The Strip Club by Frizzle

Kenny's friend takes him to a strip club for his birthday, where the shrunken young man finds the love of his life, and also his greatest nightmare...



Story depicts cruel and sometimes intense scenes that may inflict an emotional response. Story depicts fetish and kink elements some may not enjoy, so please read the tags clearly (tags may not be completely accurate, I have written this over a year ago so if you see any tags missing or added that are present, please inform me so I can correct it)

All characters are the OC of myself, and do no reflect any other fictional or non fictional persons

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The Strip Club by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Thought I'd posted at least one of these chapters but never did... So here we go. This was arguably the most popular story on my patreon back in the day, so hopefully you guys enjoy it too!

I never finished this story, but once I complete My Tiny Life volume 5 this story will probably get a final chapter to conclude volume 1




- Boobs

- Vore (non fatal & soft)

- Feet & a crush scene if I recall correctly

- Butt I think? Maybe later on in other chapters, sorry can't remember

- Lots of sexy consensual stuff, and some non consensual mention

- VAGINAL INSERTION (I remember this for sure, what made the story so popular haha)




“Come on Matt, just tell me will yuh?” Kenny crossed his arms, looking up at his best friend who was driving the car they were in.

“No way dude,” Matt let out a devilish toothy smile, “this is gonna be a big ole surprise! Especially for someone of… Your height.”

“Not funny,” Kenny shook his head, “I told you… I don’t like being made fun of for my size…”

“What? You mean pretend that my best friend isn’t an inch tall?” Matt buckled with laughter, “get over it dude, you’re small. So what, maybe the occasional hotty mistakenly steps on you, or sits on you, or eats you by accident…”

“I get it,” Kenny interrupted, “you still gonna give me shit for your clumsy sister… Aren’t yuh? That was over a year ago man come on!”

“I can’t help it,” Matt chuckled, “I still remember it as if it were yesterday… Watching her stuff her face with your plate of food! She swallowed you up like a chunk of potato! Fucking hilarious!”

“It wasn’t so funny inside of her stomach…” Kenny murmured, “it was so hot… Felt like I was gonna die in there…”

“Good thing I saw her eat yuh,” Matt chuckled, “otherwise you may have!”

Kenny shuddered at the thought of digesting in the sister of his friend Matt, “enough dude… Just enough.”

“Oh come on man… I’ve caught you jackin’ it to vore porn! Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy being in my sister’s tummy!”

“I didn’t!” Kenny shouted, crossing his arms again, “I mean… I was scared!”

“Sure you were,” Matt grinned mischievously, “you totally didn’t jack it in my sister’s gut… Not at all.”

“Come on man…” Kenny rolled his eyes, “I would never disrespect her like that…”

“I’m sure she’d gobble you up again if you asked,” Matt joked, “I recall her saying you rather… Tasty.”

“Ok can we change the subject?” Kenny had enough of Matt’s ‘jokes’, “where the hell are you taking me?”

“Well if you must know…” Matt gave Kenny a wink, “we’re here… So why don’t you just look out the window?”

Kenny frowned, glaring at Matt unamusedly. Matt cracked another smile, “oh right… You can’t!”

He buckled with laughter some more, reaching down and plucking Kenny from the passenger seat. He held his friend up to the car window, and Kenny looked outside to see that they had pulled up to a strip club. Particularly the most renowned club in town, famous for being the most ‘hands on’ strip club a man could find.

“Here!?” Kenny was baffled, “you can’t be serious…”

“Oh I’m serious,” Matt insisted, “it’s time you get some action dude. You haven’t talked to a woman for as long as I’ve known yuh! Get your birthday ass in there and have a good time!”

“What!? Aren’t you coming with me?” Kenny gave Matt a look of confusion.

“Hell naw bro,” Matt chuckled some more, “I ain’t turnin’ eighteen until two months from now! I couldn’t even if I wanted. So here I’ll drop you off at the front door and you head on in alright? I’ll pick you up later tonight!”

“Matt!” Kenny scolded, “what if someone kidnaps me!? Or steps on me… It’s dangerous to go in there alone!”

“Who are you kiddin’,” Matt retorted, “I watched that slut Sally step on you with her eight inch gap heels, and you didn’t even get a bruise! You’re as thick as a rock, you’ll be fine!”

“It still hurts…” Kenny pouted, glaring at Matt in frustration.

“Boo hoo,” Matt mocked, “you gonna cry? Go tickle some strippers' toes and have her put you inside her or somethin’, go have a blast man!”

“I don’t think any of the strippers are going to ‘put me inside them’ Matt… It’s a strip club not a whore house!” Kenny shook his head once more, unable to understand his friend's way of thinking.

“Kenny you’re an inch fucking tall,” Matt smiled humorously, “trust me man… When the right stripper sees the potential you got, you’ll be making her cum buckets!”

“Whatever man,” Kenny rolled his eyes, “just drop me off at the front door will yuh? I don’t need a crow picking me off the road.”

Matt smiled, opening the car door and escorting his friend across the road towards the entrance of the strip club. The literal name of the strip club was ‘The Strip Club’, as if to be generic in humour or some sort. Matt placed Kenny on the floor mat in front of the door, smiling down at him with a stupidly wide grin, “you have a good time now you hear? I’ll pick you up later. Meet me here again in two hours!”

“Yeah yeah whatever,” Kenny waved Matt off, turning around facing the giant two doors that hovered high above him. He grumbled under his breath, hearing Matt get back into the car and drive down the road, leaving Kenny all to himself.

“This is gonna go horribly…” Kenny mumbled, “I’m going to get trampled in here…”

Kenny approached the doors, making note of the giant security guard beside them. Kenny waved his hands up at the man, “hey! Hey you!”

The guard perked his ears, looking around before noticing Kenny down on the floor. The man raised an eyebrow, “oh… You’re rather small aren’t you?”

“I’m aware…” Kenny rolled his eyes, “I’d show you my I.D., but I don’t think you’ll be able to read it…”

“Are you eighteen sir?” The guard asked.

“It’s my eighteenth birthday, my friend you just saw dropped me off,” Kenny explained.

The guard let out a sigh, “you’re too small to really identify anyways… Go in I suppose, but just know you are responsible for your own well being. If you get crushed or whatever we aren’t liable, kid.”

“Noted…” Kenny mumbled, walking past the guard and crawling under the giant doorway. As he reached the other side, he could audibly hear the booming music. It was electronic dance music, an odd choice for a strip club he thought. Though mostly millenials and other young sorts came here, and most of the strippers were in their late twenties to early thirties, so it was definitely a strip club for younger customers.

As Kenny began to turn around the corner into the club, three women appeared exiting from the bar. They were gossiping and laughing, giggling and stumbling as they chatted amongst one another. They took up the entire length of the hall, as they were spread out in an almost perfect line as they walked in unison. Kenny knew this would be problematic, wondering which direction to go in order to avoid being stepped on.

“Did you hear what Brad said to Mandy!?” One of the women gossiped.

“No what!?” One of the other women asked.

“He said she had donkey thighs!”

All of the women erupted in laughter, the one in the middle approaching Kenny’s location. She was carrying her high heels in her hands, her bare feet slapping the ground as she stumbled in his direction. She had likely gotten sore feet having to walk in them for a prolonged period, and took them off to allow her feet some time to rest. Though Kenny was thankful at least he wouldn’t be pummeled by a heel, he was ready to embrace the impact of this woman's bare, stinky sweaty foot as it came in his direction.

“Fuck m-” Kenny was cut off as the woman’s sole collided into his body. Her skin engulfed him, and he was crushed into the concrete as her foot compressed against him with all of her weight. As quickly as it had happened, was as quickly as it had ended as she lifted her foot and continued walking. She hadn’t even noticed that she stepped on him, or anything at all. Likely it was due to the fact she was drunk, but regardless Kenny found it quite annoying that he always seemed to be discarded with the dirt on the floor.

Kenny stood to his feet, holding his sore head and wiping the gross sweat and dirt from his body that had transferred from the woman’s foot to himself. “Fuckin’ hell…” Kenny groaned, “always getting stepped on… Can’t people pay attention to where they’re walking?”

Kenny shook his head in annoyance, already wishing that Matt would come back and just take him home. That wasn’t going to happen unfortunately, as Kenny was already stuck here for two hours. He decided he’d keep closer to the edge of the walls, and head out into the club to see if he could find any strippers that he found attractive. He had no clue if he was truly going to do anything with anyone, let alone even manage to get their attention… But he figured it was his birthday, and he should at least take Matt’s advice and attempt to have a good time.

Kenny brought himself close to the wall's edge, continuing down the hallway as fast as his little legs would carry him. The music became louder as he finally walked around the corner, seeing giant pairs of shoes and sandals walk by him as club members laughed and walked into the hallway. Kenny was thankful he chose to stay close to the wall, not wanting to be stepped on again by no means.

He entered the main lounge of the club, the flashing lights and decor catching his attention immediately. There were several seating areas with stages centered in the middle, long poles reaching all the way towards the ceiling. Most of the seats were filled, many of the poles hosting unique and talented ‘dancers’ who were putting on quite the show. Some were more revealing than others, some not even wearing a bra of any kind which allowed their tits to hang freely for all to view.

Kenny was blown away, watching as some of the dancers brought their bodies forward for men and women alike to fondle and touch their glorious bodies. Kenny envied them, knowing he was far too small to ever be able to do such a thing naturally. ‘Why am I even here?’ Kenny pondered, ‘I’ll never be able to get their attention at my size…’

As Kenny’s eyes drifted across the club room, he found himself suddenly infatuated by one of the dancers in particular. She appeared to be taking a break, resting her back against the pole and looking at her phone. She had gorgeous blonde hair, a thin but figured body and legs so smooth that Kenny almost wanted to slide down them. His eyes rested on her smooth and tone belly, which he found particularly attractive. He began having thoughts of what it would be like to be inside of it, but quickly shook his head to clear the thoughts.

“Come on Kenny…” Kenny whispered to himself, “don’t be a weirdo…”

Kenny noticed that this woman’s seats were empty, and figured that if she wasn’t putting on a show she may be the perfect stripper to approach. That, and the fact he was absolutely infatuated with her. Though she was a stripper and likely wouldn’t notice someone like him, he decided he at least had to get a much closer view of her beautiful figure. He looked around to make sure no one was coming in his direction, in which he promptly made a sprint across the club room floor towards the woman’s stage.

“I’m in the clear…” Kenny whispered, making it across the floor and towards one of the seats positioned before the stage. He looked up to see the woman let out a sigh, looking around the club as if to see if anyone was coming to watch her. When no one came, she shrugged her shoulders and began peering at her phone again.


‘How could her seats be empty!?’ Kenny wondered, ‘she’s the most gorgeous woman here…’

Kenny made his way under the seat, approaching the incline of the stage. It was very steep, and he began to doubt his ability to walk the incline without slipping all the way back down to the floor. He couldn’t stop now though, he wasn’t sure how long this woman would wait here before deciding to go elsewhere. Clearly she wasn’t drawing any members, despite her incredulous looks.

Kenny began to walk up the incline, immediately feeling the force of gravity as it tried to pull him back. He was determined however, using much of his strength to keep his balance as he slowly and surely ascended the incline towards the top of the stage. Unexpectedly his foot slipped out from under him, and he slid down a few inches before stopping. ‘Damn that was close…’ Kenny thought to himself, carefully regaining the coverage he had just lost.

Thankfully he didn’t have any further mishaps, and despite his doubts he managed to reach the top of the incline, climbing onto the stage itself. He rested his hands on his knees, panting heavily from the immense willpower and strength it took to get up there. After he had caught his breath, he looked up wide eyed to see the enormous bare feet of the dancer.

His head began to look upward, viewing over her smooth silky legs followed by her tone and perfect stomach. He continued to look over her massive breasts, which nearly covered her gorgeous face which was currently plastered to her phone screen. Kenny felt himself begin to get hard, becoming very aroused by the sight of this magnificent woman. For whatever reason he was extremely attracted to her, and he couldn’t understand why aside from her beauty.

The woman looked up from her phone again, checking to see if any other members were coming over to watch her dance. Yet again she saw nobody, and she let out a sigh of defeat, “yet again nobody… Must be because I’m new…”

The woman sighed, putting her phone away by tucking it in the waistband of her revealing thong. She crossed her arms, looking around one more time to make sure she didn’t hop off the stage prematurely. Kenny saw she was about to leave, and didn’t want to waste the small opportunity as he hurriedly ran over to her large toes. The woman began to tap her left foot, ready to leave at a moment's notice as Kenny ran up to her right foot.

“Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave…” Kenny kept mumbling, hoping to catch her before she headed off.

“Oh well… Maybe I’m just not attractive enough for them…” The woman shook her head, about to walk off the stage.

Kenny ran up to her big toe, and began to poke it repeatedly, “please look down… Please look down!”

“Hmm?” The woman felt an odd sensation in her big toe, as if something was pricking it over and over again. To add, she could have sworn she heard tiny whispers from below, despite how crazy it seemed. She looked down at her feet, spotting Kenny at her toe and poking it endlessly.

“Hey! Whatcha think you’re doing huh?” The woman plunged her big toe into Kenny gently, pushing him back a little. Kenny felt afraid for a moment, fearing that he had angered her.

“My apologies, miss!” Kenny apologized, “it’s… I saw you from across the room and… I just wanted to get your attention!”

“Oh?” The woman seemed surprised, “you saw little ole me and walked all the way across the club just to say hi?”

Kenny blushed, kicking his foot around on the floor as he shoved his hands into his pockets anxiously, “I mean… Yeah…”

The woman giggled humorously, “awww! How adorable! And here I thought no one noticed me at all!”

“Nah,” Kenny shook his head, “I can’t imagine anyone not noticing you! You are so… So…” Kenny found himself extremely nervous, sweating as he tried hard not to sound like a weirdo. The woman however was greatly amused, and smiled down at him.

“So… What? I am so what?” The woman bent her knees a little, resting her hands on them as she leaned down to get a closer look at him, “you are so funny… Shy little man are yuh?”

“Maybe a little…” Kenny admitted, “I’m surprised you’re even talking to me! Most don’t even notice me on the floor… And usually just step on me…”

“Well bugger, good thing I heard you then huh?” The woman winked at him, “I was about to walk off the stage! I’d probably have stepped on you too!”

“I wouldn’t have minded it,” Kenny quickly responded, immediately cursing himself inside his head for saying something so incredibly odd and dumb.

“Oh? Are my feet the exception?” The woman giggled, “my my… I never thought someone would be so infatuated with me! I’m flattered little man!”

“Really?” Kenny blushed even harder, “I mean… You are incredibly beautiful! Everyone else is missing out if you ask me…”

“Are they?” The woman thought to herself for a moment, before a light hearted smile spread across her lips, “well then… If no one else wants to watch me, what if we just… Have our own little session hmm?”

“Wha… Are own..?” Kenny was speechless, choking on his words as he tugged at his collar anxiously, “wh-what did you have in mind?”

“May I pick the little cutie off the floor and show him?” The woman asked, biting her lip as she looked Kenny up and down.

“Of… Of course! Go right ahead!” Kenny permitted, the thought of her delicate soft hand wrapping around his body sent chills down his spine. He had never interacted with any woman in such a manner before, perhaps with the exception of Matt’s sister however she didn’t care much for Kenny at all. As the woman smiled and bent down to pick him up, Kenny had become fully erect. He was so incredibly embarrassed and nervous, feeling as if his premature erection was going to make him look like a fool. The woman noticed it of course, but said nothing as she plucked Kenny carefully off the ground and raised him up to her eyes to get a better look at him.

“Oh… You’re cute too! Really cute…” The woman bit her lip again, her eyes peering down at the impression in Kenny’s pants. She was very flattered to know that at least one man in the entire club was interested in her, even if he was only an inch tall.

“How old are you little guy?” The woman asked, walking off the stage with Kenny in tow. She was heading to the private rooms in the back of the club.

“I… I just turned eighteen,” Kenny answered anxiously, hoping his young age wouldn’t scare her off.

“Mmmm,” the woman moaned, “so young… And so handsome! How did you get to the club? At your size I imagine you didn’t drive yourself here…” The woman chuckled heartily, and Kenny smiled nervously.

“My best friend Matt dropped me off here…” Kenny informed, “he thought I should… I don’t know…”

“Have fun with a woman? Get off?” The woman spoke, her tone unable to be determined.

“Well, maybe that’s what he wanted but… I don’t know, he sort of abandoned me here without giving me a choice,” Kenny spoke.

“So you don’t want to have fun with me?” The woman looked down at him and feigned a pout, pretending to sniffle sarcastically.

“I… I mean.. Uh..” Kenny was so nervous he almost wanted to punch himself in the face. Here he had this incredibly gorgeous woman practically throwing herself at him, and he couldn’t figure out what to say at all.

“Shhhh,” the woman held a finger up to his lips, her soft skin engulfing his face as she dramatically pushed the tip of her finger into him, “it’s alright hun, I’m teasing you.”

“Oh… Right,” Kenny smiled nervously at the woman.

“You have clearly never flirted in your life,” the woman teased, “ugh, it’s so adorable I could just eat you up!”

“Woah… Really?” Kenny was entranced by her words, the vision of her petite and luscious lips spreading apart in order to draw him in taking up the entirety of his mind.

“What? Of course not,” the woman laughed, “it’s a figure of speech you silly little thing!”

“Oh… Right…” Kenny was almost disappointed, but then he remembered he needed to keep such strange sexual interests to himself. 

He couldn’t have truly expected her to be serious about such a thing could he? Aside from being eaten from Matt’s sister, the truth was that Kenny didn’t really know if he could be digested or not. It was an assumption that he and Matt made, but considering the amount of times that he had been crushed beneath heels or sat on, he often wondered if he was durable enough to survive a trip through the stomach. Of course testing this theory out could be dangerous, it’d be interesting for him to try it out given certain safety parameters were in place.

“What’s your name, little guy?” The woman asked, as she spread open a curtain and stepped inside a private room that was empty.

“K-Kenny…” Kenny stuttered.

“Kenny? I love it!” The woman winked at him, as she walked over to the small table that was beside a lounge chair. She carefully set him down on top of it, bending down to bring her face close to his body, “nice to meet you Kenny. My name is Skye.”

“Wow… A beautiful name!” Kenny admired her beauty, peering into her shining eyes as she looked down at him closely.

“Why thank you!” Skye blushed a little, and for the first time Kenny felt as if he was finally doing something right.

“So… What now?” Kenny asked, clearly unsure of how to even remotely proceed.

Skye laughed amusedly, shaking her head as if to admire how pure and innocent he was, “now… We have some fun.”

“... Fun?” Kenny whispered, his eyes growing wide as he watched Skye stand up tall, towering over his diminutive size. She smiled flirtatiously, as she reached around her back and undid her tight bra. Her tits were so large, that the moment she undid them they practically flung across the room. Kenny gulped anxiously, Skye’s now fully exposed breasts staring down at him. They were absolutely perfect in his mind, plump and round with soft pointy nipples that poked out at him.

“What do you think cutie?” Skye asked, grabbing her firm breasts with her palms and giving them a mild bounce as if to further seduce the young man. The attention he gave her, the complete infatuation, it was almost intoxicating for the club stripper. She was so used to hardly getting any watchers at all, days of not receiving any tips. Even when she did have an audience, they were usually looking across the club at other dancers anyways, and it was quite a blow to her morale. But here she had this one inch little young man, and to him she was the most breathtaking thing he could have ever beheld.

“I… Uhh…” Kenny tried to formulate a proper response, one that he felt would be respectable and gentlemanly.

Skye giggled when she saw him speechless, rolling her eyes teasingly as she shook her head yet again, “you know, it’s ok to tell me they’re sexy right?”

Kenny blushed, “I know it’s just… I think too highly of you to use such words…”

Skye came down to her knees, plopping her gigantic tits on the small table before Kenny. Kenny jumped back in surprise, as Skye rested her elbow on the table. She rested her chin in her palm, her other arm resting horizontally on the table's surface as she smiled down at him. She raised an eyebrow, “you think highly of me huh? You just only met me!”

“I’m so sorry… I don’t even know what to say I’m so nervous,” Kenny admitted, his face flushed red with embarrassment.

Skye giggled harmoniously, taking her hand and patting Kenny on the head gently, “you’re just a nervous wreck aren’t you? I appreciate your respectable behavior! Just compliment me anyway it suits you, alright?”

Kenny smiled up at her, “alright then… They are gorgeous, just like you!”

Skye held her hand up to her mouth in laughter, “oh my… So cheesy. I’m going to enjoy your company…”

“C.. Company?” Kenny found himself gazing into her eyes and unable to look away. She bit her lip, giving him a seducing wink as she motioned down to her breasts with her eyes.

“Are you going to just stand there and talk? Or are you going to show me how highly you think of me?”

Kenny looked back at her breasts, such smooth and perfect things they were. Of course he wanted to just throw himself into them, and fondle them the best he could. He was nervous however, that lingering doubt still in his mind that he would mess it up somehow. Needless to say, Kenny was quite insecure when it came to women, especially now that he actually had the chance to experience one. Her forthcomingness was also unsettling, Kenny wondering if it was just because it was her job or if she was genuinely interested in him.

“Sheesh… I guess I’m going to have to literally throw myself onto you then…” Skye teased, lifting her tits gently and bringing them forward in Kenny’s direction.

Kenny found his vision engulfed by her luscious breasts, as they came down on top of him. The soft flesh of her bosom was like a sea of clouds, infinite softness and cushion from every direction. The sweet smell of vanilla lavender filled his nostrils, likely the lotion that she applied to herself earlier that day. It was as if he was smelling a scented candle directly, the smell so intoxicating as he felt himself to be in heaven almost.

Skye was greatly amused, feeling Kenny’s slight movements beneath her large boobs. She wondered if she had mistakenly hurt him, but considering he didn’t show any signs of struggling she decided he was just enjoying himself. She began to rock her tits back and forth sensually, sliding her soft skin against his body hoping it would ease the tension he had built up.

It certainly had, all of Kenny’s doubts vanishing practically in an instant as he felt her soft skin slide over his body. He felt himself get so hard that he almost wanted to whip it out right then and there, but of course he knew that would be inappropriate and instead he kept a sound mind as he enjoyed the erotic experience. He ended up licking and sucking on the skin of her breast, unable to stop himself from tasting the sweet skin of her lavish form. Kenny was in love, this woman so gentle and kind to him in a way that no other ever had been. Not to mention that she was the most dazzling woman he had ever laid eyes on in his entire life.

“Mmm,” Skye moaned, “I hope you’re enjoying yourself down there… Because I sure am.”

“Mmmph!” Kenny mumbled, his face full of boob and he found himself unable to give a coherent response.

“What was that cutie?” Skye giggled, spreading her boobs apart to spot Kenny just between them. He was flat on his back, smiling up at her with lustful eyes.

“I… You are so… Beautiful…” Kenny murmured.

“Yes, you’ve told me that about a hundred times now,” Skye giggled again, the flattery too much to take in, “you don’t look like you’re done yet though…”

She reached between her breasts and plucked Kenny off the table. She then rested backwards a little, her bubbly but resting on her ankles as she took Kenny and firmly pressed him against her right nipple. Her skin once again sank all around his body, her finger pressing gently into his back to ensure he wouldn’t fall to the floor.

“Go to town cutie… Make me feel something,” Skye said, her mouth slightly open with her tongue poking and prodding at her lips.

Kenny took hold of her nipple in his tiny hands, letting his tongue out as he licked and caressed the soft yet slightly rough skin. To interact with just her nipple, while pressed firmly into the soft skin of her breast, was simply an incredible experience. Kenny didn’t want this moment to end, as he continued to lick and suck on her giant nipple all while she moaned from above. For Skye, the odd sensation of a tiny man slobbering all over her nipple was simply stimulating. The fact that she towered above him like a goddess was an experience she never knew she wanted. She loved how enraptured Kenny was with her, how attractive he made her feel. She had never experienced this before, and she couldn’t help but feel the urge to just drop him into her panties and take him home with her.

“Oh my…” Skye moaned, “you feel so amazing down there…”

Kenny pulled his face away, looking up at her with surprise, “r-really?”

Skye giggled, “for your first time pleasing a woman… You’re not doing terribly, alright?”

Kenny blushed, “I’m glad you’re enjoying it…”

For a moment they both fell silent, staring awkwardly into one another’s eyes. Kenny was completely entranced, as she gazed into his soul with her gorgeous and flickering eyes. Skye found her thoughts running rampant, as she took in Kenny’s small stature more and more. If he felt that amazing on something as simple as her breast, she couldn’t help but fantasize what he’d feel like ‘down below’. He was small, she could just snatch him away and keep him for herself. ‘It’s not like he’d object,’ Skye thought to herself, ‘he’s practically in love with me…’

“Is… Is everything alright?” Kenny asked, when the continued silence began to cause him concern.

“Kenny…” Skye interrupted, deciding to indulge her newfound fantasies, “I’m going to take you home…”

“What..?” Kenny was shocked, not at all expecting to hear such a thing.

“I love feeling you on my body Kenny… But there are some things I want from you that I can’t do here at the club,” Skye explained, “don’t fight me… Just let it happen alright?”

“I won’t fight you,” Kenny shook his head, “I’d… I’d love to go home with you…”

Skye raised an eyebrow, “you… You would?” Skye brought her hands up to her face, rubbing her temple as she tried to think the situation through, “Kenny… I didn’t have any intention of bringing you back here…”

“Oh… Well that’s alright,” Kenny was screaming in his head again. ‘That’s alright? Is that alright!?’ Kenny couldn’t help but feel as if he was being a fool, but at the same time he wanted nothing more than to go home with this woman and do whatever it was she wanted him to do.

“It… It is?” Skye shook her head frantically, “no… Are you a fool? You’re just going to let a strange stripper kidnap you and keep you forever!?”

“I mean…” Kenny thought about his next words carefully, “would you really though? Keep me forever? I could just come back to the club you know, and see you again if you’d like? If you want me that much, I’d love to come see you more!”

Skye was blown away, looking down at Kenny as if he were insane. The look of infatuation in his eyes, the look of lust, she wasn’t used to this kind of behavior from anyone. She didn’t know if she’d ever meet another living soul who’d see who this way, the way that Kenny did. He wasn’t even scared that she might just keep him, knowing that she could do so full well and he wouldn’t be able to stop her.

“Kenny…” Skye spoke softly, “I want you.”

“You… You want m-” Kenny was promptly interrupted, as Skye snatched him off the table. She brought him close to her stomach, as she began to lower him down to her waist. Immediately Kenny could hear the distant gurgling and groans behind the flesh of her stomach, his heart racing with excitement yet again as he was reminded of the odd fantasy he had. As quickly as he was near her stomach however, he was also gone when she brought him down just above the waistline of her thong.

“You are a good person Kenny…” Skye spoke softly, “I’d feel horrible for keeping you to myself… So I promise I’ll bring you back here after I’m done with you alright?”

Kenny wasn’t even able to respond, as she pulled the waistband of her thong from her skin creating a large opening ‘down below’. The sweet smell of her woman hood rose and wafted over his body, and in reaction Kenny couldn’t help but simply enjoy it. He only enjoyed it for a short moment, as Skye’s fingers let him go and he found himself plummeting all the way down into her thong. He hit the inside of the fabric and slid down it like a slide, all the way until his body collided gently into a wet and slimy wall. When he was snug against her vagina, Skye let her waist band snap back shut, snuggly trapping him inside of her panties.

“Oh my God…” Skye moaned, immediately feeling a rush of pleasure shoot up her spine, “this was such a great idea.”

Kenny was overwhelmed by the sexual tension he felt, his body literally pressed against the moist and most erotic part of a woman’s body. He never would have imagined this outcome, when he decided to approach Skye on the stage. He knew it was foolish, but he was absolutely in love with this woman. Between her gentle and teasing personality, and her absolutely breathtaking figure, it was enough to cause the young man to fall in love.

He wanted to make her happy, and knew that she expected him to make a pleasureful ruckus down there. He pressed his palms into the fleshy folds of her pussy, moaning as he took in the incredible feeling of touching another woman’s privates. He felt like a child, but he couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of happiness as he thrust himself into the lips of her vagina as he began to reach down his pants and touch himself.

Skye had already clocked out, and found herself biting her lip so hard she almost drew blood. Kenny was certainly causing a scene inside her thong, and the urge to shove him inside of her was so strong she had to fight herself from doing it right there in the club. The second she got in her car she was going to finger herself the entire drive home, which thankfully would be a short drive anyways considering she only lived five minutes down the road from the club.

As Skye rushed out of the club, Kenny was already enjoying the experience on his end. The sweet smell and thick fluids that were secreting from her cavity sent him into an entranced state as he fondled and threw himself into the woman’s privates. He only hoped it wasn’t too far, as he reached up and began to play with her clit in the hopes of eliciting arousal. She had dropped him in there, and he knew that she wouldn’t have done so unless she liked him right? Though Kenny’s anxiety was on the backburner, as he became obsessed with pleasing the first woman who had ever bothered to give him attention.

Skye was not at all disappointed, not in the slightest. Considering how nervous and hesitant Kenny had been with her initially, she was ecstatic to learn that once given the chance, he had not wasted it. As Kenny fondled and sucked and played around with her clit she felt a jolt of pleasure rush throughout her entire body. She wanted to cram him so deep inside of her and feel his movements within the confines of her fleshy walls, but at the same time she didn’t want to go too far after Kenny had been so willing. She still couldn’t believe that Kenny had told her it would be alright if she took him home and never brought him back, and the more she thought about it the more turned on she became. To have this adorable and innocent young tiny man so infatuated with her, that he wouldn’t mind at all if she did such a thing was the strangest sensation she had ever felt.

“Fuck…” Skye moaned, rushing to her car door, “don’t stop Kenny… Don’t stop!”

Kenny heard her loud and clear, trying to the best of his ability to get even more vigorous with his erotic handling. He felt the overwhelming urge to begin nibbling on her clit, simultaneously rubbing it’s sides while also rubbing himself further into her folds. He was dripping wet in her orgasmic juices, which had soaked through his clothing entirely. He felt the slimy juices coating his rock hard dick, which only sent him further into the erotic abyss he had succumbed to. His feet began to slide inside of her pussy, as his body became so wet that he was starting to slide down her slit.

“Oh my…” Skye started the car, pulling out of the parking lot and speeding off onto the nearly  empty street. She could feel Kenny’s body slipping inside of her. The thought that Kenny was so small, that his body could easily slip inside of her walls was absolutely exhilarating. Unable to wait any longer, she took one hand on the wheel while cramming her free hand down her panties.

“I can’t resist little one…” Skye informed, “hope you don’t mind!”

Kenny felt Skye’s long and slender fingers creep up behind him, his body already halfway inside of her vagina as he felt the two fingers press gently against his back. Skye was being very careful, which was a miracle because she was almost about to cram him inside forcefully. She didn’t want to hurt him though, and she most certainly didn’t want to harm him out of fear that his infatuation would die off. Kenny however welcomed the action, grabbing his dick and massaging it sensually as he felt Skye shove him inside of her soaking wet snatch.

“Oh… OH…” Skye opened her mouth wide, barely able to pay any attention to the road as her body tensed up with pleasure. She slowly shoved Kenny’s body inside of her vagina, a sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced washing over her. She felt his tiny hands and feet sliding against the inside of her pussy, as Kenny tried to feel and massage every square inch of it as he could.

Being surrounded by her completely on all sides, to be inside of her body in this manner, sent Kenny over the edge. He totally forgot about his friend Matt, and the fact he was supposed to be picking him up later. The thoughts of his attraction to Matt’s sister faded entirely, Skye now being the only thing on his mind as he became the tool of her ultimate pleasure. He could hear her moans reverberating throughout the fleshy and rigid walls that surrounded him, moans that expressed absolute bliss. Kenny could no longer contain himself, blowing his load all over the inside of his pants as the woman reached an intense climax.

She was just pulling up to her driveway, her fingers deep inside of her with Kenny not much further past them. She felt him convulse inside of her, and though she couldn’t tell for sure she had a feeling the little man had came. The thought of Kenny cumming in her vagina sent even more chills down her spine, as she too began to convulse as her fluids began to rush out of her. Kenny was overwhelmed as Skye reached an intense orgasm, her fluids washing over his body like a river and carrying him towards the opening as Skye retreated her two fingers.

Kenny was thrown against her panties, a rush of juices blasting his body as Skye completely soaked her thong. She wasn’t quite done however, the sensitivity of womanhood still strong. She had pulled her hand out of her thong, and instead pressed against the surface where Kenny’s body had been thrown against. She pressed firmly down on it, forcing Kenny yet again into her slit. Kenny’s face slapped against her clit, and instead of fighting he instead continued to please her by doing as he had done before. He licked and sucked on her clit, even though it was totally soaked. He actually enjoyed the taste of her womanhood, and the fluids that had come out of it. Not only did it taste great, but he was still immensely aroused even though he had finished inside of her.

Skye wasn’t backing down much either, resting in her driver's seat after parking the car. She kept pressing Kenny more and more firmly against her pussy, her fluids secreting out of the thong like a sponge as she did so. The harder she pressed, the more vigorous Kenny became when pleasing her. She couldn’t have asked for anything more, and she quickly began to realize that no man had ever treated her or pleased her this way in her entire life. Kenny was most certainly a one of a kind, and his innocence only made it that much better. She loved how anxious he was, how willing and obedient he was. 

She wanted to kidnap him earlier, merely to have a little plaything back at home when she got horny. But something changed in her, and even though she had just met Kenny tonight she couldn’t help but begin to feel something for him. Had she finally found a man who saw her true beauty, a man who would dedicate himself to her and all her needs? She had been used so many times, but now she was the one using Kenny. The power was incredible, but at the same time she didn’t want to force Kenny to do anything.

Skye finally let up, releasing her firm press upon Kenny and reaching inside of her thong to retrieve him. Kenny felt her fingers grip the back of his shirt, and for a small moment he felt a little disappointed as she pulled him out. Skye brought him up to her eyes, looking at the young man who was now completely soaked in her own bodily fluids. The sight was arousing, the fact she had just crammed him inside of her attributing to the arousal despite already having reached a climax. Skye smiled brightly at him, biting her lip momentarily as she inspected him from head to toe.

“Did… Did I make you happy?” Kenny asked nervously, hoping that his first time wasn’t disappointing for her.

“Did you make me happy?” Skye tilted her head back, buckling with laughter, “happy would be an understatement little man… That was, probably the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced!”

Kenny was shocked, his eyes wide in disbelief, “really!?”

Skye shook her head with a big grin on her face, “you really have like… No self esteem do you?”

Kenny shied away from her gaze embarrassed, “as I’ve told you before… Most don’t give me the time of day…”

“Funny…” Skye whispered, “I feel… The same way…”

The two slowly locked eyes again, a silence filling the car as they continued to gaze into one another's eyes. Skye’s eyes flickered brightly at him, and if he wasn’t sure before he was absolutely certain that he had just fallen in love. He wasn’t able to think of much more, because in the moment of silence and awkward gazing Skye couldn’t contain herself any longer as she pulled Kenny close to her face and embraced him with a gigantic wet kiss. Kenny’s face was engulfed by her plush and soft lips, he dick already getting hard again as if it had replenished itself already. He almost wanted to crawl into her mouth, but just enjoyed the kiss as it came.

When Skye pulled him away, she appeared to look panicked, “Kenny… If I take you back home… I’ll see you again won’t I?”

Kenny smiled brightly, “I could just give you my number? And you can come pick me up from my house every day when you get off your shift! Does that work?”

Skye rolled her eyes with a gushing smile, “my lord… You are very new to this aren’t you?” Skye giggled amusedly, blushing red as she looked back into Kenny’s eyes, “you are something… I’ll tell you that much!”

“I never imagined my night would go this… Wonderfully,” Kenny responded, still unable to believe that he had just practically had sex with arguably the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.

“You made me very happy,” Skye assured, “is there anything you’d like me to do now? To make you happy?”

“Trust me…” Kenny smiled, “you’ve made me very happy!”

Skye teasingly shoved him with her finger, “oh come on. There’s gotta be somethin’ I can do? Icing on the cake perhaps?”

Kenny thought about her proposal, nothing on the surface of his mind that he could fathom. When he heard the familiar groaning of her stomach however, he found his gaze peering down at it. Her belly was still exposed, smooth and perfect as it was the last time he looked at it. Skye noticed his eyes had looked down at her gut, and she giggled as she began to rub it gently.

“Oops… I must be hungry!” Skye blushed, “sorry about that…”

“Oh no don’t be!” Kenny inserted, “your stomach… It’s beautiful!”

“My stomach huh?” Skye shook her head again, “come on now… You can’t be infatuated with all of me can yuh?”

Kenny became nervous, the deep fantasy within his mind starting to poke and prod at him. She had practically offered to do anything for him, and he knew that with her it would be everything he’d ever dreamed of. But would she go for it? Kenny would literally be asking her to devour him, and he was deathly afraid of scaring her off. Despite his nagging fears, Skye had been more than forthcoming with her own fantasies. She openly told him about kidnapping him, and he figured he should be forthcoming as well if they were going to start seeing one another on a frequent basis.

“Can I tell you something Skye?” Kenny asked, his face flushed red.

“Of course toots!” Skye smiled, “what’s your little heart desire hmm?”

“I’ve never told anyone this before…” Kenny nearly whispered, “I mean my friend Matt knows… But I’ve never actually admitted it to him…”

Skye giggled, “just tell me hun. You pleased me incredibly tonight… I want to do the same! Now spit it out yuh hear me?”

Kenny took in a deep breath, looking up at her beautiful face as he tried to find the courage to spit out his deepest desire. Skye waited in suspense, not wanting to speak out of fear she’d delay him any further. After a brief moment, Kenny finally spat it out, “I have a… I want… Can you swallow me whole?”

Skye raised an eyebrow, “can I what now?”

Kenny shook his head, “no no… Nevermind I shouldn’t have asked you…”

“Stawp,” Skye retorted, “come on now, don’t be like that anymore! Haven’t you learned by now that you aren’t gonna scare me away?”

Kenny looked up at her nervously, “I’m… I’m not?”

Skye laughed, “of course not silly! If I haven’t made this quite clear… I plan on fucking you again. Alright? I said it. Sheesh… You really are bad at this aren’t you?”

Kenny laughed nervously, and Skye winked at him flirtatiously, “now then, you want me to swallow you whole? Wouldn’t I kill you?”

“I don’t think you would…” Kenny answered, “I’ve survived being stepped on, women with heels even! I think if you let me out before a couple hours pass I’ll be fine!”

“And you trust me to do that…?” Skye narrowed her eyes, “you did hear my stomach right? What if I decide to have myself a little snack and let you digest huh?”

Kenny began to sweat, her words ringing in his ears. She wasn’t aware of it at that moment, but Kenny had become extremely turned on by the way she spoke about him digesting inside of her. Of course Kenny wouldn’t want to die, but the thought of becoming her food and fueling her gorgeous body was most certainly arousing. Skye waited for a response, but received none. She noticed the enormous bulge in his pants, and began to snicker when she realized what had just happened.

“Oh my… Does that turn you on, little man?” Skye giggled heartily, “you wanna be my little snack huh? Oh my gawd you’re so fucking adorable!”

Kenny snapped himself out of it, “I’m so sorry… It’s a stupid fantasy I know…”

“Stupid?” Skye thought to herself for a moment, “I’ll admit it’s a little weird maybe. I can’t imagine how one would be aroused by becoming my late night snack but… I’ll certainly let you live your fantasy if you want.”

Kenny’s ears perked up, “you… You would?”

Skye patted her belly, “sure will. I ain’t gonna fucking digest  you though… I’ll regurgitate you back up after an hour or two, if you promise to God that you’ll live that long…”

“I know I will!” Kenny quickly answered, “I can’t believe you’re going to make this dream of mine come true…”

Skye brought him closer to her mouth, “I’ll admit though… Kinda curious to know how it’ll feel…”

“How… How what will feel?” Kenny asked, a nervous anticipation crawling over him as he felt himself being brought closer and closer to her soft and inviting lips.

Skye bit her lip, a deep moan emanating from behind her throat as she brought her tongue across her lips, “how it’ll feel to slide down my throat…”

With those final teasing words, she parted her lips wide as she brought Kenny forward quickly. He was able to see clear into the back of her throat, the dark passage that led down her esophagus and to the place he had always dreamt of being again, ever since his experience with Matt’s sister. After seeing Skye’s smooth and sexy stomach, it was almost too good to be true to know that he would actually get to be inside of it. As Skye brought her lips over Kenny’s body, he felt as if he were in heaven for a brief moment as he felt her lips clamp down around his waist and lift him off her palm.

She began to slurp on him, slapping her giant thick tongue in his face and tasting it thoroughly as she welcomed him to her mouth. Kenny wasn’t really sure how to react, he simply kept still as he allowed Skye to do whatever it was she had planned. He felt his body get slurped further inside as she sucked the rest of his body into her awaiting mouth. She felt the entirety of his body land on her wet tongue, and she immediately began to swish her spit around her mouth as she began to lubricate and coat Kenny’s body. If she was going to swallow him whole, she knew she’d have to get him nice and wet first.

Kenny was assaulted by all corners as he was tossed around her mouth, her thick tongue spreading it’s saliva all over his body and drenching him in her spit. He didn’t even fight it, he quite enjoyed the feeling. He felt like a piece of candy in her mouth, a piece to be savored and played with. Kenny was rock hard yet again, but unable to even touch himself as he was tossed around repeatedly.

Skye wanted to give Kenny the full experience before sending him down, taking the tip of her tongue and curling it over backwards as she prodded around. When she finally found his legs, she moved her tongue up towards his crotch. Kenny was surprised when he felt her tongue jam into his junk, pressing against it and rubbing over it sensually as if to get him off before swallowing him whole. Kenny was intoxicated with overwhelming pleasure, kicking his pants off and ripping off his underwear so that he could feel her tongue against his bare cock.

Kenny moaned and groaned, as Skye tilted her driver's seat backwards to get more comfortable as she worked Kenny’s penis really well with her tongue. Despite how small it was, she could feel it press into the tip of her tongue as she played around with it. ‘Who would have ever thought smaller could be so much fun…’ Skye thought to herself, amused at how odd it felt to have such a tiny dick in her mouth.

Kenny felt himself reaching the brink yet again, unaware that Skye had been slowly working him towards the back of her throat. Just when he thought he was about to cum, her tongue pressed up underneath him and shoved him head first into her throat. It caught Kenny off guard, his waist flying upwards and his dick slapping against her uvula as he tumbled into her esophagus. Skye raised her tongue, giving a thick gulp as she swallowed Kenny whole. To her amazement, she felt his tiny cock sliding down against the walls of her throat, and it was so hot that she couldn’t help but slip her hand back into her thong and play with clit to the feeling of Kenny venturing downwards to her stomach.

Meanwhile Kenny had reached his second orgasm of the night, the feeling of her mucus covered esophagus against his cock enough to make him blow his load yet again; this time all over the walls of her throat. His face pressed against a pink and wrinkled surface, her sphincter, which opened up and swallowed him inside before sending him into the depths of acid below. Kenny was submerged for only a moment, before surfacing to get a breath of air.

He could just barely see the inside of her stomach, the walls rigid and bumpy. The inside of her stomach was bright pink, bubbles formed around the edge of her stomach on the surface of her stomach acid. The stench of burnt air filled his lungs, and though it was mildly painful he couldn’t help but get turned on yet again by the environment that was Skye’s gut. He almost wished she wasn’t on an empty stomach, so he could see what it would be like to swim amongst the food that her stomach would be digesting. Kenny tilted his head back a little, taking in the immense pleasure that came with being inside of the woman he had fallen in love with this starry night.

He hadn’t known it yet, but Skye began to wonder if she too had fallen in love with Kenny. She wasn’t sure if it was just good sex, or if she had legitimately felt an attraction to Kenny as a person. She remembered how odd it was to see him down at her feet, poking her toes like a silly little goofball. The entire thing was laughable, yet the way he spoke of her and treated her… It was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

As Skye rested back in her driver's seat, she rubbed her belly sensually as she felt Kenny enjoying himself inside of it. She had set her alarm for one hour, deciding not to risk losing such an incredible young man who she had a feeling would please her for a very long time to come. Kenny floated peacefully in her acids, pure bliss washing over him as he wondered what his future with Skye held.


The two rested, Kenny having completely forgotten that Matt was supposed to pick him up. Matt of course would freak out when Kenny was nowhere to be found, but later on him and Kenny would be laughing with one another… As Kenny gloated about the wonderful experience he had at the club, and the amazing woman he had met there...





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The Strip Club '2' by Frizzle
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- Pantry Entrapment

- Pussy

- Domination


- Vore (non fatal)

- Suggestive Digestion in a cruel manner

- Mentions of odor

The second part of this story is when it really became popular on my Patreon originally a few years ago. Glad you guys get to read it now, TIME TO UPEND KENNY'S WORLD BABY.






“Say it again,” Skye ordered, staring down at me where I was nestled comfortably between her large plump breasts.

“Again?” Kenny smirked flirtatiously, “you don’t want it to get stale now do you?”

Skye reacted by placing her hands firmly on each of her breasts, squeezing them gently as her fleshy boobs engulfed him even more. They smelt of lavender, a result of the lotion she had applied shortly before they had left her place.

“Say it,” Skye ordered, biting her lip as she watched Kenny’s body get swallowed up by her massive tits, “or I’ll cram you up my pussy and drown you in my wet juices little man!”

“Pfft,” Kenny scoffed, “don’t threaten me with a good time!”

Skye squeezed her tits even more, Kenny’s body now feeling the pressure of two giant mounds of flesh pressing into his body from all directions. He’d be the first to admit it was a tad bit painful, but he enjoyed the pain. Skye wasn’t always so gentle with him, sometimes she’d get carried away. But Kenny had come to love it about her, how far she’d always take it in order to get the adorable reaction of his squirms under the pressure of her erotic actions.

“Ok fine…” Skye murmured, “I’ll shove you up my ass then… Or maybe I’ll toss you in my heel and you can spend the day with me under my sweaty toes!”

“Mmm,” Kenny winked up at her, “if it pleases you it pleases me!”

Skye rolled her eyes, “ugh… You’re such a tease you know that?”

Skye finally let up, letting go of her breasts as Kenny felt his body slide between her breasts a little as the pressure subsided. She entered the workplace, where the loud music filled their ears. She had gotten a promotion the previous week, and thus she was able to work the later shifts which she preferred anyways.

“Pretty please?” Skye begged, battering her eyes at him, “just one more time?”

“Oh alright…” Kenny smiled, “I love you…”

“Awww!” Skye blushed, “I’ll never get tired of that…”

“Nor will I milady!” Kenny teased, winking up at her.

“Hey!” Skye bounced up and down swiftly, her tits bobbing up and down and causing Kenny to slide even further into them. He was up to his chin now, the rest of his body engulfed by her cleavage, “no formalities… Too cliche for me!”

“Whatever you say milady!” Kenny joked, giggling amusedly to himself.

“Don’t make me eat you again!” Skye threatened, “I haven’t had lunch and you’re starting to look pretty delicious…”

“Oh?” Kenny bit his lip, “well don’t let me stop you from satisfying your hunger…”

“Oh you’d love to be my meal wouldn’t you?” Skye laughed heartily, “maybe if you’re a good little boyfriend I’ll eat you for dinner, deal?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Kenny gave a toothy grin, “just… Don’t eat a ton of pickles afterwards… Oh God, that was awful the last time.”

“I love pickles!” Skye scoffed, “maybe you shouldn’t be my little snack so often then! Eating you makes me so hungry… I couldn’t help myself!”

“Pickles are gross!” Kenny exaggerated an expression of disgust, “can’t you eat like… Cherry yogurt or something less disgusting?”

“Well how about I eat five cans of baked beans?” Skye joked, “whatever you prefer to swim in when you’re churning in my gut.”

“Ok maybe pickles don’t sound so bad…” Kenny spoke with haste, “ugh… I really do love you. You’re far too good to me… Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve it.”

“Hey!” Skye smacked her tits, causing them to jiggle which sent Kenny on what felt like a ride in a wave pool, “don’t talk like that! You deserve the best, and dammit don’t you ever say otherwise!”

“I love you…” Kenny spoke, looking up at her with loving eyes.

“I love you too, you little dork!” Skye winked down at him, as she arrived at her locker in the employees locker room.

It was empty, which meant that the others hadn’t arrived yet. Skye had arrived early, yet again, which of course was all according to her masterful plan. She plucked Kenny from her bosom, placing him down on the narrow bench seat as she stood tall and began to undress herself.

“Make sure you watch,” Skye teased, “I love it when you ogle my glorious body…”

Kenny looked up at her with a lustful gaze, “I love it too…”

“No shit?” Skye teased, “who would have thought. The little man loves to see giant naked women! I never would have guessed…”

Skye then promptly removed her blouse, pulling it over her head and off of her body as she tossed it to the floor. She was wearing a black bra, which was clearly too small to contain her massive breasts. She reached behind her back, staring down at Kenny the entire time with a devious grin as the little one inch man watched in awe. Though he had seen her undress a hundred times by now, it was still just as incredible as every other time.

“Let 'em shine,” Skye whispered, unlatching the bra and letting it fall to the floor as her massive tits hung free and exposed. They were absolutely massive for a thin woman of her size, and Kenny was absolutely entranced by them every time. Though he loved her petite mouth, and loved being inside of her sexy stomach, he very much loved her boobs. She loved it when he would suck and lick at her nipples, finding it erotic to have a man of such a small stature attempt to please her in such a way.

She never really felt his movements too much, and she commended his efforts. The thing that really turned her on was how small he was, and how hard he had to work to please her. More often than not Skye found herself reaching orgasms simply by Kenny’s effort alone, finding it incredibly arousing that he would go to any length in an effort to make her happy. This above all else is why she fell in love with him, because there wasn’t a thing on this earth that he would not do to make her happy.

She had crammed him up her pussy, her ass, made him worship and lick her feet after work, and had eaten him on numerous occasions. No matter what it was, Kenny was always willing to go the extra mile for her, something that no one in her life had ever done. Of course there was that one time where he hid in a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day to try and surprise her, and she prematurely dumped the entire box into her mouth and unknowingly ate him whole… But after wondering where he was and doing some simple detective work she quickly figured he must have been in the chocolates, and she was able to free him after a few hours of churning in her belly with the melted brown mush.

“So?” Skye spoke, “whatcha think?” She placed her hands under her breasts, lifting them up and down gently in an effort to arouse her little lover.

“They’re as gorgeous as you are…” Kenny mumbled, staring at them lustfully.

“Oh?” Skye giggled, getting on her knees and bringing her massive tits over Kenny’s diminutive body, “what about when I do… This?”

She let go of her breasts, and they landed on top of Kenny with immense force. He found himself pinned beneath them, and though he was ashamed to admit it he was frightened for a short second. After realizing he was unharmed though, he quickly began to lick and thrust his hips against the soft flesh. Skye could feel him squirming under her boobs, before she felt his hip thrusts into her fleshy mounds. She giggled amusedly, happy to know that he was enjoying himself.

“Oh God…” Skye murmured, “sometimes I wish you were normal size… I’d fuck your brains out so good…”

Kenny didn’t hear what she said, the sound around him muffled by the tons of flesh that enveloped his body. He was having far too much fun with her boobs, the soft blanket of skin over his body sending pleasureful shivers down his spine. He wanted to strip naked right there and cum all over them, but of course this wasn’t possible considering he was totally pinned. Instead he found joy in licking and thrusting, or at least to the best of his ability.

“Alright I think that’s enough…” Skye whispered to herself, lifting her tits off of him and looking down at his little body on the bench, “having fun?”

“Sorry if that was awkward…” Kenny apologized, hoping his actions weren’t bizarre.

Skye rolled her eyes, “ugh, you are such a little crybaby. ‘Sorry if that was awkward, sorry for being so attracted to you that I wanna fuck your tits.’ Just do us both a favor and keep going alright?” 

She then proceeded to straddle the bench, her breasts hanging directly above Kenny now. Her nipples faced him, her perfectly shaped nipples as she began to lower her left breast towards his body, “lick and suck it for me you little hottie!”

Of course Kenny was embarrassed, realizing that sometimes he was too insecure with himself. He sometimes felt that he was being awkward or weird, which was mostly due to his size and thus he had to do things a bit differently in terms of handling a woman or pleasing her. That’s why he loved Skye so much, despite how awkward or weird he seemed she always reassured him that she didn’t care at all. It was literally impossible to scare her off, and it had really been a confidence booster over the course of their relationship.

“Hey Kenny!” Skye shouted, snapping him out of his trance, “I said lick and suck… Are you going to get me off or what?”

“Of course!” Kenny replied obediently, grabbing hold of her firm and hard nipple as he began to rub it sensually. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick the surface of it, the rough texture of her skin feeling incredible against his tongue. Skye bit her lip, arching her back and pressing her tits further towards Kenny, which caused her nipple to shove itself into his mouth as he was forced all the way down onto the bench. This didn’t stop him however, as he continued to suck and lick it the best he could. It was all he could do, but he loved it. Skye was beginning to get wet, reaching her right hand past her waistline as she felt the juices dripping from her snatch.

“You always make me so wet…” She spoke gently, “I can never get enough of you…”

She pulled her tits away, and Kenny couldn’t help but instinctively pout as he watched her glorious nipple hover out of his reach. But when he saw her begin to undo her belt, he began to sweat anxiously with excitement. Skye gazed down at him, sliding her belt off her pants as she began to unbutton them, “let’s hope no one… Disturbs us…”

She slid her pants down her waist sensually, the waistline sliding down her smooth and shiny thighs before reaching below her knees and sliding down to her ankles where she kicked them to the side with her feet. All that remained now were her black laced panties, which she gripped at the waistline with her thumbs teasingly. She began to slide them off too, down her waist, her thighs, before allowing them to slide down to her ankles where she instead kicked them up and onto the bench.

Kenny was swallowed by the shadow of her panties, as they fell onto him. Skye giggled amusedly, watching Kenny struggle to make his way through her panties. When he finally emerged from under them, the waistline rested above his tiny head as he smiled anxiously up at her.

“Ugh… So fucking cute!” Skye beamed, once again straddling the bench as she looked down at him with pure anticipation, “I know we’ve done this several times… But it still makes me so wet to do it again.”

Kenny’s breath was taken away as she towered over him, her dripping wet pussy hovering over her body. Her juices actually dripped from her snatch, a few droplets landing only inches from where he was. The splatter from the impact hit him in the face, her warm and steamy cum now all over his face and it was only the remnants of a single droplet.

“I’m going to cram you so deep inside of me,” Skye spoke soothingly, “make sure to squirm nice and good for your loving girlfriend…”

“Y-yes my l-love…” Kenny stuttered, as Skye’s pussy began to lower towards him. Of course he was nervous, though he knew he shouldn’t be. But something about a giant woman bringing her most sensitive region down upon you was just so utterly breathtaking, that even after experiencing it a dozen times over was not enough to get used to the sight of it. Kenny was rock hard, his forehead dripping with sweat as he watched his girlfriend bring her vagina towards him slowly and teasingly.

“Oh yeah…” Skye moaned, “I’m so ready to fuck you…”

With those words, Skye was true to her word as she brought her pussy down upon Kenny’s body. He felt her fleshy wet folds collide into his body, pinning him down to the bench as she began to slide herself over him back and forth repeatedly. She whipped her hair back, fondling her breasts as she lifted her head up and bit her lip as hard as she could. She could feel Kenny sliding between her slit, his tiny hands groping and fondling her vagina as he went along for the ride.

Kenny was being drenched in her fluids, her moist snatch drenching not only him but the entire bench around him as she slid over his body over and over again. The juices were so much that they were even finding their way into his mouth, which of course he loved. He slurped and sucked it all in, swallowing what he could to make sure he didn’t drown in his own lover’s juices. His face was constantly getting buried between her folds, every time she slid over his body. The pure dominance made him rock hard, him being more than happy to be the little play thing that got her off. He loved her so much that even when she was more than rough he would take it all. There was nothing he couldn’t endure to make her reach climax.

“Fuck…” Skye moaned, “you feel so fucking good…”

She couldn’t wait any longer, sliding her hand down her stomach and towards her pussy as she reached under it and felt Kenny’s body against her fingertips. She slipped them under his back, and slowly pressed him head first into her awaiting cunt. Kenny felt her shove him in head first, his body slowly being sucked inside Skye’s vagina as she began to finger him all the way inside of her. She fell onto her back, bucking her hips as she crammed her finger as deep as she could, sending Kenny all the way inside of her drenched pussy as she began to finger herself vigorously.

“Mmm…” Skye groaned, her mouth wide open as she began to moan loudly to the feeling of Kenny inside of her. He was pressing against her fleshy insides, massaging and licking them as he was thrust deeper and deeper as a result of her vigorous fingering. Her sweet scent overwhelmed his senses, and all Kenny could think about now was what he could do to make her even more horny. He knew she loved it when he caused a ruckus, and he began to squirm and struggle as hard as he could to ensure that is precisely what happened.

“More…” Skye moaned, “More!”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Spoke a voice across the room.

Skye’s eyes burst wide open, as she quickly pulled her finger out of her pussy and sat upright while simultaneously covering her privates. Naturally, Kenny felt this movement as her vaginal canal suddenly spasmed before constricting around his body. With Skye now sitting up she inadvertently began to crush him from inside her body, the inside of her vagina tightening up and cutting off oxygen to Kenny’s body.

“Skye!” Kenny groaned, feeling the air escape his lungs, “S… S-Skye…”

“I asked what the fuck you’re doing…” The voice asked again.

Skye looked across the room, seeing that it was her coworker Ginger. Ginger had a hot pink layered emo hairstyle with fringes, streaks of her natural red hair mixed in between. She was quite tall, standing just under six feet. She was wearing a shiny leather bra that had spikes sticking out where her nipples were, along with shiny leather panties which were also lined with smaller spikes. She wore emo pumps, which had spikes around the forefront and a silver spine as the heel. Her nails were dark purple, which included her toenails. She wore heavy mascara and dark eyeliner, her lips coated with black lipstick.

“Ginger… I didn’t hear you come in…” Skye choked, nervously standing to her feet once she realized she had likely been causing Kenny a lot of grief in her current position.

Kenny felt the relief immediately, as Skye stood to her feet. He took in a huge breath of fresh air, which quickly turned into a gagging session when Skye’s orgasmic fluids began to flow into his mouth. He coughed and sputtered, trying once more to breathe air but found it immensely difficult. To make matters even more interesting, Skye was so dripping wet that Kenny’s body was actually sliding downward towards the opening of her vagina. Naturally, considering the awkward and not so hysterical situation, Skye simply didn’t pay attention to the fact that Kenny was beginning to slip out of her.

“I sure heard you,” Ginger rolled her eyes dramatically, “this is the changing room, not the porn stage… Get a room.”

“Right…” Skye sighed, “I’ll finish getting ready for my shift…”

“What got you so hot and bothered anyways that you couldn’t wait till after work?” Ginger asked, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms as she stared Skye from head to toe.

“Nothing…” Skye lied, looking back inside her locker to grab her stripper clothes.

“Oh really?” Ginger scoffed, “so you just randomly decided to fall on your back and finger the fuck out of your cunt?”

“Just forget about it…” Skye retorted, “don’t you have customers to get off?”

“I’m on break,” Ginger answered, looking around the changing room as if she was looking for something, “where’s that little faggot you always carry around with you?”

“Do not, call him that…” Skye shouted, turning to face her with a look of anger.

Ginger held up her arms sarcastically, “oops, didn’t mean to get your panties in a bunch…” Ginger gave a toothy grin, “is he what got you so horny?”

“Just drop it…” Skye begged, preparing to slide her stripper panties on.

Kenny’s head emerged from the opening of his girlfriend's vagina, his lungs filling with fresh air at long last. His body didn’t stop however, and once his chest emerged he felt his body slip all the way out as he began to tumble downwards. His eyes grew wide as he saw Skye lifting her panties up towards him, his body colliding into them and bouncing out through one of the leg holes. He then landed with a thud against the cold tile floor, his head dizzy and himself disoriented as he laid there in pain.

Skye pulled her panties up tight, not realizing that Kenny had slipped out of her pussy. She was putting her bra on when Ginger had looked down to the floor underneath the bench. She smirked deviously, seeing Kenny’s somewhat motionless body below Skye. Ginger then darted her eyes back up to the woman, “so we gonna ignore what I saw the other week?”

Skye flushed red, completely frozen before she turned anxiously to face the sassy broad, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“No?” Ginger smiled, taking a few slow strides closer to Skye, “so I suppose I was hallucinating when I saw you devour your boyfriend in one of the private stalls last week?”

Skye rubbed her temple in frustration, “so you did see us… I knew I should have listened to Kenny…”

“Is that what you call it?” Ginger scoffed.

“It?” Skye frowned, “he’s a person just like you and me… Don’t disrespect him by calling him an it.”

“He’s barely an inch tall,” Ginger retorted, “how you manage to date such a tiny little nuisance is beyond me… When I saw you eat him, I thought you were putting him out of his misery! But nope… Turns out it’s just some stupid and weird fetish of his.”

“It makes him happy…” Skye spat, “at least I have a man who loves me! You can’t even hold a relationship for a week!”

“Men are pigs,” Ginger rolled her eyes, “too bad they aren’t all an inch tall… I’d probably eat them too, those pathetic sacks of shite.”

“That’s because you’re fucked in the head,” Skye hissed, shoving her clothes from the floor into her locker and shutting it closed as she prepared to head out to the club floor.

“Says the bitch who actually eats her boyfriend as if it’s some kind of foreplay,” Ginger retorted, “maybe next time you should leave him in there… Let your body take care of the rest.”

“You’re demented,” Skye held up her hand and flipped Ginger off, rushing past her and leaving the changing room to head to work. Had she paid an ounce of attention, she’d have realized that Kenny was no longer inside of her vagina, and that no movement was occurring at all. She had become so distracted by Ginger’s remarks however, that she didn’t even realize that Kenny had already slid out of her pussy and fallen onto the tile.

“Stupid bitch…” Ginger muttered, a naughty grin spreading across her lips as she turned over to see Kenny still struggling to stand underneath the bench, “oh this is too fucking priceless…”

Kenny held his throbbing head, the ringing in his ears subsiding finally as he opened his eyes and looked up hoping to see Skye still standing above him. Alas she was nowhere to be seen, and Kenny sighed to himself in frustration when he realized she had probably forgotten about him. This had happened a few times, which usually resulted in him ending up under her barefoot back at home when she’d return to look for him. Unfortunately for Kenny that is not what would happen this time, not even by a long mile.

The ground shook beneath him, a shadow looming overhead. Kenny stood to his feet and turned around anxiously, greeted by two very large pumps that stood just in front of him. Two large toes stuck out at him, and as he scanned up the gigantic figure he realized it was one of the other strippers. In fact, it was the one that Kenny had spotted a week ago, the one who was spying on him and Skye during one of their vore sessions.

Ginger was giving him a toothy grin, a deviant grin. Kenny began to sweat nervously, realizing that whatever this woman’s intentions were, they were probably not in his own best interest. He waved up at her nervously, not entirely sure of what to say as her eyes pierced his gaze.

“Well hello there…” Ginger greeted ominously, raising an eyebrow as she looked him over, “don’t you look rather… Small.”

“C-Can I h-help you?” Kenny stuttered, swallowing nervously as he backed away instinctively.

“Aww,” Ginger cooed, “does the giant lady scare you? I don’t… Bite, I swear!”

Ginger bent her knees, bending downward and hunching over to get a better look at him. Her face filled his view, her knees spreading apart so they didn’t block him from her own view. She bit her lip as she stared at him awkwardly, and Kenny gulped as he tried to imagine what exactly she was going to do.

“Seeing you up close… I can see why she’s so turned on by you,” Ginger spoke, “you’re actually kinda hot… Imagine that.”

“Will… Will you take me back to her?” Kenny asked, hoping that the answer would be yes.

Ginger giggled wickedly, “yeah… Right.”

“Then…” Kenny adjusted his shirt collar anxiously, “I better get going… Have a good day, miss!” Kenny turned around promptly and attempted to walk off, but a giant hand collided in front of him blocking his path.

“Tsk tsk,” Ginger teased, “you ain’t going anywhere little dude.”

Kenny turned around, backing away now with intense fear, “what… What do you want..?”

“I just want to know why Skye is so obsessed with you,” Ginger spoke, “you must fuck her pretty good right? Well maybe I want to fuck you too.”

“Wait what?” Kenny shook his head, “no way! I love Skye! You can’t just expect me to-”

Kenny felt her hand wrap around his body, lifting him off the ground and interrupting what he was trying to say. Ginger then dangled him between her fingers, gripping him by the back of his shirt as she raised him just in front of her two large eyes.

“You think I was asking?” Ginger laughed, “you’re an inch tall. I can literally do whatever I want to you and you couldn’t stop me even if you wanted to!”

“Please!” Kenny begged, struggling not to fall out of his shirt as he dangled in it, “Skye is my girlfriend! I can’t cheat on her, I won’t cheat on her! Let me go!”

“Cheating?” Ginger giggled amusedly, “wow, you think me shoving you in my pussy is cheating? Nah, I’d say rape is the more accurate term. But is it? You’re practically a bug, can you really rape a bug? I don’t think so…”

Ginger gripped the waistband of her panties, parting it from her flat soft stomach as she began to dangle Kenny over the opening. “Why don’t you just shut up and let this happen. Maybe if you actually accomplish the task of making me cum I’ll return you to your whore girlfriend, deal?”

“She’s not a wh-” Kenny was interrupted again, as Ginger let go of his shirt and sent him tumbling downwards. In an instant he felt his back hit the front of her panties as he slid down them before plowing face first into the vile woman’s warm and moist snatch. Unlike Skye’s, this woman’s scent was far from sweet, instead relating more to a pungent and sweaty odor.

“Let me out of here!” Kenny screamed, the last thing he saw being the light fading from view as Ginger let her waistline snap back into place.

“Let’s see how good you really are,” Ginger mumbled to herself, pressing her hand firmly against the front of her panties as she felt Kenny’s body writhing from the other side. His arms kept sliding into her folds, along with his legs. The more he struggled and fought the worse it got, and though he was rather small Ginger would be lying if she said she didn’t feel slight arousal from the sheer power she had over the little man.

“Damn…” Ginger bit her lip, pressing harder as she forced Kenny completely into her slit. Kenny struggled to fight against her, already feeling disgusted as he was forced into the private region of a complete stranger. Of course this was all against his will, but he couldn’t help but begin to tear up at the thought of betraying the woman he loved. He punched and kicked and even attempted to bite the woman’s sensitive skin despite the putrid taste. Ginger seemed to enjoy it all though, beginning to moan as she left the changing room and hurried off to one of the private stalls.

“Fuck,” Ginger whispered to herself, “you’re a feisty little shit aren’t yuh?”

As Ginger headed off to the stalls, Skye had arrived at her designated platform. It was still a tad early so none of her regulars had come to watch her yet. She looked around to make sure no one was looking when she slipped her hand in her panties to retrieve her tiny boyfriend.

“So sorry Kenny… Hope you’re alright toots,” Skye spoke, sliding her fingers inside of her as she tried to find her lover. Not only did she feel no movement, but she also didn’t feel Kenny. Her eyes grew wide, “fuck!” Skye turned to face the changing room doors, realizing that Kenny must have slid out of her pussy and onto the floor. She was soaking wet, so it wouldn’t have surprised her. She got so distracted by that bitch Ginger she hadn’t even noticed.

‘Fuck… Fuck… FUCK!’ Skye shouted in her head, rushing back to the changing rooms to find her boyfriend.

Meanwhile Ginger had arrived in one of the stalls, pulling the curtain closed and rushing into the chair as she leaned back in pure ecstasy. Kenny was giving her a hell of a time, his pathetic attempts to fight her dominance all in vain as he inadvertently pleasured his captor. The harder Ginger pressed against her panties, the more Kenny found himself slipping inside of the woman’s vagina. He screamed and kicked and kept punching but he finally began to realize he was probably only turning her on even more.

“Let me out of here you crazy bitch!” Kenny demanded, not usually one to curse at a woman but in this particular case he found himself getting rather upset.

Ginger ignored his tiny and pathetic shouts, slipping her hand into her panties and feeling Kenny’s body writhing against her fingertips, “oh just shut up already…” Ginger whispered, inserting two fingers deep inside of her as she crammed Kenny far into her vagina.

“Mphh!” Kenny mumbled, his voice muffled by the giant fingers as they crammed him inside the emo stripper’s pussy. He started to sob, realizing that nothing he did would stop what this woman was doing to him. He was small and insignificant, and she was normal of course. Ginger knew he was likely sobbing like a baby inside of her, but she didn’t really care. He was only an inch tall, she could do whatever she wanted with him and he couldn’t do a damn thing to stop her.

“Sucks to be you,” Ginger whispered to herself, “what a pathetic existence… An inch tall.”

Ginger felt Kenny getting really deep inside of her now, his struggling starting to slow down as he gave up hope of reasoning with the demented woman. Ginger would have been disappointed, if not for the fact she was about to reach climax anyways. With a few final thrusts of her fingers she spasmed with pleasure as a river of orgasmic fluids began to spew from her cunt.

Kenny felt a wave engulf his body, the woman’s putrids fluids penetrating every orifice of his body that they could. He was forced to swallow the disgusting mess, as it forced its way into his mouth and down his throat. He choked and sputtered, his body being ejected from Ginger’s pussy as he was washed up on the front side of her panties.

“Oop,” Ginger bit her lip, “looks like I came a little too hard!”

Ginger laughed maniacally, reaching inside her panties and plucking him out of them. She held him up by one of his arms, yet again dangling him up in front of her face as she looked at his pathetic expression of gloom.

“Awww, were you crying in my vagina?” Ginger held her free hand up to her lips as she giggled innocently, “I have to admit little man, you actually made me orgasm! Maybe I’ll just keep you for myself, I’ll toss you in my sexy drawer back home and use you every night before I head to bed…”

Kenny’s head whipped upward, a look of terror in his eyes, “no! Please! You promised you’d bring me to Skye!”

“So?” Ginger retorted, “you’re a bug, you’re insignificant. What are you going to do to stop me?”

“I… I will…” Kenny looked into her eyes with defeat.

“That’s what I thought,” Ginger scoffed, “you can’t do a damn thing. I have all the power, and you’re at my complete mercy!”

“Why…” Kenny sobbed, “why are you doing this to me? I never did anything to you!”

Ginger shrugged, “I don’t know. Just because I can, I guess. Why do you care? You’re just going to be another one of my little sex toys, and sex toys don’t have feelings.”

“I’m not a sex toy!” Kenny shouted, trying to overcome his grief, “I’m a human being! And when Skye finds out-”

“‘And when Skye finds out’… Blah blah,” Ginger interrupted sarcastically, “man you’re pathetic. Do you actually view yourself as a person? I could literally step on you by accident and never even know it because you’re literally the size of a bug!”

“I…” Kenny had no words left, clearly nothing he said would sway her. He could only hope that there was some ounce of humanity left inside this evil woman, “please… Let me go… I’m begging you.”

“Nah,” Ginger giggled, “now let’s get you cleaned up, you’re still dripping with my juices!”

Ginger lifted Kenny over her mouth, her soft plush lips brushing against his feet. Kenny felt a nervous chill go down his spine, as her lips parted partially allowing his body to slide through them. She slurped him in up until his waist, in which she sucked on his body like a sucker. Though he still had his clothes on, his dick started to become hard anyways. The vibrating and sucking motion over half his body was quite erotic, and though he despised this woman for refusing to free him not even he could resist the woman’s erotic charm.

“Mmmm,” Ginger moaned, slurping Kenny even further up to his chest now as she slurped and sucked every last drop of her orgasmic fluids from his body. Kenny was now drenched in her saliva instead, as she swished her spit around in her mouth which in return washed it all over his body. Kenny squirmed and writhed uncomfortably, but considering he felt the top and bottom of her incisors on his chest and back he was nervous to struggle too much in the fear of eliciting a violent reaction.

Finally she slipped him out from between her lips, her tongue slithering out and running along the top and bottom of lips as if to get the rest of his taste. Kenny was now shivering, her spit quickly cooling in the chill air of the stall. Ginger continued to moan, grinning wickedly as she stared at him between her fingers.

“Damn… You taste so good,” Ginger cooed, “I can see why Skye developed an… Appetite, for you…”

“It’s not what you think…” Kenny spoke, suddenly getting nervous yet again as a glimmer shined in the woman’s eye.

“Oh I think it’s exactly as I think,” Ginger gave him a toothy grin, “what do you think? Should I give you a good taste?”

Kenny shook his head, “no! Please… I’d rather not!”

Ginger feigned a pout, “awww, am I not beautiful enough to eat you? Don’t you wanna know what it’s like inside this sexy stomach?”

Ginger thrust Kenny downward, forcing him against the soft flesh of her gut just below her belly button. Her skin enveloped around his body, his face getting pressed firmly against her belly. He could hear the groaning and gurgling inside of her stomach, and once again Kenny’s body took over as his dick became even harder. For a split second, Kenny began to fantasize about being inside of this woman, his intense fantasy filling his mind. But then he remembered how wrong this was, how wrong this woman was.

“No…” Kenny shook his head, “leave me alone! Let me go!”

“Hard pass,” Ginger giggled, “in fact… I think I’m going to eat you anyways. Only… I won’t be letting you out.”

“What!?” Kenny looked up at her in disbelief, “I’ll die! You wouldn’t!”

“Why do I care?” Ginger spat, “if you’re small enough to go down my gullet, then you might as well be my food. And what does food do? It digests.”

“You can’t be serious!?” Kenny shouted, “please! I’m begging you!”

“Food doesn’t beg,” Ginger spat, “although, please continue… Honestly your pathetic begging kind of turns me on…”

“Why!?” Tears began to well up in Kenny’s eyes, “why are you doing this to me!?”

Ginger shrugged her shoulders, “because honestly Skye is a bitch and I’ve been competing against her for a long time… Also, because I can, so why not?”

“You’re crazy!” Kenny shouted, flailing in the woman’s grip as she began to raise him back up to her face, “go to hell!”

“Nah,” Ginger grinned wickedly, “that’s where you’re going…”

Ginger tilted her head back slowly, bringing Kenny above her lips as her tongue slithered out and licked them. She took her free hand and massaged her throat, moaning sensually as she bit her lip one last time before slowly parting her lips. Kenny stared down at her teeth, which weren’t too white as she clearly didn’t keep up on brushing. He began to thrash and kick in vain, while Ginger slowly and torturously began to lower him towards her awaiting mouth.

“No!” Kenny screamed, kicking and fighting as hard as he could only to be shown how fruitless his efforts were when Ginger lowered him close enough to her lips where his feet pressed against them lightly.

Kenny spread his legs, planting each one firmly upon them as he fought to prevent her from dropping him inside. Ginger giggled amusedly, his struggle to avoid his fate humorous as she simply parted her lips even wider. She opened her mouth all the way not, Kenny’s legs not long enough to spread so far as they dangled back downward as his body was slowly lowered inside. When his waist was submerged, she clamped her lips close around it, her tongue licking the bottom of his feet as she began to slurp him the rest of the way inside.

“No please!” Kenny cried, her fingers letting go of his body as he began to pound on her lips. He was being sucked inside, her lips already up to his chest now as she showed no signs of stopping. Kenny clawed and scratched, desperately trying to fight the evil woman from slurping him all the way inside of her drenching wet maw. Now his head and forearms were all that remained out in the open, his face twitching as the slurping sounds rang in his ears.

“I’m begging you! I’ll do anything! Plea-” Kenny’s words were cut off, as Ginger finally slurped him the rest of the way inside of her mouth. Kenny fell and rolled over on her tongue, landing somewhere in the middle as the giant member rose in the air and began to fling him around. Kenny tried to grab onto it for dear life, but his efforts were futile as his body was launched across her mouth. The moans and groans emanated from deep down her throat, deafening him severely as his face smacked against the side of her molars.

“Oof!” Kenny groaned, heavily disoriented, as Ginger used the side of her tongue to shove Kenny on top of her teeth. Kenny shook his head as he tried to regain his sense of balance, trying to move off of her teeth but ultimately he was too slow as Ginger bit down softly. Kenny held up his hands, pressing against the bottom of her molars as hard as he could. Ginger could feel him fighting her, but she only allowed him to do so. She could have easily smashed him to bits right there and then, but she had no intention of doing such a thing. She simply wanted to make him sweat, and she was eliciting more struggles from the tiny man because it was turning her on immensely.

“Mmmm,” Ginger moaned, ‘damn this is hot… I see now why Skye entertained this stupid little fetish of his…’ She thought to herself, feeling Kenny fight as hard as he could against the pure might of her jaw.

Once she had enough toothplay, she prodded his body with the tip of her tongue which sent him back on top of it. She then raised the base of her tongue, forcing Kenny to the roof of her mouth where she began to violently rub her soft slimy member all over his body. Her spit and saliva had been building up, and she simultaneously swished it around her mouth which drenched Kenny from head to toe. He coughed and sputtered as her spit was forced into his mouth, the taste sour and salty. Kenny cried hopelessly to himself, wondering why this woman had been so cruel to him. At this point he prayed to be returned to Skye, the loving woman who had taken such good care of him. Ginger had no plans of doing such a thing however, enjoying this little game of hers far too much to let him go.

‘I think that’s enough…’ Ginger thought to herself, ‘I wanna feel him squirm down my throat now…’

Ginger dropped her tongue, Kenny falling onto it yet again as he descended from the top of her mouth. As he began to push himself up, he felt her tongue writhe and lift upwards in a wave motion, which in turn sent him tumbling towards the back of her throat. Her throat was large and expanded as if on command to take in it’s meal. Kenny’s feet slid past her uvula with ease, her tongue lifting upwards as it forced the rest of his body towards her throat. Before she swallowed fully, Kenny turned his body and grabbed a hold of her uvula, a thick gulp coming just after as he felt his body get tugged downwards as her throat tried to claim him.

“No!” Kenny screamed, “please! Have mercy!”

Ginger could hear his faint begs, but she could not understand exactly what he was saying. She figured it was the usual begging as it had been so far, and didn’t pay any mind to it. She could feel him tugging on her uvula for dear life, and while most women likely would have gagged and choked Ginger knew she would not. She had deepthroated many men for extra side cash, and her gag reflex was on point. It would take a lot more than holding onto her uvula to ward off her efforts, and she welcomed the challenge.

‘A fighter huh?’ Ginger thought to herself, ‘trying to avoid your fate inside my sexy belly? Tsk tsk, how humorous…’

Ginger held her throat with both her hands, tilting her head back even further to give her more momentum as she piled a huge glob of spit in her mouth. If the little guy wouldn’t let go, then she was going to drain him down with her bodily fluids. After gathering an ungodly amount of saliva, she swallowed the mass with a thick gluck followed by a loud gulp as the mass of spit washed down her throat. Kenny was blown by a torrent of saliva, which caused him to lose his grip on her uvula in which he was finally swallowed whole. His body slid over her epiglottis, which had closed to prevent his descent into her larynx. He was sent into her esophagus, where his body began the long and slow descent towards her stomach.

“Nooo!” Kenny screamed, reaching upwards as if to grab onto something that simply wasn’t there, “I don’t want to die!”

“Oh fuck…” Ginger spasmed with pleasure, feeling Kenny’s struggles all the way down her esophagus. Never would she have imagined how satisfying the feeling would be, shoving her hand into her panties as she began to rub her clit slowly and erotically. It was so insanely hot that she couldn’t help but get off to it, the feeling of sheer power and dominance over the little man too good to let go to waste. Of course she could have chosen to be a decent human being and not follow through with the act… But ultimately she didn’t care. Kenny was an inch tall, would anyone really miss him? She could, and thus she did. That was good enough for her, and she didn’t feel a shred of remorse as Kenny neared her gut.

Finally his feet hit a slimy soft surface, which quickly opened up and swallowed him in. It was her sphincter, which connected the esophagus and the stomach. He felt himself free fall into a hot pool of steaming acid, the air rancid and dry. It was nothing like Skye’s stomach, not even close. Her’s was actually enjoyable, but for whatever reason Ginger’s stomach was a nightmare in the making. Kenny splashed around in the mix of chewed up food and acid, barely able to see his surroundings as he fought to grab hold of anything to prevent the churning acid from sucking him under. Finally he grabbed hold of a partially eaten piece of food, which he realized was a half digested piece of a burger bun.

“Let me out of here!” Kenny begged, sobbing profusely as his tears dried up due to the intense heat, “I’m begging you! Please! Don’t do this!”

His screams went unheard, all Ginger able to hear being her own gurgling stomach. She patted her belly with satisfaction, knowing that Kenny was now swimming amongst the burger and fries she had eaten for lunch not long ago. Kenny felt her hand patting her belly, as it had caused the pool of acid to rock bath and forth. A short wave of acid had washed over him, knocking him off the makeshift float and back into the pool of steaming acid. His skin had not yet begun to tingle, but Kenny knew that Ginger did not plan on letting him go. Before long he knew that his skin would start to burn, as her body would begin to break him down along with the rest of the food she had eaten for lunch. The only question was how long would he last before then?

“Skye!” Kenny cried hopelessly, “please save me! I love you! I love you so much, please don’t let me die!”

Kenny had managed to grab a hold of the bun again, sobbing into his arms as he began to accept his fate as Ginger’s little snack. He feared death greatly, and suddenly his ‘vore fetish’ didn’t appear so gratifying anymore. Considering he might actually die this time, this was not something he was excited for at all. He was afraid that Ginger’s stomach would be his grave, his body soon to be digested and moved into her intestines where the final stages of digestion would take over and end his existence. His only regret was that he didn’t tell Skye he loved her one last time…

“Well now I’m bored,” Ginger sighed, the euphoric feeling of Kenny’s vainless struggles now long gone, “too bad there aren’t any more like him, guess this will have to be a once in a lifetime experience.”

She rubbed her belly sensually one last time as she wondered what the little man was doing inside of her at this very moment. “I wonder how long you’ll last little fella,” Ginger gave a crooked smile, “by tomorrow morning you’ll be my shit, and I’ll flush you down the toilet!” Ginger cackled evilly, amused by the thought that Kenny would end up being turned into her own feces. “What a pathetic loser,” Ginger snorted, “so small that I could literally swallow him whole… What a loser!”

As Ginger stood up and prepared to get back to work, Skye had been outside on the club floor frantically scanning every corner in an effort to find her boyfriend. Her heart was beating out of her chest, her forehead sweating profusely as she feared the worst.

“Kenny!?” Skye shouted in a hushed tone, “where are you babe!?”

She would never forgive herself if she couldn’t find him, but deep down she feared something terrible had happened. She wanted to burst into tears, but she forced herself to remain calm and keep on looking. She wouldn’t give up until she found him, she couldn’t give up. But as she continued to scan the floor fruitlessly, a snickering Ginger passed her from behind. Ginger watched Skye search in vain, the woman’s wicked smile spreading far across her lips.

‘You’ll never find him…’ Ginger thought to herself, ‘he’s going to digest inside of me… And you’ll never know…’

Ginger giggled amusedly to herself, biting her lip and cocking her head arrogantly as she continued on towards her private stage. She’d continue to work, dancing and showing off her body to all the perverted old men who paid to come see her. 


She only hoped the constant motion would make Kenny’s final moments inside her body a living hell, a slight satisfaction coming from the idea of sloshing her stomach around as she danced all night long...








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The Strip Club '3' by Frizzle
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- Suggestive digestion

- Cruelty & Enslavement & Domination

- Butt/Smothering

- Anal insertion/vore

- Pleading & begging







The loud and ear piercing music of the strip club echoed throughout the entire establishment. It was a very busy time as members both male and female alike flooded the club in large groups. People were partying, drinking and making certain to get a good view of the gorgeous and extravagant dancers all over the many stages throughout the building. One dancer among them all seemed to have a certain glow about her, drawing a much larger crowd as both her glorious beauty and vigor seemed to catch the eye of most.

This individual was Ginger, and she was most certainly giving her ogling fans a worthwhile routine. She had a stupendous smile across her lips, her face full of life as if she was the happiest and sexiest woman alive. Her viewers couldn’t help but wonder what made her so brightfully charming, but Ginger sure knew the answer to their unspoken questions. She felt like a goddess, like a being of complete and absolute power. While she danced her heart off, the waistband of her thong rich with bills in the twenties, her stomach was simultaneously working on its digestion cycle.

She never would have guessed how gratifying it would be to devour Kenny, the erotic sensation that would fuel her dance routines for hours simply by the knowledge of what she had done. She felt powerful, unstoppable even. She devoured that tiny little young man without any effort, and to know that he would succumb to her own glorious body's natural functions made her soaking wet. She was happy alright, and the pleasure she felt seeped into her routine as she danced with a vibrant glow unlike any other. For Ginger, the hottest part of it all, was seeing Skye in the background frantically searching for her tiny boyfriend.

‘You’ll never know…’ Ginger thought to herself, dipping backwards and winking at one of the sexy women who was cheering her on, ‘I’m going to digest him… And you’ll be none the wiser…’

While Ginger continued her routine effortlessly, Skye’s world was thrown upside down as panic filled her from the inside. Kenny had vanished, and she couldn’t find any trace of him. She was doing her best to hold back her tears, but the thought of losing the only person who ever made her feel wanted was devastating. She had turned the locker room upside down to no avail, and even took it a step further by checking all of the private rooms to see if someone had taken him. She could find nothing however, and no one she spoke to seemed to have any clue as to where Kenny could have gone.

‘I’m terrible!’ Skye thought to herself, ‘this is all my fault! I shouldn’t have let him out of my sight!’

She accidentally bumped into one of the patrons, accidentally causing them to spill the drink in their hands all over their white blouse. The patron looked at Skye angrily, “hey! Watch where you’re going you stupid bitch!”

“I’m so sorry!” Skye apologized, a tear dripping down her cheek in frustration.

The patron could see that Skye was troubled, and calmed down a little, “it’s fine… Just be more careful next time!”

The patron walked off towards the bathroom, as Skye continued to frantically search the ground. She was on the edge of losing it, the uncertainty of Kenny’s fate plaguing her mind. She tried to understand how things could have gone so terribly wrong, going through every step in the club throughout her mind. She tried to comprehend what could have possibly happened, what she could have possibly done differently to avoid such a crisis. She had been searching for well over an hour now, her heart racing frantically.

“Pssst!” A quiet voice called out to the frantic woman, and Skye froze as she began looking around. She had most certainly heard someone whisper at her, or at least she was pretty certain.

“Skye! Over here!” The voice whispered again, this time more evident as Skye traced the voice towards her right. She noticed one of her coworkers behind a corner, motioning her over. It was one of the dancers, most particularly the shy one that Skye rarely ever saw or chatted with. She was actually surprised the woman remembered her name, as Skye quickly walked over to where the woman was hiding.

“What is it?” Skye asked, trying to remain composed as she wiped away her tears.

“You’re looking for that tiny guy, yeah?” The woman asked, looking around nervously.

“I am…” Skye’s heart lifted slightly, “have you seen him!?”

“Keep this between us, but…” The woman looked around nervously again, clearly bothered about something, “I may or may not have seen Ginger walk into one of the private rooms with him…”

Skye balled up her fists, her head turning behind her towards the bright and happy Ginger who was still dancing for all of her customers. Skye began to grit her teeth, realizing that she should have known sooner. She was positive she had lost Kenny in the locker room, and after the confrontation she had with the woman she realized Ginger was the culprit all along.

“You’re positive?” Skye asked, turning to face the woman again.

“Just don’t tell her I told you…” The woman pleaded, “she’d never let me off the hook… And I need this damn job!”

Skye placed her hands on the woman’s shoulders, “I have no clue what your name is… But thank you!” Skye was grateful that the woman approached her, as Skye turned around and stormed off in Ginger’s direction. The woman vanished into the crowd, not wanting to be anywhere near Skye nor Ginger when things got heated.

Ginger did a twirl on the stripping pole, arching her back elegantly to flaunt her figure. As she did so she noticed Skye in the corner of her eye, at the front of the crowd glaring at her angrily. Ginger gave a crooked smile, ending her pose and standing back on her two feet as she bowed to the crowd, “that’s all for tonight folks… My shift has come to an end!”

The crowd pouted and booed, dispersing in disappointment as Ginger ran her fingers through her hair while meeting Skye’s gaze. She gestured toward the private rooms, turning her back to Skye and striding off as her ass jiggled with every step. Skye followed closely behind, ready to start screaming at her for whatever it was that she did with Kenny. She felt like an idiot for not having suspected Ginger sooner, but considering she nearly had a panic attack upon realizing Kenny had vanished, she couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t entirely her fault. The only question that remained now was what Ginger had done to her beloved boyfriend.

The moment Ginger spread the curtain to an empty private room, Skye grabbed her by the arms and shoved her the rest of the way inside. She slammed Ginger up against the wall, hissing in rage as she glared into the wicked woman’s eyes. “Where is he you bitch!” Skye demanded to know, her grip tightening around Ginger’s arms.

Ginger gave a crooked grin, laughing maniacally for a short moment as she looked tauntingly into Skye’s eyes, “you sure you want to know? I’m impressed it took you so long to even figure it out… I guess you don’t love the poor little tiny man as much as I thought!”

“Shut up!” Skye snapped, “tell me where he is! Before I wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

“Maybe he’s in my pussy?” Ginger teased, taking her free hand and rubbing her crotch mockingly, “or perhaps he’s up my ass… I must have forgotten!”

“You sick fuck!” Skye gritted her teeth in frustration, “you think this is funny!?”

“Actually yes, I do,” Ginger bit her lip, “why don’t you take a few guesses? See how long it takes for you to find out where he is?”

Skye let go of Ginger, backing away in immense frustration as she rubbed her temple. She paced back and forth, trying to figure out a way to reason with this cruel woman. Skye knew that Ginger had always been jealous of her, though she never quite understood why. Skye turned to look at Ginger, “come on Ginger… You’ve had your fun. Just give him back already, come on!”

Ginger responded by letting out a soft belch, her hand covering her lips as she feigned embarrassment. She then took her other hand and patted her soft belly while taking a few flirtatious steps towards Skye, “afraid I can’t do that,” Ginger cooed, “I mean, I guess I could… If I puked him up I suppose… That is if he hasn’t digested already.”

Skye’s face turned pale, her eyes narrowing as they darted down towards Ginger’s stomach. Skye felt sick, backing into the wall behind her as she clutched her chest with her hand. Her heart began to race, a sense of dread washing over her as she kept darting her eyes back and forth between Ginger’s stomach and eyes. “You… You wouldn’t…” Skye murmured, hoping that this was just another one of Ginger’s sick mind games.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ginger retorted sarcastically, “I saw you eat him after all… I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about!”

“Let him out!” Skye thrust her elbow upward, lodging it against Ginger’s throat as she backed the vile woman into the wall again. She pressed against her neck violently, and actually caused Ginger to gasp a little. It didn’t seem to matter however, Ginger giving yet another grin as she laughed in Skye’s face.

“Go ahead,” Ginger spat, “beat me up even… You’ll never get him back!”

“Why are you doing this!?” Skye hissed, “what is wrong with you!?”

“Want to hear him digest?” Ginger grabbed Skye by the back of the head, gripping her hair forcefully and shoving her head down against her stomach. Skye was quickly reminded that Ginger was far stronger than her, and was unable to slip out of the woman’s grip as the side of her face was pressed against Ginger’s belly. Tears began to well up in her eyes, as she quickly heard the churning and groaning of the goth woman’s gut. Though Kenny and her had explored this act with one another, the situation was completely different when it was involving Ginger, who had sour intentions.

“Please…” Skye sobbed, starting to become desperate as she realized how powerless she was to stop this woman, “don’t… Don’t do this…”

“Oh come on,” Ginger teased, “doesn’t it turn you on? He’s churning with the rest of my food… Just like he wants to! I bet he’s jacking off as we speak!”

Skye smacked her hands against Ginger, forcing herself out of the woman’s grip as she backed away miserably, “Ginger please! This isn’t funny! If he stays in your stomach for too long he’ll…”

“Die?” Ginger interrupted, “my acids will break him down? His body will melt away and provide nutrients to my glorious tits? You aren’t very good at making a case for his freedom are you?”

Skye fell to her knees, holding up her hands as she became increasingly desperate, “I’m begging you! I love him… Please!”

“Awwww,” Ginger held a finger up to her chin, striking a feigned pose of adoration, “big beautiful Skye is in love with a tiny little mouse. How cute!”

Skye broke, shoving her face into her hands as she began to sob profusely. Ginger’s complete lack of empathy weighed heavily on her, and she began to realize that this evil woman had no intentions of freeing Kenny. She blamed herself, wishing that she hadn’t been so distracted as to lose him in the first place.

“Now if you don’t mind,” Ginger spoke up, disregarding Skye’s distress, “I have a little morsel to digest… And my shift is over, so I’ll be heading home now.”

Ginger turned and started to walk away, but Skye quickly reached out and grabbed the woman by the ankle in complete despair, “wait!” Skye pleaded, “I’m begging you! Please!”

Ginger rolled her eyes, “it’s over Skye. Kenny is my little snack now. You’d best get a new boyfriend, because the next time I shit into my toilet there’ll be nothing left!”

“No!” Skye shook her head violently, “I’ll do anything! Anything!”

Ginger paused for a moment, narrowing her eyes as she rubbed her chin in curiosity, “anything? Hmmm…”

“Yes!” Skye pleaded, “whatever you want! Just please don’t let him die! I’m begging you!”

“Quit your job here,” Ginger spoke promptly.

Skye paused, her sobbing starting to come to an end as she looked up at Ginger in confusion, “wha… What?”

“Quit your job here. Also I get to have Kenny for myself tonight, I’ll return him to you tomorrow, when you come in to give your resignation,” Ginger smiled cruelly, peering down at Skye waiting to hear her answer.

“Till tomorrow!?” Skye stood to her feet, wiping away her tears, “you’re lying! You’re just trying to trick me!”

“Perhaps…” Ginger bit her lip, “but unless you agree to my terms, Kenny’s going to become my shit. How long will he survive I wonder… Hmmm…”

“Fine!” Skye continued to tear up, “fine…”

“Good girl,” Ginger took her thumb and wiped away the tears beneath Skye’s eyes, as if to be even more condescending, “I’ll puke him up when I get home. In case you were wondering, I’ve felt him squirming in my belly this entire time. I’m sure he’ll survive another ten minutes on the way home… I’ll puke him up, and I promise I’ll go soft on him.”

“No you won’t…” Skye frowned, “I won’t forget what you’ve done…”

“I hope not,” Ginger winked, “this entire ordeal has been quite exhilarating! I hope you get that resignation ready, because until I see you quit tomorrow you won’t be getting him back. If you try and worm your way around this… It’s straight into my belly again for poor little Kenny!”

“You better not cross me…” Skye hissed.

“Not like you have the power to do anything even if I did,” Ginger took a threatening step forward, “but worry not my little darling… I’ll keep my end of the deal.”

Ginger patted Skye on the head, Skye cringing at her touch as she moved her head away while glaring at the vile woman. Ginger cackled heartlessly, turning around striding out of the private room elegantly as if to taunt the distraught woman. She rubbed her belly sensually, already conjuring ideas on how to make Kenny’s life a living hell once she let him out. She couldn’t believe that Skye actually agreed, and she was most certainly not going to waste this opportunity.

As Ginger vanished into the thick crowd of partying club goers, Skye could do nothing but watch in utter despair. Her heart waned, her thoughts racing throughout her mind as she wondered if she had made the right call. She loved her job, but she also loved Kenny. She wanted to beat Ginger senselessly, but as long as Kenny was trapped in the woman’s belly there was little she could do but pray to God that Ginger would keep her end of the bargain. If it turned out her trust was misplaced, Skye knew that she would never forgive herself.

Ginger exited the strip club via the main entrance, a grin of utter satisfaction spread across her plush and glossy lips. To see Skye fall to her knees and plead for Kenny’s life was insanely hot and empowering, and she almost wished she had squeezed a bit more of it out of Skye before agreeing to spare the young man’s life. Ginger hadn’t planned on freeing Kenny at all, and was more than content with digesting the pathetic little morsel like any other snack she’d typically eat. But when Skye said she’d do literally anything, Ginger couldn’t bring herself to pass up the opportunity and get rid of her.

“I hope you’re in one piece in there…” Ginger cooed, patting her belly firmly in an attempt to elicit some kind of reaction, “because your evening just got kinkier.”

As the cruel goth stripper got into her car and began to head home, she never would have been able to fathom the misery and desperation that Kenny was experiencing as he suffered in the woman’s rotten stomach. Kenny had been trapped inside of her for well over an hour, every last drop of his tears long evaporated inside the humid and steaming hot environment he was in. Her acids had begun to irritate his skin, visible burn marks all over his body. Though none were too serious, Kenny knew that if Ginger didn’t plan on letting him out that eventually her stomach would digest him along with the rest of its contents.

“Let me out!” Kenny shouted, his fists pounding on the wrinkled and slimy walls of Ginger’s gut, “please! Please don’t do this to me!”

Kenny was distraught, fear taking over his mind as he truly believed this evil woman had no intention of letting him out. All of the times Skye had explored his vore fetish started to seem silly, since now he was in a truly dire situation. He had always gotten off to the idea of his girlfriend digesting him, but only in a fantasy scenario. Now that he was in the belly of a woman who had every intention of doing such, he realized that he would actually die. What once brought him sexual gratification, now broke him emotionally as he realized he’d never see Skye again. He would never see his friend again, nor his family. This woman had swallowed him up for her own sadistic curiosity and now he was going to be digested by her. 

The ear shattering sounds of her churning gut caused him immense pain, as the contents of her stomach were close to empty. He was among the last of her food to be digested and sucked into the small intestine, and Kenny knew that if he ended up there that he would die for sure. He cried and pleaded, pounded on the walls of her stomach every aching minute of his existence in this hell. He didn’t want to die, and he prayed that the woman would show mercy and let him go. But deep down he knew that this woman was merciless, and the longer he stayed in her gut the more hopeless he became.

After over an hour of struggling, Kenny finally gave up as he sunk neck deep into her burning stomach acid. He sobbed and cried, his tears continuing to evaporate as some kind of sick joke. His mind kept wandering back to Skye, her warm and gentle embrace. He wished he had the chance to at least say goodbye to her, to tell her that he loved her one last time. Despite how messed up it may have seemed, Kenny at least wished that it would have been her belly that digested him instead of this random goth woman of whom he didn’t even know. He felt worthless, pathetic and insignificant. He was all but helpless as the woman easily overpowered him and ate him alive. He cursed his existence, wondering why he had to be born this small only to meet such a cruel and vile end.

“I’m so sorry…” Kenny apologized to the emptiness inside Ginger’s stomach, “I love you, Skye…”

The rippling acid continued to wash over Kenny’s body, his mind finally reaching a calm as he slowly began to accept his fate. He tried to remember that this was all his fantasy coming to life, trying to enjoy the aspect of digesting where he could in the only effort left to bring him some form of sanity. This is what he had always dreamt of after all, meeting an untimely end inside the belly of a gorgeous and voracious woman. But he was lying to himself, and Kenny simply couldn’t fool himself into believing that he enjoyed any part of this. He thought he was going to die, that his life would be taken so early in his young life. His entire future with Skye, his aspirations and dreams… They were all being taken from him by this heartless woman.

“Please God…” Kenny murmured, his head becoming disoriented as he tried to stay awake, “I’m begging you… Please help me…”

As if by the grace of heaven itself, the contents of Ginger’s stomach began to slosh and churn more violently. Kenny was stirred out of his trance, sitting up in the bile and acid as he looked around frantically. The stomach was contracting rapidly, the air slipping upwards as the contents began to bubble and wash in all directions. Kenny hadn’t the faintest clue what was happening, but before he could dwell on it too long he suddenly felt a wave of bile engulf him as everything began to suck upwards. In an instant Kenny felt his body forced through the tight sphincter and back into Ginger’s esophagus, his lungs unable to breathe as Kenny found himself traveling back from whence he came.

‘What the hell!?’ Kenny thought to himself frantically, unable to realize what was going on as his body was expelled into the light of Ginger’s bathroom. With a splash Kenny felt his body land in a pool of cold water, which had now been mixed thoroughly with Ginger’s vomit. He shook his head, clearing the partial remnants of food and other bile from his face as he opened his eyes. He was surrounded by a white and glossy surface on all sides, his body wading in a pool of water and puke as he tried to figure out where he was.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Ginger cooed, “you can survive for quite a long time… Interesting.”

Kenny looked upwards, instantly realizing what had happened. He was in Ginger’s toilet bowl, and the face of the evil woman was grinning down at him from above. She wiped the vomit from her lips using some toilet paper, tossing it into the bowl as it landed a few inches away from where Kenny was wading. She had puked him up, as agreed upon by the terms of her deal with Skye.

“You… You puked me up…” Kenny stuttered, his heart pounding with relief as he realized that Ginger may have had a heart after all, “t-thank you…”

“God that looks disgusting,” Ginger showed a look of disgust as she saw Kenny swimming in her bile, “let’s get you washed up… I can’t use you in that condition…”

“Use… Use me?” Kenny wasn’t sure what she meant, but didn’t have time to press further questions as Ginger’s fingers suddenly plucked him from the toilet water. He was lifted into the air, hearing the sounds of disgust emanating from Ginger’s mouth. She brought him over to the sink, turning the faucet on as she began to run him under the water. Kenny was immediately blasted with a torrent of water, his nostrils filling with it and causing him to choke violently. It was as if she was waterboarding him, but of course Ginger wasn’t really paying attention and had no clue that she was practically drowning him.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Ginger spoke softly, using her fingers to wipe Kenny clean. It only took a few moments, and since Kenny’s clothes had all but digested off of his body in her stomach, he was completely naked and easy to clean.

Finally Kenny found relief as Ginger turned the faucet off, spreading Kenny out in her palm as she inspected him closely. “There we go, good as new!” Ginger gave a crooked smile as she turned and left the bathroom. Heading towards her bedroom as she began to fantasize different ways to use Kenny for her pleasure. Kenny’s head was throbbing, and rolled over to his side in her palm as he coughed and sputtered water all over it. He took in several deep breaths of air, his head starting to clear up from the haze once he was finally able to breathe again.

“So what was it like?” Ginger asked, setting Kenny on the bed carefully as she turned around and began to take off her bra.

Kenny used his arms to press his body off of the sheets, looking over at Ginger in confusion, “wh… What?”

“In my stomach,” Ginger repeated, removing her bra and tossing it aside, “did you enjoy yourself? Did you jack off to being inside my gorgeous body?”

“Are… Are you kidding me?” Kenny gritted his teeth as he slowly stood up to his feet. Ginger turned around, her exposed and large breasts in full view now. He was going to curse at her, but suddenly found himself unable to speak as he got a look at her perfect tits.

Ginger noticed his gaze, smiling deviantly as she began to fondle her breasts with her hands, “cat caught your tongue? Or are you mesmerized by my luscious bosom?”

Kenny looked away, embarrassed, “no… Not at all…”

“No need to lie,” Ginger cooed, “just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you don’t have to admire my superior figure.” Ginger started to remove her thong, sliding it down her legs flirtatiously as she tried to elicit a hard on from the nervous young man. Kenny made a point not to watch, trying to keep his eyes in the opposite direction out of respect for his relationship.

“Damn, you really aren’t like other men are you?” Ginger giggled wickedly, “any other man would have ogled my body, regardless of their relationship status. Dang… I might just start getting envious of Skye now…”

“Why…” Kenny spoke, keeping his eyes turned away, “why are you doing this to me?”

“Because it’s fucking hot,” Ginger retorted, “if it makes you feel any better, I was just going to digest you and shit out your remains in the morning. But Skye and I struck a deal… For the sake of your pathetic life, she’s going to quit her job at the strip club. As a little added bonus, she agreed to let me keep you for one incredible night…”

“Wh.. What!?” Kenny looked up at Ginger in shock, “she… She wouldn’t!”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Ginger teased, sliding her left leg onto the bed seductively as she began to work her way towards Kenny’s position, “I’m afraid she didn’t have much of a choice Kenny,” Ginger teased, “you see… It was either she agreed to let me have you for a night, or let you die inside of my luscious body!”

Kenny began to choke up, “why!? Why are you doing this!?”

Ginger shrugged, dragging her other leg onto the bed as she began to knee crawl towards the fearful young man. By now her crotch was hovering over his body, and Kenny was forced to see the view of both her pussy and asshole as it hovered above him. “Because I can? Do I really need a reason? You’re tiny, an insignificant little plaything that I can literally do anything I want with. It doesn’t really get kinkier than that… And to be honest I’ve started to grow rather fond of forcing you to please me.”

“You’re sick,” Kenny spat, “get the hell away from me!”

Kenny turned and attempted to make a run for it, but Ginger simply laughed at his feeble attempt. She brought her ass down, sliding her knees forward to allow her legs to bend with ease as her colossal ass cheeks collided into the bed sheets. Kenny was suddenly smothered by her left cheek, his body forced into the soft sheets as her warm flesh pressed firmly into his body.

“Pathetic,” Ginger murmured, “my ass alone can stop you in your tracks…”

Ginger moaned, biting her lip and tilting her head back with satisfaction as she began to grind her ass into the bed sheets. Kenny felt her cheeks begin to grind over his body, his eyes filling with tears yet again as he was forced to endure this never ending torture. All he wanted was to go back into the loving arms of his beloved girlfriend, but instead he was being held captive by this psychotic woman who was having her way with him against his will.

“Oh yeah…” Ginger moaned, applying even more pressure as the smothering continued. She even made a point to slide her ass a little to the side, forcing Kenny between both of her cheeks and into her crack as she continued to smother him with her ginormous ass. She rocked her body back and forth, her feet arching as she leaned forward. She gripped the sheets with her hands, sliding back and forth slowly and sensually to ingratiate herself with the pleasure of dominating the helpless man.

Kenny’s body was waning under the pressure, her body amounting to the equivalent of ten semi trucks made of silicone crushing his body all at once. To make matters worse, now that he was being smothered directly by her ass crack, he was even beginning to slide between them as the two mounds of flesh began to swallow him up. He squirmed and shouted, crying like a pathetic little baby as he tried desperately to call out for mercy. Every time he opened his mouth however he got nothing more than an assfull. He knew that Ginger was getting off to this as well, because her ass was starting to sweat as his body was slowly getting drenched in it.

“Can you hear me Kenny?” Ginger teased, “are you enjoying this as much as I am?”

Kenny could most certainly hear her, but he could not respond. He was having trouble breathing, the pressure applied to his body far worse than any other time he had been crushed under the foot of an unsuspecting woman. He was being grinded to death, his body slipping further and further between her cheeks as they continued to claim him. He became so desperate to breathe again that he even began attempts at biting her skin. It was all in vain however, her will was absolute. There was nothing he could do, just like there was nothing he could do when he was trapped in her rotten stomach.

“You turn me on so much,” Ginger whispered erotically, “I could do this all night long…”

Ginger wasn’t lying, not by any means. She most certainly could do it all night long, and she was planning on it. Kenny was being smothered effortlessly beneath her glorious ass, and with every inch that Kenny continued to slide into her cheeks only gave her the sense of growing power. To Ginger, Kenny was nothing more than her little ass toy now, and she loved that he was powerless to stop it. But smothering him was beginning to bore her, and a more sinister idea began to grow inside of her mind. She smiled wickedly, biting her lip in erotic pleasure as she wondered what it’d feel like to have him slip into her asshole. Squirming, struggling at every attempt to escape, that is what she craved. What better way to elicit such violent struggles than put on the pressure?

Ginger slowly fell to her back, kicking her legs out and spreading them apart slowly. She slid her hand over her breasts, down her smooth stomach and beyond her moist pussy. She began to slide her fingers under her ass cheeks, pushing them into her crack as she began to feel around for Kenny’s tiny body. Kenny felt the tips of her fingers brush against his back, which had caught him off guard as he squirmed uncomfortably. He didn’t know what she was planning, but it couldn’t be good for him either way. Up to this point she had done nothing but torture him, and he was reaching a breaking point emotionally.

“There you are,” Ginger cooed, feeling Kenny’s body against her fingertips. He was already very close to her asshole, and she was so obsessed with feeling his struggles intensify that she saw no reason to postpone the inevitable. Kenny had a date with her asshole, whether he wanted it or not. She forcefully pushed him deeper between her asscheeks, bringing him closer and closer towards the wrinkled opening. Kenny felt his body being forced deeper and deeper, unable to scream or shout as he was still engulfed on all fronts. His body filled with dread however, when he felt his face press against a wrinkled and odd smelling surface. He instantly knew what it was, and needless to say he began to freak out.

Ginger immediately felt Kenny writhe in disgust, as she pressed him firmly against her asshole. She couldn’t help but buckle with deviant laughter, knowing that Kenny knew what was about to happen. She decided not to make him wait any longer, and with a forceful push shoved him head first into her asshole. Kenny’s face was immediately swallowed up, his lungs now unable to breathe at all. He kicked and punched and squirmed violently, the horror of being shoved face first into her asshole a nightmare come true. Ginger didn’t pause for but a second however, continuing to force the rest of Kenny’s body into her ass as she slid him waist deep inside.

“Oh God…” Ginger shivered with satisfaction, now feeling Kenny’s arms pressing against her from the inside of her anal cavity. It felt incredible, and she never would have assumed it would be so gratifying. She almost wished Skye was here to watch, just to add another layer of torment between the two. She had to work with what she had however, and what she had was pretty damn amazing.

She continued to slide him inside of her, Kenny’s legs now swallowed by her ginormous asshole as it continued to devour him. Though his face was now lodged all the way into her bowels, he still found immense trouble breathing. What little oxygen there was, was hardly breathable at all. His hands pressed and slid all around the inside of her mucus coated bowels, his hands pressing into the gooey mess and causing him to cringe with disgust. With only his feet still exposed, all Ginger had to do was give one final push as she completed the act, forcing Kenny all the way inside of her asshole.

“This is fucking incredible,” Ginger moaned, taking her free hand and quickly beginning to rub herself out. She was taking things slow at first, but with an orgasm not far behind she couldn’t help but rub her clit exponentially faster as she started the race to reach a climax. Kenny was helping her do so, though not purposefully. He had been struggling the entire time, his whole body now lodged in her ass as he fought to escape.

“Let me out of here!” Kenny screamed, “this is so fucking disgusting! Let me out of here you bitch!”

Kenny was getting coated thoroughly in the mucus inside her ass, most of it getting into his mouth as he continued shouting. Though her bowels were rather clean, he was still greatly disgusted. He was not into ass whatsoever, and being completely swallowed up by Ginger’s asshole was enough to make him want to puke. He kicked over and over again, punching and screaming as much as he could. All he managed to do however was cause her insides to expand and contract, which was a response to the goth woman’s immense pleasure. Kenny quickly began to realize he was only egging her on, and that his struggles were precisely what he wanted. He couldn’t help but burst into tears again, realizing that no matter what he did, it would all be in vain. He was her plaything for the entire night, and clearly his torture was what pleasured the sadistic woman.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck!” Ginger bucked her hips, her head tilting back as she bit her lip so hard she drew blood. She felt a torrent of juices rushing inside of her, and she quickly slipped her finger deep into her pussy just as the juices rushed out of her. She opened her mouth wide, her throat expanding as a loud moan came out of it. She gripped the bedsheets with her other hand, enjoying the erotic sensation she felt as she orgasmed. Her juices stained her sheets, her feet locking up momentarily before relaxing after the orgasm had finally passed. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, and who would have thought it would all be because of a tiny little man inside her asshole.

“Son of a bitch,” Ginger moaned in a whisper, “that was so fucking amazing… If I knew it was going to be this good I would have bargained for two nights!”

Ginger laughed wickedly, sitting up and resting against her bed frame. She whipped her hair back, blowing a hair strand over her eye to the side of her head as she continued to buckle with laughter. She rested her head against the bed frame, wiggling her ass a little to elicit more movement from Kenny who was still stuck inside of it.

“I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did,” Ginger said with exhaustion, “though let’s be honest… You probably didn’t.”

Ginger took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly to calm her excited nerves. She wasn’t really sure what to do now, she had reached her amazing orgasm and now she was exhausted. She still enjoyed the feeling of Kenny inside of her bowels however, and even if she let him out she wasn’t sure where to put him until the morning. She figured the best way to ensure she didn’t lose him would be to leave him where he was.

“Get comfy,” Ginger cooed, “it’s going to be a long night… For you.”

Ginger cackled maniacally, eager to return Kenny to Skye in the morning only for the sake of her finding out what she put the little man through. Ginger turned to her side, resting her head against her pillow comfortably as she closed her eyes with a cruel smile. She made a point of perking her ass upwards, which would allow Kenny to breathe, or at least that was what she figured.

“Alexa… Turn off the bedroom light,” Ginger ordered her little device, as it lit up before wirelessly turning the lights off. A nifty little setup she had done herself.

As Ginger attempted to fall asleep, Kenny was left sobbing inside of her ass. He was broken, the pain he felt unfathomable to detail. He wanted his nightmare to end, but as Ginger’s body grew still and lifeless from the inside of her ass, he knew she was likely heading to bed. He was going to be stuck there all night long, and he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for a second of any of it. He just cried to himself, trying his best to think to the moment that he’d finally be back in Skye’s loving embrace.

Though he knew Skye would blame herself, he couldn’t bring himself to blame her at all. She had lost him by mistake, and ultimately this entire ordeal was simply a bit of bad luck as he was captured by the one woman on the planet who wanted to harm him. He knew that Skye had no choice, it was either this, or digestion. Kenny remembered this well, for the entire night as he was unable to fall asleep while squirming repeatedly throughout the night.


Twas a shitty night… A shitty night indeed.





End Notes:


Or Ginger will f*cking kill Kenny, mark my words. Stories not even completed yet, I could easily do it motherf*ckers! >:D

The Strip Club '4' by Frizzle
Author's Notes:



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- Butt (no insertion, but butthole play for sure)

- Domination

- Vore






One often reflects over their life, most particularly the choices they make or the choices of others. It can be hard to grapple with the decisions of others, especially when those decisions are not in your own best interest or cause physical harm as a result. For Kenny, coming to terms with the bargain his beloved girlfriend had made was a tough pill to swallow. 

Ginger had not only violated him, but made him feel as if all hope were to be lost. He wasn’t even sure that he’d survive that dreadful night, let alone actually be returned to Skye at all considering Ginger was an evil wench. He was deprived of all rationale, his mind bogged down by the depressive weight of what he had to endure for hours on end.

Ginger had kept him snug against her stinky asshole, the wrinkled folds digging into Kenny’s face because of the way the torturous woman had positioned his body. His nose and lips were pressed into the epicenter of her anus. Her muscles were contracting and expanding purposefully as Ginger intended to make certain that his experience was as vile as possible. 

If there was any chance for Kenny developing a lust for assholes, Ginger had certainly squashed it. He felt her butthole expand, the slimy mucus secreting from inside covering his face in a thin layer and causing him to cry profusely. There was nothing worse than being tortured by a cruel woman’s asshole, and even though he was on the brink of freedom he couldn’t help but still feel utterly hopeless.

Ginger had parked her car in front of the strip club, getting out and stretching her feet as she smiled to herself with satisfaction. She clenched her cheeks in an effort to squeeze Kenny between them, and it caused his face to press deeper into her wrinkled opening. Ginger moaned in a low tone, biting her lip as she felt his little face dig into her butt. She almost considered backing out on the deal, and just keeping Kenny for herself, but she still wanted to see Skye leave the strip club for good. The cruel woman opted to squeeze out a little more fun before she returned her tiny slave, and rested her ass against the side of her car door and pressed into it sensually.

Kenny felt her ass cheeks crushing his body even more, as they compressed against the door of her car. It wormed his body even more against her asshole, his entire body now being engulfed by the wrinkled surface as it continued to pulsate against his body. Kenny could swear he could feel Ginger’s heartbeat, which for some reason grossed him out even more. To make matters worse, Ginger hadn’t bothered to shower in the morning, and her ass wasn’t smelling so heavenly at the moment as it continued to engulf Kenny’s body. He sobbed like a baby, begging for the nightmare to end as he realized Ginger was taking her sweet time before returning him to Skye.

“Can you smell my stinky asshole, you little freak?” Ginger cooed, rubbing her ass all over her car door as she felt Kenny’s writhing motions against her puckered asshole, “I hope the smell fills your nostrils, you dirty, little manwhore!” Ginger cackled wickedly, knowing full well that she was torturing Kenny mercilessly as she felt his squirms grow increasingly desperate. 

His attempts were obviously in vain, considering that at his size it was literally impossible to stop the evil woman from doing whatever she wanted with him. He was forced to endure every moment, just like he was forced to endure it all the night previous. At the very least, he should have been thankful he wasn’t digested by the woman… But that thought never seemed to cross his mind.

Meanwhile, Kenny was putting up quite the struggle as he was wedged further against Ginger’s butthole. He started elbowing it as hard as he could, hoping to elicit a reaction of any kind, but ultimately he ended up getting his elbow stuck inside of her asshole. He gave a look of disgust, as her ass swallowed his elbow up and inadvertently sucked him against her puckered hole even tighter. His face was rubbed up against the damned thing, the sickening feeling of her butt flesh covering his entire face as he tried to scream. His screams were muffled by the overwhelming amount of flesh that was engulfing him however, and he only got a mouthful of ass sweat instead as he began to choke and sputter violently.

‘Oh God…’ Ginger thought to herself, ‘his squirming is relentless… I think he’s going to make me orgasm again!’ Ginger wasn’t kidding herself either, as her snatch became increasingly wet due to the erotic feeling she was experiencing with Kenny struggling relentlessly. 

She had slipped her hand into her panties and begun to rub her clit slowly and sensually, indulging in the pleasure she felt in response to Kenny’s frantic struggles. She really wanted to keep the tiny young man all for herself, and even tried to think of an alternate deal she could make at the last minute in a way to ensure she’d have future ‘encounters’ with the little guy. Alas she couldn’t think of anything clever enough to work, and decided to just stick with the plan instead unless something else came to mind. But first, she’d have her next orgasm as Kenny struggled in vain against her stinky, wrinkled butthole.

“For the love of God!” Kenny screamed, having a moment to speak as her ass cheeks relaxed and allowed him to breathe and speak properly, “let me the hell out of h-” Kenny’s voice was cut off again as Ginger clenched her ass once more, once again crushing his body between her flesh and pressing him against her opening all over again. 

This time the force was tripled, and Kenny actually felt both of his arms get sucked into her ass when he reached outward to try and stop himself from having to endure the horrendous orifice again. It had backfired, and now he was elbow deep inside of her with both of his arms. The texture inside was slimy and disgusting, and he felt his hands drenched in the disgusting mucus that was located within.

He knew he it was foolish to think all he had to do was survive the night with Ginger, but now he had to endure her torture yet again when he was only moments away from his freedom. It broke his spirit, every second of being shoved into the woman’s asshole causing him to lose his sanity. He felt less than human, less than dirt itself. He felt as if he was nothing, nothing but the tool for Ginger’s immeasurable pleasure. And after everything he had endured up till now, the blame seemed to be aiming towards Skye. 

Kenny tried not to blame her, but ultimately his pain and suffering had brought him to this very conclusion. All reason was lost to him, and in his greatest moment of weakness he blamed Skye for everything. She had lost him, she had given Ginger the chance to claim and swallow him, and she was the one who had to make a deal for his life that led him to this moment of being tortured via the means of a human woman’s asshole. It was all Skye’s fault, and Kenny believed this increasingly so the longer he spent in this phantasmal dilemma.

‘Oh fuck…’ Ginger moaned to herself, ‘so close… So… Close!’ Ginger tilted her head back in pure ecstasy, a torrent of her womanly fluids running over her fingers and hand inside of her panties. They were hot and steamy, sticky and slimy as she slipped her hand out of her pants and licked her fingers clean. She loved the taste of her own fluids, and for a split moment she almost wished she had come all over Kenny so she could suck her fluids off of his body. 

‘That would have been so hot…’ Ginger thought to herself, fantasizing about the little scenario in her mind before standing upright and looking herself over. She noticed movement a few yards in the distance, her head looking upward to find a man giving her a strange look.

“What are you looking at you little prick!?” Ginger spat, “never seen a woman please herself before?”

“You’re… You're in a parking lot lady!” The man retorted, bewildered at the woman’s crude behaviour.

“Yeah,” Ginger spat, “a parking lot in front of a strip club you fuckin’ wanker!”

“Get help,” the man hissed, shaking his head and walking off as quickly as he could so he wouldn’t have to be anywhere near the psychotic woman.

Ginger rolled her eyes, waving her hand to dismiss the man as she turned and began walking towards the strip club entrance. She had her orgasm with her tiny little toy, and it was time to finish what she had started. With Skye finally quitting the strip club, Ginger would be the the most beautiful dancer at the club, and wouldn’t have to be jealous of Skye’s beauty any longer. 

She had always been jealous of Skye’s untold beauty even though she always had the most attention of the crowd, and that was really the only reason Ginger agreed to make a deal to begin with. Her fun with Kenny would come to an end, and all she could do now was enjoy his squirming against her butthole for the following few moments leading up to when she’d give him back to Skye. Only a devious thought lurked in the back of Ginger’s mind… Did she have to give him back?

Ginger grinned with a wicked smile spreading across her lips, a most evil thought piercing her mind. Skye’s pathetic begging from before had been insanely hot to her, and who was to say that she had to follow through with her end of the bargain to begin with? As these thoughts filled the red headed woman’s mind, she strode her way towards the club with elegant stature where her nemesis was in the act of handing in her resignation.

“You’re quitting!?” Norman, the owner of the club, said with a shocked look in his eyes, “I… I don’t know what to say. I didn’t realize you were unhappy here, Skye.”

“I…” Skye choked on her words as she placed her resignation on her former boss's desk, “I was, but…”

Skye couldn’t find the words she needed to say, but she was never good at being a liar. She sighed heavily as she turned around and rubbed her forehead in frustration. Norman also sighed, stepping up from his desk and clearing his throat.

“Is this about Ginger…?” Norman asked honestly.

Skye’s eyes opened wide, “what!? What about her!?” Skye wasn’t sure if Norman had known about what was going on as she turned around to face the man.

“I know she has become the most popular dancer here,” Norman clarified, “it must be difficult losing all of that traffic… I am not stupid, it is obvious you and her have your issues. You were my first dancer I hired at this club though, and in my opinion, you are the essence of what this club is all about.”

“Sir… I appreciate that, but…” Skye shook her head, forming a false narrative in her head, “I just don’t belong here anymore. I’m seeing this guy now, and he is amazing and… And maybe I just don’t want to be in this kind of environment anymore.”

“Oh… You’re dating someone?” Norman seemed surprised, “of course. That makes a lot more sense now. I understand that most men probably wouldn’t be comfortable with their significant others working in this kind of setting.”

“It’s not even that, Norman.” Skye was starting to feel the truth spilling out, only in a way that her ex boss wouldn’t decrypt. “Kenny makes me feel amazing, and beautiful. He has no issues with my job, but after a lot of self reflection I think I am the one who isn’t comfortable working at a place like this, not when I’ve found someone so special.”

Norman smiled happily, apparently pleased with Skye’s revelation. He walked around towards the front of his desk and leaned against it as he crossed his arms. “Ginger may have the attention of the crowd, but that is only because of her flamboyant attitude. You, Skye, have always had more grace as far as I am concerned.”

Skye blushed at his compliment, “thank you… Sir.”

“It pains me to see you go, but I am definitely proud of you. This place was always meant for women like you to get on your feet, but you are definitely beyond this place now. We’ll miss you here, Skye.” Norman walked over to a safe mounted inside his wall, and activated the keypad before opening the safe.

“Your final paycheck will be deposited into your account per usual, but I want to give you a little parting gift as a thank you for all your years of service.” Norman turned around and revealed a couple of hundred dollar bills.

Skye was blown away, it was at least five or six hundred dollars. “Sir! You don’t have to do that… Really!”

“But I insist,” Norman took Skye’s hand and placed the money into it, “this guy must be very special, he’d better treat you well!”

“He most certainly has…” Skye smiled, but the uncertainty of Kenny’s current condition was absolutely killing her inside. She knew that Ginger should have arrived already, as her shift was due to start in an hour or less.

“It’s been a pleasure… Goodbye sir,” Skye nodded her head in his direction, as Norman waved her off.

“Goodbye, Skye.” Norman sat down at his desk again, smiling to himself as he continued his work as Skye finally left his office.

Skye put the money into her jeans pocket, as today she wore her normal wear since her days of working at the strip club had come to an end. Though there was some truth in her words to her former boss, deep down she’d always miss working at the club. She did enjoy the job, along with working alongside most of her coworkers.

As Skye entered the club section of her now former workplace, she could see that only a handful of the early starters had arrived. The club would open soon, but she didn’t see Ginger anywhere on the floor. Skye grew concerned, but that quickly faded when she heard the front doors opening. She turned and saw Ginger turn the corner of the foyer entry hallway, striding in her direction with the biggest, annoying grin of the century.

“You look like a former stripper…” Ginger scoffed mockingly, “I take it you’ve handed in your resignation?”

“As agreed…” Skye hissed, “Now where is my boyfriend, Ginger!?”

“He’s… Around,” Ginger snickered with cruelty.

“I swear if you’ve eaten him again…” Skye balled up her fists at the thought of it.

Ginger rolled her eyes, “oh calm down. He’s very much alive and he is not inside of my stomach. He is, however, deep inside my anal cavity.”

“What!?” Skye’s eyes opened wide in shock, “you’re lying! What kind of sick, twisted…”

“Watch your next words wisely dear,” Ginger cooed, “I still hold his life in my hands. You’d best not irritate me.”

“Just…” Skye clenched her teeth as she closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead in despair, “please… Just return him. I’ve quit, I will never work here again! You have had him for the whole damned night! I have given you what you wanted, so please!”

“I suppose fair is fair,” Ginger sighed, “I’ll admit, he and I certainly had our fun. I can see why you’re so fond of this little toy of yours.”

“He is a human being!” Skye said sternly, “please! I am tired of waiting!”

“Alright! Alright… Sheesh.” Ginger rolled her eyes again. “I am certainly not going to hand him over here of all places. Meet me in the back alley, I’ll need to go to the restroom first to… Remove him from my bowels.”

Skye seethed with rage, but deep inside she knew there was nothing she could do. Ginger had all of the control, and Kenny’s tiny form made him far too vulnerable for Skye to jeopardize his safety. She relented, nodding at Ginger somberly with submission. “Fine! You’d better not fucking cross me…”

Ginger simply waved Skye off, strolling towards the bathroom to free her current captive. Skye quickly made her way towards the back entry, as Ginger approached the woman’s bathroom and quickly found the closest stall to conceal her next actions. Meanwhile, Kenny was stewing up against Ginger’s asshole the entire time.

“That bitch is so gullible,” Ginger laughed to herself, reaching into the back of her pants and feeling around her ass crack for Kenny’s body. The little guy felt her fingers prodding his back, before plucking him by the left arm and yanking him out.

“Gah!” Kenny grunted in pain, as he felt himself ripped from the dimension of her ass and into the reality of normalcy he had long desired to see ever since his departure from the club. The light blinded his eyes, as darkness had engulfed him for such an extended period of time.

“I see you’re still alive and well,” Ginger laughed briefly, “how did it feel in there? I hope the accommodations were satisfactory!”

“You… I heard you!” Kenny’s sight started to return, but he had also heard Ginger’s conversation with his beloved Skye, “you lied to her! You told her I was inside of you still… But… That wasn’t true!”

“So?” Ginger snorted, “I wanted to have a final goodbye, I couldn’t let her think it’d be so easy to pull you from below… Didn’t you want to at least say goodbye to your goddess?”

Kenny was almost at his wits end with this woman. The stupid grin on her face, everything about her, it made him want to bash her skull. “Why do you keep prolonging this charade,” Kenny asked sorrowfully, “for the love of God almighty, please just return to me Skye!”

“Because every time you beg it turns me on,” Ginger admitted, “and frankly, hearing Skye cry like a pathetic bitch yesterday as she pleaded for your life… It was the horniest I had ever been! I thrive on your pain, hers too! How she can love such an insignificant, little shit such as yourself will never make sense to me…”

Kenny cringed at her words, hatred boiling deep for this evil woman. Her admittance sent chills down his spine, and it also made him wonder if he would ever be returned to the loving care of his girlfriend at all. Why did she continue to postpone her end of the bargain? Why did she continue to sap any ounce of pain from him whenever the chance presented itself? Kenny was starting to become overwhelmed with an impending sense of doom.

“You… You’re not going to give me back to Skye, are you?” Kenny finally blurted, the fear eating him up too much as he finally had to say the words that had plagued his mind this whole time.

Ginger paused for a moment, as she dangled Kenny in front of her now emotionless face. She pondered his words, trying to understand her feelings at this very moment. She hadn’t actually come to an ultimatum yet, however, perhaps Kenny had revealed a fact that not even Ginger had fully realized herself.

“No…” Ginger finally responded, “I… I can’t.”

Kenny began to tear up, the truth stinging him painfully. He began to shake violently, terror striking his heart. “What… What are you going to do…?” Kenny’s question rang throughout his mind a hundred times as he waited for an answer. Ginger’s piercing gaze was all that the tiny man was met with, as the evil woman pondered her countless, sadistic ideas and machinations of what she could do with him.

Finally, after a momentary lapse of silence, Ginger finally spoke up. “If it is any consolation… What I am going to do to you, is purely out of my hatred for Skye… I want her to suffer. She thinks she is better than me!? She may have started this fucking club… But I am the fucking best! She is nothing… Nothing!!!”

Ginger burst out of the stall, adjusting Kenny into the palm of her hand as she closed her fist and engulfed him tightly inside of it. She entered the main floor, where a few more dancers had shown up for their shift. Ginger laid eyes on the one furthest of the club's entrance, the shy girl that had helped Skye with Kenny’s whereabouts the day before. Ginger had not known this of course, but it didn’t matter for what was to come.

“Jasmine!” Ginger shouted for the young woman’s attention.

Jasmine jumped with fright, turning around to see the tall, red headed woman storming in her direction. “Y-yes? What is it, Ginger?” Jasmine was nervous, she could see a spark in Ginger’s eye that sent chills up her spine. She knew that something was going on, something she likely wouldn’t want to be a part of.

Ginger approached the nervous dancer, clutching Kenny firmly in her fist. He struggled in her grasp, squirming desperately as he realized that his life was on the brink of coming to an end. He didn’t know what Ginger was plotting, but clearly she was far more insane than he or Skye had given her credit for.

“You’ve been struggling to build an audience, right?” Ginger asked Jasmine point blank.

“Yeah… So?” Jasmine was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“How would you like me to send half of my audience your direction for the next couple of weeks? Make some actual tips for once?” Ginger smiled wickedly.

“Wait… Really?” Jasmine perked up, suddenly interested in what Ginger had to say, although she figured it wouldn’t be something good. “That would help me so much… I could finally catch up on my bills! Me and my daughter have been struggling to make ends meet…”

“Wonderful,” Ginger was growing hornier by the minute as she began to put her plan into motion, “come closer…”

Jasmine leaned forward, as Ginger began whispering her demands into the shy woman’s ear. Kenny could not hear them as he squirmed desperately in the evil woman's iron grip, though the outburst that followed sent chills down his spine.

“What!? That is sick! I would never do such a thing!” Jasmine shouted in disgust.

Ginger used her free hand to grab the smaller woman by the strap of her stripper bra, yanking her closely and menacingly. “Then how about I make sure you never have an audience here again? I’ll run your ass into the ground and you’ll never make another fucking dollar here again!”

“No! Please!” Jasmine pleaded, “I need this job! I am on the brink of being homeless! I’ll lose my daughter! Please don’t make me do this!”

“No one will ever know,” Ginger said, “it’s either your job and your daughter, or this.”

“But why!?” Jasmine argued, “why are you so hellbent on torturing Skye like this? What has she ever done to you!”

Ginger scowled, “I am losing my patience with you, Jasmine. You know I have the power to end your career here… Are you really going to jeopardize a roof over your daughter's head?”

“This is murder!” Jasmine shook her head in disbelief, “this is crazy… Crazy!”

“He’s just a bug!” Ginger shouted, other dancers starting to look over with strange expressions at the random commotion that the woman was making. Ginger took notice, and lowered her tone a bit, “Are you really going to put an insect's life over your daughters?”

“...” Jasmine contemplated for a moment, gritting her teeth as a tear began to form in her eye. She sighed, “You really are a bitch… You know that? Fine, fine! I’ll do it…”

Ginger smiled cruelly, “That’s what I thought. Skye is waiting in the back alley.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this…” Jasmine wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into, not that Ginger was giving her a choice. She had always tried to keep to herself, to make ends meet to provide for her daughter as she was a single mother. Her boyfriend had left shortly after finding out that Jasmine had been pregnant, and her family had abandoned her.

Though Kenny was uncertain of what was about to unfold, the thoughts nagging Jasmine’s mind had made her wonder if she was as evil as Ginger for even contemplating such an evil act. She felt immense remorse, but at the end of the day her daughter's life took precedence over that of an inch tall, little man. As Ginger said herself, it’s not like anyone would ever know. Except for Skye, of course… But what was she going to do about it? But as these thoughts plagued Jasmine’s mind, a decision had been made, one that nobody would be able to change.

Skye had been waiting in the back alley for awhile now. She was growing increasingly frustrated, becoming consumed with the idea of finally getting Kenny back. Even though she had to quit her job, she started to realize that all of this was probably for the best. Soon she could claim her lover back, and move on with her life and be happy. Or so he had thought.

The backdoor of the club opened, as Jasmine appeared before the impatient Skye. They met eyes, and Skye raised her brow in confusion, “you… What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry Skye…” Jasmine shook her head in defeat, standing aside as Ginger revealed herself to be following close behind.

“What is going on?” Skye asked with concern, “Ginger… What is she doing here!?”

“I have had some time to think about this,” Ginger spoke up, ignoring Skye’s question entirely. “I know I promised to return Kenny… But I’ve decided that isn’t going to happen.”

Everything went silent. No one spoke a word, as Skye looked helplessly across the alley at Ginger, a blank stare in her eyes. A million thoughts began to race through Skye’s mind, but above all of the emotions that boiled inside of her, it was rage that took hold of her.

“No…” Skye shook her head, “fuck you… Fuck you, Ginger!”

“I’m sure you’ll get over him,” Ginger mocked, “after all… He’s just a little bug!”

Skye stormed Ginger in a fit of rage, coiling her arm back as she made an attempt to punch the woman straight in the nose. Ginger was swift, her free hand easily intercepted Skye’s fist and caught it mid-air. Ginger then squeezed and twisted Skye’s arm mercilessly, the smaller young woman falling to her knee in agony.

“Take him,” Ginger took the fist that contained Kenny and hovered it over Jasmine’s palm that reached out to accept him. The red headed witch dropped Kenny into the shy woman’s palm, as the little guy inhaled deeply as he finally felt fresh air again.

“Sk… Skye!” Kenny looked over and saw his girlfriend on her knee, Ginger’s grip on her fist powerful and absolute.

“Kenny!” Skye felt a small burst of energy surge through her, as she attempted to strike Ginger with her other hand. The woman blocked her attack, before twisting her other arm even more and causing Skye to cry out in agony. The alley was cut off in the back, and no one was around to hear her cries of pain.

“This is going to turn me on unlike anything thus far!” Ginger cooed, wrapping Skye’s arm around her own back before using her other hand to put the smaller woman into a headlock. Skye began to struggle violently, but Ginger was taller, and considerably more powerful than Skye could ever hope to be.

“Let me go! What the hell are you doing!?” Skye couldn’t escape Ginger’s hold on her, as the young woman turned ahead to see Jasmine holding Kenny up to her face.

“What are you doing with him!?” Skye demanded to know, “let him go!”

Jasmine looked over at Skye with a heavy heart, “Please don’t hold this against me… I need this job, Skye… I have to think of my daughter.” Jasmine began to raise Kenny upwards, slowly starting to position him above her lips.

Skye’s eyes widened in horror as she quickly began to understand what was happening. This all a part of Ginger’s cruel games, for whatever reason, this woman wasn’t finished making Skye’s life any more miserable.

“No… No! You can’t!” Skye screamed, struggling even more now that she realized what Jasmine was going to do, “this is fucked! You can’t! I’ll… I’ll call the fucking police! This is murder!”

Jasmine paused as she looked over towards Ginger nervously, hesitant to proceed. Ginger merely gave a cruel, mocking laughter. “The police? The police? Ha! And what are you going to tell them? That Jasmine devoured a man the size of a bug? There are no cameras in the alley… They’ll never believe you! You’d never be able to prove it.”

Tears began to well up in Skye’s eyes, the cruel reality starting to build up inside of her. “No… Please! You can’t do this! Don’t do this!”

“Ginger… I don’t…” Jasmine was starting to get anxious about this, and was rethinking her part in all of this.

“Do it now,” Ginger ordered.

Jasmine hesitated still, “But…”

“I said fucking do it! Or your career at this club is over!” Ginger hissed, her patience running thin.

“No! Please!” Skye watched in horror as Jasmine sighed with a heavy heart.

After a moment more of hesitation, Jasmine looked over towards Skye with a hopeless expression. “Please forgive me…”

Jasmine lifted Kenny into the air once more, who up until now had waited silently out of fear as he watched everything unfold. Once he looked down and watched the petite lips of Jasmine’s mouth part wide open, his eyes burst wide in horror. It was over, after everything he had endured, this was the way his life was going to end.

“No! Please! I am begging you! Please don’t do this!” Skye was violently making an effort to break free of Ginger’s grip now, but nothing she did would work. The evil woman was too strong, as she tightened her grip even more as a grin of pure evil spread across her wicked lips.

Kenny also began to cry, as he turned to look towards Skye with a look of pure, sorrowful acceptance. Jasmine began to lower him towards her awaiting maw, as the tiny, young man looked over towards the love of his life. He had only known her for such a short time, but even though he had blamed her only a short time ago, he now felt gratitude. After all of this, at least he got to meet her to begin with.

“I… I love you, Skye.”

Jasmine then dropped the tiny man into her man, and just like that he vanished between her lips. Skye was shaking so hard now that one might think she was having a seizure.

“No! No, no, no!” Skye cried out desperately, “I am begging you! Please! I love him! Don’t take him from me! Oh God… Oh God, no!”

Jasmine had already made her decision however, and her daughter was more important to her than anything else. Jasmine closed her mouth, as she leveled her head and looked onward to Ginger. Her eyes showed that of pure regret, and hatred for the red-headed woman.

“Swallow him,” Ginger ordered, her pussy so wet as she got off to the torment she was inflicting on Skye. A newfound kink had erupted inside of this woman, and the only regret she had would be that she couldn’t do it again.

Jasmine closed her eyes, looking downward a little as she focused on the struggles of Kenny within her mouth. She paused for a moment, before looking up towards Skye, a look that gave the impression of an apology.

“Jasmine, please!” Skye finally stopped struggling, falling limp as her tears made a pool on the ground at her knees, “please… I… Love him…”

“Get it over with already!” Ginger shouted, growing impatient as she waited for Jasmine to finish the deed already. Forcing Skye to watch her was sending her over the edge, and she wasn’t even touching herself.

Jasmine tilted her head upwards, bringing her hand to her throat as she convulsed for a moment. Skye screamed, “no! Please! I’ll do anything dammit! For fucks sake I’ll do-”


Skye’s voice trailed off, as Jasmine swallowed audibly. The distraught woman watched as her coworkers throat bulged outward as its new meal made its way down her esophagus, and towards her awaiting stomach. Jasmine swallowed a second time, a glob of spit that had formed in her mouth as she coughed and sputtered.

“K… K-Kenny…” Skye could barely speak, her eyes simply trailing down to Jasmine’s exposed stomach as horror filled her up from the inside. It was over. Her efforts were in vain. From the moment Kenny had slipped out of her panties and onto the cold floor of the changing room, she was doomed to have to watch him die.

“It’s done… Can I go now?” Jasmine asked Ginger sharply, a burning hatred in her eyes.

Ginger bit her lip, closing her eyes briefly as she felt herself orgasm slowly and pleasurefully. Forcing Skye to watch another dancer swallow her lover alive was the most erotic act she had ever inflicted. She almost wanted to force Jasmine to throw him up only to do it all over again, but the thought of Kenny digesting inside of her as Skye was helpless to stop it only fueled her orgasm.

“Yes…” Ginger cooed seductively, “You can go now.”

Jasmine turned and stormed off, opening the back entry door violently before waltzing inside. Ginger finally let her grip on Skye go, as the hysterical young woman fell to her hands and began to sob profusely. She didn’t say anything to Ginger at all, she could only cry helplessly at the realization that Kenny was going to die inside of Jasmine, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Ginger rubbed her crotch in an attempt to savor her orgasm a little more, as she strode happily towards the club's back entry door. Before she left Skye out in the alley, she turned to look at the young woman who was crying somberly in defeat. For a split moment, Ginger considered how it must feel to lose someone you love, in such a cruel manner. Instead of remorse however, she grinned. The thought of stripping her most hated enemy of the one they loved most made her hornier than ever before.

“Don’t look so upset, darling,” Ginger taunted, “I’m sure you’ll get over him… Eventually.”

Ginger turned her back to Skye, entering the club with a cruel laugh. Her shift was to start soon, and per usual she’d give her audience the most exotic show fueled by her raging orgasm. She never gave a single fuck about Kenny, nor Skye’s feelings. She knew she’d get away with it, she got away with everything. Even if Skye did eventually call the authorities, she knew there was no solid evidence for it to matter. And as for Jasmine, Ginger knew she wouldn’t be crossed, not when Jasmine had been complicit. It was all a part of her plan.

The back door closed, and Skye was left to her own despair as she sat hopelessly on the ground. Her eyes were swollen red, her heart broken as she thought aimlessly. She couldn’t believe that Ginger had forced her to watch their own coworker swallow her lover whole. The thought of him digesting inside of her broke her beyond measure. She wanted to do something, anything… But deep down she knew Kenny would be long gone by the time she thought of anything that would work.

“I’m so sorry Kenny…” Skye cried in agony, closing her eyes yet again as reality sank in, “this is all my fault… I never should have lost you…”

The sound of the back door could be heard once more, as Skye then looked up to see Jasmine returning to the alley. The shy woman looked behind her, and then around the alley cautiously, before quickly walking over to Skye.

“Jasmine!?” Skye looked up at the woman frantically, “Jasmine! Please! It isn’t too late! You can puke him up! Please! Ginger is gone now!”

“Will you shut up and keep your voice down!?” Jasmine hissed, “Ginger headed to the changing rooms, I don’t have much time…”

“Wha… What?” Skye was confused.

“Did you actually think I was going to eat your fucking boyfriend?” Jasmine rolled her eyes, “I am so sorry for that whole act… I can’t imagine how traumatizing it must have been.”

“W-wait…” Skye slowly stood up, “But I watched you… I saw you eat him!”

“You saw what I wanted you to see,” Jasmine retorted, “as well as Ginger.”

Jasmine looked behind her one more time, making sure they were totally alone. She then faced Skye, opening her mouth and lifting her tongue, and lo and behold there was a tiny, little Kenny balled up on the floor of her mouth. Jasmine plucked him from beneath her tongue, as Kenny opened his eyes and wiped the saliva from his face.

“Kenny!” Skye cried with joy, as Jasmine swiftly handed him over.

“I love my daughter… But I’d never fucking murder someone,” Jasmine stated, “if not me, Ginger would have found someone else… Or done it herself, so I figured I’d go along with it and see if I could save him.”

Skye began to tear up again, looking into Jasmine’s eyes with gratitude as she lunged forward and wrapped her arms around the woman. Jasmine was caught off guard, and awkwardly hugged her back.

“Thank you…” Skye said softly, “thank you so much…”

“You’re welcome,” Jasmine smiled faintly as she parted from Skye. She quickly turned around and headed back inside the club, as she did not want Ginger to suspect anything for her own sake.

Skye held Kenny up in her palm, looking down at him with the biggest smile of relief she could express. “I… I thought I had lost you…”

Kenny smiled up at her softly, “Not yet… Now can we get the hell out of here?”

“You don’t need to ask me twice,” Skye pulled Kenny inwards, wrapping her plush, soft lips around his entire face as she kissed him deeply. To feel the loving, warm embrace of his girlfriend made him feel at home at long last. All previous thoughts of blame vanished, and in the end he was just thankful to have finally been re-united.

After all, how could she be to blame? Ginger was evil, that much had been revealed. Skye would leave the strip club forever, and Ginger would always believe that Kenny had met his untimely end inside of her coworker Jasmine. In the end, everyone had won.

Skye held Kenny closely to her bosom, as she gently walked around the building towards the parking lot as the two remained blissfully silent. Everything they had endured would surely scar them, Kenny above all. But in time, they’d both heal, and their relationship was still just beginning.

As Skye entered her car with Kenny, the two drove off as Ginger danced her heart out on stage before her audience. A grin so evil, and so wide, that all who saw her couldn’t help but become enraptured by her passion. 

After all, Ginger felt more alive than ever before. She only thought it was a shame she’d never get to do it again. She was sure going to miss Kenny, but she did enjoy the thought of Jasmine digesting him slowly, and painfully.


She’d be none the wiser.




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The Strip Club '5' by Frizzle
Author's Notes:


I might do a PART TWO of this series, or maybe a SEQUEL.

If you would like to see one, check out my Patreon I'll be posting a poll to gather interests, and maybe I'll continue this series.



- Boob play

- Body exploration

- Pussy play (no insertion)

- Brief mouth play

- Brief inshoe entrapment w/barefoot (no socks)








“We are here live to bring our viewers the unsettling news that a new strain of the shrinking pandemic, Micro-19, has been found in new victims of this continuing spread,” said a female news anchor, Kacie, on the local news channel.

“That’s right, Kacie. Though scientific data shows this strain is far less likely to affect those who get it, at only a one percent rate of those who actually shrink upon getting the virus,” said Kacie’s co-host, Vermont.

“While this may be the case, Vermont, it doesn’t change the fact that hundreds, thousands in some states, are suffering immense losses as their loved ones and friends are shrinking down to varying heights. The last time this pandemic hit was almost five years ago, and people weren’t sure if they would be able to adapt to a lifestyle doomed to such a reduced existence,” Kacie said gravely.

“I remember all too well,” Vermont agreed, “and though those have had five years to adjust to this new life of small-itudes, the newly affected victims are struggling to accept this reality. Many have already been crushed by accident, and we have even had reports of a few being eaten by accident! Truly horrific, especially for those who have been reported kidnapped by psychotic evil doers.”

“In other words,” Kacie spoke up, “everyone has come to the same consensus. To those who may be affected by this virus, or to those who are uncertain if they have it… The world health organization has issued this recommendation with the most pressing urgency. Do not… I repeat, do not stay alone! By making sure you have witnesses around you, as often as possible, you may be able to survive this pandemic without-”


The television turned off abruptly, as Jasmine turned around to see Ginger glaring at her menacingly. “What are you standing around watching television for?” Ginger scoffed, “we’re about to open! Get your ass moving!”

“I will!” Jasmine retorted, “but the pandemic has struck again! People are-”

Ginger interrupted the shy woman, “does it look like I give a fuck? It only has a one percent shrinkage rate anyways, it’s not like you or I would ever get it! Now go change and get to your stage!”

Jasmine sighed, “yes Ginger…” The shy woman had no intention of arguing with this woman, as she headed somberly towards the changing rooms.

Ginger smiled to herself as she returned towards her stage. She had orgasmed five times in a row the previous night, replaying the horrific act in her mind over and over again as she pictured the look on Skye’s face when Jasmine swallowed Kenny alive. It was the most erotic thing she had ever done, and she knew that Skye could do nothing about it.

‘She must be at home, wallowing in her miserable existence,’ Ginger pondered to herself, growing horny yet again at the thought of Kenny’s demise. ‘I wonder how long he lasted inside of Jasmine… Oh my, how I wish I could eat him all over again myself! But oh well, now that the pandemic has started again, perhaps I’ll find another soul to torment some day…’

The evil, red headed woman strode towards her stage with pride. There was only one flaw in her mindset, one error with her belief. Kenny was not dead at all. Kenny had never even been swallowed by Jasmine to begin with. The crafty, shy woman had outployed Ginger all along. As Ginger set up her stage in preparation for the show to come, Kenny was at long last in the safe, loving hands of his beloved Skye.

Skye had taken Kenny back home with her, and without a word the two had fallen asleep on the couch after a long, twisted night of Ginger’s torturous games and deceit. They both slept at peace, however, knowing that Ginger would forever believe Kenny to be long dead, and she’d never bother them again. Though the past few days or so had been increasingly difficult to tread through, by morning they had all but forgotten the psychotic Ginger, and instead began to explore their love for one another like the day they had first met.

“Oh fuck… Kenny…” Skye was lying flat on her back, her entire body exposed in its full beauty. Her plump breasts rested gently as she arched her back, biting her lip as her tiny lover went to work.

Kenny was on her right boob. His body was wrapped around her nipple as he massaged it sensually. His hands couldn’t even fit around the entirety of Skye’s nipple, its texture rough and bumpy as he squeezed, rubbed and occasionally nibbled at the sensitive teat. Being an erogenous zone of the body, and one of Skye's most sensitive parts personally, this caused her to shiver with pleasure as the light, delicate actions of Kenny’s hands and teeth.

The woman held her left breast in her left hand, squeezing it and rubbing her other nipple while Kenny worked on her right. Her right hand, in the meantime, was hovering over her private region as she used her index and middle fingers to rub her clit gently; her way of eliciting maximum pleasure as a slow progression crept through her.

Skye was on the brink of an orgasm, and though the slow progression had been intoxicating, she was quickly craving something more aggressive as she closed the gap on her release. Her left hand shifted from her left breast and towards her right, where Kenny was none the wiser as he worked away at her sensitive nipple.

A shadow was cast over him, as he took pause to see the enormous hand hovering overhead. “S-Skye…? What are…” Kenny was interrupted as Skye quickly engulfed him, now grabbing the entirety of her right breast as she smashed Kenny into its soft, malleable flesh.

“Fuuuck,” Skye groaned with pleasure, massaging Kenny’s little body into her tit as she got off to his squirming. “You feel soooo good…” Skye bit her lip even harder, beginning to rub her clit more furiously as she squeezed and massaged her tiny boyfriend into her enormous boob.

Kenny was completely swallowed by the ocean of her fleshy breast, as it jiggled and waved in all manners of patterns under the control and power of Skye’s palm and fingers. Kenny found himself being rubbed across his lover's nipple, his tiny, hard, little cock slapping it over and over as he was tugged back and forth while Skye masterfully maneuvered him around her tit.

“I’m… About… So close…” Skye clenched her teeth, her hips bucking as her back arched unnaturally in response to the intense pleasures shooting throughout her nerves. Her hand froze and began to squeeze her tit so hard, that even Kenny found himself beginning to suffocate as the flesh swallowed him up.

“Ohhh…” A strong feeling of bliss washed over Skye, as she reached a climax of absolute intensity. Kenny tried to get her attention by squirming, but she soon released her grip and the little guy was able to breathe again.

Her back fell flat onto the sheets, her breath slowing down and becoming more controlled as Skye let out a sigh of relief. She giggled a little, slowly tilting her head to peek down at Kenny who sat up on her boob.

“That was amazing…” Skye cooed, “sorry if I was a little rough with you.”

“Are you kidding!?” Kenny stood up, nearly tripping as the flesh of Skye’s boob jiggled like a waterbed beneath his feet, “that was incredible! Your boobs are amazing!”

Skye giggled even more, shaking her head as she smiled at her little lover. “You are absolutely adorable, I am so happy to have you back!”

Kenny sat back down, smiling a little himself as he looked down at her silky, smooth skin. “Yeah… I’m happy too.”

“I… I wasn’t sure I’d ever get you back,” Skye said with a somber tone, resting her bed back onto the sheets as she stared at the ceiling with concentrated thought. “When I found out Ginger ate you, I thought she was going to take you from me forever.”

“I did too,” Kenny responded, “I… I blamed you for a little bit. I was so exhausted from her games, her torture… I am so sorry, Skye. I love you so much, and I don’t know how to even express it at my pathetic size.”

Skye tilted her back to look at Kenny, “are you kidding me!? What about your size?”

Kenny sighed, “I don’t know… I just feel like you deserve a real man…”

“Kenny…” Skye sighed audibly to get his full attention, “you are the most real, genuine and sincere man I have ever met. I thought you were so adorable when you first walked up to me, so brave to be on your own… And then you showed me your heart, and I knew at that moment you were mine.”

“You really mean that?” Kenny looked up at her with a glimmer in his eye.

“Of course I do,” Skye smiled gently, “I will never, ever, let another woman hurt you ever again. I lost you once, but I will never lose you again! Ginger can go fuck herself! Besides, that cunt thinks you’re dead now. I doubt we’ll ever see her again.”

“You’re probably right,” Kenny laughed to himself, “man that bitch was a psycho… She literally tried to force you to watch another dancer eat me! Who the hell does that!?”

“I don’t know,” Skye rolled her eyes as she rested her back onto the sheets, “I’m just glad Jasmine outsmarted her. As far as I’m concerned, she saved your life.”

“She did…” I was quite thankful for Jasmine. I remembered staring into her mouth, her menacing throat sending chills down my spine. Her tongue was wet, slimy and inviting. I had thought for sure that she would do it, though I guess I underestimate how crazy Ginger was, and how sane everyone else seemed to be. At least Jasmine was intuitive enough to hide me beneath her tongue, and Ginger ignorant enough not to question it.

Skye seemed to remain still as she stared up at the ceiling, but I had grown distracted and decided to clear my mind. I didn’t want to remember all of the horrendous acts that Ginger had committed, I wanted to focus on the love of my life who was laying down beneath my very being.

I turned to look down at the body of my girlfriend, her incredible stomach stretching out far beyond into the distance. From where I stood it was as if I was on a mountain looking down across the world, only the world was the naked, exposed body of the woman I had fallen in love with. I was intoxicated with her beauty, her immeasurable perfection. Beyond her stomach was her mountainous thighs, and between them the martini style trimmed pubic hair that barely concealed her snatch beyond a convergence line.

I jumped off of her boob, sliding down the curvature before landing flat onto her lower chest. Skye felt my movement, and tilted her head down to try and see what I was doing. “Kenny? Where are you going?”

“I’m just taking this all in,” Kenny answered, walking down her chest and onto her abdomen as he headed towards her center navel. He could begin to hear groaning and sorts emanating from below. The depths of Skye’s gut worked effortlessly to digest whatever she had eaten that day. Kenny listened closely, as he neared her belly button. He began to grow hard again, the thought of being inside of Skye’s body as he had once before.

“I imagine you probably never want to explore that side of your kink again, huh?” Skye teased, watching Kenny closely as he looked down at her stomach.

“I’ll always trust you, Skye.” Kenny turned and smiled at her gently, a look of pure love in his expression.

“I know…” Skye smiled back at him, “I just can’t imagine how it must have felt… Wondering if you were going to actually be digested…”

“I’ll admit it was scary,” Kenny answered, “but I also must admit that it turned me on. If I were going to be digested by anybody however… I’d only choose you.”

Skye laughed heartily, “well as much as I appreciate that… Digesting my boyfriend isn’t exactly on my bucket list!”

Kenny blushed, “I mean… That’s not exactly…”

“I’m teasing you,” Skye interrupted with a wink, “now are you going to keep exploring my body? It’s kind of hot having you walk across me… And I might even be ready for a round two…”

Without speaking a word Kenny smiled, turning and heading further down Skye’s stomach as he passed her navel and continued towards her waist. Skye was perfect in every regard, her skin smooth and soft. As he approached her waist he found himself at a slight upwards incline. Skye’s thighs had lifted slightly, but Kenny was persistent as he approached the martini shaven pubic hair that led towards his destination.

Kenny began walking across it, the hairs feeling like carpet under his feet. The sweet aroma hit his nostrils, the scent of his girlfriend's womanhood. It was absolutely intoxicating, as were all the scents that Skye’s body let off. Kenny grew hard yet again, as he walked across the plane of his girlfriend before arriving before her slit.

Her pink folds were perfect, nearly untouched by man. Skye may have been a stripper, but she was no whore. She hardly ever let a man see the beauty of her private regions, and Kenny could only feel as if he were the luckiest man alive.

An abrupt prodding in his back caused him to lose his footing. He was pushed forward by Skye’s right index finger, as the little guy fell flat on his face in her pubic hair. Her finger pressed into his back, sliding him across her pubes and towards her awaiting vagina.

“You’re taking too long,” Skye teased, absolutely loving the idea of forcing Kenny to pleasure her, though she knew he wouldn’t mind regardless. Kenny loved it when she took control, just like he loved the idea of her kidnapping him when they first met. She had surely insinuated it, but Kenny didn’t mind the thoughts at all.

For Skye, Kenny would do absolutely anything. Whether it be the result of blind love, or the epitome of true trustworthy nature, Kenny never bothered to ponder those thoughts all that much. The simple fact remained, no matter how forceful Skye may be, she always cared for his well being. That alone was enough for Kenny to trust and love his girlfriend without a sliver of doubt.

Kenny was pushed face first into her folds, his cock brushing up against her clit where Skye halted her movement abruptly. She was already soaking wet, but Kenny could feel the fresh fluids secreting from her womanhood anew as she felt that tingling sensation all over again.

Skye began to gently maneuver Kenny in a circular motion, causing his dick to rub against her clit in a sporadic manner. His face was dragged along every crevice of her pink folds, coating his entire face and torso in her orgasmic fluids as Skye bucked her hips once more in ignited arousal. Kenny even began to stick out his tongue, enjoying the taste of her fluids as he allowed Skye to have her way with him.

Skye was treating Kenny like her little sex toy, and he absolutely loved it. The thought of being her toy for the rest of their lives made him happy, because at the same time Kenny knew that Skye also loved him for who he was. Their dissimilar interests had meshed into a perfect, fetish fantasy. She loved being the abuser, and he loved being the abused. What more could the both of them ask for?

Skye was already reaching the brink of her second orgasm, her back arching famously as she tried desperately to prolong the pleasure. She rubbed Kenny progressively more vigorously around her clit, she could feel his tiny, needle sized dick effortlessly poking away at her massive clit compared to his own size.

“Oh Kenny…” Skye started to let out a series of moans, “Fuck… Fuck!”

Her hips thrusted upwards, another orgasm releasing like the floodgates of heaven as Kenny found himself drenched in her fluids. Her finger pressed into his back so hard, his cock pushing into her clit with so much pressure that he ended up blowing his load all over it.

Finally the two relaxed, and Skye began to giggle harmoniously as she began to slide her ass across the sheets as she sat up and peered down at her little lover. Kenny rolled onto his back, drenched in her juices with the biggest grin on his face.

“That was… Amazing,” Skye cooed, “thanks for letting me do that…”

“Oh trust me…” Kenny smiled deviously at her, “you are most certainly welcome.”

“Better get you cleaned up then, huh?” Skye winked seductively as she plucked him by the leg, lifting him into the air and dangling him above her lips.

Her mouth opened gently, her lips passing his body as he was lowered into her mouth up to his waist before he felt the warm embrace of her lips closing around his body. He looked downward, as the blood began to rush to his head from being held upside down. Her throat pulsated before Skye’s massive tongue slithered upwards and began to lick, taste and savor his entire torso.

Skye sucked on her little lover gently, and with the utmost care as she cleaned him of her fluids. She slipped him in a little further, feeling his cock bend against the might of her lips before flinging outwards as it entered her mouth. Her tongue worked effortlessly to clean his private area, slathering it against his entire body as she cleaned him up with her wet tongue.

Finally, she slurped audibly as she sucked the last of her juices from his body before pulling him out of her mouth and placing him on the bed beside her. She licked her lips, almost tantalizing the idea of a round three. Kenny sat down, however, and made it apparent that he was quite exhausted, so Skye relented those thoughts.

“Shall I make breakfast?” Skye suggested, breaking the sudden silence, “how about blueberry pancakes?”

Kenny smiled softly as he looked up at her, “I… I would really love that, Skye.”

Skye looked down at him, pausing briefly as she noticed the look on Kenny’s face. She didn’t doubt his feelings for her, but she could tell that something was weighing on his mind. She couldn’t decipher whether it was bad, or good, but she knew that he hadn’t grown quiet without cause.

“Something on your mind?” Skye asked curiously, as she stood off the bed and looked down at him with a smile.

“Skye…” Kenny looked at her longfully, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you.”

The two remained silent for a moment, as Skye smiled cheerfully as a tear formed under her eye. She reached down and allowed Kenny to walk onto her palm, before bringing him up slowly towards her chest level as the two made constant eye contact. There was a spout of silence for a brief moment more, but not for long as Skye found the words she needed to say in response.

“I feel the same, Kenny. I love you too.”

As Skye and Kenny shared in this special moment, wondering what was waiting for them in their future endeavors, they continued towards the kitchen to have breakfast. As Skye cooked the pancakes, and the two enjoyed their freedom from the oppression of evil, there was more going on than the two were aware of. As all good is matched by evil, so too does evil rise and fall, as good does. Nothing lasts forever, and sometimes when you’ve been handed the luck of the draw one too many times, you happen to lose. Those who eventually lose, lose hard.

Jasmine entered the changing rooms of the strip club, sweating profusely after giving the dance of her life for those who had watched her. Ginger had certainly kept her end of the deal, and Jasmine had been making more money than the previous months combined. She often wondered if Ginger would ever begin to question the lie she so happily believed, but the typically shy woman never put much thought into that idea.

She approached her locker and began to change, swapping out her scantily-clad performance attire for her typical tights and baggy, comfortable t-shirt. She removed the heels that would painfully eat into her ankles, and instead slipped them into her comfortable Pumas without even bothering to slip socks on. She never liked socks all that much anyways, and her feet never seemed to stink, so she didn’t care one bit as she jammed her petite sized feet into her athletic, more comfortable attire.

After tossing her dirty clothes in her backpack, she closed up her locker and grabbed her phone before standing to her feet. Jasmine walked around the bench and headed towards the exit, paying no mind to where she was walking. As crossed half of the room, however, a blood-curdling shriek caused her to nearly jump out of her skin.

“Eek! Watch we’re you step, you dumb bitch!” Shouted the familiar voice of whom Jasmine could only assume to be Ginger.

Confused, Jasmine simply looked down at her feet. Sure enough, she had nearly stepped on Ginger like a bug on the floor. Had Ginger not caught her attention, the evil, redheaded, little woman would have been a bloody stain beneath Jasmine’s rubber sole. The shy woman’s eyes lit up, an eyebrow raised in absolute curiosity and astonishment.

“Well don't just stand there! Help me!” Ginger hissed angrily, “I think I caught that fucking virus! You need to take me to the hospital, right now!”

Jasmine could only stare at the now shrunken Ginger, as a devious grin began to spread across the shy woman’s face. Ginger immediately began to grow concerned, and suddenly her ‘Karen’ like attitude quickly turned into that of grave concern.

“J-Jasmine…?” Ginger gulped anxiously, beginning to recognize the look in the woman’s eyes. “You’re… You’re going to help me, right?”

Jasmine gave a toothy grin, looking down at Ginger with the most wicked expression she had ever formed in her life.

“Oh. Yeah. I’ll help you…” Jasmine cackled maniacally, slowly reaching down as her hand reached outwards to grab the now terrified Ginger. All the tiny redhead could do was shudder with terror as the shadow of Jasmine’s menacing fingers reached for her.

Norman had locked up his office as he prepared to close the building for the night. As he turned, he could see Jasmine walking towards the entrance of the club.

“Still here?” Norman was surprised to see Jasmine so late.

“Lost something in the locker room, but I found it!” Jasmine smiled, her phone in one hand while her backpack was strapped over her opposite shoulder. Her other hand gripped the bag strap, but otherwise it wouldn’t appear that anything was off.

“That’s good to hear,” Norman smiled as he walked after her, “mind if I follow you out of the building? I’m locking up.”

“Not at all,” Jasmine said as she and her boss headed towards the entrance.

The two talked about the weekend, Norman none the wiser of the little passenger that was stowed away in the confines of Jasmine’s left Puma. Trapped under her sweaty, barefoot in the confines of her athletic shoe. Screaming and crying, begging to be freed… Her voice muffled by the flesh of Jasmine’s toes.


Sometimes, justice does prevail.




End Notes:

Check out to participate in the poll if you'd like to see a sequel of this series. I might consider doing one if the interest is high.


I loved writing this series. It was fun, and really tested my ability to write interesting character dynamics in certain ways I'd never attempted before. While I plan on focusing on the completion of My Tiny Life, Diana, Nick VS College and a few other stories, if demand is high, I'm not opposed to contuining a sequel of this series one day.

Love you guys!

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