A Return to Normalcy by Franchise Writer

After battling against the foreign god, Lumine becomes trapped and stricken of her powers in an unknown world. Worse then that, some kind of curse afflicts her too, and those around her. On her quest to find her brother and regain what she lost, she'll have to contend with not only the challenges of the new world she'll face, but her own body rebelling against her as well.


Series: Genshin Impact 

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Story Notes:

This is a chapter based story written for Brayt.

As the chapters come out, each will have their own set of tags and characters as the story changes from chapter to chapter. If you see a tag you like, it will most certainly be added as the story continues on.

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Playtime with Paimon by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Hey everyone! Wanted to drop a new series I'll be working on courtesy of Brayt. 

This will be a Genshin Impact story with new characters and fetishes added as the story progresses. If you want to see more, please feel free to come over to our Discord where you can keep up with the new stories and series made as soon as they're ready. 




For now, though, enjoy the read, and I hope you look forward to more. ^-^





‘To think, this all happened two months ago. It feels so long now… ‘


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~




Gazing over the ocean with a forlorn look cast across her features, Lumine softly sighed as she let the pleasant sea breeze gently caress her hair. When would her journey end? When, would she find her brother… Aether? And when… would she be able to gain her powers back, along with ridding herself of this troublesome curse…




“Oh! There you are! Paimon was looking all over for you! Why did you run off again without telling Paimon? What do you think would happen if you got eaten by a wild animal?! How would Paimon ever be able to repay her debt to you if that happened?”




Looking up quietly, Lumine soon smiled as she saw the face of her new friend, and, fairly ironic guardian staring down at her. To all who saw her, Paimon was a small fairy-like being. However, due to the curse brought on by fighting the foreign god she and her brother had faced… the little fae was far more imposing.




Landing on the rock Lumine sat on, Paimon stared down at the tiny blonde who came up just short of her knees before sighing. “You know you should have told Paimon! We’ve been over this before! If you exhaust yourself, you need to stay near me so Paimon can protect you!” The larger girl muttered angrily before stomping her foot. To be honest, it was rather cute given their normal heights.




Due to how this curse seemed to work, or, at least how the Traveler thought it did, whenever she overexerted herself, be it in combat or even in simply doing normal chores around her campsites, she would shrink. The size seemed to vary by an unknown factor, however. Sometimes she would be about 1/2 a foot. Other times she could be as small as a 1/4 inch! Hence why she had been so worried.




Right now, she was about 5 inches tall, so it wasn’t too bad today. But that didn’t mean her little companion didn’t fret. Feeling herself picked up and cradled almost like one would a toddler, the shrunken girl sighed as she felt her body being hugged into her larger friend’s petite chest.




“Don’t scare Paimon like that! If you got hurt on my watch, Paimon wouldn’t know what to do with herself!” The white-haired fairy cried before cuddling closer to the blonde. Sighing again since this had been exactly what she had tried to take a break from, the smaller girl nodded as she was hugged tenderly by her companion.




“I’m sorry Paimon… I just wanted to be alone for a little bit. Plus, I can tell that my curse is already affecting you. We don’t know if it will have any ill effects, you know…” Lumine muttered quietly. Blushing, the short fairy pouted but didn’t retort as she continued to cling to her shrunken friend.




“Paimon doesn’t mind! Besides, if something bad is supposed to happen, don’t you think it would have affected Paimon by now?” Wanting to retort, the tiny blonde soon frowned. She had a point after all. If the foreign god she faced wanted to harm those who came in contact with her, then what she did made no sense at all.




Along with stealing her height from her, it also made those around her extremely, emotional. However, it was generally only one emotion. Lust… If she had wanted the curse afflicting her to harm, then making people extremely hostile towards her made more sense. Instead… they tended to want to fuck her. Speaking of which…




Blushing profusely as she felt Paimon’s fingers slowly rubbing her crotch through her panties, the tiny blonde bit her bottom lip. The curse worked both ways. She felt just as lustful now too, which made things rather troublesome. Perhaps the curse was working as intended in the end. Whenever she got like this, she didn’t have time to recover, and she stayed smaller much longer than she normally did.




Taking a deep breath to try and calm herself down, Lumine soon shook her head. It… it was no use! Damn it, Paimon knew her weak spots by now! Looking up as her breath came out labored, the tiny girl’s golden eyes locked on with Paimon’s navy blue pair before slowly shaking her head.




“P-Paimon, w-wait! L-Let me get my dress off! I can’t afford, egghh, a-another one after last time!” Slowly nodding as some of the reasoning and concern she had prior left her as well, Paimon slowly nodded before kicking off the ground and flying into the air.




Fluttering a short distance away, her hands all the while continuing to grope and play with Lumine, the small fairy-esk girl landed on a bedroll three times her size before setting her friend down. “Hurry, hurry! Paimon doesn’t know if she can wait any longer!” The white-haired girl cried as her hands began to slowly massage her crotch through her underwear. It seemed; the curse was extremely potent today!




Though when it came to curses… Lumine had to admit, this one wasn’t all that bad… sometimes. Hiking off her white dress, as Paimon did the same with her own, both girls never took their eyes off one another as they stripped away piece after piece of their clothing until both stood proudly nude in front of one another.




Gazing up at Paimon lustfully, Lumine gulped as her eyes landed on the fairy’s fat rear end. When it came to breasts, the white-haired fae was lacking. However, she more than made up with it when it came to her backside! And it just so happened the shrunken teen favored asses more in the end. Though to be honest, she hadn’t felt any urges or inclination before she had been cursed. It was only after she lost her brother all these feelings and emotions were aroused within her.




Watching the shrunken girl ogling her body, Paimon soon smirked. “Do you like what you see? You don’t normally look at Paimon like that! I hope it's not because of your curse that you only like Paimon.” The white-haired fae huffed before turning her back towards the smaller girl purposefully.




Groaning inwardly as the larger girl's pert ass came into view, Lumine almost fell to her knees in lust as she watched Paimon’s cheeks lightly clap and ripple. She wanted, to touch them! Running forward with no restraint whatsoever, the tiny blonde clung to her nude friend’s leg affectionately, before a foot came out kicking her back down onto the bed mat.




“If you want Paimon how she knows you do, then you’ll need to listen better first! If you do a good job, then… Paimon may let you play with her butt.” The larger girl giggled before stepping over Lumine and hovering her foot above her. It was dainty and small, just like her. But it still measured larger than her whole head!




Wiggling her toes, the white-haired girl grinned before stepping lightly on Lumines face, her entire sole completely dominating the blonde’s field of vision. “First, you can thank Paimon for searching for you! Wandering off as you did, how stupid can you be? You’re so small and helpless like this! Even Paimon’s foot is enough to overpower you and Paimon’s not that strong at all!”




Inhaling deeply as her breaths came out in labored gasps, Lumine quivered in delight as she smelled the thick, earthy scent of her friend’s sweaty foot. She only had the one pair of little boots she wore, and she seldom took them off. They reeked highly of her scent! It was a scent; the smaller teen could never get enough of. She just loved the smell of her friend so much…




Sticking her tongue out, already knowing what she wanted by the pressure increasing on her face, Lumine groaned as she tasted the salty flavor of Paimon’s sole, along with the faint remains of her saliva leftover from yesterdays events. Her smells were imprinted onto the little fae after playing with her for so long. They mingled well together…




Keeping enough pressure to pin Lumine down, but not enough to do her harm, Paimon silently grinned as she felt her tiny friend's tongue worshiping her foot. To be so small compared to everybody else, but have this much control over another person… It was euphoric! The small fairy wouldn’t admit it to her companion’s face… but, she kind of wished Lumine would just stay like this permanently.




They had been together for weeks now, and every day it always ended like this. Though sometimes, not as direct. Lumine's curse just made her go into a lustful frenzy. And it affected Paimon just as easily. However, the little fae didn’t mind. The blonde had technically saved her when they had first met. So, she felt no guilt or annoyance for giving the now smaller teen exactly what she wanted in return and taking back from their interactions too.




“Paimon could leave you like this you know… If you’re trapped under her foot all day, then you’ll never run away from Paimon again! Do you want that? To be stuck and worshiping Paimon’s feet forever?” Grinding her foot, a little harder for emphasis, the larger girl smirked as she felt Lumine's grasp tighten on her dainty sole. She was too easy!




Panting tiredly as her hot breath mixed with the already thick humidity Paimon’s sole over her was making, Lumine groaned in dismay as she felt her needy quim aching to be touched! But, she couldn’t! She wasn’t letting her hands down past her waist! This was so cruel!




Licking faster and more fervently to please her gigantic friend, the fairy’s sole shifted, so her toes were now resting over the smaller teen's face instead. Getting a glimpse of Paimon past her big and index toes, the smaller blonde grunted as she saw the smirking face of her companion. Quivering from her gaze, the tiny woman began licking once more as she drank the sweat surrounding the much larger girl’s salty digits.




Giggling in amusement, Paimon pinched the tiny girl's head tightly trapping her in place before leaning her head down. “You look thirsty~. Does Paimon’s sweat taste good? It's probably not enough for you though, is it? Here, Paimon will help!”




Gazing up forcefully as her head remained pinned in place, Lumine's eyes widened as she watched Paimon purse her lips high above her. ‘I-Is she doing what I think she’s doing?!’ Gawking in shock as her lower lips squirted in excitement for the abuse she was about to receive, Lumine whimpered as the urge to finger herself began to hurt, as she saw the pool of saliva forming over her began to grow.




Drooling down her mouth, Paimon watched in satisfaction as the large globule of spit she had formed, disconnected from its mucus strand, before splashing down directly onto Lumine's face. Licking her lips clean, the larger girl grinned as she felt the shrunken girl thrashing helplessly as she choked on her spittle.




By how hard she was frantically moving, the tiny fae might have almost thought she was in pain. But it was the exact opposite. She knew that now after playing with her traveling companion for so long. Looking down back past her ass, Paimon saw the small puddle of juices leaking out between Lumine's legs. She was close to orgasming after only licking her. How pathetic could she get!




But it was enough to turn her on too~. Playing with herself as she continued to watch Lumine thrash helplessly between her foot, Paimon fingered her labia gently before pulling her hand away. There was a thick, glossy coating of her excitement covering her. That was enough foreplay to get her going.




Waiting another thirty seconds to let Lumine REALLY drink in her spit and mucus, as well as tip her closer to climax, Paimon finally lifted her foot allowing the tiny blonde to shot forward out of the saliva puddle and gasp for the air her lungs desperately needed. However, instead of taking a second to gather her bearings after almost drowning in drool, the shrunken girl instead chose to drive her hands into her crotch as she began to finger herself viciously!




Crying as tears streamed down her face (though you couldn’t tell with all the spit covering her head) Lumine cried loudly as she began to buck on her bedroll, her essence flowing out of her as she began to squirt her orgasm. It was too much. Paimon knew that too!




Watching the tiny girl gasping as she fell back on the bed as a panting mess, the larger fairy smiled warmly as she saw the disheveled state, she had put her tiny companion in. ‘If you were normal-sized, Paimon wouldn’t be able to make you cum like that…’ It was another reason she didn’t like it when Lumine changed back. When she was so small and helpless, the normally smaller girl could do whatever she wanted and it always made the blonde happy in the end.




So, that just meant she had to keep her like this! And the easiest way to do that was to keep her exhausted for as long as she could. Smirking quietly again, Paimon leaned down slowly before picking up her naked friend as she continued to catch her breath. She was like a ragdoll currently. It was adorable!




Seating herself down and holding Lumine against her chest, Paimon moved her face up so she was forced to gaze back at her. “Did you like that? You like being played with, right? You love being Paimon’s toy, don’t you? Wouldn’t you love to spend the rest of your life serving Paimon~?”




Feeling the urge to nod to just about anything her friend said, Lumine felt the faintest hints of sanity left in her mind come forward before she gently shook her head. She… she loved this feeling. She ached desperately for it! She wanted nothing more than to give in to it daily for the rest of her life! But… she still had obligations. There, was her brother… Aether! Aether… It… it was hard to think…




Nodding sadly back at her friend, Paimon softly sighed before leaning down. Pressing her lips against Lumines face, her mouth all but encompassing the small space that was her head, the larger girl made out gently with her friend as her tongue batted and layered the blonde in her scent.




Drinking it in obediently, the shrunken girl laid still with her mouth open as she felt Paimon’s tongue invading what little she could of her maw. It was so big… She could never take it all like she wanted to. The same went both ways. When she was normal-sized and she tried to kiss Paimon, her mouth could never enter hers as intended. But that never stopped either of them from playing around as best they could.




Continuing the lip-lock for another minute or so, Paimon eventually ended it as she quietly gasped for breath, Lumine doing the same after as a thick layer of saliva kept them connected to one another. Wiping her lips down with her palm, the larger girl moved her hand across to the blonde's face before pressing her thumb past the tinier girl’s lips.




“P-Pai… Paimon knows… Knows you don’t want to spend the rest of your life as her plaything. But, Paimon also wants to keep you. It’s a tough decision you know.” The larger fae mumbled softly, her thumb shifting around the smaller girl’s mouth as she felt the slimy texture of the blonde’s pink orifice.




Sucking on the digit obediently as she knew she was supposed to, Lumine slowly nodded in understanding. This was a mutual feeling after all. But, as much as Paimon teased, berated, and abused her… it was always to bring her the most pleasure possible. It was never meant to be malicious.




Giggling as she pinched the blonde woman’s tongue, before pulling it out of her mouth, Paimon looked on at Lumine as she panted loudly atop her. She looked so lewd like this~. Pursing her lips again and spitting into the blonde’s mouth, the fairy watched in amusement as Lumine tried to swallow, but choked and gagged softly instead from having her tongue held captive by her.




“It’s a shame. But, so long as Paimon can stay by your side and play with you till her heart's content, then Paimon will still help you return to normal. Just remember... Paimon owns you, even if you’re bigger!” The larger fae giggled once more before releasing the blonde's tongue causing her to cough as she swallowed what she could from the gigantic fairy’s drool and spit out whatever she couldn’t.




Releasing her hold on Lumine, letting the smaller woman fall back onto the bedroll, Paimon smiled affectionately back at her before leaning up and repositioning herself over the shrunken girl. Breathing slowly as her breaths came out labored, the tiny blonde soon felt her breath hitch altogether as the beautiful sight of her friend's amazing rear presented itself to her.




Looking on in awe, the smaller woman felt her arousal renew as she saw the expansive pale cheeks of Paimon’s ass hovering before her. The smaller fae’s legs had moved now, and Lumine found herself sandwiched between the larger fairy’s legs now, with her face in the perfect position for when the much larger girl decided to sit down…




Casting another glance between her needy quim, Paimon smirked as she saw the excited look her friend was giving her hovering ass. She was such a simple woman. Who got this excited over another person’s butt?! But that made this easier. She would get off, and get her ass cleaned in the process. “I expect you to keep worshiping me for as long as I’m sitting on you. Do that, and you can have what you want. If Paimon feels you stop though, then you might never get to touch Paimon here again!” The fairy giggled before giving her ass a hard slap.




Watching the ripple of vibration travel through her friend’s fat ass cheeks, Lumine shuddered before nodding quickly. She would service Paimon however she wanted! She just needed her ass now though! And thankfully, the larger fae granted it to her. Albeit roughly…




Slamming her ass onto Lumines body, completely burying her in the process under her plump cheeks, Paimon wiggled around to get comfortable before sighing contently as she felt her friend's body wedged deeply into her butt crack. She could feel it all now. Lumines face… it was right against her anus how she liked it~. Well, how they both liked it really.




Moaning softly as she felt the first few licks followed by a rapid pace of tonguing, Paimon whimpered before bouncing herself on top of Lumine’s much smaller form. She could take this easily. If Hilichurls weren’t enough to do her over, then being buried under the fairy’s plump rear end wouldn’t kill her either.




Licking frantically, Lumine’s mind grew fully fogged over now. The taste! The smell! She loved everything about Paimon’s amazing ass! The earthy bitterness, the hefty weight pressing down on her lungs! She didn’t care how obscene or filthy it might be! She wanted this! No, SHE NEEDED THIS! If the larger girl had asked her to become her property right here and now like she had before… then, the shrunken girl didn’t know if she could say no again.




The curse, it was far too powerful! If the smaller blonde could spend the rest of her days licking and touching her friend's plump rear, then she gladly would. Quest be damned… B-Brother… be damned. The urge was far too potent. And she knew that’s why Paimon hadn’t taunted her now how she had before. It would have been too cruel…




Licking the puckered flesh of the larger girl’s anus, Lumine quickly moved on as she began to suck on whatever she could. The heavy scent of her friend filled her lungs. It filled her mind! She wanted more! She wanted, to be, in her! But… it was cruel… She was still too big!




She had learned first-hand, that when she was small enough to be palm-sized, that she fit rather nicely inside of Paimon’s holes. And her ass was the preferable one even though it made no sense to her rationally. It wasn’t rational. This curse made her, irrational! She just wanted to fuck, and lick, and suck, and do whatever her body wanted! She just needed this pleasure!




Crying loudly as she felt a thick finger brushing her crotch, Lumine began to softly weep. It felt good… it felt, way, too good… She would do whatever she could now, to please her friend! Redoubling her efforts tenfold, Lumine lapped and licked madly as she worshiped the much larger woman’s asshole. She needed more! SHE NEEDED ALL OF HER NOW!




Panting atop her shrunken companion, Paimon wiped the sweat that had formed over her brow away as she continued to grind against Lumine. Her body fit so nicely between her legs that she could rub her anus into her face and press her needy quim into the blonde’s body as she rocked back and forth.




But that didn’t mean she was selfish either. Wiggling her finger against the tiny woman’s lower lips, the larger of the pair grinned as she saw her friend wildly thrashing under her. She was going insane! Perhaps she took the foreplay, a little too far. Anytime she pushed Lumine over the edge… she became almost another person. It wore off once she returned to normal, but it still weighed on her mentally sometimes.




Hopefully, she wouldn’t be in a funk again after tonight. The little fae hated when she acted like that! Sometimes it lasted all the way until their next play session. But she could worry about that later. Right now, there were more pressing matters to worry about. Such as both their pleasure.




Clenching and unclenching her ass as she tried to give Lumine more to enjoy, Paimon cried herself as she felt herself edging closer to release. All that teasing had really turned her on! Another benefit of Lumines curse, if you could even call it that at this point, was that whatever pleasure they felt was enhanced! It was like they were orgasming multiple times at once all from a single one! Neither of them had ever felt like that with anyone else!




Rubbing herself over her friend’s body as she bathed Lumine in her juices, Paimon whimpered, wanting to slow down what was to come… but it was impossible. They were both far too into it to prolong the inevitable… And worse than that, the blonde had upped her game!




Grunting as she writhed atop her friend, Paimon grit her teeth before shaking her head. She was biting her now! Bouncing a bit harder to try and stop her however soon backfired as the little fae’s eyes shot open in shock. Screeching as she felt her orgasm flood out of her violently, the larger girl cried her release as the intense feeling of fullness entered her.




As her orgasm slowly began to ebb away, Paimon’s eyes glazed over before she fell back a bit, her arms catching her as she leaned fully onto the bedroll. Panting exhaustedly, the porcelain-haired fairy soon whimpered as the pleasure that had pushed her over the edge continued to assault her. ‘G-Give Paimon a minute to recover!’ She was being too needy again!




Clenching her anus hard, the normally smaller girl smirked as she felt Lumine halted, if only momentarily. It was an easy thing to do, considering her head had accidentally got lodged inside her asshole on her last powerful buck into the woman.




Clenching and unclenching, again and again, Paimon softly chuckled as she felt the frantic motion from within her. “Serves you right for making Paimon cum so hard! Now you stay put for a while! Paimon needs a moment to relax after that.” The larger girl mumbled before leaning backward, her ass’s full weight now pressing on the bed mat and not on her knees.




Although, it also un(intentionally) forced Lumine to stay put, and do what she was told in the first place. This was a pretty common occurrence for both of them. Though the smaller girl's larger than average size did make it a tad more difficult.




Hopefully the next time Lumine shrank, it would be at a more appropriate height.






Although… if she were small enough to fit into the fairy’s panties snuggly, then she may never be allowed to leave them…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _






“Come one! Paimon said she was sorry! Stop giving her the silent treatment!”






Pouting weakly, Lumine said nothing as she continued to walk down the pathway leading towards Mondstadt. After the prior night’s events, she had all the right to be more than a little miffed. Paimon had indeed taken a break… before going at it again with her head still firmly lodged up her anus! By the time they both finished, the fae has fallen asleep from the pleasure… and she had been forced to sleep with her head up her ass all night with no way to pleasure herself because her arms were pinned!




By the time morning came around, she had soaked at least a fifth of the bed in her cum, and she didn’t sleep a wink at all! Reaching a hand down and rubbing her sore crotch, the now normal-sized blonde continued to scowl. She would be sore and chafed for a weak at this rate. And given how long they normally lasted before going at it again… she doubted she would have time to recover…




Hence one of the reasons they were headed to Mondstadt. They probably had something there to help her with her little problem. As well as give her some insight into what had happened to her brother. Though as much as she would like to say that was the main reason for their trip, that would be a lie…




However, as much as the blonde didn’t want to speak to Paimon right now, there were more pressing matters at hand. Such as the two hundred or so foot dragon that just flew overhead! That thing was massive! And it left some kind of teardrop behind too. Neither of the pair knew what to expect at all, but all signs pointed towards Mondstadt having the answers they wanted.




“Come on already! Will you please speak to Paimon! That’s an order!” Sighing from the dominant tone of her friend, the blonde was about to quip that bedroom rules didn’t apply if she wasn’t tiny… however, something else soon intervened. Well, someone else…




“Hey, you! Stop right there!”




Blinking, both Lumine and Paimon watched in confusion as a person suddenly leaped over the ledge of the path they were on before rolling forward and coming to a stop before them. Standing tall with her chin held high was a woman. Her brown hair was held back by a bright ruby ribbon, matching most of her aesthetic in total. She had on what appeared to be adventurer gear, though the tone she held sounded anything but that.




Giving them both a stern look before putting her hands on her hips, the woman spoke again instinctively drawing the pair to her attention. “May the Anemo God protect you, stranger! I am Amber, Outrider for the Knights of Favonius. You don’t look like citizens of Mondstadt. Explain yourselves!”




Looking back at one another, Paimon quickly came forward to explain things while the blonde Traveler listened. This had been a surprising interruption, but a not all-unliked one. Blushing as she admired the brunette's form more closely, Lumine quickly shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts. While uncommon… she had shrunk randomly from time to time when she admired Paimon’s… err, rear end. Another *gift* from the curse she imagined. The last thing the older girl wanted was to shrink right now after being interrogated by someone claiming to belong to the city they were traveling to.




Although… if she were being honest… there were worse fates than that. Blinking again having missed a lot of what had been said, Lumine soon came back as she caught the last bit of dialogue between them before her eyes widened. “I guess it can’t be helped. It’s not safe to travel to Mondstadt right now after what just happened. I’ll escort you there. It’s not far from here.”




Not wanting to incriminate themselves any further, but also not wanting to give in to anything her curse might provoke, Lumine inevitably decided that following along was the best course of action. If worse came to worse, Paimon would get her out of there. Though she really hoped, it wouldn’t come to that.




Immediately turning and beginning to strut off with purpose, the older blonde soon cursed her decision, as she saw the creamy thighs belonging to the Knight of Favonius. Hopefully… she could control herself…






The if she were being honest… there was probably little chance of that.






There never was, to begin with, as far as Paimon was concerned…








To be continued.

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Trapped with Amber by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:
Second installment of the story, featuring our favorite Knight spending her time with Lumine.

By the end of it you'll probably know whose coming next as well. Enjoy!
‘Why do things like this always happen to me…?’

Laying perfectly still, as the plump surfaces she was lying on molded to her tiny form, Lumine

quivered atop Amber as the fallen Knight of Favonious laid unconscious beneath her. Due to their size difference at the moment, the blonde assumed she was about 3 inches tall currently. That was more than enough to be considered helpless. Though if she were honest, this was better than last time she had found herself shrunken. Thankfully Paimon had been close by since that had been less than a half an inch, but still. Things were looking rather grim currently…

‘Just don’t think about this and you’ll be fine!’ Sure, she was currently straddling a total cutie she had been sneaking peeks at all morning. But there were more pressing matters at hand! The pair had been sent out immediately upon saving Mondstadt from the dragon that had attacked it to gather emergency provisions for the people there. Well, Amber had at least. ‘And I’d be damned if I didn’t follow along behind her, watching her ass as it rippled with every step.

Feeling a small amount of drool beginning to form at her lips edge, Lumine quickly slapped her face with her hands before taking a deep breath to calm herself. The issue they found themselves in was still potentially dire. After gathering some local fruits, a band of Hilichurls had ambushed them. While not very dangerous in their numbers, one of Amber's explosives had triggered a nearby combustible barrel… and they had all been caught in the blast radius.

Sighing audibly as she rubbed her sore neck, the tiny blonde looked up at the chasm the pair were both in before shaking her head. ‘No way I can scale that by myself. At least not until I grow back to normal…’ This curse acted up at the worst of times. After landing on Amber which might or might not have knocked her out presently, the blonde's face had gotten buried in the auburn-haired beauty's thighs, giving the hormonal traveler a refreshing breath of her sweat-laced shorts, and quite possibly what was hidden beneath. That had been more than enough of a trigger to cause her to shrink. And now, the urge to abuse her situation was fighting with what little she had left of her rational side to get out of this mess!

She wanted nothing more than to dive between the pale-skinned teenager's plump, creamy thighs! They were warm to the touch, smelled fantastic! And best of all, were laced with sweat that was just begging to be lapped up! Pulling on her golden locks painfully, Lumine cried out before she began to pant softly. ‘S-Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!’ She could fight it! She had done it before with Paimon! At least until the little Fae had shown her ass to her… Oh, Ambers ass! What a rear…

Giving her hair another yank as her mind began to wander again, Lumine felt her self-control starting to return, before a quiet, and puzzled voice spoke up, which caused the smaller girl's blood to run cold. “L-Lumine…? Is that, you…?” Gazing up slowly, having all but been drawn into her own little world as she fought with herself, the shrunken girl looked on at Amber as the now conscious knight gave her a perplexed-looking expression. Obviously, this was just as shocking and awkward for her as it was for the Traveler…

Gawking slowly, Lumine gulped before raising her hand to speak. However, she didn’t get so much as a word out as Amber’s hand shot forward grabbing her much rougher than Paimon ever had. Lifting the small woman up and holding her close to her face, the Auburn-haired teen began looking and peaking at every inch of her in wonderment.

“Y-You’re real! Like, really REAL! H-How is that possible?! I’ve never seen any magic like this! It certainly wasn’t done by any of the Archons magics. At least, none I know of…” Blushing as she was handled similar to how a child would a doll, Lumine cleared her throat as her hand instinctively held her dress flap down shielding her panties from sight. Blinking slowly before her whole face flushed red with embarrassment, Amber swiftly set the smaller woman down before bowing her head apologetically.

“S-Sorry! So sorry! That was rude of me! I shouldn’t have just picked you up like that!” Dusting off her dress as she felt her anxiety going down by her companion's calming and quite convincing sincerity, Lumine smiled back. “It’s alright. I’m used to being played with by Paimon pretty often. And… you were also right about this not being magic done onto me by the Archons. In truth I’ve. Never even met them before. This is a curse… It just happens to me when certain… conditions are met. Or when I over-exert myself.” Lumine blushed.

Growing horrified at the revelation, Amber leaned down a bit so she was closer to eye level with the tiny girl. “So, this really happens whenever you get tired?! That’s horrible! You’re not hurt are you?” Shaking her head, Lumine chuckled before rubbing her neck sheepishly. “No, not at all. In fact, this curse actually makes me pretty durable at this size. I’ve fallen off heights that might have killed me and just bounced back. I can take a lot of abuse.”

Humming thoughtfully, Amber quietly nodded before her eyes were drawn to the ceiling from which they had fallen in. “So, this fall caused you to shrink? Not… anything else?” Blushing profusely, Lumine gulped as she tried to collect herself. “Y-Yeah! It was probably that! I was getting kind of tired and the last blast did a number on me. Who knew Hilichurls kept explosives next to campfires.“ The blonde shrugged trying to not omit what else she knew.

She could feel it already. The painful sensation in her groin. The itching inside her inner walls. The way her mind was getting foggy and harder to process words. She needed to lie down or something. Anything to get her mind off of Amber’s gigantic, pale… beautiful form… Feeling some of the reservation she had attempted to hold crumble away, the smaller blonde felt her eyes travel down to the crack where her companion’s luscious thighs met.

‘Y-Yes… I… I need it… I WANT IT!’ Shaking her head quickly, the tiny girl panted softly as she fought to remain in control. However, what little sanity she felt slipping soon evaporated altogether, as she heard her new friend's next few words. “I guess… I’m to blame then. I need to take responsibility for you… How can I ever make it up to you, Lumine?”

Feeling her body suddenly gripped, the tiny girl was brought airborne before she met face to face with Amber. And her worst fears had happened. Looking into the void less expression as the auburn-haired teen blushed back at her affectionately, the blonde knew, it was hopeless now. Despite her best efforts to try and keep this part of her curse a secret, it had other plans for both her and the knight in question.

“A-Amber… I…- “Not getting any further, Lumine felt her face pushed into something plush and soft, which enveloped her completely. Tenderly cradling the tiny girl, Amber softly moaned as she kissed her new friend passionately. She didn’t know what was coming over her, but this felt like the right thing to do! She had done this… she needed to make up for it. And the smaller girl looked so, precious. She was within arm’s reach… and just asking to be played with! What else was she to do?

Feeling the much larger tongue of someone other than Paimon rolling across her face, coating her in copious amounts of warm, sticky saliva. Lumine swiftly relented. There was no point fighting this anymore. Amber, was well and truly, gone. This curse was merciless in who it affected. And… the blonde didn’t really mind. Amber was cute. Very, cute. There wasn’t a better face she had seen since coming to this land she would rather enjoy her time with more than her.

Kissing the knight of Favonius back, the smaller girl drank in the giantess’ spittle, as her previously dry mouth was awash with the thick taste of her new friend. Unfortunately for her though, she didn’t get very long to taste her before she was withdrawn from the panting teen's mouth.

Taking a second to catch her breath, Amber’s entire face was flushed red with embarrassment. It was clear, that she didn’t know what she was doing currently. But, that wasn’t stopping her either. Feeling her dress being tugged on possessively as she was being forcefully stripped of her garments, Lumine smiled, happy to oblige as she lifted her arms for easier ease of the restricting fabric.

Discarding the white fabric as she looked on at Lumine affectionately, Amber was quick to yank away her bra and panties too with just as much reservation. Holding onto her now… she was like a plaything. So small and helpless. The teenager had never felt like this before. Her instinct told her to protect such a person who couldn’t do so herself… however, something much deeper was demanding that she take advantage of her right this instant! It was hard to say, what she should do…

However, it seemed the latter choice was the right one, as the auburn-haired girl watched Lumine beginning to kiss and lick her thumb as she rubbed her naked body against her palm. ‘S-So perverse!’ The decision was made! She was too turned on to care about the consequences! Lifting the tiny girl up towards her face, Amber inhaled her scent before quivering. She smelled, so strongly… It was a scent she hadn’t picked up before at all! It was beginning to make her wet too…

Feeling the larger teen's tongue roll back out of her mouth again, Lumine cried out in delight as her warm, spongy appendage began to drag across her sensitive chest. Rubbing her crotch against the giantess’ bottom lip, her begging was answered as Amber’s tongue traveled down south giving her exactly what she had desired.

Groaning audibly as she felt her needy quim getting the attention it so desperately needed right now, the shrunken blonde began to grind and hump without any plans of stopping. She didn’t care that they were in the middle of nowhere. Or that Hilichurls might still be around! It didn’t matter! She was too turned on to care about any of that stuff! All that mattered was getting off!

Forcing her foot past the open maw of the brunette, Amber’s eyes widened before she began to suck in the smaller girl's leg, and then the other. Sitting on the giant teen's jaw before feeling her midsection sucked in too, Lumine quivered with anticipation, and she was quickly rewarded. Screaming out happily as the larger girl’s damp tongue began to probe between her legs, the curse afflicted girl squealed before gripping onto the giant teen's upper lip for support. By the end of this, she doubted she would be able to herself.

Licking with gusto, Amber moaned softly, which vibrated through the older girl currently dangling out of her mouth. Her taste was something the Knight of Favonious honestly never thought she would sample. She had never had a boyfriend, or in this case a girlfriend before. Frankly, she had never thought about such things and dedicated her life to the protection of Mondstadt.

And yet… She didn’t hold anything back, and instead freely began using the smaller woman. It made no sense! But, logic was banned at the moment. The taste! Oh, by the Archons, she could get addicted to the taste of Lumine! She was sweeter than any juice from a Sunsettia ever could be! Was this something she had been missing all her life?! Or was it just because of the blonde? She didn’t know!

One thing was for certain though, she couldn’t let her go. Pinching her fingers on both of the smaller girl’s arms, Amber sucked harder as her tongue lapped at the blonde’s privates. Her cries were like music to her ears! So vibrant and beautiful. At his moment, they may even put Barbara to shame! How could someone like this exist and nobody knew of her?! She was beautiful on the eyes, smelled fantastic. Tasted like the sweetest of fruits. And sang like angels above! She wanted more of her, now!

Feeling her voice growing hoarse as she was played with ruthlessly by the extremely possessive teen, Lumine couldn’t help but smile. Paimon was amazing, but this was something else. Amber had an entirely different approach to her. She wasn’t using the smaller woman on herself; she was instead doing everything in her power to get her off! And, she already had. Twice in fact. Did the brunette not even notice?! She was quickly approaching a third!

Screaming at an even higher pitch once more, Lumine quivered and thrashed in her companion’s hands as her lips bucked into the monstrous tongue assaulting her as yet another orgasm flooded out on her and into the eager maw of Amber. Panting in exhaustion, Lumine whimpered as she was continuously licked. It never stopped! She wanted to ring her dry of everything! Why did that turn her on more then?!

The thought of being Ambers personal candy she got to suckle on, was nothing less than a wet dream she eagerly wanted to become her new reality… There were often times this happened. Usually, it had to do with Paimon and the little Fae’s rear end. But Amber’s allure was unique to her own… She couldn’t... contain… HERSELF!

Screaming for the fourth time, Lumine once more began to furiously buck her hips in her friend's mouth as another powerful orgasm sapped her of what meager strength she still clung onto in this form. At this rate, she was sure to parish… Stamina aside, she just didn’t have it in her to continue on… She felt so… tired… already…

Gasping as she was violently shaken and withdrawn from amber’s mouth, Lumine looked up as her blurry vision began to focus back on the giantess’ panting face. “D-Don’t pass out! I’m not done with you yet! We haven’t even gotten started!” Amber cried out angrily. 4 orgasms were her warm-up?! Just what did she plan to do with her when she got serious?!

Dropping the tiny blonde, her question was soon answered as Amber’s plump thighs sandwiched her smaller form squeezing the air from her lungs. Wheezing, Lumine shuddered as the teenager’s warmth began to soak into her through the brunette’s saliva causing her to grow even more aroused. Did nothing she do matter?

No matter what was done to her, she always felt aroused. Leaning her head sideways weakly, Lumine gave the pale girl's thigh a long lick as she quivered. ‘More… please, more… Keep using me!’ Almost as if her mind had been read, Amber complied. Opening her legs again causing the traveler to drop down to the ground between them, the larger teen panted excitedly as her mind traveled a mile a minute.

Hovering her hand above the smaller woman unsure of where to begin, Amber soon made up her mind. Pulling open the front of her tight shorts, the brunette's eyes lingered on Lumine before she bit her lips. Seeing what was about to happen, the smaller woman crawled forward with an excited gleam in her eye. She wanted it! Wanted to be used more!

Feeling her body picked up by the equally eager teen, the larger girl lifted the blonde towards her waist before hovering her over the small crevice her fingers had made. Peering down into the darkness as the faintest of sights could be seen, Lumine inhaled deeply as she smelled ambers lust. It was potent… and a bit sweaty. But that was her favorite after all.

With no words needing to be uttered between the pair, the larger girl let go of her captive causing her to fall in, and immediately get to work. Gasping loudly as the band of her shorts snapped back in place sandwiching Lumine between the airtight restrictive material and the brunette’s aching quim, the smaller girl thrashed around wildly at first to right herself before she came face to face with the teens soaked neither’s.

Licking fervently as the salty aromatic taste assaulted her senses, the shrunken traveler whined loudly as she felt the unmistakable urge to bathe herself in the larger girl’s essence. Coating her body as Ambers glossy juices flowed over her, the smaller girl was drenched within a matter of seconds causing her already small body to easily begin to slide around.

Reaching her hand down on the outside, Amber panted loudly as she began to press on Lumine’s small form. She was so tiny… The only evidence that she was even present at all was the faintest of bumps showing on the outside of her shorts. And with just the littlest of pushes…

Gasping louder, amber’s smile widened crookedly as she felt the tiny woman slip into her. She was gone. Just like that! No one… would be the wiser, that she was keeping somebody inside of her. Writhing in place as the thought pleased her senses, the brunette trembled as her hands began to move beneath her shirt before she started to grope her chest.

This felt all new to her. It was hard to understand, what to do… But, Lumine seemed to know for her. She didn’t need to touch herself at all! The smaller woman was taking care of everything! All she needed now, was to just lie back, and let herself be serviced by her tiny companion… and keep filling her mind with the pleasant thoughts popping into her head every few seconds.

‘S-So, tight! It’s so hard, to move…’ Forcing her body forward as she tried her best to crawl deeper into Amber, Lumine panted weakly as her breath came out in labored gasps. Breathing was just as hard. She could smell nothing but the strong sex of her friend’s quim flooding her senses. It was like she was underwater, but instead of it passing by her it was coating her form, causing her every movement to be strained and tiring.

No sight either. Being robbed of your senses no matter the circumstance was rough. But having all five stripped away from you was another thing altogether. She couldn’t see and be reliant on feeling her way around. But her every touch was hot and slippery. The scent of Amber's sex flooded her sensitive nostrils as well, and her mouth was forced open from time to time only to be shoved full of the teenager’s salty fluids.

She was completely being dominated in every sense of the word, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop this either. It was turning her on horribly… Wanting to try and seize some semblance of control back after being made to serve so abruptly after having been serviced herself, Lumine soon let go of any hope she could do just that.

Falling forward and feeling her body squeezed on all sides at once, the smaller woman was toyed with mercilessly by the younger teen's body. She probably didn’t even know what she was doing or how much it affected her. And that too turned the shrunken woman on.

Opening her mouth wider and letting her tongue trail out on whatever part of amber was in front of her at the moment, Lumine shuddered as she felt the giantess’s sex squeeze her even tighter! She liked to think, that her littlest actions were pleasing her, but she was just too small to know what was going on.

All she knew, was Amber was getting into it. Her heartbeat thudded all around her, and it was rising by the second. The heat warming her to her core as well was steadily increasing. What was once warm like bathwater now caused the smaller woman to flush red as her sides heated up. It was becoming too intense, for her to handle!

There was only one course of action, for a time like this. At least, it was the only one on Lumines mind. Pressing her fingers into her own sex, the tiny traveler gasped as she masturbated inside of her friend’s quim, the thought adding to her already overwhelming sense of bliss. This was by far one of the hottest things she had ever experienced since she had become afflicted by this curse. And… she wanted more. She was too greedy, for her own good…

Crying out as her insides were twisted up by the shrunken woman’s smaller form, Amber panted weakly as her body quivered on the ground. ‘H-H-How can… this… f-feel so good?!’ By the Archon, why had she waited so long to try this?! She would have given up anything if she could keep feeling like this for the rest of her life!

Her career didn’t matter. Her friends didn’t matter. Her family didn’t matter. All she cared for at this moment was to keep touching herself and have this pleasure flood her. It was becoming, too much for her to handle! Kicking the dirt around her as her whole body writhed, the brunette's eyes widened as she felt it… Felt, something coming.

Curling up a bit, Amber screamed before her back arched out, as the peak of her pleasure suddenly surged through her. It felt like, her insides were constricted, and the surging ecstasy had finally reached its limit. Crying out as she climaxed hard, the teenager’s shorts began to grow a damp wet spot that soon started to drip through the thick material causing the inexperienced girl to shiver before lying still altogether.

Panting quick as her breaths came in and out in sharp intakes, Ambers eyes which had been glossy and unfocused slowly began to return to normal now, but her body… it refused, to move. Lying still on the ground as the faintest tickling sensation still assaulted her from within her shorts, the battered and beaten knight of Favonius slowly began to regain her senses as her fingers twitched.

Rising slowly as her skin crawled in what could only be fear or exhilaration, the teenager soon began to breathe normally before staring down at herself. She had gotten rather dirty all of a sudden. Filth caked her form, along with sweat and other… sticky fluids…

Blushing profusely, Amber soon noticed something else causing a grin to form. There was the tiniest form of a bump in her shorts again. Reaching down and peeling back the fabric, the brunette felt her breath hitch again as she stared at the wonderful sight that lay within.

Panting as her mouth hung open, Lumine lay in a puddle of the larger teen's juices as they oozed out of her mouth, nose, and other assorted orifices. She looked completely waterlogged! Did she drown her when she shoved her inside of her-? Growing red as the implications of what she had done soon hit her, Amber felt a pang of worry now. She had just… R-Raped her…

‘By the Archons… what have I done…?’ She… wasn’t in her right mind! That had to be it! She needed to... Moaning sharply before cupping her mouth with her free hand, Amber's eyes shot back down to Lumine before they slowly began to grow glossy once more.

Laying on her side still looking like somebody who had just surfaced from the ocean’s depths, Lumine’s head rose and fell as she gave long and deliberate licks on the giantess’ lower lips, causing them to swell up eagerly much to the brunette’s embarrassment.

‘W-Well… I can’t… just leave her like this…’ She also couldn’t deny… that she looked so at home where she was now. Grinning slowly, Amber released the front of her shorts before jumping in delight as Lumine was pressed firmly against her quim again.

Giving the front of her shorts a pat, the teenager giggled before rubbing herself through her damp apparel. “Maybe… the Archons will forgive me. Just this once. I don’t think, I can ever let you out of there Lumine… You feel too good to let escape me…” Amber panted, her eyes fully hazed over once more before she got to work, on what would be her second most powerful orgasm, of her life…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Arriving at Mondstadt rather later than expected thanks to… delays, Lumine stood beside Amber as both of them blushed profusely. After the excitable knight had calmed down, at least enough to take the older blonde out of her thoroughly drenched short-shorts, things slowly reverted to normal. It also helped that Paimon had found them at some point and thankfully hadn’t joined in on the fun.

“You should really be more careful you know. If any Hilichurls saw you down there, then there wouldn’t have been anything left for Paimon to find!” The smaller Fae berated as both women looked at the ground in embarrassment.

Feeling the tension rising the further in the town they got, Lumine decided that silence wasn’t helping them out much and spoke up for the first time since she had gotten cleaned up. It was thankfully an easy ordeal since Amber had enough insight in her lust-induced stupor to strip her first before they began. The same couldn’t be said for her, however… The sound of slight squelching could still be heard with every step the brunette took.

Blushing a bit at the noise, Lumine quickly shook her head before speaking in a whisper. “L-Look… It's not her fault. I already told you what happened. We were attacked and… Well, it just sort of happened. If you have anyone to blame, then blame me.”

Fluttering around before pointing back at the blonde Paimon glowered now. “Paimon was blaming you! If you hadn’t gotten all touchy-feely with Amber then you wouldn’t have activated your curse! Hasn’t Paimon trained you enough to resist? Or does Lumine need more one-on-one training before she learns to control herself around others?”

Scratching her cheek sheepishly, a faint blush fell over the blonde’s face. “Well… I won’t say no to being used by you more often than normal.” Wincing as her forehead was bopped, Paimon whined loudly before crossing her arms as she flew beside the pair.

“You’re so hopeless Lumine. At this rate, we’ll never get you back to normal. Just try to calm down next time something like this happens.” Nodding meekly, Lumine said nothing more as she joined Amber in stoic silence. It seemed she hadn’t taken her actions that well either once everything was said and down. Her face was still as red as a Sunsettia.

Watching as they were led towards a large building, Amber opened the entrance before allowing the pair to enter. “Well… This is our headquarters for the Knights of Favonius. Just… follow this hallway down and you’ll meet our Captain.” Amber muttered quietly.

Turning back to the brunette ready to thank her, Lumine soon frowned as she watched Amber turn her back on her and begin to quicken her pace away from both her and Paimon. “Well, that was rude! I wonder if she’s still embarrassed that she played with you. It's your fault, Paimon doesn’t understand why she would have anything to be upset about.”

Sighing, the now larger woman patted the smaller fairy on her head which annoyed her, but they lapsed back into silence all the same. Walking to the end of the hall, both girls stopped at a large oaken door before the traveler knocked loudly. Amber had gone off ahead once to tell her captain about them already, so all that was left was securing a meeting which they had now done.

‘Alright, let's just try to make a good impression and not have these people worried that I’m summoning dragons to attack their city…’ It was a nonsensical notion, but fear did that to people. Waiting for a long moment before a voice finally called out loudly for them to enter, Both Lumine and Paimon pushed the doors apart and entered… before the blonde's eyes widened in horror.

“Oh my, what cute visitors we have Jean. Amber didn’t tell us that when she came by here earlier.” Looking back wide-eyed and fearful, Lumine gawked as she saw the Captain of the Knights sitting at a desk. She was wearing a battle-ready jerkin jacket, with dandelions embroider on its green cloth. She was very formal in her appearance and had an authoritative look to her.

The woman beside her though was the exact opposite. Dressed in a purple and brown witches’ attire, her large assets were easily on display for all to see, along with many other areas of her body revealing her cream-colored skin for the blonde to drink in.

‘This… is bad… oh no… This is really bad…’

Looking up from her paperwork, the regal woman raised an eyebrow before pointing to the chair in front of her. “So, you’re the Traveler we’ve heard about. Sit down, we have a lot of things to discuss.”

Gulping as her eyes met with Paimon’s equally worried ones, Lumine soon walked forward, praying with all the fading willpower she had remaining that she wouldn’t succumb to her curse, right here and now.

This was going to be, a very long meeting…
Private time with Lisa by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Third installment, this time featuring mommy Lisa. If you like maternal pred's, then here she is. If not, then you may not enjoy this chapter as much.

‘C-Calm down! She's twice my age! There has to be a line drawn somewhere!’ Right? Well, that might not be entirely accurate. She and her brother had traveled for a long time so age wasn’t really something they measured. But that was a bit different in this world. Judging by her maturity level and appearance, most would consider the blonde an older teen. While Lisa on the other hand was at the peak of maturity. Jean as well seemed similar but it was harder to gauge that because of how she held herself.

Though these things aside… the way the older woman kept staring down at her made Lumine question every thought she was having. It was intense… like her words might betray her. To say the witchy woman was more intimidating than the leader of the Knights she was under said a lot about her. Though for many different reasons…

Watching through the side of her eyes as the older woman trailed her hands down the side of her revealing attire before crossing her arms, Lumine couldn’t figure out if she was purposefully enticing her or just shifting subtly. Each movement she made was like a call directly to her curse to activate! Damn it why was this happening to her?! What did she do to deserve this?!

Looking over to Paimon, Lumine soon blushed as she saw the smaller girl’s eyes focused on Lisa’s body as well, though she wasn’t even being discrete about it! ‘Damn it! You were supposed to restrain me! Not the other way around!’ “In conclusion…”

Snapping back to attention, Lumine focused back on Jean as she watched the other woman standing up before crossing her arms behind her back in a disarming manner. “Time is against us. The Knights of Favonius must act accordingly. We’ll need to gather more information on why Stormterrors acting up from the temples. Dismissed.”

Letting out the longest sigh of relief she had ever held before, Lumine nodded to Jean before standing up herself. She needed to leave now! “A-Alright, Paimon come on. We’ll get checked in at the inn Amber told us about and then we-“ “Pardon~ before you two run off, I hope you’d accompany me first back to the library. I wouldn’t mind discussing some recent events with you both before you go off again~.”

Stiffening, Lumine shifted her gaze over to Lisa as the scantily clad witch smiled back at her alluringly. It was impossible to say no. The look she was giving her was warm and welcoming, but it held the same authority as Jeans in a maternal way. ‘I-I can’t… B-Being near you is going to make me go insane!’

Wanting to decline, the teenager fidgeted trying to answer, but Lisa didn’t let her. Stepping beside the blonde and the smaller fairy, the older woman’s hands shot out before clasping each of them tightly. “Come along sweeties~ We shouldn’t keep Jean too preoccupied. She has a lot of work to do herself as do we~”

Wanting to fight it but finding no answer to give, Lumine simply whimpered before nodding as she was dragged along by Lisa and out of the conference room. Shaking as her hand was held firmly by the older woman, the younger teen blushed as she felt the faintest hints of her curse beginning to activate. It felt like she was losing height again… No, it was a fact!

Growing wide-eyed as she saw Lisa beginning to grow as they walked, it dawned on the traveler that she was slowly starting to shrink! That had never happened before! It was always an instantaneous effect! Was the curse evolving?! Or was this another part of it she didn’t know about?!

Wanting to figure it out but finding no way to wiggle out of the brunette’s grasp, Lumine was helpless to act as Lisa brought them both into her library. As the double-wide doors swung open before shutting on their own, both the blondes looked about in surprise. It was vast in here! Just how big was the older woman’s archive?!

“Hmm, I guess no one is about right now. That works fine for me. Right, this way, both of you.” Lisa smiled cheerily before dragging them again once more. Walking to the end of a corridor before the older woman opened a strange door with what looked like a spark of electricity from her finger, it swung aside letting them see what was hidden behind it.

It looked like another smaller library! Though that wasn’t right. There were things that wouldn’t normally belong in one in here. A dresser, a changing curtain. A bed… Growing wide-eyed as a new wave of panic set it, Lumine shivered in fear now. She had brought the two of them to her bedroom! She never said it was IN the library!

Releasing her hold on the pair before waving one of her elegantly glove-clad hands, the door swung shut before what sounded like an audible *click* soon followed. ‘D-Did… did she just…’ Trembling as Lisa’s shining eyes landed on the pair of girls, the older woman’s smile widened substantially. “Ara~Ara~ To think, the two travelers Amber let us know about would be a pair of cuties like you~ I was curious for a while how you ended up here. But then, your eyes began to tell me something else~” Lisa purred.

Looking into the brunettes’ pupils, Lumine felt her stomach drop. They were unfocused. This wasn’t the look of someone centered and in a stable mindset. She was already under the effects, of the foreign god’s curse. How… how soon had it happen?! Was she just waiting to draw them away from Jean so she could do something to them both!?

Glancing at Paimon, Lumine felt her worst fears realized as she saw the same glazed-over look on her friend’s face. ‘HER TOO?!’ What was this, airborne or something?! It was hard to keep her own mind focused… but, she had some control still! She couldn’t let this get out of hand again as it had with Amber! She now had someone else infected like Paimon she had to deal with. Doing it to another would double the responsibilities!

Licking her lips to speak, a hand swiftly shot out before brushing across the startled teen's mouth. “Shhh~ don’t interrupt me~” Lisa purred, her index finger caressing a small circle against the shivering blonde’s sensitive flesh.

Parting her mouth as her tongue wavered out on its own, Lumine blushed as she began to lick the older woman’s digit unconsciously. The glove got in the way… but she liked this feeling. Her whole body… it was, heating up. Damn… she didn’t, have long to think. It was, getting harder to think! Her mind… it… it was fuzzy again…

Watching the younger girl begin to grow delirious, Lisa chuckled melodically before withdrawing her hand. “Oh, my~ you look tired. Perhaps it would be better to finish our little, chat… over here?” Lisa smiled cheerily as she guided the already lucid Paimon and quickly diminishing Lumine towards her bed. Obeying without question as she felt her body betraying her, the younger girl felt weakness enter her before she was forcefully being pushed onto the bed by Lisa.

Seating herself down as she pulled off her long elbow-length gloves, the older brunette pulled Lumines head towards her before laying it down gently on her lap. That, unfortunately… sealed the younger girl’s fate. Shrinking more noticeably to around Paimon’s size, Lumine panted softly as she felt her body heating up in pleasure. This was much different than Amber or the fairy’s ways of doing things. This felt, so intimate for some reason. Yet, nothing had even happened yet…

“Oh… Well, this is… unexpected.” Lisa chortled as she saw the smaller form of the teen she had been guiding onto her before. Humming thoughtfully as she moved a hand down to the blonde's panting face, the older woman soon smiled approvingly as she cupped her cheeks. “I guess this makes things even easier~”

Pulling Paimon over next till both of the entranced girl’s eyes were looking up at her expectantly, Lisa watched them in amusement. They were such good girls. They listened to every word she said. They practically hung on to her every syllable~ It made this all so easy for her. She didn’t quite know why she desired these two, but they would suit her needs. And they appeared more willing than most~

Moving her hands up to the white undershirt of her purple dress, the older woman smirked slyly as she saw the widening eyes of both Lumine and Paimon focusing on her bosoms. “Aww~ You too were staring at these during our prior meeting. If you had ogled them anymore, then Jean might have caught on. But, I don’t think she would have appreciated it as much as I do~” Lisa purred before pulling down the white fabric.

With a bounce, both the older woman’s breasts popped out as sweat clung to them, beading down her pale flesh. Breathing in deeply as her breath came out ragged, Lumine licked her lips as she saw what she had been so focused on that morning. Every instinct in her was demanding she touch them! They were right there! In the open! They were waiting for her to take them!

Reaching her hands up unconsciously, Lisa’s eyes narrowed freezing the smaller girl where she lay. “Who told you to move? You girls need more discipline… In fact, you need someone to mother you. Listening to me is the only way you’ll get what you want. And you two sweeties would love to get what you want, right?” Lisa trailed off as her fingers brushed over her sensitive nipples. Each areola began to stiffen slowly from her repeated strokes causing them to poke out much to Lumine and Paimon’s delight.

Nodding slowly at first, both of the smaller girls were mesmerized as the brunette’s impressive breasts dangled over their heads. Each one was in fact, bigger than their heads. It was enough to keep them both focused and eager to hear what Lisa had to say next…

Giggling as she saw the state, she had left each of them in from her words, the older woman’s hands moved down before grasping the back of their heads. “Good~ Now, why don’t you girls show mommy how eager you are to obey her? Let’s start by, having you two get along. Go ahead and kiss for mommy~” Lisa purred, her eyes glazing over a bit more as her excitement peaked.

Feeling their heads forced sideways, both Lumine and Paimon’s faces were pointed towards one another’s. Looking into her friend’s face, it was clear to Lumine that the smaller fae was all but gone mentally. She had already given in to the pleasure. Her mouth was hanging open as her eyes started to close. She wanted that kiss... And to be honest, so did the traveler. It was too late to back out of this now. Lisa had them both in the palm of her hands. Both figuratively and literally…

Closing her eyes to match, Lumine leaned in close as Lisa’s hands guided both shorter girls together into a forced lip lock. Kissing Paimon as they connected, the older teen moaned softly as she tasted the smaller girl’s tongue. She was bigger than her, but only slightly at her current size. She was shorter than a child that was for sure. But it was enough for the older woman to control her actions it seems.

Shivering as she felt her friend’s tongue eagerly pressing into her own, the younger teen shivered in delight as she felt Lisa’s hand petting her head affectionately. “Good girls~ You’re making mommy very happy~ If my sweeties couldn’t get along with each other, it would make mommy very sad~” Lisa giggled before drawing both kissing blondes into a sitting position on her lap.

Watching the pair for a while longer as both Lumine and Paimon began to get into one another’s embrace deeper, Lisa decided to break them up there as she watched the younger teen's hands reaching underneath the fairy’s dress to touch her. “Alright, that’s enough for now. You two can play all you want later. But it’s time to make mommy happy now too~”

Breaking apart as commanded, both girls gasped for air after what had been several minutes long make-out session between them. It was leaving both blondes hot and bothered but they didn’t dare disobey Lisa… err… mommy… Shuddering as she thought of the nickname the older woman was calling herself, Lumine bit her bottom lip in excitement. She couldn’t recall her mother… This felt, wrong. But so, enticing…

Leaning both girls’ heads up to face her own, Lisa smiled warmly before nudging their chins with her fingers. “Alright, you two~ Since you clearly don’t mind sharing, I think it’s time I let you both enjoy some of mommy’s gifts ~ I don’t get to do this often. It’s so hard to find anybody willing to play with me like you two are~” Lisa lamented before her smile returned.

Groping her breasts in each hand, the older woman smiled eagerly as she saw both blonde’s eyes widen expectantly. “Alright, now you may touch them~ Go ahead and drink your fill. Mommy will feed you until you can’t drink another mouthful~”

Hearing the words of the brunette but not really comprehending them, Lumine was first to act as her hands shot up and hugged the older woman’s massive breast against her face. Wrapping her lips around the large nub of flesh that was Lisa’s right nipple, the smaller girl began to suck and moan as she felt herself growing wet on the larger woman’s lap. She wanted to do this all morning! Such a wonderful feeling and taste!

Mimicking immediately almost like she had been left out, Paimon latched herself to Lisa’s other breast too as both girls suckled eagerly on the older woman’s bosoms. Smiling coyly as she saw how desperate they were acting, the brunette grinned as she moved her hands beneath her breasts. This was a trick she picked up a while back. But it seemed only one person she knew enjoyed it when she did this for them. Hopefully, it would now be three~

Channeling a small amount of electricity through her bosoms, Lisa stifled a gasp as she felt something suddenly give way inside her. For Lumine and Paimon, it wasn’t noticed. At first. As the pair suckled eagerly, however, the older teen was the first to react as she suddenly grew wide-eyed and began coughing. Well, that wasn’t quite right. She had actually been choking since something had entered her mouth in a wave causing her to sputter.

Patting the smaller girl's back as she gasped in surprise, Lisa looked over to Paimon who seemed to handle to shock a bit less dramatically. “Aww, don’t drink too fast now sweetie~ You’ll worry mommy if you choke on her milk~”

Looking at her hands and soiled white dress as warm liquid clung to it, Lumine gazed up in astonishment as she saw a pale white fluid dribbling from the older woman’s protruding nipple. ‘S-S-She’s lactating?!’ How was that even-

Feeling her head gripped from behind, the smaller girl let out an eep of surprise as she was shoved forward before her mouth found its way back around Lisa’s leaking teat. “Shhh~ no need to think. You just need to listen to mommy sweetie~ Now drink~” she ordered sternly. Feeling the compulsion to comply, the smaller teen eagerly did as her excitement grew.

Humming softly as she held both girls’ heads against her breasts, Lisa bit her bottom lip excitedly as the wonderful sensation of having her breasts fed on caused the maternal woman to want to take this a step further. She rarely got to play like this. Let alone with two girls much smaller than herself. They were the perfect size for her to control~

She liked dominating smaller women. But it was such a rare occurrence it left her pent up pretty often. Only one other could keep her occupied but she was often too busy to play with the brunette. But these two… Grinning wider, Lisa’s firm grip on their heads tightened as she forced them harder into her chest. She could play with them both for as long as she desired. They didn’t have anywhere else to be but where she told them to be~

“This is nice, isn’t it? When was the last time you got to just relax?” Lisa muttered as her hands began to slowly move away from the two blonde’s heads now that they were firmly invested in their *meal*. Trailing her fingers around Lumine and Paimon, the older woman purred in appreciation as she felt each of the smaller girls suckling a bit harder as her digits caressed their rears.

“You like it when mommy plays with you, don’t you?” Quirking her head to the side as Lumine slowly nodded without breaking contact with the electro witch’s chest. Her eyes were completely hazy. It was hard to tell if anyone was even there anymore. Humming thoughtfully, the older woman chuckled to herself now. She didn’t quite know what was bringing this on but it seemed too good to pass up.

“There, there~ It feels good to listen to mommy, doesn’t it? You don’t need to go out and fight any mean trolls or Abyss Mages. You get to stay and be pampered all day instead~ Like~ this~” Moving her fingers down now that they were where she needed them to be, Lisa smirked as her hands slipped into both girls’ small panties eliciting a loud moan from Lumine and a squeal from Paimon.

“Fufufu~ such cute voices you two have~. I didn’t think I’d get serenaded today. But this isn’t for me. This is all for you girls~ You deserve this. Mommy’s proud of how hard you’ve been working lately”. Lisa grinned before moving her face down next to their ears. “So don’t think about anything else, and let mommy pamper you both however she wants~”

Digging her index finger into both blonde's drenched lower lips, the older woman pouted a little as she felt resistance. They were too tight! She couldn’t get more than a finger in each of them. She would have to work on that. A good baby was one she could play with whenever she wanted. And these two, needed training if they wanted to keep their new *mommy* happy.

Writhing on top of Lisa’s lap, Lumine shuddered as she was fingered by the larger woman. It felt, so good! She had plenty of stimulation before but Lisa’s words dominated her mind! She couldn’t even remember how she got here! They had… gone somewhere… and now they were sucking Lisa’s heavenly breasts!

Drinking deeply as the numbing taste of the older woman’s milk electrified her mouth, the teenager’s eyes rolled back as she felt her whole body heating up pleasantly. This was heaven. This was absolute heaven! She never thought that something so embarrassing would become a new fantasy of hers…

Even Paimon was beyond reason. The traveler had tried to check on her, but her whole body was dominated by Lisa making it almost impossible. But, by the cooing sounds of the little fairy, she doubted the normally petite girl minded this treatment. She was a perfect size too to always enjoy it. The older girl could only pray this happened to her again… She never wanted to leave her… her… m-mommy…

Smirking as she felt both girls grinding their hips into her fingers, Lisa chuckled softly as their voices rang in her ears. She wondered how long it would take, to make them both hers permanently~ “Hmm, you like this, don’t you? Fighting is no place for two cuties like you. You should just stay with mommy from now on~ Wouldn’t that be better? You’d always be together with one another. And more importantly, you’d be with me~ I’d take care of you like this every, single, day~ You could drink from mommy whenever you want. You could sleep in since you have nowhere else to be. No one would make you do tedious tasks anymore. You’d have absolute freedom from everything… so long as you remembered to listen to your mommy~” Lisa smiled warmly.

Withdrawing a hand from Lumine and bringing it up to her face, the older woman gave her drenched finger a lick before her eyes shined happily. “Delicious~ But, you need more practice…” Breaking away weakly as milk dribbled past her lips after what felt like an hour of drinking from the older woman’s warm bosom, Lumine looked up tiredly as she felt fatigue setting in now.

Growing wide-eyed from the sight of the brunette licking the finger she had been using on her not even thirty seconds past, the younger girl whimpered as she felt her needs growing worse. Did, she orgasm already? She, couldn’t remember much. But her panties were squelching with every movement she made… It wasn’t enough… she needed more! She wanted her mommy’s hand back!

Moving her hands up to the older woman’s breast, Lumine tried to say something… but her voice died as Lisa’s bottle-green eyes caught hers. “Aww~ Has my little one had enough to drink?” Blushing heavily as she was solely addressed for the first time in however long this whole session had been going on, Lumine looked away weakly as embarrassment started to set in.

However, Lisa’s finger… the one still coated in the blonde’s excitement, found its way under the teenager’s chin forcing her to look back at her. “Now, now… if mommy asks you a question, you answer her… There’s nothing you can say or do that would upset me. But… if you don’t want to even look at mommy… that will…” Lisa muttered quietly as her eyes narrowed.

Trembling as her embarrassment was suddenly replaced with guilt out of nowhere, Lumine quickly nodded as her hands kneaded the breast she was still holding onto. “I-I’m… I’m s-sorry… I…” the blonde attempted to speak, but… the older woman’s finger left her chin before pressing against her mouth. Kissing on instinct as she licked the brunette’s sticky digit, the younger girl whimpered as she tasted herself on the giantess.  It was making her even wetter… She couldn’t help it!

Perking up immediately, Lisa let out a melodious laugh as she rubbed the smaller girl’s cheeks, marking her with what remained of the blonde’s prior orgasm. “There, there~ It feels better like this doesn’t it? Look at your little sister~” Lisa trailed off before nudging the shrunken teen's face towards Paimon much to Lumines confusion. ‘S-S-sister?!’ She wasn’t… that wasn’t…

Seeing the visible confusion present on the smaller girl’s face, Lisa giggled to herself. “Yes, she is your sister. If I’m your mommy, what do you think that makes you two? Look how eager she is! She keeps drinking~ I’ve never had such a hungry baby before~ She doesn’t have any shame… and neither should you~” Lisa whispered.

Watching Paimon closely, Lumine felt her cheeks flush again. Not from the scene but from the older woman’s words. She… was right. The little fae was completely enamored by the larger woman’s chest. With puffed-out cheeks, the fairy suckled with gusto. She was absolutely enthralled… just as the older teen had been before she stopped.

Frowning as she felt stupid now for feeling shame of all things given what was happening, Lisa’s voice brought the smaller girl back to the present. “That look in your eyes tells me you’re starting to think again. But… that won’t do. Mommy doesn’t want you to think. You were so much happier just listening… So why don’t you come here~”

Looking up at Lisa confused, the older woman’s hand lowered before cradling Lumines small frame on her forearm before she hoisted her up. Leaving the brunette's lap as she was positioned on her back, the smaller teen looked back into the witch’s eyes as she smiled back at her. “Just do as I say, sweetie~ Thinking is hard… You shouldn’t have to be burdened with trouble when mommy pampers you. So let me make you feel good again~”

Quivering from her words, Lumine could only nod as she saw her destination. Balancing the blonde somewhat awkwardly, Lisa righted the tiny teen as she pressed her lips around the smaller girl’s drenched crotch. It was a good thing she had removed the smaller girl’s panties when she had played with her. It made this, all the easier~

Licking gently as the quiet mews of pleasure echoed out from the blonde, Lisa hummed softly as she let her voice travel through the smaller girl. ‘Much better~’ She didn’t need a new plaything second-guessing herself. She was so obedient before. It was her job, to make sure the blonde never forgot her place again…

Burying her tongue as deep as her index finger had been able to reach, the older woman drank in the taste of the traveler as she listened to the wonderful sounds echoing out from both her and Paimon. The fairy was still riding her other hand. She hadn’t stopped. What a good baby she turned out to be. But, she would get a turn up here next. The electro mage knew she needed a taste of both her babies or she’d never get off herself. It took quite a bit to please her. And all of this… was only the foreplay…

Panting quickly as her breath came out almost in rapid gasps, Lumine felt whatever shame she felt before completely retreating only to be replaced with lust. This… she needed this! By the Archons she never wanted this to end! Wiggling atop Lisa’s hand, the older woman’s nail’s dug into her back painfully, but it only excited her! It was like, she knew exactly what the blonde desired and did it!

“M-Mommy… I-I… I….” the smaller teen gasped as Lisa silenced her as a sharp zap of electricity traveled through the older woman’s hands startling the smaller teen. Cracking open a single eye, the amusement in Lisa’s face was enough… to push her to the edge!

Crying loudly as she grabbed onto the larger woman’s fingers for support, Lumine screamed in ecstasy as whatever orgasm this was shocked her. No, that wasn’t only it. Lighting literally traveled through her causing her body to spasm atop Lisa’s hand. Shuddering from the pain and pleasure coming out of her, both suddenly ceased… and the teenager went limp in the older woman’s hand.

Withdrawing her hand as her mouth left the smaller girl’s crotch, Lisa licked her lips as she saw the state she had left her in. “Delicious~ Mmm… you’ve made mommy very happy sweetie~ But… I can’t play favorites. Why don’t you take a little nap while I play with your sister now~”?

Barely registering what was said to her as her body tingled all over from the coursing energy that had traveled through her, Lumine felt herself set down on the older woman’s plump thighs as she pulled Paimon away from her leaking breast, the smaller fae crying out in dismay as her meal was interrupted.

Giggling from the antics of both her girls, Lisa’s green eyes shifted purple momentarily as she felt her vision influencing her. She would train them both…

And like she had said to Lumine… they didn’t have to worry about anything. She would take care of them both. For however long that took…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

‘P-Paimon… stop whimpering… you’re too loud…’

Stirring slowly as a melodic sound rang in her ears, Lumine’s senses slowly began to return to her before something dawned on her. That… didn’t sound like Paimon now that she listened. It was too, soft. To gentle and sweet. It was, humming?

Inhaling deeply as she began to crack her eyes open, a pleasant sensation began to register on top of the blonde’s head. She could feel her hair, being pet? Tilting her face up towards the noise, the traveler’s eyes suddenly widened as her sleepiness abated her.

“Aww, you didn’t need to wake up so soon sweetie~ I was enjoying watching you two sleep~” Lisa giggled, her hand never leaving the younger teen's head as she continued to stroke her hair. Blinking slowly as her brain tried to process what was happening… it suddenly began to come back to her.

Gawking as her memories assaulted her, Lumines face lit up red in an instant. “LISA, I’M SO SORR-“Gasping as the hand that had been on her head moved over her mouth, a scowl moved over the brunette's face now. “Now, now… you’ll wake your friend if you scream like that…” Lisa whispered… her tone sounded… almost threatening like that…

Feeling her chin forced sideways so her head would shift, the younger girl saw her companion sleeping snuggly against the older woman’s thigh. She was also completely naked… Speaking of… Moving a hand beneath the blanket that was draping her, the younger blonde grimaced. ‘Yep… I’m naked too…’ She had a lot of memories of Lisa… doing stuff to them… There was quite a bit more than what she remembered when she and Amber had been under the effect of the curse…

Looking back up at Lisa now weakly, something soon occurred to the blonde. She looked… content. “L-Lisa…? A-Are you… mad? Or… I mean, I kind of…” Lumine started… but she didn’t know how to say this sort of thing. It had been bad enough with the younger Knight of Favonius yesterday. But now it was with an honored member of their freaking organization!

Tilting her head away from the slumbering fairy, Lisa furrowed her brow. “Why on earth would I be upset with you, sweetie?” Staring at the older woman in disbelief, silence passed by awkwardly before Lumine coughed quietly and tried to formulate words.

“W-W-Well… I-I mean… I kind of… drugged you. N-Not intentionally! I-It’s a curse! I swear! And… you’re now under it…” The younger girl whispered sadly. Watching her closely, the older brunette let out a quiet hmm, before… chuckling? Why was she laughing?

“Well, I thought I just got lost in the heat of the moment… but that does make more sense. I didn’t feel any restraint I normally would with new people I try to do this stuff with. I just clicked with you two immediately. And with what I enjoy, that seemed unlikely.” The older woman smirked.

Looking back at her shocked now, Lumine leaned up before grunting as her body stiffly refused to move. Why did she feel so numb?! “Oh, I wouldn’t move yet… you’re probably still paralyzed. I tend to use a lot of electro when I play with people. I like being in charge, and it’s a great way to make sure subs know their place. Or… should I keep calling you two babies?” Lisa purred.

Blushing furiously, Lumine wanted to look away, but the older woman’s hand gripped her chin again. “Mommy didn’t say pout~ You’re going to upset her if you act like that, sweetie~” Gawking, a strange sense of pleasure overcame the traveler as she was called…. That.

Noticing it too, Lisa grinned now before removing her hand and lightly booping the blonde’s nose. “The way I see it if I’m now cursed then this isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. I hope you’re willing to keep playing with me, Lumine. I haven’t had this much fun in… well… I honestly don’t remember. The only person I got to do this stuff to is always running around setting things on fire. Poor girl… But… I think with you around, I may not get so bored anymore~”

Blinking repeatedly, the younger teen was at a loss for words. ‘She… likes this!? She likes being cursed to have sex with people!?’ When Paimon found it, it upset her at first but they had done it so much it just became normal to the point neither cared anymore. And when she told Amber… well, the teenager had run away in embarrassment not believing her… until it happened again…

Seeing the look on the younger girl’s face, Lisa simply smiled. It was full of so much warmth and love, it almost staggered the teen. That is if she wasn’t paralyzed still… “Sweetie~ I’m not what you’d call everybody’s first pick you know. I don’t mind that, but when a cutie like you comes around and something as wonderful as this happens… I can’t think of any reason why I’d be upset. Not to mention…” she trailed off before moving a finger underneath the limp girl’s chin to force the girl’s mouth shut.

“I REALLY like dominating cuties like you~ You could say, it excites mommy more than you even realize~ So as long as you make sure to drop by my library every once and a while so I can remind you two who you belong to ~ Then we have nothing more to discuss. Am I clear~?” Lisa trailed off, her smile never fading as she saw the disbelieving look remaining on the younger girl. She was just so cute! It was beginning to excite the brunette…

Feeling a shudder leave her breath, Lumine sighed before nodding weakly. ‘There isn’t a chance I can escape this fate…’ Paimon had been one thing, but it didn’t seem like Amber would want to do what they had again. But Lisa… well, she seemed to be encouraging it of all things! This was getting complicated…

Feeling her head forced down, the younger girl looked up in confusion, but the older woman softly began to hum again before gently petting her hair. ‘I guess… she wants to stay in bed longer…’ Though to be fair… she still couldn’t feel anything below her waist…

Perhaps a nap wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

‘I guess… I’ll have to stay in Mondstadt longer than I had planned too’. She didn’t know how long she would be here, but from what she remembered, Lisa was indeed, VERY dominant. And if she upset her by wandering off… that would be bad…

Smiling weakly, Lumine almost laughed to herself. She got herself a mommy… That… wasn’t how she thought her travels would go in the end. However… while remembering everything from last night, she also knew… that she liked it.

Staying with Lisa would be good for her and Paimon. It was very different than what she had expected… But, if it made all three of them happy in the end… perhaps, there was nothing more to say on the matter. That would be easier in the end than rationalizing this…

Closing her eyes as she felt her fatigue coming back, Lumine yawned tiredly as she nuzzled her head into Lisa’s lap, the older woman never ceasing her gentle tune as she continued to pet her hair affectionately.

She could live with this…

Cooking with Xiangling by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Back with another chapter for the Genshin Series. This time featuring Xiangling.

‘This was unexpected… but I can’t say the timings all that bad.’ Given the circumstances, it was almost perfect really.


Sitting at a table as more and more meals were presented before her and Paimon, Lumine looked on hungrily as she watched Xiangling cooking over a campfire she had made. The pair of travelers had been on their way back to Liyue when they had bumped into the foreign chef preparing ingredients for a new dish she had been trying to make.


Smiling wistfully as she recalled the time they had hunted for extinct ingredients she could use for another signature dish she desired, Lumine couldn’t help but feel happy right now. The raven-haired cook made her own food miserable in comparison. And getting to eat with her again was quite the treat.


The traveler had helped her procure a few extra ingredients herself, and after that, Xiangling had gone to work. Multiple pots boiled around her as fires raged on. The sounds of pans sizzling crackled in the air leaving delightful scents in abundance for both Lumine and Paimon to enjoy.


“How much longer do we need to wait? Paimon’s stomach won’t shut up!” The smaller girl whined looking longingly at the appetizers and sides the teenager had already set down before them. Watching her companion reaching over again, Lumine slapped the fairy’s hand away with a reproachful look.


“Stop it! We can wait till she’s finished. Xiangling’s taking the time to cook all this. The least we can do is wait for her to finish and join us too.” The blonde reprimanded. Pouting, the shorter girl nodded but it did little to stop the drool from escaping the corners of her mouth. It wasn’t surprising considering the smaller fae was a bit of a glutton…


Thankfully, neither of the two needed to wait any longer as the panting chef came back over to the table they had set up and rested a massive dish down before them. “Alright, it’s finished! I hope you both like fish. The Black-Back Perch Stew is ready~ Dig in! Thanks again for getting me that Violetgrass. I’ve been wanting to experiment with this recipe for a while but the herbs don’t grow in Mondstadt. And the closest mountain they do grow on is a pretty far hike from Wangshu Inn.”


Shrugging, Lumine smiled back at the bubbly teen. “No problem at all. Thank you for this delicious meal! We were headed towards the inn for lunch anyways before running into you. This is definitely better than what we were going to order there. It smells amazing!” It really did.


Xiangling had set the table up almost like a hotpot with the stew still bubbling having been set on hot coals around the middle of the table. Various types of meat and vegetables were strewed about in separate dishes in front of their plates along with different sauces and spices.


Clapping her hands together as she beamed, Xiangling grinned as she pulled over the ladle for their meal. “Alright, dig in! Let me know if you want any changes while we eat! I’ve been testing lots of different flavors for this dish! There always seems to be new things I can do with it to improve it” she laughed before giving a very overeager Paimon a large bowlful of the soup.


It didn’t take the fairy long to dig in as she began shoveling food into her mouth as if she had been starving up to this point. Sighing, Lumine graciously accepted her food next and began digging in too with a bit more restraint. But only a bit. The food was spectacular! As always. Xiangling was a famous chef for a reason. And it seemed she hadn’t gone easy on this meal either.


Flavor exploded in the blonde’s mouth leaving her shivering as she tasted the spices on her tongue. It had some kick to it. Probably from the chili she had been using? But the mellow flavor of the bass was falling apart on her tongue. It was like every bite changed the dish a little bit leaving her eager to keep experiencing the new flavors. It didn’t take her long to finish her first bowl, and Xiangling was quick to spoon her another right afterward tossing in some extra ingredients before she did.


Thanking the chef as she stared back at her, Lumine began eating once more but the dish didn’t catch her attention as much now. Not because it lacked flavor. No, it was still divine. But, it was more because of who was in front of her.


Leering subtly as she ate, Lumine shivered as she felt her body grow hotter as she looked over Xiangling. She doubted it was the chili’s fault. The raven-haired teenager was adorable. Her face was young and had a cherub-like cuteness similar to Paimons. Her attire though was more revealing and had that foreign appeal all the denizens of Liyue shared.


Beyond that though, her body was something else. Even with her being younger than most people the blonde had met on her trips, she was still gorgeous. Her chest was smaller than most other girls, but that didn’t distract from her other alluring features. One of such being the chef's plump pale thighs.


Flicking her eyes down unconsciously, the Traveler took in an involuntary breath as she saw them glistening with sweat. In fact, a fine sheet coated the teenager everywhere. The fires had left her hot all over, and her skin glistened wherever the heat had kissed her pale body. And that was quite a few places given the attire Xiangling normally wore.


Watching slowly as a bead of it trickled down the crevice of the girl's inner thigh before dropping into a small pool between her crotch where her legs met, Lumine bit her lip feeling a longing beginning to overtake her. ‘P-Please not now!’ Not while she was eating! She didn’t want the curse to take effect after she escaped its grasp last time!


When they had previously met Xiangling, it had been raining when she had cooked for them, along with most of the time it took for them to hunt ingredients with her. The dreary atmosphere and cold weather helped quell the blonde’s lust for the younger girl. But there were no such distractions now.


Watching openly as she saw her lean over towards the stew adding in more spices, Lumine gulped before leaning in to match her movements as she neared the other girl's face. Looking down, her eyes met the crevice of the teen's exposed breasts feeling a surge come over her… before she suddenly splashed down into something thick and warm.


Letting out an eep as she jumped back, Xiangling blinked in surprise before looking around. “Lumine?” Where did she go? Looking to Paimon who was leaning into her seat groaning having eaten too much apparently, the raven-haired teen furrowed her brow in confusion before seeing something on the table.


Peering over the large hotpot, the younger girl furrowed her brow unsure if what she was seeing was real or not. Picking up her friend’s bowl, Xiangling lifted it to her face as she saw the tiny form of Lumine treading stew as she swam in the bowl coughing violently.


“W-What’s… what’s going on…?” Sputtering as she spat out the spicy stew that she had swallowed the wrong way upon diving into it, Lumine rubbed her stinging eyes down before peering up weakly. Looking at the colossal form of Xiangling as she gazed back at her in clear confusion, the Traveler groaned knowing what was about to happen. It always started like this and she never escaped her fate…


“I-I-It’s… it’s a long story…”


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Surprisingly, Xiangling took it pretty well. Going into detail about her curse, the younger teen didn’t seem to think it very odd. She just kept eating as she listened to the smaller blonde explaining things to her. By the time she was done, the larger chef seemed more amused than anything else.


Giggling a bit as she wiped soup off of the shrunken Traveler, Xiangling wore a grin on her face now. “So~ you think I’m cute? That’s pretty flattering coming from you.” Blushing, Lumine just nodded feeling her cheeks darken further as the larger girl’s fingers rubbed her body down. Her clothes were completely ruined at this point. She would have to get another set made…


Noticing this too, Xiangling pouted as she saw the red-tinged garment that had once been a pristine white. “That’s no good. You might want to change out of your dress. It’s going to get sticky after a while if you keep it on you. I added some berries to our lunch to give it a sweeter aftertaste. It’s probably going to feel uncomfortable since you took a dip in it.” She laughed.


Nodding, Lumine began peeling off her garment much to the larger girl’s surprise. She hadn’t expected her to just strip it right off. Looking over Lumine, however, more of the older girl’s pale flesh became visible. Various pieces of the soup clung to her body still. Specks of spices marred her pale flesh. It almost looked like she had been marinated.


Feeling her mouth water a bit, the younger girl blushed unsure of what this feeling was. ‘I-I guess this is that curse she was talking about.’ It was, oddly pleasant. And compelling. Looking towards her friend’s bowl which still contained the soup she had been dunked in, Xiangling reached for it, deciding to try it instead of what she really wanted to try. That proved to be a mistake though.


Watching the larger teen down the contents of her lunch she hadn’t finished, Lumine grew curious as she saw her face hidden past the large wooden bowl. She was drinking it hastily. Each swallow caused her neck to bob in an almost hypnotic way.


Moving a hand down her stomach, the smaller blonde frowned as she tried to resist her urges before pulling her hand back and holding her arm with the other to stop from touching herself. Xiangling just looked so cute. Especially while she ate. And the sounds she was making!


Soft, low moans escaped her lips after each swallow in an almost perverse way it shouldn’t. It left the blonde feeling more than a little wet. And the soup was not the culprit. By the time the larger teen set the bowl back down, it was clear to the Traveler, that the curse had fully overtaken her too as she watched Xiangling panting hard and fast, her face a brighter red than the fires glowing behind her.


“T-T-That… that was… That was so yummy!” She squealed before looking down at Lumine in awe. “Your body must have given my stew just the right flavor it needed! It was better than any of the other ones I’ve made! I think you might be my new favorite ingredient~” She cooed.


Blushing back, Lumine felt her fingers trying to claw their way back down to her snatch but she gripped her arm harder. ‘T-Try… try to, resist!’ It was hard. That adorable face her friend was making left the blonde feeling needy. But while she did her best to fight the curse, Xiangling did no such thing.


Lifting the blonde up to her face, Lumine only had a moment of warning, before she was brought towards the raven-haired girl’s mouth, and tossed unceremoniously in. Falling onto the teenager’s tongue, the smaller girl gasped in surprise as the pervasive smell of her mouth invaded her senses.


Xiangling’s breath smelled heavily of the fish they had been eating. It wasn’t gross, not with all the spices. But it was strong and pungent after going from air to this. Inhaling deeply, Lumine quivered before giving up. Moving her hand down to her pussy, the blonde felt her wetness already seeping out and onto her friend’s tongue.


Closing her mouth around the tiny girl, Xiangling moaned happily as she tasted the spicy broth coating the shrunken woman. Lumine tasted, amazing! Rubbing her cheeks as she squished her mouth, the younger girl salivated heavily as the euphoria of flavors she was presented with began taking over. She couldn’t lose this! She needed more!


Rolling the traveler around in her mouth as she got to work, the overeager teen began grabbing food from the table as she set out different dishes hastily. She had to work quickly before she lapped all of Lumines flavorful goodness off her!


Inside the darkness of Xiangling’s mouth, said flavorful blonde didn’t know what was happening as she was batted back and forth by her friend’s large tongue. It was roughly twice the size she was. It gave the smaller woman the impression she was only about an inch and a half at most. Probably less considering it took no time at all for the larger teen to pin her to her cheek and suck on her.


Moaning as she felt the writhing organ against her body, Lumine panted as sticky saliva clung to her, bathing her completely in Xiangling’s breath. Grinding her crotch into the rough pink appendage, it rubbed between her legs better than any fingers could. And it was a weakness the smaller girl was all too aware she had.


Crying out in no time as the first of what would probably be many orgasms overtook her, Lumine gasped for breath as the air around her grew thinner and thinner. All she could smell at this point was Xiangling. And it took no time at all for the Traveler to begin rubbing herself against her friend’s tongue desperate to cum once more. But she wasn’t given the chance.


Feeling her body tilted downward, Lumine saw light creep into the blackness around her, before she was suddenly airborne. Falling into something squishy, the smaller girl splattered into a gelatinous mass as she sunk down into it.


Blinking slowly to get her eyes to focus once more, the blonde saw wooden walls around her curving in a circular way. It was harder for her to think, but she could tell that she had landed in a bowl now. And as for what she landed in that was inside of the bowl… well, that was a bit harder.


It was sticking to her skin and had an odd coloring to it. Giving the strange fluids a lick, Lumine looked at her hand in surprise. It was colder than the stew had been. And sour to the taste. It was a massive shift from the black birch she had just eaten. But it didn’t seem like Xiangling minded as she lifted something up between two chopsticks before lowering it her way.


Dunking the smaller woman beneath the sauce she was bathing in; the larger teen licked her lips in anticipation as she rubbed a small doughy ball around Lumines body. Pulling the appetizer out as the shrunken girl's body stuck to it before falling back into the small bowl, Xiangling wasted no time as she popped the morsel in her mouth and began to chew.


“Mmm~ hmm…” Making different noises as she rolled the food around her mouth for a bit, the raven-haired chef finally swallowed before licking her lips. “Not bad. I think the Panipuri sauce suits you~ You add some saltiness to it. But that might be because of the stew. Let’s try this next!”


Wiping the sticky fluids off her body, Lumine peered up confused before feeling a tight pinch around her midsection before she was hoisted into the air. Lifting the tiny blonde up between her chopsticks, Xiangling giggled as she dropped her friend down in the next dish she had scrapped together in a hurry.


Falling into a thick liquid once more, Lumine was submerged in it abruptly. It was harder to surface this time too. The fluids were chunky and made her feel like she was writhing in mud instead of water. Coming to the surface with a gasp, the tiny woman reached out for something before her arms sunk down against a squishy mass of something…


Taking the opportunity to not tread whatever she was bathing in now, the smaller girl wiped down her face so she could see better. Licking the thick substance on her hands a moment later, the blonde grew surprised. It was like some type of gravy. It had an appealing rustic flavor, but almost to an overbearing extent.


Feeling her prison shift around, the traveler watched as Xiangling’s chopsticks came down again. Pinching what Lumine had been clinging to for support, the larger girl giggled as she swirled Lumine around in a circle as it tied the smaller girl up in soggy ropes.


Pulling her out of the food gave the shrunken girl a better look now. It was some kind of noodle dish. Maybe another stew perhaps? It had meat in it and mushrooms as it glistened from the firelight around them.


Popping the mouthful of food (and one tiny blonde) into her mouth, Xiangling was careful as she chewed, making sure not to spear the smaller girl accompanying her meal. Rolling her tongue around every so often to push the shrunken woman away from her molars as she ate, the larger teen finally swallowed, holding Lumine down so she didn’t accompany the mushy noddles towards her stomach.


Feeling her body spat back out a moment later, Lumine coughed as soft bits of meat and vegetables clung to her. That had been a lot different than when she had been in Xiangling’s mouth the first time. Her breath was changing in smell after each thing she ate. It was oddly appealing the more pungent it became. But what bothered the blonde wasn’t what her friend was doing to her. It was that she didn’t have any time to touch herself between each food she was put into!


Feeling the painful tingle of her pussy aching to be touched again, the blonde tried to relieve herself, but the hand she had been spat on tilted, and the shrunken girl tumbled once more into yet another dish Xiangling had prepared just for her…


This time, thankfully, she didn’t get submerged. Instead, the smaller girl smacked into something hot and sticky leaving her skin feeling just a tad flushed as she laid against the soggy surface of whatever she was on. Cracking open her eyes as she groaned, Lumine took in her surroundings as she observed the new dish she was on.


It was slabs of meat, marinated in a sticky sauce. Jueyun chilies were cut up neatly and sprinkled around her as steam rose into the air. Looking up at Xiangling, the larger girl salivated as she stared down at the blonde hungrily.


“I liked the taste you had in the last medley, but it was too creamy from the stew. It masked the salty flavor you have. I want to try you mixed in with one of my personal favorite dishes! Jueyun Guoba! The spiciness should blend with you perfectly!” She squealed before her chopsticks shot down towards the shrunken girl.


Getting no time to stand the wooden poles slammed down onto either side of her, Lumine felt the thick hunks of meat rub against her skin before she was hoisted into the air between two thick chunks.


Watching in awe as she saw Xiangling’s lips approaching, Lumine shivered as she saw the teenager's tongue hang out of her mouth as she was brought closer to her maw. Passing over and under her perfect teeth, the traveler fell in a heap of meat and chilies onto the younger girl’s tongue. And then, it became dark…


Chomping down on her food, Xiangling moaned as she dropped her chopsticks back into the plate beneath her before rubbing her cheeks happily. Chewing with a bit less restraint, the younger girl quivered as the delicious meat fell apart in her mouth.


Almost growing teary-eyed, the raven-haired chef swished Lumine around on her tongue as her sweaty body mingled with the warm mushy meat, adding an exotic flavoring she didn’t know existed! She wanted more! She needed more!


Feeling the tongue she was on rub her body in all the right ways, Lumine moaned and writhed atop Xiangling’s large appendage, as her hot breath baked her alive. It was moist and muggy now as the potent smell of chili mingled into the air. It was getting hotter by the seconds, and soon, the blonde couldn’t take it.


Rubbing her pussy against the younger teen's tongue, the shrunken girl hissed as she felt the uncomfortable feeling of peppered chili’s rub against her sensitive flesh, but it was a minor irritation compared to the pleasure coming out of her.


That is until Lumine felt her body being moved around with the mushed-up mass of food she had been bathing in. Clawing forward as the tongue she was on tilted back, the smaller woman panicked as that sweet rugged organ she had been humping fell away leaving her unsatisfied. But it took her a bit longer to notice, she was falling…


Gulping as the flavor became too much to bear, Xiangling swallowed the overly large mouthful as she panted sensually once her mouth was free of food. Grabbing the plate unable to restrain herself any longer, the teenager ate hastily now as she moaned and cried in delight. This was the perfect dish for Lumine! She was made for it! Or at least, made to be served in it.


Falling down for a while as she traveled not straight down but in a winding way that had her body squeezed from different sides, the Traveler soon felt her body squished all around before she fell into something thick and was submerged once more.


Coming up as she paddled through the thick guttural muck around her, Lumine burst up for air before gagging as a foul odor assaulted her. It was a miasma of smells she didn’t know existed. And the loud gurgling around her soon indicated where she was.


Tilting her head around as she tried to see, it soon proved impossible for her. But the shrunken girl knew where she was. ‘S-She… she swallowed me… I’ve been eaten!’ Panic slowly overtook the blonde now. Being in a mouth was one thing, but a stomach?! Even one as cute as Xiangling’s had the same function as all stomachs did!


Swimming through the murky stomach acids in the first direction she faced, it didn’t take her long to paddle into a wall before she began beating on it. “Xiangling! Let me out! Please!” Smacking the thick fleshy pudge of her friend’s stomach, the only response the blonde got was more gurgles from the organ she was in, and the slopping wet sound of something splashing behind her.


Hearing more plunks of things hitting the acid around her causing more ripples to push against her body, Lumine soon felt pleasure course through her blinding her to fear. ‘D-Damn it! Not now!’ She couldn’t let the curse make her like this damn it!


But the fact she could hear faint moaning coming from the massive girl as she continued to eat, having apparently forgotten about the smaller girl altogether, Lumine couldn’t help it. Crying softly as her fingers reached beneath the acid she was in; the shrunken girl soon began to moan as she fingered herself in the thick muck she swam in. It was repulsive. And hard to move in as more piles of food were added to it.


This was so demeaning! So, depressing… And it was leaving her even more aroused than when she had been just laying on her friend’s tongue as she used her like any other ingredients in her meals. In the end… she was nothing more than a condiment. A piece to add flavor to her meal, that would vanish into her bowels as all food did…


Tilting her plate back unaware of what she had even done, Xiangling moaned as she swallowed the last of her food, and promptly fell back in her spot. Laying on the ground as her stomach bulged out slightly, the young chef groaned as her hand moved to her tummy before she gently rubbed it.


‘T-That was so delicious…’ It was the best meal she had in… in… She couldn’t remember! It was embarrassing really. The food didn’t just fill her up. It completely satisfied her. And not just her hunger either. Reaching a tentative hand down her panties, juices trickled down her thigh leaving a wet squelching noise to come out as she pulled her arm back.


Smiling contently as the combination of a good meal and an orgasm accompanying it made her drowsy, the teenager soon let sleep overtake her, oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t alone. Or that someone would be joining her as her body took the time it needed to digest its contents… and the tiny Traveler within…


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


‘W-Where… where am I?’


This thought plagued Lumine off and on as time went by. She would wake up, and remember what had happened to her. Cry for a bit. And eventually, pleasure herself to the point of exhaustion and pass out once again. This happened… three? No, maybe four times in total… She couldn’t remember. Then, it became calmer. She became still.


She hadn’t been digested…


Feeling the crushing mass around her of what she knew to be Xiangling’s waste, Lumine didn’t bother caring about it as she felt her body being dragged along somewhere. Apparently, her curse didn’t let digestion kill her. She should have expected as much considering nothing seemed to when she was under its effects.


Crushing, suffocation, and now acid. She might really be immortal for all she knew. Too bad all her senses were still intact. She could taste a foulness in her mouth that made her wretch. It was in her nose. And her stomach. Xiangling’s intestines had been quite thorough shoving every crevice of her body full of the teenager’s waste. And now she was just another piece of shit buried somewhere in the younger girl’s bowels.


It made her think of corn in a way. Just another piece of food lodged into a pile of poop. How long had I t been? Time was, not possible to gauge. And unfortunately, she was miserable until she fell back asleep again. At first, when she had the freedom to use her hands, she just masturbated. The pleasure was always mind-numbing at this size. Even more when she thought of her circumstances…


But her hands had been pinned to her side eventually. And she couldn’t even grind her hips into the mushy mess around her to get off. She was hopelessly trapped. At least she was for a while. But then, the most glorious thing happened…


It was dark at first but the blonde felt her body moving around and squeezed. After that, the crushing muscles of Xiangling’s body lessened. And finally, something… touched her? Feeling her body wrapped up and pulled out of the mound of shit she had been lodged in, Lumine’s eyes finally opened as blinding light overtook her field of vision. It hurt, a lot…


“She’s alive! I don’t see any burns or anything! She’s perfectly fine!”


“R-Really?! So, I didn’t kill her? Thank the Archons! Is she awake?”


Feeling something poking her head, Lumine groaned before squinting her eyes to see something. Peering up, she soon saw someone’s face come into view. Looking down at her with a worried expression, was Paimon?


“Hey! Can you hear us Lumine? We were so worried about you! Wake up! Come on!” Feeling her body shaken, the traveler groaned before slapping the fairy’s large fingers. “I-I-I’m… I-I’m awake!” Lumine coughed, spitting some of the foul waste out of her mouth that had been shoved in during her journey.


Hearing this, Paimon quickly lowered the smaller girl towards a bowl of water before dunking her in. It was cold. And very unpleasant. But it got the job done after a while. And being covered in literal shit wasn’t a better alternative.


She could live with this…


After a bit of talking and calming Xiangling down, Lumine explained what had gone on with her. She also learned about what happened afterward once the teenager had woken up with Paimon frantically searching for her.


It had been, a lot of panicked talks knowing that they couldn’t get her out the traditional way someone needed to empty their stomach did. She was too far gone at that point. So they just had to pray she was alright coming out the other end. Which, she was. In fact, it didn’t seem like there had been any ill effects.


Running her fingers through her blonde locks, Lumine just shook her head. 'I guess stomach acid can’t even harm me. Though my hair is still a bit tangled…' None came out at least not that she could tell. But being buried alive did tend to leave her with a terrible time cleaning her long locks.


“I guess. Paimon’s never taken the time to try Lumine as you did. Was she yummy?” Nodding quickly, Xiangling’s face took on a happy expression as she remembered what it felt like. “Absolutely! I tried her with lots of dishes and they were all great! But I found the best food she was in was one I added chilis with! She satisfied me better than any delicacy I’ve ever had~” the teenager moaned.


Holding her stomach as it groaned audibly, Paimon’s grumbled as she looked down at the blonde forlorn. “No fair! I want to try you too! She’s making you sound delicious!” Looking back at her companion surprised, Lumine was about to pipe up that that wasn’t going to happen, but then Xiangling spoke over her…


“That can be arranged! I made more of that same Jueyun Guoba when we were trying to get Lumine out of me quicker. It’s been the only thing on my mind after I ate her! Do you want to try it? I want to see your face when you taste how much better it is with Lumine added to it!” She beamed.


Looking up at the raven-haired teen in shock, and then back to Paimon as she nodded eagerly, the shrunken girl was at a loss for words. “H-H-Hey, d-don’t I get a say in this?!” Watching in disbelief as Xiangling prepared a plate for Paimon as the overeager fairy dangled the blonde over it excitedly… the smaller girl learned that she, in fact, did not have a say in it.


Feeling her body dropped onto the meaty dish once more, thick spices greeted her nose in an all too familiar way. “Wow! I’m getting hungry again just looking at you! I really want to sample you again!” Xiangling moaned.


Looking up as she slipped around on the sauces, getting completely covered in food once more, the blonde was picked up between a pair of chopsticks, as maw overtook her field of vision once again. It was like déjà vu all over. But, instead of Xiangling, this time it was Paimon.


Opening her mouth wide with her tongue hanging out in anticipation, the eager chef moved both Lumine and the food she was buried in towards the smaller fairy’s mouth. And just like that, she was once again, in darkness.


Squealing and moaning, Paimon chewed with gusto, taking less care than Xiangling had as she savored the food she was being fed. There was less hesitation too, as the blonde felt her body being shoved backward.


Staring out as Paimon’s mouth opened again preemptively, Lumine looked out in disbelief as she watched Xiangling feeding another mouthful of food to the eager fairy before everything went dark, and the mushy pile of food she had been shoved into, fell down the smaller girl’s throat.


It seemed she was destined to be eaten again. And just like before, the pleasure came back in full force.


Only time would tell when Lumine would get out of her companion’s bowels. Hopefully, when she did though, there wouldn’t be another dish prepared for her to be added to, by the over-eager chef that was Xiangling…

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Spa date with Mona by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Another chapter for the series. This time featuring Mona trying to pay Lumine back in her own unconventional way.

Things had been interesting after meeting Lisa in Mondstadt. Events began taking place that the Knights of Favonius needed assistance with regularly. For Lumine and Paimon, that meant regular meetings with the various members there. Including the electro witch herself. It was almost a common occurrence for the purple garbed caster to whisk the two of them away as soon as they set foot into the large building housing her library…


Though all things considered, there were worse ways to spend their days. Being in Mondstadt for a while had been enlightening. It allowed the Traveler and her companions to meet a lot of other people. But, much to Lumine's dismay… that also allowed her Curse to take a hold of others too. But, it seemed like that was less and less of a concern like it had been before. At least Lisa had explained it that way.


‘There are no ill side effects besides feeling quite fondly of you~ I haven’t felt any internal damage to my powers. And no long-lasting effects on my stamina either. If anything, I feel more eager to see you. And you as well Paimon~ Remember to always stop by my room when you have a meeting with Jean. That is if she hasn’t fallen under your sway herself cutie~’


It was a short conversation. Followed by a much longer and more intimate bedroom session with the older woman. But, it did help the blonde to realize something. This curse wasn’t really a curse. If anything it was a minor inconvenience but it didn’t do anything beyond causing lust. Though what was odd to the foreign inhabitant of Teyvat was that it seemed to only latch onto women. It made the inexperienced girl wonder if it had to do with her desires or others… But that wasn’t a question even the knowledgable Lisa could answer for her. So far though, it didn’t seem like age, personality, or even prior attractions mattered. This *Curse* would affect all who were around her if they stood near her too long.


It started with Paimon, and then Amber followed by Lisa later. But that wasn’t the end of it. Over her travels in Mondstadt helping out the Knights of Favonius… She had met a lot of people. And now had a lot of partners too…


Sitting at a small table at the Wangshu Inn in Liyue, Lumine tapped her fingers as her mind raced. Since leaving Mondstadt to continue her journey (after many protests from the various bedmates she had made) the pair had begun their journey here in this new region. They had made it all the way from the Bishui Plain to Liyue Harbor city and back.


Things had been, rather hectic since. Especially considering the Travelers curse didn’t really have an off switch. Tapping her fingers on her other hand, Lumine grimaced silently. ‘Keqing and Ganyu… That special night with Ningguang… The party on captain Beidou’s ship… A backstage encore from Yun Jin…’ The names in her head went on and on. And her list of women now under her curse was growing exponentially. Which happened to be why she and Paimon were back at Wangshu Inn.


Amber had requested her help back in Mondstadt… But, that help had been less of a task and more of an itch she couldn’t stand anymore. She got pretty regular calls from her friends around the region. It was eating up a lot of the time she normally would use to search for her brother.


‘Maybe that was what the real curse was meant to do…’ If she was constantly having sex like a crazed nymphomaniac, then finding Aether was rather pointless. “Hey, are you even listening to Paimon!” Blinking a few times as her mind focused back to the present, Lumine looked down in surprise as she saw food in front of her. She hadn’t even seen the waitress come by…


“If you don’t eat your food then Paimon’s going to claim it!” The fairy announced eagerly before reaching for a small dish of dumplings in front of her. Snatching them away in a hurry, the blonde scowled at her companion before popping one of the steaming gyoza into her mouth. ‘Hot, hot!’ Blowing a few times through clenched teeth, the teenager winced as she grabbed some water to cool off her burned tongue.


“Gluttony will surely lead you to ruin, my apprentice. Try not to take after your little friend too much~” Looking up from their food simultaneously, both Lumine and Paimon were surprised by who they saw. Standing beside them, was Mona Megistus. Though the last name was often forgotten in favor of just calling her less formally.


Coughing in surprise as she got a hold of her still stinging mouth, Lumine looked back at the hydromancer somewhat perplexed why she was even there. “Mona? What are you doing all the way out here?” She had been living in Mondstadt for a while after… an unfortunate situation involving another friend of theirs who she thought was her rival. That was another story altogether though…


Resting a hand on her hip, the raven-haired magus lifted up a small envelope before pulling out a single paper from it. “I had duties to perform of course. My columns are world-renowned you must know. I have contracts in both Mondstadt and Liyue. So I must always deliver these important documents myself to each region personally to see they end up where they should and not be abused by others.” Mona announced proudly.


Thinking about it a moment, the blonde soon felt a wry smile form on her face. “Did they raise the cost of shipping to Liyue again?” Regional exports including documents had a tax over there. Stiffening, Mona’s eyes narrowed before she turned away in a huff. “How should I know! I-I always deliver my fortune columns this way. It comes with the added benefit that I get to visit the places I love so dearly. Mondstadt is wonderful… but it’s certainly not Liyue. Regardless, I’ve already delivered to Liyue Harbor. Wangshu Inn was my final stop before I departed back home.” Mona smiled cheerfully.


Looking up from her meal, Paimon hummed before pointing at their table. “If you’re finished working then come sit with us! Our food just got here, so the waitress can get you something too!” Pausing thoughtfully, Mona soon smiled before shrugging nonchalantly. “I suppose checking up on you would be more in-depth if I partook in your meal.”


Seating herself between them, Lumine felt her thoughts wander a bit as she spoke casually with their old friend. Mona was, an interesting case. While to say the curse afflicting the blonde reacted fast towards most women, it actually hadn’t with the astrologist. It might have been due to how quickly their journey had started and ended or it might have been because the hydromancer was constantly busy with work and in desperate need of mora. Regardless, it left her free from the burden many others had undertaken due to the blonde. And she was happy to keep it that way.


Flagging down the waitress once she was free, Mona was quick to order. Though that was where another particular dilemma came up. “And how much would the… vegetarian Abalonne be…? I-I see… umm, how about the Crusted Crab Roe? T-That m-much!? A-Ahh… yes… well…” Going down the list repeatedly and looking more and more crestfallen by the minute, Lumine almost wanted to sigh.


‘I probably should have expected this…’ Neither she nor Paimon was strapped for cash. Their constant journeys often lead to lucrative opportunities. But Mona was… not as lucky. Seeing the panicked expression as she tried to find something apparently within her price range, the traveler couldn’t bear to see her prideful front be chipped away any more than it already was.


“Oh? Didn't Paimon mention that we would cover the bill?” Lumine tossed out, looking away deliberately not to smirk at the startled face the raven-haired girl was giving her. “E-Excuse me?!” Glancing back to her self-proclaimed *teacher* with a smile she nodded.


“We were already here eating and invited you to join us. It’s only right we pay for your meal.” Blushing a bit, Mona looked away about to decline before the blonde's hand shot out pointing to the first dish the other girl had asked about. “This ones particularly good. They sear it wonderfully! Each bite is always great.”


Knowing she had won out over the other girl's pride as a loud growl echoed out beneath the table, Mona continued to blush before sighing softly. “I wouldn’t normally take handouts… But, you are correct. This was an invitation after all. A-And while rude of you to offer,  It would be just as rude of me to reject it. So I shall graciously accept your generosity.” Mona muttered succinctly. It was clear she didn’t know whether to thank the blonde or try to keep up her act in front of her.


Feeling a quick twinge as heat blossomed inside her, Lumine quickly looked away before inhaling deeply. ‘D-Damn it…’ That face Mona made was cute! She felt the first effects of her curse acting up. She had to get control now before anything escalated.


“D-Don’t mention it…” The blonde muttered softly before pushing her remaining gyoza towards the other girl. “Help yourself, I’m feeling pretty full…” Slapping Paimon’s hands away as she pushed the dish over to the other girl, Lumine went back to what she had been thinking about before… and then realized that was a horrible idea considering she didn’t want to shrink right here in front of one of the few friends she had met that didn’t already know her secret…


When it came to women, that was too and far between. Jean was one. But there were definite looks she got from the regal woman that made the traveler suspect she did know. Considering what she had done with Barbera… that was most likely… They had started after meeting the singing deaconess…


There was also Yanfei. The lawyer had been far too busy to actually get aroused during their few meetings together. That wasn’t to say she wasn’t beautiful in her own right though. And of course, there was Shenhe. That was an odd occurrence actually. She did get aroused too much and the curse took effect. But instead of acting on what a lot of others had, the white-haired Adeptus-born woman had prominently guarded her against anyone until the curse wore off. It didn’t seem like she knew what she had felt and chose to ignore it rather than give in. Perhaps willpower had something to do with it?


“Lumine?” Blinking again having been brought out of her… escapades, the blonde blushed weakly before looking to Mona who wore an almost equally blushing expression. “C-Come again…? Sorry, I was… lost in thought. What’s up?”


Nodding as she composed herself, the hydromancer smiled cheerily as she rested a hand under her chin. “As I was saying, and do try to keep up when your teachers speaking to you~ Since we are in Liyue once more, how about I treat you both to something special since you’ve honored me with this splendid meal?”


Furrowing her brow, the traveler looked to her friend, but Paimon was equally confused. “What do you want to treat us to? Paimon’s kinda full now.” The little fae blushed, multiple plates doubling what either of them had ordered having been cleared by her already.


“It’s not food, but it is a surprise. You’ll either have to accept my offer or reject it. No secrets are ever revealed lightly by an astrologist you know. It’s simply not in our nature. So what say you both?” Mona offered a sly smile on her features now. It was clear she had them both intrigued.


Debating a little, Lumine soon sighed. It wasn’t like the pair had anywhere else to be right now. They had just delivered some meat to the butcher here at the inn so their next destination was unknown. At least it was until someone wanted her to spend some time with them… That probably wouldn’t be very long…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



‘I made a mistake! I made a terrible, terrible, mistake… ‘



Feeling panic in the pit of her stomach as she was dragged in by her hand, Lumine looked around in fear as she saw women walking in and out of the area around her in little more than just a towel to cover themselves. Or in a few cases, absolutely nothing at all revealing themselves bare in all their glory…


“I… I d-didn’t know there was a hot spring here in Liyue…” It was well hidden… But it was definitely here out in the open. How had neither she nor Paimon come across it before?! Wanting to cover her eyes as a pair of women chatted to each other as they passed her by, the traveler had to take deep, deliberate breaths to calm down. It was like she was holding a torch in a firework shop! 


“It is pretty well out of the way. But the owners here are quite fond of my columns. Since I deliver to them personally, they offer me free use of their heated springs when I stop by. I already talked with them. They said I could bring my disciples with me from time to time. We even get to use our own private spring. It certainly is a fair trade for a meal, is it not?” Mona gloated before pulling the blushing blonde into a room separating the pair from the others around them.


Looking over to Paimon pleadingly, the smaller fairy didn’t even seem to notice as she tugged on her dress already stripping down. Were they seriously going to do this?! But it was hard to back out now as they reached the changing room. Moving over to a small bench and taking off her ornaments, Mona paid the blonde no mind and she too started stripping. And, it took all the will the foreign blonde had not to gawk at her outright.


Her spandex suit was skintight already and clung to her form for dear life. Seeing it being peeled off… how the sweat sprayed out from the fabric… How her pale flesh began showing inch by inch… How her ass began to peak from-


Feeling her mouth shut abruptly, Lumine let out an eep as Paimon scowled back at her. “Hey! Get a hold of yourself! Paimon wants to enjoy this too you know! Not babysit you while you ogle Mona!” Blushing from being reprimanded so easily for her weakness, the larger girl looked away sheepishly. That had actually been pretty close. She felt the magic stirring suddenly inside her. It was pretty easy to fall prey to it though if she gave in.


“Are you going to change Lumine?” Glancing back to the raven-haired Astralogist and immediately regretting it, the traveler nodded weakly as she saw a small white towel doing little to conceal the other girl's form. It clung almost as tightly to her hips and chest as her leotard did! And now she was swaying her hips as she walked away! This was almost too much!


Wincing as her head was smacked, Lumine whined as she saw her tiny companion looking back at her with folded arms. “Does Paimon need to blindfold you all the time or something?! Sheesh…” Fluttering over and grabbing a washcloth instead of a full towel, the smaller fae fluttered out the opening following not far behind Mona.


Now alone and a bit more at ease since there was nothing to drool over, Lumine groaned before shaking her head furiously. ‘Come on! Damn it, stay cool!’ She could do this! She wouldn’t let this curse affect her life all the time as it had been. Lisa had helped train her after all! Sure… a lot of those sessions ended in them having sex… B-But a lot of them didn’t too! She could do this!


Feeling some resolve come her way, the foreign girl nodded to herself as she stripped off her clothes to join her two friends. She could do this. It was an isolated spring. There would be no one to look at! And so long as she didn’t stare at Mona, she would be just fine! Though Paimon was one of the few people who could bring her back from the brink of weakness… Hopefully, she didn’t impose on her that much while they were bathing…


Stepping through the small opening and looking out at the rocky onsen, Lumine felt herself relax as she saw Mona sunken down into the waters to her neck. Same with Paimon but she had opted to lay in a small bucket floating beside the raven-haired girl instead, as she lazily sighed. ‘Well… this might not be so bad…’


Joining her friends and sinking down into the searing waters, the traveler felt aches and pains immediately beginning to leave her body she didn’t know she had. Gasping softly before it turned into a hiss as she eased her body down to sit, relaxation overcame her. This was something she could focus on easily. Perhaps this wasn’t as worrying as she had made it out to be.


“It’s nice, isn’t it? These springs are mineral springs blessed by Rex Lapis himself. Or at least that’s what the rumors say. I will admit though, these waters rejuvenate unlike any I’ve come across on my travels.” Mona purred as she stretched out her lithe limbs.


Nodding absentmindedly as she let calm overtake her, Lumine's mind started to drift off as she took in the warm sensation of her body being caressed on all sides by the gentle ripples coming out from the fountainhead. This truly was a nice surprise coming from Mona of all people. But, that wasn’t the only surprise it seemed as the blonde felt the water shift as something moved within it.


Opening her eyes back up tiredly, Lumine shifted her gaze over to her friend before almost jumping up in surprise as she saw the younger girl seated closer to her. They were almost leaning into one another! “Shall I entertain you while we bathe? These waters aren’t only perfect for relieving the body's burdens you know. I can scry things clearer than anywhere else here in Liyue. It’s part of the charm they have over me~” Mona beamed.


Blushing as she watched the girl weaving her hands in and out of the water's surface, circles began etching into the face of the spring shimmering and glowing. “While I can’t reveal the secrets of the universe since that would be a blatant disregard for the rules of Astrology, I can make simple predictions as I do occasionally on my columns. For instance~” She paused as her hands extended before she tapped the top of the water.


Immediately it began to rise and float around her into various shapes and mirrors. Each had different pictures reflected in them. “These are desires you wish to seek. They’re revealed only to you so they’ll be different for whoever gleams them. See something you’d like to pursue? I can help guide you towards it later~” Mona winked.


Watching the various shimmering pictures, Lumines eyes shifted from simple things like the Jade Parcels Xiangling had made for her on their first meeting, to the performance she had witnessed by Yun Jin atop the Jade Palace. But, the more she looked… the more, erotic it began to seem. Images of her various companions showed up. Many in provocative clothes. Were these her desires or memories?! No, no… she had never seen Sucrose dressed up in something that embarrassing… however she wanted to now…


But, one image stood out the most among the many *desires* as Mona had put it. And it was none other than her. Dressed in her normal leotard, the raven-haired girl bent over revealing her ass to her with a smirk on her face. Was this, how she saw her? Or how she wanted her…?


“See anything worth pursuing?” Jumping as if caught red-handed, Lumine quickly looked away as her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. “N-N-No! Nothing in particular… These are all… just things I’ve experienced before. I’m fine with the memories I have.” She lied as her eyes stayed averted from the probing girl’s.


Pouting a little, Mona glanced at the many mirrors of water before dropping all but one. “I-I see… well, then let's narrow it down. This should be the one your heart truly desires! Hopefully, it's something you can pursue…”


Not wanting to look but feeling curiosity get the better of her, Lumine finally gave in and peaked at the remaining image before feeling her heart skip a beat. In it, was Mona again. And she was no longer in her deep blue starred leotard and instead wore a see-through nightgown made of something lacy and revealing.


Glaring at the image as all sense of restraint left her, the entranced girl licked her lips hungrily. Mona looked, so cute! Nothing was being revealed but it was such a scanty garment she didn’t need to! This would forever be burned into her mind… Desire sounded about right. The traveler didn’t know she even saw her friends like this but… now she wanted nothing more than to see her in it!


“So~ Is it something worth pursuing~?” Mona beamed a hint of mischief on her face now. Taking in a deep breath to stop herself from shivering (which was odd considering she was neck-deep in a hot spring) the blonde wanted to say yes, but… she had to remind herself. This was just what her mind wanted to see. Not how Mona really was…


Shutting her eyes forcefully and with pain from having to tear them from the breathtaking view, Lumine silently shook her head. “N-N-No… It was… j-just… My brother! Y-Yes, it was my brother… I’m already pursuing him so it's rather moot…” she lied.


Eying Lumine with a bit of surprise on her face, the raven-haired astrologist pouted before standing up. “I-I see… well, in that case, I should get rid of this thing then…” Nodding as she continued to soak with her eyes firmly shut, an odd ripple from the pool caught Lumines attention.


Cracking open her eyes wearily, they suddenly shot open as the blonde watched her friend standing up and over her now fully naked! Her towel lay in the water discarded revealing all the once hidden flesh the traveler had never been privy to before.


Waving her hands as she kept her back to the other girl, Mona began forcing the mirror of water back down, her arms shifting her body back and forth causing her ass to sway not far from the other girl’s face. It was too much…


Reaching outward with trembling hands, the older girl's eyes were transfixed and hyper-focused on the sight of the hydromancer's pale ass cheeks as they jiggled from her every movement. And, it didn’t take long for her hands, to touch them.


Letting out a cry of surprise from the contact, Mona suddenly felt herself falling as her foot slipped out from under her. Crashing backward into the rocks as she splashed into the pool of water, the startled girl blushed brightly before turning around. “Y-You touched my butt?! Why did you-“ she began… before something odd occurred…


Lumine, was gone… And an odd feeling came over the startled girl. Something was moving… down there… Peaking into the water as she felt something wiggling against her bottom, Mona’s eyes slowly began to widen as she reached a hand towards her ass, and figured out exactly what it was…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


“Both of you are so stupid! Why did you have to ruin a fun day by getting all touchy-touchy Lumine! And why did you need to let everyone in Liyue know you were bathing here Mona! Paimon was sleeping happily till you woke her up!”


Blushing red as she sat on the edge of the springs, Mona shivered as she saw the smaller fairy fluttering in front of her as she vented in annoyance. Glancing over to Lumine as she hung her head in shame, the raven-haired girl was at a loss for words. She was so… so tiny! Finding the girl only a couple of inches tall and trapped between her ass had been the most shocking experience of her life!


Shaking her head quickly, Mona pointed down to the blonde sputtering as she spoke. “W-W-Why is she so small?! What in the abyss is going on! I never saw any of these events when I scryed this today! E-E-Explain immediately! You should both be freaking out too!”


Sighing, Paimon was about to answer, before Lumines voice spoke up catching both their attention. “S-Scryed this? Wait, what are you talking about Mona?” Looking up to the larger girl as her face suddenly went blank, a brighter blush than the one she had already worn overtook her face.


“I-I Uhm… well, that’s…” Waiting for an answer, Lumines eyes slowly began to widen. “Wait… are you telling me you planned for us to come to these hot springs all along?! Is that why you met us back at the restaurant?! Actually, was that how you knew where we were?!”


Panicking as she waved her hands dismissively, Paimon fluttered close to the other girl's face before looking at her closely. “Huh… I think I get it now. You’re under Lumines curse, aren’t you?” Blinking in surprise, the Astrologist looked back at the fae confused. “C-Curse? W-What curse?! I didn’t know anything about a curse! Are you ill?” She barked out looking back at the tiny girl in fear.


Sighing together, both Lumine and Paimon knew there was no way to avoid this topic now that the cat was out of the bag. “Well… it’s not your typical curse…” the fairy began, before going into detail about all that was involved with the traveler’s plight. It didn’t go over so well…


Growing horrified after each explanation, Mona’s face held shock of terror as they told her all the things the blonde had done… and all the people she had done it with. The list was quite extensive. By the time they finished, the hydromancer pressed her hands into her face hiding it from them both.


“So to sum it up… If you have Lumine shrink around you, poof! You’re cursed too! At least that’s been the pattern. And YOU made her dwindle with your big butt! So this is your fault in the end.” The fairy shrugged. It was a bit of a harsh way to put it. But, it seemed the fae had been really enjoying the springs before they interrupted her soak…


Sitting in silence as she looked up at the larger girl, Lumine thought over everything that had happened before sighing. “Why did you bring us here Mona… This is probably the worst place to have taken me…” Sniffling, the Astrologist whimpered as she looked down at the tiny girl. “I-I-I didn’t know! I-I swear I didn’t see any of these events!”


Crossing her arms as she waited for her to continue, Lumine soon had her questions answered as Mona whined out her explanation. “L-Look! I know you like women! I’ve known that since I first met you! I did run into you at the restaurant accidentally! And… well, after you shared your food with me… I figured I’d give you… a reward…” Mona whispered, her face blushing brightly as she looked away ashamed.


Blushing herself now, Lumine shivered as her mind went back to the events before she had shrunken down. “So those *visions* you showed me?” Nodding shamefully, Mona sighed before wiping down some tears in the corners of her eyes. “W-Well… They were desires you have. I just… made one more visible that you might have not seen…”


Nodding now, the smaller girl looked over the giantess feeling second-hand embarrassment for her. “You inserted yourself to pay me back? Is that right?” Cringing, Mona finally nodded. “L-Look! I saw that you and I were at the hot springs here but I didn’t know why. Then, I met you at the restaurant and… well… It just seemed weird that you always looked away from me when we interacted. When I learned you liked girls… well, I don’t consider myself undesirable… so I thought it an appropriate reward for you being such a… w-well behaved student to your master! That’s all!” Mona huffed before crossing her arms.


“So… it’s all your fault then. You had better take responsibility now that Lumine is small.” Blinking, the raven-haired girl looked to Paimon as the fairy floated over to her hand towel and pulled it out of the bucket she had been using.


“T-T-Take responsibility?! F-For what! Explain!” Mona snapped; embarrassment evident in her tone. Wringing out the rag, the tiny fae fluttered uncomfortably close to the taller girl's face before pointing at her. “You! Shrunk Lumine! You! Made her curse take ahold of her with your big bubble butt! So, you! Can take care of her needs to make her change back. There’s only one way to fix her, remember?” Paimon finished before flying towards the ledge of the springs separating them from the public side. “Paimon’s going to soak away from you two so she doesn’t join in. Have fun~”


Gaping as her mouth opened and closed, Mona’s eyes were wide with disbelief. Did she really just tell her too… Looking down at Lumine as the smaller girl blushed brightly beside her, the taller girl gulped before crossing her arms over her chest fearfully. ‘Damn it! Why didn’t my predictions show me any of this happening to me!’


Sitting in silence as the minutes passed by, neither girl said anything to the other until it got too awkward to handle. Puffing out her cheeks, Mona shook her head slowly before sighing under her breath. “A-Alright, fine! As your mentor… I must teach you. Since I may have made a teensy mistake… it’s only proper I correct it. Therefore… you may touch… m-my butt…” Mona whispered the last bit before leaning forward and pushing her ass closer to the tiny blonde.


Blushing, all the same, Lumine looked on at the plump pale cheeks of the hydromancer, desire clearly showing in her eyes. “G-Go ahead and fondle it as much as you want! Make sure you get your fill and let this curse lift!” Mona mumbled. This was so humiliating! But, it was her fault… So maybe she should at least do this for the person she had brought here to thank in the first place…


Letting out a startled eep as she felt something make contact with her rear, the Astrologist stared down as a shiver trembled through her. Hugging her left cheek and pressing her body into her fatty rump, Lumine nuzzled and caressed the raven-haired girl's ass with a euphoric look on her face. Did… did she really like it that much?!


Biting her bottom lip as she saw the curse beginning to affect the smaller girl firsthand, an odd sense of curiosity crept over her. ‘I wonder how much she loves my butt…’ That… had been a weird thought. It felt, foreign. But she was feeling an urge to test the bounds of her curiosity. It… couldn’t hurt, right? After all… she did say that Lumine could do as she wanted. Perhaps… helping her out might be alright…?


Feeling a forceful urge poking and prodding her mind, Mona couldn’t resist its sway any longer as she leaned over onto her side exposing the crevice between her ass cheeks. Would she, do it? Just how much did the smaller girl like her butt?


Feeling answer come in the form of said tiny woman leaping in between her cheeks, Mona let out a stifled cry of surprise before blushing a whole new shade of red. ‘Oh, Archons… s-she’s actually climbing into by b-butt!’ Should she put her foot down? Should she try to pull the tiny girl away before she got too close to the larger girl’s sensitive hole…? No, that was filthy! Lumine would never want to go near there! ‘But… what if she did…?’


Moving a hand up to her temple as she rubbed it, Mona tried to figure out where all these thoughts were coming from but it was hard to do anything with her friend climbing between her ass cheeks! Gritting her teeth as frustration settled in, the hydromancer decided she needed some time to think. Rolling back on her side, the larger girl puffed out her cheeks once more as she trapped the tiny blonde in place beneath her.


Letting out a gasp as her body was crushed beneath Mona’s impressive weight, Lumine felt her head growing dizzy as her body ached to be touched. This pang of pleasure was intense! She had been able to control herself for a while now when the curse began to activate. But once it fully took effect, she completely lost it. And nothing spelled her doom more than a plump ass in front of her. Paimon could attest to that since she used her own to get her way more often than not…


Licking the salty sweat that began to roll down Mona’s pale cheeks, the traveler’s eyes beaded as she frantically wiggled around. She wanted more! The smell was potent in here! It was intoxicating to her senses! Leaning forward and biting gently, the shrunken girl tried her hardest to get Mona to move but it didn’t look like she accomplished much of anything. This was torture! All she could do here was lay still and trapped until the larger girl decided to lean back off her!


Trembling as she felt the frantic struggles beneath her bottom, Mona couldn’t help but smile as her eyes grew glossier and hazed over. ‘She does feel pretty good down there… I wonder, why I didn’t do this the moment she shrunk down? She can’t stop me…’ The power she had over her friend… was beginning to turn her on…


Moving a shaky hand down to her crotch, the raven-haired girl moaned softly as her fingers touched her needy lower lips. They were wet and sticky… She was, turned on? Of course, she was! Who wouldn’t be when they had so much control over someone else’s life! This was so hot! Why had she resisted this and tried to play it safe?! She should have just done what she wished the moment she learned about this curse! And right now… she did want to do something. It felt gross to think about… but the Astrologist couldn’t see why she wouldn’t do it, to her helpless friend… It just made… sense…


Feeling the pressure lesson slowly, Lumines eyes grew wide with desire upon seeing Mona lifting her butt off her. Reaching up with need not wanting to stop feeling the squishy warmth that had come from being sat on, the diminutive blonde didn’t need to wait long as a hand shot out to grab her.


Feeling her body squeezed tightly on all sides, the smaller girl grunted in surprise briefly taken out of her lust-induced stupor. “M-M-Mona?!” Looking up and feeling an odd sense of trepidation, the smaller girl wasn’t sure what to make of her friend's face. She was smiling… but it left the traveler feeling unsettled. She looked so comfortable with what she was doing to her where before she had been utterly mortified.


“Lesson one, my disciple… Obey your Master. Any order I give you, you must obey!” Mona said sternly before her free hand came out pulling apart her plump ass cheeks. “And for your first order… You get to make me feel good in here~ I can’t imagine it will be that pleasant for you. But, you did like my butt. It’s only fitting you have it~” The Astrologist laughed. Her voice sounded off. It was then Lumine knew, that the curse was fully in control now over the other girl.


Feeling its claws beginning to sink back into her senses, the shrunken girl tried to remain sane now that some of her thoughts came back to her… but that didn’t happen upon seeing the larger girl’s puckered asshole approaching her. Gaping as she saw Mona clenching and unclenching her anus, the wrinkled ring of flesh winked at her repeatedly causing the blonde to grow needy once more. She wanted to touch it! Wanted to taste it! Wanted to play with it! She needed it!


Seeing the eagerness coming from her friend, Mona laughed harshly. “Fufufu~ You’re rather pathetic looking when you beg to be brought before someone's ass. The look does suit you though when you’re so small and helpless. I’ll grant you the privilege this time. Now make me feel good before I decide that my butt's too good for you” Mona huffed. Her pride was still front and center. And even if she felt the inexplicable urge to use Lumine, she wouldn’t just do it to make her happy. She had to know that this was an honor.


As she drew closer, Lumines eyes grew wide as desire nestled deep into her senses. She didn’t care about anything now but this! Making contact with the hydromancer's puckered hole, the blonde immediately got to work as her tongue came out instantly. Lapping at the wrinkled skin and moaning loudly, the smaller girl felt elated as she pressed her face into her friend's asshole.


It was so big! And it moved beneath her touches. She wanted to experience more! And surprisingly she did… because apparently, Mona wasn’t stopping. Grunting in surprise as her head was shoved hard into the larger girl's anus, the traveler soon realized what was happening to her. She didn’t know if she should be screaming praises to Mona… or wondering if this was going too far. But… she didn’t get the chance to do either, as her head suddenly slipped in.


Gasping out her surprise from the feeling of something entering her asshole for the first time, Mona hummed thoughtfully as she felt the smaller girl’s head moving within her. ‘Hmm, not all that unpleasant actually…’ She had never wanted to experiment with pleasure via her butt before. But, with the shrunken girl in hand… this seemed too good an opportunity to waste.


Twisting the tiny girl in with some difficulty, the Astrologist didn’t stop as she clenched her ass trying to suck the smaller girl up it. “C-C-Come on! S-Stop, resisting me! O-Obey your teacher!” Giving a final shove and experiencing a shock of pleasure travel through her unlike the other pushes she had given the tiny girl, Mona’s eyes were wide with disbelief.


Gasping and falling onto her side as she felt Lumine shift inside of her, the larger girl trembled on the stony ground as pleasure rocked her body. ‘O-Oh Archon’s… this feeling!’ Grinning as she knew she had made the right decision, the raven-haired girl leaned up before pressing her ass hard into the ground. Lumine, was going nowhere!


Panting hard and fast as darkness greeted her on all sides, the traveler felt stuffy air greet her lungs causing her to cough. It reeked in here! It smelled foul and took her right out of her fantasies with the larger girl’s ass. This was the first time, the smaller girl had ever been inside of one before! Sure, she did a lot of stuff with Paimon’s butt… but she had never been small enough before to actually crawl inside of it deeply!


Struggling as the intense heat of the larger girl pelted her, Lumines head grew fuzzy. She still felt excited somehow even through all this. Her hand was thankfully pressed into her stomach when she had been forcefully inserted into Mona. And that allowed her to touch herself!


Fingering her pussy furiously, the blonde's mind raged on as half of her screamed that this was wrong and she was in trouble while the other ordered her to obey Mona and pleasure her. The latter won out, unfortunately. Feeling her mind for the first time aware that she shouldn’t be here but unable to stop herself, Lumine whimpered as she began licking the hydromancer's anal walls.


It left a bitter earthy taste in her mouth that the smaller girl wasn’t prepared for. But, she didn’t stop. Crying softly as she licked the larger girl's foul interior, pleasure coursed through her as she listened to the rapid thumping of Mona’s heart beating with intent. It was growing faster by the second it seemed. And the walls around her kept closing in before retreating only to do it again, and again…


Moaning on the ground having taken to her side once more for better positioning, Mona panted hard and fast as she fingered herself out in the open. This was so wrong… She shouldn’t be doing this! Not in her favorite Hot Springs no less! But… she couldn’t help it! Her friend was trapped inside of her ass! And she was wiggling around so much that it felt intoxicating!


Clenching hard as a grin spread over her face, Mona bit her bottom lip as desire shot through her. She could almost feel the exact outline of the tiny girl with her ass! She felt so wonderful there! It almost made her think… that she might keep her there permanently…


The thought only added to the Astrologist's pleasure, unfortunately. Writhing on the ground, Mona whimpered as she felt her sweat mixing with the dirt. So close! Lumine did this! It was all her fault! Why did, her disciple have to feel so good inside her!


Moving the hand she wasn’t currently using to masturbate with back towards her ass, Mona quietly grit her teeth as she positioned her ring finger against her anus. She needed her deeper… this feeling… it wasn’t, enough! It would never be enough…


As she continued to lick and wiggle inside her friend, an odd feeling began to overtake Lumine. Opening her eyes which still hadn’t adjusted to the writhing darkness around her, the blonde soon understood what was happening as she felt something poking her bare feet again.


Letting out a cry of surprise as she was shoved forward, the tiny girl wriggled harder earning a loud wail from her current imprisoner. She was actually pushing her deeper!? Panicking once more for fear of what was going to happen, Lumine tried to kick back the finger touching her, but it was pointless to fight it as her body aided by the slick and sticky walls around her squeezed her deeper into the hydromancer's pungent ass…


Feeling wetness as something warm and smelly overtook her face, Lumine cried for Mona to stop, but it was lost on deaf ears. And eventually, it was lost to even the larger girl’s ass as the traveler's head sunk deep into something foul and wet… along with the rest of her body as she was slowly squeezed forward more…


Bucking into her hand as she lost track of her friend's body, Mona didn’t stop as she used both hands to finger herself. Wiggling a digit up her ass and three fingers for her drenched cunt, the woman's eyes were wide with desire as she spasmed on the ground. This feeling… was so much stronger than it ever had been before! Was this Lumines fault too?!


Thinking about the blonde's predicament and how she must be faring, however… had been a mistake. The thought of seeing the blonde’s body squeezed on all sides by her shitty walls and forced to stay there helpless as she was used as a sex toy… was a mental image Mona hadn’t been prepared for.


Crying out loudly as she came hard into her hand, the raven-haired girl panted noisy and fast as she fell still, her body still curled up as she began to slowly come down from her pleasure high. That… had been… the best orgasm of her life! Grinning like a madwoman, the Astrologist's eyes had almost lost all reason as an instinct inside her told her to do it again! Harder now! Faster! She needed to keep touching herself! She needed to keep using Lumine like the object she was! But… reason still remained somewhere in her mind. And it came back full force as she heard the owner of the hot springs call out to her from the other side of the door leading to her spring.


“Hey! Is everything alright in there? I heard a scream!”


Panicking, Mona rolled quickly into the pool only then realizing she had still had her hands inside her as she sputtered briefly, choking on the water before her head popped back up. It hadn’t been a second too late either though as an attendant walked in to see a red-faced Mona blushed madly and looking away awkwardly inside the steamy pool.


“Is, everything alright miss?” Nodding stiffly, the raven-haired girl glanced at the other woman before shrugging sheepishly. “M-M-My apologies… I… saw a spider…” Giving the younger girl an odd look, the worker soon shrugged before heading back inside, unaware that three girls had entered this spring and only one was still present.


Sighing with relief having not been caught redhanded for public indecency, Mona’s rational mind slowly began sinking back into her consciousness once left alone. Lumine, was still struggling inside of her ass. And the pleasure was just too intoxicating to ignore!


Grinning as her glossy eyes focused upward towards the cloudy evening skies, the Astrologist began fingering herself once more in the warm spring waters as she basked in the feeling of control she had over her friend. She could get used to this…


And, she just might… Mona never wanted to let the traveler leave her ass… It was hard to find a reason to ever let her go…


A toy didn’t choose who played with it after all…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


The next morning…





Blushing harder than she ever had in her life, tears streaked down Mona’s face as she sat on a toilet back in Lumine and Paimon’s room at the Wangshu Inn. She couldn’t quite remember everything that transpired yesterday evening. But, she had been awoken naked on a chair at the hot springs they had gone to by Paimon screaming at her to tell her where their friend was.


Unfortunately, that did bring back some memories. And they were unbelievable to Mona. ‘Why… WHY WOULD I DO THIS TO HER?!’ She had shoved her friend inside of her ass! Who does that?! Worse off, she had lost track of her somehow… Which, led to the awkwardness of what was going on right now.


Seated on a toilet with a distraught fairy screaming in front of her face, Mona had never felt more humiliated in her life. How was she supposed to get their friend out of her butt when she was being distracted so much!


“And another thing! Why would you let Lumine anywhere near your stupid butthole! She can’t think when she's cursed! Even Paimon can’t stop her from going crazy when she sees hers! What did you think she would do when you showed her yours?!” The fae screamed, her voice growing raw with concern.


This was one of the countless times the fairy had to *save* her friend from someone's body. Usually, it was their crotch where they would shove the blonde inside their pussies and fall asleep from the pleasure of having masturbated so much they pass out afterward. Though there was that one time she had to wait awkwardly with Xiangling after she ate her… That was a REALLY worrying time…


Though, it did teach both Lumine and Paimon that the curse put some kind of protection around the smaller girl. If you could survive being eaten alive and… let out… then what Mona had done wouldn’t kill the smaller girl. But, the fae wasn’t about to go lightly! She was the one who had to take care of her friend once she came back out after all! And that was going to be nasty!


Wanting to scream at the hydromancer again as that thought came to mind, Mona finally had enough as she forced some water out of her hands shoving the fairy out the bathroom door. “JUST LET ME GO IN PEACE, DAMN IT!” She couldn’t free their friend while being yelled out like this.


Now alone, the Astrologist sighed tiredly as she clenched and forced her bowels to comply with her wishes. ‘I really am the worst…’ If she knew even a shred of this would happen, then she never would have tried to arouse the traveler with her plan. It was such a stupid plan too! She couldn’t force her to like her…


Though, a part of Mona liked that she now knew it wasn’t because Lumine didn’t find her appealing. She was just worried she would get cursed. And… now she was. Propping up a hand beneath her chin as she thought about that particular oddity, the raven-haired girl wanted to ponder this more but… a shift in her gut told her that the time she had been waiting for had come.


Blushing, Mona held her stomach gently before sighing deeply. Grunting afterward, she felt her anus expand before a loud plop echoed out into the water under her. Followed by an uncomfortable shudder as she was hit back by cold water from the bowl.


Giving her ass another flex, it seemed that was it. Standing up and ignoring the urge to wipe and flush, Mona looked down into the toilet bowl recoiling a little from the sight of her own poop. She wasn’t really experienced with looking at such things…


There was one log… and a rather large one at that. It was well compacted, and the hydromancer could see nothing odd about it. Had she not known better, she would assume nothing of miss. But… she did. And that made this process even grosser.


Grabbing a pair of chopsticks she had taken from the inn earlier, the raven-haired girl poked and prodded what remained from her lunch from the day before, and found what she was looking for. Wedged deep in, and looking utterly miserable, was Lumine.


Shit coated her on all sides. It escaped out from her mouth and nose too! This was horrible. Feeling even worse for her actions, the larger girl wasted no time plucking the smaller girl out from the bowel like a piece of Zhongyuan chop suey before moving her to the sink and rinsing her off. She added a bit of her hydromancy to the task too to get a deeper clean…


Waking suddenly as cold wetness overtook her body, Lumine coughed as something foul escaped her mouth and nose. Wriggling around frantically both dazed and confused, the blonde's eyes were met with water splashing against her before she was raised out of it and brought up towards someone's face.


Looking blearily up as the girl’s visage came back to her, the traveler soon smiled as she saw Mona looking down at her. Her face was red and tear-streaked, and she looked absolutely miserable. “Thank the Archon’s you’re alright! I was scared I might have…” Mona trailed off, panic evident in her tone.


Blinking slowly as her foggy mind processed what had happened, Lumine looked around as she pieced it together. Running water to wake her up. A foul stench on her body. The toilet full and… eew… Letting out a sigh as she came to an understanding, having done this assessment almost every day since coming to Tevhet with a whole host of different women, the blonde silently nodded.


“Y-Yeah... I-I’m alright Mona… Umm… Did you… I mean… did we…” The tiny girl trailed off, embarrassment evident in her tone. She couldn’t recall it all, but she did remember Mona sitting on her at one point. The jump wouldn’t be far considering what she had already seen.


Fidgeting, Mona silently nodded. Sighing once again as she began wringing out her hair, only to cringe as other… things came out with the water, Lumine simply shrugged. “Alright… well… If you ever get the urge to… umm… play with me… just come visit. You might need to take a number though…” The ever-growing list of people who needed to use her was becoming a burden. It was like an impulse, and they couldn’t resist her once cursed…


Blinking slowly, Mona’s eyes grew wide with disbelief. “T-T-THAT’S IS?! I SHOVE YOU UP MY BUTT AND YOU TELL ME TO COME AND DO IT AGAIN IF I FEEL LIKE IT?!” She screamed, her mind failing to comprehend what the tiny girl had just told her.


Wincing from the severity in her voice, the smaller girl waved her off indifferently. “Well… I mean, you don’t have to put me in your butt again. I think I’d prefer if you don’t in all honesty… But yeah… if you feel pressure and need to see me, come do it. You’re cursed now because of me, and I’ll take responsibility…” The traveler shrugged.


She had plenty of experience with this stuff thanks to her friends in Mondstadt so this was nothing new to her. Well, waking up being splashed by water and tasting something repulsive in her mouth was… But that wasn’t the standard most people set with her thankfully.


Shaking her head, Mona let out a dry laugh, almost in disbelief at what she had just heard. “S-So… y-you’re not mad at me? Y-You don't hate me?!” Giving the larger girl a saddened look, Lumine shook her head. “As I said… this was my fault. Even if you might have been teasing me before… Don’t think I’ve forgotten that part…”


Wiggling uncomfortably, Mona weakly nodded. It seemed, that everything had worked out. But she had to know… Looking at the smaller girl still somewhat worried, the raven-haired girl finally nodded. She looked alright at first glance. Though still so small and helpless… helpless…


Blinking as the word resonated in her mind for some reason, the Astrologist looked down at Lumines naked form, before a blush overtook her face. “H-H-Hey… did… did you like my butt…?” Blushing red, Lumine was about to say yes on instinct before a chill washed over her.


Gazing up as she saw a glassy-eyed Mona hungrily staring her down, the shrunken girl felt fear settle back in. ‘W-W-Well… I-I did say she could see me if she felt an urge…’ It just came sooner than expected…


Scratching her cheek as her mind began to grow hazy too, Lumine finally nodded. “Y-Yes… I loved your butt…” Her answer earned a smirk from the larger woman. “Good… good… Because I think you can have another look at it if you want… I didn’t use any toilet paper when getting you out…”


Shuddering and knowing her offer hadn’t really been an offer, Lumine blushed as she was brought around the raven-haired girl’s behind once more, and given an incredible view of her ass. ‘I guess… this is going to be a normal thing with you from now on…’


All and all… the traveler didn’t really mind this. So long as not everyone decided to use her as a bathplug…

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