impress a woman, he was himself and the fact that he needed a little extra attention from time to time really made her smile, she found it cute.


Nick was finally on his way home still thinking about what to do. What bothered him the most was that Maddy wouldn´t mind if he forgot their anniversary, instead she will smile and hug him saying that there was no problem, that the only thing she wanted was to be with him. Nick always thought he didn´t deserved her, and that she was just too good to be with him. She was the only one who had a stable job, and she put most of the income in their relationship, they paid him very little but he needed this if he wanted to reach higher in life, and also financially.


He asked the cab driver to park in front of a jewelry store so that he could buy Maddy something, he ended up buying a gold-plated necklace with a heart shaped amethyst rock, it wasn´t a diamond but that´s what he could buy with his salary. Then he went in the cab and ordered a pizza from the place where he proposed to her, he could at least remember that. The pizza would be delivered by 6:00 p.m. and they will have a sort of rooftop picnic of their apartment complex where he will give her the necklace. It wasn´t the most romantic dinner for their anniversary, but that´s the best he could think of.


He entered his apartment and was greeted by his girlfriend, who was wearing a yellow dress. They kissed each other on the entrance and after that Nick said: “Happy anniversary”, “Happy anniversary my love, how was your day?” Maddy replied. “It was ok I guess, I mean I arrived late and everything, but Miss. Williams was not very hard on me about it”, said Nick.

“Oh, well, I guess someone needs to go to bed earlier when he has things to do in the morning” Maddy replied with a smile as she gently stroked his hair. “I guess you´re right” Was all Nick managed to say, knowing very well she was right.

“Sooo…are you ready for your gift?” Said Maddy with her hands behind her back and looking at Nick with a big smile. “What, a gift? For me?” said Nick as he pointed to himself with a surprise look on his face. Of course she will buy him something, but he was so stressed about forgetting their anniversary that he forgot to think of it.

“Well yeah dummy, do you really think I wouldn´t give my man something?” said Maddy while raising her eyebrows. “No, well, I guess I didn´t give it that much thought” replied Nick scratching the back of his head. “I´ll be right back” that was the last thing Maddy said before heading to their main room.

When she went back, she was holding a huge thin box in her hands, with a light blue wrapper and a big red ribbon on top. Nick´s eyes just went wide and his mouth fall to the floor. Once he opened it, he saw a huge poster which he had been looking for during months, aside of that it was framed and ready to be hanged on the wall. “Did you like it?” Maddy asked, “I love it honey, thank you thank you thank you” Nick replied as he strongly kissed his girlfriend´s cheek. Which made Maddy really happy to hear.

“Ok now, don´t think I forgot our anniversary, I have a nice dinner planed for the two of us, and to avoid all that traffic and stuff, I planned it to be on the rooftop” said Nick with a big grin making sure to convince her that he had previously planned this and that it was not the first thing he came up to. Maddy really know he was lying about it, whenever started over explaining something or making it look as if he tried to sell the idea, she knew Nick had just planned it, but she didn´t mind, after all, she only wanted to be with him it didn´t matter if it was on a romantic dinner on the Eiffel tower or on their rooftop, so she decided to play along and just smiled to Nick. “Oh that´s so sweet and considerate” she said, “So…what are we eating?”.


Nick told her about the pizza and the reason why, which Maddy found very cute. Once the pizza arrived, they graved their things and went to the roof, it wasn´t a high building, it had 5 floors and a basement to do the laundry. Once they arrived, they ate the pizza and laid back looking at the stars. Nick couldn´t help but to think how much effort she must´ve put and that he only did the first thing he thought will be nice, he felt really guilty, but if she saw he was sad she will get sad too, she was a very empathetic person, and more when it comes about Nick, so he decided to be cool and not talk about it, while he was grabbing the necklace box from his pocket Maddy said: “Look, it´s a shooting star, make a wish, close your eyes and make a wish” saying this she grabbed Nick´s hand and they both closed their eyes.

“Please, I want to be better, I want to actually be what Maddy truly deserves and needs” That was Nick´s wish, something simple, but that´s what he genuinely wished for, not something for him, but for Maddy. Before they both opened their eyes, the shooting star made a quick blink, it turned into a light pink color for a second, and then it continued it turned back to it´s regular color. Maybe no one saw it, maybe they did, but for sure, Nick and Maddy didn´t. When they opened their eyes, Nick gave Maddy the necklace he bought for her and she putted it on, he told her that if he could make enough money, he would´ve bought the moon and the stars just for her, but she didn´t mind, she was not a materialistic person, she cared more about spending time with Nick rather than having all the jewelry in the world, there will be a time when they´ll have money, but right now, all she needed was her Nick and nothing more.


The shooting star seemed to be long gone in the night sky, they decided to pack everything and return to their apartment. Maddy decided that if Nick was supposed to arrive on time to his job tomorrow, then he must be in bed early, 11:00 p.m. will be alright she thought. And so she decided that there will be no anniversary sex today, not unless she wanted him to stay up all night, Nick really liked the foreplay, and Maddy really thought he was very good at it, gentle and sweet, to be honest Nick wasn´t a stud in college, he was rather shy.


Nick couldn´t believe another year went by, he remembered when they where in college and he first saw Maddy, she was gorgeous, she was one of those people who had a certain glow around them that you could actually see, so he decided he wouldn´t talk to her, she will never be friends with a basket case like him. To his surprise, she was the one who gave the first step and ask him out for an ice cream, which actually she made it seem as if he was the one with the idea, she still wanted him to feel as if he was the one who decided it in the first place.

Although Maddy was a sweet person she wasn´t as shy as Nick, she was rather assertive, but in the kind way, she will remind Nick of his shores around the house and what he needed to do or buy, and other times when she wanted to do something she left little clues for Nick to think about it and suggest it. She wasn´t mean or anything, but she knew his boyfriend required a little extra attention, which she didn´t mind, actually she kind of liked it, to have a little power over him.

As she planned, Nick was in bed by 11:00 p.m. sharp. She just talked to him about how important it was that he arrived on time tomorrow so that his boss will notice he was going in the right path. That´s how Nick “decided” to go to bed earlier, needless to say, she had a little smile about his “idea”. She was not the controlling type, rather than that, she just wanted what was good for Nick, and she preferred if it seemed as if he was the one making the choices.

Now they where both asleep, since Maddy was a little tired as well. And by mid-night something happened, as if a bunch of pink sparkles just flashed around them. Nothing seemed different, nut this is where all started.

Chapter 2 by Mine1234

The next morning Nick woke up at 7:00 a.m. with his alarm, he was rested and ready for work, he immediately went to take a shower and after that he made himself a little breakfast. He was really lazy when it came to cooking, so he served himself a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.


Once he arrived to work, he was actually a little early, 8:30 a.m. to be more precise, so he decided to greet Sam properly today. “Hi Sam, what up?”, “Oh, hi Nick, seems like you are actually on time today”, “Hahaha, you bet, need to make it up to the boss for been late so much lately”.


They talked for a couple minutes before he left to his boss’s office. Since Miss. Williams was a CEO, she had a big office, the biggest of them all. Therefore, Nick had enough room for his own desk, where he could do all of his tasks. He wasn´t really sure why he had to work in the same office rather than having his own, he though he was supposed to have a small office outside of his boss´s, but he didn´t cared that much, he´ll do the same either way.


Once he entered the office, Nick was greeted by Miss. Williams, she looked up to Nick from her computer and told Nick with a proud smile: “Well, look who´s on time and, oh, a little early”, she said as she checked her watch.


“Haha, well, a new day a new me, you´ll see a new Nick from now on” replied Nick with a smile. “I like what I hear” replied Miss. Williams pointing at Nick with a pen. “I took the liberty to send you a list of shores for today thru your Email, but don´t worry, it´s not that long and it´s easy peasy” continued Miss. Williams giving Nick a little wink.




Miss. Williams was a hard-working woman that seemed to be a little too focused on her work, which means she was strict with everyone, everyone but Nick. In fact, she was a little soft on him, been late is not something she tolerated from any employee, but she let it all slip when it was about Nick. She did enjoy having him close, that´s why he didn´t had a separate office, although he should, she made a special request for Nick´s desk to be placed on her office.




She was a single woman, but she didn´t had a crush on Nick by any means, she liked his company tho, and she was thrilled when he entered into his room every morning. She would´ve liked for Nick to be with her on her full shift, but since he was on an internship, she couldn´t assign him more hours. So she enjoyed the time they spent together, although there was not much talking since they were both very busy, but she was happy with just watching him, not in a sexual way, more like, in a way someone is proud of watching someone had his work done in a proper way. There was something in Nick that fascinated her, but she couldn´t catch what exactly it was.




As Nick was working on his computer Miss. Williams decided to ask him something “Sooo, what does a young men like yourself do after work?”.


“Well, I hang out with my girlfriend, sometimes I take a jog or run in the park, simple stuff to be honest, nothing interesting to be honest” replied nick with a shy smile.


“I get it, you seem to be more like a homebody…anddd…does a cute guy like you have a pretty girlfriend?” said Miss. Williams with a calm smile, which took Nick by surprise. Until now, their working relationship had been nothing but professional, they mostly talked about work, maybe a little chat about the weather and some other random stuff, but this, it really came out of the blue to Nick.


“Oh, well…uhm, you know she´s pretty…very pretty” replied Nick a little abashed.


“Well, you deserve a woman like that, someone who appreciates all the effort you put into everything” said Miss. Williams bending forward on her chair with a big smile.


“I´m not thaaat good, I consider myself a little messy and sometimes I forget things” said Nick whose mind brought back the idea that he had forgotten their anniversary yesterday, he still felt guilty.


“Oh, come on, you do such a great job here, you always have everything in time and with a very good presentation if you ask me”, Miss. Williams was lying, he did have everything on time, but he sometimes forgot about going thru some files, which she ended up revising herself, but she wanted to show Nick her kind side.


“Look at the time” said Miss. Williams looking at her watch with a half-impressed expression, “It´s lunch time, do you have any plans for lunch?” she asked.


“Well, I was planning on going to the cafeteria an grab something, not much of a plan actually” replied Nick with a half-smile on his face.


“Oh, nonsense, how come something random from the cafeteria” said Miss. Williams as she rose up from her seat, “I know a place downtown where we can go, let me take you, it´ll be my treat” said Miss. Williams winking at him with a smile.


“Thank you, but I really don´t want to bother” said Nick a little nervous. “Come on, it´ll be fun, that way we can get to know each other a little better” she said.


“Well, I guess it won´t hurt to eat somewhere else for once” said Nick rising up from his seat with a little smile.


When Nick stood up fully, he saw that Miss. Williams stood a little taller than him today, “She must be wearing higher heels today” he thought, he didn´t pay much attention to that else he would´ve noticed she was wearing her regular 2-inch heels. And so they went to have their lunch and talked a little more about how Nick met Maddy and what he had done up until now that he was working as her assistant, on the other hand Miss. Williams, or Rachel as she encouraged him to call her, started talking about how she was always focused on her career, all the time she spent working rather than having fun or meeting someone to be on a relationship with, she always dreamt about being successful and starting a family, but time passed and she didn´t take the time to meet someone and fall in love.


“I´m sorry to hear that” said Nick empathetically.


“You don´t have to be sorry about it dear, maybe there´s someone out there for me, who knows” said Miss. Williams as she took a sip from her drink.


They ended their meal and went back to work on Miss. Williams´s car, she drove a red sports car, guess you can treat yourself when you are single and have a good salary.


The clock ticked 5:00 and it was time for Nick to go back home with his girlfriend, needless to say Miss. Williams couldn´t help but to be a little sad about it.




Once home, Nick served himself a glass of water on the kitchen and saw that there was a note on the microwave, he read it and it said:


“Nick, I went downtown, please make sure to do the laundry that´s on the bag inside the bathroom, I promise I´ll be back asap, see ya after dinner”.


Nick didn´t like to do the laundry, he was tired and he´d rather spend the evening playing videogames, but if the duty calls, you´ve got to answer, so he went to pick up the bag and headed to the laundry on the basement of the building, it wasn´t a big laundry room, it had four laundry machines and three dryers, needless to say one of them didn´t worked, but at this time there was rarely someone down there, so Nick was sure he´ll do the laundry fast and return upstairs to have some dinner, maybe he could eat some frozen waffles or something, just to fill his stomach.


As he went down the stairs, he noticed that he was dragging his pants a little, “how weird” he thought, “Maybe the hem got loose, I´ll fix it later”. Moments later he arrived to the laundry room and to his surprise he saw Ashley there.




Ashley was her neighbor from downstairs, she was almost the same age as him, she was 22 years old, had short brown hair and big blue eyes, talking about her physique, she had a lean athletic body with a pair of C cups and she stood at 5´5”. She was nice, she and Nick often talked about the series they watched and where they´d like to travel. Ashley was one of those people who liked to meditate and often told Nick about spiritual rocks and their benefits, he didn´t cared but he politely heard her talk about it.


“What up Ash, how’s it going?” said Nick in a calm playful voice.


She was sitting on the corner table checking her phone when she acknowledged Nick, “Oh hi Nick, what up, what brings you down to the dungeon?” said Ashley in a cheerful voice.




Nick just rose up the laundry bag so that she could see it while he shrug his shoulders and rose his eye brows. “haha, what else could it be” said Ashley mockingly. She was dressed with a plain white shirt wearing a red square pattern shirt wrapped around her hips, and under it she had a pair of denim pants and high black boots.


Nick just opened the bag and dropped the clothes on the laundry machine, there was no need to separate it by colors since Maddy always made sure to do it before she gave Nick the bag, she knew he would just empty the bag without checking first. She knew he could get a little distracted sometimes.


Nick sat on a chair by the washing machines and just asked Ashley “Soo, how´s work Ash?”.


“Good, I guess…well, good as long as no idiot tries to grab my ass”, said Ashley rising her tone a little but with a mocking tone.


Ashley worked the night shift as a waiter on a club downtown, she received good tips and since she wasn´t a morning person, she didn´t mind the time her shifts where over, usually around 3:00 a.m. or so, that´s why she slept straight until midday.


“Sounds terrific” said Nick with silly smile.


“Yeah, I´m totally thrilled about it” replied Ashley with a little of sarcasm in her voice. “So how was your anniversary yesterday? You didn´t forgot, right?” asked Ashley with a little smirk.


“Even she remembered” thought Nick a little frustrated, “God, I really am the worst”.


“It was find, I mean, I wished I could´ve done something better, but everything came up just find” he didn´t told her he just did whatever he came up with in the last minute, but he really felt like he screw up.


They continued chatting about everyday matters and a little bit about chakras, Nick limit himself to listen to Ashley as she talked about it, he didn´t pay much attention tho.




Suddenly, they were interrupted by the beeping of the dryer, it was Ashley´s clothes that where ready to go. “Guess that´s me” she said as she stood up from over the table. She took her clothes and started folding them on the table while putting the one´s ready on a basket. In the meantime, Nick´s clothes where ready to be changed from the washing machine to the dryer, so he stood up and took them out.


Ashley couldn´t help but notice something seemed a little odd with Nick, she examined him from head to toes and couldn’t help but notice that he was dragging his pants a bit. Since his shirt was still tucked, she realized they were not loose, so she approached to measure him with herself.


As she approached Nick felt it was a little odd, so she asked her in a little nervous tone.


“Hey…what up?”, “Nothing, but…weren’t you a little taller?” she said with a little suspicious.


“What do you mean?” said Nick a little confused.


“Well, you know, I could swear you where over six feet tall, but now, well, you don´t even seem to be six feet tall” said Ashley a little concerned.


“It must be your boots Ash, and come on, no one shrinks overnight” said Nick a little self-confident.


“This boots don´t have much heel, but still I have already worn them before and you seemed taller then, you should check on that, or go see a doctor” suggested Ashley.


“Find, I´ll measure myself later, and if there´s something odd I´ll make an appointment” replied Nick, he was sure there was nothing wrong but checking wouldn´t hurt anyone.




Ashley finished doing her laundry and left to her apartment to get ready for work, a little later Nick was ready to go and while he was taking the stairs up to his own apartment, he couldn´t help but to think on what Ashley told him.


“Could it be, am I shorter?” Nick began to ponder to himself.


By the time he arrived to his apartment Maddy still wasn´t there, it was around 8:00 p.m. and she was yet to arrive. Nick decided to leave the clean laundry by the closet and fix himself a little dinner, still wondering about what Ashley told him. “Maybe I can check after I have some dinner” Nick thought.


He was extremely tired for some reason, so he decided to make something fast and then go to bed. He threw himself in bed and seconds later he felt asleep, he forgot about measuring himself.


Around 9:00 p.m. Maddy arrived, she went to the bank where they authorized her the loan, now she was sure she would be able to buy a car, something simple, a car just to drive to work and do some other errands, nothing too expensive. But that´ll wait, now she needed to eat something, when she saw Nick´s shoes by the door she knew he was there, and by checking on the laundry she saw he took care of it.


“Well, well, isn´t he sweet, he just did as I told him, I wonder where he is right now” Maddy thought to herself. And when she entered to their room, she saw that Nick was in a deep sleep tucked between the sheets.


“Aww, he looks so comfy, let´s not wake him up” she just kissed him on the cheek and went straight to the kitchen to make something to eat.


While she was eating, she browsed some car models to buy, she needed to have this done by next week, since she´ll be back to work by then. She knew that any car she´ll like will do, since Nick didn´t pay much attention to these matters, in fact, Maddy was the one who made all the big decisions, and Nick didn´t mind.


By 11:00 p.m. she went to sleep, it had been a long day and she needed some rest too. She took a shower and then she cuddled with Nick.


The next morning Nick woke up at 6:30 a.m. very well rested, he seemed to have more energy than usual, so he decided to make himself a decent breakfast for once and watch funny videos on his phone.


While he was stretching for some plate on the top shelf, he noticed that he had to stretch a little too much for it, he thought his limbs where numb or something, he didn´t pay much attention to it.


Once he ate his breakfast, Nick went to the bathroom to take a shower, when he tried to catch the nob on the door he slipped, it was a little higher than he remembered, he thought he tripped and went straight to the shower.


After the shower he went to pick some clothes to dress himself, that´s when he couldn´t ignore it, his boxers where alright but when he put his pants on, they where too long, longer than yesterday.


“Well, this can´t be right, I mean, it´s not possible that two pairs of pants have their hem loose” he started to remember the advice of Ashley, so he went to the kitchen and started to look for a measuring tape, he was sure they had one but couldn´t remember where.


He finally found it on one of the drawers, he took a pencil and measured himself in one of the walls.


“Ok, I already made the mark, now it´s time to measure how tall I am” Nick thought a little panicked.


He took the end of the measuring tape and placed it on the ground, but once he stretched all the way to the mark he had made he couldn´t believe it.


“5´9”, that can´t be right” Nick thought still a little skeptical. “I mean, I´m 6´2”, how on earth is this tape giving me this measure” then he went to take a ruler and check on that, little by little he measured with the 12” ruler until he got the same measurement 5´9”.


“FUUUUCK” screamed Nick´s head. “How can someone shrink? And since when have I been shrinking?” Nick´s mind was full of questions, how come he hadn´t notice before, everything seemed all right until yesterday.


“Ok, ok, first things first, right now it´s 8:00 a.m. so I need to get ready for work and nothing else, gotta change and later I´ll see how this happened” he tried to calm down a little by returning to his everyday routine. But he was still a little concerned, had this stopped? Will he keep shrinking?


His mind was still focused in this, so he decided to ignore it and get dressed for work, which didn´t help since his pants where a little too long and the sleeves of his shirt where too, so he fold his pants and shirt sleeves and took the bus to work.


He entered the building and tried his best not to be noticed by anyone, he gave Sam a quick greet and went straight to Miss. Williams´s office. Once there he just sat on his desk quietly and just gave a quick “hi” to Miss. Williams.


While Nick was getting all of his thing settled on the computer Miss. Williams couldn´t help but to notice he was acting a little odd.


“Everything ok Nicholas?” she asked.


“Uhhh, sure, everything´s find” he quickly replied, and then he gave a sort of nervous smile.


“Are you sure? Cause you seem a little unsettle over there, is…is there anything I need to know?” asked Miss. Williams a little concerned.


“No…I´m ok, it´s just, you know…I just forgot to do the laundry that´s all” Nick lied.


“Oh, well, I´m sure that can be done later there´s nothing to worry about” said Miss. Williams giving him a smile and waving her hand a little, but still, she thought that couldn´t be it, there was definitely something going on with Nick.


The day went by and Nick rushed to the door to go back home. “See ya tomorrow goodbye” was all Nick said as he exited the office. Miss. Williams didn´t had time to reply but she kept thinking about Nick.


“Have I been a little too strict with him? Am I giving him too much work?” Miss. Williams started to think that she was the one who put Nick in this state, but she was not that demanding with him, in fact, she gave Nick a low load of work to do each day.


“I´ll talk with him tomorrow, I mean, he can´t just go without giving any explanation, he has to tell me whether he likes it or not” thought Miss. Williams with a little frown on her face as she went back to her computer and continued her work.


When Nick arrived to his apartment, he opened the door and saw that Maddy was lying on the couch watching T.V.


“Hey pumpkin pie” Nick said smiling.


“Hi baby, how was your day?” Maddy replied while laying on the couch.


“Well, you know, everything was find, I went thru some papers, made a report, everyday things you know” said Nick with a little nervousness on his tone.


“I´m glad everything was find, do you have in mind anything you want me to cook for dinner?” Maddy asked.


“Whatever you want to prepare will be great, I´ll go get changed” said Nick as he rushed to their room.


“How am I gonna tell her? It´s not like, honey I´m shrinking” Nick was having a hard time on finding a way to tell Maddy that he was shrinking. “Well, we still don´t know that I´m shrinking, but how else can you explain that I went from 6´2” to 5´9”?” he needed an explanation to this, but first he needed to find a way to let Maddy know about this, but how?


“Knock, Knock, dinner´s ready” announced Maddy while knocking on the bedroom´s door.


Now Nick had no more time to think on something, so he waited for Maddy to return to the kitchen and then he´ll come out of the room.



Chapter 3 by Mine1234


Nick opened the door just to find that Maddy had returned, somehow, he didn´t listen as she walked back. Their eyes met and Nick only thought “Oh crap”.

Maddy´s eyes widened as she saw his boyfriend´s eyes almost level with hers, she checked to see if he was somehow kneeled or something but he wasn´t.

“Nick, why are you so short?” she said in disbelief.

“I…I…” that´s all Nick could say when he saw his girlfriend stood just mere inches below him, he started to panic a little.

“Come on Nick, what happened?” said Maddy a little distraught, and that´s when Nick lost it.

“I don´t know, I wish I could tell you, but I don´t know Maddy, I don´t know how or why this happened, I wish I could tell you but I don´t know and it freaks me out, ok? I´m worried” said Nick whose tone came from an aggravated one to a more downhearted one, and there´s when tears began to form in his eyes.

“Aww, it´s ok, don´t worry, I´m here honey, I’m here” said Maddy as she hugged Nick and laid his head on her shoulder and caressed his hair. By his reaction she knew he was completely agitated, and she needed to understand that right now he needed to be comforted.

“Maddy” Nick said in a low concerned tone.

“What is it dear?” said Maddy with a calm soothing tone.

“Will you…will you still love me if I shrank any further? I mean…I don´t know if this has stopped and…”, “Yes Nick, I´ll love you no matter what, because in the end you are still the love of my life, and there´s no one else in the world for me” said Maddy with a tender voice cutting Nick out.

She knew right now he was too overwhelmed by this and that he could get a little paranoic whenever things came out wrong, right now he didn´t need to be scolded or questioned about this, because he didn´t knew the reason for his shrinking. Right now, what he needed was for his girlfriend to care for him and be supportive.

Nick knew Maddy will understand, neither of them knew the reason for this, but she was the kind of person that never let´s you down, or at least she tries to encourage you to keep going, and now Nick needed someone to let him know that things will be alright.

“Thank you” said Nick, still a little shocked, but deep down he knew Maddy will be there for him for better or for worse.

Maddy just hugged him tighter to her and then they laid down on bed. Maddy occasionally poured kisses over Nicks head to settle him down, Nick wasn´t crying but she knew he needed to know that she was there for him, she wanted to show Nick that she will always care for him.

Finally, Nick sat up on the bed and Maddy sat next to him. They were holding hands and Maddy laid on Nick´s shoulder, then Nick laid his head over Maddy´s.

“I love you Maddy” said Nick as he closed his eyes.

“You know I love you too honey, and don´t worry, we´ll get through this” said Maddy as she raised her head and kissed Nick on his cheek. “Now let´s go get some dinner, shall we?” she said with a cheering tone.

They were both on the kitchen table still thinking about all this. Neither of them knew what to say, so they just ate dinner quietly without exchanging any words, but every time Nick saw Maddy´s face she smiled at him, a calm and warm smile that told Nick “Everything´s gonna be find, I got you”, and that´s how Nick calmed a bit.

As time went by, Nick went to bed while Maddy was taking care of the dishes, he just laid there watching the ceiling and thinking about this. His mind was full of thought´s, he needed to find what was causing this, or if it had stopped. That´s when Maddy entered the room.

“Hey there, are you feeling better?” she asked.

“Well, I feel find, I guess, I mean, I feel normal but…well…I just, I don’t know” he replied a little stressed.

“Does it hurt? I mean, do you feel anything different?” Maddy asked a little concerned.

“Well, no, you know, I feel as good as ever, it´s just that, well, I´m shorter” Nick replied with some sadness on his tone.

Maddy just sat in bed next to him and ruffled his hair as she kept saying “Tomorrow we´ll go to the doctor and see what´s happening, ok? In the mean-time just rest”.

“Ok, we´ll see a doctor, but I still got to work, I promised Miss. Williams that I wouldn´t be late again, and I don´t think she likes it if I skip work” said Nick with a little seriousness on his tone.

“Honey, don´t you think it´ll be a better idea if you just went to the doctor? I mean, it´s ok if you miss work one day” said Maddy trying to negotiate with him.

“What, no! I can´t, I promised I´ll be a better employee, and I don´t think she likes it if I do this the same week I promised that I´ll improve” said Nick a little overreacting.

“I know, but this is a medical emergency you know, we must see a doctor to find out what´s going on with you” replied Maddy trying to convince Nick.

“We´ll see a doctor, but after work, first things first, besides I can explain Miss. Williams about it and maybe she´ll understand” said Nick trying to prove his point.

“Mhmm, if you think that´s for the best” said Maddy a little mad at Nick, she knew he needed to go to the doctor first thing in the morning, but sometimes when Nick had his mind into other things he just refused to listen, that´s what Maddy liked the less about Nick, she knew he was sweet and almost always accorded with her, but in times like this she just wanted to be the one in charge and that Nick did as she said. Still, it was not the case, they were equals in the relationship and if that´s what he wanted, well, this time she´ll give up, but only because she didn´t want Nick to be more upset than he was now.

“I’m sorry” Nick said as he noticed that Maddy was a little upset, “I promise we´ll do exactly what you say, but I just…I…I can´t skip work”.

“Find, find, I understand Nick, you have things to do, but just keep in mind that your health is first, if there´s anything we need to know, we have to do it as soon as possible” said Maddy with a stern voice.

“I know, and…and we´ll do so, it´s just that, I need to…” Nick didn´t had a good argument, he just wanted to go to work because, if there was something wrong with him, he just didn´t wanted to know, or at least he wanted to postpone the bad news.

Maddy just looked at him with an unpleasant look on her face, she wouldn´t try to make him change his mind, because she couldn´t, but she was not gonna give it to him.

“Just do what you think it´s best, but at the end of the day, we´ll go to the doctor, and that´s the end of it” said Maddy with an authoritative tone.

Nick knew Maddy was the sweetest person in the world, but whenever she got upset it was really easy for her to lose it, so he knew he shouldn´t say anything at all, at this time it was better if he just stayed quiet and allow her to cool down.

Now they were both laying in bed ready to drift into a deep sleep, but Maddy just couldn´t stop thinking about it. How had this happened? Was it possible? And why Nick?

Right now, her mind was brimming with questions, but what was worst was that she started thinking about the future of his condition, the consequences this might have or if this will ever stop. She was deeply worried, but somehow, she wasn´t and that´s what preoccupied her.

If we go back to the day of their anniversary, the day before Nick started shrinking, when the shooting star passed by. Nick wished that he could be better, he wished to be a more ideal boyfriend to Maddy. In the other end, Maddy made a different wish.

“What a precious moment” Maddy thought, “If there´s anything I could wish for, I wish that one day I can have the precious boy I want, if I can be more specific, I wish for him to be a smaller version of Nick, aww, I can imagine him already, he´ll be exactly like Nick”.

That´s what Maddy wished for, and given the fact that Nick focused his wish for Maddy, well, the universe does funny things. In the end, both wished where granted, the only thing is that Maddy´s wish was the one that took the lead.

Now, Maddy was thinking if this could be fate, was her wish fulfilled? Could it be that she´ll get what she wished for? It was true that she wanted to have a little Nick for her own, and in certain way she´ll get it. If Nick kept shrinking sooner or later, she´ll be able to hold him in her embrace, her once big boyfriend will become smaller day by day, and then she´ll be able to take care of him and pour kisses on his tiny head.

But right now, she needed to keep it cool, she wasn´t sure this was because of her wish or if there was something wrong with Nick, tomorrow they´ll visit the doctor to find out, or at least get a professional opinion about it. Now they both needed to have a good rest since tomorrow will be a busy day.

Before they could realize it was morning already, and Nick´s alarm was beeping, only that this time they both got up of bed. Maddy could hardly sleep since she was too concerned about the whole situation, in the other end Nick slept pretty well, he´s the kind of people that once they lay their heads in bed, they fall deeply asleep, and there´s nothing that can wake them up until tomorrow.

Since neither of them knew the cause of this or how to threat it, Maddy decided to take care of the whole thing, that´s all she could think of during the night. Nick was too untidy to take care of big things like this, so she´ll be the one in charge from now on.

When they both stood up Nick was shocked when he saw Maddy. And Maddy, well, she just covered her mouth with her hand, she couldn´t believe it. They where both barefoot and when Nick looked straight at his girlfriend, he saw that his eyes where level with her mouth.

“Oh no” thought Nick.

“Oh my, I´m taller than him now” thought Maddy, a little thrilled by it, but still she was concerned. So, she made a decision.

“Nick, honey, why don´t we go to the kitchen, there´s something I, well, we need to do” said Maddy, with a little authoritarian tone.

“Ok” replied Nick, a little confused.

When they where both in the kitchen, Maddy took out the tape measure from the drawer, and a pencil too.

“Sooo…what are we doing?” said Nick a little suspicious.

“Well, since we don´t know why or how you are shrinking, I decided that at least we should keep a record of it, now, can you hand me the note pad on the table sweetie? Thank you” replied Maddy.

Nick took the note pad and hand it to her, but he was surprised by the way Maddy started to deal with his shrinking, now he felt as if he was the test subject of some sort of experiment.

“Ok, now, stand straight next to the wall so that I can mark your height” said Maddy, with an imposing tone.

Nick did as he was told and just stood next to the wall, waiting for his girlfriend to measure him, he felt a little sad, but at least they´ll know how fast he was shrinking. And maybe they´ll know when it stops, Nick also had to keep positive about it.

“It says, five foooooot…FIVE” said Maddy, she was calmed, at least that´s what she showed Nick, but her mind couldn´t avoid thinking:

“Oh my GOD, I´m two inches taller than him now, look at him, if I stand on my toes, I can look over his head”.

Nick was wordless, now he was shorter than Maddy, and by two inches, it will be easy to notice, he just hopped that she didn´t wear any heels, else he´ll feel worst.

When Maddy saw Nick standing there, just looking at the floor with a little gloomness, she just couldn´t take it, it broke her heart to see her boyfriend like that, so she just laid a hand on his shoulder and said:

“Oh, don´t be sad, you don´t have to worry about it, once we go to the doctor you´ll see everything will be alright” she had a sincere smile on her face, her eyes captured all of Nick´s attention once he raised his head, still he wasn´t able to speak.

“I know what´ll make you feel better, do you want some pancakes, Nick?” Said Maddy, trying to cheer Nick a little.

“Uhmm, yes, I do, umm, thank you” Replied Nick, still a little uneasy, but at least he was able to talk back to Maddy. Maddy just smiled tenderly and went to pick up all the ingredients for their breakfast.

Maddy liked cooking for Nick, she always thought it was very sweet when he got amazed by everything she cooked, for Nick, who only knew the basics of cooking, Maddy was like a world class chef. He always watched her cook, trying to learn how to, but it just wasn´t his thing, and she always catch him peering over her shoulder, which was loveable, watching him trying to learn from her.

Maddy finished preparing the pancakes, and when she hand them to Nick, he saw a smile face drawn with bacon over his pancake, he knew she was trying to cheer him up so he smiled back at her and thanked her for the breakfast.

Maddy picked her own plate and they where both eating, just quietly watching each other every once in a while. Maddy just kept thinking about when this shrink thing will end, and how tall he´ll be at the end. She was still amazed by this, it was the first time she heard of something like this, it was just impossible, but still, it was happening and she needed to be supportive with Nick.

“God, I can´t even imagine how scared he must be” she thought, “He needs me, he definitely needs me to take care of him now” Maddy could only think of the things she´ll need to start doing now that Nick was shrinking, right now he was just a couple inches shorter than him, so there was no much deal, but what´ll happen if he shrinks past that, when he reaches five feet tall, or four, she will definitely be the one who takes care of him, she´ll need to be with him the whole time.

“Wait, my vacations will be over by next week, and he´ll still go to work everyday” thought Maddy a little concerned, she definitely couldn´t be with Nick 24/7, so she needed to find a way to do it, she couldn´t quit her job since she was the one who contributed with the most when talking about money, needless to say it was almost the whole thing, she was the one who made almost all the money, but she didn´t minded, she thought Nick will find a better employee and they´ll make the same amount, at least they´ll have a more equal salary. At the moment, his “condition” will interfere with that in a huge way.

“Nick, I was thinking…” said Maddy breaking the silence, looking straight at Nick who was still eating his breakfast. “Will you, will you still be working with all your, you know, with “this” happening” she said with a little concern in her tone. The only thing she could think was that Nick will be better if he just quitted his job and allowed her to take care of him, but she´ll need to find someone to look for him while she was at work.

Nick was startled, how could she say that, he knew this was serious, but he could still work, he didn´t do any physical work that required lifting heavy objects, he had a regular office job, which he could maintain easily.

“Look Maddy, I know you´re concerned, and I appreciate it, I know you´re trying to do the best for me, but, don´t you think it´s a little exaggerated, I mean, maybe this whole shrinking thing has stopped and, well, I´m no longer as tall as I used to be but, I can still have the work done, it´s not that hard” Nick was trying to convince Maddy that she didn´t had to worry that much about it, he knew that once she had her mind into something she´ll not let it go that easy, but he could at least try to persuade her.

Maddy watched him as he spoke, even though she had a calm look on the outside, inside her blood was boiling, how could he take this so easily, wasn´t he aware of this, couldn´t he imagine that the world outside will be though for someone with, well, with his condition, what´ll happen if suddenly he shrank a lot at once, what´ll happen if he shrank a whole foot in front of everyone, or if he goes all the way down to one foot tall, even a dog could eat him up.

“¡No Nick, NO! Can´t you see that this isn´t normal, how can you be so irresponsible about this!” Maddy was furious by now, then she stood up and leaned over the table, “Now listen what I´m gonna tell you, you´re going to go to work today, find, but whenever I say that you´ll stop going, you´ll do as I say, I don´t care if you can´t look after yourself, I´m gonna do it whether you like it or not”.

Then she crossed her arms under her boobs, Nick was too upset now to even stare at them, why had she decided for him? Why was she so agitated? It was true that this wasn´t something normal, but he couldn´t just stop working, whenever he thought about it all he could imagine was Maddy, every time she encouraged him to improve, to go for it, whenever he felt like he couldn´t she will cheer him up and make him believe it was possible. But now, she was standing there with a threatening look in her face, he just felt smaller than he was now.

“But…” Nick tried to speak, “But nothing!” yelled Maddy with a stern look on her face, “You´ll do as I say and that´s the end of the discussion” Nick couldn´t believe it, and why did he stood there so quietly, he should´ve said something, not only allow her to nag him so easily, but there was something that just didn´t allow him to, as if his mouth couldn´t make words.

“You´ll leave to work as usual, but once you arrive you´re gonna tell your boss about this, I mean it´ll be hard not to notice it, but you´re going to tell her today, in fact, I would like you to give me her phone number, just in case” said Maddy with an aggravated tone, making a frown.

Nick turned to stone when he heard those words. Why did she need her phone number? He will tell his boss for sure, but why did Maddy needed to be so bossy right now. He stood there just blinking at her, not knowing what to do, based on her expression and tone, she was serious about it, but he didn´t know how to react.

“So! I´m waiting” said Maddy with a little annoyance, she grabbed her cell phone and waited for Nick to make a move.

“I-I, uhmm, you know, you can trust me, I´ll tell her as soon as I arrive” Nick said, trying to get out of this.

“I´m sure you will, but I´d like to have it, just in case” she said in a nice way, making a little smile, she tried to calm down but she was still upset.

Nick finally gave up and did as she said, he felt a little sad that she didn´t trust him, but there was something else, suddenly she had decided to take over the whole thing, he was wondering if she´ll stop at some point or if this was just the beginning.

Chapter 4 by Mine1234

Nick was completely distressed right now, he shrank down all the way to 5´5”, but it hurt him the most that his girlfriend had turned in some sort of authoritarian ruler, why couldn´t she see that he was more than capable of taking care of this matter himself? She didn´t have to watch his every move, but at times like this it was better to leave her alone to make up her mind.

Since all of his clothes where baggy on him, he needed to borrow some clothes from Maddy, he was wearing a white plain unisex shirt, denim blue jeans, which were men´s jeans she had since they fitted more comfortable according to her, and he wore a pair of shoes that where one size smaller than the regular size he used to wear, Maddy bought them as a gift on the past Christmas, but he forgot to return them. However, they were still a little loose, so he tied them tight. And so, he parted to work.

Nick finally arrived at his office, well, his boss´s office, he was nervous, his fingers where cold and his heart was beating rapidly inside his chest. But he had to do it, he had to step in and prove Maddy that he could do it, that he needed no one to make decisions for him.

He steeled himself and opened the door, once he entered, he saw that Miss Williams was too focused on her computer to pay any attention to him, so he decided to stand in front of her desk and tell her about it.

It was weird, he had never heard of something like this before, and now he was the one who was actually experiencing this, it was something like taken from a fairy tale, or some sci-fi movie. Yet, it was happening and he needed to tell her, he didn´t want everyone he knew to be aware of this, but she was her boss and he spent most time of the day inside her office, so he had to.

“Uhmm, good morning Miss Williams” Nick greeted her timidly.

“Mornin´ Nicholas” she replied harshly without looking at him.

“I-I would like to dis-s-cuss something with you, i-if you´re n-not to busy at the moment” mumbled Nick, it was really hard for him to speak at the moment.

“Actually, I´m kind of busy at the moment, and so are you, I sent you a list of shores you´ll need to have done by the end of the day, if I where you I´ll start right now” She didn´t even bother to look at him, she was upset, Nick could tell, so he decided to sit and tell her throughout the day.

What Nick ignored was that he was the main reason she was in that mood. The day before he had been so distant that it seemed rude to Miss Williams, and given the fact that she had invited him to lunch she thought he was really ungrateful.

She had never invited him before, and since they talked about their lives and shared about their private life, she thought there will be a little bonding there, not that she wanted to steal Nick from his girlfriend or something, but it would´ve been nice if he was a more open person. And the fact that he almost ignored her the whole day made her furious.

She went home reflecting about that, she thought she may have gone a little too far, but, he didn´t seemed to mind, in fact he seemed to be having a good time, she didn´t try anything with him, she invited him in a friendly manner to, maybe, be seen as more than his boss, and more as a friend, but then he comes up and says “Hi” and just ignores her the whole day, she felt mad, but what hurt her the most was that she felt betrayed, she felt as if Nick was rejecting her friendship.

And given the fact that she wasn´t so though with him, or gave him too much work was what upset her the most, so she decided she´ll treat him the same way as any regular employee.

When Nick logged in on his computer, he saw a huge list of things to do, it doubled any list he had before, and there where a lot more files to go thru, he knew this´ll be a long day. He decided that he´ll have half done and then he´ll talk about it with Miss Williams, he had an idea to cheer her up so he decided to invite her for lunch this time, she seemed to enjoy the other day so he went on and told her.

“Sooo, uhmm, Rachel, would you like to go to that place we went the other day for lunch, now it´ll be my threat” said Nick with a big smile.

“You know” started Miss Williams, still without looking at him, “I´m very busy today, I think I may skip lunch for today, I hope you don´t mind, and also, I think it´ll be better if you focus on your work rather than lunch, thank you” she said with apathy on her tone.

“I, uh, sure Rachel, I will, and no worries, we can go some other day, I-I mean, if you like” Nick replied, he was sure something bothered her, but he wasn´t sure what it was, ever since he started working she seemed to be happier when he was around, not that she was mad all the time, but he noticed she treated him differently that the rest of the employees, maybe a little more attentive, but today it was not the case.

“And Nicholas, can you call me Miss Williams from now on, I think it´s more professional” she said, she was focused on her computer the whole time, but her tone gave Nick the idea that she didn´t wanted to talk with him, or for him to be there. “Y-yes Miss Williams” he said with a little sadness on his tone.

Nick spent the whole time going thru the files that Miss Williams had given to him, he thought he could get half of them over by lunch, but they where a lot, he didn´t even thought he´ll be able to finish them today, nor tomorrow, and without even realizing it, lunch time had arrived, he stood up from his desk, that stood taller now and turned towards the door.

“W-would you like anything from the cafeteria, M-miss Williams?” asked Nick, he still tried to at least get her to see him, she knew she will not eat something cheap from the cafeteria, but at least he had to try, and maybe she´ll allow him to talk to her about his “issue”.

“Thank you, Nicholas, but I´m find” she said with a cold tone on her voice.

“O-ok, if you need anything p-please don´t hesitate to call me” replied Nick, he was nervous at the moment.

“Mhmm” was all she said.

Nick arrived to the cafeteria still wondering what was on Miss William´s mind, he knew too little about women, so he couldn´t tell if he did something wrong, or if this was some kind of “ladies thing”, he was too naïve to realize, so he decided to have lunch, and once it was over he´ll tell her, but how could he say it. “Hi, so anyway, I´m shrinking” he thought, but no, it sounded stupid. He needed to find a way, but she wasn´t paying any attention to him.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and when he checked it was Maddy. “Fuck” Nick thought, “I´m sure she´s going to ask me if I´ve told her already”. Nick was no liar, if she asked he´ll tell her, so he must find a way to drive her attention into other thing.

“Hello, honey, how are you?” Nick said, trying to sound positive.

“Have you told her already” said Maddy, a little rough and going straight to the point.

“Shit” Nick thought, there was no way on denying it now so he decided to tell her, she´ll find out anyway.

“I-I, well, no” said Nick, feeling ashamed.

“You haven´t told her yet!” Maddy yelled thru the phone, she was mad and Nick could tell.

“I-I tried, but she didn´t, I was, I-I” that´s all Nick could say when suddenly she hung up on him.

Nick tried calling back, but there was no answer. What was he supposed to do now? He had made up his mind, once lunch was over, he´ll go to Miss Williams´s office and tell her the whole thing, that way Maddy won´t be that mad with him. But not right now, now he was starving.

Finally, 10 minutes before his lunch break was over, he stood up from his chair and headed back to work, well, not precisely to work, his intentions where to tell her boss about it, he wasn´t very sure why, but if that´s what Maddy wanted, then he needed to do it. He wanted to be a better boyfriend for her, if he couldn´t be the breadwinner of the house, at least he´ll make her happy, and if this made her happy, or at least less angry, he must do it.

As he approached to the office´s door, he got chills, his heart started beating rapidly and he started to sweat a little. Then, he grabbed the knob and opened the door.

Once he entered, he noticed that Miss Williams turned her eyes at him, but quickly returned to look at her computer, he was closing the door behind him, still a little nervous when suddenly.

“Nicholas, can you come and stand next to my desk please” she said, with a stern tone while she was writing on her computer.

“Oh, sure” Nick replied heading towards her desk, each step he took got him more anxious, but finally he stood in front of her desk.

She gave a look at him and said, “Ok, but I asked you to stand NEXT to the desk, not in front of it” she said as she pointed immediately next to her chair, smiling calmly.

Nick encircled the desk and now he was standing two feet next away from her chair. Then Miss Williams stood up from her chair slowly, Nick´s heart was beating faster as she stood at her full height, he could only remember that he used to stand taller than her, but now, he couldn´t believe it, he had to crane his neck way up to look at her.

As Miss Williams stood up, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Nick was now barely above her shoulder level, but not by much.

“I can´t believe it, so your girlfriend didn´t lied” she said as she placed her hand on her chin and watched him carefully.

“W-what do you mean?” had Nick made a mistake or did she said that Maddy told her about it, but how come. Then he remembered that she had her phone number. “D-did she call you?” Nick asked turning a little red in embarrassment.

“She did, when you left for lunch, but I just needed to see by myself, you are definitely smaller Nick, how did this happen?” she asked a little concerned.

“I, uh, well, I don´t know, we´ll go to the doctor today to see what´s happening to me, and to see if there´s a way to stop it” Nick said as he lowered his gaze at the floor, when suddenly he felt her hand on his shoulder.

“And why didn´t you tell me before? Was this the reason you where acting weird yesterday?” She asked, he could tell by her tone that she really cared for him.

“W-well, yes, I mean, I didn´t want to say anything until I was sure” Nick said as he slowly rose his gaze to look at her.

“Why? You know you can trust me Nick” she said with a caring tone. “Does it hurt? You know the whole shrinking thing, are you dizzy? Do you need to take a seat?” she said as she pointed at her chair for Nick to sit on it.

“I-I, I feel find, really, there´s nothing wrong other than, well, me getting constantly smaller” he replied trying to sound relaxed, by now his heart beat was normal and he felt a little relieved, she was taking it pretty well for what he could see.

“Are you sure?” she said rising her eyebrows.

“Positive” Nick replied.

“Okey, but just remember, if there´s anything happening to you, or if you feel even just a little weird, do not hesitate to let me know, ok sweetheart?” She said as she placed her hand on Nick´s head and ruffled his hair.

Nick skipped a heart beat there, why was she acting like that? Maybe she was just worried and wanted him to feel like he could count on her. He couldn´t recall any of his previous boss´s being so supportive, but well, he hadn´t had a situation like this before, so maybe this is how people deal with odd situations, but still it felt kind of weird, not in a bad way, but just a little strange.

“Uhm, I will, thank you” Nick quickly replied, looking at her, she had a warm smile at the moment.

“Oki doki, now let´s go back to work, shall we? Unless you´d like to go home early today?” she said as she sat back on her desk.

“I´m find, there´s no need, besides, I´ll have to go to the doctor as soon as I leave” Nick said as he walked back to his desk.

“Do you need a ride honey?” she quickly asked.

“N-no it´s ok, I´ll just take a cab, or the bus, there´s no need for you to bother” He replied shyly smiling.

“Ok, but if there´s anything you need, and I mean anything, just ask me, or you can give me a call, I don´t mind” she said as she closed her eyes making a polite smile.

“Sure, I will…thank you” Nick appreciated the gesture, but wait? Did she call him honey? Miss Williams was very nice to him, but she never called him in that way, she only called him Nick, Nicholas if she was mad, and there was a time when she called him Nicky, but never before she had called him that way.

It didn´t hurt anyone, in fact he kind of like the way she was being attentive to him, but he was a little uncomfortable with that, if this kept on, he´ll have to tell her, but it´ll be unpolite.

“it´s just a nickname” he thought, not giving it much importance anymore.

“Oh, by the way Nick, it´s ok if you don´t finish the list that I sent you, you can continue tomorrow” Miss Williams added.

Nick only agreed with her and smiled, he was sure that he´ll never finish that monstruous amount of work, at least not today, so it´ll be better if he could extend the deadline.

The day went by and Nick couldn´t help but notice that every once in a while, Miss Williams just peeked at him, and he could tell there was some fascination in the way she stared at him, it didn´t bother him, but he felt a little uneasy.

It was now 5 o´clock and Nick was logging out of his computer, he checked his phone and found a message from Maddy. She gave him the name and address of the hospital where she´ll be waiting for him. She made an appointment and the doctor will see him by 6:30 p.m.

He didn´t notice but by the time he finished reading the text message, Miss Williams was standing right in front of his desk, with a warm smile drawn on her face.

“I hope the doctor can help you with your, ehm, situation here Nick” she said as Nick stood up from his chair.

“Thank you, I hope he can explain this whole anomaly going on, maybe there´s a treatment, who knows” he said half smiling.

At that moment Miss Williams just extended her arms and approached to Nick, all of a sudden, she started hugging him.

Nick felt weird, he could feel the warm embrace of Miss Williams, he started to get aroused in some way, maybe by the way her perfume smelled or the fact that she was a lot bigger than him, still he had to remind himself that she was his boss and that he had a girlfriend who he loved and will never cheat on, still, it was just a hug, it didn´t mean anything bad.

“I got to be honest with you Nick, I care for you, and I really mean it, I wouldn´t want you to get sick or hurt. Please keep me abreast of anything the doctor tells you” Miss Williams said as she hugged Nick tightly. Then she slowly started to pull away from him, Nick rose his sight to look at her, they both looked into each other’s eyes and she said while caressing his hair.

“Please Nick take care, if you need to take the day tomorrow just let me know, okay sweetheart?” she said giving Nick a big smile, her eyes shined and he could feel she was honest.

“I-I s-sure, I will let you know, but I don´t think there won´t be any problem, I feel find, let´s just see what the doctor says” Nick said returning to his senses. He was sort of overwrought by all this, but Miss Williams was only showing empathy, maybe she wouldn´t do this for any employee, but he appreciated the gesture.

“Ok, I guess I´ll see you tomorrow then, but I´m serious, if you need to rest just let me know” she said with a smile, but with a stronger tone.

“I will, see you tomorrow” said Nick as he exit the office.

What had happened there? Nick tried to find a reason for that, he thought maybe she was just one of those really friendly people, but it couldn´t be, he knew she was in fact very professional when it came to office relationships, perhaps, she was just happy about something else and she just wanted to share that joy with him, but that´ll be different. Who knows, now it was time for him to pay a visit to the doctor, maybe he could find some guidance there, he was sure they won´t be able to just give him some pills and then everything will be back to normal.

Nick just walked thru the hall in the hopes that he´ll find help, or at least hoping that they could stop his shrinking.

Now, back into Miss Williams office, she was working in her computer, she finished her shift by 6:00 p.m. and she still needed to wait an hour to return home. But her mind was full of thoughts about Nick, so she decided to leave the computer and just turned her chair towards the window and started thinking.

“I can´t believe it, how is this even possible? Can a grown man shrink? I mean, possibly an inch or two, but only until they get old, not someone in his 20´s” she tried to explain all this to herself, but it was in vain, she was no doctor and couldn´t find a scientific explanation to this.

“But, wasn´t it amazing just how he just crane his neck all the way up to look at me” she couldn´t help but feel thrilled about this. During months she had some fascination towards Nick, but she couldn´t catch what it was, until today. Finally, she had found the reason why she was so fixated with him, but she decided she´d wait a little longer to tell him, she started browsing on her computer for something else, not work related, something more Nick related.

She couldn´t help but smile all the time she made her own research on her computer, she felt it was right, finally, after all those years she had found what she was looking for, and it was Nick who´ll provide it to her. Then she started dialing on her cell phone.

“Hello…Yes, I was doing some research and found Dr. Osmond´s treatment, how fast can someone start with it?...Oh really, can I make an appointment?...sure, tomorrow will be find” she was very excited about all this, and she couldn´t help but to bite her lower lip as she fantasized about all that this will bring for her. And the new “relation” she could have with Nick. But that´s something that only time will tell.

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Chapter 5 by Mine1234


Nick was lying in bed, looking at the ceiling with a worried expression on his face, it had been a long day; the visit they made to the doctor was of no help, he knew they wouldn´t just give him a pill and then everything will be back to normal, but a small part of him was in the hopes that they will give him some more guidance.

When he told the doctor what was happening, they just couldn´t believe it, there were no records of something like this happening before.

The best they could do for him was to take some samples and send them to the laboratory for further research. Nick was frustrated; how far will this go? When they measured him, he was now 5´3”, he noticed Maddy seemed a little taller, but he refused to believe it.

They made an appointment with him in a month, but he wasn´t sure if he´ll go. Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was close his eyes and forget about everything, but he knew he must keep it together, not for him, but for Maddy; she had been on his side the whole time, and hold his hand when the doctor gave him the “not so good” news.

Maddy was brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she kept thinking about what the doctor told her, the only thing she could do was to keep a record of his measurements and give him vitamins, something she suggested; it was important to keep him in good health, and given the fact that he didn´t have such a good diet, it wouldn´t hurt if he nurtured his body more.

“Nick, I know the doctor didn´t gave us such good news, but they´ll do the best they can to help you, so don´t worry honey, everything will be alright” said Maddy stepping out of the bathroom.

Nick just turned on his side, turning his back at her, he couldn´t help but feel hopeless; he knew there won´t be much help from the doctors, but now it was clear, he was on his own. The only person who will be with him was Maddy, he knew he could count on her, but will she stay with him?

Nick knew he could count on Maddy´s unconditional love, but how far will that go? Will she stay with him even though he´ll shrink every day? By now he had lost almost a foot in height, will she still love him the day that his head is level with her waist? He just closed his eyes and stopped thinking, he was on the verge of tears and needed to focus on something else.

Maddy came closer to him, she knew he must feel devastated, and by the way he was acting, he wanted to be alone, but she couldn´t allow him to get lost in his own thoughts, she needed to comfort him, to show him that she was there for him, in good times and bad times, so she came close and cuddled with him from behind.

“Everything will be alright, trust me, you don´t have to be afraid” she whispered to his ear.

“Leave me alone, I-I want to be alone” Nick said with a low sad tone.

“Come on, just turn and look at me, I´m here Nick, I´m here for you” Maddy said with a soft feminine tone, she knew that he couldn´t be left alone now that he needed her the most, she needed to push him away of all those ideas he had.

“All those thoughts will only trouble his little head” she thought, smiling a little at the fact that he was now “little”, she was now four inches taller than him, so from now on she´ll be the tall one in the relationship. It wouldn´t be that bad, but that´ll hit Nick´s ego hard, he wasn´t one of those men who thought that the guy it´s supposed to be the one in charge, the strongest or the smartest, but maybe the idea of getting constantly smaller would make him want to start imposing himself to Maddy, so that he could keep some self-esteem.   

Nick didn´t want to turn to look at her, he had seen her, and she was huge, not a lot, but it was more significant right now, how fast was he shrinking anyway? He felt petite compared to Maddy now, and he didn´t want that, he wanted everything to be the way it was.

But there she was, in bed right next to him, it was hard for him to ignore it, something he didn´t want to admit was the fact that he kind of like it, not getting smaller, but for his girlfriend to get bigger, lying there was hard not to think of her curvaceous body and the fact that her boobs were so much bigger now.

He was getting aroused right now, it was hard for him to keep it together, and besides, what would she think if he told her that he liked her being bigger? It kind of turn him on right now, only watching how he stood so much taller than him. Seen her amazingly long legs just go on and on, and how thick they were now.

Maddy watch Nick with some fixation, and she couldn´t avoid staring at the bulge that began to rise on his pajamas, she decided that she´ll distract him in other way, a more romantic way.

“Nick” Maddy said whispering to his ear, “I have an idea, why don´t we try something?” she sensually said as she rose over him and forced him to turn, now she was over him and he was staring at her, completely impressed with how easy she had rolled him, it was true that he didn´t resist at all, but it was surprising how fast she made him turn.

She got closer to him and slowly started to kiss Nick, he just closed his eyes and let go of any fear inside his mind, he just focused on this moment, and he enjoy every second of it. Then Maddy suddenly stopped and said:

“let´s just enjoy ourselves? Shall we?” She just looked at Nick in the eye while biting her lips.

She started getting undressed, and when she bent to kiss him again, he took her and just rolled over, now he was the one on top, he took his shirt off and started kissing her in the neck, and slowly poured kissed on her as he lowered all the way down to her breasts.

Her skin was so smooth, her boobs where just so soft, Nick couldn´t help but to have some fascination for them, they were so much bigger now, so soft and yet so firm; he always thought she had a beautiful cleavage, but at the size he was now, it was just breath taking.

Nick slowly approached to Maddy´s nipple, while gently biting it, he used his hand to squeeze it. The softness of her skin and the sweet smell that she emanated drove him to a state of pure ecstasy. He was on a trance right now, and all he could focus on where her pillowy boobs.

He kept on doing the same for a while, and during all that time Maddy softly moaned, completely excited by all, the fact that Nick was smaller than her, to feel his now smaller lips closer to her boobs turned her on.

Then, they started having sex as usual, but Maddy couldn´t resist to focus on how small Nick had gotten. While he was over her, she just compared how his legs where shorter than hers, how she covered more space than him over the bed, how his head was starting to feel small when she laid her hand on top of it.

“I love you Nick” Maddy said as she passionately kissed Nick.

“I love you too babe” Nick said, catching his breath, his heart was beating rapidly, he was spent.

When they finish, they just laid next to each other in bed, Maddy was thrilled by how sex had changed now that Nick was shorter than her, she couldn´t help but to be fascinated by how small he was. On the other side, Nick was exhausted, he had never felt so turned on before, he simply stopped thinking and let his body act the way it should.

Nick felt asleep because of all the energy he had used, but Maddy wasn´t that tired, so she just laid next to him, watching how he slowly drift into a deep sleep. All that was on her mind now was how cute he looked, he was getting smaller each day, but there was something different in him aside of that. His skin seemed somehow softer, his hair had a certain bright in it, in a way he seemed younger.

“Just watch him sleep, he looks cute as hell, I wonder how small will he get” thought Maddy as she watched him, with a tender smile.

She turned to look at the ceiling and covered both of them with the sheets, she closed her eyes and began to think about all of the things that´ll change in their relationship, everything she´ll need to do from now on, she laid there just wondering.



The sun was now rising in the sky, it was a new day, and Maddy woke up before Nick, in fact she woke up before his alarm, she couldn´t help but stare at him now, at his body, wondering if he had shrunk overnight. She had a serious but sweet look on her face, it was now 6:45 a.m. and Nick´s alarm will wake him up in any minute, so she decided to just lay there and watch him as much as she could.

“He looks sooo sweet, I wonder how he´ll look when he wakes up” she thought to herself. “Maybe I can make him some breakfast, yes, something tasty so that he starts the day well, maybe an omelet”.

The time had come, Nick´s alarm started to beep before she could realize it, and he started to slowly open his eyes, then he let out a small yawn and stretched his now reduced limbs, as he turned, he saw that Maddy was looking at him, and he smiled at her.

“Good morning sleepyhead, did you have a nice sleep?” Maddy asked slowly stretching her hand to caress his cheek.

“I slept find, how about you?” replied Nick while feeling his girlfriend´s hand on his cheek, and then he started to wonder, when was it the last time he shaved? Shouldn´t his chin be hairier? He let go of those thoughts when he crossed glances with Maddy.

Nick got carried away with the beauty of her eyes, it was hypnotizing, she didn´t even had to say a word and yet, Nick could feel the love her eyes radiate, somehow telling him “I love you”. He just laid there for a few seconds before he realized he had to get out of bed, but should he?

 Now Nick couldn´t help but think about what´ll happen when he stood up, he was afraid that when Maddy stood up too he´ll have to crane his neck just to watch her, last night had been amazing, but he didn´t want to be so small, so puny, he was starting to feel ridiculous, what´ll happen when they saw them outside? What´ll other people think?

“Is everything ok honey?” Maddy said as she drove her hand from his cheek to his shoulder. Nick had a strange look on his face, he seemed a little concerned.

“M-Maddy, can I tell you something?” Nick asked shyly with some sadness on his tone.

“Sure honey, what´s the matter?” She said, now a little worried about what Nick may say.

“Do you, do you think this whole shrinking thing will stop?” Nick said with a low dejected tone.

“Aww, you don´t have to worry about it, I´m sure it´ll stop someday” Maddy said driving her hand to Nick´s head and started ruffling his hair.

“But how can I not be worried? Each day that goes by I end up being smaller and smaller, what´ll happen when I can´t even reach your shoulder? Or worst, what´ll happen when I´m shorter than your waist?” Nick had a more aggravated tone now, and now Maddy knew what was worrying Nick, so she needed to handle things and calm Nick a little.

“Well, I guess I´m gonna have to put you in a bag and throw you away” she said with a mockingly, but tried to maintain a serious tone just to trick him. Nick just froze, his heart stopped and he only stared at her with wide opened eyes.

“Hahaha, I´m kidding, god, do you really think I´ll be capable of doing something like that? Just calm down. Get up, go take a shower and I´ll make us some breakfast, ok?” she approached to Nick and poured a kiss on his forehead, as she was rising from bed Nick felt relieved, he knew she wouldn´t do something like that, but he didn’t expect her to say such a thing so suddenly.

Nick was now in the shower and Maddy was in the kitchen making breakfast, but she couldn´t avoid thinking about what Nick said. What will she do when he got shorter? It was a fact that they had no idea what was causing his shrinking or how to stop it, the only thing for sure was that Nick will get smaller.

“What am I gonna do?” She thought to herself. “Right now, I´m able to look over his head, but then he´ll get shorter than my shoulder, and passed that he´ll only get lower and lower” that´s when it hit her.

“Oh my god, then he´ll be the height of a little boy” It was for sure that his shrinking won´t stop until who knows when, but maybe she could take advantage of this, she always dreamt about having a smaller version of Nick, and it was only a matter of time before she gets it.

“Can you imagine how cute he´ll look? Just standing there, watching me from all the way down” She was completely thrilled by that, in fact she couldn´t wait for it to happen, now Nick was 5´1” or maybe shorter, he had already lost over a foot in 4 days.

“At what height will he be the right size? She wondered as she lowered her gaze down and tried to imagine how he’ll look when he was waist height with her, she smiled and blushed a bit with that idea.

The truth was that she had always cared for him, and she always enjoyed those little aspects of his life where he acted a little unmature and childish, but on the outside, he was a 25-year-old man over six foot tall; but now, now he was fulfilling her wishes by going all the way down to where she wanted him to be.

Maddy meant nothing bad, she didn´t want to humiliate Nick by taking advantage of how small he was getting, in fact she only wanted to take care of him, to embrace him on her love, and seeing him slowly get smaller was starting to bring out her maternal side.

“I wonder if my little munchkin would like his omelet” she liked the fact that he´ll become more dependent on her, somehow it meant that she´ll be his everything.


Nick stepped out of the shower, he dried himself and then tied the towel around his waist. He watched himself in the mirror and noticed how small he was getting, each day he stood lower and lower in front of the mirror, it only assured him that the shrinking hadn´t stop.

“Oh my, why is this happening? And why me?” Nick was thinking to himself, analyzing if he did anything different that day, but it was not the case, he only followed his everyday routine.

“The only difference was that it was our anniversary, oh, and that shooting star” Nick said with a low tone just reflecting with himself. He ignored the fact that something different happened when he made his wish, but he completely ignored it, it just didn´t seem logical.

Finally, he walked out of the bathroom and got dressed, he hated the fact that now Maddy´s clothes where so much bigger now, he had to fold the pants hem and the shirt was huge now, he would appreciate if there was something his size around the house, but at the height he was and the fact that Maddy was not a small woman would only mean that the clothes there will be a good deal bigger than the ones he needed. He couldn´t complaint, who´d think something like this will happen?

Nick was now heading to the kitchen, the shoes were so big that it seemed as if he was wearing some clown shoes, he needed to buy some clothes that fit him, but that´ll be after work, right now he needed to join his girlfriend during breakfast, he was depressed by the shrinking and its consequences, but maybe Maddy can make it all better, only being with her calm Nick down.

“It smells delicious, what did you cook honey?” Nick asked walking into the kitchen.

Maddy turned and just let out a little laugh that muddled Nick a little “I made omelets for both of us. And, me I say that you look adorable in those clothes, I can´t believe they´re mine, I mean, it´s as if you were wearing your big brother´s clothes, but don´t get me wrong, it kind of… suits you” said Maddy playfully, she didn´t meant to insult him, but she couldn´t resist it, Nick looked hilarious.

“Well, I think I look stupid with these clothes, I mean, it´s like wearing a tent, I think I´ll need to go clothes shopping later today” added Nick, he didn´t like the fact that Maddy was making fun of him, but he couldn´t get mad, she was just being honest.

Maddy suddenly started approaching to Nick, which only lead him to panic a little; with each step she took, she only rose higher and higher in Nick´s sight, if he wasn´t shrinking he could swear she was growing. Nick stepped back a little, being overwhelmed by how big his girlfriend was rising.

She stood inches away from him, and slowly she guided her arms around his shoulders and brought him closer to her, and now Nick could clearly see that, at this moment, he was level with her boobs, maybe the top of his head reached her shoulders, but now Nick´s sight was filled by her girlfriend´s soft boob flesh; he didn´t mind, as long as she didn´t smother him, in some way, it tranquilized him.

“Well, if you need some clothes we can go to the mall after you´re done working, I´m sure we can find something that suits you better” Maddy said with a gentle tone as she brought his head closer to her chest, she liked the way Nick´s head was now pined between her bosom. It just felt right, as if he belonged there, surrounded by her embrace. She just stood there for a while enjoying the moment.

Nick liked the way her body felt so big now, he hugged her and was amazed by the way her curvaceous body just felt in his now smaller hands, it was as if there was more of her, he just sank in her warm and smooth body, and let go of all the worries that he had; he just turned his head to watch her. She was smiling, her eyes where closed and he knew by the expression she had that she was enjoying it as much as he did. He wanted this moment to last forever, but he needed to go, he needed to be at work by 9:00, and now it was 8:10, so he had to hurry up, he didn´t want to throw away the omelet she made so he decided he´ll eat it up fast.

But now, he was still on her embrace, and he couldn´t help but get a little turn on by it, just feeling the way she fully engulfed his body, he felt tiny, but in some way, he felt protected, as if nothing in the world could harm him, and if there was something that bothered him, he was sure that he could always return into her girlfriend´s arms and be sheltered by her.

“Well, even though I´d love to stay like this the whole day, you have to head to work and I also have some things to do, now it´s breakfast time” Said Maddy as she slowly pulled away from Nick, he wasn´t ready to let go, but he knew it was now or never.

They were now sitting on the table, and Nick noticed that the omelet seemed huge, he started eating but all he could think was that he won´t be able to finish it. On the other side of the table Maddy was enjoying her omelet, when Nick watched her all he could see was that she now rose higher than him on the table, now his chest was almost level with the table top. But he decided to ignore it and just keep up with the breakfast, he then grabbed his mug and took a sip. But something was off.

“I, uh, is this coffee?” he asked Maddy.

“It´s chocolate milk, I think it´s better for you to stop drinking coffee, you don´t need that much caffeine on your whittle body, don’t you think?” Maddy said trying to convince Nick that it´ll be for the best, but somehow, Nick knew it was not a suggestion, it was more as if she was telling him that he´ll never drink coffee. Besides, did she just make a little voice?

By now, Nick was sure that his life will have some changes, some really big changes, but for now he´ll let it go, there were things he could still do, but he wondered how far will Maddy go; it was true that she was really sweet, but never before she had taken coffee away from him, or acted the way she did when she wanted him to tell his boss about his shrinking. Was she going to deprive him from other things?

“Oh, and honey, don´t forget you need to take your vitamins, I placed them next to the microwave, aaaand, before you go, remember we need to take your measurements first” Maddy said with a sweet tone, but still a little demanding.

“Crap” Nick thought, this´ll be a long day.


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Chapter 6 by Mine1234

Nick was now on a cab on his way to work, Maddy insisted that she´ll join him while he waited for the cab in front of their building, he knew she had no need on doing so, but she insisted, she said that she´ll like to spend the most time she could with him, but Nick knew there was other reason inside her mind, but he just didn´t knew what.

During his way to work he couldn´t stop thinking about his new height, now he was 4´11”, not even five foot tall anymore; he just grabbed his phone and tried to distract himself with social media, or maybe some of the games he had on his phone, whatever he did, he needed to stop thinking about his height, which will be hard. Now he was heading to work, and given the fact that Miss Williams was taller than Maddy, and she always wore heels was not something easy to deal with.

“Oh man, why on earth is my boss so tall?” Nick thought to himself. It was true that they used to be almost the same height in the past, but now, now she rose over a foot higher than him. He just hopped that he didn´t have to be face to face with her, and if it was the case, he just prayed that it´ll be while they were not standing.

“Wait, is she? Will she hug me like the other day?” Nick remembered that yesterday she hugged him on his way out, it was just to comfort him, but why had she done that? And most important, will that be a one-time thing? He was not obliged to do it, but it´ll be unpolite to reject that. It was not something very professional to do, but it wouldn´t hurt someone just showing some affection.

Besides, he didn´t liked the way she was acting before she knew he was shrinking, he could feel the tension in the air, and she sure seemed mad, he still didn´t know why but she was mad and for sure mad at him for some reason. But it all seemed to be ok now, in fact she was acting a little more tender than usual, or at least that was the case yesterday, he just hoped that today will be the same.

Finally, Nick got off the cab and opened the door to get inside the building. He still felt ridiculous with the clothes he was wearing, but there was nothing else for him to wear, he just hoped no one will stare at him.

“Hi Nick” said Sam from her desk, waving at him. She stood up as she did and all Nick could see was that at 5´3” she stood a good four inches taller than him; the once petit Sam was now towering over him. All he could think was that this was so unfair, he didn´t mind looking up to her, but why had this happened to him?

“Oh, hi Sam, h-how are you?” said Nick, he was a little ashamed of his height now, but that was not an excuse to ignore her and just pass by without even saying “Hi”.

“I´m find, thanks for asking, but Miss Williams told me about your, ehm, “little problem”, are you okay Nick?” Sam said taking a closer look at him, she walked around the counter and stood next to him.

Now Sam was standing right next to Nick, which made him feel uneasy, he had to look up to her now, also, he was getting late, he watched the clock behind Sam and according to it, it was already 8:57 a.m. there´s no way he´ll make it on time to her office, so he needed to finish the conversation fast.

“Well, you know, it´s weird and everything but, I feel find, for real, the only problem it´s well, the whole shrinking thing” Nick said fast, he was anxious to get out of there and go to his boss´s office, also he felt weird with his clothes, he was constantly pulling his pants and the oversized shoes made him walk funny.

“Did the doctor find out something, are you under any treatment?” Sam said as she placed her hand on his now smaller shoulder.

“Wait, how does she know about my doctor´s appointment, did Maddy told her? No way she has her phone number, maybe it was Miss Williams” Nick thought, trying to find out an explanation to how she was aware of that. “Maybe she can read my mind haha” he tried to keep it cool and let out a little smile.

“I´m kind of patient cero right now, there´s no other case they knew about that´s similar to mine, they send some samples to make some tests, other than that I guess I´ll just live my life as normal, well, except that every day I´ll wake up smaller, but it´s ok” Nick said thinking to himself that it´s not ok, but he didn´t want Sam to get worried for him, just dealing with Maddy was enough, and there´s also Miss Williams who knows about it, but lucky for him he doesn´t live with her.

“I see” responded Sam “Well, if you need anything I´ll be right here, I just hope they can help you with it, or maybe find a cure, who knows, there´s always something new when we talk about medicine” She was trying to be polite and reassure Nick that everything´s find. She had a kind smile on her face with her hands on her back, just looming at Nick.

“Thank you, I appreciate it” said Nick smiling at her “Well, I got to go, I don´t want to be late again” he said rushing to the elevator.

“O-ok Nick, it was nice talking to you, good luck” Sam said waving at him, she had to almost yell it since Nick started walking away very fast. She returned to her desk and started dialing on her phone.

“Hello… yes, he´s on his way there, and also, he´s small… like, super small. I could barely take my eyes off of him… I know right, anyways he´s on his way to your office, he should be there in any minute…You´re welcome, bye” She hung up.


Now Nick was standing on the elevator, he was lucky that no one got inside with him, it´ll be really embarrassing. The elevator opened on Nick´s floor and he rushed to his office´s door, checking at the watch by the water bottle, it was now 9:12 a.m.

“Shiiit, why do I need to be late every time” Nick said to himself getting closer and closer to the door. He couldn´t avoid wondering about what Miss Williams will say to him when he entered.

“I hope she doesn´t want to nag me, I mean I know I should´ve arrived on time, but it isn’t my fault. Although it kind of is, even if Sam didn´t stop me I would´ve been late, maybe just five minutes late, but still” Nick was thinking, now he was right in front of the door, rising his hand to open the door.

“Good morning” Nick said pocking in his head thru the door.

“Oh, Nick, good morning, come in” said Miss Williams from her desk, she didn´t sound mad, in fact she had a kind smile on her face.

She then rose from her sit and approached to Nick as he was closing the door; Nick just turned, he didn´t want to see her face to face, well, more like face to boobs. At the height he was now he was level with her chest, maybe lower since she always wore heels.

He closed the door and then he felt a pair of hands grabbing his shoulders, each of the hands easily engulfed his entire shoulder, he swallowed.

“Well Nick, I think that right now it´s past 9:00 a.m. isn´t it?” she said with a calm tone, “Didn´t we talked about this on Monday? You told me you´ll be here on time from then on, and yet, here we are, it over 15 minutes late for you honey… what should we do about it?” She wasn´t mad, at least she didn´t sound mad, as she slowly rolled Nick so that he was now facing her.

Nick heard everything she said, but what was she expecting him to say? He was speechless, just not wanting to be so close to her, but now he was facing her, he was eye level with her bosom, lucky for him she was wearing a blouse that was buttoned up all the way to her neck, and her boobs were not that big, well now they seemed bigger but it was because he was smaller, although her blouse did seem a little tighter, but he just ignored it.

“Well, what should we do?” She asked again since Nick was not responding. Then he looked up at her and just blinked.

“What´s the matter sweetheart, the cat´s got your tongue?” she said playfully while she started caressing his hair.

“I-I, I don´t know” he replied, he was extremely nervous now, his face started to blush, he felt small, and helpless, what was she going to do to him? For sure he was getting nagged, but why was she so close to him now?

“let´s see let´s see” She said scratching her chin, “First of all, your clothes don´t seem to fit properly, remember that we have to dress professionally. Second, you are not answering your boss properly when I´m asking you a question. And third, and most important, you lied to me when you told me that you´ll always be on time” her tone was calm, she wasn´t yelling or frowning, in fact she was like listing everything casually. Needless to say, that she was nagging him mostly for manners and presentation.

“S-sorry, but it´s not my fault, I haven´t had time to buy new clothes” Nick half yelled trying to look down.

Miss Williams gently pulled his head up so that he was facing her “Well, I understand that, but I cannot let go the fact that you lied to me, you promised me that you´ll change, and here we are. Do I need to remind you that you have to be on time everyday Nick?” she said, now putting her hands on her hips.

Nick was concerned, she had a calm assertive tone, he just waited for her to lose it and start yelling at him, he started to walk back slowly to get away from her, but then she pulled him close to her.

“N-no” said Nick he was starting to shiver a bit, she was so close and so imposing standing taller than him, it made him felt shy and completely helpless, with no one else in the room, she could do with him as she pleased.

“I don´t think that either, but what can we do Nick?” she said now crossing her arms under her bosom, which accentuated her boobs a little.

“It´ll be the las time, it won´t happen again, I swear” said Nick a little desperate.

“I don´t know if I can trust you Nick, I´ve done nothing but letting it slide every time you did something wrong, and yet here we are” she said, now Nick was lowering his head and started looking at the floor, finding nothing but Miss Williams feet and his oversized shoes.

She again placed her hand on Nick´s chin and rose his head so that he was looking at her “I´m not mad sweetheart, don´t worry, but we need to work on this, it´s not very professional to be late that much” she said now caressing Nick´s cheek.

“Y-you´re not?” said Nick, a little surprised.

“No, I´m not, I understand that you must be under too much stress now, and maybe it´s difficult for you to sleep well” she said, Nick felt relieved so he let out a small sigh.

“But next time you´re late you need to call me, or at least text me” she said, and given the fact that she was so close to Nick she just approached, removing any space that could separate them and hugged him tightly.

“I´m sorry if I scared you little one, it´s just that, when you´re late, I sometimes start to worry you know, and now you´re just too small, I wouldn´t like it if you got hurt” she said now rubbing her cheek on Nick´s head, she sounded sincere and just opened up at Nick.

Now Nick was on the warm embrace of another woman, now a days they felt more like amazons than women, but that´s how things will be from now on. Nick was thinking that maybe she was always nice to him because she cared for him, but why would she do that?

Nick wasn’t a jerk, he always tried to be kind and attentive, but there was nothing special in him, why would Miss Williams be so kind to him? That´s something he didn´t know, but what he knew for sure is that she was starting to be more affective to him, which is not a bad thing, but it felt a little weird.

She then let go of Nick and started ruffling his head. “Well, let´s get to work, shall we?” she said with a little smile on her face. “Oh, do you need me to take you clothes chopping? I know a great store downtown” she added, the truth was that she wanted to spend as much time as possible with Nick, she used this “scolding” just to be closer to him; and buying clothes was the perfect excuse to spend more time with him.

“Thank you, but I think Maddy will take me to the mall” he said, but honestly, he´d go by himself when he was done working; he didn´t want to sound rude so he added: “else we could go, it´s just that we already made plans you know, I don´t wanna be rude or anything, maybe some other time” he said trying not to offend her.

“It´s ok honey, if you already made plans with your girlfriend, I won´t step in the way, buuuut, I´d like you to join me during my lunch, and I won´t take a no for an answer on that” she said with a smile pointing at him.

“Ok, sound´s good” said Nick, he knew it´ll be unpolite to reject her invitation twice in a day, and besides she was being kind.

“Ok, we´ll go to the same place we went last time, but god, I´m starving, I just wished lunch time was closer” Miss Williams said as she returned to her desk and Nick turned on his computer.

Nick didn´t mind her invitations, but something inside him just told him it wasn´t right, it was a nice gesture, but having such a relationship was not something he was used to, besides, he seemed to be the only one she invited.


The day went by and now lunch time was only fifteen minutes away, the day had been regular, the only difference was that Miss Williams chit chatted with him asking about his height and the way he felt about getting constantly shorter, Nick kept it professional and answered her questions politely, but it was weird that she was so fascinated about this.

One time she asked him how small he thinks he´ll get, he just said he didn´t knew, but it struck some chords in Nick that she was mostly interested in his height; but who wouldn´t be, to talk about someone´s shrinking it´s not something you can do every day.

“Well, it´s almost lunch time, I think we should go now” Miss Williams said standing from her desk and stretching.

“But, it´s 15 minutes earlier, should we go now?” Nick said.

“Sure, there´s no problem. And don´t worry, I won´t tell the boss” she said winking at Nick, he just laughed on his seat and stood up.

They took the elevator, exited the building and then they were both on Miss William´s car, she drove a red sports car, so it´ll be hard not to get noticed.

As they arrived to the restaurant Nick could feel the eyes of everyone watching him, what could they be thinking? Will they pay attention to him, a puny man with oversized clothes or the fact that Miss Williams seemed huge compared to him, whatever it was, he didn´t like to have all those people focused on him.

They entered and ordered, Nick was surprised that Miss Williams ordered the same thing he did, well, he ordered a burger with fries and a soda, and she ordered the same, only that her burger was double and she ordered an extra side of onion rings.

“I´m really hungry” she said “but I guess it´s because of the treatment I´m on”.

“Oh, are you sick?” said Nick a little concerned.

“Oh, haha, no… I´m not sick or anything, it´s just that I decided to undergo a treatment, but it´s nothing special, you don´t have to worry about it. There´s something I´d like to do, and this treatment will help me with it, but let´s talk about something else, how´s Maddy?” the way she said it sounded a little off, it was true that she didn´t seem ill or something, but, the way she said it, it was as if she was hiding something, and that Nick could tell, but he decided not to ask about it, maybe she´ll tell him whenever she was ready.

“Uhmm, well, good luck with the treatment then, I hope everything comes up as you´re planning” Nick said smiling at her, he was still curious about it, she never mentioned it before, but still, it may not be something of his business, so he let it go.

“Thank you, and I do hope things come out as planned, but so far” she said as she slowly stretched and grabbed Nick´s hand between hers. “So far everything´s coming up very well.” she then smiled and let go of his hand; it felt weird for Nick, but he thought she may just need someone to be with her, to make her company.

Miss Williams was a single woman, so far, she didn´t have any boyfriend he knew about or even some friends; she never talked about anything related to her private life, not even mentioned her family, it was as if her whole life was focused on her job. It all led Nick to think that he was her only friend, that would explain why she was nicer to him and why she always invited him to hang out. Which couldn´t be the case since they have known each other for just a couple months.

Still, Nick knew she saw a friend on him, even though he saw her more as the boss, but she treated him nicely so he decided to give it a try, asides, she never tried to hit on him, so he was safe in that way. And with this whole shrinking thing, he needed to have friends in the world, else, he´d feel alone.


Moments later the food arrived, when Nick saw his burger he was shocked, the last time they went there his food didn´t seem so big, he wasn´t even sure how he´ll eat all that, and on the other side of the table Miss Williams was eating her burger, which was even bigger than his, with extreme delight, it was as if she had been starving for days, completely ravenous, of course she wasn´t chewing like an animal or desperately eating, but her face showed that she really enjoyed the food, and she did gave some big bites.

Nick wasn´t even half way done when she finished her burger, she was now eating her fries. “My god, I think she was really hungry, and to think the last time we came she only ate a salad with tea” he thought grabbing some fries too.

“Oh, sorry, do you want some onion rings sweetheart?” she said with some food still on her mouth, it seemed as if the food had completely caught her attention and she forgot about Nick for a moment.

“Oh, n-no, I´m find, thank you, actually, I´m not sure if I´ll be able to finish this” he said, looking at his plate, he still got a few fries left and a third of the burger, he started to feel nauseous just thinking he had to eat the whole thing.

“Well, I can eat it if you don´t want it” she said, which completely surprised Nick given the fact she already ate hers and still had the onion rings and, well, that´s it, while they were talking, she finished her fried.

“You can have it” Nick said, pushing his plate to her side of the table and feeling relieved. It was true that she was in fact a very tall woman, leaving aside the fact that he was shrinking, maybe she skipped breakfast and needed to eat something.

She devoured everything and still ordered breakfast. Nick felt insignificant, before he´d been able to eat all that… maybe, but now, he could barely eat over half of his burger. It was logical given the fact that now he was smaller, his limbs and organs should shrink proportionally with him. He just hoped this´ll end up soon. Now, everyone and everything seemed huge compared to him. Still seated, he had to look up to watch Miss Williams into her eyes, as he did, she just smiled at him.

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Chapter 7 by Mine1234


Once they were done eating, they left the restaurant and headed back to work. It surprised Nick how much Miss Williams was able to eat, she even ordered a big slice of pie for dessert. Maybe she had always eaten this way, and he didn´t notice because he used to eat a lot more. But still, he was sure she ate that much the last time they were there. But what could he say, he couldn´t say that he thought he ate too much, that´ll be offensive.

He just looked thru the window of the car while she drove them back, he was thinking about what to do next. For sure, he was going to go clothes shopping as soon as his shift was over, but, he couldn´t stop thinking about his shrinking. Will the clothes that fitted today still fit by next week? Was it a good idea to buy new clothes? What was the point if sooner or later they´ll be as baggy as the one´s he was wearing?

But he knew he needed clothes, at least a shirt or two and a pair of pants, and some shoes; it didn´t matter if they were a little tight, he´ll shrink into them in no time. He hated to know it, but the only thing for sure was that tomorrow, he´ll be shorter than today. He wasn´t even sure if he was the same height as he was in the morning.

“Everything ok Nick? You seem to be a little too thoughtful, is anything bothering you?” Miss Williams said as she was driving, not taking her eyes off the road. “Don´t tell me you wanted a dessert too, I asked you twice and you said no” she said joking.

“N-no, it´s not that” Nick replied, “It´s nothing actually, I was just looking at the stores around here” he lied.

“Come on… “ she continued “don´t lie to me Nick, I know a sad face when I see one, what´s the matter honey? You can trust me” she said with a soft tone.

“It´s nothing, don´t worry, it´s something unimportant” he said, trying to hide how hurt he really was, not wanting to expose how desperately he needed to unburden himself. He knew this wasn´t the time.

“Find… “ she said, “don´t tell me if you don´t want to… but I´ll tell you one thing, it´s not healthy to keep those things for yourself, I understand if you don´t want to tell me now, or never. But make sure to tell someone, it´ll be good for you, trust me.” she talked about it as if she knew a lot about how he was feeling. Maybe she had been in the same place he was; of course, she didn´t shrank, but everyone has their own problems.

“Ok” he continued, he was not going to tell her, but he knew that she will listen. It was not that he didn´t trust her, but there was something growing inside him, something that sooner or later, was going to explode; he just didn´t want her to see him so vulnerable. “M-mi… Rachel?” he added.

“Yes?” she said.

“Thank you” he knew he could count on her, and he needed to show her that he appreciated the gesture.

“You´re welcome” she said as if she knew that he valued her advice. She didn´t mind if he didn´t tole her. She could tell he was under a lot of stress and he needed to deal with it on his own way.

Finally, they were back in their office, they entered thru the parking lot from behind so he didn´t saw Sam on his way in. They worked for a while and then Miss Williams had a request.

“Nick, honey, can you be a dear and bring me some coffee, I feel a little tired” he was her assistant so bringing coffee was part of the package.

“Sure, I´ll be back in a sec” he replied heading to the coffee machine in the end of the hall.

He arrived and grabbed a cup, he placed it on the machine and waited for it to fill up. While he was doing so, two women arrived to where he was, they were chatting about whatever they were going to do on the weekend and then one of them said:

“Hey kid, I don´t think you should drink coffee, does your mommy let you?” she said.

The cup was full, so he turned and told them: “I´m not a kid, I work here” he said very offended, those women where not very tall, maybe around 5´4” or 5´6”, but from his point of view, they were really tall.

“Sorry, my bad… “ the lady said in a non-apologetic way, “it´s just that you´re so short, I thought you were just a child.”

“Well, I´m not, I´m a 25-year-old man” he said frowning at her.

“Ok, I don´t need to know your age, but find. Just finish here and head back to work, we also need to drink coffee, so bye bye little tatter tot” she said, the other lady made a gesture as if she had overdone it. However, they were both looking at him from above.

“Find… “ he half-yelled “enjoy your stupid coffee” he said as he stepped out of their sight.

Nick was furious, what a nerve that lady had, she just insulted him because he was small; that wouldn´t have happened if he was still the 6´2” men he was. But now, he wasn´t even five feet tall, no one will take him seriously. He was just a puny-sized men, who´ll get even smaller as time passed.

He took a deep breath and let go of it, this´ll be one of those small battles he needed to lose, and he needed to let go of it. It hurt him but, he needed to forget this; ignore people who, from now on, will treat him as if his opinion didn´t mattered, as if he had no word to say. He just sucked it in and returned to his office with his boss, at least she still treats him like a person.

 He opened the door and said: “I´m back” with a fake smile.

“Well, hello, I thought you were not coming back” she said from her desk.

“Haha, I wouldn´t do that, I can´t just leave, besides, my stuff it´s still here” he continued.

“Well, I guess you´re right… “ she said with a smile, “by any chance, did you bring some cookies or a donut maybe?” she asked.

“I… no, I thought you only wanted coffee, I forgot about it, I guess” he wasn´t expecting her to be hungry, given the fact that she has had lunch less than two hours ago.

“It´s ok, I guess I can wait until Dinner” she said, but she really wanted something sweet, something to eat.

The day went by as usual form there, and at 5 o´clock, he was logging out and grabbing his things. As always, Miss Williams seemed to be a little sad to watch him leave; it was Friday, which means she won´t see him until Monday. She wanted to go with him, but she still had things to do; she couldn´t just leave, although, she could, nothing stopped her, but she couldn´t. “See you on Monday” she said, Nick just echoed her and waved in goodbye, smiling.

Nick took a cab and went downtown, he had a thing in mind, buy clothes that fit him. Right now, it seemed as if he was wearing something he used to wear before loosing weight which, in some way, was the case. He knew he was lighter now, smaller and more self-conscious.

He entered a random store and just took a look before completely coming in. The store was huge, he was sure he will find some clothes to fit him, and some more to fit him in the future. He hated to admit it, but now he needed to buy clothes having on thing in mind, that maybe they´ll fit loose by tomorrow.

“Hello, is there anything I can help you with?” a sales woman from the store said as she approached to him, she seemed to be around his age, only that she was about a foot taller than him.

“Oh, well, I´m looking for something to wear to work… “ he said “as you may see, these doesn´t fit very well” he said pointing at his actual attire.

“No problem, we´ll find something that fits, just follow me, ok?” the girl seemed nice, but she had to be, if she wanted to sell.

He followed her to a corner of the store, where you could find the men´s formal clothes. She searched for some clothes after asking him what colors he liked. Then, she came back with at least five shirts, the tag said they were extra small. He entered the fitting room and just tried them on. He hated the fact that they were a little loose on him, he returned and asked the girl for smaller clothes, in a polite way of course.

When she came back, she was holding smaller shirts, the only thing was that when he grabbed them, the tag said, size 10. “What the fuck?” he thought, “this aren´t even adult´s clothes” he wanted to be swallowed by the earth at that moment. But he had to try them on, and they fit, a little tighter that he would have liked them; if he was going to shrink more, he needed clothes to fit by then.

He returned, picked two of them to keep and asked the lady for a pair of pants and other shirt, a smaller one; which of course was for when he was smaller. He tried everything and then headed to the shoes section. The lady accompanied him all the while, he grabbed a pair of black shoes, and tried them, size 3 shoes, but by this time, he wasn´t surprised.

He was ready to go, and when they both headed to pay for the clothes, the lady made a question, something that insulted Nick, but he couldn´t say he didn´t saw it coming.

“So, is your mom or dad coming to pay for this?” she said it in an attentive way, not meaning to offend him, but he just clenched his teeth and said:

“No, they´re not coming, you want me to tell you why? Because I´m the adult, actually, how old do you think I am?” he asked, trying to make his point.

“Oh, I´m sorry, haha, I thought you were just… never mind” she said cutting herself off.

He just looked at her and took out his wallet. The lady packed the clothes and when she hand him the bag she said: “Come back soon” he just said ok, but he had no intentions on coming back, he just left the store with a huge bag of clothes and a huge grin on his face. Now, he needed to get back home, he wasn´t sure what time it was, but it was already dark outside.

He saw a bus, so he decided to take it to get home as soon as possible, maybe Maddy will make him forget about all this shitty day. He sat and took his phone out of his pocket to check on the time, but his eye brows rose in surprise as soon as he turn it on; he saw that some texts and missed calls from Maddy, and by some I mean a lot. It turns out that his phone was still on silent mode, he does so to avoid distractions as work, but he forgot to rise the volume when he left.

His mind was completely focused on other things, he didn´t have time to check on his phone; if he had, then there won´t be so much calls or messages from Maddy, 29 calls and 5 messages to be precise. He checked some of the messages to see what was going on, they said:

Maddy 4:51:

“Nick, I just called to check on what you´ll like for dinner” the first message said, nothing urgent, just a regular question. Then, things started to get a little more serious.


Maddy 5:32:

“Honey, I called your boss and she told me that you left work at 5 o´clock as usual, if there´s too much traffic please let me know, it´s been half an hour already. XOXO”


Maddy 5:49:

“Ok, I´m starting to get a little worried, I´ve been calling you and you´re not picking up, as soon as you see this message, please call me back. I´ll cook pasta by the way.”


Maddy 6:14:

“Enough! I´ve called you at least a dozen times, I just want to know if you´re ok, please Nick, I´m worried. Call me back. PLEASE”


Maddy 6:48:

“It´s been almost two hours! Please Nick, I´m afraid something happened to you, you haven´t answer yet. Honey, I´m not mad, I promise, but please please please answer. I´m sick worried.”


That was the last message on his phone, now, it was 7:23; he knew he must call her now, so he started to dial her number, but as soon as he did, his phone rang. It was Maddy, he wasted no time and answered the phone.

“Hello” he said, he had a knot on his throat, he knew Maddy could get a little worried whenever she didn´t knew where he was, normally she had called him three or four times, but never before thirty times. This was serious and he felt bad.

“Oh my god, Nick, thank god. Are you ok? Did something happen?” she said between tears, he could hear how worried she had been, “I´ve been trying to reach you for the last two hours.” His heart sank on his chest, he felt guilty, it was his fault that she was feeling that way.

“Honey, listen, I´m ok, don´t worry… it´s just that… “ he hated to admit it but, he fucked up, “I… I forgot to check on my phone, and it was… I… I´m sorry, it´s all my fault” he caused her this, the only thing he could think of now was that he was the one responsible for this.

“Nick! I´ve been worried this whole time, and you´re telling me that you forgot to check your phone?” she was mad now, her tone changed from a teary one to a more drastic one.

“S-sorry, it´s just that, I was shopping some clothes, and I forgot to… “, “What?!” she yelled thru the speaker of his phone.

“You were buying fucking clothes, that´s why you didn´t answer?” she was enraged now, “Didn´t I told you we´ll do that next… forget it, just make sure to arrive here FAST” she said with a stern tone.

It was his fault, he had made her worried for no reason at all, and it was true, she was supposed to go with him to buy clothes; he just wanted to go by himself, to have the freedom to, at least, do that on his own. He just replied: “S-sure, I´ll be there in no time… I´m sorry honey” he said.

“Oh no! I´ll show you what it feels to be sorry, just wait until you come home.” She said and then hung up, leaving him in the bus with a nervous look on his face. He wasn´t sure what was going to happen; she had just panicked for nothing and now, all that stress she had was going to be focused on something else. On him.

He knew Maddy was a loving person, but her other side, the woman she turned into when she was mad, it was something he didn´t wanted to face. The only thing she had done was care for him, and he couldn´t even answer a phone, or text back. He knew all of this was his fault, he decided to go alone to a place and didn’t tell her about it. He wasn´t going to complaint, he deserved it. Whatever she had in mind, he deserved it.

After he was dropped on the bus stop, he walked down to his apartment building and entered the building. He was wondering what´ll happen when he entered, was Maddy going to be sitting on the couch waiting for him? Was she going to be standing by the door? A lot of ideas crossed his mind, but there was one thing he ignored; what will she do?

They have had fights before, they loved each other but sometimes they had their differences; today, it was one of those days. Of course, in the past he had been the one towering over her, but now, now she was the one that´ll be looking at him from above. That´s what he didn´t like, he was sure she was going to be mad, and he wasn´t sure if he was going to be able to take it. He had been carrying a lot of stress lately, and he ignored how he was going to handle this.

After a lot of steps, he was now facing his apartment’s door, he turned the knob and entered the room. There was no sign of Maddy, he felt a little relieved. There was a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen, so he decided to drop his things by the door and go see. There were two plates served on the table, full of pasta and some meatballs. They seemed to be cold now, most likely she had served them a while ago, maybe an hour or so. He felt a little sad, they could be eating next to each other just like any other day, but he messed up. “I should´ve called, or texted, whatever it was, for sure it was better than saying nothing” he thought to himself.

Out of a sudden, a large shadow began to loom over him from behind, he froze right there. “Well, well, look who´s here” it was Maddy stepping into the kitchen.

“Maddy, hi… l-listen, I´m…” he was about to apologize to her, but she just rose one of her eyebrows and put her hands on her hips, she had a furious look on her face.

“What? You´re sorry? I know, but that just doesn´t work” she said, “Do you have any idea how worried I was? I had no sign of you for over two hours, how do you think that makes me feel?” she said with a resentful look on her face. “I was about to call the police, I didn´t know what else to do” she said concerned.

Nick just lowered his head and stared at the floor, just grabbing his hands. “Look at me when I´m talking to you!” she said from above. Nick rose his head, frightened, it wasn´t only the fact that she was mad, she was huge. He wasn´t sure if she had been this tall in the morning, but now, now she was towering over him more than ever before. He could only see her face above her boobs, and she was fuming.

Nick´s lip began to quiver, then, she just rose one hand and pointing at him she said: “I don´t care if the world´s falling apart, I don´t care if you´re on a meeting, if you´re going somewhere, you have to call me first. From now on, when I call you, you´re going to answer, and if you don´t do so, I´m taking your phone away. Why would you need it if you clearly don´t know how to use it.”

Was she serious? Nick knew she was mad, but was she really going to take his phone? She couldn´t do so, he was a grown man and she had no right to do it. He frown at her for a second, but then she leaned down at him, frowning her eyebrows, pressing her lips together and taking a deep breath. He felt intimidated, so his expression turned into a more repentant one.

She stood up and said “Am I being clear?” then she crossed her arms under her boobs.

“Y-yes honey” Nick said sadly.

“Good, and the next time you´re planning on going somewhere by yourself, you call me first; then I´ll decide if you can or cannot go, understood?” she said rising her tone at him.

He wasn´t sure if he listen correctly, did she just said he needed her permission to go anywhere from now on? He just nodded and said: “Ok, I-I will”

“Now go take a shower and then we can eat dinner” she said still mad.

He did as he was told and went into the shower, after picking up the bag on new clothes he bought of course, he had a set of pajamas he was planning on using. He shut the bathrooms door behind him and just sat on the border of the tub. He had his hands on his knees and was looking straight at the floor, then, a drop fell into the bath´s mat, followed by another. Nick´s eyes were filled with tears, although he wasn´t weeping, he was just teary.

He was reflecting, now everyone around him was being so overbearing at him. They didn´t seem to be giving him the respect he deserved. But who could blame them, he was not the man he used to be.

“Fuck this!” he thought, “Fuck this whole shrinking shit, why can´t everything just be the way it was” he just looked up at the ceiling; like expecting an answer, an answer he won´t get.


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Chapter 8 by Mine1234
Author's Notes:

He showered, got changed and then went back to the kitchen for dinner, but it was awkward. As soon as he sat on the table, he could feel the mood just wasnīt right, he could feel something it the air. He wasnīt sure whether to look at Maddy or not, so he just stared at his plate the whole time. Once he was done eating, she just picked up his plate without looking at him and started washing the dishes on the sink.

He knew he messed up, the only thing he had to do was to check on his phone, and he couldnīt even do that; therefore, his girlfriend was terrified in vain. He stayed there, in his sit, wondering what couldīve crossed her mind when he wasnīt there, what could she thought that made her so afraid?

He was sure she cared for him, else, she wouldnīt have worried, she wouldnīt have called. He wouldīve preferred for her not to worry so much, but she was right; whatīll happen if he shrank out of his clothes and got stepped over? No one was sure at what rate he was shrinking, but they had some records, and never before he had shrunk so much. Since they didnīt know what was causing it, it was better not to push his luck.

Maddy finished with the dishes and went straight into their room, he only heard how she shut the door. Now he was alone in the kitchen, just thinking, regretting all he had done. “I shouldīve called…“ he started thinking, “I shouldīve told her I was going to buy clothes, but I didnīt. I didnīt wanted her to stop me from it, to tell me that sheīll go with me” he didnīt wanted her to tell him “No”, he didnīt like the fact that she was going to tell him what to do and what not to. Thatīs why he didnīt told her, but he wasnīt expecting to spend so much time shopping.

He stood up, turned the lights off and headed to his room, never before he had been so afraid of being in a room alone with Maddy. He knew she was still mad, but he didnīt know what to do; could he be sincere and tell her what was going on? Could it be that easy?

He decided not to, heīll carry all this sorrow on his own, at least for now. Itīs not something he should do, but he felt this wasnīt a good time to do it. He sneaked inside the room and closed the door behind him trying not to make any sound at all. Maddy was in bed, turning her back to where he normally sleeps. He got under the covers and laid facing the ceiling.

“Donīt you think that not talking is going to save you from this” Maddy said, he was sure she was asleep, but apparently, it wasnīt the case. “Things are going to change from now on, but thatīs something youīll see tomorrow, good night” she said in a dry way.

Those words stuck on Nickīs head, what did she meant? He watched the ceiling until he felt his eyes shutting and he fell asleep. He was thinking that he may have some dreams, or maybe nightmares about this, but he didnīt; he slept like any other day without any dreams at all, at least that he could recall.

Since it was Saturday, his alarm was off, he could wake up at whatever time he felt like. But today, it was not the case, when he knew it was morning, he just opened his eyes in shock. Maddy had said the night before that thingīs where about to change, but how? Everything was normal, except that Maddy was not in bed next to him.

He checked and it was now 8:04 a.m. normally, he would wake up by 10:00 or 11:00 sometimes, but he didnīt had such a great night yesterday. And he also went to sleep earlier than usual. He stood up and headed to the bathroom to wash his face.

He disliked the fact that now the sink was level with his chest, and he couldnīt see his face on the mirror. He just sighed and followed his morning as usual. He walked into the kitchen and saw Maddy fixing some breakfast. “Good morning” he said.

“Morinī” she replied not turning to look at him.

He knew he must say something, whatever, so he tried to start a conversation.

“How did you sleep?” he asked.

“Fine” it was all she said.

“I slept good too” he replied, he wasnīt sure whether to talk or not, he just wanted to be noticed. Every morning she will just kiss him or hug him; today, he felt as if it would be better if he wasnīt there.

“D-did you dream about anything?” he asked, not knowing what else to ask.

“Not really” she answered with a mad tone.

After that, Nick said nothing more. He just tapped his fingers on the table, the silence was killing him. Then, Maddy turned and placed a plate of scrambled eggs in front of him, she didnīt even look at him. “Thank you” he just said, she didnīt reply.

Now they were sitting on the table in front of each other, in a deep silence. Nick just watched as Maddy started eating, all the while she was looking at her phone, not a single time she glanced at him. Nick felt uneasy, he disliked the idea that he couldīve hurt his girlfriend in such a way, never before she had acted like this. He needed to say something, break the silence, maybe if he opened up to her, then sheīll forgive him; at least not ignore him this way.

He took a deep breath to talk, but before he could say anything, she stood up and left her dishes on the sink. Then she just left, and so did his chance to speak to her. All the while, Nick had not taken a single bite of his food, it smelled delicious, but he just couldnīt; all the regret inside of him just didnīt allow him to. He had to apologize in a proper way to Maddy, else, guilt will eat him away.

He left his breakfast on the table and went to talk to Maddy. He saw she was resting on the couch, he took a deep breath and approached. His heart was pounding right now. She was lying with her face looking at the ceiling, checking on her phone; Nick stood next to her and took a deep breath to encourage himself.

“M-Maddy, can I talk with you?” he said shyly. There was no answer from her, she just continued looking at her phone. But he decided to keep going anyway.

“I… I know I did wrong, and Iīm sorry. I shouldīve called, I shouldīve texted.” She hasnīt turn at all, Nick was starting to feel anxious, but he continued, “I know you were worried and I… I just… I know itīs my fault, I know I caused you too much pain. It was my fault that you were so worried, and… and… I-I… “ he was bad with apologies, and the fact that she wasnīt paying any attention to him just made him feel more nervous.

He felt unwanted, he felt as if sheīll be better off without him there, he was just wondering if she may want to be alone, but that only remind him that he was the one who wanted to be alone in the first place. But now, now that he was “alone”, now that she was ignoring him, he didnīt liked it.

“Can you look at me… please” he said, his eyes began to fill with tears. The truth was that he didnīt wanted to be alone, he just wanted to be as independent as he had been before, but he had to understand that he couldnīt; his life was going to change, and the way people treated him was also going to change. Now, he was begging Maddy for her attention.

“I… I know I did wrong, and Iīm sorry… but please, please donīt ignore me… I-I need you” he said between sobs. “Everyoneīs been treating me different, and I didnīt want to say this but… “ he knew that it was now or never, so he said it, without thinking twice, “I know… I know that if things are bad… if… if Iīm having a bad day, youīll be there. You are the only one who has always been there for me. P-please Maddy, I canīt withstand all this by myself” he said dropping some tears on the floor.

“Y-you think you canīt… “ said Maddy with a tearful look, “What about me? What about all that time I was just sitting here trying to figure out where were you? What about all those tears I shed because I thought I was not going to see you anymore? What about that Nick?” she said with a heartache.

Nick just rose his head, shutting his eyes hard as tears began to flow from them. “Donīt think that crying will make it easier” she continued, “I care for you Nick, donīt think for a moment that I donīt, but youīre just being selfish, youīre just… just… augh” she said harshly, she was mad at Nick, she really was, but seeing him there, standing so small and with tears on his face, it just abated her anger. She felt the need to embrace him and relieve his pain.

But she couldnīt, she was sure that if she showed her soft side, he will always plead for that side. She was going to show him, show him that he couldnīt just do as he wished, he couldnīt just wander around town all by himself; at least not anymore, at his current size, she feared that something could happen. She needed to be strict, set the rules, he couldnīt just do whatever he wanted without even telling her. Their relationship was about to change, and the sooner he accepted that, the better.

She just grabbed his chin and look at him in the eye saying: “Now, listen to what Iīm going to tell you, ok?” Nick paid close attention at her, he felt better, at least now she was talking to him, and whatīs more, he could feel her soft fingers on his chin.

“I love you Nick, youīre the person I love the most in this world, thereīs no one else for me; but you need to understand that I cannot tolerate this, you hurt me Nick, I was here for over two hours, just begging for you to come back, for you to be safe” he was speechless now, he knew he had messed up.

“Iīll forgive you… but under one condition, from now on, youīll do as I say. The only way I can forgive you, for real, is if you leave all that ego of yours, all those ideas that youīre still the big man you used to be… “ she said as she rubbed his shoulder.

Nick was petrified, his face had turned into one of deep harrow. What his girlfriend was telling him was that, from now on, he was supposed to let go of the little freedom he still had; he was not going to be able to maintain any bit of the independency he used to have. His mind focused on one thing, she was going to dictate the rules from now on, for everything he wanted, everywhere he needed to go, she was the one who was going to have the last word. It wasnīt right, he was an adult, he was supposed to take his own decisions, not her.

He stood there, seeing how she was waiting for his response, but he couldnīt answer; the answer she was expecting was not the one he wanted to give, she basically wanted to sovereign over him, and he didnīt like the idea.

“You donīt have to answer right now” she said in a low soft tone, “I know itīs not something easy, so I understand you may need to take some time to think” she felt a great pain in her heart, but if she wanted this relationship to still work, she must set some rules. “But please, just understand that, this is all for your own good” she said placing her hand on his head.

Nickīs heart sank on his chest, he had a bitter taste on his mouth, why do people constantly feel the need to diminish him? He was in complete despair now, just staring at Maddyīs face. She had a little smile on her face, but her eyes showed the heartache in which she was on. He needed to think, was this really what he wanted? He turned and walked away as he got inside his room, he closed the door behind him, leaving her alone in the living room; Maddy laid back down on the couch and covered her face with her hands as a pair of tears ran down her cheeks, she regrated all this, but if Nick loved her, then heīll take the right decision.

Nick sat on the floor next to his bed, as if he was hiding, trying not to be seen by whoever entered their room. He sat with his knees bend and his arms resting on them; his head was lying over his arms. This was a hard decision for him, to let go of everything he had worked for, all his independency will be gone, and heīll depend on his girlfriend for every choice he made from now on.

He rubbed his eyes with a hand and thought to himself: “What if sheīs right, I mean, maybe not about asking her for permission; but, wouldnīt it be better if she knew where I am?” he tried to negotiate with himself, maybe she was not going to do this forever, just for a while, until she completely forgives him. Maybe then, things can go back to normal. “But how normal can things be?” he knew that heīll keep shrinking, and the smaller he got, the less sheīll trust him to be alone.

“Why!?” he asked, “why is this happening to me?” he needed an answer, he knew that all this only meant one thing, he was going to depend on Maddy for everything; he didnīt mind her company, in fact, he loved being with her. But, sometimes, he wanted to be alone, just wander around town, do whatever he wanted. If he chose to do as Maddy said, then those days will be gone forever.

He will depend on her to get out of the house, to visit places, maybe even on how he spends his money. He didnīt like the idea, but he knew that if he wanted to make amends with her, then he needed to accept her conditions, show her that heīll be willing to change, that heīll accept whatever she said, as long as heīs with her. He decided to accept, still wondering whatīll happen in the near future.

Nick stayed there for a while, in the meantime, Maddy appeased herself, she decided to give Nick a second chance. She knew that she may have over reacted when he wasnīt answering, but what else could she do, thereīs a few things they knew about his shrinking, so she didn’t like it for him to be alone so much time. She took a deep breath and headed towards their room, to see if he had already made a decision. No matter what he chose, sheīll listen; she couldīve been mad, but no matter what, in the end she will always look for him. She knew that now, he needed her more than ever, even if he couldnīt admit that.

“Nick, honey?” she said as she opened the door, “where are you… oh, there you are” she saw him as she walked in, he was still hiding next to the bed, Maddy bent down and caressed his shoulder, “Have you made a decision?” she asked, Nick rose his gaze and, even though she was kneeling on the floor with her back arched, she was still a head taller than him. He saw how she looked at him from above, reminding him how small he truly was.

“Y-yes” he said.

“Ok, what have you decided?” she asked waiting for him to speak.

After a couple seconds of silence, he spoke, letting out his answer: “I… I choose… “ all the while he saw how her eyes were full of hope, he knew what answer she was waiting for, and even though that wasnīt what he truly wanted, he gave in. “I… Iīll do whatever you say” he said feeling defeated, he was allowing her to make the decisions, all the decisions, including his. It will be no longer the relationship they had where each of them had a say, now, sheīll be the one in charge; whether he likes it or not, sheīll be in charge of him from now on.

She knew he was sad, that he didnīt want this, so she needed to be kind with him. “Itīs ok honey, donīt be sad, I wonīt force you to do things you donīt want” she said ruffling his hair, “I assure you that Iīm going to take good care of you, this will only allow me to do it better, remember, Iīm doing this for both” he felt as if she was only doing this for herself, but if this decision was going to make things easier for him, he needed to do it.

He just gave her a smile, even if he still felt some sorrow on his chest, but heīll pretend everythingīs fine. “Now… “ she started, “why donīt we go measure you, itīs almost 11 oīclock and we havenīt taken your measurements” she said as she rose from the floor. He followed her, only that now, he was looking straight at the middle of her back. The top of his head didnīt even reach her shoulder level.

He followed her from behind, all the way to the kitchen, and he couldnīt help but to stare at her butt a couple times; it was immense, she had always had a curvaceous figure, but from this angle, at his height, she was stunning. He realized that, as time went by, heīll be closer and closer to her butt, and itīll also mean that itīll be bigger and wider. As if she was expanding, but in reality, he was the one shrinking.

“4ī6”… “ she said checking on the tape measure, “well, actually a little taller than that” what else could he expect? Everything was changing except the fact that he was still going to shrink. He wondered if this couldnīt stop, at what point will he be able to maintain the same measurement in two days in a role, he wasnīt even sure if he woke up that tall in the morning or taller. Whatever it was, he will just move on, the only constant thing in his life was the shrinking.

Maddy wrote it down and seeing him so depressed she decided to sheer him up. “Why donīt you come with me… I have something I want to show you” she said beaming at him. He couldnīt lie, the fact that she was now talking to him like usual, it made him happy. So, he followed her as they went down the stairs, he didnīt remember the steps being so distant from each other, he wasnīt even half way thru and he already felt as if he needed a break, he was tired of having to hurry, she was easily leaving him behind.

They exit the building thru the back door, where the parking lot was. “Why would she want me to come here?” he asked himself. The only reason why they have gone there was to get a short cut to the minimart on the other block. “Come on” she said excited. He walked behind her, seeing how her steps were so much longer than his now. “Ta da!” she said as she stood there pointing her hands towards a car.

He was confused, so he asked: “Uhmmm, whatīs with the car?” he said, he wasnīt catching it.

“Well, itīs our car dummy, I bought it yesterday” his eyebrows just rose, it was a white sedan, a simple car, but it was better than not having a car. “I… I wanted to tell you last night, at dinner, but… uhmmm… never mind” she said as she cut her sorrow with a smile. He knew there was still a wound inside her for all that she went thru last night. But heīll fix it, in time, heīll make it up to her; in some way.

“Starting Monday… “ she cheerfully continued, “Iīm going to drive us to work, Iīll drop you first and then Iīll head to my job. Although, when I come to pick you up, well, you may wanna stay inside for a little while, remember that sometimes I get a little busy… but Iīll call you as soon as Iīm outside.” Well, he had to see that coming, now, heīll leave the house with her in the morning and come back with her. At least he could save some money not paying cabs or buses.

Another good thing is that they had the same schedule, they both worked on a none to five jobs, which meant that sheīll drop him early and pick him up a little later than usual. But he couldnīt complaint, itīll save them both a lot of time, but hold on; “Maddy, how did you pay for the car?” he asked.

“Well, I had a little loan from the bank, but donīt worry, the car wasnīt that expensive. Weīll pay for it in a sec, youīll see.” Where had he been the whole time she did this? He must admit that she was a proactive person, and she was on vacations, so she had a lot of free time. But he couldnīt help to think: “Ok, so, this may be one of those changes, but, what else can she have in mind?”


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Chapter 9 by Mine1234
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone! Hereīs the new chapter, which I hope you enjoy. And also, Iīve posted a new story on my patreon; itīs called "Hi...Neighbor". This story taags are similar to the ones on this story, but my new story will include shrinking by breastfeeding. Iīll post the story here later on, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

They hopped in the car, she told him about all the fancy features the car had, the truth was that this was not just whatever random car, she had made sure to buy a car that offered the most for a convenient price. She always made sure to take decisions carefully, on the contrary, Nick wouldīve bought whatever he liked the most, making sure the car was fast and powerful. But she chose what was best, a car they could afford and maintain, the car had to have everything; and also, the pieces shouldn’t be expensive to replace and it shouldnīt consume much gas, together with other things she had written down on a list.

Maddy was a very meticulous woman, when it came to big decisions, she made sure to check on everything. Nick just sat on the passenger sit, listening how she explained all the things she liked of the car; he didnīt care much, he was never going to drive it, she wouldnīt allow him at his size, but he liked the way she was happy. She talked with a big fascination and a huge smile on her face, she was content now, and thatīs all he cared for.

He was just fooling around with the window, turning it up and down, when he felt Maddyīs hand scratched his head. “I know I may have been a little too worried Nick, but trust me, I only did it because I care for you, you know that right?” she said with a resentful tone. Nick just watched her without saying a word, right now, he needed to hear what she was going to say.

“Itīs just, you know… youīre getting too small, your head doesnīt even reach my shoulder anymore, itīs just a matter of time for you to go all the way down to four feet… “ he didnīt like that what she said was true, he wouldīve preferred if she didnīt mention his “condition”.

“I… I canīt take it, I donīt know whatīll happen if you get hurt… “ she said with a more concerned tone, “I need to take care of you now Nick, I need to be with you at all times. You can still go to work, I accept that, but I need to look after you from now on” he wasnīt sure where she was going with this, he knew that she just wanted to make him understand that she cared, thatīs why she acted that way. But deep down, he was worried for what she could say, what was she going to do?

“Iīm sorry if you donīt like it but, “ she said as she grabbed the steering wheel “Iīm going to be more strict from now on, I donīt wanna be mean or anything, itīs just that… I was really worried yesterday, I really thought you were not coming back… “ she said as her eyes turned a little red and their underside fill with tears. “Thatīs why, from now on, you canīt leave the house alone, Iīll drop you at work in this car and Iīll pick you up after. Iīm gonna need you to wait for me inside, Iīll give you a call when I arrive so that you can come out.”

Nick didnīt like the idea, he was hoping she trust him enough to know that heīll be ok if he had to come home on his own, but apparently, he had lost her trust on him. “B-but, are you like… always?” he asked.

“Yes honey, always, you wonīt leave the apartment if Iīm not with you, thatīs the only way I can guarantee youīre safe. Iīm the only one who can look after you properly. And if thereīs any need, Iīll dictate who takes care of you” she said, announcing how things were going to be.

“Wow wow wow, what do you mean? Iīm like, Iīm a grown man you know, I donīt need anyone to take care of me” he said a little agitated.

She took a deep breath and said firmly: “Thatīs not up to you, at least not anymore, I told you, if you want me to forgive you, if you want this relationship to work, you need to do as I say; and understand that, Iīm the one in charge” she said leaning over him and pointing at herself.

“But, but thatīs not fair” he exclaimed, he disliked all of this, why does she feel the need to diminish him, he had gone shopping and everything came up find, why would she need to worry?

“Whatīs not fair, mister” she yelled, “is that you still think you can do as you please, canīt you see? Donīt you realize that youīre too small already… and youīre only getting smaller, every day that goes by, you wake up smaller than the day before, itīs just a matter of time for you to be completely dependent on someone else” she was hysterical.

“And thatīs me, whether you like it or not, Iīm the only one you can turn to, tell me, who else is going to take care of you?” she asked trying to make him understand.

He had no one in mind, she was the only one he wanted to be with, she was his everything; he knew it, and was sure that by now, she also did. But it just wasnīt right, he was going to be like a prisoner in his own apartment, the only place he could go alone was work and after that, heīll need to be with her the whole time. He didnīt dislike the idea, but how was she going to act from now on? Will she be the same or… was she going to be all over him the whole time?

There was a risk in this, he was sure she was a sweet person, but as he shrank, he realized that she was not always so sweet; now, she was acting as a more severe person, this side of her, was something he didnīt like at all. He just look straight at her, saying nothing.

“And donīt give me that look… “ she said, “from now on, your actions will have consequences, and if you donīt like it, well… too bad.” Those were her last words. After that, they returned to their apartment, both were pissed at each other, but a part of Nick was worried.

Things had got a little better, but after this, it wasnīt sure if they were going to make amends so easily. Nick entered the apartment and locked himself on his room, Maddy noticed and said:

“Iīll give you five minutes, you have five minutes… after that, if that doorīs not open… oh boy, youīll regret it!” she was beyond mad right now, he knew it.

Nick was furious, there was no way in the world he will open the door, but that was before; at his current size, he hated to admit it, but he was actually scared of what she could do. She had never been mad for so long before, and what were those consequences she talked about? What could she do? will she hurt him like, physically? He was unsure about this, but he didnīt know what else to do, he locked himself because he didnīt want to see her, at least for a while until things cool down.

She sat on the couch thinking: “who does he think he is? Canīt he see that this isnīt right, he needs me… besides, Iīm not doing anything wrong, I didnīt say he couldnīt go out, I only said he needed to be with ME to go out… could that be what bothers him?” she knew what he did was stupid, he needed to let go of his pride, he wasnīt a full grown man anymore, he couldnīt be alone the way he used to do.

“God, why do I need to be the bad on here? I just want to hug him, cuddle with him, just… just… I just want to protect him, canīt he see it?” she felt as if she was right, but she needed to understand that this was something new for Nick, he was used to do whatever he felt like without depending on no one for the past years, now, all his freedom, all his liberty will be revoked from him.

“A 25-year-old man shouldn’t ask his girlfriend for permission to go somewhere” he thought sitting on top of the bed. His arms were crossed over his chest. Then he laid on bed extending all his limbs, he could feel how their queen size bed was huge, even if he extended his arms all over, he couldnīt feel the end of it, on either side.

He turned and grabbed his phone from the night table. “All for this stupid phone, just for not turning the volume up. FUCK!” he thought, he unlocked it and checked on it, just in case. He was surprised to find a message from his boss, Miss Williams. He decided to open it, it said:


Miss Williams 10:12:

“Good morning Nick, I hope youīre enjoying your weekend. I was checking on some papers, but itīs too boring without you here in the office, maybe I should make you work on Saturdays too, haha, just kidding. How are you honey? What are you doing?”


It was weird, never before she had texted him on weekends, actually, she had never texted him at all; she had called him to ask him about some papers or to let him know pick up some stuff on his way to work. It was something really odd for her to text just to check on him, in a way, he felt good. He liked the idea that she cared, at least thatīs how he felt when he read the message.

All of his rage decreased, his frown disappeared and now he was just looking at his phone with a neutral look. He stood there for a couple seconds, wondering how to reply to her message. He knew he needed to calm down before writing anything, if he was still mad, he could end up transmitting the wrong message. He inhaled deeply, then exhaled, and started writing.


Nick 10:53:

“Good morning to you too, Iīm find, just lying in bed doing nothing, how about you? Is there a lot of work to do?”


He just sent the message and dropped the phone next to him, and then.

*BEEP**BEEP* His phone received a text within a minute, it was Miss Williams again.


Miss Williams 10:54:

“Hello dear, Iīm glad you answered. Well, thereīs not that much work actually, maybe I can wrap everything up early and head back home. Howīs Maddy by the way? Is she lying next to you?”


He was starting to calm until she asked for Maddy, it made him remembered why he was there in the first place, he wondered, whether to tell her or not about his not so good morning. He had his doubts, will it be ok? He couldīve just lied about it and tell her she was find, but she had her number, whatīll happen if she asks her directly? That couldnīt happen, but what if it does?

His mind was full of paranoic thoughts right now, could these two women conspire against him? It will be too crazy, but he decided that itīll be better if he told her about it, besides, she has been very supportive to him lately, maybe she can give him some advice.


Nick 10:55:

Well, actually, Maddy and I had a fight this morning. It all started last night, things cooled down a bit, but now, Iīm in our bedroom and sheīs on the living room. I feel bad.”



Miss Williams 10:56:

“Awww, honey. Do you want me to call her to check?”


He immediately replied


Nick 10:56:

No no no, itīs ok, I can take care of that, but, do you have any advice?”


Miss Williams 10:58:

“Have you told her how you feel? I donīt know why you two were fighting, but I assure you that if you open up to her, and tell her how you feel, sheīll understand.”


He was reading it, when another message arrived.


Miss Williams 10:58:

“When she called me the other day, I could tell she cares for you, she really does, you only have to let her know how much you appreciate that. You donīt know how hard it is to find someone who loves you the way she does”

“Make sure to let her know you appreciate everything she does for you. If you need anything else, just give me a call, ok? Bye bye pumpkin”


That was her last message, and it was true. He had tried to open himself to her, but he didnīt told Maddy the whole thing. Deep inside, he had some thoughts, some ideas that terrified him, the real reason why he didnīt wanted to let go of it and do as she said was that he was scared that she will no longer see him as a person, as his boyfriend, he loved her and he didnīt wanted all to change into something bad.


Nick 11:00:

“Thank you, Iīll tell her. I really appreciate your support, youīre the best”


He sent it. Little he knew that those words, that could not mean much to him, meant a lot for Miss Williams, just the fact that he decided to answer her texts made her day; and that he followed her advice, it filled her with joy; when she read his last message, she had a sweet warm feeling inside.



Maddy was standing outside their bedroom, and by the way she knocked, he could tell she was mad. “Open up, itīs been over five minutes!” she demanded.

Nick stood up and rushed to the door, thinking what heīd tell her; he needed to apologize, and do it for good, not just whatever apology he had already give her, this time, he had to mean it. He had to let go of all and just focus on what he still had, her. If he decided to play it as the man he used to be, then thereīll be a possibility of losing her, for good. If he wanted to have a solid relationship, or at least, have a working relationship, he needed to find a way to get into a commitment with her.

He opened the door and crane his neck to look up to her, he could see she had a huge frown on her face. He just grabbed his thumb with his other hand as she said: “So! Are you ready to admit Iīm right?” she asked putting her hands on her hips and looming above him.

He just lowered his head and started looking at the floor, trying to find a way to tell her, let her know he was willing to follow her, but deep inside, he wanted to keep some dignity; he needed to know he was able to have some freedom, even if it was not the case. He just wanted to pretend that an aspect of his life was still normal, that he was still a man and sheīll respect that.

“What?! Youīre not going to talk to me anymore? Thatīs how you want things to be from now on, huh?” she was leaning closer to him, she was about to lose it, if he didnīt answer, then sheīll be forced to take some actions, maybe some physical ones.

“C-can we talk for a moment?” he said as he looked back at her and pointed to the bed.

“Sure…” she stated, “but if this is another of your fake apologies where you get to say whatever I want to hear and then tell me to fuck off, then I donīt want to hear it” she had a mean look on her face when she said that, but inside, her heart was filled with pain, she felt like he was playing some kind of game, only lying to her.

“N-no, this time, I… I want to talk to you, seriously” he said while he sat on bed, feeling how his heart winced inside his chest.

And when she sat, he stumbled, being dragged closer to her. She was now taller and heavier than him, so his small frame was dragged by the force she applied on bed. He sat straight again and said: “Maddy, I… Iīm going to be completely honest with you… Iīm scared… Iīm afraid of whatīs happening to me, every night, I go to bed thinking about whatīll happen tomorrow, my clothes wonīt fit, people will stare at me, no one will take me seriously never again!” he said as his heart quickened. “I need you, I know, believe me… at the end of the day youīre the only person who will always cares for me in your own tender way. And I know your intentions are good, that youīre a pure soul, but… itīs just…” she was looking at him the whole time, first mad, but then, she started to pay more attention to where he was going with all this, she had decided that thisīll be his last chance, and no matter what he chose, sheīll do whatīs right.

She let him continue, waiting in silence, letting him speak his heart out. “I donīt want things to change between us… I know I screwed up things very often, I know Iīm not the man you need… that, sometimes Iīm messy and get distracted… but youīre always there for me, even if I donīt deserve it, even if no one else will give me another chance, youīre there.” He said dropping some tears, “I know youīre too good for me… I donīt know why youīre still with me, you could get someone better, someone that proves to you heīs the man you need, not a fool like me.” He then grabbed his hands and set his gaze away from her.

Now, his lip was trembling, and with all his will, he maintained his composure and told her: “But I promise… I promise that Iīll change, Iīll become the man you need, the one you deserve… but I canīt do it if youīre… youīre… I canīt do it if I canīt be an independent person, if Iīm supposed to be with you the whole time, then, I wonīt be able to surprise you, to go by myself and look for something that makes you happy, I will no longer be able to go out and bring you something you need, I… the only thing I can do for you, is to surprise you, to go outside and look for a way to bring the joy back to you when youīre sad, get something to eat when youīre hungry, go get a present for you just because I know the one thatīs getting a gift itīs me, every day that Iīm with you… and if Iīm not able to do it, then, thereīll be no reason for you to stay with a loser like me, because I know Iīm not worth a thing, Iīm just, a waste of space, and the more I shrink, the… the less Iīll be able to… to provide” he broke into tears there, he couldnīt take it, deep inside, what he feared the most was to become dependent of her, and get her tired of him.

 She just grabbed his hand and turned at him, with teary eyes, and told him: “I… I wonīt leave you Nick, I don’t care if you canīt go buy some stuff, I donīt care if you canīt drive our car and buy me flowers or chocolate. The only thing I care for, itīs you, and only you. I fell in love with you because of who you are, because youīre honest, spontaneous and I feel happy when Iīm with you, when I see you, that brings joy to me…” she brought him closer to her and hugged him tight with a single arm, “The only thing I donīt want, the only thing that scares me, is losing you… so donīt worry for whatever you wonīt be able to do, Iīll do whatever you need, the only thing I want is… you, I want to be with you… now and always” then she kissed him and embraced him with both arms, squeezing him tight. He began to cry, pouring tears all over her chest.

He was sobbing over her while she caressed his back, trying to say: “Itīs ok, let it all out”. He pushed back a little and said: “I… I love you”, “I love you too” she said as she wiped a tear from his face with her thumb. They stayed there for a while, he knew she wonīt leave him, and she knew that the only reason he so desperately wanted to keep things as they were, was because he wanted to make her happy.

She knew she needed to find a way to convince him that, the only thing he needed to do to make her happy was to be himself, and let her take care; take care of everything, he wouldnīt need to worry about anything else, she knew thereīll be some changes, but instead of imposing herself, sheīll persuade him to accept those changes. And the first thing that may need to change, will be his job; the only thing she was unsure about, was if he could still work.

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Chapter 10 by Mine1234
Author's Notes:

Hi there, hereīs the next chapter, I hope you enjoy :D

They both rested in bed, hugging each other for a while. They had made amends and now, the only thing they wanted was to be as close as possible to each other; there was nothing to do all day, so they had time. Nick turned to look at her, just watching how happy she was; finally, she got what she wanted, to embrace him with all her love, then she saw how a little sorrow was drawn in his face.

“Donīt be sad, Iīm not mad, I promise” she said as she smiled at him, caressing his cheek.

“I know, but… I feel bad” he said turning to the side with a guilty look on his face.

“Donīt feel bad, look at me Nick… I forgive you” she took him by the chin and gently turn his gaze at her. He saw her in the eyes and he knew she meant it when she said she forgave him, but he still felt some guilt churning inside him. As she laid there smiling at him, he just felt down, and he wasnīt sure why. But he smiled anyway.

“Come on Nick, what do I have to do to…” then her phone rang, she extended her arm and grabbed it. “Hello?” she answered.

Nick was confused, who could be calling? Maybe it was from her office, or some friend? He wasnīt sure. She stood up and left him there, laying alone in bed; he turned his head, following her until she came out of the room. As if she didnīt want him to know who was it, or why they were calling.

He decided to check, he peeked his head out of the room and could hear some of the conversation. He didnīt like to spy on her this way, but he was curious, for some reason, he felt the need to know, to find out what she was up to; not that he thought she was planning something bad, but he just needed to know what she was doing.

“No, not at all…” she was saying, “yes, we had a little fight, but everythingīs ok now… Iīm sure about it, you know, heīs a little sweetheart, but sometimes he gets a little stubborn…” She was talking about him, that was for sure, but with who?

“He did? Really?” She said as Nick was wondering “He who?”. “Well, thank you for all… yes… ok… aha… sounds great. Ok, now Iīve got to go, but actually, thereīs a little something Iīd like to ask you… No no, I donīt want to take any more of your time, Iīll call you later to let you know… I appreciate that, bye” he didnīt catch a thing about what she was talking about.

She just turned, looking straight on his direction, he tried to hide inside the room fast, but he was sure she had seen him. He didnīt want her to know that he was watching her from the other side of the room. He jumped over the bed and covered himself with the sheets, trying to look casual, as if he had been there the whole time. Then she came in.

“Sorry for that… now, where were we?” she said as she leaned and crawled over the bed next to him. He felt her weight over the bed, with every move she made, he shook a little over the bed, not that she was fat, but he wasnīt sure by how much more she overweighted him, maybe they should take those measurements too.

“So, did you heard what I was talking about?” she asked him playfully, poking on his nose with her index finger.

“W-what, no! I was just laying here, how could I hear anything?” he lied, heīd feel really embarrassed if she found out, but apparently, she did.

“Haha, donīt try to hide it, I saw YOU… relax, itīs ok, itīs normal” he wasnīt sure what she meant with “normal”, but, judging by her reaction, she wasnīt mad.

“Ok, I was watching, not that I don’t trust you or anything, but I just, I… I donīt know…” he said, and it was true, his body was carried all the way there on his own, not for a second, he thought about doing it; by the time he realized what he was doing, he was already on the door frame checking on her.

She just stood there contemplating his body for a while, like eating him up with her eyes. He wasnīt sure why, he just turned back and forth, meeting her eyes and then looking away. She just leaned and laid next to him, then she embraced him again between her arms, and said to his ear:

“Do you want to know who it was?” he did, he so desperately did, he was sure part of the conversation was about him.

“Uhmm, y-yes… but only if you want to tell me” he said trying not to look so desperate.

She just smiled at him and said in a calm way: “Well, it was your boss, apparently, a little someone told her about our fight…” she said walking her fingers over his reduced chest, “aaand, she just wanted to check on… well, she asked how I was feeling but, Iīm pretty sure she wanted to know how you were” he just opened his eyes wider, why would Miss Williams call her if she wanted to know about him?

“Itīs funny, it seems as if your boss wants to check on you, but thru me haha… should I be worried?” she said in a sardonic way.

“I… uhm, well, itīs…” he couldnīt say anything, he didnīt know the reason why Miss Williams called her, but he felt as if she wanted an answer, he rose his knees beneath the sheets, as if trying to protect himself.

“Haha, Iīm kidding, thereīs no need to answer that, where you really thinking I could come up with that kind of idea? Chill out, you know Iīm not the jealous type…” she continued coming closer to him, “besides, I know we have something really special here, and Iīm certain you know it too.” She saw him into his eyes as she said that.

Nick stood there for a moment, just contemplating the shine in his eyes, he felt something only by seeing her, as if there was no one else, no other person but the two of them; and not only in the room, when she saw him like this, he felt as if they were the only two people in the planet, just destined to be together. But there was something else, when she left, for some reason, he felt the need to be with her. To search for her, as if now, for some reason, he needed her.

“I love you” he simply said, kissing her in the lips.

“Awww, I love you too honey pie, and you know that Iīm always going to love you” she then hugged him, but this time, she hugged him tight; he felt as if his lungs were about to pop up from all the pressure, so he just coughed a little and she let go.

“Sorry, guess Iīm a little too strong for you now” she laid back and allowed him to breath.

After that, they got up and started checking on lunch, well, actually it was Maddy the one who got in charge of it; Nick just sat on the couch watching TV, he offered his help, but she said it was ok if he went to do something else in the meantime. He just searched for something to watch, but he couldnīt find anything that caught his attention, the only thing that actually did, was his girlfriend. He stood there for a while, just watching how she went from side to side on the kitchen, chopping, pouring and overall, cooking. He watched how her clothes enveloped around her curves, watching how the shape of her butt was reveled beneath the thin layer of fabric; he was hypnotized by her, without knowing it, her body held some kind of power over him. Nick only turned when he felt his member poking on the arm of the couch, he swallowed and turn back at the TV, feeling somehow nervous.

For some reason, it felt wrong to look at her in that way, to watch her from far away without her permission; she was his girlfriend, but in a way, it just didnīt felt right. He was not the kind of men who ogles at women, but now, he felt the need to do it. There was something he was searching for, he just didnīt knew what.

“Lunchīs ready” she said stepping out of the kitchen and removing her apron.

He heard her and hoped off of the couch, when he walked into the kitchen, everything was served. There were two plates on the table and a pair of glasses with something to drink; both plates had the same amount of food, which worried Nick a little, he wasnīt sure if heīd be able to eat it all up. The menu for today was cordon bleu chicken with mashed potatoes, and some broccoli; to drink, a glass of soda, nothing very fancy, but it made the trick.

“Wow, it looks delicious” he said.

“Why thank you hon, I knew youīd like it, just let me know if you want more, ok?” she said as she sat and grabbed her fork. But he knew that there wonīt be a need to serve him again, he wasnīt sure if there was enough room inside him for all this food.

He started eating, at least he could eat a big part of this delicious food, so he began, starting with the chicken.

“Nick, I have something to tell you, well, I shouldīve told you before, but I guess, better later than never.” He turned to watch her as she spoke.

“Well, when Rachel called me, she said that she was going to… uhm… take a week off from work, starting on Monday” he was listening, but he wasnīt sure what heīll do without her on the office, Miss Williams was the one who assigned him his daily tasks, without her there, he wasnīt sure how to proceed.

“While sheīs gone, she asked me to tell you that youīll also have that week off, and thatīs next week” she said, not expressing much excitement about it.

“Ok…” he said, “Iīm getting a one-week vacation too? Cool” he said.

“Well, thatīs not precisely good, you know, my vacations are over tomorrow, and then, Iīll need to go to work from nine to five, what am I going to do with you during all that time?” she asked, he wasnīt sure why she was thinking about it, he could stay there alone, no problem; if he was not able to get out of the house, that was find, but he could stay inside with no problems at all.

“Honey, itīs ok, I can take care of myself” he said.

She just turned at him, and said: “Are you suuure? Cause I think that itīll be better if I hire a babysitter, I mean, Iīd take you to work with me, but thatīs not allowed.” What does she mean? Babysitter? He was an adult, he didnīt need another adult to look for him.

“Wow wow, hold on, a babysitter? Are you sure? I mean, thereīs no need, Iīm a man, I can…” he stopped as she started to dial some number on her phone. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Hold on” she said putting the phone on her ear and waiting for the other person to answer.

“Maddy, donīt you just…” he was about to speak when she rose her index finger, telling him to keep quiet; that was because the person on the other end had answered.

“Yes, hi, how are you?” she asked, Nick just sat there, mad, but quiet.

“Iīm find too, thank you… but, thereīs a liiiiittle favor Iīd like to ask you, are you busy next week?... No? Thatīs great, do you think you could come from nine to five during the next weeeek?” she made an expression as if she was waiting for an answer, maybe pushing her luck by even asking. Nickīs eyes just widened, she didnīt give a damn about his opinion, she was trying to get someone to take care of him, he was pissed.

“Yes? Wow, thank you, thank you thank you thank you” she seemed excited, it seems as if her plan had worked. “Why? Oh, itīs because… remember what I told you the other day?... yes… aha… itīs funny, heīs off next week, and since I need to go back to work, I need someone to be here with him… come on, itīll be find, you donīt have to worry, I assure you heīll be a dear.” Nick was starting to get frustrated, every second that went by he only got more upset, but he knew she meant nothing bad with what she did, although she directly discarded his opinion right in front of him; but heīll talk about it later with her.

“Super, youīre the best, love you mom, bye” she hung up. “FUUUUCK” thought Nick.

It turns out that Maddy had called her mother, Cynthia, he hated her. Ever since they met, he knew sheīll be a pain in the ass. She always questioned his decisions and when he decided to take a sabbatical year, she just asked him why he was being so selfish and decided to do so, knowing very well Maddy was working hard to get a good job; for her, it seemed as if he was only with Maddy because sheīll pay the bills for him. “Ughh, why she?” he wondered, he always had a bitter feeling whenever he saw her, and every time she came, she always found an excuse to criticize him, or make some stupid comment on how Maddy should be with someone who actually made a good amount of money.

 “Your momīs coming?” he asked with an irritated tone.

“Relax, itīll be find, I promise, thereīs nothing to worry about” she knew he hated her, but she was their only choice.

“At least, you shouldīve allowed me to call MY mom” he said.

“YOUR momīs in Europe, and as far as I know, sheīs not coming until Christmas.” She was right, Cynthia seemed to be their only option.

“Find, but if she does or says anything annoying, Iīm…”, “Youīre what? Kicking her out of the house? I wouldnīt be so sure about it” she was right, at his size, itīll be hard to do so, not that he had done it before, but most likely, she was going to mock about him the whole time.

He just crossed his arms over his chest and sat there turning to a side. “Come on” she said, “Itīll be ok, I swear… look, if anything goes wrong, then… call me to work and Iīll come here, ok?” he was sure she was just trying to convince her, but there should be another way.

“Are you sure I canīt stay here on my own?” he begged.

“Listen…” she said as she took a deep breath and in a calm tone she continued, “Itīs not that I think something bad will happen, but honey, by Monday youīll be even smaller, I donīt think you can take care of yourself by then.” He frowned and just stared at his plate.

“Ok ok, letīs make a deal, if… letīs say…” she said thinking, she needed to find a way for her to get what she wanted, but assuring that he understood that they were both committing to it, “I got it, if you can reach the upper cabinets, on your own, without using a stool, then you can stay here alone, deal?” she asked reaching for him with her hand.

He had his doubts, he had not tried to reach over there since Thursday, he wasnīt even sure if he could reach. “Uhm, is there anything else we can bet on?” he asked.

“No, just that… come on, Iīll even let you be on your tip toes, you donīt even need to grab something, just reach for the little knob on the door” she had a confident look on her face.

He analyzed his options, but either way, her mom was coming, itīll be better if there was a way out of this, so he reached and shook her hand. “Deal” he said.

“Great, but remember, itīs until Monday morning, if you reach before 8:00, then Iīll call her and tell her not to come, but if you donīt, then sheīll come here from Monday to Friday.” He didnīt need a reminder of how it worked, he disliked the idea of even having to see her, being alone with her, he wasnīt even sure if heīll be able to do it. But he had already agreed, and there was no point on trying to back down.

He nodded and they both returned to eating their lunch. She finished first and now, he was more than half way thru, but he was full; he had managed to eat half of the chicken breast, all the mashed potatoes and, well, not even half of the broccoli, but he wouldnīt eat it, he decided to finish the chicken and then leave the plate.

For five minutes, long minutes, he managed to eat all the chicken piece, it was hard, but now, his mouth was full with the last piece of it, he only needed to swallow and itīll be all done. Finally, he did, he had finally finished with the whole thing, and with no help; even though it was really nothing, he felt as if he had accomplished something. He was ready to walk away, when suddenly…

“Arenīt you going to finish that?” Maddy asked.

“What?” he said, the chicken was gone, he was full, what was there to finish, “I’m done.”

“I donīt think so, thereīs still broccoli on that plate” was she serious, he had left broccoli before, why asking him now?

“But… Iīm full” he added. Trying to get out of this.

“Well, if you want to leave this table then, at least, you have to eat half of that broccoli” she commanded pointing at his plate.

He just watched the plate and then turned back to her, he blinked a couple times, trying to process what she was saying, did she really mean it?

“Come on…” she said as she took a piece of broccoli with the fork and guided it to his mouth, “open up” she really meant it.

“Are…” when he opened his mouth to speak, she introduced the broccoli into his mouth. He shewed and swallowed.

“Itīs good for you, remember you need to have a balanced diet, now open up” she said as she took another piece. He wanted to leave, just walk away, but he couldnīt, there was something that just didnīt allowed his body to move.

He ate other four pieces and then she was satisfied, she just smiled and took the plate, on the other hand, he wanted to vomit. He just sat there trying to digest all what he just ate. At his size, it was as if he had eaten almost double the amount he used to eat. He tried not to think about it and just wait until the food settled inside him.

“Ok now…” she said as she finished with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, “would you like to join me in the living room, Iīll put a movie” she added. “And donīt worry, there wonīt be any broccoli” she smiled at him while she massaged his shoulder.

He stood up and followed her, but he felt as if he was about to blow. They watched the movie until his stomach felt better, most of the food had been digested now and he felt well. They were both sitting on the couch, she cuddled him tightly. He was leaning close to her bosom, and he couldnīt help but think that this movie evening could turn into something else, something more interesting.

He rose his hand and tried to grab one of her boobs, but she stopped him. “Hold on, not yet” she said in a soothing tone, “first, thereīs something Iīd like to do. Trust me, youīll like it” and with a wink of her eye, she convinced him that heīll love it.

They sat there a little longer, all the while he was wondering what was about to come. “Maybe sheīll smother me with her boobs… or, sheīs going to slowly strip and allow me to… well, thatīs the usual stuff… what could she have in mind? Perhaps sheīll cover herself with chocolate and let me lick her, since there was no dessert, although, thatīll be messy, damn it, whatīs she thinking about?” he tried to guess, and all the while, he just saw how she was watching the movie, so peacefully, as if she was not looking forward to it.

“Iīll settle even if she just lets me play with her boobs, her soft breasts, just ready for me to squeeze them, oh, itīs going to be sweet” for some reason, he was more fixated with her boobs than ever, he paid close attention at them when they giggled, every time she shifted her weight, he just stared in awe.

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Chapter 11 by Mine1234

The movie ended, which means, the time has come. She turned off the TV. Nick waited there until she said something. He was excited, as if he had been craving for a reward he had earned. He just sat there quietly waiting for her to say something. She just rose from the couch and stretched.

He couldnīt believe it, she was enormous, from his point of view, her arms almost reach the ceiling. As she stretched her arms over her head, her shirt rose, exposing her belly button; he was thrilled by the little amount of flesh he was seeing. But he kept quiet, he was waiting for her to say something, in a way, he was waiting for her to give the order.

It felt a little odd, normally, whenever he felt affectionate, he just threw himself over her, and hugged her tightly; then one thing led to another, but thatīs just the way it is. Or at least it was, now that he had gone all the way down to 4’6”, maybe less, he felt as if he needed her permission. For some reason, the fact that she now towered over him by over a foot made him have second thoughts about things.

Things like, will she be ok with that? Or if sheīs not going to get mad by it? In the last couple minutes, he has had some ideas on how to approach to her, but he wasnīt sure if she will allow it. It was true that she loved him, the way she hugged him, how she often wants to keep him close; but thereīs something else, deep inside his head, thereīs a few thoughts.

He has come to some conclusions, by the way sheīs acting and how sheīs doing things, heīs starting to think that she wants to be in control. Maybe itīs not true, he could be making himself some wrong ideas, but the way she basically forced him to finish his meal, how she literally pushed those broccoli pieces inside his mouth; it seemed as if she was doing what she wanted and not what was best. Or could it be that it was what she thinks was best?

Other thing is how she just called her mother not giving a damn what he thought. She didnīt even ask for his opinion, she just called her and that was the end of it. That bet they made, the only way heīll be able to avoid her motherīs visit was something she knew wouldnīt happen. She knew there was no way he was going to be able to reach, but she only said it so that he could feel as if he had lost and not that she had made a decision on her own.

Normally, sheīll take all the big decisions there is to make, but never before she had done something like this; take a decision without even asking for his opinion first, unless it was something meaningless or a surprise. He was mad, she just did as she pleased without thinking about how he could feel, but other part of him felt hurt, a little depressed by the fact that she was making her will; it almost felt as if he had no vote on what was going on.

It was true that she had bought a car without even letting him know. She makes enough money to pay for it by herself, thatīs true, but still, he wouldīve appreciated it if she had asked him first; or at least tell him about it. There was something going in circles thru his mind, how long has she been doing this? He knows sheīs a human being, she can take her own decisions and have goals, but it wouldīve been considerate if she had mentioned it to him. They were a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, but now he feels less than that.

Nickīs worried that, as he shrinks, the fact that she looks at him as her boyfriend will vanish too. But thereīs something else, if she stops treating him as her boyfriend, how else will she treat him like?

“Ok Nick, now itīs time for this little something Iīve been wanting to do, come on” she said as she extended her hand towards him, she brought him back to reality, out of those thoughts he was having. It seemed as if she wanted to guide him towards wherever they needed to go. He just grabbed her hand and she took him from the couch all the way to their bedroom.

They entered and she closed the door behind them. Nick was excited, anxious if you like. He turned and watch her; she was really tall. He just rose his head to meet her gaze, at the same time, she lowered hers and smiled at him.

“Ok Nick, I want to do something, but first… “ she said bending a little, “we need to remove our clothes” his eyes widened, he wasted no time and started removing all he had on; it wasnīt hard given the fact that now everything was a little loose on him. Now, he was completely naked, she was still wearing her clothes and said: “Oh my, someoneīs a little eager… I like it.”

Then she started removing her blouse, exposing her lazy bra and her round soft boobs, Nick loved to watch her boobs, and now they were level with his eyes. Then she removed her pants, he watched the curves of her hips and watch her legs, her long legs; so smooth and soft looking. Now she was only wearing her underwear, and before she undid her bra, he saw how Nickīs member started to get hard, to rise.

She smiled and said: “Well, I can see you like my body, as always, but maybe youīd like to control your little friend for a moment, thereīs something I want to do first.” Nick was in awestruck right now, what could she want to do? And why do they need to get naked first?

Those thoughts vanished when she removed her bra, exposing her perky nipples; he loved the way her boobs bounced when she let them out of their “cage”. His mouth began to water, literally, which was something that never happened before. But at his current size, everything about her was bigger, something he liked. It was the only perk of being shrunk, the smaller he got the bigger she did, at least from his point of view.

Then she removed her thong, she turned so that he could have a better view of her butt. Her round firm cheeks just flexed as she took of the last piece of clothing she was wearing. He couldnīt wait anymore, he didnīt care, he just extended his arms and tried to grab her ass; then she turned and gently but firmly said: “Nah ah, hold on right there, before we can do this, first, we need to do a liiiittle something” He stopped, watching her as she turned and went straight to the nightīs table.

She turned and stretched a taping measure. “Oh fuck” he thought, he wasnīt particularly excited to be measured, he knew that he was probably shorter that when she measured him a couple hours ago. “Come on, sheer up, this is not just another time I take your measurements… this time, youīll take mine first.” She said winking at him. He was not much into it, but a part of him wanted to do it.

She gave him the tape measure, he extended it from her toes to the top of her head. “Ok, make sure to take my measurements correctly honey, then itīs your turn” she was standing completely straight right now, he rose his arms high enough to reach, it was good that he was tall enough to do so, then he read the measure. “Five foot seven” he said.

“Ok, thatīs how tall I am…” she simply said, “now, itīs your turn” she smiled at him. He turned and felt how her arms where long enough to measure him without making an effort. “letīs see… it says youīre…” how short could he be right now? He hated to admit it, but for sure he was not 4’6” anymore. “Four fooooooot… five.” Surprise, not surprised.

Nick was shorter that when she measured him, the usual stuff. “Ok, so, that makes me a foot and two inches taller than you… wow, can you believe it?” she asked a little over excited. “Yes” he unhappily said, lowering his head.

“Come on, donīt be sad, itīs not that bad… besides, I think youīre cutter this way” she said as she riffled his hair. That sheer him up a little, but he was not into the idea of shrinking. “So…” he said curiously, “whatīs next?” he wanted to know, this couldnīt be it, right?

“Oh, someoneīs looking forward for the next part, mmmm, I like it” she said as she extended her arm and opened her hand if front of him, “Now, letīs compare ourselves, shall we?” she had an adoring smile on her face, he was sure she had wanted to do this, so he placed his hand on hers and watched.

Her hand was really big, more precisely, his hand was really small now; her fingers were considerably longer then his. He rose his eyebrows as she chuckled saying, “Wooow! Your hands are tiny now sweetheart, how about your arms?” that was the beginning. After comparing her arms, where hers extended way more than his, his fingers barely reached passed her wrist.

They compared their feet too, he was surprised by how small his were compared to hers, her legs where longer too, her hips reached all the way to his lower chest. She made him stand in front of him, he was looking straight at her tits, wanting badly to grab them and squeeze them, but he just stood there, trying not to poke her with his now fully erect penis.

The size comparison was not something that turn him on, other than that, it was the fact that he was being so close to her, watching how her boobs slightly bounced when she moved, how her butt was so much rounder, so much bigger. She may not be growing, but it really seemed as she was. He felt her warm fingers move thru his body, caressing him; he could see the lust on her face as she watched him.

Then she stood behind him, she placed her hand on his shoulder and slowly started to lower it; passed his chest, passed his abdominal region, then she said: “Well, what do we have here?” and just like that, she grabbed his penis. His fully erect member was now being seized by her big hands, in a gentle way of course.

He let out a soft moan as she did, then she started to gently stroke his member, pulling it, sending shivers thru his spine. She was now masturbating his member. He felt how his knees started to tremble, he couldnīt take this, at least not standing, all of this arousal was going to make him fall into the ground. Feeling her now huge hand wrapped around his member, stroking it in a tender way, he felt as if he was about to cum.

Normally, he would last more, but never before he had been so turned on. Everything was new to him, her height, her strength, everything. It was as if Maddy had been turned into a bigger version of her; but in reality, he was a smaller version of the man he used to be.

Still, he couldnīt take it. As he shrank, he noticed a couple changes in him. Asides of being smaller and having much less mass, other things changed. His perception of things had changed. Not only the way he saw things, but the way he felt them. For instance, his skin felt so much smoother, soft even; and when was it the last time he shaved? He couldnīt see a single hair growing on his chin. But what was more impressive, was the way his senses seemed to be affected. Right now, Maddyīs scent was just, intoxicating.

She had a certain aroma, asides of her perfume that just called for him. And now, she was driving him crazy. He let out a loud moan and just came, cu began to spread all over her hand and the floor.

“Well, what do we have here…it looks like someone was a little too eager for this hmmm…” Maddy said as she felt a warm fluid spreading thru her hand.

He may be smaller, but the load he let out, was still pretty impressive. “S-sorry” Nick replied.

“Awww, thatīs cute, thereīs no need to apology, itīs completely normal” she replied.

He didnīt like the way she was talking to him nowadays, why would she need to call him “cute” so much? He was not cute, he was a man, maybe smaller, but still a man. He was breathing hard as he tried to turn and watch her face.

Just as he thought, a loving smile was drawn on her face. A gesture sheīs been making a lot now. But before he could say anything, she grabbed him and jumped into bed, pulling him with her. He wasnīt sure by how much she overweighted him, but it felt so fast, so rough; he still had to get used to the fact that her once “petite” girlfriend was not bigger and stronger than him. He wondered if he should ask her to be more…gentle, but as that thought came to his mind, he felt ridiculous.

He decided to keep quiet and allowed her to go for it. She placed him in bed, pinning him below her. Spreading her legs to his sides, standing on her knees. His dick was still hard as he saw her breasts so far away from his reach. He wanted to squeeze them so bad, all of his attention was now focused on them.

“Ok…now, why donīt we try something…” she said as she lowered her pussy and inserted his dick into it. Then she started riding him. He could feel how the mattress began to move with her every move. He loved it, she was in control but, for some reason, he didnīt mind her trying it.

She began slowly and gently, but then, every second that went by, she started putting more and more force into it. The moves of her pelvis became stronger, faster. Before he knew it, his dick was ready to come with full force into her. She grabbed his hands with hers and pinned him to bed. Both of them were moaning right now, and just like that, he came again.

It felt as hard as the first time, he spasmed as his full load was shoot into her vagina. They were both covered in sweat, but it was not the end of it. Maddy allowed him a couple seconds to breathe, without pulling his dick out of her pussy, and when he was “recovered” she started again, and again. This went on for a while.

In the end of it, he was exhausted, his balls were sore and his member felt really sensitive for some reason. She seemed to be satisfied. Smiling as she let herself fall next to him. Taking a deep breath.

“Thank you honey…” she said as she placed her hand on his chest, “I really needed that…” he didnīt reply, he was exhausted, he only watched the ceiling as she spoke. Then, he just shut his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. She noticed he started to snore so she just let him be, she turned and placed a big kiss on his forehead as she covered him with the sheets.

The next morning, he was still tired. He found himself alone in bed, so he woke up and headed to the kitchen, to see if Maddy was there. To his surprise, she was, she turned with a plate filled with pancakes.

“Hello sleepyhead, how did you sleep?” she asked as she placed the plate on the table.

“Well, I…not so well actually” he replied as he let out a yawn.

“Oh no, why? Do you feel bad? Do you have any fever? Maybe a headache?” Out of a sudden she seemed very worried.

“No no, nothing like that, donīt worry, itīs just that I…you know, I feel a little tired thatīs all.” Nick was surprised by her reaction, he was just tired, noting out of common, besides, what time was it?

“Are you sure? Maybe…would you like to have breakfast in bed?” she asked.

“Nah, Iīm not sick, donīt worry, just…*YAWN*…maybe Iīll need a nap later on…” he stretched as she put a plate right in front of him and started placing three pancakes in it.

“Ok, if you need, I can go to bed with you…you know, so that youīre not alone” Maddy said as she handed him the honey bottle.

“Thank you…but itīs ok, now itīs time to eat this…wow, it smells delicious!” he said.

“Thank you honey, I hope you like them, I actually decided to make them out of oatmeal instead of the regular pancake flour…itīs healthier and more nutritious” there she was again, talking about healthier food, Nick was wondering why she needed to be so…well like this. He remembered the broccoli from yesterday and began to wonder if she was going to push the whole pancake into his mouth if he wasnīt willing to eat it.

She took the plate and ate the rest of them, she had four, which seems reasonable given the fact that sheīs…well, still a normal height person. Every time he noticed the fact that all the little things she did were, well…as usual. He couldnīt help but feel sad. Yearning for those days when he had a normal life.

He just started eating, ignoring the rest of his thoughts. After a while, he finished, it was hard for him to eat all that, but he mostly did because he didnīt want Maddy to force feed him.

The rest of the weekend was kind of the same, he tried to hide all the sorrow that filled his mind. He knew it wasnīt the healthiest thing, but he didnīt want Maddy to get worried, for some reason, sheīs been acting a little strange recently.

Sheīs been all over him, checking on him, what he needs, how he feels, everything; he may be shrinking, but he wasnīt sick, he felt completely normal. Now, more questions such as “How are you feeling?” or “Is everything ok?” were the ones that Maddy has been asking more frequently. He shouldnīt complaint, she was just being attentive, but asking more than three times in a day seemed too much.

It was Sunday now, around three, he was just laying on the couch, wondering, trying to guess if there will be a point when his shrinking will stop. This morning, he was not even 4ī3”, dangerously close to four feet.

Can you imagine, four feet tall, it was insane. He used to stand over six feet tall and now he was two feet below that, he felt anxious; the only thing that was constant now, together with his shrinking, was the feeling of fear that made his heart beat stronger on his chest. He didnīt wanted it to happen, but so far, it was proven that it will be the only thing that will happen for sure.

Then, he heard Maddyīs voice coming from behind him “Nick, honey, are you still on the couch?”

“Yes!” he replied.

She approached and stood right in front as she said: “Babe, can you do me a favor and do the laundry? Iīll do it myself but I have some things to do over here…” as he was laying on the couch, she seemed immense. He hated to admit it, but in a way, he enjoyed watching how her long legs just seemed to go on and on.

“Oh, sure, I can do it” he replied, it felt nice that he could still do some things around the house. “Iīll grab the bag and head downstairs” he said as he passed next to her.

“Oki doki…just let me know if itīs too heavy for you, I donīt want you to get hurt” she said as he walked thru the hall.

“Come on…” he thought, “Why would I get hurt just for carrying a stupid bag full of laundry?” maybe she was starting to be…overprotective towards him. But more than that, he felt as she underestimated him. Why would he struggle with the bag?

To his surprise, the bag felt heavy, enough for him to need both hands to carry it. Maddy was kind enough to open the door for him. The bag was heavy, but not too much, but still, was he able to take it all the way down to the laundry? He just started walking.

“Iīll be waiting for you honey…just call me if you need any help!” she said. It was just laundry, nothing hard.

The hard thing, was carrying the bag all the way down, at first it was…regular, but in the end, on the last couple steps, he was tired. His arms ached for holding the bag, his biceps felt tired. He just pushed the door of the laundry room and entered.

He let out a tired sigh as he passed thru the door frame, then, he heard a voice: “Do you need help buddy?” oh no, the voice was a familiar one. The bag was big enough, or rather, he was small enough so that the bag could cover his face. But he felt really embarrassed as he heard the footsteps getting closer. He just closed his eyes and then, he felt the weight of the bag being lifted from his arms. At least that was a relieve.

Then, he saw her face. It was Ashley, at first, he wondered what was she doing there at this time of the day, but then he turned away trying to hide himself. She was holding the bag, but then, she noticed his face, and it hit her; he thought it may be a child, but she was completely wrong.

“OH…MY…GOD! Nick, is…is that you?” she asked.

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Chapter 12 by Mine1234
Author's Notes:

Happy new year everyone!! I hope you enjoy the next chapter :D

“H-hey Ash…h-howīs it going?” he replied in a shy way.

Ashley couldnīt believe what she was witnessing, a man who once towered over her had been reduced into…well, this. He was not even shoulder level with her. She let the bag fall into the floor as she took a closer look of him.

“What happened?! Why are you so…so small?” she asked with a concerned tone.

“Uhmmm…well, itīs because…I…” they were still trying to figure that out, he was not able to give a proper answer, he just stood there for a moment. His breathing started to quicken; he was starting to feel overwhelmed. Nick couldnīt believe that he once could tower over Ashley, now, it was the other way around. His lip began to quiver as he ended up saying: “I-I donīt know…no one knows”

She could tell that question pulled up some knots in him. Maybe it wasnīt the smartest question to make, but she was shocked. She could see the distress on his face, it would be a good idea to talk about something else. But what could she talk about? All she could think of was how a man could shrink so much in so little time, it hadnīt even been a week since they last saw each other.

She placed her hand on his shoulder, she couldnīt figure out what to say, so she made her best to show him that she was there. Nick just rose his gaze to watch her face. He felt completely humiliated by the fact that he had to look up to Ashley now, he had to crane his neck to look at her straight in the eyes.

He grabbed her hand and said: “Thank you.”

Even if he had drawn a smile on his face, she knew he wasnīt well. His eyes couldnīt lie, she could see the sorrow on the teary way his eyes shined, but she chose not to say anything. He may not need someone to shoot a ton of questions at him now. She decided to start a conversation about something else, whatever will be fine, maybe that could change his mood.

“Doing the laundry huh?” she said, feeling stupid for not coming up with something clever.

“Oh…yes, Maddy asked me to…I guess, I can still do that…” he answered, but what he said, it just reminded him there were things he could no longer do.

Ashley saw the shadow of sadness that had covered his face, so she spoke: “Cool, so…uhmmm…do you need help?” she wasnīt sure what to say, it wouldīve been better if she pretended as if nothing had changed and just treat him as usual, but seeing him so…short, it didnīt allow her mind to drive into other places.

He started thinking, why would he need help, he was still more than capable of doing it, he frowned and said: “NO, thank you but I can do this” as he walked by next to her, seeming a bit irritated by her words.

“Ok” she replied, rising her eyebrow as she wondered what had she said.

It wasnīt her fault, she was just trying to help, but for Nick, all these days with Maddy, who only kept offering her help over and over. Even if she said it in a carrying way, at his point it became annoying. She only meant to take care of Nick, but he didnīt wanted that; he wanted to still do things as usual, rather than having someone else doing it for him. If he could still do something, then he did it, else he will feel useless.

He loaded the laundry machine and turned it on. Ashley just sat on a chair and kept staring at him for a moment. “Why…how…I mean, look at him, his clothes are so oversized, haha, he could fit inside the bag…” she immediately started comparing him with everything. Watching how the laundry machine was as tall as his chest. In a way, it was funny. But she knew she shouldnīt make fun of him.

She normally teased him about regular stuff, such as…well, whatever she found different in him, maybe his socks, a strange shirt, messy hair. But now, even if this was the perfect day for her to say “Sīup shorty” she knew that will be way over the limit.

“Ehem…so…do you have any news to give?” she asked.

“No…not really.” Nick replied.

“I see…” she didnīt knew what to say, she wanted to avoid the whole “You have shrunk” part, but she just couldnīt, after a couple seconds she could no longer take it and just said: “H-howīs Maddy taking your, ehm…shrinking?” she asked.

Nick froze for a second, he knew he was shrinking, but hearing someone say it out loud was…weird…for some reason it made him feel odd; he knew he was the only one who had suffered of something like this, and the worst part is that it hasnīt stop. He took a deep breath and answered.

“Well…you know, sheīs actually taking it…pretty well” he said, thinking that she may be taking it a bit too well, he had seen how every time he turned to watch her, she was just smiling. She smiled at him in an adoring way, as if she actually liked this whole shrinking thing.

“So, sheīs the one in charge now?” Ashley asked with a mischievous smile.

“Ha ha, very funny” he answered in a sarcastic way, “just because sheīs still normal sized and Iīm…” he stood in silence for a second staring at his reduced limbs, then frowned and continued: “just because now Iīm fucking short it doesnīt mean that out of a sudden she will take control” he said in a slightly aggravated tone.

In reality, he knew she was the one in control, none of them will call it that way, but in some way it was true. Ever since that fight they had, he had given himself into her. Basically, she was the one in charge of him now, at least when it comes to getting out of the apartment. But she had started doing other things she didnīt, like force feeding him. He was wondering, will he reach the point where she will be the one making all of his decisions for him?

Maddy was a lovely person, but she had a dark side. Even if she was sweet 95% of the time, when she got mad, like really mad, she can become…letīs just say it wasnīt very pleasing to see her that way.

“Hey, calm down, no oneīs trying to mess with you here, it was just a question” she said.

“Well, that “question” was pretty rude for me” he replied.

“Awww, did I say something mean? Am I being unpolite with the wittle Nick?” she said talking to him with a mocking tone as she approached and bent down in front of him.

“Cut it out Ash, and whatīs with the stupid little voice?” he asked, she was just teasing him, like usual, but this time it was with something more serious. He knew Ashley liked to mess with him, in a friendly way of course, and normally he will allow it or reply something clever, but now the topic was…him, and all she was saying just pissed him off.

“I dunno, whatīs with your oversized shorts?” she asked pointing at the small shorts that were baggy on him. Obviously ignoring what he was saying.

“You know why they are oversized…” he said, “donīt…just…augh! Thatīs enough Ash, just stop…stop bothering me!” he replied now closing his fists tightly and looking straight to her.

“Ok ok, calm down, I was just trying to sheer you up…” she said in a normal tone, trying to settle him down.

“Well, it doesnīt seem that way” he replied crossing his arms over his chest.

“Ok, Iīm sorry, itīs just that…well, you must admit this is very weird.” She was trying to act normal, as if there wasnīt a huge pink elephant in the room; more like a small elephant though. Judging by Nickīs reaction, he was not up for this kind of jokes.

“I know itīs all very strange, but…I…” he wasnīt sure whether he could talk with her about it, but what else could he do, if he talked about his feelings, which he hated, maybe she will understand.

“C-can you…maybe be k-kind about it?” he asked feeling extremely embarrassed. He was literally asking her to be nice, which made him feel lame.

He lowered his head, then, he felt Ashleyīs hand slowly ruffling his hair. He rose up his gaze and looked straight at her.

“I donīt want you to feel bad about it, I guess this whole thing is giving you a hard time, but listen, Iīll try to be nicer with what I say…but that doesnīt mean Iīm not gonna throw up a shortīs people joke on you from time to time.” She tried to make amends, at least in her very own way.

Nick couldnīt blame her, he knew that she was the type of person whoīs always messing with you but at the same time, even if it doesnīt seem like it, still cares. He had no other choice, maybe she will get bored about the whole shrinking thing and leave it; but it will be very hard, given the fact that heīs still shrinking.

“Anyhow, howīs work?” she asked.

“Well, itīs actually…pretty good, they gave me a one-week vacation starting tomorrow” but he forgot that tomorrow will also be the day that Cynthia will start coming. He hated that.

He was really happy when he mentioned his week off, but then his face turned into a more bitter one as he remembered Maddyīs mother visit.

“Whatīs the matter? Donīt you like vacations?” Ashley asked.

“Oh no, I do, itīs just that…well…” he felt really shy for what he was about to say, but why hiding what was evident, “Itīs just that…Maddy doesnīt trust me to be home alone no more, apparently I canīt take care of myself.” He said with in an upset way.

“Soooo…?” she asked, wanting to crack up in laughter as he said that.

“So…she had her mother coming the whole week to…well, so that I…you know…” he said not wanting to literally say it.

“Oh my…is she like…” she let out a couple giggles as she said it, but it was just too funny, “Maddy literally asked her mother to come and…pfff…babysit you?” she asked breaking into laugh.

“No! itīs not that, sheīs just going to…to clean and maybe cook, thatīs it” he replied feeling embarrassed and pissed at the same time.

“Well, it pretty much sounds like a babysitter to me” she replied.

“Yeah yeah, laugh all you want, but you know what the worst part is? She fucking hates me, and sheīs always saying that Iīm not the one for her daughter and shit like that…” he really hated Maddyīs mother.

“Then why is she coming?” Ashley asked.

“Because, Maddy just called her and asked her, can you believe it?! She just called her without asking me first, she didnīt give a damn about the fact that I hate her mother.” He replied.

“Well…you couldīve asked me…” Ashley replied. He just blinked at her a couple times. “I mean, Iīm not doing much during the day, since I work the night shift. I couldīve stopped by to your place and…*giggle*…and check on you” he couldnīt deny the whole thing was like a joke, a grown man needing a babysitter, but it wasnīt a bad idea.

In a way, it was perfect, it will be like hanging out with a friend. A friend who canīt leave until Maddyīs home, but still a friend; unlike Cynthia who will mostly be talking about how heīs no longer man enough. Nick could already hear her inside his head, speaking shit about his actual state.

He was considering his new options while Ashley kept checking him. It was insane, she wasnīt over with the fact that he was so small. For a second, the idea that he was still normal sized and she was now a giantess crossed her mind, she giggled because of the conception of such idea.

“Come on…” she thought, “look at him, heīs just…tiny, my hand covers his full skull…I shouldnīt mention that tho, he seems too self-conscious about it…” Nick was thinking about the whole “sitter” thing, it will be better if Ashley was the one who will stay with him the whole week.

“whatīs up Nick? Oh my, youīre actually considering it, right?” she said with an amused look on her face, part of her wanted to laugh out loud right there, on the other end, she was curious about his “condition”. Something like this has never happened.

Itīs true that she promised not to be mean or make fun about it, but maybe a little joke every now and then wouldnīt hurt anyone.

“Uhmmm…actually, yes…I think itīll be better if you were the one who, you know, who comes and stays on the house…” he didnīt wanted to admit sheīll take care of him, or at least thatīs how the whole thing felt, but she knew Maddy meant it.

Ashley knew Maddy as well as she knew Nick. She had the whole overprotective vibe all over. Ashley had met Nick before meeting Maddy, when she came up, she had a “you better not be hitting on my boyfriend” look on her face. She could really tell she was the jealous type, so it was not hard to guess that she wanted her own mother, who hated Nick, to look for him; that way sheīll ensure no one will try to steal his boyfriend from her.

Maddy and her become more acquainted over the last couple months, so she knew she was all love and flowers, but whenever it came to his precious Nick, she could get a little paranoic, or more like vigilant.

“Well, if you want, I can stop by and try to persuade Maddy to allow me to…do it…” she said, but then, she started thinking: “Hold on…she wants someone to look after him…sheīs really overprotective and…No! no way, hahaha, oh my…” she took a look at Nick, who headed over to the washing machine, and then she came to a conclusion.

“Heīs shrinking, and sheīs just like…” she couldnīt help to smile at the whole thing, almost laughing, “Please, please tell me she doesnīt want to play mommy with him…” she couldnīt help it and let out a loud laugh behind Nick.

“Whatīs the matter?” he asked curiously.

“Oh, n-nothing…I just remembered an old joke, but itīs pretty dumb so donīt worry” he just turned and went back to his laundry, in the meantime, Ashley had come to the conclusion that Maddy wanted to threat his 26-year-old boyfriend as a child who needs to be watched while sheīs at work.

It was just hilarious, but she tried to keep it cool. She took a deep breath and tried to act in a more serious way, but not before letting out a small laugh.

“Why didnīt I came up with this idea before, itīs just perfect, I mean, youīre free during the days, you live here, itīs just, so convenient.” Nick said feeling really eager about it, he wouldīve loved it if Maddy just allowed him to stay alone, but she had already made up her mind, and there was nothing he could do to change it.

“Yeah, itīs actually easier if Iīm the one…you know…” she wanted to say “babysits you”, but she knew heīll feel kind of offended, so she just pointed at the fact without saying it out loud.

“I know, that way Cynthia wonīt have to come all the way over here, god I hate that woman” he half frowned as he said her name.

“Mhmm…so, will Maddy pay me for the whole nanny job?” she asked, she didnīt meant to insult him, or even charge, but she wanted to see Nickīs reaction.

“Well…I…I guess, but Iīm not very…” Nick couldnīt give a straight answer, and the fact that she said Maddy will be the one paying just focused all of his attention on how to ask her about it or if she will agree; he obviously had his own money and could pay, but he forgot about it. He seemed rather nervous, as if he would ask Maddy to allow him to do something bad.

“Hahaha, relax, Iīm kidding, thereīs no need to pay” she said as she was thinking: “Why did he got all nervous? But it was really funny to watch…I guess playing nanny will have some benefits.”

“Ok” he replied, and for some reason he felt relieved. Now he had another option, rather than having Maddyīs mother coming; Ashley could be the one keeping him company. Now the only thing he had to do was convincing Maddy about it, which shouldnīt be hard.

They kept talking as they both continued doing their laundry. Naturally, Ashley finished first, but she stayed there until he was done, mostly because she couldnīt take her eyes off of him. He was like four foot tall now; she was still trying to figure out how a man on his twenties can shrink over two feet in a week.

But there was something else, she stayed because of another reason too. Seeing him so small, struggling with the laundry bag just led her to a conclusion, he needed help. Even if he didnīt want to admit it, he couldnīt do everything he used to on his own. From her point of view, leaving him alone there will not only be mean, but it will also mean that she will leave the little guy on his own. And right now, at his current size, he seemed really vulnerable.

This will not be the first or last time someone will do this for Nick, but it will be better if she doesnīt say a word and just stays there pretending sheīs just hanging out, when sheīs actually looking after him.

Nickīs laundry was done; he took the clothes out of the dryer and fold them. On their way up, she took his bag, which was bigger and heavier, and asked him to grab hers, which only contained a couple blouses and some underwear.

She didnīt want to point out the fact that he was too small to take all those clothes all the way up in one go. And she knew heīll be stubborn enough and will end up exhausted half way there. So, she insisted on taking his clothes and that he carried hers, it seemed fair that way. He didnīt complaint.

Once in front of Nickīs apartment, she left his bag on the floor, grabbed hers and said: “Ok, Iīll go back to my apartment now, let me know if Maddy accepted your… well my… you know what I mean” she said.

“Sure will, thank you Ash!” he replied smiling as she left him there.

Nick opened the door and entered his apartment, walking backwards pulling the big bag of laundry in. “Let me help you” said a voice from behind him. It was Maddy, she immediately grabbed the bag and pulled it in, then he closed the door.

“Hello honey” he said.

“Hi there, did you have any problem doing the laundry?” she asked.

“Oh no, not at all… actually Ashley was there and she lend me a hand with the bag.” He replied.

“Oh ok, but you know, if you needed help you couldīve come and ask me to, I told you I could do it if you…” he cut her out.

“No no, it was no problem, I…she just helped me carrying the bag up here.” Carrying the bag, reaching the soap and fabric softener, he actually needed more help than heīd like to admit.

“Well, Iīm happy for that, you did remember to thank her, right?” she asked, he just nodded, not very sure why she asked it. Maddy knew that he mustīve had a hard time taking the laundry all the way down, needless to say heīll struggle more bringing it up. She wasnīt sure if heīll be big enough to do the next laundry load of the week. She must do the laundry from now on.

“Uhmm, so…Maddy…” Nick said feeling shy, “I was talking to Ashley and… you know, it just came up but…do you think that maybe…she…ehem…” he felt really unsure about what he was saying, but he decided to say it now, “could she be the one, uhmm, the one coming here the next week rather than your mother?” he asked.

Maddy looked at him, blinked a couple times and said: “Well, I didnīt consider it…may I know why you suddenly want her to come here?” she asked, she was smiling but he knew she had something else in mind.

“Well, itīs just that, she lives here, and well…we wouldnīt like your mother to drive all the way here all week, I mean, thereīs no need to bother, she may be busy…” he was just making things up, he knew Maddy was aware of his not so good relationship with her mother, but he never admitted she was so obnoxious with him, he figured out she was the same way with everyone.

“Ok, stop right there, I know when youīre not telling the truth, and now itīs one of those times” she said, “Just tell me, why her?” she insisted.

It didnīt have to be her, in fact, whoever she wanted could come, except for her mother. On the other hand, Ashley had already seen him like this, and they were friends so, he felt better if it was her.

“Uhmm, well, she lives right here, she could just come here and…stay here until you come back, she works at night so there wonīt be any problem with her schedule.” He replied.

“Ok…thatīs it?” she asked putting her hands on her hips.

That posture, for some reason, made him swallow nervously. “P-pretty much” he said.

“You sure youīre not letting something else out of the conversation?” she asked.

“N-nop, thatīs all” he answered.

“Iīll trust you this time, but like I said, I already called my mother, the only way this could change…” then she remembered their little bet, “is if you reach the cabinet of the kitchen…but I guess we could change some of the conditions, I mean, itīll be better if you stayed here with someone rather than staying here alone, so hereīs the deal…” Nick was listening, but she had a certain type of smile on her face that, rather than reassuring him things could turn better, it just seemed as if it was the complete way around.

“IF you win, Ashley will be the one coming, but if you donīt, then MY momīs gonna come here all week, and you canīt complaint about it, ok?” Nick just nodded in silence.

“Ok, but…thereīs something else…” Maddy continued, “since you decided to change everything in the last minute, now, the rules have changed” His heart began to beat faster, his hands felt sweaty, what could she possibly change?

“Like I said, you only needed to reach the counter, but, that doesnīt necessarily mean youīll be able to grab something from it, right? So, instead of just reaching, which you can do with the tip of your fingers, I will be placing…letīs say a can, in the middle of the cabinetīs bottom, if you can pull it, without using a chair or any buster step, then you win, else…” and she approached to him as she said it, “I win.”

He wasnīt sure if he was going to be able to do it, but he nodded in response. Then Maddy extended her hand towards him and said: “Deal?” He watched her hand, then looked at her face. A part of him felt this wasnīt fair, but this small chance was better than nothing.

“DEAL!” He said as he extended his hand and grabbed hers.

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Chapter 13 by Mine1234

Nick wasnīt very sure about what he had got himself into. It was true that itīs better trying and failing that not trying, but he wasnīt completely sure if Maddy was betting because she knew he wouldnīt be able to reach or if this was just another way to prove heīs not capable of doing something else.

Right now, Nick was laying in bed, waiting for Maddy to come out of the bathroom. He was watching the ceiling as he let all his thoughts flow, looking for an explanation to this. Why was Maddy acting in such way? He could be trusted to stay home alone, or at least, she should let him choose who heīll stay with.

“Come on, at least she could ask if I wanted her mother to come here” he thought, “Sheīs literally a bitch, I donīt know why she doesnīt see it…but I guess she canīt complain too much, after all, sheīs her mother…” Cynthia was a really unpleasant person, but she knew when to speak her thoughts about Nick.

She always pretended that Nick was ok whenever Maddy was around, you could still tell she didnīt appreciate his company too much. But when Maddy left the room, she totally turned into another person, well, in reality, the only thing that changed were her words. She could start saying things like: “So…do you have a real job now Nick” or “I donīt get why my daughter fell in love with a guy like you, I mean, donīt you agree she deserves better…” those and many other things had been said.

Whenever she said those kinds of things, she always did with a sort of proud annoying smile, acting as if she wasnīt talking shit about him. He never knew what to say, the only ideas he had were telling her that if she didnīt liked it, well, thereīs the door. But he knew Maddy will be really upset, or whatīs more, sheīll be sad. Since the first time she introduced her mother, she said heīd love her, and even if it takes some time, theyīll get along.

Up to this point, it wasnīt the case, in fact, every time Nick met Cynthia he felt as if he disliked her more; since the moment Cynthia stepped into the same room where he was, he was counting the seconds for her to leave.

“Fuck…I guess tomorrow wonīt be such a pleasing day” he thought as the bathroomīs door cracked open and a thin fog of hot water came out as a gentle breeze. Between those glassy clouds of fog, Maddy emerged.

Nick couldnīt believe his eyes, she was wearing a night gown, one thatīs transparent and only covered the boob area. He could see her underwear and her feminine silhouette underneath. In that moment, he forgot all about tomorrow and focused all of his attention at her.

He scanned her from top to bottom and then back. At his current size, which the night measurement said was 4’1”, she seemed huge. Her legs seemed thicker and longer, as if they could go on forever. Her hips seemed wider, but her boobs, they got all of his attention. He wasnīt never sure whether he was a boob guy or a butt guy, but when his gaze met her feminine mounds, he couldnīt turn anywhere else.

He kept staring at her huge bosom, wondering if they were bigger than his head now. Those soft boobs just hanging there, calling for him. His member was already rising from underneath the sheets. He was just waiting for her to say it, to ask him to strip her down and exhibit her naked flesh. But she didnīt say it.

“Mmmm, someone looks happy” said Maddy as she closed the bathrooms door and approached to bed. Nick just stood there salivating and swallowing at the magnificent beauty of her.

She came closer, and rose his chin with her index finger, so that he was looking at her and not her boobs, then she spoke: “I can tell someone likes what he sees…” he just nodded in stupefy. “Awww, is my outfit a little too much sweetheart?” she asked, Nick didnīt answer, he just watched her face as she spoke.

He couldnīt believe she was a foot and a half taller than him now, it was insane. But he had to say something, he needed to speak not just watching her and nodding yes or no. “Uhmm, I…are we, maybe, ehem, you know…” he felt really shy for some reason.

“Having sex?” she asked easily knowing what he meant.

“Y-yes!” he replied.

“Iīm afraid we canīt, I have to be at work tomorrow, remember, and you mister, you need a good rest because tomorrow will be a busy day…” he felt sad, if she didnīt want to have sex, then why was her outfit so provocative?

“B-but, why canīt we…?” he was saying as she placed a finger on his lips.

“Shh, Iīm sorry Nick, but we canīt do it right now, like I said, tomorrow Iīll get back to work, so I need to wake up earlier, that also means we need to get to bed earlier too, donīt you agree? Or do you want me to stay asleep and lose my job?” she asked, not meaning the last part, at most sheīll have a verbal warning, she was actually a model employee.

“N-no, I-I mean, it wouldnīt be good, but I thought…” he really thought she meant what she said, but still, he was craving for it, if he could at least get a good view of her bare bosom and maybe touch it with his hands, that will be enough.

She leaned and poured a big kiss on Nickīs forehead, then she said with a sweet tone: “Not right now honey, just close your eyes and try to sleep, ok?” he knew he wasnīt getting anything tonight.

She laid next to him and turned off the light on the nights table. She settled in bed and turn her back at him. He stayed there, with his eyes open looking straight into the darkness. Once his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he could barely see what seemed to be the ceiling.

He kept thinking for a while, trying to ignore the fact that his now statuesque girlfriend was laying next to him. He didnīt dare to make a move and try something, he was very sure sheīll get mad; now for some reason, he was worried about what she thought and whether she will get mad about some things. He kept thinking about it for a moment, why was he so afraid of what she thought or if she will get mad? It was normal for a man to be conscious about it with his couple, but not as he was seeing it right now.

Before, whenever he considered she will get mad or something like that, he always tried to find a way to turn her attention into something else, he never felt worried, he mostly smiled about that and just tried to make amends; he didnīt feel proud about doing wrong, but he never took things so seriously. But now, before doing something that could be considered “wrong”, an image of Maddy always came to his mind, and with it came some thoughts; he started thinking whether Maddy will like it, what sheīll say about it or if she will be ok with that. Basically, he felt as if he needed to ask for her permission.

It was weird for a 26-year-old to ask his girlfriend for permission, but he didnīt felt so sure about things now. At his current size, Maddy stood a good deal taller than him, whenever he saw her, it had two effects on him. The first thing he did when he saw her immense luscious body was craving for her, he wanted to get some intimacy, feel her flesh, touch her skin. But there was another effect she was having on him, ever since their last fight, there were some ideas he began to have. The mere thought of her disapproving what he did, or if she will get mad about the decisions he made, it concern him.

He knew Maddy was supportive and carrying, but what if he went too far? At this point he wasnīt sure how far was too far. He knew she didnīt trust him to be alone outside, so she limited that aspect of his life, and conditioned him to have her make him company whenever he went out of the apartment. He didnīt like where things were going, and much less knowing the fact that the shrinking hasnīt stopped.

He resigned in closing his eyes and wait for the new day to come, there was a big chance that Cynthia will visit him the whole week, but he liked to think that there was a small beam of light between the despair that Cynthia will bring, a beam that will allow him to choose and stay with Ashley, the bet they made had given him the chance to get another option, hopefully, he could win.


The next morning, Nick woke up by 8:23 am, he rubbed his eyes and stepped out of bed. His bed was too tall now, so he had to hop to get to the floor. He stepped out of his room and walked into the kitchen. There was a delicious aroma carrying him all the way there, a really sweet smell, and a really tasty one too. He entered the kitchen and found Maddy in front of the stove, she was making pancakes and some bacon. His mouth began to water with the idea of her sweet buttery pancakes and the salty taste of the crispy bacon.

“Good morning” he said.

Maddy turned, she was wearing her work clothes and on top of that an apron, which avoided her clothes to get stained, she smiled and said: “Well, look whoīs up, I thought you were going to sleep thru the whole morning, I was this close to cancel our bet” she said raising her hand and closing the gap between her fingers.

Nick got really nervous for a moment, but he knew she was kidding, so he settled down. “Sooo, youīre making breakfast?” he asked smiling.

“Oh yes, Iīm making some breakfast for the two of us…but I wasnīt really sure how much youīll eat, but I guess we can give the rest to my mother, donīt you agree?” she asked.

And that simple question turned his happy morning into a bitter one. The idea that Cynthia was coming made him mad. But he knew there was a way to avoid that. He turned into the cabinets and wondered if he could reach.

They seemed taller than they used to, so he wasnīt very sure if he will be able to reach. He approached as Maddy continued preparing breakfast. He stood in front of the counter, thinking: “Well, it doesnīt seem so far from here…but, can I…?” and just like that, he stretched his arm, and when he was half way there, he felt a shadow looming over him from behind.

“Well, someone looks eager to check on his bet” Maddy said with a cheering tone. He immediately lowered his arm closer to his torso and turned.

“Oh yeah, uhmm, I guess we can check on that right now, donīt you think?” he replied sort of nervous.

“I guess youīre right, breakfastīs ready anyway…let me just…” she said as she stretched and opened the cabinet, he felt her weight pressing him forward, into the counter. He wasnīt sure why she didnīt ask him to move, but he kind of liked the way her smooth body pressed against him, the only bad thing was that there was a hard counter in front of him, poking his ribs.

“Ok, there we go…” she said as she stepped back. Nick turned to watch what she placed on the cabinet; he gave a couple steps back because he couldnīt see anything from there. Once he was a couple feet away from where he stood a couple seconds ago, he saw a can of peas standing alone in the middle of the cabinet. He could barely see the top.

He cleared his throat and began planning his strategy. It was simple, he didnīt even have to see the can while he attempted to grab it, he only had to remember where it was and search for it with his fingers. “Ok, whenever youīre ready” Maddy said as she crossed her arms beneath her bosom.

Nick approached to the cabinet. The first thing he noticed was that the counter top didnīt allow him to get close enough, it was like a small wall standing between him and the can, he had to stand like a foot away from the cabinet. He stretched, but the counter was really annoying, so he decided to climb it.

“Why not?” he thought as he tried to lift one of his knees up to the top and pull himself, but then Maddy said: “Nah ah, no cheating, I told you, if you want to reach then it has to be standing, no ladder, no booster steps, and of course, no climbing on the counters…” she said as she waved her index finger from side to side in denial.

Nick immediately put his leg down, and for some reason, he felt as if his girlfriend was nagging him. The size difference could really change the perception of someoneīs things. However, he stretched the most he could even if he had the counter obstructing his way.

He had to stand on his tip toes to have a better scope. Then he stood in only the tip toes of his left foot, trying to reach with his right hand. He could touch the lower border of the cabinet, that was easy, but pulling an object from it, thatīs another thing.

He really struggled as he attempted to win this bet, all the while, Maddy just smiled at his futile attempts to grab the can. She almost laughed at the fact that he couldnīt even reach a simple can of peas form the lower shelve. But she knew she couldnīt say that out loud. She wanted to win the bet, not humiliate him.

“Oh my, just look at him, he just…giggle…he canīt even reach, his hand is still like 4 inches away from the can…should I tell him or…nah, I think it will be better if he recognizes he lost, anyway, what time is it?” she checked on her watch. It was already a quarter to nine, she knew her mother should be there in any minute.

In the meantime, Nick was still trying to grab the can, or at least touch it. He moved his hand from side to side, trying to find it with his fingers, but it was useless. He couldnīt even see where it was or if he was close. A minute went by, then another and another, and finally, he gave up.

Nick lowered his arms and stood in front of the counter, looking at the floor in total defeat. How come he couldnīt even reach? A very simple task he will no longer be able to do. He remembered all the times Maddy asked him to reach stuff for her from the top shelve, every time she said she couldnīt reach, now he was the one that couldnīt reach.

He felt sad, not because he had lost and now Cynthia was officially staying, but because he couldnīt even reach. It only meant that day by day, there were things he could no longer do, easy chores that were now impossible for him to attempt. He hated to admit it but, he even doubted he will be able to stay alone further on.

“Donīt be sad…” Maddy said as she stepped closer and caressed his head. “I know you gave your best, itīs not your fault” she added, not mentioning the fact that he wasnīt even close.

Nick rose his head and smiled, at least he wasnīt alone, Maddy was there with him; she was comprehensive and sweet, he knew that even if he felt down, she will always be there to make things better. He opened his arms and hugged her.

Right now, his eyes were level with her lower ribs. But he didnīt care, he just turned to the side and hugged her tight, knowing she was kind, that she was carrying, and she will always comfort him. She smiled back at the little Nick standing in front of her, she couldnīt help but feel how a warm sensation was flowing thru all of her body.

She adored this; she had just consoled him with her words. She wasnīt very sure if it was just that or if there was something else, some other reason why he approached. Maybe he felt vulnerable and wanted someone to be there. She was having some ideas about how much he really needed her now. But this feeling, a warm sweet heat filling her body, it felt amazing, she felt quivers thru her spine as his small arms tried to pull her tight.

She continued caressing his hair as she thought: “Itīs ok, Iīm here, you can hug me all you need…” she immediately knew it, he wasnīt looking for comfort, in reality, he was looking for protection. Even if he didnīt realize what he was doing, he was trying to escape from his new reality turning to her. He knew that even if all things changed, she will be there for him, with all her love and affection.


After that, he let go, she didnīt wanted to, but it was almost nine. She couldnīt be late to work, but at this point, there was no other option. But no one would mind if she arrives a couple minutes later, she hasnīt been late up until now, so it wonīt be so bad.

Nick sat on the kitchenīs table and began eating his breakfast. Then, someone knocked on the door. He knew who it was, but didnīt turn away from his plate. Why should he bother in opening the door for that woman?

“Coming!” Maddy said as she rushed to the door. Once there, she opened it, revealing her not so pleasant mother. Finally, Cynthia had arrived.

“Hi mom, Iīm glad you could come” Maddy said.

“Hello dear, sorry Iīm late, but you wouldnīt believe the traffic…” she replied. Cynthia was a woman on her late fifties. She had her hair died in a solid blonde color. She wasnīt as tall as Maddy, she stood at 5ī5” in her bare feet, but she always wore three-inch heels, which made her an inch taller than her daughter.

“No worries, youīre here now, and thatīs all that matters…would you like something to drink, a coffee, some water?” she asked.

“Oh no honey, I know itīs late and you should be at work by now, I donīt want to take any more of your time. Iīll take care of that…” she responded.

“Ok! Well, Iīll leave now, you know where everything is, and if thereīs anything you need just give me a call, ok?” Maddy said as she grabbed her purse and keys.

“Donīt worry honey, Iīm sure everything will come out very well, have a good day” she said as she smiled at her.

“Thank you, you too…Bye Nick, Iīll come back sooner than you thought!” she added and then closed the door behind her.

Nick was expecting her usual goodbye kiss, but he knew it was late, so he didnīt mind. What he did mind was the fact that Maddy had left him home with this annoying woman.

“Ok, where are you honey? Maddy has told me all about your…” she turned and stopped as her eyes finally met Nick. She couldnīt believe what she was seeing. A small man eating on the kitchens table. She was eager to find out how small he was, or if it was even true, but for her surprise, things seemed to be better than she expected, well, he was smaller than she expected actually.

“Oh my…look at you!” Cynthia says as she approaches to the kitchenīs table.

“Morning Cynthia” Nick replies in a dry way, still eating his breakfast.

“Well well well, good morning to you too…” she said as she stood closer to Nick, now she was just separated by the tableīs length, and all she could do was stare at her reduced daughterīs boyfriend. She couldnīt believe it, but she couldnīt stop smiling either.

He watched her for a second or two, just to notice the excited impression on her face. He turned and kept eating, he was half way done with his breakfast.

“Are you enjoying your breakfast… little one” she said in a sarcastic but very organic way.

“Yesh” he says with his mouth filled with pancake.

“Oh no honey, itīs not ok to talk with your mouth full…” she said in her own very annoying way.

He swallowed and said in a harsh but polite way, “Sorry.” Not really meaning it.

“Ok Nick, when you finish up your breakfast make sure to wash the dishes. When youīre done Iīll let you know what else to do” she said as she walked away and sat on the couch, turned on the TV and watched the news.

“Ok!” Nick replied dryly, knowing this will be a long day. 

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