A Return to Normalcy by Franchise Writer

After battling against the foreign god, Lumine becomes trapped and stricken of her powers in an unknown world. Worse then that, some kind of curse afflicts her too, and those around her. On her quest to find her brother and regain what she lost, she'll have to contend with not only the challenges of the new world she'll face, but her own body rebelling against her as well.


Series: Genshin Impact 

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This is a chapter based story written for Brayt.

As the chapters come out, each will have their own set of tags and characters as the story changes from chapter to chapter. If you see a tag you like, it will most certainly be added as the story continues on.

Playtime with Paimon by Franchise Writer
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‘To think, this all happened two months ago. It feels so long now… ‘


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~




Gazing over the ocean with a forlorn look cast across her features, Lumine softly sighed as she let the pleasant sea breeze gently caress her hair. When would her journey end? When, would she find her brother… Aether? And when… would she be able to gain her powers back, along with ridding herself of this troublesome curse…




“Oh! There you are! Paimon was looking all over for you! Why did you run off again without telling Paimon? What do you think would happen if you got eaten by a wild animal?! How would Paimon ever be able to repay her debt to you if that happened?”




Looking up quietly, Lumine soon smiled as she saw the face of her new friend, and, fairly ironic guardian staring down at her. To all who saw her, Paimon was a small fairy-like being. However, due to the curse brought on by fighting the foreign god she and her brother had faced… the little fae was far more imposing.




Landing on the rock Lumine sat on, Paimon stared down at the tiny blonde who came up just short of her knees before sighing. “You know you should have told Paimon! We’ve been over this before! If you exhaust yourself, you need to stay near me so Paimon can protect you!” The larger girl muttered angrily before stomping her foot. To be honest, it was rather cute given their normal heights.




Due to how this curse seemed to work, or, at least how the Traveler thought it did, whenever she overexerted herself, be it in combat or even in simply doing normal chores around her campsites, she would shrink. The size seemed to vary by an unknown factor, however. Sometimes she would be about 1/2 a foot. Other times she could be as small as a 1/4 inch! Hence why she had been so worried.




Right now, she was about 5 inches tall, so it wasn’t too bad today. But that didn’t mean her little companion didn’t fret. Feeling herself picked up and cradled almost like one would a toddler, the shrunken girl sighed as she felt her body being hugged into her larger friend’s petite chest.




“Don’t scare Paimon like that! If you got hurt on my watch, Paimon wouldn’t know what to do with herself!” The white-haired fairy cried before cuddling closer to the blonde. Sighing again since this had been exactly what she had tried to take a break from, the smaller girl nodded as she was hugged tenderly by her companion.




“I’m sorry Paimon… I just wanted to be alone for a little bit. Plus, I can tell that my curse is already affecting you. We don’t know if it will have any ill effects, you know…” Lumine muttered quietly. Blushing, the short fairy pouted but didn’t retort as she continued to cling to her shrunken friend.




“Paimon doesn’t mind! Besides, if something bad is supposed to happen, don’t you think it would have affected Paimon by now?” Wanting to retort, the tiny blonde soon frowned. She had a point after all. If the foreign god she faced wanted to harm those who came in contact with her, then what she did made no sense at all.




Along with stealing her height from her, it also made those around her extremely, emotional. However, it was generally only one emotion. Lust… If she had wanted the curse afflicting her to harm, then making people extremely hostile towards her made more sense. Instead… they tended to want to fuck her. Speaking of which…




Blushing profusely as she felt Paimon’s fingers slowly rubbing her crotch through her panties, the tiny blonde bit her bottom lip. The curse worked both ways. She felt just as lustful now too, which made things rather troublesome. Perhaps the curse was working as intended in the end. Whenever she got like this, she didn’t have time to recover, and she stayed smaller much longer than she normally did.




Taking a deep breath to try and calm herself down, Lumine soon shook her head. It… it was no use! Damn it, Paimon knew her weak spots by now! Looking up as her breath came out labored, the tiny girl’s golden eyes locked on with Paimon’s navy blue pair before slowly shaking her head.




“P-Paimon, w-wait! L-Let me get my dress off! I can’t afford, egghh, a-another one after last time!” Slowly nodding as some of the reasoning and concern she had prior left her as well, Paimon slowly nodded before kicking off the ground and flying into the air.




Fluttering a short distance away, her hands all the while continuing to grope and play with Lumine, the small fairy-esk girl landed on a bedroll three times her size before setting her friend down. “Hurry, hurry! Paimon doesn’t know if she can wait any longer!” The white-haired girl cried as her hands began to slowly massage her crotch through her underwear. It seemed; the curse was extremely potent today!




Though when it came to curses… Lumine had to admit, this one wasn’t all that bad… sometimes. Hiking off her white dress, as Paimon did the same with her own, both girls never took their eyes off one another as they stripped away piece after piece of their clothing until both stood proudly nude in front of one another.




Gazing up at Paimon lustfully, Lumine gulped as her eyes landed on the fairy’s fat rear end. When it came to breasts, the white-haired fae was lacking. However, she more than made up with it when it came to her backside! And it just so happened the shrunken teen favored asses more in the end. Though to be honest, she hadn’t felt any urges or inclination before she had been cursed. It was only after she lost her brother all these feelings and emotions were aroused within her.




Watching the shrunken girl ogling her body, Paimon soon smirked. “Do you like what you see? You don’t normally look at Paimon like that! I hope it's not because of your curse that you only like Paimon.” The white-haired fae huffed before turning her back towards the smaller girl purposefully.




Groaning inwardly as the larger girl's pert ass came into view, Lumine almost fell to her knees in lust as she watched Paimon’s cheeks lightly clap and ripple. She wanted, to touch them! Running forward with no restraint whatsoever, the tiny blonde clung to her nude friend’s leg affectionately, before a foot came out kicking her back down onto the bed mat.




“If you want Paimon how she knows you do, then you’ll need to listen better first! If you do a good job, then… Paimon may let you play with her butt.” The larger girl giggled before stepping over Lumine and hovering her foot above her. It was dainty and small, just like her. But it still measured larger than her whole head!




Wiggling her toes, the white-haired girl grinned before stepping lightly on Lumines face, her entire sole completely dominating the blonde’s field of vision. “First, you can thank Paimon for searching for you! Wandering off as you did, how stupid can you be? You’re so small and helpless like this! Even Paimon’s foot is enough to overpower you and Paimon’s not that strong at all!”




Inhaling deeply as her breaths came out in labored gasps, Lumine quivered in delight as she smelled the thick, earthy scent of her friend’s sweaty foot. She only had the one pair of little boots she wore, and she seldom took them off. They reeked highly of her scent! It was a scent; the smaller teen could never get enough of. She just loved the smell of her friend so much…




Sticking her tongue out, already knowing what she wanted by the pressure increasing on her face, Lumine groaned as she tasted the salty flavor of Paimon’s sole, along with the faint remains of her saliva leftover from yesterdays events. Her smells were imprinted onto the little fae after playing with her for so long. They mingled well together…




Keeping enough pressure to pin Lumine down, but not enough to do her harm, Paimon silently grinned as she felt her tiny friend's tongue worshiping her foot. To be so small compared to everybody else, but have this much control over another person… It was euphoric! The small fairy wouldn’t admit it to her companion’s face… but, she kind of wished Lumine would just stay like this permanently.




They had been together for weeks now, and every day it always ended like this. Though sometimes, not as direct. Lumine's curse just made her go into a lustful frenzy. And it affected Paimon just as easily. However, the little fae didn’t mind. The blonde had technically saved her when they had first met. So, she felt no guilt or annoyance for giving the now smaller teen exactly what she wanted in return and taking back from their interactions too.




“Paimon could leave you like this you know… If you’re trapped under her foot all day, then you’ll never run away from Paimon again! Do you want that? To be stuck and worshiping Paimon’s feet forever?” Grinding her foot, a little harder for emphasis, the larger girl smirked as she felt Lumine's grasp tighten on her dainty sole. She was too easy!




Panting tiredly as her hot breath mixed with the already thick humidity Paimon’s sole over her was making, Lumine groaned in dismay as she felt her needy quim aching to be touched! But, she couldn’t! She wasn’t letting her hands down past her waist! This was so cruel!




Licking faster and more fervently to please her gigantic friend, the fairy’s sole shifted, so her toes were now resting over the smaller teen's face instead. Getting a glimpse of Paimon past her big and index toes, the smaller blonde grunted as she saw the smirking face of her companion. Quivering from her gaze, the tiny woman began licking once more as she drank the sweat surrounding the much larger girl’s salty digits.




Giggling in amusement, Paimon pinched the tiny girl's head tightly trapping her in place before leaning her head down. “You look thirsty~. Does Paimon’s sweat taste good? It's probably not enough for you though, is it? Here, Paimon will help!”




Gazing up forcefully as her head remained pinned in place, Lumine's eyes widened as she watched Paimon purse her lips high above her. ‘I-Is she doing what I think she’s doing?!’ Gawking in shock as her lower lips squirted in excitement for the abuse she was about to receive, Lumine whimpered as the urge to finger herself began to hurt, as she saw the pool of saliva forming over her began to grow.




Drooling down her mouth, Paimon watched in satisfaction as the large globule of spit she had formed, disconnected from its mucus strand, before splashing down directly onto Lumine's face. Licking her lips clean, the larger girl grinned as she felt the shrunken girl thrashing helplessly as she choked on her spittle.




By how hard she was frantically moving, the tiny fae might have almost thought she was in pain. But it was the exact opposite. She knew that now after playing with her traveling companion for so long. Looking down back past her ass, Paimon saw the small puddle of juices leaking out between Lumine's legs. She was close to orgasming after only licking her. How pathetic could she get!




But it was enough to turn her on too~. Playing with herself as she continued to watch Lumine thrash helplessly between her foot, Paimon fingered her labia gently before pulling her hand away. There was a thick, glossy coating of her excitement covering her. That was enough foreplay to get her going.




Waiting another thirty seconds to let Lumine REALLY drink in her spit and mucus, as well as tip her closer to climax, Paimon finally lifted her foot allowing the tiny blonde to shot forward out of the saliva puddle and gasp for the air her lungs desperately needed. However, instead of taking a second to gather her bearings after almost drowning in drool, the shrunken girl instead chose to drive her hands into her crotch as she began to finger herself viciously!




Crying as tears streamed down her face (though you couldn’t tell with all the spit covering her head) Lumine cried loudly as she began to buck on her bedroll, her essence flowing out of her as she began to squirt her orgasm. It was too much. Paimon knew that too!




Watching the tiny girl gasping as she fell back on the bed as a panting mess, the larger fairy smiled warmly as she saw the disheveled state, she had put her tiny companion in. ‘If you were normal-sized, Paimon wouldn’t be able to make you cum like that…’ It was another reason she didn’t like it when Lumine changed back. When she was so small and helpless, the normally smaller girl could do whatever she wanted and it always made the blonde happy in the end.




So, that just meant she had to keep her like this! And the easiest way to do that was to keep her exhausted for as long as she could. Smirking quietly again, Paimon leaned down slowly before picking up her naked friend as she continued to catch her breath. She was like a ragdoll currently. It was adorable!




Seating herself down and holding Lumine against her chest, Paimon moved her face up so she was forced to gaze back at her. “Did you like that? You like being played with, right? You love being Paimon’s toy, don’t you? Wouldn’t you love to spend the rest of your life serving Paimon~?”




Feeling the urge to nod to just about anything her friend said, Lumine felt the faintest hints of sanity left in her mind come forward before she gently shook her head. She… she loved this feeling. She ached desperately for it! She wanted nothing more than to give in to it daily for the rest of her life! But… she still had obligations. There, was her brother… Aether! Aether… It… it was hard to think…




Nodding sadly back at her friend, Paimon softly sighed before leaning down. Pressing her lips against Lumines face, her mouth all but encompassing the small space that was her head, the larger girl made out gently with her friend as her tongue batted and layered the blonde in her scent.




Drinking it in obediently, the shrunken girl laid still with her mouth open as she felt Paimon’s tongue invading what little she could of her maw. It was so big… She could never take it all like she wanted to. The same went both ways. When she was normal-sized and she tried to kiss Paimon, her mouth could never enter hers as intended. But that never stopped either of them from playing around as best they could.




Continuing the lip-lock for another minute or so, Paimon eventually ended it as she quietly gasped for breath, Lumine doing the same after as a thick layer of saliva kept them connected to one another. Wiping her lips down with her palm, the larger girl moved her hand across to the blonde's face before pressing her thumb past the tinier girl’s lips.




“P-Pai… Paimon knows… Knows you don’t want to spend the rest of your life as her plaything. But, Paimon also wants to keep you. It’s a tough decision you know.” The larger fae mumbled softly, her thumb shifting around the smaller girl’s mouth as she felt the slimy texture of the blonde’s pink orifice.




Sucking on the digit obediently as she knew she was supposed to, Lumine slowly nodded in understanding. This was a mutual feeling after all. But, as much as Paimon teased, berated, and abused her… it was always to bring her the most pleasure possible. It was never meant to be malicious.




Giggling as she pinched the blonde woman’s tongue, before pulling it out of her mouth, Paimon looked on at Lumine as she panted loudly atop her. She looked so lewd like this~. Pursing her lips again and spitting into the blonde’s mouth, the fairy watched in amusement as Lumine tried to swallow, but choked and gagged softly instead from having her tongue held captive by her.




“It’s a shame. But, so long as Paimon can stay by your side and play with you till her heart's content, then Paimon will still help you return to normal. Just remember... Paimon owns you, even if you’re bigger!” The larger fae giggled once more before releasing the blonde's tongue causing her to cough as she swallowed what she could from the gigantic fairy’s drool and spit out whatever she couldn’t.




Releasing her hold on Lumine, letting the smaller woman fall back onto the bedroll, Paimon smiled affectionately back at her before leaning up and repositioning herself over the shrunken girl. Breathing slowly as her breaths came out labored, the tiny blonde soon felt her breath hitch altogether as the beautiful sight of her friend's amazing rear presented itself to her.




Looking on in awe, the smaller woman felt her arousal renew as she saw the expansive pale cheeks of Paimon’s ass hovering before her. The smaller fae’s legs had moved now, and Lumine found herself sandwiched between the larger fairy’s legs now, with her face in the perfect position for when the much larger girl decided to sit down…




Casting another glance between her needy quim, Paimon smirked as she saw the excited look her friend was giving her hovering ass. She was such a simple woman. Who got this excited over another person’s butt?! But that made this easier. She would get off, and get her ass cleaned in the process. “I expect you to keep worshiping me for as long as I’m sitting on you. Do that, and you can have what you want. If Paimon feels you stop though, then you might never get to touch Paimon here again!” The fairy giggled before giving her ass a hard slap.




Watching the ripple of vibration travel through her friend’s fat ass cheeks, Lumine shuddered before nodding quickly. She would service Paimon however she wanted! She just needed her ass now though! And thankfully, the larger fae granted it to her. Albeit roughly…




Slamming her ass onto Lumines body, completely burying her in the process under her plump cheeks, Paimon wiggled around to get comfortable before sighing contently as she felt her friend's body wedged deeply into her butt crack. She could feel it all now. Lumines face… it was right against her anus how she liked it~. Well, how they both liked it really.




Moaning softly as she felt the first few licks followed by a rapid pace of tonguing, Paimon whimpered before bouncing herself on top of Lumine’s much smaller form. She could take this easily. If Hilichurls weren’t enough to do her over, then being buried under the fairy’s plump rear end wouldn’t kill her either.




Licking frantically, Lumine’s mind grew fully fogged over now. The taste! The smell! She loved everything about Paimon’s amazing ass! The earthy bitterness, the hefty weight pressing down on her lungs! She didn’t care how obscene or filthy it might be! She wanted this! No, SHE NEEDED THIS! If the larger girl had asked her to become her property right here and now like she had before… then, the shrunken girl didn’t know if she could say no again.




The curse, it was far too powerful! If the smaller blonde could spend the rest of her days licking and touching her friend's plump rear, then she gladly would. Quest be damned… B-Brother… be damned. The urge was far too potent. And she knew that’s why Paimon hadn’t taunted her now how she had before. It would have been too cruel…




Licking the puckered flesh of the larger girl’s anus, Lumine quickly moved on as she began to suck on whatever she could. The heavy scent of her friend filled her lungs. It filled her mind! She wanted more! She wanted, to be, in her! But… it was cruel… She was still too big!




She had learned first-hand, that when she was small enough to be palm-sized, that she fit rather nicely inside of Paimon’s holes. And her ass was the preferable one even though it made no sense to her rationally. It wasn’t rational. This curse made her, irrational! She just wanted to fuck, and lick, and suck, and do whatever her body wanted! She just needed this pleasure!




Crying loudly as she felt a thick finger brushing her crotch, Lumine began to softly weep. It felt good… it felt, way, too good… She would do whatever she could now, to please her friend! Redoubling her efforts tenfold, Lumine lapped and licked madly as she worshiped the much larger woman’s asshole. She needed more! SHE NEEDED ALL OF HER NOW!




Panting atop her shrunken companion, Paimon wiped the sweat that had formed over her brow away as she continued to grind against Lumine. Her body fit so nicely between her legs that she could rub her anus into her face and press her needy quim into the blonde’s body as she rocked back and forth.




But that didn’t mean she was selfish either. Wiggling her finger against the tiny woman’s lower lips, the larger of the pair grinned as she saw her friend wildly thrashing under her. She was going insane! Perhaps she took the foreplay, a little too far. Anytime she pushed Lumine over the edge… she became almost another person. It wore off once she returned to normal, but it still weighed on her mentally sometimes.




Hopefully, she wouldn’t be in a funk again after tonight. The little fae hated when she acted like that! Sometimes it lasted all the way until their next play session. But she could worry about that later. Right now, there were more pressing matters to worry about. Such as both their pleasure.




Clenching and unclenching her ass as she tried to give Lumine more to enjoy, Paimon cried herself as she felt herself edging closer to release. All that teasing had really turned her on! Another benefit of Lumines curse, if you could even call it that at this point, was that whatever pleasure they felt was enhanced! It was like they were orgasming multiple times at once all from a single one! Neither of them had ever felt like that with anyone else!




Rubbing herself over her friend’s body as she bathed Lumine in her juices, Paimon whimpered, wanting to slow down what was to come… but it was impossible. They were both far too into it to prolong the inevitable… And worse than that, the blonde had upped her game!




Grunting as she writhed atop her friend, Paimon grit her teeth before shaking her head. She was biting her now! Bouncing a bit harder to try and stop her however soon backfired as the little fae’s eyes shot open in shock. Screeching as she felt her orgasm flood out of her violently, the larger girl cried her release as the intense feeling of fullness entered her.




As her orgasm slowly began to ebb away, Paimon’s eyes glazed over before she fell back a bit, her arms catching her as she leaned fully onto the bedroll. Panting exhaustedly, the porcelain-haired fairy soon whimpered as the pleasure that had pushed her over the edge continued to assault her. ‘G-Give Paimon a minute to recover!’ She was being too needy again!




Clenching her anus hard, the normally smaller girl smirked as she felt Lumine halted, if only momentarily. It was an easy thing to do, considering her head had accidentally got lodged inside her asshole on her last powerful buck into the woman.




Clenching and unclenching, again and again, Paimon softly chuckled as she felt the frantic motion from within her. “Serves you right for making Paimon cum so hard! Now you stay put for a while! Paimon needs a moment to relax after that.” The larger girl mumbled before leaning backward, her ass’s full weight now pressing on the bed mat and not on her knees.




Although, it also un(intentionally) forced Lumine to stay put, and do what she was told in the first place. This was a pretty common occurrence for both of them. Though the smaller girl's larger than average size did make it a tad more difficult.




Hopefully the next time Lumine shrank, it would be at a more appropriate height.






Although… if she were small enough to fit into the fairy’s panties snuggly, then she may never be allowed to leave them…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _






“Come one! Paimon said she was sorry! Stop giving her the silent treatment!”






Pouting weakly, Lumine said nothing as she continued to walk down the pathway leading towards Mondstadt. After the prior night’s events, she had all the right to be more than a little miffed. Paimon had indeed taken a break… before going at it again with her head still firmly lodged up her anus! By the time they both finished, the fae has fallen asleep from the pleasure… and she had been forced to sleep with her head up her ass all night with no way to pleasure herself because her arms were pinned!




By the time morning came around, she had soaked at least a fifth of the bed in her cum, and she didn’t sleep a wink at all! Reaching a hand down and rubbing her sore crotch, the now normal-sized blonde continued to scowl. She would be sore and chafed for a weak at this rate. And given how long they normally lasted before going at it again… she doubted she would have time to recover…




Hence one of the reasons they were headed to Mondstadt. They probably had something there to help her with her little problem. As well as give her some insight into what had happened to her brother. Though as much as she would like to say that was the main reason for their trip, that would be a lie…




However, as much as the blonde didn’t want to speak to Paimon right now, there were more pressing matters at hand. Such as the two hundred or so foot dragon that just flew overhead! That thing was massive! And it left some kind of teardrop behind too. Neither of the pair knew what to expect at all, but all signs pointed towards Mondstadt having the answers they wanted.




“Come on already! Will you please speak to Paimon! That’s an order!” Sighing from the dominant tone of her friend, the blonde was about to quip that bedroom rules didn’t apply if she wasn’t tiny… however, something else soon intervened. Well, someone else…




“Hey, you! Stop right there!”




Blinking, both Lumine and Paimon watched in confusion as a person suddenly leaped over the ledge of the path they were on before rolling forward and coming to a stop before them. Standing tall with her chin held high was a woman. Her brown hair was held back by a bright ruby ribbon, matching most of her aesthetic in total. She had on what appeared to be adventurer gear, though the tone she held sounded anything but that.




Giving them both a stern look before putting her hands on her hips, the woman spoke again instinctively drawing the pair to her attention. “May the Anemo God protect you, stranger! I am Amber, Outrider for the Knights of Favonius. You don’t look like citizens of Mondstadt. Explain yourselves!”




Looking back at one another, Paimon quickly came forward to explain things while the blonde Traveler listened. This had been a surprising interruption, but a not all-unliked one. Blushing as she admired the brunette's form more closely, Lumine quickly shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts. While uncommon… she had shrunk randomly from time to time when she admired Paimon’s… err, rear end. Another *gift* from the curse she imagined. The last thing the older girl wanted was to shrink right now after being interrogated by someone claiming to belong to the city they were traveling to.




Although… if she were being honest… there were worse fates than that. Blinking again having missed a lot of what had been said, Lumine soon came back as she caught the last bit of dialogue between them before her eyes widened. “I guess it can’t be helped. It’s not safe to travel to Mondstadt right now after what just happened. I’ll escort you there. It’s not far from here.”




Not wanting to incriminate themselves any further, but also not wanting to give in to anything her curse might provoke, Lumine inevitably decided that following along was the best course of action. If worse came to worse, Paimon would get her out of there. Though she really hoped, it wouldn’t come to that.




Immediately turning and beginning to strut off with purpose, the older blonde soon cursed her decision, as she saw the creamy thighs belonging to the Knight of Favonius. Hopefully… she could control herself…






The if she were being honest… there was probably little chance of that.






There never was, to begin with, as far as Paimon was concerned…








To be continued.

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