A popular girl's rivalry by refrt333

Alice is furious when her rival is about to win the basketball tournament, but she is determined to win at any cost. And, moreover, she has a secret power that no one knows about. What will she come up with in order to defeat her rival Trish?

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Chapter 1 by refrt333


“I’m sorry Alice, but this time you can’t have it the way you want it”. Alice never liked that sentence at all, and the fact that it was said by her best friend, Jade, made it even worse. “Why not?! I want – I need to win the tournament!” she exploded, as the two girls were walking in the middle of the school hallway.

“I know how important basketball is for you, but… It’s simply not possible now. Trish’s team…” – “TRISH’S TEAMS SUCKS!” Alice interrupted her friend in a burst of anger, practically screaming. “Keep it quiet, won’t you?” Jade reprimanded her, “Maybe it sucks, but she’s only one point behind you on the leaderboard. And they have another game to play, and your team doesn’t. They need to score just one point to surpass you and get to the first place. It’s frustrating, but that’s just how it is. You’ll have more luck in the next tournament, I’m sure of it! And besides, the second place is an excellent result nonetheless!”. Alice sighed “Who cares about the second place? I played well, perfectly, all the time! Trish and her teammates were just incredibly lucky to get there. And now I get to lose because of them!” Alice replied, delivering a kick to an empty can left on the floor and sending it rolling across the crowded school hallway. “Well, maybe they won’t score that point in the match?” Jade asked, trying to cheer her up, as they reached their classroom. “No way. They should unlearn how to play to be that bad” Alice replied, irritated.

She walked towards her usual seat, but the one next to it was already taken. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll sit somewhere else” Jade said, but Alice grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the occupied seat “I need you to help me elaborate a strategy for me to win. And for her to lose”. Then she grabbed the shoulder of the girl seated there. Alice recognized her: she was an introvert brunette named Denise. “Hey, you. I need your seat. Beat it”. As soon as the girl saw Alice, she turned pale, packed her stuff as quick as possible and scattered away without saying a word. A small grin formed on Alice’s lips as she and Jade took their places for the beginning of the lesson. She remembered what she did to that girl Denise. She taught her a lesson in respect after one match, and to that day, she hadn’t forgotten it. She was easily broken in spirit after just five days spent under Alice, and so she was released. Despite her traumatic experience, however, Alice suspected that she might had recently talked to someone about her and that thing. It was just a feeling, and she had no proof, but decided to keep her on her toes for some time.


“The match is tomorrow evening, so we don’t have much time. Any ideas?” asked Alice. “I… don’t know” said Jade, thinking. “Scheming is more your thing than mine… Maybe, instead of rising, their points should be falling…? You can try to have some of them subtracted by the total, if you prove to the judge that they cheated or something”. “The judge… Of course! There must be some rule that I can use to make her lose points! You’re a genius, Jade!” Alice exclaimed, hugging her friend tightly. That was what she loved about her: she always helped her with her misdoings. “Whoa, not so fast” she interrupted Alice’s newfound hope. “It won’t be that easy. I don’t know how rules work, but you’ll have to convince him that Trish’s team has done something irregular. It’s easier said than done”. “Don’t worry, I know how to be persuasive, when I want to” Alice said, proudly. Jade, of course, didn’t know a thing about Alice’s power, and always thought that it was just through luck or oratory that Alice always came out on top. Nonetheless, Jade seemed worried “I know you can, but be careful. You could get your team in troubles. And besides, it is said that the judge is a strict person. And…”. She hesitated. “And what?”. She sighed “… and a pig”. Alice was a little surprised, but not taken aback. “I can handle these people. Remember the drunk quarterback that asked me out a thousand times at the party last week?”. Jade giggled “Yeah, exactly, that guy was pathetic! Haven’t seen him around since then, he must’ve run home in shame”. “Oh, he would, if he had the chance” Alice thought, suppressing a laughter.

She wiggled her toes inside her running shoes and felt the weak response of a tiny human figure. She was so annoyed with him that, the night of the party, after she insulted him in front of everyone, she dragged him in one isolated room and used her power on him, shrinking him down to a few centimeters. The poor guy was hoping for a kiss, until he found himself face to face with Alice’s elegant stilettos. He passed the rest of the night fighting against the girl’s big toe, until he was surrendered. During the following days, Alice had been keeping him in her shoes at school, reminding him of his position and his humiliation. It was a pleasure to play with that idiot’s body and mind, for her. For him, it was an utter and continuous shaming. Feeling his squirms under her toes filled her with power and determination. “Alright, I’ll have a word with the tournament judge after class and I’ll have puny Trish downgraded by some points”. Jade sighed “Fine. Just be careful…”.


A few hours later in the afternoon, Alice was standing in front of an office door. A paper was taped to the door, with a handwritten sign reading “tournament judge office”. Why does this guy need an office anyway? Who does he think he is? Thought Alice. She revised the plan in her mind one last time, then firmly knocked at the door. “Who is it?” a voice inside echoed. “Team captain here, I need to speak with you, mr. judge” Alice replied confidently. “Come in then”. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. The room was quite empty, if not for a desk and a chair, on which sat a rather young man.

Alice was quite a sight to behold for everyone in school: she was stunning, with her flowing golden locks and her slender but athletic figure. People usually felt lucky just for talking to her. She knew it very well and it enormously boosted her confidence. She planned to use her charm to her advantage in that situation. She had done that so many times already. The guy tried to hide a smile: “Hello there. And you are…?”- “Alice. My team played our last game in the tournament a few days ago. You were there”- “Yes, of course I remember you… Can I help you with something, dear Alice?”. He was already getting on her nerves. But she tried to act cool and charming, and she was an expert in that. “Yes, you can. You know, there this team…”. She sat on the desk, right in front of the gullible judge, playing with her hair. “The captain is a girl my age named Trish… She has the same points as my team, but she’s despicable… I’m sure she cheated… Isn’t there a penalty or two that you can give her? Maybe lower their points…?” she asked, with a faked genuine look in her eyes. The judge blushed but seemed flattered by her attentions. He stuttered a reply: “Yeah, well, no, err… I mean, I can’t really tell you… Points are not supposed to be changed afterwards normally”. Alice pushed on: “Oh? Can’t you do it anyway?”.

She hated him now. Why do you resist? Just give me what I want, idiot! She decided to use her last resort and leaned forward on the table, giving him a nice view of her cleavage for a brief moment. It wasn’t that big, and she was always kind of ashamed by it. She often invested more in her back side, so to say, but she was frustrated and just wanted to get it over with that guy and making Trish lose. The young judge blushed even more, but somehow kept his integrity, with enormous displease of the team captain. “Look, I can’t just go around and change the points, okay? Even if I wanted… Questions would arise. If I can make it up to you some other wa—“- “OH COME ON”, Alice exploded, interrupting him. She felt humiliated, giving him the privilege to be even considered by her, and still he refused to help her. The shame made her angry, and she grabbed his hair with a hand: “You are going to help me win. Whether you like it or not”. After all, she almost hoped it had to come down to this. She channelled her power with newfound anger and in seconds, the girl shrunk the judge down to a few centimetres.


When the young man opened his eyes, he couldn’t accept the reality in which he found himself. He tried to mutter a few incredulous questions, but Alice interrupted the flux of nonsense by grabbing him in her titanic hand. She jumped off the desk and put him on it, right in front of her. “Why didn’t you want to help me? See what good it brought to you. Now you’re tiny and puny. You didn’t help me because these are too small for you?” she said pointing at her breasts. She leaned over the tiny person and trampled him with her soft chest. “Are they now, human bug? Now that they’re bigger than your whole body? So big that they could suffocate you in seconds?” She said, now visibly angry.

Through the white cotton shirt and her bra, she could feel the tiny figure fighting, screaming. And her shame suddenly turned into superiority and satisfaction. She augmented the pressure on her captor, threatening to destroy him between her humble bosoms. He screamed in pain, fearing to be annihilated by the girl that just a minute before was trying to bribe him. A feeble plea was the only thing that escaped his mouth. “Huh? What? Do you want to be spared, perhaps?”. Alice got off of him, but his relief was short lived, as she pinned him down with her car-sized thumb. “You decided you’d rather help me than die crushed? That’s a wise choice. You’re a smart one” she teased. “Now spit it out: how do I get Trish to lose?”- “You can’t!” the tiny judge exploded, driven by fear ad exasperation. “You can’t remove fairly earned points just like that! Not during the finals. That’s not how the rules work!”. Alice’s heart sunk. For the first time, she really feared she could lose. “No way. What if Trish or one of her teammates were to disappear? They can’t play without the whole team!”. The judge was even more desperate now: “But they can call a substitute! If there are 6 people, the team can play. You have to just hope they don’t score any points at all, there is nothing else you can do!”.

Those last words made Alice feel powerless. She drove the nail of her thumb into the small man’s abdomen, making him scream, but even that was not enough. She had the life of two people at her mercy, one under her foot and one under a single finger, and yet, Trish was still above her. Still more powerful. She cursed loudly, then kicked the table. She was left thinking about herself. She had almost forgotten the tiny person until he had the boldness to speak. “So… Can you let me go now… Please, Alice…?”.

The blonde giantess turned her head towards him, and with a neutral expression simply responded “No”. “But I helped you, I told you everything I knew!” protested the tiny man with renewed desperation. “No. No, you didn’t help me. You just told me that I can’t win”. She immediately snatched him off the table and forced him in the back pocket of her pants. His screams were muffled against a used tissue, that Alice forgot to throw away in the trash can. He was pressed against the dried mucus of the young athlete. Normally, she would have enjoyed the idea, but now she was too absorbed in her worries to think about him. Or care.


She hastily left the small office, walking away to the hallway. Her angry steps echoed through the crowded corridor, causing many troubles to her first prisoner in her shoe. Alice walked on, her eyes low on the ground. Desperation was taking the place of anger. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her shoulder. The grip was strong and arrogant. “Hey there, Alice”. She immediately recognized the voice. It belonged to the last person she wanted to see in that moment. She turned, putting on the best fake smile she could muster. “Hi, Trish”. A slim girl, slightly taller than Alice, stood in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by a couple of other girls that giggled when she turned around. Trish had curly blonde hair, slightly longer than Alice’s and slightly fairer. Despite not being as popular as her, Trish had slightly better grades than Alice. And she was slightly ahead of her in the basketball tournament. “I’ve checked the scores on the leaderboard… Such a shame that your team is stuck in the second place… Better luck next time, eh?” Trish said, not even trying to hide her pride. Alice became red with anger and didn’t answer, but Trish knew she hit the spot. “Look, maybe you just need some more training… I could help you for the next tournament, if you want to be my pupil…” she said teasingly, looking Alice in the eyes as she smiled. Alice wanted to scream. She wanted to use her powers on Trish so bad, just to stomp on her in front of everybody. But that would blow her cover and years and years of manipulation would be thrown away.

She simply gritted her teeth. She approached her menacingly and stopped inches away from her face, looking her straight in the eyes. “What’s that, Alice? You wanna kiss me?” said Trish, making fun of her yet again. Alice whispered, so that only she could hear: “Before the end of all this… You’ll be on your knees praying me to spare you”. Trish burst into laughter. “Oh, my! Now I’m really scared… Looks like someone didn’t read the rules. You can’t win. You’d better chill out and see if that tiny brains of yours can think of something else for once”. Alice walked away angrily without saying a word.


She had to do something. The mere presence of Trish was a humiliation for her and her team. While leaving school, she found a trash can right behind the exit. She took her used tissue from her pocket, with her tiny captor inside. Without even thinking, she crumpled it into a ball, dreaming that Trish was in her hands. Then, she threw in it the trash can. If the tiny inside was still alive, he’d be thrown away with the rest of the garbage, where he belonged. While walking home, she thought about what she could do to intervene during Trish’s match.

No way she could lose. She never did. “And I never will”, she thought to herself.


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